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Kevised Edition / 


copybight 1908 
By Richabd Inoalesb 

copybight 1908 
By Richard Ingauese 
Entered at Stationer's Hall 
London, E. C. 

Copyright 1920 
By Richard Inqalese * 

All Rights Reserved 

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8CT 12 IS20 



In taking up a new study, or in extending an old 
one, a person is frequently confronted with views 
which may not harmonize with his preconceptions. 
In this book, originally issued as a course of lec- 
tures, there is much which disagrees with the now 
accepted theological, often mistakenly called 
"religious," social and scientific opinions and 
theories. A liberal and progressive man, without 
bias, will examine new ideas before passing judg- 
ment upon them. I, therefore, expect each student 
to withhold judgment until the end of the Course 
and until he is satisfied that he understands the 
presentation of the Occult Philosophy. 

The Course naturally divides itself into two 
parts. Anthropology and Cosmogony. The for- 
mer being more within the realm of common 
knowledge and experience, will naturally appeal 
more quickly to the general reader than will the 
latter. It must be admitted, however, that modern 
science is sadly at sea concerning Cosmogony, 
since it offers several conflicting theories concern- 
ing the same. Most religionists have abandoned 
the Cosmogony of Genesis, as it is commonly inter- 
preted and understood. In the absence, there- 




fore, of what the world usually regards as authori- 
tative teachings on the subject, the Cosmogony 
of Occultism may supply, at least, a working 
hypothesis which is both as scientific and philo- 
sophic as is that offered by either modern science 
or religion. 

To those who can accept the Anthropology 
herein contained, but not the Cosmogony, I — like 
Galileo, who attempted to teach the construction 
and order of the Universe to the learned men of 
his time, can but assert the truth, praying the 
unconvinced reader, as he did the Grand Duke, 
''to consider it as mere poetry, or as a dream; 
nevertheless, as the poets sometimes set value 
upon their fancies, so I, likewise, have a certain 
esteem for this my novelty.*' 

I recommend the student to observe the follow- 
ing method of study as far as possible: Read 
slowly an entire lecture and then read all refer- 
ences cited in the lecture. Afterward re-read the 
entire lecture in view of such sidelights. Divide 
the lecture into seven, or several, portions; and 
read one portion each day, and meditate upon the 
portion read. Those who will observe this sug- 
gestion will find much more in the Course than 
will those who do not. 

This Course is intended to act as a door through 
which the man, or mind, enters the current of 
Philosophic Truth in the Divine Consciousness, 



which will Itself instruct and illumine each indi- 
vidual mind according to its desire and ability to 
receive enlightenment. 

There is nothing original on the part of the 
undersigned in the Philosophy set forth in this 
Course. Being true, it has always existed. If it 
appeals to you as true, accept it, and if you accept 
it, solemnly resolve to live up to it. If it does 
not appeal to you as true, then you at least have 
the satisfaction of knowing that you have become 
acquainted with the Oldest Philosophy in the 
World, and one which has been handed down 
literally from time immemorial. 

I hold myself responsible for the correct pres- 
entation of the Philosophy, as it was taught to 
me; and assert that my experience and observa- 
tion during a long period of the study of Occult- 
ism — of thirty years — verify its truth. 

Isabella Ingalese. 

New York City, 
February 1st, 1904. 




I The Relation of Sex . . . 1 

II Marriage 27 

III Parenthood 58 

IV Physical, and Psychic Develop- 

ment 89 

V Mental and Spiritual Develop- 
ment 118 

VI Focusing Forces .... 143 

VII Mental Repulsion .... 167 

VIII Mental Attraction .... 196 

IX Death 223 

X After Death 253 

Index 295 




''New occasions teach new duties: Time 

makes ancient good uncouth; 
They must upivard still, and on/ward, who 

would keep abreast of Truth; 
Lo, before us gleam her camp-fires f we 

ourselves must Pilgrims be, 
Launch our Mayflower, amd steer boldly 

through the desperate winter sea, 
Nor attempt the Future's portals with the 

Past's blood runted key." 

The Present Crisis — ^Lowell 




Before the beginning of our Cosmic Day, and 
before **God created the heavens and the earth," 
the Father-Mother, the Creating and the Fructify- 
ing, the Giving and the Receiving, the Positive 
and Negative, the Male sind Female aspects of the 
Universal Principle existed. 

While the darkness of the Cosmic Night pre- 
vailed throughout the Universe, and while the 
Elohim, or Planetary Spirits, were sub-consciously 
resting in the bosom of the Infinite, God said: 
"Let there be light," and the Positive Divine 
Force went instantly forth from the great Cosmic 
Heart into the silent, negative Ether; vibration 
began, and the first morning of our Cosmic Day 
was born.^ 

When our World was in a vaporous condition — 
an irregular, shapeless mass of burning gases 
— the Universal Principle called forth from the 

* The History and Power of Mind. pp. 36-43 ; 100-105. 

a Occult Philosophy 

Ether, in which all things latently reposed, the 
different elements which combined and solidified 
and produced the mineral kingdom of our Earth. 
And, after her creation was completed and her 
orbit in the heavens established, for ages she still 
remained in a negative condition, receptive only 
to the restless, surging Father Force — the sea — 
which covered, magnetized, enriched, and made it 
possible for her to "bring forth" and to bear upon 
her capacious bosom the vegetable and animal 
creations which she had conceived in darkness and 
in silence. 

Then again was Divine Will put into operation, 
and the waters were "gathered together unto one 
place," in order that the dry land — the Mother 
Earth — should appear and "bring forth:," And, 
when she had clothed herself in beautiful verdure, 
she concealed beneath her green mantle the prec- 
ious stones and rich minerals which had been 
created within her, in the beginning of her exis- 
tence. But nothing in all the Universe was made in 
vain, and it was not intended by the Universal 
Principle that these mineral riches should be thus 
and forever hidden. They, with all the various 
fauna and flora, were placed in readiness to be 
made subject to the wills of the Sons of God, when 
they should come and desire to appropriate 

As many more ages as Mother Earth had lain 

The Relation of Sex 


dormant under the sea, did she require to evolve, 
from her animal kingdom, a form with brain of 
sufficient vibratory power, to enable it to receive, 
from the Universal Principle, the Divine Spark 
which would lead and enlighten it throughout the 
ages to come. And, when this triumph had been 
gained and animal man stood erect and walked 
upon two feet instead of four, he knew very little 
about himself, and nothing about his source. 

But, ''One day is with the Lord as a thousand 
years and a thousand years as one day,'* and, 
after, what would seem to men of the present age, 
an almost interminable length of time, the law of 
Evolution, which is God's will operating in every 
living thing, brought to the Earth and to each of 
her animal men a subjective mind, or soul, to work 
out a double purpose : ^ First, to gain for itself 
greater strength and power by contacting with a 
material world of a lower rate of vibration than 
its own; and, second, to uplift animal man and to 
raise him to a higher point of development. 

When these subjective minds, or souls, first came 
to Earth they knew nothing of sex, or of things 
sensory, or sensual. But each had been created in 
the image of God and was a part of the Father- 
Mother Principle ; therefore, each of the subjective 
minds possessed both a positive and a negative 
side to its nature. 

1 The History and Power of Mind, pp. 61-65. 

4 Occult Philosophy 

In the realm where these minds had dwelt be- 
fore coming to earth this complexity in each had 
caused no inharmonious conditions, since there 
had been no trials to endure and no temptations to 
resist. Existence there had been a blissful, beau- 
tiful dream. But when the Sons of God came to 
this world and "saw the daughters of men," the 
animal minds and bodies which had been raised 
to receive them for their lords, they were forced to 
make their selections and it was then that the sex 
question, with all its ramifications and mystifica- 
tions, arose. 

Acting according to its natural tendencies, the 
positive part of each of these subjective minds 
was attracted toward the female animal form, 
while the negative part of each mind, by reason of 
its nature, was attracted toward the male animal 
form. This caused dissension, through jealousy, 
and war was declared in the heaven of each indi- 
vidual mind. Then came the first divorce ever 
granted upon this earth, and God gave one to each 
of Its Sons. It came through the Courts of Evo- 
lutionary Law, of which the divorce courts of the 
present day are but remote ramifications. 

These first divorces, like those of the present 
day, were given for the purpose of permitting 
each Son of God to work out his salvation in his 
own way; in other words, to give him free will. 
And, since there were more animal forms than 

The Relation of Sex 


there were Sons of God to incarnate in them, it 
was expedient that these incarnating minds should 
divide into halves, with each half taking a body in 
conformity with its desires, that the new evolu- 
tionary scheme should be carried out in a shorter 
time than in former Cosmic Days. 

When the war of minds was ended, and the sub- 
jective minds, or souls, had become accustomed to 
the new order of things, each was delighted with 
its conditions. The earth was found a garden 
filled with flowers and trees, with which each one's 
taste for the beautiful could be gratified. There 
were also delicious fruits to please and to satisfy 
the appetite; and there were silver and gold and 
precious stones to adorn one's person and abiding 
place. Everything was here that could please the 
eye and gratify the senses, and then, to each mind, 
came the desire for individual possessions and the 
accumulation of material things. 

Then man's original vibrations began to grow 
more and more gross until the beautiful, sub- 
jective blue and yellow, which had characterized 
bis innocence, deepened into the darkest shade of 
a selfish myrtle green. The animal nature, which 
he had espoused and had come to rule, rose in its 
desires and ruled him. He became enveloped in 
the dark, red vibrations of its animal passions, 
and the combination of the selfish green vibra- 
tions, with the sexual red, drew him into the lowest 

6 Occult Philosophy 

depths of those two currents/ He sank lower than 
the animals because he had enough of the Divine 
Principle within him to give him reasoning power, 
by means of which he could better accomplish his 
purposes than could the animals. 

This w^as "The Fall of Man,'* *'The Original 
Sin," "The Fall from Grace," etc. But Divine 
Principle never goes backward* It is constantly 
pushing onward and upward ; and, although some- 
times, from a narrow point of view, it seems that 
men and things are degenerating and retrograd- 
ing beyond all hope of recovery, still, it is only 
seeming and not real. 

When the subjective man plunged from his 
realm of innocence and inexperience into the ex- 
periences of this earth, he was negatively good. 
He had never been tempted and had never come 
into contact with anything of a lower rate of vibra- 
tion than his own. He was pure because his en- 
vironment had been pure. He was an infant mind, 
or soul, entering in upon a new state of existence. 

Because he had not experienced it, he did not 
know that indulgence in sexual excesses would 
ruin his body. Neither did he know that his gen- 
erative organs had been made for the purpose of 
creating human bodies for other egos to incar- 
nate in. 

As it has always been with every race at every 

*The History and Power of Mind, pp. 139-141; 242-245. 

' The Relation of Sex 7 

great period of time since man came to live upon 
this planet, the first egos, who came to incarnate, 
were the stronger ones, and possessed more per- 
sistence and endurance than did those who arrived 
later. This was a necessity in order that the new 
race should have its pioneers, its strong men, to 
do the heai^- work and to prepare the way for the 
weaker ones who would follow after them. When 
these pioneers were struggling to overcome the 
wild beasts of the forests and jungles and to pre- 
pare places to live, their forces went into physical 
labor, and they had neither time nor inclination to 
yield to sexual excesses — to the same extent as 
did those who followed them. But, as time passed, 
the weaker egos incarnated in greater numbers; 
and, when they had more comforts and luxuries 
than their progenitors, without the same etforts 
to obtain them, the morals of the people became 
more corrupt. Men and women then began mak- 
ing the fearful mistake of thinking that their gen- 
erative organs were created for the sole purpose 
of gratifying their sexual, animal desires, and for 
the amusement and entertainment of their friends. 
They indulged themselves in every sexual excess 
that the human mind could devise until the time 
came to pay the penalty for attempting to break 
the Law of Being. It was then men's magnificent 
physical strength began to leave them ; they grew 
weak and ill and commenced to suffer pains and 

8 Occult Philosophy 

aches and diseases which always follow upon the 
acts that drain the system of its precious, vital 
creative fluids. 

Then the physical bodies of their offspring 
began to manifest weaknesses inherited from their 
parents. ''There were giants in the earth in those 
days," but, gradually, the physical stature of the 
races grew less and the Samsons" were fewer 
and farther apart, until, in the course of a great 
number of reincarnations, or generations, the 
man who, originally, in the beginning of his race, 
had stood ten or twelve feet in height, became re- 
duced in stature to six or eight feet and his physi- 
cal strength decreased in proportion. 

But Divine Law has never left Its children with- 
out object lessons constantly before their eyes, and, 
had they been wise enough to take cognizance of 
those lessons, and had they profited by them much 
suffering for the world would have been avoided. 
Around men on every side was operating the law 
of attraction and repulsion; they saw its effects, 
but did not look for the causes. In their experi- 
ence, with the mineral kingdom, they learned how 
to combine such minerals as were magnetically at- 
tracted toward each other and became quite skill- 
ful in making, for themselves, ornaments composed 
of such amalgamations as they desired and 
admired. They knew that the sex principle — 
which is but a higher expression of the 

The Relation of Sex 


law of attraction and repulsion — manifested in 
all organized life; and they also knew that 
there were few sexual excesses, or abuses, com- 
mitted among the creatures of a lower grade of 
intelligence than themselves. Yet they remained 
willfully blind to the great truth which Divine 
Law was gradually trying to force upon them 
through suffering : that the relation of sex, in the 
human family, should not be a promiscuous rela- 
tion, and that the generative organs of man could 
not be prostituted without dire results to the pros- 

According to Divine Lavv, the union of the sexes 
should never take place without the desire of 
both the male and the female who participate in 
that union ; and that desire should never be stimu- 
lated except by the mutual magnetic attraction of 
each toward the other. Pictures which stimulate 
the passions, wines, liquors, drugs, or highly 
spiced foods, which befog the brain, or produce un- 
natural and inordinate desires, should be abolished 
from civilized life, because the progressing man 
and woman cannot afford to have their develop- 
ment retarded by the use of them. 

During the perfect sex union, of normal human 
bodies, there is an exchange of magnetic force 
which is strengthening to the physical bodies. 
This exchange of magnetic force is due to the fact 
that the generative organs of the male and fe- 

10 Occult Philosophy 

male act upon each other as do the opposite poles 
of an electrical instrument. A perfect circuit 
is made between the two bodies, and, at the point 
of direct contact, heat, power and life are genera- 
ted. Then the nerves and blood absorb this elec- 
tric fluid which flows from one body to the other 
and both become electrified and strengthened ; and 
with an electrified and strengthened body, the mind 
gains more power over it. 

The primary use, however, of the union of sex is 
for the production of physical bodies for other 
egos to incarnate in. It is a sacred privilege to 
become the father, or mother, of another divine 
soul's earthly vehicle, and the generative organs 
of men and women should be kept sacred to the 
uses for which the Great Consciousness intended 
them. ^ Abuse of these organs leads to the degra- 
dation of the abuser because it is consciously, or 
unconsciously, a blasphemous act against the 
highest and most sacred law of Divine Principle. 
For the perpetration of this crime man will con- 
tinue to be punished, so long as he continues to 
transgress, and the punishment will be of his own 
creation, which he precipitates upon himself. 

Prostitution of the generative organs of man- 
kind is the most far-reaching and the most stupen- 
dous of all the mistakes he makes; and it is the 
most difficult of all to correct because of the subtle 

* The History and E'ower of Mind, pp. 87-88. 

The Relation of Sex 


influences which surround him. The false teach- 
ings, of past ages, must be met and overcome ; his 
social environment affects him adversely, as does 
his belief that the forgiveness of sins will remove 
the consequences of his acts. Then, too, connubial 
influences are often brought to bear upon him, 
which he believes he cannot ignore. But the time 
has come when this law must be recognized and 
obeyed, and a further discussion of it will be given 
in the lectures entitled ''Marriage'' and ''Parent- 

There came a time with every race when it was 
almost impossible to find positive virtue in either 
sex. If a pure ego came to dwell among the people, 
it received persecution, abuse and even crucifixion 
— for attempting to live on a higher plane of 
morality than that of its time. And when the races 
became so corrupt that they despised purity and 
loved impurity, there was nothing that Divine Law 
could do to help the conditions but to permit a 
cataclysm, or a holocaust, to sweep those races 
off the earth, and to then begin a new period of 

When we stand among the ruins of old Nineveh, 
trace the broken outlines of her immense pro- 
portions and realize that it was only about four 
thousand years ago that she was in the height of 
her glory, conquering and enslaving every other 
nation and tribe of men, who dared exist within 

12 Occult Philosophy 

her mighty reach, we wonder what could have 
brought that great city, and the powerful nation, 
of which she was the capital, to this condition of 
ruin and almost utter oblivion. For it is only by 
studying the now nearly obliterated inscriptions, 
left upon her broken pillars, and by piecing to- 
gether her shattered tablets, that the present race 
of men is able to learn anything about her. Among 
the remains of her once beautiful palaces and walls 
there are still to be found indications of the great 
skill of her workmen ; and, since all this is but the 
materialized expression of the mental force of 
that nation, we must acknowledge that in power 
of concentration and creation the Ninevites were 
equal, if not superior, to many men of our present 

Where is there to be found anything that our 
present race has created which required the time, 
the effort and the patience to build as did the 
great wall surrounding Nineveh? It stood, a 
solid piece of masonry, fifty feet in thickness, one 
hundred and fifty feet in height, and eight miles 
in length, and was at once a roof garden and a 
speedway, enclosing an area of one thousand and 
eight hundred acres of land comprising the city. 
It was built to give pleasure to kings and princes, 
who, while testing the speed of their horses upon 
it, enjoyed a fine view of the surrounding country ; 
and it also made the city unapproachable and for 

The Relation of Sex 13 

a long time invincible to its enemies who wished 
to destroy it. 

Within that great enclosure were palaces of 
such immense proportions that the buildings of 
the present day, in many respects, seem almost in- 
significant when compard with them. Not in 
height, perhaps, did those great piles of stone 
exceed our own, but in depth, breadth and thick- 
ness. Their massive pillars and stairways, their 
entrances, their corridors and their audience 
rooms were built upon a vastly larger scale than 
anything the peoples of the present day have yet 

But those marble halls where dwelt the kings 
and princes, of that remote past, are now nothing 
but huge ash heaps. The magnificent apartments, 
where the noble lords and ladies of those days 
were bom, grew to manhood and womanhood, 
danced, sang, told tales of love, wooed, wedded 
and died, are now reduced to dust and debris. 
Not a living thing may be seen in all that place 
of desolation except, perhaps, after nightfall, from 
some crevice, or pit, the gleaming eyes of a wild 
beast may peer out at the belated traveler; and, 
after the sun goes down, nothing may be heard to 
break the awful stillness except the growl of a 
savage brute, or the call of a night-bird. 

All the mighty men of valor who once lived in 
that, now ruined, city are gone, and not a descend- 

14 Occult Philosophy 

ant is left to-day to tell the tale of his forefathers' 
strength and prowess. But there are legends to be 
found concerning those Ninevite heroes, and, 
through these, we learn that their kings were war- 
like and their conquering soldiery made the earth 
tremble with their tremendous power. The same 
ferocity, which they manifested in the pursuit and 
destruction of wild beasts, they also exhibited in 
hunting their fellow men; and the dead of their 
vanquished foes, they contemptuously trampled in 
the dust under their horses' feet. 

But after their wars were ended and because 
the accessible nations and tribes had been con- 
quered and enslaved, the Ninevite kings and 
princes became weary of war and began yielding 
to the sensuousness and sensuality which comes to 
all wealthy and prosperous nations. They com- 
menced feasting and dancing, wearing rich gar- 
ments and fine jewels, and indulging in great 
sexual excesses. The later generations, being com- 
posed of weaker egos, readily and willingly 
adopted the habits of their ancestors, and the 
progress of the nation paused, hesitated for a 
while, and then began to decline. 

Indolence is the father of voluptuousness, and 
when those ancient men commenced to yield to 
the seductive influence of indolence, their tremen- 
dous forces sought expression through their lusts. 
They plunged into sexual indulgences and excesses 

The Relation of Sex 


with the same energy that they had fought battles 
and built palaces, and soon the Assyrian nation 
reached a point where there seemed to be no limit 
to its voluptuousness. The wives and daughters, 
the matrons, maids and slaves were not able to 
satisfy the lasciviousness of the men, and when 
the whole nation had become so corrupt that there 
was no purity to be found in the land, a good man 
came to one of the great gates of Nineveh and 
commenced to cry against the sin that was being 
committed there. 

In the legend of our Bible this man was a 
prophet and was called Jonah, which means "a 
dove." He was a human instrument, a messenger 
sent to that immoral city to bring the word of 
warning which Divine Mind sent to Its children 
before permitting their punishment to come upon 
them. This good man came to Nineveh eight 
hundred and sixty years before the Nazarene was 
born, and when he entered the city he cried aloud 
to the people whom he met upon the streets and 

''Yet forty days and Nineveh shall be over- 
thrown ! ' * 

To this startling prophecy the people of the 
threatened city began to listen, and when the king 
heard it he ''arose from the throne," and, laying 
aside his royal robes, "covered himself with sack- 
cloth and ashes," and sent forth his proclamation 

i6 Occult Philosophy 

throughout the city that all men and beasts should 
be covered with sackcloth ; and that all men should 
**cry mightily unto God," and that they should 
*'turn every one from his evil way." 

Because of this penitence and temporary re- 
formation, the cloud of destruction, which had been 
slowly gathering over the doomed city, was lifted 
and the sentence of immediate destruction was 
commuted. Unknown to the people, a reprieve of 
forty years instead of forty days was granted 
them, during which time the nation had ample 
time to permanently reform and to save itself 
from downfall. ^ 

But, like all unwise people who had preceded, 
and, like many who have succeeded them, they 
soon grew weary of well doing. Constant prayer 
and fasting became monotonous and tiresome, and 
when the ''forty days" had past, and there were 
no visible signs of the promised destruction of 
their city, the Ninevites gradually fell back into 
their old immoral ways of living and Jonah and his 
prophecy were discredited. 

When' the forty years of respite had passed, 
the Great Consciousness sent another good man to 
warn the Assyrian nation of its danger, but, 
since the first prophecy had not been fulfilled, the 
people did not believe in the second, and the last 

* Mata the Magician, pp. 150-151 ; Cosmogony and Evolution, pp. 

The Relation of Sex 17 

days of Assyria's greatness drew to an end. Then 
everything seemed to conspire with fate to over- 
throw the city of Nineveh, and when the tramp 
of the Midian soldiers was heard in the streets, 
the people — many of whom had never before seen 
a foreign foe, except in the position of a trembling 
captive — were seized with a great fear and fled in 
terror from the approaching host. Even the 
king, Saracus, took refuge in his palace and 
ordered his slaves to heap his goods into a funeral 
pyre for himself and for his household; and, when 
the torch was applied, he covered his face with 
his mantle and his ashes were mingled with the 
ashes of the great city, where his ancestors had 
ruled and reigned for many generations before 
him. Nineveh became shrouded in everlasting 
night, destroyed by her blasphemous acts against 
the Divine Consciousness of which she was a part. 

"With the downfall of Nineveh, the Babylonian 
Empire immediately sprang into prominence, and 
very soon became the supreme power of the East- 
em World. The men were strong and hardy, with 
large physique, and became the most distinguished 
merchants of the age, as their nation continued to 
prosper in material wealth. Babylon became the 
great metropolis of Western Asia and the peoples 
of the old world turned to it for their supplies. 
Whatever mankind had to sell was oifered in her 
markets, and whatever the world demanded was to 

1 8 Occult Philosophy 

be found there. In the beginning of the nation's 
career there was much to admire and very little 
to condemn, but, as it grew richer and more pros- 
perous and as the weaker ego of the older races 
came to reincarnate in the Babylonian race 
avarice and greed for wealth overcame all the 
higher principles of the people and the time came 
when domestic virtues were recklessly flung away 
for further gratification. It became a law that 
every Babylonian woman, once in her life, must 
offer herself to strangers, publicly, before the 
temple of Beltis to attract to the city of Babylon 
the trade of strangers. 

Maidens were sold at auction to wealthy princes 
and libertines who were thus induced to come to 
the city to spend their money. Both sexes were 
ready at any moment to barter, for money, the 
pleasures which should be sacred to love, and the 
prime motive for all this was the passion for 
luxurious living. 

Babylon became the earthly paradise for glut- 
tony and lust, and whatever ministered to the ap- 
petites, and sensuality, was eagerly enjoyed 
without scruple by the people. Rich garments and 
jewels of untold value were persistently sought; 
and luxurious baths and fragrant oils for perfum- 
ing the body, costly viands and rare foods were 
provided for those who could afford to pay for 
them. Everything that could excite, or appease 

The Relation of Sex 


human desire was demanded, found and wasted in 
luxurious abandonment. The banquet and feast 
brought drunkenness and revel. The tables were 
spread with food of such richness that no human 
being could consume it. Dark wines were drunk 
from goblets of gold; delicious fruits were piled 
high upon platters of silver. Palaces were harems 
and polygamy became the custom of the whole 

In spite of all their love of luxury the men were 
fearless soldiers, and, it is said, that their courage 
in war was equal to their abandonment to pleasure. 
They were nearly always at war with surround- 
ing nations, and from the mountains to the gates 
of Egypt their merciless, lascivious soldiery car- 
ried the banners of their Empire, before which all 
other nations cringed. As a natural consequence 
their successes made them a haughty and an 
austere people. Pride came with their power, as 
avarice had grown with their gain and lust from 
their lawless indulgences. Babylon sat as a 
queen of the East, and her royal broods of princes 
and pampered idlers found nothing to check their 
selfishness and their vanity. 

But, notwithstanding all these things, in no 
country except in Egypt, were the ceremonies of 
religion more carefully observed. Temples arose 
on every side. Priests, engaged in the work pe- 
culiar to their supposedly sacred offices, were al- 

20 Occult Philosophy 

ways to be seen. The dissolute kings were chief 
worshippers, at the holy shrines, and princes went 
devoutly to the temples. The seals and charms 
worn by both sexes were embellished with some 
religious device, or emblem, and when the feasts 
were spread and the banqueters became uproar- 
iously drunk over their wines they invariably sang 
songs in honor of their gods. 

At all times these people cultivated a placid ex- 
ternal manner and prided themselves upon their 
ability to commit the worst outrages with smiling 
faces. The city was laid out in blocks, in squares, 
their buildings were three or four stories in 
height, and, altogether, in many respects New 
York, Chicago and San Francisco of to-day are not 
dissimilar to Babylon in architecture, or in mode 
of living. 

It is not at all difficult to trace in our "kings 
of finance," our "political bosses," our "rings'* 
and "machines" the same characters who de- 
bauched their nation and themselves in Babylon. 
In many of our shop women, who are expected to 
entertain traveling salesmen and merchants who 
go to a city to buy goods and otherwise spend 
their money, we are able to discern the same 
characters who otfered themselves to strangers 
before the temple of Beltis. And the men and 
women of fashion, who pass their precious time 
in gambling, and who have no regard for the sa- 

The Relation of Sex 


credness of their marriage vows, gained their pro- 
ficiency in such matters as far back as the 
Babylonian times. And, since so many persons are 
lacking in knowledge of the great truth that a pure 
relationship between the sexes must be established, 
on earth, before our race can reach a higher point 
of development and before real happiness can be 
gained, it looks as though the people of the pre- 
sent age would have to meet the same fate as did 
those of the past before they will learn the lesson 
which God — the Great Consciousness — is trying 
to teach them. 

During the early part of the life of Nebuchad- 
nezzar, the Babylonian nation reached its zenith 
of wealth and power, and at that time the vices 
of the people were greatest. The king, himself, 
set the example of cruelty and selfishness to his 
people, who were delighted to follow his leading. 
Murder and rapine were his chief amusements, 
and the suffering of his victims seemed to give 
him the greatest pleasure. But, when well ad- 
vanced in age, this monarch dreamed the prophetic 
dream which foretold his approaching downfall, 
and, from that day, his power and the power of 
the nation began to wane. 

When Belshazzar came to the throne the down- 
fall of t"he nation was close at hand. But, in his 
contempt for an enemy whom he believed to be 
powerless to harm him, he recklessly gave himself 


22 Occult Philosophy 

to the enjoyment of a great annual festival of the 
Babylonians. A thousand nobles were present at 
the banquet. There was splendor within the pal- 
ace and darkness without, and, while the drunken 
revel was at its height, the enemy stole like a thief 
in the night and opened the river sluices into the 
canals and the river began to sink. Then there 
was nothing to prevent the foe from entering the 
gates and the city was at its mercy. The drunken 
Babylonians then received the kind of treatment 
they had given to others in the past. Their karma 
had fallen upon them, and the prophecy of Isaiah 
was fulfilled. 

*'And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the 
beauty of Chaldees' exdellency shall be as when 
God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. It shall 
never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in 
from generation to generation, neither shall the 
Arabian pitch his tent there; neither shall the 
shepherds make their folds there. But the wild 
beasts of the desert shall lie there and their houses 
shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall 
dwell there and satyrs shall dance there." 

And the condition of Babylon to-day is the same 
as it was after its destruction over two thousand 
years ago. 

The ancient Romans were an improvement upon 
the Babylonians because of the experiences the 
egos had received in Babylon, previous to their 

The Relation of Sex 


incarnating in Eome. Monogamy was the law, in 
the beginning of the Roman period; motherhood 
was respected, domestic ties were recognized, and 
Roman fathers had a parental feeling for their 
children. They recognized their sons as their 
rightful heirs and their daughters as the prospec- 
tive matrons of Rome. 

In early times the Roman table was spread in 
the plainest manner and the fare was Spartan- 
like in its simplicity; but about one hundred and 
seventy years before the Nazarene was bom they 
began to import and to enjoy the gastronomic lux- 
uries of the East. With feasting came drinking, 
and these indulgences continued and increased 
until, in a few years, the life of the wealthy Ro- 
mans became bestial to a degree never before 
equalled by civilized people. 

As the people of Rome gained wealth, they com- 
menced spending it in riotous living, and finally 
the time came when the whole city was a scene of 
revelry and dissipation. To show the slow de- 
velopment which has been made by the incarnat- 
ing souls of to-day, we may compare the Roman 
amusements and customs with those of our own 
age. The disregard of the duties and responsibili- 
ties of life, and the love of amusement, led the 
Roman people to accept as their motto and de- 
mand, ''Bread and the circus," and Rome was as 
well supplied with the circuses as New York is 

24 Occult Philosophy 

supplied with theatres. It was ''bread and the 
circus" then for all the people; it is now bread 
and the theatre all the time for some of the peo- 

When the circus became tame and uninterest- 
ing and the people desired that blood should be 
spilled for their amusement, the Gladiators' time 
arrived. When some of the people of this age 
desired that blood should be drawn for their 
amusement the prize ring was inaugurated, and 
the reincarnated gladiators re-appeared as con- 

When the Romans went into battle they be- 
headed, or enslaved their prisoners. When the 
men of our time go into battle they kill as many of 
the enemy as they can and collect indemnity to pay 
for their wasted ammunition, and so evolution 
goes on. 

We, who are living in the twentieth century, are 
the Ninevites, the Babylonians and the Romans. 
Are we to be swept out of this life in the same 
inglorious manner as we were at those other 
periods of our existence? Shall we go out from 
this incarnation in disgrace and humiliation be- 
cause of our failure to learn that the right re- 
lation of the sexes is the rock of foundation for 
all mankind to build the house of life upon, and 
because we fail to read the writing upon the walls 
of our individual palaces? Or, shall we turn from 


The Relation of Sex 25 

our follies and vices and save ourselves and our 
children from a repetition of those mistakes? 

True it is that each individual must ultimately 
stand or fall for itself ; but it is also true that each 
ego has its influence to help, or to hinder, others 
upon their evolutionary journey. And the 
higher one stands socially, politically, or finan- 
cially, the more harm one does, or the more help 
one gives, to others ; for it is by example that one 
really teaches. 

Can we say to our children "be pure,'* "be 
truthful," "be honest," when we ourselves are 
impure, untruthful or dishonest? Can men and 
women who stand at the head of a nation expect, 
or hope, that the lesser social, or political lights 
of that nation, which they represent, will shine 
brighter than they? 

Our Shalmanesers, our Sargons, our Nebuchad- 
nezzars, our Belshazzars and our Ptolemys, as 
well as our Caesars, our Neros, and our Napoleons 
are all here. We also have our Semiramis, our 
Amyitis, our Cleopatras and our Josephines 
among us to-day: and the same force which each 
of those individual egos manifested as ancient 
characters is still theirs and is manifesting now. 

It may be that our Csesars and Napoleons are 
rulers of finance, or they may be the most un- 
scrupulous politicians. Our Cleopatras and our 
Josephines may be women of fashion, shop girls, 

26 Occult Philosophy 

or housemaids; but they are here and are playing 
their parts upon the stage in this drama of life. 
And while we are studying the subject Occult Phil- 
osophy, let each individual begin by asking him- 
self these questions: 

''What am I doing in this twentieth century? 
Am I progressing, or retrogressing? If I am 
Caesar, am I doing better, or worse, than I did in 
Eome? If I am Cleopatra, have I learned any- 
thing by my past experiences, or am I making 
the same mistakes again that I made in Egypt?" 



Before subjective man divided and incarnated 
in the animal forms of earth, he was negatively 
good and blissfully happy, with that happiness 
which comes with inertness and passivity. He 
needed nothing, that was necessary for his con- 
dition, at that time, because he was a part of 
Divine Consciousness, and his existence was es- 
tablished. As the tree draws life, from the sur- 
rounding atmosphere and from the earth in which 
it is implanted, so did the Sons of God live on 
the Universal Consciousness which surrounded 
them. Development and growth were impossible 
under those contented and blissful conditions ; and, 
had not that Eden garden been abolished, evolu- 
tion on that plane would have come to a stand- 

Those Sons of God could be of no assistance 
to each other, because all things were equally dis- 
tributed, and there was no opportunity to be 
either selfish or generous. There was nothing for 
them to do, because all had been done that could 
be done in that realm, and there was ''nothing 



Occult Philosophy 

to live but life." Ui;ider those conditions stag- 
nation was inevitable, but nowhere in all the 
universe is absolute stagnation permitted to exist. 
Throughout all parts of Deity, during each Cosmic 
Day there is activity. And so Divine Mind sent 
Its Sons to this earth to find what was not to be 
found on their Eden planet. 

Since those Sons of God incarnated on earth, 
each half has been earnestly seeking a re-union 
with the other part of itself. Sub-consciously, 
each holds a mental picture of his past happiness, 
when, in the realm of innocence and purity, he 
dwelt free from the ills and troubles of his present 
state of existence. And each Son of God longs 
for a return to the old blissful condition; for 
happiness is what every human soul desires more 
than anything else in the world, and it is for 
happiness that every one is striving. 

With Divine Man's descent into this material 
realm he forgot his origin, and the further 'he 
wandered among the fbrests and in the fields of 
sense, the deeper he drank of the waters of Lethe. 
But, in an inner chamber of each heart, where' 
none can enter or disturb, there is a picture of 
another face which looks smilingly out, seems to 
beckon to the seeker after happiness, and says: 
am the one that you desire. When you find 
and possess me you will have your wish, for I am 




Perhaps Man does not know it, but this picture 
is of the other half of himself, the only one in all 
the Universe whose basic vibrations correspond 
with his own. He loves it, but knows not why. 
And, should he be an artist, he tries to repro- 
duce it upon his canvas. If he is a musician 
he composes and sings to it. If an actor, he plays 
his best when he thinks he sees it among his 
audience. If he is a man of finance, he saves 
money for it, and dreams of the day when, in 
human form, it will sit at his table, wear his jew- 
els and be his life-long companion. Sometimes 
he has a fancy that he has seen it. A woman 
whom he meets reminds him of his sacred pic- 
ture. There is a look, or a gesture, which he 
believes he remembers, and eagerly seeks an in- 
troduction. It may, or may not, be the one he 
is looking for; if it is, and a marriage is consum- 
mated between them, his longing is satisfied. 
There will be no other face so dear and no other 
form so precious as hers. If he is a man well 
on in his development, he will always be true to 
her, and, should she be taken from him by the 
transition called death, he would never seek to 
fill, with another, the place in his heart she occu- 
pied. Should he be an undeveloped man with 
animal passions unrestrained, he would, in his 
brutal way, always love her best, but she might 
not be his only love. 

30 Occult Philosophy 

When an ego seeking happiness incarnates in 
female form, the precious picture of the other 
half of herself still remains in the sacred inner 
chamber of her heart. It is the same dear face 
that she has always loved and has been seeking 
through all the lives that she has lived. But now, 
perhaps, her fancy paints it dressed in military 
garments, or perhaps it may be that he wears the 
royal ermine and a crown. And if not either of 
these, perhaps she sees him in other walks of life, 
among the professions, or in the trades. For in 
the midst of what a woman most admires, there 
she puts her sacred picture and there she does 
her worshipping. 

If the law of compensation has decreed that a 
woman shall not meet her other half in a lifetime, 
she may enter into what the world calls a mar- 
riage of convenience. In this case, if her moral 
principles are well established, she is faithful to 
the man she has espoused, and makes what the 
world calls a good wife ; but in the sanctuary of 
her soul is the image of her true love, her real 
husband; and when she is tired with the cares and 
vexations of her wedded life, and her heart 
aches with its emptiness, she turns to her sacred 
picture and, for the time being, is com- 
forted. ' 

Marriage is the re-union of the two halves of 
an ego, and any other union, which in any way 



imitates it, is necessarily a mock-marriage. WTieii 
two mismated halves attempt to consummate a 
union, it is but an abortive attempt at marriage, 
and is never perfectly satisfactory to either. 
When it is remembered how many millions of 
half souls are dwelling upon this globe to-day, and 
that there are at least half as many more on the 
subjective planes surrounding the earth, and that 
from among this vast multitude there are only 
two souls whose basic vibrations are the same, 
and who belong to each other, it is not difficult 
to understand why mock-marriages are so numer- 
ous. That they are a necessity, to a certain point, 
during the evolutionary work, no one can deny. 
They are helpful to those who engage in them, 
because they bring the necessary experiences that 
an evolving soul requires. There is no contract 
which a man makes that is so far reaching in its 
ramifications as the legalized marriage contract. 
It affects, for good or ill, more persons than does 
any other contract ; and it not only colors the life 
in which it is made, but it sometimes influences 
following incarnations. 

No ego knows what it is capable of doing, or 
of becoming, until it has been tried. It must in- 
deed be ground upon the wheel of fine experiences 
before the brilliancy of its mind jewels can shine 
forth; and the mock-marriage covenant provides 
for it the greatest wheel in the machinery of life, 

32 Occult Philosophy 

while Divine Law turns it slowly, or rapidly, as 
the exigencies of the case require. 

The question is often asked: ''Is marriage a 
failure?" and the disgruntled victims of mock- 
marriages sometimes spend weeks and months in 
writing articles devoted to this great subject. They 
believe they are doing the world, and their fel- 
lowmen, service by holding their personal mis- 
eries up to view, and they seem to get satisfac- 
tion from telling the world about the troubles 
wedded hfe has brought to them. They do not 
know that, during all the lives that they have lived 
upon this planet, they have, perhaps, never been 
really married one dozen times, and often even 
those few experiences of connubial bliss are en- 
tirely forgotten. 

But, like all other false things, mock-marriage 
must some time be destroyed. When its pur- 
pose has been served, in the evolutionary scheme, 
it will disappear from the face of the earth, and 
marriage, for which mock-marriage is but a poor 
substitute, will take its place. 

It is a comfort, perhaps, to know that, as the 
human race evolves, half souls meet oftener and 
enjoy the privilege of each other's society for 
longer periods of time. And as these unions are 
made more often, a deeper consciousness comes 
with each and the evolution of egos is thereby 



It is a well-known fact that the time for boy 
and girl weddings is practically ended, in the 
Western world at least; brides of sixteen and 
bridegrooms of twenty are now the exception and 
not the rule. It is no longer a disgrace for a 
woman to go through life alone if she feels so 
disposed. There are no more "old maids," and, 
if there were, there is not sufficient opprobrium 
attached to the title to frighten girls into making 
mock-marriages to escape it. The woman who pre- 
fers not to wed, but to remain true to her ideal — 
the sacred picture which she carries in her heart — 
is evincing a courage which many of her weaker, 
married sisters would do well to emulate. 

And the "old bachelor," who is attacked on 
every side by matrons, maids and unhappy bene- 
dicts, because, for a given reason, or without one, 
he refuses to be inveigled into a distasteful mock- 
marriage for the sake of some one else's conven- 
ience, is really a pioneer — although perhaps he 
does not know it — in the ranks of those who will, 
in the future, be instrumental in abolishing mock- 
marriages. Because he does not wed, there is 
no reason to suppose that he has not his sacred 
picture in his heart, and that he does not wor- 
ship at that shrine the same as do all other half 

As evolution goes on and egos increase in 
strength and positive goodness, the Law of Attrac- 


34 Occult Philosophy 

tion, acting along the line of least resistance, will 
bring half souls together even without the aid 
of their own conscious, mental demands, while mis- 
mated egos will be, by the law of repulsion, sep- 
arated and swept apart more quickly than be- 

Many kindly disposed persons are regretting 
the fact that the "divorce mills are grinding by 
night and by day," and are separating husbands 
and wives by the hundreds and thousands. The 
anxiety of these good people might be quieted, 
perhaps, by the knowledge that it is not an evil, 
but a good, that they are so earnestly deploring. 
The divorce mills never separate the husbands and 
wives who truly belong to each other, but only 
those mismated persons who have entered into 
mock-marriages which they can no longer endure. 

While recognizing the unhappiness of many 
mock-marriages, yet it is shocking to the man, or 
woman, who understands the holy relationship of 
marriage, to listen to the ridicule and contempt- 
uous remarks that are frequently made about it 
in many of our theatres and at other places of 
amusement. The supposedly funny men use this 
sacred subject for an object at which to fire their 
witticisms. They rack their brains to study out 
some new sarcasm concerning it; and as fast as 
they fling their sacrilegious jokes at the public, 
the daily and weekly papers report and illustrate 



them with cartoons and caricatures to make them 
the more convincing and impressive. 

It is true that the jokes nearly always bring a 
laugh from the mismated egos who are, or have 
been, suffering from the inconveniences, or mis- 
eries, of a mock-marriage, but a laugh is not al- 
ways an expression of pleasure; sometimes it is 
but a thin veil for a sob, and very often those 
who laugh do so because they do not know what 
else to do. 

Just a step below the loveless mock-marriage is 
another unhappy condition to which men and 
women often turn in desperation, hoping at least 
to escape from the limitations and bondage which 
the mock-marriage covenant so often puts upon 
its victims. This condition is prostitution of the 
sacred, generative organs, and is but another es- 
cape valve for the surging emotions and passions 
of those who are seeking, but have not found, their 
other halves. Thousands of misguided people are 
wallowing in this slough of despond called pros- 
titution. It is a dismal, dirty place to be, and 
he who enters it is not happy, nor ever can be, 
so long as he stays there. 

Prostitution is called by various names accord- 
ing to the grade, or depth, to which a person has 
sunken into it; for there are degrees in this, as 
well as in all other kinds of experiences which 
man encounters on this plane of existence. In its 

36 Occult Philosophy 

beginning prostitution is never called by its right- 
ful name; if it were, now that the human race 
has reached its majority, or age of understand- 
ing, it is probable that many egos w^ould hesitate 
and perhaps be spared much suffering which comes 
through indulgence in this vice. But society and 
the world at large use a softer, gentler w^ord to 
designate this crime, and, as a consequence, the 
tempted ones are lulled into a false sense of se- 
curity by the use of the wrong title. 

It does not shock the sensitiveness of a woman 
who has just entered the by-path of unchastity 
to say, **she has a love affair," "a little aside," 
or "a private romance." But if she were to be 
told that she had become a prostitute, and had 
started for hell, she might pause, consider, and 
perhaps turn away from the temptation altogether. 

At its beginning the road of prostitution often 
assumes the appearance of a beautiful, restful 
pathway, hedged by sweetest flowers and entered 
through a love bower of roses. A tempter in 
human form always stands at the entrance to this 
bower and smilingly imdtes all passers-by to enter 
and enjoy the seductive influences to be found 
within. If it is a heartbroken woman, who is 
passing, the tempter knows that she is wedded 
to a humanized brute, and assumes the appear- 
ance of a thoughtful, kindly man. Perhaps he 
may come to her in the form of her physician, her 

Marriage 37 

attorney, her priest, or her pastor. At first he 
looks the sympathy he dares not express in words, 
and she feels rested and comforted in his pres- 
ence. After a while he tells her to come inside 
the bower, which stands at the entrance to the 
by-path, and rest a while with him, and she, crav- 
ing the love of which she has been defrauded in 
her wedded life, steps aside, believing she will 
find within that bower what her heart longs for. 

If the passer-by is a disappointed man wedded 
to a woman who has no sympathy with him ; if he 
is aspiring to heights of fame, or fortune, which 
seem unattainable, unaided and alone, the tempter 
at the entrance to the bower appears to him in 
the form of a woman; an intellectual and social 
leader of society perhaps. She tells him he is 
worthy of a better place than the one he occu- 
pies, and that he can never rise to the heights he 
wishes to gain, so long as he is held in bondage 
to the ''clod" that he has wedded. She flatters 
and offers to help him to gain the position he so 
much desires ; and he steps inside the love bower, 
believing it the entrance to a higher life. 

If the passer-by is a poor girl, earning her bread, 
and the bread for some one dependent upon her, 
the tempter appears to her in the form of a man 
possessed of an abundance of the world's goods. 
He tells her she is fitted for a better life than the 
one she is living; that with her beauty and her 

38 Occult Philosophy 

grace she should be gowned in silks and velvets, 
and that jewels should shine from among the locks 
of her beautiful hair and sparkle against her vel- 
vety skin. He whispers love into her ears and 
promises to share his wealth with her if she will 
but step into the love bower with him. If she 
listens and accepts his invitation, she, too, has 
started for the slough of despond called pros- 

If it is a young man just starting in life with 
his physical body filled with strength and animal 
magnetism, the tempter appears to him in the 
form of a handsome, dashing, laughing woman. 
She promises to give him excitement that will 
make the nerves of his body throb with pleasure. 
She offers amusements most exquisite if he will 
enter the love bower with her ; and, when he has 
entered, she points to the road beyond, which 
she says leads to a long life and a happy one. 
She is mistaken. She is pointing the way to a 
short Hf e and a wretched one ; to nothing but the 
fleeting pleasures of sensuality.^ For pleasure is 
not happiness. It is created only by the tempor- 
ary gratification of the physical senses, and may 
be turned into pain in an instant of time, while 
happiness is harmony and may last so long as the 
ego exists, and may be enjoyed in the humblest, 
as well as the most exalted positions in which 

»Mata the Magician, pp. 123-125. 

Marriage 39 

man may live upon this earth. It is the light which 
shines from within outward, and is not depend- 
ent upon external things for its existence, or its 

In man's progress and search for happiness 
on earth he seems to find it necessary to investi- 
gate and to explore all the by-ways which lead from 
the highway of life. Just opposite to the by-way 
of prostitution is another path leading in an oppo- 
site direction. It is much narrower and more dif- 
ficult to follow, and is called celibacy. It is never 
found nor tried until after one has lived through 
a few lives of prostitution, with their attending 
miseries. Then, with soul filled with loathing, or 
with fear of the consequences of sexual indul- 
gences and excesses, the ordinary celibate rushes 
to the opposite extreme and enters into a life of 
sexual repression. 

If he becomes fanatical upon the subject, he 
shuts himself away from the world and refuses 
to see, or to speak to, a woman. Perhaps he finds 
a few others who are smarting under similar afflic- 
tions, prevails upon them to join him in forming 
a society, or brotherhood, which they agree to call 
a holy order ; and perhaps the remainder of that 
life will be spent where they cannot be reached by 
their former temptations. In their desire to live 
apart from the world, they sometimes retire to 
the mountains and build such barriers between 

40 Occult Philosophy 

them and their fellowmen as will guard them from 
what they believe is their greatest enemy — women 
— and there they undertake to do God's will. 

Since all kinds of experiences are necessary to 
the development of an ego, this kind of life, from 
an evolutionary standpoint, is a sort of resting 
place where man stops in his career while he re- 
views his past experiences and assimilates the good 
that is to be gained from them. The life of the 
celibate is a long step in advance of a life of 
prostitution, and there can be no doubt that, in 
this new position, man gains an advantage over 
the other kind of life. But if he has become a 
celibate because of his hatred for women, or be- 
cause he fears that he is not strong enough to 
meet and to overcome the temptations that the 
world holds for him, then he has not conquered 
his passions, and the Divine Law will force him 
back into the world, in some future life, to finish 
fighting the battles from which he fled. 

Fear brings limitation of thought, and a limi- 
tation of thought brings a limitation of freedom. 
It is the fear of persons, or of things, which causes 
a man, or a woman, to live voluntarily behind 
iron-bound doors and within solid walls of ma- 
sonry. And the great piles of stone into which 
they retire for protection from the world, the 
flesh and the devil are but stupendous monuments 
to their fears. The power and extent of a celi- 



bate's fear are usually represented by the size of 
the monument he builds for himself, and, although 
he may retire within it and live for a lifetime, he 
has not escaped from Divine Law, which will bring 
to him, in another life, everything that he feared 
and ran from in this one.^ 

If a man becomes a celibate because he is afraid 
of the consequences of living a life of prostitution, 
and if his desires for sex union are strong within 
him, then the continued and enforced repression 
of the physical expression of those desires will 
produce a congested condition of his generative 
organs, and also of such other organs as are sym- 
pathetically connected with them. He has not es- 
caped from the consequences of his desires for 
sexual union, nor from the result of the physical 
repression of those desires. 

Many physicians declare that celibacy produces 
monomaniacs, fools and lunatics, and advise their 
patients to indulge, rather than to repress, their 
sexual desires, calling such indulgences ''physical 
necessities." The Occultist says that the true 
principle of celibacy is represented by him who 
lives the life of chastity because he loves chastity, 
and not because he fears consequences, or future 
punishment. And when that point has been 
reached in his evolution, he has no fear of per- 
sons, or of things, tempting him to stray from 

» The mstory and Power of Mind, pp. 82-86. 

42 Occult Philosophy 

the path of purity ; and he will not become a luna- 
tic, nor a fool, nor will his life be spent within 
the walls of a monastery. 

The Century Dictionary defines chastity as. The 
state, or quality, of being chaste; the state of be- 
ing guiltless of unlawful sexual intercourse sex- 
ual purity; celibacy; the unmarried state; 
abstinence from unlawful indulgences in sexual 
intercourse ; continence due to a religious motive. 

There was a man who said that virtue, or chas- 
tity, was like an onion. It had many layers, or 
skins, and the deeper one went toward the heart 
of it, the thicker the skins became. The Century 
Dictionary's definition of chastity gives the word 
as many shades of meaning as there are skins to 
an onion ; and after reading the various definitions, 
it is really left to one seeking the truth to decide 
to which shade, or layer, he belongs or aspires. 

To the man sodden in debaucheries, the individ- 
ual who indulges in an occasional "aside," or ro- 
mance," represents his ideal of chastity; and to 
the man with an occasional "affair," he who does 
not violate the letter of his marriage vows is a 
chaste person. Physical virtue is what most per- 
sons call chastity, and the world thinks it does 
not matter what impure things may be thought, 
or said, by either a man or a woman, if neither 
actually break the seventh commandment. 

This is not getting very deep into the onion, 

Marriage 43 

but it is a small gain and shows that the race has 
made some progress since the Ninevite and Baby- 
lonian times. But physical chastity alone is not 
to be trusted, or depended upon. It is like any 
other negative goodness, and may be maintained 
so long as the environment, conducive to that 
condition, exists; or it may become corrupted at 
any moment when temptation is placed before it. 
To be of lasting value it must have the sustaining 
power of a pure mind behind it. And this con- 
dition is never reached in the career of any ego 
until it has gained a point in its development 
where it really desires to be chaste for chastity's 
sake, and not for the sake of individual or public 

Some persons in the world have the mistaken 
belief that the sweet privilege of chastity should 
be granted only to the feminine portion of human- 
ity, and that it is exclusively a feminine requisite 
and most unbecoming to the sterner sex, the mas- 
culine element of society. To this great miscon- 
ception of truth is much of the domestic sorrow 
of to-day attributable, and the progress of the 
race must necessarily be retarded as long again 
as it would be, if men recognized their need of 
chastity. For, so long as men continue to believe 
that, because of the majesty of their sex, they are 
divinely and socially licensed individuals, and that 
the seventh commandment, or any other rule or 


Occult Philosophy 

code of moral regulations, applicable to women, 
is not applicable to them, or to their conduct in 
life, the human race will make very slow prog- 
ress. Unless both sexes build their characters 
upon the rock foundation of chastity, their life 
structures cannot withstand the storms of ex- 
perience which come to every incarnated 

How can one-half the population of the earth 
attain, or maintain, purity while the other half is 
working to overthrow and destroy it? Solomon, 
who was reputed to be the wisest man who had 
ever lived during ancient Bible times, asked: 
*'Who can find a virtuous woman?" and then fol- 
lowed his question with the declaration: ''For her 
price is far above rubies. ' ' If the Bible stories are 
true, concerning his moral character, he was re- 
sponsible for much of the scarcity of virtue among 
the women of his time; and when he complained 
of their impurity he was like the men who spend 
all their money in riotous living and then blame 
society and the government for their poverty. 
Solomon manifested a great lack of wisdom when 
he complained of a condition that he was using 
his kingly influence to produce; and Occultists 
would never enroll his name among the names of 
their wise men. 

There are men who take great pride in declar- 
ing that they are honest. They point to long 

Marriage 45 

periods of commercial integrity; and perhaps chal- 
lenge their fellowmen to find one dishonest act 
in their careers. Because they have not stolen 
money, or worldly goods, or have never taken a 
dishonorable advantage of their fellows in com- 
mercial life, they actually believe they have a right 
to be called honest. 

A man is often heard to say: never break 
a promise. My word is as good as my bond,'' 
and while it may be true that he is scrupulously 
faithful to his commercial promises, at the same 
time he may be untruthful in his marriage rela- 

How can a man claim, or believe himself, an 
honest, or a just man, when he ruthlessly breaks 
the most sacred promises he has made? If he 
takes a woman's hand and says to the world: I 
take this woman to be my wife and I will leave 
all others for her sake; I vdW cleave to her in 
sickness and in health, for better, for worse; I 
will love, protect and shield her from the world 
and be true tt) her until death parts us ; his prom- 
ise will influence for good or ill not only the incar- 
nation in which it was made, but it may also in- 
fluence many future incarnations. And then, if 
he steals away like a thief in the night and, while 
pretending to be what he is not, indulges his lower 
animal nature in sexual gratification with other 
women, is he an honest man? 


Occult Philosophy 

When he returns to the wife who believes, trusts 
and perhaps loves him, and tells her falsehoods 
about his enforced absences, or if he acts the lies 
he does not speak, is he not unjust and dis- 
honorable and unworthy of the respect of honest 
men and women? 

The Occultist would say that to be honest, a 
man must fulfill every promise — those made to 
women as well as those made to men; that hon- 
esty and truthfulness, like charity, must begin at 
home and extend outward into the social and finan- 
cial circles in which men and women meet and 
mingle in the many affairs of life. 

"When the Sons of God forgot their origin and 
became enamoured of the pleasures of sense, they 
first adopted the system of communal marriage. 
This was largely due to the influence of the ani- 
mal minds which they had espoused and against 
which they were unable to contend. In establish- 
ing a union of this kind, a number of persons of 
both sexes, who were comparatively congenial, 
agreed to become a community and to live apart 
from all other communities and to possess all 
things in common. This was the commencement 
of socialism. In a communal union of this kind 
the male percentage of offspring was irregular and 
uncertain. The mothers of the children became 
the absolute heads of the households, and the line- 
age of each individual could be traced only through 



its female ancestry. Since evolution can proceed 
only through individualization, and since com- 
munal unions were the grossest forms of pros- 
titution, there could be but one result growing 
out of such relationship, and that was the destruc- 
tion of those communities, either by reason of a 
mutinous element arising within them, or by their 
being conquered and enslaved by a stronger tribe 
of men. 

Out of the communal union there evolved two 
other systems of marital relationship, one called 
Polyandry and the other Polygamy, and each sys- 
tem was adopted according as it seemed best 
adapted to the climate and productiveness of the 
country in which the people lived. If some of 
the Sons of God migrated to a place where na- 
ture did not produce abundantly, and where they 
had to till the soil to live, or if they were driven 
by an enemy into the mountains where there were 
not opportunities for securing food through cul- 
tivating the soil, then large families were not 
desirable, and the marital system of Polyandry 
was adopted. By this system one woman became 
the wife of a family of brothers, the oldest brother 
making the selection of her, and the younger ones 
accepting his choice for the family wife without 
criticism or complaint. This was but a slight im- 
provement upon the communal union, but it was 
an improvement, inasmuch as it limited the circle 

48 Occult Philosophy 

of possible parentage to a family rather than to 
a community. 

But if man lived in a land where an abundance 
of food was to be had without much effort, and 
if, for shelter, he needed only to interlace the 
boughs of a few saplings together and then per- 
mit the wild rose, or grape vines, to grow over 
them, making for himself a comfortable abiding 
place, then he adopted the marital system of Po- 
lygamy, for his sex union, and raised large fami- 
lies of children. Under this system the lineage 
of each individual in a tribe was traceable through 
its male ancestry. 

When humanity had reached a point where his- 
tory began, in the Bible records, it was supposed 
to be the duty of every man to do his uttermost 
toward fulfilling the command in Genesis: '*Be 
fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and 
subdue it." It was then considered a disgrace 
to the head of a family not to be able to produce 
abundantly through his marital relationship. In 
those days a ''barren woman" was a reproach to 
her sex, for she was believed to be under the curse 
of God, and her husband was justified, by the 
customs of the times, in "putting her away," 
while he brought another woman to fill her place 
in his home and to bear him children. Polygamy 
was freely practiced by men who thought it their 
duty — as well as pleasure — to use every avail- 

Marriage 49 

able means toward swelling- the size of the race 
to which they belonged. This order of things was 
continued, and, by some nations, recognized as a 
religious duty, until the ten commandments were 
given to Moses for the benefit of the Children of 
Israel. That was the first religious check put 
upon polygamy, and that was not very far-reach- 
ing, since it only put a limit upon man's sexual 
relations between himself and other men's wives. 
He was still permitted to have as many wives as 
he could provide for, if he confined his selections 
to unmarried women. But nothing is ever to be 
gained for a nation through the practice of polyg- 
amy except numerical strength. In every other 
respect the practice is debasing and demoralizing. 

As a nation, or race, advances in evolution the 
Divine Law brings reforms; and in spite of the 
mixed desires of the mass of humanity, a way 
will be found to improve its condition. There was 
never a tribe, or a nation, so gross, or so sensual, 
that it did not have its wise men who were stronger 
than those whom they undertook to teach. And 
those men who were in advance of the ignorant 
masses became the spiritual advisers of not only 
the people, but also of the kings and rulers. Many 
of the wise men, the High Priests of ancient Bible 
times, were Occultists and understood that mar- 
riage meant the re-union of two half souls; and 
when those ancient peoples had evolved to a point 

50 Occult Philosophy 

where they would listen to, and be influenced by, 
their wise men on the subject of marriage, the 
High Priests made the attempt to establish mo- 
nogamy among them. 

When the priests were unable to determine 
whether those who wished to marry really be- 
longed to each other or not, they consulted the 
stars, which were supposed to indicate, at the 
birth of each individual, the exact point of devel- 
opment he had reached during his previous life. 
If the stars indicated adversely then the banns 
were forbidden, and the marriage was not con- 
summated. But if they indicated favorably, the 
wedding was sanctified by a most solemn sacra- 
ment, and, during the performance of the relig- 
ious marriage rites, the command was given forth 
by the officiating priest, "Whom God hath joined 
together let no man put asunder!" 

It is to this fragment of Occult teachings that 
the Church of to-day holds, as a reason for its 
refusal to recognize the union by contract, or the 
modern divorce. And although it still attempts 
to enforce what it believes to be the command of 
God, and refuses to believe in human power to 
annul a marriage, stiU, it does not take the trouble 
to first ascertain whether, or not, it is the sacred 
re-union of half souls which is being consummated, 
or even if there is a psychic, or physical, affinity 
between them. It bestows its blessing freely and 



indiscriminately upon all alike, and expects, not- 
withstanding the ignorance of the persons enter- 
ing into a covenant of this Mnd, that it shall be 
maintained until the end of their natural lives. 
It is quite willing to forgive, and absolve from 
consequences, any mistake which man makes, ex- 
cept his matrimonial mistakes ; but these, which 
are the most serious of all, and which affect more 
persons than any others, the Church does not per- 
mit him to correct. 

The contractual union is the outgrowth of the 
natural consequences which followed many matri- 
monial mistakes and their attendant miseries. 
Smarting under what seemed to him an injustice 
inflicted by the Church in refusing to release him 
from his unhappy marital relationship, man con- 
ceived the plan of legalizing, by civil law, any con- 
tract which should appeal to his reason and sense 
of justice and which would protect his rights and 
those of his progeny. 

This kind of union does not ask for itself the 
blessings of either priest or Church. The con- 
tract ia usually prepared by an attorney and, like 
all other legal documents of any value, is signed, 
witnessed and recorded in the county, or State, 
where it was made. It is a cold-blooded, unroman- 
tic way of announcing to the world that a man 
and woman have agreed to enter into, what should 
be, the sacred relationship that exists between the 


Occult Philosophy 

true husband and wife ; but, because of the unde- 
velopment of the mass of humanity, now incarna- 
ted upon earth, it seems to be a necessity at pres- 
ent. And since comparatively few marry for a 
reason other than for social, or financial advan- 
tages, the contractual union serves its purpose 
very well indeed ; and the victims of a mock-mar- 
riage, seeking a legal separation or divorce, are, 
by reason of this contract, saved the humiliation 
of receiving condemnation from the Church — since 
it cannot punish what it does not recognize. 

If an American girl buys a duke, for the sake 
of gaining a social position, it is because she is 
at a point in her development where she needs 
and deserves all the experiences that follow the 
making of such a purchase. If a nobleman bar- 
ters his title for American dollars, and accepts a 
girl as a necessity in the trade, he also needs, and 
will get, the experiences which will follow the 
making of his bargain, and there is no moral dif- 
ference between this and any other trade. It is 
not a marriage, nor should it pretend to be. It 
is nothing but a union of the sexes as represented 
and expressed by two individuals; and there is 
nothing more sacred about it than there is in 
hiring a mistress, or buying a horse and cart. 

It is not a violation of God's command to sep- 
arate such persons by divorce, because God never 
joined them together; and it is to such business 

Marriage 53 

unions as these that the written contracts of mar- 
riage best fit. It gives to the offspring of such 
a union its legal property rights and a respectful 
recognition by the world, and it gives to the woman 
the pri\dlege of using for the remainder of that 
life the particular crest and title belonging to 
the house in which she has bought a seat. 

Among persons in other walks of life the same 
rule holds good. A loveless sex union is well evi- 
denced by a written contract, and until the human 
race has evolved beyond its present condition and 
has reached a point where it understands and ap- 
preciates the sacredness of the esoteric basis of 
marriage, the Church union will in most cases be 
but a burlesque of the sacrament. 

But the mock-marriage, with all its numerous 
disadvantages and unpleasant features, whether 
it be consummated through a contract, or by the 
religious rites of a marriage sacrament, is a nec- 
essity at this time in the evolution of the race. 
Without its restraining influence upon the desires 
and passions of mankind, there would be no foun- 
dation for either positive, or negative, virtue to 
rest upon. Without it there would be nothing 
upon which to build our homes, or our govern- 
ments, and the human race would be no better 
off to-day than it was when might was right and 
every man was a free lance to do with his own 
and other's property as pleased him best. Mock- 


Occult Philosophy 

marriage is not only a social and political neces- 
sity, but it is a karmic necessity as well, and 
through it many egos are brought together in 
the family circle to work out past obligations and 
to pay debts which could be paid in no other 

The Law of Justice does rule the world, al- 
though the contrary sometimes may appear to be 
true ; and it operates in the most infinitesimal af- 
fairs and relations of life. If a man and a woman 
have entered into a mock-marriage there was a 
karmic reason for it; one or the other, or both, 
perhaps, owed a karmic debt which had to be paid ; 
and it could be faithfully and fully done only 
through the devotion which is demanded and re- 
ceived through a covenant of this kind. If all 
persons, who are chafing under the restraint 
caused by their matrimonial fetters, would but 
realize that their present condition of unhappi- 
ness is but the result of past mistakes, of unjust 
treatment which they have given in some other 
life to the very individual they are now joined 
to in wedlock, it would serve to explain many of 
the mysteries and miseries of wedded life. 

There is a way to become free from the un- 
pleasant conditions attending a mock-marriage, 
even though it has been karmically produced, and 
that is, through the power of mental demand. It 
is the divine right and privilege of every human 

Marriage 55 

being to demand of Divine Mind its freedom from 
unpleasant environment. And if this is done and 
the demand goes forth into the Great Conscious- 
ness with all the earnestness of a suffering soul, 
the fetters will fall away, and one after another 
the limitations will be broken. The liberation will 
come in the way that Divine Mind wishes and 
which, in view of all past mistakes and injus- 
tices, is best for the one who makes the demand.^ 
This subject will be again referred to in the lec- 
ture, Mental and Spiritual Development." 

Since it is through the marital relationship that 
a race continues to exist and evolve, it is most 
important that it should be brought to the high- 
est point of refinement,, and should be maintained 
in that position by the social and political power 
of the race. 

With the picture of unhappy marital relation- 
ship constantly before the eyes of the people, 
there are many individuals, of both sexes, who 
are seeking relief from their dissatisfied or 
wretched conditions, by entering into what is called 
an ''independent sex life." 

The Church says: ''Therefore, because woman 
was made from the rib of a man shall a man leave 
his father and his mother and shall cleave unto 
his wife, and they shall be one flesh." And the 
unhappy married man or woman says: "That 

* The History and Power of Mind, pp. 156-169. 

56 Occult Philosophy 

may, or may not, be true, but if it is, why should 
I, because thousands of years ago a woman was 
taken out of a man, be made to suffer a depriva- 
tion of agreeable sex relationship with some one 
I like better than the person I am married to ? " 

Then the State says to the would-be independ- 
ent sex relationist: "I will punish you with fine, 
or imprisonment, if you commit adultery, or forni- 
cation. ' ' And the seeker after sexual freedom re- 
plies: ''Then I will hide the truth from you; I 
will do in secret what I am not permitted to do 
openly. ' ' 

And then commence the falsehoods which this 
man, or woman, must tell to be protected from 
the penalties that follow the living of a double 
life. When an individual commences to lie about 
a particular thing, he often loses his scruples con- 
cerning all kinds of falsehood and sinks to the 
lowest degree of prevarication and deception. His 
word becomes of no value to his friends nor to 
society in general, and after a while he receives 
nothing but contempt from his fellowmen. When 
he has ceased to tell the truth he has ceased to 
love it, and if he does not love the truth he will 
be untrue to himself and to every one else. 

But this is not all that is to be dreaded by the 
untruthful man or woman. There are psychic 
dangers to be encountered in the dark red cur- 
rent of thought into which the untruthful person 



enters, through deceit and double-dealing. This 
current, which is one of the lowest rates of vibra- 
tion of the cosmic currents surrounding the earth 
and mankind, contains most of the undeveloped, 
disembodied souls who have passed from earth 
life. These souls, by reason of their grossness, 
cannot get away from the material plane, and, 
through the operation of the laW of attraction, 
are drawn by sympathy to other souls — whether 
incarnated or excarnated — who are at a similar 
point of development. They are able now to enjoy 
only by proxy, as it were, the vices from which 
they are debarred by the loss of their physical 
bodies; and they surround the man, or woman, 
who, by adopting vices similar to their own, have 
entered their realm of thought,^ and lead him, 
or her, downward to destruction; and thus the 
independent sex relationist receives the wages of 
ignorance. More will be said along this line in 
the lecture entitled ''After Death." 

1 The History and Power of Mind, pp. 178-186 ; 243-245. Frag- 
ments of Truth, Chapter I. 



Ages and ages ago, so many that it makes man 
dizzy to try to calculate their number, the Divine 
Parenthood of man began. And billions of years, 
before man's creation, in the beginning of our 
Cosmic Day, God — Divine Mind — began getting 
the Universe — man's home — ready to receive him. 

During the first great period of our Cosmic 
Day God — Divine Mind — desired light.^ The com- 
mand went forth: ''Let there be light," and the 
vibration of certain portions of the ether began 
to quicken and increase until, in accordance with 
the Divine Will, light was born. And all that 
was accomplished, or established, during the first 
period of our Cosmic Day was the awakening and 
the quickening into activity of those great cen- 
ters of consciousness which the Occultist calls 
Solar Deities, or Sun Gods, the Elohim, or Plane- 
tary Spirits, and the Seraphim and Cherubim. 

During the second great period of our Cosmic 
Day, God — Divine Mind — desired that the unde- 
veloped portion of Itself should separate from 

* The History and Power of Mind, p. 68, " Genesis." 




the developed portion, in order that the undevel- 
oped portion should become subjected to evolu- 
tionary law applicable more directly to itself. 
*'And God said, Let there be a firmament in the 
midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters 
from the waters. And God made the firmament 
and divided the waters which were under the firm- 
ament from the waters which were above the 
firmament, and it was so." 

In other words, through the operation of Divine 
Will, the differentiated portion of Itself became 
separated from the undifferentiated; the mani- 
fested was separated from the unmanif ested ; and 
there appeared in the manifested Universe two 
distinct portions of the Universal Consciousness 
which men now call mind and matter.^ 

Both these portions were of the same substance, 
but differed by reason of each portion's different 
rate of vibrations : **And God called the firma- 
ment (the undifferentiated portion of Itself) 
Heaven, and the evening and the morning were 
the second day." 

During the third great period of our Cosmic 
Day, God — Divine Mind — desired that, from the 
differentiated portion of Itself, there should ba 
prepared abiding places for Its sons — ^when they 
should be created. And again the Divine Will 
went forth throughout the Universe and the crea- 

» The History and Power of Mind, pp. 29-30. 

6o Occult Philosophy 

tive Gods, the Elohim, or Planetary Spirits, com- 
menced their work. Their long period of inac- 
tion, during the Cosmic Night, was now passed 
and they were ready, at the first call of the Uni- 
versal Consciousness, to begin the labors of the 
new Cosmic Day/ ''And God said. Let the waters 
under the heaven (the differentiated portion of 
Itself) be gathered together unto one place and 
let the dry land appear, and it was so. And God 
called the dry land Earth (Worlds) and the gath- 
ering together of the waters called He seas, and 
God saw that it was good." 

And all that was accomplished during the third 
period of our Cosmic Day, was the commencement 
of such world forms as the Elohim, or Planetary 
Spirits, saw pictured by Divine Mind in the dif- 
ferentiated portion of Itself. God made the men- 
tal pictures of what It desired should be mater- 
ialized during the several periods, and this mental 
picturing was the creation described in the first 
chapter of Genesis, and in the second chapter of 
Genesis to verse four. 

The fourth great period of our Cosmic Day 
was one of Celestial Chaos. For, at that time, 
there was confusion in the workshop of the heav- 
enly Gods. Many of the planetary systems were 
blazing masses of burning gas. Comets were fly- 
ing through space, colliding and coalescing with 

1 The History and Power of Mind, pp. 101-103. 



other comets, and Dhine Law and Order, during 
the greater part of that period, were prospec- 
tive but not realized. The suns, which were to 
become magnetic centers for world systems, were 
blazing and bursting with the intense energy that 
was poured into them by the Solar Deities. The 
creative Gods seemed to play at cricket with com- 
ets, suns and worlds, and the whole heaven was 
a pyrotechnical display of flaming planets. 

On the fifth great period of our Cosmic Day 
Divine Mind declared that harmony should pre- 
vail in the Universe, and, in accordance with the 
Divine Will, celestial order came out of cosmic 
chaos. Planets and planetary systems became ad- 
justed to their orbits and began revolving about 
their respective magnetic centers, or suns, and the 
war of worlds came to an end. ''And God said. 
Let the Earth (Worlds) bring forth grass, the 
herb yielding seed and the fruit tree yielding 
fruit after his kind whose seed is in itself upon 
the earth (worlds) and it was so." "And God 
said. Let the waters bring forth abundantly the 
moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may 
fly above the earth in the open firmament of > 
heaven. And God created great whales and every 
living creature that moveth, which the waters 
brought forth abundantly after their kind, and 
every winged fowl after his kind, and God saw 
that it was good, . . . and the evening and the 

62 Occult Philosophy 

morning were the fifth day." The words **and 
God said let there be," or *'God made," etc., in 
Genesis, always refer to the mental creation of 
Divine Mind. 

On the morning of the sixth great period of 
our Cosmic Day "God made the beast of the 
earth after his kind, . . . and everything that 
creepeth upon the earth after his kind, and God 
saw that it was good. ' ' ^ 

The mental pictures in Divine Mind, not yet 
objecti\azed by the Elohim or Planetary Spirits, 
had now to be materialized, and "these are the 
generations of the heavens and of the earth when 
they ivere created, in the day that the Lord God 
made the earth and the heavens, and every plant 
of the field before it was m the earth, and every 
herb of the field before it grew,^^' in accordance 
with the divine ideal or picture. Then the Lord 
God — the Seraphim and the Cherubim — with their 
tremendous united power — became the demonstra- 
tors and brought these pictures into objectivity, 
or, "formed (animal) man of the dust of the 
ground . . . and out of the ground made the Lord 
God to grow every tree . . . and out of the gromid 
the Lord God formed every beast of the field and 
every fowl of the air." This was the second, or 
physical creation described in the second chapter 

* The History and Powpr of Mind, pp. 64-68. 

* The italics are our own and are to emphasize the occult meaning 
of the passage. 

Parenthood 63 

of Genesis, and which is elaborated in lecture 

And when at last everything was ready to re- 
ceive mankind, "God said, Let us make man in 
our image, after our likeness ; and let them have 
dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the 
fowl of the air and over the cattle, and over all 
the earth, and over every creeping thing that 
creepeth upon the earth.'* With Di™e Mind's 
desire for parenthood there came into the Uni- 
versal Consciousness the mental pictures of the 
Sons of God; and when the Elohim saw those 
pictures they commenced to draw individual por- 
tions of Divine Mind from the differentiated part 
of God and, moulding each portion into an oval 
or egg-shaped form, like themselves, they ful- 
filled the command and created each son in their 
own ''image and after their own likeness."^ 
Then they gave to each ego its own rate of vibra- 
tion; and the magnetic power inherent in each, 
because of its Divine origin, made it an inde- 
pendent, magnetic, evolving, immortal mind, 
through whom its Father, Divine Mind, would 
be able to express Itself; and through whom It 
would be able to raise, to a higher point of devel- 
opment, the vegetable and animal kingdoms below 
man. And it was for this purpose that God gave 
His sons dominion over the earth and over all it 

* The History and Power of Mind, pp. 61-65. 

64 Occult Philosophy 

contained : For Divine Mind works, only, through 
individual centers, from the Solar Deities, the 
highest and greatest, down to the smallest and 
most insignificant creature in the Universe. 

When the Sons of God incarnated in the ani- 
mal forms of earth, they immediately began us- 
ing the laws which govern procreation. In those 
ancient days men knew no more about gestation 
than they did about digestion and became parents 
from animal impulse rather than from any de- 
sire for offspring. In their ignorance of the law 
they not only used, but they also abused, it; and 
yet, unconsciously to themselves, they became in- 
struments, though many times imperfect ones, for 
the Divine Mind, their Father to work through. 
But God is patient with Its children, and, after 
many ages of ignorance had passed, with their at- 
tendant suffering, man reached a point in his evo- 
lution where he recognized that there was a higher 
power than his own, and began to have a desire 
for a knowledge concerning it. 

He wanted to know the truth about himself 
and about his relationship to that power. He 
also recognized the fact that there were laws which 
governed him and his environment, and he desired 
to become acquainted with them. Before the awak- 
ening of his desire to know the truth concerning 
his family relations, his children had been born 
with the regularity of the coming of the sea- 

Parenthood 65 

sons. Sometimes there were so many that he 
could scarcely get food^or himself and for them. 
And when hunger commenced to gnaw, he suddenly 
awoke to the realization of the truth that he had 
been extravagant, in exercising his parental priv- 
ileges, and, notwithstanding his race belief that 
man should be fruitful and multiply and replen- 
ish the earth, he began to think about retrenching 
and demanded, in his heart, to know the laws gov- 
erning the conception and birth of children and 
how to regulate the size of his family. 

The law of demand and supply has been oper- 
ating in the Universe since it was created. And 
although men have not known how to use that 
law intelligently and scientifically, still, whatso- 
ever a man desires in his heart will come to him 
sooner or later. After a long period of wishing 
and waiting, man's desire for knowledge concern- 
ing conception and parental duty was met. Ad- 
vanced egos, men who had lived through a former 
period of evolution and had gained a knowledge 
far beyond that of the people whom they came to 
help, were sent to this earth to incarnate in hu- 
man forms and to become teachers of the rising, 
growing races. 

As the cool and gentle dew from heaven falls 
upon the parched and feverish earth, refreshing 
and revi\^ng it, after the burning rays of the 
sun have disappeared, so did the wisdom, brought 


Occult Philosophy 

to ignorant, suffering mankind, by the Teachers 
of Occult Truths, revive and encourage such egos 
as were ready to receive it. These Teachers taught 
men and women that to become the father, or 
mother, of a human body was a sacred, divine 
privilege; that parenthood should always be as- 
sumed with deepest reverence and with an earnest 
demand for wisdom to train each little person- 
ality in a manner that would make it tractable 
for the incarnating ego to control; that when the 
tiny brain should become expanded, to where the 
ego could take full possession, it would be a good 
instrument, instead of a poor one, for it to use. 
That as the Creative Gods in the heavens had 
moulded the minds of men into forms similar to 
their own, so should the animal men of earth now 
reproduce their forms in those of their children. 

It is true that ''fools rush in where angels fear 
to tread," and the advanced egos see with regret 
the consequences which must come to the men 
and women who carelessly and recklessly assume 
the responsibilities of parenthood and then de- 
liberately shirk those responsibilities, or turn their 
little ones over to the care of ignorant and vic- 
iously inclined persons. If a beautiful and won- 
derful jewel, a thing so rare that there was but 
one other like it in the Universe, were to be pre- 
sented to a woman, would she give that jewel to 
a hireling to wear? Would she carelessly leave 

Parenthood 67 

it, with its beauty and purity unguarded, for weeks 
and perhaps for months, to be smirched and de- 
filed by those to whom she entrusted it, and who 
know, or care nothing, for its value? What would 
the world think of the King who gave his crown 
to his valet to do with as he saw fit? And yet, 
in comparison with the soul jewels in the crown 
of parenthood, those in the crown of a monarch 
are most insignificant. 

Before a woman conceives the embryo which is 
to become a human body, the Divine Law attracts 
to her an ego, who in a past life has been asso- 
ciated, either pleasantly, or unpleasantly, with 
her, or with the man who will be the father of 
her child. Sometimes this ego, who is about to 
reincarnate, does not leave her for weeks, and 
perhaps for months, before conception. It is ever 
present, waiting for the moment when copulation 
will occur and the conditions will be favorable for 
the conception of its body. And, when the de- 
sired conditions are produced, it sends forth from 
itself into the ovum within the mother, a tiny, 
blue, magnetic thread and fastens it to the life 
germ which the father has deposited there. 

To the spiritual eyes of the Seer this magnetic 
thread appears, upon the subjective plane, as the 
web thread of the spider appears to physical eyes 
upon the material plane. Both seem to be equally 
fragile and easily broken ; but the magnetic thread, 


Occult Philosophy 

when once attached to its embryo, is strengthened 
in its hold by the reincarnating ego's intense de- 
sire for life. The Law of Attraction which 
brought that ego to that family also gives pro- 
tection to the embryo, through its action upon 
the uterus containing it. It causes that organ to 
contract around the tiny life germ for the first 
few days after it is received, or until a mem- 
brane, which will be a further protection to the 
embryo, is completely formed within the open- 
ing of the cervix. 

When conception is established, then comes the 
building of the body which the reincarnating ego 
will possess. If the ego, or builder, is an unde- 
veloped mind and is being forced back, without 
its volition, into earth-life by the great Law, then 
the building of its body is not a conscious creation 
of its own, but is the result of the physical action 
of the law and of the mother's mind. 

But the advanced ego consciously selects from 
the mother's blood the finest atoms for its em- 
bryo, and mentally moulds its vehicle according 
to its purpose. The reincarnating ego completely 
envelops the mother of its embryo at the mo- 
ment of conception and continues, in that close 
relationship, during the whole period of gesta- 
tion, and affects, more or less, her disposition and 
desires. If it is of a weaker nature than hers, 
then its influence is not externally apparent to 



any large degree; but if it is a stronger, even if 
it be of a more undeveloped nature than hers, it 
dominates her in every way. She will no longer 
have the same likes or dislikes, will sometimes 
yield to the most unaccountable tastes, and often 
to depraved appetites. Persons whom she once 
loved she will now despise, or vice versa. Some- 
times she will seem to be obsessed by a demon 
of animal passion and, during the whole period 
of gestation, her sexual desires will be insatiable. 
To her friends she becomes a source of sorrow 
and disappointment, because they do not under- 
stand the cause of the change in her, and she, 
herself, may not understand it, and usually does 
not care to know the reason. 

If she were to be examined psychically by a 
clairvoyant, she would be seen surrounded and 
completely enveloped by a dark shadow — which 
is the aura of the ego who is incarnating as her 
child; and its colors would seem to have entirely 
overcome and suppressed her own. During the 
period of gestation perhaps she would be ob- 
sessed, or insane, as obsession is more popularly 

Through the intense and, perhaps, gross de- 
sires of the reincarnating ego, it may impress the 
tiny body with impurities. It may poison the 
blood of the child with its own hatred and anger. 
Through its uncontrolled emotions and passions, 

70 Occult Philosophy 

it often produces an abnormal condition of some 
of its internal organs, and the body will be born 
with impure blood and a defective brain, or per- 
haps with a physical deformity of limb or of body. 
Then it will be said that these misfortunes were 
inherited from its parents, or that they were birth- 
marks caused by some fault of the mother, or by 
some mishap which befell her during the period 
of gestation. 

When the woman is relieved of the burden of 
carrying the child and her normal, mental con- 
dition has reasserted itself, by reason of the fact 
that the reincarnating ego has been removed a 
step from her aura, she often suffers the deepest 
remorse because of the unfortunate plight of her 
child. Her friends, and perhaps her husband, 
tell her how disgracefully she has misbehaved, 
and blame her for the condition of her offspring. 
In reality, however, she neither consciously nor 
unconsciously produced it, and it may be that the 
ego of the child was drawn into her family be- 
cause of its past relationship with her husband, 
who is now its father. 

It is true that she was karmically connected with 
her husband and that the Law brought them to- 
gether for that reason. Through her relationship 
with him, she had to participate in his karma, but 
she may not have had a past association with the 
particular ego who was now reincarnated as their 

Parenthood 71 

child, and she should not be blamed for its mis- 

Some one may ask why is it not right, under 
such circumstances, to produce a miscarriage and 
to dislodge the undesirable embryo, rather than 
to permit it to develop into an unruly and dis- 
reputable individual and to become a source of 
trouble to its parents. To such a question the 
Occultist would reply: Nothing, whatever, would 
be gained by producing such a miscarriage, since 
that unruly, undeveloped ego actually belongs to 
that family by reason of past association, and the 
law must continue to bring it back again and again 
until that woman, or man, to whom it belonged, 
is compelled to give it parentage, and thus pay 
the debt that he, or she, owes to it. For all man- 
kind, at this point in the evolution of the race, 
owe debts that can be paid in no other way than 
by becoming parents, and the Divine Law is an 
inexorable collector of karmic debts. 

If a developed, or advanced, ego is seeking re- 
incarnation in a certain family it is also because 
of karmic reasons.^ During some past life there 
was formed a pleasant relationship between it and 
some member of that family. Or, perhaps it may 
be, that it is the other half of the ego of the 
mother to whom it has now come in the relation- 
ship of child.^ In a case like this that mother 

> Mata the Mac^ician. p. 154. 
=" Unked Lives, p. 203. 

72 Occult Philosophy 

will be uplifted during the entire period of gesta- 
tion and she will anticipate the coming of her 
child with the happiness that she would feel at 
the prospect of a visit from her dearest friend. 
She will dream of it at night and plan beautiful 
things for it by day. It will be a pleasure to her 
to fashion the dainty garments that it will wear, 
and perhaps she will not permit them to be made 
by other hands than her own. Things happening 
in her household, or among her friends, which 
once disturbed and annoyed her now bring smiles 
to her face. She is permeated with the aura of 
the ego she loves better than any other in the 
Universe and her sacred picture grows daily 
clearer to her mental vision. This is because it- 
has come so near; it has indeed become a part 
of her and is blended with her as it was before 
they came to earth to suffer and grow strong. 

If the incarnating ego is not the other half 
of herself, but is equal to her in development, 
then she may be contented and pleased with the 
possibility of becoming a mother. If it should 
be an ego greatly in advance of her, she would 
be blessed in many ways by the close relation- 
ship during gestation, and the impetus she would 
receive, from the association, would carry her 
a long step in advance of where she was when 
she conceived the little body/ 

^ Mata the Magician, p. 105. 


Parenthood 73 

Heredity, according to the common acceptance 
of the term, is impossible. Neither the father nor 
the mother of a child can give to it its character, 
or any part of it. It is true that if the reincar- 
nating ego is not as strong as either of its par- 
ents, the physical body may resemble, in appear- 
ance, one or both of them. This may be due to 
one or two causes: First, the reincarnating ego 
may, in a general way, be of a similar charac- 
ter to one or both parents; or it may be that it 
is not a conscious builder of its body and nega- 
tively waits for the Law and for its mother's 
mind to mould the body for it. 

By many physicians, and by society in general, 
it is believed that the father, or mother, can trans- 
mit impurities and disease through their blood 
to their innocent offspring, and that a child will 
thus be made to suffer for the sins of its parents. 
The Occultist says that no ego could reincarnate 
with parents who would transmit poisons, or dis- 
ease, to its body, unless, by reason of its own past 
mistakes, that ego deserved to have them. It 
could never be brought into that family by the 
Law, if it did not belong there, because the Law 
is Justice. To the mother who finds in her chil- 
dren the taint of a poison which she knows she 
did not give to them, but which she believes came 
from their father, the Occultist would say: Because 
of this, let no bitterness live in your heart toward 

74 Occult Philosophy 

the man whom you have espoused, because it is a 
debt which is being paid and the child, whom you 
believe to be an innocent sufferer for another's 
sins, had sins of its own to expiate and is expiat- 
ing them now under the right and proper condi- 

By this it is not meant that nothing should be 
done to improve the condition of the child, be- 
cause improvement is always needed at every 
moment during the life of a human being. But 
God should not be blamed for the affliction, neither 
should it be believed that it was an especial dis- 
pensation of Providence.^ Force should not be 
wasted by weeping and lamenting, but rather 
should be used to help that ego to live a better 
life than it did before, in order that it may not 
suffer again in a like manner. And while the poi- 
son is being eliminated from the child's body, the 
poisonous thoughts which produced the condition 
should also be eliminated from its mind. 

There are sins of omission as well as sins of 
commission, and nowhere, in any walk of life, are 
there more of these to be found than in the rela- 
tionship of parenthood. The mother who is too 
ignorant, or too careless, to watch her baby and 
prevent that little animal personality from con- 
tracting in its infancy the habits which will later 
lead to sexual abuses, wakens some day to the 

* The History and Power of Mind, pp. 116-121 ; 260. 



realizing sense that her beloved son, or daughter, 
in whom her heart's pride is centered, has become 
a nervous, physical wreck because of the fearful 
practice of masturbation ; or, perhaps, has entered 
the broad road of prostitution. 

Modesty is the first lesson that should be taught 
to the baby. When it begins to toddle, teach it 
that there are certain portions of its body which 
must always be kept decorously covered, and which 
must not be handled or played with. Bad im- 
pressions are often made, upon a baby's mind, 
by the admiring mother who bares its little body 
and shows it to her friends, or has its picture 
taken in its nudity. Baby soon learns to believe 
that nudity is nice, and it is more difficult for it 
to unlearn a thing than to learn it. 

When a baby girl has reached the age of under- 
standing, the wise mother will win her confidence 
by talking with her, alone each day, upon the sub- 
jects which seem of the greatest interest to the 
child. She will ask her questions concerning the 
children with whom she plays, and about the serv- 
ants in the house who have the care of her; and 
very soon she will be able to determine something 
of the daily influences which are brought to bear 
upon the child. During those hours of sacred 
confidence, the plastic mind of the child should 
be moulded into the right condition to resist the 
evil of the outside world. If, during those pre- 

76 Occult Philosophy 

cious talks,tlie mother teaches her that she is never 
alone, but is surrounded, by night as well as by 
day, by Divine Consciousness which knows every 
thought she thinks and every act she performs, 
the child will not easily be led into transgression. 

Before the girl reaches puberty, the time when 
the progressed reincarnating ego usually takes 
full possession of its body ,^ the wise mother will 
impress upon her mind that for the protection of 
her good name, and in order that her future hus- 
band should fully trust in her virtue and purity, 
God had created within her body a hymen, which 
is the physical expression of the purity of her 
thoughts. She will tell her that this expression of 
physical purity must be guarded as carefully as 
her eyes, which are the material windows for her 
soul. And she will impress the thought upon the 
girl's mind that the hymen is a veil for the sacred 
creative organs within her body, and it must re- 
main where God placed it until the time shall come 
when she will enter into the relationship of wife. 

Because of her sex the baby girl should not be 
made an isolated subject to be taught the neces- 
sity for purity of thought and action. The baby 
boy should begin his private interviews with his 
mother at an equally tender age. For it is a great 
mistake to believe that, because he is a boy, he 
does not need to be taught purity, or does not come 

* Mata the Magician, p. 126. 

Parenthood 77 

under the same rules that should govern the con- 
duct of his sister. Egos are sexless and incarnate 
alternately in male and female personalities. It 
is the mind of the boy that the mother is educating, 
and, it matters not which sex it uses, the truth and 
purity which it is taught to-day will last through- 
out its future incarnations. 

It is a mistake to believe that the modest man 
is not a strong character, or that he is a weakling 
because he refuses to enter into the follies and 
vices which society sanctions and condones. So 
let not the mothers be afraid of robbing their sons 
of the majesty of their manhood by teaching them 
along the same lines that they teach their 
daughters. Virtue is a wondrous jewel and 
shines as brightly in the crown of manhood as in 
that of womanhood. And, in whichever place ii 
may be, it always serves as a strong light to 
illumine the pathway of its possessor on the jour- 
ney of life. 

The Occultist says ; "be not ashamed to be, or to 
become, a modest, truthful, virtuous man ; for by 
so doing you will be entitled to instruction in the 
highest wisdom given to man upon this planet. 
But if you have not the rock foundation of virtue 
and truth to stand upon, you cannot bear to know 
the highest Occult teachings, which are given only 
to those who are thus prepared and are therefore 

Occult Philosophy 

Teaching, by word of mouth, is not the only 
parental duty. The lessons taught the child as it 
sits on the parent's knee are beautiful and impres- 
sive, but they do not do all the work that is needed 
in the child's heart garden. There is the daily 
example which both parents put before it and 
which goes very far toward moulding the little 
one's character into a perfect, or imperfect, image 
of manhood, or womanhood. 

It is natural and right that the mother should 
be the child's ideal of perfect womanhood, and 
that the father should be its ideal of perfect man- 
hood. It is also natural that those ideals should 
be raised, or lowered, in the child's mind accord- 
ing to the behavior of the objects of those ideals. 
How can a mother teach modesty to a child who 
sees her exposing her own person in a state of 
nudity f How can she teach her child purity of 
thought and action when she, herself, indulges in 
impurity? She may think she is concealing her 
conduct from her child, but those little bright eyes 
see much more than she imagines, and that active 
little mind will draw its own conclusions at a very 
tender age. How can a mother teach a child to be 
truthful when she, herself, tells falsehoods to it 
and before it? It is true that children are often 
impelled to ask embarrassing questions, and de- 
sire to know many things which it may not seem 
advisable to answer at the time. In such cases, 

Parenthood 79 

instead of telling a falsehood to conceal the truth, 
it is better to say: ''When you are old enough 
to be told this thing, which you are asking about, 
I will answer your question." 

If a child of five or six years wishes to know 
where her baby brother came from, it is neither 
advisable nor necessary to enter into a detailed 
account of the circumstances and conditions which 
brought him into the family. But the little one's 
question, being an honest one, deserves a respect- 
ful and considerate reply; and it is not right to 
put her off with the usual tale of a stork, or of 
a fairy, bringing and leaving him on the door- 
step ; nor that the doctor took him out of his box 
where he keeps all other babies. If it does not 
seem advisable to tell the truth then, a promise 
should be given that the mystery should be ex- 
plained at some future time. 

It is a mistake to tell children the Santa Claus 
falsehood. It is true that it makes a very pretty 
story, and a child lives in a delightful dream of 
expectation until the sad day comes when it learns 
the truth. The awakening is usually a terrible 
shock and disappointment, and the child's confi- 
dence is forever shaken in the person who told, and 
maintained, the falsehood. Circumstances which 
seem trifling and unimportant to a parent, are of 
great importance to a child who is learning its 
first lessons in life. And the little one's dis- 


Occult Philosophy 

appointments are as hard for it to bear, as are 
those which break the hearts and ruin the lives 
of men and women. 

Because of their love for their children, parents 
often make slaves of themselves and sacrifice 
much which they need and desire, that their chil- 
dren may have more than they can afford to give 
them. It is not an unusual thing to hear a mother 
say: will never see my daughter's hands look 
as mine do. She shall never work as I have worked 
if I can help it. My child shall have all the ad- 
vantages that were denied me, because of the 
poverty of my parents. It is my duty to deny my- 
self so she may become accomplished." 

The one object in life is the development and 
growth of every individual ego, and no one should 
be retarded in its evolution by becoming the slave 
of another. The mother who works all day, in 
the kitchen, laundry, or at household work, to save 
her daughter's white hands from the stains of 
labor, is not only retarding her own growth, but 
at the same time is fostering in her daughter's 
character a degree of selfishness which will retard, 
instead of advance, her progress in life. If the 
ego, who came to reincarnate as the daughter of 
the hard-working, self-sacrificing woman, had not 
needed and deserved the lessons in physical labor 
which Divine Law intended she should get in that 
environment, then she would not have been, 



brought to that family to incarnate. And the 
mother, through her mistaken sense of duty, trans- 
gresses against the Divine Law when she refuses 
to share her labors with her child. Because of the 
many self-imposed tasks, the mother cannot take 
time to read, or to think, along educational lines ; 
she has very little or no time to spend upon her 
toilet, and, as a consequence, she appears illiterate, 
stupid and poorly gowned. The daughter, for 
whom she has toiled, is ashamed of her, and per- 
haps repudiates her relationship if an opportunity 
is presented. 

There is a saying that if a man makes a door- 
mat of himself his friends will wipe their shoes on 
him. This is a very terse way of stating a great 
truth and applies to the case under discussion. 
This mother earns the punishment she receives for 
attempting to evade the operation of the Law 
which governs her own and her daughter's pro- 
gram. The punishment is bestowed upon her 
through the individual whom she, by her mistaken 
ideas of duty, has retarded in her development. 
It is a fearful thing to hinder the evolution of 
another ego, and never fails to bring its punish- 

It is not infrequent that the father and mother 
are left unthanked, and alone, to toil and pay off 
the mortgage that, while laboring under their mis- 
taken sense of duty, they put upon their home so 

82 Occult Philosophy 

their boy could go to college and have a sufficient 
amount of money to spend in company with the 
wealthy men's sons with whom he would associate 
during his college days. And it is not infrequent, 
when the young man returns to his humble home 
and compares it and his parents with the homes 
and parents of his fashionable friends, that he 
feels ashamed and aggrieved and often blames his 
father and mother for his poverty. Such a young 
man might be heard to say: "They brought me in- 
to the world against my will and now they may 
take care of me," and the disappointed father and 
mother bow their heads and bend their backs 
under the burden which their mistaken sense of 
duty has put upon them. 

It was not the duty of those parents to risk los- 
ing their home to give their son an opportunity 
in life which neither of them could have. But it 
was their duty to share with him their labors as 
well as their blessings. If the boy had an aspira- 
tion for a college course, and was willing to earn 
the money to pay for it, they had no right to keep 
him at home, or to refuse him the opportunity to 
progress along any line he chose to follow. Be- 
cause he was their son, they had no right to de- 
mand a lifelong servitude from him any more than, 
because they gave him birth, he had the right to 
demand a life servitude from them. There were 
experiences he needed, in that humble environ- 



ment which would serve to bring out the strong 
points in his character as no other environment 
could; and Divine Mind placed him there because 
it was the best place for him to be. It was not 
necessary, however, that he should always remain 
in that environment, and, after necessary lessons 
had been learned and the required strength gained, 
he had the right to release himself and to work out 
his life problems in any way that he liked best. 

It is not an unusual thing to hear a mother say: 
**My daughter must have jewels and fine clothes 
and be *up to date'; it does not matter about me, 
I am getting old, and an old woman does not need 
anything anyway," 

This is another case of mistaken parental 
duty. That her daughter may have fine clothes, 
jewels and be "up to date," an evolving ego 
creeps into a corner and hides herself because of 
her shabby, old-fashioned appearance. She can- 
not meet her daughter's friends because she has 
given everything she possessed toward ornament- 
ing and beautifying her daughter. She does not 
know what kind of society her daughter meets, be- 
cause she is not permitted to appear when com- 
pany is present. The real maternal duty of super- 
vising the selection of her daughter's friends is 
overruled by the mistaken duty of keeping her "up 
to date," and permitting her to try to force her- 
self into a social position which the family ex- 

84 Occult Philosophy 

chequer does not warrant, without sacrifice to the 

The mother's punishment for her transgression 
of the Law frequently comes in the form of dis- 
honor to the daughter and a consequent disgrace 
to the family name; and she is compelled to 
creep further into the background and hide her 
head for shame of that which she has been in- 
strumental in precipitating upon herself and upon 
her child. 

When the majority of the women of any nation 
refuse to become mothers, whether it is because of 
poverty and inability to support children, or be- 
cause they are too fashionable and have not the 
time to give to the sacred duties of motherhood, 
then the world may know that ''race suicide" has 
begun in that portion of the globe. For the law of 
demand and supply works along this line as force- 
fully as along any other; and when women com- 
mence to picture themselves as barren and de- 
mand barrenness, they are scientifically creating 
that condition for themselves and for the nation 
to which they belong. If artificial means are used 
to produce this condition the demise of the nation 
will be hastened. And if a point has been reached 
where its limitation of thought, its fixed religious 
beliefs and its unprogressive modes of living are 
causing mental strangulation to the individuals 
who compose that nation; then the addition of 



these various causes to the first great cause soon 
brings national demolition. 

For example, look at the Chinese race. There 
are individuals in that great nation who manifest 
a desire to break through the ancient customs of 
their ancestors by going to America, or elsewhere, 
to live. Some of these immigrants adopt, to a 
limited extent, the customs and modes of living 
of the people ^mong whom they go. But, as a 
nation, the Chinese are bound by their religious 
beliefs to the time of Confucius; and because of 
their ancestral worship cannot depart from their 
ancient religious customs. Some of the men who 
come to America pretend to manifest an interest 
in the religions of their adopted country; but, as 
has been repeatedly shown, there is no founda- 
tion for that interest other than curiosity, or a 
desire for gain. 

With most of their men and with many of their 
women, sex relationship has reached a point of 
utter moral depravity. Licentious indulgences are 
with them a recreation and a pastime. Many of 
their women are born barren and, in order that 
prostitution among them may not be restrained by 
child-bearing, many women are made barren by 
artificial means. This last-named crime alone 
would destroy the nation after a few more genera- 
tions. But when that crime is combined with all 
the limitations and obstructions which the peo- 

86 Occult Philosophy 

pie have put in the way of their own evolution, 
there is but one result that can come and that is 
destruction of the entire Chinese nation. 

It is to be hoped that the people of our own 
and other nations, who believe themselves to be 
progressive and enlightened, may learn, through 
observation, something of the causes and unmis- 
takable signs which precede and produce race sui- 
cide, and be not so blind as to require experiences, 
similar to those of a dying nation, to learn the les- 
son Divine Law is trying to teach. 

Since there are two sides to every subject, there 
is another side to this one. In opposition to race 
suicide stands the other extreme, which is par- 
ental slavery. Parenthood is a necessary experi- 
ence in man's evolution, but parental slavery, pro- 
duced by overmuch parenthood, is another great 
mistake. Because God said on the morning of 
man's creation ''be fruitful and multiply and re- 
plenish the earth and subdue it," many people 
have believed it to be a duty they owed to God 
to give birth to as many children as was possible, 
and, regardless of health, or of financial condi- 
tions, have borne children in such numbers that 
they have been utterly unable to take care of them. 
This is exhibiting an extravagance in taking ad- 
vantage of the parental privileges of man and is 
as much to be deplored as any other extravagance. 

It is true that there are many egos upon the 



subjective plane awaiting an opportunity for re- 
incarnation. But so there is an abundance of food 
in the world waiting to be transformed into blood, 
bone and muscle. A man who would constantly 
overcrowd his stomach to accommodate the food 
that was waiting to be transformed into something 
higher than food, would be abusing that organ and 
would soon reach a point where he could not re- 
tain any food, and would shorten his life as a 
penalty for his extravagance in eating. 

There are certain religious orders which en- 
courage and even command, their female mem- 
bers to give birth to as many children as possible; 
and priests have been kno^vn to advise the sacri- 
fice of the life of a mother for the sake of bring- 
ing another child into the world, even though, at 
that moment, there was a family of little ones 
to be left motherless by his decision. 

The Occultist says such advice as this, coming 
from a priest, supposedly a holy man, should be 
regarded a crime, and should be made punishable 
by the State. It is a mistake to allow men to 
teach ignorant people to commit such wrongs as 
these, for it is as great a wrong to sacrifice the in- 
carnation of one ego for the sake of gi\^ng incar- 
nation to another as it is to take life in any other 

It is not necessary that an ego should become a 
slave to a larger family of children than it has 

88 Occult Philosophy 

means to provide for comfortably. It is not right 
nor just for a man and a woman to toil early and 
late and be deprived of the advantages and 
pleasures of life in order that a number of other 
egos may have an opportunity to reincarnate. But 
every married man and woman should be willing to 
pay the parental debt they owe to the Divine Law, 
by having some children. In other words, they 
should be willing and glad to give bodies and to 
educate at least two other egos in payment for 
their own birth and education. 

But if an individual does not wish to pay his 
debt and prefers to shirk his sacred obligation; 
if he feels, either mentally or physically, unquali- 
fied for parenthood, then he should refuse to marry 
and should devote his time to the improvement of 
his mental and physical condition and toward help- 
ing others who need his assistance. 

The Nazarene said: "For ye have the poor al- 
ways with you, ' ' and the man, or woman, who does 
not desire to marry and become a parent can find 
much to do for the fatherless and motherless chil- 
dren in the world. 




In the three preceding lectures there have been 
a few brief references to cosmogonal evolution and 
to the relationship existing between God — Divine 
Mind — and some of the greatest individualized 
centers of force in the Universe; such as the Solar 
Deities and the Elohim, or Creative Gods. It 
must be understood that these great Centers of 
Consciousness were the evolutionary products of 
remote Cosmic Days, having evolved from man- 
hood into godhood, and that on the morning of our 
first period they were called again into activity 
and were not newly created as was anciently be- 
lieved. For God did not create the earth and all 
it contained first and then make "two great 
lights: the greater light to rule the day and the 
lesser light to rule the night: and the stars and 
set them in the firmament of the heaven to give 
light upon the Earth," as is stated in the first 
chapter of Genesis. 

But, in accordance with the Divine Law, which 
is also the law of necessity, the stronger centers 
of force preceded the weaker, in this Cosmic Day, 


go Occult Philosophy 

the same as in previous periods, and will forever 
continue to do ; and, therefore, the Occultist would 
say, before the creation of worlds, or of planetary 
systems, the suns were created which were to give 
light and heat and magnetic life to the worlds. 
These orbs were created by the greatest individu- 
alized centers of consciousness who exist in the 
Universe, the Solar Deities — commonly called Sun 
Gods by sun-worshipping people. And, after those 
centers of magnetic force and light had been 
created and their orbits established, the Elohim, 
or Planetary Spirits, brought into materialized 
form lesser magnetic centers and arranged them 
into systems of worlds. 

On the morning of the fifth period of our Cos- 
mic Day, Celestial Beings, who in our Scripture 
were sometimes called the Seraphim and Cheru- 
bim, and who had been but waiting for the Divine 
Summons to arouse them to activity, began the 
work which the All Father, Divine Mind, desired 
them to do. 

Like the Elohim, these great Beings were also 
centers of individualized consciousness, but dif- 
fered from the Elohim in being the products of 
the Cosmic Day preceding this. When the last 
Cosmic Night came on they had, through individu- 
alization, evolved to a point beyond the probability 
of re-absorbment into the Universal Conscious- 
ness. And, although they were possessed of les- 

Physical and Psychic Development 91 

ser power, being smaller centers than the Elohim, 
still the individual Godhood of each had been 
established, and they belonged to the Heavenly 
Host" who work everlastingly for the upbuild- 
ing of the Universe. 

Throughout our Scripture these Beings are fre- 
quently mentioned, and were called by various 
names, according to the impression made upon the 
mind of the individual who saw them. Usually 
they appeared singly to persons, as in the case of 
Saul, who was going to Damascus to persecute 
the Christians. The description he gave of the 
Being who stopped him, in his mad career, was 
more nearly correct than was usually given in 
those days. He was impressed with the thought 
that it was Jesus of Nazareth who spoke to him, 
and in the report of the incident it is said : "Sud- 
denly there shined round about him a light from 
heaven; and he fell to the earth and heard a 
voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why perse- 
cutest thou me?" and for three days afterward 
he was without sight, and neither ate nor 

It may, or may not, have been the Being who had 
been using the body of the humble Nazarene to 
teach humanity how to live to higher standards of 
morality; but whether it was He, or not, it cer- 
tainly was a Celestial Being who had been sent to 
Saul to enlighten him regarding the mistakes he 

92 Occult Philosophy 

was making in persecuting his fellowmen. 
And it was not the first, nor the last, inci- 
dent of the kind which has occurred among man- 

In the first chapter of Ezekiel there is a most 
graphic description of four of these Beings who, 
the prophet declared, had appeared to him. He 
said they looked exactly alike and had "the ap- 
pearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord." 
And, when he heard the voice of the One who 
spoke, he fell upon his face and was unable to 
stand before that holy company. 

It is not unreasonable to believe that the descrip- 
tion of that Celestial Quartet as given by Eze- 
kiel, was highly colored by his intense emotional 
condition, as well as by the imperfection of his 
clairvoyant vision at that time. So far as details 
were concerned, his description could not have 
been correct, since Beings, who have reached the 
point of development which entitles them to the 
position of Creative Gods, have no need fcr wings, 
neither do they have animal heads nor bird faces. 
But they are great Souls, who in their Cosmic 
Day, were men like the men of our day, but who 
have now become disembodied, yet have retained 
every principle except their physical vehicle, for 
which they have no further need. And, instead 
of going to some far-away heaven and spending 
an eternity in selfish bliss, they have chosen to do 

Physical and Psychic Development 93 

the work of self-sacrifice which ends only with the 
Cosmic Day in which that work is undertaken. 
Combined, they form the invisible "Host" which 
ever protects and watches over humanity within 
its karmic limits. Singly, or in pairs, they some- 
times visit individuals who have become worthy 
of their help. They are the protecting, compas- 
sionate, guardian angels for struggling, suffering 
souls of earth. They are the Elder Brothers, 
the Saviours, the Avatars for undeveloped 

With their intense and rapid rates of vibration 
they sometimes appear to men as great centers of 
light, or as radiant suns, encircled by all the colors 
of the rainbow. And if one of these wondrous 
Beings comes into close proximity with an unde- 
veloped incarnated ego, that person is often unable 
to bear the Presence and retain his consciousness 
on the material plane. 

Sometimes one of these Beings takes a physical 
body and uses it for a short time for the purpose 
of enabling Him to mingle with men and thus 
help a race, or a nation, by leading it over a diffi- 
cult place in its evolution. 

But whether incarnated or not, they inspire and 
uplift the leaders of peoples, teaching them at all 
times the highest truths that they are able to 

The laws operating in the macrocosm also con- 

94 Occult Philosophy 

trol the microcosm, and since, to evolve, Divine 
Mind has to express Itself through the instrumen- 
tality of individualized centers, it was necessary, in 
the sixth period of our Cosmic Day, after suns 
and worlds and systems of worlds had been cre- 
ated, that It should continue further with the in- 
dividualization of Itself. After the earth was 
formed and adjusted to its orbit in the heavens, 
and when its surface had become sufficiently cooled 
and encrusted to form a substantial foundation, 
the vapors, which had been accumulating in its 
surrounding atmosphere, by reason of the intense 
heat emanating from it as a mass of burning gases, 
were precipitated back upon it in heavy rain. This 
is described in Genesis, second chapter and sixth 
verse: "But there went up a mist from the earth 
and watered the whole face of the ground." The 
Occultist further says that there was a great down- 
pour of rain which lasted for many years until the 
whole face of the earth was covered with water. 
And for ages Mother Earth was covered with the 
restless, surging sea. 

When the time had come, in the earth's evolu- 
tion, that individualized life could be maintained 
upon it, the earth, through its magnetic power of 
attraction, commenced to draw from the differen- 
tiated portion of the Universal Consciousness, sur- 
rounding it, the cosmic life currents which were 
to ensoul it and to ensoul all the animal forms 

Physical and Psychic Development 95 

that it should sometime produce. The first current 
attracted, and which entirely permeated it, was 
the cosmic orange. This is the current that gives 
life to everything and without which neither min- 
erals, vegetables nor animals could exist.' With- 
out its renewing power even the earth itself would 
become a huge ball of crumbling coke and slowly 
disintegrate. After the life current was estab- 
lished and had formed a broad protecting band 
around the earth, then came the cosmic current 
red ' and blended with the orange upon its outer 
edge. In this current are the elements which in- 
duce procreation and, therefore, it was a necessary 
force to aid in the work of reproduction of the 
vegetable and animal forms on earth. After the 
cosmic red then came another which vibrates at 
the rate producing green ' and blended with the 
red upon its outer edge. In this current are the 
elements which produce and maintain the princi- 
ples of individualization, and thus it was also a 
necessary factor in the work which Divine Mind 
desired done upon the earth. 

When our globe had become surrounded and en- 
souled with these currents, or colors, it was ready 
to bring forth into objectivity the various vege- 
table and animal forms which Divine Mind had 
created on the mental plane, and in this work 

* The History and Power of Mind, p. 245. 
'The ITistory and Tower of Mind, p. 242. 
» The History and Power of Mind, p. 246. 

96 Occult Philosophy 

the Seraphim and Cherubim, the Lord Gods of 
the second chapter of Genesis, became the demon- 

According to the command of God — Divine Mind 
— the Elohim had created the Sons of God out 
of the differentiated part of the Universal Con- 
sciousness and had placed them in a realm of in- 
nocence upon another sphere, or orb, in our plane- 
tary chain; and now the Seraphim and Cherubim 
undertook the work of creating the forms of vege- 
table and animal life, and the bodies of animal 
men, out of that part of the differentiated por- 
tion of the Universal Consciousness which had 
been attracted to and had ensouled the 

Since Divine Mind had pictured certain portions 
of the earth covered with grasses, flowers and 
trees, and had thus formed the matrices for these 
individualized expressions of Itself, seven Seraphs 
and seven Cherubs, half souls of each other, 
formed into a group of Creative Beings for the 
purpose of materializing Divine Mind's mental 
creations. These Beings, with their united forces, 
raised continents above the surface of the waters 
and caused ''the waters under the heaven to be 
gathered together unto one place." Then they 
slowly drew from the orange, the red and tht> 
green currents, ensouling the earth, ^ combined 
force which, as it passed through the mineralized 

Physical and Psychic Development 97 

soil and appeared upon its surface, individualized 
and materialized into the many forms of vegetable 
life which they had seen pictured in Divine Mind 
before they grew." 

First came the tiny lichens upon the rocks, then 
the grass and flowers, the shrubs and finally the 
trees; and thus the command of God — Divine 
Mind — was fulfilled; ''and out of the ground" 
made the Lord Gods to grow every plant of the 
field and every "tree that is pleasant for the 
sight, and good for food." 

After the vegetable kingdom was created and 
was ready to support the animal life that was to 
come, then this group of Celestial Beings began 
slowly to materialize the pictures they saw, in 
Divine Mind, of the fish. First came the various 
kinds of mussels, mollusks and bivalves. All were 
without shells in the beginning but afterward, 
those that needed, evolved such protection as 
would preserve life and maintain a continued exist- 
ence. And after ages and ages there were evolved 
from the mussel, fish ; and from the fish a creature 
half fish and half fowl, which finally evolved to 
fowl and flew above the waters instead of swam 
in the waters, and thus was fulfilled the mandate 
of Divine Mind: "Let the w^aters bring forth 
abundantly the moving creature that hath life, 
and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open 
firmament of heaven. ' ' 

g8 Occult Philosophy 

And after the waters had been made to bring 
forth, then these Celestial Beings began slowly to 
materialize the insect and animal forms they had 
seen pictured in Divine Mind. From the decay- 
ing roots of grasses and flowers the life principle 
was drawn into tiny insect land ian;imal forms 
(which of course did not include the malignant 
creatures that were subsequently the offspring of 
men's minds). ^ And from the decaying roots of 
shrubs and trees the life principle was drawn into 
larger animal forms. 

The soul of the squirrel that now has its home 
in the hollow of a decaying tree was once the 
soul of a tree. Then it depended upon the soil 
and the atmosphere for its individual mainte- 
nance and its limitations held it firmly attached to 
the mother earth which bore it. When its ex- 
perience as a tree had been sufficient, and when its 
material tree body began to decay, the Universal 
Consciousness, desiring a higher individualiza- 
tion for it, acted as the evolutionary impulse and 
pushed the tree soul out of its dying vehicle, and 
the Celestial Beings moulded it into the tiny squir- 
rel form which they saw pictured in Divine Mind. 
Because of its former life as a tree, and because 
of its past associations with the forest, in its new 
and more progressed form, it loved and made its 
home among the trees, until, after many reincar- 

* The History and Power of Mind, p. 181. 

Physical and Psychic Development 99 

nations as a squirrel, it outgrew that condition also 
and was able to use a larger and a stronger body. 
And thus the animal kingdom was gradually evol- 
ved through the re-embodiment of the life princi- 
ple, combined with procreative and individualizing 
forces, until a form was evolved which stood erect 
and walked upon two feet. This form the Celestial 
Beings — the Lord Gods — created (evolved) from 
* * the dust of the ground. ' ' It was the materialized 
and mineralized product of the earth. And when 
they ''breathed into his nostrils the breath of life," 
or drew into his body the combined cosmic life 
currents, (animal) "man became a living (ani- 
mal) soul," and was ready to receive the divine, 
immortal principle that was waiting upon another 
planet to come and to immortalize his exist- 

In Lecture One it was shown how the Sons of 
God incarnated in the animal forms which the 
Celestial Beings had prepared for them,^ and the 
account of that incarnation will not be repeated. 
It is sufficient to say that after the union of the 
two minds, the higher and the lower, or the sub- 
jective and the objective, the struggle for suprem- 
acy commenced between them; and although man 
has lived upon this planet until more than one- 
half the time allotted to his evolution, the struggle 
between his two minds is still strong and he is 

*The History and Power of Mind, pp. 65-68. 


Occult Philosophy 

now only just beginning to learn something about 
his origin and nature. 

Since history began to be written, there have 
been individuals who have stood forth during their 
age, or generation, in the position of psychics; 
and because of the mental, or moral, undevelop- 
ment of some of those individuals, psychism has 
suffered a great deal of opprobrium. The Century 
Dictionary defines psychism as: "The doctrine 
that there is a fluid diffused throughout all nature, 
animating equally all living and organized beings, 
and that the difference which appears in their ac- 
tions comes of their particular organization." 

To the ordinary student this definition is con- 
fusing. For if there is a fluid diffused through- 
out all nature that animates equally all living and 
organized beings, why should not every being be 
equally affected by it! It also defines the w^ord 
psyche, from which psychism is derived, as a 
Greek word meaning among other things *'the 
human soul, ^spirit or mind." If it is the human 
soul that is supposed to be diffused throughout 
all nature and animates equally all living and 
organized beings, when the first definition is 
wrong, because, as is most apparent, it is the soul's 
own personality that is most animated, and other 
beings, or personalities, are affected by it accord- 
ing to its condition of development and consequent 
influence over them. 

Physical and Psychic Development loi 

The great trouble with the definition as it stands 
is, that the person who wrote it was not acquainted 
with the subject he was writing about and the 
trouble with humanity is, that it knows very little 
about the subject, and is always suspicious of 
whatever it is not acquainted with. 

Occultism teaches that psychic development is 
soul growth and that it is not an ''especial gift 
from God," to one individual more than to an- 
other; but is the result of the soul's evolvement 
and consequent ability to see, or to be otherwise 
conscious, on planes other than the material, while 
it still functions in a physical body. Psychism per- 
tains to, and is, an attribute of the animal soul, 
or objective mind, and is not of the spirit or sub- 
jective mind as is shown by the fact that many 
animals are psychic. There are many instances, 
on record, of horses who have been frightened at 
disembodied entities and refused to draw a vehicle 
containing the dead body of a man or of a beast. 
This was because they saw, or were conscious of, 
the disembodied soul of the corpse which they 
feared. And dogs have been knoA\Ti to fear, or to 
follow, and obey the will of a disembodied ego 
who was invisible to persons not psychic; and yet 
no one could possibly claim spirituality for the 

The cult, called by its followers, spiritualism 
has had much to do with bringing confusion in the 


Occult Philosophy 

minds of investigators along this line of thought. 
Many persons believe themselves to be "spiritual- 
ists," because they have accepted, as a truth, the 
fact that there is eternal progression for the 
human soul — a belief entirely separate and distinct 
from a knowledge of spirit, or of things spiritual. 
Every living thing is animated by a soul and this 
soul, whether of a plant, an animal, or a man, is 
the evolutionary force within, that reincarnates 
again and again until, sometime and somew^re 
it reaches the spiritual plane of development. 
Then, and not until then, can it be properly called 

There are two kinds of psychic development, the 
prudent, which leads to independent clairvoyance 
and clairaudience ; and the imprudent, that leads 
to the destruction of the physical body, or to in- 
sanity. The prudent psychic develops his body 
by living a natural, orderly life. Through medi- 
tation and concentration and by a conscious use 
of the life currents and of the higher cosmic cur- 
rents, he keeps his thoughts pure and his body 
well and strong. 

With the coming of the Sons of God to this 
planet to incarnate, there were added to the band 
of colors, already surrounding it, two higher 
cosmic currents or colors. The first three, orange, 
red, and green, were all that were needed to en- 
soul the earth and the vegetable and animal king- 

Physical and Psychic Development 103 

doms. But when the Sons of God came here to 
dwell, being of a higher rate of vibration than 
anything on earth, their evolution depended upon 
the presence of higher forces from which they 
could draw. Having been created out of those 
portions of the Universal Consciousness which 
vibrate as blue and yellow, their mental supplies 
had to be drawn from the cosmic currents from 
which they had been created. For man is the con- 
necting link between the Celestial Beings of other 
Cosmic Days and the lower creatures of his own. 
day, and it is through him, and his efforts, that 
the lower kingdoms will be raised to higher de- 
velopment. Without the blue and the yellow cos- 
mic currents man could not continue to maintain 
his present position in the Universe, but would 
deteriorate into the same general rate of vibra- 
tion as the creatures below him that draw their 
support from the lower cosmic currents. 

"With these conditions in view the prudent 
psychic begins to lay the foundation for future 
clairvoyance, or Seership, by scientifically getting 
his body into the proper condition ; for he knows 
that, without a sound body and a wholesome mind, 
his psychic development would be more harmful 
than helpful. Independent clairvoyance and clair- 
audience belong to man's mental and spiritual de- 
velopment; and come only by consciously using 
the cosmic currents blue and yellow. Instructions 



104 Occult Philosophy 

how to gain these attributes of soul will be given 
in Lecture Five; at present physical and psychic 
development will be discussed, since these form 
the basis or foundation for the higher attributes 
to rest upon. 

The first races of mankind that existed upon the 
earth were powerful in their physique; "there 
were giants in those days;" and at that time, men 
were supplied with several physical organs which 
have now either disappeared entirely, or have 
diminished in size to infinitesimal and apparently 
useless glands. The diminution of these organs 
was caused by the sexual excesses in which man in- 
dulged and to the artificial modes of living which 
he adopted. For example, the tiny gland in the 
center of his brain that medical science calls the 
pineal gland was once a center of consciousness 
used by men for the purpose of functioning upon 
the spiritual plane.^. It was the organ through 
which the ego reported spiritual events to the ma- 
terial plane. At the end of his auditory nerves 
there were other glands, or centers of conscious- 
ness which the soul used to transmit subjective 
vibrations into audible sounds. But because man 
grew to love the material things of earth more 
than the psychic, or mental, he neglected and 
finally ceased to use those centers of conscious- 
ness. "With the disuse of an organ it diminishes in 

»The History and Power of Mind, pp. 193-194. 

Physical and Psychic Development 105 

size and strength ; and, after long continued dis- 
use, it becomes atrophied ; and so it was with these 
centers in man's brain. Because of his grossness 
and sexual excesses, and the selfish and brutal 
conditions into which he sank, his psychic centers 
dwindled to glands very little larger than pin 
heads and became of no use whatever to him. 

The same condition became true of other organs 
in his body. Originally there was an extra re- 
ceptacle attached to the cecum or head of the 
intestinal colon, now called the vermiform ap- 
pendix, that served the purpose of retaining a 
vital fluid abstracted from food during the process 
of digestion, and which supplied sufficient nutri- 
ment to enable him to exist for weeks and some- 
times for months without taking other food. Now 
the miserable remnant of that once wonderful 
organ has degenerated into a cause of much suf- 
fering for mankind in general, and is a source of 
considerable revenue for some members of the 
medical profession, who, while proceeding to re- 
mpve the now useless attachment, wonder for what 
purpose it was ever created. 

Ancient man also was supplied with a pair of 
glands, situated just above his kidneys, which 
medical science now calls suprarenal bodies. 
These bodies were created for the purpose of 
secreting other precious fluids vitally necessary to 
the prolongation of his physical life ; but, like the 

io6 Occult Philosophy 

psychic centers in his brain, these organs have 
also become obsolete, and all because of the neglect 
and abuse of his physical body. 

At the present time in the cycle of evolution, 
during the last half of the sixth great period of 
our Cosmic Day, man is beginning to bestir him- 
self, and is trying to regain some of the powers 
he once possessed and extravagantly wasted. It 
is encouraging to note that the rising generations 
have begun to depart from tbe customs of the 
passing generations and are devoting more time 
to athletics. Twenty, or thirty years ago it was 
considered quite the proper thing for wealthy 
men's sons to be effeminate fops. The heaviest 
things the fashionable scions of some of the old 
aristocratic families lifted, or attempted to carry, 
were their fancy-headed canes, and all they did 
was to idly stare out of clubhouse windows at the 
women who passed. They knew nothing outside 
of the regular routine of the useless, indolent lives 
they lived ; and the most arduous things the young 
women of that class and generation did was to 
practice a little piano music and eat bonbons. 
Both sexes were pale and puny and usually died 
quite young. Physical degeneracy reached its 
ultimate at that period. But the rising generation 
seems to have caught step with the law of evolu- 
tion and is cultivating its physical strength. And, 
although it may not realize what great benefit will 

Physical and Psychic Development 107 

be derived from so doing, yet it is surely laying 
the foundation for a magnificent physique for the 
coming race. 

As it has always been, with every new impulse 
in the right direction, there are persons who adopt 
an extreme view of everything and overdo what- 
ever they undertake. By reason of their enthusi- 
asm in believing that if a little of a thing is good, 
a great deal is better, they are strongly inclined to 
excess in their athletic exercises. To acquire 
health and strength, it is not necessary, or advis- 
able, to spring out of a warm bed and, while the 
stomach is empty, take a plunge into a tub of cold 
water; and then, to bring the blood back to the 
surface of the body, from the vitals where it has 
been driven by the sudden shock, rub the skin until 
it smarts with the violent friction. But it is neces- 
sary to rise, bathe in tepid, or warm water, dress 
deliberately, and through an open window let the 
sunlight into the room, and, while raising the arms 
to the highest point above the head, slowly fill the 
lungs to their greatest capacity with pure oxygen. 
As the breath is slowly exhaled, allow the arms 
to fall to the sides and, while this exercise is being 
repeated, the thoughts should be concentrated 
upon the blue, or yellow, cosmic currents which 
surround the earth and supply man with his men- 
tal and spiritual forces. 

It is not necessary to practice lifting great 

io8 Occult Philosophy 

weights to strengthen the muscles and gain physi- 
cal strength. Neither is it necessary to hang 
suspended by the heels in mid-air over a horizon- 
tal bar until the veins and arteries are ready to 
burst with the blood thus unnaturally forced into 
them. Man's Creators never intended that he 
should walk, or stand, upon his hands with his 
feet elevated in the air. And intelligent exami- 
nation of his venous system will show that he was 
intended to walk, or stand, upon his feet and to 
use his hands and arms for other purposes than 
for walking. Such extreme exercises as these are 
not permanently helpful. For a time, a man may 
feel thrills of exhilaration passing through his 
body because of his cold bath, or of his exciting 
acrobatic performances, but there always comes a 
reaction from such shocks to his physical body the 
same as follows the drinking of a stimulant. The 
extra strength is not his to keep, but is borrowed 
from the future and will leave him as suddenly as 
it came. 

Because it has been reported that an ancient 
hero practiced lifting a calf each day until it 
reached maturity and in this manner gained 
strength to carry it when it became full grown, 
many of our modern heroes and athletes, who live 
where calves are not available, substitute iron 
dumb bells for infant bovines, and increase the 
weight of those bells until they sometimes strain 

Physical and Psychic Development 109 

their bodies permanently. They forget — if they 
ever knew — that the strength they are now begin- 
ning to regain was lost ages and ages ago and that, 
since it went gradually, it will return gradually — 
if they exercise in a wise and prudent manner. 

Very few recognized athletes live to the age of 
fifty years and many die after about ten years of 
hard training. They suddenly collapse, or go out 
with pneumonia or heart failure, and people won- 
der why such strong men were unable to resist 
a severe cold when they could lift much more than 
their own weight. The reason is this: they had 
been overstraining their lungs and their muscles, 
and when the reaction came their overstrained 
organs collapsed like an overcharged balloon. 

Grentle, healthy exercises are both beneficial and 
necessary for man's physical and psychic develop- 
ment; but physical exercises should always be 
regulated by good judgment and common sense the 
same as should everything else man does. 

For an aid to the practice of concentration there 
are muscular exercises most beneficial, and which 
serve to develop both the muscles and the mind. 
Instead of lifting heavy weights, it is a better 
exercise to concentrate the thoughts upon a par- 
ticular muscle and learn to raise and lower it by 
the power of thought. The circulation of the blood 
in the body can also be controlled in like manner, 
and this is a better exercise than that of walking, 


Occult Philosophy 

or of running for many miles. If a person desires 
to test the truth of this statement, let him concen- 
trate his thoughts upon the blood in his feet. For 
five consecutive minutes, let him think of nothing 
but his feet and the blood that is flowing into their 
veins and arteries. By seeing the veins throbbing 
and filled with blood, in any portion of his body, 
he will be able to control his circulation and 
strengthen and enlarge his muscles by his power 
of concentration. 

If a person desires to enlarge and magnetize 
his brain and the psychic centers w^ithin it, let him 
concentrate his thoughts upon the tiny glands 
which are his physical and psychic centers of con- 
sciousness. Let him see the blue cosmic current 
flowing into those centers until they throb with 
this animating, magnetic fluid. But when his brain 
is filled with the current, and he feels it vibrating 
strongly, it is unwise to continue longer to draw 
upon it at that time. He should remember not to 
be more extravagant in this than in any other 
exercise; for, in the beginning of this practice, 
he can overdo with his mental gymnastics the same 
as with physical athletics. In other words, he 
should be gentle and prudent with this, as with 
every other thing he undertakes to do, and not 
waste his precious force in tearing his body to 
pieces. It is much easier to destroy a thing than 
to construct it, and it requires much less time. 

Physical and Psychic Development iii 

There are mental as well as physical reactions, 
and it is well to avoid both. 

Now that man has reached the age of wireless 
telegraphy, it is not difficult for him to understand 
how subjective sounds can be transmitted to the 
material plane. After witnessing the process of 
receiving a message from a ship in mid-ocean, and 
having it telephoned from the receiving station to 
his home, he can understand how the mind can 
transmit, through its highly developed and sensi- 
tive instrument, its message to the material world. 
But it is with this as with every other thing that 
is done well, the proper conditions must exist to 
produce good results. If the receiving instrument 
is out of order the message will not be received, or 
it will be imperfect and incomplete, and therefore 
will not be understood. 

If the psychic's brain is befogged with the 
fumes of liquor, or tobacco, or if the vibrations of 
his receiving glands and auditory nerves are 
deadened or stupefied by drugs or poisonous medi- 
cines, it will not make a good transmitter of the 
message sent by the mind. Therefore, it is abso- 
lutely necessary that a good psychic should pos- 
sess a good body. He must be sound in mind and 
body — if he is to become an independent clair- 
voyant or clairaudient. 

The imprudent manner in which psychic power 
has been manifested, is the chief cause of the dis- 


Occult Philosophy 

repute from which psychism suffers. No think- 
ing, intelligent person is apt to accept, as true, 
anything told him by a wild-eyed, long-haired, 
pallid-faced person who poses before the public as 
a psychic. The woman who goes about mth her 
eyes half closed, whispering, muttering or gesticu- 
lating, is of no credit to the subject she is study- 
ing and wishes to present to the world. 

The woman who tells everybody she meets that 
she "is so psychic," or that she "examines 
psychically everything and everybody," is an un- 
fortunate, misguided specimen of imprudent psy- 
chic development; for she has not a sound mind 
for the foundation of her development and is 
therefore totally unreliable in her statements. 
The prudently developed psychic will not dress 
differently nor appear conspicuous, and will al- 
ways use his powers wisely. He will not advertise 
Himself in any way as a psychic, nor will he seek 
notoriety. If he shares, with a friend, the knowl- 
edge he has gained, he does so because he believes 
it will be of benefit to his friend, and not because 
he hopes, or expects, that in some way, the giving 
of that knowledge will accrue to his own advan- 

There are many ways by which a lower order of 
psychic development can be gained, but the prin- 
cipal ones are through the Oriental method of 
breathing and yoga practices, and through the so- 

Physical and Psychic Development 113 

called spiritualistic developing circles. Both 
methods usually produce a low order of medium- 
ship which is never approved by the true Oc- 
cultist.' For, if Occultism stands for anything, it 
is for the independent development of each indi- 
vidual ego, and not for the dependence of one 
ego upon another, whether incarnated, or ex- 

The material plane is interpenetrated by the 
first subjective plane which is crowded with dis- 
embodied entities who cannot get away from the 
material stage whereon they acted their various 
parts in the drama of life. It is perfectly natural 
that their dispositions and desires should not be 
changed by the laying down of their bodies. And 
it is natural that, if they can find embodied egos 
whom they can influence, or control, they should 
try to do so, because it is the natural tendency 
of undeveloped natures to desire to manage other 
persons' affairs. There are hundreds of men and 
women in physical life who are ready to give ad- 
vice to others, about the most delicate and intricate 
matters, pertaining to their private affairs, and 
then bitterly resent it if their advice is not fol- 
lowed. And it is the same kind of egos upon the 
first psychic plane who offer themselves as 
heavenly guides" to mortals. 

The disembodied entity who succeeds in gaining 

* The History and Power of Mind, pp. 176-177. 


Occult Philosophy 

sufficient influence over a psychic to control, in any- 
way, his thoughts or actions, conunences to draw 
upon the magnetism of that person from the first 
moment the attachment between them is formed. 
And if its influence is permitted to continue, if 
the psychic is quite willing and anxious to be led 
by his heavenly guide,'* there will soon be addi- 
tions made to his ''group of controls," and this 
will continue until he becomes possessed by a 
*'band," and then, never, for a moment, will he be 
acting independently, or according to his own 
judgment. He will never be permitted to think 
for himself, but will be constantly impressed with 
the thoughts of others, who will do his thinking 
for him; and, while they give to him, their often 
mistaken ideas, they will draw from him his physi- 
cal magnetism until he becomes a nervous wreck. 
He will be their magnetic dynamo, or supply sta- 
tion from which they will take copious draughts. 

Should he follow faithfuUy the directions of his 
''Indian Guide" who, during his last earthly ex- 
perience, did nothing but hunt and fish, then he 
must fail in any business, except hunting and fish- 
ing, since his "Guide" cannot advise wisely along 
any line of business he knows nothing about. 

In his marital relationship he may be guided by 
an entity who in earth life was a polygamist, and 
who still believes in a plurality of wives. If the 
psychic finds himself incarcerated in prison for 

Physical and Psychic Development 115 

bigamy, while acting under the guidance of this 
''control," he wonders how it could have hap- 
pened. Further explanation of the psychic plane 
and its relation to the physical world is given in 
Lecture Ten. 

Yoga practices for psychic development are 
older than the written history of mankind and 
were used by the priests on the Continent Atlantis, 
which is now sunken beneath the sea. The yoga 
system of to-day has deviated from its original 
purpose of upbuilding the body and brain of man, 
and has become a dangerous and most degenerate 
practice. The Occultists say it was used by the 
first teachers of the races, by the Avatars and the 
Saviours, for the purpose of raising man's mind 
from the material things of earth to the spiritual 
planes of thought ; to produce perfect mental har- 
mony between God and man. In those ancient 
days the priests and high priests retired into their 
sanctuaries, when they wished to commune with 
Divine Mind, and, through meditation and con- 
centration upon the Great Consciousness and the 
Celestial Beings, received the spiritual enlighten- 
ment they demanded. But they did not indulge in 
the foolish chastisement, or scourging of their 
physical bodies, as do the yogi of the present day. 
They did not sit upon the ground in a single spot, 
without moving, until the roots of a tree grew over 
their limbs. Neither did they clench their hands 

Ii6 Occult Philosophy 

and hold them in that position until their nails 
grew into their palms. 

There are Orientalists who teach Western stu- 
dents the damaging and dangerous yoga breath- 
ing, for the purpose of stimulating, or awakening, 
psychic centers of consciousness in the body and 
the brain. The Occultist warns against the prac- 
tice. To many who read these lectures this warn- 
ing will be unnecessary because their own limited 
experiences have brought about physical dis- 
turbances. These results are inevitable because 
the unnatural method of breathing, suddenly 
changes the polarity of the brain and reverses the 
natural circulation of the blood, bringing abnor- 
mal pressure upon the Psychic centers in the brain. 
Because the brain controls the nerves of the body 
the entire nervous system is thus sympathetically 
affected. The sudden change, from the natural to 
the unnatural manner of breathing, renders the 
physical body negative and unable to resist an 
attack of epilepsy or obsession. The minor physi- 
cal results manifest in one or more of the following 
forms : temporary blindness in one or both eyes ; 
bleeding at the ears or nose, stammering and hys- 
teria. If a person desires to know something fur- 
ther of the results of yoga breathings, let him 
make a study of those who practice them, whether 
they are from the Orient or from the Occident. 
It is not difficult to find victims of this wretched 

Physical and Psychic Development 117 

practice in many of the insane asylums of this 
country and it is not possible to find one person, 
who has gained anything in spiritual development, 
by aid of them. 

Swami Vive Kananda, who introduced yoga 
breathing in this country, died, it is said, from the 
results of his own practices. His demise was a 
great loss to the world, however, for he was not 
only an able man, but also a helper of humanity, 
and the Occident should revere his memory be- 
cause he brought to popular attention the beautiful 
Vedanta Philosophy. His teacher, who suffered 
from epilepsy, died, it is said, in an epileptic 
paroxysm caused by yoga practices. Many of the 
lesser lights in this line of work are Americans 
who adopted yoga breathing and attempted, for a 
while, to teach it, but since they were not trained 
in it from childhood, the natural consequences of 
a disarranged body and brain quickly followed 
their mistakes and they disappeared, from public 
view, as teachers, leaving many wrecked lives be- 
hind them. 



''And the earth (Universe) was without form, 
and void (motionless) ; and darkness was upon the 
face of the deep." 

Before any thing was made, God — Divine Mind 
— existed. It was and is and forever will be, 
Divine Potentiality; and it is also the Essence and 
the Substance of subjective and of objective 
things. It is of the Universe, and it is the Uni- 
verse. It has no source, but it is the Source ; and, 
never having been born. It can never die. As 
Essence It is ineffable; but as Substance It is 

"And the Spirit of God (Divine Mind) moved 
upon the face of the waters . . . and there was 

As Divine Essence, It could only be Omni- 
presence. But as Divine Substance, It became 
substantial first as light. In Its nature It is fluidic 
and vibratory. In expression It became differ- 
entiated and diversified. As Omniscience It is 
Being: as Creative Gods, It became Beings. As 
God It is Mind ; as men It became minds. As the 


Mental and Spiritual Development iig 

Father-Mother, It is Consciousness. In man It 
became intuition ; in the animal It became instinct, 
and in the plant It was and is consciousness. 

Evolution, with its various and variable modes 
of expression, is the machinery that moves the 
Universe, and will, in its various aspects, is the 
propelling force that moves evolution. With the 
Celestial, Creative Beings, this force manifests as 
Divine Will. With man it becomes differentiated 
into two aspects. In the subjective mind it be- 
comes individual will, while in man's objective 
mind it becomes individual desire. With animals, 
this force manifests as animal desire, and with all 
kinds of plant life it manifests as sub-conscious 

With its sub-conscious desire for greater free- 
dom, better protection and more warmth, the tiny- 
life germ in the heart of a seed bursts its con- 
fining limitations and sends forth, into the mag- 
netic, mineralized soil below it, the fibrous roots 
that will serve as a conduit for the elements it 
sub-consciously needs. And as the tiny roots reach 
farther and deeper into the warm, damp soil, the 
dependent little seed seems to nestle closer and 
closer into the earth's maternal bosom, until it is 
completely covered. And there it receives the 
warmth and protection it sub-consciously desires. 
And when these demands have been freely and 
fully met, then it is the same sub-conscious desire 

120 Occult Philosophy 

— this time for greater freedom — that causes it 
to send into the atmosphere above the soil, an- 
other means by which its further needs may be 
supplied. This time the means are not the cylin- 
drical, porous roots that may serve only as tubes 
through which moisture and fertilized nutrition 
shall be drawn, but it is something not unlike a 
tiny sail, and is an emblem of its coming free- 

The sail is tightly furled when it first appears 
and thus it remains until it begins to feel the sun's 
light and heat, and then, sub-consciously, it grad- 
ually unfurls, and, like a cup, it holds itself in 
readiness to receive the rain-drops and the dew, 
as well as all the sunshine it can get; for these 
things are as necessary to its maintenance as are 
the chemicals it draws from out the soil. And 
when it has reached a point in its development 
where it must fulfill its parental mission, that same 
sub-conscious desire, which first caused it to be- 
come established as a plant, puts forth the tiny 
buds and blossoms and then the fruit, which bears 
within its heart the seed for more sub-conscious- 
ness to ensoul. By reason of its accumulated 
strength, gained from maintaining individualized 
form for many years, out of sub-consciousness, 
consciousness is born. And since desire can only 
be where consciousness exists, and since desire be- 
comes intensified as consciousness gains strength, 

Mental and Spiritual Development 121 

sub-conscious desire becomes desire, and througb 
its propelling force, brings sub-consciousness into 
expression in greater and still higher forms of 

It was the sub-conscious desire for better pro- 
tection and more warmth that caused the life germ 
in the seed to reach down into the soil, and it 
was the same sub-conscious desire for greater 
freedom which caused it to send its green cups 
above the soil and into the sunlight. As its sub- 
conscious desire grew, still greater freedom was 
its constant demand, until, after many years of 
limitation, as a plant, the time came when it was 
strong enough to be bom into a higher form, and 
thus it came into a realization of its sub-conscious 
demand for greater freedom. 

In insect life sub-consciousness becomes a lower 
form of consciousness and ensouls whole swarms 
of tiny forms. For example, the sub-conscious- 
ness of a decaying shrub will be sufficient to 
animate a thousand ants that work and build their 
hills while controlled by the conscious desire of 
the swarm. Each ant depends upon the swarm 
consciousness and upon itself to do its part of 
the whole, and in this new form, receives the 
freedom it desired as a shrub; and thus the ant, 
or lower state of consciousness, is born. In the 
higher form as animal, the lower consciousness 

1 The History and Power of Mind, pp. 65-68. 


Occult Philosophy 

of the. swarm has given way; and, out of it, in- 
dependent animal desire is born. Its conscious- 
ness has grown in strength until now it may be 
called a mind, because it thinks independently 
and has a voice and can express its thoughts in 
acts as well as sounds. It also has a greater 
freedom than it had as a swarm of ants, for, with 
its growth, desire has also grown, and where once 
its needs were few they now have multiplied to 
many. Where once it stood a shrub, content to 
be alone, it now demands companions and pos- 
sessions. Like the swarm of ants, it desires an 
abiding place, but now it also wants a mate. It 
loves and hates and desires to rule its kind. 
Conscious of itself, it desires to provide for self, 
regardless of the wants or needs of others : and 
here another quality appears. Instinct is born of 
individual consciousness with animal desire for 
its sire, and instinct helps to improve and to pre- 
serve the animal form and to continue its existence 
until it reaches man's estate. 

And when the objective mind, or animal soul, 
has become endowed with the subjective mind, 
or immortal soul, it is at this point in the evolu- 
tion of the lower mind that conscience appears to 
do its work. At first it seems to be not larger, 
nor stronger, nor of more importance than the 
tiny glow worm, that is sometimes seen among the 
weeds and grasses, on a summer evening. And 

Mental and Spiritual Development 123 

like the glow worm, conscience at first can only- 
flash a faint light into the darkness of man's 
animal soul, and then only for a moment does 
it attract, for it cannot hold his attention. But 
when it has become enthroned in the animal man's 
soul it continues to flash and flame its immortal 
light upon his every thought and act. With every 
advantage gained, it gains in strength until it 
becomes to him not only a light but a ' ' still small 
voice," so faint and weak at first that it can but 
whisper, yet in the innermost chamber of his mind 
it tells him truths that his dearest friend, or 
boldest enemy dare not tell. It never pays him 
false compliments nor seeks to palliate his sins 
with soft and gentle words. It calls his vices by 
their proper names and shows him mental pictures 
of the crimes he has committed. 

Many persons believe that conscience is the voice 
of God speaking to man, directing his actions and 
reproving his mistakes. And many believe that 
if he becomes conscienceless he has grieved the 
Spirit," and It has left him; or in the language 
of the Church, he has ''sinned away his day of 
grace." There are others who believe that con- 
science is mind and think that it manifests in 
domestic animals, and especially in their own par- 
ticular pets. If conscience were mind alone, it 
would be possessed by wild beasts as well as by 
domesticated creatures, for mind, or the power to 


Occult Philosophy 

think, is not confined exclusively to animals 
that have been blest by their association with 

The Occultist would say that the faculty which 
seems to resemble conscience in the animal is 
instinct, which is really the mother of conscience. 
The animal has a memory of its past mistakes and 
their consequent punishments, and remembers the 
pain it suffered in connection with the acts that 
produced the pain; and it is the desire for self- 
preservation and the fear of a repetition of suffer- 
ing which prevents it from repeating again and 
again the same mistakes. But conscience is born 
of animal instinct with a Son of God for its sire. 
It is the mental product, or mental result, of the 
association of an animal mind, with its subjective 
mind, and is to that mind what thought is to both 
minds. It is a tool, an instrument which the sub- 
jective mind uses in its work of conquering and 
educating its lower mind. 

An infant conscience, like any other infant, is 
born very weak and small, and in the beginning 
sleeps much of its time. But, after being fed upon 
the nutritious food of experience, which it draws 
through its mother instinct, it gradually grows 
larger and stronger, and where, to the un- 
developed man, it whispers so faintly that he 
sometimes does not hear its words above the din 
and furor he is making, to the advanced man, to 

Mental and Spiritual Development 125 

him who has consciously claimed his Divine 
Heritage, it speaks in thunderous tones. 

With many persons the emotion sympathy is 
often mistaken for conscience, and, because of this 
mistake, many times man's reason and judgment 
are swept aside, and, while he believes he is fol- 
lowing the dictates of his conscience, he is really 
permitting his emotions to direct his actions. 
Like passion, sympathy is a tremendous force, and 
if it be not controlled by wisdom, and if it is per- 
mitted to have full sway, it often causes men to 
make mistakes the results of which will require 
many lives of suffering to correct. 

It is sympathy, and not conscience, that creates 
the sentiment that causes war and raises armies 
of men for the purpose of fighting with such of 
their fellows as do not agree with them in prin- 
ciple. It was sympathy for the Southern slave 
which created the unconscientious sentiment that 
brought the men of the Northern and Southern 
portions of the United States into battle. And 
when those battles were at their height it was 
another emotion, called patriotism, that caused 
the men of one nation — brothers of one family — 
to commit crimes against each other, which, under 
normal mental conditions, they would never have 
done. During the din and excitement of battle 
the voice of conscience is never heard; but when 
the confusion is ended and the wounded, or dying 


Occult Philosophy 

soldier, lies upon the battlefield alone with God, 
he then has time to listen to his conscience, which 
says ; 

''After all, there is no real satisfaction in know- 
ing that you have killed other men, who, perhaps, 
had wives and children who loved them as dearly 
as yours love you. You are not a hero, but in 
God's sight, because you have taken lives, which 
you cannot restore, and which are as precious to 
Him as is your own, you are a murderer. And 
some time you will be brought face to face with 
the souls you have so recklessly and needlessly 
sent out of life." 

The men who rush to hang the trembling wretch, 
who, in a moment of uncontrolled animal passion, 
has outraged a member of their community, are 
not actuated by their consciences to commit a 
crime as great as that of the man they are seeking 
to punish. For, like the frightened wretch they 
wish to kill, they, too, are controlled by their 
emotions, and the only difference between the 
actuating causes of the two crimes is the differ- 
ence in sentiment which controls the perpetrators. 
The first crime was caused by the emotion called 
sexual passion, and the last was caused by the 
passion called anger, which had its birth in sym- 
pathy for the outraged member of their com- 
munity. Anger and sexual passion both belong 
to the lowest, darkest shade of the red cosmic 

Mental and Spiritual Development 127 

current, into which the punished and the punishers 
had fallen. But after the victim of the mob's 
passion had paid with his life the penalty the mob 
demanded, and when the men who sent him out of 
physical life had time to listen to their consciences, 
each man found the picture of his victim photo- 
graphed upon his mind, and it mattered not which 
way he turned to avoid it, that awful sight turned 
with him. If he awoke suddenly in the night, it 
was there, and he had to see it in all its dreadful 
details. It arose between him and the faces of 
his dear ones, and even at the moment when he 
was boastfully telling of the manner in which he 
helped to rid the country of an outlaw, his con- 
science was saying: ''You know you are as great 
a criminal as the man you helped to kill." 

It is not conscience that actuates the sheriff to 
adjust the rope around the neck of a murderer 
and then step upon the spring which unlocks the 
trap beneath the feet of his victim. His objective 
mind may temporarily convince him that his act 
is a noble one, and that he is really a public bene- 
factor. But when he has entered into his closet 
and has shut the door between himself and the 
outside world; when all the excitement and pub- 
licity has passed, then it is the voice of conscience 
which says to him: 

**You are a murderer, too, and have committed 
as great a crime as that of the man you killed. 


Occult Philosophy 

The emotion which actuated his sin was anger, 
while yours was greed. He killed the man who 
he believed, had wronged him, while you killed him 
because you were hired to do it by the State. 
You are a hired assassin and are no better than 
the highwayman who shoots and kills his victim 
for the money he may have in his pocket. You 
strangled this man for the paltry sum the State 
offered you for doing its bloody work." And 
then one of two things will occur: Either the 
sheriff will resign his position, as public execu- 
tioner, and go into a better business, or he will 
refuse to listen to his conscience and will continue 
to kill the men whom the State orders him to kill. 
If he chooses the latter, then the voice of his 
conscience will gradually grow fainter and weaker 
until it will finally become silent, and, as a con- 
sequence, the animal nature, of that man, will 
grow morally worse and sink lower and lower into 
brutality until it becomes so gross that its sub- 
jective mind will be obliged to abandon it to its 
fate; for a conscienceless man is indeed a lost 
animal soul, and, without the enlightening power 
of its subjective mind, will continue in the down- 
ward path to ultimate destruction. 

Some one may ask: ''If conscience is what the 
Occultist says it is ; if every individual conscience 
is the offspring of a Son of God, why are not all 
consciences alike? Why is not the conscience of 

Mental and Spiritual Development 129 

a black cannibal in the wilds of Africa as re- 
proving as the conscience of a Tolstoi or of a 

The Occultist says the black cannibal belongs 
to the last race of animal men in which the Sons 
of God incarnated upon earth, and the animal 
natures of the last races were so strong that they 
ruled their higher, or subjective minds, through 
many reincarnations. And it was not until those 
higher minds had suffered the painful conse- 
quences of obeying the dictations of their lower 
minds that they learned to struggle for the su- 
premacy. The subjective mind of a Gladstone, 
or a Tolstoi, has had many more experiences than 
has that of the black cannibal, because it came to 
earth among the first group of incarnating egos 
while the black man was among the last of the 
subjective minds, or souls who came. The mind 
who wore the personality of a Tolstoi, or of a 
Gladstone, has reincarnated more times than has 
the mind of the cannibal. Because of its mis- 
takes, the advanced ego has seen continents sink 
beneath the sea, and because of its ignorance and 
wrong doing, it has been swept out of material 
life again and again by earthquakes and by 
cataclysms. It has also suffered torture at the 
hands of its fellowmen until it has learned to com- 
mand instead of obey its own lower mind. Where 
once it whispered to its animal nature through 


Occult Philosophy 

the voice of an infant conscience, it now speaks 
in the commanding tone of a conscious soul, and, 
as a Tolstoi, or a Gladstone, its reproofs are 
listened to by other objective minds as well as by 
its own. 

Acting under the dictates of its conscience, man- 
kind has evolved to where it begins to understand 
life's problems from a higher mental plane than 
that of the animal mind; and, as man's objective 
mind becomes subservient to his subjective mind, 
the animal instinct merges into intuition, and 
animal desire becomes absorbed by individual will. 
At this point, man, conscious of his heritage as a 
Son of God, begins to claim some of his powers 
and privileges. In religion he has begun to claim 
his divine right to think for himself and to wor- 
ship as suits him best. And instead of continuing 
under the dominion of the Church and under the 
direction of its so-called holy men, he decides to 
accept only such truths as appeal to him as truths. 
Sometimes he stands forth among his fellowmen 
as a moralist and refuses to recognize the need 
of either cburch, or religious society, to help him 
keep in the path of rectitude. And he declares 
that he will live according to the light of con- 
science, and not according to the man-made creeds 
and dogmas of the Church ; and it is at this point 
in his evolution, if he makes the most of his op- 
portunities that he will become fitted for a higher 

Mental and Spiritual Development 131 

spiritual life, for this is the intermediate stage 
between the animal and spiritual man. 

When old institutions are forced to give way to 
new, there are always many things said and done 
which are to be regretted. When the men and 
women who felt that they could no longer con- 
scientiously indorse, or subscribe to, the creeds of 
the Church, and for that reason stepped outside 
that ancient and crumbling institution, they, and 
the ethical societies they formed, were anathemat- 
ized by their former religious associates. When 
first they boldly declared themselves to be doers 
of good for the sake of good, and not for Jesus' 
sake or for the sake of future heavenly rewards, 
or because of the fear of future punishment, many 
of their religious friends declared that all ethical 
societies were but cesspools of iniquity, and that 
the members themselves, were infidels. Many 
names, from among this class of courageous souls, 
were dropped from the visiting lists of those who 
still continued to worship an anthropomorphic 
God and to fear a cloven-footed devil. Some of 
the more kindly disposed of the church people felt 
it necessaiy to go in search of the lost sheep, and 
many made it a religious duty to call upon and 
labor with" those early seceders, spending much 
time and some patience in their efforts to bring 
back to the fold of the Church the wandering few.^ 

» Mata the Magician, pp. 176-182. 

132 Occult Philosophy 

But returning to the Church after having tasted 
the freedom of thought and the freedom of speech, 
accorded to the independent moralist, would be 
like half -grown birds returning to the nest where 
they were hatched. It was an impossible thing to 
accomplish, and proved to be labor lost for the 
anxious one^ who undertook the task. But what 
seemed to the Church to be a sad misfortune really 
proved to be a blessing in disguise, because, after 
a time, the liberality of thought and speech of its 
ex-members began to have a broadening effect 
upon such of their Church friends as would listen 
to their views. And the result was that many of 
the creeds and dogmas of the Church have been 
revised and many of the objectionable and un- 
reasonable tenets eliminated. 

No longer does the congregation of the modern 
Church hear of infant damnation, and the Cal- 
vinistic theory of fore-ordination is now never 
touched upon in the pulpit by the modern clergy- 
men. This great change and improvement has 
been brought about by the advanced thought ex- 
pressed by the independent moralist, the members 
of ethical societies, and advanced thinkers who 
refuse to wear the label of any *4sm" or '*ist." 
This has indeed become the *'Age of Reason," 
which Thomas Paine foresaw and wrote about so 
many years ago ; and it is also the age of mental 
power for the progressive man, who now begins 

Mental and Spiritual Development 133 

to realize the fact that he must become the master 
of his mind before he can reach the spiritual plane 
of thought. He finds that his physical and mental 
environment must be controlled before he can en- 
ter into the realm of spirit. 

On his way toward spirituality man finds many 
avenues which, since he has become an independent 
thinker, seem necessary to explore. If, while in 
his undeveloped state, he had become a psychic, 
and was conscious of the faces and forms of earth- 
bound entities who could not get away from the 
material plane, he may now, with his knowledge 
and power of mind, become clairvoyant and see the 
planes of being and the souls who have passed 
beyond the earth. And where once he only heard 
the confused murmurings of the psychic plane 
nearest the earth, he may now, with his increased 
power, become clairaudient and listen to the music 
of the spheres. 

The Century Dictionary defines clairvoyance as 
a power attributed to persons in a mesmeric state 
by which they are supposed to discern objects con- 
cealed from sight, and to see what is happening 
at a distance. It also defines clairaudience as the 
supposed power of hearing, in a mesmeric trance, 
sounds which are not audible to the ear in a wak- 
ing state. Both these definitions are confusing 
because each makes the clairvoyant and clair- 
audient condition depend upon the subject being 

134 Occult Philosophy 

in a mesmeric state — which statement is untrue. 
The individual who is dependent upon being mes- 
merized by another, in order to function upon any- 
subjective plane, is neither a clairvoyant nor a 
clairaudient. He is simply a psychic and his 
statements are not to be relied upon, because, 
while under the influence of another, his mind is 
under the mental control of another mind and his 
vision is likely to be imperfect and to be colored 
by the thoughts and perhaps by the mistaken be- 
liefs of the mesmerist. He sees, as it were, 
through another's spectacles, which perhaps are 
not at all fitted to his eyes. He also may hear, 
or think he hears what the mesmerist hopes, 
wishes, or believes, he will hear. 

But the independent clairvoyant is one who has 
purified his life and has raised the vibrations of 
his body and brain to where his material vehicle 
is no longer a veil for mind, and therefore he is 
no longer blinded by it. In order to develop, or 
improve, his clairvoyant vision, he takes the time, 
during his devotional hours, to draw from the 
cosmic currents, surrounding the earth, the forces 
that were placed there solely for his benefit, and 
which will increase the rate of vibration of his 
brain and also of the psychic centers within it. 
Commencing with the cosmic blue he concentrates 
upon it until it is drawn, like a cloud, about him, 
and, while he rests and bathes in this great force, 

Mental and Spiritual Development 135 

he watches the psychic centers in his brain as they 
vibrate higher and stronger under its vivifying 
power. Conunencing with the shade of cosmic 
blue which he can use most easily, through con- 
centration, he gradually raises the shade to higher 
and higher rates until it fades into the next higher 
color, the yellow. And then he draws the golden 
yellow to himself and basks in its uplifting, spirit- 
ual light until his brain has had all that it can bear 
and demands a rest. Then the wise individual 
will sleep for a few moments, and when he 
wakes again he will be greatly strengthened and 
uplifted, both in body and mind, and he will 
also find that, in time, his clairvoyant vision 
is cleared and strengthened by the experi- 

He is now in his development where he may 
demand to be omniscient and omnipotent; and, 
when his demands are answered, and the spiritual 
forces come sweeping through him from the higher 
planes of being, for a little time, he may become 
unconscious of the trials and sorrows of physical 
life and, in the great Beyond, commune with egos 
who have preceded him on their evolutionary 
journey. If he is sufficiently purified he may be 
able to see, or to visit, the third, or even the fourth 
plane of spiritual consciousness, while his physical 
body rests quietly awaiting his return. And he 
may be permitted to participate for a few hours 


Occult Philosophy 

in the happiness of some of the egos who dwell in 
that beautiful place. 

Happiness is attained through spiritual growth 
and is not the result of a gratification of the de- 
sires for material things; and spirituality, in its 
different degrees, is gained only through becoming 
positively good and positively pure. It is the 
glory surrounding wisdom as sunlight is the glory 
surrounding the sun, and is never the result of 
negativeness, or of ignorance. 

On this material plane it is often said of a 
slender, pale-faced, negatively good woman, ''she 
is spiritual." But a careful interview with the 
so-called spiritual person, discloses the fact that 
her spirituality is but a potentiality that will re- 
quire many lives, filled with trying and perhaps 
bitter experiences, to actualize. It is to the con- 
founding of the word spirit with ghost that this 
mistake is largely due. Since the story of the 
Witch of Endor was written, mankind has believed 
that all ghosts are spirits and that an ego becomes 
a spirit as soon as its material body is laid aside. 
It is by mistaken analogy that men have founded 
this belief. Because a ghost is supposed to be tall, 
slender and white, it has become a general belief 
that height and pallor and a willowy form are 
spiritual requisites, and without them it is im- 
possible to be, or to become, spiritual. Knowing 
this to be a race belief, many persons of both sexes, 

Mental and Spiritual Development 137 

who are possessed of these indications of physical 
imperfections, use them with the credulous public 
to trade upon. 

The tall, cadaverous clergyman who rises to his 
full height of six feet in the pulpit, and waves his 
long, thin arms above his head while he solemnly 
denounces sin and sinners, often awakens more 
reverence in the hearts of the people of his con- 
gregation than does the short, stout, rosy-faced 
man whose head and shoulders just appear above 
the desk while he teaches that men should not do 
unto others what they would not have others do 
unto them. Forty-nine persons out of every fifty 
who help to compose the congregation of the 
cadaverous clergyman declare him to be a * * spirit- 
ual man," notwithstanding his bitterness and 
vituperous denunciations, and not one ever thinks 
of attributing spirituality to the pleasant-faced, 
smiling little pastor who tries to teach a basic 
principle of life. Yet, in point of fact, he is a 
long step further on in his development, and is 
much nearer to gaining spirituality, because he 
has love in his heart while the other has only ec- 
clesiastical doctrines and creeds in his head. 

Among members of churches and religious so- 
cieties there are many persons whose stock in 
trade is their pallor and their long, bony bodies. 
They pose before the world as ''spiritual," be- 
cause of their resemblance to ghosts, and, if they 


Occult Philosophy 

lecture, heal, or teach, or if they are psychics, they 
too command a reverence and respect for a spirit- 
uality they do not possess and know nothing of as 
yet. Many negatively good women, because they 
have not been tempted, or have not had an op- 
portunity in this life to go wrong, are called 
"spiritual" by those who do not know that only 
an ego is spiritual who has gained wisdom by 
overcoming its animal nature. According to the 
Occultist, a spiritual person is one whose intuition 
has become awakened, and whose will has ab- 
sorbed its desire; one who has become purified 
through suffering and who is good because he loves 
goodness more than anything else in the Universe ; 
one who tells the truth because it is true ; and is 
pure because he loves purity and not because he 
fears a present, or a future punishment. 

To the clairvoyant vision of such an individual, 
the spiritual planes of being are opened and it 
receives what it has earned for its labors. It 
has fought its way back to its divine heritage, and 
as a returned prodigal Son of God, receives its 
share of Omniscience and Omnipotence. 

Between the spiritual and material planes is the 
mental plane, and it is as impossible for man to 
become spiritual before his mental powers are 
developed as it is for a dog to speak English. The 
intelligent do^ may know there is such a thing as 
language, and he may be able to understand the 

Mental and Spiritual Development 139 

few words he is most accustomed to hear spoken, 
but he has not the power of speech nor will he 
gain it until he has evolved to where he can be- 
come enlightened by a subjective mind of his own. 
It is true that his development may be hastened 
by his association with men, and that, through an 
intelligent method of training, he may gain much 
more rapidly than if left to evolve by himself. 
But he will never speak a word until he becomes 
a human being, and it would be folly to expect 
him to. And in a like manner it is impossible for 
animal man to become spiritual man until his men- 
tal powers have been developed to a point which 
makes him receptive to spiritual things. 

Spirituality is composed of three attributes, 
Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence, and 
unless an ego has acquired, to a greater, or lesser, 
degree, something of the first two he cannot claim 
to be a spiritual soul. The first attribute of spirit- 
uality to be gained is Omniscience, which means to 
have gained knowledge. An ego must know how 
to act before it can act wisely: and to gain and 
possess something of this spiritual attribute, man's 
power of concentration must be increased until 
he can place his thoughts upon something beside 
himself and hold them there until he has mentally 
absorbed the knowledge he desires concerning that 
thing. How can a man be, or become in any de- 
gree. Omniscient, when his power of concentra- 

i4o Occult Philosophy 

tidn is so weak that he cannot hold his thoughts 
for five consecutive minutes on a single sub- 

Omnipotence is the next higher attribute of 
spirituality and means to have power. To gain, 
or possess Omnipotence, in any degree, man must 
at least be able to concentrate upon and use the 
spiritual cosmic forces blue and yellow, and he 
must have evolved to a point of development where 
he can demonstrate over disease and disharmony, 
in his own mind and also, at least temporarily, 
remove it from the bodies and minds of others. 
He must possess enough Omnipotence to give him 
power over his own lower nature and power to 
control his o^vn environment. And after he has 
gained this attribute, in ever so small a degree, 
he will never again become a victim of circum- 
stances nor an object of charity. 

Omnipresence means to be everywhere present 
and this is the last aspect of spirituality. It also 
can be gained only through mental development 
and spiritual power. To become capable of being 
everywhere present, mind must be untrammelled 
by form and must become one with Divine Mind. 
It must have lost its desire for individuality and 
be absorbed by the Universal Principle. To the 
"Western Occultist this aspect of spirituality is 
not a desirable ultimate to be attained, and, since 
greater and higher individualization is the goal 

Mental and Spiritual Development 141 

to which he aspires, he never demands Omni- 
presence. To the students of the Eastern school 
of Occultism, however, to gain Nirvana and Omni- 
presence is to reach the highest condition of spirit- 
ual happiness that can be attained in the Uni- 
verse; and some demand and receive it. This 
spiritual condition is very beautifully described in 
*'The Light of Asia," in ''Book the Eighth," 

"No need hath such to live as ye name life; 
That which began in him when he began 
Is finished ; he hath wrought the purpose through 
Of what did make him man. 

Never shall yearnings torture him, nor sins 
Stain him, nor ache of earthly joys and woes 

Invade his safe eternal peace ; nor death 
And lives recur. He goes 

Unto Nirvana. He is one with Life 
Yet lives not. He is ble^t, ceasing to be. 

Om, mani padme om ! the dewdrop slips 
Into the shining sea!" 

For the utterly tired soul who feels that to be 
re-absorbed and thus be able to rest forever in the 
bosom of the Infinite, without an individual care, 
or responsibility, Omnipresence is the necessary 
spiritual attribute to demand. But it is never well 

142 Occult Philosophy 

to make that demand until an ego has gained Omni- 
science, that it may know all things, and Omni- 
potence, that it may have all power, and thus be 
able to decide its fate without prejudice or 



Since, at the present time, the scientists of the 
world disagree as to the actual construction of 
the atom, and because they have never seen one, 
they are uncertain whether it is really the small- 
est division of matter, or whether it is a corpuscle 
composed of still smaller divisions; so, as a pre- 
liminary explanation, and, for the purpose of 
avoiding future controversy or criticism, the posi- 
tion of the Occultist will be defined before pro- 
ceeding further. 

In Occultism the word atom has always meant 
the smallest division of matter;^ and so long as 
the English language continues to be spoken, the 
Occultist will call that infinitesimal division of 
substance by its original name. And it will make 
no difference how often the men of science ad- 
vance beyond, or recede from their present or 
future positions, or, whether they call the atom 
an ion, a corpuscle, or an electrical imdsible, to 
the Occultist it is and ever will be an atom. 

Everything, from the greatest and most sublime 

»The mstory and Power of Mind, pp. 32-33; 35-36. 


144 Occult Philosophy 

to the smallest and most insignificant center of 
consciousness, is generating and possesses powers 
which manifest, in its individual radius or sphere, 
as attraction and repulsion. And, whether a cen- 
ter belongs to the constructive or destructive side 
of nature, depends upon its mode of manifestation. 
If it manifests as attraction more than as repul- 
sion, then it is more constructive than destructive. 
If it manifests more as repulsion than as attrac- 
tion then it is more destructive than constructive. 
To the working of the law of evolution, however, 
both manifestations are equally essential in order 
that progression may be constant and continuous, 
since it is absolutely necessary that old forms of 
expression be destroyed, to make room for new 
forms which will continue to exist after the old 
ones have ceased to serve the purposes for which 
they were created. 

Before power of a constructive or destructive 
nature can be generated its center, or basis of 
force, must be formed ; and, paradoxical as it may 
seem, it is nevertheless a truth that while the 
formation of a center is absolutely necessary to 
the generation of force, yet the generation of 
force is also the direct cause of the center it mani- 
fests through. The atom is an individual center 
of force ; and, like all other centers, whether great 
or small, has two distinct motions, the rotary and 
elliptical. And without these two motions it would 

Focusing Forces 145 

be impossible for God — Divine Mind — to be fully 
expressed in Its various and varied forms of mani- 
festation. For the generation of power, a center 
is dependent upon its rotary motion. But for the 
expression or manifestation of power, whether it 
be constructive or destructive, it is dependent upon 
its elliptical motion. And both these motions are 
directly due to the vibrations emanated by Di\dne 
Will in the beginning of this Cosmic Day, or period 
of evolution. 

Vibration came into existence through the men- 
tal demand or command: '^Let there be light." 
And vibration will continue until the last moment 
of this Cosmic Day, when God — Divine Mind — will 
desire rest. Then the demand, or command. 

Peace, be still," will go forth throughout the 
Universe, and gradually the vibratory and the 
rotary motions of the greatest centers of force in 
the heavens will begin to decrease; and as their 
vibration diminishes, their light will begin to fade. 
With a diminution of their constructive, or rotary 
motion, their elliptical motion mil decrease and 
finally cease. And with the cessation of all mo- 
tion, or vibration, there can no longer be a mag- 
netic attraction between them and any other 
bodies, or centers. Under these conditions the 
planets in the various systems will not continue 
to revolve around their respective centers or suns. 
They will not be attracted, or repelled, by each 


Occult Philosophy 

other, and each part composing a planet will not 
be attracted, or repelled, by another part, and thus 
the manifested portion of the Universe will again 
become reduced to primordial substance/ 

The coming of this great change is tersely de- 
scribed in Matthew, twenty-fourth chapter and 
twenty-ninth verse, where it is written: "In those 
days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall 
not give her light, and the stars shall fall (disap- 
pear) from heaven, and the powers of the heavens 
shall be shaken." 

And, since it is a law of the Supreme Con- 
sciousness to rest equally as long as it labors, each 
Cosmic Night will be of as great a length as was 
the Cosmic Day preceding it, and thus for eons 
will the Universe be at rest without a ripple, or a 
wave, within that Sea of Unconsciousness, until 
the time shall come for another Cosmic Day to 
dawn ; then the command will again go forth for 
light, and again will the greater and smaller cen- 
ters of force be aroused from their inactivity. 
*'In the place where the tree falleth there it shall 
be," and in the place where a powerful center of 
force ceased to vibrate, there it remains in a fluid- 
ic, primordial condition, awaiting the Divine sum- 
mons to start within it the vibratory force that 
will make it possible for it again to assume a form 
and to fulfill its mission in the Universe.' 

> The History and Power of Mind, pp. 99-100. 
* The History and Power of Mind, p. 101. 

Focusing Forces 147 

As an illustration of how constructive and de- 
structive forces are used, in the formation and 
disintegration of worlds, a few pages will be 
quoted from the diary of an advanced student of 
Occultism, who, with his Master's assistance, was 
enabled to leave his physical body, and, while thus 
liberated, was permitted to study cosmogony from 
the standpoint of a temporarily disembodied soul. 

''When first I slipped from my body, as the let- 
ter slips from its envelope, I was conscious of 
standing beside my material vehicle and of look- 
ing down upon it as it lay helpless and apparently 
dead before me. At first I experienced a shock 
of surprise, and then a slight feeling of alarm; 
but, upon looking closely, I found that my body 
was breathing faintly, and the heart was beating 
slowly. Somewhat reassured, I turned toward my 
Master, who was waiting for me to accompany him 
into space. He, too, had liberated himself from his 
physical body and stood before me in all the 
glory of a Spiritual Being. And, as I gazed at 
Him in this new condition, for the first time since 
commencing my studies in Occultism, I fully real- 
ized what soul freedom meant. Then, as He 
reached out a hand to me and said: 'come,' it 
seemed as if I were suddenly filled with a tre- 
mendous force, and at that moment knew I was 
tasting the glory of Omniscience and of Omni- 
potence. When I touched His hand I seemed to 

148 Occult Philosophy 

expand in size, and where once my aura had only 
extended about a foot beyond the confining limita- 
tions of my rather undersized physical body, 
now, I seemed almost to fill the little room I called 
my den. Full of this new force, I rose like a bal- 
loon in midair, and for a few moments we re- 
mained suspended over the housetops of the city. 
And, while we paused and looked downward, I 
saw the members of my family and many of my 
friends going about their duties, unconscious of 
the fact that roofs and walls could not hide them 
from the eyes of a Soul. This was my first 
spiritual object lesson, and I decided never again, 
in the supposed privacy of my room, to do what 
I would be ashamed to do in the presence of a 

''After this — ^to me — important decision, we 
rose to a distance of perhaps a thousand feet, and 
there we paused and looked down upon the old 
world that was rolling so rapidly beneath us. As 
we journeyed I watched the towns, villages and 
cities of North America pass below us like a pano- 
rama; I saw the Pacific Ocean and the Orient, 
and then my study in topography was suddenly 
interrupted by a change in our movements. I be- 
came conscious of whizzing through space with 
the speed of the wind. Looking downward, I saw 
the earth a diminishing ball, it was apparently 
sinking away from me. We had entered another 

Focusing Forces 


atmosphere and that of the earth, through which 
we had been passing, had disappeared. After a 
time we became surrounded by myriads of bril- 
liant, scintillating particles that were whirling, 
floating, sweeping and eddying in all directions. 
That part of space seemed completely filled with 
the strange substance, and, in answer to my men- 
tal question of what it was, I was impressed with 
the thought that this was what the scientists call 
'cosmic dust.' It was in great clouds of vibrating 
atoms, plainly visible to the eyes of soul, which 
were being drawn into a common center.' 

''After passing through clouds of this billo\vy 
stuff, we withdrew to a distance and watched the 
tremendous forces at work upon it. At a point in 
space, so far above us that it seemed very little 
larger than the earth which we had left, was a 
brilliant spot in the heavens, and out of it were 
pouring great floods of what seemed rays of elec- 
tric light, and the focusing point for those rays 
was in the center of that mass of scintillating 
atoms before us. In response to my mental ques- 
tion regarding the nature of that wondrous center 
of light, my Master replied: 'That is a group of 
Elohim, sometimes called Planetary Spirits, and 
They are now focusing their forces upon this 
Their creation. As a group They generate the 
power They send forth in those great constructive 

1 The History and rower of Mind, p. 104. 


150 Occult Philosophy 

streams which look like electric light ; and, if you 
carefully obser\^e, you will see that when those 
streams reach that point in space, the distance has 
been so well calculated that if they w^ere not fo- 
cused to form a center there, they would each form 
an elliptical circuit and return to the Center it 
emanated from. But, meeting as they do at that 
point, a new center of force is formed, and, be- 
cause of the rapid ^dbrations of those particles of 
cosmic dust, and, because of the rotary motion 
given to the entire mass, a vortex is formed, which, 
by its own generating power, will continue to draw 
to itself more and more of the detached floating 
atoms within its radius.' 

''The scene before me was beautiful and wonder- 
ful, yet awful, for I was looking upon a throbbing, 
pulsating mass of brilliant substance. Above, be- 
low, beyond, as far as I could see, were moun- 
tainous heaps of that silvery, foamy mass. Some- 
times it seemed like great clouds of steam with 
prismatic coloring thrown upon it as if by calcium 
lights, or it assumed the hue of smoke and curled 
and twisted like huge serpents in a fearful em- 
brace. Suddenly there streamed forth, from the 
heaving mass, sharp, red, forked tongues of fire, 
that blazed fiercely for a time*" and then disap- 
peared, to be replaced by banks of billo^vy cloud, 
while in deep diapason tones, first crescendo and 
then diminuendo, I heard something that sounded 

Focusing Forces 151 

like the vibrating notes from innumerable organ 
pipes. Where the music came from I did not know, 
but it seemed to have been produced by the will of 
some great Master of harmony; and, as though the 
thought had been put into my mind, I realized that 
at this point was being generated a center of force 
which in the course of future ages would become a 
terrestrial globe, and this strange sound was the 
'music of the spheres' that I had read about but 
had never before heard. 

"Suddenly I became conscious of a sound like 
the hissing of steam, and the shrieking of the ele- 
ments, as though a great wind were bloA\dng and a 
storm were rising, and in the distance I saw a blaz- 
ing ball of fire coming toward us. Behind it was a 
brilliant train of fiery sparks; and as it ap- 
proached I saw the flash of jagged lightning and 
heard the peal of thunder. My Master said : 'You 
are about to witness the grandest spectacle to be 
seen in the heavens. There will be the coalescing 
of a destructive comet with this conglomerate 
mass of cosmic dust, which is forming into a 
world. ' 

''To me the fiery monster looked like a horrible 
dragon, with body, head and legs a mass of sul- 
phurous flame. The creature seemed to fill the 
whole heavens, and for a time obscured everything 
else from sight. It swept everything before it and 
drew evervthing; behind it. I felt the intense heat 

152 Occult Philosophy / 

it caused, and saw the clouds bursting apart as if 
torn by angry hands, and then were cast aside, 
after it had passed, only to melt into a molten 
mass of fire behind that monster of the skies. 
Then came a fearful report. There had been a 
collision between the comet and the new center, or 
world; the crash was fearful. After that there 
was darkness and silence, and my Master quickly 
took me away from the fearful scene. But I had 
learned something about focusing forces, which 
was of greater importance and would be of more 
assistance to me in my studies than anything I 
had ever before witnessed." 

In the diary of the same student of Occultism, 
from which the above description was quoted, is 
another, concerning the destruction of an old, dead 
world, which illustrates the operation of the de- 
structive forces that may also be sent from a 
cosmic Center of consciousness. It illustrates the 
operation of destructive power. Because of the 
limited space allotted to a lecture, only such ex- 
cerpts are used as will cast light directly upon 
the present subject. 

''Millions of miles from our earth we saw a 
wondrous, brilliant light, and, advancing toward 
it, discovered that it was not a sun, or moon, or 
globe, nor was it like any planet I had ever seen. 
It was egg-shaped, and gave forth a light greater 
and more refulgent than any flaming sun in all 

Focusing Forces 


the Universe. It seemed like a monster arc-lamp 
with rays of blue electric light streaming from it 
in all directions; and, like tlie jagged lightning 
shooting from a summer thunder cloud, destruc- 
tive, forked tongues of its electric fire were being 
sent forth and were divided into millions of flam- 
ing bolts that went speeding into space. And, 
while I gazed upon it surprised and spellbound, 
it suddenly, as if possessed with consciousness, 
drew within itself its dazzling light and assumed a 
greenish hue. It also shrank to half its former 
size, and, like a monster serpent, seemed to coil its 
forces for a spring, while in its center burned a 
dark red flame that at any moment seemed ready 
to burst forth and consume everything within its 

strange attraction drew me toward that 
monster light, and I had a most intense desire to 
know of what it was composed and what its mis- 
sion was ; for I have learned that no created thing 
can live and move without a purpose. Approach- 
ing nearer, I observed that the strange light had 
been created by the burning of what seemed to be 
great quantities of hydrocarbon vapor and aeri- 
form matter. Numerous strong electric currents 
seemed to focus at that point, thus creating a gen- 
erating center of magnetic force. Here was a 
Celestial Dynamo, and the heat, caused by the 
intense vibrations of those powerful electric cur- 

154 Occult Philosophy 

rents, had produced a radiation sufficient to ignite 
the gases. Combustion was the result of this 
focusing, and was followed by the wondrous pyro- 
technical display we were witnessing. 

"But, where do these electric currents come 
fromf I mentally inquired ; and my Master replied : 
'Look yonder.' And, looking, I saw, far away 
in the heavens, another great light. It appeared 
as if it were a group of seven suns, with the colors 
orange, red, green, blue and yellow radiating 
from them. In the center of each of these, was a 
spot of light, of the color orange, which deepened 
in shade towards its outer edge until it melted into 
a band of dark red, and then the red blended into 
green. Outside the green was a broad band of 
blue, and outside of that was a band of golden 

*'As I watched that group of glorious suns, I 
saw, from the broad belt of red, so near the center 
of each, streaming the tremendous currents of 
light, which focused at this point and produced 
this strange looking center. The whole vortex was 
an evil looking thing, and, although I seemed to 
know it was destructive in its nature, still, I was 
attracted toward it, and, had it not been for the 
restraining influence of my Master, I think I would 
have approached too near. 

''When I was satisfied in regard to the source 
of those electric currents, I began to wonder for 

Focusing Forces 155 

what that Celestial Dynamo had been created, and 
then my Master called my attention to a large, 
dark globe, so far away at that moment that it 
resembled a huge black bird, or a monster bat. 
But, as I watched its movements, it came near 
enough for me to see that it was a planet idly 
floating in space as a bit of driftwood floats upon 
the surface of a stream. 

'May we not visit that globe, or see its con- 
dition from a closer point of view?' I asked, and 
for reply my Master said: 'come,' and extended 
a hand to me. 

''After a time we reached a queer old world and 
stood among its ruins. It was dead. There was 
no soil, no atmosphere, no life. A deathly still- 
ness reigned ; and on every side were dark, deep 
fissures, into whose yawning depths I looked for 
many hundred feet. The rough and rugged edges 
of those fissures showed that when that world was 
in the grasp of death, when its life forces were 
taking final leave of their material envelope, its 
surface was rent and torn like thinnest gauze. 
Even its mountains were crushed and crumbled 
into hardened, blackened ash-heaps, and, as I stood 
looking at that awful scene of desolation, I saw 
at my left, at a distance of a dozen yards or more, 
a monstrous hole which may have reached to the 
very center of that globe. And its melted, lava- 
coated walls showed that it was but one of the 

156 Occult Philosophy 

many outlets for the fires and gaseous flames 
which had burst forth and swept that old planet in 
its last awful conflagration. 

^'Blackened and seared was everything. Not a 
drop of water, not a human habitation. Not an 
indication that animal, or vegetable life, had ever 
existed there. It was most evident that the planet 
had served its purpose, had lived its time, and, 
becoming useless, was robbed of all its wealth, and 
now remained a huge ball of crumbling coke ; for, 
what had been once a soil of moist earth, was now 
a hardened porous crust. 

'*In my intense interest I did not think of dan- 
ger in remaining upon that old sphere, and would 
have been glad to wander up and down its strange 
formations. I wanted to explore the great hole, 
and was about to descend when my Master said: 
^If you are satisfied we will retire and watch the 
coming dissolution at a distance,' and, taking my 
hand, we left the place and stationed ourselves 
sufficiently far away to enable us to watch the 
destruction which was imminent. Soon the dead 
world commenced to move in great, wide circles 
round the evil-looking vortex. Sometimes it 
paused, swaying and trembling as it felt the draw- 
ing power of that great attracting center. And 
then it would dart away as if, for a little, the at- 
tracting force were broken and it were free again. 
But then came renewed activity in that flaming 

Focusing Forces 157 

vortex. It assumed a darker, redder, hue, and, 
like a great, unwinking eye, seemed watching for 
its helpless victim to draw near. Again the old 
world was caught by the attracting power of its 
enemy and was whirled round and round like a 
tiny boat within a boiling maelstrom. With every 
revolution it drew gradually nearer to that fiery 
center until there came a terrific roar like a thou- 
sand cataracts blended into one. At times the 
noise was like the booming of a fearful cannonade. 
Sometimes there seemed to be shrieking, bursting 
shells sent forth from that fiery center, and then 
again there were streams of jagged lightning 
which sent destructive bolts of fire and smashed 
the surface of that globe as if it were an egg-shell. 

"It was a celestial war that we were witnessing, 
and if all the battles that were ever fought upon 
our tiny earth could be combined it would not com- 
pare with, this destruction. As we watched its 
progress I remembered what was written in the 
Book of Eevelation, in the twelfth chapter, and the 
seventh verse: 'And there appeared another won- 
der in heaven ; and behold a great red dragon, hav- 
ing seven heads and ten horns . . . and his tail 
drew the third part of the stars of heaven and 
did cast them to the earth.* 

''Here were Cosmic destructive forces at work, 
and while we watched and listened to the fearful, 
crushing, grinding sound, that dark red center of 


Occult Philosophy 

light turned almost black, and then came the awful 
final crash. It seemed as though the whole heavens 
had become filled with . sulphurous fire; the mon- 
ster eye was now a blazing demon bursting with 
terrific power, and, seizing that helpless globe, 
ground it into powder. 

''The work of destruction was almost finished. 
Compared with what it had been, the blackened 
ball was now a speck; and, encircled as it was 
with flame, we saw it disappear and becpme dis- 
persed in clouds of dust. Then the flames began 
to fade, and we realized that the fires in that 
celestial crematorium were being extinguished. 
The atoms of a dead and useless world were scat- 
tered through space, and had again become a part 
of the differentiated portion of God.^ 

*'As we started to return to earth I asked my 
Master what had become of the fiery destructive 
center — for it had then entirely disappeared — and 
he replied: 'What becomes of the flame when the 
gas is turned off? or what becomes of the cyclone 
when the wind ceases to blow?' 

"Then I understood that the seven Elohim, or 
Planetary Spirits, who had combined into a group 
to generate and to send forth Their electric forces, 
had withdrawn them when the old world corpse 
had been destroyed, and I wondered if I would be 
wise enough to apply the lesson I had just learned 

^ The History and Power of Mind, p. 104. 

Focusing Forces 159 

from cosmos, to the removing of rubbish from my 
mundane path in life." 

The power that operates through great centers 
also operates through small ones; and thus man, 
with his physical body, generates within himself, 
to a lesser degree, the same power that manifests 
either constructively, or destructively, among 
comets, suns and worlds. 

Like vibration, power cannot be qualified as 
either good or bad ; but the manner in which it is 
expressed, and the centers through which it oper- 
ates, are what determine the results of its action. 
And it is the results, produced by its manifesta- 
tion, which determine whether it has been used, 
or misused. 

So long as a man, or a nation, continues to 
grow socially, politically and financially, regard- 
less of the ways and means used to accojnplish the 
growth, this is supposed to be conclusive evidence 
that only a good power has been manifesting in 
that center. But only to a certain degree is this 
belief true ; for it should be remembered that when 
old physical bodies, old forms of government, old 
social customs and old financial methods have 
served their purposes it is good for them to be 
destroyed as forms, because they will then limit, 
instead of increase, opportunities for higher ex- 
pressions of power. 

The man who has used his physical body for 

i6o Occult Philosophy 

one hundred years becomes limited in his expres- 
sion of power, unless he is an advanced ego and 
knows how to rejuvenate and keep his physical 
form in working order. And even if he is able to 
renew his body by replacing many of his old 
atoms with new ones there will come a time when 
the power, he generates as a center of conscious- 
ness, will require an entire new form as an instru- 
ment of expression, and then the destruction of 
his physical form is not to be in the least re- 
gretted. It is the destruction of forms before they 
have served their purposes which is to be de- 
plored, and a destruction of this kind the Occultist 
calls a misuse of power. 

It was not a misuse of power when the Elohim, 
or seven great centers of consciousness, focused 
Their forces for the destruction of the old dead 
globe that was floating uselessly about in space, 
after its purpose had been served, nor was it a 
misuse of power to focus Their forces upon the 
construction of the new world They desired to 
build. It was the same power used in both in- 
stances, but it was the mode of expression and 
consequent results that differed. 

A center for the generation of power is and must 
be of a circular, or slightly oval shape. This is 
necessary in order that there may be no angles to 
obstruct the rotary motion necessary to genera- 
tion of force. And this is as true of the atom as it 

Focusing Forces i6i 

is of suns and worlds and men. The physical body 
of man, which is but the material or external mani- 
festation of him, is in something of a cylindrical 
form, w^hile he himself is of an oval, or egg shape ; 
and he generates his individual force as do the 
atoms of which he is composed, by the constant 
rotary motion of the cosmic forces within him. 

At the moment the tiny human embryo is con- 
ceived, some of the orange life force, which sur- 
rounds and permeates this planet, rushes into it, 
and there continues with the same rotating motion 
within that tiny center that it made around the 
earth ; and at that moment the individual force of 
that new form is established. Then its force in- 
creases in volume as the center becomes enlarged, 
and it is constantly being expanded under the 
force generated within it, until it can no longer 
remain in its pre-natal condition and, through its 
increased individual force, is expelled from its 
mother's womb. Liberated from the narrow con- 
fines of the uterus and becoming capable of greater 
expansion, that generating center of force soon 
begins to use its powers destructively. This is 
because destruction is easier to accomplish than 
construction; and the human baby, like all other 
ignorant creatures of the animal kingdom, begins 
to express its powers in the manner easiest for it. 

As the child continues to expand, as a conscious 
center, it begins generating mental as well as 


Occult Philosophy 

physical force, and then it commences to use its 
forces constructively and destructively. In its 
effort toward character building, it begins to imi- 
tate, and before it has grown to manhood, or 
womanhood, it has become a center of conscious 
power capable of using not only the orange life 
force, with which it began life, but, also the red, 
the green and the blue cosmic forces. And it is 
through the use of these that it evolves still 
greater power. If it uses these forces uncon- 
sciously its power will be expressed physically 
more thaji mentally; but if it uses them con- 
sciously through the power of concentration, then 
even the physical forces emanating from that cen- 
ter will be strengthened and controlled by its 
greater mental powers. 

Concentration of thought is essential to the gen- 
eration of mental force, for, without it, mental 
creations cannot exist long enough to become ma- 
terialized.^ The man who does not concentrate 
his thoughts upon what he wishes to do, never does 
anything well. He is always an unreliable and an 
unsatisfactory person, and is neither a good lover 
nor a good hater. He forgets to do what he 
should do, and only does that which should not be 
done. He loses his material possessions and scat- 
ters everything that has been entrusted to his 
care. He is too late for his train and his meals; 

» The History and Power of Mind. — Lecture Seven. 

Focusing Forces 163 

he either over-sleeps, or does not sleep enough, 
because he has not the power to concentrate his 
thoughts upon what he is doing. 

For individualized centers of human force who 
need knowledge along this line a few examples 
in concentration will be given. Concentration of 
thought means the power to think of one thing to 
the exclusion of all other things. To conserve 
energy — which is force — it is always better to con- 
centrate upon something which may be of use 
rather than upon an object that is of no use, such 
as a spot on the wall or a cloud in the sky. Some 
students of Eastern Occultism are taught to con- 
centrate upon their navels or upon the ends of 
their noses. 

Unless a student understands what his navel is 
and what it is for, and that the forces he gen- 
erates pass down his left side into his lower ex- 
tremities and up the right side, through his brain, 
then down the left side to his feet and up and 
around his navel, there is not much to be gained 
by concentrating upon his navel. But if he can 
picture the forces at work within him, and if he 
can realize that the navel is a center of conscious- 
ness in his body, that it is the largest magnetic 
center for the generation of physical force that 
he possesses, then it is good for him to concen- 
trate his thoughts upon. For, under these mental 
conditions, his physical forces will be strengthened 

164 Occult Philosophy 

by the mental concentration. But there is nothing 
to be gained by concentrating the thoughts upon 
the end of one's nose, unless perhaps it should be 
an elongation of that particular feature, which, 
to most persons, is not desirable. It is better to 
select something to practice with, which is desir- 
able to possess ; then the force is not wasted, since 
every thought sent to a particular thing, carries 
with it a magnetic thread, and, when the thought 
fastens upon the object concentrated upon, a mag- 
netic connection is inunediately made between it 
and the mind that sent it. This thread attracts 
because it is of the nature of a magnet. It draws 
and will continue to draw to the person the object 
he is concentrating upon until it will finally be- 
come an actual possession of his. 

There are three planes of being to be drawn 
from, the material, the mental and the spiritual, 
and an example will be given for each. In order 
that a student should be able to do his best work in 
concentration he should first become conscious of 
his needs. It is when the heart longs most ear- 
nestly for a thing that the mind makes the best 
mental picture of it. Concentration is not an 
artificial, or an unnatural, mental or physical con- 
dition; it is simply looking, with the physical eyes 
either open or closed, at one thing without seeing 
any other. 

If a thinly clad man is passing along the street 

Focusing Forces 165 

on a cold, windy day and suddenly sees a warm, 
comfortable-looking overcoat in a tailor's window, 
involuntarily he stops and concentrates his 
thoughts upon it. There may be one hundred 
other things in that same window, such as neck- 
ties, opera hats, gloves and evening suits, but he / 
sees nothing except the overcoat of which he is 
painfully in need. His eyes are open, and, to a 
person watching him, it would seem as if he were 
carefully scrutinizing the entire contents of the 
window when he really sees nothing but the one 
garment. This is physical and mental concentra- 
tion combined. 

It was not a difficult thing to do, and the man did 
it without realizing that he was concentrating. 
He was interested in what he was concentrating 
upon, and therefore it was a pleasant rather than 
an unpleasant mental exercise. But if he had pos- 
sessed six overcoats it would have been impos- 
sible for him to stand before that window and look 
inside without noticing some of the other things 
that were with it. He would have seen most 
clearly the things he most needed. 

If a woman has lost her health and her youth; 
if she is old and wrinkled and white haired ; even 
if she is in possession of many material things, or 
if she stands ever so high in the social world, she 
is nevertheless painfully in need of the things 
which she has not. In her heart she desires to be 

1 66 Occult Philosophy 

young and well and beautiful. And when she 
hears her joints creaking, as she attempts to rise 
from her chair, she naturally thinks of the time 
when she danced and ran, or skipped the rope with 
the other girls. In her mind rises the picture of 
herself as she looked then, with her rosy cheeks 
and bright eyes and with her hair falling in a mass 
of curls to her waist. She is concentrating upon 
a mental picture because the material picture has 
disappeared, and, unconsciously, she is feebly us- 
ing a means by which she might regain the youth 
and health she once possessed, if she knew how to 
use her mental powers rightly. If, after looking 
at the mental picture of herself as she once was, 
and would like to be again, she goes to her mirror 
and gazes at the gray hair, wrinkled face and bent 
figure reflected there, and says : "Oh, yes, I am an 
old woman with one foot in the grave, and I never 
can be any better in this world/* then, by that 
declaration, and, by her acceptance of the unfortu- 
nate situation, she destroys the good results which 
would have come from concentrating upon her 
first mental picture. But if she would keep away 
from her mirror for a year and permit her maid to 
arrange her toilet and her hair; and if she would 
continue to hold that mental picture of herself, 
without thinking of age and ill-health, she would 
find at the end of that time that she was growing 
younger instead of older. And if she would in- 

Focusing Forces 167 

elude physical exercise and plenty of fresh air with 
her mental picture, she would make tremendous 
strides up the mountain of life instead of down 
into the valley of shadows, tears and despair. As 
an aid to a w^oman's mental concentration for 
youth, mirrors should be removed from her apart- 

But suppose a person has all the material things 
he needs— money, home and friends. And suppose 
he is not aged and ill, hut possesses physical vigor 
and strength, but desires mental and spiritual 
power more than anything else in the world. He 
reads everything he can find about the great minds 
who have lived on earth ; and he concentrates his 
thoughts for hours at a time upon them and their 
wonderful work; and he reverentially wishes, or 
demands, that such mental and spiritual power 
as they possessed would come to him. He reads 
of the Masters and the Saviours of mankind, and 
longs to know something of their occult methods 
of controlling the elements and of producing har- 
mony where disharmony prevailed. Uncon- 
sciously to himself, perhaps, he is demanding to 
become omniscient and omnipotent. And if he 
follows his mental demands with a conscious draw- 
ing into himself of the blue and the yellow cosmic 
currents, which are the mental and spiritual por- 
tions of Divine Mind, then he is scientifically 
working with vibratory law.^ If, while he concen- 

Occult Philosophy 

trates his thoughts upon his ideals, he is conscious 
of the fact that he is a center for the generation 
of mental and spiritual power, he must inevitably 
gain the wisdom and power he desires because he 
is using the law which governs the generation of 
mental and spiritual power. 

1 The History and Power of Mind, pp. 165-167 ; 250-253. 


MENTAIj kepulsion 

"In the beginning was the Word. . . . and the 
Word was God. . . . The same was in the be- 
ginning with God. In him was life; and the 
life was the light of men. And the light shineth 
in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended 
it not." 

Before the existence of motion, or vibration, 
there was "the Word'* (Divine Will), and it was 
because Divine Mind put Divine Will into oper- 
ation that motion — vibration — began in the Uni- 
verse. As Divine Will is the cause of vibration, 
so vibration is the generator, or creator, of the 
force that manifests as attraction or repulsion. 
And it is upon the operation of this force, gen- 
erated by vibration, that the perpetuation of form 
depends. Since form ig essential to manifestation, 
and since form could not exist without vibration, 
then vibration is the keynote of creation, and with- 
out it the manifested portion of the Universe 
would cease to manifest. 

The creation of a form begins with the amal- 
gamation of two or more atoms which are vi- 


170 Occult Philosophy 

brating at the same common rate. And the growth 
of a form is due to the continuous attraction of 
more atoms of a rate common to that nucleus or 
center. For example : The first tiny leaf with its 
stem that appears above the soil, as it springs 
forth from the acorn embedded in the earth, is a 
nucleus for an oak tree; and it will continue to 
grow because of its power of attraction. The at- 
tractive force is as dependent for its existence 
upon the vibration of the atoms it draws together 
to enlarge the form through which it works, as 
the form is dependent upon the force for its 
growth. And thus the power and the center each 
grow in strength and size with every added atom. 
This force is attractive only to such atoms as are 
vibrating at a common rate with those which com- 
pose its center of operations; and it is as force- 
fully repellent to all other atoms as it is attractive 
to those of its selection. It is for this reason that 
all the leaves appearing upon that particular form, 
or manifestation of force, are similar in construc- 
tion, and that the wood composing the trunk and 
limbs of that particular tree is similar in its con- 
sistency. If it were not possible for the force 
operating through that center to repel the wrong 
atoms as strongly as it attracts the right ones, 
then that center would have no distinct character 
of its own, but would be composed of any kind of 
atoms and would be as likely to have a part of its 

Mental Repulsion 171 

limbs of pine, or of hemlock, as of oak. And its 
body would be as apt to be composed of ash and 
of maple as of anything else. 

It is in the same manner that the vibratory law 
manifests in every sphere, or plane, in the Uni- 
verse. In the mineral and animal kingdoms it 
works with a distinct purpose as it does in the 
vegetable kingdom. Among the minerals, the 
atoms which vibrate at a rate manifesting as gold 
are attracted and adhere together as gold; and, 
as a center of force, it has a character and a value 
separate and distinct from any other metal, or 

The vibration of the atoms composing a center 
in the animal kingdom are of a much higher rate 
than are those of the mineral, or vegetable king- 
dom, and, since it is in accordance with the law of 
vibratory attraction that force grows stronger 
with the increase of the power of its center, the 
force manifesting as attraction and repulsion in 
^ an animal, or a man, is much greater than in either 
of the lower kingdoms. In these higher forms of 
manifestation this force is not confined to the 
selection and rejection of physical atoms that will 
compose its material center, but it goes a step 
further and manifests also as mental likes and 
dislikes. For a law of physics is also a law of 
metaphysics, and the law of attraction and repul- 
sion operates more forcefully and with greater 

172 Occult Philosophy 

rapidity upon the mental than upon the material 
plane, and this is because of the higher rate of 
vibration of the atoms composing mind or soul. 
The objective mind of man, being of a lower rate 
of vibration than the subjective mind, is more re- 
pellent than attractive to the things which would 
serve to aid him in his evolutionary journey. And 
it is because man permits his objective mind to 
direct his affairs for him, that he meets with so 
much sorrow and disharmony in physical life. 
Before the Sons of God, or subjective minds, came 
to earth to incarnate in animal forms, they were 
negatively good, in the realm of innocence in which 
they dwelt, and therefore they enjoyed a negative 
happiness there. But when they undertook the 
task of incarnating upon this earth in the physical 
forms that were already under the control of pos- 
itive animal minds, they were as utterly unable to 
control them at first as a child is unable to control 
a man. And, while those subjective minds were 
becoming accustomed to their new environment, 
they were entirely under the dominion of their ob- 
jective or lower minds. 

During all the ages that have passed since the 
Sons of God came here to dwell, a few have gained 
absolute control over their objective minds and 
have therefore evolved beyond the condition of the 
mass of humanity, which is still suffering under 
that dominion. Those few souls have the freedom 

Mental Repulsion 


of thought and action that are the attributes of 
spiritual men and are now positively happy be- 
cause of their positive goodness; and they have 
evolved to where they are no longer the victims of 
circumstances, but absolutely control their en- 
vironment. There are others who have not yet 
reached the point of development where they are 
able constantly to control their animal, or objec- 
tive minds, but who are trying to do so, and it is 
to such egos that the message of occultism is 

In Lecture Five of this Course a description was 
given of the origin and development of man's ob- 
jective mind; in Lecture Six it was shown that 
man is a center for the expression of force and by 
reason of this, he belongs either to the construc- 
tive or to the destructive side of nature. If he is 
destructive he uses the destructive forces of na- 
ture, since those are the forces he attracts to him- 
self by reason of his own rate of vibration. If his 
animal mind dominates his actions then he, as a 
center, or vortex, draws to himself force from the 
cosmic currents out of which his animal mind was 
created. And since that mind was formed of the 
orange, the red and the green currents blended to- 
gether, those three are the forces which he uses.^ 
The orange life force supplies his body with phys- 
ical strength. From the red cosmic force he draws 

» The History and Power of Mind, pp. 238 ; 242-253. 

174 Occult Philosophy 

his different emotions and passions and, by its 
aid, he hates and quarrels and destroys his own 
and other persons ' property. Through the use of 
this current he is immoral and irregular in his 
habits. He indulges his appetites and his sexual 
passions to a state of satiety, and, by reason of his 
excesses, precipitates upon himself the calamities 
and misfortunes which are the natural conse- 
quences of such indulgence. 

By aid of the green cosmic force he becomes 
more individualized in the misuse of his forces. 
Where once he raised a mob of men to help fight 
his battles, he now challenges other men to fight 
duels, and where once he was quite content to 
satisfy his sexual desires by indulgence with al- 
most anything in female form, he now prefers a 
mistress, or mistresses, of his own. 

Where by aid of the red force alone he once 
robbed and took by physical force the property 
and rights of others and then scattered his ill- 
gotten gains as quickly as he had secured them, 
he, through the added power of the green force, 
now desires aggrandizement. He robs and steals 
in secret and then protects and continues to hold 
the property he has gained by making laws, or by 
bribing law makers, to favor him in his dis- 

As a natural consequence the mental condition 
of such a man is one of constant repulsion to cer- 

Mental Repulsion 


tain persons and certain things; and the forces 
which manifest through him as a center are gen- 
erally destructive and repulsive. Because of his 
disregard of the voice of conscience, his subjective 
mind has very little influence over him for the 
betterment of his condition; and instead of pro- 
gressing mentally, or physically, he becomes more 
and more hampered and harassed by the troubles 
of his own creation. After many lives of this kind 
he has accumulated karmic debts which are like 
millstones about his neck, limiting his power and 
even his desire to demand good for himself. He 
finds no one who can, or will, trust, or believe, 
in his promises because he has been and is untrust- 
worthy. He repels mentally and physically other 
persons who are better developed and more re- 
fined than himself. Because of his grossness and 
vulgarity, he attracts to himself, as his friends, 
only those who are at the same common rate of 
mental vibration with himself, and this is because 
only such persons can endure his vibrations. It 
is not at all helpful to him to have such unde- 
veloped people as these for his friends, since, like 
himself, they, too, are seeking aggrandizement and 
wish to use him as a means to further their ends. 
They will profess friendship for him so long as 
he can be made of use, but when he refuses to 
accede further to their demands these friends im- 
mediately become his enemies. 

1^6 Occult Philosophy 

Because of the wrongs committed in previous 
lives, he will sometimes be compelled to live in the 
closest family relationship with persons whom he 
hates and who hate him. And because of his en- 
vironment, which he knows not how to change, he 
is sometimes compelled to live thus and suffer for 
a lifetime without relief. For example: Here 
is an ego incarnated in female form. For many- 
lives in succession, whether with a masculine, or 
feminine personality, she has given expression 
only to her selfish, animal desires. She was born 
into a family with several brothers and sisters 
all younger than herself. She is without financial 
means and lives in a locality where -there are no 
opportunities for her to gain money. Her parents 
are poor, her relatives are poor and all her neigh- 
bors are poor. The great Karmic Law has placed 
her where she cannot steal, as she did in former 
lives, because there is nothing here worth stealing. 
She cannot improve herself socially, or financially, 
at another's expense, because there is nothing in 
her environment for a social, or a financial founda- 
tion. She is obliged to cook and wash and iron 
for the different members of her family because 
there is no one else to do it. Her brothers and 
sisters and the father and mother, for whom she 
toils, do not show her any affection and she is in 
such a repellent mental condition, because of her 
unhappy environment, that she naturally repels 

Mental Repulsion 


affection. And because of the hatred and bitter- 
ness in her heart she is in a constant inharmonious 
condition. This condition repels every good thing 
that might come to her, and attracts things which 
are of a similar inharmonious and destructive vi- 
bration. Because she has no knowledge of the 
justice of the great Law, she is forced to believe 
in luck and declares that she has nothing, and 
does not expect anything but bad luck for the 
remainder of her life. She becomes pessimistic 
about everything. If she lives on a farm and her 
family depends for their maintenance upon what 
can be raised there, she predicts frosts to Mil, 
floods to droAvn, and fires to burn everything they 
possess. And since it is in accordance with law 
that what one really expects, will surely come, 
this pessimistic, inharmonious, fearing woman's 
life becomes a continuous disappointment. 

If she plans to go somewhere, as a preface, she 
declares that it will storm before she returns and 
ruin her clothes and her pleasure. She thinks 
storm and watches for it, and it is pretty sure to 
come and do all the mischief that she declared, or 
thought, it would do. It was not because she had 
the mental power to bring a storm, through her 
pessimistic thinking, but she was drawn into the 
storm because it was an inharmonious condition of 
the elements and vibrated at the same common 
rate with her stormy, discordant mental condition. 

178 Occult Philosophy 

This woman rebels against the "fate" which 
compels her to scrub and cook for the members 
of her family, and to one not acquainted with the 
operation of the Law of Justice, it would seem as 
if she were suffering from an injustice. But had 
she a memory of some of her past lives in all their 
fullness, she would know that the persons, whom 
she is now serving, are the same individuals to 
whom she owes debts. There is a brother whose 
heavy, coarse garments she is obliged to wash and 
mend and whose stockings she must knit; in an- 
other life she either robbed him outright of his 
money, or borrowed, and never repaid it. With 
the selfishness still in her nature, that prompted 
her to do that wrong to him in another life, she 
would not willingly repay him in this life, even if 
she had the means, and so the great Law makes 
her serve him with her hands and feet until that 
debt is fully cancelled. There is a sister whose 
dresses she is obliged to make, and, for whom, 
after the daily household duties are done, she 
sometimes sits until late into the night sewing and 
mending. It is true that she rebels against the 
work and hates her sister; and perhaps she even 
wishes that she could die and thus be rid of the 
burden. But she will never be rid of it until her 
karmic debt is fully paid. She does not know, and 
perhaps she does not care to know, what caused 
her bondage to that sister. But if she could look 

Mental Repulsion 179 

into the past she might see that there was once a 
time when that individual, for whom she is now 
toiling, had been her servant whom she refused to 
pay. Because of the selfishness TrTher heart, she 
took the service of that person's hands and feet 
and gave her nothing in return. She cheated her 
of the money she toiled for and used it for her 
own selfish purposes; but now the great Law of 
Justice has placed her where she must serve out 
this debt, and she will never be released until it is 
paid. And so it is with every member of her 
family. She owes each one a debt that she is pay- 
ing with her services, and it might be a temporary 
comfort to her troubled soul if she could but under- 
stand that it is not a cruelty but a kindness to 
have this opportunity in which to pay all these 
debts at once, instead of being obliged to take a 
lifetime for each. 

But until her karmic debts are nearly paid, she 
cannot see nor be made to understand either the 
cause of her condition, or a way to get out of it. 
In her repellent mental attitude she cannot and 
will not accept nor believe in the law of Demand 
and Supply. This is because her karma is, as yet, 
but partly exhausted. There are so many remain- 
ing karmic debts between her and the light of free- 
dom that they obscure that light from her vision, 
as the rain clouds obscure the sun from the earth. 
This woman cannot accept so high a truth as this, 

i8o Occult Philosophy 

but instead attracts to her roind many supersti- 
tions and false beliefs. This is because these un- 
truths are vibrating in harmony with her own 
false, untruthful nature ; and, as the force working 
through the oak tree attracts only such atoms as 
are needed to build the oak and to give it its oaken 
character and repels all other atoms, so does this 
woman attract such beliefs, or superstitions, as 
correspond with her nature and her mental 

Humanity as a mass cannot receive, or under- 
stand the higher Occult Truths. It is only the 
few who are consciously working to control their 
objective minds who are ready to be helped at the 
present time in this way. These lessons are writ- 
ten for the few who desire to become practical 
Occultists, the first three lectures of this course 
are the foundation stones of Adeptship, and no 
one will ever be accepted as a student by the 
Silent Brotherhood who does not build his char- 
acter upon them.* 

Before the subjective minds of animal men have 
become to any degree victorious over their ob- 
jective minds, the superstitions created by their 
animal hopes and fears are the only things that 
they can understand, or appreciate. To the un- 
developed, ignorant, animal-man's mind the howl- 
ing of a lonely dog at the hour of midnight is a 

* The History and Power of Mind, pp. 196-198. 


Mental Repulsion i8i 

warning that death is near ; and he at once begins 
to wonder if it is his own death that is approach- 
ing. And for many days and sometimes for weeks 
afterward, his thoughts may be so engrossed with 
the fear of death that he stops swearing and drink- 
ing and behaves much better than he has for years. 
To the ignorant mind of an animal-woman who 
hears the faint ticking sound that is sometimes 
made by a little beetle as it burrows into the 
wooden wall, it is a sign of immediate death. Her 
particular superstition teaches that this sound is 
the death watch and is ticking away the seconds 
of her life ; and she immediately turns her thoughts 
away from her gossiping and mischief-making and 
begins preparations for her demise. But to the 
person who rules the objective mind, neither of 
these superstitions means anything, because he 
knows that he can control his own destiny and 
can use his physical body as long as he desires. 
And if he knew that the transition, called death, 
were near at hand, and if he believed it to be 
advisable for him to make the change, he would 
not be frightened into better conduct because of 
it, since he lives each day to his highest ideal 
and, therefore, each day is his best. 

There is much confusion of thought concern- 
ing the operation of the Law of Demand and Sup- 
ply in connection with the Law of Justice. In the 
Eastern School of Occultism the Karmic Law is 


Occult Philosophy 

so forcefully presented that it almost assumes an 
aspect of fatalism, or of "Kismet," as it is called 
by the Mohammedan. But the Western student 
is taught that the Law of Karma is a part of 
the Law of Demand and Supply. For example : 
Here is a man who is suffering from poverty. 
He seems to be unable to get a position by which 
he may earn his living. Every position he ap- 
plies for has been filled and perhaps less than an 
hour before. He seems to be always too late for 
everything he wants, and he walks the streets 
praying for (demanding) work until he becomes 
so tired and faint from hunger that he can scarcely 
stand. He does not know, and, perhaps would not 
believe it if he were told, that this is a karmic 
condition which is the result of his past demands 
for idleness. In another life, or during the earlier 
part of this one, he did not want work, but pre- 
ferred idleness, and resented all suggestions of 
work when they were made to him. At that time 
he may have had plenty of means and did not 
need a position and he may then have vehemently 
declared that ' ' the world owed him a living, ' ' and 
yet was not wise enough to follow that absurd 
remark with the declaration that the world must 
give him a living. This man is now suffering 
past karma, which is really the supply to his de- 
mand for idleness. The earnest demands he now 
makes for work will bring future work, and per- 

Mental Repulsion 


haps a great deal more than he can do ; and, when 
that time comes, if he has then learned some- 
thing about the Law of Karma, he will wonder 
what he ever did to create a condition which 
brought such an amount of labor for him. 

Here is another example : There are two broth- 
ers and both are suffering from illness and pov- 
erty. They are fond of each other and live har- 
moniously together, but there seems to be no way 
for them to get out of their unpleasant environ- 
ment and both become greatly discouraged. One 
day one of the brothers finds a book, in the road, 
and takes it home to read. In that book is a 
statement of the Law of Demand and Supply and 
there are also rules for overcoming or ''demon- 
strating" over poverty and disease, all of which 
appeal to the man as true. He tells his brother 
alDout the book and declares his intention to put 
the rules into immediate practice. His brother 
cannot appreciate the teachings of the book, does 
not care to understand them, nor will he even listen 
while the book is read to him. But the progres- 
sive brother continues to read and to think and 
begins to practice with the knowledge he gains. 
As a result he overcomes, or demonstrates, over 
his physical and financial difficulties and, after 
a time, rises superior to them while the other 
brother continues ill and poor and wretched. The 
poor brother refuses to help himself, or to be 

184 Occult Philosophy 

helped, by ''such nonsense," and as the progres- 
sive brother's mental and physical vibrations grow 
higher, because of his improved mental and physi- 
cal conditions, the poor brother turns from him 
in bitterness and grows to hate him because he 
has been left behind in his undevelopment. The 
heart of the progressive man is troubled because 
of his brother's mental attitude and wonders if 
this condition is karmic. 

It is karmic ; but it is a karma produced by the 
working of the Law of Demand and Supply. The 
men were each in an unhappy condition as a re- 
sult of transgressing the law in another life. But 
the more progressive man had more nearly ex- 
piated his mistakes than had the other, and, when 
almost at the end of his karmic afflictions, his 
demand for relief was met by the great Law in 
the form of the book. He was far enough out 
from his karmic gloom to be able to see the truth, 
when it was presented to him, and to profit by it. 
The other man, who would not listen, had not yet 
finished with his karma; there were still so many 
obligations to be paid, and the shadows cast by 
them were too dense for him to see the truth. He 
was not ready, and would not be, until he had fin- 
ished, or had nearly finished, with his expiation, 
after which he could be helped, as his progressive 
brother had been. But it might not be in this 
life, and, if that were the case, those brothers 

Mental Repulsion 185 

had come to the parting of their ways. And, 
however sad it might seem to either, it was in- 
evitable. The difference in the mental and phy- 
sical vibrations of each would separate them as 
surely as oil separates from water, and this sep- 
aration would come because of the action of the 
law of vibration. 

Thus it may be stated as a rule that when a 
person accepts the Law of Demand and Supply as 
a truth, it is an indication that his old karma is 
nearly exhausted and that he is in a position to 
demand, and very soon to enter, a better environ- 
ment. But when a person closes his eyes and ears 
to this truth, and refuses to accept, or to con- 
sciously to make use of the Law of Demand and 
Supply, it is an indication that he has a large 
amount of old karma to overcome and that he 
cannot get out, nor be helped out, of his unhappy 
condition until those karmic debts are paid. 

There are several very important conditions to 
be observed when a student commences consciously 
to use the Law of Demand and Supply; for it is 
one thing to use it unconsciously, as do the plants 
and animals and many men, and another thing 
to use it consciously. The first step is to learn 
all that is possible *about it by studying its opera- 
tions, and by tracing the causes for existing con- 
ditions in one's self and in others. If a person 
is in possession of something which he does not 

i86 Occult Philosophy 

desire and which he seems to be unable to get rid 
of, he should first concentrate his thoughts upon 
it and demand to know how it came into his pos- 
session and what he did to bring it. And, when 
he is perfectly satisfied that he does not and never 
will want that thing again, then he should con- 
centrate his mind upon it and demand that it shall 
be removed. 

The man of regular, orderly habits, who never 
drinks liquor nor smokes tobacco, sometimes won- 
ders, with indignation, why persons make him 
presents of bottles of wine and boxes of cigars. 
He should not permit himself to become indignant, 
because, either in a former life, or in the earlier 
part of this one, he wanted, or demanded, and 
used these things which now he cares nothing for ; 
and wine, pipes and cigars are the supplies which 
are still coming in answer to his former demands. 
In the next life, because of the indignation he 
now feels when such things are presented to him, 
he will probably be so situated that he could not 
get a bottle of wine if he should want it, and 
pipes, tobacco and cigars will also be great rari- 

Time given to concentration is never wasted. 
Many persons are inclined to consider this mental 
work an interruption to legitimate business. But 
all business, as well as every kind of pleasure, is 
better done and more satisfaction is derived from 

Mental Repulsion 187 

doing it, if concentration of thought is brought to 
bear upon it. The successful person concentrates 
his mind upon everything he does. He never de- 
cides a question mthout deliberation, and the 
greater and deeper the concentration he gives to 
it, the better and more satisfactory are his re- 
sults. It is the same when making a demand, for 
the more concentration put upon that demand and 
the more time given to it the sooner it will be 

The reason one person has more power of Con- 
centration than another is because he has had more 
practice. This may be due to the fact that he is 
an older ego, or it may be because he has improved 
his time better. 

If a person is so situated that all his material 
wants are supplied, he is not inclined to demand, 
or to concentrate, upon them, but he then has a 
good opportunity to demand and to concentrate 
upon mental and spiritual power. If he does this, 
he is improving his time and is gaining in the 
power of concentration the same as is the man 
who demands and concentrates upon material 
things; for the power of concentration increases 
with use, and whether it is used for a higher, or 
a lower, purpose it must and will grow. And the 
demands made for things that are injurious to 
both the body and the mind of a man will be met, 
through his power of concentration, just as surely 

Occult Philosophy 

as will the demands for things which will raise 
him materially, mentally and spiritually. 

For example : He who concentrates his thoughts 
upon the creation of a system, by which he may 
break the bank at Monte Carlo, may use the same 
amount of concentration upon his demand for 
knowledge along this line, that another man might 
use in studying how to make the lens of a telescope 
that would enable astronomers to know the actual 
climatic and atmospheric conditions of another 
planet. The power of concentration of each of 
these men would develop equally while they were 
studying their different subjects and thus they 
would have, and be ready to use, that power at 
another time upon some other demand which might 
be of greater personal value to each. And here 
again the Law of Karma comes into operation. 
The reason the man wished to break the bank 
at Monte Carlo was because, either in this life, 
or in another, he had been robbed of every dollar 
he possessed by that, or by some other gambling 
institution. In his heart he has a desire to retal- 
iate for the material loss he sustained through 
gambling, and uses his power of concentration for 
this purpose. The time he spends in concentra- 
ting is not wasted, because he gains in power 
thereby, but the karma he makes for himself by 
hating and demanding revenge will tie him for 
another life, perhaps, to the men whom he now 

Mental Repulsion 189 

seeks to injure. Knowing this, it is wiser to 
select as a subject for concentration things, or 
qualities, that will be of benefit rather than a 

Here is a man who greatly desires to gain a 
knowledge of medicine. He longs for the time 
to come when he can devote his entire time to 
this study. But he has now neither the means 
nor the opportunity. He lives in a rural district 
and is obliged to rise at four or five o'clock in 
the morning to milk the cows. He has not a mo- 
ment of time to read, until after the last duty 
has been done at night, when he may take an hour, 
perhaps, to study the advertisements for patent t 
medicines in the weekly newspaper. Yet his mind 
is filled with the desire to go to college and to 
become a practicing physician. And it may be- 
that, notwithstanding his longing and demand for 
this knowledge, he may not have it met in this 
life, because of his unfavorable karmic conditions, 
and because of his lack of knowledge of the Law 
of Demand and Supply. If he could know that 
the demands he is now making will be met in his 
next life, just as surely as these obstacles, which 
are now in his way, were put there by demands 
made in another life, he would be better satisfied 
to wait. During some other life he desired to 
possess a farm and the stock which now stand 
in the way of his study of medicine; and he de- 

Occult Philosophy 

manded that kind of work then just as earn- 
estly as he is now demanding a college educa- 

When he has gained all the experience he needs 
from his old demands, when he knows all that is 
necessary about farming and stock raising, then 
his condition will change, and in his next incar- 
nation he may be born the son, or daughter, of an 
eminent physician, and, in his new en^aronment, 
have every opportunity to study, which is now 
denied him. The more concentration he puts on 
his farming now the more power of concentra- 
tion will he possess as a physician, and the better 
work will he do then. 

It is impossible to utterly fail in demonstrating, 
for even the lightest wish, if not destroyed by an 
equally strong denial, will some time bring the 
thing wished for. But it may not come at the 
time it is desired, or perhaps for a long time after 
the desire for it is dead; but it must and will come 
some time, when the vibrations of the individual 
who wished for it have been changed from repul- 
sion to attraction. 

A pessimistic condition of mind is the cause 
of mental and physical repulsion of good things. 
The person who can only see disaster and destruc- 
tion before him, draws those conditions into his 
life the same as the happy, hopeful mind draws 
peaceful and beautiful things into his life. The 

Mental Repulsion 


pessimist selects the misfortunes as forcefully, as 
he rejects the blessings of life, and, because he 
receives what he selects, or demands, he is un- 
happy and makes every one round him unhappy. 
The pessimistic man in business, whether he be a 
merchant, a banker, a broker, or an investor, is 
always losing his money. He expects to lose it, 
and therefore the Law gives him the opportunity. 
Because he believes all men are dishonest he is 
drawn into business transactions with dishonest 
men. He lives and moves in the destructive cur- 
rent of dishonesty, and if he does not get out 
of his unfortunate mental condition, he will never 
succeed in anything he undertakes. Pessimism, 
like any other defect of character, increases with 
every moment of time that it is permitted to in- 
fluence a person's actions. But if it does not find 
an external means of expression, like any other 
weed in the heart garden, it will die. 

The best manner by which a tendency to pessi- 
mism may be overcome is to set up an opposing 
current of vibration by reversing the expression 
of pessimistic opinion. If it looks as though it 
were going to rain, declare that the sun is coming 
out, and ignore, and if possible, forget the fact 
that the clouds are dark and threatening. If one 
feels miserable and wretched, one should search 
for the cause of the trouble. If it is found to be 
a torpid liver, or a severe case of indigestion, 

192 Occult Philosophy 

change the cook or diet. If neither brings the 
desired relief, wash out the intestines with warm 
salt water and fast for a day, or two. In the 
meantime go into the fresh air and sunshine. 
Take a trip out of town, or visit some one who 
is jolly and good tempered. If the pessimistic 
condition is found to be caused by mental de- 
pression alone, then declare peace and happiness 
until they come and drive away the depresse^d 
mood. If the pessimistic condition has come be- 
cause of the loss of material things, or of friends, 
declare that no thing nor person can be lost to 
you that belongs to you. If, what you supposed 
was yours, belonged to some one else, you are 
glad that it has reached its real owner at last; 
then stop thinking about it and commence making 
demands for something else to take the place of 
that which has been taken from you. 

Every ego is just where it belongs at this mo- 
ment. And every ego will eventually become what 
it really desires to be. If it desires to grow and 
to progress, the opportunities will be given as fast 
as it can make use of them. But if it prefers to 
retrogress and degenerate, then abundant oppor- 
tunities will be given to do both; and if it per- 
sists in retrogression and never progresses then 
it will some time reach a point where the Great 
Consciousness will re-absorb it and it will cease 
to exist as an individualized center, and will be 

Mental Repulsion 193 

drawn back again into the atomic portion of God 
— Divine Mind. 

All the blossoms on the fruit trees do not be- 
come fruit. But none is wasted, because the 
Mother Principle in nature re-absorbs the blasted 
blossoms, and the same power of selection, which 
drew to the tree the atoms which gave it power 
to bring forth the first flowers, will draw back to 
it the atoms that are scattered round it upon the 
earth. And when the next season comes, blossoms 
will again appear, stronger and more beautiful 
than the others, because of the added force the 
tree has gained through the absorption of the old 

Discouragement is but a step above pessimism. 
And when one yields to and remains in a discour- 
aged condition of mind over seeming failures to 
make demonstrations, one has temporarily, at 
least, entered the destructive mental current with 
the pessimist. Discouragement repels good things, 
and, like pessimism, attracts the undesirable. It 
is born of impatience, and it is because one be- 
comes impatient and unwilling to wait for de- 
mands to be met that one becomes discour- 

But if every Son of God could realize that every 
wish he makes will some time be granted, and 
that, too, so soon as the avenue, through which 
it must come, shall be cleared of the thought rub- 

194 Occult Philosophy 

bish he himself has placed therein, discouragement 
with him would die a natural death. Egos should 
look with broadened vision beyond this short life, 
which is but a day in the evolutionary journey 
of each. 

The wise man who starts to take a trip around 
the world plans for more than a day at a time. 
He telegraphs ahead for his steamer and rail- 
road accommodations, and if he fails to get them, 
he waits until others can be had. And while wait- 
ing he gets as much enjoyment as is possible out 
of his environment. If he were to rush and fume, 
or get discouraged and turn back, every time he 
missed a train, or when a delay occurred, all en- 
joyment of his trip would be destroyed and his 
journey, which should be one of pleasure and 
profit, would become a continuous mental and 
physical strain — a wear and tear upon his nervous 

If a person has demanded money he should wait 
until it comes before he spends it, and he will have 
no debts to trouble him. It is always best to 
live within one's income, and, if possible, have 
something left each month, or year, to use in 
case an emergency should arise. It is the anxiety 
of not knowing how to meet one's financial obli- 
gations which causes the greatest discouragement 
in life. If a man is so situated that he cannot 
afford to live like a prince, then let him live in 

Mental Repulsion 195 

the manner befitting his station until his demands 
shall be met, when he will be able to live as he 

Learn to wait, and to wait patiently, as God — 
Divine Mind — waits for the development of man. 



In Lectures Six and Seven, vibration was de- 
scribed as the keynote of Creation, and sufiScient 
was said to acquaint the student with its position 
as a pivotal element in the Universe. Limited 
space prevents a further discussion of vibration 
per se, but further information will be given re- 
garding its influence upon the subjective mind 
and upon man's relationships in physical life.^ 

In opposition to mental repulsion, disharmony 
and pessimism, or the destructive mental forces, 
are mental attraction, optimism and progression, 
or the constructive mental forces. It is necessary 
to study both forces to gain a thorough under- 
standing of the operation of the Law of Evolu- 
tion, for the student must be shown the seamy, or 
wrong side, of life as well as the right, or finished 

The egg-shaped center of consciousness called 
mind, or man, is the highest vibrating center of 
force that continuously exists upon this planet as 
form. And it is only because of its union with the 

^ Fragments of Truth, Chapter III. 


Mental Attraction 


objective mind, and the preponderance of the ob- 
jective mind, that the subjective mind is compelled 
to remain upon the earth. Being of a higher rate 
of vibration than the earth, or than anything pro- 
duced by the earth, it could not be confined to this 
material plane if it were not for this union. And 
until the lower mind shall be raised and shall be 
made to vibrate in harmony, with its higher mind, 
neither mind can progress beyond its present con- 

The animal mind is to the subjective mind what 
the anchor-drag is to the ship, or to the captive 
balloon. It holds its subjective mind upon this 
mundane sphere by means of the magnetic mental 
attraction that exists between them. And the ob- 
jective mind, by reason of its greater weight, or 
lower rate of vibrations, is held to the earth by its 
own density, and by its attraction to the material 
things upon the earth. And until the animal mind 
shall cease to love the things of earth, shall be- 
come less sensuous, and shall turn more of its 
attention toward mental and spiritual things, it 
will continue to be just what it is— a jailor for its 
subjective mind, who is now its most unhappy 
prisoner upon this plane. 

Before coming into contact with its objective, 
animal mind, the subjective mind was happy and 
hopeful. It knew nothing of sorrow nor of dis- 
appointment, nor of the physical ills or troubles 

ig8 Occult Philosophy 

of material life. And when its mission upon this 
plane has been fulfilled, and it has so far conquered 
that lower, animal mind as to become its master, 
instead of its slave, then its original nature will be 
reasserted and it will again be happy. When that 
great victory has been gained its happiness will 
be positive, that of a glorified ego rather than 
the negative happiness of a helpless, ignorant in- 
fant. Then its fetters of limitation will fall away, 
and, because of its spiritual knowledge and power, 
it will be able to pass, at will, beyond this vale of 
tears into the realm where there are no tears, and 
where physical and material troubles are never 
experienced. But before that great triumph can 
be gained there ai'e many steps to be taken on 
its evolutionary journey; and the first of these 
is to acquire perfect poise. 

Before the human child can walk, or run, it must 
learn to stand by gaining and maintaining its 
physical equilibrium; and w^hat is true upon the 
material plane is also true upon the mental plane. 
After mental poise is acquired it must be main- 
tained, since mental progression without poise is 
as impossible to attain as is physical progression 
without equilibrium. 

In the ego's struggle for freedom, fear is the 
first and last enemy that has to be overcome. ^ It 
is the most formidable attribute of the objective 

> The History and Power of Mind, pp. 69-72 ; 82-86 ; 144, 244, 259. 

Mental Attraction 199 

mind, and it is that which limits man to the nar- 
rowest confines of earth. So long as it rules and 
reigns in the human heart, mental poise and com- 
plete individualization are impossijale to attain; 
for fear casts its malefic influence upon men and 
women alike, and it retards the growth of an ego 
more than does any other thing. 

Physical fear and fear of loss are the first two 
aspects to be overcome of this retarding influence ; 
and to accomplish this, the ego must learn to recog- 
nize its own indestructibility. Composed, as it 
is, of ethereal substance of a higher rate of vibra- 
tion than that of material things, it can neither be 
destroyed nor injured by material things, nor by 
the loss of material things, nor by the loss of 
friends. Since individualization is God's ultimate 
purpose for every ego, earthly transitions, such 
as the coming and going of friends, or of enemies, 
can only hinder, or help, according to the ability of 
a soul to keep its poise. 

As an aid toward the recognition of its individu- 
ality, an ego must first learn to be happy when 
alone, and not to be dependent upon another per- 
son, or persons for its pleasure, or happiness. It 
is the human baby that must be kept quiet and 
amused by a rattlebox, or a bell, or by something 
that can make a noise or a confusion. But when 
its physical body and brain have matured, it should 
evolve beyond the necessity for rattleboxes and 


200 Occult Philosophy 

bells, and should be amused and entertained by 
thoughts instead of things. Not that man should 
cease to love the society of his friends, or that he 
should retire from this beautiful world with all 
its wonderful scenery; but he should not be de- 
pendent upon persons, or things, for his pleasure, 
or his happiness. 

The person who cannot be alone for a moment 
without being lonely, or wretched, but who must 
have some one to talk to, has no mental poise and 
very little individuality. The person who dares 
not go to sleep without a light burning in his room, 
has no mental force, or mental equilibrium. The 
person who cannot be content unless he is plunged 
into social gaieties, or is madly rushing from one 
fete to another, is utterly and entirely upon the 
physical plane of being, and is dragging his help- 
less, unhappy subjective mind after him as merci- 
lessly as a conquering general drags after him 
his captives of war. 

The next aspect of fear to be overcome is the 
fear of public opinion, or of criticism. ^ There are 
men who have such tremendous physical strength 
that they do not fear to combat either man or 
beasts ; and yet they may be completely cowed by 
a sarcastic glance, a scornful smile, or a shrug 
of the shoulders given by some one whose admira- 
tion they desire to gain. With set teeth and un- 

^ The History and Power of Mind, pp. 84-85. 

Mental Attraction 


faltering step those men would walk straight for- 
ward to meet death in battle, or would die at the 
stake without a moan of pain ; but they could not 
bear ridicule, and, perhaps, would sacrifice their 
highest moral principles rather than be pro- 
nounced out of date. 

For example: Mr. Blank is really fond of his 
wife and of his family, and prefers to spend his 
evenings at home; but Mr. Dash, whose admira- 
tion and respect Mr. Blank greatly desires to gain, 
is fond of nothing but "a good time." Mr. Dash 
invites Mr. Blank to go with him and "make a 
night of it," and he goes because he is afraid, if he 
should refuse the invitation, his friend would call 
him *'a back number." It is true he is not happy 
one moment of the time he spends in dissipation, 
but he has not the courage, or the mental poise, to 
look Mr. Dash in the eyes and say, "I prefer to 
remain at home with my wife. ' ' He could not bear 
the ridicule that such a reply w'ould provoke 
among his acquaintances by this out-of-date " 

And it is the same kind of fear that casts its 
demoralizing influence upon Mrs. Blank when Mrs. 
Dash invites her to a theatre party and a supper 
afterward, and provides old Mr. Roue as her escort 
for the evening. Mrs. Blank would much rather 
go to the play with her husband, whom she really 
likes better than any one she knows, but she is 


Occult Philosophy 

afraid to refuse this invitation. She has not the 
mental poise to look Mrs. Dash in the face and 
say, ''If your invitation does not include Mr. 
Blank I must decline it.'* She could not bear the 
disdainful curl of Mrs. Dash's lip, nor the pity- 
ing glances of her acquaintances after taking such 
a prudish position; and so she goes to the party 
and permits Mr. Eoue to say and do many things 
which she would not like her husband to know. 
She does not enjoy the party, although sbe makes 
a pretence of doing so, and, after the farce is 
♦ ended, she returns home humiliated and ashamed 

of her conduct, and all because she feared to be 
called a "prude." And thus two souls are re- 
tarded in their growth because they fear ridicule. 
Each loses its poise and individuality because of 
that element of fear which has always been the 
direct cause of most of the misery and failures in 
physical life. 

It is this attribute of the objective mind that 
paralyzes the power of the artist to sing, or to 
act, before the public. He fears criticism, or ridi- 
cule, and, by yielding to the power of his fear, 
places himself in the position he most dreads. 
Then there are other persons who fear bad luck 
and accidents. To the ignorant, objective mind 
of man, such calamities seem to drop upon him out 
of nothingness; and the cause of either seems as 
intangible and difficult to understand as is the 

Mental Attraction 


Causeless Cause," or "a dispensation of Provi- 
dence." Because of a lack of knowledge concern- 
ing the operation of the law of vibration, he does 
not know how to escape from his misfortunes, and 
as soon as he emerges from one mishap, another 
comes upon him, and, because of his constant 
dread, or fear of calamities, he has neither poise 
nor peace. 

The best way to destroy fear is to become indif- 
ferent to, and to lose interest in, the miserable 
mental pictures that fear paints.^ When man can 
recognize his own individuality, his indestructi- 
bility and his superiority as compared with his 
material environment, fear will wither and die out 
of his heart, since it can only live because of the 
existence and exercise of his lower emotions. 

The artist who works for the world's flattery, 
or praise, more than to attain perfection in art, is 
stimulated by the emotion of personal vanity. He 
is striving to place himself before the world, and 
uses art as a means to elevate him above the heads 
of his competitors. And, because of this desire 
for personal laudation, he suffers from and fears 
the criticism of the world. But if he is working 
to attain perfection instead of praise, then he be- 
comes his own most severe critic and has no other 
critic to fear. He is grateful for honest criticism 
and for good suggestions, and his skill improves 

» The History and Power of Mind, pp. 85 86 ; 91-98 ; 145. 

204 Occult Philosophy 

because he accepts and profits by them. He gains 
in character and poise as he becomes more and 
more indifferent to ridicule, or disparagement; 
and he does not take the pleasure, or displeasure, 
of the world into his consideration. 

Fear and falsity go hand in hand, and it is 
usually the man who has something to conceal 
who most fears criticism or ridicule. It may be 
that it is his ignorance which he fears will be ex- 
posed and laughed at; in which case it is his posi- 
tion before the world, which he is unworthily try- 
ing to maintain, that he fears he may lose. Or, if 
he has not yet reached the desired position, but 
hopes to do so, then he fears that criticism may 
prevent him from gaining that which does not be- 
long to him and which he does not deserve. If 
he could only recognize the truth that he is an 
evolving ego trying to reach perfection in all 
things, instead of pretending that he is now per- 
fect; and if he could also recognize his inherent 
divinity and his indestructibility, he could not lose 
his poise, because he would know that he could not 
fail to gain his own, if he persisted in his endeavor. 

With the progressive ego there is a direct re- 
versal of this order of thought. Because he has 
ceased to love material things better than mental, 
or spiritual, qualities, he has no fear of losing his 
earthly possessions, and gives to each article its 
proper valuation and place in his estimation. 

Mental Attraction 


Knowing that the world and all it contains is 
perishable and therefore transitory, he is wise 
enough to select his treasures, which are imperish- 
able, from the mental and spiritual planes of be- 
ing. If he does not remember his soul name, he 
selects the one, which, of all the names he has 
ever heard, is the most beautiful to him; and when 
alone calls himself by it. He places the greater 
part of his consciousness upon the mental plane by 
living in his thought creations. He depends upon 
his inspirations for pleasure and happiness, rather 
than upon the dross and tinsel of material things. 
To him, because he is well poised, the kaleidoscopic 
scenes of the material world are but passing 
shows. They are things to look upon, but not to 
live in. 

Evolutionary work never needs protection by 
the ego who is doing the work; because it will 
outlive all petty ridicule, or unkind criticisms, 
that may be put upon it. And it will also outlive 
the personalities of those who condemn it. Truth 
can never be destroyed. For a time it may become 
obscured by falsehood and deceit, but it cannot 
die any more than the progressing ego can die 
who writes, or speaks it. 

Every ego should have its aim, its object in 
life ; and that object should be its ideal for good, 
and it should work with all its earnestness to reach 
that ideal and to become a part of it. To gain and 


Occult Philosophy 

to maintain poise, while working for its ideal, it 
should constantly declare : "I am imperishable and 
indestructible, and there is nothing for me to 

The object in dwelling so long on the subject of 
fear is twofold. First, to show that most of the 
calamities, which befall men, are produced by the 
fear which is an attribute of the animal, or objec- 
tive, mind, and, second, to emphasize the deterrent 
effect that fear has upon the evolution of humanity. 
The mind being magnetic draws to itself whatever 
it persistently dwells upon; and the calamities in 
life are drawn by the law of attraction to man, 
through fear. This aspect of the operation of the 
law was also presented in *'The History and Power 
of Mind." 

The three elements which constitute the Law of 
Success are, first, a clear mental image of the 
object to be attained; second, the condition of 
the mind while in pursuit of its object, and, third, 
the conservation of energy. 

The Law of Attraction is a fundamental prin- 
ciple underlying the Law of Success, but it is 
not the only principle; and the inability to rec- 
ognize this fact is the cause of many of the seem- 
ing failures in the operation of the law. 

The shortest distance between two points is a 
straight line, and if a man has in view only his 
present position and an indefinite point to which 

Mental Attraction 


he would attain, he cannot travel in a straight line, 
or take the shortest route, toward his object. 
Therefore, one should not strive for, or demand, 
a general success, but, after deUberate thought, 
should determine in what line of work he desires 
specific success and then work to attain it. This 
is the first element. 

The second element is the mode of mmd one 
should maintain while working for success. And 
it is here that mental attraction performs a most 
important part. An optimistic mode of mind 
brings success, because optimism is evolutionism 
and works with, instead of against, the Law of 
Success. It is but another name for progression, 
and the optimist is the soul who has gained his 
mental poise and can see physical life in all its 
vicissitudes under an optimistic light. He has 
reached a point of development where he can look, 
unmoved and undisturbed, upon the hurrying, 
worrying members of society who are frantically 
rushing about after some external thing to give 
them pleasure, or happiness. The pessimist hates 
the optimist because he has been disturbed by his 
optimistic vibrations. For, when optimistic 
thought comes into contact with pessimistic 
thought it has the same effect upon it that sun- 
light and pure air have upon a dungeon. The 
rapid rates of vibration of the sunlight and the 
oxygen, dry the dampness which produced the 

2o8 Occult Philosophy 

mustiness and mould in the dungeon and raise 
them to higher rates of vibration. But the mould 
forms are disturbed and destroyed by the change, 
and the creatures that were born and bred in the 
darkness of the dungeon, and depended upon it for 
concealment, are compelled, by the change, to seek 
another habitation, or adjust themselves to new 
conditions. Because those creatures love the 
darkness and do not wish to be disturbed it is not 
a kindness to continue to maintain dungeons for 
them to exist in. Evolution says, ''Move on, or, 
cease to cumber the earth with your presence, 
since much is still to be gained before the night 
comes on, when all things must rest." 

For example : Here is an optimist who is a tour- 
ist and has reached a resting place in the sun- 
light on a mountain above the shadows of the 
valley below. He looks back upon his fellow- 
travelers who are struggling and stumbling over 
the path he has trod. And because he has trav- 
eled the same road, he is in a position to direct 
and advise the others. But, until they have com- 
pleted the first part of their journey and have 
approached sufficiently near to see the point of 
vantage the optimist has reached, they can neither 
understand nor appreciate the value of any advice 
he could give. Because he knows that he and all 
his fellow-tourists are living in eternity now, he 
has ceased to worry, or to hurry. He knows that 

Mental Attraction 209 

the mountain he is dimbing is one of the eternal 
hills, and will continue to be in the same place 
long after those who are now struggling up its 
rough and rocky sides have left this mundane 
sphere, and he stops and rests and enjoys the 
scenery. But to the man below him, who has 
limited himself to a three months' vacation from 
business, and who thinks he must "get the worth 
of his money," by crowding as much sight-seeing 
as possible into those three short months, the 
deliberation of the optimist is positively aggrava- 
ting. He feels that it should be resented by every 
active, industrious individual in the party, and 
remarks to the person nearest him that *4ife is 
too short to be spent mooning over clouds and 
colorings." He frets and fumes because some of 
his party are late for the first train back to the 
hotel, and paces up and dowT:i the platform be- 
fore the station and works himself into chills and 
fever because he is obliged to wait for the next 
train. He missed seeing the glorious sunrise, be- 
cause he was running after his courier to know 
if the lunch basket had been left behind; and he 
did not see the sunset because he was mentally 
upset about missing his train. 

The optimist knows how the pessimist feels, be- 
cause, at one time, he felt the same about similar 
trifles; but he also knows better than to argue 
with, or attempt to show him his mistake, be- 


Occult Philosophy 

cause his interference would be resented. So he 
looks unmoved upon the tempestuous outbursts 
of temper, and smiles while the pessimist 

When the three months' tour is ended and the 
party returns home, the pessimist has only com- 
plaints to make regarding his experiences. He 
went away with the hope of getting rest and pleas- 
ure, but found only disappointment and fatigue 
instead. His expenses were much more than he 
thought he was able to bear, and he remembers 
nothing but the misfortunes and mishaps which 
befell him. He finds that everything at home 
and in his business went wrong during his ab- 
sence. Burglars entered his house, as he knew 
they would, and took away his silver. At his place 
of business the cashier decamped with the con- 
tents of the safe, as he feared he would, and he, 
himself, is bitterly discouraged. 

All this happened because his objective mind 
was in control of the situation and had rushed 
him around without aim, or purpose. He wanted 
to go some place, but was not quite certain where. 
He did not go to the mountains to see the won- 
derful productions of nature, but because others, 
whose society he desired, were going. His ob- 
jective mind caused such confusion that he could 
not hear the intuitive suggestions of his subjec- 
tive mind, had they been made to him, and he was 

Mental Attraction 


constantly getting into trouble because of his lack 
of intuition and poise. 

The optimist enjoyed every moment of his jour- 
ney and saw enough wonders of nature for his 
thoughts to live upon during the coming year; 
he returned rested and refreshed and ready to 
resume his work. Because he expected to find his 
home and his business in harmonious conditions, 
he found them so. His pocket was not picked, 
neither did he lose any of his baggage. This was 
because he ruled his objective mind, under all 
circumstances, and feared nothing. 

It is the objective mind that creates the bad 
karma and builds all the misfortunes for man.^ 
And, so long as man permits his lower, animal 
mind to control his affairs, he will not become 
karmaless and free from misfortune. In the oper- 
ation of the law, governing Demand and Supply, 
the law works more rapidly with the optimist than 
with the pessimist, because the karmic obstacles 
in the path of the optimist have been largely re- 
moved, or overcome, while the karmic obstacles 
for the pessimist are still in the way and delay 
the coming of his demonstration. Then, too, the 
optimist has ceased to create new karmic ob- 
stacles, because he controls his objective mind, 
while the pessimist is constantly creating new 
karma through the activity of his objective mind. 

^ The History and Power of Mind, pp. 69-74. 

212 Occult Philosophy 

And these conditions not only affect the present 
life, but it also affects conditions for the next 

For example : Here are two brothers, both born 
in poverty. They commence life under unfavor- 
able financial conditions, and, because of this, both 
are pessimistically inclined ; but as the years pass, 
the views of one of the brothers begin to change. 
He finds that his affairs run more smoothly when 
he looks upon life philosophically. He knows 
nothing of Demand and Supply, as a law, but 
unconsciously uses that law, and, by so doing, 
overcomes much of his past karmic accumulations 
and also saves himself from making bad karma. 

His brother, however, becomes a confirmed pes- 
simist, and passes out of life in that unfortunate 
mental condition. The optimistic brother lives to 
old age, and goes out of physical life compara- 
tively happy, because of the poise he gained and 
maintained during the latter part of his life. 
When these two egos incarnate again the pessi- 
mist is born into poverty and misfortune, as the 
result of the mental creations he made during 
his last life, and the optimist is bom, this time, 
into affluent circumstances. His family and 
friends are well-to-do, and, because of the poise 
he had gained during his last life, this time he 
is born with increased individuality and mental 
force. In this incarnation the opportunity is given 

Mental Attraction 213 

to each of these egos to learn something of the 
science of living, and both undertake to demon- 
strate each for himself. The man who, during 
his last life, was a pessimist does not have his 
demands met as quickly as does the optimist, and 
becomes discouraged and wonders why the law 
does not work as readily for him as for the other 

Divine Law must work through instruments, and 
those most available, surrounding the pessimistic 
soul, through whom his demands would most likely 
be met, are persons who like himself are in 
straitened circumstances. This is due to the 
operation of the Law of Attraction. He and they 
were attracted together because they were of a 
common, or a like, rate of vibration. If he makes 
a demand for money — being surrounded by per- 
sons who have none and have no opportunities 
for getting it — it could not come to him so soon, 
or so easily, as if he were surrounded by those 
who had it and who could be used by the Law, 
as instruments, to meet his demands. The Law, 
then, must find other instruments who can be used 
in this man's behalf. This often causes delay, 
because there are so many adverse conditions to 
be met and overcome, and one of the greatest of 
these is the free will of the persons whom the Law 
must use. 

God — Divine Mind — never coerces Its children 


Occult Philosophy 

to do anything nor to give anything. It gives 
free will, but makes suggestions. If men follow 
their impressions, which are often God's sugges- 
tions, then they are working as Divine Law's in- 
struments. But if they do not follow their im- 
pressions, then they do not work with the Law, 
but against it. 

It is not difficult for the Law to meet the de- 
mand of the optimistic brother who is surrounded 
by persons who have plenty of money, because 
the instruments through which such demands can 
be met are available. And, perhaps, because of 
his past associations with them, there are karmic 
debts that they owe him, and which may now be 
paid through the operation of the Law of Demand 
and Supply. But in time the demands of both 
men will be met. 

The third element in the Law of Success is the 
conservation of force. By force is meant not only 
mental, but also physical force. Because, with- 
out a strong physical body, the mental powers 
have no material center through which to oper- 
ate. The conservation of mental energy requires 
that the greatest expenditure of force should be 
directed toward the attainment of a particular 
success selected, rather than that it should be dif- 
fused in an attempt to attain success along sev- 
eral lines simultaneously. In other words, a per- 
son should devote the greater part of the time 

Mental Attraction 215 

given to concentration, in concentrating upon that 
particular success which he most desires to at- 

To conserve physical force the personal mag- 
netism of an individual must be maintained. A 
waste of the magnetic force may be caused in 
two ways: first, by voluntary depletion, through 
overwork, in behalf of himself or of others, and, 
second, through vampirization.'* 

Demagnetization, produced by vampirization of 
the physical body, until it is no longer of use to 
the ego as an instrument, is a hindrance from 
which thousands of persons are suffering at this 
point in the evolution of the race. And this con- 
dition exists with both sexes, and should be de- 
clared against by every progressive, thinking, 
striving soul who desires to benefit his fellowmen. 
It is not the duty of an individual to submit to 
vampirization, or to permit another to retard him 
in his evolution in any other way. If his karmic 
connections seem binding him to an unpleasant 
environment, he should either live out the disagree- 
able conditions, so far as the material or physical 
connections are concerned, or get out of them by 
demanding to be released. In any event, he should 
reserve and maintain his rights, as an ego, to 
think and to study and to grow in spite of the 

» The matory and Power of Mind, pp. 169-175. 
2 The History and Power of Mind, pp. 39-41. 


Occult Philosophy 

opinions of another individual to the contrary. 
Vampirization produces demagnetization, and 
when a man's body is demagnetized he has been 
robbed of his magnetic force until the atoms com- 
posing his body have ceased to vibrate, or to 
rotate, harmoniously. 

Magnetic attraction in the physical body is 
caused by the polarization of atoms. But the law 
of attraction, which controls polarization, oper- 
ates with equal force upon all the planes of being. 
There is a positive and a negative side to every- 
thing in the world, and a body has magnetic polar- 
ity when the positive sides of the atoms, compos- 
ing it, contact the negative sides of the atoms 
nearest them ; and demagnetization is produced by 
the destruction of this relationship. In other 
, words, when the endless atomic chains of a physi- 
cal body and brain have been broken, as it were, 
by the positive side of some of the physical atoms 
contracting the positive sides of other physical 
atoms, then, instead of a harmonious condition ex- 
isting between the blood, bones, muscles and 
nerves, there arises an imperfect circulation of 
the blood, a crumbling or brittleness of the bones, 
a cramping or withering of the muscles and a 
jangling, or paralysis, of the nerves. And all this 
suffering may be caused by the daily contact of 
two physical bodies: one of which is drawing its 
magnetic force from the other more rapidly than 

Mental Attraction 


that other can regain it from the surrounding cos- 
mic forces. 

There are individuals upon the material plane 
who exist solely by magnetic vampirization/ They 
do not depend upon, nor draw their forces from 
the cosmic currents, but, human parasites as they 
are, they live upon the magnetism of other in- 
dividuals; and if they were to be isolated from 
other human beings, their bodies would wither 
and die from a lack of magnetic supply. Although 
constantly submerged in the great sea of cosmic, 
magnetic force, they cannot absorb magnetism 
from it, because the currents which compose it 
are too rapid and too vast for them to use. But 
they fasten upon other individuals, and like 
leeches, absorb the personal magnetism of their 
victims.' This is because the atoms composing 
the bodies of such individuals are more negative 
than positive. Their minds are not poised and 
their physical atoms do not ^-otate regularly. As 
compared with cosmic objects, they are meteoric 
and have no fixed orbit or elliptical motion. As 
compared with so-called inanimate things upon 
earth, they are top-heavy, like baseball bats. Be- 
cause of the negativeness of their physical atoms, 
the bodies of these individuals are loosely con- 
structed and are, therefore, easily disintegrated. 

I The Hlstorv and Power of Mind. pp. 132-133. 
Fragments 'of Truth, Chapter III. 


Occult Philosophy 

Such persons are always in trouble and are con- 
tinually meeting with mishaps and misfortunes. 
They ask advice of every one, but rarely follow 
it when given. They are always in need of help, 
either financially or physically, but usually resent 
mental assistance because of their preconceived 
opinions. They desire to know of the seeming 
misfortunes of other persons, and delight in lis- 
tening to a trial, by a jury, of a noted criminal. 

If a murder, or a suicide, has been committed 
they will go any distance and suffer almost any 
inconvenience to see the mutilated corpse — and the 
greater the mutilation, the more pleasure they 
seem to derive from looking at it. If an animal 
has been killed they will stand, for hours, watch- 
ing the carcass, and will struggle with each other 
for the best viewpoint. They read the most sen- 
sational papers and then insist upon relating, or 
describing, the grewsome things they have read 
or seen, to any one w^ho will listen. 

This morbid condition of mind is due to the 
attraction of like to like. Because these individ- 
uals are irregular in mental and physical vibra- 
tion, they are attracted to the unusual and irreg- 
ular conditions in life. In a railway wreck or in 
a holocaust they are among the first to be injured. 

Among electricians, these individuals would be 
called dielectrics, because they are non-conductors 
of force. They receive, but do not give, force, and 

Mental Attraction 


what they do receive seems not to appreciably 
improve their general demagnetized negative- 

As evolutionists they may be compared, chem- 
ically, with crystallized salts of ammonia: they 
must be dissolved into a fluidic condition and be 
mixed with other ingredients before they can be 
of much value to humanity. 

It is but a natural consequence that the minds 
or souls, of such negative individuals should be 
left behind by progressive egos on their evolu- 
tionary journey. And it is not to be regretted 
since all failures will be taken back again into 
the'bosom of the Infinite to be brought forth dur- 
ing another Cosmic Day. 

The real regrettable feature is the fact that pro- 
gressive egos, those who are capable of reaching 
higher planes of consciousness before, the Cosmic 
Night comes on, are permitting themselves to be 
retarded, in growth, while submitting to such vam- 
pirization. For, the strong souls who are wait- 
ing and hoping and trying to make -something 
of the nonentities, are under the hallucination that 
it is a duty to bear others' burdens — when they 
are too w^eak, or too indolent, to bear them for 

This is a fearful mistake. Now that the race 
has reached its majority, every ego must stand 
or fall for itself : and those who are able to press 

220 Occult Philosophy 

forward and attain, should be warned of the dan- 
ger to be incurred by needless delay. 

For example : Here is a woman, who is a strong 
soul, but is wedded to a man diametrically op- 
posed to her in nature. True it is that a karmic 
connection brought them together in this life, but 
it was karmic only so far as the physical, or sex 
union was concerned. The woman is most 
anxious to read and to study along the lines of 
advanced thought. She knows she is capable of 
progressing, but her husband, who is a fretful, 
spiteful, negative invalid, will not permit a book, 
or a pajDer, advocating advanced thought to be 
brought into the house. He knows nothing about 
evolution, or progression, nor does he wish to. But 
demands and receives the undivided attention of 
his wife, and is even jealous of her thoughts. He 
does not permit her to be alone for a moment, 
either night or day, but watches every expression 
of her face and contradicts every statement she 
makes. He is not happy, either with or without 
her, because happiness is a condition of mind he 
knows nothing about. He nags, and scolds, and 
yet clings to her, and keeps his body and soul 
together by aid of the magnetism he takes from 
her. Because she is wedded to him, she believes 
it her wifely duty to sacrifice her life, if it should 
be necessary, for his good, and, because he does 
not wish her to read the books he does not like. 


Mental Attraction 


she refrains from doing so. Because he will not 
be left for a moment alone, she devotes her entire 
time to him. 

He vampirizes her body until it becomes so 
demagnetized that she cannot use it, and she is 
finally forced out of her vehicle mthout having 
gained, in this life, any of the knowledge, or ms- 
dom, she craved. Thus this whole incarnation has 
been wasted, so far as soul progression is con- 
cerned, because of her yielding to the selfish, per- 
sonal wishes of a nonentity. Mentally and physi- 
cally enslaved, as she was, by her mistaken sense 
of duty, she heard nothing but her husband's pessi- 
mistic opinions ; and, because of his inharmonious 
vibrations, optimistically inclined individuals were 
not welcome visitors at her home. And thus not 
only did this ego lose this incarnation, but, be- 
cause of the pessimistic thought creations among 
which she lived for so many years, she will be 
drawn, in her next life, into a most wretched en- 
vironment. She will then be born surrounded 
with poverty, sickness and gloom, and she will 
be over-shadowed from infancy to womanhood, 
and perhaps to the end of the next life, with the 
fearful materialized creations that were mentally 
created for her in this life, and which she tacitly 

The Law of Mental Attraction operates as reg- 
ularly and as unerringly as does the law of grav- 


Occult Philosophy 

ity, which is a part of it, and therefore every 
mind, or soul, is a center of gravity for itself. 
Man is a little vortex, or world, and becomes pos- 
sessed of everything, whether it be good or ill, 
that he pictures in his radius, or aura. As the 
thought creations of Gods and of men exist with- 
in the atmosphere, or aura, of the earth, and 
through the operation of the law of physical at- 
traction, or gravitation, are magnetically drawn 
to the earth, and are held upon the earth, so do 
the mental creations remain in the aura of a soul, 
or little world, until they are materialized and 
possessed by those who created them, or, for whom 
they were created. For, like the creative Gods of 
the heavens who materialized Divine Mind's pic- 
tures upon the earth, so men can, and do, create 
for other men as well as for themselves. If those 
creations are accepted and are not destroyed by 
mental repulsion, they will materialize and do the 
work that their natures compel them to do. And 
the magnetic attraction of the mind, for whom 
they were created, will hold to them as tenaciously, 
although only possessed of them by adoption, as 
the material creations of earth are held in their 
positions by the gravic force of the earth. 



From the moment the objective, or animal mind, 
was created upon the earth, it has never ceased 
to fear the transition called death. Th^s is due 
to its intense desire for life, and to the fact that 
it is utterly oblivious of all its past states of con- 
sciousness. It is also entirely unconscious of a 
continued state of existence upon any plane other 
than the material; for the seat of memory of past 
incarnations is the subjective mind. To the ob- 
jective mind, physical form is hfe, and, there- 
fore, it believes that to maintain life, material 
form must be preserved. Since its desire for life 
is greater than all its other desires, disintegration 
of form, for the animal, or objective mind, is the 
greatest misfortune that can come to it. And until 
each subjective mind shall be able to impress upon 
its objective mind the truth that life is God, and 
therefore is eternal, and that its personal exist- 
ence is not dependent upon physical form, human 
beings will continue to fear disintegration, of form, 
more than anything else in the world. 

Believing, as men did, that immortality could 


224 Occult Philosophy 

be gained only through the preservation of the 
material form, and, because they desired to meet 
again, those whom they had loved and had so mys- 
teriously lost through ''death," they used every 
available means to preserve, intact, the deserted 
physical bodies, with the hope and the belief that 
at, some future time, those same forms would be 
re-animated and be restored to the bereaved who 
were left behind. Therefore it was the objective 
mind's desire for perpetuity that caused men, of 
a more remote period than this, to have their 
own and their friends* physical bodies preserved 
after the egos had departed to other realms. 

By some peoples it was thought that "death" 
was a form of suspended animation, and that, by 
means of it, the life principle, or soul of men, 
was locked into his body, there to remain until 
some great Celestial Being should come and arouse 
and restore him to activity. To persons of this 
faith the destruction, or loss, of a physical body, 
caused greater sorrow, if possible, than did 
"death"; since such a loss prevented the possi- 
bility of resurrection and of consequent immor- 
tality. There were other peoples who believed 
that the ego of man was not locked inside his 
body after "death," but was bound to it by fet- 
ters that permitted it to go but a few feet from 
the body. And the followers of this faith believed 
it a sacred duty to daily place food and drink at 



the head, or feet, of the corpse, or somewhere with- 
in its reach, in order that the life principle could 
consume them and thus be kept strong and able 
to use the body, when the time should come for 
it to be restored to activitp^. To these persons the 
failure to provide food and drink for an excar- 
nated ego was a greater crime than was murder, 
and was punishable with slow torture, such as 
starvation, or some fearful affliction that was be- 
lieved to be equal to what the soul suffered in 
consequence of the culprit's neglect. 

To the Occultist there is no ''death," according 
to the common acceptance of the term. The con- 
dition called ''death" is a complete demagnetiza- 
tion of the atoms composing a material form. 
Complete demagnetization of a form produces en- 
tire disintegration of that form, and since the 
atoms, of which a form is composed, are held to- 
gether only by the magnetic attraction that ex- 
ists between them, disintegration cannot become 
complete until all the magnetism has been with- 
drawn from the form which those atoms combined 
to compose. Therefore, a physical body cannot 
be properly called dead until it is entirely disin- 
tegrated; and any, or all, artificial means that 
may be used to prevent it from disintegration, 
only retard demag-netization. 

In lectures six and seven of this course, vibra- 
tion, and magnetic attraction and repulsion of the 


Occult Philosophy 

atoms were discussed, to which the student is re- 
ferred. In lecture eight demagnetization by vam- 
pirization was introduced, and will now be 
further discussed, since vampirization is 
usually the beginning of disintegration or 

Demagnetization of a physical body is produced 
by the constant expenditure of its magnetism in 
greater quantities than it is received, and this 
condition may be produced in various ways. On 
page 145, the manner in which magnetic power, 
or force, is generated and expressed was touched 
upon, but in connection with the subject it may 
be well to add that, since the generation of f orce,^ 
which is always magnetic, is wholly dependent 
upon the rotary motion of the atoms compos- 
ing a center, and, since the expression, or giving 
of force, is dependent upon the elliptical motion 
of a center, then it is not difficult to understand 
why the physical body of a man, or a beast, gen- 
erates the most force when it is resting, or sleep- 
ing. In other words, natural sleep, which is abso- 
lute rest to a physical body, or center, is the 
greatest generator of magnetic force of any con- 
dition into which that body can enter ; and, there- 
fore, to prevent an early ' ' death, ' ' or the demag- 
netization of a physical body, the same number 
of hours should be given to sleep as are given to 

> Fragments of Truth, Chapter III. 



physical activity during each day, or every twenty- 
four hour cycle. 

Every thing that has form, whether so called 
inanimate or animate, is created subject to cyclic 
law ; and, during the first half of its daily, weekly, 
monthly, or yearly cycles it possesses much more 
magnetic force than during the latter half of those 
cycles. This is due to the fact that magnetic force 
is constantly flowing and ebbing through material 
forms, whether they are suns, worlds, or men. 
And this flowing and ebbing of magnetic force 
may also be called action and reaction, mag- 
netization and demagnetization, or life and 

When a world is created and has been given its 
orbit, one-half of the time it travels toward its 
sun and the other half it travels away from it. 
When it is going toward the sun it is becoming 
magnetized and is then generating more force 
than it is giving. But when it is going from the 
sun it is giving more magnetism than it is re- 
ceiving ; and all inhabited worlds are alike in this 
respect. For example, consider the earth. From 
the twenty-first day of December until the twenty- 
first day of June of each year, she is being mag- 
netized; because at that time the greater part 
of her surface is locked in snow and ice ; the vege- 
tation, which vampirizes her magnetism, is resting 
and sleeping, while she is receiving magnetic force 


Occult Philosophy 

from the sun in greater quantities than she is 
giving it to the creatures that are living, and de- 
pending upon her for that force. This period is 
her flood tide. But from the twenty-first day of 
June until the twenty-first day of December, this 
order of things is reversed, and she is then giving 
to her dependents more magnetism than she is 
receiving, because she is then going from the sun, 
which she, in her turn, has vampirized. And then, 
too, during that time, vegetation and lower animal 
life have awakened from the winter's period of 
inactivity, or rest, and are drawing from the earth 
magnetic forces in order that they may be ex- 
pressed. And thus, on the twenty-first day of 
June, of each year, demagnetization of the earth, 
by vampirization, begins. If she were to con- 
tinue to recede from the sun indefinitely, that 
demagnetization would finally become death," or 
disintegration ; and she and every form which now 
exists upon, and vampirizes her, would cease to 
exist as form. 

But, as conditions now are, the earth is grad- 
ually giving more magnetism than she receives, 
and the time will come when she must rest, or 
disintegrate. This is because, as she grows older, 
her responsibilities increase instead of diminish; 
for, as men and beasts multiply in numbers, more 
demands are made upon her for their mainte- 
nance and her natural resources are consumed in 



greater quantities. Her vital fluids and gases are 
drawn out of her, and, through consumption, are 
changed into hydro-carbon vapors and aeriform 
matter and are left behind in space as she whirls 
rapidly through it, in her orbit. Then, with each 
added year, she is robbed of more and more of 
her minerals which, when in their natural states, 
as strata, serve as repositories for the magnetic 
force she receives from the sun during her flood 

In Cosmos the Divine Law provides periods of 
rest for Its worlds and suns, as It provides oppor- 
tunities for rest for ilien and beasts who live upon 
the worlds. These cosmic rests are utilized by the 
planets to the full limit of time given to them, 
and, because of these rests, their lives and use- 
fulness are prolonged. In the life of a world 
there are seven great periods of inactivity, each 
of which lasts as long as do its periods of action, 
and, in this manner, each world is enabled to re- 
'gain some of the magnetism of which it has been 
robbed. But it never fully regains all, for, if that 
were possible, it would continue in the form, in 
which it began to exist, until the end of the Cos- 
mic Day in which it was created ; and this would 
not be desirable, since evolution may not be lim- 
ited, or delayed by old forms, and all forms must 
be made to give way to new, when their period 
of usefulness is ended. To illustrate a rest in 

230 Occult Philosophy 

Cosmos, a few pages will be quoted from the diary 
of an advanced student of Occultism. 

*'My Master promised that we should see a 
world that is about to enter into rest for many 
thousand years, and it was with most intense in- 
terest I awaited his coming. At midnight he 
arrived and in a few moments we were on our 

"At a great distance we saw a stellar group — 
a cosmic community — which, independent of all 
others, seemed to be a system by itself. A mass 
of molten cosmic matter formed a central sun, or 
magnet, for the system, and was at least a thou- 
sand times as large, and, although not nearly so 
dense, yet weighed, I think, three hundred times 
as much as does our earth. 

**That great orb was enveloped in clouds of 
vapor, which, at so great a distance, seemed to 
have been created by the humidity of the surround- 
ing atmosphere coming in contact with the intense 
heat it generated. And those vapory clouds were 
in a constant and a tumultuous commotion. At 
times they seemed tossed about as if a great con- 
sciousness were playing at golf with them; and 
then they were piled high upon each other like 
mountains, while, from the glowing orb behind, 
we saw a rich golden light that illumined them as 
if by calcium flanie. Sometimes they were sud- 
denly torn apart, and, through the rifts, there 

Death 231 

streamed great sheets of fire, which gave to them 
the appearance of billows of rose-colored foam; 
and then again the rifts were closed and the whole 
mass assumed a dull grey color as though a 
cloud of smoke had passed between us and the 

''As we came nearer, it was most evident that 
the flaming mass of molten matter, or sun, was 
whirling through space with tremendous velocity, 
and was dragging after it, by its powerful mag- 
netic attraction, five smaller globes, or satellites; 
and those worlds, when compared with their mag- 
net, appeared as fireflies beside an arc-light; yet 
the smallest of them was considerably larger than 
our-earth. Approaching still nearer, we discovered 
that the satellite furtherest from its sun was 
undergoing great changes. Drawn, by an irresist- 
ible force, it continued to follow its orbit, but its 
rotary motion had almost ceased, and, like a great 
dead fish upon the sea, it floated in space and was 
drawn helplessly in the wake of the monster orb 
that still attracted and controlled it. From its 
appearance, I concluded that it was the oldest of 
the five satellites, and my Master told me that it 
was closing the sixth great cycle, or period in its 

When we entered the atmosphere of that globe, 
we found it stiflingly hot. Great coppor-colored 
clouds hung low in the sky and the light from its 

232 Occult Philosophy- 

sun had been turned into shade by them. Looking 
at it through the hazy dimness of the shadows, it 
seemed that the glowing orb, that served as sun, 
had refused to longer give of its light and bright- 
ness to that world. For, through that dense at- 
mosphere which could not be penetrated by a les- 
ser light, the sun had the appearance of a dark, 
crimson sea of clotted blood; and as we looked 
about upon the shadows, it seemed as if its moon 
and all the stars had also refused to shine upon 
that helpless world, and that it was left to meet 
its fate in darkness. 

'Why does not the sun shine here the same 
as it shines upon the other planets in this group?' 
I asked of my Master; and he replied: 

'The sun has not ceased to shine, but this 
planet, because of its inharmonious condition, has 
created these shadows that lie between itself and 
the sun. Its vibrations and the vibrations of these 
clouds have obscured the sun's light. It is in the 
same condition with a man who has become over- 
wrought with work, or with play, and, if it were 
possible to use the word in connection with a tired 
world, I would say this planet is suffering 
from cosmic neurasthenia, and, for a time, 
must go into absolute rest or become disinte- 

**At that moment, just beneath us, we saw a 
ruined city, on that strange globe, and went down 



to examine its condition, Eound us, everywhere, 
were evidences of destruction and dissolution. 
There were monstrous heaps of stone that were, 
now, but the remnants of once beautiful buildings. 
And there were also crushed and crumbling walls 
that had once enclosed huge structures of most 
magnificent and lofty proportions. 

race of beings both wise and powerful must 
have had their homes upon that planet, since such 
huge blocks of granite could never have been 
lifted to their elevated positions without the aid of 
powerful machinery, that had been devised and 
operated by the intuitive minds and muscular 
strength of men. And, once having been placed, 
they never could have been dislodged and tossed 
into such abandoned confusion except by terrific 
convulsions of nature. 

''Everywhere there seemed to be an ominous 
calm that, like a fearful mental depression, had 
settled upon that ruined city and all the land 
surrounding it. Not a breath of air was stirring, 
and the vegetation was as dried as if it were 
standing in a fiery furnace. The leaves from the 
once beautiful trees had fallen to the ground and 
were curled and seared almost beyond recogni- 
tion as leaves. Lying in the cracked and hardened 
soil at the bottom of a fountain basin, were the 
withered roots and stems of what had been a 
water lily plant. All indications pointed to the 


Occult Philosophy 

fact that for many, many days this intolerable 
heat had been gradually increasing until it had 
absorbed all the moisture and had taken the lives 
of all the creatures who had lived in that place. It 
was also evident that the men who had built that 
city had deserted it ; but my Master said : 'Come, 
let us go to the mountains, which are at some 
distance beyond the city walls, and search for the 
people who lived here.* 

''It was as he expected to find. In the valley, 
on the brink of what had been a broad river, there 
were thousands of lifeless human bodies. The 
adults were gigantic in size; the half-grown chil- 
dren were like our full-grown men and the infants 
were like our children of five or six years of age. 
They had all fled from their homes to escape death 
from the falling walls of their dwellings, but had 
met it there, in that valley, by suffocation and" 
thirst. For the river bed was dry and the dead 
and decaying carcasses of fish and animals were 
lying in heaps upon the bottom where they had 
died fighting for the last drop of that precious 
liquid — water. 

''While we were gazing at the scene of ruin and 
distress, we became conscious of a trembling of 
the ground. Then there was a sound as if an 
explosion had occurred in the direction of the 
ruined city. It was followed by another and then 
another ; and then we heard a fearful roar which 



seemed to increase in volume with every second 
until it seemed to come from almost beneath our 
feet. Then there was a swaying of the leafless 
branches of the trees, and a heaving up and down 
of the blackened soil, and soon there appeared 
great wide fissures where the ruined city had 
stood. A cloud of fire and smoke and gaseous 
fumes burst forth, and as suddenly, and, seem- 
ingly as easily as a pebble could be cast into a 
stream, the remnants of that ruined city sank from 
sight between the awful jaws of that quaking 
ground. There was nothing left to mark the place 
where it had stood except a few stones which had 
helped to compose its outer walls. 

"This was the first earthquake I had ever wit- 
nessed and it impressed me very strongly. While 
I was thinking of the great necessity that must 
have existed to produce such a fearful catastrophe 
my Master said: 'A storm is coming,' and, looking 
at the sky, I saw that the copper-colored clouds 
had changed to a leaden grey, and it had become 
so dark that an object one hundred feet away was 
but dimly discernible. Then a wind commenced 
to blow, in spasmodic puffs, and soon, splashing 
rain drops pattered down upon the heated stones 
in the river bed. At last those dreadful vampire 
clouds were giving back to the suffering world the 
moisture of which they had for weeks and months 
been robbing it. But it had come too late. All 

236 Occult Philosophy 

life was extinct and not a creature was left alive 
to taste it and be revived. 

*■ ' Far up the valley I heard a sound as of rush- 
ing wind. It came do^Ti the river course and 
brought a deluge with it. A sheet of water like 
a huge white curtain swept past us and from the 
heated ground a cloud of steam rose like a fog. 
The soil, cracked and hot, could not absorb the 
vital fluid in such quantities, and the torrents, rush- 
ing down the mountain sides, were received into 
the river bed and went sweeping swiftly on. The 
temperature, too, had fallen from torrid heat al- 
most to freezing cold, and still, I saw no prospect 
of a diminution of the dreadful storm. And 
now the clouds were almost black with unshed 
rain and I understood that a cataclysm had be- 
gun. . . . 

"More than sixty days had passed before my 
Master permitted me to visit again that suffering 
world, in what had seemed to be its death agony 
of fever heat and droth; and when we went again 
we found all things submerged — except the moun- 
tain tops — and there was a cold greater and more 
intense than anything I ever knew. The waters 
were frozen into a solid sea of ice, and there was 
not a creature who could live a moment upon that 
globe in that fearful frigid state. It was indeed 
a frozen corpse, and, wrapped in its mantle of ice 
and snow, which served as a burial shroud for all 



its latent forces, it had sunken into sleep not to 
wake again until the great cyclic law should call 
its forces forth on its resurrection day. 

'*As we were leaving the frozen world, my 
Master said : * It is with worlds as it is with men ; 
they live, revolving about their central suns until 
their material forces have been spent, and they 
become physically demagnetized and unfit for fur- 
ther use. Then their time of rest comes in. The 
throbbing, pulsing life force becomes suspended, 
or is withdrawn, and their consciousness is 
changed from action to inaction. For action must 
be followed by reaction as surely as darkness fol- 
lows day.' " 

Like the Universe, cyclic law has always ex- 
isted and is a fundamental principle underlying 
evolution.^ Like life, it has always been and will 
forever continue to be. It commences its opera- 
tions, with an individual, from the moment of the 
creation of that individual, and applies to men 
and beasts as well as to worlds. Because the 
earth is controlled by cyclic law, all the creatures 
who depend upon the earth for their existence are 
influenced by the same cycles or periods of time 
that control the earth. The inhabitants of other 
planets are also subject to cyclic law, but, because 
of the difference between the size of the globes 
and the consequent difference in the size of the 

» The mstory and Power of Mind, pp. 93-96 ; 103-104 ; 171. 

238 Occult Philosophy 

orbit of each, the cyclic periods on the different 
planets differ in length. 

For example: The earth makes her revolution 
around the sun in three hundred and sixty-five 
days and one-fourth of a day ; and this length of 
time upon this earth is called a yearly cycle. But 
the planet Uranus, being almost fifteen times the 
size of the earth, has so great an orbit as to re- 
quire eighty-four years and one week of our time 
to make its revolution about the sun. And because 
the cyclic periods on the planet Uranus are so 
much greater than are those of the earth, the 
creatures that inhabit Uranus, being governed 
by the cyclic law operating upon that planet, 
also have longer cycles and live to a much 
greater age than do the creatures upon the 

It is a self-evident truth that the more magnetic 
force a form expends, as a natural consequence, 
the sooner it will become disintegrated. And this 
is as true of the microcosm as it is with the macro- 
cosm. The individual who works, or plays, for 
eighteen hours out of each twenty-four expends 
more magnetic force than does the individual who 
sleeps and draws back to himself his forces for 
twelve hours out of the twenty-four. As the earth 
has its flood and ebb tides, or the coming and going 
of its magnetic forces, so does every creature, liv- 
ing upon her, have its flood and ebb tides ; and if 



man would become wise enough to work with the 
cyclic law instead of against it, he would save him- 
self much suffering and prolong his life to a 
greater length than he does. 

The moment a child is born his flood tide com- 
mences, which lasts fourteen days, and it is fol- 
lowed by fourteen days of ebb tide. He has 
entered a world that will supply him with all the 
magnetic force he needs to use, but not to waste. 
Feeling his abundance of force, as a child, he 
romps and plays and expends much of it in this 
manner, but, sleeps so soundly and so long each 
night, that he draws back to himself during those 
rest periods, more force than he has expended. 
Thus he is in constant possession of a sufficient 
surplus of magnetism to enable his physical body 
to grow and to expand. This condition usually 
continues to exist until he has reached his ma- 
jority, and then his body ceases to grow. Be- 
cause of his increased responsibilities, he then 
begins to expend more magnetic force than he 
generates, or receives. This is due to the fact 
that he does not spend so much time in sleep as 
formerly, and, if he labors to live, perhaps he 
works for ten hours out of each twenty-four and 
then recreates, or dissipates during the greater 
part of each night. If he is in possession of 
wealth, and social position, perhaps he may be im- 
bued with the thought that he must ''go the pace" 

240 Occult Philosophy 

or be disgraced, and then he searches for new and 
untried avenues through which he may expend, or 
waste his magnetism. He may be unconscious of 
the results of his wastefulness, and perhaps he 
does not know that disintegration, or 'Meath," 
commenced its work upon his body at the moment 
demagnetization began to exceed magnetization; 
but ignorance of the law does not excuse, or 
exempt, its offenders from consequences, and, 
after a few years of dissipation, he begins to call 
himself ''old man" before he really feels that age 
that as the result of his extravagances in the 
expenditure of force is so rapidly approach- 

When starting his career of dissipation, the 
young offender of the law thinks "old man" a 
complimentary title, and bestows it generously 
upon himself and upon all the "other boys," whom 
he wishes to flatter. This is because the title im- 
plies extended experience in dissipation, in which 
he takes great pride, until the time comes when, 
as a result of his physical excesses and frequent 
declarations that he is an "old man," and, after 
some unusual expenditures of force, he is really 
brought to feel the age he has been declaring for 
himself. Then he begins to wonder why he cannot 
do the things he once did, and why a little fun 
now tires him so much. If he knew that "death" 
had already commenced to claim his body, and 

Death 241 

that with every over-exertion, or dissipation, he 
was shortening his span of life, he would change 
his mode of living, the nature of his amusements, 
and his declarations for old age. 

To prevent disintegration or ''death," and to 
prolong the existence of a physical body to one 
hundred, or to one hundred and fifty years, men 
must make some radical changes in their modern 
mode of living. They must give more time to 
sleep and more thought to what they eat and drink. 
At least one-half of a man's time should be given 
to rest, or to sleep, and his food should never be 
other than simple and w^holesome. Highly spiced, 
and indigestible things should be abolished. Pep- 
per and all condiments containing peppers and 
mustards should never be taken into the stomach ; 
since none of these are either nutritious nor satis- 
fying to hunger, and serve only as irritants to the 
internal organs and intestines, the same as they 
do when applied to the skin of the body. For his 
beverages man should drink pure water, either hot 
or cold, and the unfermented juices of fruits. The 
time given to labor, or to the necessary and direct 
expenditure of physical or magnetic force, should 
not exceed four or five hours of each day. He 
should learn to recognize and work with the cyclic 
law by never making extra, or unnecessary exer- 
tions, during his monthly ebb tides and during 
the last six months of his yearly cycles. He should 


Occult Philosophy 

watch the expenditures of his magnetic force and 
never continue them until physical exhaustion, or 
depletion, comes upon him. 

During the last half of his century he should 
save his magnetism by sleeping and resting more 
than during the first half. And if by reason of 
some illness, or mishap, there should be an extra 
demand made upon his physical strength, he 
should immediately supply that deficiency with 
electricity. When his century cycle has ended and 
the flood tide of his new century commences to 
supply him with its new force, if he has taken 
proper care of his physical body and has kept it 
in a condition to receive and to make use of the 
new force, he will enter upon his new cycle with 
much greater physical strength than he possessed 
during the first ten or fifteen years of his first cen- 
tury 's ebb tide. 

But over-exertion, or any unnecessary expendi- 
ture of magnetic force, for any cause, is not the 
only means by which demagnetization or ''death" 
may be hastened, or produced. There is the ele- 
ment of vampirization which must also be taken 
into consideration ; and this is a very great factor 
in the process of disintegration. As men and 
beasts vampirize the earth and take her magnetic 
forces, so men and beasts are vampirized by each 
other and by the elements. In lecture eight, an 
illustration was given of a negative individual, 



vampirizing and living upon the magnetism of 
another, until his victim's forces were so greatly 
diminished as to make it impossible to hold her 
body when complete demagnetization, or ''death," 
ensued. The illustration was not that of an un- 
usual condition, but is more common than other- 
wise. For, either consciously, or unconsciously, 
stronger individuals give their magnetism to 
those, weaker than themselves, with whom they 
associate; and, whether it be a man, or a beast, 
that suffers from this kind of vampirization, the 
results are the same. 

Unconscious of the law governing the exchange 
of magnetism, it has been a custom with some 
persons to provide feeble, or aged individuals, 
with animal pets which they could vampirize. If 
a child were suddenly to become ''ailing," as in- 
disposition was sometimes called, it was often pro- 
vided with a healthy puppy with which it was per- 
mitted to sleep and to play in order that the child 
should regain its health. And elderly persons, 
who are fast losing their magnetism, often insist 
upon being permitted to sleep with children, or 
with younger persons, in order that their magnetic 
forces may be again restored. But if aged per- 
sons are not permitted to prolong their physical 
lives, by vampirizing the force of younger indi- 
viduals during sleep, then it is a very noticeable 
fact that they are happiest, brightest and strong- 

244 Occult Philosophy 

est when surrounded daily by children, or by 
younger persons. The man of eighty who seeks a 
wife always selects, if possible, a woman much 
younger than himself. And it is not an unheard 
of occurrence for a wealthy widow of sixty, or 
even seventy-five years, to buy a young husband 
of thirty. This is vampirization, and whether of 
a conscious, or an unconscious nature, its results 
are the same. 

There is another form of vampirization which 
is by the elements of nature. In the same manner 
that a man on a beautiful spring day draws, or 
absorbs, from the atmosphere the electric, or mag- 
netic, force he needs and feels strengthened 
thereby, so do the cold, cutting winds of a frosty 
day in winter take from him his magnetism. It is 
a popular fallacy with the people who live in a 
cold climate, that it is healthful to walk, or ride, 
to be exposed to the freezing air of winter. And 
because such exposure brings the blood to the 
cheeks, it is believed to be revivifying to the indi- 
viduals who indulge in it. This is as much a mis- 
taken belief as is that which makes a man take a 
plunge into a tub of cold water, that be may be 
temporarily stimulated by bringing the blood to 
the surface of his body, by violent friction after 
the plunge. 

A sudden shock to the system is always harm- 
ful, and serves to shorten instead of to lengthen 

Death 245 

the span of life. Cold indicates a lowered rate of 
vibration. Cold water is vibrating at a lower 
rate than is warm, or hot water. Cold, wintry air 
is vibrating at a lower rate than is warm spring 
air; and a warm body, if exposed to cold air, or to 
cold water, long enough, will become demagnet- 
ized, or frozen. When a body is frozen it is called 
dead ; and this condition is produced by the vam- 
pirization of the cold air, or cold water, in which 
it has been submerged. The individual, who per- 
sists in being exposed to the cold winds of winter, 
is voluntarily submitting to vampirization and is 
hastening old age and decrepitude. The physi- 
cian who tells a man to bare his neck to the cold 
in order to become toughened to the cold, and 
promises health as a consequence of his exposure, 
is either ignorant of the law which operates as 
vibration, or he is looking for another patient. 
The woman who persists in exposing her face with- 
out a veil, to protect her skin from the vampiriz- 
ing cold air, becomes aged and wrinkled in appear- 
ance, and the muscles of her face grow weak and 
flabby in consequence of the exposure. A glance 
at the wrinkled and grizzled old sailor who faces 
the storms before the mast should be a sufficient 
object lesson to show her the results of exposure to 
cold air and cold water. 

When the vibrations of the body and brain 
of a man are lowered below the normal rate his 

246 Occult Philosophy 

mental forces cannot manifest so well as when his 
blood is circulating and his body is vibrating nor- 
mally, and this is illustrated by the different men- 
tal conditions of the different peoples on the 
earth. For example: The mind of the Eskimo 
is never so active as is the mind of an East 
Indian. And history shows that the greatest 
civilizations have always been found in a warm 

But there comes a time when disintegration, or 
"death," to the physical body, or material form, 
must come ; and because of the breaking of family 
ties and of familiar associations this is often a 
sad occasion. To the evolving, developing ego 
who becomes disembodied, ''death" is really a 
second birth into a higher realm, or plane of con- 
sciousness, and, it is through this transition, that 
it becomes relieved of all physical pains and dis- 
comforts. But, because of its love for the friends 
whom it is leaving, and who mourn because of its 
absence, it is sometimes made to suffer great men- 
tal depression and sadness and is prevented from 
entering fully into the joys of the mental and 
spiritual planes of being. This is because the 
sorrow and lamentations of its earthly friends 
attract and hold it to earth. By their wishing, or 
demanding, that it shall return to them, it is drawn 
back by the magnetic attraction of love, and it 
is sometimes deprived for years of mental, or 



spiritual, happiness because of the mourning of its 

When the time has come for an ego to leave 
its earthly vehicle, the real process of death is 
as natural as was the process of its birth into the 
world, and is not dissimilar. As the head of the 
human child is bom first, and afterwards its body, 
so the head of the ego emerges and rises above the 
physical head. Then, slowly the shoulders and 
body appear, and finally its limbs and feet. There 
are usually disembodied egos waiting to receive 
and assist the passing soul, and, if the shock of 
its separation from its physical body has been so 
great that it is unconscious, for a time — as is often 
the case — these disembodied friends support and 
strengthen it until it has regained conscious- 
ness and enough magnetic strength to support 

For the first few hours after its disembodiment 
an ego is never so strong as afterward, because 
so much of its magnetic force is still left in its 
deserted physical body. But as the body grows 
cold, because of the continuous lowering of the 
rate of vibrations of the atoms composing it, the 
magnetic force is drawn into the ego who has 
just left it. With this added magnetism the dis- 
embodied ego gains strength and greater con- 
sciousness, and, if the physical body should be 

' Unked Lives, pp. 198-199. 

248 Occult Philosophy 

cremated, and not embalmed or entombed, the ego 
is liberated from its material body as soon as its 
physical atoms are dispersed. For there is a 
magnetic cord that binds the ego to its body until 
complete disintegration has taken place, as the 
umbilical cord unites the infant to its pre-natal 
envelope ; and it is as great a kindness to sever the 
magnetic cord and liberate the ego by cremation, 
as it is to cut the umbilical cord of the newly 
born infant and set it free from its incum- 

But, sad, as ''death," or the disintegration of a 
physical body may be to those who love and lose 
it, it is not to be compared with the sadness that 
comes to the Beings who, because of their mis- 
sions, are sometimes compelled to witness the 
"second death" or the disintegration of another 
soul, or ego. This is a dreadful fate, and it may 
be a small comfort to know that it comes to the 
minority instead of the majority of disembodied 
entities who pass to the subjective planes, or 
realms. Diametrically opposed to the spiritual 
plane of consciousness, called Nirvana, by the 
Eastern students of Occultism, is another plane 
which the same students call Avitchi. In our 
scriptures it is called Hell, and represents the 
lowest depths of degradation into which an en- 
tity can fall. Nothing but conscious, persistent 

^ Linked Lives, pp. 195-197. 



and unceasing transgression of the Divine Law, 
can bring a soul to this fearful place. 

Further details concerning this state of con- 
sciousness will be given in the last lecture in con- 
nection with the subject ''Homes of the Soul." It 
is sufficient at this point to say that ''second 
death" happens oftener to objective, or animal, 
minds who, because of persistent wickedness, have 
been deserted by their subjective minds. But 
there are instances where a Son of God goes 
downward, instead of upward ; where it continues 
to yield to the suggestions of its animal mind 
until it comes to where it deliberately and con- 
sciously chooses the left, instead of the right 
hand path, and then it sinks into the nether 

Second death is produced in much the same 
manner as physical death, or disintegration. The 
vibrations of a dying soul grow slower and slower, 
and its specific gravity grows denser and denser 
until it can no longer remain upon what is called 
the first subjective plane, or purgatory; but is 
drawn by the law of attraction, which is gravic 
force, down to a lower plane, to continue there 
its wretched existence with others of its kind. 
When disintegration really commences, like the old 
demagnetized physical body it has left, it begins 
to grow dark and darker as its density increases, 
until it becomes as black as the realms into which 

250 Occult Philosophy 

it descends ; for there is not one ray of light that 
penetrates the greatest depths of the awful dark- 
ness of that place. Then the form of the dying 
soul begins to change in shape. First the legs and 
arms begin to diminish in size and length, until 
they have disappeared altogether, leaving the head 
and body. Then the body commences to disin- 
tegrate and gradually disappears until there is 
nothing left but the head with its distorted fea- 
' tures. This disintegration, or second death, con- 
tinues for centuries. 

But before the form of the dying soul begins to 
disintegrate, or be dismembered, there is always 
a hope that it may be saved from its fearful fate 
and that it may be raised to a higher plane of 
consciousness. There are strong and beautiful 
egos who voluntarily go down, into those dreadful 
depths, to try to help and to save the denizens of 
that nether world. If, one half of a soul has gone 
wrong and has sunken into hell, while the other 
half has evolved to a point of development where 
it is able to undertake the work of trying to save 
its wretched half from annihilation, or "second 
death," then that better half descends and ap- 
proaches as near, as its vibration will permit ; and 
there whispers words of encouragement and con- 
solation to the sufferer and offers help if it will but 
try to rise again. 

To an incarnated ego it would seem that any 


soul, who had sunken into that place, would need 
only an opportunity for escape to consent to lib- 
eration, but such is not the case. In Avitchi, or 
Hell, a soul becomes so depressed with its 
wretchedness, so discouraged and so pessimistic 
that it often refuses to make the least effort to 
change its mode of thinking. This is because, by 
its many lives of perversity of thought and action, 
it has brought itself into a mental condition which 
holds it as firmly as prison walls and iron doors 
hold an incarcerated prisoner of State. 

It is a sad picture to see a beautiful ego plead- 
ing with its unhappy half and attempting to raise, 
or to lead, it to where it may catch a glimpse of 
a higher and a better plane of corKsciousness, 
which it may gain, if it will but make an effort for 
itself. But no soul has either the power, or the 
right, to save another against its will ; and it mat- 
ters not how far it may have advanced in its de- 
velopment, it cannot bring another into happiness 
without that other's co-operation and conscious 
effort in its own behalf. 

Sometimes these unhappy beings are convinced 
and persuaded to retrace their steps and thus rise 
out of their wretchedness. But more often they 
will neither respond nor listen to those who would 
help them. Then they gradually sink lower and 
lower, while becoming more and more wretched, 
until at last, complete disintegration, or re- 

252 Occult Philosophy 

absorbment into the lowest or J3lack cosmic cur- 
rent obliterates them forever from the Universe 
as individuals. And this is second death." A 
most horrible picture to contemplate, but not so 
terrible as the traditional one of souls burning 
forever in a lake of fire and brimstone prepared 
for erring mankind by the devil and his angels. 



When the indestructibility of the soul began to 
be accepted as a fact, by the thoughtful people of 
the world, immediately thereafter there arose a 
most important question: *'What becomes of the 
soul after death and after the human body, or the 
material means of physical expression, has been 
destroyed or disintegrated?" 

To meet and to answer this question, from time 
to time, many theories have been offered to the 
world as truths by certain individuals who claimed 
to be holy men, and who were supposed to be in- 
spired by God to teach Divine Law to others. But, 
because a great number of their theories were 
both unreasonable and cruel, and differed so 
greatly in their characteristics from what man 
daily saw and knew of God and of His laws, after 
a time incredulity began to take the place of cre- 
dence in regard to the teachers and their teachings. 
And, notwithstanding the fact that anathemas 
loud and deep have been sent forth from the so- 
called divine expounders of truth against all per- 
sons who have dared to think, or to live, contrary 



Occult Philosophy 

to the rules laid down by them, men and women 
have gone steadily on in their various ways and 
many have become independent thinkers. 

In the beginning of the Christian era, the fol- 
lowers of Christ began teaching and healing hu- 
manity, according to the manner in which the 
Nazarene had taught and healed before them. 
Later they decided, after many sad experiences, 
that it was necessary to teach something besides 
the doctrine of love to the cruel, animal men of 
their day. Instead, therefore, of following in the 
footsteps of the Nazarene and continuing to teach, 
as He had taught, that God is a loving Father and 
is ready to receive and to help all His children, 
they digressed from the path of true Christianity, 
and began to use hell and eternal damnation, as 
clubs to beat men into submission, and to force 
them to worship according to their dictates. And, 
after the same manner that some parents believe 
it necessary to frighten their children into sub- 
mission and obedience by promising to bring a 
"boogie man" to get them, the early Church 
fathers succeeded in frightening some men into 
obedience and submission, by threats of the devil 
and a future punishment. And, w^hen they found 
that men could be influenced through their fears 
more readily than through their loves, they in- 
tensified their frightful teachings by painting such 
pictures of a future state of existence, for those 

After Death 255 

who did not accept the tenets of the Church, as 
would have saddened the heart of the loving Naz- 

Believing, as many of the Church fathers did, 
that the Christian Church was the only door to 
salvation, and that every soul, who did not enter 
it, was doomed to destruction, they spared no 
pains, nor did they hesitate to give their wildest 
flights of fancy, for inspired truths, which they 
believed would serve to bring souls into that in- 
stitution. And, since a story never loses details 
by being continuously repeated, as the years rolled 
by, the stories of hell, as given by the early 
fathers, lost nothing by their constant repetition. 
When they saw how well their schemes had 
worked toward increasing the membership and 
consequent support of their Church, they re- 
doubled their efforts and their falsehoods. After 
a time, forgetting or ignoring the fact that the 
Nazarene had said: Suffer little children, and 
forbid them not, to come unto Me; for of such 
is the kingdom of heaven," they invented new hell 
horrors by including unbaptized and stillborn in- 
fants with sinning adults on their lists of can- 
didates for that dreadful place. 

But, like all other destructive things, by reason 
of their own natures, these deceptions finally re- 
turned upon and destroyed themselves. The un- 
reasonableness and the injustice of such a thing 

256 Occult Philosophy 

as infant damnation, finally arose, like a grinning 
skull and horrible cross bones, between the faces 
of bereaved parents and their God, until it came 
to pass that either God, or creed, must go out of 
their hearts. To some persons those teachings 
brought materialism. Many men and women be- 
came infidels and repudiated God altogether. 
Others went insane with grief and passed out of 
life mentally unbalanced. Then there were a few 
who were brave and strong enough to repudiate 
the belief in an orthodox hell, banded themselves 
together into a society called Universalists, and 
declared that hell was upon earth, and that man 
received his punishment as he went through life 
and not hereafter. 

Anciently all religious teachers wore cowls and 
skirts, and, while thus attired, demanded and re- 
ceived a reverence from the people, which greatly 
aided them in controlling their worshippers. This 
was because they so nearly resembled the pictures 
of the heavenly saints, whom the teachers pro- 
fessed to represent upon earth. But, gradually, 
as the more modern clergymen commenced to 
adopt a style of dress less saintly and more 
fashionable, much of the halo of sanctity was re- 
moved from their personalities. It became quite 
difiScult for the mass of men, who had so blindly 
worshipped signs and symbols, as interpreted by 
men clad in vestments, to accept as Divine Truth 

, After Death 257 

anything given to them by men dressed in trousers 
and waistcoats. And, notwithstanding the terrible 
threats of eternal damnation so generously be- 
stowed upon them, many evolving souls revolted 
from the tyranny of the Church and adopted newer 
and easier forms of worship. 

This religious reaction was in perfect accord 
with Divine Law, which always brings reaction 
to follow action, along any line of thinking or 
doing. It was natural that there should be a re- 
laxation from the established forms of worship, 
even to the extent of a disbelief in a future punish- 
ment, or even regarding a future state of exist- 
ence. It could not be otherwise, after the people's 
long submission to the ironclad creeds and dog- 
mas of a Church which depended, for its corner- 
stone, upon hell and damnation instead of Divine 

When mankind had reached a point where it 
really wanted to know the truth, there occasion- 
ally appeared an individual, with intellectual 
strength and mental poise, sufficient to enable him 
to rise and denounce all man-made creeds, and to 
declare that there is no anthropomorphic God; 
but that this is a universe of law, in which all men 
have the right to a freedom of thought and a 
freedom of speech. When first these intellectual 
giants appeared before the people, and repudiated 
the teachings of the Church, the fear enslaved 


Occult Philosophy 

souls expected that God in His vengeance would 
pour out His wrath upon those men ; and that they 
would speedily meet with some terrible physical, 
or mental affliction. But when it was seen that 
those heroes of the times were still permitted to 
live and to speak what they believed to be true, 
many, who had become surfeited with the old 
orthodox teachings and who really desired freedom 
of thought and action, accepted their words as 
expressed truth. 

On January 29th, 1737, Thomas Paine was born. 
And during his life, which lasted about seventy- 
two years, he did more towards freeing the Amer- 
ican people from their mental bondage than any 
other man previous to him had done. Such a 
storm as he raised, with his "Common Sense" and 
his ''Rights of Man" — for which latter book he 
was outlawed from England — was never equalled 
until Robert Ingersoll stepped upon the lecture 
platform, and, striking his intellectual ax into the 
roots of that deadly nightshade of superstition, 
called "eternal hell fire," finished the work that 
Thomas Paine commenced almost a century 

Since 1876-1886, when Robert Ingersoll did his 
great work for the English speaking people of 
the world — who were privileged to hear his voice, 
or read his lectures — a belief in an orthodox hell 
and eternal damnation has steadily waned. Even 

After Death 


the ministers of the gospel, who at that time so 
frantically and fiercely denounced him as an agent 
of the devil and declared that he was robbing the 
Church of its most valuable and sacred tenet, have 
been compelled to modify their doctrines. And 
now, at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, 
fore-ordination, infant damnation and hell fire 
are seldom alluded to, either in the pulpits of the 
civilized world, or, in polite society. For the 
churches have learned that they must keep pace 
with progression, or fall out of the evolutionary 
race altogether. 

Since dire future punishment for terrible crimes 
is no longer predicted, people have now become 
lulled into a false sense of security. They have 
swung to the other extreme and believe they have 
nothing to fear as punishment, except public opin- 
ion, which is sometimes very gently expressed con- 
cerning society's favorites. And because of this 
belief, a large portion of the human family has 
entered again, into indulgences and transgressions 
against Divine Law, which it dared not enter 
while bound by the fear of hell fire. The in- 
dividuals who believed themselves to be God- 
fearing were mistaken ; they were only hell-fear- 
ing, and now that hell has been wiped off the 
religious map, they are neither the one nor the 

The race has reached its majority, and is like 


Occult Philosophy 

the boy who has recently become a man. He can 
vote, and therefore is no longer obliged to submit 
to the autocratic rule of his parents. He is now 
too large to be chastised, and therefore threats 
have ceased to frighten him into submission; and 
yet he is not wise nor good enough to live up to 
the best that he knows. Because of the strictness 
of his past training and the watchfulness of his 
parents, he was not permitted to indulge in the 
excesses which he secretly desired. But, now that 
all restrictions have been removed, he is satiating 
himself because he believes there will be no con- 
sequences. He is mistaken. There are and will 
be consequences, both here and hereafter, and, 
although he may not meet with the devil of an- 
cient theology, and may not be plunged forever 
and forever into the lake which burns with un- 
quenchable fire, still, he is at a critical point in 
his evolution and cannot escape the results of his 
transgressions. It all depends upon how high 
he climbs, or how low he sinks upon this material 
plane, where his future state of existence will be. 
For, in the Father's house there are many man- i 
sions, and a place is prepared for him which is 
best suited to his development. And there will 
be nothing, but his own efforts, which will 
change his condition. In that other state of 
existence the wealth, or social position which he 
enjoys here, will have no power to help him.. 

After Death 


He will then be recognized for just what he 

Below this material plane and below the first 
subjective plane, are the lowest conditions into 
which the egos of this earth can enter. By the 
Eastern students of Occultism it is called Avitchi, 
and, in its lowest depths, it is indescribable in its 
horrors. In its upper portion it vibrates red, while 
the lower vibrates, black. It is the home for lost 
souls and for those who have deliberately chosen 
,to do evil instead of good. When, by reason of 
its thoughts and acts, a soul's vibrations have be- 
come more gross than are those of the earth, and, 
because of this condition, it is unable to longer 
resist the gravic attraction of the earth ; through 
the operation of the same law that draws a stone 
to the bottom of the sea, or to a point where it 
meets with obstructions as dense as itself, that un- 
fortunate, misguided soul is drawn by gravic force 
lower and lower into obscuration and darkness. 
Then it becomes disintegrated through vampiriza- 
tion by the black cosmic current in which it dwells. 
The red cosmic current not only surrounds and 
penetrates the surface of the earth, but it also 
permeates it, becoming black towards its center. 
Its darkest, deadliest shades are as destructive 
and as disintegrating to a dying soul as corrosive 
acid is destructive to a material body. It eats, 

' Fragments of Truth, Chapter XIV. 

262 Occult Philosophy 

consumes, or absorbs, the soul atom by atom until 
it is entirely disintegrated. 

Let it be understood that souls and egos are 
not lost or destroyed through the vindictiveness of 
an angry God, but through their own willful sin- 
ning, and in no other way. 

Notwithstanding all the book lore that has been 
given to man, by the scientific investigators of 
material phenomena, he knows very little of what 
the earth contains beneath its surface. And the 
human race is almost as ignorant concerning the 
earth it dwells upon and of the subjective planes 
surrounding it, as the blind mole in the meadow 
is unconscious of man's political and social re- 
lationships. If the entire human family were to 
be limited to the few sodden crumbs of knowledge 
which are occasionally thrown to it, by so-called 
scientific men, who believe in the existence of 
nothing that cannot be measured, or weighed by 
their material rules or scales, then the school of 
evolution would necessarily be closed during 
a greater part of the time, and man would be 
unable to make much progress in his develop- 

But, because there are advanced egos upon 
earth ^ who wish to know the truth, whether it 
squares with their preconceived notions or not, it 
is possible for those less advanced to profit by 

^ The History and Power of Mind, pp. 10, 11, 15, 18, 60, 196. 

After Death 263 

the results of the investigations and experiences 
of the wiser ones, and a few pages will be quoted 
here from the diary of the same student of Occult- 
ism who so kindly contributed from his basket 
and store, for lectures Six and Nine. 

''I had often asked my Master to show me the 
abode for lost souls, and each time he had sadly 
refused, saying, 'You could not bear it now.' But 
to-day, after being an accepted student for almost 
seven years, he offered to take me into Avitchi, as 
far as it was possible for an incarnated soul to 
go. And when I saw the horrors of that awful 
place, I ceased to wonder why he had heretofore 
refused my request. When liberated from my 
body and ready to descend into the bowels of the 
earth, I was surprised to see how easiljr an ego 
could penetrate dense matter. In a vague way, 
I had expected that my Master would take me to 
some extinct volcano and use it as a passageway 
to the lower realms; but this was not the case. 
Before we had descended to any considerable 
depth, he took my hand and said, * Whatever hap- 
pens, do not let go of me, since an inexperienced 
ego, if left by itself, is sometimes caught between 
two entities — denizens of the lower plane — and is 
detained and demagnetized through vampirization, 
until the magnetic cord between the physical body 
and their victim, becomes absorbed, and dissolu- 
tion of the physical body necessarily ensues,' and, 


Occult Philosophy 

thus warned, I kept close to my Master, and it 
was well for me that I did. 

''After descending for several hundred feet into 
the earth, we came first to a number of caverns 
which opened into each other. There was a sub- 
terranean stream of water that poured forth from 
a great hole in the rocky wall, flowed through the 
place, from end to end, and disappeared with a 
roar over the edge of a yawning abyss in the last 
cavern. The walls of this place were glistening 
with minerals, and there were veins of ore among 
those rocks that would have driven a miner insane 
with greed. At the bottom of the shallow stream 
there were great quantities of gold that, by the 
constant washing of the swiftly running water, 
had been cleansed from earthy deposits until it 
glittered and shone most tantalizingly. 

"At first I was so intently interested in those 
rocky caverns and in our surroundings that I did 
not notice that for a distance of ten feet or more 
around us, there shone a strange blue light, which 
made the walls and floors glisten with a weird 
brilliancy. But when the thought occurred to me 
that the light from neither sun nor moon could 
penetrate to this depth without an opening in the 
earth, I began to wonder where the light came 
from, and, turning to my Master for an answer, 
I saw that it emanated from him.^ In this dark- 

' Mata the Magician, pp. 12, 16, 20, 21. 

After Death 265 

ness he had become a luminous body and was light- 
ing the place with his brilliancy. In reply to my 
mental query he smiUngly said : 'Egos, like other 
things, always shine by contrast with unpleasant 
surroundings, and we must have light upon the 
subject we are studying.' And then I knew that 
his modesty forbade him from saying that he pos- 
sessed the power, at any time or place, to create 
light, according to his will. Forgetting everything 
except his wondrous power, I stood gazing admir- 
ingly at him until, wishing to divert my attention 
from himself, he said: 'Look yonder,' and, look- 
ing in the direction he indicated, I saw a group of 
entities who were watching us. 

Standing, as they did, among the shadows, that 
appeared the denser by contrast with the light 
that encircled us, they looked more like apes than 
men. With distorted features, grinning mouths 
and bulging eyeballs, they made a wretched pic- 
ture to look upon, and I shuddered as I gazed. 
They all appeared startled, half blinded and dis- 
turbed by the light that had come so suddenly 
into their abode, and they huddled together, as 
if afraid we would attack them. Taking my hand, 
my Master led me forward until we were near 
enough to let the light shine full upon the group, 
and thus I had the opportunity to see each entity 
very plainly. Had their figures been straight and 
erect, I should judge that they had been men who 


Occult Philosophy 

measured six feet in height, while in physical life ; 
but now they were bowed and bent and had huge 
humps between their shoulders. Their legs were 
crooked and withered, their arms were covered 
with knots, or bunches, and their hands and fingers 
looked like claws, while their feet resembled the 
feet of bears. 

'Do you know who these individuals were in 
life?' I asked my Master, and he replied : *They 
were members of the Spanish Inquisition and have 
no subjective minds, since they were deserted by 
them long before they excarnated. These are now 
animal souls, or objective minds, which were too 
strong for their subjective minds to control and 
have been left to their fate.^ When first they 
passed from physical life, they lingered for a time 
in Purgatory, or upon the first subjective plane 
of being and amused themselves by casting their 
diabolical influence upon the minds of such men 
as they could control upon earth, or the material 
plane,^ until, weakened by their unwise expendi- 
ture of magnetic force, and thus losing their power, 
they were swept from the first subjective plane, by 
the law of evolution, or adjustment, which event- 
ually places every individual where it belongs.^* 
By reason of their density, these entities settled 
here, and will remain in this place, or condition, 

1 The History and Power of Mind. pp. 170, 171, 176, 177. 

' Frasrments of Truth. Chapter I. 

» The History and Power of Mind. pp. 183-184. 

* Fragments of Truth, Chapter XIV, 

After Death 


until there shall be another cyclic change, or move- 
ment of the law. Then they will descend still 
lower, since, being only objective minds, there is 
no hope of their ever being raised from this eon- 

'Will you tell me something about the oper- 
ation of the cyclic law you have just referred ioV 
I asked, and Master replied : 

'During the latter part of the ebb tide of each 
century, as men now reckon time, there comes a 
readjustment upon all the subjective planes of 
being surrounding and interpenetrating the earth. 
Egos, who are progressive, are permitted but not 
forced to reincarnate, but those who will not 
progress, and who have karma to expiate, are 
compelled to reincarnate, or to move downward. 
If, for lack of strength or for karmic reasons, a 
soul is unable to reincarnate and is on the down- 
ward instead of the upward course, then it is swept 
off the plane, where it has been functioning, 
and, by gravic attraction, settles into a lower con- 
dition, or state of consciousness ; and thus it goes 
gradually downward until final disintegration, or 
reabsorbment into the lowest shade of the black 
cosmic current, becomes its fate. Shall we pass 
on and examine the next lower condition?' he 
asked, and again we started forth on our tour of 
**It is a wonderful earth on which we live, and, 

268 Occult Philosophy 

until I had the opportunity to study it by the light 
of soul, I had no idea of its almost limitless re- 
sources. There are vast beds of coal and great 
wealth of minerals, and there are rivers and lakes 
of petroleum which have never yet been touched 
by the probing iron tubes that men are continu- 
ously sending after them. There are underground 
rivers and lakes of water and caverns so great that 
our largest buildings would seem like children's 
playhouses if they were put into them. As we 
swiftly passed from wonder to wonder, we saw 
many unfortunate beings, who had neglected their 
opportunities for progression, and were now tak- 
ing the consequences.^ Some looked frightened, 
others sad and despairing, but many were rebel- 
lious and bitter. They were of many shades of 
darkness and had now nothing to do but to medi- 
tate upon their mistakes, or to dispute and quarrel 
among themselves. As we passed, or paused to 
look at them, they usually returned our gaze; 
sometimes stupidly, or wonderingly, but more 
often apprehensively, since the fear of greater 
calamities seemed to prevail with each. They 
never spoke to us unless we addressed them first, 
and this we did not care to do, except in one in- 
stance, when we found a creature who had been a 
woman during its last incarnation and still re- 
tained something of what I imagined was its for- 

1 Fragments of Truth, Chapter XIII. 

After Death 


mer appearance. It had been a Voodoo sorceress/ 
my Master said, and was really a subjective and 
objective mind gone wrong together. This ego 
had deliberately chosen to do evil instead of good, 
and was suffering the consequences of its choice. 
It was surrounded by a number of other entities, 
who had been its victims in times past and whom 
it had been instrumental in helping downward 
instead of upward. When we came into the pres- 
ence of this creature it rushed forward with out- 
stretched arms as if it were about to seize us. 
But, stretching out his hard and giving it a look 
which seemed to have the power to stop a whirl- 
wind, my Master spoke the one word, 'Stop!' and 
immediately the creature fell upon its knees as 
quickly as if it had been knocked down with a 
club. Then, with his hand still raised, and, with- 
out taking his eyes from the creature's face, he 
said: 'If you have anything to say you must 
say it where you are. You cannot come any 

"'Help! help! help!' it shouted in a tragic 
tone of voice, 'I want to get out of here!' and 
it commenced wringing its hands and swaying its 
body backward and forward while its eyes gleamed 

" 'What would you do if you were to be helped 
out of your condition? ' Master asked. 

' Fragments of Truth, Chapter I. 

270 Occult Philosophy 

" 'I would kill the man who murdered and sent 
me here,' it replied viciously. 'I would search 
the world over, and when I found him I would 
strangle him with my hands as he strangled me; 
and then I would drag him down here. Will you 
help me to get revenge?' it suddenly inquired, 
looking at Master with its reddened eyes that 
blinked and squinted under the radiant light that 
surrounded us. 

'Not while your only purpose for release is 
revenge,' he replied, and, as we turned away, it 
sent after us such curses as made me shudder at 
their wickedness. 

After spending some time in looking about, 
my Master said: 'Now that you have seen so many 
phases of this wretchedness I shall show you the 
place which first gave rise to the Bible legend 
of hell, or of the lake which is supposed to burn 
forever and forever with unquenchable fire; for 
that, like nearly all those old legends, was founded 
upon fragments of truth.' 

''After passing under many miles of sea and 
then down deep into what seemed to be almost 
the center of the earth, we came into the greatest 
of all the caverns I had seen. It was so immense 
that I was impressed with the thought that we 
had really entered another world until my Mas- 
ter said : ' This is the orthodox hell. Into greater 
depths than this we cannot go; but, I am told, 

After Death 


that there is a place even worse than this where 
all forms become slowly absorbed, except their 
heads, which remain conscious, and which continue 
to float about upon a black sea of cosmic con- 
sciousness, like corks upon the surface of a stream. 
And, finally, after many centuries, the heads, too, 
become absorbed and are drawn back to help swell 
that great torrent of destructive cosmic force,^ 
the upper portion of which is red and is constantly 
sweeping round and through the earth ; and which 
is ever ready to supply animal man with material 
for his passions and liis lower emotions.'' 

''This great cavern which we had entered 
seemed to be a center of attraction toward which 
much of the vital fluids and gases of the earth 
were drawn. There were monstrous holes in the 
walls and roof, that looked as if they had, at some 
time, been vents and had served as chimneys to 
the place. And everywhere were heaps of rocks 
that looked as if they had at some time been 
heated and tossed about like balls of putty by 
some tremendous force, and had then been left 
to harden into their present grotesque shapes. 
There were also deep, dark pools of water and 
streams that gushed, or trickled, according to their 
size, or volume, from among the rocks and crev- 
ices. Here and there we saw, hiding and dodging 

» Fragments of Trutb, Chapter XIII. oao oaj. 

» The History and Power of Mind, pp. 139-140 ; 242-244. 


Occult Philosophy 

among the shadows, the ugly misshapen forms of 
some of the denizens of that place. Going further 
into the cavern we found, after the distance of a 
mile or two, the floors began a gradual descent, 
and the further we went the sharper became the 
decline until we seemed to be going downward at 
an angle of about forty-five degrees. And still, 
on every hand, before and behind us, were heaps 
and piles of rocks which we passed over, through 
or between upon our journey. After a time, from 
out the shadows and the darkness, there came a 
glimmer of light in the distance, and I paused 
and asked my Master what was its cause and 
from whence it came. He replied: 

'That light is from the fiery lake of which you 
have been told. It is a burning pool. We are now 
directly beneath the Island of Java, which is a 
volcanic formation upon the surface of the earth, 
and which contains numerous craters, that serve 
as vents, or chimneys, for this lake of fire; and, 
on approaching nearer, I looked upon a scene 
that neither time nor eternity will ever obliterate 
from my memory. 

"Below us at a distance perhaps of one thou- 
sand feet was what seemed to be a huge caldron 
of liquid rock. It was seething and bubbling and 
spurting high toward the roof of the cavern as 
if it were being forced upward by numerous foun- 
tains. And there was also a constant and terrific 

After Death 


rumbling and roaring sound, and a trembling of 
the rocks around us, as if they were being shaken 
from their resting places and were about to go 
plunging down the decline to be melted again into 
lava in that fiery pool. It was impossible for me 
to estimate the area covered by that boiling mass, 
since it was in such a constant and tumultuous 
commotion that I could see but a small portion 
of it. But as I watched it roll and heard it thun- 
der, and saw it swirl and dash about, in its seem- 
ing efforts to consume everything within its reach, 
and, as I became conscious of the sickening stench 
that arose from its gaseous and sulphurous fumes, 
I understood w^hy the theologians' hell had been 
so graphically described. Turning to my Master 
I asked: 'Am I to understand that this place was 
expressly prepared for lost souls?' and he re- 
plied : 

" 'No. This condition is but the result of a 
meeting at this point, within the earth, of such 
fluids and gases as are combustible by coming into 
contact with each other. The combination of sul- 
phur, gases and oils with the different chemicals, 
which are here in great quantities, has produced 
combustion, and the continuous flow of oil and of 
gas into this center, supplies the fuel that keeps 
it burning. This is the largest of the several lakes 
that now exist within the earth and which sup- 
ply different volcanoes with their fires.' 

274 Occult Philosophy 

*'At that moment I saw a group of entities ap- 
proaching. Their bodies were coal black and glit- 
tered in the firelight as though they were covered 
with scales. All were deformed. Some had huge 
heads and broad shoulders, while their legs and 
arms seemed like slender sticks. Others had large 
bodies and small heads and eyes that looked like 
living coals of fire. All had monstrous mouths 
and huge ears, and, as they approached, I became 
conscious of a great fear. For of all the hideous 
creatures I had ever seen in all our wanderings, 
these were the worst. Drawing nearer to my 
Master, I said : 'Keep them away, for I am afraid,' 
and he replied : ' If you cannot command yourself 
then you cannot command them,' then, raising his 
hand as he had done before to the voodoo sorcer- 
ess, he said; 'Stop! You can come no nearer,' 
and immediately the creatures paused, hesitated, 
and then turned and went another way. At that 
moment I felt a change coming over me. I seemed 
to completely lose my poise, and I said: 'Let us 
go. I cannot bear any more of this,' and Master 
quickly took me out of that awful place. 

"When next I had an opportunity to talk with 
Master I asked him why theological teachers had 
taught that the only place of future punishment 
was that lake of fire, when there were so many 
other unhappy conditions. And he replied: 'An- 
cient teachers knew the truth, since many were 

After Death 


clairvoyant, and were conscious of all the states 
and grades of happiness, or degradation, into 
which souls can go. But because that is the low- 
est extreme of an abnormal condition of which 
they were conscious, they used it to frighten men 
into good behavior. It was not prepared for lost 
souls, but they sank into it, by reason of their 
sinning, and, by the same law of attraction, egos 
may rise by reason of their goodness and wisdom 
to great spiritual heights. 

Since I have been seeing faces and forms and 
have been hearing voices, I wished to go into Pur- 
gatory, or upon the first subjective plane, and see 
the egos there, as they appear in their different 
states of consciousness. But it was not until to- 
day that Master consented to show me about, al- 
ways having refused before with the remark that, 
because of my emotional nature which I did not 
control properly, I was not prepared to meet either 
the dwellers upon the threshold or the egos of 
higher realms. But to-day, after severely testing 
me, he consented to make the attempt, but prom- 
ised to cut our investigations short if I should 
lose my poise again as I did in Avitchi. 

"At first it seemed incredible that there could 
be such throngs and crowds of beings upon the 
first subjective plane, while incarnated souls were 
moving about among them utterly unconscious of 


Occult Philosophy 

their existence.^ When first I was liberated from 
my body and took my Master's hand, it seemed 
as if it must be fete day and that every one was 
out upon a dress parade. For there were thou- 
sands who jostled and pushed each other about, 
played pranks, or disputed and quarreled, as men 
do at a country fair, or when a circus has come to 
a country town. And there were the souls of ani- 
mals running about and following both incarnated 
and excarnated ' beings and each other, and they 
seemed as tangible as were those whom they were 
following. There were huge dogs and small dogs, 
kittens, cats and rats. And there were monkeys 
that had been pets, and who were as active in that 
parade as any of the other creatures. 

**In the country, before we reached the city, I 
saw the souls of cows and of horses and of sheep 
mingling with the incarnated herds, or flocks, of 
their kind, and it seemed that the first subjective 
plane was as greatly crowded with the souls of 
animals as with human souls.* Passing through 
the fields, I observed that the female animals 
were the greatest centers of attraction for the 
disembodied animal souls of their kind ; and when 
I asked the cause of this my Master said it was 
because of the possibility of rebirth, or reincar- 
nation, for the animals who were being drawn 

* The History and Power of Mind. pp. 183-184. 
» The History and Power of Mind, p. 174. 

After Death 


again into physical life. They were attracted to 
the female animals more than to the males be- 
cause it was through them, as mothers, that they 
would again be able to gain physical expression. 
And what was true with the animals was also 
true with human beings. Some women, and espe- 
cially those who were at an age and in a condi- 
tion where motherhood was possible, were sur- 
rounded by disembodied egos ready for rebirth. 

Something that impressed me very forcefully 
was the fact that, although we were walking upon 
the earth as if we were in our physical bodies, 
still, the atmosphere seemed to have entirely 
changed in some places. We were not conscious 
of the heat, although the weather had been exceed- 
ingly warm at home before leaving my physical 
body. The sun was shining fiercely there, and 
there was not a cloud to be seen in the sky ; but 
now, in this new condition, the sun was obscured, 
in the city which my Master wished me to see 
subjectively, and there were shadows so dense, 
in some portions of it, that it seemed as if twilight 
had fallen. And this was especially true in the 
lower quarters of the city, where gambling and 
prostitution prevailed. And when I asked why 
this darkened condition existed my Master re- 
plied : ' This is a mental atmosphere that is vibrat- 
ing at a rate which you are conscious of as shad- 
ows. When incarnated men and women constantly 


Occult Philosophy 

trangress against truth, purity and honesty, they 
create mental cesspools, or vortices, of gross vi- 
brations which draw into them, by their attracting 
power, such disembodied entities, or souls, as are 
vibrating in mental accord with those who cre- 
ated those vortices.^ ^ It is not alone true that 
the doers of evil prefer darkness for themselves 
rather than light, but they also create darkness 
by the density of their thought vibrations. They 
establish clouds between themselves and the sun 
in the same manner that they establish barriers 
between themselves and the purer egos who dwell 
on the planes above them. Look there, for in- 
stance,' and he pointed to a large fine building 
which appeared to be an aristocratic family resi- 

*' Taking my hand, we entered the house with- 
out opening the door, which was firmly bolted in- 
side, and the bolts held in their places by strong 
steel chains. In the drawing-room we saw women 
who were painted like dolls and who were only 
half dressed, or who wore evening costumes which 
made but poor pretence of concealing their volupt- 
uous forms. They were lolling about on couches 
and easy chairs, while small tables, on which were 
bottles of liquor and delicate wine glasses, stood 
just within reach of each. Behind, before and on 

» The History and Power of Mind. pp. 183-186. 
■ Fra«m«it8 ol Truth, Chapter I. 

After Death 279 

either side, of every woman in that room, stood 
the disembodied souls of persons of both sexes , 
who had been as low, or worse than they, in devel- 
opment. For there were women there who had 
been pure and good only a few years before, but 
who had strayed from the path of virtue, had 
yielded to a tempter in human form^ and had 
finally reached this condition. Now they were 
never free from the effect that intoxicants have 
upon the physical brain, and, bec^iuse of this, were 
much more easily influenced by the disembodied 
entities who were mentally urging them to drink 
and to sin. With a feeling of indignation at the 
condition into which these women had been en- 
ticed I turned to Master and said: 

" 'Why cannot these women be made to see and 
know of their danger? And why are they per- 
mitted to go blindly on to such a terrible fate 
as awaits them?' 

"He calmly replied: 'If you do not control your 
sympathy better than this, I shall take you back 
to your body and you will not be permitted to ex- 
tend your investigations further. These women 
are passing through this phase of experience be- 
cause, at present, they have neither the desire nor 
the will to escape it. If you observe, you will 
see that the objective mind of each is in com- 
plete control of her actions. If I were suddenly 

* Mata the Magician, p. 124. 

28o Occult Philosophy 

to lift the veil and show them the entities who 
stand at their elbows, and if they were to be made 
conscious of the dangers they are approaching, 
they would scream and faint ; but when conscious- 
ness should again return they would overlook the 
lesson, I had attempted to teach, and would be- 
lieve they had been the victims of a joke. Then 
they would drink deeper to drown the fearful rec- 
ollection. No. It is impossible to help a soul, 
until it is ready and desires to be helped, for it 
is only then that it will co-operate with its helper, 
and even then one must be wise enough not to 
do too much at one time, since none can bear more 
truth than can be immediately digested and ap- 
plied to present conditions.* 

''Passing on to another apartment, on that same 
floor, we found the man and woman who owned 
the house. They were sitting at a table and were 
playing cards with two other persons. It was not 
difficult to see that these two were much further 
on the downward road than were any of the women 
in the drawing-room. These also, were drinking 
intoxicants and were using the worst language I 
had ever heard. They were gambling and plot- 
ting against the fortunes and the lives of several 
persons whom I did not know; and, crowding 
around them so closely that they could scarcely 
be distinguished apart, were disembodied souls 
who were almost as evil looking as were some of 

After Death 


those whom we had seen in Avitchi. These en- 
tities mentally suggested diabolical plans to these 
human plotters and laughed heartily when their 
suggestions were accepted. 

Rising to the floor above we entered a large, 
luxuriously furnished room where there was a 
young girl. She was beautiful, but most unhappy. 
There were glasses and liquor upon a table. When 
we entered she was pacing the floor and was wring- 
ing her hands in an agony of grief; immediately 
my sympathies began to go out to her. But Mas- 
ter touched my hand and said: 'Remember your 
poise. If you lose it you cannot be of service 
to her, nor to any one else whom you will meet.* 
The girl was moaning and muttering: 

" 'Oh, my God, my God, have you forsaken meT 
she moaned. 'Why did I yield to that awful temp- 
tation? I must get away from this place and go 
back to my father. I will get out ! I will, I will ! ' 
and she rushed toward a door just as a dissolute- 
looking man stepped into the room. At sight of 
him, the girl stopped, hesitated and finally sank 
into a chair. It was evident that this man was 
the cause of her misery. Coming forward he 
smilingly made a flattering remark, to which she 
did not reply, but continued to look steadily and 
sullenly straight before her. At this moment Mas- 
ter stepped close to her side, and, pushing away 
the evil entities who stood around her and who 


Occult Philosophy 

were mentally urging her into a passion, he whis- 
pered: 'You are repentant, not rebellious; and 
you desire to be good. You can and you shall 
escape from this place before you are compelled 
to sin again,' and these words he repeated over 
and over again to her. 

''Sensitive to thought, the girl seemed to listen 
to Master's suggestions, and immediately gained 
control of her anger. And when the man who 
had entered laid his hand caressingly upon her 
shoulder she rose and confronted him; and while 
the tears shone in her eyes, she said: 'You say you 
love me, and it was because of your protestations 
of love that I disobeyed my good old father and 
fled with you. You promised to marry me, but 
you did not do it. Will you release me and give 
me the money to return to my father*?' 

"At first the man looked surprised and then 
provoked, but replied : ' Still harping on that sub- 
ject which I thought you had forgotten. Why 
can't you be satisfied as you are"? Haven't you 
everything a girl could possibly want?' 

" 'No. I want my freedom from this den of 
iniquity. I want to breathe the pure air and see 
the sunshine again. I am sorry for my wilfulness 
and for my disobedience and wish to return to 
my home,' she replied sadly. 

" 'But you are disgraced. Who will recognize 
you in the town where you were bom and shone 

After Death 


with such brilliancy for so short a time?' he 

" *My father will receive me and God will for- 
give me, and I don't care for the others. I want 
to be good and be happy again before I die,' she 

"Here Master stepped close to the man and 
whispered: 'Pity and release her; she is too good 
to live this life,' and this he repeated several times 
until the man received the thought and said: 
'When would you like to go?' 
*Now! this instant,' she replied, and started 
toward the closet for her wraps. 

'* 'But how can you pack all your gowns and 
get away to-day? Better stay another night,' he 
said slowly. 

" 'I don't want to ever see those things again,* 
she replied passionately, 'for they only remind me 
of my miserable mistakes, which I wish to forget. 
Please let me go now.' 

"At that moment an evil entity came close to 
the man and was about to suggest something to 
him when Master stepped between the two and 
said : 'As you will some time hope for mercy, have 
mercy now for this girl,' and he suggested the 
thought with such force that the man turned pale 
and began trembling. After a moment he said: 
'You shall go home, and have all the money you 
will need to take you there. If your father re- 

284 Occult Philosophy 

fuses to take you back, let me know, and I will 
send you enough more to keep you honest until 
you can turn yourself somehow,' and handing her 
a large package of bank notes he said; 'Come, 
I will see you to the station,' and they walked 
together out of the house. Then Master said: 
*She was the only person in this place who was 
ready to be helped, and now let ns go.' 

"The next place we visited was an opium den; 
down a narrow street, into a Chinese shop, where 
there were Oriental wares for sale. Finally we 
entered a large room in the basement of the 
building where the deadly drug was smoked. 
Here were men and women lying upon luxurious 
couches that were piled high with silken pillows. 
These persons were in all states of stupefaction, 
and like the place we had just left, this, too, was 
crowded with disembodied entities in their differ- 
ent stages of undevelopment. AH these entities 
had been opium smokers during their past incar- 
nations, but now, not being possessed of physical 
bodies, could only enjoy their favorite indulgence 
by proxy — as the disembodied soul of a drunkard 
enjoys the fumes of intoxicants through vampiriz- 
ing an embodied drunkard.^ These entities were 
nearly all objective, animal minds who had been 
deserted by their subjective minds, but were still 
strong enough to influence and to suggest the 

* Fragments of Truth, Chapter I. 

After Death 


thought to their victims to smoke opium. When 
their victims had become completely stupefied and 
unconscious, those vampires settled down upon 
them like huge black bats, and, lying out at full 
length upon their victim's prostrate physical 
forms, drew from them their magnetic forces 
until, after regaining consciousness, they could 
scarcely stand or walk. In this manner the vam- 
pires were able to enjoy the fumes of the burning 
opium and at the same time gain the magnetic 
strength they desired and needed to enable them 
to continue with their diabolical work. 

**In this place there seemed to be no one who 
could be helped, since those, who had been deserted 
by their higher or subjective minds, were simply 
animal or objective minds incarnated in weakened 
and diseased physical bodies and were beyond 
help. And those who still were blest with sub- 
jective minds were not controlled by them, but 
were entirely dominated by their animal natures. 

**As we passed through the city we paused for 
a few moments in many homes of the rich and also 
in the homes of the poor, and saw much suffering, 
but some happiness in both. In every class there 
were individuals who were positively good and 
were living up to their highest ideals. The homes 
of these were filled with bright and uplifting vibra- 
tions ; and, around such incarnated souls were dis- 
embodied entities who were suggesting beautiful 

286 Occult Philosophy 

thoughts to assist them in their work for them- 
selves and for others/ In other homes, often 
where there was much wealth and social honor, 
there was degeneracy and drunkenness. And this 
condition applied equally as well to each of the two 
extremes of society. Persons who had nothing to 
do, and those who would do nothing, were sur- 
rounded by disembodied entities of a like, or of a 
worse nature, than themselves, who suggested 
demoralizing thoughts which were accepted and 
acted upon. And nearly all these disembodied 
entities were earth bound and could not pass to 
higher planes than the first subjective, because 
their love for material things was greater than 
for spiritual qualities. They stayed with the 
sensual because they loved sensuality; and would 
eventually either reincarnate or sink lower because 
of their grossness. 

"Among the middle classes, with persons who 
were neither rich or poor, but who were kept busy 
at work at earning a living, we found much greater 
mental development and more purity and truth. 
And I was strongly impressed with the thought 
that physical and mental activity are great pro- 
tections against degeneracy and all kinds of sin. 
This is because the objective minds gain the 
greatest strength and power when their physical 
bodies are idle. 

» The History and Power of Mind, p. 196. 

After Death 


** After we had studied the first subjective plane, 
as it appeared in the largest city in our country, 
my Master said, 'I shall now show you something 
of the second subjective plane, or first heaven, 
which surrounds the earth outside the first plane. 
This is the temporary abode for disembodied egos 
who have struggled through and have overcome 
many of the temptations of earth ; and have gained 
a point of development where they desire to pro- 
gress instead of retrogress. For such, this is a 
resting place between earth lives where they may 
digest, as it were, their late experiences and assim- 
ilate the good that is to be gotten from each. When 
an ego has reached the second subjective plane, it 
is not likely to fall into Avitchi. But if such a fate 
should befall it, then it is due to the fact that it 
was more negatively than positively good, and fell 
through lack of strength to resist some great 
temptation upon earth. After such an ego has 
been permitted to suffer the consequences of its 
mistakes for a time, usually a stronger ego goes 
down and attempts to encourage and to assist it 
out of its unhappy condition. And that angel of 
mercy is usually the other half of itself. But in- 
stances like these are rare, although they do some- 
times occur.* 

"It seemed as if a burden of lead had been lifted 
from my shoulders when we entered the atmos- 
phere of that next higher plane ; for we had indeed 

288 Occult Philosophy 

passed through purgatory and had at last entered 
a heaven of rest. There were no shadowy places, 
no darkness nor any gloom there. But there were 
trees and flowers and mossy banks and flowering 
shrubs. There were also beautiful places of abode 
and large, magnificent buildings like amphi- 
theatres, erected for assembly halls. And every- 
thing seemed to be as tangible and as firm as the 
earth had seemed to be to my physical body. In 
a vague way I had expected to find this plane a 
vapory, cloudy place, and I think I had even ex- 
pected to find the egos who dwelt there trans- 
parent and intangible. 

"A silvery light that reminded me of intensi- 
fied moonlight shone everywhere. And there was 
a restfulness in the atmosphere of which I had 
never before dreamed. 'Let us sit here upon the 
bank of this stream among these flowers,' I said, 
and my Master consented. After the horrible 
scenes that I had so recently looked upon, on the 
lower planes of being, this place seemed the height 
of beauty and of bliss, and I said: 'Surely, no 
soul could ask for more happiness than this,' but 
Master replied: 

" 'This is indeed beautiful and restful, but there 
are planes beyond this where there are glories 
greater than these.' 

"At that moment we saw two egos approaching, 
and as I gazed at them in speechless wonderment, 

After Death 289 

my Master said they were re-united half souls who 
were enjoying this paradise together after an 
earthly incarnation of suffering. Kadiant with 
happiness, they were the most beautiful beings I 
had yet seen, and, as they came nearer, I felt some 
of the love they radiated. Pausing at a short dis- 
tance they smiled and waved their hands as if to 
welcome us to their heaven and then passed on. 
After resting for a time Master said: 'Come, you 
have kept your poise so well through these ex- 
periences I shall now show you the next higher 
plane of being,' and rising, we passed on through 
gardens and groves, through fields and over hills, 
for what seemed a great distance. And during 
each moment I felt so uplifted and so happy that 
I hardly recognized myself in this new environ- 
ment. On our way we met many beautiful egos, 
each kindly saluted us, but did not offer to engage 
in conversation. Unlike mortals, they appeared to 
be devoid of curiosity, although they must have 
known that I did not belong in their realm. As 
we were passing a large assembly hall, we paused 
to listen to the music, and what I heard in that 
beautiful place made a lasting impression upon my 
mind. Lover of music, as I had always been, I 
had studied with the best masters available upon 
earth, but when I listened to the music on that 
plane I felt that never again would I wish to hear 
my own, or another human voice, in song. The 

ago Occult Philosophy 

melody was so entrancing that I stood spellbound 
until it ceased, and then Master said: 'Come, we 
have but little more time. You have been away 
from your body longer than I intended and we 
must hasten back. But before we go, look yonder 
for a moment,' and raising my eyes, I saw the 
golden glory of the gods. We were at the boun- 
dary between the second and the third subjective 
planes of being, where an electric, silvery, blue 
faded into a golden yellow light, softer and more 
beautiful than I can describe, since words fail to 
express the depth of feeling that was awakened 
at the sight of the scene that lay before me. But 
in those few sacred moments it became pictured 
upon my memory, never to be effaced. 

''There were Beings upon that plane who shone 
as brightly as the sun, and the colors that radiated 
from them were more beautiful than are those of 
a rainbow, because they were living, throbbing 
colors. And there was a soft melody in the air 
that seemed to come from everywhere. There was 
a fragrance, too, so subtile and so sweet that it 
seemed to permeate everything. This perfume, 
I understood, was the essence, or the souls of the 
flowers with which the land was filled. 

" 'Is this the theologians' heaven, the place 
which they describe as the city with pearly gates 
and golden streets?" I asked my Master, and he 
replied : i 


After Death 291 

*No. That plane is still beyond this. I would 
show it to you, but you could not bear the vibra- 
tions of that realm. That plane is what the 
Eastern students call Nirvana and is where per- 
fected souls go to rest forever and forever— as 
men reckon time. But individual bliss in Nirvana 
does not last forever, since all individual condi- 
tions must sometime change. The egos who enter 
Nirvana have reached Godhood, and, before leav- 
ing the third subjective plane they elect whether 
they will undertake the mission of assisting hu- 
man souls onward in their development, or pass 
into Nirvanic bliss and finally fade out as indi- 
vidual souls and be absorbed into the yellow cosmic 
current, becoming a part of the universal spiritual 
force. ^ Many choose to become one with that 
force and forever lose their individuality rather 
than return to earth and witness the sinning and 
suffering there. Others, after reaching this plane, 
and after resting here for a season prefer to re- 
turn to earth and assist those who are coming on 
behind. Then those Beings return to the 
world's battle ground where they sometimes in- 
carnate as Saviours, or Avatars, and lead such 
egos as will be led out of the bondage of ignorance 
and into a knowledge of truth, which is free- 

" 'The ancient religious teachers, as you now 

» The History and Power of Mind, pp. 135, 142, 164, 238, 252-253. 


Occult Philosophy 

understand, selected the two extreme conditions, 
or states of consciousness, as heaven and hell, and 
omitted the intermediate planes of being, except 
the first subjective plane, which they call purga- 
tory, where the majority of disembodied souls go. 
By working upon man's fears and hopes they ex- 
pected to prevent his sinning and thus raise him 
to higher realms. They did what they thought 
best at different periods w^hile they served human- 
ity. But old forms and old systems of religion 
must give way to new, and man now needs greater 
truths and more freedom of thought than ever 
before during this period of evolution.' " 




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" Religion of — 21. 
Babylon— Rise of— 17 to 19. 

" Sensuousness and Excesses in — 18 to 21. 
Barrenness — Among Chinese — 85. 

" Causes Race Suicide — 84, 85. 

Curse of God— 48. 
" Result of Law— 84. 

Baths, Cold, Dangerous— 107, 244, 245. 
Beings— Celestial— 89 to 99, 115, 149, 150, 224. 

" Knowledge Received Through Concentration on — 115. 
on Third Subjective Plane— 290, 291. 
Beltis, Temple of — Women Offered Themselves Before — 18, 20. 
Beverages, Proper Kind for Man — 241. 
Blue Cosmic Force — See Force, Cosmic. 
Body— Care of— 239 to 246. 

Destruction of— 160, 224. 
" Elimination of Poison from Mind and — 74. 
" First Men had Powerful— 104. 
" Formation of— 68, 72, 73, 161. 
" Generates Forces and Power — 159, 160. 
" Influenced by Past Mistakes — 73 

" Material Manifestation of Inner Man — 161. ' 
" Mental Power Requires Strong Physical — 216. 



Body — Preservation of, After Death — 224. 

Psychic Development Demands Sound— 102, 103, 111, 112. 

" Renewal of— 160. 

" Sexual Excesses Ruin — 6, 7. 

" Sin Atfects Formation of — 73. 

" Soul Leaving — 147. 

" Used as Long as Desired — 181. 
Breath of Life — Life Currents — 99. 
Brotherhood, Student of Silent — Requirements of — 180. 
Calamities Are Caused by Fear — 206. 
Celestial Crematorium — 156 to 158. 

Celibacy — No Escape from Divine Law Through — 39 to 41. 
" Ordinary Manifestations of — 39 to 41. 
" True Principle of — 41. 
Center— In Growth of Form — 170, 171. 
" of Consciousness, Origin of — 89. 

" Force— 143, 144. 
" " " Arousing of, in Next Cosmic Day — 146. 
" " " Formation of— 144, 145, 149-152 
" " " Man is Highest on This Planet— 196. 
" " " Origin of 89. 
" " " Reawakening of Powerful — 146. 
" " Shape of— 161. 
Chaos, Celestial in Fourth Period — 60. 
Character Must Be Built on Chastity — 44. 
Chastity — Applicable to Both Sexes — 44. 
" Character Must Be Built on — 44. 

Defined— 42, 43. 
" Mental— 43, 44. 

Physical— 42, 43. 
Value of— 44. 
Cherubim — See Seraphim and Cherubim. 
Children — Development of — 161, 162. 

" Disappointments of Shake Confidence — 79. 

" Modesty and Purity Should Be Taught to — 74-77. 

" Moulding of Minds of — 76. 

" Presence of Deity Should Be Taught to — 76. 

" Questions of— 78, 79. 

Training of— 66, 74-81. 
Chinese — Sex Relationship Among — 85. 

" Unprogressiveness of — 85. 
Christ — See Jesus. 

Christianity, Christians Departed from True — 254. 
Church — Christian, Degenerate Practices of — 254, 255. 

Creeds and Dogmas of— 130, 131, 257. 
" Dominion of — 130. 

Early, Fear Used by— 254, 255. 



Church— Independent Moralists' Effect on— 131, 132. 

Withdrawal from— 130,131. 
Clairaudience — See Clairvoyance. 
Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. 

Acquirement of— 102, 133-135. 

Defined— 133 

" Development by Use of Cosmic Currents — 103, 104, 

134, 135. 

" Not Dependent on Mesmerism — 133, 134. 

" Sound Mind and Body Required for— 102, 103, 111- 


" Spiritual Planes Open to— 138. 

Coercion, Deity Never Uses — 213, 214. 
Cold, Demagnetization by — 244-246. 
Comets as Destructive Force — 151, 152. 

in Fourth Period- 60, 61. 
" Common Sense " by Paine — 258. 
Communal Marriage — 46, 47. 
Concentration — Aid to Practice of — 109, 110. 

" Cosmic Force Consciously Used Through — 162, 167. 

Defined— 163. 

Demand and Supply Aided by— 185-187. 

Draws Object Thought of— 164. 
" Examples of— 164-167. 

" Exercises in — 163-168. 

" Lack of— Detrimental— 162. 

" Mental Power Gained by— 162-168, 186, 187. 

" Muscular Exercise by — 109, 162. 

" Necessary for Omniscience and Omnipotence — 139, 


" Particularity Necessary in — 214, 215. 

" Practice Increases Power of — 187-190. 

" Psychic Development Aided by— 102, 109, 134, 135. 

" Rules to Increase — 164-168. 

" Spiritual Power Gained by— 167, 168, 188. 

" Success Aided by— 214, 215. 

" Successful Persons Use — 187. 

Condiments — Stomach Injured by — 241. 
Confucius — Chinese Bound to — 85 
Conscience — Beliefs Regarding — 1 22-125. 

Cause of Difference in— 128, 129. 
" Disregard of — 175 

" Effect of— 122-125. 

" Evolution of Man Helped by — 130. 

" Growth of— 122-125. 

" Instinct Mother of — 124. 

"— 128. 



Conscience— Sympathy Often Mistaken for— 125, 126. 
" Used to Conquer Objective Mind— 124. 

Voice of— 123-130. 
Consciousness — Desire Exists Only with — 120. 

" Grows Out of Sub-Consciousness — 120, 121. 

In Man, Animals and Plants— 119-122. 
Instinct Born of— 122. 
" Man is Center of — 196. 

« Mind Grows from— 122. 

" Origin of Center of— 89. 

Swarm— 121, 122. 
Conservation of Force — See Force, Conservation of. 
Construction — Depends on Attraction — 144. 
" Follows Destruction — 162. 

" Harder Than Destruction — 161. 

" Mental Attraction is Force for — 196. 

Of Worlds— 147-152. 
" Optimism is Force for — 196. 

" Progression is Force for — 196. 

Cosmic Currents — See Force, Cosmic. 
" Day — See Day, Cosmic. 
" Dust— 149-151. 
" Force — See Force, Cosmic. 
Creation— By Deity— 1-3, 58-63. 

" " Planetary Spirits— 149-152. 

Mental, Aura Contains— 222. 
" " Effect of Optimism on. Helpful — 212. 

« " " " Pessimism on, Harmful— 212, 213. 

Of Animals— 61-63, 98-99. 
" Earth— 2, 58-61. 
" " Form— 169-171. 

" Man— 63, 99. 
" " Worlds— 147-152. 

" Vibration Is Keynote of— 169, 196. 
Cremation Frees Soul from Body — 247, 248. 
Crematorium, Celestial, Described — 158. 
Crime is Photographed on Mind — 127. 
Criticism, Fear of— 200-204. 
Cyclic Law— A Fundamental Principle — 237. 
" " Application of, to Man— 237-242. 
" " Governs Flow of Magnetic Force — 226, 227. 
" " Subjective Plane Is Governed by — 267. 
" " Universal in Its Application — 227, 237. 
Damnation — Church Idea of— 254-257. 
" Eternal— 254-257. 

Infant— 132, 255. 
" Used to Force Men to Worship — 255. 



Damnation — Waning of Belief in — 259. 
Day, Cosmic — Birth of — 1. 

" Fifth Period of— 61, 90. 

" " First Period of— 58. 

" " Fourth Period— 60. 

" " Negative Individuals Await Another — 219. 

" " Same Length as Cosmic Night — 146. 

" " Second Period of— 58, 59 

" " Sixth Period of— 62, 94, 106. 

" " Third Period of— 59, 60. 

" " Vibration Generated by Divine Will in Beginning 
of— 145. 

Death— 223-252. 

A Second Birth— 246. 
Cause of— 240-247. 
" Defined by Occultist— 181, 226. 
" Fear of, by Objective Mind— 223. 
" " " Cause of, and How to Destroy— 223. 

Prevention of— 226, 239-246. 
" Process of. Described— 246-248. 
Death, Second— 248-252. 

" " Affects Most Objective Minds Deserted by Their 

Subjective— 249. 
" " Description of— 249-252. 

Final Result of— 251, 252. 
" " Transgression, Conscious, Persistent and Un- 

ceasing, Cause of — 248, 249. 
" Soul After— 253-292. 

" " Is Weakest Immediately After— 247. 
" Vampiriation Is Beginning of — 226. 
Deities, Solar — Awakening of — 58. 

" " Deity Works Through— 64. 
" " Origin of— 89. 
Deity — Activity Throughout, in Cosmic Day — 28. 
" Afflictions Should Not Be Blamed on — 74. 
" Always Pushes Onward — 6. 
" Anger Not Shown by— 262. 
" Animals Created by— 61, 62. 
" Anthropomorphic Idea of — 131, 257. 
" Blue Force is Mental Portion of — 167. 
" Christ Taught Loving— 254. 
Creation by— 1-3, 58-64. 
Demands Met by— 182, 213. 
" Existence of— 118, 169. 
" Expresses Through Man — 63. 
" Karmic Debts Collected by— 71. 
" Lessons Taught by— 8, 21, 80, 86. 



Deity — Living Creatures Created by — 61-63. 
Matter is Part of — 59. 
Never Coerces— 213, 214. 
Origin of All Things— 118, 169. 
Presence of — Should Be Taught Children — 76. 
Repudiation of — 256. 
Rests as Long as It Labors — 146. 
Souls Not Lost Through Vindictiveness of — 262. 
Suggestions by — 214. 
Deity Works Through Individual Instruments — 64, 94, 213, 214. 
Deity, Yellow Force is Spiritual Portion of — 167. 
Demagnetization — Cause of — 225, 226, 240-246. 

" Death is Complete — of Physical Body — 226. 

" Disintegration Caused by— 225, 261, 262, 263. 

" How Produced— 215-217, 263. 

" Of Earth— 228, 229. 

" People Suffer from— 215-222. 

Prevention of— 226, 241-245. 
Demand and Supply, Law of. Acceptance of — 185. 

" " " " " Concentration in — 186-189. 

" " Conditions for Use of— 185-195. 
" " " " Conscious Use of— 185. 

" " KarmicLawand— 179, 181-195,214. 
" " " " Obstacles Result of— 189. 
" " " " " Operating in Universe — 65. 
" " " " " Optimism Assists Operation of — 

211, 212. 

" " " " " Pessimism Retards Operation of — 

212, 213. 

" " Unconscious Use of— 64. 
/ Demands Are Fulfilled— 182, 212-216. 
Depletion of Magnetism, Voluntary — 215. 
Desire— Growth of— 119-122. * 
" In Animals and Plants — 119-122. 
" Intensification of — 120. 

Merges Into Will— 130, 138. 
Of Disembodied Souls Not Changed— 113. 
Destiny, Man Controls His Own — 181. 
Destruction — Destructive Things Destroyed by — 255. 
" Easier Than Construction — 161. 

of Old Forms— 144, 159, 223, 292. 
of Worlds— 147-159. 
" Premature — Regretted — 160. 
" Repulsion Cause of — 144, 196. 

Development — See Kinds of, Also Growth. 
Devil of Ancient Theology— 131, 260. 
" Used to Frighten Men — 254. 



Diary of Advanced Occult Student, Quotations from — 147-169, 

230-237, 263-292. 
Dielectrics — Negative People Are — 218. 
piscouragement — Cause of — 194. 

Knowledge Kills— 193, 194. 
" Repulsion Caused by— 193, 194. 

Disintegration Produced by Demagnetization — 225, 261, 262, 263. 
Dissipation — Result of — 240. 
Divine Mind — See Deity. 
Divorce— Not an Evil— 34, 51-53. 

" Purpose of Fir8t^-4. 
Dust, Cosmic— 149-151. 
Dvi'ellers on Threshold — 275. 
Dynamo, Celestial — 153. 
Earth — See also World. 

" Covered with Water— 2, 96. 

Creation of— 1, 2, 60, 61. 
" Demagnetization of — 228. 
" Governed by Cyclic Law — 227. 
" Interior of— 264-274, 
" Magnetization of— 2, 228, 229. 
" Requires Rest Eventually — 229. 
" Sun Magnetizes— 228, 229. 
" Vampirization of — 227-229. 
Eden, Abolition of the Garden of — 27, 28. 
Ego — See Soul. Man. Mind. 
Electricity as a Means of Recuperation — 242. 
Elliptical Motion in Expression of Force — 144, 145, 226. 
Elohim— Creation by— 60-63. 
" Origin of— 89, 90 
" Quickening of— 58-60. 

Rest of— 1, 59, 60. 
" Subjective Minds Created by — 96. 
Embalming — Disintegration Retarded by — 225. 
Embryo, Formation of Human — 161. 
Energy — See Force. 
Entities Around Opium Den — 283-286. 

" Draw Magnetism from Psychics — 114. 
" Enjoy by Proxy— 57, 284, 285. 
" Females Attract— 276, 277. 
" Intoxicants Increase Power of — 279. 
" Mental Suggestions by--28 1-283. 
" Seek Those in Mental Accord— 277, 278, 285, 286. 
" Souls Controlled by— 113-115. 
Environment, Control of, Necessary — 133, 173. 
Eskimo — not Mentally Highly Advanced — 246. 
Ether, All Things Subjectively Repose in — 1. 





Evil— See Sin. 

Evolution— As God's Will— 3. 

" Attraction and Repulsion Necessary for — 144, 196. 
" Critical Point in— 260. 

" Manifestation of — 119. 

" Moves the Universe — 119. 

Of Animal Man— 3, 4, 28, 161, 162. 
" Of Mankind Through Conscience — 130. 

" Protection Not Needed for— 205. 

Will Moves— 119. 
Exercise — Improper — 107- 109. 

Proper— 107-110. 
Existence, Personal Not Dependent Upon Physical Form — 223. 
Expiation of Mistakes — 184, 185. 
Expression of Power — 145, 226. 
Ezekiel, Beings Seen by — 92. 
Falsity, Fear and — Go Hand in Hand — 204. 
Fatalism — Karmic Law Assumes Aspect of, in Eastern School- 

181, 182. 
Fate, Cause of— 177, 178. 
Fear— Artists Affected by— 202, 203. 

Attribute of Objective Mind— 198, 199, 202, 223. 
Calamities, Caused by— 206. 
Church Used— 254, 255 
" Dependent Upon Lower Emotions — 202, 203. 

Destruction of — 203. 
" Different Aspects of— 198-206. 
" Falsity and Ignorance Accompany — 204. 
" Man Influenced by — 254. 
" Man Limited by— 198, 199. 
" Must Be Conquered— 198, 199. 
" Of Criticism and Public Opinion— 200-204. 
" Death, Cause of— 223. 

How to Destroy— 223. 
Of Loss— 199. 
Physical— 199. 
" Prevents Mental Poise and Individualization — 199. 
" Progressive Souls Have No — 204. 
" Thoughts and Freedom Limited by — 40. 
Females Attract Souls Ready for Reincarnation — 276, 277. 
Fish, Origin of— 97. 
Food— Kind of, to Avoid— 241. 
Force, See Also Power. 

" Always Magnetic, 226. 

" Center of, Atom is — 144, 145. 

" " " Awakening of — in Next Cosmic Day — 146. 
« " " Formation of — 144, 151. 



Force, Center of, Man ia Highest— Continually Existing on Earth 
" Oval Shape of— 161. 
" Concentration Necessary for Generation of — 162-164, 226. 
" Conservation of, Defined — 214. 

" Method of— 162-164, 215, 241. 242. 
" " Necessity of— 162, 215, 238-240. 

" " Success Depends on— 206, 214, 215. 

" Cosmic Black, in Center of Earth — 261, 271 
" " Blue, Clairvoyance Gained Through — 103. 

" " " Man Deteriorates Without — 103. 

" " " Mental Portion of Deity— 167. 

" " " Mentality Increased by— 107, 110, 134, 135. 

" " " Power Evolved Through— 162, 167 

" " " Rest Gained From Use of— 134, 135. 

" " Green, Individualization Results from — 95, 174. 

" " " Needed for Vegetable and Animals — 102. 

" " " Objective Mind Formed from and Uses — 173. 

" " Power Evolved Through— 162, 174. 
" " Mental Power Results from Conscious Use of — 162. 

" " Orange, Earth Ensouled by— 95, 102. 

" " " Human Ebmryo Permeated by — 161. 

" " " Life Force— 95, 161. 

" " " Objective Mind Formed from and Uses — 


" " " Physical Strength Supplied by— 173. 

" " Physical Power Results from Unconscious Use of — 

" " Psychic Development Through— 101, 103, 135. 
" " Red, Anger Aroused by — 126, 127. 

" " " Animal Kingdom Requires — 102. 

" " " " Minds Formed from and Used— 173. 

" " " Earth Permeated by— 261. 

" " " Emotions and Passions Drawn from — 173, 

" " " Lost Souls Disintegrated by— 261, 262, 271. 

" " " Power Evolved Through Use of— 162. 

" " " Procreation Induced by — 95. 

" " " Sexual Passion Aroused by — 126, 127. 

" " " Undeveloped Disembodied Souls in — 57. 

" " Sleep, After Using— 135. 

" " Yellow, Absorption into — 291. 

" " " Clairvoyance Gained Through— 103, 135. 

" " " Man Deteriorates Without — 103. 

" " " Spiritual Portion of Deity— 107, 167. 

" Expression of — Dependent on Elliptical Motion — 144, 145, 




Force, Focusing of — 143-168. 
" Generation of— 144, 161, 226. 

" Magnetic— Governed by Cyclic Law— 227, 237-242. 

Waste of— 215, 238-243. 
" Man Generates — 159. 
" Manifests in Everything — 143, 144. 

Neither Good Nor Evil— 159. 
" Of Attraction Depends on Vibration of Atoms — 170. 
" Operates Through all Centers — 159. 
" Return of — To Emanating Centers — 150. 
" Strengthening of— 163, 171. 

" Strong Physical Body Required for Mental — 214. 
Foreordination — Seldom Alluded to — 132, 259. 
Form— Creation of— 169-171. 

" Depends on Vibration— 169, 170. 

Destruction of Old— 144, 159, 160, 223, 292. 
" Existence not Dependent on — 223. 
Fovirl, Origin of — 97. 
Freedom — Limited by Fear — 40. 

" Of Though and Speech— 258, 259. 

" Soul— 147. 

Future State Depends L^pon Condition on Material Plane — 260. 
Generative Organs — See Sex Organs. 
Generation of Power — 144, 161 
Genesis — Incorrect Order of Creation in — 89. 
Gestation, Body Moulded During — 68-74. 
" Obsession During — 68-70. 
Process of— 67-73. 
Gladiators, in Rome and at Present Time — 24. 
Gladstone— 129. 
God— See Deity. 

Good— Done for Sake of— 131, 138. 

" Necessary Conditions for Spirituality — 138. 
Gravic Attraction on Souls — 261, 267. 
Gravity, Law of. Referred to — 222. 
Green Cosmic Force — See Force, Cosmic. 
Group, Stellar— See Stellar Group. 
Growth — Happiness Attained Through Spiritual — 136. 

" Impossible Previous to Incarnation — 27. 

Half Souls — Action of Law of Attraction on — 23, 34. 

" " Attempt to Save Each Other from Hell — 251. 

" " Each Contains Picture of Other— 28, 29. 

" " Happiness Attained by — 28. 

" " Reincarnation of — 72. 

" " Seeking Each Other— 28-31. 

" " Vibrate the Same— 29 
Hangings, Emotions Cause — 126, 127. 



Happiness — Attained Through Spiritual Growth — 136. 

When Half Souls Find Each Oother— 28. 
Defined— 38, 

" Excarnated Soul Deprived of, by Mourning — 246. 

" Involves Soul's Independence of Others — 199, 200. 

" Negative, of Subjective Mind— 3, 4, 27, 172, 197. 

" Pleasure is not — 38. 

" Poise Necessary for — 198. 

Soul Must Have, When Alone— 200. 
" The Thing Most Desired— 28. 

Harmony in the Universe — 61. 
Heaven — See Subjective Planes. 
Heavenly Guides — 114. 
Hell — Appearance of Souls in — 265-275. 
Avitchi— 248-250, 261-275. 
" " Described— 248-250, 264-275. 

" " Home for Lost Souls— 249, 250, 261, 263. 

" " Horrors of— 249, 250, 264-275. 

" " Lowest Condition of Lost Souls — 248-250, 261, 263. 

" " Souls Reaching Second Subjective Plane Seldom 

Fall into— 287. 
" " Souls Saved from— 250, 251. 

" " Vampirization of Inexperienced Souls in — 263. 

" Cause of a Soul's Entrance Into — 248, 249. 

Church Idea of— 254-259. 
" Conception of Early Fathers — 254, 255. 
" Diametrically Opposed to Nirvana — 248. 
" DiflBculty of Saving a Soul from— 250, 251. 

Fear of— 254, 255, 259, 274. 
" Origin of Bible Legend— 270-273. 
" Used to Force Men to Worship — 254, 255, 275. 
" Universalists' Idea of — 256. 
" Waning of Belief in— 259. 
Help Cannot be Given to Soul Until Ready — 280. 
Heredity, Aspect of— 70, 73 
Holiness, Halo of. Around Teachers — 264, 265. 
Hymen, Physical Expression of Purity — 76. 
Ignorance and Fear Associated — 204. 
Improvement Needed Every Moment — 74. 
Immortality— 223, 224. 
Incarnation, Memory of Past — 223. 

" Reason for— 28, 70, 73, 80, 81. 

Independent Sex Life — 56 

" " " Psychic Dangers of — 56, 57. 

Indigestion, Pessimism Caused by — 191. 
Indignation, Effect of — 186 
Individualization — Fear Prevents — 199. 



Individualization — Goal of Every Soul — 199. 

" Green Cosmic Force Produces — 95, 174. 

Indolence, Voluptuousness Caused by — 14 
Infant Damnation— 132, 254, 255. 
Infidels, One Cause of — 256 
IngersoU, Robert G., Work Done by— 258, 259. 
Insanity — Caused by Religious Beliefs Sometimes — 256. 
Obsession Causes— 69, 102, 114. 
" Yoga Practices Cause — 116, 117. 
Insects, Origin of — 98. 
Instinct— Birth of— 122. 

" God Became, in Animals — 119. 
" Merges Into Intuition — 130. 
" Mother of Conscience — 124. 
" Use of— 122. 
Intoxicants — Brain Affected by — 280. 

" Control by Entities Assisted by — 279. 

" Entities Enjoy by Proxy — 284, 285. 

" Retard Psychic Development — 111. 

Intuition — God is — in Man — 119. 

" Instinct Merges Into — 130. 
" Necessary for Spirituality — 138. 
" Suggestions of Subjective Mind — 210. 
Java, Island of. Burning Pool Under — 272. 

Jesus — an Exalted Being — 91. ' 

" Healing by— 254. 

« " " Follovrers of— 254. 

" Love Taught by— 254. 
Jonah Warned Nineveh — 15, 16. 
Justice, Law of — Rules the World— 54, 177. 
Karma, Debts of — Accumulation of — 176-192. 

" " " Affect Future Births— 211-213. 

" " " Collected Some Time— 71, 178, 179. 

" Example of— 176-192. 

" " " Explanation of — 185. 

" " « Prevent Seeing Truth- 195. 

" " Result of— 176-192. 

" Law of, and Demand and Supply— 176-195, 214. 

" Mock Marriage a Result of — 53, 54. 

" Objective Mind Creates Bad — 211. 

" Optimist Ceases to Create Bad — 211. 

" Parenthood Influenced by — 70-74. 

" Reincarnation Prevented by — 267. 
Keynote of Creation, Vibration Is — 169, 196. 
Kismet — Karmic Law as — 182. 

Knowledge Received Through Meditation and Concentration Upon 
Great Consciousness and the Celestial Beings— 115. 



Labor, Demands for— 182, 183. 

Labor — Proper Amount per Day — 241 ' 
Law — Causes Certain Incarnations — 70-74, 80, 81. 

" Cyclic — See Cyclic Law. 

" Divine — See Deity. 

" of Attraction — See Attraction. 

" " Demand and Supply — See Demand and Supply. 

" Justice Rules the World — 54. 

" " Repulsion, Acts on Souls — 34. 

" " Success — See Success. 

" Religious Reaction in Accord with — 257. 

" Transgressions Against the — 84, 259, 260. 
Legends Founded on Fragments of Truth — 270. 
Lessons Taught by Divine Law— 8, 21, 80, 86. 
*' Let There Be Light " Caused Vibrations— 185. 
Life, Primary Object in, is Development — 80. 
Light— Demand for— 58, 146. 

" Souls Possess Power to Create — 264, 265. 
" Light of Asia," quoted — 141. 
Liver, Torpid — Pessimism Caused by — 191. 
Love — Attractive Force — 246. 

" Doctrine of, Taugh tby Jesus — 254. 
Luck, Belief in, Through Ignorance — 177. 
Macrocosm, Laws of, Control Microcosm — 93, 238. 
Magnetism — Conservation of — 238-243. 

" Disembodied Entities Draw, from Psvchic — 114. 

Ebbing and Flowing of— 227, 238, 239. 
" Exchange of— 9, 243. 

" Lost by Worlds Not Wholly Regained— 229. 

" Sun Gives— to Earth— 227-229. 

" Vampirization of — 215-221. 

" Voluntary Depletion of— 215, 216. 

Majority, Race Has Reached Its — 259. 
Malignant Creatures OfiFsprings of Men's Minds — 98. 
Man — See also Soul; Mind. 
" Advanced — Incarnate in Human Form — 65, 66. 
*• Awakening of — 64, 65. 

" Belongs to Constructive or Destructive Side of Life — 173. 
" Blue Force Necessary for — 103. 
" Building Body of— 68. 
" Center for Generation of Power — 168, 196. 
" Condition of — Before Incarnating in Animal Forms — 27, 
28, 96. 

Creation of— 63, 99. 

Deity Expresses Through — 63. 

Destiny Controlled by— 181, 182. 
" Dominion of. Over Earth — 63. 



Man — Evolution of Animal — 3, 162. 
Fall of— 6. 

" Fear Influences, More Than Love — 254. 

" First Races of, Were Giants— 8, 104. 

" Forgot His Origin After Incarnation — 28. 

" Governed by Cyclic Law— 237-242. 

" Highest Center of Force on This Planet— 196. 

" Image of God — 66. 

Is Small World— 222. 
" Lower Kingdoms Raised by — 103. 

Magnetism of— 9, 227, 238, 239, 243. 
" Proper Beverages for — 241 

Rest Periods Provided for — 226, 229.. 
" Seraphim and Cherubim Formed Bodies of — 96-99. 
" Strong Incarnate First — 7. 
" Subjective Mind Incarnating in — 3-5. 
Manifestation, Vibration Necessary for — 169. 
Marriage — 27-57. 

By Civil Contract— 51-53. 
" Communal — First Adopted — 46. 
" Evolution Gained Through — 51-55. 
" Honest Men Do Not Violate, Vows — 44-46. 
" Mistakes of the Church about — 50, 51. 
" Mock, Disappearance of — 32. 
" " How to Free One's Self from- 54, 55. 

" Reason for— 30, 31, 53, 54. 
" " Very Numerous — 31. 

" Monogamy — High Priests Tried to Establish — 50. 
" Polyandry — Evolved Out of Communal— 47. 

Polygamy — 47-49, 114. 
" Reunion of Half Souls — 30. 

Ridicule of, Shocking— 34, 35. 
True— 30, 49, 50. 
Master of Occultism — See Teachers. 
Materialism, One Cause of Belief in — 256. 
Matter, Part of Deity— 59. 

Meditation — Knowledge Received Through — 115. 

" L^sed in Psychic Development — 102. 

Memory — Subjective Mind Seat of, of Past Incarnations — 223. 
Mental Attraction — 171, 196. 

Blue Force Increases, Growth— 107, 110, 134, 135. 
" Development Necessary for Spirituality — 138, 139. 
" Likes and Dislikes — 171. 

Power Gained Through Concentration— 162-168, 186, 187. 
Repulsion— 171, 172, 
Mesmerism, Clairvoyance Not Dependent on — 133, 134. 
Microcosm, Laws of Macrocosm Control — 93, 238. 



Middle Class, Mental Condition of— 286. 
Mind — See also Man; Soul. 
Atomic— 171. 

" Consciousness Develops Into — 122. 

" Crime Photographed by — 127. 

" Draws to Itself Whatever Persistently Dwells On— 206. 
" Elimination of Sin from, Necessary — 74. 
" Healthy, Necessary for Psychic Development — 111. 
" Magnetic Attraction of— 206, 222. 

" Objective, Abandoned by Subjective Sometimes — 128, 285. 

" Bad Karma Created by— 211. 
" " Causes Sorrow and Disharmony — 172. 

" " Conscience Used to Conquer — 124, 175. 

" " Conscious Effort to Control— 180. 

" " Created by Seraphim and Cherubim — 99. 

" Death Feared by— 223. 

" Second, of— 248-252. 
" " Desire of. Comes from Will — 119. 

" " Domination by — 172. 

" Endowed with Subjective— 122, 172. 

Evolution of— 98, 99, 119-123, 196, 197. 
Fear is Attribute of— 198, 199, 202. 
" " Grows When Body is Idle— 286. 

" " Holds Subjective Mind to Earth— 200. 

" " Life to. Meaning of— 223, 224. 

" " Must be Raised for Progress — 197. 

Origin of— 99, 119-122, 173. 
" " Pessimism Caused by — 211. 

" " Repellent to Aids in Evolution — 172. 

Result of Control by— 279. 
" " Struggles for Supremacy — 99. 

" " Subjective Mind Ruling— 172, 173. 

Superstitions of— 180, 181. 
" " Vibrates Lower than Subjective — 172, 197. 

Part of Deity— 59. 
" Subjective — See also Soul; Man. 

Abandonment of Man by— 128, 285. 
" Blissful Existence of— 4, 27, 172, 197, 198. 

" Color is Blue and Yellow— 5, 103. 

" " Conscience Used by, to Conquer Objectiye 

Mind— 124, 175. 
" Created by Elohim— 63. 96, 103. 

" '* Deity Expresses Through— 63. 

" Division of— 4, 5. 

" " Earth-Bound by Objective Mind— 200. 

Endowing Objective Mind— 122, 172. 
" " Experience of— 6, 128, 129, 172. 



Mind — ^Subjective — Incarnating in Man — 4, 64, 172. 

Nature of— 3-6, 196-198. 
•< " Negative Happiness of— 3, 5, 27, 28, 172, 197, 


" " Negative Side of — 3, 4. 

" " Poise Must be Acquired by — 198. 

" " Positive Side of— 3, 4. 

" " Preparation of Universe for — 2, 3. 

" " Progression of — 198. 

Rarely Dies— 248, 249. 
" " Realm of. Before Coming to this Planet — 96. 

" " Remembers Past Incarnations — 223. 

" Retrogression of — 5, 6. 

Ruling Objective Mind— 172, 173. 
" " Sire of Conscience — 124. 

" " Struggle for Supremacy — 99. 

" " Vibrates Higher Than Earth— 196, 197. 

« " " " " Objective Mind— 172, 197. 

Will of, Aspect of Divine Will— 119. 
" Wishes of, Granted — 193 

Minerals, Repositories for Magnetic Force — 229. 
Miscarriage Cannot Prevent Operation of Law — 71. 
Mistakes, Body Influenced by Past — 73. 

" Expiation of — 184. 
Modesty Does Not Indicate Weakness — 77. 

" First Lesson that Should be Taught — 75. 
" of Teacher— 265. 

Taught by Example — 77, 78. 
Mohammedan — Kismet in Aspect of Fatalism — 182. 
Money Should be Earned Before Spent — 194. 
Moralist, Independent— 130-132. 

Effect on Church— 130-132. 
Moses, Ten Commandments Given to for Benefit of Israel — 49. 
Motherhood — See Parenthood. 
Motion, Cessation of in Cosmic Night — 146. 

" Elliptical Necessary for Expression of Power — 144, 145, 

" Rotary Necessary for Generation of Power — 144, 145, 160, 
161, 226. 

Mourning, Excarnated Soul Deprived of Happiness by — 246. 
Music of the Spheres — Clairaudient Can Hear — 133, 150, 151. 

" On Second Subjective Plane— 289, 290. 
Mustard, Irritant to Digestive Organs — 241. 
Name, Soul— 205. 

Navel — a Center for Generation of Force — 163. 
Nebuchadnezzar, Babylon at Height in Time of — 21. 
Negative Side to Everything — 216. 



Negativeness, Growth Impossible Through— 27. 28, 43, 138. 

" True Happiness not Attained Through — 136. 

Night, Cosmic, Inaction During— 60, 146, 208. 
" " Manner of its Coming — 145, 146. 

" " Same Length as Cosmic Day — 146. 

Nineveh, Decline of — 14, 15. 
" Description of — 11-14. 
" Destruction of — 16, 17. 
" Jonah Warned — 15, 16. 

" Power of Concentration and Creation in — 12. 
" Repentance of — Effect of — 15, 16. 

" Sensuousness in, Continued Until Destruction — 14-17. 
" Sexual Excesses in — 14, 15. 
Nirvana — See Subjective Plane, Fourth. 
Objective Mind — See Mind, Objective. 
Obsession — Causes Insanity — 69, 114. 

" During Gestation — 69. 

Occult, Quotations from Diary of Advanced Student — 147-159, 
230-237, 263-292. 
" Truths Given Only to Those Prepared— 64, 65, 77. 
Occultism, Eastern School of — 141, 181. 
Occultists, High Priests Were — 49, 115. 
Omnipotence, Attribute of Spirituality — 139, 140. 
" Concentration Necessary for — 140. 

" Demand for— 135, 167 

Eeceiving of— 138, 147, 167. 
" Unconscious Demand for — 167. 

Omnipresence, Attribute of Spirituality — 139, 140. 

" Western Occultists do not Demand — 140, 141. 

Omniscience, Attribute of Spirituality — 139. 

" Concentration Necessary for — 139, 140. 

" Demand for— 135, 167. 

Receiving of— 138, 147, 167. 
" Unconscious Demand for — 167. 

Opium Den, Subjective Plane Around — 284, 285. 
Optipiism, Constructive Force — 196. 

Demand and Supply Helped by— 211, 212. 
" Karmic Obstacles Not Created by — 211. 
" Result of— 208-213. 
" Success Brought by— 207, 208. 
" Versus Pessimism— 207-213. 
Orange Life Force — See Force, Cosmic. 
Organs, Sex — See Sex. 
Others, Duty to Help— 88. 

Paine, Thomas — Mental Bondage Broken by — 132, 258. 
Parenthood— 58-88. 

A Sacred Privilege — 10, 66, 67. 

Index 313 

Parenthood— Body Moulded in— 69, 70, 73, 74. 
" Compulsory — 71. 

" Divine— 63. 

" " Beginning of — 58. 

Duty of— 81-83, 88. 
" Ego Around Mother Before Re-Incarnation — 67-69. 

" Example in — to Children — 78. 

Exercise of— 64, 65, 86-88. 
" Heredity Impossible in — 69, 70, 73. 

" Karmic Law in — 70-74. 

" Law of Attraction in — 67, 68 

" Miscarriages are Resultless — 71. 

" Neglect of Child in— 74, 75. 

" Obsession During — 69. 

Of Plants— 120. 
" Religious Orders Encourage — 87. 

" Sins of Omission and Commission in — 74. 

Slavery in— 80-88. 

Training of Children in— 66, 67, 74-80. 
" Transgression of Law in — 83, 84. 

Passion — See Sexual Passion. 
Patriotism, as Emotion — 125. 

" Peace, be Still," Demand for Cessation of Activity— 145. 
Pepper— Irritant to Digestive Organs— 241. 
Pessimism, a Destructive Force — 190-193, 196. 
" Believer in — Hates Optimist — 207. 

In Hell— 251. 
" Objective Mind Causes — 211. 
" Repulsion Caused by— 190-192. 
" Retards " Demand and Supply "—212, 213. 
" Versus Optimism— 207-213. 
Physical Development, Cold Baths Dangerous to— 107, 244. 

« « Lifting Heavy Weights Dangerous— 107- 


« Mental Concentration in— 109, 110. 

" Morning Exercise for — 107. 

" Short Life of Athletes— 109. 

" Tendency to Overdo — 107. 

Form is Not Personal Existence — 223. 
Pineal Gland, Cause of Degeneration of— 104, 105. 

Use of— 104. 
Planet, Close of Sixth Age of— 230-237. 

Condition of, During Rest Age— 236, 237. 
Plants, Growth of— 119-121. 

" Paternal Mission in — 121. 
" Sub-Conscious Desire in — 119-121. 
Pleasure is Not Happiness — 38. 



314 Index 

Poise, Mental, Fear Prevents— 199, 274. 

" " Happiness Requires — 198. 

" " How to Gain— 205. 206. 

" " Increases Individuality — 212. 

" " Necessary for Progression — 198 

" " Necessary to Help Others — 281. 

" " Optimist Has— 207, 212 

" " Perfect— Must be Acquired— 198. 

" " Subjective Plane Requires— 274, 281, 289. 

Polarization of Atoms Causes ^Magnetic Attraction — 216. 

" Operates on all Planes — 216 
Polyandry — Evolved out of Communal ^Marriage — 47. 
Polygamy— 47-49, 114. 

Poor, Mental Condition Around the— 285, 286. 
Positive Side to Everything — 216. 
Poverty, Demonstrating Over — 183. 

" Result of Previous Demands — 182. 
Power — See Force. 

Primodal Condition — Universe Again Reduced to — 145, 146. 
Procreation — Purpose of Sex Organ is — 6, 9, 10. 
/ " Red Cosmic Current Induces — 95. 

Progression, Constructive Force of — 196. 

" Mental Poise Necessary for — 198. 

Prostitution of Generative Organs — Terrible Results of — 6-11, 35- 

39, 47. 

Psvchic Development, Alcohol Retards — 111. 

Concentration Aids— 102, 109, 110. 
" How to Secure — 110, 111. 

" Imprudent, Cause of Disrepute — 100, 111, 


" Imprudent, Consequence — 102, 111-115. 

Kinds of— 100-102. 
" Occultism Teaches Independent — 113. 

Pr\ident— 102, 110, 111. 
Soul Growth— 101. 
" Sound Body Necessary for— 102, 103, 111. 

" Through Spiritualistic Developing Circles — 


" Through Yoga Practices— 112, 115-117. 

" Tobacco Affects— 111. 

Psychism — See Psychic Development. 
Psychic Plane — See Subjective Plane. 
Psychics, Entities Draw Magnetism of — 113, 114. 
Puberty, Progressed Ego Takes Possession of Body at — 76. 
Public Opinion, Fear of— 200-204. 
Punishment, Belief in Future, Relaxed — 257. 
Future— 260-275. 



Puniahment, Results of No Belief in Future — 259. 
Purgatory — See First Subjective Plane. 
Purity, Lasting Effect of— 76, 77. 
Race, Its Majority Has Been Reached — 259. 

Suicide— 84-86. 
Reabsorption of the Unprogressive — 192, 193. 
Reaction, Religious — In Accord With Divine Law — 257. 
Red Cosmic Current — See Force, Cosmic. 

Repulsion, Between Atoms Vibrating at Different Rates — 170-172. 
" Destruction Depends on — 144, 196. 
" Discouragement Causes — 193. 

" Evolution Depends Upon Attraction and — 144, 196. 
" Law of, Action on Souls — 34. 
Mental— 169-195. 

Cause of— 171-195. 
" Pessimism Causes — 190-192. 
" Power Manifests as — 144. 
Blue Force Gives— 135. 
Rest, Necessary for Earth Eventually— 228, 229. 
" " Man— 238-240. 
" Periods of, Provided by Divine Law — 229. 
" Description of— 230-237. 
Rich, Mental Condition Around— 285, 286. 
Ridicule of Marriage Shocking — 34, 35. 

" Some People Cannot Bear — 201. 
" Rights of Man," Paine's — 258. 
Romans — Babylonians Incarnated as — 22, 23. 
" Compared With Men To-day— 23, 24. 
" Sensuousness Among, Caused Bestiality — 23. 
Rotary Motion for Generation of Force— 144, 145, 160, 161, 226. 
Sacrifice of Great Souls Ends Only with Cosmic Day— 92, 93. 
Saracus, King of Nineveh at Time of Downfall — 17. 
Saul — Seraphim Appeared to — 91, 92. 
Saviours — See Teachers. 
Scientific Men, Knowledge of — 262, 
Seas Magnetized the Earth — 2. 
Second Death — See Death. 
Seer — Subjective Planes Open to — 67. 

Seraphim and Cherubim, Demonstration of Vegetable and Animal 

Forms— 62, 96-99. 
" « « Description of — 90-92. 

« « " Half Souls to Each Other— 96. 

" « « Nature of— 92, 93. 

" " " Origin of— 90. ' 

Sex, Chinese, Relationship of. Among— 35. 
" Excesses, Animals Do Not Commit — 9. 
" " Body Ruined by — 6-8. 



Sex, Excesses, Diminution of Physique Caused by — 8, 104-106. 
Effect of— 6-11. 
" " In Nineveh— 14, 15 

" " Psychic Centers Diminished by — 104, 105. 

" " Punishment for— 10, 11. 

" Independent, Life Condemned — 56, 57. 

" Love Holds Pleasures of. Sacred — 18. 

" Organs, Abuse of Leads to Degradation — 6, 7, 10, 11, 74, 75. 

" Action of. Electrical — 9, 10. 
Prostitution of— 6-11, 35-39. 

" Purpose of — 6, 9, 10. 
" Origin of — 4. 

" Principle is Law of Attraction and Repulsion — 8, 0. 
" Purity Should be Taught Boys and Girls— 75-78. 
" Relation of Should be Pure— ^8-10, 21, 24, 25. 
" " " Foundation for all Mankind— 24 

" Souls are Without— 77. 
" Union of— 9, 10. 

" Virtue in Either Sometimes Hard to Find — 10, 11. 
Sexual Passion,- Belongs to Red Current — 126. 
" " Causes Crimes — 126. 

" " Physical Repression of by Celibate — 39-41. 

Sheriff, Motive Actuating— 127, 128. 
Shrub, Sub-consciousness of — 121. 
Sin, Activity Great Protection Against — 286. 

" Belief in the Forgiveness of, Detrimental — 11. 

" Body Influenced by— 73, 74. 

" Causes Shadow on Subjective Plane — 277, 278. 

" Fear Prevents, Against Divine Law — 259. 

" Holds Souls to Material Plane— 57. 

" In Parenthood — 74. 

" Original, Sinking of Subjective Mind — 6. 
" No Escape from Results of — 260. 
" Second Death Caused by Conscious — 248, 249. 
" Souls Destroyed by Own— 262, 275. 
Slavery, Evil Effect of— 80-88. 

" Parental, Retards Evolution— 80-88. 
Sleep, after Using Cosmic Forces — 135. 

" Generates Greatest Amount of Force — 226, 238. 
" Necessary to Prevent Demagnetization or Death — 226. 
" Time Required for— 226, 227. 
" Vampirization During, by Aged Persons — 243. 
Societies, Ethical, Advanced — 131. 
Sodom and Gomorrah Overthrown by God — 22. 
Solar Deities — See Deities. 

Solomon Not Enrolled as Wise Man by Occultists — 44. 
Sons of God — See Mind, Subjective and Soul. 



Sorrow, Caused by Objective Mind — 172. 
Soul — See also Mind, Subjective; Man. 

Advanced, See, the Truth— 130, 262. 
" After Death— 253-292. 

At Place Where it Belongs— 192. 
" Atom Visible to — 149. 
" Attraction, Gravic, on — 261, 267, 275. 

Attracts Like Disembodied Souls— 57, 277-281; 284-286. 

Avitchi is Home for Lost— 249, 250, 261, 263. 

Cannot be Helped Until Ready— 280. 
" Composed of Ethereal Substance — 199. 

Development of, is Object of Life— 80, 113. 

Difficult to Save from Hell— 250, 251. 
" Disembodied, Control by, of Embodied Soul — 113-115. 
" " Desires of. Not Changed — 113. 

" Distinction, from Spirit, of — 102. 
" Division of the — 4. 

" Fear Does Not Affect Progressive — 204. 

Form of— 63, 66. 
" Freedom of — 147. 

" Full Possession of Body at Puberty by — 76. 

Indestructible— 199, 204, 206, 253. 
" Individualization is Goal of — 199. 

Influence Each Other— 25, 26. 
" Leaving Body — 147. 
" Lost, Abode and Condition of— 261-275. 

" Result of Own Sinning— 262, 275. 
" Mourning Prevents Happiness of — 246. 
" Must Learn to be Happy When Alone — 200. 

Name— 205. 

" No Right to Save, Against Its Will— 251. 

" Nothing Hidden from Liberated — 148. 

" Pure, Sometimes Persecuted — 11. 

" Question for Each — 26 

" Reabsorption of Degenerate — 192, 193. 

" Reaches Spiritual Plane of Development — 102. 

" Re-incarnation of Advanced — 71. 

" Retarding Evolution of — 80, 81. 

" Reunited to Half Soul— 288, 289. 

" Saving Lost, from Hell— 250, 251. 

Second Death of— 248-252. 
" Sexless 77. 

" Squirrel— Once that of Tree— 98. 
" Tree— Goes Into Squirrel — 98. 

War of— 4, 5. 
" Will Become What Desires — 192. 
« " No Salvation of Soul Against— 251. 

3x8 Index 

Spanish Inquisition, Members of, in Hell — 266. 
Speech Confined to Human Beings — 138, 139. 

" Freedom of— 257. 
Spirit, Distinction of, from Soul — 102 
Spirits, Planetary— Creation by — 149-152. 

" " Rest of— 1. 

Spiritualists— Defined— 1 0 1 - 1 02 

" Method of Psychic Development by — 112, 115-117. 

" Misuse of Name of — 112, 113. 

Spirituality, Awakening of Intuition Necessary for — 138. 

" Control of Environment Necessary for — 133. 

Defined— 136-139. 

" Happiness Attained Through — 136. 

" Mental Development Necessary for — 138, 139. 

" Necessary Conditions for — 136-140. 

" Negativeness not — 136-138. 

" Omnipotence as Attribute of — 139, 140. 

" Omnipresence" " " — 139, 140. 

" Omniscience " " " — 139. 

" Will Absorbs Desire in— 138. 

" Yellow Force Increases — 107, 135. 

Stagnation Not Permitted to Exist— 27, 28. 
Stellar Group, Description of— 230, 232. 
Strata, Serve as Repositories for Magnetic Force — 229. 
Students of Brotherhood, Requirements of— 180. 
Sub-consciousness Develops into Consciousness — 120, 121. 

In Plants— 119-121. 
Subjective Mind— See Mind, Subjective— Also Soul— Also Man. 
Subjective Plane, Cyclic Law Governs Readjustment on— 267. 
« " Disembodied Souls Inhabit 113, 275-292. 

" « Existence on— 260-292 

« « First, Animal Souls Inhabit— 275-277. 

« " « Disembodied Entities Crowd — 113, 275- 


« « " Evil Souls. Swept from — 267. 

« " " Help Obtained from— 282, 283. 

« « " Majority of Souls on— 292. 

« " " Material Plane Interpenetrates — 113. 

« " " Purgatory is— 266, 275, 292. 

« " " Scenes on— 275-286. 

«« « " Sin Causes Shadows on— 277, 278. 

« « " Souls Awaiting Incarnation on — 276, 


« " Fourth, Egos Absorbed by Universal on — 140, 

141, 291. 

« « " Goal of Eastern School — 140, 141. 

" " " Nirvanic Plane— 92, 140, 141, 291. 

Index 319 

Subjective Plane, Fourth, Spiritual Plane of Conscience— 248, 


" '« « Theologians' Heaven — 290-291. 

" " Ignorance of — 262. 

" " Number of Souls on — 31. 

« « Second, First Heaven — 287, 288. 

« " « Happiness on — 287-290. 

«« « " Music on, Superior — 289, 290. 

c« «' « No Shadowy Places on — 288. 

« « " Progressive Souls on — 287-289. 

«< « " Reality of— 288. 

" ' " Third, Beings on — 290. 
« " " Golden Light on — 290. 

« " " Music on— 290. 

Success, Concentration Aids— 214 215. 

Conservation of Energy Necessary for— 206, 214, <215. 
" Elements Necessary for — 206-222. 

Law of— 206-222. 
" Mental Attraction Aids— 207. 
" Mode of Mind Necessary for— 206-215. 
" Particularity Hastens— 214, 215. 

Optimism Brings— 207-209, 211. 
" Pessimism Retards — 207-212. 
" Specific Demands Bring — 207. 
Suggestions, Entities Make Mental— 281-283. 
Superstitions of Objective Mind— 180, 181. 
Suprarenal Bodies, Cause of Degeneration of— 105, 106. 

' " " Use of— 105. 

Suna, Centers of Systems— 61. 
" Description of — 231. 
" Magnetize Their Worlds — 227, 228. 
" Period of Rest Provided for- 229. 
Swarm Consciousness — 121, 122. 
Sympathy, an Emotion — 125. 

" Causes Crimes — 125, 126. 

Mistakes— 125, 126. 
« War— 125, 126. 
" Control of, Necessary— 125. 
" Judgment Swept Aside by— 125. 
" Mistaken for Conscience — 125. 
Reason Swept Aside by— 125. 
Teachers, Advanced Souls as-65 66 92, 9.3, 147, 290. 
" Appear to Mankind When Needed— -257. 

Glory of— 147, 265, 290. 
" Once Men— 92. . . ^ „cc 

Reverence for, Aided Ancient— 256. 
Sacredness of Parenthood Taught by— 66. 



Teachers, Self-Sacrifice of— 92, 93. 

" Spirituality Taught by — 115. 

Wisdom Taught by— 65, 66, 291, 292. 
Ten Commandments, First Check on Polygamy — 49. 
Thought, Elimination of Poisonous — 74. 
Freedom of— 257, 292. 

" Limited by Fear — 40. 

" Magnetic Connection of — 164. 
Threshold, Dwellers on— 112, 113, 275. 
Tobacco, Psychic Development Retarded by — 111. 
Tolstoi, Advanced Soul — 129. 
Transgressions — See Sin. 

Truth, Advanced Souls Wish to Know— 130, 262. 
" Cannot be Destroyed — 205. 
" Foundation for Occult Teachings — 77. 
" Humanity, Mass of. Cannot Receive Higher Truths — 180. 
" Karmic Debts Obscure the — 185 
" Mankind Wishing to Know is Taught — 257. 
Universalist Repudiated Belief in Hell — 256. 
Universe, Reduced to Primodial Substance at Times — 145, 146. 
Uranus, Inhabitants of, Live Longer — 238. 

Yearly Cycle Upon, Long— 238. 
Vampirization — Beginning of Death — 226. 

" By the Elements of Nature — 244. 

Cold Produces— 244-246. 
" Cyclic Law and— 226, 227. 

" Demagnetization Produced by — 215, 216. 

" Evolution Retarded by — 215. 

" In Married Life— 220, 221. 

" Individuals Exist by— 217-221. 

" " Characterislflcs of Such — 217-219. 

" Lost Soul Disintegrated by Black Cosmic Force 

Through— 261. 
" Of Earth, by Men, etc.— 227, 228, 242. 

Of Man by Another— 217-221, 242, 243. 
Sleep and— 243. 

Vibration Affected by— 215, 216. 
Vanity Stimulates Some Artists — 203. 

Vegetable Forms, Materialized by Seraphim and Cherubim — 97. 

" " Mental Origin of— 97. 

Vermiform Appendix — 105. 
Vibration, Attraction Caused by — 145, 170-172. 

" Cessation of, Prevents Magnetic Attraction — 145. 

" Creator of Force — 169. 

" Different Rates of— 59, 185. 

" Evil Creates Dense— 277, 278. 

" Form Depends upon — 169, 170. 



Vibration, Generated by Divine Will — 145, 169. 
" Keynote of Creation— 169, 196. 

Law of— 170-172, 203. 
" Motion Due to — 145. 
" Necessary for Manifestation — 169. 
" Neither Good nor Evil — 159. 
Of Individual Souls— 63. 
On Mental Plane— 171, 172. 
" Repulsion Caused by — 170. 
" Vampirization Aflfects — 215, 216. 
Virtue, Required to Know Highest Occult Truths — 77. 

" Shines in Manhood as Brightly as in Womanhood — 77. 
Vive Kananda, Swami, Yoga Breathing Introduced by — 117. 
Voluptuousness, Indolence Causes — 14. 
Voodoo Corceress on Subjective Plane — 269, 270. 
Vortex Draws to Itself — 150. 
War, Celestial— 157, 158. 

" Of Soul— 4, 5. 
Will, Desire Merges into— 130, 138. 
" Divine — See also Deity. 

" Cause of Vibration— 145, 169. 
" " Existed Before Motion— 169. 
" Force that Moves Evolution — 119. 
" Free, Souls Have— 4, 213. 
" No Right to Save a Soul Against its — 251. 
Wise Men of Ancient Times Taught Monogamy — 50. 
Wish, Every, is Granted Sometime — 193. 
Witch of Endor, Story of— 136. 
Work — See Labor. 
World — See also Earth. 

Creation of— 1, 2, 58-60, 149-152. 
" Demagnetized Going Away from Sun — 227, 228. 
" Description of. Entering Period of Rest— 230-237. 
" Destruction of— 147-159. 
" Difference in Length of Cyclic Periods — 238. 
" Life Forces Leaving — 155. 

Magnetized Going Toward Sun— 227, 228. 
" Periods of Rest Provided for— 229. 
" Seven Great Periods of Activity and Inactivity — 229. 
" Under, Description of— 263-275. 
Yellow, Cosmic Force — See Force, Cosmic. 
Yoga, Dangers of — 116, 117. 
" Degeneration of — 115, 116. 
" First Used by Avatars — 115. 
" Method of Psvchic Development — 112-117. 
" Used on Atlantis— 115. 




O- ^