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Full text of "Rock Raiders PC todo Sept 1st"

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Rock Raiders PC 

On the first level, Driller Night, at the end of level scores screen, when it comes up 
for caves discovered it says zero percent, when actually in the level it discovers one 

On the score screen at the end of the level there’s no tool tips for the save game and 
the continue game icons, these need detailing. 

In the menu box at the bottom of the screen, the icon for ‘replay message’ says 
“previous message’, it should be replay. 

The cursor keys on the keypad could be shortcuts to rotate the camera round the 
level, and zoom in and out with the +/- keys. 

Rubble Trouble — the end score says ‘caverns discovered none’ when actually you 
have discovered one. 

On the end of level score report, you should leave the percentage or number values 
on the screen so you’ve got some idea of how the scores are calculated. 

If you select ‘save game’ it goes back into the loop of constantly displaying the 
animation on the clipboard for the score. 

It’s a hold up — at the mission brief at the end, caverns discovered it says zero when 
you’ve discovered a cavern. 

On the mission select screen with all the holes in the cavern walls, if you’ ve 
completed a level it should remain highlighted so you know which levels you have 
completed and which ones you haven’t. The uncompleted or attempted levels 
should remain black as just a hole. 

When you select a building or it comes up with a tool tip describing it, for instance 
‘tool store’ it should say which level it is whne it is level ‘0’(now level 1) as well. 

If you select ‘collect or off when later you switch it back on on the preferences, the 
rock raiders don’t go and collect the ore, it’s just left lying on the level. It should 
automatically reinstate all the collect ore messages. 

On the level ‘Breath of fresh air’, it’s got 22% of the vehicles were built when 
actually no vehicles were built at all. 

On the help messages that appear saying ‘you can now construct.....”, it should say 
you can now construct the tool store level zero or level one which ever one you are 
going to use so you can tell the difference in the different levels of buildings. 

When the tool tips goes over a building it should say the level number, it should also 
tell you how many extra ore are required in order to build it to get to the next level. 

If you select a mini figure and he’s been given a name other than rock raider, print 
the name up above his head while he is selected. 

When four ore have been collected, print option you are now able to upgrade 

On the level ‘Breath of fresh air’, could not build the teleport pad as it can be built 
next to the path, all the ground was uneven. 

Some units carrying ore wouldn’t move to a position when under manual command, 
they were selected and told to go some where, they refused to go there but carried on 
moving to their old destination. 

When trying to place a building and it’s not adjacent to a path, the message should 
say ‘cannot place building, must be adjacent to power path and not on sloping 

The text for when you have upgraded the teleport pad it ends up saying ‘you will be 
able to transport the hover scout’, it should be ‘you will be able to teleport down the 
hover scout’. 

The help file that comes up for the power station should inform you that you can 
now power, power paths as well as building electric fences. 

If you lose all the men on a level, they all get damaged and teleported away and then 
the level should end as well. 

The level ‘Path to power’ — this explains how to build path and what should be 
adjacent to it in the land levels, it should be before one of the other levels which also 
requires building. 

The message for when teleport pad is teleport constructed is should explain that you 
need power station in order to get it active. 

End of level status report ‘path to power’ says vehicle collected eight when I 
collected no vehicles or collected zero when I did collect ore, air supply 100% when 
there’s no limit to it. It has building zero when the mission objective is to collect 
and build two buildings. 

This sonic blast was meant to scare the creatures away, there’s a little fizzle and then 
it disappears, there should be a big bang, and screen shake at the end of it. 

While training the rock raider should display an icon above his head showing what 
he is training for — training for explosives took a lot less time than it did for training 
for other rock raids. 

Bring the message in the bottom window ‘explosives collected’ when the guy’s gone 
to collect the explosives. 

I set off for ‘sonic scarer’ there is a small spider two blocks away who took no 
notice what so ever. 

Count down from the dynamite should also tick away, give some sort of warning 
‘Danger, Danger’. 

There should be a big explosion, screen shake when the explosives go off. 

The drop down menu items on the left-hand side of the screen should be one for 
explosions that have gone off — you will need to jump so you’Il be able to jump to 
the areas where new caverns have been discovered. (this might be sorted with the 
discovern caverns working) 

When a rock raider has been upgraded then we should perhaps give them the chance 
to name the character and message saying level one option to upgrade. 

In order to encourage the player to be more active there health should go down with 
work they are doing, you should be able to manually give them the sandwich to keep 
them active. Perhaps clicking on the characters can restore their health, This will 
keep the player occupied to keep checking his when they are tired 
you can restore their energy to make them move faster. We also need a warning 
when they are really tired (using the left hand drop down menus) and if too tired 
they will teleport away, so you have a loss for not keeping on top of feeding them. 

If the rock raider characters health is too low then they should get teleported out for 
safety, this should require them to eat their sandwiches or teleport down new rock 
raiders as needed. 

When you teleport down the teleport pad, it starts the sound effect straight away, 
even though it’s not powered, the sound effects shouldn’t start until it’s powered — c 
class bug. 

To upgrade the building, the little Lego men require the spanner. 

When you’ve upgraded the teleport pad to level two the help window that pops up 
doesn’t give you any information on what you can do now build or create with a 
level two teleport pad. 

I think the paths should be even faster for the men walking on them. 

If you use dynamite to discover a new cavern, it doesn’t print up the text saying new 
cavern discovered. 

There are no messages at all for ore seems discovered or crystal seems discovered, 
these are major events and should have a big window appear and special sound 

When selected floor block for place electric fence, no marker was left on the floor to 
indicate that an electric fence was going to be built there. 

When the game is paused the static electricity sound effect continues playing in the 
background — no sound effect should be playing. 

Should be able to select a man and when you go over a vehicle it comes up the 
option to get into the vehicle. 

The guy on the hover scout should drive round automatically accepting tasks to go 
to places and get on and off the hover scout. The hover scout should also go faster 
over roads. 

If the small digger is drilling a wall, you select it and tell it to go somewhere else, it 
doesn't do the go to, it sometimes attempts to turn slightly then stops and carries on 
drilling the wall. 

While in the small transport in first or second person view, there’s no sound effect 
for engines driving. 

The small transport truck should go into a block with ore in there, it should 
automatically pick up the ore and return it just like a man walking into a block 

Support station gets upgraded to level two and there’s no text screen to say what is 
available and it’s level two. 

In order to make the transport trucks more useful, they should be able to carry more 
cargo — perhaps five or six at a time. 

The small transport truck has picked up one energy crystal, it doesn’t return to the 
refinery until it is fully loaded, it should return if it has no other tasks to do. 

We could do with a ‘yippee’ or similar sound effect for when they find a crystal, at 
the moment there is no sound effect at all and it is the main objective of the game. 

If a rock raider receives damage from a landslide, there should be a ‘ooch, ouch’ sort 
of sound effect. 

No sound effect from the rock raider doing his exercises, upgrading himself. 

Could do with a celebration jingle for when you’ve completed a mission brief, just 
before they teleport away. 

When the help window pops up to tell you, you’ve teleported a rock raider down to 
the planet and you can now construct etc, there should be a sound effect for this 
window appearing i.e. ping pong — like you get on aeroplanes or stations before they 
give you a message. 

Graphics wise - the tool tips — can we spruce those up, perhaps a green background 
or something rather than just white on grey, it looks a bit dull. 

There’s no speech to say a new cavern has been discovered — this is quite important. 

The message ‘your air supply is running out’ appears briefly with no sound effect or 
speech, it should also last longer until the window needs to be cleared. 

We could do with a tune when a mission has failed as well. 

When you upgrade the building, there should be some sort of effect perhaps another 
teleport down there or twinkles or stars around it and also a sound effect. 

We could do with more dramatic warning for when the air supplies running out, 
very faint heartbeat, and perhaps the menu panel at the bottom of the screen 

There should be a sound effect for when the rock raiders stop and they are out of 
breath panting. 

When the spiders scare the rock raiders, they should do a sound effect to show they 
are scared. 

When the sonic blaster counts down, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 — it should give a sound effect 
ticking away with each number. 

Game starts, the spiders running around on the level, when the men slip on the 
spiders, there’s no sound effects for them squelching, slipping up, hitting 
themselves, rubbing and standing up again. Definitely needs to be in for the first 
level, it’s what everyone first sees and currently it looks (sounds) empty! 


The ‘reset priorities’ icon looks the same as the repeat message icon in the text 
window at the bottom of the screen, but rotated on the side it looks like it should 
close the window. needs to change. 

There’s a ‘back’ icon on the right hand ‘pop on and off’ vehicles/buildings icons 
menu that could be used for the ‘reset priorities’ if a line at the end of the arrow was