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Poster: Visual16 Date: Sep 29, 2005 6:51am
Forum: cinemocracy Subject: Re: no sound

I am having similar problems in burning to disk. The sound is there, but revealed as a "private stream" mixed in with the MPEG-2 video stream, making the audio portion impossible to edit(turn up or down) prior to burning. The AWAVE program can separate the sound stream ok, but leaves it without an extension, and I am unable to convert this AC-3 dolby to mp2 to edit and reblend through TMPEG or ULEAD. Drat. Well, Tower records has them 3 shows for six bucks. There goes twenty bucks. I hope you guys go back to ripping films the old fashioned way, with separate sound. OR make an MP1 Version, also. I can rip the audio from that and reinsert over MPEG2 and make disks.
Thanks if you can take the time!

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Poster: mchugh100 Date: Mar 28, 2022 9:40am
Forum: cinemocracy Subject: Re: no sound

I solved that problem by getting the 512k file of the same title, which has a separate audio track, dropping both in my time line, match the action at the first cut in the video, delete the video from the 512k, and export as a SD mpeg2 file.