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Full text of "The Masonic Ode: A Collection of Solos, Quartettes and Choruses Adapted to the Uses of the Fraternity"

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W. Grand Organist of the M. W. Grand Lodge 
F. & A. M, of New Jersey. 

C. H, Ditson & Co. Lyon & Healy. J, E. Ditson & 00. John C. Haynes & Co. 

Copyright, 1890, by OLIVER Ditson CoMPANY. 

ee en ee 

— -MB 24 —- -- —_ - 


HE three symbolic degrees of Masonry exemplified without the use of . 

music, is, to say the least, robbing Masonry of one of its most important 
factors. ‘‘There are few who have not felt the charms of music and ac- 
knowledged its expressions to be intelligible to the heart.” Itis not too much 
to claim that there is scarcely a lodge in the jurisdictionof New Jersey, or 
elsewhere, which does not possess within itself the material which, by a little 
effort would be enabled to render the music in an impressive manner. In 
arranging this book I have endeavored to meet all the demands which the 
occasion may require. Much of it will be found to be written strictly for 
quartet choir. A number of familiar hymns for ‘‘ Opening and Closing” 
have been arranged and added for use of the entire lodge, which will be 
found both desirable and effective. The ‘‘ Remember now thy Creator,” in 
the M. M. Degree has been arranged as a chant, a quartet, and a baritone 
solo. I would call attention to all music marked thus * which should be 
played as written. In all other cases it may lend effect by lowering the 
Treble Clef an octave. It also may be played as written. 

To the entire Craft of New Jersey is this book dedicated; and that it may 

be instrumental in increasing the pleasure and interest of the brethren in 
the work of the Three Symbolic Degrees, isthe sincere wish of the 





Respectfully Dedicated to Mr. Charles Roberts, Phila, 

Ros. Morris, LL.D. POWELL G. FITHIAN. 
Allegro moderato, 
eee ae 

. Let there be Light th’Almigh- ty spoke,Refulgent streams from Chaos broke T’il- 
. Par-ent of Light, ac -cept our praise, Who shed’st on us Thy brightest rays ;The 

lume the ris - ing earth. Well-pleased the Great Je - ho- vahstood,The 
light that fills the mind. By choice se - lect - ed, lo, westand, By 

Power su-preme pronounced it good, And gave the plan -ets birth. In 
friend-ship joined a so - cialband,That love to aid man-kind. In 

cho - ral num-bers Ma-sons join To bless and praise this Light Di -vine. 
cho - ral num-bers Ma-sons join To bless and praise this Light Di-vine. 


& Sa 

= Soe Sata eee 

bless-ings shown, From God’s e - ter- nal throne, For- ev - er stands. 

| \ 
aa a ST og At, 
5p eet pe eH 

2 All hail! mysterious light, 
All hail! mysterious light, 
Which glads the Mason’s sight, 
From ages past. 
Borne o’er the wrecks of time, 
While centuries pealed their chime» 
It comes in floods sublime, 
On us is cast. 

3 God bless the mystic band, 
God bless the mystic band, 
In every clime and land, 
God bless themall. 
God bless our union sweet, 
God bless the friends we meet, 
And round our altar greet. 
God bless us all. 


Dedicated to Mr. Chas. Wallace of Camden. 

Allegro moderato. 

SS Sea 

1.High Twelve has come, High Twelve has come,The time to lay our ap-rons by,High 
2. An hour forrest, an hour for rest, Our work-ing tools we now lay by, An 

Twelve has come,High Twelve has come,The sunhas reach’d its sta-tion high, The 
hour for rest, an hour for rest,Whilethesunis in the south-ern sky;Then 

Se ea ee ee er 
= a a a 

—;% =e — 
Sco ae. = BaF cas 

East has is-sued its de-cree, The West has ech -oed Har - mon-y, The 
shout a-loud ye crafts-men free, And let it ech-o o’er the sea, The 


South to all th’ac-cept-ed free, A - loud proclaim’d High Twelve has come. 
time ofrest for you and I, Whilethesun is in the south-ern sky. 

No. 4. GOD IS LOVE. (Opening.) 

Dedicated to Jos. C. Cowgill, Mt. Holly No. 14, 
SoLo, For 2ND TENOR. 

Ss Sst 

love, His mer-cy brightens All the paths in which we move, 

a Ist & 2ND TENOR. 

God is wis-dom, God is _ love, 

Bliss He makes and woe He lightens, 

2S BH a ae =e poe 
a — mes i — Les “$-2-4 = 

[fae a a @ iw a y< a 

a 7a a a= =: ae 

Bliss He makes,and woe He light-ens, God is wis-dom God is _ love. 

ra 3 ep eees ee mor | | Dae 2— 
Gs HE = nes = rss ==". 
Pe a eat 
==. <a no 
2s Ses Ca Se Be se Sees err ie 

+ geen es RE, 
Time and changeare bus- y ev -er, Man de-cays and a- ges move; 

a Fes Tree Se 
But His Cae wan-eth nev-er, God is wis-dom, God is love, 

ronan aee vetii dagyie 

God is wis - dom 

aa Sa ae 
aia z fybitict = aa == 

Ce oe 
i is wisdom,God is love, God is love, 2 God is love. 
| rt = . . 

’ Ros. Morris. 

Allegro moderato. 

ns = 

= — -* : aa é 
———_ i rasa 
1. Now we iam the Jun-ior Warden, Lo! his col-umn crowns the South, 
2. Lord, Je-ho-vah, bless our meeting, Thou this time of joy hath given, 


Drop the heav- y tools of la - bor, Give the time to 

song and mirth. 
?Tis for ec we toil and la - bor, Our own work-man - 

ship in heaven; 

tog ¢ J.D 4 ate heme 
Soe ee eS 

Twelve High Twelve,thehour js sounding, Noon-day sun 
When High Twelve by death is sounded, And e- ter-nal rests 

is in the sky, 
hall come, 

Come the so- cial lodge sur-round 
Grant us boun-ti- ful 

Ses with sympa - jie pote joy. 
re - freshment, In Thine up-per Lodge at home. 

No. 6. ANNIVERSARY- 7s & 6s, (Opening Ode). 


es ee ee ee en ee 
“g-| -9=— 8 to = —_§—8 — 
Scena ee ee = Se: —— = 
1. In peace andlove u —- ni - ted, Our foot- steps hith- er 

oth - ers The chor - al that we 

2. Oh, dear a-bove all 
3. Up through the eth - er o’er us Our an - them grand shall 
: | 

= = —— | a 
pera === = 
t SSS 

wend; Our hearts with joy are light - ed, And in sweet coun - sel 
raise, The sym - pho-ny of broth-ers, In ef - flu- ence of 
rise, And its ex-ult’-ant cho - rus Re - ech - o through the 

ae = me 9 — be— te-— 5 i 
Se ee 

To be sung by entire lodge. 
%, _.| —_f a —— i 
ae ae ae rs sss 
plend, The  fes - tal sea- son glow - ing, Be - fit -ting note de-- 
praise! A - mid these scenes fra - ter - nal We pour our vo- tive 
skies. ‘Till an - gels catch the sto - ry And on their harps a- 

We ee ee eae 


r-flow - ing, Is sparkling in our hands. 
song, While wait- ing airs su - per - nal Its ju - bi- lance pro- long. 
bove Con - firm the pud-ding glo- Ty, That crowns frater -nal love. 

se 3S = pata 

mands, And pleas-ure’s cup 0’e) 

4 Here may that love attending, 5 Our hearts with deep emotion 
‘A firmer tenure frame, Go forth in gratetul trust, 
And out through time unending And, thrilling with devotion, 
Burn With a purer flame; Give God the tribute just. 
Its altar-fires far streaming, His smile has failed us never, 
‘With true and steady ray, His hand our weakness stayed; 
To gladden by their ern His, be our praise forever, 
‘And light the pilgr *3s way- (9) In word and deed displayed. 


8. M. CALKINS. Arr. by POWELL G. FITHIan. 
2 A ee eB Pe SE Be a |—a— 
an. 2. a boo Cal kore —— SS 
yaa ts te 8 
=) een wy 

1. Come, broth-ers, as - sem-ble, the pleasures to share, Where we meet on the 
2. If we meetin our place, andlive by the rule, And walk by the 

eee ai = ~ eer ae =. === 

levy - el, and parton thesquare,Where the watchword is love, and 
lights which en - cir - cle the soul, We all find a lodge and 

strife is un-known, Save striv-ing to hon-or the wid- ow’s lone 
tem-ple of rest Where the Grand Master rules o’er the loved and the 

a i 
— a 
MPa aie a. 

son;Wherethe rich and the poor u - nite on the plumb, In - 
blest; Come then with the trowel and spreadthe ce- ment Of 


vi- ting and wel-com-ing oth-ers to come; Come place on the 
broth - er - ly love, with the com-mon  in- tent; Pre - sent-ing the 

al-tar asprigthatis green, Tomark the loved spot where a brother has been. 
Chief of the Grand Lodge above, Withrichest of jew- els, all brightened with love. 

ames 1 —— 3 = 
1. “Let your light shine,” the Master said, Tobless benight-ed man; The 
2. We come, O Lord, with will-ingmind,That knowledge to dis - play; En - 
= Ney Seo eae —|—1- tat 
sm om Se dee a o— ee = 
—— j—! : = y—--@— v- 

light andtruth my spir- its shed, Are yours to shed a- gain. 
light-en us by na-ture blind, And glad we will 0 - bey. 


No. 9. CLOSING ODE (St. John’s Day). 

Ropr. MoRRIs. P. G. FrrHian. 


1. Go now, dear friends,take fond fare - well, Bear kindly cheer to 

2.Go then andserve Him all your days,Walk in His ways, 


Mason’s homes,The bliss of this bright morning tell, In dews of memo-ry to bloom. 
bey His word,His ways are ways of pleasantness,And all His paths sweet peace afford. 

aes SS ae ee ee 
peesre ee aa ereiaee 


Go now,dear friends,and ne’er forget, That smiles and sunshine are of God; 
Go then,and hope-ful look onhigh; There where He sits on ra - diant throne, 

He makesthejoysof life complete,And strews sweetfiow’rs along the road. 
He sees the tear, He hears the sigh, And waits to make your life His own. 

ee ee — 

| Dedicated to Mr. Al. Gregory, of Philadelphiay 


ie eea ae enc eaeee Ss 

© happy hour when Masons meet! O rar-est joys that Masons greet! Each in- ter-wov-en 
| 2. Blest bond! when broken we would fain Unite the severed links a - gain, Would urge the tardy 

with the. oth- er, And brother tru - ly joined with brother; In in - tercourse that 
hoursa - long Tospendthe wealthoflightand song That makes the lodge a 

none can daunt, Linked by the ties of Cov - e - nant; 
sa- cred spot; Oh, be the sea- son ne’er for - got, 

In in - tercourse that none can daunt,Linked by the ties of Cov~ e- nant. 
That takes usfrom a world of care To hap-py scenes where Masons are. 


the East our new Mas-ter ap-pears! Come, 

broth-ers we'll greet him withhearts all sin-cere; Be-hold in the East our new 

free-dom, fer- vor, and zeal, And aid himhis du - ties and 

2 an ee ee ee = - 

trust to ful - fill; We'll serve him withfree - dom, fer - vor, and 

aid him his du - ties andtrust to ful- fill, And 


du - ties 

2 In the West see the Warden with level in hand, 
The Master to aid, and obey his command ; 
We'll aid him with freedom, fervor, and zeal, 
And help him his duties and trust to fulfill. 

3 In the South see the Warden by Plumb stand upright, 
‘Who watches the sun, and takes notes of its flight; 
We’ll aid him with freedom, fervor, and zeal, 

And help him his duties and trust to fulfill. 


No. 12. MANN. 11s. (Installation.) 

1. Be - hold in the East our new Mas-ter ap - pears! Come, 
2. Inthe West see the War-den with lev - el in hand, The 
3. Inthe South see the War-den by Plumbstand up - right, Who 

. | 
broth-ers, we’ll greet him with hearts all sin - cere; We’ll 

Mas - ter to aid, and o - bey his com- mand; We’ll 
watch - es the sun, and takes notes of its flight; We’ll 

serve him with free - dom, with fer- vor and _ zeal, And 
aid him with free - dom, with fer- vor and zeal, And 
aid him with free - dom, with fer- vor and zeal, And 

aid him his du - ties and trust to ful - fil. 
help him his du - ties and trust to ful - fil. 
help him his du - ties and trust to 5 ()) ans i) 


. Allegro moderato. 

Thro’ “Let 

the lodge, ce- les - tial sound -ing, there be light;” 

of faith and hope’ a- bound - ing, “Let there be 

-o-- XN 

light ;” 

in God, 

Faith its rays re - veal-ing, While the glo - rious 

To Joseph C. Cowgill, Mt, Holly Lodge, No. 14. 

Allegro moderato. 

a g Bons 
the be - gin-ning God creat-ed the heav-en and _ the 



face of the deep. And the Spir- it 

God moved up on the face of the wa - ters. And God said, 

be light: And _ there was light. 


To be sung upon the entrance of the Grand Officers as they are approaching the altar. 
Allegro maestoso. POWELL G, FITHIAN. 

Ste Te Sa 
fis =-6-s—s-|s—6 8s oe eg 
a aes ed 

Hail, Grand Mas-ter! Hail,Grand Wardens! Hail,Grand Ofli-cers,““Good Cheer!” 
aoe a hs 

5 8—8-Tee ee = 

= ———o = = a Z 

Ee ar —y — 

eee erase a seas! 

*See theBrethren stand togreetyou, You willfind a  wel-come here. 

—— — a 
ET Set on a = 
* In many instances, the name of the Lodge may be used with good effect; for example, Camden’s 
Brethren stand ete., or Trenton’s Brethren etc. 
No. 16. PEACE TO THE MEMORY, ( Dirge.) 

Dedicated to Jacob H, Lippincott. 

Peace to themem’ry of the dead,Tranquil may their slumbers be; Sweet the repose with- 

Peace to themem’ry of the dead, 

Gro. M. BAKER. ARNDT. Arr. P. G. F. 

Thro’ the Lodge ce-les-tial sounding, “Let there be light,” « . 
1. {Telly of fartlvand hope a-bounding,“Let there be light” } “Let there be light.” 

No. 18. ALMIGHTY FATHER. Hymn. (E. A.) 

» Moderato. 

ure oe ote eee eeeiate 

1. Al-might-y Fa-ther, God of love, Be-hold Thy ser-vant here! Oh, 
2, Tho’darksome skies shall o’er him lower,And dangers fill the way; Sup- 

may he trust in Thee a- lone, Oh, may he trust in Thee a-lone;Free 
porthim with Thy gracious pow’r Sup-port him with Thy gracious pow’r,And 

Pes oe Be 
Spe eee Se 

Thou his heart from fear, Free Thou his heart from fear. 
be his con-stant stay, And be his con- stant stay. 



No. 19. LIGHT. 
Respectfully dedicated to Bro. John 0. K, Robarts, 

By PowE.u G. FITHIAN. 
Allegro moderato. 

SSS ae 

1. Light, Light, mache - fi-nite, In- fi- nite Light! 

ee ateereees = at 

mountains were melt-ed a- way, 

way, Tenthousand,thousand seraphims bright Were lost in ablaze of 

For God wasthere and be- 


were lost in a blaze of 

Treble played octave lower than written. 

neath His feet a paye-ment of sap-phires glowed, As the 

2 Love, Love, Love, Infiuite, Infinite, Love! 
The lowly lady of grace, the lowly lady of grace 
Bows underneath the o’ershadowing dove, 
Her eternal Son to émbrace, her eternal Son to embrace; 
For God is there, the ancient of days, 
An infant in human years, 
Whilst angels around them incessantly gaze, 
And nature is wrapt in tears, and nature is wrapt in tears. 




( Solo Chant.) 

Respectfully dedicated to M, Harmer Brooks, 
Mozart Quartet, of Philadelphia, 

» Moderato. 

By P. G. FrrHran. 

While the sun, or the light, or the moon, or the 

stars, be not 




‘And the doors shall be shut in the streets, when the sound of the grindingis low, 


| es ee 

-o- . 
Also when theyshall be afraid of that which is high,and fears shall be inthe way, 

SE eee 

and the almond tree shall flourish, apd the grasshopper shall bea burden,and desire shall fail: 

a as - 

because man —— To his in eee No —— and the mourners go a- bout the streets: 

ev- er the sil -ver cord beloos’d, or the gold- en bowl be brok - en, 


atempo I mo. es ; 
" ; 


Then shall the dust return to the earth as 


Male Quartet. 
Dedicated to Mozart Quartet; Philadelphia. 

Moderato, = 

ee oes 

Sew: bernow thy Cre - a - tor in the days of thy youth, while the evil dayscome 

SESH tess == —— 

not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say Ihave no pleas-urein them; While the 


_ — —_ =. Se 
re ee a 
—= 220 0 Se o_o ae 
_ SS eae 
sun, or the light, or the moon,or the stars be not dark-ened 

9:2, a er —A 3 
a : 



In the day when the keepers of the house shalt tremble,Andthe strong men shall bow themselves, 

aT PE TET Z Se et ee Pe 

———_ ere aes 
ee ee = 

and the grinders cease because they are few, and those that look out of the windows be darkened, 

and the doors shall be shut in thestreets,when the sound of the grindingis low, 


—— a ee Z = ie oo a 


Also when they shall be afraid of that whichis high, and fear shall be inthe way, 

Ba ee 

Or ev-erthe sil-ver cord beloosed,or the gold -enbowlbe bro-ken, or the 

| a 


the fount - ain, or 

—— 4, | —_--» —2— 
Soe, 2 ——»—_ 



No. 22. GOD IS LOVE. 8s & 7s. ( Rathbun.) 
Arr. by P. G. FITHran. 

2s eS =e eer = 

£: ob is love; His: mer - $y brightens All the 
2. Chance and change are bus - .y ev - er, Man de - 
: Hen the hour that dark - est seem-eth’ Will His 
4. He with earth - ly cares en - twin-eth Hope and 
rl She eae 
f —al 
rae. = = SE 2 PS 
——--- Pa 
eS Beet Pon ree Bae as i 
aes —tg oe 
paths in which we move, Bliss He wakes and 
cays and B= =~ £68 5 move: 
change - less = - ness prove; 
com - fort ‘om a - bove 
oe ower me 5 ae 
= oo ae ae a 
woe He  light-ens, God is wis - dom, God is love. 
wan - eth nev - er God is wis - dom, God is love. 
bright - ness streameth, God is wis - dom, God is love, 
glo - ry shin - eth; God is wis- dom,God _ is_ love, 
ae = 
== e eee 
= SSS ST pao STE, anes 
No. 23. Fellow Craft. 8s & 7s. 

1 Meek and lowly, pure and holy, 
Chief above the blessed three; 

Turning sadness into gladness, 
Heaven born art thou, Charity. 

2 Hoping ever, failing never, 
Though deceived, believing still; 
Long abiding, all confiding 
To Thy heavenly Father’s will. 
3 Never weary of well-doing, 
Never fearful of the end, 
Claiming all mankind as brethren, 
Thou dost all alike befriend. 


No. 24. MASTER MASON. 7s. (Gottschalk.) 

Arr. by P. G. FrrHran. 


i J 
1. Hear my prayer, Je «+ ho - vah hear! Lis - ten 
.2. Hide not then, Thy gra - cious face, When the 

ses Sn pees fear |e oo ROE 
to my hum- ble eries; See the day of 
storm a@- round me falls; Hear me, oO Thou 

troub - le near, Heavy - y on my 
God of grace, In the time Thy ser- vant calls.. 

soul it lies. 

No. 25. Opening or Closing. 

1 Softly now the light of day 
Fades upon our sight away; 
Free from care, from labor free, 
Lord, we would commune with Thee. 

2 Soon for us the light of day 
Shall forever pass away; 
Then, from care and sorrow free, 
Take us, Lord, to dwell with Thee. 


. No. 26. FELLOW CRAFT. 8s & 7s. (Stockwell.) 
Arr. by P. G. FITHIAN. 

1. Broth-ers, faith - ful and de- serv -_ ing, Now the 

2. Thus from rank to rank as-cend - ing Mounts the 

| ——@ — ——_——_g-—___oe_—_______+—_- 

—— v 

wee TD 
SE Ee 
ORR ESET! » peat 
- ond rank you fill, Pur-chased by your fault - less 

son’s path of love; Bright its earth - ly course, and 

a ee 

oan o 
== Se 
Lead - ing to a high - er skill. 
end - ing In the glo- rious Lodge a -  bove. 

No. 27. Opening or Initiation. 8s & Ts. 

1 Heavenly Father gently bless us, 
Lead our every thought above; 
Let no earthly care oppress us, 
May we all all be filled with love. 

2 Let no jarring thoughts divide us, 
Sweetest harmony be ours; 
Wisdom’s richest feast provide us 
As we pass these happy hours. 


ee eee ee ee 

No. 28. CLOSING SONG. C.M. Double. 
(Auld Lang Syne. ) 

1, Should auld ac-quaintance be for -got, And nev - er brought to mind, Should 
2. Then here’s a hand, my trust-y frien’,And gie’s a hand of thine, We’ll 

auld ac-quaint-ance be __ for - got. 

And days of auld lang 
take a cup of 

kind - ness ‘yet, For auld, for auld lang 

lange syne, my dear,For auld lang syne; We’ll 


take a cup of kind- ness yet, For auld lang syne. 

eo Renae « iS 
= — : os #¢ =e 

No. 29. Installation. C.M. Double. 
1 To Him who rules be homage rt 2 As days and years roll silent by, 
Where hearts with voice unite; As time’s sad changes yise, 
To Him we bring fraternal aid, No doubt shall dim the trusting eye, 
Who = in solemn rite. ere rule the good and wise. 
Come, Brothers, bound by kindly ties, To Him who rules be homage ogi 
Your notes harmonious bring, Where hearts with voice unite; 
While acts of generous sacrifice, Till life shall cease, and time shall fade, 
In thoughts of love we sing. We’ll bring our solemn plight. 


No. 30. DENNIS. S. M. (Opening or Closing.) 

Arr. by P. G. FITHIAN. 

tie that binds Our hearts in  vir-tuous love: The 

2 Before our Father’s throne, 4 This glorious hope revives 

We pour our ardent prayers; Our courage by the way; 
Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one, While each In expectation lives, 

Our comfort and our cares. And longs to see that day. 

3 When we asunder part, 5 From sorrow, toil, and pain, 
It gives us inward pain; And sin we shall be free, 

But we shall still be joined in heart, And perfect love and friendship reign, 
And hope to meet again. Through all eternity, 
No. 31. Funeral Hymn. 8S. M. 

1 Come brethren of the Craft, 
Come shed a tear of grief 
For our beloved friend bereft 
Of life, a sad relief. 

2 Kind heaven, let angels wing 
Their way to earth again 
And waft a soul the guest we bring 
To bliss, e’er to remain. 

8 Let us the grave behold 
And lift our thoughts above, 
And mourn our loss as yet untold 
Aad raise him still in love, 


No. 32. ST. THOMAS. S. M. (Opening.) 
Arr. by P. G. FrTHi1an. 


3 . ° 

ge h4 

| 1. Let songs of grate-ful praise, From ev- ery lodge a - rise Let 

2. His mer-cy and His love Are boundless as His name And 

ev -’ry heart its trib-ute raise,To God who rules the 
all e-ter- ni - ty shall proveHis truth re- mains the same. 

No. 33. WELLESLEY. 8s & 7s. (Closing.) 

ro r~ Arr. by P. G. Fira ran. 
nw | 
fa = tA 
any ae laa —— Se ne Pe == igi 
(ass ee 2B a a a a xo 
PSs etaae a 

1, Fa-ther hear the pray-er weoffer, Not a - lone for peace we cry, 
2. Notwith- in the freshgreenpastures,Willwe ask that we may lie. 
3. Be ourstrengthin ev-’ry weakness; In our doubt be Thouour guide; 

| ~ 

Oe a a - Fa FE APSA Pt WE ee ES AE DENT PT 
ss C007 an eta Z —s [id see 
ES Wale = | 4 q a * 

2 a j a tS 

4 f 
a we 
He, = oie aster me sacs Ae A ae o 
KD po 2135 —— + - Be ENG SBR i 

But for grace that we may  ev-er, Live’our lives cour-age-eous - ly. 
But the steep and rug-ged pathway Thatwe tread re - joic-ing - ly. 
Thro’each per-il,  thro’each dan-ger Draw us _near- er to Thy _ side. 

7 be ed oe 
= _] I bs 
sie are er meee ice eee 
AOSD Ser ee ei = —\_8 o 
. ~— 

No. 34. TELEMANN’S CHANT. 7s. (Opening. ) 
Arr. by P. G. Frraran. 

1. Lord, we come be - fore Thee now, At Thy feet we hum-bly bow; 
2. Lord, on Thee our souls de - pend; In com-pas - sion now de -scend; 
3. Com- fort those who weep and mourn; Let the time of joy re - turn; 
4. Grant that all may seek and find Thee a God su-premely kind; 

cue pare orate eae Seer 


—¢ 4 
Oh, & not our suit dis - dain, Shall weseek Thee Lord in vain? 

Fill our hearts with Thy rich grace, Tune ourlips to Cat as a 
Those that are cast down, lift up, Make them strongin Faith an ope. 
Heal the sick, the cap- tive free; Let us all re-joice in Thee. 

No. 35. MOORE. P.M. (Opening Ode.) 


the scene, Where Ma-sons kind -ly dwell, Where 

. How good the searching word, Thatfrom the East de -scends, It 

. How strongthe Ma -son tie, It holds the will- ing band, ’Tis 
the place, Be - hold, He dwell-e here! His 

mys -tic ta -pers burn’ se - rene,And hymns fra- ter - nal swell. 
speaks the un-erring law of God, And rich - est _ at - tend. 
wove in gold - en un - ni - ty, By God’s mys-te - rious hand. 
dew de-scends in night-ly grace,Our lov - Seale to cheer. 

—— Ss 


No. 36. LEAD KINDLY LIGHT. (Master Mason.) 
Arr. by P. G. FirHtan. 

Lead kind-ly light a-midth’en-circling gloom Lead Thou me 

we = = = 


The nightis dark and I am far from home, Lead Thou me on. 

Keep Thou my 


tant scene one step e - nough 


A — 2 

1. Be-ing of beings! see before Thee bending .Earnestly suppliant for Thy gracious 
2. Here at Thy sacred altar now present-ed, Welcome,in love and brotherhood ce- 
3. So when His life’s brief pilgrimage is ended, Truth, goodness, virtue,in Him sweetly 

blessing ;Guide Thou his footsteps,all his ways yom ees him to trust in Thee. 
mented,May Thy kind watch and word be now extended, Soshall he trustin Thee. 
blended, And to the heav’nly Lodge above ascend-ed,Make him to trust in Thee. 

No, 38. FELLOW CRAFT. L. M. (Missionary Chant.) 

1. Had I the tongue of Greek and J ews,And noblerspeech than an-gels use; 
2. Werel inspired to preach and tell, All that is done in heaven and hell, 
2. Should I dis-trib-ute all my store,To feedthe crav-ings of the poor, 
4. If love to God, and love to men’ Be absent, all my hopesare vain; 


If love be ab-sent I am found Like tink-ling brass,an emp -ty sound. 

Orcould my faith the world re-move, Still I am noth-ing wi -out love. 
Or give my bod- y to the flame, To gain a martyr’s glo-rious name. 

Nor tongues,nor gifts,nor fier- y zeal, The works of love cane’er ful - fil. 

No. 39. Initiation or Crafting. L. M. 
1 Oh, guide him through the various maze, Yet then Thy strength shall still defend, 
Tie doubtful feet are doomed to tread, Thy goodness still delight to bless. 

And spread Thy shield’s protecting blaze, 
3 That deeper shade shall break away. 
When dangers press around nis head, That dee er shade shall leave his éyes, 
2 A deeper shade shall soon impend, a light shall give eternal day, 
A deeper sleep his eyes oppress, ‘hy love, the rapture of the skies. 

No. 40. MERCY. C. M. (Fellow Craft.) 
H. G, BARROWS. . - Arr. by P. G. FITHIAN. 

1. O char - 1 - ty, Thou heayen-ly guest,De-scend -ed from a- bove, Dwell 
2. May we, by Thy sweet influence mov’d,Be promptto act our part, To 

ag Fee ie ieee 

in our souls, and fill ourhearts Withtrue fra-ter - nal love. 
car - ry mes -Sa- ges of peace,To ey - ’ry wound-ed heart. 

pps 3 

No. 41. Opening or Closing. 
1 May our united hearts expand 2 Before our treasured shrine we bow 
With love’s refreshing showers, In gratitude sublime, 
Whose warm and kindling glow is felt Imploring stil] God’s saving grace 
To cheer our saddest hours. nrough all of coming time. 
No. 42. BARBER. L. M. (Initiation.) 
Arr. by P. G. FITHIAN, 


. While journeying on our homeward way, By love fra - ter - nal gent - ly led; 
’ “No fear shalleross the trust “ing heart, Our faith re-posed_ on Him a-bove; 
3, Whenearthly ties shall fade and die; ‘Whenearthly joysshallcome no more; 

2 ee 
saptesereree gia 

Supreme Con-duc- tor! thee we pray ‘Tosmooth the dangerous path we tread. 
No dear-er doy ean life im- part Than gent-ly breathes in words of love. 
Supreme Con- ue-tor! then sup-ply Thy ho-ly aid, whentime is o’er. 

No. 43. ' "Initiation. L.M. 

4 Far from the world’s cold strife and pride A brother’s faithful hand shall lead 
Come join our peaceful, happy band; , Where doubt and darkness disappear. 

Come stranger, we your feet will guide, 3 There ma: i i 
“ er y you in our labors join 
nex Grath and love shall hold com And prove yourself a waits true; 
. All sordid, selfish cares resign. 
2 Although in untried paths you tread. And keep our sacred truths in view. 

‘And filled, perhaps, with anxious fear; 

No. 44. LIPPINCOTT. 8s & 7s. (Initiation or Closing.) 


1. Heavenly Fa-ther gent-ly bless us, Lead our every thoughta - bove; 
2. Let no jar-ring thought di-vide us, Sweet-est har-mon-y be ours; 

Let noearthlyecare op - press us, Maywe all be filled with love. 
Wisdom’s richest feast pro - vide us, As we passthese hap - py hours. 


1. Je - ho-vah,God! Thy gracious power,On ev-eryhand we see; Oh, 
2. Oh, may we all in love abound, And char-i- ty pur- sue; Thus 

ae = = |—_ 4 a 
> SSS SS a ee a SS — | 
LS ee TS SSE oR A . ea 

- oS “y+ 

may the bless-ing of each hour, Lead all our thoughts to Thee. 
shall we be with glo-ry crowned, And love as an- gels do. 

No. 52. REMEMBER THY CREATOR. 7s & 6s. 

(Master Mason.) 
G. J. WEBB. 

1. “Re - mem - ber thy Cre - a - tor,”While youth’s fair springis bright; Be - 
2. “Re- mem-berthy Cre- a - tor,” Ere life re- signs its trust, Ere 

fore thy cares are great - er, Be - fore comes a - ge’s_ night, 
sinks dis-solv - ing na - ture, And dust re-turns to dust, 

While yet the sunshines o’er thee,While stars the dark-ness cheer, While 
Be - fore,withGod who gave it, The spir- it shall ap- pear; He 

life is all be - fore thee,“Thy great Cre-a - tor fear.” 
eries, who died to save it, “Thy great Cre-a - tor fear.” 

No. 53. NAOMI. C. M. (Opening.) i 
Arr. by P. G. Frruqan. 

Sy aie 

1. E- ter-nalwis - dom, Thee wepraise,Theeall Thycreatures sing; 
2. Although with pow’rand e - qua skill, Thine thro’ the worlds a - broad; 

While with Thy name, rocks, hills and seas,And heavens highareh-es_ ring. 

Oursouls with vast a - maze-ment fill; And speak the build-er God. 
cr: ea SF 
gongs 2s eee gg 
— v * 
No. 54. Closing. 
1 Now we must close our labors here, 2 Now to homes let ’s haste away 
Though sad it is to part Still filled with love and light, 
= love, relief, and truth sincere, And may each heart in kindness say 
nite each brother’s heart. Good-night, brother, good-night. 

No. 55. TIVERTON. C.M. (Initiation.) 
Arr. by P. G. FrrHian. 

Bertie a eatee= 

ir-it of power and might! be-hold Thy will - ing ser-vant here; With 
0’ darksome skies may o’er him lower,And dan-gers fill the way; Sup- 


= ee S See: | 

Thy pro-“tee - tion him en-hold, And free his heart from fear. 
- port im with Thy graciouspower,And be his constant stay. 

is ee ae 

No. 56. ; Initation or Crafting. C. M. 
1 Oh, welcome, brother, to our band, And bear our offerings to the skies 
ana beep ar ne a am For him who joins us now. 
And eoble aeee aot ams 8 on, eens i if oy a be _— 
ou’lt find with us a home; 
2 Now let our ardent prayers arise, We daily adding columns new 

For blessings on brow, (48) Unto our glorious dome. 

No. 57. HOWARD. S. M. (Opening or Closing.) 

Arr. shy i G. FITHIAN. 


1. Greatsourceof light and love! To Thee our songs we re 
2. Bless Thou the fes-tive day, Pros-per its hoped de - sign; 
‘3. May this fra- ter - nal band, Thus con - se- ae ed, blest; ne 

DEE} See | ee, 
Se SPE See Te 

in Thy tem - ple, Lord, a- bove,Hear and Paes our praise. 
Thou our guide, our help, our stay, Be all our glo- ry, Thine. 
love ‘and truth dis - tin-guishedstand, In pu- ri- ty. be dressed. 

= == Sasa SSS 
24 fat 

ce aes }—— ——- 

No. 58. HOUGH. C.M. (Master Mason.) 

Arr. by P. G. Frruran. 

SSL Ser sae nae 
1. Life is a span, a _ fleet-ing hour, How soon the va- por flies; 
2. Few are thy days and full of woe, O man, of wom -an_ born; 

en Ere 

Man is a ten- der, tran- sient flower, Thate’en in bloom- ing dies. 
Thy doom is writ- ten, dust thou art, And shallto dust re - turn. 

No. 59. MENDON. L. M. ( Closing.) 
Arr. by P. G. Frraman. 

. Fromallthatdwell be-neath the skies, Let the Cre- a-tor’s praise a- rise, 
E-ter-nal are Thy mer-cies Lord; E-ter-naltruths at-tend Thy word; 

Let the Re-deemer’s name be sung, Thro’everyland by ev - ’ry tongue. 
Thy name shall sound from shore to shore, Till suns shall rise and set no more. 

No. 60. Fellow Craft. L. M. 
1 Offspring of heaven, mankind’s bestfriend, 2 Come then All Bounteous as Thon art, 
Bright charity, inspire our lay; And hide Thee from our sight no more; 
On these terrestial shores descend Touch every soul, expand each heart 
And quit the realms of cloudless day. That breathes on freedom’s chosen 
No. 61. Master Mason. ZL. M. 
1 Dangers of every form attend 2 Then put your trust in Him alone, 
on steps, as onward you proceed; Who rules all things above, below; 
Pepe power can now befriend Send your petitions to His throne, 
aid you in this time of need. For He alone can help you now. 
No. 62. Dedication. L.M. (Closing.) 
1 Great Architect of heaven and earth, 3 ’T was reared in honor of Thy name; 

Lo whom all nature owes its birth Here kindle, Lord, the s: flame; 
hou spoke, and vast creation stood Oh! make fy burn ix oven ry heart, ; 
Surveyed the work—pronounced it good, And never from this places depart. 

2 Lord, can’st Thou deign to own and bless 4 Lord, here 
. the want of all su , 
Ont Humble dome, thks mace eonigad And fit = Bowes 5 cwell eh: 
nee shine From serv! ce in s humble Lf 
Within these walls—this house of Thine. Raise us to praise Thee face to face. 


No. 63. ROBARTS. L. M. (Closing.) 


1. Great God to Thee our, clos-ing song, With humble grat-i- tude weraise; Oh, 
2. When death shall close our earthly songs,And seal in silence mortal tongues, Oh, 

tune our tongue,And fill our hearts with love -ly praise. 

let Thy mer - cy 

Thou, in whom we _ put our trust, Re-ceive us to Thy-self at l 


No. 64. Closing. L. M. 

1 We offer, Lord, an humble prayer, 
And thank Thee for Thy grace bestowed 
In leading us beneath Thy care 
Thus far in wisdom’s pleasant road. 

2 Whatever to our lot may fall 
What toilsome duties to fulfill 
We do not know; but in them all 
Be Thou our strength and comfort still. 

No. 65. Master Mason. L. M. 

1 Death, like an overflowing stream, 
Sweeps us away, our life’s a dream, 
An empty tale, a morning flower 
Cut down, and withered in an hour. 

2 Teach us, O Lord, how frail is man; 
And kindly lengthened our span, 
Till, cleansed by grace, we all may be 
Prepared to die and dwell with Thee. 






No. 66. DOXOLOGY. (Old Hundred.) 


1. Great Arch-i- tect of heaven and earth,To whom all na-ture owes its birth; At 

2. Lord God, Thou deign to ownand bless,This humble dome,this sa-cred place ; Oh, 

3. Lord, here the wantsof all sup-ply, And fit our souls to dwell on high ;From 
i ma 

Thy command cre - a- tion stood Com-plete in {form, Thy work is good. 
let Thy spir-it’s presence shine With-in these walls, this house of Thine. 
ser-vice in this hum-bleplace Raise us to praise Thee face to face. 

No. 67. Closing.’ L. M. 
1 Great God, to Thee our closing song, 2 Let faith and hope our eyelids close; 
With humble gratitude we raise; With sleep refresh our feeble frame; 
Oh, let Thy mercy tune our tongue, Safe in Thy care may we repose, 
And fill our hearts with lively praise. And wake with praises to Thy name. 
No.68. Opening. L. M. 

1 Be Thou exalted oh, our God, 
Above the heaven’s where angels dwell; 
Thy power on earth be known abroad, 
And land to land Thy wonders tell. 

No. 69. Opening. L. M. 
1 Pour out Thy spirit from on high, 2 Within this temple, where'we stand 
Lord, Thine assembled servants bless; To teach the truth as taught by Thee; 
Graces and gifts to each supply, In favor bless this chosen band 
And clothe with Thy righteousness. With wisdom, strength, and unity. 


No. 70. AMERICA. (Original.)’ 


2 = ee et ; 
KD 4- = a OT = « —« Bie i M 
< - -o t 
1. God blessour na- tiveland,Firm may she ev - er stand Thro’storm and night. When the wild a . 
2. For her our pray’rs shall rise,ToGod a-bove theskies,On Him we wait; Thou who art : 
- oO. e $ 
S VR TS SS Re NT SE Se me Pe oe P21. Tis . 
— a om co CI ee 
to | CI oF 
4 i So aioe oe Sie es ee oe =e | 

tempestsrave,Rul-er of wind and wave,Do Thouour coun-try save By Thy great might. b 
ev- er high,Guarding with watchfuleye,To Thee a- loud we cry,God save the state. 
‘ NG: dhe Opening or Closing. 68 & 4s, 
1 Hail! Brother Masons, hail! 3 We on the Level meet, 
Let friendship long prevail, And every brother greet, 
And bind us fast; Skilled in our art; 
May harmony and peace And when our labors past, 
Our happiness increase, Each brother's hand we’ll grasp, 
And friendship never cease, Then on the Square at last, 
While life doth last. Friendly we ’1l part. 
2 Sincerity and love, : 4 May wisdom be our care 
Descending from above, And virtue form the Square 
Our minds employ; By which we live; 
Morality our pride, That we at last may join 
And truth our constant guide, That heavenly Lodge sublime, 
With us are close allies, Where we shall perfect shine 
And form our joy. With God above. 
No. 72. ; Closing. 6s & 4s. 

When our last labor’s o’er, 
And scene of life no more, 
Charm our frail sight; 

Then in God’s holy care, 

May each protection share, 

Bliss find unending there 
In perfect light. 



No. 73. WALLACE. C.M. (Opening.) 

1, E- ter-nal wis-dom,Thee we praise,Theeall Thy creatures sing;While 
2. Although pow -er and e -qual skill, Thine thro’ the es aye a - broad; Our 

with Thy name,—rocks,hills and seas And heaven’s high arch-es ring. 
souls with vast a- maze-ment fill; And speak the build -er 

No. 74. SCHUMANN. S.M. ( Opening.) % 

1. Let songs of grate-ful praise From ey - ’ry lodge a - rise, 
2. His mer-cy and His love Are boundless as His name, 

Let ev-’ry heart its  tri-buteraise To, God who-rules:the . skies. 
And all e-ter - ni - ty shall prove His truth re-mains the same. 

No. 75. CAPELLO. S. M. (Closing Hymn.) 

1. Great God im-part Thy power, To ev- ’ry wait- ing heart, 
2. Bless all who in this place Have heardwith earn- est mind; 

Diffuse a- round a gracious shower,Andblessus_ e’er 
Give ev- ‘ry broth-er here the grace, Theway of life 

1. Come Mas-ters of the art u-nite,And may this meeting prove To 
2. May Friendship and Mor - al - i - ty, With truefra-ter-nal love, Be 

all th’assembled sons of light, Astrengthenedbond of love. 
found in ev-ery Ma-son’sheart,And all his ac-tions move. 


———  _ 

No. 77. BLUMENTHAL. 7s D.. (Opening.) 
: p—* mane: Cra ay 
Pe -—| 2 a ewe maa 
A} > 
Cre = = = Se = SS — — =: — 
‘| | | | 
i 1. Met in friendship’skind-ly name, We a-round our al-tar stand, 
os Z - o Pi -% 
i a aE Rela ae 
:—4 Pe —~e 
a p4—p—F Ft St — 
|: Own-ing each re - lig-ious claim, Bow-ing at her strict command. 

Here our heart-felt prayers u- nite, For each broth-er whom we love, 

Blest with that pure ho - ly light, 

Here re - flect-ed 

No. 78. ARLINGTON. C. M. (Opening.) 

pis SSS Ss 

what an en - ter- tain - ing sight, Those friend-ly breth- ren 
re pleas - ant as the morn-ingdews, That fall on Zi - on’s 

. = 2 : | 
ee _— — 

- prove, Whose cheerfulhearts in bondsu-nite Of har-mon- -y and jove. 
hill, Where ae His ra-diant glo-ry showes, a Pd grace dis - till. 

2. -f 2 6- 

| re 

a ae = +-$-B— aoe 
: =e 

pea Satter 
No. 79. STOCKWELL. 8s & 7s. ne sicher ) 

ces a ee re 

= a = = 4 ——— — =a 

— $3 ce == 

ae os 

w we part; whatsad e- mo- tion Fills each broth-er’s kind -ly heart, 
t us,roundthis sa- -ered al- tar, All our sol -emn vows re - new; 

grise sate awa 
H§——_@— o— 
As, a- mid the world’s com-mo- -tion, Each re- tires to as a 
Nevy-er wav-er, nev-er  fal- ter, 


Fach be steadfast, firm and 0 

No. 80. WARE. L. M. (Opening. Master Mason.) 

= a oe ee ee 

1. Great God, wilt Thou meet with us here,And bless usin our ‘works of love! 
2. Mayeachbefound a liv-ingstone,For heavenly mansions tried 
3. Bythestronggrip of Judah’s king May we be raised to 

and squared; 
realms of peace; 

Thy sa-credname we all re-vere; Oh,grantus blessing from 
When all ourearth - ly sands are run,Thescythe oftime find us 
Thereconstantsongs of prais-es sing, InthatGrand Lodgeofend - less bliss. 

a - bove. 

No. 81. Installation, or Dedication. 
1 Ye happy few, who here extend 3 Behold the planets how they move, 
In perfect lines, from East to West, 

Yet keep due order as they run; 
Then imitate the stars above, 
And shine resplendent as the sun. 

With fervent zeal the Lodge defend, 
And lock its secret in each breast. 

2 Since ye are met upon the square, 
Bid love and friendship jointly reign; 
Be peace and harmony your care, 
Nor break the adamantine chain. 

4 Then let us celebrate the praise 
Of all who have enriched the art; 
Let gratitude our voices raise, 
And each true brother bear a part. 

No. 82. Opening Hymn. 
1 From East to West o’er land and sea, Though clouds may dim our darkened 
Where brothers meet and friends agree, way, 
Let incense rise from hearts sincere, Some kindly hand shall be our Stay. 
arest offerin; thered here. 
‘ans $ . — 3 Our trust reposed on Him alone 
2 Let notes of praise united tell Who ne’er will contrite hearts disown; 
Of thoughts most kind where brothers Our faith shall mark that holy light 
dwell; Whose beams our dearest joys unite. 
No. 83. Closing. L. M. 
1 ome, brothers, ere tonight we part, 2 Here, brothers, we may meet no more; 
Join every voice and every heart; 

But there is yet a happier shore, 
And there, released from toil and pain, 
Dear brothers, we shall meet again. 

One solemn hymn to God we ’ll raise, 
One closing song of grateful praise. 

ye, wie - inour tem- ple met a-gain, With hearts and pur-pose pre re: bebe ‘ll 
ar - 

Pa We ol 

se SS et sc 22=— 
r Eee ee 
as cal ae 
= + ——}-] 

raise our notes of joy-ful praise With un-ion in our song. 
ing up - on its mys-tic flame Our mus-ic to the skies. 

No. 85. } ' Funeral Hymn. C. M. 
1 Another hand is beckoning us, 2 Lone are Thy paths, and sad the bowers 
Another call is given; Whence Thy meek smile is gone, 
And glows once more with angel steps But, oh! a brighter home than ours 
The path that leads to heaven. In heaven, is now Thine own. 
No. 86. GERMANY. L. M. 

The crafts-men, 

1. Great God! the work in Thee be - fun 
2. ght, Be pres - ent 

Oh, fill our hearts with heaven - ly 

faith hath done; Thy bless - ing on our 
- tic rite, And when on earth we 


In ho be - gun, in ace to 
Ce - * i tial Lodge, un - ar 


No. 87. DENNIS. S. M. 

1. Kind = - ther hear our prayer, i bow ibe - 5a as throne ; 
2. With - these bg may peace i - mon - found; 

ee ea cede 

Oh, may we find ac- ee tance oe And peace be-fore un-known. 
May faith and char- i- ty in-crease,And hope and love a-bound. 

No. 88. Fellow Craft. 11s. (Music No. 7.) 
1 Come, craftsmen, assembled our pleasure to share, 
Who walk by the Plumb, and who work by the Square; 
While traveling in love on the Level of time, 
Sweet Hope shall light on to a far better clime. 

2 We'll seek in our labor the Spirit Divine, 
Our temple to bless, and our hearts to refine; 
And thus to our altar a tribute we ’ll bring, 
While joined in true friendship, our anthem we sing, 

83 See Order and beauty rise gently to view. 
Each brother a column, so perfect and true! 
When order shall cease, and When temples decay. 
May each, fairer column, immortal survey. 

No. 89. Opening. 

1 Blest are the sons of peace, 
Whose hearts and hopes are one; 
Whose kind designs to serve and please, 
° Through all their actions run. 

Where zeal and friendship meet; 
Where Truth and Love and Heavenly Grace, 
Make our communion sweet. 

8 Thus on the Heavenly Hills, 
May we be blest above; 
Where joy like morning dew distills, 
And all the air is love. 

7 2 Blest is this happy place, 
(58) ; 

No. 90. CHANT. (Entered Apprentice.) 

1. Behold how . 
and how pleasantit is for Brethen to dwell .o-gether in unity, 
2. That went down , 

to the skirts of His garments,as the dew of Her- 
mon,and as the dew 
that descended up- on the mountain of Zion. 

It is like the pree- 
ious ointment nm the head that randownw 
bee ca ai on the beard, even Aaron’s beard. 
For there the Lord 
com-manded the blessing even life for ev- er- more. 



Arr. from BEETHOVEN. 

1. Behold how 

and how pleasantit is for Brethrento dwell to - gether in unity, 
2. That went down 
to the skirts of His garments,as the dew of Her- 
. mon and as the dew A 
that descended upon the mountain of Zion, 

It is like the pree- 
ious ointment up-on the head that ran down ye 
on the beard, even Aaron’s beard. 
For there the Lord 

com-manded the blessing even life for ev - er- more. 

1k OES I EST Rn Peer ‘6 ER 19 EN Se ee wes Et 
2 a — — ee 8 So eee eens 

z p> b = eee Le OR 

Ld BE ee FS ET < C C 


No. 92. CHANT. (Fellow Craft.) 


. Thus He showed me, and behold, the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumb line 
2. And he rd said unto me, Amos what  seést thou 
3. Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumb 

line in the midst of my peo-ple Is - rael, 

aes a ——} |_| 
aS —eo——%- — 
with a plumb line in His hand. A - MEN. 
and I said a plumb line. 
I will not again pass by them a - ny - more. 

No. 93. CHANT. (Fellow Craft Degree.) 
Arr. P. G. FITHIAN. 

== ee 
=> ee ee eae 

Lord said unto me, Amos what seest thou, andI said a plumb _iine. 

Then said the Lord, behold, I will set a plumb line in the midst of my 

No. 94. CHANT. (Master Mason.) 

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while 

the evil days come not, nor the 
In the day when the keepers of the house shall tremble, a ee 

the strong me - 
Matis Hol AMAR ee 

fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, 

When thou shalt say I have no leasure in 2 
And the grinders cease because ag are few, and 3 eines: 
those that look out of the windows be darken’d, 
And the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire 
shall fail, because man goeth to his long home, and 
‘ the mourners go 

a- bout the streets; 

While the sun, or the light, or the moon, or the stars be not darken’d. 
And the doors shall be shut in the streets, when the sound 
ofthe grindingis low, 
Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be 
broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the 
wheel be brokenatthe cistern. 

Northe clouds,re - - - .* © .* = tum af - ter the rain: 
And he shall rise up at the voice of the bird, and 
all the daughters of music shall be brought low. 
Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: 
y ‘And the spirit shallreturn un - to God who gave it. 

é a 4 rs 
Se Oe ee Oe ee ES ee ee ee ee) Oey Mee ee, 

No. 95. CHANT. 

In the Beginning God created the Heaven P 

And the Earth was without form and void, xy 

a2 2 -o- . 

SE a = eo. = } 
tT S a a 

And darkness was upon the face of the deep, 
And the spirit of God moved upon the face 


No. 96. 






Fa a 
a ae 

SAE ne Sar ait — 
As 4 

+ eee 



All hail! the mystic art. ....-....--.+--+++ 2 | Jehovah, God, Thy gracious eve 

‘Almighty Father, God of Love. ) 18 : . Se ee oe 
‘Another hand is beckoning us........-+-+ 85 | Kind Father, hear our prayer............. (87 
Behold, in the East our new Master ap- Lead, kindly light, amid the encirclin:; 

POATB..-- eee cence sees ee cee e sete sees 11,12 | Let there te light drciy eS < Sekb SU tI 7 e ee ¢ 
Being of beings, see before Thee bending. 37 Let songs of grateful praise............. 74, 82 
Be Thou exalted, O our God.....--++--++ 68 | Let your light shine,” the Master said... 8 
Blest are the sons of peace... «-» 89 | Life isas a fleeting hour 58 
Blest be the tie that binds. .....- il 30 | Light, Light, Light............. 19 
Brothers faithful and deserving.s.-.----- . 26 | Lord, we come before Thee now 34 

Lo, what an entertaining sight.... 18 
Come, brothers, assemble. ...-----+++++++* T 
Come, brothers, ere to-night we part.----- 83 | May our united hearts expand.. 41 
Come, brethren of the craft......- ... 81 | Meek and lowly 23 
Come, craftsmen. assembled.....-- ate 88 Met in friendship’s kindly name 11 
Come, masters of the art, unite .....++++++ 16 | My country, ’tis of thee 46 
pengere of every form attend. ...---- 61 | Now we hail the Junior Warden.......... 5 
Death like an overflowing stream . -------- 65 | Now we must close our labors Here....... 54 
Now we part, what sad emotions ......... 79 
* Eternal Wisdom, Thee we praise ...---- 53, 73 
O Charity, thou heavenly guest. ......-.-. 40 
Far from the world’s cold strife and pride.. 43 Offspring of heaven, mankind’s best Friend 60 
Father, hear the prayer we offer. ...- . 83 | Oh, guide him through the various maze.. 
From all that dwell below the skies . 59 | Oh, happy bour when Masons meet. .....- 
From East to West, o’er land and 82 | Oh, welcome, brother, to our band........ 
From every earthly pleasure....----- 50 
Peace to the memory of the dead ...-.-..- 16 
God bless our native land. ......--- ... 7 | Pour out Thy spirit from on high. .......- 69 
is Love........--e+- oe 4, 22 
Go now, dear friends. ..........-+- . 9 | Remember now thy Creator.....-...--- 20, 21 
Great Architect of heaven and earth 62,66 | Remember thy Creator ....----.+-++-+++++ 62 
Great God, impart Thy power. .... ves 15 
Great God, the work in Thee begu ... 86 | Should auld aintance be forgot......+ 28 
Great God, to Thee our closing a ... 63, 67 | Softly now the light of day ......... oa | 
Great God, wilt Thou meet with us ere?. 80 | Solemn strike the funeral chime .. is Oe 
Great Source of light and love .....-+++-+ 57 | Spirit of Power and Might, behold........ 55 
Had I the tongue of Greeks and Jews. ---- 88 | There is a land immortal ........-------++ 49 
Hail! brother Masons, hail!........----+> 71 | Thou who art God alone ........-- sae 
Hail! Grand Master, hail! Grand War- Through the lodge celestial sounding ... 18, 17 

dens......++ 15 | To Him who rules be homage paid ....... 29 
Hear my abe ed Jehovah, hear oe ae 
Heavenly Father, gently bless us 44,27 | We bring no glittering treasure. ........-- 51 
High Twelve has come ....- . 8 | We offer, Lord, an humble prayer. .. 64 
How pleasant is the scene...-.---+++++*** 35 | When our last labor’s o’er....-.-.-..+++ Pare: | 

While journeying-on our homeward way.. 42 

In peace and love united.....--- Gaseavacas 6 | Within our temple met again. ....-.....-- 84 
In the beginning God created the heaven 

and the earth .......--.+-seeeeee eee? ... WU | Ye happy few who here extend .......... 81 



OPENING ODES. Remember thy Creator......-+.+-+++0+ + 62 tes 
Be Thou exalted, O our God 68 There is a land immortal ........-+++.-+++ 49 . 
Blest are the sons of peace 89 * 
Blest be the tie that binds 30 CLOSING ODES. ae: 
54 | Blest be the tie that binds ................ 30 = 
82 Come, brothers, ere to-night we part...... 83 x 
4, 22 anaes gd = ig oe we Compe Me cesceuae = c 
SAE Sg pce at oy ge si ‘om all that dwe low the skies....... 4 
ea Hes, be ao ory wish uw lero; 7 Go now, dear friends, take fond farewell... 9 * 
Hail! M cater uM 8 ern eo feemideialeitccr t: 71 Great Architect of heaven and earth...... 62. 7 
Heavenly Paths aap pS pieces 27 | Great God, impart Thy power............ 15 fits 
aes ecane tet Mem gen: Some Biches 35 Great God, the work in Thee begun...... 86 . 
Tn Dovne and Lo - aitod ean a Pei 6 Great God, to Thee our closing song.... 63, 67 5 
a batt canis Sete eats Great Source of light and love ....../...- 57 
qohovah, God, Thy gracious power. ...... 45 | Hail! Master Masons, hail! ..... 71 a 
oy ineape on prayer.....-.-..... ~ Heavenly Father, gently bless us 44 uf 
cd ae. BR tes rc on a Jehovah, God, Thy gracious power... .... 45 on 
» we come before Thee now.......... 34 Now we must close........ Spee pee 
Lo, what an entertaining sight............ 78 Now we part, what sad iemmctiowé.:. 79 es | 
od Paty Bane pees gk ——— Sp Riper shea 41 Should auld acquaintance be forgot 28 a 
png allay Seer dele aren a 77 | Softly now the light of day ...... 25 a 
Four tat Tig spits free on Rg cscs 69 | We offer, Lord, an humble praye 4 4 
Softly now the light of day ............... 25 | When our last labor’s o’er..------ 2 Oe 
e bring no glittering treasure. .......... 61 ye, 
Within our temple met again............. 84 FUNERAL OCCASION. ff 
Another hand is beckoning us ............ | 
SEER ASEM, MMe : Come, brethren of the craft........ ae ‘ 
area perf Father, God of Love 18 | Solemn strikes the funeral chime ; 
Being o ees eb os | 
Dangers of every form 
Far roan the world’s cold strife and pride.. 4 ANNIVERSARY AND DEDICATION. ; 
eaventy Father, gently me aso 7s Blest be the tie that binds (Anniversary).. 30 
Oh, guide bim through the various maze.. 39 God bless our native land .............-.- 70 y 
Oh, welcome, brother, to our band........ 56 | Great Architect of heaven and earth (Ded- I 
=— of Power and Might, behold........ 55 MpEMONY Jo Sarre eos acne se 62 ‘a 
ile journeying on our homeward way.. 42 | yyajl, brother Masons, hail (Anniversary).. 71 2 
In peace and love united (Anniversary)... 6 
FELLOW CRAFT. Thou who art God alone (Dedication).-.. 47 z 
Brothers, faithful and deserving.......... 26 | Ye happy few who here extend (Dedica- - ‘ q | 
e, craftsmen, assembled.............. 88 THOM) . 0. ne cece cece eecew ees cccesceccce i 
Had I the tongue of Greek and Jew....... 78 : 
May our united hearts ex Eee rs INSTALLATION SERVICE. 
Meek and lowly, pure and holy.. 23 

O Charity, thou heavenl i a Behold in the East our new Master appear 11,12 
Giaprhin Of Venton,” naakinda” Weak Fond Wind TE HEE SITOS arcs «0b saan "41 
Frie te : 60 To Him who rules be homage paid. ....... 29 
39 | Ye happy few who here extend........... 81 

miswen wAaok. NATIONAL HYMN. : 


Come, masters of the art, unite .......-... 16 My country, ’tis of thee..... EraO vie vie uy ee 46 { 
Dangers of every form attend. ..... ve a f 
Death, like an overflowing stream. . ee MASONIC HYMNS. 
From every earthly pleasure.........-.... 50 
Great God, wilt Thou meet with us here?. 80 | All hail! the mystic art 2 
Hear m prayer, —, — S Juasanar se 2 pe Reha od come : : 
Lead encirclin; @Tre DE LANL... 6 cece cece cnc ee ewenee - 

< gr Sn iz =p 36 | Now we hail the Junior Warden.......--- 5 i 
Life is a span, a fleeting hour..... «eee... 58 | Should auld acquaintance be forgot... ---- 28 *\ 

: (66) by 



Come, masters of the art, unite. (Young.).............ccccccccccccccccccecsccce se see's Cc. M. 
Eternal Wisdom, Thee we praise. (Wallace.)...............22ccceccce cece PA ek 
Great God, impart Thy power. (Capello.)...........cescsscccsccccecccccces 8. M. 
Great God, the work in Thee begun. (Germany.).............. 2.0 cceeeeeees L. M. 

reat God, wilt Thou meet with us here. (Ware.)...............0cececceeccee L. M. 
Kind Father, hear our prayer. (Denmis.)..............c0.cceceeeees swcvewess 8. M. 
Let songs of grateful praise. (Schumann.)...........2... ce cece cece cece eee 8. M. 
Lo, what an entertaining sight. (Arlington.) cece eeeeeee Cc. M. 
Met in friendship’s kindly name. (Blumenthal.).....................000 = 7s D. 
Now we part, what sad emotion. (Stockwell.).............c.cccccceeeeceeess and 7s 
Within our temple met again. (Downs.)........ suis Cewesiese'e + seswe ee wo cecd pees sce we C. M. 


Mi aeeer Ite ae MOONE. «CP UMOTRI Yo re06 005. vf6 ocnsdcesvenbesdbedocduscvuccdunde Cc. M. 
Ree TR NE TOs SUERMANIAUON OUa,) «5 90 sys icin sks cca vebaseccitccckoedubeadaus suuoknued lis 
Being of beings. (Initiation.) (Fleming.) ........... 20. sceeccee seen cceeeeeceneetenses — 
ia croviexaited, O.our God. (Opening.) s vas. 6-00 «<cisnaaisens dacaResths sweseatosias L. M. 
Blest be the tie that binds. (Closing.) (Demnis.)...........2..ccccccccctecscseccccceuseces 
Brothers, faithful and deserving. (Fellow Craft.) (Stockwell.).........-.....2s0: 8s and 7s 
@eme, brethron of tho era®. » (Wierehed as oc5cc 5 o0e60~ iss yorn canny ones debubtawehueh Sey 8S. M. 

Come, brothers, ere to-night. (Closing.)...... 
Come, craftsmen, assembled. (Fellow Craft.) 

Come, masters of the art, unite. (Opening.) (Young.)...............ccceeceeeceeees C. M. 
Dangers of every form attend. (Master Mason.)............. . L. M. 
Death, like en overflowing stream. (Master Mason.)......... 3 

Eternal Wisdom, Thee we praise. {Opening.) (Naomi.).... --C. M. 
Far from the world’s cold strife. (Initiation.)................. . 

Father, hear the prayer we offer. (Closing.) (Wellesley.).... 
From all that dwell beneath the skies. (Closing.) (Mendon.) is . M. 
From East to West. (Opening.)........4.....cccceceucceccsces L. M. 
From every earthly pleasure. (Master Mason.).................- 
God is Love. (Opening or Closing.) 
Great Architect of heaven and earth. 

Hail, brother Masons. (Opening or Closing.).................-e0ceeee+ 
Hear my prayer, Jehovah, hear. (Master Mason.) (Gottschalk.).... oa 
Heavenly losing.) (Lippinco nd 78 

May our united hearts expand. (Opening or Cl 
Met in friendship’s kindly name. FOpeni: 

. C.M 
Now we part, what sad emotions, i meng wd (Stockwell.) ... 8s and 7s 
O Charity, thou heavenly guest. Gan) ft.) (Mercy.)... Cc 

Offspring of heaven, etc. (Fellow 

Oh, guide him through the. (Initiation or Crafting.) ......... 5 --L. M, 
Oh, welcome, brother, to our band. (Initiation or Crafting.)........-..-+++++« once seis ae 
Pour out thy. apivit..-(Openings) isc a 5s sisi ohn beac o 000040 shoe co.decciss ste sess dwewes ame . M. 
Remember thy Creator. (Master Mason.) (Webb.)....... 7s and 68 
Should Auld Acquaintance, etc. (Closing.).........++.eeeeeeeees 5 ASR oams = 5s bbe 

Softly now the light of day. (Closing.)............-...-000- ASO er ee ee 7s 
Solemn strikes the funeral chime. (Funeral.) (Pleyel’s Hymn.)....--2+++eeeeeeeeseeeses 78 
Spirit of Power and Might, behold. (Initiation.) (Tiverton.) .........++-+eeeeeeee eens Cc. M. 
‘There is a land immortal. (Master Mason.)........---+..0+++ Soo eeeeeeeee 78 and 68 

Thou who art God alone. (Installation or NORGON.) «ste cove cccecacecvevcccecse OS ONG 4S 


C.M. Double 29 

To him who rules. (Installation.)........---+--+2eeeeceeee sees eeeneeeereeeres 
We bring no glittering treasures. (Opening.)..... 0c ecerceccccccccccecccescereess 7s and 6s 51 
We offer, Lord, an humble prayer. (Closing. ).......cceeccnccesccosseccccccecsesetess .-M. 64 
When our last labor’s o’er. (Closing.)....-..- sabe cecevecesecs vesedecsseseeceeesnes 6s and 4s 72 
While journeying on our homeward way. (Initiation.) (Barber.)... L.M. 42 
Within our temple met . donee (Down.)......--2-eee0e /M. 84 
Ye happy few. (Installation or Dedication.)..... rere Se ee eo --L.M. 81 

All hail the mystic art.............-- 2 In the arene Oops created, etc........ - id 
Behold in the East, etc. (Kreutzer)....... 11 Let there be light, the Almighty spoke... 1 
Behold in the East our New Master, etc. Light, Light, Light.............-+.sesee06 19 
(Cithian). .....--- paylines siciers fico ens bverdinacperor? 6 12 Now we hail the Junior Warden......... 9 
Come, brothers, assemble .........+--+«++ 7 Oh, happy hour when Masons meet.....-. 10 
God ig Love... ...ccccccesccoeccecescce 4 Peace to the mem’ry of the dead.......... 16 

Go, now, dear friends, take fond farewell. 9 Remember now thy Creator (Baritone 
Hail! Grand Master, etc,.........+--+-++- 15 BOG) 5 ce S Baas acre Ot Eni S50 3''e 20 
High twelve has come.... $808 Remember now thy Creator (Quartette).. 21 

In peace and love united.......-.--.--- aes, Bs Thro’ the lodge celestial sounding........ 

Pp. M. 
Lead, Kindly Light............++++-.++0. 36 
WOEGen ss ecaseear Gace > ect serhseauowene ns 35 
L. M 

sve eoe Uae Tee tiscaaenideey snes ah 42 
oe ee eee eee oe eae 86 
Migwe ass Teddies cone smaulne 59 
sede demenacteceeiens 38 
Saks .6 aul e s wiep defen op olomw i Scwsd se 63 

«+++ 82 | Wellesley 

St. Thomas........ seedaddavivedcswsess 

Blumenthal. Doubl 17 

Drestvad’ a chant 00 America ...... 

Gottschalk ..... 24 

Pleyel’s hymn. . 48 

Teleman’s chant .....-+.+++++++++eereee* 34 Webb.... 


Behold how good, etc. No. 1. Entered In the beginning God created, ete. No. 6. 
Apprentice.....--.---+.sseeseeeseeeeees 90 GAR walters): 026 ois ae Sees ane lb ib eels od ae 95 

Behold how good, etc. No. 2. Entered Remember now thy Creator. No. 5. 
Apprentice.....-..-.0.eeeeseeeeseeeeees 91 Master Mason 94 

Four plain chants for either Entered Thus he showed me, etc. No.3. Fellow 
Apprentice, Fellow Craft, or Master (8 Sees eee 92 
Mason. Nos. 7, 8, 9, and 57 ie -96, 97, 98, 99 a showed me, e' ain 


“2. a? « 
ts ‘— 
; 5 


; ; 
rT 4 

* ’z ~ 

~ ‘ 

é oe ie 
. * . 

’ a 


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