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Poster: kellibratty Date: Jan 10, 2013 11:54am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Larger Resolution?

First, its so great to find all of these amazing old films from the past here and be able to use them at will and for free.
Thank you so much for the access and the work you've all done to make these accessible.

We are working on a project and wondering if there's any way to get a larger version of, specifically, What Makes A Good Party from the Prelinger archives. We have a small budget and might even be able to help pay for a larger resolution film to digitial transfer if that's an option.

Time is a very sensitive component to the project, so we'd love get moving if there's anything we can do.


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Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: Jan 10, 2013 1:24pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: Larger Resolution?

please send your request to for information on how to contact Prelinger archive.