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Poster: Martin2008 Date: Mar 19, 2006 9:41am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Adam Martin for President in 2008

Hello, My name is Adam Martin and I am here to announce my candidacy for Presidency of the United States in the upcoming 2008 election. I am many things. I am a peace activist, a friend of the environment, a defender of the constitution, and probably the world's least wealthiest philanthropist. But above all else, I am a person. I am not a slimy trial lawyer and I am not an extremist fundamentalist. I am not the average politician driven by partisan politics who's end result is always that of federal mediocrity. I am a real person, with an agenda that supports real people. I am an independent voice in a country that was founded by independents. A voice that hasn't been audible for quite sometime. Allow me to speak to you about a few issues very close to my heart.

As many of you know, illegal immigration has reached record highs. Illegal immigrants produce economic follies within communities causing hardships against legal residents. I am a firm supporter of multi-culturalism, and I believe that legal immigration is one of the wonderful aspects of our country. That beign said, I thought for quite sometime about how we could decrease the flowof illegal immigration without having a negative effect on legal immigration. I think I have arrived at the best solution.

Rather than placing more money in the border control bracket, I propose forcing the Mexican government to cooperate with us. Until the Mexican government obides by and acknowledges our immigration laws. We can never really beat this issue. On various parts of the Mexican government's websites, they have instruction guides depicting the best ways to immigrate into the United States. This is wrong and is a prime example of being a bad neighbor, to say the least. I propose an halt on financial aid to Mexico and an embargo on all Mexican goods until they begin to comply with our immigration laws. this policy will stay in effect until they have been fully compliant for 5 years.

This is a harsh measure, but these are harsh times. The Mexican government has a true poverty issue on their hands and if they ever hope to overcome their hardships, they will need our help. Shutting down our help to them will put them in a predicament that will force them to obey our immigration laws.

Another issue I would like to address are consensual crimes. these crimes include such things as drug use/possesion, prostituion, and gambling. I feel as though it is silly to fill our prisons with the victims of victimless crimes while rapists and murderers walk out streets. I believe as though it is time that we put the ideas of christian right0wing morality behind us and started progressing forward to a new America.

I hope you all will join me in a campaign for the future. A campaign of progress.

Vote Adam Martin for President 2008!!!