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gj Sega CD ProStrategy Guide 

Uj Eternal Champiom 

!j*» Hidden Special Moves, 

'*» Overkills, and More! 

ProReviews! X 

• Toughman Contest a 

• Metal Warriors 

• Spider-Man r 

• Quarantine (300) , 

• Kirby’s Dream Course A 

• World Series Baseball ’95 C 


• Primal Rage for Home Systems 

• Cyber Sled (PlayStation) 

• Myst (PlayStation) . 

• Chaotix (32X) „ M fo 

4470 65945 7 

I 7 rt W 




Call 1-800-771-3772 lor Information on Game Ratings. 

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at Blockbuster! 




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The once in a millennium VI r 

- - confrontation is Ml Vl 

upon you! Using 
" the powerful spells 
' and potions entrusted to you 

by your Druid ancestors, battle ^ m 

gargoyles, the Undead, fire- 

breathing dragons. ..and if you survive, the 
all-powerful Warlock! Combining strategy, 
intuition, and sorcery, you must be the first to 
locate six ancient runestones-and save all creation 
from unraveling! Afraid? He already knows that. 


Please gel permission from whoever pays the phone bill before calling the above number. 

Warlock'” Developed by ReaAime Associates lor Trimark Interactive 0 1994 Trimark Inleractlve. Nintendo. Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Official Seals are reoislered Irademarks ol Nintendo ol Amern 
me. Sega and Genesis are Irademarks ol Sega Enterprises l td. All rights reserved. Acclaim s a division ol Acclaim Entertainment, Inc © 4 f> 1995 Acclaim Entertainment. Inc All rights reserved 

endo ol America. 


ated elements are property ol DC Comics TM 1 

GamePro • May 1995 


97 PmsmamarGam 

Eternal Champions (Sega CD) 

Complete character profiles, hid- 
den special moves, Overkills, and 
killer combos 

108 SWATPro 

Secret weapons and tactics for 
your favorite games 

no swMwmspsmi 

NBA Jam Tournament 
Edition Codes 

1 16 The Fighter’s Edge 

Move lists for Killer Instinct and 
Virtua Fighter 2 (arcade), and 
Mega Moves for WWF Raw 
(Genesis and SNES) 

28 Once and Future Kings: 
A Video Game 
Hardware Outlook 

How the systems stack up 
for 1995! 

126 ComixZone 

Sega breaks new ground 
with this Genesis cart that’s 
part video game, part 
comic book. 

34 The Sega Channel 
Spreads Nationwide 

Sega has a way to get inside 
your home! 

36 Surf’s Up! Online Video 
Game Information, Part One 

Cruise the worldwide computer 
networks for juicy game info. 

38 WeaponLord, Part Four: 
Testing, Debugging, 

And Balancing 

Namco's testers are making 
that WeaponLord' s ready to / 

Cover. Francis I 



GamePro • May 1995 













42 Toughman Contest 
44 Stargate 
46 Spider-Man 
48 True Lies 
50 No Escape 
50 Eccojr. 

Sega CD 

52 Fatal Fury Special 
54 Road Rash 
56 Trivial Pursuit 
56 Wheel of Fortune 


58 Tempo 

60 Brutal: Above the Claw 
60 Motocross Championship 
Super NES 
64 Spider-Man 
66 Metal Warriors 
80 Kirby's Dream Course 
82 Wing Commander II: 

Vengeance of the Kilrathi 
84 Kirby's Avalanche 
84 toy's Quest for the 
Olympic Rings 

The Sports Page 

94 World Series Baseball '95 

95 Sporting News Power 
Baseball (SNES) 

96 NBA Hangtime '95 (Sega CD) 

97 Troy Aikman Football 

98 Tecmo Super Hockey 

98 Coif Magazine Presents 36 
Great Holes Starring Fred 
Couples (32X) 

99 NFL Quarterback Club 
(Game Gear) 

102 Role-Player’s Realm 

1 02 The Savage Empire (SNES) 

1 03 Beyond Oasis (Genesis) 

1 04 Dungeon Explorer 

(Sega CD) 

1 05 Rise of the Phoenix (SNES) 

90 Double Dragon V: The 
Shadow Falls 
90 Pinball Fantasies 

106 Game Roy 

106 True Lies 
106 Pinball Fantasies 

86 Quarantine 
88 Immercenary 

92 CD-i 

92 Jeopardy 
92 Lemmings 

12 Letter from the GamePros 
12 The Mail 
14 GamePro Gallery 
16 The Cutting Edge 

Nintendo goes into orbit, and 
Apple makes a game machine. 

18 Hot at the Arcades 

Night Warriors (Darkstalkers' 
Revenge) and Street Fighter: 
The Movie 

122 GamePro Labs 

The new Magnovox CD-i Model 
550, the Philips Game Pad, and 
NakiTek’s wireless 3DO controllers 

123 Buyers Beware 

Information for savvy consumers 

126 Short ProShots 

ComixZone (Genesis), 3D Baseball 
'95 (Saturn), Chaotix (32X), Primal 
Rage (SNES, Genesis), and more! 


V Page 134 . 

134 Overseas ProSpects 

Cyber Sled, Myst, and Cosmic 
Race (PlayStation), along with 
Saturn previews! 

137 Index of Advertisers 

138 ProNews 

Nintendo begins fielding 
Ultra 64 developers. 


b ww i uu w h bilk ivih. i \ 



4b. i K 




d /bi, .rtfl. YOU COULD 




* "IU;;T 

!f*fl C>. 

II \m C!/|T f 



|H Shut Up and Jam 2 is all the trash talkin', elbow- throwin' streetball you could ever want The animations are dope “ B ARKL^V 
r ‘ 7 * and the combination moves ate deadly. You've got twenty-five ways to slam. Behind-the-back passes Double- jjj SHU* “ 
clutches Allev-ooos 10 olavers to Dick from and zero refs And it's the onlv video name in the world with Sir lu IIR J 1 

- clutches Alley-oops 10 players to pick from and zero refs And it's the only video game in the worid with Sir U.SfK'f ' 
‘ v Charies himself. Enough talk Get Shut Up and Jam 2. Then take some chump off the dribble and drive it to the hole. |JAM 


— ... no* 

c O'® '" ' W s «*>*' 

o»' ” 

^ OVA dOKXr 

need a lot of 


to see why 

«0 * ““ s “ r '"'««« n u ,^ y „. » * 


4 ^' 

game system that c an f be ^ ^ /Japping 


‘S 5 Tm«ju‘ 0 m C uCRs 

, full-bloun 

mate everything else 

took 'to ’ 



3 TVs 


\o* 'k'e f 0 * 0 ' kead trip ^ 

32 - m && c( ^ 

_ Vast, other game sys( . , „ , r .\y Heard enough? 

^ves ms /oot j||- e they 're standing 

■tft, time to face the f uf( 

TV**"’" out 

Ad6 tar3D0« if youVe gof ^ 

■t a. 




full of 
space-age technology 
and comes with tats of 

FREE stuff. 






$ GoldStar 

Play The Future Today 



>0 logo and Inisractire Mutttpiayer a 

Hitting the Highway 

It's cool when you’re driving down the road and you see some- 
one you know. You make contact with a wave, a nod, and a 
grin. CamePro's found a road you can cruise and make contact 
with us any time you want: the information superhighway. 

The Internet started about 25 years ago as a linked network 
of computers around the globe that enabled scientists and 
researchers to share information. Recently opened to the public, 
the Internet now permits computer users across the world to 
exchange e-mail and share opinions in discussion forums called 
"bulletin boards." Commercial online networks, such as Com- 
puServe and America Online, have also linked up, adding inex- 
pensive Internet access to their offerings. 

Savvy users can find hot new game tidbits online, from both 
other gamers and game companies. If you're hungry to hit the 
highway and are in need of a road map, be sure to read "Surfs 
Up! Online Video Came Information" in this issue. It’s the first 
installment in a two-part series that shows you how and where 
to find video game info via online sources. 

Once you're wired into the Net, drop us a line - we're speed- 
ing along the highway, too. We've established a number of 
e-mail addresses for incoming messages: 
the “The Mail" “Buyers Beware" 
fighters ‘The Fighter's Edge” 
role “Role-Player's Realm” “SWATPro” Suggestions and 


vents us from responding to you personally. We will, however, 
consider your questions, comments, game tips, and codes for 
publication. Be sure to include your name and address in your 
e-mail so that, if you win a prize (for supplying us with a tip that 
we publish, for instance), well be able to send it to you. 

We don’t expect our online presence to be limited to just 
e-mail in the future. In fact, some GamePro editors can be found 
surfing the networks now and then. Well keep you apprised of 
new developments as they happen. Until then, well see you on 
the highway! 

The GamePros 
San Mateo, CA 

GamePro Readers Speak Out! 

Fightin’ Words 

T here's a lack of interesting 
characters in today’s fight- 
ing games. Most games have 
someone who looks suspi- 
ciously like Ryu, ninjas are a 
dime a dozen, and there's usu- 
ally one woman who’s not very 
strong but compensates with 
lightning speed. The story lines 
are also bland and overused: 
How many times have we 
heard about some mean guy 
who calls upon the fighters 
from around the world to fight 
to see who’s best? Unless 
designers begin to expand the 
personality of these games, the 
genre is doomed to collapse. 
Ingmar Freske 
Bellingham, WA 

Here’s a fan of fighting games: 
17-year-old Andrew Hepburn of 
Miami, Florida. Andrew wonders 
when we gave out the MK II fatali- 
ties. Check our October ’94 Issue. 

Cart Queries 

D onkey Kong Country is 
great! Is there going to be 
a sequel? 

Bryan Munch 
Westlake, OH 

The Unknown Gamer replies: 

You bet! One of the biggest- 
selling games of the last few 
years will be followed by Don- 
key Kong Country 2. At the 

Consumer Electronics Show in 
Las Vegas, Nintendo an- 
nounced it's working on the 
sequel for release late this 
year. And don't forget Donkey 
Kong Land for the Super Came 
Boy - it's a pseudosequel. 

I enjoyed the awesome NES 
game Batman: Revenge of 
the Joker back in 1 992. Later 
that year, you showed a pre- 
view of the SNES version. It 
should’ve come out two years 
ago, but I never saw it in 
stores. Did SunSoft ever 
release it? 

Cheyne Hirko 
St. Augustine, FL 

Batman and Joker battled on the 
Genesis, never the SNES. 

Lawrence of Arcadia replies: 

SunSoft did release Batman: 
Revenge of the Joker on the 
Genesis in the spring of '93, 
but it never made it to the 
SNES. The game got ratings of 
all 3.0s in our May ’93 issue. 


ill there ever be any 
more games for the NES? 
Everyone keeps talking about 
more megs and bigger sys- 
tems, but we should all realize 
that more power doesn’t equal 
better games. Some of the 
best games ever made were 
for the old 8-bit NES. So I hope 
Nintendo and other compa- 
nies don’t turn their backs on 
that great machine. After all, if 



Miy 1085 

it weren’t for the NES, we 
never would’ve had the 1 6- or 
32-bit systems. 

Ceri De Guzman 
Manila, Philippines 

Toxic Tommy replies: 

Enjoy those memories, Geri, 
because the NES has gone the 
way of the TurboDuo, the 
Lynx, and the dodo bird. At the 
Winter CES, Nintendo 
announced that it had official- 
ly “retired" the NES, so no new 
games will be made for it. 

Rental Requests 

A re video game rentals 
going to be available for 
the 3D0 and Jaguar? I’m inter- 
ested in buying one of these 
systems, but I’m worried that I 
won’t be able to rent games. 
Matthew Stevenson 
Sugar Land, TX 

Tommy Glide replies: 

Currently, rental games for 
these systems are available in 
very limited numbers. Block- 
buster, the nation’s largest 
rental chain, rents 3DO games 
in only 50 of its stores, and it 
doesn't rent Jaguar games at 
all. Some small, independent 
stores do rent Jag games; call 
Atari for dealer information: 

If you want to see rentals in 
the major chain stores, direct 
your appeals to the 3DO and 
Atari companies themselves. 
With enough letters from 
gamers, they’ll push to make 
those games available across 
the country. To reach Atari, 
write to Customer Service: 
Jaguar rentals, P.O. Box 
61657, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. 
To reach 3DO: Customer Sup- 
port, 600 Galveston Drive, 
Redwood City, CA 94063. 

One postscript to this issue: 
Until rentals are available 
everywhere, you can check out 
3DO games before buying 
them by purchasing 3DO’s CD 

samplers. Each disc shows off 
about ten titles, with up to ten 
minutes of interactive gameplay 
for every title. The samplers 
cost around $5 and are avail- 
able in stores or through 3DO 
Direct Sales: 800/335-3506. 

Let’s Get Technical 

A re there any accessories 
or add-ons available for 
the 3 DO system? 

Lee Weeks 
Winslow, ME 

The Lab Rat replies: 

We’ve checked out two 3 DO 
peripherals lately - Innovation's 
SNES<ontroller adapter and 
CH Products' Flightstick. Both 
were discussed in “GamePro 
Labs" (March). A third peripher- 
al, Naki's wireless controller, 
was put through its paces in 
“Labs" this issue. 

W ill games for the Ameri- 
can version of the Sega 
Saturn work on the Japanese 
Saturn? If not, will Sega make 
an adapter? 

Joe Panzarella 
W. Hazleton, PA 

Bonehead replies: 

A Sega spokesperson says the 
games and systems won't be 
interchangeable, so be sure to 
buy Japanese games for the 
Japanese Saturn and Ameri- 
can games for the American 
Saturn. Sega isn’t planning to 
make an adapter, though it 
allows that another company 
may make one. 

Address Central 

D oes Atari have a phone 
number that puts me in 
touch with a live counselor 
who has game tips? All the 
phone numbers listed in my 
Jaguar manuals have been dis- 

Paul Schreur 
Chico, CA 

Ben D. Rules replies: 

Atari is working on getting a 
line with live counselors later 
this year, but right now all it 
has is a 900 number with 
recorded game hints: 

The Magazine Biz 

W ho picks the art you 
show in “GamePro 

Geoff Dietrich 

Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada 
Q. Enay replies: 

We receive close to WOO 
entries per month for our 
Reader Art Contest. The top 
50 entries are posted in the 
main hallway of our editorial 
offices. During the month, 
everybody at GamePro stops 
by and checks out the latest 
and greatest submissions. At 
the end of the month, the edi- 
tors and designers vote on the 
top ten. 

As we’ve said in previous 
issues, creativity is our criteri- 
on when voting; we avoid obvi- 
ously traced art. Age isn't 
important because we're look- 
ing at the overall effort. Make 
sure to put your name and 
return address on your enve- 
lope or on the back of your 
artwork. It's not necessary to 
include a letter. And sorry, we 
can't return your art to you. 

GAMEPRO • May 1995 

Y our November issue said 
that the old Atari Pitfall 
game could be found in the 
eighth level of Activision’s Pit- 
fall for the Genesis. Where is it? 
Elliott Sanderson 
Eugene, OR 

Scary Larry replies: 

The 2600 game was moved to 
the fourth level, Ruins I. Look 
for the Atari scorpions lurking 
at the beginning of the level, 
go through the door, and 
bounce off the hidden web on 
the left to reach the spinning 
vortex on the right. For a 
shortcut, at the title screen 
press Select, Button A 26 
times, Select, and Start. 

Whaddaya Think? 

This is your magazine, so tell 
us what you’d like to see in it 
Send your suggestions to: 

GAMEPRO Magazine 

Dear Editor 
P.O. Box 5828 
San Mateo, CA 94402 

Send us e-mail on the Internet 
at this address: 
We cannot publish all letters 
and e-mail messages, and we 
cannot send personal replies 
to your letters or e-mails. 


This month's 
winning artist 
will receive a 

Nelson Wong 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

Pick of the Month 





IZZY is the official character of the 1996 
Atlanta Olympic Summer Games. He is also the 
star of U.S. GOLD'S IZZY’S Quest for the 
Olympic Rings video game for the Genesis 
and Super Nintendo. IZZY exists in the Torch 
World where he is capable of morphing himself 
.... — 

IZZY'S Olympic 


• Most medals by single 
w * athlete: Eighteen (9 gold, 5 
’ silver, 4 bronze) by gymnastic, 
Larissa Latynina (Soviet Union), 
between 1956 and 1964. 

• Most gold medals - Single games: 
Seven gold medals by swimmer, 
Mark Spitz (USA), in 1972. 

• Most medals - Single games: 
Eight by gymnast, Aleksandr Diti- 
atin (Soviet Union), in 1980. 

■ Most Olympic Games: Eight Olympic 
games by equestrian, Raimondo 
d'lnzeo (Italy), from 1948 to 1976. 

* First male Olympic champion: 

James Connolly (USA) won the triple 
jump in Athens, 1896. 

» First female Olympic champion: 
Charlotte Cooper (Great Britain) 
won the singles tennis tournament 
in Paris, 1900. 

■ Youngest Olympic champion: Anony- 
mous French boy who coxed the win- 
ning Netherlands pair in rowing at 
Paris in 1900. He was estimated to 
be from 7 to 10 years old. 

■ Oldest Olympic champion: Oscar G. 
Swahn (Sweden) who won the run- 
ning deer shooting competition at 
age 64 in 1912. 

Michael Case, Lubec, ME 

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

Send Your Art To: 

MMno Magaz ine 

CamePro Callerv 
P-0. Box 5828 
San Mateo, CA 94402 

WIN 8IG t; WITH‘<SHfr 


• Panasonic Enter- 
tainment Center 

• 26" TV 

• VCR 

• Speakers 

• Panasonic 3DO 

• IZZY plush doll 


Clip all FIVE Izzy's, 
paste onto an index 
card, enclose in an 
envelope and mail 
entry to: 

IZZY Sweepstakes, 
PO Box 5960, San 
Mateo, CA 94402 




A different ring 
GamePro Magazine from April ‘95 though the 
August ‘95 issues. 


Apples Pippin 

Nintendo's out to prove there’s still life - and possibly a 
future - in the Super NES with Satellaview. Apple's helping 
Bandai get a piece of the systems pie. 


Pippin: The Apple of Bandai s Eye 

By The Whizz 

T wo more players are shak- 
ing the next-generation 
systems tree: Bandai and 
Apple Computer. Apple is 
developing a CD game system 
for Bandai codenamed "Pippin." 
Bandai will call the unit the 
Power Player, and it may be 
released as early as fall ’95 for 
reportedly $500. 

JamiAvifW: NintinwinOmit sZSiSSSS 

By The Trackman in Japan with a PowerPC chip at its core 

(the 66-mega- 

Satellaview will bring Nintendo 
interactive programming into 
Japanese homes via a satellite 
and the BS-X cartridge. 

i Ihile Sega is launching the 
If Sega Channel via cable in 
I the U.S. (see 'The Sega 
Channel Spreads Nationwide” 
this issue), Nintendo plans to 
broadcast its TV programming 
from outer space. Satellaview 
is an add-on device for the 
Super Famicom (the SNES’s 
Japanese counterpart) that 
decodes signals from Ninten- 
do’s own satellite TV channel. 
Satellaview subscribers will be 
able to play interactive games 
and watch special interactive 
TV programs. 

Nintendo TV 

Although plans are still in the 
works, subscribers will be 
able to download games to 
play and preview. Additional 
programming calls for quiz 
shows and music videos. 

St. Giga, the satellite chan- 
nel doing the broadcasting, 
will transmit its signal in the 
bandwidth of WOWWOW, one 

of Japan’s satellite channels. 
Nintendo has contracted to 
broadcast daily from 4 p.m. 
to 7 p.m. 

Decode Name: BS-X 

To download games, you 
need the Satellaview unit and 
a cartridge called the BS-X Spe- 
cial Broadcast Cassette, which 
contains the decoding soft- 
ware. The Super Famicom (SF) 
sits on top of the Satellaview 
and links to it via a connector 
underneath the SF unit (the 
SNES has one, too). The BS-X 
cartridge slides into the SF car- 
tridge slot. Subscribers will 
also need a satellite dish and 
a commercial decoder. 

Satellaview Lifts Off 

Nintendo’s lips are sealed 
regarding an American version 
of Satellaview. At press time, 
Satellaview broadcasts in 
Japan were slated to debut 
April 1 . No foolin'. 


Star Trek Technical Manual by 
Simon & Schuster Is beaming to 
the Pippin. (PC screen shown.) 

hertz PC603), 
a quad-speed 
disc drive, 6 
megabytes of 
cess memory, 

CD-quality 1 6- 
bit sound, and 
a modified 
version of the 
operating system, among 
other features. The unit will 
reportedly also include com- 
puter network support. 



Pippin will play slightly modified 
versions of Macintosh software. 
In fact, the ease of converting 
Mac software for Pippin makes 
it attractive to developers. 

The operating system 
won't be stored in the unit’s 
memory; instead every CD will 
contain the operating system 

in addition to game program- 
ming. For game developers, 
this means they can totally 
control their game environ- 
ment by ensuring that the 
operating system optimizes 
gameplay. They will also be 
able to use the memory allo- 
cated to the operating system 
for other gameplay enhance- 
ments. Moreover, any time a 
new version of the operating 
system is available, Pippin 
game players won’t have to 
wait for new 
to reap its 

Apple esti- 
mates 50 titles 
will be ready if 
the unit ap- 
pears this year, 
games from 
Mac publishers 
like Cyan (which produced 
Myst). Simon & Schuster Inter- 
active will produce its smash 
PC software, Star Trek the 
Next Generation: Technical 
Manual for Pippin and an inter- 
active children’s adventure 
called My Favorite Monster. 

Apple Seeds Bandai 

At this stage, Bandai emerges 
as a dark horse in the end-of- 
the-year game-system sweep- 
stakes. But Apple certainly has 
the juice to make Pippin the 
Power Player. □ 









By Bruised Lee 

O nce again, daylight has 
faded into darkness on Cap- 
corn's night warriors as they 
return for a new battle. Night 
Warriors (Darkstalkers’ Re- 
venge) takes all the great ele- 
ments of Darkstalkers and 
makes them scarier. 

Forever Night 

Night Warriors represents a 
complete makeover of the origi- 
nal Darkstalkers. All eight origi- 
nal fighters return, along with 
the two bosses who are now 
playable characters. Each char- 
acter has more moves and 
much smoother animation, 

and the backgrounds have 
also been revamped. A much 
wider range of colors enriches 
the screen. 

Two new characters 
(Donovan and Hsien-Ko) join 
the Night shift. Donovan is a 
barbarian who swings a huge 
sword in combat. He can also 
freeze his foes, and with the 
spirit inside him, he electrifies 
enemies at close range. 

Hsien-Ko is the smallest 
character in the game, but she 
has extremely long arms that 
she uses to throw a wide vari- 

ety of projectiles at opponents. 
Some of Hsien-Ko's other 
moves include spinning toward 
opponents from a grappling 
hook that she drilled into the 

ceiling and summoning razor- 
sharp blades from the ground. 

Good Night 

Capcom didn’t stop at new 
characters and a new look. It 
reworked the original game’s 
Special bar to resemble the 
Mutant bar in X-Men. The spe- 
cial bar allows a fighter to 
perform special moves when 
if s charged. The bar also car- 
ries over between rounds and 
doesn’t max out. 

Night Warriors is a top- , 
notch battle for fighting gamers j 
into ghoulish combat. This 
game could keep you at the 
arcades long into the Night. 

By Capcom 

Available Summer '95 

with his 

j. Talbain bums 
new fire move. 

Victor's new 
real blast 

wo ee oottfe rtm 


turbo wheel not only lets you control any race 
game with rack and pinion precision, you control the sensitivity 
of your machine with selection of manual or power steering. Helmet 
and fire suit sold separately. Available for Sega T1 
Super Nes®, and 3DO™ platforms. 



Mr. Retailer, 

For more information on the 




The PER4MER is a product of Home Arcade Systems, Inc. 
P.O. Box 7124, Redwood City, CA 94063-71 24 
Sega™ is a trademark of Sega Enterprises, Ltd. All rights 

These fighting scenes from 
the movie will be digitized 
for the game. 

I t looks like Street Fighter is 
going into syndication, but 
don’t expect to see a rerun of 
the classic fighting game in a 
local arcade. Street Fighter: 

The Movie by Gamestar is a 
totally new one-on-one combat 
game based on last year's com- 
mando fighting flick starring 
Jean-Claude Van Damme. In 
fact, Van Damme reprises his 
role as Guile to star in the digi- 
tized graphics. 

Incredible Technologies/ 
Strata (the people behind 
Blood- Storm) programmed the 
game from scratch. It will fea- 
ture 14 new characters, but SF 
vets may recognize some of the 
signature moves from Street 
Fighter II Turbo. Gamestar also 
promises 50 new fighting 
moves with 12 backgrounds 
taken directly from movie 

Not only will Street Fighter: 
The Movie attempt to fill some 
big coin-op shoes, but its totally 
digitized look should show up 
just in time to go token-to-token 
with Mortal Kombat III, the 
champ of digitized fighting 
games. Street Fighter III? All’s 
quiet at Capcom. 

By Gamestar 
Available April 

Jean Claude’s the same but Chun 
U’s changed. 


What’s the result when Game 
Boy® and Super NES® have a head- 
on collision? Super Game Boy®. This high- 
impact unit transforms your favorite portable 
games into full-screen, multi-colored masterpieces! Super 
Game Boy packs a lot of technology into a tiny Pak, but you don’t have to 
be a brain surgeon to figure out how to use it. It’s a simple piggy-back job. 
Just slide the Super Game Boy into your Super NES, as you would any other 
Super NES game, then pop any Game Boy game into the Super Game Boy. 
Instant color conversion! And it’s not just for new Game Boy games. 
ANY Game Boy game can take advantage of Super Game Boy’s powers 
of color transformation. That’s a lot of games, too-well over 350 titles! 
And once you’re all set up, you’ll play your Game Boy games 
using Super NES controllers. You'll hear the stereo Game 
Boy music through TV or stereo speakers. You’ll play it 
in living color on your TV screen Get the big picture? 

With Game Boy, you have the ability to 
“take it with you,” but Super Game Boy lets you 
show off your favorite Game Boy games in an all-new way. 
Your Game Boy games will look better, play easier and take on 
a whole new level of graphic detail. In this case, bigger is definitely 
better. Instantly mutate Metroids to 1 0 times their original size! If a 
picture is worth a thousand words, the “before and after” shots 

here are saying a lot of good things about Super Game Boy! 



If you have a Super NES 
q5e’ ^ ut not a G ame Boy, you can 

access a whole new world of games 
once you have a Super Game Boy. Exclusive 
8fr Game Boy titles like Donkey Kong Land, Metroid II: 
Return of Samus and the entire Super Mario Land 
series can now be played on your Super NES! Paks like 
the Legend of Zelda®: Link’s Awakening™ and the Final 
Fantasy Legend™ series take on a whole new level 
of excitement with Super Game Boy. 


When you plug a game into Super Game 
Boy — POW — instant color. Some color 
combinations look better than others, 
and some might be fitting for one 
game but not another. It all depends 
on what looks good to you. If the 
default color palette isn’t to your 
liking, that’s not a problem. Super 
Game Boy has lots of palettes 
to choose from, 32, 
to be exact. 

There is a secret about the 
border. IF you pause your 
game and let it set long 
enough, the border 
image changes and/or 
sets itself in motion. 

It’s like a Super NES 
screen saver. 

Try it! 

As you can see, 
games like Link’s 
Awakening look 
great in almost any 
color palette. When 
customizing the game 
you’re playing, you’ll find 
that contrasting colors 
often work best. 

Another custom 
feature that will help you 
create stand-out screens is 
Super Game Boy’s border 
option. It has nine pre- 
programmed borders, but your 
choices are almost endless 
because you can also design your 
own borders. Be creative. Select 
the Custom Border Icon and paint 
your own masterpiece. 

Using a border that complements 
your game screen can certainly 
enhance your gaming 
experience. For example, 
set the scene for 
Link’s Awakening by 
painting a border that 
features Koholint 
and Egg Mountain, 
or build an arena 
around your 
NBA Jam™ court. 

IF you really want to go crazy with your borders. 

we suggest hooking up the Super NES 
Mouse to port 1 1 on your Super NES. 
It will work kind of like Mario Paint® 
Just select a color From the 
color palette, click and 
hold the buttons, and 
paint away! 

Game Boy also 
allows you to edit the 
various colors of any given 
palette by increasing or decreasing 
the brightness of each color. If you 
3 up with an unbeatable combination 
of colors, write down the password that 
you’re given, and then enter it any 
time you want to use that palette again. 
It’s versatile. It’s comprehensive. It’s cool. 



can now pre-assign 
colors to provide optimal 
contrast, vibrancy and 
detail with Super Game 
Boy Enhanced Mode. 
Different levels of a game 
can access different color palettes, 
as well. And customized borders that surround 
the playfield can be built-in to create an exciting 
frame that complements the game. Check out 
games like Donkey Kong, Space Invaders,™ 

Free 72-page Player's Guide 
now included with Super 
Game Boy! 

Wild Snake , 711 
Bonk’s Revenge,™ 

Mega Man V, Donkey Kong 
Land and more! Keep an eye out for 
the happy face icon on the box. It 
lets you know that the Super Game 
Boy Enhanced Mode is ready to roll! 

tea regtetefed tademaric w Nintendo, TM a 0 tar games and charactere are owned by Hie companies who market or license ttiose products. 

Hey! Rip out this coupon and score $5 


Save $5.00 

When you purchase 
one Super Game Boy. 


(Manufacturer's Coupon Offer expires December 31 , 1 995 


The Super Quiz, Part Ill-Judgment Day. 

Think you’ve got the smarts to 
win a Su 

the deal. 

(one last time) 

O K You’ve read the Super Game 
Boy ad in the March issue of 
GamePro (The ad's also in the May issue 
to help you pass The Super Quiz. Part III) 

Y ou’ve answered the questions 
about Super Game Boy that we 
printed in the March and April 
issues of GamePro. And now in 
the May issue. What's next? 

1. Cut out the completed 
May quiz form. 

2. Staple it together with 
the completed March 
and April torms. 

3. Mail them to: 

Super Game Boy Contest 
c/o GamePro Magazine 
P.O.Box 5828 
San Mateo, CA 94402 

jper prize? Here’s your 
final challenge. 

The last four Super 

Game Boy 0 questions. 

Don’t choke. 

7. Any Game Boy game can take advantage of 

Super Game Boy’s powers of color transforma- 
tion. T F 

8. Game Boy lets you edit the various colors of any 

given palette. T F 

9. If you come up with an unbeatable combination 

of colors, write down the . 

10. Programmers can now pre-assign colors to 

provide optimal contrast, vibrancy and detail 
with Super Game Boy Mode. 

Here’s what you 

can win (as if you don’t already know) 

Grand Prize winner of a 27 Stereo TV, 
Super NES 1 Control Set, Super Game Boy and 

The rest is up to fate 

(and great timing) 

And have a 
Super time. 



Vidas Gants Hardware Outlook 

New hardware systems mean video gamers will have 
some tough buying decisions ahead of them. Here’s 
how the systems stack up. 

By The Whizz and Manny LaMancha 

The Sweet Sixteens 

Nintendo Super NES 

Outlook: Sixteen-bit systems 
have seen their heyday. That 
doesn’t mean they don’t have 
good gameplay left in them, but 
rather that the number of new 
games is beginning to dry up. 
Long-time licensees like Cap- 
corn (Street Fighter, Mega Man) 
have already publicly decided to 
not create new 1 6-bit games. 

On the other hand, Nintendo 
and some major licensees, such 
as Acclaim, continue to support 
this system. 

Naturally, the hefty SNES 
game library should produce 
some great bargains as stores 
begin clearing their shelves. 

But remember, just last Christ- 
mas, Donkey Kong Country 
introduced rendered 3D poly- 
gon graphics to the SNES. 

Later this year, the FX2 chip in 
games like StarFox 2 and Com- 
manche could make such 
graphics a 16-bit standard. 
Even if Nintendo delivers the 

Sega Genesis 

Outlook: See the outlook for 
the Super NES above. These 
two systems, dominant in their 
day, are destined to go head- 
to-head all the way to the video 
game hall of fame. The Genesis 
also has a deep library of good 
games, so newcomers and 
vets who decide to wait for Sat- 
urn prices and programming to 
settle should reap the rewards 
of shrinking price tags and 
readily available rentals. Sega 
will also be responsible for 
feeding game-hungry Sega CD 
and 32X owners, too. 

Debut: 1990 
System price: $99.95 
Game prices: $19.99-$69.99 
CPU: 16-bit Motorola 68000 
Installed base: 16 million 
No. of licensees: 60 
Game library: 550 

PBOT7P: Monitor tte dijs onO reviews for 

\ StK^S ra O*OOOiOO™^l^» J 

Ultra 64 by Christmas, good 
16-bit games will be available 
at year’s end, but the new tech- 
nology is likely to eclipse the 
SNES in 1996. 

Debut: 1991 
System price: $99.95 
Game prices: $1 9.95— $99.95 
CPU: 16-bit custom Motorola 


Outlook: Remember when the 
3D0 was the cutting-edge CD- 
only system of choice? 3DO 
carved a niche for itself despite 
a hefty price tag, but it’s still 
pricey after a drop from $700 
to $400. Since Goldstar and 
Sanyo have joined Panasonic 
as systems manufacturers, 
expect prices to take another 
dip. The M2 Accelerator 64-bit 
upgrade and video CD capabil- 
ity, which should arrive in late 
’95, will help solidify 3DO’s 
stature. Saturn, PlayStation, 
and Ultra 64, however, have 
probably already whittled down 
the number of new 3DO own- 
ers before they even hit the 

Installed base: 16 million 
No. of licensees: 71 (U.S.); 
190 (worldwide) 

Game library: 625 

Debut: October 1993 

System price: $399.95 
Game prices: $60— $70 
CPU: 32-bit Motorola 68000 
Installed base: 200,000 

No. of licensees: 200 
Game library: 70 


Atari Jaguar and Jaguar CD 

Outlook: As you read this, the 
much-delayed Jaguar CD is 
due, and a Jaguar/CD periph- 
eral combination could hold its 
own against the new 32-bit 
systems. In fact, look for an 
integrated unit later this year. 
Atari’s also working on a new 
base unit with a CD, which is 
code-named Jaguar 2. The Jag 
needs killer games, but it has 
one thing going for it: low price. 

If game developers release titles 
across multiple systems, the 
Jaguar might be a viable sys- 
tem in the war between next- 
generation systems. 

Debut: Jaguar 1993; 

Jaguar CD 1995 
System price: $160 (Jaguar); 
$149 (Jaguar CD) 

Game prices: $60-$70 

CPU: 64-bit Motorola 68000 
with 4 custom processors 

Installed base: 150,000 
No. of licensees: 200 
Game library: 30 


Outlook: The prices listed 
below say it all. SNK de- 
serves credit for creating 
coin-op games that are good 
enough to maintain high 
interest in this system, but 
the U.S. version of the 
Neo»Geo CD will likely be a 
better buy (see right). SNK 
will still publish games for 
arcades, cartridge units, and 
CD units (in that order). A new 
U.S. Research and Develop- 
ment unit began operations a 
few months ago, so the 
Neo*Geo’s here to play. 

Debut: November 1991 

System price: $649 

Game prices: $199 
CPU: 16-bit Motorola 68000 
with custom SNK processing 

Installed base: Not available 
from SNK 

No. of licensees: 32 (Japan) 
Game library: 40 

Heo’Geo CD 

Outlook: Overseas Neo*Geo CD 
games look gorgeous and play 
well, and arcade games that 
never made it to the cartridge 
system will appear for the CD. 
Overseas units, however, are 
plagued by outrageously slow 
access time. SNK reports that, 
consequently, U.S. CD systems 
will house a double-speed disc 
drive. If you seriously want to 
bring a good arcade game 
home, consider this investment, 
but use your stopwatch before 
you use your credit card. 

Debut: November 1994 (Japan 
and U.K.); July 1995 (U.S.) 

System price: $399 

Game prices: $49— $69 
CPU: 16-bit Motorola 68000 
with custom SNK chips 
Installed base: Not available 
No. of licensees: 32 (Japan) 
Game library: 54 

Philips CD-i 

Outlook: The CD-i was the first 
dedicated CD-based electronic- 
entertainment system, but 
Philips seems content to stick 
with the technology and stay in 
the shadows despite its respect- 
able CD library. Although there 
are bona fide gems such as 
Burn: Cycle and The 7th Guest, 
inconsistent game quality puts 
the CD-i at a disadvantage 
against other high-powered 
game producers. 

Debut: 1991 
System price: $400 
Game prices: $29-$69 
CPU: Motorola 68000 

Installed base: 1 million 

No. of licensees: 25 
Game library: 54 

Sega 32X 

Outlook: Although the 32X is a 
neat peripheral, it was set up to 
grow in the Saturn’s shadow. 
Sega and its licensees will pro- 
duce enough Genesis carts, 
Sega CD discs, 32X carts and 
CDs, and Saturn CDs to keep 
everyone happy, but savvy 
shoppers should always follow 
the games. If there are enough 
available 32X games that you 
want to play and replay, go for 
it. What's “enough” is your call. 

Debut: November 1994 

System price: $149 
Game prices: $60-$70 

CPU: Sega Genesis required. 

Installed base: 500,000 
No. of licensees: 40 
Game library: 25 


May 1995 


Star Struck CONTINUEP 

Sega CO and Sega COX 

Outlook: When the Genesis 
goes, so will the Sega CD and 
CDX, though it’s entirely possi- 
ble that Saturn CDs could help 
keep the Sega CD embers 
glowing with modified versions. 
The 32X does wonders for the 
Sega CD’s graphical resolution, 
but that meager 32X game 
library won’t entice you. 

Debut: November 1992 
System price: Sega CD $99; 
Sega CDX $299 
Game prices: $60-$70 
CPU: Sega Genesis required 
installed base: 2 million 
No. of licensees: 35 
Game library: 150 

Primedand Ready 

Sega Saturn 

Outlook: Looking extremely 
good! The Japanese version of 
Virtua Fighter, along with early 
peeks at Daytona USA and Shi- 
nobi, should convince any 
skeptic that Saturn's going to 
blast off in the U.S. 

Debut: November 1994 
(Japan): November 1995 (U.S.) 
System price: approximately 

CPU: 32-bit Hitachi RISC chips 


No. of licensees: 100 (Japan): 
100 (U.S.) 

Game library: 100 planned by 
end of 1995 (U.S.) 

Nintendo Ultra 64 

Outlook: Although most people 
have never seen an Ultra 64, 
Nintendo quietly promises a 
1995 debut even as the Saturn 
and PlayStation continue to 
steal mucho thunder. When it 
does appear, though, Nintendo 
has the software savvy and the 
business muscle to establish it 
as a major machine. Figure to 
make a video game buying deci- 
sion among three major game 
systems in 1996, but gamers 
everywhere are anxious to see 
what that “64” really means. 

Debut: Fall 1995 

System price: approximately 


CPU: 64-bit MIPS custom 

Installed base: Not applicable 
No. of licensees: Not applicable 
Game library: Not applicable 

gamepro • 

Sony PlayStation 

Outlook: Also looking extremely 
good! Sony’s new to the sys- 
tems game, but the prediction 
here is that it'll be a monster if it 
can maintain the same high 
standards with its games that it 
obviously did with the PlaySta- 
tion hardware. Ridge Racer and 
Toh Shin Den (see “Overseas 
ProSpects,” April) are awesome 
demonstrations of PS potential. 

CPU: 32-bit LSI custom 

Debut: November 1994 

System price: approximately 

Installed base: 500,000 

No. of licensees: 97 (U.S.); 
290 (Japan) 

Game library: 19 (Japan) 


nfo on such NES peripherals 

Xu-FORCE and Power 
loveJhe first "Overseas 
ProSpects" featured the 

Famicom version of Super 

Mario Bros 3. 

'nearly 1989, GamePro's 

Lhumble beginnings incUid 

GamePro's editorial paoes. 

In that issue, we reviewed 

NES games like Advenlure 
Island and Operation Wo«. 

■The cutting Edge provided 

By Manny LaMancha 


We lost a dear friend recently. 

At the Winter Consumer 
Electronics Show this past Jan- 
uary, Nintendo announced its 
plans for 1995, including the 
upcoming Ultra 64 console, the 
Virtual Boy 3D portable system, 
and continuing support for the 
SNES and Game Boy. Nintendo 
also announced, however, that 
it had officially “retired" the 
venerable NES from its lineup 
and has no plans to release 
new games, something most 
licensees had decided long ago. 
Virgin’s The Jungle Book was 
the last third-party game 
released for the NES. 

Nintendo will continue to 
support the NES with phone 
tips, but it has stopped manu- 
facturing the 8-bit console. 

Games of NES-essity 

fiver its decade of use, the NES has seen a variety of 

w“^ r rst s „^ ,hesememorawe,i,iesrom ^ re 

Bases Loaded 
Blaster Master 
Castlevania (the series) 

Double Dragon 
Dragon Warrior IV 
Duck Hunt 
Duck Tales 
Kid Niki 
King’s Quest V 
Kirby’s Adventure 
Life Force 
Link’s Awakening 

Maniac Mansion 
Mega Man (the series) 

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! 
Ninja Gaiden (the series) 
Pro Wrestling 
RC ProAm 
Rolling Thunder 
Rush ’N’ Attack 
Silver Surfer 
Snake’s Revenge 
Solomon's Key 
Super C 

Super Mario Bros. 

Super Mario Bros. 3 
Tecmo Super Bowl 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Even as the life of the original NES (left) was waning, Nintendo sought 
to cut manufacturing costs and streamline its design with a new NES 
in 1993 (right). 

This move serves as the final 
nail in the coffin of a dedicated 
servant that lasted nearly ten 
seasons; as with canine com- 
panions, that’s an eternity in 
video game years. 

Nintendo can take heart in 
the fact that it sold 34 million 
NES systems in the U.S. since 
the product’s launch in 1985, 
and that millions more were 

sold worldwide in addition to 
the Famicom (the older brother 
to the NES). With all the com- 
petition that’s taking place in 
the video game industry, it’s 
not likely that any hardware 
producer will post numbers 
like that for some time. The 
NES appeared at a time when 
electronic gaming was down in 
the dumps, and it rekindled a 

fire in the industry. 

GamePro takes this oppor- 
tunity to bid a fond sayonara to 
this veteran game platform. As 
we look forward to the 32- and 
64-bit systems, look back on 
this ground-breaker and relish 
the memories. □ 


May 1985 


^ pe/eer ^ 


say ... h/we you tried 

THE G/J/H&P&0 

ty/*s Heru/ve? 

WE <S^S<? 
GAME?!? . 

/ W0Atf 








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r Spreads Nationwide 

Cable TV and video game systems used to compete 
with each other as entertainment. Discover how 
Sega Channel has combined the two. 

By Manny LaMancha 

Browse the News Link for upcom- 
ing contests and promotions, like 
The Great Earthworm Jim Race. 

I magine having a library of 
50 new games each month. 
How about getting previews 
of unreleased games, cheats, 
hot game news, contests, and 
more! It’s real, and it’s called 
the Sega Channel. 

Able Cable 

The Sega Channel is a partner- 
ship between Sega of America 
and the two biggest cable TV 
operators, TCI and 
Time Warner. After suc- 
cessful beta testing in a 
dozen U.S. cities last 
year, this innovative 
service is now estab- 
lished in 81 metropoli- 
tan areas. It’s currently 
available in such cities 
as Pittsburgh, Houston, 
and Denver, and it’s 
making its way across 
the nation (see sidebar). 

To tune into the 
Sega Channel, you 
need a Genesis, but 
gameplay varies from 
the traditional cartridge 
plug-n-play. Your local 

cable TV system provides a 
special adapter that plugs into 
the Genesis's cart slot and con- 
nects to the incoming cable 
feed. Setting up the Sega Chan- 
nel service on one TV doesn’t 
affect other cable connections 
you may have in the house. 

When the Genesis unit is 
turned on, the special adapter 
locks in on the Sega Channel 

The graphics, like this New Year's- 
oriented selection screen, are 
themed to the month. 


Even as the game loads, you get 
informah'on in a window to keep 
you busy. 

When you plug the Sega 
Genesis, you access 

signal off the incoming cable 
feed. You then see a cursor- 
driven menu of selections on 
your TV screen. The menu 
choices include Test Drives, 
which is a selection of game 
demos; Sports Arena, a series 
of athletic challenges; and 

minute to pull the game out of 
the Sega Channel’s constantly 
flowing signal, a 62-megabyte 
“datawheer that holds all of 
the month’s game selections, 
and load it into the adapter’s 
24 megabits of memory. At 
that point, you can play the 
game as often as you'd like - 
it stays resident in the adapter 
until you shut off the Genesis 
unit or load another game. 

Each month, the ros- 
ter changes to provide 
up to 50 selectable 
Genesis games. Titles 
are also being licensed 
from such publishers 
as Electronic Arts, Cap- 
corn, Playmates, and 
Konami, so that well- 
known games like Ur- 
ban Strike, Lethal En- 
forcers, and Ballz will 
be available to subscrib- 
ers in addition to games 
developed by Sega. 

Some games on the 
Sega Channel will be 
exclusive titles for sub- 

channel adapter into your 
a library of 50 games. 

Family Room, which includes 
games for every member of 
the family. 

At the Wheel 

After you choose a game to 
play from one of the cate- 
gories, it takes less than a 

Choose a game and play to your 
heart’s content 

developers of the XBand 
modem at Catapult about 
adding the capability for two 
players to download a game 
and play against each other 
via XBand modems. 

Check with your local cable 
company to see when the 
Sega Channel will be coming 
to your area. Expanding your 
Genesis library may be as easy 
as turning on your TV. □ 

The startup screen 

Each game provides a description 
and a series of choices for you to 
pick from. 

$12.95-514.95 with no limit 
on your playing time. Also, for 
concerned parents, the Parental 
Control feature restricts or 
totally blocks access to games 
with certain ratings. 

TV or Not TV 

The Genesis won’t last forev- 
er, not with more powerful 
systems just around the cor- 
ner. But because the upcom- 
ing Saturn is a CD-based 
system with the potential for 
games about 200 times big- 
ger than the Genesis, it’s not 
likely we’ll be seeing a Saturn 

Pick a selection from the main 
menu to bring up a list of games 
When you highlight a game, you 
see the game’s rating and the 
number of players 

scribers, such as 
the recent pre- 
miere of Mega 
Man: The Wily 
Wars, which isn’t 
available on store 
shelves. Other 
games you'll find 
are altered to fit 
the adapter’s 
memory. For 
instance, Super 
Street Fighter ll’s 
40 megabits 
were trimmed by 
removing some 
of the characters. The Chan- 
nel’s also purchasing games 
that were completed but not 

A Video Hints option in the 
game menu shows you how 
to get through certain parts of 
a game. Nothing like getting 
behind the wheel and having a 
roadmap to get you there. 

A Nose for News 

Aside from games, the Sega 
Channel has two other areas 
you can peruse. The Game 
Guide lists available games 
and provides information for 
new subscribers, including 
passwords and codes. 

News link is where you 
can find more game cheats, as 
well as information about 
upcoming contests, promo- 

The Parental Control feature per- 
mits adults to limit what games 
come down the wire. 

Channel soon - game delivery 
would take too long. With 
more than 15 million Genesis 
units in U.S. homes, the Sega 
Channel expects to extend 
the system’s lifespan and pro- 
vide low-cost entertainment 
to its owners. 

By the end of 1995, Sega 
Channel execs say the service 
should be available to more 
than 30 million homes and 
estimate 1 million cable view- 
ers will also be Sega Channel 
subscribers. Folks at the Sega 
Channel are also talking to the 

for two to Los Angeles to meet 
Earthworm Jim’s creators. 

To keep you occupied, you 
also get a flow of news while 
the game is loading. 

Cut to fhe Chase 

Perhaps the best part about 
this new way to play video 
games is the cost: The ser- 
vice has a monthly fee of 

Coming to A Station Near You 

At press time, the Sega Chan- 
nel is expected to be avail- 
able in the following loca- 
tions as of March. Call your 
local cable company for avail- 
ability. If you have any other 
questions, contact the Sega 
Channel at 402/537-3637. 

Birmingham, AL; Pima County, AZ; 
Tucson, AZ; Alameda, CA; Contra 
Costa/Pleasanton, CA; Cupertino, 

CA; Fremont, CA; Hayward/San 
Leandro, CA; Pacifica, CA; Palo Alto, 
CA; San Jose, CA; San Mateo, CA; 

Santa Cruz, CA; Sunnyvale, CA; Wal- 
nut Creek, CA; Denver, CO; Branford, 
CT; Hartford, CT; West Hartford, CT; 
New Castle, DE; Wilmington, DE; 
Athens, GA; Barrington, IL; Batavia, 
IL; Campton, IL; Chicago Heights, IL; 
LaPorte, IL; Lasalle, IL; Lisle, IL; 
Skokie, IL; Valparaiso, IL; Villa Park, 
IL; Bloomington, IN; Dyersburg, IN; 
Indianapolis, IN; South Bend, IN; 
Great Bend, KS; McPherson, KS; 
Wichita, KS; Baton Rouge; LA, Anne 
Arundel/Baltimore, MD; Johnstown, 
ME; Charlotte, Ml; East Lansing, Ml; 
Grand Rapids, Ml; Arnold, MO; St. 
Charles, MO; St. Louis, MO; Rankin 

County/Pearl, MS; Gastonia, NC; 
Keene, NH; Nashua, NH; South Jer- 
sey, NJ; Reno, NV; Brookhaven, NY; 
Buffalo, NY; Jamestown, NY; Lan- 
caster, NY; Mt. Vernon, NY; Roches- 
ter, NY; Rockland, NY; Muskogee, 
OK; Tulsa, OK; Portland, OR; Mil- 
waukee, OR; Coatesville, PA; Dela- 
ware County, PA; Hamburg, PA; 
Hershey, PA; Jamison, PA; King of 
Prussia, PA; Lancaster, PA; Marietta, 
PA; Norristown, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; 
Pottstown, PA; Sellersville, PA; 

Sioux Falls, SD; Beaumont, TX; 
Houston, TX; Cheyenne, WY. 


A couple of gamers get some time 
on the Sega Channel. 
tions, and other news. For 
instance, a specially pro- 
grammed version of Earth- 
worm Jim gave gamers the 
opportunity to win a free trip 

Online Video Came Information, Part' 

Maybe it's lime you Jselyour thumbs for more than punching buttons! 
i cruise into the worldwide computer networks, you'll find oil sorts of mouth-watering gome ir 

[Part One of this two-part fea- 
ture focuses on information 
about games from game com- 
panies. In the next issue, Part 
Two will help you track down 
tips and tactics.] 

Instant game information is 
only keystrokes away if you 
have access to a personal 
computer and are connected 
to such online computer net- 
works as the Internet, Com- 
puServe, and America Online. 
Whatever your need - a level- 
select code, tactics to beat a 
boss, or a release date for an 
upcoming game - you can find 
game developers and fellow 
gamers online to help. 

Gamers aren’t the only ones 
exploiting the power of the so- 

called information superhigh- 
way - game companies are 
racing to set up shop on the 
cyberspace byways. The rush 
to "get wired" means more 
information will be available 
to news-hungry gamers. 

Byte into the Internet 

The latest rage on the Internet 
is the World Wide Web (Web), 
an online medium where com- 
panies set up “pages" with 
information about their prod- 
ucts (see sidebar below). A 
Web browser provides sim- 
plified point-and-dick navigat- 
ing, so you can get up to 
speed instantly. 

Sega and Rocket Science 
Carnes recently jumped into 

By Manny LaMancha 

the Web; still other companies 
are establishing their own 
pages. The companies’ Web 
pages offer fresh information 
on their products, along with 
screen shots of games, con- 
tests, and even products you 
can buy. 

Some companies also share 
information with players on 
the game-related Usenet news- 
groups and mailing lists. This 
info may be a press release for 
an upcoming game, but often 
company representatives dole 
out game codes, discuss strat- 
egy, and even post job offers. 

Pay-For-Play Nets 

The commercial networks - 
CompuServe, America Online, 

and Delphi - are also a hotbed 
of gaming info. While they 
generally cost more to access 
than the Internet, they’re still a 
worthy source of game info. 
Some companies, such as Nin- 
tendo and Sega, have created 
their own forums that enable 
gamers to communicate with 
company reps and game pro- 
ducers. Others, like Capcom, 
have joined existing forums, 
such as CompuServe's Video 
Came Publishers Forums. 

Some company forums also 
provide hint files, game graph- 
ics, and message boards. 

Game-related companies, 
such as Caloob, the creator of 
the Came Genie, are also active 
on the networks. Galoob's 

Companies can be found on the 
major computer networks at the 
addresses listed below. 

Rocket Science 


Sony Electronic Publishing 


Time Warner Interactive 


CompuServe has forums for Nin- 
tendo and Sega, in addition to two 
Video Game Publishers Forums 
(Group A and Group B), each cur- 
rently listing the companies below: 
Group A 

American Laser Games 
Data East 
Electronic Arts 
Galoob (Game Genie) 



Spectrum HoloByte 



Working Designs 

To reach these companies, type 


Group B 





To reach these companies, type 


Nintendo’s forum: 

Sega's forum: 


America Online 

Game companies each have their 
own forum. Here's a list of com- 
pany keywords we found: 





CRYSTAL (Crystal Dynamics) 

DISNEY (Disney Interactive) 



LUCAS (LucasArts) 


SPECTRUM (Spectrum HoloByte) 
TWI (Time Warner) 



Check out these newsgroups: atari 
rec. games. video. cd-i 

World Wide Web 

Sega, Rocket Science, Sony Elec- 
tronic Publishing, and Time Warner 
Interactive currently have Web 
pages at the addresses below: 



May 1995 

Browser - The software you need to 
link to the World Wide Web over an 
Internet connection. 

E-mail - Electronic mail, or e-mail, is 

routed to your e-mail box. For example, 
you could join a Super NES mailing list. 
Newsgroup - A messaging board 
on Usenet where various topics are 
discussed. Game newsgroups have 
names like and 

Usenet - A series of message boards, 
called newsgroups. Each newsgroup 
covers a specific topic from various 
categories (like “rec” for “recreation" 
and "comp" for “computer"). 

World Wide Web - The Web is the area 
of the Internet that supports multimedia. 

through the Internet to another user. 
Home page - A magazine-like page 
that appears onscreen when you con- 
nect up to a World Wide Web site. 
Internet - A noncommercial network 
that links computers worldwide. It’s 
estimated to have 20-30 million users. 
Mailing list - A series of messages on 
a particular topic that are automatically 

?.SOo_ 0l -SOftu n ._ c °Stss 


GAMEPRO • May 1995 


Testing, Debugging, and balancing 

^c^l°HAmcoand%!sutT St com P lete ~ for G3 ^ s h 

11,056 na ^uS CePtS ' A " ‘ hat " ' 

Bv Slasher Quan 

W e’ve traced the develop- 
ment of WeaponLord over 
several months, covering its 
design, programming, game- 
play, and art development. As 
WeaponLord nears completion, 
one of the most important 
tasks remaining is to ensure 
that it’s free of bugs and as fair 
and balanced as possible. That 
job lands the WeaponLord 
team in the crazy world of 
game testing. 

A Debugging Raid 

Visual Concepts, the game's 
developer, relies on Namco’s 
testing department for feed- 
back on bugs. A bug is any- 
thing that causes the game to 
do the unintended. It can be as 
simple as the game crashing 
and resetting or as complex as 
a series of moves that take off 
too much (or too little) 

By Slasher Quan 

Visual Concepts (VC) and 
Namco’s game testers are so 
joined at the hip that, at least 
three times a week, VC mo- 
dems a new version of the 
game to Namco. Namco 
receives the code, burns it 
onto an EPROM board, and 
distributes it to its ten testers. 

Make It Crash, 

I Dare You 

According to Jeff Vonan, Nam- 
co’s most experienced tester, 
the best way to test a video 

It ain’t easy being WeaponLord! 

game is to try the unexpected. 
Do things and make moves 
that the programmers proba- 
bly never thought about, he 
says, and you’ll probably find 
areas of the game that have 

problems with programming 
and cohesiveness. The testers’ 
most important job is to try to 
make the game crash as much 
as possible. 

WeaponLord, however, is 
supposed to be a hardcore 

Jason “Jay Rasta Fighter" Cole, 

I lift I 

one-on-one fighter designed 
for expert players. So who 
could test it better than top- 
ranked Street Fighter players? 

Producer/Designer James 
Goddard went scavenging at a 
top Street Fighter arcade: Golf- 
land in Sunnyvale, California. 
He hired Jason 'Jay Rasta 
Fighter” Cole and Jerald Guess, 
two of the top-ranked players 
in the weekly SF tournaments. 

As expert SF players, these 
guys know what to look for in 
a fighting game. Beyond bugs, 
the team digs for perpetual 
combos, too-cheap tactics, 
unrealistic ranges, characters 

The team spends long, late hours 
at the screens to fine-tune 
WeaponLord's gameplay. 

who are too powerful or too 
weak - anything that makes the 
game unfair and unbalanced. 

From Test 
Screen to Design 

Can testers become involved in 
the game-design process? 
Definitely. Fred Corchero is a 
temporary tester for Weapon- 
Lord. Goddard and Producer/ 
Designer David Winstead in- 
cluded Fred in a brainstorming 
session about the game. Cor- 
chero then developed 40 move 
ideas, including Divada's tele- 
portation and her ability to use 
her orb as a weapon. 

Once WeaponLord is near 
completion, plans call for it to 
be installed in an arcade cabi- 
net and sent to Golfland in 
Sunnyvale for hands-on player 
reactions. That's a stiff test for 
a game that’s intended for the 
SNES and Genesis, but God- 
dard and Winstead want as 
much player feedback as pos- 
sible. WeaponLord’s still on 
track for a June 2 1 release - 
look for it! □ 


Namco’s WeaponLord testing 
team (from left to right): Matt 
Macchia, Todd Pifer, Chris Pugh, 
Jeff Erickson, Jerald Guess, Fred 
Corchero, Jason Cole, Anthony 
Constantino, and Mateo Rojs 

Mateo Rojs: For example, 
Bane is not a finished charac- 
ter, so some of his moves 
don’t have the damage and 
range that they will in the final 

James Goddard: Balancing is 
a real challenge because often 
the testers will find problems 
with characters we haven’t 
even touched yet. 

T he crew that put Weapon- 
Lord through its paces dis- 
cusses the trials and tribula- 
tions of game testing. 

GamePro: How do you think 
WeaponLord compares to 
Street Fighter? 

Jerald Guess: There’s more to 
WeaponLord strategy than just 
waiting around and throwing 
fireball after fireball. Weapon- 
Lord’s different, but it has just 
as much strategy as SF. 

GP: How have you been in- 
volved in tweaking the design? 
Jason Cole: One thing we 
suggested that they get rid of 
was dizzies. They didn’t really 
go with the game because the 
big combos could always 
dizzy someone. 

GP: What’s an example of an 
obscure bug? 

Jeff Erickson: There was one 
bug where you'd use the same 
move over and over to wear a 
fighter down to no energy, 
then you’d pull a different 
move to kill them, and the 
game would crash. 

GP: What specifically do you 
look for when you balance the 

Chris Pugh: Range, speed, 
and damage. Moves that have 
no range, no speed, and do no 

GP: Are you guys finding 
combos that not even the 
game’s designers know? 

MR: We found a seven-hit, a 
nine-hit. . . we even found a 13- 
hit combo with Jen-Tai! It 
won't be in the final version 
because it's perpetual. 

CP: I found a 1000-hit combo 
with Bane. . . that's obviously 
gotta go. 

GP: What’s the cheapest thing 
about WeaponLord? 

JC: Like Korr, he can get you 
in the corner and do his Dou- 
ble Flame Strike, which will 
go through your block and hit 
you. Of course, you can dou- 
ble Thrust Block it, but then 
he could wait for the Thrust 
Block and trip you. This is 
more of a psych strategy 
than a true cheap. 

GP: Do you guys get along 
with each other? 

Anthony Constantino: We're 
not exactly the best socially. 
Picture a bunch of men in a 
small room with the tempera- 
ture fluctuating from freezing 
cold to burning hot. We beat 
on each other in the game all 
day, and there’s instigators, 
people who brag when they 
win. People keep pushing 
each other's buttons. . . but it's 
still a lot of fun. 



MADDEN NFL™ '95, NBA® i 









is a registered trademark of Midway Manufaclu 


i n g Company NFL is a trademark of the National Football League. 




■ tffjSfe , By Tommy Elide 


I Mg fcj.) Keep your guard 
up because Tough- 
man brings the art of boxing 
to a fierce new level of Gene- 
sis competition. Featuring a 
behind-the-boxer view, 
Toughman Contest plays like 
Super Punch-Out! but incorpo- 
rates a wide range of special 
moves and combos normally 
found in good side-view fight- 
ing games. 

Based on the real Toughman 
Contest, this game features 
similar tournament-style 
action. You begin by entering 
the regional tournament where 




Handed Slap. 

untrained brawlers square off 
in three-round matches. ? 

The regional winner pro- 
gresses to the championship 
in hopes of becoming Tough- 
man world champion. With a 
choice of 24 contenders, you 

With 32 megs of deep 
K i\ gameplay and super 
dsodb graphics, Toughman 
KOs the competition. 

Genesis Game ProFile 

Toughman Contest 

(By EA Sports) 

PROTIP: When the opponent 
throws a hurry of hooks, dodge 
them and immediately counter 
with multiple uppercuts. 

can compete in a one- or two- 
player exhibition match, set 
up a tournament, or enter the 
Toughman contest directly. 

Because there are a whopping 
32 megs packed into this cart, 
it’s easy to understand why 
these dirty fighters look so 

you’ll stun your opponent long 
enough to land two more hooks 
with the same hand. 


Jk fi 


a; /n -j ra 

Toughman fans may recognize this real-life 
two-time world finalist, Butter Bean. Watch 
out for the Bean’s deceiving chin taunt. He’s 
one tough boss! 


This customer 
2 puts away a 
O lot of tequila, 
but it comes 
right back up! 

PROTIP: An easy, effective combo 
is a regular uppercut followed 
by a Haymaker Power Punch. 

PROTIP: When your opponent is 
dizzy or almost out of energy, 
knock them out of the ring with 
the Super Uppercut. 

Crazy Backgrou 

clean onscreen. Each challenger 
has his own distinct look, and 
the animation is superb. 

The backgrounds are a lit- 
tle hokey, but they’re funny. If 
you look closely, you’ll see 
some hilarious things going 
on back there. 

You also hear great bout 
noises, such as the clearly ring- 
ing bell, the referee's voice for 
the ten-count, and the whoosh 
and smack of a punch landing. 

PBOTKDai!|ea»W»^^ (or 
Punch of your own. 

you twice as fast as normal for 
a short time. 

Toughman stands tall in 
the video game ring. Like 
Super Punch-Out!, the Tough- 
man contenders fight harder 
as you progress through the 
ranks. Where the two games 
really differ, however, is in the 
two-player action, which Super 
Punch-Out! doesn't even have. 
Fora pal-pounding good time, 
Toughman lets a second play- 
er fight as the opposition. 

Fans of Greatest Heavy- 
weights and Legends of the 
Ring will miss the famous 
faces and the build-your-own- 
boxer feature, but when the 
bell rings in the final round, 
the unanimous decision goes 
to Toughman. # 

The good music on the menu 
screens gets you psyched for 
the fight. 

The sharp control and the array 
of custom Power Punches sep- 
arate Toughman from other 

boxing carts. Players can 
equip their fighter with 3 of 
1 4 Power Punches, ranging 
from haymakers to head 
butts. Be careful when throw- 
ing these punches - if you 
miss, your opponent can hit 

GAMEPRO • May 1995 



rescuing Daniel Jackson a few 
times, too. 

Dune with a View 

Good graphics make for a 
good visual adventure. The 
well-illustrated ancient Egypt- 
ian settings vary between 
houses, caves, and pyramids. 
Your sprite moves fluidly, 
much like Ripley in Alien 3. 

The enemies you face, 
however, are disappointing in 
their visual banality. Boring 
beetles, flying beetles, and 
guards make up>.the -majority. - 
oftheopposjtifitn.'- •; / ' . . 

PROTIP: Crouch for protection 
from the beams the Beetles 
shoot at you. 

PROTIP: Look out for unusual 
patterns in the floor. They some- 
times indicate a long fall that 
will kill you. 

To avoid deadly long 
hang from a ledge and 
ground below. 

PROTIP: The only useful weapon 
against guards is grenades. 
PROTIP: Study suspicious open- 
ings in the background to find 
entrances to rooms or caves. 

By Scary Larry 

'efifi Solid platform 
gaming and long 
levels will make this version of 
Stargate a favorite for diehard 
action enthusiasts. In this titanic 
pyramid buster, you’ll find that 
the Marines don’t just land on 
the shores of Montezuma. 

The Sand Played On 

Stargate is loosely based on 
last year’s flick. You play as 
Colonel Jack O’Neil, a career 
Marine who’s sent to help sci- 
entist Daniel Jackson search 
out a culture similar to that of 
ancient Egypt. The only set- 
back is that the culture exists 
on a planet a million light- 
years from Earth, and it’s only 
accessible through a Stargate. 
In addition, Colonel O’Neil has 
his own agenda: to detonate a 
nuclear weapon and destroy 
the Stargate once he discovers 
what’s at the other end. 

At the beginning of the 
game, you quickly become 
separated from your crew, 
only to find that the workers 
on this new planet are rebel- 
ling against their masters. You 
side-scroll through the levels, 
searching for your men, sup- 
plies, weapon power-ups, and 
more while blasting the ene- 
mies you encounter. Count on 


(By Acclaim) 

Sand, sun, and... aliens? 
Stargate takes you a 
L-J million light-years from 
home and brings back excite- 
ment, mystery, and fun. 

The fairly funky music 
serves up Tut-struttin’ disco in 
every level. The sound effects 
are average, but there’s only 
so mudyyou can do with a 
• ■.Constant'ma.chine'gun-tioise. 

. The control can be as con- 
fusing as reading hieroglyphics. 
With one button, you jump 
and release from hanging 
ledges, with another you ’ 
shoot, and with yet another 
button you run and throw 
grenades. You’ll waste a lot of 
grenades before you get the 
controls down. 

The Miracle, Nile 

Stargate will definitely not dis- 
appoint adventure fans or play- 
ers who are looking for an 
exciting platform piece with 
purpose. With its long-lasting 
playing power, Stargate would 
keep you occupied for a voyage 
across a million light-years. □ 


U on the elite 
“Flying Nightmares” 

Marine Harrier squadron, 
this game really pushes the 
envelope of CD technology. 

Everything is state-of-the-art: 
Stunning 3D texture-mapped graphics. 
Intense full-motion video sequences. 
Internal, external and missile camera 
angles. Plus the hottest CD-quality 
sounds and special effects. 

It all adds up to the most 
exciting combat flight simulator on 
Sega CD. Imagine the power under 
your command: Harrier jump jets that 
can turn on a dime and stop dead in 
midair. Laser-guided missiles, cluster 

and radar- 
jamming pods. It’s 
enough to make your heart pound 
and palms sweat. It’ll also strain your 
brain. This happens to be one intel- 
ligent action-adventure game as well. 

Flying Nightmares. Pushing CD 
technology - and you - to the max. 

Genesis Game Profile 


(By Acclaim) 

Spidey gets some new 
\ power-ups courtesy of 
LnJ the Fantastic Four and 
imaginative enemies courtesy 
of Marvel Comics in this solid 
action/adventure game. 

PROTIP: In Coney Island, break 
through the window and hit this 
wall switch to activate a moving 
platform above and to the right 

New York for a large gang of 
superbullies, among them 
Venom, Rhino, Green Goblin, 
and Ravencroft. You'll battle 
through Coney Island, sewers, 
and downtown buildings 
before you’re through. 

As usual, your hero web- 
slings and wall-crawls his way 
past trouble, but this time new 
weapons aid you. Scattered 
throughout the game are 
power-ups supplied by the 
Fantastic Four, whose guest 
appearance adds specialized 
shields and superweapons to 
your arsenal. Count the gren- 
ades and Web Bolts 

PROTIP: When Spidey's costume 
turns blue and white, he’s tem- 
porarily invincible. Use the 
opportunity to charge attackers. 

also uses, and you have your- 
self one tough spider, man. 

Spyin’ on Spidey 

The graphics won't dazzle 
you, but they convey a good 
comic-book atmosphere and 
hold your interest. The sprites 
are big (though the villains 
aren’t huge), and everybody is 
fast and nimble. Fine details, 
imaginative enemies, and 
strong colors fill the screen, 
making this game worth play- 

By Captain Squideo 

l Some spiders just 
refuse to be squished. 
Acclaim recycles its favorite 
arachnid once again, and while 
it’s not truly great action and 
adventure, Spidey's latest Gene- 
sis game has enough bite to 
keep you playing. 

Spider Sense 

This game is a comic-book 
fan’s dream because it boasts 
more famous cameo appear- 
ances than the Oscars. 
Spidey’s searching through 

PROTIP: Before you confront 
Doctor Octopus, snag these 
Spidey icons in the upper plat- 
forms of the lab. Nail the Doc 
with a few special weapons. 

ing just to enjoy the decent 
visual surprises. 

By contrast, the sounds are 
fairly routine. An unintelligible 
theme song, standard sound 
effects, and no voices or 
growls amount to "been there, 
heard that.” 

Another sticky strand in 
Spider-Man’s web connects to 
the controls. They’re certainly 
versatile, giving you lots of 
weapons to choose from and 
lots of spider abilities to 
experiment with. But their 
accuracy is something else. 
Web-slinging is an acquired 

PROTIP: Bounce off the horizon- 
tal flagpoles for extra lift. 

skill, wall-crawling never 
becomes automatic, and sim- 
ply jumping forward from a 
doorway can sometimes test 
your patience. 


This game adds to the long 
list of good, challenging, 
unspectacular games based 
on Marvel Comics’ creations (it 
also adds some interesting 
biographical summaries of 
almost two dozen Marvel 
characters in its manual - give 
it a read). Spidey fans and 
action/adventure fans will 
agree: You can't keep a good 
spider down. 



May 1995 





L If it's not a challenge, it's not a game. You need the hottest, toughest games 
and you need them now. You need to go to Blockbuster. Where there's 
always a massive amount of the latest games for you to rent or buy. And 
when you've got those beat, there'll be even harder games to take their place. 



er Entertainment Corporation. Ft. Li 

Arnold Schwarzen- 
egger is back with 
a bang! After starring in the 
dismal Last Action Hero game, 
moviedom's favorite muscle- 
man hits the Genesis in another 
movie-based cart. This one's 
explosive fun. No lie. 

Film Fun 

If you played the SNES version 
of True Lies, you’ll know the 
Genesis game right down to 
its passwords. Once again you 
play as a gun-totin’ agent 
blasting through ten mazes. 
The mazes and the plot echo 
the film, and you get movie 
stills between levels. 

True Lies is similar to Sol- 
diers of Fortune, including its 
use of that game’s overhead 
view and multiple weapons. 
You plod through rooms and 
pathways, looking for guns 
and grenades to use, bad guys 
to blast, and medical boxes to 
scoop up. 

Innocent bystanders mill 
around like lemmings, walking 
right into your shots. The con- 
tinuous action gives shoot-em- 
up fans lots to like. 

Absent Arnold 

The overhead-view graphics 
are detailed and colorful, 

Somebody bring the marshmallows! 

though the scrunched sprites 
may be too small for some 
tastes. Unlike the Last Action 
Hero game, which began with 
a giant Schwarzenegger logo, 
True Lies’ graphics downplay 
Arnold’s role. He’s not in every 
cut scene, and there’s no long 
intro to set up the movie’s 
plot. In fact, you see more of 
Tom Arnold, who constantly 
appears to dispense advice. 

The biggest disappointment 
is the sound. If you're going to 
reduce Arnold’s visual pres- 
ence, then you should pump 
up his vocals as compensa- 
tion. Unfortunately, Acclaim 
delivers no voices other than 
muffled grunts from victims. 
Shots and reloading sounds 
ring clear, and propulsive 
music stirs the action, but 
there’s nothing memorable. 

Thie Grit 

Efficient controls make this 
game fairly easy. Armed suc- 
cessively with a pistol, a shot- 
gun, and an Uzi, you make 
short work of baddies without 
taking damage. Other exciting 
pick-up weapons include flame- 
throwers, grenades, and mines. 
The only control limitation is 
Arnold's slow speed, though 
his duck-and-roll maneuver 
imparts some, but not much, 
desperately needed mobility. 

Don’t get cocky after beat- 
ing the early levels - True Lies 
gets harder midway through 
when extra lives are harder to 
find. But stay with it because 
you’ll find fun everywhere. 

True Lies gives you plenty of 
bang for your buck. □ 

H— j 

PROTIP: As in the SNES game, 
don't fire at the enemies in Stage 
One, and they won’t fire at you. 

PROT1P: Keep moving as you shoot 
oncoming attackers to make 
yourself a harder target to hit 

PROTIP: Don’t try to outshoot 
anybody with a flamethrower. 
Just toss a grenade and get out 
of the way. 

PROTIP: Watch out for Innocent 
bystanders who wander Into the 
line of fire. Drill three citizens, 
and you have to restart the level. 

PRO TIP: Be ready to shoot 
charging enemies when you go 
up escalators and stairways. 

PR0T1P: You don’t need to shoot 
every bad guy In Level One - 
just get to the computer and 
down the stairs to the right as 
fast as you can. 



True Lies 

(By Acclaim) 


GAMEPRG • May 1885 


Dear Tecmo Game Players: 

For those of you who were unsuccessful in your attempt to purchase a copy of Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special 
Edition, we at Tecmo would like to apologize for the time and effort which many of you spent and for any 

The production cycle for video games is around 3 months from the time an order is placed until a game is available 
at retail. The length of this cycle makes it very difficult for Tecmo to accurately predict demand for any game. 

The demand for Tecmo Super Bowl II was much greater than we could have anticipated, and we sincerely 
apologize for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, Tecmo Super Bowl II is now sold out at most retail stores and 
will be discontinued in favor of a new fall release. 

We are pleased to advise you of the planned fall release of Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final Edition. In addition to all 
of the great new features, Tecmo Super Bowl III will feature most of the changes in the NFL for 1995. 

As the time for release of Tecmo Super Bowl III approaches, we will be inserting a SPECIAL RESERVATION 
FORM in most video game magazines, which you can take to your favorite participating video game retailer to 
help you reserve a game. 

Thank you for your time and effort and continued support of Tecmo games. 







gill GENESIS" 

| 1LC‘1I>J | 6 Tecmo, Ltd. 1994 TECMO* le s registered trademark ot Tecmo, Inc. Licensed by Sega Enterprises, Ltd. for play on the Sega 1 * Genesis'* System. Sega and Genesis are trademarks of Sega 

[raT Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved. Licensed by Nintendo for play on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo, Super NES and official seals are registered tredemerks of Nintendo of 
America Inc. The videogame Rating Council, Its rstlng system, symbols and Indicia ara trademarks of Sega of America, Inc. 0 1993 Sega 
IBe,*iUll Tecmo, Inc. • 19260 South Van Ness Avenue, Torrance, C A 90501 Phone (310) 787-2900 

By Scary Larry 

' If you think this 
game is going to be 
any more exciting than the 
low-grade movie it’s based on, 
think again. No Escape is less 
fun than its lackluster big- 
screen predecessor. 

Dull and Duller 

You're a political inmate on 
Absalom Island, a prison that’s 
inhabited by both savages and 
civilized prisoners. The sav- 
ages include tree dwellers, 
motorheads, techno warriors, 
and mole men. The civilized 

PROTIP: Protruding stems and 
levers In the Tree Dweller levels 
activate hidden platforms. 

PROTIP: Listen to what the pris- 
oners say about each Item. They 
clue you In on the Item and tell 
you what else you may need. 

prisoners have various articles 
and artifacts that you use. 

Cameplay revolves around 
creating weapons and tools by 
combining different items. For 
example, combining two Ion 
Pods gives you the Ruger 
grenade. You can trade for 
items, but you find most of 
them by searching the levels. 

Unfortunately the awkward 
controls bring the action to a 
grinding halt. The menu sys- 
tem used for trading and 

building items is cumbersome, 
and the jump, punch, and kick 
controls are difficult even for 
intermediate gamers. 

Escape Clause 

The graphics are long on style 
but short on substance. Flash- 
back-style sprites interact in 
detailed but dull levels. The 
sprites mainly jump and kick, 
and hidden areas are few. 

The sound far outweighs 
the sound effects. The tunes 
consist of decent technorock, 
but the sound effects are dis- 
mal groans and grunts. 

PROTIP: In the Techno Warrior 
Camp, deactivate all these 
machines, or some platforms 
will be untouchable later on. 

Overall, this cart doesn’t 
deliver the escapist adventure 
that 1 6-bit gamers need. With 
an unwieldy interface and con- 
fusingly similar levels, you may 
be saying no to No Escape. 

i By Ryan & Caltlin 

A younger sibling 
of Sega's best- 
known ocean-going mammal, 
Ecco Jr.’s just what it sounds 
like - an easy version of Ecco 
the Dolphin designed for very 
young children. 

Nothin’ Fishy Here 

At first glance, Ecco Jr. looks 
identical to its famous older 
brother. Picture-perfect graph- 
ics include beautiful ocean 
scenes crammed full of en- 
chanting sea life. As soon as 
you begin to play, however, 

PROTIP: Use Ecco’s radar to 
send the ball across the surface 
of the water to the seal. 

Dolphin Safe 

As you'd expect, Ecco’s con- 
trols are simple to operate. 
The graphics aren’t simplified, 
however: All the creatures and 
background scenery have the 
same breathtaking visual 
appeal of the grown-up Ecco 
adventures. As in the original 
Ecco games, the beautiful, 
haunting music and sounds 

PROTIP: Ecco can leap over rocks 
that protrude from the water. 

enhance the action. 

Ecco Jr.’s definitely for little 
kids - heck, the manual is part 
coloring book. But that's great 
because the original Ecco games 
were way too tough for younger 
players. Now even the youngest 
Ecco fans can go fish. 

PROTIP: There are lots of crys- 
tals in this level, but you have to 
find the ones that are just the 
right color. 

you discover that this Ecco 
adventure is geared for kids 
seven and younger. 

In each of the 18 stages, 
you navigate Ecco, his dolphin 
buddies, or a friendly killer 
whale through a different task. 
When you complete the task, 
you move on to the next stage. 

The tasks include simple 
chores like gathering buried 
treasure, playing hide 'n' seek, 
and finding a lost sea turtle 
egg. The gameplay doesn’t 
include any fighting, and Ecco 
and his friends never die. 

May 1895 

F^j£j Fatal Fury Special’s 16 
C r selectable fighters may 
Lj s U satisfy the average 
fighting enthusiast, but true 
fans of the arcade version will 
be seriously disappointed with 
this CD's lack of detail and 

Art0 fflg frt,ng 


By Bruised Lee 

Fatal Fury Special 
is yet another 

Neo«Ceo arcade game that’s 
been poorly converted for a 
home system. Fans of the 
Fatal Fury series who are 
expecting more from their 
Sega CDs will be disappointed. 

Fatal Attempt 

In the arcade, the third install- 
ment of the Fatal Fury games 
offered more moves, new 
characters, highly detailed 
backgrounds, and smooth ani- 
mation. Some of these great 

PROTIP: If an enemy knocks you f 
down, try throwing them as soon "**• 
as you get up. 

the lineup, and no code is 
needed to use him, giving you 
a total of 1 6 characters to 
choose from. 

Not So Special 

The problems start with the 
uneven graphics. The fighters 
are fairly large, but their 
movements aren't smooth. 

Key animation frames have 
been removed, making this 
disc look like the first Fatal 
Fury game. 

The backgrounds are also a 
letdown. Some have been so 
simplified that the characteris- 
tics that made them special 
have vanished altogether. The 
biggest butchering takes place 
in Duck King’s nightclub level, 
where the cool lasers and 
most of the dancers in the 
back of the club are missing. 

On a positive note, all the 
great arcade music has been 
faithfully reproduced. The 

voices, however, are scratchy 
and are almost entirely 
drowned out by the music. 
Cough medicine, anyone? 

naming Mode 

Thankfully, the arcade ver- 
sion’s controls are basically 
intact. With some of the crucial 
frames of animation missing, 
however, arcade vets may find 

Fatal Fury Special isn't a 
bad game. Beginners who 
aren't spoiled by the arcade 
predecessor might have a 
good time for a while. 

But as a CD, Fatal Fury Spe- 
cial just doesn't set itself apart 

PROTIP: Use Terry’s Rising 
Knuckle to pass through projec- 
tiles and to ward off enemies 
who may jump in. 
features don't even see the 
light of day on the Sega CD. 

The one big plus is that all 
the fighters and their moves 
made it onto the disc. Even 
Ryo from Art of Fighting is in 

PROTIP: When you’re in close, 
most moves will deliver more 
than one hit 

from the rest of the fighting 
pack. Carnes these days must 
be a cut above their competi- 
tors to survive, but FFS just 
doesn't rise above the average 
fighting game. Unfortunately, 
it’s anything but special, ® 

PROTIP: Do Jubei’s run-and- 
grab move to catch your enemy 

that their timing is off, espe- 
cially if they try to jump in for 
two-in-one combos. You'll pull 
off your favorite combos only 
after some major practice. 

Sega CD Game ProFile 

Fatal Fury Special 

(By JVC) 


«DON-/wSK £ ' 





ReadySoft Incorporated / 

3375 14lh Ave., Units 7 & 8 
Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 0H2 
Tel: (905) 475-4801 Fax: (905) 475-4802 

ReadySoft I 

pc cd-rom • Sega CD • zoo • Mac cd-rom • mpeg 

BrainDead 13 Is a trademark ol ReadySoft Incorporated. ©1995 ReadySoft Incorporated. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

Sega CD 

By Bacon 

i Road Rash debuts 
on the Sega CD with 
an uneven but exciting version 
of the top motorcycle thrash- 
ing game. This disc, which 
blends the phenomenal tunes 
and full-motion video of RR 
3DO with simpler, bit-mapped 
courses, will thrill Gene- 
sis Rashers but disap- 
point 3DO gamers. 

Crack that Chain 

Like the 3DO version, this 
Rash pits you against five 
tracks in such California 
locations as Napa Valley, 
the Sierra Nevadas, and 
the Pacific Coast. With a 
club or chain in hand, 
you race and fight 
through Thrash mode, 
which lets you pick any 
track on any level. Or 
tackle Big Game 
where you assume an 
identity and save your 
green for better bikes 
as you battle though 
the levels. 

Sadly, Rash on the Sega CD 
lacks the 3DO’s breathtaking 
scenery and the Genesis's two- 
player simutaneous racing and 

Sega CD Game ProFile 

Road Rash 

(By Electronic Arts) 

PROTIP: Rerun easy races to win 
the cash to buy a sweet bike. 

PROTIP: Take blind turns and 
rises on the right side. 

endless options. But you’ll 
have a blast clobbering the 
pack and dashing to the finish 
even without these niceties. 

Ram Hash 

The graphics peel out with 
striking full-motion-video cine- 
matics that pump you up 
before a race, reward your vic- 
tories, and mock your defeats 
with hilarious put-downs. Once 
you hit the streets, though, the 

graphics return to the 
less dazzling 1 6-bit 
realm. Realistic back- 
grounds provide a pret- 
ty backdrop to bland 
foregrounds lined with 
pedestrians and other 

the slight pause be- 
tween pressing a 
button and the 
onscreen response 
dampens the kind of high- 
speed reactions that redline 
the intensity. The controls 
otherwise respond ably; 
as you sink money into 
better bikes, you’ll feel 
what you’re paying for. 

Black Sun 

With killer grunge tunes 
from hot bands like Sound- 
garden, the rockin' music 
perfectly accompanies the 
rough-n-tumble action. 

You can even change 
songs when you pause! 

The nice sound-mix- 
ing feature enables you 
to fine-tune the blend of 
music, engine roars, and 
sound effects. Although 

/vu wave your 

the hard-drivin’ engine nois- 
es energize the action, you’ll 
turn down the other effects 
after your first race. 

Despite its shortcomings, 
this disc’s amusing cinematics, 
thrilling gameplay, and increas- 
ingly difficult levels will draw 
you in. The Rash has finally 
arrived on the Sega CD! □ 


Winner takes all! 

PROTIP: On the City course, keep 
an eye out for pedestrians. 
Mowing one down can wreck 
you - especially at low speeds. 

PROTIP: When approaching 
someone from behind with the 
club, hold Up and press Button C 
to clock them as you pass. 

Losers are royally 

The cops haul you off 
to the clinker. 

Eat pavement when you 

GAMEPRO • May 1995 


1 , 

While Some Fantasy Games Just 
Scnatch the Scmf ace, Bnandfsh UnLocks 
the UndeRuxmLd! 

NOW that you’ve mastered games like Breath of Fife™ and Brain 
Lord:" we think you're ready for a role-playing game where the 
sun doesn’t shine and the monsters grow big. really big! 

In Brandish, you stand accused of murder, being pursued by a 
fearless bounty hunter looking to collect the reward. About to be 
captured, you fall into a deep underworld maze filled with dan- 
gerous traps and deadly monsters including: giant crabs, headless 
fist-pounding warriors and fire-spitting gargoyles. With the 
bounty hunter still hoi on your trail, you must navigate your way 
out of the mazes and back to the surface ASAP. Our only advice: 
stay alert, well armed and always moving upwards! 

- — -n Navigate your way through five 



\ Defend yourself against SS different 

\ ^ Keep a lookout for traps that will 





• \ Visit the Magic. Weapons & Item 
_ " Shops for usefii merchandise & .advice 
Saat up to two games at any one time! 

Headless loaRRt'oHS ane 
out to Ruin yoan day 

Rotting bouldeRs aRe a 
deadly combo 


Some undeRuxjRld 
chanacteRS gioe helpful 
aduice fon a pRt'ce 

KOEt Corporation. 1 550 Bayshore Highway, Suite 540 
Burlingame. CA 94010 


By Captain Squideo 

Trivial Pursuit, one of 
the best all-around 
board games, makes a not-so- 
trivial pursuit of the video game 
arena. Unfortunately, the slow 
gameplay on this CD might 
make you one bored gamer. 

Trivial Trivia 

Who doesn’t recognize this 
disc’s gameplay? You answer 
trivia questions in six cate- 
gories, including History and 
Sports & Leisure. Classic mode 

Sega CD 

PROTIP: As you make your moves 
in the Classic game, aim for the 
pie colors you don’t have. 




PROTIP: Since you don't have a 
board to display each player’s 
status, refer frequently to the 
Info screen for updates. 

puts you on the familiar circu- 
lar game board, trying to 
acquire pie pieces. Fast mode 
tests your knowledge with a 
stripped-down Q&A session. 

The video game has two 
things the board game doesn’t: 
sound and graphics. Instead of 
just getting a question about a 
song title, you hear the song. 
Instead of just reading a ques- 
tion about Eddie Murphy, you 
see a clip from his flick. The 
sounds are the best part, with 
orchestrated music and good 
voices. The video clips, how- 

ever, are small and grainy. 
Dopey cartoons animate ques- 
tions not illustrated by film 
or photos. 

Bored Game 

As with trivia games like Jeop- 
ardy!, the slowness of asking 
and answering limits the fun. 
Thankfully, you don’t have to 
spell out your answers in Triv- 
ial Pursuit as you do in other 

PROTIP: Before you start a Clas- 
sic game, experiment with the 
Fast game to see what cate- 
gories are your strongest 

trivia games, so it’s an easy 
game to play. But constant 
interruptions as the disc 
accesses drag this game to 
frequent, frustrating halts. 

Solo players might enjoy 
meandering through the cate- 
gories, but groups will have 
more fun reading questions to 
each other back on the board 
game. And that’s so much fun 
that this disc seems trivial. □ 



After making sev- 
eral 1 6-bit appear- 
ances, Wheel of Fortune rolls 
to the Sega CD. Fans of the TV 
show will be fans of the game 
because the CD almost exactly 
duplicates the show. 

Buy a Vowel? 

Wheel’s concept is inexplicably 
popular. Unlike Jeopardy!, WOF 
doesn't test your knowledge - 
it tests your ability to guess 
random objects or phrases. 

PROTIP: Hold down Button A un- 
til the spin meter goes green to 
get maximum spin on the wheel. 
The CD offers 6000 simple 
word puzzles, and you spell 
out the answers. The controls 
are basic, and the strategy is 
minimal (basically, try not to 
buy vowels). Pat Sajak's not 
hosting, but Vanna White turns 
letters, just like on TV. 

Merv Griffin, the show’s cre- 
ator, got rich from Wheel, but 

Vanna, letter-turner deluxe, in all 
her tanned glory. 

Sony Imagesoft probably 
won’t. Whereas other game- 
show CDs (including Trivial 
Pursuit) spice up things with 
video clips and musical selec- 
tions, WOF plays it straight. No 
illustrative video clips, no 
musical numbers - just Vanna, 

> May 1895 

either. Vanna’s 

digitized image and voice are 
omnipresent because she per- 
forms Pat’s coaching duties as 
well as her own. She looks 
pretty good (though stiff), and 
her voice is clear. But the rest 
is so simplistic that the CD’s 
sound and graphics potential 
is wasted. 

The Wheel Deal 

As an accurate representation 
of the show, the CD does the 
job, which should please WOF 
devotees. But anyone expect- 
ing more from their Sega CD 
than what they get for free on 
TV will be disappointed. Let 
this Wheel roll by. □ 

te&FjJJ'Jf 1 

•V' .*>-** 

Bust-A-Move is the 

You can play alone or 

new puzzle solving 

split the screen to bust 


7 \\ 

game that will have you 

a friend. There's even a 

^ *• ?’ J 

busting for hours. Line 

handicapping option 

up three of the same 

so the whole family can 

color balloons and bust 

play. Find out what TV 


them before they come 

was invented for and 

towering down. 



Taito America Corporal k 

32X Game Profile 


(By Sega) 

, Younger gamers 
looking for a good 
32X game will embrace Tempo 
with open arms. Dazzling 
sound and graphics combine 
with simple gameplay to make 
a perfect game for novices. 

Dance Party 

Tempo is reminiscent of Ristar, 
another recent Sega platform 
game that's ideal for younger 
players. Like its predecessor, 
Tempo's gameplay is straight- 
forward and simple: Bop ene- 

mies, fly and jump to new 
platforms, and nail bosses 
after each stage. 

Tempo adds a musical 
theme, which means you play 
in such areas as the inside of a 
giant stereo and recover health 

PROTIP: Bounce on this switch 
so its light turns blue, then ride 
the adjacent sonic waves up to 
new platforms. 

by finding musical notes. 
Despite these new touches, 
though, it's still the kind of 
game you’ve played before. 

Tempo isn’t just the name 
of the game, it’s also the name 
of the multitalented hero. 
Tempo's a dancing, flying, 
jumping bug whose four arms 
and two legs provide you with 
a weapon-flinging attack, 
three kinds of kicks, and three 
hand slaps. 

Control is quick and re- 
sponsive, making Tempo all 

If you want to see imaginative 
32X graphics, check out 
Tempo’s dazzling stages. The 
backgrounds are so dense 
with wild colors and swirling 
shapes that it's sometimes 
hard to concentrate on the 
foreground action. Older 

PROTIP: Arrows point you toward 
exits, but go against them when 
necessary to search for extra 
musical notes, as on this Indi- 
gestion Performance ramp. 

but invulnerable to the easy 
enemies he encounters (though 
accurate jumping and flying 
takes practice). As an extra 
advantage, you can also find 
his girlfriend, Katy, at different 
points throughout the game. 
You can’t play as Katy, but she 
stays by Tempo’s side to join 
the attacks. Together, they’re 
one dominant dancin’ duo. 

PROTIP: Always enter lit rooms 
and back-lit screens with some 
kind of attack. An easily dis- 
patched enemy is usually inside. 

PROTIP: It’s safer to nail ene- 
mies from a distance, but If you 
bounce off ’em, you can reach 
extra goodies. 

gamers disenchanted with the 
simple gameplay will still enjoy 
Tempo's eye-popping graphics. 

As befits a game with a 
musical theme, excellent 
tunes perfectly complement 
the action and graphics. The 
rap-style music changes for 
each level, but it never fails to 
be rich and rewarding. The 
sound effects aren’t much, but 
with so much music, you 
probably won’t mind. 

Get the Beat 

This game has it all for 
younger gamers: tons of eye 
and ear candy, easy gameplay, 
a unique new hero, and musi- 
cal passwords to ensure suc- 
cess. Although veterans won’t 
find much challenge, rookies 
will have a blast. Watch out for 
Tempo, the really New Kid on 
the Block. □ 

You’ve played this kind 
of game before, but you 
haven’t seen or heard 
these special effects. Psyche- 
delic graphics and funkified 
music put dazzle in Tempo’s 
simple platform action. 

GAMEPRO • May 1885 




32.000 COLORS! 



It’s 1st and 32X. Update your gridiron action with NFL Quarterback Club, 
the 1st and only way to playiootball on the 32X™ — complete with the most up-to-date 
QB and team attributes ot any game! 

All new advanced pa&ffi'g gives you 80 yards of viewable field to hit the open man, 
multi-view perspectives heat up the running game with in-your-face action and the exclusive 
Smooth-Cam delivers the most advanced instant replay from virtually any angle. 

NFL "Quarterback Club'on 32X“... REAL FOOTBALL FOR REAL PLAYERS! 

PROTIP: Bikes pile up at the 
start of the race, so get ahead - 
or out of the way -quickly. 

tough to execute, 
but you'll soon be 
flaunting daring 
"power salutes” to 
the cheering 

Graph-X and 
Sound FX 

The graphics are 
as up and down as 
the hilly tracks. The sprites are 
big, but there’s serious pix- 
elization up close or when 
they’re bunched together. 

Also, your view zooms in and 
out, which can be distracting. 
At least you get pretty good 

The sounds add horse- 
power. The music rocks rau- 
cously, and instead of the 
typical whining engines, you 
hear rumbling roars. Yells add 
personality to the action. 

Ifyou’reabiker or you’re 
looking for racing action on 
your B2X, take Motocross 
Championship for a spin. It’s 
fast fun. □ 

By Scary Larry 

1 Crisp graphics, 
awesome music, and 
an engaging interface make 
this game the best 
of the Brutal series. 

Above the Claw’s 
leash, however, is 
reined in by mas- 
sively difficult 
gameplay and a 
super-fast computer A.I. 

Long Am at We Claw 

Brutal, which is available for 
the SNES, Genesis, and Sega 
CD, has been significantly 
enhanced for the 32X. You now 
choose from 1 2 selectable 
characters, including former 
bosses Karate Croc and Dali 
Llama, and two newcomers, 
Chung Poe and Psycho Kitty. 

GameTek also created real 
martial arts techniques and 
philosophies for the charac- 

the C Saw 

PROTIP: Block after every hit you 
score. The computer comes after 
you with a vengeance. 

PRO TIP: In a one-player game, 
opponents drain your energy 
while revitalizing their own. 
Stop them in mid-recharge with 
a flurry of hits. 

PROTIP: This great cheat works 
only for players with a Turbo 
button on their controller. Select 
Karate Croc, set the punch to 
Auto, and comer opponents. 
ters. For instance, Prince Leon’s 
philosophy is described as Right 
Effort, and his martial arts style 
isjah, the Righteous Path. 

The control is steady, but 
the computer is the most pow- 
erful opponent you’ve seen in 
a while. Unfairly, the CPU op- 
ponents are given their full 
range of special moves, while 
you must earn yours between 
every two wins. 

The graphics are spectacular, 
blending animated scenery 
and crisp, colorful character 
sprites. The characters don't 
exhibit any signs of slow- 
down, and they move with 
blazing speed. 

The sounds are as enjoy- 
able to listen to as the game is 
to watch. Bass-driven martial 
arts funk fuses into speed 
rock, the likes of which is not 
often heard in fighting games. 

Only real pros need apply 
to Brutal school. If you think 
you have the moves to pin 
down these masterful mam- 
mals (and one reptile), then 
you’ll want to unleash this 
Brutal game. □ 

By Captain Squideo 

Rock ’N’ Roll Rac- 
ing meets Road 
Rash in this rockin’ cart. Moto- 
maniacs will ride full throttle. 

Motorcyle Madness 

Motocross’s gas tank is full 
of attitude. You race from a 
behind-the-biker view with 
kicks and punches edging 
you past 1 1 other riders. You 
bounce, slide, and jump your 
bike on 1 2 hilly motocross 

tracks that are littered with 
obstacles. There's not much 
strategy, though - don’t both- 
er looking for power-ups, 
weapons, or bike-customiz- 
ing options. 

The racing’s not simple, 
however. MC’s controls offer 
endless combinations of 
stunts and racing techniques 
that propel you toward the 
checkered flag. In addition to 
punching and kicking, you 
can pop wheelies, lean over 
the handlebars for increased 
speed, slide around turns, 
and pull acrobatics for extra 
cash. At first, the stunts are 

PROTIP: Don’t just kick a guy 
when he's down - run over him 
to keep him off his bike longer. 



& Wannabe's 
need not apply 


Grab the worlds greatest adventure game - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons®! 

It's mind-bending. It's role-playing gaming. 

There are terrifying new worlds to fear - with serious monsters, incredible riches 
v and daring deeds to be done. Everything to get you started is in this box - 

including outrageous sound tracks on interactive audio CD. 
y loin forces with your friends . . . for some powerful adventure gaming - 
like you've never played before! 

Available al your favorite stores nationwide. For lire locations nearest you, tall (toll free) I - 800-384 -4TSR. 

TSR #1 135 • Sug. Retail $30.00; CAN $42.00; £21.50 U.K. loci. VAT •ISBN 0 7869-0359-7 •- and designate trademarks owned by TSR. Inc 71995 TSR. Inc. All Rights Reserved 

Aikman NFL Football'” 

'Its really impressive. ..the Jaguar 
version is the best yet." -EGM 
“It has tantalizing innovations 
and a well-prepared collection of 
features." -GamePro 


"Jaguar strategy fans should be 
stoked. One of the best Jaguar 
games."-Game Players 
"More than 50 missions of 
mayhem and mob activity." 

Tempest 2000" 

"One of the most intense video gaming 
experiences ever."- Next Generation 
"Further proof that the next 
level of gaming has arrived." 
"This game sets a new standard for 
intensity."-Die Hard Game Fan 
'10-Editor's Choice Gold Award. "-EGM 
"Best sound and best shooter- 
all platforms. "-Game Informer 

Best games. 
Best system. 
Best get oFF 
your butt and 
get one. 

Alien Vs. Predator ” 

“A masterpiece and a milestone... AVP 
scared the hell out of me."-VideoGames 
"AVP's graphics are stunning." -GamePro 
"Best Jaguar action adventure game." 

-Die Hard Game Fan 
"Jaguar game of the year” 
-Game Informer & Game Players 


"Blows Sega's 32X version away!" 

"The best version of DOOM for any home 
system. "-VideoGames 
“Doom is a gaming milestone." 

"10-a mega hit!" -GamePro 

ZOOL 2 " 

"Features superior level design... the visuals 
are truly gorgeous. "-Die Hard Game Fan. 
“Zool has everything... 
once you play, you're hooked." -EGM 

Val D' Isere Skiing and Snowboarding " 

"My adrenaline is pumping-l'm blown away!' 
"The best skiing and snowboarding game 
ever created." 

"The speed at which it moves is what 
makes it so freakin' fun.”-VideoGames 
"Graphically, the art is right on." 

-Die Hard Game Fan 

Theme Park " 

"...a sardonic strategy game 
that honors the unique design 
of SimCity and Populus." 

“It's worth the price of 
"Anyone who enjoys designing 
things is gonna love this game.” 
-Game Players 

“Recommended." -VideoGames 


"The best on any platform, 
including the PC." 

“If you want riveting action, 
intense graphics, lots of 
blood and tons of glory, 
Wolfenstein delivers." 

"It's candy for your senses. 

isand hinlsr 1-900-737-ATARI 95e | 
n CompuServe. Type GO JAGUAR lo 
Atari logo, Jaguar, Iho Jaguar logo, 
I.S. ol demesne and imported compi 

jch-lone telephone is required. USA only, 
reliable Forum on GEnic. Type JAGUAR to 
registered trademarks ot Atari Corporal! 


one controller ATARI. 
94089-1302. Made In I 

C O IV1 L 


Iron Soldier ' 

“The best game of its kind." 

"Simulation game of the year, among all hard- 
ware platforms."-Die Hard Game Fan 
"Gripping first person game with edge-of-the- 
seat excitement." -GamePro 

As if it weren’t enough having 

"The whole game looks like 
a cartoon.”-EGM 


the most killer system on 
the face of the earth, we 
created some of the 
most mind-b I o w i n g , 

Ultra Vortex™ 

"The graphics in this game are mind 
bending.. .the detail is unbelievable." 

-Die Hard Game Fan 

"Hover Strike should blow you away."-EGM 
"With 30 fully texture-mapped 3D levels, 
and two-player co-op mode you simply 
cannot lose with this game." 

"Detailed and ultra colorful. ..original and just 
plain fun to play. "-Die Hard Game Fan 
“War has never been so much fun!" -EGM 

head-exploding games in 

the universe. All you have to 

do is take one look at what 

Fight for Life™ 

“Its super smooth graphics... texture- 
the maqazine critics have mapped polygons... gives Virtua Fighter 

a one-two punch. "-VideoGames 

been saying and you’ll 
know that the Atari 
is where it’s at. 


"Redefines the term hi-octane. 
The fastest motorcycle racing game, 
bar none. "-VideoGames 


// fCi 


o e o o o 



Interactive Multimedia System 

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Super NES 

By Toxic Tommy 


neighborhood Spi- 
der-Man's web-slinging his 
way onto the SNES and the 
Genesis (see ProReview this 
issue). Although the two 16- 
bit games are virtually identi- 
cal, this SNES version makes 
Spider sense for all but hard- 
core action nuts. 

intermediate Spider friends. 
Overall, however, the fighting 
action will disappoint Spider- 
Man veterans. 

Such standard bad guys 
as robots, thugs, and armored 
assassins are unimaginative, 

Spider-Man’s on the hunt to 
snare a gang of supervillains 
with cameo help from the fab- 
ulous Fantastic Four. Spider- 
Man fares better, however, as 

a thinking game than an 
action caper. That’s too bad, 
since Doctor Octopus, Rhino, 
Lizard, and more of Spidey's 
greatest adversaries are ready 
to rumble. 

The side-view fist-fighting 
and wall-crawling arachnid 
antics are great for kids and 

Super NES Game ProFile 


(By Acclaim) 

S This Spider-Man’s great 
for intermediate-level 
fans, but the action fac- 
tion will crave a fiercer fight. 

$74.95 5 levels 

Available now Side view 

Acllon/adventure Multiscrolling 

weak, and few and far be- 
tween. And, though Doc Ock’s 
challenging boss attack starts 
things off with flair, the rest 
of the cruel crew attack in lim- 
ited, predictable patterns. 

The real challenge is in try- 
ing to maneuver through the 
levels, where you’ll burn some 
brain time trying to make fan- 
tastic jumps and web-sling to 
the exits. 

Although Spidey’s controls 
lack fighting pizzazz, they 
really make the Spider powers 
shine. Put in reasonable 

strong graphics. Comic-book 
fans will also dig the nicely 
detailed pix of the Spider foes. 

The sparse sounds, on the 
other hand, are pretty much 

thumb time, and you’ll climb 
walls, swing through the air, 
and sneak across ceilings like 
an ace Webhead. 

The controls have it easy 
with the Webbed One’s ho- 
hum fighting skills: a basic 
punch, slow one-two combina- 
tion, regular kick, and jump 
kick. As a short-range weapon, 
even the famous Web-shoot- 
er’s a little weak. Moreover, the 
Fantastic Four merely appear 
with power-ups. 

The deep repertoire of Spi- 
der moves contribute to the 


,:" i f > %'■ • 

wall-crawling ability saves Web 

there to fill air space. The 
funky new Spider-Man theme's 
hip, but the effects are blah. 

In this cart, Spider-Man cer- 
tainly does whatever a spider 
can, but the comic’s still the 
grand showcase for his tal- 
ents. This game could be a 
good way to spend some time 
between issues. G 

The fantastic Four 


Ilie Thing brings a power- 

up to Clobberin’ Time. 

GAMEPRO • May 1995 


Requires Great Skull 

1987 Elorg. Tetris In 

I ©1995 Nintendo ot 

Each individual 

How to reveal 
the hidden picture: 
There are 15 
blocks on each 
row and column. 
Determine which 
blpck to darken by 
/figuring out clues 
from the numbers. 
Numbers above 

number tells you 

squares need to 
be darkened. If 
there is more tha 

blank square 
between each 
darkened area. If 
you have figured 
out that a square 
should not be 

the column are 

bottom. Numbers 

Try Mario’s Picross. 

r Mario's Picross™*. 
s as challenging as Tetri s®** 
iver the hidden picture. 

| for your brain, 
puzzles you'll find 
Game Boy®. Mario's 


it takes? 

See if you have the head f 
The unique new puzzle game thal 
Use clues and numbers to un 
it- s the ultimate exercise / 
This is one of over 250 f 

on Game Boy® and Super %“> 

I i 

(Nintendo*) ^ 

Proof Software and sublicensed to Nintendo. 

Super NES Game Profile 

Metal Warriors 

(By Konami) 

PROTIP: Blast every crate. Occa- 
sionally you’ll find health 
power-ups and weapons Inside. 

6AMEPR0 • 

By Captain Squideo 

' If you like to shoot 
first and think later, 
Metal Warriors is for you. Its 
shooting action is a blast in 
more ways than one. 

Ways of the Warriors 

Fans of 1 993’s Cybernator will 
recognize Konami’s latest 
action/shooter. Metal Warriors 
puts you inside a flying and 
walking robot blasting its way 

PRO TIP: When you come to an 
apparent dead end, try firing 
your Energy Cannon (Button Y). 
It blasts through certain walls, 
ceilings, and Roots. 

PROTIP: Constantly refer to your 
map so you’ll know If you’re 
heading down a blind alley. 


PR0T1P: Stay airborne as you 
battle big guns. As a mobile tar- 
get, you’re harder to hit 


bars, timers, or point totals. 

The sounds are the only 
relative weakness. While 
they're not bad, they aren’t 
really distinctive. Standard 
explosions and feeble grunts 
are layered over typically tor- 
rid technorock. It’s not quite 
the heavy metal these metal- 
heads might’ve inspired. 

Test Your Mettle 

Superior controls make this 
game stand out. You start 
with an energy shield, saber 
and cannon, as well as a jet 
pack for transportation. Later, 
you find a variety of homing 
weapons and grenades for 
extra firepower. What’s more, 
you can make your tiny pilot 
jump from his Metal Warrior to 
shoot other little guys. You 
can then guide him to a pilot- 
less Metal Warrior, where he 
jumps in and fires an array of 
new weapons. Control variety 
like this makes for hours of 
stunning gunning. 

Easy mazes, fast fun, and 
gun-happy thrills - hey, you 
don’t have to be a rocket sci- 
entist to play Metal Warriors. 
You just have to love action 
games. Good ones like this are 
in shoot supply. □ 

through a simple side-view 
mazelike battlefield teeming 
with enemies. 

The nine levels have differ- 
ent goals (usually rescues or 
search-and-destroy missions), 
but the action’s the same: 

Blast everything in sight, find 
new weapons, and blast some 
more. It's explosive fun, espe- 
cially in the Head to Head 
mode where two players com- 
pete in smaller arenas. 

The disparate levels in this 
good-looking game include 
the inside of a huge space- 
craft, a jungle, and ice fields. 
Sharp details and bright colors 
combine for strong visuals, 
with dramatic cut scenes 
adding good comic-book 

Populating the diverse 
worlds are tons of well- 

Shoot, stomp, and fly 
with your futuristic sol- 
U4-J dier through high-tech 
settings. This explosive game 
looks and plays like a new and 
improved Cybernator. 

PROTIP: After blasting through 
the orange blocks, rescue your 
Mission One shipmate at the 
lower left. Shoot a passageway 
through to the left to escape. 

PROTIP: Watch out for slowly 
moving plattotms and S 31 **- 
They’re easy to ignore In the 

heat of battle but deadly if 

you’re trapped. 

GamePro ProStrategy Guide 





By Bruised Lee 

The Final Contest 

Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark 
Side proves that the second time can be the 
charm. The sequel to Eternal Champions brings 
back all the original fighters with several new 
moves each, but it improves greatly on game- 
play and character animations. And for those 
who wanted more blood and more ways to 
finish off your opponent, there are now four 
ways to brutally end a fight. If that’s still not 
enough change for skeptics, four new charac- 
ters (Ramses, Riptide, 

Dawson, and Raven), 
nine playable hidden 
characters, and two 
other players some- 
where in the game beef 
up the fighting roster. 

This guide gives 
you a breakdown of the 
main fighters and their 
hidden special and skill 
moves. You’ll also find 
some tasty combos and 
learn how to howto do 
an Overkill on each char- 
acter’s home turf. 




Button A = Snap 
Button B = Thrust 
Button C = Wheel 


Button X = Straight 
Button Y = Lunge 
Button Z = Swing 

t = Up i = Down 

* = Up-Toward kT = Down-Away 
-» = Toward 4- = Away 

= Down-Toward ^ = Up-Away 

Motion = Move the directional pad in one smooth, continuous motion. 

Tap = Tap the buttons or directions indicated in sequence. 

Charge = Hold the direction indicated for the number of seconds indicated. 
Close = The move must be done when close to the opponent. 

( ) = Simultaneously execute commands in parentheses. 

Special Note: All instructions assume that your character is facing to the right. If they’re facing left, reverse any 
Toward and Away commands. 


Shadow is a true ninja - adapt- 
able, versatile, and deadly. She 
has a wide variety of projectile 
weapons, hand-to-hand attacks, 
and mystical ninja powers at 
her disposal. There is no enemy 
or obstacle she 
** can’t handle. 

Shadow Mode Flying Mine Ninja Weapons 

Press (X Y Z) to become a Motion 4> Z. Shad 
“shadow” and attack with- throws an autolocking mi 
out fear of injury. This effect that explodes on impact, 
lasts for five seconds. 

Banzai Blitz 

Flying Step 

r 1 ' ■ 

S2& h 

MSh $ 

Charge 4- for one second, 
Tap (B C). Shadow 
pulls an auto five-hit move. 

Charge 4- for one seconc 
ap -4, (A B). Shadow exe 
utes a high-speed slide. 


RO • May 1995 

Motion 4< ^ Z. Shadow Charge 4- for one second, 
throws an autolocking mine Tap X or Y. Shadow 
that explodes on impact. throws a Shuriken straight 

Charge 4- for one sec- 
ond, Tap ^,XorY. She 
throws a knife upward. 

Charge 4- for one 
second, Tap ^,XorY. 
Shadow throws a bomb 

—a toward the ground. 

CG>IW@>G I § 

sr" 1 

| Jump in and Tap B, ' , 0 cterge 

I Mstarttt Charge*-) pc). 





Larcen relies on a strong offense, 
even more so now with the addi- 
tion of his new specials. With the 
exception of one air-defense-and- 
reflect move, he has a virtual 
arsenal of attacks, aerial assaults. 

Low Sweep 

Charge 4- for one second, 

Power Sweep Air Sweep 

Press (A B C), and Larcen Press (A C). This move can 

Tap Z. Larcen wraps 
his grappling hook around 
the opponent’s legs. 

attaches his hook to the 
ceiling and swings feet first. 

projectiles, Machine Gun Kick, 
Slash 'n' Turn, and . . 
other special 

moves that y 

combine to r ~ 4 

make him a y w 
truly fear- T * - 

some XL ■ 

fighter. XV T T 

Backflip Kick Mantis Strike 

>tMo m 

Charge 4> for one second, 
Tap *t' , Z. Rax delivers a 
cyber-powered uppercut 
with his jet boots. 

Charge 4- for one second, 
Tap A. This move blows 
your opponent to the oppo- 
site side and neutralizes 
their projectiles. 

Jet Uppercut ltirbine 


Motion 4- ^ 4- C. Flip 
backward to deliver a 
bone-cracking kick. 

Air Jets 

A dangerous fighter before, Rax 
is a true combat machine with 
his new special attacks. Cyber- 
charged punches, kicks, and 
Atomic Knee strikes cou- 
pled with the Shock Wave 
and jet-powered 
make him an 
fighter first 
and last. 

Charge >1' for one second, 
Tap f , B. Rax ignites his 
jump jets and hovers for a 
short time. 

Motion 4. ^ A to jump 
forward and deliver a bat- 
tering knee strike. 

Cyber Kick 

Press (A B C). This move 
boots the enemy with a 
devastating kick. 

be done in the air as well. 
Larsen jumps back and 
throws his hook toward 
the enemy. 

Shock Wave 

Charge 4- for one second, 
Tap (Y Z). Rax sum- 
mons a blast of electricity, 
then slams down his fist, 
sending a shock wave 
across the ground. 


Seven-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap Z (start 
to Charge 4-), A (in 
close), (B C). 

Five-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap C, 4- X, 
Motion 4 < "a B - 


May 1985 




Ice Club 

Spinal Crush 


Slash has a few new tricks up 
his sleeve. His club has been 

modified to shoot fire and spray 
ice, and he’s learned a couple 
of wild acrobatic maneuvers 
to throw the enemy for a loop. 
Don’t underestimate his 
ability to deliver a 

Motion 4- X. Slash 
shoots a stream of fire 
from his club. 

Motion 4- Y. Slash 
freezes his enemies with a 
spray of ice from his club. 

While in close, Hold 
Tap Y to grab your oppo- 
nent and hit them over the 
head with the club. 


Aside from her daggers and 
Kajukenbo blitz attacks, Riptide 
can make her opponents reel 
from the sounds of thunder and 
lose their footing as if being 

about in a ” 'VJ* 
ship. She r 

can also # j , 
summon j ^ 

the force " r m 

of a tidal s 

wave in one 4F j . 

great punch. / f 

/ 1 

Double Foot Kick Club Dive 

does a back flip while kick- 
ing the enemy rapidly with 
his feet. 

leaps over his enemy's 
head, beating them as 

Whirlwind T-Port 

Kriss Blade 

(Air Attack) 

Charge 4» for one second, 
Tap f ,C. Riptide disap- 
pears and reappears in a 
cyclone of wind. 

Whirlpool Reflect Tidal Punch 

Charge <r for one second, 
Tap A. Riptide morphs 
into a whirlpool that catches 
and reflects projectiles. 

Motion 4- ^ -» X. Rip- 
tide’s punch summons the 
force of a crashing wave. 

4 ^^ 


Seven-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap Z (start 
to Charge (B C). 

T7» ree-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap C, A fin 
close), Motion 4< * ** c - 

Kriss Blade 

(Ground Attack) 

While in the air, Charge «- 
for one second, Tap X 
(to throw the blade for- 
ward) or Y (to throw the 
blade downward). 

Charge «- for one secon 
Tap X (to throw the 
blade forward) or Z (to 
throw the blade upward). 


1 , Seven-Hit Combo #1 

Jump in and Tap Z (in 
close), Motion 4- ^ 

Tap Z. 

Seven-Hit Combo #2 I 

Jump in and Tap C (start 
to Charge tf),A,-*,(BC). 

GAMEPRO • May 1995 




Ramses m 


Seven-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap Z, 4<, 

Five-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap Y, 4<, 
Y, Motion 4» -* c - 

Tracking Blade 

Persona! Shield 

Blade returns with new multiple- 
strike moves and a few power 
moves that utilize his great 
strength. Blade overcomes his 
enemies with moves like 
the Brick Wall and the 
Lightning Strike. He can 
also chop his enemies 
down to size with 
his Slice ’n’ 

Dice move. - 

Press Q( Y Z). The shield 
absorbs about half of the 
damage inflicted on Blade. 
Too many attacks can 
overload it 

Charge «- for one second, Press (A B). The field causes 
Tap -*, (X Y). This move is any projectiles fired at Blade 
like the straight blade with to travel at half speed, 
the added advantage that it 


Brick Wall 

Six-Hit Combo 

Jump in and TapC, 4<, 
Y, Motion 'it-* C. 

Four-Hit Combo 

Jump in and TapY, C(in 
close), Motion 4 > "if* 

Charge for one second, 
Tap -*, B. Blade uses his 
own mass and strength to 
overpower the opponent. 

Charge «- for one sec- 
ond, Tap (B C). Blade 
punches, kicks, and batters 
the opponent with this five- 

Snake Attack Torch Attack Hack and Smack 

The epitome of raw power, 
Ramses can change into a great 
snake, a golden statue, or living 
fire. He can also summon the 
spirit of the phoenix, the croco- 
dile, or the jackal and can focus 
the power of the sun into 
a blast of energy. 

Ramses is a S* . 
supreme often- r / 
sive and defensive R&V.y. 
fighter. Only jFy" 4 

a very M W 

clever or ** 

skilled warrior \ 
can pose a ‘ -- ;A . 

threat to him. 

Charge 4> for one second, Charge 4- for one second, 
Tap t , C. Ramses morphs Tap f , Y. Ramses trans- 
into a great serpent and forms into a living fire, 
delivers a sneak attack. rolling across the scene 
and scorching enemies. 

Charge for one second, 
Tap-*, (XY). Ramses 
wields his blade and flails 
in a four-hit combination. 

Phoenix Dive King Combo 

While in the air, Charge <- Charge for one secor 

for one second, Tap Z. Tap (B C) to unleash 

Ramses becomes a firebird five-hit strike attack, 
and dives at the enemy. 



Eight-Hit Combo 

Jump in and TapZ 
(start to Charge «0, 

B, A, (B C). 

Seven-Hit Combo 

Jump in and TapC, 



Bio-Drain Field Charge Field Liquid Mode 

Trident boasts a stronger Repulser Field 
offense and more con- 
trol over the seas that 
are his home. His bio- 
fields still form the foun- 
dation for his fighting 
style, but he now has 
brutal special moves that 
subject his opponents 
to face-lashing, wave- 
pounding. and blade- 
slashing attacks. He can 
also escape or make 
surprise attacks with his 
Wave Master teleport. 

Press (Y Z). If opponents 
touch you, this red cloud 
limits their attacks. 

Press (A B C). Trident trans- 
forms into water and passes 
through solid objects. This 
move is good for getting out 
of the corners. 

Press (B C). A yellow cloud 
surrounds you and pushes 
away your opponents. 

Press (X Y). This blue cloud 
makes your enemies move 
slower if they touch you. 

Tidal Wave 

r imm 

Motion 4- Z. Trident Motion 4- "it C. Tri- 
summons a wave from the dent turns into a ball and 

depths of Atlantis to hurl at rolls forward. Motion 4< 
his opponent. ^ C to roll backward. 



Wall Smash Mist Attack Manifest 

MidKnight is back with a new 
set of fighting moves and special 
moves born from his vampiric 
powers. He can manifest the 
power of the beast within and 
render his body highly resistant 
to damage. He can also sum- 
mon the energies of the ancient 
bloodsuckers and deliver a fly- 
ing Demon Fang Kick to an 
jr airborne enemy. 

Charge for one sec- 
ond, Tap Z. MidKnight 
flies forward with both 
fists extended and rams 
the opponent. 

Press and hold (A B C). 
MidKnight becomes 
supercharged and resis- 
tant to damage. 

Press and hold (A C). Mid- 
Knight vaporizes into mist 
and barrages the oppo- 
nent with ghostly strikes. 


Eight-Hit Combo 

Jump in and TapZ (start 
to Charge 1 


Six-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap C, C 

(in close), Motion * * 

Charge ■>, press (A B C) 
to grab your opponent and 
send them flying with a 
punch to the midsection. 

While in close to the oppo- 
nent, Motion 4- Z. 
MidKnight rolls up and over, 
delivering a blow to the 
back of the enemy’s head. 

Press (X Y). Xavier switch- 
es places with the oppo- 
nent. This move tricks 
opponents into being hit 
by their own projectiles. 

Press (X Y Z). Xavier 
changes to his opponent’s 
identity. Possession lasts 

several seconds. 

Press (A C). Xavier's spell 
confuses his opponent by 
scrambling their controls 
for five seconds. 



Originally a spell-thrower with 
limited defensive abilities, 
Xavier returns with stronger 
defense and a spell or two. 
Xavier can keep opponents 
away with his Dragon’s Bite 
uppercut, reflect projec- 
tiles with his Mystic 
Shield, and harass 
opponents with J 
his Phantom 

Swap Spell 

Confusion Spell 

Snap Back Dragon’s Bite 

Charge for one second, Motion 4< 'ii C. Xavier 
Tap X to strike from a delivers a nasty uppercut 
distance by extending the with his cane, 
end of the cane to twice its 
normal length. 


Five-Hit Combo 

: Jump in and Tap z, K, A, 

! Motion 4- * C. 

Seven-Hit Combo 

I Jump in and TapC (start 

to Charge tO,X,X,“*.X. 


Choke Hold 


Ceiling Grab 
Or Death Dive 


Eight-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap A (start 
to Charge tf),Y,“>,(YZ). 

Seven-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap A, (start 
to Charge *). A,"»,(BC). 

Jetta was primarily a hit-and- 
run character in the first EC. 
but now she has some fierce 
offensive and defen- vx . 
sive moves. Cou- 
pled with her 
Phasing pow- 

ers. the new ' i 

moves make y •**, w 

Jetta a Af$- ‘i 
formidable ' £ 

offensive fighter 
as well as a dan- v " 
gerous hit-and- t 
run fighter. *• v 

Charge 4- for one second, 
Tap t , B. Jetta grabs 
onto the ceiling and hurls a 
Bladerang, then falls in a 
Death Dive. 

Charge for one second, 
Tap Z. Jetta throws her 
sleeve around her oppo- 
nent’s neck and pulls 

Press (X Y Z) to do the 
Phase move, then press (A 
C). This move causes a non- 
blocking enemy to shake 
uncontrollably and respond 
poorly to their controls. 

Power Burst 


Motion 4. ^ -* C. Bang- 
ing her bracelets together, 
Jetta sends an energy 
burst back and forth. 

Charge 4- for one second, 
Tap f , A or C. Jetta spins 
into a ball, bounces off the 
ceiling, then quickly darts 
left or right. 


May 1995 



Five-Hit Combo 


toCterse KI.B, »,•».*■ 

Nine-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap A, A, 




Create Void 

Time Split 

Destabilize Time 

A manipulator of the forces of 
time, Raven can slow time, 
step into a time portal, * 

teleport about the bat- 
tlefield, create a time 
rift, suck the enemy - 

into a black hole, and ^ ' 
actually delete M 4] 

seconds /ffm 

from the ' A 
battle clock J 
with the power of I 

her hourglass. As a 
voodoo priestess, M 

she can animate her • C ; 
snake tattoo, create j* 1 
a voodoo doll of the 
enemy to hurt them y 

from afar, or dive at I 

her opponent with a 
Raven’s Fury. 

Motion Z. A 

black hole appears and 
sucks in your opponent. 

Charge for one second, 
Tap (Y Z). Raven tele- 
ports around the field sever- 
al times, escaping damage. 

Note: Tap A, B, C to reappear. 

Press and hold (X Y Z). 
Raven's hourglass slows 
everything around her, 
including her opponent. 

Raven’s Fury Mambo Combo 

While in the air, Motion •l> 
B. Raven dives at 
the enemy. 

Charge for one sec- 
ond, Tap ■>, (B C). Raven 
unleashes a devastating 
five-hit kicking attack on 
her opponent. 


Dawson is the perfect mix of 
martial finesse and bar brawl- 
ing. He can pummel enemies 
with his Spinning Axe Pick or 
coil and cuff them with ^ 
his Rattle-Snake Belt 
Grab. He can also work 
them with his rolling jJA 
Tumbleweed or 
whip them with 

Strike. Through jR Eg 
brute force or JR 
sty I ized attack, yz. 

Dawson gets 

Charge <- for one second, 
Tap X. Dawson throws 
a pair of knives dead-on at 
his opponent. 

Charge for one second, 
Tap (Y Z). Dawson spits 
tobacco at his enemy, slow- 
ing down their movement. 

Charge for one second, 
Tap Z. Dawson throws 
his hat at the enemy. 

Axe Pick 

Step Out 

Motion 4- ^ C. Daw- 
son spins at his opponent. 

Stand on the opposite 
side of the screen from 
the opponent and Motion 
4< v£ C. Dawson 
teleports from one side of 
the screen to the other. 


Six-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap B, A, 
Motion i C - 

Seven-Hit Combo 

Jump in and Tap Z, * . B, 
Motion l * * B - 

They Were Ju st Too 
wmrmmn young to Die 
















GamePro Prostrates*; Guide 


Available far PC CD-RDM 




This is truly the most explosive Flashback experience. Wre Conrad B. Hart, Galaxis Bureau of Investigation Agent:. And 
right now yoo're stranded nn a far-away planet .after discovering an.alien pint to-uvertake' Ea'rth.-.Ynii muj) -travelled find 
‘ '^nnyiay through four planets back to Earth and foil the'Sliens'.smistBr.nnd'dBadly^anj. Good Jupk (yoTJHfnef d,ft) 

Flashback the Haest lor Identity- ® 1395 Define Software end US. Grid. Iiec AR rifl 

Super NES 

Super NES Game Profile 

Kirby’s Dream Course 

(By Nintendo) 

By Scary Larry 

Imagine: You’re 
golfing, and you’re 
ready to swing. It's a tough 
shot because two large trees 
stand between you and the 
hole. You shoot, the ball 
sails...then suddenly it turns 
into a blaze of electricity and 
plows through both trees! 
Now you have an idea what’s 

PR0T1P: Use the rebounding 
retainer wall to your advantage. 
Bank shots to take out as many 
enemies as possible. 

PROTIP: Use a genUe stroke 
when trying to land the ball on a 
hill. Don’t bounce the ball; it 
may pass over the slope and roll 
down the other side. 

in store for you with Kirby's 
Dream Course. 

Kirby in One 

Kirby’s still after King Dedede, 
but this time they battle it out 
on the greens. With the help of 
Kracko, Gordo, and Wispy 
Woods (Kirby’s archenemies 
from previous games), King 
Dedede is ready to hit the 
links against Kirby. 

Kirby can only hope that 
the tide - and the putting 
green - will turn his way.Jiter- 
ally. You must guide Kirby into 
holes like a golf ball, but the 
holes are guarded by enemies, 
spikes, pools of water, and 
spinning tiles that redirect 
him. On top of that, all the 
courses are set in midair, so 

rn want to shoot 18 holes 
I rrted I with a fat, morphing, 
LmmJ multitalented puff of 
fluff? No, not the President. 
Kilty’s Dream Course does 
for golf what NBA Jam did for 

one wrong shot, and you’re 
permanently off the green. 

The controls are simple: 
You aim Kirby and plan his tra- 
jectory. He can also power up 
to destroy obstacles, run clear 
of sand traps, and float gently 

The sound is 
Kirby-esque as 
well. Cute music 
and funny special 
effects accompany 
every shot, and 
though they’re not 
for everybody, the sounds do 
enhance the game. 

For the Birdie 

If you’re not a Kirby fan, you’ll 
definitely miss the hole with 
this game. Kirby and his spe- 

Figure out the trajectory of the ball on one of Kirby's wacky courses, 
and you’ll be on par! 

right into the hole. Shooting 
accurately can be tricky, how- 
ever. Sometimes you’ll swear 
you sunk a putt only to see 
the ball glance off the rim. 

Kirby Putts 
Things Right 

The graphics are just what 
you’d expea from this puff 
ball. Bright, colorful, and funny, 
the visuals are faithful to the 
Kirby tradition established on 
the NES and Came Boy. 

cial powers are everywhere, 
barreling through trees, skim- 
ming off the surface of water, 
and blowing up enemies. 

But if you like the Kirby 
series, there’s nothing else 
you need to know about 
Dream Course. It's just as fun 
as the previous titles, with lots 
of color and kooky gameplay. 
Being a fan of miniature golf 
(C’mon, admit it!) will also help 
you love this wildly amusing 
game. Kirby gets a birdie. □ 


May 1995 


— '--j a 

Super NES 

By Toxic Tommy 

~ Eventhough this is 
w the third Wing Com- 
mander game, it's entitled 
"Wing Commander II: Ven- 
geance of the Kilrathi." It's 
almost identical in look and 
feel to the other two install- 
ments - and that's both good 
and bad. 

Report for Duty 

This time, the Kilrathi cat 
people put you, the Wing Com- 
mander. in the doghouse! Your 
mothership was destroyed 
while you tangled with the 
Kilrathi's invisible stealth 
fighters. But since you're the 
only one who “has seen the 
enemy," everyone's calling 
you the chicken commander! 

The story line is com- 
pelling, and a mysterious 
saboteur adds intrigue. More- 

32 ^ ^ **■«««**, 

Trade insults with Kilrathi pilots. 

over, the story graphics are 
the game's visual stars. Clean, , 
detailed close-ups of charac- 
ters are nicely presented. 

Commanding Views 

You fly via a cockpit view, 
but one of the space-fighters 
also offers a cool tail-gunner 
look. The forward view is 
dominated by the topnotch 
instrument panel, but the 
dogfight visuals are limited. 
The tail-gunner look. offers a 
full-field kill zone. 

Wing's weak spot is the 
combat animation of the Kilrathi 
ships, which jerk around 
and quickly dive off the 
tiny gameplay space. 

Unlike previous Wing 
games, lasers and shields 
quickly recharge so inter- . 
mediate pilots should 
have no problem filling 
space with kitty litter. 

The nicely crafted 
controls also help pile 
up the feline fatalities. 

You can spin your ship 
360 degrees on a dime. 

Wing Commander ""XITf your ,oe s- Slow down 

survives this battle. It’s . eai/ y to shoot. 

This time you've been labeled 
a traitor. Hello, galactic errand 
boy duty! 

dose enough to the originals 
that fans will expect the cat- 
scratch combat graphics. It 
also offers notable, improve- 
ments- it just should have 
kept earlier challenge factors. 
Intermediate Commanders 
and rookies should feel free to 
just Wing it. H 

A Kilrathi cloaking device? 
Your commander thinks you’re, n 

PBOTIP: In the Broadsword, you 
can attack forward at top speed 
and hit Button A to finish the 
victim with the tail gun after 
you pass. 

PROTIP: You can always attack 
with full shields. Just outrun 
attackers as you recharge. 
Twelve seconds does it. 

Targeting enemies by sight is 
as tough as ever. 

The sounds are also a lit- 
tle tough...on the mind. The 
minimal effects are just okay. 
The military music's fine, but 
the action tunes drone. 

Here Kitty, Kitty 

Your Kilrathi competition isn’t 
sa tough. This Kilrathi crew 
fights like kittens, which cuts 
down the challenge factor. 

The Kilrathi plot to destroy 
their own crews to keep the 
stealth fighters secret. 

PROTIP: If you run into invisible 
stealths, use the radar screen to 
track and attack them. Fire when 
the blips are dead center. 

PROTIP: 200 to 250 kps is a 
good speed for fighting and 
for eluding asteroids. 

Angel returns as commandet 
of the Concordia. 

Super NES Game ProFile 

Wing Commander II: 
Vengeance of the Kilrathi 

Despite improved 
□ Draphics and an easier 
challenge, the third 
Wing Commander is almost 
identical to the earlier install- 
ments of this durable series. 


GAMEPRO • May 1995 

Brace yourself-the ultimate martial 
arts tournamentis back. And it’s for 
your Super Nintendo Entertainment 
System® Grab the action, of hand- 
to-hand combat. Battle the world’s 
toughest Fatal Fury Special® characters 
with moves so fierc&they have to 
be 5D. Inflict maximum damage and 
face off with the^Fighting Dragon. 
This is no game. So if you’reattached , 
to your face,, don’t even try it. ® ^ 

Nintendo. Super Nintendo Er 

k . 

PROTIP: As in standard Tetris- 
style puzzlers, keep an eye on 
the preview window in the mid- 
dle of the screen. 

blobs disappear, you connect 
four or more together. The 
player whose well fills to the 
top of the screen first loses. 

Strategy is simple: Make 
matches to keep your side of 
the screen empty and link up 
strings of blobs to cause chain 
reactions that fill up your oppo- 
nent's. Control is easy: The 
directional pad moves the 


By Tommy Glide 

Izzy, the Olympic 
mascot, is searching 
for the five Olympic rings to 
ensure that the '96 Summer 
Games get under way. He ain’t 
too hip, and he ain’t that hype, 
but he’s a cute little platform 
hopper with a decent game. 

Izzy Target 

Players guide Izzy through ten 
straightforward platform lev- 
els. Izzy splats enemies with 
jumping attacks and morphs 
into one of eight characters, 
including a hang glider and a 

caters to novices. With just a 
long jump and an attack jump, 
Izzy’s controls are simple - but 
even as a young player’s game, 
there are some tricky spots. 

Plenty of discovery in the 
twisting levels makes Izzy’s 
Quest fun. Hidden areas are 
everywhere, and each screen 
contains numerous Easter 

PROTIP: Destroy all the stump 
creatures around this outcrop- 
ping in the first level. Be sure 
that no more appear, then enter 
and grab the 1-up. 

By The Unknown 
, Gamer 

Although Kirby's 
Avalanche is a rehash of an 
overdone puzzler theme, it’s 
so well done that it's worth 
playing - that is, if you don’t 
already have three puzzle 
games just like it. 

It’s an Avalanche! 

If you’ve seen Columns or Dr. 
Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine 
(Genesis), or Dr. Mario (SNES), 
you’ve seen Kirby’s Avalanche. 
One player squares off against 
the CPU or two players go head 
to-head in a battle to manipu- 
late pairs of colored blobs that 
fall down a well. To make the 

pairs of blobs left and right, 
and button presses switch the 
order of the blobs. 

Kirby Konquers 

Although typical for puzzle 
games, the graphics are nicely 
executed. Lighthearted ani- 
mated sequences preview 
each CPU challenger, and the 
colorful blobs squish together 

PROTIP: As your stack starts to 
build, move objects to the sides 
so you have room to maneuver. 

in an amusing manner. The 
tunes are repetitive, but cute 
digitized Kirby speech livens 
up the action somewhat. 

If you’ve played similar 
puzzlers, you’ll find nothing 
new about Kirby’s Avalanche. 
If you haven’t, it’s a well-done 
little game that might just suit 
your style. □ 

for the 

Olympic Kings 

eggs (literally painted eggs) 
housing power-ups and 
bonuses. You’ll have a good 

PROTIP: In the Elder’s challenge, 
stay clear of the walls and use 
your speed sparingly. 

skateboard. The infrequent 
morphing, however, isn’t inte- 
gral to the action. 

With nice detail and a visual- 
ly stimulating Izzy, the graph- 
ics are sharp; in fact, they’re 
almost identical to the Genesis 
version's. Izzy’s enthusiasm 
shines through every frame 
of animation. 

The sound echoes Izzy’s 
Olympic spirit with blasting 
trumpets and great effects. 

The music, unfortunately, is 
more smurfy than inspiring. 

Slow and Izzy 

Although the skill level is 
adjustable, the game's style 

• May 1995 

PRO TIP: When you drop to this 
Izzy checkpoint, bear right. 
Jump behind the large rock to 
find the hidden baseball morph, 
then go back to the left of the 
checkpoint and smash through 
the wall to find a 1-up. 

time jumping around with 
Izzy, but you probably won’t 
need to add him to your 
collection. □ 

Order Form 


Official Players Guide 

By Tim Rooney 

Do you have what it takes to 
become a Jedi Master? This hot 
new strategy guide shgws you 
how to save the Rebel Alliance 
and defeat Darth Vader and the 
Emperor. , 

pi jr ,. umy oiz.; 

, ' • SNES 

• Learn how to pilot the 
Millennium Falcon safely against the Empire! 

• Advance to the highest levels with killer 
/ gaming tips and expert strategies! 

Shipping and Handling Charges 

U.S. Canada Outside the U.S. 


Sales Tax (CA=8.25%, 
IL=6.25%, NJ=6%) 

(see chart) 

$4.00 each $&50each $9.95 each 

$2.00 each additional $2.00 each additional $3.00 each additional 

Grand Total 
(U.S. dollars only) 

• Find out the best way to beat each boss, 
defeat Darth Vader and the Emperor, and 
destroy the Death Star 

Fill out product order form and mall to: 

P.O. Box “P” 

San Mateo, CA 94402 

□ Check/Money Order □ VISA □ Master Card 

Credit card No. Expiration: 


Complete the Order Form 

Add shipping and handling (see chart) 

Add sales tax, residents of CA, IL, and NJ only (CA = 8.25%, IL = 6.25%, N J = 6%) 

PROTIP: The streets are brutal 
on your hovercab, so splurge on 
protective armor as soon as you 
can afford it. 

PROTIP: No rangers are patroling 
Kemo Park, so go offroad 
through trees and graveyards 
to save time on a fare. 

PROTIP: When you bomb Omni- 
corp TV in the Core level, take 
the bomb to the station and 
eject it using your ejection seat. 

GAMEPRO • May 1995 

hovercab is your ticket out of 
Kemo. You cruise the streets, 
earning cash by transporting 
passengers and running mis- 
sions for the resistance force. 
(The resistance force wants 
to end the rule of Omnicorp, 
which is responsible for the 
quarantine.) Completion of all 
assignments, such as package 

deliveries, bomb jobs, and 
even mob hits, within the time 
limit earns you the password 
to the next city district and 
eventually to freedom. 

_ Your hovercab 
kJ is nothing short 
® of roving death, 

thanks to its 
impressive array 
of weapons. You 
begin with hood- 
mounted guns, 
and as you earn 
money, you can 
visit the local 
“Weapon King” to 
purchase every- 
thing from can- 
nons to missiles 
to circular saws. 

Purchasing an 
Uzi is necessary 
for those drive- 
__ H bys where you 

j||| need to shoot 

out of your side 
windows. As the 
enemies get tougher, you must 
upgrade your weapons to sur- 
vive, and you’ll need to hit the 
repair shop often. 

You have a great weapon 
inside the cab, too: If you 
don’t want your passenger 
anymore, the ejection seat 
drops them off a little short of 

PROTIP: In the Core level, e, 

Gang at the Drive-In with a 
healthy cab and a loaded 
“ Reaper Rack.” 

PROTIP: When you make your 
delivery to the mall in the Kemo 
Core, the entrance is marked by 
a line of orange posts. 

their destination. And when all 
else fails, remember your cab 
itself is a weapon, and you can 
run over anyone in your path. 

Beginning with an introductory 
full-motion rock video, great 
graphics fill this game. You 
get four views from your cab 
(front, back, and both sides), 
so you always know who’s 
around you. And there’s no 

# * k / By Tomm y Glide 

The life of a taxi 
driver is pretty tough 
in today’s world - but it's noth- 
ing compared to the dangerous 
life of a hovercab driver in the 
quarantined city of Kemo in 
2048. As former family man 
Drake Edgewater, you’re one 
of the few sane people surviv- 
ing in a prison city overrun 
with psychotics. In Quarantine, 
an ultraviolent new game 
bound to gain cult status, your 
chance for escape from this 
crumbling metropolis rides on 
your skills as a tough cab-dri- 
ving road warrior. 

In this combination of driving 
and shooting action, your 

PROTIP: A good cabbie knows 
the streets. Use your compass 
and radar as guides, but try to 
memorize a quick, easy route 
when picking up a customer. 

3D0 Game ProFile 


(By GameTek) 

O Add Doom’s gameplay to 
the plots of movies like 
„ w Escape From New York 
— and The Road Warrior, 
and you get a gritty, intense 
game called Quarantine. 

j| Drake’s World | 






This cool full-motion 
rock video introduces 
you to the futuristic 
world of Drake Edge- 
water and the crazed 
society he must 
escape from. 

PROTIP: Your hovercab can’t swim, so be extra cautious around water. 

Unless they’re raising 

i, most people in the sti 

I cause trouble. Don’t h 

need to fret over any blood 
code - this game delivers 

blood up front and by the 
truckload. For example, when 
you run down pedestrians, 
their remains leave stains. 
Each level offers new vehicles 
to battle, and the multiple 
weapons and explosions add 
to the cool visuals. 

The gothic backgrounds 
in these Doom-like levels 
scroll sweetly. Each district 
has its own distinctive yet 
macabre detail. The projects, 
for example are lined with 
burning buildings, and the 
trees in the park are decorated 
with corpses. 

PROTIP: Save your Uzi for mass 
hits, such as when you face the 
Mad Mob in Kemo Park. 

Finally! A game with music 
you’ll really enjoy! There's 
nothing like listening to good 
tunes when you drive, and 
Quarantine has tons of music 
tracks (and even lets you 
select the tracks) from rock 
bands signed to major labels. 

Good sound and voice 
effects complement the 
music. The explosions, the 
whistle of a launching missile, 
and a customer shouting for a 
taxi all make the overall sound 
an awesome experience. 

PROTIP: The perimeter of each 
level is fortified with many 
mines and missile bunkers. 
Avoid driving close to the walls, 

or you’ll take heavy damage. 

Kemo City is one tough gam- 
ing environment because your 
controls aren’t as responsive 
as you’d like. Shooting is easy 
and accurate, but driving is 
hard work. Making U-turns 
in some levels is nearly impos- 
sible, negotiating your cab 
around obstacles while switch- 
ing weapons and views is 
tricky, and any quick maneu- 
vering can get frustrating, 
especially when the clock is 
ticking down. 

With graphical violence, 
Quarantine is adult in its 
nature and isn’t a game for 
the squeamish. Nor is it a 
game for the impatient: The 
long, involved levels will 
keep players behind the 
wheel for weeks before they 
see the last districts. 

But what a trip it is. Doom 
lovers looking to score more 
gore will dig this grim, futur- 
istic escape saga that spares 
no fares, g 


May 1995 


By Manny LaMancha 

, Immercenary molds 
an engaging cyber- 
space story of suspense and 
intrigue into an excellent 3D0 
adventure. People “jumping" 
into a virtual-reality world 
called Perfect are dying. Four 
agents have lost their lives 
while trying to discover the 
reason. Now it’s your turn, 
Number Five.... 


Immercenary is a Doom-style 
jaunt into the VR world of Per- 
fect and its center, the Gar- 
den. Beginning with little 
power and the lowest rank, 
you start your battle against 

Perfect’s inhabitants (called 
Rithms) with a laser. As you 
progress, you discover "am- 
mo algorithms" - more pow- 
erful weapons for more 
powerful foes. 

As your rank improves, 
you build DOA levels, which 
determine your strength in 
three areas key to your sur- 
vival: defense, offense, and 


RPG and action/adven- 
■ ' ture elements blend 
mmd with slick first-person 
graphics and addictive game- 
play to make this game a think- 
ing man’s sci-fi Doom. 

PROTIP: Don’t take on a stronger 
enemy unless you have ade- 
quate ammo algorithms and 
high DOA levels. 

agility. The DOA adds a strate- 
gic dimension that raises the 
game's FunFactor. 

Controlling Number Five is 
simple, though the manual 
makes it look complex. Clean 
menus put every command 
within a couple of button 

The audio is a great mix 
of soothing New Age music 
and startling stereo battle 
sounds. Audio cues are crucial 
to your survival, so it’s good 
that the background sounds 
aren't distracting. 


Immercenary is a strange mix, 
but it’s a heck of a lot of fun. 
To twist a phrase, it’s a hip- 
hop action/adventure that's 
light on the RPC tip. 

PROTIP: Listen to the scientists 
between levels for helpful 

PROTIP: In DOAsys, talk to the 
Rithms to get information. 

You get a good dose of 
combat, a compelling sci-fi 
story that’s revealed grad- 
ually, and a slick first-person 
approach. You can't run-n-gun 
without thinking ahead be- 
cause you have to consider 
your fragile DOA levels. 

It's not the longest or most 
difficult game you’ll play. But 
when a game goes for some- 
thing new, rather than rehash- 
ing old themes, it's worth 
noticing. Immercenary is a vir- 
tual breath of fresh air. □ 

presses. The worst part is the 
delay after you change 
weapons, but that is 
the lone flaw in the 
seamless controls. 

VR After You 

The Carden’s graphics 
offer a crisp first-person 
perspective. As the title 
implies, you really 
become immersed in the 
imaginative world. The 
cut scenes' full-motion 
video is some of the 
cleanest you’ll see, though 
the editing is choppy. 

PROTIP: Save frequently, esp 



place to recharge 

GAMEPRO • May 1995 

l pROTTP 7 Graball the ammo you 

ut use H only when you 


t; a i coat 

D U 0 £ TO A 


Software Company 

h K.f-Al' t-tfomiirc fm the }P 0 Uw, franlde ‘Oite-Speed, 1 NY 

'‘The- gpod neM — Tin on a 4-iip wrfh Tq 
The- bod new; - I'm onfy a train on lift^ support ard 
rve-'re- Lein' pulled tward an alien Sun. If we don't 
•lafce- ovf •fhe' iC/inn and ctatge- course- were- 
-feast L-rteralfy. This is a jot fjr train man. 

(^Tfreaf game-. Super giraphie^. fvnn^ lines, 
t ££< And Tia is nst painfvf on -ttie- 
enetelfe. Later'' Jj 



PMall Rntasies 

By Scary Larry 

1 Something falls in 
' this game, all right, 
but it’s not the Shadow. It 
should be the people who 
think that a 64-bit system 
should even entertain this 1 6- 
bit imitator. 

Shadowy Characters 

This direct port of the SNES 
and Genesis fighters should 
have remained in the 1 6-bit 
arena. Virtually unchanged 
from its predecessor, DD V on 
the Jaguar is a weak game that 
serves up a silly exercise in 
one-on-one fighting. 

The standard best-two-out- 
of-three forum reigns here. 

You choose from eight charac- 
ters (including Billy and Jimmy 

PROTIP: Charge moves when you 
are at least one character’s dis- 
tance away. 

PROTIP: Cheap tactics work 
best. Trap a fighter in the comer 
and whale away. 

Lee) in a fight to make things 
right. This game, however, has 
no depth or interesting game- 
play mechanics to back up its 
fighting spirit. 

The graphics sport no seri- 
ous improvements over the 
1 6-bit version. Although it 
tries to go for a more realistic 
3D background, the game falls 
short; the sprites still look 
amateurish and cartoony. 

The music is headache- 
inducing, bass-rich factory 
rock. All that's missing is Span- 
dex-dad dancers and steam. 

The control is about aver- 
age for a game that boasts 

By Captain Squideo 

Old-fashioned pin- 
ball on the high-tech 
Jaguar - what a concept. But 
while the prospect of high- 
speed pinball on a 64-bit sys- 
tem seems intriguing, the reality 
is surprisingly mundane. There 
isn’t nearly enough game to 
make the Jag roar. 

Subsonic Pinball 

There’s not much action in Pin- 
ball Fantasies. You play stan- 
dard pinball on four small 
tables. Thart it. No wondrous 
power-ups, no hidden warp 
areas, no ramps, no characters. 

Control? It's mindless - just 
flip those flippers. Purists may 

PRO TIP: You can hit balls with 
the most force if you strike them 
with the tip of your flippers. 

aural atmosphere for the indi- 
vidual tables. The Speed Devils 
table, for instance, runs revving 
car noises behind the action. 

But where are the voices and 
the memorable music? Just 
more underused Jag potential. 


Straightforward and simple, Pin- 
ball Fantasies isn't any different 
from the old pinball machines 
left in the dust years ago by 
modern arcade video games. 
This game might appeal to 

PROTIP: Using your Ripper, catch 
the ball, cradle it, then carefully 
aim it for maximum points. 

like this game, but anybody 
who thinks a $60 video game 
should offer some imaginative 
surprises will be severely dis- 
appointed. There was more 
gameplay in Sonic Spinball for 
the Game Gear. 

To its credit, Pinball Fan- 
tasies has decent graphics. 
Hallucinatory introductory 
backgrounds swirl like sweet 
eye candy. And the tables 
themselves, themed around 
subjects like cars or crypts, are 
sharp and colorful. 

The sounds create a fine 

tons of special moves. The 
moves come off fairly easily, but 
forget multiple-hit combos or 

PROTIP: When playing against 
the computer, block every air 
attack and counter with a low 
punch or kick. 

defensive attacks, which you'll 
find in more serious fighters. 

Fighting in the Dark 

You have to be a tremendous 
fan of the Double Dragon 
brothers to want this cart. Even 
casual fighting fens will draw 
the curtains on this shadowy 
game. Jaguar owners looking 
for a serious fighting game are 
still left in the dark. □ 

young novices or veterans with 
nostalgic feelings for the glory 
days of Bally tables. But does 

PROTIP: Use Tilt (Button A) spar- 
ingly - a few taps can shake the 
table to your advantage. 
that make Pinball Fantasies 
real video game fun? You’d 
have to be living in a fantasy 
world to think that. □ 

GAMEPRO • Miy 1995 


HardBall 95 lets 
you trade players 
and build any team 
into a contender. 

We expect to 
sell thousands in 
San Diego alone. 

You live by the trade. You die by the trade. Just the way you'll find it in HardBall 95. 
So you can trade, say, a Milwaukee reserve for a Montreal star. Or deal for a lefty 
to strengthen the Seattle rotation. Or, if you’ve got some time on your hands, 
try to rebuild San Diego. But the front office is not all we've made more realistic. 
Stadiums are more detailed, from the wind at The Stick to the altitude at Mile High. 
You get night games. You get 700 MLBPA players with 1994 stats. Digitized graphics 
that are swear-word real. And a computer opponent that's now even tougher. 
Get HardBall '95 for Sega Genesis now. It could go fast. Especially in San Diego. 


By Greasy Gus 

Like the Energizer 
Bunny, the Lem- 
mings keep going.. .and going. 
Unfortunately, this former 1 6- 
bit puzzler isn’t going any- 
where new on the CD-i. 

Lemming at ’Em 

The Lemmings are a pack of 
good-natured yet blindly 
marching animals. You use 
your cursor to guide them 
across platform-style levels to 
the exit. This calls for plenty of 
strategy because you assign 
the lemmings tasks such as 
building stairs and digging 
tunnels. If they make it out 
successfully, you proceed to a 
trickier level. 

Other than a new introduc- 
tory sequence, the graphics 
look unchanged from previous 
versions. The terrain is crisp, 
but the lemmings are still 
very small. You'll find yourself 


_. w c> 

addresses you personally if 
you choose a name from the 
contestant database. 

Don't expea to see Alex, 
though, except in the opening 
sequence and the Final Jeopardy 
round. This, plus the lack of a 
graphic panel of goofy onscreen 
contestants, keeps the full- 
motion video to a minimum. 

Where the graphics lag, the 
sound picks up. You don’t see 
Alex much, but you'll certainly 
hear him; he announces every 
category and reads every 
question. The nearly perfea 
voices and effeas are only 
missing the audience noises 

Your host, Alex Ttebek 

and the oh-so-important Daily 
Double sound effea. 

Finally, Jeopardy 

The control improves greatly 
over the Sega CD and 1 6-bit 
versions. You no longer need 
to spell your entire answer; 
just enter the first few letters, 
and an alphabetical answer 
menu appears. 

This no-frills game does 
have a few holes. It doesn’t 
offer computer competition, 
and Final Jeopardy must be 
played using pen and paper. 
Jeopardy! enthusiasts, how- 
ever, will agree that this ver- 
sion is the best. 9 

A cute animated sequence opens 
Lemmings on the CD-I. 

PROTIP: Send two lemmings to 
scale this obstacle and para- 
chute them off the other side. 
Set up the first as a blocker, and 
when the other Lemming turns 
around, have him dig a path 
straight through. 

becomes annoying if you're 
stuck on a level and you hear 
the same tune repeatedly. 

Follow the Leader 

The controls can be sluggish 
when you try to assign a lem- 
ming a task. But the cursor 

stretching your neck to see if 
your lemming is doing what 
he’s supposed to do. 

Overall, the sound is aver- 
age despite some good 
effects, like the Bomb Lem- 
ming screaming "Oh, no!” 
before exploding. The music 

PROTIP: Dig through these grids 
that look like backgrounds, or 
your lemmings win waste time 
walking up and down them. 

• May 1 9SS 

moves quickly and accurately 
enough, and it also enables 
you to control the horizontal ' 
scrolling of each level. 

With 1 20 levels and four 
skill settings ranging from Fun 
to Mayhem, Lemmings is a 
handful for gamers who love 
simple strategy. As for this 
CD-i version, there’s nothing 
here Lemmings fans haven't 
already seen. 

Lemmings by PhiUps 

By Tommy Glide 

I While most TV pro- 
” grams cater to the 
intellectually challenged, one 
program chal- 
lenges your 
intellect: Jeop- 
ardy! A tough, 
version hits 
the CD-i. 

As on the quiz show, you must 
correaly answer host Alex 
Trebek’s challenging trivia 
questions from six categories 
in two rounds of play, followed 
by Final Jeopardy. Alex even 

categories you 
1 have a moment 

Baseball action so realistic, 
you'll be tempted to cork the bat. 

The new Batter Up™ electronic bat lets you swing against the toughest pitchers in the major leagues. But forget about 
pressing buttons on o boring controller. With Batter Up™ your biceps control the bot, not your thumbs. And there's no room 
for whiffers. Best of all, it's compatible with the most popular video baseball gomes 
oround. Pick it up ot your favorite video gome retailers. And remember, don't 
wear your cleats in the living room. 

available for 


Gome systems and cartridges ore each sold sepoiolely. Boiler Up™ is o liodemoik of Spoils Sciences Inc., 

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WThe Sports ?ii*L 

World Series '95 Smacks One out of the Park 

World Series a 
Baseball 9S 

By Bacon 

Many gamers thought the original 
World Series Baseball was king, 
but the monstrously cool refine- 
ments in WSB ’95 send that game 
and the competition back to the 
minors. Remarkable graphics, 
realistic sounds, and smokin’ new 
features earn this cart a trip to the 
All Stars. 

Great Seats 

WSB’s hallmark was dazzling 
digitized graphics, and in this ver- 
sion, they’re even more impres- 
sive. You bat and pitch from the 
same astonishingly realistic close- 
up view, and phenomenal back- 
grounds depict all the actual pro 
stadiums. This cart really shows 

PROTIP: Watch the shadow of the 
ball to determine the speed of the 
incoming pitch so that fastballs and 

ball, start moving your fielder into 
position as soon as the view starts 
scrolling after the ball. 

PROTIP: Develop a feel for which 
comhinatioas of pitches, speed, and 
aim work well for your pitchers. 

PROTIP: Watch your pitcher's sta- 
mina; when he starts slowing down, 
warm up someone in the bullpen, 
you what it’s like to step up to a 
major-league plate. 

The fielding-view sprites 
remain a tad on the small side, 
but much more detail has been 
brushed into both views. The 
players and umpires move with 
lifelike realism - the second base- 
man even fidgets if you’re slow 
to select your swing. 

Over the Fence 

The killer features and customiz- 
able options will blow baseball 
fans out of the park. WSB ’95 
sports two new modes - Playoffs 
and Classic Home Run Derby - 
that nicely round out the strong 
original lineup of Exhibition, 
League, Batting Practice, and 
Home Run Derby. 

Choose from all 28 major- 
league teams, three All-Star 
teams, and three Legends teams 
that feature historic greats like 
Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb. Stick 

Swat homers like flies as Babe Ruth 
on the Legends of MLB team! 

with the real rosters and make 
trades during the season, or draft 
your own teams from a pool of all 
the major-league players. 

With the Strategy option, 
you can fine-tune your fielders’ 
positioning to match each hitter’s 
tendencies, which are shown in a 
chart before each at-bat. Unlike 
other games, however, you can’t 
adjust the batter’s position or steer 
a pitch in the air, but you can 
switch teams at any point. 

Grand Slam 

A1 Michaels no longer calls the 
shots, but the clear, generic 

PROTIP: Prepare for each batter’s 
strengths by using the Strategy 
option to reposition your fielders. 

Taunt your opponent as you circle 
the bases after a homer! 

announcer keeps the pace lively, 
and the hissy choppiness that 
marred the original has been 
cleaned up. Striking sounds, such 
as the echoing announcement of 
batters, deepen the realism despite 
the feeble crowd noises. 

The responsive controls help 
you react quickly in the field, on 
the mound, and at bat. Stealing 
and leading off still demand awk- 
ward taps, though. 

With adjustable difficulty 
and unending features, WSB ’95 
packs enough punch to entrance 
you for the whole season. Grab 
your glove and get ready for a 
great game! □ 

The Sporting News 
Baseball Loses Power 

The SporNng Neius jjimBr 
Baseball '’“jr 

Bv Ben D. Rules Hud 

The Sporting News may be the 
sports authority, but it’s a raw 
rookie in the video game world. 
The Sporting News Baseball 
shows that novices, no matter 
how authoritative, still need some 

And Now, the News 

SNB is a standard baseball cart 
that lacks distinctive features. 
Well, it does have one unique fea- 
ture: Among your three stadium 
choices is the cornfield from the 
movie Field of Dreams. Beyond 

PROTIP: With its shallow corners, 
the Dream Field can be a nightmare 
for pitchers. 

PROTIP: Against dominating power 
hitters who can pull any pitch out of 
the park, such as Ken Griffey, Jr., 
swing your defense around to the left 
and pitch to the outside. 

that, you’re treated to the same 
behind-the-catcher pitching view 
and the same overhead fielding 
view that you’ve seen for years. 

No dramatic closeups of the 
plate as in World Series, no 
screen rotation as in ESPN, no 
view from the mound as in lots of 
other games, no team names, no 
head shots, and no real stadiums. 
This one is the simple pitch-hit- 

Did we say easy? When the 
Dodgers’ speedster Delino De- 
Shields cranks eight out of 10 
pitches into the seats in the Home 

PROTIP: Pitchers aren’t necessarily 
listed in order of effectiveness. Scroll 
down to find a starter with a good 
wins/ERA combo. 

Run Derby, you know some- 
thing’s goofy. 

In line with that simplicity, 
the stats aren’t much. Baseball 
fans probably demand more stats 
than the fans of any other sport, 
and that’s another reason that this 
game fades in the standings. Not 
only are the stats average (just 
ERA and wins for pitchers), 
they’re not even up to date. Ryne 
Sandberg is still on the Cubbies? 
Ah, memories. 

Sporting Graphics 

The pitching and hitting graphics 

run baseball you played on yester- 
day’s carts. 

Admittedly, as far as that 
pitch-hit-run action goes, it’s pret- 
ty good. Your players respond 
well, and you have good control 
over your pitches. There aren’t 
many strategic options, however 
SNB keeps things simple, result- 
ing in easy, high-scoring games. 

PROTIP: Mix up your pitches. Noth- 
ing like a 68-mph changcup to throw 
hitters off balance. 

The Straw playing for L.A.? What He’s still a "Machoman” in the 
is this, “Overpaid .140 Hitters of the Home Run Derby, though. 
1993 Dodgers"? 

steal the visual show. That’s not 
saying much, considering your 
other players are midgets, and you 
have only three fields to look at. 
But the pitchers and hitters are big, 
fast, and smooth. Bean a batter, 
and you’ll see him cringe in pain. 

The sounds, however, are 
nothing special. You hear the usual 
crack of the bat and cheers from 
the crowd, along 
with flat calls from 
the ump and what 
sounds like impro- 
vised organ music. 

If average stats 
and sounds don’t 
bother you, you can 
have a pretty good 
time running up the 
score with SNB. 
Sophisticated players 
won’t think it’s a 
field of dreams, but 
novices might. Q 

NBA Hangtime Hits 
A Layup on Sega CD 

NBH HangNme x 

'35 Slptt 

By Bacon 

Reminiscent of the classic NBA 
Jam, NBA Hangtime dishes out 
fun two-on-two half-court hoops. 
Despite the slow pace and stilted 
sprites, the killer moves, courts, 
and players will keep you dunkin’ 
like a cop at a donut shop. 

Makes the Playoffs 

Billed as two games in one, this 
disc actually serves up the same 
gameplay in two scenarios. In the 
NBA Hangtime mode, you choose 
from all 27 NBA teams (with 
three real players each) and hit the 
court for standard hoops in a stan- 
dard arena. 

In the intriguing World Tour 
mode, you pick a team from 12 
countries like Canada and Tahiti, 
playing on a different court for 
each. World Tour teams consist of 
fantasy players like Smedley from 
England, and some squads even 
have female players! 

Each scenario offers ordi- 
nary two-on-two gameplay 
(though adapted to the half-court 
game) and the expected Exhibi- 

stealing, so stay tight on your oppo- 
nents and reach in as much as possible. 

PROTIP: Periodically bench your 
players to keep them fresh through- 
out the match. 

PROTIP: To shoot accurately, tap 
Button A a second time at the peak of 
your jump. 

coverage; your players are generally 
too slow to chase someone down. 

PROTIP: If you grab the rebound, 
pass to your teammate to clear the 
ball, then immediately fire it back for 
a quick dunk. 

tion, Season, and Playoff modes. 
The court heats up with an excit- 
ing array of special moves (such 
as spins and super passes) and 
dunks that you control with multi- 
button taps. 

Experienced Jammers will 
relish the opportunity to choose 
exactly how they dunk in their 
opponent’s face. The functional, 
easily learned controls support the 
long move list, but memorizing 
the button presses requires some 

Bounces off the Rim 

Graphically, this game couldn’t 
have a prettier wrapping. Nifty 
live video of ESPN’s Dan Patrick 
(Hangtime) and ESPN2’s Stuart 
Scott (World Tour) provides 
humorous commentary, even 

though the usual Sega CD color 
bleed and interminable load time 
choke things up. 

Once you hit the court, how- 
ever, the graphics become less 
impressive in a hurry. The realis- 
tic backgrounds, especially in the 

PROTIP: Never charge straight into 
an opponent - the ball will always be 
stolen. Use the Spin move to roll 
around them. 

PROTIP: To bag an easy three, lure 
the opposing team under the net and 
pass to your teammate. 

World Tour, spice up the action, 
but the tiny sprites lack detail, and 
the animation is so choppy that 
you’ll think a strobe light is flick- 
ering during the dunks. 

Even worse, the players 
move with a staggering slowness 
that diminishes the intensity. For- 
tunately, the hefty hip hop tunes 
and feisty announcer keep the 
action rolling, overcoming the flat 
grunts and ball sounds. 

If rough edges don’t saw 
away at your fun, Hangtime’s 
controllable dunks and half-court 
gameplay provide a fresh change 
of pace. The adjustable difficulty 
and wide range of teams should 
keep the challenge constant - just 
don’t expect the sharp sprites and 
run-n-gunfunofNBA Jam. Q 



May 1995 

It's "Hail Mary" Time for Troy Aikman 

Troq RiHman 

By Slo Mo 

The Cowboys lost the NFC cham- 
pionship game, and Troy Aik- 
man’s NFC squad got blown out 
in the Pro Bowl. You can’t blame 
Troy for those losses, though, and 
you shouldn’t blame him for the 
mediocre performance of this Jag 
game, either. 

Looks Tough on Paper 

Like its 16-bit teammates, Troy 
Aikman fields a well-prepared col- 
lection of features. You play the 28 
NFL teams according to the ’94 - 
’95 schedules (including Playoffs 
and Super Bowl), or you can orga- 
nize a custom schedule. There’s 
also a slick design-your-own play 

The Custom Play Screen enables you 
to change receiver routes and block- 
ing patterns. 

feature, aided handily by an 
excellent, controllable, frame- 
by-frame Replay mode. 

In this game, money truly 
talks. Every team has a cash 
reserve that you use to upgrade the 
talent. As you might guess, high- 
priced teams like the 49ers and 
Cowboys are overwhelmingly bet- 
ter than cheapo outfits like the 
Cardinals and Buccaneers. 

There are three skill levels - 
Easy, Pro, and Veteran - but Easy 
and Pro are ridiculously beatable 

PROTIP: Money talks. Pay the 
bucks to the defense and the QB. 

once you figure out key plays. Vet- 
eran mode, however, features a top- 
notch gameplay challenge: On pass 
plays, you must guide receivers 
and then actually catch the ball by 
hitting the Catch button. 

The controls support other 
commendable features, too. You 
can make players hurdle oppo- 

nents, spin, and stiff-arm with 
either the left or right arm. Defend- 
ers can go for diving tackles and 
use speed bursts to catch runners. 

Sights that Make Sore Eyes 

Unfortunately, the second-string 
graphics drop Troy’s controls and 
other features for a loss. As with 
the other Aikman games, frenetic 
animation makes the players run 
around in choppy, tiptoeing move- 
ments...only this time the sprites 
are larger! The manic movement 
really creates problems during 

PROTIP: The Weak Post Pattern is 
killer at the Pro skill level. At the 
Veteran level, one receiver is usually 
open if you can make the catch. 

PROTIP: Improve your interception 
percentage against the CPU by mov- 
ing the middle linebacker back into 
pass coverage with the safeties. The 
CPU QB likes to try to split safeties 
on over-the-middle passes, but now 
you’re there! This approach works 
with any formation. 

PROTIP: The Strong Side Sweep 
can always gain yardage against the 
CPU. Flip-flop the direction until you 
find the w eakest link in the defease. 

PROTIP: Read the safeties on pass 
plays against the CPU. If you see 
them move to double up a wide 
receiver, go to your short receiver, 
who should be open. 

crowded running or passing plays, 
where it’s impossible to pick out 
individual players in the mob. 

Moreover, the 2D character 
sprites mean that when you flatten 
someone with a tackle, you really 
flatten them! Tacklers look like 
steamroller victims, and tacklees 
literally disappear. 

At least the sounds hold their 
own. There’s no cheesy “action” 
music, and the player noises and 
John Madden-soundalike an- 
nouncer are fine. 

TVoy Aches, Man 
Despite some tantalizing innova- 
tions, Troy Aikman Football sits 
in favor of better-crafted 16-bit 
games, including Troy’s own 
clones. Looks like the top Cow- 
boy rides the pine this year. □ 

iSi 3 



iy 1995 

Tecmo Fires a Wrist 
Shot...and Misses 

Tecmo Super 
Hockey 3® 

By Slapshot McGraw 

From the company that brought 
you the popular Tecmo Super 
Bowl comes a new title for fans of 
the world’s fastest sport. Grab a 
stick, strap on some skates, lace 
up your gloves, and get ready for 
some decent NHL action. 

Delayed Penalty 

At first look, TSH’s many options 
show some potential. In one- or 
two-player action, you can play a 
preseason or regular game filled 
with penalties and vicious fights. 
The ambitious can tackle a full 

■ :^lawr v r 

=P E " 


- \ 



1 l» 

You can choose from three levels of 
game speed. 

season with up-to-date standings, 
real NHL players, and stats in 
eight categories. Play an All-Star 
game or enter the playoffs, and 
you might just get to kiss the cup! 

This checkfest supplies 
many control features, but unfor- 
tunately, they don’t respond well 
to the button presses. As in most 
hockey games, you can head up 
the ice with a speed burst, drop a 
pass into the slot, and deke the 

PROTIP: One-timers and pass shots 
are the most effective ways to score. 
Since the goalie moves up and down, 
it's easy to aim away from him. 

PROTIP: Beware of too many poke 
checks - the more that you attempt, 
the more likely you are to be called 
for roughing. 

goalie with a fake slapper. But 
this and other scoring moves, 
such as slapshots and one-timers, 
aren’t as fast or as smooth as they 
are in other top hockey carts. 

Watch Every Punch 
TSH’s graphics are highlighted by 
large, clear sprites, especially 
when a fight scene occurs. Brief 
animated clips randomly appear 
during a game to add excitement. 
Also, when you take control of a 
new player, his name appears on 
the bottom of the screen, which 
eliminates any confusion and 
helps you with strategies. 

Although the sound effects 
are nothing spectacular, they con- 
tain all the elements of a hockey 
game. Sounds like crowd noise, 

PROTIP: There are three effective 
ways to win a face off. Learn them to 
counter the opponent’s choice. 

punches, and board crashing are all 
here. And even though you’d pre- 
fer not to hear the refs whistle, it’s 
always there to keep you in line. 

Check Line 

Geared for true Tecmo sports 
fans, this simplistic cart probably 
won’t satisfy serious gamers. 

With many other hockey titles 
available for the Genesis, this 
game is not the top choice for a 

PROTIP: When controlling your 
goalie, you don't have a wide range 
of moves to choose from. Just try to 
stay in front of the puck. 

PROTIP: To avoid getting hit in a 
fight, stay even with your opponent, 
and you'll automatically block his 

true fan. If your store is out of 
NHL ’95 or Brett Hull Hockey, 
however, you might want to give 
this cart a chance. Q 

Fred Couples Scores 
A 32X Birdie 

Golf llagazine Presents 
3G Great Holes „ 
Starting Fred Couples b&l 

By Ben D. Rules 

Like Masters’ Champion Fred 
Couples, this fine game exhibits 
lots of power. 

Shootin’ Birdies 

This game’s strength lies in its 
options. Sega Sports has stuffed 
this cart with every conceivable 
option, from three club shafts 
(Metal, Boron, or Graphite) to six 
modes (including Skins, Shoot- 
Out, and Scramble). Customize 
your clubs, your clothes, the order 
you play the holes - this game is 
for thinking golfers who love to 

It’s also for golfers who love 
to practice. If the terrific options 
rate an eagle, the shooting con- 
trols barely make par. Unlike 
most golf games, swinging in 

PROTIP: Keep the Ball Trails option 
on while you’re at the driving range 
to see if a shot pattern develops. 

PROTIP: As you swing for the 
green, aim a little short to allow extra 
yardage for the roll. 

Fred Couples requires three but- 
ton presses. Plan on visiting the 
driving range often. And with no 
icons as you choose a club and 


GAMEPRO • May 1985 

PROTIP: Study the overhead- view 
map so you can anticipate obstacles, 
such as the distant water hazard. 

read through the shot info, plan on 
bringing your glasses, too. 

Right Said Fred 

The 36 holes in the title are great; 
golf nuts will go nuts when they 
look down these long, colorful, 
detailed fairways. Unfortunately, 
the visuals are inconsistent: For 
instance, the overhead-view maps 
aren’t very clear or helpful, and 
trees become pixelated when 
they’re near your perspective. 

The sounds break par. Fred 
encourages you after shots, though 
his voice is pretty flat. But nice 
detail, like the different clicks for 
each surface the ball hits, adds 

Most people will probably 
never play all these great holes in 
real life, so seeing them here is a 
treat. If you like sophisticated golf 
games, hit the links with Fred. □ 

QB Club 
Gets Sacked 
On Game 

NFL Quarterback . 

Club peGear 

By Greasy Gus \ ’ 

With NFL Quarterback Club, 
Acclaim tries unsuccessfully to 
squeeze NFL action into a Game 
Gear cart. 

Quarterback Sacked 
Offering Preseason, Play-Off and 
Season modes, this game puts all 
28 NFL teams at your disposal. 
The gameplay isn’t very enter- 
taining, however. The play books 
are pretty limited - unfortunately, 
each team is alloted 20 running 
and passing plays, so pass-happy 




teams like the ’Niners don’t have 
the added passing plays you’d 
like. Even worse, you’re missing 
the Simulation mode, QB chal- 
lenge, and the “build-your-own 
QB" feature that made the 16-bit 
games unique. 

After the great opening cine- 
matics, you’ll be disappointed 
with the game’s graphics. The 
perspective is good, but the char- 
acter detail has been sacrificed to 
give you a larger field view. 

The sound is even worse than 
the graphics. The major problem is 

ton 2 after you make a reception, 
the lack of game-related noises: 
There are no tackling sound 
effects! Other than the crowd 
noise, you get zero NFL sounds. 

For an interesting change of pace, 
play in the X's and O’s mode. 

computer chooses your intended 

Two difficulty modes give 
the experienced armchair QB 
more to sweat over, but too much 
is missing to put this game in the 
end zone. If you have to stretch 
the pro season onto the Game 
Gear, there’s a better game on 
Madden’s field. □ 

PROTIP: When the computer team 
scores, select the Graveyard Blitz to 
block the extra point The penalties 
have no effect so don’t worn about 
going offsides. 

Quarterback Clubbed 
With offensive spin 
moves and speed bursts, 
the simple, effective con- 
trol is the best thing this 
game has to offer. 

When passing, 
however, the 

mm mm... 



The Reds' Deion Senders steps up 
to face the Braves ' Greg Hid dux! 

Albert Belle of the Indim rips i shot 
off the Orioles' Hike Mussina ! 

B All 28 Major League Teams & TOO Major League Players, 
including McGriff, Bagwell, Key, Canseco and Bonds! 

B Draft & trade players. 

B League, All-Star, Playoffs & World Series action! 

B Multi-player leagues-several friends can all be in a league together. 

B Large battery saves complete individual, team and 
league leaders statistics. 

BAII- Time Great Players, including Lou Gehrig, Dizzy Dean & Ty Cobb! 


-Dive Winding, Dime fin Higuine! 

Roberto Alomar faces Jack McDowell 
in all-star batting mode. 

TMfeDrttftva/tafMl. OmilU Uiifrmmt 

PROTIP: If you travel south-south- 
east of the Nahuatla village, you’ll 
find the , ruined lab. You need 
numerous items here, including 
some empty containers that can 
hold tar, a rifle, and more. 

The Monthly Guide to the WorzLd 

PROTIP: Ovens are great for firing 
soft pots into hard grenade shells. 

sprites aren’t very detailed, 
and the rooms usually contain 
no more than one object to 
find. Even the enemies, like 
the dinosaurs, look strange 
rumbling after you from the 
odd perspective. 

The music and sound effects 
are effective but not very imagi- 
native. Music changes will alert 
you to enemies, which is help- 
ful, but the weak, sparse sound 
effects only hurt such an 
expansive RPG. 

Another Avatar-specific 
problem is control, which is 
menu driven...and sometimes 
very confusing. You must 
combine different objects, 
which means a lot of costly 
trial and error, especially if 
items that you need are in a 
village you left a long time 
ago. Thankfully, all items reap- 
pear when you leave rooms. 

Lordy Lordy 

Ultima players will also recog- 
nize the long-winded conversa- 
tions, confusing subplots, and 
annoying characters who pop 
up for seemingly no reason at 
all. Fans of the Ultima series 
will certainly enjoy this jungle 
epic for its change of pace. 
Other RPC players may want to 
check out the Ultima games 
before becoming acquainted 
with this one. It can be truly 
Savage to the uninitiated. □ 

PROTIP: Don’t let an item just sit 
in your inventory. Double-click 
on it, and you may be surprised. 
Try the cloth as a starter. 

villages and surrounding 
areas, you come across items 
that you must combine to 
make weapons and tools. In 
addition, you'll need shaman 
magic, which is acquired by 
obtaining certain plants. 

Suave Savage 

Like most other Lord British 
games, this one sports a dis- 
torted ^-overhead view. The 

PROTIP: Gather some tar into an 
empty bucket. Tar and cloth 
strips make great fuses for 

By Sir Scary Larry 

It’s another Lord 
British adventure, 
but this time the 7 "" 

Avatar finds himself stranded 
in an ancient jungle surrounded 
by warring tribes. This story line 
is surrounded by familiar Ulti- 
ma-like sights, which is both a 
blessing and a bummer. 

Empire Strikes Back 

Your mission in Savage Empire 
is muddled. Lord British 
has bequeathed a valu- 
able Moonstone to you 
with instructions to 
find out more about it. 

You end up an amnesi- 
ac in a vast jungle, 
guest of the friendly 
Nahuatla tribe. As you 
try to piece together 

your memory, you come across 
other vaguely familiar mem- 
bers of your expedition. 

But you’re not alone in the 
jungle. It's filled with more 
danger and unexpected sur- 
prises than the White House 
lawn, including dinosaurs, 
giant ants, and hostile tribes. 

As you search through the 

PROTIP: You’ll need at least 100 
gems before you get to Tichitcatl 
(check the map for its location). 
That money is for the Obsidian 
Sword, which is the most pow- 
erful sword early in the game. 
Perhaps other items you find 
(like Obsidian Knives in Yolaru) 
can be traded for the Sword. 

PROTIP: Sulfur + Saltpeter 
Charcoal = Gunpowder 

PROTIP: Anything you take from 
a chest, pot, or container will 
reappear when you exit a room. 
Go back to find even more 




By The Unknown Gamer 

Prince Ali (sound vaguely 
familiar?) finds a lost gold 
amulet and gains some myste- 
rious powers. Now he must 
round up four elemental spir- 
its to wield the full power of 
the gold amulet and stop the 
evil one who carries the silver 
amulet. So begins this 
action/adventure RPC that, 
though pretty to look at and 

PROTIP: To beat the gargoyles, 
fust Jump and slash them. 
intriguing to play, is definitely 
not for hardcore RPCers. 

Mighty Is Prince Ali 

To collect the four spirits, each 
with its own unique power, 
and vanquish the carrier of the 
silver amulet, Ali has to roam 
the land, complete different 
quests, collect special items, 
and search for clues. In addi- 
tion, the game also has some 
other familiar role-playing ele- 
ments (such as Experience 
Points). The gameplay, howev- 
er, focuses squarely on hack-n- 
slash action, including lots of 
hand-to-hand combat and 
some puzzle solving. 

Similar to characters in 
games like Golden Axe, Ali has 
a collection of stab, kick, and 
jump moves. If you move him 
in close, you can even get him 
to execute a primitive combo of 

sorts. The controls for Ali and 
the various spirits that he even- 
tually masters are simple com- 
binations of button presses. 

Other than figuring out the 
order of events, strategy is 
practically absent. Beyond the 
bosses, it doesn't matter which 
weapon you use against the 
range of enemies you face. 

PROTIP: TO open the door In this 
chamber, use the bow and 
arrow to activate the lever. 

enemies. The gorgeous back- 
ground scenery also has some 
nice special effects. 

The downside, of course, 
is that the play area isn’t near- 
ly as large as it is in a tradi- 
tional RPC. Nice sounds, such 
as Ali’s gulp as he eats and the 
screams of dying enemies, 
highlight the action. 

The different gameplay 
aspects create a nice mix, but 
beginning and intermediate 
players will easily finish the 
game and be left wondering 
what’s beyond Oasis. And the 
game has way too little true role 
playing to interest serious fans. 
It’s an ideal game, though, for 
players who want a taste of RPC 
or beginners who aren’t ready 
for a heavy-duty quest. 

the right green platform to opt 
the door. 

The graphics in Beyond Oasis 
are better than average, espe- 
cially for role-playing games. 
The 3 A-overhead view gives 
the graphics a 3D feel that 
extends to the large, varied 

When the Spirit appears, use I* 
bubbles to dowse the tire that 

3 /4-overtiead view 
Battery backup 
ESRB rating: Not 
yet rated 

Darkling Tower. Your quest? To 
seek and rescue the Goddess 
of Ambition...and no, it's not 
Madonna, dragon-breath. 

Armed with some rusty 
weapons and a lot of bravery, 
you slash at a variety of mis- 
creants, like slime balls, scor- 
pions, and mini tornadoes. 
While slashing away, you find 
treasure chests, potions, 
spells, and other helpful items. 
As you gain experience and 
cash, you can upgrade your 
weapons and armor. 

Gaining experience isn’t a 
problem because even the 
controls are a bit on the light 
side. One button slashes, 
another powers up your char- 
acter, and another selects dif- 

fairly small and repetitive. The 
dungeons are all dully similar. 

The hills aren't exactly alive 
with the sounds and music. 
The average sound effects are 
compounded by small voice 
samples and dismal death 
groans...or yelps, actually. 

Warriors ’R’ Us 

Although certainly steeped in 
RPG traditions like weapon 
selection and experience- 
building combat, Dungeon 

By Sir Scary Larry 

Seasoned RPGers may wonder 
how Dungeon Explorer qual- 
ifies for this section. Dungeon 
Explorer is an overhead-view 
action/RPG with plenty of 
knights, mages, dungeons, 
and weapons. However, it will 
remind role-playing veterans 
of the arcade classic Gauntlet 
more than anything else. 

Now Slaying in a 
Dungeon near You 

This simple hack-n-slash maze 
burner follows a bare-bones 
story line. You choose either 
a mage, knight, elf, monk, 
beast, or ninja and travel 
through the dungeons of 

Explorer’s drawback is the lack 
of conversation with other 
characters and the conse- 
quently thin story line. 

Dungeon Explorer fills the 
shoes of action freaks who like 
a fantasy thread in their 
games, but connoisseurs of 
spell-casting and dragon-dub- 
bing will want something with 
a little more Ore meat to it. 

This game will appeal to a 
younger, action-oriented crowd 
of gamers. Don’t expect a lot, 
and you won't be disappointed 
in your explorations. □ ,1 

PROT1P; Don’t satisfy yourself 
with fust destroying your ene- 
mies; also destroy the pods that 
generate them for extra chests, 
potions, and other goodies. 
ferent items - no strenuous 
menus to wade through, and 
no weapon-guessing for maxi- 
mum effectiveness. 

Maze Daze 

Speaking of lightweight, the 
graphics don’t really beef up 
this title. The overhead view is 
filled with colorfully animated 
sprites that are nonetheless 

Dungeon Explorer by Sega 



Price not available 

Overhead view 



Available now 

Save feature 

Fantasy RPG 

ESR8 rating: Kids 

2 players 

to Adults 

PROTIP: If your division has no 
intention of inhabiting a con- 
quered city, consider stocking 
up or raiding to bleed it dry of 
gold, food, or draftees accord- 
ing to your needs. 

■ -•«. ■ i ■ > - v ‘. * ' '• 

GAMEPRO • May 1885 


Koei is back with another epic 
SNES Chinese history lesson. 
This time, the story recounts 
the exploits of the warlords 
Liu Bang and Xiang Yu as they 
wage a civil war in ancient 
China around 210 B.C. Koei 
fens may find that, though the 
gameplay feels familiar, it’s not 
as satisfying as previous titles. 

PROTIP: As with most Koei 
games, spying is an Important 
expenditure since the numeri- 
cally superior army usually wins 
the battles. 


You play either 
Bang (the good 
guy) or Yu (the bad 
guy) and command 
their respective 
military forces. Through four 
scenarios, you must kick your 
foe’s butt out of successive Chi- 
nese cities and eventually out 
of China altogether. That means 
you must occupy towns, raise 
cash, and build armies. 

To appreciate it all, you 
must get a thrill from watch- 
ing numbers add and sub- 
tract. As is Koei’s style, you’ll 
find more windows and 


' y 

* J 

'//■ •, 



PROTIP: The Delegate command 
speeds up castle battles, but It 
also shows you effective fight- 
ing strategy. 


Just flee if your foe has 

menus here than in a high-rise 
Chinese restaurant. However, 
the adept controls let you 
handily manipulate the numer- 
ical data, and a calculator-style 
interface makes crunching 
numbers a breeze. 

Less Bang 
For the Bucks? 

The crisp controls make 
Phoenix a sort of “Koei lite." 
Because the basic strategy is 
quickly move 
through conquered 
cities, you don’t have 
to spend as much 
time building long- 
term profit centers to 
fuel your military 
forces. Instead, you 
can usually shake 
down the suffering 

townspeople for gold, provi- 
sions, and draftees, then just cut 
out of town for the next fight! 

are plenty of handsome face 
shots of generals and adver- 
saries. Nicely detailed battle 
graphics make the tiny com- 
batants look good, but primi- 
tive animation gives them 
little pizzazz. 

Gentle, unobtrusive Asian 
music dominates the sparse 
sounds. The battle noises, how- 
ever, are strictly expendable. 

Stir-Fried Phoenix 

Rise of the Phoenix is a bird of 
a different feather for Koei 
fens. The relatively low-level 
city building may not add up 
for hardcore accountants. The 
simplified battle sequences 
will leave militant players itch- 
ing for a fight. Chew on 
Phoenix, and, 30 hours later, 
you may still be hungry. □, 

Battles are also streamlined. 
The view is limited to basically 
two scenes, a castle siege and 
an open-field, mounted melee. 
Only the siege scenario has 
individual fighting units, and 
you can’t position them. 

The graphics are typically 
Koei: sharp but static. There 


Game Boy 

A^ >.“ By Captain Squideo 

Think you're a pin- 
f ball wizard with the 
silver ball? You can try work- 
ing your magic on Pinball Fan- 
tasies for the Came Boy, but 
this game's limited gameplay 
means you’ll run out of fun 
within 1 5 minutes. 


Like the new Jaguar version of 
this game, you get four pinball 
tables, each with its own 
theme (Partyland, Speed Devils, 

PROTIP: At the beginning of 
Partyland, hit your upper flipper 
as the ball approaches the table 
and you might reach the high- 
scoring PUKE area to the right. 

but there’s not anything really 
eye catching. Some anima- 
tions, wacky explosions, or 
even introductory scenes 
might’ve been interesting. 

The sounds are the game’s 
relative strength. The fast- 
paced music and layered 

PROTIP: Shooting enemies off- 
screen works. Line up the sucker, 
step out of harm’s way, and ffre. 

Sound effects run the 
gamut from blah to blah. Weak 
shooting effects are further 
compromised by repetitive, 
annoying music. A Walkman 
stereo is not only a require- 
ment but also a blessing. 

Although this game may 
alleviate the boredom brought 
on by an afternoon spent in 
the back seat of a car, don’t 
waste your time on it unless 
you’re stuck that badly. True 
Lies doesn’t ask for a lot of 
your time, and it doesn’t give 
you much in return. No lie. □ 

PROTIP: Stay behind the safety 
of a wall and let enemies drift 
toward you. 

By Scary Larry 

Harry Tasker is 
looking for a few 
bad men. As an undercover 
spy, Harry is trying to save the 
world, but he can't even save 
this meager game. 

Nothing but the live 

Following the SNES version 
pretty faithfully (see ProRe- 
view, April), True Lies on the 
Came Boy is an overhead 

action/adventure that’s sur- 
prisingly low on both action 
and adventure. You lead Harry 
through various rooms, shoot 
most moving enemies, gather 
weapons and keys, and leave. 

The gameplay is solid but 
boring. You can easily switch 
between a handgun, machine 
gun, shotgun, or grenades 
(when you find them), but they 
all have the same basic effect. 

Guiding Harry is nothing 
special, either. Although he’s 
armed to the teeth, you’ll wish 
he could do more than just 
slowly plod around. 

See Harry Run 

The tame, one-dimensional 
graphics mash furniture, 
hedges, enemies, and other 
elements into one big, uninter- 
esting background. On a small 
Game Boy screen, Lies is 
tough on the eyes. 

PROTIP: At the top of the Stones 
Bones table, gently tap the Tilt 
button to keep the ball in the 
KEY area. 

Billion Dollar Cameshow, and 
Stones Bones). You play Pinball 
Fantasies just like pinball, 
using simple flippers at the 
bottom of the table to flick the 
ball back up to the top. 

The controls require no 
thought, the tables are uncom- 
plicated (there are no side 
rooms, ramps, or hidden 
areas), and the action is slow. 
You quickly run out of chal- 
lenges, and you quickly run 
out of fun. 

The graphics should be 
dazzling and busy, like real 
pinball machines are. Unfortu- 
nately, these tables are pretty 
sparse. You can make out the 
point totals and special areas, 

PROTIP: Don’t give up on a ball 
if it falls past your flippers. 
Occasionally, it will ricochet 
back onto the table. 

sound effects effectively dupli- 
cate actual pinball action. 

Fantasy Island 

The idea of handheld pinball 
isn’t bad, but this cart doesn’t 
deliver the goods. More creativ- 
ity and complexity in the game- 
play and graphics would've 
added up to more fun. □ 



May 1995 

Three Characters. 
Two Outlaws. 
One Serious Mess, 







Super nes 

Donkey Kong Country 
50 Lives, "Bad Buddy" 

| Trick, and Sound Test 

"15 m 


M4I 1 »* i 

E res* C»( 

At the Select A Game screen, 
highlight “Erase Game” with 
your cursor and then enter any 
of the following tricks: 

50 Lives 

Press B, A, R, R, A, L, and 
then begin with one of your 
saved games. 

“Bad Buddy” Code 
Press B, A, Down, B, Up, 
Down, Down, and Y. In two- 
player team games, this trick 
enables either player to gain 
control at any time by pressing 

Sound Test 

Press Down, A, R, B, Y, 
Down, A, and Y. Press Select 
to skip through the game 
sounds and music. 

Math Greer 
Lakewood, CO 


Shock Wave 
Power-lip Cheats 

Mortal Kombat II 
Double Fatality Time and 


Press II to pause the game during play and enter this master 
code: B, A, C, C, A, A, and X. Press II again, enter any of the 
codes below, and then press X. You can use the missile power- 
up and smart bomb only once per mission. 

Laser power-up: C, A, A, B, A, C, A 

“Xtra Laser” message appears. 

Missile power-up: C, A, A, B, A 

“Nuke ’Em Up" message appears. 

A, C, A, B, A, A, C, A, A, A 
“Smart Bomb” message appears. 

A, B, A, C, A, A, B, A 
“Invincible” message appears. 

Quickly enter the following but- 
ton presses at the character- 
select screen. The “character- 
selected" whooshing sound 
confirms each trick. 

Double fatality time: 

Up, Up, Left, Up, Down, Select 

Smart bomb: 


Super damage (two hits 
defeat your opponent, and 
your opponent’s hits damage 
you half the normal amount): 

Down, Up, Right, Up, Left, 

Mike Everett 
Montgomery, AL 


Killer Instinct 

Double the Speed 

As soon as each player has selected a character, hold Right on 
the joystick and simultaneously press all three punch buttons 
(in a one-player game, the first player must do this with their 
controller and Player Two’s controller). These buttons must be 
held until the prefight match screen appears and then released 
after you hear the swooshing noise for the second time. This 
code doubles the normal speed of the game, but it must be re- 
entered with every new match. 

Brian Smolnik 
Joliet, IL 


May 1995 

t,: ■ 


Super N 

X-Men: Children of the Atom 


Samurai Shodown 

Play as Amakusa 

I Pit this Super Street Fighter boss against the X-Men! As Player 
One at the character-select screen, move the cursor to Spiral in 
I the lower right-hand corner and hold it there for two seconds. 

I Then, in one motion, move the cursor left across the bottom row 
I of characters until you reach Iceman. Continuously move back 
I one to the right to Colossus, up one to Cyclops, right two (past 
I Wolverine) to Omega Red, and down to Silver Samurai. Wait on 
I Silver Samurai for two seconds, then simultaneously press 
I Fierce Punch, Fierce Kick, and Quick Kick. Akuma will jump 
I down and pose for you. His moves are exactly the same as in 
I Super Street Fighter II Turbo. 

This pad trick enables you to play as Amakusa in the two-player 
or Countdown game. At the Takara logo screen, press A, Y, X, 
and B. A voice confirms that you’ve done the trick correctly. At 
the title screen, select the game you want to play. Then, at the 
character-select screen, select any character and simultaneously | 
hold down L and R to select Amakusa. In the two-player game, 
continue to hold down the buttons until your opponent has 
selected his character. 

uo You Have a 

Super NES 

The Lion King 

Level Select and Invincibility 

If so, send it to SWAT and, if 
we publish it, we’ll send you 
a free GamePro T-shirt! We 
also want more of your art- 
work. Every reader who gets 

their artwork published in 
SWAT will also receive a free 
T-shirt. Cool! Send your best 
tips and secrets to: 

Secret Weapons 

Pf) Rnv Woo 

Go to the Options screen and press B, A, R, R, Y. Level-select and invulnerability options appear. 
When you exit the Options screen and begin the game, you immediately jump to the level you 
selected and, if you switched Invulnerability to “On,” you’ll be invincible! 

Thomaston, GA 

Mil 1IIS 

More than 37 hidden charac- 
ters and 16 power-ups are 
secreted away in NBA Jam 
Tournament Edition, and 
GamePro enlisted the help of 
some serious Internet Game- 
Pros to rein in the codes. 

We’ve included the codes 
for both Genesis and Super NES 
and noted where system-specific 
button presses are needed. 

Enter “C,” then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 
“I,” then press any button. Enter 
“C,” then simultaneously press 
Button B and Start. 

Enter “W,” then simultaneously 
press Button Y and Start on the 
SNES or simultaneously press 
Button C and Start on the Gen- 
esis. Enter “I,” then simultane- 
ously press Button B and Start. 
Enter “L,” then press any button. 

Enter H, then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 
“V,” then press any button. Enter 
“Y,” then simultaneously press 
Button B and Start. 

Hidden Characters! 

Note: Enter the following 
codes at the Enter Initials 
screen. The codes and button 
commands are the same for 
the Genesis and SNES ver- 
sions. except that Button Y on 
the SNES corresponds to But- 
ton C on the Genesis. 

The Clown Princes of Halftime! 

Find out if the team mascots can pound the parquet as well 
as they can incite the crowd. Play as the mascots for various 
teams with these codes. 


Enter "B,” then 
press Button B 
and Start. Enter 
“N,” then press 
any button. Enter “Y,” then 
simultaneously press Button Y 
and Start on the SNES or But- 
ton C and Start on the Genesis. 


Enter “H," then 
press any but- 
ton. Enter “G,” 
then simultane- 
ously press But- 
ton Y and Start on the SNES 
or Button C and Start on the 
Genesis. Enter “0,” then 
simultaneously press Button 
A and Start. 


Enter “C," then 
press Button A 
and Start. Enter 
“R,” then simul- 
taneously press Button B and 
Start. Enter “N,” then press 
any button. 


Enter “G,” then 
press any but- 
ton. Enter “0,” 
then simultane- 
ously press But- 
ton B and Start. Enter “R,” 
then simultaneously press 
Button B and Start. 

Enter “H,” then press any button. 
Enter “C,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. Enter 
a space, then press any button. 

Enter “R,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. Enter 
“0,” then simultaneously press 
Button A and Start. Enter “Y,” 
then press any button. 

Rap and 

Music stars make noticeable 
appearances in NBA Jam TE. 
Heavy D., Fresh Prince, and the 
Beastie Boys are all in the house! 

Jazzy Jeff 

Enter “J,” then simultaneously 
press Button Y and Start on the 
SNES or Button C and Start on 
the Genesis. Enter “A,” then 
simultaneously press Button A 
and Start. Enter “Z,” then 
simultaneously press Button A 
and Start. 

Enter “M,” then simultaneously 

t AMEPRI • May 18S5 


Enter “A,” then press any button. 
Enter "D,” then simultaneously 
press Button Y and Start on the 
SNES or Button C and Start on 
the Genesis. Enter “R,” then 
press Button B and Start. 

Enter "M,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. Enter 
“C,” then simultaneously press 
Button B and Start. Enter “A,” 
then press any button. 

Order in the 

This is cross-training the hard 
way for Frank Thomas and 
Randall Cunningham! But for 
the Bird, it’s all old hat. 

Enter “S,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. Enter 
“0,” then press any button. 

Enter “K,” then press any but- 
ton. Enter “S,” then simultane- 
ously press Button B and Start. 
Enter “K,” then simultaneously 
press Button Y and Start on the 
SNES or Button C and Start on 
the Genesis. 

Enter “H,” then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 
“T,” then press any button. 
Enter “P,” then simultaneously 
press Button Y and Start on the 
SNES or Button C and Start on 
the Genesis. 

press Button Y and Start on the 
SNES or Button C and Start on 
the Genesis. Enter “K," then 
press any button. Enter “D,” 
then simultaneously press But- 
ton Y and Start on the SNES or 
simultaneously press Button C 
and Start on the Genesis. 


Enter “X,” then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. 

Larry Bird 

Enter “B,” then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 
“R,” then simultaneously press 
Button Y and Start on the 
SNES or Button C and Start on 
the Genesis. Enter “D,” then 
simultaneously press Button A 
and Start. 

Enter "R,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. Enter 
“A," then simultaneously press 
Button A and Start. Enter “Y,” 
then press any button. 

Enter “A," then press any but- 
ton. Enter “M,” then simultane- 
ously press Button A and Start. 
Enter “X,” then simultaneously 
press Button Y and Start on the 


Enter “X," then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. Enter 
“Y,” then simultaneously press 

• May 1995 

Button B and Start. Enter “Z,” 
then simultaneously press But- 
ton A and Start. 

SNES or Button C and Start on 
the Genesis. 

Enter “P,” then press any but- 
ton. Enter “H," then press But- 
ton A and Start. Enter “I,” then 
press Button Y and Start on the 
SNES or Button C and Start on 
the Genesis. 

The Who? Crew 

Most of these characters are 
neither sports stars nor well 
known. These hidden charac- 
ters give you the opportunity to 
see most of the people who 
worked on Jam TE, however. 

Chow Chow 

Enter “L,” then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 
“G,” then simultaneously press 
Button B and Start. Enter “N,” 
then press any button. 


Enter “D,” then press any button. 
Enter “A,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. Enter 
“N,” then simultaneously press 
Button A and Start. 

Enter “A," then simultaneously 
press Button Y and Start on the 
SNES or'Button C and Start on 
the Genesis. Enter “I,” then 
press any button. Enter “R,” 
then simultaneously press But- 
ton B and Start. 

Kid Silk 


Enter “N," then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 
“D,” then simultaneously press 
Button B and Start. Enter “H,” 
then simultaneously press But- 
ton A and Start. 

Enter “S,” then press any button. 
Enter “L,” then simultaneously 

GAMEPRO • May 1895 

Enter “B,” then simultaneously 
press Button Y and Start on the 
SNES or Button C and Start on 
the Genesis. Enter “L,” then 
press any button. Enter “Z,” 
then press Button Y and Start 
on the SNES or Button C and 
Start on the Genesis. 


Enter “M,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. Enter 
“P,” then simultaneously press 
Button Y and Start on the SNES 
or Button C and Start on the 
Genesis. Enter “F,” then press 
any button. 


Enter “M,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. 

Enter “C,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. Enter 
“M,” then simultaneously 
press Button Y and Start on 
the SNES or Button C and 
Start on the Genesis. 

Enter “S,” then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 
“A,” then simultaneously press 
Button Y and Start on the SNES 
or Button C and Start on the 
Genesis. Enter “L,” then press 
any button. 

Enter “T,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. Enter 
“W,” then press any button. 
Enter “G,” then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. 

Enter “J,” then simultaneously 
press Button Y and Start on the 
SNES or Button C and Start on 
the Genesis. Enter “M," then 
simultaneously press Button Y 
and Start on the SNES or But- 
ton C and Start on the Genesis. 
Enter “C,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. 

Enter “C,” then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. Enter 
“K,” then press any button. 
Enter a space, then simultane- 
ously press Button Y and Start 
on the SNES or Button C and 
Start on the Genesis. 

Enter “G,” then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 

“0,” then simultaneously press 
Button Y and Start on the SNES 
or Button C and Start on the 
Genesis. Enter “F,” then simul- 
taneously press Button B and 



Enter “J,” then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 
“F,” then press any button. 
Enter a space, then simultane- 
ously press Button Y and Start 
on the SNES or Button C and 
Start on the Genesis. 


Enter “M," then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 
“J,” then press any button. 
Enter “T,” then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. 


Enter “R," then press any button. 
Enter “J," then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 
“R,” then simultaneously press 
Button Y and Start on the SNES 
or Button C and Start on the 

press Button B and Start. Enter 
a space, then simultaneously 
press Button B and Start. 


Enter "J,” then press any button. 
Enter “A,” then simultaneously 
press Button A and Start. Enter 
“Y,” then simultaneously press 
Button B and Start. 



Note: Enter the following codes at the 'T onight’s Match-Up" screen. All codes work for both systems. 

In NBA Jam TE, you can use two 
codes at once, which means 
that you can have simultane- 
ous Unlimited Turbo and Tele- 
port Passing! Awesome! 

Shot-Percent Display 

Press Up, Up, Down, Down, and 
Button B. 

Quick Hands 

Press Left, Left, Left, Left, Button 
A, and Right. 

Max Power 

Press Right, Right, Left, Right, 
Button B, B, and Right. 

Boat Tending 


Press Right, Up, Down, Right, 
Down, and Up. 

Power-Up Dunks 

Teleport Pass 

Press Left, Right, Button A, B, B, Press Up, Right, Right, Left, But- 
andA. ton A, Down, Left, Left, Right, and 

Button B. 

Power-Up Turbo 

Press Button B, B, B, A, Down, 
Down, Up, and Left 

Power-Up Offense 

Press Button A, B, Up, A, B, Up, 
and Down. 



Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, 
Down, and Up. 

Power-Up Block 

Press Down, Right, Button A, B, A, 
Right, and Down. 

Block an Opponent & 
Both Opponents Fall 

Press Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, 
Left, Left, Button A, and A 

Block an Opponent 
And Ute Opposing 
Teammate Falls 

Press Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, 
Left, Left, Button A, and B. 

Rainbow Shots 

Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Right, 
Up, Button A, A, A, A, and Down. 

Press Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, 
Left, Left, Button B, and A. 

Slippery Court 

Press Button A, A, A, A, A, Right, 
Right, Right, Right, and Right. 

Special thanks to Jason Deen,, Brian Smolik, and any others who worked on the 
RGVN posting of the FAQ. Many thanks to all our GamePros for their diligent wort. 

GAMEPRO • May 1S95 


Hot Game Genie and Pro Action Replay Codes 

Genesis (Gome Genie) 



Infinite ammo 


Infinite lives 


Don’t lose gun from overheating 


Start on mission 2 


Start on mission 3 


Start on mission 4 


Start on mission 5 

Sonic & 


Start with 5 lives 



Start with 9 lives 


Start with 50 lives 


Start with 99 lives 


Infinite lives 

Note: There must be no other carts attached. 

The Incredible 


Level-select screen appears after 


game starts 


Don’t take damage as Hulk or 
Super Hulk 


Infinite transformation capsules 


Guns have infinite ammo 


Start with nine lives 



Infinite Pump-ups 



Opponents have only $100 


Start at game 4 


Start at game 5 


Start at game 6 


Start at game 7 


Start at game 8 


Start at game 9 (against the Judge) 


l pro Action RepW ? ^, ish yo ut code. 


^"s^ E " ha " cers) 

p 0 Box 5828 
5an Mateo, CA 94402 

codes to. 

I ^,U. DUA 

I San Mateo, - 
1 Vou can also e-mail your' 

Jerry Shields 
Jacksonville, FL 

Super NES (Game Genie) 

Clay Fighter 2: 


Select Massive Difficulty at 

Judgment Clay 

CB51-7D64 + 

Options screen 

6251-7F04 + 
4651-7F64 + 

Infinite energy and time 

Donkey Kong 

C2C9-4E2C Or 

Infinite lives 

7468-C34D Or 

Start with 51 lives 

1768-C34D Or 

Start with 100 lives 

3D81-1273 Or 

Super Jump for Donkey Kong 

AD81-1E73 Or 

Super Jump for Diddy Kong 


Many characters become 


Note: There are two versions of Donkey Kong Country. If the first code 

doesn’t work, try the second one. 

Super Adventure 


Become invincible after 

Island II 


you’re hit 

Start with more money 


Fall slowly 

Total Carnage 


Infinite lives 


Infinite time bombs 



Game plays at Stupid speed 


No timer in most races 

B Z ‘tHfOJ- ' 1 

Came Gear (Game Genie) 

Bubble Bobble 

Codes Provided By ; 

i Andy Gomez 
Avon, CO 

Bryan Scott Tom Yan' l 

Camllton. IX Jacteon H.lghte. NY J 

off-obe-f72 Start with 15 lives 
oof-12e-5D4 Start with letters “X” and ‘T’ 
FF0-4B7-E64 + 

FF9 607 E6A Almost invicible 

0F8-D4E-C4A Start with more energy 

0FB-E77-F76 Start with 15 continues 

3EB-FE7-2A2 + 

04B-FF7-F7A + 

00C-007-E6D Start on level 5 

GAME PRO • Miy 1995 








( 800)3364843 



im MIS! 




3D0 $ 
























Tournament-Winning Combos and Strategies 


Jr) r. 

The Move List 


By Bruised Lee 

Mho f 

_ (Special thanks to Brian L Smolik) 

Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap QP 
Springing Backhand 
Charge -* two seconds, 
Tap 4-, QP, QP 
Double Roll Punch 
Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap MP 
Charging Punch 
Charge two seconds, 
Tap-*, FP 
Straight Knee 
Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap -*, QK or FK 
Flying Knee 

Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap-*, MK 
Punching Bag 
Rapidly Tap QP (Close) 
Winding Uppercut 
Hold FP for three seconds, 
then release 
Standing Uppercut 
Press and hold 4-, Tap FP 

Air Juggle 

Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap -*, FP 

Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap-*, MK 
Ultra Combo 
As part of a combo, 

Charge -* two seconds, 
Tap 4-, FP 
Counter Projectiles 
Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap-*, MP 
Knockdown Move 
After being knocked down, 
Charge <- one second, Tap 
-*, K 

Transition Move 1 
Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap MP, Charge one 
second, Tap 4-, MK 
Transition Move 2 
Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap -*, FP, Charge -* one 
second, Tap 4-, QP 
Transition Move 3 
Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap -*, FP, Charge -* one 
second, Tap 4-, MP 

Transition Move 4 
Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap -*, FP, Charge -» one 
second, Tap 4-, FP 
Transition Move 5 
Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap •*, FP, Charge -* one 
second, Tap 4-, FK 
Air Combos 

In the air, Tap FK, Charge 
■* one second, Tap 4-, MK. 
Or Tap MK, Charge -* one 
second, Tap 4-, qk. 
Shadow Move 
Press and hold FP, Charge 
4- two seconds, Tap -*, 
then release FP 

Tap 4" , 4< , 4" , QP 
No Mercy - Number One 
Motion 4- * 4- * -* FK 

No Mercy - Number TWo 
Tap 4-, 4-, ■», MP 

(stand one character's dis- 
tance away) 

Motion 4> * -* P 

Sword Swipe 
Motion 4- * 4 * FP 
Flying Kick 
Motion 4 * 4 * K 
Combo Breaker 
Motion -* 4 * MP 
Counter Projectiles 
Motion 4 Vi 4 K 
Knockdown Move 
After being knocked down, 
Motion -» 4 * P 

Press and hold FK, Motion 
4*4 <2, then release FK. 
Or press and hold FP, Tap 
-*, 4, *, then release FP. 

Motion 4- 4-, 

Tap MK 

No Mercy -Number One 

Tap 4-, QP (Close) 

No Mercy - Number Two 

Tap <-, 4-, MP (stand 
three characters' distance 

Press and hold QP, Motion 
4 * -*, then release QP. 

Or press and hold FP, 
Motion 4- -*, then 

release FP. 

Ultra Combo 

As part of a combo, Motion 
4- * 4-QK 
Air Combos 

In the air, Tap FK, Motion 4 
*4*, Tap MK. Or Tap MK, 
Motion 4*4 , Tap QK. 

Motion 4 * 4 tf.TapQP 

Arm Extension 

Tap QP rapidly 

Bouncing Fireball 

Motion 4 * -*, Tap P 

Charge 4- two seconds, 
Tap -*, P 

Teleport Behind 

Motion 4 * -*, Tap QK 

Controller Legend 

Quick Punch Medium Punch Fierce Punch 

t =Up 

7 i = Up-Toward 
-* = Toward 
^ = Down-Toward 
<4 = Down 

vC = Down-Away 
4- = Away 
^ = Up-Away 
FK = Fierce Kick 
FP = Fierce Punch 

K = Press any Kick button 
MK = Medium Kick 
MP = Medium Punch 
P = Press any Punch button 
QK = Quick Kick 
QP = Quick Punch 

Motion = Move the joystick in one continuous, smooth motion. 

Tap = Tap the indicated buttons or directions in sequence. 

Charge = Hold the direction indicated for the number of seconds indicated. 
Close = The move must be done when close to the enemy. 

() = Execute commands in parentheses simultaneously. 

Special Note: All techniques are described under the assumption that your character 
is facing to the right. If they’re facing left, reverse any Toward and Away commands. 

Motion 4 * -*, Tap MK. 
Tap FK to knock down your 

Motion 4 *-», Tap FK 

Motion 4 * -*, Tap MK or 

Special thanks to Adam 
at Golfland USA In Sunny- 
vale, California, tor all of 
his help with the Killer 
Instinct move list 



May 1885 


Knockdown Move 

After being knocked down, 
Motion <- t 4 5i -*, Tap K 

Charge two seconds, 
Tap-*, QP 

Ultra Combo 

As part of a combo, 

Charge <- two seconds, 
Tap-*, FP 

Air Combos 

In the air, Tap FK, Charge 
-* for one second, Tap 
MK. Or Tap MK, Charge -* 
for one second, <-, Tap QK. 

After a Combo Breaker, 
press and hold QP. Motion 
4 * ■*, then release QP. 

Motion <- t I * ■*, Tap 

Tap **, **, QK 

No Merc]/ - Number One 

Tap FK (stand 

one character’s distance 

No Mercy - Number iwo 

Motion -* * 4- HT <- MK 
(stand one character’s dis- 
tance away) 

No Mercy - Number Three 

Motion <- t 4* ‘ii -* MP 
(stand one character’s dis- 
tance away) 

Shield Charge 

Charge «- continually, hold 

down QP 


Motion 4 -* P 

Red Fireball 

Press and hold QP, Motion 
it 4> ^ -*, then release 

Sword Attack 
Charge two seconds, 
Tap-*, MP 
Shield Charge 
Tap ■*, ■*, P 

To Teleport in front of your 
attacker, Tap 4, 4, 4, P. 
To Teleport behind your 
attacker, Tap 4, 4, 4,K. 


Press and hold it, Tap FK 

As part of a combo, Tap 4, 
4, 4, and any button 
Air Juggle 
Motion 4 ^ -* P 
Combo Breaker 
Tap *, ■*, MP 
Knockdown Move 
After being knocked down, 
Tap 4, 4, and any button 
Ultra Combo 

As part of a combo, Motion 
it 4 * -* FP 
Counter Projectiles 
Tap 4, 4, 4, K 
Air Combos 

In the air, Tap FK, Charge 
-* for one second, Tap «-, 
MK. Or Tap MK, Charged 
for one second, Tap QK. 
Release Move 
Press and hold QP. Then 
jump in the air and Tap 4, 
4-, 4, and release QP. To 
teleport in front of your 
attacker, press and hold 
QK. Jump in the air, Tap 4-, 
4, 4, and release QK to 
teleport behind your 

Motion <- it 4- ^ -* FK 
No Mercy - Number One 
Tap «-, MK (stand 
one character's distance 

No Mercy - Number Dm 
Tap -*, QK (stand 
one character’s distance 

Motion -* * 4- it «- MP 


Motion -* ^ 4- it «- FP 

Tap -*, -*, K 
Uppercut with Kick 
Motion -* 4- * K 

Combo Breaker 
Motion •* 4 * MK 

After being knocked down, 
Motion -* 4 K 

Uttra Combo 

As part of a combo, Tap ■*, 
■*, FP 

In the air, Tap FK, Charge 
-* for one second, Tap 
MP. Or Tap MK, Charge-* 
for one second, Tap <-, QP. 


Motion -»* 4 * «-MP 

Motion MP (stand 

two characters' distance 

Mo Mercy - Number Am 
M otion <- it 4- * -* QK 
(stand two characters' dis- 
tance away) 


Motion 4 *-*p 

Tiger Morph 

Charge <- two seconds, 
Tap -*, P 


Motion 4- ^ 4- t QP or 

Motion 4 ^ 4 K FP 

Back Flip Kick 

Press and hold <-, Tap FK 

Spinning Kick 

Charge two seconds, 
Tap -*, K 
Air Juggle 
Motion 4 * ■* QP 
Combo Breaker 
Charge <- two seconds, 
Tap-*, FK 
Knockdown Move 
After being knocked down, 
Charge <- one second, Tap 
"*, K 

Ultra Combo 

As part of a combo, 
Charge <- two seconds, 
Tap -*, MP 

Counter Projectiles 

Charge «- two seconds, 
Tap *, P 

Air Combos 

In the air, Tap FK, Charge 
-* for one second, Tap <-, 
MP. Or Tap MK, Charge ■* 
for one second, Tap <-, QP. 
Shadow Moves 
Press and hold FP, Charge 
«• two seconds, Tap -*, 
then release FP. Or press 
and hold MP, Motion 4- ^ 
4 it, then release MP. 
Motion -* ^ 4 it f - FP 

No Mercy - Number One 

Tap 4 , -», QK (Close). 
After your attacker trans- 
forms into a frog, Tap FK to 
step on 'em. 

No Mercy- Number Two 

Tap <-, -*, -*, QP (stand 
one character’s distance 

Motion 4 it <r p 

In the air, Motion 4 t «- p 

Charge «- two seconds, 
Tap -*, P 

Motion 4 5i 4 it FP 

Charge <- two seconds, 
Tap ■*, K 

Motion 4 * 4 K 


Motion 4 it 4- Qp 

Charge *■ two seconds, 
Tap ■*, FK 

After being knocked down, 
Charge «- one second, Tap 
-*, K 

As part of a combo, 
Charge «- two seconds, 
Tap -*, QK 

Charge two seconds, 
Tap-*, FK 

In the air, Tap FK, Charge 

-* for one second, Tap *-, 
MK. Or Tap MK, Charge-* 
for one second, «-, Tap QK. 
Charge «- two seconds, 
Tap ■*, FP, Charge -* for 
one second, Tap QK 
Charge two seconds, 
Tap -*, FP, Charge ■* for 
one second, Tap «-, FP 

Press and hold MP, Motion 
-* 4 it then release 


Tap 4, 4, -*, -*, FP 
No Many -Number One 
Motion <- <- MK (two 
characters' distance away) 
Mo Mercy -Mmber Tom 
Motion «- it 4 V -* MP 
(two characters' distance 

Tap -*, -*, <-, FK (two 
characters’ distance away) 

Fire Bat 

Motion 4- vt P 
Spinning Claws 
Charge «- two seconds, 

Tap ■*, P 
Claw Roll 

Charge <- two seconds, 

Tap -*, QK 
Charge Uppercut 
Charge two seconds, 
Tap-*, MK 
Jump Attack 
Charge <- two seconds, 

Tap -*, FK 

Motion 4 * 4 it FK. This 
move increases the length 
of your moves and makes 
them stronger. 

Air Juggle 

Charge <- two seconds, 
Tap -*, FK 
Combo Breaker 
Charge «- two seconds, 

Tap -*, MK 
Knockdown Move 
After being knocked down, 
Charge <- one second, Tap 



May 1995 


Ultra Combo 
As part of a combo, 

Charge -* two seconds, 

Tap «-, QK 
Air Combos 

In the air, Tap FK, Charge 
-* for one second, Tap <-, 
MK. Or Tap MK, Charged 
for one second, Tap QK. 
Transition Move 1 
Charge <- two seconds, 
Tap -*, MK, Charge -* for 
one second, Tap MK 
Transition Move 2 
Charge <- two seconds, 
Tap **, MK, Charge -> for 
one second, Tap <-, QK 
Counter Projectiles 
Charge two seconds, 
Tap-*, QK 
Tap-*, -*, QP 
No Mercy - Number One 
Motion «-*•<- MK (stand 
one character's distance 

No Mercy - Number Two 
Motion <- <r MP 
(stand one character’s dis- 
tance away) 

Spinning Axe 
Charge «- two seconds, 
Tap -*, P 

Motion^ * 4 * «-P 

In the air or after an upper- 
cut, Motion 4 K <- FP 

Motion 4- * -* K. Press 
and hold t or -4 to direct 
the fireballs. 

Knee Charge 
Charge <- two seconds, 
Tap-*, FK 
Air Juggle 
Motion 4 -* QK 

Combo Breaker 
Motion -* ^ 4 QP 

Knockdown Move 
After being knocked down, 
Motion -* * I P 

Air Combos 

In the air, Tap FK, Charge 
-* for one second, Tap <-, 
MP. Or Tap MK, Charge-* 
for one second, Tap <-, QP. 
Ultra Combo 
As part of a combo, 

Charge <- two seconds, 
Tap-*, QP 
Counter Projectiles 
Charge *• two seconds, 
Tap -*, P 
Shadow Move 
Press and hold FP. While in 
the air or after an uppercut, 
Motion 4 ^ <-, then 
release FP. 

Tap 4, 4, 4,"*, QK 
No Mercy -Number One 
Motion *■ 4 ^ -» FP 
(stand two characters' dis- 
tance away) 

No Mercy - Number Two 
Motion -* * 4 * «- FK 


Motion 4 * -*, Tap P, «-, 
4, *,-*, QP to throw 
two fireballs. Tap -*, *-, <-, 
4, 'a, -», QP to throw 
three fireballs. 

Upperc u t 
Motion -* 4 * P 

To teleport in front of an 
attacker, Motion «- 4 P. 
To teleport behind an 
attacker, Motion 4 K. 


Motion -* ^ 4 <- P 

Claw Charge 
Charge «- two seconds, 
Tap -*, K 
Laser Shot 
Motion 4 * 4 d K 
Air Juggle 
Motion 4 * QP 
Combo Breaker 
Motion -» 4 ^ MP 
Knockdown Move 
After being knocked down, 
Motion -* 4 ^ P 
At Combos 

In the air, Tap FK, Motion 

4 XTapMP.OrTap 
MK, Motion-* 4 X Tap 

Ultra Combo 

As part of a combo, Motion 
-*4 ^t. Tap QP 

Counter Projectiles 

Motion -* ^ 4 <- P 

Press and hold FK, Charge 
two seconds, Tap ■*, 
then release FK 

Motion «• * 4 * -* MK 
No Mercy - Number One 

Motion «- * 4 * -* FK 
(stand two characters' dis- 
tance away) 

No Mercy - Number Two 

Motion -* * 4 <2 «- FP 
(stand two characters’ dis- 
tance away) 

To play as Eyedol, you must 
first pick Riptor with MP or 
MK. As soon as you do, hold 
down QP, MP, QK, and hold 
Left on the controller. 

When you see this screen, 
hold MP, FP, FK, and Right. 
Continue to do this until 

you hear “Eyedol.” 

Eyedol has undeniable 
power, but his speed isn’t 
topnotch, and it may take 
you some time to get used 
to his jumping abilities. His 
Charge moves require only 
one second, not two. Some 
of his basic moves and 
combos are covered below. 

Motion 4 ^ -*P 

Charge one second, Tap 

-», QP 

Club Swing 

Charge «- one second, Tap 
-*, MP 

Power Swing 

Charge «- one second, Tap 
-*, FP 

Charge «• one second, Tap 
-*, MK 

Backward Jump 

Charge «- one second, Tap 
-*, FK 

Press and hold «-, Tap MP 

Combo 1 

Tap QP, -», QP, MK, 
-*, FP 
Combo 2 

Tap «-,-*, QK, -*, FP 

Combo 3 

Tap <-, -*, QP, press and 
hold «-, Tap FP, FP, FP, FP, 
-», FP 

Ah Juggle 

Charge «- one second, 

Tap -*, QP 

Combo Breaker 

Charge «- one second, Tap 



I V-| 

■ s 


Mega Moves for Genesis 
and Super NES 

By Scary Larry 

For all the Mega Moves on the 
SNES, you must hold down 
Button L while you perform 
the pad trick. On the Genesis, 
always hold down Buttons A 
and B when you do the trick, 
but release the buttons when 
instructed to do so. 

The opponent must be lying 
down with your wrestler in 
front of him. 


Propeller Splash 

The opponent must be lying 
down in the ring. 

Super NES: Press Left, Left, 
Right, and Button B 

Genesis: Press Left, Left, 
Right, then release Button A 

Stand behind your opponent 
when he’s stunned. 

Super NES: Press Left, Left, 
Left, and Button A 

Genesis: Press Left, Left, Left, 
and Button C 

Super NES: Press Left, Down, 
Down, and Button B 

Genesis: Press Left, Down, 
Down, then release A 

Owen Hart's 
Whirling Dervish 

The opponent must be stand- 
ing in the ring. 

Bret Hart's Butt Flip 

When the opponent is lying 
beneath you, climb the turn- 
buckle, then do the following: 

Super NES: Press Up, Right, 
Down, and Button Y 

Super NES: Press Right, Right, 
Up, and Button B 

Genesis: Press Up, Right, 
Down, then release Button A 

Genesis: Press Right, Right, 
Up, then release Button B 

Bam Bam 
Bigelow's Torpedo 

The opponent must be stand- 
ing in the ring. 

Super NES: Press Up, Down, 
Left or Right, and Button Y 

Genesis: Press Up, Down, Left 
or Right, then release Button B 

Lex Luger's 
Super Punch 

The opponent must be stand- 
ing in the ring and within 
punching range. 

Super NES: Press Up, Up, 
Down, and Button B 

Genesis: Press Up, Up, Down, 
then release Button B 


GAMEPRO • May 1 995 



Punch Spin Kick 
Tap P, K 

Punch Side Kick 
Tap P,K (Short) 

Punch Low 
Spin Kick 
TapP, M 
Jab Straight 
Tap P, P 
Double Punch 
Snap Kick 
Tap P, P, K 
Flash Piston Punch 
Tap P, P, P 

Combi-Back Knuckle 
Tap P, P, «-, P 
Tap P, P, -*, P 
Combi-Elbow Spin Kick 
Tap P, P, -*, (P K) 

Spinning Back Knuckle 
Tap K 

Double Spin Knuckle 
Press and hold Tap P, P 
Spinning Arm Kick 
Tap «-, P, K 

Spinning Low Spin Kick 
Tap P, 4-, K 

Rising Elbow 
Tap -*, P 
Elbow Spin Kick 
Tap-*, (PK) 

Slant Back Knuckle 

Slant Low Spin Kick 
Taptf.P, 4-,K 
Knee Kick 
Tap -*, K 
Toe Kick 
Tap 4-.K 

Dash Hammer Kick 
Tap -*, -*, K 
Spinning Kick 
Tap (KG) 

Leg Sllcer 

Press and hold 4> , (K G) 
Double Spinning Kick 
Tap K, K 

Somersault Kick 

Northern Light Bomb 
Press (P G) (Short) 

Face Crasher 

After a jump kick, press 


Neck Breaker 
Tap -*, -», P (Short) 

Punch High Kick 
Tap P, K 

Punch Side Kick 
Tap P, K (Short) 

Jab Straight 
Tap P, P 

Double Punch Snap Kick 
Tap P, P, K 
Flash Piston Punch 
Tap P, P, P 
Combi-Rising Knee 
Tap P, P, P, K 
Tap P, P, P, K, K 
Combi-Rising Kick 
Tap P, P, P, t, K 
Rising Elbow 
Tap -*, P 

Double Joint Batt 
Tap ■*, P, K 
Knee Kick 
Tap -*, K 

Double Step Knee 
Tap-*, K, *,K 
Jack Knife Kick 
Tap 4-, K 

Jack Knife Kick Side 
Tap 4-, K, K 

Illusion Kick 

Press and hold \ Tap K, K 

Mirage Kick 

Press and hold Tap K, 

K, K 

High Kick Straight 
Tap K, P 
Rising Knee 

Press and hold 4, Tap-*, 


Dash Knee 
Tap-*, -*, K 

Leg Sheer 

Press and hold 4-, press 

Somersault Kick 
Tap K, K 
Front Suplex 
Press (P G) (Short) 

Back Drop 

After a jump kick, press 

Neck Breaker 

Tap -*, -*, P (Short) 



Tap P, K 
Tap P, P 

Soken Senpu-Tai 

Tap P, P, K 
Tap P, P, P 


Tap P, P, P, K 

Renkan-lensin Soukyaku 

Tap P, P, P, press and hold 
4- , Tap K 


Tap P, P, P, K, K 

Controller Legend *=°o,»n.Awa, 

G = Press the Defense button 

4- = Away 

K = Press the Kick button 

{ ^ ^ = Up-Away 

P = Press the Punch button 

Short = From a short distance 

A U U ^ = Up-Toward 

De f ense Punch VJ -* = Toward 

Middle = From a middle distance 

Long = From a long distance 

Motion = Move the joystick in one continuous motion. 

4 = Down 

Tap = Tap the indicated buttons or directions in sequence. 
() = Execute commands in parentheses simultaneously. 

Special Note : All techniques are described under the assumption that your character 

is facing to the right If they're facing left, reverse any Toward and Away commands. 

120 G AME PRO • May 19 95 

Tap P, press and hold (K G) 
Tap P, press and hold 4-, 
Tap (KG) 


Tap V, P 


Tap *, P, P 


Tap ^,P, P, K 



Rensho-Tensin Kyaku 

Tap *, P, P, P, K 

Rensho-Tensin Soukyaku 

Tap P, P, P, press and 

hold 4-,TapK 


Tap *, P, P, P, K, K 


Tap \ P, press and hold 


Tap X P, press and hold 
4-, press (KG) 


Press and hold ^,TapP 


Tap -*, P 


Press (KG) 


Press and hold 4- , press 

Taitou Risenkyaku Sit 
Press and hold -*, Tap K 
Kokyaku Ha hen 
Tap K , K 
Kensha Touraku 
Press (PG) (Short) 
Tap «-, P (Short) 

Tensm Hamsho 
Tap «-, -*, P (Short) 

Renken Tai 
Tap P, K 
Tap P, P 

Soken Senpu-Tai 

Tap P, P, K 
Tap P, P, P 


Tap P, P, P, K 



Tap P, press and hold (K G) 

Tap P, press and hold 4-, 
press (K G) 

Press and hold I, press 

Press and hold ■*, Tap K 
Mm JQatar 

Tap *, P 
Tensin Sato 
Press (PG) (Short) 
Senpu Entln 
Tap P (Short) 

Tap 4-, P (Short) 

Tap ■»,*, (P K) (Short) 




Tap P, K 


Tap P, P 


Tap P, P, P 

Eyouln Halshu 

Tap *, P 


Tap P 

Rettsai Gakushu 

Tap ■>, P 

Gyoshin Totai 

Tap K 

Chutoti Soutenkyaku 

Tap ■>, ■*, K 

Tensin Souc frustum 

Press (PK) 

Tunin' Chogeki 

Press (K G) 

Senpu Sotai 

Press and hold -t, press 

SuHio Tensmchu 

Press (PG) (Short) 



Rensui Tai 
Tap P, K 
Kostou Rensui 
Tap P, P 

Tap P, P, P 
Sen Insho 
Tap *, P 
Tap *, P, P 

Tap P 
Gyuchu Sensho 
Tap t, P 
Press (PG) 

Soji Senpu 
Tap (P G) 
Tap ■>, K 
Zen Sotai 
Tap 4 1 , K, K 
Ko Sotai 
Tap I, (KG) 

Tap I, 4-, K 
Hato Shu Shutai 
Press (PG) (Short) 
Renko Shuhaishu 
After a jump kick, press 

Senpu Keri 

Back Breaker 

Tap K, K 

After a jump kick, press 



Tap *, (KG) 

Power Slam 


Tap P (Short) 

Press and hold 4>, press 

Body Lift 


Tap (P G) (Short) 

Kaiten Jisuri-Kyaku 

Iron Crow 

Motion <- K 4> * K 

When the enemy is crouch- 

Koten Jisuri-Kyaku 

ing, Tap 4-,P 

Motion -> i «- K 

Machine Gun Knee Lift 

Rairyu Hishokyaku 
Tap ■*, (P K G) 

When the enemy is crouch- 
ing, press and hold 4- , Tap 



Press (P G) (Short) 
Haura Kasumi 
Before landing from a 
jump, press (P G) 




Tap P (Short) 

Katana Kasumi 

Hammer Kick 

Press (P KG) (Short) 

Tap P, K 

Kage Kasumi 

Jab Straight 

Tap P (Short) 

Tap P, P 




Knuckle Kick 
Tap P, K 

Tap P, P 

1-2 Upper 

Tap P, P, P 

Smash Upper 

Tap P 


Tap *, P, P 

Vertical Upper 

Press and hold Tap P 

1-2 Upper 

Tap P, P, P 

Sonic Upper 

Tap *, P 

Vertical Upper 

Press and hold *,TapP 

Knee Blast 

Tap ■>, K 

Axe Rallyart 

Tap *>, P 

Shoulder Attack 

Tap ■>, P 

Brain Burster 

Press (PG) (Short) 

German Suplex 
After a jump kick, press 

Body Slam 
Tap P (Short) 

Giant Swing 
Motion «- it 4< * P 
Double Arm 

When the enemy is crouch- 
ing, press (P K G) 

Press (K G), then release G 
while still holding K 

When the enemy is down, 
Tap X P 

Press (PG) (Short) 

Tap *,-»,P (Short) 
Tap*,-*, (PK) (Short) 


May 1985 


A Player’s Guide to Power Peripherals 

By The lab Rat 

During our May 
spring cleaning 
of the lab, we uncovered a 
lost tape of Kurt Cobain 
singing "Feelings,” along 
with the redesigned CD-i 
player and controller, and 
some wireless controllers 
for the 3DO. 

Eye on the “I” 

In the wake of all the hype 
over next-generation systems, 
the CD-Interactive Player 
(CD-i) by Magnavox has 
already reappeared with a new 
lightweight, compact design. 

The CD-i plays music CDs, 
photo CDs, and, with a Digital 
Video Cartridge, it plays the 
latest CD-i movie CDs and full- 
motion video games. 


Player Model 550 

System CJJ-i 
Features: Plays lull-motion 

video games, music 
CDs, photo CDs, and 
CD-i movie CDs. Two 
CD-i titles and a 
Game Pad are 

Price: $499.99 

Available: Now 
Contact: Local electronics 
store or Philips, 

With 42 games available as of 
the new year, the CD-i player 
matches the 3D0’s intense 
sound quality, but its graphics 
and full-motion video in 
games like Burn: Cycle and 
Dragon’s Lair surpass the 
video quality of the 3DO. 

3DO, however, will release its 
own video-enhancement add- 
ons soon, which will 
enable 3DO systems to 
play the same movie 
CDs as the CD-i. 

On the market now 
for about six months, 
the CD-i Model 550 is 
practically portable, 
weighing in at about 
eight pounds. It comes 
complete with the Digi- 
tal Video Cartridge, 
two discs (Internation- 
al Tennis Open and 
Compton's Interactive 
Encyclopedia), and it’s 
also packed with 
Philips’ new Came 
Pad (see sidebar 
"Philips’ Game Pad"). 

The Model 5 50 is 
pretty pricey at $500, 
but the CD-i 450, a 
lesser model that 
doesn’t include the 
Digital Video Car- 
tridge or Came Pad, 
can be picked up for 

to eventually add it on 
for the cost of another 
$250 if you want full 

300 Remote Control 

3 DO gamers who prefer to 
lounge back and play without 
the restraint of a cord, Naki- 
Tek has a pair of wireless 
controllers for you. Flat- 
faced and black, these con- 
trollers are very similar in 
design to the Panasonic 3DO 

Unfortunately, like the 
Panasonic controller, they also 
don’t fit comfortably in your 
hand. Button B, however, is 
positioned a little higher on 
the new pads; this staggered 
layout makes the buttons 
more accessible. 

Going beyond stock fea- 
tures, these controllers are 
equipped with a cool Turbo set- 
ting. The Pad is powered by 
two AA batteries, and players 
will find the remote response 
time excellent. A Sleep mode 
adds life to your batteries. 

The directional-pad diagonal 
responded sluggishly at times 
during our gameplay test. As 
with the stock Panasonic 3 DO 
controllers, you’ll improve the 
diagonal response if you slight- 
ly loosen the three screws on 
the back of the controller be- 
hind the directional pad. □ 

Philips’ Game Pad 

Philips’ new Game Pad offers 
considerable design enhance- 
ments over the previous CD-i 
Touch Pad controller. Adding 
three more feet of cord, this 
well-sculptured grey beauty 
with rounded edges is 
extremely lightweight and 
comfortable. The directional pad is responsive 
and feels somewhat like a Genesis controller. For $30, CD-i 
gamers who are using the old controllers will want to trade 
up to this model. Contact Philips at 800/340-7888. 

GAMEPRO • May 1995 


By The Watch Dog 

■gW GiTrrr! And I do mean that in the kindest way possi- 
ble. Now that all the April fools who don’t read my 
column have parted with their money, we can get down to some 
more consumer-related business. This month: The mystery 
behind WWF Raw codes, some Game Genie news, and an 
update from “GamePro Labs.” 


After seeing Virtual I/O’s PDS Gamer in "GamePro 
Labs" (December 1 994), I thought it might be a 
reasonable alterna- 

tive to buying another TV. This 
is where virtual reality and reali- 
ty are worlds apart. Not only did 
the design change to something 
that resembled a bad sci-fi 
movie prop, but the list price 
more than doubled on the base 
model and more than tripled on 
the top-of-the-line model. In 
"Labs," you called $250 "pricey.” 
At $599 and $799, a better 
word would be “history." 

Tim Haak, Oregon, Wl 

A A spokesperson from Virtual I/O responds: 

® $599 is the list price for 1-Glasses, which is a differ- 
■ ent unit from the one mentioned in the magazine. 
The PDS Gamer is not yet out of the developmental stage, 
though Virtual I/O hopes to release it sometime later this year. 
The PDS Gamer is still expected to retail at around $250. 

The Watch Dog notes: 

GamePro hasn't reviewed the 1-Glasses, but we'll take a look at 
them in a future “GamePro Labs.” 

I was planning to 
buy the Game Genie, 
® but a friend told me 
that it may erase the memory of 
saved games. Is this true? 
Tsai-Ping Chu, El Paso, TX 

A A representative from Game Genie 
Technical Support states: 

■ It’s true that some codes will erase the memory of 
saved games. This problem does not happen with codes from 
Galoob [the maker of the Game Genie]. A master code is some- 
times required (as with Super Metroid) that protects saved 
games. If a game’s memory is ever in jeopardy because of a 
code, we will notify you in the instruction manual or wherever 
Galoob-sanctioned codes can be found. 

Genie (us)! 


I have Alone in the 
Dark for the 3DO. 
When I try to save a 
game, “Error, Game Not Saved" 
appears on the screen. When I try 
to make room for a saved game, it 
indicates that a game of Alone in 
the Dark is already saved. But 
when I try to load the game, the 
3 DO resets. What should I do? 

Alone again 

Shaun Burns, Tucson, AZ 

The Watch Dog says: 

/- - \ J It sounds like a recurring problem with the memory 
- — - J unit on the Panasonic 3DO (we’ve received com- 
plaints about this before). Here’s what Panasonic says: 

Glenn at Panasonic Customer Support states: 

There may be a memory problem with the unit. We suggest that 
you run the Sampler CD that came with your unit. Encoded on 
the CD is a program that resets the memory, which should clear 
up any problems you’re having. 

Q I just purchased WWF Raw for the Genesis. It’s a 

good game, but none of the Mega Moves are in the 
■ manual. When I 
called Acclaim to ask for the 
Mega Moves, the company repre- 
sentative said, ‘We have no idea 
what the moves are; we haven’t 
received the game yet." 

Please keep in mind, Watch 
Dog, that this was a long-distance 
call I was paying for. I need an- 
swers to my WWF Raw questions. 

Christopher Heddy, Cathedral City, CA 

A A representative from Acclaim Consumer 
Services Department states: 

■ More than two-thirds of the Super Mega Moves for 
WWF Raw have been given to customers over the Consumer Hot- 
line. There are no plans to release the remaining third. 

The Watch Dog says: 

At GamePro, we feel that super or “special" moves are an integral 
part of any game. Look for a list of WWF Raw super moves in 
‘The Fighter’s Edge" on page 1 1 9. 


GamePro ’s Blows Beware 

P.O. Box 5828 

San Mateo, CA 94402 

You can also e-mail us at: 

May 1995 


Adventure Official 
Players Guide 

^~-*'&'-y.^ By Corey Sandler 

Drop into the jungle 

w:t.h ?;•:••:: This exclu 
l/S . •Gp -' . sive full-color Official 

';YY \ Players Guide gives you 

all the level maps and 
the strategies you’ll need to 
rescue your father, Pitfall Harry, from the 
spirit of an ancient Mayan warrior, Zakelua, the Lord 
of Evil. Without this guide, you may never see your 
father again! 

$13.95 Code: BK-332 SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32X 

i-uf ia and the Fortress 
of Doom Official 
Players Guide 

By Ronald Wartow 
Don’t be left out — this 
strategy guide is packed with 
navigation tips and survival 
essentials to get you through 
Lufia’s complex world. NjF 

Discover all the winning l UuJ 
combat strategies, detailed 
MonsterWatch tables, and hints 
to help you defeat the Sinistrals and 
destroy the Fortress of Doom. 

$9.95 Code: BK-318 SNES / G 

By Peter Olafson 
This guide is jam- 
packed with all the 
clues, hints, and tool 
and spell charts you’l 
need to survive your 
quest across two 
worlds! Learn how 
to arm your party 4 
members to defeat , 
Emperor Gestahl i 
and Kefka! I 

Code: BK-317 

Super Return of — 
the Jedi Official W 
Players Guide 1 

By Tim Rooney ^ 

From Jabba’s Palace on 1 
Tatooine to the mysteri- | 
ous moon of Endor, this 
guide has all the secret 
tips and hints you will need 
to successfully defeat Lord 
-V^der and Emperor himself! 
>K2.9Xcode: BK-328 SNES 



Super NEvPeweFBiayers Guide: I99F Edition \V 

By Corey SanSflep-^-iedAnne McDermott 

Master today’s hottest Super Nintendo games with this guide’s in-depth 
game profiles. There are power tips and strategies for Donkey Kong 
Country, Mortal Kombat n, Super Street Fighter E, The Lion King, NBA 
Jam, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and Earthworm Jim. This one-of- 
a-kind strategy guide also includes clues and mini -tips for more than 35 

i of today’s leading video games!! 

1 $12.95 Code: BK-320 


V 1 ? v 

Genesis Power 
Players Guile; 
m5 Elitioe 

By Corey Sandler & 
LeeAnne McDermott 

l / 

This guide is packed with 
strategies and tricks to 
help you master 17 of 
the most challenging 
Genesis games, includ- 
ing tips for Sonic and 
Knuckles, Contra 
Hard Corps, Jurassic Park: 
Rampage Edition, NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat 
n, Virtua Racing and many more. There’s also a Mini- 
Hints section that gives cheat codes and tips for over 
SO additional games! 

$12.95 Code: BK-321 

Brain Lori 

By Tim Rooney 

This strategy guide 
loaded with in-depth 
maps and hints to 
pitfalls. This Official 
information on what you’ll find in 
has charts detailing every item’s 
power. It’s the guide you need to defeat the Demon king 
and fulfill your destiny as a dragon warrior. 

$9.95 Code: 

Phantasy Star IV Official Players Guile 

By John Sauer 

Experience the end of the Millennium with this strategy 
companion to one of the hottest games around! This guide 
gives you maps of every town, tower and dungeon. It also has 
detailed information about every friend and foe, weapon and 
spell, and skill and technique. Put this guide in your adven- 
turer’s pack to guarantee victory over Dark Force and Pro- 
found Darkness. 

$12.95 Code: BK-329 Sega Genesis 

PtcdueU Oi tdtr Fertr 

To Order: 

Fill out product order form and mall to: 

P.O. Box “P” 

San Mateo, CA 94402 

□ Check/Money Order □ VISA □ Master Card 

Credit card No. Expiration: 

State: Zip Code:_ 

Phone: ( ) 

• Complete the Order Form 

• Add shipping and handling (see chart) 

• Add sales tax, residents of CA, IL, and NJ only (CA = 8.85%, IL = 6.85%, 
NJ = 6%) 


Shipping and Hanrtting Charges 
U.S. Canada Outside the U-S. 

$4.00 each $6.50 each $9.95 each 


Sales Tax( CA=8.25%, 
11=6.25%, HJ=6%) 
(see chart) 

Grand Total (U.S. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 




ComixZone, a hot Sega cart that 
blends original gameplay with a 
comic-book look, could be one 
of the year’s most innovative 
games. You play as Sketch 
Turner, a 19-year-old who cre- 
ated a successful strip called 
ComixZone. Lightning strikes 
one night, and Mortus, the vil- 
lain in ComixZone , escapes 
from the comic and warps 
Sketch into it. To stay in the real 
world, Mortus has to eliminate 
Sketch, so you must keep Sketch 
alive and maneuver him safely 
through the comic. 

You’ll notice ComixZone’s 
sizzling graphics right away. 
Lots of games have been based 
on comic books, but this is the 
first one that attempts to gen- 
uinely imitate the look and feel 
of a real comic. Using a newly 
patented gameplay design, 
ComixZone puts Sketch right 
into the hand-drawn pages. 

Each of Zone’s six levels is 
a page in an issue of Comix- 

Zone. You’ll need both your 
brain and your brawn to pass 
through the panels on each 
page. You must destroy all the 
enemies on each panel or solve 
a puzzle before you can contin- 
ue to the next panel. All panels 
have to be cleared before you 
can move to the next page. 

As you drop from panel to 
panel in this side-view, one- 
player game, Mortus’s hand ap- 
pears and quickly draws in his 
henchmen - a crew of mutant 
humanoid aliens. Fortunately, 
Sketch is not on his own. He'll 
get some serious help from 
Roadkill, his pet rat, and Gener- 
al Alissa Cyan, a character in 

In light of the scarcity of 
great 16-bit games, ComixZone 
should be a great Comix relief. 

By Sega 

Available Spring ’95 


May 1185 


GAMEPRO • May 1985 

3D Baseball '95 ESI 

This MLBPA-licensed base- 
ball game, the first in Crystal 
Dynamics' Championship 
sports line, boasts real players 
and stats, authentic baseball 
action and stadiums, and com- 
mentary by Van Earl Wright. 

To imbue the polygon players 
with realistic motion and a 3D 
look, Crystal Dynamics used a 
new animation process called 
Real Motion Control to capture 
hundreds of live-action player 
moves. To add even more real- 
ism, the photorealistic 3D sta- 
diums were modeled using 
Silicon Graphics workstations. 

By Crystal Dynamics 
Available Second Quarter ’95 


Eclipse Q 

This Saturn shooter features 
3D graphics with full-motion 
video. Survival means battling 
across a texture-mapped 3D 
environment that includes cav- 
erns, planet surfaces, space, 
and asteroid fields. More than 
40 minutes of full-motion video 
are woven into the action via 
corn-link communications. The 
game stars Claudia Christian 
from the TV series Babylon 5. 
By Crystal Dynamics 
Available Summer '95 

Legacy of Kain - 
Blood Omen B 

Dragons of the 
Square Table B 

Voyage through the 
dark side in this quest 
with a gothic horror 
twist. As Kain, a reluc- 
tant vampire, you must 
feed on blood to main- 
tain your health while 
you seek vengeance in 
the strange world of 
Nosgoth. During your 
quest, you can morph into 
vampire, wolf, and mist forms, 
depending on the skills that 
circumstances demand. The 
action is enhanced by real-time 
arcade-style sword- and spell- 
slinging combat. More than 25 
minutes of full-motion video 
and voiceover add realism. 

By Crystal Dynamics 
Available Fall ’95 

This strange graphic misadven- 
ture takes Camelot-style King 
Arthur action and gives it a 
warped Monty Python-esque 
twist - courtesy of Terry Jones, 
Monty Python's Flying Circus 
cast member and director of 
The Life of Bryan. As Flicker, a 
brave young dragon, inventor, 
and squire-in-training, you must 
navigate through a bizarre world 
called Cavelot and try to com- 
plete a series of strange quests 
against bumbling humans. 

The gameplay includes 
arcade action in events like 
Dragon Thumb Wrestling and 
CAT-a-pult, plus lots of wacky 
objects and odd puzzles to 
solve. The graphics include 
more than 3000 frames of ani- 
mation for a smooth, cartoon- 
quality look. Fifteen hours of 
character voiceovers support 
the action. 

By Crystal Dynamics 
Available Fall ’95 

primal Rage 

E22I isi 


Last month, we gave you a 
first peek at Primal Rage for 
the home systems. We know 
you’re impatient for/info on 
what's going to be one of the 
top games this summer, so 
here's a progress report. 

Time Warner’s (TW) goal 
is to make all the home ver- 
sions as close as possible to 
the arcade original. Although 
the handheld carts will obvi- 
ously be graphically limited, the 
early versions have good detail, 
large sprites, and smooth game- 
play mechanics. 

The 16-bit versions will 
have two-player head-to-head 

fighting action with all seven 
original dino fighters (Sauron, 
Diablo, Armadon, Talon, Ver- 
tigo, Blizzard, and Chaos). The 
early versions look great, espe- 
cially the graphics on the SNES 
version. TW promises to in- 
clude virtually all the popular 
moves, combos, and finishing 
sequences. Wonder if that’ll 
include Chaos's handy use of 
his bodily functions? We’ll 
keep you informed.... 

By Time Warner Interactive 
Genesis, Super NES, Game Boy, 
and Game Gear Available August 
32X CD, Saturn, 3D0, and Jaguar 
CD Available November 


May 1995 

Chaotix EH 

In Sonic the Hedgehog’s first 
speedy adventure for the 32X, 
one or two players (in a coop- 
erative game) zip across the 
landscape at Sonic speeds even 
higher than normal. It seems 
Doc Robotnik has invaded 
Sonic’s theme park, and the lit- 
tle critters have to give the bad 
doctor the heave-ho. 

The cast of characters 
stars the ever-popular Knuck- 
les, plus a bunch of new ani- 
mals like Vector Crocodile, 
Mighty the Armadillo, Charmee 
Bee, and Espio the Chameleon. 

The action/adventure game- 
play rocks with some old, fam- 

iliar Sonic touches, but you’ll 
find a lot of new stuff, too. The 
graphics appear to be more 3D 
in appearance than those in 
previous Sonic adventures, and 
there are other surprises - like 
a huge metal Sonic! 

Chaotix offers more than 
25 rounds, including five gi- 
gantic 3D levels, some tower- 
ing vertical levels, three types 
of bonus rounds, and lots of 
hidden secrets. 

By Sega 

Available Spring ’95 

GAMEPRO • May 1895 


Mad Dog II: The Lost cold 

m tm 

This one- or two-player game 
uses live actors and full-motion 
video to bring the first-person 
arcade shooter to^life. You’re a 
cowboy in the Old West, hunt- 
ing down Mad Dog and his band 
of renegades to beat them to the 
punch in the hunt for gold trea- 
sure. The interactive gameplay 
includes scenes in a moving 
wagon train and a climactic final 
showdown with Mad Dog. The 

gameplay is designed to change 
depending on the decisions the 
player makes. 

By American 
Laser Games 
Available Now 

Panzer General EE1 

Mathemagics EH 

In this World War II strategy 
war game, it’s 1939, and 
you’re a German general. Fresh 
from conquering Poland, it’s 
your job to command more 
than 350 types of troop units 
and vehicles in order to con- 
quer the rest of Europe. The 
visuals incorporate actual 

World War II combat photog- 
raphy and footage, highlighted 
by CD-quality sound and ex- 
plosive sound effects. There 
are also 35 individual scenarios 
playable from either the Allied 
or Axis side. 


Available April 

Remember the Rubik’s Cube? 
This game’s somewhat similar. 
Mathemagics uses the simple 
systems of math wizard Arthur 
Benjamin to solve complex 
math problems. Math? Fun? 
Sure! The Learning Cube inter- 
face and the game's unusual 
3D graphics make it better than 
algebra class any day! 

By L3 Interactive 
Available Now 


L3’s interactive Learning Cube 
also appears in its first interac- 
tive sports disc. The CD 
includes 27 comprehensive 
lessons for beginning and 
intermediate snowboarders, 
plus more than 50 minutes of 
radical snowboarding video 
footage. A gnarly soundtrack 
stars the likes of Jawbreaker, 
Glue Gun, and Wool and Inch. 

By L3 Interactive 

Available Now 


GAMEPRO • May 1895 

Theme Park 

Love the Boardwalk, Cedar 
Point, and Great America? 
How’d you like to create your 
very own amusement park? In 
SimCity-style simulation action, 
this port of a popular PC game 
lets you design your own theme 
park - but you have to create 
one that’s more profitable than 
your competitors’ parks. You 
must also resist takeover 
attempts, plan rides, position 
food stands, organize security, 
lay out paths, and choose 
sideshow entertainment. Next 
stop...GamePro Land! 

By Electronic Arts 
Available May 

Shining Force 

The popular Genesis RPG 
series comes to the Sega CD 
with completely new levels. As 
Prince Nick of Cypress, you 
battle King lorn and his invad- 
ing army. In standard RPG 
action combined with action/ 
adventure sequences, you 
search the land for clues and 
surprises, including more than 
18 characters. Enhanced graph- 
ics, sound, and animated se- 
quences round out this upgrade. 

By Sega 
Available Now 

Toughman Contest EH 

Based on the real-life Tough- 
man Contest, this cart puts you 
smack in the middle of the 
famous fighting tournament as 
a competitor with opponents 
from around the world. In 
head-to-head competition 
against up to seven players or 
the CPU, you try to defeat all 
other competitors to become 
the Toughman champion. Each 
of the 24 fighters has a unique 
fighting style and three special 
punches. The action takes 

place in five arenas in three- 
minute, knockdown, drag- 
out rounds where you win 
by KO, TKO, or Decision. 

By Electronic Arts 
Available April 


GAMEPRD • May 1885 

NFL Quarterback Club E3 

The 32X gets its first dose of 
tough gridiron action 
enhanced version of 
Acclaim’s NFL Quarterback 
Club series. 

This 32-meg version 
includes a view that displays 
80 yards of field at all times, 
an updated player roster 
with '94 season stats, three 
viewer perspectives (normal, 
zoom, and blimp), and an 
advanced instant-replay fea- 
ture. Beautifully digitized and 
animated graphics utilize 
32,000 colors, and a tough 
CPU opponent calls new offen- 
sive and defensive plays. 

By Acclaim 
Available Spring '95 

NBA Action '95 Starring 
David Robinson CZ3 

This 16-meg one- or two- , 
player update of Sega’s 
hoops cart includes all 27 
NBA teams, real players, 
and the ’94-95 NBA ros- 
ters and schedule. You can 
trade players and create 
your own top pro team, 
which can include stars 
from a roster of Hall of Fame 
greats. Marv Albert calls the 
plays for Full Season, Playoffs, 
and NBA Finals comi 

.petition. ’ JSSL, 

Bass Masters Classic 



Available Second Quarter '95 

Go fish! Sure, you laugh, but 
the bass fishing games just 
keep reeling in the bucks. A 
small band of devoted fans 
love these carts that, with the 
assistance of the Bass Anglers 

Sportsman Society, show off 
authentic fishing action. 

This one-player cart 
includes five lakes, a Practice 
pond, a wide selection of bait 
(like worms and grubs), natural 
obstacles, variable water tem- 
perature and time of day, tour- 
nament sponsors like Evinrude, 
and, believe it or not, Mode 7 
underwater effects to simulate 
realistic fish movement. 


May 1995 



^ 5 ' • 




By Atomic Dawg 

Namco is really mining its 
great library of arcade parties 
for the PlayStation. Cyber Sled, 
a rip-roarin’ futuristic tank 
game in the arcades, helps 
lead a PlayStation charge on 
home systems. 

Cyber Clash 

The Cyber Sled armada con- 
sists of six sci-fi tanks, each 
with its own pilot. The tanks 
hunt each other across a 
weirdly colored geometric 
landscape dominated by mas- 
sive plateaus. 

You can drive the war 
machines from a first-person 
cockpit view or a behind-the- 
sled look. The arsenal is pretty 
basic, consisting of shields, 
lasers, and homing missiles 
that you must recharge by 
finding icons scattered across 
the battlefield. 

You’ll get a charge from the 
sensation of being the hunter 
- and the hunted; you never 
know what’s lurking around 
the next corner. The Sleds’ 
excellent controls enable for- 
ward and backward move- 
ment, and you can spin the 
turret 360 degrees for wide- 
spread wanton destruction. 
Cyber Sled also supports 
Namco’s new NeoCon con- 
troller, which features a 
unique twisting body that 
enables you to make quick 
turns in vehicle games. 

Two-player games can be a 
major gas. The fighting’s fast 
and frenzied as you chase each 
other in split-screen mode under 
a time limit. You get your choice 
of four selectable mazes; each 
vehicle can travel independent- 
ly anywhere in each maze. 

Better Sled 
Than Dead 

Cyber Sled's a game that’s 
playable in any language. If 
you’re thinking seriously about 
a PlayStation, this heavy-hitting 
game could tip the scale. 

By Namco 
Available Now 



Cosmic Racer 

Cosmic Racer is a cartoonlike 
racing game that takes place in 
outer space with five alien 
characters careening across 
four rough-and-tumble stages 
in futuristic vehicles. The 
game's brightly colored 'toon 
look and bouncy feel make it 
most likely to appeal to 
younger drivers. The vehicles 
include a mechwarrior, a futur- 
istic motorcycle, a weird heli- 
copter, a supersonic roadster, 
and....well, see for yourself! 

By Neorex 
Available Now 


Japanese gamers get to try 
their hand at this great interac- 
tive adventure game ported 
directly from the PC classic. 
The quest takes you on a first- 
person jaunt across mysteri- 
ous Myst Island to find the 
mystical Ages of Myst. 

Mystic travelers will inter- 
act with myriad weird devices 
and machines under the guid- 
ance of charts and journals 
just like in the computer 
game. Don't even think about 
this version unless you’re flu- 
ent in Japanese. 

By Soft Bank 

Available Now 


May 1895 


Solar Eclipse 

If you like sunshine, you’d bet- 
ter get your shades ready to 
defend good old Sol in this 3D 
Saturn shooter. You’ll fight an 
alien fleet from first-person 
cockpit view. The brutal mis- 
sions will send you hurtling 
through caverns, along planet 
surfaces, through space, and 
into asteroid fields. The visuals 
will be jazzed by texture-map- 
ped polygon graphics and 40 
minutes of full-motion video 
and animation. To help keep 

you on track during the mis- 
sions, you'll stay in video corn- 
link communications with Clau- 
dia Christian, star of the TV 
show Babylon 5, here in the U.S. 

By Crystal Dynamics 
Available Summer ’95 

■HV ' fe 


Bug...a simple-sounding name 
for a simple-sounding game. 
But there will be nothing sim- 
ple about the wild, wacky 
graphics of this platform- 
action CD. 

Bug must rescue his seg- 
mented pals from the evil spi- 
der queen, Cadavera, before 
she eats them for lunch. The 
views will swing from side 
view to behind-the-bug per- 
spectives as the buggy hero 
tries to hop-n-bop a weird 
menagerie of evil insect foes. 

By Sega 

International Victory Goal 

Pebble Beach Golf Links 

Virtua Fighter was good for a 
few kicks, but soon you'll be 
able to swing some texture- 
mapped 3D feet big time in 
international soccer arenas. 

You'll be able to set up 
offensive and defensive strate- 
gies and control every player 

on the field from multiple cam- 
era views. This disc will sup- 
port multiple-player games, 
head-to-head matchups, tour- 
naments, and league action. 

By Sega 

Available Summer ’95 

The world-renowned golf 
course is coming to the Sat- 
urn. This disc, based on the 
3DO game of the same name 
by T&E Soft, features the actu- 
al 1 8 holes of this gorgeous 
course. You’ll play Match, 

Tournament, and Skins games 
with pros digitized from real- 
life characters, so now you can 
replay the AT&T. If only Bill 
Murray could make a cameo! 

By Sega 

Available Summer '95 



May 1995 



ATARI A 2600” 

Personal Arcade 



24 HOUR 


( 214 ) 224-7200 

games. Normal UPS shipping and Insurance Is J 
and $5 per game system. Texas residents must p 
tax. A single S3 processing charge is assessed per order. Prices 
and availability subject to change. We are proud to be a 
member of the Better Business Bureau ot Dallas, and hr 
been serving our customers since 1986. 



ATARI AXE™ |i— -v'SM JC'I 

RO. BOX 901V • LANCASTER, TX 75146 

Index of Advertisers 

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One Northfield Plaza, Suite 230 
Northeield, IL 60093 

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Ginny Bryant, Si 
951 Mariner's Island Boulevard 
San Mateo, CA 94404 
TEL: (415) 286-2583, FAX: (415) 349-8532 

List Rentals 

Randy Ranoolph, Fultiilment Specialist 

#61 (Aug. '94) Mortal Kotnbat 11/ 
Super Street Fighter II Turbo 
Strategy Guide 

#63 (Oct '94) Sonic and Knuddes/Primal Rage 
Strategy Guide 

#64 (Nov. 94) Beavis 6 Butt-HeatffPrimai Rege. Part 2 

#65 (Dec. 94) Donkey Kong/Eaithwoim Jim Strategy Guide 

#66 (Jan. '95) Earthworm Jim Strategy Guide 

#67 (Feb. '95) Weaponlord/Donkey Kong Strategy Guide 

#68 (Mar. '95) Killer Instinct Strategy Guide 

#69 (Apt. 95) First Look: Mortal KomDat III 


Secret Tips, Tactics, and 
all video gam systems. 

#10 (Mar. 93) Sonic the 
Hedgehog 2 

#11 (May '93) Mega Man V 
#12 (July '93) Road Rash 2 
#13 (Sepl 93) X-Men PLUS 
Rashhack ProStrategy Guide 
#14 (Nov. '93) Buhsy PLUS Rashhack & Shadowrun 
Strategy Guide 

#15 (Jan. 94) Super Street Fighter It 

#16 (Mar. 94) Mega ManX 

#17 (May 94) Sonic 3 PLUS Ctaydghter Strategy Guide 

#18 (July 94) NBA Jam 

#19 (Sepl '94) Super Street Fighter II 

#20 (Nov. 94) Mortal Kombat II 

#21 (Jan 95) Urban Strike 

#22 (Mar '95) Killer Instinct 

#23 (May 95) X-Men Arcade by Capcom 

ISSUES, GamePro Magazine, 

P.0. Box "P," San Maleo, CA 94402 
All orders MUST be prepaid. Shipping/ 

. U.S.A. : include $2.50 per copy. 
CANADA: include $ 4.50 per copy. 

OUTSIDE U.S.: include $7.50 per copy 
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Allow 4 to 6 weeks lor delivery. 

Credit Card: 


Total Number Ordered 
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GAMEPRO • Miy 1995 

in the works - one that would 
bring a pair of computer 
graphics forces. Alias and 
Wavefront, under Silicon 
Graphics’ (SGI) umbrella. 

SGI’s purchase of the two 
companies at a reported price 
tag of $500 million will give the 
hardware manufacturer substan- 
tial strength in the software 
field. Software by Alias and 
Wavefront was used to create 
special effects in such movies as 
Jurassic Park, The Mask, and 
Stargate, as well as in last year’s 
SNES hit, Donkey Kong Coun- 
try. After the deal is completed 
this summer, the resulting digi- 
tal-imaging company will be 
located in Toronto, where Alias 
is currently located. 


That Frog. Next up, the Ultra 

Sierra’s first effort will be Red 
Baron, a 3D World War 1 flying 
combat game that’s already a hit 
on PCs and the Imagination 
Network online service. 

GameTek and Angel Stu- 
dios are also suiting up. Game- 
Tek’s first product, Robotech, 
will feature real-time 3D charac- 
ter animation. Angel Studios, a 
newcomer to the game industry, 
is an award-winning virtual- 
reality and 3D graphics develop- 
er. If you’ve seen the movie The 
Lawnmower Man or Peter 
Gabriel’s music video Kiss That 
Frog, you’ve seen Angel’s work. 
Angel Studios is working on its 
new game with a group that 

Sega’s Pocket Arcade games and 
PODS (shown) join similar prod- 
ucts at Tiger. 

line. These products include 
Pocket Arcade games and PODS 
(“ProNews,” October 1994). 
This arrangement doesn’t 
include Sega’s electronic-learn- 
ing aids, Pico and Wonderbook 
(a portable version of Pico). 

Silicon Graphics 
Shops for Software 

First, Microsoft purchased Soft- 
Image, the computer graphics 
software powerhouse, last year. 
Now another major merger is 

Where Are You? 

On the negative side of the 
news, major layoffs have hit 
SunSoft, makers of such 
games as Aero the Acro«Bat, 
The Death and Return of 
Superman, and many Warner 
Bros, cartoon titles. The layoffs 
affected most of SunSoft’s staff 
in Cypress, California. Also, 
many pending games, such as 
Scooby-Doo Mystery, have 
been canceled or are being 
negotiated for sale to other 
companies. SunSoft’s remaining 

Wavefront and its award-winning graphics, which appear in this scene 
from “Insektors,” will soon be part of Silicon Graphics' family. 

Ultra 64 
“Dream Team” 

Nintendo is fielding what it 
calls its “dream team” -for the 
Ultra 64. The company held a 
conference for gamers on Com- 
puServe with Nintendo execs 
Minoru Arakawa, Howard Lin- 
coln, and Peter Main. During 
the session, which was billed as 
Three Men and a Modem, Part 
Deux, the trio announced that 
long-time computer-game pub- 
lisher Sierra On-Line will devel- 
op games for the Ultra 64. 

includes Shigeru Miyamoto, cre- 
ator of Super Mario and Donkey 
Kong games. 

Tiger Growls 
With Sega 

Sega of America lias sigr 
an agreement to let Tiger Elec- 
tronics manufacture, market, 
and distribute the Sega Toys 

unpublished games, including 
Justice League Task Force, are 
on hold until it determines 
whether they can be marketed. 

According to a Sunsoft 
spokesperson, you haven’t heard 
the last from Sunsoft. The 
remaining staffers, mosdy high- 
level executives, are assessing 
what platforms the company 
should develop for in the future; 
SunSoft’s Japanese counterparts 
have already released a version 
of Myst for the Saturn. 

Not even Superman could rescue 

32X Update 

The trickle of 32X titles, now 
totaling about a dozen, might 
be slowing even further. The 
indusuy buzz is that the Gen- 
esis add-on might have had its 
window of opportunity closed 
by a slow market and the 
inclination among consumers 
to wait for the next wave of 
game machines like the Sat- 
urn and PlayStation. Major 
publishers, such as Capcom 
and Konami, have already 
killed existing 32X projects so 
they could leap directly into 
developing games for the 
upcoming systems. What this 
does for Sega’s planned Nep- 
tune system, a Genesis and 
32X combined into one unit, 
isn’t definite. 

Will Virtua Racing Deluxe on 
the 32X be one of the few or 
one of the many? 



ay 1995 

3D Graphics Help 

Argonaut Technologies has 

created a real-time 3D rendering 
package that will make design- 
ing 3D games and virtual-reality 
applications easier. BRender is 
a small piece of programming 
code that works with the devet" 
oper’s programming to speed up 
and enhance the creation of the 
3D environment. It provides 
developers with unlimited cam- 
eras and light sources, as well as 
clean texture mapping for realis- 
tic-looking objects and scenes. 

BRender is currently 
available for IBM-type PCs but 
will soon be available for the 
Macintosh and game platforms 
like 32X, PlayStation, Saturn, 
and Ultra 64. The first game to 
use BRender is GTE Interactive’s 
FX Fighter for the PC and 
SNES, both due out in the sec- 
ond quarter of this year. The 
growing list of companies that 
have licensed BRender include 

Microsoft, Rocket Science, 
Disney Interactive, Wavefront, 
and Time Warner Interactive. 
Argonaut Technologies is a 
subsidiary of Argonaut Soft- 
ware, makers of StarFox and 
Nintendo’s SFX chip. 



Earthworm Jim 
Winner Crowned 

The Sega Channel hosted an 
exclusive contest, “The Great 
Earthworm Jim Race," in 

January, allowing its subscribers 
to compete against each other to 
find a secret room embedded in 


Nintendo Changes 

If you call Nintendo for help, 
you’ll notice a difference in how 
the service works. Nintendo has 
expanded its phone services to 
include a 24-hour, automated 
message line; a pay-per-minute 
900 number for game counsel- 
ing; and the continuing opera- 
tion of its 800 number for 
product questions. According to 
Nintendo, its 430 
game play coun- 
selors (GPCs) and 
consumer service 
representatives (CSRs) 
handle nearly 120,000 calls a 
week; this change will help cus- 
tomers get the help they need. 

Nintendo’s previous coun- 
seling line (206/885-7529) is 
now an automated game-help 
line with menus that gamers can 
navigate through via their 
touch-tone phone. A new num- 
ber, 900/288-0707, has been 

established for talking to GPCs, 
with the surcharge of 95 <t per 
minute; Canadian gamers can 
get similar service at 900/451- 
4400 for $1.25 per minute. Nin- 
tendo’s toll-free number, 
800/255-3700, enables you to 
talk to a CSR about the compa- 
ny's product line, get help hook- 
ing up your Nintendo system, 
and inquire about product-ser- 
vice information. 

Genesis Sega CD 

1. Kirby's Adventure 

2. Mega Man 6 

3. Mario 16 Missing! 

4. TMNT: Tournament Fighters 

5. Super Mario Brothers 3 

6. Monopoly 

7. The Ren and Stimpy Show 

8. The Jungle Book 

9. Mario’s Time Machine 

10. Wario's Woods 

1. NBA Jam Tournament Edition 

2. Donkey Kong Country 

3. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 

4. Spider-Man 

5. Kirby’s Avalanche 

6. Kirby's Dream Course 

7. Mega Man X2 

8. Rap Jam, Vol. 1 

9. Stargate 

10. True Lies 

1. NBA Jam Tournament Edition 

2. World Series Baseball '95 

3. NBA Action ’95 

4. Road Rash 3 

5. Toughman Contest 

6. Spider-Man 

7. X-Men 2 

8. NHL All-Star Hockey 

9. Desert Demolition 

10. TNN Bass Tournament 

1. Myst 

2. Fahrenheit 

3. Midnight Raiders 

4. Supreme Warrior 

5. Corpse Killer 

6. Slam City with Scottie Pippen 

7. NBA Jam Tournament Edition 

8. Masked Rider 

9. Links 

10. Rebel Assault 

6 AMEPRO • May 1995 


: a custom version of Earth- 
i worm Jim. The first 200 sub- 
scribers to reach the room 
j received a code along with a 
i toll-free number to call. 

The contest winner, Vince 
i Salvi of Pittsburgh, Pennsylva- 
i nia, who completed the game in 
: under 40 minutes, walks away 
j with an all-expenses-paid trip 
j/or two to Los Angeles to meet 
j the team that created EWJ at 
I Shiny Entertainment. 

No one got a head start on “The 
Great Earthworm Jim Race” on 
the Sega Channel. 

Proiiwiion Boasts 

If you hurry, you can get in on 
Nintendo's national promo- 
tion, Banana Bucks. If you 
purchase Donkey Kong Coun- 
try, Donkey Kong Country 
Super NES Set, Donkey Kong 
on Game Boy, the new Super 
Game Boy package, or a new 

Game Boy Play It Loud Series 
hardware before April 30, you’ll 
get Banana Bucks coupons. The 
coupons can be turned in for 
Donkey Kong merchandise, 
such as the “DK Jamz” music 
CD, a Diddy Kong hat, or a 
Donkey Kong Country cotton 

Jim Worms onto Tv 

This fall, the WB Television 
Network will add a certain 
heroic worm to its ranks - 
Earthworm Jim. The animated 
show will be one segment in a 
block of children’s program- 
ming called Kids’ WB that will 
be shown on Saturday morn- 
ing and one hour Monday 
through Friday. 

Earthworm J im joins a new 
series called Sylvester & Tweety 
Mysteries, new episodes of 
Steven Spielberg Presents Anima- 
niacs, Steven Spielberg Presents 
Pinky & The Brain, and Steven 
Spielberg Presents F reakazoid! 

Contest Winners 

We received thousands of 
entries to the “Let's Go Ape 
Spit With Donkey Kong" 


i contest (December 1994). 
i Here are the winners: 

; Grand Prize 

: (winner receives a trip for two 
i to Nintendo of Americas head- 
! quarters near Seatde, WA) 

Justin Kline, St Charles, IL 
i Second Prize 

j (Ten winners receive a Ninten- 
i do of America game of their 
j choice.) 

: Theodore Chin, Pompano 
j Beach, FL; Billy Ciszkowski, 
i Bayonne, NJ; Aaron Ferrecchia, 
: Marlboro MA; Maita Garrido, 

; Alameda, CA; Jared Gillett, 
Magna, UT; Marshall Gilmore, 
Gretna, LA; David P Kraft, Rio 
: Linda, CA; Roy Martin, Knox- 
i ville, 1A; Robert M. Savillo, 
: Burke, VA; Melaney Ward, Sev- 
i emaPark, MD 
i Third Prize 

j (Twenty winners receive a copy 
| of the Donkey Kong Country 
\ Strategy Guide.) 

David Blanco, Brownsville, TX; 
j John David Briggs, Provo, UT; 
: Jeffrey Buchman, Harrison Twp. 
: MI; DrewJ. Como, Elmont, NY; 
i Curtis Dixon, Lemon Grove, 
: CA; John Fenton, Bomoseen, 
i VT; Seth Fluharty, Wintersville, 
: OH; Carole Foster, Hamilton, 
: OH; Jeff Gardiner, Ogden, UT; 
: George Hoffman, Bartonville, IL; 
■ Robert J. Hogan 111, Moline, IL; 
| Michael Hund, Beaverton, MI; 

Evan Jones, Spingboro, OH; 
David Kopke, Dix Hills, NY; 
Meghan Numrich, Latham, NY; 
Julie Phillipson, Lakewood, CO; 
Brandon Sanford, Silverton, OR; 
Drew Willcoxon, Conyers, GA; 
John Yackabonis, Slatington, PA; 
Mark Zlotnick, Liverpool, NY 

At ihe Deadline 

x. Well ahead of the 
projected release 
— — date. Atari and Wil- 
liams Entertainment jointly 
announced that Mortal Kom- 
bat III, the next installment in 
the popular fighting-game 
series, will make its way to the 
Atari Jaguar. According to the 
companies, the game will fea- 
ture true-color graphics and the 
arcade version’s sounds and 
action. Look for the Jaguar MK 
111 to make its appearance in the 
second quarter of 1996. 

Interplay has joined 
the ranks of such 

game companies as 
Sega, Sony, and Time Warner 
Interactive with its own World 
Wide Web page on the Inter- 
net (see “Surfs Up! Video Game 
Companies Online” in this 
issue). The site contains infor- 
mation on new Interplay prod- 
ucts, demos of new games, 
breaking news, and contests. 
Interplay’s home page address is Q 

foe internet. 




The nastiest motorcycle combat game 
Road Rash;' fetor the Sega” Genesis” 
•j provides the ultimate Road Rash 
challenge and the chance 
tmt back-stage y 
' paries to meet Monster \ 

«{. linnet, one oi the \ 
featured bands in Road 
Rash'ior the 3KT 

Multiplayer” . , ■W ,A 

and Sega Ci/V-A 

lopes lo lotitBl 


Just visit your local Best Bu.y® ytore 
and pick up an entry iorro*, mail it 
in and cross your Ungers. Chec*. out 
a iuture issue oi GamePro to see ii 

All entiles musl be postmarked by May 8, 1 995. The winning entry form will be drawn on or about May 1 5, 1 995. Winner will be nobfied by mail or phone 
• NO PURCHASE NECESSARV TO ENTER SWEEPSTAKES. See entry form lor complete details and rules. II there is not a Besl Buy store in your area, you can r 
stamped envelope to: Road Rash 3 Sweepstakes. 1450 Fashion Island Blvd., San Mateo. CA 94404. 

'• It Grand Prize winner is under 18, Grand Prize winner must lie accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, 

I void where prohibited 

an entry lonn and rules by sending a sell-addressed 

aitolEIMnmleAits Seg.i,GaiR<s»«IS«|aa)amm 

I a Hi Bn; Her adiw Moltotr)** 



Place an order 
for an out of 
stock software 
item & receive 
FREE overnight 
shipping when 
product be- 
comes avail- 
able. Handling 
$2 per ship- 

We also 

PING In US $4 per 
order. Mail to 
Canada, PR, HI, AK. 
APO, FPO $4 pwe 
order. Worldwide air- 
mail $6 per item. 
Handling $2 per 
shipment. Hardware 
orders may require 
additional shipping 
charges. Call tor 

Visa, MC and 
Discover accepted. 
Checks held 4 
weeks. Money 
orders same as 
cash. COD $8. 
Defectives replaced 
with same product. 
Most Items shipped 
same day. Shipping 
times may vary. 
Price/availablllty may 
change.’ All sales 










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Bits, Inc. 

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Never Walif Away 
From A Challenge! 

Slow Motion 

Arcade Layout 


Turbo and 

Long Cord 

Steel Base 
and Joystick 

SG ProPad 6 

for Sega Genesis™ 

SN ProPad 

for Super Nintendo ® 




Long Cord 




Six Button 



Hands Free 

Some things in life are important. If someone challenges you... you gotta 
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