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Voodoo Chant for Mind reading/Telepathic Ability 

Cut out this chant charm Wednesday morning between the hours of 1 -2 am Write your wish on the back of 
this charm and make yourself relaxed with no one disturbing you. Look at the black center of the charm 
and make your wish and after making your wish repeat this Voodoo For Mind reading/Telepathic Ability 

I invoke the powers of Voodoo to clear my name and to bring me the powers to read other people thoughts 
and real thoughts. These mental powers will come to me as feelings and positive impression that I wish to 
know about others. I can now feel the Voodoo powers of reading minds and sending thoughts getting 
stronger each day. By the ancient powers of Voodoo, and in the name of the Voodoo Gods I tha nk them for 
protecting me each day and night now. So be it 

For stronger powers I highly recommend that you bum some of my For Mind reading/Telepathic Ability 
Incense and hold the Charm Seal over the smoke and repeating your wish. . 

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