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Poster: DDonato Date: Sep 23, 2003 1:23am
Forum: researchproposals Subject: Research Proposal from DDonato

Which collection would you like to work with: fullweb
Name: Debora Donato
Organization: University of Rome "La Sapienza"-
Project name: Delis - Subproject 1: Monitoring, Visualising and Analysing Large, Dynamically Evolving Information Systems
Abstract: In order to develop a theoretical and empirical understanding of network dynamics, we have to develop realistic models of the dynamical behaviour of systems under consideration.
Description: A large body of research has recently focused on the measurement of the properties of the Web and in particular of the Webgraph. The sudy of topological structure of this graph has revealed the self-similar structure of the Web, with the ubiquitous presence of power laws that are typical of scale-free structures.
The challenge is to define new concepts and methods that allow to reconstruct a picture of the Web at a specific time from data collected over time and available in Web repositories. Design methods that allow to associate vertices and hyperlinks with temporal information. Determine the evolution over time of the main statistical properties of the Webgraph, as for istance degree distribution, connectivity properties, spectral properties, quality of pages. This activity has close relation to the design of bettes ranking and clustering algorithms that take into account the temporal information of the Webgraph.