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Poster: spuder Date: Jul 27, 2013 6:17pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: New Prelinger recodes messed up

Well I see there is a Prelinger Forum I should have used, sorry. Also sorry to be complaining about free stuff. But, to be more specific:

Selecting "All items (most recently added first)" from the "Welcome To Prelinger Archives" window,the oldest defective post seems to be:

Chevrolet Leader News (Vol. 3, No. 2) (1937)

From there every newer post right up to:

American Thrift

has the same artifacts. The artifacts are blockiness in changed scenes or areas of motion. Sudden color flashes (in B&W clips) are also present. This is what you would expect from too low a bitrate but at 3Mbps AVC that is not the problem. The problem must lie in the codec itself or the parameters selected for the encode. Another possibility is the files are suffering bit corruption after encode. I can't identify the encoding engine you are using. Did it change about 10 days ago?

The artifacts are visible in the online viewer. If you download the MP4 file they are very obvious.

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Poster: A/V Geeks Date: Jul 29, 2013 2:31pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: New Prelinger recodes messed up

The files got corrupted when moving from one drive to another before being uploaded.

Are you still seeing this with American Thrift? I uploaded a new file over the weekend.

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Poster: spuder Date: Jul 29, 2013 6:08pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: New Prelinger recodes messed up

Just downloaded and viewed American Thrift. Looks perfect now. Thanks very much for correcting the problem. And many thanks to Rick Prelinger for making this material available.

I hope you find the time to fix the other posts like the first one I mentioned.