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Poster: CartoonMan Date: Sep 5, 2013 5:34pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: No Video for "No Ghosts" (1935)

Unfortunately Some of the videos uploaded last year have video files which only contain the "This film is from the Prelinger Archives" title and then it immediately stops. One of the films I've been very interested in seeing is the 1935 Jam Handy film "No Ghosts"

One other films which seems to have this same technical issue is:
"What Stops Them"

Also the 1939 film "Hot Head" unfortunately seems to cut off in the middle, as the Technicolor sequence is not present.

I understand that technical issues and accidents do occur, and this honestly doesn't change my opinion or attitude of the Prelinger Archives, (thats only 3 malfunctioning films out of over 5,000). I think the archives have and are doing a wonderful job making these films available to the public, and I'm very excited to see what you guys will be uploading next. Keep up the great work! :-)

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Poster: CartoonMan Date: Oct 16, 2013 6:19pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: No Video for 'No Ghosts' (1935)

Just saw that the videos were re-uploaded complete today. Thank You! Both were very nice transfers and also enjoyable installments in the Chevrolet Mass Selling Series. Thanks Again! :-)
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