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A  Christmas  Carol 
By  Charles  Dickens  (1812-1870) 

A  classic  tale  of  what  comes  to  those  whose  hearts 
are  hard.  In  a  series  of  ghostly  visits,  Scrooge  visits 
his  happy  past,  sees  the  difficulties  of  the  present, 
views  a  bleak  future,  and  in  the  end  amends  his 
mean  ways.  (Summary  written  by  Kristen  McQuillin) 

A  Christmas  Carol 

Charles  Dicken: 

■  ■ 

Total  Running  Time:  03:14:22. 

•  Preface  and  Stave  1,  read  by  Mark  Bradford  -  00:44:39 

•  Stave  2,  read  by  Kara  Shallenberg  -  00:44:14 

•  Stave  3,  read  by  Kristen  McQuillin  -  00:44:34 

•  Stave  4,  read  by  Hugh  McGuire  -  00:42:09 

•  Stave  5,  read  by  Bill  Stackpole  -  00:18:46 

las  Carol 

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A  Christm 

Cover  illustration  by  John  Leech  (1843).  Author  picture  taken  from  "Great  Britain  and  Her  Queen"  by  Anne  E. 
Keeling  (1897).  Copyright  expired  in  US,  Canada,  EU,  and  all  countries  with  author's  life  +70  yrs  laws.  Cover 
design  by  Janette  Brown.  This  design  is  in  the  public  domain. 

s  Dickens