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Poster: Eric Geffner Date: Nov 22, 2005 12:56pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Grateful Dead concert recordings on the Internet Archive

OK people, the time to act is NOW... here is the address to write to:

(person's name)
GDP, Inc.
Box X.
Novato, CA 94948.

Write them and get your friends to do so also, snail mail people, it will make a bigger impact. If you have a local deadhead scene like we do in LA at the cubensis cover band shows get them all involved also. Ask friends to write, write the letter for them and have them sign it. I am not sure if the letter goes to phil or bob, or just the dead...
but I am sure either will be fine. Mention that you will boycott all future dicks picks, digital downloads, and other stuff until they change it. Complaining here is not going to be very helpful. Thanks to the achive staff and the uploaders but now we must get organized and get serious about this....