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Polaroid P500 Lithium Power Pack 
6-Volt Battery 
Preliminary Technical Data Sheet 

The Polaroid P500 Lithium 
Power Pack is a further technical 
advance of Polaroid's planar battery 
technology. Dimensionally identical to 
the Polaroid P100 Battery, the 6-Volt 
Lithium Power Pack features high 
energy density, high capacity, a flat 
discharge profile, and an anticipated 
shelf life of over 5 years. The P500 is 
thin and flat. Its unique construction 
prevents explosive rupture. Both 
contacts are on the same side, 
preventing damage or failure by 
incorrect insertion. 

Typical Technical 

Voltage: 6 volts nominal, 6.3 volts 
typical open circuit voltage. 

Typical Operation: Up to 150mA 
continuous drain. 

Size (maximum dimensions): 

3.730 in. x 3.040 in. x 0.180 in. 
(9.474 cm x 7.722 cm x 0.457 cm) 

Weight: 1.2 oz. (34 gms.) 

Volume: 1.85 in. 3 (30.2 cm 3 ) 

Chemistry: Lithium and manganese 
dioxide are the reactive species. 

Recommended Storage: Under 80° F 
(27° C). Lower temperature storage 
increases shelf life. Higher 
temperature decreases shelf life. 

Continuous Discharge: 

150mA : 6.5 Hours : 975 mAH 
100mA: 12.8 Hours : 1280 mAH 
50mA : 26.4 Hours : 1320 mAH 
20mA : 69.0 Hours : 1380 mAH 
10mA : 144.0 Hours : 1440 mAH 
5mA : 295.0 Hours : 1475 mAH 

Leak Resistant: Unique hermetic seal. 

Not Rechargeable: Primary cell: de- 
signed for non-rechargeable appli- 

Discharge Curve: Essentially flat. 

Anticipated Shelf Life: Over five years. 

Safety: The P500 Lithium Power Pack 
has been tested in simulations of normal 
use, misuse, and a variety of disposal 
methods. The battery was tested for 
leaks of hazardous or corrosive 
materials; it was cut into pieces and 
immersed in water without explosion or 
fire. All the tests indicate that, when used 
as directed, the P500 is as safe as other 
consumer batteries. Some precautions 
are naturally necessary. The P500 is not 
designed to be recharged or used in 
series. If in your design it is possible that 
external current may be applied to the 
battery, or if more than six volts is 
necessary, call Polaroid for technical 
assistance. Severely overheating or 
forcing current through the battery can 
cause it to swell and ultimately vent a 
flammable vapor, but not explode. 
Cutting open the battery will release a 
small amount of the above vapor. As with 
any battery, the cautions listed on the 
package should be followed. The P500 
package will read: "WARNING: This 
battery contains flammable materials. 
Placing it on a very hot surface or 
recharging could cause it to burst into 
flame. Do not cut, open, apply heat, 
burn, recharge, or use in series. Use only 
in devices designed for a P-500 battery." 

Design Assistance 

Polaroid application engineers can 
assist you in determining the suitability 
of the Lithium Power Pack for your 
particular application. 

More Information, Prices, Delivery 

For more information on technical 
data, design assistance, prices and 
delivery, write or call: 

Polaroid Corporation 
Commercial Battery Division 
784 Memorial Drive 
Cambridge, Ma. 02139 
Telephone: 617-577-2237 

Technical Specifications performance characteristics and price 
subject to change. No order is binding until accepted by Polaroid. 

Performance characteristics. 
Constant current, continuous 

5 Milliampere Discharge 




= Polaroid 

Edge Seal 

P500 Lithium Power Pack 

100 200 
Time (Hours) 


6.0 ^- 

10 Milliampere Discharge 

<u 5.0 



> 4.0 





Time (Hours) 

<D 5.0 



> 4.0 

20 Milliampere Discharge 


25 50 

Time (Hours) 





< 1200 

Milliampere-Hours vs. Discharge Current 
To 3.0 Volt Cut-Off 

1 10 100 1000 

Application Load Current (Milliamperes) 

400 Dia. Min Contact 
(See Note) 

Section B-E 

Section A-A 


Dimensions with asterisk (") are basic when applied to minimum guaranteed contact area only 

= Polaroid 


BD-258 Printed in U.S.A. 5/83