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Poster: ConnecticutYankee Date: Apr 25, 2003 10:09am
Forum: researchproposals Subject: Research Proposal from ConnecticutYankee

Which collection would you like to work with: fullweb
Name: William Jarrold
Organization: University of Texas at Austin
Project name: Tracking National Mood via The World Wide Web
Abstract: This abstract has been written very quickly and is by no means final.
The main idea is to use content analysis software to track
how web content changes over time. The particular content
analysis software I will be using has been used in other contexts
to measure psychological variables of the author.
Description: This project is in its very early stages so my exact requirements
may change. The main requirement is an historical archive of
as much WWW content as possible. In addition a unix account
with lots of memory would be nice.