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Full text of "GamePro Issue 111 October 1998"

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Jj-'-jJ •* * Zjtjru * 3i 'SS3 * * Ar^jJj 

y]jjJ /jaIjjj liJJJ { 

aaoigaaja jj Mlldh ML EE) 
Safla© SJ& IMiJME 

ffljWSiSSffl msmm 

October 1998 
$4.99 Canada $6.50 

0 74470 65945 '? 



Brains Vs. Bombs 

jjV ] 

jt ™ 

r - e i 

Siiyro tlie DrrnJ&n | 



Gristle vania 64 

Crasi Bandicoot: Warped l 

'olony Wars: Vengeance 



A . 


The # 1 football game on N64 
just got a whole lot better. 





Second Generation Technology 

Award-winning Hi-Rez~ graphics 
boasts more polygons and colors 

All-New NFL Artificial Intelligence 

Game strategy written by New York Jets 
Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis 

Authentic NFL Action 

Choose from 30 team specific playbooks like the 49ers 
West Coast Offense and Steelers Ground Attack 

Over 400 All-New Motion-Captured Animations 

Popular player celebrations like the 
chicken dance, punching bag and army salute 



All-New Two Man Broadcast Booth 

Play by play from Mike Patrick and 
:olor commentary from Randy Cross 

All-New Passing System 

Lightning-quick pass control 
using the analog joystick 

Total Team Management" 

Create your own players, coaches, 
ims, playbooks and uniforms 

Turn Back the Clock 

Replay key moments 
'om all 32 Super Bowls 



sweat the details 

.» PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.Tomba is a trademark of WHOOPEE CAMP Co. Ltd. 

FAST ANV\\o«5. 

Evil pigs. Hidden paths. Enchanting 
worlds. And man-eating plants. Can you 
believe what Tomba has to go through 
to conquer the evil swine? Fortunately, 
he's got a bunch of weapons and tons 
of spunk. Tomba's here. And it's the 
first wild action game with role-playing 
adventure mixed in, too. (You'll love 
Tomba even more than a BLT on rye.) 

©1 997/1 998 WHOOPEE CAMP Co, Lid. 




Some cry because of the challenging gameplay. Others cry for their enslaved hrothers. But 
most Mudokons cry because electrodes are attached to their tear glands, stimulating the ingredients 
for SoulStorm Brew, the best-selling nauseating elixir from SoulStorm Brewery. 

In the classic Oddworld tradition. Abe's Exoddus delivers more intuitive communication and 
entrepreneurial evil than ever before. Richer language. Lusher environments. Tougher challenges. 
Deadlier fads. 

Welcome to the tastiest gaming hrew ever concocted. Slug it down. 

■i -5 

' J 

kf® WA 

l\lew & improved save feature! 
Save your game anywhere! 


Fart possession! No other game 
has it - no other game wants it! 

Slap some sense into those Mudokons 
- but look out for laughing gas! 

A complete Exoddus requires more 
stealth than a ninja army. 

Evil rules - but Abe's new powers 
mean you're up to the task! 

Available at your local retail store. 
Order direct at or call 1-800-G10-GTIS 


’CT Interactive 


(225 5248) 

(95c per minute. SI 95 for 
fax back maps) Must be 
18 years or older or have 
parents permission to call. 
Touch rone phones only. 


P RAI S E the lord 



The end of the world is near. 

You're Bruce Willis, starring as 
Trey Kincaid, nano-physicist and soOte * 




An original PlayStation 1 game 
starring Bruce Willis. 

The End Begins This November. 

Featuring FEI/Atlantic recording artist POE as Plague. 
Look for POE's new CD release this Winter. 


Counter-Terrorism. Covert Operations. Extreme Prejudice. 


_ . Chicks, a % 

M, 5I Multi-player 

3D action... 
enough said. 


fast, free ■ 

online gaming on -> W W W . lT6 3 t . U 0 t 
the enemy is real 


Suiiwau; l : uhlislm^^^^^^J^^miuumiii.. liLinlumm U4 aim Um S-L3 “K“ leuu ait ueiiemaiks ui -janr uc. ©isstl Kiuu|^^^ffl!ca Luc. 

QSffQQUB S000 

^ 58 Spyro the Dragon 

' " ; -I^Jo action/platform game 

BLr ^ ever loofed'like-this! Spyro 
^P/ f the Dragon is quietly preparing 
P to bring fire to the PlayStation. 

66 RAH It! 

The Snturn 
Isn’t Finished! 

Here's the low- . \ 
down on playing 
Japanese games 
on youc.U.S. Saturn. . 

50 Colony Wars:^k 

How far out there 
can PlayStation 
space combat get? If you 
aced Colony Wars last season, 
Vengeance seeks you. 

6 60 Apocalypse 

Last year Apocalypse made a lot of noise 
as a PlayStation blast-em-up...then it 
KaHrn| was missing 
'vli ' n act ' on ' But 
what| ooked 
like-the end 
« was only the 

B beginning. 

72 The Game toy Grows Up! 

^ Color! Pocket Monsters! New 
games! Nintendo has big plans 
ITH for the world's most popular 

, Snake returns! After taking 
three years to complete, 
clAk. Metal Gear Solid for 

the PlayStation is ready to make 
k^an assault on the standard for 
action/strategy games. 


222 Rival Schools, Part 1 


208 Soul Calibur 


If you're going to ^ 
master this i 

great sequel 4 " 
to Soul Edge, 
you'll need to study this 
guide to all the special 
moves for the 10 main 
selectable fighters. 

Begin your rival schooling this month by 
learning the basic skills, special moves, 
Burning Vigor 
J[.W Attacks, and 
'<$ some devastating 
combos for the 

Passwords, codes, tips, and tricks for Mortal Kombat 4, Off-Road Challenge, 
Parasite Eve, and more! 

Cower: Courtesy of Konami 

Available this October 

© 1998 World Championship Wrestling A Time Warner Company A 
WCW™ and NWO™ are trademarks of World Championship Wresllin 
THO INC Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and TT logo are trademarks of ram 

Over 70 wrestlers, including 
50 WCW and NWO superstars 

Real WCW theme music 

Smoother animations, better graphics, 
faster speed, and smarter AT 

Over 300 unique wrestling moves 

II: The 


22 Head2Head 


0SU0DBQ 0000 

PC GomePro Nintendo 64 PlayStation Sports Pages Role-Ptayer's Realm 

148 158 164 188 280 

Thrill Kill! Page 80. 

Tomb Raider III! Page 78. 

AirBoardin' USA 123 

Apocalypse 60 

Armored Core: Project Phantasma 125 

Attack of the Saucerman 87 

Backstreet Billiards 125 

Batman & Robin 172 

BattleTanx 132 

Big Air 116 

Blood II: The Chosen 140 

Bomberman Hero 160 

Bomberman World 130 

Bottom of the 9th '99 192 

Brigandine 206 

Buck Bumble 106 

Castle of Devil DraculaX: 

Nocturne Under the Moon 68 

Castlevania 64 94 

Colony Wars: Vengeance 50 

Conker's Pocket Tales 73 

Cool Boarders 3 112 

Crash Bandicoot: Warped 79 

Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars 148 

Dead in the Water 134 

Deadly Arts 160 

Devil Dice 170 

The Diabolical Adventures of Tobu 116 

FI World Grand Prix 188 

Fighting Force 122 

Final Fantasy VIII 202 

Future Cop: LA.P.D 164 

F-ZeroX 158 

Gauntlet Legends 152 

G. Darius 170 

Gex: Enter the Gecko 122 

Glover 130 

Grim Fandango 147 

GT 64 Championship Edition 124 

Harrier 2000 87 

Harvest Moon 72 

Heart of Darkness 168 

International SuperStar Soccer '98 

(Nintendo 64) 192 

International SuperStar Soccer '98 
(PlayStation) 192 

Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster 114 

Klingon Honor Guard 141 

Kula World 176 

Legend of the River King 72 

Madden NFL '99 (Nintendo 64) 184 

Madden NFL '99 (PlayStation) 182 

Master of Monsters: Disciples of Gaia 176 

Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow 73 

MediEvil 96 

Metal Gear Sold 48 

Monkey Hero 87 

Motoc*oss Madness 147 

Mote Racer 2 166 

Myth I Soulblighte- 147 

NASCAR 99 186 

NBA Jam '99 - 194 

NFL Blitz '80 

NFL GameDay 99 181 

NHL Face Off '99. .196 

O.D.T 114 

Pocket Bomberman 73 

Rally Cross 2 124 

Rat Attack 134 

Risk 172 

Rival Schools: United by Fate 88 

Rosco McQueen: Firefighter Extreme 176 

. -U 

Sentinel Returns 176 

Shadow Madness 206 

Shining Force III 200 

SimCity 3000 142 

Sin 141 

Small Soldiers (Game Boy) 72 

Small Soldiers (PlayStation) 102 

Space Station Silicon Valley 130 

Spice World 170 

Spyro the Dragon 58 

StarCon 132 

Starsiege Tribes 142 

Survivor: Day One 132 

Team Losi RC Racer 174 

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins 104 

Tenth Degree 154 

Test Drive 5 106 

Test Drive Off-Road 2 123 

Thrill Kill 80 

ThunderforceV 172 

TOCA Touring Car Championship 174 

Tomb Raider III 78 

Trap Gunner 174 

Turok2: Seeds of Evil 73 

Twisted Edge Snowboarding 112 

Uprising X 134 

Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire 68 

Vangers: One for the Road 148 

Waialae Country Club: True Golf Classics. . . 188 

WCW/NWO Revenge 104 

Wipeout 64 86 

WWF War Zone 72 

Xenogears 204 

X-Men vs. Street Fighter 68 

Yoda Stories 72 

Mail from readers! 

26 Art Attack 

28 Buyers Beware 

The consumer's hotline!. 

32 ProNews 

DredffidaSf'gets Spjid! 

40 NetPro 

Online games too slow? 
. Go Bezerk! 

42 The Cutting Edge 

The DexDrive and -NFL Blitz! 



Tomb Raider III, 
Thrill Kill, Crash 
and more! , 


Blood II: The Chosen, Sin, 

Grim Fandango, and more! 

152 Hot at the Arcades 

Gauntlet Legends and Tenth 

180 Sports Pages 

NFL Blitz, NFL GomeDay -99,' • . 
Madden NFL '99 (PlayStation 
and N64), and more! 


Shining Force III, Xenogears, 
Final Fantasy VIII, and more! 

Page 152. 

Msi j 3|e^s 'buvjoP' 

V f £ 

: & lie ! 

' 8 Af 
3 SB T A : 
» Vi n .v f 

- * m y, 

I ft m 1 

i U « 


■, tfe L< fe 



■ ! • ; 

To hell with the fttiezt. 
Surviving with your organ* 
Intact h victory enough. 

f-rom the creators of Tomb Raider and Fighting Torce. 


Spike-filled pits. Falling boulders. Rolling logs. You'd be amazed boio tbeg can min the most routine assassination. Even for a canning and ruthless ninja like goarself Fortunately, goar arsenal of weapons, magic and 
moves help goa do whatever it takes to forge accross JO levels of treacherous wilderness. To assist gou in destroging every demon and warlord in all ancient Japan. To survive — whether it be ft or partially maimed. 




Activision Is a registered trademark ui hv.sion Ire. I a fu w '998 DreamWorks Interactive L L C. T 31 Fu is a trademark ol DreamWorks Interactive L L C DreamWorks Interactive Is a trademark ol DreamWorks LLC. Published 
and distributed by Activision under license. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks « Sony Computer Entertainment Int The ratings Icon Is a trademark ol the Interactive Digital Software Association. 

All rights reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties ul their respective owners. 




Strut your bad self through 20 intense levels 
of sweeping rivers and dense bamboo forests 
on your quest to defeat the Dragon Master. 

Take on lethal animal enemies inspired by 
Chinese legend, including muscle bound snakes 
and ferocious wild boar. 

Send them f lyin' with over 100 character 
moves and authentic Kung Fu attacks like the 
Leopard Pounce and the Monkey Roll. 

Then, unleash your tiger attacks, and finish ‘em 
off with thrashing claws and razor sharp teeth. 
T'ai Fu putting the “FU” in Kung Fu. 

Wrath of the Tiger 

That's Chinese For Kick Ass. 

I HEADi2 h jl 

I Letter from the GamePros 

F all is finally here, which means that those awesome games 
that the GamePros have been waiting for all year are closer 
than ever to being released. One thing's clear: 1999 is going to 
be monstrous for Nintendo 64 and PlayStation gaming. 

However, as Jared64 points out in "The Mail," the N64 is miss 
ing some sure-fire hit titles that gamers everywhere want. The 
fact is, the PlayStation is all over the Nintendo 64 in terms of sheer 
numbers of hot titles. Now don’t get us wrong like Kerry Stowe 
did— the GamePros are hardcore N64 fans, and the N64 is going 
the distance! Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, WWF/NWO Revenge, Castle 
vania 64, NFL Quarterback Club '99, and Madden NFL '99 
should be monster hits this year and the types of games that 
make people want to buy an N64. 

Nevertheless, the N64 bench lacks depth. F-ZeroX, NBA Jam 
'99, Fighting Force 64, Twisted Edge Snowboarding, Gex 64 
Buck Bumble, and Glover 
HELLOOO, NINTENDO! top the list of N64 games 
„ . to get jazzed about— but 
ANYBODY Home?! what about Tekken.Resi 
dent Evil, Tomb Raider, 
Metroid, Mario 2, or even Street Fighter? N64 gamers have been 
asking for these hit titles for so long that they’re now referred 
to as the “usual suspects." 

I have read several letters 
that disturbed, aggravated, 
or insulted me— but none of 
them bothered me enough to 
make me send in a response. 
Until now. 

First of all, I’d like to re- 
spond to Nike R. Nickel [see 
"The Mail," July]: If profan- 
ity in games bothers you that 
much, why not spend your 
time watching Nickelodeon 
or The Disney Channel? This 
country has become the 
United States of the Offended, 
with every single person in 
the entire country having 
some small thing to be totally 
outraged about. My advice 
to you is to enjoy these games 
that are 99.99 percent excel- 
lent graphics, gameplay, and 
enjoyment. Why waste time 
complaining about the 0.01 
percent you deem offensive? 

Secondly, I have this to 
say to you, SirCharles [see 
"The Mail," July]: “Open your 
eyes, old chap!" I live in the 
Piedmont area of North Car- 
olina and have bought sev- 
eral outstanding RPGs from 
neighboring stores. If you 
don’t want to do things the 
easy way (e.g., ordering from 
mail order catalogs or via the 
Internet), try your local Media 
Play or Babbages, or you can 
purchase previously rented 
games from Blockbuster Video. 
I’m quite certain one of these 
stores is nearby, 
brandonkelly via Internet 

Woody Allen 
Starring as... 
Rabbi Nukem! 

H ow is it that Tomb 
Raider, Duke Nukem, 
Mortal Kombat, and even 
Street Fighter can be made 
into movies? Can’t anyone 
besides me see something 
wrong with that picture? The 
only movie I’m looking for- 
ward to seeing is the Resident 
Evil one. I can’t believe that no 
one has thought of making a 
film out of Final Fantasy VII: 

It has an excellent story, and 
you’d feel for the characters 
throughout the movie just as 
you did during the game. 
Kevin Pratt 
San Diego, CA 

What’s your problem, Pratt? 
Games like Duke and Tomb 
Raider kicked ass on the con- 
soles and should do well in the 
theaters just on name recogni- 
tion alone. Hollywood is a 
money-driven machine: When 
slick Hollywood producers see 
a game making $20 million, 
they think “Sandra Bullock 
as Lara Croft!" Of course, this 
means that a movie as bad 
as Super Mario Bros, can be 
made. Yeccchh! And just for 
your information, there is a 

You tell 'em, Brandy. How’s 
the air up there on your high 
horse? Actually, your point is 
well taken about people being 
offended by seemingly in- 
significant matters. 

22 ) October 1998 


Respected coach and video gameologist Tom "The Thumb" 
Blake says that quick thinking is as important as quick thumbs. 




Near the end of a close match, Player 2 notices a large funnel cloud coming from the west 
at approximately 67 mph. Player 2 retreats to the southwest corner of the basement. Player 1 doesn't, 
and is hit on the head several times by flying debris. After the storm Player 2 returns from the cellar, 
finishes the game and claims an otherwise not-so-easy victory. Should: 

(A) Player 2 take credit for the victory? 

(B) Player 1 have worn a helmet? 

CC) you always maintain an emergency video game system in the 
southwest corner of your basement? 

Trent Lockart of Biloxi, Mississippi 
discovers the newest, latest, greatest 
video game will be released Thursday 
morning. Trent needs to get this game 
before any of his friends. Trent should 

(A) Leave a note under his pillow and 
hope the tooth fairy will deliver it. 

(B) Call the cute little video game 
boutique in the mall and hope that: 

1. they will have 
i the game. 

2. the person 
who answers the 
phone will pick 

up the receiver right side up. 

3. they won’t also try to sell him 
another video game cleaning kit, 
a set of encyclopedias, and a 1986 
Ford Escort. 

(C) Go to Target on Thursday 
morning where they always 
have a large supply of all 
the latest 
and NFL (?B 
never have to 
call ahead to 
reserve them. 

Three men need to cross a river in a 
boat. The men weigh 150 lbs. each. 
The boat can carry only 213 lbs. One 
man has three live chickens strapped 
to his belt, another has a helmet 
made of pure uranium, and the third 
has video game gear and a television 
monitor. How should all three men 
cross the river using only one boat? 

(A) The man with the video game 
stuff should cross the river first, 
bringing with him the three live 
chickens. After crossing the river he 
should ask the chickens to go back 
and pick up the other guys. If the 
chickens don’t want to, well, then it 
isn’t his fault is it? 

(B) Do something else. 



Head 2 Head 

Final Fantasy movie coming 
oat. Square is busy working 
on a full-length feature using 
rendered characters (like in 
Toy Storyj. 

Did I Stutter? 

A re Kartia and Rebus the 
k same game? 

feedme7 via Internet 

Does a bear defecate in conifer- 
ous wooded areas? Yes, Kartia 
was previously named Rebus. 

Banjo and 
on the Next 

I n the June issue of GamePro 
you had an “E3xclusive” on 
Banjo-Kazooie. You said that 
Banjo and Kazooie were trying 
to save Banjo’s girlfriend Piccolo, 
whereas I’ve read that they are 
trying to save Banjo’s little sis- 
ter Totie. What’s the deal? 
rtiernan via Internet 

The deal is this: Banjo and Pic- 
colo are brother and sister, 
and both are from Arkansas 
where that kind of thing is 
okay. No, really, Banjo was 
originally slated to save his old 
lady, Piccolo, but Nintendo 
changed the story line after 
we previewed the game. Hap- 
pens all the time. 

Read Between 
the Lines. Now 
Read the Lines 

I n your July issue [see spe- 
cial feature, "You Have Spo- 
ken!’], you people said, “Al- 
though all the editors agreed 
that Diddy Kong Racing was 
the best [racing game] of the 
year, we were surprised that 
the other two positions were 
filled by N64 games. Pretty 
good for a system that people 
characterize as too slow." 
What are you talking about? 

The N64 is the fastest console 
right now! I'm not one of those 
crazy Nintendo fanatics, but 
everyone knows that the 
cartridge is a faster game 
medium than the CD— at least 
when comparing the N64 to 
the PlayStation. I own both 
systems and I know which 
system is faster DURING a 
game and LOADING a game. 
KerryStowe via Internet 

Hey, Kerry? Hello? McFly? Is 
anyone home? We clearly 
stated that "people" character- 
ized the N64 as a slow sys- 
tem. We think it's great, but 
historically, games like Ridge 
Racer for the PlayStation and 
Daytona USA for the Saturn 
have been considered unbeat- 
able as far as speed goes. Re- 
lax. And you are like one of 
those Nintendo fanatics. 

The Spice 
Girls Are Evil 

H i! I want to know if the 
Spice World game is 
coming out in the U.S. for the 
PlayStation. I am a huge Spice 
Girls fan and really want to 
know about this! I also would 
like to know the release date, 
if any. 

Toomuch756 via Internet 

Toomuch, you have got to be 
friggin' kidding us! Now that 
Ginger Spice is Solo Spice, we 
don't care what the status of 
the game is, but if you do, 
check out "Sneak Previews" 
in this issue. We hope to God 
you're a chick. 


On, People! 

I 'm writing to question why 
such quality game com- 
panies as Namco, Capcom, 
and Activision are not bring- 
ing out any great games like 
Tekken 3 or Resident Evil 2 for 
the N64. 1 understand space 
limitations, but the only disad- 
vantages for the N64 would 
be no CD music and no full- 
motion videos. Wouldn’t the 
graphics have been arcade- 
perfect on the 64? Namco 
could have dominated the 

fighting genre on the 64 be- 
cause— admit it— there are no 
games on the N64 with the re- 
alism, smoothness, and utter 
coolness of Tekken 3. In clos- 
ing, I plead for at least Tekken 
3, the best fighting game ever, 
to be released for the N64. 
Jared64 via Internet 

Keep pleading, Jared. Namco 
has hinted in the past that 
there might be something for 
the Nintendo 64, but it’s the 
world's pickiest developer 
when it comes to quality game 
systems. As for speed on the 
N64 (always an issue for fight- 
ing games), Namco should talk 
to Midway— MK4 was blaz- 
ingly fast! Capcom, by the way, 
has also made a clear com- 
mitment to the N64 this year, 
but whether that means Resi- 
dent Evil 2 or Buster Brothers 
has yet to be clarified. 

GAMEPRO (24) October 1998 

$10 Off 



the Dragon™ 
for the 
PlayStation® ME® 






Good for $10 off Sears Funtronics Dept, regular purchase price. Valid 09/01/98 - 1/31/99 only. Offer not good on layaway balances, gift certificates or credit card payments. Not 
redeemable for cash. Not valid with any other coupons or offers. Limit one coupon per transaction, one per customer. Void where prohibited by law. Cash value 1/20C. © 1998 
Sears, Roebuck and Co. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Sony Computer Entertainment logo is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.PlayStation and the 
PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Spyro the Dragon TM & © 1998 Universal Interactive Studios, I Developed by Insomniac Games, Inc. All rights reserved. 


Sony Corporation.PlayStation and the •' 

Studios, Inc. All rights reserved. Find us I 

Brad Scroggins, Nacogdoches, TX 

Vladimir Kuzmanov, Yugoslavia 

Ignacio Trujillo, Eagle Pass, TX 

Jackson Bui, Santa Ana, CA 

Brandon Lee, Grand Meadow, MN 

By The Watch Dog 

] Before I go and put a hex on Scary Larry, check out 
I these ghoulish tales of consumer horror. 

Q For some reason, my copy of All-Star Baseball '99 
for the .N64 won’t compile accurate statistics for 
* a player I’ve created. What’s wrong? Also, when I 
start a season and play a game during spring training, the game 
goes into extra innings (sometimes as many as 20), even though 
I’m winning at the end of the ninth! 

David Pereira 
Perth Amboy, NJ 

A Bob Picunko, Director of Marketing for 
Acclaim, answers: 

■ "When you create a player or change your roster, 
you must immediately save your changes to your Controller 
Pak. If you’re playing a season, you must save your roster and 
your season separately. When you return to the game, load your 
roster first, then your season 
(you must re-save your ros- 
ter throughout the season 
after you make changes). 
Also, the cart won’t simu- 
late other teams’ games un- 
til you’ve completed a series. 
For example, if you play the 
first two games of a three- 
game series and then look 
at the league standings, the 
standings for the other 
teams will not be updated yet. Only after completing the third 
game of the series will the standings be updated. As for the un- 
necessary innings, make sure you’re not using any non-licensed 
accessories as they may be the cause of the problem.” 

Never thought you could strike out on 
your stats, did you? 


Is there any way I can restore deleted blocks 
from my PlayStation Memory Card? 

Joshua Travassos 
Fall River, MA 

A A Sony cus- 
tomer service 
■ rep answers: 

"If you accidentally delete a 
block, simultaneously press 
Rl, R2, LI, and L2 before 
the block shrinks. It will reap- 
pear once the buttons are 


Q Where can I go to 
purchase new Play- 
® Station games that 
stores don’t carry anymore be- 
cause the titles are either too old 
or have been discontinued by the 

Mayumi Oiwa 
San Mateo, CA 

A The Watch Dog 

■ Besides Funco, Inc., 

Sony recommends you contact three other mail order compa- 
nies who usually carry old and discontinued games: 

Can’t get what you want? 

Going, going... not gone? 

Service Merchandise: 800/251-1212 
Electronics Boutique: 800/800-00B2 
J&R Music World: 800/221-81 80 

You can also purchase a game directly from the publisher. To 
obtain the number of the publisher you’re looking for, just call 
Sony at 800/345-7669. 

Q Is it possible to play Internet 
games such as Fireteam or 
* Ultima Online on Web TV? 

Nick Jartcky via Internet 

A The Watch Dog replies: 

B No, you cannot play interactive games on Web 
■ TV. To play any Internet game, you need a com- 
puter to access the necessary CD-ROM to run the game. Web 
TV can be used only to browse the World Wide Web, read and 

send e-mail, and 
conduct online 

Web TV: Limited hardware, limited use. 

A t GamePro, listening is what we do best. When you have a 
, problem with a product or feel you've been ripped off, we 
want to know. If you have a complaint about a product, write to: 
GamePro's Buyers Beware 
RO. Box 193709, San Francisco, CA 94119-3709 
Or e-mail us at 

You Make the Call 

Having problems with hardware or software from Sony, Nintendo, or Sega? 
Here are the customer-service numbers to call: 

Sony: 800/345-7669 Nintendo: 800/255-3700 Sega: 800/872-7342 

GAMEPRO (2fT) October 1900 

nYko Technologies, Inc. USA 

P.O.Box 46697 

Los Angeles, CA 90046 


©1998 NYKO Technoloaies. Inc. All Riahts Reserved. 




nYko SONY/ nYko N-64 / nYko SEGA / nYko PLATINUM / 


Nyko's right on target with the advanced dual system 


Fite away & feel the tick 
anithePOXNM of 


• Variable Speed 
Rapid Fire 

• Compatible with 
gun games on 
PlayStation & 
Sega Saturn 
game systems. 


Dual System 
Light Gun 

Built-In Force 
Feedback No 
Batteries Required 

* • 

• Auto Reload 






.Y 2 





• U 



^riQhls rese^. P|p^c^andmePI| 

Meet Oscar De la Hoya. Cyber Athlete'* and Golden Boy of 
Boxing. Think you con toke him for the All-Time, Every-Weight 
Champion of the World? Prove it against a dream card with him 
and over 30 legends including Ali. Sugar Bay and Holyfield. All 
with recognizable faces (beforehand, at least). Let's get it on. 

news bits 


Speeds to 

Sonic Adventure to 
be Sega’s first release 

It's official: The blue dude with 
an attitude will help launch Sega's forth- 
coming superconsole, the Dreamcast. 

Last July, Sonic creator Yuji Naka an- 
nounced a press conference (to have taken 
place in August) that would unveil Sonic 
Adventure to the public for the first time. 
"People are ready for the Dreamcast, and 
this will be the number one game they're 
waiting for," said Naka in a "Question & Answer" on Sega of Japan's Web site. "I've seen 
what [the Sonic Team has] done, and, in a word, it's awesome." 

Notably, Naka revealed that Sonic Adventure had its origins in 32-bit gaming. 
"After we finished Nights for the Saturn, we began to plan the idea of Sonic Adventure on 
the Saturn; we were trying to incorporate many ideas into the game, but it became so 
big that we decided we had to develop it on the Dreamcast." At press time, no game- 
play details were known, though it's believed that the game will have an RPG feel. Mean- 
while, Naka promised that the title "will set a new futuristic standard for gaming." 

GamePro will have more details as they are confirmed. 

The Sonic Adventure teaser campaign in Japan featured these 
menacing Sonic eyes, plastered on Sega’s Web site and inside 
Japan’s subway trains. 


Sneak Peek: Quake II Action Figures! 

Resaurus, the toy company 
behind the excellent Duke Nukem 
action figures (see "ProNews," July), 
has set its sights on id's PC phenom- 
enon, Quake II — and GamePro got 
an early look at the 
upcoming toy line. 

The first wave of 

figures will include the male and female 
Marines, as well as the Strogg Barra- 
cuda Shark, the dog-like Parasite, and 
I the monstrous Tank. These 
sketches clearly indicate 
that the sculptors are 
sticking closely 
to the game's 
designs, which 

Gaming Goes To Washington 

will make hardcore 
fans very happy. 

The toys are in 
"accelerated devel- 
opment" and should be c 
store shelves by the end ( 
the year. Resaurus is expect- 
ing a $9.99 price point. With Quake II currently in develop- 
ment for both the Nintendo 64 and the 
PlayStation, the game is poised to set the 
mainstream market on fire. 

Later this year, Resaurus will bring to 
store shelves Quake ll’s male and female 
Marines, as well as key enemies such as 
the Strogg Barracuda Shark, the Tank, and 
the Parasite. 

The game industry is mad as 
hell and it's not going to take it any- 

Finally weary of constant persecution by 
politicians with no participation in or under- 
standing of video gaming, members of the 
video game industry have formed a political 
action confederation (PAC) to fight 
the good fight in Washington. 

Dubbed GamePAC, the organization 
"intends to represent the interests of 
the computer and video game industry 
in Washington and at a state and local 
level." In other words, the folks who 
bring you the games you enjoy are also 
willing to defend them in America's 
political nerve centers. 

Following the scrutinization of Mortal Kombat 

and Night Trap by the Senate in 1994 and this year's ulti- 
mately unsuccessful drive to restrict the exhibition of vio- 
lent arcade games in Florida, a game industry presence in 
the nation's capital seems more important than 
ever before. "It is time that our voices be heard," 
reads a GamePAC press release. "The voices of law- 
makers who want to blame our industry for 
violence in our society — who want 
to mandate a ratings system, 
who pass Internet censorship 
laws— are heard, while we 
remain silent. As Thomas 
Paine put it. It is up to 
each generation to guard 
its liberties.'" 

For more information 
on what GamePAC is up to, check 

Johnny Ballgame wants to make 
one thing clear: Rocky doesn’t 
suck. ♦ Here’s some fresh ammo 
for those of you fighting the 
console war with your friends: 
The PlayStation has about eight 
times as many games as the Nin- 
tendo 64, but last year, the top- 
selling title for the N64 sold 
twice as many copies as the top 
PlayStation game. ♦ The Rookie 
did his Kirk impression through- 
out our trip to Vegas, but didn’t 
have the guts to do it in front of 
a real Klingon at Star Trek: The 
Experience. He’s a bIHnuch! ♦ 
Could Downhill Bikers possibly 
feature a more uncomfortable 
seat? ♦ Boba Fatt wants to give 
a shout to his girthy GoldenEye 
crew, even though they've never 
beaten him. ♦ WWF wrestler 
Kane’s favorite game? SimCity. 
We are not making this up. ♦ 
Confidential to Spawn's Terry 
Fitzgerald: The best game you 
saw at E 3 was "Bust-A-Rhyme”? 
Dude, the game's called Bust-A- 
Groove. Gotta read GamePro 
more often — and by the way, 
the world deserves a decent 
Spawn game! ♦ "Lara Croft is 
the most modern person on 
Earth," says Lara's Book author 
Douglas Coupland. “She repre- 
sents the radical new shift in 
human existence — humanity’s 
next phase, where we download 
ourselves entirely into silicon.” 
Uh, yeah. Or is that silicone? • 
GameDay '99...GameDay '99...G 

Adding yet more life to the System That Would Not Die, 

InterAct's new GameShark for the Game Boy offers everything you'd think it 
would: Preloaded cheat codes for over 150 Game Boy titles, a Game Trainer 
utility to help you find your own cheats, and an easy-to-read entry screen for 
adding new codes from Use it with the Game Boy, the 
Super Game Boy, or the Game Boy Pocket-though the Pocket gave us spo- 
radic connection troubles. Basically, it's just like all previous GameSharks, only 

Game Prop 

I A' R C ' 

ig you’d think it L / \ D 3 

GameShark for Game Boy: $29.99 

Contact: InterAct, 410/238-2424, 

GAMEPRO October 1000 


How To Go Bezerk 

System Requirements: 

You Don't Know Jack— The Netshow: Pentium 90, Win 95, 10 MB RAM, 
10 MB on HD, 16-bit sound card, 256-color 640x480 video, 28.8 modem, 
32-bit TCP/IP Internet connection, Netscape 3.0/MSIE 3.0 or higher. 

You Don't Know Jack Sports— The Netshow: 486/66, Win 95, 8 MB 
RAM, 10 MB on HD, 16-bit sound card, 256-color 640x480 video, 28.8 mo- 
dem, 32-bit TCP/IP Internet connection, Netscape 3.0/MSIE 3.0 or higher. 
Acrophobia: 486/66, Win 95, 12 MB RAM, 10 MB on HD, 16-bit sound 
card, 256-color 640x480 video, 28.8 modem, 32-bit TCP/IP Internet con- 
nection, Netscape 3.0/MSIE 3.0 or higher. 

Price: Free 
Available: Now 

E-mail us your comments at this Internet address: 

Berkeley's tweaked online game 
| network is r.le.oer, la of, and free. 

(idiot mare do you inant? 

By Dan [lektro 

At -♦PH Oil A 

Liyhto, Camera, Bora 

Joining Jack online is Acrophobia, a 
wild word game that requires quick 
thinking, quick typing, and quick 
wits. Just as LOL stands for "laughing 
out loud" and AFK stands for “away 
from keyboard" in online shorthand, 

Acrophobia presents players with a 
random collection of letters, three to 
seven characters long. Your job is to 
make sense out of those letters and 
come up with a phrase that matches the topic in 60 seconds. For in- 
stance, if the category was “Movies" and the Aero came up with ASDIB, a 
fine entry would be “Armageddon stinks! Deep Impact's better." You get 
the idea. During the game, you can chat with the other players and con- 
gratulate people on clever entries; it’s all very loose and extremely social. 

f \ ction games online are great— if you 
fl have a really fast, stable Internet con- 
nection. If you're one of the millions of 
normal, lag-plagued online gamers, how- 
ever, you still have plenty of lower-latency 
alternatives— classic pastimes like check- 
ers, backgammon, or spades. Yeah, okay, 
that’s fun— wake me when I’ve won. Isn't there something exciting that 
doesn't require a T1 line? 

As a matter of fact, yes. Bezerk, Berkeley Systems' online gaming net- 
work at, caters to gamers with more mental power 
than modem power, and nobody's going to have a chance to fall asleep 
mid-game. Bezerk offers two online versions of Berkeley’s popular, snarky 
trivia game, You Don't Know Jack, and it’s since been improved and com- 
plemented by an all-new online-only game, Acrophobia. 


As PC and Mac gamers already know. You 
Don't Know Jack :and its countei par t. You 

Don’t Know Jack Sports) takes the tradi- W Q 

tional game show and gives it a swift kick 

in the pants. YDKJ mocks the genre with ' 

smart-mouthed hosts, potty humor, and hip 

trivia from Shakespeare to The Brady Bunch, Jack players get their choice 
all presented as if it were a real TV broad- of new contests or online’s 

cast. Online Jack's Netshow sports all the latest hits. 
components of its retail CD big brother. Streaming audio and simple, classy 
animations drive the show, while special quizzes like Gibberish Questions 
and Dis or Dat have made the leap to 
online with ease. Like the disc version, 
the 1.5 upgrade of online Jack supports 
three players (up from just two in ver- 
sion 1.0). In addition, you'll find all-new 
questions online twice a week and can 
play the best (and most infamous) of 
earlier episodes. It’s the ultimate free 
demo of Jack. 

There’s no fee to play Bezerk games, but you : 

will sit through five-second quickie commer- 
cials between rounds. Surprise! These full- MMp /B 

screen, full-color animations are almost as f 

entertaining as the games. £ 

Bezerk proves that brain games don’t need — 

to be boring, or even slow. If your ping’s pathetic and spades sounds 
stinky, just go Bezerk. E3 

Which of the following tastes can you 
expect to experience while eating your 
General Tso’s Gangrene Leg; 

You Don’t Know Jack requires triv- 
ial knowledge of a variety of dis- 
gusting topics. 





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Check Out 

DexDrive, Blitz, 
and the Computer 

It’s a revolution! At last, all 
game files are created equal! 

By The Wmz 

P layStations, Nintendo 64s, PCs, and arcade systems are all computers 
(or “game machines" depending on your point of view) of one form or 
another.. .why can’t they all just get along? Well, InterAct Accessories and 
Midway Games are going to make that happen. 

“DexDrive,” He Said 

InterAct’s DexDrive will enable PCs to 
store PlayStation and N64 data files 
directly from standard memory 
cards. The DexDrive (“Dex" stands 
for “data exchange") is basically an 
external port that attaches to the PC 
via a 9-pin connector, which plugs 
into a COM port. There will be two 
versions available, one for the 
PlayStation and one for the N64. 

The DexDrive works much like Iomega’s Zip Drive. Simply slide a game 
system memory card into the drive, and it reads saved game data, including 
inventories, custom tracks, characters, or saved game locations. 

InterAct won’t indicate exactly what’s inside a DexDrive, except to say 
that there really isn't a lot of hardware in the unit. If you’re curious, you can 
take a peek through the clear plastic casing of InterAct’s Nintendo 64 Shark- 
pad Pro controller. The N64 Dex is basically the same thing. 





The Dex Drive’s DexPtorer soft- 
ware will look like any other 
Windows application for the PC. 

Making console files PC-mobile opens 
up several unique possibilities. Now you'll 
be able to attach files to e-mails, ^upload 
them to the Web, or load them onto a 
memory card for your buds. It’s not too 
far out to think that game companies 
will soon be offering 
game upgrades, spe- 
cial levels, and fantasy 
sports teams via the 
Web. In fact, InterAct has 
several deals in the works. 

The Blitz 

Midway Games, meanwhile, has its own plans to connect consoles to PCs. 
It’s focusing on connecting the Nintendo 64 to its proprietary Seattle arcade 
system. The connecting software? NFL Blitz! 

Gamers tackling NFL Blitz '99 (see “Sports Pages,” this issue) for the 
N64 will be able to create plays and save up to nine of them on a standard 
N64 Controller Pak. Because the new NFL Blitz '99 arcade machines (due out 
in September) will be outfitted with a special card slot for the N64 Paks, 
you’ll be able to upload and save your plays to the arcade unit. With all your 
special plays at your disposal, you’ll have a sort of home field advantage 
whenever you use that particular coin-op. 

Midway is taking advantage of the fact that the game code for both 
the N64 and the arcade versions of NFL Blitz is similar. Working with Nin- 
tendo’s cooperation, Midway was able to develop proprietary conversions 
at the root level of the file formats (called “machine language") for the N64 
and the Seattle arcade system, so that both systems could talk to each 
other. This allowed Midway to design compatibility into the two different 
NFL Blitz game files. In the future, you can expect to see similar setups in 
the upcoming NBA on NBC basketball game— and, who knows, maybe 
even in Mortal Kombat 5. 

Game Systems United 

The Dex Files 

The DexDrive makes use of its own proprietary soft- 
ware called DexPlorer (get it, Windows Explorer fans?), 
and that’s really what makes the ’Drive tick. Dex- 
Plorer enables the PC to recognize N64 or PlayStation 
data files as a file format compatible with its Windows 
operating system. It even assigns its own file extension 
(.GME) to the game data. 

Onscreen, you’ll see two windows: One displays the 
game data filenames (including the game icons for 
PlayStation files), the other displays the files on your 
hard disk. From there you can click and drag files or 
copy them from one window to the other. You can’t 
open the game system files, of course, but you can 
archive them and download ’em later to other Sony Memory 
Cards or Nintendo 64 Controller Paks. 


The buzzword is "convergence," and, whether 
it’s in your game room or in your arcade, 
consoles and PCs are preparing to 
play together. Gamers everywhere 
will soon be saying to InterAct and 
Midway, 'Thanks for the memory." □ 

The DexDrive for the Nintendo 
64 contains hardware similar I 
to that in the Sharkpad Pro 

For more information: 
InterAct Accessories 

961 1 Pulaski Park Drive 
Baltimore, MD 21220 

Midway Games 

Remember how 
fun it was to 
torture your 
victims when 
you were 

GRIND villains to Pieces! 

POUND your enemies to Mush! FRY him ‘til he's CRISP! 

SMASH 'em while Freefalling! FEED the beast some Meat! 

MOW 'em down on youl* Jetbike! 

iters are trademarks ot Shiny Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. The Aladdin video game is a co-productlo 
Walt Disney Company and Virgin Interactive Entertainment. Published and distributed by Interplay Production 
All other trademarks are properties ol their respective owners. PlayStation and the PlayStation 

creators of 

Earthworm Jim. Aladdin anil 
MDK interactive Janies, 
introduce theil* next 

play Wex Major. Wild <) 
leader, punk earthling, 
and had guy exterminator. 
So fil’e Up the Rig, the 
ultimate weapon and torture 
device, and make your 
enemies Scream for mercy! 

Plough through five continents with extreme 
prejudice. And a grenade launcher. 

Enjoy international diplomatic immunity 
with a set of 9mm's as your passport. 

Annihilate your way through 1 5 levels 
of high-res mercilessness. 

me metal detector 

mill be an adixmtme in itsebfo. 

Blaze India and hammer into London, 
Antarctica, Area 51 or the South Pacific. 

A “sneaky” peek at this season’s sneakiest 

game that, at its core, is a very complex and immensely enjoyable adven- 
ture. This definitely ain’t your daddy's Metal Gear— gamers who remember 
with fondness the hours of intense excitement that the two original NES 
games (see sidebar "Back to the Future") brought 
into their homes are going to find themselves 
( i. . i/. , challenged even fur- 

77 ! * ther. Everyone else 

will just be thank- 
ful that they 

of the bathroom without getting him killed, the game will compensate for 
your ineptitude by supplying more ammo for the weapons he finds and 
more rations— but it will also slightly alter the game’s ending, which 
means that only an elite few will view the game's true finale. 

Metal Gear will be rich in surprisingly subtle audio and visual clues 
linked to changes in the environment. For instance, in a level where you're 
supposed to plant plastic explosives, you may have to find the right spot 
by tapping on the walls— a hollow-sounding tap would indicate that the 
wall is thin and that a charge of plastic explosives would be effective 

there. Even less obvious clues— such as dried paint chips which expose a 
newly painted wall as an actual hallway en- — « ^ 

trance— guarantee that you’ll have to 
massage the old bean a bit and ^*4^ 

be prepared for some clever thinking. ' 

bought a 
PlayStation. Q 

Gear Up for Adventure 

Other bonuses which will guarantee the game’s success include a thor- 
ough training level (during which you’re timed and graded on certain 
mission skills, such as evading two patrol guards at once, crawling 

t - t 1 . ■ ' • ' satfd into air vents, or jt 

^ avoiding //J 
. searchlights) 

and full 
Dolby Sur- 
round sound, 
which adds to 
the game's realism. 
However, this is all just 
window-dressing for a 

Metal Gear Solid stretches the action 
with tense situations! 

Back to the Future 

Here's a look back at two of the best games for 
the old NES: the predecessors to Metol Gear Solid. 
For a more intimate look, pick these gomes up and 
ploy them— you won't be disappointed! 

view, with some marginally 
better graphics and another 
extensive arsenal, including 
Claymore mines and plastic 
explosives. - w . 

Snake’s Revenge 

In addition to including a little humor to the game, 
with characters like Vermon CaTaffy and Higharolla 
Kockamamie. the game featured "three 
commandos and their foxy friend. ^,^1 
Jennifer." This __i, ^ 

Metal Gear 

The originol gome was a marvel of 8-bit technology. 
It featured fairly involved gomeplay and some 
pretty tense situations. It also featured the stan- 
dard overhead view and help from a "team " that 
gave you clues ond offered moral support. The 





SpoNight On 

The creators of the PlayStation's premiere 
space combat game are warping to new levels 
of white-knuckle thrills with Colony Wars: Vengeance. 

By Air Hendrix I ' . „ 

I t's a little puzzling that it took several years for the PlayStation to land 
a topnotch space combat game, but when Colony Wars finally arrived, 
it blasted onto store shelves with the kind of style and quality rarely seen 
jjy in the first installment of any series. 
mt’j : Now Psygnosis is returning to a 

galaxy near you with Colony Wars: 
l *- i Vengeance, which promises to de- 

liver an even more captivating ride 
with exciting combat in the air above 
planets, beautiful new graphics, and 

much more. 

Due out in November, Colony Wars: Vengeance 
catches the eye with spectacular scenery, such 
as this lushly detailed planet that looms before 
an approaching fighter. 

A huge Navy barge slowly crumbles to pieces under 

tury. the League became opulent hBm League /(ras 

and oppressive, while the Navy 

splintered into groups of feuding tribes that were only recently reunited by a charismatic 
leader, Kron. Playing as Mertens, a young pilot fighting for Kron and his new Navy, you set 
out to re-establish the Navy's foothold in the galaxy... and only gradually become aware i 
that things aren’t quite what they seem. By having gamers assume an actual persona, ft 
the Vengeance team hopes to make the game more personal and involving than the ft? 

first— and to make the story line & 
L ikjj matter much more as the dogfight 

Wt v,' ing explodes across your screen. 

Lock-On Tone! 

J But dogfighting’s certainly the heart | 

M of the game, and Vengeance brings W 

4 ^ \ .^\ that to life in fine style. Pilots can 

a n now earn their way into five ves- 

sels— which is fewer than the origi- j 

' ' \ nal game provided— but Vengeance ft 

sports a spacecraft upgrade system. Successfully completing missions rewards you 
with tokens that enable you to revamp your craft's weapons load, shields, engines, ! 

,_Jlere's a slick view of the new “predictive 
aim sight.” The red “ X ” tells you where tc 
shoot so you can easily connect with this 
fleeing League fighter. 

afterburners, and gyros (for better ~ ~ 

handling). Fully upgraded ships will be ^ % 

able to carry five primary and five sec- ^ ^ 

ondary weapons, chosen from an ar- * ' 

senal of 24. Some of the cooler arma- 
ment include robotic pods that detach *' £ 

from your ship and fight for you. and l-*^— -..C: . lj — - 

of course the famous grapple gun, which you can now use for speed 
bursts by slingshoting off large objects like asteroids. 

When it comes time to use your weapons, you'll fight with the new 
TrpFv&frj/Bg/tf ' — ; — | "predictive aim sight." 

For the first time, Colony Wars: Vengeance descends inside the 
atmosphere, with five planet-based combat missions. 

everything in sight. Now you'll have to figure out the craftiest path to suc- 
cess, and gunfire won't always be the 
key. Also, revamped A.I. for wingmen 
and enemies should make battles 
much more engaging as the updated w 

combat engine will make a lot more 
happen around you. v ^ 

Visuals Improved 

with a Vengeance 

The best news on the graphics side is that Psyg- 
nosis promises much faster action with a frame pr JK* 
rate of 30 frames per second. It’s clear, too, Jp / 
that the Vengeance develop- > / f ^ 

ment team focused on making 
space look prettier. Planets, aster 
oid belts, nebulae, and even explo- 
sions fill the stars with a gorgeous level 
of detail. Large ships now have moving parts, 
like radar dishes or docking bays that you fly | 
into, and smaller ships spin out of control * 
after sustaining damage. i \ It 

The Navy Needs You! / 4, 

Thanks to better compression technology, ( ip 
Vengeance will fit onto one CD, instead of the 
two required by the orig- 
inal. There's little ques- 
tion at this stage of the 
game that true fans of 
science fiction, and even 
just plain old shooters, 
won't want to miss out 
on Colony Wars: Ven- 
geance when it docks 
with store shelves this 

Because most adversaries 
will be moving, this target- 
ing cursor shows you 
where to direct your fire 
so that it intersects with 
your target. Also, each en- 
emy craft will carry a 
C&C-style damage meter 

i Navy fighter holly pursues a League craft mudl b | astjng is teft t0 
as they flash past an approaching planet. Pimlly | arge vesse | s 

such as dreadnoughts, will have specific weak spots, like the engines, that 
you'll have to target. So some strategy will be required as you can no 
longer fire blindly to destroy mammoth ships with your tiny fighter. 

Feel the Force 

Like its predecessor, Vengeance " « ,, „ 

will use a branching system of < t ‘ 

missions where wins send you ' y 

down one path and losses 
down another. This approach 

beefs up the replayability of the w. ^ 

game, which features 41 mis- n **** D 

sions over 19 acts, six endings, 

and action in five solar sys- 

terns: Sol, Gallonigher, Alpha-Centauri, Cronus, and Boreas. 

New to Vengeance, though, are five missions that go down inside plan- 
etary atmospheres, where you guide a low-flying ship against League as- 
sault vessels. And whenever you complete all the missions in a solar sys- 

: * tern, you'll face off against a sentinel, 

j ‘ ~-i.~ - a huge boss-type craft. 

j 'jM ft As far as gameplay goes, Psygnosis 

' "V reports that the action in Vengeance 

W will be deeper than Colony War's, 

- meaning that the way to complete a 

mission isn’t always to just blow up 

/Js a pilot for the new Navy, you’ll face 
behemoth League vessels such as this 
planet-based battle carrier. 

Spotlight On Colony Wars: Vengeance 









GamePro: How did the idea 
for the Colony Wars series come 
about? Was it inspired by other 
games, movies, or sci-fi books? 

Mike Ellis: Personally, I just 
wanted to try my hand at the 

genre and make a space game j 

that was as fast and intense as what you see in the movies or on 
TV. I never felt that the speed, action, and atmosphere were 
conveyed correctly in the kind of games you see on the PC as 
they tend to play more like flight slms. 

GP: What new elements and new ideas did the team focus on 
building into Colony Wars: Vengeance? 

ME: We have tried to answer as much of the feedback that we 
received from fans and the press as possible, while trying out 
some new things of our own. Afterburners, new weapons, 
boss-type sentinels, and the fighter-upgrade system are all 
examples of new stuff we've included. 


An interview with Mike Ellis, 
project designer for the Colony 
Wars: Vengeance team, which Is 
based out of Psygnosis' Liver- 
pool development studio. 

original game is when we decide to intentionally reuse one to 
maintain continuity of style. 

GP: What kinds of things were you unhappy about or unsatisfied 
with in the first game that you aim to correct in this sequel? 

ME: Weak spots in large vessels as well as ground missions 
were always something that we wanted to implement in the 
original game, but there was 

never the time. 

This time around we also 
have more user aids 
to provide the 
players with better 
information about 
what's going on 

GP: How will the planet-based missions fit in with the 
space-based action? 

ME: The planet-based missions will fit into the mission 
tree like the normal space missions do. The game is 
still predominantly space-based, but the planet-based 
missions add 
more depth to 
the game and 
create a real sci-fi 
universe rather than 
one that’s based in 
space. Think Star 
Wars, which success- 
fully blends some land and lots of space-this Is in part our 
intention here. 

GP: How were the graphics and sounds upgraded from the 
original game? 

ME: All the graphics and sound effects were redone from 
scratch. The only time the player may see a model from the 



around them. Mission debriefings and end-of- 
misslon messages should now ensure that the 
player knows why the mission has ended. Also, 
with the hull/shield status being part of the 
lock-on target, the player should never be in 
doubt as to which fighter they were tracking 
last and its current condition. 

GP: Why won't there be a two-player game? 

ME: To design and implement a proper two- 
player mode would have taken more time 
than we had. There also would have been 
compromises both in the amount of time we 
could have devoted to the single-player 
game and the quality of the two-player 
game's visuals and frame rate. 

GP: Any plans to do an N64 version? Or a 
Dreamcast version? 

ME: At the moment there are no plans for any 
other versions of Colony Wars that I know 
of-but you never know! Q 


P * 

J n_r •• 




* -* ■ 



1; _ * 

— - g' 

P October 


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any working N-64 game. 
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Power-ups enable true arcade play. 

Jumbo-size players. 

No refs. No rules. No mercy. 

Deadly long-range passing. 

Catch-me-if-you-can speed. 

Based on the #1 Arcade game. 

Windows 95 




First there was Lara, then there was 
Crash, now here comes Spyro to raise 
the standard for PlayStation games. 

By eye Spy 

A s megahits-in-the-making such as Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Tomb 
Raider III, and Metal Gear Solid prepare to make their holiday rush, 

• there's another PlayStation game that just might glide into your 
world— Spyro the Dragon. 

Even in its early stages, Spyro is shaping up to be a primo platform ad- 
venture epic that appears to be trying to answer the question: Just how 
pretty can a PlayStation game 
be? As it did with Crash 
Bandicoot, Sony Computer En- 
tertainment of America looks 
ready to score with another 
collaborative PlayStation de- 
velopment effort, this time 
with Insomniac Games and 
Universal Interactive Studios. 

Qet Quash) 

In preview form, Spyro the 
Dragon unveiled a wondrously 

Fire is a dragon’s best friend— and a 
powerful weapon. 

mystical world, with smooth gameplay and animation that compelled you to 
pick up a Dual Shock controller just to watch the little guy move! 

Playing as the plucky dragon cub, Spyro, you will be on a quest to free 
your fellow dragons from a nasty spell cast by an obnoxious gno-goodnik 
named Gnasty Gnorc Gnasty's transformed all dragons into ciystal statues, 
which are scattered across six massive worlds. 

You'll have to track down your ciystallized homies, all 80 of whom are 
hidden in 30 geographically 
diverse areas. The adventure 
covers the gamut of environ- 
ments, including deserts, ice 
lands, and even underwater 

Yet Spyro will have to 
find more than just his lost 
dragon brethren if he's go- 
ing to get a crack at Gnasty. 

He'll have to defeat a 

Enemies look fat but can be dangerous! 

'Dpaqon TX 

Spyro, his moves, and his worlds 
were beautifully cast with gor- 
geous graphics and impressive 
sounds in the pre-release CD. 

Special flying arenas will enable you 
to pick up extra points and hone 
your skills. 

Spyro’s dynamic lighting 
effects will be impressive. 

wacked-out army of reptilian henchmen in order to recover pilfered jewels 
and retrieve stolen dragon eggs, too. According to Sony, if you find every- 
thing, you’ll unlock a hidden level. 

Tirc-tSpeathinq "Firepower 

When it comes to combat, Spyro will definitely be no flaggin' dragon. He'll 
be packing Gnorc-wupping power in his fiamethrowing breath and a head- 
butt that’s practically unstoppable. He can also pull some slick moves, such 
as a long-distance power glide, a ram-chargin' run, and a variety of cool- 
looking body rolls. 

Spyro will be protected by 
his sidekick, Sparks the dragonfly, 
a sort of rechargeable insect 
shield that runs interference for 
him against the bad guys. 

CIMEPII (S) Ictllir till 

The graphics in the early disc 
revealed a lush fantasy land that 
looked like something out of an ani- 
mated feature film. The preview CD 
I displayed Spyro with silky-smooth 
character graphics and cartoon-like 
animation. Moreover, speaking of 
animation-quality graphics, Insomniac 
and Universal not only had the game 
animation running at 30 frames per 
second, but they’re also using a 
new compression technique that al- 
lows them to store twice as many 
frames of animation than normal. 

Spyro will also show off impres- 
sive proprietary graphics technology 
that enables the game designers to 
create amazingly smooth back- 
ground textures for nicely detailed 
long-distance views. In the prelim 
CD. some jewels revealed their 
hiding places by the merest twinkle 
in a far-off hillside. 

During gameplay, you'll 
also be able to pull a few 
camera tricks, rotating the 
cam around Spyro 360 de- 
grees and playing from any 
angle. By swiveling Spyro’s 
up dose- 

Sometimes you’ll come across 
magic vortexes which lift you to 
new heights. 

Spyro’s dragon roll will save 
your scales. 


enough, the early version 
played audio that actually 

Spyro will be able to stop and zoom in to find otherwise h 
to-see items. 

rocked, thanks in large part to music composed by former 
Police-man, Stewart Copeland. And if Spyro sounds familiar, 
it’s because his voice-overs are done by Carlos Alazraqui, 
who does voices for Rocko's Modern World and for 
the Chihuahua in the Taco Bell commercials. 

Illill SpijM Tlij? 

Spyro the Dragon could be the sleeper hit of the 
season, but, then again, he may suffer the curse of 
Yoshi: too cute for his own good, Insomniac and 
Universal will attempt to temper the cute-n-cuddly 
factor with brain-draining platform- 
style gameplay. Whether or not 
they succeed when Spyro is re- 
leased this October will be up to 
you to judge. Q 

When Spyro rescues crystal- 
lized dragons, they reveal 
important clues to the game 
and to the gameplay. 

This game’s all about exploration 
and finding jewels. 

Spyro’s puzzle solutions aren’t 
always apparent. 

When he’s glowing, Sparks the dragonfly is 
a magic shield; but you must learn to turn 
sheep, chickens, and other odd creatures 
into butterflies so that he can eat them. 

Spotlight On Apocalypse 

Forget what you've heard about Apocalypse so far. This action/adventure 
game has been totally revamped, making it look more like a winner and 
less like the wiener it resembled last fall. 

By Scary Larry 

TTT/ hile you're at it, forget about Bruce Willis, too, because 
W Apocalypse stands on its own run-n-gun gameplay pretty 
damn well. An overhaul is what Apocalypse needed, and that’s 
just what it got. 

Whatchu Talkin' ''Bout. Willis? ' - ^ — I 

That's not to say that Activision hasn’t been hyping the appearance of The Bruce in its game. 

Press releases flew the day he was announced as a key player, and so did the rumors— Bruce 
; 7YMK' rT TT ~ ~] was buying Activision, Bruce was taking 

^ ^ . Ifrnjl; over creative control of the game, Bruce 

• *iy f y it was divorcing Demi Moore.. .oops. 

In fact, Bruce was employed as a 
mouthpiece for the game, lending his 
■ • ( V ^ snarling, smart-ass quipping abilities 

to help an otherwise unformed, 
nebulous title, whose early ver- 
sions featured very rudimen- ./ 

tary two-man gameplay and / ftmi 
ijp jk little else. In 1 997, the un- 

Bruce looks his action-hero best in ^'*3 " 9 ° f ^ p ° cal ^ pse / 

at E s revealed little ' 

Bhice Nukefn 

l spoke with the team behind 

3nd Rebirth *P° ca *yP se ont * osked some 

1 questions regarding the 

of Apocalypse ■»kingoflai.™ , 

ambitious game to date. 
CamePro: How has Apocalypse improved? 

Team Apocalypse: We ditched all the old code and graph- 
ics ond started from scratch using the Neversoft Engine J 
that we've been developing over the past three years. Ilf 
We redid all the level layouts, enemies, and weop- // ' 

ons. The gameplay is now much more action w 

pocked, with constant enemy involvement. 

m standing up— you 
.■ ' just go right into it. 
} If you want to kill some- 
thing, hey, it's lying in 
bloody pieces on the ground. 
The control is that good, and, with 
the Dual Shock analog controller, it's 
/ the best control we’ve ever seen on a 
£ PlayStation gome. 

hm BP: Whot were your concerns with the title 
W after E 3 last year? 

■ TA: Although Activision had spent a lot of time 
on the conceptual stage and had come up with 
some really cool stuff, the technology ond gameplay 

decided to re- IT 
think the game w 

and vastly im- hi. 

prove things. f 
CP: Whot sets 
Apocalypse '' 
opart from 3D action 
shooters such os One 

doing the some thing for more than 30 seconds. We 

did not keep up. There were a lot of other games that Apocalypse is a lot bigger ond more varied than One. We 

spent a lot of time on the controls. Every little parameter has 
been carefully tweaked to make the game as fluid and intuitive 
as possible. We decided that every action should happen instan- 
taneously when you press the button. So if you press the fire 
button, bom!, you're firing in that direction, whether you're 
standing, running, jumping, hanging or crouching. 

If you wont to move, you move— no messy turning round or 

looked like pretty hot 

Another concern wos 
that the game did not 
get a good response 
from the public. They 
all really liked the game 

also use a different control scheme that allows the player to 
move ond shoot in any direction independently. In One you had 
to turn to shoot, which got very frustrating. Everyone who has 
ployed Apocalypse really loves the control scheme, especially 
when it's used with the new Dual Shock analog controller. 

Apocalypse is nothing like Duke Nukem: Time to Kill. Duke 
Nukem is another turn-and-shoot game modeled on Tomb 

GAMEPRO n October 1998 

r \jr for a fast-paced environment. They also found a way 
i to run full-motion video sequences while the action is 
^ ^ hot: Bruce can now run past a bank of TV monitors 

^ that are playing a music video and nothing 

on the screen slows down. 

Why is video so important? When 
you’re selling a game to a youth-oriented 
market, image is king. And Activision made 
another important contribution to that theory 
up front by signing Goth queen, Poe, to not only provide music and input to 
the game, but also to actually appear as one of the bosses. The Poe video that 
Activision created using computer-generated (CG) rendered cinema scenes from 
the game should be appearing on MTV soon. 

Smoking Guns 

And Activision knew n ■, u — ot 

it. It revamped the game fi!;* 

almost immediately after that . : 

show, ditching the gimmicky two- » ** 

J man gameplay (see sidebar, 

“Bruce Nukem and the Rebirth 
^ of Apocalypse") while adding detailed 

cinematics and trigger-happy action. I = — 

Apocalypse reloaded to become a 3D action/adventure dream, with Bruce 
basically running through areas and gunning down the bad guys. The multiple- 
view 360-degree gameplay also features plenty of jumping, climbing, and scal- 
ing walls. As a butt-whupping clone of One (a similarly blazing blast-em-up), 

. ... . ..wr Apocalypse possesses lightning speed, 

.: z z zz-. m j' |j control that’s been minimized to appeal 

’ Ft ‘ - to twitch gamers, and a look that went 
11 r ^ from dark, mysterious, and foreboding 

to fast, explosive, and. ..foreboding. 

Where There’s a Wiflis. There’s a Way 

The time Apocalypse spent in the shop will translate to some superior gaming 
this November. CamePro scored a three-level demo, and its speedy gameplay, 
— j- — j— t— vastly improved graphics, and non-stop 
I 1 action were impressive. Luckily for Ac- 
jHfr, '' ... tivision, Apocalypse wasn't the end 

of the world that some industry insiders 
' thought it would be. Q 

A Poe Excuse 

All during the game’s hiatus, Activision 

was planning another media strategy: 

Run-n-gun non-stop action domi- Less is more. Magazines and consumers 
nates this game! saw and heard less during the game’s 

Phoenix-like rebirth. Meanwhile, programmers tooled away and relearned the 
advantages of the PlayStation, which they found to be more powerful than they 

had previously thought. 

The benefits of the PlayStation included spooling the CD, so the CD is send- 
T~» P r , ing information while you’re still playing the 

i 'A i £ j| j game, thereby offsetting load time and making 

Your fingers will never rest, and 
your heart will not stop racing! 

wanted to be in control of Bruce Willis, so we just gave them 
what they wanted. 

BP: Was the cool music video featuring CC rendered cinemas 
done before or after the overhoul of the gome? 

TA: This was done before the overhoul. The music video fea- 
tures Poe. who appears in the gome as one of the bosses, so 
the videos are very closely integrated into the story line; and, 
as you've seen, we have video actually mixed in with the game 
play. The video is very important to the style of the game. 

CP: Will the final product revolutionize any aspects of the video 
gome industry? 

TA: It will set new standards for what is expected of PlayStation 
games in terms of using its hardware and in using graphics that 
look good on it. Because of the amount of innovation in this 
gome, we expect people to copy a lot of things, like the video 
walls, the lighting techniques, and our many cool weapon effects, 
but we don't mind that— it's kind of a compliment. 

L Raider. Apocalypse has 

super-fluid control and 

non-stop action— it's a 

real shooter's gome. Duke is a much slower-paced game with 
controls that are really designed for exploration. 

BP: What aspects of the PloyStotion helped you in the making 
of Apocalypse? 

TA: CO spooling! We are constantly accessing the CD to load 
various things. For example, we load in the next part of the 
level as we go. which enables us to build large, complex envi- 
ronments. We also spool in the voice-overs for Bruce Willis 
directly from the CD as they are needed. In addition, we do 
something never seen before on the PloyStotion: We spool in 
full-motion videos [FliV] during the actual game, so as you're 
El , running post giant video 

ftp :v £ if 'y 1 screens in the gome 

' ** ••• while blowing up tonks 

0 ,0 ck Bl(ie0 P lo V s 01 
30 frames per second 
on the screen in the 

: ! background Hot some 

thing you con do on the 

Nintendo 64. _ TiM 

Another great thing V 
about the PlayStation is ■ f 
that it has so much un- 
topped power. According 
to Sony, the average 

PloyStotion game still 

utilizes only about 60 percent of the PlayStation's features. 
Well, the team has been programming games for the PlayStation 
for about three years, and we know certoin tricks that even 
Sony doesn't know about. We certainly know stuff that other de- 
velopers don't. You should have seen our booth at E 3 — half the 
people watching were other developers taking notes on our cool 
special effects. 

CF: Why did you obondon the concept of a two man team fight 
ing buddy-style? 

TA: It didn't play well. The concept sounded pretty cool, but 
it really didn't work in the game. When we used the A.I. to let 
Bruce decide whot he wanted to do, he never did what the 
player wanted. When we scripted his actions, the gome was the 
same every time, and the player got frustrated. Everyone 

leom Apocalypse Projecl lender: Hick West 
Programming- On.e Cowling lleodl, Hike Day Ken Harrison. Joson Keeny 
Art: Chris lloid lleodl Noel Nine', Hoik Suit Silvio Patrelia 
Design Joson Uyedo. Chad fmdly. Aaron tommoiolo 



rvrilrble Dll WIRDOWS "95 CD-ROm rdd PLAVSTRTIOR 1,1 GAfTIE COnSOLE 

©1998 Gremlin Interactive Ltd. Licensed from and developed by Gremlin Interactive Ltd. All Rights Reserved. ©1998 Twentieth Century 
Fox Film Corporation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. "Twentieth Century Fox," "Fox" and their associated logos are the property ot Twentieth 
Century Fox Film Corporation. PlayStation and PlayStation logos are registered trademarks ol Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. 



Rocket boosters and treacherous 
heat-seeking missiles make this flying fox 
virtually unavoidable and unflappable. 

Packs nuclear. power in his pouch 
and in his punch. 

A sheep-herding K-9 on 
wheels whose Fido firepower 
is worse than his bite. 

A high-speed husky on skis who hates 
i penguins and often flips his wig. 

Full of lightning-fast mayhem and 
deadly cruise missiles, he’s no angel. 

A rocket-sneezing, snow-sgueezing polar bear who dumps 
dangerous icicle mines in front of unsuspecting foes. 


Silicon Valley, a space station used to harbor cutting-edge technology, has disappeared. Now, in the year 
3000, it's on a collision course with Earth. Vou must not only think like the wacked-out beings who 
inhabit its incredibly lavish environments, you must become them. Only then will you be able to unlock 
the mysteries of the Valley and save our planet. Whatever you do, do not attempt to feed the animals. 

Special Feature: The Saturn Isn't Finished! 

ile U.S. gamers may be saying "Sayonara" 
o the Saturn, gamers in Japan have been 
welcoming a new wave of titles for the sys- 
tem. A series of excellent 2D fighting 
and action games are now thriv- 
ing on the Saturn... with a 
little help from the unit's 
expansion port. In fact, 
many great Saturn games 
are still out there— you 
just need to know where 
and how to find them. 

Capcom Comes First 

Capcom has led the way with RAM-expanded fight- 
ing games for the Saturn (which comes equipped with 2MB of 
internal RAM). For example, the Japanese version of its X-Men 
vs. Street Fighter even upped the ante by bundling a 4MB RAM 
cartridge with the game, 
creating a near-perect ar- 
cade translation— proba- 
bly the best conversion 
of a Capcom fighting ti- 
tle to date. 

Vampire Savior: The 
Lord of Vampire is an- 
other recent release 
that uses the same 
RAM cart as X-Men 
vs. Street Fighter 
with the same 

spectacular results. Upcoming 4MB releases in 
Japan from Capcom include Pocket Fighter 
and a compilation of the side-scrolling Dun- 
geons & Dragons arcade titles, Tower of 
Doom and Shadow Over Mystara. Marvel 
vs. Street Fighter is also due out in Japan 
before the end of the year, while Marvel 
vs. Capcom is rumored to be in the works. 

X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Vam- 
pire Savior: Lord of Vampire uses 
the 4MB RAM cartridge in order to 

o (jiT) 


You don't have to purchase a Japanese Saturn to play Japanese games; 
all you have to buy is a simple converter that fits into the Saturn’s ex- 
pansion slot. Although there are more on the market, we present below 
a few of the converters that allow you to play Japanese Saturn 
games on a U.S. system. It’s important to remember, how- 
ever, that even though these converters play Japanese 
games, they do not translate onscreen Japanese text. 

If you want to play Japanese games that are 
RAM-enhanced, then you must also buy a corre- 
sponding RAM cart which comes in two sizes: 2MB 
and 4MB. The best aspect of the RAM cart is 
that one size fits all. If you buy a 2MB RAM cart, 
you can use it with every game that requires it. 

ST • Key 

The ST • Key is the bare-bones converter: It only lets you play import Sat- 
urn games. It has no additional RAM and can't save 
games, but it’s perfect for people who just want to 
play non-RAM-enhanced Japanese titles on their 
American Saturn. 


Capcom's RAM-supported titles aren't the 
only shining stars in the Saturn universe: Several 
excellent non-RAM titles have also been released. 
First and foremost is Castle of Devil Dracula X: 
Nocturne Under the Moon by Konami. Basically the 
PlayStation version of Castlevania: Symphony of 
the Night, Devil fea- 
tures more areas in 
Dracula's Castle 
and two extra 
playable char 
acters. On the 
RPG side, the 
Saturn has 

Castlevania for the Saturn has 
several features not in the 
PlayStation version. 

such as Dragon Force II by Sega and Lunar: 

Silver Star Story by Game Arts. 

Unfortunately, Capcom USA will not be 
releasing its games in America. Plus, Castle 

of Devil, Lunar, and Dragon Force II won't be released in the U.S. 
either. .. but that doesn't mean you can't play these games at home. 

Yours. ..For a Price 

These gems can be obtained in the U.S., but usually at a high price and with a con- 
verter (see sidebar, 'The Tools of the Trade"). Where do you find them? Import- 
game stores and some Electronic Boutique 
stores carry Japanese Saturn titles (see sidebar, 
"Where To Find Imported Saturn Games") as well 
as converters, or are at least able to order them 
for you. Some of these stores also carry the trans- 
lated text of imported games, so you won't get 
stuck in situations that rely heavily on Japanese 
The GameShark lets you play Japan- text. Excellent games are waiting for weary Saturn 
ese Saturn games on a U.S. system. f ans _y 0U j us t gotta find 'em! 

The Three Best Imported Japanese Saturn Games 

Attention, gamers, these titles are Japanese-language only. 

X-Men vs. Street Fighter 

A near-perfect arcade port, 
X-Men vs. Street Fighter 
absolutely rocks. The 
load times are al- 
most non-existent, 
and all the excel- 
lent aspects 
that made the 

i such fun to play have been retained 
(including the tag-team battle system). 

This home version lacks some cool ex- 
tras (like a tournament and practice 
mode), but for 2D fighting fanatics, it's 
still one of the finest arcade-to-home 
translations ever. (For more info, see 
“ProReview,” March.) 

Graphics: 4.5 Sound: 5.0 

Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire 

Take monster characters 
give them Street Fighter 
moves, and what do you 
get? Darkstalkers. Vam- 
pire Savior is the third 
(and best) game in the 
famed monster-fighter 
series. Moreover, the 
Saturn version fea- 
tures three more fighters than the arcade version 
as well as a hidden options menu with some cool 
extras — including a feature that translates the 
Japanese text into English! Despite its lack of a 
training mode, this game is like X-Men vs. Street 
Fighter: a perfect arcade translation. 

Graphics: 4.5 Sound: 5.0 

Castle of Devil Dracula X: Nocturne Under the 

The Saturn is usually stronger for 2D games, 
inexplicably, this version of Symphony of the 
has more slowdown than the Play- 
Station version. Nevertheless, the 
game's additional characters and 
extra areas in Dracula’s Castle 
make this a must for fans of the 
Castlevania series. One quibble, 
though: Why not give Maria 
and Richter story lines like Alucard's and allow them to col- 
lect different weapons and other items? Playing as Alucard 
makes Devil an epic feast of a game; as Maria or Richter, it's 
more like a fast-food drive-thru. At least the excellent Japan- 
ese voices are retained — remember the horrible ones the Play- 
Station version had when it was released in the U.S.? □ 

Fun Factor: 5.0 





* ' * >' 

S A .Tv j '■’i*' \V^vV, V. ,v 

/ -W* , ,' •• 

;V. &■• K. 
««»i r'-.i - ■ 

■ V f ^ V 

: ■ vOi \ . 

' - V ■*•<*' - v*j- ' •■’ V- ' , 

»: ■ V * i® \vii-: 


XM-fc ■■ X 

tig hint back. 



Nintendo has big plans for the cheapest, most 
popular handheld game system in the 

world. Add a little color, throw in — - — 

/ 1 

some virtual pets, maybe snap 
a digital picture or two- I aJm 

anyway you look at it, the /fZSih 
Game Boy is coming on ungtt LJb 2I 
strong this year! 

By Scary Larry 

Your dad probably owns one. It's been featured in dozens 
of movies as a prop. It’s enjoyed great peak years and tough 
competition. It's the Game Boy— and it's poised for a comeback. 


Pokemon (pronounced “poke-a-mon") is actually an ab- 
breviation for Pocket Monsters, a wildly popular series 
of games for the Game Boy (and a hit television show) 
in Japan. Pocket Monsters are a cross between role- 
playing games and fighting virtual pets: You breed 
them, train them, take over weaker monsters and ab- 
sorb their skills, then try to beat the tar out of oppo- 
nents with your saved fighters via a Game Boy Link. 

Nintendo will offer two versions of Pokemon 
this September, Red and Blue. Because there are 
over 150 different 

One of the factors leading to the Game Boy's revival will 
be the Pokemon phenomenon (see sidebar "Watts Poke- 
mon?''), which should fuel an additional 20 percent in Game 
Boy sales next year. In Japan, Pokemon easily outsold some 
next-generation titles, with 8 million units sold to date— and 
if the Japanese market is any indication, sales here 
should be brisk. In September, Nintendo will fuel the EE; 
fire domestically with the release of the Pokemon for k> 

the Game Boy, an animated Pokemon television se- 
ries, and Pokemon 
M Pikachu, a sort of S 

** pedometer-based Mi: 

“ ! 

powered by the — — 

distance you walk. 

W a In fact, the Pokemon 

craze is so big in Japan 
that Nintendo has de- 

types of monsters, 
you'll need to trade 
between Red and Blue 
Pokemon games to find 
them all. Nintendo's hoping 
that's just what you'll do. 

If tfiat sounds far-fetched, wait until 
you see the Pokemon Pikachu. This small 
pocket pet actually keeps track of the distance 
fed and bribed with the results it comes up with. Your distance 
is measured in “watts” (although we can't tell if it's calculated 
in feet, miles, time, or watt... err, what), and you use that num- 
>r to gamble at the slots for more watts. If you don't keep your 
inores you. Kind of like a virtual girlfriend. 

The Pokemon 

Regardless of all the gadgets that Nintendo plans for the Game Boy, no excitement, 
would be generated if it wasn't for its accompanying lineup of stellar games. Unlike 
companies that make titles for the Saturn, Nintendo and its third-party licensees still 





Based on the hit Super Nin- 
tendo RPG, this title comes 
to life on the small screen. 

By Natsume 
Available now 

Travel and learn, Jedi! Puzzle- 
based game puts another spin 
on the Star Wars universe. 

The first fishing role-playing 
game (don't ask) is actually 
an exciting game. 

By Natsume 

By Acclaim 
Available n 


Available November 



veloped a Nintendo 64 game that uses your Came Boy-saved moiv 
sters in the N64 Memory Pak slot. Initially titled Pokemon Stadium, the 
game will feature 3D N64 characters taking on enhanced 3D Came Boy 
Pocket Monsters in a one-on-one slugfest. 

Hoping to latch on to the craze, Nintendo 
of America is set to release Pokemon Sta- 
dium on these shores if it performs 
well in Japan. 

stamping out 

Another leading factor in the 
Came Boy's resurgence is certainly 
the kitschy Pocket Camera and 
Pocket Printer. This unique pair (which follows an- 
other near-hysterical craze in Japan— sticker clubs) 
offers Came Boy owners something different to do 
with their handhelds besides playing games. 

With a suggested price tag of $49.95, the Pocket Camera is the first 
affordable handheld digital camera made for kids, and, although the 
screen resolution is only that of the standard Game Boy screen, you can 
do a lot of cool things with it. Snapshots of friends, places you’ve vis- 
ited, people you've caught making out (including your parents— yeccchhh!), 
or even class projects can be recorded on the handy, versatile device. If 
you add the Pocket Printer to it (at about $59.95), you have 

a whole darkroom (sort of) to yourself. 


Nintendo's final strategy to revamp its 
, handheld will be to add true color to 
| the Game Boy. The Came Boy Color 
[ model (which will retail for ap- 
1 proximately $79.99) will fea- 
| ture three display modes: 

10-color, 32-color, and 56- 
| color. The unit will be com- 
' pletely compatible with the 
existing Came Boy library of ti- 
tles and will still use only two AAA batteries 
(for about 10 hours of gameplay). Moreover, devel- 
opment is already taking place on Came Boy Color 
titles such as Turok 2, NBA Jam '99, Deja Vu II, and 
Top Gear Pocket. Q 



We wanted some insight into the 
Pokemon craze, so we asked Perrin 
Kaplan, director of marketing at 
Nintendo of America, for all the 
hokey Poke lowdown. 

GamePro: The Pokemon phenome- 
non continues to defy all expecta- 
tions, with almost 9 million units 
sold in Japan alone. Will Pokemon 
help boost Game Boy sales? 

Perrin Kaplan: Actually, the Game 
Boy doesn't need any help. We 
have sold over 66 million units 
worldwide, and we expect an extra 
2 million units to be sold this year 
alone in the U.S. 

In fact, the Game Boy will help 
sell the Pokemon. All indications 
from the Japanese market are that 
Pokemon will be as big a hit here 

GP: Are there other companies 
helping out with the Pokemon 

PK: We are officially partnered 
with Hasbro to create a line of toys, 
figures, and other items that will 
certainly make a splash this fall -but 
our biggest push will come from 
the Pocket Monsters cartoon show, 
which debuts September 7 [check 
local listings for time and channel]. 
That cartoon has been sold, into 90 
f percent of the tele- 
^ ^ vision market. 

if which is phe- 

/ nomenal. 

PK: Although I can't say exactly, the 
amount is definitely in the millions. 
As with all Nintendo product, we are 
launching a multi-tiered marketing 
effort with print, television, and on- 
line support. We will also be in- 
volved to some extent with the 
American cartoon series. 

GP: Will the recent economic woes 
in Japan affect Pokemon sales or 
the launch in the U.S.! 

PK: No. simply because this is not 
a game that's tied to economic 
influences. It's just a fun, involved 
game where kids care about what 
they're doing. As a matter of fact, 
kids were lined up for miles out- 
side a store in Japan, and we saw 
all of them playing Pokemon. Now 
that's an economic indicator. 

GP: Virtual pets were last year’s 
craze. What sets Pokemon apart 
from Tamagotchi? 

PK: Nintendo is more concerned 
with involving kids in the experi- 
ence surrounding Pokemon. It's 
not enough to feed and wash your 
pocket monster: You must train it, 
give it presents, and make it like 
you. More variety is also a plus, 
along with a very important trad- 
ing aspect-you can't get all the 
monsters unless you trade with 
other Poke- 

fully support the Game Boy. Upcoming games like NFL Blitz and Mortal Kombat 4 promise to not only add depth to the already huge 
Game Boy library, but also to give you a few more reasons to consider buying the most enduring handheld in the world. 


Based on the upcoming 
N64 action title. 

By Nintendo 
Available December 




By Nintendo 
Available November 

By Acclaim 
Available November 

By SunSoft 
Available December 

GAMEPRO O October 1098 


Deia Vu II: Ace Harding 

By Nintendo 

Hercules: The 
Legendary Journeys 

By Titus 

Xena: Warrior Princess 

By Titus 

NBA in the Zone 

By Konami 

NFL Blitz 

By Midway 

Mortal Kombat 4 

By Midway 

San Francisco Rush 

By Midway 



Meet Barry Sanders. Cyber Athlete'" and instant ID machine. 
Think you can stop him? Strap on the brain bucket Cuz this is 
football the way Hadden wants it to look. With bigger big men. 
Muddier trenches Turf-burning One-Button Hode" And for every 
swarmin’ D you draw up. some sweet jukes just waiting to shred it 

TM, ® and the “N' logo are trademarks ot Nintendo of America Inc. © 1998 Nintendo of America Inc. 
Cruis'n World: © 1 994 Nintendo. © 1 996, 1 998 Midway/Nintendo Inc. All rights reserved. Used under license. 

Midway is a trademark of Midway Games Inc. 

Be one. 

Introducing Cruis'n World® on Nintendo® 64. 16 exotic cars. 15 foreign countries 
to race them through and enough tricks to turn anybody into a hot dog. 

Raider’s Makeover 

Gaming s most famous adventurer re 
turns! Lara Croft is on the trail of an- 
other ancient mystical artifact and is 
equipped with new moves, more vehi 
cles, fresh visuals, 
and a revamped 
hard body by Core 
Design. Lara’s 
search will cover 
five levels, but, after 
the first, you’ll be 
able to traverse the 
others in any order. 

Tomb Raider III will try to 
blow out the TR visuals. 
Core has souped up the 
graphics engine to create 
faster animation and 
smoother surfaces for 
characters and back- 
grounds. You’ll be able to 
play Lara in hi-res mode, 
too. Fine touches such as 
mood lighting and 
particle effects 
that produce bul- 
let holes and flying 
shell-casings will 
juice up the sus- 
pense as well as 
the action. 

|F )\ 

Developed by Core Design 
Published by Eidos 
Available November 


Tomb Raider III already looks like the best Tomb Raider yet. For Lara 
tans, this game is shaping up to be the no-brainer purchase for this 
holiday season. 

A Tomb-ful of Moves 

Lara will be more lively than ever: For instance, you’ll be able to 
I buildup energy to dash at high speed and duck and roll forward 
I to beat low-level 
obstacles. You'll 
also be able to spring 
traps— if you detect 
them in time — and 
throw switches by 
shooting them. Underwater, you’ll finally 
get that strafe move. Eidos also promises 
to smarten up the enemy A.I. (at last). It 
looks like Tomb Raider will not stand pat — 

Lara could be hotter than ever before. 

GAMEPRO mil* October 1998 

Crash Is Pack 

In addition to Crash’s tried-and-true 
box-whacking gameplay, Warped 
offers some gorgeous visual effects. 
The water-racing levels are particu- 
larly arresting, rivalling Wave Race 
on the N64 for sheer beauty and 
technical accomplishment. Further- 
more, a few levels venture off the 
beaten Crash-path: You’ll cruise 
through time and explore ancient 
pyramids, take a stroll through some 
lush Arabian levels, or dash past 
some dinosaurs in the Jurassic level. 

Any way you 

look at it, our 
favorite Bandi- 
coot has left his 

for some very $ 

inventive levels. SS m 

Crash is back with some wacky time-traveling mayhem in this third 
installment of the Bandicoot series. Warped has something for every 
type of gamer, including race freaks and competitive-score junkies. 

The Cootl, The Pad, awt I Tke Notify 

Naughty Dog, the development house behind previous 
Crash games, worked hard to make sure that Warped 
doesn’t turn into just another sequel. Instead, the com- 
pany layered in several technological achievements that 
shine in the gorgeous revision we saw. Split-plane 
, , water levels 

clear reflection ' 

of Crash above and below the waterline), 
millions of polygons per level, and no fog 
ging or clipping in the backgrounds were 
just some of the improvements. 

New elements that gamers will enjoy in- - .v* f ' 

elude time-trial levels that test Crash’s 

speed, new power-ups such as a bazooka 

and a speed burst, and, of course, complex, fun level designs. If 
you’ve never played Crash before, you’ll certainly do yourself a fa- 
vor by checking out this one when it debuts in late October. Hope- 
fully, Naughty Dog will just keep adding more and more cool 
touches until the game is ready to review in an upcoming issue. 

Developed by Naughty Dog 
Published by Sony Computer 
Entertainment America 
Available October 

By Major Mike 

Developed by Paradox 
Published by Virgin 
Available October 


Lock your doors— Thrill Kill is on its way! Fighting fans, this is the 
game your parents warned you about. 

Ml h f Quod 7 hm 

For a four-player fighting I 1 : I 

game. Thrill Kill has excellent controls. Taking on several 
players at once rarely becomes confusing, and a block button 
has been added to the control scheme; the neutral blocking 
feature, however, has been retained. In addition to the 30- 
plus moves per fighter, more Thrill Kill finishing attacks have 
been included. Unlike those in Mortal Kombat, these moves 

are easy-to-perform simultane- —x 

ous button presses. For combo . ' * y > 

fanatics, Thrill Kill has several - «s 
multi-hit linking moves and even x l 

air juggles. Not being able to jump A 
is awkward at first, but the free \ . 

3D movement soon becomes " x 

second nature. I - - 

DtetMewber Tkart? 

Since our last preview of 

Thrill Kill (see “Sneak Pre- x 

views,” September), three v- ^ ■ 

new characters have been ^ 

added to the lineup: Cain, ! 

a fireman and burn victim; 

Judas, Siamese twins 

joined at the torso; and w * 

Marukka, a winged de- 

mon who serves as the game's final boss. Other play modes 
have also been implemented, including a Practice and a Team 

— t * mode. Hidden character out- 

• fits, like Violet’s alien and Bella- 
; i donna’s cowgirl getups, are also 

' new. The only missing elements 

at this stage are the rendered cin 
IM *7 ema cut scenes — and we can 
only imagine what shocking sur- 
: — prises they’ll contain. 

Does H Hurt? 

V 9 Thrill Kill promises to shake 

up the PlayStation with some 
’ "of the most controversial and 
jil ’ • graphic battles we've ever seen. 
^ j .JfT ■ In addition to the buckets of 
| ) I blood they splash across the 

various stages, each character 
1 can choose to finish off an op- 
ponent at the end of a match with a Thrill Kill. These moves 

range from humorous (like Cain’s r— — 

handshake) to outright disturbing ^ / . . 

(like Tormentor’s chain dismem- 
berment). Parents, beware — 

Thrill Kill has some pretty strong 
stuff, so take the warning screen 
at the start of the game seriously! »-• - ,v " 

October 1998 

he gave his life for his kingdom. Now he’s giving his death. 



MediEvil is a trademark of Sony Computer Kiueriainmeiit America Inc. © 1*198 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. PlayStation and 
the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. 

Check out for product info and free stuff. 

imics. the Crystal Dynamics logo, the GEX character. 

; of Crystal Dynamics. 01998 Crystal Dynamics. All ric 
Accolade, Inc. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos 
a trademark of The Interactive Digital Software Ass 

Crystal Dyr 

“Super addictive 

two-player combat! ”^ 

Fast, challenging. & addictive, The Unholy War 
is a unique thlllKing mail 9 action game ” 

I’SExtreme Magazine 

and the co-designer of Archon™ 

- Join an epic 2-player struggle whe re 
only the fittest survive. 

k >i Your t objective? Utter annihilations^^ 

Your tactics? Outwit and outmaneuver your enemy. 
* Then engage in fierce real-time 3D battles. 

The outcome? Absolute domination. 




■» w 

A concert goes horribly wrong when the 
audience suddenly bursts into flame. 

Mysteriously, the evening's sole survivor 
Lieutenant Aya Brea, N.Y.P.D. 

Now she must hunt the killer down 
or become them. 

A chilling new adventure that could only 
come from the creators of Final Fantasy® VII. 

4? Xenugears Iplayablel^^ 
^ Bushido Blade 2 63 

Brave Fencer Musashi 



Published by Square Berttonk Ails LLC. 


" 1 199/, 1998 Squore Co. lid. All righls reserved PloySlolion and Ihc PtaySlation logoi ore legisteied 

Square (o . ltd Porosite In, Xenogetrts nod Mom* ore Irodeinotks ol Square Co , lid. Baud on Are novel. 
Hideoki Srmo 'poiorile IVI’ (Kodokowo Horror Bunko) Cbatarrer designed by lelsuya Hornwro. " 199/, 1998 
Squoie Co. Iid./lrghlweigltl Co., Ud. Buslmkr Blade ? is o trademark ol Square Co . lid U S Poicnl No. 
539093/ SM9862. Ibe ratings icon is a trademark ol Ibe Inbrtrxiive Digital Software Association 

t, * ? 

% Sneakfre|iew| 


Wipeout’s always 
reigned on the 
PlayStation as 
the crown prince 
of antigravity rac- 
ers, and now the 
N64’s getting its 
fair share of thrills. 
Fans of the origi- 
nal games will 
definitely feel 

Wipeout 64 is no mere port of Wipeout XL, blasting onto the N64 scene 
with hot new tracks, four-player split-screen action, and adrenaline- 

drenched racing that promises to make F-Zero X look like a sleepy 
bedtime story. 

right at home as they guide wickedly fast hovercraft around 
demanding courses, picking up single-shot weapons to let 
loose on the field of 15 opponents. 

Awesome new fea- i 

tures like four-player cd=ot-.o 12 

split-screen racing and 

analog steering combine voo “ 

with seven new tracks 

and Rumble Pak support 

to deliver what already & S „ 

ooks ike a ho iday hit. > . ” 

As for weapons, Wipeout L 

pros can expect the familiar rockets, missiles, mines, earth- 
quakes, and so on— but the game will also equip each of 
the four teams with a new “super” weapon that packs a 
huge punch. 


Visually, Wipeout already shines with slick styling, cool lighting, 
and the edgy futuristic look that made the first games so out- 
standing. While the tracks are jam-packed with those familiar 

tight turns and big-air ' 

overhanging trees, L— -- 

tunnels with wildly spinning walls, and steam jets that 
blast across the windshield— ratchet up the excitement. 
The sounds continue the series’ tradition of excellence 
with thumpin’ trip-hop tunes and that same killer 
British announcer. 





’ MU 

Attack of the Saucerman 

All that "alien visitor” hype shows up in the lighthearted action/platform game 
Attack of the Saucerman. As Ed the Saucerman, you’re out to rid the Earth of re- 
bellious Grimloids, a task that translates into 28 levels of tried-and-true 3D plat- ^ ^ ^ 

form-hopping, blasting, and the like. — c l * - 1 1,1 

Campy B-movie sci-fi graphics complete the game’s comical feel as you unleash “love” 

bombs (enemies become so enamored that they happily 

mmc (^) let you slurp them up), poison gas, and smart bombs. 
— Air Hendrix 

Monkey Hero 

Take Two Interactive is filling the Zelda— less PlayStation void 

with its own action/adventure title Monkey Hero. Playing as yr 

Monkey, you have the job of restoring harmony between the ^ — 

Three Worlds by finding the eight chapters to the Magic 
Story Book. The quest, however, won’t be easy: You must 

explore dungeons, castles, and 

other environments, while solv- 
ing puzzles and battling various 
enemies — including the evil Night- 
— j- mare King. The search for 
^ the Waking World’s salva- 
’ ’ tion begins later this fall. 

MMA —Junk Man 

Developed by Blam! 

Published by Take Two ■ 

Available November 

Since the system’s release, N64 owners have been 
without a quality flight sim. Hopefully, that’s about to 
change with Harrier 2000. Get ready to jump into the 
cockpit of an AV8B Harrier jump jet and take out an 
international terrorist ring through more than 50 mis- 
sions. You’ll have many weapons at your disposal — 
including air-to-air missiles, cluster bombs, and three 
gauges of guns — as well as full control over your air- 
craft’s setup. The firefight for peace takes to 
the skies this December. —Junk Man 

60% COMPLi 

p? Rival Schools is a 
two-disc set with a 
ton of extras: In ad- 

- 1 dition to the regular 
~ arcade version, it in- 

" eludes a create-a- 

— player mode, training 
=: mode, art gallery, and 

several mini games, 
such as a baseball 
home-run derby, a volley- 
ball spike contest, and a 
soccer shootout. Capcom 
has also added two new 
fighters to the regular line- 
up, along with some hid- 
den characters. 

.Sneak Preview! 

Developed and published 
by Capcom 
Available September 

Rival Schools graphics are extremely colorful. Every character 
displays excellent detail— from Ray’s necktie to the very bouncy 
Tiffany— making them all look as good as those in Street Fighter 
EX Plus. The only sore spots are the occasional character break- 
up and some slowdown on certain stages. Hopefully, these 
rough areas will be smoothed out by the time Rival Schools 
hits the shelves. 

schoolboys combat 

The copy of Rival Schools we previewed featured superb 
controls, and the Dual Shock added fitting effects to the in- 
tense fights. Executing special and super moves was a snap, 
and the game had enough combos and juggles to satisfy even 
the most jaded fighting-game fan. The biggest problem with 
the game's controls was that they’re too masher-friendly, 
making it easy for a beginner to defeat a skilled opponent just 
by wildly hitting the buttons. 

aftsp-school show-lowr. 

Capcom's third 30 fighting game for home consoles, Rival Schools 
features gang-up beatdowns and other methods of mayhem. 


ctober 1998 

New and Improved! All-New Adventures! 

Video Game System 
of your thoite! 

141 RUNNER-UP Winners 

An official 6 amePro T-shirt! 

This month's adventure: 


Call the new Team GamePro Adventure 
Hotline and see if you can survive all 
the traps and dangers of each month's 
new phone adventure. 

Those who survive in the shortest 
amount of time are eligible to win 
awesome monthly prizes and get 
their name printed in GamePro! 

Last Month's Winners 

Grand Prize 

Ronnie Thornton 1 min. 59 sec. 


Curtis Cowen, Olendale, Ml 7 min. 9 sec. 

A New Adventure with a Different EamePro Editor Every Month! 

Calls cost $1.29 a minute and average six minutes in length. Available to touchtone and rotary phones. 

Be sure to get your parents' permission to call Team GamePro Adventures if you are under 18 years of age. 
Message subject to change without notice. A service of IDG Games Media Group, San Francisco, CA. 
Entries without complete name, address, and phone number will be disqualified 

In Canada: 
1 - 900 - 451-5552 

jnly $1 .49 CAN per minute 



"Tiny Tank's effects are some of the most 
impressive seen on a PlayStation... 
the game itself is a technical wonder." 

In the future, evil robot warriors have driven mankind underground. And it's THE adorable killing machine 

up to Tiny Tank to save the world. Sure he's small, but he's no wuss. He's got enough fire power to start 

WWIIL.and he's trigger happy. So bringing his enemies down to his level and annihilating their pathetic 

robot asses is a cinch. But whatever you do, don't call him Tiny. He may aim higher than your knee caps. 


live fast 

Cxtreme-G 2. Feed the speed freak wit 
Faster than the original. And ten times 
more deadly. Over 36 new twisting 
.-tracks. An expanded arsenal of vicious 
■ weapons . 12 all-new homicidal bikes 
’’f or the surreal ride of your life. And 
2- A player multiplayer madness. This 
is pure unadulterated velocity. One 
false turn and you’re toast. 


.*» T ATI'< POOD , 

(7* — ■ ~ .. v - 

Castlevania 64 lets you 
play as four characters: 

Schneider Belmont, the 
traditional whip-toting 
Castlevania hero; Cornel, 
who can transform into 
a wolf during the night 
hours; Carrie, a 12-year- 
old sorceress; and Coller, 
a burly bruiser who also 
happens to be Frankenstein’s monster. Each character has 
their own varying special techniques and abilities, in addition 
PLAyen select I to their own unique story lines and 

New Abilities 

The characters in Castlevania 
64 have more moves and 
skills than those in any 
other entry in the series. 
For example, in addition to 
jumping and snapping a 
mean whip, Schneider can 
dangle and scale along 
ledges. The game also re- 
tains some “classic” abilities, including using the whip to 
swing across chasms and dangerous areas. Other familiar 
elements include collectible weapons and items such as 
throwing knives, holy water, and boomerangs. One of C64’s 
most striking features involves 
monsters that are more plentiful 
and stronger during the night 
than during the day (Castlevania 
vets will remember that Castle- 
vania II: Simon’s Quest had a 
similar gameplay feature). 


Striking am? Stalking 

Although Castlevania 
is finally going 3D, 

2D purists shouldn’t 
worry: It looks like the 
vampire-killer series is 
making a smooth tran- 
sition into the third di- 
mension. Even though 
the action on the early 
version was slow, some of the playable stages featured night- 
marish visuals, including a stage filled with bloodstained traps 
that’s suspended over a giant 
pit of fire. If game develop- 
ment keeps at this pace, Castle- 
vania 64 could be one of the 
most innovative and striking 
entries in the classic series. 


Developed by KCEK 
Published by Konami 
Available November 

October 1998 



Respected coach and video gameologist Tom "The Thumb” Blake 
says there’s nothing quite like the sweet taste of victory. That's why 
Coach Blake recommends these handy tips on proper 

says it's also important to 
well-balanced diet of video games, 
he recommends Pokemon Red and Blue 
for your GameBoy. Now you can create your own 
custom-made monsters. Tame them, u q 

teach them amazing skills and train 9 ) / 7 / 
them for combat. And they’re just / each 

Achieving the proper balance 
between carbonation and 
caffeination in a cola is critical. 
An improper gas-to- 
energy ratio can 
occasionally have 
lethal effects on the 
human body. Case 
in point, young 
Benjamin Walker, 
who consumed eight 
colas in just one 
period of NHL 98. 

When the gas, went 
to his head, young 
Benjamin was rushed 
to the hospital where 
an internal artifi- 
cial flatulator was 
attached to expel the 
ether that had begun to seep 
into his cranium. 


Energy should 
equal the mass of 
carbonation squared 
or E'mc 2 

M.anv top video 
game players swear 
bv this homemade 
encrcrv drink. 

Mix 13.56 tsp. coffee, 

4.67 cups powdered sugar, 
45/46ths can caffeinated soft drink, 
a baker's dozen eggs, and 
one tub whipped topping. 

Blend until creamy. 

lhe roots of the Kampi plant, 
indigenous to Eastern Cambodia, are 
rumored to increase sensitivity of the 
escarlical nerves in thumb tips. 

If you are prone to chewing your 
thumbnails, you'll find it also adds a 
slight butterscotch flavor to them. 





1 PlayStation | 

By Atomic Dawg 

The Dead Are Alive 



' Ji -AT 

pn? \ -V, K , 


pUt . 

* a* 

MediEvil qualifies as a throwback to the good ole hack-n- 
slash games of yore. Comparisons with the 16-bit classic 
Super Ghouls ’N’ Ghosts are appropriate, as you play Sir 
Fontesque, knight errant brought back to life to fight ghouls, 
zombies, and other undead things — in fact, as a rambling 
skeleton clad in armor, you just barely qualify as alive 
yourself! The preview version, however, certainly indicates 
that you have the chops to wage wild 3D fighting. 

Avil K)ay<i 

MediEvil’s preliminary 
game plan calls for 24 
stages set in the once- 
land of Gallowmere. In 
the preview disc, the 
boney Fontesque fea- 
tured fast, quick re- 
flexes, nicely tuned for 
the Dual Shock con- 
troller, with cool combat techniques matched to specific 
weapons. For example, he displays forehand and backhand 
swings for his broadsword, 
downward and sideward swings 
for his battle-axe, and a massive 
downward smash for his warham- 
mer. He may be only a skeletal 
warrior, but Fontesque will have 
some fleshed-out moves. 

If you thirst for thumb-jamming hack-n-slash action , MediEvil could 
make you go... well, medieval on the PlayStation. This 30 sword- 
slinger looks like it’ll put life back into the undead. 

'Rones Are 'Beaufifhl 

Sjj X 

Looks like Sony and 
Millennium are work- 
ing overtime on Me- 
diEvil’s visuals. The 
character graphics 
nicely mimic the 3D 
style of Nightmare Be- 
fore Christmas. In the 
version we played, the 
textures on objects and 
backgrounds were impressively 
smooth and the dynamic lighting 
effects produced wonderfully 
eerie effects. Even the story cin- 
ematics rocked. MediEvil looks 
like it could certainly brighten up 
the Dark Ages. 

Developed by Millennium 

Published by Sony Computer 
Entertainment America 
Available October 

, f. ' 


]:.( UMW Wlh 

clober 1 S98 








Over 30 minutes of cinematics fluidly merge with gameplay in a thrilling storyline full of bizarre characters with a great sense 
of humor. Dedicated sound effects and an original score make Heart of Darkness an unforgettable gaming experience. 

Experience intense action as you help young Andy fight through 8 huge levels and 1 75 different locations 
in a dark world filled with mystical mazes, exotic landscapes and evil enemies, in search 
of his best friend, Whisky. 

Heoit of Doikness is o Kademaik of AMAZING S1UDI0. ©1998 AMAZING STUDIO ■ INFOGRAMES. All lights reserved Interplay Enlerloinmenl Corp. is the exclusive publisher and 
distributor in North Americo. All rights reservod, Interplay, Tantium, ond ‘By Gomors. for Gamers' are trademarks ol Inleiploy Entertainment lorp. All rights reserved. PloyStolion ond the 
PlayStation logos ore registered trademarks of the Sony Computer Enieilainment Ini. All lights reserved. All other tiodeinoiks ond lopyrights me the piopeily of theii respective owners. 


An Epic Adventure in a World Unlike Any Other 

Unrepetitive I Every level looks different, requiring a new skill or strategy to find Whisky. 2000 frames of animation are used 
just for Andy, so he moves smoothly whether he's climbing, sneaking across a bridge or swimming through murky waters. 


r ¥ 

i exDrive: 

a-mano. You’ll also surr 
mon other characters 
from the flick, such as 
Punchit and Ocula, who 
will fight for you coura- 
geously on autopilot. 

Developed by DreamWoifcs 

Published by Electronic Arts 
Available October 

Small Soldiers will turn the Commando and the Gorgonite 
action-figure characters from the movie of the same name 
into two distinct races of beings, with the Commandos be- 
coming fascistic warmongers. You play as the Gorgonite 
leader, Archer, who must zap the baddies across 15 run-n- 
gun single-player levels. In the eight split-screen dual-player 
levels, you’ll take on Commando leader, Chip Hazard, mano- 

Might Made Right 

In the preview version of 
Small Soldiers, the blister- 
ing shoot-em-up action 
was fast and fierce, but 
the chase-view cam held 
steady as the firefight 
spread out 360 degrees. 
Although the controls were 
a mite skittish, the Dual 
Shock joystick generally kept 
Archer on track, and the recoil 
during automatic gunfire was 
awesome. There's a sniper 
view, too, but Archer’s best 
move was strafing, which 
locked his weapons on target 
as he ran. 

This ain’t like the movie! Small Soldiers for the PlayStation should be a 
finger-burning firefight, with massive firepower the order of the day. 

War Is Swell 

/| It looks like Small Sol- 
• ->|| diers plans a major at- 
i titude assault with its 
graphics and sounds: 

jft At the get-go, the Com- 

■ mandos launch a sneak 

/<* ? 4 assault on the Dream- 
Works logo, zapping 

re the Tom Sawyer-like 

kid who's fishing on the crescent moon. In addition, Com- 
mandos such as Butch Meathook and Chip Hazard often 

cop mean grins just like their 

big-screen counterparts. To . 
pump the audio, actor Tommy Sj 
L ee Jones re-ups as Chip 
Hazard’s voice and a weird ^ :: 

Gorgonite choir sings mes- ‘ 
merizing background vocals. 

80% nnunuTF 



•espected coach and video gameologist Tom "The Thumb" Blake says that there's no better 
way to test your skills than in a tournament. And there's no better way to ensure you win than 


Invite big mascots to entertain the crowd during lulls 
in the action. Or better yet, invite them to play. A person 
or persons wearing big chicken hands cannot effectively 
operate a game controller. The same holds true for mascots 
with hippo hands, moose hands and seal flippers. That 
means an easy win for you and another step closer 
to the championship. 

for the rights to broadcast your 
tournament. Start the bidding 
at $4,323,656.12 and go up, up, 
up from there. Secure a large 
corporate sponsorship 
contract too. Sell naming 
rights to your couch to 
another company. 

Blake also says that if you're going to host your own 
make sure you have the best games. Like NFL Blitz 
PlayStation and Nintendo 64. Available October 1. 




Developed by Asmik 
Published by THQ 
Available October 

Developed by Acquire 
Published by Activision 
Available October 


Tenchu: Stealth Assassins 

| PlayStation | 

I 8BFI Tenctlu; Stealth Assassins is finally slicing its way to the 
; States. Activision is enhancing the popular Japanese ver- 
v | sion for U.S. gamers by adding two new levels, 

! bloodier gameplay, and improved enemy A.I. You 
I play as one of two deadly ninjas who must sneak 
around 10 levels, performing missions such as res- 
cues, assassinations, and invasions. Over 20 weap- 
ons, from throwing stars to smoke bombs, are at 
your disposal; and you can swim, climb, crawl, 

* ft X?h ancl j ump * rom rooft °P t0 rooftop. The poor cam- 
— ' ■ ' " "V era angles that haunted the Japanese game have j ^ 
been improved— but not enough to take the frustration out of get- LM. 
ting killed while the camera focuses on something other than the enemy in 
front of you. If this problem gets fixed, Tenchu could be the bloody ninja 

I — — r — 7 game that martial arts fans 

' — „ • ,, have been kicking for. 

— J. Boogie 

Zelda 64 USA Launch Team! 

Launch Team T-Shirt^ 

(first-5,000 reservations) 

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zelda 64 

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are trademarks of Nintendo of America. © 1998 Funco, Inc. 
FuncoLand is a registered trademark of Funco, Inc. All rights 



Test Drive 5’s getting ready to burn rubber on the PlayStation with 

fun, high-octane action that already looks much more accessible yg ' l 

than Need for Speed III or Gran Turismo. Drivers pick from a • 
garage full of 23 sports and muscle cars (’98 Viper, ’69 Corvette, 

and the like) and then start bumping.fenders on 1 7 tracks around y „ 

the world The long point-to-point and circuit courses are filled with « 

branching pathways, shortcuts, and big-air jumps, while the killer 

7 arcade-style gameplay’s txg&j, 

all about ramming your 
[ ^ . .• way through the pack. A 

& more realistic Sim mode. 

|||y . ssi slick new graphics, butteny-smooth analog controls. 

two- player split-screen action, and modes where you 
_ r^jr. j. - can drag-race or play as a cop add excellent depth to 

7 ** N ' r \ the game. Barring a sudden mishap, Test Drive 5 is 

•- \ \ headed for a top-ranked finish this fall . — Air Hendrix 

Developed by Pitbull Syndicate 
Published by Accolade 
Available October 


Developed by Argonaut 

Published by Ubi Soft 
Available October 


Our new 

T45 speed. 

It’s like your current 
gaming experience on 

two gallons of 


AT&T Service 

Your Internet is 


•Telephone access and other charges and taxes may apply. Other terms and conditions apply. 
Offer subject to change without notice. ©1998 AT&T. All Rights Reserved. 

Introducing the new GameHub from 
AT&T WorldNet® Service with a dedicated 
T45 for the ultimate gaming experience. 

Here's Unreal. Here’s Forsaken. And all the rest 
of today's hottest games. 

Only like you've never played 
them online before. With 
blazing T45 speed' between 
AT&T WorldNet Service and 
GameHub. With other players 
all over the country who also won't pump 
themselves up on anything less than T 45 action. 
Plus, it comes with the Internet-wide reliability 
of AT&T WorldNet Service. And with your 
first month free! Get yourself up to speed by 
downloading free software today at: 

Internet Service 

519 . 95 * 

a month 

(additional charge 
e games) 
or call I 800 883-0228 

I ntornot 

©1998 Kellogg Company 


5 E 1 

RS fl 

C flPCOM unleashes explosive tag-team fighting 
action in Rival Schools - the most innovative 3-D 

fighter that teams up 14 brand new warriors united 

by fate. Vibrant graphics, an intense story line, outrageous 

new combos and Capcom’s signature gameplay make Rival 

Schools the 3-D tag-team battle that’s completely out of control. 

In the ultimate fight 


l must be postmatW by 1y31/99. 

titing elite in Capcom’s Fighters Edge. Collect Fighters Edg 
larked packages of Capcom’s Fighters Edge games or via 


Developed by Idol Minds 
Published by 989 Studios 
Available October 



Developed by Boss Studios 
Published by Midway 
Home Entertainment 
Available November 

Twisted Edge Snowboarding 

r Midway's hitting the hill with Twisted 
Edge Snowboarding. As of press time. 

TES will contain seven tracks (mclud- 
ing a practice track) and five compete I 

| tion modes. You’ll be able to race each g 

W track through three difficulty levels, with the course chang- i 
1 ing as you advance: The Expert course will contain jumps I — 

that were closed off in the Novice course, and so on. You’ll select from 
nine boarders and seven rides, some of which are released as you complete 
certain events; and you’ll pull off numerous tricks, including the incredible 
1260 and the McTwist 720 — just to name a few. 

The preview version we played was very early in development: It featured 
only one track and few tricks. However, the game speed was up to par with 
that of 1080°. As for the graphics, the characters looked smooth, and the 
environments featured cool touches, including downed alien spacecraft. Only 

■ time and another playable will tell if TES will bring ■■■H 
enough twisted fun to 
cyber-shredders this 

winter . — The Rookie l — . 


Classic ’80s Action. 

Sleek ’90s Design. 

A t the super low sticker price of about a buck a game, this baby’s fully loaded with 30 of your all-time video game 
favorites! In the first and largest arcade collection ever, Activision Classics gives you all the gameplay mileage 
of the original Atari 2600 games, newly “engineered” for your PlayStation" game console. With timeless classics like 
Pitfall!, River Raid and Kaboom!, you’ll be reliving the good old days for hours on end. Handy carrying case, standard. 

ny Computer Entertainment Inc 


Developed and published 
by Psygnosis 
Available October 


The most famous martial arts movie star (and 
undoubtedly the craziest!) since Bruce Lee, 
Jackie Chan punches his way onto the Play- 
Station in a high-flying new action game. Stunt- 
master begins on the set of Chan’s latest movie 
in Hong Kong. After some commotion there, 
the line between reality and fiction becomes 
blurred, and Chan must fight enemies and race 
through 12 levels of kung-fu kicks and broken 
bottles while performing the insane stunts he is 
building, beating down bad guys, etc. Jackie Ch; 
game to provide his character with a realistic set 
down ladders. Stuntmaster should strike the PlayS 

Developed by Radical 
Published by Midway 
Available First Quarter '99 


O.D.T. (Or Die Trying) is a dark 3D / , 
adventure game in which you , ^ 

must stop a deadly epidemic be- \ ( ; . , . . — .. a .. 

fore it wipes out the city of Calli. A magical green pearl * 1 ■ ■ f ' j " — v * 

with legendary healing powers is the only thing that can counteract the disease. Unfortu- 
nately, your ship crashes before you can grab the pearl— and now you’re surrounded by a 
bunch of ugly mutants. You play as one of four characters, each with their own attributes, weapons, 
moves, and magic. As you journey through the game, your character gains experience and im- 

I — — I proves his skills much like in an RPG. 

Fa J jfe The character control in this unfinished preview 
& °fs ;/B ■ version still needed a lot of work: Jumps were difficult 
to navigate, while reaction times for special moves and 
. • simple turning were too slow to be effective. If Psyg- 

nosis manages to fix these problems, the game has 
j' promise — but if Psygnosis drops the ball, O.D.T. j— 

will likely be D.O.A. when it hits stores this 
October. — J. Boogie 

GAMEPRO <2> October 1998 



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From the number one authority on PC games comes an offer 
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No asterisks. No balloon payments. Simply a chance to 
check out the most complete gaming coverage available 
and to .try out some of the hottest gaming software going. 

From desktop to online and multiplayer, PC GAMES brings you the best in game reviews, timely previews, guided tours, cheats, 
strategies and expert technical tips. And with a CD-ROM, loaded with 650MB of exciting demos, free Internet connections and 
links to the top multiplayer gaming sites, and no obligations, this deal needs very little technical advice. 

To order call 800-688-4573 or log onto 

If I'm not absolutely satisfied, I’ll mark “CANCEL" on your invoice and owe nothing. The 
2 issues and the CD-ROM are mine to keep without obligation. Otherwise, start my one- 
year subscription to PC GAMES (a total of 12 issues) at the guaranteed lowest price of 
only $14.97. 

Premier PC Gaming Magazine 

Developed by Pitbull Syndicate 
Published by Accolade 
Available November 


Forget about ram and hard drives, install a 

in your computer, 


HeadRush is a new twisted t 
your wits, your sense of humor, heck, 

It's packed with pimple-poppin', puppy-skinnin', poop-steppin' 
fun. Not to mention, three free kickin' new music tracks from 
Swirl 360, Motorbaby, and 2 Skinnee J's. So, smarty pants, put 
down this magazine and run to your local software retailer. 

Check out the demo 

GOOD NEWS: you designed the perfect racetrack 

Finally, you can, create the racing 
experience that tits your personality. 
Build shock-crumpling jumps and 
tire-bending hairpins. Race sport 
bikes or motoeross. On Sahara sand 
or Amazon mud. It all depends on 
whether your personality is unstable. 
Or just plain whacked. 

Sickening speed? Or death-defying air? 


Developed by Crystal Dynamics 
Published by Midway 
Available now 


Developed by Core Design 
Published by Eidos 
Available November 

80% COMfLjjJE 

Fighting Force 


» Ui Get ready for a street 

V ■W E'ftty - brawler with hard-hitting L- 
w . : s' fists, flying kicks, and & 
j , objects of destruction— 

■ the 64-bit conversion 
of the fighting fave 
from Eidos. You’ll have 

Ji! - four characters at your I i 

disposal, along with plenty of combo smashers, as you lJ 
battle ruthless thugs who are out to rule the world. Interac- 
tive objects such as cars and walls can be mashed to a pulp, 
while weapons ranging from crowbars to broken bottles can 
be manhandled to suit your combat needs. The action in this 
preview disc was plentiful, though the disc had no sound- 
track and minimal sound effects. This game will definitely 
appeal to your inner pugilist, but will it be a Force to be reck- 
oned with at its releas e?— Four-Eyed Dragon 


Developed by Human 
Published by ASCII 

ASCII’s taking the snowboarding craze into the future with 

AirBoardin’ USA, which straps shredders onto futuristic 1 

hoverboards that float like the craft in Wipeout XL. The Fs N0S | 8LIDE 

free-form go-anywhere action’s all about high-speed rac- IZT 

ing and wild tricks as gamers choose from eight characters, then dive into the Tricks, 
Coins, Free Run, Practice, or Time Attack modes. Two-player split-screen competitions 
and Rumble Pak support nicely round out the options of this promising prospect. 

— Air Hendrix 

' iu J . 


Developed by Imagineer 
Published by Ocean 
Available now 

I Rumblin’, tumblin’ four-wheelin’ off-road 
action returns to the PlayStation with Rally ^ 

Cross 2. Under the guiding hand of the de- 
signers of the original Rally Cross, this se- 
L J quel stands a good chance of ripping up ^3* m 

ajs the off-road turf. In RC2, one to four play- ^ 

ers can choose from 20 new off-road 3- lapi/§, 

^ cars and trucks that they can customize, — 

iH refining everything from tires to suspension to gear settings 
Jr j and even paint jobs. 989 Studios is ramping up RC2’s 
' graphics horsepower to render realistic racing environ- 
ments and enhancements such as damage sustained by your ride. 
It’s also improving the controls over the previous game’s. You’ll 

game’s 24 newly de- 
signed tracks, which 

will take you through 

jungles, deserts, mud, 

ice, and snow. Six 

game modes should =■' 

rev the Fun Factor _ — _ 

over the redline. . ^ I 

CT 64 Championship Edition 

RH| GT 64 Championship Edition is bringing authen- I 
) f$ tic, high-speed touring-car racing to the N64. 
ijj Choosing from 14 cars and six international “ r - -r* 
• tracks, one or two players will hit the gas in 
^ three modes: Championship, Time Trial, and 
head-to-head Battle mode. Catering to dedi- 
catec * racing enthusiasts, GT 64 lets you adjust \ 
eight factors, including suspension, transmis- 
|& sion, and tires. In addition to plenty of Rumble Pak re- 
sponsiveness from the diverse terrain, hands-on gameplay 
demonstrated a sensitive touch that’ll take practice to mas- 
ter. The detailed 3D environments flashed by fluidly, and formi- 
dable CPU opponents were extremely aggressive. If Ocean puts 
on the right finishing touches in the garage, GT 64 promises 
lightning-fast touring-car fun. — Dr. Zombie 

Developed by From Software 
Published by ASCII 
Available October 


Developed by Argent 
Published by ASCII 
Available Fourth Quarter '98 


Besides offering the usual billiards simula- 
tion, Backstreet Billiards actually lets play- 
ers gain fame and money as they hustle 
their way to the top. You’ll be able to buy 
special items and to upgrade cue sticks with 
the cash you win playing nine games, in- 
cluding 8-ball, 9-ball, and snooker. Along 
with a trick mode to practice your favorite 
shots, BB has a plethora of smaller pocket 
games to choose from. And if you tire of 
the game’s music, you can pop in your 

r— r— favorite CD and listen to it 

r " :i while you play. Attention, 
players and hustlers out 
there: Get ready to chalk 
up! — Four-Eyed Dragon 


| WILL destroy you in the Batue muu, 
I WILL destroy you in the two player s 
I WILL destroy you in the combat cab 

When the Flag goes down baby 
your gonna Feel the Funk oF my 
Disco Fever Ray , You’ll be 
hearin’ “Stayin’ Alive” til’ ya die 
-Ebony Justice 

“Look here Son, I WILL us, 
as an anchor and your butt 
as a seat cushion” 

OFFicer J.B.Nightstick 

‘We’re like totally prepared to like 
race and win on like all umm... 9 
courses , ya know ? so like totally 
outta our way” 

Dead in the Water™ is a trademark of American Softworks Corporation. ©PEG 96 Limited Partnership. ASC Games™ is a trademark ot American Softworks Corporation © 1998. 
Dead in the Water™ is developed by Player 1 . The ratings icon is a trademark ol the Interactive Digital Software Association. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered 
trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. 

•13 OFF the Hook' characters to choose Fronfl 

•9 Blazin' aquatic tracks to tear up! f 

3D rendered waves like you’ve never seen before. 

•An arsenal oF high powered, high tech 
customizable weapons and boatS- 
all fully upgradeable. 

•Two player split screen or 
combat cable link. 

£ ,/m 


jjmm mm 

Get ready to RUMBLE! Charlie Blast’s Territory will blow your mind! In Single Player 
Puzzle mode, help Demolition Expert Charlie Blast strategically re-arrange Bombs, 
Detonators, TNT crates, Blockers and other Objects scattered on each uniquely 
designed island puzzle level. Use the Trampolines, Floating Platforms and Conveyor 
Belts on each stage to help Charlie solve the puzzles. Detonate the explosives to set 
off a chain reaction that will blast the island to pieces and clear the level. Continue 
clearing Single Player Puzzle levels and Charlie Blast’s Territory will reveal diabolical 
hidden Multi Player game boards, where two to four players can blast away at each 
other to gain territory on specially designed stages. Players can choose from four 
fun characters with their own individual quirky personalities. Acquire area on the 
Multi Player game board by arranging the Bombs and other assorted objects (such 
as Freeze Bombs that temporarily immobilize your opponents) to create an explosive 
chain reaction. There are 60 Single Player puzzle-solving fun and simultaneous 
Multi- Player competitive action. 

Enter the Charlie Blasts Sweepstakes for a Chance to Win a Trip to Nevada! 


Grand Prize trip includes (for a family of four) : Round trip air transportation; hotel accommodations 
for 5 days and 4 nights at the world renowned Treasure Island Resort where there is a Volcano 
eruption every 90 minutes; a Lake Mead Cruise on the Desert Princess, where guests will be treated to 
an “outrageously great time” and the Hoover Dam “Hard Hat Tour,” which requires participants to 
wear hard hats like the hero of Charlie Blasts Territory. This special tour will visit the areas of the dam 
that are not part of the standard tour - areas like the generator shaft gallery, the needle valve house, 
the seepage gallery and other “behind the scene” areas. Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of 
the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec) , 1 8 years of age and older. Void in FL and where prohibited. 
No purchase necessary. 

To enter the sweepstakes online, visit our website at from September 1 , 1 998 thru December 31 , 1 998. 
Online entries must be submitted by December 31 , 1 998. To enter by mail, print your name, address, city, state, zip code, telephone 
number and email address (if any) on a 3”x5” piece of paper, insert into an envelope, and mail to: Charlie Blasts Sweepstakes, RO. 
Box 4080, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4080. Write in entries must be postmarked by December 31 , 1 998 and received by 
January 5, 1 999. For a copy of the full official rules, mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to Charlie Blasts Sweepstakes Rules 
Request, P.O. Box 649, Sayreville, NJ 08871 -0649. WA and VT residents may omit return postage. 

Developed and published 
by Hasbro Interactive 
Available October 


you’ll become. . .well, a white glove: all that remains of a 1 1 

wizard who had a bad spell day. You must retrieve six crystals scattered around your world , 
by your explosive mistake. The powers at your command are a magic ball that you can turn |l| 
into a rubber ball, a bowling ball, a steel ball bearing, a crys- 
® taL.and your abilities as a right-handed glove. , 

You’re a lefty? Oh, that glove landed in a caul- 
■ dron— of pure EVIL! Glover may sound weird, 

but the gameplay in the preview version was r yf 
Bffi ' imaginative and fun. Glover performs more than 

a handful of cool-looking stunts such as turning I— 

- $ cartwheels, dribbling the ball, and busting a fist slam. Your basic task 

is to bounce, toss, or slap the magic ball to bonk enemies 
and solve puzzles. Glover could attain strategy stardom. If it 
m does. Hasbro certainly deserves a hand.— Toxic Tommy 

Space Station 

Silicon valley [ Nintendo 64 

Silicon Valley, an exper- 
imental robot space 
station, vanishes on 
its maiden voyage and 
reappears 1000 years 
later. Don’t worry, this 
ain’t Event Horizon ! 

Dan Danger, Earth’s 
bravest (and most af- 
fordable) hero investi- 
gates and finds... a 

weird-but-kinda-fun puzzle/strategy game. You’ll guide a spider- 
like silicon chip into the electronic brains of bizarre animatronic 
robots to solve perplexing and sometimes strange tasks through 
30 stages. Sure you’ll encounter motorized mice, Snoopy-dog 

Developed by DMA Design 
Published by Take 2 Interactive 
Available October 

jets, and monster-truck lions, but you 
may also find that Silicon Valley is 
more than just silly.— Atomic Dawg 

Bomberman World 

Unless Bomberman Hero nrxo scorec-. 2800 © 02:55 ♦ o/<0 
for the N64 cuts short I 

their fuses (see Pro- *y. I 

Review, this issue), 'yf' jfc’fc' 

Bomberman fans will V • rfftW 

have something to cheer N '■ f , \\ T$' Y- 

about in Bomberman -r . ..•« 

World. Not only do you - " ‘ " ' " 

get a nifty 30-stage ad- T Tf; ft 

venture here, but you also 1+Z . &J H 

get down to the nitty-gritty bomb-dropping strategy action. You’ll 
blast your way through 10 mazes in single-player matches, tag 

Developed by Hudson Soft 
Published by Atius 
Available October 

teams, and multiplayer battles. With 
the Multitap, up to five players can 
go boom! Bomberman for the Play- 

6AMEPR0 (Q) October 1998 

also says that Target 
having all the latest games 
preordering, no waiting, 

NFL GameDay '99 and <S^Q99 
o the Dragon for just O 

-Respected coach and video gameologist Tom "The Thumb” Blake says 
winning isn't everything, but losing sure sucks. That's why Coach Blake reminds you 
that losers lose, and some winners go on to become 

This famous movie star gives all the credit for 
his meteoric rise to stardom to video games. While a 
student at the Poly Technical Institute of Videogameology, 
Leonardo starred in the Institute's production of 

t This famous singer is an 
avid video game player. 

At each stop on tour, 
Whitney's games and game sys- 
tems are the last thing packed and 
first thing unpacked. It's rumored 
that her song, "Greatest Love of 
All" was written for Luigi, the 
Super Mario Brother. 

Quot reported 
by some to own 
more faux hump 
dromedaries than 
any other emir 
this side of the 
Euphrates, also 
owns the largest 
video game collection 
the other side of the 
Euphrates. The collec- 
tion's rumored value is 
said to exceed $2,482 
million. The emir credits 
his bi-monthly camel 
trips to Target for this 

3D0’s first foray X' 'Jigr . 

on the N64. Bat- 

about destruc- '' 

tion. Starting out — — ff 

in another post-apocalyptic future, you play as a Eraj 
BattleLord protecting the few surviving women ■ ' - 
from marauding Tribesmen. In terms of gameplay, this 
means you get in a tank, drive around, and blow absolutely 
everything to pieces. The massacre takes place in eight 

^ J cities, including San Fran- 
cisco, New York, and Chicago, all of which have recognizable real-life 
layouts despite the apocalypse. Up to four players can wreak havoc 
via split-screen action in tanks armed with guided missiles, nukes, 
flamethrowers, and more . — Air Hendrix 



Developed and published 
by Accolade 
Available December 


Developed by KCEA 
Published by Konami 
Available First Quarter ’99 

Developed and published 
by 3D0 

Available Winter '98 



there s n« such thing 
as a friendly gane . 


hustling is the spice •!' life 
Shoot in 6 shady pool halls with unique tables, 
cue sticks and local pros. Select from single and 
two-player modes, plus, 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 14-1, and 
Rotation rules. 

swia with the sharks 
Wager, win, and move on to tougher opponents in 
your quest to hustle all 12 underground champs- 
each with unique skills, playing abilities, taunts, 
and betting strategies. 

y# u can almost smell the fceer 

Master authentic pool techniques like English, 
draw and jumping. Align your shot with the 
realistic top-down camera. Then, view the 3-D 
engine's slow-motion instant replays. 


Developed by Cyclone Studios 
Published by 3D0 
Available Fourth Quarter '98 


Developed by Player 1 
Published by ASC Games 
Available October 


Uprising x 

I DUnClotinn I 

riayatation | 

UL| The port of a 

y critically ac- i 

I claimed but ^ 

I commercially S 

I lukewarm PC 1 

game, Uprising X combines intense first-person 
combat with tactical gameplay. Battling from the 
cockpit of a futuristic tank that acts as a mobile 
command center, you take on the evil Imperium 
by either getting into the thick of it yourself or by 
switching to the tactical side to build turrets, sum- 
mon infantry, unleash bombers, and more. This intriguing 
blend of strategy and sheer mayhem is matched by excel- 
lent 3D graphics and strong two-player split-screen action. 
—Air Hendrix 

ASC Games takes Twisted Metal-like combat to the seven seas with Dead 

in the Water. Batten down the hatches and get ready for some humorous q( . ^ 

hijinks with a gothic mistress, Vicki Vein, the funky-fresh, Ebony Justice, 1 * 

and others, as you race through dangerous waterways and aqueous battlegrounds. Sporting two 
modes, secret routes, and customizable hydrofoils, hovercrafts, 

^ — — — and rac ' n 0 boats ’ DITW ma v 

: - _ just get you caught in its rip- 

~ tide this fall .-Junk Man 

If! 1/ If. •J! I 




1 M 

Choose Your Path - 
5 Different Endings 

Battle 28 Huge Bosses 

Conquer 15 Enormous Levels 







High speed racing only feet from 
the ground. 

Collect power-ups and fire 

Experience the tension, thrills and 

Only quick reactions and sheer flying 
skill wil see you through the finish line. 

Fast, Free, Online gaming 

1 . 888.SEG ASOFT 

Anyone can fly a plane in the I 
open skies. But only a razor- MB 
sharp, thrill-hungry speed freak can 
wing it at low altitude through a 
gauntlet of canyons, cliffs and city 
streets without becoming ground 
meat. Cross winds, down drafts and 
a posse of other insane pilots 
shooting power-downs up your 
fuselage mean this is a race to the 
finish! So come hungry. Come low. 
come fast... 

Or don't come at all. 

Plane Crazy A.I. means the better 
you get, the better they get. 

Buy equipment and tune your 
plane's performance. 

Sonic cannon accesses short cuts 


By Major Mike 

July ’97) will be pleased to hear it looks like ' ¥ , 

the series has lost none of its gory edge in V* 

Blood II: The Chosen. If anything, this sequel Ski 

reaches new heights, with more weapons and enemies, bigger levels, a 
new graphics engine, and, of course, more blood. 

Blood ll: The Chosen 

1 Win 95 | [Win 98 | 

e arners who enjoyed the carnage in the 
first Blood game (see "PC GamePro,” 

Set in the future, Blood II lets you choose from one of four characters: Gabriella, Ishmael, Ophelia, 
and the original game's hero, Caleb. Blood vets will remember these four were banished at the 
— — - - start of the first game. However, the different characters promise 

to be more than a mere palette swap; each has adjustable charac- 
teristics (physical attributes, for instance) that affect how you will 
play the game. 

The most striking difference between Blood II and its prede- 
ijJJ cessor, though, is the graphics engine. Blood II uses a proprietary 
3D engine— not unlike that of Unreal or Quake II— with some 

n ? 4: a' v 4 I help from 3Dfx acceleration. Although the alpha version we 

previewed had bugs, the environments and ene- 
mies were highly detailed — and the light sourcing 
was the icing on the cake. Other options to be im- 
plemented are 30-plus one-player levels and 
eight multiplayer Bloodbath levels where you can 
take on up to 32 gamers. 

;)?4 - 


% yf_ 

\\\ N 444 

iv With 30 tools of destruction, 

V' ♦ Blood II doesn’t lack for weap- 
\\ \ N ( , , , ons, either. Some, like the flare 

- — ■ 4<1 I gun, the shotgun, and the voo- 
doo doll, are holdovers from the previous game; new additions such as the 
sniper rifle and 9mm pistol round out the arsenal. Another improvement is 

the reactive computer A.I. For example, if you shoot an enemy in the leg, -p 

they’ll hop and limp; if you hit someone in the arm, they’ll 
clutch the wound. 

At this stage of its development, Blood II looks like it 

could be the next big thing in the wake of big-name corridor 


shooters such as Quake II and Unreal. Blood never means 

; * ^ 
>si - N u?.: 

having to say you’re sorry. □ 

Developed by Monolith Productions 

Published by GT Interactive 
Available October 



October 1990 

■Dan Elektro 


i ~i iT ti i 

Developed by 
Ritual Entertainment 
Published by Activision 
Available September 

Klingon Honor Guard 

Klingon Honor Guard takes the Unreal engine where no polygon has gone before: 
into the war boots of a Klingon warrior (a.k.a. “those guys with the ridged foreheads 
from Star Trek"). With the gorgeous looks of Unreal, the geekgasm franchise of 

the century, and some authentic voice 

actors lending their talents (including 
Next Generation faves Tony Todd and 
& Robert O’Reilly), KHG could be the 

^ . breakthrough action 

f ('\ game Star Trek tans 

\ have been waiting 

•' for. It’s still a bit 

„ ^ . V early to judge KHG’s 

^ s gameplay, but levels 

,^r- ^ f I like the Klingon 

—I Bird-of-Prey and 

Tong Vey should 

$ v keep Trekkers play- ' " 

+ ' ing long. And, urn, 


— Boba Fatt 

published by MicroProse 
Available October 

GAMEPRO Oclober 1998 

Activision s Sin has been a long time coming (it ? 

was supposed to be out in March), and therefore w i , 

has a lot to live up to. But if the one-level demo is 
any indication, it’s going to deliver the first-person shooter goods in a big way. 

Sin’s already packing a gritty attitude, 
cool weapons, a great single-player ex- 
perience, as well as the power and flexi- 
bility of the Quake II engine. The envi- 
ronments are ultra-interactive: Shoot 

A down a billboard and it crashes 

through roofs and fountains, 

^ fp Jtl | shattering them in turn, while ^ 

’ ^ ’ "■' r ,i enemies plummet through sky- 

jr 'TB .. g^ lnT I lights and slide into battle on ^ 

ropes. Sin’s as exciting as it 
sounds — and it looks to get re- 
mote so when the full game with Lim- 
its deep, branching story hits ry — 

store shelves this fall. 

Starsiege, the upcoming giant robot game, has already spawned a spinoff! In Tribes, settlers 
of the future have strayed farther and farther from their homeworlds, and as new, decent 
living space is found, they'll do whatever it takes to claim it as their own. 

Focusing entirely on the multiplayer experience, Starsiege Tribes offers first- and third- 
person action for up to 32 players — but you can forget about the standard corridor crawl. 
You’ll duke it out with sniper rifles and assault tanks on vast, gorgeous, seemingly endless 

terrain, and you may have 

to follow multiple combat objectives. 
Players are encouraged to create their 
own clans, logos, and skins to add to 
the universe. The preview is already 
rocking our hard drives . — Dan Elektro 
Developed and published by Dynamix 
Available November 

SimCity 3000 

The eagerly awaited third installment of Maxis’ SimCity fran- 
chise offers a slew of civic improvements for would-be mini- j 

mayors. SimCity 3000’s rendered 3D buildings can be placed ri j 

in the appropriate zones (residential, commercial, etc.), guarded — 

by small police forces, and hit by more disasters than ever before. You can import cities from 
SimCity 2000 or create personalized versions of famous locales such as New York and San 
Francisco, complete with landmark buildings. Be sure to listen to your 
advisors— and the news — then zoom in on the map to see tiny, ani- 
mated SimCitizens live out their lives. Best of all, when lording over ^j||p 
a virtual microcosm of society isn’t enough, you can create the struc- 

■Bad Hare 

tures themselves with SC3K’s Building Architect Tool. 

Developed by Maxis 
L Published by Electronic Arts 
Available October 


October 1998 

The Official Organ of the Amalgamated Association of Automercenaries 


*1*1 m IT 


Tips for Snagging Tourists-- And How to 
Avoid Premature Ejectulation Once You’ve Got ’Em 

A 3 BABE of the Month Inside 

Special FREE Issue for Automercenaries 

.continued on page 72 


on Wheels 

Dick Biggs, Editor J 

Welcome back, 

Automercenaries! Remember, 
on your shoulders ride the hopes of 
all those too poor to afford a real 
vacation. Next time you pick up a 
vacationer, look him in the eyes as 
you grab his hard-earned wad of 
cash and you'll see the gratitude, 
the hope and the sheer stupidity of 
one desperate enough 
to risk his life for a 

Treasure that moment. 

It's what being a thrill- 
killing, road-rioting 
madman is all about. 

Keep on truckin' 

frz C>U 

You're gunning it down Main Street. Shrapnel glancing off your 
windshield. Geiger-counter going off the scale. And a snap-happy 
Japanese couple in the back of the cab. The question is 
what should you be driving for maximum survivability 
and tourist: satisfaction? Sit back, we did the work for 
you when we road-tested 14 state-of-the-art tricked- 
out deathmobiles one glowing summer afternoon 
among the napalm trees of Nuke Town. 

For raw hearse-power, nothing beats the 
Sidewinder. Five tons of tank with more firepower 
than the Third World War. Too big? Well, try on the 
Bitch-In Wheels and put the muscle back where it 
belongs - behind the muzzle of a machine gun. 

For pure Auto-mercenary sex appeal, there's 
only one choice - the Meat Wagon. This fuel-injected 
weeniemobile says more about you than a pair of socks 
stuffed down your trousers ever can. 

For those of you who like a little mercy with 
your massacre, nothing can touch Ozone, a 
| well-armed ambulance that hurts while it heals. 
You want high-octane performance? 
Car Combat Ultra? Look no further than the 
pulse-pounding Pyro - a flame-spewing semi 
I filled with fuel. You never run out of gas and if 
J you do go down, you can take everyone with you 

Sit xten, Utoruf AaoeMoto. 

'ItuuiyAt far t&e 

-Thou Shalt Drive Like A Righteous Mad Bastard. 

t So Sayeth the Lord. 

when Was the Last Time a Tourist Hit 
Your Window at 92 mph? \ 

Hey, it happens. You have a bad 
day. Someone sends a missile your 
way and bang — Premature 
Ejectulation — out flies your 
tourist and before you know it 
everyone's got little bits of 
Hawaian shirt and entrails 

No problem. Whip out a 
40 ounce bottle of ever-loving 

Windshield Cleaner and, hey 
presto...the future's so bright 

you gotta wear shades. 

Check out 
Li'l Gator Bait. 

Some of you automercenaries 
probably seen her tooling 
around in her propeller-driven 

Well, looky here - the 
A 3 Babe of the Month shows 
you all her dangerous curves 
on page 96. 

Lube up and drive on! 

mi or smm 


“Don't be cruel. 

Your automercenary 
is true. Thank you. 
Thank you 
very much.” 


"A vacation should 
be just like war. 
Only with better 





“There's so much 
fun waiting for you 
in my back set 

i foOR PUY 

Don't drive alone, Rogue 
Trippers. Go multiplayer, 

1 because Automercenaries 

that slay together, stay together! 

NEED A HINT? (?) 1-900-CALL-2GT 

v '-' (??R-5?48) 


What the well-armed are packing these days mm 
(and how to get more bang for your weapons buck.) 


On the road? Get on-line for weekly cheat codes, the latest updates, 
screen shots, hints and tips (better than a road map) and killer 
kontests. Go to for the lowdown on all the low life. 

From the million selling 
developer of car combat 

A Different Kind of Car. A Different Kind of Driver. 

Grim Fcinaango 

| Win 95 | | Win 98 | 

Some gamers may be burnt out on 

point-and-click adventure games, but 

Grim Fandango promises to breathe new ^ _ 

life into the genre — even though all its charac- % ’ 

ters are dead! As Manny, travel agent to the 
Eighth Underworld, you become aware of a plot 
to dupe heaven-bound Land of the Dead citizens * 
of their passes to paradise. The resistance move- 
■ ment taps you to get to the bottom of things. 

|| In many ways, Grim Fandango is a traditional exploration 
P adventure in the style of Full Throttle and Sam & Max Hit 
The Road, but with no interface at all; the keyboard com- 
| , mands keep annoying cursors out of the my.— Bad Hare 
Developed and published by LucasArts 
Available October 

Still need a good reason to buy a 3D accelerator card for 
your PC? Microsoft’s Motocross Madness lets you do it in 
the dirt on stadium supercross tracks; in Baja checkpoint 
contests; and in awesome no-rules, free- I 
roaming desert stunt courses. Everything’s || 

/£*? shaping up to be fantastic here — topnotch ■HHpjl 
b _•<; physics, detailed player models, excellent 
track construction, and a great sense of freedom. 

The game supports the new Freestyle Pro controller, 

which lets you lean into turns simply by tilting the 

gamepad. Multiplayer motocross matches make it even more fun, and 
a track editor completes the package. Off-road fans, don’t dare miss 
this one . — Dan Elektro 

Published by Microsoft 
Available Fall ’98 

Myth II: 

Last year’s awesome medieval strategy game is slated for £T v ' 
a tune-up in this year’s sequel. Look for the great 3D battles - 

and easy interface from last time, plus indoor environments 

(storm the castle— then inhabit it), more working models of objects like p- 
drawbridges and windmills, better A.I., colored lighting, more detail in the ter- 
rain, 3D fire that damages what it touches, and ambient life such as birds 

to ^ and squirrels (which you sickos can destroy if y 

V o n you wish). Network and Internet play have been * 

^ V ^ enhanced as well, with new games like Assassin 

and the intriguingly named Choke the Chicken. *— 
VxSl? ^ The Mythology continues in time for the holidays— £ 
• Developed and published by Bungie Software 

mS , ^ Available December 

GAMEPRO © October 1998 

Available now Challenge: Mediur 

Action Replay value: Low 

Overhead view ESRB rating: Not r 

Minimum System Requirements 

• Windows 95/98 • SVGA 

• Pentium 133 • SoundBlaster- 

•16 MB RAM compatible card 

• 300 MB on HD * 4X CO-ROM drit 


There’s nothing like building up a massive 
force and sending it out to squish some 
enemies. Unfortunately, Dynamix’s latest 
strategy game, Cyberstorm 2: Corporate 
Wars, delivers no such rush. 

It’s several decades after the events of the original Cyberstorm, 
and the alien threat is gone. Greed and violence, however, have 
created eight corporations that make up the economy of the Ty- 
phoeus System. You’ll head a corporation and, through excessive 
violence, earn the rights to the jumpgate that leads to the other 
side of the galaxy — where you’ll amass even more wealth. 

CS2 can be played three ways: turn-based, simultaneous 
turn-based, or real-time. You can build robots and hover tanks, 

PROTIP: Gang up on the most PROTIP: The stock bioderms run 
powerful enemy first and take at the first sign of danger, so 
him out. The rest should be really engineer your own and bump 
easy pickings. up their discipline stats. 

upgrade your facility, 
and make “bioderms,” 
clones that take the 
place of human pilots. 
Everything’s fully 
configurable: You can 
swap weapons on 
your vehicles, choose 
your type of mission, 
or set the shields and 
armor way down if you 
feel like a bloodbath. 
Or, if you prefer, you 
can just let the com- 
puter handle it all. 

i-f"""" ’Til 

PROTIP: Tanks are very fast, but they have 
weak weapons and armor. Make sure you 
have at least one of the bad boys (like 
this Giant) in your arsenal. 

Sadly, Cyberstorm’s gameplay isn’t very interesting. There are 

three types of missions, but they 
all seem repetitive. Sonically, it’s 
pretty cool hearing your bioderms 
scream when they get obliterated, 
but the game is plagued with 
ridiculous-looking terrain and 
sluggish map scrolling (even on 
a Pentium 200). All in all, you'd 
do well to skip Cyberstorm 2 and 
boot up StarCraft. U 

GAMEPRO © October 1998 

Jr utting on 
an authentic 
16 th century 
suit of armor 
might seem 
like a good 
idea in the 
but two 
hours of 
video game ' 
play may 
begin to 
rust the 

Now available 

nails can be a smart 
and attractive com- 
plement to evening 
wear, they can be 
big trouble with a 
joystick or gamepad. 
Always keep your 
cuticles professionally 
manicured. ^ 

Now available 

Respected coach and video gameologist Tom "The Thumb" Blake says 
it's not just important to play good, it's important to look good. That's why he suggests these 





Comfortable underwear. 


Underwear that creeps. 

^ Available September 25 


Available October 2 

/oach Blake says it’s important to keep up with the 
latest fashions, but it's also important to keep up with the 
latest games. That's why you should make regular visits to 
Target. They always have a huge a J 

selection of the latest games in t U ' ' U 

stock, no preordering and waiting / and X / 
around. Games like these for just 



While press-on 








□ rid Terrorism 

2 * 



wm ■ 


HlelcamE to the Hero and rioixi. 

LUhere the enemy is scum. But human scum. 

Rs fast, sly and lethal as you. 

LUhere stealth is as important as firepoujer. 

LUhere you can actually look the enemy in the eye. 

Hnd match him look back. 

Forget Hell. This is the real undermorld. 

• Real-morld counter-terrorist missions 

■ s Unique player characters in single player mode 

• so unique player characters in multi-player deathmatch mode 

■ Buer mo meapons and Pomer-ups 

■ Ground-breaking photo-realistic graphics mith the 

all nem RnyChannel 3B engine 

For a free demo, visit 

level of target,. 

Eliminate resistance LUhere feasible, and report home. 

Warrior Heeds Food. Badly 

Running the Gauntlet 

In Gauntlet Leg- 
ends, you play as 
one of four charac- 
ters: a Warrior, a 
Wizard, a Valkyrie, 
or an Archer 
(sorry, Elf fans, 
your boy— or 
girl?— didn't make 
the cut). Every 
class features four 
color-coded versions of each ” » J* 

character (one from each king- " ~ r ■'< 

dom), so gamers can play as , 
their favorite fighter— even if 4 jWjr 1 ' ' \ 

that means four warriors (red, ■ 1 »' j f*- ■ ‘ nfvM *. ' ^ 

blue, green, and yellow) are J. jK&H . ■ _ 

playing at once. Each class of ‘ 

characters has their own io l .s h ** "**■•* :•**> " i ft- 

unique attributes in the areas of magic, strength, speed, and 
armor. Plus, your character’s experience levels actually increase 
during gameplay, and between stages you can even cash in your 

* —| gold to buy more health and magic or to raise 

your levels. To keep gamers coming back to 
WK; . ; the arcades, Gauntlet allows you to save your 
h T '- ' -v ■? character via a password after they die, so you 
£ ’ ^ V 1 * J won’t need to start your adventure from 
EL * . .. M scratch the next time you play. 

.Col2rtRD, II yjtKSRIE 

Jiob . “sob/wo “soo/ 


OrtLKyRlE j 

Old-school gamers, rejoice! Gauntlet, the classic four-player arcade 
quarter-muncher, is back with 3Dfx graphics and addicting gameplay 
that’s guaranteed to excite not only fans of the original series but all 
gamers looking for a fast and fun adventure this fall. 

Stones hidden throughout the game. 

Besides the bosses, you’ll en- 

counter over 50 types of enemies "■ vrr^wV ■ . Tm’L -i- 

from simple goblins to suicide bombers that run at you with explo- 
sives strapped to their backs (watch the body parts fly!). The wild 
enemies are complemented perfectly by the game’s outstanding 
graphics: Each world is amazingly detailed and features fantastic ef- 
fects like mist creeping through the environment and plants that 

look harmless from a distance but — — 

animate and strike if you get too 

close. Gauntlet Legends should be . / , 

one of the year's biggest and 

best arcade games. Even if you’re 'i\v. 

not a fan of the classic series, Jp? ' : 

you’ll definitely have a blast with r-. jjiar : £*& ,-'V 

this “new" legend. A,- - ^ T Jt**! 

Gauntlet Legends’ 
chaotic gameplay is 
similar to the origi- 
nal’s as players must 
frantically run around 
(both competitively 
and cooperatively), 
fighting monsters and 
exploring huge worlds 
in search of treasure, 
magic, food, and that 
all-important exit. GL features four main worlds, each consisting of 
approximately five levels; and in the last stage of each world you’ll 
fight a menacing boss. After defeating each boss, you’ll be given a 
key — collect all four keys and you will battle the game's final boss. 
However, to ultimately defeat him, you must also find the 13 Rune 

_ Cj|2<1RD_ I tMLKSRIE ' 

GAMfPRO October 1998 

Please Print Clearly. 


W City: 

I Systems Owned: 
N64 — Saturn 


SZIBP Terms and Conditions: 

If P.O. Boxes without street addresses wk i not qualify as mailing 

7 addresses. Original cash register receipt along with original UPC 
symbol must be used: duplication or copy is not acceptable. 

Rebates must be postmarked by 12/3 1/98. Offer valid only in 
the USA. void if all requirements are not redeved, or if certificate 
is not completely filled out. Allow 8 weeks for refund delivery. 

Not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. 

To receive this special rebate offer cut out and mail in: 

1 kcm ^ 


■; sttS 

A) "UPC" symbol from Ocean's GT64 

Championship Edition along with the coupon to the right. 

B) The original store identified cash register receipt with 
the puchase price and date circled. 

C) One "UPC" symbol from any N64 driving game 
other than CT64, OR manual cover, OR the bottom 

Fill out our certificate and send to: 
GT64 $10 Rebate Offer 
P.O. Box 6 1 64 
Stacy, MN 55078-6164 

of the box (Automobili Lamborghini , Cruisin' USA , 
Diddy Kong Racing , F I Pole Position 64 ', 

Mario Kart 64 , Multi-Racing Championship , 

San Francisco Rush , or Top Gear Rally qualify.) 

.9 1998 ImagineerLId S' 1998 Infbgtames Entertainment. Inc Ocean, Infogrames and Wetrix are (;> and TM of Infogrames Entertainment, Inc All Rights Reserved © 1996 Nintendo of America Inc 
Nintendo, the Official Seal. Nintendo 64 and the N" logo are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc All other trademarks and registered trademarks aie the property of their respective holders 
Trademarks are Ihe poperty of their|respectrve publishers and developers 

Tenth Degree blazes into arcades with the fast, extreme 30 fighting 
action that beat-em-up fans crave. 

Degree of Excellence 

Tenth Degree features 14 unique and excit- 
ing characters, who each fight with distinct 
styles and moves. The game includes a 
character modeled after Lethal Weapon 4 
star, Jet Li; a Samoan shoot-fighter who 
looks strikingly similar to an Ultimate Fight- 
ing Championship participant; an exiled Shao 
Lin master; and an evil bruiser named Raze 
who’s so smooth he fights while puffing on 
a cigarette. TD will also feature a number of 
time- or code-released characters to keep 
the game fresh after months of arcade 

Combos and Counters 

gaming. Look for Tenth Degree to heat 
up arcades this October. 

Hoping to attract both the Namco and Cap- 
com fighting-game fans, Tenth Degree of- 
fers the speed and two-in-ones of 2D along 
with all the combos and juggles of the pop- B maL £ 
ular Tekken series. Other advanced tech- ■ pi I 
niques include an extensive array of throws, L 
recoveries, and counters as well as a new 
Hyper Evade maneuver that enables fighters Wj&jk 
in mid-dash to spin to the side of their op- 
ponents and rush them from an angle. Be- P5a5sa 
ginners might be able to mash their way to 
victory at first, but the game’s complexities and ad- 
vanced moves will definitely give the advantage to the 
skilled player who takes the time to learn how to attack 
and defend with depth. The lightning-fast martial arts 
action is also complemented by a special Hyper Ki me- 
ter that, when powered up, enables fighters to bust 
spectacularly wicked moves — like super fireballs that 
blast your opponent from all angles. 

GAMEPRO © October 1998 


The breakthrough sequel 
to the bast; spiling original, 
the story corittinqes as 
the imprisoned Navy - 
escapes to wreak 
revenge against the 
tyrannical League who 
defeated them 100 


years ago. 



I the Psi gnosis logoi 

LCL£J\.l ■ tSl£l<iL:lZ~-lT 'U2LL 

Tj 'il 

,i In 



intendo 64 

By Dan Elektro 




4 players 

Fun Factor 



If Diddy Kong Racing 

EE9 seemed too wimpy, look 
no further. F-Zero X draws on 
its own fine history to create a 
turbo-charged, worthy update 
of the classic hovercraft racer. 

The sleek ships and 
fast frame rate will 
divert your attention from that 
pesky horizon fog (and the pop- 
up it tries to hide). 

Butter-smooth analog 
steering, combined with 
weight-shifting buttons, makes 
your machine move with power 
and grace. 

PROTIP: Bumping enemies off 
the track is too risky— miss, and 
you’re the one who gets hurt. 
Use the Spin attack instead. 


* * The new versions of the 
■JLa old F-Zero songs, com- 
plete with high-octane heavy- 
metal guitar licks, sound great, 
as do the game’s clearly audible 
warnings and other signals. 

PROTIP: Beware of long stretches of track without 
guardrails in the Queen and King runs, particularly 
the halfpipe of White Land 2. One ill-timed spin and 
you’re retired. 

PROTIP: The best place to hit 
boosters? Over the pink recharg- 
ers. You’ll get more power im- 

F-Zero X 


r he original F-Zero pioneered futuristic racing 
games at the dawn of the 16-bit era— but that 
was seven years ago, long before Wipeout and other 
antigravity racing games raised the stakes. Yet, 
who says "You can’t go home again? F-Zero X, Nin- 
tendo’s latest 64-bit update of a company classic, 
has all the makings of a hover-racing game hit. 

For better or for worse, F-Zero X doesn’t stray far 
from the addictive speedfest SNES gamers devoured 
in 1991, though it features more aggressive orches- 
trations of the original peppy music, fancier models 
of the futuristic cars, new portraits of the old comic- 
book-style characters, and deadlier, corkscrew-laden 
versions of treacherous tracks such as Silence and 
Big Blue. Boosters drain your energy bar instead of 
being individual power-ups (a welcome improve- 
ment), but, for the most part, the gameplay has been 
lovingly preserved. A cockpit view, the return of the 
magnetic rails, and less draw-in would have been 
nice, though. 

Instantly engaging and packed with an awesome 
four-player mode, F-Zero X delivers high-powered 
racing with that immaculate Nintendo touch. □ 

PROTIP: The ends of straight- 
aways are the best places to 
attack in a Death Race. 

PROTIP: Big air does not always 
get you ahead. On some jumps, 
angle your nose down and re- 
join the track. 

PROTIP: Leaning into turns with the R and Z 
buttons is imperative to keeping a good 
racing line — especially on narrow curves. 

Price not 

128 megs 




GAMEPRO <D October 1998 

/ t's lime you met your destiny. Tale& of Destiny delivers everything the true aficionado of the RPG genre 
could want and more. Journey the high seas in search of the lost secrets of the ancient Aetherians. Wield 
weapons so powerful they develop their own intelligence and will. Cast more than too amazing spells in real 
time, making enemies and monsters fear your wrath. Soar through the skies on a fantastic dragon ship, 
searching for your next adventure. Tales of Destiny. A true RPG crafted with the RPG connoisseur in mind. 

TALES OF DESTINY 6 ' 1997 Namco Lid. All Rights Reserved. © Muisumi Inomata. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The ratings icon is a trademark of the Interactive Digital Software Association. 




1 £ 





p . 


intendo 64 

By Scary Larry 

m ^ % Bomberman Hero is a r 

p nice game. It can be 

r 1 substituted for a lazy v*r'^ 

0 walk in the afternoon or a traipse I pF.^r it 

R through the daisy patch. But if 

y this sounds too tame for you, 

1 you should avoid BH at all costs. I 
E The game's problems are fun- 

W damental and simple: Then* no PRO nP: The boss tor Rrimus is a 
multiplayer Bomberman game; rea , a*,* 

the 3D action is way too easy; him a „„ loss a lew bmbs „„ m 
the bosses attack you with easily noggin. You can also try to power 
identifiable patterns, making them up your bombs and send ’em four 
a snap to beat; and the saccha- at a time, but your throws won’t 
rine-tinged sweetness of the mu- be as precise. 

sic will make you wince. Bomber- • % » . 

man 64 was more fun than BH, ' *£££&**+* 
and it was pretty simple, too— but 1 

it had more options, different ***** - 
kinds of bombs, and more varied -»• - 

gameplay. Bomberman Hero is an ^ ^ 

overtly childish game, and not ■&- 1 

what a hardcore fan of Bomber- wQf* ' % <5 

man is looking for. "f ^ML 

Graphically, the game is painted PROTIP: The Kanatia boss is a 
in basic primary colors, with sim- stone-cold headache. Don’t wash 
plistic shapes making up most of time wearin 9 Mm down— just 
the levels. The bosses are huge Mm nghtfor his tail, which is his 

polygonal creations, but even wea spo * 
their detail is blocky and stiff. As for sounds, a few rise above the 
mediocre watermark, while most are so cute they grate on your 
nerves like nails scratching across a blackboard. 

BH’s controls are basic (and the analog stick works great), but throw- 
^ ^ ing bombs can be haphazard. 

Jumping is facilitated by keep- 
ing an eye on your shadow on 
the ground. 

Bomberman fans will be dis- 
appointed, as will action/adven- 
ture/platform enthusiasts. Every- 
one else just won't care that the 
latest installment of Bomberman 
fizzled like a dud. □ 

By Scary Larry 

Deadly Arts is a medi- 
ocre fighting game 
that’s chock full of op- 
tions. But those op- 
tions don't raise the 
quality of its gameplay. 
Although you can 

PROTIP: On Mazone, take this 
three-part boss down by first 
knocking Netior off her perch. 
Then go after the spider (his eye 
is his weak spot). Netior will re- 
turn, but you can dispose of her 
by kicking bombs into her when- 
ever she lands (use the shadows 
on the ground as guides). 

PROTIP: Beating a fighter in Train- 
ing mode allows you to imple- 
ment one of their moves in your 
arsenal. Take the move with the 

you can always use a good, short 
combo when starting out. 

Deadly Arts by Konami 

PROTIP: The boss of Planet 
Bomberman is fast but patterned. 
Be sure to throw bombs at the 
block on his chest. Careful! He 
may move counterclockwise 
quickly, and those lasers on the 
ground will hit you. 

PROTIP: Throws inflict more dam- 
age than a normal combo. Learn 
and use the throws as soon as 
you can. 

Price nol available 2 players 

96 megs Challenge: Inlermediate 

Available September Replay value: Low 

Fighting ESRB rating: Teen 

96 megs 

Available September 
1 player 

5 planets 

Challenge: Beginner 
Replay value: Low 
ESRB rating: Everyone 

GAMtPRO October 1)98 

'Devil Dice is a puzzle 
game that eclipses even Tetris. 


A High-Speed 3D Multi-Player Puzzle Game for the PlayStation Game Console 






^It'S ALL IN THE tlfRIRT.' ‘ 

• ' ' I 

I nDIMTUC II 1121 II AD IC itjo a 






inn? 1 



| \,.m 



Future Cop: L.A.P.D. 

(By Electronic Arts) 

By Scary Larry 


[BKB] Strike) is so much fun— it’s C&C for itchy- — rr— V , f 

fingered action morons. - / I 1 JE ' 

Future Cop sets you up as a cop in fu- 
turistic Los Angeles, where your missions ... 

ffr? vary from destroying weapon sites to res- a 

cuing hostages, all of which you accom- M I t 

plish in a very Robocop - ish ED- 209 , called a "walker." 

You can also transform into a speedy hovercraft that can 
skim over long distances much more quickly, adding to t l... 

the action element of the game. And action is what Fu- vN 7351 -• . i 

ture Cop is all about. You blast buildings, vehicles, and PROTIP: The hovercraft is useful in situa- 
human opponents with alarming vehemence as you find tions where speed is important— like dart- 

weapons along the way to help you achieve your ulti- ■ 
mate goal of ridding L.A. of some nasty gang warlords. 

Along with adding split-screen and cooperative two- 

$49.95 2 players 

Available 12 levels 


can get behind it and hit the switch that 
turns the flames off. 

PROTIP: Save the shield regen- 
erators until you really need 

them. You get only about three player modes to the game, EA enhanced the basic Strike engine with a multiplayer capture-the- 

in each level. 

flag game that lets Strike fans battle each other for supreme cop dominance. 


It helps if you’re a fan 
EK9 of the Strike series, but 
even first-timers will easily get 
the hang of Future Cop. Blasting 
bad guys and destroying the 
scenery while remaining true to 
your “protect and serve” ideol- 
ogy is a great diversion. Future 
Cop is fantastic fun. 

* Excellent miniature 
dftfl graphics— including 
some gory special effects with 
human characters— and well- 
detailed vehicles are partially 
offset by too many offscreen 
battles that will have you shoot- 
ing blindly at phantom targets. 

Future Cop’s graphics, sound, and control all live up to and surpass their counterparts in EA’s 
Strike series, and the game has even better pre-rendering and motion-captured fluidity than Soviet 
Strike's. As for Fun Factor, you’ll be halfway through the game before you realize you’re playing a 
Strike game, so detractors had better put their arguments on hold. Future Cop is fun, pure and 
simple, and just the kind of game that borderline C&C fans would love to own. is 


PROTIP: The second boss has a 
tough attack pattern. Make sure 
to shoot the annoying gang 
members around him first, then 
destroy the tower he resides in 
piece by piece. As he ascends, 
run up the gangplank and con- 
tinue to blast him. 


PROTIP: To knock off 
the first boss, as you 
sidestep to dodge his 
fireballs (that reduce 
your shields by about 
30 percent a hit), use 
mortars constantly. If 
you run out of mor- 
tars, switch to mis- 
siles. Be sure to save 
your powered-up 
mortars for this boss. 


ad.ii; u|i. ill In; | 
lililluvc ll L i|! u .“ 


. licensed by So 
le. PlayStation . 

’ Strafe yourself in for the fastest, most stomach-churning racing 

' 9 amE ever! CIRCUIT BREAKERS is like no other racing game on 

' earth! Up to four players can battle head-to-head on over 3Q roller 

coaster race tracks in any of 8 spectacular 3D worlds. No namby pamby 
‘corridor racing, each track features hair-raising banked corners, heart-in-the- 
mouth, jaw-dropping dips and drops - all in spectacular 3D. Each track has its own array of 
lethal power-ups - so if you can't overtake 'em, blast 'em off the track. Plus, for a real 'drive by the 

seat of your pants' experience, an ingenious dynamic camera zooms in and i — 

out of the action, keeping all jostling competitors in full view. Best of all, I ^ GTHSlUl 
CIRCUIT BREAKERS is astonishingly easy to play - select your options I § MM0W/W 

by literally driving straight through 'em in a unique 3D arena! I £ ,oim, **^*2 

s • c ° m f 2®. 4t 

Sm P d .T To order: Visit your retailer or call I 

•35 I-8DD-234-3DS8 with Visa/MC ( J ;iV — 

r, Supersonic (North America only). *** 

Moto Racer 2 

(by Electronic Arts) 

By Bad Hare 


Wm JLyear.Moto 

Racer showed how Play- 
Station motorcycle racing ^ 

should be done. This year, the l 

slick franchise returns, tweaked and « 

.' ; io 7.,. enhanced— and it's still a great ride. 

Moto R acer 2 packs j n plenty— wild Ar- 
[ m id-air cac j e an( j rea |j St j C simulation modes, night races, 

’borne P weat * ier effects. and vertical split-screen racing— but 
the track editor outshines them all. For the first time 
on a console game, you can create or alter the terrain on which 

you race, creating hills, ^ . 

hairpins, and hell-bent- 

for-speed straightaways. !) ;_ r — r V 

A few nips and tucks 
here, a little tinkering 

pionship circuit, which ^ulniL- fnL„ bC 1 ^'} 
can then be saved to a ^ — - 

memory card and traded 

with friends. That’s sim- — - — 

. PBOTIP: In Arcade mode, you can boun 

p ’ _. . , „ ‘ . off building walls while you’re airborn 

Than kfu I ly , the rest without wrecking. 

PROTIP: You won’t slow down by sneaking 
onto the grassy shoulder, so use it to cut 
clean lines through corners. 

Improved texture qual- 
KSM ity and a smooth frame 
rate are good; pop-up is bad. 
Buildings often appear out of 
nowhere; is this Moto Racer or 

PROTIP: Never hit turbo near 
the track’s edge: Even at slow 
speeds, nudging the side while 
on one wheel always results 
in a wreck. 

* * Moto Racer 2 has all 
the trimmings: Sharp 
response, analog support, Dual 
Shock feedback, seven different 
button configs.Jt’s all there. 
Sim mode’s controls are more 
realistic and therefore harder 

* i Improved graphics, 
WXM gameplay tweaks, and 
the excellent track editor make 
Moto Racer 2 a satisfying mo- 
torcycle racer with unusually 
strong replay value. 

Excellent ska-punk 
MEM grooves make for a 
great change of pace from the 
endless techno beats of other 
games. However, motocross en- 
gines sound like a swarm of an- 
gry hornets, and the announcer 
may in fact be an unemployed 
game show host. 

PROTIP: Any contact with the 

Simulation mode. Don’t risk PROTIP: For a truly devilish 
going past the strip of leaves track, create steep hills 
on the Britany tracks. right before sharp turns. 

PROTIP: Any time you pop a wheelie, your 
steering’s hindered. Keep the hotdogging 
to the straightaways. 


clober 1998 

Acute Retinal Burning (just 
an excuse to wear rad shades) 

i Ihe property of their respective holders. PlayStation and th 
id the 3-D "N" logo are trademarks of Nintendo of America I 

nent,lnc. All rights reserved. All other trademarks! 
i PlayStation' Game Console. Nintendo. Nintendo 64 

©1998 Vivid Image. Graphics and sound effects Ubi Soft Entertainment / Vivid Imago. Ubi Soft © & © 1998 Ubi Soft Entertain 
PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Multi-tap required for 3 or 4 players on th' 
©1998 Nintendo of America Inc. Licensed by Nintendo. 


Ubi Soft / 

• ENT j 

jer — Z2EZD 

S.C.A.R.S Elbow (Tendonitis) 

Intense racing action hits the streets September 98 for PlayStation Game Console 
and PC -CD ROM. October ‘98 on the Nintendo 64. Play alone or inflict permanent 
damage on up to 3 of your friends. And, if you fall behind, you can always BLAST 
’EM. They’ll always remember you - every time they look in the mirror. 

Heart of Darkness 

(By Interplay) 

By Scary Larry 


Price not 

PROTIP: Shadows are dangerous everywhere 
in this world. Shoot at the dinosaur skull to 
eliminate the shadow behind it. 

^^ emember Out of This World? To the 
KT uninitiated, it was a cool puzzle/strat- 
# m egy/action game with clever, intri- 
cately planned traps and perilous pitfalls. The 
game was much too short, however, and its 
graphics were blocky and almost painful by 
today’s standards. 

With Heart of Darkness, Amazing Studios 
is delivering a new, more whimsical game 
that is just as clever as Out of This World 
(which it also worked on, along with Flash- 
back). You play as Andy, a young man who is beset by ills of all kinds, including a 
terrifying fear of the dark. His dog, Whisky, is mistakenly abducted by the Master 
of Darkness, so Andy sets out to retrieve him by stepping into the Dark World. As 
you side-scroll through six beautiful levels, you’ll solve complex puzzles, think 
through complex traps, and blast dozens of aliens who get in your way. 

Although the gameplay is brainy, HOD will 

appeal to just about everyone. There’s enough ac- 
tion for serious gamers, enough humor for kids, 
and the right mix of puzzles and eye candy for 
casual gamers. 

However, after five years in production and 
i « i a three-year wait since we last re- 

^ ~~ ~ . - I ported on it (see "Short ProShots,’ 

PROTIP: After the last jump in July ’95), Heart of Darkness suf- 
the lava, cling to the wall. It’s fers from longevity problems. 
your only way out. 

PROTIP: As soon as you start 
the underground cave level, 
swim to this large energy ball 
and charge yourself up. 

Now you’ll be able to ki4 
grow seeds, zap enemies, 
and shoot grubs for 
the next few levels. I 

PROTIP: Try to scale the wall 
between the monsters to avoid 
the stones they shower on you. 

PROTIP: If you jump on the ledge, the rocks 
will slide, bringing the skeletal tail up for 
you to climb on. 

Spectacular back- 
niB grounds and lush 24- 
bit color in the surroundings 
make Heart of Darkness one 
of the best-looking games this 
year. Even the cinemas are top- 
notch, edging gracefully into 
and out of the action sequences. 

Every creepy noise, 
Eza from slithering shadow- 
beasts to the slurping effect 
when the shadow-fish gobble you 
up, is re-created in eerie stereo 
sound. You’ll find yourself tuned 
in to the audio clues throughout 

Once you’ve played through the 
game, that’s it— 
there’s no going 
back and finding hid- 
den areas or playing 
for better scores. You 
play this one from 
start to finish, no 
stopping, and then 
you wait for the se- 
quel— which hope- 
fully won’t take an- 
other five years to 
create, ffl 

i| The only frustrating 
DEI control problems are 
the tricky jumps and the ten- 
dency to skid into a new screen 
before you’re able to prepare for 
the dangers therein (which hap- 
pens a lot). Running, jumping, 
and shooting are all responsive 
single-button actions. 

w * Heart of Darkness is 
ixa a great game that in- 
cludes all the cool elements of 
the old SNES game Out of This 
World and all the gorgeous 
scenery of Flashback. But after 
you’re done, you’re done-there 
are no hidden rooms, secrets, or 
replayability in this game. 

PROTIP: See that man-eating plant in the 
corner? You’ll find lots like it throughout the 
level. Make sure that one of those green 
seedlings is floating around them when 
you jump: After the plants eat the seedling, 
you can safely move past. 

GAMEPRO <D October 1998 


“ By Tommy Boy 

- ■ Unlike all the Tetris clones out 

^ere, Devil Dice puts a unique 
— - I twist on 3D puzzle games. Though 
difficult, it’s surprisingly addictive. Players must manipulate dice on 
screen by walking on them and matching their faces to make them 
disappear. The action can get pretty hairy at times, especially in multi- 
player games and War mode contests, where quick turns of the die 
are a must. Thankfully, the controls are tight and responsive. The 
sounds are pretty bland, while the " ■ *> 1 1 

graphics are colorful but basic. r £St' 'oio 

If you thought Intelligent Qube 

was a walk in the park, Devil Dice 3 W' o' 

will have you screaming in frustra- ^ ! 

tion. This one’s truly devilish. Q 

By Major Mike 

1/ al In the PlayStation’s sparse field of 
2D side-scrolling, old-school space shooters, C. Darius is a welcome 
offering. Fans of the genre will be grateful for this home conversion 
of one of Taito’s many arcade shooters, but newcomers are likely to 

~ be unimpressed by the 

start button Lj ✓LEj l! simplistic gameplay. 

. C. Darius is more nostal- 

gia trip than innovative 

In a traditional you- 
: against-them-to-save- 

the-universe scenario, 

JL— you take to the stars in 

,/ _ - - one of tw0 spacecraft 

- , j n one- or two-player-si- 

PROTIP: Mid-sized battleships are a real multaneous modes. You 
catch. Destroy their outer hull, then launch | <now t ^ e ^n- Collect 
the Capture Ball to reel them in and use p0 wer-ups, dodge in- 
their firepower. coming fire, and blow 

the snot out of anything that comes in range. Adding spice to the tra- 

ditional scheme are cool features such as nonlinear gameplay and the 
ability to suck in enemy ships and use their firepower. 

C. Darius is crammed with dazzling graphic details. In fact, some 
stages are too visually overloaded for the game’s own good: The ac- 
tion slows down at times, and in- 
coming enemy fire can be easily 
camouflaged against the backdrop. 

At times you won't know you’re hit 
until the Dual Shock gives you a 
telltale shake in concert with your 
exploding ship. The audio under- 
whelms with schmaltzy music and 
equally subtle sound effects. The 
responsive controls are a bit stiff, 
but, ultimately, piloting your ship 
is a breeze. Analog compatibility 
would have been a plus, though. 

For 2D shooter action, C. Dar- 
ius fits the bill perfectly. It may 
lack the high-tech gloss of Einhan- 
der or the depth of Colony Wars, 
but for old-school shooter veter- 
ans, it’s like old times. Q 

PROTIP: Take time to plan your 
moves so you can figure out 
where the dice are going to roll. 

Devil Dice by THQ 

Graphics Sound Cnnlrol Fun Factor 

PROTIP: In two-player matches, it 
pays to focus on your own game 
rather than on what your oppo- 
nent’s doing. 


Available September 
5 players 

Challenge: Advanced 
Replay Value: Medium 
ESRB rating: Everyone 

By Miss Spell 


V I More a non-competitive experience • , 

I than a game, Spice World lets you — — 

1 choose your favorite Spice Girl and \vjJT H 2 i ; < , {I 

one of five Spice “hit" songs. You then remix it 
by bouncing around nine sampling buttons. You’ll 

— use your song 

(•r — _ throughout the game (you’ll need 

T $,W » a memory card) while learning the 

Girls' dance moves via PaRappa- 
style button sequences. Eventually, 
you’ll choreograph all five Spices 
(yes, Ginger is still on the Spice 
„ prr , lcn <, rcco, a rack) and watch them perform. 

There's also a lengthy video seg- 

PROTIP: Your mix must be at least ment featuring the real Spice Girls. 

1 7 samples long to be saved. 

to the end of the game is along 
the bottom of the zone triangle. 

Visually, the polygonal Spice cari- 
catures would terrify even Scary, and the dance moves are neither 
clear nor exciting. Clunky, confusing controls don't help, and the 

sound is. ..well, Spicy. Even ~r. 

devoted fans will exit Spice World 

quicker than Ginger did. □ ^ V 

Spice World by Psygnosis %' fflfejl S 

PROTIP: When fighting a boss, fire 
the Capture Ball into narrow 
spaces so the Ball bounces 
around and causes multiple hits. 

G. Darius by THQ 

PROTIP: If you’re cornered, deto- 
nate any captured enemy ships. 
The explosion should neutralize 
incoming enemy fire and create 

4.0 3.0 


Available September 
2 players 

15 levels 

Challenge: Intermediate 
Replay value: Medium 
ESRB rating: Everyone 

Challenge: Beginner 
Replay value: Low 
ESRB rating: Everyone 

PROTIP: Are you feeling lazy? One 
dance sequence can be dupli- 
cated for all five Spices. 



andthe rest of the 




. WORLD." 


3 New Lanes And A New 
Bumper Bowl IVI^^P 

Ten Pin Alley'" and ASC Games'” are trad. 
Corporation. El 1998 American Sollworks Cori 
Limited Partnership. ANIMANIACS character 
Indicia are trademarks ol Warner Bros a 
Company L.P. C 1998. Ten Pin Alley''-' .s It 
International Bowling Museum and Hall ot Fa 
Alley'“is developed by Saltire Corporation F 
logos are registered trademarks ot Sony Com 
ratings icon is a trademark ol the Interactive Oj 


■ .. gr % Thunderforce V could 
be considered an ex- 

- • '"'I citing shooter— if we * 

were still in the early ’90s playing NR 
8-bit generation video games. W 
Even if you do like old-school, 

testosterone-fueled shooter action I — — 5 

in the vein of Cradius, TFV may PROTIP: The Hunter weapon is 
not float your dispersion cannon. V° ur most efficient worm killer. 
The highly-detailed graphics create a cluttered screen, making it diffi- 
cult to locate potential threats, so your success relies more on memo- 
rization than on skill. 

TFV doesn’t completely lack appeal. It boasts impressive Dual Shock 
Analog support and a very simple interface. The action is fast enough 
to keep you interested, and, though the anime-inspired sound effects 
' r~a s" _ u-3 — Eua 1 are °ld hat, they’re appropriate for 

this retro title. If you don’t mind 
way-old-fashioned gaming, Thun- 
derforce V is the force for you. □ 

' # Tbunderforce V by Working Designs 

By Boba Fatt 

Playing Acclaim's 
long-delayed Batman 
& Robin is an emo- 
tional roller coaster. 

It starts on a heavy — 

downer: the gut- 
wrenching low of the 
horrible film itself 
combined with mem- 
ories of Acclaim’s last 
Batman game, Bat- 
man Forever. Could 
it possibly turn out a 
decent B&R title this 
time around? 

Yet, one glance at B&R’s gothic, highly detailed visuals is enough to 
turn that frown upside down. The stunning heroes look and move like 
their celluloid counterparts, while the fully 3D, highly elaborate envi- 
___ , _ ronments— including an immense 

— * re-creation of Gotham City— com- 
J ,71 _ 3 bine with the film’s actual score to 

^ fi totally immerse you in the movie’s 

world. Maybe this isn’t a Holy Bat 
Bomb after all? 

Ah, foolish optimism, down 
■ '*"■ we go again: To control those gor- 
- — geous heroes, you’ll face a terribly 
clumsy interface, which, despite 
its complexity, still strikes out at 
bat. Inexplicably, you can’t even 
fire a weapon while you’re in com- 
bat mode. Makes sense, right? And the descent continues with 
myriad camera problems, woefully-rendered bad guys, and poor colli- 
sion detection. 

All seems lost, Batfans until, miraculously and despite a steep 
learning curve, B&R gradually grows on you like Poison Ivy’s fungi. 
Not only can you control all three ^ m 

heroes, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl, ^ 7 ^=^— ^ 
but they’re also actually doing de- 
ductive work (remember that crazy 
notion of a Dark Knight detective?). 

And, sure, you have to drive ridicu- 
lous lengths while fighting repeti- 
tive enemies, but the route winds J . 

through a gorgeous Gotham City 
^ that was clearly 

/ „ a labor of love. 

f , ■ . ^ B&R isn’t a 
, V \ 9 reat 9 ame - 

■^jSF » but its extra- 

/ ) 1 effort design Batmans Robin by Acclaim 

f -• ,, shows-and hard- Braphics Sound c "" ,ro1 Fu " Fac,or 

' TV' . core Batman fans § % 

will appreciate it. □ w # V t ¥ 

3.0 3.5 

Price not available 
Available now 
1 player 

PROTIP: This big, bad boss slows 
down before firing— so keep 
clear when he comes to a stop. 

Challenge: Advanced 
Replay value: Low 
ESRB rating: Everyone 

By The Bookie 

If you love Risk, but hate it when your 
: opponent wipes their hand across Bn * 

lalCL -il the boa d to disrupt the game, TTpyi'i ? TT77 
then you should fire up your PlayStation for a n A K \ 

good round of clutter-free, strategic action. 

While it's not spectacular, this version of Risk accurately represents 
the classic board game and comes with four modes, three objectives, 
and eight-player capability. The graphics and control serve the game 
well, while the maps are very colorful and accurately depict each conti- 
nent. A point-and-dick interface makes it easy to move your armies 

- i — - k, ~i and attack, and the sound is ade- 

’ quate, with minimal war effects 

V { [-and a soothing battle overture. 

* < , % | 7; Fans of the board game will 

^ llfeally dig Risk on the PlayStation. 

Mo sum up: It’s Command & Con- 
• A*.L Tiuer for rookies. Q 

PROTIP: It’s better to build up one 
area of the globe before trying to 
conquer the world. 

Risk by Hasbro Interactive 

1.5 3.5 

Challenge: Advanced 
Replay value: Low 
ESRB rating: Teen 


Available now 

8 players (w/adapter) 

Challenge: Adjustable 
Replay value: High 
ESRB rating: Everyone 

PROTIP: Don’t spread yourself too 
thin: Areas with only one battal- 
ion are useless. 

ThrustMastek?is the world leader 


AND we're bringing our expertise to the 

PlayStation" and Nintendp 64: 

Only the NASCAR 0 RacePro delivers a padded wheel, 



• Officially Licensed by NASCAR 0 

• Dual System PlayStation" and Nintendo 64 r 

• Padded Wheel 

• Designed for the Way You Race 

• Ready to Use— Just Plug and Play 



Control Without Compromise • 

ThrustMaster and RacePro are registered trademarks of ThrustMaster, Inc. NASCAR is a registered trademark of the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing. PlayStation is a trademark 
of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. Nintendo 64 is a trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc. 

By Tommy Boy 

Set in a dark, corrupt future, 

Trap Gunner combines stealth Bl^nTTTrrfiSs' 

and twitch elements into an 

enjoyable action game. An evil 

crime syndicate known as GAIN r - 

is out to take over the world, . ■■ I 

and it's up to you, as one of six U — 

special agents trained in the arts PROTIP: When caught in a Pitfall 
of assassination, demolition, ^p, move left to right to escape. 
and espionage, to survive long enough to uncover the shady plot. 

To defeat your enemies, you’ll set various traps— ranging from 
basic mines to poison gas and 
portable whirlpools— in multi- 
leveled arenas. Controlwise, you’ll 
have to get used to moving around 
tight spaces and hallways, but the 
game does support Dual Shock. 
As for sounds, explosions are es- 
pecially nice in stereo, and the ac- 
tion is accompanied by acceptable 
house and techno tunes. Those 
who are searching for a good 
mix of real-time strategy and 
fighting will find that Trap Gun- 
ner fits the bill. □ 

Anime fans will like Trap Gunner’s 

Challenge: Intermediate 
Replay value: High 
ESRB rating: Everyone 

Available September 
2 players 

Ah, just what the world needs: 
one more radio-controlled-style 
racing game. Right? Wrong?! Well, 

Fox’s new Team Losi RC Racer . — : 

won’t change your mind. - ^* 4 . 

Although Losi is fast-paced ' ^ 

with nicely hidden secrets and 

cool controls (the first of its genre ■ / ns /w fi of the track avoi 
to utilize the dual stick steering/ 
accelerating interface), its graph- 
ics, which feature lots of detail 
with some clipping and seams, 

are merely acceptable. Plus, the music is too low-key (some tracks 
don't even have music!), while engine roars are overly tame. 

Considering that Losi offers 16 

cars, 15 tracks (plus eight bonus * 

tracks), special power-ups, a two- I 

player split-screen, and time at- - 

tack or standard A.I.-opponent , 

racing, this game’s replay value is 
strikingly low. Every time a tough 
track appears, a strong new car I 
is released that can whip it. With 
very little replayability and even 
less challenge, Losi's lost. It’s an 
evening rental at best. Q 

3.5 3.0 

Price not available 
Available now 
1-2 players 

Challenge: Beginner 
Replay value: Low 
ESRB rating: Everyone 

! i‘y:v-3 

•" ' — By Tommy Boy 

TOURmo orr 


TOCA Touring Car Championship stalls at the starting line, offering nothing new to the genre. The graphics 
are outdated— where are the textures and outrageous frame rates?— plus, the excessive pop-up distracts 
from the racing. With only three modes of play and 16 touring cars to choose from, the list of features and 
options is too limited. Even the analog-supported controls don’t help: You’ll spend more time fishtailing and 
spinning out than actually racing. This game’s one minor achievement is its sound. Unlike most racing games 

where, for example, the en- 
gine sounds like an over- 
worked lawnmower, TOCAs 
audio effects are realistic, 
from the skidding of the 
tires to the revving of the 
motor. All in all, when com- 
pared to other quality racers 
for the PlayStation, TOCA 
just can't keep up. Q 

PROTIP: Instead of jamming on your 

breaks, tap them lightly to get around 

those really tight turns. 

PROTIP: Remember not to over 
steer your car or take turns too 
quickly, or you’ll skid. 

TOCA Touring Car Championship 

By 3D0 

Graphics Sound Control Fun Factor 

2.5 3.5 2.0 2.5 

$49.95 Challenge: Advanced 

Available September Replay value: Low 

Racing ESRB rating: Everyone 

2 players 

GAMEPRO CD October 1998 


you’re ill the 10th frame* 

there’s a bucket of sweat 

W dripping off your brow ^ 

f and this shot is worth ^ 

way too much money 

Coming in September 


Brand new Brunswick Skins Game format 
13 Brunswick ProStaff'" Bowlers 
Multi-player up to 6 players 

• •t 

Intelligent bowler and crowd reactions 

State-of-the-art physics engine for 
unbelievably real pin action 

Cosmic Bowling ™ 

PROTIP: If you’re a score 
monger, it’s worth taking ex- 
tra risks to get all the fruit on 
every board, as they lead to 
bonus levels like this one. 

In Kula World, life is a series of mile- 
high labyrinthine platforms with as- 
sorted keys, fruit, and coins, making 
for one of those rare games that can 
simultaneously induce both motion 
sickness and vertigo. 

KW’s a challenging puzzler that 
puts you in the role of a beach ball 
that you must steer through a series of 
3D mazes. Compelling visuals and fluid controls (complete with Dual 
Shock support) combine to convey a strong sense of depth and 
movement. The haunting, Intelligent Qube-ish score establishes 
the.. .urn.. .gravity of the situation. 

Sadly, you’ll always play the same 
worlds in the same order, which 
greatly hinders replayability, so con- 
sider this one a rental or a trade-in. □ 

Kula World by Psygnosis 

PROTIP: Items hovering in 
space may be on invisible 
platfoims. Pay attention to 
glimmers when the board 
spins as you start. 

$39.99 Challenge: 

Available September Replay value: Low 

Puzzler ESRB rating: Everyone 

h Of l ^ e t ' tu ' ar character of 

f'fZ*-:--' this kiddie action game, you 

— — storm through the Tower XS 

trying to put out fires set by minions of 
your archenemy, Sylvester T. Square. 

Control problems mean that you can 


aim your water hose only in a general 
direction, while the sluggish A.I. 
(which behaves like the interface of 
Shadows of the Empire) guides the 
spray higher or lower. In fact, the 
flames multiply as swiftly as the prob- 
lems in this game, which also include 
repetitive level design, overt cutsey- 
ness, and poor collision detection. 
The average soundtrack features 
temporarily amusing one-liners from 

PROTIP: Use the strafe mode to 
try to take out both sides of 
this fire at once. 

Rosco and his companion Digit. The bland visuals are highlighted by 

brilliant, glowing fire. t 

Conceptually cool, Rosco McQueen * *$■ 

ultimately goes up in smoke. Q 

Rosco McQueen: Firefighter Extreme 

By Psygnosis ^ 

Graphics Sound . Contra. Fun Factor , 

PROTIP: When you see this bal- 
cony on Floor 2, look for a 

Available September Challenge: Intermediate 

Action Replay value: Low 

1 player ESRB rating: Everyone 

discolored floor tile for life- 
saving treats. 

Price not available Challenge: Advanced 
Available September Replay value: Medium 
Turn-based strategy ESRB rating: Everyone 
4 players 



ByBobaFatt k^s**' 

b & ln Master of Monsters: I ’*/. v . 'J 

p F’i-- D| scples of Gaia (the se • N 

r l_j*L — quel to the original MOM .’tjj .■ # ' j 

0 on the Genesis), you join forces with [P ’ ^ j 

1 one of six masters, each of whom has L _ 

h their own agenda and abilities, like ELI: — 2: — <3 

I summoning monsters to do battle. The PROTIP: Your master has the 
H game is played on a grid-like map in greatest chances of summon- 
W agonizingly slow turn-based fashion. in ? ™ onsters Wlth alignments 
p This is as thick as a strategy game can similar t0 his own - 

get: All the items, characters, and weapons have a string of statistics, 
with menus, sub-menus, and sub-sub-menus galore. 

The maps do nothing to help the game’s nonexistent excitement 
factor, though the rendered battle scenes are flashy monotony- 
breakers. The sound comes alive only during conflicts, and while the 
pr= — - — i controls can be quickly mastered, 

^ v ^ you’ll probably be bored long before 

you do so. H 

Master of Monsters: Disciples of Gaia 
By ASCII Entertainment 

greatest chances of summon- 
ing monsters with alignments 

PROTIP: The monsters’ limited 
range prevents their attacking, 
but they can find items in 

Sentinel Returns by Psygnosis 

PRO TIP: Speed is very impor- 
tant. Once you get near the 
Sentinel, build quickly and ab- 
soib him, even if he’s stealing 

Challenge: Advanced 
Replay value: Medium 
ESRB rating: Everyone 

your energy. 

GAMEPRO (Q) Dclober 19 9 8 


Bring Home The Fun 

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NFL Blitz Hits Home Hard on Nintendo 64 

( .£, NFL Blitz 

^ By Dan Elektro 

Nintendo 64 If you had any fear 

that Midway could 
bring the raucous arcade hit NFL 
Blitz to the Nintendo 64 intact, think 
again! The 64-bit home version of 
Blitz features all the speed and chaos 

The new Play Editor offers an in- 
credibly easy interface and a host 
of endless options. 

of the arcade version, plus some home-only tweaks that will have arm- 
chair quarterbacks doing end-zone dances around the sofa. 

High-Impact Football 

NFL Blitz’s gameplay goal is clear: Screw the rules — just grab the ball 
and go, whether it be with fancy juke moves on the ground or immacu- 
late 60-yard receptions. All 30 NIT. teams are selectable for seven-on- 
seven matchups that value speed 
and viciousness (look out for those 
late hits!) over realism and strategy. 
The Arcade mode re-creates the 
coin-op’s quest to defeat every sin- 
gle pro team, while the new Season 
mode offers not only a more tradi- 
tional weekly race to the Super 
Two taps with the Turbo button will Bowl, but it also does a fine job of 
make you spin. It's the besl evasive tracking each team's stats (but not 
move in the game, but never do it ■ ^ c 

. . ... individua player stats), from pass- 

more than twice in a row, or you’ll p J h 1 

probably fumble. ing yardage to sacks to completions. 

Gridiron Greatness 

Graphically, Midway sports smooth textures, speedy receivers, end- 
zone logos, and more — this Blitz lives up to the coin-op’s standards. 
You’ll see a little slowdown when the field gets crowded, but usually 
not during gameplay. 

Amazingly, all the heroic 
music, bone-crunching 
sounds, and announcer 
patter have made the 
transition from the ar- 
cade perfectly intact. 

Blitz also inherited 
the coin-op’s sole control 
flaw: It’s often difficult 
to select a receiver and 
scramble the QB simul- 
taneously, because both 
are controlled with the 

PROTIP: Play as Raiden from Mortal Kombat 4! Enter the name RAIDEN 
and the number 3691 at the Initials screen. 

joystick. As for the controller itself, however, each button is easily cus- 
tomizable, a la NBA Hang Time. Plus, you’ve got your choice of using 
either the directional pad or the 
analog controller. 

The Strongest Yard 

Midway included an excellent, 
intuitive play editor that lets 
would-be Aikmans create their 
own gridiron plays and save 
them to a Controller Pak (and 
load them into the Blitz ’99 ar- 
cade machines!). Plus, the 
home version of Blitz plays 
faster and seems more difficult 
than its arcade counterpart. 

Great graphics, pumped sounds, custom controls, killer replay 
value...NFL Blitz has everything pigskin pros could want. Arcade fans, 
save your quarters — the N64 Blitz 
is on! □ 

PROTIP: When your opponent calls a 
field goal, quickly move a man to the 
right side of your formation. With the 
right timing, you can tackle the place- 
holder before the kicker reaches the ball. 

PROTIP: If you’re being chased while trying to 
get a first-down, hit the jump button a few yards 
before you reach the marker; sometimes, the de- 
fense will grab you in mid-air and push you over 
the line. 

NFL Blitz 

By Midway Home Entertainment 


1 1 

Price not available 

2 players 

128 megs 

Challenge: Advanced 

Available September 

Replay value: High 

Arcade football 

ESRB rating: Everyone 


PROTIP: To make the football 
really big, press B five times and 
press the stick to the Right at the 
Matchup screen. 

GameDay Wins the Gridiron War! 

NFL GameDay ’99 

By Johnny Ballgame 

PROTIP: In goal-line situations, simultaneously 
tap L2 and to dive up and over the pile for 
a touchdown. 

Scoring with Sound 

GameDay ’99’s sounds 
are also a huge improve- 
ment over last year’s title. 

PROTIP: Always hit the quarter- 
back. Even if your blitzes cost you 
a big play early, you'll be better off 
in the long run by injuring your op- 
position's starter. 



PROTIP: On pass coverage, dive at the receiver 
right as the pass comes to knock it back up in 
the air for a possible interception. 

Arguably the most fun new football game for the 
PlayStation, NFL GameDay ’99 not only boasts better 
graphics than its PlayStation rival, Madden ’99, but more control over its 
players and faster gameplay. Although hardcore fans will love Mad- 
den’s features, the smart 
money’s on GameDay. 

Bucking Broncos 

Every time you turn on 
GameDay, you’ll be 
amazed by the superb 
graphics this game struts. 
The new TV-style pre- 
sentation, with rotating 
cameras and close-ups 
of star players, captures 
all the hits, jukes, and 
celebrations on the 
field while providing the 
fastest frame rate of 
any PlayStation 
eleven football 
game. In fact, the hulking 
players flex their graphical 
muscle all over the field, 
even after helmet-to-helmet 
collisions, when they stagger 
to the sidelines with the help of 
a trainer. 

GameDay also scores big over 
Madden in terms of player control: Not only can you hurdle, spin, dive, 
and sidestep around tacklers, but unlike Madden, you can also perform 
double-spins, shoulder charges, and superman dives over the goal line. 
Quarterbacks can lead receivers downfield by throwing lob or bullet 
passes and even gun the ball out of bounds if no one is open. On de- 
fense, you can use fore- 
arm shivers to floor 
receivers at the line of 
scrimmage, shift the de- 
fensive line, switch to 
the deepest man in cover- 
age, and make one- 
handed interceptions. 

PROTIP: Run the Pro Split. Sweep 
with your fastest halfback. Use a 
burst of speed to make it outside the 
tackle, then juke around any defend- 
ers that stand in your wav. 

PROTIP: Use the 46 defense to try and pressure opposing quarterbacks into 
making mistakes. 

Dick Enberg and Phil Simms provide the in-depth commentary and 
play-by-play analysis the series always lacked, while also adding 
unexpected colorful stories 
about superstar players such 
as Barry Sanders and 
Robert Smith. 

Fumble Recovery 

While both games 
deliver equally tight 
football gameplay, 
the one area in which 
GameDay doesn’t equal 

PROTIP: When playing as the 
Vikings, alternate sideline throws 
between Reed and Carter. Then 
Madden is features. Game- when the coverage shifts to the out- 

Day offers all of the usual ' ide - “l" 1 ,he mid,lk ' “ r lhe l™ 

, . . with vour new sure-handed rookie, 

options expected in a foot- 
ball sim — real players, trades, drafts, and free agents — but 
Madden’s extra list of features is superior: A Franchise 
mode, a play editor, and a One Button mode for rook- 
ies are exclusively Madden. Though the lack of 
these options may sway some people to Madden, if 
you demand better graphics, more 
in-depth controls, and faster game 
speeds, NFL GameDay ’99 is defi- 
nitely the game for your library. Q 

The King of the Gridiron Returns to Glory 


By The Rookie 

PROTIP: If you aren’t going to 
reach the quarterback in time to 
sack him, hit the A Button to jump 
up and knock down the pass. 

The Madden franchise has always been the model by 
which- all football games are measured. But with 
GameDay ’98 upping the ante with 
its superb polygonal graphics, Mad- 
den lost some ground last year. 
This year, Madden comes out of 
the locker room with realistic 
gameplay, kick-ass features, and 
new player models that’re outta 
sight. Even though GameDay ’99 
may look prettier and feature more 
control and intuitive commentary, 
many fans of football will be more 
than happy with Madden ’99. 

PROTIP: If you’re playing with a team that has a fast outside linebacker, use 
the 4-3 formation /Crash Right to get a much-needed sack. 

High-flying, hard-hittin’ football is 
what Madden NFL ’99 is all about. 

The Race for the Super Bowl 

Madden kicks off its ’99 season in fine graphical splendor, including all- 
new polygonal players that sport excellent detail. This time you won’t 
see a bunch of fuzzy “V-poly” sprites roaming the field with bland team 
colors — you’ll instead see fleshed-out gridiron warriors with readable 
numbers, names, and crystal-clear 
team logos and designs. Plus, the 
game sports awesome animations 
like wrap-around tackles and end- 
over-end flips, as well as runners 
that drag defenders down field or 
place their hands on the ground to 
keep themselves going. 

But that’s not all — this year’s 
Madden also sports a ton of new 
options that will appeal to all skill levels: Rookies can learn the game 
using the One Button mode (where every command is performed by 
hitting the X Button), while hardcore sim gamers will revel in the new 
Franchise mode that allows you to play up to 15 seasons with your fa- 
vorite team. And be- 
sides team-specific 
playbooks, you’ll be 
able to create and save 
up to six offensive and 
six defensive plays 
onto your memory 

As for game 
modes, they’re all 
here, including Exhi- 
PROTIP: If you have one defender to beat, hit R2 bilion Season (whjch 
at |ust the right moment to juke around him and 
sprint to the end zone. y° u can customize to 

your liking), Tournament, and Practice, as well as a fantasy draft. 

You’ll also be able to create players, sign and release free agents, and 
keep track of every stat imaginable. 

Championship Gameplay 

Madden’s control and sound are just as solid as its graphics. For starters, 
the running game has been much improved: Now your players don’t al- 
ways go down right when they’re hit. Plus, more juke moves have been 
added to help you deke around defenders. The only downsides are that 
the players still float a little and 
there’s no function that allows 
you to dive over the pile at the 
goal line (as in GameDay ’99). 

Madden’s sounds have also 
been improved over last year. 

You’ll notice the crowd becoming 
more vocal in certain game situa- 
tions and the awesome crunching 
of two helmets colliding together. 

Pat and John’s color commentary, 
while sometimes repetitious, has 
also been expanded to include little factoids and tid-bits about certain 
star players. 

PROTIP: To execute a successful pass 
play, it's crucial to read the defense 
and see if the safeties are playing zone 
or man-to-man. 

Big-Time Football 

Madden ’99 is a better all-around game than last year’s version, and 

its added play editor and Franchise 
in the features department. Even 
though you may be enticed by 
GameDay’s flashier look and en- 
hanced control features, if you’re a 
fan of the franchise, Madden ’99 is 
the only game you’ll need. □ 

mode help it rise above GameDay 

Madden NFL >99 by EA Sports 


1 i 1 

Price not available 

Challenge: Adjustable 

Available September 

Replay value: High 


8 players (w/adapter) 

ESRB rating: Everyone 

GAMEPRD 182 Oclober 1398 

q u sd.ra- i v i a t 

) O O 

This Is Football’s Finest Hour 

Hodden NFL 1 

By Scary “Hut Hut” Larry 

PROTIP: Never leap to make a tackle unless 
you’re sure you have less than a yard between 
you and the ball carrier, or you'll miss. Try to 
lay a hit on runners at an angle. 

Nintendo 64 football f 3118 won’t soon forget playing Madden ’99 — 
it will be remembered as a day the standards for N64 
football games were 
raised. At this point in 
the season. Madden 
shines head and shoul- 
derpads above the rest! 

Lean, Mean, 
and Clean 

Improvements in this 
latest Madden title 
center around its high- 
res graphics. Clean, su- 
per-detailed players 
now roam the fields, 
sporting realistic moves 
and animations. Madden ’99 also added a ton of new tackle visuals, in- 
cluding season-ending neck grabs, jersey pulls, and over-the-shoulder 
body tosses, to name a few. 

But before you start thinking 
Madden is tearing a page from the 
Blitz playbook, you should know 
that all the great game mechanics 
and topnotch plays that made Mad- 
den a winning franchise are still 
here — along with a dizzying num- 
ber of options that will bring a 
whole new squad of players into 
the fold. 

The feature that should have 
the biggest impact is the One Button 
mode. Basically, it reduces play-calling to a single button press, thereby 
helping novice players get into the game right away. In addition, 
Madden’s new Practice 
mode lets you try out 
plays from your play- 
book against different 
defenses — so you’ll be 
better prepared when 
you take the field for 
the first time. 

But there’s also 
enough to keep Madden 
PROTIP: On returns, run at an angle towards vets s *S ne d on, including 
one of the sidelines and bring a few defenders a play editor, a create-a- 
with you. When near the sidelines, spin in the player feature a Fantasy 
opposite direction and you conld break for a Draft mod ^ a|| 

tew extra yards. 

PROTIP: On Trap or Sweep plays, 
use the spin button cautiously be- 
cause it slows you down. Instead, 
try the new juke move or simply 
guide your runner inside. 

PROTIP: Lobbing the ball to a receiver only connects if he is far from the 
nearest defender. Throw the bullet pass whenever your receiver gets so much 
as a step on the defender. 

important Franchise mode, which enables you to play multiple seasons 
with one team. And this year, Madden for the N64 contains all 30 NFL 
teams, as well as all the real players, uniforms, logos, and stadiums. 

Speechless in Seattle 

One problem that has always been 
a sore point for N64 fans also 
plagues Madden: the lack of out- 
standing sound that PlayStation 
owners enjoy. Madden is nearly 
mute on the N64, with little com- 
mentary, no sound during the re- 
plays, and no trash talking — but if 
sound isn’t your purchasing point, 
then its lack shouldn’t bother you. 

As for the controls, if you’ve 
never played a Madden game be- 
fore, you may initially struggle with them a bit, even in the One Button 
mode. Once you breach the learning curve, though, they’ll really serve 
you well. Previous Madden gamers won’t have any problem getting 
used to the added control features and will feel right at home the 
minute they fire up the game. 

You Don’t Know Jock 
Until NFL Quarterback Club ’99 re- 
ports to the turf — this game’s only 
possible opponent — the field is clear 
of aspirants to Madden’s crown. EA 
has done it again, and if you don’t 
end up with Madden ’99 in your 
N64 library, you either hate football 
or you don’t know jock. ■ 

Madden NFL ’99 by EA Sports 


1 ry 

1 If^fl 

1 [Aj 1 1 

Price not available 

Challenge: Adjustable 

Available September 

Replay value: High 


ESRB rating: Everyone 

2 players 

PROTIP: When you run out of the 
pocket, read the field between you 
and the first down marker as judi- 
ciously as you read your receivers. 
If you see defenders start to pull 
back, run for the first down yourself. 

GAMEPRO (i84) October 1998 

w eap o n 

NASCAR ’99 Qualifies Near the Front of the N64 Pack 

NRSCflR '99 

PROTIP: When you drive in Sim 
races, qualifying and car setup are 
extremely important. If you want a 
chance of winning, practice until 
you’ve tuned your car and your 
knowledge of the track so that you 
can qualify in the top five spots. 

Nintendo 64 ^ ’ tS roo * c * e season on the N64 circuit, NASCAR 
’99 turns in a solid performance with well-tuned 
graphics and gameplay. While run-of-the-mill race fans may prefer 
more accessible titles like SF Rush, the stock-car racing crowd will 
find a lot to like about this title. 

Earnhardt takes Gordon right into 
the wall! 

Green Flag 

NASCAR ’99 starts out strong with 
an ample but standard lineup of 
features. Gamers choose from 31 
current drivers (like Earnhardt, 

Gordon, Jarrett, and company) or 6 
legendary drivers (like Richard Petty 
or Benny Parsons), then get down 
to business on 17 real-life tracks: 

Sears Point, Watkins Glen, and 15 
ovals that range from Atlanta to Talladega. 

While key features such as 
analog steering, two-player split- 
screen action, and night rac- 
ing score big, the game 

has two shameful shortcom- 
ings. The complete lack of both a create-a-driver 
option and a rearview mirror or look-back button 
are huge letdowns. 

As for the remaining features, the car-setup 
options, where you tune your gear ratios, tire 
pressure, and so on, are limited but work just fine. Moreover, the game’s 
innovative Physics/A.I. Settings menu is way cool. It basically lets you 
minutely adjust the game’s difficulty and realism in great detail, so you 
can race a wild arcade-style ramfest or get into a hardcore nuts-and- 
bolts simulation. Tight controls, especially the responsive analog steer- 
ing, provide a firm foundation. 

PROTIP: In turns on oval tracks, if you’re trying to pass but you’re blocked 
out of the preferred inside line, set up high before the exit of the turn and 
pass by cutting inside when the pack swings outside. 

As for sounds, the cars growl and rumble with authentic engine 
effects that change depending if your view’s from the cockpit 
or behind the 
bumper. Unfor- 
tunately, though, 
some of the 
sounds, like scraping 
against the wall, along 
with the chatter from 
the announcer and your 
crew chief, repeat so 
often they quickly be- 
come annoying. 

Checkered Flag 
All told, NASCAR 
redlines the thrills with 
quality stock-car action. Rookies will delight in the wild, bumper- 
grinding arcade side, while pros who dig sim racing will face off 
against tough CPU cars that block passing lanes and take you into 
the wall. If you happen to have 
a PlayStation too, that version 
of NASCAR ’99 does look more 
promising, but 'N64 drivers won’t 
go wrong climbing in behind 
this wheel. Q 

PROTIP: Avoid bumping other cars with your 
front fender — you're likely to blow a tire. Use 
the side of your car to knock opponents out of 
the way instead. 

PROTIP: Drafting’s a key part of passing, 
especially on tracks with fast straightaways. 
Tuck in behind an opponent until you have 
enough power to duck out of their slipstream, 
then go around ’em. 

White Flag 

Visually, NASCAR 
pleases the crowd with 
awesome cars loaded 
with all the logos, cool 
lighting, and plenty of de- 
tail-cars even crumple 
and shed parts during col- 
lisions. The frame rate’s 
fast enough to deliver 
tight action, but occa- 
sional pop-up problems 
and bland, under-detailed 
tracks put a slight damper 
on the show. 

GAMEPRO 186; October 1998 

o o 
o o 


Waialae Counfri] Club: True Golf Classics 

When you’re the only golfer in the tournament, it’s 
not hard to be atop the leaderboard. However, Waialae 
Country Club: True Golf Classics scores some birdies and even a few 
eagles to set a high standard for Nintendo 64 golf. 


By now you’ve figured out that only one course stars here: the world- 
class Waialae Country Club in Honolulu, Hawaii. Solid, customizable 
features that include four-player stroke play, four-player skins, and a 
four-day tournament make this round of 18 a worthy challenge for 
most golfers. 

Waialae’s controls are on target. Excellent, easy-to-read onscreen in- 
dicators enable you to precisely aim 
your shot’s trajectory by adjusting 
your stance and setting a hit point on 
the ball. For putting, a targeting grid 
overlays the green, but putts across 
slopes are still tricky. 

Of course, lining up a golf shot 
is easy — the challenge is in the swing. 
It’s worth noting that golf-game vet- 
eran T&E Soft did the development 
work here, so you get a smooth, 
three-button stroke. 

PROTIP: To master putts against 
any slope, figure out a putting dis- 
tance slightly past the hole. Wind 
rarely affects putts. 

PROTIP: For better distance when you hit into 
a strong headwind, hit with a low trajectory. Se- 
lect Hit Point and make the impact point high 
on the ball, but not too high or you’ll top it. 

Golf As Good 
As It Gets 
Waialae’s visuals are 
quite sweet. There’s a 
mucho cool game cam 
that cleverly chases the 
ball through the air and 
flashes creative views of the golf action as it unfolds. 

The sounds are solid, if not too exciting. Waialae is a near-silent 
course — even the gallery’s mute — and the voice-over commentary 
lacks audio flair. 

Overall, though, Waialae sets topnotch scores as the first golfer in 
the N64 clubhouse. You’ll definitely 
want to play 18, 36, and more! □ 

Waialae Country Club: 
True Golf Classics by Nintendo 

" (.^Lj I VJ* 


1 course 

128 megs 

Challenge: Intermediate 

Available now 

Replay value: High 


4 players 

ESRB rating: Everyone 

PROTIP: For better distance and 
placement when hitting into a cross- 
wind, use Stance to adjust the ball’s 
trajectory slightly into the wind. 

FI World Grand Prix 

By Air Hendrix 

Easily overtaking the disappointing FI Pole 
Position, FI World Grand Prix takes the lead 
as the N64’s best racing sim. Despite its impressive depth and 
realism, though, WGP demands such exact, precise driving that 
most gamers will abandon the race in frustration. 

Yellow Flag 

WGP rolls out of the pits with an exhaustive Formula 1 simula- 
tion that includes 22 pro drivers, 17 real-life tracks, and season or exhi- 
bition action. In-depth car setups, two-player split-screen action, and 
tons of nuts-and-bolts options make WGP incredibly comprehensive. Re- 
alistic, responsive controls back up all that, but they demand racing ex- 
pertise — make the smallest error, 
and you’re out of the race for good. 

In fact, that deeply realistic ap- 
proach is WGP’s biggest failing. 
The game neglects to provide enough 
aids for novices (is an Arcade mode 
too much to expect?), and all but the 

PROTIP: To make tight turns, 
finish your braking before you cut 
the wheel, then get back on the gas 
at the apex of the turn. 

PROTIP: Don’t let a tire drift off the track dur- 
ing turns, or you’ll quickly skid out. 

Under Caution 

As far as graphics go, WGP outshines FI Pole Position with slick cars 
and tracks packed with cool details. The beauty’s marred, however, 
by significant draw-in problems and a sluggish frame rate that displays 
little difference between 80 mph and 180 mph. Fortunately, the sounds 
make a strong showing with the classic shriek of FI engines and other 
excellent effects. 

All told, you’ll love WGP if 
you’re one of the very, very few 
N64 gamers looking for an extremely 
challenging FI sim — or if you have 

most hardcore racing fans will decide the enormous patience required to 

PROTIP: At Hockenheim, you can 
cheat your way to the front by cutting 
off-road and blasting straight through 
the S-turns. 

that math homework is far more 
fun — and far less vexing. 

master it. Everyone else should give 
WGP a wide berth. □ 

FI World Grand Prix by Nintendo 


17 tracks 

96 megs 

Challenge: Advanced 

Available now 

Replay value: High 


ESRB rating: Everyone 

2 players 

GAMEPRQ (188 i October 1)98 







pumping electronica soundtrack 
6 huge new race circuits with jaw-dropping scenery 
wider tracks and all new pit 
4-player simultaneous play and multi-player tournament 
12 weapon systems including rear view attack 
challenging 15-craft competition 



Officially licensed producl ol the NFL Players and NFL Properties. The NFL shield design is a registered trademark of the National Football 
League. Team names, nicknames, logos and other indicia are trademarks ol the teams indicated TM/©t998 NaP. Players Inc 
logo is a registered trademark ol the NFL Players ©1998 Players Inc. PlayStation game developed by 989 Sports and Red Zone 
Interactive. Inc. PC game developed by 989 Sports. Authentic Football Intelligence, 989 Sports and 989 Sports logo are trademarks ol 
Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Windows is a registered Irademaik ol Microsoft Corporation. The 3DI* Interactive logo is a 
trademark ol 3Dlx Interactive. Inc. ©1998 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Sony Computer Entertainment logo is a 
trademark ol Sony Corporation PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks ol Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. 






Football doesn’t get any more real 
than NFL GameDay '99. This year, 
we’ve given NFL GameDay ‘99 a 
stadium full of new features, like 
all-new graphics and gameplay, 
brilliant sportscasting by Dick 
Enberg and Phil Simms, and 
Authentic Football Intelligence; a 
new innovation which has players 
thinking and reacting just like they 
do in the pros. NFL GameDay ‘99 
by 989 Sports. Take a few snaps and 
you'll see why it’s the best-selling 
football game around. 



Gam (Day 

B0 1 it 

jPgf SamjM 

PROTIP: Use your cutoff man 
when throwing from the outfield. 
Although there’s an extra throw 
involved, it gets the ball back to the 
infield quicker. 


PlayStation The competition between MLB '99 and Triple Play '99 
has taken the PlayStation pennant race to a whole new 
level. Unfortunately, Konami’s still stuck in the minor leagues with 
Bottom of the 9th '99, a spectacularly average hardball game. 

All of BOT9’s features are in a slump. For starters, it doesn’t have 
the MLB license, so the actual team logos and names aren’t used. Sec- 
ondly, the players are built with far 
too little detail, and they don’t have 
the eye-catching animations the com- 
petition overflows with. 

Although BOT9’s pitcher/batter 
interface is intuitive, the controls 
suffer because everything requires 
memorization, as opposed to the 

r»u i ir: Because oi poor collision 
detection, throw to the bases to get 
an out instead of trying to tag the 
runners or the bags. 

menu-based matchup screens in TP 
and MLB. Finally, perhaps TP’s 
two-man commentary and MLB’s 
use of the legendary Vin Scully 
were spoilers, but BOT9’s stoic 
and repetitive commentary is just 
plain bland. This year, Konami 
struck out looking. □ 


i International Superstar Soccer ’SB 

By Air Hendrix 

When the first International SuperStar Soccer came out, 
it snapped an easy goal past the flagging FIFA series. 

But in the intervening year, FIFA’s improved remarkably, while ISS ’98 
has remained largely unchanged. 

You’ll have to squint to notice 
most of the improvements in ISS ’98. 
More stadiums were added, and the 
graphics and sounds were upgraded 
slightly. Best of all, the controls are 
a tad more responsive, and the CPU 
plays a smarter game. The in-game 
PROTIP: Dash downfield using strategy remains impressively deep, 
the speed burst (tap Down-C), then and the gameplay delivers that same 
hit the same button to bust a debe fasM>filrious flavor . 
that II squeeze you past the defense. 

PROTIP: Slide-tackles are the magic 
move — use them with abandon to 
collect the ball. 

However, that all pales in com- 
parison with World Cup ’98, or 
even FIFA ’98, which offers all the 
real-life players, tighter controls, 
and much better gameplay. Soccer 
fans will find little reason to kick 
off with ISS '98.0 

International SuperStar Soccer 1 

By Boba Fatt 

PlailQtatinn Konami’s putting some kick into its PlayStation sports 
r U |j ne w jj|j international SuperStar Soccer. There’s less 

flash and flair than in the N64 version, but the dead-on gameplay, pin- 

PROTIP: Use the scanner to keep 
your passing game strong; running 
the ball downfield tires players. 

point control, and strong visuals all 
made the cut. 

ISS ’98 features 40 interna- 
tional teams (but unlike the FIFA se- 
ries, it contains no real-life players), 
five stadiums, and pass-heavy, strat- 
egy-oriented gameplay that’s realis- 
tic and action-packed. The visuals 
sport smooth animations that really 
rock. The ball seems to move a bit 
slow, however, so the gameplay 

may feel sluggish at first, but every- 
thing else falls into place thanks to 
ISS’s intuitive controls. The game’s 
worst drawback is its highly repeti- 
tive play-by-play commentary. 

With their superior all-around 
package, the FIFA games will still 
reign supreme for most, but ISS 
certainly deserves a look from soc- 
cer fans everywhere. Q 

GAMEPRO ( 192 ) October 119! 

PROTIP: Combination pass/kicks 
are the best way to fool the opposing 
goalie and sneak one into the net. 

International SuperStar Soccer ’98 
By Konami 


Price not available 
Available now 
2 players 

Challenge: Adjustable 
Replay value: High 
ESRB rating: Everyone 

PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. NFL is a registered trademark of the National Football League. Officially 
licensed product of the NFL Players and NFL Properties. The NFL shield design is a registered trademark of the National Football League. Team names, nicknames, logos and 

By Johnny Ballgame 

NBH Jam 99 

Burning Down the Nets 

In Vour Face 

Developed by Iguana 
Published by Acclaim Sports 
Available November 

NBA Jam ’99 drib- 
bles onto the N64 
with just about 
every feature bas- 
ketball fans could 
want. The game 
sports all 29 NBA 
teams, every player 
(except Jordan, of 
course), and all the 
authentic courts and arenas. Play options include sim modes like 
Season, Custom Season, Exhibition, Playoff, and Three-Point 
Shoot Out. Plus, there’s an old-fashioned five-on-five Jam 
game where players jump out the gym, catch on fire, and shove 
opponents to the ground in an arcade-style scoring spree. Jam ’99 
also includes a Classic games mode (like Quarterback Club’s) in 
which you are given scenarios from memorable basketball games 
of yesteryear and attempt to change the past. Other highlights in- 
clude trades, drafts, free agents, 
injuries, and the salary caps; 
the ability to create players and 
teams; and players who not only 
play to their actual abilities, but 
also possess signature moves 
like Iverson’s cross-over dribble 
and Pippen’s finger roll. 

Don't let the name fool you. NBA Jam '99 is a slammin' new five-on-five 
shootout that’s ready to compete with Kobe Bryant's Courtside for Nintendo 
bailers' playing time. 

Jam’s graphics 
heat up the hard- 
wood with the 
coolest, most 
players seen so 
far in a Nintendo 
64 hoops game. 

The superstar 
player models 

feature realistic skin textures and recognizable faces of all your 
favorite bailers. Keith Van Horn, Stephon Marbury, and Juwan 
Howard were motion-captured to bring all the flashy moves, 
shots, and shakes of the NBA to life — and the moves al- 
ready look fantastic. In-game stat updates include color player 
photos; all the plays in the game are drawn out in a chalk- 
board-like options screen, which helps you know exactly what 
spots on the floor to run to; and the two-man announcer team 
features Kevin Harlan and Bill Walton. The only thing holding 
Jam back from swiping the 
championship is the current 
NBA lockout, which will 
probably not only stall the 
start of the new season, but 
also delay Jam’s release date 
because Acclaim will want 
to have the most current 
team rosters. 

G A M E P R 0 ( 194 ) October 1188 

America's Place to Shop for Video Games 

“The #1 football game is back 
and is better than ever!” 

- Game Informer Magazine 


NFL Game Day ‘99 
preview guide is your 
ultimate guide to NFL 
Game Day ‘99. 




/•Tula supplies ael 

pBOjOW 1 



Register at any FuncoLand store 
for your chance to win a trip to the 
Pro Bowl in Hawaii. For official 
sweepstakes rules and details 
visit your nearest FuncoLand store. 

Only on 


For nearest FuncoLand store locations or to order visit us @ 


Prices and Offers good through October 31 . 1998. Limit one per customer. No dealers or resellers. Quantities are limited and no rainchecks will be issued. PlayStation and the PlayStation logos 
are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Officially licensed product of the NFL Players and NFL Properties. The NFL shield is a registered trademark of the National Football 
League. Teams names, logos, helmet designs and other insignia are trademarks of the team indicated. © ™ 1998 NFLP, Players Inc. logo is an official trademark of the NFL Players. All rights 
reserved. Game Day 99 developed by 989 Studios and Red Zone Interactive, Inc.. 989 Sports is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. © 1998 Funco, Inc. 
FuncoLand is a registered trademark of Funco, Inc. All rights reserved. 

In the Locher Room 

On the Ice 

Developed and published 
by 989 Sports 
Available October 

After a sub-par season last year, 989 Sports is streaking up the ice with some 
promising improvements in NHL Face Off ’99. 

with its fast action 
and good looks, 
the gameplay just 
wasn’t compelling 
enough to earn top 
billing. So the best 
news for Face Off 
’99 is that 989 

Sports is tinkering with the A. I. and plugging away on a new 3D 
game engine that should hopefully deliver much tighter action. 

As for features. Face Off drops the puck with an updated ver- 
sion of icon passing that isn’t as unrealistically precise, along with 
on-the-fly strategy changing and icon switching, which lets you 
call up icons (as with passing) so you can change to the exact player 
you want to control and 
make sure that the key play 
is made. Player creation, 
trades, and all the pro play- 
ers, teams, and arenas 
round out the roster. 

The retooled 3D 
polygonal graph- 
ics catch the eye 
with actual faces 

on players, a new 
player model, 
highly detailed 
arenas, and new 

player animations 
that benefit from 
the motion-captured movements of former Shark Kelly Hrudey 
and the Ducks’ Scott Young. F099 will also deliver a more TV- 
style presentation, including play-by-play and color commentary 

^ NHL .Face Off '39 

By Air Hendrix 

Although Face 
Off ’98 scored 

GAMEPRO 196 October 1988 


Compatible With All WT 

Nintendo 64 Games ym 

Ergonomic Design For ^ 

Superior Comfort \ 

Never Needs To Be 

Compatible With Controller Pak 1 
And Rumble Pak™ 

FOR N64 



V* Give your friends the creeps. 

A Hundreds of the nastiest creatures ever created 

are waiting to help you deliver a severe beatdown. 

^ They're waiting in the Magic: The Gathering® 
trading card game. 

Let them out. 

The game is played with illustrated cards so detailed, 
they leap off the table. And into your opponent's nightmares. 

Experience the game online at mtg.html 

Or call (800) 324-6496 to get 
the free demo game. 

Daniares LV 8 

HP( BBS. 17/ 17 

By Boba Fatt 

>: ' 

The Saturn may be 
Saturn deader than Elvis, but 
don't tell Sonic Software 
Planning. It’s recently translated its 
Shining Force franchise from the 
Genesis to the Saturn with enough 
panache and style to make the King thrust his 
pelvis one more time. 

PROTIP: Your first assignment is to get the 
word on the street. Check the northeast 
comer of the town to find Campbell and 
set the story in motion. 

Shining Through 

Shining Force III provides an epic story line complete 
with treachery and plot twists. Playing as Synbios, you’re the young 
gun in King Benetran’s 
army. When the Em- 
peror is kidnapped and 
the King is disgraced 
on the eve of a peace 
accord, chaos reigns 
and you must assem- 
ble a warforce. You 
control up to 12 char- 
acters at once and ne- 
gotiate across large 
battlefields with hoards 
of villains. Although 
the cardboard Synbios 
doesn’t speak, the sup- 
porting characters are interest- 
ing enough to keep you fighting 
through the highly challenging 
tactical encounters. 

SFIII’s polygonal visuals are 
never awe-inspiring, yet the 
pseudo-anime characters and 
compelling environments are im- 
proved by an occasional splash 
of excitement, such as explosive 
magic effects during 
battle scenes. You have 
full access to the action 
through three overhead 
camera views and the 
ability to rotate with 
the trigger buttons. 

When the visuals 
fumble (mostly in 
countrysides with lit- 

PROTIP: During the first fight, concentrate tle or "° detail j’ SFIIIs 
your efforts on one masked monk at a S ° U ? d !, ra ^ picks up 
time. Let Masqurin die after her magic is the bal1 'he music is 

drained and use Grace to recover Synbios. not on 'Y enjoyable and 

You’ll find Synbios isn’t exactly 
an outspoken hero. 

PROTIP: Don’t hesitate to use 
the Return spell. It’s far prefer- 
able to losing half your gold or 
undergoing very long periods 
of combat. 

when appropriate, PROTIP: Always let Dantares lead the way 
playing along with the into battle. He can take hits and dish out 
story like a film score. r»'" betler than 
The sound effects are suitable, 
and, like the visuals, shine during 
magic spells. 

Functional Forces 

Though SFIII takes its cue from 
Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics 
Ogre, it streamlines the interface 
by doing away with their need- 
lessly complicated statistics. In- 
stead, battles concentrate mostly 
on the strategic positioning of 
your fighters amidst your ene- 
mies. RPG enthusiasts and new- 
bies alike will find the controls 
very accessible— but don’t over- 
look the instructions that fully ex- 
plain SFIII’s partnership system 
(characters increase in ability 
when standing near their trusted 

PROTIP: At the base of Dwarf 
Hill, make your way straight up 
through the valley. Beware of 
the snipers who attack from 
higher ground. 

Saturn’s Last 
Shining Moment 

Shining Force III is a vast im- 
provement over the highly com- 
plicated, statistic-intense games 
that fill its tactical sub-genre. This 
is an accessible, fun RPG that will 
keep you on your toes at all turns 
with concentrated challenge. □ 

PROTIP: In Balsamo, be sure to 
look for Obright on the roof of 
the tallest building. He’ll lead 
you to safety. 

Challenge: Advanced 
Replay value: Low 
ESRB rating: Everyone 

GAMEPRO ( 200 ) October 1998 






5 Player 

Role-Player’s ReaiiyRrevi ews 

Fantasy’s for Real 

If any PlayStation RPC 
deserves some press 
a whole 12 months 
before its projected 
release, it’s Final Fan- 
tasy VIII. As you 
might guess, details 
from Square are few 
and far between. 

The scant news 

concerning the story line merely reveals that Final Fantasy VIII will 
have no connection to FFVII, although much of it will be set in a 
similar futuristic urban setting. The game’s hero, Squall, reportedly 
shares the same loner mentality as FFVII’s Cloud Strife. Squall’s 
about to graduate from some sort 
of high-tech, intense commando 
school and is trying to earn a 
spot on a team of battle-bustin’ 
soldiers. You can bet that political 
intrigue, emotional entanglements, 
and creature-crushing action are 
on order. 

Final Fantasy VIII already looks great— a full 12 months before it 
makes its PlayStation debut! 

Final Fantasy Vlil Will Fight 

Fantastic Visuals 

Final Fantasy Vlll's 
graphics will take 
a dramatic turn. 

The environment 
will keep the sci- 
ence fiction and 
fantasy blend, but 
gone are the 
Japanese SD 
people pix of FFVII. The new game will sport realistic, polygon 
rendered character graphics, which looked gorgeous in the 
preview version. The awesome computer-generated (CC) cin- 
ema sequences will be out in force again with a noticeable, if 
less dramatic, upgrade. In 
fact, the early looks have 
so far revealed a nearly 
seamless transition from 
gameplay graphics to CG. 

Final Fantasy fanatics will be glad to know that Square’s not stand- 
ing pat with an FFVII-style gameplay system for Final Fantasy VIII. 
This time you’ll lead a three-person party into battle, and Squall 
will carry a mean gun- 
blade that you'll be able 
to power up during com- 
bat. The magic-juicing 
Materia system is appar- 
ently gone. However, 
you will be able to draw 
power from attacking 
monsters and enemies 
and then either use it to 
retaliate or store it for 
use later on. The Limit Breaks for 
extra fighting power remain, and 
you can still use Summon spells, 
calling forth creatures who will 
gain experience with each fight. 

Developed by Square Soft 
Published by Square EA 
Available in Japan, Winter '99 

GAMEPRO ( 202 ) October 1998 

Role-Player’s Realli PREvi ews 


By Prince Paul 

The Battle Begins 

Developed by Square Soft 
Published by Square EA 
Available November 

Gearing Up for the Future 

Travel through a world of martial arts and mechs in Square’s latest 
RPG, Xenogears, featuring fast-paced battles, meaty dialogue, and 360 
degrees of real-time rendered, texture-mapped polygonal backgrounds. 

The game’s story 
starts on the Colony 
ship Noah, which 
is taken over by a 
strange force. In the 
aftermath, a lone 
survivor, strangely 
untouched, awakens 
on a new world 
amongst the wreck- 
age. Flash forward 
thousands of years to Wei Feifong, a young villager suffering 
from amnesia and endowed with high skills in the martial arts. 
Wei becomes a pilot of one of the 'Gears: large, ancient mechs 
with mysterious powers. 
While two countries 
do battle, Wei begins 
an exciting journey 
with his friends to find 
his missing past and 
his destiny in an an- 
cient war. 

Exploration is an inte- 
gral part of the story, 
and the tight controls 
ensure it won’t be a 
frustrating experience. 

The fast-paced battles 
are light on menus and 
easy to understand, 
with three-button com- 
binations used for at- 
tacks. The background 
music is on par with other Square 
titles and is used to great effect to 
set the atmosphere in towns and 
dungeons. Xenogears promises 
hours of intense gameplay, an en- 
grossing story line, and a myriad 
of details and features. Watch for 
it this November. 

Mech-tacular Visuals 

Xeno’s characters are sprite-based, with the exception of the 
polygonal ’Gears and their enemies. The game’s 3D arena back- 
grounds look good and are enhanced with natural lighting ef- 
fects, which add a high degree of depth to the environment. 

As you would expect from an RPG these days, key events within 
the game are highlighted using Japanese anime-style cut scenes 
to help flesh out the characters and intertwine their story lines. 

GAMEPRO (204) October 1998 

JCvespected coach and video gameologist Tom "The Thumb" Blake says 
great video game players aren't born, they're made through good old-fashioned discipline and 
self control, that's why coach Blake recommends that you learn 


Effective gamers are 
always polite to their 
mothers. Smart players 
know that a mother can 
be a valuable resource 
in procuring funds for 
new video games, she 
can retrieve a can of 
soda (if you say the 
magic word) and darn 
your lucky socks while 
you get some well- 
deserved sleep.. 

Never blame others in 
defeat. Blame the game 
control or system. 

thumb helmet will offer 
protection should you 
inadvertently attempt 
to stop a whirling 
helicopter prop, 
dip your thumbs in 
hydrochloric acid or 
stick your thumb into 
one of someone's 

An article of clothing 
worn on the head by 
members of a religious 

rap. The next time 
you're asked to speak 
before the General 
Assembly at the United 
Nations, tell the world 
that games, not war. are 
the best way to achieve 
world peace. 

A good video game 
player never bites the 
game controller cord. 
This is the ploy of a 
lesser player. 

Know who has the 
games. It's surprising 
how many people still 
don't know that Target 
has all the latest games, 
all the time. Calling the 
video boutique in the 
mall to reserve the 
latest game is unneces- 
sary. Target has all 
the latest games. 

Like Duke Nukem 
Time to Kill for just 

Be an ambassador of the 

Better safe than sorry. 
As a video game player, 
your thumbs are your 
most valuable asset. A 

the habit of a highly 
effective nun. 

games. Occasionally, 
video games get a bad 

Available October 7 



Role-Player’s Realri PrevI e ws 

Shadow Madness 

In Shadow Madness, an evil plague is spreading 
through the world of Arkose, and six brave heroes 
must join together to stop the deadly disease. This 
epic RPC will feature more than 150 enemies to 
battle and a variety of weapons and items spread 
throughout the 

land. You’ll fight 
enemies using a 
turn-based battle 
system that gives you the option to strike with short-range, 
long-range, or magic attacks, and you'll be able to hit mon- 
sters with multiple attacks using button twitches similar 
to those in Super Mario RPG. According to Crave, Shadow 
Madness will pack over 40 hours of gameplay. 
If it comes together as planned, this game could 
be the infectious RPG that 


Brigandine combines elements of Ogre Battle and Dragon 
Force into a game that should catch the attention of all 
strategy fans. Your once-peaceful homeland has been 
taken over by a 
spiteful dictator 

and plunged into war. As leader of the Knights of the 
Rune, you’ll fight to return peace to your world. The 
game features polygonal battle scenes, several side 
quests that enable you to find special items, and mul- 
tiple class changes. Atlus says there will be over 30 
hours of gameplay for each of the five main characters. Strategy 
gamers who have finished Final Fantasy Tactics and are already 
battling phantoms in Kartia have another promising game to look 
forward to this fall .— Robinson Hood 

Developed by Harty Robin/ 
E3 Staff 

Published by Atlus 
Available Winter '98 

GAMEPRO 206) Oclober 19SG 

When in ctose to an oppo- 
nent, tap (G B) 

Right Tbnow f- 

When in close behind an op- 
ponent, tap iG A) 

To cancel any move in mid- 
motion, tap G. 

and Major Mike 

(Special thanks to Jason Arney] 

Basic Skills 

HeRe s youR guide to the 
special mooes and Eight- 
Way Run Aft acks f or 
the lO selectable 
mmmm chaRacf eRS in the 
yeaR’s most in-depth and 
fun new fighting game. 

Eight-Way Run Weapon Weight Thnocos < 

Each character has five throws (two from-the front, one-ffom the jjadlC and oneflfc 
of your opponent). ^ 

FnontTbnotol Fpont TbRoufc‘2 i Back Th ttbtu 


The weight of each character’s 
weapon is factored in when 
determining how far fighters 
stagger when blocking. For 
example, Taki will be knocked 
back farther than other char- 
acters when blocking because 
her knife weighs less than any 
of her attackers' weapons. 

When in close to an oppo- 
nent, tap (G A) 

When in close to an oppo- 
nent’s left side, tap (G A) 

When in close to an oppo- 
nent’s right side, tap (G A) 

Fighters can run in any direc- 
tion. To run in and out of the 
environment, tap 4- , hold 4- , or 
tap t, hold t. Certain charac- 
ters have special attacks that 
can be performed only during 
an Eight-Way Run. 


Left Thnoco 

Time-Released Secrets! 

Like the Tekken series, Soul Calibur features several time-released 
characters. Unique to Soul Calibur, however, are the additional 
time-released items that should have gamers crowding arcades 
all through winter. 

Here's a list of what we know will be hidden so far: 

• At least five characters 

• More than three weapons per character 

• More than eight stages 

• More than one costume per character 

Also, be sure to check out Namco’s Web site ( 
for additional hidden codes and secrets or check GamePro Online 
( for future updates. 

Controller Legend 

G = Guard K = Kick 
Motion = Move the joystick in one 

smooth, continuous motion. 

Tap = Tap the indicated buttons or 
directions in sequence. 
Charge = Hold the direction or button 
indicated for the time 

( ) = Execute commands in 

parentheses simultaneously. 

Note: All techniques are described under the assumption that your character is facing 
to the right. If they're facing left, reverse any -* and commands. 

DocibLe Whammy! 

inis month, learn to beat down fools 
In two awesome fighting games— 
Soul Calibur and Rival Schools! 

GAMEPRO © October 1998 


Bean Tamen 

Tap B, A 

Beat* Tames Altennate 

Tap B, A 

Gneat Dluide 

Tap B, B 

Axe Side Diuide 

Tap B, B, -* 

Atf(?9ide Cannon 

Tap-*, B 

Bean Fang 

Tap B 


Tap 4-, B 

Hades Rising 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap B 

Hades Knee 

Tap-*, K 

Ball Kick 

Tap K 

Tap (A B) 

Tap -*, (B K) 

AxeLouten Cannon 

Reoense Spinal Axe 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap A 

Tap , A 

Tap-*, hold - *, tap B 

Gnip Shot to Axe Volcano 

Tap-*, A, B 

Tap ->, hold ->, tap K, or while Motion i , hold <-, tap A, A, 
crouching, tap \ K A, A, A 

Hades Contnol 

Tap A 

Hades Dioide 

Tap <-, hold «-, tap A 

Eight-Utay Run Attacks 

Note: Perform the following moves during an Eight-Way Run. 

Dank Tamen 

Tap K, A 

Tonnado Stnike 
Tap-*, A, B, or tap Vi, 
A, B, or tap *,A, B 


Tap tf,A, or tap ^,A 

Canyon Cneation 
Tap <-, B, or tap * , B, 
or tap * , B 

Axe Volcano 
Tap X B, or tap *, B 

Titan Sating Right 
TapMAB), or tap t, (A B), 
or tap (AB) 

Bull Rush 

Tap X K, or tap *, K 

Titan Sating Left 
Tap ^ , (A B), or tap *, (A B), 
or tap ^,(AB) 

Poseidon Cnest 
Tap T,A, A, or tap 4-, A, A 

Bull Lout Kick 

Tap 4, K 

Rising Cyclone 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap K, A 

Hades Diuide 
Tap <-, A 


Tap-*, B 

Hades Cannon 

Bull Kick 

Stampof Hades 


Tap T, B, or tap 4, B 

Tap «-, K, or tap ^ , K, or tap 

Tap t, K, or tap 4-, K 

Tap (B K) 




Tap-*, K 

When your opponent 
is down, tap 4',(BK) 

G AM E P R 0 October ISS1 

The Fighter s Edge 

luy Masquenade 

Feas’s Lash 

Hold G, tap t,B 

Rouen’s Beak 

Spinal Punishment 


While standing from 
a crouch, tap B 

Tap •*, quickly tap B, tap A, B Tap ■*, hold B 

While crouching, tap Vi, B 

Foul Kick 

EiSht-Utay Run Attacks 

Venom Lash 

SeRpent’s Venom 

Wing Blade 


Euil Span row 


.RpmbleR Sobat- 

Tap hold tap B Motion 4- , hold tap B 

Fean’s Void (Mid-Range)-, Fean’s Void (fan) 

Hold G, tap t, A 

Fean’s Void (Neon) 

While standing from j 
a crouch, tap K 

Nail Cross 

While crouching, tap ^ K 



Insanity Light ’ * 

Tap -*, hold ■*, tap (A B) 

, MaMuenade of MaOTess- 

While crouching, tap (A B) 
Note: Charge (A B) to i nil id more 

Cod JiVhispen a 

Tap *, (A B), A 

Bit$gRauen £ 

Hold A, release A 


While standing from 
a crouch, tap A 

Immontal Win3' 

Tap B, B 

Immontal Gale 

Tap -MB K) 

Demented Loop 

Tap tf, (B K) 

Eye of Madness 

Pnide v 

While crouching, tap \ B 

Embnace * 
of Lust \ ; V 

Tap-*, hold -*, tap(BK) 


Royal Huntne^ ff 

Tap 4-, (A K) 

Heel Explosion ^ 

Tap (B K) 

While standing from a crouch, While standing from a crouch, Tap ■*, B 
tap (A B), A tap (B K) 

Ancient Wheel 

Tap (A K) 


Note: Charge (A B) to inflict more 





Note: Perform the following moves during an Eight-Way Run. 
Rauen’s Egg Rauen Claw Sliding 

Royal Hunfness Tap ^’ B 


Tap hold *■, tap (B K) 

Tap-*, A Tap<-,A Tap-*, K Tap t, K, or tap 4-, K 

Wolf Lash Senpent’s Bneath EuilSpannow Embnace of Lust 

Tap \ A, or tap A Tap-*, B Tap Vi, K, or tap K Tap-*, (BK) 

Insanity Light Poisonluy DiuingRauen Exile 

Tap t, A, or tap 4-, A Tap B, or tap B Tap*-, K Tap (B K) 

Ancient Wheel Dnowning Madness Dank Side Ramblen Sobat 

Tap i^,A, ortap *,A Tap t, B, ortap 4-, B Tap B, ortap tf, B, Tap K, ortap *, K, 

or tap ^ , B or tap K 

Poison luy 

Tap , B 

Biting luy 

While the sword is extending 
during the Ivy Lash, tap t, 
or tap 4- 


Tap 4>, (A B) 

Note: Charge (B K) to inflict more 

Punishment Change- 
Swond to Whip 
Motion 4- <- 

Punishment Change- 
Whip to Swond 

Motion 4- ^ -* 

G A M E P R 0 ^1) October 1998 

The Fighter s Edge 

Tap *-, (A B), B, B 

Twin Bo StRikT 

Tap , B, B 


Rushing WateRfall 

Tap B, B 

Bo ThRusf 
Tap ■*, B 

Bo UppeR 

Tap X, B 

Yang Falling 

Tap t, B 

Ling Shenj 

While standing from a 
crouch, tap B 


While crouching, tap B 

Sheng FRont Kisk 


Ling Sheng Su Combo 

Quickly tap K, tap B 

Liftg Sheng Su Sweep 

Tap (AB) 

Phoenix Tail 

Tap (B K) 

LouteR Bo Feint 


Bo Rush Combo 

Tap A, A, B 

: Tmn Phoenhfc 

Quickly tap A, tap A, B 


Tap A, A, t,ortapA,A, l 


Tap-», A, A, A 

InneR Peace 

Tap 4-, A 

Tap *-, hold *-, tap B 


Lotoen Bo Slice 

Tap tf, A 

Escaping Bo 

Tap A 

Tap ■*, hold ■*, tap K, K, B 

Lian Hua Jump-Kick 
Tap t, K 

Phoenix Hop-Kick 

While lying on your back, 
tap (A K) 

Eight-Wag Run Attacks 

Note: Perform the tallowing moves during an Eight-Way Run. 

Gale Dioide Ling Sheng Slice StReam ThRust Phoenix Thnust 

Tap *, A, A, or tap *, A, A Tap * , A, ortap *, A Tap*-, B Tap ^ , B, ortap B 

Rauen Slaughten 
Tapt.B, or tap 4-, B 

Cross Tide 
Tap *■, A, A 

Rauen Feint 
Tap t.B, 4’,B, or tap 4-, 
B, 4, B, or tap \ B, 4>, B, 
or tap B, 4-, B 

Mountain Bneaken 

Rising Phoenix 
Tap-*, K, or tap *,K, 
or tap *, K 

Sheng FRont Kick 
Tap *-, K, or tap^.K, 
or tap *, K 

Tap t, quickly tap K, tap A, 
or tap 4-, quickly tap K, tap A 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap K, B 

Phoenix Flane 

Tap *-, (A B) 

Waoe Diuide 

Tap 4% (AK) 

Yin Rising 

Tap-*, (BK) 

Phoenix Bite 

Tap 4>, (B K) 

Cross Bo 

Tap ■*, hold ■*, tap A 

The Fighter s Edge 

Nunchaku Slap 


DRagon Cannon 

Motion 4> *, hold -*, tap K Tap -*, hold -*, tap (B K) 

SeRpent’s PleasuRe TigeR Slaughten 

Tap A 

Rolling Sobaf 

Stone Kick 

Quickly tap A, tap K, <- 

Tap (A B) 

k Biting UpoKt 
. Tap*,B '< 

] Innen BwngUppen 
1 Tap *,b 4 

NxjnchjjKi Cross 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap A 

oeapenf’s DesiRe 

Tapr.*, quickly tap B, 
tap A, A, B 

Snap Kick 


While standing from a crouch, Tap (B K), quickly tap B, B, Tap'*, B 
tap K, K B, A 

Rage of the Senpent Stniking Snake 
Tap t , (A B), or tap 4-, (A B), Tap -*, A, or tap *, A, 
or tap (A B), or tap , (A B), or tap * , A 
or tap (A B) 

Snake Kiss 
Tap B 

Back Kick 

Tap *, K, or tap *, K 

Dandy SaRpRise 
Tap the joystick in any 
direction, and tap (A K) 

DRagon Cannon 
Tap -*, (BK),ortap *, 
(B K), or tap »,(BK) 

'\eff Roundhouse 

Tap-*, K 

Dnagon PodncaR. 

Quickly tap K, f^p B, K 

Dnagon Roor i t 

Tap -», hold -», tap K 

Illusion low Kicks 

Tap 4-,K,K 

Right Roundhouse 

Tap K 

Guillotine Dance 

Tap *,{AK) 

Nunchoka Lick 

Tap (B K) 

Stniking Snake 

Tap 4, hold -*, tapA 


Tap - *, K 

Nunchaku Slap 
Tap A 

Bnanding Nunchaku Cincle Sweep 
Tap t, B, ortap 4-, B, <- Tap* - , K 

Tap A, ortap A 

Senpenf’s Desine 
Tap t, quickly tap B, tap A, 
A, B, or tap <1, quickly tap B, 
tap A, A, B 

Twisted Loop 
Tap (B K) 

Tap hold tap K 


Steel Dr agon 
Tap T, B, ortap 4-, B 

Waten Slice 
Tap -*, K, K 

Refunn of Fean 
Tap - *, B, ortap *,B, 
ortap B 

Nonthenn Lights 

Monk of the Beast 
Tap ^ , B, ortap *, B 

Nonthenn Lights 
to Pune Soul 
Tap*, A 

Rolling Sobat 
Tap «■, K 

Tap -*, (A B), ortap *, 
(AB), or tap/, (A B) 

Lotus J 

Tap *, A 

Sriqjfe Scythes 

Tap * , A 

Dnagwi s Judgments 

Tap t.-B 

FalliMDnagorj L 

Quickly tap K, tap B, A > 



Eight- Way Run Attacks 

Note: Perform the following moves during an Eight-Way Rim. 

The Fighter s Edge 

Lunging Snake to 
Pune Soul Right Oaten 

Tap <-,A 

Rope Dancen to 
Pune Soul Right Outen 

Rage of the Senpent 

Tap (A B) 


Tap (A K) 

Twisted Loop 

Tap (B K) 

Venom Fang 

Hold G, tap t , B 

Nunchaku Lick II 

Hold G, tap t, and as you land, 
tap B 

Quick Slice 


*>ne Kick 

Hold G, tap t, and as you land, 

/ Dioe Kick 

Wane Slice 

Tap hold tap A 

Dandy Sunpm'se 

Motion 4- ^ A 

Snake Wing 

While crouching, tap A, 
A, A 

Snake Bite to 
Pune Soul Right Outen 


Illusion Kick to 
Pune Soul Right Outen 

Tap 4', K, B 

Twin Snakes to 
Pune Soul Right Cnoss 

Falling Farrg 

Bnawing Nunchalai to 

Tap*-, A, B,<- 

B landing Nunchaku to 
Pye Soul Left lyen 

Perform the following moves 
from the Pure Soul Right 



Tap A, K 

me Soul RigH| 

Tap B, B 


Tap K, A 

iWjon Pounce 

Tap K, K 

.Quickly tar 

While standing from a crouch, 
tap (A B), or while crouching, 

Snake Scythe to 
Pune Soul Right Cnoss 

Hold G,tap t,and as you 
land, tap A 

Pfce Soulttft Oaten 

Taj*-, B* jr 

NunchakuSlapto * 

Pune Soul Left Outen * 

Tap A ./ 

Steel Dnagon to 
Pune Soul Left Oaten 

Tap A, quickly tap B, tap B 

Steel Dnagon to 
Pune Soul Left Outen 

Tap ■*, quickly tap B, tap B 


Rolling Biting Uppen to 
Pune Soul Left Innen 

While standing from a crouch, 
tap B 

Pune Soul Behind Lowen 

Tap ■*, hold tap B 

Perform the following moves 
from the Pure Soul Left Inner. 

Perform the following moves 
from the Pure Soul Right 

Perform the following moves 
from the Pure Soul Behind 


Tigen Pounce 

Tap A 

Mank of the Beast 


Perform the following moves 
during the Pure Soul Left 

Tap A 

Pune Soul Right Cnoss 

Quickly tap A, tap A 

Canyon Caoe 

Tap B 

Tap A, K 


Tap B, K 



Tap A 

Lunging Biting UppeH 


Funy Kicks 

Tap K, K 



Tap K, K 

GAMEPRO October 1918 

The Fighter s Edge 

SamuRai Slashes 

Heauen Dance 

Tap A, A 

Splitting Gold 

Wind Hole 


Motion 4- * B 

Wheel Kick- 

Tap -», K 

•Rising Knee 

Tap -*, hold -*, tap K 

Cold St ifeh . 

Tap 4-, (AB) 

Calm Bneeze 

Tap-*, A 

Sadden Gale 

Tap-*, hold - *, tap A 

Shin Splicen 

Tap A 

Dflaion BReath 

Tap *-,A 


Tap <-, hold <■, tap A 

FoRced PRayeR 

Tap B, B 

Mountain Diuide 

Quickly tap B, tap A 

Wind HolelotoeR \ 

Tap-*, B, 4- 

Wind Hole Uppec 

Tap -*, B, t 

Heauen Cannon 

Tap *, B 

Cloud Diuide 

Tap B 

Wind Hole VoRtex 

Tap B, or tap -*, B, <- 

Silent Step 

Motion I ^ -* 

Knee Slice 

Tap 4-, A 

Tap t, A 

Moon Death Fake' 

Motion -* ^ 4 1 , 
hold («- A) 

Shin Banish 

While crouching, tap ^ , (A B) 


Tap <-, hold <-,tap B, 

Sta lk Cutten / 


Tap (A K) 

Dniuing Stitch 

Tap \ (B K) 

Eight-Way Run Attacks 

Note: Perform the following t 
Dnautn Bneath 
Tap I, A 


Tap t,A, or tap <-, A 

Heauen Dance 
Tap B, B, or tap ^i, B, 
B, or tap -*, B, B 

Sudden Gale 
Tap-*, A, or tap \ A, 
or tap /\ A 

during an Eight-Way Run. 
Tnue Vacuum 
Tap \£, A, or tap *,A 

Hell Flash 
Tap t, B, or tap 4-, B 

Rising Knee 
Tap-*, K, or tap \ 

K, or tap K 

Phoenix Tail 
Tap (A B) 

Fonced God Cloud Diuide Mist 

Tap*-, B, B Tap tf, B, or tap B Quickly tap A, tap B 

Wheel Kick 
Tap t, K, or tap 4 1 , K 

Tap <-, K, B, or tap * , 

K, B, or tap K, B 

Peak of Flames 
Tap tf, B, A, B, or tap *, 
B, A. B 

Tap (B K) 


Quickly tap B, tap A 

GAMEPRG tJTt October 1998 

The Fighter s Edge 

Full-Moon Slash 

K, B 


Tap (B K) 

Tap (B K) 

Motion * 4- hold 

Tap (A B) 

Mist Walk 

Hold ■*, or hold <- 

Mist Dash 

Tap pause, or tap <*, 

Mist Hop 

Hold *, or hold t, or hold * 

Slash Scoond Seal 

Tap B 

Relic Loto Kick 

Tap K 

Hold (A B) 

Relic Walk 

Hold or hold <- 

Relic Dash 

Tap ■*, pause 



Perform the following moves 
from the Mist stance. 


Tap (B K) 

Mist Stab 

Tap A 

Mist Stab Combo 

A, A 


N ate» Mist Kick 


Half Moon Death 

Motion ^ 4> , hold 
tap A 

Silent Step Slash 

Motion 4- ^ -» A, or while 
standing from a crouch, 
tap A 

Cload Diuide 
to Cold Stitch 

While crouching, tap ^ , 
B, B 

^ 4- , hold 

Dnagonfly Smash 

Hold G, tap t , and as you 
land, tap B 

Pocket Pick 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap B 

Fnont Kick 

Motion 4- ^ -» K, or 
while standing from 
a crouch, tap K 

Half Moon Slice 

Motion -* * 4- tf,hold 
tap A, A 

Hold G,tap t,and as you 
land, tap K 

GAMEPRD October 1998 

Eight-Way Run Attacks 

Slash Cross 


ShouldeR Rush 

'Cannonball Liff'en 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap B 

Night Side Stance 

During the Night 
Lower Stance, tap 


Tap X K, K,B 


Motion 4- Xhold-*, 
tap K, K, K, K, K, K 

Rising Night Kicks 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap K 

Spin-Kick Combo 

Tap (A K). K 

Perform the following 
moves during the 
Night Side Stance. 

Cross GnoundeR 

Tap A. A 

Tap A, A, B 

Flying Edge 

Tap hold tap K 

Lowen DRillingThnust 


Drop Kick 

Tap hold ■*, tap (B K) 


Tap A 

DoublfGfloundeR /* 

Tap A, 4, A, A 

ARmet CflusheR 

Tap A 


Tap A 


Tap B 


BReak Kick 

Quickly tap B, tap G, K 


Tap B, 4, A 

Cannonball SplitteR 

Tap •*, hold quickly tap B, 



Spin Kick to Slash _ . 

Tap (A K), A 


Spin Kick tcLSlash Cross 
Tap (A K), A,. 

■Spin Kick 
fDouble Gj 

Tap (A K)J 

monball lifteRi 

Motion 4 ^ B 

Tap •*, hold ■*, tap (A B) 


Quick Spin Slash 


Suickly tap B, tap A 

light FRonfK^k 


4-, A, A 

Night Behind! 

Tap (B K) 

Night Lotoen! 

Tap ■*, (B K) 

While standing from a crouch, Tap ■*, A, or tap hold ■*, 
tap A, A tap A 

Sky SplitteR Double Headbutt 

Tap V B Tap<", B. B 

Gun TuRRet Busten JadeCRUsheR 

Tap B, T Tap ■*. K 

•Night LotoeR Stance^ 

Tap -*,{BK), or while 
crouching, tap \ 


Perform the following 
moves during the 
Night Lower Stance. 


Tap A 


Tap B 


Quickly tap B, tap A 

Night Salute 

Tap K 

Lock SplitteR 

Tap (A B) 

Night Behind Stance 

Tap (B K) 

Night Side Stance 

Tap (B K) 

Arrior BReakeR 

Tap B, B, B 

Lock SplitteR 

Tap hold ■>, tap B 

Shadow SliceR 

Tap*, A 


While crouching, tap B 


Tap ■*, B 

DRilling ThRust 

Tap *, B 

Note: To throw your opponent, 
tap*-. B when the move connects. 

Perform th’e.following 
moves during the 
Night Behind Stance. 

Night Annihilation 

Tap A 


Tap B 

Night Knee-Kick Rush 

Tap K, K 

Night LoweR Stance 

Tap -*, (B K) 

Note: Perform the following moves during an Eight-Way Run. 

Quick Back 

Sliding Sky SplitteR AlteRnate Cross Spin-Slash 

Tap-»,K Tap V B, ortap B Tap t, A. ortap 4, A Tap *. A, ortap K. A 

BRutalCnoss Swond Busten Shadowlmpact Lock SplitteR 

Tap-*, A Tap 4. B, ortap t. B Tap *, B. ortap *, B Tap-».B 

FatalDiue ShouldeR Rush Drop Kick CannonballSplifteR 

Tap* - , B, B Tap K, ortap *, K Tap (B K) Tap quickly tap B. 

Rolling Sobat Spin Kick Right Slashen P 

Tap K, ortap *. Tap T, K, ortap 4. K Tap *. A. ortap A 

K, ortap K, K 

GAMEPRQ October 1838 

Eight-Way Run Attacks 

Inon Buttenfly 

Plasma Blade 

Angel’s Stnike 

Jadgment Kick 

Gaea Kick 

Motion 4- > ->, quickly tap B, Tap t, (A B) 
h tap A, A, A, K 

8 Nasty Imffile j? Amel’sSpi 

i Quickly tap B, tap A, A, A, A Tap ^ . (A B) 

Tap *-, hold *-, quickly tap B, Tap K, K 
tap A 

Angel SidffKick Angel’s Fall 

TapVK Tap K, B 

Guandian Stnike TonnadoijighKick 

Tap 4,B, B, or tap *,B, B Tap(AK) 

ToRnadoLoS^ick Tonnado Fefrjt 

Tap^.K Tap(AK), K 

•TempeRcroce StRike**- Twin Angel Step 

Tap (B K), B Motion 4- * -* 4- * ■* 

Angel’s Spinal Aljtow 
Tap J, K, A, A 

linden Slide Blade 
Tap 4-, A 

Jet Stneam 
Rush Beta 

Tap t, pause, tap B, A, B 

Angel'aFlow ^SecondSfnike 

Tap B. K Tap A, A 

Quick Stnike ^ Angel Satel]^?V. 

Tap -K B ‘Motion 4- * -» A. tap A 

Jet^neamRush SlioeToRna&*^ 

T^-*. hold -*, tap B, A, B Tap A, K 

^SwondShowen Slide Flow 

Tap *-, B Tap-*, A, B 

Angel’s Spning 
Motion 4- ^ -* K, or while 
standing from a crouch, tap K 

Angel Step 


Tap hold r, tap A 

Angel PunisbeR 

Tap * , A 

Goddess Salute 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap A 

Motion 4- ^ -* 

Twin Angel Step Alpha 

Motion 4- ^ -* 4-, hold ^ 

Minage Satellite 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap (A B) 

Angel Step Cancel 

During the Angel Step, 
motion 4- ^ -* 4-, pause, o 
motion 4- ^ -* t, pause 


While standing from 
a crouch, tap B 

Twin Step Cancel 

Motion 4- -* 4- ^ -* 4-, 

pause, or motion 4- ^ -* 4- ^ 
-* t, pause 

Towen UppeR 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap (B K) 


Satellite Beta 

Motion 4- ^ -» 4- , pause, or 
tap t, pause, tap A, A 

Note: Perform the following moves during an Eight-Way Run. 

Silent Cross Jet Stneam Rush 

Tap-*, A Tap -*, B, A, B 

Shield Rush Ascension 

Tap t. A, or tap 4-, A Tap y B, or tap *, B 

SilentStneam SwondSbowen 

Tap ^ , A, A, or tap *, A, A Tap tf, B, or tap B 

Reuense Minage Swond Watenfall 

Tap*-, A Tap* - , B 

Gaea Kick 

Tap <-, K 

Olympus Cannon 
Tap -*, B 

Spinal llppen 
Tap the joystick in any direc- 
tion, tap (A B) 

Tap -», K 

Plasma Blade 
Tap V K, or tap *,K 

Angel Side Kick 
Tap t, K, or tap 4-, K 

Tap^.K, ortap*,K 

Tap *,A, A 

Tap-*, hold-*, tapK 

Tap t, pause, tap K 

Motion 4- ^ -* B 

Tap <-, hold *-, tap K 

^UuaRdian UppeR 

Hecyen’s Judgment 

Gaea Quake 


Angel’s Assault 

G A M E P R 0 October 1900 

Eight-Way Run Attacks 

Insane Flip 

Lunatic Doll 

Scissors Claw 

Tap -*, hold -*, tap (G A B) 


Tap hold tap A 

Demon Elbow 

Tap <*, hold B, release B 

Rat Dri'U 

While crouching, tap \ B Tap -*, (A B) 

jr y, Blind Dio# 

liRpion Claw; 

tile standing from a crouch, 

Note: Perform the following moves during an Eight-Way Run. 
Silent Embnace DRagonTail 


Juickly tap B, tap A 

Madness Scissors 

While crouching, tap ^ , (A B) 

[Stampede ShR« 

Tap B, B 

•Blade Wail- y 

Tap-*, B 

Guillotine Scissors 


Tap^.B, or tap ^.B 

Hell Chop to Blind Claw 
Tap «-, B, A 

CaliostRO Rush 
Tap (B K) 

Mute Low Kick 
Tapt,K, or tap 4-, K 

Tap \ K, or tap K 

ScoRpion Tail 

Tap V, K, or tap K 

Lunatic Flip 

Tap K 

Hell DiggeR 

Tap hold B 

Tap A, or tap ^,A 

Cross Claw 
Tap A 



Blind Blade 

Tap t,A, or tap 4', A 


Tap4-,B, B 

Asylum [fence 

Tap ^ , B, «i-l( * 

Hell Chop t* 
Blind Claw 

Tap (A K) 


Tap A, B, A 

Side Claw Kick 

Tap A, K 

Demon Elbow 
Tap-*, B, or tap *, B, 
or tap B 

Gate OpeneR 
Tap the joystick in any 
direction, and tap (A B) 


Gate PRieR 

Tap the joystick in any direc- 
tion, and tap (A B), K 

Lunatic Doll 
Tap <*, A, or tap tf,A, 
or tap *, A 

Jolly Rippen 

Tap-*, A 

Rat Cheese 

Tap 4-, A, A, A, K 

Mouse CufteR 

Tap ^ , A 

Blind Spin 

Tap A, A 

Tap «-, B, A 

Bad Taste 

While standing from a crouch, 
tap B, B 

Blind Dioe 

Tap-*, hold-*, tap K 

Rat Kick 

Tap 4-, K 

EAMEPno October 199) 

Sconpion Tail 

Tap , K 

The Fighter s Edge 

Lunatic FLip Suspended Pendulum RatDnop-Kick 

T ap hold tap K Hold G, tap t , and as you land, tap B Tap t , K 

Rat-Slaughten Kick 

Hold G, tap t, and as you land, tap 

Flonal Callus 

Gate PnieR 

Tap •*, hold tap (A B), K 

Web WeaueR 

Tap (A K) 


Motion \ 

Mute Mid-Kick 

Tap *,K 

Lunatic Spin 

While standing from a crouch, tap K 

PRajying Mantis 

Tap (A B) 

Perform the following moves 
during the Caliostro Rush. 

Tap A, A 


Tap A, *,A 

Blind Slap 

Tap A, A 


Tap B, B, B 


Tap K 

Gate Qpe«e«-~^ 

Tap hold tap (A B) 

Eml Blow 

Tap 4-, (A B) 


^Sc^sors AlfeR^ot? 
^Tap (A B) 

£u pen F ne« 

JTap (B K) £ 

f SupeR Ftwak Innen. 

’ Tap 4-, (BK) 

SupeR Beak Oaten i 
Tap t , |K) 

Rat Brnnce f J 
While cfeuching, tap (B 

KEleg«t Claw 

^Tap -i; hold tap A 

Blind Stance 

Motion 4- <- 

Blind Elbow Rush 

Hold tap B,B 


Tap K 

Perform the following moves 
during the Blind Stance. 

'Mantis CrowI 

Tap 4., (A B) 

Tap 4., K 

Freak Roll 
Tap (A B) 

Blind Cla® 

Tap A 

Madness Spin 



Snake Eaten 

Tap (A B) 


Tap (B K) 


Tap 4., (A K), or tap (A K) 

Jap (AB),«F 


Tap 4a, (A B) 

Death Rose 

Tap (A K) 

Blind Mantis 

Hold 4 t, tap A, B.B 


Tap hold quickly tap B, 
tap A 


Tap tf, K 

Mute Kick 

Tap B 

Rat Chase J 

Tap 4- , A, K f 

Suspended Qeajpr 

Hold G, tap t, and as you land, 
tap A 

Bnain Robben 

Tap T, A 

Perform the following moves 
during the Mantis Crawl. 


Tap •*, hold -» 


Tap A 

Asylum Bneakout 

Tap hold *», tap A 

Mute Elbow Rush 

Tap <-,A, B 




Tap-*, B 

Red Stitch 

Tap -*, hold -*, tapB 

Death Ensnane 


While crouching, motion 
4- * 

Perform the following moves 
during the Rat Chaser. 


Hold * 


Tap K 

Tap B 


Tap K 

Mantis Walk 

Hold or hold 


ctober 1998 

Eight-Way Run Attacks 

Silent Shadow 

Bamboo Cuffen 

Waten Haste Fog Blanket 

Tap K, K, A, K Tap 4-, (A K) 

Diuine Punishment Dioine Cannon Combo 

Tap K, A While crouching, tap (A K), K 

Hunnicane Punishment Shadow Rippen 

Tap hold tap K Tap A, A, B 

Rapid Destnucf ion Dankness Illusion 

Tap K, K, K Tap A, B, B 

PunishingStnike Shadow Rush 

Tap 4, K, K Tap A, B, K 

Waten Kick Banning Miseny 

Tap* - , K, K Tap hold tap A, B, B, B 

Stalken Eanth Scnoll 

Tap(AB) Tapi, A, K 

Stalken Lowen S Shadow Scnoll 

Tap 4-, (A B) Tap B, A, A 

Stalken Uppen i Lightniniptnike / 

Tap T, (AB) Tap B, B, B 

J4dauy Shadow Q ShadoijiBanishmerw 

Tap B, A, K Tap B, K 

Dankness Banishment Dioineyannon 

While standing from a crouch, While standing from 
tap B, B a crouch, tap (A B) 

Blood Scnoll 

Tap B, K, A 



Assassin’s Feafhen 

Tap B 

Mekki-manu’s Dankness 

Tap 4-, B, A 

Seal of the Fine Dnagon 

Motion * 4 ^ B 

Tap hold tap A 

Ninja Cannon 

Aduancing Cloud Scnoll 

Tap (A K) 

Shadow to Stalken *4 

Tap B, A, (A Bjfor tap B^A, 4 
(AB), octap B, A, t, (A 6) 

Heauy Bunder* Jf 

With your back to tfie oppo- 

Assassin’s St nike 

Shadow Clato 

Q&ud Scnoll * 

Tap 4, pause, or tap t, 
pause, tap (A K) '• 

While standing from a crouch, 
tap A, A, A 


Tap K, K, K 

Banishment to Stalken 

While standing from a crouch, 
tap B, (A B), or tap B, 4 , (A B), 
or tap B, T, (A B) 

Dankness to Stalken 

With your back to the 
opponent, tap B, (A B) 

Dankness to Possession 

Tap B, hold ^ 

Shadow to Possession 

Tap B, A, hold * 

Haste Alfennate 

Tap T, K, K, K, or hold G, 
tap t, K, K, K 

Wind-Roll Oaten 

Tap t, (B K) 

Side Bneeze 

During the Wind-Roll Inner or 
the Wind-Roll Outer, tap A 

Tap - * 

Perform the following 
moves during the Pos- 
session or the Posses- 
sion Rush. 

Wind- Roll Fnonf 

Tap (B K) 

Perform the following 
moves during the 
Wind Roll Front. 

Dneam Scnoll 

Tap B 

Dnagon Wheel 

Tap K 

Vacuum Dnop-Kick 

Tap 4, K 


Tap*,K, A, or tap t, 
K, A, or tap *,K, A 


Tap (A B) 

Note: Perform the following moves during an Eight-Way Run. 

Banning Miseny Assassin's Stnike 

Tap -*, A, B, B, B, or tap Tap -*, A, or tap A, or 

*,A, B, B, B, or tap *,A, tap*, A 


Tap A 

Diuine Wind 


Wind Death Assault 

Tap B, B, B 

Wind Sealing Rush 

Tap B, K, B 

Cloud Stnoll 
Tap t, K, or tap 4, K 

Illusion Scnoll 
Tap t,B, or tap 4, B 


Tap ^ , B, or tap B 

Wind Scnoll 
Tap T, A, or tap 4, A 


Tap , A, or tap *, A 

Waten Kick 
Taptf.K, K, or tap K, K 

Tap (A K) 

Bamboo Cutten 
Tap*-, A 

— T 

^ “7 ■ 

7 1 . 

V t 

Tzao Lan Hua 

Beautiful Rhythm 

Lan Hua 


Tap tf, A 

Stonming Lian Hua 

Tap A, A 

Lan Hua Slice 

Tap hold tap A 

Yann Slice 

Tap t, A 

Muu Jiann 

While standing from 
a crouch, tap A, A 

Elegant Rhythm 

Tap B, B 

Lian Hua Twist (Right) 

Quickly tap B, tap A 


Tap B 

MeiGuei Hua Feint 

Tap B, B 

Deadly fnpust 

Tap hold -*, tap B 

Lian Hua Uppett 

Tap *, B 


Muu Jiann Aduance 

Muu Jiann Ref neat 

Qpickly tap A, tap K, B 

StRiking Liof^jg 

Quickly tap B, tap K 

Deadly Rjtofhm 

Tap (A B) 

Mei Hua Dioioe 

Sljimig RfhKu 

While standing from a crouch, 

While standing from a crouch, 
tap (A B), B 

Cneat WaflSk 

Vengeful Lian Hua 

Tap hold tapB 

Note: Perform the following moves/furing an Eight-Way Run. 
StRiking Lian Hua y' Sanjann 
Tap - *, A — 

Playful Slice 

Yann Slash 

Tap t, B 

Tap-*, hold tap (BK) 

Lian Hua Twist (Left) 

Tap *,A, or tap -? 1 , A 

Spinning Lian Hua 
Tap t,A, or tap 4, A 

Ing Hua 

Tap *,A, A, or tap *, A, A 
Lan Hua Slice 

OufeR Heh Kick 

Quickly tap K, tap B, B 

CiRcle Bneaken 

Tap , K 

CiRcle BneakeR Feint 

Tap ^ , quickly tap K, tap A 

InneR Heh Kick 

Tap t, B, or tap 4-, B ( £> TfH | 


Bneaken Feint < ** * *^ ^*~* 

Tap ^.quickly tap K, tap A, or — B 

tap * , quickly tap K, tap A Quickly tap A, tap B 

OufeR Heh Kick Quake Step 

Tap t,K, ortap4-,K, ortap Tap 4-,(BK) 

K, or tap^.K 

Hwu Dye 

Sliding Tap*,(BK) 

Tap -», K 

Tap^,B, ortap *,B 

Vengeful Lian Hua 
Tap <■, B, ortap ^ , B, or 
tap *, B 

CiRcle BneakeR 
Tap ^», K, ortap *,K 

Bae Hen Hua 
Tap (AB), ortap *, 

(AB), ortap t,(AB), or 
tap i, (A B), or tap ^ , (A B), 
or tap * , (A B) 

Lan Hua 
Tap hold A 

Deadly Thnust 
Tap-*, B 

Deadly Rhythm 
Tap-*, B, B 

Rising Shui Shian 

While standing from a crouch, 

Lian Hua Sweep 

Tap , (A K), K 

Shui Shian StRike 

Tap *,A 

Whammy % 

Basic Skills 

depending on the partner you 
select, but ejph fighter exe- 
cutes them u§ing the same 
move. To do d Team-Up Tech- 
nique, tap (WP WK) or (SP SK). 

Air Recovery 

Note: Press any P orK but- 
ton after each initial recov- 
ery move and your character 
will immediately perform a 

Vigor Attacks 

Ground Basics and 
Running Attacks 

Here are some important skiljs 
each fighter can perform dur- 
ing a fight. 

High Jump: Tap A, T 
Run: Tap hold-* 

Dash Toward: Tap -* 

Retreat: Tap <- 
Sidestep: Tap (WKSK) 
Foreground Sidestep: Tap 
(4- WK SK) 

Shoulder Charge Attack: While 
^runni ng,tap P 
Slide Attack: While running, y 
tap WK • 

Flying Kick Attack: While run- 
ning, tap SK 

Air Blocking: While in the air, 

When you're knocked into the 
air, tap anytywo buttons simul- 
taneously to perform a midair 
jump. Air Recoveries can throw 
off your opponent's timing if 
they’re setting you up for an 
air-juggle combo. 

To taunt your opponent, tap. 
Select anytime during the 
fight. Taunting leaves you 
open to an attack, but each 
taunt also adds to your Vigor 

When in close, tap (WP SP) 
to throw your opponent. To, 
throw a crouching opponent, 
tap (4- WP SP). To escape a 
throw, tap (WP SP) when your 
opponent tries to throw you. 
To escape-a crouching throw, 
tap (<!> WP SP). 

Juggle Starters 

Each fighter has a nine-level 
Vigor Bar that can be carried 
over between rounds. You 
can increase your, Vigor Bar by 
getting hit, performing Special 
Attacks, or taunting your op- 
ponent. When the Vigor Bar 
reaches Level One or higher, 
you can perform a Burning 
Vigor Attack. The Vigor Bar 
maxes out at Level Nine.- - 

Team-Up Techniques 

When your Vigor Bar reaches 
Level Two or higher, you can 
perform a Team-Up Technique. 
During this move, your partner 
can jump onscreen briefly for 
an attack, you can raise your 
Vigor Bar a level, or you can 
restore some lost health. 
Team-Up Techniques vary 

When in close to your oppo- 
nent, tap (^ SP) or (^i SK) to 
launch them into the air. You 
can follow up this move with 
more hits by tapping t to 
jump into the air after your 
opponent and perform a high- 
hitting air-juggle combo. 

When your opponent comes in 
for an attack and your fighter 
starts their blocking anima- 
tion, perform a Tardy Counter. 
To execute this move, do any 
special attack for the charac- 
ter you’re playing. For exam- 
ple, as Syoma, motion -» 4- * 
P when he starts his blocking 
animation in order to counter- 
attack and flatten your op- 
ponent. You can do Tardy 
Counters anytime during a 

Knockdown Recoveries 

After your character is 
knocked down from an at- 
tack, they have several ways 
to recover offensively and 

^RoljJigckwai^Ta^ • 
ffoll forward: Tap -* 

Stand up: Tap 
Roll into the foreground: 

Tap 4- 

GAMEPRO (222) October 1998 

The Fighter’s Edge 

Special Moves 

Firs Fist* 


Shooting-Star Kick 

Motion I ^ P 

While in the air, motion 
4» *-»K 

Devastating Combos 

Four-Hit Knock-Up Combo 

Tap WP 

Tap WP 


Seven-Hit Uppercut Cot 

Tap WP 

Tap WP 

Tap WP 

Tan-Hit Knock-Up Combo 

Tap WP Tap WP Tap SK 

Tap WK Tap SP 

Thirteen-Hit Super Fira-Fist Combo 

Note: Your Vigor Bar must be at Level One to do this combo. 

Tap WP 

Hold * , tap SP Hold t , tap WK Tap WK 

Tap WK 

Motion 4- * -» I 
^ WP for five 

Tap WP 



Duo Power Ball 

Tap (WP WK) or 
(SP SK) 


Special Moves 

Shouy ouken Uppercut T ornado Kick* 

Machine-Gun Punch 

Sneaker Kick 

Motion 4- * -» P 

While in the air, motion 
i *-»K 

Wo/e: Keep tapping K tor 
more hits. 

Note: Keep tapping P tor 
more hits. 

Devastating Combos 

Four-Hit Flying-Kick Combo 

Six-Hit Uppercut Combo 

Hold tap SK Tap (<-SK) Motion -» 4- * 

Tap WP 

Hold 4, tap WP Hold 4, tap WP Motion 4^ * «- 
WK for two hits 

Eight-Hit Air-Juggle Combo 

Note: Perform the last hit when your opponent b'ounces oft the ground. 

Tap WP 

Hold *,tapSK Hold t,tap WK TapWP 

Tap WP 

Burning Vigor Attacks 

Hyper Punch Typhoon Kick* 



Cheer Up! 

Tap (WP WK) or (SP SK) 

Note: This move increases your 
teammate 's Vigor Bar by five levels. 

Motion i * «- 4> K P 

Nine-Hit Typhoon-Kick Combo 

Note: Your Vigor Bar must be at Level One to do this combo. 

Hold \ tap SK Hold t, tap WK TapWP 

Motion 4'tf«-4- 
three hits 


Tap WK 


Eight-Hit Jump-In Combo 

Jump in deep, tap WK, WP, WP, hold 
*i, tap SP, hold tap WP, two-in- 
one, motion 4< ^ WP, hold tap WP, 
two-in-one, motion 4- ^ SP 

GAMEPRO (224) Octobep 19S8 

The Fighter’s Edge 

Tap WP 

Motion -» 4- ^ Motion 4- * -» Motion 4- * 

Tap WP 

Tap WP TapSP 

it Rip-Kick Combo 

, tap SK Hold tap SK, Motion i * WP 

Tap WP 

Tap WP 

Hold tap SK Hold tap SK Holdt.MpWK TapWP 

Tap WP 



Special Moves 

Homa-Run Swing 

Jump Kick 

Motion -» 4- * P 

Hold tap (WKSK), 
release «• 

Note: Tap SK during the 
Leadoff Trot to do a Flying 
Kick, or tap WKtodoa 
Sliding Kick. 

Hold tap SP. ' Tap WP twice Tap SK 

Tap SP 

Jump in deep, Hold 4- , tap WK Motion •» 4- * Tap WP 
tap SP SP for'two hits 

Hold tap SK 
for two hits 

Motion 4 ^ -» 4- 
* ■+ SP for three 

Hold * , tap SP Hold t , tap WP Tap WK 


Tap WP 



Hold tap SP Hold t, tap WP TapWP 

Tap WK 


Vigor Attacks 

Strike Out* 

Motion 4- ^ 4 Vi P 


October 1988 . 

Motion 4- * •* P 

Devastating Combos 

Five-Hit Sirve Combo 

Tap WP Tap WP TapSP ) 

Nine-Hit Fire-Spike Combo 

Note: Your Vigor Bar must he at Level One to do this tombo. 

Motion I ^ WP 

Tap WP 

K, tap SK Motion V ■* i 

*-»WP for five 

Eight-Hit Knock-Up Combo 

Hold t, tap WP Tap WK 

Tap WP Tap WP TapSP 

Eleven-Hit Super Leaping Fire-Spike Combo 

Note: Your Vigor Bar must be at Level One to do this combo. 

•*, tap SK Motion i * -» 

Tap WP Tap WP TapSP Hold tap Motion l**- Hold t, tap Ta 

Hold •», tap SK TapWP 

Motion 4- > ■+ 
4- WWPfor 
two hits 

8AMEPB0 (227 

Burning Vigor Attacks 

Fire Spike Leaping Fire Spike 

Motion i ^ -» 4- -* P 

While in the air, motion 4- -* 



Game On 

Tap (WP WK) or (SP SK) 

Note: This move increases your 
teammate s Vigor Bar by six levels. 



Gotin H S 

The Fighter’s Edge 



■A Special Moves 

L ; ■' 

The Fighter’s Edge 

Special Moves 

Goalie Sava* 

Slide Attack 

Qicyde Kick 

Motion 4- * P 

in the air, motion Hold tap (WK SK) 

Jump in deep, TapWP - Tap.WP Motion 4> * Hold tap WP Hold tap WP Motion 4- * 

tap SP WK • SK 

Nine-Hit Super Fir»-Fi*t Combo \ 

Note: Your Vigor Bar must be at Level One to do this combo. ... * \ 



Hold *, tap SK Hold t , tap WP Tap WK 



Motion 4- * -> 
SP for two hits 

Hold*, tap Hold t, tap TapWK TapWK TapWP TapSP 

TapWP TapWP Tap SK 

Vigor Attacks 

Spike Kick 

Gotin H S 

Motion 4> * «- 4> •£ *r K 

Motion I * -» i * K 



Shot on Goal 

Tap (WP WK) or (SP SK) 

The Fighter's Edge 

Special Moves 

Mauler Punch 

Motion ■* 4- * P 

Devastating ™ 

Fjva-Hit Ground-Spark Combo 

Tap SK 

Tap WP 


Seven-Hit Super Slam-Dunk Com! 

Note: Your Vigor Bar must be at Level One to 

Hold •*, tap SP Motion 4- * *■ i 
. - ^-^ 4-WP for three 




Eight-Hit Back-Flip Combo 



Ten-Hit Knock-Up Combo 

Hold t, tap TapWP 

TapWP TapSP 

Tap WK TapSP 

Burning Vigor Attacks 

Slam Dunk Twister 

Motion 4- <- 4- *- P Motion 4> * 4» ^ P 



to Heaven 

Tap (WP WK) or (SP SK) 

Special Moves 


Spinning Punch 

Motion i id hold P, release P Motion X >i ■*, hold P, release P While in the air, motion id 
Note: The longer you'hpld Note: The longer you hold n HIT fc 

Punch, the more damage Punch, the more spins you Drill Kick 

you inflict. execute. I j I p 

Devastating Combos 

Four-Hit Boxing Combo 

Five-Hit Knock-Up Combo 

Motion TapWP TapWP 


Four-Hit Kick-Boxer Combo 

Hold X, tap SK Hold tap SK Hold-*, tap WP TapWP 


Tive-Hit Punch-Out Combo 

TapWP TapWP Tap SK 

Seven-Hit Rah-Rah Pounder Combo 

Note: Your Vigor Bar must be aUevel One to do this combo. 

TapWP TapWP Hold -♦..tap WP- TapSP 

Twelve-Hit Super Hyper-Spin Combo 

Note I Yolir Vigor Bar must be at LeveliJne to do Ihis combo. — 

Motion ^ -» 

Motion X id <r X 
id «-SP for four 




Hold ■*, tap WP TapSP 


•!>'*-* WK for 
eight hits 

Ten-Hit Knock-Up Combo 

Hold tap Hold t, tap Tap WK TapWP TapWK 


TapWP TapWP Hold-*, tap TapSP 

Burning Vigor Attacks 

Rah-Rah Pounder Hyper Spin 



Cheer Up! 

Tap(WP WK)or (SP SK) 
Note: This move increases 
your teammate 's health bar. 

Motion I id «- 4- id «- P 

Motion X 'n -* 4- ^ -» K 

GAMEPRD (230) October 1998 

The Fighter’s Edge 

Special Moves 

Spinning Lariat 

Motion 4> * -» P 

While in the air, motion 
i * «-P 

Motion -» 4- * P 

Motion •* * i * *-P 

Devastating Combos 

Saven-Hit Mauler-Punch Combo 

Motion I ^ 

Motion 4> V 
SP for two hits 

Tap WP 

Tap WP 

Savon-Hit Kick-Up Spinning-Lariat Coml 

Tap WP 

Hold * , tap SP Hold t , tap WK Tap WP 

Motion 4> «- 

Eight-Hit Knock-Up Combo 

Tap WP 

Tap WP 

Eleven-Hit Hyper Spinning-Lariat Combo 

Note: Your Vigor Bar must be at Level One to do this combo. 

Motion I * WP Motion 4- 4- 

for two hits ^ «- WP fcr five 
hits /' 

Tap WP 

Tap WP 



Backbreaker Dance 

Tap (WP WK) or (SPSK) 


Parasite Eve 

EX Game 

r 'Reader Tip of the Month! 

Submit your hottest SWATPro tips! lath month, the 
reader with the winning tip reteives their thoiie 
of tontroller by ASCIIWARt, whitl i features high-quality | 
game peripherals suih as the PlayStation Carry Bag! 

Runners-up rereive 
a GamePro T-shirt. 

Send tips to: 

GamePro Magazine 
Serret Weapons 
P.0. Box 1 93709 
Sf, CA 94119-3709 

or e-mail to: swat.gamepro@gamepro.rom 

Please indude your name, address, and phone number so we tan award your prize. 

IP oA 

[para v 

r f 

Finish the game and save the data to a mem- 
ory card. When you start a new game, a 
new option, EX Game, will appear at the 
main menu. The EX Game is identical to 
the regular game except it’s more difficult 
and the New York map has an extra area to 
explore, the Chrysler Building. The Chrysler 
Building appears after Day 2 during an 
EX Game. 

Nintendo 6a 

Hidden Hacks 

' S ®. 1 

El Cajon Track: At the Choose a Track screen, simultaneously 
press L, R, and Up. If you entered the code correctly, you’ll 
hear the sound of a drill. Highlight the El Paso track, press and 
hold Z, and press A. When the race begins, you’ll race on the 
El Cajon track. 

Flagstaff T rack: At the Choose a Track screen, simultaneously 
press and hold L and Left. If you entered the code correctly, 
you’ll hear the sound of a drill. Highlight the Mojave track, press 
and hold Down, and press A. When the race begins, you’ll race 
on the Flagstaff track. 

Guadalupe Track: At the Choose a Track screen, simultaneously 
press and hold R and Down. If you entered the code correctly, 
you’ll hear the sound of a drill. Highlight the Vegas track, press 
and hold Z, and press A. When the race begins, you’ll race on 
the Guadalupe track. 

Derek Lorenzo 
North Bergen, NJ 


WWF War Zone 
Hidden Wrestlers 

In Challenge mode, win the WWF World Championship as 
Mankind. At the main menu, press LI , R1 to enter the base- 
ment and activate the hidden grapplers. Go to the character- 
I select screen and two new fighters, Dude Love and Cactus 
| Jack, are now selectable. 

— Dude Love/Cactus Jack’s Finishing Move — 

| Note: Both characters share the same finishing move. 

Double-Arm DDT 

I Tap t , and simultaneously 
I press TU, BLK 

'232) October 1998 

New & Improved! 

INSIDE INFO by Major Mike 
and Johnny Ballgame on the 
latest video game news and 
previews before it sees print 

minutes in length and cost $1 .29 a minute. Be sure 
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1.9 00.8G0.TIPS 

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i H. - 

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Mortal Kombat 4 

Big-Head Kombat Kode, 

and Play as Goro and Noob Saibot 

Big Head Kombat Kode: Start a two-player game, and at the Vs. 
screen before the fight, both players should each press Low 
Punch three times, Block twice, and Low Kick once (321-321). 
When the match begins, both fighters will have big heads. 

Play as Goro: Finish the game in Arcade mode as Shinnok and 
save the data to a memorv card. Start a new game with the saver 
data and at the Choose Your Fighter screen, highlight Hidden, 
then |t ass Low Punch, Up, Up, Up, Left, and simultaneously 
pres*- Block and Run. When the match begins, you’ll play as 
the tour-armed Goro. 

Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition 

Another World 

At the main menu with Game Start, Time Attack, and Options, 
press L, Up, R, Down. If you entered the code correctly, a tiny 
character will appear in the lower-right corner of the screen. 
Select Game Start, and at the following screen the words 
“Another World” will appear under Puzzle Game. Highlight 
Puzzle Game and press A to play on another world. 

Derek Lorenzo 
North Bergen, NJ 

Goro’s Moves 

Big Bad Kick 

Tap HK 


Tap -» ■*, HP 


Tap HK 

Hard Uppercut 

Tap 4>, *,HP 

Two-Handed Punch 

Tap-», HP 

Play as Noob Saibot: Finish the game in Arcade mode as Reiko 
and save the data to a memory card. Start a new two-player 
game with the saved data. At the Vs. screen before the match 
begins, both players should press Block once and Low Kick 
twice (012-012). When the match begins, pause the game and 
quit. Return to the Choose Your Fighter screen, highlight Hidden, 
then press Low Punch, Up, Up, Left, and simultaneously 
press Run and Block. When the match begins, you’ll play as 
the hidden character Noob Saibot. To play as Noob Saibot in a 
different outfit, at the Choose Your Fighter screen, highlight the 
Hidden box at the bottom of the screen, then press Low Punch, 
Up, Up, Left, press and hold Start, press Block, release 
Start, and simultaneously press Run and Block. 

Noob Saibot’s Moves 

Air Throw 

While in the air with an 
opponent, tap BLK 

Draw Weapon 

Tap ■*, HK 


Motion l LP 
Note: This move can also be 
done in the air. 

Teleport Slam 

Tap i, t 

Note: Tap BLK when in close to an 
opponent to slam them into the 
ground. This move can also be 
done in the air. 

Goro’s Stage Fatality 

When in close, 
tap + ,-»,HK 


( Nintendo ~) 

Aerobiz $19 

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Fortress of Fear 

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N20: Nitrous Oxide 

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Infinite Lives and Weapons, and More 

From the main menu, enter Game Options, then select the Enter 
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Bonus Level Access: 


Disable All Cheats: 

□ □ x OOOO A 

Fifth Ship Enabled: 


Full Level Access: 

□ AO A x AD x 

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Infinite Lives: 


Infinite Weapons: 

□ x on x non 

No Bonus Reset on Death: 

□ A X AOD A x 

Water Effect On: 

O x □ AAOAO 



Selene Ship 

Finish the game on the Hard difficulty setting while 
using no continues. Following the ending 
credits, save the game to a memory card, 
then start a new game. At the Fighter Selec- 
I tion screen, if you cycle through the 
ships, you’ll find a new craft: an 
Unknown Fighter Type II, called the 
Selene. This new ship can carry 9999 
rounds of ammo for any weapon it gets 
during the game. 


we want you 

3QUARE30FT is seeking organized team players for our 
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Grand Theft Auto 

Password Cheats 

From the title screen, enter the New Game option, then rename 
your character any of the following names to activate these 

All Weapons: groovy 

9,999,990 Points: weyhey 

Show Coordinates: blowme 

I Wanted Level Maximum: eatthis 

No Police: chuff 

| All Cities Are Open: caprice 

II Cities and Weapons Are Open: mademan 

I All Cities, Infinite Weapons, and 99 Lives: bstard 

Liberty City, Part 1 and 2: feck 

San Andreas, Part 1 and 2: tvtan 

Crime Killer 

From the main menu, go into the Enter Password menu and 
input any of the following level passwords. 

Stage 2 — Suburbia Blues: ODxaDxaDAO 
Stage 3— The Break In: OODxAOOOOO 

Stage 4 — Rapid Response: OODAOODaDx 
S tage 5— Cult Moves: AOOOOOOODA 

Glendora , GA 


Tennis Arena 

Hidden Players and a Hidden Court 

T; *JB 


L ' 

Hidden Players: When the Smart Dog logo appears, press Up, 
Down, Left, Right, Start. If you entered the code correctly, a 
voice will say “Yeah.” At the Player Select screen, you’ll find two 
new players, Mishka Kochev and Nick McKenzie. 

Hidden Court: At the Select a Court screen, press Left until you 
find a new court, the Canyon. 


501 2nd Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94107 

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National Advertising 
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Craig D. Lee 

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American List Counsel 


Gwen Nakachi 

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Acclaim Entertainment, Inc 2nd Cover, 1, 69, 70, 71, 92, 93 

ACT Laboratory, Ltd 

Activision, Inc. . . 8, 9, 20. 21, 34, 35, 36. 37, 38, 39, 113, 120, 121, 133 

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Milk Industry Foundation 15 

Mindscape SSI 165 

989 Studios 190, 191, 193 

Namco 159 

Nintendo of America, Inc. 76, 77 

Nyko Technologies 29 

Psygnosis, Ltd 155, 156, 157, 183, 185, 187, 189, 203 

Reality Quest 197 

SC & T International 207 

SegaSoft 10, 138, 139, 150, 151 

Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc 2, 3, 4, 5, 25, 81 

SquareSoft 84, 85, 237 

3 DO 18, 19, 

..23, 95,103,131,149 

Take 2 Interactive 

Target Stores 

ThrustMaster, Inc. 

THQ 13. 135, 161 

Ubi Soft Entertainment 

Wizards of the Coast 198 

October ' 

Nintendo 64 

1. NFL Quarterback Club '99 

2. Banjo-Kazooie 

3. WWF War Zone 

4. Mission: Impossible 

5. Mortal Kombat 4 

6. Off-Road Challenge 

7. Gex: Enter the Gecko 

8. Bomberman Hero 

9. Quest 64 

10. All-Star Baseball '99 

11. Major League Baseball 
Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. 

12. Chopper Attack 

13. Waialae Country Club: 

True Golf Classics 

14. Forsaken 

15. FI World Grand Prix 

16. Virtual Chess 64 

17. Aero Gauge 

18. Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls 

19. Wetrix 

20. GoldenEye 007 


1. NFL GameDay '99 

2. Madden NFL ‘99 

3. WWF War Zone 

4. NCAA Football '99 

5. Mortal Kombat 4 

6. Road Rash 3D 

7. NFL Xtreme 

8. Gran Turismo 

9. Vigilante 8 

10. Moto Racer 2 

11. Spyro the Dragon 

12. Jeremy McGrath Supercross '98 

13. Tekken 3 

14. Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit 

15. Cardinal Syn 

16. Fifth Element 

17. Heart of Darkness 

18. Mega Man Legends 

19. Tomba 

20. Turbo Prop Racing 

Can’t Miss List 

When I'm not chillin' with my buddy, Spyro, 
you can find me burning down the competi- 
tion on the gridiron, at the track, or in any 
fighting-game arena. Check out some of my 
picks fora smokin' good time. 

1. NFL Blitz (Nintendo 64) 

2. WWF War Zone (PlayStation) . 

3. Spyro the Dragon (playStation) 

4. Gran Turismo (PlayStation) 

5. NFL GameDay '99 (playStation) 

6. Madden NFL '99 (Nintendo 64) 

7. Bust-A-Move 2: 

Arcade Edition (Nintendo 64) 

8. Tekken 3 (playStation) 

9. Moto Racer 2 (PlayStation) 

10. Vigilante 8 (PlayStation) 

Travel through time in an all-new third-person Nukem 
frag-fest! Duke annihilates ancient Rome, conquers the Dark Ages, 
tames the Wild West, and knocks 'em dead in L.A.! 

TIME TO KILL “ gives you more ot what you crave. More colossal 
hi-tech weapons! More attitude! More hard-core action! 

More exploration! More of the King of Carnage "! 

Play Duke in full-on third person 
glory for the first time ever! 

Available in September a; your local retailer. 

Order direct at slu.:; or call 1-800-610-GTIS 

developed by 

'GT Interactive 


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