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Poster: Arbiter Media Date: Jan 20, 2006 8:34am
Forum: avgeeks Subject: Re: Music Videos

Hey there I love your meatseeker song...Definately interested.
I'm new to all this so how would we go about doing this over the internet?

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Poster: honchie Date: Jan 22, 2006 1:28am
Forum: avgeeks Subject: Re: Music Videos

Hey nihilator77,

Well, basically, if you'd liked to cut a video to one our songs, I'd mail you a DVD full of our live footage to work with. If you wanted, you could add any public domain footage offered on Internet Archive or shoot something yourself. The only thing we'd ask is that the footage you use is copyright-free. Oh, and do something funny. Then, when you come up with something you like, you upload the mpeg/AVI to our server. E-mail me at and we can discuss more.

thanks man,