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LEGO Rock Raiders PSX Manual 

(Names of vehicles and equipment need to be checked for consistency with PC game) 


DUAL SHOCK™ Analog Controller 


Starting a One-Player Game 
Selecting a Mission 

Mission Briefing 

Meet the Rock Raiders! 

How to Jump 

Drilling for Fun & Profit 

Moving Without Changing Direction 
Choosing the Right Person for the Job 


Shield Power 

Jetpack Status 
Currently-Selected Tool 
Energy Crystals Collected 
LEGO Ore Collected 

Rock Raiders Rescued 


Loose Rock 

Hard Rock 

Solid Rock 



Pusher Beam 

Pusher Beam PowerCell 
Freezer Beam 

Freezer Beam PowerCell 
Laser Beam 

Laser Beam PowerCell 

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Shield Recharge 

Full Shield Recharge 
Vehicle Shield Recharge 

Full Vehicle Shield Recharge 
Lifeform Radar Booster 
Rock Raider Radar Booster 
Item Radar Booster 

Chrome Crusher 

Hover Scout 

Large Mobile Laser Cutter 

Loader Dozer 

Rapid Rider 

Small Digger 

Small Mobile Laser Cutter 

Tunnel Scout 

Tunnel Transport 


Secret Missions 




Slimy Slugs 

Rock Monsters 

Rock Whale 




Lava Plumes 


Continue Mission 
Mission Brief 

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Music Volume 
Effects Volume 
Restart Mission 
Quit Mission 


Starting a Two-Player Game 
Selecting a Mission 
Mission Briefing 


Music Volume 
Effects Volume 


CHIEF - Pic (Clinic - please supply) 


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Welcome to an exciting action adventure game in which you command the roughest, toughest gang of dirt- 
diggers in the universe - the Rock Raiders! Due to a freak accident the Rock Raiders are lost in space — and it’s 
up to you to help them get back home! Join Axle, Jet, Docs, Sparks and Bandit as they explore bizarre other- 
worldly caverns beneath an alien planet, searching for the precious Energy Crystals which will power their space 
ship home. You'll drive and fly amazing futuristic vehicles, encounter strange alien lifeforms, discover incredible 
secrets and much, much more! Read this booklet carefully, as it will tell you all you need to know about how to 
play the game and ensure that you get maximum enjoyment from it. Play well! 


Set up your PlayStation® game console by following the instructions in the Instruction Manual. Make sure the 
power is OFF before inserting or removing the disc. Insert the LEGO Rock Raiders disc and close the CD door. 
Insert the game controllers (note: you will need to insert two controllers to play a two-player game) and turn ON 
the PlayStation® console. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a game. 


Here is a list of the default controls. You can change these controls at any time from the Options menu, which 
you can get to from the Main Menu. (see Options on /EteMtt] for more about this). 

“PSXpad” - Pic 


Directional Buttons Move Rock Raider |“Cross” - Pic) 

X Jump; Get in vehicle (if one is nearby and highlighted). | “Triangle” - Pic 

Triangle Use Power Drill |“Triangle” - Pic} 

Square Use currently-selected tool |“Square” - Pic 

Circle Change tool [“Circle” - Pic| 

R14 Activate GeoScanner |“R1” - Pic| 

R2 + Directional Buttons Move without changing facing direction |“R2” - Pic| 

L1 Toggle radar on/off |“L1” - Pic 

L2 + Directional Buttons Rotate camera |"L2” - Pic, 


Left/Right Directional Buttons —_ Rotate vehicle 

Up Directional Button Accelerate 

Down Directional Button Brake MAKES IT GO IN REVERSE. 

X THIS DOES BRAKE then press again to Get out of vehicle (if vehicle is not 
moving); Pick up/drop vehicle/scoop/Rock Raider (if in Tunnel Transport) 

Triangle Use drill (if vehicle is fitted with one) 

Square Use laser (if vehicle is fitted with one) 

R1 Activate GeoScanner 

L1 Toggle radar on/off 

L2 + Directional Buttons Rotate camera 

DUAL SHOCK™ Analog Controller 

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The DUAL SHOCK™ Analog Controller will let you control how fast the Rock Raiders and their vehicles move. 
You can turn the we don’t have this option in the menu yet!Vibration On or Off from the Options menu which 
you can get to from the Main Menu (see Options on [eEfef-att] for more on this). 


Onboard the huge mining ship LMS Explorer, the Rock Raiders are returning home after a long expedition 
through the outer rim of the galaxy. Everything is going fine.... until the ship accidentally sails into a giant asteroid 
field! The crew struggles bravely to guide the ship through the storm of tumbling rocks, but the endless 
bombardment quickly damages the ship’s shield and puts the crew in danger. 

Just when the Rock Raiders think things can't get any worse, the ship's sensors detected a vast wormhole at the 
centre of the asteroid field - and it's sucking them in! With the ship low on power and listing badly, there's little the 
crew can do but accept their fate and hang on! 

Miraculously the badly damaged ship, now running on emergency power, emerges from the wormhole in one 
piece. However, the crew's initial relief soon turns to horror when they realise that the wormhole has flung them 
right across the universe and into the heart of a distant alien galaxy! 

Chief, the captain of the Explorer, decides to set course for the nearest planet, gambling that the emergency 
power will hold out long enough for the ship to get there safely. Time is of the essence: if the Rock Raiders are to 
stand any chance of getting home, they must make emergency repairs to the Explorer and, more importantly, 
stock up on energy crystals which are running dangerously low. 

As the Explorer goes into orbit around the strange alien world, a geological scan shows that there are rich seams 
of energy crystals beneath the planet’s surface - but can the sensors be trusted? The only way to find out is to 
send in the Rock Raiders! 

ONE-PLAYER GAME _[“1p2p”- Screen shot 

The one-player game challenges you to 18 action-packed missions set in the caves and tunnels beneath the alien 
planet's surface. In each mission you'll be asked to achieve an objective, such as find Energy Crystals or rescue 
trapped Rock Raiders. Depending on how well you perform your task you could earn special rewards like medals 
or even secret missions! But take care, as danger lurks in every cavern! Good luck! 

Starting a One-Player Game |“Menu1” - Screen shot 

This is the MAIN MENU screen. Use the directional buttons to highlight NEW GAME and press the X button 

“Startgame” — Screen shot 

Now use the directional buttons to highlight ONE PLAYER and press the X button. (Note: unless you have two 
controllers inserted into your PlayStation, you won't be able to select TWO PLAYERS.) 

“Level Select” — Screen shot 

Selecting a Mission 

This is the SELECT MISSION screen, which shows the core of the alien planet. The core consists of three rock 
‘layers’ - the deeper you dig, the more difficult the challenges will become. When you first play the game, you'll 
only be allowed into missions in the easier top layer. 

In each layer you'll see five caverns, each of which leads to a mission. Use the directional buttons to highlight 
the mission you want to play and press the X button. 

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In each layer there's a sixth cavern which is sealed up and cannot be selected. This contains an extra tough 
Special Mission. You can only play the Special Mission once you've achieved five Bronze Medals (or their 
equivalent - see Winning Medals on [Efefai{ for more about this) on the other missions in the layer. 

Once you earn at least a Bronze Medal in the Special Mission, keep pressing down on the directional buttons 
and you'll be taken to the next deeper, tougher layer. 

“Briefing” - Screen shot 
Mission Briefing 

Each mission begins with a briefing from Chief on the bridge of the LMS Explorer. He'll explain exactly what you 
have to do to complete the mission with the aid of a holographic screen. Use the directional buttons to scroll 
through the on-screen text and press the X button to accept the mission. 

You'll now be asked to choose which of the Rock Raiders you want to try and complete the mission with. Use the 
directional buttons to highlight the Rock Raider you wish to control and press the X button. 

Meet the Rock Raiders! 
Each Rock Raider can run, use tools, pick up items and perform massive jumps thanks to a rechargeable jetpack. 

How to Jump 

Each Rock Raider's jetpack is activated by pressing the X button and allows them to perform super-human 
leaps! While in the air the Rock Raider is still controllable with the directional buttons, The jumps are fixed 
length and time, but the Rock Raider is controllable while in the air. , 

But make sure you use the jetpack carefully, as you must wait for it to recharge before you can use it again! The 
bar below the Rock Raider’s Shield Power Indicator tells you how much energy there is in the jetpacks. You 
should only attempt a jump when the bar is green! 

Drilling for Fun & Profit 
The Rock Raiders start each mission with just one piece of equipment - the Power Drill, a small mining tool. To 

drilling at the moment, we are trying to change this but if you just say move adjacent to the wall and 
press the triangle it will be correct whatever happens). The Power Drill is only capable of drilling through Dirt 

or Loose Rock, not Hard or Solid rock (see Know Your Rock on [equi for more about this). 

Moving Without Changing Direction 

It's possible to move your Rock Raiders and keep them facing in one direction, which is very useful for aiming at 
moving targets. To do this hold down the R2 button — you can now move as normal, but your Rock Raider will 
stay facing in the ‘locked’ direction. 

“Charsel” - Screen shot 
Choosing the Right Person for the Job 

Each Rock Raider has different abilities. While it's possible to complete every mission with any Rock Raider, 
some will be easier if you choose your team member carefully. They might even help you get those precious 
Silver and Gold medals! 

| thought you might want to add more character into these (re SONY response) 

“Docs1” + “Doc2”- Pics 
Name: Docs 

Role: — Geologist 
Ability: Carries a wide-range radar and can use the GeoScanner at all times. Doc's cool scanners first picked up 
the power crystals deep inside the alien planet. As his scanners are more finely tuned he will make it easier to 

help you locate everything, 
“Sparks1” + “Sparks2”- Pics 

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Deleted: and the longer the X button is 
held down the higher and longer the jump will 

| Deleted: push up 

| Deleted: against 

| Deleted: { 

Name: Sparks 

Role: — Engineer 

Ability: Can make tools and equipment perform faster and more often, e.g. a Pusher Beam will fire twice as 
much and twice as fast. A born mechanical genius, always fiddling with his tools, he has modified his pusher 

beam to fire_at twice it usual rate, he will make more use of everything that he picks up! Use him if supplies are 
limited or hard to find. 

“Axel1” + “Axel2”- Pics 

Name: Axle 

Role: — Driver 

Ability: Can make ground vehicles travel faster and automatically repairs any vehicle while controlling it. Always 
tinkering under the hood of the mega Rock Raider vehicles, he has tuned all his vehicles to automatically repair 
themselves, this could be awesome protection if your vehicle keeps getting damaged. 

“Bandit1” + “Bandit2”- Pics 

Name: Bandit 

Role: — Sailor 

Ability: |s able to swim and can make the Rapid Rider travel faster. Due to a serious shark injury while saving 
the lives of small children whom were drowning, he has a slight limp, which sometimes slows him down, but his 
swimming ability more than make s up for this. 

“Jet1” + “Jet2”- Pics 

Name: Jet 

Role: — Pilot 

Ability: Has a fast recharge jet-pack and can make flying vehicles travel faster.Supersonic Jet is fast and 
nimble, a born acrobat, she can travel faster and further than any other Rock Raider, if you find it hard to leap 
over a pool of vava without getting your boots burnt then Jet is the Rock Raider for you. 



When you start your mission, you'll see a screen that looks something like this: 

“Start Game” - Screen shot 


Shield Power 

Jetpack Status 
GeoScanner Power 
Currently-Selected Tool 
Energy Crystals Collected 
LEGO Ore Collected 
Rock Raiders Rescued 


The radar indicates the location of any vehicles in the vicinity with a blue dot and any buildings with a white dot. If 
you collect certain radar boosters the radar display will also show the location of alien lifeforms or items (see 
‘Collecting & Using Items' on [e&fefMtly for more on this).or other Rockraiders! 

Shield Power 

Each Rock Raider is equipped with a Shield, a powerful invisible forcefield, which protects the wearer from being 
harmed by flying debris or falling rubble. It can also help protect them from attack by any hostile alien lifeforms 
they might come across. 

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Deleted: { 

As the Rock Raider's Shield takes damage the spinning coloured streams will turn from green to red. If the Shield 
Power falls to zero the Rock Raider will be beamed automatically back to the LMS Explorer, to prevent them from 
being physically harmed, and the mission will end. 

Jetpack Status 
Remember that you can only use the jetpack when this bar is green (see Meet The Rock Raiders: How To 

Jump on [eEfefeatly for more on this). 

GeoScanner Power 
This indicates how many times you can use the GeoScanner. Remember that you cannot move or do anything 
else while scanning, so choose your moment carefully. (See ‘Collecting & Using Items: Tools: GeoScanner' on 

leEtetsm i) for more on this.) 

Currently-Selected Tool 

Once you find a tool it will appear here, along with a number next to it indicating how many times it can be used. 
Tools can be activated by pressing the Square button. If you've collected more than one tool, you can cycle 
through them by pressing the Circle button. (See Collecting & Using Items: Tools on for more on 

“greencrystal” +”redcrystal” - Pics 

Energy Crystals Collected 
As you explore the caves and tunnels beneath the alien planet you'll often find glowing Green Energy Crystals. 
If you do, pick them up - chances are, you'll need them to complete the mission! 

Occasionally you'll find special Energy Crystals that are red instead of green. Red Energy Crystals are 
extremely powerful (five times more than green ones!) and very rare, and are usually found only in the hardest-to- 
reach places. Red Energy Crystals are not essential to completing the mission to a Bronze medal standard, but 
they will help you win Silver or Gold medals. 

“ore”- Pic 

LEGO Ore Collected 

LEGO Ore is a special rock substance that can be found beneath the alien planet. Once collected it can be 
beamed back to the LMS Explorer and used to build vehicles that will help you complete your mission - see 
Building Vehicles on for more on this. 

RescueGenericFigure” - Pic 

Rock Raiders Rescued 

In some missions you'll be asked to rescue Rock Raiders who have got lost or trapped beneath the alien planet. 
To do this, either walk up to them and touch them (this allows the LMS Explorer's Teleport System to get a lock 
on their position) or winch them to safety onboard the Tunnel Transport. 


The walls of the caves beneath the alien planet are made up of four types of rock: ‘dirt’ is referred to as soft 
earlier on Dirt, Loose Rock, Hard Rock and Solid Rock. It will really help you to know which is which, as each 
vehicle and drilling tool will only affect a certain type of rock. 

Dirt and Loose RockCan be drilled at different speeds by every vehicle or drilling tool. 

Hard Rock 
Only the most powerful vehicles or drilling tools can tackle this. Can also be blasted away with dynamite. 

Solid Rock 
Impossible to drill or blast - you have to find a way to get around it. 

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Deleted: { 

If you’re having trouble telling which rock is which, you'll find the GeoScanner very useful - see Collecting & 
Using Items: Tools: GeoScanner on [EtefaY] for more on this. 


In the caves and tunnels beneath the alien planet's surface you'll often come across items left behind by previous 
Rock Raider expeditionary teams. Feel free to pick them up and use them however you like. To collect an item 
either walk or drive over it, although remember that some items can only be collected when on foot and others 
only when in a vehicle. You'll need to experiment to find out what can be collected on foot and what can be 
collected in a vehicle. You want want to leave some items to use later. If your vehicle isn’t damaged then 
collecting a vehicle shield recharge item will use it up, but not give your vehice any additional shield energy, but 
may have been useful if left for later. 

“tools” - Pic 


Items like the Pusher Beam and the GeoScanner are classed as tools and can be used several times. The 
When you select a tool it is shown on-screen just beneath the Shield Power indicator. The number next to the tool 
shows how much power it has left - if the power runs out, you can't use it! To use a tool, first select it by pressing 
the Circle button and then activate it by pressing the Square button. 

“Pusher” - Pic 

Pusher Beam 
A device which projects a forcefield. It can protect you from alien lifeforms. Once collected it can only be used 20 

“Pusherammo” - Pic 

Pusher Beam PowerCell 
Recharges the Pusher Beam so that it can be used an additional 20 times. 

“Freeze” - Pic 

Freezer Beam 
A coolant device which can be used to freeze alien lifeforms for a short while. Once collected it can only be used 
10 times. 

“Freezeammo” - Pic 

Freezer Beam PowerCell 
Recharges the Freezer Beam so that it can be used an additional 10 times. 

“Laser” - Pic 

Laser Beam 
A powerful device which can cut through hard rock in a second. Once collected it can only be used 5 times. 

“Laserammo” - Pic 

Laser Beam PowerCell 
Recharges the Laser Beam so that it can be used an additional 5 times. It an also be used to power the Laser 
Beams mounted on some vehicles. 

“Dynamite” - Pic 

An explosive charge, which is useful for clearing away hard rock. Once collected it can only be used once. 

“Scanner” - Pic 

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Lets you scan the area and find out what the different rock types are. The hardness of the rock is shown by the 
shade of green - darker green means that the rock is harder, while lighter green means it is softer. To activate it, 
press the R1 button. 


Items such as the Shield Recharge and the Lifeform Radar Booster are classed as equipment and are activated 
as soon as you pick them up. 

“ShieldRecharge” - Pic 

Shield Recharge 
Recharges some Shield Power. Once collected it recharges straightaway. 

“FullShieldRecharge” - Pic 

Full Shield Recharge 
Recharges ALL Shield Power. Once collected, it recharges straightaway. 

“VehicleShieldRecharge” - Pic 

Vehicle Shield Recharge 
Recharges some of a vehicle's Shield Power. Once collected, it recharges straightaway. 

“FullVehicleShieldRecharge” - Pic 

Full Vehicle Shield Recharge 
Recharges ALL of a vehicle's Shield Power. Once collected, it recharges straightaway. 

“LifeformRadar” - Pic 

Lifeform Radar Booster 
Makes the radar detect alien lifeforms, which show up as red dots. Once collected, detects aliens straightaway. 

“MinifigRadar” - Pic 

Rock Raider Radar Booster 
Gives the radar the ability to detect lost Rock Raiders, who show up as yellow dots. Once collected, it detects 
Rock Raiders straightaway.. 

“itemRadar’” - Pic 

Item Radar Booster 
Gives radar the ability to detect items, crystals and ore, which show up as green dots. Once collected it detects 
items straightaway. 


Vehicles can be found in many of the caves beneath the alien planet. To use one, walk up to it until pulsing green 
arrows appear around the vehicle and then press the X button. Note that when driving a vehicle the controls are 
slightly different - instead of holding the directional pad in the direction you want to go, you must now rotate left 
and right and accelerate forwards and backwards. 

Some vehicles come fitted with giant drills (activated by pressing the Triangle button) and even laser beams 
(activated by pressing the Square button). 

Chrome Crusher |“Chrome_Crusher” + “Chrome_Crusher_ingame” - Pics 
One of the most powerful vehicles in the Rock Raiders fleet, which can clear vast swathes of Dirt, Loose Rock or 
Hard Rock with either its front drill or laser beam. Remember that the laser needs a Laser Beam PowerCell to 

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Deleted: Once collected it can only be 
used 10 times. 

Hover Scout |“Hover_Scout”+ “Hover_Scout_ingame” - Pics 
A fast, easy to handle scout vehicle which first-time pilots might find a little tricky to control. It's able to float over 
all solid surfaces but cannot cross water or lava. 

Large Mobile Laser Cutter |“LM_laserCutter” + “LM_laserCutter _ingame” - Pics| 
This is not the fastest of beasts, but its twin laser beams can easily cut through Dirt, Loose Rock and Hard rock. 
Note that the lasers need Laser Beam PowerCells to work! 

Loader_Ddzer |“Loader_dozer” + “Loader_dozer_ingame” 
The Loader Dozer's front-mounted bucket can be used in many different ways. Not only can it smash through 
Dirt and Loose Rock it can also sweep away spider's web and seal geysers or lava plumes. 

Rapid Rider | “Rapid_Rider” + “Rapid_Rider_ingame’| 
This is the only water-going vehicle in the Rock Raiders fleet. It's fast and easy to handle, and is mainly used as a 
one-man transport. 

Small Digger | “Small_digger” + “Small_digger_ingame” 
Although the Small Digger can only drill through Dirt and Loose Rock, its speed and handling make it a popular 
choice for most Rock Raiders. 

Small Mobile Laser Cutter |“SM-laserCutter” + “§M-laserCutter_ingame” 
This has very similar abilities to the Large Mobile Laser Cutter but is lighter and faster. As with the LMLC, the 
laser cutter needs a Laser Cutter PowerCell to work! 

Tunnel Scout |“Tunnel_Scout” + “Tunnel_Scout_ingame”’| 
Designed as a one-man scout vehicle, the Tunnel Scout's flying height and turbo jets make it very difficult for 
monsters to attack in flight. 

Tunnel Transport |“Tunnel Transport” + “Tunnel Transport_ingame’| 

This is the workhorse of the Rock Raiders fleet, which has the unique ability to fly anywhere. Due to its great 
weight it can only land and take-off from a landing pad. Note that you will only be safe to land when the lights on 
the pad are green, not red. 

The Tunnel Transport can be used to airlift Rock Raiders and even vehicles through the underground caves. To 
pick up a Rock Raider or vehicle, simply hover above it. When you see arrows appear, press the X button. To 
drop a vehicle back on the ground, press the X button again. When ferrying a vehicle, take care not to smash it 
into the tunnel walls! 

Finally, the Tunnel Transport can pick up water and carry it from place to place in a specially designed scoop. To 
pick up the scoop, hover above it until arrows appear then press the X button. To drop it, press the X button 
again. To pick up water, simply find an underground lake and drop the scoop into it. The water-filled scoop can 
then be picked up again and dropped onto lava to form a temporary bridge. 


“teleport”- Screen shot 

It's possible to build vehicles using the LEGO Ore you've collected. First you have to find a Teleport Station, like 
the one shown here. To enter the Teleport Station, press the X button. 

“teleportout” — Screen shot 

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A picture will appear on-screen showing you the vehicle you could build, along with a picture of some LEGO Ore 
and a number by it. This shows the amount of Ore you need to build the vehicle. 

“teleport2” - Screen shot 

If you have enough LEGO Ore to build the vehicle, press the Triangle button. The vehicle will now be beamed 
down. If you want to leave the Teleport Station, press the X button. 

When your Rock Raider is travelling around on foot, it’s possible to change the view. To do this, hold down the L2 
button and press left or right on the directional buttons. You'll now see the view rotate in 45° steps. 


Should a Rock Raider fail a mission, either by their Shield losing power or by not completing the mission 
objectives, they will be beamed back to the LMS Explorer and sent for rest and more training. You may now 
attempt the mission again using any of the remaining Rock Raiders on ‘active duty’. 

Rock Raiders on leave stay out of action for five mission attempts. If all your Rock Raiders are on leave and you 
have no-one left to attempt a mission, the game ends. 


If you manage to complete the mission you'll be rewarded with a medal depending on how well you did. If you did 
the minimum required, you'll get a Bronze Medal. If you exceeded expectations, you'll get a Silver Medal or 
even a Gold Medal! 

Although it’s not easy, it's well worth trying to get the tougher medals. Silver Medals are equal to two Bronze 
Medals. Gold Medals are equal to three Bronze Medals. This means you'll be able to access the Special 
Missions more quickly (for example, one Gold Medal and one Silver Medal is equal to five Bronze Medals, which 
would be enough to open the Special Mission). 

So remember: 

1 Silver Medal = 2 Bronze Medals 
1 Gold Medal = 3 Bronze Medals 
1 Silver and 1 Gold Medal = 5 Bronze Medals = Special Mission 

When attempting to win a Silver or Gold Medal, be sure to drill every wall and keep a look out for hidden secrets! 

Secret Missions 

There are three extra-special Secret Missions to find, which will test the skills of even the greatest Rock Raider. 
To reveal the first Secret Mission you must get at least a Bronze Medal in EVERY mission. To reveal the second 
Secret Mission you must get at least a Silver Medal in every mission. To reveal the third and final Secret Mission 
you must get a Gold Medal in every mission. Can you do it? 

Win these Medals Reveal this Mission 

1 or more Bronze Medals First Secret Mission 

1 or more Silver Medals Second Secret Mission 
1 Gold Medal Third Secret Mission 

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No matter whether you succeeded or failed a mission, you'll be given a special password that records your 
progress so far. If you want to restart a game from where you are now later on, note down the password and 
enter it from the Main Menu. (See Entering a Password on [eEfefsai{] for more on this.) 

Alien Lifeforms 

Many mining crews have reported sightings of weird creatures lurking in the caverns beneath the planet's 
surface. Here's the lowdown on the ones currently known about, but be warned there could be even nastier 
horrors waiting in the deeper caverns... 

Spiders |“Spider” + “Spider ingame” - Pics 
Take care not to drive into any of the spiders’ sticky webs or your vehicle will get stuck fast! Luckily, a blast from a 
Pusher Gun will clear away the cobwebs... 

Scorpions |“Scorpion” + “Scorpion ingame” - Pics 
Scorpions will track your movement and attempt to drain your ShieldSuit's power with blobs of poisonous plasma. 

Slimy Slugs |“Slug” + “Slug ingame” - Pics 
These critters may look cute but once disturbed they behave like battering rams, slamming at high speed into any 
Rock Raiders or vehicles nearby. 

Rock Monsters |“Rock Monster” + “Rock Monster ingame” - Pics| 
These are the most dangerous lifeforms yet encountered. If you happen to see a Rock Monster then it's probably 
best to RUN! 

Rock Whale |“Rock Whale” + “Rock Whale ingame” - Pics 
The Rock Whale is a lumbering creature, which often stops for a sleep in the most awkward of places. It can be 
lured out of your way by a blast from the Pusher Beam - for some reason, they're attracted to the energy they 
produce. They have also been known to jump into water, forming makeshift bridges. 


It's not just the lifeforms you've got to watch out for - the planet itself poses a few problems too... 

Try to avoid falling or driving into water - it will short-circuit your Shield's circuitry and drain its power. 

Lava is extremely dangerous! If you get too close Chief will have no choice but to teleport you home pronto! 

Geysers |“geyser” - Pic 
These jets of scalding steam are very dangerous and can surprise you so - take extreme care! 

Lava Plumes 
Like geysers but even nastier - one blast from these can knock even a Tunnel Transport out of the sky. 

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If you want to take a break from the action, simply press the Start button on your controller - this will pause the 
game. You may now select from a menu of options - use the directional buttons to highlight the option you want 
then press the X button. 

Continue Mission 
Allows you to continue playing from where you left off. 

Mission Brief 
Gives you a reminder of what Chief said in the mission briefing room. Use the directional buttons to scroll 
through the text and the X button to return to the Pause Menu. 

Music Volume 
Allows you to change the volume levels of the music. Use the directional buttons to alter the volume, the 
Square button to reset the music to its original setting and the X button to return to the Pause Menu. 

Effects Volume 
Allows you to change the volume levels of the sound effects. Use the directional buttons to alter the volume, the 
Square button to reset the sound effects to their original settings and the X button to return to the Pause Menu. 

Restart Mission 

Allows you to restart the mission from the beginning. If you select this option you'll be asked to confirm that you're 
sure you want to restart — if you are, use the directional buttons to highlight the Yes option then press the X 
button. If you select the No option you'll be returned to the Pause Menu. Note that you can only restart a 
mission twice, giving you a total of three attempts to complete it. 

Quit Mission 

Allows you to abort the mission and return to the bridge of the LMS Explorer. If you select this option you'll be 
asked to confirm that you're sure you want to quit - if you are, use the directional buttons to highlight the Yes 
option then press the X button. If you select the No option you'll be returned to the Pause Menu. Note that if you 
quit a mission Chief will note this mission as incomplete, so the Rock Raider you have selected will be sent on 

LEGO Rock Raiders features a two-player mode in which you and a friend can team up and go searching for 
Energy Crystals and Ore together. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and get digging! 

Starting a Two-Player Game 
Before attempting to play a two-player game, first ensure that two controllers are inserted into your PlayStation! 

Then on the Main Menu screen highlight the New Game option and press the X button. 

“2Up” — Screen shot 

Now highlight the Two Player option and then press the X button. 

Selecting a Mission 

As in the one-player game this is the Select Mission screen. When you first play the game you'll see three 
caverns, each of which leads to a mission. To play a mission, move the directional buttons until the mission you 
want is highlighted then press the X button. 

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Unlike the one-player game the two-player missions are all one-off adventures, designed just for fun. Whether 
you complete or fail a mission, it doesn't affect the overall outcome of the game. In all there are nine two-player 
missions to enjoy, with the six more difficult missions only becoming available as you open up the deeper layers 
in the one-player game. 

“Briefing”- Pic 

Mission Briefing 
Once a mission is selected you'll receive a briefing from Chief on the bridge of the LMS Explorer. Scroll up or 
down through the text on the screen with the directional buttons, then press the X button to accept the mission. 

Both players will now be asked to choose a Rock Raider. Move the spotlights with the directional buttons then 
press the X button to select a Rock Raider. Note that it is not possible for both players to control the same 


After each attempt to complete a mission in the one-player game, you'll be presented with a special password 
that records your progress up to that point in the game. If you note these passwords down, you can enter them at 
a later date and continue playing from that point. To do this, follow these steps... 

“Password” — Screen shot 

On the Main Menu screen, highlight the Enter Password option and press the X button. 
If you want to enter a password, press the X button again. 

Enter the password, using the buttons on your controller. If you make a mistake, press R1 and L1 to position the 
cursor over the incorrect symbol and enter a different one. If you want to clear all the symbols and start again, 
press the Select button. If you want to enter the password, press the Start button. 

If the password was recognised you'll be asked whether you want to play a one-or two-player game. If it wasn't 
you'll get the opportunity either to enter the code again or to return to the Main Menu. 


It is possible to customise LEGO Rock Raiders in many ways from the Options menu. To access this menu, first 
go to the Main Menu. Use the directional buttons to highlight Options then press the X button. You'll now see 
a menu of customisable options. Each option is selected or changed by highlighting it and pressing the X 

This option allows you to change how your Rock Raider is controlled when on foot. Press the X button to toggle 
between one of two choices: Directional or Rotational. 

Directional movement is the default setting, and makes your Rock Raider move in the direction that you push the 
directional buttons on your controller. 

Rotational movement, on the other hand, makes your Rock Raider behave in a similar way to a vehicle, i.e. you 
push up on the directional buttons to move forward and push left and right on the directional buttons to rotate. 

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If you are playing the game with a DUAL SHOCK™ Analog Controller, you can turn the vibration function on or 
off with this option. Note that when you start the game this option is always tumed OFF. 

Use the directional buttons to choose between three different controller configurations. When you've found the 
controller configuration you're happiest with, press the X button to return to the Options menu. 

Music Volume 
Use directional buttons to alter the music volume, the Square button to reset the music to its original setting 
and the X button to return to the Options menu. 

Effects Volume 

Use the directional buttons to alter the sound effects volume, the Square button to reset the sound effects to 
their original settings and the X button to return to the Options menu. 


Data Design Interactive, (SG - lead people only) Deleted: national 

Design and Programming (names to be supplied) 
Graphics (names to be supplied) 

Sound & Music (names to be supplied) 
Animation (names to be supplied) 

Additional Programming (names to be supplied) 

LEGO Media International 
Mark Livingstone: Worldwide Managing Director 

Software Development 
Laurence Scotford: Head of Constructive, Games & Girls Software 
David Upchurch: Producer 

Testing & QA 
Tony Miller: QA Manager 
Rob Marsh: Lead Tester 

Cara McMullan: Localisation Manager 

Nic Ashford: Logistics Manager 

International Marketing 
Petra Bedford: Marketing Director (Europe & Asia) 
Amy Schwelling: Marketing Manager 

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Ron Gibson: US Marketing Manager 

International Sales 

Leah Kalboussi: Sales Director (Europe & Asia) 
Gregg Sauter: US Sales & Marketing Director 


If you have any problems with LEGO Rock Raiders please contact Technical Support. 

Technical Support 


World Wide Web 


0870 600 3003 
0870 600 3004 

Support Times 
9.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m. Monday - Friday 
(Excluding weekends and Bank Holidays) 

Technical Support / Customer Services 
LEGO Media International Limited 

100 Hammersmith Road 


W6 7JP 



Please read before using any video game or allowing your children to use it. 

Some people are liable to have an epileptic seizure or loss of consciousness when exposed to flashing lights or 
certain normal conditions of everyday life. Such persons could risk a seizure while watching televised images or 
while playing certain video games, and this can occur even if there have been no previous medical problems or 
experience of epilepsy. 

If you or a member of your family has ever shown epileptic symptoms (seizure or loss of consciousness) when 

exposed to flickering lights, consult your doctor before playing. 

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Parents should supervise their children’s use of video games. If you or your children experience any of the 
following symptoms — dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of consciousness, disorientation, 
involuntary movements or convulsions — discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor. 


Do not sit too close to the television screen; position yourself with the linking cable at full stretch. Play video 
games preferably on a small screen. Do not play if you are tired or have not had much sleep. Make sure that the 
room in which you are playing is well lit. Rest for 10-15 minutes per hour while playing video games. 

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