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tutorial RR LEGO.doc Page | 02/03/1999 



Advice from a pop up rock raiders character, like the help ‘actors’ microsoft uses in 
office products. These offer help advice, sensitive to what is happening, they are 
floating, so they can appear where needed. 

We thought that the tutorials could be broken into two sections. 

The first introduces the features and options and shows the player the functionality of 
how to use and play the game. 

The second is a series of short levels, which can be used to test these skills and learn 
new options. 

These tutorials are introduced by different member of the rock raiders team. E.G Axel 
introduces the vehicles uses. GEOLOGIST shows us how to locate the crystals. This 
allows us to subconsciously associate skills with the different rock raiders teams and 
show off their differnet characters. 

Collecting Crystals 



There are times, when we get really lucky. We strike the mother-lode, geologist gets a 
scan, showing a huge pile of crystals. Then despite all the teams hard work, it can be 
just too much to carry back to bace. 

Engineer Thats where my little friends come in. 

Window shows a vehicle. 

This beauty is the transport 

If you want to get there fast use the HOVER but it won’t be any faster bringing it 

If you have a serious amount of carrying to do then you need the TRANSPORT 

I have a job to do right now, if you want to help me, you’!l see exactly how they 
work, and when best to use them. 


A wide cave, with a teleport in the centre. To the north a small tunnel, leading into 
another cavern, which is long and at the end is a huge pile of crystals. On the right of 
the cave is a wide tunnel, which bends round to northern cavern. 

By the teleport, are two rock raiders. 

AXEL: First we need to get one of my beauties telported down here. 

Select the teleport (pic) 

Message ‘click here’ at the teleport. 

(when selected) 

See the new icons on the right, These are used to ask CAPT to send down a 

If they are greyed out, then that vehicle is not available at the moment. 

Right now, we only have hover boards available. Bring one down. 

tutorial RR LEGO.doc Page 2 02/03/1999 

Message ‘click here’ arrow to icon. 
(wait for click) 

“We now have a short while, while it gets teleported down to us. 
‘while we are waiting, select a transport as well. 

Message ‘ here’ and point to icon 

Message ‘ here next’ and point to next icon. 

Select all of the units, by clicking and dragging a box around them, then tell them 
where to go, by clicking on the crystals at the end of the next cave upto the north. 
Message ‘click here’ 
When clicked, show new message ‘drag select box to here’ 
Message ‘crystals. Scroll this way’ arrow points up north’ 
Message ‘click here’ points to crystals. 

When clicked on crystals. 

AXEL: ‘See how the men walk straight up north through the small tunnel. And the 
vehicles which are too big to fit through this narrow passageway automatically take 
the larger tunnel to the right. 

Watch these units as they move towards the crystals. 

To start with, the men are quicker as they can go where the vehicles can’t. 

Notice that the vehicles also move at different speed over different terrain types. 
The vehicles are generally faster and soon catch up and arrive to the crystals first. 

You will notice that on the way back they are all slower as they are carrying a heavy 
load, but the vehicles are still faster, and are carrying three crystals, instead of just 

We can help these get back by widening the tunnel, so they dont have to take the long 
route back. 


AXEL: ’Select the teleport and bring down a digger’ 
(If you want help on this click here)(icon) 

Select the ‘dig’ icon (pic) 

Message ‘click here’ and point. 

When selected. 


Select a teleport building. 

The icon panel is shown with all the vehicles and men available to choose from. 
Click on the vehicle to select one to teleport down, a small number one will appear in 
the icon box. Clicking again will request a second unit and the counter will display 2. 
We can select up to 9 duplicate units this way. 

tutorial RR LEGO.doc Page 3 02/03/1999 


Automatic response modes: 

These are actually graded 0-99. We only show grades 1-5 labelled low to high, as this 
is easier to understand to the player. 

Gather CRYSTALS and take them back. 

Gather ORE and take it back 

Clear tunnels 

Strengthen tunnels 


Damage repairs (if damaged / fuel low then the unit will return sooner) 

Follow instructions (this is what the automated levels are compared to, if auto do is 
higher than follow instructions then it will stop the order and do that instead) 

How show a counter for time to teleport down? 
Speed of vehicle slows down when upgraded to carry a bigger load. Bigger engine 

counteracts this. 

Possible — specialisation of vehicles, carry crystals OR ore.