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Weapons table.doc RR PSX 27/05/99 1/2 


Creature Attack | Pusher | Freezer | Dynamite | Laser | Vehicle | Damage 
From gun gun To Mini-Fig 

Spider 1 - 1 + 0 1 

Scorpion Shrink | 0 Shrink 0 0 3 to 1 

Slug + 1 + 1 0 3 

Rock 1 1 + 1 1 5 


Ice 0 0 + + 1 5 


Lava 0 + + 0 1 5 


KEY: Same types have less effect E.G. Ice monster and freezer gun. 

0 =No Effect 

- = Minimal damage 
1 =normal damage 
+ =Big damage 

The Scorpion is a large size and does 3 points of damage. If shot he shrinks and does 2 points damage. 
If hit again he shrinks again to a spider size and does | point damage. If hit again he hides. 


The Slugs slowly turn on the spot to face the players rock raider. 

When they are in line, they run in a straight line directly to the rock raider. 

If the rock raider moves they will slow down their charge then stop. They will then turn to face the rock 
raider again. and repeat the charge. 

This will stop the rock raider from staying in one place too long. 

The charge will be faster than a rock raider can run, so he will have to move aside to evade the slug. 
The slow down from the charge and the slowish turning gives the rock raider time to evade. 

The creatures can not be killed, but when their health is 0 then they will scamper away super fast 
straight off the screen, into the cracks in the walls and dis-appear. 

Each hit on a creature is shown like the rock raider mini-figure with a small healthbar and a fading 
damage points. 


small creatures do not attack vehicles. 

A vehicle can not run over a creature (just collides) so we can not have the creatures being run over. 
This allows small creatures to block the way of vehicles. Getting out on foot to attract them away from 
a path, so the vehicle can get through will be a possible option. 

Rock monsters hit by vehicles will cause damage to the vehicles, (10%)ish so they must be avoided. 
Rock Monsters actually hitting a vehicle, with its attack animation will cause big damage (20%)ish 


They will prefer to attack vehicles if they are on the level. 

If there is no vehicle they will attack the rock raiders. 

Ifa rock raider gets very close to a rock monster then the rock monster will try and attack it, and will 
follow it, unless the rock raider gets too far away. - This will allow a rock raider to draw a rock monster 
away from a vehicle that he is attacking. 

Ifa vehicle is damaged, no damage is inflicted on the Mini-figure inside. If the vehicle is destroyed, the 
mini-figure pops out and continues on foot, with his normal health. 


Weapons table.doc RR PSX 27/05/99 2/2 

We can have Health bonus's for the Mini-figure, which the mini-figure has to collect on foot, vehicles 
can not collect. 

We will also have Health bonus for Vehicles (Spanners) which are only collectable by vehicles. 

If you have 100% health and run over a health bonus it will not increase your health, but the bonus will 
be collected. This will annoy the other player in 2 player mode who may have needed the health bonus, 
they will have to learn to play co-operatively. 

You will get a score points for all collectibles, whether in vehicles or on foot, or even if already at full 


Pusher gun. 

The pusher gun is hand held, if it hits a spider it pushes it right back (the graphic the artists are trying 
for, may flip it on its back, when it will be stuck for a short while then pop back over and try to attack 
you again (unless it is now out of range - spiders have a shorter range to attack than the scorpions, 
which have a wide range of attack to home in on you.) 

The pusher gun on the Slug has less effect, it just spins him in a random direction, so it will turn and 
face the mini-figure again. If the Slug is running at you, it will slow him down, but not stop him or 
make him turn. If running at full pelt the Slug will need a couple of hits to make him stop and spin