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The # 1 Multiplatform Gaming Magazine 

November 1996 
S4.99 Canada $6.50 

l 74470 ,l 65945 l 


ONLY on k* 

SECRje Back! 

• Sonic 3D Blast ■ Bug Too 
Vectorman 2 ■ Virtual On 


Awesome Hits! 
•NHLFaceoff 97 
■ Andretti Racing 
■Fihal Fantasy VII 
■ NCRR GameBreaker 
■ Final Doom ■ Wipeout KL 

AOL Keywoid: GamePfo 

i IDG ComHunldations PuDlifl^kjA^r 

(1 NTTflfi 

— d iss^ 


The Nintendo 64 controller is the most revolutionary video game 
interaction device ever. It all starts with the analog Control f 
Stick. Unlike the traditional all-or-nothing digital Control Rid 
(it's got one of those too), the 

lalog Control Stick is sensitive ™ 
to even the slightest movement. Move it a little to make Mario 
tiptoe. Crank on it and watch him take off in a full-tilt sprint. Best 
of all, the Control Stick gives you 360 degrees of control. The three 
grips on the controller let you hold the controller three different ways, 
depending on what works best for the game you are playing. For 
saving your records and high scores, the controller has a handy slot 
for your personal Memory Rik . Now when you go to your friend's JTf' 
house for some multi-player action, you can bring all your 

personal data with you. snug p 

\ inside your favorite 

V \ ^ / color controller (it comes 

' '<• • in six stylin' colors). 

It gets better. Most new gaming technology 1 
looks cool when it first comes out, but by m 
the time you get it home, something bigger ^ 
and badder is on the way. Fortunately, the * 
Nintendo 64 was designed with maximum 
capability for future upgrades in mind. Four 
controller ports mean four-player gaming from 
the get-go. Expansion ports allow for more 
system RAM and new peripherals (can you 
say readable-writable storage media?). The 
bottom line: The Nintendo 64 is currently 
TA the most advanced video game system 
11 ever, and it is the only system that is 
designed to change with technology. 

hard-earned Inr mooched^feksh in a 
video game system, you want to be 
sure you can play pleftty^of great ^ 
games on it. Mot an issue. There are 
over 5Q titles in development for M64 
covering all gaming categories, from 
action to role-playing, sports, 
^IgSjting, simulation, puzzles, you 

The waiting is over. Nintendo 64® is Finally 
here, on the shelf, waiting For you to snatch 
it up. But what's the big deal, you're probably 
asKing yourself. It tooK long enough- Was the 
wait worth it? You bet, and here's why. 


cutting-edge software that 
■ fakes full advantage of the 
Mintendo 64 s incre'dible 
technology. A few of-the 
first wave of titles include 

Super Mario 64™ 
i * PilotWings 64™ 
Wave Race 64 Tr ? 
Killer Instinct ’Gold, 



great transparency effects. - J 

For example, objects 1 

through water look, different •-^^jjp^ ji 

than objects seen through air. 

Central processing unit. 64 bits means fast 
and powerful. Thf heart 

and soul of the N64. A 64-bit custom chip from Silicon 
Graphics that performs all graphics and audio processing. 

Subtly blends colors 

and patterns of texture maps to make objects more realistic even BH 
as they move closer to you. Microcode Custom CPU control 

instructions optimized for audio, lighting, graphic details W \ \ 
and other ultra realistic effects. ex,ture mapping Puts >m^^B 
ft&l Ufc. a bitmapped picture or texture onto a surface. In other words, 

_ a brick wall looks like a brick wall, not like a blank 
Wjbfy' one. Dynamic high-fidelity ^ 

//C sounds. Found in pricey multimedia PCs. 

Keeps stuff in the right place even if you're moving 
quickly. Objects maintain their true spatial relationships. 


' Real players pvt the N64 through it! 
paces! Get tuned in on this break- 
through 3-D system and revolutionary 
controller which brings you gameplay j 
action like you have never seen it I 
before. Check out these incredible I 
games! Call 1-600-255-3700 for I 

details, and have a major credit 1 

card handy. Tape cost is $3.95 
which covers shipping and handling. 


fun and quality before they hit^Sl 
shelf. What more do you need tqfjffl 
about the IMintqj^fflpS 
software library 
beyond that? 

Super IVlario Kart R TN J Wayne Gretzky’s 
3-D Hockey^ and Star Wars: Shadows of 
the Empire™. IVIost importantly, these 
and the many other titles on the way all 
must meet Nintendo's high standards of 


'Change the System' 
Videotape Offer 

Humiliate and torture your friends with 
eight split-screen, two-player battle- 


are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Twisted Metal and U R NOT E are trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment 
Inc. Game © 1996 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Call 1-800-771-3772 for information on Game Ratings, 






Activision is i registered trademark and Power Move Pro Wrestling is a trademark ol Actrvision, Inc. ® 1996 Activision, Inc. All ngtrts reserved Power Move Pro Wrestling is Cased on Toukon Retsuden by lomy Company. Ltd. pu^m»h 

Used by Activision under license, licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment America lor use with tbe PlayStation game console. PlayStation and PlayStation logos are trademarks ol Sony Compulet Entertainment Inc. 




hS V 





^ O 



; mm 


WW\-' ■" 

i ir' : 







MACINTOSH and Windows®95 



in Age or a cleric, seelc po' 

eirber a WAr 


• pells. ptllAge 



eArrbquAlces. crumbling bridges And rbiclc roo. 


■Liles ro live by. beven. beyond 

; y : 

3-D autocide! 
Live last. Die fast. 
12 twisting tracks 
of high-velocity, 
demolition 'derby 
where you shoot first 
and overtake later. Pick up lasers, 
mines, smart bonjfis and heatseeking 
missiles...then put the pedal to the metal and 
waste the competition. It's kill or be roadkill! 


•COMPlfftoi f 

Nintendo 64: f§ 

What's Next? p 

Star Wars: Shadows ™ 
of the Empire 

Killer Instinct Gold 

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 

Wave Race 64 and Robotech: Crystal Dreams 

NINTEjwd 0 64 

52 Acclaim: In Our House 46 

Owen Hart, the British Bulldog, 

Yokozuna, and the Undertaker go to the 
W mat for WWF: In Your House, Batman Forever: The 
Arcade Game, Crow: City of Angels, and more! 

60 Return of the Scream: Sega Gamers' Day 

Vedorman 2, Fighting Vipers, and more! 


Super Mario 64 

Nintendo 64 ProStrategy Guide 

Charting courses 3 through 1 0, 
hidden levels, and how 
to best beat Bowser! 


Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 codes 
for Human Smoke, Classic Sub-Zero, 
and others! 

The Fighter's Edge 

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (PlayStation, Saturn) 
Winning moves for eight characters, including the 
new ones. Learn Air Blocks, Alpha Counters, Special 
Moves, Super Moves, Combos, and Custom Combos. 


Cover. Courtesy ol Acclaim 

rids • jl not., a garae. 

‘ f* '' - A' | i, 1 *-’' « & '■ 3 4?^S 

DWAY The #1 Arcade game shows you what your government won’t. 

Killer Instinct Gold! Page 43 




. . ...... Role-Player's 


128 128 i48 

Quake! Page 82. 


PC GamePro PlayStation 

82 100 

Alien Trilogy 122 

AndreM facing 142 

■•I Batman Forerer The Arcade Game 56 

j 3lodi&>-ri 64 

3 Oniric- 64 

1 8rec*hof firell '50 

P Bug loo 62 

| Corfo legacy 74 

3 Crime Wove 64, 76 

■ Crw Gty of Angels 54 

Crusoder No Regret 84 

| DodSonor . 62 

■ Die Hard Trilogy 64 

m Diirvplor .70 

DragarHeort Fee S Steel 56 

B DrownedGoa 84 

I H S A Soccer '97 147 

I final Doom 100 

I RndFortasyVI 148 

* Flooring Rmw 115 

GndRutner 112 

Hard Boned Nixon's Rerenge 64 

- Here's AcWttjres 64 

Hyper 3-D PSnbdl 64 

ronord Blood: Ro*erlofi 54 

i Jet Mere 75 

* KJIerlnstndGold 43 

Kllng Zone 56 

ICrby Superstar IX 

Mochinehead 76 

Modden NFL '97 (Genesis) 140 

Madden NFL '97 (PlayStation) 
Madden NFl '97 |Satum|... 

Mogic The Galtiering 

Marvel Comics X-Women: 

The Sinister Virus 

Moss Destiaction 

MediWarrior 2 

MegoMar 8 
M3PA Bottom ol me 9p- 
Mceylocn Grand fax 2 
Mr Bcnes 
NBA Hang Time 
NBA In the Zone 2 
NBA Ine ‘97 
NCAA GaroBrecker 
NewjapcnkVo Wresting 
Fouxen Retsuder. 
PGA W '97 




Raltlesnoke Red 

Return Fire 

Robotech: Crystal Dreams. . . . 


Sega Worldwide Soccer '97 . . 


Sonic X Blast (Genesis) 

Sonic Blast (Game Geor) 




. 62 
. 64 
. 146 
■ ■38 

. 34 

. 64 






Soviet Strike 64 

Spot Goes to Hollywood 64, 114 

Star Fighter 56 

Star Gladiator 106 

Star Wars: Shadows ol the Empire 42 

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (PlayStation) .... 108 
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Saturn) ... .64, IX 

Street Racer 64, 76 

Scpcr P„zzie fighter 64 

Tempest 2000 64 

Ten Pin Aley 74 

Tetris Attack IX 

Tiree Duty Dwones 1 24 

TNN Motarsports 

Hardcore 4x4 64, 74 

Tomb Rader 72 

Turok Dinoscur HvrJer 44 

Iwistod Veld 2 World Tau- 73 

Uhre Onine 86 

Uhnole Mortal tCombcf 3. 64 

Vodormoc 2 62 

Virtxi figfar 3 92 

Mma On 62 

VRGoF 64 

VRSoccw^.. 64 

Wotetwarld 64 

WaveRao64 46 

wt-izr 130 

waamsAreodesGredestHts 64 

WpeoutXL 102 

World Senes Sasetxd It 143 

WWF .nYocrHouse 52 

ZPC: No Flesh Shall Be Spared 86 

Virtua Fighter 3! Page 92. 


22 Head-2-Head 

22 The Mail 

23 Art Attack 

24 Buyers Beware 

The consumer's hotline! 

26 ProNews 

GamePro TV arrives! 

30 The Cutting Edge 

Online gaming sites 

32 GamePro Online 

AOL Games and hot 
Web sites 

34 Overseas ProSpects 

New Japan Pro Wrestling: 
Touken Retsuden 

70 Sneak Previews 

Disrupter, Tomb Raider, 
Twisted Metal 2, and more! 

82 — ^ 

Quake reviewed and more! 

92 Hot at the Arcades 

Virtua Fighter 3! 

Where to go to play 
online games. Page 30. 


tfn \n a<cai4S. 

AW«- . .• 

Arcade Sush Hi! • (trtmibly p I y c h o I ■ c 


fighting Vipers.’ I h e most vicious streetfighters ever to terrorize arcades, are no* on their way to your home. 
Skatepunls. Ifollerbladers. Axe-wielding rockers. Caged. Enraged. And ready to fight filthy, 
killer, armor-stripping slams. Nasty moves that bio* combatants tbrougk cage walls and into oblivion. Brutality. Carnage, 
kick-butt realism, funky venues. Arenas with electric and ram-wire fences, fatal distractions. I^eal-time shadows. 


i 1 

I _ £ 

■ # 


r#i : ; 

I A ^ 



p n 

| » ® 0 . fl 




Entertainment, Inc. Artwork and design ©1996 Playmates Interactrve Entertainment Jrtc. Sega’ 
reserved. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are trademarks ot Sony Computer Enlertainmen 

The darkness of ancient Egypt and evil alien 
forces, possessing horrifying powers, have taken pos- 
session of the ancient city of Karnak. And these land- 

lords are exacting extremely 
high rents. Like an arm and a 
leg... or worse. 

Airdropped into first person 
landscapes, you must swim, 
crawl and otherwise run like 
hell through 20-plus levels of 
gameplay. Real time, fully 3-D 
rendered environments allow 

immediate occupancy. 

you complete 360° freedom of 
gameplay. With just a machete 
to begin with, search for 7 
other weapons like hand 
grenades, a flame thrower, an 
M60 machine gun and a magi- 
cal cobra staff. Dynamic light- 
ing allows for stunning visual 
effects. Cross bridges, crawl 
through tunnels and swim through underwater 
grottos. Your only salvation is the guiding Spirit of 
die Great Pharaoh Ramses. 
He’s the only one in this 
godforsaken neighborhood 
who wants to help you get a 
forwarding address. 

So welcome to die night- 
mare of Ramses’ tomb. And 
enjoy your stay. It may last 

4 lethal alien attackers can gang up 
on you, using FIRST and ONLY 
Behavioral Artificial Intelligence. 

Take on 20 landless alien species 
with over 100 martial arts moves. 

Camera angles move as last as you do. 

Explore over 1,300 rendered environments 
across live hostile worlds. 

5 ^ 

red over 1,000 games and have 
ittiing like Perfect Weapon." 

mfoi Editor Game Pro 

"Perfect WeMon may very well end up as one of the most 
unique and exciting products to hit the PlayStation this year! 

Greg dth Editor-In-Chief, PS Extreme 


nil'll m ifHT 

His name is Heihachi. He has 
trained high in the mountains - 
re-energized by lightning bolts 
that have struck his massive 
frame. Practicing his Lightning 
Hammer Head Crusher on his pet 
bear. Planning the murder of an 
evil arch rival - his son Kazuya. 

Head 2 

Letter from the GamePros 

SmePro Ri 

“ or over a year now, many video gamers have felt betrayed 
by Sega. CamePro has received hundreds of angry letters 
from Genesis, Game Gear, Sega CD, 32X, and 32X CD owners 
who feel abandoned by a company that should’ve known better 
than to make systems it couldn’t support with games. Trusting 
gamers faithfully bought Sega systems, only to find out that 
some systems (the 32X and 32X CD) were quickly killed, and 
others (the Sega CD, Genesis, and Came Gear) would die slow 
deaths. At CamePro, we haven’t had a single new non-sports 
Genesis or Game Gear game to review since summer (don’t 
even ask us how long it’s been since we saw a 32X game). The 
result? There are a lot of bitter former Sega fans out there. 

Fortunately, Sega may at last be listening to those angry voices 
because it looks like the company’s now focusing on software, 
not hardware. For example, the long-awaited virtual-reality head 
set it announced last winter (see "Overseas ProSpects," February) 
may never come out. We got a 

Cr r A WiQPQ I I p response to R.J. Thomas's adja 

OEtoA VVIbES UP cent | etter from Sega spokes 

person Terry Tang: 'The VR 
headset is still in development, and it may be a long way off. 

Sega is still seeing where we can take that technology, but right 
now we’re focusing on new Saturn games." The kicker was her 
last comment: "Don’t expect any new Sega systems for a while 
That’s good, because as Skyler Livezey’s letter warns, Sega 
has a long way to go before they can even think about intro 
ducing yet another system to disgruntled gamers. Getting Sonic 
and Vectorman 2 out for the Genesis by Christmas will help 
morale, as will making a few more remarkable Saturn games 
like Nights. And maybe Sega could resurrect Virtua Fighter for 
the Game Gear while it’s at it. Sega needs to make some games 
to win back the fans who feel ripped off. Atari and 3DO didn't, 
and look where they ended up. 

The GamePros 
San Mateo, CA 

Games ’n’ Gear 

T hatever happened to 
Sega’s virtual-reality 
headset? Did it ever come out? 

Captain Cameron replies: 

It hasn't come out yet, and 
it may not. See our adjacent 
editorial for more on the sub- 
ject of this headset and other 
Sega products. 

This is a wake-up call for Sat- 
urn owners. When I was in 
my local Good Guys store re- 
cently, I noticed that all the 
Saturn games were very cheap. 
Gex was only $15, and the 
new Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei 
was just $30. The employees 
told me that they’re clearing 
out Saturn games to make 
room for the N64. Sounds like 
the early signs of a system); 
demise to me. 

Skyler Livezey 
Indianola, WA 

Coach Kyle replies: 

Don’t pull the plug on the Sat- 
urn yet! There's still hope that 
Sega will turn it around, espe- 
cially since the company's got 
a whole new executive team 
running things now (see 
“ProNews," October). 

I was hoping the N64 would 
have a pack-in game, but it 
turns out I have to spend an 
extra $70 for a game to play. 
That means having the sys- 
tem and one game to play will 
. cost $270, with a second con- 
troller costing another $25. 
That's a ripoffl Nintendo was 
saying that it would keep the 
price low, but now it seems 
' unaffordable for everyone. 
Karl Meyer 

j November 1896 

Doctor Devon replies: 

You're right about those extra 
costs adding up quickly, but 
you're wrong about the sys- 
tem being unaffordable for 
everyone, since the system 
sold out immediately. And 
we're guessing that virtually 
everyone who paid $ 70 is glad 
that they bought what is 
clearly one of the very best 
video games ever made. 

I’m writing to agree with Brian 
Barnett's letter in your June is- 
sue. I think a CFL game would 
be great. Here are some other 
leagues that should have 
video games: 

Arena Football 
NCAA Hockey 
NCAA Baseball 
Localized high school 
football and basketball 
NFL Mascot Fighting Game 
Jim O'Conner 
Hoffman Estates, IL 

Coach Kyle replies: 

Good ideas, especially that 
mascot fighter. Maybe team 
cheerleaders could be hidden 
characters for a tag-team 
match. Actually, an Arena 
Football game from a new 
company called V-Real Inter- 
active was supposed to be in 
the works a few years ago, 
but we haven't heard anything 
about it (or them) for a long 
time. As for the others, don't 
hold your breath, because one 
of the reasons companies make 
sports games is to cash in on 
the draw of big-time sports 
names like Joe Montana and 
Charles Barkley; there simply 
aren't any nationally known 
high school stars, college base- 
ball players, or college hockey 
players who would attract a lot 
of gamers. 


Magazine Biz 

O n page 100 of your 
May issue, you show 
T.J. Combo’s Ultimate Combo 
from KI2. Under it is a caption 
that reads, “So you wanna go 
to da moon, Alice?" What does 
that mean? 

not get them to work. What 
went wrong? 

Aaron Hall 
San Diego, CA 

Major Mike replies: 

Oops, someone must've let 
the Typo Monster out of his 
cage. Those codes were for 
the Genesis game, not the 
SNES version. 

Matt Huett 
Beech Grove, IN 

We jumped the gun in Septem- 
ber by showing a screen of 
Twisted Metal 2 on the cover 
when the game wasn't pre- 
viewed in that issue. Look for 
TM 2’s preview in this issue. 

Bruised Lee replies: 

That line is a reference to one 
of the classic TV shows of all 
time, The Honeymooners. In 
it, Ralph Kramden used to jok- 
ingly threaten his wife, Alice, 
with a punch that would send « \ 
her "to da moon." A>’ stabM-flta.- ' 

U/r’pp NrYT ^ gowa, Japan, wants to re«h 

VV L K t IN U I Byron Mann, the actof who played 

Pppppi^T Ryu in Sheet Fighter. The Movie. 

‘ CsfXi Reach Ryu at this address; 

Y ou gave Came Genie 
codes for Aaahh!! Real 
Monsters for the SNES in your 
August issue (see "Came En- 
hancers," page 120). But I could 

Byron Mann 

t/o The Stone Manners Agency 
8091 Selma Ave. 

Los Angeles, CA 90046 

http : //www . gamepro . com 

0 □ k ;®i □ ® h 

Eddie Serrano 
Brownsville, TX 

Whaddava Think? 

This is your magazine, so tell us what you'd like 
to see in it. Send your suggestions to: 

GamePro Magazine 

Dear Editor 
P.O. Box 5828 
San Mateo, CA 94402 
We cannot publish all letters and e-moil mes- 
sages, and we cannot send personal 
replies to your letters or e-mail. 

GAMEPRO (23) November 1998 

By The Watch Dog 

Before your faithful Watch Dog settles down with some 
turkey-flavored Bonz for Thanksgiving, followed by a 
long nap while all those holiday specials are on TV, let’s get to 
these questions from concerned consumers. 

Q A few years ago I bought the SNES SuperScope 
/ with the understanding that there would be new 
^ games for it. Where are they? Is Nintendo making 
any new SuperScope games? 

Denver Tangonan 
Saipan, MP 

A The Watch Dog scoped out the answer: 

® No company is making SuperScope games any- 
■ more, but back in ’93 and ’94 several companies, 
including Nintendo, released some pretty good SuperScope 
shooters, notably Yoshi’s 
Safari, Metal Combat: Fal- 
con’s Revenge, and TinStar. 

The other SuperScope 
games were Battle Clash, 

Bazooka Blitzkreig, Lazer 
Blazer Blasterus, Hunt for 
Red October, Lamborghini 
American Challenge, Opera- 
tion Thunderbolt, T2: The 
Arcade Game, and X-Zone. 

Many of these game will be 
hard to find since they're all 
over two years old and are no longer manufactured. However, 
Nintendo does have some of these titles still in stock and they 
can be ordered over the phone. Call 800/255-3700. 

Metal Combat for the SNES was 
one of the best SuperScope shoot- 
ers; It earned a 4.5 FunFactor in 
the May ’94 Issue. 

You Make the Call 

Having problems with hardware or software from 
Nintendo. Sega, or Sony? Here are the customer- 
service numbers to call: 

Nintendo: 800/255-3700 

Sega: . 800/733-7288 

Sony: 800/345-7669 

E-mail us your product complaints through America Online 
or at this Internet address: 

Q t Whenever I buy video games, they come with reg- 
istration cards I'm supposed to fill out and mail in. 
What are these for? 

Steven Schiesl 
Sheridan, OR 

A Laurie Thornton Neff, the public relations 
manager at BMG Interactive, responds: 

■ It depends on the company, but usually the infor- 
mation on registration cards is placed in a database. When a 
company has a special offer or a new product coming out, it 
might send some kind of mailing to everybody in the database. 
For example, Capcom used to send out a newsletter listing cur- 
rent games and announcing upcoming titles. Registration cards 
also help when a customer calls in with a complaint about a 
game, because we’ll know information such as when and where 
they bought it. 

Occasionally companies might trade or sell their lists of cus- 
tomers, which explains why you might receive info from a com- 
pany whose games you've never bought, but that practice isn’t 
too widespread. 

Q , I have the Japanese wrestling game for the Play- 
" Station called Touken Retsuden. It’s great, but un- 
3 fortunately the instructions are in Japanese. Can I 
get an English translation of the manual? 

Terry Ward 
Lakewood, OH 

A The Watch Dog says: 

® You should be able to soon. Over the summer 
■ Activision bought the rights to Touken Retsuden, 
the top-selling wrestling game in Japan. Activision has been 
working with Tomy to produce an American version, complete 
with an English-language manual, for the PlayStation by the end 
of the year. Call Activision’s 
customer support line at 
310/479-5644 for info about 
the new manual. They have 
replacement manuals for their 
other games, so they may also 
sell this one separately. Or call 
Activision’s hint line to see if 
they have any game help avail- 
able yet (900/680-4468). 

t CamePro, listening is what we do best. When you have a 
problem with a product or feel you've been ripped off, we 
want to know. If you have a complaint about a product, 
write to: 

GamePro's Buyers Beware 

RO. Box 5828 
San Mateo, CA 94402 


lovember 1896 

Go for a spin. Or burn up the road 

\ four kick ass vehicles scream 
.• over three savage tracks. Wipe-out 
weather conditions rock your world. 
Choice of automatic or manual 
transmission puts you in control- 
while ample opportunities to slam or 
be slammed hurl you out of it. From 
there on in, your performance is not 
a pretty picture. Especially when you 
consider all the visible damage left 
behind. Toss blazing arcade quality 
action and 4 distinct camera angles 
into the mix for the ultimate roadkill 
recipe. And unlike those other games 
where you may never know what hit 
you, Burning Road’s entire replay 
mode plays the whole race start to 
finish-not just lap highlights. 

So trash the tutu and strap on a 
helmet. Because with Burning Road, 
you're an accident waiting to happen 

...but not for long. _ — ^ 

"611 Anton Blvd., Suite 5®0 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 

(714) 428-2100' 


November I99C 

Launch Surprises: Nintendo Cuts Price of N64, 
Drops Cruis’n USA as Launch Title 

August rumors became September reality when Nintendo slashed $50 
off the price of its new Nintendo 64 system just in time for the North 
American launch on September 29. The new $199.95 price brought the 
N64 in line with its main competitors, the 32-bit Sony PlayStation and 
Sega Saturn, both of which cut their prices last May. 

The $200 price tag had been a strong Internet rumor for about a 
month as reports swirled through the industry that the system wasn't 
living up to Nintendo’s sales expectations in Japan, where supposedly 
many unsold N64s were still sitting on store shelves. Nintendo was 
quick to deny those rumors and even went so far as to say that the com- 
pany was revising its sales figures upward , not downward. Still, the 
last-minute price cut did suggest that Nintendo was nervous about the 
reception the N64 would receive in North America. 

The other launch surprise was the sudden disappearance of Cruis’n 
USA from the short list of launch titles. As late as mid-August, Nin- 
tendo was still maintaining that Cruis’n would be one of three $70 
games available on September 29 (along with Super Mario 64 and 
Pilotwings 64). However, the finished game evidently didn’t meet Nin- 
tendo’s standards; according to an inside source, the game was returned 
to Williams for some “retooling.” With Cruis’n looking more like a 
November/December title, MK Trilogy and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 
were tentatively moved up on the schedule as likely October releases. 

• If you have the Sportschannel on your TV, then you’ve gotta check oi 
"GamePro TV,” a hot new video game show that made its debut in Septem- 
ber. Video game reviews, previews, and stones mix with looks at all the hottest 
games. Check your local cable TV listings for times. 

• More for the N64: Interplay’s already part of the Dream Team working 
on Ultra Descent for the Nintendo 64; now it’s announced its second N64 
title. Look for ClayFighter 3 in late 1997. Also in the works is War Gods, a 
1997 N64 title from Williams. Finally, the industry buzz says that Monster 
Dunk from Mindscape is extremely unlikely as a December release and may 
not surface for some time. 

• New info has been unearthed about DreamWorks Interactive’s Jurassic 
Park: The Lost Continent for PlayStation and PC. In the PSX version, 
gamers will play five characters: three dinosaurs (compthagnosus, velocirap- 
tor, and tyrannosaurus rex) and two humans (good human and bad human). 
The PlayStation game’s story line will not mirror those of the movie or the 
novel beyond some similar characters and situations. The PC game will be to- 
tally different from the PSX version, with a story line that takes place after 

It took Sega approximately 300 days (from mid-May '95 to mid-March 
’96) to sell a half -million Satums; it took Sony approximately 90 days 
(from Sept 9, 1995 to early December ’95) to sell the same number of 
PlayStations; and it took Nintendo all of one day (Sept 29, 1996) to hit 
the 500,000 mark with the N64. 

the events depicted in the flick. The PlayStation game is scheduled to release 
at the same time as the Steven Spielberg-produced movie early next summer; 
the PC version will come out around Christmas ’97. 

* Gamers wondering where Square is heading now have their answer Hol- 
lywood. The Japanese software company famous for its RPGs is going to 
start making movies via its new U.S. subsidiary, Square LA. The moviemak- 
ers at Square LA. will mainly be engineers and computer graphics experts 
who will work on 3D computer graphics for movies that are probably about 
three years away. Not that Square is abandoning games: Company officials 
said that their future software would benefit from this filmmaking experience, 
although they didn’t specify how. 

Hot News from GamePro Online 

America Online users can now get daily game news updates. Use the keyword 
GAMEPRO to access GamePro Online, then head straight to the Hot News sec- 
tion to get the latest video game news. You can also read daily updates of news 
in the GamePro Online Web site at http : //www . gamepro. com. 

EAMEPII (26) November 1986 

ph~ Si 

l n d cTv^yfuIT Sur vtA 

£Mit Warlords f(or goH&u To 

p&ose to ^liape Or^er fl’rojii CiiilO&fl 








1 3JT'~ 


Like Sega, Sony Changes Top Execs 

These aren’t safe times for the video game industry’s most powerful 
executives. Following hard on the heels of Sega’s massive changes at 
the top (see “ProNews," October), in July Sony Computer Entertain- 
ment of America (SCEA) let go two of the biggest names on its man- 
agement team, executive vice presidents Jim Whims and Angelo Pez- 
zani. Whims and Pezzani were among those credited with successfully 
guiding the Sony PlayStation to its current number-one sales position 
among next-generation systems in North America. 

A group of SCEA insiders took over for Whims and Pezzani. 
SCEA Chairman Shigeo Maruyama gets the additional title of chief 
executive officer. Operations V.P. Kazuo Hirai moves up to executive 
vice president-chief operations officer, and Jack Tretton assumes Pez- 
zani’s responsibilities as vice president sales (a title he already holds). 
The only immediate change in the company’s marketing strategy for 
the PlayStation was a price cut to $39.99 for some of the games, in- 
cluding Twisted Metal, NFL GameDay, and Destruction Derby. 

No other immediate changes are expected for the PlayStation, be- 
cause the system has been performing well in the marketplace since its 
September 9, 1995 launch. It has been outselling the Saturn by at least 
a two-to-one margin 
and is now being 
played in over 1.5 
million U.S. homes. 
The PlayStation 
beat Sega to the 
$199 price tag, and 
its lineup of games 
through the rest of 
the year seems to 
assure a successful future. In fact, an independent research firm, DFC 
Intelligence, predicts that the PlayStation will continue to sell strongly 
and will be in 10 million U.S. homes by the year 2000. 

Such good news for SCEA and the PlayStation made the sudden 
departure of Whims and Pezzani even more shocking. The video game 
industry, however, should be used to SCEA's willingness to make 
changes at the top. Former president Steve Race was fired a month be- 
fore the PlayStation launched last year, and his replacement, Martin 
Homlish, left five months later, to be followed by Whims and Pezzani 
after seven months. For Sony, change isn't just inevitable, it seems to 
be semi-annual. 

Sega Busy Behind the Scenes 

While it didn't launch a new system or fire a top executive this month. 
Sega did make its share of news. First, new Sega PC games came 
closer to becoming a reality when Sega Entertainment, a U.S. affiliate 
of Sega Enterprises Ltd. and Softbank Corp., announced it is teaming 
up with NEC Electronics Inc., the U.S. affiliate of NEC Corp., to co- 
develop PC games. The games will be released in several languages for 
global distribution. The companies’ joint PC games will use PowerVR 
technology, a new three-dimensional graphics technology co-created 
by NEC and VideoLogic Inc. 

Late in the summer SegaSoft, the independent software developer 
spun off from Sega, bought the publishing rights to four Rocket Sci- 
ence games: Rocket Jockey, Obsidian, Space Bar, and an untitled new 
game. These will all be available for PCs, but the real news is that 

Rocket Jockey will also be 
coming to the PlayStation. 

This is the first time a Sega- 
Soft game has been adapted 
for the main rival of the Sega 
Saturn. The PC games are 
coming by November, while 
the Rocket Jockey PlayStation 
game is due in early spring. 

Rocket Science, meanwhile, 
will now focus exclusively 
on product development. 

Finally, SegaSoft has decided to link all its action games under one 
brand name: Jack Hammer. The Jack Hammer brand will be used for 
SegaSoft’s action titles like Three Dirty Dwarves (Saturn and PC), Metal- 
Werks (PC), and Emperor of the Fading Suns (PC), all due out by Christ- 
mas. Earlier SegaSoft had created the Trampoline brand name for educa- 
tional games for pre-teens. □ 

News Bits 

• Guess who’s coming to the silver screen? Vectorman! Sega has inked 
a deal that enables Ideal Entertainment to start working on a Vectorman 
movie that will have computer graphics similar to those in the film Toy 
Story. Contributing to the visuals will be some of the special-effects people 
from Independence Day. Expea announcements soon about celebrity voices 
for the V-man flick, which should hit theatres late in 1 997. 

• Guess who’s coming to Saturday-morning breakfast? Lancit Media 
Productions and Columbia TriStar are teaming up to create a new half- 
hour animated series based on the video game Lemmings. The show is be- 
ing readied for a fell 1 997 premiere. Since debuting in 1 991 , the Lemmings 
video games have registered worldwide sales of more than 3.S million units 
to become one of the all-time top-selling games. 

• Resident Evil continues to shred the sales competition. Late in the sum- 
mer the PlayStation thriller shot past the 
1 million mark in sales amid confident re- 
ports that the game would hit the 2 million 
mark by Christmas, spurred on by several 
Capcom promotions and contests. Since its 
release last spring, RE has been the number- 
one selling PlayStation game. 

• The 1996 SIMBA Game Player Survey is in, and the results are sur- 
prising. According to an online survey of more than 2000 gamers, 36 per- 
cent of gamers are 25 or older, and shoot-em-up games are the favorite 
genre. This research contrasts other data that shows the vast majority of 
gamers are teenage boys who love fighting games. If software companies 
follow the SIMBA research, then expea more free demos in the future: The 
survey said that most gamers who receive a free demo of a game end up 
buying the fell version later. SIMBA Information, by the way, is a company 
that does analysis of the media and high-tech products and services 
(http : / /www. simbanet . com). 

At Sony, it’s “Game ...and “Start Game" 
Over” for Jim Whims. .. for new CEO Shigeo 


GAMEPII (28) Nov 

ember 1996 



Mins Games Hrs Inline! 

Online gaming is here lor PC power players! Here's a look at 

some hot Internet gaming services and what they have to offer. 

By The Whizz 

ill e are not alone. Multiplayer 
LU gaming is the big thing 
happening on the Net, even if, 
at this stage, PC gamers rule. 

If you have the PC hard- 
ware, it’s relatively easy to 
get started with a service 
such as MPlayer or Engage, 
where you’ll encounter hun- 
dreds of competitors coming 
at you in hot games such as 
Duke Nukem 3D and Quake. 
Some PC games integrate 
software so that you can 
connect directly to an online 
service. Online game services 
also make available share- 
ware versions of games that 
you can download. 

Online gaming Web sites 
are growing fast. Get con- 
nected to all the sites listed 
here, and you can challenge 
the world. 

ware to a common server where 
they can chat and play Death 
Matches. The company has 24 
game servers throughout the 
U.S. and Canada, and it re- 
cently installed its first server 
in Tokyo. 


Web: http://www.xband. 
com; phone: 408/777-1500 

XBand has led the charge for 
online gaming via consoles 
with its Super NES and Gene- 
sis modems. Now XBand has 
expanded into PC games. In 
addition to online gameplay, 
XBand PC also regularly spon- 
sors tournaments for popular 
games, such as NBA Live ’96. 

eb: http : //www.dwango. 
:am; phone: 713/467-0405 

O ® - 

©° A 

When online gamers look back 
on where it all began, many 
think of DWANGO first. 
DWANGO blasted its way onto 
the Internet with Doom and 
has been growing ever since. 
Players connect via game soft- 

Total Entertainment 
Muiorli (TEII) 

com; phone: 800/804-0836 

TEN is almost like a full-ser- 
vice Internet service provider. 

In fact, TEN’S front-end soft- 
ware has Netscape Navigator 
embedded into it. Gamers, 
however, can connect either 
through their own Internet 
provider or through one of 
TEN’S nationwide access num- 
bers, which are supported by 
the Concentric Network. 


b: http : //www-mplayer. 
com; phone: 408/342-8800 

MPlayer offers several imagina- 
tive ways for you to interact 
with your fellow gamers online. 
The service features real-time, 
two-way voice conversation, 
which it calls Voice Conferenc- 
ing. It also features a text chat 
area and Scribble Talk, which 
provides basic drawing tools so 
teams can map out strategies. 

Engage Games Online 

Web: http : //www.; phone: 

Engage offers a variety of 
gaming experiences from 
high-end multiplayer action 
to less-intense fare for non- 
gamers. Like TEN, Engage will 
be able to provide access in 
addition to the Internet, with 

Ulhat Vou Ileed Td Play 

You can either purchase a game 
off the shelf or you can down- 
load special shareware games. 
Some services also require 
special access software (called 
client software or game enabler 
software), which you can down- 
load from the Web site. Hard- 
ware requirements are basic. 
486 PC owners should upgrade 
to a Pentium and install Win- 
dows 95 to play on advanced 
services such as TEN and 

Basic System Requirements: 

Pentium Processor 
Windows 95 

8 MB RAM (16 MB highly 

14.4-baud modem (28.8 modem 
highly recommended) 
Recommended: 16-bit sound 
card supporting Win 95 

connectivity through such ser- 
vices as the Concentric Net- 
work and Time Warner Fuller 
Service Network. Additionally, 
Engage games will be avail- 
able through commercial on- 
line services, such as America 
Online and Prodigy. □ 


lovember 1996 

H 0((J 

his is the bizarre world of Baldies. A work 
uiid and where lunacy reigns. The idea? 0 
usty little hairy guys before they destroy 
oldies. IS devilishly clever weapons, lOO inte 

Rv •' 

idden and bonus rounds, hot action gri 
ive weird worlds (hell included). And it's 
multi-player, extended-play game with a 
dome crew. Warning: May cause permanent^ 

' ' Both DOS and 

^ WjfSows? ^5i3ftdud*dJN' 


Interactive Media 

hitp /Awiw flfej^'ooei; - _ " 1 

E-mail us your comments through America Online 
or at this Internet address: 

New AOL Game Site 

AOL and Web News 

CarnPro magazine races along on America Online (keyword: 
gamepro) and the World Wide Web(http: // 
every minute of every day. For anyone who's yet to boldly go into cy 
berspace. here's a sample of what's happening in our cyberworlds. 

Games and altitude are found at Antagonist, Inc. 

The makers of the comedy pit stop Hecklers Online have just 
launched their latest AOL creation, Antagonist, Inc. (keyword: 
Ant). Antagonist, Inc. dishes out gaming news, reviews, share- 
ware, message boards, different ways to vote for your favorite 
games, and daily gaming forums. Everything’s done with an 
edgy, dangerous attitude— in feet Antagonist, Inc. is being publi- 
cized as a “dark digital mosh-pit.” 

The games themselves are as fen as your tolerance for insults is 
high. In other words, if you don’t mind being periodically ridiculed, 
you can get into the spirit and strut your intellectual stuff. 

Antagonist Trivia really tests your knowledge and isn’t for 
younger gamers. You can team up for a group grudge match, or 
figure out the historical clues of the Chain Reaction game. High 
Five is a Lotto-like numbers game. Carnival is a nightly collection 
of live chat games, and Submissions is a graphical contest that 

changes every day. Prizes are usually free 
AOL hours. Afterwards, do some trash-talk- 

ing of your own in the Mouth to Mouth 

message boards and chat rooms. If late- 


night club-crawling and intellectualizing is 

your thang, you might want to become a 

% j 

game-playing Army Ant at Antagonist, Inc. 


Disturbing graphics punctuate the Antagonist site. 

The Best of GamePro Online 

A recap of recent highlights on GamePro Online's 
World Wide Web site and America Online area 

e. Go to the Web site ( http: y 

I www. zombiedetective . com) 
to play crazy Zombie games. 

•Let’s see, everything that’s 

I newspaper, like sports, weather, 
and news, can be found online. 
Everything except daily comic strips, right? Wrong! Over the sum- 
mer America Online launched Zombie Detective, the first daily on- 
line comic strip. 

Not only does the strip have original graphics and music, it’s 
got something you won’t find in newspapers: interactivity. Users 
can leave clues on the detective’s answering machine, design the 
billboards that appear in the strip, chat with other Zombieholics, 
and even appear as “extras.” Go to the keyword Zombie to start 
sleuthing zombie-style. 

It politics is your game, the Inaugural 
Bowl may be your ticket to D.C. 

•In this month of presidential 
politics, interested gamers may 
want to investigate the trivia 
game called the Inaugural 
Bowl. Located at the PoliticsNow Web site (http: //www. , the game gives players who can answer a 
variety of political questions a chance to win a $3500 trip to 
Washington D.C. for the January Inauguration. Hurry, because 
the game ends November 1 , 1 996. 

| «T\ ■ M'» < ' ,.|,j 

M- 1 

Head lo Head 

Hand and 


GAMEPRO O November 1996 


the Universe of 



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strategies, and cheats 
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Message Board 

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Plus, check for daily game 
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~ r' v 4 f *■ 

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Guest Conferences 

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Hot News 

• posted daily, this is 
industry news as it 


Holds & Hradlocks 

Twelve selectable wrestlers, from Jyushin 
"Thunder" Lyger to Hiroyoshi Tenzan, 
along with four hidden grapplers, includ- 
ing The Great Muta, give you plenty of 
might to choose from. Vicious submis- 
sion holds like the Figure Four and the 
Scorpion Death Lock, as well as insane 
barbarism like DDTs off the top rope and 
backflips onto opponents outside the 
ring, make you stand up and cheer for 
wrestling at its finest. 

4 #/ New Japan Pro Wrestling: 
Touken Retsuden .3 

By Johnny Ballgame 


Amazingly detailed mat maneuvers not 
only show the complexity of each hold, 
but the excruciating pain it inflicts upon 
the recipient as he grinds in agony and 
tries to wrench free. Pound your oppo- 
nent’s head into the turnbuckle and his 
face turns into a bloody mess, or taunt 
your foe and get the crowd behind you, 
which then enables you to perform hid- 
den moves unique to each wrestler. 

Wrestling fans, rejoice! Activision is bringing 
Touken Retsuden to the states this fall. 


The undisputed champion of wrestling ac- 
tion, Touken Retsuden power-slams and 
pins the competition. Even non-wrestling 
fans will enjoy the combination of fast, 
mind-blowing mat action and the tremen- 
dous depth of moves and strategy in- 
volved. Moonsaults, reverse neckbreakers, 
camel clutches— they're all here, along 
with just about every other hold imagin- 
able. Whatcha gonna do when New Japan 
Pro Wrestling runs wild on you? 

In real life the 
good guys don't 
always win. But 
when this outfit 
gets involved 
that's definitely 
the way to bet. 

With sophisticated satellite 

mapping and strike-net 

intelligence, the unit gets a 
clear view of the battlefield. 



m any other line ot 

-- *»* »\ 

work you learn 

trom your mistakes. 

K ) 

For an outfit that's not 
even supposed to 
exist, they're equipped 
with our military's 
most lethal weapons. 



You got your NG4, now you’re wondering: Where are the hot games? Here 
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Killer Instinct Gold, Robotech, 

The preview cart's graphics were a knockout! The 
Star Wars universe was beautifully rendered, and 
obviously LucasArts ensures that fens will find fa- 
miliar characters, vehicles, and situations. You 
can switch among behind-the-vehide, behind- 
the-character, and first-person views. 

Shadows’ Land 

Shadows of the Empire con- 
tains 10 levels, each consist- 
ing of several stages. 

2. Escape from Echo Base 

3. The Asteroid Field 

4. Ord Mantell Junkyard 

5. Gall Spaceport 

6. Mos Eisley and Beggar's Canyon 

7. Imperial Freighter Suprosa 

8. Sewers of Imperial City 

9. Xizor’s Palace 

novel and the Dark Horse comic book by featuring 
the basic situations and most of the characters, 
but it won t follow the exact same story line. 

Shadows of the Empire ushers Star Wars into the N64 era. 
GAMEPRO (42) November 1938 

they come! Here’s an early hands-on look at 
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, and Wave Race 64. 

Although the first Killer rocked the arcades 
with its fast-paced gameplay and multiple-hit 
madness, KI2 was more of a strategic outing, 
trading speed for more intricate combos and 
defensive maneuvers. Cone were the days 
of waiting for your opponent to strike— now 
even defending players could be knocked 
around. That tradition of challenging the 
player continues with Kl Gold. 

For KI2 players waiting for a home 
conversion, and for old Kl players 
who want a deeper challenge, this 
game is worth its wait in Cold! 

W By Scary Larry 

Taking its cues from KI2, Kl Gold adds new 
backgrounds (like an abandoned train yard) 
and includes the character lineup from KI2. 
This means that some of the characters are 
gone— like Cinder, Riptor, and Chief Thunder. 
There are hidden characters, but Nintendo is 
reticent about naming them. 

The game has arcade-quality graphics, and 
you'll be amazed by the sound and music— 
it’s almost like having the arcade unit at home. 

Included is a training mode, which is great 
for beginning players. It goes through each 
move and combo for you, then asks you to 
repeat them. Not as intuitive as Tekken 2’s 
training mode, but helpful. 

You can control characters using either 
the analog or digital control pad. The six- 
button controller is a blessing in this 
case, with the quick, medium, and fierce 
punches and kicks in an arcade layout. 

Just as MK Trilogy does with the Mortal Kombat legacy, Kl Gold 
meshes the first Killer with KI2, and throws in an advanced training 
mode, new backgrounds, and blistering multihit combos. Killer In- 
stinct Gold shines! 

November 19SB 

Turok plays smoothly, with no slowdown. Although switching weapons 
needs some refinement, this incredible game will still be one of the stars of 
the I\l64’s first generation of games. We all wondered if Doom 64 would be 
any match for this shooting juggernaut. 

<ir -3x1] 

Acclaim has developed an original and fascinating corridor shooter 
that puts all previous games in this genre to sleep. Turok 
you with superb graphics and nearly flawless gameplay. 

nuuac, in this 
was definitely the showstop- 
like finely tuned light-sourc- 
jme great rendered enemies 



Serious grunting and groaning goes on 
here. Explosions are loud and ear-shatter- 
ing, and the eerie wail of enemies will 
haunt you for hours. Even subtle sonic 
cues, like the flying arrows, are clear. 

GAMEPRI ( 44 ) November 1996 

tfs "iiigs 

r«* wS 

dozen others. 

ath hunt ' 
re Ihanos- 
on ')OU- 

PL-s' ]'J\USiP 'J £j-£Jjr 

The most powerful collection of Marvel 
Super Heroes unite to battle a multitude 
of treacherous villains on your Super NES! 
It’s an incredible action-adventure demanding 
your skill, cunning and might to defeat the 
forces of evil and Thanos’ quest for power. 

© CAPCOM CO., LTD 1996 © CAPCOM U.SA. INC 1996 All Rights Reserved CAPCOM is a registered trademark ol CAPCOM CO„ LTD. Marvel Super Heroes and All Character Names and 
Likenesses: TM & © 1996 Marvel Characters, Inc All rights reserved. Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Official Seal are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc, 

Wave Race 64 

W ave Race blasts across the 
N64 starting line with addic- 
tive jet-ski racing that'll reel in rac- 
ing buffs in a heartbeat. Gamers 
choose from four jet skis, then 
compete against three CPU oppo- 
nents, the clock, or a bud (in split- 
screen mode) on six wild tracks. 
But don't expect a flat pond— 
you’ll slice through churning wa- 
ters and cliff-like waves on your 
way to the finish. You can even 
bag major air off jumps and pull 
tricks while you're airborne. The 
outstanding responsiveness of 
the analog joystick gives you all 
the tools you need, and spectac- 
ular graphics top everything off 
nicely .— Air Hendrix 

Developed by GameTek 
Published by Philips Media 
Available January 1997 

Robotech: Crystal Dreams 

R obotech is shaping up to 
be one of the most fascinat- 
ing shooters ever. Based on the 
Robotech cartoon, the 64-meg 
Crystal Dreams presents familiar 
Robotech characters, a detailed 
story, and more than 30 missions 
of intense shooting in a huge uni- 
verse against big, fast enemies. 

In an exclusive hands-on preview, 
we were impressed by the respon- 
sive controls: Without pausing, 
you can alter your view all around 
your ship, and your quick-moving 
cursor accurately aims your lasers, 
guided missiles, and multi-target- 
ing missiles that take out several 
enemies simultaneously. So far, 
Robotech looks like a shooter's 
dream —Captain Cameron 



(46) November 1998 

Y&1/1I! Fijki»j t b ffttOc t ^ a«<) 

Rikt&r'? tli? f%kfu[ I6«£ t 6 PMi'l 

-«ww r 

The good news is you're a lot imorter then the guy on the left. Good thing, 
considering you'll hove to solve more then 60 puzzles in order to succeed in 
the twisted, clay-animated world of Neverhood. You’ll help Klaymcn avoid 
pitfalls, collect clues, and kick a little clay butt. All to defeat the evil Klogg 
PlOVVMWtWkS and bung the Neverhood back to normal. At least, as 
lN I'I U.VniVl' normal as it ever gets. [] 

[Want to Play?) 

Drop it in 
your reactor 
to increase 
your time. 


Kicking these 
rotates the 
ID degrees- 

Crystal Bombs-. 
Hercuriesi Hag 
Boots & more- 

Drop the crystal 
in an opponent’s 
reactor to drain 
his Kill-Clock. 


z » — . " 


Z , ■ ' ■ - 

• • 


/ z 

1 . V" 

— ^ v . 

_____ J 

IS? -i o-'-w 

Z j - ‘z ' 


‘5 ojr m Hfe " 

Your arena is a rotating chamber... 

Your goal is survival... 

Your opponent is time... 

Turn it left. Turn it right. 

In this multiplayer deathmatch-, 

Because when your clock hits zeroi 

Turn the wall into a floor. 

it’s every man for himself. 

you’re cooked. 

The 3-D Rotatable Deathmatch 

wa ■ S2. «nv®0K, 

Visit us at or on America Online at Keyword "Activision" or on CompuServe at Keyword "Go Activision? 

tamm * 1 OmU' * * «**"»* « •OK*®’ Inc ; .996 AOMWI Inc U nghtt nM fufimm M He PtajSMm »», an MdmiiU ol Son, Comtoar EoMwnM He Sqi ml Sen Mm ... nftmaiks a SEGA ENTERPRISES 110 

3 *? 

WW K'SSs'. . 

lid. Ih piny on iho Se*o‘“ Gmoai”' Syitan 

OwenHart and the British 

Bulldog enjoy some 
"extreme" action. 

Owen Hart is. 
game pro! 

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer 
(far right) "dig” their new friends 
at GamePro. 

WWF: In Your House 

r?n irm 

Acclaim brings 10 of the WWF’s most exciting superstars 
in your house with the latest in their best-selling wrestling 
series. This year's edition features 1 1 unique stages, such 
as the Undertaker's Mausoleum Lair, plus the ability to 
use gadgets and to pull Super Finishing Pins. 

Motion-captured graphics bring fans the realistic move- 
ments and bone-crunching holds of their favorite wrestling 
stars, including the Ultimate Warrior, Coldust, the British 
Bulldog, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, 

Bret Hart, Ahmed Johnson, the Under- 

taker, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, and the 

man they call Vader. The ghost of An- Hi 

dre the Giant is a hidden fighter and 

the voluptuous manager. Sunny, hov- 

ers above ringside to distract you with RW/fKE 

curvy mo\es all her own Sofar.thi- MB 4 

ring looks to be made of gold. 

—Johnny Ballgame 

Ho u 

Acclaim muscles its way into GamePro with a couple of 
muscle-bound WWF guests to show off its holiday lineup. 

,By Johnny Ballgame 

T he number-one video game 
magazine in the world met 
the number-one wrestling 
organization when Acclaim Enter- 
tainment treated CamePro editors 
to a wild two-day, body-slamming 
adventure with the WWF’s Attitude 
Adjustment Tour. 

A night of marvelous mat ac- 
tion (highlighted by matches fea- 
turing Yokozuna, Goldust, Shawn 
Michaels, and Vader) was followed 
up the next day with a visit by 
Owen Hart and the British Bulldog 
(both avid gamers) to CamePro ' s 
offices. The ’Pros met the pros as 
Hart and Bulldog grappled with 
editors at WWF WrestleMania: The 
Arcade Game and provided the in- 
side scoop on Acclaim's upcoming 
masterpiece— WWF: In Your House. 









November 1886 

Magic: The Gathering 

I The card game that has taken the 
I country by storm is now ready for a 
1 home system launch— and they’ve 
I added more features, real-time bat- 
I ties, and a hidden character set based 
I on the unpublished “Mirage" series. 

I The two action modes include strate- 
I gic battles and quick action 
I duels, and you can cus- 
R tomize your set with unique 
I creature and spell combina- 
tions. Gather round— the 
Magic will soon be here! 

Scary Larry 

Developed by Realtime 
Published by Acclaim 


iron and Blood: 

The 3D fighting game Iron and 
Blood; Ravenloft is the first such 
game to be tied to the Advanced 
Dungeons and Dragons license. 
Players will be able to take up 
arms with 16 fantasy warriors, 
including ores, clerics, and other 
RPC staples as they pick teams 
that then battle each other one- 
on-one in 18 interactive arenas. 
Unique abilities, like stealing play- 
ers' health points or items, will be 
^accessible through artifacts won 
in each battle. Is this the perfect 
blend of fighting and sword-sling- 
ing? We’ll see— Scary Larry 

by Take 2 

by Acclaim 

\ Rattlesnake Red 

/ lv- Ipjjjj - ’ 

This original title from Acclaim has potential. Rattlesnake Red features 
CGI-rendered 2D sprites against polygon-rendered backgrounds that 
produce wild 3D gameplay which is very much like Crash Bandicoot’s 
and is enhanced by clever puzzles and interesting graphics. You play 
as a gold-digging miner who must battle armadillos, coyotes, and an 
impressively illustrated bear boss. Red may snake its way to stardom. 
-Scary Larry 

JjJt Crow: City of 

tty Sculptured 

by Acclaim 

Available Febmaiy 


Although the version we saw is a very early one, Crow’s dark graphics 
and creepy gameplay should make it a hit with fans of the comic book 
and the movies. The 26 types of rendered enemies, which move a lot 
like those in Resident Evil, come at you from all sides across five sce- 
narios. The early footage featured 50 motion-captured hand-to-hand 
fighting moves that produced im- 
pressively smooth, quick action. 

Time Commando and Perfect 
Weapon may have a little birdie 
on their shoulder when the Crow 
caws .— Scary Larry 



I n the hellish world 
of Warhammer, 
powerful armies 
clash in cataclysmic 
batdes. Ore hordes 
batter at the gates of the 
Empire, mighty bastion 
of humanity. As the leader of 
the infamous Grudgebringers, 
command your m 
army to stop this 
tide of evil. 

Now for play on the 
PlayStation' game consult, 
WARHAMMER: shadow of 

everything you’d expect in 
a fantastic wargame: 

■ More than 40 amazing 3D 
batdes include gorgeous visuals 
and challenging strategies. 

■ Stunning animated sequences and 
detailed mission briefings provide 
in-depth backgrounds. 

■ Command a mercenary army, 
choosing your forces from over 
25 troop types. 

■ Batdes are linked together 
by a detailed story line. 

TO ORDER: Visit your retailer 
orcaU 1-800-601 -PLAY with 
Visa/MC (North America only). 

VP* - 

Star Fighter 

One of the first games resulting from Acclaim's licensing deal with 
3DO, Star Fighter is a dramatic 3D shooter that enables you to fly 
anywhere you want. From a cockpit or behind-the-ship view, you fly 
60 missions over land and sea, and even beyond Earth's atmosphere, 
with an arsenal that includes the all-powerful Megabomb. Last spring’s 
3DO version sported excellent controls, which should be good news 
for 32-bit jet jockeys .— Coach Kyle 

DragonHeart reprises the char- 
acters and costumes from last 
summer’s movie starring Dennis 
Quaid and Sean Connery for epic 
sword-wielding, dragon-slaying 
action/adventure gameplay. As 
Sir Bowen, you must master over 
120 moves in third- and first-per- 
son gameplay. Seven original 
computer-generated dragons not 
in the movie are in the game, in- 
cluding one super dragon who 
inhabits a secret Battle Arena. 
—Captain Cameron 

* Batman Forever: 

The Arcade Game ^3 

I Not to be mistaken for the dismal 
1 16-bit games, this new title featur- 
I ing the Caped Crusader is the side- 
I scrolling action game that busted 
I crimefighters in the arcades. You 
I an play as Batman or Robin as 
I you blast through the streets of 
I Gotham once again, but now you 
I pick up power-ups and perform 
R super moves that clear the entire 
I screen. It looks impressive, but it 
has a ways to go .— Scary Larry 

Killing Zone 


Polygonal fighters get a fantasy treatment in Killing Zone. You match 
big r imaginative monsters from mythology (includingjan upright bull- 
headed beast and a sword-swinging skeleton warriofreminiscent of 
Ray Harryhausen's movie classic, Jason and the Argonauts). Carry the 
carnage through a Tournament mode, or design your own monsters in 
an Auto Battle mode— Doctor Devon \ 


DragonHeart: Fire & Steel 


6AMEPR0 56 November 1999 

8 demented characters 
with custom weapons 
that will crack you up! 

8 challenging races! 




ii i 
i] i 

^ ' Mm 


li'^ ;Bw*v- iwSr ijsiiil^ 

mr JAW Ir^j 


>" w r I 

' In 



Oega’s number two on the consoles and trying harder on the 
software front. Here’s a look at Sega’s Gamers' Day with previews 
of games from Sega and its third-party developers. By me undercover u» 

Sonic Blast 

(Game Gear) 

►li^SiH^Genesis) / 

Sonic blasts his way back onto 
the Genesis with an all-new look 
that's awesome. You’ll play via a 
^-overhead (isometric) view that 
enables youHb motor through 
the 32-meg cart’s 7 Zones and 
14 Acts in 360 degrees. Dr. Ro- 
ootnik’s back to terrorize crea- 
tures called Flickies. The Gamers' 
Day demo made it clear that de- 
spite the overhead view Sonic's 
fester than ever as he races to 
snatch Rings and undo Robot- 
nik’s evil deeds. 

Developed by Sega 

Available November 

hat would a Sega 
comeback be without 

Sonic the Hedgehog? With 
other stellar titles like Fight- 
ing Vipers, it doesn't appear 
that Sega is expecting the 
plucky hedgehog to carry the 
company on his shoulders; 
instead he can concentrate 
his efforts on games for five 
platforms (Saturn, Genesis, 
Game Gear, Pico, and PC). 

This cart could be called Sonic 
“2D" Blast. Unlike the Genesis 
cart, this Game Gear game goes 
for a classic look with super 
Sonic speed. Robotnik’s on the 
attack, of course, but comrade 
Knuckles, the twin-tailed fox, 
tags along to assist Sonic as he 
scoops up the Chaos Emeralds. 

Developed by Sega 
Available November 

Sor;; Y -treme (Sawm) 

_ Nash! X- 

m or 

Saturn? its 3H ofl 

f as, 1 -* 


■ x-treme, which 

■ alG ?°" asM 

Se cretNumt 
I tonally kept 

f n °uncedsurr 

Teacher’s Pet 

— At Gamers' Day Sega 
Entertainment also an- 
nounced Sonic titles for 
the PC and the Pico that 
• weren't on hand for 
- rf j demos. Sonic CD will be 
Sonic's first PC adventure 
game. Sonic vets recog 
nize it as a souped-up 

version of... well, Sonic CD. Sonic will also serve as 
host for several edutainment titles in a series called 
Sonic Schoolhouse. Finally, Sonic will again serve as 
a teacher of sorts in an educational adventure for 
the Pico. 

■ inters' Day 
I inic X-treme 
I oked x-cel- 
I nt. Once 
fain Dr. Ro- 
Jtnik is up to 
) good. This 
ne he’s out to 

«8tot n ,n ' en - (thai 

e Much later. ' X ~ ,rem e .ey,s 
Splasn, ai, u t toss 

Developed by Sega 
Available November 

GAMEPRO (ftp) November 1996 

Meet THE can of 

v i w 
v * v v 

< t i 

i ' 

v* * f 



t * 

_V ' A. 






' •• 1 ■' I 1 '. 1 






Play the trading card war game df the future^— 

Command elite troops and heavy metal ’IVIechs®. Set in fhe 
same universe as MechWarriar® : 2. Open up on a friend. 

Find out more about BattleTech® at ’% 

t - ICClCsCl Wizards of the Coast*’ Customer Service: 

XimluOT' . . (206)624-0933 m 

60-card starter decks: $8.95 
15-card booster packs: $2.95 

Sega Gamers’ Day 



lega has 

an afi-star lineup of games coming. Hei 


fj}hfig his for Christmas and beyond! 

By Scary Larry 

Dark Savior (satum) 

■ Looking awfully similar to Landstalker, Dark 
Savior is another %-overhead RPG where 
treacherous jumping and even more treach- 
erous enemies await you. More action than 
strategy, Dark Savior is an acquired taste. 

I Developed by Climax 
Available November 


Veclorman 2 

t, M 1 

Comics X-Women: 

The Sinister Virui (Genesis) 

j «■■!» j Another X-Men game, Sinister Virus features 

the vengeful vixens of the X-Men comics, the 
X-Women It still features the same pulse- 
rjj/ r mtm pounding action as in previous superhero 
PE? 9 ames . so don’t think these ladies will let you 
off lightly. 

Developed by Clockwork Portis 
Available January '97 

arings out 
more, The 

The well-rounded hero of last 
year’s sleeper hit for the Genes 
is is back, and he hasn’t lost a 
thing. Now with even more mor- 
phing action than before, this 
game really pushes the limits of 
the Genesis. The rendered sprites 
look cleaner than before, and 
the gameplay is fester. The V- 
man stands for victory for those 
gamers clinging to their 16-bit 
systems (for an announcement 
about the Vectorman movie, see 

Developed by Blue Sky Software 
Available November 

This very early title, based on the alternative 
comic book, may turn some heads this 
spring. It looks like a cross between clay- 
mation and computer-generated graphics, 

was awed. 

year ago, now has his 


extraordinary animation 
more from this game than just 
standard hoppin’ ’n’ boppin’— the 
levels so far look 
well developed, 
rounding out the 
style gameplay. 

Developed by Realtime 
Available November 

Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble 

(Genesis, Game Gear) 

Decathlete (Saturn) 

Fighting Vipers (Saturn) 

Krazy Ivan (Saturn) 

Nights (Saturn) 

Three Dirty Dwarves (Satum) 
Virtua Cop 2 (Saturn) 

Virtua Fighter Animation 

(Game Gear) 

Developed by AM 3 
Available November 

This polished poltergeist was shown at 
Gamers’ Day, and it was playable. Mr. Bones 
looks like ghoulish fun, and it even has a 
side attraction— the ability to let Mr. B wail 
on a synthetic guitar! That should help this 
game retain bragging rights on the store 

PH (62) N 



Sega Gamers’ Day 

Third-Party Parade 

Other companies besides Sega are mating Saturn and Genesis 
games. Here are highlights trom Sega s third-party licensees! 
By Major Mike 

Black Dawn (Saturn) by Virgin 
A military gunship simulation game with 
30 missions, the game also has a two- 
player Deathmatch mode. (1) 

Blast Chamber (Saturn) by Activision 
A multi player! free-for-al I , where the 
objective is to keep the bomb that's 
strapped to you from detonating. (2) 
Crime Wave (Saturn) by Eidos 
A racing/action game with eight "battle 
zones" and eight vehicles. Blast and 
smash your way to the finish line. (3) 
Die Hard Trilogy (Saturn) 
by Fox Interactive 

Three games that vary between blasting 
terrorists in a high-rise, shooting mercenar- 
ies at the airport, and racing to stop a mad 
bomber in New York City. ( 4 ) 

Hard Boiled: Nixon's Revenge (Saturn) 
by GTE Interactive 

Based on the Dark Horse Comic series, this 
driving/flight sim features four missions 
and three vehicles. ( 5 ) 

Here's Adventures (Satum) 
by LucasArts 

In this parody of Creek mythology, you 
guide one of three warriors past the perils 
of Medusa, the Cyclops, and more. (6) 

Hyper 3-D Pinball (Saturn) 
by Virgin 

Three themed pinball tables and multiple 
camera views are among the highlights of 
this rendered pinball collection. 

Mass Destruction (Satum) 

tank, you destroy everything 
in your path on 24 levels and over 4 
terrains. ( 7 ) 

MechWarrior 2 (Saturn) by Activision 
in this console version of the PC game, 
you pilot a giant mech and engage in 
combat across several landscapes. 

Mega Man 8 (Saturn) by Capcom 
Mega Man must stop the evil Dr. Wily 
through several side-scrolling stages. 
MLBPA Bottom of the 9th 
(Saturn) by Konami 

Konami steps to the plate with fully li- 
censed gameplay and rendered 3D 

NBA Hang Time (Genesis) 
by Williams 

The latest in the popular Jam series, this 
basketball game has more techniques 
and hidden surprises. (8) 

P.T.O. II (Saturn) by Koei 
A military strategy/simulation set in the 
Pacific, 1 94 1. This game enables you to 
fight the historic battles your way. 

Return Fire (Satum) by Williams 

Capture the Flag military-style; use jeeps, 
tanks, attack choppers, and other armed 
vehicles to blow your enemies to smith- 

Soviet Strike (Saturn) by Electronic Arts 
Attack-chopper mayhem with the first 
32-bit Strike game. ( 9 ) 

Spot Goes to Hollywood (Satum) 
by Virgin 

The lovable dot goes to the big screen 
with levels that spoof classic and con- 
temporary movies. (10) 

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Satum) 
by Capcom 

They’re back (again), this IHI 
more fighters, new techniques, and 

other surprises. (11) 

Street Racer (Saturn) by Ubi Soft 
Multiplayer racing fun in the vein of Su- 
per Mario Kart. SR includes a “micro" 
mode that enables you to play the game 
like Micro Machines. (12) 

puzzle game. 

Tempest 2000 (Saturn) by Interplay 

The arcade classic returns, this time with 
over 90 levels and two-player modes. 

TNN Motorsports Hardcore 4x4 
(Saturn) by ASC 

r Off-road racing, with several tracks 
(including snow, sand, and mud), multi- 
ple views, and six vehicles to choose 
from. ( 13 ) 

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Genesis) 
by Williams 

The Kombatants return in the biggest 
16-bit MK yet, with 23 fighters— includ- 
ing two who weren't in the arcade ver- 
sion! ( 14 ) 

VR Golf (Satum) by Interplay 

Tee off with this detailed golf sim that 
uses motion-capture and 3D environ- 
ments. ( 15 ) 

VR Soccer '96 (Saturn) by Interplay 

Forty-four international teams and eight 
skill levels are a few of the highlights of 
this sports title. 

Waterworld (Saturn) by Ocean 
As the Mariner in search of dry land, you 
must destroy Deacon's evil army through 
several levels of shoot-n-move action. 
Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits 
(Genesis) by Williams 
A collection of nostalgic quarter-munch- 
ers, including Sinistar, Robotron 2084, 
Joust, Defender and Defender II. (16) 



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there's plenty of acti,on^on every / Ganie B 

humongous lever* ^ ' A*!? s B VueV tha 

AOL>3 keyword: NOA • 

Df Nintendo ol An 


19 ~ 



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Look for VR Golf '97 for the Sega Saturn and PC CD-ROM tool 

© 1996 Gremlin Interacts, Ltd. All rights reserved. VR Spats, VR Gdi, VRSoccet and The Differerce Is Real are trademarks of Interplay Productions All rights reserved. Interplay rs the sole pubteher and distributor 
from and developed by Gremlin Interactive. Ltd. PlayStation and the PlayStation logo are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc Sega and Sega Saturn are trademarks of Sega Enterprises, Ltd. All tights n 



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VR Golf '97 lets you play and 
view any lie on the course from 
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the super-fast set-up between shots 
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It's technology that doesn't just look better, it plays 
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VR Golf '97. 




Virtual FieldVision “ allows you to play in real-time 
from any perspective. Change cameras on the fly 
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little maps. 

Electronically captured moves from actual pros 
and two stunning courses make for more realistic 

Immediate set-up between shots means fast 
gameplay and a great round of golf. 

Purchase VR Golf '97 and gel a copy of VR Soccer '96 for the Sony PlayStation 
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The smooth scrolling is hampered a little by difficult jumps— and the ab- 
sence of a speed button. Otherwise, this game moves faster than Final 
Doom and plays just as cleanly. Could it be the year’s supreme shooter? 

| — — 1 You be the judge in November. 

By Scary Larry 


Final Doom, Powerslave. . . they better watch their step. Dis- 
ruptor for the PlayStation is one beautiful game, and it 
plays as great as it looks. This could be the king of the cor- 
ridors this season. 


by Sony 



I ^"'7 

H-i'l ill 


iff os 

30 % 


Developed by Adrenalin 
Published by ASC 
Available November 

8 0% COMPLETE ) 

Konami continues its hardcore 
shooting tradition with a new 
Contra game for the PlayStation. 
Contra Legacy is a fast-shooting, 
bullet-ridden action test— com- 
plete with weapon power-ups, 
huge screen-filling bosses, and 

dazzling rendered backgrounds. 
Although the version we saw had 
only one level, it looks like an ap- 
pealing game so far, and fans of 
the series probably won’t be dis- 
appointed . — Scary Larry 

//. introducfojyptit 
1 Lightweight, wirelesj 3D eyeweS 
crystal shuttering technology (Lc 
1 Infrared (IR) transmiftin 
' 3D demo video ■ 

' CD-ROM with WindowS®§6pd application : 
Stereo VR.'", MUX-ir ", e$tjP Backdrops " 
• Descent ” II: DcstinatWmfBtartzor:, 3D Pc 

jjzing liquid 

Single! rac, the developers who 
brought you Warhawk, Twisted 
Metal, and Twisted Metal 2, also 
have a very cool jet-ski game. 
Set to rival Waverace 64 for 
the Nintendo 64, Jet Moto ap- 
pears to have what it takes to 
be a load of fun. Twelve mas- 
sive tracks and a laser-grap- 
pling hook that allows you to 
make sharp, whiplike turns 
should add to the fun. Great 
polygonal graphics, gorgeous 
land and sea backgrounds, and 
a variety of race options (like 
two-player competition modes) 
make Jet Moto one to look out 
for this year .— Scary Larry 

In your face, incredibly 
believable 3D effects popping off 
the screen with images so real 
you’ll think all hell broke loose! 

The VR Surfer... the only wireless 3D 
eyewear compatible with your PC and 
TV, yet costs under $100, Gaming and 
interactive entertainment with depth- 
defying visuals put you Jn the action. 
You can also build yourjjjyn 3D reality 
Easy plug and play kit ^jp,free softwa 
lets you develop 
3D content using 

■ popular graphics ^ 

programs. _ [•<%. V ^ 

and 3D Doodle 1 

• Long Life (1,000 hr.) 6V alkaline battery 

• PC and TV cables 

Available at local retailers or call toll free 

1-888-VR SURFER 

to order your VR Surfer today, or visit our website at 

To order, please give order code * I IGP. 

Stereo 3D wil 
the UR Surfer 



Developed by SingleTrac 
Published by Sony 
Available Fourth Quarter '96 


Crime Wave is about to bring 
explosive gunplay to the mean 
Saturn streets. In this over- 
head-view driving game, you 

The quickly rotating screen 
may require some drivers to 
take Dramamine, but most 
should enjoy these twisted 
thrills . — Doctor Devon 

readers. Weapons in- 
clude rockets, machine 
guns, and grenades for 

Street Race Iwosmu-i 

Fans of last year’s nifty Street 
Racer for the SNES will enjoy 
putting the pedal to the metal 
in this spirited 3D racer. Up 
to eight gamers can compete 

simultaneously in humorous 
races that owe a lot to Super 
Mario Kart. The cartoony char- 
acters wield wacky weapons for 

Road Rash-style thump- 
ing, and the 24 colorful 
tracks come alive with 
charming details. The 
Rumble mode throws you 
into an arena for bumper- 
car action. The 32-bit versions 
are due out first; the handheld 
version will follow by Thanks- 
giving— Captain Cameron 

BAMEPRO O November 1996 


in time. The missions take 
you over diverse 3D land- 
scapes populated by mutant 
spiders, big flying insects, > 
and a host of bizarre mech- ^ 
anized menaces. The shoot- " 
ing action looks like a blast 
so far, with big machine guns, 
homing missiles, flamethrowers 
and more lighting your way with 
explosive force .— Coach Kyle 


InwSMmil | Saturn | | PC | 

First-person shooting 
gets a sci-fi treatment 
in Machinehead. You 
maneuver a flying bomb 
ready to detonate if you 
can't complete the 15 
hunt-n-shoot missions 

pursue target vehicles 
through eight battle 
zones in eight high- 
powered vehicles, 

§ ranging from armed 

Developed and published by 
Eidos Interactive 
Available November 


» a 




In the near future, mankind has conquered dimensional travel but 
the door we have opened swings both ways. The peaceful city you 
have grown up in has become a haven for dark creatures from 
another world — Demons! Now it’s up to you and your friends to 
harness the hidden power within you by entering the fantasy 
game known as Persona. 

You awaken with incredible abilities that you will need to defeat 
the scores of Demon invaders and cleanse the land of their forces. 
Converse with them before doing battle to determine your best 
course of action. Fight them or enlist their aid in your mission. 
Either way, you are set for the fantasy adventure of a lifetime! 

Based on the ultra-popular, mega-hit, Megami 
Tensei series: first time to hit US shores 

100+ hours_pfcpulse pounding gameplay ^ 
Over 300 different monsters to do battle vvith 

Morph any member of your party into a ^ 
more powerful source known as “Persona” 

Fight your way to one' of many endings^^ 



. of Alius Co.. LTD. AS Rights Reserved. PlayStation the PlayStation logo, and t 

If you're still reading this, you’re just the kind of thrill-seeking lunatic we’re looking for. Because that’s what it takes to play 
2 Xtreme. The most insanely extreme game we could possibly throw your way. Whether you choose in-line skating in Las Vegas, 
mountain biking in Africa, snowboarding in Japan or skateboarding in L.A., your threshold for pain will be pushed to the 
point of unconsciousness as you punch and kick your way to the finish line. It has 12 tracks and a bunch of new maneuvers 
like 360s, ollie-airs, carves, backside rail grabs, Japans and more. You can grab Power Ups along the way, which help you to 







really pump up your point totals. You can play alone or against 
another person, with an all-new point system which allows you to 
compete in a season and earn points based on finish, maneuvers and 
how many opponents you knock down along the way. You just have to 
ask yourself one question. How crazy are you? 

Entertainment logo is a trademark of Sony Corporation. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. U R NOT Elsa trademark 
of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. © 1996 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. 2 Xtreme developed by Sony Interactive Studios America, \ 

Presenting all-new UipeOut XL for the PlayStation' game console - the definitive f 
anti-gravity racing experience. Up to IS futuristic ships race simultaneously at 
speeds SOX faster than the original- Weapons? Combat is now kill or be killed- I 
Use your destructive arsenal to blast your way to victory or die trying. There's I 
all-new tracks and more racing classes with special hidden features for those I 

skilled enough to find them- New UipeOut XL- Discover what it's like to really go fast- : PSYGN05I 

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PROTIP: Move slowly through 
the corridors— chances are 
you’ll come across a damag- 
ing booby tap. 

t r| espite all the hype and some negative 
REVIEW u feedback from the early release beta, 
the finished Quake is an excellent game. 
The latest product from the creators of 
Doom is an intense 3D corridor shooter 
that more than shows off its new play engine. 

Eat Nails! 

In Quake, you are the sole survivor of a base overrun by mon- 
sters, enemy soldiers, and other creatures. Fortunately, there are 
numerous weapons, ammo, and other items hidden in the vast 
levels to help you— along with an equal number of hidden areas 
and traps. Time to kill or be killed. 

PROTIP: Approach any box with 
a red radiation symbol on it 
with caution; shoot these 
enough times and they explode. 

The theme is the same as Doom's: Point, shoot, and get to the PROTIP: When you are up high PROTIP: Grenade and rocket 

end of each level alive. What isn’t the same is the engine: Unlike 
Doom, in Quake’s true 3D world you can jump, look up and down, 
and swim. You will make use of these new abilities to cross gaps, 
find traps, and spot enemies. 

Duke Who? 

Quake looks great, but it's not without flaws. There’s smooth, fluid 
motion and scaling. However, you should have at least a Pentium 
133 to run this game with decent resolution; lower than that, things 
get choppy. Most of the levels have gloomy, gray colors, but this 
just augments the “odds stacked against you’’ theme. The monsters 
look menacing, but up close you can almost see every bulky poly- 
gon that went into their construction. They look best at a distance. 
The sound is awesome. From the ricochet of nails fired from 

I I your gun to the grunts 
, , . and groans of the vari- 

ant# enemies are below you, 
do a little rain dance with the 
grenade gun. Grenades will 
bounce around and decimate 
anything in the room. 

launchers send zombies back 
to the grave tor good; other 
weapons knock them down 
only temporarily. 

, ,, nnnnn ,, u. rnunr: aome swiwnes are 

ous monsters, tire audio ™np;(te » «*r 9™ embedded ie nans and OIK ol 

effects are clear and ef- '» *»P Shambleis m no tone. )0IIr Kach Jllmp ^ 

fective. The music by Nine Inch Nails is equally impressive, shotgun at these switches to 

With harsh, rockin’ guitar riffs, and creepy low-key synthe- activate them. 
sizers, the music goes perfectly with each level and thor- 

combat, when one wrong move could cost you your life. 

In Quake’s Wake 

Quake may not be the earth-shattering game it was hyped 
to be, but it’s certainly a very enjoyable one. The new 
game engine and other elements make it both a blast to 

PROTIP: Don’t waste your ammo on this 
boss at the end of the first world; in- 
stead, run upstairs and tag the three 

oughly enhances the overall atmosphere. 

r i ^ 

The controls are easy and accurate. Using the key- 
board is a breeze, even when you need to execute multiple 
functions. This is especially helpful in the middle of furious 

switches on the ground. This sets him play and a worthy successor to the Doom throne. 
up for a little shock therapy. 


ovember 1S96 

! Infinity logo i 

©1996 Stor 


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Creationists and evolutionists and, yes, the JFK assassina- 
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adventure game, you become centuries . — Madd Max 

entangled in an alien conspir- 
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“true" origins of mankind, you 
navigate through four mysteri- 
ous realms to find relics of 
ancient knowledge. Labyrinths 
of challenging puzzles obstruct 
your path. Success reveals 
links to controversial historical 
events and items including the 
Ark of the Covenant, Roswell, 
the Philadelphia Experiment, 

Available Fourth Quarter ’96 

ukowntCiO D 

CrimjK js out of control, and the cops have been replaced by 
bounty fiuntem like $pu. Ho courts, no trials... just instant 
retribution. Tire up one oi eight heavily -armed vehicles 
and buzz through eight zones oi digitized devastation. Use guns 
grenades, rocket launchers, tire treads .. .whatever it takes. 
Alter all, you don’t get paid ior being nice . 

By Maxis 

Available November 

Sharpen your swords: Origin s selves in intrepid adventures, 
taking RPGs to the next level This dazzling fusion of online 
with Ultima Online, a revolu- gaming and a classic RPG will 
tionary approach to multiplayer surely score big with PC 
gaming that allows thousands gamers — Air Hendrix 

of players to interact in a mas- 
sive real-time RPG via the In- 
ternet. By hooking up to Ori- 
gin’s servers, gamers 

can join in an ongoing 
RPG adventure where \ 
they build their charac- f && 
ters’ skills, cut deals ' 

with other gamers or '■ i' 1 

NPCs, amass wealth, 
create and run guilds, 
slay dragons, and oth- 
erwise embroil them- 

By Origin Systems 
Available Spring ’97 


Take a break from building 
SimCities and hit the links. 
SimGolf adjusts its swing by 
doing away with the standard 
power bar; instead, you use 
the mouse to move the club 

and hit the ball. Naturally, 
golfers can create their own 
golf courses, and world- 
renowned course designer 
Robert Trent Jones is on hand 
to teach you how. Multiplayer 
tee time goes down 
over the Internet, and 
: £ *-* SimGolf’s strong 3D 
graphics will enable 
(P~—r you to look around 
and see friends play- 
^.iq, - ing on other holes. 


Win 95| | Mac | 



Drop that remote. Tuio action-packed StarllJars games haue arriued - speciallg enhanced 1 for the 
PlayStation 1 " yame.consnte. Bark forces" surrounds gee mith its uisceral brand of first-person fire- 
power. uijiile Bebel Assault II: He Bidden Entpire 1 ." launches its perfect combination of liue-action 
oideo and intense space combat. Ihe oltimate StarllJars euperiences - both designed to take maHimnm 
adoantage of tbe porner foand in the ultimate game systam lliho said there's nothing good on Til? 

The Best Multi-Player Action On The PlayStation! 

For Up To 4 Players Via PlayStation Multitap 



INCREDIBLE 3D GRAPHICS showcase the power of 
the Sony PlayStation! 

Use athletic finesse to SCORE GOALS or use the 
BALL AS A WEAPON to take out your opponents. 

12 DISTINCT ALIEN RACES compete in unique 
arenas throughout the universe each with varied 
gravity, weather conditions and power ups. 

The best multiplayer action on the PlayStation! Hot 
f OUR PLAYER action using the PlayStation Multitap. 

FULL SEASON LEAGUE PLAY with statistics. 

or BRIBES to buy free agents, power ups and new 

Discover the HIDDEN CHARACTERS that stand 
between you and Pitball glory. 

Voice over by legendary ring announcer Michael 

\rrni \ nr_ 


To order direct call: 1.800.245.7744 | 


Keep your eyes open as the crowd throws out 
SPECIAL POWER-UPS to their favorite competitors 
or DEADLY TRAPS to the visiting teams! 

12 alien races square off in the greatest contact _ 
sport ever played. Face the life-and-death 
EXCITEMENT of tournament play or experience 
the DEPTH of full season mode! 

Virtua Fighter 3 has arrived! 
GamePro finally gets a chance to 

early version of what 
could be one of the best fighting 
games on the planet. 

By Bruised Lee 

Taka Arashl's size alone is enough to Intimidate his opponent. 

Q verthe last year there’s 
been a lot of hype sur- 
rounding Virtua Fighter 3. 
Until now, only a demo tape of 
VF3 had been shown to maga- 
zine editors. On tape, the char- 
acters and the environments 
displayed some of the best- 
looking texture-mapped graph- 
ics ever seen. However, though 
there were some scenes with 
physical contact between two 
characters, there had always 
been skepticism: Could Sega’s 
AM2 (the game’s design team) 
really make such advanced 
graphics part of the gameplay? 

Virtua Reality 

Now that VF3 is playable, all 
lingering doubts have been 
put to rest. Visually, VF3 con- 
tinues an AM2 tradition of 
making the game live up to 
the standards of the introduc- 
tory scenes. Many games have 
beautifully rendered intros that 
set up a story line and try to 
grab the player's attention. Un- 
fortunately, often the game it- 

self is nothing like those open- 
ing scenes and looks graphi- 
cally stripped down by com- 
parison. Every gamer has at 
one time or another pointed 
at those cool introductory cin- 
ematics and said, "I wish the 
game looked like that." 

This has never been the 
case with AM2’s games. From 
the early days of the Model 1 
board that brought Virtua Rac- 

ing and Virtua Fighter to life, to 
Daytona and Virtua Fighter 2 
on the Model 2 board, AM2 
has always delivered excellent 
graphics. Using the Model 3 
board, AM2 continues its win- 
ning track record with Virtua 
Fighter 3. Watch closely and 
you'll see some truly impres- 
sive visual effects, especially in 
the realistic backgrounds: For 
instance, fighters leave tracks 

in the sand and snow, leaves 
swirl along the ground as you 
walk past them, and water 
splashes when characters 
walkthrough small puddles. 

The levels vary in shape 
and elevation, providing both 
visual variety and new battle 
strategies. You’ll have to watch 
where you’re standing in rela- 
tion to your opponent to make 
sure you don’t give up a high- 
ground advantage and to make 
sure your attacks land accu- 
rately. Moreover, the new back- 
grounds don't always allow 
ring-out victories— some levels 
are enclosed, enabling you to 
corner juggle for several hits, a 
la Fighting Vipers. 

Virtua Fighters 

The fighters are a blend of old 
and new. In addition to the ten 
characters from VF2, two new 
fighters, Aio Umenokouji and 
Taka Arashi, bring the total to 
an even dozen. Aio is a female 
fighter who incorporates the 
graceful art of fan dancing into 

Akira still relies on VF2 fighting tactics to 
claim his victory. 

Aoi's speedy attacks are no match for lau. 

■* umw 


iflife Ai!i\r£ "Hlllil 


PfiTTiTifllMifsii I »Trl 

play, AM2 added a dodge but- 
ton to the controls. The dodge 
feature allows more 3D move- 
ment in the environments and 
gives you the ability to avoid 
certain incoming attacks. 

Each returning character 
retains their basic VF2 fighting 
style with several new moves, 
but general fighting skills have 
changed. Throws are now exe- 
cuted with a punch, guard, 
and certain joystick motions. 
Knocking an opponent to the 
ground may be harder to ac- 
complish than it was 
in VF2. 

Fighters also 
have the ability to 
perform motion-blur 
attacks. As your 
fighter comes in with 
an attack, his limb 
leaves a translucent 
trail of two or three 
previous frames of 
animation. Like nor- 
mal attacks, blur 
attacks only register one hit, 
but the damage is greater. 

the Aikido fighting style. Taka 
Arashi is a powerfull sumo 
wrestler with moves and a 
fighting style similar to Gan- 
ryu's in Tekken 2. 

Interestingly, all the charac- 
ters have new outfits that don’t 
really fit the fighters' images. For 

example, Shun sports hip-hop 
street gear, while Wolfs cowboy 
outfit looks like something he 
stole from the Village People. 

Virtua Fighting 

There's good and bad news in 
the gameplay. The best news 

is that VF3’s gameplay is faster 
than VF2’s. However, the faster 
gameplay does take some time 
to get used to (in fact, some of 
the animations look unrealistic 
in this speedy upgrade), but 
given time players should ad- 
just. In addition to faster game- 

The Future ts Now 

AM2 delivers the final blow to 
their competitors with true cut- 
ting-edge graphics and superb 
realism. Fans of the VF series 
are sure to get their quarters’ 
worth this winter. 

They learned 
everything from 
their parents, 
fixeept respect 


«£_ — 

i. Trouble is. somebody forgot to teach them how to be nice little boys and girls. These kids kick. They smash, 
id would probably never approve of. But don't worry. The only spankings in this game will come in the 
II over, you'll have the privilege of saying you slapped around some pint-sized punk. 


Pj [T| ■ IJ ir : 

l JfT Ul.l 


By Major Mike 

Price not 

PROTIP: In Level 27 (Ghost 
Tom), the water has the same 
effect as a toxic pool. Stand in 
it and you take damage. 

PROTIP: Versus Cacodemons, 
use the chain-gun or plasma 
rifle and blast away unmerci- 
fully. They’ll never get the 
chance to launch a fireball. 

Despite graphic break- 
tU up, distortion, and pix- 
elization when you get up close 
and personal with monsters, 

..... i ■ ■ . , 

temon, run like 
He fires three 

PROTIP: Agains 
crax V when he . 
rockets conseci 
y°" instantly. 

ah the sound effects, 
EX9 from the fatal death 
scream to the stomping hooves 
of the Cyberdemon, are excel- 
lent. Although the new music is 
so subtle you have to make an 
effort just to hear it, some of 
the best selections from the 
first game have been retained. 

Final Doom is loaded with sadistic, 
twisted levels that only a Doom fan 
could love! 

What can you say? 
h&a Doom’s a blast, and this 
is more Doom, with much harder 
levels. However, the monsters 
lack variety, and the best ones 
only make brief appearances. 

Wl The controls are perfect 
Ull for fast and furious fun. 
Added mouse compatibility is sure 
to help PC Doomers. 

-i dealing with Arachnotrons, 
r shotgun and fire at them as 
em. Never stand still because 

bolts can drop you in second: 


lovember 1996 

PROTIP: This is always a useful 
strategy: Create confusion by 
making your enemies attack 
each other. This saves you the 
trouble (and ammo) of killing 
them yourself! 

PROTIP: When you're assaulted 
by a gang of monsters, first 
take out the former Marines 
toting chain-guns, shotguns, 
or rifles. You can’t dodge this 
weapons fire. 

I mitation is the sincerest 
form of flattery, as Final 
Doom proves with levels 
constructed by the game's 
adoring and fanatical fans! 

After one sequel and 
countless imitations, Doom 
may be finally closing its gate- 
ways to Hell, id Software, the 
game’s developer, claims that 
Final Doom is the last in this 
classic corridor-shooter se- 
ries— at least on the PC. For 

Dangling limbs and other body 
parts galore this time around! 

PROTIP: Some walls are phony, 
so you can actually walk right 
through them! These are usu- 
ally safe havens containing 
valuable items. 

consoles, Doom 64 (for Nin- 
tendo 64) proves otherwise, 
and for the PlayStation... who 
knows? If indeed this is the 
end of Doom, at least it’s 
going out, appropriately, with 
a bang. 

It Ain’t Fair, Man! 

Final Doom compiles 30 of the 
choicest levels from the 64 
that appeared in the PC ver- 
sion. There are three episodes: 
Master Levels, TNT, and Pluto- 
nia. Each one is filled with 
huge, perplexing, and some- 
times sadistic levels, although 
they’re populated by monsters 
you’ve blown away a thousand 
times before. The emphasis 
here is on puzzle-solving, and 
some levels are so complex 
you’ll spend more time search- 

PROTIP: Bulldog demons are 
fine one-on-one— just don’t let 
several of them corner you. One 
blast from the super shotgun 
usually does the trick. 

ing for the exit than fighting 
bloodthirsty creatures. 

Gamers who’ve played 
Doom: Custom PlayStation 
Edition inside and out may 
think they've seen it all. How- 
ever, Final Doom demon- 
strates that there's some fight 
left in the classic point-and- 
shoot formula. In fact, Doom 
rookies will find this version 
too difficult. Seasoned vets 
will find Final Doom a worthy 
challenge, even if it’s not com- 
pletely satisfying. 

Final Critiques 

The biggest problem with 
Final is the game’s brevity. 
Thirty levels are not enough 
to satisfy the appetite of any 
Doom-hungry player! 

Another shortcoming is 
that Final looks pretty much 
identical to its predecessor, 
with no real modifications 
made to the adversaries or 
weapons. Though unfortu- 
nately, some of the toughest 
monsters from the earlier ver- 
sion, like the Mancubus and 
the Cyberdemon, hardly make 
an appearance. 

This is not to say all the 
elements mimic the previous 
Doom’s. There are a few new, 
awesome, eye-candy visual 
effects such as star-filled skies. 




cracks in walls, and severed 
limbs hanging from the ceiling 
(especially in the aptly titled 
Human Barbecue level) that 
add to the creepy atmosphere 
and enhance the game’s mood 
of, well, doom. 

Farewell to Hell? 

When Doom hit the PlayStation 
last year, it was the king of 
the corridor shooters. Now 
Doom and Final Doom form 
the best one-two PlayStation 
punch to date. However, with 
other promising Doom-style 
titles (like Disruptor and Pow- 
erslave) lurking in the shad- 
ows, Final Doom could very 
well be the final Doom. HI 

By Air Hendrix 

S59.99 2 players 

Annum. <■*“ 

0.l.l.r ta " el 

Anllgravity fl lracl<s 

racing 2 views 

i v -as Wipeout XL 

(By Psygnosis) 

PROTIP: Use the airbrakes to 
spin your craft into tight turns. 

PROTIP: Fire quake disrupters from a distance to pre- 
vent the track from bucking underneath your craft and 
slowing you down. 

H old onto your helmets, race fans— 
one of the year’s top games is 
rocketing toward your PlayStation. 
Wipeout XL redefines racing excitement 
with electrifying gameplay, smokin’ graph- 
ics, and silky-smooth controls. 

PROTIP: Save a good weapon, 
such as a rocket, to blast any- 
one in your path at the finish. 

B lf XL's trappings don’t 

engage you, the riveting | 
-your-seat gameplay 
I with all the hidden 
ind modes, the thrills 
ide quickly. 

, Target Locked 

Wipeout XL’s antigravity mayhem goes 
down in time trial races against the clock or in an 
exhibition-style Arcade mode. Placing first on all six 
tracks unlocks hidden modes and tracks, and all the 
original weapons show up to help you battle past 
the field of 12 racers. The ships also bristle with 
new armaments like plasma 
bolts, autopilots, and thunder 

But Wipeout pros will face 
more than just new tracks: All 
the ships now sport shields 
that take damage from fire- 
power and collisions, and only 
a detour into the pit will keep 1 
you charged. There’s time pres- 

PROTIP: For a powered-up start, hold your 
Thrust meter steady as pictured above, then 
nail Button x when the announcer says “Go! 


~ j Wipeout XL raises the bar | 
I on PlayStation graphics 
ipressively smooth, detailed 

I backgrounds and jaw-dropping 
weapons effects. 


PROTIP: Autopilots only disengage when your ship levels out, 
them on twisty sections that force them to last longer. 

sure as well— if you're late 
for the checkpoint, it's game 
over, man. 

The original Wipeout trou- 
bled many gamers with its 
tough-to-master controls, so 
Psygnosis took pains to rem- 
edy that flaw in XL. The fluid 
steering handles smoothly, 
and collisions along the side 
happen more fairly and less 

Gold Medals 

Psygnosis enlisted top techno 
talent to keep the soundtrack 
thumpin’. Killer tunes by the 
likes of the Chemical Brothers 
and Prodigy maintain the in- 
tense pace, while the cool 

Even better, XL’s gorgeous 
graphics rivet your attention 
to the screen. Since the origi- 
nal game, the clarity and 
frame rate have been jacked 
through the roof, and that 
shows when you streak past 
lush rain forests and eerily 
decrepit train stations. The 
ships have been remodeled 
with a sweet new look, in- 
cluding the eye-catching en- 
gine flames, and the combat 
explodes with spectacular 
new effects like a quake dis- 
ruptor that buckles the track. 

Instant Addiction 

With such across-the-board 
innovations, XL is no mere 

announcer updates you on 
the latest developments in 
a futuristic, computerlike 
voice. The unearthly weap- 
ons effects, such as the elec- 
tric sizzle of the shields and 
the fiery rocket explosions, 
complete the sweet sounds. 

sequel. The sheer joy of the 
absorbing racing and combat 
will glue you to the controller 
till dawn, and the depth of 
the gameplay promises many 
more similar nights. This one’s 
worth saving up to buy the 
first day it’s out. ■ 

low or it makes a good shortcut around the 

opponent, but they're difficult to aim. 

regular track 

PROTIP: The angle of your nose is cru- 
cial for tight steering on ascents and 
descents. Always match the angle of 
the tracks as tightly as possible. 




- -fiA 


0:2>. s 

PROTIP: To keep from being passed, 
fire as soon as you have a rear lock 
with a missile. 


PROTIP: Max out your air on jumps by hold- 
ing Down. You’ll often pass a few ships with 

GAMEPRO November 1996 

hes, piranhas, monsters 
and mutants. SPOT’s somehow 
managed to land himself in a world made of movies. Even 
his agent can’t help him now. Can you? In the movie-spoof 
worlds of classic blockbusters, westerns, Kung Fu, UFO’s 
and a whole bunch more, the player’s job is simple: keep SPOT 
alive long enough for him to “do” lunch. Not become lunch. 

^ Over 20 levels of 
arcade-style action 
and puzzle gameplay 

^ 20 minutes of 

integrated cinematics 

£ Rich, vibrant graphics 
with isometric viewpoint 
and 3-0 rendered worlds 

^ CD-(^uality sound 

Visit our web site at 

©1996 Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. The SPOT character is a registered trademark of Dr Pepper/Cadbury North America, Inc. 

Virgin is a registered trademark of Virgin Enterprises, Ltd. Burst is a trademark of Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

Star Gladiator 

(By Capcom) 

By Art Angel n 

PROTIP: As the ( 

S tar Gladiator mixes 
elements of other 
3D fighting games like 
Toshinden and Soul Edge 
with original concepts 
from Capcom’s endless 
Street Fighter resources. 

Its visual appeal and 
outstanding control will 
put other 3D games on 
their backs. Now we’re 
wondering: Can Street 
Fighter 3D be far behind? 

This futuristic weapon-based fighting game features 
weird, mutant characters with a vast array of attack 
moves and counters, many of which are reminiscent of 
Street Fighter 2 and its sequels. In all, you can choose 
from nine dynamic characters (and three secret charac- 
ters that appear randomly). Beat your opponents into 
submission with cool-looking super moves and devas- 
tating Plasma Combos, then slash, kick, and strike down 
the galaxy’s fiercest fencers on your way to Bilstein, the 
evil genius who originally created the plasma weapons 
for world domination. 

Those of you who’ve waited for true 3D combat will 
be content with the home translation of Capcom's ar- 
cade hit, Star Gladiator. For your patience, you'll be re- 
warded with a great fighting game. 

p ROnp : j u 

<d 9 in g and 
you’ll n ve 

sW ord-wlelding Gerelt, 

,11 combo leaisln' 0 *' 

rfetfor «" 

’os deadly. 

PROTIP: Use theft 
tensh/ely to practh 
explosive Plasma 
We key to success 

Star Gladiator pla 


Unique character de- 
4 5 signs and sharp back- 
ground graphics set this game 
apart from most 3D fighting 
games. Freeze-frame finishing 
moves keep you coming back 
for more. 

^ Control 

^ » Special moves and 
4 . S counters require some 
practice, but the controls in 
general are quite responsive, 
especially blocking. If you go for 
the big blow and miss, blocking 
will become your natural ally. 


Bone-crunching axes 
4 5 and air-slicing swords 
sound nice and crisp. Although 
some characters' ground attacks 
sound more like duds than thuds, 
the sound of special attacks will 
be music to your ears. 

Igt Fun Factor 

The one-player Arcade 
4 . 5 mode isn’t challenging 
at the default settings, so try 
playing it a few notches up. The 
real thrill, however, is pulveriz- 
ing your friends, especially with 
multihit combos. 

GAMEPII (106) N 

ovember 1996 

0 8 r0CV Tracks- 





You don't need codes to play as the bosses! 
The evil Akuma, the powerful M. Bison, and 
— Dan are already In the lineup. 

PROTIP: The proper way to per- 

form Chain Combos is to time 
each move one after another. 

J|treet Fighter Alpha 2 con- 
^ tinues Capcom’s record of 
lr successful arcade-to-Play- 
Station conversions, offering 
the biggest lineup in the series 
yet, with 18 selectable fighters. 
Joining the 13 SFA combatants 
are old veterans Dhalsim and 
Zangief and newcomers 
Sakura, Rolento, and Gen. 

Capcom didn't just throw 
gamers a quick bone with new 
fighters; two new combo sys- 

ing mode, a shortcut load- 
time feature, and extra turbo 
settings that dust the speed 
of the arcade version. 

Alpha 2 is nothing less 
than a perfect arcade-to- 
home translation. The addi- 
tional fighters are great and 
the new combo systems en- 
hance the gameplay. H 

PROTIP: Use Zangief 's Spinning 
Lariat to counter projectiles and 
hit your opponent. (For a list of 
moves and combos, see “The 
Fighter’s Edge’’ in this issue.) 



Fun Factor 

Street Fighter Alpha 2 

(By Capcom) 

m (By 031 


$59.95 Fighting 
SH Available 2 players 
■■ October 

By Bruised Lee 

J Capcom’s fighting equa- 
tion: Alpha 2 * Solid 
| controls = Perfection. If you can't 
ill off the moves, you're either 
I doing them wrong or you’re using 
a substandard controller. 

All the fighting voices 
PQEfl and sound effects are 
excellent. It's disappointing, 
however, that you’re stuck with 
the remixed music, with no op- 
tion for the original tunes. 

I Wl The new backgrounds 
PJLB clearly stand out with 
sharp details and colors that 
are more vibrant than the first 
version's. All the characters re- 
tain their smooth animations 
from the original SFA. 

I Vj Alpha 2 is designed for 
jLlLfl fighting enthusiasts. 
Beginners can prevail using the 
helpful Training mode, while ex- 
perts sweat it out with eight 
difficulty settings. 

terns have also been added. 
Linking moves have been re- 
placed by original 
SF chain combos, 
and also new are 
Custom Combos 
that work off the 
Super bar. Cus- 
tom Combos pro- 
vide fighters with 
a speed burst, en- 
abling them to 
chain attacks and 
special moves to- 
gether for several 
hits, but only for 
a limited time. 

This version 
includes a train- 


Cnoss-I/P COMMS 

PROTIP: An easy way per- 
form a cross-up combo is 
to start by sweeping your 
opponent (hold Down and 

PROTIP: After you knock 
down your opponent, jump 
in deep and tap Forward 
Kick to start the cross-up. 

GAME PRO © November 1996 












PROTIP: Save the scarce u> 
getting out of tight spots. 

P roject Overkill, a flawed 
but engaging Loaded- 
style shoot-em-up, is 
set in a distant future where 
corporations squabble over 
planetary territory. You’re 
strapped into the boots of 
a four-person mercenary 
squad assigned to obliterate 
the competition. The faint of 
heart need not apply— this 
gorefest erupts with blood. 

It splashes across the walls, 
spurts from bullet-ridden 
corpses, and even sticks to 
your feet, leaving footprints 

Project Overkill 


By Air Hendrix 

The awesome weapons 
give you plenty of opportu- 
nity to spill that blood as 
you go about slaughtering 
your foes and demolishing 
key equipment. Overkill’s 
raucous gameplay supplies 
fierce action, serious chal- 
lenge, and never-ending lev- 
els. But the fun's marred by 
problematic controls, and 
the limited per- 
spective narrows 
your line of sight 
during combat. 

While Overkill 
doesn't best Loaded, 
it delivers a fresh 
dose of mayhem 
that should en- 
tertain action 
fiends for quite 
sometime. □ 

the ia»£«r i* h*®^- 

Fun Factor 




(By Virgin) 

By Johnny Ballgame 

0 $59.95 2 player 

p Available 16 Stages 

V 0clober ^overhead 

• Capture the view 

PROTJP: Save your teleports until you are 
about to be tagged, then disappear from 
sight. You will be easy prey If you run out. 

PROTIP: Build bridges across empty 
Spaces, but cross them fast because they 
evaporate after a short time. 

PROTIP: Don’t waste time looking for power- 
ups. Capture the first flag immediately or 
you’ll play catch-up the rest of the game. 

rifejS-'v * $ — '-"'j t § r‘. 

I o v e m b e r 1S9B 


?C : The gam of ycutr- choice 

2jfVJ 1 rli* :p 'iVri F'-ur.rut-uT Pri ?** 

)«%liElV«i® (a™#™ T-Shirt 

(jtillll 1 olllil'i-uloi' 
btololi flyout' 

H can you take a few minutes to answer some questions for us? Please fill 
out the following survey and fax, e-mail, or snail mail it (or a copy) back to GamePro 
by November 30, 1 996. You'll be entered into a contest to win the prizes shown. 

Your name Age 

CHy State Zip 


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1) Please indicate whether you read and/or how useful you found each of the following 
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The Cover 

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The Mail: Head 2 Head 

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Art Attack 

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GamePro Online 

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Nintendo 64: What's Next? 

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Sega Gamers' Day 

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The 16-Bit Gamer's 
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$59.95 1 player 

E verybody’s favorite 
soft-drink spokesman is 
back in his own 32-bit 
game. Spot Coes to Holly- 
wood tries hard to show up 
the other platform pretenders, 
but it fells short due to mas- 
sively difficult controls. 

In Spot, you hop and shoot 
through 20 levels, collecting 
Spot Dots as you battle a huge 
and colorful variety of cartoon 
enemies. Among them are 
sniffing sharks and gun-sling- 
ing cows, all beautifully illus- 
trated on the PlayStation. 

The settings are as imagi- 
native as the enemies. You 
romp through adventure, hor- 
ror, and pirate sets, along with 
three bonus areas. In addition 
to shooting enemies, you also 
ride a mine cart, down space 
ships, and collect stars to ac- 
cess the bonus rounds. 

It’s a great time— if you can 
learn to control the squirrelly 
Spot. Even with the ability to 
configure the control pad, you 
may find Spot accidentally 
jumping the wrong way. For 
example, pushing Right on the 
control pad makes Spot go 
forward, which would be fine 
if this were a side scroller, but 
in the M-overhead view, mak- 
ing accurate jumps becomes 
very frustrating. However, if 
you master the controls, Spot 
rewards you with a great-look- 
ing, funny game. □ 



PROT1P: If you get to a spot that has 
a box marked "Push” and you go 
the wrong way, move off the screen, 
then come back and try to push the 
box again. 

PROTIP: Don't be so hasty to shoot Hems. 
Stand away from carrier items like crates 
and urns. Enemies lurk inside. 

PROTIP: In Lost Ruins, rid your- 
self of these large stone stat- 
ues by igniting bombs near 
them. Collect the B icon, then 
blast away to uncover secret 
areas, which usually hide 

PROTIP: Check the bookcases in the haunted 
house. There are secret areas behind them. 

glow to collect the bonus. 

PROTIP: In Laboratory 
Torment, try to reach 
higher ground by 
tightening the torture 
rack and springing off 
the bodies. 

GAMEPII (m) November 1818 

Fun Factor 



The graphics are the best 


part, even though there 

are no wrecks. The clear track of 
Crazy Coaster and the fine intro 
footage make glittering eye candy. 

I Take these uncomplicated 
UU Toons to the track for an 
interesting new take on traditional 
racing. You’ll have fun fun fun till 
your daddy takes the T-Bird away. 

Fun Factor 



Bubbly music, humorous 


voices, and lots of bo- 

ingy sound effects contribute nicely 
to the cartoon atmosphere. 

I Wacky power-ups (like a 
I two-ton weight) juice the 
fun, though choosing them from the 
spinning menu and using them can 
be awkward. The cars can also be 
tough to maneuver. 

GAMEPII (m) November 1SS6 

PROTJP: When enemies charge 
you, use the Roll move to get 
out of the way, then turn and 

PROW: You can’t pick up ene- 
mies’ points if they fall into the 
water after you shoot them. 

A racer with "toon" in the 
title may sound silly, but 
don't sell MotorToon Grand 
Prix 2 short: It’s slick, fast, 
and, yes, goofy fun for real 
race fans. 

MTGP2 has a lot of style. 

As in cartoons, the game’s 
eight flexible vehicles stretch 
as they careen around the cor- 
ners of the five colorful tracks. 
The racing scenario isn't as 
sophisticated as in more seri- 

PROW: For smooth handling 
and great cornering, choose 
Princess Jean's car. By con- 
trast, the Penguins’ vehicle is 
one of the hardest to steer. 

PROW: The aerial 
view offers a good 
look at the scenery, 
but ultimately it’s 
too hard to race in 
that perspective. 

PROW: The key to winning is driving over 
the red chevrons to get the speed bursts 
that propel you past the leaders. 

Floating Runner is a light- 
weight, totally inoffen- 
sive, and uncomplicated game. This 
disc is for your kid brother or sis- 
ter to play until Barney comes on. 



Grand Prix 2 

By Doctor Devon 

By Coach Kyle 

ous racers; for example, you 
can't upgrade your car. De- 
spite this drawback, though, 
this game gets intense. Gen- 
tlemen, start your Toons! § 

There's not much to do 
besides run, jump, and 
shoot. Your jump can be imprecise, 
especially when you're leaping across 
several small platforms. 

W hen gripping 
action games 
like Resident Evil 
have left you 
drained, you might 
take a gentle jog 
through Floating Run- 
ner's colorful worlds. 

The gimmick here is 
that your hop-n-bop 
hero doesn't float, 
the ground does. The MOW: Use your Roll move (Button R1 or 
game sends you run- R2) and not y° ur i um P 10 m0l/e side to side 
• „ • • ' . across these tricky high beams. 

ning, jumping, and ’ 

shooting across imaginative 
landscapes that can become 
narrow strips of airborne plat- 
forms. The simple shooting 
may add up to a few hours 
of buoyant fun for younger 
players. □ 







m ove over, Doom! Powerslave is a fresh clone of the corridor-shooting 
engine. It’s sports a unique theme and the red-hot itchy-trigger-finger 
t action that shooters love. 

fl Twitch ot fate 

Powerslave features many elements long admired by fans of this genre: massive 
weapons, side-to-side strafing, hidden areas, and non-stop shooting. And there's 
more— you can look up and down, and you can jump to different ledges. Twitch 
gamers (fans of Doom, Duke Nukem, etc.) may also find that they enjoy the 
Egyptian flavor that permeates Powerslave like embalming herbs. 

The premise will seem standard to this Indiana Jones-lovin’ generation— you are 
an adventurer seeking wealth and glory in the tombs of Egypt, only to come across 
a haunted pyramid. The undead minions begin their march into the outer world, 



PROTIP: Ammo is hard to come by. 
Conserve it by using the machette 
to destroy barrels, urns, fire pots, 
and other small containers. 

PROTIP: Throw bombs at any suspicious- 
looking spaces or discolorations in the 
wall. Most likely they’re hidden areas. 

PROTIP: You'll hear the falcons before you 
see them (they blend Into the scenery). Just 
shoot straight ahead with the pistol when 
you first hear them— you'll hit them from 
across the screen. 

Smooth scrolling helps 
M w M the fluid controls, which 
are limited to four buttons- 
shoot, switch, command, and 
jump. You can also look up and 
down with little difficulty. 

KMjfl The sounds hypnotize 
with some Ramses-rave 
house sounds. But if the pyra- 
mid muzak doesn’t catch you, 
the solid explosions and death 
screams will. 

slave will test the shooting skills 
of all gamers. If you’ve plowed 
through Doom and you’re looking 
for more bodies to bag, check 
out Powerslave. 

Fun Factor 


BAMEPII (Tig) November 199B 

and you are their last obstacle. 

You travel a ton of Nile 
miles— from the sanctuary 
of the Pharoah Ramses to 
smoothly illustrated under- 
water levels, and even to the 
depths of a raging volcano! All 
the scenes are gorgeously ren- 
dered, with smooth texture- 
mapping and distinctive back- 
grounds (non-existent in simple 
corridor shooters like Kileak). 

The Slaue 
Remains the Same 

The enemies are the game’s 
weak spot. You'll see falcons, 
crabs, piranha, mummies, and 
loyal subjects of the Pharoah, 
but not much else. More vari- 
ety could only have improved 
this otherwise stellar game. 

Powerslave should wake up 
some people: This awesome 
Saturn shooter combines puz- 
zles, pyramids, and pulse- 
pounding excitement into one 
tight package, all using the Sat- 
urn's processors like no game 
has before. Doom better get to 
steppin’, because Powerslave is 
ready to kick it! □ 

PROT1P: When you acquire the 
Invisibility talisman, quickly 
explore as much of the area as 
you can. You’ll go undetected, 
and you can always come back 
with guns a-blazin’. 






PROTIP: Don’t stand next to fire- 
pots— they explode and inflict 
damage. Shoot them from a 

PROTIP: You can find the San- 
dals in the Kamak Sanctuary. 
When you find them, you can 
jump huge gaps and reach 
higher ledges. 

PROTIP: Use the Sobek Mask 
to breathe underwater for a 
short period of time. You can 
find it in the Sobek Temple. 

PROTIP: Use this magical 
shawl to boat down into deep 
pits. If you’ve fallen into one 
and died earlier in the game, 
go back and use the shawl to 
search it again. 

GAMEPII ( 119 ) November 1896 

Street Fighter Alpha 2 

(By Capcom) Hw ffl —— 

By Major Mike j&lil \1 

you use a Custom Combo. 
Once you activate one, 
you can’t jump, you're 
stuck facing one direc- 
tion, and you can’t turn 
around until the move 
wears off. ► 

H ow long can Capcom reinvent the Street Fighter series 
before the well runs dry? Maybe forever! Street Fighter 
Alpha 2 proves the big -G” still has the stuff to turn out 
another topnotch addition to this classic fighting-game series. 

So what’s new in Alpha 2? Zangief, Dhalsim, Sakura, Rolento, 
and Cen have been added. Also now selectable are Alpha’s two 
boss characters, Akuma and Bison, and a hidden character, Da.n. 

■Cool TCwtechnfciues, particularly the Custom., Combo, en- 
hance the gameplay. Custom Combos begin with a Super Move 
followed by Special Moves you can bust consecutively and with- 
out delay. These combos enable you to pummel an opponent 
for a limited time. Alpha 2 also loses Alpha's Linking Combos. 

In tjie “old but new" department, Alpha 2 returns the superb 
Training mode from tne first home version. You also get eight 
turbo speeds. 

BHSPsPFighter fans can rejoice— Alpha 2 is another excellent 
arcade translation. □ 

PROTIP: Although the controls for Sakura’s 
moves are executed the same as Ryu’s, they 

Just like with the Super Moves, if you finish an 

. . have different effects. For example, 

opponent with a Shadow Move you get a flashy dashes before her uppercut, and hei 
finish— this time the burst is blue! ca ne Kick arcs. 

ffh. Fun Factor 

Alpha 2 has everything 
4.5 a good SF translation 
needs: Great controls, looks, com- 
bos, and special moves. Chalk up 
another winning home-to-arcade 


4 5 
with thi 
All the 1 


The sprite-munching 
Saturn has no problems 

been perfectly translated from 
the arcade version. 


4 5 
cuted 1 
ever, is 
you mu 


The Special and Super 
Moves are easily exe- 
rhe only drawback, how- 
the Taunt move, where 
st press the top L and R 
; simultaneously. 

J ■ 














If you dislocate something, put it back. 

Kickers aren't football players. They're kickers. 

If referees could see everything, instant replay wouldn't be an issue. 

Don't let your center eat chili at pre-game meals. 

If you get injured for a game, dress posh for the sidelines. 

The only thing that can move an offensive linesman is a defensive linesman. 
Ahead by one, go for two. Ahead by two, go for one. 

End zone break-dance moves always make the highlights. 

Astroturf is excellent for miniature golf courses. 

Ronnie Lott retired. 

Incredibly authentic. Sega Sports NFL '97.' 

Coming this season. Only on Sega Saturn.' 




Fun Factor 



Alien Trilogy 

1 player 
36 stages 




I t's about time the Saturn got a quality game that's a worthy rival to its PlayStation counterpart. 
Although Alien Trilogy suffers when compared to the stellar Powersfeve, it’s still as good as (if 
not a little faster than) the PlayStation version. ™ 

The premise hasn’t changed: You play as Ripley, blasting xenomorphs like face huggers and 
alien warriors while trying to accomplish mission objectives. Some missions are as mundane as 
collecting ID badges, while others require finding and disabling well-hidden switches. 

Unfortunately, the premise isn’t the only thing that's unchanged. 

The levels are also exactly like those-in the PlayStation version, and 
the sound effects and cinematics are the^same as before, but not 
as crisp. Still, the thrill of gunning down some alien butt is always 
aDDealina. and Alien Triloav for the Saturn is a aood nlav. □ 

” Although tame by most 

1 It’s a thumb-burnin , 

UtB standards, the sprites 

move quickly. There's massive 
pixelization when enemies get 
close (as there was on the Play- 
station! but the backgrounds 

shooter with a Doom taste and 
a Hollywood twist. You'll get 
caught up in this one from the 
very first shot. 

aliens) could prove too tough to 
handle for novice shooters. 

The coolest part of this 
game is its use of the 
sound effects from the Alien 
movie trilogy. The pulse rifle in 
particular sounds awesome! Ex- 
plosions are crystal-clear, and 
even the alien screams are 
pretty good. 

BAMEPRO November 1996 

With fast-action gameplay inside an interactive soundtrack by God Lives Underwater and the 
fastest real-time 3D graphics available, it’s like taking the scenic route to hell and back. Battle your 
own private demons at lightning speed. And thrash your head off in 360 degrees of pure danger. 

Available on: PC CD-ROM & 


Featuring the music of GOD LIVES UNDERWATER as seen on MTV. 


call 800-469-2539 to order. XieUJmsDIB^ 

nsLumsDin . 

\y You get excellent car- 
4 o toon animation; how- 
ever, when moving to the fore- 
ground of some stages, you see 
some distortion and pixelization 

vs/ The music rocks in the 
4 o foreground while the 
sound effects are very subtle 
and subdued. 

v/ OK, it’s a side-scroller, 

4.0 but the buddy system 

and humorous elements make 
this game something special. 

Three Dirty Dwarves 

(By Sega) 

By Major Mike r~"~] 

0 $44.95 16 stages jhJ] ' / JT'-vr— j 

E Available 3 players PSl II ||| \\ 

V now Side view H / U J' 

1 Action/ad- J / u 

E venture 

N ext-gen side-scrollers get their first dose of humor since 
Earthworm Jim 2! In Three Dirty Dwarves, you battle 
through a post-apocalyptic New York infested by street 
thugs, crazy old ladies, giant rats, and an assortment of other 
sordid characters that look as if they're fresh from the pages of 
Mad magazine— yeah, nothing like New York today. 

The game is a tag-team affair: You start with three charac- 
ters, each with special weapons and attacks (one uses a bowl- 
ing ball and pins, one a shotgun, the other baseballs and a bat). 
However, you only control one at a time. When one takes a hit, 
he’s out of commission until you smack 'em back to conscious- 
ness— a feature thats absolutely vital in the three-player simulta- 
neous mode, where you must truly act as a team to survive. 

Where side-scrollers are concerned, TDD adds a few new 
aspects to the genre. However, it’s the humor that makes all 
the difference. □ 

Hills of Bronx rj 

PROTIP: Use laconic 
to lead the way: Roll 
the bowling ball, then 
run after it to clear a 
sate path. 

PROTIP: When someone throws objects 
at you from the background, you can 
respond by facing the background 
and pressing attack. _ 

Bronx by 

PROTIP: Although it’s very tempting, don’t < 
smack the guy with the black-rimmed glasses: 
If you do, he'll beat the daylights out of you. 



The jumps are a little 1 
awkward, and it's diffi- 
gauge where the attacks 
ling from with the dif- 
ayers of gameplay (fore- 
center, or background). 

cult to; 
are con 




capcom y 


to *>ip^ tbs fifs-'nutating Hacbins tfsad virus off 
tbs fats of this zo'nbis'infsstsd planst. S^uippsd 
hritb a bo/nbful of futuristic »>sapons, ijou bays 
s/actfy fiftss* missions to annibifats sacb and 
svsrtf ons of tbs putrsfisd /nutants. And tbs^ fats 
tbs viraf villain bi-nssff in tbs 'notbsr of atl sb ot*- 
doivns. So don’t just sit tbsrs. /our bo/nb is Waiting. 

16-Bit Mali of Fame 

Ask The Pbos 

By The Feature Creature 

So far, the Hall of Fame direc- 
tors (that's us) have asked for 
16-bit Hall of Fame nominees 
in the categories of action/ad- 
venture, shooters, RPGs, and 
sports games. Notice one huge 
genre of games that’s missing? 
Don't worry, we haven't forgot- 
ten you fans of the multihit 
combo and the blood-gorged 
fatality. It's time to select the 
top 16-bit fighting game of all 
time. Consider every SNES and 

Genesis fighting game ever 
made, write down ONE top 
choice and the system it’s for, 
and mail your vote to the fol- 
lowing address by December 1 : 
Hall of Fame: Fighters 
GamePro Magazine 
P.O. Box 5828 
San Mateo, CA 94402 
You can also e-mail us at 
We’ll post the results in an 
upcoming issue. 

The Street Fighters and 
Mortal Kombats of the 
video game world will 
surely draw lots of Hall 
of Fame votes, but don’t 
overlook offbeat gems 
like ClayFighter. 

Watchin’ for 16-bit games 
is getting harder and harder, 
especially for the Genesis. 
The pickin’s are pretty slim 
this month, but at least i 
what’s there plays BIG — I 

Donkey Kong Country 3 
makes its heralded debut 
on November 18. Watch for 
our coverage in an upcom- 
ing issue. 

Unfortunately, 16-bit 
fans will have to wait at least 
another month for Ultimate 
MK3 for the SNES and Gene- 
sis; Williams says that both 
games, originally slotted as 
October releases, have now 
slipped at least to December 
and possibly later. What’s 
more, Sega’s Sonic 3D Blast 
and Vectorman 2, both pos- 
sible for late November, will 
probably appear in Decem- 
ber. On the bright side, Nin- 

tendo is probably going to 
publish Capcom’s 40-meg 
(yes, 40!) Street Fighter 
Alpha 2 by Christmas! 

This month’s possible 16-bit 

Donkey Kong Country 3 

by Nintendo 


Sonic 3D Blast by Sega 


Vectorman 2 by Sega 


S tarFox for the SNES is one of 
my all-time favorite games. 
What ratings did it get? 

Jose Diaz 
Bronx, NY 

The ground-breaking StarFox got StarFox (By Nintendo) 
the highest possible scores when 
it was reviewed in GamePro’s April 
1993 issue (the game was on the 
cover of that issue, by the way, 
and there was a free StarFox 
poster inside). Surprisingly, StarFox wasn’t one of the shooters 
voted into the Hall of Fame by readers, as listed in our Septem- 
ber 1996 issue. 

Y our January '94 issue discussed a game called Ghoul Patrol 
for the SNES from LucasArts. I have Zombies Ate My Neigh- 
bors— it’s also from LucasArts, and its main characters are also 
named Zeke and Julie. Is Ghoul Patrol a sequel to Zombies? 

Cameron Levett 
Iroquois, Ontario, Canada 

Yes, Chou I Patrol does have the 
same characters and the same 
game engine as Zombies, but 
it's not a true sequel because it 
doesn’t continue the same story 
line from Zombies. The games 
are more like cousins rather 
than parent and child. 

Need a fun scare for Halloween? 
Ghoul Patrol Is a scream. 

GAMEPIO (l28) 

ember 1996 


Editor’s Best Strategy 
Guides for '96 

The Complete Mortal r~~Z 
Kombat Strategy Set UimV 

By GamePro Editors 1 
Includes the Official Player's I 
guides for Mortal Kombat I „„ 
and Mortal Kombat II. 1 
S10.00 plus $5.25 Shipping and L__ 

Handling A SNES. Genesis, Game Boy, Game 
Gear (Offer valid only while supplies last.) 
Code: MKIISel 

The Complete Primal 
Rage Strategy Set 

By GamePro Editors C 1 i < - /' 
Includes full-color Primal Rage I 
strategy guides for home and 1 
arcade systems! 1 “Jz 

$10.00 plus S5.25 Shipping and Handling 1 — — 
SNES. Genesis. Game Boy. Game Gear, 

PC CD-ROM. Arcade (Offer valid only while supplies I 
Code: RageSet 

GamePro Presents gma 
[ Fighter’s Edge pre 

A special issue of GamePro 1 

packed with tips, strategies, 
and secret move lists for 18 
fighting games— including 
Tekken 2. Street Fighter Alpha up* ; , s 
2. and more, *— i j 

$4.95 A PlayStation. Saturn. Genesis, SNES. (fi " 
Arcade A Code: Edge 

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: Official 
Arcade Secrets 

$9.99 A Arcade A Code: P5865 

Killer Instinct II: Unauthorized 
Arcade Secrets 

$12.99 A Arcade A Code: P5512 

The Complete Street -jJS 
Fighter Strategy Set | '-|ȣ 

By Matt Taylor, Graham 

Wolfe , GamePro Editors - ■ ; — r 

Includes complete Street » , 

Fighter II, Super Street Fighter IP' ‘ i V 
II, and Street Fighter II Turbo strategy guides. 

Plus, order now and receive a FREE 3d Street Fighter poster!! 

$18.95 plus $5.25 Shipping and Handling A SNES. Genesis, Gama 
Boy, Game Gear. Arcade A (Offer valid only while supplies last.) 
Code. SFIISet 

Tekken 2 Unauthorized Game Secrets 

$12.99 A Arcada Console A Code: P5849 

Cheats! The Ultimate 
Guide for Genesis 
and SNES 

By GamePro Editors 
Hundreds of secret tips and 
tricks for hundreds of Genesis 
and SuperNES games. 

S9.99 A SNES, Genesis A Code: 0798 

Ultimate PlayStation 

By GamePro Editors 
Hundreds of secret tips 
and tricks for all the top 
PlayStation games. 

$9.99 A PlayStation a Code: 0852 

Role Play Game Strategy Guides 

Role Play Run Through 

Final Fantasy III Players 

By Peter Olalson 
164 pages of never-before seen 
hints, tips, and a complete 
game run-through. 

i H Breath of Fire II 

M ■' \l[i j \:Y 1 1 1 By Ray Greer 

Hits, tips, secret characters, a 
hidden ending, and gorgeous 
full-color official game art. 
$14.95 A SNES A Code: P396X 

Other Available RPG Guides: 

P&l Phantasy Star IV: Official Player’s Guide Duke Nukem 3D: Unauthorized 

S'2.95 a Genesis a code: 0291 Game Secrets 

. Lufia & the Fortress of Doom 514 99 4 PC A Cale: P7833 

" " I $9.95 a Genesis/SNES a Code: 0364 Final DOOM: Unauthorized Secrets 

Power Player's Guide 

By Corey Sandler 
Tips and strategies for your 
favorite Genesis and SNES 

$9.99 A Genesis - Code: 0194 A SNES - 
Code: 0208 

I’liuih iTI Kin 9 s Quest VII: Official Player’s Guide 

I 1 LOVERS $18.95 A PC CD-ROM A Code: 0321 

J fyk * Brain Lord: Official Player’s Guide 

$9.95 A SNES A Code: 01 6X 

■» ( *4 Doom II: The Official Strategy Guide 

HI--- Wmi $19.95 A PC A Code: P71 13 

S19.99 A PC A Code:P723X 

Quake: Game Strategies 

SI 9.99 A PC A Code: P5326 

Ogre Battle 

$14.95 A SNES A Code: Ogre 

Products Order Form 

To order, fill out prod- Credit card no: Expiration: 

ucl order form (or a 

copy) and mail to: Signature: 



City: State: ZIP Code: 


□ Check/Money Order □ VISA □ MasterCard □ Am Exp 

Complete the order form (or a copy) • Add shipping and handling (see chart) 

Add sales tax. residents of CA, IL, NJ and IX only (CA = 8.25%, IL = 6.25%, NJ = 6%, IX = 8.25%) 




Unit Price 


Shipping and Handling Charges 


Sales Tax 

— -SL- ~ 

each additional $6.50 each additional 

Grand Total 

RO. Box “P” 

San Mateo, CA 

Please allow 2-4 weeks 
for delivery. 




By Doctor Devon _i 

Just when you thought Tetris 
couldn't get any better and 
there were no more possi- 
ble variations, Nintendo pulls 
Tetris Attack out of its bottom- 
less hat. Give yourself lots of 
time to play this superb puz- 
zler because you can't walk 
away once you start. 

Unlike the classic Tetrises 
of yesteryear that utilized 
falling blocks, Attack lifts its 

blocks up from the bottom, 
and players try to make three- 
block matches based on color 
rather than fitting different 
shapes into open slots. The 
result is a gentler, slower style 
of gameplay that re- 
quires learning some 
easy new controls, but 
this game's no less ad- 
dicting than the origi- 
nal Tetris. The two- 
player modes are the 
fastest fun. 

The graphics are as 
sharp as ever, incorpo- 
rating Yoshi and pals 
into the brightly col- 

ored backgrounds. The 
sounds bounce along like a 
good Tetris game should. 

If it’s been a while since 
you’ve Tetrised, you should go 
on the Attack. □ 

An 8-bit star achieves 16-bit 
superstardom with this awe- 
some game. After goofin’ 

iperstar around with golf and Tetris- 
By Captain Camemt s V e games last year, Kirby 

returns to the easy 
run : n-munch game- 
play that made him 
famous. Superstar 
compiles eight new 
games: six in the tra- 
ditional Dreamland 
style, plus a racer 
and a simple speed- 
reflex game. 

PROTIP: As always, Whispy Wood puffs at . Theres ™ ore t0 do 

Kirby and drops apples on him; make fast than e i ver because 
work of this boss by sending in your helper. now tbe P' n * < puffball 

Everything’s improved over 
the 8-bit games (32 megs will 
do that). The graphics are 
sharp and colorful, and the 
spirited music changes con- 
stantly. If you haven’t gone 
Kirbying lately, bask in the 
light of this superstar. □ 

PROTIP: Many enemies now re- 
quire double hits, so don’t relax 
after you nail ’em once. 

can create helpers with special 
powers, and new chewable 
enemies have new powers for 
Kirby to adopt. The perfect 
execution of the varied con- 
trols leads to simple-but-charm- 
ing fun. 


By Coach Kyle I: 1 "4 -I 

With its colorful graphics and 
hoppin' hero, Whizz should've 
been a game younger players 
would love. Unfortunately, 
Titus made the gameplay so 
frustrating that most gamers 
will only get hoppin’ mad. 

Playing from the angled- 
overhead view you saw in 
Viewpoint and Krazy Klown, 

you bounce your bunny down 
narrow paths and across thin 
bridges in search of items to 
gather and buttons to push. 
The gameplay should’ve been 
simple fun, but the awkward 

view makes you constantly 
miss platforms and run right 
into the simplest enemies. 
Even at the Easy difficulty 
setting, Whizz requires a lot 
of tedious practice before 
you're able to beat the 
quick clock. 

The cartoony sounds 
and graphics are aver- 
age, dragged down by 
a bland hero who defi- 
nitely needs some per- 
sonality. Too bad the 
game is so frustrating. 
Most players will whizz 
right out of the room 
after a while. □ 

PROTIP: Don’t try to spin-attack red-and- 
white enemies because they won’t take 

I (j30) 

November 1996 

PROTIP: Wait a moment until the 
enemy reteats before you spin 
through walls. 

Whizz by THUS 

T i 


Price not available Angled-overhead view 

: Medium 

Available now ESRB rating 

Action/adventure to Adults 



Over 12 million cable subscribers nationwide! 
Check your local cable listings for date and time! 

This October Tecmo will 
offer you an Invitation to 
Darkness exclusively for the 
Sony PlayStation. 

Should you accept Tecmo's 
invitation you should be 

You must decide who lives 
and who dies. As in life, 
Tecmo's Deception will hold 
you responsible for your 
actions. Everything you do, 
everyplace you go, everyone 
you meet has a reason. Are 
you seeking revenge, 
resurrection or redemption? 
It's your decision. 

If you are strong enough and 
smart enough to accept the 
Invitation to Darkness you 
will play Tecmo's Deception. 


Visit Tecmo Interactive at: 

Madden ’97: Headed Straight to the Hall of Fame 

Madden NFL ’97 

B.v Johnny Ballgame 

PlayStation Strap on your helmet and get ready for the hardest-hit- 
ting, most authentic, and most enjoyable football game 
of all time. Madden’s PlayStation debut not only lives up to all the high 
expectations, it surpasses them! 

49er Fever 

Fans will love the team selections: Every football fan’s fantasy team 
is selectable. In fact, more than 100 teams — including fully updated 
’97 franchises. All Decade. All Madden, and all the Super Bowl teams 
ever to compete for the Lombardi trophy — are there for the picking. 

Play options include Season, Exhibition, and Tournament modes. 
Features like trades, salary caps, injuries, penalties, create-a-player, and 
weather conditions are also included. In fact, you'll find everything 
from the NFL in this game except Jimmy Johnson’s hairdo. 

Prime-Time Plays 

Madden dazzles gamers 
with the most intense 
and electrifying game- 
play the video gridiron 
has seen to date. Amaz- 
ing moves enable play- 
ers to spin, stiff-arm, lat- 
eral, or leap over diving 
defenders. You can 
jump to spear spiral 
passes, or use speed 
bursts to leave lineback- 
ers in your dust. You’ll 
spend hours fine-tuning your skills and learning the more than 300 
plays specially designed by Madden himself. 

If wicked tackles and grueling games are what you’re looking 
for, look no further: Madden delivers like Ronnie Lott on an unsuspect- 
ing wide-out. Players flip head over heels, get dragged down by their 
facemasks, and fly through the air to level ball carriers. All 30 NFL 
stadiums have been 3D rendered, giving each field a unique look, and 
players perform in a smooth, fluid 
manner. The only flaw in the graph- 
ics is that each player seems to 
have the number 88 on the back 
of his jersey. 

The sound scores with all the 
noises and nuances you’d find at a 
football game. Grunts, whistles, 

PROTIP: A speedy quarterback is an invalu- 
able member of the team. Confuse the defense 
by rolling out of the pocket and not revealing 
until the last second whether you're going to 
run or pass. 

crowds that chant for 
their hometown he- 
roes. . .they’re all as 
authentic as you 
could ask for. Mad- 
den himself checks 
in with his over-the- 
top vocal style and 
the humorous Mad- 
denisms that fans 
have learned to love. 

Slinpr Rnwl PROTIP: The best wav to play defense is to start 

" the play as a lineman and try for the sack. If you 

UynaStV don’t reach him, press Jump, then switch to a 

Madden PlayStation defensive back and press Jump again to try for 
is not only the best “* “"“P 11 "" 
football game on the market today, it’s the best 32-bit sports 
game, period. Buy your tickets early — Madden will definitely 
be a sell-out. ■ 

QAMEPII (jai) N 

ovember 1396 

Madden Ready for Prime Time...Again! 

PROTIP: To power up your team's 
running game, try double-tighl-end 
formations with the fullback as a 
lead blocker. 

PROTIP: Backs and kickoff return- 
ers have good speed to the outside. 
Spin moves (Button Z) are effective. 

PROTIP: Defenses have a tendency 
to clamp down on the wideouts. 

Pass to the light end to loosen up 
outside coverages. 

PROTIP: Against the CPli, make ju- 
dicious use of timeouts if you’re be- 
hind in the fourth quarter . The A.I. 
works the clock down mercilessly. 

PROTIP: The best defensive tech- 
nique is to play one of the linemen. 
Once you read pass or run, hit But- 
ton B to switch to the player closest 
to the ball. 

PROTIP: Inside pass rushes are 
your best bet to disrupt the offense. 

Madden NFL ’97 

p l Football season for the Saturn has 
bOlUfll officially arrived! Madden ’97 kicks 
off with great gameplay, formidable graphics, all-pro 
sound, fully loaded use of the NFL license, and, of 
course, John Madden. 

All-Pro Graphics and Sounds 

The graphics really shine. Player animations are digitized motion- 
capture visuals, so movement is as smooth as Jerry Rice and as 

sweet as a 90-yard punt return. NFL fans will get a serious hoot out 
of the amazingly fluid touchdown celebrations. Madden, Summer- 
all, and Brown star in full-motion video that looks TV-real, even 
with its typically Saturn graininess. The only other graphical anom- 
aly is that every player wears jersey No. 88, but at least you can 
read the numbers. 

The audio is amazing, conveyed impressively by Q-Sound au- 
dio technology. Rowdy crowd noises, sharp quarterback signaling, 
and echoing referee calls make you feel like you’re on the field, 
while Summerall’s play-by-play and Madden’s color commentary 
are TV-true. 

Madden NR. '97 by EA Sports 


rjfl; 1 




8 players 

Replay value: High 
ESRB rating: Kids 
lo Adults 

Madden Makes the Team 

Madden ’97 is a no-brainer, 
number-one draft choice. Sat- 
urn football players have no 
reason to warm the bench any 
more. H 

Pre-Game Prep 

As with all Madden games, attention to detail is j 
given. Madden ’97 takes the field with 100 NFL 
teams: the 30 current squads, 68 All-Time or Super Bowl teams, 
and the 1996 All-Madden team. According to EA Sports, there are 
at least six hidden teams, too. 

You get full-motion video clips of Pat Summerall and Mad- 
den discussing pre-game strategies. Even James Brown makes an 
appearance at halftime, naturally “in the studio.” 

Madden ’97 tackles the off-the-field action, too. The Edit Ros- 
ter feature enables you to trade, sign, and release players, select the 
starters, and create a custom player. The create-a-player feature also 
enables you to create players at any position based on 18 attributes. 

Hard-Nosed Gameplay 

The gameplay is crisp and on the money. Ball carriers can hurdle, 
spin, or lateral. Receivers can dive or jump for passes. 

If there’s a hitch, it’s that speed bursts for the offense appear 
negligible, and they’re non-existent for the defense. Armchair 
coaches will love the Madden playbook, packed with 500 offensive 
and defensive plays. 

PROTIP: You can't see your wide receivers, so 
read the safeties lo determine pass coverages. 

Madden lakes you lo all 
30 NFL stadiums, and lo 
the Aloha Bowl for the 
Pro Bowl game. 

GAMEPII (J35) November 1996 






Tecmo, Inc. • 19260 South Van Ness Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501 

Phone (31 0) 787-2900 Fax (31 0) 787-31 31 



Bowl. Please cor 

lose name and address is listed below wishes to place a non-refundable deposit on Tecmo Super 
itact your local game distributor and/or your central buying office lor specific instructions. 


Store Stamp or Receipt 


State Zio 

[ Phone Number 

Reserve me copy(s) for the Sony PlayStation™ 


4 ^ EAST ’* 














Visit Tecmo Interactive at: 

Break Through to the Other Side 


If you’re unfamiliar with collect 
teams but still w ant to check out 
GameBreaker, lamiliari/e yourself 
with the stats. 


Plnil^nNnn str '* <es back aI Madden with NCAA Game- 
4 Breaker. Although GameBreaker features better A.I. 

than GameDay and a ton of new features, football fans may find them- 
selves wishing for the star power of well-known names rather than a 
better game engine. 

Stats the Way, Baby 

GameBreaker sports more than 100 Division 1 college teams, along 
with the best of Division 2 and past greats like the ’92 Notre Dame 
squad. It also has faster gameplay than GameDay and features college- 
specific strategics like Wishbone offenses. 

But don’t think you can blow through the season with just any 
team. The A.I. is configured to keep track of your stats throughout the 
year, including favored offensive and defensive strategies. During the 
course of a season, the A.I. will compensate by attacking those plays, 
forcing you to either come up with other strategies...or enroll the team 
in Home Economics. 

Another cool feature is the GameBreakers, which are certain star 
players that do their best to break games wide open with spectacular 
plays. Throwing to a receiver with more coverage than O.J. Simpson’s 
trial? If your receiver is a GameBreaker, he should make the play. 

The Remains of the Day 

The graphics are faster and cleaner than GameDay's, but the players are 
smaller. You can also play in varied weather conditions, which leads to 
a small graphical nuance — players should get rduddy in degrees, not all 
in one shot as they do here. 

The sounds remain the same, with the exception of familiar col- 
lege fight songs. These lend to the game's college atmosphere, as do the 

GameBreaker Tips 

solid grunts and groans of the lines battling it out on the field. 

The controls are also about the same as GameDay's. Snapping and 
picking out your receiver or runner is aided by the button labels follow- 
ing each player. 

Break My Day 

Is this the best football game to date? It's without a doubt the best col- 
lege football game to date. It can’t be compared to Madden because 
NFL games are infused with stars like Rice and Emmet; because of 
NCAA regulations regarding endorsements, you won’t see any names 
in GB. If it’s solid col- 
lege action you're look- 
ing for, Sony just cut 
you a Break. I 

PROTIP: Run right, throw left. Set 
up the screen for maximum confu- 
sion, then throw across the field. The 
Play — 3 Wide — Big Screen 

PROTIP: Run at opponents. Pick a run play, 
then run the same play but flipped. You’ll con- 
fuse your opponent, and often, the computer. 
The Play — Pro Set — Power 

PROTIP: If your Game- 
Breaker Is a wide receiver (and 
your opponent's GameBreaker 
isn't a corner or safety), try the 
Hail Mary as your first play. 
The Play — Run and Shoot 
— Hail Mary 

PROTIP: When running Wishbone 
plays, don’t pitch the hall until the 
quarterback is well out of the back- 
field or being pursued by defenders. 
The Play — W ishbone — Bone Pitch 

PRO I IP: If your quarterback Is a 
GameBreaker, use his running abil- 
ities to offset the defense. 

PROTIP: If you deliser a solid hit 
(usually on your opponents' long 
pass), immediately press Button 
(Triangle). Loose balLs are easily 
recovered on these types of hard 
hits. The Play— -Nickel— Prevent 

Passim) & 


GAMEPRO (138) November 1896 

NFL Quarterback Club '97 

By Ur. Zombie 

P n h|m Returning for a second season on the Saturn, NFL Quar- 
terback Club ’97 reports to camp with notable graphical 
and gameplay improvements over its rookie outing. However, it still 
plays second string to the big man on the field — Madden NFL ' 91 . 

Option Overload 

QBC’s vast options score a control freak’s touchdown. Gamers can con- 
trol everything, including time, place, sight, sound, and even the energy 
level of each player. For the players not so detail-oriented, Acclaim 
adds a “Quick Play" feature that skips over many of the options and 
heads right into the huddle. 

As for the gameplay, this 
year’s enhancements include 
new signature plays for each 
quarterback, the ability to create 

customized rosters, universal player substitution, and 50 historic and 
fantasy game simulations, such as Jaguars vs. Panthers in Super Bowl 
XL VI! Graphically, QBC sports larger character sprites, improved ani- 
mation, sharper background environments, new custom camera views, 
and more detailed playbook diagrams. 

Solid Backup, Shaky Starter 

Although QBC is much improved, it must face head-on competition 
from Madden '97 for the Saturn this season. In comparison, QBC’s 
graphics and animation are not as smooth, and the figures often melt 
into jagged, blotchy pixels. The sound effects, while adequate, don’t in- 
clude responsive commentary, as Madden does. 

QBC is a solid, enjoyable game that’s worth at least a rental. If 
you’re deciding whether to buy it or Madden ' 91 , though, QBC’s going 
to have stay on waivers. I 

NFL Quarterback Club '97 by Acclaim 





Available now 
12 players (with 

Replay value: High 
ESRB rating: Kids 
to Adults 

PROTIP: Kick off deep into the 
opponent's corners to give your 
kick coverage time to zero in on 
the return. 

PROTIP: Jump to intercept a pass PROTIP: During pass plays, drop 
if you’re directly next to the re- back and roll toward the strength 
ceiver. If you’re off a few steps, of your front line to avoid sacks, 
always go for a tackle. 

PGfl Tour ’97 

By Dr. Zombie 

PI QL.Lj. EA Sports' top-selling PGA Tour series continues to 
rlDljdFQIIOIl (hri ve on the PlayStation with the realistic PGA Tour 
’97. Two new courses and some snazzy enhancements make PGA 
Tour ’97 more of the same but better! 

tary contribute important tips and add to the realism. The sound effects 
are minimal, which is how golf should be. 

A hip, ESPN2-Iike approach has been incorporated to make this 
game more accessible to all audiences. Purists needn't fret, however; 
the actual gameplay and control interfaces are as realistic and straight- 
forward as always. 

Tee It Up 

Fresh on the Fairways 

This version picks up where the well-crafted PGA Tour ’96 left off, 
scoring with the same sharp graphics, smooth animation, excellent con- 
troller interface, and variety of customizable options. New features in- 
clude two tantalizing courses (TPC at Sawgrass and The Links at Span- 
ish Bay), which offer plenty of challenge whether you're just practicing 
or entering a 72-hole tour- 
ney. Gamers can play as a 
customizable amateur or as 
one of 13 top PGA pros. 

New additions en- 
hancing gameplay include 
an overhead ball cam, pic- 
ture-in-picture views of the 
ball, and a real-time shot 
preview mode that allows 
you to gauge where a shot 
will land. The accompany- 
ing analysis and commen- 

PGA Tour ’97 is a sure bet for cu- 
rious first-timers and a must-have 
for golf fanatics. A tip of the visor 
to EA Sports for making an al- 
ready-great game even better. 
Time to hit the green! ■ 

GAMEPRO @) November 199S 

Madden Makes the Grade — Again 

Madden NFL '97 

By Scary “All Madden" Larry 

Ponocic ® nce a £ a “ 1, *** designers at EA 

Ucllcblb Sports try tQ s(ay Irue t0 thei,- core 
audience — Genesis sports gamers. And once again, 
they come through with an immensely enjoyable 
game with great action and stat-soaked strategy. 


While other companies merely reissue their 16-bit 
games from year to year with only a few roster 
changes, EA Sports always adds some new features 
that make each Madden sequel slightly different from 
its predecessors. By now Madden NFL ’97 for the 
Genesis is so good that it’s even more fun and easier to pick up and 
play than some 32-bit football games. 

The options are really complete in this game. Madden '97 features 
full rosters for all 30 NFL teams (including the renamed Baltimore 
Ravens) and a full lineup' of great teams from the past, like the '84 
Niners and the ’77 Cowboys. Of course, the lineup wouldn't be com- 
plete without an All-Madden team, but you also have full reign over 
free agents and draft picks to sign or trade away at your discretion. 

TUrf’s Up 

The graphics are more realistic than last year’s game. Players stiff-arm, 
deke, and spin just like your favorite NFL players. However, it’s a little 
hard to keep track of the players when the action crowds the screen. 
Running plays are especially affected because your running back gets 
lost in the crowd. 

The sounds are a mixed tuft of turf. You have the option to turn 
off the Madden-isms — which you should exercise since they're repeti- 
tive and a nuisance. The other sound effects, particularly the bone- 
breaking sound when a player is injured, fit the game perfectly. 

Control is as seamless as ever. Picking a play, throwing, and even 
dive tackling are easy. Control becomes a minor problem, however, in 
the running game. The players move too slowly to be effective, espe- 
cially on sweeps and HB Toss plays. 

If you’ve been licking your chops, waiting to buy a next-gen 
system so you can play football like a big boy, we have news for you. 

Madden NFL ’97 for 
the Genesis is not for 
the peewee leagues. 

It packs the features, 
the gameplay, and the 
fun factor that make 
it a first-round draft 
choice for Genesis 
owners. I 

PROTIP: Consider a team's all-around 
performance when choosing past greats. 
For example, although the '89 Niners 
were an awesome team, their running 
game was poor. 

PROTIP: Short passes, short runs, and an occa- 
sional long bomb are the keys to success. 

GAMEPRB (uo) November 1986 

NHL All-Star 

In other respects, NHL 
'97 has changed little 
from last year’s game. 

The sounds are virtually 
the same, which means 
bone-jarring effects and 
organ music straight 
from the rink. The con- 
trols also remain un- 
changed, so you’ll find 
responsive handling and 
sweet moves like fake 
shots, drop passes, and more. 

Graphically, some hot new player animations liven up the game — 
the new goalie saves are particularly cool. But the smooth player move- 
ments and respectable rinks stay true to NHL ’96. 

As always in this series, the latest NHL attains a new pinnacle of 
hockey action. On the surface, the game seems very familiar, but NHL 
'97 ’s killer new features build added depth into the game. Diehard 
hockey fans will snap it up, but the less fanatical should rent first and 
scope it out themselves. ■ 

PROTIP: In the puck-handling relay, pound on 
the speed-burst button whenever you come to a 
straight stretch. 

GfillBSiS Once again. EA's NHL series 
skates to a Stanley Cup finish 
with topnotch new features, improved graph- 
ics, and the usual addictive action. 

Power Play 

Along with the real-life ’96 rosters and teams, 

NHL '97 delivers awesome extras like two All-Star teams and 
the U.S., Canadian, and European National teams. Even better, 
NHL'97 loads up star players with cool special moves that en- 
able them to pull fancy feats and dekes on their way to the net. 

Beyond the usual shootout, exhibition, season, and playoff 
action, NHL '97 faces off with two sweet new modes. In the 
Skills Challenge, gamers take on four drills that test their skat- 
ing prowess, shot power and accuracy, and goaltending skill. In 
the Practice mode you hit the ice alone or with a teammate to 
take on two, one, or no opponents. Both modes really help you 
improve your game, but more importantly, they inject the game 
with another layer of raucous, competitive, Open Ice-style fun. 

eaMEPitO Back 


SI (Oct. 931 Super Sf II Turbo tail Pi 3 PUIS 

#42 (Sept. ’94) Hie Death and Return of 
Sijio"»»i PIUS Inaedibte Hulk 
Strategy Guides 

S3 (Od '941 Sonic ond Knuckte/Primd Rage 
Strategy Guide 

#76 IHov '9S| Vidua Hglter II 

#77 (Dec 95) Ooolccy long 2 
#78 (Jan. ’96) Ultimate Mortal Kombal 
*078 (Spg. 96) Cutting £dge/32-S64 bit 

S3 (Nov. ’93) Sonic SptnbaH and Sonic (boos 
S3 (Dec. ’931 Teenage Mutonl Hinjn Incite 
Tournament Fighter 
#54 (Jon ’94) Mortal Koenhat II 
S5 (Feb. ’94) Sion of '93-Hloo Choke And. 
*56 (Mm. 94| NBA tan/Gome Gear Guide 
*57 (Apr 94) Incredible Hulh/Sonk 3 
Strategy Guide 

*58 (May ’94) Molting nl Monad Kombol II 

50 (My '941 Super Street fighter II (SNE&. 
Genesis. Turbo Arcade) 

51 (Aug '94| Morlol Kombal II (SHIS, 

Geneses. Gome Boy, Game Gear) 

S6 (Jon. ’95) Eadbrvorm Jim Spolegy Guide 
«7 (Feb. '95) Making ol Weapon lord 
#68 (Mar. ’95) Wlla Instinct Arcade 
Spolegy Guide 

S9 (Apr. 95) Modal Kombal III Frist took 

470 (May ’95) Coni* Zone 

*71 (Jim ’95) Hew Gome Systems Arrive 

#72 Uuly '95) Judge Dredd 

#73 (Aug. ’95) Fighlmg Gomes 

#74 (Sept.'9S) Primol Rage 

#75 (Od. ’95) Modal Kombal III 

SI (Apr. ’96) Resident Evd 

53 (Moy '961 Killer Instinct 3/Super Mario RPG 
#93 (Jun. 96) Wat Gods/Virtua Figher 3 

54 (Inly '961 Ullmole MK3/Tekken 3/NBA 

55 (Aug. '96) Tekken 3/Iriple Ploy ’97/ Super 
Mocio RPG Sealegy/E3 Show Report 

56 (Sepl. '96) Nintendo 64 PieWSuper 
Mario 64/Ridge Racer Revolution 

57 (Od. ’96) Nintendo 64 laundiAlar Won 
Gomes/Sopec Mario 64 Strategy 

S6.00 (Indicate GamePro and 
issue number on order form) 

White-Knuckle Andretti Racing 
Screeches onto the PlayStation 

flndretri Hoeing 

Slap on them driving gloves — Andretti Racing’s blaz- 
ing toward the PlayStation with superb gameplay and 
controls. The graphics and sounds straggle a bit, but you'll be having 
way too much fun to care. 

Needed for Speed 

Andretti roars across the starting line with both stock- and Indy-car ac- 
tion, 4 real-life tracks, and 12 fantasy tracks. Before the flag drops, you 
customize each car’s tires, gear ratio, and front and rear wings. 

Exhibition mode poses the standard single-race challenge, while 
the sweet Career mode lets you accumulate points through an entire 
season, then accept offers from better teams before moving on to the 
next season. All three Andrettis even show up in decent full-motion 
video clips that provide tips and info on racing, • 

Both types of cars handle spectacularly well. The taut sim-style 
controls remarkably reflect every adjustment to your car’s setup, and 
you can even regulate how hard you steer into a turn right from the 
directional pad. 

Super Mario 

The stock cars supply frenzied bumper-car mayhem, while Indy car 
races demand methodical strategy and skill. But to win in either, drivers 
have to qualify well, time pit stops precisely, and hit turns from the right 
line at the right speed. The result is enjoyably deep, addictive gameplay 
that challenges far more than your twitch steering skills. Fiercely tough 
courses and a cagey A.I. round out this impressive game. 

PROTIP: If you’re at 
the back of the pack, 
hit the pit early and try 
to recoup the time on 
an empty track while 
everyone else is lan- 
guishing in the pit. 

PROTIP: Always slow to the correct speed be- 
fore you enter a turn, then accelerate as you be- 
gin the turn. 

Andretti’s not without flaws, though. The game doesn’t deliver a 
it sense of chi 
mph — and the w 

tight sense of changing speed— 150 mph feels pretty much like 200 
he weak idling starts drop you into races too suddenly. 

Road Rash 

Graphically, Andretti doesn't fully live up to the PlayStation’s poten- 
tial. While the courses show off impressively detailed, authentic back- 
grounds and even small trifles like ad banners, the cars could’ve looked 
snazzier and more realistic. 

As far as sounds, both vehicles rumble with smokin' tire and 
engine effects. The music's pretty solid, too, but the announcer chimes 
in too infrequently. 

If you're ad- 
dicted to racing 
games like Need for 
Speed, Andretti’s 
gonna blow your 
doors off. It’s far 
from perfect, but it 
delivers the kind of 
sizzlin' action that 
instantly ensnares 
racing fans. P 

Andretti Racing by EA Sports 

f r 

j-T zIixtI 


Available now 
4 players 
Indy S slock cars 

16 tracks 

Replay Value: High 
ESRB rating: Kids 

PROTIP: In stock cars, send oppo- 
nents into the walls by nudging 
them from behind and at an angle 
or by sideswiping them on a turn. 


I o v e m b a r 1996 

World Series Baseball II 

SShjril ^ ast ^ ear ' ^ er * es knocked the cover off the ball with gripping arcade- 
style gameplay. This year, that hasn't changed — and neither has much else. 
Beyond a few killer additions, World Series II looks and plays just like the original. 

Long Fly Ball... 

WSB II’s sweet new features include the two '98 expansion teams that you can fill by creat- 
ing your own players, then swapping them into the regular schedule. Coaches can bring up 
top minor-league prospects (four pitchers, two infielders, and two outfielders), and this year. 


major-league teams, stadiums, and 
players as of Opening Day ’96. But 
hello! That’s almost six months ago! 

This kind of slacking crops up 
all over WSB II. Although the 24 
new rendered stadiums score big, 
the spiffy new batter animations 
stutter. The solid graphics remain 
otherwise unchanged. 

PROTIP: Advance runner, „n «ond or third b, biffing *»•«*. •» "»“* "V40- 

grounders down the first-base line. learn controls still offer a mere four 

steerable pitches and timing-based 

batting — more depth at the plate and on the mound would’ve been awesome. Even collecting 
the ball in the outfield remains problematic. 

The announcer calls the action with all-new — and utterly moronic — commentary. The 
bat and ball effects sound fine, though. 

...Heads Foul 

The undeniable appeal of World Series II’s addictive action makes it a solid choice for Saturn new- 
comers. In the absence of any stellar new features, though, only the most diehard World Series pros 
will plunk down the green for this lackluster upgrade. If Sega wants to capture the demanding 
next-gen crowd, it needs to innovate, not just refine. ■ 

World Series Baseball II 
By Sega Sports 


j| y|flDj| 



Replay value: 

ESRB rating: Kids 
to Adults 



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We buy / sell / trade New & Used games & systems for IMPORT & US. 

Join our free exchange club get & games FREE EXCHANGE just $19.95 




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Sborts Insider Previews 

By Air Hendrix 

Developed and published by 
Sony Sports 
Available November 

In this early version, the graphics and sounds are still un- 
dergoing heavy construction. None of the new sounds were 
present, but Sony’s promising spankin’ new in-game ef- 
fects, crowd sounds and chants, and organ tunes. Graphi- 
cally, the action moves at a much faster and cleaner clip 
than in last year's game, while little details, like the circle 
that designates your player, were revamped. New anima- 
tions, such as butterfly saves, goalies stacking pads, and 
backward skating, also infuse the game with lifelike realism. 

==^= ■ 1 ' =3 

As EA prepares its landmark NHL series for a 32-bit debut, Sony's NHL 
Faceoff '97 returns to the rink with some dazzling new features. This 
winter’s already shaping up to be a body-checkin’ brawl between the 
big boys of hockey.... 

The puck hits the ice in this Faceoff 
with some impressive improvements. 
When the checking gets too fierce, 
the gloves come off for hockey's fa- 
vorite sideline— fighting! Sony’s plan- 
ning on a thorough lineup of punches, 
shirt grabs, and special moves. Even 
better, the Teams Strategy feature 
lets you set the aggressiveness of 
your offense and defense, or orient 
your attacks on a wing instead of the 
center. Of course, you’ll also find all 
the real-life rosters and teams, up- 
dated for the new season. 

Other hot new additions include a 
jacked-up A.I., incident reports, drop 
B „ , passes, fake shots, give ’n’ go and one- 
timer passes, laying down to block 
|| ' shots, and redirected shots. Most in- 
triguing, however, is an "innovative” 
L i new passing feature that Sony's keep- 
ing under wraps. We’ll have the scoop 
on that for you next month. 

BAMEPRI (U4) November 1996 

mm S H O U L D 

0:A\Uk IT 


The most realistic graphics and gameplay of any sports game ever. 
Sega Worldwide Soccer ‘97. 

Forty-eight national teams from around the globe. 

Cup tournaments, shoot-outs, and exhibition matches. 

Headers, back-heel passes, banana and bicycle kicks. 

Killer slide tackles, and plenty of refs to yellow card ya. 


Sports Insider Previews i 

NBA Live '97 

NBA Live is back for its sophomore effort, driving hard to the rim 
with improved graphics and mind-blowing, in-your-face gameplay 
that’s sure to elevate EA Sports back to the top of the basketball 
world. Live features the fastest five-on-five gameplay of any b-ball 
title to date, as well as all the realism and stats hoop fans demand. 
The graphics are an unbelievable upgrade of last year’s, including 
everything from spectacular slams (players actually hang on the rim 
and taunt) to textured bodies and recognizable player faces. If the 
early preseason look is any indication. Live ’97 just might be headed 
to the Basketball Hall of Fame . — Johnny Ballgame 

NBfilnThe Zone 2 

Konami promises that In The Zone 2 will be In The Stores by Christ- 
mas, bringing back the same rim-rocking gameplay that made last 
year’s predecessor successful. The five-on-five action with 12-man 
NBA teams full of big, mobile stars isn’t strategy-heavy, but it looks 
like undeniable fun so far. You’ll be able to make trades and substitu- 
tions, and you'll finally get to play in a full-season mode, something 
that was supposed to be in the first Zone but wasn’t! 

— Captain Cameron 

Developed and published 
by Konami 
Available December 


Srorts Insider Previews 

'gold edition ^ y 'M 

FIFA Soccer '97 eeess 

12239 LU 

If you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, you somehow 
might’ve missed playing one of the great FIFA Soccer games. The leg- 
endary series is back with a 1997 version for multiple systems, and this 
time EA Sports has loaded an all-new attraction into the disc: indoor 
soccer! Of course you also get the usual outstanding outdoor action, 
with a dozen international leagues (representing thousands of players), 
authentic crowd sounds, and some of the smoothest athletes this side of 
a Madden football game. If you got your kicks with FIFA '96, you’ll 
probably be in heaven with FIFA ’97 . — Coach Kyle 

, Sega Worldwide Soccer '97 

Sparkling graphics and smooth gameplay were the hallmarks of the first 
Worldwide Soccer, everything’s been pumped up this year as Sega 
Sports goes for the goal with a dynamic new sequel (and a longer new 
title). Faster gameplay, new animations of big polygon-based players, 
multiple camera angles, and a create-a-player feature make this game a 
World Cup contender. You play with 48 teams from around the world 
in realistic stadium settings and can use Sega’s six-player adapter to 
mix it up with your friends . — Doctor Devon 

GAMEPII (147) 

lovember 1996 

Final Fantasy VII rasaa 

By Scary Larry 

We finally got our hands on a 
Japanese preview disc of Final 
Fantasy VII. Though it's only a 
short look, this game is al- 
ready shaping up to be a veri- 
table feast for the eyes. 

The game starts out in a 
rendered 3D world. As you 
progress, you fight enemies 
in standard turn-based com- 
bat (just like the other games 
in the FF series), but the ac- 
tion switches back and forth 
between combat and 3D 

The graphics shine in the 
3D areas. Lush, gorgeously 
illustrated matte-painted 
backgrounds give the game 
a real “Hollywood" feel. 

The fight scenes show- 
case some new work 
in polygonal program- 
ming, and the battles 
are smooth and flaw- 
less in their execution. 

The sounds are supe- 
rior-unearthly bestial 
screaming is augmented 
by raving hip-hop back- 
ground music. (The 
sounds may be changed 
in the American version, but 
hopefully will still rock.) 

Fans of the series take 
note: So far, this looks like 
the best Final Fantasy game 
ever. Let’s hope it arrives on 
our shores soon. ■ 

GAME PRD (m) November 1998 









r 100 

f:A, V 


Role-Player’s REALm 

^Breath of Fire III 

Rjture Fantasies * 

A sneak peek at upcoming games for RPG fans! / 

Controls pP 

The mechanics are the same as before, which means easy- 
to-access battle menus where you pick spells, weapons, and 
other items. Otherwise, roaming from town to town is a breeze; 
basic navigation skills are all that are required. 

No stranger to turnin' out sequels, Capcom goes around a third time 
with its popular RPG series, Breath of Fire. Could Final Fantasy VII 
have some competition? 

graphics & Sounds 

The 3D look is excellent, and although the game isn't nearly 
complete, the introductory and fight scenes are awesome — 
especially the rail ride through the mines in the opening se- 
quence. The characters, however, have a striking resemblance 
to those from the first two Breath adventures. Even the music 
is a variation on the classic 16-bit themes! 

The story line features the Light Dragon clan pitted against 
the evil goddess Miria. All the addictive qualities of the first 
two outings are brewing, such as fierce battles, hidden areas, 
and plenty of landscape to explore — not to mention develop- 
ing characters’ traits and abilities. There are also some new 
elements, like the ability to change camera angles while travel- 
ing, which makes it easier to find hidden caves. 

by Capcom 
Available March '97 


You blasted your way 
through an onslaught of 
undead marines and 

hell-spavmed hordes in 
Doom, Ultimate Doom and 

Doom II. Now you can Kit 
retire, right? Wrong, 

Seems flesh-ea%ing mutants 
have the mortality rate 
Of a cockroach and are 

alive and kicking in Final 
Doom — the last of the kl 
legendary Doom products. 
It’s two new 32-level 
episodes complete with 



new stories (Evilution 
t The Plutonia Experiment), 

new frighteningly realistic 
graphics and new pulae- 

pounding music,, It's time 
to finish what you started. 

' final OOPM" C1956 id Soto 
• marks an, property of Ulan w 

irs. licensed by Sony Co 



Sometimes, you also need guts. Or a brain. Or quick 
feet. Other times, you need all of the above plus 
grenades, a shotgun and a matching pair 
of nine millimeters. Such is your fate 
when you control Lara Croft, heroine 
heartthrob of Tomb Raider. 




just isn’t enough. 

Lara has her sights on a few ancient artifacts, and 
she's not going to let anything or anybody get in her way. 
Alligators. Wolves. Thugs. They’re all tempting fate once 
in Lara’s path. But hey, what's a little temptation? 
Especially when everything looks this good. In the game, 
we mean. Check out Tomb Raider ai 


•f Super 

lm. Along the way, we rweal the locatiMS of 
the blue and green switches, the hidden levels, 
and tel you hew te defeat Bowser twice. 




Bowser is behind the When you enter the cas- 
doors with the large star tie, run up the stairs in 
on them. Before fighting the center of the room 
him, you must navigate and go to the large door 
this dangerous level. to the left. 

On the way to Bowser's lair, collect eight red coins 
to earn an extra star. Here’s where you’ll find them. 

Before starting the third course, explore these locations. 

In the level, run toward 
the tunnel for the ride of 
your life. Slide down the 
course without falling off 
the sides. 

Your prize is a star hidden 
inside this yellow box. 

Re-enter the level and 
finish the race in under 
21 seconds to get the 
second star. 

This basic sub-level is 
a fun (and easy) way 
to score two stars. 

When you enter the castle, 
run up the large set of stairs 
in the center of the room 
and go through the door on 
the right. Inside the room, 
jump through the small 
glass window to the right. 

When fighting Bowser, 
run behind him and grab 
his tail. 

Throw Bowser into the 
spiked balls— the explosion 
finishes him off. Your re- 
ward is a key that unlocks 
the basement of the castle. 

Bowser's Second World 

The next time you face Bowser is in the basement of 
the castle. To open up the level, get one star in Course 
Nine. On the way to Bowser's lair, collect eight red 
coins to get an extra star. Their locations are below. 

6©ld Rabbit 

i N, 

Bowser has new attacks 
this time: If you stand too 
far away from him, he’ll 
tilt the platform to try and 
throw you off. 

Courses Six, Seven, and 
Eight are located in the 
basement, along with a 
fast rabbit. Chase the rab- 
bit to the dead end in the 
green cave area. 

Go down the tube at the 
end of the level to fight 

Bowser is also faster this 
time, so you can’t just run 
him and grab his 
tail. Instead, wait for him to 
charge, then grab him from 
behind. You need to score 
only one hit to finish him 
off. You’re rewarded with a 
key that opens the door in 
the main room of the castle. 

Jump-dive toward the 
rabbit to catch him. Once 
caught, he gives you a 
star. Leave the area, then 
return and repeat this pro- 
cedure to get the second 
and final star. 

The Switches 

The locations of the blue and green switches are revealed below. 

Blue Switch 

Use the key you got from defeating Bowser to open the door in the basement of the castle. The blue switch is inside this secret room. 

Run and dive up the ramp, Do Mario’s sit attack on 
go through the door, and the two platforms. This 
jump in the water. Swim 
to the other side. 

drains the water and al 
lows you to enter the door. 

Outside the castle, walk Work your way through 
toward the waterfall and the level to collect the 
jump down the drain hole, eight coins to get a star. 

Jump on the blue switch 
at the end of the level to 
activate the blue boxes. 

Green Switch 

The green switch is in Course Six. Refer to the strategy section for this course to discover how to reach the location below. 


Take a ride on the di- 
nosaur’s head. Veer to- 
ward the double doors. 

Go through the door, Inside the level, run down Jump on the green 

then jump into the murky the hallway and to the switch at the end of the 

water. left, collecting the eight 

coins as you go. 

level. This activates all 

GAMEPR8 ( 155 ) November 1896 

When you enter the castle, run 
up the small set of stairs to 
the right. 

Star One 

At the start of the level, jump 
in the water and swim toward 
the sunken ship. 


Course Three 

Mario enters his own little water world in the third course. 
While underwater, grab coins to refill your air supply. 

Eight coins are hidden here. 
Collect them all and get an 
extra star. Co back and jump 
through the picture to start 
the third course. 

Jump from platform to plat- 
form to reach the top of the 
ship. Break open the yellow 
box to reveal the first star. 

Inside the room, you'll see 
two small holes on the wall 
near the ceiling. 

Double jump to reach each 
hole— the one on the left 
gives an extra life, the one on 
the right takes you to a hid- 
den level. 

Swim around the eel to lure it 
away from the hole. Co into 
the hole. 

As you enter the ship, you see 
four chests. To drain the wa- 
ter, you must open them in 
the order shown above. 

GXMEPII (g) Nov 

'ember 1996 

Special Strategy Section 

Star Four 

These are the areas where you can find the eight coins in the level; 
collect them all, and you get the fourth star. 

vs 'tfir w w w 

Star Five 

Near where you found the Jump inside the cannon, 
four red coins is a bomb guy. 

Talk to him and a cannon 
opens up. 

Point the crosshair above the 
middle stalagmite. Be sure the 
crosshair is exactly at the 
point shown, then fire. 

Climb to the top of the stalag- 
mite and face the star on the 
small platform. Jump off to 
reach the fifth star. 

Super Mario 64 

Caurse Four 

Most of the stars in the snow level are easy to get— it’s the snow that makes the level difficult. If you pick up too much 
speed, you can easily slide off areas to your demise. 

Course Four Warp 


Upon entering the castle, go 
through the door on the left 
with the number “3” on it. 
Once inside, jump through 
the picture. 


The level warp is behind the 
small house at the top of the 
mountain at the end of this 
broken bridge. This warp 
takes you to the bottom of 
the level. 

Star One 

Once you’re through the bank, 
slide down a small tube where 
you'll find some 1-ups. At the 
bottom, go back outside and 
get the first star. 

At the start of the level, jump 
inside the chimney. 

Star IWo 

Slide down the icy ramp. 

If you’re looking for a short- 
cut, slide into the first bank. 
Use the coins to guide you. 

At the start of the level, grab 
the small penguin that's above 
the house. 

While holding onto the pen- 
guin, descend the mountain. 

At the bottom of the moun- 
tain, you encounter the mama 

Returning baby back to mama 
gets you the second star. 

Star Three 

Jump back inside the chimney. 

This time you get to race the To get the star, you can't take 
mama penguin! any shortcuts— including 

falling from one section of the 
slide to another. 

Win the race (without cheating 
or taking shortcuts) and you 
earn the third star. 

GAMEPRO (158) November 1986 

Special Strategy Section 

Walk toward the snow boul- 
der that’s just on the other 
side of the house at the top 
of the mountain. 

Race the boulder down the 
mountain (the boulder grows 
as it descends). Stay directly 
on the race path. 

About halfway down the 
mountain, you come across 
another boulder with a face 
on it. Hide behind it to escape 
the first boulder. 

The two boulders collide and 
make one large snowman— 
and you get the fifth star. 

Star Six 

Ride the snowlift from the 
bottom of the mountain to 
the top and talk with the red 
bomb guy. He opens some 
cannons for you. Jump in the 
cannon that’s located near 
the mama penguin. 

Once inside the cannon, move 
the crosshair just above the 
tree in the distance. Be sure 
the crosshair is exactly at the 
point shown, then fire. 

You are now in a new section 
of the course. Follow the path 
to the right and up the side of 
the mountain. 

Do a double jump, then kick 
off the wall to reach the plat- 
form above. This platform 
takes you to the sixth star. 

GAMEPII (159) November 199G 

Super Mario 64 

Course five 

The haunted castle is small, but confusing. To defeat ghosts, turn your back to them, then do Mario’s 
sit attack to destroy them. To destroy the eyeballs, keep running around them until they disappear. 

At the start of the level, go in- 
side the large castle that's di- 
rectly ahead. Once inside, go 
through each door on the 
ground floor. 



Upon entering the castle, go 
through the unmarked doors 
on either side in the main 
room. Instead of going down 
the stairs to the locked door, 
run down the long hallway to- 
ward the large ghost. 

In the first room on the left, 
wait for the two ghosts to 
come through the blue wall. 
Destroy them both with 
Mario’s sit attack. 

Repeat this process in each 
room on the ground floor. 
There are five ghosts in all. 


Inside the courtyard, run to 
the back left corner to find a 
ghost covering a brown cage. 
Do Mario's sit attack to knock 
the cage out of him. Now you 
can enter the course. 

After destroying the five 
ghosts, go back to the main 
room. A large ghost appears. 
Three hits will destroy him, 
and you get the first star. 

At the start of the level, go in- 
side the small shed to the side 
of the castle. 

Star Three 

Inside the shed, ride the plat- 
form down to the basement 
of the castle. Co through the 
second door, then follow the 
path to the door on the right 
(where the carnival music is 
coming from). 

The floor is rotating and small 
ghosts are emanating from 
the walls. Destroy the ghosts 
as they approach you. 

Finally, a large ghost appears. 
Hit him three times, and get 
the second star. 

Climb the stairs in the large 

Enter the second door on the 
left and run past the flying 
books around the corner. 

The room leads to a dead 
end— or so it seems! Hit the 
three books in this order, and 
a secret passage opens up. 

Co through the secret passage 
and grab the third star. 

G AMEPII (Tm) Navaniber 1886 

Special Strategy Section 

Star Four 

Here are the locations ot the eight coins in the 
level. Get them all and you earn the fourth star. 

Star Six 

Star Five 

Back inside the castle, go to the second floor and enter the 
last door on the right. Jump on the small platform, then jump- 
kick off the wall to reach the door that’s directly above you. 

Co through the double doors. 
These lead to the castle roof. 

Hit the large ghost three 
times to knock the fifth star 
from him. The star flies to 
the very top of the castle. 

To grab the star, long jump to 
this section of the roof. From 
here, jump to the top of the 
roof and walk back to find 
the star. 

Once inside the castle, go to 
the second floor, and enter 
the last door on the right. 
Now open the door on the 
other side of the room to 
get a blue box. 

Hit the box to turn invincible, 
then quickly jump-kick off the 
wall again to reach the door 
above you. 

Run quickly through the blue 
wall while you’re temporarily 

To get the sixth star, keep 
running around the large 
eye until it’s destroyed. 

GAMEPII (j6l) 

I o v e m b 8 p 1996 

Super Mario 64 

Course Six 

This is one ol the most contusing courses in Super Mario 64 
because the many paths and rooms available to explore look 
mostly the same. The green switch is also in this course. 

Unlock the basement of the 
castle and go through the 
door you find at the end of 
the green hallway. 

Run to the right and head 
through the door that’s on 
the small ledge. 


Before jumping in the black 
pool of water to start the 
course, talk to the mushroom 
guy and get a star. 

Star One 

At the start of the level, go Slide down the pole and run 
through the door on the right, through the tunnel directly 
below. Ride the platform up 
to the door. 

Follow the small edge to the 
right, and jump to the section 
where the boulders are coming 
from. Run past the boulders and 
enter the door to the right. Take 
the next platform down and fol- 
low the path to the water. 

Jump on the swimming di- 
nosaur’s back and use your 
sit attack to stand on his 

head. Guide him to the first 
star in the middle of the lake. 


You can find the eight coins in the level in these areas. 
Collect them all and you get the second star. 

Star Three 


At the start, enter the 
door on the right. Slide 
down the pole, climb 
the steps, and head to- 
ward the back left of the 
room. Use this platform 
and the one above you 
to grab the eight coins. 

Run past the boulders and go 
through the door on the right. 
Take the platform down to 
the water. 

Hit the green box that’s located 
where the platform stops and 
follow the path that leads un- 
derwater. Now you're metallic. 

While you're still metallic, step 
on the switch at the end of 
the path to open a gate. 

Go through the door and long 
jump to reach the third star at 
the end of the room. 

Special Strategy Section 

Star Four 

Slide down the pole near the 
beginning of the level and go 
through the door on the left. 

This leads to a cave with yel- 
low toxic gas. Run toward the 
blue-and-white switch at the 
center of the level. 

Take the path that has stalag- 
mites and bats flying around. 
Stay metallic so the gas can’t 
harm you. 

Around the corner and near a 
wide hole in the ground, you 
see a door up in the wall. Use 
Mario's backflip to reach it. 

This door takes you to the 
fourth star. 

Star Five 

Return to the cave section. 
When you enter the cave, run 
straight ahead past the red 
enemy. Hit the green switch 
at the end of the hall, then 
run to the right. 

Take the next turn to the left 
by the groundhog. Just past it 
is another hidden door up in 
the wall. 

Backflip to reach the door and Jump and grab the red metal 
go inside. A platform takes grates to get the fifth star, 
you to a section above the 
falling boulders. 

Star Six 

B m J5 

Go back to the boulders and Double jump and kick off the 
run past them— but don't go wall near the door. There's a 

through the door! ledge on both sides above the 

door. The sixth star is on the 

EAMEPII (j63) November 19S8 

Super Mario 64 

The lava level i: 
back on course. 

Star One 

At the start of the level, follow 
the path over the drawbridge 
and to the right. 

Course Seven 

fouching the lava damages you, but it doesn't kill you instantly. This gives you a second chance to get 


Open the basement of the 
castle and go through the 
door at the end of the green 
hallway. To start the course, 
jump in the picture that has 
a face made of flames. 

Course Seven Warp 


Follow the path over the draw- 
bridge to the eyeball. To de- 
stroy the eye, run around it. 
To activate the warp, drop 
down the hole the eye was 
guarding. This warp takes 
you to an isolated section 
with a red box, 

Turn right at the rotating 
flamethrowers, and head to- 
ward the large square island. 

Kick the ball creature into the 
lava, and the star appears. 

Follow the path that leads you 
to the first star. 

Star Two 

Backtrack to where the large 
ball creature was and jump 
on the mesh platform. 

Ride the platform to the next 
section of land. 

Kick the three small ball crea- 
tures into the lava. 

A large creature suddenly ap- 
pears! Kick it into the lava and 
get the second star. 

6AMEPR8 (Tm) November 1996 

Special Strategy Section 

Star Four 

Use the warp to hit the red 
box so you can fly. 

Fly around the left side of the 
gated land section. 

Swoop down and grab the 
fourth star. 

Star Five 

Star Six 

Run up the path along the in- The path ends near a lava fall, 
side walls. From here, climb and jump 

from pole to pole. 

Climb the last pole to the top 
and jump onto the section 
with the fifth star. 

Inside the volcano, jump to 
the checkered platform. 

Halfway up the volcano, jump 
to the second platform. 

Climb to the top of the pole. 
There’s the sixth star! 

Jump inside the mouth of the 
volcano to locate the last two 

Inside the volcano, follow the 
path that leads to the inside 

jump onto the pole in the 
center of the volcano. 

and jump onto the section of 
land with the rotating flame- 
throwers. Quickly climb the 
pole next to the base of the 

GAMEPRI (165) November 1998 

super Mario 64 



The desert level is loaded with 
hazards like quicksand and 
sand storms. To help avoid 
these traps, set your camera 
angle to center back. This 
gives you a broader view ot 
the level, and makes it easier 
to find safe passage. 

Star One 



Take the warp to the other 
side of the level and talk to 
the red bomb guy to open 
up the cannon. Warp back. 

Star TWo 

Open the castle basement and 
go through the door at the end 
of the green hallway. Run to 
the right of the picture with 
the flames. 

Hit the red box, then jump 
into the cannon. Aim the 
crosshair toward the vulture, 
and fire. 

Aim the crosshair at the large 
pyramid, and fire. 

Inside the 
path that leads to the right. 
Stay out of the sand in the 
center of the room— it slowly 
drags you under. 

Course Eight Warp 

Jump into this wall, which 
leads to a dead end. Course 
Eight is behind the wall. 

Fly into the vulture to knock 
the star out of his grasp. 

The warp is in the far right 
corner of the level (just past 
the red box). It takes you to 
the other side of the course. 

The star flies to the back of 
the level where you can get it. 

Hit the red box to get the fly- 
ing wings and then jump into 
the cannon. 

Star Three 

Take the warp—or fly— to the 
other side of the level. Run 
around the pyramid and find 
the ramp that leads inside. 

Work your way up along the You get the third star at the 
outside of the pyramid. top of the pyramid. 

Fly around to the top of the 
pyramid where you can grab 
the second star. 

SAMEPII (ThT) November 1996 

Special Strategy Section 

Star Four 

Star Five 

This is where you can find 
the eight coins in the level. 
Collecting them all gets you 
the fifth star. 

Sub Boss 

Hit the red box to get the 
wings, then jump into the 
cannon again. Fly and land on 
the four large pillars surround- 
ing the pyramid. 

When you land on the fourth 
pillar, the top of the pyramid 
blows off. 

Fly to what’s left of the top of 
the pyramid and enter the 
small hole. 

A platform lowers you to the 
center of the pyramid. Jump in 
the small hole in front of you. 

The hole takes you to 
the end boss. These two 
stone hands try to smash 
you and push you off the 
ledge. To destroy the 
hands, wait for the eye 
to open on their palms. 

Star Six 

Inside the pyramid, find the 
five strategically placed yellow 
coins. The first one is in the 
flowing river of sand. 

Run against the current and Walk off the ledge at the top 
grab the second coin. of the pyramid (next to the 

top of the flowing sand). 

GAMEPRI (168) November 1996 

Three ledges are beneath you. 
The last three coins are on this 
ledge. The fifth coin reveals 
the location of the sixth star. 

In the sport Uf the future 



The Drome Opens Winter'97. 
Available on the PlayStation game console. 

Developed by Wizbang! 


with Activision. 


Check Out the Pre-Game Action at 


Super Mario 64 


This water level is split into two sections joined by an underwater 
tunnel. You must swim between the two sections to collect all the 
stars, but stay clear of the whirlpool at the bottom of the first sec- 
tion. After you collect one star in the level, the course moves back, 
allowing you to fight Bowser tor the second time. 


Open the basement of the 
castle, then open the door to 
the right to find a large star. 

Star One 

At the start of the level, swim 
through the underwater tun- 
nel to the other section of 
the course. 

Get out of the water and jump 
on this switch to activate the 
temporary blocks of stairs. 

Climb the stairs and get on 
top of the huge submarine 
floating in the water. 

The first star is toward the 
front of the sub. 

Star TWo 

Special Strategy Section 

Star Four 

Swim to the second section 
of the course. Co through the 
five consecutive water rings 
directly above the air vent, 
and the star appears. 

Jump out of the water and 
hit the green switch to make 
yourself turn metallic. 

Star Six 

Swim through the underwater 
tunnel to the second section 
of the course. 

Jump back in the water and 
move toward the air vent. 

Jump out of the water and hit 
the blue switch to turn invinci- 
ble. Jump back in the water. 

In metallic form, you can grab 
the fourth star. 

While still invincible, swim 
through the fence and get 
the sixth star. 

Star Five 

Follow the large manta ray in Swim through the five consec- You get the fifth star after the 

the first section. utive water rings that the last ring, 

manta ray produces. 

GAMEPII (172) November 1SS6 







With a flick of your finger, you slam 
the silver orb north, where it explodes 
in a storm of lights and awesome sound 
effects. No sweat, you think. But 

_ as five more screaming balls 

— ■ 

— descend toward your faithful 
flippers, you realize, this isn’t a 


"P 9 ame f° r amateurs. In fact, with 
an ingenious regiment of ramps, loops, 
orbits, targets, sink holes, lights, and 
more, it’s the most realistic pinball 
game ever to come to the computer. 

Pit your skills against the ultimate 
pinball machine of the future. 

Experience Pro-Pinball today. And just 
think of all the money you’ll save !!! 

** Four different •“* . 

action packed * 

Space Station Frenzy, Bike Race 
Challenge, Fast Frenzy and the 
Ultimate Showdown. 

** Play six balls simultaneously. 

Six different table views to choose 




Rick Stetta 

Five Time World 
Pinball Champion 

Super Mario 64 

In the next room, run to the 
right and jump into the wall 
to start Course Ten. 

Use the penguin as a shield 
against the snowman who’s 
trying to blow you off the 



One ol the smallest levels in 
the game, this snow course is 
loaded with hills, which makes 
it difficult to move. The key is 
to go slowly and not let the 
snow hinder your gameplay. 

Star One 

Jump to the island. 

When you defeated Bowser the 
second time, you gained a key. 
Now use the key to open the 
door at the top of the stairs in 
the main room in the castle. 

Co though the door with the 
red carpet in front of it. 

Run toward the moving hills 
and jump up to the ledge with 
the fence. Follow the path up 
the side of the mountain. 

Star Two 


At the start of the level, run to 
the left toward the star that 
looks as if it is frozen in ice. 

Star Three 

Run up this path to the large 
frozen sphere. 

Don't fall into the frozen wa- Kick the sphere off the plat- 
ter— it inflicts massive damage, form and get the third star. 

Work your way through the 
basic maze. 

Eventually you get on top 
of the maze. Drop onto the 
second star. 

Course Ten Warp 

At the start of the level, run to 
the right, toward the second 
tree. The warp is located here. 

The first star is at the top of 
the mountain. 










k " ;i 







i J 

l /riT 

K « 



Special Strategy Section 

Star Four 

Talk to the red bomb guy 
to open the cannon. Use the 
sixth star as a reference point 
to locate the bomb guy. Move 
the crosshair to the point 
shown above. 

Star Five 





Move the crosshair almost 
straight up in the air. Use 
this side of the mountain as 
a guide, then fire. 






If you aim correctly, you’ll fly 
over the mountain off to the 
side of the water and toward 
two yellow boxes and some 
red coins. 

Star Six 

The fourth star is in the box 
that’s closest to the side of 
the mountain. 

Use the cannon again to reach 
the two yellow boxes. Then 
hit the other box and get the 
turtle shell. Use the shell to 
help you collect the eight coins 
in the areas shown below for 
the fifth star. 

Climb the side of the moun- 
tain and fall off the path just 
past the penguin. 

Enter the igloo. 

Around the back and to the 
left is the red bomb guy. Talk 
with him and he opens up 
the cannon. 

Do a backflip to hit the blue 
box in the back right corner 
of the igloo. 

While you’re still invincible, 
run toward the igloo en- 
trance where the sixth 
star is frozen in ice. 

From here, you can 
either fight Bowser 
a third time to beat 
the game or 
go through 
through Fifteen 
to collect the rest of 
the stars. There are 
120 stars total. 


QAMEPII (i76) November 1998 

Fill out and mail this entry to: 

P.O. BOX 5802 
SAN MATEO, CA 94402 







SYSTEMS OWNED (Check all that apply) 

□ Sega Saturn ! j PlayStation DOS CD-ROM Windows 95 N64 
SYSTEMS YOU PLAN ON BUYING (Check all that apply) 

□ Saturn □ PlayStation C DOS CD-ROM □ Windows 95 N64 

Street Fighter Alpha 2 expands upon the 
best 2D fighting game to date. While mnst nf 
the basic skills from the original SFA (like air 
blocking, rolling on the ground, and super 
moves) remain the same, SFA2 benefits from 
some major changes to the combo system. 

By Bruised Lee 


Basic Skills 

Here are some basic skills you should know and use during a fight. 

Alpha Counters 

Air Blocking il 

Each fighter has two Alpha Counters. When an opponent comes in for an 
attack, and your character starts their blocking animation, perform an 
Alpha Counter (see the characters' profiles for more on how to execute 
these moves). Using an Alpha Counter takes one level off your Super bar. 

on how many buttons you press. 
See the characters' profiles for 
more on how to perform these 
moves, and look for future updates 
on the rest of the characters. 

To perform an air block, hold «- while in the air (this is the same move 
you make to block while on the ground). Some major rules apply, and 
not all moves can be blocked in the air. Here's a list of what can and 
can't be air blocked. 

Roll on the Ground 

When your Super bar reaches one 
of the three possible levels, you can 
perform a super move. When the 
Super bar maxes at Level Three, 
you can perform either a three-but- 
ton super move that does maxi- 
mum damage and expends the en- 
tire bar or a one- or two-button 
super move that inflicts lesser 
damage and fewer hits and de- 
creases a portion of the bar. The 
severity of the super move depends 

All fighters can still roll on the 
ground after being knocked down. 
Simply motion a half-circle toward 
your opponent, then push any but- 
ton at the end of the motion. The 
button you press determines the 
distance you’ll roll. 

Air attacks and projectiles can be 
air blocked. 

All ground-based normal moves 
and super combos (except for 
Charlie’s Sonic Blade) are impervi- 
ous to air blocks. 

■ j 

jssaw . 1 







Oomho Skills 

The following combo skills are used throughout this guide and are essen- 
tial to properly playing SFA2. 

To perform a two-in-one combo, start a move with your character, then 
immediately begin the second move. If you time the combo correctly, you 
can execute both moves and, if your opponent doesn’t block the first 
move, the second move will also connect. 

Like super moves, custom combos are performed by simultaneously 
pressing two punch buttons and one kick button, or two kick buttons and 
one punch button. During this time, players can chain any button or special 
moves together to score a high-hitting combo, but more hits doesn't mean 
more damage. The key is to juggle your opponent in the air— players take 
more damage in the air. You get the best results when custom combos are 
performed when your Super bar is at Level One. 

Start with 

an Air Attack Gross-Up Attack 

Most of the combos on the follow- To perform a cross-up attack, jump 
ing pages start with the characters toward the opposite side of your 
jumping in deep with a move. How- opponent with a move. Cross-up 
ever, you don't have to start by attacks are an excellent way to start 
jumping in; this method is just a a combo because they often con- 
good way to get in close to your fuse a blocking opponent, 
opponent and score an extra hit. Note: Not all characters have cross-up 

You can also start a move with an attacks (see the characters ' profiles tor 
air attack more on how to do cross-up attacks). 

Hold I, tap SK. As soon as Motion tv -» FP. Normally, to perform a Fireball, you motion 
your character starts to per- 4 * -» FP. But since you were holding l from the previous 

form the move, two-in-one move, you only have to motion tv -» FP to pull off the two-in-one. 

immediately with the second 

Confroller Legend 

P = Punch K = Kick 

FP = Fierce Punch FK = Forward Kick 

JP = Jab Punch RK = Roundhouse Kick 

SP = Strong Punch SK = Short Kick 

Motion = Move the joystick in one smooth, 
continuous motion. 

Tap = Tap the directions indicated in sequence. 
Charge = Hold the direction or button indicated for 
the time indicated. 

( ) = Execute commands in parentheses 

Note: All techniques are described under the 
assumption that your character is lacing to the 
right. II they're facing left, reverse any Toward 
and Away commands. 

The characters’ profiles on the following pages explain the best way to get air juggle hits in a custom combo. 

Tap (I RK) to knock an Tap RK to juggle your Tap FP, two-in-one to as 

opponent to the ground. opponent in the air. many Fireballs as possible. 

Tap (JP SP SK) to start the custom combo. 

GAMEPRO CD November 1996 

Motion i * -* P, tap P Motion l -* P, tap P, P Motion -» I * P 

Vacuum Rising 

Vacuum Fireball Hurricane Kick Uppercut Wave 

Alpha Counters 

Motion I * -» I -» P Motion + * <- 1 * <- K Motion -> 1 ^ -* * "x K 


GAMEPRO O Novembe 

Survival is simple. 
Never stop running. 

"It's unique, challenging, and 
packed with addictive gameplay..." 

‘'"While graphics powerhouses came and go, 
it's titles : .like Grid Runner that focus 
an gameplay that have the potential to deliver 
long-term play to fans. " 

- Next Generation 

Over 57 rounds oi gameplay 
15 monster opponents 
Two-player head-to-head action 
28 independent two-player rounds 
Ability to perform different magical spells 


^Special Moves^ mwm .'nrowi 

Note: You must be in Mantis lighting style to perform these 
two moves. 

Mantis Charge Mantis Barrage 


Five-Hit Cross-Up Combo 

Motion 4 * 4 * K During jump, motion 4 V 
<-4 V <-K 

Tap (SK FK RK) Hold 4 for two seconds, Hold «- for two seconds, 

Note: The following moves tap(tK) tap (-* P) 

Alpha Counters 

Motion *■ V 4 K 
Motion «- V 4 P 

More Combos 

Four-Hit Fury Combo Five-Hit 

Jump in deep, tap rk,jp, Kick-Uppercut Combo 
^ Jump in deep, tap FP, two-in 

one, motion -* 4 * FK, tap 
FK, FK, FK lor four hits 

Tap (4 SK), JP, JP, (4 FK) 

Motion -* 4- * P Motion 360 degrees start- When in close, motion 360 When in close, motion 360 Tap (JP SP FP) or (SK FK 

ing from any direction and degrees starting from any degrees starting from any RK) 
tap K direction and tap K direction and tap P 

sweep distance to perform 
this move. 


Flying Fist Atomic Buster 


Level-One Custom Combo 

Alpha Counters 

ap (4- SK) Tap (SK FK RK) Cross up, tap Tap (1JP), 
(4- FP) two-in-one 

Three-Hit Cross-Up Combo 

Strategy Tactics 

Zangief’s crouching FK 
takes priority against op- 
ponents jumping in from 
far away. 

Zangief's crouching SP 
takes priority against ene- 
mies jumping in from a 
close distance. 

Cross up, tap Tap (UP) Tap | 
(* FP) 

Two-Hit Jump-In 
Lariat Combo 

Three-Hit Jump-In I 

TWo-Hit Cross-Up 
Spinning Pile Driver 

Jump in deep, Tap (SK FK RK) Cross up, tap Motion 360 
ta P FP (4 FP) degrees, tap P 

I November 1996 

I ® i 


i * 

i ' . 1 !.W j 1 

c Vs 






'T. * 

\y • v. ; '••' 

7 !(r« •"'! », 



More Combos 

Three-Hit Head-Butt 
Corner Combo 

Jump up, tap (4- RK), FP 
for two hits 

Two-Hit Fireball 

Tap (<- FP), two-in-one, 
motion 4 * -» FP 

Two-Hit Comer 

Motion 4- * -> JP, tap FP 

Motion -» * 4 K 

Motion 4- tsi (JP SP FP) 
or (SK FK RK), or motion 
«- 4 (JP SP FP) or (SK 

Note: This move can be per- 
formed in the air. 

n When an opponent is 
" o about to throw a pro- 
jectile, teleport behind them to 
perform a move or combo. 

Turn Dhalsim's Air 
I WO Counter has 
priority— use it when an 
opponent jumps in to 

Motion 4 "s -* P 



Three-Hit Jump-In Fireball Combo 

Two-Hit Drill Slide Combo 

Motion 4 ^ -» Motion 4- *- Motion 4 * -* 
4- * -» K, two- 4 V «- K, two- 4 * -» K 
in-one in-one 

Level-One Custom Combo 

Tap (JP SP SK) Tap (4 RK) Hold «-, tap RK Hold tap RK Hold «-, tap RK Hold «-, tap RK, Motion-* 

two-in-one ^ «-FP 

E\fct feel Tf»e j\ee J f©i 


Cfiecl’fjm ouf: He’s (fe eecjesf, [ux&i-imring 

bunny cWe yeu’fl ever mee[. 

jfevv Wfil&Ie i|f KAtiBEE 

Wit! GjJiei feie teptfj oU{§(S. 

20432 CORISCO STREET, CHATSWORTH, CA 91311. (818) 709-3692 


R oiento 

Alpha Counters 

Motion «- V 4- K 
Motion *• K 4- P 


Hanging Attack is the whole IWU Countermove 

screen. The move, which is unblockable, is has priority. Use it when 
best used against long-range projectiles. enemies jump in to attack. 

Motion 4- * -» 4 * -* (SK FK RK) 

Motion 4 K «- P, 
P again to attack 

Tap (JP SP FP), then tap Motion -* 4 * K, then tap Motion 4 <- K, then tap Tap 4, t 

Note: This move can be 
chained up to three times. 

Motion 4 id «- 4 K «• P Motion 4 * -» 4 * ■* K 

Fourteen-Hit Cross-Up Baton Nightmare Combo 

Jump in deep, Tap JP, two- Motion 4 * -* Motion 4 * -» Motion 4 

tap SP in-one FP, two-in-one FP, two-in-one -» FP 

Cross up, TapJP Tap JP, two- Motion 4 w Motion 4 * Motion 4 

tap FK in-one FP, two-in-one FP, two-in-one -» FP 

Level-One Custom Combo 


Tap RK 

Tap RK Tap RK 

Tap RK, two- Motion 4 ^ Motion 4 -» Motion 4 

in-one FP, two-in-one FP, two-in-one -» FP 


1 o v e m b e r 1996 

■tim ^ Comhos 

Fire Raid Hanging Attack Fourteen-Hit Baton-Beating Combo 

Tap {-* FK) 

Motion 4 * -» P 

<^AMmA[TO l 

A I V I iE 1 H llJ I M I A IN 1 1 [tTy 

RobotronX/^^ 1 ^" 
.The Third Dimension Of Exdt< 

Tap (4- RK) Cross up, Tap (4 SK) Tap (4 JP) Tap (4 FK) Motion 4 * «- 
tap FK SP or FP 

GAMEPRO <D November 1996 

Tap (JP SP SK) Tap (1 RK), 

Motion 4 * «- Motion -* I 
RK, two-in-one ^ FP 

Cross up, 
tap FK 

Tap (4 JP) 

Tap (4 SK), 

Motion 4 ^ 
-» 4 * -> (SK 
FK RK) for 
eight hits 

Two Use sma ^ anc * * ast combos tied into a roll at the end. 
Keep changing the distance (sometimes rolling behind 
or in front) to confuse your opponent into blocking your next 
combo attack. 

n This is a great way 
Ullc to get in close and 
cross up your opponent for a 

Motion 4 ^ P Tap (-» SI 

N<TWJ ' rnriw 



Alpha Counters 1 

Motion <- * 4 P 
Motion «- K 4 K 

Jump in deep, Tap (4 JP) 
tap FP 

For people who care about games. 

And little else. 


Connect. Swap strategies. Post cheats. Get personal. Basically, feed your obsession. 
And your greed. Win stuff by logging directly onto 

Motion «- <i 4. K 
Motion «- * I P 

Motion i ^ -* P 

While in the air, hold 4-, Motion -» ^ ^ V «■ K 
tap FK 

Charge 4- for two seconds, 
tap t, K 


Thousand-Burst Kick Power Storm 

Tap (JP SP SK) Tap (4- RK), Tap (t RK), Tap 4-, (t RK) 
two-in-one two-in-one 

Eight-Hit Level-One Super Combo 

Note: Perform this combo in the corner and juggle your opponent with an RK Vertical Spin 
Kick for three more hits. 

Download the demo, at 



Charge * two seconds, Charge «- two seconds, Charge «- two seconds, 

tap*, *,t,K tap P tap K 


Eight-Hit Lev el-Three Super Combo 

Hold 4^, tap SP, Tap (-» FP) 

Tap(JPSPSK) Tap (IRK), 


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p in San Mateo, CA 

Video Game Strategies, Weapons, and Tactics 

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 

Play as Human Smoke, Classic Sub-Zero, Ermac, 

and Mileena, and Free- Play Mode 

Play as Human Smoke 

Press X nine limes, Y six limes, Z lour limes, A two limes, 
B four times. 

Press X seven times, A seven times, B two times, and C 
three times. 

Free- Play Mode 

To play as Smoke in his human form, pick the Cyber-Smoke at 
the fighter-select screen. For Player One: Simultaneously press 
and hold Left, High Punch, Block, High Kick, and Run until the 
match starts. For Player Two: Simultaneously press and hold 
Right, High Punch, Block, High Kick, and Run until the match 
starts. When the fight begins, Cyber-Smoke explodes into hu- 
man Smoke. 

Play as Classic Sub-Zero, Ermac, and Mileena 

Enter the codes to play as the hidden characters at the “Enter an 
Ultimate Kombat Kode" screen. To get to this screen, start a 
game against the computer, lose, and don’t continue. A screen 
appears asking you to enter a code. Do the following button 

Play as Classic Sub-Zero 

At the screen that says “There Is No Knowledge That Is Not 
Power," press Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down 
very quickly. A voice says “Excellent." Now the game is in free- 
play mode and you have unlimited continues. 

Press X seven times, Y six times, A five times, and B two 

“Gawd bless 

Ah just love 
action games, 
’specially the 
kind that makes 
me sweat like 
a pig in heat. 
Ah love action 
games even 
more than my favert food, dinner. 

Lately, lotsa games seem ho-hum. 
But not Necrodome. This new game 
two of my 
trucks ’n 

Ah had so 
much fun ah can’t believe it. You 
gotta git all them scumbags with 
your cannons before they git you. 
But watch out ’cause every time 
ah thought 
ah had ’em, 
my truck 
blowed up! 

You can 
even have a 
buddy shoot 
out of your back turret while you 
race. But if yur like me, you don’t 
want nobody near yur turret — let 
alone in it. If Necrodome ain’t the 
biggest game o’ the year, then ah 
don’t know 

“Omigod! Dare 
Devil Derby 3D’ is 
way cool! 

I love racing 
games, okay? 
And unlike my 
choice of men, 
I’ve got real 
high standards. 
Lips Akimbo, major babe So when people 
m/spMsmfcfal saHi . UpSi you 

gotta play Dare Devil Derby, the 
new 3D multi-player racing game 
from Mindscape’ I said, ‘Puh-lease!’ 
But then, 
whoa! I’m 
all, this game 
is totally 

I played it so 
much that all my fingernails broke 
off! My boyfriend Marty said my 
nails were fake, just like me. So 
I kept beating that ignorant puke 
at DDD! 

Then six 
of Marty’s 
showed up, 
so I plugged 
all eight of us into multi-taps and 
we raced against each other! It 
was way beyond amazing! 

I played it like 14 hours straight 
and never ever thought about 
eating or going to the bathroom. 
Can you 
believe it? 

I know! 

I couldn’t 

To order, visit 
your retailer or call 1-800-234-3088 
with your Visa/MC (North America only) 


Street Fighter Alpha 2* 

Chun -Li’s Other Outfit 


Madden NFL ’97 

Hidden Teams 

I To access these hidden teams, select "Play Now," and enter the 
1 button presses below at the “Team Select" screen. Highlight the 
I existing team, enter the code, and the hidden team appears (for 
I example, highlight the All-Madden team and press A, L, L, A, L, 
1 L). Note: L and R refer to the two top buttons, not directions 
I on the control pad. 

I Arizona Cardinals 1975: 

I Atlanta Falcons 1980: 

I Baltimore Browns 1986: 

I Buffalo Bills 1990: 

I Carolina EA Sports: 

I Chicago Bears 1985: 

I Cincinnati Bengals 1981: 

1 Dallas Cowboys 1977: 

I Denver Broncos 1986: 

I Detroit Lions 1952: 

I Green Bay Packers 1966: 

1 Houston Oilers 1993: 

I Indianapolis Colts 1970: 

I Jacksonville Tiburon: 

1 Kansas City Chiefs 1969: 

I Miami Dolphins 1972: 

I Minnesota Vikings 1976: 

I New England Patriots 1985: 

I New Orleans Saints 1987: 

I New York Giants 1990: 

I New York Jets 1968: 

I Oakland Raiders 1976: 

I Philadelphia Eagles 1980: 

I Pittsburgh Steelers 1978: 

I Saint Louis Rams 1979: 

I San Diego Chargers 1994: 

I San Francisco 49ers 1988: 

I Seattle Seahawks 1978: 

I Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1979: 
I Washington Redskins 1982: 

B All Madden NFLPA: 

Press Y, R, A, L, L. 

Press A, L, L, Y, R. 

Press B, Y, R, R, Y. 

Press B, Y, L, L, Select. 

Press Left, A, R, R, Y. 

Press A, L, L, R, B. 

Press B, L, A, R, A. 

Press B, A, R, R, Y. 

Press L, L, Y, A, Y. 

Press Select, Y, L, L, Y. 

Press Select, R, B, A, Y. 
Press R, Select, R, Select, Y. 
Press B, R, Select, Select, Y. 
Press Select, Y, Select, R, L. 
Press L, Y, R, R, A. 

Press A, L, L, B, Select. 

R, R, R, R. 

L, Y, Select, A. 
Press L, B, L, B, Select. 

Press B, Y, R, L, Select. 
Press Y, Y, A, L, L. 

Press B, R, A, L, Y. 

Press B, A, L, B, Y. 

Press Select, L, A, Select, R. 
Press L, R, R, A, Select. 
Press Select, A, L, L, Y. 
Press B, A, Y, Y, R. 

Press A, R, R, Y, Y. 

Press Right, R, L, L, Select. 
Press B, L, L, R, R. 

Press A, L, L, A, L, L. 

Press B 
Press B 

To get Chun-Li’s outfit that she wore in Super Street Fighter 
Turbo, start a one-player game. At the character-select screen, 
press and hold Start. Move the cursor over Chun-Li and keep 
it there for five seconds. While still holding Start, press any 
button. In addition to changing her attire, the cheat changes 
how to do her Fireball. You charge back for two seconds, then 
press forward and hit any punch. 

‘ This trick was done on an early version of the game and may 
be different in the final version. 


Slam W Jam ’96 

Featuring Magic & Kareem 

Big Head, Tiny Players, and Shot-Percentage 

To enter any of the following codes, start a game, and after the | 
“Scouting Report" screen, do the following: 

Big heads: Tap X rapidly until the tipoff. Then pause the game 
and unpause it. The players now have big heads. 

Small players: Tap Z rapidly until the tipoff. Then pause the 
game and unpause it. The players have shrunk. 

Shot percentage: Press and hold L until the tipoff. Pause the 
game, then unpause it. Now, every time you go up for a shot, 
you see a percentage, which indicates the likelihood of the shot | 
going in. 

“Starwinder is 

so fast, it’ll make 
you hurl! 

Just popped 
in a toastie 
version of the 
new Play- 
Station title 
Rocket Ronnie, action THE ULTIMATE 
mlm, Utah rj« Space Race. 

Dudes and 
this game 
is kickin’! 

Right off 
the hip, I 
noticed the amazing buzz from the 
free flight control. The Ronster 
was flying his ship in and out of 
the rails. ..for real. 

If you’re into 
speed, this is 
the treat for you. 

My buddy Fred 
hurled just watch- 
ing the game. 

And there’s lots 
more! Usually, 

I blow by the cut 
scenes, but all 
those clips of 
alien pilots were 
a major trip. I was 
laughing so hard, I 
almost blew lunch 
outta my nose!” 

The Ronster 
says check it out!” 

To order, visit 
your retailer or call 1-800-234-3088 
with your Visa/MC (North America only) 


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Source 10777 

802 - 767-3033 


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N o v e m ber 

i&%. Scary Larry’s 



1 J 1 3 J 1 

Ti 1 IM 


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LJLJ c..v 

1. Crash Bandicoot 

W PlayStation | 


r Genesis ^ 

Super NES 

2. Tekken 2 

1 . Crash Bandicoot 

2. Tekken 2 

3. Madden NFL ’97 

4. Andretti Racing 

5. NCAA GameBreaker 

6. Project Overkill 

7. Tecmo Super Bowl 

8. Ridge Racer Revolution 

9. Die Hard Trilogy 

10. NFL Quarterback 
Club '97 

1. Nights 

2. Madden NFL '97 

3. Ultimate Mortal Kombat3 

4. NFL Quarterback Club '97 

5. Die Hard Trilogy 

6. Alien Trilogy 

7. X-Men: Children of 
the Atom 

8. Virtua Fighter Kids 

9. NightWarriors: 
Darkstalkers' Revenge 

10. Thunderstrike 2 

1. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 

2. Madden NFL '97 

3. NBA Live '97 

4. College Football USA '97 

5. NHL '97 

6. Bugs Bunny in 
Double Trouble 

7. Arcade Classics 

8. Williams Arcade’s 
Greatest Hits 

9. Bass Masters Classic 
Pro Edition 

10. World Series Baseball '96 

1 . Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 

2. Madden NFL '97 

3. Kirby Superstar 

4. Super Mario RPG 

5. Power Rangers Zeo: 
Battle Racers 

6. Ms.Pac-Man 

7. Williams Arcade's 
Greatest Hits 

8. Marvel Super Heroes 

9. Tetris Attack 

10. Bass Masters Classic 
Pro Edition 

3. Nights 

4. Madden NFL '97 

5. Madden NFL '97 

6. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 

7. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 

8. Andretti Racing 

9. NightWarriors: 
Darkstalkers’ Revenge 

10. Super Mario RPG 
Super NES 


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