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Poster: J8427 Date: Mar 14, 2012 7:39am
Forum: audio_bookspoetry Subject: Re: Will Durant Story of Civilization audiobooks

does any one know how to get the story of civilization cdrom working in dosbox. I mounted it and got it to run without a cd but it says it is missing a configure. sysm file.

(Make two separate folders in your C: drive, they will be named "FakeDisk" and "PCGames" from now on, you can choose to make the names different later on [code]C:\FakeDisk ; C:\PCGames[/code]

Put the mounts in the Dosbox options. TO DO THIS, go to [code]Start>All Programs(For vista)>DOSBOX 1.74 > Options > DosboxOptions[/code]
Scroll down to the bottom of it and COPY AND PASTE this:

Mount c C:\PCGames
Mount d C:\FakeDisk