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Full text of "Rock Raiders PSX project (19 April 1999)"

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Jun 14, '99 Jun 21, '99 Jun 28, '99 Jul 5, '99 


Apr 26, '99 

fay 3, 99 May 10, 99 May 17, 99 
M[t wt [F [STs [M[T 


wit [F [sts [m[t wit TF [s [s[M]t wit IF [sTs[u]t [wit IF Is[s 



Drilling: Men 

Drilling: Vehicles Generic 
Caverns: Opening up on drilling 
Collision: Generic map 
Collectibles: Generic-Crystal etc 
Object List: Load/Save/Edit 
MapEdit: Load/Save/Edit 

Event Scheduler: with Graphic Display 
Level: Generic Load/Edit 

Level: Generic Test 

Enemies: Generic move/collision/Al 
Enemies: Rock Monster 

Enemies: Rock Whale 

Enemies: Spiders 

Enemies: Scorpions 

Weapons: Generic-either side 
Weapon: Dynamite-Drop onto floor 
Weapon: Super-dynamite 
Weapon: Pusher Gun 

Weapon: Freezer Gun 

FX subsystem: Generic 

Collision: Generic-Vehicles with terrain 
Electric Fences 

Minifigure: general Al 

Vehicles: Generic Movement and simple Al 
Vehicle: Hoverboard 

Vehicle: Catamaran 

Vehicle: Loader Dozer 

Vehicle: Granite Grinder 

Vehicle: Small Digger 

Vehicle: Small Helicopter 

Vehicle: Tunnel Helicopter 
Helicopter Scoop/Drop Water 
Helicopter lift men/vechicles 
Helicopter lift cargo 

Minifigure: Rock Raider 

Vehicle: Robo-suit 

Pause game 

Level: Design for Alpha 

Levels: Alpha deadline 


Levels: Design to completion 

Intro screens 

Select Options screens 

Between level animations 

Level won screen 

Level lost screen 

Quit screen 

Credits Screen 

Camera Movement Al 

Radar system 

Levels: Beta deadline 

Lava: vertex lighting system 


Final game tweaks and debugging 

LEVEL Design on Paper 

Steve Deacon 

Steve Deacon 

Steve Deacon 

Steve Deacon 

Steve Deacon 

Steve Deacon 

[@)Steve Deacon 

Level Designer 

Steve Deacon 

Project: RockRaidersPSX 



Rolled Up Task 



Rolled Up Split 

Rolled Up Milestone <> 

Rolled Up Progress 

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Project Summary 

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