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Full text of "NEMAPEG, the home of fine plant material presents for spring and fall, 1940, perennials of distinction / New Market Perennial Gardens ; August S. Hoffer, proprietor and gen. mgr.."

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Historic, Archive Document 

Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 

Long Spurred 













For Spring and Fall 1940 


Fine Evergreens, Superb Hardy Flowering 
Shrubs, Choice Rhododendrons and Azaleas, 
Magnificent Dogwood, Magnolias, Japanese 
Cherries, Crabs, etc. 



August jS, Hoffer 

Proprietor and Gen. Mgr. 




'■ 4 ^' 

NEW MARKET, New Jersey’ 


Please Read 

Before Ordering 

Remittance should accompany all 
orders. Postal Money Orders, Express 
Money Orders or your personal check. 

If cash is enclosed, be sure to register 
your letter. PLEASE DO NOT SEND 
STAMPS! These are not legal tender. 

Where no extra remittance for parcel post 
shipment is sent, delivery will be made either by 
express or parcel post, whichever suits the case 
best. In either case shipment of such an order 

Evergreens, shrubs, etc., excepting perennials 
and rock plants, are always shipped by express, 
charges collect, except where noted. On large 
orders of heavy Evergreens, it is sometimes ad' 
visable to ship by freight to reduce the trans' 
portation charges. However, express rates on 
nursery stock have been lowered 25 per cent. 
Express is quick, expedient, and safe. 

Orders for rock plants, annuals and perennials 
amounting to $1.00 to $2.00 should be accom' 
panied by 15c for packing and postage. On or' 
ders for $2.00 to $5.00, add 25c. Orders for 
$5.00 and up sent prepaid, on rock plants, an' 
nuals and perennials only. 

Due to conditions over which we have no 
control, and the fact that plants are living organ' 
isms that breathe, eat and drink, we give no 
warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the 
productiveness of any stock purchased, other 
than that it shall be as advertised and represented. 

All claims for errors or receipt of damaged 
goods must be made immediately upon receipt 
of stock, otherwise such claims cannot be prop' 
erly entertained. Adjustments made promptly 
and cheerfully whenever we are to blame. 

All Stock Guaranteed to Arrive in A-No. 1 
Planting Condition. 


Perennial Gardens 


Aug. S. Hoffer, Prop, and Gen. Mgr. 

Phone: Dunellen 2-7053 

We Refeature these 


A Rare Novelty Collection for the 
Perennial Garden or Border 

1 Japanese Iris 1 Campanula Persicifolia “Pfitzeri” 

1 Sidalcea 1 Heuchera Brizoides 

I Lythrum 1 Pardanthus Chinensis 

1 “Nemapeg’s” New Pink Veronica 1 Chrysanthemum, Laciniated 

1 Long-Spurred Hybrid Columbine 1 Asclepias Tuberosa 

1 Spirea Filipendula Hexapetala 1 Delphinium Bellamosum Improved 

Heavy 2-3 Year Plants 
JL for ONLY 


A Rare Novelty Collection for the 

1 ANEMONE Pulsatilla 
1 PRIMULA, Giant Munstead 
1 HEUCHERA Sanguinca 
1 LINUM Flavum Compactum 
1 SILENE Schafta 
1 CAMPANULA Poscharskyana 

1 IBERIS Sempervirens 
1 GERANIUM Atrosanguineum 
1 THYMUS Coccineum 
1 IRIS Pumila 

1 ASTER, Countess of Ehidley 


Heavy 2-3 Year Plants 
for ONLY 


A Rare Novelty Collection for the Cutting Garden 

1 ARTEMISIA Lactiflora 
1 CENTAUREA Macrocephala 
1 GYPSOPHILA Acutifolia 
1 BOLTONIA Latisquama 

1 GAILLARDIA, Burgundy 
1 SCABIOSA Caucasica 
1 VALERIANA Officinalis 


Heavy 2-3 Year Plants 
for ONLY 


(All 3 Complete Novelty Perennial Collections for only $7.00) 


PlcaU ^Ojdcu^ - Wcuf 

REMEMBER! The earlier you order the 
earlier you will plant and THE MORE 

[ 2 ] 



Are a SPECIALTY With Us 

Our “First Love,” we may say and still our most cherished. 

No ornamental field offers a greater thrill for any garden enthusiast than that 
allotted to the Hardy Flowering Perennial. Every plant has a remarkable history. 
Its rnanner of discovery, origination and land of birth. Nature’s bountiful gift to a 
harried mankind. 

The exquisite beauty of their bloom softens the harshness of a troubled civilization 
and reflects only peace, harmony and romance. Through the ages they have inspired 
poems, songs, ballads and remain as untainted as the day they first attracted man’s 

Their sturdy, robust make-up carries them through cold, cheerless winters and 
severe weather conditions, ready to unfold their beauty for all to admire. 

‘Beauty,” all of you can have. Such glory is obtained from “Nemapeg’s” Perfect 
Perennials. Color, form, display, neatness and prolific bloom combined in each 
and every plant. 

No plant less than two years old, field'grown. Heavy, well rooted stock of superior 

TESTED PERENNIALS! They are Unusual, Different and Exclusive. 

Perennials live from year to year, require no coddling and are easy to grow. They 
make their home in any garden. PLAN AND PLANT NOW! 

A., Nemapeg’s Mixed Long-Spurred Columbine. A wonderful assortment of colors 
and shades. From selected seed. 2 to 2J/2 feet. Bloom from May to August. 
Heavy clumps, 25c each; 5 for ^1.10. 

ARENARIA Montana (Sandwort). 4' to 6dnch close tufts profusely covered with 
small silvery white flowers in early May. Unsurpassed as an edging plant and 
for rockeries, in sunny places. Flowers resemble small, white, upturned Morn' 
ing Glories. Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for ^1.10. 

ACHILLEA Tomentosa (Milfoil or Yarrow). 6 to 8 inches. A fine rockery gem. 
Bright yellow flowers in July to September. Woolly green leaves. Neat habit 
and very showy. Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for ^1.10. 

ANCHUSA Myosotidiflora (Alkanet). A splendid and distinct dwarf perennial 
from Russia. Clusters of charming blue flowers resembling Forget-me-nots. 
Large, handsome foliage. An effective border or rock plant for shady or sunny 
places. Blooms during May and June. 12 to 15 inches high. Heavy clumps, 
35c each; 3 for ^1.00. 

ANEMONE Pulsatilla (Pasque Flower). Grows from 9 to 15 inches high. Low, 
finely cut foliage. Violet and purple flowers in April and May. Blooms resemble 
the Crocus. For the rockery or well drained border. Strong plants, 25c each; 
5 for ^1.10. Heavy clumps, 35c each; 3 for ^1.00. 

ARMERIA Caespitosa (Thrift or Sea Pink). A rare and charming little Alpine. 
Miniature tufts of bright green, covered in June and July with a mass of stem- 
less flowers of a bright rose and snowy white. 3 to 4 inches only. Compact 
and neat. For the rockery. Strong plants, 35c each; 3 for ^1.00. 

AUBRIETIA Deltoidea (Rainbow Rock Cress). Exquisite dwarf growing plants 
for the rockery or the edge of the border. Masses of silvery green foliage and 
sheets of lilac and purple flowers in the spring and early summer. A vivid 
splash of color. 4 to 6 inches. Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for ^1.10. 

ANEMONE PulsatiUa 

AQUILEGIA, Scott Elliott Hybrids. 

In the finest mixture of colors, in¬ 
cluding reds, yellows, blues, white, 
etc. An excellent gem. 2 to V/i feet. 
Late May to early August. For bor¬ 
der or rockery. Heavy clumps, 30c 
each; 4 for ^1.10. 

A. Flahellata nana alba. A superb and 
delightful dwarf sort for the rock 
garden. Perfect, heavy, glaucous fo¬ 
liage and waxy ivory-white flowers. 8 
to 10 inches tall. Blooms in May and 
June. A showy Japanese variety. 
Heavy clumps, 35c each; 3 for ^1.00. 

AQUILEGIA (Long-Spurred Columbine). 

A., Dobbie’s Imperial Hybrids. (True 
strain.) These new Columbines are 
considered the best English mixture 
offered up-to-date. Beyond compari¬ 
son for their range of color and ro¬ 
bust growth. The largest spurred 
Columbines we have ever seen. The 
widest variety of delicate pastel tints. 

2 to V/i feet. From late May to early 
August. For the border or rockery. 
Heavy clumps. 35c each; 3 for ^1.00. 


[ 3 ] 

AUBRIETIA Deltoidea 

^^NEMAPEG^S*' Superior Perennials 

PLAN YOUR GARDEN NOW! Select “Nemapeg’s” 

Cutting Perennials, Border Plants, Rockery Gems 

ARTEMISIA, Silver King 

ARTEMISIA (Southernwood or Sage 

A. Lactiflora. A talhgrowing plant 5 to 
6 feet in height. Fine foliage and 
heads of small creamy white flowers 
in plume form during August and 
September. Their fragrance fills the 
entire garden. Fine for cutting. Ex- 
cellent “background.” Strong plants, 
each, 25c; 5 for ^1.10. 

A., Silver King. A magnificent white' 
leaved foliage plant that deserves a 
place in every garden. A silvery 
misty effect is obtained in the setting 
oft of bouquets and floral arrange' 
ments. Mingles well in any border 
and among evergreen plantings. 
Sprays may be cut and dried for 
winter bouquets. 21/2 feet tall. A 
bright silver the entire season long. 
Strong plants, each, 25c; 5 for ^1.10. 

ASPHODELUS Luteus (Asphodel). Spikes of 
bright yellow flowers arising from swordlike 
fragrant tufts of leaves. Fine for borders. 
Blooms during May and June. 3 to 4 feet. 
Plant in groups of three or more for best effect. 
Strong “Nemapeg” quality plants, each, 35c; 
3 for ^1.00. 

ASTER (Starwort or Michaelmas Daisy). 

A., Barr’s Pink. The finest bright pink. Vigorous 
grower. V/i to 3 feet and sometimes 4 feet 
tall. Blooms during September and October. 
Produces large and well'formed flowers in great 
abundance. Excellent for cutting. Strong 
plants, each, 35c; 3 for ^1.00. 

A. Frikarti, Wonder of Stafla. The finest garden 
plant of recent introduction. Lavender'blue 
flowers 2 to V/i inches in diameter produced 
from June until the middle of November. 
Thrives well in light shade. Perfect in full sun. 
A prolific show of flowers the entire summer. 
lYl feet. Every individual flower perfect. Very 
new! Supply limited! Strong plants, 50c each; 
5 for ^2.00. 

A. Luteus. A beautiful perennial. In constant 
bloom from September until November. Grows 
2 to 3 feet and produces sprays of rich lemon' 
yellow bloom. The sprays are invaluable for 
cutting as they are fine mixers for larger flow' 
ers. A bright show in the border or cutting 
garden. Strong plants, 35c each; 3 for ^1.00. 

ASCLEPIAS Tuberosa (Butterfly Flow' 
er). Showy perennial flowering dur' 
ing July and August. II /2 to 2 feet. 
Produces umbels of bright orange' 
colored flowers on showy stems. 
Flowers are beautiful and may be cut 
as they are very lasting. A border 
item of sterling worth. Strong roots, 
each, 25c; 5 for ^1.10. 

A., Countess of Dudley. One of the finest dwarf 
Asters in cultivation. A charming clear pink 
with yellow eye. Of low, bushy habit, it forms 
a plant several feet in diameter, completely 
studded with bloom during late September. 
10 to 12 inches. For the rockery or border. 
Strong plants, each, 20c; 6 for ^1.10. 

Plan your garden now! 

Select “Nemapeg’s” Cutting 
Perennials, Border Plants, Rock¬ 
ery Gems. 

ASTER, Barr’s Pink 

CAMPANULA Carpatica 

AGROSTEMMA (Rose Campion or Joy of Love). 

A, Coronaria atrosanguinea (Improved Mullein Pink.) 
This is a new variety with blood'red flowers and silvery 
foliage. 2 to IY 2 feet. Blooms in June and July. A dis' 
tinct superior over the common Mullein Pink. It is 
choice. A border plant of merit. Strong plants, 25c 
each; 5 for ^1.10, 








BOLTONIA (Bolton’s Starwort). 

B. Latisquama. Resembling the hardy 
Asters, this variety is by far the 
“best” of all the Boltonias. From late 
August until frost it is a profuse mass 
of bright pink Daisies on strong erect 
stems. Unexcelled for cutting. Grows 
4 to 6 feet. Strong plants, each, 20c; 
6 for ^1.10. 

A tall'growing perennial. 3 to 4 feet. 
Showy in the border and group 
plantings. Bright orange'yellow flow' 
ers 3 inches across. Large deep green 
foliage. Likes sun. Blooms through' 
out the summer. Strong plants, 25c 
each; 5 for ^1.10. 


CALLIRHOE Involucrata (Poppy Map 
low). An unusual gem for the rock' 
ery. A trailing plant with finely 
divided deep green foliage. Saucer' 
shaped flowers of bright crimson with 
white centers. Blooms all summer 
and fall. A priceless addition to the 
rockery. Strong plants, each, 25c; 
5 for ^1.10. 

CALLUNA Monstrosa, Pink (Scotch 
Heather). A low'growing shrub with 
erect branches covered with short, 
closely adpressed leaves. The pretty 
bell'shaped flowers are produced in 
great profusion toward the tops of 
the shoots. 

In strong young clumps at 35c each 
or only 3 for ^1.00. Fine for the rock¬ 
ery or low border. Grows 12 to 15 
inches. Foliage evergreen. A novel 

showy, dwarf plant, 6 inches, that 
produces, in the spring and dur' 
ing summer a mass of vivid crim' 
son flowers of great beauty. Quite 
rare and unusual. For the rockery. 
Each, 20c; 6 for $1.10. 

[ 4 ] 

“NEMAPEG’S” Superior Perennials 





The finest Red Delphinium that we have ever 
seen. Strong, robust grower, producing long well' 
filled out spikes of brilliant scarlet flowers. A na' 
tive of California. Bright, glossy foliage. 3 to 4 
feet. “Nemapeg’s” Sensation for 1940. The de' 
mand will be great. Place your order early. 
Strong. Dot-erown olants. each, 25c; 5 for $1.10. 

DELPHINIUM, Nemapeg’s Hybrids. Includ' 
ing California Imperials, Wrexham, Black' 
more ^ Langdon, and others. The finest 
Hollyhock types. DeLuxe English and Amer- 
ican strains, blended under the heading, 
“Hybrids of Distinction.” Stately rugged 
plants with sturdy erect stalks. Very large 
flower spikes. Enormous florets in shades 
running from sky'blue to royal purple, with 
delicate tones of lavender and rose. A high 
percentage of doubles. Single florets have 
attained 2 inches in diameter. Strong plants, 
35c each; 3 for $1.00. Heavy clumps, 50c 
each; 6 for $2.25. Supply limited. Bloom 
all summer. A “needed” plant for the border 
and cutting garden. 

CAMPANULA Persicifolia grandiflora (Peach 
Bells). One of the finest border plants. Also 
good for cutting. Improved strain with stiff 
3'foot stems bearing large welhshaped bells. 
Blue and white mixed. Blooms from June 
well into the summer. Strong plants, 20c 
each; 6 for $1.10. 

C. Persicifolia “Pfitzer.” An exceptionally fine 
double Peach Bell, in blue and white. A strik' 
ing “show” in the border. The only double 
Bellflower of distinct merit. 3 feet. June till 
August. Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

C. Persicifolia, Telham Beauty. The finest im' 
proved Peach Bell. Single flowers of China 
blue. Unusually large bells. Very free flow¬ 
ering. The “aristocrat” of the Bell¬ 
flowers. Each, 35c; 3 for $1.00. 


CAMPANULA (Bellflower). 

C. Alliaraefolia. 2j/2 feet tall. Pro¬ 
duces creamy white pendent bells 
on long spikes during July to 
September. Showy in the border. 
Strong plants, each, 25c; 5 for 
$ 1 . 10 . 

C. Carpatica (Carpathian Harebell). 
Popular variety. Dwarf in habit, 
only attaining 6 inches. Pretty 
foliage. Blooms in July up to 
September. White and blue. 
Strong, 2-year plants, 20c each; 

6 for $1.10. 

C. Macrantha. The perennial Can¬ 
terbury Bell. Large clusters of 
deep purple flowers on 3'foot 
stems during June and July. ‘A 
fine border and cutting supple¬ 
ment. Strong plants, 25c each; 

5 for $1.00. 

C. Punctata. An unusual and novel 
Bellflower. A very prolific bloom¬ 
er during June till August. Grows 
21/2 to 3 ft. The bells produced 
measure 3 to 4 inches in length 
and resemble long round tubes. 
A light pinkish lavender in color. 
An outstanding variety. Strong 
plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

C. poscharskyana (Siberian Hare¬ 
bell). A recent introduction. One 
of the most profuse blooming Al¬ 
pine Bellflowers. Prostrate stems 
simply covered with small cup- 
shaped rich blue blooms. Forms 
compact, solid tufts that are, in 
themselves, pictures of beauty. 
Blooms all summer. 6 to 8 inches. 
Fine for edging and the rockery. 
Thrives well in semi-shade. Strong 
plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

C. Rotundifolia (Bluebells of Scot¬ 
land). Exquisite plants producing 
slender branches laden with clear 
blue flowers of striking beauty. 
Especially suited for crevices in 
the rock garden or deep slopes. 
Pendent habit. Constantly in 
bloom all summer. Attains 10 to 
12 inches. Extremely hardy. 
Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for 
$ 1 . 10 . 

Let* "Nemapeg" Rebuild 
Your Garden! 

CASSIA Marilandica (Indian Senna). 
Racemes of showy orange-yellow 
flowers during July and August, 
as well as September. Striking 
pinnate foliage. A fine border or 
“background” plant of the easiest 
culture. 4 to 5 feet. “Mariland¬ 
ica” the best for your garden. 
10 strong 2-year plants for only 
$1.10; 15c each. 3-year plants, 
each, 25c; 5 for $1.10. 

CENTAUREA Dealbata (Knap¬ 
weed). Showy, shaggy flowers of 
rose-pink, shaded with lavender. 
June and July. 2 to IY 2 feet. Fine 
for the border or cutting garden. 
Strong plants, 20c each; 6 for 
$ 1 . 10 . 

C. Macrocephala. Large, golden yel¬ 
low thistle-like flowers on strong 
erect stalks. July and August. 
Combined with Delphinium it is 
a highly decorative cut flower. 
Extremely showy in the border. 
Strong plants, 15c each; 8 for 
$ 1 . 10 . 

CARNATIONS, Hardy Grenadin 
This fine double fragrant Carna¬ 
tion is the best and most popular. 
The brilliance of color and its 
neat blue foliage and habit make 
it an invaluable addition to your 
garden. Stiff, stocky stems, long 
enough for cutting. Not lanky 
or untidy. Fine mixture of yel¬ 
lows, reds, blacks, pinks, etc. 
Blooms all summer. 1 to l |/2 ft. 
Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for 
$ 1 . 10 . 


A recent introduction into the 
Shasta Daisy family. Pure white 
with fine curled petals. Large 
flowers on erect well-balanced 
stems. Blooms during June and 
July with a showing of bloom as 
late as October. Strong plants, 
20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

DELPHINIUM Belladonna Im¬ 
proved, Cliveden Beauty. An im¬ 
proved strain over the ordinary 
light blue single so important and 
useful as a cut flower. Blooms are 
larger and spikes taller. A good 
grower. Strong plants, 25c each; 
5 for $1.10. Heavy clumps, 35c 
each; 3 for $1.00. 

[ 5 } 

^^NEMAPEG^S^’ Superior Perennials 

DICENTRA—Bleeding Heart 

GYPSOPHILA (Chalk Plant; Baby’s 

G. Acutifolia. A fine cut flower and bor- 
der plant. Pretty minute lilac-rose flow¬ 
ers on erect stems. Produces a misty 
effect in bouquets. 11/2 to 2 feet. Blooms 
during June, July and August. Strong 
roots, 20c each; 6 for ^1.10. 

G. Oldhamiana. A newcomer to the Baby’s 
Breath family. A strong, erect grower 
producing very large heads of bright 
pink flowers. Very hardy. June, July 
and August, as well as September. A 
fine cut flower. Strong roots, each, 25c; 
5 for ^1.10. Supply limited. 

G., Rosenschleier, “Rosy Veil.” A splen¬ 
did new introduction. Semi-dwarf in 
habit, it produces masses of double pink 
flowers the entire summer. Heavy, blu¬ 
ish foliage. Dainty well-shaped double 
flesh-pink flowers. A fine gem for the 
garden and low border, as well as the 
rockery. Grows 10 to 15 inches. A rare 
novelty still limited. Strong plants, 35c 
each; 3 for ^1.00. 

GLOBULARIA Cordifolia (Globe Daisy). 
Pretty globe-shaped blue flowers in June 
and July which rise 8 inches above dark 
evergreen foliage. A brilliant picture in 
the rockery and a splendid addition to 
the well-drained border. Strong plants, 
25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

"Gypsophila, Rosy Veil” is a new and rare "Rock Gem” 

GEUM, Mrs. Bradshaw 

HEUCHERA Sanguinca 

DiANTHUS Knappi 

DELPHINIUM, Bellamosum Improved. 

A great improvement over the old- 
fashioned rich, indigo-blue single. Like 
Cliveden Beauty the flowers are much 
larger and spikes taller. Heavy foliage. 
Strong plants, each, 25c; 5 for $1.10. 
Heavy clumps, each, 35c; 3 for $1.00. 

DIANTHUS Pyrodiculous. A tall-grow¬ 
ing Carnation, 2 to 2)/2 feet, bearing 
single and double flowers in great pro¬ 
fusion. Clove-scented. Forms immense 
compact tufts that are close and bushy 
and not lanky or weedy. Foliage a glau¬ 
cous green. Prolific bloomer during 
June, July and early August. Pink and 
white shades, as well as striped. Strong 
clumps, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

D. Allwoodi. An English novelty resem¬ 
bling a dwarf Carnation. A complete 
range of bright colors. Heavy tufts of 
blue foliage. Single flowers in profusion 
all summer up to November. Very fra¬ 
grant. 10 to 12 inches. Strong clumps, 
25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

D. Knappi. This is a unique Dianthus, as 
it is the only species which produces 
yellow flowers. Place it high in the rock 
garden as it loves a dry sunny spot. 
Slender stems are produced during July 
and August and bear clusters of small 
bright yellow blossoms. Rare and novel. 
Strong clumps, 35c each; 3 for $1.00. 

D., Sweet Wivelsfield. Extra large fringed 
flowers in a bright rainbow mixture. 
A new hybrid variety of Pinks. A cross 
between Carnation and Sweet William. 
Habit about the same as Sweet William, 
but it blooms all summer. Fine for bor¬ 
der, rockery or cutting. 15 to 18 inches. 
Strong plants, 20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

DICENTRA Eximia (Plumy Bleeding 
Heart). Dwarf, finely cut foliage, showy 
racemes of pretty drooping red hearts. 
A fine border plant and an indispensable 
rockery gem. Blooms from early until 
late fall. 15 to 18 inches. Strong clumps, 
25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

D. Spectabilis (Dielytra, Old-Fashioned 
true Bleeding Heart or Seal Flower). 
An old-fashioned favorite. The long 
racemes of graceful heart-shaped red 
flowers are always lovely in the June 
garden. At home in any part of the 
border and especially valuable for plant¬ 
ing in clumps. Will stand shade. Every 
garden merits this grandmother’s favor¬ 
ite. 18 to 24 inches. Heavy divisions, 
3 to 5 eyes, only 35c each; 3 for $1.00. 

DICTAMNUS Fraxinella caucasicus (Gas 
Plant or Fraxinella). An aristocrat for 
the perennial border. Forms a symmet¬ 
rical bush 2'/2 to 3 feet high. Fragrant 
glossy foliage. Heavy spikes of rosy 
pink flowers with deeper veins cover the 
plants during June and July. Likes an 
open sunny position. Will thrive on any 
soil, but does best in heavy, strong soil. 
Improves with age and likes to remain 
in a permanent location. Lives indefi¬ 
nitely. Extremely hardy. Unusual and 
striking. Fine for cutting. Heavy, 3- to 4- 
year plants, each only 40c; 3 for $1.10. 
Also 2-year, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

EREMURUS. The world’s most beauti¬ 
ful Lily. A new and rare supplement 
for the perennial garden. Attains a 
height of 5 to 6 feet with gigantic long 
and handsome spikes of bloom. In 
lemon, pink and white. 50c per 1- to 
2-year roots. A very rare plant. May 
and June. Also in orange shades. 

EUPHORBIA Polychroma (Spurge; Milk¬ 
wort). A compact, formal plant attain¬ 
ing a height of one foot. Forms a beau¬ 
tiful rounded clump covered with yellow 
flowers in May and June. One of the 
best yellows for rock garden or low bor¬ 
der. Strong clumps, 25c ea.; 5 for $1.10. 

GAILLARDIA, Burgundy (Blanket Flow¬ 
er ). The first of the all-red Gaillardias. 
Of European origination. A fine copper- 
red novelty. A colorful addition for the 
border, giving bloom the entire summer 
into November. Excellent for cutting. 
Likes sun. 2 to lYi feet. Strong plants, 
25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

GERANIUM Sanguineum (Crane’s Bill). 
A fine American native. Handsome, deep 
green laciniated foliage covered with 
bright crimson flowers all summer. 18 
inches high. Forms a compact plant; 
very showy. Strong plants, 25c each; 
5 for $1.10. 

GEUM (Avens). 

G. Coccineum, Mrs. Bradshaw. Bright 
scarlet double flowers on branching 18- 
inch stems, blooming from June well 
into August. 

G., Lady Stratheden. A new introduction 
of great merit. Rich double golden yel¬ 
low flowers on erect 18-inch stems. 
A counterpart of Mrs. Bradshaw. June- 

G. Atrosanguineum. Deep crimson. 2 ft. 
Profuse bloomer. Flowers single and 
semi-double. Very showy. June and 

The above, 20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

Strong plants. 

Old-Fashioned “Bleeding Heart” 
Should Grace Every Border 

[ 6 } 


^^NEMAPEG^S^^ Superior Perennials 

HELLEBORUS Niger (Lenten Rose or 
Christmas Rose). Excellent and rare 
plant for shady places. Gigantic white 
flowers often flushed with purple. Ever¬ 
green foliage. Blooms in February and 
March. 1 foot. Supply very limited! 
Strong blooming-size plants, 89c each. 


H. Flava (Lemon Lily). Sweet-scented, 
clear yellow, producing large, well¬ 
shaped Lilies on strong erect stems. 2j/2 
to 3 feet. Very hardy and will thrive 
under all conditions. The demand for 
this Lily is rapidly increasing as it is so 
striking and attractive in the garden. 
Flowers in June and stays in bloom for 
weeks. Excellent for cutting. Strong 
plants, 25c each; 5 for ^1.10. 

HEUCHERA (Coralbells; Alum Root). 

H. Sanguinea. Really one of the finest of 
our perennials. Resembling Lilies-of-the- 
Valley, the flowers of this variety are 
bright crimson-red and are borne on 
12- to 18-inch erect stems. Blooms from 
June to September. Attractive evergreen 
foliage. Fine in rockery and border. 
Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for ^1.10. 

H. Brizoides. Delicate sprays of bright 
pink bells rise gracefully from leathery 
tufts of foliage. Blooms in May and 
well into the summer. 12 to 18 inches. 
Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

H. Parviflora. Yellow. A rare variety and 
novelty. Beautiful sprays of yellow min¬ 
iature bells arising stiffly from the low 
beautiful evergreen foliage. Very un¬ 
usual. A desirable supplement for your 
rockery. Supply limited. Strong plants, 
30c each; 4 for $1.10. 

All Coralbells prefer an acid soil, if pos¬ 
sible. However, they seem to thrive 
equally well on sandy, heavy, sweet and 
acid soil, as well as shade or sun. A tre¬ 
mendously useful attractive perennial. 
Fine for cutting, too. 


HYPERICUM (St. John’s Wort). 

H. Fragile. A very pretty trailing alpine 
with light green foliage, retained during 
winter. During May and June the whole 
plant is filled with gorgeous star-shaped 
golden yellow flowers of good size. A 
most imposing show in the rockery. 
Grows only 6 to 8 inches. The ever¬ 
green foliage alone is a remarkable pic¬ 
ture. A dainty gem for the rockery. 
Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

INULA (Fleabane). 

I. Grandiflora (Golden Beauty). Large 
yellow flowers of striking beauty. Re¬ 
sembling large golden Daisies, the flow¬ 
ers are borne on strong, erect stems, 12 
to 18 inches. Blooms from June till 
August. A blessing in the border and 
invaluable as a cut flower. Strong plants, 
25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

IBERIS (Candytuft). A neat and compact 
evergreen dwarf. Covered with a sheet 
of pearly white flowers in early summer 
it becomes the “show” of its surround¬ 
ings. Fine for edging for beds or for 
your rockery. 8 inches tall. The plant 
resembles Daphne Cneorum a great deal. 
Strong plants, 20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

IRIS Kaempferi (Japanese Iris). The 
queen of them all. Large blooms 5 to 
6 inches in diameter, orchid-like in ap¬ 
pearance, borne on strong, upright 
stalks lYi to 3 feet tall. Blooms during 
late June and during July. A perfect 
mass of bloom unrivaled by any other 
perennial. The range of colors is most 
striking. Every shade beautiful. Jap¬ 
anese Iris are alluring in the border and 
welcome in the cutting garden. Makes 
a superb and splendid cut flower. Heavy 
plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 2-year, 
strong plants, blooming size, 10c each; 
12 for $1.10. 

“Japanese Iris” 

Are the “Tops.” Plant Them 

I. Pumila (Miniature Flag). Dwarf spring 
Iris. Extensive color range. 6 to 8 
inches. Blooms during April and May. 
Fine for the low border, rockery and 
pools. Large charming flowers. Strong 
plants, 20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

LAVANDULA (Lavender). 

L. Vera. This is the true sweet scented 
English lavender. Forms a compact 
blue-gray plant about 18 inches high. 
Delightfully fragrant. The showy blue 
flowers in July and August rise 8 to 10 
inches above the beautiful foliage. An 
old favorite that never grows old. Fine 
for the border and rockery. A plant 
every garden should have and know. 
Perpetually beautiful both summer and 
winter. Strong plants, 20c each; 6 for 
$ 1 . 10 . 

MERTENSIA Virginica 

JASIONE Perennis (Sheep’s Scabious). 
A fine border plant and an excellent 
rock gem. Resembles a dainty lavender- 
blue Scabiosa. Flowers during June and 
July. Makes a useful cut flower. Forms 
compact, grassy-like tufts, 8 to 10 in. 
Strong plants, each, 25c; 5 for $1.10. 

LINUM Flavum (Yellow Flax). Like its 
blue cousin a profuse bloomer. A fine 
variety with transparent yellow blossoms. 
Foliage is heavier than the blue. 12 
inches. Good for border and rockery. 
Strong plants, 20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

LINUM Flavum compactum nanum. An 
interesting new dwarf yellow flax. The 
compact 6-inch plants are a mass of 
glowing yellow. Thrives in full sun in 
the rock garden. New! Strong plants, 
25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

LOBELIA (Indian Paintbrush). 

L. Cardinalis (Cardinal Flower). Rich, fiery 
cardinal flowers often producing 4 to 6 
spikes 24 to 36 inches long. A vivid 
splash in the garden from July up to 
frost. Thrives anywhere. Will grow in 
wet places. A marvelous border plant. 
Strong plants, 20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

LYTHRUM (Purple Loosestrife). 

L. Superbum roseum. For the border and 
the cutting garden. Very showy rosy 
purple spikes 2 to 3 feet high, produced 
in great abundance all summer. Splen¬ 
did for banks of streams and ponds. 
Strong plants, 20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

MERTENSIA (Virginia Bluebells). 

M. Virginica. Drooping bells of light blue, 
changing to coral-pink in the spring. 
1 to feet. Blooms during May and 
June. Attractive foliage. Likes shade 
and moisture, but does well in full sun. 
One of our prettiest and most interest¬ 
ing native spring flowers. Fine for shady 
nooks in the rockery and border. Strong 
bulbous roots, 15c each; 8 for $1.10. 

MONARD.4 (Bee-balm; Bergamot; Os¬ 
wego Tea; Haremint). 

M. Didyma, Cambridge Scarlet. Brilliant 
crimson-scarlet flowers produced from 
June until August. Good plant for wild 
gardens, as well as border. Will thrive 
anywhere. 3 to 4 feet. Fragrant. Strong 
plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

Didyma Mixed. Same as the above, but 
in mixed colors. 20c each for strong 
plants; 6 for $1.10. 

M. Fistulosa. 4 to 5 feet. Pale purple blos¬ 
soms in midsummer. Very attractive. 
Strong plants, 20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

IRIS PUMILA, dwarf spring Iris, is one of the showiest of the early Iris and should be in every garden 

[ 7 ] 

^^NE)MAP£G^S’’ Superior Perennials 

PENTSTKMON—Beard Tongue 

OENOTHERA (Evening Primrose). 

O. Missouriensis. A rugged little dwarf. 
A low species with prostrate ascending 
branches, and a profuse bloomer. Single 
flowers 4 inches across. A fine lemon- 
yellow. In bloom from June until Au¬ 
gust. Fine for the rockery and border. 
6 to 8 inches. Strong plants, 25c each; 
5 for ^1.10. 

O. Youngi. A strong, stocky, large-leaved 
plant with firm, shiny foliage. Numer¬ 
ous bright lemon-yellow flowers on 
stems about 24 inches tall from June to 
August. A very fine border plant. 
Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for ^1.10. 

PARDANTHUS (Belamcanda; Blackber¬ 
ry Lily). 

P. Chinensis. A lovely old-fashioned 
flower for the hardy border. Orange- 
colored spotted black on 24-inch stems. 
The Lilies are borne in clusters. Seed 
pods resemble giant blackberries and are 
attractive. Thrives anywhere. Fine for 
bordering pools and in moist locations. 
Blooms during July and August. Strong 
plants, 15c each; 8 for ^1.10. 

PENTSTEMON (Beard Tongue). 

P. Barbatus Torreyi. Spikes 2 feet long of 
bright scarlet flowers from June till Au¬ 
gust. A very showy and hardy perennial 
for the border. Strong plants, 15c each; 
8 for $1.10. 

P. Grandiflorus. The largest flowered of 
them all. 3-foot spikes of huge pale blue 
flowers. Fine for cutting. Handsome 
silvery leaves. July, August. Strong 
clumps, 35c each; 3 for $1.00. 

P. Laevigatus digitalis. Snowy white fox¬ 
glove-like spikes produced in profusion 
all summer. 20 inches high. Fine for 
the garden. Also for naturalizing in the 
grass. Very hardy. Strong plants, 15c 
each; 8 for $1.10. 

P. Pubescens. A fine supplement for the 
border or rockery. A good wall plant. 
Likes hot, dry locations. Produces violet 
flowers shading to a flesh-pink on strong 
stems 24 inches high during July up to 
October. A valuable addition to the 
garden. Heavy clumps, 35c each; 3 for 
$ 1 . 00 . 

POLEMONIUM (Jacob’s Ladder or 
Greek Valerian). 

P. Reptans. Fine for the rockery or low 
border. Bright blue flowers in June. 
Very compact habit. Beautiful fernlike 
foliage. 10 inches. Strong plants, 25c 
each; 5 for $1.10. 

PHLOX Decussata (Hardy Phlox). A 
perennial superb in brilliance and fra¬ 
grance of bloom. From July to frost 
their beauty is the pride of the garden. 
Large pyramid-like trusses on erect, 
strong stalks. We list six fine varieties 
that will compete with any Phlox at any 

Beacon. Compact, round heads of cherry 
red. Very popular. 2-yr. plants, each, 

Miss Lingard. An early white with a faint 
pink eye. The most desirable white. 
2-yr. plants, each, 35c. 

Rheinlander. Rich salmon-pink, early. An 
old favorite, still among the best. 2-yr. 
plants, each, 25c. 

PRIMROSE, Munstcad’s Giant 

Feuerbrand. A fine large-flowered ver¬ 
milion-scarlet. 2-yr. plants, each, 25c. 

George Stipp. A beautiful glowing sal¬ 
mon. A new variety with large in¬ 
dividual blooms and clusters. 2-yr. 
plants, each, 25c. 

Rokoko. Clear, soft cattleya rose. Vig¬ 
orous grower. Unusually large flow¬ 
ers and trusses. 2-yr. plants, each, 

The entire “6” for ONLY $1.50. 

Here is a “NEMAPEG” Phlox Garden 

to be proud of. BRILLIANCE UN¬ 

PRIMROSES. Pert and saucy Alpines 
from distant lands. Lovely plants of 
gaudy colors. The treasures of your 
rock garden. 

P. Veris, Munstead Giant Exhibition. 

A wonderful new strain producing 
large flowers on strong, straight 
stems. Includes lilac, purple, violet, 
buff, orange, salmon, rich reds and 
yellows. 6 to 8 inches. Strong plants, 
20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

P., Barr’s Exhibition Reds. Selected from 
prize stock of rich crimson and scarlet. 
The finest we have ever seen. 6 to 8 
inches. Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for 
$ 1 . 10 . 

P. Polyantha (True English Bunch Prim¬ 
rose). Profuse bloomer, early spring and 
summer. Rainbow mixture. 4 to 6 in. 
Strong plants, 20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

P RIMROSES—Continued 

P. Elatior (Gold-Laced Primrose). Runs 
to unusual mottled bicolors such as crim¬ 
son and rose laced with gold, maroon- 
brown, crested with gold. Fine for un¬ 
usual effect. 4 to 6 inches. Strong 
plants, 20c each; 6 for $1.10. 

P. Vulgaris (The true Old English Cow¬ 
slip). Pure yellow flowers, slightly pen¬ 
dent on strong stems. Profuse and early 
bloomer. Very robust and hardy. 8 to 1{) 
inches. Strong plants, 20c each; 6 for 
$ 1 . 10 . 

POTENTILLA (Cinquefoil). 

P. Nepalensis. A semi-dwarf with hand¬ 
some strawberry-like evergreen foliage. 
Flowers are unusually large and a burnt- 
orange-red on slender much-branched 
stems. Fine for the border or rockery. 
12 to 18 inches. June and August. Very 
attractive. Heavy clumps, 25c each; 5 
for $1.10. 

PRUNELLA (Self Heal; Heal-All). 

P. Grandiflora. A very fine rock plant, 
producing round heads of violet or pur¬ 
ple flowers all summer. Succeeds in any 
soil. 8 to 10 inches. Strong plants, 20c 
each; 6 for $1.10. 

PYRETHRUM. Selected Double Painted 
Daisies. In a range of colors that in¬ 
clude deep crimson, bright scarlet, rose, 
pink, coral-pink, etc. Many will show 
full round heads, others are fluffy Carna¬ 
tion type, and some are crested like giant 
double Cosmos. A real beautiful and 
hardy perennial for the border or cut¬ 
ting. Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for 
$ 1 . 10 . 

PHLOX, Beacon 

SALVTA Farinacea, Blue Bedder. Long 
spikes of bright blue. Gray-green foli¬ 
age. Strong, robust grower. A great 
improvement over the ordinary half- 
hardy variety. Blue Bedder is a fine per¬ 
ennial and makes a handsome cut flower. 
lYl to 3 ft. July to September. Strong 
plants, each, 25c; 5 for $1.10. 

"Nemopeg^s” Superior Perenniols Are Needed In Every Undertaking Requiring Perennials Plants 

[ 8 ] 

“NEMAPEG’S” Superior Perennials 

SEMPERVIVUM (House Leek). 

S. Tectorum. Broad rosettes, the leaves 
having reddish brown tips. Flowers deep 
maroon and pale red. Fine for crevices 
in the wall or rock garden. Easy to 
grow. Blooms in July and August. 
Flower stalks about 10 to 12 inches. 
Foliage not higher than 2 to 3 inches. 
Forms dense clumps. The House Leek 
of our grandmothers' gardens. Strong 
plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

SIDALCEA (Greek Mallow). 

S., Rosy Gem Hybrids. Attractive, erect 
growing plants, resembling Delphinium. 
Producing spikes of showy bright rose- 
colored flowers during June and July. 
Excellent for the border and cutting gar¬ 
den. 2 to 3 feet high with a branching 
habit. Will thrive in any garden soil in 
a sunny spot. Strong plants, 25c each; 
5 for $1.10. 

SILENE (Catchfly or Campion). 

S. Schafta (Autumn Catchfly). A mass 
of bright pink from July to October. 
Grows only 4 to 6 inches high and is 
invaluable in the rockery or low bor¬ 
der. Semi-trailing habit. It forms dense 
foliage clusters, completely studded with 
showy, well shaped deep pink flowers. 
A real gem you can’t overlook. Strong 
plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

SPIREA (Goat’s Beard; Meadow Sweet). 

S. Filipendula hexapetala (Dropwort). At¬ 
tractive fernlike foliage. Numerous 
corymbs of white flowers on stems 15 
to 18 inches high. Blooms during June 
and July. Effective in the border. Ex¬ 
cellent cut flower. Strong plants, 25c 
each; 5 for $1.10. 

STACHYS (Woundwort). 

S. Lanata (Rabbit’s Ear). A good edging 
plant and pleasing supplement for the 
rockery. Thick, woolly gray leaves from 
which rise heavy flower spikes of light 
lilac-blue. Flower stalks 18 inches. Foli¬ 
age 4 to 6 inches. Blooms during June 
and July. Strong plants, 15c each; 8 for 
$ 1 . 10 . 

STATICE (Great Sea Lavender). 

S. Dumosa. Dwarf. Valuable plant for the 
rockery. The best of all the Statices. 
Produce large sprays of lavender flowers 

PyRETHRUM—Painted Daisy 

resembling Baby’s Breath. Can be dried 
and used for bouquets. When dried it 
becomes a clear silvery white. Very 
hardy. 12 to 18 inches. Blooms in July 
and August. Strong field-grown plants, 
25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

THERMOPSIS (Carolina Lupine). 

T. Caroliniana. A superb Lupine-like plant 
attaining 3 to 4 feet. Rich green foliage. 
The pealike flowers are produced in 
spikes 8 to 12 inches long. The general 
appearance is that of an enormous yel¬ 
low Lupin. Blooms in June and July. 
A fine perennial for the border. Makes 
a perfect cut flower. Strong plants, 25c 
each; 5 for $1.10. 

THYMUS (Thyme). 

T. Serpyllum coccineum. Only 2 inches 
high, this splendid plant forms a dense 
carpet of deep green completely cov¬ 
ered with brilliant crimson-scarlet flow¬ 
ers. Foliage fragrant. For crevices, walls, 
stepping stones, and the rockery. A 
“flowering rug” for the garden. Blooms 
in July and August. Evergreen foliage. 
Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

TROLLIUS (Globeflower). 

T. Ledebouri. A superb perennial exceed¬ 
ingly hardy and unusually beautiful. 
Resembles immense golden Buttercups. 
Flowers l '/2 to 2 inches across, borne 
on strong upright stalks 2 to 2|/2 feet 
tall. Fine for the border and cutting. 
Deep green finely cut foliage. A stately 
addition to other plants. Single and 
semi-double flowers, deep golden yellow. 
Blooms in June and July. A novel rarity. 
Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

VALERIANA Officinalis (Hardy Garden 
Heliotrope). Produces showy heads of 
rose-tinted white flowers during June 
and July, with delicious, strong helio¬ 
trope fragrance. 3 to 4 feet. Likes a 
moist spot. Fine for the border. A real 
cut flower. Strong plants, 25c each; 5 
for $1.10. 

VERBASCUM (Mullein). 

V. Phoeniceum, Nemapeg’s Hybrids. A 
fine and unusual plant for the border or 
rockery. Growing 18 inches high. 
Heavy deep green foliage. Graceful 
spikes in shades ranging from bronze, 
rose, pink, purple, lavender, brown and 
white. Blooms in June and July. 
Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 
Interesting and charming. 

VERONICA (Speedwell). 

V. Incana (Candida). A handsome white 
woolly plant. The numerous deep blue 
spikes contrast well with the silvery foli¬ 
age. Useful for edging paths and flower 
beds. A fine item for the rockery. June 
and July. 10 to 12 inches. Strong 
plants, 25c each; 5 for $1.10. 

V. Spicata rosea (“Nemapeg’s” New Pink 
Veronica). A newcomer to the veronica 
family. Like its blue cousin it produces 
heavy spikes on strong stems. Color 
varies from a light flesh-pink to a deep 
salmon. More compact than the blue 
and shorter in stature, thus eliminating 
rank and lank appearance. A good plant 
for the border or rockery. 15 to 18 
inches. A profuse bloomer from July 
till September. Strong plants, 25c each; 
5 for $1.10. 

V. Amethystina, Royal Blue. A low, com¬ 
pact, bushy speedwell with trailing 
branches. Very effective in the rockery 
and low border. Grows only 6 to 8 
inches. Beautiful spikes of rich gentian- 
blue. June and July flowering. Makes 
a solid mat. A robust and neat appear¬ 
ing plant. Strong plants, 25c each; 5 for 
$ 1 . 10 . 

"NemapegV' Pink Violets 

Again we have the good fortune of 
offering a limited number of plants of this 
great favorite. A mass of bloom during 
early spring, with a fair sprinkling of 
delicate scented violets during the entire 
summer. Large, pink blooms of great 
Strong plants, each, 20c; 6 for $1.10. 

TROLLIUS—Globe Flower 

QLJippil^^ perennials are shipped by Parcel Post whenever possible. 

jrllrrliNO I /W^ I Sometimes Railway Express is used. Plants are carefully 

wrapped in waxed moisture-retaining paper and packed in light, but strong, containers. They 
arrive as fresh as when dug. On orders for $1.00 to $2.00, add 15c for packing and postage. 
On orders for $2.00 to $5.00, add 25c. Orders for $5.00 or more sent POSTPAID. (These terms 
apply on perennial plants only.) POSITIVELY NO ORDER ACCEPTED FOR LESS THAN 
$ 1 . 00 . 

Gardens of “1940” will be the best of all times, when planted with NEMAPEG’S “SURE-TO- 
LIVE” Result-Satisfying Perennials. Every plant a monument of beauty. DELAY IS DAN¬ 
GEROUS. PLANT NOW—knowing that no time is better than the present. 

More than often we are called upon to select, what in our opinion, are the most desirable Novelty 
Perennials for the average flower lover. Of all the Novelties listed, the choice is small. They are 
all more than desirable. However, the collections on page 2 are complete gardens in themselves, 
and you can rely upon this selection to give you the “acme” of flower beauty. 

For descriptions, consult preceding pages. 



**NEMAPEG*S” OU 'lum 

ACHILLEA, The Pearl 

timers" that reserve for themselves places in everyone's garden. 
Plants of a truly great heritage. 

A wide selection of many very fine varieties. Old stand-bys, 
grandmother's favorites. ALWAYS IN DEMAND BECAUSE 

We offer here, strong 2- to 3-yeor, field-grown plonts, vigorous and full 
of ginger ond pep, for only 10c each. 

Yes, folks, only 10c each; 12 for $1.10; 48 for only $4.00. 

Could you purchase anything more beautiful for so small an amount? They 
live year after year . . . increasing beauty year after year. 


Your Choice—Pick Them Out! 

Any 12 plants in this superb list for only $1.10. Any 48 plants for only 
$4.00! And what a garden you can have for $4.00. 

Order early! Plant early! Perennials may be set from March to December. 

ADENOPHORA Liliifolia. A handsome peren- 
nial that’s in bloom from summer to fall. It 
produces large, belMike flowers, similar to the 
Campanula, on erect stems. Dark blue in color 
with handsome foliage. For the border, gar' 
den or rockery. Grows l'/ 2'2 feet. Likes sun 
but will also thrive in the shade. Strong, 2- 
year plants, 10c each. 

AGERATXJM Eupatorium, Blue. For a late falb 
blooming flower there is none that surpasses 
this fine plant. It blooms from August to No' 
vember and is densely covered with heads of 
deep blue flowers. Grows l|/ 2'2 feet and is 
wonderful for cutting. Makes a handsome 
border plant and is of very easy culture. Likes 
full sun. Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

ALYSSUM Saxatile 

ACHILLEA, The Pearl. Grows about 2 feet 
high and from spring to frost is covered 
with heads of double white flowers. Likes 

A. rubra. About lJ/2'2 feet and bears pink to 
red flowers in large heads from June to 
frost. Will thrive in shady locations. 

A. ageratum. Grows lJ/2'2 feet and bears in 
profusion on erect stems, golden yellow 
flowers of Milfoil type. Does equally well 
in sun or shade. 

Any of the above in strong, 2-year stock, 10c 

AGROSTEMMA (Mullein Pink). Strong, 
erect growing plants with silvery foliage. 
The crimson of the flowers blends well 
with the leaves. Blooms during June and 
July and attains lJ/ 2'2 feet. Likes sun but 
will thrive in semi-shade. Strong, 2-year 
plants, 10c each. 

ALYSSUM Saxatile compactum (Basket of 
Gold). A striking, low plant for the bor¬ 
der or the rockery. Early in the spring it 
is covered with bright orange-yellow flow¬ 
ers that are brilliant and colorful. Only 
10 c each. 

ANCHUSA (Italian Forget-me-not). Un¬ 
excelled for background effect in a border 
or garden. Attains 3 to 4 feet and pro¬ 
duces on strong, erect stalks, large, deep 
blue flowers of Forget-me-not description. 
These flowers have no centers but are one 
color of gorgeous blue. Blooms in May 
and June. Easy of culture and robust of 
growth. Likes sun but will thrive in semi¬ 
shade. Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

AQUILEGIA (Columbine). No garden is 
complete without them. The long-spurred 
types are beautiful. Every shade of color 
imaginable. The flowers are very lasting 
and are good for cutting. This plant likes 
sun hut can also be found in a semi-shady 
location. Attains 2 - 2'/2 feet and blooms 
during May, June and July. Our strain is 
one of the finest ever produced. Colum¬ 
bine is appropriate in both the border and 
garden, as well as the rockery. Strong, 
2 -year plants. 10c each. 

ANTHEMIS (Hardy Marguerite). Daisy¬ 
like golden yellow blossoms, from June to 
August. 2 feet high and good for cutting. 
Makes a showy border plant. Likes full 
sun. 2-year plants, 10c each. 

ASTER (Perennial Michaelmas Daisy). 
Mixed colors. Blooms freely during Sep¬ 
tember and October. Easily grown. Grows 
2 to 3 feet. Prefers shady locations. 
Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

BLUE SALVIA, Azurea. O ne of the best hardy blue Salvia grown. Easy to grow 
and thrives in any soil. Gives long spikes of blue flowers in August and September. 
A fine cut flower and an unexcelled addition to the border or garden. Grows 3 to 
4 feet and forms an elegant background. Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

CANTERBURY BELLS, Campanula (Cup-and-Saucer Type). A biennial of unsur¬ 
passed beauty. Bedecked with large cuplike flowers in June. Grows 2 to lYi feet. 
In pink, purple and white. Likes full sun and does best on well-drained soil. Good 
for cutting. A fine border plant. Strong plants, ready to bloom, 10c each. 

CENTAUREA Montana (Monstrous Cornflower). An improved variety that grows 
2 feet high, bearing deep blue flowers of good size from June to August. Wonderful 
for cutting. Thrives in any soil, prefers sun. Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

CHELONE. Beautiful perennial with long spikes of flowers, resembling Pentstemon, 
or miniature Snapdragons, but are borne on erect stems 2^2 to 3 feet high. In 
bloom constantly. Fine for background effect and cutting. Likes sun. Strong, 
2-year plants, 10c each. 

COREOPSIS. An old-fashioned flower that should be in every garden. Our strain is 
an improved double, golden yellow variety. A mass of flowers the entire summer. 
Grows 25/2 to 3 feet and likes plenty of sun. Easy of culture, robust of growth. 
Thrives anywhere. Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

BAPTISIA Australis (False Indigo). A 
charming perennial producing blue flow¬ 
ers of Sweet Pea-like form. Blooms in 
May and attains 2 to lYi feet. Likes sun. 
Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

BaPTISIA Australis 


**NEMAPEG*S** Old 

DELPHINIUM (Hardy Larkspur). A 
perennial whose charm and beauty is so 
pronounced that without it no perennial 
border or garden is complete. Stately 
spikes of well'shaped flowers borne on 
strong, erect stems. No perennial is 
better for cutting. Does best on good, 
rich soil well exposed to the sun. Of 
easy culture; very hardy. 

D., Belladonna. Light blue. Perfect flower 
spikes. Grows 4 to 5 feet. Strong, 
2-year plants, 10c each. 

D. Bellamosum. Dark blue. Straight stem. 
Grows 4 to 5 feet. Strong, 2-year plants, 
10c each. 

DIGITALIS (Foxglove). The beautiful 
and stately plants enhance the appear- 
ance of any garden. They attain a height 
of 4 to ? feet and provide a wonderful 
background for other perennials. The 
foliage is also a pretty deep green. You 
must have Foxgloves in your garden or 
else your collection is incomplete. Will 
thrive on ordinary soil; robust growers. 
Like full sun for best results. 

D., Giant Shirley. An improved strain of 
unusually strong, vigorous growth with 
spikes of enormous blooms, 4 to 5 feet 
in length. Come in pink, purple, and 
white. Biennial. Strong plants of bloom¬ 
ing size, 10c each. 

D. grandiflora. Light yellow. Same as the 
above with the exception that the foliage 
is narrower and heavier in texture. This 
is a real perennial and lives year after 
year. Very hardy. Strong, 2-year plants, 
10c each. 

ECHINOPS (Globe Thistle). Thistle-like 
foliage. Large round heads of flowers in 
the shape of perfect globes. Deep blue 
color and very attractive. Very showy 
if planted among large rocks or as a 
background for various foliage plants. 
Will grow on poorly drained soil and 
is a handsome perennial. Good for cut¬ 
ting. About 2J/2 to 3 feet. Strong, 2- 
year plants, 10c each. 



HOLLYHOCKS. Old favorite, always in 
demand. We offer the finest double 
varieties obtainable in yellow, pink, red, 
maroon, white, salmon and rose. Won¬ 
derful bloomers. Plant them along 
fences, under windows or for back¬ 
ground effect. Attains 5 to 6 feet. Will 
thrive on heavy soil. Strong, 2-year 
roots, 10c each. 

LATHYRUS (Perennial Sweet Pea). 
Showy, free-flowering, hardy perennial 
climbers for trellis, covering old stumps, 
fences, walls, etc. Bloom all summer and 
good for cutting. Mixed colors. Will 
grow any place not too dry. Strong, 
2-year plants, 10c each. 


All perennials are shipped by Parcel Post whenever possible. 
Sometimes Railway Express is used. Plants are carefully wrapped 
in waxed moisture-retaining paper and packed in light, but strong, 
containers. They arrive as fresh as when dug. On orders for $1.00 to $2.00, 
postage. On orders for $2.00 to $$.00, add 25c. Orders for 

terms apply on perennial plants only.) POSITIV'ELY NO ORDER ACCEPTED FOR LESS THAN 
$ 1 . 00 . 

That you place your order early so that you may receive the 
pick of our stock and benefit by early planting? You will be 
delighted with “NEMAPEG” quality Perennials that reach 
you in just as fresh a condition as when dug. Every plant 2 to 3 years old and a veteran of at least 
one blooming season in our nurseries. IF YOU DESIRE BEAUTIFUL GARDENS TURN TO 
“NEMAPEG.” Every customer a SATISFIED ONE! 

Modf We 


ERYNGIUM (Sea Holly). Very similar 
to Echinops with the exception that the 
flowers are smaller and not so perfectly 
formed. The foliage and flowers of this 
striking plant are both steel-blue in color 
and sparkle and glint with the sun. Does 
well in location near salt water and in 
sandy soil. Grows 3 feet tall. Strong, 
2-year plants, 10c each. 

GAILLARDIA (Blanket Flower). Large, 
blood-red and orange flowers of daisy¬ 
like formation, borne on strong stems 
about 2 to 2J^ feet long. One of the 
most satisfactory perennials for the bor¬ 
der or garden. Blooms the entire sum¬ 
mer. Wonderful for cutting. The flow¬ 
ers attain a diameter of 2|/2 inches and 
come in various formations. Easy to 
cultivate and will thrive on any soil. 
Likes plenty of sun. Strong, 2-year 
plants, 10c each. 

GYPSOPHILA (Baby’s Breath). A dainty 
perennial producing delicate white flow¬ 
ers. Fine for mixing with other flowers 
in cut bouquets. Grows 2 to 2j/2 feet. 
Of very easy culture and hardy habit. 
Likes sun. Strong, 2-year plants, 10c 

HELIOPSIS (Golden Daisy). A 
superb perennial for background 
effect. Grows 3 to 4 feet, bearing 
deep rich golden yellow flowers, 
two inches in diameter. Blooms 
all summer. Will thrive on any sc 
requires no care. A fine cut flower. Re¬ 
sembles greatly Doronicum. Strong, 2- 
year plants, 10c each. 

HIBISCUS (Giant Marshmallow). A 
lover of wet places. Produces flowers 8 
to 10 inches in diameer. Large color 
range. Blooms in late July till frost. 
Fine for a hedge or background. Grows 
5 to 6 feet high. 2-year plants, 10c each. 

Don't Gamble! 
Buy the Best! 




**NEMAPE6*S** Old ^aooMiei. 







LIATRIS (Blazing Star). A bulbous perennial 
with long spikes of purple and rosy purple 
flowers from July to September. Grows 5 feet 
tall, of which nearly 31/2 feet consists of the 
flower spike. A novel plant that attracts and 
commands attention. Very hardy. Will thrive 
on rather wet ground and in semi-shade. A 
background plant, effective in its display. 
Strong, 2-year bulbous roots, 10c each. 

LINUM Perenne (Blue Flax). A beautiful peren¬ 
nial of delicate foliage and pure blue flowers. 
A real border gem. Very adaptable for the 
rock garden as well. Grows lj /2 feet high and 
is simply covered with large, heavenly blue 
flowers of buttercup-like shape. Blooms almost 
the entire summer. Does well on any soil but 
seems to prefer that of sandy or light texture. 
Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

LYCHNIS (Rose Campion; Jerusalem Cross). 
Handsome, hardy perennials of easy culture. 
Will thrive anywhere. 

L. Chalcedonica. Deep red flowers borne on large 
heads similar to verbena. Good for cutting, 
the border or garden. 2 feet. 2 -year plants, 
10 c each. 

PENTSTEMON (Beard Tongue). A 
beautiful perennial plant, producing 
freely large spikes of handsome, tubular 
flowers in almost every shade and color. 
2 to 3 feet. Will thrive on any garden 
soil. Likes sun. Strong, 2-year plants, 
10 c each. 

PHLOX. The most appreciated of the 
perennials. It comes in bloom at a time 
when flowers are needed in the garden 
and keeps blooming until frost. Immense 
trusses of large flowers in all colors. Our 
stock comprises the best varieties grown 
and are all of medium height, about 2 to 
2j/2 feet. Phlox likes very heavy soil 
and plenty of manure. Strong, 2-year 
plants, 10c each. 

PLATYCODON (Japanese Balloon Flow¬ 
er). One of the best hardy perennials, 
bearing a profusion of large, dark blue, 
bell-shaped flowers the whole season. 
Fine for planting in borders or among 
shrubbery. Thrives in shade or sun. 
Grows 2 to 3 feet. Strong, 2-year plants, 
10 c each. 

ORIENTAL POPPIES. A brilliant mix¬ 
ture of scarlet-reds with large black 
blotches. May to June bloom. An “out¬ 
standing” addition to your garden gems. 
2 -year roots, 10c each. 

PYRETHRUM (Painted Daisy). Hand¬ 
some, hardy perennial plants for the her¬ 
baceous border; flowers showy and excel¬ 
lent for cutting. Mixed colors, pink and 
red predominating. Blooms during May 
and June and grows about 2 to 2'/2 feet. 
Thrives in any soil but prefers the sun¬ 
light. Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

RUDBECKIA (Coneflower). These thrive every¬ 
where, giving a wealth of bloom. Unsurpassed 
for the border and garden. Fine for cutting. 
2 J /2 to 3 feet. Prefer the sun but will grow in 

R. purpurea (Giant Purple Coneflower). Large, 
showy, reddish purple flowers with dark brown 
disc. Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

SHASTA DAISY (Alaska Daisy). Burbank’s 
origination. Extra large flowers of pure white 
on straight, erect stems, fine for cutting. Makes 
a dandy border plant. Thrives in any soil; 
needs little care but plenty of sun. 2 feet. 
Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

STATICE (Sea Lavender). Splendid hardy per¬ 
ennials, producing all summer panicles of small 
flowers, which can be dried and used for winter 
bouquets. Unexcelled for the border and rock¬ 
ery. Very easy to grow and will thrive in semi- 
shady locations. 

S, latifolia. Large, deep blue flowers. Grows lJ /2 
to 2 feet. 

S. incana. Pinkish blue. Dwarf. Height 1 foot. 
The above in strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

STOKESIA (Stokes’ Aster). Plants grow about 
18 to 24 inches, bearing freely from July to 
October handsome, Centaurea-like blossoms, 
each measuring from 3 to 4 inches in diameter 
and deep blue in color. One of the most de¬ 
sirable plants for the hardy border; fine for 
cutting. Thrive in common garden soil and 
will do quite well in semi-shady locations, but 
best flowers in full sunlight. Strong, 2-year 
plants. 10c each. 

SWEET WILI.IAM. One of the finest hardy 
garden plants; of easy culture, thriving in any 
good garden soil. Plants grow about lj /2 feet 
high and form fine clumps. Produces fine 
effects in beds and borders. Blooms June and 
July. Wants full sun. Mixed colors. Strong, 
2 -year plants, 10c each. 

TRITOMA (Torch Lily or Red Hot Poker). 
Large spikes of deep red and orange flowers 
borne on lily-like stems. Good for cutting. 
Fine for the border and around pools. Grows 
2 to 2 J /2 feet. Does well in sandy soil. Strong, 
2 -year plants, 10c each. 

VERONICA (Speedwell). An elegant hardy per¬ 
ennial of easy culture and free-flowering habit. 
Long spikes of blue flowers from July to Sep¬ 
tember. Resembles a miniature lilac. 

V. longifolia. Rich blue flowers, attaining 2 feet. 
V. spicata. Bright blue flowers. 18 inches. Fine 

for border and cutting. 

of these for only 10c. 

Strong, 2-year plants 

YUCCA (Adam’s Needle). A stately perennial 
with swordlike fob'age and tail-branched spikes 
of large, creamy white flowers during June and 
July. Attains 6 feet. Fine planted as single 
specimens or around pools. Will thrive on 
poor sandy soil. Will d6 well in the shade. 
Strong, 3-year plants, 10c each. Must be from 
3 to 4 years old before blooming. Foliage is 
retained during winter and looks attractive 
among evergreens. a : 


"Nemapeg" Is the Sure Road to Planting Success! 

[ 12 ] 

Qompiete QciAxle^^i 



Hardy perennials in fine unbeatable collections all ready for planting. Complete in color, beauty and blooming period. Selected 
for your convenience. 

Attain greater planting success by receiving your stock early. Don’t delay. 

All plants listed at 10c each may also be obtained in heavier field-grown clumps at 25c each or ^2.50 per dozen clumps. 



« Heavy 2-Year-Old Field- $^10 
Grown Plants for ONLY 

These Four Extra Super Collections, 48 plants in All, for ONLY ^4.00. 


2 Delphinium. Blue. 

2 Gaillardia. Red and orange. 

2 Gypsophila. White. 

2 Coreopsis. Yellow. 

2 Painted Daisies. Pink. 

2 Pentstemon. Mixed. 


2 Liatris. Rosy purple. 

2 Stokesia. Blue. 

2 Lychnis viscaria. Pink. 

2 Shasta Daisy. White. 

2 Heliopsis. Y ellow. 

2 Adenophora. Lavender. 


2 Anchusa italica. Blue. 

2 Achillea rubra. Cerise. 

2 Torch Lilies. Red and orange. 

2 Achillea, The Pearl. White. 

2 Foxglove grandiflora. Yellow, spotted. 
2 Echinacea. Purple. 


2 Veronica. Blue. 

2 Eupatorium. Blue. 

2 Garden Heliotrope. Pink and white. 
2 Lychnis chalcedonica. Red. 

2 Achillea ageratum. Yellow. 

2 Chrysanthemums. Yellow, white. 


M Heavy 2-Year-Old Field- 10 

Grown Plants for ONLY 

These Four Extra Super Collections 


2 Centaurea. Rich blue. 

2 Lobelia cardinalis. Red. 

2 Chrysanthemums. Yellow. 

2 Sweet William. Pink. 

2 Yucca. Creamy white. 

2 Rudbeckia. Purple. 


2 Platycodon. Blue. 

2 Achillea ageratum. Yellow. 

2 Phlox. Mixed. 

2 Chelone. Mixed. 

2 Chrysanthemums. Pink. 

2 Agrostemma. Crimson. 

If you are located nearby, drop in and see 
our nurseries. 

48 plants in All, for ONLY ^4.00. 


2 Baptisia. Blue. 

2 Heliopsis. Orange. 

2 Centaurea. Yellow. 

2 Columbine. Mixed. 

2 Foxgloves. Pink and purple. 

2 Phlox. Mixed. 


2 Canterbury Bells. Pink, white and blue. 
2 Linum (Blue Flax). 

2 Hollyhocks. All colors. 

2 Statice latifolia. Purple. 

2 Dianthus. Mixed. 

2 Achillea rubra. Pink and red. 

us. You are cordially invited to visit 

No Planning Necessary 
Here. You Are All Set 
to Plant! Do It NOW! 

Its Always 


' Down New Market Way 

{ 13 } 



for the Rockery 

/^iULd ^odcuf>! 

Building a rockery is one of the most fascinating of pastimes. 
It gives your artistic nature a chance to perform worth-while 
designs and ornamental layouts. Through your own genius 
a perfectly glorious spot of natural beauty is transplanted right 

This short list of rock plants is a supplement to the newer 
varieties to be found in the first pages of this catalog. Combine 
these old “STANDBYS” with some of the novelties and you 
will have the most delightful rock garden your heart could 

These rock plants cost you only 10c per plant, or 12 for 
$1.10, for strong, 2'year stock, worth many, many times as 
much. Also these plants are very easy to grow, requiring no 
special care or soil. YOU CAN BUILD QUITE A ROCK 

ALPINE ASTERS. Colorful plants attaining a height of 6 to 8 
inches and covered with exquisite blue flowers of aster-like 
proportions. Blooms from late May to early July. Strong, 
2 -year plants, 10c each. 

ARABIS (Alpine Rock Cress). One of the earliest of the rock 
plants. About 8 inches and is covered with an abundance of 
white flowers to late April. Compact and pretty foliage. 
Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 

ARMERIA Laucheana. Compact tufts of bright green covered 
with rose-colored flowers. Blooms profusely in May and 
June and continues to flower throughout the summer. Six 
inches. Strong, 2-year plants, 10c each. 


CERASTIUM Tomentosum (Snow-in-Summer). An attractive silver-gray creeper with a mass of 
white bloom during June. Retains its colorful foliage during the winter. Cerastium will thrive under 
trees and grow with great success on top of roots, walls, etc. Where grass will not grow, this hardy 
rock plant will. About 6 inches. Strong, 2-year plants, only 10c each. 

COLUMBINE (Aquilegia). Your rockery would be incomplete without several long-spurred 
Columbines to grace its existence. This perennial is very suitable for rockwork and its beautiful 
foliage and handsome flowers make an inspiring sight. It comes in every shade imaginable. Grows 
about lJ/2 to 2J/2 feet. Strong, 2-year plants, only 10c each. 

DIANTHUS Caesius (Rock Carnation). The true Cushion Pink. Little solid balls of spiky glaucous 
foliage. Pink flowers that attain a height of 6 to 8 inches. Very attractive. The flowers are clove- 
scented. Strong, 2-year plants, only 10c each. 

HELIANTHEMUM (Rock Rose). A dainty dwarf for the Alpine garden. Low-growing evergreen 
plant forming broad clumps covered with a mass of boom in pastel colors from pink to clear 
orange. July to September. Will do well on dry locations. Strong, 2-year 
plants, 10c each. 

LYCHNIS Viscaria. Fine tufted plant covered with deep red flowers during the summer months. 

The- deep green grass-like foliage is very showy in the rockery. About 12 inches. Strong, 2-ycar 
plants, only 10c each. 

NEPETA Mussini (Ground Ivy). A valuable everblooming dwarf rock plant producing light blue 
flowers; it creeps extensively. Has a pungent odor. Strong, 2-year plants, only 10c each. 

PHLOX Subulata (Ground or Moss Pink). Creeping or tufted species growing in broad mats on 
dry, rocky hills or sandy banks. An exclusive rock plant. It also does well in the border and 
can be used for edging or among larger plants, where it soon covers the ground. 

P. Rosea. Light pink. Strong, 2-year plants, only 10c each. 

S-^PONARIA. a creeping or trailing hardy rock plant, producing from May until August masses 
of deep pink flowers widely used in the rockery and trailing from wall. About 8 inches. Strong, 

2-year plants, only 10c each. 

STATICE (Sea Lavender). Unexcelled for rockery, producing all summer panicles of small flowers. 

S. ^tifolia. Heavy tufts of leathery foliage with large heads of pretty, small, purplish blue flowers. 

S. Incana. Pinkish blue; dwarf. Grows about 10 to 12 inches. 

The above in strong, 2-year plants, only 10c each. 

Saxifraga (Coat Flower). A dainty tufted plant with light pink flowers all summer. 

Forms a regular carpet. Invaluable for the rock garden. Strong, 2-year plants, only 10c each. 


SEDUM (Stonecrop). A class of plants particularly adapted for carpeting very dry sandy or 
rocky places in the sun. An invaluable rock gem. 

to 6 inches high. Native of Northern Asia. Flowers white with red centers. 
Thick, waxy, round foliage. 

S. Acre. Miniature tufts ol dull green. Small, golden flowers. 4 to 6 inches high. Like a 
moss. Fine for crevice work. 

A late bloomer. Reddish purple. Foliage turns red in fall. 6 to 8 inches. 
AJI Sedums in strong, 2-year plants, only 10c each. No rockery can be built without them. 

[ 14 ] 


WONDER PLANTS for the Rockery 


"Sometimes it is hard to get storted!" But not hard to start a 
garden with "NEMAPEG" high quality stock. 

So let's get together! 

Collection No. 1 

2 Nepeta. Light blue. 

2 Phlox Subulata. Pink. 

2 Alpine Asters. Blue and yellow. 

2 Arabis. White. 

2 Columbine. Mixed shades. 

2 Lychnis Viscaria. Reddish purple. 

in Collections 

12 Strong Plants 
for Only ^I.IO 

3 Complete 

36 plants $O.00 
for only ^ 

Collection No. 2 

2 Dianthus. Pink. 

2 English Primroses. Yellow. 

2 Armeria. Red. 

2 Sedum Album. White. 

2 Statice Incana. Pinkish blue. 

2 Sedum Acre. Yellow. 

Collection No. 3 

2 Sedum Spurium. Red. 

2 Statice Latifolia. Blue. 

2 Helianthemum. Mixed shades. 
2 Tunica. Pink. 

2 Cerastium. White. 

2 Saponaria. Creeping pink. 

(Rock plants listed at 10c each may also be obtained in 
heavier clumps at 25c each, or $2.50 for 12 clumps.) 

Plcuii ^o<lla4f- ^Ue Wcuf 

REMEMBER! The earlier you order the earlier 
you will plant and THE MORE FLOWERS 

SUi/p/fiUuf, ^Gcti 

All perennials are shipped by Parcel Post whenever 
possible. Sometimes Railway Express is used. Plants 
are carefully wrapped in waxed moisture^retaining paper 
and packed in light, but strong, containers. They arrive 
as fresh as when dug. On orders for $1.00 to $2.00, 
add 15c for packing and postage. On orders for $2.00 
to $5.00, add 25c. (Drders for $5.00 or more sent POST' 
PAID. (These terms apply on perennial plants only.) 
THAN $1.00. 


These prices are a SPUR TO BUYING! Send us your order, NOW! 
and have a ready'to^bloom rockery without delay! 

[ 15 } 



They have made FRIENDS everywhere. Acclaimed by all who have 
purchased them; they again lead the field. 

Chrysanthemums have no competitors in the garden. Essentially a fall 
flower, they bloom when most other plants have gone to rest. 

Their variation of bloom is most extensive and their color range a 
glorious riot. 

Easy to Grow! Robust Growers! Prolific Bloomers! 

A solid bed of them creates Autumnal Glory. A “FALL FLOWER 
SHOW! Sprinkle them liberally among evergreens and foundation shrubs 
for fall color and harmonious effect. 



Those Large Incurved Varieties, 5 to 7 inches Across 


UNAKA. Lavender. 

BRONZE UNAKA. Light bronze. 

GOLD LODE. Lemon-yellow. 

HILDA BERGEN. Red mahogany. 

CELESTRA. Deep yellow. 


INDIANOLA. Old gold streaked with red and bronze. 
SILVER SHEEN. A superb waxy white. 

MRS. KIDDER. Best, gleaming orange-yellow. 
GOLDEN WAVE. Golden yellow. 

PINK CHIEF. Deep pink. 

AMBASSADOR. Immense creamy white. 

MAJOR BOWES. Deep clear rose. 

KEYSTONE. Gigantic blooms, deep bronze. 

STATELY WHITE. Very large, snowy white. 


lO Strong 




A Garden without 
Is Incomplete 

No Chrysanthemum has been so much acclaimed as “Nemapeg’s.” To enjoy such a reputation a plant 
must have a background. 

Purchasers of “Nemapeg” chrysanthemums list the following reasons why they choose these plants; 

1. They are recognized as the outstanding hardy outdoor exhibition chrysanthemums of the day. 

2. They have won garden prizes and contests for the planter. 

3. They are true to name and color and guaranteed to bloom. 

4. They produce large, well-formed blooms, 5 to 7 inches across. 

3. They are reasonably priced for finest quality of strong plants. 


These Chrysanthemums will form a bush having 
anywhere from 10 to 20 stalks. They require the 
same soil as the exhibition types, but need not be 
disbudded. The more shoots and buds that are 
allowed to remain on these plants, the more flowers 
you will have. You can pinch the tops of the stalks 
of this Chrysanthemum and thereby increase the 
size of the plants and number of blooms. Makes a 
wonderful perennial garden or border plant and will 
furnish your table with adequate cut flowers. We 
offer the following well-known varieties that have 
withstood all tests for hardiness. 

.Alice Howell. Single bronze Daisy type. 

Maple Leaf. Red and yellow Anemone type. High, 
rounded cushion, 3|/2 inches in diameter. 

Ruth Gumming. Bronze. 

Iridescent. Pink suffused with gold and coral. 
Lillian Doty. Pink. 

White Doty. White. 

Bronze Doty. Bronze. 

Yellow Doty. Bright orange. 

Buckingham. Single pink Daisy type. 

Strong, well-rooted plants, 10 for only $1.40, 

Korean Chrysanthemums 

Same culture as Cluster Chrysanthemums. 

A rather new introduction into the ranks of fall beauty. Single daisy types. Strong 
growers, profuse bloomers and hardy beyond conception. One solid mass of bloom from 
early October till late November. Priceless in the border and most delightful for cutting. 

Four choice varieties selected by us as being among the best: 

DAPHNE. Salmon-pink. MARS. Red. Semi-double. 

CERES. Old gold. APOLLO. Bronze. Very lovely. 

Former prices as high as 73c each. Now, Nemapeg offers you 10 strong plants for only 
^1.40, postpaid! A worth-while saving! 

Thousands of satisfied customers point to Nemapeg ^ Really 

'Mums as the most satisfactory chrysanthemums obtain- Worth-While 

able. Join their ranks now! You’ll thank them! Collection! 




Culture of Exhibition “ ’Mums”' 

First, good soil. Add plenty of manure and 
fertilizer to your bed. Feed at least once a 
month after plants are established to get best 
results. Set plants 10 inches apart both ways. 
These plants will be single-stemmed stock when 
shipped to you in the spring. If you want to 
grow more than one flower on the plant, pinch 
the top out after the plant has become estab¬ 
lished. This will make it branch out. Now you 
can s;lect two or three stems, but no more than 
three if you want to get large flowers. Tie or 
stake these to keep the wind from whipping 
them around. All side growth that appears on 
these stems should be pinched off so that each 
of the two or three stems will have no side 
shoots. By the time the buds are set in the 
crown or top of each stem the stalks should be 
about 3 or 4 feet high. When the buds appear, 
select the center one, if it looks all right and 
pinch off the rest so that each stem has only one 
bud. Each stalk will then develop one large 
flower that should make your neighbors mighty 
envious. Cover the plants in the winter with 
straw, hay or leaves. Do not use manure as a 

[ 16 ] 


jL,GAilfia lieoMtu. 

Unusually heavy demands have made inroads on our usually very 
complete stocks. 

However, we are still fortunate in being able to offer the following various sizes in the USUAL 

It will be most advantageous to you to place your order at once. Prices are steadily rising for 
this type of material. 


Plant Evergreens For Permanency and Lasting Beauty. Plant “NEMAPEG QUALITY HOME- 
BEAUTIFIERS,” the Evergreens That Produce Results! 

No reason to deny yourself the pleasure of a well-landscaped home. 


75c each, 8 for ONLY $5.00. 


Golden Plume Cypress. 2|/2 feet. Soft and dense 
growth. Feathery foliage tinted a shining gold. 
A pyramid in form with a heavy base. 

Irish Juniper. 2'2|/2 feet. Tall and columnar with a 
bluish green cast. Fine wherever space is limited 
and tall evergreens needed. 

Silver Moss Cypress. 2j/2 feet. Mosslike foliage of 
a distinct silvery blue. Compact and heavy grower. 
May be sheared into any shape. 

American Arbor-Vitae. 2'/2 feet. A useful ever¬ 
green, almost necessary in every landscape group. 
Pyramidal in form. Soft, flexible, deep green foli¬ 

Japanese Yew. lTj /2 feet. Heavy, sheared and 
pruned. Rich, dark green foliage. Red berries. 

Retinospora Lutescens. Dwarf Japanese Golden 
Cypress. Feathery foliage, golden tinted. 12 to 
1 h inches high, compact, heavy plants. 

Andorra Juniper. Remains close to the ground. 
Gray-green in summer; reddish purple in winter. 
15/2 to 2 feet. 

Canada Hemlock. There is hardly any evergreen 
that can surpass it in gracefulness and beauty. 
It has regular conical form. Long, slender, grace¬ 
ful, pendulous branches. Dark green color. Very 
dense growing tree. 1 to l ]/2 feet. Prefers a deep, 
moist loamy soil. Likes the shade or full sun. 
Will grow well on any ground. Stands heavy 

Globe Arbor-Vitae. 1-1’/^ feet high. A dwarf globu¬ 
lar evergreen of dense growth. Compact round 
balls of light and dark green foliage. 

Swedish Juniper. 2-2p2 feet. Similar to the Irish 
Juniper, but of a wider column and heavier 
growth. Greenish blue foliage. Makes a solid 











Now Is the Best 
Time To Start 

All evergreens are dug and 
packed for successful transplant¬ 
ing. If a tree needs an earth- 
ball, it gets it. Let us take care 
of that part for you. All trees 
carefully handled. 

How to Plant 

Evergreens require but 
ordinary garden soil. A 
good coating of manure 
or fertilizer mixed with 
the soil before planting 
will greatly enhance 
their beauty and increase 
the yearly growth. Set 
the trees the same depth 
as they have been grow¬ 
ing in the nursery. For 
trees without ball of soil 
spread the roots out and 
downward. Press the soil 
firmly around the roots 
and then give the trees 
a good drink of water. 
No more watering is 
needed unless the weath¬ 
er should be very dry 
and arid. Evergreens 
can take care of them¬ 
selves with the bounti¬ 
ful aid of Mother Na¬ 

“Nemapeg” is a sure 
sign of “Success.” 

Every tree is a specimen. Weil-sheared tops and 
splendid roots. Will double their size and value in one 
season, if planted early. 

The “Flome Beautiful” is acquired by the use of 
“Nemapeg’s” thrifty evergreens. 

Successful evergreen plantings—by early ordering 
and early planting of “Nemapeg’s” vigorous, weather- 
tested, Jersey-grown stock. 





[ 17 ] 

J - 

Plant with 







>>_ r 










Per Cent 

"Nemapeg’s" Evergreens 

Ten Evergreens for ONLY ^3.50. 40c each. A very remarkable buy! > 
Husky specimens 1, \Yi and 2 feet. Priced unusually low for so high 
quality. Stock up with plenty of these. In a year’s time or so you will 
have some very valuable property. 

Moss Cypress. 

Irish Juniper. 

Caroui Juniper. Columnar. 

Japanese Red Pine. Fast grower, long needled. 

Japanese Cypress. 

Fraser Fir. The Balsam family. Flat needles. Pungent odor. 

Colorado Spruce. 

Greek Juniper. Pyramidal, compact. Blue color. 

Andorra Juniper. 

Any of these, 40c each. 

The Most Economical Way To Buy Is In Lots of 10. 

JUNIPER, Stricta 

10 husky Evergreens for only $3.50. 

TAXUS cuspidata 

NEMAPEG*S R.ocha'uf. 

lO for only ^2*00 

Miniature rock Evergreens of distinction. Husky little plants to grace 
your present rockery or to “start” the new one. Nice, welhdeveloped tops 
and wonderful roots. Shearing and pruning will keep them any size you 
desire. “Nemapeg” especially selected stock. 

Veitch Blue Moss Cypress. 

Juniper Horizontalis. Low creeper. 

Andorra Juniper. Compact spreader. 

Japanese Spurge. Creeping, green foliage. 

Taxus Cuspidata. Spreading Japanese Yew. 

Dwarf Golden Cypress. 

Juniperus Stricta. Spiny, pyramid of blue. 

All Evergreens Shipped by Express, 
Charges Collect. 

Rates Have Been Reduced 25%. 

25c each. Not less than four sold. “Nemapeg’s” Rockery Builders can 
be shipped by parcel post. Add 25c to the total of your order, for packing 
and postage. 

TAXUS Cuspidata Capitata 

(Upright Japanese Yew) 

We have only several hundred very fine specimens to offer in this choice Evergreen. 
These run 1 to IJ /2 feet high and 1 to l '/2 feet wide. Very compact indeed. 

These have been sheared repeatedly to attain a very bushy and solid appearance. 
They have a fine start for attaining that strictly pyramidal effect so becoming in upright 
Y ews. 

Order at least a pair of these superb plants. Upright Yew, 1 to feet, ^1.50 each; 
2 for ^2.75. Taxus is always green, hardy and disease-resistant. 

Readily described as the most ancient of trees and the most beautiful. Rich, dark 
green foliage. Red berries. Heavy, compact, dense growth. An evergreen character. 

"'Silue'i Has No Rival in the 
Evergreen Kingdom 


In a class by itself. Symmetrical and well balanced, from narrow tip to sweeping base. 
A sparkling blue with wide, soft needles that flash and play in the sunlight. A deep, 
pleasant pungent odor. A seldom seen tree, still rare. We have several hundred beau¬ 
tiful specimens ready for immediate planting. Only specimens 5 feet and over. 

Each ONLY $5.75, 2 for $11.00. 

(Regular value, ^10.00 each) 

Plant a SILVER FIR now! A valuable addition to your home. Shipped by Express, 
charges collect. 


[ 18 ] 


''NemapegV' Blue Spruce Has Made History. 
The Two Sizes Listed Are "Real Bargains." 


yei Q^icice^i4i 

The King 


Steely blue foliage, com' 
pact and handsome. The 
“Royal” Evergreen of Amer' 


An offering of superb spec- 

imens at less than half their value. Every tree “Nemapeg” finished with 
a birthright of beauty, vigor, and hardiness. 

Buy and plant now! Satisfaction will be yours! 

314-4 ft., each only $3.75; 2 for $6.50. (This size 
has a 3-ft. spread at base.) 

4-5 ft. trees, eoch only $4.75; pair $9.00. (This size 
has a 3- to 314-ft. spread at base.) 

The Best Hedge is an 


“When once its beauty you have seen, 

You’ll buy a hedge that’s evergreen.” 

We offer here the best two varieties of Evergreens for 
this purpose. These are strong little plants 10 to 12 inch 
well rooted, with good tops. Set them 1 to l)/2 feet apart 
for correct hedges. Do not trim the first year but every 
year thereafter. Keep compact and bushy. 

AMERICAN ARBOR-VITAE. Soft, flexible, deep green 
foliage. Fast grower and easily shaped into a very good 
hedge plant. 10 to 12 inch, well rooted at $10.00 per 
100; 25 at the 100 rate. 

CANADA HEMLOCK. Regular conical form. Long, 
slender, graceful pendulous branches. Dark green color, 
very dense grower, and thrives in almost any location, 
in the open or in the shade. Stands heavy shearing. 
10 to 12 in, well rooted at $10.00 per 100; 25 at the 
100 rate. 


Shipped by express, charges collect. 


CANADA HEMLOCK. 3 to 4 feet, heavy, sheared, dense 
trees. Each, ONLY $2.50. 

CAROLINA HEMLOCK. Resembles a Japanese Yew 
very much. 3 to 4 feet each, ONLY $2.25; 2 for $4.00. 
4 to 5 feet each, ONLY $3.50. 

Hemlocks are among the most beautiful of the Ever' 
greens. Can be sheared to any desired size. Fine for open 
and shady locations. Hardy and immune to pests and 

These are shipped by Express, charges collect. Rates reduced 25%. 






—the Best In "Evergreens" 

Taken from extensive blocks of Blue 
Spruce. Greenish blue in appearance, but 
having the characteristics of the Blue Spruce. 
Hundreds of fine trees that should be planted 
—now. Prices comforting! 

2 V 2 to 3 feet, each $1.65; 2 for $3.00. 
314 to 4 feet, each $2.55; 2 for $4.75. 

Shipped by Express, Charges Collect. 
Every Tree a Specimen. 

1940 Means the End of All Unsightly Grounds. 
The "Starting Point" Towards Finer Homes. 
Help Lead the Parade. 


[ 19 ] 

8 BIG 3-year-old SHRUBS 

for only $ 1.75 

Two to three feet and over in selected varieties of the famous Nemapeg “Sure to Grow 
quality. Strong tops, heavy roots. Easily transplanted. Vigorous growers. 

For Economical 

Nothing Can Surpass 






Shrubs Are Hardy—Easy To Grow! 

Fine For Hedges and Screens 

SYMPHORICARPOS Vulgaris (Coralberry or Indian Currant). 
A fine shrub producing in the fall a mass of purple berries that 
are very decorative. Each. 25c. 

FORSYTHIA (Golden Bell). A show in the early spring when the 
entire plant is covered with a mass of golden yellow bells. Foliage 
appears after the flowers and is a deep and glossy green; very 
showy. Each, 25c. 

WEIGELA Atnabilis. A beautiful shrub, producing in May and June 
a mass of rose-colored trumpet-shaped flowers. Handsome foliage. 
Each, 25c. 

SPIREA VAN HOUTTEI (Bridalwreath Spirea). Graceful, pendu¬ 
lous branches profusely covered with small, dainty white flowers 
in May. Each, 25c. 

HYDRANGEA PEE-GEE. The well-known white Hydrangea that 
turns a lovely red in the fall. Large, pointed pyramid-like blooms 
of immense size produced during July and August. Very showy 
and very hardy. 2-ft. plants, each, 25c. 

DEUTZIA, Pride of Rochester. A beautiful shrub that produces 
an abundance of double white flowers during June and July. 
A profuse bloomer. Each. 25c. 

HYPERICUM (Shrub St. Johnswort). A handsome plant of a 
semi-evergreen habit. Produces deep orange-yellow blooms, like 
stars, in July and August, and sometimes in September. Large, 
striking flowers. A mass of beauty. Long, narrow, dark green, 
glossy foliage; semi-evergreen. 3-year plants, 2 to 3 feet, 35c each. 

SYRINGA Coronarius (Mock Orange). Fragrant, white flowers 
in abundance during June. Each, 25c. 


FOR ONLY $1.75 Shipped by Express, charges collect. 

[ 20 ] 


Ornoment-al Dogwood Superb Magnolias 

Flowering Crabs French Lilacs 

Japanese Cherries, etc. 

Bring YOU the VERY BEST In '^BEAUTY DISPLAYr Every Item Exactly as Described. '^NEMAPEG'S'' 
Stock Is Thrifty and Healthy, as Well as THRIFTY TO BUY! Shipped Express, Charges Collect! 

BEAUTIFUL DOGWOOD. Pink and white. A lovely sight in May and 
June when in bloom with gorgeous pink and white flowers. Red fruits 
or berries in September. A handsome American tree. Strong, husky, 
well-branched trees, 3 to 3^^ feet, each, 79c; 2 for ^1.50. 

RED FLOWERING DOGWOOD. This tree is grafted and produces a 
mass of deep orange-red flowers in May and June. The red berries appear 
in September. A beautiful ornamental tree all summer and fall. In the 
fall the entire tree takes on a deep bronzy red appearance. Grafted trees, 

2 to 3 ft., each, ^1.50. 3 to 4 ft., each, ^2.50. 

double FLOWERING CRAB. A very showy tree, handsome in appear¬ 
ance. Grows 15 to 18 feet and is very compact. Each fragrant flower 
reminds one of a little pink Rose. Flowers followed by showy fruit in 
the fall. Blooms in May. m to 2 ft. grafted trees, each, ^1.50. 

WEEPING CHERRY. One of the most beautiful of ornamental trees. 
A medium grower with long, weeping branches that touch the ground. 
A mass of deep pink in early spring. Decorative the entire year around. 
Heavy trees, with weeping branches, 3 to 4 ft., each, ^2.00. 

JAPANESE CHERRY, Fugenzo. A beautiful ornamental tree, blooming 
late in the spring. Exquisite double pink flowers. Heavy trees, 3 to 4 ft., 
only ^2.00 each. 

Nemapeg’s NIkko Hydrangeas 

Heavy 3-yr. clumps, only ^1.00 each; 2 for ^1.75. 1-yr. plants, 2 for ^1.10. 

On sandy soils the color is a deep, vivid blue. On heavier soil the color 
may vary. Iron shavings or powdered alum will keep the flowers blue, if 
they should tend to be off-color. The bloom is very large and rotund in 
appearance. A mass of bloom in June till September. Very hardy. This 
Hydrangea is beautiful in any color. Likes fertile soil. Feed with bone 
shavings or bone meal. Any good fertilizer will produce results. Order 
several of these heavy clumps or plants. 

AMERICAN HOLLY. Well known by all of you, this tree is a picture 
of beauty. Beautiful, glossy green foliage, stiff and waxy. Erect growing 
with a dense, compact form. Certain trees will produce their great clus¬ 
ters of red berries in the fall, adding again to the magnificent beauty of 
this native ornamental. We offer strong trees, to 2 ft., balled and 
burlapped, for only ^1.50. 

JAPANESE HOLLY (Ilex Crenata). Thick, dark lustrous green kaves of 
variable size, never larger than a Privet. Forms a large, fine bush for 
permanent planting and does not object to shade. Black berries. Strong, 
heavy stock, 1 to Ijfi ft., only ^1.00. 

Genuine Hybrid French Lilacs 

Heavy grafted plants, 1 to 2 feet, well budded. In one season’s time you 

will have stock worth $1.50 to $2.00 each. r n • 

We offer these Lilacs at 85c each or 2 for ^1.50. In the following 


Chas. Joly. Double purplish red. 

Mme. Lemoine. Double white. 

Waldeck-Rousseau. Semi-double soft pink. 

“WHAT A BUY!” (By Express) 

MAGNOLIA (Magnolia soulangeana). “Saucer Magnolia.” This beau¬ 
tiful tree attains a height of 18 to 20 feet. In the spring the whole tree 
is a mass of deep pink flowers, spotted purple. These flowers are like 
immense Tulips and produce a show not soon forgotten. We otter this 
“beauty” in strong, 2- to 3-ft. trees at ^2.00 each. 

M., Glauca (Sweetbay Magnolia). A beautiful tree producing large, fra¬ 
grant white flowers in May and June. Very showy. Dark, glossy green 
foliage. Will thrive in moist locations. A good bloomer even when very 
small. 4 to 5 ft., only ^1.75 each. 

RED-LEAVED JAPANESE MAPLES. Fine lawn specimens Beautiful, 
dark purple-red foliage; admired wherever seen. Plant in full sunlight 
to get best results. These trees are grafted and are true red and wdl re- 
main so. Strong, heavy and well-branched trees, 2^^ to 3 feet, only ^3.50 
each; 2 for ^6.50. (Shipped by Express, charges collect.) 

ENGLISH rVY (Hedera Helix). The most popular of all the Ivies. Very 
hardy and useful for ground covers, for the rockery or for covering walls. 
Forms a solid mat. Evergreen the year around. We offer 8 strong plants 
for only ^1.25, postpaid. 


PACHYSANDRA Tertninalis (Japanese Spurge). An 
evergreen ground cover for unsightly bare spots un¬ 
der trees, along walks and as underplantings for Ever¬ 
greens. Grows 6 to 9 inches and forms a regular 
carpet of vivid green all the year around. 15 heavy 
field-grown plants for only ^1.10, POSTPAID! 
Pachysandra thrives best in shade or semi-shade. Does 
well on very poor soils. A tough and hardy plant for 
tough locations, but it’s perpetually beautiful. In lots 
of 100 plants at ^5.50, plus 25c for packing and postage. 
Twice as heavy plants at ^8.00 per 100, plus 35c for 
packing and postage. 

Pachysandra has made show places out of hitherto 
unsightly spots where nothing else will grow. This is 
Pachysandra time. Secure yours now! 


Daphne Cneorum 

Is a Plant That You Will Want Several Of! 

DAPHNE Cneorum (Garland Flower). No low-grow¬ 
ing plant has been more acclaimed nor received with 
greater enthusiasm than Daphne. It’s a low, bushy 
and compact-spreading shrub, unexcelled for rock 
work and edging of borders and pools. Large clusters 
of deep pink, fragrant flowers in May and July. Sec¬ 
ond crop during September and October. Nothing 
could be much prettier. 6- to 8-inch spread, each, 
^1.25; 2 for ^2.00. 8- to 10-inch spread, each, ^1.50; 
2 for ^2.65. Shipped by Express, charges collect. 

JAPANESE SNOWBALL (Viburnum tomentosum 
plicatum). A very dense growing and showy shrub. 
Firm, round snow-white blooms tightly hugging the 
branches. Blooms in June and July. Heavy plants, 
m to 2 ft., each, 65c; 2 for ^1.25, by Express. 

SALIX NIOBE (Russian Weeping Willow). Makes a 
handsome lawn specimen. Light yellow wood, sweep¬ 
ing pendulous branches. We offer trees 2 to 3 ft., 
each, 79c; 2 for ^1,50. (Shipped by Express. By 
Parcel Post add 25c to order.) Supply limited. 

Japanese Flowering 

Scarlet-red flowers, glossy foliage. Blooms during late 
April and during May. These are grown from cuttings, 
the only way that you may be assured of the deep red 
variety. Strong shrubs, 18 to 24 in., 50c each; 3 for 
^1.25, by Express. 

You will find it more than profitable to buy the “Nemapeg Way.” We want you to have the “Best” money can buy. Should you 

be at a loss what to plant, consult us. 

[ 21 ] 

^^Qei yo44A Btant Oit" 

Nemapeg*s Dollar Mart 

Superb Offerings Not Exceeding $1.00. The old saying, “You 
get only what you pay for,’' is on its way out. “NEMAPEG’S 
Mecca of Values changes that to, “PAY LESS! GET MORE!” 

A true statement! Here is plant material well worth having. 
High quality. Splendid selection. The low price of $1.00. It’s 
all you need. 


(The Wise Gardener Knows) 


CHOICE HYBRID FRENCH LILACS. MI /2 feet, grafted on 
privet understock. Blooming size. In choice mixture of reds, 
purples, whites and pinks. 3 plants for ONLY ^1.00. (By 
parcel post, add 25c). 

CHINESE LILACS. Bush form. A dense shrub, almost shrouded 
with fragrant purple lilacs. Early bloomer. Strong plants, 2-3 
feet, 3 for ^1.00. (By parcel post, add 25c). 

AZALEA^ CALENDULACEA. The much heralded “Flame 
Azalea.” Large heads of burnt-orange and red blooms during 
June and July. Deciduous. Likes sun or shade. Acid soil. 
Strong little clumps 1-1^4 feet, 3 for ^1.00. (By parcel post, 
add 15c). 

A. nudiilora. (“Pinxterbloom.”) American Azalea producing 
lovely shell-pink flowers of large size. Also deciduous. May 
and June. Same culture as the Flame Azalea. Strong little 
clumps 1-1feet, 3 for ^1.00. (By parcel post, add 15c). 

DOUBLE FLOWERING ALMOND. A beautiful shrub with 
clusters of deep pink flowers along the branches during early 
spring. We offer grafted plants on peach understock, many 
ready to bloom, this year. Strong stock 1-1feet, 3 for $1.00. 
(By parcel post, add 15c). Double Almonds are choice plants. 

BEAUTIFUL DOGWOOD. Pink and white. A lovely sight in 
May and June when in bloom with gorgeous pink and white 
flowers. Red fruits or berries in September. A handsome 
American tree. Strong, husky well branched trees 2-3 feet, 
2 for ONLY $1.00. (By parcel post, add 25c). 

CHOICE HYBRID JAPANESE IRIS. Rainbow mixture of new 
shades and colors. Immense orchid-like blooms during late 
June and early July. A fine, hardy plant that should be in 
every garden. 12 strong plants for ONLY $1.00. (By parcel 
post, add 15c). 

BELAMCANDA LILIES. Choice items for border or pool. 
Orange colored lilies, spotted a chocolate brown are borne in 
clusters on strong erect stems. July and August. 12 strong 
plants for ONLY $1.00. (By parcel post, add 15c.) 

ENGLISH COWSLIP (Primula Vulgaris). An old favorite in 
gardens everywhere. Fine for the rockery and the low border. 
Early spring bloomer. Grows 10 inches. Produces pendent 
flowers of a golden yellow that grace the plant for over 6 weeks. 
Usually retailing for 25c each, we offer here strong, trans¬ 
planted stock. 10 strong plants for ONLY $1.00. (By parcel 
post, add 15c). 

ment of mixed colors and good varieties. Indispensable for the 
fall flower garden as a border supplement and for cutting. 10 
strong plants for $1.00. (By parcel post, add 15c). 

panese Balloon Flow¬ 
er). Pretty peren¬ 
nial producing large 
bell-shaped blue 
flowers on strong 
stalks. Makes a splen¬ 
did cut flower. From 
July till October it is 
a mass of bloom. No 
plant excels it in 
hardiness. 15 strong 
plants for ONLY 
$1.00. (By parcel 
post, add 15c). 

bine). This plant is 
appropriate in both 
the border and gar¬ 
den, as well as the rockery. Likes sun, but will also thrive in 
semi-shady spots. The pendent bell variety, as well as the 
newer long spurred types, are beautiful. Every shade of color 
imaginable. Blooms during April up to late June. 15 strong 
plants for ONLY $1.00. (By parcel post, add 15c). 

CASSIA MARILANDICA (Indian Senna). Racemes of showy 
orange-yellow flowers during July and August, as well as Sep¬ 
tember. Striking pinnate foliage. A fine border or “back¬ 
ground” plant of the easiest culture. 4-5 feet. “Marilandica” 
is the best for your garden. 12 strong plants for ONLY $1.00. 
(By parcel post, add 15c). 

PACHYSANDA Terminalis (Japanese Spurge). An evergreen 
ground cover for unsightly bare spots under trees, along walks 
and as underplantings for evergreens. Grows 6 to 9 inches and 
forms a regular carpet of vivid green all the year around. 15 
heavy field-grown plants for only $1.00. (Add 15c for postage.) 

PIERIS JAPONICA. (Japanese Andromeda). A neat evergreen 
broad-leaved plant, which develops into a handsome clump. 
Glossy green foliage. White flowers. We offer a small size 
fine for rock work or growing on. 6 to 8 inch, stocky, 3 plants 
for $1.00. (By parcel post, add 15c). 

ILEX OPACA. The well-known American Holly, with glossy 
spiny leaves and red berries. Makes a beautiful ornamental tree. 
We offer stocky, little trees 1-1J 2 feet, 2 for ONLY $1.00. 
(Add 15c for packing, by parcel post). 

ILEX CRENATA (Japanese Holly). A fine plant with small 
glossy evergreen leaves. Black berries. Fine for borders or the 
rock garden. Stocky little plants from cuttings. 8 to 10 inches, 
4 for $1.00. (By parcel post, add 15c). 

[ 22 ] 

^^NEMAPEG’S** and Reiter 

A^dsJjecA, gjiA 

Azaleas are and always have been the joy of every gardener. Their gorgeous beauty, in late spring, cannot be painted in words. 
It is a “breath-taking” sight. 

The plants have a sturdy construction, well able to withstand severe weather. Grow compact and bushy and keep very neat, by 
judicious pruning and trimming. 

"NEMAPEG'S'' Finer Azaleas Bring You the Most Joy and Beauty 

AZALEA Hinodegiri. (The choice Red Japanese Evergreen 
Azalea.) The well-known brilliant red blooming sort. A com¬ 
pact growth of glossy, rounded evergreen foliage. A mass of 
flaming red. Heavy well-formed budded plants as follows: 
6-inch spread, each, 87c; 2 for ^1.59. 6- to S-inch spread, each, 
^1.25; 2 for ^2.00. 

A. Mollis (Chinese Azalea). Deciduous and very hardy. The 
flowers appear in May before the leaves unfold. Individual 
flowers 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Borne in great clusters. 
Shades of deep orange, as well as salmon and flame. Will stand 
full sun. Strong, well-budded plants, each, only 87c; 2 for 

A. Schlippenbachi (Chinese Royal Azalea). One of the finest. 
A deciduous plant producing flowers of large size. Each flower 
nearly 3 inches across. Each stem carries as many as 8 to 10 
flowers in one cluster. A beautiful pale rose. Large foliage, 
a deep green, tinted bronze. In heavy 6-year-old budded plants, 
each, only ^2.00. This is a rare variety. 

A. Nudiflora (Pinxterbloom). Also deciduous, the flowers ap¬ 
pearing before the leaves, in most cases. The coral-pink flowers 
appear in clusters in May and June. A profuse bloomer and 
very hardy. Strong clumps, 1 to 1^2 ft., each, ^1.00. A fair 
amount of buds on each plant. 

AZALEA Calendulacea (“American Flame 
Azalea”). Always in demand. Same habit as 
the Nudiflora with the exception that it blooms 
after the leaves are set. Produces immense 
clusters of bloom in June and July. A deep or¬ 
ange, suffused with lemon and salmon. A very, 
very beautiful Azalea. Strong clumps, 1J4-2 
feet, well budded, each, ONLY ^1.00. 

PIERIS Mariana (Andromeda). Unlike the 
American and Japanese mountain varieties, this 
Pieris is not evergreen. It forms a very com¬ 
pact clump, with slender, upright branches that 
are erect and strong. The flowers are good- 
sized cups in sprays between the branches. A 
beautiful white touched with a delicate pink. 
Has beautiful, glossy green foliage, which 
turns reddish bronze in the fall. A rare gem 
that you will not find in very many gardens. 
Thrives well in the open, as well as the shade. 
Strong clumps 15-18 in., each, ONLY ^1.00. 
Shipped, by express, charges collect. 

by express, charges collect. 



THEIR CARE: Rhododendrons 
and Azaleas prefer a shady location. 
They will thrive in semi-sun, but do 
not do so well in full sunlight. They 
require, for best growth, a soil hav¬ 
ing an acid reaction. This acidity 
may be had by adding to your soil 
either humus, leaf mold or peat 
moss. About two-thirds of this ma¬ 
terial to one-third soil. Never lime. 
Mulch with 2 to 3 inches of any of 
the three mentioned above, for re¬ 
taining moisture and acidity around 
the plants. YOU WILL HAVE 

Rhododendrons and Azaleas are 
shipped by express, charges collect. 
Rates have been reduced 25%. 

All Azaleas shipped 

Better Rhododendrons 


Their bloom and foliage is incomparable. Lovers of shade, they thrive 
equally well in the open on moist, well-drained ground. Rhododendrons may 
well be described as “Flowering Evergreens.” Their broad-leaved foliage is 
evergreen. Their clusters of flowers are beyond description. Large clusters 
measuring from 4 to 6 inches in diameter in rich colors. 

If price has hitherto deprived you of the glory of these plants, they are now 
yours for the asking. Nemapeg brings you MORE QUALITY FOR LESS 

Absolutely the Finest in Rhododendrons! Hybrids are improved plants both 
in growth and bloom. The only types wherein you may obtain those deep 
lavenders and dark brick-reds. Usually having commanded a high price in the 
markets, Nemapeg offers you the following Hybrid Rhododendrons in a mix¬ 
ture of deep lavenders and brick-reds. These are not labeled separately: 

Selected Nemapeg Hybrids. l-lJ^-2 ft. Many budded. $1.29 each; 3 for 

these choice plants in heavy I-II /2 ft. plants, well branched and HEAVILY 
BUDDED! Each, ONLY $2.00. You will pay as high as $4.00 to $5.00 
dollars for these elsewhere. REMEMBER THESE WILL ALL BLOOM 
FOR YOU THIS SUMMER! Mrs. C. S. Sargent. Deep pink. 

Dr. Dresselhuys. Aniline-red. Album Grandiflorum. White. 

Mrs. P. den Ouden. Bright red. Catawbiense Grandiflorum. Dark lavender. 

CHOICE AMERICAN TYPE RHODODENDRONS. A limited supply in the following 

Maximum. Pink and white. Running 1-1 Vi feet. 

Catawbiense. Reddish purple. 3 Rhododendrons shipped by express, 

Carolinianum. Salmon-pink. » lOl charges collect. 

AZALEA Mollis 



^^0 ^w4Ajienin(i 

A4i4i44xUiol Me^ 

For beauty and profusion of bloom all summer long nothing excels Annuals. 
A constant array of flowers from June until frost. Never a “lePup” or a resting 
period. They live only one season and actually bloom themselves to death. 

Easy to grow! Most inexpensive of all garden items! Always delightful to 
the eye and so gay in color and variety. 


A word about “NEMAPEG’S” ANNUALS: 

Each variety grown from selected seed. 

All mixtures contain many colors. 

Every mixture from individual colors blended together to form a perfectly 
balanced color scheme. 

No cheap or inferior mixed seed collections used. Only best known varieties 
go into Nemapeg’s Annuals of Merit. 

Grown in cool houses and frames, these Annuals are shipped from April 15 
to July 1. All plants graded with utmost care and packed to arrive in A-No. 1 
plantable condition. YOU GET THE BEST FOR SO LITTLE MONEY! 

NEW DOUBLE PETUNIA “Victorious.” A glorious “Victory” mixture of rainbow colors. 
Double and free-flowering. Dwarf in habit. Fancy and brilliant colorings. Fringed, curly 
petals. IT’S GOT EVERYTHING! The finest double petunia we’ve ever seen. 20 plants 
for ^1.00. 

PETUNIA, Rosy Morn. The most popular bedding petunia. Dwarf bushy plants with bril¬ 
liant rose-colored flowers with white throat. Always in bloom. 35 plants for ^1.00. 

BALCONY PETUNIAS. Dwarf. Mixed colors. Single flowers. 35 plants for $1.00. 

NOVELTY ASTERS, American Beauty. Large incurved blooms borne on stout stems 18 to 
24 inches in length. All colors. 50 strong plants only $1.00. 

NOVELTY STOCKS. In a fine rainbow mixture of colors. Wonderful cut flower. Profuse 
bloomer. 40 plants for $1.00. 

DIMORPHOTHECA (African Daisy). Mixed colors. Plenty of orange and yellow. Splendid 
for cutting. Grows 12 to 15 inches. 50 plants for $1.00. 

ENGLISH WALLFLOWERS. Beautiful cut flowers, very highly perfumed. Resemble stocks. 
Heavy, gray-green foliage. Half-hardy perennials. A fine mixture of bronze, yellow and 
orange. 50 plants for $1.00. 


On orders for $1.00 to $2.00 odd 15c 
for packing. On orders for $2.00 to 
$5.00 odd 25c. Orders for $5.00 sent 
postpaid. This applies only on Annuals, 

Rock Plants and Perennials, except 
where noted. 


ZINNIAS, California Dahlia-Flowered. Immense flowers on 
straight, heavy stems. Every color imaginable. Profuse 
bloomers until frost. 40 plants for $1.00. 

SALVIA (Red or Scarlet Sage). An annual that gives a big 
splash of color. Blooms until frost. Ours is the best strain. 
35 plants for $1.00. 

BLUE SALVIA. A fine annual for the cut-flower garden. Long 
spikes of sky-blue. Deep grey-green foliage. A robust grower. 
YOU NEED THEM. 35 plants for $1.00. 

SCABIOSA (Mourning Bride). Magnificent annuals of easy 
culture; invaluable for cutting; also excellent for beds or bor¬ 
ders. Choice mixed double varieties. 40 plants for only $1.00. 


SNAPDRAGONS, Novelty Mixture. 6 beautiful colors. New¬ 
est creations in giant blooms. All summer until late in fall. 50 strong plants 
only $1.00. “NEMAPEG” Snapdragons are famous wherever known. 

NEW ANNUAL CANTERBURY BELLS. A beautiful addition to the summer 
garden. 2^21/2 feet with large heads of immense bells. Each plant will produce 
4'6 stalks. In a choice mixture of pink, blue and white. 25 plants ONLY ^1.00. 

AFRICAN MARIGOLD, “Guinea Gold.” Still the most popular cutting sort. A 
of very large double flowers. Also it does not have the objection' 
able well known Marigold odor. This variety is one of the best for outdoor 
summer planting. It blooms early and always stays in bloom. None of the 
newer types seem to do that. 35 strong plants for ONLY $1.00. 

Plants for Only r\C\ 

\ garden full of bloom) 

Not less than 20 of each variety! 

Here is YOUR choice: 

Aster, American Beauty 
Novelty Stocks 
English Wallflowers 

Red Salvia 
Blue Salvia 

African Marigold, “Guinea Gold” 

(Select any 5 varieties of the above in lots of 20 each. The 
whole hundred plants for ONLY $2.00). 



rieuj nriflRKCT PcRenniRi 




August S. Hoffer 

Proprietor and Gen. Mgr. 

NEW MARKET, New Jersey