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Lego Report 


Digging Basic 

Some of the writing on the message box can be covered up by the arrow buttons 
making it difficult to read. The start is good as the buildings appear when being 

transported. Missing a message in the introduction box that tells you to press the 
space bar. 

Digging Intermediate 
Very easy and clear introductions. When trying to select icons near the edge of the 

screen it can be difficult to select them without moving the screen. This tutorial is also 
missing a message about pressing the space bar to start the tutorial. 

Digging Advanced 

It takes to long for the rock raiders to respond to an order. Again very easy and clear 
instructions. The shortcut that lets you give direct orders to a rock raider is very useful 
and well introduced. 

Moving Basic 
The instructions are very clear and easy. Good demonstration of the different terrain 

types and there effect on the speed of rock raiders. It could have done with an 
example of the effect of the terrain on rock monsters. 

Moving Intermediate 

Some incorrect words in the messages, for example it says 'in' instead of 'on'. Very 
easy to get to grips with, good introduction to the movement in the game. 

Building Basic 

It can be difficult to decide as to whether it is talking about the Barracks or the 
Teleport Pad. It is good when the rock raiders automatically collect the crystals, 
however the raiders don't respond quickly enough to their orders. One of us put a 
building in the wrong place and it prevented us finishing the mission. 

Building Intermediate 

One of us found that the tutorial would not let him build more than 4 raiders even 
though it said that he needed to build 5 raiders. The next time he tried it the tutorial let 
him build 11 raiders. This tutorial took too long to complete. I noticed it struggled 
when multi-tasking. 

General Comments on the Tutorials 

We have found the tutorials very easy to follow, with clear instructions. Ideal for the 
target market, as it is very clear to understand, and provides a good introduction to the 
game. The graphics are of high standard, except in first person view mode where 
there are no textures on surroundings. We do feel it needs introductions to the call to 
arms option, though. 


Race against air 

When we lost the game it said that we had completed it on the level select screen. 
When you tell the raiders to dig you can't select them again because if you do they top 
digging. Changing the camera angle can be very useful. The amount of air given to 
you is the right amount to keep the mission challenging but not overly difficult. 

Cross the Island 

This level is nearly impossible to complete, because not enough oxygen is supplied at 
the beginning of the level. The rock raiders get scared to easily particularly with the 
bats and can get trapped if in a small area. Also they are not scared by sleeping 
monsters, but are terrified of awoken monsters. Rock Monsters do not do enough 
damage to raiders; still they can penetrate immovable walls. Rock Raiders are able to 
run up walls before getting to destination, which causes them to take longer. Rock 
Raiders when before digging a wall, run up, and then down, which is totally pointless. 
The animation of the Rock Monsters changes suddenly from walking to sleeping, the 
oxygen bar displays there is still some oxygen left but it ends the mission anyway, the 
instructions are nuclear as it does not state exactly what you have to do, the raiders 
were able to run through the water and at the end of the level it says press any key but 
what it should say is press spacebar. 

Find the lost base. 

When the level was lost on the level select screen it said the level was completed. 
The Rock Raider ignore the order to clear rubble and collect crystals instead, this is 
because the priorities list is not discussed in the tutorial and so will not be known to 
the player. The Rock Raiders get tired too easily when carrying items and oxygen 
depletes too quickly. 

Run the Gauntlet 

Granit Grinder was able to drive over Rock Raiders, the encyclopaedia doesn't work, 
theirs no wall textures in first person view, it's not clear were you are supposed to be 
going, when we lost our only unit the mission never ended it just carried on. 

Water lot of fun! 

The problems we found with this map were: the crystal display locked at three and the 
raiders ran through the vehicles, once you had dismounted from hover scout you can 
not get back on, the small catamaran appeared instead of teleporting down, there were 
not enough crystals to finish the level, this is a very canlenging game and also very 
boring as it takes too long. Far too many land slides and the tutorial should teach you 
how to reinforce your walls. 

Quietly does it. 

This map is the best one we have played because you get to kill the Rock Monsters in 
your base and the Rock Raiders are very stupid however we found that the Rock 
Raiders carried the ore back to were they found it, raiders can walk straight through 
vehicles and save game didn't work. 

Rocky Horrors. 

This was our second favourite map as there are loads of monsters and you get to kill 
them all. Vehicles can pass though each other, Rock Monsters stand inside a Chrome 
Crusher while beating it to death, its easy to get lost on the map as you have no way to 
centre the view on what you have selected. All vehicles can drive through electric 
fences and the game did not end when we had collected all the crystals. 

General comments for the maps on the PC. 

The vehicles can pass through almost anything and are unable to defend themselves 
from an attack by Rock Monsters. Vehicles are also not affected by landslides 
whereas rock raiders are. The oxygen bar is also not clear enough to stand out despite 
its importance in the missions. The level objective text is not clear most of the time as 
to what you have to do or where you have to go. Most of the time it is an addictive 
game, however at times it becomes very irritating to the point of being boring.