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Full text of "Rock Raiders (Production Overview - version 4.5)"

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(Production Overview - version 4.5) 

Part 1 

The story begins with Stones voice over setting the scene. He tells how he and another Rock 
Raider called Hill, are left to guard the Rock Raiders base whilst the captain and all the others 
are out on a mission. They are looking for more super crystals like the one Hill and Stone are 
guarding in the base. While they are on the mission the Geologist picks up readings of 
another Super Crystals, except this one is moving. The captain sends off four Raiders to 
investigate little knowing that it will lead them to the Rock Monster city. 

Meanwhile Hill and Stone are back at the base patrolling around the perimeter fence. Hill 
wants a cup of coffee and he persuades Stone to help him to disable the fence, so they can 
enter the base. In doing so they leave their posts. 

As they are in the mess hall getting their drinks, the base is raided by Rock Monsters who 
destroy the base and steal the valuable super crystal. When Hill and Stone finally realise what 
has happened, it is too late, so they decide to cover-up the mess to keep themselves from 
getting into trouble. 

Part 2 

When the others return they discover that the super crystal is missing and they find the base 
full of large Rock Monster prints. Mad jack who is hiding away in one of the vehicles, falls 
from his hiding place onto the floor he instantly sees the footprints and jumps into the captain 
arms, he is alarmed by the massive number of Rock Monster prints all over the base. The 
captain realises that the moving signal they picked up earlier is actually the Rock Monsters 
carrying the super crystal from the base. He decides to send two volunteers to warn them of 
the danger and tell them to return to the base. 

The Sergeant of the base who dislikes Hill and Stone contrives to get them to volunteer for 
the mission. He later threatens them that if they do not return with the super crystal they 
better not bother returning at all. They are given provisions and a faulty map and are sent on 
their way. Hill and Stone soon become lost in a maze of caverns and tunnels. 

Jet who is returning from a routine mission arrives back in the base cavern and is ordered by 
the Captain to try to locate Hill, Stone and the four Raiders. She flies off at soeed and soon 
picks up Hill, Stone and unknown to them two unwanted Slimy Slugs, who start to drain the 
power from the chopper. As they are approaching where the four Raiders are trapped on a 
beach the power runs out and the chopper goes out of control. The chopper hits a lake 
skimming along it like a flat pebble, it hits the beach they are on, and slides crazily up the 
beach only stopping inches away from the Raiders. As it hits the lake it causes a small wash 
which sweeps up the beach and soak’s the Raiders. 

Jet explains to the Raiders what has been going on and that they should return to the base, 
which is going to be a problem as the chopper is disabled. Hill and Stone plead to them to 
help them retrieve the super crystal. At this point the chopper starts to shake, Jet opens the 
side hatch and out comes two Slimy Slugs glowing with crystal energy. They dart around the 
beach before escaping through a rock face, which melts from their glowing energy. To 
complicate the matter Mad Jack pops out of a hidden compartment in the chopper. He 
instantly starts raving about Rock Monsters. On inspection the Raiders find that they can 
squeeze through the root made by the Slimy Slugs, this brings them out into another unknown 
cavern. Here they find a small catamaran floating in another lake, it is moored to a small 

Part 3 

The Slimy Slugs are whizzing about the beach. Mad Jack recognises the cat as one he was 
issued with six months ago. He says he discovered this cavern but was scared away by Rock 
Monsters. The others laugh at him. Holding back the hungry Slimy Slugs the helmsman 
discovers that the Cat is in working order. He suggests that he sails it across the lake and the 


others hang on to it as best they can. They agree and so start as precarious voyage across 
the lake. 

When they arrive at the other side of the lake and find a Lego treasure-trove of discarded 
pieces of Lego vehicles. This is the cave of the Lurkers. The lurkers have piled up masses of 
usable vehicle parts and now the Raiders set about using these parts to build themselves a 
vehicle to get them back to the base using the crystal from the cat. All the time Hill and stone 
are trying to persuade them to help find the crystal. They construct transport from the chassis 
of an old laser vehicle, and eventually the Raiders agree to help locate the crystal. Jet finds 
enough parts to construct a hoverboard which she says are always useful because they are 
so small, and manoeuvrable. Scouting around Jet finds some other useful bits. They load 
the hoverboard on to the back of the vehicle, and are just about to start off, when they hear 
strange grunting noises coming from a connecting tunnel. This noise is made by the returning 

Soon the cavern is filling with these shy but curious creatures. They begin to surround the 
vehicle from behind, and to pull pieces of equipment from it. The Raiders decide to leave 
quickly. They soon leave the cave of the Lurkers far behind and we now see a number of 
dissolve sequences of the Raiders travelling through caverns, tunnels etc. As they pass 
through these caverns we see masses of Raider vehicle parts discarded by the Lurkers. 
Eventually, guided by the Geologist, they come in sight of the Rock Monster city. 

Part 4 

On arrival at the city they lie hidden for a while, watching the Rock Monsters come and go. 
They discuss various plans to get in to the city without being noticed, but all seem useless. 
Mad Jack suggests that they build a huge mechanical Rock Monster from spare parts that 
they find in other caverns. The other Raiders laugh at him saying only a madman would 
come up with that. But Hill agrees with Mad Jack. He begins to demonstrate with some Lego 
bits. He gets the sticky fluid from a plant and uses it to stick rocks on to the Lego piece. 
Sparks the engineer starts to take an interest, and then Stone. 

They begin to sketch out ideas in the dirt. We get a lot of shots of the Raiders scouting for 
the various parts they need in the different caverns. We see them at different stages of 
construction until we eventually see the finished mechanical Rock Monster . It is completely 
covered over by rubble, stuck on by sticky sap. It is designed so that the Raiders can get 
inside and operate it. Hill and Stone are operating the legs, Axle and Docs, the arms, and 
Mad Jack the head. 

Jack says he was held in the Rock Monster city and so knows the layout. The others aren’t 
too sure. At first they struggle to get the Mechanical Monster moving, with Jack giving crazy 
directions, but eventually they pull together and set out on their way. 

Part 5 

The Rock Monster city is built on a series of high rocky pinnacles which emerge from a lake of 
lava. The only access is over a natural rock bridge. With this guarded it makes the perfect 
fortress. The Raiders in their mechanical suit approach the rock bridge, and with difficulty 
cross over, where they are not challenged by the stupid Monster sentry. They are in the city 
and now rely on mad Jack to navigate them . The Geologist has his scanner and is directing 
them as well. 

They eventually arrive at the Rock Monster storage area where they keep the crystals. There 
are a number of monsters in the room munching crystals. Sweating in their monster suit they 
don’t immediately attract attention, and are able to fill a sack with crystals. When however 
they attempt to take the super crystal, the other monsters try to stop them. They take it and 
run off eventually coming to a dead end, where the monsters trap them. Near them by a wall 
are some ore geodes. The Raiders pick one up, and using it like a bowling ball they throw it 
down the tunnel at the monsters who are knocked over like ten pins. Quickly they run past 
the groggy monsters and off, trying to find the exit. 


With Jacks help they are able to come up to the main gate and the bridge, but find their way 
blocked by more Monster sentries. Another geode is at hand and they again use it to bowl 
the Monsters over. But this time it doesn’t go their way as the geode bounces and lands 
heavily on the rock bridge which cracks and then collapses. But this isn’t the least of their 
troubles, for as they attempt to escape a huge rock gate begins to descend to cut them off. 
They are running at top speed and the suit hits the gate, knocking off the top half. The legs 
go through with Hill and Stone inside. The Raiders in the top half manage to crawl under 
before the gate crushes them. They still have the problem of getting across the gap where 
the bridge once was. They get rid of the mechanical suit and stand on the edge shouting for 

Jet is standing on the other side. She has the hoverboard, and quickly thinking she gets the 
crystal from the vehicle and grabs a couple of loading bins from the bits she collected earlier 
and attaches them to the board. Then taking a deep breath she turns the board around and 
takes a run up. She streaks along on the board and skims over the chasm, landing near the 
Raiders. They immediately jump on to the board, getting in to the bins, and generally hanging 
wherever they can, Mad Jack is holding onto the sack of crystals. Jet is very concerned that 
they can’t make it with the load but she tells them to hang on and sends the board over the 
edge. With the added weight it plummets downwards towards the glowing lava below. It 
comes to rest with a little help from Jet, about three feet above the lava. It’s a very 
uncomfortable place to be, especially as the board has stopped . Also because the Rock 
Monsters are hurling down large boulders which splash in to the lava nearby. These impacts 
cause air-waves which rock the board about. 

Jet says she feared this would happen, hoverboards weren’t meant to travel over lava. They 
have about thirty seconds before the board sinks in to the lava, and roasts them all. They’re 
all resigned to the worst when Hill suggests the super power crystal. Then Sparks agrees, 
saying it’s worth a try, as they have nothing to lose. Mad Jack fumbles through the bag of 
crystals and finds it, holds it out triumphantly. He drops it and it is just caught by Sparks. 
Sparks then leans over the board and using an adapter from his pouch fits it to the power unit. 
The board is about to give up the ghost and is beginning to sink. Nothing is happening even 
though the super power crystal is in position. 

Hill suddenly hits the power crystal, knocking it firmly in to it’s socket in the adapter. Suddenly 
the hover board blasts off with terrific speed, almost throwing the Raiders off. Some are 
clinging on by one hand. It zooms up the side of the cliff face and easily reaches the other 
side, escaping the Monsters who continue to hurl rocks futilely from the other side. They pick 
up the other Raiders and still on the energy enhanced hoverboard they jet off to the base 
where they are greeted by the captain who is just setting out to rescue them. They are all 
awarded medals! 

The end sequence has Hill and Stone, two old and revered Raiders giving this story as a 
lecture at the Rock Raider Academy. They are on the podium before a microphone, and 
Stone has just finished his lecture. He turns back to his seat where Hill also has a chair. Hill 
is looking a little tetchy and says that it wasn’t quite how he remembered it. As a High ranking 
Raider sums up the lectures at the microphone, Hill and Stone begin to argue, then start to 
push one another, then have to be dragged off. As they go the students are getting up and 
approaching the stage. The two struggling Raiders are taken off bodily and Hill drops his 
medal which rolls over the stage. It falls off the edge and a young student picks it up, 
showing it to others who are collecting around him. We see a close up of the medal in the 
students hand. It reads ‘Awarded to William Hill For Extreme Courage And Bravery.’ The 
camera Zooms in slowly on the medal until it fills the screen. Eventually the screen is 
completely gold. END