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Full text of "Repertory to the more characteristic symptoms of the materia medica"

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F< Powel. M, O f 


Bethesda. Maryland 

Gift of l\ 
The National Center for Homeopathy 





F, Powel, M, D, 










Copyrighted T&7Q In' Constantint Lifipc 






F, Powel, M. D, 






This work is offered to the profession as an index to the more character- 
istic symptoms of the Materia Medica ; and my endeavor has been to present 
only such symptoms as the experiments and experience of many have 
proved to be characteristic. This work is based on the Repertory to the 
Manual published in Allentown in 1838 by Dr. C. Hering and the faculty of 
the College at that place, and which, I believe, was the first Repertory and Mate- 
ria Medica published in the English language ; to this have been added selections 
from Boenninghausen's works, Ad. Lippe's Materia Medica, Bell on Diarrhoea 
N. H. Guernsey, Hering, and Jahr. Many of the books referred to are out of print. 
To the student this repertory may be of value as it will give at a glance 
the corresponding remedies to symptoms sought for, and further comparison 
with the Materia Medica will, in the differences of conditions, or locality, or 
combinations, give the differences between the remedies having a general symp- 
tom in common. I have given first the mental symptoms, and then followed 
in the order as pursued in the Materia Medica Pura. All ot the sections are to 
be compared with Generalities. Being well aware that a work of this kind is 
necessarily imperfect, and that many very characteristic symptoms are omitted 
which are known to others, I will gratefully receive any suggestions or com- 

C. L, 

January 1st, 1880. 


" i. Mind and disposition, - -- -- -- -- i 

" 2. Sensorium, cloudiness, dizziness, Vertigo, 10 

" 3. Head interior, headache, congestion of blood, heaviness, fulness, &c, - 20 
" 4. Scalp, -------------33 

" 5. Eyes and sight, - -- -- -- -- - - 37 

" 6. Ears and hearing, 48 

" 7. Nose and smell, ---- - 53 

" 8. Face, lips and lower jaw, 58 

" 9. Teeth and gums, --68 

" 10. Cavity of mouth, palate and tongue, - -- -- -- 74 

" 11. Fauces, pharynx and oesophagus, - 81 

" 12. Appetite and taste, hunger and thirst, - - 86 

" 13. Ailments during and after meals, --93 

" 14. Eructation, nausea, vomiting, hiccough, heartburn and waterbrash, - IOO 

" 15. Stomach and pit of stomach, 108 

" 16. Hypochondres, kidneys, diaphragm, liver and spleen, ... 113 

" 17. Abdomen, groin and flatulency, 116 

" 18. Stool and anus, - 126 

" 19. Urine and urinary organs, - 140 

" 20. Male sexual organs, -- - 149 

" 21. Female sexual organs, 155 

" 22. Coryza, 165 

" 23. Larynx and trachea, 169 

" 24. Cough, 1 74 

" 25. Respiration, 184 

" 26. Internal chest and heart, igo 

" 27. External chest and mammoe, ig8 

" 28. Neck, back and sacrum, - 201 

" 29. Upper extremities, 209 

" 30. Lower extremities, 222 

" 31. Sleep and dreams, 2 j_ 

•• 32. Fever, 24& 

" 33. Skin, - 26s 

" 34. Generalities, aggravations and ameliorations, - 283 



1. Mind and Disposition. 

Abusive, Hydroph. Hyosc. 
Activity, (love of being busy), Bar-c. Lach. 
Mosch. Sep. Stann. Verat. 

— with physical debility, Mosch. 
Acuttness, Anac. Asa-f. Aur. Coff. Lach. 

Op. Verat. Viol-od. 
Alone, when, state ot mind worse, Elaps. 

Phosp. Stram. 
Alternations of humor, Aeon. Agn. Alum. 

Ambr. Anac. Arg. Ars. Bell. Bov. 

Borax. Cannab. Caps. Carb-an. Caust. 

Chin. Cocc. Croc. Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Ferr. 

Gels. Graph. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Kali-c. 

Lach. Lachn. Lyc. Meny. Merc. Mez. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Petr. 

Plat. Ran-b. Sabad. Sass. Seneg. Sep. 

Spig. Spong Staph. Stram. Sulph-ac. 

T;«rt. Valer. Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

— anxiety with indifference, Ntr-m. 
jollity, Spig. Spong. 

— burst of passion with gaiety, Croc. 

— complaining with delirium, Bell. 

— dejection with gaiety, Petr. 

— disgust of life with laughing, Aur. 

— distraction with gaiety and singing, 

— easily startled and frightened, with 
low spirits, Zinc. 

t- feaifulness with mania, Bell. 

gaiety with vexation, Caust. Cocc. Croc. 

Ntr-m. Spong. Tart. 

hatred of work, Spong. 

seriousness, Plat. 

melancholy, Ferr. 

ill humor, peevishness, Ntr-m. 


want of sympathy, Merc. 

sorrowfulness, depression, Caust. 

Ferr. Ntr-c. Sep. 

gaiety with tearfulness, Aeon. 

Arg. Cannab. Carb-an. Igt. Iod. Spong. 

mania. Bell. Cannab. Croc. 

bursts of indignation, Aur. Caps. 

Croc. Igt. 

groaning with laughter, Stram. 

dancing. Bell. 

— hatred of work with gaiety, Spong. 

— hope with faint heartedness, despair, 
Aeon. Kali-c. 

— ill humor with jollity, Chin. Merc. Plat. 

gaiety, Cycl. Ntr-c. Tart. 

liveliness, Lyc. 

tenderness Plat. 

— indifference with anxiety, Ntr-m. 

vexation, Chin. 

irritability, Bell. Carb-an. 

— irritability with lowness of spirits, Zinc. 
cowardice, Ran-b. 

care, Ran-b. 

wrath, Zinc. 

— jollity with vexation. Borax. 

melancholy, Zinc. 

shouting, Chin. 

sorrowlulntss, Cannab. Croc. 

Graph. Nitr-ac. Plat. Sep. Zinc. 
tearfulness, Bell. Plat. 

— laughter with vexation, Croc. Stram. 

seriousness, Nux-m. Plat. 

violence, Croc. Stram. 

groaning, Stram. 

sorrowfulness, Stram. 

frenzies, Hyosc. 

tearfulness, Aeon. Alum. Aur. 

Caps. Graph. Lyc. Sep. Stram. 
whining, Verat. 

— mania with anxiousness and dread, 

gaiety and laughing, Aeon. Bell. 

Caust. Croc. 

disgust for life. Bell. 

tearfulness. Aeon. Cannab. 

— melancholy with vexation, Zinc. 
gaiety, Ferr. Zinc. 

— pusillanimity with vexation, Ran-b. 
exaltation, Sulph-ac. 

irritability, and quarrelsomeness, 


— quarrelsomeness, with gaiety and laugh- 
ter, Croc. Spong. 


Alternations, quarrelsomeness singing, 

care and discontent, Ran-b. 

— singing with vexation, Croc. 

hatred of work, Spong. 

tearfulness, Aeon Bell. Stram. 

distraction, Spong. 

burst of anger, Croc. 

— sorrowfulness, with serenity, Cannab. 
Case. Graph. Nitr-ac. Petr. Plat. Sep. 

gaiety and laughter, Canth. Canst. 

Ferr. Ntr-c. Zinc. 
intense excitement, Petr. 

— sudden anger with gaiety, Aur. 

— tearfulness with vexation. Bell. 
jollity, Borax. Plat. 

— violence with gaiety, Aur. Croc. Stram. 

— wrath with gaiety. Aur. Caps. Igt. 

quick repentance. Croc. Mez. 

tenderness, Croc. 

Amorous, Ant. Bell. Calc. Canth. Carb-veg. 
Chin. Hyosc. Igt. Lach. Lvc. Ntr-m. 
NuK.Op. Phosp. Plat. Puis. "Sep. Strain. 
Ver ,t. 

— fits, Aeon. Op. 

Anger, Aeon. Aloe. Ars. Bufo. Canst. 
Cham. Col oc. Igt. Kali-c.Led. Lyc.Meph. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. N'tr-m. Nice. Nux. Petr. 
Phosp. Plat. Ran b. Sang. Scill. Sep. 
Staph. Stront. Sulph. Thuj. 

— at trifles, Ars. Meph.Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Scill. 

— after being angrv has a red face and is 
chilly, Bry. 

tip of nose is red, Vinca-m. 

chilliness, thirst, heat and vom- 
iting, Nux. 

— from least contradiction, Nice. 

— rage, violence and heat, Cham. 

— throwing away what is in the hand, 

— followed by headache, Petr. 

Answer, will not, Ambr. Am. Coloc. 

Euphr. Phosp-ac. Verat. 
Anxiety, Aeon. Aetli. Aloe. Alum. Amm-c. 

Anac. Arn. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. Bar-m 

Belt. Berb. Bry. Calc. Camph. Carb-ve S 

Canst. Cham. Chin. Cina. Cocc. Coff 

Coloc. Con. Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Dios. 

a von. Ferr. Graph. Hell. Hepar. Hyosc. 

Igt. Iod. Ip. Jatr. Kali-c. Lach. Lact. 

Lam. /.aur. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Meny. 

Merc. Mez. Mosch. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 

Nitr-ac. Nitr. AW. Up. Petr. Phosp 

Plat. Plh. Puis. Ran-sc. Raph. Rhus. 

Ruta. Sabad. Same. Sec-c. Seneg. Sep. 

Sil. Spig. Spong. Stann. Strain* Sulph. 

Tabac. Thuj. Verat. Viol-tr. 
Anxiousness, Aeon. Alum. Ambr. Amm-c 

Anac. A>g. Am. Aur. Bar-c Bell. Bry. 

Calad. Calc. Canth. Caust. Cham. Cic. 

Cocc. Coff. Con. Cutt. Dros. Euph. Ferr 

Graph. Grat. Kal.-c. Kali-nitr. Led 

Lvc. Mgn-m. A/gn-s. Mosch. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. 
Op. Petr. Phosp. Puis. Ruta..WW.Sa:.s. 
Scill. Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. Staph. Stront. 
Sulph. Tart. Thuj. Valer. Verat. 
Anxiety timid, Alum. Ainm-in. Calad. Calc. 
Canth. Caust. Cina. A/gn-s. Meny. Merc. 
Nice. Phell. Sep. Spig. Stront. Sulph-ae! 
Tabac. Tart. Verat. 

— fearful, Amm-c. Aur. Calc. Caust. Cocc. 
Coff. Dig. Ferr. Graph. Hep. Kali-c. 
Kali-jod. Lach. A/gn-s. Meny. Sulph 
Verat. V 

— by thoughts, excitable, Calc. 

— compelling rapid walking, Arg. 

— by weeping, relieved, Dig. Graph. 

— in chest, Phosp. 

— of conscience, Ferr. 

— in pregnant women, Con. 

Anxiety, in the morning. Alum. Anac.Ars. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Graph. Igt Ip. 
Lye. Nitr-ac. Nux. Plat. Puis. Rhus. 
Sep. Sulph. Verat. 

— 3 A M., Ars. 

— in the forenoon, Ran-b. 

afternoon, Aeth. Amm-c. Bell. 

Bov. Calc. Cat b-an.G7;-/'-77£. Mgn-c. 
Ntr-c. Nitr. Nux. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
'J abac. 

evening, Ambr. Ars. Bry. Calad. 

Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cocc. Die. 
D ros . G ra ph . Hepar. Kali-jod. Lattr. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Phosp. Rhus, Sep. Sulph. 

relieved, Amm-c. 

in bed, Ambr. Amm-c. Ars.Bar-c. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Cocc. Graph. Hepar. 

Laur. Lyc. A/gn-c. Mgn-m. Nitr 

Nux. Phosp. Puis. Sabin. Sep. Sil. 

Stront. Sulph. Verat. 
twilight, Ambr. Ars. Calc. Carb-veg 

Diu. Laur. Nux. Rhus. Sep. 
night. Aeon. Alum. Arn. Ars. Bell. 

Calc. Cannab.Carb-an. Carb-ve^. Caust. 

Cham. Chin. Dig. Ferr. Graph. Hepar 

Hyosc. Igt. Kali-c. Lvc. Mgn-c. 

AI ere. N t r-m . N i t r-ac. N u x . Pe t r. PI. o <p 

Pi b. Puis. Ran-sc. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

Verat. Zinc. 

— periodical attacks, Ars. Cham. Cocc 

Sulph N ' ,r " m ' P ''° SP ' ?lat " S ° P - Sp ° ng - 
Anxiety, when alone, Dros. Mez. Phosp 

— in children. Borax. Calc. Kali-c 

— on awaking, Amm-c. Calc. Carb-veg 
Ca„st. Chin. Con. Graph. Igt Ip. Lvc Nux. Phosp. Plat. Puis. Rhus'. 
Samb. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

— in company, in a crowd, Bell. Lvc 
Petr. Plat. 

— on falling asleep, Calc. Lyc. 

— from noise, Caust. Sil. 



Anxiety when riding in a carriage, Borax. 

sitting, Caust. Graph. 

rising from sitting. Verat. 

speaking, Alum. Ambr. Plat. 

— during a storm, Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

walking, Anac. Arg. Arg-n. Bell. 

Cina, Hepar. Igt. Nux. Plat. Staph. 

rapidly. Staph. 

the approach of others, Lyc. 

— during mental labor, Ntr-c. 

— from meditation, Aeon. Ars.Calc.Comph. 
Cham. Nux. Puis. Rhus. Sec-c. Verat. 

— in open air, Cina. 
relieved, Laur. Mgn-m. 

— after vexation Lyc. Verat. 

— hypochondriacal, Amm-c. Arn. Ars. 
Asa-f. Calad. Canth. Cham. Dros. 
Kali-chl. Mosch. Nir-m. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac Valer. 

— hysteric, Asa-f. Con. 

— tremulous, as if death were near, Ars. 
Bell. Nir-c. Plat. Psor. Puis. Sass. Tart. 

— with pains in abdomen, Ars.Aur. Cham. 

— burning in stomach and coldness of bod}', 

— congestion, Calc. 

— dyspnoea, Ars. Creos. Hydroc-ac. Plat. 

— head.iche, Aeon. Alum. Bell. Bov.Calc. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Graph. Laur. Mgn-c. 
Phosp. Puis. Ruta. Sulph. 

— head sweat of, Ars. Carb-veg. Nux. 
Phosp. Sep. 

— with pain at heart, Nux. Spong. 

pressure at, tearing in loins and 

restlessness, Rhus. 
palpitation, Aeon. Aur. Calc. 

Cham. Dig. Fei r. Igt. Lyc. Mosch. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Plat. Puis. Ruta. 

Spig. Tart. Verat. 

— heat. Alum. Arn. Ars. Bry. Calc. 
Carb-an. Chin. Dros. Grat. Hepar. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp-ac. 
Plat. Puis. Ruta. Sep. Spong. 

— humming in ears, Puis 

— shuddering. Bell. Calc. Carb-veg. Ntr-c. 
Plat. Puis. Tabac Verat. 

— perspiration, Ars. Graph. Nux. 

— pupils dilated, Nux. 

— svneope, Ars. 

— tremor, Ars. Plat. Puis. Sass. Tart. 

— weakness, Amni-c. 

— with nausea, Bar-m. Graph. Nux. Puis. 
Apathy, mental, I/yosc. Phosp-ac. Stram. 
Apprehensions. Aeon. Amm-c. Bar-c. 

Bell. Brv. Calc. Caust. Chin. Clem. 
Cocc. CofT. Dig. Glon. Graph. Hell. 
Hepar. Hvosc. Io 1. Kali c. Kali-jod. 
Lach. Laur. Mgn-r. Mgn-s. Merc Meny. 
Nice. Op.Sulph.Sjlph-ac. Tabac. Verat. 

Arrogance, Alum. Arn. Chin. Cupr. Ferr. 
Hyosc. Ip. Lach. Lyc. Par. Plat. Stram. 

Assumption of importance, Cupr. Ferr. 

Hyosc. Lyc. Stram. Verat. 
Avarice, envy, Ars. Bry. Calc. Lyc. Ntr-c. 

Puis. Sep. 

Aversion to company, (compare Love of 
solitude,) Ambr. Bar-c. Carb-veg. Ntr-c. 

everything, Nux. Therid. Thuj. 

laugh, Alum. Ambr. 

life, Ambr. Amm-c. Ant. Ars. Aur. 

Bell. Berb. Carb-veg. Creos. Lach. 

Merc. Ntr-c. Phosp. Plumb. Sep.Sil. 

Staph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 
his business, Brom. Fluor-ac. Kali-c. 

Puis. Sep. 

mental labor. Agar. Chin. Graph. Iod. 

Kali-b. Nitr-ac. Nux. Oleaud. Par. 
Petr. Plb. Scill. Selen. Spong. Staph. 

others, Amm-m. Calc. Fluor-ac. Stann. 

friends and society, Anac. Con. Ntr-c. 

Ntr m. 

music, Cham. Phosp-ac. Tabac. 

play, in children, Bar-c. 

being spoken to, Ntr-m. Sil. 

Autumnal equinox, state of mind worse 

after, Stram. 
Awkwardness, Ambr. Anac. Apis. Bov. 

Caps. Ip. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Sass. 

Barking, Bell. Canth. 
Bashful, Chin. 

Begy;in<i, entreating, Ars. Stram. 

Bellowing, Bell. Canth. 

Bewildered, during paroxysms of pain, 

Aeon. Cham. Coff. Verat. 
Biting, Bell. Bufo. Canth. Cupr. Hydroph. 

Sec-c. Stram. Verat. 
Blindness, pretended, Verat. 
Blood, cannot look at, or a knife, the most 

horrid thoughts take possession if one 

does, Alum. 
Boldness, Aeon. Agar. Alum. Bov. Calad. 

Igt. Merc. Op. Puis. Sulph. 
Buffoonery, Bell. Cic. Croc. Cupr. Hyosc. 

Igt. Lach. Merc. Op. Stram. 
Calmness, Op. 
Calumniate, desire to, Ip. 
Caprice, Aeon. Bell. Calc. Caps. Croc. 

Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. Sil. 

Stram. Sulph. 
Carelessness, Aur-m. Gels. Op. 
Carphologia, picking the bed clothes, Arn. 

Ars. Bell. Cham. Chin. Cocc. Hep. 

Hvosc. Iod. Mur-ac. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Rhus. Stram. Sulph. 
Cats, imagines, Puis. Stram. 
Cautiousness, Graph. 

Censoriousness, Ars. Guaj. Nux. Sep. 

Chairs, as if repairing, Cupr. 



Changeable humor, Aeon. Agn. Alum 

Arn. Ars. Bell. Cannab. Caps. Carb-an. 

Chin. Croc Cupr. Cycl. Ferr. Gels. Igt. 

Iod. Kali-C. Merc-cor. Ntr-m. Nux-m. 

Phell Phosp. Plat. Puis. Sass. Seneg. 

Strain. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Valer. Zinc. 
Cheerful. Brum. Carb-an. Croc. Cupr. 

Ferr. Gum-gutt. Ox-ac. Verb. Zinc. 
Childish behaviour, Aeon. Anac. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Croc. Igt. Nux-ni. Par. Seneg. 
Chin feels loo long, Glon. 
Cholir, Aeon. Anac. Aur. Bar-c. Bry. 

Cham. Coloc. Croc. Hyosc. Igt. Mez. 

Ntrc. Ntr-m. Nux. Oleand. Petr. Phosp. 

Plat. Ran-b. Seneg. Sep. Staph. Sulph. 


Clairvoyance, Aeon. Phosp. Stann. 
Coldness of disposition, Plat. Sabad. Scill. 
Company avoided, Amir. Anac. Aur. Bar-c. 

Bell. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Chin. 

Cic. Con. Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Eugen. Gels. 

Graph. Hyosc. Igt. Kalic. Lach. Lyc. 

Mgn to. Mang. Xtr-c. Puis. Rhus. Sep. 


— desired. Ars. Bism. Bov. Calc. Con. 
Lyc. Me/.. Phosp. Sep. Strain. 

Comprehension difficult, Agn. Ambr. 
Cham. Con. Hell. Lyc. Mez. Ntr-c. 
Nux-m. Oleand. Zinc. 

— of what is heard, Cham. Ntr-c. 
read, Agn. Ntr-c. 

Conceals himself, Ars. Bell. Cupr. Hell. 

Puis. Strain. 
Condescension, Ars. Croc. Igt. Lyc.Mosch. 

Puts. Si I. 
Confidence, want of self-, Aur. 
Conscience alarmed, Amm-c. Ars. Bell. 

Cocc. Coff. Cupr. Dig. Igt, Merc. Nux. 

Puis. Ruta. Sil. Strain. Verat. Zinc. 
Conscientiousness, Ars. Cham. Cycl. 

Hyosc. Igt. Lyc. Puis. Sil. Sulph. 
Contemptuous humor, Alum. Ars. Chin. 

Guaj. Igt. Ip. Lach. Par. Plat. Puis. 

worse than in open air. or when sun 

shines in a room, Plat. 
Contradiction, Anac. Arn. Aur. Camph. 

Canst. Ferr. Grat. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. 

Nux. Poth. Ruta. 

— intolerable, Aur. Igt. Nice. Oleand. 
Contrary humor, everything is disagreeable, 

Aeon. Alum. Ambr. Ant. Ars. Aur. 

Bell. Calc. Caps. Caust. Con. Croc. 

Hep. Igt. Ip. Lact. Led. Mgn-c.Mgn-m. 

Merc. Nitr ac. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Plb. 

Puis. Samb. Sass Sil. Spong. Sulph. 
Course of thinking, slow, Carb-veg. Chin. 

Ip. Meny. Nux-m. Phosp-ac.Rhus.Ruta. 

Sep. Thuj. 
Cowardice, Bar-c. 
Cow-dung eating, Merc. 
Creeping about in bed, Stram. 
Criticise disposition to, Ars. Guaj. Lach. 

Nux. Sep. Sulph. Verat. 

Cruelty, Anac. Croc. Op. 
Crying out. Ant. Arn. Bell. Borax. Cham. 
Chin. Cina. Ip. Samb. Sep. Verat. 

— suddenly, Apis. Ars. Hyosc. Lyc. 

Cursing, Anac. Cor-r. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Puis. Verat. 
Dainties desire for, Calc. Chin. Ip. Kali-c. 

Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Petr. Rhus. 
Dancing, Aeon. Bell. Cic. Con. Hyosc. 

Ntr-m. Phosp-ac. Plat. Stram. Tabac. 
Darkness, state of mind wors» in, Calc. 

Carb-an. Caust. Plat. Rhus. Stram. 


Deafness, pretended, Verat. 

Death presentiment of, Aeon. Ars. Bell. 

Calc. Canth. Cupr. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr. Nitr-ac. A'ttx. Plat. 

Sep. Staph. Verat. Zinc. 
Defiance, Aeon. Anac. Arn. Canth. Caust. 

Guaj. Lyc. Nux. Spong. 
Dejection, Aeon. Alum. Anac. Arn. Ars. 

Aur. Bare. Bell. Bov. Brom. Bry. 

Calad. Calc. Canth. Caust. Chelid. Chin. 

Colch. Coloc. Creos. Crotal. Cupr. 

Cycl. Daph. Dros. Elaps. Flat. Graph. 

Hep. Ilydroc-ac. 1 1 is. Iod. Lac-can. 

Lach. L.iur. Lvc. Mang. Merc-jod. 

Merc-sulph. Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. Nti-m. 

Ntr-nitr. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Pod. Psor. 

Rhus. Rumex. Ruta Sabin. Sass. Sep. 

Sil. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Verat. Viol-tr. 

— in the evening, Creos. Mgn-c. Puis. 

— caused by pain, Sass. 

— in open air, Aeth. Sabin. 

— after being, angry, Plat. 

— when alone, Bov. 

Delirium, Aeon. Aeth. Agar. Anac. Ant. 
Arn. Ars. Aur. Bell. Bry. Calc. Camph. 
Cannab. Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 
Chin. Cic. Cina. Coloc. Con. doc. 
Cupr. Dulc. Hyosc'. Igt. Iod. Kali-c. 
Lach. Lachn. Lvc. Merc. Nux-m. Nux. 
Op. Par. Petr. Phosp. Plb. Pod. Puis. 
Rheum. A'hus. Sa bad. Samb.Sec-c. Spong. 
Stram. Sulph. Verat. 

— cheerful, laughing, Aeon. Bell. Op. 
Sulph. Verat. 

— frightful. Aeon. Bell. Calc. Coloc. 
Hyosc. Nux. Op. Puis. Sil. Stram. 

— furious. Aeon. Bell. Bry. Colch. Coloc 
Op. Pib. Puis. Verat. Zinc. 

Delirium, loquacious, Bell. Cupr. Lach 
Op. Petr. Plat. Rhus. Stram. Verat. 

— muttering, Bell. Crotal. Hyosc. Nux. 
Stram. Tar. 

— sorrowful, Aeon. Bell. Dulc. Lyc. Puis 

— with eyes open, Cham. Coff. Coloc.' 

— sleepiness, Aeon. Arn. Bry. Coloc 



Delirium of same subject, all the time, Petr. 

— periodical, Sainb. 

— constant, Bapt. 

— with coldness, Verat. 
— 'cold feet. Zinc. 

— during the pains, Dulc. Verat. 

— at night on awaking, Aur. Bry. Cact. 
Carb-veg. Colch. Dulc. Merc. Ntr-c. 

— when falling asleep, Bell. Bry. Calc. 
Cainph. Chin. Gels. Guaj. Igt. Meic. 
Pnosp. Phosp-ac. Spong. Sulph. 

— wild, Plb. 

— religious, Verat. 
Deserted, feeling himself, Carb-veg. 
Despair, Aeon. Aloe. Alum. Ambr. Arn. 

Ars. Aur. Bov. Brum. Bry. Calc. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Chelid. Cupr. 
Graph. Gum-&;ut. Hell. Hep. Hydroc-ac. 
Igt. Iod. Kali-b. Lack. Lyc. Ntr-c. Nitr. 
Nitr-ac. Petr. Psor. Puis. Sil. Sulph. 
Tart. Valer. Verat. 

— of others, Aur. 

— about ruined health, Calc. Staph. 

— of recoveiy, Aeon. Bry. Creos. Igt. 
Kali-c. Nux. Sil. 

Ins soul's welfare, Lyc. Puis. Sulph. 

Destruction of his things, Merc-jod. 

clothes (insane), Sulph- Tarant. 

cuts them up, Verat. 

Dictatorial conduct, Camph. Caust. Ferr. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. 
Discontentedness, Alum. Amm-cJ/«m-»/. 

Ang. Arn. Aur Bell. Bisrn. Calc. 

Carb-an. Caps. Caust. Chin. Cic. Cina. 

Cinnab. Coloc. Con. Creos. Cupr. Hep. 

Igt. Kali-c. Ntr-c. Par. Petr. Phosp-ac. 

Plb. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sep. Sil. Spong. 

Staph Sulph. 
Discouragement, Aeon. Ambr. Anac. Arn. 

Ars Aur. Bell. Camph. Canth. Caiban. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chin. Cocc. 

Coff. Colch. Coloc. Con. Cupr. Dig. 

Dros. Graph. Hep. Igt. Iod. Ip. Lach. 

Laur. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Nux. Op. Petr. Phosp-ac. Plb. Pod. 

Psor. Puis. Tart. Therid. Thuj. Verat. 


Disesteem of one's self, Agn. 
Disobedience, Aeon. /fww-i-.Aitim-m.Arn. 

Canth. Caps. Caust. Chin. Dig. Guaj. 

Lyc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Spig. Sulph. 


Despise, disposition to, Ars. Ip. 
Distrust, Anac. Ant. Arn. Bar-c. Bell. 

Caust. Cham. Cic. Dros. Hell. Hyosc. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. Nux. Op. Plb. Puis. 

Ruta. Sulph-ac. 

— of futurity, Anac. Caust. 
Dogmatical,' Camph. Caust. Ferr. Lach. 

Lyc. Merc. 
Dogs, afraid of. Chin. Stram. 
Doubtful of recovery, Aeon. Bry. Calc. 

Igt. Kali-c. Lach. Nux. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Sep. Sulph. 

his soul's welfaie, Ars. Aur. Bell. 

Croc. Dig. Hyosc. Lach. Nux. Puis. 
Selen. Stram. 
Dreaming while awake, Aeon. Ang. Arn. 
Ars. Bell. Cham. Graph. Hep. Hyosc. 
Lach. Merc. Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Sil. 
Stram. Thuj. 

— about futurity, poetical, Oleand. 
Ecstacy, Aeon. Agar. Ant. Bell. Lach. Op. 

Phosp. Stram. 
Embarrassed, Hyosc. Sulph. 

— in company, Ambr. Carb-veg. 
Emotions predominated over by intellect, 


Ennui, Alum. Bar-c. Con. Lach. Lyc. 

Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Nux. Par. Plb. Zinc. 
Envv, Ars. Bry. Calc. Lyc. Ntr-c. Puis. 


Escaping, fleeing from home, Aeon. Bell. 

Bry. Cocc. Coloc. Cupr. Dig. Hyosc. 

Lach. Merc. Puis. Stram. Verat. 
Exaltation, excitement, A ton. Ambr. Anac. 

Ang. Arn. Asa-/. Bell. Bry. Camph. 

Chin. Cocc. Coff. Creos. Cub. Cycl. 

Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Iod. Kali-c. Kobalt. 

Lach. Meph. Millef. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Nitr-ac. Nux-jug. Nux. Petr. Pnosp. 

Phosp-ac. Sabad. Seneg. Stram. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tetter. Valer. Viol-od. Zinc. 
Exaltation of fancy, Alum. Agar. Ang. 

Bell. Cannab. Chin. Coff. Lach. Mur-ac. 

Op. Ox-ac. Phosp. Sabad. Stram. 

Sulph-ac. Valer. Verb. Viol-od. 

— in company, Pallad. Sep. 

— nervous, Bell. Coff. Nux. 
Expression, deficiency of, Con. Crotal. 

Kali-c. Nux. Puis. Thuj. 

Extravagance, Amm-c. Bell. Caust. Chin. 
Croc. Iod. Petr Phell. Phosp-ac. Plat. 
Stram. Verat. 

Eyes, frivolous closing of, on being ques- 
tioned, Sep. 

Faces, sees, Ambr. Arg-n. Calc. Carb-an. 
Caust. Op. Sulph. 

grotesque, Ambr. Calc. Carb-an. Caust. 

Op. Sulph. 

Fancies objects around him will fall, 

Fanaticism, religious, Selen. Sulph. 

— philosophical, Sulph. 

Fatigued, Led. Lyc. Merc. Nux. Sass. 

Sulph-ac. (compare Fatigue, under 

Fatigued by reading, Sil. 
and writing, Cannab. Sil. 

— by the pains, Sass. 

vexation. Zinc. 

Faultfinding, disposed to, Ars. Ip. 

Fear of death, Aeon. Agn. Alum. Anac. 
Ars. Asa-f. Ant. Bapt. Bell. Bry. Calc. 
Cocc. Coff. Cupr. Dig. Giaph. Hell. 



Hep. Ip. Lack. Lob. Moscli. Nir-m. 
Niir-ac. Nitr. Nux. Phosp. Plat. Psor. 
Puis. Raph. Rheum. Scill. Sec-c. Stiam. 
Tabac Tarant. Veiat. 
Fear of cholera, Lach. 

disease and miser}-, Borax. Calc. Iris. 


darkness, Bapt. Calc. Lvc. Puis. 


futurity, Anac. Bar-c. Brv. Canst. 

Cnelid. Con. Dig. Dros. Dulc Graph. 

Grai. Kali-C. Many. Ntr-c. Ntr-m 

Puis. Spig. Staph. Tart 

heart disease, Lac-can. Lach. 

of being devoured. Strom. 

apoplexy, Fluor-ac. Phosp. 

being murdered, Op. Phosp. Stram. 

water, H yosc. 

going in a crowd, Aeon. 

menial derangement, Aeon. Alum. 

Ambr. Calc. Lac-can. Lil-tigr. Merc. 

Phosp. Thuj. 
misfortune, Ant. Calc. Clem. 

Fluor-ac. Graph. Lath. Nux. 
of being poisoned or sold, Bell. Bry. 

//yosc. Rhus. 

solitude, Ars. Hyosc. Lyc. Stram. 

spectres, Aeon. Ars. Carb-veg. Cocc. 

Dros. Puis. Ran-b. Sulph. Zinc. 

in evening, Puis. Ran-b. 

at night, Ars. Carb-veg. Chin. 


— in the evening. Calc. Carb-an. Caust 
Dros. Kali c. Lyc. Merc. Phosp. Puis. 
Ran b. Valer. Verat. 

— at night, Amm-c. Ars. Bell. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Chin. Cocc. Con. Dros. Graph. 
Hep. Ip. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sil. Stann. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

Fearfulness, Aloe. Alum. Amm-c. Ang. 

Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Bry. Calc. 

Curb-ait. Caust. Chin. Dros. Igt. Lach. 

Mgn-c. Nice. Op. Phosp. Plat. Psor. 

Puis. Ran-b. Scc-c. Sep. Spig. Spong. 

Sulph. Valer. Verat. 
Fidgety, Aur. Bell. Igt. Puis. Sep. Sil. 


Fire, wants, to set things on, Hep. 
Flinging, throwing himself about. Bell. 

Canth. Hyosc. Stram. 
Fondness, Aeon. Anac. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

Igt. Nux. Par. Seneg. 
Foolish behaviour, Bell. Cic. Croc Cupr. 

Hyosc. Igt. Lach. Meic. Nux-m. Op 

Strain. Tanac. Verat. 
Forgetful ness, Aeon. Alum. Amm-c. Anac. 

Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Calad. Calc. Cinnab. 

Colch. Con. Croc. Cycl. Graph. Guaj. 

Gymnoc. Hell. Hep. Hyosc. Lach. 

Merc. Mosch. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Oleand. 

Peir. Phosp. Plat. R'.iod. Rhus. Sil. 

Spig. Staph. Stiam. Stront. Sulph. Thuj. 

Verat. Viol-od. Zinc. 

— ol the word when speaking, Arn. 
tune and place, Meic. 

what he h is said, Mur-ac. . 

of dates, Fluor-ac. 

words, Bar-c. Lyc. Pod. 

names, Guaj. Sulph. 

— when awake, distinct recollection dur- 
ing half sleep. Selen. 

— on awaking, Stann. 

— in the morning, Phosp. 
Fretfulness, Aeon. Aeth. Amm-c. Amm-m. 

Aug. Arn. Ars. Aur. Bell. Berb. Bry. 
Calc. Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 
Cinnab. Chin. Cocc. Coloc. Con. Cor-r. 
Croc. Cycl. Dros. Eugen. Evon. Ferr. 
Graph. Hydroc-ac. Igt. Ip. Kali-c. 
Kali-jod. Led. Lyc. Merc. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Oleand. 
Par. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Plat. Puis. 
A'au-/>. Sabad. Sabin. Scill. Seneg. Sep. 
Sil. Stann. Staph. Stram. Sulph. Tart. 
Teucr. Thea. Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

— about trifles, Meph. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

— in open air, Aeth. 

— foienoon, Ran-b. 

— bad effects fiom, Cist. 

Frightened easily, Aeon. Alum. Ang. Ant. 
Arn. Bell. Beib. Borax. Calc. Cannab. 
Caps. Carb-an. Caust. Cham. Cic. Cocc. 
Con. Graph Igt. A'alie. Kali-jod. Lach. 
Led. Meic. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Op. Petr. Phosp. Plat. Rhus. Sabad. 
Samb. Sep. Sil. Spong. Stram. SulpA. 
Sulph-ac. Therid. Verat. 
Fury, Aeth. Agar. Ars. Bell. Camph. 
Cannab. Canth. Cupr. //yosc. Lyc. Merc. 
Mosch. Nitr-ac. Blb.Sabad.Sec-c.Seneg. 
Sol-nig. Strain. Verat. 
Gestures foolish, Bell. Cic. //yosc. Mosch. 

Nux-m. Sep. Strain. Verat. 
Gloominess, Anac. Aur. Bov. Caust. Cham. 
Chin. Con. Dig. Graph. Iod. Meny. Petr! 
Plb. Rheum. Rhod. Stann. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tar. Verat. Viol-od. 

Godlessness, want of religious feeling, 

Anac. Coloc. 
Gossiping. Hyosc. Verat. 
Gravity, Cannab. Euph. Grat. Led. Nux-m. 


— at things laughable, Anac. 

Grief, Alum. Amm-m. Ars. Bell. Calc 
Caust. Coloc. Cycl. Graph. Hvosc. /«t 
lach. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nux. Op. Phosp-ac 
Puis. Sep. Staph. Verat. 

Grief about his condition. Staph. 

— for the future, Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

— undemonstrative, Cycl. 

Groaning, Aeon. Alum. Amm-c. Bell Bry 
Cham. Cic. Cocc. Colch. Caff. Cupr. 
Graph. Hell. Igt. Merc. Nux. Puis 



Sass. Scill. Sep. Stram. Tart. 
Groaning children, Millef. 
Growling like a bear, Mgn-m. 

dug, Alum. Hell. Lyc. 

Hanging, sees persons, Ars. 
1 1 appy, Sul ph. 

Hardheartedness, Anac. Croc. 

Hastiness, Ambr. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. 

Bry. Cannab. Carb an. Con. Hep. Lach. 

Laur. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Sep. Strain. 

Sulph. Sulph-ac. Viol-tr. 

— in mental labors, Ambr. 
talking, Bell. Hep. 

Hatred of offenders, Agar. Amm-c. Anac. 

Aur. Calc. Cic. Lach. Led. Mang. 

Ntr-m. Niir-ac. Pliosp. Stann. Sulph. 
Haughtiness, Alum. Arn. Caust. Chin. 

Cupr. Ferr. Hyosc. Ip. Lach Lyc. Par. 

J '/at. St in hi. Verat. 
Head, believes it to be transparent and 

speckled brown. Bell. 

— foolish shaking of, Bell. Cham. 
Help, calling for, Plat. 

Hesitation, Aur. liar-c. Chin. Graph. Mez. 
Mur-ac. Nux. Puis. Seneg. Sil. Sulph 

Hilarity, Aeon. Arn. Aur. Cannab. 
Caib-an. Coff. Cioc. Ferr. Fluor-ac. 
Gum-gut. Lachn. Merc-cor. Ntr-m. 
Nux-m. Sass. Seneg. Spong. Tabac. 
Tar. Therid. Verb. Zinc. 

— at noon, Zinc. 

Home, will £0, believes himself not to 
be at. Bell. Bry. Lach. Op. Verat. 

Homesickness, Aur. Bell. Caf>s Carb-an. 
Hell. Igt. Merc. Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. 
Sacch. Sil. 

— with redness of cheeks, Caps. 
Hopeful, Ferr-m. 

Hopelessness, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Aur.Bar-c. 
Bell. Brv. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Canst. Chin. Con. Graph. Igt. Lack. 
Lyc. Mere. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Op. 
Psor. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tart. 
Horror, in the evening, Calc. Carb-an. 

Phosp. (compare Fear.) 
Howling, Aeon. Arn. Bell. Brom. Cham. 
Cic. Coff. Ip. Stann. Stram. Verat. 
(compare Streaming, weeping). 
Humor agreeable, Croc. Igt. Lach. Men v. 

Plat. Sulph-ac. Tart. 
Hurry, always in a, Ars. 
Hydrophobia, Arg-n. Caut/e. Hydroph. 

//rose. Lach. Stram. Verat. 
Hypochondriacal humor, Aeon. Agn. Aloe. 
Alum. Anac. Arn. Ars. Bell. Bry. Cact. 
Calc Canst. Cham. Chin. Cocc. Con. 
Cupr. Graph. Grat. Hell. Igt. Iod. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Merc. Mez. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. A'ux. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plat. />«/.r. Rhus. Sabad. Sabin. 
Sacch. Seneg. Sep. Stann. Staph. Sulph. 

Valcr. Viol-od. Zinc. 

— with chilliness, Ars. Con. Puis. 
with coldness, Ars. 

debility, Ars. Mosch. Nux-m. Plat. 

Sep. Zinc. 

— ears, with noise. Puis. 

— face, with heat of, Nux-m. 
paleness of, Mosch. 

— with fainting, Mosch. 

fever, Petr. 

fits, Con. 

heat, Calc. 

head with dullness of, Dig. 

— hypochondi ium, with pains in. Zinc. 

— with pulse excited, Plat. Sep. 
respiratory affections. Lob. Sep. 

— stomach, with sickness at, Lyc. Plat. 
Hypocrisy, Phosp. 

Hysteric il humor, Anne. Asa-/. Aur. Calc. 
Cauloph. Caust. Con. Croc. Elaps. Grat. 
Igt. Mgn-m. Millef. A/osc/i. Nux-m. 
Nux. Pliosp. Plat. Puis. Sep. Sil Stann. 
Staph. Sulph. Therid. Valcr. Viot-od. 
Ideas, abundant, Agar. Alum. Ambr. 
Amm-c. Ars. Aur. Chic. Cannab. Canth. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Cocc. Coloc. 
Con. Glon. Graph. Hep. Hyosc. Kali-c. 
Kobalt. Lach. Lyc. Mur-ac. Nitr. 
Nitr-ac. Op. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Sep. Spong. 
Strain. Staph. Sulph. Tabac. Tereb. 
Verb. Viol-od. Viol-tr. Zinc. 
in the evening, before going, to 

sleep, Chin. Lyc. Nux. Puis. Sabad. 

Sil. Staph. Viol-tr. 
at night. Borax. Calc. Chin. Coff. 

Graph. Hep. Kali-c. Lyc. Nux. Puis. 

Sabad. Sil. Staph. Sulp'h. Viol-tr. 

— confusion of, Caniph. 

— facetious, Nux-m. 

— fixed, Aeth. Carb-veg. Petr. Puis. 
Sid ph. Thuj. 

— gay and musical, Sulph. 

— of hanging or standing high, Phosp. 

— profound, sublime, Lach. 

— slowness of, Carb-veg. Chin. Ip. Meny. 
Nux-m. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Ruta. Sep. 

— unable to collect, Laur. 

— unconnected, on attempt to fix them has 
a vacant feeling. Gels. 

— unsteady. Aeon. Apis. Lach. Merc. Puis. 
Staph. Tabac. Valer. Viol-od. Zinc. 

Ill humor, Aeon. Acth. Alum. Amm-m. 
Ang. Arg. Ars. Asa-f. Aur. Bull. Brom. 
Cact. Calc. Caust. Cham. Chin. Cina. 
Cocc. Cocc-c. Cor-r. Creos. Cycl. Evon. 
Fluor-ac. Grat. Hep. Hydroph. Igt. Ip. 
Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Lachn. Led. Lyc. 
Mgn-s. Mang. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Psor. Sep. Sil. Stann. 
Staph. Stront. Sulph. Viol-tr. 



III humor in children, Ant. Ars. Borax 
Graph. Puis. Sil. Tart. 

— in cloudy weather, Aloe. 

— in wet weather, Amm-c. 

Illness, sense of. in mind and body, Merc. 
Illusions, of fancv, Aeon. Anac. Ant. 

Bell. Berb. Bry.' Calc. Cannab. Canth. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Cic. Cocc. 

Colch. Con. Dulc. Igt. In I Hell. Hep. 

Hyosc. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc. Nux. Op. 

Par. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Puis. RAus, 

Stbiul. Sep. Sil. Stann. Strom. Sulph. 


— of hearing, Anac. Bell. Calc. Canth. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Con. Dros. Mgn-m. 

sight, Bell. Carb-veg. Dulc. Hell. 

Hep. Hyosc. Kali-c. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. 
Nitr-ac. ' Nux. Op. Phosp. Puis. 
Rhus. Strain. Sulph. 

— at night, Bell. Cham. Led. Merc. Phosp. 

— of (eeling, Anac. Bell. Canth. Igt. Iod. 
Mgn-m. Op. Petr. Phosp. Plat. Rhus. 
Sabad. Strain. Sulph. Tait. Valer. 

Imaginations, Anac. Aur. Bell. Cham. 
Chin. Cic. Cocc. Con. Croc. Cupr. 
Dros. Hvosc Igt. Iod. Lach. Mgn-c. 
Plat. Rhus. Si . S ram. Sulph. Verat. 

— abdomen, fancies of reduced, Sabad. 

— animals, sees, Ars. Bell. Calc. Colch. 
Hyosc. Lac-can. Op. Puis. Stram. 

— arrested, as if he would be, Bell. 

— of bats. Bell. 

— of bees. Puis. 

body, thinks it covered with brown 

spots, Bell. 

— burned, thinks everything at home is, 

— cancer, of having a, Verat. 

— captain, of being a. Cupr. 

— of climbing, Hyosc. 

— clothes, as if he had on very fine, Aeth. 

— oi crabs, Hyosc. 

— criminal of as if he were, Alum. Amm-c. 
A r s. Carb-veg. Caust. Cina. Cocc. Coff. 
Dig. Ferr. Graph. Hyosc. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Puis. Ruta. Sil. Stront. Sulph. 

— of corpses, Anac. Ars. Bell. Canth. 
Hep. Ntr-c. Nux. Op. 

ciphers, Phosp-ac. Sulph. 

— dead, that is, Apis. Lach. 

— of devils, Ars. Bell. Cupr. Dulc. Hyosc. 
Lach. Plat. Op. Stram. Sulph. 

— of disease of his own body, Sabad. 
dogs, Bell. Puis Stram. 

— double, of beinsr, Anac. Mosch. 

— enemies, pursued by, Dros. 

— exciied, Coff. 

— "fighting, sees persons. Op. 

— of fires, Bell. Calc. Hep. Spong. Sulph. 

forms, Carb-veg. Cic. Hell. Nitr-ac. 

Stram. Sulph. 

black, Bell. Op. Plat. Puis. 

frightful, Bell Op. Stram. 

rising out of the earth, Stram. 

fowls, Stram. 

geese, Hyosc. 

greatness of his own body, Plat. 


harlequin, Hyosc. 

headless body, Nux. 

heads, of having two, Mosch. 

hearing footsteps, Canth. Carb-veg. 

a bell, Phosp-ac. 

some one come in at the door, Con. 

— horses, Mgn-m. Zinc. 

— humility and lowness of others, Plat. 

— hunts pins, Sil. 

— hunter, of being a, Verat. 

— insects, sees, Bell. Puis. 

— insults imagines, Igt. Nux. Puis. 

— island, on a distant, Phosp. 

— knocking under the bed, Calc. Canth. 

— larger, parts of the body to be. Alum. Op. 

— longer, things to be, Berb. Camph. 
Creos. Dros. Nitr ac. Sulph. 

— mice, Calc. Cole . Op. 

— people, sees, Hyosc. Mgn-c. Op. Puis. 
Rheum. Sep. Stram. 

— presence of others, strangers, Mgn-s. 

— proud, Plat. Stram. Verat. 

— pregnant, of being, Verat. 

— riches, of, Sulph. 

— rocks, Mgn-m. 

— scorpions, Op. 

— scrotum swollen, Sabad. 

— soldiers, Bell. Bry. Ntr-c. 

— some one in bed, Petr. 

— speaks to inanimate objects, Stram. 

— thieves, Ars. Merc. Sil. 

— transaction of business, Cupr. 

— threefold body of having, Ars. 

— vexations and offences, Cham. Chin. 

— vivid, Op. 

— warts on body. Mez. 

— water, Hep. Merc. Tart. 

— young girl, imagines herself a, Cic. 
Imbecility, Aeon. Anac. Ant. Ars. Bell. 

Hyosc. Laur. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. Nux-m. 

Op. P.,r. Phosp-ac. Plb. Sabad. Sil. 

Sol-n. Stram. 
Impatience, Ambr. Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Dros. Dulc. Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Lach. 

Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Op. Pallad. 

Phosp-ac. Psor. Puis. Sep. Sil. Spong. 

Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 
Imperious. Am. Cupr. Lvc. Stront. 
Impetuosity, Aeon. Anac. Bry. Carb-ve^. 

Cham. Croc. Hep. Kali-jod.' Led. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Oleand. Phosp. 

Rheum. Sep. Stront. Zinc. 


Impudence, Bell. Phosp. 
Impulsive, Cic. 

Inability to express oneself, Bell. Cannah. 
Lach Lac-can. Lyc. Nux. Puis. Thuj. 

— for mental labor, Aeon. Alum. Asar. 
Laur. Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Phosp-ac. 
Selen. Sep. Sil. Sol-m. Spig. Spong. 
Staph. Therid. Thuj. 

from stupefaction in the head, Aeon. 

Aeth. Asar. Calc. Cbin. Nux-m. Nux. 

Op. Plat. Rhod. Rhus. Sep. 

fatigue, Calc. Colch. Ntr-c. Nux. 

Plat. Puis. Sep. Sil. 

— to reflect, think, Aeon. Alum. Calc. 
Cycl. Lac-can. Laur. Lye. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Phosp-ac. Selen. Sep. Sil. Sol-m. Spig. 

Inattention, Alum. Ang. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Bar-c. Bell. Bov. Caust. Cham. Kali-c. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Oleand. Phosp-ac. 
Plat. Puis. Sep. Sulph. 

— when learning, reading, etc., Alum. 
Asar. Bar-c. Bell. Caust. Cham. Coff. 
Kali-c. Ntr-c. Spig. Sulph. 

Inciting others, Hyosc. 

Inconsolable, Aeon. Ambr. Ars. Cham. 

Coff. Nux. Spong. Stiam. Sulph. Verat. 
Inconstancy, Asa-f. Bism. Igt. Op. 
Indifference, Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. Apis. 

Arg-n. Am, Ars. Bell. Berb. Bism. Calc. 

Cannab. Caps. Cham. Chin. Cic Cina. 

Clem. Cocc. Con. Croc. Crotal. Cycl. 

Dig. Euphr. Gymnoc. Hell. Igt. Kali-b. 

Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Meny. Merc. Mez. 

Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Of. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Pint. Plat. Prun. Puis. Rheum. 

Rhod. Sabin. Scill. Scc-c. Sep. Sil. 

Stann. Slaph. Veat Verb. Viol-tr. 

— does not complain, Hyosc. Op. 
unless questioned, then says 

nothing of his condition, Colch. 

— says he is well, Arn. 

— no desire, no action of will, Hell. 

— respecting his business, Arn. Fluor-ac. 
Sep. Stram. 

— to relations. Hep. Plat. Phosp. Sep. 

— apathetic, Amm-c. Anac. Bar-c. Bell. 
Chin. Con. Hell. Igt. Laur. Mez. Ntr-c. 
Op. Phosp-ac. Plat Sep. 

— after onanism, Staph. 
Indignation, Coloc. Ntr-c. Staph. 
Indiscretion, Caps. Meny. Puis. 
Indolence, Amm-c. Caps. Chelid. Chin. 

Cocc. Croc. Crotal. Dig. Guaj. Lach. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Oleand. Phosp. Plat. 

Rheum. Sep. Sulph. Teucr. 
Inhumanity, Anac. Op. 
Injuring, mutilating one's self, Ars. 
Insanity, madness, Aeon. Aeth. Agar. 

Ant. Arn. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Calc. 

Camph. Cannab. Canth. Cic. Croc. 

Crotal. Cupr. Dig. Dulc. Hyosc. Igt. 

Kali-c. Lachv Led. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nux-m. 

Nux. Op. Phosp. Plat. Plb. Puis. 
Sabad. Sec-c. Seneg. Sep. Stram. Tart. 
Tereb. Verat. 

— alternating with stupor, Op. 

— to dispute, Camph. 

— loquacious, Par. Stram. 

— with pain in abdomen, Canth. Cupr. 

— — appetite with loss of, Verat. 

blood with discharge of, Merc. 

breathing with oppression of, Merc. 

chilliness, with, Calc. 

coldness of skin, with, Crotal. 

cough with, Bell. Verat. 

emaciation, with, Sulph. 

face with heat of, Verat. 

redness, Calc. Op. 

paleness, Croc. Merc. Verat. 

feet, stamping of, Verat. 

with fright caused by, or anger, Plat. 

headache, Croc. Verat. 

heat, Boll. Verat. 

larynx pains in, Canth. 

look wild, Cupr. 

mouth distortion of, Phosp-ac. 

obscuiation of sight, Croc. 

opthalmia, Croc. Op. 

perspiration following, Cupr. 

ptyalism, Verat. 

pulse quick, Ars. Crotal. Cupr. 

sleep during, Phosp-uc. 

trembling, Ars. 

vomitimr, Cupr-ac. 

vertigo, Nux-m. 

wantonness, Hyosc. Stram. Verat. 

— of drunkaids, Ars. Bell. Calc.Carb-veg. 
Chin. Coff. Dig. Hell. Hep. Hyosc. 
Lach. Merc. Ntr-c. Nux. Op. Puis. 
Stram. Sulph. 

Insensibility, mental, Hyosc. Phosp-ac. 

Intellect predominates, over feeling, 

Irascibility, Amm-c. Arn. Bry. Caps. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Graph. Ip. Kali-c. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr.Phosp. 

Sep. Sil. Sulph. Zinc. 
Irresolution. Alum. Ars. Bar-c. Calc. 

Cham. Chin. Cocc. Cupr. Daph. Ferr. 

Graph. Hell. Igt. Iod. Kali-c. Lach. 

Mgn-c. Mez. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. Petr. 

Phosp. Ruta. Sulph. Tar. 
Irritability, Aeon. Aeth. Amm-m. Anac. Ang. 

Arg. Arn. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Bufo. 

Cact. C'Jm. Calc. C.inth. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Cham. Chin. Cina. Cocc.Cocc-c. 

Coff. Colch. Coloc. Con. Creos. Cupr. 

Dulc. Elaps. Ferr. Graph. Grat. Hep. 

Hydroph. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Ip. Kali-b. 

Kali-c. Lach. Lachn. Led. Lyc. Mang. 

Mgn-s. M.rc. Merc-sulph. Mez.Mur-ac. 

Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. Phosp. 

Puis. Ran-b. Rhus. Rumex.Ruta.Sacch. 

Sang. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Stann. Staph. 


Stram. Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tetter. 
Valer. Vcrat. 
Irritability nervous. Asar. Lach. 

— from contradiciion, Igt. 

— justifiable, Siaph. 

— in cloudy weather, Aloe. 
wet weather, Amm-c. 

fcalousv, Apis. Camph. Hyosc. Lach. Nux. 

— mocking, Lach. 

— with rage and delirium, Hyosc. 
Joyfulness, Cannab. Carb-an. Croc. Meny. 

Zinc. (compare Hilarity.) 

— in evening or noon. Zinc. 
Joylessness. Aeon. Alum. Amm-c. Anac. 

Calc. Cannab Chain. Coloc. Croc. Dros. 

I p. Laur. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Ol-an. 

Phosp. Prun. Sabin. Sil.Tabac. (compare 

Kleptomania, Ars. Bry. Kali-c. Lyc. Nux. 

Puis Sep. Sulph. 
Kneeling and pra\ing, Ars. Stram. 
Lainentinir, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bism. Brom. 

Calc. Chin. Cilia. Igt. Lach. Mosch. 

Nux in. Nux. Phosp. Sulph. 
Laughing, Aeon. ^loe. Alum. Aur. Bell. 

Cic. Con. Croc. Hyosc. Igt. Ntr-m. 

Nux-m. Phosp. Plat. Puis. Ran-sc. 

Strain. Sulph. Tar Veiat. Verb. 

— immoderate, improved, Croc. 

— involuntary, Phosp. 

— sardonic. Ran-sc. Scc-c. Sol-n. Zinc. 

— at serious things, Anac. Nir-m. 

— spasmodic. Aeon. Alum. Anac. Asa-f. 
Aur. Calc. Caust. Cic. Con. Croc. Cupr. 
Igt. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Phosp. Plat. Stram. 
Verat. Zinc. 

— and wtepirg alternately, Alum. Arn. 
Borax. Caps. Graph. Lyc. Phosp. Puis. 
Sep. Stram. Sulph. Verat. 

— aversion to, Ambr. 

— never smiles, Alum. 

Locality, errors of, Bry. Lach. Par. Valer. 

Loses his way in well known places, Glon. 
Longing for death, Aur-m. Creos. 

the good, opinion of others, Pallad. 

light, sunshine and society, Stram. 

repose and tranquillity. Nux. 

things rejected as soon as offered, 

Ars. Bry. Cnam. Chin. Dulc. Puis. 
Look fixed on one point, siaring, Cannab. 

Cic. Creos. Guaj. Hell. Hyosc. Igt. 

Mez. Ntr-c. Ran-b. 
Looked at, children cannot bear to be, Ant. 

Ars. Cham. 
Loquacity, Aloe. Arg. Ars. Bell. Borax. 

Bov. Canth. Caust. Coff. Croc. Cupr 

Eugen Glon. Grat. Gum-gut. Hyosc.lod. 

Kali-jod. Lach. Lachn. Mgn-c. Meph. 

Ntr-c. Op. Par. SeUn. Stann. Stram. 

Tabac. Tar. Teucr. Therid. Thuj. Verat. 

— talks to himself, Rhus. 

about murder, incendiarism, rats, 


Love, disappointed, Hyosc. Igt. Phosp-ac. 

with jealousy, anger and incoherent 

talk, Ht osc. 

silent grief, Igt. Phosp-ac. 

Malice, Aeon. Anac. Ars. Bell. Canth. 

Caps. Carb-an. Chin. Cupr. Guaj. 

Hyosc. Lach. Mosch. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Par. Petr. Plat. Strain. 
Mania a potu, Ars. Bell. Calc. Cannab-inb. 

CofT. Dig. Hell. Hyosc. Lach. Nux. 

Op. Puis. Sep. Strain. Sulph. 
Meditation, Amm-m. Cannab. Canth. 

Chin. Cic. Clem. Cocc. Creos. Hell. 

Hyosc. Igt. Lach. Mez. Ntr-c. Phosp. 

Phell. Pib. Ran-b. Rhus. Sabad. Sep. 

Staph. Sulph. Thuj. 
Melancholy, Aeon. Agn. All-cep. Alum. 

Anac. Ars. Asar. Aur. Bell. Berb. Cact. 

Calc. Caib-an. Caust. Chin. Clem. 

Cocc. Croc. Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Dios. 

Graph. Hell. Hyosc. Igt. Ind. Iod. Kali-c. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. Alr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Nux-m. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Pib. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sec-c. Selen.. 

Settfg, Sep. Sil. Staph. Strain. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tilia. Verat. 

— rel igious, Ars. Aur. Bell. Igt. Hyosc. 
Lach. Nux. Psor. Puis. Selen. Sil. 

Memory, acute Anac. Aur. Bell. CofT. 
Croc. Cycl. Hyosc. Op. Pl.osp. Sencg. 

— loss of, Anac. Bell. Bry. Camph. Con. 
Graph. Hyosc. Kali-c. Lac-can. Lach. 
Laur. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Petr. Puis. 
Selen. Sil Staph. Stram. Verat. 

weakness, of, Aeon. Alum. Anac. Ars. 

Aur. Bare. Bell. Berb. Borax. Bov. 

Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. Clem. 

Colch. Con. Creos. Croc. Cycl. Dig. 

Graph. Guaj. Hell. Hep. Hyosc. Igt. 

Lach. Laur. Lyc. Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. 

Murex. Ntr-c' Ntr-m. Nitr-ac Nux-m. 

Oleand. Op. Petr. Pib. Puis. Rhus. 

Sabin. Sep. Sil. Spig. Staph. Stram. 

Sulph. Verb. Viol-od. Zinc. 
for business, Creos. Hyosc. Kali-c 

Phosp. Sabin. Selen. Sulph. 

what is heard, Hyosc. Lach. Mez. 

letters, when reading, Lyc. 

proper names, Anac. Croc. Guaj. 

Oleand. Puis. Rhus. Sulph. 

what one has read, Guaj. Hell. 

Phosp-ac. Staph. 

has happened, Graph. Ntr-m. 


one r>as just spoken, 
Arn. Bar-c. Carb-an. Colch. 
Hell. Hep. Merc. Mez. Rhod. 
Sulph. Verat. 
Memory, weakness of, sudden and period- 
ical, Carb-veg. 


I I 

Memory, weakness of, for things, names. 
Lye. Rhus. 

thought, Cocc. Colch.Hyosc. 

Ntr-m. Staph. 

words, Bar-c. Lyc. 

Mental derangement from abuse of alcohol- 
ic drinks, Ars.Calc. Hep Nux. Op. Stram. 

— dulness. Alum. Amm-c. Ant. Ars. Bell. 
Calc. Cham. Cycl. Graph. Hell. Hyosc. 
Lack. Laitr. Lyc. Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nice. Nux. Oleand. Op. Plwsp-ac. Plb. 
Puis. Kan-b. Rheum. Rhus. Sil. Staph. 
Stram. Sulph. Thuj. 

Mental relaxation, prostration, fatigue, Aur. 

Calc. Colch. Lach. Lyc. Mosch. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Op. Puis. Rhus. Selen. 

Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spong. Stann. Sulph. 
Mild temper, Ars. Calad. Cic. Cocc. Croc. 

Cupr. Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. Mosch/ Puis. 

Sil. Stann. Sulph. 
Mind, absence of, Aeon. Agn. Alum. 

Amm-c. Anac. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Bov. 

Calad. Caust. Cham. Chin. Colch. 

Creos. Daph. Elaps. Hell. Igt. Lac-can. 

Lyc. Mgn-c. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Nux-m Nux. Oleand. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Plb. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sep. Verat. 

periodical attacks of, short lasting, 


— acuteness, Anac. Asa-f. Aur. Coff. Op. 
Verat. Viol-od. 

— diminished power of, over body, Hell. 

— oppression of, Evon. Graph. Iod.Ran-b. 

— as if separated trom the body, Anac. 
Misanthropy, Amm-c. Anac. Aur. Bar-c. 

Calc. Cic. Hyosc. Led. Lyc. Ntr-m. 

Phosp. Plat. Puis. Stann. 
Mischievous, Cupr. Lach. Nux. 
Mi- placing words, Alum. Amm-c. Arn. 

Bov. Calc. Cannab. Caust. Cham. Chin. 

Cocc. Con. Crotal. Graph. Hep. Hyosc. 

Kali-c. Lac-can. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Rhod. Sep. Sil. 

Sulph. Thuj. 
Mistakes in calculating, Amm-c. 

time, Cocc. Lack. Nux. Petr. Therid. 

measure and weight and gives wrong 

answers, Nux. 

speaking, Amm-c. Calc. Caust. Cham. 

Chin. Con. Graph. Hep. Kali c. Mang. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Sep. Sil. 
writing, Amm-c. Bov. Cannab. Cham. 

Chin. Crotal. Graph. Hep. Lach. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Rhod. Sep. 
Moaning, Aeon. Bell. Cham. Cic. Cina. 

Coff. Colch. Graph. Hell. Igt. Merc. 

Mur-ac.Scill. Stram. (com pare Groaning.) 
Mocking, Ars. Chin Ip. Lach. Plat. Par. 
Monomania, Aeon. Carb-veg. Igt. Nux-m. 

Puis. Sil. Stram. Thuj. 
Moral feeling, want of, Anac. Bism. Con. 

Hyosc. Laur. Op. Sabad. 
Morose, Aeon. Arn. Bell. Bism. Canth. 

Caps. Caust. Cham. Clem. Colch. Coloc. 

Creos. Evon. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Lach. Led. 

Lyc. Mgn-m. Mang. Mur-ac. Nux. 

Phosp. Prun. Puis. Rheum. Rhod. Sang. 

Sass. Sep. S.tann. Sulph. Thea. Ihuj. 

Verb. Viol-tr. Zinc. 
Murder, inclination to, Ars. Chin. Hep. 

Hyosc. Lach. Stram. 
Murdered, dread of being, Op. Phosp. 


Murmuring, Apis. Bell. Hyosc. Lach. Lyc. 

Phosp-ac. Stram. 
Muttering, Bell. Hyosc. Lach. Nux. Stram. 
Naked, desires to be, Hyosc. Phosp. 
Obstinacy, Aeon. Alum. Amm-c. Arn. Bell. 

Calc. Caps. Dros. Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. 

Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Sil. Spong. Stram. 

Sulph. Zinc. 
Offended humor, Merc. 
Offended easily, Aeon. Alum. Ars. Aur. 

Bov. Calc. Caps. Carb-veg. Caust. 

Cina. Cinnab. Cocc. Lyc. Plat. Puis. 

Sass. Sep. S.ilph. Verat. 
Openheartednc s, Bov. 
Oppression, Carb-veg. Iod. Laur. Tabac. 
Overrating himself, Lach. Plat, (compare 


Peevishness, Aeon. Aeth. Agar. Alum. 

Amm-c. Amm-tn. Anac. Ant. Ars Asar. 

Bar-c. Bell. Bism. Borax. Bov. Bry. 

Calc. Cannab. Canth. Caps. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chin. Cina. 

Clem. Cocc. Colch. Coloc. Con. Creos. 

Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Eugen. Evon. Graph. 

G>at. Hep. Hydroc-ac Igt. Ind. Ip. 

Kali-c. Lach. Lact. Led. Lyc. Mang. 

Merc. Mez. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mur-ac. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr. Nux. Oleand. 

Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rheum. 

Rhus. Sabin. Samb. Sass. Scill. Sil. 

Spong. Stann. Staph. Stront. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Teucr. Thuj. Tong. Verat. 

Verb. Zinc, 
— in evening, Mgn-c. Puis. Zinc. 

morning, Amm-c. 

open air. Aeth. Sabin. 

Pertinacity, Caps. Dros. Stram. 

Petulency, PhHl. Spong. 

Phlegmatic, Caps. Puis. Sabad. Seneg. 

(compare Indolence.) 
Play, indisposition for, in children, Bar-c. 
Pleased with his own taking, Par. 
Possessed, condition as if, Anac. Hyosc. 
Positiveness, Caust. Lach. 
Praying. Aur. Bell. Puis. Stram. Verat. 
Precipitation, hurry, Ars. Bov. Calad. 

Camph. Igt. Kali-c. Ntr-m. Puis. 
Prediction of day of death. Aeon. 
Pride, Alum. Arn. Chin. Cupr. Ferr. 

Hyosc. Ip. Lach. Lyc. Par. Plat. Stram. 


Projects, forms, Anac. Ang. Chin. Coff. 

I 2 

I. mind AND msposrrroN. 

Prouhecving, Aeon. Agar. 

Prostration of mind, Cannab. Con. Dig. 

Graph. Hep. Iod. Lack. Laur. Led. Lyc. 

Merc. Ntr-c. Xir-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. 

Plat. S.iss. Selen. Seneg. Sep. Spong. 

Siann. Snip li Sulph-ac. Teucr. Zinc. 
Pursued, fancies he is, Anac. Bell. 
Pusillanimity, Aeon. Alum. Anac. Aug. 

Aur. Bar-c. Bry. Canth. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. 

Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr. Phosp. Puis. 

Ran-b. Si I . Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. 

Verb. Zinc. 
Quarrelsomeness, Aeon. Alum. Am. Ars. 

Aur. Bell. Camph. Cms/. Cham. Croc. 

Crotal. Dulc. Ferr. HyO&C./rt. Kali-jod. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. Mez. Mosch. Nice. 

Ntr-s. Nux. Ran-b. Ruta. Sacch. Sep. 


— in afternoon, Dulc. 
forenoon, Ran-b. 

evening, Amm-c. Ntr-m. 

Questions, declines to answer. Ambr. Am. 

Coloc. Euphr. Phosp-ac. Verat. 
Quiet, wants to be, Gels. 
Ra>;e. Ars. Bell. Canth. Cham. Cupr. 

Hyosc. Nitr-ac. Stram. Verat. 

— after insults. Sang. Stram. 
Rancor, Nitr-ac. 
Rashness, Caps. Meny. Puis. 

Reason, loss of, Ambr. Anac. Ars. Asa-f. 

Aur. Bell Bry. Caps. Caust. Igt. Lach. 

Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Pttr. Phosp-ac. 

Spong. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 
Recollection difficult, Berb. Iod. Mez. 

Thuj. (compare Obstupefaction, in next 


— vivid, Croc. 

Relations, ignorance of his. Bell. Hyosc. 
Meic. Verat. 

— mocking his, Sec-c. 

Religious affections of the mind. Ars. Aur. 
Bell. Croc. Dig. Hyosc. Igt. Lach. Lvc. 
Nux. Puis. Selen. SiL Strum. Sulph. ' 

— feeling, absense of, Anac. Coloc. 
Repentance, quick, Croc. Oleand. 
Reproaches, Aeon. Ars. Caps. Chin. Igt. 

Lach. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nux. Sep. Verat. 
Repugnance, aversion to others, Amm-m. 
Aur. Calc. Fluor-ac. Stann. 

— to his business, Crom. Puis. Sep. 

music. Aeon. Nux. Sabin. 

Resentment, long after insults, Nitr-ac. 
Reservedness, Alum. Aur. Bell. Bism. 

Calc. Caps Carb-an. Caust. Cham. Chin. 

Clem. Coloc. Cycl. Euph. Euphr. Grat. 

Hell. Hyosc. Lgt. I p. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. 

Mang. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Ol-an. Op. Petr. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. 

Puis. Rheum. Sabad. Sabin. Spong. Slann. 

Resistance, Caps. Nux. 
Restlessness, Aeon. Aeth. Aloe. Ambr. 

Amm-c. Apis. Arg. Arn. Ars. Asa-f. 
Aur. Bell. Bov. Bry. Calc. Camph. 
Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. Cham. C\\\n.C\n&. 
Coloc. Con. Cupr. Dig. Dros. 
Dulc. Graph. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Ip. Kali-c. 
Kobalt. Lachn. Lach. Lam. Laur. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-in. Merc. Mez Mosch. A /r-r. 
A'/a.Op. Pho.p. Phosp-; c. Plb. Pnm.Puls. 
Rheum. Rhus. Sibail. Samb. Sec-c. Sep. 
Sil. Sol-m. Spig. Siann. Staph. Stram. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Thuj. Verat. 

— when alone, Mez. Phosp. 

— with shoit breathing and dysphcea, Prun. 

— sensation as if everything in abdomen 
was constricted, Mosch. 

— fear of future, Bry. 

— hysterical or hypochondrical, Asa-f Valer. 

— ending in rage, Canth. 

— in evening, Carb-veg. Laur. Merc. Nux. 

— at night, (compare Sleep.) 

driving one out of bed, Graph. 

with tossing in bed, Aeon. Cham. 

Cina. Ferr. Merc. 

wants to go from one bed to the oth- 
er, Ars. Bell. Calc. Cina. Cham. 
Hyosc. Mez. Rhus. Sep. Verat. 

— during mental occupation, Ambr. Ntr-c. 

— in open air, relieved, Laur. 

— during a thunder storm, Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Revenge, Agar. Lach. 

Rudeness, Ambr Eugen. Hell. LLyosc.Lyc. 

Nux-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. Stiam. Verat. 
Running about, insane, Bell. Canth. Hyosc. 

A r ux. Stram. Verat. 
Rhyming. Agar. 

Rises sardonicus, Ran-sc. Sec-c. Sol-n. 

Sadness, Aeon. Agn. Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. 
Ars. Aur. Bell. Bov. Bry. Cact. Calc. 
Cannab. Carb-an. Caust. Cham. Chelid. 
Chin. Clem. Cocc. Coff. Con. Croc. Dig. 
Ferr. Graph. Hell. Hep. Hyosc. Lgt. 
Ind. Iod. Kali-c. Lact. Lam. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Meny. Mez. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-nitr. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Oleand. Ol-an. Petr. Phell. Phosp. 
Phosr-ac. Plat. Puis. Ran-sc. Rhod. 
Rhus. Sec-c. Sil. Spig. Staph. Stram. 
Sulph. Tabac. Verat. Viol-od. Vihl-tr. 

— when alone, Bov. 

— by consolation, increased, Ntr-m. 
complaining, relieved, Tabac. 

— in the evening. Ant. Ars. Bar-c. Bov. 
Calc. Carb-an. Cast. Creos. Dig. Ferr. 
Graph. Hep. Kali-c. Lact. Lyc. Murex. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp. piat. Ran-sc. Ruta. 
Seneg. Sep. Stram. Verat. Zinc. 

bed, Ars. Graph. Stram. Sulph. 

relieved, Amm-c. 

— noon, Zinc. 



Sadness, forenoon, Amm-c. Ant. Cannab. 
Graph. Phell. 

— morning, Alum. Carb-an. Lach. Nitr-ac. 
Petr. Phosp. Plat. 

— of pregnant females, Lach. 

— in a room, Plat. Rhus. 
sunshine, Stram. 

— walking in the open air, Ant. Coff. Con. 
Phosp-ac. Sep. Sulph. Tabac. 

Scolding, Bell. Caust. Cor-r. Dulc. 
Hvdroph. Hyosc. Ip. Nux. Petr. Verat. 

— without being angry, Dulc. 

— with the pains, Cor-r. 
Scrupulousness, Aur. Bar-c. Chin. Graph. 

Ntix. Sil. Sulph. Thuj. 

— anxious, Ars. Igt. Sulph. 
Self-confidence, want of, Anac. Ang. Aur. 

Bar-c. Bry, Canth. Chin. Igt.Iod. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Mur-ac. Oleand. Puis. Rhus. 
Sil. Stram. Tabac. Therid. 

— contradiction, Anac. 

— control, want of, Lach. 

— willed, Calc. Dros. 

Senses vanishing of, Aeon. Agar. Agn. 

Alum. Anac. Arn. Ars. Aasa-f. Aur. Bell. 

Bov. Bry. Calc. Camph. Canth. Caust. 

Chelid. Cic. Con. Dulc. Hyosc. Kali-c. 

Lach. Laur. Led. Lyc. Merc. Mosch. 

Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. Oleand. Ol-an. 

Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Ran-sc. 

Rhod. Rhus. Sec-c. Sil. Stann. Stram. 

Staph. Sulph. Tart. Verat. Zinc. 
Sensibility of mind, Ang. Ant. Ars. Calc. 

Cannab. Canth. Coff. Con. ,Crotal. 

Creos. Iod. Igt. Lach. Lyc. Nux. Phosp. 

Plat. Puis. Samb. Seneg. Sep. Sulph. 


— excessive, Arn. Cocc. Coff. Nux. (com- 
pare in Generalities.) 

Sensitiveness, Aeon. Alum. Anac. Ang. 

Ars. Aur. Bell. Bov. Calc. Camph. 

Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Cina. 

Cocc. Colch. Dros. Iod. Hep. Kali-c. 

Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mez. Ntr-c. Nitr. 

Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Puis. 

Samb. Sass. Seneg. Sep. Spig. Stann. 

Staph. Sulph. Viol-od. 
Sentimentality, Aeon. Calc. Cast. Coff. Igt. 


Serenity, Bell. Coff. Croc. Lach. Laur. Lyc. 

Ntr-m. Op. Petr. Phosp. Plat. Seneg. 

Spig. Stram. Verat. Zinc. 
Seriousness, Alum. Ambr. Amm-m. Ars. 

Aur. Bell. Borax. Cham. Chin. Cina. 

Euphr. Igt. Led. Merc. Nux-m. 

Phosp-ac. Spig. Staph. Sulph-ac. 
Shamelessness, Hell. Hyosc. Mosch. Nux. 

Op. Phosp. Stram. Verat. 
Shrieking, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bell. Borax. 

Bry. Canth. Canst. Cham. Coff. Cupr. 

Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Lyc. Nux. Plat. Puis. 

Rheum. Seneg. Sep. Stram. Verat. 

— for aid, Plat.- 

— in children, Bell. Borax. Cham. Cina. 
Coff. Ip. Jalap. Rheum. Senna. 

Sighing, Bry. Hell. Igt. Lach. Plb. Puis. 

Silence, Aur. Bell. Carb-an. Caust. Cham. 

Euph. Euphr. Hell. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Lyc. 

Mang. Mur-ac. Nux. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Plb. Sil. Verat. 
Singing, Aeon. Bell. Cocc. Croc. Cupr. 

Hipp. Hyosc. Mgn-c. Ntr-m. Op. 

Phosp. Plat. Spong. Stram. Tabac. 

Teucr. Therid. Verat. 
Sits quite stiff. Cham. Hyosc. Puis. Sep. 

still, Cham. Puis. 

— as if wrapped in deep, sad thoughts and 
notices nothing, Cocc. 

Slanderous disposition, Amm-c. Anac. 
Ars. Hell. Borax. Hyosc. Ip. Lyc. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. Sep. Stram. Verat. 
Smaller, things appear, Plat. Stram. 
Sobbing, Hell. Lob. 
Softness, gentleness, Ars. Igt. 
Solicitude, Aeon. Alum. Amm-m. Arn. 
Ars. Aur. Bell. Calad. Calc. Caust. 
Cham. Chelid. Chin. Cina. Cocc. 
Dig. Euph. Graph. Igt. Iod. Mgn-s. 
Meny. Merc. Mur-ac. Nice. Phell. 

Rhus. Sep. Sil. Spig. Staph. 
Sulph-ac. Tart. Tabac. Verat. 


Bar-c. Puis. 

domestic affairs, 
Rhus. Sep. Sulph. 

want of, Citr-ac. 

■ futurity, Anac. Ant. Arn. Bar-c. Bry. 

Caust. Chelid. Cic. Con. Dig. Dros. 
Dulc. Lach. Mang. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Psor. Spig. 
Stann. Staph. Sulph. Tart. Thuj. 

health, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bry. Calc. 

Igt. Kali-c. Lac-can. Lach. Ntr-c. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Psor. 
Puis. Sep. Staph. Sulph. 

his soul's welfare, Lyc. Puis. Sulph. 

Solitude, aversion to, Ars. Bism. Bov. 
Cadm. Calc. Clem. Con. Droc. Lyc. 
Mez. Phosp. Sep. Stram. Verb. 
— love of, Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Calc. Chin. 
Cic. Cinnab. Cupr. Dig. Elaps. Eugen. 
Graph. Hyosc. Igt. Kali-c. Lach. Led. 
Lyc. Mgn-m. Meny. Ntr-c. Nice. Nux. 
Rhus. Sep. Stann. 
Somnambulism, Aeon. Alum. Bry. Ntr-m. 
Op. Petr. Phosp. Rheum. Sil. Stann. 

Alum. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Ars. Bar-c. Caust. Chelid. 
Graph. Igt. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Op. Phosp-ac. Puis. Spig. 

Sorrow, Aeon 
Anac. Arn. 
Cic. Dros. 
Nitr. Nux. 
Stann. Thuj 
of futurity 

Anac. Arn. 

Chelid. Cic. Con. Dig, 

Bar-c. Caust. 
Dros. Dulc. 






Kali-c. Lach. Man,'. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Spig. Stann. 

Sulph. Thuj. 
Sorrow in evening, Ars. Dig.Graph.Kali-C 

in bed, Ars. Graph. 

morning in bed, Alum. 

— night, Dulc. 
and day, C.iust. 

Sorrowful thoughts and reflections at 

night, Caust. 
Spirituous liquors, mental derangements 

from, Ars. Hell. Carb-veg. Chin. Cofi'. 

Dig. Hell. Hyosc. Lach. .Merc. Ntr-c. 

Nux. Op. Puis. Strum. Sulph. 
Spitting, Ars. Hell. Cannab. Cupr 

Merc. Stram. 
Starts, Ang. Con. Kali-c 

— from least noise, 

— when touched, Kali-c. 

Striking, Bell. Canth. Hyosc. Lyc. Ntr-c. 
Nux. Phosp. Plat. Strain. Stront. 

— in children, Cina. 

Stubborn, Aeon. Am. Caps. Dig. Dros. 

Lvc Nitr-ac. Phosp. Sil. Sulph. 
Suicide, disposition to commit, Ambr. 

Amm-c. Ars. Aur. Bell. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Chin. Creos. Dros. Hep. Lach. 

Merc Nitr-ac. Xux. Psor. Puis. Rhus. 

S^c-c. Sep. Spig. Stram. 

— sly disposition for, Aur. 

— by drowning, Ant. Bell. Dros. Hell. 
Hyosc. Puis. Sec-c. Verat. 

— — hanging, Ars. 

shooting, Ant. Aur. Carb-veg. Hep. 

Nux. Puis. 

throwing himself from a height, 

Superstitious, Con. 
Suspicious, Bar-c. Bell. Cham. Dros. 

Hyosc; Lack. Lyc. Merc. Op. 
Talk, improper, Hyosc. Nux-m. 
Talking, slow, Thuj. 

— quick, hasty, Ambr. Ars. Bell. Bry. 
Cocc. Hep. Lach. Merc. Thuj. Verat. 

— about the faults of others, Ars. Verat. 

— incoherently, Lach. Rhus. 

— indistinctly, Hyosc. 

— like a drunken man, Lyc. 

— nonsense, with eyes open, Hyosc. 

— swallows his words when. Staph. 

— of animals, battles, Bell. 

— to himself, Mosch. 

Talk, disinclination to. Aeon. Agar. Ambr. 
Amm-m. Are. Arn. Arn. Ars. Bell. Berb. 
Bry. Cact. Calc. Cannab. Caust. Cham. 
Chin. Clem. Cocc. Coloc. Cycl. 
Dig. Euphr. Grat. Hell. Hipp. Igt. Ip. 
Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. 
Menv. Merc. Me/.. Murex. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nux-jug. 
Nux. Ol-an. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp-ac. Plb. 
Puis. Rheum. Sacch. Sabin. Sil. Spong. 
Stann. Staph. Sulph-ac. Tabnc. Thea. 



Thuj. Tong. Verat. Viol-od. Viol-tr. 


Tearing things. Bell. Hyosc. Stram. Verat. 
Teeth, desires to pull out his, Bell. 
Temerity, Op. 
Tenderness, Croc. 

Terror, Aeon. Calc. Carb-an. Kali-c. 

Murex. l'hosp. Sal). id. S.iuil). 
Thieves, dread of, Ars, Con. Igt. Lach. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Sil. Zinc. 
Thinking, difficulty of' Alum. Amm-c. Aur. 

Bell. Berb. Calc. Carb-veg. Cochlear. 

Con. Dig. Hell. Hydroc-ac. I/yosc. Lnch. 

Lact. Lvc. Menv. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Nux-m. Nux. OleanJ. Op. Petr. 

Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sec-C Sep. Sil. Staph. 

Stram. Sulph. Therid. Thuj. 

with chronic dulness of mind and 

sensation as it a board were press- 
ed against the head, Calc. 
dullness of head, Sulph. 

— inability for, Aeon. Alum. Cycl. Hell. 
Hydroc-ac. Laur. Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Phosp-ac. Selen. Sep. Sil. Sol-m. Spig. 

Thought, confusion of, Amm-c. Ars. Asa-f. 
Borax. Cannab. Carb-an. Chin. Con. 
Lact. Laur. NtrS. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp-ac. 
Sulph. Verat. 

— difficult connection of, Amm-c. Asa-f. 
Borax. Caps. Chin. Lact. Laur. Ntr-c. 
Nux. Phosp-ac. Sulph. Verat. 

— Mow of, Agar. Alum. Ambr. Anac. Ang. 
Ars. Borax. Bry. Calc. Canth. Caust. 
Chin. Cocc. ColF. Coloc. Con. Graph. 
Hep.* Hyosc. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Nitr. 
A'ux. Oleand. Op Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Sep. Spong. 
Staph. Strain. Sulph. Verb. Viol-od. 
Viol-tr. Zinc. 

— deficiency of, Alum. Amm-c. Aur. Calc. 
Caust. Hell. Hyosc. Ip. Lack. Lyc. 
Ntr-m. Nux-m. Oleand. Phosp-ac. Rhus. 
Sep. Sil. Staph. Thuj. Verat. 

— instability of, Aeon. Berb. Chin. Lyc. 
Nux-m. Staph. 

— vanishing of, Anac. Asar. Borax. Calc. 
Camph. Cannab. Canth. Carb-an. Cham. 
Coff. Creos. Cupr. Evon. Guaj. Hell. 
Hep. Iod. Kali-c. Lach. Merc. Mez. 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Ol-an. Puis. Ran-b. 
Rhod. Staph. 

— slow How of, Alum. Amm-c. Aur. Calc. 
Chin. Dig. Hell. Hyosc. Lach. Lyc. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. Petr. Rhus. 

— fixed immovable, Iod. 

— dwells upon unpleasant subjects, 

Thoughtfulness, profound meditation, 
Amm-m. Cannab. Canth. Cham. Cic. 
Cocc. Lgt. 'Lach. Ntr-c. Phosp. Plb. 
Rhus. Sabad. Sep. Staph. Sulph. 

Thoughtlessness, Agn. Alum. Ambr. 



Amm-c. Amm-m. Anac. Asa-f. Bell. 
Bov. Cannab. Canth. Caust. Cham. Cic. 
Clem. Coff. Creos. Croc. Cupr. Evan. 
Guaj. Hell. Igt. Kali-c. Lack. Merc. 
Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhod. Rhus. Ruta. 
Sep. Spig. Valer. Verat. Zinc. 
Time seems to pass too quickly, Cocc. 

— ; slowly, Arg-n. Nux. Pallad. 

Timidity, Aeon. Alum. Anac. Ang. Aur. 

Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Canth. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. ' Nitr. 

Phosp. Puis. Ran-b. Sil. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tabac. Verb. Zinc. 
Unconsciousness, Aeth. Apis. Arn. Ars. 

Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Calc. Camph. Canth. 

Cham. Cic. Cocc. Colch. Cupr. Hell. 

Ilyosc. Kali-c. Lach. Law: Lyc. Mgn-c. 

Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Oleand. Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. 

Puis. Rhus. Sec-c. Strata. Tabac. Tart. 


— sudden, Kali-c. 

— from congestion of blood to the head, 
Bell. Hyosc. 

— with deep heavy sleep, preceded by 
tingling in head and limbs, Sec-c. 

loss of speech and motion, Lam. 

— in forehead, somnolency (eyes closed), 

— cannot open the eyes, Gels. 

— with vertigo, Nux-m. 

— in the afternoon, in a warm room, with 
sleepiness, Puis. 

— and drowsiness in head, on rising in the 
morning, Rhod. 

— with tingling in head and pains in 
limbs, better from motion, Rhus. 

tingling in head and pains in limbs, 

worse from motion, Sec-c. 
pressure in eyes and obscuration of 

sight, Seneg. 

vanishing of sight and hearing and 

convulsive motions of head, Stram. 
Verses, writes, Agar. Ant-cr. 
Vexation*, ( compare Fretfulness.) 
Vehemence, Aur. Bry. Camph. Caib-veg. 

Caust. Hep. Hyosc. Led. Lyc. Merc. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Sep. 
Visions, Bell. Berb. Bry. Carb-veg. Dulc. 

Hell. Hep. Hyosc. Kali-c. Mgn-m. 

Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. Phosp. Samb. 

Strain. Sulph. 

— frightful, Bell. Bry. Op. Puis. Strain. 
Vivacity, Alum. Ang. Cannab. Chin. Coff. 

Crotal. Cupr. Cycl. Gels. Glon. Hipp. 
Hyosc. Ntr-c. Petr-c. Phosp-ac. Sulph-ac. 
Walks fast, Arg-n. 

Wandering talk, Aeon. Aeth. Arn. Ars. 
Aur. Bell. Bry. Calc. Camph. Canth. 

Cham. Chin. Cic. Cina. Coloc. Cupr. 

Dulc. Hyosc. Igt. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. 

Merc. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. Plat. 

Plb. Puis. Rheum. Rhus. Sabin. Sec-c. 

Spong. Strain. Sulph. Verat. 

of business, Bry. Hyosc. 

at night, Aur. Bell. Bry. Coloc. Dig. 

Op. Rheum. Sep. Sulph. 
Wanting pastime, Plb. 

Weariness of life, Ambr. Amm-c. Ant. 

Ars. Bell. Berb. Carb-veg. Creos. Grat. 

Lach. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
# Phosp. Plb. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph-ac. 
*Thuj. Verat. 
Wearisomeness, Aeon. Aeth. Alum. 
|Amm-ra. Anac. Ant. Arn. Ars. Asar. 

Bell. Bism. Bov. Bry. Calc. Cannab. 

Caps. Carban. Caust. Cham. Chin. 

Clem. Cocc. Colch. Coloc. Con. Creos. 

Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Evon. Graph. Grat t 

Guaj. Hep. Igt. Ind. Ip. Kali-c. Lach. 

Led. Lyc. Mang. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. 

Ntre. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Oleand. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Puis. Ran-b. Rat. Rheum. Rhus. Sabin. 

Samb. Sass. Scill. Sep. Spong. Staph. 

Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Teucr. Thuj. 

Tong. Verb. Viol-tr. 

— in the evening, Mgn-c. Puis. Zinc. 

morning, Amm-c. 

open air, Aeth. Sabin. 

Weep, inclination, to, Aeon. Alum. Amm-c. 
Apis. Arn. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. 
Borax. Bry. Calc. Camph. Canth. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cast. Caust. Cham. 
Chelid. Chin. Cina. Coff. Coloc. Con. 
Creos. Dig. Graph. Hep. Igt. Iod. Kali-c. 
Kali-jod. Lac-can. Lach. Laur. Lyc. 
Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Meny. Merc. Mez. 
Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Petr. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Puis. Rheum. 
Rhus. Ruta. Sep. Sil. Spong. Stann. 
Stram. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. 
Verat. Viol-tr. 

— when addressed, Staph. 

— after rage, Arn. 

— in day time, Caust. 

children, Ars. Bell. Borax. Camph. 

Caust. Cham. Cina. Coff. Graph. 

Hyosc. Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Puis. 

Rheum. Seneg. Sil. 

when touched, Am. Cina. 


evening, Amm-c. Calc. Carb-an. 

Graph. Kali-c. Kali-chl. Lact. Lyc. 

relieved, Amm-c. Cast. 

morning, Amm-c. Borax. Carb-an. 

Creos. Prun. Puis. Spong. 

— at night, Alum. Amm-c. Bar-c. Borax. 
Calc. Carb-an. Caust. Cham. Cina. Con. 
Igt. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sil. 
Spong. Stann. Tabac. Thuj. 



Weep inclination to. by music excited. 

Creos. Graph. Ntr-nitriNtr-s. Nux. Thuj- 
during sleep. Alum. Calc. Carb an. 

Caust. Cham. Con. Igt. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 

Lye. Mgn-C. Ntr-m, .Nux. Phosp. Puis. 

Rhus. Sil. Stann. Tabac. Thuj. 
Weeping, whining, Alum. Ars. Belt. f>>ji 

Canth. Cnri'HM. Canst. Cham. Cic. Cina. 

Cocc. CoflT. Colch. Cupr. Graph, Hell. 

Hyosc. Igt. (p. Kali-c. Merc. Mez. 

Ntr-m. Phosp. /'/,//. Puis. Ran-b. 

Rlicum. Samb. Scill. Sep. Sil. Staph. 

Stram. Sulph. Verat. Zinc. ■ I 

— and lamentation with hoarse voice, 

— at night, Amm-c. Anac. Arn. Ars. Bry. 
Caust. Cham. Chin. Cina. Hyosc. Igt. ' 
I p. f.ach. Lye. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. ' 
Xux. Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac, Rheum. 

• Sulph, Verat. 

— during sleep, Caust. Cham. Chin. Igt. 
Lach. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Will, want of control of, Apis. 

Wildness, Aeon. Mosch. Op. Petr. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Tabac. Tart. 
Wit, Caps. Cocc. Croc. Lath. Spong. 

Words, deficiency of, Anac. Caps. Cham. 

Nux. Phosp-HC. Thuj. 
Work, inclination to, Cic. Dig. Euphr. 

Sass. Verat. 

with heal and tremor, Psor. 

— disinclination for. Agar. Aloe. Alum. 

Amni-c. Amm-m. Anac. Arn. Ars. Asa-f. 

Bar-c. Bell. Borax. Cadm. Calc Calc-ph. 

Caust. Cham. Chin. Clem. Cocc. CofT. 

Colch. Coloc. Con. Croc. Cupr. Cycl. 

Dig. Dros. Evon. Graph. Hyosc. Igt. 

Iod. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Lact. 

Lam. Mgn-m. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-jug. Nux. 

Oleand. Par. Petr. Phosp. Plb. Puis. 

Ran-!). Ran-sc. Rhod. Rhus. Rumex. 

Ruta. Sabad. Sass. Scill. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. 

Spong. Staph. Sulph. Tabac. Tar. 

Teucr. Therid. Tong. Verb. Viol-tr. . 

mental, Agar. Chin. Cinnab. Colch. 

Kali-b. Iod. Nitr-ac. Par. Petr. 
Ran-sc. Rumex. Scill. Spig. Staph. 
Sulph. Teucr. 

desire for, Brom. Kobalt. Therid. 

complaints from, Lyc. Ntr-m. 

Yielding, pliable mind, Lyc. Puis. Sil. 

2. Sensorium. 


Cloudiness, Bell. Bry. Calad. Cocc. Crot. 
Lact. Laur, Mgn-m. Merc. Nux. Op. 
Phell. Rheum. Samb. Valer. 

— dull, Amm-m. Bism. Calc. Caust. Cycl. 
Dig. Iod. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. 
Mere. Ntr-m. Ol-an. Prcon. Phosp. 
Ran-b. Samb. Sil. Staph. Tart. Verat. 

— with cough. Rumex. 

— like intoxication, A^ar. Alum. Ant. Arg. 
Aur. Bell. Berb. Bov. Bry. Camph. 
("an nab. Caps. Caust. Cham. Cocc. 
Cocc-c. Con. Cor-r. Creos. Croc. Eugen. 
Gels. Graph. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Kali-b. 
Kali-c. Laur. Led. Lyc. Mez. Mosch. 
Nux-jug. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Puis. Rheum. Rhod. Rhus. Sec-c. 
Sil. Spig. Stram. Thuj. Tong. Valer. Verat. 

— with diarrhoea, Gels. 

delirium, craziness or insensibili- i 

ty. Nux-m. 

— in the morning. Agar. Alum. Bell. Bism. 
Calc. Carb-an. Cham. Graph. Iod. ■ 
Mgn-m. Merc. Phosp. Verat. 

> evening, Sil. 

— after eating and drinking, Bell Cocc. 

— in open air, Agar. 
relieved. Amm-m. 

— after scratching behind the ear, Calc. 

— in the sun, Ntr-c. 

— from tobacco smoking, Alum. 

— when walking, Camph. 

— from a little beer, Coloc. Con. 

wine, Bov. Con. Cor-r. 

— with drowsiness, Arg. Tong. 
hard stools, Kobalt. 

— tremor, Calc. 

Dizziness, confusion, indistinctness. Aeon. 
Aeth. Alum. Ambr. Ang. Arn. Asar. 
Bell. Bism. Bry. Calc. Caps. Caust. 
Chin. Cor-r. Croc. Croton. Diad. Dig. 
Dros. Hipp. Hyosc. Iod. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Mgn-C. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Meny. Merc. 
Mez. Ntr-m. Nlr-nitr. Nux-m. Nux. 
Ol-an. Op. Par. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. 
Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Rheum. Rhod. Rhus. 
Samb. Sec-c. Selen Seneg. Sep. Spig. 



Staph. Sul ph. Sulph-ac. Tart. Therid. 
Thuj. Tong. Valer. Verat. Viol-tr. Zinc. 
Dizziness in the occiput, Amhr. Carb-an. 
Plb. Sec-c. Tong. 

— on one side, Sulph-ac. 

— like a board before the head, Calc. 
Cocc. Dulc Plb. 

— as from coryza.Bcrb. 
fatigue, Ntr-m. 

— gloomy, Ang. Arg. Calad. Clem. Dig. 
Meny. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. 
Op. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rheum. Samb. 
Thaj. Valer. 

— long continued, Calc. 

— as if muddled. Agar. Anac. Ant. Ars. 
Asa-f. Bry. Cor-r. Euphr. Ferr. Meny. 
Mercurial. Nux Puis. Sec-c. Seneg. 
Staph. Tabac. Thuj. Verb. Viol-od. 

nailed up, Aeon. Aetli. Mgn-s. Plat. 

— painful, Ang. Arn. Asa-f. Asar. Caust. 
Diad. Dros. Nlr-m. .Nux-m. Plat. Sec-c. 

— as after seminal emissions, Caust. Mez. 

— like smoke in the brain, Arg. Sulph-ac. 

— stunning, Ang. Arg. Asar. Aur. Cocc. 
Croc. Dulc. Kali-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. 
Mez. Par. Rheum. Tart. Verb. 

— as if unrefreshed by sleep, Ruta. 

— 1 — from watching all night, Ambr. Bry. 
Chin. Nux. Puis. 

— in the morning, Clem. Mgn-m. Phosp. 
RhoJ. Ruta. Thuj. Zinc. 

evening, Euphr. Ruta. 

— - at night, Psor. 

— after dinner, Nux. (compare, after 
meals ) 

— from mental exertion, Cocc. 

— in the open air, relieved, Ars. Meny. 

— when at rest, Ntr-c. 

— in a room, Aeon. Ars. Meny. Ntr-c. 
warm room, Aeon. 

— by supporting the head, relieved, Diad. 

— when walking, Thca. 

— alternating with clearness of ideas, 

— with affections of the eyes, Croc. Op. 
Rheum. Seneg 

drowsiness, Rhod. Tart. 

knocking in the forehead, Ang. 

nausea, Thuj. 

Fatigue of the head, by mental labor, Aur. 
B^ir-m. Calc. Cinnab. Colch. Graph. Igt. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. 
Phosp. Plat. Puis. Sclen. Sep. Sil. 
Sul ph. 

— in general, Led. 

from nocturnal occupation, Colch. 


Stupefaction, Aeon. Agar. Alum. Am. Ars. 
Asa-f. Bell. Bov. Bry. Bufo. Calc. 
Carb-an. Cina. Cycl. Dulc. Hell. Hyosc. 

Lach. Lain: Led. Mgn-m. Merc. Mosch. 
Nux. Oleand. Op. Phosp Phosp-ac. 
Pib. Puis. Rhus. Sabin. Sce-e. Seneg. 
Sep. Spig. Stann. Stram. Sul ph. Tabac. 
Tart. Valer. Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

— in the morning, Carb-an. Rhod. 
-^when reflecting and talking, Borax. 
Stupor, Apis. Lach. Phosp-ac. Rhus. 

— with sweat, Kali-c. 

yawning and nausea,' Jatr. 

somnolency without snoring, eves 

closed, Phosp-ac. 

tingling in head and pains in limbs, 

worse from motion, Sec-c. 

tingling in head and pains in limbs, 

better from motion, Rhus. 
Vertigo. giddiness, Aeon. XQXQZ.-x.Aeth. Agar. 

Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. Amm-m. Anac. 

Ant. Arg-n. Am. Asar. />V/Y. Berb. Borax. 

Bry. Calc. Calc-ph. Camph. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chin. Cic. Cocc. 

Con. Croc. Croton. Cupr. Dig. Eugen. 

Euphr. Ferr. Gels. Glon. Graph 1 ! Hell. 

Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Kali-c. Kali-chl. 

Lach. Lact. Laur. Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. 

Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Mere. Mosch. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-i,!. Ntr-s.Nicc.Nitr-ac.Nux-m. Nux. 

Oleand. Ol-an. Op. Par. Petr. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Pod. Prun. Puis. 

Ran-b. Ran-sc. Rhod. Rhus. Sabad. 

Sass. Sec-c. Selen. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. 

Spong. Stann. Stram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

Tabac. Tar. Tart. Thea. Therid. 'Thuj. 

Valer. Verat. Verb. Viol-od. \*iol-tr. 


— in cerebellum, Zinc. 

forehead, Rheum. 

occiput, Chin. Zinc. 

— of almost every kind, Nux. Phosp. Sec-c. 
Sil. Sulph. 

— along the back, rising up, Sil. 

— chronic, Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Phosp. 

— in a circular motion, Con. 

— with a drawing sensation, Zinc. 

— making one fall, Aeon. Agar. Alum. 
Ang. Arn. Ars. Bell. Berb. Cannab. 
Caust. Cic. Cocc. Coloc. Con. Creos. 
Croton. Dros. Euph. Ferr. Lact. Led. 
Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Mez. Ntr-m. Phell. Plb. 
Puis. Ran-b. Rheum. Rhod. R hits. Ruta. 
Sabin. Scill. Sil. Spig. Spong. Tereb. 

backwards, Bell. Led. Rhus. 

forwards, Arn. Cic. Elaps. Ferr. Lyc. 

Ntr-m. Ran-b. Rhus. Sil. 
sideways, lienz-ac. Cannab. Con. 

Dros. Euph. Mez. Rheum. Scill. 


— — to left side, Anac. Aur. Bell. Cic. 

Dros. Euph. Lach. Mez. Ntr-c. Spig. 
Sulph. Zinc. 
to right side. Ferr. 


2. M NMikll \. 

Vertigo, false, originating in sight and not 
in thebrain, Puis. 

— reeling. Bell. Bry. Cam ph. Caust. Cic. 
Croc. Ferr. Lyc. Mgn-m. Nux-m.Ol-an. 
Phosp-ac. Scc-c. Seneg. Spong. Strain. 
Tabac. Tar. Tcreb. Thuj. Verat. Viol-tr. 

— as from riding in a carriage, Ferr. 
— ■ — rocking, Calad. 

— from the stomach proceeding, Kali-c. 

— like swimming, Ox-ac. 
in bed, Lact. 

swinging, Calad. Ferr.M cic. Thuj. Zinc. 

— turning, Aeon. Anac. Arn. Asa-f. Dell. 
Bar-sn. Kerb. Bism. Bry. Calad. Chelid. 
Cic. Con. Cupr. Euph. Kvon. Ferr. Grat. 
Hvdroc-ac. Lact. Lye. .Mnr-ac. Ntr-m. 
Ntr-s. Num. Oleand. Phosp. Puis. Ran-b. 
Rhod. Ruta. Staph. Tabac. Tilia. Valer. 
Verat. Viol-od. 

— in the morning, Agar. Alum. Amm-c. 
Bell. Boy. Calc. Carb-an. Cham Graph, 
lod. Hipp. Kali-c. Lach. Lact. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Ol-an. Phost. Puis. Rhus. Still. 
Sep. .SiV. Sulph. Tellur. Verat. Zinc. 

bed, Con. Graph. Lach. 

— when rising from bed, Mgn-s. Sulph. 

— at noon, Am, Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Ntr-s. Mux. 

— in the afternoon, Ambr. Ben/.-ac. Kali-c. 
Mere. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 

evening, Amm-c. Apis. Ars. Calc. 

Carb-veg. (iraph. Hep. Kali-c. 

Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. 

Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Puis. 

Rhus. Spong. Sulph. 

in bed, Lach. Nux. Rhus. 


— at night, Amm-c. ("ale. Caust. Ntr-c. 
Phosp. Spong. Sulph. Zinc-ox. 

different times, Phosp. Sec-c. Sil. Sulph. 

— after anger, Calc. 

— when ascending, Borax. 

an eminence, Calc. Con. Sulph. 

casting down the eyes, Kahn.Oleand. 


closing the eyes, Apis. Ars. Calad. 

Grat. Lach. Thuj. Therid. 

— from coffee, Cham. 

— in cold stage of intermittent. Caps. 

— from congestion of blood, Cact. 

— when crossing running water, Ang. 
Brom. Ferr. Sulph. 

coughing, Nux. 

descending, Ferr. Mercurial. 

— while eating, Arn. Mgn-m. 

— when entering into the open air, Ran-b. 

exercising, Chin. Cycl. Kali-c. 

the arms, Berb. Sep. 

— after fright. Op. 

— from gaping, Agar. 

— when gazing for a long time at some- 

thing, Oleand. Sass. 

— from indigestion, Sacch. 

— when kneeling, Mgn-c. 

leaning against something, Cycl. 

left cheek against hand, Verb. 

— from light of sun, Agar. Nux. 

— when looking back, Con. 

at a height, Cupr. Plb. Thuj. 

out of a window. Ox-ac. 

up, Calc. Nux. Puis. Sang. Sil. 


sideways, Thuj. 

lying down, Ferr. Kalm. Nitr-ac. 

Nux. Oleand. Ox-ac. Rhus, 

— after lying down, Calad. Mgn-c. 

— when lying. Apis. Calad. ("on. Merc. 
Rhod. Staph. Thuj. 

relieved, Arn. Cupr. Phell. Stann. 

on back, Merc. Nux. Sulph. 

— during meals, Arn. Mgn-m. 

— after meals, Cham. Kali-c. Mgn-s. Merc 
Ntr-s. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Rhus. Sulph. 

— an hour after breakfast or dinner, Selen. 

— from mental exertion. Agar. Amm-c. Arn. 
Borax. Cupr. Grat. Merc-jod. Ntr-c. Sep. 

— moving and turning the head, Aeon. 
Aloe. Arn. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Clem. Cupr. Glon. Hep. Kali-c. Meph. 
Mosch. Paeon. Sang. Selen. Tellur. Therid . 

quickly, Amm-c. Bar-c. Calc. 

Carb-veg. Kali-c. Spig. Staph. Verat. 

— after nocturnal emissions, Caust. 

— from noise, Therid. 

— in open air, Agar. Ambr. Ang. Calc. 
Canth. Croton. Dros.Glon. Laur. Ol-an. 
Ran-b. Ruta. Sep. Sulph. Tar. Thea. 

relieved, Antm-tn. Bell. Mgn-m. 

Mgn-s. Phell. Phosp-ac. Sulph-ac. 

— periodical, Ntr-m. 

— when pressing the cheek, Verb. 

raising the body, Aeon. Am. Ars. 

Bell. Bry. Carb-an. Cic. Cocc. Con. 

Laur. Nux. Op. Puis. Zinc. 

the head, Arn. Bry. Qua. Clem. 

Coloc. Croc. Merc. 

— from reading, Amm-c. Arn. Cupr. Grat. 
Merc-jod. Par. 

aloud, Par. 

— after resting, Lach. 
head, Sabad. 

— when riding in a vehicle, Hep. Sil. 

— after rising, Bar-c. Calc. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Sabad. Stann. 

— when rising from bed, Bell. Cham. 
Cinnab. Con. Dulc. Graph. Kali-b. Lyc. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. 
Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

from sitting, Aeon. Asar. Br)-. Con. 

Grat. Kali-b. Kali-c. Laur. Merc-jod. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. 
Puis. Sabad. Selen. Thuj. 

2. SENS0R1UM. 

Vertigo when rising from stooping, Aeon. 
Arn.Ars.Bell.Berb.Bry.Cic. Puls.Sulph. 

supine position, Croc. Merc. Oleand. 

Petr. Puis. Selen. Sit. 

— in a room, Amm-m. Lyc. Mgn-m. Staph. 

warm, Lyc Phosp-ac. 

not in open air, Croc. 

— when sitting, Amm-c. Apis. Bell. Calc. 
Cocc. Croton. Evon. Grat. Lach. Meph. 
Merc. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Puis. Ruta. Sep. 
Sil. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tellur. Viol-od. 

' after walking, Colch. 

— when going to sleep, Tellur. 

— after sleep, Carb-veg. 

— when sneezing, Nux. 

. standing, Apis. Cannab. Croton. 

Cycl. Euph. Lach. Mgn-c.Merc-sulph. 
Oleand. Phosp-ac. Rheum. Spig. 

— during stool, Kobalt. 

— from stooping, Aeon. Anac. Bar-c. Bell. 
Berb. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Cinnab. 
Hell. Kali-b. Kalm. Led. Lyc. Meph. 
Nice. Ol-an. Petr. Plb. Puis. Sil. Sulph. 
Therid. Thuj. Verat. 

with deafness, Merc-cor. 

not when lying down, Millef. 

as if falling forwards, Cic. Cupr. 

Elaps. Sil. 

— strong sounds, Therid. 

— in sunshine, Agar. 

— when supporting the head, relieved, 

— when talking, Borax. Par. 

— after relaxation, Calc. Lach. 

— when turning in bed, Con. 

— after vexation, Calc. 

— when vomiting, Croton. 

walking, Anac. Am. Ars. Asar. 

Cannab. Caib-veg. Cic. Ferr. Ip. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. 
Rhus. Spig. Sulph-ac. Tart. Tellur. 

in the open air, Agar. Ambr. Ang. 

Aur. Calc. Cycl. Dros. Euph. Lach. 

Led. Merc. Mur-ac. Ntfx-m. Oleand. 

Ruta. Sep. Spig. Stann. Sulph. Tar. 

Thea. Thuj. 
slowly, Millef. 

— after walking, Laur. 
relieved, Amm-c. Staph. 

— after wine, Bov. Ntr-c. Zinc. 

— when writing, Sep. 

alternately with colic, Verat. 

— with anxiety, Bell. Caust. Igt. Merc. 
Nux-m, Nux. Op. Rhod. Rhus. 

_ with bellyache, Ntr-m. Spig. 

brain, sensation of looseness in, Bry. 

motion, in, Cycl. Grat. 

with chilliness, Gel's. Merc-cor. Rhus. 

choking, Sil. 

coffee, longing for, Nux-m. 


coldness, icy, of forehead, Lach. 


constipation, Aloe. 

death, fear of, Rhus. 

deafness when stooping, Merc-cor. 

delirium, Jatr. Nux-m. 

diarrhoea, Strain. 

distance of things seeming greater, 

Anac. Stram. 
drowsiness, Aeth. Arg. Laur. Puis. 


ears, buzzing in, Carb-veg. Nux. Puis. 


ringing in, Sang. 

epistaxis, Aeon. Ant. Brom. Camph. 

Catb-an. Sulph. Teplitz. 

eructation, Gymnoc. Ntr-m. 

sour, Sass. 

eyes, obscuration of, Aeon. Anac. Arg. 

Bell. Calc. Canth. Carb-an. Cham. 

Cic. Evon. Ferr. Gels. Gymnoc. Hep. 

Hyosc. Lact. Laur. Merc. Nux. 

Oleand. Par. Phosp. Phyt. Puis. 

Raph. Sabad. Sabin. Seneg. Stram. 

Sulph. Tereb. Tilia. Zinc. 

inability to see printed letters, 


flickering before, Bell. Igt. Mez. 

Oleand. Tart. 

sparks before, Bell. Igt. Mez. 

vision, double, Gels. 

whirling before, Anac. Laur. 

Mosch. Ntr-m. Oleand. Sep. 

white stars before, Alum. 

pain in, Seneg. Tabac. 

— shut, Arg. Mgn-s. 

face pale, Croton. Lach. Puis. 

gout, Sacch. 

headache, Apis. Arg-n. Ars. Bar-c. 

Calc. Ferr. Hep. Kali-b. Lach. Lob. 

Ntr-c. Ox-ac. Phosp. Psor. Puis. Sang. 

Sep. Stram. Sulph. Tabac. (compare 

Headache with vertigo). 
emptiness in head, sensation of, 


head, fulness in, Amm-m. Borax, 

Lact. Pod. Sabin. 

heat in head, Puis. Sabin. 

which rises to head, body becomes 

warmer, face becomes red and 

vertigo ceases, Aeth. Calad. Canth. 

Plb. Rheum. Rhus. • 

head, humming in, Ntr-s. 

jerks in, Ntr-m. 

rolling, in Sep. 

weakness and heaviness, Bufo. 

Camph. Canst. Chin. Cupr. Mgn-m. 

Rhod. Spong. 
— with* sensation as if the bead would 
fall to the right side, Ferr. 

hands, trembling of, Puis. 

hearing, loss of, Nux. 

heat, Croc. Merc. Puis. 




Vertigo with heat, sensation of, fn chest and 
around heart, Lachn. 

heaviness, Lach. 

of lower limbs, Lact. 

hypochondriacal humor, Phosp. 

inverted appearance of things, Eugen. 

— to lie down, necessity, Ambr. Graph. 
Merc. Mosch. Nitr-ac. Op. 

— motion, before the eyes, Anac. Laur. 
Mosch. Ntr-m. Oleand. Sep. 

— with nape, burning sensation in, Alum. 
nausea, Aeon. Alum. Amm-c. Ant. 

Apis. Arn. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Borax. 
Calad. Calc. Calc-ph. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Chin. Cinnab. Cocc. Coloc. Croton. 
Ferr. Fluor-ac. Graph. Gymnoc. 
Kali-b. Kalm. Lach. Lob. Lyc. Merc. 
Mosch. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. Pctr. 
Phosp. Puis. Sabad. Sang, Sass. Scill. 
Si/. Spig. Spong. Stront. Sulph. Tabac. 
Tart. Tellur. Thcrid. 

— stooping, Millef. 

— perspiration cold, Merc-cor. Therid. | 

— retching, Sil. 

— as if seat were moving, Zinc. 
became elevated, Phosp. 

— senses, dulnessof, Bov. Camph. Chelid. 
Ntr-m. Nux-m. Plat. Ran-sc. Stann. 
Stram. Tart. Verat. 

suspension of, Camph. Stram. Tart. 


— shuddering, Chelid. 

— sleepiness, Aeth. Arg. Croton. Laur. 
Puis. Stram. 

— speech difficult, Par. 

— starting, Aloe. 

— stomach pain in, Ambr. 

pit of, Aeon, 

weakness in, Ambr. 

— with stupefaction, Bell. Bov. Laur. 
Psor. (compare Stupefaction). 

— syncope, Ars. Berb. Cham. Croc. Hep. 
Hipp. Lach. Mgn-c. Mosch. Nux. 
Phosp. Sabad. Sulph. 

— torpor, Nux-m. 

— tottering, Bry. Cham. Coloc. I p. Kali-c. 
Mur-ac. Nice. Nux-m. Nux. Oleand. 
Pctr. Stram. Tar. Tilia. 

— tremor, Dig. Ntr-m. 

— unconsciousness, Aeon. Ars. Bell. 
Borax. Canth. Cocc. Jatr. Lach. Laur. 
Mosch. Nux. Nux-m. Ran-sc. Sep. 

— momentary, Nux. 

— vomit, inclination to, Lach. Ntr-s. 

— vomiting, Tellur. 

— sour, Sass. 

— wandering talk, Nux-m. 

— weakness, Bell. Berb. Croton. Lach. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Sulph. Zinc. 

head, Caust. 

and thirst, Ox-ac. 

3. Head. 

In brain, deep headache, Aloe, Bov. Lam. 

as if bruised, Ntr-m. 

stitches, Alum. Guaj. 

extending to the ears, Lach. Merc. 

Puis. Rhus. 
Over eyes, pain, Agar. Apis. Arn. Ars. 

Asa-f. Actea-r. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Bov. 
Carb-veg. Cic. Cist. Colch. Croc. Croton. 
Hep. Kali-b. Lach. Lith. Lyc. Meph. 
Ntr-m. Nux-jug. Nux-m. Nux. Osm. 
Phosp-ac. Phyt. Puis. Ran-b. Rhus. 
Selen. Sep. Sulph. 
left eye, Aeon. Ars. Brom. Kali-c. 

3- HEAD. 


Kalm. Lac-can. Nux-m. Nux. Ox-ac 
Phosp-ac. Phosp. Plat. Sep. Spig 
Tellur. Verat. 
Over right eye, Bell. Lac-can. Sang. 

— eyes boring, Ol-an. 

drawing, Agar. 

fulness of with vertigo, Pod. 

— ' — pressing, Agar. Aloe. Arn. 

Bov. Brom. Bry. Carb-veg 
Cist. Evon. Fluor-ac. Glon. Gymnoc. 
Ntr-m. Nux-m. Puis. Sep. Sil. Tabac. 
Teucr. Zinc. 

— rending, Ntr-m. 

— shooting from left eye to vertex, Phyt. 
over left eye, Amm-c. Ant. Berb. 

Bov. Caust. Kali-b. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Phosp-ac. Sep. Zinc. 

— squeezing, Asa-f. Colch. 

— stinging, stitches, Borax. Ntr-m. Ol-an. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. 

over left eye, Hipp. Kali-jod. 

in left eye, Spig. 

— stunning, stupefying, Evon. 

— throbbing, Gymnoc. Lach. Nux-m 
To the eyes, extending, pain, 


— between the eyes, Lach. Poth. 
Behind the eyes, pain, Bad. Daph, 


To face, extending, pain, Amm-m 
Guaj. Rhus. Thuj. 

— drawing, Seneg. 

— rending, Amm-m. Anac. Guaj. 
Sil. Thuj. 

— stinging, Rhus. 

To the jaws, extending, pain, Kali-chl. 
To the malar bone, stinging, Ind. Rhus. 
To the nape of neck extending, Bar-c 
Berb. Jac-cor. Mosch. Nitr. Sabin. 

— pressing, Sabin. 

— rending, Berb. 

— spasmodic drawing, Mosch. Nitr. 

— alternating with pains, Hyosc. 
From nape, proceeding, Bell. 

Carb-veg. Ferr. Fluor-ac. Gels. 
Puis. Sang. Sil. 

— contracting, Puis. 

— drawing, Carb-veg. Ferr. 

— rending, Berb. 
Above root of nose, Aeon. 

Amm-m. Ars. Asar. Bar-c. 
Borax. Camph. Dig. Hep. Igt 
Nux. Plat Raph. Staph. Tart. Viol-tr. 

— boring, Hep. 

— compressing, Aeon. Mosch. 

— constricting, Camph. 

— constriction, Aeon. 

— crampy sensation, as if he would lose 
His reason, Aeon. Igt. 

— drawing, Agar. Asar. 

— dull, gloomy, making him, Ferr. 

— pressing, Amm-m. Asar. Bar-c. Bism. 
Coloc. Igt. Iod. Raph. Viol-tr. Zinc. 








— pricking, stinging, Kali-b. 

— squeezing, Aeon. 

— stinging, Agar. Berb. Chin. Ran-b. 
Rhus. Sass. Sep. 

— stunning, Aeon. Asar. Mosch. Tart. 

— as if touched by a small metalic body on 
a small spot, Cinnab. 

— throbbing, Ars. 

To nose, extending, headache, Ars. Bism. 
Borax. Croton. Dig. Ferr. Glon. Lach. 
Lyc. Mez. Ntr-c. Stann. 

— root of nose, and eyes, drawing at, 

— nose, boring and digging, Bism. 

— contraction, Nitr. 

— pressing and throbbing, Mez. 

— rending, tearing. Lyc. Ntr-c. 

— spasmodic, Ntr-c. 

— stinging, Rhus. 

— to point of nose, extending, Nitr. 

In occiput, Alum. Anac. Bar-c. Carb-an. 
Elaps. Ferr. Ip. Kali-b. Mosch. Sec-c. 
Sep. Spig. 

from binding up the hair, relieved, 

Nitr. % 

bubbling like boiling water, Ind. 

burning, Ind. Rhus. 

coldness, Dulc. Phosp. 

compressing, Nitr. 

congestion of blood, Borax, Gl-an. 

constricting, Camph. Graph. 

drawing, Arg. Mgn-c. Mosch. Nitr. 


dull, Sec-c. 

fulness, Sulph. 

heat, Sulph. 

heaviness, Bry. Carb-an. Lach. Meph. 

Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Petr. Sulph. Tart. 

jerking, Stann. Thuj. 

as from a plug, Arg. 

pressing, Aloe. Ambr. Arg. Bism. 

Carb-veg. Colch. Grat. Igt. Kali-c. 

Lact. Ntr-s. Ol-an. Petr. Zinc. 
rending, Ambr. Amm-m. Berb. 

Nitr-ac. Thuj. Zinc. 

shocks, Cannab. 

soreness, Eupat. Euph. Nux. 

spasmodic, Mosch. Nitr. 

squeezing, Ambr. Igt. 

stinging, - stitches, Iris. Petr. Viol-tr. 


tension, Bar-c. Graph. Mgn-c. Mosch. 

throbbing, Aeth. Agar. Alum. Asar. 

Berb. Bry. Calc Cannab. Carb-an. 
Caust. Con. Glon. Hep. Ntr-m. Petr. 
Puis. Rhus. Sep. Spig. 

tingling, Rhus. 

ulcerous pain, Sep. 

One-sided, headache, Aeon. Apis. Ars. 
Asar. Bell. Calc. Caps. Cham. Cic. Coff. 
Coloc. Con. Eugen. Graph. Igt. Ip. 
Kali-c. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. 


Phyt. Puis. Ran-b. Sang. s\p. Sil. Spig. 
Spong. Stront. Sulph. Tart. Valer. Zinc. 
One side, left side, Aeon. Agar. Apis. Arg-n. 
Brom. Cinoab. Croc. Kali-b. Kalm. 
Lac-can. Merc. Ntr-m. Puis. Selen. Sep. 

— right side, Agar. Apis. Bell. Bry. Bufo. 
Cact. Con. Elaps. Gels. Hep. Jac-c. 
Kali-b. Lach. Merc-jod. Ntr-nitr. Sabad. 
Sabin. Sacch. Sang. Sil. Spig. Spong. 

— ceases on one side becomes more violent 
on the oiher, Ntr-m. 

— cleaving, Aur. 

— coldness, Calc. 

— digging, Kali-jod. 

— drawing, Aeon. Chum. ColOC Sep. 

— numbness, sense of, Ol-an. 

— pressing, Agar. Caps. Coloc. Mez. Picon. 
Vent. Verb. 

— rending, tearing, Agar. Ambr. Amu. 
Cham, Cocc-c. Colch. Guaj. A/erc. 
1'hosp. Sep. Sil. Thuj. 

— squeezing, spasmodic, Coloc. Sass. 

— stinging, flitches, Brv. Caps. Cocc-c. 

— stunning, Mez. Verb. 

— throbbing, Aur. Croc. Kali-jod. Tart. 

from occiput to forehead, Carb-veg. 

Sil. Spig. 

On the side on which one lies, Calad. 

Graph. Mgn-c. Phosp-ac. 
In the sides, pain, Cupr. Mez. 

— bursting, Nice. 

— compressing, Asar. Phell. 

— drawing, Caps. 

— itching, Dig. 

— as from a nail, Agar. Coil'. Staph. 

— as from a plug, Asa-/. Plat. 

— pressing, Asa-/. Ntr-s. 
outwards, Asar. 

— rending, Caps. Dig. Guaj. Millef. Teucr. 

— in the side, squeezing, Aeth. Scill. 
Forehead, pain. Aeon. Ant. Apis. Bism. 

Bufo. Camph. Chin. Cocc. Creos. Diad. 
Elaps. Hep. Kali-b. Kalm. Kobalt. Led. 
Ntr-m. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Rhod. Rhus. Seneg. Sep. Spong. Staph. 
Therid. Verb. 

— beginning on feft side, Spig. 

— like a boil, Hep. 

— boring, Ant. Bism. Calc. Dulc. Igt. 

— burning, Alum. Bism. Brv. Canst. Dulc 
Menv. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp. 
Rhus. Stann. Stront. Spig. Sulph-ac. 

— bursting, Amm-c. Ant. Bell. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-nitr. Oleand. Sil. Spong. Staph. 

— by a cold hand, as if touched, Hyper. 

— coldness, sense of, Gels. Laur. 

— compressing, Apis. Cannab. Lac-can. 


Sulph. Verb. 

— congestion of blood, Fluor-ac. Mgn-s. 

— constricting, Arn. Iris. Par. Valer. 

— contracting, Asar. Hism. Graph 

— on coughing, Ferr. 

— digging, Bism. Dulc. 

— drawing, Asar. Qvc. Guaj. Mgn-c. 
Ntr-m. Rhod, Sabin. Selen. Sil Zinc. 

— dulness, Fluor-ac. Gels, jac-c. Ox-ac. 

with chilliness, Aloe. 

— emptiness, Sulph. 

— empty space between forehead and 
brain, Caust. 

— fall out, as if brain would, in middle of 
forehead, on straining at stool. Rat. 

— fulness, Aeon. Amm-m. Nice. Rims. 

— grasping, Con. Ntr-s. 

— heat, Chin. Euph. Mgn-s. Phosp. Sil. 

— heaviness, Aeon. Aeth. Amm-m. Ars. 
Bell. Bism. Bry. Brut. Calc. Coloc. 
Creos. Grat. Kali-jod. Laur. Mgn-s. 
Ntr-c. Nice. PIb. Rhus. Sabin. Sil. 
Stann. Staph. Sulph. 

— jerks, Stann. Thuj. 

— looseness, Sulph-ac. 

— numbness, Fluor-ac. Mgii-m. 

— as from a plug, Asa-f. Jac-cor. 

— pressing. Aloe. Agar. Alum. Ambr. 
Amm-m. Apis. Arg. Arn. Ars. Asar. 
Asa-f. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Bism. Borax! 
Bry. Calc-acet. Caust. Chenop. Cic. 
Clem. Coloc. Cor-r. Cycl. Dig. Elaps. 
Glon. Grat. Guaj. Hydroc-ac. Jlyosc 
Igt. Iod. Ind. Kali-c' Ladhn. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Ol-.,n 
Par. Petr. Plat. Psor. Ran-b. Rhod 
Sabad. Samb. Seneg. Spong. Sfann 
Steam. Staph Sulph. Teucr. Thea. Thuj 
Valer. Verb. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

asunder, Ran-b. 

outwards, Amm-c. Cor-r. Dros. Hep 

Mgn-s. Okaml. Puis. Khus. Sil' 
Staph. Thea. 

— raging, Cannab. 

— rending, tearing, Ambr. Calc. Caust 
Cocc c. Hep. Igt. Ip. Lachn. Lyc. Ntr-c 
Nitr-ac. PIb. Samb. Thuj. Zinc. 

with fixed eyes, Spig. 

— shocks, Croc. Seneg. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 

— soreness, Spig. 

— spasmodic pain, Arn. Ntr-c. 

— squeezing, Ambr. Asa-f. Igt. Plat. 

— stinging, stitches, Aeon. Arn. Asa-f. 
Bell. Camph. Canth. Cocc. Cocc-c 
Coloc. Con. Dig. Hvosc. I K t. Laur 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Rhod. Sep. Sil. Spig. 
Sulph. Tar. Tilia. Valer. Verb. Zinc. 

in left frontal eminence, Arg-n. 

like needles in left side, Mang. 

— stunning, stupefying, Arg. Am. Asa-f. 

3. HEAD. 


Asar. Bell. Cic. Cycl. Hyosc. Laur. Led. 
Ntr-c. Oleand. Phosp. Ruta. Sabad. 
Standi Valer. Verb. 
Forehead tension, Clem. Die:. Merc.Mgn-m. 
Mosch. Nux. Par. Puls.^Sulph. Verb. 

— throbbing. Aloe. Amm-c. Ang. Ars. 
Asar. Creos. Glon. Kalm. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Merc-jod. Ntr-m. Phosp. 

* Ruta. Spong. 

left side of forehead, Aeon. Cocc. 

Kali-c. Nux-m. Par. Verat. 
from forehead to occiput, Bry. 

— tingling, creeping, Am. Colch. Viol-od. 
ulcerous, Nux. 

On a small spot, headache, Ferr-m. Kali-b. 

Kalm. Lact. Lith. Nux-m. Ox-ac. 

Ran-sc. Sang. Tellur. Zinc. 
To teeth extending, Creos. Graph. Lyc. 

Merc. Mez. Sil. 

pressing and throbbing, Mez. 

rending, tearing, Lyc. Merc. 

Temples, boring, Ang. Ant. Clem. Dulc. 

Hep. Mang. Ol-an. 

— burning, Merc. 

— compressing, Fluor-ac. Thuj. Verb. 

— contracting, Asar. Scill. 

— cutting, Lach. 

— drawing, Asar. Calc. Guaj. Rhod. Sabin. 
Sen eg. 

— fulness, first in right and then left, then 
to nape, where it disappeats, Jac-cor. 

— heat with cold cheeks, Berb. 

— heaviness, Bism. 

— headache, Ambr. Caust. Cina. Creos. 
Kali-c. Lith. Lyc. Mez. Mosch. Nux-m. 
Puis. Rhod. Rhus. Verb. 

right side, Sabin. 

— jerking, Arn. 
left side, Stann. 

— as from a nail, Arn. Igt. 
plug, Anac. Asa-f. 

— pressing, Agar. Agn. Anac. Apis. Asa-f. 
Bell. Bis///. Cinnab. Carb-veg. Cupr. 
Cycl. Dros. Glon. Guaj. Hep. Hipp. 
Hyosc. Jatr. Kali-c. Lach. Lith. Mang. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Par. Plat. Ran-b. Ran sc. 
Rhod. Sabad. Samb. Spig. Stann. 
Stram. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Teucr. Thuj. 
Viol-tr. Zinc. 

inwards, Ran-sc. 

outwards, Calc. Lob. Ran-sc. Sulph. 

with flickering before the eyes, 

and heat of face, Aloe. 

— pushing, Croc. 

— rending, tearing, Agn. Alum. Arn. 
Berb. Cast. Con. Dig. Guaj. Mgn-s. 
Merc. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Rhus. 
Samb. Sulph. Zinc. 

extending to cheek, Lachn. 

— shocks, Croc. Lyc. Sulprr-ac. Thuj. 

— spasmodic pain, Calc. 

— stabbing, Alum. Bell. Canth. Cycl. 
Lac-can. Mgn-c. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Rhus. Stront. Verb. 

— stinging, stitches, Arn. Asa-f. Borax. 
Cadm. Caust. Cina. Dig. Guaj. Kali-b. 
Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc-jod. 
Phosp'-ac. Sil. Sulph. Verb. Zinc. 

at every step, Aloe. 

— stunning, Asar. Sabad. Verb. 

— tension, Calc. Cannab. Lith. Mgn-m. 

— throbbing, Cadm. Chelid. Chin. Cocc. 
Daph. Glon. Ntr-s. Stann. Tabac. Thuj. 

— tingling, Plat. Sulph. 

and coldness of spot, Plat. 

— ulcerous pain, Puis. 

— vibration, Stront. 

To the throat, extending, rending, tear- 
ing, Anac. Merc. 

To tongue, extending, headache, Ip. 

Vertex, Ant. Bufo. Calc. Con. Cupr. 
Flaps, Kali-b. Lact. Lith. Merc-jod. 
Ox-ac. Par. Sabad. Scill. Sulph. 

— across the top of head from one ear to 
the other, Pallad. 

— boring, Chin. Mgn-s. Spig. 

— bruised, Mgn-c. Gum-gut. 
— • burning, Hyper. Mercurial. 
in a small spot, Graph. 

— bursting, Ntr-s. 

— coldness, Laur. Sep. Valer, Verat. 

— compressing, Graph. 

— cracking, Coff. 

— cutting, Con. Lach. Verat. 

— digging, Samb. 

— drawing, Calc. 

— fulness, Psor. 

heat, Calc. Eupat. Sulph. 

— as from a nail, Evon. Hell. Nux. Staph. 

staying in a room thick with smoke 


— pressing, Aloe. Ambr. Cact. Calc. 
Cannab. Chin. Croc. Ferr. Hep. Hipp. 
Igt. Iod. Kali-b. Lac-can. Lach. Lith. 
Lyc. Nice. Ol-an. Ran-b. Rheum. Tabac. 

to spine, without pain, Benz-ac. 

asunder, Carb-an. Ran-b. 

— outwards, Par. 

— pulled out. as if a cluster of hair was, 

— rending, tearing, Ambr. Ind. Lachn. 

— soreness, Spig. 

— stinging, stitches, Carb-veg. Chelid. Con. 
Ip. Raph. Rat. Sabad. 

— tension to upper jaw, Stront. 

— throbbing. Agar. Alum. Cocc. Glon. 
Hyper. Lach- Ntr-c. Sil. Stram. Sulph. 

— tingling, Cupr. Sulph. 

— ulcerous pain, Cast. Zinc. 
Agitation, waving in head, Aeon. Caust. 

Dig. Hep. Ind. Mgn-m. 
Like air passing through the head, Aur. 
Cor-r. Puis. 


3. HEAD. 

Like something alive in the head, Pctr. 

Arthritic headache, Am. Ars. Asar. Aur. 
Bell. Benz-ac. Bry. Caps. Caust. Cham. 
Cic. Chin. Coloc. Con. Eugen. Graph. 
Guaj. Hyosc. Igt. "Ip. Many. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Plat. 
Puis. Rhus. Sabin. Sep. Verai. Zinc. 

— in the afternoon, Aur. Coloc. 
evening, Eugen. 

— periodical, Bell. 

— Like a ball, rising up, Aeon. Plb. 
(compare Hysterical headache). 

from naval, Aeon. Plat. Pib. 

Bend the head backwards, necessity to, 

Blows m the head, Aeth. Caust. Ind. 

Ntr-ni. Phosp-ac. Ran-b. (compare 

Jerks and shocks ). 
Boiling water in the head, like, Aeon. Ind. 
Boring, Agar. Ang. Ant. Aur. Bism. Calc. 

Chin. Clem. Dulc. Hep. Graph. Igt. 

Lach. Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Oleand. 

Ol-an. Paeon. Petr. Plat. Puis. Sabin. 

Sep. Spig. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Zinc. 

— on right side, changing to stitches in the 
evening, Bell. 

— pressiag, Chin. 

— rending, tearing, Igt. 

— stinging, stitches, Igt. Merc. Puis. 
Bruised, pain as if, Agar. Amm-m. Anac. 

Ang. Ars. Aar. Bov. Camph. Caust. 
Cham. Chin. Coff. Con. Cupr. Euph. 
Euphr. Gels. Glon. Gymnoc. Hell. Hipp. 
Igt. Iod. I p. Kobalt. Lach. Merc. 
Mur-ac. Nux. Op. Phosp. Puis. Staph, 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Verat. Zinc. 

— as if in the brain, Ntr-m. 

Bubbling in head like water, Bell. Berb. 

Par. Sep. Sulph. 
Burning in head, Aeon. Am. Ars. Aur. 

Aur-s. Bell. Bism. Bry. Canth. Caust. 

Chin. Dulc. Eugen. Hell. Lact. Mang. 

Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux-jug. Nux. Phosp. 

Plb. Rhus. Stann. Tar. Verat. 

— rest of body cool, Am. 

— in brain. Aeon. 

— contracting, Bism. 

— pressing, Mang. 

— rending, tearing, Merc. 

Bursting, as if, Amm-c. Amni-in. Ant. Bell. 
Bry. Calc. Caps. Cast. Cham. Chin. 
Creos. Daph. Dolich. Euphr. Igt. 
Kobalt. Lach. Merc. Merc-jod. Ntr-c. 
IVtr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. Nux. Oleand. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Psor. Puis. Rat. Sep. 
Sil. Spig. Spong. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
(compare Pressing asunder and out- 

Chronic headache, Amm-c. Con. Sulph. 

of old people, Iod. 

Cleaving headache, Aur. Phosp. 
Coldness in head, Ambr. Am. Bell. Calc. 

Dulc. Kali-c. Laur. Merc. Phosp. Pint. 
Sabad. Sep. Tilia. Valer. 

— especially on right side, Calc. Verat. 

— sensation as if a cold spot, Sulph. 
Colic alternating with headache, Cina. 
Compressing sensation, Aeth. Alum. Arg. 

Arn. Asar. Bov. Bry. Cannab. Caust. 
Cic. Coloc Creos. Daph, Graph. Ind. 
Kali-jod. Lact. Lam. Laur. MffO-nft 
Mgn-s. Metty, Merc Mosch. Ntr-m. 
Ntr-s. Nitr. Nux-m. Ol-an. Phell. 
Phosp-ac. Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sabin. 
Selen. Spig. Spong. Staph. Stront. Tart. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

— as from a band, Iod. Plat. 
Concussion of brain, Arn. Cic. Led. Rhus. 


when moving, Mang. 

Congestion of blood, Aeon. Aloe. Ambr. 

Amm-m. Anac. Ant. Apis. Arg-n. Arn. 

Asa-f. Aur. Bell. Borax. Bry. Calc. 

Cannab. Canth. Carb-au. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Cham. Chin. Cinnab. Cocc-c. 

CofF. Coloc. Creos. Cycl. Dulc. Elaps. 

Eerr. Glon. Graph. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. 

Kali-c. Kali-chl. Lach. Laur. I.yc. Mgn-c. 

Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Mang. Merc. Mill,-/. 

Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Ol-an. Op. Phell. Phosp. Plb. Psor. Puis. 

Ran-b. Rhus. Sang. Seneg. Sep. Sil. 

Spong. Strain. Sulph. 7'abac. Tar. Tell nr. 

Thuj. Verat. Viol-od. Zinc. , 

— when bending forcwards, Cor-r. Elaps. 

— with menses suppressed, A pis. 

— in morning in bed, Lyc. 

— from music, Ambr. 

— at night, Amm-c. Psor. Puis. Sil. 

— periodical, Ferr. 

— protruding the eyes, Aloe. 

— when stooping, Aeon. Bell. Cor-r. Lach. 
Seneg. Sep. Verat. 

talking, Coff. 

— from tobacco-smoking, Mgn-c. 

— with unconsciousness, Hvosc. 

— from abdomen, Croton. 
chest, Sulph. 

Constricting, sensation, Aeon. Anac. Arn. 

Asa-f. Cadm. Camph. Cocc. Graph. Hyosc. 

Stann. Sulph-ac. Tart. Verat. 

concentrates at the top of nose, 


Contracting, Ang. Asar. Eugen. Grat. 
Hyosc. Nitr. Plat. Puis. Scill. Sep. Tar. 
Valer.(compare Cramping and spasmod- 
ic). , i i , 

— in brain, Laur. 

Cracking when walking, Aeon. Ars. Cham. 

Dig. Puis. 

sitting quietly, Coff. 

Cramping, Aeon. Ambr. Ang. Colch. Coloc. 

Eugen. Igt. Nux. Phosp-ac. Plat. Ran-sc. 

Rheum. Scill. Teucr. 

— tightening, Nux. 

3. HEAD. 


Crawling, Arg. Arn. Colch. Cupr. Hyosc. 

Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sulph. 
Cry out, pain compelling to, Cupr. Sep. 
Cutting, Arn. Lach. Ntr-m. Verat. 

— as with knives, followed by sensation ol 
coldness, Arn. 

— as if split open with a wedge, body icy 
cold, thirst, Lachn. 

Daily headache, Bell. Calc. Con. Lach. 

Mgn-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
Day, every other, headache, Ambr. 
Dampish room, headache as if in, Agn. 
Deep in brain, Therid. (compare In brain 


Digging, Agar. Anac. Bar-c. Bism. Bry. 
Caust. Clem. Coloc. Dulc. Kali-jod. 
Merc. Nux. Phell. Sabin. Samb. Spig. 

— up, incisive pain, in the wholejleft hemi- 
sphere, Arg-n. 

— outwards, Dulc. 

Diminution of brain, sense of, Grat. 
Distention sense of, Bell. Par. Ran-b. 

Ran-sc. Therid. (compare Enlargement, 

Fulness, Pressing asunder.) 
Drawing pain, Aeon. Agar. Asar. Calc. 

Caps. Carb-veg. Cham. Cina. Coloc. Con. 

Croc. Cupr. Ferr. Guaj. Kali-c. Mgn-c. 

Mang. Mosch. Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. Ol-an. 

Petr. Puis. Ran-sc. Rhod. Rhus. Sabin. 

Set'//. Seneg. Sep. Stann. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

Tart. Tong. Valer. Zinc. 
Drawn forward, head feels as if, Sang. 
Dull pain, Agar. All-cep. Ant. Chelid. 

Cina. Glon. Lachn. Lact. Meny. Meph. 

Tereb. Teucr. Thuj. Verb. 
Enlargement of head, sense of, Arg-n. 

Apis. Berb. Bov. Cor-r. Dulc. Gels. 

Glon. Ind. Kali-jod. Kobalt. Lachn. 

Lith. Mang. Meph. Nux. Ran-b. Ran-sc. 

Stront. Tar. Therid. 

— — occiput, Dulc. 

— elongated, Hyper. 

Falling forwards, sense in brain, Berb. 

Bry. Dig. Hipp. Laur. 
Flattened, sense in forehead as if, Cor-r. 
Fluctuating, waving in the brain, Bell. 

Chenop. Hep. Hyosc. Mgn-m. Par. 
Fulness, Aeon. Actea-r. All-cep. Amm-m. 

Apis. Bell. Berb. Borax. Bruc. Bry. 

Calc. Calc-ph. Caps. Cast. Chin. 

Cinnab. Clem. Con. Creos. Crot. Daph. 

Elaps. Gels. Glon. Graph. Grat. Guaj. Igt. 

Iris. Jac-cor. Kobalt. Meph. Merc. 

Merc-jod. Merc-sulph. Ntr-c. Nice. 

Nitr-ac. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Psor. 

Ran-b. Ran-sc. Rhus. Spong. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tell u r. Tereb. 
Gnawing, Picon. Ran-sc. 
Grasping, Gon. Mgn-m. Ntr-s. 
Gurgling, Sep. (compare Bubbling). 
Hammering, Amm-c. Aur. Calc. Clem. Ferr. 

Lach. Mez. Ntr-c. Phosp-ac. (compare 


Heat, Aeon. Actea-r. Ambr. Amm-c. 
Amm-m. Arn. Atir. Bell. Benz-ac. Berb. 
Borax. Bry. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Chin. Cycl. Daph. Euphr. Grat. Hell. 
Hyosc. Jatr. Ind. Kali-chl. Kali-jod. 
Kalm. Lach. Lact. Laur. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Mgn-s. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Ol-an. Pa^on. Phell. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Psor. Ran-b. Rat. 
Rheum. Sep. Sil. St ram. Stront. Sulph. 
Tabac. Tart. Therid. Tilia. Viol-od. 

— in the morning in bed, Berb. Lyc. 
afternoon in walking, Stront. 

— at night, Camph. Sil. 

— with cold body, Arn. Chin. Hyosc. 

— from tobacco-smoking, Mgn-c. 

— flushes of, from abdomen to head, Ind. 

— rising up, Calad. Canth. Gum-gut. 
from chest, Sulph. 

spine, Phosp. 

— in forehead. Alum. Bell. Canth. Coloc. 
Euphr. Grat. Merc. Viol-od. 

Heaviness, Aeon Agar. Alum. A mm-in. Arn. 
Ars. Aur. Bar-m. Bell. Berb. Bov. Br)-. 
Cact. Calc. Camph. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Cast. Cham. Chin. Cic. Clem. Con. 
Creos. Croton. Cupr. Dulc. Euphr. 
Ferr. Gels. Hell. Hipp. Hyper. Igt. Lp. 
Iris. Jatr. Kali-jod. Lac-can. Lach. 
Lachn. Lact. Laur. Lob. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Mgn-s. Mang. Meny. Meph. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Mosch. Murex. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-m. Alec. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. 
Nux. Oleand. Op. Pseon Petr. Phell. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Prun. Puis. 
Ran-sc. Rat. Rheum. Rhus. Sabin. Sang. 
Scill. Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. Stann. 
Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tellur. 
Tereb. Thea. Tong. Verat. Verb. 
Viol-od. Viol-tr. 

— painful, Hell. Nice. Oleand. Sabad. 

— pressing, Bism. Nux. Rhus. Scill. Tereb. 

— with bleeding of nose, Ntr-sulph. 

— and pressure as if the head would fall 
forward, Agn. 

— with drowsiness and pain in back, 

— stunning, as after intoxication, Nitr. 

— in the morning, Agar. Amm-m. Clem. 
Con. Croc. Nice. Nitr. Nux. Petr. 

in the evening, Sep. 

— daily, Ntr-m. Sil. 

— exercise, increased by, Calc. 

— when moving bod}', Calc. 
eyes, Nux. 

when looking sideways, Agn. 

— in open air, relieved, Ars. 
in a room, Ars. 

— when stooping, Aeon. Berb. Petr. Rhus. 
Senna. Sulph-ac. 

— after stopping, Tong. Viol-tr. 


3- UK AD. 

Heaviness, after vexation, Mgn-c. 

— when walking, Thea. 

Hollowness, Arg. Cina. Cocc. Cor-r. Cupr. 

Ntr-m. Ox-ac. Phosp. Puis. Seneg.Su\\A\. 
Hoop around head, Aeth Merc. Sulpb. 

Therid. (compare As if screwed togeth- 


Humming, Sulph. 

Hydrocephalus, Aeon. Apis. Beit. Borax. 

Cham. Con. Cupr. Dig. Hell. Hyosc. 

Lact. M ere. Nux. Rat. Samba Stram. 

Valer. Zinc. 
Hysterical, Aur. Bry. Valer. 
Increasing pains, slowly decreasing, Plat. 


suddenly disappearing, Sulph-ac. 

Inflammation of brain, Aeon. Bell. Bry. 

Camph. Canth. Cupr. Hell. Hyosc. Merc. 

Phosp. Stram. 

— sense of, Daph. 

— after exertion in the winter season, 

— from heat of sun, Camph. Therid. 

— nervous, Bry. Hyosc. 

Intoxication, as from, Ambr. Bry. 

Carb-an. Chin. Nitr. Mux. Puis. Samb. 

Itching, Dig. 

Jerking pain, Anac. Am. Bry. Chin. Igt. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mur-ac. Paeon- Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Rat. Sep. Sulph. Teucr. 

Jerks, (compare Shocks). 
Knocking, Amm-c. Ang. 
Lightness, unpleasant sensation of, Hipp. 

Stram. (compare Hollowness). 
Looseness of brain, sensation of, Aeon. 

Amm-c. Bar-c. Bry. Carb-an. Cic. Croc. 

Hyosc. Mgn-s. Ntr-s. Nux-m. Rhus. Sep. 

Staph. Sulph-tic. Vcrat. 

— without pain, Laur. 

— when exercising, Aeon. Carb-an. Croc. 
Mgn-s. Nux-m. Nux. 

stepping, Aeon. Kob.ilt. Nux. Rhus. 

Staph. Sulph-ac. Verat. 
Motion, shaking of the brain, Aeon. Amm-c. 

Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Calc. Carb-an. Chin. 

Croc. Dig. Hyosc. Kali-c. Kobalt. Laur. 

Mgn-s. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. Rheum. 

Rhus. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Verat. 

— when drinking and talking. Aeon. 
exercising, Aeon. Bry. Carb-an. 

Croc. Led. Mgn-s. Ntr-m. Nux-m. 
Nux. Sulph. 

making a false step, Led. 

stooping, Bry Dig. Laur. Rheum. 

Move the head, necessity to, caused by the 

pains, Chin. Cor-r. 
Nail pierced into brain, as from a. Agar. 

Arn. Coff. Evon. Hep. Igt. Lyc. Nux. 

Staph. Thuj. "(compare As from a'piug). 

■ in the left side, Agar. Ntr-m. 

right side, Agar. Hep. Thuj. 

Night watching pain, as from, Ambr. Bry. 
Numbness, Apis. Carb-an. Con. Fluor-ac. 

Graph. Mgn-m. Meph. Ol-an. Plat Tart 


Out-pressing, Aeon. Amm-c. Calc. Creos. 

Hep. Mgn-s. Par. Rhus. Sil. Staph. 

Thuj. (compare As if bursting). 
Paralysis of brain, incipient, Ars. Lyc. Op. 

Phosp. Zinc. 
Periodical headache, Aloe. Ambr. Arn. 

Ars. Bell. Benz-ac. Calc. Fcrr. Kali-b. 

Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. Puis. 

Sang. Sep. Sil. 

4 P.M. to 3 A.M., Bell. 

every other day, Actea-r. Ambr. 

fortnight, Nice. 

seven days, Sacch. Sulph. 

— nervous, Am. Bell. Fen. Nux. Spig. 

Piercing pain, Creos. 

Pinching, Mez. Pctr. Verb. 

Plug, as from a, Antic. Arg. Asa-f. Con. 

Iac-c. Plat. Prun. Ruta. Sulph-ac. 

(compare As from a nail). 
Pressing, Aloe. Alum. Ambr. Amm-m. 

Ang. Arn. Ars. Asar. Bar-c Bell. Berb. 

Bism. Bov. Bry. Calad. Calc. Cannab. 

Caps. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Cic. 

Chin. Cina. Colch. Cor-r. Crot. Cupr. 

Diad. Dig. Dros. Dulc. Eugen. 

Euph. Eupnr. Evon. Ferr. Grat. Guaj. 

Hell. Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Kalm. Kali-c. 

Lach. Lam. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 

Mgn-s. Mang. Meny. Mez. Mur-ac. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Oleand. 

Par. Pctr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Puis. 

Ran-b. Pau-sc. Rheum. Rhod. Rhus. 

Ruta. Sabad. Samb. Sass. Scill. Scueg. 

Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. Statin. Staph. 

Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tar. 'Part. 

Tereb. Thuj. Tong. Valer. Verat. Verb. 

Viol-tr. Zinc. 

— asunder, Aloe. Bell. Bry. Caps. Cocc. 
Igt. Kali-jod. Mez. Ntr-m. Nux-m. 
Nux. Ran-b. Rhus. Samb. Sep. Spig. 
Staph. Tar. Zinc. 

— burning, Aloe. Lact. Mang. Sep. 
Sulph-ac. Tar. 

— constricting, Graph. 

— cramp-like, Ars. Colch. Phosp-ac. Plat. 
Ran-sc. Zinc. 

— digging, Bry. Clem. 

— downwards, Ambr. Cina. Cupr. Laur. 
Phosp. Senna. 

— drawing, Agar. Ang. Ant. Arg. Ars. 
Asa-f. Aur. Carb-veg. Caust. Coff. Hell. 
Hep. Igt. Iod. Kali-c. Mosch. Ntr-c. 
Nitr-ac. Ol-an. Ran-b. Ran-sc. Rhod. 
Rhus. Sabad. Sass. Spig. Stann. Staph. 
Tart. Tar. Thuj. 

— gnawing, Ran-sc. 

— heavy, like a stone, Bism. Cannab. Cina. 
Led. Meny. Merc-jod. Nux. Rhus. 

3. HEAD. 

Pressing, jerking, Dig. Thuj. 

— inwards, Anac. Hell. Plat. Ran-sc. 

— outwards, Aeon. Asar. Asa-/. Bell. Bry. 
Cor-r. Creos. Dros. Hep. Igt. Kali-jod. 
Kobalt. Nitr-ac. Oleaud. Phosp. Pn;n. 
Ran-sc. Spong. Sulpli. 

— rending, tearing, Agar. Anac. Chin. 
Samb. Stann. Staph. 

— semi-lateral, Amm-c. Menv. Nux. 

— as if the head would split, with pupils, 
contracted, voice faint, Bell. 

— squeezing, Ambr. Coloc. Eugen. Igt. 
Phosp-ac. Plat. Ran-sc. 

— stinging, Canth. Caps. Euph. Petr. 
Sabin. Sass. Staph. Valer. 

— throbbing, Mez. Nux-m. 

— tightening, Clem. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Op. Therid. 

Prickling, Amm-m. Hydroc-ac. Lachn. 

Pulled, as if the hair were, Alum. Mgn-c. 

Pulsation. Alum. Asar. Bill. Carb-veg. 

Chelid. Chin. Croc. Creos. Daph. Ferr. 

Lact. Led. Nux. Oleand. Op. Plb. Puis. 

Rhus. Sabad. Spong. Thuj. (compare 

Raging, Aur. Caust. Cinnab. Ind. Led. 

Mgn-m. Millef. 
Rasping pain, Sabin. 
Remitting pains, Plat. Valer. 
Rending, tearing, Aeth. Agar. Alum. 

Ambr. Amm-m. Anac. Ant. Arg. Am. 

Ars. Aur. Bell. Berb. Bov. Bruc. Bry. 

Calc. Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. Cast. 

Cham. Chin. Cina. Cocc. Coff. Colch. 

Coloc. Con. Croton. Dig. Graph. Guaj. 

Igt. Ind. Iod. Ip. Kali-c. Lact. Led. 

Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Mere. 

Millef. M ui-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. 

Nux. Ol-a/i. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Rat. Rheum. Rhus. 

Ruta. Samb. Sass. Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. 

Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. Tereb. 

Teucr. Thuj. Tong. Zinc. 

— crazy, crazy feeling runs up the back, 

— digging, Coloc. Spig. 

— drawing, Caps. Cina. Guaj. Kali-c. 
Nux. Puis. Rhus. 

— jerking, Anac. Arn. Chin. Mgn-c. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-nitr. Paeon. Puis. Rat. 
Teucr. Thuj. 

— stinging. Caps. Cocc. Igt. Mgn-m. Ntr-m. 
Nice. Puis. 

— tearing asunder, Agar. Amm-m. Coff. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-s. Op. Puis. Staph. Sulph-ac. 

— with vomiting when raising the head, 

— extending to face, Amm-m. Anac. Bry. 
Guaj. Lyc; Thuj. 


drawing, Seneg. 

stinging, Rhus. 

Rigidity of brain, sensation of, Phosp. 
Roaring, buzzing, humming, Ars. Aur. 

Calc. Caust. Creos. Ferr. Graph. Hep. 

Kali-c. Lact. Mgn-m. Ntr-s. Nux. Plat. 

Puis. Rhus. Sass. Sulph. Zinc. 

— in evening and after meals, Cinnab. 

hysterical persons, Aur. 

Rolling in head, Eugen. Graph. Sep. 
Screwing pain, Sabad. 

behind the ears, Ox-ac. 

Screwed in, as if, Mgn-s. Ntr-m. Puis. 

Ran-b. Sass. Stann. Sulph., (compare 

Spasm, tension.) 

a vice, Aeth. Arg-n. Bry. Carb-veg. 

Glon. Mgn-c. Merc. Nitr-ac. Oleand. 
Petr. Plat. Rat. Sabad. Spig. Tart. 
Sensitiveness of brain, Con. Merc. Nitr-ac. 

Phosp., (compare Aggravations). 
Shaking of the brain, Elaps. Hyosc. Lact. 


when coughing, Lact. 

exercising, Mang. Spig. 

stepping false, Led. 

treading on the ground and walking 

Lyc. Nux. Sep. Sil. Spig. Viol-tr. 
Shocks, jerks, Aeon. Ars. Bell. Caust. 

Carb-veg. Clem. Croc. I p. Lact. Lyc. 

Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Samb. Sang. 

Seneg. Sep. Spig. Stann. Salpk-ac. Thuj. 

— when walking in the open air, Spig. 
rapidly and ascending steps, Ant. 

Arn. Bell. Par. Phosp-ac. 

— relieved by external pressure, Bell. 

— or jerks, pains coming on, in, Dig. 
Mur-ac. Thuj. 

Sleeping too much, as after, Bov. Thuj. 
Small, as if too, Coff. 
Smarting pains, Sabin. 

Smoke in the brain, as from, Arg. Sulph-ac. 

Softening of brain, Lach. 

Soreness, sense of, Camph. Canth. Daph. 

Glon. Phyt. Spig. Zinc. 
Spasmodic pain, Aeon. Ambr. Ang. Arn. 

Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. Colch. Coloc. 

Croton. Igt. Mosch. Murex. Ntr-c. Nice. 

Petr. Phosp-ac. Plat. Ran-b. Rheum. 

Scill. Stann. 

drawing, Mosch. Petr. 

tearing, Ntr-c. 

Stinging, stiches, Aeon. Aloe. Aeth. Alum. 
Amm-c. Anac. Arg. Am. Ars. Aur. 
Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Borax. Bov. Bruc. 
Bry. Camph. Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Cham. Chelid. Chin. Cic. Cinnab. 
Cocc-c. Con. Croton. Cycl. Daph. Dig. 
Elaps. Euphr. Evon. Ferr. Gels. Grat. 
Guaj. Hep. Hipp. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. 
Igt. Ind. Ip. Kali-c. Lach. Lact. Lob. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Mang. 
Millef. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-s. 


3. HEAD. 

Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Ol-an. Par. 
Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Raph. 
Rat. Rliod. Rhus. Sabin. Sabad. Sass. 
Scill, Selen. Sep. Sil. Spig. Slann. 
Staph. Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. 
Tar. Tart. Thuj. Tong. Valer. Verb. 
Viol-tr. Zinc. 
Stinging, drawing, Mang. Scill. 

— jerking, Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. 

— as from knives, Bell. Lacli. 

— inward, Coloc. 

— outwards, Asa-f. Bry. Con. Ntr-c. Sep. 
Stomach, headache rising as from, Con. 
Straining in the head, Rheum. 
Stunning, stupefying pain, Aeon. Anac. 

Ant. Arg. Am. Ars. Asa-f. Asar. Bell. 
Bov. Calc. Cic. Cina. Cinnab. Con. 
Croton. Cupr. Cycl. Dros. Dulc. Iod. 
Kali-c. Hell, /fyosc. Lac-can. Laur. Led. 
Lyc. Mgn-m. Mosch. Mez. Nitr. Oleand. 
Plwsp. Puis. Rheum. Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. 
Stann. Staph. Sulph. Tart. Thuj. Valer. 

— com pressing, Mosch. 

— drawing, Asar. 

— pressing, Arg. Arn. Ars. Asar. Calc. 
Cic. Cina. Croton. Cupr. Dros.Du\c.Ez>on. 
Hell. Hyos'-. Mez. Ruta. Sabad. Stmt;/. 
Sulph. Tart. Verb. 

Stupefying, stinging, Verb. 

— throbbing, Sabin. 

— tightening, Asa-f. Oleand. 
Suddenly* originating headache. Sabin. 


Sunstroke, Camph. Glon. The rid. 

— from having slept in the sun, Bell. 
Swelling sensation of, Bell. Par. Ran-b. 

Ran-sc. Therid. 
Thick, head feels, Therid. 
Th robbing,// tv-M. Actea-r. Aeth. Aloe. Alum. 

Arn. Ars. Asar. Aur. Bell. Borax. Bov. 

Bry. Cact. Calc. Camph. Cannab. Caps. 

Carb-veg. Cast. Cham. Cocc. Colch. 

Creos. Croc. Croton. Dros. Eupat. 

Euphr. Feir. Ferr-m. Gels. Glon. Graph. 

Grat. Hipp. /»■/. Ip. Iod. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 

Lach. Laur. Led. Lith. Lye. Mgn-m. 

Mang. Merc. Mez. Millef. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Xitr-ac. \ux-m. Oleand. Ol-an. Op. Par. 

Petr. Phell. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Rheum. 

Rhod. Rhus. Sabad. Sabin. Sang. Sass. 

Scill. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spong. Stann. 

Stram. Sulph. Tabac. Tart. Therid. 

Thuj. Tong. Verat. Zinc. 

— from abdomen preceding, Rheum. 

— when breathing, Carb-veg. 

— gnawing, Par. 

— without heat or coldness, Laur. 

— intermittent, Fcrr-m. 

— jerking, Bry. Igt. Phosp. 

— painless, with fear to goto sleep, Nux-m. 

— stinging. Puis. 

— tearing, Mgn-m. 

— ulcerous, Cast. Mang. 

Tightening pain, Asa-f. Bar-c. Calc. Cannab. 
Carb-veg. Clem. Dig. Graph. Gymnoc. 
Hep. Kali-chl. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Mang. Merc. Meny. Mosch. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Oleand. Op. Par. Peir. Rhod. 
Sabad. Samb. Stront. Sulph. Therid. 

— drawing, Mang. Mosch. 

— stinging, Mang. 

— as from a tape, Gels. 

Tingling, Arg. Arn. Chelid. Colch. m Cup>. 

Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sec-c. Sulph. 
Tired, brain feels, Apis. 
Turning in the head, Sabad. Sil. 
Ulcerous pain. Amm-c. Bov. Cast. Canst. 

Hep. Mang. Merc. Nux. Puis. 
Vibration, Grat. Lvc. Nux. Sass. Sil. Stront. 


— in the evening, Stront. 

— when stepping out, Lyc. Nux. Sil. 
talking, Sass. 

walking, Verb. 

Violent pains, Bell. Coloc. Lach. Merc. 
Water in the brain, sense like, Aeon. Bell. 

Dig. Ind. Phosp-ac. Samb. 

boiling, like, Aeon. End. 

Wind blowing through skull, like, Aur. 


on rocking, Cor-r. 

Weakness in the head, A r/tbr. Phosp. Ran-i). 
Rhus. Stram. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 

— on the side on which one rests, Mgn-m. 

— disabling, Iod. 

— as if a headache were coming on, Ambr. 
Iod. Lac-can. Phosp. Stram. Thuj. 

Weariness, Ntr-m. 

Whirling, Ars. Fluor-ac. Glon. Sil. 


— every other day, Actea-r. Ambr. 

— day and night, Rhus. Viol-tr. 

— in the morning, Agar. Ambr. Amm-c. 
Amm-m. Anac. Ars. Aur. Ben/.-ac Bcrb. 
Bov. Bry. Cadm. Calc. Calc-ph. Carb-an. 
Caust. Cham. Cina. Clem. Con. Croton. 
Croc. Euph. Ferr. Graph. LLep. Igt. Jatr. 
Kali-b. Kali-c. Kalm. Kobalt. Lach. 
Lith. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Murex. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. 
Pallad. Petr. Phosp. J'hosp-ac. Phyt. Pod. 
Psor. Puis. Rheum. Ruta. Sang. Scill. 
Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. Staph. Sulph. 
Thuj. Zinc. * 

— 3 A. M., Thuj. 

— 5 A. M., Kali-jod. 

— to A. M. to 6 P. M., Apis. 

— at same hour, Kali-b. 

— every alternate morning, Eupat. 

— in bed, Agar. Anac. Berb. Bov. 

Bry. Calc. Calc-ph. Cham. Con. Creos. 
Lach. Lact. Mgn-s. Murex. Nitr-ac. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Rheum. Rhod. 
Rhus. Scill. Staph. Thuj. Zinc-ox. 

3. HEAD. 

2 9 

with nausea, Calc. Graph. Xir-m. 

Nux. Sep. Sil. Stram. Sulph. 

— after breakfast, Lye. Xux-m. 

— when rising, Amm-m. Apis. Arg-n. 

Croton. Cycl. Lact. Nux. Puis. 
relieved, Murcx. 

— in forenoon, Ilcpar. Kali-b. Sabad. Sep. 
Sclen. Sil. 

10 A. M. Borax. 

— at noon, Arg. 
to evening, Sil. 

— in the afternoon, Aeon. Aeth. Asar. Bell. 
Berb. Coloc. Graph. Kali-b. Lac-can. 
Lach. Lact. Lvc. Pallad. Selen. Sil. 

— 4 P. M. to 8 P. Iff. Hell. Lyc. 

— 4 P. M. to 3 A. M. Bell. 

— 3 P. M. Thuj. 

In the evening, twilight, Ang. 

In evening, Alum. Amrn-c. Anac. Ang. 

Apis. Bry. Caps. Carb-veg. Cham. 

Cinnab. Croc. Crot, Eugen. Euphr. 

Ferr. Kali-chl. Kalm. Lach. Lob. Lvc. 

Mgn-m. Mcph. IVIosch. Petr. Phosp. 

/'nls. Rhus. Ruta. Sep. Stront. 

Sulph. Tart. Therid. Thuj. Valer. Zinc 

— 1 to 10 P. M. Mgn-c. Plat. Sil. 

bed, in Ars. Lyc. Mgn-m. Phosp. 

Puis. Sep. Sulph. Zinc. 

— continued to the next evening. Cist. 

A 1 night Amrn-c. Ars. Berb. Rov. Cact. 
Calc. Camph. Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cham. Chin. Con. Creos. Eugen. Hep. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Merc. Ntr-s. Nitr. 
ac. Par. Phosp-ac. Phosp. Puis. Raph. 
Rhus. Sil. Sulph. Tart. Zinc. 

— augmented and continued, Puis. 

— by nausea in the evening preceded, 

Midnight, after, Ferr. Hep. Phosp-ac. 

— 1 A. M. Pallad. 

— 3 A. M. Thuj. 

Draft of air, from Aeon. Bell. Benz-ac. 

Cadm. Calc. Chin. Coloc. Nux-m. Nux. 

Phosp. Sclen. Sil. Valer. Verb. 
Angry, after being, Lyc. Mgn-c. Ntr-m. 

Petr. Phosp. Rhus. 
Arms, from exerting, Ferr-magn. Ntr-s. 
Arms moving, the, Rhus. 
Ascending steps, Ant. Arn. Bell. Calc. 

Ferr-mgn. Glon. Lach. Mcny. Par. 

Phosp-ac. Sil. Sulph. 
Bathing, from, Ant. 

— relieved, from Lact-ac. 
Beer, from Rhus. 

Bending head, by backward. Clem. Dig. 

relieved, from, Apis. Bell. Cupr. 

M u rex. Rhu s. Thuj. Valer. Verat. 
Bending forwards, by Aeon. Asar. Bell. 

Cor-r. Igt. Kobalt. Nux. Spig. Thuj. 

(compare When stooping.) 

Binding anything around head, Calc. 

Cham. Lach. Rhus. Thuj. 
relieved, Arg-n. Bell. Bry. Hep. 

Mgn-m. Nux. Psor. Puis. Rhod. 


Binding up the hair relieves, Nitr. 

Bleeding of nose relieves, Bufo. Mgn-s. 

Blowing of nose,, Sulph. 

Bodily, exertion, Calc. 

Breaklast, after, Bufo. Lyc. Nux-m. 

Change of temperature in, Ran-b. Verb. 

Coffee, from, Cham. Cocc. Igt. Nitr. Nux. 

— relieved, from, Coloc. 

Cold, from a. Bell. Calc. Carb-veg. Chain. 

Cold suppressed from a, Aeon. Ars. Bell. 

Calc. Carb-veij. Cham. Chin. Cina. Lach. 

Lvc. Nux. Puis. Sulph. 
Cold in the head, when getting, Aur. Dulc. 
Coldness, from external, Verb. 
Cold air, from, Camph. Carb-an. Caust. 

Ferr. Grat. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Puis. Rhod. 


— — relieved, Dros. Euphr. Nitr-ac. 

Phosp. Sencg. Tart. 
Cold, applications, relieved by, Aloe. A is. 

Asar. Bell. Bry. Cham. Cycl. Glon. 

Lac-can. Spig. Tart. Zinc. 
Company, in a large, Mgn-c. 
Compressing the head, relieved when,. 

Cinnab. Puis. 
Concussions, from, Arn. Bell. Cocc. Hep. 


Contradiction, from, Lyc. Mgn-c, Ntr-m. 

Petr. Phosp. Rhus. 
Coughing, Bell. Ferr. Kali-c. Spig. Sulph. 

(compare Cough with headache). 
Covering the head from. Led. 

coldness felt, Valer. 

better from, Hep. Lob. Psor. Sil. 

Drinking, after, Aeon. Cocc. Merc. 

something cold, Dig. 

Entering into cold air when, Ran-b. Verb. 

warm air when, Ran-b. 

a room when, Spong, Tong. 

Evacuations too small from, Con. 
Eructations relieved from, Lach. 
Exercising when, .Icon. Agn. Amni-c. 

Amm-m. Arn. Bell. Bry, Calc. Calc-ph. 

Carb-an. Chin. Croc. Dulc. Grat. Kali-c. 

Lob. Mgn-s. Mez. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. 

Phosp-ac. Plat. Sanib. Spig. Staph. 

Sulph. Therid. 

relieved, Guaj. Mgn-m. Mur-ac. Tar. 


Eyes, opening the. when, Bry. Chin. Gent. 
Fatigue, from, Sil . 

Flatus, by emissions of, relieved, Cic. 
Forehead wrinkling up, the, when, Ntr-m. 
Moving or turning the eyes, when, Bell. 

Bry. Caps. Croton. Cupr. Dig. Hep. 

Mgn-s. Mur-ac. Nux. Puis. Rhus. Sep. 

Spig. Sulph. Valer. 

J. Ill-All. 


Hair cut, from getting the, Bell. Glon. 
Stove, near a hot, Actea-r. Bar-m. 
Looking at something, when intently, Mur- 

ac. Spong. 
relieved, Agn. 

Looking downwards, when, Oleand. Spig. 

— upwards, relieved, when, Thuj. 
Laughing, when, Phosp, Tong. 

Lead and tin working in, from, Sulph. 
Leaning on the head, relieved when, Hell. 

Brom. Diad. Kali-c. Meny. Merc. 
Lemonade, from, Sclen. 
Lifting wrong, from, Calc Phosp-ac. Rhus. 
Light of a candle, from, Bufo. Croc. Sang. 

— of da}-, from, Sep. 

Looking at anything, when, Cupr. Lith. Plb. 

Lying down, when, Ambr. Bell. Camph. 
Coloc. Euphr. Gels. [gt. Lith. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Nux. Phosp. Puis. 
Ran-b. Therid. 

— on left side, Cinnah. 

— on painful side, when, Calad. Graph. 
Mgn-c. Phosp-ac. 

— on hack, when, Cinnab. Coloc. 
relieved, Caust. Spong. 

Lying, relieved when. Alum. Aram-re. 

Calc. Calc-ph. Camph. Canth. Colch. 

Con. Cupr. Dulc. Hell. Igt. Lach. Ntr- 

m. Nux. Oleand. Phosp. Spig. 
Lying with head high, relieved, when, Caps. 

Ntr-m. Spig. Stront. Sulph. 
Lying after, Calad. ()x-ac. 
Masticating, when, Phosp. Sulph. 
Meals, during, Graph. Ntr-s. Ran-b. 
relieved, Phell. 

Meals, after, Amm-c. Ant. Ars. Calc. Carb- 
an. Carb-vcg. Cinnab. Cocc. Evon. 
Graph. Lyc. Ntr-s. Nux-m. Nux. Paeon. 
Rhus. Sil. Zinc. 

— relieved, after Lith. Phosp. (compare 
During and after meals). 

Mechanical injuries, from, Arn. Cic. 
Meditation, from Asar. Calc. Chin. Colch. 

Igt. Lvc. Ntr-c. Nux. Petr. Puis. Sabad. 


Mental exertion, Anac. Arn. Asar. Aur. 

Calc. Chin. Cina. Colch. Daph. Dig. 

Graph. Igt. Lach. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-c. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Ol-an. Par. Petr. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Sabad. Sil. Sulph. 
Menses, from sudden suppression of, Lith. 
Mercury, from Puis. (compare generalities). 
Moist weather, during, Carb-an. Rhod. 
Mouth, when opening the, Spig. 
Moving head, Aeon. Bell. Berb. Calc. 

Camph. Caps. Chin. Cic. Con. Cor-r. 

Dros. Gels. Glon. Graph. Hell. Hep. 

Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. 

jug. Nux-m. Nux. Phosp-ac. Puis. 

Sang. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. 


»■» head relieved, when, Euphr. Mur- 

ac. Plat. Rhod. Rhus. Stann. Sulph. 
From music, Ambr. Phosp. 

— noise, Anac. Bell. Bufo. ('act. Hyosc. 
Igt. Iod. Merc. Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. Spig, 

— strong odors, Igt. Sclen. 

In open air, Alum. Arg-n. Bell. Bov. 
Cadm. Calc. Calc-ph. Cham. Chelid. 
Chin. Cina. CofF. Cocc. Con. Eupat. 
Ferr. Hep. Kali-c. Kalm. Lach. Mdng. 
Mez. Mur-ac. Nux. Ran-b. Spig. Sulph. 

relieved, Aeon. Actea-r. All-cep. 

Alum. Ant. Ars. ("annab. Coloc. 

Croc. dot. Diad. Hell. Jatr. 

Kobalt. Lain. Hiong. Meny. Mgn- 

m.Mosch. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr. Phell. 

Phosp. Plat Puis. Seneg. Sep. 

Stann Tabat. Thuj. Viol-tr. Zinc. 
From overheating, Caib-vcg. Sil. 
By perspiration preceded, Ferr. 
From perspiration suppressed, Cham. 

— perspiration relieved, Ntr-m. Thuj. 
When pressing upon head, Agar. Arg. 

Bry. Cast. Chin. Cupr. Lach. Lact. 
Me/.. Phosp-ac. Sass. Valer. Verb. 
relieved, Amm-c. Apis. Bell. 

Bry. Cinnab. Con. Glon. Guaj. 

Meny. Nice. Nux. Par. Puis. 

Sep. Spig. Stann. Staph. Sulph. 


hard pressure relieved, Chin. 


— raising head, Bov. Scill. Seneg. Sulph. 

relieved, Kali-c. 

By rattling noise of vehicles, Nitr-ac. 
From reading, Agn. Apis. Arg. Arn Calc. 

Caust. Cina. Croton. Igt. Lach. Ntr-s. 


By rest relieved, Bry. Colch. Hell. Sep. 
From rich food, Carb-vcg. Colch. Cycl. 

Ip. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Puis. Sep. Thuj. 
When riding in a carriage, Cocc. Graph: 

Iod. Kali-c. Mcph. 
relieved, Nitr. Nitr-ac. 

— rising from sitting, Bell. Grat. Lam. 
Lyc. Mur-ac. Ox-ac. 

stooping, Aeon. Cor-r. Daph. 

Lam. Mur-ac. Nux. Tong. Viol- 

relieved, Con. 

— rising up relieved, Cic. Mgn-c. 

In a room, Arn. Ars. Croton, Jatr. Kobalt. 
Laur. Matig. Mosch. Nice. Ntr-c. Plat. 
Seneg. Sep. Zinc. 

relieved, Bell. Bov. Chin. Cocc. 

Coff. Eupat. Hep. Mang. Merc. 
Nux. Spig. Sulph-ac. 
From running, Ntr-m. 

— shaking head. Bell. Hep. Phosp-ac. 

In sitting, Agar. Canth. Guaj. Puis. Rat 
Ruta. Spong. 

3. HEAD. 

— — relieved. Gels. Lam. Merc. Sulph. 
erect, Causl, 

relieved, Cic. Tart. 

up from lying, Cor-r. Mur-ac. Mux. 

relieved, Aloe. Bell. Lith. 

Mgn-c. Seill. 
In sleep, Cham. Mgn-c. 

relieved, Hell. Pallad. Sep. 

After sleeping, Cocc. Glon. Merc. Ox-ac. 
Psor. Sulph. 

relieved, Lac-can. Phosp. Puis. 


When sneezing, Kall-C. 

From spirituous liquors, Ant. Cale. Carb- 

veg. Igt. Nux. Ran-b. Rhod. Ruta. 

Selen. Verat. Zinc. 
When standing, Arg. Canth. Guaj. Tar. 

— stepping hard, Hell. Bry. ('ale. Chin. 
Con. Hell. Kali-c. Lyc. Nitr-ac Nux. 
Phosp. Rhus. Sil. Spig. Sulph. 

wrong, Anac. Led. 

— stooping, Aeon. Al um. Asar. Bar-c. 
Bell. Berb. Borax. Calc. Calc-ph. 
Camph.Chelid. Cic .Coloc. Cor-r. Creos. 
Cycl. Dig. Dros. Ferr. Gels. Glon. Hell. 
Hep. Itft. Kali-c. Kobalt. Lach. Laur. 
Ntr-s. Nice NH'r. Nux. Pctr. Phosp. 
Plat. Puis. Rheum. Rhus. Sang. Senna. 
Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. Staph. Sulph-ac. 
Thuj. Verat. 

relieved, Cina. Hyosc. Igt. Mang. 

Mez. Nux. Viol-tr. 

— exposed to the sun, Aeon. Bell. Bruc. 
Cadm. Camph. Glon. Hipp. Igt. Lach. 
Ntr-c, Nux. Selen. Therid. Valer. 

From talking, Aeon. Cact. Chin. Coff. Con. 

Dulc. Igt. Iod. Mgn-c. Mez. Phosp. Sil. 

of others, Igt. 

— tea, Selen, 

When thinking of the pain, relieved. 

Camph. Cic. 
From tobacco smoke, Aeon. Ant. Gels. 
Igt. Mgn-c. Par. 

relieved, Diad. 

By touching, pain altered. Asa-f. 

increased, Agar. Anac. Arg. Bell. 

Bry. Calc. Camph. Cast. Chin. 
Con. Cupr. Ip. Lact. Lyc. Merc. 
Me/.. Nux-m. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

relieved, Asa-f. 

When treading on the ground, Chin. Lyc. 
' Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 
Spig. Sulph. 

— turning in bed, Meph. 

— uncovering the body, relieved, Cor-r. 

Urination frequent, relieved by, Gels. 
From veal, Nitr. 

— vexation, Lyc. Mgn-c. Ntr-m. Pctr. 

By vomiting, increased, Eugcn. 

— — relieved. Glon. Hipp. Sang. Raph. 
When walking. Aloe. Am. Caps. Chin. 

Glon. Iod. Lyc Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. 
Puis. Sep. Spig. Stront. Sulph. Thea. 

— ■ — relieved. Canth. Cham. 
in cold air, Caps. 

in open air, Alum. Cina. Coff. Con. 

Grat. Kali-c. Mur-ac. Nux. Spig. 
Spong. Sulph-ac. 

relieved, Alum. Ant. Ars. 

Canth. Coff. Coloc. Cor-r. 
Diad. Glon. Hep. Hvosc. 
Lith. Phell. Ran-b. Rhus. 

After walk in the open air, Amm-c. Calc. 

Hep, Mur-ac. Nice. Pen. Sabad. 
When walking rapidly, Bell. Bry. Iod. 

Sep. , 

in the wind. Chin. 

In warm air. Aeon. Amm-c. Arn. Bar-c. 

Bell. Bry. Carb-veg. Caps. Cocc-c. 

Euph. Igt. Iod. Ip. Mosch. Seneg. Sil. 


Warmth relieves, Bell. Caps. Canst. Cin- 

nab. Cocc. Colch. Kali-c. Mgn-in. Nux- 

m. Nux. Rhus. Stront. Sulph. 
In the warm room, All-cep. Apis. Am. 

Bar-c. CfuC, Laur. Ntr-c. Phosp. Puis. 

Sulph. Zinc. 
When exposed to the wind, Cham. Chin. 


cold wind, Aur. Lac-can. Nux. 


From cold water, applied relief, Ars. Bell. 

Bry. Cycl. Glon. Lac-can. Zinc. 
From change of weather, Lach. Ran-b. 


From wine drinking, Nux. Ox-ac. Rhod. 

Selen. Zinc. 
Wrapping up the head, Calc. Carb-veg. 

Chin. Glon. 

relieved, Mgn-m. Sil. 

When writing, Igt. Ntr-m. compare mental 

When yawning, Agar. 

Accompanied by, pain in abdomen, 

— agitation, Lyc, 

of the blood. Phosp. 

— anorexia, Phosp. Ran-b. Rheum. 

— arms, jerking of, Verat. 

— asthma, Coloc. 

— back pain in small of, Kobalt. 
lassitude, Lob. 

weakness of. Coloc. 

to bend the head backwards, necessity, 


— breath, fetid, Apis. 

alternating with oppression of chest, 


— chilly sensation, Hell. 

J. HK.W). 

— chills, Aloe. Arg-n. Cadm. Evon. Jatr. 
Mgn-s, Mt/. Sil. Thuj. 

— coition desire for, Sep. 

— colic, Aeon. Aloe. Cocc. Cupr-acet. 

— constipation. Aloe. Con. Nux. 

— coryza, Aeon. All-cep. Euphr. Hell. 
Kali-cbl. Kali-jod. Lach. Sabad. 

if it stops, headache, Kali-b. 

— cranium, as if too small, Hell. 

— cries, extorting, Coloc. Cupr. Sep. 

— dejection, Herb. Lact. Ran-b. Therid. 

— delirium, Nux. Verat. 

— diarrhoea. Aloe. Apis. Jatr. 

— dolefulness, Selen. 

— ears, hardness of hearing, Dulc. Grat. 

buzzing in, Aeon. Ars. Dulc. Lact. 

Murex. Puis. Sulph. 

hammering, Spig. 

heat of, Lyc. 

stinging, liorax. Croton. Merc. Rhus. 

— epilepsy, after, Cina. Cupr. 

— epistaxis, Alum. Ant. Bry. Cadm. Carb- 
an. ("off. Dulc. Sep. 

— eructations, Arg-n. Calc. Graph. Lyc. 
Ntr-c. Nux. Phosp. Sil. Sulph. 

— evening, fever, Led. Lob. 

— eves, bloatcdness, Rheum. 
congestion of blood, Alum. 

contraction of lids, Agar. Hell. Nitr. 

Ntr-m. Olcand. Sep. Sulph. Tart. 

dazzling in sun, Euphr, 

downward pressure, Carb-an. 

heat, burning, Ambr. Bov. Eug. 

obscuration, dulness, Arg. Cycl. Gels. 

Grat. Igt. Kali-b. Meph. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 

NtT-m. Puis. Raph. Sass. Sil. Stann. 

Sulph. Zinc. 
pain, Ambr. Bism.Hry. Carb-an. Cina. 

Cocc. CrOc. Croton. Eugen. Kali-c. 

Hipp. Led. Lyc. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Psor. 

Puis. Seneg. Sil. Stam. 

as if torn out, Cocc. 

with the pain, the eyes become 

smaller, Aloe. 

in back part of eyes, Kobalt. 

pressing the eyes out, Aeon. Lachn. 

running with water, lachrymation, 

Eugen. Igt. Osm. Puis. Spong. 

sparks, Eugen. Lach. Psor. Spong. 


spasm, Viol-od, 

stinging, Puis. 

— eyelids, twitching of, Millef. 
-drawing of, Bell. Creos. 

— face, heat of, Aloe. Ang. Calc. Calc-ph. 
Cannab. Chenop. Creos. Diad. Fcrr. 
Gels. Lob. Ntr-m. Nux. Rhus. Stront. 

pain, Lyc. Sil. Tong. 

pale, Aeon. Ambr. Alum. Hell. 

Phosp. Verat. 
redness, Aeon. Hry. Calc. Cannab. 

Creos. Fcrr. Glon. Igt. Kali-jod. Mgn-s. 
Plat. Rhus. Spong. Stront. Thuj. 
yellow, Lach. 

— feet, cold, Hufo. 

— fingers, coldness of, Hell. 
paleness, Verat. 

tearing, occasional, Nitr. 

— Ilatulencv,( 'alc-ph. 

— forgetful ness, Caps. 

— fretfulness, Kali-c. Kali-jod. Sil. 
Stann. Thuj. Tong. 

— giddiness, vertigo, .Aeon. Anac. 
Arg-n. Ars. Calc. Canth. Cupr. Cycl. 
Fcrr. Gels. Hep. Hipp. Hvdroc-ac. 
Kali-b. Kali-chl. Kalm. Lach. Lob. Lyc. 
Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Meph. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Prun. Psor. 
Puis. Sang. Sep. Spig. Strain. Stront. 
Sulph. Tabac. Tart. 

— after headache, Merc-sulph. 

— hands cold, Bcn/.-ac. 

— heat, general, Calc. Cor-r. Merc. Ntr-s. 

— heaviness of limbs, Sil. 

— hunger, Elaps. 

— jaws, tremor of, Carb-vcg. 

— impulse to run hither and thither,* with, 
Ars. Coloc. 

— indifference. Puis. 

— indolence, Calc-ph. Lact. 

— insanity, fear of, Ambr. 

— irritability, Hell. Berb. Calc-ph. Creos. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lac-can. 'Meph. Nux. 
Stann. Thuj. Tong. 

— lie down necessity to, Bell. Bry. Calc. 
Con. Fcrr. Lach. Lyc. Mosch. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Petr. Phosp-ac. Rhus. 
Sass. Selen. Sil. Sulph. 

unable to remain, Coloc. 

Accompaind in limbs, pains as if beaten in, 

— low spirits, Agar. 

— moaning, with, Ars. Bell. 

— nape, numbness in the, Spig. 
pain. Puis. Verat. 

when raising the head. Senna. 

stiffness, Arg. Graph. Lach. Mgn- 

c. Nitr. Spig. Verat. 

— nausea. Aeon. Alum. Amttt-c. Ant. Arg. 
Arn. Benz-ac. Borax. Bry. Calc. Camph. 
Caps. Carh-veg. Caust. Cic. Chin. Cocc. 
Coloc. Con. Cor-r. Croc. Dros. Eugen. 
Eupat. Glon. Graph. Hep. Igt. //. Iris. 
Kali-b. Kali-c. Lac-can. Lach. Mgn-c. 
Meph. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Petr. Phosp. Phyt. Plat. Puis. 
Ran-b. Sang. Sass. Sep. Sil. Stann. 
Stram. Stront. Sulph. 7'ahac. Therid. 
Verat. Zinc. 

— with inclination to vomit, Alum. Arg. 
Ars. Calc. Camph. Cocc. Con. Grat. 
Igt. Tabac. 

and vomiturition, Stann. 

vomiting, Arn. Bar-m. Bry. Cadm. 

3. HEAD. 


Caps. Chin. Cimex. Cocc. Con. 

Creos. Eugen. Graph. Iris. Ip. Jatr. 

Kali-c. Lach. Me/.. Mosch. Ntr-m. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Plat. Puis. 

Sang. Sass. Sep. Therid. Verat. Zinc. 

of bile. Nice. Sang. 

sour, Nux. Sass. 

— olfactory nerves sensitiveness of, Phosp. 

— pains in heart extend to head, Lith. 

— palpitation of heart, Bufo. Hep. Tart. 

— perspiration, general, Merc. Ntr-s. 
cold, Graph. 

in forehead warm, Glon. 

cold, Verat. 

on head. Aeon. 

— precedes headache, Ferr. 

— photophobia, Euphr. Kali-c. Puis. 

— restlessness, Cadm. Cor-r. Lye. Par. 
Prun. Ruta. 

— rheumatic pains and stiffness of limbs. 

— pain in right shoulder-joint, Lach. 

— shuddering, Berb. Evon. Hell. Jatr. 
Lach Mgn-s. Me/. Nux. Puis. Sil.Thuj. 

— sleepiness, Bruc. Creos. Gels. Hipp. 
Lach. Ntr-s. Nitr. Ran-b. Stann. Stront. 

— sneezing, Gels. Kali-ehl. 

— stomach, burning in, Jatr. Sang. 

pain at, Ben/.-ac. Verat. 

pit of, Arg. 

— vitiated, Nux-m. Puis, (compare 


— talk, to, disinclination, Thuj. 

— taste bitter, Creos. 

— thirst, Cadm. Cham. Cupr. Eugen. 
Hipp. Nice. 

— toothache, Rhus. 

— trembling of body, Borax. 

— unconsciousness, Am. Bell. Carb-veg. 
Cocc. Cycl. Kali-b. Puis. Sabin. Sil. 

— urinal discharge, increased, Cinnab. Eu- 
gen. Gels. Selen. Verat. 

— weakness, Agar. Alum. Chin. Creos. 

Lob. Lyc. Nux. Sil. Sulph. 
in back, Pallad. 

— weariness, Berb. 

— weep, disposition to, Ars. Creos. Plat. 

4. Scalp. 

Adhesion, sensation of, Am. Berb. 
Ascending steps, pain when, Hell. 
Baldness, Bar-c. Fluor-ac. Lyc. Zinc. 
Beaten, sense on head, as if, Hell. Ip. 
Petr. Ruta. 

on occipert, Hell. 

Bent forward, the head, Lach. 

when walking, Sulph. 

Biting (see itching). 

Blood vessels distention of, Bell. Sang. Thuj. 
Boils, Hell. Led. Merc. Nux, Petr. Puis. 
Ruta. Sep. Sil. 

— painful, Hell. Hep. Kali-c. Merc. Mez. 
Nux, Puis. 

to touch, Ars. Hep. Kali-c. Ruta. 

— by tearing on the spot, preceded, Ruta. 
burning, luting, sensitive to touch and 

cold, Ars. 

— suppurating, Calc. Kali-c 

Bones, pain in, Aeon. Ant, Arg. Aur. 

Canth. Cina. Cinnab. Ip. Kali-b. Mez. 

Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. Rhod. Ruta, Staph. 

as from air blowing, Aeon. 

as if beaten, I p. 

as if coustrictcd by a tape, Nitr-ac. 


drawing, Canth. Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. 

Rhod. Ruta. 
when lying, Aur. 

pressing, Arg. Nitr-ac. Rhod. Staph. 

as if separated, with increased tem- 
perature, Arg-n. 

stingingas from a sharp needle, Kali-b 

as from swelling, Ant. 

tearing, Arg. Merc. Rhod. 

tension and stinging, Merc. Ruta. 


4. SCAI.l". 

Hones, pain when touched, compelling one 

to cry out, Cupr. 
pain in, increased, Mez. 

— swelling of, Aur. Sulph. 
Boring pain, Lyc. 

— wiui the head in the pillows. Apis. Hell. 
Hell. Snl ph. 

Bruising pain, Ars. Bar-<\ Ten. Hell. Ip. 

Mez. Petr. Rhod. Rut a. 
Burning, Ars. Bry. Coloc. Croton. Cupr. 

Lyc. Merc. Ol-an. Ran-b. Sahad. Staph. 

Tabac. Viol-tr. 

— to eyes extending;, Spig. 

— on forehead, Clem. Coloc. Cupr. Diad. 
Meny. Sabad. Spig. 

— on temples, Croton. Cupr. Spig. 

— on vertex, Cupr. Ntr-m. 
Caries, Aur. Nitr-ac. Staph. 

— with burning pains, Phosp-ac. 

Chills on the scalp. Agn. Ambr. Merc-cor. 
Sep. Stann. Stront. Sulph. Verat. 

— on the pan effected, Kali-jod. 

— commence on scalp. Mosch. 
Circumference of the head, great in chil- 
dren, Calc. Sil. 

Told ness on scalp, Agar. Calc. Iris. Sahad. 
Sep. Sulph, Verat. 

— sense of. Aeon. Agar. Ambr. Arn. Hell. 
Calc. Cannab. Chelid. Lach, Laur. 
Mosch. Phosp. Verat. 

on forehead, Cinnah. Merc. 

— one sided. Rut a. 

— circumscribed parts, in, Sulph. 

— from nape proceeding, Chelid. 

— from vertex down tosacrum. when head- 
each is over, Laur. 

Contraction of scalp, Ntr-m. Plat. Ran-sc. 

— in skin of forehead, Gels. 

— sense of, Carb-veg. Chin. Plat. Sulph. 
Covering is intolerable. Led. 

— relieves, Hep. Psor. Sil. 

Creeping, sensation of, Arg-n. Har-c. 

Cannab. Staph. 
Cutting pain, Clem. Sass. 
Daily pain of scalp, Ntr-c. 
Dandruff, Ars. Alum.. Calc. Graph. Kali-c. 

Lac-can. Lach. Mez. Oleand. Phosp. 

Staph. Thuj. 

— itching, Alum. Mgn-c. Staph. 

in rainy weather, Mgn-c. 

Distortion of head, Camph. Cupr. 

From draft of air, pain. Aeon. 

Drawing pain, Canth. Chenop. Chin. 

Grapii. Lact. Mgn-m. Meny. Nitr-ac. 
Petr. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. Ruta. 
Sass. Sep. Staph. Thuj. 

— to tace extending, Mgn-m. 

— to glands of throat, Graph. 
to teeth. Graph. Mgn-m. Petr. 

— on temples and forehead, Petr. 

Like drops of water, falling on the' head, 

F.iilargeim-nt sense ul, Ar^-n. B<ib. Bov. 

Cor-r. Daph. Dulc. Ind. Mang. Meph. 

Ran-sc. The rid, 
in occiput, Uulc. 

Eruption in general, Arg. Bar-c. Cic. Hep. 
Lyc. Merc. Mez. Nitr-ac. Petr. Puis. 
Seneg. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— burning, Cic. Merc. Oleand. 

after scratching, Hep. Oleand. Vinca. 

— crustv, Dulc. Ferr-m. Lyc. Mez. Rhus. 
Sil. thuj. 

— dry, Ars. Bar-c. Merc. Psor. Rhus. Sep. 
Sil. Sulph. 

— eating away the hair, Dulc. Merc. Rhus. 

— fetid, offensive. Hep. Lyc. Merc. Psor. 
Rhus. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. Vinca. 

— herpetic, dry, Rhus. Thuj. 

— itching. Ars. Clem. Ferr. Hep. Merc. 
Mez. Oleand. Rhus. Sil. Staph. Sulph, 

— itching at night, Oleand. Rhus. 

— knots, lumps, Graph. Hep. Sil. 

— thick leather like crusts, thick and 
white pus under hair glued up, elevat- 
ed white scabs looking chalky. Ml /. 

— moist, humid, Alum. Har-c. Clem' 
Creos. Graph. Hell. Hep. Lyc. Mere. 
Mez. Nitr-ac. Oleand. Psor. Rhus. Ruta. 
Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. Vinca. 

— painful, Arg. Har-c. Clem. Giaph. Hep. 
Lac-can. Lachn. Merc. Mez. Ruta. 

— periodical every year, Rhus. 

— like pimples, Arg. Clem. Creos. Hep. 
Lac-can. Led. Mez. Psor. Sep. 

— with pus rilled, Ars. Herb. Clem. Puis. 

— scaly, Clem. Oleand. 

— sore, smarting, Hep. Ruta. 

— suppurating, Har-m. Cic. Lyc. Rhus. 
greenish, Rhus. 

yellowish, Merc. 

— tinea, Alum. Ars. Bar-c. Brom. Calc. 
Carb-an. Chelid. Cic. Creos. Graph. 
Hell. Hep. Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Oleand. Petr. Rhus. Ruta. Sep. Sil. 
Staph. Sulph. Vinca. 

with liquid stools, Psor. 

dry, Dulc. Mez. 

moist, Sil. 

white, Thuj. 

t<. touch painful, Hep. Ruta. 

Erysipelas, Ars. Hell. Euph. Lach. Rhus. 
Fontanels open, in children, Calc. Cali - 
ph. Cupr. Merc. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

— fall in. Apis. 

Formication, Arn. Chelid. Colch. Led. Ran- 

b. Rhus. Sabad. Tabac. 
Furrows on forehead, Cham. Hell. Lyc. 

Rheum. Rhus. Sep. St ram. 
Furuncles, Har-c. Hell. Calc. Kali-c. Led. 

Mgn-m. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac Rhus. 
Gnawing sensation, Har-c. Herb. Meny. 
Hair, bristling, Arn. Canth. Dulc. Lachn. 

Spong. Zinc. 

— dry, Alum. Hipp. Kali-c. Plb. Psor. 

4. SCALP. 


Hair flabby, Phosp-ac. 

— flaxen, Phosp-ac. 

— gray, Graph. Lyc. Phosp-ac. Sulph-ac. 

— greasy, Bry. Phosp-ac. 

— falling out, Ambr. Amm-c. Ant. Ars. 
Aur. Bar-c. Bov. Calc. Carb-an. Carb- 
veg. Con. Creos. Cycl. Ferr. Ferr- 
m. Fluor-ac. Graph. Hell. Hep. Hipp. 
.Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Osm. Par. Petr. Phosp-ac. 
Pkosp. Plb. Sass. Sec-c. Selen. Sep. Sil. 
Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Zinc. 

from the eyebrows, Kali-c. Plb. Selen. 

mustaches, Plb. Selen. 

whiskers, Graph. Kali-c. Ntr-m. 

Phosp-ac. Plb. 
sides of head, Calc. Graph. Merc. 


occiput, Carb-veg. 

in lying in women, Calc. Lach. Ntr- 

m. Sulph. 

— painfulness of, Alum. Ambr. Asar. 
Calc. Caps. Chin. Ferr. Mez. Par. 
Sulph. Thuj. Verat 

when brushed backwards, Puis. Rhus. 

after scratching, Caps. 

as if pulled. Aeon. Alum. Canth. 

Chin. Ind. Rhus. Selen. 

to touch, Ambr. Chin. Cinnab. Ferr. 

Mez. Sep. Sulph. 

Heat, Aeon. Aloe. Alum. Arn. Bell. Borax. 
Bry. Calc. Camph. Canth. Carb-an. Carb- 
veg. Coloc. Con. Dig. Dros. Graph. Lach. 
Laur. Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr- 
ac. Phosp. Sep. Sil. Strain. Stront. Sulph. 
Tart. Verat. 

— on forehead, Cham. Diad. Euphr. 
with cold cheeks, Bell. 

— of part affected, Kali-jod. 
Immobility, Arn. Berb. 

Itching, 4gar. Agn. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Alum. Anac. Ant. Arg-n. Bar-c. Berb. 
Bov. Calc. Calc-ph. Caps. Cham. Coloc. 
Con. Cycl. Dros. Fluor-ac. Gels. Graph. 
Grat. Kali-c. Kobalt. Lach. Laur. Led. 
Lyc. Merc. Mez. Nitr. Nitr-ac. Oleand. 
Ol-an. Phosp. Puis. Ran-b. RhoJ. Ruta. 
Sabad. Selen. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spong. 
Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. Vinca. 

— on forehead, Graph. Sep. Sulph. 

— in evening, Agn. Berb. Carb-yeg. Rhod. 

— at night, Oleand. Rhus. 

biting, Agn. Led. Mez. Puis. Ran-b. 

Ran-sc. Rhod. Tnuj. 
burning, Ars. Berb. Hep. Lyc. Merc. 

Mez. Sabad. Sil. 

gnawing, Agn. Bar-c. Caps. Oleand. 

Rhod. Rhus. Ruta. Staph. Thuj. 
after scratching increased, Merc. Phosp. 


— with pain, Caps. 

changing the place, Berb. Cycl. 

rasping, Oleand. 

— in sleep, -Agn. 

— stinging, Berb. Cycl. Sep. 

Jerking painful. Agar. Bry. Cham. Croton. 

Knitting the brows, Rheum. Viol-od. 
Lice, Psor. Sabad. 

Lumps, tubercles, Calc. Daph. Hell. Igt. 
Petr. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sep. Sil. 

— painful. Hell. Nux. Puis. Ruta. 

— suppurating, Calc. Kali-c. 
In lying pain, Aur. Thuj. 

When masticating pain in temples, Thuj. 
Motions convulsive, Camph. Cupr. Lyc. 
Sep. St ram. 

— distortion, Cupr. 

— drawn to one side. Camph. Cina. Cupr. 

— jerks, Alum. Cic. Cina. Samb. Sep. 

— opisthotonos, Bell. Camph. Cic. Dig. 
Hep. Igt. Nux. Sep. Strain. 

— shocks, Cic. Kali-c. Sep. 

— involuntary when writing, Caust. 

— sinking of head backwards, Chin. 

— on turning head, cannot easily turn it 
back again, Cic. 

When opening the mouth, pain in temples, 

Movememt of scalp, Evon. Ntr-m. Sang. 

When moving the head, pain, Cupr Hell. 
Muscles twitching of, Arg. Lach. 
Nocturnal pain, Led. Ntr-s. Thuj. 

with chilliness and chattering of teeth, 


Numbness, sense of, Ang. Berb. Caust. 

Mercurial. Mez. Petr. Plat. 
Painfulness of scalp, Ars. Bar-c. Bell. 

Carb-a. Carb-veg. Caps. Chin. Creos. 

Ferr. Lith. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. 

Petr. Rhus. Sass. Selen. Sil. Staph. 

Tart. Thuj. 

— from pressing of hat, Agar. Carb-a. 
Carb-veg. Crot. Nitr-ac. Sil- 

— from scratching, Bar-c. Caps. 

— in small spots, Aloe. 

— from strain in loins, Ambr. 

— from touch. Agar. Ambr. Arg. Ars. 
Bar-c. Bov. Bufo. Chin. Cinnab. Cupr. 
Ferr. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 
Nux-m. Nux. Par. Petr. Rhus. Selen. 
Sil. Sulph. Thuj. Zinc. 

Perspiration, Aeon. Anac. Ang. Ars. Bell. 
Berb. Bry. Bufo. Calc. Carb-veg. Cham. 
Chin. Cina. Coloc. Dig. Graph. 
Guaj. Gum-gut. Hep. Kali-c. Lach. Led. 
Merc. Mez. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr- 
ac. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Pod. Puis. Raph. 
Rheum. Rhus. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 
Tart. Valer. Verat. 

— in evening, Calc. Sep. 


4. SCALP. 

Perspiration at night, Coloc. Ntr-m. 

— on forehead, ( hin. Croton. Hep. Laehn. 

Led, NllX. Sabad. SUUMH. Tart. 

— clammy, Chan. Merc. Mux. 

— cold, Bcn/.-ac. Brv. Cina. Cocc. Colch. 
Croc. Dig. Hep. Lachn. Merc Op. Puis. 
/ 'trait. 

on forehead, Aeon. Caib-veg. Chin. 

Cina. Dros. Ip. Kali-c. Staph. Verat. 

— hot, with the pains, Cham, Glon. 
on forehead. Croton. Tart. 

— when walking, Led. 

in open air, Graph. Guaj, Mux. 

— half of head and face, cold to touch, Nux. 

— only, hair wet, Rheum. 

— all over except head, Tbuj. 

— and side on which he docs not lie, Nux. 

— oily greasy, sour smelling. Hi v. 

— only, and palms of hands, and much 
turbid urine, Phosp. 

— semilatcral, Nux. 

— in sleep, Calc. Merc. Pod. Sil. 

— during sleep, with coldness of flesh in 
dentition, Pod. 

— sour smelling, Bry. Merc Sil. 

— stooping, when, Herb. 

Plica Polonica, Bov. Creos. Lyc. Psor. 
/ 'inea. 

Pressing pain, .-//»■. Nitr-ac. oleand. Phosp- 
ac. Rhod. Sasr. 

— on forehead, Cic. Chin. 

— on temples, Agar. Tbuj. 

From pressure external, pain, Agar. Arg. 

Carb-an. Carb-veg. Croton. Nitr-ac. Sil. 
Prickling, Croton. Hell. Sabad. 
Pulsation, Chelid. Guaj. 
Like pulled by the hair, pain, Aeon. Alum. 

Canth. Chin. lod. Rhus. Selen. 
Quivering between the eyebrows when 

reading, Aug. 
Raising frequently the head from the bed, 


Rinding, tearing, Arg, Bry. Carb-a. 
Carb-veg. Chenop. Graph. Lyc. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-s. 01 -an. Rhod. Rhus. Sass. Sep. 

— on forehead, Carb-veg; Ntr-c. 

— from limbs originating, Carb-veg. 

— on occiput, Carb-veg. 

— on the side, Carb-a. Kali-b. 

— to teeth anil glands of throat, extending 

— on vertex, Ntr-c. 

Rhagades after scratching, Oleand. 
Rheumatic pain. Graph. Guaj. Staph. 
Rolling of head, Bell. 

in difficult dentition, Pod. 

With a rough, wind pain, Nux. 

Rubs the forehead, Verat. 

Scabs, scrufs. on scalp, Ars. Bar-m. Bov. 

Bry. Calc. Carb-a. Chelid. Graph. Hep. 

Ntr-m. Oleand, Petr. Rhus. Ruta. Sil. 

Sal ph. 

Scraping sensation, Lyc. 

Shuddering, Stuff. 
' Smarting after scratching, Oleand. 

Soieness, sense ol, Alum. Ambi. ./';'. 
Bell. Bry. Drt. Ntr-m, Nux. Ol-an. 
Par. Petr. Rhod. Staph, /.in.. 

Sore spots on head, Bov. 

Spasmodic pain. Bell. 

Stillness of muscles of forehead, Jan. 

Slinging, stitches, Agn. Beib. Canst, ( bin. 
Cinnab. Daph. Dig. Luphr. Guaj. Ol- 
an. Phosp-ac. Phosp. Piun. Kan-b. 
Sass. Staph. Thuj. 

— at 3 P. M. Staph. 

— in forehead, Chin. Euphr. 

— on sides of heads, Phosp. 

— in temples. Dig. Euphr. Guaj. Thuj. 
When stooping pain on head. Hell. 
Straining, Canst. 

Swelling sense of, Acth. Berb. Guaj. Dig. 

compare Enlargement. 

when entering a room, Acth. 

of scalp, Ars. Bell. Bov. Cham. Cupr. 
Daph. Lach. Merc-cor. Rhus. Sep. 
— painful, Daph. 

purplish red, with redness of face, 

Cu pr. 

semilatcral, Daph. 

— inflammatory, suppurating, or becom- 
ing carious, pain on external pressure 
or when lying on them, Nitr-ac. 

To take cold liability] Bar-c. Calc. Carb- 
veg. Hyosc. Kali-c. Led. Lyc. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Phosp. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 

from having the hair cut, Bell. Glon. 

Tenderness, sensitiveness of scalp, Agar. 
Ars. Bov. Calc. Carb-a. Carb-veg. Chin. 
Cret. Iod. Merc-sulph. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 
Nux-m. Petr. Phosp. Rhus. Sass. Selen. 
Sil. Spong. Slann. Tar. Tong. Zinc, 
compare painful ness. 

— of temples, Nux-m. 
vertex, Scill. 

Tension, Agn. Ang. Apis. Am. Asar. Berb. 
Canst. Lach. Lam. Merc. Nitr-ac. Ol-an. 
Phosp. Ran-sc. Ruta. Spig. Stront. Tar. 


— on forehead, Carb-an. Evon. Par. Phosp. 
with wrinkles, Grat. 

— — temples, when masticating, Ang. 
vertex, Carb-an. 

Throbbing in temples, Guaj. Pod. 
Tightness of scalp, Carb-an. Caust. Hell. 
Merc. Lam. Spig. 

— sense of, Agn. Bell. Berb. Brv. Caust. 

Thinness of skull, sense of, Bell. 

To touch painfulness, Agar. Amir. Arg. 
Ars. Bov. Chin. Cinnab. Cupr. Ferr. 
Mez. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. 
Par. Petr. Puis. Sil. Spig. Thuj. com- 
pare Pressure. 



To touch painfulncss, increased by, Agar. 

Bry. Me/.. Sass. 
When touching the hair pain, Agar. Ambr. 

Chin. Cinnab. Ferr. Me/.. Puis. Rhus. 
Tremor of head. Alum. Aur. Bell. Calc. 

Cocc. Hyosc. Igt. Kali-chl. Lith. Lyc. 

Sep. Tabac. Tart. 
Tumors, Calc. Hell. Nux. Petr. Puis. 

Ruta. Sep. Sil. 
Twitching, on scalp, Agar. Bry. Hell. 
Ulcers small, Ruta. 

Ulcerous pain, Petr. Rhod. Rhus. Sulph- 
ac. Zinc. 

By walking pain increased, Graph. Sass. 

Warmth sense of, Verat. 

Weakness of head, Am. Caust. Chin. Cupr. 

Rhod. Spong. Viol-od. 
with falling backwards, Camph. 

Chin. Dig. Rhod. Viol-tr. 

forwards, Cupr. Viol-od. 

sideways Spong. 

From wrong lifting pain, Amb 

5. Eyes and Sight. 

Aching pains in orbits, Bov. Cupr. Par. 

Agglutination, Agar. Alum. Apis. Bar-c. 
Bell. Bry. Calc. Cham. Dig. Euph. 
Graph. Igt. Kali-c. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Nux. 
Phosp. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. Spig. Spong. 
Staph. Sulph. Thuj. 

— in the morning, Caust. Che lid. Dig. 
Graph. Kali-b. Kali-c. Mgn-c. Mang. 
Millef. Nice. Nux. Phosp. Psor. Sass. 

— at night, Alum. Amm-c. Ang. Ant. Ars. 
Bar-c. Bell. Bov. Bry. Calc. Carl> 
Cham. Chelid. Cic. Croc. Creos. Dig. 
Euph. Euphr. Ferr. Graph. Gum-gut. 
Hep. Igt. Kali-c. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Afgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. , Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Ol-an. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Rat. 
Rhod. Rhus. Sass. Sep. Sil. Statin. 
Staph. Stram. Sulph. Tar. Thuj. Verat. 

* Amaurosis, Aur. Bell. Calc. Caust. Chelid. 
Cic. Con. Dig. Dulc. Euphr. Gels. Guaj. 
Hyosc. Ntr-m. Op. Phosp. Plb. Puis. 
Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Stram. Sulph. Zinc, 
(compare Paralysis of optic nerve.) 

— incipient, Bell. Calc. Cannab. Caps. 
Canst. Chin. Hyosc. Merc. Ntr-m. Puis. 
Rhus. Ruta. Spig. Sulph. Tart. 

Anxious look, Aloe. Arn. Nux. 

Arthritic affection, Ant. Ars. Bell. Bry. 

Cham, Coloc. Dig. Hep. Merc. Nux. 

Puis. Rhus. Spig. 
Beaten, pain around eyes, as if parts were, 


Biting, Berb. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Clem. 

Creos. Euphr. Graph. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 

Lact. Lyc. Merc. .\ ux. Ol-an. Petr. 

Rheum. Rhus. Sabad. Sep. Sil. Stann. 

Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Teucr. 

Thuj. Valer. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

below the eyes when rubbing, Con. 

. — in the lids, Clem. Creos. Lyc. Sep. Spig. 

Sulph. Zinc. 

— in the canth, Carb-veg. Con. Me/.. Mur. 
ac. Ran-b. A'an-sc. Ruta. Si\. Staph. Sulph. 
Tart. Teucr. Zinc. 

— as from dust Rheum. 
Blear-eyedness, Aeon. Asar. Bry. Elaps. 

Euph). Merc. Par. Puis. Sep. Spig. Tart. 

Bleeding from eyes, Bell. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Cham. Lach. Nux. 
lids, Arn. Bell. 

Blindness paroxysms of ( in the day), Aeon. 

Con. Menj r . Nitr. Nux. Phosp. Sil. 

Stram. Sulph. 

in the evening, Bell. 

at night, Bell. Cadm. Chelid. Hyosc. 

Meph. Merc. Puis. Verat. 
in sunlight, Con. 

— followed by headache, sight returns 
with increasing headache, Kali-b. 

— momentary, as from fainting, Agar. Aur. 
Bell. Calc. Caust. Cic. Dros. Ferr, Hep. 
Hyosc. Mang. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr. 
Oleand. Phosp. Puis. Spig. Stram. 

— periodical, Chelid. Chin. Dig. Euphr. 
Hyosc. Merc. Ntr-m. Phosp. Puis. Sep. 
Sil. Sulph. Tart. 

— sudden, Mosch. 
Bloatedness of lids, Psor. Spong. 
Blood, congestion of to eyes. Alum. Bell. 

Kali-ch. Phosp. Plb. Seneg. 
I when stooping, Seneg. 

— oo/.ing of from, Calc. Crotal. 

— specks on eyeball, Nux. 
Blueness of eyes, Verat. 

— lids, Dig. Dros. 

— canthi, Sass. 

Boil on canthus, Bell. Bry. Calc. Ntr-c. 

Petr. Puis. Sil. Stann. 
Bones of orbits, pain in, Phosp. 
Boring sense in eyes. Puis. Spig. 



Too bright seeming, everything, Camph. 
N u x . 

Bright appearances, Amm-c. Aur. Bar-c. 
Hell. Borax. Bry. Camph. Cannab. Croc. 
Con. Dig. Graph. Iod. Kali-c. Nux. 
Puis. Spig. Stront. Tart. Valer. Vcrat. 

— brightness, clearness, Kali-c. Valtr. 

— circles fiery, Puis. 

— fire, Ainm-c. Aur. Hell. Bry. Cannab. 
Caust. Con. Croc. Dig. Dulc. Elaps. 
Hyosc. Kali-c. Kali-clil. Lach. Merc. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Sec-c. Sep 
Sil. Staph. Strain. Sttlph. Verat. Viol- 
od. Zinc. 

— Serf zig-zags around everything, Ntr-m. 

— Makes fiery, Zinc. 

— Hashes of light, lightenings, Croc. Kali- 
c. Ntr-c. Nux. Sec-c. Spig. Staph. 

— flickering zig-zags, Igt. 

— glittering, Aloe. Alum. Amm-c. Bell. 
Borax. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chin. 
Cic. Cina. Con. Dig. Fluor-ac. Gels. 
Graph. H,ep. 'g l - I<>d. Led. Lyc. Nux. 
Petr. Plat. Seneg. Sep. Staph. St ram. 
Stront. Tabac. Tart. Therid. Verat. V'iol- 

— red spots, Hyosc. Lac-can. 

— shining spots, Seneg. 

— sparks, Ars. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Caust. 
Cycl. Dig.-'jDulc. Glon. Iod. Kali-c. 
Kali-chl. Lach. Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr- 
s. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Sep. Sil. Staph. 
Valer. Verat. 

— streaks of light, Amm-c. Glon. Ntr-m. 

— luminous rays from light to eyes, Cham. 

— red bar before the eyes on opening them, 

— in the evening, Kali-c. 

— after blowing the nose, Ntr-s. 

— with closed eyes, Alum, Kali-c. 

— when coughing or sneezing, Kali-chl. 

— in the dark, Bar-c. Lvc. Staph. Thuj. 

— when raising the eyes, Zinc. 

— when rising from lying, Verat. 
from sitting, Tart. Verat. 

As if bruised pain, Cocc. Gels. Hep. Lyc. 
Nux. Sulph. Tart. Verat. 

in lids, Hep. 

sockets, Cupr. 

Burning, Aeon. Agn. All-cep. Alum. 
Ambr. Amm-c. Aug. Ars. Asa-/. Asar. 
Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Borax. Bry. 
Calad. Calc. Canth. Caps. Carb. 
veg. Cast. Caust. Cham. Chin. 
Cic. Coloc. Con. Cor-r. Croc. Creos. 
Croton. Cycl. Elaps. Eugen. Euphr. 
Ferr. Fluor-ac. Graph. Grat. Gum-gut. 
Hep. Hipp. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 
Lach. Lachn. Laur. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-s. Mang. Meph. Merc. Merc-cor. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Xtr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. .\7/». 
Nux-m. Afar, Ol-an. Osm. PtBOIl. Par. 
Petr. Phell. Phosp-ac. Phosp. Phvt. 
Puis. Rat. Khod. Rhus. Rut*. Sab. id. 
Sass. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. 
Stann. Staph. Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tabac. Tar. Tart. Thuj. Tong. valer. 
Viol-od. Zinc. 

— in the morning, Amm-c. Graph. Mgn-s. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Phell. Rat. Kliod. 
Sass. Seneg. Sep. Stront. Zinc. 

— at twilight disappears at candlelight 

— below the eves when rubbing, Con. 

— on the brows, Dig. 

— in canthi, Agar. Amm-m. Calc. Carb- 
veg. Cinnab. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Tho.-p-ac. 
Phosp. Ran-b. Scill. Sulph. Thuj. 

edges, Meph. Nux. 

the lids, Ars. Aur. Bell. Berb. Bry. 

Calc. Caust. Chenop. Clem. Colch. 

Croc. Kali-b. Lact. Lye. Nux. Oleand. 

Phell. Phosp-ac. Phyt. Sass. Seneg. 

Stann. Sulph. Zinc. 
Candle light seeming too dark, Euphr. 

flaring, Anar. Euphr. 

by a halo surrounded. Alum. Anac. 

Bell. Dig. Ferr. Lach. Mgn-m. Nitr. 

Phosp. Puis. Ruta. Sass. Sep. Stann. 

Stront. Sulph. 

blue, Lach. 

green, Phosp. Sep. 

rainbowjcolored, Ferr. Nitr. Stann. 

red, Ruta. 

Cataract. Amm-c. Bar-c. Bell. Calc. 
Cannab. Caust. Chelid. Chin. Con. Dig. 
Euphr. Hep. Hyosc. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Op; Phosp. Puis. Rhus. 
Ruta..S/7. Tellur. 

— after contusion, Con. 

— incipient, Puis. 

— reticularis, Caust. PIb. 

— viridis, Phosp. Puis. 

Ciliary neuralgia with iritis, Mez. 

Close the eyes, disposition to, Ox-ac. 

Clouds, before the eyes, Berb. Cast. Cro- 
ton. Kalm. Lact. Ol-an. Sabin. 

the right eye, Ferr-m. 

Coldness in eyes Alum. Amm-c. Asa-f. 
Calc. Con. Lachn. Lyc. Plat. 

edges of lids, Kali-c. Phosp-ac. 

canthi, Asar. 

in evening, Lyc. 

when walking in the open air, Alum. 


Colors before the eyes, Agar. Amm-c. 
Anac. Arn. Bell. Calc. Caust. Chin. Cic. 
Cocc. Con. Dig. Euphr. Hep. Kali-c. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 
Phosp. Ruta. Sass. Sep. Sil. Stram. 
Stront. Sulph. Thuj. 

— blue, Bell. Hipp. Kali-c. Lyc. Nice. 
•Stram. Stront. 



Colors blue before right eye, Nice. 

— gray, Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Sep. Sil. 

— green, Dig. Kali-c. Merc. Phosp. Ruta. 
Sep Stront. Sulph. Zinc. 

— red, Bell. Cact. Con. Croc. Elaps. 
Hyosc. Sass. Stront. Sulph. 

— striped, Amm-c. Bell. Con. Ntr-m. 
Puis. Sep. 

— variegated, Bell. Cic. Con. Dig. Kali-c. 
Nice. Nitr. Phosp-ac. Phosp. Stram. 

— white, Amm-c. Kali-c. 

— yellow, Alum. Ars. Bell. Canlh. Dig. 
Kali-b. Kali-c. Sep. Sd. Stront. Sulph. 

— in the evening, Nitr. Sass. 

— around the candle, Calc. Nitr. Sep. 

— in the dark, Stront. 

— when reading, Cic. Croc. 

— in a room, Con. 

— after rubbing the eyes, Stront. 

Compression of the eyes, Aur. Bell. Can- 
nab. Chin. Cor-r. Hep. Plat. Tabac. 
Verat. Viol-od. Zinc. 

of lids, Asa-f. Euphr. 

Condylomata of eyebrows, Thuj. 
Confusion of letters when reading, Bry. 

Chin. Daph. Dros. Graph. Lach. Lyc. 

Meph. Ntr-m. Seneg. Sil. Stram. 
Congestion of blood to eyes, Aloe, Alum. 

Bell. Plb. Seneg. 

when stooping, Seneg. 

to lids, Gels. 

Conjunctiva, brown spots on, Kali-b. 

— pustules, on Merc. 

— swollen, Bell. Bry. Sulph. 
Contracting sensation, Croton. Euphr. Plb. 

Rat. Ruta. Scill. Verb. 

in lids, Croton. Euphr. Nux. Plb. 

Rhod. Tabac. Viol-tr. 

Contraction, spasmodic of lids, Aeon. 
Alum. Ars. Bell. Calc. Cham. Croc. 
Cupr. Hep. Hyosc. Merc. Ntr-m. Sil. 
Spong. Staph. Stram. Sulph. Tart. Viol- 

— in morning, Calc. Spong. Sulph. 

— in evening, Hep. Ntr-m. 

— of eyes, when putting on spectacles, 

Convulsions of eyes, Bell. Canth. Cocc. 
Cupr. Hyosc. Jgt. Spig. 

lids, Berb. Igt. Lach. Rheum. 

when reading, Berb. 

— occasioned by light, Bell. 

Cornea, fungus hcematodes, Calc. Lyc. 
Sep. Sil. 

— granular pustules, Kali-b. 

— inflammation, Euphr. Spig. 

— irritation, Croton. 

opacity, Agn. Apis. Arg-n. Cadm. Calc. 

Cannab. Chelid Chin. Croton. Euph. 
Euphr. Mgn-c. Nitr-ac. Op. Puis. Sacch. 
Seneg. Sulph. Zing. 

— bluish, Euphr. 

— as from dust on it, Sulph. 

— from wounds, Euphr. 

— painless. Dig. 

— pellicle from wounds, Euphr. 

— specks, spots, Apis. Ars, Aur. Bell. 
Cadm, Calc. Cannab. Chelid. Con. 
Euphr. Hep. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Sep. 
Sil. Ruta. Sulph. 

— ulcers, Ars. Calc. Euphr. Hep. Lach. 
Merc. Ntr-c. Ruta. Sil. Sulph. 

scars from, Euphr. Sil. 

— vesicles, on, Sulph. 

Cuting pain in eyes, Calc. Coloc. Merc. Puis. 

Verat. Viol-tr. 

lids, Calc. Merc. 

and heat after operations, Croc. 

Dark, black, bodies before the eyes, Bell. 

Calc. Canth. Chin. Cocc. Dros. Euphr. 

Hep. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mosch. Mur- 

ac. Petr. Phosp. Plb. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 

Staph. Stram. 

— clouds, Cast. Ol-an. Sabin. 

when lying on left side, Merc-jod. 

— flies, Agar, Amm-m. Aur. Bell. Calc. 
Caust. Chin. Cocc. CofF. Con. Dig. 
Dulc. Lact. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 
Rhus. Ruta. Sep. Sil. Stram. Sulph. 

— black mote before left eye, Agar. Merc. 

— network, Anac. Bar-c. Caust. Nitr-ac. 

— points, Amm-c. Amm-m. ^o'rir Chin. 
Elaps. Kali-c. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr- 
ac. Nux. Sep. Sulph. Tabac. Tereb. 

— spots, Aeon. Agar. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Anac. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Calc. Cast. Carb- 
veg. Chin. Cocc. Con. Euphr. Evon. 
Glon. Kali-c. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. Phosp- 
ac. Phosp. Ruta. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
Tabac. Thuj. Verat. 

when stooping, Lact. 

very near, Lyc. 

— stars, Cast. 

— streaks, Phosp-ac. 

— in the daytime, Amm-m. 

— with candle light, evening, Amm-m. 

— when gazing at anything, Amm-m. 

— when looking down, with nausea and 
eructations. Kalm. 

— when reading, Calc. Kali-c. 

— when rising from sitting or lying, 

— in a room, Con. 

Darkness, cloudiness, before the eyes, 
Aeon. Ambr. Ang. Arg-n. Am. Ars. 
Asa-f. Asar. Aur. Bell. Berb. Bry. Calc. 
Camph. Cham. Cic. Chin. Cupr. Dig. 
Evon. Graph. Hep. Hyosc. Lach. Lact. 
Lain. Lvc. Meny. Mosch. Ntr-m. Nitr- 
ac. Nitr. Oleand. Op. Phosp. Puis. 
Scill. Sec-c. Stram. Sulph. Thuj. 

— evening, Puis. 


Darkneis from smell of camphor, Niu. 

— from candle light, Phosp. 

— with deafness, alternating, Cic. 

— when looking sideways, Oleand. 
at anything white, ("ham. 

— after meals, Calc. 

— when reading, ( ale. Dros. Hep. Meny. 
Ntr-m. Sulph. Thuj. 

— on one side only. Cham. 

— with sleepiness, Thuj. 

— when stooping, Graph. Ntr-m. 

walking, Cic. Ntr-m. 

writing, Asa-f. 

Day blindness, Con. Sulph. 
Duzzled eyes. Con. 

— in evening, Lyc. 

— by bright light, Bar-c. Bry. Calc. Camph. 
Caust. Cham. Clem. Con. Dros. Euphr. 
h'ali-c. Igt. Lith. Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. 
Phosp-ac. Phosp. Sil. Sulph. 

— light of a candle, Phosp. 

— gazing at anything bright, Phosp-ac. 

— when reading, Seneg. 

— spot before eyes, Chelid. 
Detatched as if eyeballs were, Carb-an. 
Diffusion of light', Hell. Puis. 
Digging pain, Colch. Spig. 

Dilated lids, Ant. 

Dimness of eyes, Arn. Ars. Hell. Bov. Bry. 
Con. Cupr. Cycl. Ferr. Kali-jod. Lyc. 
Merc. Mosch. Sang. Spig. Spong. Stann. 

Dimsightedness. Aeon. Agar. Alum. Ami). 
Amm-c. Amm-m. Anac. Aug. Arn. Ars. 
Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Bov. Bry. Cact. 
Calc. Canuab. Caps. Caust. Chelid. Chin. 
Citia. Clem. Cocc. Coloc. Con. Creos. 
Croc. Cycl. Dig. Dros. Dulc. Euph. 
Evon. Ferr. Gels. Glon. Hoe mat OX. 
Hep. Hydroc-ac. LLyosc. Ip. Iod. Kali-b. 
Lact. Laur. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mang. 
Meph. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr- 
ac. Ol-au. Op. Phosp-ac. Phosp. Plat. 
Pit. Psor. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sacch. 
Sang. Sass. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. 
Staph. Strain. Sulph. Tal>ac. Tart. Thuj. 
Valer. Verb. 

— frequent, Sang. 

— with increased brightness alternating, 

— like cuticle before the eves, C aust. 
Daph. Puis. Rat. 

— like feathers before the eyes, Calc. 
Creos. Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Sulph. 

— like gauze, Berb. Bufo. Ca'c. Caust. 
Creos. Croc. Dros. Dulc. Hydroc-ac. 
Lach. Lact. Laur. Ntr-m. Petr. Phosp. 
Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sec. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
Tabac. Tilia. Thuj. Verb. 

blue, Lach. 

gray, Phosp. 

— glittering, Alum. Amm-c. Led. Seneg. 

— misty, Aeon. Agar. Alum. Ambi. Aniin- 
in. Aug. Am. As.i-f. Bar-c, lull. Bism. 
Bry. Calc. Caust. Con. Creos. Croc 
Croton. Cycl. Diad. Dig. Eupln. Kvon. 
Grat. Igt. Lachn. Lact. I. am. Lyc 
Merc. Meph. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr- 
ac. Petr. Phell. Phosp-ar. Phosp. Plb. 
Puis. Ruta. Sabin. Sass. Sec-C. Sep. 
Sil. Spig. Staph. Strain. Sulph. Tart. 

— smoky, Gels. 

— like water in eyes, Staph. 

— to wipe compelling, Creos. Croc. Lac- 
can. Ntr-c. Plb. Puis. Rat. 

— by wiping relieved, Cina. Caps. Croc. 
Plb. Puis. 

— by wiping increased, Seneg. 

— in the morning, Gaps. Cham. CAelid.Pul*. 

— in the evening, Cham. Croc. Ferr. Hep. 
Lachn. Puis. Tabac. 

— with candle light. Croc. Hep. 

— sunlight, Bty. 

— after eating, Calc. 

— after exertion ol the eyes, Ruta. 

— with inclination to vomit, Puis. 

— when looking at a distance, Cast. Gels. 

intently, Calc. Phell. 

— during pregnancy, Gels. 

— when reading, Bar-c. ('ale. Cina. ('roc. 
Grat. Hep. Meny. Ntr-m. Ox-ac. Rhod. 

— after reading. Cocc. Ruta. 

— when rising from a seat. Puis. 

— after sleep at noon, Puis. 

— with sleepiness, Mgn-s. 

— when writing. Asar. Grat. Kobalt. Ntr- 
m. Ol-an. Rhod. Sep. 

— worse alter every headache, Caust. 
Diplopia, Agar. Amm-c. Aur. Bell. 

Cannab. Cic, Clem. Con. Cycl. Dig. 
Eugen. Euph. Gels. Hyosc. Iod. Lith. 
Lob. Lyc. Merc-cor. Ntr-m. N : cc. Nitr- 
ac. Oleand. Petr. Puis. Rhus. Sec-c. 
Sep. Spig. Spong. Stram. Sulph. Thuj. 

— of one eye, Cham. 

— horizontal, Oleand. 

— on looking in light, Therid. 

Distance of objects seeming greater, Anac. 

Carb-an. Cic. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nice. Nux- 

m. Ox-ac. Phosp. Stann. Stram. Sulph. 
Distention sense of, Caust. Con. (compare 

Distortion of eyes, Aeon. Ars. Bell. 

Camph. Canth. Cham. Cic. Cupr. Dig. 

Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Lach. Laur. Op. 

Petr. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Ran-sc. Sec- 

c. Spig. Stann. Stram. Sulph. Verat. 

— upwards, Verat. 

Downcast eyes, Ang. Arn. Asar. Bell. 
Bov. Chin. Con. Creos. Cycl. Ferr. 
Hyosc. Iod. Kali-c. Lach. Merc. Nitr- 
ac. Phosp-ac. Rheum. Rhus. Sabin. 



Spig. Spong. Stann. Valer. Verat. 
Downward pressure in eyes, Hell. Seneg. 
in lids, Chelid. 

Drawing sensation in eyes, Cannab. Colch. 

about eyes, Fluor-ac. Plat. 

in lids, Colch. Rheum. Seneg. Tong. 

Drawing up of eyebrows, upper lids, looks 

fixed, Lachn. 
Dryness of eyes, Ars. Asa-f. Bell. 

Berb. Bry. Caust. Clem. Croc. Elaps. 

Euphr. Kali-c. Laur. Lye. Mgn-c. Mang. 

Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. Nux-m. P;con. 

Ballad. Phcll. Puts. Rhod. Rumex. 

Seneg. Spig. Staph. Sulph Tong. Verat. 


— in room lachrymation, Phcll. Sulph. 

— of lids. Aeon. Ars. Cocc. Daph. Euph. 
Hipp-m. Merc-cor. Puis. Verat. 

edges, Ars. Cham. 

— canthi, Euph. 

— in light, Ars. 

— when reading, Aur. 

— in room, Sulph. 

— when sleeping, Puis. 

— sense of, Asar. Asa-f. Bar-c. Bell. 
Bcrb. Lachn. Lith. A T ux-m. Nux. Paeon. 

in lids, Bar-c'. Berb. Graph. Pallad. 

of canthi, Arg. Nux. Thuj. 

Dulness of eyes, Aeth. All-cep. Ang. Am. 

Ars. Asar. Bell. Berb. Bov. Bry. Chin. 

Con. Creos. Cycl. Ferr. Glon. Kali-c. 

Kalm. Hyosc. Iod. Lach. Merc. Mosch. 

Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. Rheum. Sabin. Spig. 

Spong. Stann. Valer. Verat. 

after little exertion, Ferr. 

after meals, Valer. 

while reading, Grat. 

Dull letters appear when reading, Chin. 

Dros. Sil. 

Like dust in the eyes, Aeon. Lach. Lachn. 
Rheum. Sulph. 

on cornea, Sulph. 

Ectropion, Bell. Igt. 

Enlargement of eyes, sensation of, Ant. 

Calad. Caust. Con. Lach. Me/.. Op. Par. 

Phosp-ac. Plb. Spig. 
Eruption, rash, about eyes, Sulph. 

— below eyes, Hep. 

— on eyebrows, Guaj. Selen. Thuj. 

— on lids. Hep. Sil. 

— on eyebrows yellow crusty, Spong. 

— fine, around eyes,|Euphr. 

— pimples in eyebrows, Kali-c. 

— scaly herpes on lids, Creos. 

— scrufs around eyes, Merc. 

Eye gum, Amm-c. Ant. Bism. Graph. Ip. 
Nux. Seneg. Staph, (compare Mucus). 

— on lids, Agar. Amm-c. Graph. Seneg. 
in morning, Seneg. 

— in canthi. Ant. Bism. Nux. Staph. 
Falling down of lids, Aeon. Bell. Croc. 

Graph. Merc. Ntr-c. Op. Phell. Sep. 
Spig. Spong. Sulph. Tart. Viol-od. Viol- 
tr. Zinc. 

of upper lid, Aeon. Bell. Caust. 

("ham. Chelid. Graph. Nux. Sep. Sil. 
False sight, Bell. Hyosc. Kali-c. Plat. 
St ram. 

confused, Con. Graph. Flat. Selen. 


Fatigue, drowsy, Aeon. Asa-f. Phell. Plat. 
Plb. Tart. Thuj. Viol-od. Viol-tr. 

— pain as from, Meph. Oleand. 

as from study, Oleand. 

Feverish sight, Sol-m. 

Flashes of light before eyes, Brom. Croc. 

Ntr-c. Spig. Staph. 
Flow of tears, Aeon. Et<phr. Merc. Par. 

Puis. Rhus. Spig. 
As from foreign bodies pain, Aeon. Arn. 

Calc. Caps. Cocc-c. Euphr. Igt. Kali-b. 

Meph. Ruta. Sil. Sulph. 
Like fire sparkling from eyes sensation, 

Clem. Dulc. 
Fire glare of intolerable, Merc. 
Fixed look, Aeon. Aeth. Ang. Arn. Ars. 

Asar. Bar-m. Bell. Camph. Cic. Cupr. 

Hell. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Igt. Kali-c. 

Lach. Laur. Lyc. Merc. Mosch. Nux. Op. 

Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Scill. Sec-c. Seneg. 

Stram. Tart. 
Fullness sense of in eyes, Apis. Nux-m. 
in lids, Gels. 

Fungus medullaris of eye, Bell. Calc. 

Lyc. Sep. Sil. 
Glassy appearance of eyes, Hiy. Cocc. 

Elaps. Op. Phosp-ac. Sep. 

in morning, Sep. 

Gnawing pain, Agn. Plat. 

eyelids, Agn. Berb. 

Green color of eyes, Canth. 

• ring around, Verat. 

Haggard eyes, Ars. Bell. Cupr. Op. Sec-C. 
Hair falling off from eyebrows, Alum. Plb. 


— before the sight, Sang. 

— sense of one in eye, Tabac. 

— as one pulled out, sensation, Prun. 
Heat in eyes, Ang. Bell. Carb-veg. Cham. 

Chin. Clem. Cor-r. Creos. Diad. Glon. 
Graph. Kali-b. Lach. Lyc. Mang. Meph. 
Merc. Nice. Phosp. Plat. Psor. Sabin. 
Sil. Spig. Sulph. Tabac. Verat. Verb. 

— in canthi, Carb-veg. Phosp. Thuj. 
Heat and lacerating pains after opera- 
tions, Croc. 

Heat when closing the eyes, Cor-r. 

— in evening with candlelight, Graph. 
Heaviness in eyes, Hell. Hipp-m. Lachn. 

Plb. Sulph. ' 

— of lids, Aeon. Apis. Bell. Berb. Caust. 
Cham. Chelid. Gels. Graph. Kali-b. 
Lac-can. Lach. Lyc. Mercurial. Ntr-c. 



Ntr-s. Nux. PkeM. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 

Spong. Sulph. Viol-od. 
Heaviness in morning, as if they could not 

be kept open, Nitr-ac. Sep. 
Henrtopia, Aur. Gale Ca->st. Lith. Lob. 

Lyc. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Spig. 

— horizontal, Aur. 

— perpendicular, Caust. Lvc. Mur-ac. Ntr- 

— of right half of an object, Lith. 
Herpes on lids, Bry. Creos. Sulph. 
Hordeolum on lid, Amm-c. Bry. Con. Ferr. 

Graph. Lvc. Merc. Fhosp-ac. Phosp. 
Puis. Rhus. Sep. Staan. Staph. Sulph. 

upper lid, Ferr. Puis 

lower lid, Rhus. 

left eve, Flaps. 

left lower lid, Hvpcr. 

Illusions of sight, Bell. Calc. Camph, 

Canth. Carb-veg. Dig. Dulc. Hell. Hep. 

Hyosc. Kali-c. Mgn-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 

Nux. Op. Phosp. Strain. Sulph. 

— things seeming larger, Eupb. Hyosp. 
Laur. Ntr-m. Nice. Osm. Ox-ac. Phosp. 

smaller, Hyosc. Plat. Strain. 

before the right eye, Thuj. 

Immobility of eyes, Amm-c. Ang. Bar-m- 

Camph. Op. Hydroc-ac. Rat. 
Increased vision, can read small print dis- 
tinctly, Coff. 
Indistinct vision, Kali-jod. Osm. Stram. 
For infants, affections of eyes. Aeon. Bell. 

Borax. Bry. Calc. Cham. Euphr. Nux. 

Puis. Sulph. 
Inflammation of eyes, Aeon. AU-cep. Alum. 

Ami. Ant. Apis. Arg-n. Are. Asar. Aur. 

Bar-c. Bell. Borax. Brom. Bry. Cadm. 

Calad. Calc. Camph. Cannab. Canth. 

Caps. Caust. Cham. Chin. Cinnab. Clem. 

Coloc. Con. Creos. Croton. Cupr. Daph. 

Dig. Dulc. Elaps. Eugen. Euph. Euphr. 

Ferr. Graph. Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Ip. 

Kali-b. Kali-c. Kalm. Lach. Led. Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr. 

ED. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. Petr. Phosp-ac. 

Phosp. Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Rat. Rhus. 

Sacch. Sep. Sil. Spig. Staph. Stram. 

Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tar. Teucr. Thuj. 

Verat. Zinc. 

— of upper part of eye ball as far as cover- 
ed with the lid, Igt. 

— rheumatic of left eye, conjunctiva red, 
swollen, looks like raw meat, redness 
from eye over whole cheek, Apis. 

— with suggilation after injuries, t Arn. 

— of lids, Aeon. Ant. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. 
Bry. Calc. Cannab. Caust. Cham. Chelid. 
Chin. Cocc. Con. Creos. Dig. Euphr. 
Hep. Hyosc. Iris. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. 
Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. Nlt-m. Nux. Fhosp- 
ac. Psor.JPuls.|A'/!«j. Rumex. Sass. Sep. 
Spig. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Thuj. Verat. 


— edges. Bell. Cham. Clem. Dig, Euphr. 
Hep. Lach. Merc. Nux. Puis. Staph. 

— canthi, Borax. Calc. Zinc. 

— curuncles, Bcrb. 

— conjunctiva. Arg-n. Ars. Dig. Hep. 
Merc. Sulph. 

— cornea, Euhprc. Spig. 

— internal surface of lids, Ars. Bill. 
Merc. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sil. 

preventing opening, Ars. 

— his, Clem. Merc-cor. Mez. Plb. Sulph. 

— meibomian glands, i£ham. Dig. Euphr. 

Puis. Staph. Strata.* 1 * 

— pupil, Plb. 

— acute, Aeon. Bry. Cham. Merc. Nux. 

— arthritic, Am. Ars. Hell. Bry. Cham. 
Coloc. Dig. Hep. Merc. Nux. Puis. 
Rhus. Spig. 

— catarrhal, after a cold. Aeon. Bell. Calc. 
Cham. Dulc. Euphr. Iod. Nux. Puis. 

— chronic, Apis. 

— erysipilatous, Aeon. Hep. 

— after suppressed gonorrhoea, Puis. 

— scrofulous, Ars. Aur. Bell. Calc. 
Cannab. Caust. Chin.jCist. Dig. Dulc. 
Euphr. Ferr. Hep. Igt. Mgn-c. Merc. 
N'lr-rn. Nuk. Puis. Rhus. Sulph. 

— syphilitic, Mere. Nitr-ac. 

— in the evening increased, Chin. 

— from foreign bodies, Aeon. Am. Calc. 

— with headache, Led. Verat. 

— in infants, Aeon. Arn. Bell. Borax. Bry. 
Calc. Cham. Euphr. Nux. Puis. Sulph. 

— from sand and dust, Sulph. 
Injuries, thrusts in the eye, Symph. 

— from a needle, Led. 
Inverted, objects appear, Bell. 
Irritation of eyes in evening with candle- 
light, Lyc. 

Itching in eves, Agar. AU-ccp. Alum. Ant. 
Apis. Arg. Bell. Berb. Borax. Bruc. 
Bry. Bufo. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Creos. Kali-b. Kalm. Lach. Lob. Merc. 
Mosch. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. Nux. 
Ol-an. Paeon. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Puis. 
Ran-b. Ruta. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Viol-tr. 

— on left eye, Elaps. 

— about eyes, Agn. Berb. Con. 

— in eyebrows, Agar. Agn. Alum. Caust. 
Con. Fluor-ac. Laur. Par, Selcn. Sil. 

— on lids, Agn. Ambr, Bell. Bry. Calc 
Caust. Con. Croc. Cycl. Euphr. Grat. 
Kali-b. Lob. Mez. Nux. Pa;on. Phosp. 
Rhus. Sep. Sulph. Zinc. 

edges, Carb-veg. Creos. Jan. Nux. 



Prun. Staph. 
Itching canthi, Arg. Bell. Benz-ac. Berb. 
Borax. Bruc. Calc. Carb-veg. Cinnab. 
Clem. Con. Euphr. Ferr-m. Fluor-ac. 
Gum-gut. Led. Lye. Mosch. Mur-ac. 
Nux. Prun. Ruta. Staph. Sulph. Zinc. 

— eyelashes, Grat. 

— in evening, Cupr. Gum-gut. Pallad. 

— by rubbing relieved, Oleand. 
Lachrymal fistula, Calc. Chelid. Fluor-ac. 

Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Puis. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 

— discharging pus on pressure, Puis. 

— suppurating, Calc. 

Lachrymation, Aeon. All-cep. Aloe. Alum. 
Amm-c. Apis. A/g-n. Arn. Ars. Asar. 
Bell. Brom. Bry. Calc. Caps. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Chin. Cinnab. Cina. Clem. 
Coloc. Creos. Croc. Croton. Daph. Dig. 
Eugen. Eupk. Euphr. Fen. Graph. Grat. 
Hep. Igt. Iod. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kali- 
jod. Lach. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. 
Merc. Mez. Millef. Mosch. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. 
Oleand. Ol-an. Osm. Par. Petr. Phosp- 
ac. I'/iosp. Phyt. Puis. Ran-b. Ran-sc. 
Rheum. Rlius. Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. 
Selen. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. 
Staph. Strain. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tar. Teucr. 
Thuj. Verat. 

— from right eye, Brom. Sang. 

— in morning, Calc. Creos. Lachn. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr. Phell. Phosp. Rat. 
Staph. Sulph. 

— in evening, Asar. Eugen. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Phosp. Rhus. Sep. 

— in cold air, Dig. Lyc. Phosp. Puis. Sil. 

— when coughing, Sabad. 

— when gaping, Sabad. Staph. Viol-od. 

— when gazing at anything, Cinnab. 
bright, Chelid. Mgn-m. Sabad. 

— from light, Creos. Dig. Puis. 
of sun, Bry. Igt. 

— in open air, Arn. Bell. Bry. Calc. Caust. 
Colch. Euph. Kobalt. Merc. Nitr-ac. 
Phell. Phosp. Puis. Rheum. Ruta. 
Sabad. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 
Thuj. Verat. 

relieved, Phyt. 

— with the pains, Sabad. 

— when reading, Croc. Grat. Nitr-ac. 

— in room, Asar. 

not in open air, Croc. 

— in wind,, Euphr. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. 
Sil. Sulph. 

— after writing, Ferr. 

— when writing, Calc. 

Light longing for, Aeon. Amm-m. Bell. 
St ram. 

Loosness of eyes in sockets, sensation of, 

Lumps in lids, Staph. Sulph. Thuj. 

Lustrelcssness, Arn. Asar. Bell. Bov. Bry. 

Daph. Ferr. Merc. Phosp-ac. Sabin. 
Like a membrane drawn over the eyes, 

sensation, Caust. Daph. Puis. Rat. 
Moist spot on canthus, Ant. 
Motion of eyes difficult, Arn. Hep. 

lids, difficult, Arn. Mercurial. Num- 


— of lines when reading, Bell. Cic. Con. 

Motionless eyes, Acth. Ang. Arn. Bar-m. 
Bell. Camph. Cic. Dolich. Tart, (com- 
pare Staring.) 

Movement before the eyes, as from a 
swarm of insects, Caust. 

— of objects before the eyes, Cic. Con, 
Euphr. Laur. Lyc. Mosch. Nux. Oleand. 

Mucus secreted, Agar. Amm-c. Ant. Arg-n. 

Bar-m. Bism. Calc. Cham. Dig. Euphr. 

Graph. Ip. Kali-jod. Lachn. Lact. Lyc. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Seneg. Staph. Sulph. 

in eyes drying up and forming scurfs, 


in lids, Graph. Lact. Sulph. 

canthi, Euph. Euphr. Kali-b. Ntr-m. 

thick mucus, Puis. 

— sensation as if hanging over eyes which 
must be wiped away, Croc. Puis. 

Myopia, Agar. Amm-c. Anac. Ang. Berb. 
Cact. Calc. Carb-veg. Chin. Con. Cycl. 
Euph. Graph. Grat. Hep. Hyosc. Lach. 
Lyc. Mang. Meph. Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Ol-an. Petr. Phosp-ac. Phosp. 
Plb. Puis. Ruta. Spong. Strain. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tart. Thuj. Valcr. Viol-od. 

— when reading, Grat. 

As if a nail stuck in the orbital margin, pain 

Narrowing of intervals between eyelids, 

Agar. Euphr. Ntr-m. Nux. Rhus. 
Nearer, everything seems, Bov. Cic. Strain. 
Like needles darting through eyes, Eupat. 
Nervous affections of eyes, Cic. 
Night blindness, Bell. Cadm. Hyosc. 

Stram. Verat. 
Nodosities,(see Hordeolum.) 
Obliqely drawn lids, Seneg. 
To open the lids difficulty, Ambr. Arg. Ars. 

Caust. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Kali-c. Merc. 

Ntr-c. Phosp. Spig. Sulph-ac. 

— in morning, Ambr. Nice. Nitr-ac. 

— at night, Rhus. Sep. 

Openness, spasmodic, Ang. Arn. Bell. 
Dolich. Guaj. Hyosc. Laur. Lyc. Op. 

in sleep, Bell. Bry. Ferr. Ip. Op. 

Phosp-ac. Samb. Sulph. Tart. 
Outwards, pressure in eyes, Guaj. Mgn-s. 

Mez. Seneg. (compare Enlargement.) 
As if overshadowed everything appears. 




Pain in eyeball, Ox-ac. Pod. 

and behind left eye, Pallad. 

Pale appearance of things, Puis. Rluis. 

when reading, Chin. Dros. Sil. 

Paralysis of lids, Al inn. Hell. Cocc. Gels. 

Graph. Hydroc-ac. Nitr-ac. Op. Plb. 

Rhus? Sep. Spiff. Strani. Verat. Zinc. 

— upper, Caust. Dulc. Nitr-ac. Op. Plb. 
Spig. Verat. 

right, Alum. 

— optic nerve, Anac. Aur. Bar-c. Hell. 
Hry. ( ale. ( annab. Caust. Chin. Cocc. 
Con. Croc. Dig. Dros. Dulc. Euphr. 
Ferr. J/yosc. Kali-c. Laur. Lyc. Merc. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Oleand" Op. Pct'r. 
Plb. J'hosp. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sea \ Sep: 
Sil. Spig. Staph. Sulph. V r erat. Zinc. 

Photophobia, Aeon. All-cep. Alum. Ainni- 
c. Amm-m. Anac. Ant. Apis. Arn. Ars. 
Arum-trif. Asar. Bell. Herb. Bry. Calc. 
Camph. Cannab-ind. Cast. Caust. Cham. 
Cic. Chin. Cina. Clem. CofT. Con. Croc. 
Dros. Elaps. Eupat. Eupkr. Grafih. Hell. 
Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kali- 
jod. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-s. Merc. Mercurial. 
Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntrs. Nitr. Nux. 
Phosp-ac. Phosp. Psor. Puis. Rhus. 
Scneg. Sep. Sit. Spig. Staph. Strain. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tar. Therid. 
Verat. Zing. 

— without inflammation of eyes, Con. Hell. 

— at candlelight, Horax. Calc. Cast. Con. 
Dros. Gels. Merc. Phosp. 

— in day time, Aeon. Ant. Hell. Hry. 
Camph. Con. Euphr, Graph. Hell. Hep. 
Igt. Merc. Ntr-c. Nux. Phosp-ac. Phosp. 
Psor. Sep. Sil. 

— light of fire, Merc. 

— in morning, Amm-C. Amm-m. Ntr-s. 
Nitr. Nux. 

— after onanism, Cina. 

— from sunlight, Asar. Herb. Cast. Euphr. 

— in warm weather, Sulph. 
Presbyopia, Alum. Amm-c. Hell. Bry. 

Carb-an. Caust. Con. Dros. Hyosc. Lach. 
Led. Mgn-m. Mez. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr- 
tn, f'etr. Phosp. Sep. Spig. Sulph. 
Pressing asunder sensation, Ang. Arn. 
Asar. Laur. Op. 

— inwards sensation, Aur. Bell. Cannab. 
Chin. Cor-r. Daph. Tabac. Zinc. 

— outwards sensation, Asar. Bry. Daph. 
Guaj. Gymnoc. Lach. Mgn-s. Me/.. 

Pressure, Aeon. Agar. Aloe. Alum. Amir. 
Anac. Ang. Arn. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. 
Bism. Borax. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Cast. 
Caust. Cham. Chin. Cinnab. Clem. 
Cocc. Coloc. Con. Croc. Cupr. Dig. 

Dulc. Euphr. Ferr-m. 
Graph. Grat. Hep. Igt. 
chl. Kalm. Lach. 

Fluor-ac. Cilon 
Ind. Kali-c. Kali. 
Lact. Led. 





Lob. Lyc. Mang. Mcny. Meph. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Me/.. Mosch. Ntr-s. Nice. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Oleand. Ol-an. Petr. 
Phosp-ac. Phosp. Plat. Plb. Psor. /'uls. 
Ran-b. Ran-sc. Rhod. Rhus. Ruta. 
Sabad. Sass. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. Spang. 
Staph. Stram. Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tabac. Tart. Thuj. Valer. Verat. /.inc. 

— in right eye in evening, Kalm. 

— behind right eyeball, Fluor-ac. 

— as from a plug, Anac. 

— round the eyes, Arn. 

— in brows, Dig. 

— in canthi, Alum. Carb-veg. 
Stann. Staph. Tar. 

— from face upwards, Rhod. 

— downwards. Hell. 

— in lids, Hit. Cham. Croc. Cupr. 
Graph. Meph. Rheum. Seneg. 
Spong. Stann. Staph. Stram. Sulph. 

upper, Chelid. Igt. 

— in orbits, Aloe. Bov. Con. Cor-r. 

— in orbital bone, Bov. Par. 

orbital ridge, Chin. Rhod. 

Prickling in evening at candlelight, Sep 
Protrusion of eyes, Aeon. Aeth. 

Ang Arn. Ars. Aur. Hell. Brom. 
Caps. Chin. Cocc. Con. Cupr. 
Glon. Guaj. Hvdroc-ac. Hyosc. 
Merc-cor. Op. Spong. Stann. Thuj. Verat. 

— sensation of, Par. 
Pulsation in eves, Asar. 

Pupils contracted, Anac. Ars. Bell. Camph. 

Cham. Chelid. Cic. Cocc. Croton. 

Daph. Dros. Hoematox. Igt. Lact. 

Mang. Merc-cor. Me/.. Nux-m. Nux. 

Plb. Puis. Rheum. Samb. Scill. Sec-c. 

Sep. Sil. Sulph. Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 
one, the other dilated, Rhod. 

— to contract, difhculty, Nitr-ac. 

— angular. Merc-cor. 

— dilated, Aeon. Aeth. Agn. Bar-c. Bar-in. 
Bell. Brom. Calc. Carb-an. Cic. Cina. 
Chin. Cocc. Croc. Cycl. Dig. Gels. Guaj. 
Hell. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Hyper. Igt. I p. 
Lach. Lact. Laur. Led. Mang. Mercurial. 
Ntr-c. Nitr. Nux. Op. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Raph. Samb. Sec-c. Scill. Spig. Staph. 
Stram. Verat. Zinc. 

— insensible, Aeth. Bar-m. Carb-veg. Chin. 
Cupr. Dig. Euphr. Hydroc-ac. Merc-cor. 
Op. Stram. 

— motionless, Bar-c. Bell. Cainca. Cupr. 
Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Laur. Nitr-ac. Op. 

— unequal, Merc-cor. Sulph.* 
Pustules on conjunctioa, Merc. 

— around eyes, Euphr. Hep. Staph. Sulph. 

eyelids, Hep. Mosch. Selen. 

Quivering of eyes, Amm-m. Hyosc. Petr. 

Rat. Rhus. Siann. 

— of brows, Ol-an. Ruta. 

— of canthi, Phosp. 


Quivering of lids, Agar. Asaf.Calc. Carb-veg. 

Croc. Grat. Ind. Ol-an. Par. Petr. Pheil. 

Rhosp./'/W. AW. Rhod. Rhus. Sabin. Sep. 

Stront. ,5'/</ J M.Tongo. (compare twitching). 
To read small print, inability,|Cadm. Meph. 


Redness of eyes, Aeon. All-cep. Aloe. 
Ang. Apis.' Am. Aur. Bell. Bry. Bufo. 
Calc. Caps. Chin. Cinnab. Clem. Coff. 
Creos. Croton. Dros. Elaps. Euphr. Ferr. 
Glon. Hcematox. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Kali-c. 
Kali-chl. Kali-jod. Lach. Mgn-c. Mgn- 
m. Merc. Nice. Nux. Op. Phosp. Psor. 
Raph. Rhus. Sep. 5/7. Spig. Spong. 
Straw. Sulph. Sulph. Snlph-ac. Tabac. 
Tart. Thuj. Verat. 

— of lids, Aeon. Ant. Apis. Ars. Aur. 
Bell. Berb. Bry. Calc. Cannab. Cham. 
Creos. Ferr. Graph. Kali-b. Merc. Mur- 
ac. Nice. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis Sep. Sulph. 
Tencr. Zinc. 

edges, Creos. 

— canthi, Bell. Brnc. Bry. Iris. Kali-b. 
Nux. Tabac. Teucr. Zinc. 

— conjunctiva, Apis. Ars. Bell. Berb. Dig. 
Lach, Lact. Meph. Merc. Nux. Phosp. 
Puis. Sulph. 

of old people, Lact. 

— iris, Sulph. 

— of veins of eyes, Aeon. Acth. Ambr. 

Apis. Bell. Elaps. Graph. Igt. Kali-b. 

Meny. Spig. Sulph. 
Red spots on lid, Camph. 
Reflection before sight, black, Phosp. 
blue, Lach. 

— — varigated, around objects, Cic. 

— around candle, Anac. Bell. Nitr. Sep. 
Stann. Staph. 

— before sight, green, Sep.] 

rainbow colored, Nitr. Stann. 

Rending, tearing, in eyes, Asar. Aur. Berb. 

Bry. Coloc. Euph. Hyper. Kali-c. Ko- 
balt. Lyc. Nux. Prun. Puis. Scill. Ver- 
at. Zinc. 

— on brows, Thuj. 

— in lids, Berb. Plb. 

— outwards, Sil. 

Resetting or refixing of eyeball, sensation 

of, Sec. 
Retraction, sense of, Hep. 
Rub the eyes, need to, Croc. Ntr-c. Plb. 

Puis. Rat. 

Rubbing or friction, sense of in eye, Puis. 

Running together, the letters when read- 
ing, Bell. Bry. Clem. Chin. Dros. 
Graph. Hyosc. Lyc. Meph. Ntr-m. 
Seneg. Sil. Stram. Viol-od. 

Sad look, Stram. 

As from sand in the eyes, pain, Alum. Asa- 
f. Berb. Bruc. Bry. Caps. Caust. Chin. 
Cina.Cor-r. Creos. Dig. Euphr. Fluor-ac. 
Grat. Graph. Hep. Igt. Kobalt. Lach. 


Lith. Merc. Ol-an. Phosp. Puis. Sil. 
Stront. Sulph. Tar. Teucr. Thuj. Viol- 

Scabs around eyes, Merc. Sulph. 

— on brows, Sep. 

lids Merc. Sep. 

Sclerotica, distentron of, Bell. Bry. 

Scraping pain in eyes, Puis. 

Scrofulous affections, Aeon. Ars. Aur. Bell. 

Calc. Cannab. Caust. Chin. Cist. Dig. 
Dulc. Euphr. Ferr. Hep. Igt. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Rhus. Sulph. 
Shade, all objects appear to be in the, 

Shining eyes, Aeth. Bell. Cupr. Nux. (com- 
pare Sparkling.) 

Shooting pain, Apis. Berb. Cinnab. 

Sideways, turned, eyes, Dig. 

Smaller letters appear, Glon. Merc-cor. 

Smallness and inexpressiveness of eyes, 

Left eye smaller than the right, Scill. 
Smarting, Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. 

Clem. Creos. Euphr. Iod. Kali-c. Lact. 

Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Ol-an. Petr. 

Phosp. Plat. Pod. Rheum. Rhod. Rhus. 

Sabad. Sabin. Sep. Stann. Staph. Stront. 

Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Teucr. Thuj. 

Thuj. Tong. Valer. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

— in canthi, Carb-veg. Con. Kali-b. Lact. 
Mez. Mur-ac. Nux. Phosp. Ran-b. Ran- 
sc. Ruta. Sil. Staph. Sulph. Tart. Teucr. 

— in lids, Aur. Calc. Clem. Lyc. Rhus. 
Sep. Spig. Sulph. Zinc. 

— as from salt, Clem. Merc. Nux. Sulph. 
Teucr. Valer. 

Smoky back ground of eyes, Chin. 
In the sockets, pain, Bell. Iod. Selen. 

Softening of sclerotica, Bell. 

— of eyelids, Sulph. 

Soreness sense of, Ant. Bar-c. Bry. Canth. 
Cham. Cor-r. Croc. Glon. Gymn. Hep. 
Lith. Lyc. Stann. Sulph. Zinc. 

of lids, Bar-c. Canth. Cor-r. Croc. 

Hep. Spig. Sulph. Zinc. 

edges, Arn. Nux. Valer, 

canthi, Ang. Apis. Cham. Nux. 

Ran-b. Zinc. 

in caruncles, Ferr-m. 

right, Kali-b. 

orbital ridge, Plat. 

Sparkling eyes, Aeon. Aeth. Arn. Bell. 
Bry, Cainca. Canth. Cupr. Hyosc. Lach. 
Lachn. Merc-cor. Millef. Mosch. Nux. 
Straw, (compare Shining. ) 

Spasms of eyes, Aeon. Bell. Canth. Kali- 
chl. (compare Convulsions.) 

lids, Alum. Bell. Cham. Croc. Hep. 

Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Rhod. Ruta. Seneg. 

— in light, Berb: 



Spasms at night, ("roc, Ntr-m. 
Spasmodic pain, Cannab. 

on orbital ridge, Flat. 

Specks, running, oozing, in canthus, Ant. 
Staring look, Aeon. Aeth. Alum. Ang. 

Am. Ars. Asar. Bar-m. Bell. Bry. 

Camph. Canth. Cic. Cocc. Con. Cupr. 

Dig. Glon. Hell. Hep. Hyosc. Igt. 

Kali-c. Lachn. Laur. Merc. Merc-cor. 

Mez. Mosch. Mur-ac. Nux. Op. Phosp- 

ac. Rhus. Scill. Sec-c. Scncg. Sep. 

Strain. Sulph. Vcrat. Zinc. 
Stiffness of eyes, Berb. 

lids, Kalm. Meny, Rhus. Spig. 

Stinging, stitches, Aeon. AU-cep. Alum. 

Ant, Apis. Ars. Bell. Berb. Bry. Calc. 

Cham. Cic. Cinnab. Cist. Coloc. Croton. 

Cycl. Dig. Euph. Euphr. Ferr. Glon. 

Graph. Hep. Kali-c. Kali -Hit. Kalm. 

Lach. Lye. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Meph. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. A T itr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Fetr. Fhell. 

Fhosp. Phyt. Puis. Sass. Sep. Spig. 

Spang. Staph. Sulph. Tar. Thuj. Viol-lr. 

Zinc. Zing. 

in right eye, Hyper. Lith. 

left eye, Brom. Cist. 

— lids, Aur. Brom. Cinnab. Cycl. Lyc. 
Nice. Pxon. Stann. Sulph. 

lower, Euphr. 

— canthi, Asar. Bell. ("ale. Clem. Con. 
Croton. Fcrr-m. Fhosp. 

— on orbital ridge, Rhod. 

— outwards, Dros. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Sil. 

— inwards, Coloc. 

— without redness, Lyc. 

Strabismus, Alum. Apis. Bell. Cycl. Hyosc. 

Meny. Puis. Sec-c. Spig. Strain. 
Suggilation, Bell. Cham. Lach. Nux. 

— in lids, Am. 

Sunken eyes, Anac. Ars. Berb. ("ale. 
Camph. Cic. Chin. Colch. Coloc. Cupr. 
Dros. Ferr. Glon. Iod. Kali-c. Lyc. 
Nitr-ac. Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Raph. 
Sec-c. Spong. Stann. Staph. Teucr. 

Suppuration of eyes. Bry. Canst. Nitr-ac. 

— in canthi, Bell. Kali-c. Led. Nux. Zinc. 
Swelling, of eyes, Aeon. Ars. Bar-c. Bry. 

Bufo. Ferr. Guaj. Kali-c. Mgn-c. Nux. 
Plb. Rhus. Strain. 

— around eyes, All-cep. 

— in morning, Bar-C. 
evening, Sep. 

— of lids, Aeon. Alum. Apis. Arg. Am. 
Ars. Bar-c.Bell. Berb. Bry. Calc. Caust. 
Cham. Colch. Creos. Croton. Cycl. 
Dig. Euphr. Ferr. Graph. Igt. Iod. Kali- 
b. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mang. Merc. Mur- 
ac. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux, Phosp. Psor. 
Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Scill. Seneg. Sep. 
Stram. Sulph. Thuj. Valer. Verat.' 

— hard and red, Aeon. Thuj. 

— between lids and brows, Kali-c. 

— under eyes, Apis. Phosp. 

— upper lids, Bry. Cycl. Igt. Kali-c. Ntr- 


— lower lids, Dig. Op. Raph. 

— erysipelatous of eyes and around them, 
Aeon. Hep. Rhus. 

— oedematous, Ars. Croton. Kali-b. Kali- 
jod. Puis. Raph. Rhus. Sacch. Teucr. 

— purple colored, Phyt. 

— watery white, Iod. 

— of conjunctiva, Apis. Bell. Bry, Nux, 

— of lachrymal caruncle. Bell. Brom. 

— of canthus, Bell. Sass. 

— meibomian glands, Nice. 

Swelling, sensation of, Cocc-c. Croc. Guaj. 

Par. (compare Enlargment.) 
of eyelids, Caust. 

— as after weeping, Croc. 

Swimming eyes, Bry. Sep. Tart. Teucr. 

(compare Watery.) 
Syphilitic affections of eyes, Merc. Nitr-ac 
Tears acrid, Ars. Bell. Bry. Coloc. Creos. 

Dig.Euphr. Gum-gut. Led. Merc. Ntr-m. 

Puis. Spig. 

during the day, agglutination at oight, 


— biting, Creos. Dig. Eugen. Euph. Euphr. 
Led. Sabin. Spig. Teucr. 

— burning, Apis. Arn. Bell. Cadm. Creos. 
Eugen. Euphr. 

— cold, Lach. 

— greasy, Sulph. 

— mild, All-cep. 

— salty, Bell. Creos. 

— shining, Dig. Euph. Euphr. Led. Sabin. 

Tenderness of lids, Bad. 
Tension in eyes, Aur. Hyper. Lach. Nux. 
Plat. Sabin. Stram. 

— around eyes, Nux-m. 

— in lids, Aeon. Nux-m. Oleand. Strain. 
Sulph-ac. Tong. 

— in sockets. Plat. 
Thread as if in eye, Tabac. 

— as if tightly drawn through eyeball and 
backwards into the middle of the brain, 

Throbbing in eyes, Asar. Aur-s. Rheum. 
Tickling about eyes, Amb. Aiir-s. 
Tingling, crawling around eyes, Arn. 

— in eyes, Spig. 

— in eyebrows, Croc. 

— in canthi. Plat. 

— in lids, Chin. Seneg. 

Torn out pain as if eyes were, Cocc. 
Torpor, of eyelids, Rhus. Spig. 
Tremor of eyes, Op. Sulph. 

lids, Carb-veg. Iod. Mercurial. Op. 

Plat. Verat. 
Tremulous look, Con. Plat. 
Turning in of eyelashes, Graph. Puis. 



Turning in of eyelashes especially external 
canthus, Borax. 

— back of eyelids, Apis. Bell. 

— around in eyes sensation of, Bov. Cist. 

— before eyes, Scill. 

— of letters when reading, Cic. Con. 
Turned up eyes are, Cupr. Mosch. Op. 
upper lid, Igt. 

Twitching, Agar. Amm-m. Apis. Cham. 
Croton. Glon. Mez. Nice. Pctr. Rat. 
Rhus. Selen. Stann. 

— right eye. Rat. 

— left eye, Selen. 

— of eyebrows, Cic. Cina. Ol-an. Ruta. 

— of lids, Agar. Asar. Cak. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Cham. Creos. Croc. Croton. 
Dulc. Grat. Hell. Hydroc-ac. Ind. Iod. 
Ip. Kali-b. Lyc. Menv. Merc. Mux. Ol- 
an. Par. Petr. Plat. Puis. Rat. Rheum. 
Rhod. Rhus. Sabin. Seneg. Sep. Spig. 
Stront. Sulph. 

upper, Lachn. Ntr-m. 

— left, Jatr. 

lower, Amm-c. Iod. Kali-jod. Graph. 

Seneg. Sep. Sulph. 

— canthi, Phosp. 

— in cold air, Dulc. 

— in sleep, Rheum. 

Ulceration of eyes, Canst. Nitr-ac. (com- 
pare Suppuration.) 

— of canthi, Kali-c. Zinc. 

Ulcers of lids, Merc. Ntr-m. Spig. Stram. 

— of margins, Clem. Colch. Croton. 
Euphr. Lyc. Merc. Phosp. Puis. Sil. 
Spig. Staph. Sulph. 

Ulcerous pain above eyes, Hep. 
Unanimated eyes, Aeth. Kali-c. (compare 

Dimness, lustreless.) 
Unsteady look, Aloe. Bell. Par. Stann. 
Upward, eyeball turned, Verat. 
Vanishing of sight. Cic. Dros. Merc. Ntr- 

m. Nice. Puis. Spig. Tabac. Verat. 

— when exerting eyes. Nice. 

looking at anything white, Tabac. 

reading, Dros. Ntr-m. 

walking, Cic. 

writing, Ntr-m. 

— with vertigo, perspiration and epistaxis, 

Veil, grav before the eA r es, Berb. Phosp. 

Veins distention of, Ambr. Bell. Kali-b. 
Kali-c. Spig. 

— bluencss of, Igt. 

— redness of, Aeon. Aeth. Ambr. Bell. 
Graph. Igt. Kali-b. Meph. Merc. Phosp- 
ac. Spig. Sulph. 

in external canthus, Merc. 

Vice, as if eyes were compressed in, Rat. 
Viscous matter in canthus, Agar. Ntr-m. 
Warts on eyebrows, Caust. 
As from water in eyes, sensation, Staph. 
Watery appearance of eyes, Bry. Creos. 

Daph. Sep. Tart. Tcucr. Verat. (com- 
pare Swimming.) 
Wavering look, Bell. Ntr-m. 
Weakness of sight, Agar. Anac. Apis. Ars. 

Bar-c. Bell. Calc. Cannab. Caps. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Cast. Chclid. Chin. Cic. 

Cina. Con. Creos. Croc. Daph. Dig. 

Dros. Euphr. Gels. Hep. Hyosc. Igt. 

Iod. Kalm. Lach. Lact. Lam. Led. Lyc. 

Mang. Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. Nux- 

m. Osm. Par. Phosp. Plat. Rheum. 

Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. 

Spig. Staph. Stram. Stront. Sulph. 

— in morning, Phosp. 
evening, Cast. Nice. 

— chronic, from onanism, Cina. 

— of eyes, they remain in what ever direc- 
tion turned, Spig. 

lids, Grat. 

As after weeping pain. Croc. Tabac. Teucr. 
Wheels, circles, rings colored, before eyes, 

Nitr. Stront. 
fiery, Puis. 

Whirling sensation in eyes, Bov. Cist. 

— before eyes, Scill. 

White spots before eyes, Ars. Cam ph. 
Chin. Cocc. Nux. Op. Sulph. Rat. 

Wild look, Arg-n. Ars. Bell. Con. Cupr. 
Glon. Hyosc. Op. Sec-c. 

Winking, Croc. Euphr. Ferr-m. Mez. Spig. 

To wipe the eyes, inclination, Croc. Creos. 
Lac-can. Lyc. Ntr-c. Plb. Puis. Rat. 

Yellowness of whites of eyes, Ars. Bell. 
Bry. Calc. Canth. Carb-an. Caust. 
Cham. Chelid. Chin. Clem. Cocc. Con. 
Corn-c. Crotal. Dig. Gels. Graph. Iod. 
Kali-b. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Nitr- 
ac. Nux. Op. Phosp. Plb. Sec-c. Sep. 

— of lower part of eyeball, Nux. 

— brown rings around eyes, Nitr-ac. 

— spot on white of eye, Phosp-ac. 

— spots before eyes when sewing, Amm-m. 
In the morning pain, Aeon. Amm-c. Berb. 

Bry. Mgn-s. Meph. Ntr-s. Nitr. Nux. 
Par. Phell. Sep. Sil. Sulph-ac. 

afternoon, Eugcn. 

h- evening, Agn. Alum. Amm-m. Apis. 

Asar. Berb. Bry. Cast. Chin. Con. 
Croc. Daph. Hep. Iod. Kalm. Led. 
Lyc. Mgn-s. Meph. Ntr-s. Nice. Ol- 
an. Phell. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rat. Sass. 
Seneg. Tong. Zinc. 

twilight, pain relieved by light, Aram- 


At night, Apis. Kobalt. Nux. 

From candle light, pain, Calc. Cina. Croc. 

Cor-r. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-s. Mang. Mez. 

Ntr-s. Nux-m. Sep. 

— a cold, Aeon. All-cep. Bell. Calc. 
Cham. Iod. Lact. Nux. Puis. Sulph. 

— day light pain, Agn. Ars. Calc. Euphr. 
Hep. Kali-c. Kobalt. Ntr-s. Puis. Rhod. 



Ruta. Seneg. Sulph. 
From sun light, pain, Asar. Chin. Sulph. 

— dust, Sulph. 

While exerting the eyes, Bar e. Carb-vtg, 

Cina. Mang. Merc. Phyt. Plat. Rheum. 

Rhod. Ruta. Staph. Sulph-ac. 
After exerting the eyes, Ruta. 
When looking at anything bright, pain, 

Mgn-m. Nux. 

at a distance, Cast. 

sideways, Mgn-s. / 

upwards, Carb-veg. 1Mb. Sabaft 

From mechanical causes, Arn. Croc. Led. 
When moving or turning eyes, pain, Aeon. 

Ars. Bell. Berb. Bry. Caps. Cham. 

Chin. Con. Cupr. Hep. Hipp. Igt. Lach. 

Meph. Mur-ac. Op. Ran-sc. Rhus. Spig. 

lids, Hep. 

head, pain in eyes, Cham. 

When blowing the nose, momentary blind- 
ness, Caust. 

— opening the eyes, pain, Alum. Bry. 
Canth. Nux. Therid. 

widely, Cochlear. 

— closing the eyes relieved, Bry. Calc. 


In the open air, Berb. Kalm. Merc. Ol-fttt. 

Sulph-ac. Teucr. 

cold air, relieved, Asar. 

When reading, Asar. Berb. Calc. Cina. 

Con. Croc. Cycl. Dulc. Kali-c. Lith. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-s. ' Olcand. Phyt. Seneg. 


pain, in the day, Calc. 

in candle light, Agn. Calc. Kali-c. 

Ntr-c. Ruta. Sass. Seneg. Tong. 
In a room, Asar. Dig. 
When rubbing, Crcos. 
From sand and dust, Aeon. Calc. Sulph. 

— sharp air, pain, Tluij. 

When shutting the eyes, pain, Clem. Croc. 

— touching the eyes, pain, Agar. Aur. 
Caust. Cupr. Dig. Hep. Kali-c. Nux. 
Sang. Tart. 

Warm room worse, Arg-n. 

Water, cold, causes tension in eyes, and 

redness, Nice. 
From wine drinking, pain, Zinc. 

— wind, Asar. Lyc. 

— writing pain, Kobalt. Ntr-c. Seneg. 

6. Ears and Hearing. 

Agglutination of auricle to head, Olcand. 
Like air passing into cars, sensation, 

Graph. Mez. 
Blisters on cars, Meph. 
Blood, congestion of, Lyc. Phosp. Puis. 

Blows on ears, sensation of, Arn. Ntr-m. 

Nux. Pa?on. Plat. 
Boils before and behind the ears, Bry. 


— on ear, Sil. Sulph. 
Bones, swelling of, Puis. 

Boring, sensation of, Amm-m. Bell. Cupr. 
Euphr. Hell. Hydroc-ac. Kali-jod. Lact. 
Mgn-m. Merc-jod. Ntr-m. Ol-an. Phell. 
Plb. Ran-sc. Rhod. Sil. 

— about ears, Rhod. 

— behind ears, Cupr. 

— with fingers in ears, Mez. 
Bruising pain, Am. Cic. Ruta. 

Burning sensation, Agar. All-cep. Alum. 
Ars. Caust. Clem. Crcos. Igt. Jac-cor. 
Mercurial, Sang. Spig. Tabac. 

— on the lobes, Nitr. Sabad. 

— inside, Aur-s. Canth. Croton. Jatr. 
right ear, Brom. 

— outwards, Berb. Sulph. 

— is if frostbitten, Agar. 

Caries of mastoid process, Aur. Nitr-ac. 
I Sil. 

In children, affections of ears, Zinc. 
Coldness sense of, Lach. Mcny. Plat. 

right, burning of left ear, Ntr-nitr. 

internally, Merc. 

— with sense of heat, alternating, Verat. 
Compressing pain, Cannab. Spong. Thuj. 
Contracting pain, Bry. Dig. Sass. Spong. 

! Coroding pain, Arg. Berb. Plat. 
Cutting pain, Ars. Dros. Gum-gut. 
Digging pain, Ant. Hell. 
Drawing, sense of, Lact. Mgn-m. Olcand. 

— inside, Colch. Creos, Cycl. Ferr. Merc. 
Mez. Phosp-ac. Sil. Stann. Sulph. Valer. 

— when swallowing, Ferr-m. 

— outwards, Con. 



Dryness in ears, Colch. Graph. Lach. Nitr- 

ac. Petr. 

sensation, Petr. Phosp. 

Earwax, accumulation of, Con. Cycl. Hep. 

Selen. Sil. Zinc-ox. 

— discharge of, Amm-m. Anac. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Merc. Mosch. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Phosp. Puis. 

— dry, Lac-can. Petr. 

— fluid, Con. Lach. Merc. Selen. Sil. 

— hard, Elaps. Lach. Puis. Selen. 

— moist, Sil. 

— like rotten paper, Con. 

— slimy, Con. 

— wanting, Carb-veg. Lach. 

— black, Elaps. Puis. 

— pale, Lach. 

— red, Con. 

— white, Con. Lach. Sep. 

Eruption on ears, Amm-m. Bar-c. Bov. 
Calc. Carb-veg. Cic. Chin. Hep. Lyc. 
Mosch. Mur-ac. Petr. Psor. Puis. Sep. 
Tellur. Verb. 

— in front of ears, Berb. Cic. Olcand. 

— behind, Bar-c. Calc. Carb-veg. Cic. 
Graph. Hep. Lach. Lyc. Mcz. Oleand. 
Psor. Sep. Sil. 

— on the lobes, Puis. Sass. Tellur. Teucr. 

— pimple in concha, Crcos. 

— biting, Puis. 

— burning, Cic. Mosch. Puis. Sass. 

— itching, Mcz. Pallad. Puis. Sass. 

— moist, Bov. Calc. Creos. Graph. Lyc. 
Mez. Psor. 

— pimples, Merc. 

— purulent, Cic. Cycl. Psor. Sep. 

— pustules, Carb-veg. 

— scaly, Psor. Teucr. 

— scurfy, Aur-m. Bov. Calc. Graph. Hep. 
Lach. Lyc. Mur-ac. Psor. Puis. Sass. Sil. 

in right external ear, Cinnab. 

— vesicular, Tellur. 
Erysipelas, Mcph. Puis. 

Excoriation behind ears, Graph. Kali-c. 
Lach. Nitr-ac. Petr. Psor. Sulph. 

— pain of, Cic. Mgn-m. 

inside. Borax. Caust. Merc. Sep. 

Exostosis, Puis. 

False hearing, misunderstanding, Bov. 

Fetid smell of ears, Graph. 
Formication, Ars. Colch. Merc. Plat. 

— right ear, Osm. 

— inside, Ambr. Calc. Caust. Laur. Nitr. 
Puis. Samb. 

From freezing, Agar. Colch. 

Gland, parotid, boring pain in, Sabad. 

— hardness, Amm-c. Con. Sil. 

— inflammation, Amm-c. Bell. Brom. Calc. 
Cham. Kali-c. Merc. Nux. Rhus. Sass. 

— pressing, Merc. 

— rending, tearing, Bell. 

— stinging, stitches, Asa-f. Bell. Bry. Calc. 

Igt. Kali-b. Merc. Phosp. Sep. Spong. 

— swelling, Amin-c. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. 
Brom. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cham. 
Chin. Cist. Cocc. Con. Dig. Igt. Kali-c. 
Lach. Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. Rhus. 

— on right side, swelling. Amm-c. Merc. 
left side Brom. Kali-b. Rhus. 

— after measles, or Scarletina, Iod. Mgn- 

— ulceration, Bar-c. Rhus. Sass. Sil. 
in scarlet fever, Rhus. 

— about ears affections of, Amm-c. Arn. 
Bar-c. Bell. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Cham. Chin. Con. Igt. Kali-c. Hyosc. 
Merc. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sep. 
Sil. Staph. Sulph. 

Hearing acute, Coff. Mur-ac. 

in evening in bed, Kali-c. 

Deafness, Ant. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Carb- 
veg. Chlorum. Croton. Elaps. Hydroc- 
ac. Hyosc. Lachn. Lach. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Merc-dulc. Ntr-c. Nice. Nitr. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Psor. Raph. Sec-c. Stram. Sulph. 

— when vomiting, Bar-m. 

Diminished hearing, Amb. Aug. Bov. 
Con. Cor-r. Cycl. Kali. Laur. Par. 

Hearing, difficult Aeth. Agn. All-cep. 
Ambr. Amm-c. Amm-m. Anac. Ant. 
Am. Ars. Asar. Asa-f. Bar-c. Bell. 
Borax. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Caps. Caust. Chin. Cic. Cocc. Con. 
Creos. Dig. Dros. Dulc. Graph. Hep. 
Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Iod. Kali-c. Lach. 
Laur. led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m Mang. 
Merc. Mez. Mosch. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr- 
ac. Nux. Oleand. Op. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plb. Psor. Puis. Rheum. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Spig. 
Spong. Staph. Stram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tar. Tellur. Thuj. Vcrat. Verb. 

— after previous burnings and stingings, 

— in left ear, Arg-n. 

— in right, Led. 

— with discharge of pus, Asa-f. 

— like a leaf or mcrnbrane, sensation, 
Aeon. Ant. Calad. <#alc. Cannab. Mgn- 
m. Nitr-aj. Sabad. Sulph-ac. Verb. 

— obstruction of ears, Bry. Carb- 
veg. Chelid. Con. Iod. Lyc. Mang. 
Meny. Nitr-ac. Selen. Sep. Sil. Spig. 
Sulph. Verat. Verb. 

sense of, Aeth. Ang. Arg. Ars. Asar. 

Borax. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 

Cham. Cist. Cocc. Colch. Cycl. Glon. 

Hipp. Lach. Led. Mang. Merc. Meny. 

Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Puis. Sep. Sil. Spig. 

Sulph. Verat. Verb. 
occasional, Calad. Nitr-ac. Sulph. 




I kill ing dilTiculty of, right side, Cocc. 

— lef i side Jac-cor. 

— left to right, Salph. 

— right to left, Elaps. 

— in tlir evening, Nice. Tar. 

— after a cold, Merc. 

in the head, Bell. Led. Puis. 

— during cough, Chelid. 

— after cutting the hair, Hell. Led. Puis. 

— at a distance, Phosp-ac. 

— from elongation of Jtonsils, Am. 
Merc. Nitr-ac. Staph. 

— with full moon increased, Sil. 

— to human voice, Ars. Phosp. Sil. 

— except for speech, Igt. 

— from induration and swelling of ton- 
sils, Nitr-ac. 

— after suppressed interinittents, Calc. 
Carb-veg. Hep. Puis. Sulph. 

measles, Arg-n. Asar. Puis. 

Sil. Spig. Sulph. 

— after mechanical injuries, Am. 

— after abuse of mercury, Asa-f. Nitr- 
ac. Staph. 

nitric acid, Petr. 

— from paralysis of auditory nerves, 

— periodical, Sec. spig. 

— when reading aloud, Verb. 

— in a room, Mgn-c. 

— by stooping increased, ("roc. 

— sudden, Gels. Nice. Plb. Sec-c. Sep. \ 

— in changeable weather, Mang. 

— before wind and rain, Nux-m. 

— alternating with obscuration of sight, 

otorrhoea, Puis. 

— relieved when blowing the nose, 
Mang. Merc. Sil. Sulph. 

with a crack, Sil.' 

after earwax is removed, Con. 

when riding in a carriage, Graph. 

when swallowing, Merc. 

— illusions of, as if air were passing into 
ea r, Graph. 

sound of a bell, Ars. Chin. Clem. 

Sass. Valer. 

buzzing, Agar. Ambr. Amm-c. Am tu- 
rn. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. ("act. Calc. 
Carb-an, Carb-veg. Cast. Chin. Cocc. 
( roc. Dros. Hep. Iod. Kali-c. Mgn- 
c. Mang. Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nice. 
Petr. Phosp. Puis. Sec-c. Sep. Stront. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. Therid. Zinc. 

right ear, Elaps. Mgn-c. 

— chirping, Puis. Sil. Sulph. 

— clashing, Mang. Sabad. Sil. 

— crackling. Alum. Rar-c. Calc. Kali-c. 
Lach. Meny. Mosch. Nitr-ac. Sulph. 

— crying, Phosp-ac. Stann. 

— detonation, snapping, Calc. Mang. 
Sabad. Sil. Sulph. / 

like ■ cannon, with a 'few drops of 

blood, Mosch. 

- drum, sounds of, Lach. 

- fluttering, bell. Calc. Cham. Graph. 
Mgn-c. Plat. Puis. Sil. Spig. 

- hammering, Spig. 

- hissing. Dig. Graph. Sil. Teucr. 

- humming, Aeon. Aloe. Alum. Amm-c. 
Anac. Ant. Am. Hell. Hrv. Calc. Case. 
Caust. Chin. Con. Croc. Dros. Dulc. 
Graph. Lye. Hyosc. Iod. Mur-ac. Ntr- 
m. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Puis. 
Psor. Sabad. Spig. Sid ph. 

- music, Calc. Ntr-c. 
sounds shrill, Coll'. 

- ringing, Ambr. Arg-n. Ars. Calc. Cast. 
Chin. Clem. Elaps. Glon. Led. Mgn-s. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr. Psor. Sang. 
Sass. Sil. Sulph-ac. 

- roaring, Aeon. Agn. All-cep. Anac. 
Ant. Am. Ars. Aur. Bell. Berb. Borax. 
Bry. Cannab. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. 
('hin. Cinnab. Colch. Con. Croc. Gupr. 
Daph. Dros. Evon. Ferr. Hep. Hydroc- 
ac. Kali-c. Lac-can. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Mang. Merc. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Ol-an. Op. Petr. Plat. Puis. Rheum. 
Khod. Sep. Sulph. Therid. Veral. 

in left ear, Borax. 

with every attack of pain, Ars. 

- rolling, Graph. Plat. 

- rushing, Dulc. Phosp. 

- rustling, Bell. Borax. Caust. Mang. 
Merc. Phosp. Puis. Sil. Therid, Viol-od. 

- shocks, as of distant artillery, Bail. 

- singing, Glon. Graph. Kali-c. Ol-an. 

- sounds mixed together, Carb-an. 

- squashing, Calc. Mang. 

- striking of a clock, Tereb. 

- throbbing, Hep. 

- thundering, Calc. Caust. Chelid. Lach. 
Oleand. Petr. Plat. Rhod. 

- tinkling, Agn. Aloe. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Bar-c. Bell. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Con. 
Ferr-m. Graph. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Meny. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. 
Oleand. Ol-an. Op. Par. Petr. Puis. 
Sass. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Tereb. Valer. 

- voices, Cham. Elaps. 

- water boiling, Dig. Thuj. 
rushing, Cocc. 

- wind, strong, Igt. 

whizzing, like, Chelid. 

- whistling, Creos. Elaps. Graph. Mur-ac. 
Nux. Sil. Teucr. 

- in evening, buzzing, Sulph-ac. 
tingling, Croc. Lact. Merc. 

- at night buzzing, roaring, Amm-c. Graph. 
singing, tingling, Rat. 

voices, Cham. 

- when blowing the nose, crying, Phosp- 


ac. Stann. 

Hearing, illusionsof, when gaping, squash- 
ing, Mang. 

— when masticating, crackling, Alum. Calc. 
Graph. Mang. Men)*. Ntr-m. Mux. 

— by noise increased, ()l-an. 

— when reading aloud, cracking, Aloe. 
rising from sitting, buzzing, Verat. 

— in a room, roaring, Mgn-c. 

— when sneezing, crackling, Bar-c. 

stooping, roaring, Croc. 

swallowing, crackling, Alum. Bar-c. 


detonation, Cic. 

roaring, Mgn-c. 

squashing, Calc-c. 

talking, hissing, Teucr. 

walking crackling, Bar-c. Meny. 

— relieved by leaning on head, buzzing, 

boring in the ear, Cast. 

— sensitiveness of, Aeon. Am. Ars. Aur. 
Bell. Bry. Calad. Calc. Cham. Chin. 
CofF. Con. Graph. Iod. Lyc. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-c. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. 
Pids. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. Sulph. 
Therid. Viol-od. 

too great, CofF. Lyc. Mur-ac. Phosp. 

Sep. Sil. Sulph. Therid. 

in evening, Kali-c. 

to music, Aeon. Cham. CofF. Lyc. 

Phosp-ac. Sep. Sulph. Viol-od. 

noise, Aeon. Apis. Ars. Bry. Chin. 

Igt. Iod. Ip. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Sil. Therid. Zinc 

organs, Lyc. 

sounds, Lyc. Therid. 

talking of other people, Ars. 

Phosp-ac. Verat. 

violin playing, Viol-od. 

when falling asleep, Calad. 

in bed, Kali-c. 

Heat of ears, Aloe. Alum. Ang. Ant. Asar. 
Camph. Carb-veg. Case. Chin. Clem. 
Creos. Hep. Hipp. Igt. Jatr. Kali-c. 
Meph. Ntr-m. Puis. Sabin. Tabac. 

— and redness of one ear, Alum. 

— of left ear, Jac-cor. 
lobes, Camph. Chin. 

— inside, Calc. Canth. Case. Puis. 

— one sided, Alum. Carb-veg. Igt. 

— in evening, Alum. Carb-veg. 

— with coldness alternating, Berb. Verat. 

— streaming from ears, Aeth. Par. 
Herpes in front of ears, Oleand. 

— behind, Cist. Graph, Mgn-m. Oleand. Sep. 

— on lobes, Caust. Cist. Sep. Teucr. 

— inside, Creos. 

jerking pain, Ang. Fluor-ac. Petr. Puis. 
Rhod. Spig. Valer. 

on ears, Cina. 

in front, Ang. 

on lobes, Nitr. 

Inflammation of ears, Bell. Borax. Bov. 
Bry. Cact. Canth. Creos. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Merc-cor. Puis. 

— right ear, Bell. 

— left ear, Puis. 

— of edges, Sil. 

— lobes, Creos. Nitr. 

— inside, Aeon. Bell. Borax. Bov. Bry. 
Calc. Canth. Hep. Kino. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Nux. Puis. Sil. Spig. 

— of petrous bone, tender to touch, Caps. 
Irritation sense of, Arg. Plat. 
Itching, Agar. Alum. Amm-c. Arg. Bar-c. 

Berb. Bov. Carb-veg. Caust. Con. Fluor- 
ac. Graph. Grat. I/ep. Igt. Kali-c. Meph. 
Phosp. Raph. Sep. Sil. Spig. Sulph. 

— left ear, Benz-ac. Tellur, 

— behind the ears, Mgn-m. Mez. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Therid. 

— of lobes, Arg. Kali-b. Sabad. Sulph. 
at night, Nux. 

— inside, Anac. Caps. Cupr. Cyel. Elaps. 
Ferr-m. Fluor-ac. Kali-c. Laur. Nux. 
Puis. Rat. Rheum. Ruta. Samb. Sep. 

deep, Rumex. 

right side, Cinnab. 

left side, Cocc-c. 

— burning and redness as if frozen, Agar. 

Moist, humid, behind eats, Graph. Kali-c. 
Nitr-ac. Ol-an. Petr. Psot . 

— on edges, Sil. 
Numbness, sense of, Plat. 
Open sensation as if ears were, Aur-m. 
Otalgia, spasmodic, All-cep. Aloe. Anac, 

Ang. Asar. Bell. Bry. Cainca. Cannab. 
Caust. Cham. Colch. Croc. Croton. Dros. 
Dulc. Euph. Guaj. Kino. Lyc. Mang. 
Meph. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Nitr. 
Nux-m. iVux. Par. Petr. Phosp. Plat. 
Prun. Psor. Puis. Ran-SC. Rheum. Rhod. 
Rhus. Sabin. Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. 
Stann. Teucr. Thuj. Valer. Zinc. 

— right car, Bell. Lac-can. Ran-sc. Rhod. 

— left ear, Calend. Guaj. Lac-can. Lith. 

— behind left ear, in bone to neck, Lith. 
From other parts to the ear extending, pains, 


Otorrhoea, Alum. Amm-c. Amm-m. Anac. 
Asa-f. Bar-c. Bell. Borax. Bov. Calc. 
Calend. Caust. Carb-an. Carb-7>eg. Cham. 
Cist. Colch. Con. Graph. Hep. Kali-c. 
Kino. Lach. Lyc. Meny. Merc. Ntr-»t. 
Nitr-ac. Petr. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Selen. 
Sep. Sil. Spig. Sulph. (compare Run- 
ning. ) 

— bloody, Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Calc. Canst. 
Cic. Con. Elaps. Graph. Lyc. Merc. 
Mosch. Nitr-ac. Petr. Puis. Rhus. Sep. 
Sil. Sulph. 



Otorrhoea brownish, Anac. 

— offensive, Aur. Bov. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cist. Kali-b. Hep. Merc. Merc-cor. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

like fish brine, Tellur. 

— purulent, All-cep. Alum. Arani-c. Amm- 
m. Arn. Asa-/. Aur. Bell. Borax. Bov. 
Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 
Cist. Con. Gels. Graph. fftp. Kali-b. 
Kali-c. Kino. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. 
N'itr-ac. Petr. Psor. Puis. Rhus. Sacch. 
Sep. Sil. Sulph. Zinc. 

after abuse of mercury, Asa-f. 

— thin, Cham. Merc. Sep. Sil. 

— watery, Cist. Tellur. 

— yellow, alternating with difficulty of 
hearing, Phosp. 

— yellowish green, Elaps. 

— after measles, Colch. 

— after scarlet fever, Kali-b. 

Paralysis auditory nerve. Bell. Calc. Caust. 

Chelid. Dulc. Graph. Ilyosc. Lyc. Merc. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. Puis. Sec-c. Sil. 
Periosteum behind ear swollen, Carb-an. 
Pinching behind ear, Paeon. Sabin. 

— inside, Bell. Ferr-m. 

Like a plug, sensation in ear, Anac. Spig. 
Polypus, Calc. Staph. 

Pressing in ear, Anac. Asar. Asa-f. Bell. 
Camph. Caps. Creos. Cupr. Fluor-ac. 
Hydroc-ac. Mur-ac. Oleand. Rheum. 
Ruta. Sabad. Sass. Seneg. Spig. Spong. 

— behind, Thuj. 

— forward in ears, Cannab. Caust. Ntr-s. 
Nux. Par. Puis. Spong. 

in right ear, Prun. 

Pulsation, Calc. Mgn-tn, Spig. (compare 

Pustules in ear, Bcrb. 

Redness of ears, Agar. Ant. Apis. Camph. 
Chin. Creos. Igt. Ilipp-m. Mgn-c. Meph. 
Puis. Tabac. 

— bluish, Tellur. 

— in evening, Alum. Carb-veg. 

— behind, Oleand. Petr. Tabac. 

— of lobes, Camph. Chin. 

— one sided, Alum. Carb-veg. Igt. 
Rending, tearing, in ears, Aeon. Aeth. 

Agar. Ambr. Anac. Arn. Bell. Bcrb. 
Caps. Cast. Cham. Chenop. Colch. 
Con. Cupr. Dulc. Grat. Guaj. Ind. Iod. 
Kali-jod. Kalm. Lachn. Merc. Meph. 
Mez. Mur-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Par. Phell. 
Phosp. Plumb. Puis. Khod. Scill. Spig. 
Stann. Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 
Verb. Zinc. 

— right ear, Kali-jod. 

— left ear, Aeon. Puis. 

— left to right, Aloe. 

— right to left, Sulph. 

— about the ears, Con. Rhod. 
behind. Dig. Ind. Nitr. 

— in front, Ang. 

— on ears, Chin. Dulc. 

— from ear down to neck, Tar. 
Retraction, sense of, Verb. 
Reverberation of everv sound, Caust. 

Hydroc-ac. Lach. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. 

— of words, Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. Phosp. 
Rough epidermis in ears, Oleand. 

Like a rough body in Eustachian tube. 

sensation, Nux-m. 
Running ears, Amm-m. Anac. Kali-c. Lyc. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. (compare Otorrhoea.) 

— of mucus, Calc. Lyc. Merc. Phosp. 
Puis. Sulph. 

— after inflammation, Kino. 
Scratching sensation, Ruta. 
Screwing pain, Bell. 
Sensitiveness of ears, Kali-jod. 

— to wind, Lach. 

— want of, Mur-ac. 

Spasmodic pain, Cina. Merc. Mm ex. 
Oleand. Ran-b. Spig. Thuj. 

— inside, Aug. Creos. Croc. Ferr. Merc. 
Mur-ac. Petr. Phosp-ac. J'lat. Ran-b. 
Samb. Thuj. Valer. 

— behind Murcx. 
Steatoma at lobe, Nitr-ac. 
Stench from ears, Graph. 

— behind ears, Oleand. 

Stinging, stitches, Aeon. Aeth. Alum. Anac. 
Ant. Arg. Arn. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. 
Berb. Borax. Bry. Calc. Camph. Caust. 
Cham. Chelid. Chin. Colch. Con. Creos. 
Croton. Dros. Ferr. Gels. Graph. Grat. 
Hell. Hep. Hyper. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kali- 
jod. Kino. Lob. Mgn-s. Mang. Meny. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. A'ttx. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Ran-b. Raph. Rat. Ruta. 
Samb. Sass. Sep. Staph. Sulph. Tabac. 
Tar. Teucr. Thuj. Verat. Verb. Viol-oaf. 

— in right ear. Aeon. Aeth. Caust. Creos. 
Kalm. Kino. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m 
Phyt. Ran-b. Zinc. 

— in left ear, Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Sang, 
Sep. Staph. Sulph. 

to roof of mouth, same side of head 

and neck, sore to touch, glands swol- 
len, Kali-b. 

— through left ear from roof of mouth, 

— sudden in left ear, extending to left side 
of neck and sternum, Cocc-c. 

— first in left then right, Aloe. 

— first in right then Jeft, Sulph. 

— on ears, Caust. Dulc. Ferr-m. Mgn-m. 

— behind ears, Am. Bell. Berb. Nitr. 
Sulph. Tabac. 

— — right ear, Kalm. 

— about the ears, Con. 



Stinging on the lobes, Sabad. 

— inwards, Lob. Ntr-s. 

— outwards, A»im-c. Berb. Con. Kali-c. 
Ntr-s. Sil. 

Strokes, blows, in ears, Am, Ntr-m. Nux. 

Pa;on. Plat. 
Swelling'of ears, Aeon Alum. Anac. Ant. 

Apis. Bell. Calc. Caust. Cist. Creos. 

Kali-c. Ntr-m. Nitr. Psor. Puis. Rhus. 

Sep. Sil. Spong. Tellur. Zinc. 
Swelling in front, Bry. Cist. 

— behind, Berb. Br}-. Caps. Carb-an. Tab- 

— in ears, Cist. Lach. Nitr-ac. 

— of lobes, right, Nitr. 

— around ears, Phyt. 

— ofperiosteum, behind cars, Carb-an. 

— of petrous portion, Caps. 

— sense of, inside, Thuj. 
Tension, Ambr. Creos.- Lact. 

— inside, Asar. Aur. Cham. Dig. Lact. 

— behind, Nitr-ac. Nitr. 

Throbbing in ears, Aloe. Bar-c. Berb. Cact. 
Calc. Cannab. Carb-veg. Coloc. Graph. 
Lach. Mgn-m. Merc-jod. Mez. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Rheum. 
Rhus. Sil. Spig. Tellur. Thuj. I 

— on lobes, Ferr-m. 

— disappearing on stooping, Cannab. 
Tickling, Aeon. Kalm. Spig. 

— inside, Ambr. Kali-c. 

Tingling, Bell. Calc. Caust. Con. Kali-c. 

Lyc. Nux. Puis. Sulph. 
Tumor, small in ear, Berb. 

— on lobe, Merc. 
Tympanum, as if relaxed, Rheum. 
Ulcer in ear, Bov. Camph. Kali-c. 

— right ear, Bov. 

— left ear, Camph. 

Ulcerousness of ears, (suppuration,) Ainm- 
c. Merc. Lyc. Olcand. Spong. Stann. 

— inner ear, Carb-veg. 
Ulcerous pain, Anac. »Ferr. Mgn-c. 
Wen on lobe, Nitr-ac. 
Whimpering tune in ear, Ant. 
Like water in left ear, Graph. 

Like water passing out of ears, Calc. Spig. 

— wind passing out of ears, Bell. Chelid. 


As if wind passing into or blowing at, 
Caust. Mang. Meny. Plat. Staph. 

Like a worm in ear, sensation, Rhod. 

In the morning in bed, pain, Nux. 

In the evening, earache, Carb-veg. Ran-b. 

— in bed, Thuj. 

At night, pain, Alum. Bar-c. Nitr. Nux. 

— when lying on the ear, Bar-c. Nitr. 
Day and night, earache, Hell. 

When blowing the nose, pain, Hep. Phosp-ac. 

relieved, Mang. 

From cold air, pain, Agar. Colch. 

— a cold, pain. Dulc. Merc. 

in the head, Bell. Led. Puis. 

While eating, earache, Verb. 
With the full moon worse, Sil. 
From laughing, earache, Mang. 

When leaning on the head, earache, Am. 
Lac-can. Lach. Nitr. 

— masticating, earache, Nux. Seneg. 
From suppressed measles, otorrhoea, Puis. 

— mechanical injuries, pain, Arn. 

— abuse of mercury, Asa-f. Nitr-ac. 

— music, pain, Ambr. Cham. Creos. Phosp- 
ac. Tabac. 

In the open air, earache, Bry. Con. Euph. 

Lachn. Lyc. Tabac. 
When speaking, earache, Mang. 

— swallowing, earache, Anac. Bov. Dros. 
Ferr-m. Mang. Nux. 

After vexation, earache, Sulph. 

When walking, earache, Bry. Con. Mang. 

in open air, Benz-ac. Bry. Con. 

After a walk in the open air, pain, Bry. 
From warmth of bed, aggravation, Merc. 
When the weather changes, Mang. 
Before wind and rain, pain, Nux-m. 
With headache, earache, Merc. Phosp. Psor. 

— cold legs, Thuj. 

— faceache, Merc. Phosp-ac. 

— micturition, profuse, Thuj. 

— nausea, Dulc. 

— toothache, Meph. Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. 
Pains which extort cries, Nux. 

almost deprive one of reason, Puis. 

7. Nose and Smell. 

As of air, pain passing through posterior 
nares, on coughing or talking, Mgn-s. 

Anosmia, loss of smell, Anac. Calc. Hep. 
Hyosc. Ip. Mgn-m. Ntr-m. Phell. Phosp. 
Plb. Rhod. Sang. Sep. Sil. Zinc. 

As if beaten, pain, Bell. Hep. 

Biting in nose, Ang. Aur. Bry. Euph. Ran- 
sc. Sabad. Spig. 

Black pores on nose, Dros. Graph. Sabin. 

sweaty, Graph. 

Blackish nose, Merc. 



Bleeding of nose, (see Epistaxis). 
Blood, congestion of to nose, Amm-c. Cupr. 

when stooping, Anim-c. 

— discharged from nose, acrid. Nitr. Sil. 
black. Ant. Am. Asar. Bism. Bry. 

Canth. Cham. Cinnab. Creos. Croc. 
Cupr. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Nitr-ac. 
Nux-m. Nux. Phosp-ac. Plat. Puis. 
Sec-c. Selen. Sep. Strain. Sal ph. 

bright, Aeon. Creos. Dulc. Hyosc. 

Lach. Led. Sabad. 
clotted, Aeon. Bell. Cham. Chin. 

Croc. Fen. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Plat. 

Puis. Rhus. Sabin. Strain. 

coagulating quickly, Merc. Nitr-ac. 

nose continuously full of coagulated 

blood, Ferr. 

pale, Am. Bell. Dulc. Hyosc. Lachn. 

Led. Phosp. Rhus. Sabin. Sec-c. 
and thin but soon coagulates. 

Chin. Creos. Dig. Dulc. Tilia. 

viscid, ("roc. Cupr. Sec-c. 

warm, Dulc. 

discharged by blowing the nose, Agar. 

Alum. Amm-c. Ant. Aur. Borax. Calc- 

ph. Canth. Caust. Dros. Ferr. Graph. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Nux. Par. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sep. 

Stront. Sulph. Thuj. 

in the morning, Caust. 

in evening and at night, Graph. 

Blood)- crusts in nose, Ambr. Amm-c. 

Ferr. Nux. Stront. 
Blueness of, ala>nasi, Hydroc-ac. 
Body sensation as if a foreign body in 

nose, Calc-ph. 
Bones, pain in, Aur. Carb-an. Colch. Ind. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr. Sil. Thuj. Verat. 
Boring pain, Ntr-m. Spig. Sulph. 

— with lingers in nose, Cina. Ph-ac. Seneg. 
until it bleeds, Arum-trif. 

— picking at the nose, Arum-trif. Hyper. 
Bruising pain, Arn. Bell. Cic. Cina. ilep. 

Puis. Viol-od. 
Burning sensation, Aur-m. Bell. Cist. 
Kali-c. M rcurial. 

— inside, Ars. Aur-m. Canth. Cina. Cist. 
Hep. Kali-c. Mgn-m. Mez. Nice. Nitr- 
ac. Nitr. Phosp. Stann. Sulph. Tab-ac. 

— in nostrils, Bov. Chenop. Kali-jod. 
Mgn-m. Phell. Rat. 

— on point, Carb-an. Nice. Ol-an. 

— spot on nose, Iod. 

Cancer of nose, Ars. Aur. Calc. Carb-an. 
.V,/. Sulph. 

— epethelial, on right, ahc-nasi, Creos. 
Caries, Aur. 

Coldness of nose, Aloe. Arn. Bell. Chin. 
Cist. Cycl. Dros. Igt. Mang. Murex. 
Nux. Plb. Sulph. Verat. 

— in nose when inhaling air, Ant. Hipp. 

Compressing pain, Aeon. Verat. 

— as from a claw, Nitr. 
Condyloinatous excresences, Nitr-ac. 
Contracting pain, Sabad. 
Corrosion in nostrils, Berb. 

— in upper part of nose, Sil. 
Convulsive motion ( fan like) of nasal 

muscles, Lyc. 
Coppery redness of nose, Cantttfi, 
Crackling in nose, Sulph. 
Cracks in nostrils, .-////. Graph. 

— on point, Carb-an. 
Cramping pain in ahe, Plat. Zinc. 

in root, Arn. Hyosc. Zinc. 

Crawling, Arn. Borax. 

— in nostri's, Agar. Aur-m. Berb. Carb- 
vcg. Gran. Ol-an. Ran-sc. Sabad. Spig. 
Tabab. Teucr. 

— in point, Mosch. Picon. Rheum. 
Cutting pain in nasal bones, Iod. Merc-jod. 
Deadness of skin, Ntr-m. 
Desquamation, Ars. Aur. Canth. Carb-an. 

Croton. Ntr-c. 

— furfuraceous, Ars. .Aur. 
Digging pain, Coloc. Nitr. 
Drawing pain, Rheum. Thuj. 
ppistaxis, Aeon. Agar. All-cep. Aloe. Amir, 

Amm-c. Anac. Ant. .//;</•. Am. Ars. Aur. 
Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Borax. Bry. ( act, 
Calc. Cannah. Canth. Caps. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Cina. Cinnab. 
Coff. Con. Cor-r. Creos. Croc. Croton. 
Dros. Dulc. Euphr. Ferr. Graph. Htp. 
• Igt. Iod. Ip. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lach. 
Lachn. Led. Lyc. Meph. Merc. MiUef. 
Mosch. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Velr. I'hosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plat. Puis. Rat. A'hod. Rhus. Ruta- 
Sabad. Sabin. Sass. Sec-c. Scill. Sep. Sil. 
Spong. Staph. Stram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tereb. Thuj. Tilia. Verat. Zinc. 

— in plethoric persons, Aeon. 

— in putrid fevers, Arn. 

— in morning, Agar. Ambr. Amm-c. Ant 
Bell. Bov. Bry. Calc. Canth. Caps. 
Carb-veg. Creos. Croc. Hep. Hipp. 
Hyosc. Kali-c. Lach. Mgn-c. Merc. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. Rhus. Sabin. 

— in bed, Caps. 

— afternoon, Lvc. 

— 3 P. M, Sulph. 

— evening. Ant. Colch. Dros. Ferr.Graph. 
Phosp. Sulph. 

— night, Ant. Bell. Calc. Carb-veg. Cor-r. 
Croc. Graph. Hyosc. Kali-chl. Mgn-s. 
Merc. Nitr-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sabin. Verat. 

— after blowing the nose, Agar. Bar-c. 
Bry. Chin. Cinnab. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Spong. Sulph. 

— from one nostril at a time, Cor-r. Croc. 
right nostril, Kali-b. Kali-chl. 

— from congestion to head, Alum. Graph. 

— with the cough, Merc. Ntr-m. 


Epistaxis from a dry, hot nose, Cannab. 

— from exertion, Carb-veg. 

— with face, heat of, Graph. 

— with lainting, Calc. 

— with giddiness, Carb-an. Sulph. 

— after hawking, Rhus. 

— with head, pain in, Alum. Carb-an. Dulc. 

— after headache, Ant. 

— relieves headache, Bufo. 

— after meals, Amm-c. 

— from being overheated, Thuj. 

— with loss of sight, Ind. 

— after singing, Hep. 

— in sleep, Bov. Br)'. Merc. 

— during stool, Carb-veg. Phosp. 

— when stooping, Dros. Ferr. Ntr-m. 
Rhus. Sil. 

— after washing, Amm-c. 

— after weeping, Nitr-ac. 

— with amenorrhoes, Bry. Cact. Puis. 

— with dry coryza, Ars. Puis. 

— with fainting, Cannab. Croc. Lach. 

— with face, heat of, Graph. 
paleness of face, Carb-veg. 

— with hcemmorhoids, Sep. 

— with heaviness of head, Coff. 

— with profuse menstruation, Aeon. 

— during pregnancy, Sep. 

— with vanishing of sight, Ind. 

— with vertigo, Carb-an. Sulph. 

— followed by sore nostrils, Bry. 

— sneezing followed by, Ind. 

Eruption on nose, Alum. Amm-c. Ant. 
Aur. Bell. Brom. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Clem. Euphr. Kali-c. Lach. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-c. Nice. Nitr-ac. Petr. 
Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 
Spig. Sulph. Tar. (compare Herpes, 

— inside, Mgn-c. Phell. Sil. 

— on corners, Plb. 

— on point, Caust. Carb-veg. Clem. Nitr- 
ac. Sep. Sil. Spong. 

— on septum, Ol-an. Psor. 

— below nose, Caps. Scill. 

— oh alic, Euphr. Rhus. Thuj. 

— bleeding on touch, Merc. 

— burning, Alum. Graph. Ntr-m. Ol-an. 

— herpetic, Nitr-ac. Spig. 

— knobby tip of nose, Aur. 

— itching, Nitr-ac. Palad. Phell. Scill. 

— lupus on left side of nose, Creos. 

— moist, Ol-an. Scill. Thuj. 

— painful, Caps. Mgn-c. 
to touch, Clem. 

— pimples, Amm-c. Caps. Caust. Clem. 
Euphr. Kali-c. Lach. Ol-an. Ox-ac. 
Pallad. Petr. Plb. Sil. 

filled with pus. Clem. Euphr. Petr. 


— red, Aur. Croton. Lach. Thuj. 

— sore, smarting, Spig. 

— stinging, stitches, Scill. 


— vesicles, Clem. Mgn-m. Nitr-ac. Phell. 
Plb. Sil. 

Exhalatious from nose fetid, Aur. Bell. 
Calc. Con. Graph. Kali-b. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. 
Nux Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. 

— putrid, Bell. Graph. 

— sickly sweetish, Nitr-ac. 

— like urine, Graph. 
Exostosis, Merc. 
Freckles, Phosp. Sulph. 
Fulness sense of in nose, Par. 

at root extending to neck and clavi- 
cles, Gels. 

Furuncles, boils, Alum. Amm-c. Carb-an. 

Mgn-m. Sil. 
Gnawing sense in nose, Sil. 
Grasping pain, Nitr. 
Hardness of alrc-nasi, Thuj. 
Heat in nose, Cannab. Canth. Chin. Clem. 

Cor-r. Hep. Mgn-m. Nux. Sang. 

— air feels hot in nose, Kali-b. 
Heaviness, Amm-c. Colch. Merc. Samb. 

Sil. Stann. 

— when stooping, Amm-c. Sil. 

— sense of in bones, Colch. 

Herpetice ruption on alse-nasi, Nitr-ac. Spig. 

across nose, Sep. Sulph. 

Inflammation of nose, Am. Aur. Bell. Bry. 

Calc. Cannab. Canth. Cist. Croton. Hep, 

Lach. Mang. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. 

Phell. Phosp. Plb. Ran-b. Rat. Rhus. 

Sep. Sulph. Verat. 

— chronic, Fluor-ac. 

— inside Agar. Bell. Bry. Canth. Cham. 
Cist. Cocc. Con. Mang. Merc. Nuj . 
Phosp. Ran-b. Rhus. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 

— after mercury, Con. Sil. 

— one sided, left, Cist. Ntr-m. 

— of tip, Borax. Bry. Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. 
Nice. Nitr. Sep. Sulph. 

— of septum, Psor. 

Itching of iiose.^anAmm-c. Arg-n. Aur-s. 
Borax. Carb-veg. Chelid. Cina. Grat. Igt. 
Jatr. Lac-can. Merc. Nux. Oleand. 
Rat. Samb. Sep. Spig. 

— inside, Agar. Caust. Cina. Hyper. Lac- 
can. Nux. Ol-an. Rat. Sabad. Selen. 

— of point, Caust. Ol-an. Sil. 

— of wings, Caust. Ntr-s. Selen. 
Nocturnal pain, Bell. Cor-r. Lach. 

with sleeplessness, Cor-r. 

Nodosities in nostrils, Ars. 

Odors in nose, on one side only, Ntr-m. 

— acid, Alum. Bell. 

— agreeable, Agn. Puis. 

— as of blood, Nux. Psor. Sil. 

— brimstone, Ars. Nux. 

— burnt horn, Sulph. 
sponge, Anac. 

— candle snuffs, Nux. 



Odor, cheese, Nux. 

— coffee, Puis. 

— fetid things, Aur. Bell. Calc. Crcos. 
Elaps. Graph. Kali-b. Lac-can. Meny. 
Xitr-ac. Nux. Par. Phosp-ac. Phosp. 
Plb. Puis. Sep. Verat. 

with anorexia, Creos. 

when breathing through the nose, 


— fish brine or fermented beer, Agn. Hell. 

— herrings, Agn. Bell. 

— horse-radish, Raph. 

— manure, Ahac. ('ale. Mgn-c. Verat. 

— as from mucus from coryza, Graph. 
Merc. Puis. Sulph. 

— musk, Agn. 

— nauseous, Canth. Meny. 

— pus, Sencg. Sulph. 

— putrid, Aur. Bell. Calc. Creos. Graph. 
Kobalt. Meny. Nitr-ac. Par. Phosp. Sep. 

eggs, Aur. Bell. Calc. Meny. Merc. 

Phosp. Sep. Sulph. 
smell of bread and milk, Par. 

— sickly, Aur. Nitr-ac. Nux. Sil. 

— smoke, Sulph. 

— sulphurous, Anac. Ars. Calc. Graph. 
Nux. Plb. 

1 — sweetish, Aur. 

— of tallow, Valer. 

— of tar, Ars. Con. 

— of tobacco, Puis, 

— of wiskey, Aur. 
Paleness around nose, Cina. 

— of nose, Ntr-m. 

Pinched as if nostrils were, Lachn. 
Plugs of dried mucus in nose, Kali-b. Sep. 

Polvpus, Calc. Merc-cor. Phosp. Sang. 

Sep. Sil. Staph. Teucr. 
Pressing pain in nose. Asa-f. Colch. Grat. 

Mgn-c. Merc. Oleand. Ran-b. 
on root, Agn. Cannab. Dulc. Kali-b. 

Kalm. Hipp-m. Hyosc. Prun. Ruta. 
Prickling in point, Berb. Ran-sc. 
Puffmess, Bell. Caust. Kali-c. Merc. Ntr-c. 

Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sep. 
Pulsation in nose, Cor-r. 
Purulent discharge from nose, Alum. 

Amm-c. Arg. Asa-f. Aur. Calc. Cic. 

Cina. Con. Graph. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Nux. 

Pctr. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sulph. 

— acrid, excoriating, Ars. Lyc. Merc. 

— bloody, Arg. Arg-n. Phosp-ac. 

— fetid, Asa-f. Aur. Graph. Lyc. Merc. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Rhus. 

— green, Asa-f. Aur. Kali-b. Lac-can. 
Nux. Puis. Rhus. Sep. 

— thick, Alum. 

— yellow, Alum, Aur. Cic. Graph. Lac- 
can. Merc. Nitr-ac. Puis. 

— with clots of blood, Arg-n. 

— nightly closing of nostrils with pus. 

Quivering on nose, Chelid. Stront. 
Red spots on nose, Iod. Phosp-ac. Sil. 
Redness of nose,.-/////;/. Aur. Hell. Calc. 

Cannab. Canth. Carb-veg. Chin. Fluor- 

ac. Hep. Iod. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lach. 

Lith. Mgn-c. Mang. Merc. Merc-cor. 

Phosp. Plb. Psor. Kan-b. Rhus. Statin. 

Sulph. Thuj. 

— inside, Bell. Bry. Merc. Nux. Phol!. 
Phosp. Sulph. 

— of the corners, Plb. 

— of nostrils, Cocc. Kali-b. Lach. Phell. 

— of tip, Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Lach. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Rhus. Sil. 

on getting angry, Vinca. 

— in open cold air, Aloe. 

— in warm weather, Bell. 

— with white pimples on it, Ntr-c. 

Rending, tearing pain, Ind. Kali-jod. Nice. 

Scabs on nose, ( scurf ) Carb-an. Carb- 
veg. Caust. Chin. Mang. Ntr-m. Nitr- 
ac. Phosp-ac. Sass. Sep. Sil. Spong. 

— below nose, Bar-c. Sass. 

— inside, Alum. Aur. Borax. Brom. Cic. 
Cocc-c. Croton. Graph. Hep. Kali-b. 
Lach. Mez. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Ran-b. Rat. 
Sass. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. Thuj. 

right side, Iod. 

— on and in Jnostrils, Ant. Aur. Borax. 
Bov. Cic. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. 

— on point, Carb-an Carb-veg. Nitr-ac. 
Sep. Sil. 

— discharge of large scab from gathering 
high up in nose, Arum-trif. 

thick heavy yellow crusts from high 

up, Croton. 
Smelling, sensitiveness of, Aeon. Aur, 

Bar-c. Bell. Cham. Chin. Cocc. Colch. 

Graph. Hep. Kali-c. Lyc. Nux. Phosp. 

Plb. Sabad. Sep. Sulph. Tabac. 
to acids, Dros. 

bread and meat smell, like putrid 

meat, Par. 

eggs and fat, Colch. 

tlowers, Graph. 

garlic, Sabad. 

syrup, Sang. 

tobacco, Bell. 

wine, Tabac. 

Smelling too acute, Aeon. Agar. Alum. 
Anac. Arn. Aur. Bell Calc. Cham. Chin. 
Cocc. Coff. Colch. Con. Cycl. Graph. 
Hep. Kali-c. Lyc. Mez. Nux. Phosp. 
Sabad. Sep. Sulph. Tabac. 

— diminished, Alum. Anac. Bell. Calc. 
Cycl. Hep. Hyosc. Kali-c. Lyc. Mez. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Op. Plb. Puis. Rhus. Sec- 
c. Sep. Sil. Tabac. Zinc. 

— wanting, Alum. Amm-m. Anac. Aur. 
Bell. Calc. Camph. Caps. Caust Hep. 



Hyosc. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-jod. Lyc. Mgn- 
m. Mang. Mez. Ntr-m. Op. Phell. 
Phosp. Plb. Psor. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. 
Sang. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Zinc. 
Soreness in the nose, Agar. Alum. Amm- 
m. Ang. Ant. Bov. Brom. Camph. Cocc. 
Euphr. Graph. Igt. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lac- 
can. Lach. Lact. Lith. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. 
Mang. Mez. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. Nux. 01- 
an. Rhus. Sil. Thuj. Zinc. 

— of corners, Ant. Phosp. 

— of nostrils, Ant. Graph. Kali-c. Puis. 
Soreness sensation of, Ars. Cic. Euphr. 

Hep. Kali-b. Merc. Mez. Psor. Puis. 
Scill. Sil. Staph. 
inside, Amm-m. Camph. Cocc. 

Colch. Graph. Hyper. Igt. Kali-c. 

Kali-jod. Mgn-s. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. 

Rhus. Sil. 

of nostrils, Amm-c. Chenop. Mgn- 

m. Scill. 

of point, Borax. Cist. Rhus. 

Spasm in, aloe-nasi, Amb. 
Spasmodic pains, Plat. Zinc. 

— at root, Am, Hyosc. Zinc. 
Splinter, pain, as from a, Nitr-ac. 
Spots on nose, red, Iod. Phosp-ac. Sil. 
yellow, Sep. 

Stinging, stitches, Bell. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. 

— in point, Nitr. 

— on right side on blowing the nose, as if 
the bones rubbed, Kali-b. 

— upper part nasal cavity, Teucr. 

— at root, Nice. 

Stupefying pain, Aeon. Oleand. Rheum. 

Suffocating pain, Euph. 

Summer freckles, Phosp. Sulph. 

Swelling of nose, Alum. Amm-c. Am. Ars. 
Asa-f. Aur. Bell. Borax. Bov. Brom. 
Bry. Calc. Cannab. Canth. Carb-an. 
Caust. Cham. Cist. Cocc. Cocc-c. Cor-r.*' 
Fluor-ac. Graph. Hep. Igt. Kali-c. Kali- 
jod. Lach. Lith. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 
Petr. J'hosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Ran-b. 
Rat. Rhus. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. Zinc. 

— red shining, commencing on right side 
to tip, Ox-ac. 

— inside, Amm-c. Bell. Canth. Cist. Cocc. 
Igt. Lach. Nitr. Zinc. 

— one sided, Cocc. Croc. Zinc. 
left side, Cist. Ntr-m. 

right, Cocc. Lith. Merc-jod. Ox-ac. 

— of point, Borax. Calc. Merc-s. Nice. Ox- 
ac. Sep. Sulph. 

— of ridge, Kali-b. Phosp-ac. 

— of wings, Lach. Mgn-m. Ntr-m. Ox-ac. 
Phell. Thuj. 

— of a spot on right lachrymal bone which 
throbs, Kali-b. 

— of the bones of nose, Merc. 
Tenderness of nose, Agar. Amm-m. Kali- 

b. Ntr-m. 

— inside, Agar. Amm-m. Croton. Kali- 

— to touch, pressure, Amm.m. Croton. 

Tension on nose, Asa-f. Merc. Ran-b. 

— inside, Graph. 

— in the bones, Thuj. 

— on the root, Meny. 

— in the wings, Thuj. 
Throbbing, Coloc. Cor-r. Mgn-m. Sil. 
Tickling, Arg. Carb-veg. Hvdroc-ac. Kali- 

b. Kalm. Ol-an. Spig. 
Tingling, Am. 

— inside, Arg. Berb. Carb-veg. Colch. Ol- 
an. Ran-b. Ran-ac. Rat. Sabad. Spig. 

— on point, Mosch. Paeon. Rheum. 
Torpor sense of, Asa-f. Plat. Samb. Viol- 


Tremulous sensation at point, Chelid. 
Hard tumor in nose, Ars. 
Ulceration of nose, Cham. Staph. Sulph. 
(compare Scabs.) 

— inside, Ars. Cor-r. Jatr. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr. Sil. 

— of nostrils, Alum. Arn. Aur. Calc. 
Cham. Cor-r. Graph. Igt. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 
Petr. Phosp. Puis. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

right with burning, Gum-gut. 

— of wings, Puis. 

externa], emitting a watery humor, 

1 Puis. 

oTToot, visible, Mez. 
Ulcerous pain. Mgn-s. Puis. 

inside, Amm-m. Ars. Aur. Bell. 

Borax. Brv. Hep. Nux. Puis. Sil. 

Warmth, sensation of, Rheum. 
Warts, old on nose, Caust. Thuj. 
Wrinkled skin of nose, Cham. 
From abuse of Mercury, Aur. Con. Sil. 
When pressing on nose, pain relieved, 

When touched, pain, Aur. Bell. Bry. 
Colch. Hep. Merc. Led. Mgn-m. Mgn- 
-s. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Phosp. 
Rhus. Sil. 


8. FACE. 

8. Face. 

i.irs AND I 

Aged expression, Hydroc-ac. 

Altered face, Acth. Ars. Caust. Cham. 

Colch. Cupr. Lyc. Op. Sacch. Strain. 


Anxious expression, Aeth Bell. Cupr. 
Apthre on lips, Ip. 
Arthritic pains in lower jaws, Caust. 
As if beaten in zygoma, Cor-r. Sulph-ac. 

hones of face, Kali-b. 

malar bones, Ntr-m.;, 

Bewildered appearance, Plb. Stram. Zinc. 
Biting in face, like salt, Cannab. 
Blackish face. Chin. Cor-r. 

— lips, A.con. Ars. Bry. Chin. Merc. Phosp- 
ac. Psor. Rhus. Scill. Tart. Verat. 

Black pores on face, Dig. Graph. Hep. 
Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Sabad. Sabin. Sclcn. 

— on chin, Dros. 

and upper lip, Sulph. 

ulcerating, Dig. 

Bleeding lips, Aloe. Ars. Arum-trif. Bry. 

Carb-an. Igt. Kali-c. Kobalt. Ntr-m. 
Bloatedness of face, Aeon. Amm-c. Apis. 

Am. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Cact. 

Calc. Cham. Chin. Cina. Cocc. Colch. 

Con. Dig. Dros. Dulc. Elaps. Hell. 

Hipp-m. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Hyper. Ip. 

Kali-b. A'ali-c. Lach. Laur. Led. Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Meph. Merc. Mcrc-cor. Mcz. 

Ntr-c. Op. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Sacch. 

Samb. Sang. Sep. Spig. Spong. Tart. 

Thuj. Vinca. 

— glossy, Aur. 

— about eyes. Apis. Ars. Fcrr. Elaps. 
Merc. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Rhus. 

— under eyes, Apis. Ars. Bry. Kali-c. 
Olcand. PhospMfuIs. 

— over eyes, Lyc. Muta. Sep. 

— between the eyesRLyc. 

— — lids and eyebrows, Kali-c. 

— lower lip, heavy and burns, Mur-ac. 
Blood blisters on upper lip, N'tr-m. 

Blue color of face, Aeon. Agar. Ang. Arg- 

n. Ars. Aur. Bad. Bell. Bry. Camph. 

Cina. Con. Creos. Croc. Cupr. Dig. 

Dros. Hep. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. 

Lach. Lachn. Laur. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. 

Nux. Op. Ox-ac. Puis. Samb. Sang. 

Spong. Staph. Verat. 
— > of cheeks, Cham. 

— of lips, Ang. Arg-n Ars. Berb. Caust. 
Chin. Cupr. Dig. Lachn. Lyc. Mosch. 
Phosp. Verat. 

— about mouth, Cina. Cupr. 

— under eves, Ars. Chin. Ip. Olcand. 


Rhus. Sec-c. 

— around eyes, Canth. Chin. 

— pale bluish, Hydroc-ac. 
Bluish red face, Bell. Bry. Calc. Cupr. 

Merc. Op. Puis. 

bloated, Aeon. Ang. Bry. Hep. 

Merc. Op. Phosp. 
Blue spots on face, Fcrr. 

— circles around eyes, Anac. Ars. Bad. 
Berb. Bism. ('ale. Chin. Cina. Cocc. 
Corn-c. Cupr. Fcrr. Graph. Hipp-m. 
Igt. Ip. Jatr. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Merc. 
Mez. Ntr-c. Nux-m. Nux. Olcand. 
Pallad. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sabad. 
Sabin. Sec-c. Sep. Stann. Staph. Sulph. 

Boils on face, Alum. Ant. 

forehead, Sep. 

lips and chin, painful, Hep. 

Bones, inflammation, .///;-. Staph. 

— pain, Aeth. Caps. Hell. Hep. Merc-jod. 
Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. Zinc. 

when touched, Hep. 

— swelling, Aur. Sil. 

— swelling of on chin, Aur. 

forehead, Aur. 

lower jaw, Aur. Sil. 

temples, Spig. 

Boring pain, Bell. Euph. Mgn-c. Thuj. 

in cheek bones, Bov. Ind. St rout. 

lower jaw, Bov. Ind. Sabad. 

Break, sensation as if lower jaw would, 

Brown, the face becomes, Iod. 

— red face, Bry. Hyosc. Nitr-ac. Op. Puis. 
Samb. Sep. Strain. Sulph. 

when angry, Staph. 

— streak (thin) along upper lip at junction 
with lower, Ars. 

— lips, Ars. Bry. Olcand. Op. Phosp. 
Psor. Staph. Tart. 

Bruising pain, Rula. 

— in left malar bone, Cor-r. Sulph. Sulph- 
ac. Zinc. 

right malar bone, and right side of 

head, a small spot pulsates and burns 
like fire, Merc-jod. 
Burning pain, Arg-n. Ars. Bell. Coloc. 
Euphr. Graph. Rhus. Stann. Thuj. 

in cheeks, Agar. Asar. Caust. Clem. 

Daph. Ol-an. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. 
cheek bone, Caust. Cist. Grat. Ol- 
an. Par. Spig. Staph. Thuj. 

in left zygoma, then right, Gels. 

in chin, Anac. Caust. 

in jaws, Anac. Daph. 

below eyes, Dros. 

8. FACE. 


Boring pain, in lips, Amm-c. Amm-m. Am. 
Ars. Asa-f. Aur-m. Berb. Borax. Bry. 
Caps. Carb-an. Cic. Croton, Lac- 
can. Mgn-s. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-s. Rhod. Sabad. Spig. Sulph. 
Tabac. Tart. 

upper, Brom. Mez. Sulph. 

lower, Clem. Coloc 

in corners of mouth, Mez. 

Cancer in face, Ars. Sil. 

— on lips, Ars. Clem. Con. Sil. Sulph. 

lower lip, Ars. Clem. Sil. 

from smoking, Con. 

Changing color of face, Aeon. Alum. Ars. 

Bell. Borax. Bov. Camph. Caps. Cham. 
Chin. Cina. Croc. Ferr. Ilyosc. Igt. 
Kali-c. Laur. Led. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Nux. 
Oleand. Op. Phosp. Pliosp-ac. Plat. 
Puis. Scill. Spig. Sulph-ac. Verat. Zinc. 

— appearance, Scill. 

Chewing motion, Aeon. Bell. Bry. Cham. 

Lach. Mosch. Verat. 
Closed, disposed to keep the jaws tightly, 


Coldness of face, Ars. Bell. Bism. Camph. 
Cic. Cina. Cupr. Hyosc. Iris. Lyc. Ox- 
ac. Plat. Sec-c. Verat. 

— painful, Lyc. 

— onesided, Puis. 

— of cheeks, Bell. Cham. Lyc. 

— on left cheek to ear, Lob. 

— of lips, Ars. Cupr. Verat. 

— sense of, Merc. Plat. Ran-sc. 

about chin and mouth, Plat. 

Congestion of blood to the face, Bar-c. 

Cocc-c. Ind. Stravi. 
Contraction in cheek, Laur. Rhus, 

— in frontal muscles Rheum. 

— sudden fierce, of muscles of right check. 

— facial muscles especially around mouth, 

— sensation of, Bell. Mosch. 
Convulsions of face, Bell. Calc. Canth. 

Cham. Dig. Igt. Ip. Lyc. Ntr-c. Op. 
Phosp. Stram. Sulph. 

— of mouth, Bell. Cham. Dulc. Igt. Ip. 
Lyc. Merc. Oleand. Op. Stram. 

— one sided, left, Dig. 

Copperv eruption on face, Ars. Aur. Carb- 
an. Rhus. Ruta. Verat. 
about chin and mouth, Verat. 

— color, Calc. .Creos. Led. 
Copper colored spots, Benz-ac. 
Cracks on skin of face, Nice. Sil. 

— in lips, Agar. Aloe. Alum. Amm-c. 
Amm-m. Am. Arum-trif. Ars. Aur. Bar- 
c. Bell. Bov. Bry. Calc. Caps. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Colch. Con. 
Cor-r. Croc. Cupr. Dros. Graph. Igt. 
his. latr. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Kalm. Lacli. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Par. Phosp. Phosp- 

ac. Plat. Puis. Sabad. Scill. Selen. 
Sulph. Tabac. Tar. Tart. Verat. Zinc. 

— upper lip, Hell. Mez. Ntr-c. 

— lower lip, Apis. Mez. 

middle of, Cham. Hep. Puis. 

— corners of mouth, Amm-c. Ant. Arum- 
trif. Cinnab. Merc. Mez. 

— ulcerating, Merc. Phosp-ac. 
Cracking in maxillary joint when chewing, 

Amm-c. Meny. Rhus. Thuj. 

when opening the mouth wide, 


Cramp like pain in left malar bone to eye. 

Crawling, creeping, ( see Tingling.) 

Crustea lacta, Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Calc. Carb- 
veg. Caust. Cic. Cycl. Dulc. Graph. 
Hep. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. Phosp. Rhus. 
Sass. Sep. Sulph. Viol-tr. 

Cutting pain in face, Bell. Rhus. Staph. 

from root of nose to ear, Elaps. 

Cystic tumor on cheek, Graph. 

Dark red face, Bar-c. Camph. Coloc. Gels. 
Op. Sec-c. Verat. 

lips, Bar-c. Bell. 

Death like appearance, Ars. Canth. PUf. 

Despairing appearance, Canth. Hcematox. 
Despuamation of skin, Apis. Canth. 

Phosp. Puis. Thuj. 
lips, Aeon. Aloe. Alum. Amm-m. 

Arum-trif. Berb. Canth. Caps. Cham. 

Con. Creos. Kali-c. Kobalt. Lac-can. 

Mez. Mosch. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux.VVa. 

Puis. Sep. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 
Digging pain, Bov. Euphr. 

in cheek bones, Mgn-c. Thuj. 

rami of lower jaw, Kali-b. 

Dirty color of face, Iod. Mgn-c. Merc. 

Phosp. Sec-c. 
Discolored face, Mgn-c. Sec-c. 

— spots on face, Sec-c. 

Disfigured face, Aeih. Ars. Bism. Colch. 

Iod. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Spig. 
Dislocation, easy of maxillary joint, Pctr. 


in morning in bed, Petr. 

— sense of, Con. Rhus. 

Distortion of face, Aeon. Amm-m. Ang. 
Ars. Bell. Bism. Camph. Caust. Cham. 
Cic. Cocc. Cupr. Graph. Hydroc-ac. 
Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Lach. Laur. Lyc. Merc- 
cor. Op. Plat. Plb. Rhus. Scill. Sec-c. 
Sol-n. Stram. Verat. 

— of lips and mouth, Bell. Dulc. Lyc. 
Nux. Op. Sec-c. Stram. 

— of mouth, spasmodic, Bell. Bry. Cupr. 
Graph. Lach. Merc. Nux. Op. Phosp- 
ac. Plat. Sec-c. Stram. 

— corners of mouth, Hydroc-ac. 

— one sided, Dulc. Graph. 

Drawing pain in face, Aloe. Ars. Bar-c. 
Cham. Colch. Creos. Hep. Kali-c. 

8. FACE. 

Mgn-m. Nux. Ol-an. Phosp-ac. A'an-sc. 
Sep. Vcrat. 

Drawing in cheekbones, Alum. Bcll.Carb- 
veg. Colch. DigGraph. Hyper. Kali-chl. 
Phosp. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Tart. Valer. 

left, Chelid. 

— on chin. Agar. C'aust. 

jaws, Aur. Cham. Mcz. Phosp-ac. 

Puis. Sil. 

— in orbits, Stann. 

— back of lips, Bell. Merc-cor. 

Dry, parched lips, Aeon. Aloe. Alum. 

Amm-c. Amm-m. Ang. Ant. Arg-n. Ars. 

Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Bry. Chenop. Chin. 

Con. Creos. Croton. Dig. Dros. Ferr. 

Gels. Hyosc. Hyper. Igt. Iris. Kali-jod. 

Kalm. Lach. Mgn-s. Merc. Mercurial. 

Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux.J Oleand. 'Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Plat. Psor. Rhod. Rhus. 

Sang. Sep. St ram. Sulph. Tabac. Tart. 

Vcrat. Vinca. Zing. 

morning, Chenop. 

evening, Mgn-s. 

and black, Aeon. Phosp. 

— and tongue, Ars. Cham. Lach. Lyc. 

— upper lip peels off, Ntr-s. 

Dull, heavy expression, Corn-c. Gels. 

— pain in right malar bone, Hell. 

Earth colored face, Ars. Bism. Borax. 
Bry. Chin. Cic. Creos. Croc. Ferr. Igt. 
Iod. Ip. Lach. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn- 
s. Merc. Mez. Mosch. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
A r ux. Ol-an. Op. Pallad. Phosp. Sacch. 
Sil. Zinc. 

Emaciation of face, Ars. Calc. Mez. Selen. 

Sep. Tabac. 
Eruption in the face, AlunWfmbr. Amm-c. 

Amm-m. Ant. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Bov. 

Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Canst. 

Cic. Cist. Clem. Coloc. Con. Dulc. 

Euph. Gels. Graph. Hep. Igt. Ip. Kali- 

Iod. Lach. Led. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Mez. 

Mnr-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Pctr. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sabad. Sass. 

Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. Thuj. Valer. 

Verat. Viol-tr. 

— on cheeks, Amm-c. Ant. Bell. Bov. 
Calc. Caust. Cic. Creos. Dig. Dulc. 
Kali-jod. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. Sep. 
Sil. Staph. Verat. 

chin, Amm-c. Ant. Bell. Carb-veg. 

Cic. Clem. Creos. Dig. Dulc. Graph. 

Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. Par. 

Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 
painful, Merc. Rhus. Sass. Sulph. 

— on forehead, Alum. Ambr. Ant. Aur. 
Bell. Bov. Calc. Caps. Cauloph. Caust. 
Cic. Clem. Creos. Dulc. Hep. Led. 
Mgn-m. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Par. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Psor. Rhus. Sass. 
Sep. Sulph. 
Eruption on lips, Alum. Amm-c. Arg-n. 
Ars. Bell. Berb. Borax. Bry. Calc. Cap*. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Cic. 
Clem. Con. Dig. Graph. 1 1 ell. Hep. Igt. 1 p. 
Lach. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Mur-ot. Ntr- 
c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. Nux. Par. Petr. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Rhod. Ruta. 
Sass. Scill. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spong. 
Staph. Sulph. Thuj. 

— upper lip, Ars. Bell. Cic. Creos. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Mang. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Par. I'hyt. 
Rhus. Scill. Staph. Sulph. 

— lower lip, Bry. Calc. Igt. Ntr-m. Phosp- 

— on red part of lips, Ant. Ars. Sep. Sil. 

— about mouth, Amm-c. Anac. Ars. Borax. 
Bov. Bry. Calc. Caust. Creos. Graph. 
Lach. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Par. Phosp. Rhus. Sep. Sil. Staph. 

— on corners of mouth, Ant. Bell. Bov. 
Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. Creos. Hep. Igt. 
Lyc. Mang. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Psor. Scncg. Senna. 
Sep Sil. Tabac. Verat. 

— about eyes, Agn. Arn. Ars. Con. Hep. 
Staph. Sulph. 

eyelids, Bry. Creos. Sulph. 

eyebrows, Caust. Kali-c. Par. Selen. 


— — nose, Ant. Bell. Caust. Clem. Par- 

Rhus. Sulph. Tar. 

— on temples, Alum. Ant. Arg. Bell. Calc. 
Dulc. Lyc. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

— in whiskers, Ambr. Calc. Graph. Lach. 

— acne rosacea, Ars. Aur. Calc-ph. Carb- 
an. Caust. Creos. Lach. Led. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sep. 

around chin and mouth, Verat. 

— biting, Bry. Merc. Ntr-m. Plat. Sil. 

— blackish, Spig. 

— bleeding when scratched, *Mcrc. Par. 

— blotches hard, Arg-n. 

— brownish, Dulc. 

— burning, Ant. Calc. Euphr. Mgn-m. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Rat. Rhus. Seneg. Senna. 
Staph. Viol-tr. 

when scratched, Ntr-s. Sass. 

when wetting the face, Euphr. 

— confluent, Carb-veg. Cic. 

— corrosive, Dig. 

— dry, Psor. 

— excoriating, Mcz. 

— raw, fat pustules, Mez. 

— impetigo, Ars. Calc. Graph. Lyc. Rhus. 

on forehead, Ant. Creos. Led. Rhus. 

Sep. Sulph. 

— jerking, painful, Rhus. 

8. FACE. 

Eruptions.itching, Amm-c.Calc.Caust.Con. 

Dig. Euphr. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. 

Nitr-ac. Ol-an. Sass. Staph. Thuj. Zinc. 
in warmth, Euphr. 

— leaving livid spots, Fcrr. Lach. Thuj. 

— like measels especially on face, Gels. 

— miliary, Cham. Euphr. Ip. Par. Verat. 

— millet like, Par. 

— moist, Ant. Ars. Calc. Clem. Cic. Dulc. 
Lyc. Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. Psor. Rhus. Sep. 
Sil. Viol-tr. 

fetid, Cic. Merc. 

yellow, Rhus. Viol-tr. 

— at night painful, Viol-tr. 

— in open air disappearing, Calc. 

— painful, Eugen. Sulph. 
— ■ — at night, Viol-tr. 

to touch, Bell. Hep. Led. Par. Valer. 


— pimples, red, Ambr. Carb-an. Eugen. 
Mttr-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Sep. 

on chin, Ferr-m. Merc. Phosp-ac. 

Rhus. Thuj. 
on forehead, Ambr. Clem. Ferr-m. 

Hep. Led. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Par. Sep. 

on lips, Ferr-m. Mur-ac. Par. Petr. 

Phosp-ac. Ruta. Thuj. 
upper, Ant. Spig. 

— red, on lower maxilla, Par. 

about mouth, Phosp. Rhus. 

on corners of mouth, Petr. 

on temples, Arg. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. 

in whiskers, Amb. 

— pustules, Carb-veg. 

— rasping, Bry. Ntr-m. Sil. 

— raw, as if skin were, Graph. 

— red, Ant. Aur. Calc-ph. Caust. Cham. 
Cic. Euphr. Led. Nitr-ac. Par. Sep. 

blotches on bloated face, Elaps. 

— like roughness of skin, Sep. 

— scaly, Ant. Ars. Aur. Sep. Sil. 

— scurfy, Ant. Calc. Cic. Graph. Hep. 
Merc. Mur-ac. Petr. Phosp-ac. Psor. 
Rhus. Sep. Sil. Thuj. Viol-tr. 

with large humid eruption on head, 


— sore smarting, Cic. I p. Rhod. Verat. 

— stinging, stitches, painful, Clem. Led. 
Plat. Staph. 

— suppurating. Ant. Cic. Lyc. Rhus. 

— tinea facies, Ars. Bar-c. Calc. Cic. Cycl. 
Dulc. Merc. Sass. Sulph. Viol-tr. 

— vesicular, comes out in cold air, Dulc. 

— clear vesicles on upper lip, Mang. 

— large water blisters on margin of lower 
lip, Mgn-m. 

— white, Clem. Hell. Valer. 

— yellow, Ant. Cic. Crcos. Dulc. Euph. 
Merc. Ntr-c. Phosp-ac. Sep. 

blister, secreting a thick yellow fluid, 



— with scanty menstruation, Graph. 
Erysipelas, Aeon. Ars. Apis. Bell. Borax. 

Bufo. Calc. Camph. Canth. Carb-an. 
Cham. Euph. Gels. Graph. Gymnoc. Hep. 
Lach. Meph. Puis. Rims. Sep. Stram. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 

— on forehead, Ruta. 

— one sided, Borax. Sep. Stram. 

right to left, Apis. Graph. Sulph. 

left to right, Rhus. 

beginning on right ear, Sulph. • 

from root of decayed tooth, Sep. 

— on hands and neck, Hydrast. 

— after toothache, Cham. 

— spreading in rays, Graph. 

— vesiculous, Ars. Bell. Cist. Euph. Graph. 
Hep. Lach. Rhus. Sulph. 

— chronic, Tereb. 

Fatigued expression, Aur. Sulph. 

Fear expression of, Stram. 

Flushes of heat. Alum. Ambr. Bufo. 

Chenop. Cist. Cocc. Cocc-c. Graph. 

Kali-c. Kali-chl. Lyc. Phosp. Pod. 

Tellur. Teucr. Thuj. 

on cheek, Clem. Cocc. 

from chest, Sulph. 

Freckles, Anim-c. Ant. Calc. Dulc. Graph. 

Kali-c. Lyc. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. 

Nux-m. Phosp. Puis. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. 
Fretting (corrosion) sense of, Agn. Ambr. 


in bones, Arg. Ind. Samb. 

— — in chin and lips, Plat. 

on forehead and whiskers, Amb. 

Fulness, sense of, Sang. 

Furuncles, boils, on check, Alum. Amm-c. 

Arn. Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. 

China. Cina. Laur. Led. Mez. Mur-ac. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Sil. 

— small blood boils on face, Iris. 

— on chin, Hep. Nitr-ac. Sil. 

under, Carb-veg. 

right side, Kobalt. 

— on lips, Ntr-c. Petr. 

— boils, in front of ears, Carb-veg. 

— on forehead, Led. 

— on temples, Mur-ac. 

— glands of lower jaw, Parotid (compare 
under Ears.) 

— boring pain in, Sabad. • 

— bruising, Ars. 

— hardness, Bar-c. Calc. Carb-an. Clem. 
Cocc. Graph. Merc. Rhus. Sec-c. Staph. 

— inflammation, Bar-c. Bell. Calc. Canth. 
Kali-c. Merc. Nitr-ac. Plb. Rhus. Sass. 
Sec-c. Staph. Verb. 

— lumps, Clem. 

— pain in general, Amm-c. Arn. Aur. 
Calc. Cic. Chin. Cor-r. Igt. Nitr-ac. Rhus. 
Sep. Stann. Staph. Verat. 

when swallowing, Cor-r. Nux. Stram. 

touched, Clem. Sil. Sulph, 

■ moving the neck, Igt. 



8. FACE. 

Furuncles, pressing pain, Ars. [gt. Strain. 

— stinging, stitches. Bell. Merc. Me/.. 
Nux. Sulph. 

— swelling, Amm-c. Amm-m. Arn. Ars. 
Arum-trif. Asa-f. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Bov. 
Brom. Bry. Calacl. Calc. Carb-an. Cham. 
Chin. Cic. Clem. Cocc Cor-r. Croton. 
Dulc. Graph. Hep. Iod. Kali-c. Kali- 
jod. Led. Lye. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr- 
ac. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Rhus. 
Sept Sil. Spig. Spong. Stann. Staph. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. Verat. 

painful, hard, Bar-c. Calc. Hell. Iod. 

Mur-ac. Petr. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 

— tension, Clem. Spong. 

— throbbing, Amm-c. Bov. Clem. 

— with pain extending to teeth, Ind. 
Gloomy expression, Ntr-c. Zinc. 
Gnawing in facial bones, Arg. Eugen. Ind. 
lower maxilla, Ind. 

— about mouth. Puis. 

Grasping sensation between nose and eye, 

Grayish color, Bcrb. Carb-vcg. Creos. Gels. 

Hydroc-ac. Lach. Laur. Mez. 
Greasy face, Ntr-m. Plb. Selen. Thuj. 

— lips, Amm-m. 

Greenish color, Ars. Carbo veg. Verat. 

— ring around eyes, Verat. 

Half opened mouth, Ang. Bell. Camph. 

Hyosc. Samb. 
Hanging down of lower jaw, Ars. Lyc. 

Mur-ac. Op. 

lower lip, Hipp-m. 

Hardness of cheeks, Cham. Merc-cor. 
Heat in the face. Aeon. Amm-c. Amm-m. 

Atiac. Ang. Ant. Arg-n. Arn. Asa-f. Asar. 

Aur. Bell. Berb. Bov. Brom. Bry. 

Cannab. Canth. Cham. Chin. Cinnab. 

Cocc. Coff. Colch. Con. Cor-r. Com e. 

Creos. Croc. Diad. Dros. Ferr. Fluor- 

ac. Gels. Glon. Graf. Hell. Hep. 

Hydroph. Hyosc. Hyper. Jatr. Lach. 

Lact. Mang. Meny. Merc. Me/.. Mosch. 

Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. 

Op. Ox-ac. Pfeon. Petr. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Psor. Ran-b. Rat. Rhus. Rumex. Sabad. 

Samb. Sang. Scill. Seneg. Sep. Sil. 

Stront. Sulph. Tabac. Tart. Thuj. Tilia. 

Verat. Zhig. 

— on cheeks, Ant. Bov. Chin. Cocc. Cocc- 
c. Daph. Merc. Oleand. Rhus. Valcr. 

— on that which is exposed to air, Phosp- 
ac. Viol-tr. 

— of right cheek, and chilliness over whole 
body. Puis. 

— and redness of one cheek, Igt. 

left cheek, Borax. 

right cheek, Ntr-m. Nice. 

first in right later in left, Brom. 

— and paleness of one cheek, redness and 
coldness of the other, Mosch. 

— in forehead, Cham. Diad. Euphr, 

— on lips. Aloe. Arn. Gels. 

— semi-lateral, Arn. Ben/.-ac. Igt Mint \. 
Spong. Viol-tr. 

— Hushes of. Alum. Ambr. Chenop. Cist. 
Cocc. Graph. Kali-c. Kali-chl. Lyr. 
Phosp. Pod. Tcucr. Thuj. 

on cheeks, Cocc. 

— burning, Amm-m. Apis. Arn. Bell. Bry. 
Caps. Croc. Diad. Grat. Igt Iod. Ntr-c. 
Nux. Prcon. Plat. Rhus. Sabad. Sang. 
Stront. Sulph. Tabac. Thuj. Verat. 

heat and redness of left side, Asa-f. 

Lac-can. Murex. Ntr-m. ()l-an. 

Phosp-ac. Spig. 
of malar bones, Cist. 

— in morning, Croc. 

— in afternoon, Anac. Carb-an. 

— in evening, Ang. Arn. Plat. Thuj. 

— at night, Hep. 

— by bending forward increased, Cor-r. 

— after drinking wine, Sabad. 

— when excited, with headache, Aloe. 

— from exercise and talking, Scill. 

— intellectual labor, Amm-c. 

— in open air, Mur-ac. Val. 

— when sleeping, Meny. 

— with dryness of mouth, Plat. 

— with nausea, lassitude, Anac. 

— with thirst, Petr. Plat. 

— with yawning, Daph. 

— without redness, Thuj. 

— sensation of, Ang. Euphr. Hyper. Tar. 
in evening, Ang. 

Heaviness sense of, Alum. Nice. 

Hemiplegia, Caust. Graph. 

Herpes, Amm-c. Anac. Ars. Bar-c. Calc. 

Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cic. Con. Creos. 

Dulc. Graph. Hep. Led. Lvc. Merc. 

Nitr-ac. Rhus. Sabad. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. 

— on cheek, Amm-c. Creos. Dulc. Kali- 
jod. Nice. Phosp-ac. 

— on chin. Amm-c. Carb-vcg. Chelid. 
Dulc. Nux. Sil. 

— about eyes, Bry. Creos. Sulph. 

— on forehead, Caps. Dulc. 

— on lips, Caust. Ntr-c. Phosp-ac. Sass. 

— corners ot lips, Carb-veg. Phosp-ac 

— about mouth, Amm-c. Anac. Ars. 
Borax. Creos. Mgn-c. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Par 
Phosp. Rhus. Sep. Sulph. 

— about nose, Rhus. Sulph. 

— in whiskers, Lach. Nitr-ac. 

— burning, Led. Rhus. 

— dry, Ars. Kali-jod. Led. 

— jerking, painful, Rhus. 

— itching, Caps. Kali-jod. Nice. Nitr-ac. 
Rhus. Sulph. 

— mealy, Ars. Brv. Cic. Creos. Lyc. Merc. 
Nitr-ac. Sulph. Thuj. 

— moist, Carb-veg. Con. Dulc. Ntr-c. 
Phosp-ac. Sulph. 

— rough. Led. 

8. FACE. 

Herpes, scurfy, Calc. Crcos. Graph. Led. 
Lyc. Sep. Sulph. 

— chronic, Led. 

— thick brown or yellow crusts, Dulc. 

— red from corner of right nostril to check, 

Hippocratic face, Ars. Canth. Carb-veg. 

Chin. Ferr. Lach. Lyc. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Plb. Sec-c. Stann. Staph. Tart. Verat. 
Jerks in jaws, Cham. 
Jerking pain, Colch. 

— in cheek bones, Cina. Colch. Mang. 
Spig. Stront. 

Induration of lips, Bell. SU. 

schirrus, oil. 

sense of, Cycl. 

Inflammation of face, Sep. 

— of chin, Caust. 

— of lips, Ars. Canth. 

— of penostrum, lower jaw, Merc-cor. 
Inllammatory pain, Aeon. Arn. A nr. Bar-c. 

Bry. Euph. Staph. 
Inspired expression, Hydroc-ac. 
Irregular features, Phosp-ac. 
Itching, Apt. Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. Bell. 

Berb. Calc. Cannab. Chelid. Colch. Con. 

Dolich. Fluor-ac. Gels. Glon. Hipp-m. 

Lach. Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Mux. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Ruta. Sass. 

Sep. Sulph-ac. Verat. 
at night, Kalm. 

— on cheeks, Agar. Agn. Ang. Ant. Bell. 
Ruta. Spong. 

— on cheek bones and nose, Bell. Hyper. 

— on forehead, Alum. Ambr. Caps. Chelid. 
Led. Ntr-m. Sulph. 

— on lips, Ol-an. Sabad. 
upper, Bar-c. 

— about mouth, Anac. Hep. 

— in whiskers, Agar. Ambr. Calc. Kobalt. 
Ntr-m. Sil. 

— biting, burning, lower jaw, Par. 

— itching as if frostbitten, Agar. 
Lameness, facial muscles, Seneg. 
— pain as of, Evon. Sabin. 
Leaden color, Ars. Lach. Merc. 

Lumps indurations in face, Bry. Mgn-c. 
Led. Oleand. Puis. 

— in forehead, Cic. Con. Led. Oleand. 
lower jaw, Graph. 

■*- temples, red, Thuj. 

Lupus, extending to mouth and throat, Cist. 
Miliary eruption, Cham. Euphr. Hep. 

Lach. Verat. 
Morose expression, Mgn-c. 
Mucus, viscid, on lips in the morning, 


Mouth, difficult to open, Caust. Colch. 
Lach. Merc-dulc. Nux. Psor. 

— open, Ang-spur. Bell. Camph. Hyosc. 
Op. Ox-ac. Puis. Samb. Scill. 

Muscles, tension of, Ang. 

Net work of small veins on chin, Plat, 


Nocturnal pains, Con. Led. Mgn-c. 

— in lower jaw, Sil. 

Numbness, sensation of, Asar. Plat. Samb. 
(compare Stunning pains.) 

— cheek bones, Asa-f. Caps. Mez. Oleand. 

— chin, Asa-f. Plat. 

— lips, Ambr. Cic. Ntr-m. 
upper, Cycl. Oleand. 

— about mouth, Plat. 

Old, face looks, Hydroc-ac. 

One sided pain, Aeon. Amm-c. Caust. 
Cham. Colch, Creos. Evon. Grat. Kali- 
b. Kalm. Mez. Nux. Ol-an. Phosp. 
Tong. Verat. 

Pain, features denoting, Aeth. Colch. Lact. 
Puis. Rap'h. Stram. 

Paleness, Aeon. Aeth. Ambr. Amm-c. 
Anac. Apis. Arg-n. Arn. Ars. Bad. Bell. 
Berb. Bism. Borax. Bov. Brom. Calc. 
Camph. Cannab. Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. 
Cham. Chertop. Chin. Cic. Cina. Clem. 
Cocc. Colch. Coloc. Con. Croc. Cupr. 
Cycl. Dig. Dros. Dulc. Ferr. Gels. 
Glon. Graph. Hcematox. Hell. Hydroc- 
ac. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Ip. Jatr. Kali-c. 
Kali-jod. Kalm. Lach. Lact. Laur. Led. 
Lye. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mang. Merc. Merc- 
cor. Mez. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Oleand. Ol- 
an. Op. Ox-ac. Petr. Phcll. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Phyt. Plat. Plb. Puis. Rhus. 
Sabin. Sacch. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. 
Stann. Stram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. 
Tart. Tereb. Teucr. Tong. Valer. Verat. 

— one sided. Aeon. Arn. Bell. Cham. 
Coloc. Igt. Mosch. Nux. Tabac. Verat. 

— around eyes, Ars. 

— of lips, Caust. Ferr. Hipp-m. Lyc. Thuj. 

— in morning, after rising, Bov. 
evening, Lyc. 

— when rising from lying, Aeon. (Verat 
the reverse). 

— with red spots, Sulph. 

— during cloudy weather. Aloe. 
Paralysis one sided, of face, Caust. Graph. 

— upper lip, Cadm. Graph. 

— lower jaw, Ars. Dulc. Lach. 
Perspiration of face, Alum. Amm-m. 

Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. Cham. Coff. Fluor- 
ac. Glon. Igt. Lyc. Merc. Mosch. Nux. 
Psor. Puis. Rhus. Samb. Sep. Spig. 
Sulph. Tart. Tellur. Valer. Verat. 

— on cheek on which one lies, Aeon. 

does not lie, Thuj. 

upper lip, Aeon, Kali-b. 

— about mouth and nose, Rheum. 
— on face only, -Igt. 

during sleep, Prun. 

and scalp, Puis. Valer. Verat. 

right cheek, Puis. 

— cold Ben/.-ac. Cact. Cadm. Camph. 

6 4 


Cina. Dig. Mcrc-cor. Nux. ()x-ac. 
Rheum. Rims. Ruta, Spong. Sulph. 


Perspiration, cold face only, Cocc. 

— clammy, Cham. 
Pewter like color, Zinc. 

Pimples on face, Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Pal- Psor. Vinca. (compare F.ruption.) 

— suppurating, Tar. Verat. 

— on chin, Clem. Hep. Kali-chl. Merc. 

Ntr-s. Par. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sass. Thuj. 

— on lipS, Bufo. Carb-vcg. Kali-chl. Merc. 
Nux. Phosp-ac. 

border of upper lip, sore and smart- 
ing. Hep. 
corners of mouth, Petr. Tar. 

— about nose, Par. Tar. 

— On forehead, small red, Ambr. Clem. 

Hep. Led. Mur-ae. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Par. Phosp. Sep. 
itching in evening, Mgn-m. 

— small painless, Ant. Bar-c. Calc. Carb- 
veg. Cic. Creos. Graph. Lyc Merc. 
Ntr-m. Phosp-ac. Sep. Sulph. 

— with sticking, pricking sensation, Dros. 
Pinching pain, Verat. 

Pointed appearance, Ars. Chin. Nux. 

Phosp-ac. Rhus. Staph. Verat. (compare 

Hippocratic face.) 
Pressing pain, Brv. Rhus. Staph. Tar. 


in cheek bones. Anac. Arg. Hell. Herb. 

Bism. Cups. Hyosc. Kali-chl. Merc. 
Mcz. Oleand. Plat. Sabin. Samb. Spig. 
Stann. Staph. Sulph. Tart. Teucr. 
Verh. \ iol od. 

0:1 chin, Asa-f. 

lower jaw, Herb. Cupr Spig. 

— in orbits, Stann. 

— asunder in facial bones, Colch. 
face, Asa-f.. Dros. 

lower jaw, Ambr. 

Prickling in face, Caust. Ferr-m. Hep. 

right malar bone, Ind. 

— below eyes, Dros. 

— on lips, Fcrr-m. Sabad. 
Prosopalgia, Aeon. Agar. Alum. Ambr. 

Amm-c. Amm-m. Am. Ars. Asa-f. Asar. 
A nr. Bar-c. Bell. Herb. Borax. Bov. 
Bry. Calc. Cannab. Caps. Caust. Cham. 
Chin. Coloc. Con. Creos. Dig. Dros. 
Euph. Euphr. Evon. Fcrr-m Gran. 
Grat. Guaj. Hep. Hyosc. Kali-c. Kali- 
jod. Kalm. Lach. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Mang. Merc. Mcz. Ntr-s. Nitr- 
ac. Nux. Ol-an. Paeon. Phosp. Phosp- 
ac. Plat. Ran-b. Ran-sc. Rhus. Ruta. 
Sabad. Sabin. Sec-c. Sep. Spig. Spong. 
Stann. Staph. Sulph. Tereb. Thuj. Verat. 
Verb. Viol-od. (compare the different 

— left side, Colch. Spig. Thuj. 

— right side, Dorvauth. Kalm 

— nervous, Hell. Caps. Chin. Mgn-m. Nux. 

— neuralgic, from abuse of tobacco. Sep. 

— periodical, Spig. 

— with cutting pains, Hell. Chin. Clem. 
Rhus. Staph. 

Puffiness of cheek. Am. Cham. Puis. 
Pulsation, Agar. Am. Hell Cannab. 
Caust. Cham. Clem. Creos. Croc. Staph. 

— jaws, Plat. 

— check bones, Mgn-c. Sulph. 
Purple colored lips, Ais. Bar-C. 

net like appearance on chin, Plat. 

face, Apis. Con. Op. Puis. 

Pustules on face, Ant. Am. 

scurfy with large red areola. Nitr-ac. 

Quivering in face, Agar. Phell. 
lips, Cast. Lact. 

Redness of face, Aeon. Aeth. Arg. Am. 
Ars. Aor. Bar-c. Bell. Bov. Bry. Cact. 
Calc. Canth. Caps, Cham. Chelid. Chin. 
Cic. Cocc. Cocc-c. CofF. Creos. Croc. 
Cupr. Eupat. Euphr. Ferr. Ferr-m. 
Glon. Grat. Guaj. Hep. Hydroph. //rose. 
Igt. Iod. Ip. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Menv. Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Nice, Nitr. 
Nux. Op. Ox-ac. Phosp. J'lat. Psor. 
Puis. Ran-b. Rhus. .WW. Samb. Scitl. 
Sil. Spig. Spon>r. Stann. Staph. Strnm. 
Stront. Sulph. Tabat. Tar. Tart. Thuj. 
Valer. Verat. Ziny. 

— of cheeks, Aeon. Agar. Alum. Ars. 
Calc. Cannab. Cham. Chin. Cocc. CofF. 
Colch. Coloc. Creos. Ten. Kali-c. I. neb. 
Merc. Mercurial. Mosch. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Oleand. Puis. Ran-b. Rhus. Sang. Spig. 
Spong. Tong. Valer. 

right side, Elaps. Puis. 

— and paleness, alternately, Aeon. 
Amm-c. Bell. Borax. Bov. Caps. Cham. 
Chin. ( !ina. Croc. Ferr. Kali-c. Hyosc. 
Igt. Led. Nux. Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac Plat . 
Puis. Scill. Sulph-ac. Verat. 

— one sided, Aeon. Arn. Bell. Cham. 
Coloc. Ip. Nux. Mosch. Rheum. Tart. 

— of right check, without heat, paleness of 
left with heat, Mosch.' 

— of left cheek, Ntr-m. 

— blood red, Stram. • 

— blue, Ang. Bell. Puis. Staph. 

— brown, Bry. Op. 

— circumscribed. Aeon. Benz-ac. Calc. 
Chin. Croc. Dulc. Ferr. Iod. Kali-c. 
Lach. Lyc. Op. Phosp. Puis. Sabad. 
Samb. Stram. Sulph. Thuj. 

1 to 8 A. M. Lachn. 

during delirium. Lach. 

— coppery, Alum. 

— dark, 'Bar-c. Bell. Brv. CampA. Coloc. 
Creos. Op. Sec-c. Stann. Sulph. Verat. 

— glowing. Hell. Bry, Cocc. Croc. Ferr. 

8. FACE. 

6 5 

Hep, Mur-ac. Plat. Sabad. Sil. Sham. 
Tabac. Thuj. 
Redness alter anger, Staph. 

— even if skin is cold, Ol-an. 

— when lying, pale on rising, Verat. 
(Aeon, reverse). 

— of chin, Zinc. 

— — lips, Aloe. Arum-trif. Har-c. Bell. 

Lac-can. Merc-cor. Spig. Sulph. 

— dark of lips. Bell. Gins. Me/.. 
1 — around mouth, Ip. 

Red points on face, Caps. 

— skin around mouth, lp. 

— spots, Alum. Amur. Bell. Bry. Carb-an. 
Croc. Ferr. Lyc. Merc. Op. Poth. Samb. 
Sil. Sulph. Tabac. 

— spots on forehead, Sass. 

burning, Samb. Sil. 

after meals, Sil. 

Relaxation of facial muscles, Coloc. Op. 
[sending, tearing pains, Alum. Agar. 

Ainrn-c. Amm-m. Arg. Bell. Berb. 

Borax. Bry. Carb-veg. Colch. Coloc. 

Con. Evon. Grat. Hep. Kali-jod. Led. 

Lyc. Merc. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Plb. 

Staph. Sulph. Tong. Viol-od. 

— in cheek bones, Aeth. Agar. Alum. 
Amm-m.. Arg. Berb. Borax. Calc. Carb- 
veg. Cina. Graph. Ind. Kali-c Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-s. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Phosp. Ruta. Sep. 
Spig. Staph. Stront. Sulph-ac. Tabac. 
Teucr. Zinc. 

chin, Agar. 

front of jaw, Bov. 

jaw, Agar. Bell. Berb. Merc. Plb. 

Rat. Tong. 

— lower, Bov. Ind. Kalm. Puis. Viol- 

upper lip, Caust. 

— between nose and eye, Mang. 
Rheumatic pain, Aeon. 

Risus sardonicus, Bell. Ran-sc. Sol-n. 
Rough spots on forehead, Pallad. Rhus. 

Sass. Sep. Sulph. 
Roughness of skin of face, Alum. Rhus. 

Sep. Sulph. 

ever} - summer, Kalm. 

lips, Merc. Sulph. Tabac. 

— sense of, Mgn-m. 

— about mouth, Anac. Ars. 

— red, Sep. Sulph. 

Sad expression, Ant. Colch. Cupr. 
Scabs, scurfs on face. Alum. Ant. Ars. 

Calc. Cic. Coloc Dulc. Graph. Hep. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. 

Petr. Rhus. Sass. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Thuj, 

Verat. Viol-tr. 

— on cheeks, Bell. Cic. Creos. Lach. 
chin, Uulc. Cic. Creos. Graph. Merc. 


forehead and temples, Dulc. Mur-ac. 

lips. Bell. Berb. Borax. Calc. Cham. 

Cic. Igt. Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Scill. 
Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 

— about mouth, ("ale. Graph. 

— in corners of mouth, Igt. Petr. 

— in whiskers, Calc. Lach. 

Shining face, Aur. Ntr-m. Plb. Rheum. 

— lips, Amm-m. 

Shocks, blows in zygoma, Hep. 

Sickly color, Amm-c. Borax. Chin. Cina. 

Clem. Con. Kali-c. Lachn. Mgn-c. 

Mang. Ntr-s. Nitr. Nux. Phosp-ac. 

Psor. Sil. Rhus. Sulph. Teucr. 

about eyes, Cina. 

Silly expression, Strain. 

Slimy lips, Kali-jod. Stram. Zinc. 

in morning, Kali-jod. 

Smarting as if caused by salt, Cannab. 
Soreness of lips, Arum-trif. Canth. Caust. 

Cham. Cupr. Graph. Kobalt. Lac-can. 

Lyc. Me/.. Ntr-m. 
corners of mouth, Ant. Caust. Eupat. 

Hell. Lyc. Me/.. 

— sensation of in face, Con. Graph. Puis. 
on jaw, right side, around ear, could 

not open the mouth, Psor. 

lips, Igt. Ip. Phosp-ac. Plat. Sabad. 

inner surface, lower lip, Igt. 

upper, Kali-C, Mez. Scill. Sil. 

chin, Aur. Plat. 

about mouth, Puis. 

light corner of mouth, Pallad. 

— in corner of mouth, Sulph-ac. 

Spasm, cramp, of face, Nitr-ac. Ol-an. 

— cheek bones, An^. Cina. Cocc. Dig. 
Hyosc. Mgn-m. Me/.. Ruta. Sep. Val. 

'left, Ol-an. Plat. 

— lips, Ambr. Caust. Kali-c. Ran-b. 

— masseters, Ang. Cocc. Cupr. Mang. 

— maxilla, Agar. Asa-f. Coloc. Kali-c. 
Mang. Ran-b. 

— maxillary joint, Colch. Kali-c. Nice. 
Ol-an. Rhus. Sil. Spong. Stann. 

Spider-web, sensation of, on face, Bar-c. 

Borax. Graph. Ran-sc. 
Spotted skin of face, Sabad. 
Stiffness of cheeks when speaking and 

chewing, Euphr. 

face sense of, Sang. 

masseters, Sass. 

jaws, Bell. Caust Cocc. Daph. 

Euphr. Gels. Glon. Graph. Hydroph. 
Hyosc. Merc. Ntr-s. Nux. Petr. Rhus. 
Sass. Sep. Therid. Thuj. 

— in morning in Led, Therid. 

— of lips, Kalm. 

upper, as if made of wood, Euphr. 

Stinging, stitches, pain, Amm-c. Ars. Asar. 

Bell. Cham. Coloc. Con. Euphr. Fluor- 

ac. Graph. Guaj. Hcematox. Kali-chl. 

Mang. Merc-jod. Nitr-ac. Puis. Rhus. 

Sep. Spong. Stann. 


8. FACE. 

Stinging, stitches, check hones, Acth. Alum. 

Ars. Berb. Carb-an. Evon. Guaj. 

Merc. Par. Fhosp. Psor. Sabin. Bit. 

Staph. Verb. 

left, Kali-jod. Merc-jod. 

right, Guaj. 

— hot, in left malar bone. Par. 

— chin, Agar. Enphr. Lact. 

— lips, Asa-f.- Bell. Hipp-m. Sabacl. 

— jaw, Aeon. Berb. Carb-an, 

lower, Eupbr. Kali-chl. Kalm. Lact. 

Mang. Sabin. Sil. Thuj. 

— maxillary joint, Bell. Hep. Tabac. 
Stunning pain, Met. Plat. Verb. 
Stupid expression, Strain. 
Suffering expression, Cham. Plat. 
Sunken face, Aeth. Apis. Arg-n. Arn. Ars. 

Bell. Berb. Canth. Chin. Corn-c. Cupr. 

Dros. Ferr. Ferr-m. Gels. Hydroc-ac. 

Laur. Lyc. Mang. Oleand. Ol-an. Op. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Scill. Sec-c. 

Stann. Staph. Tart. Tereb. Verat, 

pale, Bell. Lyc. Mang. Nux. Verat. 

with distorted countenence, A i s. 

Bell. Cham. Hydroc-ac. Igt. Lach. 

and anxious, Ars. Bell. 

Cham. Laur. Stram. 

— eyes, Anac. Ars. Berb. Camph. Cic. 
Colch. Coloc. Cupr. Cycl. Dros. Ferr. 
Iod. Kali-C. Lach. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Op. Ox-ac. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Sec-c. 

Spong. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Verat. 

Suppuration, pain like in malar bone, Ntr-m. 

Swelling of face, Ars. Arum-trif. Bar-c. 
Bell. Borax. Bov. Bry. Calc. Canth. 
Carb-veg. Cic. Cinnab. Coloc. Graph. 
Guaj. Gymnoc. Hep. Hipp-m. Hydroc- 
ac. Hyosc. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lach. 
Lachn. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. 
Op. Rhus. Sacch. Sec-c. Stram. Verat. 

upper half, Bry. 

left side, Arg-n. 

after pains in face, Calc. 

— cheeks, Amm-c. Apis. Am. Ars. Aur. 
Bell. Bov. Bry. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 
Dig. Euph. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. 
Sep. Spong. Stann. Staph. Sulph 

— of one cheek, with face-ache and pain 
bones, Nux. 

right cheek, extending to right side 

of nose, Elaps. 

cheek-bones, Mgn-c. 

chin, Caust. 

— above the eyes, Lyc. 

— between eyes and brows, Kali-c. 

— under the eyes, Ars. Bry. Merc. Nux. 

— lips, Alum. Arn. Arum-trif. Ars. Asa-f. 
Aur. Bell. Bry. Calc. Canth. Caps. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Chin. Dig. Hell. 
Hep. Kali-c. Kali-chl. Kalm. Lach. 
Lachn. Lyc. Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. Ntr- 

c. Nitr-ac. Op. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 
Staph. Sulph. Thuj. 

upper lips, Apis. Arg. Bar-c. Bell. Bov. 

Calc. Canth. Grat. Kali-c. Lyc. Merc- 
cor. Ntr-c. Xtr-m. Phosp. Rhus. Staph. 
Sulph. Vinca. 

lower lip, Alum. Asa-f. Calc. Cautt, 

Lyc. Me/.. Mu r-ac. Ntr-m. Puis. Sep. Sil. 

— of lymphatics, Lact. 

maxilla, upper, Alum. .Stann. 

lower, Aeon. Calc. Canst. Kali-c. 

Merc. Phosp. 

— about mouth, Carb-an.' Nux. 
corner of, Oleand. Vinca. 

— around nose, Nux. 

— root of nose, Bry. 

— above nasal bone, red, making a saddle 
painful to touch, Poth. 

— one-sided, Am. Ars. Bell. Bry. Canth. 

Cham. Merc. Nux.'Plb. Puis. Sep. Staph. 

— right side, Merc. 
with sore throat, Nice. 

— temples, Cham. 

— bulbous, Alum. 

— dropsical, Apis. Colch. Euph. Hell. 
Merc-cor. Sacch. Thuj. 

— elastic, Ars. 

— erysipelatous, Aeon. Bell. Euph. Graph. 
Hep. Lach. Rhus. Sulph. 

— hard, hot and shining, Amm-c. Arn. 
Ars. Bell. 

— painful, Bell. Borax. 

— pale, Bov. Euph. Hell. Nux. Sep. Sulph. 

— red, Arn. Ars. Bell. Borax. Cic. Coloc. 
Euph. Kali-c. Lach. Merc. Ntr-c. Nux. 
Oleand. Rhus. Sulph. 

— shining, Arn. Spig. 

— with syncope, Ars. 
vertigo, Ars. 

— of temporal arteries, Chin. Ferr. Thuj. 
veins, Sang. Thuj. 

— sense of, in face, Acth. Alum. Bar-c. 
Daph. Grat. Gynmoc. Nice. Nux-m. 
Puis. Sulph-ac. 

cheeks, Aeon. Samb. 

lips, Lact. 

upper, Glon. 

— jaw, Daph. 

when entering room from open air, 


Tenderness of'skin of face, Puis. 
Tension in skin of face, Alum. Bar-c. 

Graph. Grat. Hep. Hyper. Kali-c. Lach. 

Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. Mercurial. Mosch. 

Nitr. Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. 

Rheum. Rhus. Samb. Viol-od. Viol-tr. 

— forehead, Viol-tr. 

— around mouth and nose, Nux. 

— on chin, V erb. 

— below the eyes, Nux. Viol-od. 

— semi-lateral, Phosp. 

— as if muscles were drawn to one side, Cist. 

— with desire to sneeze, Kali-chl. 

8. FACE. 


Terror, expression of, Canth. 
Thick skin of face, Bell. Viol-tr. 

— spots, Carb-an. 
Throbbing pain, Am. Staph. 
in cheek bones, Mgn-c. 

Tickling about cheek, bone and nose, Bell. 
Tightening, tensive pain, Amm-c. Asa-f. 

Coloc. Kali-chl. Lach. Mgn-m. Ol-an. 

Verat. Verb. 

— cheek bones, Caust. CJielid. Kali-chl. 
J'lat. Verb. 

— lips, Sep. Spig. 

— masseters, Sass. Verb. 

— maxilla, Aur. Caust. 

— maxillary joint, Amm-m. Bell. Daph. 
Sass. Verb. 

Timid expression, Stram. 

Tingling, Aeon. Alum. Ambr. Bell. 

Cannab. Colch. Grat. Lach. Lachn. Lact. 

Laur. Nux. Ol-an. Paeon. Plat. Ran-b. 

Rhus. Sabad: Sec-c. 

— cheeks and lips, Agn. Arn. Ars. Berb. 

— right cheek, Elaps. Gymnoc. 

— left cheek, Evon. 

— chin and nose, Ran-b. Veiat. 

— lips, Ntr-m. 

— upper lip, Paeon. 

— forehead, and whiskers, Ambr. 
Tremor of facial muscles, Ambr. Op. 
1 i ps, Aloe. Lach. Lact. Ran-sc. 

Stram- Sulph. 

— under lip, Con. Sulph. 

Trismus, Ang. Arn. Bell. Bry. Calc. 
Camph. Canth. Caust. Cham. Cic. Con. 
Gels. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Igt. Lach. 
Laur. Merc. Nux. Op. Phosp. Plat. 
Plb. Rhus. Sec-c. Sil. Stram. Sulph. 

— with widely open lips, Any. 

teeth tight together, Cic. 

Twitching in facial muscles, Agar. Ambr. 

Arn. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Cannab. Cham. 

Graph. Hell. Hyosc. Igt. \o<\.Ip. Kali-c. 

Lach. Lvc. Meny. Mere. Me/.. Xitr-ac. 

Nitr. Nux. Op. Phosp. Puis. Ran-sc. 

Selen. Stront. Sulph. Tart. Thuj. Valer. 


left side, Puis. 

morning in bed, Nux. 

right cheek, Agar. 

— above eyes, Mez. 

— in lips, Carb-veg. Cham. Ip. Lact. 
Sulph. Thuj. 

lower, Hipp. 

upper, Nice. 

in morning in sleep, Ol-an. 

in cold air, Dulc. 

corners of mouth, Borax. Igt. 

Oleand, Op. Rheum. 
Turburcles on face, Alum. Mgn-n. / 
Typical, periodical, pains in face, Spig. 
Ulcers in face, Ars. Con. Iod. Psor. 
on left cheek, Iod. Ntr-m. 

chin, Merc. Ntr-m. 

lips, Amm-m. Ars. Bell. Caps. 

Cham. Chin. Cic. Con. Graph. Hep. 

Kali-b. Kali-c. Lyc. Mere. Mez. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp-ac. 

Psor. Sep. Sil, Staph. Sulph. Zinc. 
border of lower lip, Lyc. 

— about mouth. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. 

corners of mouth, Amm-m. Ant. 

Bell. Bov. Calc. Carb-veg. Graph. 
Hep. Igt. Ip. Mang. Merc. Mez. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux, Phosp. Psor. 
Sil. Thuj. Zinc. 

— burning and stinging, Nux. 

— with hard edges, smarting, on mucus 
surface of lips, Kali-b. 

— eating, Con. Nux. 

— putrid smelling, Merc. 
Ulcerous pain, Aeon. 

Veins distended in face, Ferr. Op. 

nets as if marble, Calc. Carb-veg. 

Lyc. Thuj. 
red, Lach. 

Vesicles, Ant. Cist. Clem. Euph. Graph. 
Hep. Lach. Ol-an. Rhus. Sulph. Valer. 

— on chin, Hep. Sass. 

lips, Carb-an. Clem. Con. Hell. Hep. 

Merc. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Plat. 

lower, Ntr-s. Par. 

upper, Rat. Seneg. Valer. 

sanguineous, Ntr-m. 

white, Hell. 

corners of mouth, Seneg. Senna. 

forehead, Seneg. 

— white as if sunburned. Clem. 

— full o'f yellowish humor, Euph. 
followed by desquamation, 


Wandering expression, Plb. Stram. Zinc. 
Warmth, sense of, Asar. 
Warts on face, Caust. Dulc. Kali-c. Sep. 
Waxy look, Sil. 

White of egg, sensation^of, Alum. Mgn-c. 
Phosp-ac. Sulph-ac. 

Wretched expression, Mez. 

Wrinkles in forehead, Hell. Rheum, (com- 
pare Scalp ). 

face, Calc. Hell. Lyc. Stram. 

lips, Amm-c. 

Yellow color. Aeon. Ambr. Arn. Ars. Bell. 
Bry. Calc. Canth. Carb-an. Caust. Cham. 
Chenop. Chin. Con. Corn-c. Croc. 
Crotal. Dig. Ferr. Gels. Graph. Hell. 
Hep. Hipp-m. Iod. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Lach. Lachn. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. A 7 */.*. Op. 
Petr. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Rhus. Sec-c. 
Sep. Spig. Sulph. Verat. 

— about eyes, Nitr-ac. Nux. Spig. 

mouth, Agar. Ars. Cina. Mgn-m. 


and nose, Nux. Sep. 


8. FACE. 

Yellow across above nose and cheeks, Sep. 

— on tcmples.Caust. 

— trace on lips, Stram. 

— color brownish, Iod. 

— granulations on skin, Ant. 

— grayish, Carb-veg. Chin. Laur. 

— greenish, Carb-veg. 

— in intermittents, Amm-c. Con. Ferr. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

— spots on face, Ambr. Colch. Ferr. 

on check and nose, Sep. 

forehead and upper lip, Ntr-c. 

upper lip, Sulph. 

— streaks on upper Hp, Stram. 

In evening, pain in face, Caps. Phosp. Plat. 

Hps, Mgn-s. 

At night, pain, Con. Led. Mgn-c. Sil. 

relieved, Ang. 

lower jaw, Sil. 

in lying, Phosp. 

when at rest, intolerable, Mgn-c. 

with toothache, succeeded by shud- 
dering and sleep, Led. 
When biting the teeth together, pain, Ntr-m. 

in maxillary joint, Cor-r. 

From a cold, pain, Phosp. 

— cold temperature, Agar. Colch. 
When laughing, pain, Borax. Mang.Tabac. 
in maxillary joint, Tabac. 

— masticating, pain, Alum. Ang. Phosp. 
Plat. Verb. 

in maxillary joint, Amm-m. Cor-r. 

After meals pain in jaw, Mang. 

When moving the jaws, pain. Alum. Amm-c. 

Borax. Cor-r. Mang. Ntr-m. Phosp. 

Spig. Verb. 
relieved, Ang. 

— opening mouth, pain, Phosp. 
in maxillary joint, Amm-c. 

Cor-r. Hep. Nice. 

— shutting mouth, pain in maxillary 
joint, Bar-c. 

— sleeping, pain, Caps. 

— speaking, pain, Phosp. 

By pressure, pain increased, Cina. f)ros. 

relieved, Hry. 

When at rest, pain, Ang. Mgn-c. 

By rubbing, pain relieved or altered, Plb. 

When touched, pain. Caps. Chin. Cina. 

Cor-r. Cupr. Dig. Dros. //,/>. Phosp. 

Puis. Spig. 

in lips, Hry. //,■/•. Merc. Mez. 

relieved, Thuj. 

From warmth of bed, faceache worse, 


After washing, a rasping pain in face, Con. 
Desire to wash the face in cold water, 

During bad weather, pain, Hell. 
With anguish at heart, Spig. 

— tears, Phosp-ac. 

— vomiting, Lach. 

9. Teeth and Gums. 

Aching, Ars.! Bism. Horax. Chin. Euph. 

Guaj. Iod. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Oleand. 

Staph. Tar. Verat. 
— in sound teeth. Am. Hry. Hyosc. Rhus. 

left side, Brom. 

To arms and fingers, pain extending, Sep. 
Arthritic toothache, Cycl. Nux. Rhus. 

Black covered teeth. Chin. Merc. 
gums, Merc. 

— , teeth turn, Merc. Plb. Scill. Staph. 
Bleeding of gums, Agar. Alum. Ambr. 

Amm-c. Anac. Ant.»Arg. Arg-n. Ars. 

Arum. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Borax. 
■ Bov. Calc Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. 

Cist. Con. Croton. Creos.Euphr. Ferr-m. 

Graph. Hep. Iod. Kali-chl. Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Mgn-tn. Merc. Merc-cor. 

Ntr-m. Nitr. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac' Ran-sc. Rat. Ruta. Sep. 
Sil. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tereb. 
Tong. Zinc. 

— when cleaning them, Kali-chl. 
— , blood coagulates quickly, Creos. 

— teeth, Ambr. Ant. Bar-c. Carb-veg. 
Croton. Phosp. Rat. Sulph. Tar. Tong. 

— at night, Bov. 

— when pressed upon, Ferr-m. Merc. 

— — sucking them, Bell. Bov. Rat. 
Blood, which comes out of teeth black. 


sour, Graph. Rat. Tar. 


Blows on teeth, sensation of, Tar. 
Bluish gums, Oleand. Sabad. 

— red, Con. 

I Boils on gums, Am. Kali-jod. Lyc. Nir-s. 
| Nux-jug. Phosp-ao. Plb. Staph. 


6 9 

Boring toothache, Alum. Bell. Bov. Calc. 

Con. Cycl. Grat. Kali-c. Lack. Mgn-c. 

Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp. Selen. 

Sil. Sulph. 
Breaking off of teeth, Plb. 
Broken, pain as if, in teeth, Ntr-m. 
Bruised, pain as if, in teeth, Igt. 

— as if, between gums and teeth, Hyosc. 
Burning in teeth, Bar-c. Dulc. Mgn-c. Mez. 

Nux. Phosp-ac. Sulph. 

gums, Bell. Cham. Merc. Mur-ac. 

Ntr-s. Nux. Petr. Puis. Rhus. Sep. 
Stront. Tereb. 
Caries of teeth, Amm-c. Calc. Carb-an. 

Creos. Euph. Merc. Mez. Phosp. Plb. 

Sabad. Sep. Sil. Staph. 

roots, Mez. Thuj. 

To cheek bone, pain extending, Chenop. 
In children, toothache, Calc. Cham. Igt. 


As from cold air blowing on teeth, sensa- 
tion, Cocc-c. 

Coldness, sense of in teeth, Asar. Diad. 
Grat. Ol-an. Rat. Rheum. 

— at points of incisors, Gum-gut. 

— daily, Diad. 

As from congestion of blood, toothache, 

Contracting pain, Carb-veg. 

Corrosive pains, Cacl. Carb-veg. Cham. 

Con. Kali-c. Nice. Phosp. Puis. Staph. 

Sulph-ac. Thuj. 
Cracking of teeth when rubbing them, 

Cracks in gums, Plat. 
Crawling in teeth, Mur-ac. Rhus. 
gums, Arn. 

Crumbling teeth, Borax. Creos. Euph. 

Lach. Plb. Staph. Thuj. 
Crushed pain as if, in molars, Igt. 
Cutting pain in gums, Par. 

teeth, Graph. Oleand. Ran-b. 

roots, Camph. 

Decayed, hollow, teeth, pain in, Aeon. 

Aloe. Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. Ang. Ant. 

Bar-c. Borax. Bov. Bry Cham. Chin. 

Cocc. Coff. Con. Creos. Fluor-ac. Hep. 

Ip. Lach. Meph. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. 

Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Ox-ac. Par. 
• Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Rheum. Sang. Sil. 

Spig. Staph. Sulph. Tabac. Tar. Thuj. 
Decay of teeth suddenly, Mez. 

as soon as they appear, Creos. 

molars, Clem. 

lower molars, right side, Aloe. 

Dentition difficult in children, Calc. Cham. 

Cic. Creos. Cupr. Hyosc. Jjgt. Rheum. 


Digging pain, Ant. Borax. Bov. Calc. 
Cham. Kali-c. Ntr-c. Nux. Plat. Puis. 
Rat. Rheum. Ruta. Seneg. Sil. Sulph- 

Dirty, livid color of gums, Merc. 

Drawing pains in gums, Ars. Caps. Nux. 

Staph. Tabac. 
teeth, Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. Ang. 

Bar-c. Bell. Bism. Bov. Bry. Calc. 

Canth. Caps. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Cham. Chin. Clem Cocc-c. 

Con. Creos. Cycl. Daph. Graph. 

Guaj. Hep. Iod. Kali-c. Lach. 

Lyc. Mgn-c. Meph. Mez. Ntr-s. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Ol-an. 

Oleand. Par. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Plat. Puis. Ran-b. Pause. Phod. 

Sabad. Sabin. Sass. Sep. Sil. Staph. 

Sulph. Tabac. Tar. Tereb. Thuj. 

Vejrat. Zinc. 

nerves, Coloc. Puis. 

roots, Staph. 

Dulness of teeth, as if set on edge, Amm-c. 
Ars. Aur. Berb. Caps. Ferr-m. Kali-chl. 
Lach. Lyc. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Sep. 
Sil. Spong. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tar. Tart-ac. 

— as if covered with lime, Nux-m. 

— on left side, Cor-r. 

— with sour vomiting, Sacch. 

From the ear, toothache originating, Ol-an. 
To the ear, extending, Alum. Amm-c. Anac. 

Ars. Bell. Borax. Bry. Caust. Cham. 

Chenop. Chin. Creos. Ind. Lach. Mgn-c. 

Merc. Meph. Mez. Ntr-m. Nice. Nux-m. 

Nux. Ol-an. Puis. Rat. Rhus. Sep. 

Staph. Sulph. Viol-od. 

— right ear, Nice. 

Elongation of teeth, Arn. Caust. Sulph. 

— sensation of, Arn. Ars. Bell. Berb. Bry. 
Calc. Camph. Caps. Caust. Clem. 
Creos. Hyosc. Kali-jod. Lach. Lachn. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. Phyt. Rat. 
Stann. Sulph. 

in hollow teeth, Hep. 

gums, Nitr-ac. 

Excrescences on gums, Staph. 

Exfoliation of teeth, Lach. Staph. 

To eyes extending, toothache, Bell. Cham. 

Creos. Lach. Merc. Ntr-m. Nice. Puis. 


— face extending, toothache, Alum. Amm-c. 
Hyosc. Merc. Mez. Nux. Puis. Rhus. 

Falling out of teeth, Merc. Nux. Plb. Sec-c. 

sensation as of, Stram. 

In females, toothache, Bell. Cham. Mgn-c. 

Mgn-m. Puis. 
Fistula of gums, Calc. Canth. Caust. 

Fluor-ac. Lyc. Mgn-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Petr. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 
upper incisors, Canth. 

— near right eye tooth, Fluor-ac. 
Gnawing toothache, Berb. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Con. Nice. Phosp. Rhus. Staph. Sulph-ac. 

Grinding of teeth, Aeon. Ant. Apis. Arn. 



Ars. Aur. Bar-c. Canth. Caust. Cham. 
Cic. Cina. Coff. Con. Hyosc. Igt. Lyc. 
Merc. Phosp. Plb. Pod. Sec-c. Strain. 

Grinding of tech when sleeping, Ars. 

in a sitting posture, Ant. 

Into head extending, toothache, Ant. Ars. 

Bar-c. Borax. Cham. Clem. Cupr. Mgn-c. 

Merc. Mez. Nux-m. Nux. Puis. 

Rhus. Sulph. 
Heaviness, sense of, in teeth, Fluor-ac. 


Hollowness of teeth, Creot. Mez. Phosp. 

Plb. Sabad, Sep. Staph. 
Jerking toothache, Amm-c. Anac. Ant. Bell. 

Bry. Calc. Cast. Cham. Chin. Clem. 

Cocc-c. Coff. Con. Creos. Kali-c. 

Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Merc. Mez. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Phosp. Plb. Puis. Ran-tc. Rat. Rhus. 

Sil. Spig. Stann. Stront. Sulph. 
Inflammation of gums, Amm-c. Creos. Hep. 

Iod. Kali-c. Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. Sil. 

, left upper side, Creos. 

Infuriating toothache, Ars. 
Itching in teeth, Spong. 

gums, Bell. Merc. Rhod. 

Knocking pain, Ars. Carb-an. Kali-c. 
Lascinating, (compare Rending, tearing.) 
Looseness of teeth, Amm-c. Am. Ars. Aur. 

Bar-c. Bry. Calc. Cam ph. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chelid. Chin. 

Cocc. Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Kali-c. Lach. 

Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Merc. Merc-cor. 

Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. 

Plb. Psor. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. Sang. 

Sec-c. Sep. Spong. Stann. Staph. Sulph. 

Verat. Zinc. 
painful, Puis. 

, sensation, Brv. Hyosc. Lachn. 

Merc. Nice. Nux-m. Oleand. 
Spong. Sulph. 
Mucus on teeth, Hyosc. Iod. Mgn-c. Plb. 

Selen. Sulph. 

in morning, Iod. 

black, Chin. 

brown, Sulph. 

yellow, Iod. Plb. 

offensive, Mez. 

Nerves as if extended, Coloc. Puis. 

and let suddenly loose, Puis. 

Nodosities on gums, Berb. Ntr-s. Phosp-ac. 

Plb. Staph. 
Notching of teeth, Lach. Plb. 
Numbness, sensation of. Chin. Ntr-m. 


To the oesophagus, pain extending, Ntr-m. 

Pain in paroxysms, first in upper front 
teeth to all the bones of face and eye 
worse from taking cold water in the 
mouth, Rumex. 

right side of face from root of tooth 

which had been sawn off extending to 
temples, next day same pain in left side 

from throat to left ear, causing earache, 

Painlulness of gums, Agar. Ambr. Calc. 

Caust. Dolich. Hep. Phosp. Kuta. Staph. 

in spots, ()x-ac. 

Pale gums, Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Plb. 


Periodical pain, Ars. Diad. 

In pregnant women, toothache, Alum. 

Bell. Bry. Calc. Cham. Hyosc. A/gn-c. 

Merc. Nux-m. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Staph. 
Pressing in teeth, Bism. Bov. Chin. Luph. 

Guaj. Iod. Ntr-c. Nux-m. Oleand. Staph. 

Tar. Verat. 

roots, Staph. 

gums, Ars. Staph. 

Pressing asunder, expansive toothache, 

Kalm. Mur-ac. Ran-b. Sabin. Spig. 


Pricking toothache, Ant. Bar-m. Hell. 
Mgn-S. Nux-m. Phosp. Prun. 

— in gums, Puis. 

As if teeth were being pulled out, tooth- 
ache, Berb. Cocc. Cocc-c. I p. Prun. 

Pulsations in gums, ('ale. 

— — teeth, Bar-m. Cocc-c. Hyosc. Mgn-c. 

Merc. Ntr-s. Puis. 

Purple colored thin border on gums near- 
est teeth, Plb. 

Pustules on gums, Carb-an. Ntr-s. Petr. 

Putrid gums, Amm-c. Cist. Ntr-m. Nux. 
(compare Scorbutic). 

Rapid, quick pain, Lact. 

Rasping pain, Mang. 

Redness of gums, Aur. Berb. Carb-an. 

Cham. Creos. Iod. Merc. Ntr-s. Nux. 

Phell. Ran-sc. 

, dirty. Berb. 

, pale, Bar-c. Kali-chl. 

Rending, tearing, in teeth, Agar. Alum. 

Ambr. Amm-c. Amm-m. Anac. Ang. 

Arn. Ars. Bar-m. Bell. Berb. Bruc. Bry. 

Carb-veg. Cast. Caust. Cham. Chenop. 

Chin. Cocc-c. Coff. Colch. Cupr. Daph. 

Graph. Grat. Hell. Hyosc. Hyper. Iod. 

Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mang. Merc. 

Meph. Ntr-m. Ntr-s, Nitr, Nux-m. Nux. 

Oleand. Ol-an. Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Rat. Rhod. Rhus. 

Samb. Sass. Sep. Sil. Spig. Staph. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tong. Verb. Viol-od. 


on left side, Bel. Iod. Samb. Sulph. 


in molars, Amm-c. 

, lower, Agar. 

roots. Cam ph. Lach. Meph. Merc. 

Ol-an. Staph. Stront. Teucr. 
gums, Ars. Bruc. Chin-sulph. 

Colch. Hyosc. Lyc. Sass. Staph. 


Rheumatic toothache, Nux. Staph. 


Roots of teeth, pain in, Amm-c. 

Scabs, gangrenous, on gums, Chin. Sulph. 

Scorbutic gums, Amm-c. Amm-m. Cist. 

Creos. Mur-ac. Nitr. Sacch. 
Screwing toothache, Euph. 
Semi-lateral pains, Cham. Coloc. Nux. 


Sensitiveness, (compare Tenderness.) 
Separation of gums, Ant. Arg. Arg-n. 

Carb-veg. Cist. Dulc. Iod. Merc. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Sulph. Tereb. 
Shocks, jerks, Anac. Bar-c. Cham. Cocc-c. 

Lyc. Mcph. Merc. Nux-m. Plat. Sep. 

— in gums, Lyc. 
Shooting, (compare Rending). 
Sounds, painful reverberation of in teeth, 


Shrivelled gums, Carb-veg. Merc. Par. 
Softening of gums, Arg. Iod. Phosp-ac. 

Soreness of gums, Carb-an. Carb-veg. Dig. 

Nitr-ac. Sep. Sil. 
— , sensation of, in teeth, Calc. Caust. 
Cina. Croton. Graph. Nux. Psor. Rhod. 
Rhus. Zinc. 

, in gums, Alum. Bism. Bry. 

Carb-veg. Graph. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sass. Tereb. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

between gums, and cheek, Rhod. 

Spasmodic pains, Anac. Borax. Lyc. Nux-m. 

Splintered, pain as if teeth were, Sabin. 
Spongy gums, Bry. Creos. Dulc. Merc. 
Stinging stitches in gums, Amm-m. Ars. 
Bell. Calc. Kali-c! Kali-jod. Lyc. Petr. 
Puis. Sabad. Sep. Staph. 

teeth, Aeon. Ambr. Amm-c. Bar-c. 

Bell. Borax. Br} - . Calc. Caust. 
Cham. Chin. Clem. Colch. Con. 
Cycl. Dros. Euph. Euphr. Gles. 
Graph. Guaj. Hcematox. Hell. 
Kali-c. Kali-chl. Lach. Laur. Mgn- 
c. Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 
Nux-m. Nux. Phell. Phosp. Psor. 
Puis. Ran-sc. Raph. Rhus. Sabad. 
Sabin. Sam&.Scill. Sep. Sil. Spong. 
Sulph. Tabac. Valer. Zinc. 

lower teeth, Euphr. 

Suppuration of gums, Amm-c. Canth. 

Carb-veg. Caust. 
Suppurating pustules on gurns, Carb-an. 

Ntr-s. Petr. 
Swelling of gums, Agar. Alum. Ambr. A mm- 
c. Amm-m. Anac. Arg-n. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. 
Bell. Bism. Borax. Calc. Caps. 
Carb-an. Caust. Cham. Chin. Cist. 
Cocc. Cocc-c. Con. Croton. Dolich. Graph. 
Hep. Iod. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lac-can. 
Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Merc- 
cor. Mur-ac. Nice. Nitr-ac. tfitr. Nux- 
jug. lYux. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 


Plb. Rhod. Sass. Sep. Spong. Staph. 
Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. Zinc. 

— under gums, Rhod. 

— around a decayed tooth, Sabin. 

— painful, Carb-an. Croton. Kali-c. 
Kali-jod. Mgn-m. Nux. Phell. Ran-sc. 
Rhod. Sabin. Sass. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

when chewing, Spong. 

to touch, Hep. Stront. 

— sensation of, Puis. 

— over upper incisors, with swelling of 
upper lip, Lyc. 

— , convulsions from, over teeth which are 
not quite through, Creos. Stann. 

— pale red, Bar-c. 

— white, Nux. Sabin. 

— at night, Cast. Merc. 

— with headache, Cast. 

toothache, Bar-c. Borax. Ntr-c. 

Taste, acrid, foul, from roots of teeth, 

Tenderness of gums, Agar. Ambr. Brom. 

Calc. Caust. Lach. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp. 

Ruta. Staph. 

to cold and warmth, Ntr-m. 

teeth, Ferr-m. Gymnoc. Mang. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Sass. Seneg. Sulph. 

to air, Berb. 

and touch, Ntr-m. 

cold water, Bry. Cina. Gymnoc. 

Hell. Merc. Sep. 

— of points of teeth, Sulph. 

To the temples, pain extending, Ant. Ars. 

Bar-c. Chin. Cupr. Hyosc. Merc. Mez. 

Nux-m. Nux. Sulph. 
Tension in teeth, Anac. Coloc. Puis. 
Throbbing in teeth, Aeon. Aloe. Ang. 

Ars. Bar-c. Calc. Caust. Cham. Chin. 

Cocc-c. Coff. Coloc. Daph. Hyosc. 

Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Merc. Mur-ac. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 

Par. Phosp. Plat. Puis. Rat. Sabad. 

Sabin. Spig. Staph. Stram. Sulph. Verat. 

— — roots of teeth, Ol-an. 

gums, Bell. Calc. Daph. Nux. Puis. 


— .drawing, Hyosc. Sep. 

— as from inflammation of periosteum, 

— when breathing, Carb-veg. 

— with headache, Glon. 

To the throat,. pain extending, Ntr-m. 
Tingling in teeth, Mur-ac. Rhus. 

gums. Am. 

Topor, sense of, Chin. Petr. 
Twisted, feeling as if teeth were, Lact. 
Turbercle, painful on gums, Phosp-ac. Plb. 
Ulcers on gums, Agn. Aur. Berb. Borax. 

Carb-veg. Creos. Iod. Kali-c. Lyc. 

Merc. Merc-cor. Millef. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 

Nux. Ox-ac. Phosp. Psor. Sabin. Sep. 

Stann. Staph. Sulph-ac. 

7 2 

9. TEETH AND (il MS. 

Uuccrs on gums, with swollen checks, 
Aur. ;Iod. Staiui 

with base like lard, Hep. 

tooth. Ago. 

Ulcerous pain in gums, Hell. Kali-jod. 

teetli, Amm-C. Bell. Kali-jod. 

Mgn-c. Phosp. 
Ulceration of roots. Alum. 
Vesicles on gums, Ntr-m. 

, bleeding, Mgn-c. 

burning. Bell. Mgn-c. Mez. 

Wandering, shifting pain in all the teeth, 

Mang. Puis. Tilia. 
Warm, teeth leel, left side upper jaw, 


Water, sour, fetid, coming from teeth, Nice. 
White gums, Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Plb. 
Staph. Zinc. 

— ulcerous fringes on gums, Merc. 
Wrenching pain, Prun. 

Yellow teeth, /<></. Lvc. Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. 

Day and night toothache, Ambr. 
In morning toothache, Creos. Ilyosc. Lach. 
Nux. Phosp. Sulph. Tart. 

in bed, Creos. Kali-c. Lach. Nux. 

Ran-b. Staph. 
pain in gums, Par. Tereb. 

— afternoon, after dinner, toothache, Berb. 
Lach. Nux. Puis. 

— evening, toothache, Alum. Amm-C. 
Anac. Apis. Bar-c. Bell. Bov. Cham. 
Graph. Kali-c. Mgn-s. Mang. Merc. 
Mez. Nice. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Puis. Rat. 
Sabin. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

in bed, Alum. Amm-c. Ant. Bar-c. 

Bov. Carb-an. Cham. Diad. Graph. 
Kali-c. Led. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp. Puis. Sulph-ac 

chilliness of teeth, Mez. 

At night, toothache, Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. 

Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Bov. Bry. Calc. 

Cham. Chenop. Chin. Clem. Goff. Cycl. 

Graph. Grat. Hell. Hep. Kali-jod. Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. Nlr-m. 

Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. 

Oleand. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. 

Rhod. Rhus. Sabin. Sep. Sil. Spig. 

Staph. Sulph. 

only, Lyc. 

out of bed, Ntr-s. 

relieved, Oleand. 

pain in gums, Merc. Rhus. 

with restlessness, Mgn-c. 

From air drawn in, toothache, Alum. Bell. 

Caust. Chin. Cic. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. 

Petr. Rhus. Sabin. Selen. Sil. Spig. 

Staph. Sulph. 
When biting the teeth together, pain, Amm-c. 

Colch. Graph. Guaj. Hep. Ip. Petr. 

Sep. Tabac. Zinc-ox. 
From eating bread, toothache, Carb-an. 

— chamomile, toothache, Alum. 

— coffee, toothache, ("ham. Lachn. Nux. 
After coition, toothache, Daph. 

From a cold toothache, Aeon. Bar-c. Bell. 

Cham. Kali-c. Hyosc. Igt. Merc. Nux-m. 

Nux, Puis. Rhus. 
in spring, Puis. 

— coldness, toothache, Agar. Calc. Hell. 
Mgn-c. Sulph-ac. T lurid. 

— cold air, toothache, Agar. Bell. Bry. 
Cina. Hyosc. Merc. Nux-m. Nux. Puis. 
Rhus. Sass. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Staph. 

relieved, Ntr-s. Puis. 

— cold drink, toothache, Ant. Arg n. 
Borax. Bruc. Bry. ('ale. Carb-an. ( ham. 
Cina. Clem. Graph. Kali-c. Lac-can. 
Lach. Mang. Merc. Mur-ac. Nux-m. 
Nux. Rhus. Rumex. Sass. Spig. Staph. 
Sulph. Tilia. Thuj. 

relieved, Coff. Puis. 

food, toothache, Con. 

— anything cold, toothache, Ant. CaU. 
Carb-veg. Cast. Hell. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 
Mgn-s. Mang. Men : Par. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Sil. Spig. Sulph. Thuj. 

— a draft of air, toothache, Bell. Calc, Chin. 
Sass Sep. Sulph. 

drinking, toothache, Cham. Sabin. 

— hot drinks, toothache, Aug. ("ham. 

relieved, Lyc. 

— eating, toothache, Ant. Bell, Biy. Canth. 
Cast. Cocc. Hep. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc. 
Puis. Thuj. (compare Meals.) 

relieved, Rhod. Sil. Spig. 

After fruits, toothache, Ntr-s. 

When lying on unaffected side worse, Bry. 

affected side, Ars. Nux. 

relieved, Bry. 

in a horizontal position, Benz-ac. 


From masticating, toothache, Alum. Amm-c. 

Bell. Bry. Chin. Ferr-m. Graph. 

Hyosc. Lach. Merc. Oleand. Phosp. 

Rhus. Sabin. Staph. Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 
During meals, toothache, Bry. Carb-an. 

Cast. Cocc. Croton. Euph. Graph. Hep. 

Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc. 

Ntr-c. Puis. Sabin. Sulph. Thuj. 

pain in gums, Merc. 

After meals, toothache, Ant. Bell. Borax. 
' Bry. Cham. Chin. Coff. Graph. Igt. 

Lach. Mgn-c. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Sabin. 

Spig. Stann. Staph. 
From mental exertion, toothache, Bell. Nux. 

— damp, moist air, Borax. Nux-m. Rhod. 

— movement, Mez. 

By noise, pain increased, Calc. 

From open air, toothache, Ambr. Ant. Bell. 

Bov. Cham. Chin. Con. Nux. Petr. 

Phosp. Rhus. Spig. Staph. Sulph. 
relieved, Ant. Bov. 


By picking the teeth, pain excited, Puis. 

Perspiration relieves, Chenop. 

By pressure, pain increases, Ntr-m. Tong. 

relieved, Aram-c. Ars. Chin. Cocc. 

Euph. Grat. Mgn-m. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 

Rhus. Tahac. 
When at rest, intolerable pain, Mgn-c. 

— riding in a carriage, toothache, Mgn-c. 
After rising from bed, pain relieved, 

Oleand. Sabin. 
In the room worse, Cham. Mgn-c. Nice. 

Nux. Puis. Rhod. Sep. Sulph. 
On entering into a room, worse, Mgn-s. 
From salt food, toothache, Carb-veg. 
When sitting, worse, Amm-m. Graph. 

— sleep commences the pain abates, Merc. 

— sucking the teeth, pain, Nux-m. 
From sweet things, toothache, Sep. 

— talking, toothache, Sep. 

During a thunderstorm, toothache, Rhod. 
From tobacco smoking, worse, Bry. Chin. 

Clem. Sabin. Spig. Thuj. 

relieved, Borax. Ntr-s. 

When touched, toothache, Bell. Borax. 

Cast. Chelid. Chin. Cocc-c. Mgn-m. 

Mgn-s. Mez. Ntr-m. Nitr. Sep. 

pain in gums, Arg. Arg-n. Hep. 

Merc. Petr. Stront. 
By touch, pain increased, Amm-c.Bell.Calc. 

Cast. Clem. Euph. Hep. Graph. Igt. Lyc. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. Phosp. 

Puis. Rhod. Sabin. Sep. Staph. Sulph. 

with food, Kali-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. 


— vinegar, pain relieved, Puis. Tong. 
When walking in open air, toothache, Agn. 

Cham. Con. Dros. Mgn-s. Nux. 

relieved, Bov. Bry. Hep. 

Lyc. Mgn-m. Puis. Sep. 
From warm food, toothache, Agn. Phosp. 


— anything warm, toothache, Ambr. 
Amm-c. Anac. Agn. Bar-c. Bry. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Kali-c. Lachn. Mgn-s. 
Merc. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Sil. 

relieved, Kali-jod. Nux-m. 

By external warmth, pain increased, Graph. 

Hell. Hep. Nux-m. Puis. 
relieved, Amm-c. Ars. Bov. 

Cast. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-m. 

Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Nux-m. 

Nux. Rhus. Sabad. Staph. 


— warmth of bed, pain increased, Cham. 
Merc. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Sabin. 

relieved, Lyc. Mgn-s. 

room, pain increased, Cham. Hep. 

Iris. Mgn-s. Nux. Puis. 
After washing, toothache, Nux-m. Phosp. 
with cold water, Calc. Merc. Sulph. 


In wet weather, toothache, Borax. Nux-m. 

Rhod. Seneg. 
By wine, toothache excited, Nux. 
Ailmentsfromcuttingwisdom teeth, Mgn-c. 
With anxiety, Clem. Coff. Oleand. 

— pains in limbs as if bruised, Verat. 

— cheeks swollen, Am. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. 
Bell. Borax. Bry. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cham. Graph. Iod. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Puis. Samb. 
Sep. Staph. Sulph. 

red, Cham. Nux. 

— chilliness, Daph. Euph. Lach. Merc. 
Puis. Sulph. 

— coldness of whole body, Verat. 

— cough, Sep. 

— discouragement, despair, Ars. Cham. 

— dyspncea, Ntr-m. Puis. Sep. 

— ears, coldness of, Lach. 

pain in, Bell. Borax. Nice. Puis. 


stitches in, Bell. Cham. Crcos. Lach. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Phosp. Sulph. Thuj. 

— erections, Daph. 

— excitability, irritability, Alum. Cham. 


— eyes surrounded by a yellow mark, Spig. 

— face bloated, Spig. 

heat in, Cham. Graph. Stann. 

pain in, Ars. Creos. Euph. Kali-c. 

Sil. Spig. 

paleness, Puis. Spig. 

redness and swelling, Cham. Verat. 

swelling, Arn. Ars. Bell. Bry. Cham. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Staph. 


— fainting, Verat. 

— glands, submaxillary, swelling of, 
Amm-c. Bar-c. Camph. Carb-veg. 
Cham. Dulc. Merc. Nux. Sep. Staph. 

— head, congestion to, Aeon. Aur. Bell. 
Calc. Cham. Chin. Hyosc. Lach. Mez. 
Puis. Sep. Sulph. 

heat, Aur. 

pain in, Borax. Euph. Lach. Nitr. 

Puis. Thuj. Verat. 

— heat, nocturnal, Sil. 
universal, Lach. Verat. 

— jaw, lameness of, Nux-m. 
pain in, Nux. Thuj. 

swelling of periosteum of, Sil. 

— knees, tearing pain in, Chenop. 

— lassitude, Clem.' 

— legs, heaviness of, Lach. 

— lips, swollen, Bov. Ntr-c. 

— nausea, Oleand. Verat. 
— ' neck, pain in, Nux-m. 

— — rigidity of, Lach. 

— perspiration, Daph. Chin. 
cold on forehead, Vera!. 

— pulsation in body, Sep. 

— relaxation, Mang. 



with restlessness, Coff. Mgn-c. Mang. NtY-s. 

— to run about, compelled, Mgn-c. 

— saliva, collection of, Cham. Daph. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Phosp. Stront. 

— sleep desire to, Sulph. 

— sleeplessness, Sil. 

— thirst, Vcrat. 

— tossing about, Clem, 

— twitching of feet and fingers, Mgn-i . 

— urination frequent, Oleand. 

— vomiting, Vcrat. 

— weakness, Clem. Vcrat. 

— weeping. Bell. Coff. 

lO. Mouth, Palate and Tongue. 

Apthu; in mouth, Aeth. Arg. Ars. Aur. 
Bapt. Borax. Bry. Canth. Carb-vcg. 
Cham. Chin. Cic. Corn-c. Dulc. 
Gum-gut. Hell. Ilip-m. Iod. Merc: 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Xnx. Plb. Staph. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Thuj. Vinca. 

— on palate, Sass. 

tongue, Agar. Borax. Sass. 

— easily bleeding, Borax. 

— in children, Borax. Men . Nux. Sacch. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

Atrophy of tongue, Mur-ac. 

Biting sensation in mouth, Ambr. Asar. 

on palate, Carb-vcg. Mez. Ran-sc. 

tongue. Am. Asar. Ol-an. Teucr. 

— tongue, Thuj. 

at night in sleep, Phosp-ac. 

when chewing or talking, Caust. Igt. 


Black tongue, Aeth. Ars, Bufo. Chin. 

Cupr. Lach. Lyc. Op. Phosp. Sec-c. 
posterior part, V'erat. 

— coated tongue, Chin. Elaps. Merc. 

Blood, clotted in mouth, Canth. 

Blueness of tongue, Ars. Dig. Mur-ac. 

Sabad. Spig. 
mouth, Merc. 

Bluish white coating on tongue, Gymnoc. 
Boring, sense on palate, Aur. 
tongue, Clem. 

Brown tongue, Ars. Chin. Carb-vcg. 
Lac-can. Lach. Merc. Nux. Phosp. Plb. 
Rhus. Sec-c. Spong. Sulph. 

— coated tongue, Ars. Bell. Bry. Carb-vcg. 
Cocc-c. Hyosc. Kali-b. Merc-jod. Phosp. 
Plb. Rumcx. Sabin. Spong. Sulph. Verb. 

in morning, Verb. 

Burning in mouth, Ars. Arum-trif. Asar. 

Asa-f. Calc. Cham. Coloc. Cupr. Gels. 

Gymnoc. Ilipp-m. Hyper. Iris. Jatr. 

Kali-chl. Mgn-m. Merc-sulph. Mercurial. 

Mez. Ntr-s. Nux. Plat. Scill. Seneg. 

Sulph. Verat. 

— on palate, Camph. Carb-veg. Cinnab. 
Dulc. Hipp-m. Igt. Mgn-c. Merc-cor. 
Ntr-s. Kan-b. Scill. Scneg. 

— from mouth to stomach, Brom. Camph. 

— on tongue. Aeon. Apis. Asar. Bar-c. 



Bell. Bov. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cocc-c. Colch. Hipp-m. Hyosc. Ind. 
Iod. Jac-c. Kali-chl. Mgn-m. Mercurial. 
Ntr-s. Ol-an. Ox-ac. Phell. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Prun. Ran-sc. 
Rat. Rhod. Seneg. Sulph. Verat. 
Burning on tip, Coloc. Cycl. Gum-gut. Hydroc- 
ac. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Merc. Ntr-c. 

as from pepper, Teucr. 

with ptyalism, Chin. 

anterior half, Gum-gut. 

Burnt as if, sensation in mouth, Hyosc. 
Jac-cor. Mgn-m. Plat. Psor. Sabad. Sep. 

on palate, Cimex. Sep. 

tongue, Cimex. Coloc. Daph. Hyosc. 

Laur. Merc. Plat. Prun. Puis. Psor. 

Sabad. Sang. Sep. 
middle, Hyosc. Plat. Psor. Puis. 

Sabad. Sep. 

tip, Lact. Merc-sulph. 

Caries of palate, Aitr. Merc. 
Chapped tongue, (compare Cracked.) 
Chewing motion, Bell. Mosch. 
Clean tongue, Dig. Hyosc. Phosp. 
Coldness, sensation of, in mouth, Tart-ac. 

on tongue. Bell. Carb-veg. Cist. 

Hydroc-ac. Kali-chl. Laur. Verat. 
tip, Cupr. 

Contracting sensation in mouth, Asar. 

on palate, Arn. Cinnab. Glon. 

root of tongue, Hydroc-ac. 

Contraction, spasmodic, of mouth, Calc. 
Convulsions of tongue, Cham. Lyc. Ruta. 
Cracked tongue, chapped, Ars. Bar-c. 

Bell. Benz-ac. Bry. Cham. Chin. Cic. 

Kali-b. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-m. Mux. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Ran-sc. Rhus. 

Sacch. Spig. Sulph. Verat. 

in middle, Kobalt. 

on tip, Lach. 

Cramp-like sensation on tongue, Borax. 
Like a cuticle on tongue, sensation, Rhus. 
Cutting on palate, Hell. 

tongue, Bov. 

Dark red tongue, Bry. 

Discoloured tongue, Sec-c. 

Distortion of mouth and tongue when 

talking, Caust. 
Drawing and jerking in tongue, Cast. 
Dryness in mouth, Aeon. Aeth. Aloe. 

Alum. Amm-c. Ang. Apis. Arg. Arn. 

Ars. Bar-e. Bar-m. Bell. Berb. Bry. 

Calc. Cannab. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

Cansl. Cham. Chelid. Chcnop. Chin. 

Cina. Cinnab. Cist. Cocc. Con. Cor-r. 

Cupr. Euph. Graph. Gum-gut. Hipp. 

Hyosc. Hyper. Igt. Jatr. Kali-b. Kali-c. 

Kali-jod. Lac-can. Laeh. Lact. Laur. 

Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc. 

Merc-jod. Mercurial. Mosch. Mur-ac. 

Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nnx. 

Oleand. Ol-an. Par. Petr. Phell. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Ran-sc. Rhus. 
Rumex. Ruta. Sass. Samb. Scill. Sec-c. 
Seneg. Sep. Sil. Stram. Sulph. Tabac. 
Tellur. Thea. Therid. Verat. Zinc. 
in morning, Ambr. Arg-n. Berb. 

Cannab. Caps. Carb-an. Jac-cor. 

Lvc. Mgn-c. Mur-ac. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 

Nux. Ol-an. Op. Par. Petr. Pod. 

Puis. Sang. Seneg. Spig. Sulph. 


on awaking, Alum. Calc. 

Clem. Graph. Kali-c. Kobalt. 
Sep. Tar. 

forenoon, Seneg. 

evening, Cycl. Par. 

at night, Amm-c. Arum-trif. Calc. 

Caust. Cinnab. Cocc. Mgn-c. Mgn- 

m. Nux-m. Nux. Phell.' 

with moist mouth. Aeon. Sulph. 

with thirst, Aeon. Aloe. Arg-n. Arn. 

Berb. Bry. Canth. Cham. Chelid. 

Cinnab. Creos. Cycl. Laur. Merc-cor. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Op. Petr. Rhus. 

Sec-c. Sulph. Tabac. 
only relieved for a short time 

by cold water, Kali-b. 
with thirstlessness, Aeon. Ang. Bell. 

Bry. Cannab. Carb-veg. Cocc. Euph. 

Euphr. Jatr. Kali-c. Lac-can. Lyc. 

Nux-m. Nux. Phosp-ac. Puis. Sabad. 


— only of posterior part of mouth, Me/.. 

— of palate, Carb-an. Cist. Cycl. Glon. 
Hell. Mang. Mgn-c. Meny. Staph. Verat. 

soft palate, like leather, Stict. 

tongue, Aeon. Aloe. Apis. Arg. 

Arg-n. Arn. Ars. Bapt. Bar-c. Bar-m. 

Bell. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Caust. Cham. 

Chenop. Cist. Cocc-c. Con. Creos. 

Cupr. Daph. Ditle. Ge\s. Hell. Hipp-m. 

Hyosc. Iod. Kali-b. Kalm. Lach. 

Laur. Lyc. Merc. Merc-cor. Merc-sul ph. 

Mercurial. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Nux-m. Ox-ac. Par. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Plb. Pod. Psor. Rhus. Rumex. Sec-c. 

Sep. Spong. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. 


and lips, Ars. Cham. Lach. Lyc. 


red and cracked at tip, Kali-b. Lach. 

Rhus. Sulph. 

without thirst, Bry. Puis. 

in the morning, Calc. Clem. Cist. 

Graph. Kali-c. Nitr-ac. Sep. Sulph. Tar. 

at night, Calc. Nux. 

— sensation of in mouth, Aeon. Asa-f. 
Bell. Colch. Dros. Kali-c. Lvc. Nux-m. 
Sulph-ac. Viol-od. 
mouth moist and coated with mu- 
cus, Aeon. Bell. Kali-c. 

on tongue, Arg. Ars. Bell. Calc. 

Colch. Nux-m, Puis. 

7 6 


Dryness, sensation of, in the morning, Strom. 
Enlargement, sensation of on tongue, Par. 

Excrescences painful in mouth, Staph. 

Exudations, lymphatic, extending to ton- 
sils, Merc-cor. 

Filthy tongue, Bry. Hydroc-ac. Lyc. Oleand. 

Flabby tongue, Creos. 

Fissures deep in tongue, Raph. 

Foam, froth from mouth, Aeth. Agar. Hell. 
Hrom. Camph. Canth. Cham. Cicc. Cocc. 
Colch. Cupr. Hyosc. Igt. Lach. Lact. 
I. a nr. Par. Plb. Sec-c. Stantt. Strain. 
Tart-ac. Verat. 

bloody, Sec-c. Strain. 

milky, Aeth. 

reddish, Bell. Canth. Hyosc. Sec-c. 

Stram. , 

white, Mgn-m. * 

yellowish, greenish, Sec-c. 

with odor of rotten eggs, Bell. 

Furred tongue, Bar-c. Bar-m. Graph. Iod. 
Lyc.Ntr-c. (compare the different colors.) 

semi-lateral, Daph. Lob. 

evening, Bism. 

morning, Ran-sc. Selen. Tart. Verat. 

Gangrene of tongue, Ars. Sec-c. 
Glandular swelling in mouth, Iod. 

under tongue, Nux-m. Staph. Tabac. 

Glued up, as if mouth were, Mur-ac. 
Grayish coated tongue, Ambr. Puis. Tart. 

— yellow coated tongue, Ambr. 

— on roof of mouth, Lac-can. Rhus. 
Greasy, tongue feels, Iris. 

— mouth and palate feel, Ol-an. 
Greenish coated tongue, Nitr-ac. Plb. 
Hannoptisis, Aeon. Am. Bell. Brom. Chin. 

Cop. Creos. Elaps. Fen: Ham. Hipp. 
lp. Lach. Led. Millef. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 
Op. Phosp. Plb. Satin. Sec-c. Strain. 

llceinmorrhagc from mouth, A rn. Bell. Chin. 

Cina. Creos. Dros. Hipp-m. Ip. Led.hyc. 

Mux. Phosp. ( compare Section 7.) 
1 lair, sensation of on tongue, Kali-b. Ntr-m. 


Hairy sensation of in interior of mouth, 

Hard tongue, Cupr. Gum-gut. Merc. 
Heat in mouth, Bad. Borax. Brom. Carb-veg. 

Cham. Cinnab. Clem. Colch. Croc. 

Jatr. Ntr-m. 
at night, Cinnab. 

— on palate, Camph. Dulc. 

tongue, Bell. Caps. Caust. Plb. Stram. 

Heaviness of tongue, Anac. Bell. Colch. 

Mercurial. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. 


, difficulty of moving, Calc. Carb-veg. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. 
Indented with marks of teeth, tongue, 


Inflammation of mouth. Aeon. Amm-c. 

Bell. Canth. Igt. Lach. Mere. Nux. 
Sacch. Verat. 

— palate, Calc. Cham. Merc. Ntuc. 


— of velum paltati, Aeon. Bell. Coff. 

— tongue, Aeon. Ang. Apis. Am. Ars. 

Bell. Canth. Lach. Mere. Plb. Ran-sc. 

papilla:. Bell. 

in the middle, Gels. 

glands, Kalm. 

Insular deep patches on tongue, Gins. 

Kali-c. Mancin. 
Itching on tongue. Alum. Sulpb. 

tip, Dulc. 

palate, Ferr-m. 

Lead colored tongue, Ars. 

Lumbrici discharged by mouth, Sabad. 

Lumps in mouth, Mgn-c. 

— on tongue, Mang. 

— tinder tongue, Ambr. 

— bleeding and burning when touched, 

Mucus, collection of, in mouth, Alum. 
Ang. Am. Asar. Bell. Brom. Bruc. Bry. 
Calc. Caps. Caust. Chenop., Chin. Cupr. 
Graph. Hep. Igt. Iod. Lach. Lain. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. 
Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. 
Puis. Rhus. Scill. Sclen. Sil. Spig. 
Stram. Sulph. Therid. Teucr. 

— frothy, Brom. Chenop. Phosp-ac. 
in corners of mouth, Par. 

— viscid, Mur-ac. Phosp-ac. Puis. Scill. 

— in morning, Bell. Cupr. Fluor-ac. 
Graph. Igt. Mgn-c. Merc. Nice. Plb. 
Puis. Rheum. Sil. Spig. Stront. Tilia. 

evening, with thirst, Ang. 

— sense of, Cycl. 

— on tongue, Bell. Cupr.. Dulc. Grnt. 
Lach. Lact. Merc. Merc-cor. Ntr-s. 
Nitr. Nux-jug. Nux-m. Phosp. I'hosp-ac. 
Puis. Sec-c. Sulph. Verb. Viol-tr. 

tough, Bell. Cupr. Dulc. Lach. Merc. 

Nux. Phosp-ac. Puis. Sulph. 
yellow, Kali-b. 

in morning, and after meals, Verb. 

Numbness, sense of in mouth, Ambr. Bov. 
Ind. Jatr. Mgn-s. Ntr-s. 

— on palate, Verat. . 

tongue, Ambr. Ars. Bell. 

Borax. Colch. Hell. Hyosc. 
Laur. Lyc. Merc. Mercurial. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Poth. Puis. 

— one sided, Ntr-m. 

Odor from mouth, cadaverous, Nitr-ac. 

— cheese like, Aur. 

— earthy in the morning, Mang. 

— like garlic, Petr. Tellur. 
horse-radish, Agar. 

— as from mercury, Bar-m. 

— offensive, Aeon. Agar. Alum. Ambr. 
Amm-c. Anae. Apis Arg-n. 



Am. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. Bar-m. 

Bell. Bry. Caps. Carb-an. Cast. 

Cist. Croc. Dros. Gels. Hyosc. 

Iod. Kali-c. Led. Lyc. Merc. 

Merc-cor. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 

Nux-m. Nux. Petr. Phosp-ac. Pod. 

Rhus. Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. Staph. 

Sulph. Thea. Verb. 
Odor from mouth, offensive, in the morn- 
ing, Am. Bell. Camph. Grat. Nux. 
Puis. Sil Thea. 

after meals, Am. Aur. Carb-veg. 

Cham. Merc. Nux. Sulph. Zinc. 

like onions, Kali-jod. Petr. 

pitch, Canth. 

putrid, Alum. Am. Aur. Bov. 

Bry. Cham. 'Graph. Iod. Lyc. Merc. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. Puis. Rhus. 

Sabin. Sec-c. 

— in morning and at night, Puis. 

after meals, Cham. Nux. 

sour, Sulph. 

like urine, Graph. 

To open the mouth, difficulty, Caust. 

Colch. Lach. Nux. 
Painfulness of mouth, Ip. Par. 

tongue, Bell. Nitr-ac. 

on moving it, Berb. 

touch, Bell. Berb. 

tip, Croton. Hep. 

— under tongue, Selen. 

Paleness of mucus membrane, Eupat. 
Palate soft dry, like leather, Sticta. 

— wrinkled, Borax. Phosp. 

Papillae erect, Arg-n. Arum-trif. Croc. 
Kali-b. Merc-cor. Merc-sulph. Oleand. 

Paralysis of organs of speech, Canth. 

Caust. Graph. 
tongue, Aeon. Bell. Caust. Dulc. 

Euph. Gels. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Ip. 

Mur-ac. Nux-m. Op. Stram. 

in darrfp cold weather, Dulc. 

Paralytic sensation on palate, Meny. 

tongue, Cocc. Ip. 

Pimples in mouth, Dulc. 

— on palate and tongue, Nux. 
Pinching pain in tongue, Nux. 
Pressing on palate, Thuj. 

velum palate, Ruta. 

Pustules on tongue, Mur-ac. 
palate, Phosp. 

— sharp pointed on soft palate, pock shap- 
ed, Ambr. 

Protruded tongue, Hydroc-ar. 
Purple blotches in mouth, Plb. 

— colored tongue, Raph. 

Putting the fingers into the mouth, children, 

Ranula, Ambr. Calc. Lac-can. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Sacch. Staph. Thuj. 

— gelatinous, Mez. Nitr-ac. Staph. 
bluish red, Thuj. 

Rasping, smarting pain in mouth, Ambr. 

when eating solid food, Phosp-ac. 

on palate, Carb-veg. Chenop. Mez. 

Mur-ac. Ran-sc. 
Raw tongue, Gels. Kali-b. 

pain on left side, Jac-cor. 

Redness of cavity of mouth, Amm-c. Ars. 

Bell. Cycl. Igt. Kali-b. Merc-jod. 
velum palati, Bell. Cham. Chenop. 

Kali-b. Merc. 
tongue, Aloe. Apis. Ars. Arum-trif. 

Bell. Bry. Cham. Coloc. Elaps. Gels. 

Hyosc. Kali-b. Lach. Merc-cor. Nux. 

Ox-ac. Pallad. Poth. Ran-sc. Rhus. 

Stann. Sulph. Verat. 
tip, Hipp. Merc-jod. Phyt. Poth. 

Rhus. Sulph. 

painful, Arg-n. Cycl. 

edges, Bell. Merc-jod. Nux. 


Red, glistening tongue, Glon. Kali-b. Lach. 

— spots on tongue, Hipp-m. Raph. 
Reddish blue color, Ars. 

Roughness in mouth, Berb. Carb-veg. 
Cina. Cycl. Dig. Ntr-s. Phosp. 

— on palate, Mgn-c. Mez. 

tongue, Ang. Bell. Bry. Carb-veg. 

Case. Coloc. Grat. Laur. Oleand. 
Par. Phyt. Sulph. 

from erection of papillae, Croc. Oleand. 

Saliva, collection of, Alum. Amm-c. Anac. 
Ant. Arg. Arg-n. Asar. Bar-c. Bell. 
Bism. Bov. Brom. Bry. Calc-ph. Camph. 
Carb-veg. Chelid. Chenop. Croc. Croton. 
Creos. Cupr. Dig. Eugen. Ferr-m. 
Grat. Hell. Hep. Hydroc-ac. Igt. Ip. 
Kali-b. Kali-c. Kalm. Lach. Lact. Lob. 
Mgn-m. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. 
Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. Ox-ac. Par. Phell. 
Phosp. Plb. Ran-b. Rat. Rhod. Rhus. 
Sabad. Sang. Seneg. Spig. Staph. Sulph. 
Tar. Tart. Thea. Thuj. Tong. Verb. 
Viol-tr. Zinc. 
diminished, Aeon. 

with sense of dryness, Colch. Kali-c. 
Plb. Rhod. 

— headache, or sore throat, Hipp, 
acrid, Arum-trif. Igt. Kalm. Lact. Verat. 
astringent, Par. 

bitter, Ars. Kali-b. Kalm. Sulph. Thuj. 
bloody, Arg. Ars. Bad. Canth. Clem. 
Dros. Hyosc. Ind. Kali-jod. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Nux. Phosp. Rhus. Staph. Stram. 
Sulph. Thuj. 

mixed with blood, Aeon. Kali-jod. 

brownish, Bism. 
burning, Hipp-m. 

clammy, Arg. Bell. Berb. Camph. 
Cannab. Eugen. Lob. 
cool, Asar. Cist, 
like cotton, Nux-m. Puis. 



Saliva, frothy. Apis. Berb.Brom. Bry.Canth. 
Cham. Cinnab. Cocc. Cupr. Eugen. 
Kali-b. Phell. Plb. Ran-sc. Sabin. Spig, 
Stram. Sulph. 

— gluey, Bad. 

— hot, Daph. 

— insipid, Mur-ac. 

— metallic tasting, Phyt. Ran-b. Zinc. 

— musty, Kali-b. Led. 

— offensive, Ars. Brv. Dig. Hipp-m. Merc. 

— oily, Cub. 

— rdddish, Sabin. 

— saltish, Ant. Euph. Hyosc. Kali-b. 
Kali-jod. Lyc Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. 
Sep. Stram. Sulph. Verat. Verb. 

— slimy, Camph. Lach. 

— soapy, Berb. Bry. Dulc. 

— sour, Alum. Calc. Calc-ph. Igt. Lact. 
Merc. Ntr-s. Pod. Sulph. Stann. Tar. 

— sweet. Alum. Dig. Nice. Phosp. Plb. 
Puis. Sabad. 

— thick, Bell. Bism. Nux-vi. 

— tough. Apis. Arg. Ars. Camph. Cinnab. 
Dulc. Eugen. Hydroph Lachn. Merc. 

— viscid, Cannab. Cycl. Kali-b. Kali-jod. 

— watery, Asar. Creos. Jatr. Lob. Mgn-m. 
Puis. Thea. 

— white, Ol-au. Ran-b. Sabin. Spig. 
— , — of egg like, Calad. 

— yellow, Gels. Hipp-m. Phyt. Rhus. 
Salivation, Aeon. Amm-c. Ant. Arum-trif. 

Asar. Bell. Brom. Bry. Calad. Calc. 
Camph. Ctrnth. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. 
Cinnab. Clem. Cole A. Con. Croton. Cupr. 
Cycl. Daph. Dig. Dulc. Euph. Graph. 
Grat. Hell. Hep. Hipp-m. Hydroc-ac. 
Hydroph. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Ip. Iris. Jatr. 
Kali-b. Kobalt. Lach. Lob. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Mez. Ntr-m. A r itr-ac. Nux. 
Op. Phosp. Phyt. Plb. Puis. Ran-b. 
Ran-sc. Rhus. Sabad. Sang. Seneg. Sep. 
Spong. Stann. Staph. Stram. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tart. Tong. Verat. Zinc. 

— at night, Nux. Rhus. 

— in febrile paroxysms. Hell. Hep. 
Nitr-ac. Sulph. 

— from mercury, Bell. Chin. Dig. Dulc. 
Hep. Iod. Lach. Nitr-ac. Sulph. 

— with nausea, Chin. Euph. Puis. Verat. 

and vomiting, Sulph. 

retching, Euph. Puis. 

shuddering, Arg. Euph. 

sneezing, Fluor-ac. 

continuous spitting, Hydroph. 

pain in stomach, Euph. 

thirst, Dulc. Ntr-m. 

without thirst, Cinnab. Merc. 

Salivary glands painful, Aeon. 

swollen, Bar-m. Thuj. 

inflammation of, Sacch. 

ulcerated, Merc. 

Shining tongue. Apis. Glon. Lach. 

Skin peeling of on interior of check, 


palate. Par. 

1 tongue, Ran-sc. Tar. 

' Slimy coated tongue, Bell. Chclid. Cupr. 

Lact. Merc. Nux-m. Petr. Phosp-ac. 

Puis. Verb. Viol-tr. 
Smooth tongue, Kali-b. Lach. 
Soft tongue, Merc. Rhus. Strain. 
Soreness of mouth, Arum-trif. Dig. Igt. 

Kali-c. Lach. Mgn-s. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. 


palate, Lach. Mez. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

velum palati, Phosp-ac. 

tongue, Agar. Aloe. Ars. Canth. 

Carb-veg. Cic. Cist. Dig. Gels. Kali-c. 

Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Sep. 


— sensation of in mouth, Agar. Alum. 

Amm-c. Asa-f. Bell. Bism. Canst. Dig. 

Glon. Hyosc. Ip. Lachn. Sabad. Stram. 

on palate, Agar. Alum. Caust. 

Cinnab. Mur-ac. Par. Thuj. 

velum palati, Ruta. 

of on tongue, Alum. Ant. Am. Bar-c. 

Calc. Canst. Cist. Glon. Graph. 

Ip. Ox-ac. Poth. Sabad. Sang. Thuj. 

tip, Arum-trif. Kali-c. Poth. 


middle, Samb. 

frenum, Kali-c. 

Speech difficult, Aeon. Amm-c. Anac. Aur. 
Bell. Calc. Cannab. Caust. Cic. Chin. 
Cocc. Con. Cupr. Cycl. Dulc. Euphr. 
Graph. Hep. Hyosc. Lach. Laur. Lyc. 
Mez. Mosch. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nice. Nux. 
Op. Phosp-ac. Plb. Ruta. Seneg. Sil. 
Stann. Stram. Sulph. 

— for certain words, Lach. 

— from elongation of tonsils, Aur. 

jerks in head and arms, Cic. 

pain in back, Cinnab. 

spasm of throat, Cupr. 

spasm of tongue, Ruta. 

swelling of tongue, Dulc. 

weakness, Hipp-m. 

of chest, Stann. 

crying, hoarse like a child, Cupr. 
drawling in reading, Tabac. 
hasty, Ars. Bell. Hep. Lach. Merc, 
high, Lach. 

utters, inarticulate sounds, Hyosc. 
indistinct, Bry. Calc. Caust. Lyc. Sec-c. 

— from dryness in throat, Bry. Seneg. 
murmuring, whispering, Stram. 
nasal, Bell. Lach. Lyc. Phosp-ac. Staph, 
slow, Thuj. 

stammering, Aeon. Bell. Bov. Bufo. 
Caust. Euphr. Hyosc. Lach. Merc. 
Ntr-c. Nux. Op. Sec-c. Stram Sulph. 

quick and stammering, Merc. 
=■ — subdued, Tabac. 


Speech swallows his words, Staph. 

— trembling. Aeon. Igt. 

— wanting, Alum. Bell. Canst. Chin. Cic. 
Con. Cupr. Hep. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. 
Laur. Merc. Mosch. Oleand. Op. Plb. 
St ram. Tart. Verat. 

after apoplexy. Laur. 

with violent pain in stomach, Laur. 

— weak, Bell. Canth. Chin. Igt. Op. Sec-c. 
Spong. Stann. Staph. Verat. 

from debility of organs, Amm-c. 

Canth. Staph. 

— whizzing, Bell. Caust. 
Spongy tongue, Benz-ac. 

Sticky, viscid mouth, Berb. Ruta. Sail. 

— feverish feeling in mouth, Gels. 
Stiffness of tongue, Berb. Borax. Carb-veg. 

Colch. Con. Euphr. Hell. Hydroc-ac. 
Lach. Lyc. Merc-cor. Mercurial. Ntr-m. 

Stinging, stitches in mouth, Aur. Calc. 
Kali-chl. Spig. Sulph. 

on palate, Igt. Mez. Nitr-ac. Ran-sc. 


roof of mouth, Kobalt. 

tongue, Acort.Ang. Berb. Brom. Chin. 

Clem. Elaps. Kali-b. Kali-chl. Kalm. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. Prun.Sabad. Staph. 

tip, Ang. Brom. Cycl. Igt. Merc. 

Merc-sulph. Nux. Phosp Phosp-ac. 
Ran-b. Sabad. Sabin. Staph. 
Stomacace, Ars. Borax. Caps. Carb-ves;. 
Chin. Dulc. Hell. Hep. Iod. Merc. 
Millef. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Sep. Sil. 
Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— after a cold, Dulc. 

Suppurating pustules on palate, Phosp. 
Suppuration of tongue, Canth. Merc. 
Swelling of in interior of mouth, Aeon. 

Amm-c. Bell. Canth. Caust. Glon. Igt. 

Lach. Merc. Nux. Par. Sep. Verat. 

— tight, almost painless of roof of mouth, 
size of a pigeon's egg, Par. 

— between gums and cheek, Rhod. 

— palate, Bar-c. Bar-m. Bell. Calc. Chin. 
Coff. Croton. Merc. Ntr-s. Nux. Par. 
Seneg. Sil. Sulph. 

— of velum palati, Bell. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Coff. (compare Uvula, section ir.) 

tongue, Aeon. Anac. Apis. Ars. Bell. 

Calad. Calc. Canth. Chin. Cic. Cocc-c. 
Con. Dig. Dulc. Elaps. Glon. Hell. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lach. Lyc. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Millef. Ox-ac. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Sec-c. Sil. Stram. Thuj. 

— under the tongue, Ntr-m. 

— tongue one sided, Calc. Sil. 

painful to touch, Con. Phosp-ac. Thuj. 

when talking, Phosp-ac. 

glands under, Nux-m. Staph. Tabac. 

— sense of. Berb. Cimex. 

of palate, Arg-n. Nux. Puis. 


Thickening of tongue, sensation, Nux. 
Tingling, crawling in mouth, Zinc. 

on tongue, Aeon. Ntr-m. Sec-c. 

Trembling of tongue, Ars. Bell. Merc. 

when extending it, Lach. 

Tubercles on tongue, Lyc. 

Ulcers in the mouth, Agn. Alum. Caust. 

Dulc. Hep. Iod. Jatr. Kali-jod. Merc. 

Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Op. Petr. Phyt. Plb. Staph. Thuj. Zinc. 

— on roof of mouth, Arum. Cinnab. Kali-b. 
Ntr-m. Sil. 

palate, Aur. Lach. Merc. Nux. Sil. 

velum palati, Dros. Phosp-ac. 

reddish arola, yellow tenaceous pus, 

Kali-b. Lac-can. 

— at orifice of salivary glands, Aeon. Bell. 

— on tongue, Agar. Benz-ac. Bov. Chin. 
Cic. Cinnab. Dig. Dros. Graph. Kali-b. 
Kali-jod. Lach. Lyc. Mercurial. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-m. Op. Phyt. Verat. 

blue, Ars. 

frenum, Agar. 

— biting, Ntr-m. 

— with black base, Mur-ac. 

— bluish, Ars. Aur. 

— burning, Caust. Chin. Cic. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Phosp-ac. 

— dirtv looking, Plb. 

— fetid, Nux. Plb. 

— flat, Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

— itching, Chin. 

— lardaceous base, Hep. 

— mercurial, Iod. Nitr-ac. 

— painful, Ars. Kali-b. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 

to touch, Cic. Ntr-c. 

food and liquids, Ntr-m. 

— small, yellow, Zinc. 

— sore smarting, Bov. 

— stinging, stitches, Nitr-ac. 

— syphilitic, Merc. Nitr-ac. 

— white, Cic. 

— yellow, Aloe. Zinc. 

Vesicles in the mouth, Ambr. Bar-c. Calc. 
Caps. Carb-an. Cham. Hell. Kali-c. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. 
Rhod. Spong. Staph. Sulph. 

— on palate, Calc. Ntr-s. Nux. Spig. 
tongue, Amm-c. Amm-tn. Ant. Arg. 

Bar-c. Berb. Brom. Bry.Calc. Carb-an. 
Cham. Chenop. Graph. Hell. Hipp-m. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod. Mgn-c. Mgn-m.Mang. 
Mercurial. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Phell. Phyt. Puis. Scill. Sep. Spig. 
Spong. Staph. Zinc. 
tip, Cycl. Ind. Kali-jod. Lyc. Nitr. 

— biting, Ntr-m. Rhod. 

— burning, Ambr. Amm-m. Apis. Arg. Bry, 
Caps. Carb-an. Cycl. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 
Mgn-c. Mang. Mercurial. Mez. Ntr-m. 
Ntr.s. Nitr. Phell. Spig. Spong. 



Vesicles cutting. Mgn-s. 

— gangrenous blood vesicles, Sec-c. 

— inflamed, Bar-c. 

— painful, Berb. Kali-c. Nux. 

when touched by food or liquids, 


— scalded and raw, Lyc. 

— sore, smarting, Arg. Sulph. 

— stinging, stitches, Apis. Cham. Hell. 

— which soon become ulcers, Clem. 

— whitish, Berb. 

White coated tongue, Aeon. Agar. Alum. 
Ambr. Ant. Apis. Am. Ars. Bell. Berb. 
Bism. Bry. Calc. Cannab. Carb-veg. 
Cham. Chin. Chelid. Cimex. Cina. 
Cinnab. Colch. Coloc. Corn-c. Creos. 
Croc. Croton. Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Elaps. 
Eupat. Gels. Hell. Hipp. Hipp-m. 
Hydroc-ac. Hyper, Igt. Ip. Kali-jod. 
Kalm. Kobalt. Lach. Lact. Laur. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mcrc-cor. Merc-sulph. 
Mez. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-jug. 
Nux-m. Nux. Oleand. Ox-ac. Phosp. 

Tar. Pod. Psor. Puis. Raph. Rumex. 

Sabin. Sang. Selen. Sep. Sulph. jVcrat. 

Verb. Viol-tr. 

pale tongue, Aeon. Ambr.Anac. Ang. 

Ars. Berb. Creos. Oleand. Phosp. 

with clean red spots, Hipp-m. 

shining, silvery white all over, Glon. 

white stripes, Bell. 

in middle, Bry. Phosp. 

at root, Sep. 

in morning, Mgn-m. Ran-sc. Selen. 

evening, Bism. 

less after breakfast, Croc. 

Withered tongue, Verat. 

Yellowish coated tongue, Ars. Bell. Bry. 

Cannab. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Cocc. 

Coloc. Corn-c. Gels. Hyper. Ip. Lept. 

Merc. Merc-jod. Mez. Ntr-m. Nux. Plb. 

Pod. Psor. Puis. Rumex. Sabad. Sabin. 

Sec-c. Verat. Verb. 
— thick at root, Kali-b. 
gray, Ambr. 

Yellow spots in mouth and throat, Lac-can. 
Lach. Lyc. 


11. Fauces, Pharynx and Oesophagus. 

Abcesses on tonsils, small, painful, fre- 
quent, Plb. 

Adhesion, sense of, Nitr-ac. 

As of awns of barley in Pharynx, Berb. 

Ball rising up, sensation of, Asa-f. Con. 

Kalm. Lach. Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. Plb. 
Biting in throat, Carb-veg. Colch. Mez. 

Teucr. Zinc. 
Boring, Arg. 

Bruised, pain as if, Rhus. 

when touched, Cic. 

Burning in throat, Aeon. Aloe. Alum. Apis. 

Am. Ars. Arum-trif. Asa-f. Aur. Bar-c. 

Bell. Bism. Borax. Bov. Brom. Calc. 

Camph. Cannab. Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. 

Cast. Caust. Cham. Chelid. Chenop. 

Chin-sulph. Clem. Cocc. Cocc-c. Coloc. 

Con. Croton. Cupr. Cycl. isw/A.Fluor-ac. 

Gels. Gymnoc. Hipp-m. Hyosc. Igt.Iod. 

Iris. Kali-b. Lach. Lact. Laur. Lob. Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Merc. Merc-cor. Merc-jod. 

Merc-sulph. Mercurial. Mez. Mur-ac. 

Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Oleand. Ol-an. 

Ox-ac. Pseon. Par. Phosp. Plb. Psor. 

Puis. Ran-b. Ran-sc. Rhvd. Rhus. Sabad. 

Scill. Sec-c. Seneg. Spong. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tilia. Verat. 

— in oesophagus, Nux. 

— lessened by sugar, not by water, Bell. 
Choking, Aeon. Ambr. Bar-c. Bell. Dig. 

Canth. Chelid. Creos. Graph. Lach. 

Nice. Ol-an. Ran-sc. Sabin. Verat. 
Chronic affections of throat, Mang. Ntr-m. 

Sabad. Sulph. 
Coldness, sense of, Carb-veg. Kali-chl. 


Constriction, Aeth. Alum. Ars. Bell. 

Benz-ac. Cact. Calc. Carb-veg Chin- 
sulph. Coloc. Con. Croc. Croton. Cycl. 

Elaps. Ferr. Fluor-ac. Gels. Hell. 

Hydroph. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Jac-cor. Jatr. 

Lach. Laur. Lob. Lyc. Mez. Ntr-s. Nitr. 

Ol-an. Phosp.. Plat. Plb. Rhod. Sabad. 

Sass. Seneg. Stram. Thuj. Verat. 
Contraction, Aeon. Bar-c. Calc. Calc-ph. 

Caps. Chelid.C\r\T\3.b. Croton. Hcematox. 

Laur. Mez. Nice. Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. 

Rat. Rheum. Verat. 

— sensation of, Alum. Arum. Bell. Bry. 
Calc. Caps. Carb-veg. Caust. Cic. 

Cinnab. Dros. Elaps. Grat. Hcematox. 

Hipp-m. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Ip. Jac-cor. 

Lach. Lob. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. 

Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Sass. Stram. 

Sulph. Verat. Zinc. 
Convulsions in throat, Lach. 
Creeping in throat, Plb. 
Crumbs of bread, as if in pharynx, Dros. 

Lach. ' 
Cuticle like on uvula, Amm-c. 
Cutting in throat, Mang. Nitr. 
Denuded spots in pharynx, Brom. 
Digging sensation, Arg. 
Diphtheric patches on arches of palate and 

uvula, Apis. 

over fauces, Caps. 

on uvula, tonsils, and roof of mouth, 


left tonsil, Lach. 

right tonsil, Lyc. 

from left to right and right to left, 


on arches of palate, Merc-jod. 

Distention of oesophagus, sensation of, 

Hyper. Op. Verat. 
Drawing, Cupr. Laur. Plat. Plb. Stann. 

Sulph. Teucr. Zinc. 
Dryness, Aeon. Alum. Amm-c. Amm-m. 

Anac. Ant. Ars. Asa-f. Bell.Berb.Boxzx. 

Bruc. Bry. Bufo. Calad. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Cham. Chenop. Chin. Cist. Cocc. 

Cocc-c. Colch. Cor-r. Creos. Croton. 

Cupr. Cycl. Dros. Gels. Hep. Hipp. 

Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Jatr. Kali-chl. Kali-jod. 

Kalm. Kobalt. Lac-can. Lach. Laur. Lob. 

Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m.Mgn-s.Mang.Meny. 

Merc. Merc-jod. Merc-sulph. Mur-ac. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. 

Ol-an. Op. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Phyt. 

Plb. Pod. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Sabin. 

Samb. Sang. Sass. Scill. Sec-c. Selen. 

Seneg. Sep. Sil. Stann. Staph. Stram. 

Stront. Sulph. Tabac. Tar. Tellur. Verat. 

Verb. Z inc. Zing. 

— not relieved by drinking, Sang. 

— in posterior part of throat, Kali-c. Mez. 

— extending to chest, ears and nose, Lach. 

— painful, Lach. Merc. 

— partial, Lach. 

— after diarrhoea, Ox-ac. 

— day and night, Phosp. 



Dryness in morning, Amm-c. Bow Canst. 
Lachn. Lye. Petr. Plb. Puis. Sass. 

— at night, Cinnab. Phell. 

— with difficulty in speaking, Bry. Merc. 

irritation to cough, Seneg. 

thirst, Ars. Chenop. Cimex. Cinnab. 

Creos. Cupr. 

— without thirst, Apis. C^W. Caust. Meny. 
Nux-m. Pallad. Phosp-ac. Psor. Samb. 

— with water in the mouth, Merc. 

— sensation of, Amm-m. Ars. /?rj-. Carb-veg. 
Chenop. Cist. Croton. Lyc. Nux-m. 
Phyt. Rhus. Stann. 

Dust, sensation of, Cist. Merc. 
Elongation of uvula, sensation of, Calc. 

Caps. Chelid. Croc. Croton. Ilydroph. 

Hyosc. Iod. Kali-b. Lyc. Merc. Millef. 

Ntr-m. Sabad. Sep. Sil. 

with stiffness in nape of neck, 


Empty, sensation in pharynx, Mur-ac. 
Expectoration of mucus, Alum. Croton. 
Guaj. Mgn-s. Ntr-m. Rhus. 

— by hawking, All-cep. Bism. Calc. 
Carb-an. Caust. Chenop. Con. Dros. 
Kali-c. Lach. Lam. Lyc. Ntr-m. Petr. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Rhus. Seneg. 
Sep. Stann. Tar. Teucr. Thuj. 

in the morning, Ambr. Apis. Ntr-m. 

Petr. Phosp. Rhus. Sep. 

with choking and vomiting, Ambr. 

As of a soft piece of flesh hanging down in 

pharynx, Lach. Phosp. Thuj. 
Food passes into the Choana, Petr. Sil. 
Like a soft piece of fur in pharynx, Phosp. 
As if grown together, sensation, Nitr-ac. 
Gurgling in the throat, when drinking, 

Cina, Cupr. Laur. Thuj. 
Hair, sensation of in throat. Sil. Sulph. 
To hawk, irritation, All-cep. Bell. Berb. 

Chenop. Cocc-c. Colch. Cor-r. Croton. 

Dulc. Euphr. Fluor-ac. Gymnoc. Hep. 

Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Lob.Lyc.Nux-jug. 

Paeon. Par. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Plb. Psor. Sabad. Spig. Teucr. 
Heat in throat. Aeth. Benz-ac. Brom. 

Camph. Cham. Cist. Clem. Ferr. Gels. 

Gl on. Hydroc-ac. Laur. Merc. Merc-sulph 

Nitr-ac. Raph. Sang. 

at night, Cinnab. 

Herpes, bluish, after suppressed gonor- 
rhoea, Zinc. 
Inflammation, Aeon. Alum. Arg.Arg-n. Ars. 

Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Bism. Brom. Bufo.Calc. 

Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. Caust. •Cham. 

Cinnab. C\s\. Coff. Colch. Con. Croton. 

Cupr. Dulc. Graph. Hep. Hydroc-ac. 

Igt. Iod. Kali-b. Lach. Zrr.Mang. Mere. 

Merc-jod. Mez. Ntr-c. Nice. Nitr-ac. 

Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Phosp-ac. Phyt. 

Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Sabad. Sang. Seneg. 

Sep. Stront. Sulph. Tellur. 

Inflammation of oesophagus, Arn. Ars. 
Asa-f. Bell. Carb-veg. Cocc.Euph.Laur. 
Merc. Mez. Rhus. Sabad. Sec-c. 

tonsils, Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Canth. 

Cham. Igt. Lach. Ntr-s. Plb. Puis. 

uvula, Calc. Carb-veg. Coff. Colch. 

Kali-b. Merc. Ntr-s.Nitr. Nux. Puis. 


— gangrenous, Amm-c. Arn. Ars. Carb-veg. 
Con. Creos. Euph. Merc. Sec-c. Sulph. 

— in children, Cham. 

— erysipelatous, Merc. 

— after a cold, Cham. Dulc. 

— after mercury, Arg. Nitr-ac. 

— with swelling of face, Nice. 
Irritability of cesoph., Cocc. Croton. 
Itching in thioat, Samb. 

— periodical, Cist. 

Liquids swallowed pass out through the 
nose, Aur. Bell. Lac-can. Lach. Merc. 

Mucus, collection of, in throat, Alum. 
Ambr. Amm-m. Arg. Arn. Ars. Asar. 
Bell. Borax. Bry. Bufo. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Chenop. Colch. Dulc. Fluor-ac. 
Graph. Grat. Gymnoc. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 
Kalm. Lach. Lact. Lob. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. 
Merc. Merc-jod. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux-jug. 
Ol-an. Petr. Phosp-ac. Plat. Pod. Puis. 
Ran-b. Rhus. Rumex. Sabad. Samb. Sass. 
Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. Pabac.Tar. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

— sensation of, Grat. Mez. Rhod. 

— in the morning, Ambr. Amm-m. Caust. 
Hep. Kali-c. Lact. Ntr-m. Petr. Phosp. 
Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Tar. Teucr. 

in evening, Alum. Ang. 

at night, Alum. Ntr-s. Puis. 

— in posterior nares, Euph. Nitr-ac. Thuj. 

— , (compare Section 24 ) 

— albuminous, Merc-cor. 

— bitter, Arn. Ars. Cist. Merc. Tar. 

— bloody, Alum. Bism. Fluor-ac. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Sep. 

— easily discharged, Arg. Carb-veg. 

— like a false membrane, Bell. Puis. 

— frothy, Brom. Bry. Chenop. Par. 

— gelatinous, Arg. Berb. 

— gluey, bloody, mucus, from pharynx, Bad. 

— grayish, Ambr. Arg. Ars. 

— greenish, Ars. Colch. Dros. 

— in small lumps, Agar. Seneg. 

— lumpy, All-cep. 

— lumps solid, Lith. 

— mouldy tasting, Teucr. 

— nauseates, Caust. 

— putrid, Ang. 

— red like blood, Thuj. 

— saltish, Ars. Merc. Ntr-s. Phosp. Sulph. 

— sour, Croton. Laur. Mgn-s. Phosp. Tar. 


Mucus tenacious, Alum. Amm-m. Borax. 
Cinnab. Cist. Cycl. Ferr-m. Grat. 
Kali-c. Lach. Lact. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. 
Merc. Merc-jod. 01-an. Pseon. Puis. 
Raph. Sass. Seneg. Thuj. 

— thick, Aloe. Alum. Arg-n. Berb. Bry. 
Cist. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Nice. 

— tough, Aloe. Alum. Ambr. Ang. Ant- 
Asar. Borax. Bry. Caps. Cist. Hydroph. 
Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. 01-an. 
Pallad. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Psor. 
Pals. Ran-b. Rhus. Sass. Seneg. Tabac. 

— viscous, Alum. Ang. Ant. Arg-n. Asar. 
Borax. Bry. Caps. Chin-sulph. Lact. 
Lob. Mgn-c. Ol-an. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Raph. Rhus. Sass. 
Sep. Tabac. 

— white, Bell. Mgn-c. Nux. Raph. Spig. 

— yellow, Berb. Dros. Kali-b. Nux. 
Rumex. Sil. Spig. 

Numbness sense of in throat, Mgn-s. 
Paralysis of oesophagus, Bell. Caust.Gels. 

Lach. A r ux-m. Op. Plb. 

sense of, Ars. Cocc. Ip. Kali-c. 

Lach. Lact. Puis. Sil. 
Partial pains which only affect a small spot, 


Plug, as of a, in throat, All-cep. Ambr. 

Amm-c. Ant. Apis. Arn. Bar-c. Bell. 

Benz-ac. Berb. Calc. Caust. Cham. 

Chelid. Cocc-c. Croc. Croton. Gels. 

Graph. Hep. Hydroph. Igt. Kali-b. 

Kali-c. Lac-can. Lach. Led. Lob. Merc. 

Mez. Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. Ol-an. Par. 

Phyt. Plb. Psor. Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. 

Sep. Sulph. Tabac. Thuj. TAng. 

in pharynx, Lach. 

Pressing pain in throat, Alum. Amm-m. 

Arum. Asa-f. Bar-c. Bry. Calc. Caust. 

Cinnab. Creos. Dulc. Ferr. Ferr-m. 

Grat. Hell. Hyosc. Iod. Kali-jod. Kalm. 

Lach. Merc. Mez. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. 

Par. Phell. Phosp. Plat. Rat. Rhus. 

Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. Seneg. Sep. Sulph. 

Tabac. Tar. Teucr. Thuj. Verat. Zinc-ox. 

— as from anything hard, Am. Bry. Ol-an. 

— in oesophagus, Ferr-m. Lob. Merc. 

as if pressed on by larynx, Chelid. 

Pressing pain in tonsils. Bell. Nux. 
Pricking pain, Aeon. Aur-m. 
Pulsation, Rhus. 

Rasping, smarting, Bar-c. Merc. Mur-ac. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Rawness, Mgn-m. Mur-ac. 
Redness of throat, Aeon. Arg-n. Berb. 

Calc. Carb-veg. Cycl. Igt. Lach. Lyc. 

Merc. Merc-cor. Merc-jod. 
dark, Aeon. Caps. Cham. 

— erysipelatus, Merc. 

— net like, Brom. 

— dark red, glossy, puffed, veins enlarged, 
crack on left side, Kali-b. 


Rending, tearing, Aeth. Ars. Colch. Staph. 

Teucr. Zinc. 
Rigidity of throat, Chelid. Lach. 
Risings in oesoph., Asa-f. Con. Euph. 
Lyc. Mgn-m. Plb. Ran-b. Spig. 

cold, Caust. 

hot, Merc. Phosp. 

Roughness in throat, Aloe. Anac. Ant. 
Arg. Ars. Bar-c. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Chelid. Clem. Creos. Dig. Graph. Grat. 
Iris. Kobalt. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Meny. 
Mez. Ntr-c. Nux. Phosp. Phyt. Sabad. 
Sass. Scill. Seneg. Spong. Stann. Staph. 
Stront. Sulph -ac. Tabac. Thuj. Tong. 
Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

morning, Sass. 

evening, Stann. 

Sand in throat, sensation of, Cist. 
Scraping in throat, Aeon. Aloe. Alum. 
Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. Ant. Arg. Ars. 
Bell. Berb. Bov. Brom. Bry. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Chelid. Chenop. 
Chin-sulph. Cocc-c. Con. Creos. Croc. 
Croton. Cycl. Dig. Dros. Euphr. Graph. 
Grat. Hep. Hyosc. Iod. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Kalm. Lob. Mgn-c. Mang. Meny. Mez. 
Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Ox-ac. Par. 
Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Pod. Ran-b. 
Ran-sc. .Sabad. Sass. Scill. Seneg. Sep. 
Stann. Staph. Stront. Sulph. Tabac. 
Teucr. Thuj. Tong. Valer. Verat. Zinc. 

— before and after, not during meals, Croc. 

— in evening, Stann. 

morning, Chin-sulph. Sass. 

Smarting-itching, Bar-c. Carb-veg. Cist. 

Kali-b. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Teucr. Zinc. 
Softness, sensation of, Cist. 
Soreness, rawness, Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. 
Arg. Ars. Asa-f. Bell. Bry. Calc. 
Camph. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Cist. 
Cor-r. Creos. Dig. Gels. Gum-gut. Igt. 
Ip. Kali-c. Kobalt. Lach. Lith. Lob. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgr»-m. Mgn-s. Mang. 
Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Puis. 
Ruta. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Stann. Staph. 
Sulph. Thuj. Zinc. 

of oesophagus, Merc. 

uvula, Lact. 

with short cough, Lachn. 

in scarlet fever, Hipp-m. 

Spasm in oesoph.. Bell. Calc. Coloc. Con. 
Graph. Hydroc-ac. Lach. Laur. Ntr-m. 
Nice. Phosp. Plat. Ran-b. Sass. Strain. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

— with eructation and palpitation of heart, 

Spasmodic pains, Alum. 
As from splinters, pain, Arg-n. Dolich. 

Hep. Nitr-ac. 
Stinging, stitches, in throat, Aeon. Aeth. 
Alum. Amm-c. Amm-m. Apis. Arn. 



Asar. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Bcrb. Bov. Bry. 
Calc. Carb-an. Caust. Chin. Cist. Cupr. 
Dig. Dros. Ferr-m. Graph. Gum-gut. 
Gymnoc. Hep. Hipp-m. Igt. Ip. Kali-b. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lack. Laur. Led. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Mang. Meny. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Par. Petr. 
Phell. Phosp-ac. Pod. Puis. Rhus. 
Sabin. Sass. Sep. SU. Spig. Spong. Stann. 
Staph. Stram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tar. 
Teucr. Thuj. 
Stinging in tonsils, Bell. Merc. Ran-sc. Rapli. 

— in left tonsil towards ear, relieved by 
swallowing, Kali-b. 

side, Grat. 

— to ears extending, Hep. 

— between the acts of swallowing, Aeth. 

Squeezing in oesoph., Alum. 

Swallowing, difficult, Aeon. Aeth. Alum. 

Ambr. Amm-c. Apis. Arg. Arum. har-m. 

Bell. Bry. Canth. Caust. Chelid. Cina. 

Cocc. Croton. Dros. Elaps. Fluor-ac. 

Gels. Grat. Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Ip. 

Jac-c. Kali-c. Lyc. Meny. Merc. Nux-m. 

Nux. Op. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sil. 

Stram. Sulph. 

— impeded, Ambr. Amm-c. Ang. Ant. 
Am. Ars. Bell. Bufo. Cact. Canth. 
Carb-veg. Cic. Cina. Con. Cupr. Elaps. 
Hep. Hipp-m. Hyosc. Iod. Kali-c. Lach. 
Laur. Lob. Lyc. Ntr-s. Op. Plb. Stram. 

of food, Dros. Rhus. 

when lying, Cham. 

liquids, Bell. Canth. Cic. Cina. 

Hyosc. Igt. Merc-cor. 

by nausea, Arn. Merc-cor. 

— , imagines he cannot, Hydroph. 

— inability to, with hoarseness, Aeon. 
Bell. Phosp. 

— incomplete, Bell. Merc. Petr. Sil. 

— painless inability, Canth. 

— with a rattling noise, Arn. Cina. Cupr. 
Laur. Thuj. 

cracking noise, Caust. 

— food descends slowly and gets in 

lahrynx, Kali-c. 
When swallowing, pain, Aeon. Alum. 
Amm-m. Arg. Ars. Arum-trif. Asa-f. 
Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Calc. Camph. Canth. 
Caps. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Case. Caust. 
Cham. Chin. Cinnab. Cor-r. Dros. Ferr. 
Graph. Hoematox. Hell. Hep. Igt. Ip. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod. Laur. Led. Lyc. Mgn-s. 
Mang. Meny. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Nice. Nitr. Nux. Ol-an. Ox-ac. Petr. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. 
Sabin. Sang. Sass. Sep. Sil. Staph. 
Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. Verat. 
saliva, pain, Bry. Cinnab. Hep. Lach. 

Merc. Merc-jod. Phell. Plat. Rat. 

Rhus. Ruta. Thuj. Zinc. 

food, Ambr/ Dros. Lach. Phosp-ac. 

stitches, Aeth. Alum. Amm-m. Bar-c. 

Bell. Bov. Bry. Calc. Caust. Cham. 

Graph. Hep. Lach. Merc. Ntr-m. 

Rhus. Sulph. 

cutting as of knives, Stann. 

itching in a small spot — left side. 


pain shooting up, eustachian tube. 


at root of tongue, Phyt. 

— not swallowing, pain, Arn. Cina. Grat. 
Igt. Iod. Lac-can. Laur. Led. Many. 
Nux. Phell. Plat. Puis. Sabad. Sulph. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

On empty swallowing, cough, Ntr-m. 

sensation as of swallowing a piece 

of meat, Sabad. Sulph. 
To swallow, disposition to, Alum. Arum. 

Bell. Cact. Caust. Cinnab. Cist. Cocc-c. 

Con. Grat. Hcematox. Hydroph. Ip. 

Kobalt. Lach. Merc. Merc-jod. Ntr-s, 

Nux-m. Phyt. Plb. Sabad. Scneg. Staph. 


when speaking, Staph. 

with danger of suffocation, Bell. 

when walking in the wind, Con. 

Swallowing involuntarily, Con. 

Swelling in the throat, Amm-c. Amm-m. 

Bell. Berb. Calc. Cinnab. Cocc-c. Lach. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. Petr. Poth. 

Seneg. Sep. Spig. Thuj. Verat. 

— of uvula, Bar-m. Bell. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Chin. Coff. Iod. Merc. Ntr-s. Nux. Par. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Seneg. Sil. Sulph. 

— sensation of, Arg. Ars. Bell. Bcnz-ac. 
Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Case. Caust. Chin. 
Coff. Colch. Gum-gut. Hep. Igt. Ip. 
Kalm. Lac-can. Lach. Merc. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Plb. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Sabin. 
Sang. Stann. Sulph. Tar. Verat. 

Tension, Asa-f. Chelid. Nitr. Nux. Puis. 

Sep. Stann. 
Tickling, Chin-sulph. Cist. Croton. Lach. 

Nitr-ac. Nitr. Petr. 
Tingling, creeping, Acow. Colch. Glon. 

Grat. Lob. Pallad. Samb. Sec-c. 
Tonsils indurated, Igt. Plb. 

— inflamed, Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Canth. Cham. 
Hipp-m. Igt. Lach. Ntr-s. Plb. Puis. 

— suppurating, Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Canth. 
Hipp-m. Igt. Lyc. Merc. Merc-cor. Sep. 

— swollen, Alum. Amm-c. Aur. Bar-c. 
Bell. Berb. Calc. Canth. Cham. Croton. 
Graph. Hep. Igt. Lach. Lyc. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Phosp. Phyt. Puis. Ran-sc. Raph. Sep. 
Stann. Staph. Sulph. Thuj. 

— swollen, right side, Bell. Lac-can. Lyc. 
Phyt. Sabad. Spong. 


Tonsils, swollen left side, Apis. Bar-c. 
Lac-can. Lach. Sulph. 

— ulcerated, Bar-c. Bell. Hep. Igt. Lyc. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Merc-jod. Sep. 

Torn, as if, Caust. 

Twisting sense in throat, Hyper. Op. 
Ulcers in throat, Arg. Bell. Calc. Creos. 

Dros. Igt. Iod. Kali-b. Lach. Lyc. Merc. 

Millef. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Sacch. 

Sang. Thuj. Vinca. 

— on velum palati, Croc. 

— chancre-like, Creos. Lyc. 

— mercurial, Iod. Lyc. Nitr-ac. 

— shining, glistening, Lac-can. 

— stinging painful, Kali-b. Lac-can. Merc. 

— on tonsils, Aur. Igt. Lach. Lyc. 

— irregular, gray-white, Lac-can. Merc-jod. 

— when scarlet fever does not come out, 

— white, yellowish, burning ulcers, Hipp-m. 
Ul cerous pain in throat, Kali-jod. 
Uvula redness, Calc. Puis. 

Veins distended in throat, Puis. 
Viscid throat, Sep. 

To the ears, pain extending, Bell. Hep. 
Igt. Lach. Merc. Nux. 

— glands of neck, Sep. 
submaxillary, Merc, 

To the gums, pain extending, Lach. 

— larynx, Lach. 

In the morning, pain in throat, Amm-c. 

Berb. Calc-ph. Chin-sulph. Cist. Nice. 

forenoon, pain relieved, Alum. 

evening, pain, Alum. Lact. Mgn-m. 

Nice. Puis. Sulph-ac. Viol-tr. 
At night, Alum. Amm-m. Camph. Canth. 

Graph. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc. Nitr. 
When blowing the nose, pain, Carb-veg. 
From brandy, pain, Rhus. 

— eating bread, pain increased, Ran-sc. 
When breathing, pain, Arg. Hep. 

From a cold, pain in throat, Bar-c. Cham. 

— cold air inhaled, pain, Cist. Merc. 

When coughing, Aeon. Arg. Carb-veg. 

From draft of air, Chin. 

While eating, pain in throat, Aloe. Plb. 


relieved, Benz-ac. Lach. 

warm food, Alum. Lach. Sil. Sulph. 

After eating, pain, Ambr. Ars. Laur. 

relieved, Cist. 

From every emotion, pain, Cist. 
When exerting one's self, pain, Caust. 

— putting out the tongue, pain, Kali-b. 

— speaking, Aeon. Bell. Berb. Calc. Dros. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Nice. Rhus. Staph. 

— swallowing, Aeon. Alum. Amm-m. Arg. 
Ars. Asa-f. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Bry. 
Calc. Calc-ph. Camph. Canth. Caps. 
Carb-veg. Case. Caust. Cham. Chin. 
Cocc. Coff. Cor-r. Creos. Croc. Dros. 
Ferr. Graph. Hell. Hep. Ip. Kali-c. 
Kali-jod. Lach. Laur. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-s. Mang. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. Nice. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Petr. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. 
Sass. Sep. Sil. Staph. Stront. Sulph. 
Thuj. Verat. 

— food, Ambr. Bar-c. Bry. Dros. Hep. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-3c. 
Rhus. Sep. Sulph. 

— saliva only, Bry. Cinnab. Cocc. Hep. 
Lach. Phell. Plat. Puis. Rat. Rhus. 
Ruta. Zinc. 

After swallowing, pain, Ambr. Bry. Nux. 

Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sulph. Zinc. 

relieved, Cist. Igt. 

Empty swallowing, pain, Lach. Merc. 
Between the acts of swallowing pain, Aeth. 

Caps. Grat. Igt. Mgn-s. Mang. 
When swallowing pain between shoulders, 


worse after sleeping, Lach. 

— touched, pain in throat, Bell. Bry. 
Gum-gut. Lac-can. Lach. Mez. Nice. 
Phyt. Spong. Teucr. Zinc. 

— when turning the head, pain in throat, 
Bry. Hep. 

From lifting, pain in throat, Calc. 
With swelling of external glands, Sep. 

— headache, Bell. Lac-can. 

— deafness, Gels. 

— dyspnoea, Lach. Merc. 

— salivation, Lach. Merc. 

— swelling of right side of face, Nice. 

— thirst at night, Lyc. 

— yawning, Aloe. Nice. 



12. Appetite and Taste. 


After taste of food long, Ntr-m. Phosp-ac. 


beer, Sulpli. 

bread, Phosp-ac. 

milk, Igt. 

acids, Ntr-m. 

Appetite changing, Alum. 

— increased, Alum. Amm-c. Ang. Arg. 
Berb. Bry. Coff. Eugen. Gels. Iod. 
Lact. Merc. Nux-m. Ox-ac. Par. Sep. 
Tart. Teucr. 

excessively, Berb. Ntr-m. Nux-m. 


at noon, Lact. Mez. Ntr-m. Nux-m. 

in evening, Arn. Mez. Ntr-m. Nitr. 

while eating, Chin. Merc. 

with sense of fulness in stomach, Arg. 

desire for coition, Cinnab. 

feels better after eating a good deal, 


— loss of, sudden while eating, Arg. 
Caust. Colch. Iod. Lyc. Mgn-s. Plat 
Rheum. Ruta. Tart, (compare Satiety.) . 

— wanting, Aeon. AU-cep. Aloe. Alum. 
Ambr. Amm-m. Anac. Ant. Arn. Ars. 
Aur. Bar-c. Bar-m. Bell. Berb. Borax. 
Bruc. Bry. Calc. Canth. Carb-veg. 
Cham. Chelid. Chin. Cic. Cinnab. Cocc. 
Colch. Coloc. Con. Cop. Cor-r. Croton. 
Cycl. Dig. Fluor-ac. Guaj. Gum-gut. 
Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Iris. Kali-b. 
Lach. Lact. Laur. Led. Lith. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Merc. Murex.Nicc. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Oleand. 
Ol-an. Petr. Phosp. Plat. Plb. Pod. 
Puis. Ran-sc. Rat. Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. 
Sang. Scill. Sec-c. Seneg. Senna. Sep. 
Sil. Spig. Spong. Stront. Stram. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tart. Tereb. Thromb. 
Thuj. Verat. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

in the morning, Cycl. Lach. Selen. 


evening, Cycl. 

from fulness, sense of, Chin. Phosp. 


sadness, Plat. 

— wanting with clean tongue. Dig. Laur. 

dryness in mouth, Cic. 

hunger. Agar. Alum. Ars. Bar-r. 

Bry. Chin. Dulc. Hell. Mgn-m. 

Ntr-m. Op. Rhus. Sil. Sulph-ac. 

nausea, Ant. Con. 

thirst, Amm-c. Ars. Borax. Calc. 

Creos. Nitr. Nux. Phosp. Rhus. 

Sep. Sil. Spig. Sulph. Tart. Zinc-ox. 

easily satisfied with little food, Gels. 

Pi un. 

Aversion to acids, Bell. Cocc. Ferr. Igt. 

Nux. Phosp-ac. Sabad. Sulph. 
beer, Asa-f. ('ham. Chin. Clem. 

Cocc. Croton. Ferr. Nux. Phosp. 

Rhus. Stann. Sulph. 

brandy, Igt. Merc, Rhus. 

bread, Agar. Con. Cycl. Hipp-m. 

Kali-c. Lach. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-c. 

Mcny. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp-ar. 

Puis. Rhus. Sulph. 

brown, Kali-c. 

white, Chenop. 

and butter, Cycl. 

broth, Arn. Ars. Bell. Cham. Graph. 


butter, Ars. Carb-veg. Chin. Cycl. 

Meny. Petr. Puis. 

cheese, Chelid. Oleand. 

coffee, Bell. Bry. Calc. Cham. Chin. 

Coff. Fluor-ac. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. Phosp. Rheum. 

Rhus. Spig. 

without sugar, Rheum. 

cold food, Cycl. 

eggs, Ferr. 

fish, Colch. Graph. Zinc. 

herrings, Phosp. 

flour, Phosp-ac. 

food in general, Aeon. Ang. Ant. 

Arg. Ars. Aur. Bell. Bry. Canth. 
Cham. Chin. Cinnab. Cocc. Colch. 
Uulc Oral. Guaj. Hell. Igt.Ip. Kali-b. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lact. Laur. Mgn-s. 
Mang. Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. 
Oleand. Ol-an. Op. Plat. Prun. Puis. 
Rat. Rhus. Sabad. Scill. Sep. Sil. 
Stront. Sulph. Tart. Thea. 


Aversion to fruit, Bar-c. 

liquids, Agn. Arn. Bell. Canth. Chin. 

Cocc. Hyosc. Igt. Lach. Merc. Nux. 

Rat. Santb. Strain. 
meal and flour and dishes made of it, 

Ars. Phosp. 
meat, Aloe. Alum. Arn. Ars. Aur. 

Bell. Calc. Carb-veg. Chenop. Ferr. 

Graph. Hell. Hipp-m. Igt. Lact. 

Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Merc. Mez. 

Mur-ac. Nice. Nitr-ac. Ol-an. Petr. 

Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Sep. 

Sil. Sulph. Tereb. Zinc. 

boiled, Chelid. Nitr-ac. 

milk, Aeth. Amm-c. Bell. Bry. Calc. 

Carb-veg. Cina. Guaj. Igt. Ntr-c. 

Nux. Puis. Sulph. Tart. 
mother's milk, Cina. Lach. Merc. Sil. 


pork, Ang. Colch. Dros. Psor. 

potatoes, Thuj. 

puddings, Ars. Phosp. 

rich (fat) food, Ang. Bry. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Colch. Cycl. Hep. Ntr-m. 

Petr. Puis. Rheum. Sulph. 

salt food, Carb-veg. Graph. Selen. 

solid food, Ang. Bapt. Ferr. Merc. 


sweetmeats, Ars. Caust. Graph. 

Hipp-m. Merc. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 

Sulph. Zinc. 
tobacco, Arn. Brom. Calc. Camph. 

Canth. Carb-an. Cocc. Igt. Lach. Lyc. 

Meph. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Spig. Tar. 


snuffing, Spig. 

veal, Zinc. 

vegetables, Bell. Hell. Mgn-c. 

warm, cooked food, Bell. Calc. 

Cupr. Graph. Igt. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. 

Merc. Petr. Sil. Verat. Zinc. 

, cannot eat or drink anything 

hot, Ferr. 

cold water, Bell. Bry. Calad. Canth. 

Caust. Chelid. Chin.Hydroph. Ntr-m. 

Nux. Phell. Strain. Tabac. 
wine, Igt. Hipp-m. Lach. Merc. 

Nux-jug. Rhus. Sabad. Sulph. 
Cold in stomach from ice-cream, fruits, 

water, etc., Ars. Puis. 
Dainty, Chin. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Rhus. 
Desire for acids (compare Sour). 

— almonds, Cub. 

— apples, Aloe. 

— beer, Aeon. Aloe. Bry. Caust. Chin. 
Cocc. Kali-b. Lach. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Nux. Op. Petr. Phell. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Sabad. Spig. Stram. Stront. 

— bitter drinks, Ntr-m. 
food, Dig. Ntr-m. 

— brandy, Ars. Cub. Hep. Lach. Nux. 
Op. Selen. Sep. Sulph. 


— bread, Ars. Ntr-m. Plb. Puis. Stront. 
, wheat, Aur. 

and butter, Ferr. Mgn-c. 

— butter, Merc. 

— cakes, Plb. 

— charcoal, Alum. Cic. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

— cheese, Igt. 

— cherries, Chin. 

— chocolate, Hydroph. 

— cloves, Alum. 

— coffee, Ang. Arg. Ars. Aur. Bry.Caps. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Colch. Con. 

' Selen. 

ground or burned, Alum. 

— cold drinks, Amm-c. Ang. Ars. Aur. 
Bov. Bry. Calc. Caust Cham. Chin. 
Clem. Cocc. Dulc. Euph. Led. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr. Oleand. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plb. Psor. • Rhus. Ruta. 
Sabad. Spig. Sulph. Tart. Thuj. 

food, Cupr. Sil. Thuj. Verat. 

— cucumbers, Ant. Verat. 

— delicacies, Calc. Chin. Cub. Ip. Petr. 
Rhus. Sang. 

— earth chalk, lime, Nitr-ac. Nux. 

— eggs, soft boiled, Calc. Ol-an. 

— farinaceous food, Sabad. 

— fat, Nitr-ac. Nux. 

— ham-fat, -Mez. 

— fried food, Plb. 

— fruits, Aloe. Alum. Chin. Cub. Igt. 
Mgn-c. Phosp-ac. Sulph-ac. Tart. 

acid, Chin. 

— herrings, Nitr-ac. Verat. 

— honey, Sabad. (compare Sweet). 

— hot drinks, Chelid. Case. 

— indigestible things, Alum. Bry. 

— indistinct, Bry. Chin. Igt. Mgn-m. 
Puis. Sang. Therid. 

— juicy things, Aloe. Phosp-ac. 

— lemonade, Bell. Sabin. Sec-c. 

— liquid food, Ang. Ferr. Merc. Staph. 

Sulph. Verat. 

— for many things, which become re- 

pugnant when little is eaten, Rheum. 

— meal and flour, Lach. Sabad. 

— meat, Hell. Mgn-c. Meny. Merc. 

— milk, Ars. Aur. Bapt. Bry. Calc. 
Chelid. Merc. Phell. Phosp-ac. 
Rhus. Sabad. Sil. Staph. Stront. 

cold, Phell. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sabad. 


— nuts, Cub. 

— onions, Cub. 

— oranges, Cub. 

— oysters, Apis. Lach. Rhus. 

— pastry, Plb. 

— pickles, Hep. Staph. 

— puddings, Sabad. 



Desire for raw potatoes and Hour, Calc. 

— rags, clean, Alum. 

— refreshing things, Caust. Cocc. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Sang. Tilia. 

— rice, dry, Alum. 

— salt things, Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Con. Cor-r. Meph. Merc-jod. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Thuj. Verat. 

— seasoned highly, Fluor-ac, Hep. 

— smoked things, Caust. 

— sour-kraut, Carb-an. Cham. 

— sour drinks, Ant. Borax. Bry. Cham. 

Dig. Hep. Phell. Plb. Scill. 

food, Alum. Amm-c. Ant. Arn. 

Ars. Bell. Borax. Brom. Bry. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Cist. Con. 
Cor-r* Cub. Dig. Ferr. Hep. Hipp. 
Igt. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Mgn-c. 
Merc-jod. Phell. Phosp. Pod. 
Puis. Sabin. Sacch. Scill. Sec-c. 
Sep. Stram. Sulph. Tart. Therid. 

— spirituous liquors, Amm-c. Arn. Ars. 
Cupr. Puis. Staph. Sulph. 

— starch, Alum. Nitr-ac. 

— sweet things, Amm-c. Arg. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Ip. Kali-c. Lyc. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. Rheum. Rhus. 
Sabad. Sulph. 

tea, Hep. 

grounds, Alum. 

— tobacco, Daph. Eugen. Staph. 

— vegetables, Alum. Mgn-c. 

— vinegar, Arn. (compare Sour). 

— warm food, Ang. Chelid. Cupr. Cycl. 

— water, cold, Arn. Ars. Bell. Calc. 
Cop. Led. Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Oleand. Phosp. Plat. Plb. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sabad. Sass. Scill. Thuj. 

— whiskey, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Calc. 
Chin. Cub. Fluor-ac. Hep. Lach. 
Merc. Nux. Op. Puis. Selen. Spig. 
Staph. Sulph. Therid. 

— wine, Aeon. Arg. Bry. Calc. Chelid. 
Chin. Cic. Cub. Fluor-ac. Hep. 
Lach. Merc. Sep. Spig. Staph. Sulph. 

Eat, constant desire to, Rat. 

Hasty eating, Calad. Coff. Cupr. Plat. 

(compare Voracity). 
Hunger increased, Amm-c. Ang.Ant. Arg. 

Aur. Bov. Calc. Chin. Chin-sulph. Cina. 

Coff. Dulc. Fluor-ac. Graph. Grat. Hell. 

Iod. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Mez. 

Ntr-c. Nux-m. Nux. Oleand. Phosp. 

Phyt. Plb. Puis. Rheum. Sabad. Sec-c. 

Sep. Spong. Stann. Staph. Stront. 

Tabac. Teucr. Thea. Verat. 

— constant, Bov. Merc. Rat. Tabac. 

— excessive, Coff. Graph. Lyc. Merc-ac. 
Ntr-c. Nux-m. Verat. 

— greedy. Bell, Oleand. 

— insatiable, Ang. Ant. Arg. Sec-c. Spong. 
Stann. Staph. Zinc, (compare Voracity.) 

— strong, Amm-c. Aur. Meny. 

— tormenting, Arg. Bell. Seneg. 

— in morning, Ant. Teucr. 
forenoon. Hep. Ntr-c. 

— at noon, Mez. Nux-m. 

— in evening, Guaj. Mez. Nitr. Teucr. 

— at night, Selen. 

— after meals, Bov. Calc. Cic. Cina. 
Grat.Kali-chl. Merc. Par. Phosp. Plb. ' 
Staph. Stront. 

— with aversion to food, Agar. Ang. Bry. 
Calc. Caust. Cham. Dulc. Grat. Hell. 
Lyc. Ntr-m. Ntr-nitr. Nice. Nux. Op. 
Phosp. Rheum. Rhus. Sabad. Spig. 

acidity of stomach, Graph. 

colic, Cocc-c. 

nausea, Hell. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Oleand. 

Phosp. Tabac. 

inability to swallow, Hyosc. 

thirst and dryness of throat, Cycl. 

and flow of urine, Verat. 

vomiting and diarrhoea, Verat. 

water collected in mouth, Thea. 

— as if stomach were empty, no appetite, 

— ravenous, Agar. Alum. Amm-c. Ang. 
Arn. Asa-f. Aur. Bell. Berb. Bry. Calc. 
Caps. Carb-veg. Case. Caust. Chin. 
Cina. Cinnab. Cocc. Cocc-c. Coloc. Con. 
Croc. Dros. Elaps. Graph. Hell. Hep. 
Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Kali-c. Kali-chl. 
Lac-can. Lyc. Meny. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. 
Nux. Oleand. Op. Petr. Phosp. Plat. 
Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Scill. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. 
Spig. Stann. Staph. Stront. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Valer. Verat. Zinc. 

in morning, Ant. Calc. Sabad. 

io-ii A. M., Sulph. 

forenoon, Ntr-c. 

noon, Mez. Nux-m. 

afternoon, Nux. 

in evening, Agar. Aloe. Mez. Sabad. 


at night, Bry. Chin. Phosp. Selen. 


after meals, Bov. Calc. Chin-sulph. 

Cic. Cina. Lach. Merc. Phosp. Plb. 

beer drinking, Nux. 

by cold water relieved, Kali-chl. 

in open air relieved, Tart. 

with abdomen, rumbling in, Sulph-ac. 

with want of appetite, Bry. Ferr. Iod. 

Lach. Ntr-m. Oleand. Op. Sil. 

aversion to eat, Ang. Dulc. Hell. 

Nux. Op. Rheum. Sabad. 
alternating with, Caps. 


8 9 

Hunger ravenous with colic, Cocc-c. 

with dispising humor, Plat. 

disgust for life, t Nitr-ac. 

emptiness, sense of in stomach, 

Arn. Igt. Sep. 

— flushes of heat, Bry. 

fulness of stomach, Asar. Staph. 

headache, Sulph. 

if not satisfied, Lyc. 

nausea, Hell. Lach. Mgn-m. 

Ntr-c. Oleand. Phosp. Spig. 

Tabac. Valer. 

pain in stomach, Lach. Puis. 

soon satisfied, Ntr-m. 

taste disagreeable, Chin. 

with thirst, Bry. Hyosc. Spig. Verat. 

trembling, from longing for food, 


vomiting, Chin. Hell. 

weakness, Lach. Merc. Phosp. 


and fainting if hunger is not 

soon satisfied, Phosp. 

yawning, Lach. 

during an attack of gout, Ph. 

— sense of in stomach, Ant. Asar. Aur. 
Ind. Millef. Nice. Plat. Seneg. Stann. 

— wanting, Amm-c. Ars. Caps. Cham 
Cic. Lach. Tabac. (compare Appetite 

Indigestion, Anac. Bar-c. Calc. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Chin. Graph. Hep. Igt. Iod. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. Nux-m, Op. 

Par. Petr. Scill. Sep. Spong. Stann. 

Sulph. Valer. Zing. 
Loathing during meals, Ars. Bell. Bry. 

Canth. Caust. Cham. Colch. Cycl. 

Ol-an. Sass. Tart. 
Relish, of tobacco, Coff. Eugen. 

— none until the first mouthful is taken, 

— of food too strong, Camph. 
broth, Caps. 

Satiety, sudden during meals, Amm-c. 
Ars. Bar-c. Bry. Cic. Colch. Con. Croc. 
Cycl. Igt. Led. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Nux-m. Prun. Rhod. Spong. Thea. Thuj. 

— sense of, Arn. Chin. Clem. Lyc. Mang. 
Prun. Rhus. Ruta. 

Spoiled, stomach, Ant. Asa-f. Caust. Hep. 
Nux. Puis. 

— by fat or rich food, Asa-f. Puis. 

— by pastry or pork, Puis. 
• — readily, and often, Hep. 

— with nausea and inclination to vomit, 

Taste in mouth and pharynx, acrid, Aur. 
Berb. Hydroc-ac. Laur. Lob. Rhus. 

acute, Chin. Coff. 

like almonds, sweet, Coff. Croton. 


after smoking, Dig. 

« astringent, Alum. Ars. Brom. Lach. 


bad, Agar. Calc. Iod. Kali-c. Raph. 

Sabad. Selen. Zinc. 
bitter, Aeon. Aeth. Aloe. Amm-c. 

Amm-m. Anac. Ang. Ant. Arg-n. 

Arn. Ars. Asa-f. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. 

Bry. Calc. Calend. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

Case. Caust. Cham. Chelid. Chin. 

Colch. Coloc. Con. Corn-c. Creos. 

Croc.Diad.Z>/f.Dros Dulc.Elat.Euph. 

Graph. Grat. Gum-gut. Hell. Hep. 

Hipp. Hipp-m. Igt. Iod. Iris. Kali-c. 

Kali-jod. Lach. Lact. Led. Lob. Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc. Mez. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. 

Petr. Phosp. Phyt. Plb. Prun. 

Puis. Ran-b. Rhus. Sabad. Sabin. 

Sass. Sep. Sil. Spong. Stann. Stram. 

Sulph. Tabac. Tar. Tart. Verat. 
of everything, except water, Aeon. 


even saliva, Borax. 

in morning, Amm-c. Amm-m. Arn. 

Bar-c. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

Cham. Cinnab. Ip. Lyc. Mgn-s. 

Merc. Nice. Nux. Puis. Rhus. 

Rumex. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

evening, Amm-c, Arn. Puis. 

after drinking, Ars. Chin. Puis. 

during meals and while chewing, 

Dros. Puis. 

only when swallowing food, Creos. 

after meals, Amm-c. Ang. Ars. Bry. 

Creos. Hell. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 

Ran-b. Teucr. Valer, 
especially after swallowing food. 

Puis. Sil. Sulph. 

after smoking, Ang. 

relieved, Diad. 

with expectoration of mucus and sa- 
liva, Nux. 
relieved after breakfast, Kali-jod. 

— bitterish, sour, Aloe. Petr. Ran-b. Rhus. 

sweet, Kali-jod. Mgn-s. Meny. 

— bloody, Alum. Amm-c. Bell. Berb. 
Bism. Bov. Ferr. Hipp-m. Ip. Jatr. 
Rhus. Sabin. Sil. Zinc. 

— of blood in mouth before coughing, 

— chalky, Igt. Nux-m. 

— cheese like, Phell. Phosp. 

— clammy, Berb. Chin-sulph. Croton. 
Grat. Nux-m. Prun. 

in morning, Nice. 

— clay like, Aloe. Chin. 

— contracting. Alum. 

— coppery, Ang. Cocc. Cupr. Kali-b. 
Meph. Nitr. Nux. 

— as if stomach were deranged, Bar-c. 

— earthy, Aloe. Cannab. Chin. Hep. 
Nux-m. Phosp. Puis. Stront. 



Taste cmpyrumatic, Bry. Calad. Cycl. 

Kali-chl. A'u.v. Phosp-ac. Puis. Ran-b. 

Sass. Scill. Sulph. 

during meals, Scill. 

after dry food, Ran-b. 

— fatty, greasy, Alum. Asa-f. Caust. Cham. 
Cycl. Lyc. Mang. If ur-ac. Ol-an. Petr. 
Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sabin. SiL Thuj. 

— like flour in the morning, Nice. 
hazel nuts, Coff. 

— herby, Calad. Xux. Phosp-ac. Sass. 
Stann. Verat. 

— like horse radish, Raph. 

— like ink, Aloe. 

— insipid, Aeon. Agar. Ambr. Ant. Ars. 
Asa-f. Bell. Brae. Bry. Caps. Chelid. 
Chin. Cor-r. Croton. Cycl. Dig. Dulc. 
Euph. Euphr. Guaj. Igt. Ip. Iris. Kali-c. 
Kohalt. Lyc. Mgn-ni. Mang. Ntr-m. 
Nux-m. Oleand. Ol-an. Par. Petr. 
Phosp. Pho?p-ac. Puis. Ran-b. Rheum. 
Rhus. Sabin. Staph. Sulph. Tabac. 
Thuj. Verb. 

in morning, Rat. Valer. 

evening. Thuj. 

after beer, Chin. 

meals, Thuj. 

— like lead, Calc. 
manure, Sep. 

— metalic, Agn. Calc. Chelid. Cocc. 
Cocc-c. Cupr. Jatr. Hep. Lach. Meph. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Ran-b. Rhus. Sass. 
Seneg. Zinc. 

— milky, Aur. 

— like mint. Verat. 

— mouldy. Led. 

after hawking up mucus, Teucr. 

— nauseous, Lach. Sabad. Selen. 

— like nuts, Coff. 

— offensive, Agar. Anac. Hvdroc-ac. Spig. 

— oily, Mang. Sil. 

— pappy, Bruc. Graph. Nux-m. 

— like pitch, Canth. 

— pungent, Verat. 

— purulent, Puis. 

— putrid, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bar-m. Bell. 
Bov. Bry. Calc. Caps. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cham. Cinnab. Con. Cupr. Cycl. Gels. 
Graph. Hydroc-ac. Iod. Iris. Merc. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Phosp-ac. 
Pod. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Sil. Spig. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Valer. Verat. Zinc. 

in morning, Chin. Nux. Rhus. Sulph. 

after meals, Rhus. 

from fauces, even when the food 

tastes naturally when eating and 

drinking, Bell. 
low down in pharynx when hawking 

up mucus, Nux. 

after first mouthful, Rhus. 

' like rotten eggs in morning, Amm-c. 

Graph. Hep. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Thuj. 
Taste, rancid, Ambr. Asa-f. Euph. Kali-jod. 

after food or drink, Kali-jod. 

— saltish, Ars. Bron. Carb-veg. Chin. Cupr. 
Iod. Lyc. Merc. Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Nux-m. 
Nux. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Sulph. 
Therid. Verat. Zinc. 

of water, Brom. 

— slimy, mucus, Am. Bell. Carb-an. Cham. 
Dig. Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-s. Nux. 
Pallad. Par. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Plat. 
Prun. Puis. Rheum. Rhus. Sabin. Sass. 
Seneg. Sil. Tabac. Zing. 

in morning, Lyc. Valer. 

after drinking, Chin. 

— soapy, Dulc. Iod. 

— sour, Ars. Rar-c. Bell. Calc. Caps. 
Carb-an. Cham. Chin. Cocc. Con. Croc. 
Cupr. Graph. Hep. Igt. Iod. Kali-b. 
Kali-c. Kali-chl. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Ol-an. 
Op. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Rheum. Sass. Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 
Tabac. Tar. Tart. 

salt, Cupr. 

sweet, Croton. Kali-jod. Mgn-s.Meny. 

in morning, Berb. Lyc. Nux. Sulph. 

with constipation, Lyc. 

when coughing, Cocc. 

after drinking, Nux. Sulph. 

before meals, Bar-c. 

after meals, Berb. Carb-veg. Cocc. 

Lye. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Sabin. 

Sep. Sil. 

milk, Ambr. Carb-veg. Lyc. Sulph. 

— stale, Brv. Chin. Petr. Puis. Staph. 

— like sulphuric acid, Plb. 
sulphur, Cocc. Nux. 

— sweetish, Aeon. Aeth. Alum. Arg-m. 
Aur. Bry. Cocc-c. Coff. Croc. Cupr. 
Dig. Ferr. Hydroc-ac. Ip. Iod. Kali-b. 
Kali-jod. Laur. Merc. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Phosp. Plat. Plb. Puis. Ran-b. 
Sabad. Sass. Scill. Seneg. Spong. Stann. 
Sulph. Thuj. Zinc. 

in morning, Aeth. Ran-sc. Sulph. 

evening and after meals, Thuj. 

gonorrhoea, Thuj. 

after smoking, Selen. 

drinking water, Phell. 

— like tallow, Valer. 

— like urine, Seneg. 
wine, Seneg. 

— viscous, Calad. Plat. 

— watery, Caps. Chin. Staph. 
Taste, of food and drink, 

— bitter, acrid, Rhus. 

, beer, Ars. Chin. Igt. Merc Me/.. 

Phell. Puis. Stann. 
" , bread, Ars. Asar. Chin-sulph. Cina. 

Did. Dros. Ferr. Merc. 


Mux. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. 
Sass. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 
Taste bitter of butter Puis. 

coffee and milk, Sabin. 

liquids, Aeon. Ars. Chin. Puis. 

meals, Aeon. Ang. Ars. Asar. Borax. 

Bry. Campk. Cham. Chin. Coloc. 

Dig. Dros. Ferr. Igt. Hell. Hep. 

Lye. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp-ac. Puis. 

Ran-b. Rheum. Rhus. Sabin. Sass. 

Stann. Staph. Stram. Sulph. Teucr. 


meat, Camph. Puis. 

milk, Puis. 

tobacco, (smoking), Asar. Camph. 

wine, Puis. 

— like clay, food, Chin. 

— coarse, bread, Rhus. 

— dry, bread, Phosp-ac. Rhus. 
food in general, Ferr. Ruta. 

— herby, beer, Nux. 

— insipid, beer, Ip. Puis. 

food, Amm-c. Calc. Chin. Cycl, 

Jac-cor. Oleand. Ruta. Stram. 

— metallic, food, Amm-c. 

— nauseous, food and meat, Chin-sulph, 

— tobacco smoking, Ip. Poth. Selen. 

— pungent, tobacco, Staph. 

— putrid, beer, Igt. 

food, Bar-m. Igt. Mosch. 

meat, Puis. 

water, Ntr-in. 

— saltish, food, Ars. Bell. Carb-veg. Chin. 
Puis. Sep. Sulph. Tar. 

water, Brom. 

— sickly, beer, Ip. 

food, Anac. Ars.Calc.C3-cl.Ruta.Thuj. 

— slimy, beer, Asa-f. 

— smoky, bread, Nux. 

— sour, beer, Merc. Puis. 

bread, Bell. Cham. Chin. Cocc. 

Nitr-ac. Puis. Staph. 

wheat, Nux. 

butter, Puis. Tar. 

coffee. Chin. 

food in general, Amm-c. Ars. Calc. 

Caps. Chin. Jac-cor. Lyc. Nux. Puis. 

Tabac. Tar. 

liquids, Chin. 

meat, Caps. Puis. Tar. 

— of straw, Stram. Sulph. 

— sweet, beer, Cor-r. Mur-ac. Puis. 
bread, Merc. Puis. 

butter, Puis. 

food, Mur-ac. Puis. Scill. 

meat, Puis. Scill. 

milk, Puis. 

tobacco, Selen. 

— unsalted, food, Ars. Calc. Cocc. Thuj. 

— watery, food, Cupr. 

— of wine, water, Tabac. 

— acuteness of, Bell. Camph. Coff. 

dulness of, Rhod. Sec-c. Seneg. Spong. 
loss of, Alum. Amm-m. Anac. Ars. 
Bell Borax. Bry. Calc. Canth. Hep. 
Hyosc. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mercurial. 
Ntr-m. Op. Ox-ac. Phosp. Puis. 
Rheum. Rhod. Sec-c. Sil. Stram. Sulph. 

istelessnessof food, Alum. Ars. Bell. Bry. 
Colch. Cor-r. Dros. Ferr-m. »Igt. Kali-b. 
Kali-jod. Merc. Puis. Rhod. Ruta. 
Sass.' Scill. Seneg. Sil. Staph. Stram. 
Tart. Viol-tr. 

— beer and butter, Puis. 

— coffee and milk, Nux. 

• — meat, Alum. Nux. Puis, 
lirst, Aeon. All-cep. Aloe. Amm-m. 
Anac. Ang. Ant. Am. Ars. Aur. Bapt. 
Bar-in. Bell. Bov. Bry. Calc. Camph. 
Canth. Cast. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 
Chenop. Chin. Cic Cina. Clem. Cocc. 
Colch. Coloc. Corn-c. Cor-r. Cupr. 
Dig. Dros. Dulc. Flap?. Eugen. Euph. 
Fluor-ac. Grat. Guaj. Hep. Hipp-m. 
Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Hyper. Iod. Kali-b. 
Kali-jod. Lach. Lachn. Lact. Lam. Lata: 
Led. Lob. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Oleand. 
Op. Ox-ac. Petr. Phell. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Fib. Pod. Puis. Rhod. Rhu=. 
Sabad . Samb. Sass. Scill. Sec-c. Senna. 
Sil. Spig. Stann. Stram. Stront. Sulph. 
Tart. Therid. Thuj. Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

constant, Aeth. Agar. Aloe. Amm-c. 
Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Calc. Lam. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Sulph. 

vehement, burning, Aeon. .-Inac. Ais.Aur. 
Bell. Bry. Calc. Camph. Canth. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Cham. Chin. Colch. Cub. Cupr. 
Cast. Ferr. Graph. Hep. Hyosc. Iod. Jatr. 
Lam: Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Merc-cor. 
Merc-jod. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Nice. Nitr. 
Op. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Raph. Rhus. 
Scill. Sec-c. Sil. Spong. Stann. Stram. 
Sulph. Thuj. Verat. Verb. 

— in ascites or diabites, Acet-ac. 

in morning, Borax. Calc. Carb-an. Dros. 
Graph. Grat. Mgn-s. Nitr-ac. Nux. Plb. 
Rhus. Sabad. Sass. Sep. Thuj. 

— 3A.M. Mgn-m. 

afternoon, Berb. Bov. Ran-b. Ruta. 
evening, Amm-c. Bism. Bov. Croc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Ntr-s. Nice. Rat. Sep. 

night, Aloe. Am. Ars. Bry. Calc. Cham. 
Cinnab. Coff. Cycl. Fluor-ac. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. Rhus. Sulph. 

by beer drinking increased, Bry. 
during meals, Aloe. Amm-c. Cocc. 
after meals, Aloe. Bell. Bry. Graph, 
in phthisis pulmon, Nitr-ar, 

9 2 


Thirst, arrest of breathing when drinking, 

— with loss of appetite, Amm-c. Calc. 
Coloc. Nitr. Ox-ac. Rhus. Seneg. Sil. 
Spig. Sulph. Tart. 

— violent when drinking cold water, 

— with aversion to drink, Amm-c. Am. 
Bell. Canth. Caust. Hyosc. Lach Merc. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Rhus. Samb. Strum, 

choking sensation when drinking, 


— for cold water, Am. Br}-. Calc. Dulc. 

without fever, Arn. 

— without desire to drink, Ang. Mez. 
drinking, Graph. 

— drinking large quantities, Bad. Bry. 
Stram. Verat. 

often, Bry. Lac-can. Ntr-m. 

small quantities, Ars. Bell. Chin. 

Hell. Scill. 

often, Aeon. Ars. Bell. Chin. 

Hyosc. Lac-can. Puis. 

— with dryness of tongue, Dulc. 
in back part of throat, accumula- 
tions of saliva in forepart, Mez. 

— easily quenched, Caust. 

— with heat in mouth, Hyper. 

inability to swallow, Bell. Canth. 

Cic. Hyosc. Igt. 

moist mouth, Stram. 

nausea, Ntr-m. 

— during spasms, Cic. 

— with urging to urinate, Cast. Caust. 
Phosp-ac. Tart. Verat. 

— after vomiting, Oleand. 
Thirstlessness, Agn. Ambr. Amm-c. Apis. 

Arg-n. Ars. Bell. Bov. Calad. Camph. 
Canth. Caps. Chin. Cor-r. Croton. Cycl. 
Diosc. Dulc. Euph. Ferr. Gels. Hell. 
Hydroc-ac. Ip. Iris. Lyc. Mang. Meny. 
Merc. Nux-m. Oleand. Petr. Plat. Puis. 
Sabad. Samb. Sass. Sep. Spig. Staph. 
Tabac. Tart. Thuj. 

— in dropsy, Apis. 

— with inclination to drink, Ars. Calad. 
Cocc. Coloc. Nux-m. 

— during meals, Nux-jug. 

— with moist tongue, Calad. Hell. Meny. 
Nux-m. Puis. Sabad. 

Voracity, voracious appetite, Chin. Cina. 

Cupr. Merc. Mur-ac. Petr. Scill. Sep. 

Staph. Verat. Zinc. 
— , desire to eat often and much at a time, 


— , eats too much and too often and looses 
flesh, Iod. 



13. Complaints During and After Meals. 

During meals, abdomen distended, Con. 

movement and croaking in, 


painful, Ars. 

anxiety, Carb-veg. Sep. 

chest, heaviness in, Mgn-tn. 

, pain in, Led. Ol-an. 

chilliness, Carb-an. Euph. Ran-sc. 

cough, Calc. 

dizziness, Amm-c. Mgn-c. Oleand. 

eructation, Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Oleand. 


face, heat in, Amm-c. 

perspiration, Ntr-tn. 

fever, Staph. Tabac. 

flatulency, Ferr-m. 

giddiness, Amm-c. Am. Mgn-c. 


head affected, Ntr-s. 

headache, Graph. Ran-b. 

relieved, Phell. 

hiccough. Mgn-m. Merc. Teucr. 

hunger, Verat. 

nausea, Aug. Arg. Bar-c. Bell. 

Borax. Caust. Cic. Cocc. Colch. 
Dig. Kali-c. Ferr. Mgn-c. Nux. Ruta. 

— with retching to vomit, Cocc. Ferr. 

nose, itching of, Jatr. 

perspiration, Carb-an. Carb-veg. Igt. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. A r itr-ac. Ol-an. 

— on face, Ntr-m. Sulph-ac. 

forehead, Nux. 

feels as if food passed over raw 

places, Bar-c. 

pressure in oesophagus, Ars. 

reeling, Oleand. 

legurgitation, Merc. Phosp. Sass. 

risings up from stomach, Phosp. 

sight obscuration of, Ntr-s. 

sleepiness, Kali-c. 

stomach distended. Con. 

pain in, Ang. Arn. Cic. Con. Sep. 

Tart. Verat. 

when swallowing food, Bar-c. 

Nitr-ac. Sep. 

syncope, Nux. 

t'lirst. Aloe. Amm-c. Cocc. Ntr-c. 

vomiting. Dig. Nitr. 

, sudden, Amm-c. Ars. Iod. Rhus. 

Sep. Sil. Stann. Verat. 

ter meals, complaints, Bry. Caps. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

— dinner, Alum. Ars. Igt. Nux. Phosp. 
Valer. Zinc. 

— abdomen, colic, Coloc. Nux-m. 
aching in, Hell. 

cramps, hysteric, Valer. 

cutting, Kali-b. Petr. 

distention, Agar. Agn. Ambr. 

Anac. Ant. Arn. Borax. Bry. 

Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cast. 

Caust. Cham. Chin. Con. Croc. 

Dig. Dulc. Graph. Hep. Igt. 

Kali-c. Lach. Lact. Lye Mgn-s. 

Mang. Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Plat. Puis. Prun. Rhus. 

Sep. Sil. Spong. Sulph. Tabac. 

Tereb. Ttiuj. Zinc. 
fulness, Agar. Agn. Anac. Ant. 

Aur. Cast. Cham. Chin. Croc. 

Graph. Kobalt. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. 

Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp-ac. 

Rhus. Sil. Spong. Sulph. 

after eating but little, Bar-c. 

Cycl. Ntr-m. Rhod. Sulph. Thuj. 

— abdomen pain in, Alum. Ambr. 
Amm-m. Anac. Ant. Arg. Arn. Ars. 
Bar-c. Bell. Borax. Bov. Bruc. Bry. 
Calc. Carb-veg. Cast. Caust. Chelid. 
Chin. Cic. Coloc. Con. Croton. Dig. 
Ferr-m. Grat. Kali-c. Igt. Iod. Lach. 
Lob. Lyc. Nux. Ol-an. Ox-ac. Petr. 
Phosp.' Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sil. Spong. 
Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Valer. Zinc. 

pulsation, Selev. 

restlessness, Sulph-ac. 

rumbling, Cycl. Puis. Sep. Zinc. 

— after taste, long, of what has been 
eaten, Ntr-m. Phosp-ac. Sil. 

— anxiety, Ambr. Asa-f. Canth. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. 
Ferr-m. . Hyosc. Kali-c. Lach. 
Mgn-m. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. 
Ph>.sp-ac. Sil. Thuj. Viol-tr. 

— anus, pain in, Lyc. 

— aversion to work, Anac. Bar-c. 

— bones, pain in, Hell. 

— chest fulness, Lyc. 

oppression, Asa-f. Cinnab. Lyc. 

Ntr-s. Nux. Sulph. Viol-tr. 




After meals, chest, pain in. Chin. Laur. 
Phosp. Thuj. Verat. 

tightness, Carb-an. Puis. 

chilliness, Asar. Calc. Carb-an. 

Caust. Kali-c. Nux. Rhus. Sil. Sulph. 
Tar. Tencr. Zinc. 

of feet, Cor-r. 

coldness, Ran-b. 

cough, Agar. Anac. Ars. Hell. Bry. 

Cham. Chin. Dig. Ferr. Kali-b. 

Kali-c. Laur. Mgn-c. Nux-m. Nux. 

Op. Puis. Ruta. Staph Sulph. Tereb. 

Thuj. Zinc. 

spasmodic, Bav. 

— ■ with vomiting, Anac. Bry. Dig. 


dry, after dinner, Kali-b. 

dejection, Nux-m. Phosp-ac. 

disgust, Alum. Ip. Kali-c. Sass. 

diarrhoea, Aloe. Ars. Asar- Brom. 

Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. 

Cist Co/or. Con. Corn-c. Croton. 

Ferr. Hep. Lach. Lyc. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 

Nux-m. Raph. Rheum. Rhod. Sec-c. 

Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Thromb. 


(after breakfast,) Alum. Arg-n. 

Borax. Thuj. 

(after dinner,) Alum. Amm-m. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. 

relieved, Arg-n Brom. Diosc. 

Grat. Hep. Iod. Lith. Lyc. Ntr-c. 
Nice. Sang. 
eructations, Ang. Arg-n. Ars. Bar-c. 

Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. 

Con. Cycl. Dig. Ferr. Gymnoc. Kali-c. 

Lach. Merc. Nitr-c. Nitr-ac. 

Nux-m. Nux. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. 

Plat. Puis. Ran-sc. Sass. Sep. Sil. 

Spig. Sulph. Tar. Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 

bitter, Bry. Chin. Creos. Sass. 

empty, Ang. Calc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Phosp. Ran-sc. Rhus. Sulph. Verat. 

hiccoughing, Cycl. 

loud, Calc. 

scratching, Nux-m. 

sour, Bry. Carb-veg. Chin. Creos. 

Dig. Kali-c. Petr. Sass. Sil. Zinc. 

with taste of what has been eaten, 

Bry Ran-sc. Sil. Sulph. Thuj. 

evacuate, desire to, Anac. Ferr-m. 

face, heat of, Amm-c. Amm-m. 

Anac. Asa-f. Caust. Cham. Cor-r. 

Lyc. Nux. Petr. Phvt. Sil. Sulph. 


paleness, Kali-c. 

perspiration, Cham. Ntr-s. Viol-tr. 

redness, Arum. Lyc. Nux. Sil. 

fever, Asar. Borax. Cham. Dig. 

Graph. Igt. Lach. 

fingers, deadness of, Con. 

flatulency, Aloe. Carb-veg. Con. 

Ferr-m. Kali-c. Lach. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 

Nux. Puis. Sulph. Thuj. Zinc. 

- giddiness, vertigo, Cham. Chin. 
Cor-r. Lach. M^n->. Merc. Ntr-s. 
A '//.«■. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Rhus. Sulph. 

relieved afjer breakfast, Alan. 


- gnawing as from hunger, Grat. 

- hands, hot and burning, Phosp. 

- headache. Amin e. Anac. Ant. Am. 
Ars. Bruc. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Cinnab. 
Cocc. Croton. Graph Hyosc. Kali-c. 
Lach. Lyc. Meny. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 
Nux-m. Nux. Pa?on. Phosp. Puis. 
Rhus. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Zinc. 

(breakfast) after, Bufo. Lyc. Nux-m. 

- head cloudiness of, Bell. Cocc. Meny. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Phosp-ac. 

confusion of, Bell. Lob. Ntr-c. 

Nux. Sulph. 

congestion to, Petr. Sil. 

heat of, Lyc. Nux. 

pulsation, Clem. Selen. 

- heartburn, Atum-c. Calc. Chin. Con. 
Croc. Iod. Lam. Ntr-m. Sep. Sil. 

-, heart, pressure at, Kali-b. 

-heart, Asa-f. Bell. Calc. Cycl. 

Ferr-m. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Sep. Viol-tr. 
-, Hushes of, Sil. 

- heaviness in body, Lach. 

-, hiccough, Alum. Borax. Bov. 

Carb-an. Cycl. Graph. Hyosc Igt. 

Kobalt. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. 

Par. Phosp. Sep. Verat. Zinc, 
-hypochondres, pain in, Bry. Mgn-s. 

- hypochondriac humor, Anac, Chin. 
Ntr-c. Nux. Zinc. 

- ill humor, Bov. Carb-veg. Cham. 
Iod. Kali-c. Merc-sulph. Ntr-c. Puis. 

- indolence, Asar. Bar e. Chin. Lach. 
Phosp. Thuj. 

- irritability, Amm-m. 'Carb-veg. Teurr. 

- laughter, involuntary, Puis. 

- leucorrhoca, Cham. 

- limbs, pain in, as if beaten, Lach. 

lower, numbness of, Kali-c. 

- liver, pain in, Bry. Graph. Lyc. 

- loathing, Alum. Ip. Kali-c. Sass. 

- melancholy, Puis. 

- mind, fatigue of, Lach. 

- mouth, acidity, Carb-veg. Chin. 
Mgn-c. Sabin. Sep. 

, dryness of, Thea. 

odor offensive of, from, Cham. 


- nausea. Agar. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Anac. Ars. Bism. Bry. Calc. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 
Chin. Clem. Con. Cycl. Dig. Elaps. 




Euphr. Graph. Grat. Gymoc. Hell. 

IgL I p. Kali-c. Lach. Laur. Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-rc. Nux. 

Ol-an. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. Plb.Puls. 

Rheum. Rhus. Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 
After meals, nausea with retching to vomit, 
Agar. Amm-c. Bism. Bry. Cham. Cycl. 
Graph. Kali-c. Ntr-s. Puis. Rhus. 
palpitation of heart, Bruc. Calc. 

Camph. Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Phosp. Sep. Thuj. 

peevishness, Arn. 

pulsation in head, Clem. Selen. 

rectum, Aloe. 

pulse, quick or intermittent Ntr-m. 

regurgitation, Asa-f. Bry. Ferr. Lach. 

Merc. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Sass. Thuj. 


bitter, Sass. Verat. 

sour, Con. Dig. Sass. 

into oesophagus, Asa-f. 

of what has just been eaten, 


respiration obstructed, Cham. Viol-tr. 

short, Ars. Puis. Nux-m. Zinc. 

tight, Carb-an. Lach. Phosp. Puis. 

sadness, Hyosc. 

saliva, collected in mouth, Creos. 


scrobiculus (pit of stomach) pain in. 

Agar. Amm-c. Anac. Bry. Caps. 

Cham. Grat. Ntr-c. Nux. Puis. Sil. 

Tereb. Thuj. 

pulsation, Sep. 

sexual irritation, Aloe. 

shuddering, Rhus. 

sleepiness, Aeon. Agar. Anac. Arum. 

Asa-f. A ur. Berb. Bov. Bufo. Calc. 

Chin. Cic. Cinnab. Clem. Cocc-c. 

Croc. Cycl. Euph. Graph. Kali-c. 

Lach. Laur. Meph. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an, Petr. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Rat. Rhus. Ruta. Sil. 

Sulph. Tabac. Verb. Zinc. 
sluggishness, Asar. Bar-c. Chin. 

Phosp. Thuj. 

sourness in stomach, Sabin. 

mouth, Carb-veg. Ntr-m. 

spleen, stitches in, Mgn-s. 

stomach, cold feeling in, Cist. 

cramps, Bism. Bry. Calc. Chelid. 

Chin. Cic. Cocc. Petr. Iod. Kali-c. 
Nux. Puis. Sulph. Tabac. 

cutting, Chelid. 

distention, Agar. Anac. Bar-c. 

Caust. Cham. Dig. Dulc. Nux. 

emptiness, Carb-veg. Oleand. Sass. 

fulness, Agar. Anac. Bar-c. Cham. 

Chin. Gymnoc. Lach. Mosch. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. 

Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sil. Zinc. 
heaviness, Bar-c. Kah-b. Plb. 

pain, Aeon. Agar. Alum. Amm-c. 

Anac. Ars. Asa-f. Bar-c. Bell. 

Bism. Bry. Calc. Calc-ph. Caps. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chin. Cic. 

Cist. Cocc. Coloc. Con. Daph. 

Dig. Ferr. Ferr-m. Graph. Grat. 

Gymnoc. Hep. Iod. Aa/r'-r.Kobalt. 

Lach. Led. Lyc. Merc. Mosch. 

Nlr-c. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Plat. Plb. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Tabac. 

Tart. Verat. Zinc. 

, especially after supper, Sep. 

pressure, Amm-c. Anac. Ars. 

Bar-c. Bell. Bism. Bruc. Bry. 

Calc. Carb-veg. Chin. Cocc. Ferr. 

Grat. Hyper. Iod. Kali-b. Kali-c. 

Lach. Led. Lvc. Merc. Ntr-c. Nux. 

Phosp. Plat.' Plb. Puis. Rhus. 

Sep. Sil. Sulph. Zinc. 
weakness, sinking, as if he would 

die, Dig. 

- — sweat, Benz-ac. Con. Laur. Nitr-ac. 

, cold, Sulph-ac. 

• — swelling of body, sensation of, 


• — syncope, Nux. Phosp-ac. 

■ — taciturnity, Ferr-m. 

thirst, Aloe. Bell. Bry. Cocc-c. Graph. 


— throat burning in, Laur. 

■ sensation of pressure, as from 

food, Amb. Ars. 

■ — throbbing through the body, Lyc. 
■ in coeliac artery, Cact. 

■ — tremulous sensation through whole 

body, Lyc. 

— uneasiness, Bar-c. Chin. Cinnab. 
Lach. Nux-m. Nux. Phosp-ac. Rhod. 

— vomiting, Amm-c. Anac. Ars. Bry. 
Calc. Cham. Coloc. Crotal. Cupr. 
Dig. Dros. Ferr. Graph. Hyosc. Iod. 
Ip. Iris. Lach. Lob. Mgn-c. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Phosp. Puis. Ruta. Sec-c. Sep. 
Sil. Stann. Sulph. Tart. Verat. 

bitter, Mgn-c. Stann. 

— saltish, Mgn-c. 

of what has been eaten, Ars. Calc. 

Ferr. Hyosc. Lach. Nux, Phosp. 

Puis. Ruta. 
disposition to, Chin. Mgn-c. 

— water-brash, Amm-m. Calc. Chin. 
Con. Croc. Ind. Kali-c. Lam. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

— weakness, Alum. Anac. Ant. Asar. 
Calc. Cannab. Chin. Clem. Con. 
Ferr-m. Lach. Nux-m. Nux. Ox-ac. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sulph. Thuj. 

— weariness, Ferr-m. Lach. Meph. 

— weep, disposition to, Puis. 

— relieved in general, Anac. Bar-c. 

9 6 


After meals, relieved, chill, Ambr. 

, clawing pain in stomach, Puis. 

, cough, Ferr. 

, cutting pain in abdomen. Bov. 

Calc. Ntr-c. 

, emptiness and qualmishness of 

stomach, Mgn-c. 

, fulness, Ferr. 

, headache, Alum. 

, — (after supper), Colch. 

pressure in hypognstrium, Mgn-c. I 

and drawing pain, Mang. 

below scrobiculus, Kali-c. 

in stomach Chin. Petr. Strom, j 

soreness in scrobiculus. Mux. 

tension across navel, Merc. 

twisting in scrobiculous, Sil. 

uneasiness in scrobiculus, Cham. 

vertigo, after breakfast. Alum. 


— drinking, complaints, Caps. 

abdomen, coldness, Asa-f. 

colic, Bry. Chin. Ferr. 

— distention, Ambr. Ntr-m. 

heaviness, Asa-f. 

pain in. Aloe. Ambr. Ars. Bry. 

Chin. Croc. Ferr. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nux-m. N'ux. ()l-an. Puis. Rhus. 
Staph. Sulph. Teucr. 

uneasiness, Croc. 

bones, pain in, Hell. 

breath obstructed, Anac. Nux. 

chest cold feeling in, Elaps. 

pain in. Chin. Thuj. Verat. 

tightness of, Nux. 

chilliness. Ars. Asar. Caps. Chin. 

Cocc-c. Nux. Tart. Verat. 

cloudiness of head. Bell. Cocr. 

convulsions, Hyosc. 

cough. Aeon. Am. Ars. Carb-veg. 

Chin. Cina. Cocc. Dros. Ferr. Hep. 

Laur. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. 


cold drinks, Amm-c. Carb-veg. 

Dig. Hep. Lyc. Rhus. Scill. Sil. 

spasmodic, Bry. 

diarrhoea, Ars. Cina. Croton. Pod. 

— drinking, cold drinks, diarrhoea, Ant. 
Ars. Bell. Bry. Carb-veg. Cocc. Dulc. 
Hep. Lept. Ntr-c, Nux-m. Puis. Rhus. 
Sulph-ac. Thromb. 

eructations, Ars. Hyper. Mez. Rhus. 

Sulph. Tar. 

flushes of heat in face, Cocc. 

headache, Aeon. Cocc. Merc. 

heartburn, Lam. 

hiccough, Igt. Lach. Puis. 

hvpochondres, pain in, Ntr-c. 

nausea, Ars. Ntr-m. Nux. 

with retching, Nux. Puis. Rhus. 


— — scrobiculus, pain in, Nux. Ol-an. 

stomach, cold in. Sulph-ac. 

cramp in, Ferr. Kali-c. 

pain in, Aeon. Aloe Ferr. Iris. 

Kali-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Rhod. 

Sil. Sulph-ac. 

taste insipid, Coloc. 

throat, sensation of erosion in, 


vomiting, Am. Ars. Bry. Bufo.Cina. 

Ferr. Mez. Nux. Puis. Sil. Verat. 

bitter, when drinking immediately 

after a meal, Bry. 
From acids, complaints, Aloe. Ant. Ars. 
Bell. Dros. Ferr. Ip. Lach. Ntr-m. Nux. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Sep. Staph. Sulph. 

after taste, long, Ntr-m. 

colic, Dros. 

cough, Con. Lach. Nux. Sep. 

vinegar. Ant. Sep. Sulph. 

diarrhoea. Aloe. Ant. Apis. Brom. 

Coloc. Lach. Phosp-ac. Sulph. 

eructations, Phosp-ac. 

bitter, Staph. 

heartburn, Nux. 

vomiting, Ferr. 

waterbrash, Phosp. 

— bacon, relieved, Ran-b. Ran-sc. 

— beer, Ars. Asa-f. Bell. Coloc. Luph. 
Ferr. Kali-b. Mez. Nux. Rhus. Sep. 
Stann. Sulph. Thuj. 

after taste, long, Sulph. 

agitation, congestion of blood, Sulph. 

colic, Teucr. 

congestion to head, Ferr. 

cough, Mez. Rhus. 

diarrhoea, Kali-b. 

relieved, Aloe. 

heat and pain in head, Ferr. Rhus. 

hunger, Nux. 

loathing, Mur-ac. 

uneasiness in stomach, Aeon. 

vomiting, Ferr. Mez. 

— bread, Bry. Caust. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sass. Sep. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

relieved, Caust. Ntr-c. 

after taste long. Phosp-ac. 

colic, Bry. 

cough, Kali-c. 

black, cough, Phosp-ac. 

and butter, Chin. Nitr-ac. Puis. Sep. 

eructations, Bry. 

headache. Zing. 

hiccough after bread and butter, Ntr-s. 

nausea. Zinc. 

stomach, pain in, Aeon. Bry. Caust. 

Kali-c. Merc. Puis. Rhus. Ruta.Sass. 

Sulph-ac. Zinc. 

pressure in, Bry. 

taste sour, Nitr-ac. 

vomiting, Bry. Nitr-ac. 

— cabbage, Bry. Chin. Lyc. Petr. Puis. 


diarrhoea, Bry. Petr. 

— chocolate, diarrhoea, Borax. Lith. 

— ■ coffee, Calc-ph. Camph. Canth. Caps. 
Canst. Chaw. Cist. Igt. Merc. A^mx. Puis. 

abdomen, pain in as if diarrhoea 

would set in, Mgn-s. 

asthma, Cham. 

cough, Caps. Caust. Cham. Igt. 

odor of, cough, Sulph-ac. 

congestion to head, Millef. 

diarrhoea, Brom. Canth. Cist. Coloc. 

Corn-c. Fluoi-ac. Ox-ac. Phosp. 


giddiness, Cham. 

, fulness, sense of extending into, 

chest and abdomen, Canth. 

headache, Cham. Cocc. Igt. Nitr. Nux. 

retching, Caps. Cham. 

Stomach, pain in, Cham. Igt. Nux. 

toothache, Cham. Nux. 

relief, Ambr. Anac. Bar-c. Bell. Bry. 

Carb-veg. Cham. Euph. Glon. Kali-c. 

Mez. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. 

— cold food, Ars. Carb-veg. Graph. Lyc. 
Mang. Nux-m. Nux. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. 
Spig. Sulph. Verat. 

cough, Carb-veg. Hep. Lyc. Mgn-c. 

Rhus. Sil. Verat. 

diarrhoea, Ant. Coloc. Lyc. Puis. 

relieved. Bry. Phosp. Puis. 

.nausea, Ip. 

— dry meats, Calc. Lyc. Ntr-o. Puis. 

— eggs, nausea, Colch. 
vomiting, Ferr. 

— farinaceous food. Sulph. 
diarrhoea, Ntr-s. 

— fish, Carb-an. Kali-c. Plb. 

— fish, stale, Carb-veg. Puis. 

— fruits, Ars. Borax. Bry. Carb-veg. 
Chin. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Puis. Selen. Sep. 

rel ief, Lach. 

— — cough, Mgn-m. 

diarrhoea, Ars. Borax. Chin. Cist. 

Coloc. Lach. Lith. Puis. Rhod. 
fermentation, Chin. 

— — feel like ice in stomach, Elaps. 

stomach pain in, Borax. 

toothache, Ntr-c. 

— herrings, Fluor-ac. Lyc. 

— lemonade, headache, Selen. 
, nausea relieved, Cycl. 

— meat, Colch. Sil. Sulph. 
cough, Staph. 

■ diarrhoea, Caust. Ferr. Sep. 

rlatulency, Bry. Lyc. Petr. 

pain in stomach, Calc. Ferr. 

smell of, nausea and diarrhoea, 


smoked, Calc. Sil. 

diarrhoea, Calc. 

relief, Caust. Verat. 


— melons, Zing. 

— milk, Ambr. Ang. Ars. Brom. Bry. 
Calc. Carb-veg. Cham. Chelid. Chin. 
Con. Cupr. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Sep. 

relief, Chelid. Verat. 

abdomen, distended, Carb-veg. Con. 

pain in, Ang. Bry. Bufo. 

after taste, long, Igt. 

cough, Amb. Brom. Kali-c. Sulph-ac. 

Tart. Zinc. 

diarrhoea, Ars. Bry. Cole. Con. 

Kali-c. Lyc. Ntr-c. Nice. Nux-rn. 

Sep. Sulph. 

eructation, nauseous, Ntr-m. 

sour, Calc. Carb-veg. Chin. Lyc. 

Sulph. Tart. Zinc., Sulph-ac. 

headache, Brom. 

heartburn, Ambr. 

langor, Sulph-ac. 

regurgitation, sour, Calc. Carb-veg. 

Lyc. Tart. 

retching, Calc. 

stomach distended, Con. 

taste sour, Ambr. Carb-veg. Lyc 


vomiting, Aeth, Samb. Spong. 

water brash, Cupr. 

weakness, Sulph-ac. 

boiled, diarrhoea, Ntr-c. Nice. Nitr-ac. 

Nux-m. Sep. 

hot, relieves colic, Chelid. Croton. 

with fruit, diarrhoea, Pod. 

— mother's milk, vomiting, Sil. 

— oil, Bry. Canth. Puis. 
— -onions, Lyc. Puis. Thuj. 

— oysters, diarrhoea, Brom. Lyc. 

— pancakes, Bry. Kali-c. Puis. Verat. 

— pastry, rich, Ars. Carb-veg. Cycl. Puis, 

— pears, Borax. Bry. Verat. 

— pepper, cough, Cina. 

— pork, Ant. Carb-veg. Colch. Cycl. I p. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Puis. Sep. Thuj. 

— potatoes, Alum. Coloc. Sep. Verat. 
colic, Alum. Coloc. 

sudden evacuation, Color. 

— pungent food, cough, Sulph. 

— rich food, Ars. Asa-f. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Colch. Cycl. Dros. Ferr. Ip. 
Mgn-m. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Puis. Sep. 
Spong. Sulph. Tar. Thuj. 

abdomen pain in, Ang. Bry. 

eructations. Carb-ve%. Ntr-m. Sep. 


bitter, Ferr. 

nauseous, Ntr-m. Sep. 

rancid, Thuj. 

sour, Chin. Sulph. Zinc. 

flatulency, Sulph-ac. 

— headache, Carb-veg. Colch. Cycl. 

Ip. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Puis. Sep. Thuj. 

9 8 


From rich food, heartburn, Ntr-c. Nux. 

nausea, Carb-an. Dros. Nitr-ac. 

Puis. Sep. 

regurgitation, sour, Calc. 

Carb-veg. Lyc. Tart. 
stomach spoiled, Asa-f. Chin. 


taste, acid, Ambr. Carb-veg. Lyc. 


vomiting, Aeth. Samb. Spong. 


— salted food, Carb-veg. Dros. Ip. Selen. 
relief, Mgn-c. 

cough, Con. 

scraping in throat, Dros. 

— solid food, Lyc. 

cough, Cupr. 

heartburn, lod. 

— sourkraut diarrhoea, Petr. 

— spirituous liquors, Ant. Ars. Bell. 
Borax. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Con. 
Igt. Led. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Puis. 
Ran-b. Rhod. Rhus. Ruta. Selen. Sil. 
Sttam. Stront. Zinc. 

— strawberries, Sep. Ox-ac. 

— sugar, Cham. Igt. Merc. Ntr-c. Ox-ac. 
Selen. Thuj. 

cough, Zinc. 

pain in stomach, Ox-ac. 

— tea, Chin. Ferr. Selen. Thuj. Verat. 
relief, Ferr. Kali-b. 

cough, Ferr. 

headache, Selen. 

toothache, Thuj. 

— tobacco, Ant. Calc. Clem. Cocc. Cycl. 
Euphr. Gels. Igt. Ip. Lach. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Par. Petr. Phosp. Puis. Ruta. 
Sass. Selen. Sep. Sil. Sol-m. Spong. 
Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tar. Thuj. 

bitterness in mouth, Asar. Chin. 

Cocc. Euphr. Igt. 

breath obstructed, Tar. 

colic, Borax. Bufo. Igt. 

cough, Aeon. Brom. Carb-an. 

Cocc-c. Coloc. Dros. Euphr. Ferr. 

Hep. Igt. lod. Mgn-c. Nux. Spong. 

Staph. Sulph-ac. 

diarrhoea, Brom. Cham. Puis. 

relieved, Coloc. 

eructations, Selen. 

giddiness, Borax. 

headache, Ant. Mgn-c. 

relieved, Diad. 

heartburn, Staph. Tar. 

heart palpitation of, Phosp. 

— — hiccough, Ambr. Ant. Arg. Igt. Lach. 

Puis. Ruta. Selen. 
nausea, Calc. Carb-an. Clem. Euphr. 

Igt. Ip. Lach. Nux. Phosp. 

neuralgic pains in face, Sep. 

perspiration, Igt. 

toothache, Clem. Sabin. Spig. 

vomiting, Ip. 

weakness, Clem. Hep. 

— tobacco relief, Coloc. Hep. Merc. Ntr-c. 

chewing, Ars. 

— undigested food, Caust. Iod. Lvc. Puis. 
heartburn, Iod. 

— turnips, Bry. Puis. 

— uncooked, meats, Bry. Lyc. Puis. Ruta. 

— veal, Ars. Calc. Caust. /p. Nitr. Sep. 

, headache, and colic, Nitr. 

— vegetables, Ars. Bry. Cist. Cupr. Hell. 
Ntr-c. Verat. 

— vinegar, Ant. Ars. Bell. Borax. Caust. 
Dros. Ferr. Lach. Ntr-m. Nux. Phospac. 
Sep. Staph. Sulph. Thuj. 

colic, Aloe. 

relief, Asar. Puis. 

— warm food, Ambr. Anac. Bar-c. Bell. 
Brv. Carb-veg. Cham. Euph. Kali-c. 
Mez. Phosp. Phosp. Phyt. Puis. 

cough, Bar-c. Kali-c. Laur. Mez. 


diarrhoea, Phosp. 

relieved, Aeon. 

relieved, Ars. Bry. Con. Creos. 

Graph. Lyc. Mang. Nux-m. Nux. 

Rhus. Spig. Sulph. Verat. 

— water, cold, Alum. Ars. Bell. Canth. 

Carb-an. Croc. Igt. Kali-b. Lyc. 

Mur-ac. Nux.WtxoA. Rhus. Spig 

Sulph. Tar. 

colic, Hipp-m. Tar. 

cough, Ars. Calc. Rhus. Stram. 

Sulph-ac. Verat. 

diarrhoea relieved, Cupr. Phosp. 

heaviness in stomach, Rhod. 

pain in stomach, Iris. 

and nausea, Rhus. 

relieves, Apis. Asar. Bry. Caust. 

Coff.Cupr. Lach. Phosp. Puis. Sep. 

— wine, Ant. Am. Ars. Bell. Bov. Calc. 
Camph. Carb-an. Coff. Con. Igt. Lach. 
Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. Op. 
Petr. Puis. Ran-b. Rhod. Sabad. Selen. 
Sil Stront. Thuj. Zinc. 

congestion of blood, Sil. 

cough, ^rn. Borax. Ferr. Igt. Lach. 

Led. Stann. Stram. Zinc. 

sour wine. Ant. 

diarrhoea, Lach. 

relieved, Chelid. Diosc. 

eyes affection of, Zinc. 

giddiness, Bov. Ntr-c. Zinc. 

headache, Calc. A r ux. Ox-ac. Rhod. 

Selen. Zinc. 

heat, excitement, Carb-veg. 

intoxicated easily, Bov. Con. Cor-r. 


nausea, Ant. 

stomach, cramp in, Lyc. 


From wine, toothache, Nux. 

sulphurated, Ars. Merc. Puis. 


containing lead. Bell. Nux. 


relieves, Aeon. Agar. Con. 


Plat. Sulph. 

Op. Sulph-ac. 

sour, Ant. Ars. Fen. Sulph. 

vomiting, Kalm.. 



14. Eructations, Nausea and Vomiting. 


Kructations, Alum. Amir. Ant. Arn. Ars. 
Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Bry. Calc. Canth. 
Carb-an. Carb-vcg. Caust. Chin. Cocc. 
Con. Cupr. Diosc. Dulc. Fluor-ac. Graph. 
Hoematox. hep. Igt. Ip. Iris. Kali-c. 
Laur. Lyc. Merc. Mez. Mosch. M ur-ac, 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Phell. Phoip. 
Puis. Ran-b. Rlius. Rumex. Sabad. 
Sass. Scill. .S*</. Sil . Stann. Staph. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tadac.Turt. Thuj. Tilia. Valer. 
Verat. Zing. 

— relieve, Arg-n. Graph. Kali-c. Lach. 
Lyc. Ntr-m. Nux. Ol-an. Seneg. Tart. 

— aggravate, Cham. Chin. Phosp. Stann. 

— acrid, Alum. Asa-f. Cact. Lact. Merc. 

— bitter, Aloe. Ambr.. Imm-m. Ang. Am. Ars. 
Bell. Berb. Bism. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Cast. Chin. Cocc. Dros. Grat. Hyosc. 
Laur. Lyc. Mgn-s. Merc. Mur-ac. Nice. 
.Vux. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Sass. Scill. Sep. Sil. Spong. Stann. 
Stapli. Sulph-ae. Tar. Thuj. Tong. Verat. 

almonds, Laur. 

— burnint;, Bell. Canth. Hep. Iod. Lob. 
Lyc. Merc. Ol-an. Phosp-ac. Sulph. 
Tabac. Valer. 

— constant, Con. Cupr. Sulph. 

— cool, Cist. 

— empty, of tasteless wind, Aeon. Agar. 
Aloe. Amm-c. Amm-m. Ang. Arg-n. 
Arn. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Bruc. Bry. Calad. 
Cannab. Carb-veg. Canst. Chelid. 
Chenop. Chin. Coce. Cocc-c. Colch. 
Coloc. Con. •'jcl. Euph. Guaj. Gum-gut. 
Ind. Iod. I p. Iris. Jac-cor. Kali-b. Kali-chl. 
Kali-jod. Kobalt. Lac-can. Lach. Lact. 
Laur. Lob. Mgn-s. Menv. Merc. Afez. 
Ntr-m. Oleand. Ol-an. Ox-ac. Phosp. 
Plat. Plb. Pod. Puis. Ran-sc. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. Seneg. Staph. Sulph. 
Tabac. Tar. Tart. Valer. Verat. Verb. 

with asthma, Calad. 

— fatty, Carb-veg. Lyc. 

— like garlic, Asa-f. Mosch. 

— hiccoughing, Cycl. Tart. 

— impeded, with ineffectual efforts, Aeon, i 
Ambr. Amm-c. Ang. Beil. Caib-an. 1 

Caust. Case. Fcrr. Graph. Nux. Phosp 
Plat. Puis. Sulph. 

— imperfect, Arn. Phosp-ac. Sabad. 

— tasting like ink, Ind. 

— interrupted, Arn. 

— like juniper berries, tasting, Chelid. 

— loud, Arg-n. Calc. Carb-veg. Con. Lact. 
Nux-jug. Petr. Plat. Sulph. 

— of musk tasting, Caust. Mosch. 

— obstructing breath, Grat. 

— offensive smelling, Bism. Cocc. Kali-b. 
Phell. Sulph. 

tasting, Senna. 

— of onious tasting, Mgn-m. 

— painful, Carb-an. Caust. Con. Ntr-c. 
Nux. Plb. Sabad. Sep. 

— putrid, Arn. Asar. Bell. Cocc. Mgn-s. 
Merc. Mur-ac. Nux. Oleand. Psor. 
Puis. Sep. Sulph. Tabac. Thuj. Tilia. 

— rancid, Asa-f. Merc. Ran-sc. Thuj. 

— repugnant, disagreeable, Cina, Lact. 
Ntr-m. Sep. 

— like rotten eggs, Arn. Bufo. Mgn-c. 
Psor. Sep. Stann. Sulph. Tart. Valer. 

— saltish after eating meat, Staph. 

— scratching, Ant. Ntr-m, Nux-m. Stann. 

— sobbing, Cycl. Meph. Staph. Tart. 

— sour, Acet-ac. All-cep. Aloe. Alum. 
A mbr.\mvc\-c. A rs. A sar. Bar-c. Be! I . Bry. 
Cact. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cham. Chin. Cimex. Cycl. Dig. Elaps. 
Ferr. Gels. Graph. Gymnoc. Hep. Igt. 
Iod. Kali-b. K'ali-c. Kali-chl. Lach. Lact. 
Lith. Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. Xtr-m. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. JVux. Ox-ac. Petr. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Pod. Puis. Ran-sc. 
Sacch. Sass. Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. 
Stram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tart. 
Verat. Zinc. Zing. 

wat- r, Nice. 

— sour, with bitterness in mouth, Graph. 

— spasmodic, Cocc-c. Nux. Phosp. Sang. 

— suppressed, followedjby pain in stom- 
ach, Con. 

— tasting of what has been eaten. Agar. 
Agn. Aloe. An br. Amm-c. A. 1 Bry. 
Calc. Carb-an. Caib-reg. Cai-y Cham. 


Chelid. Chin. Cic. Con. Croc. Euphr. 
Lach. Laur. Nir-m. Nux. Oleand. Phell. 
Phosp. Plb. Puis. Pans-, Rat. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sass. Sep. Si/. Spig. Sulph. Thuj. 

Eructations tasting, after acid food, Staph. 
rich food, Carb-veg. 

— sweetish, Grat. Plb. Zinc. 

— like urine tasting, Ol-an. 

— vehement, Am. Bism. Lach. Merc. Plb. 

— in morning, Arn. Croc. Valer. 
afternoon, Lyc. 

evening, Ran-sc. 

— at night, Sulph. Tart. 

— after drinking, Ars. Croton. Mez. 
Rhus. Tar. 

acids, Phosp-ac. 

water, Hyper. 

— during meals. Ntr-c. Oleand. Sass. 

— after meals, Ang. Arg-n. Ars. Bar-c. 
Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Cic. 
Con. Daph. Dig. Ferr. Kali-c. Lach. 
Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. 
Nux. Petr. Phosp. Plat. Puis. Ran-sc. 
Rhus. Sass. Sep. Sil. Spig. SulpA.Thu], 
Verat. Zinc. 

— meat, Ruta. 

— milk, Chin. Ntr-m. Sulph. Zinc. 

— rich food, Carb-veg. Ferr. Ntr-m. 
Staph. Thuj. 

— when rising from lying, Rhus. 

— after smoking tobacco, Selen. 

— in hysterical women, Ruta. 

— mitigated by emission of flatulence, 

— with, chest pain in, Zinc. 
colic, Cham. 

diarrhoea, Zing. 

loathing, Croton. 

nausea, Chin-sulph. Croton. 

obstructed breath, Grat. 

retching, Cocc. Verb. 

hot saliva in mouth, Mosch. 

scrobiculus, pain in, Cocc. 

stomach, pain in, Calad. Cham. 

Cocc. Merc. Phosp. Rhus. Spong. 

throat choking. Caust. 

fulness, Cori. 

pain in, Nux. 

water, flow of in mouth, Lob. 

— alternating with yawning, Berb. 
Heartburn, Alum. Amir. Amm-c. Arg. 

Asar. Bar-c. Bell. Calc. Canth. Caps. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Cocc-c. 
Con. Croc. Daph. Guaj. Iod. Kali-c. Lach. 
Lob. Lyc. Mang. Merc. Mosch. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. Puis. Sabad. 
Sep. Sil. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Valer. 
Verat. Zinc. 

rising up in throat, Con. Lyc. Mang. 

Ntr-m. Tabac. 

— scratching. Carb-an. Ntr-c. 


— in evening, Ambr. 

— continual, Lob. 

— after drinking,, Lam. 

meals, Amm-c. Calc. Chin. Con. 

Croc. Iod. Lam. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. 

Sep. Sil. 

of solid food, Iod. 

with good appetite, (.'roc. 

of acid things, Nux. 

fat food, Ntr-c. Nux. 

— during meals, Merc. 

— after sugar. Zinc. 
tobacco, Staph. Tar. 

— when walking in open air, Ambr. 
with running of water from mouth, 


Hiccough, Aeon. Agar. Agn. Amm-m. 
Benz-ac. Bell. Bov. Bry. Carb-an. 
Chelid. Cic. Cina. Colch. Cupr. Cycl. 
Dros. Euph. Euphr. Graph. Grat. Hyosc. 
Igt. Iod, Kali-b. Kali-jod. Lach. Laur. 
Mgn-m. Merc-sulph. Ntr-s. .Vice. Nux. 
Phosp. Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Ruta. Selen. 
Sil. Spong. Stann. Stram. Stront. Tabac. 
Tar. Teucr. Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

— painful, Mgn-m. Rat. Tabac. Teucr. 

— spasmodic. Bell. Nux. Ran-b. Stram. 

— vehement, Amm-m. Cic. Lob. Lyc. .Vice. 
Nux. Rat. Stront. Teucr. Verat. 

in evening, Kali-b. Ntr-s. Nice. Sil. 

— at night, Ars. 

— in bed, Lachn. 

— after breakfast, Zinc 

drinking, Igt. Lach. Puis. 

exercise, Carb-veg. 

— during meals, Mgn-m. Merc. Teucr. 

— after meals, Alum. Bov. Carb-an. Cycl. 
Graph. Hyosc. Igt. Lyc. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. 
Par. Sep. Verat. Zinc. 

— from smoking tobacco, Ambr. Ant. 
Arg. Igt. Lach. Puis. Ruta. Sang.Selen. 

— precedes spasms, Cupr. 

— with blows, in pit of stomach, Teucr. 
chest, pain in, Amm-m. 

choking, Puis. 

convulsions, Bell. 

irritability, Agn. 

perspiration, Bell. 

saliva, abundant flow of, Lob. 

spasms, and rumbling in abdomen, 


stomach pain in, Mgn-m. Rat. 

Loathing, Ant. Arg-n. Arn. Asar. Bar-m. 

Bell. Cast. Croton. Cupr. Grat. Guaj. 

Hydroc-ac. Kali-jod. Laur. Mgn-c. 

Mgn-s. Ol-an. Phell. Plb. Prun. Rat. 

Scc-c. Seneg. Senna. Tart. 

— at night, Rat. 

— after beer, Mur-ac. Nux. 
meals, Ip. Ol-an. Sass. 

Nausea, Aeon. Agar. Agn. Alum. Ambr. 
Anac. Vng. Ant. Apis. Arg-n. Arn. Ars. 



Asar. Bapt. Har-c. Bell. Horax. ttov. 
Brom. Bry. Calad. CaU -.Camph.Cannab. 
(zaps. Carb-an. Carb-Teg. Caust. Cham. 
Chin. Cic. Cisi. Cocc'. Cocc-c. Colch. 
Coloc. Con. Cop. Corn-c. Creos. Croc. 
Croton. Cub. Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Diosc. 
Dros. Dulc. Euplir. Forr-m. Gi nph. Grat. 
Gum-gut. Hell. iJep. Hydroc-ac. Hyper. 
Hyosc Igt, Pod. Jp. Iris'. Kali-b, Kali-c. 
Lack. Laur. Led. Lept. Lob. Lyc. Merc. 
Mez. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nicc.Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Olcand. Ol-an. Op. Ox-ac. Pctr. 
Pliell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Phyt. Pint. Plb. 
Pod. Prun. Puis. Ran-b. Ran-sc. Ral. 
Rheum. Rhod. Rhus. Rumex. Sabad. 
Sang. Sass. Scill. See-c. Seneg. Sep. Sil. 
Spong. Stann. Stram. Stront. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tar. Tii/V.Thea. Therid. 
Thuj. Valer. Vera/. Viol-tr. Zinc. Zing. 

— in abdomen, Agn. Bry. Croton. Cupr. 
Puis. Rheum. 

upper part, Actea-r. Agn. Cupr. 


chest, Aeon. Brv. Croc. Merc. Ol-an. 


— on palate, Cupr. Cycl. Phosp-ac. 

— in pit of stomach, Agn. Caps. Cupr. 
Lachn. Mosch. Ruta. Scill Teucr. 

stomach, Aeon. Agn. Cycl. Eugen. 

Hell. Ip. Laur Lyc. Phosp. Puis. 
Seneg. Senna. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. 

throat. Ars. Bell. Chin. Croc. Cupr. 

Cycl. Lyc. Mez. Oleand. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Stann. Staph. Valer. 

— chronic, Bar-c. Nux. 

— constant, Arg. Ars. Carb-veg. Cast. 
Coloc. Dig. Graph. Ip. Lob. Zjr.Mgn-m. 
Ntr-c. Plat. Sass. Sil. 'Part. Verat. 

— faintish, Ang. Carb-an. Caust. Cham. 
Cocc. Kali-c. Mgn-m. Tabac. Valer. 

— as after fat food, Aeon. Cycl. Tar. 

— with a disposition to vomit. Agar. Alum. 
Amm-c. Ant. Arn. Asar. Aur. Bar-m. 
Bell. Bism. Borax. Brom. Bry. Camph. 
Caps. Cast. Cham. Cocc. Con. Cop. Croton. 
Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Ferr. Graph. Grat. 
Hep. Iod. Ip. Iris. Kali-c. Merc. Ntr-s. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. A r ux. Oleand. Ol-an. Op. 
Petr. Phell. Phosp-ac. Plb. Pod. Puis. 
Ran-sc. Rhod. Rhus. Sabad. Sass. Scill. 
Seneg. Senna. Staph. Sulph. Tabac. 
Tart. Valer. Verat. Verb. 

— as after sugar, Aeon. Cycl. Merc. Tar. 
if occasioned by a piece of thread in 

pharynx, Valer. 

— with uneasiness, Carb-an. Caust. Cham. 
Cycl. Lyc. A r tr-s. Sulph. Thea. Thuj. 

— as if ali the viscera were turning inside 
out, Sep. 

— in morning, Aeon. Alum. Anac. Arn. 
Bar-c. Berb. Bry. Calad. Cact. Calc. 

Cart-vtP. Canst. Cham. Olc. Ditf. Graph. 

Hep. Kali-b. Lach. Lob. Lyc. Mun-n . 

N'tr-m. Nice. Nux. Petr Phosp. Psor. 

Ran-sc. Rhus. Sacch. Sep. Sil. Spiy. 

Staph. Sulph. Verat. 

forenoon, Bov. 

afternoon, Ran-b. 

evening, Asar. Calc. Con. Cycl. 

Kali-b. Ntr-c. Nux. Petr. Phosp. 
Puis. Ran-b. Sep. 

— at night, Alum. Amm-c. Calc. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Con. Kali-b. Merc. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Phosp. Puis. Rat. Rhus. 
Sulph. Therid. 

— from midnight to morning, Dros. 

— after Midnight, Ran-sc. 

— after breakfast. Bell. Cham. Kali-b. 

— from draft of air, Hipp. 

— when closing the eyes, Therid. 

— after coffee, Caps. Cham. 
a cold, Cocc. 

— while drinking, Bry. 

— after drinking, Ars. Croton. Cycl. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Rhus. Teucr. 

water, relievci 1 , Lob. Phosp. 

— by eating relieved, Brom. Kali-b. Phosp. 
Sabad. Sep. 

— from smell of eggs, Coleh. 

— on entering into a room, Alum. 

— by eructation lelieved. Cinnab. Rhod. 

— after every exercise which raises the 
temperature of the body, Sil. 

— from exercising, Aloe. Ars. Cotch. 
Tabac. Therid. 

— from flatulency discharged, relief, Tart. 
food, smell of, Sep. 

— as from indigestion, Bar-c. 

— in lying relieved, Rhus. 

— before meals, Berb. Lvc. Ntr-s. Sabad. 

— during meals, Ang. Bell. Borax. Caust. 
Cic. Cocc. Colch. Dig. Ferr. Jac-cor. 
Kali-c. Mgn-c. Nux. r OI-an. Puis. Verat. 

— after meals. Agar. Alum. Amm-c. Anac. 
Ars. Bism. Bry. Calc. Caust. Cham. Con. 
Cycl. Dig. Graph. Grat Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Lach. Lvc. Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Ol-an. Op. Phosp. Puis. Rhuy. 
Sang. Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. Verat. 

with good appetite, Bry. Cannab. 

— from meat, smell of, Colc/t. 
fresh meat, Caust. 

— when meditating. Borax. 

— from mental troubles, Kali-c. 
milk, Calc. 

a loud noise, Therid. 

— in open air, Aeon. Ang. Bell. Lyc. 

relieved, Croc, Lvc. Tabac. Tar. 

pregnant women, Con. Creos. Ip. 

Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. Petr. Puis. Sep. 

— when pressing on pit of stomach, 


— from rich food, Carb-an. Cycl. Dros. 
Nitr-ac. Puis. Sep. 

riding in a carriage, Borax. Coec.Lyc. 

Nux-m. Petr. Sep. Sulph. 

— when rising from lying, Bry. Cocc. 

— in a room, caused or relieved, Lyc. 

— when sitting, Bry. 

up in bed, Bry. Cocc. Cor-r. 

smoking, Carb-an. Clem. Euphr. Igt. 

Kali-c. Lac-can Phosp. Tabac. 

— from spitting. Led. 

— when standing up, Colch. 

— : — when swallowing saliva, Colch. 
talking, Alum. Borax. 

— not relieved by vomiting, Dig. Sang. 

— when walking in open air, Aeon. Ang. 

— after walking in open air, Alum. 

— irom sour wine, Ant. 

— with, abdomen, rumbling in, Arg-n.Puls. 
agitation, Igt. 

anxiet , Bry. Dig. Igt'. Kali-c. Merc. 

N'itr-ac. Plat. Tar. Tart. 

appetite, want of, Ant. Bell. Cocc. 

Con. Croton. Cupr. Hell.Lanr. Mgn-s. 
Merc-jod. Ol-an. Prun. 

ravenous, Agar. Mosch. Rheum. 


asthmatic paroxysms, Cham. Petr, 

backache, Psor. Puis. 

and tenesmus, Hipp-m. 

bruised pain in intestines, Cocc. 

buzzing in ears, Aeon. 

chest, fulness in, Cycl. 

pain in, Merc. Ol-an. 

chills, Bov. Creos. Nitr-ac. Puis, 


coldness, Croton. Hep. Kali-b. Valer. 

colic, Agar, Cupr. Dig. Glon. Merc. 

Mosch. Puis. Rheum. Tabac. 

drunkenness, Cupr. 

ears, humming in, Aeon. 

pain in, Puis. 

erutations, Aeon. Ars. Chin-sulph. 

Cocc. Con. Ip. Mosch. Petr. Sep. 

Spig. Sulph. 

— — eyes aching in, Ntr-s. Sil. 

— when turned, Sil. 

evacuations, loose, Scill. 

face, earthy, Mgn-m. 

heat, Petr, Stront. 

paleness, Gels. Glon. Hep. Tabac. 


redness. Verat. 

feet, pain in, Ars. 

flow of urine, Verat. 

giddiness, Calad. Calc-ph. Camph. 

Cocc. Croton. Gels Graph. Kali-b. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Merc-jod. Millef. (com- 
pare Vertigo, Sect. 2.) 

hawking, Hipp-m. 

headache Asar. Chin-sulph. Cic. 

Cocc. Cor-r. Creos. Gels. Glon. 

Hipp. Kalm. Lith. Merc. Mez. Ntr-s. 

Nux. Phyt. Sang. Sil. Tar. Tart. 

heat, Fluor-ac. Kali-b. Merc. 

in stomach extending to throat, 


heartburn, Cinnab. Gum-gut. 

hunger, Cycl. Bell. Kali-b. Mgn-m. 

Ntr-c. Oleand. Phosp. Spig. Tabac. 

itching and nettle rash before, Sang. 

langour. Con. Ntr-s. Plat. Sulph. 

lips pale, Valer. 

lying down, need to, Ars. Asar, Cocc. 

Mosch. Phosp-ac. 

mouth, bitterness in, Chin-sulph. 

burning in, Creos. 

navel retracted, Mosch. 

palpitation of heart, Sil. 

perspiration, Glon. 

on forehead, Croton. 

on face, cold, Lob. 

profuse, Lob. 

relieves Glon. 

pressing down, as if intestines were, 


restlessness, Igt. 

rheumatic pains, Kalm. 

saliva, collection of Asar. Cocc. 

Croton. Creos. Ip. Mgn-s. Mez. 

Oleand. Petr. Valer. 
salivation, Bry. Colch. Croton. Cycl. 

Lob. Merc. Sang. Strain. Verat. 
— shivering of upper part of bodv, 


shuddering, Ars. Asar. Calc. Euph. 

Mez. Sabad. 

sleep, disposed to, Ars. 

spitting, Sang. 

stomach, coldness, Mgn-m. Grat. 


emptiness, Meph. Merc-jod. 

fulness, Sabin. 

heat, Chelid. 

pain, Ars. Iod. Lact. Rhod. 

sour, Nitr-ac. 

pit of, pain, Amm-c. Calad. Caps. 

Dig. Puis. Tart. 
syncope, fainting, Alum, Ang. 

Carb-an Caust. Cham. Cocc. Kali-c. 

Kalm. Lach. Mgn-m. Ntr-m. Nux. 

Petr. Tabac. Valer. Verat. 

taste, bitter, Bell. Lyc. Sep. 

putrid, Cupr. 

sour, Spong. 

sweet, Men. 

thirst, Bell, Phosp. Verat. 

throat burning in, Puis. 

scraping in, Meph. 

tongue dry, Cor-r. 

and white, Petr. 

trembling, Ars. Nitr-ac. Plat. Sulph. 

weakness, Con. Ntr-s. Plat Sulph. 

sense of a worm in oesoph., Puis. 

Regurgitation Asa-f. Con. Croton. Lyc. 


Mgn-m. Nux. F»lb. Ran-b. .S'<;.rjvSpig. 

— acrid, Ars. Cannab. Dig. Tart. 

— bitter, Arn. Ars. Cic. Croton. Graph. 

Gra'. Igt. Kobalt. Nux. Petr. Puis. 
Sars. Teucr. 
of what lias been eaten, Teucr. 

— bitterish sour, Amm-c. Cannab. Cast. 


— of blood, Nux Sep. 

— burning, Lob. 

— of drink, Sulph-ac. 

what has been eaten, Amm-n. Bell. 

Biy. Calc. Canth. Carb-veg. Ferr. 

Graph Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-m. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. 

Pod. Puis. R kits. Seneg. Sulph. Teucr. 

by mouthfuls, Phosp. 

a disagreeable fluid. Plat. 

greenish fluid, Ars. Graph. 

milk, Lyc. Tart. 

— rancid, Merc. 

— saltish, Arn. Sulph-ac. Tart. 

— scratching, Cannab, 

— slimy, mucus, Arn. Mgn-s. Raph. 

— sour, Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. Con. Dig. 

Graph. Gum-gut. Kali c. Lob. Lyc. 

Mang. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. 

Phosp. Plb. Puis. Sass. Spong. Sulph. 

Tart. Thuj. 
of food taken, Graph. Lyc. Ntr-m. 

Phosp. Sulph. 
milk taken, Lyc. 

— sweetish, Ind. Merc. Plb. Sulph-ac. 

— water, Aeon. 

— waterish, Ant. Arn. Grat. Kobalt. Mgn-s. 

Ntr-s. Plb. Senna. Tart. 

— of a yellow fluid, Cic. 

— at night, Catnh. 

— alter drinking, Merc. 

— during meals. Merc. Phosp. Sass. 

— after meals, Asa-f. Bry. Con. Dig. Ferr. 

Lach. Merc. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Sass. 
Thuj. Verat. 
cough, Sulph-ac. 

— drinking milk, Calc. Carb-veg. Lyc. 


— when stooping, Cic. 
walking, Mgn-m. 

— with burning in throat, Cic. 

pain in stomach, Bell. 

trembling, Mgn-s. 

Risings up in throat, Asa-f. Con. Lach. Lyc. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Phosp. Plb. Ran-b. 
Spig. Valer. Verat. 

bitterish sweet, Plat. 

— nauseous fluid, Plat. 

sour, Mang. Phosp. 

sweet, Ind. Merc. 

of sweetish fluid. Aeon. 

Vomiting. Ambr. Anac. Ant. Arg-n. Ars. 

Bell. Bry. Calc. Campk. Caus.t. Cham.; 

Chin. Cic. Cina. Cocc. Con. Cupr. Dig. j 


Dros. Ferr. Grat. Igt. //. Iris. Lach. 
Lour, Lob. Lyc. Ntr-in.Nux-m. A'ux. Op. 
Petr. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Sec-c. Sep. Sil 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. Tin-rid. Valer. 
Verat. Zinc. 

— relief after, Anac. Asar. Sang. Thuj. 

— worse after Cupr. Oleand. 

— acrid. Arg. Ferr. Hep. Ip. Iris. 

— albuminous. Jatr. Merc-cor. 

— bilious. Aeon. Ant. Apis. Arn. # Ars. 
Bell. Bism. Bry. Calc. Camph. Cannab. 
Canth. Cham. Chin. Cina. Cocc. Colch. 
Coloc. Con. Cupr. Dig. Dros. Dulc. 
Flaps. Eupat. Grat. Hep. Ign. Iod. //. 
Iris. Jatr. Kali-b. Lach. Lyc. Merc-cor. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Phyt. 
Plb. Pod. Puis. Raph. Sabad. Satin. 
Samb. Sec-c. Sep. Stann. Sham. Sulph. 
Valer. Verat. 

at night, Merc. 

then ingesKi, Bry. 

blood or mucus, Carb-veg. Verat. 

— bitter, Aeon. Ant. Apis. Bry. Calc. 
Cast. Colch. Eupat. Grat. Hipp-m. 
Kali-b. Mgn-c. Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. 
Oleand. Petr. Puis. Raph. Sang. Sil. 
Stann. Sulph. Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 

— bitterish sour, Grat. Ip. Puis. Tart. 

— black, Arg-n. Ars. Calc. Chin. Hell. 
Hydroc-ac. Ip. Laur. Lyc. Nux. Petr. 
Phosp. Plb. Puis. Sec-c. Sil. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Vera/. 

— of blood. Aeon. Aeth. Aloe. Alum. 
Amm-c. Arg-n. Arn. Ars. Bell. Brom. 
Bry. Cact. Calc. Camph. Canth. Curb- 
iv^.Caust. Chin. Cic. Creos. Cupr. Cycl. 
Dros. Ferr. Hamam. Hep. Hyosc, Igt. 
Ip. Kali-b. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Merc-cor. 
Mez. Millef. Nitr. Aux. Op. Petr. Phosp 
Phyt. Puis. Sacch. Sep. Stann. Sulph. 
Verat. Zinc. 

clotted, Arn. Caust. Lyc. Nux. 

— of a brown substance, with violent pain 
in stomach, Ars. 

— brownish, Ars. Bism. 

— chronic, Ars. Borax. Graph. Aha. Osoi 
Puis. .V//. Sulfh. 

— like coffee grounds, Merc-cot. 

— easy, Colch. Iffrm. Sec-c. 

— of fat lumps, Hipp-m. 

faces with constipation. Plb. 

foetid matters, Ars. Cocc. Cupr. 

Ip Nux. Op Pod. Sep. Stann. Sulph. 

— foamy, frothy, Aeth. Croton. Cupr. 
Pod. Tart. Verat. 

— of food, Aeth. Amm-c. Anac. 
Ant. Ars. Bell. Borax. Bry. Calc. Cauth. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chin. Cina. 
Cocc. Colch. Coloc. Croton. Cupr. Diad. 
Dig. Dros. Ferr. Graph. Hipp-m. 
Hyosc. Igt. Ind. Iod. //. Ins. Jatr. 
Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Laur. Lob. 
Mgn-s. Merc. Millef. Ntr-m. Niti-ac. 


Nux. Oleand. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Phyt. Plb. Pod. Pith. Raph. Rat. 

Rhus. Ruta. Sabin. Samb. Scill. Sep. 

Stann. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. Tellur. 

Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 

in evening, Carb-veg. 

about midnight, Ferr. 

some hours aftar eating, Meph. 

when lying on back, Rhus. 

hot, Lob. 

sour, Calc. Hep. Kali-b. Pod. Sulph. 

— food, then bile, Bell. Dig. 
blood, Nux. 

mucus, Dros. Nux. Puis. Sil. 

water. Puis. 

- water then food, Nux. 

• food undigested, Kali-b. Lye. Ntr-m 
Phosp. Samb. 

■ gelatinous, Ind. //. 

• glairy, Jatr. Kali-b. 

greasy, Ars. Hipp-m. lod. Mez. Nux. 

• green, Aeon. Aeth. Ars. Bry. Cannab. 
Coloc. Cupr. Dig. Elaps. Hell. 
Hipp-m. Ip. Jatr. Lach. Lyc. Merc-cor. 
Mez. Oleand. Op. Petr. Phosp. Plb. 
Puis. Raph. Stram. Verat. 

ot liquids, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bism. Bry. 
Cham. Chin. Creos. Diad. Dulc. Ip. 
Nux. Phosp. Sil. Spong. Tart. 

as soon as warm in stomach, 


cold water only, Sil. 

milky, Aeth. Arn. Sep. 

milk drank, Aeth. Arn. Calc. Samb. 

Spong. Sil. Sulph. 

mucus. Aeon. Aeth. Ant. Ars. Bell. 
Borax. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Cina. 
Cocc-c. Colch. Con. Cor r. Cycl. Dig. 
Dros. Dulc. Elaps. Guaj. Dros. Hyosc. 
Igt. Ip. Iris. Kali-b. Lach. Mgn-s. 
Merc-cor. Mez. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac Nux. 
Oleand. Phyt. Puis. Raph. Sacch. Sec-c. 
Seneg. Stram. Sulph. Tabac. Tart. 
Thuj. Verat. 

— blood)-, Aeon. Brom. Hep. Hyosc. 
Lach. Nitr. Phosp. 

painless, without effort, Sec-c. 
periodical, Cupr. Nux, Sacch. 
of a substance like pitch, Ip. 
pus, Merc-cor. 
saltish, lod. Mgn-c. Ntr-s. 
scanty, Asar. 

of solids only, Bry. Cupr. Verat. 
sour, Acet-ac. Calc. Ars. Bell. Borax. 
Borm. Cadm. Calc. Camph. Qiust. Cham. 
Chin. Croton. Daph. Ferr. Gels. Graph. 
Hep. Ip. Iris. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lact-ac. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Phosp-ac. Pod. Psor. Puis. Sacch. 
Sass. Stram. Sulph. Tabac. Thuj. Verat. 

— early in the morning. Kali-b. Nux. 
stercoraceous, Bell. Nux. Op. Plb. 

— sweetish, Creos. 

mucus, Calc. Iris. Psor. 

— tenacious, Arg-n. Dulc. 

— of urine, Op. 

— vehement, Ars. Cupr. Jatr. Iod. Mez. 
Plb. Tart. Verat. 

— violent, Bell. Bism. Lach. Lob. Merc. 
Mosch. Nux. Puis. Raph. 

— watery, Aeon. Aeth. Arg. Arn. Ars. 
Bar-c. Bell. Bism. Bry. Cannab. Caust. 
Chin. Con. Creos. Cupr. Grat. Hep. 
Hipp-m. Ind. Iris. Ip. Jatr. Kali-b. 
Mgn-c. Mez. Ntr-s. Nux. Oleand. Puis. 
Raph. Rat. Sang. Sil. Stann. Stram. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Verat. 

frothy, Croton. 

containing flakes and offensive, Cupr. 

— of water then of food. Ip. Nux. Sep. Sil. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

worms, Aeon. Cina. Ferr. Hvosc. 

Phyt. Sabad. Sang. Sec-c. Sil. Spig. 

lumbrici. Aeon. Cina Sabad. 

— yellowish, Ars. Bry. Colch. Iod. Ip. 
Oleand. Pl!>. Verat.' 

green, Oleand. Verat. 

— in the morninsr, Ars. Bar-c. Calc. Creos. 
Dig. Dros. Ferr. Guaj. Hep. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Mosch. Nux. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

in afternoon, Chin-sulph. Sulph. 

evening, Anac. Bell. Bry. Croton. 

Phosp. Puis. Sulph. 

— night, Ars. Bell. Bry. Calc. Dig. Dros. 
Ferr. Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. Mur-ac. 
Nux. Phosp. Puis.. Rat. Sep. Sil. Sulph, 
Therid. Valer. Verat. 

— at midnight. Ferr. 

— after acids, Ferr. 

beer, Ferr. Mez. 

bread, Nitr-ac. 

breakfast, Borax. Daph. 

children, Calc. Hvosc. 

a cold, Bell. 

— when becoming cold, Cocc. 

— after drinking. Arn. Ars. Bry. Cocc. 
Dros. Eupat. Ip. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. 
Sil. Verat. 

relieved, Cupr. 

— in drunkards, Nux. Op. Sacch. Zing. 

— after exercise, Colch. Stram. Tabac. 
Therid. Verat. Zinc. 

— when closing the eyes, Therid. 

— after meals, Amm-c. Ant. Ars. Bry. Calc. 
Cham. Crotal. Cupr. Dig. Dros. Ferr. 
Graph. Hyosc. Iod. Ip. Iris. Lach. Lob. 
Mgn-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. Phosp.- Puis. 
Ruta. Sec-c. Sep. Sil Stann. Sulph. 
Tart. Verat. 

— during meals, Dig. Puis. Rhus. 

— as soon as he eats, Dig. 
relieved, Ferr. 

— after milk, Aeth. Samb. Spong. Sulph. 
nursing (in infants,) Sil. 


in pregnancy, Ton. Ip. Iris. Jatr. Ntr-ni. 
Nux-m. Nux. Ox-ac. Petr. Sep. 
from riding in a carriage. Coce. Petr. 
after smoking. I p. 

— spitting. Dig. 

— stooping, Ip. 

in teething children, Calc. Bism. Hyosc. 
with abdominal cramps, Cupr. Op. 
p;iin, Ars. Asar. Bry. Cadm. 

Canth. Colch. Graph. Hell. Hvosc. 

Iod. Nux. Plb. Puis. Strain. ' 

— after taste, bitter, Croton Puis. 
sour, Anac. 

— agitation congestion of blood, Verat. 

— alternating with tonic spasms of 
pectoral muscles and distortion of 
eyes, vomiting does not relieve, in 
tetanus, Cin. 

— anxiety, Ant. Arg-n. Ars. Asar. 
Bar-m. Bism. Nux. Sang. Seneg. 

— back pain in, Puis, 
with breath offensive, I p. 

— chills, Puis. Tart. Valer. 

— choking, Hyosc. 

— colic, Dig! 

relieved, Hyosc. 

— congestion to chest, Nux. 

— convulsions, Ant. Cupr. Hyosc. Merc. 

— cries, Ars. 

— diarrhoea, Aeth. Ant. Apis. Arg-n. 
Ars. Asar. Bell. Bism. Chin. Coloc. 
Cupr. Cycl. Dulc.Elaps. Eugen.Euph. 
Hipp. Ip. Jatr Lach. Merc. Merc-cor. 
Merc-sulph. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Sang. 
Seneg. Sep. Srann. Stram. Sulph. 
Tart. Verat. 

during pregnane)-, Petr. 

— eructations, Caust. Mur-ac. Niti-ac. 

— eyes convulsed, Cic 

— face pale, Puis. Tart. 
sweat on, Camph. Sulph. 

— feet coldness and numbness, Creos. 

— giddiness, Hyosc. Ntr-s Therid. 

— hand, coldness, of C.eos. Phosp. 

heat. Ars. Bell. Ip. Verat. 

— headache, Asar. Chin. Cimex. 
Con. Creos. Lach. Nux. Sang. Sep. 

— heat, Aeon. Ars. Bell. Ip. Lam. 

— hiccoughing, Bry. 

— hunger, Cina. 

craving to eat, Sang. 

— compelling one to lie down, Verat. 

— legs cold. Nux. 
cramps in, Hyos.c. 

— nausea, Aeon. Bar-in. Colch. Croton. 
Dig. Eupat. Graph. Lam. Lob. 
Mur-ac. Nux. Rhus. Sang. Sulph. 
Tart. Verat. Zinc. 

— nose, dryness in, Creos. 

obstructed, Oral. 

perspiration. Aeon. Bell. Ip. Sulph. 

cold, Cadm. Camph. Lob. Sulph. 

salivation, Lob. 

scratching and burning in throat. 


shuddering, \ crat. 

sight, obscuration of. Lam. Lach. 

green and yellow colors before the, 


sleepiness, Cycl. Tart. 

stomach, pain in, Ars. Asar. Bar-m. 

Cupr. Hvosc. Ip. Lach. Mosch. Op. 

Phosp. Plb. Sulph. Tart. 

pit of, Dig. Verat. 

stool, ineffectual urging to, Sang. 

syncope, Elaps. Kali-c. Gum-gut. 

the morning cough, Scill. 

dejection. Dig. 

taste, bitter, Puis. 

sour, after, Anac. 

teeth, bluntness of, after, Puis. 

thirst, Aeon. Creos. Ip. 

tongue clean. Cina. 

trembling, Colch. Eupat. Nux. Tart. 

urination profuse, Aeon. Lach. 


weakness, Ars. Bism. Eupat. Ip. 

Kali-c. Lam. Phosp. Sec-c. Tart. 

— followed by hunger and thirst, Olcand. 

thirst, Aeon. Sulph-ac. 

Vomiturition, retching, Aeon. Arg. Am. 

Ars. Bar-m. Bell. Brom. Bry. Cannab. 
Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. Cham. 
Chin. Cocc. Cupr. Dig. Dros. Dros. 
Graph. Hyosc. Iod. Ip. Kali-c. Lob. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. 
Rhus. Scill. Sec-c. Seneg. Sep. Sil. 
Slaun. Sulph. Tart. Tereb. Verat. Viol-tr. 

— convulsive, Dig. 

— empty, with ineffectual efforts, Arn.Asar. 
Bell. Bry. Chin. Creos. Croton. Grat.Ip. 
Nux. Op. Plb. Puis. Sulph. Verat. 

— — relieving head, Asar. 

— vehement, Ars. Asar. Asar. Dig. Sacch. 

— in morning, Creos. 

— — evening, Kali-c. 

— at night, Arn. Ran-sc. Rat. 

— in drunkards, Nux. 

— after, meals, Chin. Mgn-c. 

— before meals, Berb. 

— from cold liquids, Ip. 

— when hawking up mucus, Ambr. 

— after smoking, Ip. 

— when making an effort to swallow, 

— with colic, Hyosc. 

— perspiration on forehead, Tart. 

— increase of all complaints, Asar.Oleand. 

— langor, Tart. 

— retching, and salivation, Hep. Tart. 



— pain in pit of stomach, Arn. 
Waterbrash, pyrosis, Acet-ac. Amm-m. 

Anac. Ars. Bar-c. Br)-. Calc. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Con. Cycl. Dros. Graph. 
Kalt-jod. Lach. Led. Lyc. Mez. Ntr-m. 
Ntr-s. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Puis. Rhod. 
Rhus Sep. Sil. Staph. .S«/M. Valer.Verat. 

— in morning, Sulph. 

evening, Anac. Cycl. Ntr-s. 

— at night, Carb-veg. Graph. 

— after acids, Phosp. 

— chronic, Sil. 

— after drinking, Nitr-ac. Sep. 

fast, Nitr-ac. 

— meals, Amm-c. Calc. Phosp. Sep. 
Sil. Sulph. 

— milk, Cupr. Phosp. 
every other day, Lyc. 
with acidity, Carb-an. 

■ — anxiety, heat, tremor, Euph. 

■ — colic, Led. Sulph. 

— nausea, Calc. Cycl. 

— shuddering, shivering, Sil. 

— stomach, pain in Ntr-m. Sil. 

— vomiting, Anac. Ntr-m. Sil. 
a bitter fluid, Lyc. 



1 5. Stomach. 

Aching, Aram-c. Ant. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. 

Calc. Cat b-veg. Caust. Cham, Chin. Cocc. 

Con. Cupr. Dig. Graph, Igt. Kali-c. 

Lack. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mere. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Nux-m. Nux Petr. Phosp. Puis. Sep. 

Sil. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Verat. 
Acrid feeling in stomach. Hep. 
Adhesion, sense of in pit of stomach, Hep. 
Anxietv in stomach and pit of, Ars. Caust 

Cham. Cic. Cocc. Coff. Cupr. Guaj. 

Jatr. Lact. Laur. Nux. Paeon. Plb. 

Sec-c. Slram. Teucr. Thuj. Verat. 
Atonv of stomach. Bell. 
Balanced up and down, as if stomach 

were, Phosp-ac. 
Beaten, pain as if in stomach, Asa-f. Euph. 

Mgn-m. Ol-an. 

pit of, Camph. 

Biting sensation in stomach, Mosch. 


Bitterness in stomach, Cupr. 

Boring, Ars. Ntr-s. Sep. 

Bruised pain, Nux. Ol-an. 

Burning in stomach, Acet-ac. Aeon. Ambr. 

Amm-c. Amm-m. Ars. Asa-f. Bell. 

Berb. Bism. Brom. Bry. Cact. Calad. 

Calc. Camph. Canth. Caps. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Cham. Chelid. Chin. Cic. Colch. 

Croc. Crotal. Croton. Daph. Dig. Dulc. 

Elaps. Euph. Fluor-ac. Gels. Graph. Hell. 

Hep. Hipp. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. 

Jatr. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kali-jod.Lach.Lact. 

Laur. Lob. Afang. Merc. Merc-cor. 

Merc-iod. Mez. Millef. Mosch. Ntr-s. 

Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. N MX. Ol-an. 

Ox-ac. Par. Phell. Phosp. Plb. Ran-sc. 

Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. Sang. Sass. Sec-c 

Seneg. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. 

Tereb. Tilia. Verat. 

— not relieved by drinking, Calad. 

causing hunger, Graph. 

- ascending to chest, Arg. 

circumscribed of the size of a dol- 

ler, Gymnoc. 

with vomiting, Bar-m. Jatr. 

pit of stomach. Aeon. Ambr. Amm-m. 

Ant. Arg. Ars. Bell. Bry. Caps. Cham. 
Case. Dig. Euph. Laur. Merc. Nux. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Ran-b. Ran-sc. 
Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Verat. 
— across pit of stomach, Cham. 

Cancer of stomach, Ars. Bar-c. Con. Crcos. 

Lyc. Nux. Phosp. Plat. Verat. 
Chilliness of pit of stomach. Bell. Calc. 

Cist. Hipp. 
Choking. Nux. 

Clawing, Arn. Calc. Carb-an. Caust. Cocc. 
Euph. Graph. Nux. Puis. Sulph-ac. 

— in pit of stomach, Caust. Dros. Ntr-m. 
Coldness, sense of. Aeon. Bov. Caps. 

Chelid. Clem. Colch. Con. Grat. Hipp. 

Hydroc-ac. Igt. Kali-jod. Lach. Lact. 

Laur. Mgn-s. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Ol-an. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sabad. Sacch. 

Sep. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. 

in morning, Mgn-s. 

pit of stomach, Ars. Bell. Laur. 


Colic with spasms in chest, Cupr. Sep. 

Concussive pain when stepping, Case. 

in pit of stomach, Anac. 


Constriction of pylorus, Bry. Prosp. 

stomach, Amm-c. Euph. Ferr. Guaj. 

Lach. Nux. Sacch. 

must press the stomach with the 

hand, Dros. 

— pain. Aeon. Alum. Arn. Ars. Asa-f. Bell. 
Borax. Brom. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Chelid. Cocc. Con. Croton. Euph. 
Guaj. Hydroc-ac. Jatr. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Lact. Laur. Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. Meny. 
Merc. Millef. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Ol-an. Op. 
Phosp. Phyt. Plat. Plb. Puis. Ran-c. 
Rat. Rheum. Rhod. Sass. Sep. Spong. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. 

— sense in pit of stomach, Cact. Cast. 
Lob. Plat. Puis. Rhod. Sulph-ac. 

— pain as if stomach were gathered up in 
a ball, Arn. 

in upper part of stomach, Croton, 

Corrosion sense of, Iod. Nux. 

Cramp, Agar. Amm-c. Ant. Arn. Ars. 

Asa-f. Bar-m. Bell. Bism. Brom. Bry. 

Calc. Cannab. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. 

Cham. Chelid. Chin. Cocc. Coff. Con. 

Cupr. Daph. Dig. Dulc. Euph. Ferr. 

Graph. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc Iod. Jatr. 

Kali-c. Lach. Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. 


Millef. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 
Nux-m. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Plb. Puis. 
Sec-c. Seneg. Sep. Statin. Sulph. Tabac. 
Thuj. Verat. 
Cramps in st., chronic, Bell. Chin. Stann. 

— periodical, Hyosc. 

— in morning, Puis. 

2 A. M., Ars. Ntr-c. 

evening increased, Thuj. 

— at night, Calc. Kali-c. Seneg. Sulph. 

— in coffee drinkers, Cham. Nux. 

— after loss of animal fluids, Chin. 

— by diseases of spleen, caused, Bry. 

— by vomiting relieved, Hyosc. 

— worse by drinking water, cold, Calc. 

— from a cold, Nitr-ac. 

— with weak digestion, Nux-m. 

bitter eructations, Stann. 

pale face, Cannab. 

flatulency, Carb-veg. 

nausea, Graph. Ntr-m. Nux Tabac. 

perspiration, Cannab. 

weak pulse, Cannab. 

vomiting, Calc. Kali-c. Puis. 

— in pit of stomach, Ang. Ant. Chelid. 

Cramping pain, Ant, Am. Ars. Iod. (com- 
pare Spasmodic). 
Crawling, Colch. Lact. Puis. 

— in pit of stomach, Lact. Puis. 
Cutting pain, Ang. Cannab. Chelid. 

Kali-chl. Ntr-c. Plb. Rat. Sep. Sulph-ac. 

in pit of stomach, Ant. Bry. Calad. 

Calc. Cannab. Nice Rat. 

— towards spine, Sep. 

Digging, Graph. Kali-c. Staph. Sulph. 

— pit of stomach, Am. Phosp. Sabad. 

Distention, Ars. Calc. Caps. Con. Dulc. 
Hell. Ip. Lyc. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Rat. 
Sabin. Sacch. 

— before eating, Croc. 

— pit of stomach, Ars. Bell. Calc. Cic. 
Dapli. Hell. Hep. Merc-cor. A T ux. Op. 

— sensation of, Mang. 

Dragging downwards, sensation of, Merc. 
Drawing, sensation, of Amn-m. Ars. Bry. 

Mang. Ntr-c. 
Earth in stomach, sensation of, Millef. 
Emptiness, sensation of, Amm-c. Ant. 

Bry. Bufo. Calad. Caust. Con. Croc. 

Croton. Dig.Gels. Glon. Grat. Gum-gut. 

Hell. Hipp. Igt. Ip. Kali-jod. 

Lac-can. Meph. Merc-jod. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nice. Phosp. Plb. Ruta. Sang. 

Seneg. Senna. Sep. Staph. Sulph. Tart. 

Teucr. Verb. 

— with sense of fulness in abdomen, 

Extension, sense of in pit of stomach, 

Faintish, pit of stom'ach, Alum. Brom. 


Hep. Laur. Nitr. 
Fermentation in pit of stomach, Croc. 
Flabbiness, Euph. Ip. Merc. Spong. 

Tabac. Thea. 
Fulness, sense of, Aeon. Amm-c. Ant. 

Am. Ars. Asar. Asa-f. Bar-c. Bell. Bov. 

Calc. Camph. Canth. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

Case. Cast. Cham. Chin. Chin-sulph. 

Cocc. Croton. Cycl. Daph. Dig. Fluor-ac. 

Grat Hell. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. |ac-cor. 

Kali-c. Lach. Lachn. Laur. Lith. Lob. 

Lyc. Mang. Merc. Mez. Millef. Mosch. 

Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-s. Nice. Nux-jug. 

Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. Op. 'Par. Petr. 

Phell. Phosp. Plat. Prun. Ran-sc. Rheum. 

Rhus. Sabin. Stann. Staph. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tart. 

— as if of undigested food, Kobalt. 

— oppressing the breathing, Ntr-s. Nux-m. 

— more in the morning, Ran-sc. 

— in evening in bed, Ntr-s. 
Gangrene of stomach, Sec-c. 

Gnawing, Amm-m. Ars. Calad. Chelid. 
Colch. Cupr. Glon. Iod. Lith. Lvc. 
Millef. Ntr-c. Nitr. Nux. Ox-ac . Rata. 

— left side, Arg-n. 

Gurgling, Anac. Carb-an. Croc. Croton. 
Fluor-ac. Kali-jod. Lact. Laur. Lob. 
Meny. Sacch. Teucr. Thea. Verb. 

— when drinking, Cina. Cupr. Laur. Thuj. 
Hardness, sensation of in pylorus, Creos. 
Heat, Bar-c. Chin-sulph. Cinnab. Hy- 

droc-ac. Kali-chl. Mang. Mez. Ntr-m. 
Phosp. Pod. Sass. 

— in pit of stomach, Apis. Phosp. 
Hepatic eruption at pit of stomach, Ars. 
Jerksat pit of stomach, Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. 


Induration. Ars. Bar-c. Con. Lyc. Mez. 

Nux. Phosp. Thuj. Verat. 
Inflation, Ars. Calc. Caps. Con. Dulc. 

Hell. Ip. Lyc. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Rat. 

Sabin. Sacch. 
Inflamation, Aeon. Ant. Apis. Ars. Asa-f. 

Bar-c. Bell. Bism. Brom. Bry. Camph. 

Canth. Chelid. Euph. Hell. Hydroc-ac. 

Iod. Ip. Kali-jod. Lach. Laur. Mez. 

Nitr. Nux. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Ran-b. 

Ran-sc. Sabad. Sang. Scill. Sec-c. Stram. 

Tereb. Verat. 
Jumping, sensation of, Croc. 
Lime as if burned or slacked in stomach, 


Living, as if something were in stomach. 

Movements in stomach, Ntr-m. Nitr. Ol-an. 
Narrow, pylorus feels too, Calc. Chin. 

Lyc. Nux. Phosp. Sulph. 
Numbness, sensation of, Cast. 
Obstruction of pylorus, sensation of, Lach. 

Nux. Phosp. 



Open, as if stomach stood, sensation, 

Oppression in pit of stomach, Bell. Bry. 

Cocc. Coff. Creos. Mosck. Plat. Prun. 

Sabad. Sec-c. Teucr. 
Over-eating as from, pain, Ant. Cycl. 

Rheum. Tart. 
Pain, Arn. Ars. Bell. Brom. Br}'. Cist. Cocc. 

Corn-c. Creos. Cupr. Elat. Jatr. Iod. 

Lyc. Rumex. Zing. 

— pain horrid and indescribable sick 
feeling, Ip. 

— which compels one to eat, Graph. 

— in pit of stomach after retrogression of 
small pox, Millef. 

as if something were tearing 

off, Petr. 

Painfulncss when pressed upon, Apis. 
Bry. Calc. Ntr-m. Nux. Ol-an. Si/. 

— when stepping, Bar-c. 
talking, Ntr-m. 

touched, Ant. Bry. Colch. Coloc. 

Hj 'osc. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. N^tr-m. 

Nux. Phosp. Spig. Sulph. 

walking or coughing, Hell. 

Pains violent, Ars. Aur. Cupr. Hell. 

Hydroc-ac. Iod. Ip. Lach. Merc. 

Phosp. Plb. Ran-b. Ran-sc. Sec-c. 

Stann. Verai. 

— sudden, Elaps. 

— when nursing, Carb-veg. 

— at cardiac orifice on swallowing food, 
Alum. Bry. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 

Periodical pain, Hyosc. Igt. Lyc. 
Pinching, nipping, Arn. Asar. Calc. 
Cannab. Graph. Kali-c. Plat. Puis. 

in pit of stomach, Calc. Cannab. 

Cocc. I p. 

Pregnant women, in, pain, Puis. 
Pressing in pit of stomach, Coff. 
Pressure, Aeon. Agar. Alum. Ambr. Anac. 

Arg-n. Ars. Asar. Asa-/. Bar-c. 

Bar-m. Bell. Berb. Bism. Brom. Bry. 

Calad. Calc. Cannab. Canth. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Case. Caust. Cic. Chin. Coff. 

Coloc. Con. Dig. Dulc. Elat. Ferr. 

Fluor-ac. Graph. Grat. Hep. Hyper. 

Iod. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-jod. Lach.Z<7f/. 

Lanr. Led. Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 

Meph. Merc. Mez. Mosch. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nice. Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. 

Op. Osm. Ox-ac. Par. Petr. Phosp. 

Plat. Plb. Puis. Rheum. Rhod. Rhus. 

Sabin. Sarnb. Sett/. Sec-c. Seneg. Sep. 

Sil. Spong. Stann. Stram. Stront. 

Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tart. Tereb. 

Thea. Verat. Verb. Zinc. 
Pressure in pit of stomach. Aeon. Agar. 

Amm-c. Anac. Arg. Arn. Asar. Aur. 

Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Bov. Calc. Cannab. 

Caust. Cham. Chin. Coloc. Cupr. 

Cycl. Dig. Grat. Hell. Hep. 

Hvdroc-ac, Hyper. Igt. Jac-cor. Kali-c. 

Kali-chl. Kalm. Lact. Lob. Lyc. 
Mang. Merc, \ti-m. Nti-nitr. Nttr. 
Nux. Ol-an. Pa:on. Plat. Plb. Prun. 
Puis. Ran-b. Kan-sc. Rhod. Rhus. 
Sass. Sep. Stann. Staph, fart. Teucr. 
Tereb. Thuj. Valtr. Verat. Zinc. 

— as if heart were being crushed, Ars. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Nux. 

— after each meal with vomiting of ingesta, 
Bry. Caps. Cham. Nux. Puis. 

— as from a weight, Aeon. Arn. Ars. "Brom. 
Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Cham. Elaps. 
Fluor-ac Hep. Kali-b. Merc. Nux. Par. 
Phosp-ac. Rhus. Scill. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. 
Spig. Staph. Zing. 

of a cold stone, Aeon. Colch. 

from a weight in pit of stomach, 

Ars. Cact. Fluor-ac. Giat. Lob. Spiy. 


— from the clothes, Amm-c. Bry. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Coff. Creos. 
Kali-b. Lach. Lith. Lyc. Nux. Spong. 

Pulsation in pit of stomach, Ars. 

Asa-f. Bell. Chin. Dros. Graph. Iod. 

Jac-cor. Kali-c. Lach. Lam.Mgn-m.Ntr in. 

Nitr-ac. Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Sulph. 

Tart. Thuj. (compare Throbbing.) 
Red spots on pit of stomach, Ntr-m. 
Relaxed, stomach feels, Ip. Lob. Raph. 

Staph. Sulph-ac. 
Rending, tearing, in pit of stomach, Aeth.' 

Colch. Dig. Rhus. Ruta. Sep. Zinc. 
Restlessness, Canth. 
Retraction sense of, Dig. Hell. Mur-ac. 

— pit of stomach, Calad. Dulc. Lach. 
Rolling, rumbling, Carb-an. Caust. Chin. 

Croc. Croton. Hell. Kali-jod. Laur. 
Lyc. Meny. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Sulph. Teucr. Thea. Verb. 
Scraping, Hell. 

Sensitiveness, Amm-c. Amm-m. Ars. 
Bar-c. Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. Cocc-c. 
Colch. Creos. Croton. Elat. Fluor-ac. 
Glon. Hep. Hipp-m. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Nux. Ol-an. Phyt. Sulph-ac. 
Tereb. Verat. 

— to pressure, Bry. Calc. Lach. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Ol-an. Sil. 

talking, Ntr-c. 

touch, Aeon. Ant. Ars. Bry. Camph. 

Cannab. Canth. Cham. Colch. Coloc. 
Creos. Croton. Hyosc. Lach. 
Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. 
Phosp. Puis. Sacch. Sulph. Tereb. 
Tilia. Verat. 

— when walking, Calc. Phosp. 

Shocks, blows in pit of stomach, Ntr-c. 
Nux. Plat. 

Shuddering in pit of stomach, Bell. Caust. 
Sickly feeling, Croc. Croton., Diad. 

Kali-jod. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mosch. 

Sabad. Sil. Sulph. Tart. Teucr. Thea. Verat. 


I I I 

Sinking in pit of stomach, Igt. Jatr. 

before meals, Sulph. 

after meals. Dig. 

Soreness, Ang. Bar-c. Bry. Chin. Cinnab. 
Colch. Con. Daph. Mosch. Nux. Sabad. 
Zinc. • 

— inside, Eupion. 

— pit of stomach, Alum. Con. Mang. 
Merc-jod. Ran-b. Ran-sc. 

Spasmodic pain, Bar-m. Calc. Cocc. Con. 
Dulc. Ferr. Igt. 

pit of stomach, Ang. Chelid. Zinc. 

Stinging, stitches. Bell. Berb. Bry. Chelid. 
Cofl". Con. Hydroc-ac. ' igt. Kali c. 
Nitr. Nitr-ac. Ol-an. Sep. Sulph. 

pit of stomach, Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. 

Am. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Herb. Borax. 
Bov. Bry. Calad. Calc. Canth. Caps. 
Carb-an. Caust. Chelid. Chin. Coff. 
Creos. Croc. C rot on. Cupr. Cycl. 
Dros. Euph. Graph. Igt. Iod. Ip. 
Jac-cor. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Nice. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Pod. Puis Ran-sc. 
Rheum. Rhod. Ruta. Sabin. Samb. 
Sep. Staph. Sulph, Tabac. Tail. Zinc. 
Strain, pain as of a strain, Borax. Nitr. 

Swelling in pit of stomach, Aeon. Amm-c. 

Aur. Calc. Cham. Cic. Cocc c. CofF. 

Hep. Hipp-m. Igt. Kali-b. bye Ntr-m. 

Nux. Petr. Sulph. Thuj. 
Tension, Aeon. Asa-f. Bry. Carb-veg. 

Clem. Croton. Kali-c. Mgn-m. Merc. 


— in pit r>f stomach, Aeon. Ang. Ant. 
Cham. Croton. Nux. Ran-sc .Stann. Tar. 

Throbbing in pit of stomach, Aeon. Asa-f. 

Calad. Cact. Chelid. Chin. Cic. Croc. 

Dros. Hydroc-ac. Iod. [p. Kali-c. 

Lachn. Mgn-m» Oleand. Plat. Rheum. 

Rhus. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. 

with nausea, Ntr-c. 

Tingling, Colch. Rhus. 

— pit of stomach, Ind. Puis. 

Torn away as if something were, Poth. 

Turning sensation, Nitr. Ol-an. 
Ulcerous pain, Cannab. Mgn-m. Rat. Rhus. 

pit of stomach, Cast. Hell. Ntr-m. 


relieved by eating, Gum-gut. 

Undulation sense of, after meals, Phosp-ac. 
Uneasiness, Croton. Grat. Phosp. Sabad. 

— as after a severe disease, Mur-ac. 
Warmth sense of, Case. Nux-m. Seneg. 

rising to head and chest, Bar-m. 

pit of stomach, Bry. S.ibad, 

Water as if full of, sensation, Millef. Ol-an. 

Weakness sensation of, Bar-m. Dig. Igt. 
Lob. Merc-jod. Petr. 

pit of stomach, Croc. Lob. Nitr. 

— like faintness, after congestion in head 
and nape of neck, Tellur. 

Winding twisting sensation, Ntr-m. 
Worm, sensation of, Lach. 
In the morning pain, Anac. Chin. Lyc. 
Mgn-s. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp. Puis. 
Ran-sc. Staph. Sulph. 

evening, pain, Alum. Carb-an. Lob. 

Lyc. Phosp. Puis. Sep. Sulph-ac. 

relieved, Lyc. 

At night, Alum. Amm-c. Ars. Calc. 

Carb-veg. Cham. Con. Graph. Igt. 

Kali-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Puis. 

Rhod. Rhus. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

in bed, Ntr-s. 

Open air, Lyc. Nux. 

Bed, warmth of, relieved, Graph. Lyc. 

Bending double, Kalm. 

relieved, Cham. Lact. 

Brandy, Igt. 

Bread, eating, relieved, Staph. 

Breathing, pain in pit of stomach, Anac. 

Caps. Cocc-c. 
Chill during a, Lob. 

After a cold, Carb-veg. Caust. Lyc. 

By cold drinks, relieved, Phosp. 

— drinking. Am. Iris. 
quickly, Sil. 

From contradiction, Carb-veg. 

— disappointment, Carb-veg. 
By eating, Am. Cact. 

After eating, Lob. 

By eating, relieved, Cham. Chelid. Iris. 
Lith. Mez. Ntr-s. Ox-ac. Raph. Sacch. 

— eructations, relieved, Nice. Nux-jug. 
Paeon. Rat. 

When exercising, Ang. Bry. Cannab. 

Caust. Cupr. 

fasting, Lob. 

From flatulent food, Carb-veg. 

By emission of flatus, relieved, Lact. 

From loss of animal fluids, Carb-veg. 


— fright, Carb-veg. 

By lying down, relieved, Amm-c. Bell. 

Caust. Chin. Graph. Stann. 
When lying on the side, Bry. Cupr. 

— pressed upon, Aeon. Bry. Calc. Colch. 
Igt. Lach. Ntr-m. Ol-an. Ran-sc. Sabad. 
Samb. Sil. 

From a misstep, Aloe. Bry. Puis. Rhus. 
By rest relieved, Cham, (compare Lying 

When sitting, Elaps. Hep. Puis. Sulph. 
From speaking, pain pit of stomach, Caps. 

When stepping, Anac. Bry. Hell. Mgn-m. 

— when stooping, Alum. Glon. Kalm. 


From a strain, Arn. Bry. Rhus. 

When stretching, pain pit of stomach, 


— swallowing food, Bar e. Nitr-ac. Sep. 
From touch. Ant. Arn. Ars. Aiir. Bar-c. 

Bry. Calc. Canth. Coloc. Creos. Croton. 
Cupr. Hyosc. Lach. Lye. Merc-cor. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Spig. Stann. Sulpli. Tereb. 

Vomiting, relieved by, Hyosc. 
Walking, when, Bell. Calc. Phosp. Poth. 

— after, pain in pit of stomach, Calad. 
With anxiety, Bov. Cham. Croton. Op. 

Ran-sc. Sabad. 

— apathy, Kali-chl. 

— asthma, Alum. ('ham. Chelid. Cocc. 
Dulc. Guaj. Hell. Lvc. Ntr-s. Nux-m. 
Phosp. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. Spig. 
St ram. 

— chest, spasms in, Lyc. Nux. Sep. 
oppression of, Nux. 

— chilliness, Amm-c. Kali-chl. Lyc. 

— constant desire to eat, Raph. 

— deadness of hands, Lyc. 

— despair, Ant. 

— diarrhoea, Calc-ph. Staph. 

— eructations, Kali-chl. Grat. Lach. Rhus. 
bitter, Stann. 

sour, Mgn-c. 

— eructate, desire to, Grat. 

— face, pale, Cannab. Mgn-c. Sfann. 

— fainting, Laur. Nitr. 

— flatulency, Carb-veg. 

— headache, Bov. Calc-ph. Sang. 

— heat in head, Caust. 

— hunger, Meny, Raph. Verat. 

— loins, pain in, Borax. 

— mouth, bitterness in, Lyc. 

With nausea, Amm-c. Ars. Calad. Caps. 
Croc. Croton. Dig. Grat. Lact. Mgn-m. 
Mgn-s. Mang. Meph. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Puis. Sec-c. Stann. Sulph. Tabac. Tart. 

— peevishness, Bry. 

— perspiration, Cannab. Cham. 

suppressed, Cham. Chelid. Qftt, 

Dulc. Guaj. Hell. Ntr-s. Nux-m. 
Phosp. Rhod. Rhus. Spig. Stram. 

— rattling in throat, Cannab. 

— retching, Lach. Nux. 

— restlessness, Cham. Mang. 

— shuddering, Caust. 

— speechlessness, from violent pain in 
stomach, Laur. 

— suicide, inclination to commit, Ant. 

— taste bitter, Lyc 

— thirst, Verat. 

— vomiting, Bry. Calc. Dig. Graph. Ip. 
Kali-c Lach. Nux. Puis. Sulph. 

billious, loci . 

of what has been eaten, Calc. Phosp. 


— weakness, Calc-ph. Ntr-m. Sabad. 


16. Hypochondres, Kidneys, Diaphragm, 
Liver and Spleen. 

Abbreviations : — -hyp,, hypochondres, kid., kidneys, dia. , diaphragm, liv. 


Abscess ol liv., Lach. Sil. 

Aching in hyp. , Bell. Chin. Hyosc. Kali-c. 

Merc. Ntr-c. Puis. Sulph. Zinc. 
Anxiety in hyp., Cham. Phosp-ac. Staph. 
Bandage, as if a, around hyp., sensation, 

Con. Lyc. 

Beaten, as if. hyp., Carb-veg. Cocc. Cupr. 
Lach. Ox-ac. Ran-b. 

liv., Carb-veg. Clem. Lact. 

sp., Sass. 

Blood boils in region of liv., Nux-jug. 
Boring, hyp., Seneg. Sep. 

— liv., Amm-c. 

Breath, pain, obstructing, Igt. Kali-c. Staph. 

sp., Amm-m. Am. 

Bruise, pain as of, in liv., Creos. 
Burning, dia., Asa-f. 

— hyp.. Aeon. Aeth. Bell. Cannab. Caust. 
Chelid. Grat. Graph. Plat. Seneg. Spig. 
Tabac. Tong. , 

— kid., Bell. Bufo. Canth. Hep. Kali-b. 

left, Benz-ac. Lachn. 

— liv., Aeon. Amm-c. Bry. Gum-gut. 
Kali-c. Lach. Merc. Mur-ae. Stann. 
Staph. Tereb. 

— sp., Bell. Igt. Sec-c. 

Colic, renal, Berb. Ind. Nux-m. Ocim. 
Sass. Zinc. 

with vomiting, anguish, red urine, 

brick dust, or bloody sediment, 

Compression, dia., Op. 

— liv,. Ars. 

Constriction, Asar. Nux. 

— hyp., Aeon Con. Dig. Dros. 
Contraction, dia., Asar. Mez. 

— hyp., Nux. 

— kid., Clem. 

— liv., Canth. 
Cramps, dia., Stann. Zinc. 

— kid., Ocim. 

Cutting, hvp.. Ang. Kali-b. Nice. Tong. 

kid., Berb. Canth. Clem. Merc. 


— liv., Ang. Carb-veg. Lach. 

sp., Crotal. Verb. 

Digging, hyp., Asa-f. Seneg. 

— liv., Lact. Sabad. 

Diseases in, general of kid., Berb. Cocc. 
Colch. Lyc. Nux-m. Nux. Plb. Sass. 

sp., Plb. 

Distention, hvp., Bell. Igt. 
1 — liv., Sil. 
I — sp., Brom. Iod.. 

! Drawing, hyp., Berb. Calc Puis, Teucr. 
I — kid , Clem. Nux-m. Tereb. 

— liv., Brv. Con. Lact. Ntr-m. Sabad. 

— sp., Berb. Cupr. Sulph. 

Dull pain in liv., Chin-sulph. Hyosc. 
Flatus, pain in spleen, as fiom, Mcph. 
Fulness sense of, hvp., Aeon. Ant. Cham. 
Igt. Sulph. 

liv., Creos. Pod. 

Gangrene, liv., Sec-c. 
Gnawing, liv., Ruta. 
Gurgling in left hyp., Lyc. 
sp., Verb. 

Hardness, hyp., Borax. Brv. Chin-sulph. 

— liv., Ars. Calc. Cannab. Chin. Graph. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Nux. Sil. 

— sp., Agn. Ars. Caps. Chin. Igt. Iod. 

Ran-b. Sulph. 
Heat in liv., sensation of, Aloe. Sabad. 

— from chest to liv., Sang. 

Heaviness, sensation of, byp., Aeon. 
Nux-m. Sulph. 

liv., Ars. Kali-c. Lact. Nux. Phosp-ac. 

sp., Sulph. 

Induration, liv., Ars. Calc. Chin. Graph. 
Lact. Laur. Lvc. Mgn-m. Nux. Sacch. 

after abuse of quinine, Nux. 

— sp., Ang. Brom. Chin. 
Inflammation, dia., Aeon. Brv. Cham. 

Cocc. Hyosc. Nux. Puis. 

— kid., Aeon. Bell. Cannab. Canth. Cocc. 
Colch. Hep. Merc. Sulph. Thuj. 

— liv., Aeon. Bell. Bry. Canth. Cham. Chin. 
Cocc. Igt. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-m. 
Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Sec-c. 
Sep. Sulph. 

chronic, Lach. Lyc. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Ran-sc. Selen. Sulph. 



Inflamation, sp., Aeon. Arn. Ars. Chin. 

Cupr. Igt. Nux. Sulph. 
jerks, hyp., Kerb. Lact. Nux. Puis. Stann. 

— kid., Canth. Ran-sc. 

— liv., Croc. Valer. 

Liver, affections of, Arn. Bell. Calc. 

Canth. Lach. Mgn-m. Merc. N'tr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Sulph. 
Lump, sensation of in liv., Tabac. 

in sp., Sulph. 

Miliary eruption in region of liv., Selen. 
Obstruction in liv., Chin. Nux-m. 

sp., Chin. Nux-m. 

Oppression, hyp., Nux. 
Pain across kid., Phyt. 

— from kid., to hip, cannot straighten, 

Painfulness in general, hyp., Bell. Chin. 
Ntr-c. Sulph. 

— hyp., right, during pregnancy, Phyt. 
left, Merc-jod. Pallad Sang. 

— kid., All-cep. Alum. Berb. Cannah. 
Cocc. Colch. Nux. Ox-ac. Plb. Zing. 

— liv., Aeon. Aeth Amir. Chin. Clem. Iod. 
Iris. Kalm. Lyc. Mgn-m. Millef. Pallad. 
Pod. Psor. Sulph. 

— sp., Chin. Iod. Kobalt. Me/.. Ntr-m. 
Pallad. Sacch. 

Perspiration, hyp., Iris. 
Pinching, hyp., Ip. 

— liv., Lyc. Ntr-m. 

— sp., 11 A. M. Fluor-ac. 
Pressing, dia., Viol-tr. 

— hyp., Aeon. Ambr. Berb. Borax. Case. 
Chin. Con. Croton. Mang. Mur-ac. 
Phosp-ac. Rhod. Spong. Sulph. Verat. 

expansive. Calc. 

— kid., Canth. Kali-c. Ran-sc. Tereb. Thuj. 

— liv., Aeon. Agn. Aloe. Ambr. Amm-c. 
Anac. Arn. Ars. Asa-f. Berb. Calc. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Chin. Cocc. Con. 
Creos. Dig. Graph. Kali-c. Lact. Laur. 
Lith. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Nux-m. Nux. 
Ol-an. ' Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Prun. 
Ran-sc. Raph. Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. Sep. 
Stann. Sulph. Tabac. Tereb. Thuj. 

with obstruction of breathing, Aeon. 

— sp., Borax. Creos. Igt. Nitr-ac. Ol-an. 
Stann. Sulph. 

Pressure from clothes around hyp., 
Amm-m. Brv. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Chin. Coff. Creos. Hep. Nux. Spong. 

sp., Fluor-ac. Kali-b. Ntr-m. 


Pricking, sp., Ruta. 
Pulsation, sp., Ran-b. 
Rending, tearing, hyp., Teucr. 

— kid , Berb. Canth. 

— liv., Clem. Con. Creos. 

— sp., Ambr. Con. 

Rheumatic pain in region of liv., Mcph. 
Rumbling in sp., Verb. 
Scraping liv.. Sabad. 
Sensation want of, in sp., Ars. 
Smarting in sp., Asar. 
Softening of liv., Lach. 

Soreness, hyp., Alum. Brv. Pint. 

— kid., Cinnab. Hipp-m. Zinc. 
right, Phyt. 

left, Bcnz-ac. 

— liv., Aeon. Amm-c. Carb-an. Dig. 
Eupat. Lyc. Ntr-s. Pallad. Raph. 

beating, worse from motion, walking, 

lving on left side, breathing, 

— sp., Asar. Ran-b. 
Spasmodic pain, dia., Lyc. Ntr-m. 

hyp., Mur-ac. Phosp-ac. Rhod. Stann. 


liv., Phosp-ac. Zinc. 

kid., Sulph. 

sp., Stann. 

Spasms of dia., Stann. 

Sprain, sensation of, in liv., Kali-c. Lyc. 
Squeezing, liv., Lact. 
Sticking in kid. and pain as if torn, Mez. 
Stinging stitches, dia., Spig. Viol-tr. 
hyp., Aeth. Ars. Asa-f. Aur. Berb. Bry. 

Carb-veg. Graph. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lyc. 

Nitr-ac. Phosp. Pod. Puis. Rhod. 

Sabad. Sabin. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 


right, Hyper. 

left. Ntr-c. Sep. 

kid., Aeon. Aeth. Bell. Berb. Canth. 

Chin. Croton. Cycl. Dig. Kali-c. 

Hep. Nitr. Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. Valer. 

right, Lob. 

liv., Aeon. Agar. Alum. Amm-m. 

Asar. Berb. Bry. Calc. Canth. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Cocc. Con. 
Creos. Cycl. Hep. Kali-c. Lact. 
Laur. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Merc-jod. Mosch. Ntr-i . 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Ntr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. 
Ol-an. Ox-ac. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Ran-b. Ran-sc. Sabad. Selen. 
Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tabac. Zinc. 

to thighs, Kobalt. 

sp., Agar. Amm-m. Arn. Bell. 

Carb-veg. Chin. Con. Hep. Kali-b. 
Mgn-s. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr. 
Ol-an. Psor. Ran-sc. Rhod. Sass. 
Selen. Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tabac. Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

Suppuration of kid., Canth. 
Swelling, of hyp., Aeon. Aur. Bry. 



Swelling liv., Ars. Bar-m. Ccal. Cannab. 

Chin. Dolich.Lach.Lact.Laui.Lyc. Merc. 

Nux-m. Nux. Sacch. Sulph. 
after abuse of quinine, Nux. . 

— sp., Agn. Ars. Caps. Chin. Gymnoc. 
Igt. Iod. Ruta. Sacch. 

after ague suppressed bv quinine, 


Tension, hyp., Aeon. Bell. Calc. Case. 
Cham. Chin-sulph. Con. Dig. Graph. 
Lyc. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Nux. Puis. Sep. 
Staph. Sulph. Verat. 

— liv., Aloe. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cimex. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-m. Murex. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. Sulph. 

— sp., Nitr-ac. Rhod. Sulph. 
Throbbing, hyp., Aeon. Graph. Puis. 

— kid., Canth. 

— liv., Ntr-s. Nux. Sep. Sil. 

— sp., Grat. Ran-b. Ruta. 

Torn off, as if something were in sp., 

Ulcerous pain, hyp., Chin-sulph. Puis. 

liv., Laur. Sil. 

Uneasiness in liv., Aloe. 
Warmth, sense of liv. , Sabad. 
Morning, in pain, hvp., Staph. 

liv., Bry. 

sp., Amm-m. 

Evening, pain, sp., Mgn-s. 
Bending body, pain, kid., Chin. 

liv., Cocc. 

Breakfast, after, pain, liv., Graph. 
Breathing, when, pain, hyp.. Asa-f. Kali-c. 

liv., Bry. Selen. 

sp., Agar. 

deep, pain in hyp., Ran-sc. 

in liv., Psor. 

stitches in liv., Aloe. 

relieved, Ox-ac. 

in sp., Bry. Chin. Mosch. Ntr-c 

Ran-sc. Sabad. Sulph. 

Coughing, when, pain, hyp., Dros. Sang. 

— liv., Bry. Cocc. Psor. 

Eructations relieved, by Pallad. 
Exercising when, pain in hyp., Sep. Zinc. 

liv., Ang. Iris. Merc. Nitr-ac. 


sp., Kali-b. Ran-b. 

Lying on right side, when, pain in liv.. 

Mgn-m. Psor. 
Pregnancy, during, pain, hyp., Puis. 
Pressed upon, when pain, hyp., Aeon. 

relieved, left hyp., Sang. 

liv., Berb. Bry. Clem. Psor, 

Sabad. Selen. Tabac. 

relieved, Mcrc-jod. 

sp., Igt. 

Riding in a carriage, pain, hyp., Borax. 

liv. , Sep. 

sp., Borax. Lach. 

Sitting down, when, pain, kid., Valer. 

— when pain, hyp., Puis. 
liv., Amm-c. 

Stooping when, pain, dia., Lyc. Ntr-c. 
hyp., Alum. 

liv., Alum. ("ale. Clem. Cocc. 

Kali-c Lyc. 
sp., Rhod. 

Touched when pain hyp., Aur. Cupr. 

Dros. Ran-b. 
liv., Aeth. Agar. Bry. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Chin. Clem. Lyc. 

Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-s. Nux. Sep. 


Walking, when, pain, hvp., Zinc. 
kid., Clem. 

liv., Hep. Mgn-m. Ntr-s. Psor. 


sp., Arn, Hep. Igt. Lach. Rhod. 


With giddiness, pain, hyp., Calc. 
! — necessity to lie down, pain, liv., 

— obscuration of sight, pain, hyp., 

— vomiting, pain, liv., Bry. 




17. Abdomen, Groin, Flatulency. 


Abbreviations: — abd., abdomen; int., abdominal integument : MAT,, navel 


Aching in abd., Ars. Bell. Calc. Canst 
Cham. Chin. Cocc. Coloc. Cupr. Hyosc. 
Igt. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Nux. Puis. 
Snl ph. Verat. 

Adhesion, sense of, hvpog., Sep. 

— as if intestines adhered to nav. , Verb. 
Arthritic pains which suddenly wander 

from extremities to abd., Daph. 
Ascites, Aeon. Agn. Apis. Ars. Bry. 
Cannab. Canth. Caust. Chin. Colch. 
Crotal. Dig. Dulc. Euph. Igt. Kali-c. 
Hell. Lact. Led. Lyc. Merc. Millcf. 
Nux. Prun. Sabin. Sacch. Scill. Sep. 
Spong. Sulph. 

— sacculated, Cannab. Chin. Sacch. 

— from glandular affections, Merc. 

— with a fold over pubic region, Colch. 

induration of liver and asthma, Lact. 

Hearing down, ing. , Calc. Cham. Kali-jod. 

Mgn-s. Teucr. 
sid., Phosp. 

Beaten, as if, abd., Amm-c. Ang. Arg. 
Ars. Aur. Cannab. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cham. Chin. Cocc. Coloc. Con. Ferr. 
Hep. Igt. Kali-jod. Lam. Led. Mgn-m. 
Merc-cor. Ntr-s. Ran-b. Ruta. Sabad. 
Samb. Sep. Staph. Stram. Sulph. Verat. 

when lying on right side, Merc. 

hypog. , and ing., Valer. 

int., Nux. Plb. Sabad. Sulph. Valer. 

ing., left, Dolich. 

nav., Ox-ac. 

sid. , Ang. Nux. 

right, Ang. Camph. 

Blood congestion of to abd., Chenop. 
Lact. Merc. Nux. 

— stagnation in abd., Bell. Bry. Dig. Nux. 
Puis. Sulph. 

— in abd., flowing backwards, sensation, 

Hard body, sensation of, moving in abd., 

abd., Ars. Carb-veg. 
Phosp. Sabad. Sep. 


Boring in abd., Aloe. Arg. Ars. Calad. Cina. 

Coloc. Dig. Sabad. Seneg. Sep. Tar. 

epig., Seneg. 

hypog., Sabad. 

sid., Par. 

Brownish spots on 

Kali-c. Nitr-ac. 

Bruising pain, abd. 

epig.. Stann. 

integ. , Sulph. 

sid., Arn. Coloc. Ferr. 

Bubbling in abd., Hell. Phosp-ac. Tar. 
Burning in abd., Aeon. Alum. Amm-c. 

Amm-m. Apis. Ars. Bell. Berb. Bov. 

Bry. Calc. Camph. Canth. (Japs. 

Carb-an. Caust. Cham. Chelid. Cocc. 

Colch. Coloc. Cop. Crotal. Dulc.Eugen. 

Euph. Euphr. Graph. Grat. Hydroc-ac. 

Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lach. Lour. Lyc. 

Mgn-s. Merc. Merc-sulph. Mercurial. 

Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. Ol-an. 

Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. 

Raph. Ran-b. Rat. Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. 

Sass. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. 

Stront. Thuj. Verat. 

left side of pelvis, Amm-c. Graph. 

Lac-can. Plat. Ruta. Sep. 

epig., Calad. Camph. Canth. Cham. 


hypog., Camph. Lac-can. 

Phosp-ac. Stram. 

int., Berb. Selen. 

nav., Aeon. Berb. Bov. Calc. 

Carb-veg. Cham. Crotal. 

Kali-jod. Lach. Mgn-s. 

Merc-jod. Ntr-c. Ol-an. Phosp-ac. 

Plat. Raph. Sabad. Sulph-ac. Tilia. 

sid.. Rat. 

in small spots, Ox-ac. 

Burst, as if it should, pain, abd., Anac. 

Coff. Sep. Valer. 
when walking, Lac-can. Lach. 





Catamania, pain, abd., as if the, would 
appear.Cina. Croc. Kali-c. Lam. Mgn-c. 
Mosch. Mur-ac. Sep. Stann. Tilia. 
Chilliness, abd., Ars. Kali-c. Par. Phosp. 
Plb. Sec-c. Sulph. 

upper part, Ars. Camph. Kali-c. 

Mang. Oleand. Sec-c. Sulph. 

disposition to suffer from, Caust. 


Chill commences in abd., Calc. 
Clawing in abd., Carb-an. Coloc. Hep. Ip. 
Mosch. Sep. Zinc. 

— epig., Mosch. 

— hypog.. Bell. Lyc. Puis. 

— nav., Aeon. Stann. 

— vig., Kali-jod. 

Coldness, sense of in abd., Aeon. Aeth. 

Alum. Ambr. Ars. Asa-f. Bell. Berb. 

Bov. Calc. Camph. Caust. Chin. Cist. 

Colch. Creos. Croton.Eugen.Grat. Hell. 

Hipp. Hydroc-ac. Kali-c. Laur. Meny. 

Merc-sulph. Mercurial. Oleand. Petr. 

Phell. Phosp. Plb. Pod. Rat. Ruta. 

Sabad. Sass. Sec-c. Seneg. Sep. Sulph. 

Tereb. Zinc. 
one side only, Ambr. 

— int.. Ambr. Tereb. 

— nav., Rat. 

Colic, Aloe. Alum. Arg-n. Asar. Bell. Bov. 
Calc. Cannab. Caps. Carb-veg. Canth. 
Chin. Coff. Colch. Coloc. Con. Cop. 
Croc. Croton. Cub. Cupr. Diosc. Elaps. 
Euph. Ferr. Haematox, Hipp. Hyosc. 
Iod. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Laur. 
Led.Mgn-m. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-c.Ntr-m. 
Ntr-s. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Ox-ac. 
Pallad. Petr. Phosp. Plb. Pod. Puis. 
Ran-b. Rhus. Rumex. Sass. Sec-c. Senna. 
Sil. Spig. Sulph. Verat. 

— dry, Coloc. 

— alternates with affections of eyes, Euphr. 

— anger, from, Cham. 

— clutching with the nails, as if. Bell. 


— cold, from a, as if diarrhoea would set 
in, Dulc. 

— compelling to walk bent, Puis. Rhus. 

— constipation, from, Sil. 

— convulsions, with Sec-c. 

— dysenteric, Led. 

— every evening, Led. 

— hemmorrhoids, from, Carb-veg. Coloc. 
Lach. Nux. Puis. Sulph. Valer. 

— morning, in, 5 a. m., Kobalt. 

— paralysis, of lower extremities, with, 

— periodical, Igt. Lac-can. Nux. Sulph. 
with diarrhoea, Gels. 

daily, Arn. Diad. Ntr-m. 

— restlessness, with, Ars. Bell. 

— torpor of liver, with, Sang. 

— weakness from, or loss of annimal 
fluids, Chin. 

— worms, from, in children, Cic. Ruta. 
Sabad. Sil. Valer. 

— yellow hands, with, and blue nails, Sil. 

— relieved by lying down, Merc. 
Colic, painter's, Alum. Op. Plat. 
Collapsed, abd., Euph. 

Compressing pain in abd., Ambr. Hvper. 

nav., Aeon. 

ing. , Igt. Thuj. 

sid., left, Berb. 

Congestion (portal system,) Aloe. Kali-chl. 
Contracting pain in abd., Amm-c. Bell. 

Berb. Calc. Caust. Coloc. Creos. Dig. 

Gels. Hep. Kali-c. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-c. 

Mang. Merc. Mosch. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 

Nux. Ol-an. Phosp. Rhus. Sabin. Sass. 

Sulph. Tar. Thuj. 

nav., Bell. Phosp. 

ing., Rat. 

Contraction of abd., Dros. Hep. Ferr. 
Lach. Plb. Rhus. 

muscles, Arg. Ferr. Ntr-nitr. 

Sabad. Scill. 
in walking, Arg. 

— hypog., Con. Rhus. 

— in ing., Rat. 

— nav., Ntr-c. Phosp. Plb. 

as of a hard twisted ball Creos. 

— of intestines and pressure from above 

downwards, as if bowels would be 
pressed outwards, Sass. 
Constriction, sensation in abd., Bell. 

Carb-an. Chin. Coloc. Dig. Euph. Kali-b. 

Mez. Mosch. Plat. Plb. Sabad. Thuj. 

hvpog, Bell. Clem. Evon. Verb. 

nav., Bell. Plb. Puis. Verb. 

Cramp in abd., Ambr. Amm-c. Ars. Aur. 

Bell. Berb. Bry. Calc. Camph. Cham. 

Chelid.Chin. Cocc. Coff. Con. Creos. 

Croton. Cupr. Euph. Ferr. Graph. Hep. 

Hyosc. Lgt. Iod. Ip. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mosch. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. 

Nux. Ol-an. Petr. Phosp, Phosp-ac. 

Prun. Puis. Rhus. Seneg. Sep. Spong. 

Stann. Stram. Teucr. Valer. Verat. 

— hypog., Stann. 

— around nav., Stann. 

— hysteric, Ars. Bell. Bry. Cocc. Ip. Mgn-m. 
Mosch. Nux. Stann. Stram. Valer. 

— periodical, Igt. 

— with chilliness, in suppressed menstrua- 
tion, Puis. 

menses irregular, Cocc. 

— in parturient women, Cic. 

— during pregnancy, Puis. 

— with convulsions, Cupr. Sec-c. 

leucorrheea, discharge of, Mgn-c. 

Mgn-m . 

shrieking, Cupr. 

Crawling, sensation, abd., Camph. Croton. 

Creeping, sensation, abd., Dulc. 



Cutting, in abd.. Aeon. Agar. Aloe. Alum. 
Ambr. Aut. Arg. Am. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. 
Bov. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Cham. Chelid. 
Chenop. Chin. Cic. Cina. Coloc. Con. 
Creos. Croton. Cub. Cycl. Dig. Dulc. 
Elat. Graph. Hep. Hyosc. Hyper. Igt. 
Iod. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Lact. 
J.anr. Led. Lept. Lob. Lye. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Mere. Mez. Murex. Mur-ac. 
f/tr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. 
Mux. Ol-an Ox-ac./V/r. Fhosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Puis. Ran-sc. Rheum. Rhus.Sabad. 
Sass. Scill. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Stann. Staph. 
Snout. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. Valer. 
Verat. Verb. Viol-tr. Zinc. 
epig., Asar. Calc. Cham. Chin-sulph. 

Laur. Lye. Mgn-m. Nux-m. Ol-an. 

Sulph. Tereb. t 

— hypog., Ang. Evon. Iris. Laur. Mgn-s. 
Nice. Ul-an. Sep. Sil. Tereb. 

relieved after stool, Pallad. 

— ing., Calc. Carb-an. Gum-gut. Valer. 

— nav, Aloe. Bov. Calad. Croton. Dulc. 
Glon. Hyper. Igt. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-jod. 
Mang. Merc-cor. Mur-ac. Nux. Ol-an. 
Puis. Raph. Sass. Spig. Verb. 

— sid., Arn. Croton. Mur-ac. Par. Ruta. 

— from worms, Cina. 

— in left lower abdomen, with frequent 
burning urine, All-cep. 

— with strangury, Arn. 

— from both groins to sympheses pubis, 

— outwards, from within, Ang. 

Cutting in abd., (as with a knife), Coloc. 
Lact. Merc. Murex. Sabad. Verat. 

nav., Bov. Laur. Tart. 

ing., Calc. 

— from right to left across abd., Lyc. 
Despair, to, pain driving, Coff. 
Diarrhcea, as if a, would set in, pain in 

abd , Agar. Ang. Bar-c. Dig. Lach. 
Meph. Nux. Oleand. Sabin. 
Digging in abd., Ars. Bell. Ntr-c. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sabad. Seneg. Spong. Stann. 
Sulph. Valer. 

— epig. or hypog., Ol-an. Sep. 

— nav., Con. 

Distention of abd., Aeon. Aloe. Anac. 
Apis. Arn. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Borax. 
Bov. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Cic. 
Cimex. Cocc. Coff. Colch. Con. Cor-c. 
Creos. Croton. Cub. Cupr. Ferr. Graph. 
Hcematox. Hell. Hipp-m. Hyosc. Jatr. 
Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Mang. Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-s. Nux-m. Op. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Raph. Rheum. 
Rhus. Sacch. Sang. Scill. Sec-c. Sep. 
Sil. Spig. Spong. Stram. Stront. Sulph. 
Tilia. Verat. Zinc. 

— on left side of colon, worse after eating, 

— relieved after stool, Hvper. 

— sudden, painful, followed In diarthua, 
. Kali-jod. 

— with cold feet, Lyc. 

— in children, Cina. Sil. 

— painful, Aeon. Bell. Hyosc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Rhus. Sulph. Verat. 

of L'P'g-. :»nd sensation as if contents 

were passing into the chest, Cham. 

— sensation of in abd., Ntr-s. Sep. Valer. 
Downwards pressure towards groin, Sass. 


Drawing in abd.. Aeon. Agn. Ars. Caps. 
Chin. Cocc. Creos. Dros. Lach. Led. 
Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Ntr-m. Nux. 
Op. Staph. Verat. 

— hypog., Chin. Valer. 

— ing., Calc. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Ol-an. Plat. 
Thuj. Valer. 

— int , Seneg. Valer. 

— nav., Igt. Rat. 

— sid., Lyc. Ntr-c. Par. 
right, Camph. 

— of abdominal muscles towards back 

Emptiness, sense of, abd.. Ant. Arn. Arum. 
Cham. Cina. Cocc. Coloc. Dig. Dulc. 
Euph. Fluor-ac. Guaj. Gum-gut. Hep. 
Kali-c. Kobalt. Lach. Merc. Mez. 
Mur-ac. Oleand. Petr. Phosp. Puis. 
Sass. Scill. Seneg. Stann. 

— at nav., better by bandaging and eating, 

Enteritis, Aeon. Ant. Arn. Ars. Bar-m. 

Bell. Bry. Cant/i. Cham. Chin-sulph. 

Croton. Cupr. Cupr-sulph. Graph. 

Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Iod. Ip. Lach. Laur. 

Merc. Mez. Nux. Plb. Puis. Ran -Ham. 

Rhus. Sabin. Scill. Sil. Tereb. Verat. 

Eruption on abd., Ntr-c. 

— herpes zoster, Graph. Rhus. Thuj. 

— rash, Hipp-m. 

— ringworm, Tellur. 

— yellow brown spots, Kobalt. Lyc. 
scaby itching,- moist when scratched 


Erysipelas on abd., Graph. 
Exostosis, Aur. 

Extension sense of, abd., Igt. Sep. Valer. 

ing.. Mgn-s. 

Falling, sense of something in abd., Plb. 
Fermentation sense of, Ang. Croc. Gran. 

Lyc. Rhus. Seneg. Strain. 
Flabbiness, sense of, abd., Phosp. Rhus. 

(compare Emptiness and weakness.) 
Flatulency in general, Agn. Bell. Carb-veg. 

Cham. Chenop. Chin. Cinnab. Cocc. 

Coloc. Euph. Graph. Igt. Lach. Lyc. 

Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m 

Nux. Phosp. Puis. Sacch. Sang. Sep. 

Sulph. Zinc. 

— accumulation of, Ant. Bar-c. Borax. 



Calc-ph. Chin. Cic. Graph. Igt.Kali-jod. 

Lyc. Meny. Ntr-c. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 

Nux. Ol-an. Phosp. Prun. Rhus. Senna. 

Sep. Tart. Zinc. 
Flatulency, colic like, Aeon. Ambr.Amm-c. 

Anac. Arn. Asa-/. Aur. Bet/. Bry. Caps. 

Carb-veg. Case. Cham. Cocc.Colch. 

Con. Euph. Ferr. Graph. Grat. Hyosc. 

Igt. Ip. Iris. Kali-c. Lac-can. Laur. Lyc. 

Mang. Mez. Ntr-m. Ntr-nitr. Ntr-s. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Rliod. 

Rheum. Scill. Staph. Tart. Teucr. 

hypog., Aeon. Chin. Phosp. Sulph-ac. 

with protrusion colon, relieved by 

pressure and leaning forward, Bell. 

— cutting, Con. Puis. 

— drawing. Chin. 

— griping, Anac. Asa-f. Aur. Graph. Lam. 
Ntr-s. Rhus. Tart. Teucr. 

— obstructed, Aloe. Ambr. Ant. Arn. Asar. 
Aur. Calc. Canth. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Cham. Chin. Cocc. Coff. Coloc. 
Con. Graph. Guaj. Hep. Igt. Iod. Kali-c. 
Kalm. Lam. Lyc. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Ox-ac. Phell. 

' Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Prun. Puis. 

Rheum. Rhod. Scill. Sep. Sil. Stann. 

Staph. Sulph. Tart. Teucr. Tilia. Verat. 
with a hard stool, Caust. 

— painful, in general, Arn. Ntr-c. Ntr-s. 
Puis. Rhod. 

— pressing, Case. Chin. N/r-nilr. Nux. 
Puis. Rheum. Sulph. 

— rising up, Graph. Lyc Ntr-nitr. Rheum, 

— squeezing, Carb-veg. Teucr. 

— tightening, Chin. Graph. Rheum. Rhod. 

— urging, Plb. Seneg. 

— wandering about, Carb-veg. Ntr-c. Ntr-s. 
Ol-an. Phell. Puis. Rhus. 

— in the morning, Hep. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

— in afternoon, Nitr. 

— in evening, Nitr-ac. Puis. Zinc. 

— at night, Aeon. Ambr. Aur. Carb-veg. 
Cocc. Ferr. Igt. Kali-c. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Nux-m. Puis. 

— after acids, Phosp-ac. 

— by bending forward, relieved, Bell. 

— in children, Cham. 

by cough, increased, Cocc. 

— drinking, after, Nux. 

eructation by, or discharge of wind, 

relieved, Ntr-nitr. 
by exercise increased, Ntr-nitr. 

— in gouty persons. Zing. 

hysterical women, Colch. Igt. Puis. 

lying, increased, Phosp. 

by pressure, external, relieved, Bell. 

— with anxiety, Cic. Nux. 
bowels contracted, Chin. 

protruded (transverse colon, Bell.) 


breath obstructed, Mez. 

chilliness, Mez. 

eructations, Grat. Rhod. 

headache, Calc-ph. 

nausea, Grat. Kalm. 

peevishness, Cic. 

spasms, Prun. 

Flatus, no emission of, Kali-b. Lyc. Ntr-c. 
Raph. Sil. 

— cold, Con. 

— difficult, Calc-ph. Hep. Plat. Sil. Verat. 

— frequent. Agar. Agn. Aloe. Aur. Bell. 
Borax. Bry. Carb-vtg. Caust. Chenop. 
Chin. Chin-sulph. Croton. Dig. Gels. 
Graph. Gum-gut. Igt. Ind. Kali-c. Lact. 
Led. Lob. Mang. Millef. Ntr-c. Ntr-s. 
Nitr-ac. Olcaud. Ol-an. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Ran-b. Rhod. Sass. Scill. Staph. 
Strain. Stront. Sulph. Tart-ac. Teucr. 

— hot, Aeon. Aloe. Cham. Cocc. Phosp. 1 
Plb. Puis. Staph. Teucr. Zinc. 

humid, Carb-veg. 

— interrupted, small, Calad. Caust. Plb. 

— painful, Con. Graph. Kali-c. Puis. 

— noise of, croaking, Arg. Graph. 

crying, as of something, Arg. Thuj. 

fermenting, Ang. Gran. Rhus. Senna. 


rumbling, Aeon. Anac. , Ant. 

Aur. Bism. Bry. Calc. Con. 

Cycl. Ferr-m. Guaj. Laur. Mur-ac. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Oleand. Plb. Raph. 

Rhod. Scill. Senna. Sep. Sil. Spig. 

Spong. Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tar. 

Tart. Tereb. Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 

grunting, Sil. Spong. 

gurgling, Aloe. Cina. Gum-gut. Jatr. 

— in epig., Puis. 

rolling, Aeon. Agar. Agn. Aloe. 

Ang. Ant. Arg. Arn. Aur. 

Berb. Bism. Bov. Bry. Calc. Canth. 

Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 

Chenop. Chin. Coloc. Con. Corn-c. 

Cop. Cycl. Elaps. Ferr-m. Glon. 

Graph. Grat. Guaj. Gum-gut. Hell. 

Hipp-m. Igt. Jatr. Kali-jod. Lachn. 

Laur. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Meny. 

Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Oleand. Ol-an. Ox-ac. 

Par. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. 

Puis. Rhod. Rhus. Sass. Scill. Sec-c. 

Sep. Sil. Spig. Staph. Stram. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tart. Terb. Teucr. 

Thuj. Verat. Zinc. Zing. 

in left side, feels it but does not 

hear it, Lachn. 

with drawing through legs down 

to toes, Ferr-m. 

— in hypog., Aur. Cycl. Hydroc-ac. Sil. 

— in epig., Caust. Chin. Lyc. Nux. Phosp. 
Phos, -ac. Puis. 

1 20 


Flatus, around nav., Caps. 

— in evening, Puis. Spong. 
in bed, Bry. 

— when taking a deep breath, Hell. 

— on left side, Lyc. 

— darting in urethra, on passing, Mgn-s. 

— presses on bladder, Igt. Prun. 

— in lying (morning), Spong. 
sleep, Agn. 

— scentless, Ambr. Lyc. Phosp. Teucr. 

— smelling like rotten eggs, Am. Coff. 
Ferr-m. Sulph. Tart. Teucr. Valer. 

garlic. Agar. Mosch. Phosp. 

Flatulency smelling fetid, Agar. Aloe. 
Alum. Arn. Ars. Asa-f. Aur. Bar-c. 
Borax. Bov. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Caust.Cham. Chin. Chin-sulph. 
Cocc. Con. Croton. Dulc. Graph. Grat. 
Iod. Iris. Lact. Lith. Lob. Mgn-c. 
Millef. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s.Nicc.Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Oleand. Ol-an. Petr. Phosp. Pll>. 
Psor. Puis. Ran-b. Rhod. Rhus. Ruta. 
Sang. Sass. ScilL Senna. Sep. Sil. Spig. 
Staph. Stront. Sulph. Teucr. Tilia. Valer. 

of the medicine, Raph. 

putrid, AU-cep. Arn. Ars. Asa-f. 

Calad. Camph. Carb-veg. Cocc Dulc. 
Igt. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. Sass. 
Sil. Sulph. Valer. Zinc. 

sour, Calc. Graph. Merc. Ntr-c. 

Rheum. Sulph. 
Fulness in abd., Agar. Aloe. Alum. Amm-c. 
Anac. Ant. Ars. Asar. Aur. Bar-c. Calad. 
Calc. Camph. Carb-veg. Cast. Cau st. Cliin. 
Cocc. Cocc-c. Coff.Colch. Con. Croc. Dig. 
Graph. Hell. Lach. Lact. Laur. Led, 
Lyc. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Mur-ac. Ntr-s. 
Nitr. Nux-jug. Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. 
Phosp. Plb. Puis. Raph. Rhod. Sass. 
Spig. Stann. Sulph. Tart. Tereb. Verb. 

hypog., Aur. Diad. 

in morning, Con. 

Furuncles on abd., Phosp. Zinc. 
Gangrene of abd., Plb. 
Glands ing., drawing in. Dulc. Mez. Thuj. 

hardness, Ars. Calc. Clem. Dulc. 

inflammation, Dulc. Merc. Sil. 

pain in, Ars. Berb. Calc. Graph. Merc. 

Tereb. Thuj. 

ulcerous, Amm-m. Bov. Creos. 

Dig. Hell. Mgn-c. Mang. Nitr-ac. 
Ran-b. Rhus. 
pressure, pulsation and shooting, 


suppurations, Ars. Hep. Merc. 

Nitr-ac. Phosp. Sulph. 
swelling, Ars. Aur. Bad. Bell. Calc. 

Carb-veg. Clem. Dulc. Graph. Hep. 

Iod. Merc. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Ocim. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sil. Spong. 

Staph. Stram. Sulph. Tereb. Thuj. 
schirrous, Iod. 

twitching, Clem. 

— mesenteric swelling, Ars. CaU. Con. 
Iod. Sacch. 

induration, Ars. Calc. 

Gnawing, abd., Ars. Calc. Cupr. Dulc. 
Oleand. Plat. Ruta. 

— hypog., Gum-gut. Sencg. 

— about nav., Ruta. 

transverse colon, Gels. 

Globus hystericus, Aeon. Con. Mgn-m. 


relieved by eructations, Mgn-m. 

Grasping in abd., Carb-an. Coloc. Sep. 

. — hypog., Bell. Lvc. Puis. 
. — '"g-. Kali-jod. 
. — nav., Stann. 

. Griping, pinching, abd., Agar. Aloe. 
Alum. Amm-m. Anac. Asa-f. Aur. 
Bar-c. Borax. Brom. Bruc. Bry. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Chenop. Chin. Cic. Cina. Cocc. 
Coloc. Con. Corn-c.Croc. Croton. Cycl. 
Dig.Dulc.A'«/^r.Graph.Grat.Guaj. Hell. 
Hyper. Igt. Iod. Ip. Lact. Lam. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Meny. Merc. Me/.. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nux Ol-an. Petr. 
Phell. Phosp. Plat. Plb. Ran-b. Ran-sc. 
Rhus. Sabin. Samb. Scill. Sil. Spig. 
Stann. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tar. 
Tart. Tong. Valer. Verb. Zinc. 

as with nails, Bell. 

from worms, Cina. 

epig., Cocc. 

hypog., Aur. Ruta. Si?, Tart-ac. 

— ing., Rat. 

int., Paeon. Sabin. 

nav., Aloe. Croton. Dulc. Fluor-ac. 

Igt. Iod. Lact. Laur. Mur-ac. Nice. 
Plat. Raph. Verb. 

as if grasped by hands, Ip. 

side, Igt. Lyc. Mur-ac. Rat. Ruta. 

from left to right, Asar. Carb-veg. 

Hardness of abd., Alum. Anac. Arn. Ars. 
Bar-c. Calc. Caps. Caust. Cham.Chelid. 
Chin. Con. Cupr. Ferr. Graph. Grat. 
Kali-c. Lac-can. Lach. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. 
Merc-jod. Mez. Ntr-c. Nux-jug. Nux. 
Op. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Sacch. Sec-c. 
Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. Stram. Sulph. 

— hypog., Clem. Graph. Sep. 

— ing., Ant. Dulc. 

— int., Ntr-c. 

— nav., Bry. Plb. Rhus. 

— sid., right, Mgn-m. 

— children, Calc. Sacch. Sil. 
As if hard pointed bodies were moving in 

confusion in abd., Borax. 
Heat, abd., Aloe. Bell. Bry. Camph. 
. Carb-an. Case. Cic. Cina. Euph. Graph. 
Lach. Lachn. Lact. Laur. Mang. Meny. 
Mez. Plb. Pod. Raph. Ruta. Sabad! 
Sass. Sil. Spong. 


Heat, abd., flushes of, Cinnab. 

— int., Croton. 

— as if hot water from breast to abd., fol- 
lowed by diarrhoea, Sang. 

Heaviness, abd., Aloe. Amir. Ars. Asa-/. 
Calc. Carb-veg. Cop. Croc. Ferr. Graph. 
Hell. Kali-c. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mez. 
Ntr-nitr. Nux-jug. Nux. Op. Phosp. 
Rhus. Sep. Sulph. Tereb. 

— epig., Croton. Nnx-m. 

— hypog., Diad. Croton. Ferr. 

— ing. , Calc. Croc. 

— sense of, after drinking, Asa-f. 

in walking, Ferr. 

Hernia, femoral, Nux. 

— inguinal, Alum. Asar. A nr. Berb. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Clem. Cocc. 
Guaj. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Op. Petr. Phosp. Prun. Psor. Rhus. 
Si/. Spig. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac.Tereb. 
Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 

strangulated. Aeon. Alum. Ars. Bell. 

Lach. Millef. Nux. Op. Rhus. Sulph. 

painful, Sil. 

protruded, Alum. A nr. Sulph-ac. 

in children, Aur. Nitr-ac. 

Inflammation of hernial structure, Aeon. 
Nux. Op. Sulph. 

with vomiting of bile, Aeon. 

Ars. Bell. Lach. Verat. 

— right side, Lyc. 

Hernia, pain in ing., as if would develop 
a, Berb. Cham. Chin. Clem. Coloc. 
Cupr. Guaj. Prun. Spong. Sulph-ac. 

Inactivity in abd., Alum. Ant. Arn. Camph. 
Chin. Croton. Igt. Kali-c. Nux-m. Nux. 

Induration in abd., Ars. Calc. Chin. Lyc. 

Plb. (compare Hardness.) 
Inflammation of intestines, (compare 


— of peritoneum, Aeon. Bell. Bry. Cham. 
Cocc. CofF. Coloc. Hyosc. Nux. Puis. 

Inflation, distention, abd., Aeth. Aloe. 
Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. Ant. Arg. Arn. 
Ars. Asar. Asa-f. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. 
Bism. Bry. Calc. Calc-ph.Caps.Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Cast. Caust. Cham. Chin. 
Chin-sulph. Cocc. Colch. Coloc. Creos. 
Croc. Croton. Dig. Ferr. Graph. Grat. 
Gum-gut. Hyosc. Hyper. Igt. Iod. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lach. Lam. Lob. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mang. Meny. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 
Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. Op. Ox-ac. Petr. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Poth. Puis. 
Raph. Rheum. Rhod. Rhus. Sabin.Scill. 
Sec-c. Sep. Spig. Stann. Stram. Stront. 
Sulph. Tabac. Thuj. Tilia. Valer. Verb. 
— epig., Aeon. Hell. Ruta. 


— hyp., Bell. 

— ing., Amm-c. Kali-c. Ntr-s. 

— sid. , Caust. Ntr-m. Zinc. 

— painful, Bar-c. Bell. Cast. Caust. Cham. 
Kali-jod. Merc. Merc-cor. 

— partial, Bell. Plb. 

— puffy, Plb. 

— in morning, Nitr-ac. Rhod. 
evening, Rhod. 

— with constipation, Mgn-m. 

swelling of mesenteric glands, Ars. 

Calc. Con. Sacch. 
Insensibility, abd., x\rs. 
Intussusception, of intestines, Thuj. 
Inward pressure, ing., Igt. Thuj. 
Itching on abd., Bell. Led. Merc. Ntr-c. 

Ol-an. Petr. Puis. Sass. Sep. Sulph. 


— in ing., not relieved by scratching, 

Jerks, Ars. Cannab. Murex. Ntr-m. Plat. 

— hyp., Arn. Sulph-ac. 

— ing., Calc. Cannab. 

— int., Ang. Guaj. Nux. Ran-sc. Sulph-ac. 
Jumping sense, abd.. Croc. 

Labor-like pains, abd., Asa-f. Bry. Cham. 

Cina. Creos. Croc. Igt. Iod. Kali-c. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Pallad. Plat. Puis. Sec-c. 

Sep. Sulph-ac. Tilia. 
Lead colic, Alum. Op. Plat. 
Living, like something in abd., sensation, 

Cannab. Croc. Kali-jod. Merc. Nux. 


hypog., Sabad. Thuj. 

ing., Kali-jod. 

sid., Rat. 

Like a lump in abd., Plb. Rhus. Sulph. 

nav. , Spig. 

Movements in abd. Berb. Cannab. 
Carb-veg. Caps. Chin-sulph. Croc. 
Kali-jod. Lact. Mang. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-s. Ol-an. Phell. Puis. Rat. Rhus. 
Sabad. Sep. Sulph. Tar. Thuj. 

— as from the fist of a foetus, Sulph. 

water, Case. Hell, Phosp-ac. 

Oppression, in abd., Arum. Euphr. Mgn-c. 

Mosch. Seneg. 

— hypog., at night, Mgn-c. 
Outpressing pain, abd., Colch. 

— ing., Cannab. Clem. Igt. Kali-jod. Lyc. 
Rhus. Teret>. 

Outward stinging, sid., Asa-f. 

Pains running,up\vards, forwards andhack- 

wards, Gels. 
Painfulness, abd., Aeon. Aloe. Apis. Ars. 

Bell. Bov. Bry. Cannab. Canth. 

Carb-an. Cic. Coff. Coloc. Con. Creos. 

Croton. Cub. Dig. Ferr. Gymnoc Hyosc. 

Jatr. Mang. Merc. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Ox-ac. Puis. Ran-b. Ran-sc. Scill. 

Sec-c. Sulph. Tilia. Valer. 



. Jac-cor. 




sensation of, 
Anac. Ang. 

nav., sensation, 

Painfulness, external, Aeon. Bov. Canth 
Nux. Puis. Tabac. 

— to touch, Aeon. Aeth. Aloe. Bell. Bism 
Bry. Canth. Carb- veg. Caust. Cham 
Con. Cycl. Hyosc. fair. Merc. 
Nux. Phosp. Puis.- .Stann. Stram. Tabac. 
Tereb. Tilia. Verat. 

— when walking, Phosp. Ran-b. 

— epig., Stann. 

— hypog., Arg-n. Caust. Cycl 
Merc. Psor. Stann. Verb. 

right, Bapt. Merc. Ntr-s. 

— ing., Graph. Therid. 

— int., Aeon. Bell. Bov. Canth. Hyosc 
Nux. Puis. Tabac. 

— nav., Aloe. Chin. Dulc. Kali-c. 

deep behind, Jatr. 

Pendulous, abd., Bell'. Croc. Plat 

Sep. Zinc. 

, of mothers, Iod. Ntr-c 

Perforation region of nav., 


Perspiration on abd., Ambr 

Cic. Dros. Plb. 
Plug, as of a, behind 


. pressed in intestines, Anac. 
Pressing in abd., Aloe. Ambr. Arg, Bell. 
Bism. Calc. Caps. Case. Caust. Chin. 
Coff. Croton. Cupr. Euph. Euphr. Grat. 
Igt. Lach. Lyc. Mang. Meph.Merc.Mez. 
Ntr-m. Nir-nitr. Nux. Op. Par. Plat. 
Plb. Prun. Puis. Rheum. Rhus. Sabin. 
Samb. Sep. Sil. Staph. 5«&A.Tabac.Tar 
Tart. Tereb. Verat. Zinc. 

— outwards, Carb-an. 

— epig , Ambr. Brv. Caust. Croton. Elat 
Nux. Sulph. Teucr. 

— hypog., Ambr. Arg. Aur.Bell.Carb-veg. 
Caust. Chin. Cocc. Colch. Diad. Elat. 
Kah-c. Ntr-m. Ruta. Scill. Sep. Thuj. 

— ing., Bell. Berb. Kali-jod. Merc. 

— nav., Anac. Chin-sulph. Cocc. Croton. 
Lach. Meny. Ran-sc. Raph. Rheum. Spig. 
Tabac. Verb. 

— sid., Asar. Tar. Thuj. Zinc. 
left, Sulph. Tar. 

right, Prun. 

— from left towards nav., Aloe. 

— downwards, Agn. 

Pressing asunder, sensation in abd., Colch. 
Euph. Igt. 

— as from a weight. Bell. Cocc. Coloc. 
Diad. Lact. Merc. Nux. Sep. Spig. Tar. 
Tart. Verb. 

epig., Nux. Tar. 

hypog,, Bell. Cocc. Diad. Sep. 

nav., Cocc. Lact. Spig. Verb. 

Protrusion in various parts of abd., Igt. 

— sensation of, abd., Igt. 

Pulsation, abd., Aeon. Aloe. Calad. Caps. 

Colch. Fluor-ac. Igt. Kali-c. Lach. 
Ntr-s. Plb. Sang. Sep. Stront. Sulph-ac. 

— epig., Calad. Cannab. 

— ing., Lyc. Sulph-ac. 

— nav., Aeon. Aloe. 
Pustules in ing., Puis. 
Rasping, abd., Hep. 

— ing., Sulph-ac. 

Red spots on abd., Bell. Sabad. Sep. 

— points, Sabad. 

Redness, scarlet, of abd., Rhus. 

Rending, tearing, in abd., Aloe. Alum. 

Ars. Bry. Chant. Cocc. Colch. Cop. 

Croton. Cycl. Dig. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. 

Mez. Nux-m. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. 

Scill. Sec-c. Stram. Sulph. Tabac. Verb. 


— ing., Ars. Euph. Lyc. Sulph-ac. 

— int., Berb. Stram. 

— nav., Croton. Cycl. Nux. Stram. Verb. 

— sid., Croton. Lyc. 
Restlessness, abd., Agar. Kali-c. 
Retraction, abd., Ang. Apis. Cupr. 

Ntr-nitr. Pod. Puis. Staph. Thuj. Verat. 

— nav., Aeon. Bar-c. Chelid. Ntr-c. Plb. 
Tabac. Tereb. 

— abd., muscles, with colic, Pod. 
Rhagades on int., Hep. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
Rigidity, on left side, Ntr-m. 

Screwing pains at nav., as from worms, 

with sleepiness, Nux-m. 
Shattering sensation, abd., Carb-an. Creos. 

Shocks in abd., Calc. Ntr-m. Puis. Scill. 
Shuddeiingon abd., Cannab. Coloc. 
Softness on abd., Phosp. Rhus. 
Soreness, abd., Aeon. Arg-n. Ars. Bell. 
Calc. Cannab. Carb-an. Coloc. Con. 
Croton. Euph. Gels. Hell. Hep. 
Hipp-m. Hyosc. Ip. Kali-c. Mgn-m. 
Meny. Ntr-c. Nux. Pallad. Puis. Ran-b. 
Rhus. Sep. Stann. Sulph. Tilia. Trifol. 
right side, Zing. 

— epig., Mang. 

— int., Ambr. Bell. Meny. 

— sid., Arn. 

— left. Colch. 

— ing., Rhus. 

— nav., Rhus. Thuj. 

Spasms, hysterical in women, Cocc. 
Spasmodic pain, abd., Ang. Carb-veg. 
Coloc. Dig. Graph. Igt. Kali-c. Ol-an. 
Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. Sass. Staph. Tart. 
Teucr. Thuj. Verb. 

hypog., Amm-c. Bry. Camph. 

Carb-veg. Cham. Cocc. Con. Dig. 
Ferr. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Iod. Mur-ac. 
Nux. Puis. Stann. 

— ing., Dig. Igt. 

int., Ferr. Lyc. Sabin. Samb. 

nav., Bell. Calad. Phosp-ac. Verb. 




Spamodic pain, sudden, in upper part, cries 

out, sense, of contraction, Gels. 
Sprain, pain as from in ing., Euph. 
Stinging, stitches, abd., Aloe. Alum. 

Ang. Arg-n. Ars. Bell. Bry. Calc. 

Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Con. Croton. 

Cupr. Dig. Fluor-ac. Grat. Gymnoc. 

Jatr. Kali-b. Kali-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. 

Merc. Me/. Ntr-C, Xtr-nitr. Xitr-ac. 

Nitr. Nux. Pallad. Psor. Puis. Ruta. 

Sep. Spig. Stann. Sulph. Tar. Verb. 

Viol-tr. Zinc. 

left side, Bell. Chin. Hep. Lach. 

Sass. Staph. Sulph. Tar. 

sudden to pelvis, impeding breathing, 

Chelid. Chin. Kali-c. Ran-sc. Samb. 

like electric shocks, left side, Arn-n. 

epig., Croton. Kali-c. 

hypog., Bell. Chelid. Chin. Kali-c. 

Nux. Samb. Sep. 

ing., Ars. Bell. Calc. Carb-an. Kali-c. 

Lyc. Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-s. Prun. Rat. 
Stront. Sep. Sulph-ac. 

left, to axilla, Ntr-s. 

int., Berb. Mgn-m. Ruta. Samb. 

nav., Aeon. Aloe. Anac. Asa-f. 

Dulc. Gymnoc. Hyosc. Mgn-s. Nux. 
Plat. Plb. Raph. Sep. Verb. 

left side, Jac-cor. 

sid., Calc. Croton. Igt. Ntr-c. Nux. 

Plat. Sabad. Sass. Tar. 

left, Bell. Hep. Samb. Sass. Sep. 

Sulph. Tar. 
Stones, like sharp, rubbing together, in 

abd., Coloc. 
Strangulation in abd., sensation of, Spong. 
Swelling of abd., Aeon. Arg. Ars. Bry. 
Calc. Caust. Graph. Iod. Jatr. Kali-b. 
Kali-c. Lac-can. Mang. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Sacch. Sep. Staph. Sulph. Verat. 
blackish blue, Aeth. 

— elastic, ing., Amm-c. Caps. 

— hypog, Sil. 

— nav., Bry. Caust. Prun. Puis. 

— sid. , left, Laur. 

— in children, Calc. Caust. Sacch. Staph. 
hard, after scarlet fever, Calc. 


— in mothers, Iod. Ntr-c. Sep. 

— with danger of suffocation when in 
horizontal position, Iod. 

— sense of, Amm-c. Ant. Kali-c. 
Tension, in abd., Ambr. Ang. Arg. Bar-c. 

Bell. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Chin. Creos. Croton. Graph. 
Gum-gut. Hyosc. Kali-c. Lact. Laur. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Mez. Mosch. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. Par. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Poth. Puis. Rheum. 
Rhod. Sabin. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Spong. 
Staph. Stram. Stront. Sulph. Thuj. 
Verat. Zinc. 

— epig., Croton. Ntr-c. 

— hypog., Aur. Chin. 

— ing., Amine. Barb. Croton. Dig. 

Mgn-s. Merc. Spig. 
nav., Verat. 

— in sid., Croton. Merc. Zinc. 
Throbbing, in abd.. Igt. Sang, (compare 


— epig., Calad. Cannab. 

— ing , Sulph-ac. 

— nav., Aeon. Aloe. 

Tickling in epig., Bar-c. Bry. Cham. Hep. 

Lach. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. 
Tingling, int., Mgn-m. 
Torpor, abd., sensation of, Carb-veg. 
Trembling, abd., Iod. 

Tumors, as if intestines were distended by 

wind, here and there, Ntr-c. 
Turburculosis abdominalis, Ntr-s. 
Turning sensation, in abd., Caps. Igt. Lact. 

Sabad. Sep. 
Twisting, abd.. Dig. Diosc. Elaps. Pallad. 

— nav., Cina. Ran-b.' 

Twitching, abd. , Agar. Ars. Guaj. Rhus. 

— hypog., Sulph-ac. 

— int., Ang. Guaj. Ran-sc. Sulph-ac. 
Tympanitis, Arn. Chin. Coloc. Hcematox. 

Jatr. Kali-b. Op. 
Ulcers in bowels, Cupr. Plb. 

— about nav., Apis. Ars. Calc. Lach. Lyc. 
Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

Ulcerous pain, abd., Cham. Cucc. Creos. 

hypog. , Nitr-ac. 

ing., Amm-m. Cic 

int., Rhus. 

sid., left. Valer. 

Uneasiness, abd., Asa-f. Aur. Cist. Cycl. 
Ferr-m. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Tart. 

after a grave disease, Mur-ac. 

Varices in ing., Berb. 

Violent pain, abd., Aloe. Ars. Bell. Cast. 

Cham. Coloc. Cupr. Nitr. Tib. 

sid., right, Nitr. 

Veins distended, on abd., Sep. 

Warmth, sensation of, on abd., Case. 

Mang. Seneg. 

nav., Sulph-ac. 

Water, as of sensation in abd., Case. Hell. 


— cold, as if running through abd., sen- 
sation, Cannab. 

— tepid, as of, in abd., Croton. 
Weakness, sensation of, in abd.. Borax. 

Igt. Lil-tigr. Oleand. Phosp. Staph. 

extending to throat, relieved by 

eructations, Kalm. 
Winding, wringing, whirling pain abd., 

Berb. Cap. Ran-b. Rhus. Sulph-ac. 

nav., Cina. Nux-m. 

Yellow spots on abd., Ars. Canth. 

Carb-veg. Kali-c. Phosp. Sabad. Sep. 



Morning, in the, pain, abd., Agar. Alum. 
Ambr. Amm-c. Borax. Bov. Calc. 
Canst. Cham. Creos. Hep. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Fetr. Phosp. Ran-sc. 

— in bed. Aeon. Ambr. Ntr-c. Phosp. 

— at sun-rise, Cham. 
Afternoon, in the, pain, abd., N it r. 
Evening, in the, pain, abd., Ambr. Diad. 

Fluor-ac. Led. Mgn-m. Meph. Merc. 

Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Par. Phosp. Puis. Valer. 

Verat. Zinc. 

in bed. Par. I'aler. Zinc. 

painfulness of int., Sabin. 

— relieved, Nitr. 

Night in the, pain, abd., Aeon. Ambr. 
Amm-c. Ars. Am: Borax. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Cocc. Creos. Dulc. Fen: 
Graph. Ind. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. 
Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. 
Petr. Phosp. J'lb. Prun. Puis. Rhus. 
Sep. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Verat. 

— pain, int., Lyc. 

Midnight, after pain, 'abd., Ambr. 
Acids from, pain, abd., Dros. Phosp-ac. 
Air, open, Nux. 
Anger, after, Cocc. 
Bandaging, relieved, pain abd., Puis. 
Bending the body by pain, abd., Aeon. 

forward, relieved, Bell. Euph. Sulph. 


double, necessity for, Bell. Chelid. 

Coloc. Grat. Rheum. Rhus. Sabad. 
Blowing the nose, when pain, abd., Canth. 
Brandy, from pain, abd., Igt. 
Breakfast, after pain abd., Nux. Phosp. 
Breathing, when pain, abd., Anac. Arg. 

Berb. Creos. Dig. Hyosc. Mgn-c. 

Mosch. Seneg. Sulph. 

hypog. of, Asa-f. 

deep, Mang. Sulph. 

out (expiring), Brom. Dig. 

Children, in abd., complaints, Calc. Canst. 

Cham. Cic. Jalap. Nux-m. Senna. 

Sil. Staph. 

Chinchona (bark) abuse of, pain abd., 

from, Verat. 
Coffee, from, pain abd., Cham. Igt. Nux. 

relieved. Coloc. 

Cold, from a pain, abd.. Alum. Cham. 

Chin. Coloc. Dulc. Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. 


Constipation from, pain, abd., Con. Sil. 
Coughing, when, pain, abd., Anac. Ars. 
Bell. Canth, Cham. Cocc. Nux. 

int., Ambr. Puis. 

Crooked, when sitting, pain, abd., Tart. 

relieved, Sulph. 

Drawing in abd., pain, when, Valer. 
Eating, after, pain, abd., Evon. Iod. 
relieved, Psor. 

Eructation, relieves pain, in abd., Bar-c. 

Lach. Nitr. 
Exercise, from, pain, abd.. Aloe. Arn. 

Berb. Cocc. Creos. Cycl. Dig. lp. 

Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. Ol-an. Puis. Sep. 

St ram. 

int., Plb. 

relieved, Coloc. 

Flatus discharged by, pain, abd., relieved. 

Aloe. Arn. Grat. Guaj. Iris. Ntr-m. 

Ntr-s. Nitr. 
Hemmorrhoids, from, pain abd., Sulph. 


Laughing, when pain, abd. Ars. Nux. 
Lying, when, aggravation, Phosp. 
— on side, pain, abd., Par. Phosp. 

relieved, Ntr-s. 

left side, relieved, Pallad. 

Milk, from pain, abd., Ang. Bry. Carb-veg. 

Con. Sulph-ac. 
Pregnancy, during pain, abd., Arn. Bry. 

Hyosc. Nux. Puis. Sep. 
Pressed upon, when, pain, abd., Aeon. 

Aloe. Anac. Bell. Carb-veg. Cina. Coff. 

Cycl. Eupat. Jac-cor. Kali-b. Lac-can. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. Ran-b. Samb. Sass. 


colic, Bell. Mez. Plb-ac. Zinc. 

relieved, Amm-c. Asa-f. Bell. Bov. 

Cina. Coloc. Dulc. Graph. Grat. 

Kali-c. Meny. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr. Plh. 
Rest, by, pain, abd., Bov. 

relieved, Ip. Puis. 

Riding in a carriage, pain, abd., Carb-veg. 

Rising, when, from lying, relieved, Arg. 

Room, in a, pain, abd., Kali-jod. 

Singing, from, pain, int., Puis. 

Sitting, in, pain, abd., Ruta. 

Sitting down, when, pain, abd., Ruta. 

Sneezing, when, pain, abd., Bell. Canth. 

Cham. Pallad. 
Standing when, pain, abd, Aloe., Bell. 
ing., Thuj. 

Stooping, when, pain, hyphog. , Kali-c. 
Strain in loins, from a, pain, abd., Arn. 

Carb-veg. Lach. 
Stretching out, pain, ing., Mdgn-s. 

in morning, pain, int., Rhus. 

pains, compel, Tart. 

Sugar, from, pain, abd., Igt. Sulph. 
Tobacco, from, pain abd., Borax. Igt. 
relieved, Chioc. 

Touch, from, pain, abd., Aeon. Aeth. Aloe. 

Apis. Bell. Berb. Canth. Cham. Cupr. 

Cycl. Hyosc. Merc. Merc-cor. Nitr-ac. 

Phosp. Plb. Puis. Sil. Stann. Stram. 

Tabac. Tereb. Tilia. Verat. 

hypog., Cycl. 

ing., Spig. 

int., Plb. 

nav., Carb-veg. Caust. Croton, 

sid., left, Bell. Colch. 

Turning the body, when, pain, int., Ambr. 
Vexation, after, pain abd., Coloc. 



Walking, ,n pain, abd., Chin. Coloc. Ferr. 
Hyosc. Phosp. Ran-b. Sulph. Verat 

as if bowels were loose and shaking 

abcut, Mang. 
pai.i, ing., Thuj. 

— on stone pavements, Con. 

— after, .11 open air, pain, abd., Kali-jod. 
Warm food, from, pain, abd., Kali-c. 


Warmth, external, by, pain, relieved, 
Alum. Bar-c. Cast. Meph. Pallad. Sil. 

Water, from drinking, pain, abd., Croc. 
Hipp-m. Teucr. 

Worms, irom, pain, abd.,CeV. Felix. Nux-m. 
Ruta. S.rbad. (compare Sect. 18.) 

Colic, agitation, with, Igt. 

— anus, contraction of, with, Verb. 

— anxiet,', with, in, abd., Cic. Cupr. Hep. 
Rjosch. Mux, Plat. Sulph. 

— bendiig double, compelling, Bell. 
Chelid. Coloc, Grat. Rheum. Rhus. 

— bladd' r, pain in, Lach. Nux. Prun. 

— chilliness, with, Coloc. Daph. Merc. 
Mez. Phosp. Spig. Stront. (compare 
Sect. 32.) 

— coldness, general, Ars. Bov. Meph. 
(comp.ire Sect. 32.) 

— constipation, with, Bell. 

— convulsions, with, Cic. Cupr. Sec-c. 

— cough, with. Chin. 

— cries, with, Cupr. Hyosc. Ip. Viol-tr. 

— despair. Coff. 

— diarrhoea, with, Ambr. Amm-c Ars. 
Borax. Bry. Chelid. Coloc. Jalap. Lach. 
Ntr-c. Nice. Ol-an. Petr. Phosp. Puis. 
Spig. Stront. Verat. Zinc. 

— dislike to work, with, Tart. 

— dyspnoea, with, Berb. Caps. Cham. 
Chin. Cocc. Creos. Lach. Lyc. Mez. 
Mosch. Rhod. Prun. Sulph. 

— eructations, with, Grat. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 
Nux. Rhod. 

— evacuation of hard faeces, Ant. 
h ood}- faeces, Rhus. 

— eyes, affections of, alternating with, 

sui rounded with a livid circle, with, 


— face, heat of, with, Hep. Merc. Nux. 
pal e, with, Cham. Phosp. 

red. with, Cast. Merc. Nux. 

shivering in, with, Coloc. 

Colic, with fainting, Ran-sc. 

— hands, yellowness of, with, Sil. 

— headache, with, Hyosc. (compare 
Sect. 3.) 

— heat in general, with, Ars. Carb-veg. 
(compare Sect. 32.) 

— humor ill, with, Asa-f. Cic. Creos. 

— leg cramps in, Coloc. 

heaviness of, with, Diad. 

lameness of, with, Carb-veg. 

painfulness, with, Coloc. Cop. 


— leucorrhoea, discharge of, with, Creos. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. (compare Sect. 21.) 

— lying down, compelling, Nux. Tart. 

on abdomen, compelling, Aloe. 

unable to remain, Prun. 

— mucus, discharge of, from, anus, with, 

— nails, blueness of with, Sil. 

— nausea, with, Amm-c. Chelid. Cycl. Dig. 
Grat. Hep. Mang. Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. 
Samb. Stann. Sulph. (compare Sect. 14.) 

— peevishness, Asa-f. Cic. 

— perspiration cold, with, Ars. 

— restlessness, with, Aloe. Bell. Carb-veg. 
Coloc. Mosch. Tart. 

— sacral region, pain, in, with, Kali-c. 
N tr-c. Nux. Sec-c. 

— shuddering, with, Chin. Diad. Ip. 

— sighing, with, Igt. 

— sleepiness, Nux. Tart. 

— sleeplessness, Creos. 

— stretch one's self out, compelling to, 

— thirst with, Chin. Verat. 

— trembling and chatering with the teeth, 
with, Bov. Meph. 

— urging to stool, with, Aur. Bar-c. Bism. 
Petr. Phosp. Sep. Staph. Verb. Viol-tr. 

— urine, copious, with, Bell. Lach. Spig. 

suppressed, with, Arn. Graph. 

— uriaate, urgency to, with, Creos. 
Ferr-m. Meph. 

— vomiting, Asar. Ars. Bell. Case. 
Cupr-carb. Hyosc. Lach. Puis. Sec-c. 
(compare Sect. 14.) 

— water, collection of in mouth, with, 

— waterbrash, with, Bry. (compare Sect. 14. 

— weakness, with, Nux. 

— yawning, with, Cast. 



18. Stool and Anus. 

Heating, as of small hammer, in rectum, 

Biting in anus and rectum, Dulc. Phosp-ac. 
Black, rectum, Merc. 

Blood, discharge of, from, anus. Aloe. 
Alum. Atnm-c. Ant. Ars. Asar. Bar-m. 
Borax. Cact. Calc. Calc-ph. Garb-veg. 
Case. Chin-sulph. Coloc. Cycl. Igt. 
Kali-jod. Lach. Lyc. Men. Merc-cor. 
Millet. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp. 
Plat. Psor. Puis. Rat. Sabin. Sep. 
Strain. Sulph. Valer. Zinc. 

— constant dripping, no blood with stool, 

— and sanious matter, Ntr-m. 

— bright red, Bufo. Case. Hydroph. Merc. 

— black. Ant. Merc-cor. 
liquid, Elaps. 

— clotted, Merc-cor. Stram. 

— dark, Alum. Asar. Caps. Lob. Verat. 

— dark, bloody fluid oozes, Apis. 

— fetid, Hipp-m. 

— congestion of, to anus, Sep. Sulph-ac. 
Boring in rectum, Valer. 

Burning in anus, Aloe. Alum. Amm-c. 
Ang. Ant. Ars. Bar-c. Bry. Calc. Cupr. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cast. Chenop. Cocc. 
Colch. Coloc. Cop. Croton. Cub. Euph. 
Graph. Hep. Hydroph. Iod. Kali-c. 
Lach. Lact. Laur. Lyc. Merc. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. 
Oleand. Op. Phosp. Puis. Rat. Sass. 
Sep. Staph. Stront. Sulph. Tereb. Thuj. 
Verat. Zinc. 

— as from pepper, Caps. 

— after stool, relieved, Clem. 

— between the nates, Thuj. 

— in the rectum, All-cep. Aloe. Ars. 
Aur-fol. Calc. Canth. Caps. Carb-an. 
Cast. Con. Kali-c. Merc-cor. Merc-sulph. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Petr. 
Phosp. Puis. Sep. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tereb. Verat. 

Bruise, like pain in anus, Lact. 
Chafed easily by riding on horseback, 

Clawing, squeezing, as from a claw, in anus, 

Closed, sensation as if anus were, Lach. 

Condylonntion on anus, Nitr-ac. Sabin. 

Staph. Thuj. 
Constriction of anus, Cimex. Croton. Lach. 

Laur. Mez. Ntr-m. Nux. Plb Therid. 
Contraction of anus, Ang. Borax. Croton. 

Hipp-m. Igt.Mang. Plumb. Sec-c. Thuj. 

— of perineum, Sep. 

rectum, Alum. Borax. Cact. Calc. Cocc. 

Coloc. Ferr. Lach. Ntr-m. Nux. Plb. 

Plb-ac. Sep. Stront. 

sense of, Ntr-m. Nux. 

Contractive pain at anus, Lyc. 
Cracks in anus, Agn. All-ccp. Graph. 
Cramp in anus, Colch. 

— in rectum, Calc. Lyc. Phosp. 

Cutting in anus, Canst. Jac-cor. Kali-c. 
Laur. Ntr-c. Staph. 

— in rectum, Caust. Lyc. Mang. Ntr-c. 
Darting from perineum to rectum and 

genitals, Bov. 
Drawing in anus and perineum, Cycl. 

— pain, from anus, through urethra, Hipp. 

— in rectum, Chenop. Creos. Mang. Rhod. 
Dropping from anus, sense as if cold 

water were, Cannab. 
Eruption on anus. Calc. Kali-c. Lyc. 

— burning and in groups, Calc. 

— herpetic, Ntr-m. 

— itching, Lyc. Petr. 

— little pimples around anus, burning and 
itching, Cinnab. 

— pustules, Amm-m. 

— ulcerous. Kali-c. 

— on perineum, furuncles, Ant. 

vesicular, Carb-veg. 

Excrescences at anus, lac-cor. 

sycotic, Nitr-ac. Sabin. Staph. Thuj. 

Fissures at anus, Aesc-hipp. Ars. Caust. 

Grat. Igt. Lach. Mez. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Nux. Phosp. Plb. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Thuj. 
Fistula in ano, (in rectum.) Aur. Berb. > 

Caust. Creos. Petr. Sil. Sulph. Thuj. /Via? 37?/ 
Formication, as from a large worm, Cinnab. 
Gnawing at anus, Ang. Spong. 
Griping in rectum, Sabad. 
Grumbling in rectum, Mang. 
Hemorrhoidal tumors of the anus. Aeon. 

Aesc-hipp. Aloe. Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. 

Amm-m. Anac. Ant. Apis. Am. Ars. 

Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Borax. Calc. Calc-ph. 




I 27 

Caps. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Case. Caust. 
Cham. Cimex. Collin. Coloc. Cupr. 
Fer.. Fluor-ac. Graph. Hipp-m. Kali-c. 
Lach. Lact. Lyc. Mur-ac. Nir-m.Nitr-ac. 
Mux. Pliosp. Puis. Sang. Sep. Sulph. 
Sul|>h-ac. Zing. 
Hemmorrhoidal tumors of the rectum, Ars. 
Calc. Caust. Coloc. Hep. Lyc. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Sep. Stront. 

— disposition to, Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Graph. Lach. Mux. Petr. Sulph. 

— bleeding, Aeon. Aesc-hipp. Amm-c.Ant. 
Beli. Borax. Bufo. Calc. Caps. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Collin. Coloc. 
Cupr. Elat. Ferr. Ham. Hyosc. Kali-c. 
Lacii. Lob. Meny. Millef. Mur-ac. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp. Puis. Sabin. Sacch.Sep. 

— blind, Ant. Caps. Ferr. Grat. Nux. Puis. 

— bluish, livid, Aesc-hipp. Carb-veg. 

— burning. Aeon. Aloe. Ant. Apis. Ars. 
Berb. Calc. Caps. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Canst. Cham. Chin. Lach. Mur-ac. 
Nitr-ac. Psor. Sulph-ac. 

as from hot needles, Ars. 

• — congestion, Sacch. 

— cracked, Cham. Caust. 

— crawling, Ant. Chin. 

— cutting, Kali-c. Lach. 

— fulness of, Kali-b. 

— inveterate, Nitr-ac. 

— itching, Ars. Berb. Clem. Chin. Graph. 
Kali-c. Sulph-ac. 

— large, Caust. Graph. Lach. 

— likt ground-nuts, blue, painful and burn- 
ing, Aesc-hipp. 

— oozing, Alum. Bar-c. Caust. Clem. 
Kali-c. Ntr-m. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— paii if ul, Aloe. Al urn. Anac. Ars. Cact. Calc. 
Caib-veg. Caust. Coloc. Graph. Kali-c. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nux. Sabin. Sacch. 
Stront. Thuj. 

in sitting and lying, Phosp. 

when walking, Caust. 

— painless, Ars. 

— protiuded, Aloe. Amm-c. Bar-c. Calc. 
Caust. Ferr.Gran.Ham. Hep. Kali-c. Lyc. 
Merc. Nitr. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Pliosp-ac. 
Plat. Puis. Rat. Rhus. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

— rasp ng. Puis. 

— smarting, Amm-c. Puis. 

— sore, smarting, Aloe. Apis. Graph. 
Kali-c. Mur-ac. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Zinc. 

stinging, Apis. Ars. Bar-c. Carb-an. 

Caust. Kali-c. Ntr-m. Sulph-ac. 

— suppressed, Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. Caps. 
Nux. Phosp. Sulph. 

— swollen, Aloe. Ang. Cact. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Coloc. Kali-c. Mur-ac. 
Niu-ac. Thuj. 

— tingling, Ant. 

— ulcerated, Cham. 

— between them, burning rhagades at an- 
us, Graph. 

— with congestion at anus, Lach. 

— a; climacteric period, Lach. 

— after suppression of leucorrhea, Amm-m. 
Heat of rectum, Aloe. Con. 

Heaviness at anus, Sep. 

— in perineum, Therid. 
Herpes on anus, Ntr-m. 

— perineum, Petr. 

Inactivity of rectum, Alum. Anac. Am. 

Camph. Carb-veg. Chin. Cocc. Croton. 

Hep. Igt. Kali-c. Mur-ac. Ntr-c.Nux-m. 

Nux. Op. Petr- Phyt. Plb. Puis. Ruta. 

Staph. Sulph. Verat. Zinc. 
Itching of anus, Agar. All-cep. Aloe. Alum. 

Amir. Amm-c. Anac. Ant. Arg-n. Bar-c. 

Borax. Cact. Calc. Carb-veg. Causl.Ciaa.. 

Cocc-c.Colch. Croc. Croton. Cub. Elaps. 

Ferr-m. Fluor-ac. Graph. Grat. Igt. Iod. 

Kali-c. Lith. Lyc. Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nux-jug.Nux Petr.Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Plat. Rhus. Rumex.Sass.Sep. 

Sil. Spig. Spong. Sulph. Teucr. Zinc. 


when sitting, Jac-cor. 

after stool, relieved, Clem. 

perineum, Agn. Fluor-ac. Ntr-s. 

Nux. Petr. Tar. 
rectum, Ambr. Borax. Bov. Calc. 

Chin-sulph. Cic. Ferr-m. Gran. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Rhus. Sep. Sil. Spig. Sulph. 
Jerking pains from anus up rectum, Sep. 
Meals, after, pain in anus, Lyc. 
Moistness of anus, Ztor-r. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

— between anus and coccyx, Led. 

— of perineum, Carb-an. Carb-veg. Preon. 

— rectum, Anac. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Coloc. Sep. 

Mucus, discharge of, Aeon. Alum. Ant. 
Ars. Borax. Caps. Carb-veg. Coff.Colch. 
Coloc. Dulc. Hell. Lach. ;I/f/r. Merc- cor. 
Nux. Phosp. Pod. Rhus. Sep. Spig. 
Stann. Sulph. 

— serous, Kali-jod. 

Openness, constant of anus, Phosp. 
Painfulness of rectum, Aeon. Caust. Con. 

Kali-chl. Nux. Seneg. 
Paralysis of anus, Aeon. Coloc. Graph. 

Laur. Selen. 

— of sphincter, Bell. Gels. Graph. Hyosc. 
Phosp. Selen. 

intestinal canal, Phosp. 

Perspiration of perinaeum, Alum. Carb-veg. 
Hep. Thuj. 

— at anus, offensive, Alum. Carb-an. Thuj. 
Pinching in rectum, Sabad. 

Plug was pressing out, sensation as if, 




Plug iii anus, sensation of, cannot sit 

down, Kali-b. Lach. 
rectum, Anac. 

Pressure in anus, Aeon. Ang. Ant. Bar-c. 
Cact. Chclid. Chin. Collin. Cycl. 
Kali-b. Lach. Lact. Laur. Lob. Nitr. 
Nux. Ol-an. Phell. Phosp. Puis. Seneg. 
Spig. Staph. Tong. Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

perineum. Alum. Berb. Cop. Cycl. 

rectum. Aloe. Ant. Arg. Arn.Cannab. 

Clienop. Chin. Croton. Cycl. Hipp-m. 
Kali-c. Kobalt. \itr-ac. Nux. Op. 
Ox-ac. Phosp. Seneg. 

— outwards, perineum, Asa-f. 
Pricking at anus, Lact. 

Prolapsus, of rectum, Ant. Ars. Calc. 

Colch. Croton. Dig. Elaps. Gels. Graph. 

Gum-gut. Igt. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. 

Mez. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Plb. Pod. 

Sep. Sulph, Therid. Valer. Zinc. 

while passing water, Mur-ac. 

Rasping pain in anus, Ant. Grat. Verat. 
rectum, Ntr-m. 

Rending tearing in anus, Colch. Kali-c. 

Phosp-ac. Zinc. 
up rectum, Sep. 

— in rectum, Chenop. Kali-c. Ntr-m. 
Phosp-ac. Ruta. Sabad. Sep. Thuj. 

Retraction of anus, Kali-b. Plb. 

Rumbling in rectum, Mang. 

Scraping in anus. Croton. 

Sitting, when pain in anus, Amm-m. 

Phosp. Therid. 
Smarting in anus, Ant. Dulc. Grat. Mur-ac. 

Phosp-ac. Puis. Verat. 

rectum, Igt. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 

Pliosp-ac. Puis. 
Soreness, excoriation, of anus, Amm-c. 

Ars. Bar-c. Calc. Carb-an. Grat. Hep. 

Kali-c. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Sulph. 

— between the nates, Calc. Ntr-m. Sep. 
when walking, Ntr-m. 

— of perineum, Carb-veg. Rhod. 

rectum, when riding in a vehicle, Psor. 

— sense of, in anus, Amm-m. Ars. Berb. 
Caust. Croton. Euph. Graph. Hep. 
Igt. Kali-b. Nux. Phell. Puis. Sass. 
Spong. Zinc. 

followed by blisters, from horse-back 

riding, Carb-an. 

with burning and tenderness in sit- 
ting, Berb. 

— of rectum, Amm-m. Ars. Caust. Grat. 
Lyc. Nux. Puis. 

Spasms in anus, Colch. 

sphincter, Colch. 

rectum, Calc. Lyc. Phosp. 

Stinging stitches, at anus. Aeon. Ambr. 

Ars. Borax. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Chin. 

Coloc. Con. Croc Croton. Ferr-m. 

Grat. Hydroph. Igt. Jac-cor. Jatr. 

Kali-c. Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. Mosch. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-jug. Nux. Ol-an. 

Phosp. Sep. Sil. Spong. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tcucr. Zinc. 
Stlno ing, studies from anus to sacral region 
and adomen. Aloe' 

— in rectum, Bell. Borax. Carb-an. Igt. 
Kali-c. Lach. Lachn. Lvc Mez. Sep. 
Sil. Sulph. 

to left groin, Creos. Croc. 

— from anus to rectum, Igt. 
to urethra, Cocc. Thuj. 

— in perineum, from above downwards, 
and from within outwards, Lith. 

Stitches in rectum, All-cep. 
Stoppage of anus. Nux. 

Stricture of rectum, Bell. Borax. Camph. 

Igt. Phosp. 
Swelling of anus, Apis. Graph. Nux. 

Sulph. Teucr. 
Tenesmus, Aeon. Acth. Aloe. Ars. Bell. 

Calc. Caps. Cocc-c. Croton. Euph. 

Grat. Hell. Hep. Ip. Lach. Lact. Laur. 

Merc. Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Nice. Nitr. Nux. 

Op. Ox-ac. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Rheum. Rhus. Selen. Senna. Sep. 

Spong. Sulph. Tabac. 

— in morning, after rising, Aeth. 

— at night, Merc. 

— with nausea, and pain in abdomen, 

— succeeded by fluid, discharge, mixed 
with blood and mucus, Aloe. 

I Tension of anus, Lyc. Sep. 
\ rectum, Sep. 

! Throbbing at anus, Aloe. Croton. Grat. 
Lach. Rhod. 

rectum, Ntr-m. 

as of a small hammer, Lach. 

— at perineum, Caust. 

Tingling, crawling, at anus, Agar. Ambr. 
Chin. Colch. Croc. Igt. Kali-c. Ntr-c. 
Nux. Plat. Rhus. Sabin. Sep. Spig. 
Tereb. Tetter. Zinc. 

— at rectum, Calc. Rhus. Sabad. Sep. 
Spig. Spong. Tart. 

Torn away, pain as if something were, in 

anus, Aur-m. Calc. 
Ulcer in the anus. Cub. Kali-c. Pseon. 
Ulcerous pain at anus, and perinuem, 


when walking, Agn. 

Weight in perineum, and feeling as if a 

plug was wedged between symphysis 

pubis and coccygis, Aloe. Caust. 

Hep. Thuj. 
Worm-complaints, Aeon. All-cep. Ars. 

Calc. Carb-veg. Cic. Cina. Dolich. Ferr. 

Felix. Graph. Igt. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux-m, 

Nux. Petr. Ruta. Sabad. Sacch. Scill. 

Sec-c. Sil. Spig. Spong. Stann. Sulph. 

Tereb. Teucr. Verat. 

— solitary, Croton. 

in scrofulous individuals, Sil. 

— ascarides, Aeon. Asar. Bar-c. Calc. 



Chin. Cina. Croton. Ferr. Graph. Grat. 
Igt. Mgn-c. M^n-s. Merc. Nux. Phosp. 
Plat. Scill. Sil. Spig. Spong. Sulph. 
Tetter. Valer. Yuba. 
Worm complaints, lumbricoides, Aeon. 
All-sat. Anac.Asar. Bar-c.Bell. Calc. Cic. 
Cham. Cina. Graph Hyosc. Kali-c. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Rhus. Ruta. 
Sabad. Sec-c. Sil. Spig. Sulph. Tereb. 

— tenia, Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Chin. 
Felix. Frag-ves. Grat. Graph. Kali-c. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. Nux. Petr. Phosp. 
Plot. Puis. Sabad Sep. 5/7. Stann. 
Sulph. Tereb. 

Stool, bubbling, Eugen. 

— copious, Ang. Ant. Aur. Benz-ac. 
Berb. Cact. Colch. Cop. Cub. Diosc. 
Elat. Gum-gut. Jatr. Iod. Ip. Iris. 
Kali-b. Lept. Mgn-c. Nux-m. Pod. 
Ran-b. Raph. Rumex. Sec-c. Tart. 
Teucr. Thuj. Verat. 

— difficult, Agn. Alum. Amm-c. Anac. 
Ant. Asa-f. Bar-c. Bov. Bry. Calc. 
Camph. Carb-veg. Case. Caust. Chin. 
Clem. Cocc. Colch. Creos. Euph. Gels. 
Grat. Hep. Igt. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Livch. 
Lact. Lyc. Mgn-m. Mang. A/erc^ Mez. 
Mur-ac. Murex. Ntr-m. Ntr-nitr. Nice. 
Nitr. Nitr-ac. Nux-jug. Nux. Ol-an. 
Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plumb. 
Pod. Prun. Psor. Puis. Rhod. Ruta. 
Sabad. Sabin. Sacch. Sass. Sep. Sil. 
Staph. Stront. Tart. Thuj, 

as if sphincter contracted. Gels. 

the stool being soft, Alum. Anac. 

Carb-veg. Chin. Colch. Diad. Hep. 

Igt. Nice. Nux-m. Phosp-ac. Psor. 

Puis. Rhod. Sep. Sil. Staph. Tart. 


easier in a standing posture, Caust. 

— easy, Berb. 

— frequent, in day time, Aeon. Amm-m. 
Ang. Ang-spur. Am. Borax. Calc. 
Carb-an. Chin. Cic. Cinnab. Coff. Cycl. 
Dros. Lob. Mang. Mez. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Ol-an. Par. Petr. Phosp-ac. Pod. Poth. 
Ran-b. Ran-sc. Senna. Sil. Tart. 

gushing, with flatulence, Croton. Grat. 

Gum-gut. Jatr. Lac-can. Ntr-c. Ntr-s. 

Pod. Rhod. Sulph. Tabac. Thuj. 
insufficient, Alum. Am. Bar-c. Carb-veg. 

Cham. Colch, Euphr. Graph. Gum-gut. 

Hyosc. Lach. Lact. Mgn-m. Ntr-e. Nux. 

Par. Petr. Sabad. Scill. Sep. Staph. 

Sulph. Zinc. 

— interrupted, Ambr. Ang-spur. Calc. 
Con. Kali-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Ol-an. 
Phosp. Ruta. Sabad. Sulph. Verb. 

every other day, Ambr. Calc. Con. 

Kali-c. Ntr-m. Sulph. 
for two or three days, Sulph. 

— involuntary, Aeon. Apis. Arg. Am. 

Ars. Bell. Bry. Calc. Camph. Carb-veg. 
Chin. Cina. Colch. Con. Cop. Cub. 
Dig. Grat. Hyosc. Kali-c. Lach. Laur. 
Merc. Mosch. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Oleand. 
Op. Ox-ac. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Rhus. Sec-c. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. 
Verat. Vipr-toro. 
i Stool involuntary during a meal, Fen. 

! at night, Am. Bry. Con. Hyosc. 

Mosch. Puis. Rhus' 

J during sleep, Arn. Bry. Con. Hyosc. 

Mosch. Puis. Rhus. Sulph. Verat. 

when urinating, Aloe. Mur-ac. Scill. 

Sulph. Verat. 

i when passing wind, Aeon. Aloe. 

Caust. Ferr-m. Jatr. Kali-c Mur-ac. 
Ntr-m. Oleand. Phosp-ac. Pod. 
Staph. Sulph. Verat. 

— quick, Ant. Bar-c. Cast. Croton. Cupi. 
Grat. Gum-gut. Iod. Jatr. Kali-c. 
Mgn-m. Merc-sulph. Me/.. Ntr-c. Nice. 
Tabac. Thuj. 'Verat. Viol-tr. 

| — scanty. Alum. Arg. Bell. Berb. Bry. 
Calad. Calc. Carb-veg. Chin. Cinnab. 
Colch. Daph. Eugen. Grat. Hep. 
Hyosc. Kali-b. Kali-jod. Kalm. Kobalt. 
j Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Merc-cor. 
I Merc-jod. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Plat. Ruta. 
I Sabad. Sass. Scneg. Sep. Stann. Staph. 
Tereb. Therid. 

— seldom, Lact. Mang. 
but soft, Meph. 

! — slow, Lach. Rhus. 

! — small, Aeon. Aloe. Arg. Arn. Ars. 
j Asar. Bell. Canth. Caps. Caust. Cham. 
Colch. Coloc. Corn-c. Dulc. Eugen. 
Lach. Lyc. Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. Nux. 
Oleand. Phosp. Ruta. Sang. Sep. Sulph. 

, — tardy, Amm-c. Asa-f. Colch. Hyosc. 

Mgn-m. Ntr-nitr. Nice. Nux -m. Phosp. 
j Ran-b. Ran-sc. Rhod. Sass. Seneg. Sep. 
Sil. Spong. Stront. Sulph-ac. 

— unobserved, Aloe. Ars. Colch. Ferr-m. 
Grat. Phosp-ac. Staph. Verat. 

— ash-colored, Asar. Dig. 

— black, Ars. Brom. Bry. Cact. Camph. 
I Caps. Chin. Cub. Elaps. Hep. Hipp-m. 

Ip. Kali-b. Lept. Merc. Nux. Op. Phosp. 
Scill. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tart. Tellur. 

I — brown, Ambr. Arn. Ars. Asa-f. Camph. 
Canth. Case. Chelid. Creos. Croton. 
Dulc. Fluor-ac. Graph. Gum-gut. Kali-b. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc-cor. Mez. Psor. 
Rheum. Rumex. Sabad. Scill. Sulph. 
Tarant. Tereb. Verat. 

— changeable, Colch. Puis. Sulph. 

— clay-colored, Calc. Hep. Kali-b. Petr. 

— dark, Agar. Iod. 

— gray, Aloe. Asar. Aur. Cist. Dig. 
Kali-c. Merc. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rheum. 

— greasy, shining, Caust. Thuj. 



Stool greenish, Aeth. Aloe. Amm-m. Arg-n. 

Ars. Bar-m. Bell. Borax. Canth. Carb-an. 

Cham. Chin. Coloc. Croton. Dulc. Elai. 

Grat. Gum-gut. Hep. Ip. Iris. Laur. 

Lob. Mgn-m. Merc. Merc-cor. Nux. 

Paullina. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Pod. Puis. 

Raph.l ,Rheum. Sep. Stann. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tereb. Valer. Verat. 

scum, Mgn-c. 

like flakes i f spinach, Arg-n. 

scraped eggs, Nux-m. 

— light colored, Benz-ac. Carb-veg. Canst. 

— liver, brown, Anac. Mgn-c. 

— pale, Carb-veg. Lyc. 

— red, Rhus. Sil. 

— of sepia, Mosch. 

— tea-colored, Gels. 

— white, Aeon. Ars. Asar. Aur. Bell. 
Benz-ac. Bufo. Calc. Cast. Caust. Cham. 
Chelid. Chin. Cimex. Cina. Coleh. Cop. 
Dig. Dulc. Hell. Hep. Igt, Iod. Lach. 
Lob. Merc. Ntr-s. Nux.' Pallad. Petr. 
Phosp-ac. Pod. Puis. Rhus. Spig. 
Spong. Sulph. 

like chyle or milk, Am. B 11. Bufo. 

Dig. Dulc. Hell. Merc. Nux. Pod. 

Rheum. Stront. 
clay, in chronic diarrhoea, Petr. 

— white, flocky, Ip. Scill. 

grains or particles, Cub. Phosp. 

masses, like tallow, Mgn-c. 

streaked, Rhus. 

— yellow, Aeth. Aloe. Ambr. Ars. Asa-f. 
Borax. Brom. Calc. Cham. Chelid. 
Chin. Cist. Cocc. Coloc. Croton. 
Elaps. Fluor-ac. Gels. Gum-gut. Hyosc. 
Igt. Ip. Iris. Mgn-m. Mang. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Merc-sulph. Ntr-s. Nice. 
Oleand. Petr. Phosp. Plb. Pod. Puis. 
Raph Sabad. Stront. Tabac. Tart. Tereb. 

streaked, Rhus. 

g ra )\ Cist. 

green, Apis. Croton. Grat. 

granular, Mang. 

watery, Apis. Ars. Borax. Canth. 

Chin. Croton. Dulc. Grat. Gum-gut. 

Hyosc Merc-sulph. Stront. Thuj. 
and copious during day, scanty, hard 

and black at night, Merc-jod. 

— acrid, excoriating. Ant. Ars. Canth, 
Cham. Chin. Coloc. Dulc. Ferr. Graph. 
Gum-gut. Igt. Iris.Kali-c. Lach. Merc. 
Nux. Phosp. Puis. Sass. Staph Sulph. 

— bilious, Aeth. Aloe. Ars. Cact. Cham. 
Chin. Cina. Coloc. Corn-c. Croton. Cub. 
Diosc. Dulc Elaps. Ip. Lept Merc. 
Merc-cor. Oleand. Phyt. Pod. /Wx.Sacch. 
Sulph. Verat. 

in albuminuria, Tereb. 

— bloody, Aeon, Aeth, Aloe. Alum. Apis. 
Arg-n. Am, Ars. Asar. Bapt. Benz-ac. 
Bry. Cact. Calc. Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Chin. Cinnab. Colch. Co!« c.Cop. 

Creos. Cupr. Daph. Dros. Dub.. Flaps. 

Ferr. Hipp m. Hvdroph. Ip. Ir.s. Jalap. 

Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Led. Lyc. Mgn-m. 

Merc. Merc-cor. Millef. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Ntr-s. A'itr-ae. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. 

Ox-ac. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Raph. Rat. 

Rhus. Sabin. Sass. Sep. Sil. Sul>!i. fart, 

Tereb. Valer. Verat. Vipr-toro. 
Stool, bloody, painless. Apis. 
dark, stringy. Croc. 

— blood-streaked, Cina. Led. Mgn-m. 
Ntr-s. Nux. Scill. Thuj. 

— burning, Ars. Lach. Merc. 

— as if burnt, Brv. 

— chalk-like, Bell. Calc. Dig. Hep. Lach. 

— clay-like, adhering, Plat. 

— clotty, Nux. 

— crumbling, Amm-c. Case. Guaj. Mgn-m. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Phosp-ac. Ruta. 

— curdled, Bar-m. Chum. Merc. Nux-m. 
Puis. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Viol-tr. 

— dry, Arg. Arg-n. Creos. Hep. Kali-chl. 
Kobalt. Lact. Mang. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Phosp. Pod. Stann. Tereb. Zinc. 

— fermented, Calc. Ip. Mcz. Rhocl. Sabad. 

— with filaments like hair, Selen. 

— flakey, Cupr. Phosp. Verat. 

— flocky (white), Dulc. Ip. Scill. 

— frothy, foamy, Am. Benz-ac. Calc. Chin. 
Coloc. Croton. Elaps. Elat. Graph. Grat. 
Iod. Kali-b. Lach. Mgn-c. Mgn-ni. Merc. 
Ntr-s. Op. Pod. Raph. Rhus! Ruta. Sil. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

with bubbles, Scill. 

— gelatinous, Colch. Hell. Rhus. Sep. 

— globular, Cimex. Hipp-m. Mtz. /'//'. 

— like glue, Euph. 

— like grains of boiled rice in stool, Plb. 

— granular, Mang. 

— greasy, Caust. Thuj. 

— hard, Aeon. Agar. Alum. Amm-c. 
Amm-m. Ant. Asa-f. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. 
Berb. Bov. Bry. Cact. Calc. Cannab. 
Canth. Carb-an. Case. Caust. Chelid. 
Cimex. Clem. Cocc. Con. Creos. Croton. 
Cycl.Euph. Euphr. Fluor-ac. Gr.iph. Grat. 
Guaj. /tip. Hyper. Igt. Iod. Kali-b. 
Kali-c. Kali-chl. Kali-jod. Kobalt. Lach. 
Lact. Lam. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Menv. Ntr-c. Ntr-s. Nice. Nil. . Nux. 
Ol-an. Op. Pallad. Petr. Phcll. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Phyt. Plat. Plb. Pod. Prun. 
Puis. Ran-b. Rat. Rumex. Ruta. Sabad. 
Sabin. Sass. Scill. Selen. Seneg. Sep. Sil. 
Stann. Staph. Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tereb. Thuj. Verat. Verb. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

with constipation, Agn. Asa-f. 

Bry. Calc. Cocc. Con. Dulc. 
Graph. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Sil. Staph. Verat. 



! 3* 

Stool, hard, chronic, Bry. Canst. Cocc. Graph. 

Lvc. Ntr-m. Nux. Sil. Sulph. Verat. 

(compare, Constipation.) 

— with hardness of the liver, Graph. 

— copious hemorrhage from bowels, 


long, dry and narrow, Phosp. 

hard, tough and greasy, Caust. 

round hard, black balls. Op. 

like hazel nuts, with dulnessin head, 


— hard first, then fluid, Aloe. Lact. 
diarrhoea, Agar. 

lumps united by a mucus thread, 


covered with mucus, Caust. 

Mgn-m. Nux. Plb. 

— — and soft alternately, Ars. Borax. Iod. 

Lach. Mgn-s. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 
involuntary. Aloe. 

— partly hard and partly liquid, Nux. 

— hot, Aloe. Cham. Cist. Merc-sulph. 
Phosp. Pod. 

— undigested, Aloe. Ant. Am. Ars. Asar. 
Bry. Calc. Cham. Chin. Coloc. Con. 
Creos. Ferr. Graph. Hep. Iris. 
Lach. Men)-. Merc. Ntr-ac. Nux-m. 
OUand. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat.' Pod. 
Raph. Rhod. Sang. Scill. Sulph. 

of flood of day previous, Oleand. 

at night or after meals, Amm-m. 

Borax. Bry. Chin. Coloc. Ferr. 


— knotty, Amm-c. Aur. Bar-c. Berb. 
Carb-an. Caust. Chelid. Graph. Iod. 
Kali-b. Lact. Led. Mgn-m. Meny. 
Merc. Mez. Ntr-s. Nux. O). Petr. Plb. 
Prun. Ruta. Sep. Sil. Stann. Shout. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. Verb. Viol-od. 

— liquid, Aeth. Ang. Am. Ars. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Chenop. Chin. Cic. Clem. 
Con. Croton. Diad. Gels. Ind. Kobalt. 
Lach. Mgn-s. Meph, Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-s. Nitr. OUand. Phell. Phosp. Psor. 
Raph. Rat. Rheum. Sabad. Sec-c. Sil. 
Staph. Tereb. Verat. 

black, Ars. Scill. Stram. 

brown, Graph. Mgn-c. Nux. Phosp. 

Psor. Raph. Scill. 

greenish, Aeth. Croton. Raph. 

reddish yellow, Lyc. 

yellow, Aeth. Calc. Croton. Iris. 

Ntr-s. Nux-m. Raph. Rhus. 

yellow white, Nitr-ac. 

vvith tinea capitis, Psor. 

— lubricated, Ferr-m. 

— lumpy, Con. Lyc. 

— lumps like chalk, Bell. Calc. Dig. Hip. 
Lact. Spong. 

— membranes, false, Canth. Colch. 

- — mucus, Aeon. Agar. Aloe. Amm-m. 
Aug. Apis. Am. Ars. Asar. Bar-m. Bell. 

Z?t»v7.r. Brom.Cact. Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. 
C a s c . C a s t . C h a m . Ch did. Ch in . C i n a . C o c c . 
Colch. Coloc. Corn-c. Dig. Dale. Elaps. 
Ferr. Graph. Grat. Gum-gut. Hell. H vosc. 
Hyper. Iod. Ip. Iris. Kali-c. Kali-chl. 
Lach. Laur. Lept. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Millef. . Nice. Nitr-ac. 
Nux-m. Nux. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Phyt. Pod. Prun. Puis. 
Raph. Khenm. Rhod. Rhus. Ruta. Scill. 
Sec-c. Sep. Spig. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tart. Thromb. Viol-tr. 
Stool, mucus, adhesive, Caps. 
with blood, Aeon. Aeth. Aloe. 

Ang-spur. Apis. Arg-n. Am. Bapt. Bell. 

Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. Cast. Chenop. 

Colch. Coloc. Creos. Cub. Dros. 

Elaps. Elat. Graph. Gum-gut. Hep. 

Hydroph. Igt. Iod. In. Iris. Lach. 

Led. Mgn-m. Merc. Merc-cor. Nitr-ac. 

.Ykx. Ox-ac. Petr. Pod. Psor. Puis. 

Raph. Sabad. Sabin. Sacch. Sep. Sil. 

Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

brown, Ars. Grat. Nux. Zing. 

dark, Arg-n. 

draws out like a rope, Zanthox. 

frothy, Iod. Pod. Sil. Sulph-ac. 

gelatinous, Aloe. Colch. Cub. Hell. 

Kali-b. Pod. Rhus. Sep. 

glazed, Kalm. 

granular, Bell. Borax. 

green, Aeth. Amm-m. Apis. Arg-n. 

Bell, Borax. Canth. Cast. Cham. 

Cina. Colch. Com e. Dulc. Elat. 

Gum-gut. Ip. Laur. Mgn-c. Merc. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Psor. Sep. Sulph. 

— — liquid, Laur. 

in masses, Aloe. 

like mush, Kalm. 

red, Canth. Graph. Rhus. Sulph. 

stringy, Asar. Sulph-ac. 

tenacious, Asar. Caps. Croton. Hell. 

white, Bell. Canth. Caust. Cham. 

Cina. Cocc. Colch. Dulc. Elat. 

Graph. Hell. Iod. Ip. Phosp-ac. 

Pod. Puis. Sulph. 
yellow, Agar. Apis. Asar. Bell. 

Borax. Brom. Cham. Chin. Cub. 

Mgn-c. Nice. Pod. Puis. Rhus. 


— pappy, papescent, Agar. Aloe. Ant. 
Am. Asa-f. Calad. Chenop. Chin. Cina. 
Creos. Croton. Cycl. Eugen. Euph. 
Fluor-ac. Kali-b. Kalm. Lach. Lact. 
Lam. Lob. Mang. Merc. Mez. Ol-an. 
Paeon. Par. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. 
Rheum. Rhod. Selen. Seneg. Sil. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tart. Teucr. Therid. 
Valer. Zinc. 

— in small pieces, Amm-c. Case. Guaj. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Phosp-ac. Ruta. 

— pitch like, Merc. Mez. Nux. 




Stool purulent, Am. Ars. Canth. IocI.Lach. 
Lyc. Merc. Sil. Puis. Sulpli. 

— sandj-, Arg. 

— with scraping of the intestines, Canth. 

— with sediment like meal, Pod. 

— like sheep's- dung, Aur-sulph. Kerb. 
Kali-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Op. Plumb. Ruta. Sep. Verb. 

— soft, Aeon. Aeth. Agn. Aloe. Ambr. 
Amm-m. Anac. Arg. Bar-c. Herb. 
Borax. Calc. Carb-veg. Cocc. Coff. 
Graph. Ferr-m. Hipp-m. Hyper. lod. 
Iris. Kobalt. Lach. Lact. Lob. Mang. 
Merc-sulph. Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nitr. Nux-m. Ol-an. Oleand. Ox-ac. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Poth, Puis. Pause. 
Pat. Phod. Ruta. Sabin. Sep. Sulph. 
Tabac. Tilia. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

twice a day, Cinnab. 

difficult to pass, Agn. 

after coffee, Fluor-ac. 

with disposition to frequent evacuta- 

tion, (looseness of the bowels), 


chronic, Calc. Graph. Ntr-m. Phosp. 


— soft first, then hard, Oleand. Sabin. 

— soft and hard alternately, Mgn-s. 
the whole evacuated with one effort, 


— stercoraceous, slimy, Cham. Dig. Led. 
Merc-cor. Nux. Rheum. Viol-tr. 

— tenacious, Asar. Caust. Merc. Plat. 
Plb. Sass. 

— large in size, Bry. Graph. Igt. Kali-c. 
Ntr-nitr. Nux. Puis. Sil. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 

— small in size, Borax. Caust. Hyosc. 
Merc. Mur-ac. Phosp. Sep. Staph. 

soft, Graph. 

— thin first, then knotty, Euph. 

— tough, Mang. Merc-jod. Rumex. 

— watery, Aeon. Agar. Ant. Am. Ars. 
Bell. Bcnz-ac. Beib. Bry. Cact. Calc. 
Camph. Cham. Chin. Cist. Cocc. Colch. 
Con. Cop. Creos. Croton. Cupr. Cycl. 
Dig. Diosc. Dulc. Elaps. Pen . Fluor-ac. 
Grat. Gum-gut. Hell. Hipp-m. Hyosc. 
Iod. Ip. Iris. Jatr. Kali-b. Lach. Lept. 
Mgn-s. Merc. Merc-sulph. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. 
Oleand. Op. Ox-ac. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Pod. Puis. Ran-sc. Phus. Sacch. 
Sang. Sec-c. Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tart. Tereb. Verat. 

colorless, Apis. 

dark, Nux. 

with flakes, Cupr. Phosp. Verat. 

— odorless, Hvosc. Rhus. 

— smelling, like brown paper burning, 

Stool, smelling like rotten cheese, Bry. 

— cadaverous, Ars. Bism. ^arb-veg. 
Creos. Lach. Phosp. Rhus. Sil. 

like rotten eggs, (ham. Psor. 


fetid, offensive, Apis. Am. Arg-n. 

Ars. Asa-/. Aur. Bell. Benz-ac. 

Bry. Calc. Calc-ph. Carb-ie;. Cham. 

Chin. Cocc. (.'off. Color. Corn-r. 

Dulc. Eii^en. Fluor-ac. Gia >h. Guaj. 

Gum-gut. Hipp-m. Iod. Li h. Lept. 

Lith. Lyc. Merc-cor. Mez. Mur-ac. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Oleand. Jp. Par. 

Phosp-ac. Plb. Pod. Psor. Puis. Ran-sc. 

Rheum. Rhus. Rumex. Sc II. Sec-c. 

Sil. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. 


mouldy, Coloc. 

musty, Coloc. 

like onions, Nux-jug. 

peculiar. Aloe. 

putrid, Am. Ars Asa-f. Aur. Bcnz-ac. 

Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. ('ham. 'Chin. 
Cocc. Coloc. Creos. Dulc. Graph. 
Ip. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. 
Nux. Oleand. Par. Plb. Pod. Puis. 
Scill. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Staph. Stram. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

sour, Arn. Bell. Calc. Cham. Coloc. 

Dulc. Graph. Hep. Mgn-c. Merc. Mez. 
Ntr-c. Phosp. Rheum. Sep. Sulph. 

sweetish, Mosch. 

Constipation, Agar. Aloe. Alum. Ambr. 
Amm-c. Amm-m. Apis. Arg-n. Arn. Ars. 
Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Bov. Bry. C; ct. Calc. 
Camph. Cannab. Canth. Carb-ieg. Caust. 
Cham. Cic. Cocc. Colch. Coloc. Con. 
Cor-r. Creos. Croton. Cupr. D:>ph. Dulc. 
Eugen. Graph. Grat. Guaj. Gymnoc. Hep. 
Hyosc. Jac-cor. Kali-b. Kah-c. Lach. 
Lact. Laur. Led. Lyc. Mgn-m. Mang. 
Meny. Mosch. Murex. Ntr-n. Nice. 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. Op. Ox-ac. 
Phosp. Phyt. Plat. Plb. Pod. Puis. 
Rhus. Sabad. Scill. Selen. Sep. Sil. 
Stann. Staph. Stram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tabac. Tereb. Therid. Thuj. Verat. 
Verb. Viol-od. Zinc. 

— chronic, Bry. Caust. Chin-sulph. Graph. 
Lach. Dye. Ntr-m. Nux. Op. Plb. Sulph. 
Thuj. Verat. 

— for several days, Con. Sulph. j 'huj. 
six days, followed by copious papes- 

cent stool, Cor-r. 

— every other day, Ambr. Calc. Cocc. 
Con. Kali-c. Ntr-m. Sulph. 

— every three months, Kali-b. 

— with diarrhoea, alternately, Ant. Arg-n. 
Ars. Bry. Iod. Lach. Ntr-m. Nux. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sacch. Tart. 

in elderly people, Ant. Op. 

— painless, Op. Puis. Scill. 




Constipation from taking cold by liding in a 
carriage, Igt. 

— in nursing infants, Alum. Nux. Op. 
Sulph. Verat. 

— after intermittent fever, suppressed by 
by quinine, Puis. 

— from lead-poisoning, Alum. Op. Plat. 

— after pollutions, Thuj. 

— in pregnant women, Alum. Coloc. Lyc. 
Nux. Sep. 

— on a voyage, Plat. 

— with bloated, swollen abdomen, Dolich. 

distended abdomen, Bell. Mgn-m. 

backache, Lach. Psor. 

belching, Zing. 

colic, Plb. 

discharge of blood from rectum, Psor. 

coldness of body and hot head, Bufo. 

extremities, Kali-b. 

catarrh, Eupat. 

debility, Kali-b. 

want of desire, Alum. Graph. Lyc. 

incarcerated flatulence, in left side, 

Aur. Iod. Lyc. Rhod. Sulph. 

gastric derangement, Iod. 

headache, Con. Kali-b. Nux. Pod. 


heat of head, Bell. 

body, Cupr. Verat. 

leucorrhcea, Pod. 

induration of liver, Graph. 

nausea and vomiting, Nux. 

perspiration, Bell. 

fruitless pressing to stool, Caust. Con. 

Igt. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Rhus. Sabad. 

Sep. Sulph. Verat. 

— in pregnancy, Alum. Coloc. 

— with spasmodic retention of faeces, es- 
pecially in small intestine, Op. 

painful retraction of anus, Kali-b. 

— stool slips back, as if not power enough, 

— with sour taste, Sep. 
coated tongue, Kali-b. 

clean patches on tongue, Kali-b. 

Ntr-m. Tar. 
urging to stool, Cocc. Con.Op.Sec-c. 


frequent desire to urinate, Sass. 

vomiting, Plb. 

vomiting of faeces, Plb. 

Diarhrcea, Aeon. Aeth. Agar. Aloe. Alum. 

Ambr. Amm-c. Ant. Apis. Arg-n. Am. 

Asar. Asa-f Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Borax. Bov. 

Bry. Calad. Calc. Calc-ph. Cannab. 

Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. Cast. Cham. 

Chelid. Chin. Cina. Clem. Cocc. Colch. 

Coloc. Con. Cop. Creos. Croton. Cupr. 

Dig. Dulc. Eugen. Ferr. Graph. Hell. 

Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Ind. Iod. Ip. Jatr. 

A'a/i-c. Ka!i-jod. Lach. Lact. Laur. Led. 

Lob. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Meph. Merc. 

Men-cor. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. 

Nilr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Par. 
Paeon. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Pod. Prun. Puis. Ran-sc. Raph. Rat. 
RInum. Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. Sass. 
Scill. Sec-c. Senna. Seneg. Sep. Sil.Spig. 
Spong. Staph. Stram. Stront. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tart. Tereb. Tong. 
Valer. Verat. Zinc. 
Diarrhoea chronic, Agar. Bar-m.Bruc.Calc. 
Cinnab. Dulc. Ip. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Nlr-s. 
Oleand. Petros. Plb. Pod. Rhus. 

— colliquative, Ars. Chin. Ip. Tart. Verat. 

— with constipation, alternately, Ant. Bry. 
Iod. Kali-b. Lach. Lact. Nux. Rhus. 
Ruta. Tart. 

in elderly persons, Ant. Op. 

— debilitating, Ars. Bry. Calc. Chin. Con. 
Ferr. Merc. Nux-m. Oleand. Petr. Phosp. 
Rheum. Sacch. Sec-c. Sep. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

painless, Chin. Clem. Ntr-s. 

— not debilitating, Phosp-ac. 

— dys-enteric, Aeon. Aloe. Ars. Bell. 
Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. Cinnab. Colch. 
Coloc. Creos. Dig. Euph. Gum-gut. Hep. 
Iod. Ip. Merc. Merc-cor. Millef. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Plb. Rhus. Sang. Staph. Sulph. 

— feculent, Cina. Hep. Led. Mosch. 
Mur-ac. Plb. Prun. Spig. 

— alternating with headache, Pod. 

— after exciting news, Gels. 

— painful, Ars. Bry. Caps. Carb-veg. 
Cham. Colch. Croton. Dulc. Fluor-ac. 
Jalap. Kali-chl. Mgn-c. Merc. Nux. 
Petr. Plumb. Pod. Puis. Rheum. Rhus. 
Sec-c. Sulph. Verat. 

— painless, Apis. Arg-n. Ars. Bar-m. Bell. 
Camph. Carb-an. Cham. Chelid. Chin. 
Cinnab. Clem. Colch. Coloc. Croton. 
Ferr. Hep. Hyosc. Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. 
Ntr-s. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plat. Pod. Rhus. Rumcx. 
Scill. Sil. Stram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— relieving the pains with the evacuation, 

— vehement, Cist. Croton. Cupr. Grat. 
Gum-gut. Iod. Jat>* Kali-b. Mgn-m. 
Mez. Ntr-c. Nice. Phosp. Pod. Raph. 
Rhod. Sep. Sulph. Tabac. Thuj. Verat. 

— in morning, Aeth. All-cep. Aloe. Alum. 
Amm-m. AnL Apis. Arg-n. Bov. Bry. 
Caps.Cist.Cop. Corn-c. Eupat. Fluor-ac. 
Formica. Hipp. Iod. Kali-b. Lac-can. 
Lach. Lith. Lyc. Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-s. 
Nice. Nitr. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. 
Oleand. Op. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. Pod. 
Rumex. Sabad. Scill. Sulph. Thromb. 
Thuj. Zing. 

as soon as he rises from bed, Lyc. 

Nuphar. Sulph. 

— in forenoon, Cact. Gum-gut. 

afternoon, Aloe. Bell. Borax. Chin. 

Dulc. Laur. 




Diarrhoea in the evening. Aloe. Borax. Bov, 
Canth. Caust. Colch. Gels. Kali-c. 
Lach. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. 

4 to 6, Carb-veg. 

4 to 8, Lyc. 

5 to 6, Dig. 

— at night, Aloe. Ant. Arg-n. Ars. Aur. 
Bov. Brum. Bry. Canth. Caps. Caust. 
Cham. Chelid. Chin. Cinnab. Cist. 
Colch. Cub. Dulc. Graph. Grat. Hep. 
Ip. Iris. Kali-brom. Kali-c. Lach. Lith. 
Merc. Mosch. Nux-m. Phosp Pod. Puis. 
Rhus. Selen. Sulph. Tabac. Verat. 

— at midnight, Hipp-m. 

— after midnight, AU-cep. Arg-n. Ars. 
Hipp-m. Lyc. 

to morning, Ars. Cist. 

— in day, not at night, Amm-m. Canth. 
Cina. Glon. Gum-gut. Hep. Mgn-c. 
Ntr-s. Nitr. Petr. Scill. 

— day and night, Kali-c. Merc-sulph. Sil. 
Sulph. Tarant. 

— periodically, at same hour, Apis. Sabad. 
Selen. Thuj. 

— every three weeks, Mgn-c. 

— every year, in early part of summer, 

— from acute diseases, Carb-veg. Chin. 

— from anger and chagrin, Aeon. Cham. 

— mucus, in apyrexia of intermittent fever, 

— in autumn, Bapt. Colch. 

— after breakfast, Arg-n. Borax. Thuj. 
not, Thromb. 

— in children, Aeth. Benz-ac. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Cina. Hell. Hep. Ip. 
Jalap. Mgn-c. Merc. Nux-m. Oleand. 
Rheum. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— after cholera, Sec-c. 

a cold, Aeon. Aloe. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. 

Bry. Caust. Cham. Chin. Coff. Dulc. 
Elat. Graph. Ip. Kali-c. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Nux-m. Nux. Op. Puis. Sep. Sulph. 
Verat. Zing. 

— in damp weather, Lach. Rhod. 

— Juring dentition, Aeth. Arg-n. Ars. 
Benz-ac. Borax. Calc. Canth. Chain. 
Chin. Coff. Coloc. Dulc. Hell. Ip. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Nux. Pod. Psor. Rheum. 
Sep. Sil. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— after drinking, (compare Sect. 13.) 

— from evening air, cold, Colch. Merc. 
eruption, suppressed, Bry. Hep. Mez. 


— during exanthanata, Ars. Chin. Scill. 

— from fruits, Ars. Chin. Lach. Puis. Rhod. 
ice-cream or ice-water, Puis. 

— after and when lying on abdomen, re- 
lieved, Amm-m. Bov. Dros. Ntr-c. Nux. 

• Puis. Rheum. Rhus. Seneg. Sulph. 

Diarrheea in lying in women, Ant. Dulc. 
Hyosc. Rheum. 

— after measels, Chin. Merc. Puis. Scill. 

— from opium, Mur-ac. Nux. 

— during pneumonia. Tart. 

— in pregnant women, Dulc. Hyosc. Lyc. 
Nux-m. Petr. Phosp. Sep. Sulph. 

— during rheumatism, Kali-b. 

— in scrofulous persons, Calc. 

— during small-pox, Ars. Chin. Tart. 

— in spring, Lach. 

summer, jAcon. 'Aeth. Bry. Creos. 

Dulc. Kali-b. Nux-m. 

typhus fever, Nux-m. 

warm weather, Lach. 

— from impure water. Zing. 

— as soon as he hears water run, Hydroph. 

— from weaknesss, Asar. Chin. Nux-m. 

— in young persons of rapid growth, 

— with abdomen, distention of, Sulph. 

pain in, Agar. Alum. Amm-c. 

Amm-m. Aug. Ant. Asa-/. Bar-c. 
Borax. Bov. Bry. Cannah. Canth. 
Caps. Cast. Cham. Coloc. Con. 
Cop. Croton. Dig. Euph. Gels. 
Hell. Hep. Hipp-m. Ind. Iris. 
Jalap. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kali-chl. 
Kali-jod. Lach. Merc. A/erc-cor. 
Mez. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. 
Nux. Ol-an. Petr. Plb. Prun. 
Pod. Puis. Rat. Rheum. Rhus. 
Sass. Sil. Spig. Staph. Stann. 
Stront. Sulph. Tart. Tereb. Tong. 

colicky, Cannab. Cham. Coloc. 

Dulc. Ip. Merc. 

cramping, Ferr. 

anorexia, Nux-m. 

— anus, with burning in, Hipp-m. 
, — smarting at, Kali-c. 

,— soreness of, Cham. Ferr. Merc. 


.anxiety, Ant. Lach. Merc. 

— back, with pain in, Ferr. Kali-jod. 

— with chilling, Cast. Cop. Dig. 
coldness, Spig. 

— after coryza, Sang. 

— with dispnoea, Sulph. 

eructations, Con. Dulc. Merc. 

flatulence, discharge of, Arg-n. 

Asa-f. Ferr-m ",\ 'Glon.i "Hipp-m. 


faintness, Dulc. Nux-m, 

fainting, Nux-m. 

headache, Merc. 

heat, Merc. 

feeling as of hot water poured from 

chest to abdomen, Sang. 

— limbs, with painfulness of, Amm-m 

Diarrhoea, with micturition and perspira- 
tion, Bell. 

nausea, Ars. Bell. Bism. Hell. Ip. 

Lach. Merc. Prun..Rhus. 

cold perspiration on head, Merc. 

rumbling in stomach, Paeon. 

— sacral region, with pain in, Colch. 
Kali-jod. Nux. Puis. 

— with shuddering, Merc. Puis. 
and shivering, Ang. Cast. Cop. 

Dig. Sulph. 
shreiking and whining, (in children,) 

Carb-veg. Cham. Jalap. Senna. Sulph. 

sleepiness, Hipp-m. Nux-m. 

tenesmus, Ars. Lach. Merc. Nux. 

thirst, Ars. Dulc. Mgn-s. Pod. 

trembling, Merc. 

urine, profuse, Aeon. 

vomiting, Aeth. Ant. Ars. Asar. 

Bell. Coloc. Cupr. Dulc. Eugen. 

Jatr. Ip. Lach. Phosp. Rheum. 

Seneg. Stram. Tart. Verat. 
weakness, Ars. Bry. Chin. Con. 

Kali-c. Merc. Phosp. Rheum. Sec-c. 

Sep. Sulph. 
yawning, Cast. 

Evacuate, desire to, urgent, Ant. Arg. 
Am. Ars. Bar-c. Berb. Con. Elaps. 
Ferr-m. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Merc-cor. 
Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 
Phosp. Puis. Rheum. Rhod. Rhus. 
Sabad. Sass. Sec-c. Staph. Stram. 

frequent, Aloe. Arg. Caust. Chenop. 

Hyosc. Igt. Lachn. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. Plat. Puis. 
Ran-sc. Rheum. Ruta. Sil. Spig. Stann. 
Sulph. Tabac. Tilia. 

small stools with tenesmus, Aeon. 

Aeth. Ars. Bell. Caps. Gum-gut. 
Laur. Merc-cor. 

— ineffectual, Ambr. Anac. Arn. Asa-f. 
Bell. Bism. Bov. Carb-an. Caust. 
Chenop. Cocc. Colch. Con. Corn-c. 
Grat. Gymnoc. Igt. Kali-c. Lac-can. 
Lach Lachn. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Ntr-tu. 
Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nux. Oleand. 
Plumb. Rat. Rheum. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 
Spig. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tabac. Tereb. Thuj. Tong. Verat. 

with vomiting, Sang. 

— felt mostly in upper intestines, Igt. 

— pressing, Nitr-ac. 

— strong, Ferr. Merc-jod. 

voiding wind only, Ferr. Mgn-c 


— sudden, Aloe. Anac. Ant. Bar-c 
Carb-an. Ferr-m. Hipp-m. Merc-sulph 
Ntr-c. Viol-tr. 

— in eventing, Bism. 

— at night, Merc. Puis. Sulph. 

— after meals, Aloe. Ferr-m. 

when walking or 
A rs. Bar-c. 


Evacuate, desire to, 
exercising, Rheum. 

— abdomen, with pain 
Meny. Puis. Rhus. 

— anus, with pain in, Ars. Caust. Mgn-c. 

followed by painful constriction of, 


— with anxiety, Ambr. Caust. 

— back, with pain in, Rat. 

— bladder, with pain in, Sulph. 

— erections, with, Thuj. 

— eructations, with Ferr-m. 

— exertion from, Thuj. 

— face, with redness of, Caust. 

— flatulency, with discharge of, Carb-an. 
Lach. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Sep. 

— lumbar region, with pain in, Bar-c. Rat. 

— with nausea, Rhus. 
prolapsus, recti, Ruta. 

rectum, with itching in, Euph. 

— sacral region, with pain in, Rat. 

— scrotum, with contraction of, Ferr-m. 

— with sweat on back, Kali-b. 
Evacuation, before, 

abdomen pain in, Agar. Aloe. Alum. 

Amm-c. Amm-m. Arg-n. Ars. Bapt. 
Bar-c. Bell. Borax. Bry. Cact. 
Cannab. Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. 
Cast. Cham. Chenop. Chin. Cinnab. 
Culch. Coloc. Dig. Dros. Dulc. 
Eugen. Gels. Glon. Graph. Gum-gut. 
Hell. Hipp-m. Ip. Jatr. Kali-c. 
Kobalt. Lept. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. 
Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. 
Nitr. Ol-an. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. 
Pod. Puis. Rat. Rheum. Rumex. 
Sang. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Tabac. 
Tart. Thromb. Thuj. Verat. Viol-tr. 

colicky, Alum. Kobalt. Sulph. 

in traverse colon, Croton. 

contractive, to chest, with short- 
ness of breath, Ntr-s. 

cutting, Aeon. Aeth. Agar. Ant. 

Ars. Bar-c. Bry. Caps. Carb-veg. 
Cast. Chelid. Coloc. Con. Dig. 
Gels. Grat. Iris. Laur. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Nice. 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. Petr. Puis. 
Rhus. Sang. Sep. Sulph. Tart. 
Thuj. Verat. 
drawing, Nitr-ac. 

feeling of distension in, Fluor-ac. 

fulness in, Phyt. 

griping in, Bell. 

heat in, Bell. 

pain in left side of, Thromb. 

pinching of, Aeth. Agar. Bell. 

Canth. Cast. Cina. Chenop. 

Cinnab. Fluor-ac. Gum-gut. 

Kali-c. Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-s. Nice. 

Petr. Verat. Zing. 
tearing in, Dig. Rhus. 




Evacuations before twisting in, Canst. 

Ox-ac. Strain. 
anus, pain in, Caib-an. Carb-vcg. 

Lach. Merc. Nux. Oleand. Phosp. 

Puis. Rat. Spong. 
burning in. Aloe. Berb. Fluor-ac. 

Ins. Oleand. Rat. 

creeping in, Mez. 

itching in, Eupli. 

pressing in, Sulph-ac. 

stinging in, Berb. Spong. 

— anxiety. Ant. Ars. Bar-c. Caust. 

Cham. Cioton. Kali-c. Merc. Poth. 

— sudden, with dyspnoea and perspir- 

ation, relieved, after stool, Poth. 

— backache, Nux. Puis. 

— chill, Aloe. Ars. Bar-c. Benz-ac. 

Cast. Dig. Me:. 
in rectum, Lyc. 

— colic, Alum. Ars. Bry. Merc. Petr. 

Puis. Sulph. Verat. 
only in daytime, Petr. 

— creeping in rectum, Mez. 

— discharge of blood, Lob. 
of black blood, Merc. 

— erections, Thuj. 

— fainting, Dig. 

— flatulency, Aloe. Ars. Cact. Caps. 

Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cast. Chelid. 
Chenop. Cocc. Formica. Gels. Grat. 
Iris. Kali-c. Kobalt. Lac-can. Lach. 
Lept. Mgn-s. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-s. Oleand. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rat. 
Sec-c. Spong. Sulph. Thuj.Tilia. 
hot, Cocc. 

— fulness and weight, in pelvis, Aloe. 

— gaping, Cast. 

— groins, pain in, Ntr-s. 

pressing, in, Cast. Thromb. 

— headache, Ox-ac. 

— heat, Croton. Mgn-c. Merc. Phosp. 

— intestines, burning in, Aloe. 
gurgling, Pod. 

pricking in, Aloe. 

sore pain in, Thromb. 

— mucus, white, Kali-c. 

— muscles, involuntary jerking of, 

— naval, pain about, Aloe. Amm-m. 

Caps. Fluor-ac. Grat. Nux. Ox-ac. 

— nausea, Aeon. Bry. Calc. Chelid. 
Dulc. Grat. Hell. Ip. Merc. Rhus. 
Rumex, Sep. Tart. 

— perspiration, Aeon. Bell. Dulc. Merc. 

— ptyalism, Fluor-ac. 

— rectum, pain in, Nux. 

— restlessness, Ars. 

— sacrum, pains in, Berb. Carb-veg. 

Ntr-c. Nitr. 

— sensitiveness, irritabilitv, Borax. 


— shuddering, Bar-c. Cast. Dig. Mez. 

— tenesmus, Merc. Merc-cor. 

Evacuations before thirst, Aiv 

— tremor, Merc. 

— urging, Aloe. Amm-m. Apis. Boiax. Bov. 
Canth. Cist. Coloc. Com e. Gum-gui. 
Kali-b. Lept. Merc. Merc-cor. Ntr-c. 
Nice. Nitr. Nux. Phosp. Rhus. Rheum. 
Sang. Sulph. 

sudden, Bar-c. Cist. Hipp-m. Kali-c. 

Phosp. Pod. Sulph. 

— vomiting, Ars. Ip. Ox-ac. Tart. 
Between the stools, chilliness, Merc. 
Evacuation, during, 

— abdomen, pain in, Aeth. Agar. Aloe. 
Arig. Ars. Borax. Bov. Bry. Cannab. 
Carb-vcg. Cham. Con. Cop. Croton. Cub. 
Cupr. Diad. Dros. Dulc. Eugen. Euph. 
Gum-gut. Hell. Ind. Lach. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Millef. Nitr. Nux. 
Ol-an. Ox-ac. Rheum. Sass. Selen. 
Sep. Sulph. Tereb. Verat 

colic, in, Aloe. Alum. 

Canth. Caps. Cham. 
Corn-c. Croton. Dulc 
Ind. Ip. Ins. Kalic. 
Mgn-c. Merc. 
Nitr. Nitr-ac 


Apis. Arg-n. 
Coloc. Cop. 
Gels. Hipp. 
Kobalt. Lyc. 
Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 
Ox-ac. Petr. Plb. 



Rheum. Rhus. Sil. Tabac. Tart. 

— cutting in. Aeon. Agar. Aloe. 
Caps. Cham. Chelid. Coloc. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Nitr. Rhus. 

— distention of, Carb-an. Lyc. 

— fermentation in, Agar. 

— gnawing pains in, Kali-b. 

— griping in, Apis. Thromb. 

— left side, pain, in, Thromb. 

— pinching in, Agar. Canth. 

— retraction of, Agar. 

— rumbling in, Chelid. Corn-c. Ins. 
Elaps. Kali-b. 

— soreness, in, Euph. 

— tearing, Aloe. Cop. 

— twisting in, Bov. Elaps. 

anus, congestion of blood to, Puis. 

contracted. Staph. Thuj. 

constricted, Igt. Lach. 

pain in, Mur-ac. Ox-ac. Sass. 


biting, Dulc. Lyc. 

burning, Aloe. Ang. Ars. 

Bar-c. Berb. Bov. Bry. Canth. 

Caps. Carb-veg. Cast. Chenop. 

Clem. Cocc. Colch. Croton. 

Euph. Ferr. Hipp-m. Iris. 

Kali-b. Lach, Lact. Laur. Lyc. 

Merc-sulph. Mur-ac. Ntr-c 

Ntr-m. Nice. Op. Puis. Staph. 

Stront. Sulph. Tereb. Verat. 

constringing, Mang. Staph. 

cutting, Caust. Laur. Ntr-c. 


grasping, Phell. 


Evacuations, during, anus in, itching, 
Kalm-c. Merc. Mur-ac. Sil. Sulph. 

lacerating, Ca?lc. 

pressing, Aeon. Ant. Chelid. 

Lach. Laur. Nitr. Ox-ac. Phell. 

Puis. Spig. Staph. Tong. Verb. 


smarting, Agar. Chin. Kali-c. 

sore, Ars. 

stinging, Berb. Ntr-m. Sil. 


tearing, Ntr-m. 

anxiety, Cham. Merc. Verat. 

ascarides, discharge of, Ferr. Mgn-s. 


— — back, pain in, Cupr. Kali-jod. Lyc. 

Nux. Phosp. Stront. Tabac. 

weakness in. Aloe. 

blood, discharge of, Alum. Amb. 

Am m*c. Amm-m . Anac. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Cast.Caust.Coloc. Ferr. Hep. Kah-c. 

Lach. Lam. Lyc Merc. Mur-ac. 

Nitr-ac. Phosp.' Plat. Puis P.uta. 

Selen. Sep. Sil. c uIl»h _ . Lnuj. 


a little, Graph. 

light-colored, Case. 

with soft stool, Hep. 

— thick, black, Asar. 

— congestion of, to head, Nux. 

Rhus. Sulph. 

with red face, Aloe. 

breath short, Rhus. 

chills, Aloe. Ars. Bry. Con. Cop. Ip. 

Jatr. Lyc. Merc. Rheum. Sec-c. Sil. 
Sulph. Thromb. Verat. 
fear ,of apoplexy, and pale face. 


in back, Thromb. 

with heat, Merc. 

shaking, Puis. Verat. 

drowsiness, Bn-. Hipp-m. 

epistaxis, Carb-veg. Phosp. 

erections, Igt. 

eructations, Cham.Dulc. Kobalt.Merc. 

to evacuate, urging, Carb-an. Colch. 

Hep. Lach. Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. 

Ntr-c. Nux. Rat. Tabac. 

face red, Aloe. 

pale, Verat. 

flatulency. Agar. Aloe. Arg-n. Asa-f. 

Borax. Corn-c. Cupr. Glon. Gum-gut. 

Hipp-m. Ind. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lac-can. 

Lach-n. Ntr-s. Nice. Phell. Sabin. 

Sang. Scill. Staph. Thuj. Viol-tr. 


fetid, Cast. 

noisy, Arg-n. Ntr-s. Thuj. 

groin, pain in, Laur. 

headache, Ox-ac. 

heat, Dulc Merc. Sulph. 

hunger, Aloe. 

intestines, bruised, pain in, Apis. 

legs, drawing, tearing down, Rhus. 

leucorrhoea, blood}-, Murex. 

micturition, Alum. Bell. Ox-ac. 

painful, Caps. 

mucus, discharge of, Alum. Ferr. 

Graph. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. 

Nux. Selen. Spig. Sulph. 
nausea. Agar. Ang. Arg. Asar. Bell. 

Berb. Cham. Chelid. Coloc. Croton. 

Cupr. Grat. Hell. Ip. Kali-c. Merc. 

Nitr-ac. Paeon. Prun. Sil. Sulph. 

Tart. Verat. 
navel, pain, about, Kali-b. Fluor-ac. 


pains, worse, Ars. Cham. Merc 

Puis. Sulph. Verat. 

paleness, Calc. Ip. Verat. 

palpitation of heart, Dig. Haematox. 

Nitr-ac. Sulph. Tart. 
perspiration. Bell. Cham. Croton. 

Dulc. Jatr. Merc. Stram. Thromb. Verat. 

warm, Sulph. 

piles, bleeding, Merc. Nitr-ac. 

painful, Caps. Cimex. Rhus. 

protruded, Amm-c. Brom. Calc. 

Fluor-ac. Grat. Kali-c. Phosp-ac. 
Rat. Ruta. 

prolapsus, ani, Ant. Ars. Asar. Bry. 

Calc. Canth. Colch. Dulc. Fluor-ac. 
Graph. Gum-gut. Igt. Lach. Mgn-m. 
Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. Plh. Pod. 
Ruta. Sep. Sulph. Therid. Thromb. 
— rectum, heat in, Con. 

itching in, Sil. Sulph 

pain in, Ant. Aloe. Caust. Con. 

burning, Aloe. Alum. Amm-m. 

Ars. Borax. Caust. Cocc. Con. 
Corn-c. Cub. Graph. Grar.Merc- 
sulph. Mur-ac. Nice. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Prun. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

contracting, Coloc. 

cutting, Caust. Ntr-c. 

rasping, Mur-ac. Phosp. 

rending, tearing, Cocc. Ntr-m. 

smarting, Igt. Phosp. 

stinging, Calc. Chin. Ntr-m. Sil. 


sacral region, pain in, Amm-c. Ars. 

Carb-an. Kali-jod. Lyc. Nice. Nux. 
Plat. Pod. Puis. Ruta. Stann. Stront. 

shuddering, Alum. Bell. Calad.Cast. 

Con. Ind. Kali-c. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. 

Plat. Rheum. Spig. Stann. Verat. 

stomach, pain in, Agar. Hipp-m. 

drawing in of, Agar. 

syncope, Borax. Ox-ac. Sass. Sulph. 


tape-worm, discharge , of, Calc. 

Graph. Ntr-m. 
tenesmus, Aeon. Aeth. Aloe. Alum. 

Amm-m. Apis. Ars. Bapt. Bell. 



Calc. Caps. Caust. Chenop. Cinnab. 
Colch. Coloc. Con. Cop. Corn-c. 
Croton. Eitph. Fluor-ac. Grat. 
Gum-gut. Hell. Hep. Hipp-m. 
Hydropli. Igt. Ip. Iris. Kali-b. Lach. 
Laur. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Mang. Merc. 
Merc -ear, Merc-jod. Nice. Ntr-c. 
\tr-s. Nitr ac. Nitr. Mux. Op. Petr. 
Phyt. Rhus. Selen. Senna. Sep. 
Spoitg. Sul ph. Tabac. Tart. Thromb. 
Evacuation, during thirst, Ars. Bry. Cham. 
Chin. Dulc. Mgn-c. Pod. Sulph. 

— urging, Alum. Apis. Arg-n. Benz-ac. 
Canth. Gum-gut. Hell. Kali-b. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. Nice. Nux-m. 
Ox-ac. Rhus. 

— vomiting, Apis. Arg. Ars. Bry. Cycl. 

Dulc. Hipp-m. Ip. Merc-cor. Ox-ac. 
Plb. Seneg. Verat. 

— weakness, Borax. Verat. 
Evacuation after abdomen, empty feeling 

in, Sulph-ac. Verat. 

pain in, Agar. Ambr. Amm-c. Amm-m. 

Arg. Bov. Canth. Carb-veg. Chenop. 
Cimex. Diosc. Dros. Glon. Nice. 
Nux. Ol-an. Ox-ac. Puis. Rheum. 
Staph. Tongo. Verat. Zinc. 

burning, Kali-b. 

cutting, Ars. Coloc. Gels. Lept. 

Merc. Merc-cor. Nitr.Pod. Rheum. 

as if diarrhoea would set in, Ntr-m. 

pinching, Chenop. Kali-c. Merc. 

pressing, Grat. 

rumbling in, Chelid. 

sinking in, Verat. 

weakness of, Chin. Diosc. Lept. 


anus, constricted, Elaps. Igt. Lach. 

Mez. Nux-m. Plat. Stront. Sulph. 

contraction of sphincter after 

bloody stool, Elaps. 

creeping in, Mez. 

itching and tingling, Aloe. Berb. 

Euph. Kali-c. Nice. Tereb. Teucr. 
pain in, Alum. Coloc. Lyc. (com- 
pare Rectum.) 

biting, Canth. 

burning. Aloe. Ars. Berb. Bov. 

Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. Cast. 

Caust. Coloc. Corn-c. Gum-gut. 

Hell. Iris. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. 

Laur. Mgn-c. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr. Nux.Oleand. 

Ol-an. Paeon. Petr. Phosp.Rat. 

Senna. Sil. Stront. Sulph. Tart. 

Tereb. Thromb. 
contracting, Igt. Nux-m. Plat. 

Stront. Sulph. 

cutting, Ntr-c. 

hot, smarting, Hell. 

pressing, Berb. Lach. Phosp. 

Senna. Sulph-ac. 

Evacuation, after, anus, pricking, Iris. 

rending, Kali-c. 

smarting. Agar. Canth. Graph. 

Gum-gut. Hep. Igt. Nux-m. 
Phell. Puis. Sil. 

sore. Alum. Apis. Graph. 

Gum-gut. Merc. Mur-ac. Nux. 

stinging, Berb. Canth. Kali-c. 

Nice. Nitr. 

throbbing, Berb. Hipp-m. Lach. 

pulsation in, Hipp-m. 

weight in, Aloe. 

anxiety with, Caust. Nitr-ac. 

aversion to open cold air, Mez. 

back, chilliness in, Puis. 

heat in, Pod. 

pain in, Caps. Dros. 

relieved, Ox-ac. 

throbbing in, Alum. 

blood, discharge of, "Alum. [ Amm-c. 

Apis. Canth. Caps. Case. Lyc. Merc. 

Sabin. Scill. Sep. 

black, Lob. 

thin, red, Calad. 

calves, tension in, Ox-ac. 

chills, Canth. Grat. Mez. Ox-ac. 

Paeon. Plat. 

cold, surface and feet, Sulph. 

desire continues, Lach. Lyc. (com- 
pare Urgency to.) 

drowsiness, Bry. 

evacuate, urgency, Aeth. Croton. Dig. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc-cor, Ntr-nitr. Nice. 

Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Rheum. Staph. 

Tabac. Tar. Therid. 
exhaustion, Merc-sulph. Nitr-ac. Pod. 

Sec-c. Sep. Thromb. Verat. 

fainting, Croton. 

flatulence, Cimex. Con. Lyc. Ntr-s. 

fulness in feet, feel numb, Merc-sulph. 

headache, Kobalt. Rat. 

hunger, Petr. 

knees, weakness in. Thromb. 

mucus, discharge of, Asar. Calad. 

Phosp. Selen. 
nausea. Aeon. Caust. Croton. Kali-b. 

Ox-ac. Zing. 

navel, pain about, Croton. Lept. 

palpitation of heart, Ars. Con. Caust. 

perineum, contractive pain in, after 

scanty, hard stool, Lyc. 
perspiration, Aeon. Croton. Merc. 


piles, discharges of fetid blood from, 


pain in, Amm-c. Graph. Nitr-ac. 

burning, Berb. Nitr-ac. 

protrusion of, Aloe. Brom. Diosc. 

Graph. Rat. 

blue, Mur-ac. 

prolapsus ani, Ars. Igt. Hipp. Merc. 

Pod. Sep. Thromb. 
rectum closes tight, Cimex. 



Evacuation, after rectum creeping in, Mez. j 

pain in, Asar. Grat. Kali-c. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux.Petr.Phosp. 

Puis. Seneg. 
aching, with fulness, Gymnoc. 


burning, Amm-m. Ars. Bry. 

Corn-c. Grat. Kali-c. Ntr-m. 
Ntr-s. Petr. Phosp. Tereb. 

cutting, Ntr-c. 

pressing. Caust. Kalm. Nux. 

Phosp. Seneg. 

stitches, Cham. 

tearing, stinging, Kali-c. 

tingling, Chin. 

pressure, straining and dis- 
charge of viscid white mucus, 

prolapsus of, Croton. Iris. Mez. 

— soreness of, with ichor, Hep. j 

relaxation, Calc. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 

relief of colic, tenesmus and urging, 

Aeon. Alum. Ars. Canth. Cham. 

Colch. Coloc. Corn-c. Gum-gut. 
Nux. Rhus. Tart. 
Evacuation, after, relief of head-symptoms, 

sacral region, pain in, Tabac. 

sensitiveness, Nitr-ac. 

shuddering, Canth. Mez. Plat. 

soreness, general, Calc. 

tenesmus, Amm-m. Apis. Asar.Bapt. 

Bell. Bov. Canth. Caps. Cocc. Colch. 
Cub. Hipp-m. Hydroph. Ip. Kali-b. 
Kobalt. Lach. Mgn-c. Merc. Nice. 
Nitr. Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rheum. 
Rhus. Senna. Staph. Sulph. Tabac. 
Tart. Thromb. 

to perineum and urethra, Mez. 

thirst, Caps. Dulc. Ox-ac. Thromb. 

trembling, Con. 

vertigo, Petr. 

vomiting, Eugen. Kali-b. Merc-cor. 

[ weakness, Ars. Bov. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Chin. Coloc. Con. Ip. Lach. Mez. 
Nitr-ac. Petr. Pod. Sep. Thromb. 
Thuj. Verat. 


19. Urine and Urinary Organs. 

Agglutination of orifice of urethra by 

mucus, Petros. 
As if a ball were rolling in bladder, Lach. 
Kiting in urethra, Prun. Teucr. Thuj. 
Blood, discharge of from urethra, Amm-c. 

Ant. Arg-n. Am. Ars. Cact. Calc. 

Camph. Cannab. Canth Caps. Caust. 

Chin. Con. Euph, Hep. Ip. Lyc. Merc. 

Mez. Millef. Murex. Nux. Phosp. Plb. 

Puis. Sec-c. Scill. Sep. Sulph. Tart. 

Tereb. Zinc. 

■ with burning, Ambr. Chenop. Chin. 

Graph. Kali-c. Puis. Seneg. 

constipation, Lyc. 

dyspnoea, Con. 

pains in kidneys and bladder, Ip. 


stomach and vomiting, Ip. 

painless, Lyc. 

with paralysis of legs, Lyc. 

in urine, from a cut, hjemorrhagic 

diathesis, Tereb. 
Burning in bladder, Aeon. Ars. Berb. 
Canth. Cham. Chelid. Colch. Ind.Lach. 
Nux. Petr. Prun. Puis. Rheum. Rhus. 
Sabin. Sep. Staph. Tereb. 
urethra, All-cep. Ambr. Amm-c. Ant. 

Apis. Arg-n. Ars. Asar. Aspar.Berb. 

Bov. Bruc. Bry. Calc. Cann. Canth. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Chenop. Chin. 

Clem. Colch. Coloc. Con. Croton. 

Cupr. Hipp-m. Igt. Ip. Kali-c. 

Kobalt. Lact. Lith. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. 

Nitr-ac. Nitr. Ol-an. Ox-ac. Par. Petr. 

Phosp-ac. Prun. Puis. Sep. Staph. 

Sulph. Tereb. Thuj. 
smarting and stinging, as if scalded, 


at neck of bladder, Aeon. Cham. 

Nux. Petr. Puis. Staph. 

orifice, Ambr. Bry. Cannab. 

Chenop. Chin. Cochlear. Graph. 
Kali-c. Lact. Nitr-ac. Seneg. Sep. 
Sulph. Thuj. 

when not urinating, Bry. 

Calculi in bladder and kidneys. Sass. Zinc. 
Catarrh of bladder, Dulc. 
Constricting, sensation of, in bladder, 
Alum. Cact. Caps. Cocc. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Sass. 

Contracting, sensation of, in urethra, 
Carb-veg. Clem. Cop. Dig. 

— in bladder, Berb. 
Crawling in urethra, Petros. 

Cutting pain in bladder, Berb. Canth. Caps. 
Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mang. Tereb. 

urethra, Ang-spur. Berb. Canth. 

Caps. Chelid. Colch. Con. Dig. 
Ip. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Sep. Zinc. 
Diabetes, Bar-m. Bov. Carb-veg. Chin. 
Creos. Led. Mgn-c. Ntr-m. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Sacch. Scill. Tart. Thuj. 

— with great pain. Con. 
Dilation of orifice of urethra, Cop. 
Drawing pain in bladder, Berb. Chenop. 


— from perineum to urethra, Kali-b. 

— in urethra, Colch. Petros. Puis. Zinc. 

— in fossa navic, Petros. 
Dribbling, sensation of, Lact. Thuj. 
Drop, sensation remained at upper part of 

urethra, Kali-b. 

-in fossa navic, All-cep. Thuj. 

Dysuria, Am. Ars. Cannab. Canth. Caps. 

Colch. Dig. Euph. Mgn-m. Merc. 

Nux. Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Sass. Sec-c. 


Enuresis, Bar-c. Bry. Nitr-ac. Puis. Rhus. 

Fulness, sense of, in bladder, Calad. 

without desire to urinate, 

Calad. Pallad. Stann. Verat. 

after urinating, Calc. Con. Lac-can. 


Glued up, urethra feels, Bov. 
Gonorrhoea, Agit. Arg-n. Cannab. Canth. 

Caps. Cinnab. Cop. Cub. Led. Alerc. 

A/erc-cor. Mez. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Petros. 

Psor. Puis. Rhod. Sabad. Sabin. Tereb. 


— with great congestion to parts, 

chorde, Agave-amjric. Canth. 

penis turned up, Berb. Selen. 

— urethra feels as if glued up, Bov. 

— with tenesmus and strangury, Tereb. 

— first thin then thicker discharge, 

— secundaria, (chronic.) Agn. Bar-c. 
Bar-m. Canth. Caps. Cinnab. Dulc. 


I err. Gels. Hep. Hydrast. Kobalt. Lyc. 
Hire. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 
I 'ft i . Phosp-ac. Psor. Selen. Sep.Sulph. 
Tcllur. Thuj. Zinc. 
Gororrlioea, chronic with green discharge, 
I! >b..[t. 

white discharge, Caps. Cinnab. 

Ferr. Kobalt. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr- 
ac. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. Zinc. 

with impotence, Agn. Calad. Kobalt. 

and fetid urine, Calad. 

suppressed, Berb. Canth. Clem. Daph. 

Puis. Sass. Tussil. 
Fro i gonorrhoea suppressed, affections, 
testicles of, Agn. Aur. Bell. Canth. Clem, 
i I re. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Puis. Rhus. 

right testicle, Brom. Mez. 

Ocim. Rhod. 
left testicle, Arg. Clem. 

— - - rheumatism, Cop. Daph. Sass. 
Gri ) ng in bladder and urethra, Lyc. 
Haematuria,' Ambr. Arn. Ars. Calc. Camph. 

Cannab. Canth. Chin. Con. Cop. Hep. 
I p. Mez. Millef. Mux. Op. Phosp. Plb. 
Puis. Sass. Scill. Sulph. Tart. Tereb. 
Thuj. Uva-ursi. Zinc. 
Ha:mmorrhoids of bladder, Ant, Borax. 

Nux. Puis. Sulph. 
Inflammation, of bladder, Apis. Canth. Dig. 

urethra, Arg-n. Bov. Cannab. Canth. 

Co/>. Hep. Sabin. Sulph. Tabac. 

burning, or shooting pain and 

increased gonorrhoea, Arg-n. 

Induration, cartilaginous, bladder, Pareira. 
Insensibility in urethra, Mgn-s. 
Irritation of urinary passages, Arg-n. 
C tienop. 

Ischuria, Acnn. Arn. Aur. Gnnph. Canth. 
Cic, 'Dig. Dulc. Hyosc. Merc-cor. Nux. 
Op. Plb. Puis. Rhus. Sabin. Stann. 
Sulph. Verat. (compare Urine, dis- 
charge of, suppressed). 

— riinful, Aeon. Arn. Aur. Canth. Puis. 

— tfter parturition, Arn. Ars. Bell. Canth. 
Jaust. Hyosc. Lyc. Nux. Puis. Stann. 

Itc iing, in urethra. Alum. Ambr. Anac. 

Arn. Berb. Bov. Canth. Caust. Cocc-c. 

Cop. Igt. Ind. Kali-chl. Laur. Lyc. 

Merc-cor. Mez. Ntr-m. Nux. Ol-an. 

Sep. Tabac. Thuj. Zinc. 

— with desire to urinate, Coloc. 

— ; fossa navic, Petros. 

Jet king in urethra. Ntr-c. Phosp. 

Mu( us, discharge -of, Agar. Agn. Ant. 

Calc. Cannab. Canth. Con. Dulc.Elaps. 

Ferr. Hep. Kali-jod. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. Rhod. Sabin. Sabin. 

c iss. Sulph. Thuj. 

— albuminous, Petros. 

— bloody, Canth. Nitr-ac. 

— dark-reddish color, Cub. 


— green, Kobalt Merc. 

— painless discharge of, Cannab. Psor. 

— purulent, Cannab. Canth. Caps. Clem. 
Cop. Merc. Meic-cor. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Sa-s Thuj." 

— a drop of pus before urinati ng,Tussilago. 

— slimy, Cannab. Caps. Dulc. Hep. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Nitr ac. Puis. Sulph. 

— thick, Cannab. Caps. Clem. Ferr. Merc. 
Meic-cor. Nux. Puis. 

milky, Cannab. Caps. Ferr. Nux. 

— viscid, Agar. Bov. Dig. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Phosp. Tart. 

— wateiy, Cannab. Merc. Merc-cor. 
Copious, Thuj. 

— yellow, Agar. Cannab. Cop. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Petros. Thuj. 

Narrowness of urethra, sense of, Bry. Dig. 

Numbness of urethra, Mgn-mur. 

— sense of, want of power, Thuj. 
Paralysis of bladder, Aeon. Ars. Bell. 

Canth. Caust. Cic. Dulc. Hyosc. Lach. 
Laur. Op. 

after parturition, no desire, Ars. 


Pinching in urethra and bladder, Lyc. 
Polypus of bladder. Calc. Con. Graph. 
Lyc. Thuj. 

Pressing pain or sensation, in bladder, 
Aeon. All-cep. Alum. Amm-c. Arn. 
Aur. Berb. Canth. Carb-veg. Cheriop. 
Chin. Colch. Con. Creos. Cycl. Dig. 
Hyosc. Lach. Lact. Ntr-m. Ol an. 
Pailad. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sass. Scill. 
Sep Tart. Zinc. 

— in urethra, Colch. Petros. Puis. Teucr. 

relieved by pressing on glands, Canth. 

Pulsation in bladder, Canth. 

penis, Cop. 

urethra, Canth. Merc. 

Purulent, dischaige from urethra, Cannab. 

Canth. Caps. Clem. Con. Ip. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Sabad. Sabin. Sass. 
Redness of orifice of urethra, Gels. Hep. 

Sulph. (compare Inflamation.) 
Relaxation of bladder, Mur-ac. 
Smarting in urethra, Berb. Borax. Ntr-c. 

Phosp. Sep. Teucr. 
Soreness, sensation of in urethra, Berb. 
Caps. Clem. Cop. Lach. Mez. Prun. 

— of bladder when touched, Canth. Puis. 
Spasm of bladder, Asa-f. Berb. Canth. 

Caps. Op. Phosp-ac. Prun. Sass. Sep. 

— at neck of bladder, tenesmus from, Arn. 
Spasmodic pains at bladder, Berb. 

at night, Prun. 

Stinging in bladder, Berb. Canth. Lvc. 

Pailad. Sulph. Tart. 

luethra, Apis. Arg. Arg-n. Berb. Bor. 

Bruc. Bry. Calc. Cannab. Caps. 



Cli n. Cocc. Cod. Cupr. Hep. Igt. 
Lacli. Lvc. Mang. Merc. Merc-cor. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Pallad. Par.Petr. Still. 
Sep. Sulph. Tart. •Thuj. Tilia. 

Stone in bladder, Nux-m. Sass. Zinc. 
Strangury, Apis. Am. A is. Camph. Cannab. 

Canth. Caps. Chin. Clem. Cocc-c. 

Colch. Coloc. Con. Cop. Dig.Dros.Dulc. \ 

Flaps, l-.uph. Graph. Hell. Led. Mgn-s. 

Merc. Merc-cor. Nux-m. Nux. Pareira. 

Petr. Phosp-ac. Plb. Prun. Puts. Ruta. 

Sabin. Sec-c. Sil. Staph. Strain. Sulph. , 

Tan. Zinc. 

— from .} to 6 a. m., Pareira. 

— can only urinate by getting on knees 
ai d pressing head against floor, Pareira. 

Stricture of urethra, Arg-n. Bell. Clem. 
Dulc. Ptfr, Puis. 

— sensation r f, Bry. Dig. Graph. 

Sugar in urine, Chin. Phosp-ac. Thuj. (com- 
pare Diabetes.) 

Suppuration of bladder and urethra. Canth. 

Swelling of interior of urethra. Led. 
Nitr-ac. Rhus. 

orifice of urethra, Cop. 

— in region of neck of bladder, Puis. 
Tearing in urethra, Colch. Ntr-c. Ruta. 


— in bladder, Chcnop. 

Tenesmus vesicae, Aeon. Am. Calc. Canth. 
Caps. Colch. Lach. Merc. Mur-ac. 
Nir-ac Nux. Ol-an Plb. Prun. Puis. Rhus. 
Sabad. Sass. Sil. Viol-tr. 

— amelioration on walking in afternoon, 

Tension of bladder. Tart. 

urethra, Phosp. 

Thickening of bladder, Dulc. 
Tingling of urethra, Petros. 
Tumor (small,) in urethra, Lach. 
Twitching in urethra, Alum. Cannab. 

Canth. Kali-chl. Ntr-c. Nux. Phosp. 
Ulcers in bladder, Ran-b. 
urethra, Nitr-ac. 

Weakness of bladder, All-cep. Alum. 

Mgn-m. Mur-ac. Pallad. Rheum. 
Worm in bladder, like a, Bell. 
Urine, discharge of copious, Acet-ac. Aeon. 

Aeth. Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. Ang. Ant. 

Apis. Arg. Arg-n. Aur. Bar-c. Bism. 

Calc-ph. Canth. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Cham. Chelid. Cina. Cinnab. 

Coff. Colch. Coloc. Creos. Cycl. Daph. 

Eupat. Euphr. Ferr-m. Glon. Guaj. 

Hell. Hep. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Igt. 

Iod. Kali jod. Lac-can. Led. Merc. ■ 

Merc-jod. Mosch. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Ntr-s. Nitr. Ol-an. Ox-ac. Phosp-ac. 

Psor. Raph. Rat. Rhus. Ruta. Sabin. 

Sacch. Samb. Sang. Sass. Scill. Seneg. 

Spig. Sulph. Tart. Valer. Verb. Viol-tr. 
■ at midnight, Coff. 

- — difficult. Ant. Apis. Arn. Ais. Bell 
Camph. Cannab. Canth. Clem. 
Cochlear. Con. Dig. Dros. Dulc. 
Fuph. Hep. Mgn-m. Pareira. Petr Plb. 
Puis. Ran-b. Sec-c. Staph. Sulph. 
Tart. Thuj. 

— diminished. Alum. Ambr. Amm-m. 
Apis. Bel I. Carb-veg. Chin-sulph. 
Clem. Colch. Coloc. Dig. Dulc. Graph. 

Grat. Hsematox. Hyper. Ind. Ip. Led. 

Lob. Merc-sulph. Mez. Op. 

Osm. Par. Phell. Pod. Puis. Rhus. 

Sacch. Scill. Sclen. Seneg. Stann. 

Sraph, Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tercb. 

Tong. Verat. 

with burning, Colch. 

although he drinks much, Creos. 


— by diops, Agar. Ang. Ant. Arn. Ars. 
Aur. Bell. Cact. Camph. Cannab. 
Canth. Caps. Canst. Clem. Con. Cop. 
Dig. Dtos. Dulc. i'.uph. Graph, 
Gum gut. Ka'i-c. L vc. Mgn-m. 
Mgn-s. .Merc. Merc-cor. Nnx-m. Nux. 
Pareira. Petr. Phosp-ac. Plb. Prun. 
Puis. Rhus. Sabin. Sec-c. Sil. Spig. 
Staph. Stram. Sulph. Tart. Tereb. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

drops out perpendicular!)', Hep. 
frequent, Actae-r. Agar. Amm-c. Anac. 
Ant. ApK Arfr. Arg-n. Arn. Aur. Bar-c. 
Bar-m. Bell. Bun/.-ac. Bism. Borax. Bov. 
Brv. Bufo. Calc. Cannab. Canth. Carb-an. 
Case. Cast. Canst. Chelid. Chin. Cic. 
Cinnab. Clem. Cocc. Cocc-c. Cochlear. 
Colch. Coloc. Con. Creos, Cupr. Cycl. 
Daph. Dig. Dros. F.uphr. Ferr-phosp. 
Gels. Glon. Graph. Hipp. Hyosc. Igt. 
Ind. Iod. Jatr. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kalm. 
Lac-can. Lach. Lact. L'd. Lyc. 
Meph. Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-s. 
Ntr-ac. Nux. Ox-ac. Pallad. Par. Petr. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Psor. Rat. 
Rhus. Ruta. Sang. Sass. Scill. Selcn. 
Sep. Sil. Spig. Staph. Sulph. Thuj. 
Valer. Zinc. 

— from acidity in urethra, Chcnop. 

— at night, Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Cinnab. Creos. Graph. 
Lach. Lyc. Merc. Sep. Sulph. 

— towards morning, Amm-m. Mez. 

— too frequent, Lach. Merc. 
incontinent. Bell. Bar-c. Bry. Caust. 

Cic. Dulc. Led. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. 

Nitr-ac. Petr. Pod. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. 

Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. Sulph. 
increased, Agn. Alum. Ambr. Amm-m. 
Arg. Am. Berb. Canth. Carb-an. Caust. 
Cinnab. Clem. Colch. Creos. Croton. 
Dig. Ind. Kali-jod. Kobalt. Lact. Lob. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Merc-cor. Merc-sulph. 
Nice. Oleand. Ol-an. Phosp. Plb. Puis. 
Rat. Rheum. Rhod. Sabad. Sec-c. Seneg. 


S| ong. Stront. Tabac. Tereb. Titter. 

Tiierid. Zing. 
Urin , discharge of, increased with coryza, 

A l-cep. 
at night. Aloe. Ant. 

— in errupted, Agar. Caust. Clem. Con. 
D lie. Gum-gut. Led. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Si i ah. Thuj. Zinc. 

— involuntary, Aeon. Ant. Apis. Arn. Ars. 
B; r-m. Bell. Bry. Cainca. Calc. Camph. 
C: nth. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 
Chin. Cic. Cina.CoIch. Con. Creos.Dig. 
D tic, Fcrr. Graph. Hep. Hydroc-ac. 
Hose. Igt. Iod. Lanr. Lvc. Mgn-c. 
M lief. MoSch. M ur-ac .\ r tr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Pi tr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Psor. Puis. 
Rl us. Ruta. Scill Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. 
Sp mg. Staph. Stram. Sulph. Verat. Zinc. 

in daytime, Fluor-ac. 

day and night, Caust. 

when coughing, Ant. Caust. Creos. 

Ntr-in. Pnosp. Puis. Sep. Staph. 

Sulph. Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 
('ribbling, Arn. Bell. Petr. Puis. 


alter micturition and stool, Selen. 

when sitting, or standing, urine 

passing freely, Sas>. 

expelling Hatus, Puis. Sulph. 

at test, Rhus. 

1 aiming, Arn. 

s:tting, Puis. Rhus. 

standing, Bell. Caust. Lvc. Ntr-m. 

Puis. Rhus. 

with thirst. Aeon. 

when walking, Arn. Bry. Caust. 

Afgp-e. Mgn-m. Ntr-m. Puis. Ruta. 

Selen. Zinc. 

— nocturnal, Alum. Amnt-e. Atnm-m. 
Anac. Arn. Ars. Bell. Bov. Borax. 
Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Case. 
Caust. Coff. Con. Creos. Cupr. Daph. 
Di r. Dros. Dulc. Glon. Graph. Hep. 
H} per. Iod. Kali-b. Lacli. Lact. Lob. 
Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Ni :c. Nitr-ac. Ox-ac. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Phyt. Pod. Puis. Rat. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sabin. Sang. Sass. Scill. Seneg. 
Se >. Sil. Spig. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. 

:onscious, Creos. Plantago-maj. 

unconscious, Caust. 

involuntary wetting the bed. Aeon. 

• Amm-e. Arn. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Bry. 

Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Cina. 

Con. Creos. Dulc. Graph. Hep. 

Hyosc. Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-s. 

Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Pod. 

Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Seneg. Sep. Sil. 

Stram. Staph. Sulph. Verat. Zinc. 

early morning, Amm-c. 

— in sleep, Graph. 

the first sleep, Sep. 


during pregnancy. Pod. 

— painful, Ars. Har m. Colch. Con. Ind. 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. Ran-b. Stann. 
Sulph. Uva-ursi. Zinc. 

— retarded, Coc-c. Hep. Hvdroc-ac. Ip. 

— retention, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Aur. Bell. 
Canth. Caps. Caust. Chin. Cic. Colch. 
Con. Cupr Dig. Graph. Hep. Hvosc. 
Laur. Lyc. Nux. Op. Plb. Puis. Ruta. 
Sec-c. Strain. Sulph. Verat. 

in new-born infants, Aeon. Benz-ac. 

Hyosc. , 
painful, Aeon. Arn. Aur. Canth. 

Crotal. Puis. 
with pressure on bladder, Aur. 

after typhus, Zing. 

— scanty, smell, Aeon. Agar.AIoe. Amm-c. 
Anac. Ang. Ant. Apis. Arg-n. Arn. 
Ars. Auim-trif. Aur. Bell. Bry. Cannab. 
Canth. Caust. Chelid. Chin. Clem. 
Cocc. Colch. Creos. Cupr. Dig. Dros. 
Dulc. Eupat. Euph. Graph. Giat. Hell. 
Hep. Hyosc. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kobalt. 
Lac-can. Lach. Lam. Laur. Led. Mgn-m. 
M.eny. Merc. Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Nitr. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Oleand. Ol an. Op. 
Pallad. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. 
Prun. Puis. Rat. Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. 
Sabin. Sacch. Sa^s. Sil. Spong. Staph. 
Sulph. Tar. Tart. Tereb. Verat. Zinc. 

in daytime, Lyc. 

— seldom, Aeon. Agar. Aloe. Arn. Ars. 
Aur. Bell. Bry. Camph. Canth. Cupr. 
Hep. Hyosc. Laur. Nux. Op. Plb. 
Prun. Puis. Ruta. Sec-c. Stann. Stram. 

— slow, Amm-m. Camph. Chin. Hep. 
Kali-c. Mur-ac. Mere-acet. Plat. Raph. 

— stream divided, Cannab. Canth. Rhus. 
feeble, Cham. Hell. Merc. 

forcible, Agn. 

intermittent, Clem. Con. Caust. Dulc. 

Op. Phosp-ac. Puis. Sulph. Thuj. 


thin, Agar. Camph. Canth. Chin. 

Clem. Graph. Gymnoc. Hell. Hipp. 
Merc. Ntr-ac. Ol-an. Petr. Prun. 
Puis. Samb. Sass. Spong. Staph. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

— suppressed. Aeon. Ars. Aur. Bell. Bism. 
Calend. Camph. Canth. Cupr. Diad. 
Dulc. Elaps. Hep. Hyosc. Iod. Lac-can. 
Laur. Merc-cor. Nux. Op. Osm. Plb. 
Pod. Puis. Sec-c. Stram. Sulph. Tereb. 
Vi pr-r. 

violent, Cic. Cycl. Sulph. 

— flow of, Aeon. Bar-m. Bell. Cannab. 
Dig. Hyosc. Mere. Scill. Stram. Verat. 

— with diarrhoea. Bell. Puis. 

and perspiration, Aeon. 

emaciation, Merc. 

144 IQ. VP INF. AND 

Urine, How of, with fatigue, Calc ph. 

headache, Vcrat. 

hunger. Bell. Verat. 

naust-a, headache, coryza and consti- 

paiion. Verat. 

pain in abdomen. Aeon. Verat. 

lo ns. Phosp-ac. 

perspiration, Aeon. Bell 

thirst, Hell. Cast. Verat. 

Urinate, desire to, urging, Aeon. 

Alum. Amm-c. Arn. Bar-c. Berb. 

Cannab. Carb-an. Colch. Coloc. Con. 

Euph. Hipp-m. Hyosc. Lye. Merc. Ntr-c, 

Ntr-m. Paieira Par. Phosp-ac. Sabad. 

So ill. See-c. Sep. Staph. Viol-tr. 

— anxious, Aeon. Carb-veg. Cham. Dig. 
Graph. Pho^p-ac. Phyt. 

— frequent. Aeon. Ant. Apis. Arg. Asar. 
Bar-c. Bell. Bcn/.-ac. Bov. Bry. Calc. 
Caps Carb-vcg. Canst. Cie. Chin. Cina. 
Cocc-c. Cop. Diad. Dios. Guaj. Gymnoc. 
Hell. Hyosc. Kali c. Led. Lye. Mgn-m. 
Mang. Meny. Mere. Merc-sulph. Murex. 
Mur-tic. Nir-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-jug. Nux. 
Ol-an. Pctr. Petros. Phosp. Prun. Psor. 
I^uls. Rat. Rhus. Rumex. Sabad. Sabin. 
Samb. Sass. Scill. Sep. Si I . Spig. Stann. 
Staph. Stram. Sulph. Tar. Tart. Thuj. 

• in evening, Creos. Lyc. Sabad. 

Sep. Zinc. 

small discharge, Amm-c. Ang. 

Ant. Cam ph. Caust. Chelid. Cupr. 
Dig. Dros. Euph. I J ell. Hyosc. 
Kali-c. Kobalt. Lach. Laur. Led. 
Mgn-m. Meny. Merc. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Ol-an. Op. Pareira. Petr. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Raph. Rat. 
Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. Sass. Sil. 
Spong. Staph. Tart. 

— the urine only reaches the glans, and 
causes pains and spasms and tenes- 
mus of rectum, pain in bladder relieved 
momentarily when urine passes, Prun. 

— can only pass urine in a sitting posture, 

on standing, Sass. 

— urine can be passed only during stool, 
Aloe. Alum. 

more abundant during stool, Amm-m. 


— desire, urging, ineffectual. Aeon. 
Alum. Arn. Borax. Camph. Canth. 
Caps. Caust. Cham. Chin. Coloc. Cop. 
Dig. Guaj. Hell. Hyosc. Ip. Kali-c. Nux. 
Petros. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. 
Sass. Sep. Strnm. Sulph. Verat. 

— painful, Aeon. Bov. Cannab. Graph. 
Hell. Kali-jod. Tart. Verat. 

— sudden, Ambr. Bar-c. Bry. Igt. Mere. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. 
Spong. Sulph. 

— no urging, only a sensation of fulness 


indicates the necessity for urinating. 
Calad. St. mn. Vcrat. 

— in morning, Ambr. Bcib. 
afternoon. Bell. 

evening, Amm-c Bell. Sabad. 

at night, Alt Calc. Creos. Hyper. 

Lach. Mgn-m. Mcph. Nux. Rhus. Sabin. 

Samb. Spig. Tart. Thuj. 

— day and night, C.ict. Carb-Teg. Cast. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod. Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Sass. 

— in pregnant women. Puis. 

— with burning in abdomen, Lach. 
heat, Phosp-ac. 

when lifting a load, Bry. 

— with pain in abdomen, Lach. Puis. 
back and loins, Lach. 

bladder, Hell. Nux. Puis. Rhod. 

Ruta. Sulph-ac. 

groin, Rhod. 

perineum. Tart. 

pale face, Phosp-ac. 

teaiing in urethra, Hyper. 

thirst, Phosp-ac. 

vertigo, Hyper. 

Before micturition: 

abdomen, cutting in, Sulph. 

pain in back, Lyc. 

bladder, pain in, Lith. 

pressing, Ang. Chin. Con. Nux. 

neck of, Nux. 

' — , flushes of pain in, more to right 

side, Lith. 

burning, Herb. Calc. Cannab. Chelid. 

Ntr-c. Rhod. Seneg. Zinc. 
on rising to urinate, pressing at heart. 

relieved after urination, Lith. 

hips, burning in, Dulc. 

mucus, Calc. Merc. 

nausea, Dig. 

a drop of pus, Tussilago. 

urethra, biting and itching, Cop. 

burning. Berb. Bry. Calc. Cannab. 

Canth. Chelid. Cop.Dig.Mcrc-cor. 
Ntr-c. Rhod. Seneg. Zinc. 

cutting, Bry. Canth. Dig. 

itching. Cop. Nux. 

weakness, Nux. 

During micturition: 

bladder, burning. Aloe. Nux. Rheum. 

cutting, Canth. 

discharge of viscid purulent mucus 

from, Nux. 

pain in general, Ind. Tart. 

pressing, Asar. Berb. Hep Lachn. 


spasm, Asa-/. 

stinging, Ntr-m. 

blood, emission of, Crotal. Murex. 

os coccygis, pain in, Graph. 

colic, Aeon. Verat. 

genitals, female, pain in, Thuj. 

burning, between labia, Creos. 


During micturition, genitals, soreness in 
vagina, Creos. 

and smarting in vulvae, Ntr-m. 

glans, penis, pain in, Aeon. Anac 

Case. Ox-ac. 

kidneys, pain in, Berb. Rheum. 

seminal chuid, pain in, Bell. Clem. 

drawing in. Bell. Canth. Caps. 


stomach, pain in, Laur. 

stool, involuntary, Mur-ac. 

thighs, pain in, Berb. 

urethra, itching in, Lyc. 

pain in, Berb. Colch. Diad. Zing. 

biting, Canth. Carbveg. Clem. 

Igt. L\ c.Mgn-c.Merc.Merc-cor. 

Nitr-ac. Ptiosp. Sep. 
burning, Aloe. Alum. Ambr. 

Anac. Ang. Ars. Bar-c. Benz-ac. 

Berb. Cact. Calc. Camph. 

Cannab. Canth. Caps. Carb-an. 

Carb veg. Cast Canst. Cham. 

Chenop. Cleni.Cocc-c. Cochleai . 

Colch. Con. Cop. Croton. Cupr. 

Dig. Dulc. Eugen Ferr. Grat 

Gum-gut. Hep. Igt. Ip. Kali-b. 

Kali-c. Lach. Laur. Lyc.Mgn-c. 

Mang. Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. N tr-m. 

Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr. Nitr-ac. 

Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. Par. Pttr. 

Petros. Piiosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. 

Prun. Psor. Puis. Raph. Rat 

Rheum. Rhod. Rhus. Sabad. 

Sabin. Sass. Sec-c. Seneg. Sil. 

Spig. Stann. Siaph. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tereb. Teucr. Thuj. 

Uva-ursi. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

in forepart, Ars Calc. Caps. 

Carb-veg. Cochlear. Merc. 
Ntr-c. Nux. Seneg. Sulph. 

glandular portion and 

for long after, Kali-b. 

contracting, Bry. Dig. Ind. 

cutting, Ant. Bry. Canth. Con. 

Graph. Guaj. Hell. Iris. Merc. 

Nux-m Phosp-ac. Sass. Sulph. 


in middle of, urethra, be- 
tween the acts, Mgn-s. 

— itching, Lyc. Nux. 

lasping, Carb-veg. Lyc. Mgn-c. 

Nitr-ac. Phosp. Sep. 
smarting, Cannab. Kobalt. 

Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 

Sep. Sil. Thuj. 
sore, Bov. Carb-an. Cinnab. 

Cochlear. Daph. Nux. 

as of a sore, Nitr-ac. 

stinging stitches, Cannab. Clem. 

Cupr. Cycl. Graph. Ins. Merc. 

Merc-cor. Seneg. Sulph. Thuj. 
itching stitch in external por- 
tion, between the acts, Euph. 


tearing, Nux. Sulph. 

the contact of urine causes 

tearing pains which are felt in 
the whole organism, Jac-cor. 

tenesmus, Ang. Arn. Colch. Rhus. 

varicies, protrusion of, oozing first 

blood, then mucus, Kali-c. 
After micturition, abdomen, spasmodic con- 
traction of, Ntr-m. 

bladder, pressing pain in, Asar. Berb. 

Canth. Chin. Lac -can. Lith. Ntr-m. 

pressure in as if too full, Dig. 

spasm in, Asa-/. Puis. 

os coccygis, pain in, Kali-b. 

blood, discharge of. Hep. Zinc. 

desire continues, Bov. Cact. Calc. 

Con. Guaj. Lac-can. Laur. Ruta. 
thin gelatinous fluid, discharge of, 


glands, pain in, Anac. 

loathing, and inclination to vomit, 


mucus, discharge of.Murex. Phosp-ac. 

viscid, purulent, lrom bladder, 


nausea, Cast. Dig. 

residuary urination, Bry. Clem. Hep. 

Kali-c. Lac-can. Lach. Lyc. Ntr-c. 

Petr. Selen. Sil. Thuj. 

bloody, Hep. 

dribbling, Thuj. 

shudderring, Eugen. Plat. 

sight, great distinctness of, Eugen. 

spermatic chord, pain in, Lith. 

urethra, itching in, Clem. Cop. Lyc. 


prepuce, Mez. 

pain in, Bov. 

biting, Borax. Chin-sulph. Cop. 

burning, Berb. Can lab. Canth. 

Clem. Coloc. Con. Grat. 

Ka!i-b. Kali-c. Led. Mgn-m. 

Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Sen eg. 

Teucr. Thuj. Zinc. 
the last drops cause violent 

burning, Clem. 
cutting, Berb. Canth. Dig. 


sensation, as if a drop remained, 


in lossa navice, All-cep. Thuj. 

stinging, Berb. Con. Kali-b. 


tenesmus, Ang. Scill. 

weakness, Nux. 

Urine acrid. Borax. Calc. Cnnnab. Canth. 
Caust. Ciem. Creos. Graph. Hep. lod. 
Kali-c. Laur. Mete. Nir-rn. Par Prun 
Rhus. Tart. Tellur Thuj. Vcrat. 

— albuminous, Glon. Kalnr. Tercb 

— black, Colch. Lach. Ntr-m. 



L'rine bloody, Actca-r. Ambr. Am. Ars. Bell. 

Berb. CaL. Camph. Cannab. Canth. Caps. 

Carb-veg. Chin. Con. Hep. Ip. Lyc. 

Merc. Meic-cor. Mez. MilUf. Nux. 

Ocim-c. Op. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sass. 

Scill. Sec-c. Sep. Sulph. Tart. Tereb. 

Thuj. Uva-ursi. Zinc. 
like watei mixed with blood, Pallad. 

— brown, Aeon. Ambr. Ant. Am. Asa-f. 
Bell. Bry. Bufo. Calc. Canth. 
Chenop. Cimex. Colch. Dig. Dros. 
Graph. Lact. Lach. Merc. Merc-cor. 
Nitr-ac. Oleand. Petr. Phosp. Prun. 
Puis. Strain. Sulph. Sulph-ac. I art. 

— burning, Aeon. Aloe. Ang. Apis. Ars. 
Benz-ac. Borax. Biy. Camph. 
Cannab. Canth. Caps. Carb-an. Cham. 
Cochlear. Colch. Cor-r. Creos. Dig. 
Dulc. llaemato.t. Hep. Lach. Lyc. 
Mcic. Oleand. Phosp. Prun. Rhus. 
Scill Sec-c. Sil. 

— chestnut colored, Creos. 

— clay colored, Anac. Berb. Cor-r. Sabad. 
Sass. Sulph-ac. Zinc. 

— cloudy, Carb-an. Croton. Lob. 

— like collce, Ntr-m. 

■ — cold, Agar. Nitr ac. 

— a cuticle lorming on surface, Alum. Calc. 
Croton. Hep. lod. Lyc. Par. Phosp. 
Psor. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. 

greasy. Alum. Calc. Hep. Iod. 

Koualt. Lyc. Par. Petr. Phosp. 

Puis. Sulph. 
variegated, Iod. Phosp. 

— dark. Aeon. Ant. Apis. Arn. Ars. Bell. 
Benz-ac. Berb. Bry. Calc. Canth. 
Cart>-veg. Chin Clem. Colch. Croton. Cupr. 
Cycl. Dig. Dros. Eugen. Graph. Hell. 
Hep. Igt. Iod. Ip. Lach. Lyc. Merc. 
Meic-sulph. Mez. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 
Nux-m. Op. Pallad. Par. Phosp-ac. 
Poth. Puis. Rhus. Scill. Selen. Sep. 
Staph. Stront. Sulph. Tart. Tellur. Ver,t. 

dark brown, Calc. Caust. Colch. 

Dig. Lupat. Nitr-ac. Op. Petr. Puis. 

red, Ant. Hep. I p. Merc. 

Merc-jod. Sulph-ac. Tart. 

— fetid, Agar. Ambr. Ars. Aur. Bcnz-a* 
Borax. Bufo. Calad. Calc. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Coloc. Creos. Cupr. Daph. 
Guaj. Merc. Murex. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Petr. Phosp-ac. Puis. AVW.Sep. 
Sulph. Viol-tr. 

acrid, Asa-f. Borax. Calc. 

like ammonia, Asa-f. Chin-sulph. 

Ferr. Mosch. Nitr-ac. Pareira. 

Phosp. Stront. 

cat's urine, Viol-tr. 

horse's urine, Nitr-ac. 

rotten eggs, Daph. 

onions, Gum-gut. 

pungent, Kobalt. 

— sourish. Ambr. Graph. Merc. .' tr-c. 

— strong smelling, Benz-ac. Chin--, ilph. 
Dros. Kali-b. 

rierv, Bell. Colch. Croton. A'alt-c. Merc. 

Par. Plb. Sass. Tart. 

flakey, Cannab. Canth. dual. Cycl. 

Mez. Nitr-ac. Sass. Zinc. 

Hakes of mucus, Clem. 

frothy, Chenop. Chin. Chins 1 1 ph. 

Clem. Cop. Cioton. Iris. Jatr. K ih-c. 

Lach. Laur. Lyc. Seneg. Spoil;;. II ij. 

gelatinous, lumpy, Coloc. Phi s »-ac. 

gravelly, Lyc. Nitr-ac. Sass. Sil Zinc, 

greenish, Ars. Berb. Camph. (bin. 

Cop. Iod. Kali-c. Mgn-r. Mgn s. ( 1-an 

Rheum. Ruta. Yciat. 

hot, Ars. Bry. Calc-ph. Cham. C or-r. 

Hep. Lact. Mcrc-cor. Prun. Rhus. Scill, 

Scc-c. Sil. (compare Burning.) 

light colored. Ant. Arum. Colch. Coloc. 

Cycl. Dulc. Euphr. Fluor-ac. Igt. Lach. 

Mgn-s. Ntr-m. Nitr. 

light yellow, Agar. Aloe. Ambr lug. 

Apis. Aur. Bell. Berb. Cact. C unpo. 

Carb-an. Caib-veg. Cham. ("I mop. 

Chin. Colch. Croton. Daph. Hydroc-ac. 

Hyosc. Iod. Jatr. Kalm. Kali-b. I ach. 

Lact. Laur. Led. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Nitr. 

Ocim-c. Plb. Prun. Raph. Samb. 1 ang. 

Verat. Zinc. 

milky, Apis. Arn. Chin-sulph. Cina. 

Clem. Dulc. Mcic. Mur-ac. 

mucus, Ant. Berb. Calc. Canth. C. ust. 

Chin-sulph. Coloc. Con. Dulc. Ind. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Pareira. Puis. Stneg. 

Tilia. Uva-ursi. Valer. 
■ muddy, Hyper. Pallad. 

like musk, smelling, Ocim. 

pale. Aeth. Agar. Alum. Amm-c. A nac. 

Ang. Arg-n. Arn. Bell. Bufo. (' nth. 

Cham. Chelid. Cocc. Colch. Coloc. Con. 

Creos. Eupat. Glon. Hell. Hep. Igt. 

Kali-jod. Kobalt. Lam. Mgn-c. vlez. 

Ntr-m. Nitr. Nitr-ac. Ol-an. Piiell. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sass. 

Scill. Sec-c. Staph. Stram. Sfront.T* ucr. 

purulent, Benz-ac. Cannab. Canth. ( 7cm. 

Con Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. Ocim-c. l'uls. 

Sabin. Sep. Sil. Uva-ursi. Sulph. 
• red. Aeon. Agar. All-ccp. Aloe. A um. 

Amm-m. Ant. Bell. Benz-ac. Berb. Bry'- 

Calc. Camph. Cannab. Canth. Caps. 

Carb-veg. Chelid. Chenop. C lch. 

Creos. Cupr. Cycl. Daph. Dig. L ulc. 

Elaps. Ferr-in. Grat. Haemotox. r /ep. 

Iod. Ipec. Kali-b. Kali-jod. Lath. '.ed. 

Lob. Merc. Nitr. Nux. Op. Par. Petr. 

Phosp Plat. Plb. Puis. Rheum. Sass. 

Scill. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph-ac. Ts bac. 

Tart. Thuj Tong. Verat. Zinc. 
— like blood. Bell. Berb. (ale. 
Carb-veg. Croton. Merc. R ius. 



Urine deep red, 1 Ant. Carb-veg. Cupr-acet. 
Hep. Lob. Merc. Phyt. Sulph-ac. Tart 

— fiery red, Ars. Bell. Campli. Chinin. 
Haematox. Selen. 

— leaves a stain of a mahogany color, 

— like pieces of half burnt straw, Lach. 

— sugar in. Chin. Phosp. Thuj. (compare 

— thick, Camph. Carb-veg. Con. Daph. 
Dulc. Elaps. Nux. Ocim-c. Pareira. 
Plb. Psor. Sabad. Sulph-ac. 

as oil, Strain. 

— becoming thick , Berb. Coloc. Meph. 

— turbid. Alum. Amir. Anac. Ars Aur. Bell. 
Berb. Bry. Calc. Camph. Cannab. Canth. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Chin-sulph. 
Cina. Clem. Con. Cop. Creos. Croton. 
Cupr. Cvcl. Daph. Dig. Dulc. Hep. 
Igt. Ind. Iod. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Kali-chl. Lach. Lith. Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. 
Ocim. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Psor. 
Puis. Raph. Rhus. Sabad. Sass. Sep. 
Sulph. Tart. Verat. Viol-tr. Zing. 

— becoming turbid, Acet-ac. Ang. Aur. 
Bry. Caust. Cham. Chin-sulph. Cina. 
Cocc-c. Dulc. Ferr-m. Graph. Grat. 
Lob. Lyc. Meph. Merc. Merc-sulph. 
Ol-an. Phosp-ac. Plat. Rat. Rhus. 
Sang. SL'neg. Sulph-ac. Valcr. Zinc. 

— like valerian, smelling, Mosch. 

— — violets, smelling, Cop. Lact. Nux-m. 

— viscid, . Arg-n. Canth. Coloc. Creos. 
Cupr. Dulc. Phosp-ac. 

— watery, Acet-ac. Alum. Anac. Ant. 
Aril. Arum. Aur. Bell. Beib. Bism. j 
Bry. Caust. Cham. Cocc. Creos. Dig. j 
Euphr. Hell. Hipp. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. I 
Igt. Kali-b. Kali-jod. Lam. Mgn-c. I 
Meph. Me/.. Mosch. Murex. Mur-ac. I 
Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis, j 
Rhus. Sang. Scill. Sec-c. Stann. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Teucr. Thuj. 

inodorous, with fetid stool of white 

mucus, Dros. 

— whitish, Alum. Amm-c. Berb. Bry. 
Carb-veg. Cina. Cvcl. Dulc. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Phosp. Rhus. Scc-c. 

— white, like milk, Aur. Iod. Phosp. | 

turbid, Bry. Cannab. Chin. Con. 

Cycl. Dulc. Psor. Rhus. 

— yellow, deep, like rotten eggs, Daph. 
Urine, sediment of. Aeon. Ambr.Arn. Ars. 

Calc. Cimex. Coloc. Con. Lyc. Tart. 
Tereb. Thuj. Zinc. 

— abundant, Bell. 

— adherent, Daph. Coloc. 

— albuminous, Ocim-c. 

— blood)'. Aeon. Cannab. Canth. Dulc. 
Hell. Lyc. Phosp. Phospac. Puis. Sep. 1 

Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tereb. Uva-ursi. 

— bluish, Prun. 

— bran like, Berb. 

— brown, Ambr. Lach. Thuj. 
white, Coloc. 

— burnt, as if, Sep. 

— calculi, Sass. Zinc. 

— like chalk. Phyt. 

— clay colored, Berb. Chin-sulph. Cor-r. 
Ol-an. Tong. Zinc. 

— cloudy, Ambr. Arum. Bry. Carb-veg. 
Cham. Elaps. Grat. Hydroc-ac. Merc. 
Nitr. Ol-an. Par. Phosp-ac. Plat. Rat. 
Seneg. Thuj. 

in middle, Par. 

— like coffee grounds, Hell. Tereb. 

— crusty, hard, Sep. 

— earthy, Mang. 

— farinaceous, Berb. 

— flakey, Berb. Cannab. Canth. Cham. 
Croton. Kobalt. Merc. Mez.Sass.Seneg. 

— like flour, Calc. Graph. Merc. Ntr-m. 

— gelatinous, Berb. Cocc-c. Phosp-ac. 

— gravelly, Ambr. Amm-c. Ant. Am. 
Calc. Chin. Lyc. Meny. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nux-m. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Pitta. Sass. 
Selen. Sil. Thuj. Zinc. 

— gray, Herb. Phosp-ac. Spong. 

— jelly like lumps. Phosp-ac. 

— purple, Fluor-ac. 

— purulent, Calc. Canth. Cham. Con. 
Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. Puis. Sep. 

— red, reddish, Aeon. Ambr. Amm-c. Ant. 
Apis. Am. Bell. Berb. Camph. Canth. 
Chin. Chin-sulph. Cocc-c. Creos. Daph. 
Elaps. Graph. Hydroc-ac. Ip. Lach. 
Laur. Lith. Lob. Lyc. Mcrc-cor. A/cz. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Ocim-c. Op. 
Pallad. Par. Phosp. Piat. Psor. Puis. 
Scill. Selen. Ssp. Sulph. Vater. 

blood color, Amm-c. 

bodies, Ant. Coloc. 

cloudy, Ambr. Nitr. 

grainy, Selen. 

filaments, fibres, Tart. 

— ' — sandy, All-cep. Alum. Amm-c. Bapt. 
Cact. Chin-sulph. Lach. Lyc. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-s. Ntr-ac. Phosp. Petr. Sep. Sil. 

— pale sandy, Sass. 

— slimy, (mucus,) Ant. Ars. Aur. Benz-ac. 
Berb. Brv. Calc. Caust. Coloc. Con. 
Dulc. Ka'li-b. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Phosp-ac Sass. Seneg. Sulph-ac. Teieb. 
Tong. Thuj. Tilia. Valer. 

— slimy filaments, Croton. Seneg. 

— thick, Alum. Bill. Camph. Chenop. 
Hydroc-ac. Laur. Lob. Merc. Phosp-ac. 
Spong. Sid ph. Tereb. 

— turbid, Con. Croion. Rhus. Zinc. 

— violet coloured, Mang. Puis. 



Urine, sediment white, Alum. Har-m. Bell. 
Berb. Calc. Carb-veg. Colch. Coloc. 
Con. Creos. Eupat. Eupli. Fluor-ac. 
Graph. Hep. Kali-b. Mgn-c. Murex. 
Ocim-c. Olcand Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Prun. Rhus. Sep Spig. Spon<;. Sulph. 
Tereb. Tong.Valer. Zinc. 

— Whitish, cloudy, Phosp-ac. Plat. 
turbid, Con. Rhus. 

yellow. Chin-sulph. Tereb. 

— yeast like, Raph. 

— yellow, Cham. Chenop. Chin- i lph. 
Cupr. Ntr-s. Phosp. Sil.Spong.Sul.) i-ac. 
Tereb. Zinc. 



20. Male Sexual Organs. 

Abcess in penis, Bov. 

Amorous fits, Aeon. Ant. Hyosc. Op. 

Strain. Verat. 
Aversion to the other sex, Amm-c. 
Bearing down to the genitals, Asa-f. Coloc. 
Biting, in glans, Nux. 

prepuce, Nux. Puis. 

scrotum, Ran-sc. 

Blennorrhoea of the ^glans, Alum. Caust. 

Cinnab. Cor-r. Dig. Jac'-cor. Lach. Lyc. 

Merc. M e/.. N t r-c. Nh -/n . Nitr-ac. Nux. Sep. 

Sulph. Thuj. 

yellowish white fluid from prepuce, 


Blontedness of genitals, Calad. 
Bruising pain in genitals. Am. 

— in scrotum, Aeon. Kali-c. 

— of testicles, Aeon. Arg. Clem. Cocc. 
Dig. Hep. Ntr-c. Ox-ac. Pallad. Khod. 

Burning in genitals, Anac. Arn. Bov. 
Cannab. Canth. Creos. Jac-cor. Mgn-m. 

glans, Ars. Berb. Croton. Nux. 

Pareira. Tart. Viol-tr. 
prepuce, Ars. Berb. Calc Merc. Nux. 

Puis Sil. S^ilph. 

penis, Merc-acet. 

prostate gland, Cop. 

scrotum, Euph. Lachn. Sil. 

spermatie'ehord, Berb. Mang. 

vesicles, Ainbr. 

testicles, Berb. Plat. Staph. 

without swelling, Puis. 

Chafed glans, Nlr-c. 

— prepuce, Alum. Calad. Igt. Mur-ac 
Ntr-c. Nux. Sil. Verat. 

— scrotum, Arn. Ntr-c. Petr. Plb. Sulph. 

— between the thighs, Bar-c. Caust. 
Cinnab. Hep. Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. Petr. 
Rhod. Sulph. 

Chancre, Arg-n. Hep.Jac-cor.Lac-can.^/<r/r. 
Choking, pains in relaxed testes, Amm-c. 
Coition, aversion to, Agn. Cannab. Clem. 

Kali-c. Lyc. Rhod. 
Crab-lice, Sabad. 

Cramping pain in seminal chord, Arg. Nux. 

— in testicles, Amm-c. Igt. Nux. Plb. 

During coition, burning when semen is 
discharged, Creos. 

and stinging when semen is discharg- 
ed, ( ale. 

flatulent colic. Graph. 

cramp in calves, Graph. 

enjoyment, want of, Anac. Calad. 

Ntr-m. Plat. 

sleepiness and sleep, Bar-c. Lyc. 

stinging, Calc. 

After coition, anxiety, Sep. 

burning in back, Mgn-m. 

coldness of legs, Graph. 

with heat of body, Graph. 

erections, Rhod. Sep. 

eyes, weakness of, Kali-c. 

fatigue, mental and bodily, Sep. 

head, affection of, Bov. Calc. 

knees, weakness of, Sep. 

limbs, soreness of, Sil. 

nervous irritation, Petr. 

night sweats, Agar. 

peev.shness, Selen. 

perspiration. Eugen. Graph. Ntr-c. 

pollutions, Ntr-m. Khod. 

prepuce retracted behind glans 


reeling, Bov. 

roaring in head, Carb veg. 

late sleep, Bov. 

tightness of chest, Staph, 

thirst, Eugen. 

toothache, Daph 

tremor of legs, Calc. 

weakness, Agar. Berb. Calc. Con. 

Graph. Kali-c. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Petr. 
Sele 1. Sep. Sil. 
Coldness of the genitals, Agn. Aloe.Brom. 

Calad. Cannab. Caps. Gels. Iris. Lyc! 

Merc. Sulph. 

— scrotum. Aloe. Caps. Merc. 

— testes, Agn-c. Aloe. Brom. Caps. Merc. 
left, Brom. 

Coldness, sensation of, on prepuce and 

glands, Berb. Sulph. Zinc. 
Condylomata, Cinnab. Euphr. Lyc. Millef. 

Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. Sabin. Staph. Thuj. 

— on glands, Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. Staph. 
prepuce, Nitr-ac. Sabin. 

edge of prepuce, itching and burnino- 


— with h - at and burning, Phosp-ac. 

— oozing, Nitr-ac. Thuj. 



Condylomata, soreness in, Euphr. Sabin. 
Constriction of prepuce, Merc, Nitr-ac. 
Rhus. Sabin. Sulpk. (compare Phimosis.) 

— behind the glans, Coloc. 

alter coition, Calad. 

Constiucuve pain at root of penis, in morn- 
ing on waking, Kali-b. 

Constrmging sensation in spermatic cord, 

— in testes, Bufo. Nux. Plb. Sulph. 

penis, Arn. Kali-c. Mosch. 

scrotum, Arn. 

Contraction of spermatic chord, Alum. Berb. 

— in testes, Alum. Camph. Merc-acct. 
Nux. Plb. 

Cracks in the glands, Ars. Kali-c. Mosch. 

prepuce, Merc. Sulph. 

Cutting pain in glans, Lyc. 
penis, Ol-an. 

testicles, Berb. Phosp-ac. Sep. Tereb. 

Drawing in glans, lod. Kali-c. Lact. Lyc. 

penis, Kali-c. Lact. Ol-an. Ran-sc. 


spermatic chord, Agn. Berb. Clem. 

Crotou. Lact. Alang. Merc. Nitr-ac. 
Ox-ac. Puis. Tereb. Zinc. 

testes, Agar. Amm-c. Berb. Chin. 

Clem. Cocc. Hipp. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Nitr-ac. Ox-ac. Psor. Puis. Rhod. 
Staph. Tereb. Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 
Drawn up of testes, Bell. Berb. Croton. 
Euphr. Meny. Nux. Ol-an. Plb. Rhod. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

ught, Clem. Puis. Thuj. Zinc. 

left, Calc. Cioton. Pareira. Zinc. 

Dryness of glans, Calad. 

prosiate glans. Cop. 

Erections in general. Amm-m. Anac. Arn. 
Cantk. Cieos. Dig. Euph. Ferr. Igt. 
Kali-c. Led. Merc. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Op. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Puis. 
Ran-b. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Staph. Tabac. 
Tar. Viol-tr. 

— without desire, Calad. Euph. Mgn-s. 
Nitr ac. 

— too easily excited, Lyc. Nux. Phosp. 

— with gonorrhoea, Canth. 

— insufficient. Con. 

— painful, Cannab. Cauih. Hep. Igt. 
Kali-c. Merc. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. 
Sabad. Seneg. Thuj. Zing. 

— too short, Calc. Con. Nux. 

strong, Cattih. Creos. Fluor-ac. 

Graph. Mez. Phosp. Puis. Sabin. Tar. 

— caused by swelling of prepuce, Jac-cor. 

— without any voluptuous iriitation, Ambr. 
Eugen. Pnosp-ac. Sabad. Spig. 

— want of, Agn. Caust. CW/.Giaph. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Rhod. 
Spong. ieucr. 

in morning, Graph. Lact. 

— too weak. Agar. Bar-c. Calad. Calc. 
Hep. Lyc. Selen. Sulph. 

— in the morning, Ambr. Caps. Mgn-m. 
Mtr-s. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Puis. '//<///. 

before rising, Bar-c. 

day-time, Anac. 

evening, Cinnab. Phosp. 

— at night, Alum. Aur. Caps. Mm. 
Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Ol-an. 
Par. Plat. Plb. Rhus. Sep. Staph. 1 huj. 

— alter midnight, Osm. 
dinner, N ice. 

— with uiging to stool, Thuj. 

— during stool, Igt. 

— with desire to urinate, Mosch. 

— after urinating, Aloe. 

— at night relieved, Lith. 

Eruption on the genitals, Ant. 

Carb-veg. Iod. Merc. Nitr-ac. Rhus. 

Sep. Sil. Tart. 
glans, Bry. Calad. Cinnab. Lach. 

Lyc. Nitr-ac. Rhus. Sep. 

hairy part, Lach. 

penis, Graph. Phosp-ac. 

prepuce. Graph. Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. 

Sass. Sep. Sil. 
scrotum, Croton. Petr. Phosp-ac. 


— between the thighs, Hep. Petr. 

— biting, Lyc. 

— closing urethra by swelling, Rhus. 

— elevations, Lyc. 

— erysipelas of scrotum, Arn. Canth. 
Graph. Merc. Ntr-m. Puis. Rhus. 

— granulated, Cinnab. 

— herpetic, Croton. Dulc. Petr. Sass. 

— itching, Arn. Bry. Nits-ac. Petr. Sep. 

— miliary, Bry. 

— moist, Carb-veg. Hep. Phosp-ac. Rhus. 

— pimples, Graph. Lach. Sil. 

— points, Calad. 

— small pustules, size of pin's head, Kali-b. 

— red, Nitr-ac. 

— specks, Arn. Carb-veg. Sil. 

— vesicular, ' Carb-veg. Merc. Nitr-ac. 
Phosp-ac. Rhus. Tart. 

Excitement of the genitals, Aur. Carb-veg. 

Cocc. Coff. Graph. Lyc. Ntr-m Phosp. 

Plat. Sil. Sulph. 
Flaccidity of the genitals, .-/^w. Calad. Hell. 

— of penis, Merc. Prun. 

Fretting sensation, (coirosion,) in the testes, 

Phosp-ac. Plat. 
Fullness sensation of in spermatic cords, 


Gangrene of genitals, Ars. Canth. Laur. 

Gnawing in testes, Phosp-ac. Plat. 

From gonorrhoea suppressed, affections of 

the testes, Agn. Aur. Bell. Canth. Clem. 

Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Puis. Rhus. Selen. 


Hair falling off from the genitals, Bell. 

Ntr-c. Nir-m. Rhus. Sass. Selen. Zinc. 
Hanging down of testes, Amm-c. Bell. 

Camph. Chin. Gels. Iod. Lyc. Mgn-m. 

Nitr-ac. Puis. Sil. Sulph. Suiph-ac. 
Hardness of testes, j(gn. Am. Bell. Nux. 

Spong. (compare Induration.) 
Heat, sensation of in genitals, Sulph-ac. 
Heaviness in testes, Amm-c. Elaps. Lob. 

Ntr-c. Ox-ac. 
Hernia scrotalis, Mgn-m. Nux. 

symptoms of, Lach. 

Herpetic eruptions of genitals, Dulc. 

Nitr-ac. Sil. 

prepuce, Sass. 

scrotum, Croton. Petr. 

between thighs, Petr. Ntr-m. 

Hydrocele, Am. Graph. Hydroph. Iod. 

Nux. Psor. Puis. Rhod. Sil. Sulph. 

— like a bladder filled with water, Dig. 
Impotence, Agu. Calad. Calc. Camph. 

Cannab. Caps .Caust. Chin. CofF. Coloc. 
G>//.Creos. Elaps. Eugen. Ferr. Hyosc. 
Iod. Kobalt. Lach. Lyc. Mosch. Mur-ac 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plb. Psor. Selen. Sep. Stram. 
Sulph. Tussil. 

— chronic, Lyc. 

— from a cold, Mosch. 

— after gonorrhoea, Cub. Kobalt. Thuj. 

— with gloomy thoughts, Calad. 

— penis relaxed when excited, Calad. 
Induration of the testes, Agn. Aur. Clem. 

Cop. Iod. Merc. Nux. Rhod. Spong. 

left, Brom. Mez. Ocim-c. Rhod. 

tight, Clem. Nitr-ac. Ox-ac, 

— prepuce, Lach. Sulph. 

— prostate. Cop. Iod. Thuj. 
Inflammation of the genitals, Aeon. Ars. 

Calc. Cannab. Canth. Con. Merc. 
Merc-acet. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. 
Rhus. Sep. Spong. Staph. Thuj. 

glans, Arn.Ars. Cannab. Cupr. 

Led. Merc. Ntr-c. Rnus. Sass. Thuj. 

penis, Cannab. Canth. Cub. Led. 

Plb.. Sep. 

lymphatic glands, Merc. 

prepuce, Ars. Calc. Cannab. Merc. 

Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Sulph. 
prostate, Hipp. Puis. Thuj. (com- 
pare Prostate gland.) 

scrotum, Ars. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 

Phosp-ac. Plb. 

— erysipelatous, Ars. Phosp-ac. Plb. 

Puis. Rhus. 

spermatic cord, Nux. Puis. 

testes, Aur. Bell. Clem. Con. Lyc. 

Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux.Vod.Puls. Spong. 
Staph. Zinc. 
Itching of genitals, Agar. Ambr. Aug. 
Benz ac. Berb. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 


Clem. Con. Euphr. Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 
Poth. Selen. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
painful, Poth. 

glans, Ang. Ars. Benz-ac. Cannab. 

Cinnab. Colch. Euphr. Ferr-m. 

Gymnoc. Hep. Ind. Kali-b. Many. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. Poih. Sil. 
hair)' parts, skin inflamed, with small 

pustules, Kali-b. 
prepuce, Cannab. Cham. Colch. 

Eupli. Euphr. Gymnoc. Igt. Jac-cor. 

Lyc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. Rhus. Sep. 

Sil. Yiol-tr. Zing. 
scrotum, Amm-c. Aur. Caust. Cist. 

Cocc. Ferr-m. Hipp-m. Ind. Kali c. 

Lachn. Mgn-m. Meph. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. Prun. Puis. Rhod. 

Rhus. Selen. Sil. Staph. 

ina small part, Nice. 

spermatic cord, Mang. 

— between the thighs, Carb-veg. Ntr-m. 

— voluptuous, Euph. Euphr. Staph. 

— in morning, Puis. 

evening, Igt- Puis. 

Jerking in penis, Mez. 

spermatic cord, Mang. Plb. Ox-ac. 

Laxity of genitals, Agn. Calad. Hell. 
Lustf ulness, Calc. Carb-veg. Chin. Graph. 
Moisture on scrotum, Ntr-c. Petr. Sil. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

— between the thighs, Bar-c. Carb-veg. 
Hep. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. Petr. Rhod. 

— frenum, Phosp-ac. 
Numbness, Ambr. 

— of glands and prepuce, Berb. 
Painfulnesj of prepuce, Cor-r. Cycl. Osm. 


as if small bundle of fibres were 

seized, Jac-cor. 

— — penis, Jac-cor. Osm. 
spermatic chord, Meny. 

— of testes, Arn. Asa-f. Aur. Cannab. 
Caust. Clem. Cocc. Igt. Ol-an. Phosp-ac. 
Sep. Tar. Zinc. 

left, Jac-cor. 

— — right, ameliorated, after urinating, 


Pains, aggravation of from movement, 

Paraphimosis, Merc-cor. 

Perspiration on genitals, Aur. Calad. Canth. 

Cor-r. Lachn. Mere Sep. Sulph. 


at night, Bell. 

scrotum, Daph. Igt. Lachn. Ntr-s. 

Rhod. Sep. Sil. Thuj. 

— between the thighs, Cinnab. 
Phimosis, Cannab. Dig. Jac-cor. Merc. 

Nitr-ac. Rhus. Sabin. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. 
(compare Swelling.) 

— penis becoming smallei, Prun. 


Pimple itching at glands chancre like, red 

point wnen dry, Jac-cor. 
Pinching in glans, Aeon. Brom. 
Pollutions, seminal emissions, Aloe. .-////»/. 

Amm-c Anac. Ant. Arg. Aur. Bell. 

Bism. Calc. Canth. Carb-an. Caust. Chin, 

Con. Cor-r. Dig. Fcrr. Kali-c. Kobalt. 

Lach. Lad. Lyc. Merc. Mosch. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Op. Par. 

Petr. Peiros. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. 

Ran b. Ran-sc. Ruta. Saccn. Sep. Sil. 

Stann. Sulph. Tabac. Tar. Thuj. Verb. 

Viol-od. Viol-lr. 

— bloody, Canst. Led. Merc. 

— easily, excited in daytime, Canth. Graph. 
without erections, Graph. 

— frequent, Amm-c. Bar-m. Bov. Calc. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Con. Dig. 
Ferr. Kali-c. Kobalt. Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. Petr. Phosp. Phosp ac. 
Bid. Bids. Sacch. Sass. Sep. Stann. 
Staph. Sulph. 

— too fiequent, Carb-veg. Con. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Nitr-ac. Bhosp. 

— painful, Calc. Clem. Mosch. Sass. Thuj. 

— after onanism, Chin. ^ep. 

— with backache, Kobalt. 

amorous dreams, Kali-c. Kobalt. 

Led. Merc-jod. Par. 

— without amorous dreams, Bism. Cor-r. 
Guaj. Merc-jod. \ 

— without erections, Bell. Calad. Con. 
Gels. Kobalt. Mosch. Sabad. Selen. 

— during sleep in afternoon, Caust. Clem. 
Merc. Phosp. Sulph. 

After pollutions, affection of the head, Bov. 

— anxiousness, Carb-an. 

— brain as if partially paralyzed, Sil. 

— burning in urethra, Carb-veg. Merc. 

— coldYiess. general, Merc. 

— constipation, Thuj. 

— erections, Ars. Grat. Kali-c. Rhod. 

— eyes, weakness of, Kali-c. 

— fatigue, Sep. Viol-od. 

— heat, anxious, Petr. 

— hypochondria, tension in, Agar. 

— increase of all complaints, Alum. 

— loins, weakness in, Phosp. 

— micturition, stool and restless sleep, 

— peevishness, Ntr-c. 

— sexual passion excited, Aloe. Mez. 

— sluggishness, Ntr-c. Sep. 

— vertigo, Caust. 
Pressure, in penis, Viol-tr. 

spei malic chord, Berb. Spong. Sulph. 

testes, Aur. Berb. Bism. Calc. 

Cannab. Carb-veg. Caust Igt Lach. 

Ntr-c. Buls. Sabad. Scill. Spong. 

right, Bism. 

Priapism, Clem. Ccloc. Graph. Xtr-c. 

Ntr-m. Phosp Plat. Puis. Sil. 
Prickling, in glans, Kali-b. Met. Phosp-ac 

prepuce, Jac-cor. 

Prostaie gland\, enlargement of, Benz-ac. 

— induration of, Cop. Iod. Thuj. 

— inflammation of, Agn. Alum. Apis. 
Caust. Cop. Cycl. Dig. Hep. Lyc. Puis. 
Sec-c. Selen. Sulph-ac. Thuj. Zinc. 

— pressure in, Ol an. 

— swelling of, Cannab. Hipp. Iod. Thuj. 
Prostatic rluid, emission of, Anac. Bell. 

Dig. Elaps. Euph. Hep. Lyc. Ntr-c. 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Petr. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Selen. Sep. Sil. Spig. Staph. Sulph. 
Tabac. Thuj. Zinc. 

— witli the flatulence, Mgn-c. 

stool, Anac. Ars. Carb-veg. Caust. 

Con. Selen. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
difficult, Agn. Alum. Amm-c. Anac. 

Con. Hep. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Sep. Staph. 

— with the urine, Anac. Hep. Ntr-c. Sep. 

— after urinating, Daph. Hipp. Kali-c. 

— without erection, Aur. Bell. Euph. 

Pulsation in penis, Cop. 
Pustules on penis, Bov. 
Redness of genitals, Cocc-c. 

glans, Ars. Calad. Cannab. Croton. 

Merc. Sabin. Sass. 
penis, Cannab. 

prepuce, Calc. Cannab. Ciuuab. 

Merc. Rhus. Sil. Sulph. 
scrotum, Am. Merc. Petr. Puis. 

— between thighs, Petr. 

— of urethra, Gels. 
Relaxation of genitals, Gels. 

testes. Nitr-ac. Sulph. (compare 

Hanging down). 
Retraction of penis. Berb. 

prepuce, Bell. Colch. Nux. Prun. 

Sulph. (compare Phimosis.) 

after coition, Calad. 

Scrabs, on corona glans, Kali-b. 

prepuce, Caust. Nitr-ac. 

Seminal emissions, (compare Pollutions). 
Seminal discharge, bloody, Caust. Led. 

— easily excited in daytime, Canth. Graph. 
without ereciion, Graph. 

— painful, Calc. Clem. Sass. Thuj. 

— during coition, failing, Calad. Eugen. 
Graph. Lyc. Mi lief. Psor. 

insufficient, Agar Berb. Plb. 

larger and continues longer, Osm. 

too late, Borax. Calc. Eugen. Lyc. 


powerless, Calc. Con. Ntr-m. Phosp. 


too quick, too early, Berb. Borax. 

Calad. Caib-veg. Con. Lyc. Phosp. 
Plat. Selen. Sulph. Zinc. 



Semen dribbling out, Canth. 

in sleep, Sil . 

during stool, Phosp-ac. 

Sensitiveness of genitals, Cocc. Verat. 
Sexual passion, diminished, Aeon. Arg-n. 
I Bar-c. Bell. Carb-an. Hell. Hep. Ind. 

Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lyc. Mgn-c. Op. Petr. 
Phosp-ac. Sabad. Spong. Teucr. 

— increased, Agar. Aloe. Alum. Amm-c. 
Ant. Apis. Am. Aur. Bell. Uov. Calc. 
Cannab. Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 
Chin. Cinnab. Cocc. Coff. Croc. Dig. 
Ferr. Graph. Hipp. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. 
Lach. Laur. Led. Lyc, Mang. Meriy. 
Merc. Mcz. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-'m. 
Ntr-s. Nitr. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. Ox-ac. 
Par. Phosp. Plat. Plb. Puis. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sabin. Sacch. Sass. Seneg. Sep. 
Sil. Stann. Staph. Strain. Sulph-ac. 
Verat. Zinc. 

in old men. Fluor-ac, 

— excitement of, easy, Kali-c. Lyc. Nux. 

— excessive. Alum. Coloc. Kali-c. Lyc. 
Ntr-c. Xtr-m. Plat. Plb. Psor. Sil. 
Therid. Zinc. 

— lustful, Chin. Con. Merc. 

without erections, A^ar. Aur. Calad. 

Crotal. Ferr. Igt. Lach. Ntr-m. Puis. 
Sabad. Sep. Sulph. Trifol. 

— strong, Amm-c. Canth. Ferr-m. Kali-c. 
Lach. Mosch. Nux. Plat. Plb. 

with many erections, Canth. Dig 

Ferr. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. 0t>. 

Plat. Plb. Pith. Sabin. Seneg. Sep. 

Sil. Spig. Staph. 
with pollutions, Dig. Ferr. Ntr-c. Nux. 

Op. Plb. Sass. 

— excitement of, strong, with discharge of 
prostatic fluid, Nitr-ac. 

— wanton, with inclination toco-habit, Ant. 
CVr.Con. Igt. Kobalt.Zac/i. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac 
Phosp. Puis. Sass. Sil. Spig. Stram. 

— with weakness, of faculty, Agar.Amm-c. 
Graph. Ignat. Men v. Nux-m. Selen. 

Sexual passion, wanting, suppressed, 
Agn. Alum. Bell. Berb. Calc. Camph. 
Carb-an. Cop. Ferr-m. Graph. Hell. 
Hep. I <r t . Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mur-ac. 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Phosp-ac. Sil. Sulph. 

— power weak, Bir-c. Calad. Calc. Igt. 
Nux-m. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

Shivering in scrotum, Zinc. 

Shrinking of penis. Aloe. Arg-n. Igt. Lyc. 

— of scrotum, with coldness and pain in 
testes, Berb. 

tes es, Hydroph. 

Shrivelling, of penis, Berb. 

scrotum, Berb. Rhod. Therid. Zinc. 

Smarting, in tflans, Berb. Nux. 

— in prepuce, Benz-ac. Nux. Puis. 
scrotum, Ran-sc. 

speimatic, cord, Berb. 

— between th.ghs, Uep. 

Sore pain, in penis, Arn. Cannab. 

prepuce, Cham. Cor-r. Lob. 

scrotum, Berb. Zinc. 

— between thighs, Rhod. 
Spasmodic p.un in genitals, Graph. 
testicles, Spong. 

Spots, on glans, itching, Arn. 

moist, smooth, Carb-veg. 

red, Arn. Carb-veg. Lach. Sil. 

yellow-brown, Koualt. 

penis, Ca'c. 

prepuce, Nitr-ac. Rhus. 

Stench of the genitals, Ntr-m. Sass. Sulph. 
Stinging, Stitches in glands, Aeon. Ars. Berb. 

Kuph. Eupiir. Ferr-m. Lyc. .Merc. Mcz. 

Ntr-m. Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. Rhod Sabin. 

Sul ph. 

when pressing on it, Thuj. 

penis, Beib. Lyc. Mgn-s. Merc. 

Merc-jod. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 

Ol-an. Petr. Phosp Puis. Spig.'ihuj. 


prepuce, Ars. Cham. Euphr. Mang. 

Merc. Puis. Rhus. Sulph. 

prostate gland, when walking, KaM-b. 

scrotum, Ferr-m. Merc. Ntr-m. 

Sulp.i. Thuj. 
spermatic chord, Am n-m. Arn. 

Berb. Grat. Nux. Sulph Thuj. 
te-tes, Arn Bell Berb. Bry. Caust. 

Merc. Nux. Rhod. Staph. Sulph. 

left, Merc-cor. 

Swelling of genitals, Ars. Canth. Cocc-c. 
Kali-b. Lyc. Merc. Plb. 

— glans, Ars. Cannab. Cinnab. Cor-r. 
Merc. Ntr-c. Plb. Rhus. Sacch. Sulph. 

one sided, Spig. 

— penis, Am. Cannab. Canth. Cinnab. 
Creos. Cupr. Graph. Led. Mez. Millef. 
Plb. Sabin. 

lymphatic glands, Lact. Merc. 

on the ridge, Sabin. 

— prepuce, Calad. Cannab. Cinnab. Cor-r. 
Graph. Merc. Nti-c. Nitr-ac. Rhus. Sil. 
Sulph. Thuj. Viol-tr. 

on the frenulum, Sabin. 

— of prostate gland, Cannab. Hipp. Iod. 

— scrotum, Arn. Brom. Canth. Carb-veg. 
Clem. Graph. Jac-cor. Phosp-ac. Plb. 
Puis. Rhus. Sacch- Sep. 

with chronic gonorrhoea, Brom. 

— — painless, Mez. 

— of spermatic, cgords, Arn. 

testes, Agn. Apis. Arg. Am. Aur. 

Bar-m, Canth. Chin. Clem. Con. 
Cop. Dig. Flap-. l oc i. Kali-c.Mei c-sulph. 

Mez. Millef. Ntr-c. Nttr-ac. Nux. 

Ol-an. Phosp-ac Plb. Puis. Rhod. 

Spong. Sulph. Tart. Zinc. 
left, Brom. Mez. Ocim. Pod. Rhod. 

T 54 


Swelling of testes, right. Arg. Aur. Clem. 

lower part of, Aur. 

after gonorrhoea, Rhod. 

— bluish red, Arn. Ars. 

— dropsical, Dig. Lyc. 

— hard, Agn Arn, Merc. Nux. Phosp-ac. 
Sab in Span*. 

— hot, Arn. Kali-c. Puis. 

— oedematous, Arn. Graph. Lvc. Nux. 
Puis. Khod. Sil. Sulph. 

— painful, Arn. A is. Aur. Canth. Laur. 
Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. CH-ftti. Plb. 

— from a bruise, Con. 

Tearing, in giam, Colch. Eupb. Kali-c. 

penis, Kali-c. Me/.. 

spermatic chord. Hell. Colch. Puis. 

te-stes, Euph. Puis. Staph. 

Tension, in genitals, Graph. 

glans, Kali-c. 

penis, Arn. Kali-c. 

scrotum, Arn. 

spermatic chord. Can nab. Phosp-ac. 

Thickening of the prepuce. Elaps. Lact. 

scrotal skin, Carb-veg. Clem. 


epididymus, Sulpb. 

Throbbing, of glans, Rhod. 

penis. Cop. 

spermatic chord, Amm-m. 

Tingling, crawling, tickling, of genitals, 
Mosch. Selen. 

— of the frenum, Phosp-ac. 

— glans, Merc. Spig. Tart. 

— ctawling prepuce. Merc. Phosp-ac. 

— scrotum. Aeon. Lachn. Selen. 

— testes, Euphr. Merc. 

To touch the genitals, inclination to. 

Turning about in testes, sensation of, 

Twitching in penis, Mez. 

spermatic chore', Mang. Plb. 

Ulcers, on glans, Ars. Cor-r. Merc. Nitr-ac. 

Sep. Sulph. 

— prepuce, Arg-n. Ars. Caust. Cor-r. 
Hep. Merc. Nitr-ac. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. 

j — elevated, lead colored, sensitive edges, 

— Mat, red, Cor-r. 

— chancre, Arg-n. Lac-can. .J/<w. 

like. Hep. Lac-can. Mete. NUr-ae. 


— deep, Nitr-ac. Sulph. 

I — mercurio, syphilitic, Lach. 
Ulcerous pain in prepuce, Igt. 
Voluptuous irritation of genitals, Anib. 

Ang. Chenop. Graph Plb. (compare 

Itching, voluptuous.) 
Warmth, sensation of, in genitals, Me ph. 


Warts on prepuce, bleeding when touched, 

Wasting of testes, Agn. Caps. Caust. Iod. 

Kali-jod. Zinc. 
Weakness of genitals, Agn. Herb. Hep. 

Mang. Mur-ac. Sep. Sulph. 

— after stool or urination, Calc-ph. 



2 1 . Female Sexual Organs. 

Abortion, Aeon. Actea-r. Aletris. Aloe. 
Apis. Am. Asa/: Bell. Bry. Calc. 
C;imph. Cannab. Canth. Carb-veg. 
Cauloph. Cham. Chin. Cinnam. Cocc. \ 
Con. Creos. Croc. Dulc. Eugen. Ferr. 
Gels. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Ip. Jatr. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. Op. 
Phosp. Plat. Plb. Pod. Puis. Rat. 
Rhus. Sabin Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Stram. Sulph. 
Verat. Viburn. Zinc. 

— disposition to, Actea-r. Aletris. Lvc. 

— after fright, Gels. 

— in third month, Apis. Sabin. Sec-c. 

— with convulsions, Cannab. 

distention of utems. Sec-c. 

varices on pudenda, Carb-veg. Lyc. 


After pains, too long, Arn. Bell. Bry. 
Calc. Cham. Cupr. Ferr. Kali-c. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Op. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sabin. 
Scc-c Sep. Sulph. 

— painful and strong, Aeon. Arn. Calc. 
Cham. Coff. Nux. Pod. Puis. Rhus. 

— to thighs. Lac- can. 

— return when nursing the child, Arn. 
Apthae, Carb-veg. 
Biting in genitals, Staph. Thuj. 
Bloatedness of uterus, as if filled with 

wind, Phosp-ac. 
Blood, congestion of, to genital, Aletris. 
Ambr. Bell. Bry. Chin. Croc. Hep. 
Lac-can. Merc. A't/x. Plat. Sabin. Sec-c. 

— discharged during the intervals, Ambr. 
Arn. Bell. Bov. Bry. Calc. Cham. Chin. 
Cocc. Coff. Croc. Hep. Ip. Kali-c. 
Mgn-s. Phosp. Rhus. Sabin. Sec-c. Si!. 

— during lactation, Calc. Pallad. Sil. 

— at new or full moon, Croc. 

— during pregancy, Cocc. Creos. Kali-c. 
Phosp. Rhus. Sec-c. 

green red fluid, Sep. 

— discharge of, during and between 
the catamenia, acrid, Amm-c. Ars. 

Bov. Canth. Cham. Kali-c. Ntr-s. 
Nitr.- Rhus. Sass. Sil. Sulph. 

— black, dark, Actea-r. Aletris. Amm-c. 
Ant. Am. Asar. Bell. Bism. Bry. Cact. 

Canth. Cham. Chin. Creos. Croc. Cycl. 
Elaps. Ferr. Ham. Igt. Lach. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Nitr-ac. Nilr. Nux. 
Nux-m. Ol-an. Plat. Puis. Sabad. Sabin. 
Sang. Sec-c. Selen. Sep. Siram. Sulph. 
Trill. Xantliox. Zing. 
Blood, black like ink, Nitr. 

— brown, Berb. Biy. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Mgn-c. Rhus. 

— bright-red, Arn. Bell. Brom. Cinnam. 
Diad. Dulc. Hyosc. I p. Lac-can. Lachn. 
Led. Phosp. Rhus. Sabin. Sec-c. 

— — stringy. Lac-can. 

— burning, Sil. 

— clotted, coagulated, Actea-r. Aletris. 
Amm-c. Apocyn. Ain. Bell. Caust. 
Cham. Chin. Cocc. Croc. Cycl. Feir. 
Fluor-ac. "Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Kali-c. Mgn-m. 
Ntr-s. Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sabin. Stram. 
Stront. Trill. Ustil. Viburn. Zing. 

black, Chin. Ferr. Nux-jug. Sabin. 

— first dark, then watery, Thuj. 

— excoriating, acrid. Amm-c. Carb-veg. 
Kali-c. Ntr-s. Sass. Sil. Sulph. 

corroding the limbs, Ntr-s. Sil. Sulph. 

— fetid, Bell. Bry. Carb-an. Caust. Cham. 
Croc. Kali-c. Sabin. 

— flesh-colored (like the washings of meat) 
Apocyn. Stront. 

— grayish serum, Berb. 

— hot blood, Bell. Bry. 

— itching, Petri 

— by jerks. Cham. Puis. Sabin. 

— lumpy, Arn. Bell. Caust. Cham. Ferr. 
Mgn-m. Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sabin. Stram. 

— mucus, Cocc. Lachn. Puis. Sulph-ac. 
menses of gray mucus, or brown 

blood, Berb. 
bloody mucus during pregnancy, 


— too pale. Alum. Bell. Berb. Borax. 

Carb-veg. Ferr. Graph. Hipp-m. 
Prun. Puis. Sabin. Sacch. Sulph. Tilia. 

— pitch-like, Mgn-c. 

— putrid odor, Igt. 

— sour-smelling, Carb-veg. Sulph. 

— string)', Croc. 
red, Lac-can. 

— thick, Cact. Fluor-ac. Mgn-s. Nux-m. 
Plat. Puis. Sulph. 


Blood thin, L.iur. Pals. Sabad. 

— toug.i, Croc. 

— viscid, Lacnn. Mgn-c. Xanthox. 

— watery, Herb. Uiilc. Laur. Piiosp. Puis. 
Tart. ' 

Borwig pain in left ovary, worse during 

meases, iwe. i?X t«^«_ 
ameliorated during menses, 

i (l M J . *^£i * & 
Burning in genitais, Ambr. Ainm-c. Ars. 

Berb, Bry. Calc. Caib-veg. Caust.Cham. 

Creos. Kali c. Lac-can. Lac.i. Lil-tigr. 

Lyc. -Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. heir. Sul pi). 

Thuj. Titia. 

Utei us, Bry. 

vagina, Berb. 

Cancer o( uterus. Apis. Ars. Aur. Calc. 

Carb-an. Cnin. Clem. Cocc. Con. Creos. 

Graph. Hydrast. lod. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-m. 

Merc. Murex. Niti-ac. P .osp. Phyt. 

Rhus. Sabin. Sec-C. Sep. S.I. Staph. 

Sulph. Thuj. 
Coition, aversion to, Canst. Kali-c. Ntr-m. 


— absence of enjoyment in, Berb. Ferr. 
Ferr m. 

— disposition for, Creos. Hyosc. Kali-c. 
Murex. Sabin. Sulph-ac. 

Duiing coition, pain in vagina, Berb. 

Creos. Ferr-m. Kali-c. Lyc. 

burning, followed, next day by dark 

blood, Creos. 
After coition, nodosity in cervix and 

swelling of parts, Creos. 
Constriction of uteius, sensation of, Cact. 


Contraction, Actea-r. Bell. Cact. Igt. 
Lie-can. Murex. Ntr-m. Nux. Sabin. 
Sep. Thuj. 

— hour-glass. Bell. Cham. Cocc. Con. 
Cupr. Hyosc. Kali-c. Nux. Plat. Puis. 
Rhus. Sec-c. Sep. Sulph. 

Corrosion, Kali-c. Lyc. 
Cutting in left labia, Ocim-c. 

os uteri, Murex. Puis. 

Darting pains from left labia through 

, uterus to right ovary, Bell. Lac-can. 

Phosp. Thuj. 
Deformed os uteri, Ntr-c. 
Digging, Con. 

Distension of uterus, mcteoristic,Phosp-ac. 
Drawing, Mosch. 

— in uterus, Puis. 

Dropsy of uterus, Aesc-hipp. Apis. Ars. 
Bell. Brom. Br}-. Calc. Camph. Canth. 
Chin. Colch. Con. Dig. Duic. Ferr. 
Ham. Hell. Kali-c. Lact. Led. Lyc. 
Merc. Phosp. Rhus. Sep. Sulph. 
ovaries. Apis. Bell. Bry. Calc. 

Carb-an. Coloc. Creos. Graph. 

Kali-brom. Ka!i-c. Lach. Lil- tigr. Merc. 

Ntr-s Phosp. Plat. Pod Rhod. Rhus. 


Dryness of vagina, Bell. Lye. Ntr-m. 
uterus, Muicx. 

Lruptiun, Agar .Apis Bapt. Bry. Calad. 
Calc. Canth. Caib-veg. Catllopll. Cotf. 
Collin. Con. , Creos. Cruton. Duic. 
Ferr. Graph Hani Hydiast. Kuli-C Lyc 
Merc. Ntr-nitr. N.ti-ac. Nux. Peir. Plat 
Sep. Sil. Staph. Sal ph. Tart. Thuj. Zinc. 

— from menstrual blood, Kali-c. 

— fretting, gnawing, Nux. 

— iichin 0 , Nux. Sep. 

— moist. Sep. 

— with nodosities, Merc. 

— pimples, Agar. .Graph. Merc. Sulph. Tart. 

— pustules, black, Bry. 

— scauoy on labia, Kali-jod. 

— vesiculai, Graph. 
Exiension, sensation of, Murex. 

Flatus, from vagina, Brom. Lac-can. Lyc. 

Nux. Sang. 
Foetus, violent motions of, Lyc. Op. 

painful, Am. Sil. 

As if foetus lay cross-wise, which gives 

pain, Arn. 
Fullness, sense of, Aloe. Chin. 
Gangrena uteri, Aeon. Apis. Ars. Bell. 

Caib-vig. Chin. Creos. Sec-c. 

— vaginae, Apis. Ais. Bell. ("ale. Chin. 
Creos. Lach. Sec-c Sulph-ac. 

Gnawing, Kali-c. Lyc. 

Hair ot vuiva falling ofT, Ntr-m. 

Heat, Merc. Nux. Sep. 

— tlusnes ol, and sweat, at climacteric. 

Heaviness, sensation of, Alctris, Aloe. 

Chin. Lac-can. Murex Nux. Palad. 

in uierus, Gels. 

vagina, during colic, Murex. 

Herpes on genitals, Duic Petr. 
Induration of uterus, Alnus. A nr. Bell. Chin. 

lod. Mgn-m. Murex. Ntr-c. Pallad.Plat. 


ovaries, Con. 

right, Pallad. 

vagina, Bell. Calc. Chin. Clem. Con. 

Fen. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Petr. Puis. 
Sep. Sulph. 
Inflammaiion of labia. Aeon. Ambr. Calc. 
Carb-vea. Con. Creos. Feir. Kali-c. 
Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Sep. Staph. Sulph. 
left, Bry. 

ovaries, Aeon. Actae-r. Ambr. Ant. 

Canth. Chin. Iod. Merc. Staph. 

tight, Aesc-hipp. Apis. Ham. 

left, Lil-tigr. 

uteius, Aeon. Apis. Ars. Aur. Bell. 

Biy. Canth. Caib-an. Cham. Coloc. 

Con. Hyosc. Iod. Kali c. Lac-can. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. Xux. Puis. Rhus. 

Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Verat. 
afier parturition, Sabin. 

— of vagina, Cocc-c. Merc. 



■;ng, Agar. Ambr. Amm-c. Ars. Calad. 
Uaic. Carb-veg. Caust. CofT. Con. Creos. 
-'roton. Elaps. Eupat. Kali-c. Lac-can. 
Lich. Lyc. Merc. Nfr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 
Petr. Sep. Sil. Slaph. Sulph. Tarant. 
Ihuj. Zinc. 
r ovaries, Prun. 
/ duptuous, CofT. Creos. Plat, 
"■r pains, (compare Throes.) 
;> orrhcea, in general, Aeon. Agn. Aloe. 
Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. Amm-m. Anac. 
Ant. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Borax. 
r 1)v. Calc. Cannab. Canth. 

Cips. Carb-an. Carb-veg Canst. Cham. 
Chin. Cinnab. Cocc. CofF. Con. Cop. 
Creos. Dros. Ferr. Gels. Gran. Graph. 
Hep. Hydrast. Hyper. Igt Iod. Kali-c. 
Kali-jod. Lach. Laur. Lept. Lil-tigr. 
/-iv. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Mez. Millef. Murex. Mur-ac. 
Ytr-c. Nlr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr ac. 
N itr. Nux. Ol-an. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Phyt. Plat. Plb Pod. Prun. 
/ nls. Ran-b. Ran-sc. Rat. Ruta. Sabin. 
Sass. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Stann. Stront. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Thuj. Viol-tr. 

a^iid, Alum. Amm-c. Anac. Ant, Ars. 
Borax. Bov. Carb-veg. Chin. Con. 
Creos. Ferr. Fluor-ac. Igt.. Iod. 
Kali-jod. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp. Phosp-ac Prun. Puis. 
Ran-b. Sabin. Sep. Sil. Sulph-ac. (com- 
pare Excoriating). 

albuminous, Amm-c. Amm-m. Borax. 

Bov. Me/.. Petr. Plat. 

biting, smarting, Alum. Ant. Carb-an. 

Cham. Con. Hep. Laur. Mgn-c. Merc. 

Phosp. Sulph. 

blistering, Phosp. 

bloody, Ars. Bar-c. Chin. Cocc. CofT 
Creos. Lyc- Murex. Nitr-ac. Sep. Sil. 
Sulph-ac. Tart. Zinc, 
bluish, Ambr. 

brown, Amm-m. Berb. Nitr-ac. 

burning, Amm-c. Calc. Canth. Carb-an. 

Cast. Con. Creos. Kali-c. Mgn-s. Phosp. 

Puis. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

c.orroding, Ars. Creos. Iod. Kali-jod. 

Lyc Mez. Ruta. Sil. Sulph. 

— the linen, Iod. 

debilitating, Creos. Stann. 

excoriating, Alum. Amm-c. Anac. Ars. 

Bov. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Cocc. Con. 

Creos. Ferr. Igt. Kali-jod. Lyc. Merc. 

Mez. Phosp. Prun. Ran-b. Ruta. Sep. 

Sil. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

f.'tid. Caps. Creos. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Sabin. Sep. 

fesh-colored (like the washings of meat), 
Mum. Cocc. Nitr-ac. Sep. 
i lairy, Mez. Petr. 

greenish, Bov. Carb-veg. Lach. Merc. 

Murex. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Sep. 
:ucorrhoea itching, Alum. Anac. Calc. 
Chin. Creos. Kali-c. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Phosp-ac. Sabin. Sep. 
jelly like, transparent, Pallad. 
long continued, Creos. Mez. 
m dignant, Mez. 
mild, Ferr. Puis. Ruta. 
milky, Amm-c. Calc. Carb-veg. Con. 
Creos. Ferr. Lam. Lyc. Phosp. Puis. 
Sabin. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
mucus, Ambr. Amm-m. Bar-c. Borax. 
Bov. Calc. Cocc. Cocc-c. Diet. Graph. 
Kali-jod. Laur. Lach Mgn c. Mez. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an Plat. Pod. Sass. 
Seneg. Sep. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

ochre-colored, Phosp. 

painful, Sep. Sulph. 

painless, Amm-c. Calc. Carb-veg. Lam. 

Puis. Sil. Sulph. 

profuse, Agar. Graph. Iod. Lach. Lam. 
Lyc. Petr. Phosp. 

purulent, Chin. Cocc. Igt. Merc. Sep. 

putrid, smelling, Colch. Coloc. Creos. 

Lach. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Sabin. Sep. 

rasping, Alum. Hep, 

reddish, Lyc. Nitr-ac. Sep. 

ropy, Hydrast. Kali-b. 

salt, smarting like, Sulph. 

bv shocks, discharged, Calc. Graph. 


stiffening the linen. Alum. Creos. Lach. 

suppressed, Sacch. 

thick, Ambr. Ars. Bov.Carb-veg. Mgn-s. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Murex. Pod. Puis. Sabin. 
Tong. Zinc. 

thin, Graph. Kali-jod. Nice. Nitr. 
Ol-an. Puis, 
tough, Aeon. Did. 

transparent, Alum. Ntr-m. Pallad. Pod. 

from uterus, thick, blood}-, purulent. 

— vagina, Caps. Creos. Merc. Plb. 
viscous, Borax. Bov. Mez. Sabin. Stann. 
watery, Alum. Amm-c. Ant. Carb-an. 
Cham. Chin. Ferr. Graph. Kali-jod. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. 
Murex. Nice. Puis. Sep. Sil. Sulph-ac. 

weakening,^ Stann. 

white, Borax. Gels. Graph. Lam. Mgn-c. 
Ntr-m. Nitr. Sulph. 

yellow, Aeon. Alum. Ars. Carb-an. 
Caib-veg. Cham. Cinnab. Con. Croos. 
Fluor-ac. Hydrast. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Kali-ferr-cyn. Kalm. Lyc Merc-cor. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Puis Sabin. Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 
yellow staining, Carb-an. Nux. Prun. 
in day-time only, Alum. Plat. Sep. 

I 58 2 1. FF.MAI.F. SF.XtAI 

Leucorrhoea before full moon, aggravated, 

— morning, when rising, Carb-an. 

— :it night. Ambr Caust. Merc. Nitr-nc. 

— abdomen, pain in, preceded by, Con. 
Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Puis. Rat. Sil. Sulph. Zinc. 

— with ammorrhoea, Apis. Ruta. Satin. 

— before catamenia. Alum. Bar-c. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Cocc. Creos. Graph. 
Lach. Pallad. Puis. Ruta. Sep. Sulph. 

— during catamenia, Alum. Graph. Iod. 
Puis. Zinc. 

— alter catamenia, Alum. Bov. Cocc. 
Creos. Graph. Merc. Nitr-ac. Pallad. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Ruta. Sulph. Tabac. 

cessation of catamenia, Ruta. Sang. 

— in place of catamenia, Cocc. 

— at climacteric period, Sang. 

— after coition, Ntr-c. 

— colic, preceded by, Mjn-c. Mgn-m. 

— when exercising, Mgn-m. Mgn-s. 

— by hysteric cramps, preceded, Igt. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 

— after a meal, Cham. 

— in morning, when rising, Carb-an. 

— when standing, Ars. Carb-an. 

— with stool, Murex. Tong. 

— after stool, Mgn-m. 

— before urinating, Creos. 

— after urinating, Amm-m. Canth. Nice. 

ceasing, Ntr-c. 

— when walking, Ntr-m. Sass. Strom. Tong. 
passing water, Amm-m. Calc. Sil. 

wind, Ars. 

Leucorrhoea, attended by, abdomen, dis- 
tention of, Amm-m. Graph. Sep. 

painfulness of, Lyc. Puis. Sil. 

labor-like pains in, Dros. 

spasms in, Igt. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 

— colic, Alum. Amm-m. Bell. Con. 
Kal-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Puis. Rat. Sil. Sulph. Zinc. 

— countenance, yellow, Ntr-m. 

— debility, Creos. 

— diarrhoea, Ntr-m. 

— dreams, lascivious, Petr 

— fatigue, Alum. 

— genitals, stitches in, Sep. 

— headache, Ntr-m. 

— legs, soreness of, Mgn-s. 

— navel pain about, Amm-m. 

— sacral region, pain in, Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Mgn-s. Nitr. 

— shooting in parts, Sep. 

— trembling, Alum. 

— vagina, pressing in, Cinnab. 

— weakness in back, Graph. 
Lochia, abnormal, Chin. Hep. 


— turning bloody again, Cauloph. Rl IIS. 

— blackish, clotted. Plat. 

— blackish, lumpy, offensive and exoriat- 
ing, Creos. 

— too copious, Brv. Calc. Carb-an. CofT. 
One. Hep. Milled. Puis. Rhua. 

— dark, stringy. Croc. 

— fetid, Aeon. Bapt. Bell. Carb-an. 
Creos. Nux. Rhus. Sec-c. Sep. Strain. 

— too long-continued, Calc. Cauloph. 
Chin, Rhus. Sec-c. 

— milky, Calc. 

— too small, Aeon. Bell. 

— suppressed, Aeon. Bell. Brv. CI am. 
Coloc. Dulc. Hyosc. Millef. Nux. Op. 
Plat. Puis. Sec-c. Verat. Zinc. 

after vexation, Coloc. 

with delirium, Verat. 

— too thin, Carb-an. 

Lump, hard, in neck of uterus, ulcerative. 

pain during coition, Creos. 
Menopause, Cocc. Int. Lach. Puis. Sing. 

Sep. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Metrorrhagia, Aeon. Aloe. Amm-c. A iac. 
Ant. Apis Apocyn. Arg-n. Am. Ais. 
Bell. Bry. Calc. Canth. Carb-veg. 
Cauloph. Caust. Cham. Chin. Cina. 
Cinnam. Cocc. Coff. Cop. Crco-;. ( roc 
Dim/. Erig. Per r. Ham. Hvost. 
Igt. Iod. Ip. Led. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Millef. Murex. Ntr-c. Ntr-ac. Nux-m. 
Nux. Phosp. Plat. Prun. Puis. Rat. 
Rhus. Ruta. Sabin. Sang Scill 5 t~c. 
Sep. Sil. Stram, Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Trill. Vinca. 

— after abortion, Plat. 

— ol black. blood, Arn. Bell. Cham. Chin. 
Croc. Ferr. Igt. Plat. 

pale blood, with fainting and con- 
vulsions, Hyosc. 

thin blood, becoming more watery, 

the longer it lasts, Prun. 

— flow intermits, then freshens up, (chronic 
hemorrhage), Creos. Sulph. 

— discharge now stopping, then stronger 
again, Puis. 

— in aged females, Merc. 

— after abuse of chamomilla, Chin. Igt. 

— at climacteric, Ustil. 

— after delivery. Bell. Cham. Chin. 
Cinnam. Croc. Ip. Nux. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

— when exercising, discharge, Sec-c. 

— after every stool, Amm-m. Ind. 

— with abdomen, distension of. Hep. 

painfulness of. Ferr. Sabin. 

bearing down towards genital?, Bell. 

Cham. Nitr-ac. Rhus. Sabin. 

congestion of the blood and red f ice. 


breathing oppressed, Ip. 


Metrorrhagia with excitability of sexual 
system, Plat. 

fainting and convulsions, Chin. 

with headache and pain* in sacral 

region, Bell. Bry. 
spasms, Hyosc. 

unconsciousness, heavy sleep and 

tingling in limbs, Sec-c. 
Moles, escape of, Canth. 
Neuralgia, vaginae, Bell. Calc. Canth. 

Chin. Creos. Ferr. A'ali-c. Lvc. Merc. 

Nux. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. 

— uteri, Bell. Carb-an. Cham. Con. Croc. 
Ferr. Gels. A'ali-c. Nux. Op. Plat. Puis. 
Rhus. Sabad. Scc-c. Sep. Sulph. 

Nymphomania. Ant. Bell. Calc. Canth. 

Carb-veg. Chin. Coff. Graph. Grat. Lach. 

Merc Mosch. Murex. Ntr-c. Ntr-m 

Nux. Op. Phosp. Plat. Puis. Sabin. Sil. 

Strain. Verat. Zinc. 
Ovaries, pain in. Apis. Coloc. Lach. Pod. 

as il dislocated, tender on pressure, 


Ovaritis. Pod. (compare Inflammation.) 

— right, Acsc-hip, Apis. Bell. Ham. 
Lac-can. Lvc. Pallad. 

— left, Arg. Caps. Graph. Lac-can. Lach. 
Pod. Thuj. Zinc. Zizia. 

Painfulness, Staph. 

Placenta adheient, Actea-r. Bell. Canth. 

Gels. Puis. Sabin. Sec-c. Sep. 
Pressing down, towards genitals, Aloe. 

Ant. Apis. Anr. Asa-f. Bell. Borax. 

Calc. Cham. Chin. Cocc. Con. Croc. 

Graph. H} droph. Ip. Kali-c. Lac-cnn. 

Lyc. Mang. Mirn-c. Mosch. Murex. 

Mur-ac. Nir-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Pallad. Plat. Rat. Rhus. Sabin. Sep. 

Sulph. Tarant. Thuj. Tilia. Ustil. Zinc. 

— as if menses about to commence, Cina. 
Croc. Kali-c. Lam. Mgn-c. Mosch. 
Mur-ac. Puis Sep. Stann. Tilia. 

— from groins through hip to back, Plat. 

— when standing, Bell. Rhus. 

— with oppression of breathing, Sep. 
Prolapsus, of uterus, Alum. Arg. Aur. 

Bell. Calc Canth. Carb-an. Cham. Con. 
Creos. Croc. Ferr. Ferr-jod. Ferr-m. 
Hvdroph. Iod. Kali-c. Lac-can. Lil-tiar. 
Merc. Millef. Murex. Nux-m. Nux. Op. 
Pallad. Plat. Pod. Puis. Rhus. Sabin. 
Sec-c. Sep. Stann. Sulph. 

— after lifting. Agar. 

— with pain in sacrum. Pod. 

— of vagina, Creos. Ferr. Merc. Nux. 
Ocim-c. Sep. 

Pulsating in uterus and ovaries, Cact. 
Pulsative pains, Merc. Murex. 
Pus, discharge, from parts. Calc. 
Pustules, black, on pudenda, Bry. 
Puerperal fever, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bell. Bry. 

Cham. Coff. Coloc. Hyosc. I p. Merc. 

Nux. Plat. Puis. Rlius. Sec-c. Stram. 

1 59 

Tilia. Verat. 

— with fulness of the mammae, Bry. 
Redness of pudenda, Ars. Calc. Merc. 

Sep. Tilia. 

Rigidity of, os uteri, Aeon. Actea-r. Bell. 

Cauloph. Gels. Lob. 

cervex uteri, Gels. 

Rubbing, pain in right ovary, ameliorated b)-, 


Scirrhus of uterus, Aur. Bell. Carb-an. 

Chin. Clem. Cocc. Con. Mgn-m. Phosp. 

Rhus. Sep. Staph. 
Sensitiveness, tenderness, Ambr. Arn. 

Canth. Coff. Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sec-c. 

Staph. Tilia. Zinc. 

— painful, Merc. Nux. Staph. 

Sexual passion, excited, Ars. Bell. Canth. 

Chin. Cinnam. Coff. Grat. Lac-can. 

Lach. Mosch. Murex. Nux. Plat. Sabin. 

Veiat. Zinc. 

in lying-in women, Bell. Chin. Grat. 

Plat. Verat. Zinc. 

— diminished, Bar-c. Bell, (compare Aver- 
sion to coition and Sect. 20.) 

Sinking down, as if uterus were, with 

pain and weakness, Pallad. 
Smarting pain, Cham. Creos. Ferr-m. 

Kali-b. Staph. Thuj. 
Softness of uteius, Op. 
Soreness (excoriation) of pudenda, Ambr. 

Berb. Carb-veg. Canst. Graph. Hep. 

Kali-b. Lyc. Meph. Merc. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. 

Pctr. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. Tilia. 
and moisture, Petr. 

— of uterus, Tilia. 

— between the thighs, Amm-c. Caust. 
Creos. Graph. Hep. Lyc. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. 
Petr. Sep. 

— and rawness of vaginar Kali-b. 

— pain, as from excoriaiion, Berb. Ferr-m. 
Rhus. Thuj. 

Spasms of vagina, Bell. Cocc. Igt. Merc. 

Nux. Plat. Puis. 
Spasmodic pain, in genitals, Creos. Igt. 

Nux. Thuj. 
Squeezing; pain in cavity of pelvis, Bar-m. 
Sterility. Agn. Amm-c. Borax. Calc. Cannab. 

Caust. Cic. Con. Croc. Dulc. Ferr. 

Filix. Graph. Hyosc. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Phosp. Plat. Ruta. Sep. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— from excessive sexual desire, Phosp. 

— with want of sexual desire, Ang. 

— with catamenia too copious, Calc. Merc. 
Millef. Ntr-m. Phosp. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

earl}', Calc. Ntr-m. Sulph. 


retarded, Caust. Graph. Phosp. 

too small, Amm-c. 

suppressed, Agn. Con. 

Stinging, stitches, Apis. Bell. Borax. Calc. 

Cannab. C«n. Creos. Kali-c. Merc. 

Murex. Nitr-ac. Pallad. PIwsp. Rhus. 

Sep. Staph. Thuj. 

ifio 2 1. FFMAI.E 

Stinging from abdomen to vagina, Ars. 

perineum, deep into genitals, 


— deep into vagina. Sabin. 

— in vagina, upwards, Berb. Creos. 
Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Rhus. Sep. 

Stitches in ovaries, 'Amhr. Bry. Coloc. 

Lil-tigr. Staph. 
Swelling of genitals. Kali-b. Mcph. 

labia maj., Merc-acet. Pod. 

os uteri, Canth. lod. Nux. Sec-c. 

ovaries, Apis. Iod. Graph. 

right, Patlad. 

left, Graph. Lach. 

pudenda, Ambr. Amm-c. Bry. Calc. 

Cannab. Carb-veg. Lacli. Meph. 
Merc. Ocim-c. Sec-c. Sep. Thuj. 

vagina, Merc. 

Tearing in genitals, Phosp. 

Tenderness of vagina, Berb. Bry. Calc. 

Ferr. Graph. Merc. Nux. Plat. Sec-c. 


Tension in uterus, as from a tight bandage, 

Tingling, pricking, voluptuous, Plat. 
Throes, labor pains. 

— like labor pains, Asa-f. Bell. Cham. 
Cina. Creos. Iod. Kali-c. Ntr-m. Plat. 
Puis. Sec-c. Sep. Sulph-ac. 

— from back to thighs, Kali-c. 

— ceasing, Am. Bell. Borax. Camph. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Cocc. Graph. 
Igt. Kali-c. Lye. Mgn-m. Ntr-m. Nux. 
Op. Plat. Puis. Ruta. Sec-c. Sep. Sulph. 

— distressing, Aur. Bell. Cham. Coff. Con. 
Gels. Kali-c. Lyc. Nux. Sec-c. Sep. 

— drawing into legs, Aloe. 

— false, Bell. Kali-c. Nux-m. Nux. Op. 

— too long, Puis. 

— running upwards, Gels. 

— spasmodic, Bell. Caust. Cham. Cocc. 
Cupr. Gels. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Kali-c. 
Nux-m. Nux. Op. Puis. Sec-c. Sep. 

— spasms instead of, Bell. Cham. Cic. 
Hyosc. Igt. 

— desire for stool with every pain, Nux. 

— too strong, Aeon. Bell. Cham. Coff. 
Con. Nux. Puis. Sec-c. 

— suppressed and wanting, Cact. Carb-veg. 
Op. Puis. Sec-c. 

— weak, powerless, Actca-r. Bell. Cannab. 
Carb-veg. Cauloph. Cham. Chin. Gels. 
Kali-c. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Puis. 
Ruta. Sec-c. Sep. Thuj. 

Throbbing in uterus, Murex. 

Ulcers, Arg-n. Ars. Asa-f. Bell. Bry. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Con. Hep. Lach. Lyc. Merc. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Rhus. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. Thuj. (com- 
pare Sect. 20.) 


Uterine cramps, Caust. Cocc. Con. Igt. 
Mgn-m. Nti-m. Nux. Sep Stann, 

— extending to thighs, Mgn-m. 
Uterus feel a as if open, Lach. 

— pain in, from pessary, Nux-m. 
Varices on pudenda, Calc. Carb-veg. Lyc. 

Nux. Zinc. 
Voluptuous itching and tingling, 

Creos Plat. 
Warts on os uteri, Sec. Thuj. 
Weight at uterus, at vagina, after hysteric 

attacks, Elaps. 
Wind discharge from vagina, Brom. 

Lac-can. Lyc. Nux-m. Nux. Sang. 
Catamcnia, too copious, Aeon. Agar. Aloe. 

Ambr. Amm-c. Amm-m. Ars. Bar-c. 

Bell. Borax. Bov. Brom. Bry. Calc. 

Cannab. Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. Chelid. 

Chin. Cina. Cocc-c. Creos. Croc. Cycl. 

Diad. Dulc. Ferr. Fluor-ac. Grat. 

Gum-gut. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Ip. Kali-jod. 

Lachn. Laur. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 

Mgn-s. Merc. Merc-cor. Millcf. Mosch. 

Murex. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Nitr. Nux-jug. Nux-m. Nux. Op. 

Phosp. Phvt. Plat. Prun. Pat Rhod. 

Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. Samb. Sec-c. 

Sep. Sil. Spong. Stann. Stram. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tabac. Verat. Vinca. Zinc. 

mania from, Sep. 

when walking in afternoon, Ntr-s. 

— too early, Aloe. Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. 
Amm-m. Am. Ars. Asa-f. Asar. Bar m. 
Bell. Borax. Bov. Brom. Bry. Bufo. 
Calc. Canth. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cham. Chin. Cina. Clem. Cocc. Cocc-c. 
Cohh. Coloc. Con. Creos. Croc. Cycl. 
Diad. Ferr. Fluor-ac. Graph. Grat. 
Gum-gut. Hipp. Hyosc. Igt. Ind. Iod. 
Ip. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kalm. Lach. Lachn. 
Lam. Laur. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Mgn-s. Mang. Merc-cor. Mez. Mosch. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. 
Nitr. Nux-jug. Nux-m. Nux. Ol-au. 
Par. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Phyt. Plat. 
Prun. Puis. Rat. Rhod. Rhus. Ruta. 
Sabin. Sang. Sass. Sep. Sil. Spong. 
Staph Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. 
Thuj. Tong. Verat. Zinc. Zing. 

— only in daytime, Caust. Puis. 

— irregular, Cocc. Iod. Nux-m. Ruta. 

— during lactation, Calc. Pallad. Sil. 

— only when moving about, Lil-tigr. 
asleep, Mgn-c. 

— too late, Aeon. Ang. Amm-c. Bell. Bov. 
Carb-an. Caust. Chelid. Cic. Cocc. Con. 
Cupr. Dros. Dulc. Ferr. Graph. Hep. 
Hyper. Igt. Lod. Kali-c. Kalm. Lach. 
Lith. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr. Nitr-ac. 
Nux-m. Petr. Phosp. Puis. Sabad. Sabin. 
Sass. Sep. Sil. Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tabac. Tereb. Tilia. Valer. Zinc. 


Catamenia, too late in ill-tempered fat I 

women, Dulc. 
long, Aeon. Asar. Bar-c. Bry. Canth. 

Chelid. Chin. Coff". Creos. Croc. 

Cupr. Diad. Ferr. Grat. Igt. Kali-c. 

Lyc. Merc. Mez. Ntr-tu. Ntr-s. 

Nux-jug. Nux. Phosp. Plat. Puis. 

Rat. Rhus. Sabad. Sabin. Sec-c. Sep. 

Si I. Sulph-ac. 

— ceasing on lying down, Cact. 

— more profuse in morning, less at night, 

— more profuse at night, Amm-m. 

— regular periods, at, but lasting only 
one hour, Euphr. 

— retarded, first time in young females, 
Agn. Amm-c. Bry. Calc. Canst. Chelid. 
Cocc. Con. Dig. Dulc. Ferr. Graph. 
Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Ntr-m. Petr. 
Puis. Sabin. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Valer. 

— too weak, scanty, Alum. Amm-c. Asa-f. 
Bar-c. Berb. Bov. Carb-veg. Canst. 
Cic. Con. Cocc. Croton. Dulc. Ferr. 
Graph. Hep. Kali-c. Kalm. Lach. Lam. 
Lith. Lyc. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Mang. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. Nux. Ol an. Petr. 
Phosp. Puis. Sabad. Sacch. Sass. Sep. 
Sil. Staph. Sulph. Tcreb. Thuj. Tong. 

with bleeding of anus, Lach. 

— too short. Alum. Amm-c. Bar-c. Berb. 
Bov. Con. Dulc. Graph. Merc. Nice. 
Phosp. Plat. Puis. Sulph. Stront. Tilia. 

— suppressed, amemorrhoea, Aeon. Actea-r. 
Agn. Aletris. Amm-c. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. 
Berb. Brom. Bry. Calc. Caust. Cham. 
Chin. Cocc. Con. Cupr. Dros. Dulc. 
Ferr. Gels. Glom Graph. Hyosc Iod. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod. Kalm. Lach. Lil-tigr. 
Lye. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Mez. 
Millef. Ntr-m. A r itr-ac. A T ux-m. Nux. 
Op. Phosp. Plat. Pod. Puis. Rhod. 
Sabad. Sabin. Sang. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. 
Staph. Stram. Sulph. Valer. Verat. Zinc. 

for a long time, Lyc. Sil. 

from a cold, Dulc. Puis. 

after fright, Aeon. Lyc. 

in plethoric individuals, Calc. 

young people, with bearing down 

in hypogastric, and sacral regions, 
pain from motion, and ameliorat- 
ed inlying down, Pod. 

with pain in abdomen, Agn. Mgn-c. 

backache, Ars. 

bleeding at anus, Graph. 

chilliness and pain in back. Puis. 

congestion to head, Apis. 

convulsions, Gels. 

dropsy, Kali-c. 

epistaxis, Bry. Cact. Puis. 

haemorrhoids, Phosp. Sulph. 

milk in breast, Lyc. Puis. 

painfulness of breast, and genitals, 



restlessness, Nice. 

toothache, Lach. 

Before catamania, disorders in general. 
Alum. Iod. 

— abdominal cramps, Carb-veg. Cham. 
Hyosc. Ol-an. Sulph. 

distension, Creos. 

heaviness, Puis. 

pains, Alum. Amm-c. Bar-c. Bell. 

Calc. Caust. Cham. Hyosc. Lach. 

Mgn-c. Nitr. Plat. Puis. Sep. 
swelling and bloatedness, Cycl. Lyc. 

— anorexia, Bell. 

— anxiety, anxiousness," Amm-c. Cocc. 
Nitr-ac. Strann. 

— asthma, Sulph. 

— back, pain in, Asar. Borax. Nitr. 
N ux-m. Spong. 

— blood, congestion of, Cupr. Merc. 

— chilliness, Calc. Kali-c. Lyc. Puis. 

— constipation, Grat. Sil. 

— cough, Sulph. 
fatiguing, Graph. 

— cramps, hysteric, Hyosc. 

— diarrhoea, Apis. Bov. Lach. Sil. Verat. 

— dolefulness, Ntr-m. Stann. 

— dreaming much. Alum. 

— epistaxis, Lach. Sulph. Verat. 

— eructations, Creos. Lach. Mgn-c. 

— eruption, itching, on forehead, Sass. 

— face pale, Puis. 

— flatulence, Cocc. Lac-can. 

— genitals, contraction in, Chin. 
chafed, Sep. 

thighs, Lac-can. Sil. 

itching, Sulph. 

pain in, Chin. Plat. 

pressure in, Plat. 

— giddiness, Cact. Kali-b. Lach. Puis. 

— groins, pain in, Tart. 

— gums swollen, Bar-c. 

— headache, Alum. Calc. Carb-veg. Cupr. 
Ferr. Gels. Lach. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux-m. 
Puis. Sulph. Verat. 

— head congestion to, Hipp-m. Merc. 
heat in, Con. 

— head, tearing in forehead, Cinnab. 

— hearing, hardness of, Creos. 

— heart palpitation of, Cupr. Iod. Spong. 
pains at, Lith. 

— heat, dry, Merc. 

— hunger, Mgn-c. 

— hysteric, fits, Creos. L/yosc. 

— irritability, Creos. Ntr-m. 

— itching of vulva, Carb-veg. Merc. 

— labor-like pains, Cycl. Mosch. Plat. 

— langor, Iod. Nux-m. 

— to laugh, disposition, Hyosc. 

— legs, heavy, Bar-c. 

— leucorrhoea, Alum. Bar-c. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Puis. 

— liver, pain in, Con. Nux-m. Puis. 

1 62 21. FEMALF 

Before catamania, malar bone, pain in, Stan n, 

— mammae, painful, Calc. Con. 
swollen, Calc. Kali-c. Murex. 

— Melancholy, Lyc. 

— nausea, Puis. 

— night-mare, Sulph-ac. 

— night-sweat, Verat. 

— pains in general, Alum. 

— left ovary and iliac region, Thuj. 

— perspiration, Thuj. Verat. 

— rash, Dulc. 

— restlessness, Con. Creos. Sulph. 

— ringing in ears, Fcrr. 

— sacral region, pain in, Amm-c. Bar-c. 
Canst. Lach. Mgn-c. Nux-m. Nitr. Puis. 

— sadness. Caust. Lyc. Ntr-m. Stann. 

— sight confused, Bell. 

— stomach, pain in, Lach. Nux-m. Puis. 

— stretching. Puis. 

tinkling in ears, Ferr 

— toothache, Bar-c. Sulph. 

— ulcers, bleeding, Phosp. 

— urethra, discharge from, Lach. 

— urinate, frequent desire to, Kali-jod. 
Phosp. Sulph. 

— vexed mood, Ntr-m. 

— vomiting, Creos. Puis. 

— water-brash, Nux-m. 

— weakness, Iod. Nux-m. 

— weeping. Con. Phosp. 

— yawning, Puis. 

At commencement of catamenia, abdomi- 
nel pain, Graph. Lyc. 

— back, pain in, Phosp. 

— chest, pain in, Lach. 

— chills, Verat. 

— coldness of body, Sil. 

— colic, commencing in left ovarv, Lach. 
commencing in right ovary, Apis. 

— cramps. Plat. Zinc. 

— diarrhoea, nausea, chilliness, Verat. 

— furor, Aeon. 

— right groin, soreness in, and urging to 
urinate, Sa^s. 

— heart, pain at, Lith. 

— itching in old herpes, Carb-veg 

— langor, Phell. 

— legs, heavy and sore, Lach. Phell. 

— nausea, Verat. 

— sacr?l region, pain in, Asar. Lach. 

— sadness, Ntr-m. 

— urinate, frequent urging to, Kali-jod. 

— vomiting, Phosp. 

During catamenia. abdominal cramps, 
Amin-c. Cham. Chin. Cocc. Con. Cupr. 
Graph. Hipp-m. Igt. Lach. Mgn-m. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Op. Plat. 
Puis. Sep. Sulph. 

cutting, Amm-m. Bar-c. Bell. Calc. 

Cannab. Carb-veg. Caust. Con. 
Kali-b. Phosp. Plat. Sil. 
digging, Ntr-s. 


distension, Alum. Berb. Carb-an- 

Cocc. LflChn. Mgn-c. Ntr-c. Nice 

Nitr-ac. Zinc. 

fermentation, Phosp. 

pain. Alum. Amm-c. Amm-m. Bar-c. 

Bell. Bov. Brom. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Caust Cocc. Con. Creos. Graph. Igt. 

Jatr. Kali-c. Lach. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-c. 

Merc. Millef. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-s. 

Nice. Nitr. Nux. Ol-an. Phosp. Plat. 

Puis. Rat. Sass. Sil. Stann. Stram. 

Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Zinc. 
tension, Nice. 

anus, bleeding, Amm-m. Graph. 

Hydro ph. 
soreness, Berb. 

— anxiety, Bell. Igt. Kali-jod. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Sil. Zinc. 

— aversion to life, Beib. 

— back, pain in, Aloe. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Berb. Brom. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Kali-c. Kalm. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Nice. Nitr. Phosp. Pod. 
Pru n. 

griping, Bell. Calc. Carb-veg. 


— beaten, pain as if, Berb. Bry. Graph. 
Nux-m. Nux. Sep. 

— blood, congestion to head, Bell. Calc. 
Cham. Chin. Cinnab. Glon. Mgn-c. 

— buzzing in ears, Verat. 

— catarrh, Giaph. 

— cheek swollen, Graph. 

— chest, congestion to, Glon. 
ciamps in, Chin. 

pain in, Berb. Graph. Puis. 

— chills, Amm-c. Berb. Carb-an. Cast. 
Creos. Graph. Kali-jod. Mgn-c. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Sep. 
Sulph. Verat. Zinc. 

— consciousness, loss of, Chin. 

— constipation, Creos. Kali-c. Ntr-s. Sil. 

— coryza, Graph. Kali-c. 

— cough, Coff. Zinc. 
fatiguing. Graph. 

— delirium, Hyosc. Lyc. 

— diarrhoea, Alum. Amm-c. Amm-m Bov. 
Caust. Creos. Kali-jod. Mgn-c. Plat. 

— dolefulness, Sep. 

— dreaming much. Alum. 

— earache, Aloe. Kali-c. 

— epilepsy, Arg-n. Sulph. 

— epistaxis, Lach. Ntr-s. Sep. Sulph. 

— eruption between legs, Kali-c. Sil. 

— exhaustion, Berb. 

— eyes burning of, Nice. 
convulsion of, Chin. 

— eyelids, upper, twitching of, Ntr-m. 

— face bloated, Chin. 
jaded, Berb. 


During catamania, face pale. Cast. Mgn-c. 

Mgn-m. Puis. 
yellow, Cau st. 

— faintness, Berb. Glon. Igt. Nux. 

— feet, painful, Aram m. 
swollen. Graph. Lyc. 

— fever, Amm-c Calc. Phosp. 

— flatus, discharge of, Brom. Creos. Nice. 

— gaping, Bell. 

— gastric complaints, Kali-c. 

— genitals, burning, Sil. 
chafing of, Sil. 

fulness, sensation of, Puis. 

pressing pain and urging sensation, 

Amna-c. Bell. B^rb. B >rax. Con. 

Kali-b. Mosch. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Plat. 

Puis. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
sensitiveness, Plat. 

— — stinging, Sulph-ac. 
(earing, Amm-c. 

— giddiness, Caust. Kali-b. Verat. 

— groins, pain in, Borax. 

pressure and stitches in, Borax. 

— gums, affections of, Merc. Phosp. 

— haemoptisis, Phosp. 

— headache, Alum. Bcrb. Borax. Bov. 
Bufo. Calc. Carb-veg. Cast. Creos. Glon. 
Graph. Hyosc. Igt. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Lach. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-c. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Ntr-s. Nux. Ol-an. Phosp. Plat Puis. 
Sep. Stann. Sulph. Verat. 

amelioration of, Bell. 

by cold water, Aloe. 

— head, heat of, Calc. Igt. Kali-jod. 

— — heaviness in, Mgn-s. 

— hearing, hardness of, Creos. 

— leart, palpitation of, Alum. Igt. Iod. 

— hoarseness, Graph. 

— aumming in ears, Borax. Creos. Verat. 

— hysterical spasms, Lach. Puis. 

— inguina chafed, Bov. Sass. 
pain in, Mgn-s. 

— itching of body, Kali-c. 

between thighs, Kali-c. 

of vulva, Zinc. 

— jerks, Chin. 

— laughing, Hyosc. 

— legs blue, from varices, Ambr. 
heavy, Zinc. 

— — painful, Ambr. Con. Spong. Strain. 
pains drawing in, from navel, 

weak, Sulph. Zinc. 

— limbs, painful, Bry. Graph. Nux-m. Sep. 
drawing in, Spong. 

heaviness, Zinc. 

sore, as if beaten, Phosp. Sep. Verat. 

— lips, swelling of, Phosp. 

— liver, pain in, Phosp-ac. Puis. 

— to lie down, necessity, Amm-c. Igt. 

— :n unmae, burning in, Ind. 
swelling and soreness of, Con. 


— melancholy, Ntr-m. Sep. 

— nausea, Borax. Calc. Graph. Kali-b. 
Mgn-c. Nux. Puis. 

— — with inclination to vomit, Verat. 

— odor of body, goatish, Stram. 

— right ovary, swollen, sharp, cutting, 
stinging pain in, Apis. 

— pains in general, Alum. Ars. Canth. 
Croc. Mgn-c. Ntr-c. 

— peevish, Berb. 

— palate, burning in, as if sore or raw, 

— pale appearance of objects, Sil. 

— photophobia, Igt. 

— pressure towards the parts, Bell. Berb. 
Lach. Nitr-ac. Plat. 

and stitches in groins, Borax. 

crampy, relieved by pressure and 

lying down, Igt. 

— quarrelsome, Amm-c. 

— restlessness. Plat. Sulph. 

— sacral region, pain in, Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Berb. Borax. Calc. Carb-veg. Cast. 
Creos. Kali-b. Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Nitr. Ol-an. Phosp. 
Prun. Puis. Rat. Sass. Sulph. 

— sadness, Amm-c. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. 

— sciobiculus, pit of stomach, pain in, 

— senselessness, Chin. 

— shivering, Berb. 

— sleep, restless, Alum. Kali-c. 

— soreness between the thighs, Graph. 

excoriation, Bov. Sass. 

— sour taste of mouth, Lyc. 

— spasms, Sec-c. 

— stinging, sharp, and cutting pain in 
swollen right ovary, Apis. 

— stomach, cramp of, Puis. 

to sacrum, pain, Borax. 

pain in, Borax. Sass. 

— stool, urging to, Op. Puis. 

— sweat, Hyosc. 
at night, Bell. 

— syncope, fainting, Lyc. 

— taciturnity, Mur-ac. 

— talkativeness, Stram. 

— taste salt, Merc. 

— tearing pain through the whole bodv, 

— teeth, dullness of, Merc. 

— tibia, tearing pain in, Sep. 

— thirst, Bell. Mgn-s. Verat. 

— timid, low-spirited, Caust. 

— tongue dry, burning, with deep-colored 
spots, Merc. 

— toothache, Amm-c. Bov. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Cham. Graph. Kali-c. Lach. Laur. 
Mgn-s. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Sep. 

— tremor, Hyosc. 

— ulceis, giowing worse. Graph. 

— to urinate, urging, Puis. Sass. 



During catamania urine, flow of, Hyosc. 

— uterus, constriction as of, Murex. 

— varies distended, Ambr. 
pain in, Graph. 

— vision obscured, Sep. 

uncertainty of, and entire invisibility 

of right half of objects, second day of 
menses, Lith. 

— vomiting, Amm-c. Amm-m. Carb-veg. 
Kali-c. Lye Phosp. Puis. 

sour, Lyc. 

— weakness. Alum. Borax. Bov. Calc. 

Carb-an. Cast. Caust. Graph. Igt. 
•Iod. Kali-c. Lvc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Nice. Nitr. Nux.' Ol-an. Petr. Phell. 

— weariness of life, Berb. 

— weight above pubes, Bar-c. 

— whining, Lvc. Plat. 

After catamenia, disorders in general, 
Borax. Iod. 

— anxiety. Phosp. 

— chills, Graph. Nux. Puis. 

After catamania colic, Borax. G . ph. 
Kali-c. Lach. Puis. 

— diarrhoea, Graph. Lach. 

— eyes, livid-bordered, Phosp. 

— face, livid, Vcrat. 
p:de. Puis. 

— genitals, bearing down towards. Chin. 

— gnashing the teeth, Yerat. 

— headache, Berb. Lach. Ntr-m. Puis. 

— heart, palpitation of, Iod. 

— itching of nose, Sulph. 

— legs, lassitude of, Creos. 

— leuconhoea. Alum. Merc. Phosp-ac. 

— nausea. Puis. 

— sacral region, pain in, Puis. 

— sobbing, and moaning, Stram. 

— toothache, Calc. Mgn-c. Phosp. 

— urinate, frequent desire to. Puis. 

— uterine cramps, Chin. 

— v- rtigo, Puis. 

— weakness, Alum. Berb. Iod. Nux. 
Phosp. Plat. 

2 2. CORYZA. 

I6 5 

22. Coryza. 

Catarrh, epidemic, Anac. Ars. Bell. Br)'. 
Camph. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin.Creos. 
Daic. Lob. Lye. Merc. Nux. Puis. 
Rhus. Sabad. Seneg. Spig. 

— of aged persons, Poth. 

Coryza in general, Alum. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Chenop. Chin. Cocc. Diad. Dig. Graph. 
Ip. Lyc. Mgn-c. Ntr-m. Nitr. Ol-an. 
Petr. Sang. Sulph. Tereb. Teucr. 

— of almost any kind, Amm-c. Lyc. 

— chronic, long continued, Alum. Amm-c. 
Anac. Calc. Canth. Coloc. Lyc. Ntr-c. 
Puis. Sil. 

— constant, Calc. Ntr-c. Sil. 

— every other day, Ntr-c. 

— suppressed, Ambr. Chin. Puis. 

— incomplete, Lach, 

— one sided, Hep. 

— in morning. Dig. 

— after a cold, Ntr-c. Spig. 

— when becoming cold. Graph. 

— indoors, Aeon. 

— from draft of air, Elaps. Ntr-c. 

— after perspiration, relieved, Ntr-c. 
becoming wet, Sep. 

— with discharge, All-cep. Alum. Amm-m. 
Anac. Arg. Ars. Aur. Bad. Bar-c. Bell. 
Berb. Bov. Brom. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chenop. 
Cimex. Cina. Cinnab. Clem. 
Colch Coloc. Con. Cor-r. Creos. 
Croton. Cupr. Cycl. Dros. Dulc. Eupat. 
Euphr. Fluor-ac. Gels. Graph. Hep. 
Igt Tac-cor. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kali-chl. 
Lach. Lyc. Mgn-s. Meph. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Merc-sulph. Mez. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Osm. Par. Petr. 
Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. 
Rhus Rumex. Sabad. Scill. Selen. 
Sep. Sil. Spig. Staph. Sulph. Tart. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

— alternating with dry coryza, Alum. Bell. 
Euphr. Nux. Par. 

_ frequent, Sil. Thuj. . 

— one-sided, Alum. Bell. Rhod. Staph. 

— worse in left nostril, Bad 

— relieving headache, Kali-b. Lach. 

_ obstruction of nose, Sil. 

ears, Lach. 

— in daytime with dry coryza in evening, 
Calc. Euphr. Nice. Nux. 

Coryza in morning, Berb. Nux. Puis. Scill. 

— at noon, Cina. 

— in evening, Carb-veg. Iod. Lach. Lith. 
Rumex. Selen. 

— at night, Caust. 

— in open air, Coloc. Iod. Kali-b. Lith. 
Merc. Plat. Puis. Sulph. Teucr. Thuj. 

relieved, All-cep. 

house. Nux. 

— on coming into warm room, All-cep. 

— without discharge, Aeon. Alum. Ambr. 
Amm-c. Amm-m. Aur. Bry. Calc. 
Camph. Caps. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Cham. Chelid. Chin. Creos. 
Dulc. Graph. Hep. Igt. //. Kali-c. 
Kali-chl. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Mang. Merc. Mosch. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Op. Par. Phosp. 
Plat. Psor. Rat. Sabin. Sacch. Samb. 
Sass. Sep. Sil." Spong. Stann. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Thuj. Verb. 

— alternating with discharge, Alum. Bell. 
Euphr. Lach. Mgn-c. Nux. Par. Phosp. 

— chronic, long-continued, Bry. Lp. Ntr-m. 

— constant, Caust. 

— one-sided, Alum. Lyc. Plat. Sabad. Sep. 
Stann. Sulph-ac. 

— in nursing, infants, Nux. 
daytime, Caust. 

morning, Calc. Carb-veg. Con. Iod. 

Lach. Ntr-m. Nux. 
evening, with discharge in daytime, 

Euphr. Nux. 

— at night, Calc. Caust. Mgn-m. Nice. 

— in evening, Puis. 

cold air, worse, Dulc. 

open air, commencing to run, Thuj. 

room. Sulph. 

— attended by, back aching in, Cinnab. 

— beaten, pains as if, Hep. 

— breathing obstructed, Bov. Calc. 
Kali-c. Lact- 

— catarrh, Aeon. Graph. Igt. Mang. Spig. 

— cheeks, cold, Ntr-c. 

— chest oppression of, Calc. Graph. 
pain in, Bell. Mgn-s. Mez. Ol-an. 

Phosp-ac. Sang. SuIdu. Zinc. 

1 66 

2 2. CORYZA. 

Coryza, chest, rawness of, Caih-veg. Creos. 

— chilliness, Arg-n. Chenop. Ntr-c. Puis. 
Spig. Sulph. 

— coldness, felt up to knees, Chenop. 

— cough, All-cep. Alum. Aiabr. Har e. 
Bell. Canth. Euphr. Igt. Lyc. Ntr-c. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. Sang. Spong. Sulph. 

at night, Canst. 

— diarrhoea, followed by, Sang. 

— car-ache, Lach. 

— episiaxis, Puis. 

— eye-brows, pressing in, Ars. 

— eyes, protruded, Spig. 

— fever, Lach. Merc. Ntr-c. Spig. 

— gaping, Carb an. 

— griping, alternately, Calc. 

— hands cold, Ntr-c. 

— headache, Aeon. All-cep. Arg-n. Ars. 
Hell. bry. Calc. Caust. Cina. Euphr. 
Graph. Hep. Igt. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. 
Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Sep. Spig. Thuj. 

— head, confusion of, bov. Euphr. Lyc. 

heat of, Lyc. Nux. 

heaviness and weariness at vertex, 

forehead and eyes, Jac-coi. 

— heart, anguish at, Anac. 

— heat, All-cep. Spig. 

— hoarseness, Ars. Carb-veg. Caust. Dig. 
Graph. lUli-ciWfr^ Ntr-ar. Petr. Phell. 
Sep. Spig. Spong. Sulph. Tclfur. Thuj. 

— hysterical excitement, Igt. 

— lachrymation, Chin. Euphr. Lach. Sang. 

— legs, straining in, Anac. 

— limbs, pain in, Sep. 

— lips, eruption on, Mez. 

— to lie down, necessity, Graph. 

— mouth, dryness, Nux. 

— nausea, Giaph. 

— nose, bleeding at, Ars. 

burning. Ars. Calad. Cina. Mez. 

obstruction, brom. Cham. Lach. 

Ntr-s. Nitr. Nux. Par. Phell. Rat. 

Rhotl. Teucr. Tong. 

one-sided, Rhod, Staph. 

scraping, Nux. 

tingling, Caps. Carb-vt g. Tilia. 

— nostrils, inflamed, Hep. Lach. Mang. 

ulcerated, brom. Calc. Cocc. Lach. 

Nitr-ac. Scill. Staph. Tart. 

— phlegm, hawked up, Colch. 

— sleeplessness, Ars. 

— smell, loss of, Amm-m. Curh-nn. Mgn-m. 
Mgn-s. Merc-cor. Mez. Ntr-m. Nitr. 
Puis. Rhod. Sulph-ac. Tart. 

increase of. Kalm. 

— stench, from the nose, bell. 

taste, loss of, Mgn-m. Ntr-m. Puis. 

Psor. Rhod. Tart. 

— thighs, lameness of, Cinnab. 

— thiist, Diad. Ntr-c. 

— throat, pain in, Nitr-ac. Phosp. 

roughness in, Caust. Tilia. 

scratching in, Hep. Nux. 

sore, Laur. 

— toothache, Chin. Lach. 

— urine, flow of, Verat. 

— voice, deep and hollow, bar-c. 
not clear, Mgn-s. 

— to weep, disposition, Spig. 

Dryness of the nose, Agar. Aloe. Anilir. 

Ars. Bar-c. hell. berb. Bry; Calc. 

Cannab. Cimex. Cocc-c. Cor-r. 

Croton. Dros. Dulc. Graph. Hipp-m. 

Hydroc-ac. Ilyosc. Hyper. Igt. Kah-b. 

Kali-c. Lach. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-m. Meph. 

Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. 

Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. Op. Petr, Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Rat. Rhod. Rhus. Sabad. 

Seneg. Sep. S/l. Spig. Siicta. Sulph. 

Tabac. Zinc. Zing. 
right nostril, Gum-gut. 

— chronic, Amm-c. 

— painful, Calc. Sep, 

— at night, N ux. Sri. 

— on walking in open air, Ant. 

— with heat in it, Cannab. Clem. 
sneezing, Rat. 

— sensation of, Anac. Con. Mez. Petr. 
Phosp. Seneg. Stl. Vcrat. 

— compels blowing nose, there is no dis- 
charge, Kali-u. Lach. Sticta. 

Fulness, sensation of, in nose, Laur. Par. 
Grippy, influenza, Aeon. Ars. bell. bry. 

Camph. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Creos. 

Lob. Lyc. Merc. A'ux. Puis. Rhus. 

Sabad. Seneg. Spig. 
Mucus (with or without coryza), quality, 

— acrid, All-cep. Alum. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Ats. Arum-trif, Cast. Feir. Kali-b. 
Kali-jod. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Mez. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. 
Scill. Sil. (compare Excoriating.) 

tears not, All-cep. 

— biting, Ars. 

— bloody, Arg. Ars. Caust. Chin. Clem. 
Cocc. Creos. Dros. Ferr. Ip. Kali-c. 
Lac-can. Laur. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Par. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Sep. 
Sil. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. Zinc. 

— brownish, Thuj. 

— burning, All-cep. Alum. Amm-c. Ars. 
Arum-trif. brom. Calc. Chenop. Cina. 
Cinnab. Con. Creos. Kali-jod. Merc. 
Mez. Puis. Sulph. 

— dries quickly, forming scabs, Sticta. 

— excoriating, All-cep. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Ars. Arum-trif. biom. Euphr. Gels. 
Ka!i-b. Kali-jod. Lac-can. Lyc. Mgn-s. 
Men. Mez. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. Sil. Staph, 
(compare Acrid.) 

2 2. CORYZA. 

Mucus fetid, Asa-f. Aur. Calc. Canst. 
Graph. Hep. Kali-c. Led. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Ntr-c. Puis. Rhus. Thuj. 

— gelatinous, Selen. 

— like glue, Merc-cor. 

— gray, Ambr. Ars. Carb-an. Chin. Lvc. 
Nux. Sep. 

— greenish, Ars. Asa-f. Arn. Berb. Botax. 
Carb-veg. Creos. Ferr. Graph. Kali-b. 
Kali-c. Led. Merc. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Par. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Stann. 

— hard crusts, Alum. Bry. Ntr-c. Sep. 

— hard plugs, forming, Sep. Sil. 

clastic plugs (clinkers) Kali-b. 

fetid clots from one nostril, Ntr-c. 

— indurated, Bry. Con. Kali-b. Ntr-c. Sil. 
Strom. Sulph. 

— purulent, Arg-n. Asa-f. Aur. Berb. Calc. 
Chin. Cina. Con. Creos. Ferr. Ip. 
Kali-c. Lach. Led. Lvc. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. 
Nitr. Nitr-ac. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Rhus. Sabin. Sep. Sil. Stann. 
Staph. Sulph. 

— like pus, smelling, Gum-gut. 

— putrid-smelling, Graph. 

— reddish, Par. 

— tallow, like, Cor-r. 

— thick, All-cep. Amm-m. Bar-c. Carb-veg. 
Cor-r. Euphr. Graph. Kali-b. Lyc. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Puis. 

clean, if it ceases, headache, Kali-b. 

— tough, viscid, Ars. Bov. Cannab. Canth. 
Cham. Culch. Dros. Kali-b. Mez. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Par. Phosp. Plb. Ran-b. 
Samb. Selen. Stann. 

— watery, Agar. All-cep. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Ars. Bov. Brom. Carb-veg. Cast. 
Cham. Chenop. Cinnab. Colch. Elaps. 
Euphr. Gels. Graph. Kali-b. Kali-jod. 
Kobalt. Lac-can. Lach Mgn-s. Mgn-m. 
Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. Par. Plb. 
Puis. Ran-sc. Scill. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— white, Berb. Sabad. Spig. 

— yellow, Ant. Ars. Berb. Bov. Calc. Cic. 
Cinnab. Creos. Graph. Kali-c. Lyc. 
Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 
Nitr-ac. Plwsp. Puis. Sabin. Sang. 
Seneg. Sep. Spig. Stann. Sulph. 

— yellow-green, Kali-b. Kali-c. Ntr-c. 
Par. Phosp. Puis. Thuj. 

— discharge of, without coryza, 
Agar. Anac. Calc-phosp. Carb-veg. 
Cast. Caust. Creos. Croton. Euph. 
Euphr. Graph. Mgn-m. Merc-jod. 
Nitr-ac. Par. Phosp. Ran-b. Ran-sc. 
Rhus. Sulph-ac. Teieb. Therid. 

— lumps of dirty yellow mucus from pos- 
terior nares, Cinnab. 

— secretion increased, Bar-c. Brom. 


i Euphr. Jod. Phosp. Plb. Ran-sc. Rhod. 

j Sabad. Spig. 

; — in open air, Rhod. 

j Obstruction of the nose, Alum. Ambr. 
Amm-c. Amm-m. Anac. Ant. Arg. Ars. 
Arum-trif. Aur. Bov. Bry. Calad. Calc. 
Cannab. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cast. Caust. 
Chelid. Cic. Cina. Con. Croton. Cupr. 
Dulc. Elaps. Fluor-ac. Graph. Grat. Igt. 
Iod. //. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 
Kobalt. Lac-can. Lach. Laur. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mang. Mez. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. 
Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. Op 
Par. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. 
Puis. Ran-b. Rat. Rhod. Sabad. Samb. 
Sass. Selen. Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. 
Staph. Sticta. btram. Sulph. Tabac. 
leucr. Veib. Zinc. Zing. 

— chronic, Bry. Con. Sil. Sulph. 

— one-sided, Alum. Chelid. Igt. Nux-m. 
Rhod. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Ttucr. 

right, Brom. Lac-can. Nice. Sticta. 

lelt, Nux-m. 

— in morning, Arn. Con. Kali-b. Lach 
Lith. Par. Rhod. 

evening, Carb-veg. Cina. Euphr. 


— at night, Amm-c. Calc. Lyc. Mgn-c 
Mgn-m. Nux. Phell. 

moist by day, Calc. Phell. 

— in nursing infants'. Nux. San.b. 

— fiom pus, Calc. Lach. Led. Ntr-c. Puis. 

— when reading aloud, Verb. 

— in a room, Puis. Ran-b. 

— with nasal pain, biting, Arg. 
sore, Ambr. Ran-b. 

Ozoena, Arg. Asa-f. Aur. Con. Kali-b. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. Puis. Sep. 
Sneezing, Agar. All-cep. Alum. Ambr. 

Anac. Bad. Bell. Borax. Brom. Bry. 

Bufo. Calc. Calc-phosp. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Chenop. Chin. Cic. 

Cina. Cist. Cocc-c. Con. Creos. Croc. 

Cycl. Eupat. Euph. Euphr. Ferr-m. 

Gels. Grat. Hep. Jac-cor. Kali-b. 

Kali-c. Kali-chl. Lac-can. Lach. Lact. 

Meph. Merc. Merc-sulph. Mez. Ntr-m. 

Nice. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Piun. Puis. 

Ran-sc. Rat. Rhus. Rumex. Sabad. 

Sacch. Scill. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 

Tar. Tart- Teucr. Therid. Verat. 

— without coryza, Aeon. Con. Hell. 
Kali-c. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
spasmodic, Arn. Calc. Con. Hell. 
Lach. Ntr-m. Rhus. Sil. Staph. Strain. 

— strong and frequent, Con. Kali-c. Sil. 

— violent, Aeon. Ars. Bruc. Bry. Rhus. 

in daytime, Gum-gut. 


2 2. CORYZA. 

Sneezing in morning, Caust. Cimex.Creos. 

Nux-m. Puis. 
evening, Puis. 

— with corvza, Arg. Arg-n. Ar«. Calad. 
Calc. Carb-an. Cham. Chin. Cist. Clem. 
Creos. Cvcl. Dros. Gels. Kali-c. 
Kali-chl. Lach. Ntr-m. Nux. Osm. 
Scill. Sep. Staph. Tart. Tilia. 

— without corvza. Aeon. Con. Hell. 
Kali-c. Sep. S3. Sulph. 

— in sleep, Nitr-ac. 

sunshine, Merc-sulph. 

— constant, on entering a warm room, 

— with chilliness, Ox-ac. 
epistaxis, Con. 

soreness ol larynx, Chenop. 

nausea, Sulph. 

pain in abdomen, Aeon. 

chest, Aeon. Cina. Grat. 


head, Cina. 

hypochondria, Oral. 

nape of neck, Amm-m. 

tingling in nose, Ferr-m. Paeon. 

Plat. Teucr. 

stinging in the side, Aeon. Borax. 


— gives relief, Lach. Thuj. 

— sneeze, constant desire, Anac. 

— ineffectual efforts, Aeon. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Laur. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Mez. Phosp. Plat. 
Plb. Sil. Zinc. 

Ulceration of nostrils, at night, Lye. 



23. Larynx and Trachea. 

Acridity of larynx, Chenop. 
Adhesion in chest, Bar-c. Bell. Ntr-m. 

Angina mucosa, Seneg. 

Aphonia, Ant. Bar-c. Bell. Cannab. 

Carb-an. Carb-veg. Canst. Dros. Eupat. 

Hep. Kali-c. Lach. Merc. Merc-cor. 

Ntr-m. Nice. Nux-jug. Phosp. Plat. 

Plb. Puis. Rhus. Spong. Sulph. Verat. 

— at night, Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

— in cold and damp weather, Carb-veg. 

— from being overheated, Ant. 

— when talking, Carb-veg. Rumex. Spong. 
Asthmatic affection, Asa-f. 

Ball, sensation of, Lach. 
Blood, hawked out, Sabad. Zinc, (compare 
Sect. 24). 

Body, as of a soft, lodged in larynx, Dros. 
Bruised as if, Ruta. 

— in larynx, Rumex. 

Burning, Amm-m. Ars. Bar-c. Canth.Caust. 
Cham. Chenop. Cycl. Gels. Graph. 
Hydroc-ac. Iod. Lach. Lact. Lyc. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. Par. 
Phosp. Rurnex. Seneg. Sep. Spong. 
Staph. Tong. 

— in trachea, Iod. Mez. Phosp. Zinc. 
larynx, Ars. Cham. 

— when lying down, Seneg. 

Catarrh, Aeon. Alum. Amm-c. Am. 
Bar-m. Bell. Calc. Camph. Cannab. 
Canth. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Chant. 
Chin. Coff. Con. Creos. Croton. Dros. 
Dulc. Ferr. Graph. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. 
Kali c. Lob. Lyc. Mang. Meph. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Nux-m. Niix. Phell. Phosp. 
Rhod. Spig. Stann. Sulph. Tart. Verat. 

aged persons, Poth. 

the bronchia, Cannab. Chin. Croton." 

Hyosc Lob. 

chest, Arn. Carb-veg. Croton. 

Nux. Verat. 

and bronchia, Alum. Cannab. 

Dulc. Hyosc. Ntr-m. Verb. 

1 — of the trachea, Calc. Cannab. Chin. 

— chronic, Calc. Cannab. Caust. Creos. 
Dros. Dulc. Lob. Lyc. Meph. Merc. 
Phell. Stann. 

— in evening, Carb-an. 

— at night, Carb-an. Spig. 

— in children, Cham. 

— after a cold, Cham. 
measles, Carb-veg. 

— with chills, Spig. Sulph. 

coryza, Caust. Giaph. Igt. Mang. 

Spig. Sulph. 
cough, Bell. Caust. Con. Ferr. 

Merc. Phosp. Puis. Spig. Sulph. 

eyes protruded, Spig. 

fever, Spig. 

headache, Spig, 

hoarseness, Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. 

Nux. Phosp. Spig. Verb. 

sore throat, Carb-veg. 

suffocative fits, Coff. 

to weep, disposition, Spig. 

Choked, readily, whqn swallowing. Aeon. 

Bell. Kali-c. Meph. Rhus. 
Clear the throat, constant desire to, 


Coldness, sensation of, when breathing, 
Arn. Brom. Camph. Chin. Cist. Rhus. 

Constriction. Asar. Bell. Caiad. Camph. 
Canth. Cham. Cocc. Coloc. Dros. Hell. 
Igt. Ip. Lach. Laur. Mang. Meny. 
Mosch. Nux-m. Ol-an. Ox-ac Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Poth. Puis. Rhus. Sass. Sil. Spong. 

— in larynx, Ars. Carb-an. Laur. Nux. 
Stram. Verat. 

trachea, Ars. Bell. Cham. Chelid. 

Hyosc-ac. Ip. Lach. Mosch. Puis. 
Sass. Spong. Verat. 

— when lying down and at night, Puis. 
walking, Rhus, 

Contractive pain, Brom. Dros. Igt. Iod. 
Phosp-ac. Stram. Staph. Thuj. Verat. 

— when speaking, Dros. 


To cough, irritalion, Bry. Chcnop. 
Chir.-sulph. Coir. Colch. Dros. Ferr. 
Kali-b. Lact. Lob. Mez. Nux. Siann. 
Stront. Sulpli. Tart. 

— when breathing, Kali-b. Meny. 
Croup, Acou. Asa-f. Asar. Bell. Brom. 

Cham. Chin. Dros. Hep. Iod. Kali-b. 
Phosp. Sitmb. Sang. Spong. Tart. 

— membranous, Aeon. Amm-c. Asar. Bell. 
Brom. Cham. Hep. Iod. Kali-b. I'hosp. 
Samb. Spong. Tart. 

— before midnight, aggravated, Spong. 

— after midnight, aggravated. Hep. 

— with swelling under larynx, Hep. 
Cutting pain, Arg. Canth. Hipp-m. Nitr. 
Cynanche tonsillaris, Kali-chl. 
Drawing sensation, Borax. Caust. Chin. 

Hydroc-ac. Iod. Sulph. 
Drvness, Ant. Carb-veg. Chin. Dros. Gels. 
Ferr. Hvosc. Kali-b. Kali-chl. Lact. 
Lob. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. Rhod. Sep. 
Stann. Tart. Tcreb. 

— larynx, Kali-chl. Laur. Nice. Rhus. 
Sabad. Sep. Verb. 

— trachea, Dros. Laur. Mez. Ntr-m. 
Phosp. Rhus. Spong Verb. 

Drvness sensation of, Caust. Kali-b. Laur. 

Ntr-m. Par. Sep. Stann. Teucr. 
Eruption or granular secretion, in trachea, 

with trachal cough, Ambr. 
Flapping sensation in larynx, Lach. 
Heat in the chest, Bar-m. 

— when exercising in open air, Ant. 

larynx, Iod. Merc-sulph. Phyt. 

trachea, Chelid. 

Hoarseness, Aeon. Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. 
Amm-m. Ang. Arn. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. 
Berb. Bov. Brom. Bry. Calc. Calc-caust. 
Canth. Caps. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Const. 
Cham. Chin. Cic. Cina. Cocc-c. CofF. 
Colch. Creos. Crotal. Croton. Cupr. 
Dig. Dros. Dulc". Ferr. Gels. Graph. 
Hep. Hydroc-ac. Hydroph. Hyper. Iod. 
Kali-b. Kali-c. Kali-chl. Lack. Lact. 
Laur. Led. I.yc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mang. 
Meny. Merc. Merc-cor. Merc-sulph. 
Mez. Murex. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. A7r-//i.N ice. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-jug. Nnx-m. Nux. 
Ol-an. Op. Ox-ac. Par. Petr. Phell. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Rhod. Rhus 
Rhus-rad. Sabad. Samb. Sec-c. Selen. 
Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong.- Stann. 
Staph. Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. 
Thuj. Tilia. Tong. Verb. Verat. Vinca. 

— chronic, Bar-c. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cupr. Dros. Mang. Mur-ac. Phosp. Plb. 

— clergyman's aggravated by talking, 

— painful, Kali-brom. 

— painless, Calc. Par. 
periodical. Par. 

— sudden, Alum. Nux-m. 

Hoarseness in morning, Aeon. Apis. Ars. 

Bov.Q.\\c. Carb-an. Carb-veg.Cast. Cautl 

Colch. Creos. Dig. Eupat. Lul. Lachn. 

Lact. Miin m. Mang. Ntr-m. Nice. Nux. 

Phosp. Sulph. 
afternoon, Alum. 

evening, Alum. Brom. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Cinnab. Graph. Lach. Lact. 
Kali-b. Mgn-c. Nice. Rumcx. Sulph. 

in bed, Nux. 

— at night, C.irb-an. Spig. 

— periodical, Nux. 

— every year, at same time, Nice. 

— ii\ open air, Mang. 
children, Cham. 

— after a cold, Bry. Cham. 

— after measles, Bry. Carb-veg. Dros. 

— in moist cold weather, Caib-veg. Sulph. 

— from mucus, Ang. 

in trachea, Ang. Chin. 

tenaceous, Cham. 

tough, in larynx. Bar-c. Chin. 

— from reading aloud, Sacch. Verb. 

— when singing, Selen. 

— after a night-sweat. Dig. 

— By talking aggiavatcd, Arum-trif. 
Carb-veg. Nitr-ac. Staph. 

— when walking against the wind,Nux-m. 

— with burning, in larynx, Amm-m. 
chest, pain in, Sulph. 

chills, Ntr-c. Nux. 

constipation, Nux. 

coryza, Ars. Carb-veg. Caust. Dig. 

Graph. Kali-c. Ntr-c. Nitr. Nitr-ac. 

Petr. Phell. Sep. Spig. Spong. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Thuj. 
cough, Ambt. Amm-m. Bry. Carb-an. 

Dror. Dulc. Kali-jod. Mgn-m Mang. 

Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr. Nitr-ac. 

Phosp. Seneg. Spong. Thuj. 

dry, Con. Sep. Sil. 

from tickling in throat, Ambr. 

Dros. Merc. Ntr-c. Phosp. Sep. 

ears obstruction of, Meny. 

fever, Ntr-c. 

headache, Nux. 

to lie down, inclination, Cupr. 

mouih, dryness of, Op. 

mucus in trachea, Lact. Ntr-m. 


to perspire, disposition, Bry. 

sneezing. Kali-c. 

sore throat, Aeon. Carb-veg. Nitr-ac. 

to speak a loud word, inability, 

Amm-c. Carb-veg. Cupr. Dig. Graph. 

Hep. Ntr-c. Nice. Nitr-ac. Ol-an. 

Par. Phosp. Puis. Sep. 
stitches and burning in larynx. 


to swallow almost inability, Aeon. 

Bell. Phosp. 



Hoarseness \vith throat dryness of, Gels. 

tongue, dryness of, Op. 

Hot vapor rising from throat, Rhus. 
Husk, sensation of, Bert). 
Inflammation of bronchia, Aeon. Ars. 
Bry. Cact. Calc. Carb-veg. Canst. Chin. 
Cist. Dig. Dros. Gels. Hep. Iod. 
Ka!i-b. Lach. Led. Lyc. Mang. Merc. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Par. Phosp. Samb.Spong. 

larynx, Aeon. Bell. Cham. Dros. 

Hep. Hydroc-ac. Iod. Ip. Merc. 
Phosp. Seneg. Spong. 

trachea, Aeon. Ars. Bell. Bry. Canth. 

Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Dig. Dros. 
Hep. Iod, Ip. Lob. Mang. Nux. Samb. 
Spong. Verat. 
Itching larynx, Fluor-ac. 

— trachea, Ambr. Nux. 
Lacerating pain, Borax. Igt. 

Leaf closing up trachea, like a, Mang. 
Movement up and down, of larynx, Lyc. 
Mucus, accumulated, Aeth. Ambr. Amm-c. 

Aug. Arg. Am. Ars. Arum-trif. Aur. 

Bar-c. Bell. Bov. Bry. Calc. Camph, 

Cannab. Caps. Caust. Cham. 

Chin. Cina. Cocc. Cocc-c. Crcos. 

Croc. Croton. Cupr. Dig. Dros. 

Dulc. Ferr. Hyosc. Iod. Kali-b. Lach. 

Laur. Lvc. Mgn-m. Ntr-m. Nux. 

Oleand. Osm. Ox-ac. Par. Phell. Plb. 

Rumex. Samb. Seneg. Stann. Staph. 

Sulph. Tart. 

— in larynx, Croton. Hyosc. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Samb. Seneg. Veib. 

— in trachea, Cham. Chin. Cupr. Dros. 
Dulc. Hep. Hyosc. Phosp-ac. Seneg. 

chest, Arg. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Brom. 

Calc. Canth. Cham. Cupr. Dulc. Euphr. 

Graph. Hep. Hipp-m. Iod. Ip. Lyc. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Sacch. Seneg. Staph. 

Sulph. Tart. Zinc. 

morning, Caust. Ntr-m. 

evening, Croton. 

— when ascending steps laughing, stoop- 
ing, Arg. 

Mucus, ejected with difficulty, Aur. Canth. 

Croton. Mosch. Staph. 
easily, Arg. Dig. Stann. 

— hangs like a string in pharynx, with 
hawking and straining to vomit, on 
sneezing, mucus becomes looser, 

— hardened, Iod. 

— hardened and soft, alternately yellow- 
green or gray, Dros. 

— hawked up, Agar. Amm-m. Ant. Bism. 
Calc. Caust. Carb-an. Chenop. Cina. 
Con. Croc. Croton. Ferr-m. Hep . Iod. 
Kali-b. Kali-c. Lam. Laur. Lyc. Meph. 
Ntr-m. Osm. Par. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plat. Plb. Rhod. Rhus. Selen. Seneg. 
Sep. Stann. Tar. Tetter. Thuj. 

— loosened as if could not be, Alum. 

Mucus, lumpy, Ox-ac. Plb. 

— with lumps of blood, Selen. 

— rattling, Alum. Amm-c. Aspar. Bell. 
Calc. Cham. Chin. Iod. Lyc. Tart, 
(compar: Rattling.) 

in trachea, Cham. Cina. Cupr. Hep. 

— stringy, accumulates in trachea, Asa-f. 

— tenacious, in trachea, Ang. 

— thick, Ambr. Ox-ac. Sang. 

— tough, Ars. Bar-c. Bov. Canth. Cham. 
Cina. Ii; f. Hep. Nux. Ol-an. Plb. Sep. 

— yellowi'h green, Plb. 

— yellowisl -white, with black lumps in 
centre, Ox-ac. 

— in morn, lg, Ambr. Caust. Ntr-m. Petr. 
Phosp. Rhus. Sep. 

Numbness, sensation of, Aeon. 
Obstruction sensation of, Lob. Mang. 
Spong. Verb', 

— as if narrow impeding; breath, Alum. 

— tightness, Bar-c. Carb-veg. Graph. 
Kali-b Ntr-m, Teucr. Verat. Verb. 

in larynx, Chin. Lach. 

Painfulne>s, in general. Bell. Cist. Graph. 
Hep. Iod. Lact. Phosp. Puis. Thuj. 

— of trachea, Igt. 

a soft body lodged in larynx, 


— like a small spot in larynx, Hep. 

— preventing talking, Nice. Phosp. 

— when breathing, Bell. Hep. 

coughmg, Arg. Bell. Borax. Bry. 

— after reading, Nitr-ac. 

— when singing, Spong. 
sneezing, Borax. 

— from talking, Amm-c. Arg. Bell. Bry. 
Carb-ve;.;. Hep. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Spong. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

aggravated, Bry. Nice. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 

tobacco smoking, aggravated, Bry. 

— when torching the throat, Aeon. Bell. 
Bry. Cic. Gum-gut. Hep. Lac-can. Lach 
Mez. Nice. Phosp. Spong. Sulph. Teucr. 

turning the throat, Lach. Spong. 

Palsy, of epiglottis, Aeon. Gels. 

Phthisis, larvngea, Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 

Dros. Hep. Mang. Merc. Phosp. Spong. 


— trachealis, Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Chin. Coloc. Con. Dros. Hep. Iod. 
Lyc. Ma ig. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Seneg. Spong. 

Piercing pains in larynx, Cham. Kali-c. 

Nitr-ac. Phosp. 

trachea, Kali-c. Nitr-ac. 

Plug, sensation of, Ant. Bell. Dros. Kali-c. 

Lach. Spong. Sulph. 
Pressure, Croton. Zinc. 
Rattling in trachea. Bell. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Euphr. Hep Hyosc. Ip. Laur. 

Ntr-m. Puis. Samb. Scill. Sep. Sil. 


j 7* 23. LARYNX 

Rawness, Alum. Ang. 

— in trachea, Nux. 

Rending, tearing in larynx and trachea, 

Roughness, Agar. Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. 
Ant. Ars. Borax. Bov. Brom. Calc. 
Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. Cans/. Chenop. 
Chin. Cist. Cocc-c. CofT. Colch. Creos. 
Dig. Dros. Ferr. Gels. Graph. Hep. 
Hipp. Hydroc-ac. Iod. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 
Lach. Lact. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-m. Mang. 
Men}'. Merc-sulph. Mur ac. Ntr-c 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. N'ux-m. Ol-a.i. Ox-ac. Pat. 
Fhell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Prun.Puls. 
Rhod. Rhus. Sabad. Sacch. Saog.&SKg'. 
Sep. Sil. Stann. Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Verat. Zinc. 

— in larynx, Carb-an. Creos. Dros. Ferr. 
Hep. Kali-c. Laur. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. 
Rhod. Sabad. Scneg. Sep. Spong. 

— trachea, Carb-an. Creos. Dros. Hep. 
Kali-c. Lam. Phosp. Sene^. Sep. Spong. 

— chest, Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Zinc. 

— chronic, Mang. Phosp. 

— in morning. Zinc. 

— after meals, Anac. Zinc. 

— by coughing, ameliorated, Nice. 

— from reading aloud, Lact. 

— aftt r talking, Lyc. Staph. 

Scraping, Anac. Chenop. Cocc. Cycl. Dros. 
Graph Hep. Hipp-m. Lain. Nux. 

— in larynx, Sabad. 

— trachea. Ambr. Creos. 

Scratching, Alum. Bov. Calc. Graph. Laur. 

Lyc. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Verat. 
Sensitiveness of larynx, Bell. Graph. Hep. 

Lach. Spong. Sulph. 

— to cold air. Hep. 

Shocks, in trachea, Bry. Cina. 

Skin, like a, in larynx, Lach. Phosp. Thuj. 

Smarting, Gymnoc. Zing. 

Smoke, sensation of, in larynx. Bar e. 

Snoring in trachea, Cham. C hin. Hyosc. 

Ntr-m. Stann. Sulph. 
Sore pain, Ambr. Arg. Bov. Brom. Bry. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Graph. Igt. Iod. 

Lach. Phosp. Puis. Rumex. Seneg. Sil. 

Sep. Sulph. 

— in larynx, Ambr. Brom. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Igt. Kali-c. Ntr-m. Sep. 

trachea, Ambr. Ant. Br)-. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Kali-c. Ntr-m. 

Nux. Phosp. Sep. Stann. Sulph. Zinc. 
Spasm, Aeon. Laur. Meny. A ux. Verat. 

— of larynx, Bell. Laur. 

— at night, Ol-an. 

— on expiration, Chelid. 

Stinging, stiches, Ang. Bar-c. Borax. Canth. 
Caps. Chenop. Chin. Croc. Dros. Hydroc- 
ac. Hyosc. Kali-c. Kobalt. Laur. Menz. 


Merc-cor. Nitr-ac. Olc;fnd. Phosp. 

Sulph-ac. Thuj. Tilia. Zinc. 
Stoppage, sensation of, Rhus. Spong. Verb. 
Suffocation, pain with danger of, Bell. Hep. 

Lach. Seneg. 
Swallows constantly when talking, Staph. 
Swelling, sensation of, Hydroc-ac. I p. 

Laur. Ox-ac. Sang. Sulph. 

right side, Chelid. 

below larynx, Hep. 

as if cold air could not pass, Chelid. 

Tension, Lach. Nitr. 
Throbbing in larynx, Chelid. Lach. 
Tickling, Brom. Carb-veg. Cham. Chenop. 

Colch. Ferr. Iod. Hipp. Kali-b. Merc. 

Nux. Osm. Ox-ac. Sang. Stann. Zinc. 

(compare Sect. 24.) 

— in larynx, All-ccp. Iod. Stann. 
trachea, Creos. Iod. 

Tied around, with a napkin, as if, in 

trachea, Chelid. 
Tingling, crawling, Am, Carb-veg. Colch. 

Dros. Iod. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-m. Stann. 

Sulph. L'huj. 

— in trachea, Creos. 

— at night, Lyc. 

Torn loose, sensation as if something in 

trachea were, Calc. 
Ulcerous pain of larynx, Ambr. Calc. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Gels. Ip. Kali-b. Sacch. 
Valve, like a, in larynx, Spong. 
Voice, altered, Murex. Nux-w. (compare 

Sect. 10.) 

— barking, Bell. Brom. Dros. Nitr-ac. 
Spong. Stann. Strain, 

— cracked, Dros. 

when singing, Graph. 

— croaking, Aeon. 

— crowing, Ars. Chin. Cina. Samb. 

— deep, Ambr. Anac. Ant. Chin. Dig. 
Dros. Hep. Iod. Laur. Mgn-m. Nux. 
Par. Sacch. Samb. Spong. Stann. Sulph. 
Verat. Verb. 

in moist, cold air, Sulph. 

— failing, momentarily, Alum. Dros. 

' Spong. 

— feeble, Amm-caust. Ant. Bar-c. Bell. 
Cannah. Crotal. Hep. Lyc. Tart, (com- 
pare Weak.) 

— from weakness of vocal organs, after 
anger, Staph. 

— high, Aeon. Ars. Cupr. Dros. Rumex. 
Stann. St ram. 

— hissing, Phosp. 

— hollow, Aeon. Ant. Bar-c. Bell. Canth. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chin. Creos. 
Croton. Dig. Dros. Hep. Igt. Ip. Lach. 
Led. Lyc. Mgn-s. Phosp. Puis. Samb. 
Sec-c. Spong. Stann. Staph. Thuj. Verat. 

— husky, Camph. Caust. Chin. Croc. 
Graph. Hyosc. Mang. Merc. Rumex. 
Sabad. Selen. Spong. 


Voice liusky or weak, Chin. Lyc. 

— indistinct (voilcd) Chenop. ' 

— lost, Carinab. Carb-veg. 
at niyht, Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

— low, Ang. Ant. Canth. Cham. Chin. 
Hep. Jgt. Lyc. Puis. Scc-c. Spong. 
Staph. Verat. 

— for singing is higher, after hawking up 
mucus, Stann. 

— nasal, Aur. Bell. Brv. Lach. Merc. 
Phosp. Rumex. Sang. Staph. 

catarrhal, Kali-jod. Pliosp-ac. 

— powerful, Hydroc ac. 

— rough. Ant. 'Bi ll. Brom. Bry. Caust. 
Chin. Dig. Dros. Hep. Iod. Mang. 
Meny. Nux. Phosp. Plb-acet. Puis. 
Seneg. Spong. Stann. Sulph. 

with nasal sound, Bell. 

from mucus in larynx and trachea, 


going off by hawking, Chenop. 

— shrieking, Cupr. Strain. 

— soft, Igt. 

— squeaking, Stram. 

— swallows constantly when talking, 



Voice timid, Agn. Canth. Laur. 

— tremulous, Aeon. Ars. Canth. Igt. Merc. 

— uncertain and changing continually 

variable, Ars. Lach. 

— unsonorous, Agn. Calad. Canth. Chin. 
Dros. Hep. Spong. 

— weak, low. Amm-caust. Ang. Ant. 
Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. Daph. Gels. 
Hep. Igt. Lach. Lam. Laur. Lyc. Nux. 
Op. Par. Phosp. Prun. Puis. Spong. 

— wheezing. Bell. 

— whistling, Aeon. Ars. Brom. Chin. 
Creos. Hep. Laur. Sabad. 

Weakness, sensation of. Canth. Caust. 

— cannot talk, from, Hep. 

— in chest, inability to speak long, pain, 

— when reading aloud, Cycl. 

talking and breathing, Canth. 

Wheezing in larynx, and painfulness of a 

small spot. Hep. 

1 2 


24. DOUGH. 

24. Cough. 

Asthmatic cough, Asa-f. Cham. Hep. 

Kali-c. Sabad. Samb. Sulph-ac. 
Autumnal cough, Venn. 
Barking cough, Aeon. All-cep. Bell. Brom. 

Clem. Cocc-c. Dros. Hep. Hipp. Lact. 

Nitr-ac. Phosp. Rumex. Spong. Stann. 

St ram. 

evening, Nitr-ac. 

day and night, Spong. 

Blood coughed up, Aeon. Aloe. Amm-c. 

Anac. Arn. Ars. Bell. Bry. Cact. Cale. 

Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Cina. Cist. Con. 

Cop. Creos. Croc. Cupr. Daph. Diad. 

Dig. Dros. Dulc. Eugen. Euphr. Ferr. 

I lam. Hep. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Iod. Ip. 

Kali-b. Kali-jod. Lach. Law. Led Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc-cor. 

Mez. Millef. Mur-ac! Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. 

Sabin. Sang. Scill. Sec-c. Selen. Sep. 

Sil. Staph. Su/ph Sitlph-ac. Zinc. 

— black, Dig. Dros. Elaps. Nitr-ac. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Zinc. 

— bright-red. Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bell. Dros. 
Dulc. Hyosc. Ip. Kobalt. Led. Merc. 
Millef. Nitr. Phosp Rhus. Sabad. Sil. 

— brown, Bry. Carb-veg. Rhus. 

— chronic, Rhus. Sulph-ac. 

— clotted, coagulated, Aeon. Arn. Bell. 
Cham. Chin. Dros. Hyosc. Mgn-m. 
Nux. Puis. Rhus. 

brown, Bry. 

— dark, Ant. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Croc. 
Cupr. Mgn-c. Mur-ac. Nux. Puis. Sep. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— foaming, Arn. Dros. Led. Phosp. Sil. 

— pale, Arn. Bell. Dulc. Hyosc. Led. 
Phosp. Rhus. Sabin. Sec-c. Sil. 

— pus, mixed with, Chin. 

— in morning, Ferr. Selen. Sep. 
evening, Sep. 

— at night, Arn. Ars. Ferr. Rhus. 

— from least exertion, Ip. 

— from violent exertion of lungs, Urt-ur. 

— after hemorrhage from lungs, Plb. 

— sea-bathing, brought on by, Mgn-m. 

— with spasms, Hyosc. 

suppressed menstruation. Puis. 

Chronic cough, Bell. Dros. Igt. Lod. Lyc. 

Ntr-m. Phosp. Sep. Spong. Sulph. 

Clear ringing, Aeon. All-cep. Ars. Dros. 

Concussive, shaking cough, Anac. Ant. 

Ars. Bell. Caust. Chin. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. Oleand. Puis. 

Rhus. Sencg. Sep. Sil. 
Cough in general. Alum. Amm-c. Ars. 

Bell. Caps. Cham. Con. Cor-r. Graph. 

Kali-c. Led. Lvc. A r ux. Petr. Phosp. 

Sep. Sil. Sulph. ' 

— commencing with dyspnoea, Bry. Led. 
gasping for breath, Cor-i. 

stomach-ache, Bell. 

whining, Arn. Bell. 

Cough excited and aggravated by agita- 
tion, mental, Cist, 

— an acrid fluid, sensation of, through 
posterior nares, Kali-b. 

— ascending steps, Bar-c. Iod. M^n-c. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Nitr. Scill. Seneg. Sep. 
Spong. Stann. Staph. Zinc. 

— after bathing, Ant. Calc. Nitr-ac. Rhus. 

— in bed, and after going to bed, (compare 
Sect. 34.) 

— breath, want of, Euph. Guaj. Hep. 

— chest, burning in, Euph. Phos. 
congestion to, Bell. 

constriction of, Mosch. Samb. Stram. 

creeping in, Creos. Rhus. Scill. 

dryness in, Lach. Merc. Puis. 

irritation in general, Bell. Dros. Euph. 

Merc. Petr. Phosp. Spong. Stann. 


itching in, Cocc-c. Con. Phosp. Puis. 

mucurs accummulated, Ars. Euphr. 


oppression of, Cocc. 

roughness and scraping in, Creos. 

Grat. Nitr. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
spasm in, Samb. 

tickling in, Bov. Cham. Con. Euph. 

Igt. Iod. Lach. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Scill. Sep. 
Stann. Sulph. Vcrat. Verb. Zinc. 

— close thinking, Nux. 

— coal gas, Arn. 

— coffee, Caps. Caust. Cham. Igt. 

— coldness, Arn. Ars. Carb-veg. Caust 

24- COUGH. 


Hep. Kali-c. Mosch. Mur-ac. Nux. 

Rhus. Sabad. Spong. 
Cough excited by cold air, All-cep. Ars. 

Aur. Bar-c. Bry. Carb-an. Canst. Cham. 

Cina.Cist. Cupr. Hep. Hyosc. Ip. Kali-c. 

Mez. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. 

Rumex. Sep. SU. Spong. Stram. Sulph. 

drinks, Amm-m. Calc. Carb-veg. Dig. 

Hep. Kali-c. Lyc. Rhus. Scill. Sil. 
Staph. Sjilph. Sulph-ac. Verat. 

food, (compare Sec. 34.) 

room, Carb-veg. 

-a part becoming, Hep. Sil. 

the feet getting, Bar-c. 

— taking cold, Bry. Cham. Dros. Hep. 
Hyosc. Ip. Lob. Ntr-c. Nux-m. Nux. 
Op. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 

in water, Nux-m. 

— drinking, Aeon. Ars. Bry. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Cina. Cocc. Dig. Dros. 
Ferr. Hep. Hipp-m. Hyosc. Lach. Laur. 
Lyc. Meph. Ntr-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. 
Psor. Rhus. 

rapidly, Sil. 

— dry, cold air, Aeon. Cham. Samb. 

— after eating and drinking, Bry. 

— expiration, Carb-veg. Canst. Creos. 
Nux. Phosp-ac. Staph. 

— fasting, Kali-c. Murex. Staph. 

— a hair, sensation of 011 tongue, Sil. 

— becoming heated, Ant. Dig. lod. Kali-c. 

— after becoming heated, Aeon. Bry. 
Kali-c. Mgn-c. Rhus. Zinc. 

— inhaling, Con. Kali-b. Mcny. Meph. 
Merc-jod. Verb. 

— keeping back the breath, Nitr. 

— larynx, irritation, in general, Aeon. Asar. 
Calad. Cocc. Coloc. Dros. Hep. Kali-jod 
Mere, Mez. Par. 

pain, Aeon. Ang. Bry. Calad. Euph. 

Hep. Spong. 

burning, Aeon. Mgn-s. Seneg. 

crawling, Carb-veg. Caust. Creos. 

Iod. Led. Rhus. Stront. Tart. 

dryness, Carb-an. Con. Dros. 

itching. Con. 

mucus, Caust. Croton. Dulc. Euphr. 

pressure, Lach. 

roughness, Bar-c. Carb-an. Creos. 

Dig. Sabad. 
spasm, Cupr. 

tickling, Aeon. All-cep. Alum.Ambr. 

Amm-c. Amm-m. Ang. Bar-c. Bell. 
Brom. Bry. Calc. Caust. Cham. 
Cinnab. Cocc-c. Colch. Coloc. Con. 
Croton. Dros. Gum-gut. Hep. Iod. 
Ip. Kah-b. Kali-c. Kalin. Lac-can. 
Lach. Lact. Laur. Lob. Led. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. Nux. 
Oleand. Phosp-ac. Prun. Rhus. Scill. 

Seneg. Sep. Spong. Stann. Staph. 

Sulph. Tart. Teucr. Zinc, (con pare 

Throat and throat pit.) 
Cough excited by larynx, tickling as from 
sugar, Bad. 

unsupportable, Kali-b. 

low in larynx, Ang. 

to the lung, Sticta. 

— laughing, Arg. Ars. Bry. Chin. Cupr. 
Dros. Kali-c. Lach. Mang. Mur-ac. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp. Stann. Zinc. 

— lying down, All-cep. Apis. Ars. Bell. 
Cinnab. Con. Creos. Croton. Dros. Ferr. 
Hep. Hyosc. Lact. Lith. Mgn-c. Meph. 
Merc. Mez. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nux.Par.Petr. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rumex. Sabad. 
Sang. Stann. Sulph. 

on back, Amm-m. Iod. Nux. Phosp. 


ameliorated, Aeon. 

with head low, Amm-m. Chin. Puis. 

Samb. Spong. 

on side, Bar-c. Carb-an. Creos.' 

Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. Phosp. Puis. 
Seneg. Sep. Stann. Sulph. 

■ — left side, Bar-c. Eupat. Ip. Kali-c. 

Lyc. Merc. Par. Phosp. Rumex. 
Sepeg. Sep. 

right side, Amm-m. Carb-an. Cina. 


— manual labor, Led. Ntr-m. 

— after measles. Ant. Bry. Con. Dros. 
Hyosc. Igt. Nux. 

— meditation, Arn. Cist. Igt. Nux, 

— motion, Arn. Bar-c. Bell. Brom. Bry. 
Carb-veg. Creos. Dulc. Eupat. Ferr. 
Iod. Ip. Kali-c. Laur. Led. Lyc. Merc. 
Mez. Mosch. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nux. 
Phosp. Scill. Sil. Spong. Staph. Sulph-ac. 

— after motion, Ars. Zinc. 

of arms, Ars. Calc. Ferr. Kali-c. Led. 

Ntr-m. Nux. 

right arm, Lyc. 

bending body forwards, Dig. 

backwards, Cupr. 

— nitric acid, Mez. 

— noon, (compare, Sect. 34.) 

— oesophagus, tickling in, Arn. 

— odors, strong, Phosp. 

— old age, (compare Sect. 34.) 

— open air. Alum. Ars. Bar-c. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Cina . Dig. Lach. Mosch. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Phosp. Seneg. Sil. 
Spig. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

going out into, Bry. Ip. Rumex. 


— overheating, Nux-m. Thuj. 

— playing, piano, Ambr. Calc. Cham. 
Creos. Phosp-ac. 

— reading, Cina. Mang. Meph. A r ux: Phosp. 
aloud, Ambr. Mang. Meph. Nitr-ac. 

Phosp. Stann. Verb. 

24. COUGH. 


Cou^h excited by respiration, Cina. Merc 

Op. Scill. Sulph. 
deep. Aeon. Amm-c. Am. Bell, 

Brora. Bry Car!>-an. Chin. Cina. 

Con. Cupr. Dulc. Euphr. Graph. 

K,di-c. Lye. Mgn-m. Mez. Mur ac. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Scill. Seneg. Sep. Sil 

St i am. 

— in room, Arg. Men-c. Mgn-m. Ntr-m. 

— scrobiculus, pressing on it, Calad. 

tickling in, Igt. Lach. Ntr-m. 


— shrieking and weeping in children. Arn. 
Cham. '1 art. 

— singing, Dros. Phosp. Spong. Stann. 

— sitting, Alum. Euphr. Ferr. Gtiaj. 
Kali-c. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Pliosp. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Sabad. Sep. Zinc. 

ameliorated, Puis. Sang, 

bent, Stann. 

erect, Kali-c. Ntr-m. Spong. 

long in same position, Cocc-c. 


— befoie sleep, Merc. 

— In sleep, (compare Sect. 34.) 

— smoke, Euphr. 

— sneezing, Seneg. 

— in spring, Ambr. Verat. 

— st.mdinn, erect, Aeon. Stann. (compare 
Sect. 34.) 

— stimulants, Am. Ferr. Igt. Lach. Led. 
Stann. Stram. Zinc. 

— stooping, (compare Sect. 34.) 

— sulphur-vapor, sensation of, in throat, 
Ars. Bry. Chin. Igt. Ip. Kali-chl. Lach. 
Par. Puis. 

— sun. hot, (compare Sect. 34.) 

— swallowing, Op. 

— a swallow of water relieves, Caust. 

— talking, Aeon. Ambr. Anac. Am. Bar-c. 
Bell. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 
Chin. Dig. Dulc. Euphr. Hep. Igt. 
Iod. Lach. Mgn-m. Mang. Meph. Merc. 
Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Rhus. Scill. Sil. Spong. 
Stann. Stram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Verb. 

— tight clothing. Stann. 

— trachea, irritation in general, Bry. Ferr-m. 
Kali-jod. Sulph. 

creeping, Anac. Arn. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Creos. Rhus. 

feather in, Rumex. 

heat Chclid. 

mucus, Caust. Cina. Cupr. Dulc. 

Euphr. Hyosc. Scill. 
tickling. Aeon. Amm-m. Arn. Bry. 

Caust. Cina. Coloc. Euph. Ferr. 

Gymnoc. Hyosc. Lach. Lact. Ntr-m. 

Nice. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Psor. Rhus. Sang. Seneg. Sep. Sil. 


pain, Ang. Bry. Euph. Grat. Ip. 

Cough excited by tiachea burning, Aco. 

— throat, (larynx and trachea,) cont:action 
ol, Ars. Lach, 

dryness, Curb-an. Lach. Laur.Mang. 

Petr. Puis, Stann. 
feather dust, sensation of, Amm-m. 

Bell. Brom. Calf. Chelid. Cina. Dros. 

Hep. Igt. Phosp-ac. Sulph. 
irritation, Aeon. Ambr. Ant. Ars. 

Asa-f. Asar. Bar e Bell. Brom. Bry. 

Calad. Carb-veg. Caust. Chain. 

Chenop. Chin. Cocc. Coloc. Con. 

Croc. Dros. Ferr. Hep. llvdroc-ac. 

Hvosc. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Laur. Mgn-r. 

Mgn-m. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. Nice. 

Nitr-ac. Par. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sep. 

Sil. Staph. Stront. Tart. Teucr. 

Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

at bifuication, Kali-b. 

as from smoke, Cocc. 

itching. Con. Nux. Puis. 

pain, Aeon. Ang. Arg. Bry. Calad. 

Euph. Grat Hep. Sass. Spong.Stann. 

pressure, Rumex. 

roughness, Bar-c. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Creos. Con. Dig. Graph. 

Kali-jod. Laur. Mang. Ol-an. Puis. 

Rhod. Sabad. Sass. Stront. 

scraping, Kalm. 

scratching. Creos. Dig. Petr. Puis. 

smothering, Lact. 

stinging. Arg-n. 

stitches, Cist. 

sulphur-vapor, sensation of, Ars. 

Brom. Brj r . Carb-veg. Chin. Igt. Ip. 

Kali-chl. Lyc. Mosch. Par. Puis. 
tearing, Cist. 

tickling, Cinnab. Coloc. Stann. 

— throat-pit, burning, Ars. 

constringing, sensation, Igt.' 

tickling. Bell. Cham. Cinnab. Coloc. 

Lac-can. Rhus-rad. Rumex. Sang. 


— thyroid body, cutting, Arg-mct. 

— tobacco smoking, Aeon. Brom. Bry. 
Carb-an. Cham. Cocc-c. Coloc. Dros. 
Euphr. Ferr. Hep. Igt. Iod. Larh Mang. 
Nux. Petr. Spong Staph. Sulph ac. 

— tongue, sensation of a hair on, Sil. 

— ulcers in throat, Lach. 

— violin playing, Kali-c. 

— walking. Dig. Ferr. Iod. Lach. Ntr-m. 

in open air, Aeon. Ars. Caib-veg. 

Cina. Dig. Ferr. Ip. Lyc. Nux. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Seneg. Spig. Staph. 

Stram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

rapidly, Merc. Ntr-m. Scill. Seneg. 

Sd. Stann. 

after walking rapidly in the open air. 


— warm air, (compare Sect. 34. ) 


Cough excited by warmth, entrance into, 
All-cep. Bry. Cocc-c. Ntr-c.Verat.Verb. 

— warm room, Ambr. Am. Bry. Dig. Ip. 
Laur. Lye. Mez. Puis. Seneg. Verat. 

going into, from open air. Aeon. 

— becoming warm in bed, Dros. Nux-m. 
Puis. Tart, (compare Sect. 34.) 

— warm food and drinks, Kali-c. Mez. 

drinks, Ambr. Laur. Mez. Stann. 


— water and washing, (compare Sect. 


— weather, change of, Lach. Nitr-ac. 
Phosp. Sil. Verat. Verb. 

— weeping, in chilclien, Arn. Bell. Cham. 
Pros. Ferr. Hep. Lye. Phosp. Verat. 

— wind, (compare, Sect. 34.) 

— winter, Aeon. Cham, (compare Sect. 34 ) 

— yawning, Arn. Cina. Mur-ac. Nux. 

Cough a: tended by, abdomen, pain in.Ars. 

Bell. Coloc. Con Ip. Lyc. Phosp. Scill. 

Stann. Sulph. 

soreness in, Croton. Hyosc. Nux. 

shaking of, Creos. 

shooting pain, Bell. Chin. Lach. Sep. 


— abdominal legion, pain in, Verat. 

— anxiety, Aeon. Cina Coff. Hep. Iod.Rhus. 
nocturnal, Aeon. 

— aphonia, Phosp. 

— appetite loss of, Pod. 

— arm pain in, Dig. 

— back stinging in, Bry. Merc. Nitr-ac. 


— bladder pain in, Caps. 
pressure on, Scill. 

— blood, congestion of, Arn. 

— breath obstructed (asthma,) Aeon. 

Alum. Amm-m. Anac. Arn. Ars. 
Bell. Calad. Calc. Caust. Cina. 
Con. Creos. Cttpr. Dolich. Euphr. 
Ferr. Ip. Lach. Led. Lyc. Merc. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. 
Nux-m. Op. Phell. Puis. Scill. 
Sep. Spig. Tart. Verat. Zinc. 

— breath offensive, Ambr. Arn. Caps. 

Dros. Graph. Mgn-s. Mez. Plb. 
Sep. Stann. 
panting, Mur-ac. Sulph-ac. 

— catarrh, Bell. Puis. 

— cervical glands, pain in, Ntr-m. 

che>t, as if beaten, sensation, Arn. 

Ferr. Verat. Zinc. 

blood, congestion of, Bell. Sabin. 

burning, Ambr. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Iod. Mgn-m. Spong. 


from larynx to pit of stom- 
ach, Mgn-s. 

in sternum, Clem. 

.- as if bursting, pain, Bry Merc. Zinc. 

cough. 177 

Cough with, chest with coldness in, 

contraction, constriction, Ars. 

Lach. Sulph. 

cutting, Nitr. 

dryness, Kali-chl. 

heaviness, Amm-c. Calad. 

hoarseness, Phosp. 

mucus accumulated, '"Ars. Bar-c. 

Cham. Nir-m. 

muscles of, pain in, Hyosc. 

oppression of, Amm-c. Asar. 

Cocc. Con. Graph. Grat. Iod. 
Lach. Lact. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 
Nice. Rhod. Rhus. Seneg. 
Stann. Verat. 

pain in general, Ambr. Ars. Bell. 

Brom. Calc. Carb-veg. Chin. 
Creos. Dros. Iod. Kali-b. Ntr-m. 
Nitr. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sang. 
Sulph. Verat. Zinc. 

pressure, Borax. Chin. Cor-r. Iod. 

Sil. Sulph. 
qualmish, Rhus. 

rasping, smarting. Dig. Lyc. Phosp. 

rattling, Amm-m. Ang. Arg. Bell. 

Calc. Caust. Chom. Hep. Ip. 

Lyc. Nitr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Sep. 


rawness, soreness, Ars. Calc. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Ferr. Lach. 

Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Meph. Merc. 

Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. Phosp. 

Psor. Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. Stann. 

Sulph. Zinc. 

after the cough, Stann. Zinc. 

scraping, Creos. Ruta. 

snoring, Ntr-m. Nux. Sep. Tart. 

softness, sensation of. Rhus. 

spasm, Kali-c. 

stinging, stitches, Aeon. Amm-m. Arn. 

Ars. Bell. Borax. Bry. Cannab. 

Carb-an. Chin. Clem. Con. Dros. 

Ferr. Iod. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nitr. 

Phosp. Psor. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. 

Scill. Seneg. Sep. Sulph. Zinc. 
in sides. Aeon. Bry. Phosp. Puis. 


under sternum, Petr. 

ulcerative pain, Rat. Staph. 

weakness, Psor. Sep. 

— chills, Creos. Grat. 

— constipation, Nux. Pod. Sep. 

— convulsions, Hyosc. Meph. 

— coryza, Aeon. Alum. Ambr. Ars. 

Bar-c. Bell. Calc. Canth. Carb-an. 
Caust. Cimex. Con. Dig. Euphr. 
Graph. Igt. Ka!i-c. Kali-chl. Lach. 
Lyc. Mgu-c. Meph. Merc. Ntr c. 
Nitr. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Rhus,. Rumex. Sang, Sep. Spong. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 

'73 24. COUGH. 

Cough, diarrhnea, followed by. Sang. 

— with dysecoia, Chelid. 

— earache. Caps. 

— emaciation, Hep. Iod. Lyc. 

— eructation, Ambr. Veiat. 

— eyes, pain in, Lach. 

spaikslroni, Kali-c. 

stitches over one eye, Phosp. 

— face, bloated, Meph. 
blue, Dros. lp. Op. Verat. (com- 
pare Hooping cough.) 


hot, Ainm-c.Bell. Ip. Sulph. 

pale, Cina. 

red, Bell. Con. Ip. Kali-c. 

— circumscribed redness of cheeks. Sang. 

— fetid air exhaled, when coughing, 

— fever, evening. Con. Creos. Hep. Iod. 

Lvc. Sulph. 

— fingers, twitching of, Osm. 

— to be Iriiihtened, liability, Aeon. 

— groins, pain in, Bo;ax. 

— hands, coldness of, Rumex. 
hot and moist, Tart. 

— headache, Aeon. Alum. Ang. 

Anac. Am. Hell. Bry. Cact. Calc. 

Caps.. Carb-veg. Chin. Con. 1 1 ep . 

Ip. Lach. Lvc. Mang. Merc, Ntr-m. 

Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. 

Sass. Scill. Sulph. Verat. 

congestion of blood, Anac. Bell. 

as if bursting, sen^aiion, Bry. 

Cact. Caps. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Sulph. 
jerks, Ars. Calc. Ip. Lach. Mang. 

Ntr-m. Rhus. Spig. 

perspiration, Ip. Tart. 

stinging, Bry. 

— hearing, loss of, Chelid, Seneg. 

— heart, palpitation of, Am. Calc. Phosp. 

— heat, Ars. Creos. Lach. Scill. 

— hiccough, Tabac. 

— hoarseness. Ambr. Amm-c. Br) - . 

Calc. ("ham. Dros. Dulc. Lach. 
Laur. Lyc. Mang. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. I'hosp. Rumex. 
Seneg. Sil. Spong. Sulph. Thuj. 

— hyphochondria, pain, in, Ambr. Amm-m. 

Arn. Ars Bry. Dros. Hell. 
Lach. Lyc. 

— the more irritation, the longer he 

coughs, Igt. Teucr. 

— ischiatic pain, Ars. Bell. Caust. 

Kali-b. Sulph. 

— lachrvmation, Eupat. Sabad. 

— legs or knees, pain in, Caps. 

— loathing, Ip. 

— mouth, bleeding, Dros. Ip. Nux. 

painful. Mgn-s. 

stench of, Caps. 

taste, as after blood, Amm-c. 

Cough with, mouth coppery, metallic 
taste, COCC. 

nauseous, Caps. 

sour, Cocc. 

water in, Lach. 

— nape of neck, pain in, Alum. Bell. 

— nausea, Phosp-ac. Scill. Sep, 
with retching, Verat. 

— nose-bleed, Dros. Ind. Ip. Merc. Nux. 

— occiput pain in, Fcrr. Merc. 

— perspiration, Ars. Cirtnex Rhus. Sabad. 

— pregnancy, Con. Nux-ni. 

— restlessness, Aeon. ColT. Samb. 

— sacral region (loins), pain, Amm-c. 
Merc. Nitr-ac. Sulph. 

— salivation, Verat. 

— scrobiculus, pain in, Amm-c. Ars. 
Bry. Lach. Phosp. Thuj. 

— shoulders, pain in. Chin. Dig. Puis. 

left, Ferr. 

pain between, Kali-b. 

— sight, cloudiness of, Sulph. 

— to sit up, necessity, Ars. Hyosc.Puls. 

— sleep, Cieos. 

— sleeplessness, Cru o r ,. Nitr. 

— stitches in side, Aeon. Bry. Phosp. Scill. 

in right side, lower part, Kali-c. 

liver, Ntr-m. 

left lung, Rumex. 

— sneezing, Hell. Bry. Osm. 

— snoring, Arg. Bell. Caust. I p. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Sep. Tart. 

— starting in sleep, Cina. Hep. 

— sternum, pain in, Amm-c. Bell. 
Chin. Mez. Sep. Sil. 

stitches in, has to press it with 

hands, Bry. 

— stiffness of body, Cina. Ip. 

— stomach, coldness in, Lact. 
jerks in, I p. 

pain, Bell. lp. Lyc. Nitr-ac. 

Phosp. Rhus. Rumex. Sabad 

before an attack. Arn. Bell. 

Cham. Tart. 

as il turning. Puis. 

weakness of, Lyc. 

— sweat at night, Lyc. 

— testicles, pain in, Zinc. 

— thirst, Bry. Cocc-c. Samb. 

— throat (larynx and trachea), drvness 
of, Kali-chl. Merc. Osm. 

and burning, Phosp. 

pain, Caps. Carb-an. Chin. Hep. 

Lach. Mgn-s. Nux. Phosp. 

rawness, Arg. Carb-veg. Chin. 

Kobalt. Ntr-m. Rumex. Sep. 

roughness, Creos. Gels. Kali-c. 

Ntr-s. Phosp. Seneg. 

soreness, Ambr. Amm-c. Caust. 

Chin. Kobalt. Lyc. Mtrn-s. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Phosp. 

24- COUGH. 


Cough, with throat stinging, stitches, 
Carb-veg. Kali-c. Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

tickling, Ambr. Anac. Borax. 

Creos. Rat. Spong. 

— trachea, coldness in. Brom. 


— tremor, Phosp. 

— u icorisciousness, Cina. 

— urination, involuntary, Ant. Bell. 

Bry. Caust. Colch. Creos. Ip. 
Ntr-m. Phosp-ac. Puis. Scill. Sep. 
Spong. Staph. Verat. 

— vertigo, Calc. 

— vomit, inclination to, Ars. Bell. 

Caps. Cimex. Cina. Dros. Hep. 
Ip. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Merc. 
Nux. Petr. Phosp-ac. Puis. 

— vomiting, Anac. Arn. Bry. Calc. 

Caps. Carb-veg. Daph. Dig. Dros. 
Ferr. Ind. Ip. Kali-c. Lach. 
Millet. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Sep. 
Sil. Suiph. Tart. Verat. 
bilious, Chin. 

bitter, Arn. Calc. Caps. Carb-veg. 

Daph. Hep. Lach. Ntr-m. Sep. Sil. 

of ingesta, Anac. Bry. Dig. 

Dros. Eugen. Ferr. Ip. Lach. 

Meph. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sil. 

Stann. Tart. Verat. 

mucus, Dros. Sil. 

morning, Kali-c. Suiph. 

evening, Ind. Mez. Rhus. 

at night, Jp. Mez. 

after drinking, Bry. 

eating, Anac. Bry. Dig. Tart. 

— vomiturition (retching), Bell. Carb-veg. 
Chin. Creos. Dios.hep. j^. Kali-c. Merc. 
Mez. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Scill. Sep. 
Stram. Suiph. 

— water-brash, Bry. 

— weakness, Verat. 

— weeping. Arn. Bell. Cina. Hep. 
Samb. Tart. 

Cough ending with anxiousness, obstruc- 
tion of breath, pale face, and whimper- 
ing, Cina. 

— chest, coldness in, Zinc. 

gurgling in, Mur-ac. 

soreness of, Stram. Zinc. 

— eructation and regurgitation, Sulph-ac. 

— sneezing, Alum. Bell. Brv. Hep. 

— somnolency. Tart. 

— vomiting, Hyosc. 

— wci ping, Hell. 

— yawning and sleepiness, Anac. 
Cough relieved after breakfast, Kali-c. 

— drinking, Spong. 

cold water, Caust. Cupr. 

— eating, Ferr. 

— llatus, discharge of. Sang. ' 

— deep inspiration, Verb. 

Cough relieved, lying, down, Mang. 

— change of position, Cocc-c. Igt. 
from left to right side, Thuj. 

— putting the hand against the chest, 
Creos. Croc. Dros. 

— rising, Led. Puis. Suiph. 

— sitting up, Hyosc. Ntr-m. Nice. 
Puis. Sang. 

— suppressing, cough, Igt. 

— a swallow of water, Cupr. 

— getting warm in bed, Cham. 

— inhaling warm air, Rumex. 

To cough, irritation, felt, in abdomen, 

Ambr. Verat. 
bronchia, with soreness and 

heat, Euphat, 
chest, Ars. Bov. Cham. Dros. 

Euph. Grat. Merc. Nitr. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sep. 

Spong. Stann. Verat. 
larynx, Ang. Asar. Calad. 

Cocc. Coff. Colch. Coloc. Dros. 

Hep. Ip. Laur. Lith. Meny. 

Merc. Oleand. Phosp-ac. Rhus. 

Scill. Seneg. Sep. Stann. Suiph. 
scrobiculus, pit of stomach, 

Bar-c. Bry. Cham. Guaj. Hep. 

Lach. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. 

stomach, Bell. Bov. Puis. Sep. 

the throat, Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. 

Bov. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. 

Carb-veg. Caust. Chenop. Con. 

Graph. Kali-c. Laur. Mgn-c. 

Mgn-m. Mang. Mez. Ntf-m. 

Nux. Ol-an. Petr. Puis. Rhocl. 

Sabad. Sass. Stront. Tabac. 

throat pit, Bell. Cham. Croc. Igt. 

Iod. Lac-can. Phosp-ac. Rhus-rad. 
Ru mex. 

thyroid bod)', Mgn-c. 

tongue, Sil. 

trachea, Arg. Arn. Bry. Euph. Ferr. 

Grat. Ip. Kali-jod. Rhus. Seneg. Sep. 
Croup> cough, Brom. 
Crowing cough, Ars. 

— with inspirations, Cor-r. 

Day and night cough, Bell. Bism. Cupr. 

bulc. Euph. Igt. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Spong. Stann. Suiph. 
Every other day, cough, Anac. Lyc. 

— third day, cough, Anac. 

Deep cough, Ambr. Ang. Ant. Ars. Dig. 

Hep. Lach. Petr. Samb. Sil. Spong. 

Stann. Verat. Verb. 
Diurnal cough, Amm-c. Arg. Brom. Calc. 

Chinin. Cic. Euphr. Ferr. Hep. Lach. 

Laur. Nitr. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Stann. Staph. 

forenoon, Rhus. Sabad. Sep, Staph. 


afternoon, All-cep. Bad. Chin. 

Mosch. Mur-ac. Nux. Staph. Suiph 
Thuj. Zinc. 


24- COUGH. 

Dry cough, Aeon. Alum. Ainm-c. Amm-m. 

Ang. Ars. Bar-c. Hell. Bcrb. Bov. Brom. 

Bry. Calc. Cannab. Carb-an. Caust. 

Cham. Chenop. Chin. Ci/ia. Cinnab. 

Cocc. Ci^.Coloc. Con. Cop. Creos. Croc. 

Cupr. Dig. Dros. Etipli. Ferr-m. 

Fluor-ac. Gels. Grat. Guaj. Hep. Hyosc. 

Hyper. Igt. Iod. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-c. 

Kali-jod. Lachn. Leiet. Laur. Lyc. 

Mgn-m. Signs. Mang. Merc. A/ez. 

Murex. Nitr-ac. Nitr, Nux-m. Nux. 

Ol-an. Op. Petr. Phell. Plwsp. Plat. 

Plb. Pod. Psor. Puis. Rat. Rhod. Rhus. 

Rhus-rad. Sabad. Sacch. Satin. Samb. 

Scill. Seneg, Sep. Si 1. Spig. Spong. 

Stan n. St i on t. Sulpli. Sti/p/i-ac. Tabac. 

Teucr. Vent. Verb. Zinc. Zing. 

which ends in raising black blood, 


causes vomiting, Cocc-c. 

— in morning, Alum. Amm-m. Ant. 

Chin. Grat. Gymnoc. Lyc. Mgn-s. 
Ntr-s. Rhod. Scill. Stann. Sulph-ac. 
a^giavated, Stann. 

— in evening, Ars. Bar-c. Calc. Caps. 
Ferr. Hep. Kali-c. Mgn-m. Meic. Ntr-c. 
Nux. Petr. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sep. Stann. 
Su/ph. Tabac. 

— at night, Aeon. Bell. Bry. Calc. Caps. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Grat. Kali-c. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-u:. Mgn-s. Merc. Mez. Nux, 
Ol-an. Petr. Rhod. Rhus. Sabad. Scill 
Sulph. Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

3 A. M., Anim-c. Kali-c. 

aggravated, Cham. Op. Stront. 

— after a cold, Nux-m. 

— fiom cold air, Ars. Phosp. 

— after di inking. Ars, Phosp. 

— from violent exercise, Ox-ac. 

— alter gonorrhoea suppressed, Benz-ac 

— when lying down, Cinnab. Hyosc. Lyc. 
Nitr-ac. Puis. Sabad. Sang Sulph. 

— after measles Ciiam. Hyosc. Igt. 

— Irom reading aloud, Phosp. 

— when smoking tobacco, Hell. 

— from talking. Mang. 

— with expectoration, in morning, Euph 
Kali-c. Nux. Phosp-ac. 

— in foienoon, Alum. 
afternoon. Amm-m. 

Evening cough, All-cep. Ambr. Amm-m. 
Anac. Ant. Apis. Arn. Ars. Bad. 
Bar-c. Bell. Bism. Bry. Cafe. Caps. 
Caib-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chin. 
Cina. Croton. Dros. Eugen, Eupat 
Euphr. Ferr. Fluor-ac. Graph. Hep. Igt. 
I nd. Iod. Lach. Laur. Led. Lith. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn m. Merc. Mez. Mosch. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Mux 
Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. 
Rumex.Sang Seneg .SV/.Sil Spong Stann 
Staph. Sticta. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. 

Verat. Verb. Zinc. 
Evening cough from 4 to 6 o'clock. Lyc. 

— about bed-time and for a while in bed, 

— in bed, Agn. Amm-c. Anac. Ars. Bell. 
Calc. Caps. Carb-veg. Creos. Dios. 
Graph. Hep. Hy.isc. Igt. Ind. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Nice. Nux-m. Nux. Par. 
Petr. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sep. Staph. 

In the evening, increased, Caps. Spong. 

after lying down, Euphr. Lach. 

Nitr-ac. Staph. Thuj. 

to midnight. Hep. 

Exhausting cough, Chelid. 
Expectoration, Ambr. Amm-c. Ang. Arg. 

Ars. Asar. Bell. Bism. Borax. Bry. 

Calc. Cannab. Carb-an. Caib-veg Caust. 

Chin. Cic. Cocc-c. Con. Creos. Cupr. 

Dros. Euphr. Ferr. Iod Kali-c. I Led, 

Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m Mgn-s. Merc. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nti-s. Op. Par. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhod. Ruta. Sa !>;id. 

Sabin. Scill. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spong. 

Stann. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. 

Thuj. Vi rat. Zinc. 

— day and ni^ht with, Dulc. 
without, Aeon. Ars. Bell. 

Brom. Creos. Laur. Mosch. 

Strain. Verb. 

with, night without, Aeon. Anac. 

Ars. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Caust. 
Cham. Chin Con. Graph. Hep. 
Hyosc. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mgn c. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Phosp. Puis. Sabad. Samb. Sil. 
Stroflt. Sulph. Verat. Zinc. 

— oight with, day without, Caust. Hep. 

Rhod. Sep. Staph. 

— in evening. Arn. Bar-c. Bov. Chin. Cina. 
Croton. Dig. Iyt. Iod. Nux. Ruta. 

loose, and at night, in morning 

generally swallowed, Caust. 

— morning, Aeon. Alum. Ambr. Ang. Ant 
Bar-c. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Cupr. Dros. 
Euph. Euphr. Ferr. Hep. Ip. Kali-c. 
Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mez. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Par. Pho«p. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Scill. Sent g. Sep. Spong. Stann. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. Zinc Zing. 

— acrid, Anac. Caust. Merc. Nitr-ac. Rhus. 

— albuminous. Ars. Asa-f. Bar-c. Chin. 
Cocc-c. Ferr. Laur. Seneg. S>ann. 

— bitter, Ars. Cham. Ci>t. Dros. Lyc. 
Merc. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. Sep. 

— bloodv. (compare Blood coughed up.) 

— black,' Chin. Kali-b. Lyc. Rhus. 

— with blackish giains, Chin. 

— blood-streaked, Arn. Borax. Bry. Chin. 
Ferr. Ip. Laur. Phosp. Sabin. Sep. Zinc. 

— with bloody points, Laur. 

24- COUGH. 

Expectoration, brownish, Carb-veg. 

— cannot be raised, must be swallowed. 
Am. Cannab. Caust. Con. Dros. Kali-c. 
Lach. Mur-ac. Osm. Sep. Spong. 

— old catarrh, tasting like, Igt. Mez. Puis. 
Sul ph. 

— old cheese, tasting like, Thuj. 

— cold, Bry. N'ux. Phosp. Rhus. Sulph. 

— cold mucus, tasting tlat, Bry. 

— in consumptives, ii wurse they expector- 
ate less, Sep. 

— from deep in lungs, Chelid. 

— difficult, Ars. Bar-c. Bry. Caust. Chin. 
Cina. Cocc-c. Con Cor-r. Cupr. Dig. 
Eupli. Igt. Kali-c. Lach. Mgn-m. Osm. 
Par. Sail. Sep. Stann. Sulpli. Zinc. 

— dust, as if mixed with, Phosp. 

— easy, Arg. Creos. Dulc. Euph. Ruta. 

— fetid, Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. Cocc. Cop. 
Guaj. Led. Lyc. Ntr-c. Nitrac. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Sacch. Sang. Sil. Stann. Sulpli. 

— flat-tastmg, Auac. Ant. Bry. Calc. Chia. 
Etiphr. Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. Ntr-m. Par. 
Puis. Rhus. Jiep. Staph. Sulph. Tart. 

— flying lorcibly out of mouth, Bad. Chelid. 

— frequent, Agar. Asar. Clienop. Cina. 
Daph. Euph. Euphr. Hep. Iod. Lact. 
Laur. Lyc. Puis. Ruta. Samb. Seneg. 
Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph Verat. 

— frothv, Ars. Daph. Ferr. Kobalt. Lach. 
Nux. Op. Phosp. Puis. Sil. 

— gelatinous, Arg. Am. Bar-c. Dig. Ferr. 

— gray, Ambr. Anac. Ars. Calc. Carb-an. 
Chin. Cop. Dros. Lyc. Nux. Rhus. Sep. 

— greasy tasting, Alum. Caust. Mgn-m. 
Mur-ac. Puis. Sil. 

— greenish, Ars. Calc. Cannab. Carb-an. 
C.irb-veg. Cop. Creos. Dros. Ferr. 
Hyosc. Kalib. Kali-jod. Led Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mang. Ntr-c. Par. Phosp. Puis. 
R his. Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulpli. Thuj. 

— herby-tasting. Ca'ad. Nux. Phosp-ac. 

— indurated, Bry. Con. Iod. Kali-c. Ntr-c. 
P.iosp. Sep. Sil. Spong. Stront. Sulph. 

— infrequent. Aeon. Alum. Arn. Bell. Igt. 

— in lumps, Agar. Arn. Ars. Hep. Mang. 

— metailic-tasting, Nux. Rhus. Zinc. 

— milky, Ars. Puis. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

— by mouthfuls at a time, liglu-rust color, 

— mucus, Aeon. Ambr. Anac. Ang. Ant. 
Arg. Arn. Ars. Asar. Bar-c. Bell. Bism. 
Bry. Cart. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 
Chenop. Chin. Cina. Cocc c. Con. Cop. 
Creos. Cupr. Dig. Dulc. Eutren. Ferr. 
Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Kobalt. Lach. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Mang. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-ni.Nicc. 


Nux. Op. Par. Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. 
Samb. Sail. Selen. Seneg. Sep. Sil. 
Spong. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tart. 'Thuj. Veiat. Zinc. 
Expectoration mucus, bluish lumps of 

with blood mixed, Aeon. Alum. 

Anac. Ant. Arn. Ars. Borax. Bry. 

Cact. Calc. Chin. Cina. Con. Cupr. 

Dig. Dale. Eugen. Euphr. Ferr. Hep. 

Iod. Ip. Kah-b. K;,li-c. Kobalt. 

Lachn.Lyc Mgn-m. Merc. JVtr-m.Op. 

Phosp. Sabin. Scill. Sulph-ac. Zinc. 

in globules, with blood, Selen. 

profuse ropy, adhering to larynx, 

Cocc-c. Kali-b. Lob. Sticta. 
thick, Calc. Dulc. Pnosp. Puis. 

Scill. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 

Tart. Thuj. 
tough, Cist. Iod. Seneg. Stann. Zinc. 

— muddy, like pus, flies like batter, Phosp. 

— nauseous, Dros. 

— offensive, smelling, Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Con. Cop. Cupr. Guaj. Hep. Igt. Led. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Nitr-ac. P.iosp-ac. Sang. Scill. Seneg. 
Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 

— onions, tasting like, Asa-f. 

— pellucid, Ars. Ferr. Laur. Seneg. Sil. 

— profuse, Agar. Dulc. Euphr. Iod. Laur. 
Lyc. Puis. Seneg. Sep. Stann. Sulph. 

— purulent, Anac. Ars. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Con. Cop. Cor-r. Creos. 
Dros. Dulc. Ferr. Giaph. Guaj. Hep. 
Kali-c. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plb. Rhus. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. 
St ann. Staph. Sulph. Zinc. 

— putrid, Arn. Ars. Calc. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Con. Cop. Creos. 
Cupr. Ferr. Guaj. Iod. Ip. Lyc. Meic. 
Ntr-c. Nux. Phosp ac. Puis. Rhus. 
Samb. Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. Verat. Zinc. 

— reddish, Bry. Cocc-c. Phosp. Scill. 

— rust-colored, Phosp. Scill. 

— salty, Ambr. Ars. Bar-c. Carb-veg. Chin. ' 
Dros. Hyosc. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. 
Me/.. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac Phosp Puis. 
Rhus. Samb. Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tart. Therid. Veiat. 

— scanty, Aeon. Ars. Cham. Cupr. Dig. 
Samb. Sang. Spong. 

tenacious,round lump, cherry-colored, 


— soft, fetid tubercles, color of peas, 

— sour, Ambr. Bell. Calc. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Cocc-c. Croton. Ferr. 
Hep. Kali c. Lach. Lyc. M«;n-m. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Rhus. Sep. Spong. Stann. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tart. Verat. 

1 82 

24. OOUGH. 

Expectoration like boiled starch, Arg. Dig. 

— stringy, Asa-t". Cocc-C. Kali-b. 

— suppressed expectoration restored, 

— sweetish, Anac. Calc. Chin. Dig. Ferr. 
Hep. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lvc. Nux. 
Phosp. Plb. Puis. Sabad. Samb. Scill. 
Sep. Stann. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Zinc. 

— tasteless. Cina. Dulc 

— thick, Arg. Calc. Creos. Kali-!). Kobalt. 
Op. Phosp. Ruta. Stann. Sulph, 

— like tobacco-juice, Puis. 

— tough, viscid, Ant. Arg. Ars Had. Bar-c. 
Bov. Cannab. Carb-veg. Cham, Cliin. 
Cist. Cocc c. Iod. Kali-b. Kal i-c. Kobalt. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Me/.. P*r. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Ruta. Sabad. Sanib. Seneg. 
Sep. Sil. Spong. Stann. Staph. Tart. 
\'erat. Zinc. 

— tough, hard to separate, round lumps, 
brick shade, Bry. 

— watery, Arg. Carb-veg. Cham. Euphr. 
Graph. Lach. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Mur-ac. Stann. Sulph-ac. 

— white, Ambr. Ainm-n). Arg. Carb-veg. 
Cina. Cocc-c. Creos. Croton. Kali-b. 
Kobalt. Lyc. Nice. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Scill. 5c'/. Sulph. 

— vellow, Aeon. Ambr. Amm-m. Anac. 
Ang. Ars. Bad. Bar-c. Bry, Calc. 
Carb-veg. Cocc-c. Con. Coi-r. Creos. 
Dig. Dros. Eugen. Iod. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mang. .>lerc. Mez. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Nir-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rutai Sabad. 
Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spong. Stann. Staph. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. Vera'. Zinc. 

— lemon-yellow, Kali-c. Lyc. Phosp. Puis. 

— easier when turning from left to right 
side, Kali-c. Lyc. Phosp. St p. Thuj. 

Fatiguing cough, Rumex. San-. 

First cough the most violent, Ant. 

Frequent cough. Lob. Sang. 

Gasping for breath, cough commencing 

with, Cor-r. 
Hectic cough, Borax. Nux. Phosp. Puis. 

Sil. Stann. 

— from suppressed intermittent fever. 

Hoarse cough, Aeon. Agar. Ago. All-cep. 
Ars. Asa-f. Berb. Bov. Broffi. Cannab. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Canst. (ham. 
Chenop. Chin. Creos. Eupat. Graph. 
Hep. Hydroc-ac. Kali-c. Lact Laur. 
Lyc. Merc Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. Rhod. Rumex. 
Samb. Seneg. Verat. Verb. 1 

— from a cold, Ntr-c. 

— after measels, Igt. Nux. 

Hollow cough, Aeon. Bell. Brom. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Chelid. Cina. Creos. 
Dig. Euph. Igt. Ip. Lact. Led. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Op. Phosp. Samb. Sil. 

Spig. Spong. Stann. Staph. Tart. Verat. 

Hooping cough, AflSbr. Anac. Ant. Arn. 
Ars. Bar-c. Bry. Caib-an. Carb-veg. 
Cham. Chin. Cina. Cocc-c. Con. Cor-r. 
Cupr. Dros. Dulc. Euphr. Hep. Hyosc. 
Igt. Ind. Ip. Led. Lyc. Mez. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nux. Op. Phell. Pod. 
Puis. Samb. Seneg. Sep. Spig. Spong. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. /'abac. Tail. Verat. 

— in chilren, Bry. Smut. Sulph. 

— with shrieking and hallooing, Sn/iib. 

— in evening, Carb-an. Ind. Ntr-m. 

— at night, Bry. Cham. Chin. Sil. 

— after eating or drinking, Bry, 

In infants, Am. Br)*. Cham. Samb. Sulph. 

— with shrieking and whining, Arn. 

Cham. Tart. * 
Incessant, Rumex. 
Infrequent, Aur. M 11 rex. 
Loose cough, without expectoration, Con. 

Mgn-s. Pod. 
After meals, cough, Anac. Bell. Bry. 

Dulc. Eugcn. Puis. Sep. Stann. Tart. 

— increased, Cham. Op. (compare After 
meals, cough.) 

During or after measles, COUgt); /4rtW. Chin. 

Cina. Coff. Dros. Hyosc. Igt. Nux. 
Moist cough, Arn. Bry. Dulc. Eugen. 

Puis. Sep. Stann. 
In the morning, cough, Aeon. Alum. 

Amm-C Ant. Arn. Aur. Bell. Bry. Calc. 

Carb-an. Caust. ("ham. Chelid. Chin. 

Cina. Cocc-c. Cicos. Croton. Cupr. Dig. 

Dros. Dulc. Euphr. Grat. Gymnoc. Hep. 

Iod. Ip. Kali-b. Kali-c. Led. Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Mgn-s, Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr. 

Nux. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. Scill. 

Selen. Sep. Staph. Stram. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tabac. Thuj. Verat. 

— chronic, Iod. Lyc. 

— in bed, Amm-c. Nitr. Rhus. 

— at 3 o'clock, Amm-c. Kali-c. Nitr. 

— after rising, Euph. Lach. Nitr-ac. Staph. 

— forenoon, Rhus. Sabad. Sep. Staph. 

— increased, Nux. Stann. 

At night, cough, Aeon. Alum. Ambr. 

Amm-c. Amm-ni. Arn. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. 

Bry. Calad. Calc. Caps. Carb-an Caust. 

X ham. Chin. Cocc. Cocc-c. Coff. Colch. 

Con. Cor-r. Dig. Dros. Dulc. Eugcn. 

Graph. Grat. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Kali-c. 

Lact. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Meph. 

Merc. Mez. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. 

Ol-an. Par. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Puis. 

Rhod. Ruta Sabad. Sang. Seneg. 

Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. Staph. Sticta. 

Sulph. Tart. Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

before midnight, Mez. Rhus. Spong. 


24. COUGH. 

Cough, at ii P. M., Arn. Bar-c. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Ferr. Hep. Led. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-ni. Mosch. Mur-ac. 
Nitr ac. Puis. Ruracx. Sabad. Sep. 
Stann. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Verat. Zinc. 

midnight, Bell. Dig. Hipp-m. 

Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Samb. 

after midnight, Aeon. Bell. Bry. 

Cham. Chin. Dig. Dros. Kali-c. 
Hyosc. Mgn-c. Merc. Nux. Samb. 

to 4 A. M., Nice. 

at 3 A. M., Amm-c. Kali-c. Nitr. 

3—4 A. M., Kali-c. 

2 — 5 A. M., Rumex. 

in sleep, Cough, Arn. Calc. Cham. 

Hipp. Lach. Nitr-ac. Sep. Verb. 

awaking him from sleep, Merc. 

Nitr-ac. Phosp. Rhod. Sep. Sulph. 
Nightly exacerbation, Cops. Chum. Op. 

Ntr-s. Stront. 
In old people, cough, Caust. Hyosc. 


Panting cough, Mur-ac. Sulph-ac. 
Paroxysms of cough, Ang. Alum. Ainbr. 
Carb-veg. Chelid. Cor-r. Cupr. Lob. 

— occasional, Bad. 

— two coughs, Puis. 

in quick succession, Merc. Sulph. 

— three coughs, Stann. 

— few, Bell. Calc. Lain. 

— in rapid succession, Dros. Hep. Ip. Sep. 
Sulph. Tart. 

Periodical cough, Ars. Cocc. Cocc-c. 
Lach. Nux. 

— painless, barking, shrieking tone, with- 
out ex pectoral ion, Strain. 

— at same time every day, Lyc. Sabad. 

In pregnancy, cough, Calc. Con. Phosp. Sep. 
Rattling cough, only during day in room, 

Rough cough, Bell. Brom. Eupat. (com- 
pare Hoarse.) 
Screeching cough, Stram. 
Short cough, Aeon. Alum. Anac. Arg.Asa-f. 

Hell. Bcrb. Caust. Coff. Eupat. Hydroc-ac. 

Igt. Kali-c. Kali jod.Kobalt. Lach. Lact. 

Laur. Lob. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac Nflx. 

Oleand. Petr. Phosp. Plat. Pod. Puis. 

Rhus. Rumex. Sabad. Sail. Sticta. 

Sulph-ac. Teucr. Zing. 

— in paroxysms, Alum. Asa-f. Bell. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Dros. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lact. 

•Scill. Tart. 
When sitting, cough, Alum. Fcrr. Guaj. 
Mgn-m. Ntr-c. 

— long in same position, Phosp-ac. 
Soundless, Dros. 

Spasmodic cough, Aeon. All-cep. Ambr. 
Bad. Bar-c. Bell. Brom. Bry. Cact. Calc. 
Carb-ve^. Chin. Civ a. Con. Cor-r. Creos. 
Cupr. Dig. Dros. Ferr. Hep. Hyose. Igt. 


Iod. Lp. Kali-c. Lach. Lact. Laur. 

Led Lob. A/gu-e. Mgn-m. Merc. Mez. 

Mosch. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Osm. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Rhus. 

Scill. Sep. Sil. Staph. Strain. Sulph. Zinc. 
Spasmodic cough in morning, Carb-veg. 

Creos. Kali-c. Puis. Sulph. 
afternoon, Bell. Bry. 

— — evening, Carb-veg. Ntr-m. 

— at night, Bell. Bry. //rose. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 

— day and night, Sulph. 

— in children, Bry. 

old people, at night, from 

continuous tickling in throat as if 
the palate was too long, Hyosc. 

— after eating and drinking, Bry. 

— from talking, Dig. 

— with vomiting, Bry. Carb-veg. Ferr In 

Suffocating (choking) cough, Aeon. Brom. 
Bry. Curb-ail. Cham. Chin. Cocc-c.Con. 
Cycl. Dros. Hep. Ind. Ip. Lach. Lact. 
Led. Ntr-m. Vp. Petr. Phell. Samb. Sil. 
Spig. Sulph. 'J'abae. Tart. 

— in evening, Carb-an. Ind. Ntr-m. 

— at night, Bry. Cham. Chin. Sil. 

— after eating and drinking, Bry. 

— in children, Bry. Samb. Sulph. 

with shrieking and weeping, Samb. 

Tickling cough, Ambr. Anac. Ang. Am. 

Bell. Bov. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 

Cham. Colch. Con. Dros. Euph. Ferr. 

Ip. LCali-e. Laur. Lye. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 

Merc. Ntr-c. Nlr-m.A' tlx. Oleand. Ol-an. 
Petr. L'hosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Rumex. 

Sabad. Seneg. 6>/.Sil.Spong. 

Stann. Tabac. Tart. Teucr. Thuj. 

— in morning, aggravated, Thuj. 

evening, Merc. Rhus. 

at night, Rhus. 

day and night, Ntr-m. 

Trumpet-toned cough, Verb. 

Typical cough, Cocc. 

Unintermitting cough, Cupr. 

Vehement, tormenting cough. Alum. 

Amm-c. Anac. Ang. Ars. Arum. Asa-f. 

Bar-c. Bell. Borax. Brom. £'«/<-. Cannab. 

Carb-an. Caust. Chelid. Chin. Cina. 

Cocc. Con. Cor-r. Croc. Cupr. Daph. 

Dros. Dulc. Hep. Hydroc-ac. Ip. 

Lach. Lact. Led. Lob. Merc. Merc-cor. 

Mez, Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Nitr. Nux. Op. Phosp. Rhod. Scill. 

Selen. Sep. Spig. Stann. Sulph. Verat. 
Wheezing, (asthmatic,) cough, Asa-f.Bn in. 

Cham. Creos. Cupr. Hep. Kali-b. 

Kali-c. Prun. Sabad. Samb. Spong. 


Whistling cough, Aeon. Ars. Brom. Creos. 

Hep. Laur. 
Winter cough, Aeon. Cham. 
The longer he coughs the more irritation 

there is to cough, Igt. Teucr. 


25. Respiration. 

Air feels cold on inspiring. Lith. 
Asthma liumid, Bar-m. Zing. 

— millari. Aeon. Ars. Bell. Igt. Ip. Lach. 
Mosch. Nux. Op. Puis. Samb. (com- 
paie Suffocating fits.) 

Breath, offensive. Aeon. Ambr. Arn. Ars. 
Aur. Hry. dps. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. 
Cist. Croc. Daph. Dros. Dulc. Ilipp-m. 
Hyosc. Ip. Lach. Led. Merc. Mez. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Plb. Puis. Sass. 
S.-p. Sulph. Verb. Zinc. 

— putrid, Arn. Ars. Aur. Nitr-ac. 

— sour, Nux. 

Deep respiration. Agar. Ant. Arn. Bell. 
Borax. Bry. Calc. Calc-ph. Camph. 
Caps. Caib-veg. Cast. Cham. Chin. 
Creos. Croc. Cupr. Dig. Eupli. Evon. 
Glon. Hell. Hep. Hydroc-ac. Igt. Ip. 
Kali-c. Lach. Lachn. Lact. Lob. Meic. 
Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Nux. Op. 
Par. Phosp. Plat. Poth. Ran-b. Ran-sc. 
Rhus. Sass. Selen. Sil. Spong. Stann. 
Therid. Thuj. 

— from heaviness at heart. Croc. 

— when sitting, Lach. 

— with sense of emptiness in chest, Poth. 
Difficult respiration, dyspnoea, Aom.Agar. 

Amm-c. Am. Ars. Asa-f. Aur. Hell. 
Borax. Bry. Cact. Calc. Cannab. Canth. 
Carb-veg. Cast. Chin. Cic. Colli. Con. 
Creos. Croc. Cvcl. Elat.Euphr. Fluor-ac. 
Hell Hep.Ilyosc./,vAlod.//.Ka!i c Kalm. 
Lact. Laur. Lyc. Merc. Merc-suiph. Mez. 
Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. A'ux-w. Op. Osm.Ox-ac. 
Phosp. Plat. Plb. Prun. Psor. Puis. 
'Han-It. Rat. Rhus. Sabad. Sang. Sass. 
Scill. Sec c. Seneg. Sep. Spig. Spong. 
Strain. Sulph. Tart. Tereb. Valer. Verat. 
Viol-od. Zinc. 

— chronic. Osm. 

— spasmodic, as if lungs could not be ex- 
panded enough, Asa-f. 

— like a weight on chest, Cannab. Igt. 
Rheum. Sabad. 

— in evening, with anxiety, Phosp. 

— as from congestion of blood. Agar. 

— from dryness of nose, Canth. 

— when lying, Asa-f. 

sitting, Alum. Euphr. Phosp. Verat. 

walking, Calc. Caib veg. Cc^t. Co.). 

Igt. Lact. Mgn-c. Nir-s. Oleand. 

Petr. Puis. Rhus. 
Difficult lespiration. accompanies disaesed 
conditions in pails not involved in the 
act of breathing, Puis. 

— ivfth anxiousness, or palpitation of the 
heart, Amm-c. Viol-od. 

— with burning in face, Stront. 
colic, Bry. 

emptiness in stomach, Stann. 

fainting, Ars. Lach. 

with feeling as if next breath would 

be the last, Apis. 

heat, Cannab. 

pain in stomach, Ars. 

perspiiation, anxious face and sleep- 
lessness. Eupat. 

swelling around ankles, Hep. 

1- tetanic spa-ms, Millef. 

Expirations forcible, Bell. Caps. Chin. Igt. 

Inspiration difficult, Nux. 

rapid expiration, Chin. Igt. 

— effected by the iwo distinct efforts, Led. 

— with mouih open, Scill. 

— deep, Bry. Chin. Igt. Lach. Sil. Stann. 

Noise produced by breathing, when inspir- 
ing, Bell. Caps. Cham. Chin, Cina. 
Coloc. Hyosc. Igt. Mgn-s. Nux. Puis. 

— when expiring, Mgn-s. Nux. Op. Tart. 
pulling, Chin. 

tattling, Calc. 

snuffing, Mgn-s. Nux. 

wheezing, Ntr-m. 

— a,s from spasm of glottis, Kalm. 
Obstructed respiration, Aeon. Anac. Arn. 

Ars. Bell. Bism. Bry. Calc. 
Canth. Caps. Caib-an. Caib-vcg. Caust. 
Cham. Cina. Cocc. Croc. Cupr Dolich. 
Euphr. Grat. Igt. Laur. Led. Ljc.Merc. 
Nu-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Ol-an. Op. Plb. 
Puis. Ran-sc. A'ula. Sabad. Sam/'. Scill. 
Selen Sil Spong. Stann. Stram. Sulph. 
Tart. Valer. Verat. Verb. 

— as if in the back, Calc. Sass. 

from constriction around the ab- 
domen, Kali-b. 

— in region of stomach, Lam. 

— as if in supra-stei nal fo>>a, Cham. 

— in throat, Cham. Cocc. Con. 


Obstructed respiration morning in bed, Tart. 
evening in bed, Tart. 

— at night, kali-c. Selen. Stann. 

— when ascending, Canth. Grat. 
steps. Nitr-ac. 

— from pain in chest, Brom. Caps. Croc. 
Plb. Ran-sc. Ruta. Spong. Valer. Verb. 

— when coughing, Igt. Sciil. Sd. 
exercising, Stann. 

— from flatulency, Carb-veg. Ol-an. Zinc. 

— when lying, Samb. 

on back, Ol-an. Sil. 

left side, Puis. 

— during meals, Mgn-rn. 

— after meals, Cham. 

— the pains take away the breath, Diosc. 

— from change of position, better, Ol-an. 

— when at rest. Sil. 
running, Sil. 

— from pain in sacral region, Selen. 
tonic spasms of pectoral muscles, 


stooping, Calc. Sil. 

stitches in larynx, arrest of breathing, 


— as from sulphur vapor, Canth. Croc. 

— when talking, Caust. Lam. Sulph. 

— respiration prevented by sense of weak- 
ness in chest. Plat. 

— witli anxiousness Puis. 

sense of emptiness in chest, Poth. 

nau>ea, Canth. Lach. 

palpitation of the heart, Nitr-ac. Puis. 

sweat, Ars. Lach. Nux. 

thirst, Lach. 

vomiting, Lach. 

weakness, Ars. Lach. 

Oppression of the chest, Aeon. All-cep. 

Amir. Anac. Aug. Ant. Am. Ars. Asa-/. 

Aur. Bar-m. Bell. Berb. Bruc. Bry. 

Cadm. Calad. Calc. Camph. Cannab. 

Canth. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Cina. 

Cinnab. Cocc. Coff. Colch. Con. 

Croc. Crotal. Cupr. Cycl. Dros. Dulc. 

Evon. Ferr. Graph. Hep. Jgt. Iod. Ip. 

Kali-chl. Lach. Lact. Led. Lye. Mgn-c. 

Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. 

Millef. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Oleand. Op. 

Par. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Rhod. Rhus. Sabad. 

Saccli. Samb. Sec-c. Sencg. Sep. Sil.Spig. 

Stann. Sulph. '/'abac. Tart. Teucr. 

Thuj. Valer. Feral. Verb. Viol-od. 

Viol-tr. Zinc. 

— in right side, Ox ac. 

— of any kind, Pnosp. 

— anxious, Aeon. Anac. Am. Cannab. 
Cina. Colch. Kali-c. Nux. Op. Phosp. 
Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Spiff. Stann. 
Staph. Tabac. Tart. Thuj. Valer. Veiat. 

— as it from abdomen. Caps. 

— as if chest were too nairow, Oleand. 

i8_ 5 

Oppression of chest, from a cold, from 
mucus, Dulc. 

— compassing, Coloc. 

— constant, Lyc. 

— cons!ringing, tightening, Aeon. Agar. 
Ars. Aur. Bov. Camph. Canih. Carb an. 
Cina. Cocc. Colch. Dig. Dros. Euph. 
Ferr. Ip. Laur. Led. Mgn-c. Moseh. 
Nux-m. Phosp-ac. \Plat. Puis. Rhod. 
Sass. Sil. Spig- Staph. Stram. , Tabac. 

— caused by the corg'i, Cocc. 

— driving into the open air, Anac. 

— as from flatulence, Cham. 

— as if from fulness of eldest. Caps. K , Chin. 

— painful, Ambr. Con. 

— from pain in pericardial region, r Cina. 

— periodical, Colch. Plb. 

— pressing, Aug. Bry. Cannab. Colch. 
Mgn-s. Ran-sc. Rhod. Seneg. Spig. 
Valer. Viol-od. Zinc. 

— with rheumatism, Kalm. 

— betwien scapulae, Ambr. 

— from scrobiculus, proceeding, Mgn-m. 
Nux-m. Rhus. 

— as from smoke, Cocc. 

— as from sulphur-vapor, Brom. Camph. 

— when turning to right side, Euph. 

— in morning, Bell. Carb-an. Dig. Nux. 

bed, Mgn-s. 

afternoon, All-cep. Elaps. 

evening, Chin. Phosp. Zinc. 

in bed, Con. Sep. 

— at night, Amm-m. Berb. Calc. Coloc. 
Igt. Lact. Mgn-s Nux. Petr. Rhus. Sep. 

— during a fit of anger, Ars. Staph. 

— when ascending, Apis. Ars. Canth. 
Cupr. Grat. Merc. Nitr. Ol-an. Stann. 

steps, Aeon. Arg. 

— from bending, backwards, amel- 
iorated, Fluor-ac. 

— when bending forwards, Seneg. 
amelioiated, Lach. Spong. 

— in cold air, Ars. Petr. Puis. 
ameliorated, Cist. 

— when coughing, Dros.(compare Sect. 24). 
exercising, Ox-ac. Phosp. 

— bv expectoration, ameliorated, Hipp-m. 

— when lying, Asa f. Cham. Dig. Oleand. 
Sacch. Sep. 

ameliorated, Psor. 

— after meals, Asa-f. Catb-an Lach. Nux. 

— in open air, Ars. Aur. Graph. Lyc. 
Puis Selen. Seneg. Sulph. 

ameliorated, Bell. Lac-can. Puis. 

— from the pressure of clothes, Caust. 

— from raising the arms, Spig. 

— durir.g rest, Sil. 


Oppression of chest when sitting up to 
write, Psor. 

Standing, Phell. Sep. 

talking. Chin. Dros. Lach. 

walking, Dig. Mgn-s. Sep. 

— in open air, Lyc. 

quickly, Ang. 

— in warm room, Apis. 

— with backache, Lach. 

— alternating with convulsions, Igt. 

— with expectoration profuse, Sep. 
checked, Sep. 

— with beat, Anac. 

numbness of arms, Til in. 

hands, Puis. 

pain between scapulae. Bell. 

palpitation of heart, Grat. 

warmth rising in chest. Plat. Tan. 

weeping, Ran-b. 

Paralysis of lungs, Ars. Bar-c. Carb-veg. 

Chin. Laur. Lyc. Op. Phosp, Tart. 
Respiration anxious, Aeon. Aeth. Am. 

Ars. Hell. Bry. Cam ph. Cham 

Creos. //<•/. Hvdroc-ac. Igt. //. 

Lob. Phosp. /'/,;/. Plb. Puis. 

Samb. Scill. Sec-c. Spong. Stann. 

— asthmatic. Carb-an. Cina. Ip. Nitr-ac 
Phosp. Plb 

from manual labor, Nitr-ar. 

when walking quickly, Sil. 

— cold, Carb-veg. Chin. Cop 


— convulsive, Cupr. 

— crepitating, Hell. Carb-an. 
Caust. Cupr. Hep. Hyosc. 
Ntr-c. Xtr-m. Puis. Samb. 
Sil. Tart. 

— croaking, Cham. Lach. 

— with a dry sound, Nux. 

— fetid, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Aur. Bry. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Cist. Croc. Daph. 
Dulc. Lach. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Puis. Sass. Sep. Sulph. Zinc. 

— hiccouglung, Aeth. Ang. Asa-f./>//.Sec-e. 
when lying down, Asa-f. 

— hoarse. Hep. Kali-c. 

— hot. Aeon. Ant. Calc. Cham. Ferr. 
Maim. Ntr-m. Phosp. Rhus. Sabad. 
Scill. Stront. Zinc. 

— h u r ri e d , q u i c k , A c o n . A rs . A sa -/. Bell. B r v . 
Carb-veg. Cast. Clem. Cupr. Gels. Hell. 
Hep. Igt Ip. Led. Lvc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nux. "Phosp. Puis. Rhus. 
Scill. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spong. 
Sulph. Verat. 

— expiration impossible, Meph. 

— intermittent, Ang. BclLCina.Cocc-c.Op. 

— interrupted, stoppage, of Ang. Ars. 
Bar-c. Bell. Borax. Calc. Causi. Chin. 
C ic. Cina. Cupr. Cycl. Daph. Euphr. Guaj. 
Hydroc-ac. Igt. Kali-c. Merc-cor. Nux. 
Op. Phosp. Plat. Plb. Puis. Samb Sass. 
Sil. Stann. Stram. Sulph. Therid. Verat. 


Coi -r. 

Ip. Laur. 
Scill. Sep. 


Respiiation, stoppage of suddenly in child- 
ren, Cham. 

— irregular, Ang. Bell. Cham. Cina. Clem. 
Cocc. Cupr. Dros Igt. Iod. Laur. Led. 
Mosch. Nux. Op. Puis. Sep. Tart. 

at one time slow, at another hurried. 

Aeon. Bell. Igt. Nux. Op. Spong. 

— loud, Aeon. Arn. Calc Cham. Chin. Cina. 
Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Kali-c. Merc. Ntr-ni. 
Nux. Op. Phosp. Scill. Spong. Strain. 

when sitting still, Ferr. 

— moaning, Aeon. Aeth. Ars. Bell. Cupr. 
Hydroc-ac. Lach. Laur.Mu r-ac. Puis. Scill 

— painful, Chin. Led. Viol-od. 

— panting. Aeon. Arn. Cam ph. Carb-an. 
Chin. Cina. Cocc. Con. Ip. Laur. Lob. 
Nitr-ac. Op. Phosp. Plb. Prun. Sec-c. 
Sil. Spong. Strain. 

as from running, Hyosc. 

— possible only when keeping body up- 
right, Cannab. 

head high, Chin. 

— putrid; Arn. Ars. Aur. Nitr-ac. 

— rattling, Brom. Bry. Cuct. Cannab. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. .Chin. 
Cina. Cocc-c. Cupr. Hep. Hydroc-ac. 
Hyosc. I p. Lact. Laur. Lob. Lye. 
Nux-m. Nux. Op. Puis. Stann. Strain. 
Sulph. Tart. 

when walking in open air, Ang. 

— short, Aeon. Aeth. Agar. Anac. Arn. 
Ars. Bell. Bty. Camph. Cannab. 
Carb-veg. Cast. Cham. Chin. Cina. 
Cocc. Croton. Hell. Hep. Ip. Lach. 
Lob. Merc. Mosch. Phosp. Plat. Prun. 
Puis. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. 

— sighing, Aeon. Bell. Bry. Calad. 
Carb-an. Cham. Glon. Igt. Ip. Sil. 
Spong. Stram. 

— slow, Aeon. Arn. /W/. Brom. Bry. Camph. 
Caps. Cast. Chin. Clem. Con. Cupr". 
Hell. Hep. Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. 
Laur. Merc-cor. Nux-m. Nux. Oleand. 
Op. Spong. 

in sleep, Aeon. 

— snoring, Arn. Camph. C/iam. Chin. Hep. 
Hydroc-ac. Hyosc. Lach. Laur. Lyc. 
Ntr-m. Op. Pen. Siann. Sulph. 

— sobbing, Aeon. Aeth. Ang. Ant. Asa-f. 
Bry. Ip. Led. Ran-sc. Sec-c Sil. Stram. 

— soft, Bell. Canth Hep. Oleand. Phosp. 
Verat. Viol-od. 

— soui smelling, Nux. 

— stertorous, Anac. Arn. Bell. Cannab. 
Carb-an. Cupr. Hyosc. Laur. Lyc. Op. 
Petr. Puis. Spong. Stann. Tart. 

in evening, in bed, Carb-an. 

when lying on the side affected, Anac. 

— superficial, Aeon. Lob. Puis. 

— vehement, expiration, Bell. Caps. Chin. 
Igt. Stram. 


I8 7 

Respiration weak, Ant. Igt. Laur. Phosp. 
Strain. Viol-od. 

— wheezing, Ambr. Ars. Calad. Calc. 
Cannab. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Croton. 
Dolich. Dros. Fluor-ac. Graph. Hep. 
Hipp-m. Kali-c. Lach. Murex. Nitr-ac. 
Ox-ac. Phosp. Sabad. Samb. Sang. Scill. 
Spong. Stann. Sulph. 

in evening bed, Ntr-m. 

— whistling, Aeon. Ambr. Ars. Brom. 
Cannab. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Coloc. 
Creos. Cupr. Hep. Kali-c. Laur. Phosp. 
Sabad. Samb. Sang. Spong. Stann. 

— whooping, Carb-an. Cilia. Hyosc. 
Nitr-ac. Sil. Stram. 

Respiration, disorders of in morning, 
Ambr. Bell. Carb-an. Con. Dig. Kali-c. 
Nux. Phosp. Tart- 

bed, Carb-an. Con. Mgn-s. Tart. 

evening Ars. Chin. Cycl. Ferr. 

Nux. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Stann. 
Sulph. Tart. Zinc. 

bed. Ars. Carb-an. Chin. Con. 

Ferr. Graph. Ntr-m. Sep. Tart. 

ameliorated, Lyc. 

at night, Aeon. Alum. Amm-m. Ars. 

Aur. Berb. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Cham. Chin. Coloc. Cupr. Daph. Dig. 

Ferr. Graph. Igt. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 

Lach. Lyc. Mgn-s. Merc. Nux. Op. 

Petr. Phosp Plb. Puis. Ran-b.Rhus. 

Samb. Selen. Seneg. Sep. Stann. Sulph. 

during a fit of anger, Ars. Staph. 

when ascending an eminence, Ars. 

Aur. Calc. Canth. Cast. Cupr. Grat. 

Iod. Merc. Nitr. Nux. Ol-an. Sep. 

Stann. Zinc. 
steps, Amm-c. Ang. Ars. Borax. 

Hyosc. Led. Merc. Nitr-ac. Rat. 

Ruta. Seneg. 

— when bending forward, Seneg. 
ameliorated, Cocc-c. Kali-c. Lach. 

— as from congestion of blood, Agar. Calc. 
Puis. Tereb. 

— from bodily exertion, Amm-c. Ars. 
pain in chest, Selen. 

— in children, Ambr. Calc. Lyc. 

— from coffee drinking, Bell. 

cold air, Ars. Petr. Puis. 

ameliorated, Cist. 

— after a cold, Ip. 

— when coughing, Cupr. (compare Sect. 

drinking, Bell. 

— after drinking, Nux. 

— as from dust, Cycl. Ip. 

— when /evacuating, Rhus, (compare Sect. 

l8 >- , T , 
exercising, Ars. Con. Ip. Led. Phosp. 

Puis. Spig. Stann. Verat. 

moving in bed, Spig. 

— from flatulency, Carb-veg. Ol-an. Zinc. 

Respiration, disorder of, from holding back 
the body, Cupr. 

labor, Bov. Pyc. Sil. 

manual, Amm-m. Bov. Ntr-m. 

Nitr-ac. Sil. 
laughing, Ars. Cupr. 

— on lifting the arms, Spig. 

— when lying, Ars. Asa-f. Calc. Cannab. 
Dig. Hep. Lach. Nux. Oleand. Phell. 
Phosp. Puis. Samb. Sep. Sulph. Tart. 

on ti e back, Ol-an. Phosp. Sil. 

with head low, Chin. Colch. Hep. 

Nitr. Puis. Sacch. 

on the side, Carb-an. Puis. 

right side, ameliorated, Spig. 

— during meals, Mgn-m. 

— after mc;ils, Ars. Asa-f. Carb-an. Cham. 
Chin. Lach. Merc. Nux-m. Nux. Phosp. 
Puis. Sulph. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

— with mouth open, Aeon. Scill. 

— from mucus accumulated, Chin. Seneg. 

— in open air, Ars. Aur. Graph. Lyc. Puis. 
Selen. Seneg. Sulph. 

ameliorated, Bell. 

— with the pains, Ars. Puis. Sil. 

— periodical, Colch. Plb. 

— from pressure of the clothes, Caust. 

— by pos t : on, change of, relieved, Ol-an. 

— when at rest, Feir. Sil. 

retracting the shoulders, reliev- 
ed, Amm-c. Ars. Calc. 
running, Igt. 

— after ru ining, Sil. 

— from pain in sacral region, Selen. 

— in scofulous persons, Ambr. 

— when si ting. Alum. Dig. Dros. Euphr. 
Lach. Phosp. Samb. Verat. 

bent forward. Dig. Rhus. 

— by half sitting, relieved, Spig. 

— during sleep, Lach. Sulph. 

— when standing, Phell. Sep. 

— from stitches in chest, Aloe. 

stomach, originating, Caps. Rhus. 

— when stooping, Calc. Caust. Chin. Laur. 
Seneg. Sil. Sulph. 

— as from sulphur vapor, Camph. Croc. 

— when swallowing, Bell. 

talking, Caust. Dros. Lam. Spig. 


touching the throat, Bell. Lach. 

turning the throat, Bell. 

walking, Agar. Ars. Bell. Carb-veg. 

Con. Led. Lyc. Ntr-s. Nux. Phell. 

Puis. Rhus. Selen. Seneg. Sep. Stann. 


in open air, Aur.Lyc. Selen. Seneg. 

quickly, Ang. Aur. Caust. Cupr. 

Kali-c. Merc. Ntr-m. Puis. Seneg. Sil. 
against the wind, Calc. Lyc. Phosp. 

Psor. Selen. 



Respiration, disorders of, in a warm room, 

— from wearing too warm clothes, Ars. 

— as from weakness, Cycl. 

a Weight on the chest, Cannab. 

Igt. Rhus. Sabad. 

— in wind\- wc.ithcr, Ars. Calc. 

— with dryne>s of nose, Canih. 
desiie to evacuate, Brv. 

emptiness in pit of stomach, Stann. 

expectoration too copious, Sep. 

checked, Sep. 

humming in ears, Nux. 

mouth open, Aeon. Scill. 

pain in pit of stomach, Nux. 

Stitches in chest and pain in hip.Ox-ac. 

Short breathing, Aeon. Agar.Ambr.Kmra-c. 

Anac. Arn. Ars. Asm: Bell. Bov. Bry. 

Calc. Cannab. Carb-veg. Cast. Caust. 

Cina. C»/r. Cor-r. Creos. Cupr. Cycl. 

Dros. Euph. Euphr. Ferr. Hep. Ip. 

Kali-c Kalm. Lach. Lact. Led. Lyc. 

Mgn-c. Mere. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. Xux-m. Nux. Op. 

Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Pod. 

Prun. Psor. Puis, A'an-b. Rhus. A'uta. 

Sabad. Sass. Scill. Seng. Sep. Si I. Spig. 

Stann. Sulph. Tabac. Tart. Thuj. Verat. 

Viol-od. Zinc. 

— excessive, Lob. 

— in morning, Kali-c. 

afternoon, San<r. 

evening, Cycl. Rhus. 

in bed, Sep. 

— at night, Sep. 

— when ascending. Cast. Scill. 
steps, Amm-c. Hyosc. Merc. 


— in children, Lye. 

— as if from dust, Ip. 

— when exercising, Scill. Verat. 

— from expectoration, suppressed, Guaj. 

flatulency, Zinc. 

any labor, Lye. Nitr-ac. 

manual, Bov., Sil. 

— when lying, Sep. 

— after meals, Ars. Nujt-m. Puis. Zinc. 

— from mucus, in trachea, Selen. Thuj. 

— in open air, Sulph. 

— from pressure in middle of sternum. 

— during rest. Sulph. 

— when sleeping, or raiding oneself up, 

standing, Sep. 

talking, Spitf. 

- as from something tied around abdo- 
men, Kali-b. 

— from touching larvnx, Lach. 

— when walking, Carb-veg. Con. Ntr-s. 
Phell. Sep. 

— open air, Sulph. 

Short breathing, when walking rapidly, 
Igt. Merc. Nir-m. Seneg Sil. 

— as from weakness. Cycl. 

— with tension in chest, Rhus. 
Suffocative catarih, Ant Bar.c. Camph. Iod. 

Op. Plb. Samb. See-e. (compare Sufloca- 
tive (its.) 

— fiits. Aeon. Anac. Ant. Ars. Aur. Bell. 
Brom. Bry. Cact. Calc. Camph. Caib-an. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Cina. Cojj. Con. 
Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Dios. Ferr. Graph. 
Hep. Hipp-m. Hydroc-ac. Igt. Iod. Ip. 
Kali-c. Lach. Lact. Led. Merc. State k. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Up. Phosp. Plat. Pod. 
/'tils. Rhod. Rhus. Samb. Sec-c. Sil. 
Spig. Spotlg. Strain. Sulph. J art. Verat. 
Zinc. (compare Rispiiation, obstructed.) 

in morning, Dig. 

in bed, Carb-an. Tart. 

when rising relieved, Led. Puis. Sulph. 

in evening, in bed, Ars. Chin, Ferr. 

Graph. Tait. 
at night. Chin. Graph. Lact. A'ttx. 

Phosp. Puis. S.mb. Sulph. 

— — ever)- six months, Sacch. 

must bend head backwards, Hep. 

as from constriction of lungs, Hell. 

feeling that he cannot exhale, Meph. 

when lying, Hep. Lact. Puis. 

on moving or raising arms, Spig. 

from accumulation of mucus in air 

passages, Camph. 

as if larvnx was full of mucus, Chin. 

— . — in room, relieved in open, Ip. 

when touchingor turning the neck,Zfr//. 

in larynx, Bell. Lach. 

with burning heat Of trunk, and cold 

extremities, Ferr. 

open eyes, bloated blue hands 

and face, and heat without thirst, 

opisthotous before cough, Led. 

restlessness and weeping, Samb. 

Tightness of chest, asthma, Aconi Agar. 

Aloe. Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. Ant. 
' Apis. Arn. Ars. Asar. Aur. Bar-c. 

Bar-m. Bell. Brom. Bry. Calad. Calc. 

Camph. Cannab. Caps. Carb-an. Carb veg. 

Caust. Cham. Chelid. Chin. Cic. Cina. 

Cist. Cocc. Colch. Coloc. Con. Croc. 

Crotal. Cupr. Daph. Dig. Dros. Dulc. 

Euph. /Wr.Graph.Grat. Hep. HyJroc-ac. 

Hyosc. Igt. Iod. I p. A'alic. Lach. Lact. 

Laur. Led. Lob. Lyc. Meny. Merc. 

Mercurial. Mez. Mosch. Ntr-c. Nir-m. 

Niir-ac. Nilr. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Par. 

Petr. Phell. Phosp. Plat. Plb. Psor. 

Puis. Ran-sc. Raph. Rheum. Rhod. 

A'uta. Sabin. Samb. Sang. Sass. Scill. 

Sec-c. Selen. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. 

Spong. Stann. Siram. Stront. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tart. Thuj. Verat. Viol-od. 

Viol-tr. Zinc. 



Tightness, as if larynx was not wide 
enough, Cist. 

— of any kind, Phosp. 
in chest, Sabad. 

— caused by dust, Poth. 

— with eructations as if stomach were fil- 
led with dry food, Calad. 

— humidum, Bar-m. Zing. 

— periodical, Lach. 

— as from sulphur-vapor. Puis. 

— worse in cold weather, Apis. 

— with hydrothorax, Psor. 

redness of face, eructation and as 

if chest was extended. Caps. 

oedematous swelling of whole 

. body, ascite; and induration o 
liver. Lact. 

— spasmodic, Asa-f. Canst. Cupr. P. 
Kali-c. Lach. Laur. Led. Lob. Mosch. 
Mux. Op. Phosp. Phosp ar. Plb. Puis. 
Raph. Sass. Sec-c. Sulph. Zinc. 

from stomach and scrobicdlus 

proceeding, Caps Ferr. 

— straining across chest, Calc. 

— as from fulness, Calc. Carb-veg. Phosp. 
Puis. Sep. Verat. 

— in morning. Carb an. Con. Kali-c. Phos; . 
in bed, Con. 

evening, Ferr. Nux. Phosp. Puis. 

Stann. Zinc. 
in bed. Graph. Sep. 

— at night, Amm m. Aur. Brv. C lor. 
Daph. Dig. Ferr. Kali-c. Lach. Nux. Phosp. 
Puh. Sanjj. Sep. Sulph. 

— after midnight. Ferr. 
3 A.M., Cupr. 

— when ascending, Cupr. Merc. Stann. 

steps. Led. Mere. Nitr-ac. 

bending backwards, Cupr. 

— after bodily exertion, Amm-c. 

— in children and old people, Ambr. 

— from cold air, Petr. 

— with coryza, Berb. 

— when coughing, Cupr. 

Tightness, after drinking, Nux. 

— when exercising. Led. Phosp. 

— with heat in forehead, Lob. 

— hysterical, Ars. 

— when laughing, Cupr. 

— as from a lump in pit oi throat, above 
sternum, Lob. 

— when lying, Caust. Dig. Ferr. 'Sep. 
with head low, Nitr. 

horizontally, Puis. 

— from manual labor, Amm-m. Ntr-m. 

— after meals, Carb-an. Lach. Phosp. 

— in open'air, Aur. Selen. 
relieved, Ntr-m. 

— during rest, Ferr. 

— when retracting, the shoulders relieved, 

— as from rapid running, Hyosc. 

— in scrofulous persons, 'Ambr. 

— when sitting, Caust. Dig. Ferr. Psor. 

— by sitting up and bending head on 
knees, relieved, Cocc-c. Kali-c. 

— when standing, Sep. 

- can only breathe when standing, 

- when talking, Dros. 

walking, Agar. Led. Sep. Stann. Stront. 

rapidly, Ci pr. Kali-'-. Merc. 

by walking ai d talking, relieved, 


Want of breath, Ang. Am. Ars. Bell. Bry. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Cina. Cycl. Eupat. 
Ferr. Hyosc. Igt. Iod. Ip. Laur. Led, 
Lyc.Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp-ac.Puls. 
Rhus. Scill. Seneg. Sep. Stann. Stram. 

— when exercising, Ars. 

— gasping, Brom. Bry. Dros. Ferr. Ip. 

— cannot recover breath, Dros. Hyosc. 
Sep. Tart. 

— as from rapid running, Hyosc. 

— when talking, Lam. Phosp-ac. 



26. Chest and Heart. 

Abscess of lungs, Kali-c. 
Adhesion of lungs, after inflamation, 

— sensation of, Cadm. Eupli. Kali-c. Mez. 
Nitr. Ran-b. Seneg. Thuj. 

As if air could not peneti ate deep enough, 

sensation, Croton. 
As if lungs touched the back, sensation, 


Angina pectoris, Aug. Ars. Dig. Hep. Ip. 

Lach. Ox-ac. Samb. Sep. Verat. 
Anxiety in chest. Aeon. Anac. Am. Bell. 

Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Cocc. Con. Creos. 

doton. Graph. Hyosc. Lam. Lyc. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Petr. 

Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Seneg. Sep. Spit;. 

Spong. Stann. Sulph. 'leucr. Viol-od. , 

— about the be.irt, Ars. Aur. Bell. Calc. 
Catnph. C inn. ib. Gins/. Chant . Ci>(jf. 
Croc. Cycl. Dig. Evon. Lyc. Merc. 
Mosch Nux. PlU. Plb. Puis. Rims. 
Sec-c. Spong. Thcrid. Verat. Viol-tr. 

As if beaten, pain, Amni-m. Arn. Cieos. 

Evon. Ferr. Lact. Lyc. Mang. Merc Muiex. 

Mur-ac. Ol-an. Ran-sc. Sil. Stann. 

Verat. (compare Sect. 27.) 
Blond, congestion, Cocc. Lact. Nux. 

Ol-an. Plb. Rhod. Seneg. Sep. Thuj. 

— congestion to chest. Aeon. Aloe 
Anun-e. Aur. Bell. Brom. Carb-veg. 
Chin. Cocc. Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Ferr. 
Glon. Iod. Kali-c. Lact. Mgn-m. Merc. 
Nitr-ae. Nitr. Nux Ol-an. Plio.p. Puis. 
Rat. Rhod. Rhus. Scill. Seneg. Sep. Sil. 
Spon<?. Sulph. Thuj. 

at night. Puis. 

after exertion and motion, Sponr. 

writing, Amm-c. 

with weakness and nausea, Spong. 

— to the heart, Cycl. Puis. Sulph. 
at night, Puis. 

— as if stopping, sensation. Sabad. Seneg. 

— fiom sea-bathin<r, Mgn-in. 

Boriiiii. c'lest. Alum. Brom. Cina. Cupr. 
lnd. Kali-c. Lob. Mur-ac. Rhus. Seneg. 

— heart, Seneg. 

Bubbling and boiling about heart, Lacbn. 
Burning, chest. Amm-c. Ant. Arn. Ars. 

Bum. Bry. Calc. Canth. Carb-veg. Ca>-t. 

Caust. Cham. Cic. Cina. Cocc. Colch. 

Cop. Creos. Croton. Euph. Hyper. Iod. 

Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Lact. Lain. Laur. 

Led. Lob. Lye. Mgn-m. Mgn-s Mang. 

Merc. Meic-sulph. Murex. Mur-ac. 

Nux. Ol-an. Op. Phosp. Pliosp-ar. 

Psor. Puis. Ran-b. Rat. Sabad. Sang. 

Seneg. Spig. Spong. Sulph. Tabac. Tart. 

Teicb. 'Pong. Zinc. 
Burning, chc>t, right side, Carb-an. 

lising even to face, Sulph. 

■ — in sternum, Cham. Kali-b. 

at night, Lach. 

when bieathinir. Kali-c. 



Op. Puis. 

Mgn-s. Mcz. Tcrcb. 

■ couguing, 

Sect. 24.) 

— heart, Carb-veg. 

: — sternum, Cham. 

under, Cocc-c 

under lo.ver part of, Gels. 

Bursting, as if, pai't, Bry. Carb-an ("ham. 
I Cina. Merc. Mur-ac. Rhus. Seneg. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

, trom cough, Lact. 

j Chilliness, in chest, Bry. Ntr-c. 

evening, Ars. 

j left side, Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

— begins in che>t, Cic. Spig. 

; Clawing sensation in chest, Samb. Stront. 
Clucking sound in chest, Cina. 
i Coldness, sensation of, in chest, Amm-c. 
Arn. Ars Berb Camph Carb an. Cor-r. 
Graph. Lach. Lact. Oleand. Petr. Rhus. 
Ruta. Spong. Sulph. Thuj. Zinc. 

left side, Ntr-m. 

Compression, sensation of. Aeon. Agar. 
Arg. .-/;-//. Calc. Carb-an. Cham. Cina. 
Coloc. Dulc. Evon. Hyosc. Kali-c. 
Laur. Ateny. Merc. Oleand. Op. Plat. 
Rhod. Ruta. Seneg. Stann. Tcucr. 
Verat. Zinc. 
at night, Ruta. 

— at the heart, Arn. Ntr-m. 
Contraction, consiriction, Alum. Anac. Arn. 

Ars. Asa-f. Asar. Mcll.Bism. Brom. Bufo. 
Cact. Caps. Carb-veg. CI am. Cinnab. 
Coce. Con. Cop. Cupr. Dig. Dros. Dulc. 
Elaps. Ferr. Gels. Glon. Haematox. 
//<■//. Hc:>. Hipp-m Igt. Ip. Kab-chl. 
Lach. Lact. Laur. Led. L th. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Mang. Merc-cor. Mez. Mosch. 


Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. 
1 J Li. Puis. Rat. Rhod. Rhus. Sabad. 
Sua'). Seneg. Sep. Spig. Spong. Staph. 
S ram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tart. 
A erat. Vtfib. Zinc. 
Con; tac tion, constriction, upper part, Cham. 

— 1 wer part, Gels. Haematox. 

— < ded (riglit), Cocc. 

— a heart, Ang. Cact. Calc. Kali-c. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 

— originating in epigastrium, Rhus. 

— spasmodic, Asa f. Lact. Sec-c. Verat. 
up to throat, Asa-f. 

by deep inspiration, increase, must 

sit up in bed at night, Lact. 

— of lower part of chest, Dros. Nux. 
upper part of chest. Rhus. 

— from bringing the arms together, Sulph. 

— v. hen ascending, Nux. 

\v ; en bending forward, Dig. 

— f om cold air, Bry. 

— in cold air, or temperature, worse, 

— in getting cold, Mosch. 

— a ter drinking, Cupr. 

— fi >m exercise, Ars. Ferr. Nux. 

— when stooping. Alum. 

mi touch, eating and drinking, in- 
ci cased, Arn Cupr. 

— when walking, Ferr. Nux. 
Cra k'ing in chest, Sabin. 

— a out heart, Ntr-c. 

Cutting in cliest, Aug. Arg. Aur. Bad. 

Bell. Calc. Cannab. Dulc. Ind. Kali-c. 

Kali-jod. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr. 

Ol-an. Petr. Phosp-ac. Psor. Puis. Rat. 

Ruta. Sabin. Spig. Stann. Sulpli. Tabac. 

Tar. Verat. 

right side, Colch. Lachn. 

left, lung, sudden, Ox-ac. 

heart, Jac-cor. Kali-c. Kali jod. Sabin. 

— when breathing and bending forwards, 

Det died, sensation as if viscera were, 


Dig ing, Aeon. Cannab. Carb-an. Cina. 

Dulc. Lach. Meny. Oleand. Stann. 
Dilatation, of chest, sensation of, Oleand. 
Distention, sensation of, Ars. Thuj. 
Dist :nd, as if lungs did not, Asa-f. 


Drawing, Camph. Con. Evon. Lact. 
Oleand. Seneg. 

— al heart, Bell. Nux-m. Rhus. 

Dro >sy of chest, Amm-c. Apis. Ars. Bry. 
( vrb-veg. Chin. Colch. Dig. Dulc. 
F!uor-ac. Hell. Kali-c. Lact. Lyc. 
Merc-sulph. Op. Sang. Scill. Seneg. 
i. tig. Stann. 

— f am organic diseases, Spig. 

— ■ ith asthma, Psor. 

Dn tess, Ferr. Kali-chl. Merc. Osm. Puis. 
/ nc. 

Emptiness, sensation of, Calad. Cocc. Croc. 
Croton. Graph. Kali-c. Oleand. Plat, 
i Poth. !*cp. Mann. Sulph. Zinc. 

— in heai t, Sulph. 

I — after expectoration, Calad. Stann. 
As if something were falling forward in the 

chest, when turning in bed, sensation, 

Bar-c. Sulph. 
drops were falling from heart. 


Fluttering in region of heart, Kali-jod. 

Ntr-m. Rhus. 
Fulness, sensation of, Aeon. Agar. Arg-n. 

Bar-m. Brom. Calc. Carb-veg. Cist. 

Croton. Ferr. Lach. Lachn. Lact. Lob. 

Lyc. Nitr-ac. Nux-m Nux. Phosp. Puis. 

Rhus. Ruta. Sacch. Sep. Spong. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tereb. Verat. 

— in heart, Glon. 

morning, Sulph. 

Gangrene of lungs, Lach. 

Gnawing, (corroding,) pain in chest, 

Ran-sc. Ruta. 
Gurgling, when breathing, Cina. Ind. 


As of something hard falling down, Bar-c. 
Heart affections of, in general, Aeon. Aur. 
Hyosc. Puis. Spig. 

— as i( on right side, sensation, or would 
be crushed, Borax. 

Heart beat, double one hard, and full, 
the other soft and small, Lachn. Op. 

each beat with a bellows sound, 


— fluttering, Ntr-m. 

— increased, Ars. Bar-c. Bar-m. Dig. 
Dulc. Ferr-m. Mur-ac. Sabin. 

— intermitting, Bry. Chin. Dig. Kali-c. 
Ntr-m. Op. Ox-ac. Phosp-ac. Samb. 
Sec-c. Sep. Stram. Sulph. 

— irregular. Aeth. Ars. Hydroc-ac. Laur. 
Ntr-m. Zinc. 

feeble, Hydroc-ac. 

— lower, seemingly, Cannab. 

— slow, Laur. 

— tremulous, Ars. Calc. Camph. Cic. 
Creos. Ntr-m. Rhus. Sabin. Spig. 

— twitching, Arn. Daph. 

— organic diseases of, Cact. Calc Caust. 
Crotal. Lach. Lyc. Naja. Puis. Spig. 

Heart, palpitation of, Aeon. Alum. Ambr. 
Amm-c. Aug. Arn. Ars. Asa-f. Aur. 
Bar-c. Bar-m. Bell. Berb. Bism. Bov. 
Brom. Bry. Cact. Calc. Cannab. Canth. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Cocc. 
Colch. Coloc. Con. Cop. Creos. Crotal. 
Cupr. Cvcl. Daph. Dig. Ferr. Graph. 
Grat. Hell. Hep. Hydroc-ac. Hyper. 
Igt. Iod. Ip. Kali-c. Kali chl. Kalm. 
Lach Lvc. Mgn-m. Merc. Millef. Mosch. 
Murex. Mur-ac. Naja. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Olcanct. 



Pctr. Phosp. Plat. Prun. Puis. Rheum. 
Scill. Sep. Si!. Siann. Staph. Bui ph. Zinc. 
Par. Pett. Ph.sp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. 
Pod. Psor. Puis. Rhus. Rhus-rad. 
Sabad. Sang. Sass. Sec-c. Seneg. Sep, 
Sil. Spig. Spong. Staph. Stront. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac Tabac. Tart. Tcllur. Thuj. 
Verat. Viol-od. Zinc. 
Heat, palpitation of any kind, Phosp. 

anxious, Aeon. Ars. Aspar. Aur. 

Bar-c. Calc. Cannab. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Chclid. Chin. Cocc. Croc. 
Dig. Klaps. Graph. Kali-c. Lach. 
Lyc. Merc. Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. OUand. Phosp. /'/,;/. 
Plb. Psor. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sass. 
Scc-c. Sep. Spig. Sulph. Tart. 
Verat. Viol tr. Zinc. 

audible, Bell. Cam ph. Dig.Spig. Thuj. 

concussive, Seneg. 

felt in face, Murac. 

laboi ed, Glon. 

nervous, Cocc. 

palpable, externally, Cycl. Dulc. 

Mur ac. Plb. 

reverberating in head. Bell. 

spasmodic, Iod. Sec-c. 

vehement, Aug. Aur. Bell Bry. 

Carb-veg. Chin. Colch. Croton. 

Dig. Hep. tod. Lachn. A'tr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nitr. Oleand. Phosp. Puis. 

Rhus. Sec-c. Senear. Sep. Spig 

Sulph. Thuj. Verat. Viol-od. 

visible, Spig. Sulph. Tart. Verat. 

in morning, Caib-an. Nux. Phosp 

Rhus. Spig. Thuj. 

in bed, Igt. Kali-c. 

when hungry, Kali-c. 

evening, Ang. Carb-an. Hipp-m. 

in bed, Ang. Lyc. 

at night. Agar. Arg-n. Ars. Bar-c. 

Calc. Dulc. Igt. Mur-ac. Nlr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Oxac. Puis. 


from anger, Phosp. 

when ascending, Bell. Sulph. 

steps, Croton. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Thuj. 

after drinking, Con. 

evacuation, Caust. Grat. Tart 

exercising, Bad. Graph. Ntr-m. 

Nitr-ac. Par. Staph. 

relieved. Mgn-m. 

from physical exertion, Amm-c. Pod. 

by exertion, increased, Iod. 

when expanding chest, Lach. 

from the hymn tune in church. 


when lying down, Nitr. Ox-ac. Viol-od. 

on the side, Ang. Bar-c. Daph. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Puis. Tabac. 


left side, Anir.Brom.Cact. 

Ntr-c. Puis. Tabac. 

Heat, palpitation of, when lying on back, 

after meals, Bufo. Calc. Camph. 

Igt. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. 
Puis. Thuj 

after mental affection, Phosp. Puis. 

fiom mental exertion, Igt. Sulph. 

music, Caib-an. Staph. 

pain in chest, Lach. 

when at rest, Mgn-c. Par. Phosp. 

Rhus. Spig. 

by rising and walking about, re- 
lieved, Glon. 

when sitting, Carb-veg. Mgn-m. 

Phosp. Rhus. Spig. 

bent. Ant. Dig. 

after sleep at noon, Staph. 

speaking. Puis. 

when standing. Agar. 

from stooping. Ang. Spig. Sulph-ac. 

when walking, Aeon. Cact. Nitr-ac. 

in open air, Ambr. 

— attended by, blood, congestion of, 

Glon. Kali-c. Sabad. 

chest, pain in, Nux. 

choking from, least exertion, Lach. 

cold feet, Kali-chl. 

coldness, sensation of, in heart, 


epigasirinum, retraction of, Amm-c. 

face hot, Aeon. Glon. 

pale, Ambr. 

giddiness and restlessness, Bov. 

headache, Bov. 

pain in heart, Igt. 

lieat, Nitr-ac. 

flu-hes of, Calc. Lach. 

vital, increa-ed. Aeon. 

loosening all clothing. Puis. 

nausea, Arg-n. Bov. Bufo. Nux. Thuj. 

, respiration affected, Aeon. Bry. 

Puis. Verat. 

sight, obscuration of, Puis. 

small of back, pain in, Lach. 

syncope, Lach. Nux-m. 

throbbing in whole body, followed 

by sweai, Tellur. 

weakness .in pit of stomach, 


Heat in chest, Aeon. Amm-c. Apis. Ars. 
Bar-m. Bism. Bry. Cast. Cham. Cic. 
Cocc-c. Croton. Dig. Grat. Hyosc. Iod. 
Lachn. Meny. Ntr-m. Nux. Op. Puis. 
Ran-sc. Rat. Rhus. Ruta. Samb. Spig. 

— about heart, Glon. Lachn. Op. 

— from chest to liver, Sang. 

— rising in thorax, sensation of, Ol-an. 
Phosp. Plat. Thuj. 

Heaviness (weight) sensation in chest, 
Aeon. Alum. Amm-c. Amm-m. Am. 
Bar-c. Bov. Bry. Cast. Cop. Creos. Gels. 
Lach. Lact. Laur. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Nice. Nitr. A'ux-m. Nux. Oleand. Ox-ac. 


Heaviness, weight lower part of thorax, 

— morning, Sulph. 

— night, Amm-m. 

— when ascending, Bar-c. 
breathing deep, Cast. 

— during meals, Mgn-m. 

— when sitting, Staph. 

walking, Amm-m. Lact. Sulph. 

— by walking, relieved, Staph. 

— sensation of, athiart, Croc. Glon. Puis. 
Hollow, as if chest were, Poth. 
Hypertrophy of heart, Kalm. 
Inflammation of heart, Aeon. Ars. Bry. 

Cannab. Cocc. Puis. Spig, 

— lungs, A con. Ars. Bell. Biy. Cact. 
Cannab. Canth. Carb-veg. Chin. Cop. 
Crot;il. Hyosc. Kali-c. Lach. Lachn. 
Lyc. Merc. Nitr. Nux. Op. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Sacch. 
Sang. Scill. Seneg. Sep. Spig. Stram. 
Sulph. Tart. Verat. 

left side, Phosp. 

lower lube, Sulph. 

right side, Brom. 

lower lobe, Kali-c. 

after abuse of aconite, Bry. 

in aged persons, Bry. 

after a cold, Camph. 

neglected, Lyc. Sulph. 

nervous, Bell. Bry. Chin. Con. Hyosc. 

Laur. Lyc. Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Puis. Rhus. Stram. Tart. Verat. 
from weakness, Chin. 

— pleura, Aeon. Bry. Phosp. Scill. 

rheumatic, Am. Bry. Nux. Sabad. 

Itching in chest, Ambr. Ars. Con. Iod. 

Phosp. Puis. Sep. Stann. 
and tl.yroid gland, Ambr. 

— under ribs of lelt side, Fluor-ac. 
Jerks in chest, Cina. Scill. Valer. 
when breathing, Lyc. 

at heart, Fluor ac. Ntr-m. 

Jumping sensation in chest. Croc. 
Langor in chest, Carb-veg. Phosp. 
evening. Ran-sc. 

— from reading aloud, Cocc. 
singing, Carb-veg. 

Lightness sensation of, when breathing, 

Like something living in chest, sensation, 

Croc. Led. 
Looseness, sensation of, Bry. 
Like a lump, sensation, Ambr.Cocc. Sulph. 
Motion spasmodic in chest, Am. 
Oppression at heart, Cannab. Caust. 

Mgn-m. Spig. Tabac. Viol-tr. 
with melancholy, Caust. 

— of che?t, (compare. Sect. 25.) 

alternating with headache, Glon. 

Pain in general chest, Coloc. Creos. Dulc. 

Hydroc-ac. Lachn. Lact. Lob. Ox-ac. 
Phosp. Poth. Sabad. Sep. 


Pain in general, must press chest with 
hand, Creos. Sep. 

— right side with, with aggravation from 4 
to 5 p.m., Merc-sulph. 

— starting Irom shoulder, Sabad. 

— from overlilting, Sulph. 

— as from a sprain, Kalm. 

— after inflammation of lungs, Amm-c. 
Lach. Lyc. Phosp. Sulph. 

— in right lung, Rumex. 

centre of lelt lung, Rumex. 

— through apex of both lungs, Dolich. 

— dull, under sternum, on raising head 
and drawing breath, Jac-cor. 

— about heart, Benz-ac. Hydroc-ac. Lach. 
Laur. Ntr-m. Ox-ac. Pallad. Spong. 
Tellur. Thuj. 

after pains in bladder, Lith. 

— extending to head, Lith. 

— as if a bar were exiending, to right side 
anxiety.palpitation of heart small pulse, 
hot hands and chills, lloematox. 

— in evening, Ran-sc. Veib. 

— at night, Ran-sc. Tart. 

— when ascending, steps, Aeon. 

— with anxiety, Spong. 

Paralysis of lungs, Bar-c. Chin. Hydroc-ac. 
Lach. Laur. Seneg. Tart, (compare 
Sect. 25.) 

— sensation of, Lob. (compare Sect. 25. 
Perforation sensation of, Lob. 

Phthisis pulmonalis, Calc. Creos. Dulc. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp. Psor. Sang.Seneg. Sep. 
Si!. Stann. 

— acute, Ars. Bry. Chin. Dros. Dulc. Ferr. 
Law: Ntr-m. Puis. 

— after haemorrhages, Chin. 

mechanical injuries to chest, Ruta. 

— mucus, Dulc. Merc. Phosp. Seneg. 

— purulent, ulcerative, Ars. Brom. Bry. 
Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Chin. Creos. 
Dros. Guaj. Hyosc. Iod. Kali-c. Led. 
Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. 
Phosp. Puis. Ruta. Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 
(compare Sect. 24; — expectoration puru- 

— tuberculous, Calc. Kali-c. Lyc. Phosp. 
Puis. Stann. 

with rapid emaciation, Dros. 
Pinching pain chest, Agar. Alum. Bell. 
Carb an. Carb-veg. Cina. Cupr. Dulc. 
Ip. Kali-c. Par. Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. Rhod. 

Like a plug, sensation, Anac. Aur. 
Pressing sensation, Ambr. Carb-veg. Cic. 

during meals, Paeon. 

— asunder, Euph. 

Pressure, Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. Arg. 
Ars. Asa-/. Asar. Bar-c. Bell. Bism. 
Brom. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Cast. Caust. 
Chin. Cic. Cist. Cocc. Cocc-c. Coleh. 



Croton. Cupr. Cycl. Dig. Fluor-ac. 
Graph. Grat. Hyosc Hyper. Igt. Kali-b 
Kali-c. Lacli. Lact. Lam. Laur.Lith.Lyc. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Me*. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 
Nice. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. Op. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Psor. Ran-b. Rhod. Ruta. Sabad.Sabin.Samb. 
Sang. Scill. Seneg Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. 
Staph. Strain. Stront. Sulph, Sulph-ac. 
Tabac. Tar. Thuj. Verat. Verb. Viol-ad. 
Zinc . 

Pressure lower chest, Bism. Lact. Teucr. 
Valer. (compare. Sect. 16.) 

— cutting on both sides, Ang. 

— about the heart, Ambr. Bell. Calc. 
Cocc-c. Con. Cycl Hydroc-ac. Kali-b. 
Ntr-m. Ol-an Pallad. Puis. Seneg. 

— towards the heart, Cocc-c 

— as from a load, Asa-f. Samb. 

— on sternum, Agn. Arg. Ars. Asa-f. Bry. 
Con. Gum-gut. Lact. Laur. Path. 

— in the sides, Arg. Aur. Lact. Par. 

left side, Aeon. Pallad. 

— constant, Lyc. 

— in morning, Sulph. 

in bed, Mgn-m. Phell. Seneg. 

evening in bed. Sep. 

— at night, Alum. Mgn-s. Seneg. 

— periodical, Pallad. 

— when ascending, Bar e. 

coughing, Sil. Sulph. (compare, Sect. 


— atter drinking, Verat. 

— during exertion, Rat. 

— when gaping, Sulph. 

laughing, Plb. 

lying, Asa-f. 

on affected side, better, Phell. 

— after meals, Chin. Thuj. Verat. 

— when respiring, Chelid. Kali-c. Scill. 
deeply, Agn. Plb. 

at rest, Seneg. 

sitting, Staph. 

bent. Dig. 

— when sneezing, Sil. Sulph. 

— from talking, Stram. 

— when walking, better, Staph. 

— with paralysis, of left arm, Pallad. 
Pulsation, Amm-m Asa-f. Cinnab. Seneg. 

(compare, Throbbing.) 

— trembling, Ars. Calc. Creos. Ntr-s. 
Rhus. Sabin. Spig. Staph. 

— when standing, Amm-m. 
Rasping pain in chest, Carh-veg. 
Rawness, Anne, (compare Soreness). 
Rending, tearing, Bt-ib. Colck. CycI.Elaps. 

Kali-c. Phosp. Puis. Spig. Zinc. 
Restlessness, in chest, Bell. Peir. Seneg. 
Staph. Thuj. 

— about heart, Anac. 

Revolving of heart, sensation of, Tart. 

Rheumatic pains, Ambr. Arn. Bry.Ci b vcg. 

Canst. Lach. Lyc. Nux. Ran-/>. Thi 

at heart, Cact. Kalm. Lach. Lith. 

Sacch. Spong. 
Rising up. hot in chest, Lact. Ol-an. PI. osp. 

Plat. Thuj. 
Rolling, Cocc. 

Roughness Calc. Carb-vcg. Creos. Lyc. 

Sep. Sulph. Zinc. 
Scratching, Anac. Cieos. Puis. Staph. 
Shattering, Led. Lyc. Rhus. 
Shocks, Alum. Ang. Arn. Calc. Carnab. 
Clem. Con. Croc. Dulc. Hep. Lyc. A ang. 
Mur-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Plat. Ruta. Sep. 
Sulph. Tart. Zinc. 
, Soreness sensation of. Alum. Ambr. Anac. 

Apis. Arn. Bar-c. Berb. Bruc. Bry. 
I Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Canst. CI 1 lid. 
Cina. Colch. Cocc-c. Dig. Eupnt. 1 von. 
Ferr. Gels. Gum-gut. Hep. Ip I ach. 
Led. Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. M ph. 
Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-.c. Nitr. 
Nux-m. Nux. Ox-ac. Pnosp. P$or. .{at. 
Rhus. Seneg. Si p. Sil. Spong. Stann. 
Staph. Sulph. Tabac. Tart. Zinc. 

in middle of chest, Sep. 

deep in chest, four inches r'lher 

side of sternum, hurts or tvea ens 
her to breathe or speak, Agar, 

presses hand against dies', Pros. 

when breathing, Calc. Lob. N i -ac. 

— left chest, Calc. Lac can. 

Ran b. Stann. 

deeply, Eupat. 

coughing, Nitr-ac. (coir, pare 

Sect. 24.) 

exercising, Colch. Lob. 

from talking, Lyc. 

when touched, Aug. Calc. C Ach. 


! at the heart, Bar c. Fluor-ac. Mgn-C. 


sternum, Led. Mez. Rumex. Sal, in. 

— under sternum. Led. 

arms, on pressing, Mosch. 

Spasms in chest, Ang. Ars. Bell. Cainph. 

Cina. Cocc. Colch. Cupr. FetT. G'apb. 

Hyosc. Ip. Kali-c. Lach. Laci. 1 aur. 

Led. Mete. Mosch. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. 

Phosp. Phosp ac. Plb. Puis. Sarr.L. J ng. 

Sass. Secc-c. Sep. Spi^. Spong. Si . ph. 

Strata . Sulph. Verat. Zinc. 

— in diaphragm, Staph. 

— of heai t, Lach. 

— hysteric, Ars. Bell. Cocc. Mosch. St tm. 

— of muscles of cltest, Cic. Stram. 

— to bend forward, compelling, Hyosc. 

— when coiijjliin^. Kali-c. Merc. 

— by exercise and walking, increased, Ferr. 

— from the lumes of arsenic and c< ] >er, 
Camph. Ip. Merc. Nux. 

— with heat and congestion of the bluod, 



Sprained, sternum feels, Rumex. 

— lie irt feels, Tart. 

Squeezing, sensation in chest, Brom. Cina. 

Dros. Graph. Lact. Merc. Phosp-ac. 

Plat. Seneg. Teucr. Thuj. Verat. 

heart, Iod. 

Stoppage, sensation in lungs, Seneg. 
Stinging, stitches- in chest, Aeon. Agar. 

Amm-C. Ainin-m. Aug. Ant. Am. Ars. 

Asa-f. Asar. Aur. Bad. Bar-c. Bed. 

Beib. Borax. Bov. Bry. Calc. Cam phi 

Can nab. Cttntk. Caps. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 

Canst. Cham. Chtlid. Chin. Cina. 

Cinnab. Ck-m. Colch. Con. Creos 

Croc. Croton. Cycl. Dros. Dulc. Evon. 

Ferr. Graph. Guaj. Hep. lgt. Iod. Ip. 

Kali-b. Kali-c. Kalijod. Lach. Lauf. 

Led. Lye. Mang. Merc. Merc-cor. 

Merc-jod. Mez. Mosch. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. 

Oleand. Ol-an. Ox-ac. PeBon. Par. Phosp. 

Plat. PU>. Psor. Puis. Ran-b. Ran-sc. 

Rat. Rheum. Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. Sang. 

Still. Seneg. Sep. Si/. Spig. Stann. Staph. 

Suiph. Sulpli-ac. Tabac. Tar. Tnerid. 

Thuj. long. Valer. Verat. Verb. 

Viol-od. Zinc. 
as from knives, Bell. Merc. 

— to shoulders, Ox-ac. 

— in sternum. Hipp m. 

— in upper p irt of each lung, better 

on walking, Elaps. 

— intercostal muscles, Borax. Creos. 

at and about heart. Aeon. Anne. Am. 

Berb. Cact. Calc. Canst. Chin. Creos. 

Croton. Cycl. Gels. Glon. Hep 

Hvdroph. Igt. Jac-cor. Kali-b. Lachn. 

Laur. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Meny. Mcic-jod. 

Mur-ac. Ntr m. Ox-ac. Pceon. Psor. 

Ran-sc. R'uis. Spig. Sulpli-ac. Valer. 

Verb. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

as from needles, Hipp-m. 

from within 10 without, Clem. 

which seems to beat slowly, Jac-cor. 

— sides. Aeon. Amm-c. Ang. Arg. Pry. 
Calc. Can/A. Cham. Chin. Clem. Con. 
Croc. Dulc. Grat. Ilyosc. Igt. Meny. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. 
Par. Petr Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plh. 
Puis Ran-b. Rhus. Salad. Samb. Sass. 
Still. Sep. Sil. Tabac. 'Tar. Verat; Zinc. 

left Amm-c. Am. Berb. Clem. Elaps. 

Euph. Guaj Hep. Hipp. Igt. Lach. 

Lachn. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-c. Ntr-s. Nice 

Ole.uid. Pnosp. Psor. Rumex, S.icch. 

Sep. Statin. Sulph. Valer. Zinc. Zing. 

upper, when silting bent, Kali-jod. 

r'g it. Arjr. Bufo. Creos. Evon. Gels. 

Kali-c. Merc. Merc-cor. Merc-jod. 

Mez. Nitr-ac. Pallad. Ran-b. 

lower part, Kali-c. 

from b ith sides, going to each other. 


— outwards, Asa-f. 

— through to back, Ambr. Anac. Bov. 
Caust. Croton. Ferr. Glon. Hep. Lyc. 
Merc. Nitr. Pallad. Rhod. Sep. Sil. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac Zing. 

— below sternum, extending to back, 

— middle sternum, extending to back, 

— chronic, Phosp. 

— to bend together, compelling, Sass. 
sit up, compelling, Biy. 

— only supine position, allowing, Bry. 

— in evening, Ran-sc. Verb. 

— at night, Anun-c. Merc-cor. Ran-sc. 

— when raising arms, Berb. Sulph. Thuj. 
exerting, arms, Led. 

ascending steps, Strain. Ruta. 

breathing. Aeon. Amm-c. Ant. Bry. 

Can nab. Caps. Chin. Coich. Euphr. 

Hep. Kali-c. Lyc. Meny. Mur-ac. 

Nice. Sabad. Scill. Sep. Spig. Stann. 

Tabac. Verat. 
deeply, Aeon. Arg. Arn. Berb. Borax. 

Blue. Bry. Calc. Caust. Guaj. Mez. 

Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. JVitr, Oleand. 

Pallad. Puis. Rhus. Spong. Sulph. 

Valer. Zinc. 
inspiring, Arg. Asar. Bar-c. Bry. 

Cantu. Caiban. Clem. Grat. Mez. 

Ntr-s. Op. Plat. Seneg. Valer. 
expiring, Croton. 

— from cold diinks, Staph. Thuj. 

— when coughing, Acoti. Bell. Borax. Bry. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr. Puis. Sabad. 
Scill. Seneg. Sep. 

exercising, Bry. Calc. Cannab. 

Graph Meny. Mur-ac. Phosp. Puis. 

Rhus. Spig. Spong. Staph. Sulph. 
better, Euph. 

— from flatulent colic, Igt. 

— when hiccoughing, Amm-m. 

— from labor, bodily. Caust. 
mental. Sep. 

— when laughing, Nice. 

lying, Asa-f. A r itr. Psor. 

on side aifecied, Calc. Sabad. 

sound side, Stann. 

singing, Amm-c. 

sitting crooked, Rhus. 

stooping, Amm-c. 

talking, Cannao. Rhus. 

touched, Pnosp. 

walking, Ainm-c. Cinnab. Cccc. 

Hep. Kali-jod. Rhus. 
yawning, Aur. Bell. Borax. Nitr-s. 


Suppuration of lungs, Calc. Kali-c. Led. 
Nitr. Psor. 

acute, Chin. Creos. Dulc. Ferr. 

Laur. Puis. 
after haemorrhages, Merc. 



Swelling sensation of. inchest, Merc. 

Tearing, loose pain, Nux. 

Tenderness of chest, Ang. Calc. Canth. 

Croton. Hep. Ntr-c. Petr. Phell. Ran-sc. 

Seneg. Sulph. 

when inspiring, Calc. 

pressed upon, Ang. Croton. 

touched, Calc. Seneg. 

Tension of chest, Ars. Bell. Brom. Cocc. 

CoUh. Dig. Euph. Ferr. Hydroc-ac. 

Lact. Lob. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. Oleand. Op. 

Phosp. Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sabin. Sep. 

Spig. Stann. Sulph. Verb. 

lower part, Puis. 

upper part, Phosp. Rhus. 

— about heart, Cantiab. 

— sternum, Mur-ac. Sabin. Zinc. 

— when breathing, Puis. Ntr-c. Seneg. 

walking, Bry. 

Throbbing, Asa-f. Bell. Calad. Caps. 

Chelid. Cinnah. Croton. Hipp-m. Igt. 

Lact. Mang. Nux. Paeon. Seneg. Sulph. 

(compare Pulsation.) 
in arteries, Murex. 

— about heart, Croton. Graph. Lilh. 

— sides, Nux. 

— sternum. Sil. Sulph. 

Tickling. Cham. Con. Igt. Iod. Merc. 

Mez. Mur-ac. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus 

Sep. Sulph-ac. Verat. Verb. Zinc. 
Tingling, (crawling,) Aeon. Ars. Colch. 

Kims. Seneg. Spong. Stann. 
Torn loose, as if something were, Nux. 
Tremor, Ambr. Carb-an. Kali-c. Lachn. 

Sabin. Spig. 

— at heart. Bell. Calc. Camph. Cina. Lith. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Op. Spig. 

— at night, Ambr. 

Turning over in chest, as if something 

were, Stann. 
Ulcerative pain, in chest, Brv. Carb-an. 

Creos. Mgn-m. Merc. Psor. Puis. Pan-l>. 

Spig. Staph. Sulph. 
Undulating pains, Dig. Dulc. Spig. 
Undulation at heart, sense of, Spig. 
Velvety feeling in chest. Tart. 
Warmth, sensation of, in chest, Euphr. 

Hell. Lact. Mang. Ol-an. Rhod. 

about the heart, Croc. Rhod. 

Weakness. Borax. Brom. Canth. Carb-veg. 

Cycl. Dig. Hep. Iod. Kali-c. Lact. Lam. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Psor. Rhus. Ruta 

Stann. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— impeding cough. Stann. 

speech, Dig. Hep. Phosp-ac. Rhus. 

Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— in evening, Ran-sc. 

— after expectoration. Stann. 

— when reading aloud, Cocc. 
singing, Carb-veg. Sulph. 

Weakness after speaking, Calc. Phosp-ac. 

Rhus Stann. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
a walk in open air, Rhus. 

— sensation of, about heart, Rhus. 
Whirling, sensation of, about heart, Tart. 
In morning, pain in chest, Scill. Sulph. 
in bed, Phell. Phosp. Seneg. 

— evening, pain, Merc. Nitr. Nux-m. 
Ran-sc. Stann. Sulph. 

in bed, Sep. Verb. 

At night, Alum. Amm-c. Cact. Creos. 

Lach. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc-cor. Nux. 

Puis. Ran-sc. Ruta. Sabad. Selen. 


When ascending, Bar-c. Graph. Nux. 
steps, Rat. Ruta. 

— bending to affected side, pain in chest, 

forward, Arg. Dig. 

— breathing, Aeon. Amm-m. Ant. Bry. 
Cannab. Caps Chin. Colch. Creos. Htp. 
Kali-c. Lach. Led. Lyc. Merc. 
Merc-sulph. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. 
Ox-ac. Plat. Puis. Rumex. Sabad. 
Scill. .SV/.Spig. Stann. Sulph. Tabac. 

deeply, Agn. Berb. Borax. Bty. Calc. 

Cast. Caust. Kobalt. Meph. Ntr-m. 
Nitr. Plb. Puis. Rhus. Sabin. 

— expiring, Colch. Dulc. Oltand. 

— inspiring, Aeon. Ang. Agar. Bar-c. Bry. 
Calc. Carb-an. Chelid. Clem. Grat. 
Guaj. Kali-c. Laur. Mez. Op. Plat. Scill. 
Seneg. Valer. 

From cold air, pain in chest, Bry. Carb-veg. 

Petr. Phosp. 

cold drinks, Thuj. 

When coughing, pain, Aeon. Ars. Bell. 

Borax. Bry. Chin. Dros. Lyc. Mgn-m. 

Meph. Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 

Nitr. Sabad. Scill. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
From drinking, pain in chest, Am, Cupr. 

Thuj. Verat. 
By eructation, pain relieved, Bar-c. 
When exercising, pain, Arn. Ars. Bry. Calc. 

Cannab. Caps. Colch. Ferr. Graph. 

Mur-ac. Nux. Rhus. Seneg. Sep. 
relieved, Euph. 

— gaping, pain, Bell. Borax. 

— hiccoughing, pain, Amm-m. 
From labor, bodily, Caust. 
mental, Sep. 

— laughing, pain, Lyc. Nice. Plb. 

— lifting wrong, pain. Sulph. 
When lying, pain, Asa-f. Nitr. 

on side, pain, Plat. Sabad. Seneg. 

Sulph. Tellur. 

— on affected side, pain, Borax. Cact. Calc. 
Lyc. Sabad. Sulph. 

sound side, pain, Stann. 

Must lie on back, Bry. 
During meals, pain, Paeon. 
After meals, Arn. Chin. Evon. Lach. Lam. 
Phosp. Thuj. Verat. 


When moving in bed, Sulph. 
In open air, Nux. 

After pneumonia, pain in chest. Sulph. 
By pressing upon, increasing pain, Chin. 

Lact. Seneg. 

pain relieved, (must press chest with 

hand,) Creos. Dros. Sep. 
When raising, arms. Ant. Led. Spig. 


— moving arms, Ang. Camph. Led. Spig. 

— at rest, pain in chest, Euph. Rhus. 
Seneg. Tabac. 

From riding on horseback, pain in chest. 

When rising from seat, pain in heart, Gels. 

— running, Borax. 

— singing, Amm-c. 
after, Sulph. 

— sitting, pain, Staph. 
bent, Dig. Rhus. 

— sneezing, pain, Dros. Meph. Merc. 

AND HEART. 1 97 

Sec-c. Sil. Sulph. 
When stooping, pain, Alum. Amm-c. Meny. 
Mez. Oleand. 

— stretching the arms, tearing pain in 
chest, Berb. 

From talking, pain in chest, Borax. 

Cannab. Kali-c. Rhus. Stram. Sulph. 
When thinking of the pain, Bar-c. 
When touched, pain, Alum. Amm-m. Am, 

Calc. Colch. Graph. Meph. PhospT 

Puis. Sulph. 

— throwing back the shoulders, Borax. 

— turning around in bed, pain in chest, 

— walking, Amm-c. Bry. Cinnab. Hep. 
Ferr. Kali-jod. Led. Nux. Rhus. 

fast, Kali-c. 

ameliorated, Staph. 

From warmth, external, pain ameliorated, 



27 Mammae and Nipples. 

Abscess on breast, Hep. Pliosp. Sil., bleeding, ot nipples, Borax. 

As if beaten, pain, Amur. Aug. Arn. 
Aruin-tnf. Bry. Calad. Rliod. Sil. (com- 
pare Sect. 26.) 

— sides and sieinum. Aeon. 

— at lower end of Sternum, Cic. 
Biting, on the breasts. Led. 

Blood, extravasation of, on clicst, Lach. 

As from a blow, pain, Ant. Cic. 

Blueness of skin, near the clavicles, Ars. 

Lach. Tliuj. 
Bluish color of ulceration of mammae, 

Lach. Phosp. 
Bluish-red mammae, Creos. 
Brown spots, Carb-veg. Lyc. Phosp. Sep. 


Burning, Bell.Calc. Iod. Led. Mez. Selen. 

— in pectoral glands. Bell. Iod. Laur. 

nipples, Agar. Cic. Graph. Phosp. 


Cancer in breasts, Apis. Arn..4;.f. Astcrias. 

Bell. Bry. Calc. Cakox. Carb-an. Cham. 

Clem. Coloc. Con. Creos. Graph. Hep. 

Lach. Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. Phyt. Phosp. 

Puis. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
Caries, Con. 

Chilliness, Cic. Par. Ran-b. Spig. 
Cicatrices, old, from prev.ous suppurations, 

Contracting, sensation of, Stram. Verat. 

— ol lef i mamma, when child nurse, from 
right, Borax. 

Cracks, nipples, Arn. Cast-eq. Caust. 
Graph. Sep. Sulph. 

Cramp-pain giaduaily increasing and de- 
creasing. Flat. 

Darting in right mammae, Grat. 

Deformed nipples, Merc. 

Diawing, Carb-veg. Stiont. 

— in mammae, Creos. 

le.t nipple, Evon. Tilia. Zinc. 

Erect, nipples are, Lach. 
Emaciation, S.icch. 

Eiupiion, Giat. Hep. Led. Lyc. Staph, 
labac. Valer. 

— burning after scratching, Grat. 

— like chicken-pox, Led. 

— hard, Valer. 

— itching, Kali-c. Staph. Tabac. 

Eruptions, itching, in warmth, Staph. 

— mealy, Petr. 

— miliary. Led. Staph. Tan. 

— moist, oozing, Lyc. 

— painful, Lyc. 

to touch, Hep. Phosp-ac. 

— pimples, Grat. 'labac. Valer. 

— pustulous, Evon. Hep. 

— red, Staph. 

— scurfy, protuberances, bleeding when 
scurl is removed, Cieos. 

— sore, smaiting, when touched, Hep. 

— stinging, Hep. 

— vesicular, Giaph. 

— on mammae, Graph. 

nipples, sore, corrosive blisters, Graph. 

yellow, scaly, itching spots, Kali c. 

Erysipelas, of pectoral g ands, Arn. Calc. 

Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cham. Graph. Phosp. 


— in lying, in women, Carb-an. 
Flabbiness, Chain. Iod. 

Fulness of breast in lying, in women, Bry. 
Furuncles, Amm-c. Chin. Mgn-c, Phosp. 
Galactorrhea, Aeon. Bell. Borax. Bry. 

Calc. Chin. Con. Cieos. Lach. Lyc. 

Nux. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Staph. Sunn. 

Gurgling, Croton. 

Hardness, Bell. Cham. Clem. Con. Merc. 
Phosp. Sil. Sulph. (compare Induration.) 

— nipples, Agar. Sulph. 

Heat, on breast, Bry. Mang. Raph. 

Heipes on breast, Ars. Caust. Dulc. Petr. 
Psor. Staph. 

Induration, pectoral glands, Bell. Bry. Calc. 
Carb-an. Cham. Clem. Coloc. Con. Graph. 
Lac-can. Lyc. Merc. Nitr ac. Pliosp. 
Phyt. Ruia. Sil. Sulph. (compare Hard- 

alter contusion, Con. 

Inflammation, oi pectoral glands, Bell. Bry. 

Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cist. Con. Hep. Merc. 

Phosp. Phyt. Si:. Sulph. 

nipples, Arn. Cham. Phosp. Sil. 


— in lying, in women, Cnrb-an. 

Itching, Agar. Alum. Anac. Ang. Ant. 
Arn. B.u-c. Berb. Bov Calc. Canth. 
Carb-veg. Con. Hipp. Kali-c. Led. Lyc. 
Mez. Ntr-m. Nice. Nux jug. Phell 


I 99 

Piiosp. Sabad. Scill. Sep. Spong. Siann. 
Siaph. Sulph. 
Itching, pecioral glands, Alum. Con. 

— nipples, Agar. Hep. Petr. Sulph. 
Lancinaiions, Amm-c. Calc. Chin-sulph. 

Iod. Oleand. babin. 
Miliary eruption. Led. Staph. Tart. 
Milk, bad, Borax. Carb-an. Cham. Cina. 

Merc. Nux. Puis. Stann. 

— bitter, Rheum. 

— cheesy or mixed with pus, Cham. 

— in maiiimae, Lyc. Phosp. 

— disappearing, Agn. Asa-f. Bry. Calc. 
Caust. Cham Chelid. Chin. Dulc. 
Lac-can. Lyc Merc. Millef. Phell. Pals. 
Rhus. Sep. Sulph. Urt-ur. Zinc. 

after a cold, Dulc. 

— too thick and tastes badly, Borax. 
thin and tastes saltish, Carb-an. 

— thin and blue, Lach. 
watery, Puis. 

— stringy and watery, Kali-b. 

— wanting, Agn. Asa-f. Urt-ur. 

— yellow, Rheum. 

Milk-fever, Aeon. Arn. Bell. Bry. Cham. 
Coll". Igt. Merc. Op. Rhus. 

— with delirium, Aeon. 
Muscles twitching, Asar. Tar. 
Nodosity, hard, burning, on mammae, Lyc. 
Numbness, Graph. 

Pain, in general, Bell. Chin. Creos. Lact. 

Ran-b. Ran-sc. Sulph. 
in morning, Calad. 

— when exercising, Ang. Laur. Ran-b. 

the arms, Ang. Ant. 

extending and stretching, Ran-b. 

pressed upon, Ant. 

— compelling one to press thereon, Creos. 

— by rest, incieased, Rhus. 

— when touched, Ran-b. 

as soon as child nurses, Croton. 

— in mammae, Murex. Phosp. Rheum. 

— intolerable pains in lactiferous tubes 

as soon as child nurses, Phell. 

— during laciation, Borax. 

— in nipples, Graph. Sulph. 
Painfulness of the pectoral glands, Bry. 

Phosp. Rheum. 

— nipples, Graph. Lnch. Ocim. Sang. 

— of spot on sternum, Ruta. 
Perspiration, Arg. Arn. Bow Calc. Hep. 

Lyc. Nitr. Plb. Rhus. Selen. Sep. 

— on chest, Chin. Cocc. Dros. Euphr. 
Merc. Nitr. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

— reddish, Arn. 

— in morning, Bov. Cocc. Graph. Nitr. 

— at night, Agar. Bar-c. Calc. Kali-c. Lyc. 
Sil. Stann. Sulph. 

Pores black. Dros. 

Pressing sensation, Ambr. Carb-wg.Euph. 

Pressing sensation, superiorly on sternurri, 

— behind left nipple, Bcrb. 
Prickling. Calc. Ran-sc. 
Red, points, Sabad. 

— 'spots, Cocc. Led. Sabad. 

— streaks on breast, Rhus. 
radiating from central point, 

Bell. Sulph. 
Rending (tearing) in pectoral glands, 
Amm-c. A in mm. Carbveg. Croton. Kali-c. 

— during catanienia, Calc. 
Retraction oi nipples, Sass. 

Rheumatic pain, Ambr. Arn. Carb-veg. 
Nux. Ran-b. Tart. 

in pectoral glands, Bry. 

Scabs on nipples, Lyc. 

Scales on 11 ammae, Petr. 

Scars hard, after mammary abscess absorb- 
ed. Graph. 

Shuddering in mammae, Petr. 

Smallness excessive of mammae, Nux-m. 

Smarting, L< d. 

Soreness, uf chest, Hyosc. Lach. Mez. 
nippl s, Am. Calc. Cast-eq. Caust. 

Chan:. Graph Ham. Helianth. Hyper. 

Igt. Lyc. Merc. Phosp. Puis. Sang. 

Sep. .Sid ph. 
Sore pain, mammae, Cic. Phyt. 

— nipples, Caust. Nux. Sang. Zinc. 
Spasm in pectoral muscles, Ang. Cic. 

Stram. Vcrat. 
Spasmodic pain, Arg. 

Stinging, st ches, Amm-c. Calc. Con. Iod. 
Oleand. babin. 

— in mammae, Berb. Carb-an. Con. Creos. 
Graph Grat. Ind. Iod. Kali-c. Laur. 
Lyc. Mmex. Ntr-m. Phosp. Rheum. 
Sang. S p. 

— below the mammae, Hyper. Laur. 
right mammae, Bruc. 

— in nipples, Bism. Cast-eq. Igt. Lyc. 
Mang Mur-ac. Sabin. Sulph. 

— momen arily by rubbing, relieved, Ind. 
Suppuration of mammae, Cist. Creos. 

Hep. Merc. Phosp. Phyt. Sil. 

— nipples, Cast-eq. Cham. A/erc. Sil. 

— in lying, in women, Si 1 . 

Swelling, niainma-, Bell. Br)-. Calc. Cham. 
Clem. Con. Graph. Hep. Lach. Lyc. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Ocim. Phosp. Phyt. 
Puis. Sa bin. Samb. Sil. Sulph. 

— hot, Be 1. Bry. Calc. Merc. Phosp. 

— with i a i! attack of neuialgia uteri, Nux. 
secretion like milk, Cycl. 

— of the nipples, Lach. Lyc. Merc. 

lower part of sternum, Sacch. 

Tearing stitches in milk-breasts, Kali-c. 
Tenderness, breast, Bell. Bry. Calc. 

Lac-can. Mosch. Ran-sc. Zinc-ox. 

— mammae 1. Cham. Graph. 

— nipple-, Graph. Millef. 

— sternum, Zinc. 



Tenderness, to deep pressure, Calc. 

Lac-can. Merc. Mosch. Murex. 
Tension, I-.uph. Iod. Lyc. Mcz. Olcand. 

Rhus. Sass. Stann. 

— as if too short when rising up, Sass. 
Throbbing, Croton. 

Tingling (crawling), on breast, Colch. 
Puis. Ran-sc. 

— mammae, Sabin. 

Tubercles, nodosities, Carb-an. Coloc. Con 
Graph. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Puis. 

Ulceration of mammae, Phosp. Sil. 

Ulceration, mammae, fistulous, Phosp. Sil. 
Ulcer, scirrhous, stinging, burning on 

edges, odor of old cheese. Hep. 
— on nipple, Calc. 
Vesicles, in nipples. Graph. 
Wasting away, of mammae, Ars. Con. Iod. 

Kali-jod. Nitr-ac. 
nipples, Sass. 

Whiteness of nipples in centre without ul- 
ceration, Nux. 

Wrenching pain, Am. 

Yellow spots, Ars. Carb-an. Lyc. Phosp. 
Sep. Sulph. 



28. Nape, Back and Sacral Region. 

Abscess on back, Si/. Staph. Sulph. 
Aching, in sacrum, Alum. Aur. Calc. 

Canth. Carb-an. Cham Chin. Coff. Con. 

Graph Hep. Igt. Kali-c. Lack. Lyc. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Op. Puis. Rhus 

Sep. Staph. Stram. Sulph. Verat. 
and coccyx, Kali-b. 

— as if flesh was detached from bones, 

Aeon. Kali-b. 

— in nape of neck, Bar-c. 
lumbar region. Hyper. 

As from a bar in back, sensation, Ars. 

— if beaten, (or broken), pain, in cervical 
vertebrae, Gels. Sabin. 

neck, Ars. 

nape, Aeon. Agar. Caust. Nux. 

Sabin. Thuj. 
scapulae, Creos. Hell. Merc. 

Merc-jod. Ran-b. Sil. 
back, Aeon. Alum. Agar. Am. 

Asar. Bell. Berb. Chin. Clem. Dros. 

Kali-c. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. 

Mere. Ntr-s Nux- vi. Nux. Phosp. 

Plat. Psor. Puis. Ran-b. Rat. Rhod. 

Ruta. Sabad. Spig. Stram. Stront. 

Sulph. Thuj. Verat. 
sacrum, Aeon. Alum. Agar. Avun-m. 

Ang. Arg. Am. Ars. Bry. Calad. 

Caust. Chin. Cina. Cinnab. Cor-r. 

Creos. Dig. Giaph. Gum gut. Hep. 

Hyper. Kali-jod. Lact. Lam Mgn-c. 

Mgn-m. Meny. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

Ntr-s. Nux-m. Nux. Ox-ac. Phell. 

Phosp. Plat. Ran-b. Ran-sc. Rhod. 

Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. Sass. Staph. 

Stront. Sulph. Thuj. Verat. 

os coccygis, Cist. 

Blisters, on back, Calc. 
Boils on neck, Graph. Hep. 

— painful to touch, Hep. 
Bones, pain in, neck, Bar-c. Bell. 

— as if the flesh was loose, Aeon. Kali-b. 
Boring, back, Aeon. Agar. Bar-c. Bism. 

Cocc. Laur. Ntr-c. Thuj. 

— scapulae, Aeon. Meny. 

— sacral region, Aeon. 

Break, as if spinal column would, from 

within, Kalm. 
Breath, obstructing, pain, back, Berb. 

Cannab. Led. Ruta. Sulph. Tart. 

— scapulae, Calc. Cannab. Nitr. Sulph. 

— sacral region, Berb. Ruta. Sulph. Tar. 
Broken as if sacrum were, Phosp. 
Brown spots, arm-pits, Thuj. 

— back, Sep. 

— greasy skin of neck, Apis. Lyc. Thuj. 
Bubbling sensation, back, Petros. Tar. 
Burning, neck, Bar-c. Merc. 

— scapulae, Lachn. Sil. Sulph. 
between, Glon. Lyc. Nux. 

— left scapula, Ambr. Bar-c. Ntr-m. 
Sil. Teucr. Zinc. 

— right scapula, Bar-c. Cannab. Caust. 
Iod. Laur. Seneg. Sulph. Verat. 

— supra-sternal fossa, Ars. 

— back, Ars. Asa-f. Bar-c. Berb. Borax. 
Bry. Cannab. Carb-an. Coloc. Dulc. 
Lach. Lachn. Lob. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Merc. Nux-m. Nux. Oleand. Phosp. 
Selen. Seneg. Sep. Zinc. 

in whole spinal column, Glon. 

from small of back to between 

scapulae, Phosp. Sep. Thuj. 
as if a hot iron was pierced through, 


— sacral region, Borax. Murex. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Sep. 

Bursting pain, under right scapula, Seneg. 
Chills in back, All-cep. Bell. Bov.jCaps. 
'*fCocc. Coff. Colch. Croton. Guaj. 
^''Gum-gut. Hipp. Igt. Lach. Mgn-c. 

Phosp. Rumex. Ruta. Sang. Sep. Spong. 

Stann. Staph. Stram. 

— runninsr through back, Ars. Puis. 
Rhus. Thuj. 

— as from a piece of ice between the 
shoulders, Lachn. 

Coldness, sensation of, in neck, chronic, 

— back, Amm-m. Berb. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Croc. Elaps. Hyosc. Laur. Ox-ac. 
Phosp. Rhus. Sec-c. Spong. 

— in whole spinal column, Glon. 

— between shoulders, Haematox. 

— cold spot between shoulders, Amm-c. 
like ice. Lachn. 

— sacral region, Hyosc. Laur. Stront. 
Compressing pain, back. Con. 
Concussions in neck, Mez. 
Congestion of blood to neck, it seems 

larger and neck cloth too tight, Glon. 



Constringing pain, back, Canlh. Nux. 

— supra-sternal, fossa, Rhus. S aph. 
Connactiug pain, neck, Ainui-c. Asar. 

Cinnal). Lyc. 
right side. Gels. 

— supra sternal lossa, Phosp-ac. 

— b.ick, Bry. Grapli. Guaj. Mi/. Viol-tr. 

— lumbar region, Lach. 

— sacral region. Hell, Mgn-m. Tabac. 

— muscles generally. Con. Nux. 
Cracking sound in cervical vertebrae when 

moved, Cocc. Ntr-c. Nice. Ul-an. Puis. 

Cramping pain, nape, Arn. Asar. 

— neck, Arn. Asar, Scill. 

— between scapulae, on motion. Ip. 

— back, Bell. Bry. Chin. Cm. Euph. 
Euplf. Sep. Viol-tr. 

in small ol back, and os coccygis, can 

s t for but a short time, Bell. Mgn-m. 

— sacrum, Sil. 

Curvature (distortion), cervical vertebrae, 

— dorsal vertebrae, Calc. Lyc. Plb. Puis, 
Rhus. Sil. Sulph. 

upper part. Puis. 

Cutting, in whole spine, from occiput to 
sacrum, Elaps. 

— nape, Grat. 

— neck, Samb. 
left side, Elaps. 

— between shoulders (slabbing Ntr-s. 

— back, Arg-n. Giaph. Igt. Ntr-». Seneg. 

— sacral region, Lob. Ntr-m. S;'mb. 
Digging in hack, Aeon. Dulc. Sep. 
Drawing pain, nape. Ambr. . ' unn-c. Ant. 

Berb. Cari-veg Cast Chin, Lact. Lyc. 
Merc. Mosch. Ntr-c Nitr. N.ix-m. Nux. 
Pith. Rat. Khod. Ruta. .Sep. Staph. 
Sulph. Tercb. 

— neck, Ant. Carb-Te«. Cycl. Hep. Kalm. 
Lact. Phosp-ac. Puis. Khod. Scill. 

— scapulae. Ars. Berb. Bora a. Calc, 
Camph. Caust. Chin. Hep. khod. Ruta. 
Seneg. Sil. 

— between scapulae. Bell. Borax. Ntr-c. 

— back, Ambr. Amm-c. Ars. Bell. Brom. 
Bry. Cnnth. Gi/>s. Carb-vcir. Cham. 
Chin. Cina. Cocc. Con. Cycl Dig 
Hep. Kali b. Kali-c. Kalm. Lye. Mete. 
Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr m. Nux-m. Nux. 
Puis. Rat. Rhod. Rhus. Rhus-rad. 
Seneg. Stront. Sulph. Sulp'i-ac. Tait. 
Teucr. Thnj. Valer. Verat. 

spine, Berb. Daph. 

— sacral region, Amm-c. Arg. Chm. Cocc. 
Colch. Croc. Dig. Dulc. Igt. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Ntr-m. Nux. Sabin. Samb. Sil. 
Spong. Stram Sulph. Sulph-. ic Tereb. 
Thuj. Valer. Verat. 

Emaciation, back, Tabac. 

Emaciation, neck, Nti-ni. 

Emprosthoinios, Couth, /p. 

Eruption on ihe nape. Ant. Bell. Berb. 

Caust. Hep. Pttr. Scc-c. Sil. Staph. 


— neck, Brv. Clem. Gels. Lyc. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Scill. Spig. Veil). 

brown spots on throat, like freckles, 


— scapulae, Ant. Caust. Each. Phosp-ac. 

— back, Alum. Ant. Ars. Bare. Bell. 
Berb. Caib-veg. Caust. Cina. Cist. 
Clem. Evon. Lach. Led. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Nitr ac. Petr. Phosp-ac. Scill. Sep. Staph. 
Tabac. Tart. 

— biting, Bry. 

— bumii g. Cist. 

— in groups, Berb. 

— hepatic, Lach. 

— itching, Brv. Carb-vcg. Caust. Cham. 
Lyc. Puis. Scill. Sep. Staph. Tabac. 

— lumps, Verb. 

— miliary. Ant. Bry. Caust. Phosp-ac. 
Psor. Sec-c. Tart. 

— moist, extending to neck, Clem. 

— oozing. Clem. Ntr-m. 

— painful, Lyc. Spu r . 

to touch, Cist. Hep. Phosp-ac. Psor. 

Scill. Spig. Verb. 

— pimples. Carb-veir. Lach. Lyc. Nice. 
Puis. Scill. Sil. Spig. Staph 

— Bell. Beib Clem. Evon. 

— red, Bell. Bry. Spig. Tabac. Veib. 

— smariing, Brv. 

— sore smaning, Spig. 

— vesicular. Lach. 

Erysipelas, from nape to face. Graph. 

— around the waist, Merc. Rhus. 
Excoriation, axilla, Carb-vcg. 

pain as from, under, Mez. 

Exostosis, painful, on sacrum, Rhus. 
Foreign body, in lumbar region, pain as 

from, Nux. 
Furuncles, nape. N'tr-nc Phosp. Sil. 

— neck. Mgn-c Ntr-m. Sep. 

— blood-boils on shoulder and region of 
liver, Nux-jug. 

— arm-pit, Borax. Lyc. Phosp-ac. 

— scapulae, Amm-c. Bell. Led. Lyc. 
Niir-ac. Zinc. 

— back, Caust. Mur-ac.Sulph-ac. Thuj. Zinc. 

— sacrum. Aeth. Thuj. 

— back, blood-boils, Caust. Graph. Hep. 

small, on back, Iris. 

— blood-boils on right side of spine, pain- 
ful on motion, Kali-b. 

under axilla, Borax. Lyc. 

Glandular affections of the nape: 

— induration, Bar-c. Dulc. 

— inflammation, Sulph. 

— swelbnir, Bar-c. Cist. Dulc. forf. Petr. 

Sit. Staph. Sulph. 


Glandular affections of the neck, drawing, 
(compare, Sect. 18.) 

— drawing sensation. Bov. 

— induration, Bar-c. Carb-veg. Dulc. 
Kali-c. Spig. 

— inflammation, Bell. Cham. Kali-c. 
Merc. Nitr-ac. Sulph-ac. 

right side, Bar-c. 

— pain, Alum. Amm-m. Arn. Bell. 
Ca!c. Canst. Hell. Kali-c. Lvc. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. Puis. Selen. 
Sep. Spig. 

— pressing pain, Bell. Igt. Merc. 

— rending, tearing, Graph. 

— stinging, stitches, Bell. Carb-an. Lyc. 

— suppuration, Bell. Cist. Sil. 

— swelling, Alum." Amm-c. Arn. Bar-c. 
Bell. Bov. Biom. Calc. Curb an. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Chant. Cina. Cist. 
Creos. Cupr. DulcYvxr. Graph. Hell. 
Hep. Jod. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Mert. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 
Puis. Rhus. Sil. Spig. Spong. Staph. 
Sulph. Thuj. Viol-tr. 

painless, Igt. 

— — and tickling, relieved by pressure 

with the cold hand, Kali-c. 

— lancinalions, Lyc. 

— tension, Bov. Graph. 

— of axilla, from contusion of little finger 

induration, Amm-c. Bufo. Calc. 

Carb-an. Clem. Iod. Kali-c. Lac-can. 

heaviness, sensation of, Caps. 

pain, Amm-c. Bar-c. Kali-c. Prun. 

Rhus. Sulph-ac. 
stinginir, Lyc. 

suppuration, Amm-c. Ars. Bell. Bufo. 

Calc. Coloc. Hep Kali-c. Lac-can. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Petr. Phosp-ac. 

Prun. Sil. Sulph. 
swelling, Amm-m. Hell. Brom. Calc. 

Carb-an. Clem. Coloc. Iod. Kali-c. 

Lyc. Merc. Ntr-m. iVitrac Petr. 

Phosp. Rhus. Sep. Sil, Staph. Sulph. 

Sul ph-ac. 
Gnawing, sensation, Hell. Ntr-s. 

— vertebrae, Be' I. 

— small of back. Canth. Mgn-m. Nice. 
Phosp. Stront. Sulph. 

— os coccygis, Gum-gut. 

Goitre, (struma,) Ambr. Brom. Calc. Cnruh. 
Cirb-an. Caust. Iod. Kali-c. Lyc. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Sf>on». Staph. 

— hard. Iod. Ntr-c. Spong. 

— itching. Ambr. Mgn-c. 
and stinging, Spong. 

— large. Iod. Ntr-m. Spong. 

— pressing nairr in, Ntr-c. 

constrictive pain in, Iod. Spong. 

— sensitive to contact, Kali-jod. 


; Goitie stitchii g, piercing pain, Scill. 

— swelling, Iod. Spong. 

— ulcerative pain, Carb-veg. Iod. 
Greasy, brown skin of neck, Apis. Lyc. 


Griping, back, Paeon. Sil. Viol-tr. 
Heat in lumbar region, Berb. 
Heaviness, sensation ol, nape, Meny.Nux. 
Par. Samb. 

— neck, Meny. Nux. 

— arm-pit, Berb. 

— back, Ambr. Par. 

— sacral region, Berb. Mgn-s. 

Herpes, nape, Carb-an. Caust. Clem, Lyc. 
Ntr-m. Nitr. Petr. Sep. Sulph. 

— axilla, drb-an. Elaps. Lyc. Ntr-m. 

— back, Ars. Lach. Zinc. 

— itching, Caust. 

— moist, Carb-an. Caust. Ntr-m. Sep. 
Herpetic spots, nape, Hyosc. 

— neck and back, Sip. 

Itching, axilla, Carb-veg. Elaps. Phosp. 

— back, Caust. Cist. Daph. Guaj. Nice. 
Nitr-ac. Raph. Seneg. 

burning, Daph. 

— os coccygis, Borax. Bov. 
Jerking pain, nape, Aeth. Chin. Tar. 

— neck, Tar. 

— back, Anyr. Chin. Cinnab. 

— sacral region, Chin. 

Labor-like pains, sacral region, Cinnab. 
Creos. Croc. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Puis. 

— back, Sep. 

As from lifting, overstraining back, Calc. 
Lyc. Mur ac. Oleand. Rhus. Valer. 

— sacral region, Rhus. Staph. 
Livid spots, nape, Lyc. 

To lie down, necessity from pain in sa- 
cral region. Sil. 

from pain in back, Ars. 

Lump in back, sensation of, Arn. 
Lumps in neck. Graph. Hep. 
painful, Hep. 

— between scapulae, Calc. 
Moisture, axilla, Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Motion, pain, impeding, hack, Petr. 

— sacral region, Caust. Phosp. 
Muscles, twitching, neck, Ang. 

— hack. Sol-m. 

Nocturnal pain back, Calc. Cnrb-an. Cham. 

Cinnab. Dulc. Ferr. Hell. Kali-b. 
■ Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Ntr-m. Nitr. 

— sacral region, Amm-c. Ang. Cham. 
Chin. Ltch. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Ntr-s 
Nux. Staph. 

in nape of neck, Oleand. 

at 1 A.M , Staph. 

Numbness, sensation of, nape and os coc- 
cygis, Berb. Plat. 

sacral region, Berb. Ox-ac. Spong. 

Opisthotonos, Ang. Bell. Canth. Cham.Cic. 
Igt. //.Lei. Op. A' hut. Stann. St ram. 

Oversensitiveness of spine, Ntr-m. 

204 28. NAPE, BACK AND 

Pain in general, nape, Amm-c. Daph. 
Graph. Igt. Lact. Pod. 

— supra sternal fossa, NlIX, Tart. 

— neck. Bell. Brum. Coloc. Cvcl. Hell. 

— scapulae, Bell. Cist. Coloc. Graph. 
Lob. Nitr-ac. 

— below left scapula, Clicnop. Gels. 

— shoulder, as if inflamed, Hscniatox. 

— back, Actea-r. Ars. Asa-f. Aur. Bov. 
Calc. Cannab. Canst, Cham. Coloc. 
Hvosc. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kobalt. Lact. 
Led Lyc. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Petr. Pliosp. 
Puis. Rhod. Rhus-rad. Sep. Tart. Zinc. 

to pubis, Sabin. 

in whole spinal column, Glon. 

spinal marrow, Lact. 

after a fall, Kali-c. 

one-sided, Guaj. 

under scapula; between shoulders, to 

loins, Ox-ac. 

— lumbar region, Asa-f. Calc. Con. Cycl. 
Dulc. Hyosc. Kobalt. Led. Murcx. 
Ntr-m. Puis. Sil. Stront. Valcr. 

— sacral region, Amm-m. Ant. Bar-c. Berb. 
Borax. Bry. Calc. Calc-phosp. Cannab. 
Caust. Cham. Chin. Cimex. Con. Crcos. 
Ferr-ac. Graph. Igt. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Kobalt. Lach. Led. Lith. Lyc. Mgn-s. 
Merc. Mez. Murex. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Ol-an. 
Petr. Phosp. Pod. Psor. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. 
Rhus-rad. Sang. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 
Tong. Zinc. 

in sacrum, on retaining urine, Ntr-s. 

to right thigh, worse by pressing 

at stool and coughing, Tellur. 

— os coccygis, when touched, Carb-an. 
Kali-b. Lact. 

as from a fall, Kali-jod. 

as if sitting on something sharp, 


after micturition. Graph. 

— pelvis, Murex. 

— with coldness of limbs, Pallad. 

cold feet and strangury, Elaps. 

Palsy, of neck, Lyc. 

— back, Cocc. Sil. 

— sacral region, Cocc. Ntr-m, 
Paralytic pain, nape, Sil. Verat. 

— neck, Cycl. Lachn. 

— back. Agar. Asar. Berb. Meph. Pallad. 
Sil. Zinc. 

— sacral region, Aeon. Cocc. Ntr-m. Nitr. 
Nux. Ran-c. Selen. Sil. Zinc. 

Perspiration, nape, Calc. Chin. Phosp-ac. 

— neck, Bell. Clem. Euph. 

sour, Ars. Bell. Mgn-c. Nux. Sulph. 

at night. Mang. 

— axilla, Asar. Bov. Bit. Gymnoc. 

Kali-c. Ntr-m. Scill. Selen. Sep. Sil. 
Sulph. Thuj. 

fetid, Dulc. Hep. Lac-can. Nitr-ac. 

Phosp. Rhod. Selen. Sep. Sulph. 


Tellur. Thuj. 
Perspiration, axilla, greasy, oily, Merc. 
with smell of onions Bov. Osm. 

— back, Anac. Chin. Chin-Mil ph. Dulc. 
Guaj. Hep. Lyc. Mur ac. Nlr c. Nux. 
Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. 
Sep. Stram. Sulph. 

at night, Anac. Lyc. 

from a little exercise, Chin. 

when walking, Lac-can. Lach. Petr. 

Phosp. Rhus. Sep. 
Pimples on neck, painful to touch. Hep. 
Pinching, sacral region. Graph. Sulph. 

— under right scapular, preventing motion, 

Like a plug, in back, sensation, Lach. 
Piessing. pain in sacral region, Gaib-an. 

— outwards, in- sacral region, Cannab. 
Piessurc, in nape, Ambr. B»r-c. Croton. 

Cupr. Laur. Ntr-m. Ol-an. Samb. Sass. 
Staph. Tar. 

— neck, Calc. Cycl. Elaps. Ferr. Guaj. 

— scapulae, Anac. Bell. Calc. Chin.Cor-r. 
Elaps. Graph. Kali-c. Kalm. Lach. 
Laur. Nitr-ac. Nux. Ran-sc. Seneg. 

as from a stone between shoulders, 


— back, Ambr. Anac. Aur. Berb. Calc. 
Caps. Caib-veg. Caust. Chelid. Cocc. 
Con. Cycl. Dulc. Euph. Euphr. Graph. 
Kali-c. Led. Lyc. Mgn-m. Aittr-ac. 
Ntr-m. Nilr. Ol-an. Petr. Phosp. Plat. 
Puis. Rhod. Sabin. Samb. Sass. Seneg. 
Sep. Sil. Spong. Stann. Staph. Tar. 
Thuj. Verat. 

— sacral region, Berb. Borax. Caust. 
Meny. Sabin. Samb. Spong. Tar. Verat. 

— os coccygis, Cannab. 

Prickling, back, Aeon. Lact. Ox-ac. 

Pulsation, neck, Aeon. Hipp. Glon. Op. 

— carotids, Hep. Oleand. 
during pregnancy. Gels. 

— between scapulae, Merc-jod. 

— back. Bar e. Thuj. 

— sacral region, Caust. Graph. Kali-c. 
Lach. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Sep. 

Rasping pain, nape, Cycl. Graph. 

— back, Graph. 

Red spots, neck, Bry. Cocc. Iod. Lach. 

— under axilla. Bell. 
scapulae, Cist. 

Red, swollen streak on left side neck, 

Rending (tearing), nape, Aeth. Berb. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Mgn-c. -Oleand. Rat. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

— neck, Amm-m. Berb. Carb-veg. Mez. 
Nir-s. Zinc. 



Rending, tearing, scapulae, Anne. Arg. Ars. 
Berb. Borax. Canst. Chin. Ferr. Guaj. 
Phosp. Plb. Rhod. Rhus. Sil. 

— back, Anac. Ars. Aur. Canth. Caps. 
Carb-veg. Chelid. C/h».Cina.Cocc.Colch. 
Led. Lvc. Mgn-m. Mgn s. Mang. Meph. 
Ntr-s. Nnx. Plb. Rhod. Sabin. Sep. Sil. 

spine, Berb. 

one-sided, Guaj. 

— from small of back through right leg, 

— in loins, sensation of, Berb. 

— sacral region, Alum. Asa-t. Berb.Calc-ph. 
Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Croc. 
Dig. Lach. Led. Lvc. Mgn-m. Mez. 
Phosp-ac. Plb. Raph. Rhod. Sep. 
Spong. Stiam. Stront. Sulph. Zinc. 

Restlessness, in nape and neck, Thuj. 
Rheumatic pain, nape, Aeon. Ambr. Ant. 

Berb. Bry. Merc. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. 

Sang. Staph. Sulph. Verat. 

— neck, Bry. Cycl. Merc. Puis. Rhod. 
Rhus. Scill. 

— scapulae, Ferr-m. Mgn-s. Mez. Ran-b. 
Rhod. Rhus. Valer. 

— ba'-k. Aeon. Ambr. Anac. Asar. Bell. 
Calend. Carb-veg. Cham. Cycl. Dros. 
Graph. Hep. Kali-b. Lach. Lyc. Mez. 
Mux. Ol-an. Puis. Ran-b. Rhod. Rhus. 
Scill. Stram. Sulph. Tart. Teucr. Valer. 
Verat. Zinc. 

— sacral region, Sulph. 

Rising up, pain, impeding, back and sa- 
1 cral region, Phosp. Sil. 
Scabs, axilla. Ntr-m. 

Sciatica, Curare. Graph. Iris. Kali-c. 

Lach. Lyc. Phyt. Plantago. 
As if screwed together, pain, sacral region, 

Aeih. Alum. Puis. Stront. Zinc. 
Seizing, catching pain, in lumbar region, 


Sensitiveness, Ant. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lach. 
Nice. Phosp. Scill. 

— from last cervical to fifth dorsal verte- 
brae, Tellur. 

Senselessness, back, Sec-c. 
Shingles, Afore. 

Shivering in back, Bell. Bov. Caps. Igt. 

Senna. Sep. Spong. Zinc. 
Solidity, sensation of, sacrum, Sep. 
Sore pain, nape, Cycl. Sang. 

— neck, Cic. Lyc. 

— under axilla, Mez. 

— cervical vertebrae, Con. 

— back, Cast. Kalm. Sulph-ac. 

— sacral region, Cast. Colch. Ntr-c. 

Spasms neck, Asar. Cic. Spong. 
after drinking, Amm-c. 

— back, Cham. Iod. Lach. 

bending, forwards, Canth. Ip. 

backwards, Ang. Bell. Canth. Cham. 

Cic. Igt. Jp. Op. Rhus. Siann. 


Spasmodic pain, nape, Ant. Arn. Asar. 

— neck, A^t. Arn. Asar. Lach. Phosp-ac. 

— back, Bry. Con. Euph. Euphr. Lach. 
Ntr-s. Sep. Vi<>l-tr. 

— sacral region, Bell. Lob. Mgn-m. Plat. 

Sprain, as from, left side back and neck, 

Squeezing pain, nape, Lyc. 

— between scapulae, Verat. 

— lumbar, Aeth. Graph. Lob. 

Standing impeded by pain in sacral region, 

Steatoma, nape, Bar-c. 

Stiffness, nape, Agar. Amm-m. Anac. ,4 

Ars. Bar e. Bell. Bavb. Bry. Calc Camph. 

Canth. Caps. Caust. Cor r. Dig. Dros. 

Du/i. Glon. Graph. Guaj. Hell. Igt. 

Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mang. Meny. 

Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Ol-an. Phosp. Plat. Psor. Rat. Rhod. 

Rhus. Scill. Sec-c. Selen. Sep. Sil. 

Spong. Staph. Sulph. Thuj. Verat. 

Zinc. Zing. 

rheumatic, Lach. Merc. 

in morning, Ang. 

after a strain by lifting, Calc. 


— ncc, Amm-m. Bell. Bry. Chelid. Croc. 
Cycl. Dig. Ferr. Glon. Hell. Lach. 
Lachn. Merc. Mez. Nitr-ac. Rhus. Scill. 
Selen. Spig. Spang. Tabac. Zinc. 

one sided, left, Brom. Laur. Lyc. 

light, Elaps. 

of both sides, Chelid. 

when bending head forward, Kali-b. 

with headache and nausea. Zing. 

elongation of uvula, Kali-c. 

sensation of, and swollen on turning 

it, Par. 

— back, Aug. Caust. Kali-b. Kali-c. Led. 
Ol-an. Petr. Prun. Puis. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Thuj. 

spine, Carb-veg. 

as from a strain in loins, Prun. 

one sided, Cinnab. Guaj. 

on moving, from ncek, extending 

to smail of back. Guaj. 

in morning, Ang. Carb-veg. Hipp-m. 


sitting, Caust. Led. 

after stooping, Bov. 

— sacral region, Aeon. Amm-m. Bar-c. 
Berb. Bry. Hipp-m. Lach. Laur. Led. 
Lvc. Meph. Prun. Puis. Rheum. Rhus. 
Sil. Sulph. Thuj. 

moi ning, Thuj. 

evening, increased, Bar-c. 

after sitting, Ambr. 



Stinging, sticlies, nape, Aeth. Bar-c. Bry. 
Carb-veg Mgn-s. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. &m.Sep. 
Stann. Tar Zinc. 

— under axilla, Am. Lact. Ntr-s. Pliosp. 
Staph. r 

— supra-sternal fossa, Cham. 

— neck, Bell. Carb-veg. Cocc. Hep. 
Merc. Ntr-c. Puis. Samb. Sass. Tar. 

— scapulae, Amm-m. Anne. Berb. Bry. 
Calc. Cam ph. Can nab. Cliin. dice. 
Colch. Creos. Ferr. Ferr-m. Guaj. Hep. 
Hyosc. Hyper. Kali-b. Kalin. Lacli. 
Menv. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac, ffitr. Nux. Par. 
Phosp. Plb. Prun Puis. Samb. Sass. 
Sep. Sil. Stram. Sulph. Verb. Zinc. 

— left scapula, Menv. 

— between scapulae. Ind. 

— below scapulae, B id. 

— lower angle of left scapulae, Kali-b. 

— left shonldcrand left breast, at intervals, 

— from left scapulae to shoulder and 
mammae, Grat. 

— back, Aeon. Alum. Anac. Asa-f. Berb. 
Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cham. 
Chin. Coloc. Con. Cycl. Dulc. Evon. 
Guaj. Hell. Hep. Hyosc. Hyper. Igt. 
Kali-b. Kalm. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. Meic. Mez. Nitr-ac. Oieand. 
Paeon. Par. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Rhus. 
Sabin. Suss. Sep. Sil Spig. Staph. 
Sulpli. Thuj. Tar. Verb Zinc. 

spinal column, Bell. Kali-b. 

one-sided, Guaj. 

— sacral region, Aeon. Ambr. Arn. Bell. 
Berb. Bry. Calc. Carb-av. Carb- 
veg. Cocc. Dulc. Hyper. Igt. 
Kali-b. Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lith. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nice. 
Nitr-ac Nitr. Nux- jug. Ox-ac. Plb. 
Puis. Ruta. Snip/:. Tar. 

after stool, relieved, Ind. 

— piercing pain. So ill. 

Suppuration at throat-pit, Ip. (compare 

Sect. 23.) 
Swelling, nape. Bell. Merc. Puis. 

— neck, Ars. Bell. Caust. Cic. Con. Croc. 
led. Lyc. Merc. Merc-cor. Nux. Phosp. 
Puis. ' 

oedematous. Bell. 

rheumatic, Con. Merc. 

from wound in oesophagus with a 

splinter, bone or other sharp body, 


one-sided, Lyc. Ntr-c. Puis. Sass. 

— cervical vertebrae. Cole. 

— dorsal vertebrae. Calc. Sil. 

— draivs head to one side. Cist. 

— when talking, Iod. 

— tumor of neck. Graph. Hep. 
Tabes dorsalis, Nux-m. Phosp. Tabac. 

Talking, impeded by pain in back ,( "annab. 
J Tension, nape. Bai-c. Hry. Camph. Canst. 
Con. Dig. A/^a-s. Moftch. Nu-s. Ol-m. 
Par. Plat. "Plb. Puis. Rat. Rhod. 
Rhus. Sass. Sp<>ng. Sulpli. Zinc. 

— mck, Bare. Berb. liry. Chin. Cic. 
Coloc. Dig. Glon. fod. Lach. Meph. 
Ntr-s. Par. Phosp-ac. Puis Rhod. Rhus. 
Spoiig. Thuj. Viol-od. Zinc. 

— il he turns Ids head, cannot easily turn 
it back, Cic. 

— scapulae, Bar-c. Cic. Colch. Coloc. 
Nux. Sil. Zinc. 

— back, Arnm-c. Berb. Coloc. Hep. Mez. 
Mosch. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Oieand. Ol-an. 
Puis. Rat. Sass. Sulpli. Tar. Teucr. 

— sacrum, Amm-c. Bar-e. Beib. Puis 
Sass. Sulpli. Tar. 

Thick, growing, the neck, Con. Iod. Phosp. 

— when talking, Iod. 

Throbbing, back, Bar-c. Chin. Lyc. Phosp. 

Sep. Thuj. 
lumbar region, Sep. 

— from sacrum to pubes, Sabin. 

— stitch in os-coccvx when sitting, Par. 
Tickling, supr.i-steinal fossa, Cham. 

— thyroid cartilage, Puis. 

Tingling (crawling), back, Aeon. Anac. 

Arn. Caust. Evon. Graph. Ntr-c. 

Phosp-ac. Ra»-sc. Sa>s. Sec-c. 

as from ants, Evon. Grapb. Ntr-c. 

Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. Sass. 

— sacral region, Boiax. Croton. Phosp-ac. 

Torpor, in nape, Calc. Ntr-m. 
Tremor, back, Cocc. 
Tumors in neck, Cist. 

— under axille, encysted, Bar-c. 

— in vertebrae, small, Lach. 
Twisting pain, sacral region, Graph. 
Ulcerative pain, nape, Puis. 

— neck. Puis. 

— back, Cic. Creos. 

— sacral region, Ntr-s. Prun. 
Ulcers, nape, Sil. 

Venis distension of, neck, Bell. Op. Thuj. 
Walking, impeded by pain in back, or sacral 

region, Phosp. 
To walk about, necessity, from pain in 

back, Mgn-s. 
Weakness, cervical muscles, Arn. Cocc. 

Glon. Kali-c. Lyc. Par. Staph. Sulph. 

Tart. Verat. 

— nape, Aeon. Kali-c. Par. Plat. Sil. 
Stann. Staph. Verat. 

— back. Agar. Coloc. Lach. Nux. Ox-ac. 
Sil. Zinc. 

— sacral region, Ars. Coloc. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Nux-m. Petr. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Zinc. 

Wrenching, spraining pain, nape, Agar. 
Calc. Cinnab. Nice. 

— neck, Cinnab. 

— between scapulae, Bell. Nux. 


Wrencning, spraining pain, back, Agar. Arg- 
n. Bell. C<*/f. Nux. Petr. Puis. Rhod. Sep. 

— sacral region, Agar. Calc. Lach. Ol-an. 
Rhod. Sulph. 

Yellow spots, neck, Iod. 
Zona, Merc. 

In morning, pain, nape, Thuj. 

— back, Berb. Euph. Mgn-s. Phyt. Thuj. 

— sacral region, Aug. Calad. Ntr-m. Nitr. 
Selen. Staph. Thuj. 

— morning in bed, pain, Ang. Berb. Euph. 
Mgn-s. Nitr. 

— evening, pain, nape, Oleand. 

back, Cisi. Led. Nux. Tereb. 

sacral region, Led. Teieb. 

Arms, moving, pain, back. Camph. Ferr. 

With desire 10 evacuate, Cieos. 

When bending forward, pain. back.Chelid. 

— backwards, pain, nape, Con. 

back, Chelid. Mang. Plat. 

sacral region, Con. Plat. 

relieved. Sang. 

— pain in nape of neck, Graph. 

— blowing nose, pain, sacral region, Dig. 

— breathing pain, back, Aeon, Amm-m. 
Calc. Carb-an. Cinnab. Prun. Sass. 
Spig. Sulph. 

sacral region, Carb-an. Sulph. 

From a cold, pain, back and sacral region. 
Dulc. Nitr-ac. 

— cold air. pain in nape, back and sacral 
region, Bar-c. 

By coldness increased, pain, Rhus. Snbad. 
When coughmg, pain, back, Bry.Cocc. Nitr. 
With dyspnea, Sulph. 
In;j weather, pain, nape and back, 

Nux-m. Rhod. 
From exertion, pain in back, Calc. Calc-ph. 


When exercising (moving), pain, neck. 
Ferr. Hell. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. 

— nape, Aeon. Amm-m. Camph. Chin. 
Dros. Hell. Plb. Rhus. Sass. 

— scapulae, Calc. Petr. 

— back, Chin. Cinnab. Mang. Meph. Petr. 
Samb. Sass. Stram. 

— sacral region, Chin. Kali-b. Psor. Sass. 
From exercise, pain increased, Cham. 


— falling, pain, sacral region, Kali-c. 
By emission of fl.itus, relieved, Berb. 
When lifting, Lyc. 

— lying, pain, nape, Agar. 

— back, Agar Berb. Creos. Euph. Nitr. 

Sil. Staph. Tar. 

sacral region, Agar. Berb. Chin. Tar. 

on back, pain in back, Chin. Euph. 

Igt. Nitr. Staph. 

relieved, Ruta. 

side, increased, Staph. 

relieved, Nitr. 


something hard, relieved, Ntr-m- 


After manual labor, pain, back, Sulph. 

— mental affection, pain, back, Bar-c. 
When nursing child, pain through scapula, 


Pressure, pains, neck and nape, Lach. 

relieved by, Dulc. Ruta. 

When raising head, pain, nape, Senna. 
aims, pains, neck and back. Graph. 

— at rest, pain, back, Creos. Dulc. Kali-c. 
Mang. Nitr. Samb. Spig. 

— ritling in a vehicle, pain, back, Calc. 

With rigidity of body, Cham. 
When rising from sitting, pain, back, 
Canth. Led. Sulph. 

sacrum, Ant. Calc. Cannab. Con. 

Ferr ac. Petr. Rhod. Staph. Sulph. 

— from stooping, pain, nape, Nice. 

back, Phosp. Sil. Sulph. Verat. 

sacrum, Lyc. Phosp. Sass. Verat. 

In room, pain nape, relieved in open air, 

When sitting down, pain in back and sa- 
crum, Aloe. Kobalt. Meny. Zinc. 

, back, Agar. Berb. Cimex. Lyc. 

Rhus. Saba d. Sil. Tart. Tereb. Thuj. 

with dyspvncea, Lyc. 

relieved, Staph. 

— sacral region. Agar. Bar-c. Borax. 
Canst. Cist. Kobalt. Lvc. Meny, Ntr-c. 
Ntr-s. Ol-an. Phell. Prun. Ruta. Sabad. 
Tart. Teieb. Thuj. 

— pain in os cocc\j>is, Par. 

— bent. Kali-jod. 

After sitting, pain back, Led. 

— sacral region, Berb. Phosp. 

When sneezing, pain neck and nape, Arn. 

— speaking, pain, back, Cocc. 

By standing, pain increased, Agn. Cocc. 
Kali-b. Kali-c. Lith. Petr. Phosp. Sulph. 

relieved, Arg-n. 

After stool, pain sacial region, Tabac. 
relieved, Berb. 

When stooping, pain in nape, Kali-b. Par. 

back, Clem. Con. Lyc. Meny. 

Nitr. Par. Rhus. Verat. 

— sacral region, Borax. Lyc. Meny. Ol-an. 
Ruta Sass. Verat. 

Stoop, inability to, Borax. 
On throwing the head back, pain in neck, 

When touched pain in back, Glon. Lach. 
Puis. Sass. 

— nape, Lach. Puis. Sang. 

— back, increased, Ars. 

— sacrum, Amm-m. Colch. Kali-b. Rhus. 
Sil. Tong. 

When turning in bed, pain back, Hep. 

— sacral region, Nux. Staph. 

To urinate, with desire to, pain in loins, 



When walking, pain in back, Agar. Cocc. 

relieved, Arg-n. Bar-c. Kobalt. 

Mgn-s. Phosp. Rhus. Ruta. Stront. 

— sacial region, Kali-c. Ruta. Batch Zinc. 
By wai mth, external, pain relieved, nape, 

back, Cinnab. 


29. Upper Extremities. 

Achi ij pains, Asa-f. Benz-ac. Chin-sulph. 

D os. Lach. Phosp-ac. Raph. Staph. 
Agility, nimbleness, want of in hands 

G aph. Ntr. Plb. Sil. 

in fingers, Sep. 

Arthritic complaints, Bry. Hep. Lach. Lyc. 

Merc. Petr. Phosp. Rhod. Rhus. Sabin. 

Si m. Spig. (compare Rheumatic.) 

— lea slioulder, Guaj. Merc-cor. Sulph. 

— right shoulder, Iris. Lob. Lyc. Pallad. 
S; ng. 

— el ion- and wrist, Grat. Mgn-s. 

— forearm, Merc. Nitr-ac. 
right, Nitr-ac. 

— wiist, left, Guaj. Mgn-s. 

— hand and wrist, Bell. Cocc. Kali-b. Hep. 
Lyc. Sab in. 

— fingers and fingers-joints, Ant. Bry. 
Ci rd-an. Clem. Grat. Hep. Lyc. Mang. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Ox-ac Petr. Rhod. Rhus. 
Sas.i. Sep. Spig. 

Arthritic nodes, wrist, Calc. Led. Rhod. 

— hands and finger joints, Ant. Benz-ac. 
C lc. Hep. 

— finger-joints, Agn. Calc. Clem. Dig. 
Graph. Led. Lyc. Rhod. Staph. 

— stiflness, elbow, Lyc. 

— wrist, Lyc. 

— stifaiess finger-joints, Carb-a. Graph. Lyc. 
Atropi y of arms. Chin. Graph. Selen. 

As if beaten, pain in arms, Aeon. Ang. 
Am. Berb. Cannab. Chenop. Cocc. 
C: eos. Croc. Croton. Hep. Ntr-m. 
Nar-ac. Verat. Zinc-ox. 

— sh xtldcr-joint ,Dros. 

— ui der shoulder-joint, right, Kali-c. 
left, Kali-jod. 

— shoulder, Aeon. Cannab. Coloc. 
Con. Ntr-m. Verat. 

— upper arm, Cocc. Hep. Nitr-ac. 
right, Cinnab. 

— fo e-arm. Croc. Croton. Rttta. 

— b< nes of left fore-arm, radius as if crush- 
ed or broken, Gymnoc. 

— hands, Am. Ntr-m. Nice. Ruta. 

— wrist, Bros. Ruta. 

Bene mg over easily of finger joints, Bell. 

H sp. Nux. Teucr. 
Bloated ness hands, Cham. 

— fit gcrs when the arms hang down, 
Ainm-c. Phosp. 

— dark blue of forearms, and hands, 

Blood, congestion of in arms, Nux. 

— as if stopped, sensation, arms. Rhod. 
fingers, Cioc. 

Blue spots, like sugillations, forearm, 

Blueness of hands, Amm-c. Apis. Bar-c. 
Elaps. Verat. 

— after washing with cold water, Amm-c. 

— marbled of hands, Cupr. 

Boring, sensation shoulder-joint, Rhod. 

— humerus. Mang. 

— fore-arm, Ran-sc. 

— wrist, Hell. 

— carpal bones, Daph. Ntr-c. Ran-sc. 

— fingers, Ran-sc. 

— finger-joints, Daph. Hell. 

— finger-tips, Sulph. 
Brown spots, elbow, Sep. 

— wrist, Petr. 

— hands, Ntr-m. 

— palmar surface of hand, Iod. Ntr-c 

Bruising pain, Aeon. Arn. Dulc 
Oleand, Plat. Ruta. 

— shoulder, Aeon. Cic. Cocc. Hep. Sulph. 

— upper-arm, C)-cl. 

— elbow-joint, Carb-veg. Rttta. 

— fore-aim. Aeon. Cic. Oleand. 
middle of, to wrist, Kali-b. 

— hands and fingers, Bism. Oleand. 

— thumb, left, Creos. 

Bubbling sensation, upper arm, Colch. 

— elbow, Rheum. 

Burning, arms, Agar. Alum. Berb. Bry. 
Phosp. Plat. Puis. Rhus. Rhus-rad. 

— humeri, Rhus. 

— shoulder, Carb-veg. Graph. Rhus. 
Stront. Tabac. 

— upper-arm. Agar. Berb. Sulph. 

— elbow. Alum. 

— fore-arm, Agar. Sulph, * 

— hand, Bry. Carb-veg. Lam. Led. Ntr-s. 
Phosp. Plat. Rhus. Sec-c. Sep. Stann 

— wrist, Ntr-c. 

— palm of hand, Canth. Lach. Lyc. Petr. 
Phosp. Sang. Sep. Stann. Sulph. 

— fingers, Agar. Alum. Borax. Croc. 

2 IO 


Kali-c. Mosch. Ntr-c. Oleand. Flat. 

Sil. Icucr. 
Burning finger-tips, Mur-ac. 
Callosities, Horny, on hands. Graph. 
Cnilblains, pain as from, Nux. 
Chilliness, aims, Bell. Igt. 

— fingers, Men}-. 

Chill begins and spreads from arms. Hell. 

in light arm, Merc. 

lelt hand, Carh-vcg. 

— during the pam in hand and fingers, 

Cicatrices, deep, stinging, in hands, 

Clenched thumbs. Aeth. Bell. Cham. Cocc. 

Hyosc. Igt. Merc. Stann. Siram. Viol-tr. 
Cobweb, sensation ol, on hands, Borax. 
Coldness, arms, Bed. Cic. Dulc. Ip. 

Kali-c. Kali chl. Led. Mcrc-cor. Up. 

I'll). Rhus. Sec-c. Sep. Thuj. Verat. 

— wrist, Gels. 

— bauds, Aeon. Apis. Ars. Aur. 
Bar-c. Bell. Benz-ac. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cham. Chin. Cocc. Cupr. Dig. Dros. 
Elaps. Gels. Hell. Hep. Hipp m. Hyosc. 
lod. Ip. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Me/. 
Ntr-c Nu-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr.Nux-m.Nux. 
Ox-ac. Petr. Pnosp. Uan-b. Rhus. Rumex 
Scill. Sep. Sulph. Tabac. Tart. Thuj. 
Verat. Zinc. 

evening in bed, Carb-an. 

at night, Phosp. Thuj. 

icy, Camph. Carb-veg. Lach. Nux-m. 


one hand. Chin. Dig. Ip. 

on one side, the other hot and 

red, Puis. 

of right, warmth of left, Mez. 

one hand, sweat of the other, Ip. 


alternately with heat, Cocc. Par. 

feet warm, Aloe. 

— fingers, Ang. Chclid. Cic. Colch. Hell 
LatC-can. Mosch. Mur-ac. Par. Rhod' 
Sulph. Tar. Tart. Thuj. 

tip, Meny. Phosp-ac. 

Contraction of arms, Lyc. Sec-c. 
upper arms, Strain. Sulph. 

— beno ot elbow, Llaps. 

— hands, Bism. Caib-vtg. Cina. Cinnab. 
Colch. Mgn-S. Merc. Nux. Sol-nig. Sulph. 

and fingers, Phosp-ac. 

tenuous ol, Caust. Sulph. 

— right hand when writing, Euph. 

— metacarpal bones, Eupur. 
light hand. Cannab. 

— right thumb and index, Cycl. 

— fingirs, Arg. Calc Carb-veg. 
Caust. Chin. Cina. Cocc. Coff. Colch. 
Cycl. Graph. Kali-jod. Lyc. Mgn-s. 
Mang. Merc. Ntr-c. Nux. Ox-ac. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plat. Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. 
Sabin. Sec-c. Selen. Spig. Stann. Tart. 

when gaping. Nux. 

— of tendons, sensation of. Acth. Lach. 

when bending them, Aeth. 

of shoulders, Bov. 

elbows, Caust. Lach. Mang. 


wrist, Carb-veg. Igt. Lach. 

hands, Nux. 

fingers, Aeth. Carb-an. Croc. 

Dros. Lach. Nux. Sep. Spong. 
Convulsions, arms, Bell. Biy. Camph. 

Caust. Cham. Cocc. Igt. Jod. Op. Plb. 

Sabad. Scill. (compare Twitching.) 

— hands, Bell. lod. Mosch. Plb. 

— fingers, Cham. Cupr. Jgt. Iod. Mosch. 

Convulsive rotation of arms, Caniph. 
Copper-colored spots on hands, Nitr-ac. 
Corroding pain, Lyc. Plat. 

— fingers Bar-c. Plat. 

Ciackcd skin of hands, Creos. (compare 

Cracking in joints of arms, Chin-sulph. 

Croc. Kali b. Merc. Tart. Thuj. 

— when leaning on ihe arms. Thuj. 

— in shoulder-joint, Pen. Kali-c. 
elbow-joint, Kalm. 

wrist-joints, (Jon. 

finger-joints, Merc. 

Cramping pain, back of the hand, Bruc. 
Cutting pain, aims, Anac. 

— shoulder-joint, in bending arm forward, 

— elbow, wrist and finger-joints, Phosp-ac. 

— foie-arm and fingers, Mur-ac. 

— hands, Mur-ac. Nti-c. 
Deadness, arms, Amm-c. Thuj. 

— hands, Aeon. Calc. Con. Lyc. Nux. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

— fingers, Anitn-c. Amm-m. Calc. Caust. 
Chelid. Cic. Creos. Hep. Lyc. Mcic. 
Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. Par. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Sec-c. Sulph. Tart. Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 

one-sided, Phosp-ac. 

— in morning, Amm-c. 

— at ni^ht, Amm-c. Mur-ac. 

— in cold air, Nitr-ac. 

— when taking hold of something, Amm-c. 

— in warm temperature, Calc. 
Desquamation, of the cuticle, arms, Agar. 
hands. Alum. Amm-c. Amm-m. 

Bar-c. Ferr. Laur. Sulph. 

[.alms, Amm-c. 

between lingers, Amm-m. 

fingers, Agar. Bar-c. Elaps. Merc. 


about the nails, Eugcn. Merc. 


Detached from bones, sensation as if the 
flesh were, Bry. Igt. Rhus. Sulph. 



Digging pain, Croc. Diad. Ntr-m. Rhod. 
Rhus. Ruta. 

arms, Carb-an. Croc. Mang. Rhus. 


Dislocaiion of wrist, Amm-c. Am. Bov. 
Bry. Carb-an. Ruta. 

fingers, easy, Hep. 

Distortion of fingeis, Graph. 
Doubling the fist, Hyosc. Merc. Stram. 

— with clenched thumb, Merc. 
Drawing pain, aims, Arg. Bell. Berb. Bry. 

Calc. Caust. Cina. Cinnab. Clem. 
Coloc. Cjcl. Ftrr. Ind. Kali-c. Lam. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Mang. Mmy. Merc. Mez. 
Nitr-ac. X nr. Nux. 0l< and Ol-an.Vi\x Petr. 
Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Puis. Rlwd. Sec c. 
Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulpta; Tabac. Thuj. 

— slioulder-joint, Clem. Kali-c. Lact. 
Puis. Rhod. Sulph. Teucr. 

— humerus, Rhod. Tereb. Teucr. Thuj. 

— sh.>ulders, Ambr. Aur-m. Dulc. Kali-c. 
Mang. Nti-c. Nux. Puis. Sep. Staph. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

— upper-aim, Aeon. Aur-m. Ars. Dulc. 
Fe re-fin. Lact. Mosch. Alurac. Oleand. 
Plb. Staph. Tereb. Valer. 

— elbow-joint, Ambr. Lact. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 
Phosp-ac. Sulpli. Viol-od. Zinc. 

— fore arm, Ambr. Aug. Ant. Carb-veg. 
Croc. Cioton. Cycl. Ferr-m. Moscli. 
Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Rho.l. Ruta. Samb. 
Seneg. Spong. Staph. Tar. 

— hands, Ambr. Ang. Arg. Caust. Cina. 
Clem. Crotun. Cycl. Ferr-m. Kali-c. 
Lact. Mgn-c. Mang. Menv. Ntr-c. 
Nitr-ac. Ut-an. Rhod. Ruta. Sil. Staph. 
Sulph. Viol-od. Zinc Zing. 

— wrist, Anac. Ars. Asar. Bov. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Cist. Ferr-m. Fluor-ac. Kali-c. 
Mosch. Phosp-ac. Spong. Sulph. Tar. 

— carpal bones, Anac. Sabin. Samb. Spig. 

— fingers, Ambr. Aug. Ant. Asar Carb-veg. 
Coloc. Croton. Kali-c. Lam. Mang. 
Nux. Oleand. Ol-an. Petr. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Ruta. Sil. Sol-nig. Staph. Sulph. 
Teucr. Zinc. 

— finger-joints, Anac. Ant. Caust. Kali-c. 
Phosp-ac. Sep. Sulph. Teucr. 

Dry skin, of the hands, Anac. Bar-c. Bell. 
Clem. Ferr-m. Gels. Hep. Lach. Lyc. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Phosp-ac. Sabad. Sulph. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

— palm of h ind, Bism. Gels. 

— fingers, Anac. Phosp-ac. Puis. 

at night, Puis. 

Emaciation, arms, Nitr-ac. 

— hands, Chin. Graph, Selen. 
Enlargement, sensation of, arms and hands, 

at night, Clem. Diad. Nitr. 

Eruption, arms, Agar. Alum. Ant. Caust. 
Merc. Nux. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sulph. 
Tart. Valer. 

— upper-arms. Led. Merc. Nux. Sep. Tart. 

— elbow, Berb. Sep. Sulph. 

red papulous, not itching, Cinnab. 

— fore-arms, Alum. Bry. Selen. Spong. 

— wrist, Amm-m. Caust. Hep. Led. Rhus. 

— hands, Amm-m. Carb-veg. Creos. Dulc. 
Hep. Kalm. Lach. Merc. Mur-ac. Rhus. 
Rhus-v. Selen. Sep. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

back of, Berb. Creos. Kali-chl. 

palms, Kali-c. Sep. 

— fingers, Borax. Causi. Graph. Hep. Lach. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ran-b. Rhus. Sass. Sep. 
Sil. Spig. Tabac. Tar. 

— finder-joints, Cycl. 

— between fingers, Lyc. Puis. Sep. 

— between thumb and fore-finger, Bruc. 

— blisters, on wrist, forming scabs, 

large, on palms of hands, Bufo. 

spreading, on swollen hands and 

fingers, worse from cold water, Clem. 
itching, on hands, first pale, then red, 

blue, on fingers, Ran-b. 

— blotches, red, Lach. 

— burning, Ntr-c. Rhus. Spig. 

— like chicken-pox, Led. 

— clustering, Rhus. 

— desquamating, Agar. 

— erysipelatous, Kalm. 

— excresences, Lach. 

— hard, Caust. 

— granulated, Carb-veg. Graph. Hep. 

— humid, on back of hands and fingers, 
and in palms, elbows, knuckles, Creos. 

— itching, Ant. Carb-veg. Caust. Creos. 
Kali-r:. Kali-chl. Lach. Led. Lyc. Merc. 
Nux. Rhus. Sep. Spig. Sulph. Tabac. 

— itch-like, Alum. Berb. Graph. Lath. 
Merc. Nitr-ac. Phosp. Rhus. Sass. 
Selen. Sep. Sulph. 

— miliar}-. Alum. Bry. Led. Merc. Nux. 
Selen. Sujph. Tart. 

— nettle-rash, Berb. Hep. Hyper. Ntr-c. 

— pimples, Agar. Berb. Creos. Kali-chl. 
Lyc. Phosp-ac. Spig. Sulph. Tabac. Tar. 
Tart. Valer. 

red, on finger-tips, Elaps. 

— pustules, Ars. Borax. Rhus. Sass. Sec-c. 
Sep. Sil. Spig. Sulph. 

black, Anthrax. Ars. Lach. Sec-c. 

large, surrounded by inflamed base, 


— rash, hot, on right wrist, Elaps. 

2 I 2 


Eruption, red, Ant. Cycl. 

— scabs, Alum. Ainm-m. Mur-ac. Sep. 
itching, Sep. 

moist, Alum. 

— scaly, Agar. 

— smauing, like nettle-rash, on hands, 

— smooth spots on palms and 
lingers, first coral-color, then dark-red, 
last copper-colored, Cor-r. 

— stinging, Mgn-c. Puis. 

— tubercles, hard, Rhus. 

— vesiculous, Amm-m. Ant. Bruc. Cycl. 
Kali-c. Kali-chl. Lach. Mgn-c. Merc-cor. 
Ntr-c. Puis. Ran-b. Rhus. Sep. Spong. 

comes out in cold air, Dulc. 

gnawing, on hands and fingers, Clem. 

Giaph. Kali-c. Mgn-c. Nitr-ac. SH. 
humid, painless, between fingers, 


itching on arms and hands, Daph. 

suppurating on elbow, Sulph. 

worse irom washing in cold water, 


with shooting pain, Mgn-c. 

— warts, Lach. Sulph. 

— white, Agar. 

Erysipelas, Amm-c. Bell. Kalm. Petr. Rhus. 

— upper arms, Bell. 

— fore-arms, Ant. Lach. Merc. 

— hands, Graph. Hep. Hydrast. Rhus. 

— fingers, Rhus. Sulph. 

Excoriation, pain as from, in fore-arm, Cic. 

in shoulder, Cic. Con. 

Excrescences on hand, Lach. 
Exertion, pain in elbows impedes, Tabac. 
Exostosis, Dulc. Mcz. Rhus. Sil. Sulph. 
To extend the arms, inclination, Ainm-c. 

Bell. Sabad. Tabac. Verb. 
Firmness, want of, in shoulder, Croc. 
Fore-arm, complaints in, Aeon. 
From freezing, disorders, (boils, blisters, 

chilblains), Agar. Carb-an. Croc. Lyc. 

Nitr-ac Nux. Op. Petr. Pliosp. Puis. 

Rhus. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

— itching. Puis. 

Fulness, sensation of, arms, Verat. 

— hands. Caust. Ntr-s. 
palms, at night, Ars. 

when taking hold of something, 


Furuncles, boils arms, Amm-c. Calc. 

Carb-an. Carb-veg. Lyc Mgn-m. Met. 

Nitr. Petr. Phosp-ac. 3*7. Zinc. 

shoulders. Amm-c. Bell. Nitr. Phosp-ac. 

large blood boils on, Nux-jug. 

— upper-arms, Carb-veg. Zinc. 

— fore-arms. Calc. Lyc. Mgn-m. Petr. 

— hands, Calc. Lyc. 

small blood-boils on, Iris. 

— fingers, Calc. Lach. 

— thumb, Nitr. 

Ganglion, back ol head, Amm-c. Phosp-ae. 

Plb. Sil 
Gan^rme of fingers, Sec-c. 
Gnawing pain, hands and fingers, Ran-sc. 

under nails. Alum. 

Giasping, involuntarily, Sulph. 
Hang nails, Ntr-m. Rhus. Stann. Sulph. 
Haiti skin of hands, Amm-c. Sulph. 
Heat in the hands, Aeon. Anac. Borax. 

Carb-veg. Cast. Clem. Core. Cub. 

Eupat. Ferr. Hep. Iod. Lach. Lact. 

Lid. Lyc. Milhf. Murex. Nitr-ac. 

Nux-m. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Rheum. Rhus. 

Sunn. Staph. 

alternating with coldness, Cocc. 

sudden, when stretching out the 

arm, Ferr-m. 

in the evening, Led. 

at night. Staph. 

with cold feet, Aeon. 

— of one hand, coldness of the other, 
Dig. Ip. Puis. 

— and redness of one hand, the other pale 
and cold, Mosch. 

— ol palms, Asar. Colch. Gels. Nux. Sep. 
Zinc. Zing. 

fingers, Borax. Lact. Mgn c. Par. 

Heaviness, arms, Aeon. Alum. Amm-m. 
Ang. Bell. Berb. CacC Calc. Caust. Cic. 
Ferr, Hipp-m. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Par. Plat. Puis. Rhod. Sil. Spig. 
Stann. Sulph-ac. Tart. Teucr. 
from shoulder to fingers, with numb- 
ness, Ambr. Cham. Croc. Graph. 
Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-m. Nux. Puis. Sep. 

when at rest, Rhod. 

— right arm, Amm-m. 

and loss of power, Amm-c. 

— left arm, Dig. Merc-jod. 

— shoulder, Puis. Sulph. Thuj. 
as from a burden, Sulph. 

— upper arms, Teucr. 

— elbow-joint, Samb. 

— fore-arms, Anac. Croc. Mur-ac. Sponc. 
Thuj. V 8 

— hands, Bry. Nice. Nitr. Ox-ac. Puis. 
at night, Nitr. 

— fingers, Par. 

Herpes arms, Alum. Bov. Con. Dulc. 
Graph. Lyc. Mang. Merc. Ntr-m. Phosp. 
Psor. Sec-c. Sil. 

— elbow, Can. Creos. Cupr. Hep. Phosp. 
"Psor. Staph. Thuj. 

— fore-arm, Alum. Con. Mang. Merc. 

— wrist, Merc. Psor. 

— bunds. Bov. Cist. Creos. Dulc. Merc. 
Ntr-c. Ran-b. Sass. Staph. Verat. Zinc. 

I back of, Lyc. Sep. 

j like moist itch, itching at night, 


j — fingers, Caust. Creos. Ran-b. Psor. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

2 9- UPPER 

Herpes between fingers, Ambr. Graph. 

— burning. Con. Merc. 

— crust}-, Con. Thuj. 

— dry, Verat. 

— furfuraceous, mealy, Merc. Phosp. 

— itching, Caust. Cupr. Mgn-s. Mang. 

— moist, Bov. Con. 

— red, Mgn-s. 

— scaly, Cupr. Merc. 

Herpetic spots on arms and hands, Ntr-m 

— elbows, Sep. 

Horn-like, call i, hands, Graph. 
Indolence, inactivity ol arms, Nux. 
Induration of cellular tissue of forearm, 

— tendons of fingers, Caust. 
Inflammation arm, Cupr. Petr. Rhus. Sep 

— forearm, Lyc. 

— elbow, Ant. Lach. 
erysipelatous, Lach. 

— palmar surface of hand, Bry. 

— fingers, Con. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mang. 
Ntr-m. Niir-ac. Puis. 

Itching,arms , Bov. Caust. Fluor-ac. Lach. 
Lyc. Phosp. Plat. Puis. Rhus-rad. 
Selen. Sulph. Zinc. 

— shoulders. Gels. Kobalt. Nice. 

— hands, Anac. Berb. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Colch. Gran. Lach. Lyc. Merc. Mur-ac. 
Nitr-ac. Plat. Ran b. Rhus. Sass. Selen. 
Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 

— spots on hands, Berb. Zinc. 

— palms, Ambr. Anac. Berb. Carb-veg. 
Hep. Kali-c. Ntr-m. Ran-b. Sil. Spig. 

palms, Grat. 

— fingers, Agar. Con. Lach. Lact. Ntr-c. 
Nux. Ox-ac. Plat. Prun. Puis. Ran-b. 
Selen. Sulph. 

— between fingers. Cycl. 

— as from chilblains, Prun. 
Jerks, shocks, arms, Nux. Op. 
left, Cic. 

— upper arms, Ruta. 

— elbow-joint, Ntr-m. Verat. 

— hand, Sulph-ac. Valer. 

Jerking pain, arms, Arn. Chin. Ind. 
Meny. Mez. Ntr-c. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Ran-b. Rheum. 

— humerus, Chin. 

— shoulder, Mez. Puis. Tar. 

— scapula joint, Puis. 

— upper aims.Lact.Puls.Rhus.Tar. Valer. 

— elbow joint, Rhus. 

— hands, Chin. Mez. Ntr-m. Puis. 

— wrist, Anac. Rhus. 

— carpal bones, Anac. Chin. 

fingers, Amm-c. Chin. Meny. Mez. 

Ntr-c. Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. Rheum. Staph. 
finger-joints, Anac. Ntr-m. Rhus. 


Joint, sensation as if shoulder were put 

out of. Croc. Mez. 
Lameness, paralytic, arms, Alum, (com- 
pare, Paialysis, sensation of.) 

— right aim, Fluor-ac. 

— left arm and right foot, Hyper. 

— languor, arms, Anac Ang. Berb. Bry. 
Calc. Hcematox. Lach. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Phosp. Sass. Seneg. Sil. 

in morning, in bed, Iod. 

during movement, Berb. 

— shoulder and elbow, Ntr-c. 

— hands, Phosp. 

Laxity, relaxation, arms, Guaj. Plat. 
Livid spots, arms, Lyc. 

Living, as if, something, were running in 

arms, lgt. 
Looseness, sense of in shoulder, Croc. 
Moisture on bend 6l elbow, Sep. 
Motion impeded by pain, arm, Mgn-c. 


elbow, Tabac. 

Muscles, twitching aims, Asa-/. Cupr. 

Mez. Ntr-m. Oleand. Sil. Tar. Tart. 


— shoulder, Spong. 

— upper arm, Cocc. Hell. Nitr-ac. Spig. 

— forearm, Spig. 

— hands, Asa-/. Tart. 

Nails, blueness, Chin. Dig. Hipp-m. 

JMerc-sulph. Sil. 
beginning, Chelid. 

— crippled, Graph. Nitr-ac. Sep. Sil. Thuj. 

— discolored, Ars. Thuj. 

— dark, Ox-ac. 

— gray color, Merc-cor. 

— grow more rapidly, Fluor-ac. 
too slowly, Ant. 

— hang nails, Ntr-m. Rhus. 

— painful Ant. 

sore pain, margin of, red, Lith. 

ulcerative pain, Ntr-s. 

— peeling off, Merc. 

— suppuration, around, Eugen. 

— thickness, Graph. 

— white spotted, Nitr-ac. 

— yellow, Con. Sil. 

under the nails pain, Berb. 

Numbness, arms, Ambr. Bar-c. Berb. 

Bufo. Cham. Creos. Croc. Euphr. Graph. 

Kali-c. Lach. Led. Lyc. Mgn-m. Nitr. 

Nux. Petr. Phosp. Rhus-rad. Sep. 

Sil. Spig. Sulph. Thuj. Verat. 

left, Aeon. Cinnab. Glon. Millef. 

Pal I ad. 

right, Kali-b. Merc-jod. 

— forearms, Nux. 

— left furearm and hand in morning, 

— hands, Ambr. Ars. Carb-an. Cocc-c. 
Con. Croc. Euphr. Hyosc. Lam. Lyc. 
Mez. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Sil. Spig. 

left, Merc-sulph. 



Numbness, hand, riglit, Cycl. 

— palm of band, Bry. 

— fingers, Aeon. Amm-c. Bar-c. Calc. 
Carb-an. Caust. Cham. Cimex. Creos. 
Dig. Euphr. Ferr. lod. Kali-c. Lam. 
Lye. Mur-ae. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux 
Par. Phosp. Puis. Suss. Stram. Sulph. 
Verat. Zinc. 

single, Ol-ari. 

ring and little finger, Diad. 

tips, Kali-c. Laen. Phosp. Spong. 


— in morning, Nux. Puis. Zinc. 

in lied, Mgn-ni. Nitr-ac. 

on waking, Hipp-OA. 

— at night. Ambr. Cm. Igt. Lvc. Nux. 
Puis. Sil. 

— when carrying something, Ambr. 

— with torpor, N ux. 

— in cold weather, Kali-c. 

— when lain upon, Ambr. Bar-c. Sil. 
leaning upon the part, Sil. 

— after motion or exen ise, Kali-c. Ruta. 

— when taking hold of anything, Cocc. 

Outward pressure, shoulder joint, Cor-r. 
Pain, simple, arm, Bai-c. Calc. Hxmatox. 

— in upper three vertebrae, through shoul- 
ders, Kalm. 

— shoulder, Dig. Gels. Igt. 

right. Cimex. Fluor-ac. Kalm. Lact. 

left. Cinnab. 

— shoulder-joini, Amm-c. Cist. Igt. Plb. 

— humeri, Diad. Igt. lod. Lyc. Murex. 

— first in left then right deltoid, with in- 
clination to move, Ux-ac. 

— elbow left, from dr;ilt of air Gels. 

— wrist, Amm-c. Calc-ph. Cor-r. Kalm. 
Kobalt. Lach. Plb. Ruta. 

joint which had been sprained, 


right. Lac-can. Ox-ac. Petr. 

left, Kalm. 

— hands. Cist. Kalm. 

fingers, Benz-ac. Calc-ph. Iris. Kalm. 

— thumb, Calc-ph. 
on lifting, Ruta. 

Pain in bones in general, Asa-f. Lyc. 

Phosp-ac. Staph. 
Panaritia, paronychia, AU-cep. Alum. 

Apis. Bar-c. Berb. Bov. Bufo Calc. 

Caust. Con. Diosc. Fetr-m. Fluor-ac. 

Gins. Iftp. Iod. Kali-c. Lach. Led. Lyc. 

Merc. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Puis. Sacch. Sep. 

5/7. Sulph. Teucr. 

— blue black, around nail of thumb, Bufo. 
left index, (as if forming), Gymnoc 

pain as from, Puis. 

Paralysis, arms, Bar-c. Bell. Calc. Calc-ph. 
Caust. Chelid. Cocc. Cupr. Dulc. Ferr. 
Lyc. Nitr. Nux. Op. Plb. Rhus. Sec-c. 
Sil. Stann. Verat. 






left, Dig. Hipp. Pallad. 

with pain in heart, Pallad. 

— upper arm, Agar. Calc-ph. Chelid. Nux. 

— fore arm, Sil. 

— wrist, right, in morning, Hipp. 

— hand. Agar. Cannab. Cupr. 
Lach. Plb. Sil. Zinc. 

right, Caust. Elaps. 

— fingers, Calc. Calc-ph. Phosp. 

— with coldness and insensibility, 
Rhus. Zinc. 

— sensation of, paralytic pains. 
Aeon. Alum. Amm-m. Ang. Bell. 
Calc. Cham. Chin. Cina. Colch. 
Dig. Dulc. /err. Jgt Lath. Mcnv. 
Ntr-m. Par. Plat. Plb. Piun. .Sep. Sil. 
Stann. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Verat. Zinc, 
(compare Weakness.) 

left arm and right foot, Hyper. 

right arm, Fluor-ac. 

— shoulder, Ambr. Euph. Mgn-s. Mang. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Sep. 
Stann. Staph. Sulph. Valcr. Verat. 

riglit, Laur. Merc-cor. Pallad. 

top, Mez. 

— upper arm, Ferr-m. 

— elbow joint, Ambr. Ang. Samb. Valer. 

— fore arm, Aeon. Ambr. Bism. Bov. 
Creos. Prun. Sencg. Staph Stront. 

— wrist, Asar. Bism. Bov. Caib-veg. 
Kali-c. Meic. Petr. 

right, Laur. Lyc. Ox-ac. 

— hand, Aeon. Ambr. Ang. Chin. Meny. 
Merc. Nux. Prun. Staph. Stront. Sulph. 

— fingers. Aeon. Asar. Aur. Carb-veg.Chin. 
Creos. Cycl. Dig. Evon Lact. Meny. 

thumb and index, Lachn. 

riyht, Prun. 

joints, Aur. Par. Verb. 

Perspiration, upperarms, Petr. 

— in axilla, smelling like onions, Osm. 

— hands, Aeon. Anac. Ars. Bell. Calc. 
Canth. Carb-vcg. Cham. Con. Hell. 
Hep. Igt. Iod. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr Phosp. Puis. Sass. 
Sep. Sil. Sulph. Tabac. '1 huj. Zinc. 

only. Agn. 

Phosp. Spig. 
Bell. Canth. Caps. 
Cocc. Hep. Iod. Ip. 
Rheum. Sass. Sep. 

— clammy, Anac 

— cold, Aeon. 
Cham. Cina. 
Kali-b. Nux. 
Spig. Tabac. 

— fetid, Hep. 

— itching, Sulph. 

— warm, Igt. 

— at night, Coloc. 

— palms, Aeon. Amm-m. Anac. Bar-c 
Cadm. Calc. Caib-veg. Con. Creos 
Dulc. Gymnoc. Hell. Hep. Igt. Led 
Lvc. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux 


2I 5 

Pctr. Phosp. Psor. Rheum. Sil. 

Perspiration, hands, back, Lith. 

— linger tips, Carb-an. Carb-vcg. 

— between fingers, Sulph. 

Petechiae, like, or fore-arm and back of 

hand, Berb. 
Phagedenic blisters, on hands and fingers. 

Graph. Kali-c. A/gn-c. Ailr-ac. Sil. 

with a pungent pain, Mgn-s. 

Pressing pain, arms, Anac. Arg. Bell. 

Berb. Clem. Coloc. Cycl. Dulc. Led. 

Puis. Suss. Sulph. 

— shoulder joint, Anac. Bell. Bry. Carb-an. 
Caust. Croton. Kali-c. Ntr-c. Phosp. 
Puis. Staph. Sulph. 

right, Laur. Prun. 

— shoulder joint, Cor-r. Led. Nitr-ac. 

— upper arm, Aur. Camph. Chelid. Cycl. 
Mur-ac. Phosp-uc. Sabin. Sass. Stann. 

and axilla, Agn. 

— elbow, Camph. Led. 

— fore-arm, Aur. Berb. Bism. Camph. 
Croton. Cycl. Ferr-m. Oleand. Phosp-uc. 
Plat. Ruta. Sabin. Sass. Staph. Verb. 

— wrist, Arg. Bell. Berb. Bism. Sass. 
Stann. Viol-od. 

— carpal bones, Arg. Bell. Cupr. Oleand. 
Plat. Puis. 

— hands, Arg. Clem. Phosp-ac. Puis. Ruta. 
Stann. Staph. Verb. 

back of, Berb. 

— fingers, Arg. Cycl. Oleand. Phosp-ac. 
Plat. Ruta. Sabin. Stann. Staph. Verb. 

— finger joints, Arg. Sass. Stann. 
Prickling, arms, hands, fingers, Dig. 

Fluoi-ac. Mez. Plat. Rhus-rad. 

— left upper arm, Elaps. 

— finger tips, Lach. 

Pulsation, shoulder and upper arm, Tar. 

— fingers, Glon. Sulph. Teucr. 
left index, Gymnoc. 

Pustules at root of nails, sperading over 
hands to wrists arms and axillary glands 
get red, pustules secrete a watery fluid 
if broken, if not broken, fluid thickens 
to a yellow tough mass, Kali-b. 

To raise the arms, inability from pain, arm, 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

shoulder, Ferr. Ntr-m. 

upper arm, Ferr. Nitr-ac. 

Red spots, arms, Rhus. Sabad. Sulph. 

with yellowish pellicle, wrist, Jac-cor. 

— shoulder, Tabac. 

— fore-arm, Berb. Euph. Thuj. 

— hands, Cor-r. Elaps. Hipp-m. Lach. 
Ntr-c. Sabad. Stann. Tabac. 

— fingers, Cor-r. Lach. Plb. 

— burning, Berb Sulph. Tabac. 

— itching, when touched, Berb. Euph. 

— maibled, Berb. Thuj. 

— swollen, Plb. 

— after washing, Sulph. 

— with vesicles, Lach. 
Redness, arms. Ant. 

scarlet, Ars. Bell. Bry. Merc. Rhus. 


— hands, Bar-c. Berb. Carb-an. Fluor-ac. 
Hep. Ntr-s. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Staph. 
Sul ph. 

scarlet, Bell. Bry. Hep. Mez. Rhus. 

St ram. 

— fingers, Agar. Borax. Lyc. Nux. 
knuckles, Cannab. Pallad. 

points and backs of fingers, Berb. 


Relaxation of arms, Guaj. Plat. 

— when laughing, Caib-veg. 

Rending (tearing) arms, Ambr. Amm-m. 

Arg. Ars. Bull. Berb. Calc. Canth. Caust. 

China Cina. Cinnab. Core. Colch. Creos. 

Crotal. Dig. Igt. Ind.Iod. Yi&\m.Led. Mgn- 

m. Mgn-s. Mang. Meny. Ntrc. Ntr-s. 

Nitr. Ol-an. Far. Pheil. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Puis. Ran-b. Sass. Sil. Stront. Sulph. 

Tart. Thuj. Zinc. 

— arm joints, Ainni-c. Bov. Chin. Graph. 
Kali-c. Lact. Lyc. Nitr. Phosp-ac. Puis. 
Stront Su/ph. Teucr. Zinc. 

— brachial bones, B.:ib. Chin. Hell. 
Ntr-s. Rhod. Ruta. Teucr. 

— shoulder, Aeon. Allan. Ambr. Amm-m. 
Bell. Bry. Carbveg. Cast. Chenop. 
Croton. Evon. /''err. Graph. Kali-b. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lachn. Laur. Lyc. 
Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Jiang. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Nitr. Phell. Phosp Puis. Rat. Rhus. 
Sep. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Thuj. Verb. 

right, Colch. 

left, Ferr. 

— upper arm, Ars. Berb. Bry. Camph. 
Cast. Chenop. Croton. Ferr. Hyper. 
Kali-b. Kalm. Laur. Merc. Mur-ac. 
Oleand. Plb. Puis. Rat. Rheum. Sabin. 
Stann. Staph. Valer. 

— elbow joint, Ambr. Kalm. Lachn. Lyc. 
Ntr-c. Rhus. Ruta. Veib. Zinc. 

— fore-arm, Aeth. Ambr. Asa-f. Berb. 
Bism. Calc. Camph. Carb-veg. Croton. 
Guaj. Ind. Kali-c. Kali-chl. Lact. 
Mgn-c. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 
Phosp. Ran-b. Rat. Rheum. Rhod. 
Ruta. Sabin. Sass. Staph. Tar. Tilia. 

— hands, Ambr. Amm-m. Arg. Am. Ars. 
Caust. Chin. Chin-sulph. Cina. Colch. 
Graph. Kali-c. Kalm. Led. Mgn-s. 
Mang. Meny. Mur-ac Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 
Ol-an. Petr. Phosp. Rhod. Rhus. Ruta. 
Selen. Sil. Stann. Staph. Stront. Sulph. 
Verb. Zinc. 

— wrist, Amm-c. Amm-m. Arg. Ars. Aur. 


Bell. Berb. Bism. Carb-veg. Kali c. 
Kali-jod. Lact. Nitr. Rat. Rhus. Sab in. 
Sass. Stann. Siront. Sulph. Tar. Teucr. 

Rending (tearing) wrist, right, Canst. 

— carpal bones, Arg. Aur. Bell. Chin. 
Cupr. Lachn. Lact. Ntr-c. Sabin. Spig. 

— fingeis, Agar. Amir. Amm-m. Are. Aur. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Colch. Creo-;. Croton. 
Daph. Hell. Iod. Kali-c. Lam. Led. 
Mgn-s Along. Meny. Mur-ac. Nir-s. 
Olcand. Ol-an. Phosp-ac. l'lb. Puis. 
Ruta. Sabin. Sil. Staph. Stront. 
Sulph. Teucr. Verb. Zinc. 

back of, Berb, 

joints. Amm c. Arg. Aur. Berb. 

Carb-veg. Dig Hell. Kali c. Lachn. 

Lyc. Nitr. Rheum. Rhus. Samb. Sass. 

Statin. Stront. Sulph. Teller. Zinc. 

tips, Berb. 

right hand, Chelid. 

— between fingers, Cycl. 

— under nails, Bism. 
Restlessness, arms, Ferr. Glon. 

left, Meph. 

Rhngndes, arms, Sil. 

— hands, Alum. Am. Aur. Bar-c. Cole. 
Creos. Cycl. Graph. Hep. Kali-c. Lach. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Petr. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sil. Sulph. Zinc. 

deep and bleeding, Merc. Petr. Sass. 

in winter, Petr. 

on back of hands, Ntr-c. Rhus. Sep. 

palms, Sulph. 

on ball of hand, Hep. 

— fingers. Mgn-c Merc. Petr. Suss. 

— finger-jo. nts, Mang. Phosp. Sulph. 

— between fingeis, Ars. Graph. Sulph. 

— on the nails, Ntr-m. 

Rheumatic pain. Ant. Ars. Bell. Bry. 

Calc-ph. Chenop. Colch. Dros. Dulc. 

Fluor-ac. Grat. Igt. Kali-b. Lach. Led. 

Merc. Mez. Ntr-c. Nux. Phosp. Pod. 

Puis. Rhod. Rhus. Rhus-rad. Scill. 

Sulph Tart. Teucr. Thuj. Valcr. Verat. 
ritrht side, Kalm. Sang. 

— shoulder, Kali-b. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mang. 
Ntr-c. Niir. 

— left arm, Fluor-ac. Jac-cor. 

— elbows, Grat. Mgn-s. Prun. 

— wrist, Kali-b. Lach. 

— hands, Lach. Zinc. 

— small bones of hand, Cauloph. 

— finger joints, Colch. Kali-b. Lach. 

Rigidity, stiffness, arms, Agar. Amm-c. 

Amm-m. Camh. Caps. Chan. Ka!i-c. 

Lyc. Meny. Merc-sulph. Ntr-c. A r ux. 

Petr. Plat. Rhus. Sass. Sep. 
at night, Nux. 

when taking hold of something. 


after movement and in cold air, 


— of right arm, Amm-m. Kali-b. 

— shoulders, Kali-b. 
in morning, Staph. 

— elbow-joints, Alum. Aug. Asa-f. Bell. 
Bit. Kali-c. Lach. Phosp. Puis. Sep. 
Spig. Sulph. Zinc. 

— wiist, Bell. Chelid. Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. 
Ntr-s. Rhus. Sabin. Sep. Staph. Sulph. 

right, Merc. 

1 paralytic, Ruta. 

— hands, Asa-f. Cham. Creos. Hyosc. 

parah tic, Cham. 

— rheumatic, of metacarpal bones, Bell. 
Chelid. Kali-c. Lyc. Meic. Ntr-c. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sabin. 
Sep. btaph. Sulph. Tliuj. Viol-od. 

— fingers, Amm-c. Ars. Carb-an. Chin. 
Coloc. Dig. Dros. Graph. Hell. Hipp-m. 
Lyc. Ntr-m. Nitr. Oleand. Pe.r. Puis. 
Rhus. Sang. Sil. Spong. Sulph. 

when taking hold of something. 


during labor, Lyc. 

Rigor of hands, Hyosc. 

Rough skin ol hands, Graph. Hep. Kali-c. 

Laur. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. 
in spots, Zinc. 

— fingeis, Phosp-ac. 
Scabs, elbows, Sep. Staph. 

— foiearm, Alum. 

— hand, Mur-ac. Sass. Sep. 

— wrist, Amm-m. 

— finders, Kali-b. Mur-ac. 

— itching. Sep. 

— moist, Alum. 

Scarlet redness of forearm, Euph. 

hands, Bell, (compaie Redness). 

Senselessness, insensibility arms, Alum. 

Ambr. Bell. Nitr. Plat. Puis. Rhus. 


— shoulder, Puis. 

— hands, Aeon. Asa-f. Bry. Carb-an. 
Cocc. Hyosc Lam. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nitr.' 
Puis. Stront. 

— fingers, Anac. Bell. Calc. Carb-an. 
Canst. Colch. Con. Cupr. Dig. Ferr. 
Kali-c. Lam. Lyc. Mur-ac. Oleand. 
Ol-an. Phosp. Plat. Rhus. Sec-c. Spong. 
Staph. Sulph. 

at night. Mur-ac. 

Shaking, arms, Bry. 

Shivering on the arms, Bell. Igt. 

fingers, Meny. 

Shrivelled skin, of hands, Ang. 

fingers, Ambr. Cupr. Phosp-ac. 

Sore pain shoulder, Cic. Con. Nux. 
right, Psor. 

— fore-arm, Cic. 

right arm, Merc-jod. 


Soreness between fingers, Ars. Graph. 

— of flesh, Bad. 

Spasm and distortion of the arms. Bell. 
Bry. Cupr. Jatr. Lvc. Meny. Ntr-m. 
Phosp. Plat. Sec-c. Sil. Sulpli. Verat. 

— hands, Ambr. Bell. Calc. Cannab. 
Coloc. Graph. Kali-b. Ntr-m. Paeon. 
Plat. Sec-c. Stram. Sulph-ac. 

— fingers, Amm-c. Arn. Ars. Calc. Cannab. 
Cocc. Coff. Dros. Ferr. Hell. Lyc. 
Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. Plmsp. Sec c. Stann. 
Staph. Sulph. Tabac. Verat. 

— thumb, Ntr-m. 

— at night, Nux. Sulph. 

— wlien taking hold of something, Ambr. 

Spasmodic pain, Arg. . Cina. Ran-b. 

— left side, Meny. 

— upper arm, Lact. Mosch. Oleand. Valer. 

— elbow-joint, Creos. Rat. 

— fore-arm, Ang. Berb. Calc. Creos. 
Ferr-m. Mosch. Mur-ac. Phosp-ac. 
Plat. Ruta. Verb. 

— - hands, Ang. Arg. Calc. Cina. Coloc. 
Euph. Euphr. Ferr-m. Mang. Meny. 
Merc. Phosp-ac. Plat. Ruta. Sil. Verb! 

— wrist, Anac. Aur. Bov. 

— carpal bones, Anac. Aur. Spig. 

— fingers, Agar. Ang. Calc. Euphr. Meny. 
Mur-ac. Oleand. Phosp-ac. Plat. Rat. 
Ruta, Sil. Veib. 

— finger-joints, Anac. Mgn-c. Nitr. 
Splinter of plass, like a, under the finger- 
nails, Cocc-c. 

Sprained, as if in arm-joints and wrists, Arn. 

— wrists, Cina. Cist. Hipp. Lach. 
riijht, Gels. 

— hands, Kalm. 

Spraining, easily, the upper arm, right, 

— elbow, right. Gels. 

— fingers, Bell. Hep. Nux. 

Stinging, stitches, arms, Cinnab. Cocc. Dros. 
Dulc. Guaj. Ind. Kali-b. Ol-an. Phosp. 
Puis. Ran-b. Rheum. Sacch. Sabin. Sass. 
Sep. Sulph. Tart. Thttj. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

— brachial bones, Dros. 

— arm-joints, Bry. Dros. Ferr. Graph. 
Laur. Led. Lyc. Nitr. Phosp. Puis. 
Sep. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. 
Thuj. Viol-tr. 

— shoulder, Bry. Chin. Crotori. Dulc. 
Ferr. Graph. Gum-<rut. Laur. Led. Lvc. 
Ox-ac. Phosp. Puis. Staph. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Tabac. Verb. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

right. Pallad. 

top of shoulder, at ever)- inspiration, 


— upper arm, Berb. Bry. Dulc. Ferr. Lact. 
Laur. Rhus. Sabin. Sass. Staph. 

— elbow-joint, Bry. Lam. Lyc. Nitr. Spig. 
Tabac. Tar. Viol-tr. Zinc. 


left, Kali-b. 

— fore arm, Anac. Ant. Caust. Guaj. 
A'au-sc. Sabad. Sabin. Sass. Staph. 
Stram. Viol-ir. 

— (shootings) wrists, Alum. Ars. Aur-mur. 
Bov. bry. Hell. Kali-c, Ntr-m. Nitr. 
Ox-ac. Ruta. Sabin. Samb. Sass. Scill. 
Sep. Sii. Spig. Sulph. Zinc. 

— wrist j.)inis, Koba>t. 

— hands, Ars. Bar-c. Berb. Bry. Hell. 
Kali-c. Kalm. Led. Mgn-s. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Ol an. Phosp. Sass. Sep. 
Staph. Sulph. Verb. Zinc. 

— metacarpus, Berb. Lach. 

— fingeis, Amm-m. Bry. Caib-an. Con. 
Daph. Kalm. Mgn-s. Mang. Ntr-m. 
Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Par. Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. 
Sabin. Sep. Stann. Staph. Sulph. 
Sulph-ac. Thuj. Verb. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

joims, Feir-m. Hell. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Pxon. Phosp-ac. Sass. Sep. Spig. 

Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
tips, Lach. 

— thumb, right, Guaj. 
left, Liih. 

— under the nails, Ntr-s. 

Stitches, sudden, penetrating into the 

bone, Berb. Pallad. 
Straining, as if too short, arms, Aeth. Sep. 
when bent, Aeth. 

— shoulder, Beib. Bov. 

— elbow-joint, Caust. Mang. Sep. 
win .1 stretched out, Caust. 

— wrist, Carb-veg. Igt. 

— fingers, Aeth. Carb-an. Croc. .SV^.Spong. 
Stretching, spasmodic arms, Chin. 

— out, impeded by pain, Tabac. 
Supplene: s, want of, hands, Sep. (compare 


fingers, Giaph. Ntr-m. Plb. 

Suppurati >n on the fore arm, Lyc. 

li.igers. Borax. Mang. 

nails, Eugen. 

Swelling, arms, Aeon. Alum. Ars. Bar-c. 
Bell. Bry. Crotal. Dulc Elaps. Lyc. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Mcz. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 

— brachial bones, Aur. Bry. Dig. Dulc. 
Me/.. Rhus. Sil. Sulph. 

— shoulder, Aeon. Bry. Calc-ph. Kali-c. 

— upper arm, Aeon. Bry. Calc-ph. Sep. 

— elbow joint, Aeon. Br}-. Merc. Puis. 

— fore-arm, Ant. Berb. Lach. Merc. Nux. 

— wrist, Amm-c. Euphr. Merc. Sabin. 

— hands, Aeon. Ars. Bar-m. Bell. Bry. 
Calc. Cham. Clem. Cocc. Cupr. Dig. 
Elaps. Euphr. Ferr. Hep. Hyosc. Lach. 
Lyc. Mi z. Mosch. Nux. Phosp. Rhus. 
Samb. Sec-c. Spong. Stann. Sulph. 



Swelling, hands, right, Ntr-rn. 

dorsum, lef(, Cliin. 

palms, Cham. 

;tt night, Ars. 

— fingers, Alum. Amm-c. Ant. Ars. Borax. 
Dig. Euphr. Graph. Hep. Mjn-c. 
Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Nitt. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Oleand. Phosp. Ran-sc. Rhus. 
Spoug. Suipb. Tabac. Thuj. 

on letting arms hang down, Amm-c. 


— finger-joints, Agn. Amm-c. Kerb. Bry. 
Chin. Euphr. Hep. Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. 

— finger-tip 1 :, Mur-ac. Rhus. Thuj. 

— thumb, Nux. 

joints of. Nux. Sulph. 

— bluish, Lach. Samb. 

— burning, Mur-ac. Oleand. Sulph. 

— bum, with pain as from a, Nux. 

— cold, Lach. 

— dropsical, lymphatic, soft, Berb. Sec-c. 

— erysipelatous. Bell. Petr. Rhus. 

— hard, Ars. Lach. Sulph. 
of axillary glands, Amm-m. 

— hot, Ant. Bry. Cocc. Hep. Merc. Me/.. 
Rhus. Sulph. 

— lancinating, Mosch. Sulph. 

— large. Sulph. 

— lymphatic, Berb. 

— painful. Ant. Chin Hep. Kali-c. Lach. 
Nux. Sep. Sulph. Thuj. 

— painless, Euphr. Lyc. 

— pale, Bry. Nux. 

— red, Ant. Bry. Hep. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. 
Sep. Spong. Thuj. 

— scarlet-red. Bell. 

— shining, Bry Sulph. 

— ending in supprnation, Nux. 

— in afternoon, Nti-c. 
evening, Rhus. Stann. 

— at night, Dig. Nitr. Phosp. 

— on moving t lie parts, Euphr. 

— after paralysis, Sulph. 

— with putrid-smelling black blisters, Ars. 
rigidity, Sulph. 

— sensation of aims, Verat. 

at night as if hands were swollen and 

heavy, Diad. Nitr. 
shoulJer, Kali-jod. 

— with heaviness, in arms, and hands, at 
night, Diad. Nitr. 

— hands, when entering in room, Aeth. 

— veins on forearms and hands, Puis. 
Tenderness of arms to cold, Agar. 


fingers, Agar. 

finger-iips, Lach. 

skin at nails. Ant. 

Tendons, twitching of, fingers, lod. 
Tension, arms, Anac. Arg. Chin. Hyper. 

Kali-c. Lach. Mang. Meny. Mez. Prun. 

Rhus. Sep. Tabac. 

— arm-joint, Kali-c. Mang. Sef. 

— shoulder, Hry EupM. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 

— upper arm, Bry. Croion. Prun. 

— elbow joint. Aeon. Dros. Kali-c. Lach. 
Laur. Mang. Mur-ac. Niir. Puis. Rhus. 
Sep. Stann. Sulph -ac. Tabac. 

— forearm, Ant. Croton. Lath. Ntr-c. 

— wrist Amm-m. Caib-veg. Kali-c. Lach. 
Mang. Phosp. Puis. Verb. 

— hands. Arg. Chin. Ferr-m. Hyper. 
Kali-c. Lach. Mang. Ntr-c. Prun. 

— fingers, Aeth. Kali-c. Lach. 

— finger-joints, Canst. Croc. Kali-c. 
Mgn-c. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Phosp. Puis. Sep. 

Throbbing, arms, Berb, Sit. Thuj. 

— shoulder, Si I. Tar. Thuj. 

— upper arm, Tar. 

— finger, Amm-m. Borax. Ferr-m. Lith. 

— thumb, Borax. 

Thumbs clenched convulsively, Merc. 
Tingling (crawling), arms, Am. Bell. 

Can nab. Caps Igt. Mgn c. Nitr. Ol-an. 

Pxon. Rhod. Sabad. Sec-c Sulph. 

— hands, Am. Bare Lam. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 
Nitr. Ruta. Stram. Veiat. 

left, Lach. 

— fingers, Aeon. Amm-m, Calc. Croc. 
Lact. Lam. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Ntr-m. 
Ol-an. Paeon. R5t. Rhod. Rhus. Sec-c. 
Sil. Spig. Sulph. Tabac. Thuj. Verat. 

— finger tips, Coloc. Hep. Nti-s. 

Tired, as if. pain, arms, Lach. Nux. Verat. 
Tophi, (arthritic Nodes), wrists, Calc. 
Led. Rhod. 

— finger joints, Agn. Calc. Dig. Graph. Led. 
Lyc. Rhod. Staph. 

Torpor, rigidity, arms, Amm-c. Amm-m. 

Kali-c. Petr.' Plat. 
after exercise and in cold, Kali-c. 

— hands, Asa-f. Hyosc. 

— wrist, Puis. Sep. 

— fingers, Amm-c. Hell. Petr. 

Torpor, sensation of, arms, Arg. Canst. 
Petr. Plat. 

— hand, Asa-f. 

Tremor, arms, Ambr. Anac. Bry. Colch. 

Hipp-m. Hyosc. Lod. Lyc. Murcx. 

Nitr-ac. Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. 

Sabad. Sil. Spig. Spong. Thuj. Verat. 
left, Hyper. 

— biceps, and triceps of * right arm, 
Fl uor-ac. 

— hands, Agar. Amm-c. Anac. Ars. Bell. 
Bism. Bov. Calc. Caust. Chin - Cic. 
Cocc. CofF. Colch. Gels. Hipp-m. //rose. 
Lod. Kali-c. Lach. Lact. Laur. Led. 
Mgn-s. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. A'ux. Op. Par. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plat. PIb. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. 
Samb. Sass. Sep. Spig. Stann. Stram. 
Sulph. Tabac. Tart. Thuj. Valer. Zinc. 


Tremor, hands, right, All-cep. Anac. Mez. 

when taking hold of anything, Led. 


— fingers, Bry. Glon. Iod. Nitr-ac. Oleand. 

— in evening, Hyosc. 

— after slight exertion, Rhus. SH. 
meals, Bism. 

— when moving, Led. 

— after moving, Hyosc. 

— with fine work, Sulph. 

— when holding anything, Coff. Led. Lyc. 

writing, Pa-c. Caust. Chin. Colch. 

Hep. Kali-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s Oleand 
Phosp-ac. Sabad. Samb. Sep. Sulph. 
Thuj. Valer. Zinc. 
Tumor, steatoma, on point of elbow. Hep. 
Twitching, aims, Asa f. Bar-m. Bell. Bry. 
Caust. Cic, Cina. Cupr. Hyosc. Igt. 
Kali-c. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-s. Menv. Meic 
Ntr-c. Op. Rheum. Scill. Thuj. Verat. 
in sleep, at noon, Lyc. 

— — at night, Bar-m. 

— shoulders, Fluor-ac. Lyc. Sulph. 

— deltoid muscle, Igt. 

— hands, Bell. Cupr. Lact. Meph. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-s. Rheum. Statin. Sulph. 

in morning, Cupr. 

when taking hold of something, 


— fingers, Bry. Cham. Cic. Cina. Croton. 
Cupr. Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Ox-ac. Phosp. Rhus. Sulph. 

when moved, Bry. 

sewing, Kali-c. 

Ulcers, arm, burning and sanious, Rhus. 
malignant. Lach. 

painless, Carb-veg. Plat. Kan-b. Sep. 

— right forearm, fistulous, yellowish thin 
pus, Sacch. 

— hands, Ars. Sep. Sil. 

— fingers, Carb-an. Kali-b. Plat. Ran-b. 
Sep. Sil. 

— finger joints, Sep. 

— knuckles, Sep. 

— finger tips, Ars. Fluor-ac. 

— at nails, (panaritia,) Alum. Bar-c. Caust. 
Con. Hep. Iod. Merc. Ntr-m. Puis. 
Sang. Sep. Sit. Sulph. 

— around nails, Hell. 

Ulcerative pain, arm, shoulder, Berb.Thuj. 

— finger, Amm-m. Berb. Sass. ' Sulph. 

— right thumb, Ol-an. 

— nails, Ntr-s. 

Unwieldiness, clumsiness of hand, Sep. 

— fingers, Calc. Graph. Ntr-m. Plb. Sil. 
Veins distended, hand, Amm-c. Arn. 

Bar-c. Calc. Cast. Chelid. Chin. Cic. 
Ind. Laur. Nux. Oleand. Op. Phosp. 
Puis. Rheum. Rhus. Ruta. Thuj. 

after washing with cold water, 



Vibrating pains and sensation, Beib. 
Warts, arm, Ars Calc. Caust. Dulc. Ntr-c. 
Nitr-ac. Rhus. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

— hand, Berb. Bo'ax. Calc. Dulc. Ferr-m. 
Lach. Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Rhus. 
Sep. Thuj. 

palm, Ntr-m. 

— knuckles, Pallad. 

— fingers, Berb. Lach. Lyc. Petr. Rhus. 

flat, Berb. 

— finger tips, Caust. 

Weakness, arms. Aeon. Agar. Amm-c. 

Anac. Ars. Berb. Bism. Caust. Cham. 

Cic. Chin. Glon. Guaj. Kali-c. Kalm. 

Lact. Lyc. Ntt-c. Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. 

Ol-an. Par. Petr. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. 

Psor. Rhod. Rhus. Ruta. Sec-c. Sep. 

Sul ph. Tabac. Tilia. 
left, Calc. Ntr-s. 

— shoulder, Aeon. Nux. 

— elbow joint, Ang. Sulph. 

— fore-arms, Nitr-ac. Rhus. 

— hands, Aeon. Aug. Arn. Bov. Canth. 
Carb-veg, Cans!. Chin. Cina. Cupr. 
Fluor-ac. Hell. Hipp. Kali-b. Kali-c. 
Merc. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Niir. Nux. Plb. 
Rhus. Sabin. Sil. Stann. Sulph. Tabac. 

— fingers, Ambr. Carb-veg. Hipp. Lact. 
Nitr. Par. Rhus. Sil. 

— sudden, as front paralysis, Calc. 

— in morning, Nux. Sulph. 
in bed. Kali-c. 

— at night, Ambr. 

— when at rest, Aeon. Rhod. 

— with swelling, Aeon. 

— when taking hold of something, Arn. 
Bov. Carb-veg. Cina Colch. Ntr-m. 

— when writing. Aeon. Agar. Cocc. Sabin. 
Wen on hand, Plb. 

— between metacarpal bones, Phosp-ac. 
Withering of skin of hands, Bism. 
Wrenching, (spraining.) pain, arms, Ambr. 

Arn. Bov. Igt. Lach. Lact. Oleand. Prun. 
Tereb. Thuj. 

— shoulder, Ambr. Asar.Bry. Caust. Croc. 
Igt. Mgn-c. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nice. Petr. 
Puis. Rhod. Ruta. Sabin. Sep. Staph. 
Sulph Tereb. Thuj. 

— elbow, Ambr. Ferr-m. Nice. Puis. 

— wrist, Ambr. Amm-c. Am. Bov. Bry. 
Calc. Caust. Cist. Hep. Nux. Puis. 
Rhod. Ruta. Sulph. Verb. 

when bent, Ferr-m. 

— hand, Ambr. Amm-c. Arn. Bov. Bry. 
Calc. Carb-an. Caust. Hep. Nitr. Phosp. 
Prun. Puis. Rhod. Ruta. Sabin. Seneg. 
Sulph. Verb. 

— '■ fingers. Graph. Ntr-m. Nitr. Phosp. 
Puis. Sulph. 

— thumb, Creos. 



Wrenching, dislocation, of wrist, Amm-c. 

Am. Bov. liry. Carb-an. Rnt<i. 
Wrinkled Angers, Ambr. Cupr. Phosp-ac. 
Wrist joint which had been sprained, pain 

in, Amin-c. 
Yellowness of hands, Sil. Spig. 

— fingers, Chelid. Phosp-ac. 

— joints of fingers, right hand, cold and 
dead, Chelid. 

Yellow spots, arm, Petr. 

— fingers, Con. Elaps. Sabad. Tart. 
Yellow rings on hands, fingers, elbows 

and around nails, Ntr-c. 

In morning, aggravation of pain, carpal 
bones, Amm-c. Cupr. Iod. Kali-c 
Mgn-m. Nux. Puis. Staph. Sulph. Zinc. 

in bed, Ntr-c. 

— afternoon, Nux. 

— evening, pain arm, Hyosc. Led. Puis. 
Rhus. Stann. 

in bed, Carb-veg. Creos. Mgn-m. 

— pain in hand, Ntr-c 

At night, pain, arm, Ambr. Amm-m. Bry. 

Calc. Caust. Cham. Coloc. Croc. Diad. 

Dig. Dros. Dulc. Igt. Iod. Lvc. Mgn-c. 

Merc. Mur-ac. Nitr. Yux. Phosp. Puis. 

Sang. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 
in bed, Igt. Sulph. 

— brachial bones, Amm-m. Lyc. 

— shoulder, Bell. Cast. Mgn-c. Mm. Nitr. 
Phosp. Sulph. 

— upper arm, Ars. Cast. Cham. Merc. 
Nux. Puis. Sulph. 

— elbow joint, Nitr. 

— wrist, Nitr. Sil. 

— hands, Phosp. Selen. Sulph. 

— fingers, Borax. MgH-s. Puis. Sulph. 

— finger joints, Nitr. Sulph. 

— after midnight, pain, arms, Nux. 

— day and night, pain, arm, Borax. 
In autumn, arm, pain, Rhus, 

On bending arms, Aeth. 
When cariying something, Ambr. 
Duiing chills, pain in hands and fingers, 

In cold weather. Agar Kali-c. 

pain relieved, Thuj. 

From cold air, pain, arm, Igt. Nitr-ac. 

In damp weather, pain, arm, Rfiod. Rhus. 
From exertion, pain arms, hands, Sep. Sil. 
Dmiog exertion. Alum. Iod. Merc. Sulph. 
After exertion, Ruta. 

When hanging down, pain arms, Alum. 

Berb. Sabin. Thuj. 

shoulder, Ruta. 

When taking hold of anything, pain arms 

and hands, Amm-c. Am. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Cham. Dros. Led. Plat. Verat. 

relieved, Lith. 

wrist, Bov. 

— tips of fingers, powerless, can't hold, 

— holding anything in hands, pain, Coff. 
Guaj. Pliosp. Sep. Sil. 

— lain upon, pain, arm, increased, Ars. 

— laughing, pain, Carb-veg. 

— leaning upon part, pain. Ruta. Sil. Thuj. 

— lifting a load, Ruta. Sep. 

— moved, pain, arm, Berb. Bry. Cannab. 
Chelid. Hyosc. Kali-c. Led. Mgn-m. 
Nux. Staph. 

— shoulder, Asar. Bell. Cannab. Led. 
Mgn-c. Merc. Puis. Sang. 

— scapula, Puis. 

— upper arm, Cocc. Fluor-ac. Lac-can. 

— fore arm. Croc. 

— hand, Laur. Puis. Sep. 

— wrist, Bry. Hep. Kali-c. Merc. 

— fingers, Hep. Kali-c. Lam. 

By moving, pain increased, Berb. Iris. 

Led. Mgr-c. Mgn-c. Nux. 

relieved, Mupii. liiuj. 

Passion, after being in a, Coloc. 

After perspiiation, pain in arms relieved, 


When pressing the parts, pain, Berb. Sil. 

— raising arms, pain, Cocc. Uleand. Sang. 
shoulder, Ferr. Led. Ntr-m. Prun. 

Puis, t-ulph ac. 

scapula joint. Puis. 

upper arm, Bar-c. 

During rest, pain, arms, Aeon. Dulc. 

— shoulder, Cocc. Euph. Rhus. 

— upper arm, Cocc. 

— fingers, Lith. 

By rest, pam increased, Rhod. 

On entering a room, pain, arm, Aeth. 

From rubomg, pain, arm, Beib. 

— scratching, pain, arm, Beib. Lach. 

— sewing, pain carpal bones, Kali-c. Lach. 
During the siesta, Lyc. 

When stretching out the arm, pain in arm, 

Alum. Caust. 
sudden heat, Ferr-m. 

— touched, pain, arm. Agar. Chin. Euph. 

— shoulder, Aeon. 

— upper arm, Agn. 

— elbow, Ambr. 

— wrist, Merc. 

By touch, pain increased, Agar. Berb. 

Chin Cocc. Lam. 
After vexation, pain shoulder, Coloc. 

— a walk, pain shoulder and elbow, Valer. 
fingers, Croc. 

By walking relieved, Daph. 

— warmth, pain increased, -Calc. Sulph. 

— lelieved, Cinnab. 

From waimih of bed, pain, shoulder, 

pain relieved, Amm-c. 



From washing, Amm-c. Sulph, 

in cold water, Amm-c. 

— cold waier, Clem. 
In winter, Petr. 

When working, pain, hands, Alum. Iod. 

Merc. Sulph. 
From wiiting, pain, fore arms, Aeon. 

hands, Aeon. Agar. Bar-c. Cinnab. 

En ph. Fluor-ac. Kali-c Merc-jod. 
Sabin. Samb. Sulph-ac. Thuj. Valer. 

— — fingers, Aeon. Bry. Cist. Iris. 

— yawning, pain, Nux. 




30. Lower Extremities. 

Abscess on buttock, Sulph. 

calf of leg. Chin. 

ankle joint, Aug. 

heel, Lach. 

Aching of toes, Mosch. 

Arthritic complaints, lower extremities, 

Ambr. Arn. Led. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. 


— hips, (coxalgia.) Ang. Ars. Asa-/. Aur. 
Bell. Bry. Cole. Canth. Cham. Coloc. 
Dig. Graph. Hep. Merc. Nux. Puis. 
Rhus. Sep. Staph. 

with commencing suppuration, 

(throbbing). Hep. Merc. Staph. 

— knees, Chin. Con. 

— feet, Ambr. Bry. Graph. Verat. 

— toes, (gout), Ambr. Am. Colch. Con. 
Graph. Led. Sabin. Sulph.' Vent. 

Atrophy of legs, Chin. 

As if bandaged, pain, Anac. 

knees, Anac. Aur. 

As if beaten, Aug. Arn. Berb. Bruc. 

Carb-veg. Croton. Cupr. Merc. Phosp. 

Sil. Spig. Spong. Tart. Valer. Verat. 

joints, Arg. 

bones, Led. Puis. Rula. 

buttocks, Puis. 

hips. Aeon. All-cep. Amm-c. Arn. 

Pbosp-ac. Ruta. Sulph. 
light, Sep. 

thighs, Aeon. Amm-c. Ang. Camph. 

Caust.CoccCreos.Grat.Guaj. Hep. 

Led. Meny. Merc. Murex. Nux. 

Phosp-ac. Plat. Puis. Sang. Spig. 

Staph. Tabac. Viol-tr. 
knees, Ars. Berb. Camph. Cupr. 

Hep. Led. Meph. Phosp. Plat. 

Staph. Verat. 

legs, Ang. Caust. Croc. Gels. 

Merc. Puis. Valer. 

— — tibia, Puis. 

tarsal joint, when walking and touch- 
ing it. Ntr-m. 

feet, Arg. Am. Bry. 

soles, Ambr. Arum-trif. Calc. 

Graph. Igt. Lac-can. Phosp. Puis. 

instep, left. Kali-jod. 

os calcis, Cocc. 

toes, Daph. 

Black and painful spots, Nux. 

Blister on thighs and legs, after scratching, 

heel, from rubbing of shoes, then 

smarting ulcer, Lam. 
Bloatcdncss, Dulc. 

Blood, congestion to feet when standing, 

— as if stagnating, sensation in, knees, 
Lact. Phell. 

legs, Lact. Zinc. 

Blood-specks, legs, Phosp. 

Blueness, of feet, Arn. Elaps. 

Bluish spots, Creos. Sulph. 

Boring pain, Canth. Merc. Ran-b. Ran-sc. 

— (highs, Ran-b. 

— knee joint and ankle joint, Hell. 

— feet and toes. Ran-sc. 

— heels. Puis. 

— os calcis, relieved by continued motion, 

Brown skin of legs (inside thigh). Thuj. 
Burning, pain, in general, Kali-c. Led. 

Lyc. Phosp. Prun. 
bones, Euph, 

— hips, Bell. Carb-veg. Euph. Hell. Rhus. 

— thighs, Bov. Croton. Rat. Rhus. 

— knees. Lyc. Tabac. Tar. 

— legs, Agar. Anac. Borax. Lyc. Prun. Tar. 

— calf of leg. Dig. 

— tibia, Mgn-c. Phosp-ac. 

— ankle-joint. Euph. Ntr-c. Puis. 
top of, Puis. 

— tarsal bones, Ruta. 

— feet, Amm-c. Ars. Berb Borax. Calc. 
Cham. Cocc. Dulc. Graph. Hep. Kali-c. 
Led. Lyc. Ntr-m. Phosp. Phusp-ac.Sc\\\. 
Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Stann. Zinc. 

— instep, Puis. 

— soles, Ambr. Anac. Ars. Berb. Calc. 
Canth. Carb-veg. Cham. Creos. Croc. 
Crotal. Cupr. Eupat. Graph. Kali-c. 
Lach. Lachn. Lyc. Mgn-m. Mang. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Sang. Scill. Sil. Sulph. 

— heels, Igt. 

— toes, Agar. Alum. Ant. Arn. Berb. 
Borax. Carb-an. Dulc. Kali-c. Lith. 
Nux. Paeon. Phosp-ac. Sabin. Staph. 



Burning toes, tips, Mur-ac. 
Burning spots, Lyc. Mgn-c. Phosp-ac. 
Buzzing and humming in, Creos. 
Buzzing, sensation of, Ambr. 

in legs, Puis. 

especially in soles, Oleand. 

Caries, ankle-joint, Asa-f. 

Cliafed, between thighs, Bar-c. Caust. 

Chin. Graph. Hep. Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Petr. Rhod. Sep. 


— bend of knee, Ambr. 

— legs, Lach. 

— heel, skin rubbed from, by shoes, 

— between toes, Graph. Lyc. Mang. Ntr-c. 

Chilblains, ^^7'. A mm c. Carb-an. Carb-veg. 
Croc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Stann. Staph. 
Sulph. Thuj. Zinc. 

— large, Nitr-ac. 

— looking red, Cycl. 

— heel, swelling and red, Petr. 

— toes. Croc. Kali-c. Nitr-ac. Phosp. 

— pain, as from, Berb. Borax. Cham. Nux. 
Chiliiness, Cocc. Par. Sep. 

Coldness, Apis. Ars. Bell. Calc. Cic. Ip. 
Lac can. Led. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. Ox-ac. 
Plb. Rhod. Rhus-rad. Sec-c Sep. Sil. 

— in evening, when lying down in bed, 

— at night, Phosp. 

— hip-joint, Mcc. 

— thigus, Merc. Nux. 

— knees, Ars. Benz-ac. Cimex. Coloc. 
Daph. Merc. R.iph. Puis. 

— — up to, Chenop. Igt. 

— legs. Ambr. Chenop. Mosch. Nux. Sil. 
right, Elaps. Sabin. 

left, Ol-an. 

from knees to toes, Tabac. 

middle of right tibia, Samb. 

ankle-joint, Berb. 

— feet, Aeon. Alum. Ambr. Anac. Ars. 
Aur. Bell. Bufo. Calc. Carb-an. Canst. 
Chenop. Chin. Cinnab. Cist. Cocc. Con. 
Creos. Daph. Dig. Dros. Ferr. Gels. 
Graph. Hipp. Hipp-m. Hyosc. Iod. Ip. 
Kali-c. Kali-chl. Lach. Lact. Laur. Lyc. 
Mgn-s Mang. Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Oleand. 
Petr. Phosp. Plat. Plb Rhod. Samb. 
Sass. Scill. Sep. Sil. Stann Staph. Stront. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. Verat. Zinc. 

OI1 one side, the other red and hot, 


in morning, Anac. 

evening, Calc. 

in bed, Amm-c. Carb-an. 

Graph. Kali-c. Nux. Par. 

when walking, Anac. 

after foot-sweat suppressed, Sil. 

— soles, Coloc Merc. Sulph. 

— toes, Aeon. Mcny. Sulph. 
begins in, Sulph. 

— in joints, Cinnab. 

— sensation of, Berb. Merc. Rhod. 

— icy. on single spots, Berb. 

To take cold, liability, feet, Con. Sil. 
Contraction of tendons, Mez. Sulph. 

— left hip, Amm-m. 

— bend of knee, Amm-m. Ars. Carb-an. 
Graph. A r lr-c. Ntr-m. Ruta. Sulph. 

— instep, Caust. 

— toes, Nitr. (compare Shortening.) 
Contracting pain, Amm-c. Caust. Lyc. Rat. 
right leg, leg jSeems shortened, 


on walking, Coloc. 

calf of leg, Lyc. 

instep, Caust. 

Convulsions, Cupr. Hvosc. Igt. Ip. Mosch. 
Nux. Op. Plb. Scill. Sec-c. Spong. 

— toes, Cupr. 

Corns, Amm-c. Ant. Bar-c. Bov. Bry. Calc. 
Caust. Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m Nitr-ac". Pctr. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhod. Sep. Sil. Staph. 

— on soles of feet, horny, Ant. 

— boring. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

— burning. Amm-c. Bar-c. Bruc. Br}-. 
Calc. "Chenop. Igt. Ltth. Meph. 
Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. Rhus. Thuj. 

— inflamed, Sep. 

— painful, in general, Bry. Calc Caust. 
Iod. Kali-c. Lith. Ntr-m. Nrtr-ac. Phosp. 

when touched, Bry. Kali-c. 

— pinching, Bar-c. 

— pressing, Ant. Bry. Sulph. 

— rending, Amm-c. Sulph-ac. 

— sore, smarting, Ambr. Bry. Calc. 
Fluor-ac. Graph. Lyc. Rhus Verat. 

— stinging, stitches. Amm-c. Bar-c. Bov. 
Borax. Bry. Caust. Chenop. Hep. 
Kali-c. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Petr. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. Rhod. Rumex. 
Sep. Sil. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Verat. 

Coxalgia. Arc;. Ars. Asa-/. Aur. Bell. Bry. 
Calc. Canth. Cham. Colch. Coloc. Dig. 
Graph. Hep. Merc. Nux. Puis. Rhus. 
Sep. Staph. Sulph. 

— hip becomes elongated, Coloc. Rhus. 

— with spasmodic pains in bladder and 
strangury, Canth. 

Cracking, in the joints, Benz-ac. Bry. 

Camph. Cocc. Con. Led. Nux. Petr. 

Puis. Ran b. Selen. Tabac. Thuj. 

knee, Cham. Cocc. Igt. 

''ght. Mez. 

— when bending, Selen. 

moving, Cham. Cocc. Nux. 

stepping, Euphr. Mgn-s. 



Cracking, when stooping. Croc. 

stretching om, Thuj. 

walking, Hi v. Led. Mux. Tabac. 

Cramp, Actea-r. Ambr. Ars. Cole. Graph. 
Hyosc. Pliosp. Pib. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. 

— buttocks. Graph. 

— hips, Coloc. Phusp-ac. 

— thighs, Asar. Cannab. Hyosc. Ip. Petr. 
Rhus. Sep. 

— bend of knee, Calc. Cannab. Caust. Nitr- 
Paeon. Peir. Phosp. Sulph. 

— legs, Bufo. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Coloc. 
Cupr. Hipp-m. Jatr. Ntr-m. Pod. Sass. 
Sec-c. Tabac. Verat. 

— tibia, Anim-c. 

— calves, Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. 
Arg. Ars. Har-c. Bov. Bry. Calc. Camph. 
Cannab. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cham. CofF. 
Coloc. Con. Cupr. Elaps. Ferr. Ferr-m. 
GraPk, Gum-gut. Hep. Hyosc. Jatr. 
Lach. Lact. Lob. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
N ux Oleand. Peir. Rhus. Sacch. Sass. 
Scc-c. Selen. Sep. Sil. Sol-nig. Staph. 
Sulph. Tart. Verat. 

— feet, Amm-c. Bcrb. Camph. Caust 
Graph. Hipp-m. Lac-can. Lachn. Lyc. 
Meph. Ntr-c. Nux. Peir. Ran-b. Rhus. 
Sec-c. Sil. Stram. Sulph. 

— soles, Aiiuii-c. Aug. Beib. Calad. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Chelid. ColF. Eugen. Ferr. 
Hep. Hipp. Petr. Phosp. Plb. Sec-c. 
Sclen. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 

at every step, Peir. Sil. Sulph. 

— toes, Atum-c. Bar-m. Calc. 
Carb-an. Caust. Ferr. Gels. Gum-gut. 
Hep. Lyc. Nice. Nux. 01 -an. Plat. Sec-c. 
Sil. Sulph. 

— in morning, in bed, Bov. Bry. Nitr-ac. 
evening, Hipp. Sil. 

— at night, Ambr. Ars. Bry. Carb-veg. 
Cham. Eugen. Iod. Ip. Lachn. Lyc. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Rhus. 
Sec c. Sep. Staph. Sulph. 

— when bending the foot forwards, Coff. 
crossing the legs, Alum. 

extending the leg, Bar-c. Calc. 

going down stairs, Arg. 

lifting the legs, Coff. 

pulling on boots, Calc. 

sitting, Oleand. Paeon. Rhus. 

— after sitting, Nitr-ac. 

— when standing, Euphr. 
stepping out, Alum. 

walking, Amm-c. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Sep. 

— after a walk, when sitting, Rhus. 

— with colic, Coloc. 

Cramping pain, Cina. Iod. Phosp-ac. 

— hips. Ang. Arg. Aur. Cannab. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Coloc. Ntr-m. Ruta.Sep.Sulph-ac. 

— thighs, Carb-veg. Cycl. Mang. Mur-ac. 
Ol-an. Phosp-ac. Plat. Ran-b. Ruta. 

Sabm. Vakr. Verb. 

— knees, Arg. Bry. Carb-veg. Led. ()l-an. 

— legs. Anac. Aug. Bry. Camph. Caust. 
Ntr-c. Oleand. Phosp-ac. Plat. Verb. 

— tibia, Eugen. 

— calves, Anac. Bcrb. Caust. Euphr. Led. 

— heel, Eugen. Led. 

— feet, Aug. Arg. Camph. Oleand. 
Phosp-ac. Plat. Verb. 

— toes, Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Crawling, Bov. Caps. Euphr. Lachn. 
Ol-an. Plat. Rhod. Sabad. Scc-c. Sulph. 

— bones, Guaj. 

— thighs, Guaj. 

— legs, Kali-c. Sec-c. Sulph. Tabac. 

— calves, Sulph. Zinc. 

— feet, Am. Bell. Caps. Caust. Croc. 
Dulc. Hipp-m. Kali-c. Ntr-m. Par. Sep. 
Tar. Zinc. 

— soles, Raph. 

one spot in middle of, Ol-an. 

— toes, Amm-tn. Hep. Jatr. Lach. Lact. 
Nti-m. Ran-sc. Sec-c. bulph. 

tips, Colch. 

Crooking of the knees, Lyc. Sulph. 
To cry out, pain in legs, Sip. 
Cutting pain, Bell. Dios. Graph. Igt 

hips, Calc. Igt. 

left, Kali jod. 

after a fall, Ntr-s. 

thighs, Dig. Gels. 

knees, Arg. 

ankle-joint, Arg. 

feet, Ambr. Ntr-c. 

heel, N tr-s. Puis. 

sole, Ol-an. 

toes, Aur-m Led. Paeon. Phosp-ac. 

Deadness, in open air, paleness and torper. 

— legs, A mm-m. Nux. 

— middle of right tibia, Samb. 

— feet, Calc. Iod. Nux. Rhus. Sep. 
in evening, Calc. 

— toes, Calc. Chelid. Cycl. Sec-c. 

after walking, Cycl. 

Digging, Diad. Rhod. 

knees, Croton. 

Dragging, from hip to groin, as if every- 
thing would be pressed out, Ox-ac. 

Drawing up of knees, involuntary, when 
walking, Igt. 

Drawing pain. Aeon. Amm-m. Ang. Ant. 
Bar-c. Berb. Bry. Carb-7;eg. Cham. 
Chelid. Chenop. Cina. Con. Creos. 
Dulc. Graph. Iod. Kali-c: Lach. Led. 
Lyc. Mgn-c Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Par. 
Puis. .Rhus-rad Sep. Sil. Stann. Stront. 
Sulph. Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 

— buttocks, Croton. 

— joints. Chelid. Rhod. Stront. 

— bones, Chin. Con. Kali-c. Rhod. Valer. 



Drawing pain, hips, Ant. Benz-ac. Bry. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Chelid. Con. Evon. Ntr-m. Par. 
Plb. Rhus. Ruta. Stann. Tereb. 

— thighs, Anac. Arn. Bar-m. Berb. Caust. 
Cham. Cinnab. Colch. Creos. Cupr. 
Dulc. Iod. Mang. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Ol-an. Puis. Rat. Ran-b. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sabin. Samb. Scill. Sep. Stram. 
Tereb. Valer. Zinc. 

— knees, Aeon. Alum. Anac. Asar. Brv. 
Caust. Cham. Chenop. Cocc. Cupr. Iod. 
Mgn-m. Ntr-m. Phosp. Puis. Rat. Sabin. 
Sep. Stann. Staph. Zinc. 

— legs, Aeon. Agar. Amm-c. Anac. Borax. 
Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Caust. Cham. 
Chenop. Ferr. Kaii-c. Lact. Led.Mgn-c. 
Mez. Mur-ac. Nir-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Oleand. Ol-an. Phosp. Puis. Rat Rhod. 
Rhus. Scill. Sep. Sil. Spong. Staph. 
Viol-tr. Zinc. 

— tibia, Chenop. 

— calves, Puis. 

— tendo achillis, Benz-ac. Mur-ac. Ntr-s. 

— ankle-joint, Cannab. Stront. Valer. Zinc. 

— tarsal bones, Cupr. Rhod. Staph. 

— feet, Borax. Cannab. Caust. Cocc. Ferr. 
Mgn-c. Mez. Oieand. Ol-an. Puis. Rat. 
Rhod. Spong Stront. Verat. Zinc. 

— soles, Chenop. 

— heel, Sep. 

— toes, Aur. Berb. Cocc. Mez. Ol-an. Rat. 
Sep. Sil. Stront. 

Dryness, knee-joint, Nux. 

— feet. Hipp. Phosp. Sep. Sil. 
Emaciation, wasting, Berb. Chin. Selen. 

— of ham and thighs, Sacch. 

— legs, Nitr-ac. 

— feet, Caust. 

Eruption, Ant. Clem. Dulc. Merc. Rhus-rad. 

— buttocks, Ant. Nux. 'Selen. Thuj. 

— thighs, Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Osm. Petr. 

— between the thighs, Petr. Selen. 

— knees, Anac. Ant. Lach. Merc. Nux. 
Phosp-ac. Thuj 

— bend of knees, Ntr-rn. 

— legs, Alum. Buv. Daph. Lach. Merc. 
Mez. Phosp-ac. Sep. Sulph. 

— calves, Petr. Sil. Thuj. 

— ankle, Osm. 

— feet, Con. Lach. Rhus. Sep. 

— toes, Ntr-c. Sulph. 

— blisters, large, on soles, Bufo. 

full of serum on sole of right foot, 


— blisters spreading on toes, Graph. 

— blotches, Ant. Lach. Ntr-c. Sulph. 

— burning, Nux. 

— confluent, Phosp-ac. 

— gangrenous, Hyosc. 

— gnawing, corroding, Nux. Sulph. 

— humid, on malleoli, Creos. 

— itching, Anac. Daph. Dulc. Lach. Merc. 
Nux. Petr. Rhus. Selen. Sep. Sil. 
Sul ph. 

— lumpy, Petr. Therid. Thuj. 

— miliary, Alum. Bov. Daph. Merc. Nux. 
Sil. Sulph. 

— papular, Lach. Lachn. Merc. Nux. 
Phosp-ac. Rhus. Seien. Sep. Thuj. 

— phagedenic, Sulph. 

— pustular, Clem. Dulc. Rhus. Thuj. 

black, A rs. Ntr-c. Sec-c. 

ulcerated, on heel, Ntr-c. 

suppurating, Con. Thuj. 

with a red areola, Ant. 

— scabby, Lach. 

— elevated, white scabs, Mez. 

— spots, like a burn, Lach. 

— ulcerating, Phosp ac. 

— vesicular, Hyosc. Ntr-c. Sulph. 
comes out in cold air, Dulc. 

corroding, gnawing, Borax. Caust. 

Giaph. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 
humid, painless, between toes, Hell. 

— white, Mez. Thuj. 

Erysipelas, legs, Ars. Borax. Hep. Ntr-c. 
Sil. Sulph. Zinc. 

— knee, Nux. Sulph. 

— feet, Am. Borax. Bry. Dulc. Nux. Puis. 
Rhus. Rhus-rad. Sulph. 

Erysipelatous, desquamation of feet, Dulc. 
Extend the limb, need to, Sulph-ac. 
Extention, spasmodic of legs, Cina. 
Fall to readily, liabi.ity, Caust. Mgn-c. 

Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Fatigue, sensation of, legs, Arg-n. Chenop. 

Creos. Lact. Mgn-m. Merc-jod. Mosch. 

Murex. Ntr-s. Psor. Puis. Ruta. Sulph. 

— hips, Cieos. 

— knees, Anac. Cor-r. Croc. Kobalt. 
Ox-ac. Puis. Sulph. 

— feet, Alum. Cannab. Cor-r. Croc. 

— after walking. Murex. Ruta. 

To fall liability, Caust. Mgn-c. Nux. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

— in children, Caust. Nux. 

— on making a false step, Phosp-ac. 
Flaccidity, Ang. Camph. Canth. Cic. Hell. 

Lach. Lyc. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Op. 
Plb. Puis. Stram. Verat. 
Flexibility, hips, Chin. 

— knees, Aeon. Arn. Bry. Cannab. Chin. 
Lach. Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. Ruta. Stann. 
Stram. Sulph. Viol-tr. 

when ascending stairs, Cannab. 

going down stairs, Futa. 

walking, Stann. Stram. Viol-tr. 

— legs, Murex. 

— feet, Bell. Chin. Cic. Nitr-ac. 
easily, Carb-an. Sulph. 

— toes, Carb-an. Lyc. 
Flexion of knees, Lyc, Sulph. 

Fungus, articulorum .white swelling on 
knee, Arn. Ant. Sil. Sulph. 



Furcunles, buttocks. Agar. Alum. Amm-c. 
Bar-c. Graph. Hep. Lyc. Nitr-ac. 
Pkosp-ac. Rat. Sabin. 

— thighs, Calc. Cocc. Clem. Hyosc. Igt. 
Lach. Lyc Mgn-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. 
Phosp. Sep. Sil. 

— on right thigh, painful on motion, Calc. 
Hell. Kali-c. 

— knees, Ntr-m. Nux. 

— bend of knees, Sep. 

— legs, Calc. Mgn-c. Nitr-ac. Pctr. 
small blood boils, Mgn-c. 

— calves, Sil. 

— ankle, Merc. 

— feet. Calc. 

— soles, Rat. 
Ganglion on instep, Ferr. 
Gangienous spots, legs, Hyosc. 
Gan^rena, senilis, Carb-veg. 
Gangrene ol toes, Sec-c. 

Gnawing (corroding) pain, Lyc. Plat. 
Ran sc. Ruta. 

— hip, Kuli-jod. 

Greenish, yellow spots, as from a bruise, 

Hard, callous, skin of soles, Ant. Sil. 

— toes, Giaph. 
Heat, hip, Pnosp. 

— thighs, Muiex. 

— knee, Igt. Phosp. 

as if hot air blowing through knee- 
joint, Lach. 

— legs, Aeon. Ntr-s., Kobalt. 

in morning and evening, Ntr-s. 

— tibia, Croion. 

— feet, Aeon. Cub. Led. Millex. Petr. 
Phosp. Psor. Puis. Stann. Staph. 

in the evening, Led. 

at night. Staph. 

— of one loot, coldness of the other, Lyc. 

— soles, in morning, Eupat. 

— heels, cold to touch, lgt. 

— toes, Borax. Zinc. 

Heaviness, Aeon. Agar. Alum. Ambr. 

Ang. Arg-n. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. 

Calc. Cam ph. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Chin. 

Creos. Graph. Igt. Iod Kali-b. Lach. 

Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

Nux-m. Nux. Op. Osm. Phosp. Plb. 

Puis. Rhus. Sec-c. Sep. Sil.Spig. Stann. 

Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. Thuj. Verat. 


at night, Sulph. 

when ascending steps, Thuj. 

in open air, Graph. 

when walking, Thuj. 

— hip, Mgn-s. Tait. 

— thighs, Agar. Ang. Lach. Merc. Nux. 
Stann. Thuj. 

— knees, Lach. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Siann. 

— legs, Ang. Cannab. Coloc. Ferr. Merc. 

Ntr-m. Puis. Ruta. Stann. Veiat. 

— caives, Euphr. Rhus. 

— feet, Aeon. Agn. Bell. Bry. Colch. 
Creos. Igt. Kali c. Lach. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Ntr-s. Nice. Nitr-ac. Op. Plb. Puis. 
Sabad. Tart. Vemt. Verb. 

Herpes, Alum. Bov. Graph. Lyc. Merc. 
Petr. Staph. Zinc. 

— between thighs, Ntr-m. Petr. 

— on buttocks, Ntr-c. 
hip, Nice. 

— thighs, Clem. Graph. Merc. Ntr-m. Pctr. 
Staph. Zinc. 

— knees, Carb-veg. Dulc. Petr. Phosp. 

— bend ol knee, Ars. Graph. Led. N tr-c. 
Ntr-m. Petr. Phosp. Sulph. 

— legs, Merc. 

— calves, Cycl. Lyc. 

— ankle, Cact. Cieos. Cycl. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Peir. Sulph. 

— between toes, Alum. Giaph. 

— chronic, Led. 

— itching, Mur-ac. Nice. Staph. 

— scaly, Clem. 

Ileipetic spots, on hams, Creos. 

— thighs, Mui-ac. 

— calves, Sass. 

Horn like spots on the soles, Ant. Sil. 

toes, Ant. Giaph.' 

Inflammation, thigh, Ntr-c. Sil. 

— knees, Bry. Cocc. Led. Nux. Puis. Rhus. 

— leg:-, Aeon. Borax. Calc. Ntr-c. 

— tendo achillis, Zinc. 

— ankle joint, Mang. 

— feet, Aeon. Am. Borax. Bry. Carb-an. 
Kali-b. Zinc. 

— instep, Mgn c. Puis. Thuj. 

— toes, Carb-an. Phosp. Puis. Thuj. Zinc. 
Itching, Bar-c. Calc. Euph. L) c. Spig. Zinc. 

— buttocks, Mgn-c. Therid. 

— hips, Alum. Dig. Puis. Sep. 

— thighs, Bar-c. Calc. Cioton. Nitr-ac. 
Petr. Ran-b. Thuj. 

— between thighs, Carb-veg. Cinnab. 
Kali-c. Ntr-m. Petr. 

— knees, Kobalt- Lyc. 

— bend of knee, Ars. Ntr-m. 

— legs, Bism. Calc. Caust Lach. Rhus. 

— tibia, Croton. Grat. Kali-c. 

— calves, Ip. 

— ankle, Berb. Borax. Calc. Kali-c. Lyc. 
Ran-b. Selen. 

— feet, Bell. Berb. Bism. Bov. Calc. 
Caust. Cham. Dulc. Igt. Lach. Rhus. 
Selen. Sep. Zinc. 

— soles, Ambr. Creos. Psor. 5*7. 

— heel, left, Nice. 

— toes, Agar. Clem. Graph. Jatr. Lact. 
Ntr-s. Nux. Pson. Staph. Zinc. 

which have been frozen, Ntr-c. Nux. 

Paeon. Staph. Sulph. Zinc. 
when undressing, in evening, Ntr-s. 



Jerking, of legs, Ambr. Amm-c. Asa-f. 
Bar-C. Berb. Carb-veg. Cic. Cina. lift. Lp. \ 
Kali-c. Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Op. Plat. 
Puis. Scill. Sep. Sil. Stram. Stront. 

— right leg, Mez. 

— hips, Ars. 

— hip-joint, Nux. Puis. 

— thighs, Kali-b. Lact. 

— right thigh, relieved by standing or 
drawing leg up, Meny. 

— feet, Cic. Cina. Ip. Lyc. Ntr-s. Sep. 
in sleep, Sep. 

— soles. Croton. Ferr-m. 

— spasmodic, of limbs on stepping out, 
Coff. Rhus. 

Jerking pain, hips, Mgn-m. Mez. Puis. 

— thighs, Ang. Cinnab. Mang. Mez. Ntr-c. 
Puis. Rat. Rhus. Valer. 

— knees, Amm-c. Anac. Chin. 

— legs, Amm-c. Anac. Cinnab. Mez. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp. Rat. Rhus. 

— feet, Nitr. Rat. 

— toes, Amiu-ni. Mez. Par. Ran-sc. 
Knocking, feet, Cannab. 

— toes, Asa-f. Plat. 
Lameness, left hip, Fluor-ac. 

Languor, lassitude, A«ar. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Ang. Bell. Berb. Bry. Cast. Con. 
Gum-gut. Hep. Ind. Lob. Mgn-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux-m. Nux. Phosp. 
Plat. Sec-c. Senna. Stann. Sulph. Thuj\ 

— thighs, Agar. Ang. Arn. Ars. Bry. 
€roc Rheum. Sass. 

— knees, Anac. Asar. Berb. Cannab. Con. 
Hyosc. Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux-m. 
Puis. Sass. Staph. Sulph. 

— legs, Ang. Asar. Bry. Croton. Ferr. 
Lact. Ntr-m. Nitr. Plat. Puis. Valer. 

— feet, Bell. Croc. Gum-gut. Lyc. Merc. 
Ntr-s Nitr-ac. Plb. Sass. Verb. 

— in evening, in bed, Ind. 

— when ascending steps. Bry. Thuj. Verb. 

— in open air, Graph. 

— when sitting, Croc. Mgn-m. Plat. 
standing, Bry. 

— while walking, Arn. Bry. Hep. 

— after walking, Nitr. 
Laxity of legs, Amm-c. 

Limbs, inability to bend the, Ang. 
Limping involuntary, Bell. Calc. Coloc. 

Kali-jod. Lyc. Puis. Rhus. Zinc. 
Luxation, dislocation, spontaneous, of the 

hip, Bell. Bry. Calc. Caust. Coloc. Lyc. 

Puis. Rhus. Sulph. Zinc. 

from pain, Carb-an. Dros. Kali-jod. 

Nitr ac 
on sitting down, Ip. 

— of patella, Gels. 

— -%• when going up stairs, Cannab. 

— ankle, Bry. Ntr-c. Nux. Ruta. Sulph. 
left, Kali-b. 

Marbled skin, legs, Caust. 

— instep, Thuj. 

Milk leg, phlegmasia alba dolens, Ant. 

Apis. Arn. Ars. Bell. Bry. Calc. Cham. 

Chin. Graph. Ham. Hep. Iod. Kali-c. 

Lach. Led. Lyc. Merc. Nux. Puis. 

Rhod. Rhus. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Verat. 
Mobility, Alum. Anac. Calc. Caust. Chin. 

Cina. Coff. Creos. Cupr. Hell. Hyosc. 

Lach. Ntr-m. Op. Rhus. Sec-c. Stram. 

Tart. Zinc. 

— knees. Aeon. Arn. Bry. Cannab. Chin. 
Lach. Nitr-ac. Nux. Puis. Ruta. Stann. 
Stram. Sulph. Viol-tr. 

when ascending stairs, Cannab. 

descending stairs, Ruta. 

walking, Stann. Stram. Viol-tr. 

legs, Murex. 

feet, Bell. Cic. Chin. Nitr-ac. 

easily, Carb-an. Sulph. 

toes, Carb-an. Lyc. 

— hips, Chin. 

Moisture, between scrotum and thighs, 
Bare. Carb-veg. Hep. Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Petr. Rhod. Sulph. 

— on thigh, Sulph. 

— water, oozes from legs, Sacch. 
Motion, voluntary, loss of, Gels. 
Mouse, running over legs, sensation of, 


Muscles, twitching, Arg. Asa-f. Asar. 
Cupr. Graph. Kali-c. Mang. Ntr-m. 
Rheum. Spong. Teucr. Viol-tr. 

— when exercising, Mang. 
Nails, blue, Dig. Graph. 

— crippled, Ars. Graph. Sabad. Sep. Thuj. 

— discolored, Ars. 

— painful, Merc-sulph. Teucr. 

— thick, Graph. 

Nail, as if, of big toe, would grow into 

flesh. Kali-c. Teucr. 
Numbness, Alum. Ambr. Ant. Berb. Bov. 

Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Chin. Cocc. 

Croc. Euphr. Graph. Kali-c. Lact. Led. 

Lye. Merc. Merc-cor. Mez.Nux.Oleand. 

Op. Ox-ac. Petr. Plat. Plb. Psor. Puis. 

Rheum. Rhus. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

Thuj. Verat. 

in evening, Sil. 

at night, Alum. 

when crossing the legs, Laur.Rheum. 

after meals, Kali-c. 

when sitting, Calc. Chin. Euphr. 

Sil. Tart. 

— thighs, Ferr. Lach. Ocim. 

— knees, Carb-veg. Lach. 

— in middle of right tibia, Samb. 

— feet, Cocc. Con. Kali-c. Lach. Laur. 
Millef. Ntr-m. Nitr. Nux. Oleand. Plb. 
Sep. Sil. Tart. 

first right, then left, Coloc. 

left then right, Millef. 

— soles, Bry. Oleand. Sep. 



Numbness, toes, Cham. Pliosp. 
Offensive smell of feet, Sil. 
Pain, simple. Ant. Ars. Calc. Cupr-carb. 
Kalm. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Psor. Sec-c. Sulph. 

— buttocks, Sulph. 

— joints, Phosp. Sulph. 

— bones, Diad Merc. Mez. Oleand. Sulph. 

— in periosteum of long bones, worse by 
least touch, Mez. 

— hips, Aeon. Agar. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. 
Calc-ph. Carb-an. Caust. Coloc. Dig. 
Evon. Kali-b. Kali-jod. Lyc. Mez.Ntr-s. 
Nux-jug. Phosp. Phvt. Prun. Rhus. 

light, to knee, Kali-b. 

to left, Lith. 

— thighs, Ars. Merc. Mez. Murex. 
Nitr-ac. Parcria. Phyt. 

right, Cist. 

— knees, Calc-ph. Cannab. Caps. Cist. 
Evon. Kali-chl Kalm. Lac-can. Nitr-ac. 
Nux-jug. Ruta. Zinc. 

ng'it, Fluor-ac. 

left, Kalm. 

— patella, N itr-ac, 
right, Cocc. 

— legs, Anac. Bell. Caps. Diosc. Mez. 

middle of left, Ntr-c. 

— tibia, like labor-pains, Carb-veg. 
rightly, Phyt, 

middle of, Kali b. 

— calves, Lach. Sulph. 

— ankle joint, Aeon. Kalm. Lith. Phosp 

inner side of, limbs, Ang. 

— heel, Agar. Calc. Cinnab. Diad. Eupat. 
as if irom a knife-thrust, Eupat. 

— soles and toes, Pareira. 

— soles, Ars. Croc. Lith. Lyc. Mcrc-jod. 

— toes, Amm-m. Calc. Lact. Lith. 

— big toe, as if being pinched off, Meph. 

first joint of, as if pulled out, Prun. 

Painful spots, on tibia, Ambr. 

— on foot, when touched, Fcrr-m. 
Paralysis, Anac. Ang. Ars. Bell. Bry. 

Chin-sulph. Cocc. Iod. Lach. Lvc.Ntr-m. 
Mux. Oleand. Op. Ox-ac. Bib. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sec-c. Sep. Sil. Stann. Stront. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

— hips, Verat. 

— thighs and knees, left. CheKd. 

— feet, Ang. Ars. Bell. Chin. Cocc. Nux. 
Oleand. Phosp. Plb. Rhus. Sulph. Zinc. 

— painless, Oleand. 

As if paialyzed, sensation of, Aeon. Berb. 

Lach. Hyper. Rheum. 
especially in ankles, Ntr-m. 

— thighs, Berb. Croton. Lach. Nux. 

— knees, after walking, Berb. Hyper. 

Paralytic, paralyzing pain, Amm-m. 
Carb-veg. Cham. Chelid. Chin. Cina. 

Dig. Ntr-m. Pod. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Stann. 
Stront. Sulph. Verat. 
Paralytic pain after vexation, Sep. 

— hips, Aeon. Arg. Cham. Chelid. Dros. 
Evon. Led. Lyc. Plb. Sol-m. 

— right, Mez. 
left, Laur. 

— thighs, Ars. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. 
Coich. Dros. Feir. Guaj. 

— knees, Anac. Arg. Berb. Chin. Evon. 
Hipp. Mgn-m. Mosch. Plb. Ruta. 
Sulph. Valer. 

left, Lach. 

— legs, Cham. Chin. Eugen. Mosch. Nitr. 

— feet. Ang. Cham. Chin. Eugen. Kalm. 
Ntr-m. Oleand. Ol an. Par. Plb. Tabac. 

left, Hyper. 

— toes, Aur. Chin. 
Periodical pain, Lyc. 

Perspiration, Cocc-c. Coloc. Phosp. Sep. 

— at night, Coloc. Many. Tercb. 

— thighs, Ambr. Caib-an. Nux. Thuj. 
between the, Cinnab. 

when walking, Ambr. 

at night or in morning, Carb-an. 

— legs, Calc. Hyosc. Petr. Rhod. Sep. 

— feet, Aeon. Amm-c. Ang. Bar-c. Calc. 
Cannab. Canth. Carb-veg. Cocc. Creos. 
Cupr. Cycl. Graph. Hell. Hep. Iod. 
Kali-c. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Petr Phosp. Pho>p-ac. Plb. 
Puis. Sabad. Scill. Sep. Sil. Staph. 
Sulph. Thuj. Zinc. 

at night, Coloc. 

cold, Ars. Canth. Cocc. Dros. Euph. 

Hep. Ip. Lyc. Meic. Scill. Staph. 

Stram. Sulph. 
excoriating, Iod. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Sil. 


fetid, Amm-c. Amm-m. Bar-c. Cycl. 

Graph. Kali-c. Kohal t. N itr-ac. Phosp. 

Plb. Puis. Sep. Sil. Thuj. Zinc. 

like sole leather, Kobalt. 

suppressed, Apis. Cupr. Haematox. 

Kali-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Rhus. Sep. 

Sil. Thuj. 

— soles, Aeon. Amm-m. Nitr-ac. 

— between toes, Aeon. Clem. Cycl. Ferr. 
Kali-c. Kobalt. Scill. Sil. Tar. Thuj. 

Petechia; on legs, Phosp. 
Phagedenic blisters, Caust. Graph. Sep. 
Sil. Sulph. 

Pimples, blisters, on thigh and leg, after 

scratching, Lach. 
Podagra, Ambr. Am. Con. Graph. Led. 

Savin. Sacch. Sulph. Verat. 
Pressing pain, Arg. Cycl. Kalm. Led. 

Ntr-m. Oleand. Phosp-ac. Ruta. Sass. 

Stann. Staph. Verat. 

— bones, Guaj. # 

— hips, Arg. Asar. Ferr-m. Hell. Led. 


Pressing, pain thighs, Agar. Anac. Asar. 
Cupr. Guaj. Kal i-c. Led . Oleand. Phosp-ac. 
Sass Sil. Verb. 

— knees, Cupr. Led. Mgn-m. Sass. 

— legs, Anac. Kali-c. Kalm. Ntr-c. 
Phosp-ac. Sass. Verb. 

— titia, Mez. Staph. 

— calves, Anac. 

— ankle-joint, Agar. Cron. 

— tarsal bones, Bism. Cupr. Sabin. Staph. 

— feet, Oleand. Phosp-ac. Verb. 

— toes, Oleand. Phosp-ac. 

Pricking, in nates, as if sitting on needles, 

— knee, Puis. 

— feet, as if from needles, Hyper. 


Prickling in feet. Dig. Sep. Thuj. 

— u.ider toe-nails, Llaps. 
Pulsation, heels, Ran-b. 

— toes. Zinc 

— big toe, Asa-f. 

R:tspiag, (smarting) pain, in hams, Creos. 

— ankle joint, Plat. 

— heels, Raph. 

— toes, between the, Ntr-c. 
Redness, one side, Puis. 

— inflammatory, of hi el, Ant. 

— toes, Agar, Ainm-c. Berb. Borax. 
Carb-veg. Ntr-m. Puosp. 

tips, Mur-ac. 

Red spots, Sulph. 

— buttocks, Mgn-c. 

— thighs, Cycl. Sulph. 

— legs, Calc. Con. Lyc. Sass. Sil. Sulph-ac. 

— foot, Elaps. 
instep, Thuj. 

— burning, Lyc. Phosp-ac. 

— itching, Sulph-ac. 

— turning livid, as after a bruise, Con. 

— marbled, Thuj. 

— oozing. Sulph. 

— painful, Lyc. Sulph. 

— smarting, Sil. 

■ — as if scalded, Cycl. 

— after scratching, Mgn-c. 
Relaxation of legs, Amm-c. Guaj. 
Relaxed, as if, muscles of thigh and calf, 


— hip-joint feels, Apis. Calc. Staph. Thuj. 
Rending, tearing, Aeon. Agar. Alum. 

Ambr. Ant. Am. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. 
Cant A. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chin. 
Cina. Colch. Dulc. Hep. Jgt. Ind. 
Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-s. Merc. Nitr. 
Nux-m. Mux. Par. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Rhod. Rltus. Sass. Sep. Sil. Stann. 
Stront. Sulfih. Teucr. Thuj. Verat. Zinc. 

— joints, Kali-c. Merc. Stront. Teucr. 

— bones, Agar. Amm-m. Arg. Aur. Bar-c. 
Chin. Lyc. Mgn-s. Merc. Nitr. Rhod. 

— os ischium, on rising from seat, Dros. 


— hips, Alum. Amm-m. Ars. Calc. 
Carb-veg. Colch. Euph. Terr. Graph. 
Kali-c. Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. Par. 
Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sabin. Sep. Stann. 
Tabac. Zinc. 

to leg to feet, Kalm. 

— hip joint, right, Agn. Cocc-c. Lachn. 

— thighs, Alum. Aur. Camph. Caust. 
Cham. Chin. Cinnab. Cist. Clem. Dulc. 
Euph. Fen. Hyper. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 
Mgn-s. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. Ol-an. Plb. 
Rat. Rhus. Sabin. Sass. Sep. Sil. Teieb. 

left, Kali-jod. 

— knees, Aeon. Amm-caust. Amm-m. 
Arg. Am. Bell. Biy. Calc. Caust. 
Chenop. Chin. Cist. Cocc. Coloc. Con. 
Croton. Guaj Igt. lod. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 
Lachn. Lact. Laur. Led. Lyc. Mang. 
Merc. Millef. Nitr. Phosp. Plb. Rat. 
Rhod. Sass. Sep. Sil. Stann. Sulph. 
Teucr. Zinc. 

— — left, Kali-jod. Lachn. 

— above knees, Chenop. 

— legs, Alum. Amm-m. Ars. Bry. Calc. 
Camph. Caps. Caib-veg. Caust. Chenop. 
Chin. Chin-sulph. Colch. Croc. Croton. 
Dulc. Igt. I p. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mez. 
Millef. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. 
Ol-an. Phosp. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. Sabad. 
Sass. Sep. Spong. Staph. Sulph. Verb. 

and stinging, as if in periosteum, 

down to toes, Ars. 

— tibia, Amn;-c. Ars. Berb. Kali-c. 
Phosp-ac. Sep. Staph. Zinc. 

relieved by walkingy/Srat. 

— call, Bry. Lob. Ntr-s. Sabad. Valer. 

— tendo achillis, Berb. Ntrs. 

— ankle joints, Alum. Agai. Amm-c. Arg. 
Am. Berb. Dros. Kali-c. Lac-can. 
Ntr-c. Samb. Stann. Stront. Teucr. 

— tarsal bones, Arg. Bis/11. Chin. Guaj. 
Kali-c. Sabin. Staph. Teucr. 

— feet, Agn. Camph. Caust. Cham. Chin. 
Cocc. Colch. Graph. Kali-c. Lyc. Mez. 
Ntr-c. Ol-an. Phosp. Rat. Rhod. Sil. 
Spong. Stront. Sulph. Verat. Zinc. 

in pregnant women, Phosp. 

— heels, Amm-m. Arn. Ntr-s. Sep. Sil. 

— soles, Chenop. Coloc. Croton. Nitr. 

— toes, Agn. Amm-m. Arg. Aur. Berb. 
Camph. Chin. Cocc. Colch. Croc. Graph. 
Ind. Kali-c. Mgn-s Mez. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Ol-an. Par. Plat. Rat. Sil. Stront. Teucr. 

— under nails, Camph, 

Rheumatic pains, Actea-r. Ant. Colch. 

Kali-c. Kalm. Lith. Meph. Nitr. 

Nitr-ac. Rhus-rad. (compare, Sect. 34.) 
hips, Kali-b. Led. Mgn-s. 


Rlicumaiic pains, hips right, Pallad. 

left, Lyc. S. ng. 

left leg, Llaps. Mgn-s. 

inside right thigh, Sang. 

knees, Gels. Kali-b. Led. 

right, Cinnab.Jac-cor. Kali-b. Led. 

Lob. Nice. Pliosp. 

tibia, Chenop. 

ankles. Zinc. 

feet, Colch. 

soles of, Chenop. 

metatarsal bones, worse from con- 
tact, not from motion, Chin. 

heel, Meph. 

ol small bones, Cauloph. 

big toes, Croton. Ol-an. 

right, Benz-.ic. Bry. Cist. Lac-can. 

left, Agn. LeJ.J 

toe-joints, Alg. Aur. Kali-c. Stront. 


Restlessness, legs and feet, Actea-r. Anac. 
Ars. Caio veg. Cau>t. Chin. 
Con. Croc. Fen. Glon. Giaph. Kali-c. 
Lach. Lyc. M| n-c. Mgn-m. Meph. 
Merc. Mosch. Nti-m. Ntr-s. Nitrac. 
Ox-ac. Plat. Prim. Psor. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

— in evening, Kali-c. Nitr-ac. Sec-c. Sep. 

— at night, Lyc. 

Rhagades, cracks in skin, Alum. Aur. 
Calc. Hep. Lach. Petr. Sulph. Zinc. 

— heel, Lyc. 

Roughness of skin of hams, like tetter, 

Sciaiica, Curare. Graph. Lach. Phyt. 

— left side, Kali-b. 

Senselessness, insensibility, Alum. Carb- 
veg. Cocc. "Graph. Kali-c. Led. Merc. 
Nux. Op. Rhus. Sec-c. Sil. Spong. 
Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

at night, Alum. 

— thighs, Euph. Fcrr. Graph. Merc. Nux. 

— legs, Amm-m. Arg. Puis. Sil. 

— feet, Arg. Asa-f. Carb-veg. Con. Nitr. 
Nux Plat. Plb. Puis. Rhus. 

obstinate, Caib-veg. 

painful, Puis. 

when sitting, Plat. 

toes, Chelid. Graph. Phosp. Puis. 

Separation and drawing together of legs, 

spasmodic, Lyc. 
Shivering, on the legs. Kali-c. Meny. 
Shocks, blows, Op. Phosp. Sulph. 

— hips, Bell. Verat. 

— thigns, Euphr. Sep. 

knees, Sulph-ac. Verat. 

— legs, Plat. Sep. 

feet, Phosp. Spig. Stann. 

electric, upward through the thigh, fol- 
lowed by numbness, Euphr. 

Shooting in one knee, Nitr-ac. 

Shortening of tendons, sensation of, Ambr. 

Amm-m. Bar-c. Caust. Nir-c. Phosp. 

Puis. Sil. Zinc. 

— groin, Carb an. 

— hips. Amm-m. Carb-veg. Coloc. Euph. 

— thighs, Berb. Carb-veg. Mgn-c. Ol-an. 
Plat. Puis. Sabin. 

when sitting down, Sabin. 

— knees, Amm-m. Bell. Berb. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Con. Creos. Euphr. 
Grapn. Lach. Led. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Ol-an. Petr. Phosp. Rhus. Rhus-rad. 
Ruta Samb. Sulph. Verat. 

— legs. Puis. 

— calf, Ars. Bov. Caps. Led. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 
Puis. Sil. 

— tendo achillis Euphr. Graph. 

— heel. Led. Sep. 

— feel, Caib-an. Caust. Ntr-c. Plat. Sep. 
left, Cyd. 

— toes, Plat. 
Shrivelled skin, Rhod. 
Smarting, (compare Rasping.) 
Softening of femur, Sil. 

Soie pain, hips, Puis. 

— bones, Led. 

— thighs, Hep. Led. Puis. Sulph. 

— knees, Carb-an. Led. 

— ankles, Plat. 

— heels, Amm-m. Borax. Cycl. Kali-b. 

right, Euph. 

— soles, Aruin-trif. Lac-can. Puis. 

— toes, Ars. Beib. Cycl. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. 

— big toe, ball of, Led. 

Spasm and distortion, Ars. Cina. Hyose. 
Plb. Sec-c. Spong. 

— buttocks, Bar-c. Calc. Nux. Sep. 

— hips, Phosp. 

— knee, extending up and down, Berb. 

— legs, Jatr. 

— feet, lod. Sec-c. 

at night, lod. 

Sprained, as if, hip-joint, Hep. 

— knees, Hipp. 

— feet, Kalm. 

left, Hyper, (compare, Wrenching.) 

Stability, want of, Aeon. Ambr. Bry. 
Cannab. Hell. Nux. 

— hips. Aeon. Chin. 

— knees, Aeon. Carb-veg. C/4/w.Lact.Mang. 

— feet, Chin. 

Stiffness. Aeon. Alum. Anac. Ang. Bell. 
Calc. Caps. Cic. Cina. Cocc Cupr. Dig. 
Lact. Lyc. Mang. Ntr-m. Nux. Ol-an. 
Ox-ac. Plat. Rhus. Rhus-rad. 6V/.Spong. 
Tereb. Thuj. 

— at night, Alum. 

— after sitting. Bell. Dig. Nux. Puis. 
Rhus. Sep. Zinc. 

— when walking, Ol-an. Thuj. 

3°- LOWER 

Stiffness, by walking relieved, Dig. 

— painless, Oleand. 

— hips, Aeon. Bar-c. Bell. Euphr. Hell. 
Rheum. Rhus. Staph. 

— in morning, Staph. 

rising up, preventing, Bell. 

— thighs, Ars. Amin-m. Aur-s. Graph. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Rhus. Thuj. 

— knees, Amm-m. Ant. Ars. Z?/-}'. Carb-veg. 
Coloc. Elaps. Euph. Ferr-m. Graph. 
Hell. Hyosc. Igt. Lach. Led. Lye. Mez. 
Ntr-m Nitr-ac. Mux. Ol-an. Petr. Puosp. 
Plb. Rheum. Rhus. iSang. Sass. Sep. 
Spig. Stann. Sulph. 

stretching out, preventing. Ant. 

squalling, down preventing, Coloc. 


— legs, Aeon. Aur-m. Bry. Ferr. Rhus. 
Sass. Zinc. 

— ankle joint, Carb an. Caust. Cheiid. 
Dros. Lyc. Rnta. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

— feet, Ambr. C.ips. Cheiid. Dros. Graph. 
Igt. Kali b. Laur. Led. Petr. Ran-b. 
Rhus. Sep. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Zinc. 

— toes, Graph. Sil. Sulph. 

— sense of, Alum. Arg. Berb. Plat. Pod. 

feet, Asa-f. 

Stinging pain, stitches, Ars. Br)'. Coloc. 
Creos. Dros. Euphr. Grat. Kali-c. Led. 
Merc. Nnx. Phyt. Rhus-rad. Sass. Sulph. 

— joints, Aeon. Merc. Nux. Sil. Thuj. 

— bones, Merc. 

— hip, Aeon. Alum. Amm-m. Arg. Ars. 
Bell. Bry. Calc. Carb-an. Colch. Coloc. 
Euph. Evon. Ferr. Hell. Kal i-jod. Merc. 
Meic-cor. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Phyt. 
Rhus. Savin. Sil. Sol-m. Zinc. 

right, Fluor-ac. Merc-cor. Sep. 

left, Carb-an. Sep. 

— thighs, Aeon. Arg. Bry. Calc. Creos. 
Ferr. Ferr-m. Mang. Merc. Nux. 
Oleand. Phyt. Plb. Rhus. Rhus-rad. 
Sabad. Samb. Sass. Sep. Sil. Spig. Tar. 

from, liver, Kobalt. 

— knees, Aeon. Ant. Aur-m. Bar-c. Berb. 
Bov. Bry. Calc. Ferr-m. Hell. Kali-chl. 
Kalm. Lach. Laur. Led. Merc. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Ol-an. Petr. Phyt. Plb. Puis. 
Rheum. Rhus. Rhus-rad. Sabad. Sass. 
Sep. Sil. Spig. Staph. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Tabac. Tar. Verb. Viol-tr. 

left, Gymnoc. 

— patella, Lachn. 
right, Nice. 

— legs. Alum. Ant. Ars. Bry. Calc. Caps. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. Coloc. 
Dulc. Kali-c. Kobalt. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Rheum. Rhus. Sass. Sep. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

— tibia, Ant. Berb. Samb. Sep. Viol-tr. 


— calf, Bry. Tar. 

— tendo achillis, Berb. Mur-ac. 

— ankle joint, Ambr. Arn. Asar. Bov. 
Caust. Croton. Dros. Graph. Hell. Hep. 
Igt. Kali-c. Mang. Petr. Puis. Rhus. 
A'ula. Sep. Sil. Spig. Sulph. 

— tarsal bones Aur. Puis. 

— heels, Berb. Bry. Calc. Ferr-m. Graph. 
Hep. Hipp-m. Igt. Kali-c. Nitr-ac. 
Puis. Ran-b. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Valer. 

left. Nice. 

— feet, Agar. Bry. Giat. Kali-c. Kalm. 
Meph. Ntr-s. Oleand. Ol-an. Phosp. 
Rhus. Rhus-rad. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Viol-tr. 

— instep, Puis. 

— soles, Borax. Bry. Graph. Igt. Ntr-c. 
Puis. Rap h. Tar. 

— under soles, in morning, Fluor-ac. 

— toes, Agar. Amm-m. Aur. Berb. Bry. 
Carb-veg. Cist. Croton. Ferr-m. Hep. 
Kali-c. Kalm. Mgn-s. Mez. Ntr-m. 
Oleand. Par Phosp. Puis. Ran-b. 
Ran-sc. Rhus. Rhus-rad. Sabin. Sil. Tart. 
Verat. Verb. Zinc. 

— big toe, Asa-f. 

right, Benz-ac. Lyc. 

left, Kalm. Led. 

Slinking feet, Sil. 
Stretching, spasmodic, Cina. 
To stretch the legs, inclination, Cina. 

Suppleness, want of, knees, which prevents 

squatting, Coloc. Graph. 
Swelling, Ars. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Con. 

Dulc. Iod. Kali-b. Kali-c. Lach. Led. 

Lyc. Merc. Nux. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 


— buttocks, Croton. Phosp-ac. Sulph. 

— thighs, Chin. Led. Merc. 

— knees, Aeon. Ant. Bry. Calc. Chin. 
♦ Cce. Cocc-c. Cop Ferr. Hep. Iod. Lach. 

Led. Lyc. Merc. Mur-ac. Nux. Puis. 

Sass. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

right, Chin. 

fatty, Dig. 

— bend of knee, Mgn-c. 

— legs, Aeon. Arn. Borax. Bry. Calc. Colch. 
Dulc. Graph. Kali-c. Lach. Led. Lyc. 
Merc. Ntr-c. Nux. Puis. Rhod. Ruta. 
Sil. Sulph. 

— tibia, Phosp. 

— calf, Bry. Chin. Mez. Puis. 

— tendo achillis, Zinc 
lymphatic, Berb. 

— ankles, Arn. Asa-f. Calc. Eupat. Hep. 
Lyc. Mang. Phosp. Statin. Sulph. 

— around ankles, Sacch. 

with difficult breathing, Hep. 

— ankle-joints, Arn. A>a-f. Benz-ac. 
Calc. Cop. Ferr. Lyc. Sulph. 

— tarsal bones, Merc. Staph. 

— heels, Ant. Merc. Petr. 



Swelling, feet, Aeon Ambr. Amm-c. Apis. 

• Am. Ars. B;ir-m. Bell. Berb. Bov. hry. 

• Calc.Cannab. Card -an. Casts?. Cham. Chin. 
Chin-sulph. Cocc. Colch. Coloc. Con. 
Creos. Dig. Eupat. Fcrr. Graph. Hyosc. 
Hyper. Kali-c. Lac-can. Lach. Led. Lye. 
Merc. Ntr c. NtT-m. N'ux. Op. Petr. 
Pkosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puls.Rhod.Ruta. 
S.ibad. Sass. Sec-c. Sep. Si/. Stann. 
Siront. Sulpli. Sulj)l)-ac Verat. Zinc. 

blue, wiih red spots, Elaps. 

up to ankles, Kali-c. 

by clay, diminishing at night. Dig. 

in morning, Sil. 

evening, Stann. 

— instep, Bry. Calc. Merc. Puis. Rhus. 
Staph. 'I'hitj. 

— soles, Calc. Cham. Chin. Kali-c. Lyc. 
Petr. Puis. 

— toes, Amm-c. Am. Bar-c. Curb-ait. 
Carb-veg. Daph. Graph. Led. Merc. 
Ntr-c. Pawn. Phosp-ac. Plat. Sabin. 
Sulph. Thuj, Zinc. 

— left big toe, Eupat. 

— toes, tips, Chin. Mur-ac. Thuj. 

— bluish, Lach. 

— cold, Asa-f. 

— dropsical, Apis. Ars Cact. Chin-sulph. 
Colch. Creos. Eupai. Iod. Led. Mere. 
Puis. Rhod. Ruta. Samb. Sulph. (com- 
paie Dropsy, Sect. 34.) 

after scarlet .fever, Bar-m. 

— erysipelatous, Rhus. 

— hard, Ars. Chin. Graph. Led. Mcz. 

— hot ,Acon. Amm-c Am. Ars. Bry. Calc. 
Carh-an. Chin. Coce. Cocc-c. Colch. 
Graph. Iod. Kali-c. Led. Lyc. Petr. 
Pu<s. Sass. Sec-c. Sep. Stann. 

— inflammatory, Aeon. Calc. Iod. Puis. 
Rhus. Sil. 

— itching, Cocc. 1 

— large, Sulph. 

— lymphatic, Bar-c. Berb. 

— painful. Aeon. Ant. Am. Ars. Carb-an. 
Chin. Con. Daph. Lach. Mgn-c. Merc. 
Nux. Puis. Sep. Sil. 

burning, Ant. Ars. Mur-ac. Petr. 

Phosp-ac. Puis. 

cutting, Phosp-ac. 

drawing. Am. Led. Puis. 

pressing. Led. 

stinging, stitches, Aeon. Ant. Arn. 

Brv. Carb-veg. Cocc. Graph. Iod. 

Led. Lyc. Merc. Petr. Puis. Sass. 
tearing, Colch. Led. Merc. Plat. 


tense, Bry. Chin. Led. Sass. Thuj. 

throbbing, Phosp-ac. Plat. 

— red, Aeon. Amm-c. Ant. Arn. Bry. 
Caib-veg. Chin. Hep. Lach. Ntr-c. Nux. 
Petr. Puis. Sabin. Sass. Sil. Stann. Thuj. 

spots, Aeon. Chin. 

s ' 

or blue-black blisters, Ars. 

— bright-red, lod. 

— rheumatic. Hep. 

— shining, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bry. Merc. 
Sabin. Sulph. 

— soft, Chin. Led. 

— transparent, Sulph. 

— white, Apis. Ars. Bell. Calc. Creos. 
Graph. Iod. Lyc. Merc. Nux. Rhus. 

— Ill day-time, less at night, Dig. 
morning, Sil. 

evening, Amm-c Cocc. Hyper. 

Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Stann. 

— alter abuse ot china, Puis. Sulph. 

— after gout, Eupat. 

walking in open air, Phosp. 

— when walking, increased, Rhus. Sep. 
Tenderness, knees, Aeon. 

— feet, Rumex. 

— heels, Zinc. 

when walking on them, [atr. 

— to soles, Sabad. Sass. Sulph. 

— toes, Calc. 

Tendons, twitching, feet, Iod. 
Tension, Ang. Bar-c. Berb. Coloc. Hep. 
Mang. Nux. Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sulpli. 

— hams, Lact. 

— hips, Coloc. Con. Croton. Fcrr-m.Rhus. 
right, Nitr-ac. 

left, Lyc. 

— thighs, Am. Berb. Cham. Croton. Guaj. 
Hell. Mang. Me/.. Ol-an. Puis. Rat. 
Rhus. Sabin. Spig. Sulph. 

— knees, Am. Beib. Bry. Calc. Caps. 
Caust. Con. Croton Dig. Euphr. Hell. 
Led. Merc. Nux. Ol-an. Petr. Puis. 
Rhus. Stann. Sulph. Tart. Zinc. 

— legs, Amm-m. Bar-c. Borax. Bry. Caust. 
Chain. Igt. Mez. Puis. Rhus. Tabac. 

— calves, Alum. Anac. Bar-c. Berb. Bry. 
Caust. Cieos. Cupr. Igt. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 
Nux. Puis. Sabad. Valer. Zinc. 

— tendo achillis, Caust. Graph. Mgn-c. 
Mur-ac. Ran-b. Sep. Teucr. 

— heels, Caust. Led. 

— feet, Cannab. Caust. Mcz, Rhus. Sass. 

— instep. Bry. Caust. Tart. Thuj. 

— toes, Mez. 
Throbbing. Sep. 

— hips, Hep. Merc. 

— th'ghs, Berb. Murex. 

— feet, Arg. Cannab. 

— toes, Amm-m. Asa-f. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Tickling, soles, Ferr-m. Hep. 

after scratching, Sil. 

Torpor, rigidity, Alum. Cic. Dros. Petr. 

at night, Alum. 

— ankle-joint, Dros. Sep. 

— sensation of, Alum. Arg. Plat. Rhod. 

— feet, Asa-f. 



Totteiing, legs and knees, Agar. Asar. 

Aur Bell. Bry. Cannab. Hell. Mur-ac. 

Mux. Plat. Puis 
Treading, prevented, by pain in knees, 


— legs, Lyc. 

— tai sal bones, Rata. 

Tremor, Agar. Anac. Arg-n. Ars. Bell. 

Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. Caust. Chin. 

Cic. Cocc. Con. Cupr. Hipp-m. Hyosc. 

Iod. Ip. Kobalt. Lach. Lact. Lyc. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Nitrac. Nux. Oleand. Op. Petr. 

Phosp. Puis. Rapli. Rhus. Sass. Sec-c. 

Seneg Stram. Sulph. Tibia. 

in evening and at night, Lyc. 

after standing for some lime, Oleand. 

— thighs, Anac. Laur. 

— knees, Aeon. Anac. Bell. Lach. Laur. 
Led. Mang. Nux. Oleand. Puis. Ruta. 

when sitting and walking, Led. 

— legs, Bar c. Coloc. Plat. Puis. Ruta. 
left, Cic. 

— feet, Bar-c. Bov. Coff. Ip. Lyc. Nice. 
Ol-an. Plat. Sass. Strain. Tabac. Verat. 

Ulceration, subcutaneous, in buttocks, 

Ulcers buttocks, Sabin. Sulph. 

— thigh, Sil. Thuj. 

— legs. Amm-c. Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Graph. Ip. Jac-cor. Lach. Lyc. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-ac. Pnosp-ac. Psor. Ruta. Selen 
Sil. Sulph. 

— tib : a, Asa-f. Sabin. 

— ankle, Merc-jod. Sil. Sulph. 

— instep, Sep. Sulph. ' 

— heel, Ars. Caust. Ntr-c. Sep. 

on a spot of, from rubbing of shoe, 

All-cep. Borax. 
from a spreading blister, Caust. 

Laur Ntr-c. Sep. 
left, Diad. 

— foot, Bar-c. Ip. Sulph. 

— on previously inflamed feet, Kali-c. 
one foot, with stitching pains up- 
ward; the other foot burning, Puis. 

— sole, Ars. Caust. Lach. Ruta. Sec-c. 

— toes, Ars. Carb-veg. Caust. Graph. Petr 
Plat. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Thuj. 

— originating in blisters, Petr. 

— joint of toe, Sep. 

on border of big toe. Graph. 

on the nail, Caust. Sep. Sil. 

— black base, Ip. 

bleeding easily, Carb-veg. Phosp-ac. 

burning, Ars. Lyc. Mgn-c. Sulph. Zinc. 

dirty bottom, Lach. 

elevated margins, Petr. 

fetid, Carb-veg. 

fistulous, Ruta. 

flat, Lach. Selen. 

foul, putrid, Bry. Mur-ac. 

— gangienous, Lach. 

— which follow gnawing vesicles, Ntr-c. 

— irritable, Phyt. 

— itching, Lyc. Phosp-ac. Psor. Sil. 

— obstinate, Petr. Sulph. 

— painless, Ars. Carb-veg. Graph. Plat. 
Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

— painful, at night, Lyc. 

— in phagedenic blisters, originating, 
Ntr-c. Sep. 

— puffy (sueiy), Sabin. 

— red base, Petr. 

— running, oozing, Petr. 

— sanious, Sulph. 

— smooth, Selen. 

— stinging, Ars. Sabin. Sil. 

— superficial, Lach. Petr. 

— tea ling, Lyc. 

Ulcerative pain, buttocks, Phosp. Puis. 

— hip joints, Puis. 

— legs, Puis. 

— heels, Amm-c. Amm-m. Graph. 
Kali-jod. Laur. Nir-s. 

— feet, Bry. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 

— soles, Ambr. Canth. Creos. Graph. Igt. 
Phosp. Puis. 

— tots, Berb. Kali-jod. 

— under toe-nails, Lact. 

Varices, Ambr. Arn. Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Ferr. Graph. Lyc. Puis. Sulph. Zinc. 

— thighs, Lac-can. P.ils. 

— left leg, Fluor-ac. 

— itching, Graph. 

— painless, of pregnant women, Millef. 

— tensive, Graph. 

— tearing, Sulph-ac. 

Veins distended, legs, Carb-veg. Puis. 

— on soles, net work as if, marbled, Caust. 
Lyc. Thuj. 

Vesicles, corroding, gnawing, Caust. 
Graph. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

buttocks, Borax. 

soles, Ars. Sulph. 

Vibration, sensation of, Oleand. Mosch. 

— leg, Ambr. Berb. 

— calves, Phell. 

— soles, Oleand. 

— swollen, bend of knee, Berb. 
Voluptuous tickling on the sole, after 

scratching, Sil. 
Walking, late and with difficulty, in chil- 
dren. Bell. Calc. Calc-ph. Sil. Sulph, 

— awakened, Sabad Sil. Verat. 

— difficulty, Aur. Chin. Oleand. Tereb. 

— drags the feet, in, Nux. 

— infirm, Caust. Kali-c. Mgn-c. Ntr-c. 
Ol-an. Phosp. Su'ph. 

— limping, Bell. Caib-an. Dros. Kali-jod 

— tottering, Aeon. Agar. Aur-s. Bell. 
Cannab. Caust. Gels. Glon. Iod. Lact. 



Murac. Ntr-m. Nux Phosp-ac. Rhus. 
Kuta. Saccb. Sec-c. Stram. Sulph. Teucr. 
Verat. Verb. ( compare Tottei ing ) 
Walking almost on the ankle, from inclina- 
tion of the joint, Bruc. 

— feet turn easily when walking, Carb-an. 

on a stone pavement, Agn. 

Warts, toes, Spig. 

Weakness, Amm-m. Anne. Arg-n. Ars. 
Berb. Borax. Chin. Con. Dig. Glon. 
Guaj, Merc. Murex. Ntr-m. Nux. 
Oleand. Ol-an. Op. Ox-ac. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhod. Scc-c. Sulph. 
Thuj. Tilia. 

— hips. Chin. 

— thighs, Aeon. Ars. Carb-an. Chin. Croc. 
Guaj. Merc. Mur-ac. Nux. Oleand. 
Plat. Puis. Ruta. Staph. 

left, Chelid. Glon. 

— knees, Anac. Arn. Aur. Chin. Ferr. 
Lach. Led. Lith. Mosch. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. Oleand. Petr. 
Phosp. Plat. Pod. Puis. Ruta. Sabad. 
Staph. Sulph. SuLph-ac. Tart. 

left, Chelid. 

— legs, Agar. All-ccp. Aloe Arg-n. Bufo. 
Camph. t.upli. Merc. Murex. Nir-m. 
Nitr. Nux. Oleand. Pliosp-ac. Puis. 
Ruta. Sacch. Staph. Valer. 

bones of. Puis. 

— calves, Kalm. 

— ankle joint, Ntr-c. 

— feet, Chin. Hipp. Nice. Oleand. Ol-an. 
Puis. '/'abac. Zinc. 

— in morning, in bed, Tait. 

— when ascending steps, Thuj. 
rising from sitting, Ruta. 

— while standing, Agar. 

— in making a fals^ step, Phosp-ac. 

— when walking and silting, Led. 

— after a walk, Mosch. Nitr. 
Weaiiness, after a walk, of legs, Murex. 


of feet, Alum. Cannab. 

Wood, limbs feel as if made of, when walk- 
ing, Nitr. Plb. Rhus. Thuj, 

Wrenching, spraining pain, Arn. Berb. 
Caib-veg. Caust. Ntr-m. Oleand. Puis. 

— on sitting down, Ip. 

— hips, Amm-m. Arg. Bar-c. Cale Canst. 
Chin. Euph. Hep. Ip Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Phosp. Psor. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. 
Rhus-v. Seneg. Stann. Sulph. 

— knee, Amm-c. Calc. Caust. Creos. 
Graph. Hipp. Lach. Lye. Ntr-m. Phosp. 
Prun. Rhod. Rhus. Spig. 

right, Nux-m. 

— ankle joints, Ang. Ars. Bar-c. Camph. 
Caust. Cocc. Cycl. Dros. Graph. Hell. 
Hep. Igt. Lyc. Merc. Mosch. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. 
Plb. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sil. Sulph. Zinc. 

— feet, Ang. Bar-c. Bty. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Caust. Creos. Cyti. Dros. Ferr-m. Kalm. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp. Pruo. Puis. 
A'hus. Sulph. Tilia. Valer. Zinc. 

left, Hyper. 

— toes. A/iirn-c. Berb. Zinc. 

— big-toe, pain in first joint of, as if pulled 
out, Prun. 

In morning, pain, Anac. Caust. Sil. 

in bed, Bov. Bry. Nitr-ac. Tart. 

hips, Amm-c. Ferr-m. Staph. 

in hip. worse in forenoon, free after 

midnight, Prun. 

thighs, Amm-c. Aur. Caust. Viol-tr. 

kmcs, Tart. 

— evening, pain, Ambr. Calc. Ferr-m. 
KalUc. Led. Lye. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Selcn. 

in bed, Carb-an. Ferr-m. Ind. Phosp. 


hips, Ferr. Valer. 

thighs, Aur. Ferr. 

knees, Lyc. 

legs Cinnab. L)-c. 

calves, N ux. 

ankle joint, Ntr-c. 

feet, Ferr-in. Lyc. Phosp. Puis. Sil. 


soles, Berb. Mgn-m. Sil. 

toes, Cist. 

At night, pain, Alum. Ambr. Bry. Catb-an. 

Carb veg. Cham. Coloc. Eugen. Graph. 

Hep. Iod. Kali-c. Lye. Mgn-c. Mgu-s. 

M;ing. Merc. Niti-ac. Nux. Phosp. 

Rhus. Sep. Staph. Sulph. Tereb. 

in bed, Sulph. 

bones, Kali-c. Merc. 

hips, Bell. Cham. Ferr. Ferr-m. 

Lach. Merc. Ntr-s. Prun. 

thigh, Cham. Euph. Ferr. Lach. 

Merc. Nu\. 

knees, Lach. Lyc. Merc. Zinc. 

legs, Amm-m. Croc. L)C Spong. 

tibia, Phosp-ac. 

calves, Anac. Cham. Lyc. Nux. 

Sabad. Sulph. 

tendo achillis. Mur ac. 

leet, Cham. Kali-c. Lyc. Phosp. Sil. 

soles, Sil. Sulph. 

toes,// mm-c. Kali-c. Led. Ntr-c. Plat. 

before midnight, Prun. 

After midnight, Nux. 
\ By day, Phosp. 
, In open air, Graph. 
; After walking in open air, Phosp. 

Alternately with affections of eyes, Creos. 

W T hen ascending a hill, Hyosc. 

steps, pain hips, Brv. Plb. Rhus. Thuj. 


knees, Alum. Cannab. Nux-m. 


■ ankle joint, Plb. 


When bending, pain, knees, Spig. 

foot, Coff. Selen. 

When crossing legs, pain, thigh, Dig. 
calf, Dig. Valer. 

— descending steps, pain, knees, Arg. 
Cannab. Verat. 

calf, Arg. 

After exertion, pain legs, Igt. 

From letting limbs hang down, Puis. 

When lying, pain, hips, Coloc. Kali-jod. 

Murex. Plb. 
After lying, pain, hips and thighs, Aeon. 
down, Aeon. 

During a meal, pain hips and legs, 

After a meal, Kali-c. 

When moving the part. Aeon. Berb. Br)'. 
Calc-ph. Cocc. Creos. Mang. Puis. 

pain in bones, Merc. 

hips, Kali-b. Led. Merc. Ntr-s. Nux. 


thighs, Cocc. Merc. Spig. 

knees, Kali-b. Merc. Rheum. 

legs, Aeon Colch 

ankle joints, Arn. 

feet, Aeon. Bry. Puis. Thuj. 

soles, Puis. 

toes, Amni-c. Thuj. 

By motion, pain increased, Bry. Ntr-s. 

relieved. Agar. Jac-cor. 

Periodically, Lyc. 

In rainy weather, pain, Borax. 

When raising the foot, pain, preventing 

flexion, Berb. 
During rest, pain, Cupr. Euphr. 

— hips, Ferr. Pul*. Rhus. 

— thighs, Feir. Puis. 

— legs, Coloc. 

— calf, Amm-c. Cupr. 

— soles, Coloc. 

By rest pain increased, Cupr. Euphr. Puis. 
" Rhod. Nux. Ruta. 

— restlessness pain relieved, Osm. 
When rising from sitting, pain, hips, Ntr-s. 

Phosp-ac. Rlnts. 

thighs, Nitr-ac. Phosp-ac. 

knees, Berb. Nux. 

heels and soles, Graph. 

After scratching, Lach. Sil. 

On sitting down, Sabin. 

When sitting, pain. Agar. Ant. Calc. 

Cham. Chin. Croc Iod. Kobalt. Led. 

Mgn-m. Oleand. Pscon. Phosp-ac. Plat. 

Sul ph. 

— buttocks. Hep. Phosp. Sep. Sulph. 

— hips, Phosp-ac. Sulph. 

— thighs. Cist. Guaj. Sep. 

— knees, Calc. Cist. 

— legs, Amm-c. 

— heels, Valer. 

— feet, Alum. Ntr-c. Valer. 


After sitting, pain, knees, Bell. Berb. Con- 
Dig. Nitr-ac. Nux. Sep. Zinc. 
In sleep, pain, toes, Led. 
After sleep, pain, hips and thighs, Aeon. 
When squatting, pain, knee, Calc. 

— standing, pain, knees, Calc. Nux. 

— calf, Euphr. 

— toes, Ntr-m. 

— soles, Croc. 
relieved, Euph. 

— standing upright, Agar. Bry. Graph. Puis. 

— when stepping, pains in hips, Asar. 
Kali-c. Rhus. Sabin. 

thighs, Asar. 

knees, Con. 

ankle joints, Bry. Ntr-m. Rhus. Sil. 

heels, Nitr-ac. 

feet, Bry. Caust. Thuj. 

soles, Bry. Ntr-c. Sulph. 

toes, Bry. Led. 'i huj. 

stepping out, stinging pain, Berb. 

— stooping, pain hips Ntr-s. 

— stretching, out, pain, hips and legs, Ruta. 
instep, Br)'. 

— when touched, pain, Bell. Bry. Chin. 
Nux. Plat. Puis. Sulph. 

bones and sinews Berb. 

hips, Bell. Ruta. Sulph. 

thighs, Nux. 

knees. Aeon. 

legs, Aeon. Borax. Puis. 

feet, Aeon. Borax. Brv. Chin. Ferr-m. 

ankles, Ntr-m. 

instep and soles, Puis. 

toes, C/mi. Pho 1 -; -ac. 

By touch increased, pa in, Bell. Bry. Chin. 

Guaj. Nux. Plat. Puis. Ruta. Sulph. 
When undressing, pain, Ntr-s. 
After vexation, pain leg, Sep. 
When walking, pain hips, Agar. Arg. 

Asar. Dros. Euph. Mez. Phosp-ac. ft 


thighs, Asar. Calc-ph. Cist. Dros. 

Guaj. Phosp-ac. Spig. Staph. 
knees, Berb. Bry. Calc-ph. Caps. Cist. 

Euph. Tart. 

right patella, Cocc-c. 

legs, Igt. Puis. Tabac. 

calves, Alum. Anac. Caps. Igt. Lyc. 

Mur-ac. Nux. Sulph. Zinc. 

tendo, achillis, Euphr. Mur-ac. 

ankle. Dr< s. 

bends, Nitr-ac. 

heel, Berb. Jatr. Kali-b. 

feet, Agn. Caust. Ferr. Ntr-c. Puis. 

Sulph. Tart. 
soles, Ambr. Bar-c. Caust. Igt. Led. 

Lyc. Phosp. Puis. Sulph. 
toes, Agn. Ant. Ars. Camph. Caust. 

Lyc. Ntr-m. 

under the nails, Camph. 

— walking on stone pavement, feet turn 
easily, Agn. Ant. 



After walking, pain, knees, Herb. Cycl. 

Mosch. Nitr. Rhus. Yalcr. 
as if palsied, Herb. 

— calf, Ainiii-m. Cinnab. 

Ky walking increased, pain, Ambr. Anac 
Ant. A i n. Berb. Hry. Calc ph. Ferr. 
Ferr-m. Hep. Hyosc. Led. Lvc. Nitr-ac. 
Ol-an. Petr. Phosp. Sep. Statin. Strain. 
Tabac. Tlinj. Viol-tr. 

— relieved, Amm-c. Dig. Rhus. Sep. 

Warmth, sensation of, soles. Herb. 

In warmth ot bed, pain in legs, Slllph. 

relieved. Aniin-c. 

Weather changing, Lach. 

— windy, Lach. 

Wilhepistaxis, inflamimtion of leg, Horax. 

— colic, Amm-c. Coloc. 

— constipation, paralysis. Lye. 

— pain in hip leg shortened, Mez. 
elongated, Coloc. Rhus. Thuj. 



3 1 . i§>leep and Dreams. 

Yawning, Aeon. Amm-c. Am. Ars. Brom. 
Bry. Cannah. Canth. Canst. Chelid. 
Cum. Cocc. Cor-r. Creos. Croc. Cupr. 
Elat Gels. Igt. Kali-b. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 
Laur. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-ra. Mang.Meny. 
Merc. Mosch. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nux. 
Oleand. Ol-an. Op. Par. Phosp. 
Pliosp-ac. Plat Puis. Rheum. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sabad. Sass. Sep. Sil. Spong. 
Stann. Staph. Sulph. Tabac. Tart. 
Tart-ac. Viol-od. Zinc. 

— frequent, Aeon. Cor-r. Euph. Grat. 

i-joJ . Laur. Lyc. Mgn-e. Meph. 
Mosch. Oleand. Phdl. Rhus. Scill. 
Siaun. Sulph. Tabac. Tar. Tabac. 

— interrupted, Lyc. 

— spasmodic. Ang Bry. Cocc. Cor-r. Hep. 
Igt. Mosch. Nux. Plat. Rhus. Sep. 

— vehement, Agar. Cor-r. Hep. Igt. Mgn-c. 
Plat. Rims. 

— in the morning, Igt. Nux. Viol-od. 

— afternoon, Canth. Int. Plat. 

— when walking in open air, Euph. 

— with chilliness Oleand. Par. Sep. 
coldness, Ntr-c. 

giddiness, Atrar. 

goo^e skin, Laur. Par. 

headache and congestion of blood 

to the head, Glon. 
lnchrvmation, Creos. Igt. Meph. Staph. 


oppression of chest, Stnnn. 

pain in articulation of jaw, Cor-r. Igt. 

shaking, chills, Mur-ac. 

shuddering, Calad. Cina. Laur. 


stretching, Alum. Amm-c. Ars. Bell. 

Calc. Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. 

Chin. Graph. Guaj. Ip. Ntr-s. Nux. 

Ol an. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. Sep. 

Spong. Staph. Sulph. Tart. Tart-ac. 

tremor, Cina. Oleand. 

— without inclination to sleep, Igt. Plat. 
Rhus. Sep. 

Sleepiness, drowsiness, in day time, Aeon. 
Agar. Aeth. Ambr. Amm-c. Amm-m. 
Anac. Ang. Ant. Arg-n. Arn. Ais. 
Asar. Asa-f. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. Bry. 
Calad. Calc. Camph. Cannah. Carb-veg. 
Canst. Chin. Cimex. Cinnnb. Clem. 
Cocc. Colch. Gor-r. Creos. Croc. Cycl. 

Dig. Dulc. Euph. Euphr. Ferr. Gels. 
Graph. Grat. Gum-gut. Haematox. Hell. 
Hep Hipp-m. Hyosc. Hyper. Kali-c. 
Lac can. Lach. Lachn. Lact. /our. Led. 
Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-iu. Meph. Merc. 
Merc-cor. Merc-jod. Mez. Morph. 
Mosch. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. A'/r in. Nitr-ac. 
A'ilr. A'ux-m. A'ux. Ol-an. Op. 
Ox-ac. Par. Peir. PheU. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Plb. Pod. Psor. Puis. Ran b. Rat. 
Rheum. Rhod. Rhus. Sabad. Sec-c. 
Sep. Sil. Sol-m. Spig. Stann. Staph. 
Strain. Sulph. Tabac. Tar. Part. Therid. 
Verat. Zinc. 

in morning, Agar. Bism. Calc. Caust. 
Clem. Cocc. Con. Euph. Graph. Led. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sep. Sil. 
Spig. Sulph. Zinc. 

— forenoon. Ant. Bism. Cannab. 
Carb-veg. Mosch. Nti-c. Ntr-s. Nux. 
Sabad. Sep. 

if he smokes tobacco, Bufo. 

with rumbling in bowels, Pod. 

at noon, Agar. Aur. Bry. Chin. Dros. 
Ol-an. Tabac. 

afternoon, Aeon. Agar. Anac. Bov. 
Canth. Chin. Grat. Guaj. Lach. Nux. 
Pallad Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Staph. 
Sulph. Viol-tr. 

evening, Alum. Anac. Aug. Amm-m, 
Arn. Ars. Bell. Berb. Borax. Bov. Calc. 
Chin. Con. Croc. Cycl. Graph. Hep. Ind. 
I^ali-c. Lac-can. Lach. Laur. Lith. Lyc. 
Mgn-s. Mang. Nux. Par. Pt-tr. Phosp-ac. 
Plat. Ruta. Sass. Sep. Sil. Spig. Sulph. 
Tabac. Tart. Thuj. 

— at sunset, Dros. 

— every other, Lach. 

excessive. Aeon. Aeth. Agn. Ang. Ant. 
Ars. Asa-f. Bnr-c. Berb. Bism. Bov. 
Bry. Camph. Canth. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cham. Clem. Con. Cor-r. Croc. Dig. 
Dulc. Euph. Ferr. Graph. Grat. Guaj. 
Hep. Kali-c. Laur. Led. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 
Mang. Merc. Mez. Mosch. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-s. Nujc-m. Nux. Ol-an. Op. Par. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Puis. Rhod. 
Ruta. Sabad. Sec-c. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Spig. 
Strain. Tabac. Tar. Tart. Tereb. Thuj. 
Verat. Verb-. Zinci 



Sleepiness, alternately with sleeplessness, 

— with delirium, Am. 

— proceeding from eyes, Euph. 

— with burning in eyes, Rhod. 

contraction of eyelids, Con. Croc. 

Kali-c. Tart 

— when exercising, relieved, Carb vcg. 

— with palpitation of heart, Chin. 

— invincible. Arum. Cannab. Cor-r. Lack. 
Laur. Ntr-c. Sitlph. (compare Coma.) 

— in open air, Aeon. Tart. 

— when reading or writing, Brom. Ntr-s. 

— in sitting, Petr. Par. 

— without sleep, Arn. Bell. Borax. Calad. 
Cham. Chelid. Coff. Ntr-m. Op. Samb. 
Sit. Sol-m. 

— with stupidity, Ntr-in. 

— tertian lype, Lach. Sep. 

— during a thunder storm, Sil. 

— from weakness, Mez. Merc-Stllph. 

— while working, Sulph. 
Sleeplessness at bight, Aeon. Acth. Ambr. 

Amm-c. Ars. Bapt. Bar-c. Bell. Borax 
Bry. Calc. Cbmph. Cannab. Caps. 
Carb-an. Larb-veg. Canst. Cham. Chin. 
Cic. Cina. Cinnab. Clem. Coff. Coloc. 
Con. Creos. Daph. Dig. Graph. Hell. 
Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Jod. Iris Jalap. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod. Lach. Laur. Led. Lyc. 
Mifn-c. Mgn-m. A/gu-s. Merc. Mez. 
Mosch Ntr-o Ntr-m. Nux. Op. Pliosp 
Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Path. Ran-b. 
Ran-sc. Rhus. Sabad. Sang. Sass. Selen. 
Sep. Sit. Spong. Staph. Sulph. Thea. 
Thuj. Tilia Valer. Verat. 

— before midnight, Alum. Amm-m. Aug. 
Arn. Ars. Bell. Borax. Bry. Calad. 
C.le. Carb-an. Carl-Teg. Chin Cor-r. 
Creos. Graph. Hep. Igt. Kali-c. Lach. 
Led. Lyc. Mgn-m. Merc. Mur-ac. Nux 
Pliosp. Puis. Ran-b. Rhus. Selen. Sep. 
Sil. Spig. Sulph. Tcucr. Thuj. Valer. 

— after midnight, Ars. Asa-f. Cannab. 
Caps. Coff. Dulc. Hep. Kali-c. Mgn-c. 
Ntr-c. Nux. Oleand. Psor. Ran-sc. 
Rhod. Rhus. Sep Sil. Sulph-ac. 

1 A. M. Merc- jod. 

2 A. M. Benz-ac. Caust. Coff. Graph. 

Kali-b. Kali-c. Mgn-c. Mez. Ntr-m. 


3 A. M., Amm-c. Calc. Coff. Creos 

Euphr. Graph. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mez 
Nice. Nux. Ran-sc. Rhus. Selen. 
Sep. Sulph. 

4 A. M , Veib. 

— until 4 A. M., Amm-c. 

— with sleepiness, Aeon. Apis. Arn. Ars. 
Bell. Bry. Calad. Calc. Caust. Cham. 
Chelid. Chin. Coff. Con. Daph. Ferr. 
Hep. Kali-c. Merc. Ntr-c Ntr-m. Nux. 

Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. 
Samb. Sep. Sil. Sol-m. Sulph. 

— with sensation of refreshment in morn- 
ing, Cinnab. 

— hysteiical, Mosch. 

— because not able to lie on left side, 

— with inability to open the eyt s 

convulsions and concussions as from 

fright, Hyosc. 

— if not retiring early, not sleepy next 
day, Sep. 

— with talkativeness, Lach. 

— without restlessness. Merc-jod. 
Difficulty of ;:oing to sleep late at night 

and of waking up in the morning, Ntr-c. 
Sleep prevented by congestion of blood, 
Amm-C. Asar. Puis. 

aggregation of ideas. Chin. Cinnab. 

Cocc. Coff. Fluor-ac. Lyc. A r u*.Pn'<. 
Sabad. Sil. Staph. Sulph. Tart 

same ideas always repeated, Calc. 

one fixed idea. Graph. 

anxictv, Ars. Caib-veg. Cham. Lain 

Merc. Meic-cor. Phosp. Sep. Verat. 

backache, Amm-m. 

chills, Lyc. 

coldness of body, Ambr. 

colic, Plb. 

cyphers before the eyes, Phosp-ac. 

delirium, Bry. Sil. Spong. 

dyspnoea, Psor. Ran b. 

elections, Thuj. 

excitability, Mosch. 

fear to go to sleep, that he would die. 


flatulent distention of, abdomen, 

N ux-m. 

headache, Sil. 

lancinating, Elaps. 

heat, dry, Bry. Cannab. Ran-sc. Thuj. 

hunger, feeling of, Igt. 

imaginations of fancy, Bell. Carb-veg. 

Chin. Coff. Led. Merc. Phosp. 

itching of skin, Arum-trif. 

head, face, neck and shoulders. 


jerks in limbs, Ip. Lyc. Merc-cor. 

feet. Phosp. 

whole body, Bell. • 

longing for the company of friends, 


mouth, soreness of, Arum-trif. 

nervousness, Apis. Camph. Lac-can 


nervous irritation, Hyosc. 

on account of pains Merc. 

nightmare, Amm-c. 

pain in ulcers and tetters, Staph. 

pains, commence just before loosing 

himself in sleep, Lil-tigr. 


Sleep prevented by perspiration,^ rj.Sulph. 
Tar Verat. 

puisation in head, Cycl. 

restlessness, Aeon. Ars. Carb-veg. 

Cina. Cor-r. Creos. Ferr. Lanr. Led. 
Mgn-m. Merc. Phosp. Sil. Sulph. 
Thuj. Valer. 

and heat, Brv. Phosp. Rhus. 


eyes closed. Aeon. 

restless after a short nap, Phosp. 

sneezing, Amm-m. 

stomach, pressure in, Cina. 

emptiness in, Dig. 

— — starting. Alum. Ambr. Ars. Bell. Bry. 

Calc Caust. Chelid. Cor-r. Dulc. 

Euph. Guaj. Hep. Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. 

Merc. Merc-cor. Ntr-c. Nitr-ac. Nux. 

Phosp. Plb. Puis. Ran-sc. Rhus. 

Selen. Sep. Sil. Stront. Sulph. Thuj. 
tremor, Euph. 

twitching of limbs, Ambr. Ars. Bell. 

Igt. Merc-cor. Puis. Rhus. Selen. 

urination, desire for, Thuj. 

vertigo, Calad. Merc-cor. 

visions, dreadful. Carb-veg. 

as soon as he closes the e)^es, 


disnppear on 

opening them, 
Apis. Lach. 

Falling asleep late, Amm-c. Anac. Apis. 

Ars. Bell. Borax. Bry. Calad. Calc. 

Ciirb-an, Carb-vey,. Chelid. Chin. Clem. 

Con. Cycl. Euph. Ferr. Ferr-m. Gels. 

Glon. Graph. Guaj. Hep. Hyo«c. Igt. 

Kali-c. Lach. Led. Lith. Lyc. Mgn-m. 

Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nttx. 

Ol-an. Petros. Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Rat. Rhus. Sabad. 

Selen. Sep. Sil. Spig. Statin. Staph. 

Stront. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tabac. Tart. 

Tereb. Thuj. Valer. Viol tr. Zinc. 

even- other evening, Lach. 

when going to bed late, Amm-c. 

Sleep anxious, Aeon. Ars. Bell. Cast. 

Cocc. Ferr. Kali-c. Op. 

— dizzy, Calad. Graph. 

— interrupted, Ars. Cocc. Dig. Par. Zinc. 

— too long, Berb. Borax. Lact. Merc. 
Ntr-c. Nux. Ol-an. Phell. Plat. Sulph. 

— profound, sound, Ars. Bell. Berb. Croc. 
Cupr. Eugen. Hyosc. Igt. Laur. Led. 
Nux-m. Op. Phosp-ac. Psor. Puis. Rhod. 
Sec-c. Seneg. Sol-m. Spig. Stann. Strain. 
Sulph. Tart. Therid. Verat. 

before midnight, Rhod. 

in the morning, Bry. Hep. Graph. 

N ux. Op. Sulph. 

— light, Aeon. Alum. Ars. Calad. Igt. 
Merc. Igt. Ol-an. Selen. Sil. Sulph. Tart. 

2 39 , 

— restless, Alum. Ambr. Anac. Ang. 
Arg-n. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. Berb. 
Bov. Bry. Calc. Cast. Cham. Chin. Cic. 
Coloc. Creos. Diad. Dig. Dulc. Ferr. 
Ferr-m. Graph. Hep. Igt, Ind. Ip. 
Kali-c. Kali-jod Kali-m. Lact. Lyc. 
Meny. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-s. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Petr. Phosp. Puis. 
Rheum. Rhus. Sabad. Sabin. Scdl. 
Seneg. Sep. Sil. Sp/\ r . Stann. Staph. 
Stram. Stront. Sulph. Tabac. Tereb. 
Teucr. Thuj. Valer. Verb. Viol-tr. Zinc. 

— slumber, like, half sleep, Arn. Ars. 
Bell. Brv. Canth. Cham. Cic. Cocc. Dig. 
Euph. Graph. Hep. Kali c Lach. Merc. 
Nitr-ac. Op. Par. P,tr. Ran-sc. Rhus. 
Sabad. Samb. Selen. Sil. 

— somnolency, Bry. Con. Croc. Nux-m. 
Op. Tart. 

— soporous, Anac. Bell. Bry. Calad. Calc. 
Camph. Cicc Cocc. Con. Croc Euph. 
Graph. Hell. Hep. Hyosc. Igt. Led. Nitr. 
A'ux-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. Plb. Puis. 
Sulph. Tart. Valer. Verat. Seneg. Spig. 
Stram . 

in the early morning, Bell. Calc. 

Con. Gnpli. Led. A T ux. Phosp. 

— unrefreshing, Aeon. Agar. Alum. Ambr. 
Berb. Bism. Bry. Calc Cannab. Canst. 
Chelid. Chin. Cic. Clem. Con. Daph. 
Graph f/ep.lgt. Kali-b. Kobalt Lach. Lact. 
Lyc. M<rn-c. Mt^n-m. Mez. Ntr-c. Nir-m. 
N'itr-ac. Op. Petr. Phosp. Pod. Sabad. 
Selen. Sep. Sil. Spig. Stann. Staph. 
Sulph. Tart. Tcurr. Thuj. Zinc. 

Coma, Agn. Ant. Ars. Asa-/. Bar-c 
Bell. Bry. Camph. Caust Color. Con. 
Croc. Cupr. Dig. Laur. Led. Nux-m. 
Nux. Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. 
Sec-c. Sep. Stram. Tart. Tereb. Verat. 
Zinc. Zing. 

— day and night, Bar-c. 

— in evening, Ars. Tart. 
forenoon, Ant. 

— with lustreless, glassy eyes, Croc. 

— in open air, Tart. 

— with snoring, Bell. Camph. Carb-veg. 
Hyosc. Op. Rhus. Sil. Stram. 

— tertian type, Sen. 

— with vomiting, Dig. 

Coma vigil. Aeon. Aeth. Agar. Anac. Ars. 

Bry. Cham. Cocc. Con. Cycl. Euph. 

Hell. Hep. Hvdroc-ac. Hyosc. Laur. 

Merc. Mosch. Nux. Oleand. Op. Phosp. 

Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Rhus. Spong. 

Sulph. Verat. 

feverish, Aeon. Cham. Puis. 

During sleep, abdomen, rumbling in, 


anxiety, Ars. Bell. Cocc. Ferr. LLep. 


biting the tongue, Ind. Me/.. 

Phosp-ac. Therid. Zinc. 



During sleep, burning in veins, Ars. 

c.illed, thinks lie is, Sep. 

chilliness, Bonus. 

clinching of thumbs, Viol-tr. 

coldness of body, Ambr. 

congestion of blood. Ntr-c. Sep. 

to cbest. Puis. 

head. Berb. 

convulsions, Rheum. 

cough, Am. Bell. Calc. Cham. Lach. 

Merc. Verb. 

barking, Nitr-ac 

dry, Mgn-s. 

loud, Lyc. 

delirium, Aeon. Am. Aur. Bell. 

Cact. Camph. Cocc. Coloc. Dig. 

Dulc. Gels. Hyosc. Lach. Mur-ac. 

Nux. Op. Puis. Rheum. Sec-c. Sep. 

Spong. Strain. Sulph. Verat. 
dyspnoea when falling asleep as if 

he would suffocate, Graph. 

epistaxis, Graph. Merc, (compare 

m Sect. 7). 

eyes, convulsed. Hell. Op. Phosp-ac. 

half open, Bell. Br)-. Caps. Coloc. 

Ferr. Ferr-m. Hel 1. 1 p. Op. Pliosp-ac. 
Pod. Samb. Strain. Sulph. Tart. 

st iring, Tart. 

lids twitching, Rheum. 

pupils turned up. Hell. 

face cold and pale, Bell. 

puffed up. Op. 

red, Arn. Op. Viol-tr. 

twitching facial muscles, Rheum. 

fearful moaning, Stann. 

fever. Amm-c. Amm-m. Bell. Borax. 

Calc. Hell. Lyc. Mgn-c Merc. Ntr-c. 

Nice. Nitr-ac. Puis. Sulph. 
grasping with the hands, Arn. Bell. 

Borax. Cocc. Hy osc. Op. Phosp-ac. 


grinding of the teeth. Aeon. Ant. Ars. 

Bell. Caust. Cina. CofF. Con. Hyosc. 

Kali-c. Plb. Pod. Sep. Strain. Verat. 
hallooing, shouting, B >rax. Br}'. 

Cham. Cocc. Lyc. Mgn-c. Ruta. 

Strain. Sulph. (compare Shrieking.) 

hands cold, Bell. Carb-veg. Merc. 

— hot, Lach. Staph. 

head lifted from pillow or starts up 

and gazes, Stram. 

headache, Cham. Mgn-m. 

beat, Dulc. Peir. Viol-tr. 

dry, Samb. Thuj. 

hiccough, Merc-cor. 

jaw hanging, Nux Op. 

jerks, Ambr. Ars. Bell. Bry. Cist. 

Cham. Con. Cupr. Dulc. /ftp. Igt. 

Kali-c. Kobalt Lvc. Merc-cor. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Op. Phosp. 

Puis. Ran-sc. Rheum. Selen. Sep. 

Si/. Stann. Staph. Stront. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. Tait. Thuj. Viol-tr Zinc. 

through the whole body, Cupr. Ip. 

Me/.. A r tr.c. Op. Sulph.' Tart. Zinc. 

of feet, Phosp. 

illusions of fancy, Bell. Calc. Cham. 

Led. Phosp. Puis. Straw. 

auditory nerve, Carb-vcg. 


laughing aloud, Caust. Croc. Hyosc. 

Lyc. Sil. Sulph. 

and whining, Aur. Cham. 

with spasms, Igt. 

when lying on the back, waking with 

screams, Guaj. 

masticating motion, Calc. Sep. 

mental labor, Anac. Bry. Igt. Lach. 

Sabacl. Sabin. 
moaninsr, Apis. Ars. Aur. Bell. 

Caust. Cham. Cupr. Int. Lach. Lyc. 

Merc. iMur-ac.Nitr-ac.Nux. Pod. Puis. 


motion of limbs, Caust. 

mouth open, Merc. Op. Rhus. Samb. 

moving about in bed. Aeon. Puis. 


nightmare, Aeon. Alum. Ambr. 

Amm-c Amm-m. Arum-tiif. Hell. 
Bry. Cina. Cinnab. Con. Cycl. Daph. 
Gu.ij. Hep. Kali-c Lyc. Mgn-m. Mez. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Op. Phosp. 
Puis. Ruta. Sil. Sulph. Tabac. Tcrcb. 

numbness of left leg and right arm, 


palpitation of heart, Ntr-c. 

perspiration, Carb-an. Cic. Chin. 

Dros. Euph. Kerr. Jatr. Merc. Nux. 

Phosp. Puis. Selen. Thuj. 

about head when falling asleep, 


picking the bed clothes, Arn. Ars. 

• Bell. Chin. Cocc. Hyosc. Op. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Stiam. 

redness of lace, Arn. Arum. Op. 


reveries. Aeon. Arn. Bry. Camph. 

Coloc. Dulc. 
respiration short, Aeon. Cham. Merc. 


inspirations, shorter than expirations 


respiration intermittent, Op. 

obstruction of, Hep. 

slow. Chin. Op. 

wheezing, Nux. 

shrieking, Anac. Bell. Borax. Calc. 

Cham. Cina. Cocc. Croc. DiaJ. Jalap. 

Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m Puis. Rheum. 

Ruia. Senna. Sil. Stram. Sulph. Tart. 


— — — in children. Bell. Borax. Cham. 

Cina. CofF. Jalap. Ip. Rheum. 



During sleep, singing, Bell. Croc. Phosp- 
ac. Sulpli. 

sliding down in bed, Ars. Mur-ac. 

smiling, Hyosc. Igt. Lyc. Phosp-ac. 

sneezing, Nitr-ac. 

snoring, Bell. Camph. Chin. Dros. 

Hyosc. Igt. Laur. Mur-ac. Nux. Op. 

Rheum. Sd. Strain. Sulph. 

inspirations, respirations puffing, 


moaning, Calc. 

suffocative, Bell. 

when expiring. Nux. Op. Tart. 

inspiring, Bell. Bry. Caps. 

Cham. Chin. Hyosc. Igt. Nux. 
Puis. Rheum. 

inspiring and expiring, Arn. 

Camph Chin. 

king on the back, Dros. Dulc. 

Kali-c. Mgn-c. Sulph. 

- snuffling, Nux. Sam 1 ). 

sobbing, anxious, Aur. Calad. Hyosc. 

somnambulism, Aeon. Agar. Alum. 

Anac. Bry. Cycl. Kalm. Nir-m. Op. 
Petr. Phosp. Sil. Spong. Sulph. 

starting, Agn. Arn. Ars. Bell. Bism. 

Borax. Bry. Calad. Caust. 67/rtw.Cina. 
Cor-r. Croc. Daph. Dig. Dros. Euph. 
Graph. Hep. Hyosc. lp. Iris. Kali-c. 
Lacli. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. 
Meic-cor. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Op. Petr. Phosp. Plb. Puis. Rheum. 
Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. Sacch. Samb. 
Se-c-c. Selen. Sil. Staph. Stram. Stront. 
Sulph. l'abac. Tart. Thuj. Verat. 

as if tailing from a height into the 

water, Dig. 

when touched, Stram. 

witli wild gestures, Stram. 

suffocative attacks, Op. 

talking, Aeon. Alum. Arn. Ars. 

Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Calc. Camph. 
Carb-an. Carb veg. Cliam. Cinnab. 
Giaph. Igt. Kalm. Kali-c. Mgn-c. 
Mgn-m. M ere. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. 
Raph. Rhus. Sabin. Sep. Sil. Stann. 
Sulph. Tart. Zinc. 

thirst, Bry. Caib-veg. Caust. Cham. 

Cycl. Nitr-ac. Sil. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 

tossing about, Alum. Ars. Bell. Bry. 

Calc.CV?^/ Cham. Cic. Cina. Cist. Clem. 
Cocc. Cor-r. Creos. Ferr. Ferr-m. 
Guaj. Hell. Igt. Lach. Led. Lyc. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Op. Par. 
Phosp. Puis. Kan-sc. Rheum. Rhus. 
Sciil. Senna. Sep. Staph. Sulph. 
Valcr. Verat. 

tremor of, limbs, Tart. 

twitching of fingers, Rheum. Sulph-ac. 

hands, Viol-tr. 

convulsive of muscles, Cupr.Hell. 


uncovering, Cor-r. Plat. 

weeping, Alum. Aur. Carb-an. Cham. 

Cina. Con. Hyosc. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. 
Puis. Rheum. Rhus. Sil. Stann. Stram. 

appearance, Phosp-ac. 

whining, Alum. Arn. Ars. Bar-c. 

Bell. Borax. Bry. Calad. Carb-an. 
Cham. Chin. Ip. Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Rheum. Stram. 
Sulph. Verat. 
Sleep disturbed by abdominal pains, Aeon. 
Ambr. Amm-c. Amm-m. Borax. Gels. 
Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. Ntr-c. Nice. 
Nitr-ac. Phosp. Plb. Rhus. Sep. Sulph. 

aggregation of thoughts, Borax. Calc. 

Chin. Coff. Grap. Hep. Kali-c. Lyc. 
Nux. Puis. Sabad. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 

peevish, Alum. Graph. Nux. 

sorrowful, Graph. 

anxiety, timorous, Aeon. Alum. 

Amm-c. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Br}'. Calc. 

Cannab. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. 

Cham. Cina Cocc, Dis. Graph. Hyosc. 

Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. Nitr-ac. 

Nux. Petr. Phosp. 1Mb. Ran-sc.Rhus. 

Sabad. Sep. Sulph. Verat. 

arms, heaviness in, Diad. 

as if enlarged, Diad. 

burning in veins, Ars. 

chills, Lyc. Mur-ac. 

— '■ — coldness. Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. 

Arg. Ars. B >v. Calc. Carb-veg. Caust. 

Creos. Daph. Ferr. Mgn-s. Merc. 

Mur-ac. Nir-s. Nux. Staph. Tart-ac. 


— of feet, Amm-m. Carb-veg. Zinc. 

congestion of blood, Amm-c. Asar. 

Bar-c. Benz-ac. Borax. Bry. Cact. Calc. 

Croton. Merc. Ntr-c. Nux. Phosp. 

Psor. Puis. Ran-b. Rhus. Sabin. 

Senna. Sep. Sil. 

to chest, Puis. 

head, Amm-c. Cycl. Psor. Puis. 


lower legs, Meph. 

cough, dry, Sang. 

tickling, Lach. 

cyphers before the eyes, Phosp-ac. 

dreams, anxious, Bry. Coloc. Mez. 

many, Apis. 

as soon as he falls asleep, Bell. 

excitement, nervous, Ambr. Camph. 

Canth. Caps. Chin. Coff. Colch. Hyosc. 

Lach. Laur. Merc. Mosch. Nitr-ac. 

Nux. Puis. Ran-b. Sep. Sulph. 

Sulph-ac. 7'eucr. 

fear of ghosts, Carb-veg. Cocc. 

suffocation, Arum-trif. Carb-veg. 

formication, Carb-veg. Lyc. 



Sleep disiurbed by giddiness, vertigo, 
Amm-c. Calc. Caust. Ntr-c. Phosp. Spong. 
Sulph. Therid. 

hawking of mucus, Amm-c. 

headache, Arg-n. Canth. Chin. Gels. 

Kali-b. Algn-s. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Sil. 
heat, Ars. Benz-ac. Bry. Calc. 

Caib-an. Carb-veg. Canst. Cham. 

Dulc. Hep. Laur. Mgn-c. Merc. 

Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Petr. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Ran b. 

Ran-sc. Ruod. Sabin. Samb. Sil. 

Stront. Tar. Thuj. 

at 2 A.M., Benz-ac. 

3 .A.M., Aug. Euphr. 

anxious, Kali-o. Ntr-m. Puis. 

dry, Caust. Phosp. Thuj. 

in bead, Catnpli. Sil. 

hands, btaph. 

with aveision to being uncovered, 


heaviness of legs, Caust. 

hungei, dim. Lyc. Teucr. 

imaginary forms, lied. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Cuin. Coff. Led. Merc. Pnosp. Sil. 

dreadful, Calc. Carb-an. 

trighiful, Bell. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Merc Sil. 

voluptuous, Calc-c. 

itching, Amm-c. Amm-m. Bar-c. 

Berb. Cocc. Creos. Merc. Mez. Nux. 

Psui. Puis. Sulpli. Thuj. 

caused by ascandes, Ferr. 

jerks, Ambr. Ars. Bell. Carb-veg. 

Cham. Con. Cor-r. Cupr. Da ph. 

Dulc. Hep. lgt. Ip. Kali-c. Kobalt. 

Lyc..Ntr-c. Ntr-s. Op. Phosp. Puis. 

Rheum. Rhus. Selen. Sep. Sil. Staph. 

Stront Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tart. Thuj. 


eyes, Cocc. Puis. 

face, Op. Rheum. 

leet. Phosp. 

fingers, Anac. Ars. Cocc. Rheum. 


head, Cocc. 

mouth, Anac. Op. Puis. 

upwards lrom larynx, with saltish 

mucus, Spong. 
moaning, Cina. 

nausea. Alum. Amm-c. Con. Kali-b. 

Nitr-ac. Phosp. Rhus. Sil. 
oppression of chest. Aeon. Alum. 

Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. Cham. Graph. 

Kali-c. Lact. Lyc. Mgn-c. Op. Phosp. 

Psor. Ran-b. Seneg. Spong. Sulph. 

pains, Lil-tigr. 

in back, Diad. 

chest, Alum. Amm-c. Amm-m. 

Graph. Sabad. Seneg. 

face, Mez. Nice. 

gums, Dolich. 

as if the menses were coming on, 


sacral region. Mgn-s. 

stomach, Graph. Rhus. Seneg. 

calves of legs, Staph. 

toes, Amm-c 

in tetters and ulcers, Staph. 

on pait on which he lies, Hep. 


perspiration, Cic. Kali-b. Sabin. 

restlessness, Agar. Ars. Bell. Bry. 

Calc. Carb-an. Caib-veg. Caust. Cham. 

Chin. Clem. Cocc. Con. Dig. Guaj. 

Hell. Jalap. Laur. Led. Mgn-c. 

Afgn-m. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-s. Nice. 

Nux. Oleand. Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 

Pl.a. Kan-l>. Rhod. Rhus. Ruta. Senna. 

Sil. Spig. Stann. Sulph. Thuj. Til ia. 

in Children, Bell. Cham. Cina. 

Coll", lp. Jalap. Rheum. Senna. 

after midnight, Ferr. 

towards morning, Rhod. 

the side on he lies becomes 

sore, must move, Hep. 
sadness, Murex. 

shiill shrieks, (in hydrocephalus), 


sighing, Lach Merc. 

sore, pain as fiom a, in urethra, 


throat, Amm-c. 

sorrowful thoughts. Graph. 

sprained pain on the parts lain on, 


stitches here and there, Berb. Cannab. 


suffocative fit. Graph. Kali-c. Samb. 

thirst, Berb. Bry. Calc. Cham. Coff. 

Colch. Mgn-m. Niti-ac. Sulph. 

tightness of chest, Calc. 

tingling in skin, Bar-c. Carb-veg. 


throat, dry, Cist. 

toothache, Bar-c. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 

tossing about, Aeon. Alum. Ars. 

Asa-f. Bell. Calc. Cham. Croton. 

Creos. Guaj. Hell. Lach. Sulph. 

tremor, Euph. 

internal, Ntr-m. 

twitches, Alum. Ars. Bell. Calc. Cast. 

Igt. Kali-c. Puis. Rhus. Sele.i. Sep. 
urinate, desire to, Amm-c. Dig. 

Kali-b. Lach. Lith. Rhus. 
visions, Alum. Chin. lgt. Led. Op. 

Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Spong. 

dreadful. Bell. Calc. Carb-an. 

Merc. Sil. Sulph. 

vomiting. Nitr-ac. Sil. 

Positions in sleep. 

— on the abdomen, Bell. Cina. Cocc. 
Coloc. Puis. Stram. 

— arms over the head. Euph. Nux. Puis. 
Rheum. Verat. 

crossed on abdomen, Puis. 



Positions in sleep, hands under head, 
Colco. Nux. Tait. Viol-od. 

— head bent backwards, Bell. Calc. Cina. 

low, Spong. 

— knees apart, Cham. 
bent, Viol-od. 

— kneeling, Stram, 

— legs crossed, Rhod. 

stretched apart, Cham. 

drawn up, Plat. Puis. 

— — one drawn up, the other stretched out, 


inclined to have, uncovered, Plat. 

— on left side, Bar-c. Sabin. 
— ■ impossible, Lye. 

right side, impossible, Bry. Psor. 

either side, impossible, Aeon. Ferr. 

Ferr-m. Mosch. Phosp. Ran-b. Rhus. 

Sabad. Sulph. 

— lying intolerable, Lyc. Sulph. 

on one side, Bai-c. Colch. Phosp. 

— sitting, Ars. Cina. Lyc. Rhus. Sulph. 

— supine, on the back, Bry. Calc. Cic. 
Colch. Dros. Ferr. Igt. Lyc. Nux. Plat. 
Puis. Rhus. Stram. Sulph. Viol-od. 

Dreams, Aeon. Alum. Arn. Bry. Calc. 
Chin. Cic. Con. Graph. Igt. L&ch. Mgn-c. 
Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Sep. Sil. 
Stann. Staph. Sulph. Tar. Tart. Tereb. 
Therid. Thuj. 

— fatal accidents of, Amm-m. Arn. Bell. 
Cham. Chin. Graph. Kali-c. Lyc. Nux. 
Puis. Sass. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Thuj. 

— of the adventures of the day, Bry. Cic. 

— a. arming, even after waking, Calc. 
Chin. Phosp-ac. Psor. 

— animals of, Amm-m. Arn. Nux. 
which bite, Merc. Phosp. Puis. 

— amorous, Ant. Canth. Con. Graph. Igt. 
Lach. Ntr-c. Nux. Oleand. Phosp. Plat. 
Puis. Sabad. Sep. Sil. Staph. VioLtr. 
(compare Voluptuous.) 

— anxious, Aeon. Alum. Amor. Amm-m. 
Anac. Aig. Arn. Ars. Aur. Bar-c. Bell. 
Berb. Bov. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Cast. 
Caust. Chin. Cocc. Con. Cor-r. Creos. 
Dig. Graph. Hell. Hep. Igt. Iod. Kali-c. 
Laur. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. 
Mang. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. 
Nitr. Nux. Op. Petr. Pctros. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plat. Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Ran-sc. 
Rheum. Rhus Sass. Sep. Sil. Spong. 
Stann. Staph. Stram. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Thuj. Valer. Verat. Verb. 

if he lies on the left side, Lyc. 

Phosp. Puis. Sep. Thuj. 

— apprehensive, Phosp. 

— arrested, as if he would be, Clem. 

— black forms, Arn. Ars. Puis. 

— business, Anac. Bell. Bry. Chelid. Cic. 

Croc. Elaps. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Merc. 
Nux. Phosp. Rhus. Sass. Sil. Staph. 

of the day, Bry. Mgn-c. Nux. Puis. 


— calling out, Kali-c. Thuj. 

— cats of, Arn. Ars. Daph.Hyosc. Lac-can. 

— cellar, of being confined in a, Bov. 

— choked, of being, Phosp. Zinc. 

— clairvoyant, Aeon. Phosp. 

— confused, Bai-c. Bry. Cannab. Chin. 
Cic. Eugen. Hell. Ntr-c. Puis. Stann. 

after midnight, Chin. 

— full of confusion and agitation, Nux. 

— continued after waking, Calc. Chin. Igt. 
Ntr c. Ntr-m. 

— corpses of, and dead people, Amm-c. 
Anac. Arn. Ars. Elaps. Graph. Kali-c. 
Mgn-c. Phosp. Plat. Thuj. Verb. 

— cruel, Nux. Selen. Sil. 

— danger of, Anac. Calc-ph. Con. Hep. 
Kali-c. Nitr. Ran-b. Thuj. 

deadly, Thuj. (compare Accidents.) 

— defamatoiy, Musch. 

— devils of, Kali-c. Lac-can. Ntr-c. Nice. 

— diseases, of, Calc. Creos. Kali c. Nux. 

— dogs, of, Ain. Calc. Lyc. Merc. Sil. 
Sulph. Verat. Zinc. 

— dreadful, Cast. Nux. Psor. Ran-sc. 
Verb. Zinc. 

— drowning, of, Alum. Igt. Merc. Ran-b. 

— emaciated, of being, Creos. 

— embarrassment, with, Amm-m. Aj-s. Graph. 
Mgn-c. Phosp. 

— enemies, pursued by, Con. 

— escaping recollection, Aur. Bell. Cic. 
Hell. Lyc. Merc. Meny. Selen. Spig. 
Tar. Verat. 

— falling, of, Amm-m. Dig. Kali-c. Thuj. 

— fancilul, Calc. Kali-c. Lach. Spong. 

— fearful. Con. 

— fire, of, Anac. Hep. Mgn-c. Mgn-m. 

— firing, shooting, of, Amm-m. 

— fixed upon one subject, Igt. 

— flying, °f> Lyc Ntr-s. 

— forest, of a, Canth. Mgn-m. Sep. 

— frightful, Amm-m. Aur. Bell. Bov. Diad. 
Dig. Euphr. Graph. Jac-cor. Mgn-m. 
Merc. Merc-jod. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Nice. Ox-ac. Phosp. Plat. Ran-sc. Sass. 
Sep. Sulph. Zinc. 

— furunculi, of, Prun. 

— ghosts of, Carb-veg. Igt, 

— graves, pits, of, Anac. Arn. 

— haemoptisis, of, Meph. 

— hammorhages, of, Phosp. 

— heavy. Chin. Dulc. Laur. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Nux. Sass. Thuj. 

towards morning, Nux. 



Dreams, help, calling for, Kali-c. 

— historical, Amm-c. Mgn-c. Merc Pbosp. 

— horrible, Cast. Nux. Psor. Ran-sc. 
Veib. Zinc. 

— horses, of, Alum. 

— indifferent, Biy. Chin. Mgn-c. Nux. 
Pnosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sep. Sulph. 

— interrupted, Rhus. 

— invention, full of, Lach. Sabin. 

— jocose and joyful, Croc. 

— lasting long, Aeon. Bry. Calc. Chin. 

iNtr-c. h'uls. 

— lice, of, Amin e. Mur-ac. Nux. Phosp. 

— loathsome, Anac. Nux. Puis. Zinc. 

— lying in bed, as if some body were, Petr. 

— man)-. Aeon. Alum. Ang. Am. Asa-I. Bell. Bov. Bry Calc. Caps. 
Chin Cic. Clem. Coloc. Ferr. Ferrm. 
Graph. Igt. Kali-c. Lach. Lyc 
Mgn-c. Myn-s. Mang. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. Par. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Rhus. S.ibad. Sep. 
Sil. Stann. Staph. Strain. Stront. Sulph. 
Tar. Tart. Tered. Theiid. Thuj. 

— marriage of, Alum. 

— mental exertion, with, Aeon. Anac. 
Bry. Igt. Lach. Rhus. Sabad. Sabin. 

— merry, Asa-f. Croc. Lach. Op. 

— mice, of, Colch. 

— mind, affecting the, Bry. Chin. igt. Lach. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Oleand. Phosp. 
Phoso-ac. Sabad. Sabin. Sulph. Thuj. 

— miscarrying undertakings, of, Dig. 

— money. Alum. Cycl. Mgn-c. Puis. 

— — counterfeit, Zinc-ox. 

— muider, of, Amm-c, Calc. Carb-an. 
Guaj. igt. Kali-jod. Lach. Lact. Led. 
Lyc. Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ol-an. Petr. 
Rhus. Sil. Spong. Staph. Zinc. 

— murdered, of being, Amm-m. Guaj. 
Igt. Kali-jod. Lact. Lyc. Merc. Zinc. 

— peevish, Ant. Asar. Bry. Caust. Mgn-s. 

— people, of, Bell. Meic. 

— pliantastical, Calc. Carb-an. Con. Graph. 
Kali-c. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Op. Sep. 

— pleasant, Ant. Aur. Calc. Carb-an. Coff. 
Croc. Graph. Kali-c. Lach. Mgn-c. 
Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Piat. Puis. Sabad. Sep: Sil. 
Staph. Sulph. Viol-tr. 

— poisoned, of being, Creos. Ntr-m. 

— quarrelling, about, Ant. Aur. Bry. 
Caust. Mgn-c. Nice. Nux. Phosp. 
Selen. Stann. 

— recalling things forgotten, Calad. 

— recollected, Mang. Mepli. 

— restless, Led. Nitr. Oleand. Sulph. 

— revelling, rioting, of, Graph. Kali-c. 

Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Sil. 
Sulph. Zinc. 

— reverie, full of, Ambr. Ars. Bar-c. 
Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Con. Graph. 
Kali-c. Led. Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr. 
Petr. Psor. Sep. Sil. Spong. Stiont. 
Sulph. Tart. Zinc. 

when falling asleep, Spong. 

— riots, of, Biy. Con. Guaj. Ind. Kali-c. 
Lyc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Phosp. Puis. Stann. 

— sad, Lyc. Rheum. Spong. 

— serpents, of, Alum. Bov. Grat. Kali-c. 
Ran-sc. Rat. Sil. 

— sick people, Calc. Rat. 

— snow, Creos. 

— sorrowful, Ars. Graph. 

— spinning, Sass. 

— stab, dread of being, while dreaming, 

— swimming of, Iod. Lyc. Ran-b. 

— teeth tailing out, Nux. 

— theives, ol, Alum. Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-c. 
Ntr-m. Sil. 

— thirsty, of being, Ntr-m. 

— thoughts of the dav, continuation of, 

— thunder storms, of, Arn. Ars. 

— troublesome, Rhus. 

— true, seeming, on waking, Ntr-c. Ntr-m. 

— unmeaning, Chin. 

— urinating, of, Creos. Lac-can. Merc-jod. 

— vermin, of, Amm-c. Lac-can. Mur-ac. 
Nux. Phosp. 

— vexatious, Alum. Ars. Asar. Bry. 
Caust. Con. Ijft. Mgn-s. Mosch. Nux. 
Rhus. Staph. Sulph. 

— vivid, Aeon. Anac. Arn. Bell. Bry. 
Carb-veg. Cic. Clem. Cocc. Coloc. Ferr. 
Igt. Iod. Lyc. M<jn-c. Mang. Meny. 
Merc. Meph. Muz. Mosch. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-c Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Ran-sc. Rheum. Rhus. Sabad. 
Sep. Sil. Stann. Strain. Sulph. Teucr. 

— voluptuous, Ant. Bism. Canth. Coloc. 
Con. Giaptv. Igt. Lach. Led. Lith. Lvc. 
Merc. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nux. 
Oleand. Op. Par. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. 
Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Sabad. Samb. Sep. 
Sit. Staph. Thuj. Viol-tr. 

— waking, during, Arn. Bell. Cham. Hep. 
Merc. Nux. Phosp-ac. 

— war and bloodshed, of Plat. Thuj. 

— water, of, Amm-m. Ars. Dig. Graph. 
Mgn-c. Ran-b. 

— wedding of a, Alum. Mgn-m. Ntr-c. 

— world, sees the end of the, Rhus. 

— worms, creeping, Amm-c. Mur-ac. Nux 

Wakefulness at night, Aur. Dulc. Ntr-m. 
Puis. Ran-b. Rat. Sep. Sil. Sulph. (com- 
pare Sleeplessness.) 


After waking once, inability to sleep again, 

Ainm-c. Ars. Aur. Borax. Dulc. Ferr 

Ferr-m. Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-m Ol-an. 

Phosp. Puis. Ran-b. Ran-sc. Rat. Sass. 

Sep. Jul Sulph. 
A wak ing often at night, Ambr. Ars. Calc. 

Carb-an. Caust. Chin. Hep. Igt. Kali-c. 

Lyc. Merc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Puis. 

Ran-b. Rhus. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. 

(compate Sleep disturbed). 

— from air warning, Hep. Ip. Samb. 

— anxiety, with, Calc. Con. Plat. Puis. 
Rat. Samb. 

— chills, from, Mur-ac. Ntr-s. 

— colic. Irom, Ox-ac. 

— contraction of chest after midnight, 
wheezing breathing, Lach. 

— cough, Caust. Hep. Ka'i-c. Mgn-m. 
Nitr. Stront. 

tickling, Lach. 

— difficult, Berb. Calad. Ntr-c. Nux. 

Phell. Phosp-ac. Tabac. Teucr. 

— too early, Amm-m. Ars. Aur. Borax. 

Caps. Coff. Dulc. Graph. Guaj. Kali-c. 
Mgn C. Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Ol-an. Phell Phosp-ac. 
Ran-b. Ran-sc. SlIcii. Sep. Sil. Staph. 
Sulph ac. Verb. 

— as from an electric shock above 
larynx, Hipp-m. 

— with erection and desire to urinate, 
Hep. S.l. 

— frequent, Ambr. Ars. Bar-c. Berb. 

Bism. Borax. Calc. Canth. Carb-an. 
Cast Caust. Chelid. Chin. Cic. Colch. 
Diad. Dig. Euph. Euphr. Graph. 
Guaj. Ihp Igt. Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. 
Mur-ac. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. 
Ol-an. Petr. Phell. Phosp. Puis. 
Ran-b. Rhus. Ruta. Sabin. Samb. 
Sass. Scill. Selen. Sep. Sil. St:iph. 
Stront. Sulph. Tart. Tertb. Viol-tr. Zinc. 
without an)' cause, Mgn-c. Sep. 

— frightened, starting, Agn. Alum. 

Amm-c. Ant. Am. Ars. Bell. Bism. 
Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Cast. Caust. 
Cham. Cocc. Colch. Croc. Dig. 
Dros. Euph. Graph. Guaj. Hep. 


Hyosc. Ind. Ip. Kali-b Kali-jod. 
Lyc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Petr. Phosp. 
Puis. Rat. Rheum. Ruia. Samb. 
Sass. Sep. Sil. Staph. Sulph. Tabac. 
Thuj. Zinc. 

— at a certain hour, Selen. 

— hunger, from, Lyc. 

— itching of lube of right ear, Kali b. 

— lewed dreams and emissions, with, 

— least noise from, Selen. 

— oppression of breathing, from, 
Graph. Kali-c. 

— partial, Con. 

— pressure in chest, Kali-b. 

— touched, when, Ruta. 

— unconsciousness, with, Chin. Plat. 
Puis. Rheum. Sol-nig. 

— vomiting from, Dig. 

On awaking, air wanting, Hep. Samb. 

— anxiety, Calc. Con. Plat. Puis. Rat. 

— chill in morning early, Mur-ac. 

— cough, Aeon. Ambr. Bell. Caust. 

Chin. Cina. Creos. Dig. Euphr. Lach. 
Nux. Phosp-ac. Rhus. Scill. Stram. 

— cries, sudden, shrill, Apis. 

— delirium, Bry. Cact. Sep. 

— expression, serious, Stiam. 

— headache, Anac. Ntr-m. Rheum. 

— does not know where he is, Chin 
Plat. Puis. Sol-m. 

— mouth offensive, Rheum. 
dry, Rhus. 

— perspiration, Anac. Berb. Chelid. 

Cic. Clem. Dros. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 

— soreness in limbs, Lach. Viol-od. 

— stiffness of limbs, Lach. 

— taste bitter, Bry. Rhus. 
putrid, Rheum. 

— thirst, Berb. Phosp-ac. Rat. Sulph. 

— tremor, Rat. Samb. 

— to be uncovered, aversion, Clem. 

— urinate, urgency to, Caust. Dig. Hep. 
Sil. Tart. 

— weariness, Dros. Pod, 

— aggravation of sufferings, Bell. Lach. 


32. FEVER. 

32. Fever. 


Autumn, Bry. Chin. Mux. Rhus. Verat. 
Bilious, Ars Biy. Calc. Cham. Chin. Igt. 
I p. Nux. Puis. Tar. (compare, Sect. 34.) 

— after anger, Cham. Coloc. 
Catarrhal, Amm-c. Anac. Belt. Calad 

Cham. Chin. Con. Dulc. Eugen. Hep. 
Igt. Mgn-c. Maug. Merc. Nux. Puis. 
Ruta. bpig. Sulph. 
Coldness prevailing, Alum. Bry, Cantk. 
Caps. Diad. //.Puis. Ran-b. Sabad. Staph. 

Consumptive, (compare, Hectic.) 

Exanthainatous, Aeon. Apis. Arn. Ars. 
Bell. Bry. Calc. Canth.( arb-veg. Hyosc 
Ip. Lacii. Merc. Mur-ac. Nux-m. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sec-c. Stram. 

Gastric, Ars. Asar. Bell. Bry. Cham. Chin 
Daph. Dig. Igt. Ip. Nux. Puis. Strain. 
Sulph. Tar. (compare, Sect. 34.) 

Heat prevailing, Aeon. Bell. Biy* lp. Nux 
Sabad. Sil, Valer. Verat. (compare in- 

Hectic, Ars. Bar-c. Chin. Con. Cupr. Iod. 
Merc. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Stann. Sulph. 

— in children, Merc. 

Inflammatory, Aeon. Bell. Bry. Cham. 

Merc. Puis. 
Intermittent, Ant. Arn. Ars. Bell. Bov. Bry. 

Calc. Caps. Carb-veg. Chin, Cina. Cocc. 

Diad. Dros. Ferr. Igt. Ip. Lye. Meny. 

Nir-m. Nux-m. Nux.Pttr. Puis. Ran-b. 

Ran-sc. Rhus. Sabad. Sa nb. Sang. Sep. 

Sil. Spig. -S'/V;///. Sulph. Thuj. Valer. Verat. 

— malignant, Ars. Chin. Nux-m. 

— marsh, Arn. Ars. Carb-veg. Chin. Cina. 
Ferr. Ip. Ntr-m. Rhus. 

— in damp and cold seasons, Calc. Carb- 
Chin. Lach. Nux-m. Puis. Rhus. Sulph. 

— in spring and summer and warm sea- 
sons, generally, Ant. Ars. Bell. Bry. 
Calc. Caps. Carb-veg. Cina. Ip. Lach. 
Ntr-m. Puis. Sulph. Thuj. Verat. 

— after abuse of quinine, Arn. Ars. Bell 
Calc. Caps. Carb-veg. Cina. Ferr. Ip. 
Lach. Meny. Merc. Ntr-m. Nux-m Nux. 
Puis. Sacch. Sulph. Verat 

— masked, Ars. Spig. 

Malignant plague, Sacch. 
Mercurial. Chin. Hep. Lach. Sulph. 
Milk-lever, Aeon. Ant. Bell. Bry. Cham. 

Coif", igt. Merc. Op. Rhus. 
Mucus, Ars. Bell. Biy. Cham. Chin. 

Cina Dig. Dulc. Ip. Merc. Nux. I'uls. 

Rheum. Rhus. Spig. Sulph-ac. 
Nervous. Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bapt. Bell. Bry. 

Camph. 6rt/////.Cai b-veg. Cocc. 

Croton. Cupr. Daph. Gels. fieJt. Ilyosc. 

Lach. Lact. Lye. Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. 

Nux. Op. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sang. 

Stram. Sulph. Verat. 

— slow, Ars. Asar. Bell. Camph. Canth. 
Chin. Cocc. Con. Cupr. Dig. Hell. Igt. 
Merc. Phosp-ac. Plb. Stann. Verat. 

Postponing, Chin. Cina. 

Ant.cipating, Ars. Chin. Igt. Ntr-m. Nux. 

Pectoral forms, Pneumethorax, Bry. 

Carb-veg. Hyosc. Phosp. Rhus. Tart. 
Pueiperal, Aeon. Actea-r. Arn. Ars. Bell. 

Bry. Cham. Coff. Coloc Cupr. Gels. 

Hyosc. Igt. Ip. Kali-c. Lach. Nux. Op. 

Phosp. Plat. Puis. Rhus. Sec-c. Spig. 

Strain. TUia. Verat Verat-virid. Zinc. 

— with fulness of breasts, Brv. 

Putrid, Ars. Bell. Chin. Hyosc. Ip. Merc. 
Mur-ac. Nux-m. A^/ x. Op. Phosp-ac. R hus. 

Quartan, Aeon. Anac. Arn. Ars. Bell. Bry. 
Carb-veg. Cina. Clem. Clem. Hyosc. Igt. 
Iod. Ip. Lach. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. 
Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Verat. 

— double, Bell. Chin. Graph. Puis. Stram, 
Spig Scill. Sulph. 

— at same hour, Sabad. 

Quotidian, Aeon. Ars. Bell. Bry. Cact. 
Calc. Caps. Carb-veg. Chin. Cic. Cina. 
Diad. Dros. Gels. Giaph. Igt. Ip. 
Kali-c. Lach. Lyc. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac Nux. 
Puis. Rhus. Sabad. Spig. Stann. Staph. 
Stram. Sulph. 

— double, Bell. Chin. Graph. Stram. Sulph. 

— at same hour, Cact. Diad. Gels. Stann. 
11 A.M. to 4 P.M., Gels. 

3 P.M Ang. 

Spring, Lach. 

Sweating, Merc. Op. Samb. 

32. FEVER. 


Tertian, Alum. Anac. Ant. sirs. Bar-m. 
Bell. Borax. Bry. Calc. Cantk. Caps. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. Cic. 
Cina. Croton. Daph. Dros. Dale Eupat. 
Fcrr. Gels. Hyosc. lgt. Ip. Lach. Lyc. 
Mez. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. Puis. Rhus. 
Sabad. Sulph. Verat. 

— double, Ars. Chin. Dulc. Nux-m. Rhus. 
Typhus, Bry. Hyosc. Hipp-m. Nux-m. Nux. 

Rhus, (compare, Putrid and nervous 

— abdominalis, Apis. Ars. Bell. Bry.Calc. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Colch. Gins. Ip. Lyc. 
Mur-ac. Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Rhus. Sec-c. Sulph. Verat. 

— apoplectic, Gels. Glon. Lach. Sang. 

— bilious, Bell. Cham. Merc. 

— cerebral, Am. B.ipt. Bell. Bry. Hyosc. 
Lach. Nux-m. Op. Phosp. Rhus. Strain. 

— mucus, Merc. Puis. Rhus. 

— stupid, Arn. Ars. Bell. Bry. Carb-veg. 
Chin Cocc. Hell Hyosc. Lach. Mur-ac. 
Nitr. Nux. Op. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rhus. 
Sec-c. Stram. Veiat. 

— versatile, Bell. Bry. Cham. Cina. Dig. 
Hyosc. Igt. Lyc. Mur-ac. Nux. Op. 
Phosp-ac. Puis Rhus. Stram. 

Worm fever, Aeon. Cic. Cina. Dig. Filix. 

Hyosc. Merc. Nux. Sabad. Sil. Spig. 

Stann. Stram. Valer. Sulph. 
In morning, Ambr. Ang. Arn. Bell Bry. 

Calc. Carb-veg. Chin. Con. Eujat. 

Euphr. Gels. Graph. Hep. Kali-b. Lath. 

Lam. Lyc. Mgn-c. Merc. Ntr-m. Nice 

Nitr-ac. Nux. Sabad. Sep. Spig. Spong. 

Staph. Sulph. 

— forenoon, Calc. Chin. Cop. Ntr-m. 

— noon, Ant. Asar. Borax. Calc. Kali-c. 
Lob. Mgn-c. Spig. Stram. 

— afternoon. Alum. Ant. Ars. Calc.Caust. 
Chin. Coff. Dig. Hyosc. Lach. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Ran-b. 
Spong. Staph. Sulph. 

— evening, Aeon. Alum. Ant. Arn. Ars. 
Bell. Bov. Bry. Calad. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Cham. Chin. Cycl. Hell. Igt. Ip. Lach. 
Led. Lyc. Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Puis. Ran-b. Rhod. Rhus. 
Sabad. Sabin. Sep. Spig. Staph. Sulph. 

5 P.M., Con. Ntr-c. Rhus. Sabad. 


6 P.M., Cocc. Kali-c. Rhod. Tart. 

7 P.M., Bov. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. 

Petr. Rhus. 
8 P.M., Coff. Hep. Mur-ac. Sulph. 


g P.M. Mgn-s. Nitr-ac. 

10 P.M., Lach. Petr. Sabad. 

— 12 M. to 4 A.M., Actea-r. 

paroxysm lasts all night, Lyc. Puis. 


— night, Amm-c. Ang. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. 
Boiax. Caps. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Cham. Hep. Lach. Mgn-s. Merc. Nux. 
Phosp. Puis. Ran-sc. Rhus. Sabad. Scill. 
Sep. Sil. Staph. Stram. Sulph. 

— midnight, Rhus. 
befote, Verat. 

after, Amm-rn. Borax. Ran-sc. Thuj. 

2 A.M. Borax. Taxus. 

3 A.M., Thuj. 

— from a cold, Dulc. Kali-c. Nitr-ac. (com- 
pare, Sect. 34.) 

Preceded by, anguish, Chin. 

— back, pain in, Ars. Ip. 

— bleeding of gum, Merc. 

— bones, pain in, Arn. Carb-veg. Ntr-m. 
Nitr. Therid. 

— burning in eyes, Rhus. 

— chest, pain in, Ars. 

— chilliness, Puis. 

— coldness (before chills.) Puis. Sulph. 

— complaints in general, Ars. Chin. Rhus. 

— ciies, Bell. Lach. Lyc. 

— diarrhaea, Rhus. 
slimy. Puis. 

— drowsiness, Puis. 

— fainting fit, Ars. 

— faintishness, Ars. Calc. 

— feet cold, Carb-veg. 

— headache, Ars. Bell. Bry. Carb-veg. 
Chin Lach. Ntr-m. Nitr. Puis. Rhus. 

— - — head, heaviness in, Calc. 

— lie down, inclination to, Ars. 

— limbs, pain in, Bry. Cina. Carb-veg. 
Chin. Sulph. 

heaviness in, Calc. 

— mucus increased in mouth, Rhus. 

— nails blue, Cocc. 

— nails (of gieat toes) pain in, Eupat. 

— nausea, Chin. Cina. Lyc. Puis. 

— palpitation ot heart, China. 

— ravenous hunger, Cina. Phosp, Staph. 

— shuddering, Bry. Cocc. 

— sleeplessness, Chin. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. 

— sneezing, Chin. 

— stretching, Aeon. Alum. Ang. Ars. 
Bell. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. Cham. Chin. 
Cina. Igt. Ip. Rhus. Stran. 

— stupefaction, Ars. 

— sweat, Samb. 

— taste bitter, Hep. 

— tearing pain, in joints, Calc. 
limbs, Ars. Cina. 

— thirst, Arn. Ars. Bell. Caps. Chin. 
Cina. Eupat. Lach. Nux. Puis. Sep. 

— toothache, Carb-veg. 

— uncomfortableness, Ip. 

— vertigo, Ars. Bry. Puis. 

— vomiting, Chin. Cina. Lyc. Puis. 

— want of appetite, Puis, 

248 ' j 2. FF.VF.R. 

PpeccJcd by weakness, Ntr-m. Nux. 

— weariness and drowsiness, Rhus. 

— yawning, Ais. Rhus. 
During the fever, abdomen, coldness in, 

Men v. 

distention of, Ferr. 

— anxiety. Ars. Calc. Chin. Coff. Lach. 
Nux. Rheum. Veiat. 

— apopktie nt, Nux. 

— appetite, want of, Ant. Chin. 

Lach. Ntr-m. 


Amm-c. Ant. Ars. 



. Ant. 




Daph. Kal i -c. 
Sabad. Siaph. 

— asthma, Mez. 

— aversion to all food 
Kali-c. Ip. Rheum. 

— back, pain in, Ars. Hell 
Chin. Cocc. Lach. Lyc. 

— bilious complaints, Ant. 
Cham. Chin. Cocc. Dig. Igt. 

— bitterness of mouth, Alum 
Phosp. Sep. 

— blood, congestion of, Ars. 
Mosch. Pnosp. Phosp-ac. 
Staph Sulph. 

towards head, Ars. Ferr, 

Sep. Sulph. 

— blood vessels, distention of, Aloe. Chin 
Ferr. Hyosc. Puis. 

throbbing in, Hell. 

— bones, pain in, Arn. Ars. Chin. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Puis. 

— brain, paralytic affection of, Ars 

— breast, swelling of, Puis. 

— breath, difficult, Ars. 

hot, Zinc. 

offensive, Arn. 

panting, Calad. 

short, Ferr. Zinc. 

— carphalogia, Ais. Iod. Op. 
Phosp-ac. Rhus. Sulph. (compare Sect 

— chest, oppression of, Bry. Ip. Lach. 
pain in, Aeon. Ars. Bry. Calad 

Daph. Ip. Kali-c. Sabad. 

— colic, Ant. Ars. B v. Bry. Calc. Cham 
Cocc. Ferr. Phosp. Ran-b. Rhus. Sep 

— coma, Op. Tart. 

— constipation, Bell. Cimex. Cocc. Lyc 
Nux. Op. Puis. Staph. Verat. 

— coryza, Calad. Rhus. 

— coiiuh, Ars. Bry. Calc. Chin. 
Kali-c. Lact. ' Phosp. Puis 

with remitting fever, Pod. 

dry, Bry. 

hooping, Kali-c. 

nightly, Hyosc. 

with vomiting, Bry. 

— deafness, Lachn. Rhus. 

— delirium. Aeon. Ars. Bell. Bry. Calc. 
Cham. Chin. Cina. Dulc. Hyosc. Igt. 




Con. Ip. 

Lachn. Nux. Op. Phosp-ac. Plat. Pod. 
Samb. Sang. Strain. Sulph. Verat. 

— diarrhoea, Alum. Amm-c. Ant. Apis. 
Arg. Arn. Ars. Bapt. Bell. Bry. Caps. 
Cham. Cina. Con. Gels. Hydroph. 
Hyosc. Lach. Mur-ac. Ntr-m. Nur-ac. 
Nux-m. Nux. Op. Phosp. Phosp ac. 
Puis. Rhus Ruta. Sec-c. St ram. Sulph. 
Tereb. Thuj Valer. I'erat. 

— ears, buzzing in, Ars. 
pain in, Calad. 

— epistaxis, Puis. 

— epilepsy, Hyosc. 

— eructations, Alum. Ant. Carb-veg. 

— eyes, burning in, Lact. 

painful, Creos. Led. Rhod. 

— face bloated, Lyc. 

about eyes, Ferr. 

pain In, Lact. Spig. 

pale, Igt. Mez. Puis. Rhus. 

red, Aeon. Bar-m. Cham. Chin. 

Cocc. Creos. Lach. Merc. Op. Puis. 

Rhus. Verat. 
yellow, Chin. Lach. Ntr-m. Rhus. 

— feet cold, Aeon. Cist. Kali-chl. Lach. 
Merc. Puis. Rhod. 

— gastric complaints, Ant. Cham. Cocc. 
Diad. Tj>(. Ip. Mux. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. 

— gums, bleeding of. Staph. 

— hands (old, Aeon. Agar. Agn. Dros. 
Merc. Puis. Sulph. 

hot, Beib. Carb-veg. Ip. Lach. Merc. 

Nir-c. Nux. Puis. Sabad. Stann. 

— headache, Ang. Ars. Bell. Bry. Calc. 
Chin. Daph. Dros. Graph. Hell. Hep. 
Ip. Kali-c. Lach Led. Lyc. Mang. Mez. 
Ntr-m. Petr. Phosp. Ruta. Sep. Spig. 

— head, heat in, Rhod. 

obtusion of, Kali-c. Phosp. Sep. 


— hiccough, Lach. 

— inability to recollect, Ars. Ntr-m. 
Phosp-ac. Sep. 

— jaundice. Chin. Rhus. 

— jerks, Rhus. 

— joints, pain in, Ars. Calc. Carb-veg. 
Chin. Hell. Lact. Lyc. Phosp. Sep. 

knee, Hell. 

— legs, lassitude of. Ars. Chin. 
sorenesss in, Niir. 

— lie down, desire to, Br)'. Calc. Dros. 

— limbs, painfulness of, Ars. Bry. Chin. 
Hell. Lach. Niir. Nux. Phosp. Rhus. 
Sep. Sulph. 

as if beaten. Caps. Carb-veg. Rhu-. 

drawing pain in, Ntr-m. 

soreness in, Rhod. 

— lips dry, black, Ars. Chin. Merc. Tait. 

32. FEVER. 


During fever, lips dry, black, open mouth, 

dry, Ars. Cham. Chin. Igt. Lach. 

Lyc. Phosp Rhus. 

eruption on, Ars. Ntr-m. Nux. 

thin brown stieak along upper lip, 

at junction of lower, Ars. 

— liver, pain in, Ars. Chin. Kali-c. 

— loathing of food, Amm-c. Ant. Ars. 
Ip. Kali-c. Rheum. 

— micturition, painful, Cham. 

— mouth, dryness of, Nux-m. Thuj. 
open, Lyc. Op. Phosp. 

— nausea, Ant. Ars. Bry. Cham. Chin. 
Dros. Ip. Lyc. Nux. Phosp. Sep.Verat. 

— nettle rash, Igt. Rhus. 

— nose, nain in, Rliod. 

obstruction, Sulph. 

— ■ — scabs in, Sulph. 

— olailga. Calad. 

-- pains intolerable, Ars. Cham. Coff. 

— palpitation of heart, Aloe. Lach. Mez. 
Rhus. S iss. Sep. Spiff. Sulph. 

— paralytic, condition, Ars. 

feeling in limbs, Nux. 

weakness, Ars. Led. Lyc. 

— perspiration on hot body. Op. 

— pit of stomach, pain in, Rhus. 

— piyalism, Nitr-ac. 

— pressure at stomach, Ferr. Rhus. Sep. 

— pupils contracted, Arn. 

— rattling in throat, .Ars. Carb-veg. Nux-m. 

— restlessness, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bell. 
Cham . Cina. 

— rheumatic pains, Ars. Led. Lyc. 

— scorbutic complaints, Staph. 

— shrieking, Bell. 

— sighing, Bry. Ip. 

— skin, burning in, Aeon. Petr. 

— sleepiness. Ant. Ars. Calad. Daph. 
Lachn. Ntr-m. A 7 ux-m. Op. Phosp. Sep. 
Strain. Tart. Verat. 

— sleeplessness, Chin. Puis. Rhod. Rhus. 

— snoring, Igt. Op. Rhus. 

— somnolence, Bell. Carb-veg. Igt. Lyc. 
Merc. Op. Phosp. Puis. Tart. 

— spasms, Cocc. 

— spleen, pain in, Ars. Berb. Mez. 

— stitches in side, Bry. Nux. 

— stomach, pain in, Ars. Cocc. Lyc. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Stbad. Sep. Sil. Sulph. 

spasms of, Cocc. 

pit of, pain in, Ant. Ars. Cham. Igt. 

Ntr-m. Rhus. 

— submaxillar)', glands, swollen, Calad. 
._ sweat predominant, Samb. 

— swelling of pit of stomach, Rhus. 
spleen, Caps. Chin. Ferr. Mez. 

— taste, bitter, Alum. Ant. Ars. Calc. 
Chin Ntr-m. Phosp. Puis. Sep. 

putrid, Puis. Staph. Zinc. 

— thirst, Aeon. Aloe. Arn. Ars. Bell. Bry. 
Calad. Calc. Caps. Cham. Diad. Mer'c. 

Ntr-m. Nux. Puis. Rhus. Ruta. Tereb. 
Thuj. Valet. Verut. 

— thirstlessness, Amin-m. Ant. Ars. Bell. 
Calc. Camph. Caps. Carb-veg. Caust. 
Chin. Hell. Hep. Ntr-m. Nux-m. Nux. 
Puis. Rhod. Sabad. Sep. Spig. Tart. 

— throat, infiammaiion of, Con. Dios. 

— throbbing sense through body, Zinc. 

— tongue coated, Ant. Nux. Phosp. 

— — dry, Ars. Cham. Lach. Lyc. Ntr-m. 

Pho-^p. Rhus. 
white, Igt. Nux-m. 

— toothache, Graph. Kali-c. 

— tossing about, Be'l. 

— tremor, Ars. Calc. Cist. Con. Ntr-m. 
Sep. Zinc. 

of lower jaw, Alum. 

— unconsciousness, Arn. Bell. Cocc. Hell. 
Hyosc. Mur-ac. Ntr-tn. Op. Pliosp-ac. 
Puis. St ram. 

— urine dark, Sep. Verat. 
frequent, Lyc. 

offensive and brown, Sep. 

turbid. Phosp. 

— vertigo, Ars. Bry Chin. Nux. Verat. 

— vomiting, Ant. Ars. Chin. Cina Con. 
Ferr. Hep. Igt. I p. Lach. Lyc. Nux. 
Puis. Siram. Sulph. Verat. 

bilious, .-////. Ars. Cham. Chin. Igt. 


mucus, Igt. Puis. 

sour, Lyc. 

— ■ — of what had been eaten, Cina. Ferr. 


with clean tongue, Cina. 

inclination for, Cham. Dros. Sep. 


— weakness, Ars. Chin. Ferr. Ip. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Puis. Sabad. Sulnh. Verat. 

After the fever coldness, Verat. 

— debility, Dig. 

— dreams, frightful, Ars. 

— headache, Ars. Carb-veg. Cina. Hep. 

— hungry, ravenous. Staph. 

— pains in limbs, dotal. Sabad. 

— perspiration, Ars. 

— sleep. Apis. Ars. 

— thirst, Ant. Ars. Chin. Ntr-m. Nux. 

— thirstlessness, Igt. 

— vomiting, Chin. Cina. Hep. 

Chills, Aeth. Alum. Ambr. Amm-c. Anac. 
Arg. Am. Ars. Asar. Bell. 'Berb. Bov. 
Bry. Calad. Calc. Cannab. Canth. Caps. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Caust. Cham. Chin. 
Cina. Cocc. Coff, Colch. Coloc. Con. 
Crcos. Cupr. CyjI. Daph. Diad. Dig. 
Dros. Euph. Even. Graph. Guaj. Hell. 
ILp. Hyosc. Ka'i-c. Kali-jod. Igt. Ip. 
Led. Lyc. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Mang. Mcny. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Mez. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. 
Nitr. Nux-m. N/.x. Ol-an. Op. Petr. 
Phell. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Ran-b. 
Rhus. Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. Samb. Sass. 

2_5£ 3^ 

Sep. Sil. Spig. Spong. Stann. Staph. 
Stram. Sulpk. Tar. '/'ml. Theiid. Tluij. 
Valcr. Verat. 
Chills, of t he different parts is found under 
the appropriate sections. 

— as if d:ished with cold water, Ars. Bry 
Lyc. Merc. Mez. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. 
Spig. Thuj. Verat. Verb. 

— external. Aeon. Ars. Bell. Calc. Camph. 
Carb-veg. Chin. Dig. Euph. Ferr. Igt. 
Merc. Mosch. Nux. Olcand. Rhus. Sil. 

— flying, Bar-c. Cham. Ferr. 

— internal. Agar Agn. Anac. Arn. Ars. 
Bell. Bry. Calc. Caust. Cham. Chin. 
Cofr. Daph. Hell. Igt. Iod. lp. Guaj. 
Kali-c. Lac-can. Lach. Laur. La c. Merc. 
Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. Phosp. Plb. Puis. 
Scill. Sep. Sil. Spig. Thuj. Verat. 

— in single parts, Ars. Bell. Bry. Chin. 
Creos. Hep. fg(. Lvc A'ux. Par. Puis. 
Rhus. Sep. Sil. Spig. Verat. 

— one-sided, Bar-c. Bry. Caust Chclid. 
Dig. Lvc. Nir-c. Nux. Puis. Rhus. 
Thuj. Verb. 

right, Bry. Caust. Nux. Rhus 


— partial, Bry. Caps. Caust. Chin. Graph. 
Hell. Hep. Igt. Rhus. Sabin. Samb. 
Spig. Spong. Thuj. 

— shaking. Aeon. Airar. Amm-c. Anac. 
Bell. Berb. Bry. Camph. Canih. Caps. 
Cast. Chin. Cocc. Creos. Egf. Iod. Ip. 
Laur. Lyc. Mang. Mur-ac. Ntr-s. Nux. 
Petr Phell. Phosp ac. Puis. Rhus. Samb. 
Stram. Sulph. Verat. 

— with goose-flesh. Bell. Brv. Camph 
Cannab. Croc. Nux. Sabad. Thuj. 

— in the morning, Anj;. Arn. Calc. Con. 
Cvcl. Dros. Eupat. Gels. Graph. Kali-c. 
Led. Ntr-s. Phosp. Phyt. Spig. Therid. 

forenoon, Ambr. Ang. Arn. Con. 

Cop. Euph. Guaj. Led. Stann. 

afternoon, Arg. Ars. Bry. Chin. 

Cocc. Croc. Dig. Lach. Nitr-ac. 
Phosp. Puis. Sulph. 

— evening, Aeon. Agar. Alum. 

Amm-c. Amni-m. Arn. Ars. Bov. 
Bry Carb an. Carb-veg. Cham. 
Chin. Cina. Cocc. Cvcl. Dulc. 
Ferr. Graph. Guaj. Hep. Kali-c. 
Lach. Lvc. Mgn-c. Afgn-tn. Mang. 
Merc. Ntr-s. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. 
Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plat. Puis. 
Rhus. Samb. Sep. Sil. Stann. 
Stront. Sulph. Tabac. Teucr. 

in bed. Alum. Amm-c. Bov. 

Carb-an. Chin. Ferr. Mur-ac. 

Nux. Phosp. Sil. Sulph. 
every other day, Lyc. 


with the pains, Ig(. Puis. 

lasting all night, Lyc. Puis. Rhus. 

— at night, Alum. Arg. Bov. Carb »eg. 
Caust. Ferr Hep. Iris. Mgn-s. Merc. 
Mur ac. Ntr-s. Nux. Staph. Thuj. 

— after midnight, Thuj. 

— duiing day, fever at night, Alum. 

— day and night. Sass. 

— at 3 A. M.. Thuj. 

6 A. M , Nux. 

7 A. M., Pod. 

7 A. M. to 9 A. M., Pod. 

9 A. M., Kali-c. Ntr-m, 

io A. M , Ars. Cact. Ntr-m. Petr. 

Rhus. Sacch. Stann. Sulph. 
io A. M., fever', but no chill, tertian, 


10:30 A. M., Lob. 

10 A. M. to 11 A. M., Ars Ntr-m. 

10 A. M. to 2 P. M., Merc sulph. 

10 A. M., to 3 P. M., Sd. Sulph. 

11 A. M., IIvosc. lp. Op. 

11 A. M. to 12 A. M., Kali-c. 


11 A. M. to 4 P. M., Gels. 

11 A M to 11 P. M , Cact. 

morning to noon. Ntr-m. 

noon, Elaps. Lob. 

to 2 P. M , Lach. 

1 P. M., Cact. 

1 P. M. to 2 P. M., Ars. Eupat. 

2 P. M . Calc. 

1, P. M., Ang. Apis. Con. Staph. 


3 P. M. to 4 P. M., Apis. Lach. 

3 p. M. to 6 P. M., Ars. 

4 P. M., Puis. 

4 P. M. to 5 P. M., Kobalt. 

4 P M. to 7 P. M., Kali-jod. 

4 P. M. to 8 P. M., Bov.Graph.Hell. 

Hep. Lyc. Mgn-m Ntr-s. 

after 4 P. M., Graph. 

5 p. M., Con. Kali-c. 

5 P. M. to 6 P. M., Phosp. Sulph. 

5 P. M. to 7 P. M. 8 P. M., Hep. 

6 P. M., Arg n. Nux. 

6 P. M. to S P., Kali-jod. Sulph. 

6 P. M., to midnight, Lachn. 

7 P. M., Lyc. Petr. Rhus. 

7 P. M. to 8 P. M., Sulph. 

9 P. M. to 10 A. M., Mgn-s. 

at same hour, Ant. Apis. Bov. Cact. 

China. Cina. Con. Diad. Gels. Graph. 

Hell. Hep. Kali-c. Lyc. Mgn-m. 

Phosp. Sabad. Spig. Stann. Staph. 

— everv 14 days, Ars. Calc. Chin. Puis. 
A-ear, Ars. Carb-veg. Lach. Sulph. 


— anticipating, Ars. Chin. Igt. Ntr-m. 

— postponing, Chin. Cina. 

— anger, from, Bry. Nux. 

32. FEVER. 

Chills, bed, in, Alum. Amm-c. Bov. Calc. 

Carb-an. Chin. Dros. Ferr. Hep. Laur. 

Nux. Plwsp. Rhod. 

relieved, Caust. Hell. Mgn-m.Mgn-s. 

Merc. Ntr-c. 
getting out of, ameliorated, Lye. 

— cold, after, a, Lyc. Sep. 

— — air, as of, blowing on uncovered 

pans, Mosch. 
around waist, Sil. 

— dinner, before, Berb. 

— drinking after, Ars. Asar. Cannab. 
Caps. Chin. Eupat. Lob. Mez. Nux. 
Sil. Tar. Verat, 

less, Caust. 

— ■ eat, when beginning to, Euph. 

— epileptic paroxysms, after, Cupr. 

— exercising, when, Apis. Bry. Coff. 
Lachn. Merc-cor. Nitr. Nux. Plb. Rhus. 
Sil. Spiff. 

ameliorated, Puis. Staph. Sulph-ac. 

— meals, after, dinner, ameliorated, Ambr. 
Ntr-c. Phosp. 

■ during, Euph. Ran-sc. (compare Sect. 


— moving, on, Apis Arn. Asar.Bell.Cycl. 
Merc. Me/.. Nitr-ac. Nux. Pod. Rhus. 
Sil. Spig. 

— nervous, skin warm, wants to be held to 
prevem shaking, Gels. 

— open air, in, Agar. Anac. Hep. Kali-chl. 
Merc-cor. Mosch. Nux-m. Nux. Petr. 
Plat. Plb. Ran-b. Rhus. Seneg. Sep. 
Zinc. Zing. 

ameliorated, Phosp. Puis. 


— pains, with the, Ars. Bry. Dulc. Graph. 
Led. Lyc. Mez. Ntr-m. Puis. Rhus. 

after the, Kali-c. 

— periodically, Oleand. 

— rising from stooping, when, Merc-cor. 

— room, in a, Ars. Bry. (compare Warmth.) 

— sitting, when, ameliorated, Nux. 

— sleep after, Bry. Calc. 

— streaks, in, Aeon. 

— sunshine, in, amelioration, Anac. Con. 

— touched, when, Aeon. 

— uncovering, when, Aeon. Agar. Bell. 
Clem. Cor-r. Mercurial. Nux-m. Stram. 

— walking in open air, Alum. Amm-c. 
Ars. Caust. Chelid. Chin. Kali-chl. 
Merc. Merc-cor. Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. 
Rhus. Tabac. 

— walk, after a, Ntr-s. 
in open air, Nux. Ol-an. 

— warmth, in, Alum. Anac. Ant. Bell. 
Bov. Canth. Caust. Cic. Cina. Cinnab. 
Cocc. Creos. Dulc. Grat. Guaj. Iod. Ip. 
Lact. Lam. Laur. Mgn-m. Meny. Merc. 
Mez. Nux. Phosp. Puis. Rheum. Ruta. 
Sil. Staph. Spong. 

ameliorated, Bar-c. Camph. Carb-an. 

Cic. Con. Cor-r. Hipp. Igt. Kali-c. 


Meny. Nux-m. 

by wrapping up, followed by 

severe lever and sweat, Sil. 

— weakness in legs, from, Seneg. 

— weather, stormy, in, Diad. Zinc. 

— wet when becoming, Sep. 

Chills with abdominal pains, Ars. Bov. Cal ad. 

Calc. Chin. Coff. Diad. Igt. Lach.Meph. 

Merc-cor. Nitr-ac. Nux. Pallad. Phosp. 

Pod. Puis. Rumex. Sep. 

in pit of, Eupat. 

coldness, Ars. Phosp-ac. 

— anxiety, Ac >n. Ars. Caps. Chin. Nux. 
Puis. Verat. 

— asthma, Mez. 

— back, pains in, Ars. Bell. Calc. Caps. 
Caust. Eupat. Hyosc. Igt. Lach Mosch. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Pallad. Puis. Zinc. 

— blood, congestion of, to head, Chin. 

— bones, pains in, Ars. Eupat. Ntr-m. 

— bieath, hot, Anac. 

— breathing, difficult, Ars. Gels. Kali-c. 
Mez. Ntr-m. Puis. Seneg. Zinc. 

wheezing, Calad. 

— chattering of teeth, Cact. Camph. Caps. 
Hep. Lach. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. Nux. Plat. 
Phosp. Ran-b. Sabad Tabac. 

— cheeks, heai of, Calc. Cham. 

— chest, oppression of, Ars. Bry. Cimex. 
Daph. Ip. Puis. 

pain in, Ars. Bell. Lach. Sabad. 


• stitches in, Bit. Kali-c. Rumex. 

— coryza, Calad. 

— cough, Bry. Calc. Creos. Phosp. 

spasmodic, Sabad. 

— convulsions, Lach. Merc. 

— delirium, Sulph. 

— diarrhoea, Ars. Phosp. 

— dulness of, mind, Caps. 

— ear-ache, Graph. Gum-gut. 

— ears, heat in, Aeon. Ran-b. 

— epistaxis, Cieos. 

— eructations, Alum. Gum-gut. Ran-sc. 

— eyes, fixed, Aeon. 
pain in, Seneg. 

— face, coldness of, Cina. Dros. Ip. Ntr-c. 

heai in. Aeon. Agar. Alum. Anac. 

Apis. Bell. Berb. Bry. Calc. Cannab. 
Cham. Chin. Coloc. Creos. Dig. 
Euph. Ferr. Hell. Hyosc. Jatr. Lach. 
Lact. Led. Lyc. Merc. Mercurial. 
Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Nux. Oleand. Puis. 
Ran-b. Rhus. Sabad. Seneg. Staph. 

pale, Bell. Camph. Canth. Chin. 

Cina. Dros. Nux-m. Nux. Puis. 
Sulph. Tart. 


32. FF.VF.R. 

Chill with, face puffed, Hell. 

red. Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bry. Cham. 

Chin. Creos. Igt. Fcir. Lyc. Meic. 

Nux. Ox-ac. Plb. Puis. Rhus. Strain. 


and pale alternately, with redness 

and, Rhus. 

followed by paleness without cold- 
ness, Scill. 

tension, Har-c. 

— feet, coldness of, Berh. Brom. Chin. 
Cop. Creos. Dios. Gels. Hep. Lach. 
Mang. Merc. Mez.Ntr-m.Patlad.Samb. 


— — cramps in, Nux. 

heat in, Ca ad. Kali-chl. 

numbness in, Lyc. 

pain in, Cop. 

— fingers, torpor deadncss of, Croton. 
Sep. Stann. 

— fluids disgusting, Hell. 

— foichcad, heat in, Aeon. Calc. Chin. 

peispiration on, Bry. Dig. 

— goose-skin, Bar-c. Canth. Croton. Hell. 

— hair, bristling, Bar-c. Grat. Meny. 

— hands, blue, Gels. Jan. Nux. 

cold, Agar. Agn. Chin. Dros. Euph. 

Gels. Ind. Jatr. Mang. Mez. Ntr-c. 

Ntr-in. Oleand. Ballad. Petr. 

Phosp ac. Sep. 
heat in, Apis Cina. Kali-c. Ip. Nux. 

Ntr-c. Ntr-s. Sibad. 

stillness of, Kali-c. 

torpor, deadncss, Lyc. Sep. 

palms, moist, Nice. 

— head, bewilderment of, Caps. Hydroc-ac. 

— headache, Aeon. Anac. Ars. Beib. 
Borax. Bry. Caps. Chin. Cimex. Cina. 
Cor-r. Creos. Daph. Dros. Elat. Eupat. 
Ferr. Gels. Graph. Ind. Mang. Mez. 
Ntr-m. Nux. Petr. Puis. Sang. Sep. 
Sulph. Tart. 

— head, externally painful. Hell. 

heat of, Aeon. Arn. Asar. Bell.Bcrb 

Bry. Cina. Mang. Meph. Nir-s. Nux. 
Rhod. Verat. 

burning, Arn. Verat. 

pressure. Puis. 

throbbing in. Seneg. 

— hip, pain in. Rhus. 

— hoarseness. Hep. 

— hunger, Nux. Phosp. 

— ill-humor, Anac. Caps. Creos. 

— joints, pain in, Cimex. Hell. Raph. 

— kidneys, pain in, Mi lief. 

— knees, elbows and wrists, aching in, 

— le-js. cold. Bell. Berb. Nux. Puis. 
disabled, Igt. 

— limbs, benumbed. Nux. 

— contraction of, Caps. Cimex. 

heavy, Thei id. 

pain in, Aeon. Ars. Bell. Bry. Caps. 

Cinnab. Hell. Lach. Lyc. Nitr. Nux. 

Puis. Rhus Sabad. Sep. Sulph. 

shaking of, Bell. Sabad. 

soieness of, Bull. 

tearing in, Biy. Caps. Lyc. Phosp. 

Rhus. Sabad. 

twitching of, Stram. 

weariness, painful of, Rhus. 

- lie down, obliging one to, Bry. Dros. 
Merc. Nux. Puis. Therid. 

— loathing of lood and drink, Bry. Kali-c. 

— liver, pains in, Ais. Chin. Nux. Verat. 

- loins, pain in, Ars. Creos. Lach. Nux. 

- low spirits, Sacch. 

ceasing during the heat, Plat. 

- moaning, Eupat, 

- mouth dry, Berb. Thuj. 
foam, at, Therid. 

- muscle-, tremor in, Merc. Oleand. 

- nails, blue, Aur. Cocc. Dios. Ntr-m. 
Nux. Peir. 

-nausea, Arg-n. Ars. Bell. Bry. Chin. 

Cina. Con. Eupat Igt. Kali-b. Kali-c. 

Kobalt. Meic-sulph. Rumex. Sang. 

Sep. Verat. 
with inclination to vomit, Ars. Aur. 

Rhus. Sabad. 

- noise is iniolererable. Caps. 

- obtusion of head, Calc. Kali-c. 

- pain, paroxysms of, Ars. Chin. Nitr. 
Puis. AW, us. 

aching. Eupat. 

- palpiianon ol heart. Gels. Phosp-ac. 

- paralysis, sense of, in legs, Ars. Igt. 

- perspiration, Ars. Euph. Sulph. 

— photophobia, Hep. 

— pulse weak, Gels. 
slow, Meny. 

— pupils contracted, Aeon. 
dilated. Aeon. Up. 

- rage, Cimex. 

— recollect, inability to, Ars. Caps. Stram. 

— ribs pain in, Sabad. 

— sacral region, pain in, Ars. Gum-gut. 
Hyosc. Nux. Verat. 

— sensation, loss of, Lach. 

— sensitiveness to cold, Cycl. Merc. 

— sight, obscuration of, Bell. Cic. 
Hydroc-ac. Sabad. 

— skin blue, Merc. Nux. 

contracted, sensation as if. Par. 

cold, damp, clammy, Lachn. 

dry, parchment like, Ars. Asa-f. Iod. 

painful, Nux. 

stinging, Samb. 

tingling, Samb. 

— sleepiness, Aeth. Ambr. Borax. Cimex. 
Daph. Hell. Kali-b. Mez. Ntr-m. Nux-m. 
Nux. Op. Phosp. Tart. 

— sneezing, Ox-ac. 

32. FEVER. 


Chills, with, spasms, chronic, Calc. 
of chest, A i s. 

— sp tting saliva Alum. Caps. Rhus. 

— staggering, Caps. 

— staring, Cic. 

— stiffness and rigidity of the body. Op. 

— stomach, p.iin in, Ars. Lyc. Sil'. Sulph. 
pit of, pain in, Ars. 

— stretching, Ars. Bry. Caps. Coff. Crcos. 
lp. Laur. Mur-ac. ISItr-c. Nux. Prun. 

— stupetaction, Ntr-m. Op. Puis. 

— swelling of spleen, Caps. 

— taste, bitter, Alum. Ars. Hep. 
insipid, Aur. 

— tastelessness of food, Ars. 

— tenesmus, Merc-cor. 

— thirst, Aeon. Ant. Am. Ars. Bell. Borax. 
Bov. Bruc. B>y. Calad. Calc. Cannab. 
Cups. Carb-veg. Cham Chin. Cina. Cor-r. 
Croc Daph. Diad. Dulc. liugen. Ferr. 
Gum-gut. Igt. [p. Kali-c. Kali jod. Led. 
Lob. Lyc. Mgn-s Merc. Mez. Mur-ac. 
Ntr-c. Nti-m. Ntr-s. Nitr. Nux. Plb. 
Pod. Psor. Puis. Ran-b. Rhus. Ruta. 
Sabad. Sec-c. Spong. Stann. Sulph. 
Thuj. Vemt. 

before the chill, Amm-m. Arn. Caps. 

Chin. Cimex. Eupat. Lob. Nux. Puis. 
between the chill and fever, Chin. 


drinking a good deal. Arn. 

— thirstlf ssness, Agar. A<_rn. Anne Ant 
Ars. A?=ar. Aur. Bell. Bov. Bry. Calad. 
Calc. Camph Caps. Carb-veg. Canst. 
Chin. Cina. Core. Coloc. Con. Cvcl. 
Dros. Elaps. Euph. Guaj. Hell. Hep. 
Hyosc. Ip. Lach. Lam. Lyc. Mang. 
Merc. Mur-ac. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Ntr-s. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux m. Nux. Oleand.Op. 
Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. 
Sabad. Samb. Sep. Spig. Staph. Stram. 
Sulph. Tart. Thcrid Thuj. 

— throbbing through the body, Zinc. 
in head, Seneg. 

— tongue, coated thick. Gels. 

— tooth-ache, Kali-c. Granh. Rhus. 

— torpor of affected side, Puis. 

— tremor. Agn. Anac. Ars. Bell. Borax. 
Ci'ia. Cocc. Crnc. C"n. Eupat. Gels. 
Merc-jod./'tfr. Plat. Sabad. Tart. Teucr. 

— trismus, Lach. 

— uneasiness, Calc. Cannab. Caps. Hyosc. 

— urine, dark, Verat. 

— urinate, constant desire to, Ind. Meph. 

— veins on hands, swollen, Phosp. 

— vertigo, Alum. Calc. Caps. Chin. 
Kali-b. Ntr-m. Phosp. Puis. Rhus. 
Sulnh. Vent. 

— vomit, inclination tn, Ars. Aur. Cina. 
Igt. Kali-c. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. 

— vomiting, Borax. Caps. Puis. 

bilious, Ars. Chin. C na. Igt. 

of what has bien eaten, Igt. 

mucus, Caps, Igt. Puis. 

— weakness, Ambi. Ars. Borax. Calc. 
Cub \ eg. Caust. Dros. Lach. Lam. Op. 

— yawning, Ars. Bry. Calad. Caps. Cnust. 
Cina. Elat. Gum-gut Kobalt. Laur. 
Merc-sulph. Mur-ac. Muiex. Ntr-m. 
Ntr-s. Oleand. Par. Phosp. Sil. Thuj. 

— preceded by, head, congestion to, Chin. 
headache, Rhus. 

nausea and vomiting, then perspira- 
tion, no heat. L\ c. 

pain in back, Pod. 

in bones, as if broken, Eupat. 

The 1 id. 

sleepiness, Therid. 

thirst, Ang. Am. Borax. Chin. 

Cimex. Eupat Nux Puis. Sulph. 

yawning, Elat. Nice. 

— succeeded by. feet, coldness of, Petr. 

hands and face, bloatedness of, Lyc. 

itching of body, Petr. 

nausea, Aeon. 

sleep, Ars. Mez. Nux. Sabin. 

tired ft eling and cough, worse from 

drinking, Cimex. 
thirst, Ars. Chin. Cimex. Creos. 

Dios. Hep. Mgn-s. Ntr-c. Puis. 

Sabad. Thuj. 

vomiting, bitter, Eupat. 

sour. Lyc. 

weakness, Ars. 

Chilliness, Agar. Agn. Alum. Anac. Ars. 
Asar. Bar-c. Bov. Biuc. Bry. Calc. 
Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cast. Canst. Cham. 
Clieli,/. Chin. Cic. Coff. Creos. Euphr. 
Ferr-m. Grat. Hep. Ip. Laur. Lyc. 
Meny. Merc-cor. Mez. Mosch. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux-m. Nux. Ol-an. Petr. 
Phosp. Plb. Puis. Ran-b. Rat. Rhus. 
Scill. Sil. Spig. Sulph. Tabac. Tart. 
Teucr. Viol-tr. 

— on left side of breast, Ferr-m. 

— in damp weather, Ferr-m. 

Chilh- shivering, Agn. Canth. Cocc. Coff. 

Dulc. Ferr-m. Guaj. Hell. Ntr-s. Nux-m. 

Par. Phosp. Plat. Ran-sc. Sal ad.heneg. 

Sep. Spi<_ r . Stann. Teucr. Thuj. Zinc. 
Coldness in general, Aeon. Aeth. Ars. 

Asar. Aur. B jrax Bry. Camph. Cannab. 

Canth. Caps. Carb-veg. Causti Cham. 

Chelid. Chin. Cic. Coloc. Con. Cycl. 

Diad. Dig. Dulc. Eugen. Euph. Hell. 

Igt. lod. //. Kali-jod. Lach. Laur. 

Led. Lye. Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. Ntr-s Nice. 

Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. Ol-an. Op. Par. 

Phosp. Plb. Puis. Ran-b. A' litis. Ruta. 

Sabad. Suss. Sec-c. Sep. Strum. Sulph. 

Tabac. Tart. Teucr. Thuj. Verat. Verb. 

— of limbs, Aeon. Aith. Ambr. Am. Ars. 

2^4 3J^ 

Aur. Bell. Calad. Calc. Camph. Carb-an. 
Carb-veg. Caust. Chelid. Chin. Cic. 
Coloc. Con. Dig. Graph. /A7/.llydroc-ac. 
Hyosc. Ip. Jatr. Kali-c. Laur. Led. Lyc. 
Merc. Mez. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Nux. 
Op. Paeon. Phosp. I'lb. Puis. Rhus. 
Scill. Sec-c. Sep. Strain. Sulpli. Tart. 
Thuj. Vent. Verb. 
Coldness, sensation of, Cocc. Mosch. 
Phosp-ac. Sulph. Tart-ac. 

— in single parts, compare different sec- 

— inward, Ntr-s. Par. Thuj. 

— external, Arn. Calc. Chin. Dig. Sabad. 

— one sided, Caust. Dig. Nux. Puis. 

— in morning, Ntr-s. 
forenoon, Cop. 

— at noon, Ran-b. 

— in afternoon, Borax. Nitr. Ran-b. 
evening, Amm-m. Bry. Dulc. Ntr-s. 

Petr. Rhus. Tart-ac. 
in bed, Bry. Tart-ac. 

— at night, Ambr. Ntr-s. Tart-ac. Thuj. 

— from affections of internal organs, Luph. 

— after meals, Ran-b. (compare Sect. 13.) 

— in open air, Laur. 

— alter walking, Ntr-s. 

* — in warmth of room, Dulc. Ruta. 
Shuddering, shivering, Aeon. Anac. Ang. 
Arg. Ars. Bar-c. Bell. Calad Cannab. 
Cast. Caust Cham. Chelid. Chin. Cina. 
Cocc. Con. Evon. Ferr. Guaj. Hep. 
Hyosc. Jgt. Ip. Kali-c. Laur. Led. Mgn-s. 
Meny. A] ere. Mere-cor. Mosch. Ntr-c. 
Nux. Oleand. Ol-an. Phell. Phosp. 
Phosp-ae. Plat. Puis. Rat. Rheum. Rhus. 
Ruta. Sabad. Sabin. Samb. Seneg. Sep. 
Sil. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Tabac. Verat. 
Verb. Viol-od. Zinc. 

— one sided, Bell. Caust. Cocc. Lyc. Nux. 
Puis. Rhus. Thuj Verb. 

— partial, Ars. Bell. Caust. Cham. Chin. 
Cocc. Graph. Puis. Staph. Verat. 

— wandering, Nux. 

— forenoon, in, Ars. Stann. 

— afternoon, in, Arg. Dig. Nux. 

— evening, in. Aeon. Ars. Aur. Bov. 
Cham. Diad. Mgn-s. Merc. Phell. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Rat. 

— day and night, Sass. 

— night, at, Arg. Merc. Staph. 

— midnight, after, Thuj. 

— day time, in, Kali-c. 

— alternate day, ever)', Lyc. 

— with affections of internal organs, Euph. 

— anger, after, Nux. 

— bed, in, Ars. Alum. Aur. Borax. 
Carb-an. Ferr. Laur. Merc. Nux. Phosp. 

relieved, Mgn-s. Mgn-m. 

— chill, alter a, Lyc. Sep. 

— cold temperature, in. Cham 


— drinking, alter, Ars. Caps. Chin. Eupat. 
Nux. Verat. 

— epileptic fit, after, Cupr. 

— exeicising, when, Ais. Merc. Nux. Sil. 

— ineais, after, Ars. Rhus. 
— relieved, Ambr. 

— open air, in, Agar. Hep. Laur.Mcrc-cor. 
Mosch. Nux-m. Petr. Plat. Rhus. Seneg. 

— pains, with the, Ars. Bar e. Mez. Puis. 
Ran-b. Sep. 

— parts affected, on the, Ars. 

— rest, when at, Bruc. 

— room, in the, Ars. 

— touched, when, Spig. 

— urinate, with desiie to, Hyper. 

— warmth, in, Alum. Anac. Bov. Dulc. 
Guaj. lod. Lact. Lam. Laur. Merc. Ruta. 

lelieved, Nux. 

Heat in general, Aeon. Anac. Arn. Ars. 
Bell. Borax. Bov. Bry. Calc. Camph. 
Caps Carb veg. Case. Caust. Chai/i. 
Chin. Cina. Caff. Con. Cycl. Dig. Dros. 
Ferr. Graph. Hell. Hep. Uyosc. Jgt. lod. 
Ip. Kali-c. Led. Lyc. Mgn-c. Mgn-s. 
Mang. Meny. Mere. Mosch. A/ur-ae. 
Ntr-m. Nice. Nitr-ac. Nux. Op. Pcir. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Plb. Puis. Rhod. 
Rhus. Sabad. Sabin. Samb. Sep. Sil. 
Spig. Spong. Stann. Staph. Strain. 
Stiont. Sulph. Sulph-ac. Tar. Part. 
Tereb Zinc. 

— sensation of, Cham. Igt. Mgn-c. Oleand. 
Sil. Stann. 

— of different parts, compare the Sections. 

— anxious, Aeon. Am. Ars. Bell. Bry. 
Calc. Carb-veg. Igt. A/ere. Ntr-m. 
Nitr-ac. Nux. Petr. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Rhus. Sep. Spong. Stann. Stram. 

— burning. Aeon. Ars. Bell. Br}'. Cham. 
Dulc. Hell. Laur. Lyc. Merc. Mosch. 
Op. Puis. Sabin. Scill. Stann. Staph. 

— dry, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Arum-irif. Bar-m. 
Bell. Bry. Calc. Caust. Clem. Cocc. 
Coff. Coloc. Con. Dulc. Hell. Hep. Ip. 
Kali-c. Lach. Led. Lyc. Mere. Ntr-s. 
Nitr-ac. Nitr. A'ux. O p. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Puis. Rhus. Samb. Scill. Sec-c. Sep. 
Sil. Stann. Staph. Stront. Sulph. 

of covered parts, Thuj. 

— external, Aeon. Anac. Arn. Ars. Bell. 
Bry. Calc. Caps. Carb-veg. Cham. Cocc. 
Coloc. Cor-r. Dig. Euph. Hell. Hyosc. 
Jgt. Kali-c. Lach Lyc. Merc. Nux. Op. 
Phosp. Puis. Rhus. Scill. Sep. .SY/.Spig. 

— flushes cf, Agn. Ambr. Amm-m. Arn. 
Bare. Bism. Borax. Calc. Carb-vez. 
Cocc. Coloc. Creos. Croc. Cupr. Dig. 
Graph. Hep. Igt. Iod. Kali-c. Kali-jod. 
Lach. Lyc. Mgn-c. Ntr-c. Ntr-m. Nitr-ac. 
Nux-jug. Nux. Oleand. Ol-an. Petr. 

32. FEVER. 


Phosp. Rumex. Ruta. Seneg. Sep. Sil. 
Spig. Spong Stann. Sulph. Sulph-ac. 
Teucr. Thttj Valer. 
Heat, internal, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bell. Bry. 
Calc. Cham. Chelid Ferr-m Hell. Nux. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Rhus. Sabad. 
Sep. Spig. Stann. Verat. Zinc. 

— of single parts, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bar-c. 
Bell. Bry. Calc. Canth. Carb-veg. Cham. 
Graph. Laur. Lyc. Merc. Me/.. Nux. 
Phosp. Phosp-ac. Puis. Sabad. Sep. 
Stann. Sulph. 

outer parts, Aeon. Arn. Ars. 

Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Calc. Carb-veg. 

Caust. Graph. Kali-c. Lyc. Merc. 

Nux. Phosp. Phosp-ac. Sep. Spig. 

Siann. Staph. Sulph. 
inner parts, Aeon. Arn. Ars. Bell. 

Bry. Calc. Camph. Canth. 

Carb-veg. Cham. Euph. Laur. Lyc. 

Merc Mez. Nux. Phos/>. Phosp-ac. 

Puis. Sabad. Sec-c. Sep. Sulph. 

— one side only, Bell. Bry. Lyc. Nux. 
Phosp Phosp-ac. Puis. Sulph. 

— periodical, from bod i ly or mental exer- 
tion, Oleand 

— ascending. Alum. 

— descending, Sep. 

— from mouth and nose, coming, Stront. 
face, Alum. 

— day and night, Bar-m. 
only, Sep. Tart. 

— morning, in ihe, Borax. Euph. Kali-c. 
Mgn-c. Sulph. 

3 A. M., Ang. 

— forenoon, in, Berb. Sass. 

9 A. M., Kali-c. 

10 A. M . , Rhus. 

fever, no chill, tertian, Gels. 

— afternoon, in, Anac. Ars. Berb. Bry. 
Canth. Chin. Cop. Graph. Lach. Lyc. 
Ntr-s. Puis. Spig. Stann. 

3 P. M., Nice. 

4 P. M., Anac. Stann. 

5 p. M., Kali-c. 

6 P. M., Caust. 

— evening, in, Agn. Alum. Ambr. Ang. 
Berb. Chin. Ferr. Hell. Hep. Hipp. 
Hyosc Lach. Mgn-c. Merc. Mosch. 
Mur-ac. Nice. Ol-an. Phosp. Phosp-ac. 
Psor. Ran-sc. Sacch. Sass. Sulph. 

— night, at, Alum Ant. Ars. Berb. Bry. 
Calc. Carb-an. Carb-veg. Cham. Cic. 
Cina. Coff. Dros. Dulc. Hep. Laur. 
Mgn-c. Mgn-m. Mgn-s. Merc. Ntr-m. 
Nice. Nitr-ac. Nitr. Petr. Phosp. 
Phosp-ac. Psor. Puis. Ran-b. Ran-sc. 
Rhod. Rhus. Sabin. Sil. Stront. Sulph. 
Thuj. Viol-tr. 

burning, dry. Aeon. Anne. Arn. Ars. 

Bar-c. Bry. Calc. Cofl". Dulc. Graph. 
Lach. Lyc. Nitr. A ux. Phosp. Puis. 

Ran-sc. Rhod. Spig. 
without thirst or perspiration, Ars. 

— midnight, before, Ant. Eugen. 
at, quotidian, Rhus. 

— artificial heat, relieved by, Cor-r. 

— bed, in., Agn. Hell. Kali-c. Mgn-m. 
Mgn-s. Sulph-ac. (compare At Night). 

— conversation, serious, during a,