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Full text of "2000.12_NhEW (NorthousEastWest) (112.2000), Correspondences"

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330 West 38 Rm 1408 
New York, NY10018 
T 212.931.6288 
F 212.931.6286 

Sarah Herda 

Storefront for Art and Architecture 
Kenmare Street 
New York, NY 

arts + architecture collaborative 


Dear Sarah, 

I hope that everything is going well for you this summer. I haven’t spoken to you in quite a while 
about the potential of OpenOffice doing an exhibition at Storefront. I was hoping to get this proposal to 
you sooner. However, recent exciting developments at OpenOffice have delayed this package 
reaching you. 

In March this year Lyn Rice (formerly of Diller + Scofidio studio) and Galia Solomonoff (formerly of 
Office for Metropolitan Architecture) joined OpenOffice as partners. Both are now involved with the 
Houses X Artists projects, as well as other new projects. 

The office recently received the commission to design the new Dia Center for the Arts permanent 
collection museum in Beacon, NY. This has not yet been formerly announced to the public. We are 
excited to see the collaborative ideas we are developing in the Houses X Artists projects continue in 
this project as we work with the living artists in the collection, Robert Irwin, and other artists involved 
in the project. 

Enclosed is the exhibition catalog from the installation of NhEW at Gammel Dok, at the Danish 
Architecture Center in Copenhagen. 

This project is the result of collaboration between OpenOffice and Tanja Jordan. We are looking for a 
venue to bring the project to New York. The materials used in building the NhEW house originated in 
New York, and Colorodo; we received sponsorship from Panelite, Paneltec, and Thermal Foams Inc. 

The design is a mulit-climate structure that can be custom ordered over the Internet. The unit is highly 
customizable, easily shipped and and set up. The unit is completely constructed from lightweight 
honeycomb and foam panels 120 cm x 60 cm which fit snuggly into a crate, that doubles as a bed and 
a sled. 

I would be happy to discuss the project in further detail, do you think it is of interest for Storefront’s 
2000 exhibition schedule? As the project has only been built once, it will be interesting to reconstruct 
and test its tolerance, as it is designed from construction, demounting, and reconstruction. If there a 
deadline for next year, I would be interested to know. 

I will follow up with a phone call sometime this week. I look forward to talking with you. In the 
meantime check out the NhEW project website at . 


Linda Taalman 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2018 with funding from 
Storefront for Art and Architecture 


sard of Directors 
/i.iont Freeman 
Linda Poliak 
Vice President 
Peggy Deamer 
William Menking 
Beatriz Colomina 
Elizabeth Diller 
Laura Kurgan 
Stephen M.Jacoby 
Steven Johnson 
Michael Speaks 

Board of Advisors 
Vito Acconci 
Kent Barwick 
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Mary Jane Jacob 
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Nam June Paik 
Lucio Pozzi 
Frederieke Taylor 
James Wines 

Sarah Herda 

Linda Taalman Tanja Jordan/cOPENhagenOFFICE 


330 West 38th, Ste. 1409 

New York, NY 10018 

Dear Tanja and Linda, 

This letter is to confirm that Storefront for Art and Architecture will present 
your project NhEW (NorthousEastWest) at the gallery from December 7, 
2000 - January 13, 2001. 

We think Storefront is a perfect venue for this project and we are pleased 
that we will be able to present your work in the context of our program. 

We look forward to working on this project with you. 

Sarah Herda 

Storefront for Art & Architecture 
97 Kenmare Street 

New York, NY 10012 

Dansk Arkitektur Center 
Gammel Dok 

Strandgade 27 B 
DK-1401 Kobenhavn K 

Telefon +45 3257 1930 
Telefax +45 3254 5010 


w.gammeldok. dk 

Dear Sarah Herda & Storefront, 

As I wrote in my e-mail, I have been informed by 
Linda Taalman and Tanja Jordan that they are soon 
to exhibit their NhEW house at Storefront. 

My name is Regitze Hess and I work at the Danish 
Center for Architecture, with among other things, 
ArkitekturGalleriet where Tanja Jordan and Open 
Office first exhibited the NhEW house project. We 
are very pleased that Storefront will be showing the 
NhEW house. 

I have enclosed two copies of the catalog we 
produced for the ArkitekturGalleri exhibition of 
NhEW at the Danish Center for Architecture is still 
available. If however either Storefront and/or 
Perimeter Books are interested in carrying the 
catalog, while the NhEW house is at Storefront, 
then it is available through our international 

Idea Books 

Nieuwe Herengracht 11 

1011 RK Amsterdam 

The Netherlands 

tel:+ 31 20 6226154 /6247376 

fax+31 20 6209299 


I have noted that Perimeter have carried other of 
Gilbert Hansen's / Architectural Magazine B's 
books (the party responsible for the Arkitektur¬ 
Galleri catalogs), hence I assume they are familiar 
with this.distributor. 

Gammel Dok November 28, 2000 



Otherwise, if you would be so kind as to either 
provide me with Perimeter’s address and e-mail 
and/or pass this information on to them. 

While I will not be able to make it to the exhibition 
opening, I will be in New York from 
December 19, 2000 - January 5, 2001. 

I intend to visit Storefront while in New York, and 
I would very much like to make an appointment to 
meet you. Please let me know when would be 
suitable. If I don’t hear from you prior to 
December 19 th , I will give you a call once I reach 
New York. 

I hope to meet you and look forward to seeing the 
NhEW house in New York. 

Y ours truly 

Regitze Hess