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: !i 

MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director-Comptroller ! 

THROUGH : Chairman, Intelligence Information jl 

Handling Committee i ! 

Acting Deputy Director for Support 
Deputy Director for Plans 

SUBJECT : Protection of Classified Documents jj 


REFERENCE : Memorandum from Deputy Director 

for Plans to Executive Director- 

Comptroller dated 7 July 1971, J 

same subject j 

1. This memorandum contains a recommendation for your ; 

approval; such recommendation is contained in paragraph 5. s 

2, Mr. Thomas H. Karames sines ', Deputy Director for Plans, 

suggestion, as outlined in reference, to explore stiffening requirements | 

relative to contractor clearances, need-to-know, storage facilities, and ! 

maintenance of bigot lists is well taken. At the present time, an overall 
security review of the number of Top Secret and compartmented clearances 

is being conducted within the Office of Security, both as they pertain to those 
clearances held by Agency employees and by contractors and consultants. 

The intent is to reduce the number of clearances, utilizing strict need-to- 
know criteria. The problem of storage facilities and the maintenance of 
bigot lists vis-a-vis contractor facilities is being examined by a Working 
Group composed of security professionals of the Office of Security. 

Approved For Release 200 



downgrading and 

W001 00080004-4 

Approved Forf j ^e je ase 2004/1 



-RDP79MOOO9840OO1 00080004-4 

3. Mr, Karames sines 1 suggestion to also initiate a current review 
of the practice of permitting Clandestine Service reports to be passed on 
to contractors has been discussed with CIA members of the Support Staff 
of the Intelligence Information Handling Committee (IHC). It appears that 
through the years there has been a continuous, concerted hffort to release 
fewer and fewer Clandestine Service reports to member departments and 
agencies of the intelligence community and to place greater controls on 
their release with the intent to reduce the number ultimately reaching 
contractors. The IHC Support Staff also notes that attempts by certain 
USIB member agencies and departments to permit su ch contractors as 

I to have access to a 

greater share of the documents of the intelligence community has con- 
sistently been resisted. 

4. The discussion with the IHC Support Staff also noted that as a 
result of Mr. Karamessines 1 concern in 1969 over the number of Clan- 
destine Service reports being passed on to contractors, the USIB Policv 
on Release of Intelligence to Contractors (USIB-D-39. 5/19, dated 26 Au- 
gust 1963) was revised and strengthened, resulting in the present USIB 
document,. USIB-D-71. 8/2, dated 2 April 1970. The Chairman, IHC is 
willing to initiate another review of the policy paper on release to con- 
tractors, but lac ks the necessary guidelines for such a review. Mr. 

FI Staff, is thoroughly familiar with the USIB policy 

paper on information release to contractors and should be able to set 
forth those areas of concern which the DD/P would like to see revised 
and strengthened. 

5. As a result of the discussions outlined above, it is recom- 
mended that the Deputy Director for Plans, or his designee identify 
those areas of concern in the USIB Policy Paper on Information 
Release to Co ntractors (USIB-D-71. 8/2, dated 2 April 1970) which 
he would like the IHC to address. 

Approved For Release 2004/01/16 : CIA-RDP79M00096A0001 00080004-4 

Approved For S^eje ase 2004/01/4 

DP79MOOO9040OO1 00080004-4 


SUBJECT: Protection of Classified Documents 





Chairman, Intelligence Information 
Handling Committee 

Thomas H, Karamessines 
Deputy Director 
for Plans 

Robert S. Wattles 
Acting Deputy Director 
for Support 

vloJl. 1) 
Date ^ 


The recommendation contained in paragraph 5_ is approved. 

cD , 

7 / 

L. K. White 

~Date j 

Executive Director -Comptroller 

Orig - Return to OS via DD/S 
1 - ER 
1 - Chm/IHC 

1 - DD/P 

2 - DD/S 

4/0.1/16 : CIA-RDP79M00096A0001 00080004-4 

Approved For Release 200'