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Full text of "04252022 Agenda Board of Assessors"

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Goma Wor) 

Board of Assessors 
Town of Arlington 
730 Massachusetts Avenue 
Arlington, MA 02476 

Date: 4/25/2022 
Time: 5:30 PM 
Location: Assessors’ Conference Room, 1* Floor, Town Hall 

e Minutes 
e Old Business 
e New Business 
o Discussion of Data Collector Position 
e Correspondence 

Executive Session: 

e Discussion of Abatement or Exemption strategy with respect to matters before the Appellate Tax 

e Exemptions 
e Abatement applications/Public participation 
e ATB Cases 
o Proposed settlement, Case Number: F344201 
o Proposed settlement, Case Number: F342392 

Please Note: The listing of matters is those reasonably anticipated which may be discussed at the meeting. 
Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may be brought up for discussion to 

the extent permitted by law.