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Full text of "War needs to take more canned fish ; Lard, fat situations eased"

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^ VaR food ADiyillvISTRATIOF W A R F 0 0 D 

Office of DistrilDution 

Marketing Reports Division BULLETIN 
821 Market Street, Room 700 

Saix Francisco 3, California No, 25 


Vv < i'^KS CAlTil3D FISH 

pesef^ SAN FF^'CISCO, June 20 Civilians will get 10 percent less canned 

sardines, mackerel and herring from the 1944 pack than announced earlier 

this year "by the ¥ar Food Administration, due to substantially increased mili'- 

tary and other war demands. 

The regional VJFA Office of Distri'bution said today that canners must set 
aside 55 percent of the three types of fish for government use, instead of 
the previous 45 percent. The ruling applies to all fish packed hetv.'een last 
June 25 and Fe"bruary 28, 1945. It does not affect previous canning.- 

Another provision reserves for governm.ent use 40 percent of all chum 
salmon packed betv/een i-iarch 1, 1944 and February 28, 1945. Packers must 
continue to set aside 60 percent of all other salmon varieties except steel- 
head. Current estimates of the 1944 fish pack indicate the increased govern- 
ment '^take" will amount to some 42 million pounds of all types of fish<» 

^ 0 - 

Lard, fat SITUATIOI^TS SASFD — Harking new gains in a series of improvements in 
United States supplies of fats and oils, the ¥ar Food Administration has lifte 
restrictions governing. the use of lard by: bakers, and the recovery of glycerin 
by soap makers and other processors of f ats ■ and oils* 

An amendment to I'/ar Food Order No. 1, announced today by the regional I'JFi 
Office of Distribution, permits unlimited use by commercial bakers of all larc 
delivered to them between May 15 and September 30, 1944. Use of lard in breac 
had previously been lin:ited to three percent of the flour content. 

War Food Order No. 33, reouiring recovery of glycerine from all fats 
or oils made into soap or split into fatty acids, is now revoked. G-lycerine 
supplies now on hand are considered, like lard, to be adeouate for present 
military and civilian needs. 

b- ! B R.A RY 


■ AUG: -8 -1944