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Full text of "No reduction of hog price ceiling before June 1945 ; Tung oil available for all uses"

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^ van FOOD ADI.:iUISTIt.TIOl! 

Offic"e- of Distribution W A R FOOD 

I'arl:etin^ Ileports Division 
; Ct^SLQj^^ Ilarket Street - Iloon 700 - B U L L 3 T I }T 

' ' San Francisco, 3, California 

^^^^^^ tr\Bg ^^-oH. 

0 no IlSDUCTIOj OF TDG \ \ ^ W- ^ 

CSILIUG3 B:^F0RI! Jlil'E 1945 \ 

S..,r i^L'JJCISCO, Sept. 19 A joint statement by the V'[ar ^F^<^gf ^^Bjaihi'^tra^tion^ 
and OF.'., approved bjr the Director of Econo:?.ic Stabilization,U*etf!1^uriced today 
that ceiling prices on live ho^s v/ill not be reduced fron present levels before 
June 30, 1945. 

Price ceilin.^s now are set at .'|->14.75 per hundred pounds for hogs r.'-Gi^hing 
240 pounds or loss, and ^14 for ho-vs fron 200 to 240 pounds (Chicago basis). 

The 'TFh also announced its support price of (,;12,50 for rood to choice 
butcher hogs weighing 200 to 240 pounds, to bo effective October 1, xvill be 
continued to June 30, 1945, Previous announcements sot ternination date of 
this support as I'arch 51, 1945. 

- 0 - 

Tin^G OIL ..Yhll^iBLB FOFc JAL USIC Lo.rgc gains in doir.estic production of 
tung oil, formerly inrorted fron the Orient, will naho this important oil 
avsrilable fron now on for paints, pharnaceuticals and all other uses, the War 
Food administration reported today, 

I'al Xavior, special corxioditi 3S field representative for the 'TF.- Office 
of Distribution, said that this year's production of tung oil in Georgia, 
Florida, j'is si ssippi , Louisiana and other states is expected to approach nine 
million tons, as against two million tons in 1943. 

.'.s a result of inprovjd supplies, h'ar Food Order No. 39 has now been 
suspended to make tmg oil available for all purposes. Tung v:as one of the 
first oils to be restricted to a limited number of essential \?artimG uses, 
Xavior said* 

Total quantities of tung and all other frts and oils utilized by manufact- 
urers and othar cons\;mors are still governed by pro^dsions of tho general fats 
and oils order, "'.'FO 42, according to Xo.viar. T.' e T.'ar Food .'.drndni stration also 
still reciuires standard re^'^orts from Dro,ducers and consujners.