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RR BUGSnCHANGES.doc 4/1 29/03/99 


Eject Crystal / Eject Ore — where did these come from! 

Message Can't place building here 

Buildings entry/exit block should be adjacent to a path not on it! 

Ifa teleport is on the level but no mobile teleport then the telport mini-fig icon is disabled, it should be 

You can teleport to either, when you actually teleport then it went to the teleport pad not the mobile 

which is correct, it's just the icon which is wrong. 

The teleport pad, had a flashing 'no power' icon so it should not have been working, but it was, and still 
teleported minifigs! 

I selected an inside top left hand corner to dig, it all clicked as if I could dig it, but nothing went to dig 
(access problem?) report message or allow to do! 

Dug a block out and the animation for the rock fall fell out the back of the block, into the block that 
was already dug! 

There is a new 'zzz' bubble use it! 

Selecting the Crystal refinery, it is 2 blocks wide but you can only select the top block! 
RM walked straight through tool store 

The RR men should have thought bubble for run from RM 

RM should keep attacking a building, not each one in turn. 

The RM cornered a RR, while carrying a rock (to throw) he should have picked up and attacked the RR 
man as he was in the same position. 

The damage a RM does to a building, can we get it to display when he hits the building, and not after 
as this looks wrong, or at least have a hit anim/effect (the building shakes) 

Extra tool - get weapon, laser and a get pusher gun, bird scarer 
Granite grinder is available at start of game - dependency wrong. 

Paths — nice but not essential for now, joins in the wrong places — single block path shows two side 
pieces, should just be centre. 

Text for Vehicle and buildings teleport away says ;mini fig teleport away! 

Repair building — give message not needed if not needed, and it should drop back to the main menu 
Add remove path icon if select a floor with a path in it, rather than a disabled place path. 

We need a RR teleported away message. — We get a generic ‘An OBJECT has been teleported out!’ 
Add an ESC key confirm Y/N option. 

Put in the pressed icons animations. 

For when selecting something that you can’t do we need a ‘wrong’ SFX played. 

RR BUGSnCHANGES.doc 4/2 29/03/99 

Get a driver for a vehicle — it does not report an error if no driver is available. 
There should be a remove path icon, for when you select a block with a path in it. 
The cursor should default to showing what it is over (rock types) when nothing is selected. 
The priorities graphics are not in yet. 
You can select an ‘ore’ and it displays the RR options? = new options to pick up? 
The pick up option on the RR — it is greyed out — you can’t use it. 
You can not select a rubble block to choose to clear it. 
RM AI should get the RM to attack the same building and not one hit at each building 
in turn. Difficulty level will decide how much damage to do before leaving the 
building alone. 
Small digger has no digging sound. 
6, When viewed from certain angles the Granite grinders drill bit isnt in contact 
with the rock its drilling 
qs The bigger vehicles should have a faster cutting speed. 
8, Esc key should have a Y / N option. 

9; Rock monsters can be killed by rock fall. 

10, You kill the rock monster with the men shooting him and the rock monster 
will walk off and collect a crystal and jump into a wall. 

11, | Granite grinder has no drilling effects after upgrades have been fitted. 
12, |Noupgrades for the small truck. 

13, | When a catamaran is moving through the water ( 1 person view ) the waves 
from the runners appear at the rear - even when the boat is moving backwards. 

15, vehicles can move faster by going backwards. 
16, The turning for the vehicles moving backwards is wrong 
17, Lego man disappears when rock monster is carrying him and is killed by the 

electric fence. 
18, If there are no buildings left the rock monster still trys to build rocks. 

19, Small rock monsters cannot get away via reinforced walls and paths 

RR BUGSnCHANGES.doc 4/3 29/03/99 

20, Select a wall to be dynamite and then tell a man to dig there and then stop him 
and you cannot dynamite that wall again. 

21, | When buildings are built next to a electric fences the stud does not appear on 
the floor. 

22, | When the rock monster is hit by the electric fence and stamps his foot, he will 

23, | Messages from previous levels stay. 
25; Crytsral carried by RM is not carried into wall by RM. 
26, When there is no diggable rock left the RM are paralised. 

27, Dynamite left by dead minifigurg not collected and wall you wanted to 
dynamite will not be dynamited 

28, | Nopick up crystal animation for RM 
29, Some RMs freeze while playing gether animation. 

30, Able to build an elecfence with toolstation in between fence and power 

31, RM punches the front of the buildings and just stops there. 

32, Alot of RMs came onto the screen picking the lego men up and then lego men 
would not move. 

33, RM helps by collecting the crystals to build the buildings and then has 
leaving the level 

34, I can not training my men at the barracks by using the interface. 

35, WhenaRM is hit by the eletric fence and is carrying a crystal his body will 
not disappear 

36, | No beam out for the electric fence 
Shs you can place buildings right next too a electric fence ( this is incorrect ) 

38, When placing a building the correct distace to a electric fence the power stud 
will not appear no the floor 

40, | youcan build a GEO Dome on top of other buildings 

4l, SRM can not walk over paths 

RR BUGSnCHANGES.doc 4/4 29/03/99 

43, The floor is not highlighted when selected to delete a path. 
45, When a path has been cleared you can not build a path there again. 

46, By building a path and very quickly deleting that path, you will collect your 
four ore and the path will be built. 

49, By pausing the game when a rock raider is making a SFX, the sound will be 
played over and over again. 

50, I trained my rock raiders to become engineers the problem was that they did 
not repair the laser tower for some time. 

53, Men will not run away from a RM when drilling walls 

In windowed mode, the screen still scrolls when the mouse is out of the window and 
another app is active. 

Show a box bounding the destination block to go to, to clarify not moving to exact position.