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IM!LEJ4.1.,.._ SEP. 10,1924^ . 

entme Dattleship 
Officers Honored Here 

W^f ' !*MW'^'"Jii?itJor!f<!- jr 

iLsa^a*. i % ~ S"".-^ 

i ^ 

Two more kfys to the city wore passed out today by Mayor Ciirley, 
Capt. Felipe Fleis.s (left) and Lt. Aiberiu D. Erunat, tlie conn'iiandpr niid 
second in commatid of the Argentine battleship Rivadavia, were (he re- 
cipients. Photo shows the mayor bestowing the emblem giving the fi-ee- 
dom of the city to the guests. ..-^bmCi k " 

Capt. Fleiss and Lt. Brunat Presented Kej s to City 
by Mayor Curley— Rivadavia to Be Recon- 
ditioned at Fore River 

Capt. Fellpn Klei.^s, roinmanfUr n{ tlic 
Argfritine battleshln Rivadavl.i, v '.ilch 
laniied a cargo of $1,500,000 in .South 
American gold at l.'ore river, torlay whr 
Rreetcil l).v Mayor Ciirlpy at City Hall, 
where hn wiia iirppcntpri with a Ucy to 
the city. 

The commanacr of the ship, whii-h 

was huilt at Forr river and is now here 
to he rei-onditlniiptl. w,ir iirroniiianleil 
by his alfle. I,t. Alherto 1). Krimat, who 
aI."o was presented ji key. The two ex- 
amined tlie p.inipaijs of the airplane I3os- 
ton. which hiid hti-Ti presi-nled to the 
mayor a tew minuter Ij.fore by army 
air offioials. 

Both (..'apt. Fleiss and l,t, Brunat 
siKned I'lc city guest hook. 


Froken Plane s Compass 
i Presented Mayor Curley 

■ -jN. .'a^H'' 

Ma; Wayne Uarttui? -if Uie uniiy air orrv^v ,.it*i,.UiMi il*.>-' ' 
:y Hall with th« cnnipani of th.- atrpWir^ Ho'tnti I FTjota c 
t riRhl: Porter A<iam» of the Kant H M»y«»r Cuf 

Orijrinai fiist luir.mi it, lio ton 1 to 
( 'oimuitn -- \tri>H! i < m^. ,;i - 


the nlrplnnc Boston, wivckpf) In the ' h . 
tarly MtuRp? of the world fllifht, w» 
prcsentoJ Mayor Curloy lix'iiiy V; 
Miij, II. A. DaiKUc. who wan in coi 
Dinn i of the I'ioston airport durii'i. 
thi> n<:-cption of the flier* hfr*. 
ilfflrtalii of thn rilrport .■•ll'rt on ' 
mny-Mir at <'Uy Hall «nd m«>1o Die p:- 

I'm \U 

ivliltiU i'H 

Hul. K 

Im on 

1 'Ml-.di ■ 

I 192A 

H L K'l ' 


J r P ">-"i|l'lli- trihiition ot !it<-rBlui^ »! a rally 
~^ ■•■•■■ lodny. While thf mayor ■*»» Mki hi» worker* were 
.- iij{ out Curlry pawp^ ' 
vrnihcr of tH» k!«« Rave t-xi- 
■t the "Klankreed" to roewi^ii- 
he crowd. 

■! Iw \^» 

IV I ii\ (■!•.'- i lai'" O'lt ( opu'8 ;;■ ■ 
(if "Ki;ink ri'i'i !" I rniii" 
iiis XuH' at rh'-U' i'i 









|1!,\ ;i ■^l:>n I .irrp.|iiiMil.- 

I'lTTSFlKI.U. .^ri 
Klux Klan took iii> l'<'<' 'hnln-ut; 
?iif<l by Mayor 1,'iirloy I'f Bo-iton in 
opciiinjr his Knhrrnntoriiil cnnipiiijin 
ill wo.storn .\la>Nio-liUsrtls by uMiViH 
into cojupcUtion with liini in the rti'i- 

■1 O! •«i!ni.» 

• -.1»: 

.mre al open »lr ralllen. over « wide 
i.rrltor.v IncludlnR f.rcat Bajrrington. 
vrtam."! anil North AdHmti. Tiiera were 

■wn raiUc" in Pfripfii-M. or» «i •^oon 
'..(ir thr iBTth R«I«' ■ ( -he •i»'!i r»l 
i. f.!rl.' p!a«!. f-'heri- it'.' klan *nrJ4<5a* 

r«er !« ihe <r*n"^ '^' ^"'•' 

\i^(iic ttmr • ■ ' ' ' '( 

K. K- 

.^*i'jb v'jft ' 

fur »lat« 

rmal rv" 

^ fm'A a 

brr dry- 
. ..n over 
ajiumr, (eaves 
•«ci« »va*t*. 


1» l»M» uanie f-ytn to Mayur 

r«4t>> »r>»e» «hii,*h has a 

. ^s with foot 



Democrats Euthusiastic on 
Eve of Their Convention 
I in State Armory 


Joseph B. Ely Is Appointed 

Permanent Chairman — 

Colby May Speak 

With unbounded onthusiasm, and 
till moi-c optimism, the vanguard of 
: ll'.o Democracy of Massachusetts 
i will invade Woivpster today aiid 
I prepare tiie way for the delegates 

j who will follow for the convention 

I to be held in the statr armory there 
I tomorrow, a convention that is ex- 
; pected will ,cpell victory or defeat 

at the polls this coming November. 
1 Parly licntl'iujirlprR will hp In Ihe H"- 
i tel Bancroft, which will alRO quarter thp 
^ rt('U(!iii..s in thp R.'piihlican stato con- 
i vtritfon to bo held slinnltaneously. It 

will be tho first time In the history of 
I the state that both parties have held 

their conventions in the Kanir city on 
■ tlie Harni* daj-. 

This afternoon at ;> o'c-li.(k the Demo- 
cratic plalforni cominlttee will meet In 
room 101 at the BaiKToft, nllh another 
puhllr hearing ai ihe evening, for tli.- 
.TdmiKsion of planks for the party plat- 
forni ulii.h wni I,... presented to the 
convfoticn. While no nfflelal Intimation 
of what the platforni will embody has 
been forthcoiniiig. Ii i:; predicted that 
planks openly denounclnR the, Kii IClux 
ICIan and a demand for modlllcatlon of 
the Volstead act. hIII bo part o! its 
struct tn'e. 

It a\hf) Is Within the bounds of possi- 
bility that supporters of the direct pri- 
mary sy.steni will demand the Insertion 
of a plan!: reaffirnilnR the parly's failh 
ill t(K sy.stf III, as a direct challenge to 
ihu It. publican party, ' expcctod 
ti) dfi-lare for Us niodlllchllbn. 

I-'ollowinw u lahl-niinuti conference 
ycslerdaj" at r-»en»ocra ti'- heiidquarler.'i, 
It WHS ailiioiini-ed that John F. Kllz- 
'({erald has'^ 'ueen chosen temporary 
•chBliuian of -the coin'ontlon and will 
make llio kevnnt* luldrcsn, Thl« an- 

nouncement occasioned somo aurprise, 
.1. view of the differences which have 
existed between the former mayor anJ 
Mayor Curlcy. 

With the selection of .Joseph B. Ely 
nt Westlicld as tiie convcntlon'.s per- 1 
nianenL chairman, and Thomas 1'". Cas- ] 
sidy of Cheshire as head of the commit- 
tee on resolutions, already announced, 
the party leader.s completed the slate 
.\eHi,rday l.iy tiaiiiiiij,' Mayor Kdmond r. 
■falliot i;f l''i'll Uiver as chairman on 
permanent oreanization. and Edward K. 
Ulnsliurg of Brooklinc chairman of the 
credentials committee. 


Mcmbers-at-largc oi' the plau'-Mir. 
committee include Prof. Phillips Brad- 
ley of Wellesley, Gen. Charles H. Colo 
ot Boston, Dr. Helen I. Doherty of Bos- 
ton. Dorothy Whipple Fryo of Brook- 
lino, Arthur l,yman of Waltham, Helen 
A M.".cdonaId of Roxbury, Mary E. 
Meehan of Brighton, .Michael A. O'l.Kary 
of Brooklliie, Josiah Quincy of Boston, 
Mayor Edward W. Qulnn of Cambridge, 
.Tudge Thomas P. Riley of Maiden, .\b- 
ble .May Roland of Nahant, Dr. Joseph 
Santosuosso of VJoston, Nellie Jj. Sulli- 
van of Fall River, John M. Thayer of 
Worcester and Mayor Edward J. Wood- 
liuuse of Northampton. 

Congressional di.strl<'t representation 
on the committee' iriWudcs Henator 
\^'IIUani A. O'HeJirn ot North Adams, 
Representative Roland D. Sawyer of 
■Ware, Marcus .\. CoolldRc of FItchbnrB, 
'john I". McCirath of AVorcester. Hum- 
phrey O'.'^ulllvaii of r.oweil. JudKe 
Charles I. I'eUinBell of Amesbury, 
Michael ]'". I'helan of Lynn, Jarnes H, 
Vahey of Walertown,' Arthur I). Healoy 
of Somervillc Martin M. Lomasney of 
no.ston, John F. McDonald of B(,ston, 
.losepli A. Ala J- t-d of Boston, Frank 
J. Donahue t' . .ton, Thomas ft. 

Bu<iklcy ol ■ InKtoii, Arthur J. B. 
Cartler of Fao River and Thomas C. 
Thaclier ot Yarmouth. ,. - 3 

Chairman .McGluo will call the con- 
vention to order at 1 o'clock tomorrow 
afternoon in the \staic armory at 
Worcester. More than 600 delcRatos 
are expected ami II. was predicted that 

with guests, members of the press and 
spectators, the available accommoda- 
tion will be filled. The hall has a seat- 
ing capacity for 20O0 persons. 

Speakers other than the temporary 
and permanent chairmen ^^'11I consist of 
candidates of the parlj'. Senator Walsh, 
Mayor Curley. John .T, Cummings, ean- 
dldate for Lieutenant-Governor; If. Os- 
car Rochcleau. candidate for secretary 
of state: Miclmel Pilsner ot Plttsfield. 
who iK runnini^ tor state treasurer; 
.Straho V. ClaRM"ett. candidate for state 
auditor, and John E. Swift of Mllford. 
aspirinK to the attorney-gencrai = l;i;i. 

.\nnoun',;nient that the national 
speakers' bureau of the Democratic 
party in New York had promised to 
send n. speaker of wide reputation to 
address fi^e convention lias created In- 
terest, and last iilRht it was intimate4 
that Bainbridpe Colby, former secretary 
of state in the Wilson cabinet, would 
be the speakei desienated. ,'' ■ J 

The "niglit before" observance by th'^ 
Democrats will not bo on such a pre- 
tentious scale as that of the Uepiibli- 
eans, but those in charge of the ar- 
rangements for tonight's entertainment 
promise that where (luantity Is lacking, j 
ouallty will prevail. The tentative pro- j 
gram provides for a bant(uet at the I 
Bancroft, to hi; followed by .t reception ' 
and entertainment in the hotel. Well- | 
known artists will appear in vaudeville 
and music, and there will he motion 
pictures to add variety. 

P05T -SEL^'Jli^U 


Socialist Peace Day Ban 

„ Hotly Scored 


r)i:i:RF1ET,D. Sept. I.e. -The rcftixal 
"f Mayor Cnrl,:y to permit tiie Socialist 
party to hold a, peace dn>' meeting in 
Boston Common on National P"- fence 
IM.y was scored a.i an 'autocratic com- 
rand" at the closing session of the 
iijllarlan Ministers' Instituto iicro to- 

The statement wa.s made by the Rev. 
\'ivlan T. Pomei-oj, iiuted English 
ureaclier, who for Ihe past year has 
Ol cijpind the 'Tnitarlan pulpU. In Milton. 
II" denounced wnr nn "the shadow on 
'Ivlllzatlon," characterizing modem 
■'Ivlllz.itlon as a slnirtilar mixture of 
altrulfm and high explosive. 

"Thn r.act that civilization ha." sur- 

cived In former year.'i Is no guarantee 

'hat H can survive the next war which 

1 ihn general with iirofesslonal -oonsclen- 

:tiou!-.ness tell u.'j. Is co'nliig," he said. 

I "In Ihe next war there will he no dlf- 

frren'.'o between combatants and non- 

'nmhatnuts. There will he no tivlllty 

"f civilians. 

! "There will be n.i front lines. There 
i will Iw no atrocities. It will be one 
; great atrocity from beginning to end." 




I'^'i lost no timi- ia rxplainlng that 

hf had 
either of his 

the letter 
a littlo 

Intended to 
ruiiiitng; male 

'sliiow dov-n" 
and that 

uefn.sei\-p.'5. >nrj that the suece*fs ^r fail- | 
i;re of their running rn.itc.*^ is nf minnr i 

rp.'illy mean 
\trti work 

that hf is dolDf ih 


I'-'tt \\itliin a few hours ' 

lie i>rol)i(h!y compared 
to the pledKe-caid 

In his own behalf. troiiM 

f"nn'l llif. in.sehes v Itli other 


Ciiriey ha.v bei-n conri 


tiairifd some 


Andrew .1. Peter.?, 
affo hy John W. 

and «liK-h lakes 

oaiidldacie.s of olti- 

The "iSfnator Walsh hcadq 

ueting for montli.%, .■\ras.';aoh 

-ts his per.sonnl r<rre.sentatl\-e in 

no cognizance of th« 
Walsh or Davis. 

fund.";, rett: 

n.sett.'- in th'- roUection of n^^rty 

rned to Bopton eveniio 

further pointed out. 

LttfT a trip iip-Fiate. and promptly de- 
'lared that he i.*; not the author of a 
uarteri,-." h« letter written to City Counrilman .Jame.s 

headfiuartcrt, at all. hut 
t\.'o ivhere he ea 

i.i really not 

A. Watson, wliich the latter had used 

Democratic National Body 
Will Retaliate Unle.^a i'"''"'"' '^"""« '" 
They Take a Stand 

merely an of- 

as an 

n receive hl.s m.tll 
.xeitcment of the morning h 


./liette and "U'heeler. 

■;are his support of 

Th^. Wats 

letter went out under 

furnished a setting f. 

or the luneheor 

dat"- of Sept. IC on the stationery of tha ' 
I'nal nemocratir (."lub, and after re- ' 
ritlnp that '■oolidpe and T>awe.s cannot 
pos^il'ly win and that the national Is.^u* 


yesteruay ttoon or the National Demo- ig Pavis or .-, deadlock, it ask. as.sUt- 
cratlc (lub ;ii t!i. ilote; Bollevue. ance in elect ng "Walsh an.l i-urley it 
where Walsh •made h,s appcaran'ce and '''' '^'Khcd "A. J. Peter.-; " In spite of the 

fin an irnpa.s,sioned addrcsa declared his 

bittfir rontest between 



"*urle>' for the mayorallj' .s^ven ynars 

Committee Also Likely to 

Keep Smith Qiit— Walsh 

Letter a Bombshell 


Forced hy development.-; of the last 
two day.s to tako a stand, Senator 
David I. Wal.--h and Mayor Jamos AT. 
Ciirlcy are expected to hum thoir 
bridges behind thorn at. the Dcnio. 
cratic .-^tatc convention in Woivcster 
tomoiTow afternoon. ;:i!d come out, 
boldly and unoMuivocally for each 
other and for .lohn W. Davis, their 
party'.s candidate President. 

Unless fl,,-y ,|o ,.,-, t„ iiie satlgfac- 
tion of iho ,„^„ „,,.-, are nmiUng 
I-^aMBs campaign in the state the na- 
tionni comniliifo may retaliate, nr8t by 
wlthdrawlns financial support froitt tb* 
Ma»Eachu.<;eltH campaign, and f.econ^Jl 
hy cancelliiiK the .scheduled apiwaranc* 
of t;ov. .\lfred B. t^mllh here on th« 
night of Oct. T. 

The pi.l,H,a,|A„ yc l,.r,l.,y of , por- 
lion of a pcrson;U !,.,„,,- „|,|,.|, s.^nalor 
WaNh is HendlnK lo hiM fr.ends. In 
«hlch he mcnilr.n.; neither rnrlcv' nor 
J>avi^, and tells of the establL-^hment 
of ••Senator W»l»|, headguarters'- at 
(he liofel Lenox, proved a bombslioll ID 
Democratic ranks. 

to the en'.lr? Deinooratlo agri. the letter did not occasion surprise, 
ticket He nnn the ether speakers, who ^-^ ^^'''ers has .Tlways been a good sol- 

inrluded Chairman JIcGIue of tho stai. '"*'" '" **"■ '"'■'"''■■*• '"'"^ " ''■'*■"' •'•ssumcd 
^. , •^''" that li, -jvonld support his party'.s nomi- ; 

ccmm.ttec. National Commiueenian 'ness i 

Qulnn and Francis K. Slattery, who Put Peters say.s he didnt write It. ' 
..-^presented Mayor Curlev, referrei i,, "* ''^'•^'a''>ed last nidht that he reslKned ' 

ihn ni,hM/.o.i„„ „» .1. -t.- ', •- , "' iiresident of the National l~ieinocralic 

me puhiical on of the Walsh lettpr '# /ii , - , . j .t i * 

" "nicii leiier ,w, f^iui, when lie accepted the asslRnment 

!!. Kepubllcaii trick intended to stir up from John W. Davis, .N'o one had any 

trouble In Democratic ranks. Th» avUhorlty to sign his name to the letter, 

.ipeeehe..? time and again drew bursia 

he said; and he .added that he had had 

no part In the sect ecv with which the 
^t enthusiasm from the 100 or mo. • club has sursnunded all its activities. 
Democrats present, and for Ihf* liist ^^e declined, ho^vevt-r, to comment on 

time sinec these weekly luncheons of '•** "^''''■'''' '"'''''" =""' """, "f i^,""c-^t 
,. ,.. ., „, . whleh It created among other followers 

the I'emocratlo Club were started the of Davis. 


■--.ill a!t*^nd tiu- convention at 
stcr. Me u-ill n-'l be there spe- 
rm is saiy 

veil of secrecy was liftpd and the 
speeches Riven lo the press. 

The Democrats left the Bellcvuo con- Won'r 
fldent they had disproved the .,. .-if^r-aifv as an emissaiy of John W. 
port that Walsh and Curlcy are out for, Davis, but as a delegate from ward 33. 

'But he will at least be iii a position to 
.know whether Walsh and Ct ley Intend 
Uo aid the Davis campa'-in hero, and he 
jmay feel in CiUt>' bound to repfjrt to the 
Uae'ern headouarters at New York if 
the " do m;t make themselves clear. 

The Oeniorrats here have been look- 
ing forw.'ird to CIov, .Smith's speech as 
the tiipgest Run of their campaign. They 
ho];>o it wilt remove all trac*-s of the 
[diSRust ^vhich iM-evnIled in the weo'KS 
followini? the New 'i'ork convention, and 
retjnile tiie party. T'ney probably for- 
'get. however, that Smith's primary pnr- 
it'Ote In comiuB here Is not to elect Deiti- 
ooratlc candidates in the state, but In 
the hope i(f %\lTniinK tiie electoral votes 
of .Massachusetts for liavls. 

He Is making gooil his promise of the 
I.'iRl nis'e.t of the convention to "lake 
off his coat" and Avork for Daxin. If 
he is informed tliat his speech will do 
I'avls no uood, he may alter his plans, 
and he will almost certainly do so if 
tl'« national committee tells him that 
the state leaders lere arc abanrionlngr 
r.'avls, and permit tiny La Follette to 
run ^iway Atth thousands of Democratic 

5 E P 

q "1? 

iififer on fcicpfionfi Company 
Ifay of Figuring Depreciation^ 

Atty Pierce and^^S^MUdram, Expert fori 
.ALi-y. -L i^^*" T>Qfo Hparinp: does •-- 

Boston, Far Apart--IUte Heamg ^^ 

Over Until Monday, Sept. ZM ,,rj 


I Ex-Mayor Wiil Preside 
at Worcester 

r'lr-. ' ' 


': '4 4BX*i- 

St^^ • - ' : _., „. +„,.erv.d a. =^^-'-'^- "' ''" , ! 

romnion counou. , ^ mto de- 

Counsel >^ "-\,«^"^[itl ^n'^H b«-i-- 
U,\l concerning -''l^; fj' ^ t^e t«lepli">" 

cZpany. ;--;^^[:: '"^V' v^ a.'- .o*"« 

TeAephono « ■ :='-„'';r;,:^iation and \ i,uo that, Mr. ^'';i^'-^.^ ;:, ..^ce rejoined 
method of >^g>^""e'\'^Pthe resumed hobby; b-n-- ,J,^-,;,j „„.,s,ion. b;; 
mtetest cW--/^,;'\,e State --,lV.^^^^ 'Xo-.'i w.e inn-.n, u, 

■■■■■ be arted' 

^. * RnMon's attempt to 
The. city of B°sto'^ « ,.^_^^^ 

prevent increases '" ^"'J V J.fonn 
branch exchange "^^^ ^°f V,„gUuKl 
of objection t;j.^J-^^,^\,„„,pany« 
Telephone & ' "'^i""^' ^jation and 
method of ligunng dcP^^»<» ^ ^^ 

interest charges, ^^ J-\ Sta.c , , „. 

l^earing yesterday ^J:^'^^^J\^^ 

hearing yt-si.^.^"^.- _.;,,•„, „t,ilities) mtpnt. ... , .,,.,, be arted 

House before uie .i;"""*; rep re- 1 Th« wiinesH "••;";";;,iigatlon .pt the 

'^''T^^;rCor^-ti:nl-n:erS^>H- - -U-" co,^^^^^^^ 

van and we v-u.. i---- pifrce 

looked after by Charles S -«« 
H, vice-president and counsel. 

iresiueni. """;"- telephone 
„i %i Mildram, expert ii-u ^ 
■ ■■'""''' "■ ;l..,r.- for tlie city, eon- 

.on Should be charge* to 1 ^ ^^ ^_^^^^_^ 

•'-' ''' ''"■ '"" , 'u if a eb.rge of 
aty. Fierce arfiued (a .1 ^^^^_ 

,,,,,,,,t for co"-;^-:!;:; ,"; , :^, ■:.>■ i... a,- , , 

lar plant ^.^l-^l'^.a u m''^'^'''"'''''' ""'" '"'": 
grogate •■■■'-■'' "-frtL,,-. niHdo after a pe- ' - 


Stores T0<|« pmen <-Pr ■ „^^^^„|„ ^^„j 

ure-<. Ho alr,o "'' .',-^'2,. ,, relation liB- 
Gara^e " '!"'?" .^^Suev should be 11.7 
ures. saying that ''>^y^ ^ „y the 
,n„tcad of Ihc 1 '•/^^^'^^"howeyer, oouUi 
company. J*''', '*'''„" Tt of the flRnres 
not identify «"«. ™;;',',/'f„r this rate. 
^^ haM^,,„,,„,«.. item. 
On 'he^Tooih lo J,,, depre- 

j1,.. Mildra.n contended t. i. ^^^__^ ^„ 

S," "^'"','1'"' ",^„ment Avas that the 
lus.itbd "•"■".'",;;, than five years 
life of these tnol.H '^^J;^";, , ,,„.nerly he 
and their e')>. _"•'■'';,„ fxijcnses. 
charged .f';,' ',;;■,,:;,;;" out that merel.y 
.Ntty. l-leue 1 n'K< ^..oth.r ae- 

count ivoulrt no. eft .1 ■ nja ^^^^ ^^^ 
ing. and that if 't^^^.*^,^ .V'^tion charge 
capilHll/.ed »""^,/,h, current operating 

f .xpenaes would uav, iw 
a correBpondioK '■f^'^"^,.., r>— .uned m 
■"when the >»,";!,';«^;^^''%n;iram «a = 
,he morn.nK, ''"'^'^^'^ ,,„„,, for rross- 
■alled to tlie ^^'' '^ p,,.,-,.c. The <l"e.-<- 
ManVinalion by AltJ^ ' ,",, -crtainioK Mr. 
Ilnns were '';[;;':,;;,,,V>is an expert In 
Miirtranr-i ,„ii,lllK .lUo i« „ „,r. 
teUpbone problem, and ji-,,^,,,,^. ,,,„ 

^-,r;d ';^^>lh tiin. compan 

riouK capacities o t^l ^/^ ; ^ „,,„her 

irili^b ('"'""^"^"^ ■",,;, tcleplrone com- 

pany 111 I>aU ]"^';. ^^ ,,.ft the teh- 
ment a. expert, a ur ^^^^ ^^^.^^ ^^.,,„ 

pbone company., ■ ''• ^ ^.igut vearB 
'h >^=«- _:J^!;..^"wo,-u;n;i for'.he tele- 
afier no .i.'.-i- -■ . . j,,;U.', 
phone coinpuiy ." hr ^^,^^^ ,,„. 

A?Ked how he l-'f '',,„„ said 1!-' 
telepluuie '"I'l'a'New V;.^k he calUd on 

lit telephone inv...t,.n.,on._^.._^ ^^, 

small part ol h . ,,.,t„(.f<s ^nale.l. 

utility '■, th^ ^^^,^^,^,.^^ ,^,y, 
DuriiiK the ero..-. Mlldrani 

Pierce nouKht. to sho\v unit ^"- j,-^.,., 

had offered hl'^ "''p, mrany. early l«st 
T.;nKland Telepiione to, ra,-^^'.,,, ,ayin.' 

-"^- -^"Hl t'r'^!.h:!hr>h,m^^ 


... ? m Mr. Tiaiu" "^;,--:-,;::;;f« 

"that T had noi '"=™ , ,iid not 

fide of these ea.-ics helor.. , ,„ 

want to be this t me 1 . ^ ■ ^^^ ,„,y, 

'^"""">;.:!2^;:i':';v;;nheeuvof iv-.on 

inrmn '■■'■■^ ' ,,„.,„ nnd alt'r w.inoih 

rbrf:"d«y^ r;;n;;«^^ „-,;-;„ .he 

were ""M ^;;';,.';'''^,';,;.,, wouUl you iuiv 

„slied Mr. rieree. 

••No. 1 Nvonld not. 

-\\^\y did yo' 

Hiand :, ou ii.iKht 


\ preferred ' 

city, hut if th 

e plied 


to niid'i 


, retiiin-d l>V '"" 

rtl.) not lure ine, 1 

city, nui o ..■■ vniclit lie willing to 

dirt not know "",, V, :,^'Vom li-e teU- 

.,cte,.t some emplo.minl 

,,l,nn.. o'.mP»nV' ,,„,, ,,, lool 

The wiln.'sB ""'';"" I \„,,,,,, Hon Mf a 

"""""""IjEhr-..:';™--.;- - 

Oemocrallc factions Burj 
Halclietjoi^ip ^ j 

Both Party Conventions 
1 Meet Inhere Tomorrow i 

The movement of both liepuMlc.^ns , 
' „„„ ■ Democrats toward Worcester | 
;:;;,„ the state convention of each 
party will beJield_on ^^]'^''^^'^^'- ZIhL 
(Tin todav. The jtte|jubli-an cnnven • 
till he eallod to order at lft:30 a in o. 
Saturday in Mechanics Hall: tbe Demo 
cratic convention will meet at 1 P m 
1„ tiic State Armory. 

^t -> o'clock this afternoon the Ke- 
puhllcan committee on resolutions will 
„„t at the Hotel Bancroft In AVorces- 
Ter ConBressman Allen T. Treadway; 
,i,.,ir,.iin of that committee. the 
'" {.- , d -u' is that the committee 
!:"' aire V P'-aelleally agreed on the 
bfipoHant planks in the platform and 
O-t it wi,, be a ve,-y siiort doennn^^^^ 

much as it w:.s .n th'. i" I 

tlor,«l invention in ( leveland, ^^^^_ 

Th* Democratic ^""","1\"";, "','b. 11' ■! 
lions will meet at 3 o'clock io H" it 
::;^,.„„ not in tin. -- \r'?J^ 
,hc Hepubll'-ar.s. Thorn s ,„,,^„^,,at ic 
„f Coshne ,J^^'«,.,»,grossman Tread- 
';-;^;"^"c\\S^iSn'orihe Dcmocratlo 
commute.'. ,„,rmanent chair- 


; i^'^!r^e^^mpl;rar^a.rmnn of,,^tbc, 
I iHuJi^l^tanr-^P^erir^hat rather-, 

i '"^,. Fitzgerald has heen;-^|)^"l^,,^^^i 


?ae;'K;;.s"hi 'iV ,^-ocrat.c pany^-^ 

1 .■KcttluK t"f\'^naid that within a fe.w 
I campaign. 1' '"„„ (julllvan. who las 
t days <'""«'''^'"'^"o A-^ions a hitter an- 
' ,,,.,.„ on many oteasiou ^^^^ ^ 

I agonist of M«>;'"-,„^- '^ -hUler's behalf 

and e)llei ^'i sp 

palpn. ,., , f xv,..-UI.-ld'%vill !"■ ""''" 

.losepb 1!. i'-lV of \\ ■ i„.„,o.TatU 

permanent chairn, d ' _ , j,. Tal 

C";f'l"a\i"Rlv?r'^wn. ,h^' ehairman of 


,,:;„;, „,nt onrani'/.a- 
idleiln Cluh' 

II .; 


liad I 

mini't m 1" 

" aV 0:;« toolKb^ the ',;X'^-„s-at,nUal 
„,• Massachusedts wld I" ,|,„p, 

„i,^ht before '"", ,r,.8 ater a re.'ep- 
';''"^'-''7h!^r'e,ub;i. t'omlneesonthe 
L;";;,ru!t.t'wUi h. el-,n m Mechanics 

".','1' nenioeratlc eonnnllieo ou resolu- 
.,;,;': !?rwduVh Thom,,s K. fa-SHldy .H 

''ylJinlHMs at lar>^'"BriR den Charles 
,r^ ■ e ! r Helen 1. Doberly, Mrs 





CaiBbi-iaBo; Judge, Thomas P. I*"ey. 
Maiden; MUs! Abbl- May Rolnnrt, Na^ 
Vianf, Mt!»a NpIHo I,. SuHlvnii. Fal 
P.lvpr; John M. Thayor, )\'orcc;air :ui<l 
Wi!Yor lCdv».'nril J. \Vootlhouss, NcvtU- 

"Tv'"ronsre?alonixl Dlstrlcta: 1st, Sena- 
tor Williani j\. OMInarn, North Adiuns; 
;M llepn-K.-titatlvo Kolan.l IV '^awycT, 
\Var- :in, Miir.Mis A, Cooli.lMe. FlU'h- 
1,,,,-p;: 4tl,, John V. McCrath WorocKt.-r 

"th Ml'^hael F. I'liHan tynn; Mh. 
Vah'^y. A\atprto%yn; ft 

,lainc3 31. 


Arthur D. 

'Martin M- l^omasip^ 
1.- .Molionald, Host 
^lavnaril, Boston; 
iiuc, Bostf)]i; Uth 

i Abington; ir)tli, 

I Fall River 



BomorvUlaJ 10th, 

);ii,-ion; 11th. .Tohn | 

i; 1-1 h. Jo.s.-ph A 

J.1.11. I'raiik J Dona 

Thomas J I. lUioklo.y 

\rlhur J. )i. Carti-r 

Tlioina* G. Thacii 

Mj«fc'W'K. Han. «n official o£ the oom- i 
tVany. asked him to hold hlmse.t open 
for a ffnv days In case tho company 
mlRht rtABlrc to enKaBe him. 

"1 told Mr iHaU," tcstmod thB wM- 
np!(fi. "that I Vikid not bemi on tho pri- 
vate .side of thfao casi-H bctoro and dia 
not want to thl.s tlmo. but I agroed to 
hold nivHolt open. Utirhii? this Interval 
the cUy of Boston .lought my services 
and after an interval o£ three days I 
v/ent with the city. 

"I preferred to be retained hy the 

eity, but if the city did not hire mo i 

Ih.i (lid not know but 1 rnlftht be v,-:I..i.6 to 

th, I aceeict some eniployinciit from the tele- 


City Then Hired Him, 

phono company. 

\t the aftenmon .session Mr Pierce 
otie.'^tloivd .Mr Mildram reR-ardlnpr the 
handliiiu of depreciation and Interest 
eliarge."* durhiR- con.stnictlon. Jlr Mil- 
dram contended tl*it such Interest 
iharses should bo added to the .'.:■- of 
ihe plant a,t fhe time of It.H completion. 
()therwlHe, he said. It .-^liould be thrown 
out because If It was not it would 
probably be paid for twice, once out of 
current nnetun' and afiain when the 
idant wa.s wltMrawn from the books as 
a unit. 

Mr I'iercf a. cjued tb;if li the charpre 
of interest for ■, 'le couiMriictlmi of a par- 
ticular plant vf'ul'l '"• "P'lllffl "'" "f 
i ;hc aggregate '.and taR-RTed unmlstak- 
I cblv, then thaC cliiirRe < ould be made 
' .ifter a f, f years when Ihe plant 
' was retir.fl.'' ^ 

; (Jiiestidiis of Depreciation 




i5. n. iTUiuitim 


Expert Ouestioned by Pierce on 
'; DenrsGiatlnn Gliarges 

:Mildram admitted that li.xtnre.s 
a.s slielves and counters, under 
ihe Keurral stores eciulpment account, 
dein-(.ciated, but contended that If they 
lost leas than live years their replace- 
ment should come out of operatiHK ex- 
penses, nut if lonj^er they 
capitalized and depreciation 
araiiist them. 

.\ltornev I'lerce said that If any Items 
In llie aeeount were not subject to 
.apilallzallon they would have to he 
i talsen out of the "general stores equip- 
ment aciount and a pro)iortiona te In- 
.■r.;'se in i.ii.-ra I In;; exii'iise. Mr 
Miiiiraiii adniill''rl that sn.h wnild be 



/Admits Reduction There 
Means Elsewlioro 

After an all-day sr-s.-^lon yesterday be- 
!foro the 1'uhlie TTtUltles fonimlsslon at 
' tj-.e State House the hearhiK on the 
jjietltlon of the New lOnffland Telephone 
'& Telegraph Company for authority lo 
.InerensB It.i ratea for private swllrh- 
hoar<l exchaniire« was eonttnuel until 
Monday, fiept .">. 

Tho exandna.lnn of Patn\iel TT. Mil- 
dram, r(pr''.''ciillnK lb.. rit.>- of HostMn 
'ns an exi^ert nn tilepbone matters, by 
Charles S. rier.v, vice president ami 
fiMinsel foi !1h- cniiiany. i,rcn| a 
larKo part of tlie day. .Mr i'l'i-.i. tii-.M 
souBhl io ascerlain 'r-w. Mildiam facts 
concerning his fiuallflcations as .a tele- 
phone expert. 

.Mr Mildiam testified that he w;is .-m- 
ployed hy the Hell Telephone 
ijn 1.^1, soon afler lenvlne collese, and 
Iremalned Willi the c.omp.niy in \;irloiis 
capacities unlll 1913. Tnirlng four years 
()f thia empUiyinent he was a neinber 
nf the i.eKisiaturo and was nis.i in Ih" 
IJoston t'ommon Cmnicll. 

.Mr .\Tlldram testified that he was rc;- 
iBiiieil In the Inveslipallon of tcleidionc 
e(MMiiani-s in Nova ;-!c.>lia, British I 'n- 
IninOla and New Brnnsrti.U, and an 
automatic telephone comi>aiiy in I'"all 
Ttiver, and these constituted his entire 
employment as a telephone exiierl, 

How Mildram Wsis Retained 

iViunBol Pleriie nouitht to nhow tWat 
Mr Mildi-am had offered hlin.self to tho 
Kow Kngland Telephone Company for 
employment on the twmpany's side of 
the present case. . . , , - , , ,. 

The witness denied thla ana clalmod 

1 o'c. 


I'nder "stabl.- anrl garace erpilp- 
nirnl" M'- .Mildram claimed the deiu-e- 
clation rate of ItlJJ charKcd off by the; 
company was too high and said that I 
he had arrived at the ligiire 11.7. He I 
could not Identify the source of the | 
ll!,nir,'s which served as his basis for this 

I'nd'T tools and equipment, Mr TMU- 
dram I'ontended that the depreciation ; 
charge of l.'i per cent on $Hi)H,2i-0, \ 
amounting to SOS.tinO, should not be al- ': 
lowed, hut should be chaif,'.! against j 
operating expenses. 

.Vttcn-ney Fierce ask'd .Mr Mildram . 
if ii were' not ,-1 fad it these llemsl 
were not capitalized and a depreciation 
< harge allowed for them, tho current 
i.peratlne exiienscs would have to '"* 
Imu-eased to a corresponding extent. 
To which :\Ir Mildram said that gener- 
ally speaking he would agree with that 
1- mark, bm that la thia case it did 
not work out exactly. 

Attoiney I'lerce said there would be 
no saving bv taking U. (uit of one a(v 
count and placing it Into another. 


Tonight the Hetcihllcans u iU stage 
their • annn.'il night-beforc dinner, ar- 
ranged Viy ihn Massachusetts Republi- 
can Club, with rresideiit George A. 
Rich preRldinp and with short speeche.-i 
hy Govern(>r Cox, Lieutenant-Governor 
Fuller, Mrs. Charles Sumner Bird ami 
SpoBke" of the Xatlonal ITnusc Fred- 
erick It. dlllett, tho party landidale 
for United PlntoB .Scmitor. Following 
tho dinner will come the n^ual nlght- 
before rtreptlon at Mechanics Hall. 

The Henubllcan convention will open 
nt J0:30 tomorrow morning In Mechanics 
Hall, The Democrats will open their 
. onvt»ntlon In the .'^tats Armory at 

Chairman Charles H. McCltie of 
the Democratic State committee 
yesterday .succeeded in getting for- 
mer Mayor John F. l"itzgerald of 
Boston to pre.Mdc a.s temporary 
chairman and Joscpli B. I'.lv of 
\ WcstlitUi as pcrmancin chairman, 
at the State convention in Wcirtes- 
icr toiiiori o*.\ . 

'i'ho State committer chairman 
pcr.sitadcd Mr. I'itzgcrald to take 
tlic place of kej-noter of the conven- 
tion hy apiicaHiig to his loyaltv to 
' tlie party. The fact that Mr. V\tz- 
' gerald was the guhcrnatorial can- 
(Hdate two year.s ago was urged by 
MoGiue as a reason for Mr. I'it?- 
gcrald to act as chairman. ; 

I At the meeting of the (hn.ocratic 
committee on resolutions ni VVoiccstn 
'this afternoon, the Ku Klux Jilan and 
(prohibition will be among the issues 
I. -cost fre-ly discussed. It Is generally 
Ibelleved that the platform will coiuaui 
a specific d.elaratlon against the Klan, 
i The prohibitlcn Issue will be a harder 
'..lie for the Democrats to handle, 
(rromlnent members of the party are 
■'oiiig lo Worcester today to supiwrt 
la plank which will ask for modilication 
- fho "^'-'-tead act. StiU others are 
(PteVmined.'ln case a modification Pl'"''' 
fails, to press for a vdank which wm 
, ft.-ctivdy prohibit tho making of cldei 
bv farmers, if the apple Juice contains 
in' ire than one-halt of one per ctut. 
Tho argument for this plank Is tha^ 
Ul.,; most effective way to bring about 
a modilication of the Voliitead act is 
to deprive the farmers of their favorite 
beverage, thus forcing them lo support 
t laiper general nlcolmllc content 
■iaus.' In the Volstead act. 
It l.-i possible that lie prohlbitlc- 
I Issue may be brought on to the tloor 
of the l.'emocratlc ciiiivcutuni. 

' To Avoid Controversies 


Tho Itepublican c'.inmitteo on re.'oiii- 
tions is practi<-aiU set V< kill off a'l 
conlrovertiial planks. The parly plat- 
form will call for enforcement if all 
laws, and it will be content witii a ■- 
airirmation of the national platform, 
adopted at Cleveland, which dcclarea 
lor freedom of speech, religious free- 
dom and freedom of action under the 
biws of tho State and nation. There 
,\ill b-^ no specific condemtiatlon of the 
Kiriu iu the Hepiiblican jdatfi'ini and 
it is expected thai the resoluiicns . "! i- 
luiltec will bo 80 harmonious on tins 
point that the is.-UB will not lind U.-i 
way to tho floor of tiie convention. 

Calvhi Coolidge is the one big Issue 
upon whicii tlio Ff pohlicans Avill (-■ ' 
heforo the country and hei ■• i" 1".^ 
homo State the party conveniion will 
see to It that Coolldgn overshadows 
all other Issues or near-issnes. 

Ileforin in the luimary election law 
will iindouliledly I'O one of the pianka 
in the Kcpnblican State platform. There. 
,,i-., Mrong advo. al.-s of Ine short br.l- 
loi. wbicli has i.c'en endorsi-d in l'*- 
I'ubUcnn State pint forms iu the recent 
pr.Dl, anil there will also be a drive lOr 
Ilic ad..ptlon oi: some law, sinuiar to 
llmt "i- -N'-w Tor!;, which will not 
prevent anyiiody running f'>r a party 
nomination in a primary, but will pro- 
vide for a State convention In advance 
o.- tho primary, at which convention 
tho party leader.i will d'><-tare th dr 
support of certain candidates or Issiiea 
—In other words, make a slate for the 
prl.-narles, which will put the party 
onpranlzatlon on record In favpr of cer- 
tain candidates. 

Both DcraooraH anfl RepwWg"'* »'« , 
start tho m»klD- "* •••.•« «l»tfiiit««ui «t 

\ t« 

P05T nr-r ., ,ao. ^ G.L0|3E M0V.1,)9^4- 

nnr i:> -ii- T ^ ^y.. ,i WELL FOR ITS WARDS 

Attacks at Brockton 

Raps Davis for Selection of Bryan 
as Running Mate 

Miiyor Curloy and City Hospital ottkials yesterday opened the rie.v out- 
patient bvnldmg. Leu to right arc: Mayor Curlcy, Carl Drcyfuss, Jo.epl, 
■vianniiij,', ..eiirv .KOwcii,Oi. John j. Ijowiing and Dr James Manary. 

Slmpla exercises marked i!i<? npfnlnsr 
yesterday afternoon of ttie tiow 41,OiJ<),000 
Out-Patlent KuUdlng at tlie Bo?fon City 
Hospital, perhaps the largest of IK 
klnci in the world. 

Kquinpe,! with (he last wuru in nie(ii- 
cal appliances for the trcutnient of etf- 
iz-enw of Itostoii free of ehar^'e tlK 
building amazed the guests by Its eorn- 
pleteness of etjulnnient. in the spa- 
cious foyer nn the Harrison avenue sido 
of the building scat.H were laid out for 
the which were attended bv 
City Hospital oOirJals an.l liivitej 

POST OL'Di.i'ill- 


>l>e»'ij|l UiNpllteh t<» tlie <;to))e 

BUOCKTON, Oct 31— Oov Chantiing II. 
^'ox made his tlrst ai^pearanee here dur- 
liipr tbe cainpalsjn at a political rally 
loniKht :n MassasoU Hall. The meeting 
inlinwrd ;i Street parade a rd a. ban.I 

<hiv Cox referred briefly to the reduc- 
tion of the State debt and tho State 
'r.K during the four j'eara. He 
.si}.iiti: feelltiKly of what the Stale %vas 
doiiig for 'i.o care of its unfi.jrtunatos 
u. institufor." and said that in the 
Noiihamptcn Hos, Itai for the In.sane. 
referred tt) b,^■ Mayor CiU'ley. a return 
of $;«'>,eoo «;].■' b.-ini; maJ". liiis yfiir. 
"'In- «io\crtn-r add'-U that cerUiiiiiv no 
Institution would turn bad: tliis amount 
of money and allow its innia! •.!.-! to 

"Thla State." said the Cnvernor. "Is 
doiiiB evcrythlnB that human Industry 
c.aii do for tho care of Its unfortunates 
and our public Institutions are the finest 
in the country, it Is unfortunate that 
the riemocraiic candidate for Governor 
.'■■hould brijaclcast such stories as he haa 
a'l'oiu the Siufe not ci^iiag for Its tm- 
: fortunate. The peor>le of Massachu- 
.'^(•Its arc not Koing to elect a Governor 
uiio tralllcs in that sort of criticism." 

liov Cox lltcn turned to national af- 
' fairs. He said he was a .persona] friend 
j of the Iict'ic', r.ttic ean^ii^a;, f... V'res:- 
dent and regarded him as a callable law- 
yer. He said he (uiticized him. how- 
ever, for^ the s. lectlou of his running 
mate and for iiie many mistakirs lie 
had made on tho stump since. 

Other steKik'prs were I'l.x-Congressman 
O. It. I.eary of Indiana, l.ouis A. Cool- 
IdKo .and Congressman Louis A. Froth- 

po5r ouuin-i 

Cm-ley Could Earn $14,900 
Without Paying Taxes 

Jamea M. Curley a.? mayor of Bos- 
ton could earn «t least $14,900 anel 
still pay no income taxes to Uncle 
Sam because of deductions and ex- 
emptions to which he is legally en- 

Salaries of i^tVte, comitr^^ city 
officials and employees arc exempt 
from Federal income taxation. 

The mayor earns $10,000 as the 
city's chief executive. He is en- 

Predicts Democratic State 
TicKet Will Wii^g^ ^> 

-Ma.vor Curley predicted nn o\ir- 
w lulmini,' victory for the entire Demo- 
ciatlc .Stale ticket .- 1 a luncheon in the 
Hotel Hcllevue yesterday afternoon of 
tho -Vutlonal Democ-atle tMub. More 
than ],-,(! members attended aud Charles 
il. McLilue presided. 

Plans for the maiiniufr of the p..ll,s ou 
(lection day were announced hv .liidk". 
'rhomas I' Iti|,.v of .Msldeu. who aNo 
KHvi' t|,f .^rli..,l,,b> o|- rallii'H whicli uil! 
be held until clec(i,.n ilav. Mavor tOd- 
"ard W. yulnn of CambridK". ".bo has i 
Just rtturned from tlic li'mocralic nn- | 
lional headimarters ;i i .\',.w ^■,,r|- ti,|i| : 
•b.. guests that .fobo -VV. 1 .avi.s and 
"Al" Smith would canv .Vcw v,,rU 
.■^(al- by a snbst.-intial nia.i.irilv in fl,,. 
I'oiiiiriK election. 

•lohil ,\. .Suilhan. fornii-r .'..rporalhu, 
'■"""■"I '"r the ,.ily .,!■ i!,,...f,,n, ..,,,1,. 
stanleiteil the Curley declaration that 

,.,, J. r , ' "" ' uriey declaration t 

titled to a further exemption of $2000, '^'"' '"nnlclpal debt of the ( Itv had h 
a. the head of a family and $400 for " cTn-ll'hMee'''''.7,'"'-i:;'', m'' "'I' ""•:i"""l';^>n 
each child. The Curley. in 1923 had ^ P^l !" t V.f 1L Incn^^ef r;;^slr:;i,': 

I SIX children. Thii bringa his family ' l" ^^«^«n<-i,u^.,(t„ ^vonl.I M.ppnrt the 

I exemption, up to $4900. He paid no i 

1 taxn fiijr^ If 23. i 

P05T 0CT.Z8I9^4- 


I Councillor Brickley's Mo- 
tion Wins in Council 

I rm /! 

j Tlie City Council yesterday nsaln ' 
I tabled the resolution that that body j 
extend John W. Davia a cordial wel- I 
ooino on the occasion of his visit to 
BoBton and pledge him its support aa a 
candidate for President of the United 

It wn<t drawn up at Ia.1t week's ses- 
sion and carried over until yesterday. 
At Its llrst reading it was moved to 
amend the original by adding the word i 
'and also pledgB Its support to Duvld J 
Walsli and Jamc.i M. Curlev." Coun- 
cilor nrlckley'B motion to laV It on tho 
table was carried. Mr, Pavis Is not 
comtnB to Boston, so that tho entire 
prooeedlnita hav» little alitnincance 

lit law- *'" 

' • » (t'h wool BC^eflule In the «."« ^ aa,i.-<l 
'"^I^SiSS'thnt"'*'""'^ ""^^I'tlirialmoa that tW» Icslslatlon has ^_^ ^ 

J^..' -Mime on the P«oPl" 1 ,„,., ,„ th„ „rlca nf a", "'^.^- „,,,„„ th« 


Order Controls Many 

Officials of State, 

Ciirley Claims 

'■■'-/! '>,'><'') A 
WORCI-.STKR, Oct. '23.— In a 
speech luMC to..iKht, Mayor Janits 
M Curlrv of Ffoston, candidate tor 
I Governor, claimed that the Rcpubh- 
'can party was aUied with the Ku 
KIux Klan, and assailed the. rec.,! 
of hi. adversary, Alvan T In, ler 
He also spoke at rallies held m Md- 
ford, VVhiuiisviiie aiiu v,t..^. --■ 
01 Worcester County. 


I Mayor rnrley's was, In part. 

Ku KWX Illan: ana 1" n the poopt" V, 

,hat. T insteit on rUUnB o" the ^ illars^ 

^„f the Rf«to wher« A'"?.y";'^"^„„<.o to 


Does Mr. ,.„,,m(,., to dwmine.p a 

5-'^ ^"'V;:;:;;;:;::* ; iutJ;^. «iacio.r. 

Ms that '.r :< Pf"'-^^'^"' ',,,,„„ from ht^ 
Filenco anil ,^r,.,^-'-- 

'««U an-1 more tl^'^^^;],';^,:" 
ars to th« priea ^^,..^^ ^ 

"For oiitlit je.irs " i,,„ior Senator- , 
free ll»t," said tho f"'"\^„ autlc« 1 
■•X:n<ier the preHent law ^Khest ! 

ranK6 from 25 per cent "V™ \^,^, cloth- 
^radc wool, vvhle.h goes Into tt^^ ^^^^\ 

,„^. of <h.\^'-tr.V''^r'.°le. which arel 
^,pon the <''i«'^Pf ^,,,t " „t ,no >uasse». 
n"ade Into the ^1"",^ ^,?.' ,." ater bur- | 
AVlth Btndk-d "3 f,, ■;'-,', ; 'armer,« 

worker aim >" 



••Th..- Anierlean y.te ^^^ ^_^^,|. 

,„„„ ^ ""'"";, :;,n accept aB hUs 
,„f. and he "f"^^^^^ „.„„ refnf=eB to 
representative a m';" ^^ ,,„thle,s to his 
r-,re the tnin-=H; ant 

VJ.It Worcester County Town* 



m the i-.""^ 

f,f its P' 

cottnti.v ^ , 


p„„ator WalHh ^i^}^^^^}^' Manu- 

;"o1u":I^a.r^: wool .ehedtile 
I.U.nandod that til!, opponent S;'«N1-1"'' 
! omctt, .tand with him «san st .^^^^^ 
: The rally '-Irenits of feo... r 

and Mayor Curley tonight tool. 
!' through 
,,( the 

"Sir ^^i^'-s s:^ 

. ». . visit' ti ^vri H 
.■Sili'llB the lilaoe.'. vu 
(irafton, UxhrldKe ae-l M>n 



■■"»■ /J 


bUU iit-tii-"--' 

ta Et! 



Hi til- iner- 
miri'i assist- 
i.nary iiows- 


-■riin r-indldatcH of the 

;ulv of Massae.husetts :i 

oenuri.-.s •ind Un;,i;h r.l of ti 

I nst Ihem, and tin- re.'u'tl 

papere aiding and abetting them, 

i ;iavin.s a had case of nerves. To put 

i„. ,n.,tt,-r In a nntsheil, the it.-iiubli- 

, :. ..-r> (,n tlic run. 

.-an m.l'-mne anu 1..-, ."■- ■- - - - -- 

'i h.ead, a for tUo d. ep sea, and they have j 

Blames Law for High 
I Building 

I net nt 

ally Bnilcling Head, 
OistilGt Council 

i-tiOn of the t a"" „j ^ g<,rv- 

WORCESTER. Oct. 2B.-Thc[ -a. yeste^^ay ^r^me^^l » ^^^^^^^ 

high cost of building inatenaU «" l^^* ^.^^^f^j municipal -"P-'-'^''^^'^* 
aid they have ,^j^.^g in scarcity of hotne, ^^as ^^ ,,^^,,1, uiildlnp wWch ^PobI.W^^^^^ 
,lun« trnth aiu, prndence to U>e wlmlH. ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^1,^ Rcpnblican ^^'- i^;^:^ ^^ ^^or ot Supt f--f;^^^_ 

•■Tho mo.t important """or before I ^^^^^^^ p^^^,,, ^, Walsh m Temp^eton has A^ 1;^-'^ J; > ^,^^^ 

,„„ people of thl3 Commonwealth '^^! ^^j/^..^ a crowd of 200 people .>(>'-^t„^'^,°JJ^'"JoB'it^^^^^ 

,.-iv 1. the one the Kepubllcan party -1 '^ho actdrcssea Common L '!<!?? 13 local unlon^. with,;, men. 

mi press are Kilent on, and would liUe ;„ an oi<cn air raU> on tne ^.-uiu. i 
slleneo me „n-tho Ku Klttx Klj.j>. | j^night. He claimed that one year I,,;, 

f il._ T^^fArtf^V- HI 

S iieo the 1"0,(XK) membtra of the l^ian 
a and around the Stal.'s arr, In all.anc 
-ilh and control the Republican party 
it is easy to under.sland Its anxiety to 
husi, UP any aUnslon to lis existence 
.iiid nitriiose. 

Says (i. <). P. Allied With Klan 1 
, ■■•Il,n l^u \Uux Klan la a treasonalde I 
1 coniipiracy nKninst the safely of tii.T 1 
I Oom.nonwoalth and the republic; it J 
! lontH the Constitution; it violates tUe | 
1 law- it is a crime apalnsl tlie peace o( j] 
'' "ho eommiiiilty; it meets in the durU. \ 
■earliiK dlsKuisop; its announced pur- 
,.se is to d-prive elti/.ers who are Cath- 1 
-In .s. .TcWH and colored people of tliel" I 
.institutional rlRht.-i and priviieges, and 
■ace them outside the protection of 
'■p Conslllution and law. 
"Tt already controls In some parts or 
lb,- Slate the ofneorH of the law; no j 
.rri-t is made of lis alliance with the j 
' 'lepiiMican party; and Ihouph the, 
Kidecus oplnir n of -America 1b arraved 
■lu-Unst tlds anIi-Amer'.oan orfsanlstatlon 
'.. Itepnbllcan party has "i«'<,':<3 
•he courage to divorce Use f from Its 
iPlea of denounce their Iniquities. 

after the passing of the Fordney ^ 
McCumber tariff the cost of binUhng j 
p materiah had jtimped 26 pet cent. 


Kor nearly four h—s at this rally 
f iininocracv was pleade! 
the cause of liemocwi 1 
,,v a score of .speakers. 

inons. ^vlLl. .1 . - 
■ , , r "-jW Ml- Templaton lives .^ 1 ^ 

i;.,adc,tstln. wa.on^.^^w£;-a^',,^, 
Mayor cut. y n" delivering 

'- "'"f:«.:iv:,"r;"rh"e "Xi's of the ne- 

';,A'u:;;;ia^Vy-.n «enoral and Ueu- 
,...,,'„ in particular. 
l..nanl-(Mveviior •■■ '•''''^' .■' to \M 
A la-w sp. .iker was '"^^^f ", ,. person 
State campaign -on «U in t;,^ j^,,,,, ,. 
„f «"nau.r - <-- Br°^^,^,„^,^ ,„,ade l.y 
ana. He told 01 tm pnssace of 

,.,-esidenl <•->"''«•;'„'';' J'Thn'^elToi-ts of 

U,e Mellon ''>'^ I''"".'.'", changing tlai 
tlio i).-mocratlc party m 
dnlcs to the benefit 

I'li^Xtter HO IS about 55. 

Snams'templetOn i 


Wavi.r Cmiey l--'i 
P. Tftiipieton. ■'» > 
b«rma road. I'orch. 
of public building; 

intes- J*»* ■ ■^WWii 

chanjtinK ' ' 
,,{ liie worltltii? 


, ..ppoiiited .lames i 

;,rs eld, of 7 Kell- 

t.-r. sup'Ti.itendent 

This apiiolntment 

'"' '"," ,1 t,7the civil scrvleci cQWmlsslon 
now goes to the '^J" ;y I -nV/ft- 
<or approval. HP £ /. t 4;,,;rer of 
^'''''l^-Unie^s"!^ .■'-. and'paper 
ten.^.r " P ^iri cl Cuiu-ll. He was horn 

nected ^v..n tne ><- 

painters and '"^ "7''^ ';,;'; ,,^f^ that the 

This makes i"'' six 1 „,,rvlee 

mayor has sent to the . IMl .' ruce 



AnalU Wool Schedule 

A oonslderablo portion Of 

,o„,misslon in nn^tttempt^, nu^the 

.r'^^e'i^.b'^: '-"' of the candidates 
Senator rt;.rllned and the others 



;!;r^proved l^ the boar, 

the candidates 


OCT-Z)-. J924- 


Mayor Attacks "Bri- 
gade" in Essex Coun- 
ty Rallies 


LAWRKN'CE, Oct. 24.-The "whiv 
periiig br'sadc" of the Republican 
party was scored by Mayor Curiey to- 
night in his circuit of rallies in Ksse.-; 
county and at Lowell. His night'i 
itinerary took Iiim here and to Pea- 
body, Salem, Marblehcad and Lowell 


"Tlift municipal flrbt of Boptnn on 
April 30 of tho present year was $45.- 
I 000." fiafrl the Mayor after recltlnfr ttie 
; list of Improvementn he had made In 
the city's in.><tl(utlrins during his ad- 
nilni.stratloji. "Mr. Fullor c.ljiims that it 
is fl.OOO.OOO." 

"This i.s Just an rxnmpio of the 'whla- 
perinif IjrigiidB' that l.i sprpadlng propn- I 
sanda tlirougrhout the Htate. They 
whlspRrod 'Jlmmlt' ,Tai'l;Kon n death 
and they whl.«perfd n^ralnst a 
young man from Taunton, Mr. War- 

"T have Invited Mr. Fuller to take 
the platform, hut ho hni I.Trki^d the 
courage or capaolfj- to do po. M.-^i.ssa- 
chuaettB has never elected a ooward 
and f don't thln!^ that she will do It 

Ma.vor Curloy referred to a political 
elroular. HOOO of which hi clalnied hia , 
Ropubllean opponent wa.s proIiiK to 
place In the mall. "AVo will d.vnamlte 
that circular on next Afonday," said 
the Rpeaker. "ITo's golns to tell the . 
truth in thlE cnmpniKn or he's Rolnpr to I 
nrove that he Is Incapable f<r (loins' 

Cites Hospital Case 

Continuing his chartfes on manner in 
which the fltato Institutions were con- 
duoted, Mayor Turley tonight stated 
that the deaths hy violence In these 
hospliais in I'.i?'; and 1<»2.3 disclosed a 
eondltlon that \r. n blot on tlio n.ime 
of the fommon wealth. }(e read u re- 
port on the denth of a patient at the 
Taunton i-'tntn Hospital, saylnjf that It 
!<howed the man was kicked to dc.-ith. 
Hn claimed that there wero three 
suicides hy hangin.j In the Foxlioro 
HospHnl within a period of three 
months, "people who wonlrt rather die 
than conllinio to live under the un- 
humane conditions there." 

"The ]5«!ViMican mar-hlno has 
throuifh Its comn<l*«ton on admlnlut ra- 
tion Mid flncunoe, sotlns under the spur 
.*6*l. JxtllUflnl . n«p«9iiitlei of th« 

"The •uperlntendent of the Uasea-t 
ohusetts School for Feeble Minded com- 
plained of the crowding: of employees 
In small rooms, lack of needed space 
>i the home for nurses and the neces- 
sity of uitnt; boys In the steam plant. 
This Is a school for the feeble minded. 
The trustees wrote, "We should be dere- 
lict In our duty did we not press upon 
the Leffisiature and the commission the 
real need faces us. Of what use 
arfl these bodies of experlsnccd busi- 
ness men ana professional men giving 
their time and thought to the public 
Institutions of the State?" " 

Among the other speakers heard at 
the rallies tonight were Attorney James 
H. Vahey, former Congressman .lo^ieph 
F. O'Connell and Senator F. t'. Brous- 
sard of Ijouisl.'ina. Hesldes advocat- 
ing Mayor Cm-ley for Ooyornor, Mr. 
O'Connell gave some attention to the 
national election, saying that Calvin 
Coolldge would not be elected. 

He ralii 'hat Coolldge needed 256 
electoral votea to win. but that ho could 
n )t get. them, for Pavis would poll 196 
In the Eouthern States and \a FoUette 
T.ould Ret 80 odd votes from the mid- 
V7e«teri! States. 

.Senator Broussard stated that If Mr. 
Coolldge Is re-elected, ho and Clsoretary 
of the Treasury Mellon, "both of whom 
f,re wedded to the M.ilon plan, which 
dl!'Crlmin!M..^'< against men and women 
of the average means end irt fAvor of 
the we.Tlthy, will again urge the pa."!- 
sa.sro of the ,\rHlKi,-. I'i't" 

lie claimed thnt the P:*'.sident had un- 
willingly affixed hi.s t^ignature to the 
tax law that was euhstltutcd for the 
Mellon plan, and asserted that the 
President has stated hie policy would 
be to continue Insisting upon the Mellon 
b!U If he should he returned to powei^ 

GLOBE QZl.l?i,m^ 
Lane's Order Rejected by 

Five to Four Vote 

"Fin Com" Probe of Work 

Among Municipal Employes 


Tn ye..erflCSlF.ffi 

Coimcllor r..ine. 
her. Introduced 

■Tl .se.sslon 
lone nepubllcan mem- 
nn order which chal- 
lenged the Flii.inco Commls.slon to In- 
ve.^tlfr.ite alleged collection of Curloy 
cnmpaign contrlhutlon.s from city em- 
Plo.ves (notably tl»it alleged one of 
S....IOO from Fire nepartment officers 
•'nd men); also whether city employe, 
tiad been forced to stimulate regl.stra- 
tion and to do other campaign choreM 

Tho Curley wing of the Council was 
quickly moblllz-d and tho Lane order 
never had a chance. Councilor Healey 
I-ane'.s only O. O. A. colleague, pro^ 
fessed himself sympathetic to Curley 
a.'^cendency, but demurred: "It won't 
look very well for „s to kick this l^m.. 
order out the whidow without doing 
.wmething about It. The Hepubl|.-a:. 
newspapers will charge that Curlcv has 
.-..ISO coerced iisl" Ileal, .y proposed il,at 
he l„iMe nrder be amen.led eo as ?<. 
h^ue tlo, Council Investigate the mat" 

c,,uncilor Morlarty motioned that Iho 
\r.,u,. ovAi-r he tabled unUl D,.,- 8, „;„.,, 
cv..r.vbod,v will have -onle.! off after^ 
election. If any ir. -p.mU. rit!e.« havo been 
committed punliive meiisurep, ,-„,. i- 
tnkeu then Just as well as now, ho said" 

Walsh and I'urceli J.oined Hcalev aid 
i.inn In voting against rejection of the 
order Cowcm,,;,, Bilokloy, Donogh ue 
Ollbody. .Morlarty and WaUora " -• 
down the Lane order. ''>»-'i> 

iV4l4.ojir>iment tor tws ,>reek«. 


\ .^ Ht'R/kD OCT. 2 9,I9Z4- 
'Many Republicans Attend 
Big Meeting in Whitney- 
Hall, Brookline 




Oiu^ of tlifc big surprises of the 
Democratic campaign up to the 
pre.sent time wa.s the size, interest 
and of thu audience that 
packed Whitney hall in Brookline 
last night to hear Senator Walsh, 
Mayor Curley and other candidates 
on the .state ticket .-set fovtli their; 
view., on the issues^Jfinvolved. Ofi 
tlie more than-'IfiOO person.^ who oc- 
cuiiied every foot of available space, 
it was afterward said that nearly 50 
per cent, were Republican.s who 
were interested in seeing and hear- 
ing the leading Democratic candi-. 
, dates. 

Another largely aticnded rally was 
held ill the .Nuditorium tn M:<lden, 
where Mayor Curley carried his anti/ 
1 iMiller light into the back yard of his 
j opponent. There he repeated the f 
I chart'e.s against the Lieutenant-Govor- 
I nor. scoring what he termed the lat-. 
I ler's record of absenteeism and neglect 
t of public duty. 


j "'I'l'' 'e i^' one iiie;isure," said the 
nia.vor, "in wliie], 1 .nn greatly .nter- 
esled, naiiiel,\'. I lie workmen's compen- 
sation act. Tiie iiinendment which was 
this year adopted, provi.liiig compen- 
sation from tho day cf injury provided 
the individual be Incapacitated for more 
tlinn-r.iur weeks, is the .same identical 
iimeiidment that was conshlered by the 
House (if Kepresentative.s in ini,",, dur- 
ing .Mr. Fuller's term of scrviee ts a I 
nienilier of the Legislature. It was a^ 
just iiieaaure and a necessary one. it 
"•as passcil to be engrossed Ic,- :■ \ote 
of llCi yeas to I'D nays and we llnd 
iinioug those voting against this 
;;re«siv,. iiie.isure the present licpuhll- 
eiri nominee inr tiovernor Alvan T. 

"When T ;iin i.'ocei-nMr of Ihe eominoii- 
wr.-ilih t„ ,T;iiiuiiry iicNl, 1 shall In my 
message lo ilie LegLslature recommend 
a, complete revision of the payments 
made under the workmen's 
liou .-i,-! vvith siiiistanlial increases to 
iiijiireil wcirknien. 

■f .shall recf.minend In the I.egl.sln- 
luie a substantial lnei-e:is.> in the maxl- 
miiiii w.ekiy iiayineiii. M,, as to adjust 
111.- Ire-s doe I,, injury In the prop, ,rl Ions 
ill \\liieli li H.i.s fuiginally intend. <l llial 
it should he l„,nie. 

"I sha'l re.'ommenil ihal wli.n a 
woiknian lia.s been in.apa.'ilaleil hir a 
week, hi.s couiiiensation shall date from 
llie day of hi.s injury. Under the 
present econ'-oiic .•..nditions the loss to 
.1 workman of n wnk's wages is al- 
most lra.Kic. 11 liamiicaps the work- 
;iian for «nnnllis an. I works a hard.shlp 
memiier of his famil.v. I.'.ven 
I. where ilic of tiie w.>rk- 
man is p.ipularly supii.iMcd to he much 
w.ji's.- than ill .\m. ii.-a. lie ia pai.l c.,m- 
i"M>i,iti.iii from liie d.ii^ .;.- ;_ „ injurv he Is iii.'M|ia<^t.attd fi.r a 
|ieT-j..d ,,f seven flays. 

"iMirlii. rnioie, and this Is important 
' 'liall . ■^ bi-Hii,li offices of the 
•...l.istrl.ii ae.„ie„; i:e.,-d In Fall River. 
N.-u- i;eof.,rd. I,<,well. Lawrei.ct 
Wiucesl.r ami SprlnglUd.l s.i that the 
Injured workman may iiave acces.slble 
lo him >omo ropre.senlatlves of Ihe 
ir.l wbr, ,-ari Inform him ot hlarlshM 


»nri eec that \\k 

GL0 5I-: OOT,2G.1924- 


$240,000 Offer Is Made 
for Mason-8t Site 

G'drley to Ask Tnai 
Approve ftsw Headquarters 

'"Would LoavG Property L PQAI 
I Open to Keith Memorial 

propcnt Maf^on-st 

r,r, a «tra.iKhtaway rourse 111 Tromont ; 

IT ™u ^ 1lK n b/forced to make threo , 

Tm-iii »^ it .WW must '-..fore Htrnlt-ht-; 

enhi's'oul in <.lt h-r Washi„>,.ton or 1 ,-.- 
■.nciiit stH. SouiidiiiK KoiiK." at btimrl . 
,,.-1'^tnii ats would plv.! advnnco | 
v,';,rn;n /'■>•■ the iiprroacli ■'f Hif. apiia- | 

''riir Ki-ilU IntpreRts iiRi-cft tr> permit 
till. Fiiro ncparatmi'nt to oowipy . i« ' 

; 'lie5 to .rc.:t now h-jadqiiaHnr,^ Th 
'I'lw. Mnvor Is rcfiuirf", "i r-u. .. ■ -■ -^ 

'" ' '""" /him to I, rrow a s iffl.lent sum 
headquarters, li e thlnk a. 

Kale of thn prpscnt MaJ^on-sl fire- j 

house to Ihfi H. F. Keith InterestH to j, 

be usfrt :iK part of the site for a J2,0i1ii,- j 

(lOii iiiemnrial to lieiijanilii F. Keith, and i 

tranpfer of the apparatus to a new lir.- , 

lieaiiqiiartors, ions ((roji^eitHl for tlir , 

'Fiihway area hounded by Tremoiit ^f. ,1 

Uroadway and ShanimU av. are the |i 

J twin proposals In an order for which j 

M:iyor Ciirley will nsk the City Couii- , 

rll'H roneurronco In tomorrow's sea- i! 

• •Inn. ij 

■riil» dpyelopn-.-'nt has been undsr rtis- i| 

eusslon for bU months between siroups |j 

repress nllnK the Keith Interest.i head- ,| 

ed by Uobert <1. I.arsen, nnd thn Mayor, ; 

Ini-ludln!,- CoriKiratlon Counsel Sullivan, j 

t'lialrman Kidly of tlie AsReasors, Fire i 

r'ommi.«sioner (ilynu, lluiidlnt,- Commis- i\ 

Bioner .Mahony and Auditor Carven, ] 

The Keith <()neeru Is reaiiy lo pay the 
city $3|fi.0i«i for the land and bulldlliK-i 
where l^nj-nni'S 2r)-!16 so lonsr 'i-en 
tiou.xeil. U'ld.s l.s Jin.WO above tie- valua- 
tion (I,' tlie asseKiiiirfi on this parcel. 
wliieli is i!ie rite of ihe first Harvard 
M.^di-ni S-liooi. 

Control Searhy Property 

M.edde the present 11. V. ICeith's Tliea- 
KeJth intereNls lonirnl llu- IM- 

OCT.28.19 H 





elllor Watson said a 7'^«,/"''' ,j,„ | 

;.nd ".Poi-ttuopartyofthemenun-l 
dcr whom they work. 

Calls It "Fuller Day" 

..R's onlv natural and I f' e' " |^ 
not per, ssary to brini,- this before the 

t™ ion of the I--inan..:o ComnilsMon. 
;;;,:^'pr,d ably have started mves^tlKat^ 
ing already. I have been ^'''' f^" ? ," 
,.,,,labl« source that already the llu 
i ;, .., commission Is burning "I'lnlsht, 
'i'„ and petting out press n.aA er to, 
i.ilnre Mavur Cuiley." be added. 

r uncillor Ollbouy Bundarlv d.elarea 

..L;,.t week." be said, 'it was Pavls 
,,.,; :„ the .-ouncil and today It's I- uUer 
,;.y Coun.-iilor I-ano wa. onp.ised 

inc Davis 'o Boston and now hen try- 
!!;t ,, ,r,;,!;.^ it Fuller Hay Here." 

r,an,- r. pl^"i I'y ■- = "■'•"'" ''^•" '''" """' ' 
der was not an ;ittack at Cuil.y, nut ^ 
that it waa the -'duty of the Council I 
In protect the tlremen." Councillor | 
llealev's motion to have the City Coun- 
cil Investigate the cbarj;cs of 
the Finance Commission was vot< d 
down. Morlanty .sUBBosted liiat llie 
bill be laid on the table until after 
,!..c!ion so that i' would not Intorfera 
w:th the. Ciirley camiialgn. "It then! 
is any viol.-itlon it will sllll be there 
after election," he. concluded, 

(,:ounclllor AVatson refused atrain to 
he denied an opportunity to i?-t a Ilt- 
i'.. liuiiior In the proce'-Mlh'T-^ and he 
interrupted Moriarty by sayiiipr, "! 
Clink the Council should iuv.stlKato 
whether It Is so that Calvin Coolldg-e 
wears a niRht shirt or pn.lamas as had 
been reported by Mr. Filene." 

Council Divided Over 
Contribution to.^ 
Curley Fund 

OOTTH 1994 '" 

Ail iuvcstig.-itioii of tlic cliargcs 
that ibciubcrs of the Boston I'uc De- 
partiufut were cocrccit into con- 
tributing, $37,000 to the Curley catn- 
paign tuiid was urjiccl yesterday in 


OCT 29,191^ 


trc, tin- Keith interests i-onirnl llu- W\- i „„\^,,„,. ,,,i,,,,ltte(l to the Citv Coutt 
J,„. Dream and the Boston Theatre, both i an orclcl suDllUllea to tne v. i. 

ftilj.unin!,'. .\ new Boston Theatre with 1 •• - I^....:..l W T :,„e 

<CiXi seats Is now under construction for 
the Keith interests In the old Sieni 

icil 1 

ind Is to bo opened eailv In i 
I lunlnt^ Summer. . ■ '' 

It caniud now he known whether the ' 
$J,(i(Hl,(ii>i' Keith memorial would take the 
form of a hotel, as runn>red, or another 
puiusement plac. In any e'Veiit. with 
RiMi\ilKltlon of th" lirehouse site, the 
Keith interests v.duUI have ample room 
In the heart of Ihe city tor any enter- 
prise they cared to haunch, with four 
ndlolniiiK plots n.nmed uinler their cen- 

The .\Tjyor liisi Vu'oached Ihe tirehouse 
relocation two \ ears atro a.s the sane 
solution of the prohhun of the ea.ay, 
quick pasp.nse to a?id fro iit the Mason 
pt ai)|)aratus. Foundations were in- 
serted, when the subua\ entrance was 
huilt. for su.-di a structure as is now 
coni' I'lplat'd. 

Plans Drawn for liuUding 

('o!nnil<<.sioner CImiii has hid flrnt 
roufrii plans draiyii f(u- the plarit which 
v.ouai Kivc! iiu- .l,.i.,i., i,,.. ..t .t'.;.';-, v.- r.'. 
ministration liuildlnr a.s mrxlern conrtl- 
linns reuuli-e. The new flrehouse would 
front on the line of Warrenton »t as It Trornont st und Shawmut av. 

Councillor D.iiiicl W. Lanc 
I'lic liill rccouiinended that the 
Kinaticc Commission be requested to 
conduct the p'obe in an attempt to 
a.scertain wlicthcr or not '•employees 
of the city have been intimidated 
hilo doiuR work of a political na- 
ture at tlie renuest of candidates for 
public (iflicc." 


After a red-liot discussion, in which 
l,nne and the Democnatic members of 
the Council clashed frequently, the 
measure was defeated by a i to 4 
vo'e tbe necessary majority not be- 
l„K obtained. The vote was recorded 
us fidlows' Hrlckley, tbsent; l>onoK- 
hue Xo- Gllbodv. No; Uealey. Yes; 

I>ane, Yaa; iuoiuu.,* -• 

Walsh, Yes, and Watson, Ino. 

The opjvonents of the order declared 
It Was a direct attack at Mayor Cur- 
ley and wa» Intendeil to IniupK hi« 

ThM at a downtowin alurm, tho «p- ,„„ and wa» intenaea to inj»|» "'» 


Fuller Says K.' Kt K. 
Organ Fouglit 1 iim 


ng (o a grou;.' of isesriy 300 
I business men at the Boston City Club 
vcsterd.iy, IJeutrnant-Govcrnor Al- 
van T. liiiier cbaractcrizied James 
M. Curley as the "spendthrift Mayor | 
|io'"r.oston,- and urged that the peo- 
ple of the State repuuiate tiie iviayui'i 
I cflo.ts to put his finaticial policy ^>«»| 
fiect At Governor of Mj" 

'^■' ' ^°' '^ ...toward the lilinRtes of State institu- 
tion*. Mr. FulJer, the Republican c%(i- 

idldatc for Glovernor, sthtea that he 

iprppoees to continue the present policy 
which he terms as efficient, economical 

-nnd humane. The reports of the trus- 
tees of the various Inalitutlons, nearly 
all of which trustees are members o£ 

•I*!'' Tlepubllcan party, set forth that 
economies have only been possible 
through the starvation of Inmates, the 
failure to provide pufflelent L-lothiiip, 
medical treatment and attendance and 
nurses and proper houslnpr, coupled 
with unwholesome food -xupiily to the 
poor, Inflnn, insane and Ih-.! feeble- 
jninded State wards. 

"The fourth proposilinn involved in 
this election Is the wi.«dom of placing 
the office of Governor of the Com- 
onwealtl), on the occasion oC the 1,'iOtn j 
anniversary of the movement throuRh j 
which the American Republic became 
liossible, namely the anniversary of ] 
LoxinRton, Concord and Hunlfcr Hill, a 
man whoso record of silence and eva- 
sion and abseritei'ism dnrinB the war 
stamped him as a slackei- and 
< nemy of free grovernment." 



Curley Says He Fiasi;:, 
Failed on Four 
Big Issues 

NEW BEDFORD, Oct. -'.\-.\s- 
sailing the "silence" ol; Licntcnant- 
fioveriior Fuller on the Ku Khix 
Klan, Mayor Curley of Boston, 
Democratic candidate for Governor, 
charged his opponent v.'ith failure to 
take a position on what h< 







He said, in part: 

"There are four major is.'iups before 
the electorate of Massachusetts upon 
which my opponent as a candidate (or 
Governor .should mnlce public declara- 
tion before anyone cnn .liistif:.' castinB: 
a vote In bis behalf at the polls upon 
election day. 

"The first affects vitally tlie riRht of 
American eitijenn to the enjoyment of 
constitutional Kuaranl<-es. The right 
lo life, liberty and the pursuit of happl- 
nnss without rcRrird to race, creed, or 
color in America is fundamental, niid 
.iny organization tb.-it altempta t(j 
abridge this riRht i.s destructive of the 
l)'>aoe, harmony and Rood order upon 
which patriotism rests. I have repeat- 
edly challeuKcd yMvan T. Fuller to de- 
clare his position with reference to tlie 
Ku Klnx Klaii, and lo tbe present time 
lie has deflLicd to di'olare against this 
iiidcons, nn-Am"rlcan nri:;a nl?-at ion. No 
man worthy of the title American citl- 
5icn can Justify casting a vote In Ills 
behalf until lie has declared against 
tlie Klan. Tlie Klan must be driven out 
nf Massachusetts, and to the »onduct 
of this work T shall devote all the pow- 
er Invested In me as Governor of this 

Commercial Problem 

"The second vital question for con- 
nlderation affects the existence of all 
the people of Massachusetts. It may 
bn said to be the bread and butter | 
proposition of this campaign, namely, 
the re.storatlon of commerce and the 
l)rpmotion of Industry. To the present 
time Mr. Fuller has failed to dlscu.os 
this all-Important proposition. Com- 
merce and Industry can only be pro- 
moted through generous and wise ex- 
penditure of public monay. The parsi- 
monious policy of the Kepnblican party 
in this Commonwealth Is in large 
measure responsloie tor tne ku-huk""""^- 
tion of comflnerce and in the stifling of 

Says Mayor, Parang No 

Taxes, Doesn't Care How 

Public Money Is Spent 


*'I never knew until this mornlTig 
why Jim Curley was such a apcnil 
thrift with other people's ittoney,' 
said Lt-Gov. Fuller at his rallici 
last night, "but at last tho secret 

is out 

"According to th* morning papom hf 
doesn't pay any taxes at all. Naturallj 
ho doeen't care how much of our monej 
Is spent, beoauaa It doesn't come out ol 
him. I don't Itnow how ha runs thai 
palace out on the .lamalcaway without 
drawing a little somethlne, but that of 
cours« la another question." 

Th« lieutenant-Kovemor spoke at ral- 
lies In the Charlestown Hlpth school, at 
BIks' hall In Medford square, and at 
Reavorni hall In Jamaica Plain. Speaker 
GlUott spoke In Charlestown and Med- 
foiyJ. The Charlestown rally, held In an I Ptat' 
overwhelmlnKly Democratio ward, was 
small, with only a Jew more than 100 
persona present. biR those In Medford 
Rn."! JaTn.»!ca Plain were well attended. 

Speaker Qlllett declared tho Isstio In 
the campalirn 1b the support of Presi- 
dent CoolldttB. He said the election of 
the President is now a certainty, but 
that If CoolldgB Is to carry out the poli- 
cies enunciated In his speech of Thurs- 
day night he must hav« a Congress In 
sympathy with him. 

He discussed the Jsiues raised by 
I Senator La Follette, partlcalarly tho 

i proposal to clip the wings of the su- 
preme court. This proposal, ho said, 
strikes at the roots of the American 
system of 'Kovsmment, aa under It 

every arelitifiwiranteed by the constl»j 

ttitlon for 135 years mlirht bo ""[fP* i 
away by a fanatical Congresa Glllott : 
also discussed the tarlfr Issue, pointing , 
out that the record of the Damoeratlo 
party Is contrary to the best interests 
of MaaaachusettK. 

Fuller apparently enjoyed his eren- 
Ing Immensely, and every shaft aimed 
at Curley was good natured. The 

t'harlestown rally was held only ft short 
(ilst.ance from the place where ha was 
born, while the Modl'ord rally was near 
Mrs. Puller's birthplace, and he ex- 
pressed the hope that tho voters of 
both sections would take a neighborly 
Interest lu his candidacy on election 


At all three meetings Fuller d!acu.^sed 
tha Ku Klux Klan Issue quite frankly. 
Ho told of tho attacks on him In klan 
newspapers In tho primary campaign, 
and drew a l.atigh as he repeated the 
counts In tho klan's Indictment of his 
candidacy. ; 

"i thought after they got through j 
with me," he said, "that there wouldn't ' 
bo any doubt as to where I stood i 
on the klan. But now Curley says I'm 
a ku kluxer. To me tho Introduction 
of racial and religious Issue.s In a po- 
litical carnpaifrn Ik most distasteful. 
When I am Governor of Massachusetts 
1 shall know no race or creed or color. 
T shall be what I have always tried to 
be, a liberal, broad minded, average 
American citizen." 

Fuller renewed his attack on the Cur- 
ley administration and said that the 
mayor, who once ad\'ocated tho pay- 
as-you-go iKillcy, has ikjw become an 
.loostle of the "sneiul-as-you-go" Idea. 

"The Uepublican pirty in thiE cam- 
paign." he said, "stands on its re^cord 
r.t tho State House of furnishing relief 
t(i tho over-burdened taxpayers of the 
Slate. Our liemoeratlc frleiid,s tell tis 
(liat tho iieoploi are tired of hearing that 
we have reduced the state df bt 16 
iiillllnns and the state tax four millions, 
and that in four years wo have not l.s- 
sued a single be-id^ 

"You will hear in the neett week about 
Rnston'a low lax rate. You will not be 
told, however, that the city is now l^.;- 
< elvlng ST). 000. 000 more .a, year in revenue 
ns a result of Increased valuation, that 
It has had returned to It $1.H!2.000 from 
the Boston elevated; Jl.Z.TO.OOO as a re- 
■nilt of reduction In the state tax and 
return of bonus taxes; $2,175,000 In tho 
cu'talllnfc of school appropriations over 
whirl! the ni.'i\'f'r lias no control, and 
$:'.Ono,OOn additional this year because 
. f a Uepublican law compelling the pay- 
ment .■< back taxes in two years In- 
stead nf three. Add these Items of addi- 
tional revenue up and you will find 
liiat Mr. Curley's ."tatlonary tax rate 
means the expenditure of a. great many 
millions more thnn his predecessor had 
In his last year lu office." 


Cllhu 11. ;Uone, assistant United 
district attorney, and target 
for snnie of Mayor Chirley's radio 
speeches, said nf a rally In Balom Last 
Mlf;lu that (.'urley Is an "Inverted klans- 
inan," and tirediefed that tho mayor's 
"appeal to tho lowest Instincts of racial 
and religious prejudice" would be re- 
niidlated by the votem. He repeated 
Ills rharKo that Curley In office ha."! 
never shown friendliness toward the 
.Tcwish people, and has discriminated 
sKalnst them In making appointments 
to .office. ; 


OCT. ^.^ 1324 

ew Keith Vattdeville Home 
to Be Finest in the Conntr} 



Attacks "Parsimonious*' Pol- 
icy ot Republicans 


Will Cost Three Million --/;-^::„-"--r:„-,.J,-: 
and Only New York Hip- 
podrome Will Be Larger 


r ■ — m-m^i 

NEW KKDFORD, Oct. 25— Charg- 
parsinionious policy of 
tiiii Rcpubiicun party was in large 
inieasui-e responsible for the strangu- 
lation of cotv.ineree and the stifling 

flro sU:tlon properly Is •«ant'!d. 

protecting: the 

rablc. ntlgh- Ing that th 

bora" tlmn for anylhinc cLs". hrt hiild. 

The new Htnicture will bo built enllroly 

within thp limits of the pri'sonl HoKtoir 

h'heatrc, whli-h ivlU br razed aliiiMOt in - , . , , .. , n n ^ „„,! 

t" ciiilrety. Ot industry, and that the silence and 

%&),-. of the prop.'riy "111 rnaijie tho^evasion of Alvan T. Fuller stamped 
iclty to go forward at oace with coa-jhim as a pacifist, slacker and enemy 
Isti-uotioii of thf loiiK lalUeil-of fire head-j-^f free government, Mayor Curley 
iquaricra hi a strategic position over the,tonight appealed to largo audiences 
jKubuay liu-lln.. at Tromont street and jjg^,, and in ]'"n!l River to defeat for 
'shawniut avenue. After the j'240,ooii Is g]gp{j(,j, (j^q Republican candidate for 

(ire stuiloii, about 

A new B. F. Keith theatre, thci,j,,p,|^,(, t,, ,1^. ,-.ew ure,, "■'":"'iGovernor. 
finest vaudeville house in the coun^ ?n'-'."00 win be required for the entlrei ...j,,^^,,^, '^^^ ,j,,,„ „,ajor isst^es beforn 

trv la to he prected on 'thft site of'"'"' '' ■"'"" "'"''"'' "^'•- •"*>■'"■';';""''■- the electorate of Massachusetts tipon 

try, IS to be erected on tne sue OI, j^_, ^.„| ,j,^^.^, in„„eaj„,ely available. ^.j^j^.^ ^^^^ opponent as a. candidate for 

the present Boston Theatre as a: .Mayor Ourley will submit to Ihe cm Governor f-hotild make public tleclara- 

nrlal fo ihp lafp B F Keitrt '■'^^"""■'' t"'"^"-'""^^' *'"' l^nd.r nuide b> ^^g„ heUm anyone can .lusllfy Mstlns 

onai 10 tne laie a. e. iveur^ ^^^ T,arscn. with the reeoninieudalio. ^ ^.^^^ ,,, ,,,, ,,ehalf,-' .•■aid Mr. Curley. 

e Matlon Oil .vi.i..<un Mir-.-, i,ii..i v.. 

w headiiuarter.s Ih completed. P~ D 
Tbe mayor point;: out. in Ills mc:--:.r,S 

further aUvantug. 


and his son, A. Paul Keith, accord- ihat the sale be approved at once 

, ^ i. J ' B I'' Keith nianaKeuienl has agreed t 

ing to an announcement made yes- ^^^j. ,„„. ,,i,y n,e ?2io.noo as soon as tiv ;j,j,^. j,,,^,j ^^^,,^„^ 

terday afternoon. couft. ll ^doptN tli. order .nnd to permi 

„,,.,.,. ^ , .. ,1,^ ,.itv to continue as occuiiani:' ol th' 

Plans for the Btructure arc yet In the J^^^ i.y.^n,,n on .M.-..son streei until th 

making, but Robert a. Larsen, ecncral ^^ ^^ ' 

manaerer of the ICelth theatres In Bo.s- 

ton, revealed uome of the outstanding to tne council that 

^ ' l„ Hie bBrsaln^irlll be the iKlrlltloii of 

features of the. project. \r,„,„no „nn.i;.i ucem.- lo lli., ci' 

\ MORE THAN 3 MILLION iiiroui;b Ihe erection by th- Keiths o 

I The amusement house will cost fully ,, ji'.doii.iiou jiniperty. The purcha.«i 

$3,0n0,n0O antJ will surpass In matt- price is about JIO.OOO nljove the assossei 

nlflcenco the Cleveland theatre of the value. P ~' i} .,, ,., 

J, . ., .,. a 'liie lew central flro Kl.ation will re 

Keith Interests, now adjudged the finest |,,J,',; ^'^p' fire station on Church btree 
vaudeville house In the United States. ^ ^\.,-.|i y^ (),,■ Mason streil statloi 
T'orformanc.cs will be of the type given now iKMisinc tr.Klnes 2G ,ind nr., enablin 

at tho New York Hippodrome, the bet- jipparalus to arrive »\;'.'7^'"'""," .,':;'", 
' ■ ,,j In niueh short, r time than at pi. -sen 

tf.r clans and more elaborate nets, witl^ .;.,,^., ^nuHtion of the Mason street st.-i 
the supplementary news and toplcs-o{- li,,,, has Ioiik been a topic for .'onipbun 
the day reels, common to Keith theatres, liy tire ■! -nartjient oflicials be.tau 

While the Beatlnif caji.iclty has not'"" '"''"'"■,"''' 'il, 

, streets, cloKS^a 
been decided upon yet. It Is Itnown it,|.i|.];pj yolilclcs. 
j will be at least three times that of the t>n the voi.f ..f the proposed statio 

present Keith theatre, next door onUiH •- ^' ^'i-'"' .^■■■''■'■•"ieVV^''»''''; •-•"''• ' 
j .,, ,. ^ .Vir.'.ted siiaisht d.iwu rrenioiit 

j WOiihington street, and will be exceeded ^^^ ^.i,...,,. ,, y^;,y (,,r Ih.. app .rritus. Th. r 

i\ill also b.- a powerful siren on lb 

lYovision (or the entraii.-o anil exl! .^' 
ibwa.v canj at the propoiied site will 
.x.ilvt* a few minor ch.iUKes t.f a ch ir 
ter U<H said, will remc 

It 1 
:iitk-d in by nar;-o\ 
vith both inovirg am 

only by that < f the Hippodrome. 

It was In Boston Ihe B. F. Keith 
located his llrst theatre ,ind the present 
membera of the Keith Interosts, In car- 
rying out their purpose to erect here a 
playhouse which will be In the nature 
ot a shrine to his memory and that of 
his son, win spare neither money nor 
pains to niako It the most nmBnincent, 
beautiful Jind up-to-date of Its Itlnd In 
thfc United Statef, Mi. I-.iirsen declared. 
Work on the. project will be(jln after 
the completion of the ICelth theatre 
under construction In the old Henry 
Slegel building, at \Vf.:,nlngton and Es- 
sex streets. This will be probably early 
next spring. 

Contrary to rhe lmpr«.sslon created by 
the announcamont of Mayor Curley yes- 
terday that the Keith tnterest.-i had 
made, an offer of J:;40,00n for the land 
now occupied by the Mason street fire 
station, which adjoins Iho present Bos- 
ton Theatre property, Mr. l^rsen indi- 
cated that the additional property. 
obtained, will not bo utilised in the con- 
BtruoUon of the new UM'trf. 

''"'"Thri first Is th.- Ku Klux Klan. i'h 
second is the restoration ot cominerce. 
the attitude oi the 
Kepubllcan • machin- t..>ward."i the in- 
mates of state institultons. The fourth 
Is Mr. Fuller's record." 

Senator "tValsh reviewed the p.=!rt he 
took in various Investigations after the 
■ignlns; of the armistice, as a r. suit of 
which, he said, returning American sol- 
diers were aided. "But I did not BtoP 
at Inve.stiKatlons," he said. "In ih^ 
sarly years followiuK the -n-ar, one of 
th-' chief Ki'urces of complaint among 
jlKabled \eterans was the red tape r-i- 

fuired by the government in i.r.ninic 
hat dls.-iblllty or disease received in 
the service wa? of service origin. Affl- 
pavlt.-!, e.xanihKitioiis and re-e.\nmlna- 
tions were reqnlre.l ad Infinitum. Tliou- 
oands of cases were held up for weeks 
and months and many vtccnms died 
awaiting proof that their disease was 
connected with their military service. 
"In pre.sentinc; tills situation to the 
Senate, I an amendment to the 
Sweet bill provldins that any veteran 
found to be suiterlne from tuberculosis 
treei or neuro-psvchiatric (nuuta!) disease," 
wUhln three year.s aft.-r Ivls di.'^charpe 
.(from tho service should bo presumed, 
iTiithout any further pro. if, to have 
. contracted It In the service. After a 
splrlti'd debate In the f^enate, the 
,,. amendment wa,.« adopted. I w-a.q then 
."■" appointed a member of tho committee 

O'ter, U<H said, WUl rem(;'.e 111. /-■■ ■- - -11.,,. ,„ „n,l si,,„Kt,. 

u,slKhl»H,<«slfLh" P>-<-^-^-='l '>-""l«' •^l',';""^'-'-"';'''" "/ '.*!" ; '.u ,1 n were 
n.-.U. ]*"enHt,e r-ubway wa.- beini; which "«t'^l'f\ ''^% '''"^„ V ; .\ !' 'm 
„„1, M- f..upft..t:.^v,s f,.r a in-story passed by each branch lit c., n- 
.,,•l,p„■■ w, r,. lit.1 -.nd tb.'s.. can now.lmittee there was a more difficult hght. 

utilized for the pro)).JSed buil-Jing. lljes conferees of hot) 
""" mtcil want. dhi>"ised to the amendii 

inderstood tlc-\t tho .Kiev: 
.•lure li.eic. 

bul as lie 


both houses w. re op- 
nient. I Anally w.<n 
(and the amendnu-nt became iaw. An 
icifflclal of the veterans' bureau stated 
.nder the control of the ithnt the amendment settlcl Instantly 
L commission the space ij.-.npo pendinK claims of v.teran.s wiio 
lire he.adquarterr. fj^.^re .suffering from tuberculosis or 
jlieuro-psyclilatric diseases. Thousands 
lef v. terans have sinci benefited by 
(('.is in-esunu lion of service origin. 
Tie pliins as already prepared show "^ ^jnce the urlf^iial act the time has been 
l.uildliif with a 40-foot frontase. So ^eet ^,,rii,er exteiidi'd. 

Ill depth and wilh a breadth of 90 feet i "The happiest memories of my pub-- 

llc service will he ot the niessntres of 

property comes 
iiiiinlclpal Iran; 
\.,as r.^si'rved I 


the rear, exposed on all four .sldra to 
T!ic main floor is planned 

^hl an. I air. 

appreciation and hand clasps of Kratt- 

ttid." from the veterans and the niutor ai'paralus. urr.ansod In fan JbipcBlnKs of Ihe mothers of the men 

shop., and hea.!. .1 towar.l the door;, ;whlch have come to me as a wonder- 

, , , . „.,,, „„,,. , J .,, ifHl recompense my work. If there 

ready for a <,ui.'.> .'.in. I he paliol dehi. I»'^|^<^f ^^_^^^ ^,^„^^ ^^.,.,^j, ^.„,„j ^^^^ ,„^ 

and lire al.trn-. liistrumcr.L board will b.. i , j^,^, o,T.nva.«.i for ro-electton tn the 

(f In .. .ir.^r I 

i'h. r.. will 
i Ihe centre t 
j rihawniut av 

bn In my c.anva.«.i 
.. ie.-c.-l booth at t!i6 fio..;. ;.j,,iiHte. it Is the prospect of tho further 
I. a hose-dryun; tower In jopportunlties which would be given to 
. -ir and a work shop on the icontlnuo my efforts in behs'f of those 
eoue Kido. tho sacrlfloed »o freatly tar tJ>« ••• 

jtloa'al welfare." ^. ,^^,ia,-wsl*i4^»iBia* 

FLAY G. 0. P. 

tlK> D„ ;; ;,„ l^-"'" ""= '^"•■'3« wou!,i ,r., tof"'"in a vo(V ,;i "'" ''"'"'■ '''"'■■' "'"""" 
si.,, 1 /^ ^"v 1 he wouui cur-' (ho Tl„. r, approxinmielv ::Si«i. 

Walsh Hits Immigration Bill U-o tJ:^:''"'"'' '^ '-'■"•" -' a.n.t 



r f ii'.al r.' ""niuu<.-.i Plain '"e^"* as (o .s«rvn >i. *[, . f 

ford Thnatro thn iV '" - - 


Iress Series of F we pBH'sE!rS;;;iF;---' '- -^'^'S 
eetmgs m Ureat 
er Boston 

•i"ors, lina! 

Hnthusi.isfic receptions were pivcii 
y<-sU-r(hiv alic-rnonii |,, S.-iuiN.r DaviW 
'■ \\,il,!, a,nl M:,XMr Cur;,-;, vhcii 
llu-y .Kl(i:X"-,-cd ,, M-n\-.s ...i l),;iu(v 
^rr-.iiir lUffiiiigs ill n-c tlu'atr.s about 
I Greater Boston. Tlu- Sitialor dis- 
; cu33CCi ur.uiigiMiii.i] ..mi I,,., jiigj-, 
1 rents and sIiortaRc of liomcs in rela- 
tion to the tarilf. vvliile the Mavoi, 
anioiiK other topic 
campaigii and lii. 
office of (iovcrnoi-. 

'alui ';;:"; T't: "■ '■"•"- i^'o a,:;;;;:;;'; '•-•■■•^ti^n (;o.n„,,„; ■" '"■" ■- -' 

ic.rlai,,', ,„■,'" "'"' " '"'■"■■^ '"■'■■"It to J^^'"" l>«cauw. of the :i«.,K,n ,„.«■ vol,.,-, 

i "'■ ''•■■•lur.-d tl,at .,„. ■,. ',T *','"■'' enrolled tliemseiv. , s r,c. 

"<>"-« on but , J '"„:', ''r'/"'"' '"■ ""^/■■""arl.s. additional v.un,.- ' , 
fewer !■,„,.-, .s 1,1.;;. '".•"^"■'' nieanH PHrtmenta mim ,,(, i„st-in,ri ' 
«n,l ,.n„ .l,,.\-'^r' 'iVr-^.t^'"""-"*- "f the 274 votins plaee I > 1 ■ ' V"" 
^•H"n.,l liav. ih. ,H , "^ population ; work requires cons t.,^ "• '"^ 

Pnssr.ssert In tl„. i l''*-'^" ""'■ ha\oiwili eo. ,„?„ i »uporv,s,on and 

pron,.,.,,. ,;" !i-'..."''«t "f cwnlnR a, little j ,aw 8(10,^?'' ,''""'''■'='> '3°"-"-«- Tho 

I law stipulates that each voting nlaee 
must alford one eo,npartn,e„t lo^- , vol y 

^"•'ax not 

Biame, Tariff for Conditions 

- ""^ '"""" '"'i'-Jer. and r.n, 

[of Wass 
■'i l-'"rdn.n -.\re. •„.;,i,.'!.^ ,*' "•'^.'-™"«truet 


inl. s ,,f 

tallfed on the '''m s ..a i,,, 
I'onent for tlic ''^'"-'''"' 

\ elanee ;,( ,,,,, ; ^ ,„. 

'"V'y be prop.-rly eheek,.,i 


"3 voters In the preelprt. 

Tliree hundred hlank tiiirf, i 
At ,.a«t M Ur. appn..uion. ^vlli';^ 


tl^e home precnet „,■ ,he aJ-uu" ^n 

iiniher tarilf law sii,, I i" .T ""^^■^""i, „, r i„:. 

" - - at ";',!:'!''*"■"<'" "ay. so that the n 



Uf,'aiji^l a p. ill, I niany men 

"■nst and iu,,,!,', 

■'hero can bo no"" 

I Vi; nil 

ill thn old days, 

'lie JXpdl.y 'ci 

they didn-l ahs-ajs put np a tai, 

Hut tl,.^ r„„|,-si light, r or ihat ,vl.ol 


"'"^y!"'^V. sanitary p;;,,;;;; booilis, hl'Tn ward ^oo^"'^^'!!^ .. ^■"^''e 

"I'lncH. - ■"■.iuiin;h; and six in i)ri,"it'^',V '""^"^ 

I May.,|. .•uri.y in n, ,r,o p;r eon ' a^ j^; ^ -' W ^.^Zt ^;;!V-"'« . '"adl?^ p h„ "lUr'Tf"'- VV^ 

, ,, Prod- 

Tho preat 

K'ass, luni- 

.r liKliter than lh<' 
ain r.iT- C,<tvi:rnor. 


PUbllcan eau. 
van T. I'liIPr ■ 

■I'll.: .Maj..r H..;ain ni.-nllon.-.d a .■ir- 
eular ,vM,-i, h.. .said .Mr. Fuller was 
sending ..ut t.K]a.^, adv..catinp hK'V.M ,- 

l'-uller's> ,.|,.elio„. i aus,. I„ was pr.-s- 

'■nt and v,,to.l .„, ;,ll tho l,ni'...rtan: 
bl^ll.i- (ini-lne his I. .nil in i ■.,, 

"He Is s.-ndinK out 5i»i/)...i ,,f Hiesf " 
'leelartd III, si...aio.r, -and I was for- 
tunnte .-nounrli to get an a.lvan.-.. eopv 
It means f.00,fwi lies in one nu,ii. If tli.. 
pulili.'an eandidat,. is <-..n,-,-t when 


pUU_m4 Council Refuses to causi-' 9^^ 

Inquiry Into CurJey's Funds | 

Counnnor Lane's imj^^iS^,,,,!' 

Firemen's Contributions Meet, with Tie 


I lie says that h,. visited and inspected 
more .^tat.. institutions than anv other 
l>it.utciiant-(;ov.-rnoi-, th,.,, i,,, i^^ ,,,,. 
.'^IH.nsil.l.. f.„- M.e cTulili,,,,., i„ ■,|,o3,. 

I plac■.-^ lo.lav ■ 


"52 Deaths hy Violence " 

a I;, r 


Tin- ...n, al;. ,■ i|,,.,, ,.|,,,,| 

man who was s,-ald..,i to death jifi,,,- 

PeinK ali.,w..d 1,, n-nn.ln four hours in 

a hoi wat.r l.ail, :,i 11,,. Danvers KtaI.e 

1 osp.iai :.„.! ,..i„i„,,d nv.U the salaries 

'1 th. etteiidanis i„ these hospitals had 

""'" ' 'It lo NU<..h a low point that II 

wa^ Iniposslhle 1,> Kct decent help, 

there have be.n r,2 deaths by violence 

m the .state Hospital," he said In snin- 

niniK up this phase of his addr.s.M .'if 

e-leclBd I will liunianizi, Iho...- in..H,,, 

tlons." '"" 

Mayor (■,.,|,.y stated that he realized 
wher. ho first .started his ca,npalR„ ,or 

Mayor Approves Vote 
of City Council 

Polling Places Will Open at 
6 A M as Usual 

nir ^, GLOBr 

Many Changes Forced bj{ 

lucreased Eegistration 

ces In T^'sWiTi ^71* 

''ennclllor naniel W. 

Lane, the only IJe- 

The Voliiiif pi 

"Pen on elecli„„ 

•iViioV.,; ^ "' '"aner how blKh the, ' " "" <iecii„„ n„.y. .\ov i f.,,,„ , 

this effftotw *'J«o to 

e , .st'inr;he"r'" '"' '■"'"-■•days .sess o, , 

Iieen soltelled to V n '^'"l""^*''' had 

,,-PrIeys';;;L;:J„J:,,;7:^-;;;^'o Mayor 

I liari been obliged to w ,rk in hu "'' 

if The order failed of pa^sa^e ' ^''^ '^'"'™- 
ji <,ouncillor I,ane hiot n, 

;;;;u ;,e voied .or :he^.;rbe™'- 

I n I,..^elf. p,„.oell, froa.urer of 

-• ., .nay oral eampalKn and now 

,"■•,.''"" '•''""■"•'' to support the 

'- V-JutVsutr'I,™''^"-"-"^ 

Lane with his support. 

\Vhen CounelUor Wnt^or, , 
l>ane of acting ent.reiv o" .X^r:" .^r. 
read m the newspapers h,. "."""„ '7 "'^° 

).;• thought it was ^Ju^to^V; fa ::::! 
ilalate to a.ssess the iirrm,,,, , 

port wa.s that (ho Hremen had r-~^ 

ThV'reUrh^d-.''"^'''^'' •^''"' ''^'«" '""^■ 

surprl.sed Mr. 




Building at White and Brocks Sts Will Contain Assembly Hall Seating 1000, With Stage and ;:;^, 
Dressing Rooms Big Gymaasiunn Also to Be First Floor Feature 

Cost to Well Exceed $1,000,000 GLOBf 


■i-wfi '-^ 

1 .ri 

'*, 'Sijs:/ 


«rasw^- -. 





Tlw lifw lii^h si'l I hiiildni^ I'M- East I boys a iiO cirls. <lomt\stii" sri^ncr. .--cw- ! roiinis and showers for Itovs and Kiiifc , s 

toi-iT'ioniK. A froe-hanil uiid nic'liani- 

l'"siii]i is tci !..■ Iiiiili 111 ihf rorner ofiliift, niiHiiiPrv .iml clMssrcfiiiis fur eirl.-). ' '" ""^ bastiin'm The Kyiiiiiashiin Is ' r:il drawing rnmn and l.'i < lassriM-ms, 
■v\lut.. and lii,ml<s S..S ,,n a ItUh ,,l,.va- I ' 'n axis with iIm- .vnlral ontranrr will |,ail\'Jni>j' I'lniuriK iiark and si„' I with tearlu r.-' rooms, will >r,nii)k-to this 
llc'H ..v,.rlo.)kln« iho liarUor. Thr lot ; I'O 1 ho ha:i. aocommr.dallnsr On ,hf- srcMul fl..ur will I,,, the, i The biiildinK is to »»• fli-riuoaf tlifoiifrh- 
has a Irontase of STv) ffoi on While at i " ^'^"' ""'■"'H'' ntodi-rri slat;.' n nd di-.s». mastor's room and ImKlll) (.ttiro oon- mil. Th.^ fxtpi-ior Is lo ho .% inortfin 

and ;1W1 feet ein Brooks 

■I'ho srhool ; 

i.iK rooms. , irally tho Ulirary, hookk.cDlnK and ; adaplaliou i,-: Tudur arvmtfcHiro of 

will >,rrvii„ .. .,. , , ,■ r ,.■„> i. '*' "i"^''""'' ,"■*'/ '^ ^' "■•"•""1 I Mat 1 tv i>f V. ritMiif rooius, sliirlv iooni.s. oom-U.rlck, with sior,. ,'::iiio^. duolns and 

will orcwde aooommndatn.ns for lf.O) I, may h.-usi-d hy tho community « 1th- m-rcial lifoeranhv and diswiav roomN. ^ trim, i .vi^r th., initial ontrniu-o will be , 
niiDllH. mnrf, ■.Ml, i_iass,.s. ,u 1 he ami tdassrooM.s. | a ,nirv«l sl,.n,> Uv window fiank,.d by i 

The (tround door wi:i ooniain vvood - I ' v'/, "Lm," "rf" < wid, -nrt ii^% '^ , ' '>'■>'".■■'>, ""O"- ^viM crovldo chomps- ; two o.Mawnal towers of bri.-k and slon<>. 

^,, ' .,, fl,.if^ ; VI ■ > r , ,T, . Im" ^"''[ "■'■ I'l'v-""-"' •«'"1 '"<>l"Kt.^al iMhoratorlfis. , John M. C.rav .Comoanv aro tho archl-; 

Miop... room^ rnrjicMi!,'. intPrid Troni two oorrldors and .iml i Ipni'^nlar' ;-'|. noi' rooms - : 

liM'iire i*nom. v\ll alioraiories wl 

us and ' naiiy. 

Im Kround door wi:i ooniain wood 
wurkinc and marhin 



OCT ZS.]1U^_^^^ ., __, 

FamiTies four War Vessels and Watch 

Mnrfnf^ ^nd Rliifi^rkfts: Drill- — Cnvprnnr 

A.I JIL »1frA AAA ^«_^ **r AA «« A-^ A %«. '^^^ •^ ^^ AA, ■mr ^0^ A-»- ^ «,*.*. TM» X^ T '^i' A AJfc xj- --■ 


And Mayor IMake Addresses 




wjr. . . 

aitiliVt ^ll6lW*i 


i.A i 

, ■^i ^i^t- 

Top— Civil War luivnl vetorans, left, tu liKliI, (ii'orge Oallalian, 
Poter O'Connell, David King, T. Gi-imell, J. .1. Slmolum and T. 
Prenli s, CcnUir— lUiicJackelH paHsiiig in review. Hottoni — f)u tlio 
reviewing iini', left, to rlglU, ('oiiKrcssnian I'otor Taguo, Mayor Curlcy, 
Rear Adinira! de .Stelgiu'r and Capt Felix I'lcisfi of tlio Arfjiait.iiio 
ba^tlfesldp UlvadaTSa. 



Co ntO'. 





_m(!rlca lias Uio i""»v>-» -sini adlicre 
oastlino lu tli- wovl<l \^« ^-V.ansirt.T- 
o th.. „ar«im<H,i.nm 1>" 2, ,V when w>' 
lie our lUily acconipli^ln-" y^' 
;;fvo pLs.rt judgment on Jf '-■?';;"> t,';';^; 
.ioiiH i.f the Naval »'';"! '!"^le tis- 
■eU'Kaio.l It) the lil':s u£ Ul« wahti, l i» 
u'l nportB r<.i.r,-s,-.nU.ig , study, pa- 

iriotism and lli.^ ,'"'';"" ,,'"' "V trust 
potualion of tv,-,' lnstructlm.^. I «^' f ^ 
the dav- will '-onio when the QiK''" 

tho 'ihlrd annual nbaervancu o£ N-J^y 
Day In accordance with the lAan fol- 
lowed yesterday all over U- ^'uiU-d 
i=tate,3 every phase of the locpl NaNy 
Yard was open lo in.spectlon w'th'^^' 

nlanations l,y tl,.. „mcers in chaige.and 

two addre««cs ivere dwivereo, .u ..^■- 

7.nZ 2^::r:u.L .. .•..rhy. .,^^^he Uay wu, ;;o,ne^.o.„ ;^;^ ,, ^^^r 
several Hiousand persons visile- , ho ^l eve^v other consideration m c <, in. 

xwvv Yard dur.nB the day. NM-le ,,^,^,i ,,„3rt o£ the lawniaklni, l.o<ii. s oi i 

families ean.e, babies perched on .he.r thi» ^^J'';;^- ,„ „„ ,,^m'.c s. nllment I 

greasy intcruu-H of tiic II, t,tm lartjo 'other Nation In »'", ''unV ,s dedicate ^ 

nundred Uoy •^^'l"'^, ;, '','V,,„nv' C'ounoll, ■ ■■Let us, each and ^i'" "f,"^; 'i^f ' ,his 
delegation f>-°'"., V . ,ic; rd. 'ind, after iourBelves to th,. ' .'•1>>'^'\* "^f, ,.?,nipant 
one lonoseout 1 1 ' -^1 ^^„^j„n trooi.s. 1 spirit of pacihsni " h'';^'' '*■ i,. dee our- 

as far as posM 1( , ' ,,,^,,, ,,,-,. ry- (,,„se throush which ' " "J ' 'V eaiitn- 

the opportu.iit>, ■''.'> ji j^j^, guns, to safeguard lo postei it J .\niejic^ii|L_n 

thing, 1"'"; .^X-lines for I'ccling po-lstlttitlons.'' ,-- -^ > 

^'""'■^■, iri,,vidi the noon meal was 
U" ">"l''';:;;!;M^fact that sahi« 

?^;r^ii;^]^tii"^^"^^ ^?^»^ '' -^^1 

^^'^AJvan T. '["^'-■,-Li^''''hI"^-"l 
the Governorship, " ■ uepubHcan 

thrown overboard 'y I' >- -^^. ^.,i, go 
party in the past -' "O" '"i^ki and Hweep 
„„t of Boston with 12.'^)«'^,^^^;\valsU 
the Stall' for <'uii«'y, i^t.'i"\" 
and the entire pemocratle^Hc^.J.-^. ^^^^j^^. 1 
8enat<n' vvaisn lua.-** -•■-- ,- given I 
Mavor lurley and he was also B' 

evations at '^^'''■y .^^*'T' , ..,h,* can't he 1 

•■Thev tell you that ' 'irlcV f;'' ,,,,„_. | 

Mected r.overnor because it is a ! lesl , 

.i„l ,.,-ir" the Senator said, v\ en, 
ilential year, ,;*',,,,„„ ,^vere elected 

in Presidential years and < un. y 
be elected this year. 

Walsh Queries aitlett 


, i'l 


preparation "■"■.,:-,«„,, was 

tho ^^'«-^y »'"„h eken fruit, vegetahles 
,,y the roast <ii kern t^,,.,,,,.,, tho visl- 
„ .,ri other good tnoiB- 
uVrs saw in preparau..... 

Marine Ctirps 

luVioi,' the- day 1 
Marine Corps, ic 
tions of first 
head and did 


In Drill t'']? i 

,,,,,, ^v.■re ilrilis by the | 
iures i-.nd (lenionstra- j 

„. airplanes How over-^! 

turns at frenueni inter- |; 
■n tori 

polls on Nov 4 and you w!vo 

u" .1, , ns' of the ballot no^c-' 

^;„ ' e unUl y^n see them ^-'^^^■^l 
know what happetied in the Lodg -C as 

V-r"^iJiu.rti:e,^\.;^"tnh;t5te until 


}:,r^c^^ra;o 'u|hl.wouMdrive^,h.; 
■Klan from the fataie was (oc.itj 
!"'sema;;r'"walsh. candidate for reelec- 

CT. 3 1 . 1 ^4 -[!• X^'r^^or. a^u^^Ji^. -:•"-'■' -■" 

""" "'ofrtsk Mr GiUett whether he supports 


iirL;,. decreases ir; the tax oi mu.-e » ""«• 
la!!,i O"-' " sii,, ,«i,3 a year or more and 
'""nu'r ecre ses n taxes of those 
^^Itl^^'h^^m^i ate less than HO ,000 a 

i ''''■"president roolldgp threatenedj<) veto 





.„,„ .),e ineraham Cluh was oi 

""' 'i on,i movies duriuei mc an 
dancing and mo\ a eoncert 

noon, '^ >•'=,. ''2^«^ •'lal, and a Ufe- j 

''"'"■'l Hr'ill b'y tiie Coast Guard, during 
saMiig drill by un ^ thrown 

which a >"T"' '"To the Tl s S. l''l'n-»>a| 
anra-M-^' PI ^^n -,.eke.s,' 


r uiici 

Mavor tnar&s 
Deserted by G. 0. P. 

North End Presents Painting' 
to Gandldate and Wits 

^-^g-acior'Vor -peace and a strong ^ ^^-^ 1 ^924 _^^^^^ ^^,,_,„^,^ 

^";j:;r':iaVr'pr:^ram '^Xinated a, 4 | WbIsIi QUCStlOllS GlliCtt OU^^^,^ /:„;,er De'. 

n„ wl en Mayor r.nlcy was escorted „ -o, Ma^or furley sai. 

From nty.Hali t;:jr.^ri.i^^^oZl McllOll TftX Pkll : :'Ke,iabic reports 

whlrhd I'-.r'- 

Pill which <'hanKed the ■■a<''non' 
(P., Mil drafted I'y .Secretary -Mellon, 
;i'pi liis tlircat ot a veto \va» used m 
M] attempt to prevont anv cnanges oi 

hose rates Yet th" Mellon hill could 
n'ot"".'o!r'in'aTid 'the siipport of the jeaders ^ 
of the President's own party in iiej , 
ll<uise of Hepresentatives, presided oxer, 

,';"Mr Ulllett. .Among the hrst to d- , 
I, ounce the Mellon rates was .Mr Greeiie 
f owa the Republican chairman ot 

'%\>Mer'e udd that if 'n-, ^'™mons j 
Iiemocratic bill was passed there ould, 

^,,;'*-i;::s:;e^i;^;:n;.''i;:^h,gs,i^that hei 

^•ould no, si^n ',!- ^I^iji-'^i^l^lli^r'i" 
It; taxes were •'*"'", ,„,:ir kdjusted 
^^':l;^l:;'ns!;;ion :";;,' VuV'^ave a^argel 

SUiplUs. i 


1„. rickets' liand and delegation's 
i^-ou "niany and vcter.n.>^,^ 


1 cheers. _ ^j^^, step'- belov\ 

""^"'",",'',hI w'lb Ke,,r Admi 

' i'"- ' 'ile S e '' ucr. -mmandant of the 

I.ouis de ,^ ';,-', Yancv Williams, cap- 

'^'»^y ?;.•{•,■'?■ t 'apt PcllP" l'^l"'« "f 
tain ol "",,,,' ,.,,,ieshin Uivadavia; 
the /^"'"V,i (^.o■. ' aosley of the 
^."'t u an "iVb. T.ig.ic ,'n,d reviewed 

•'VaV-'^ii/l'io ■-,■',';,;',-; ,'|;;„/',?rTb: 

:;So^'d'af "- I-c K>' - ^••irhuiiding 


ley. Mr;" ' „'". ...ip.s'' eonnected 
",""'vnvv V', d a'.d Mayor Curley bini- 
,be Navy ^ .'' ;, • ,1 .ipp.allnK nut ouly 





Trihiite U> Roosevelt 

uRh Ibn 
lestown to 
to Si.atll Boston. 
iind was greeted 
.oulliig aud'ences i 
ain ! 
iptlma:e, familiar 
,ld his hearers that I in' »'"- 
,n,paign has fallen tbit ..nd 
..,b,.i,- freud. .lim Gurlcy 
|!,.. Governor's Coii". 
, agr.'cd wilh ill in oc- 
erywhere he went Ic^ w:i- 
efore he spoke 
„eie inierrupted 

■Iteliable reports eeceived this d a y j 
rr.op liepnbUcan sources Indicate th.U 1 

;::";';;; o::n:.-v-- ebv,ing Mva,, r, 

Kpuer as t-=ov;'"o; -,;!;;-,' i;v"v:w: 

strength >':v^,'";; ,,',■';, ■\',';"rr,1verno,- as 
Pemocrntic canunian ' ' , „,,,, ,.„. 

•■^"";""'" r\nb:. h Id' o is liVhaif m ' 
Ihuslasm at rail!' s U' lo 

I " 



Is r. 

.r himself 



, for "he 


n^lnutes with cheers and ai'l'lau.^ 
",, was a .--"ics -jf the old ts.h ^^ 

■■You tell ""■ •','^,,,0, " an his »u- 
Women were ''"""l'' "". "^ thev stood a 
niences. Tn .'"■V'>,,I^^'. '" \n i stairways 
,,o7.en deep m !;','j'Ye,n- .Tim Gnrley's 
wiiere locv '■'■;:;■. allhouKP 





n 1. 

,.;,'\ i^p/S-«"r;''or the blrn, of 
"that ''".,■.'!;„„,.. .\morlcau should he 
Sreat "'"'',*-.■., w I>av. It Is Theodore 
BPt »!'■'" ■'"'■ -^ve must thank for th<' 
Koos<-vel ^ '">'', "ehtnade possible an 
stronsr, N»\* Y, \ ner l-a and for the 
''^f' "' '.'.^aSl,< «. rid which dlscl.,sed 
trip arouWar" ii The i.oonle of .\nier- 

Mrs Curley Also Cheered 

""• ,„,,„, i,v Ills wife, who 

He was acconiiianled nv 

was given ovations 1 

lady of the State. 

Hchool. N^rth Knd -.-^ _ ^^ ^„, 

...pre proBented ^ '";„.?„ .'Jj Ion wn« ap- 
t«dolp.». Th«^,PJ.,«en.aU 

'Si Mayor th* nk»«' *"* >i"<"-' 

ourse tinalU 

and ini ■ ■ . Yf ..,„n<)Vment for tlie 

which cont nail.v ','//."'' „-,,rt with the 
worker Is " . , ' '^2<„':'iLralion 

po-Unee for Goveiuov Iron! pubo. > 

private life.', ^ ll,^'^"l'■i rite for 

„ '■'"..'^''irH.'^um' P senW an'une.- 

,',::,:.,'op ortunllv for the presentation 

,;:r,';e ,in^ncial,accompllshno^.s^,cd the 

Gurley arnmms.i." ,•■,;;'; ,,,,i,lie n 

„oo,,Hnnitv to convey to the pnma .■ 
j ''.''Jl:,!.''-;,'"l!;,es,ructlve progress unparai- 

iri file 

nif ijialil iefi. 


ry of 'Anierlcan 

,^., the next llrs'. 
At Michael Angelo ^ 
Mr and Mrs Curley | 


..,^™uH-,,„Aa«aiBi^®«''''*'*''*^ ■"«reoS3''iin-Amerloan '"•?«"'''''jU'p2t>» the 
lii^iaKt s"f?^g» xffhtlo "The pacniifl vital. question iire«J» 

„ Mea *rMn»t "■ '*"" ex,Hte„A of all tho p«,ple of M»f J??aci 

PBits. Tt may bo. said to .h" 'n^^!;,^,,,. 

&U.ody ar«u.. that the ccun U d.a no n^--'?"^,,::;^^^ fail^lt" 


; wf^'Ai D 

Move to Have Fin. Com. Go 

T,^4rv Ac-QP^sinf of Lm- 

ployes Loses by Tie Vote 

[democrats EAGER 


r-pi, ...- , ^ .,,,„., iiiseuKs tins all-tmportant I'"'i-;;"''-'J^ 

•»< fair last week, and that hn dUln t oommorr,, and Industry mu ^ 1^ °.. 

ss ralr las. . ,,.,^„ „..js fall- this promr.tert thrmjeh front-rons an wise e^_ 

think l>ane'« resolution i\ah lai ^mndlfure of puliUr money. Ihn P"j;' 

„.„, obviously iu thn In- !„„„,„„<, ,„,il,.v of thn Hepublican P-iW 

'■ '!;• Funerf President Donoehue ,in this Commonw,^Uh I.^in m.;^«^- 

woa til s in larKH ■■.•—• 
,n,,r. President ^'""^"^■""; ' - ;';.';,f,-;;ii;io"f„r th,> -tranKnWlor, of 
, , hini.cir as first and foremost ;j^;^,^(,« and tho stminK of l»'^«Yhe 


I,e,noorat and, describing the ordor 

■"The third vital prr.hlo.n conrorns the 

nttltnao .of Ih.' K..puhlJ;'nn "'»'' ' "'i,,;"; 

ard tlifl inmalos of Stat« i"'^* t''''""",; 

as clearly aimed ^t >'"^"^^:_':\/:;^, 


pone any action was defeated, «vbU"> |,,^, ,,,,,„,,, of ,ho_trnj.wea^<,i ^t.,.^^.^.^^ 

UK clearly aimed ai i.-ui.t.-. .- - ward tlifl inniaies "r •"='<>'" '''„„„„„„ to 

^Lnlra he would not he a party *^^ \^J^-l:^^^:^l:;^^:^r ^^<^']^^^ ^-^ 
,^_, T.Ioria-tVs propoMtUm to P<">*- |';°j:;;;^';,'fp;,„„t. economical and hnrvm- 
.,,. . ,...,„ ,infentcd, five to I',;- ■•„,-_,„ of tho tnistcea (H 

.one any action was defeated, nvo ^-' ^^hs reports of mo " "V""", f < j whom i 
r The committ.. m^aliy voted, ,1vol.,™ m smut on s, j;-^[JV ai.^cf 

r ou^ .^ — mend to It.clf, f^^^^^^'^t^^!^^ ^7"^ "sjil^'^tiSn'^. '" " 
Z L Council, «.at th. order no. possihle ,hro,>..^^i^ ^^^^^^^t' 

/rvriAKJ *^ I ss, rlothiPK. metncii i"-!;"' ", „„- imnsinp. 

jSTl^nJqut it. ; ji- -;^:^a f c^^-^-;^r --- ^«;' ^^ -=i jS^Si^^ s> 

.terday over an order m- 1 ,„ lay the --»- r^ P T ? M Q 24 V;rnnTrJt?ne.nror.ho Poor, the slcic 
by CouiKilman Latie, its ^ L D I- U ^ • • -- • i ' "^^ , . nd tjio -"f-;'"''n"rm^osltlon Involved , in 

The Bos 

(halves yes 

Itroduced by Councilman Lane, i-r-. 
Republican member, calling on the 
Unance commission to investigate 
1 newspaper reports that city em- 
Iplove., bad been solicited to con- 
'' tribute to Mayor Curley'^ guberna- 
torial campaign fund and had been 
pressed into ««rvico as ^^orkers m 
his cause. 

Th. 11^ vote ^a., f^unsh to defeat 

,h, order, hut tlie -^"i'^''\t,X 
councllmcn were, plainly against t.sne, s 
'„,„ve, wi.ich they characterl".ed as a 
sharp polUical thrust. They were di- 
vided among themselve.s as how oes. 
to combat it. avo^-lrE that they ..anu-u 
to dispose of the motion so as to can.;e 
.Mayor Curley the least embanraBsment 



Voting with Councilman Lane for 
pa.s5:.aBe of the order were Conncllmen 
Healey, Purcell and Walsh. Healey ex- 
.plalned that ho voted for it because, 
since the charges had been raised, he 
thought the mayor ouffht to have a 
chance to defend himself. Councilman 
Bficl'lrv, who left i>ef"re tli-o ri..'..c,i:.. 
had voted against the order in execu- 
tive committee. 

Assails ruuei at nv.TT it--«h'''^^,-- 

.umnn<rreat?nenro7.ho poor, the sicic , 

"" r 7ounh"Tro';^oB't"?" '"T'rrfcn^- 

„„,, election is the wi.sdom of ph-c "t; 
T,„,r,«e^ 11. on tne .^gr.t throuKh 

--S^i-f ?e^;^n ="lj^^n->-^:j 

Bedford Raily 

m. mi. 

Apia GliaHenses Opponent to 
Take Stand on Klan 

Says Economy at Expense : 
of Wards Must Stop 

Special nlnpateh to the Globe 

NKW BTCDFOnn, Oct -K -"PavinK 

'^.??:;^n wS' mado-^hese 'charEes and 
• it; rm gresslonal Ttecord bears out the , 


.lames I^t. "-'"rlf^y^ 1 

■ ' I 

HERALD n0^bJ9 


Boston ca.<-l the Inricrsl vote in 

itfi history. Nearly 90 per cent, of 

j the 'M7.(');5fi rcEisterod voters went 

i to l!-.c polls accordinp: to estimate-, 

;„Kul.' vcFtevd.'iy. .Mthnuc'n (lefmitd 

the people's money In the Stnts at the. .i„..n. , , , i „ 

Intr.iductlon of ths order 

nupenso of onr 20,(100 wards must stop 

^" >Ioyor James M. ( hurley ol: Ho.ston, Dem- 

brought an immediate protest by Cuun- <,er.v„e candidate for tl,e Covernorship. 
brougnt an m ^ ^ ^^._^^^_j ^^ ^^ nemocratlc rally 

oilman Watson, who ''^\\l^"J'\ ^^^ „,t Kim Rink hero tonight. 
Ing only or. w"hat he had repd In the ^„^ ,,„^^„, „f ,,, 

and that anyhow there 

(lay or two, it .•ippearefl thai clo?e to 

i-Jl 0.000 citizens cast baQiC|ij''iLU 

-i'iie I 'urle.c- Fuller .si produced 
I tlie >;reate<j|. interest and was hel.l I', he 
I re^ponsilile in \sirK'- me.asure foi" th" 
' vize of the vole. Never before ill the 

H,. pealed cut.s In tuo iinaffnt ot uie „,7,,, oi ine %oi..-. ...v,-. „■.... 
pew.Mpapers, and that anyhow there ^^^^^^ institutions, despite the reports of history of the "l'^';""" j"-'/'"'' "';"',,f ''' 
wa« no need of calling the attention of ^^,,^,^^^ throuRhotit the State that I the '"'t'''^' '•»•':;;.'•'';, 1",'), :';„,!-X ^"'."erday 

the finance ;ommlssion to charges thus ^,,,|,„,,,, f,„„j<, ^^-oro noces.sary for i,o so lonp. i . ■• ■ 
Lne uni'i.-'j - . * .. .afternoon Ijeioi 

.^ „„ 1,1 fact to any rhargea relat- | proper care of the Inmate.", has resulted ", ; , . ,, ,,,. 

mane, or i (■.„,,^., in overero^dlnK, Htnrvatlo,i and deploy- 

ing to Mayor i.urie. . . v,„ „ ahlo c.mditions in tho institutions, he 

Councilman I.ane retorted that hlH or-. ,,),arRed. 

Mr <!iirley said in part 

'"ri,... — ....^ e...... .^,..1.^. 

der wa.s not aimed prlmarliy at any po 

Ittical activities hut that he thought tt t.iio eieclonite" or MassaolVusetIs upon 
; „i,„. too fiu- for a candidate to "whlcli my opponent as a candidate for 

I was going too tux loi «. ^ ^ fJovernor should make public declara- 

tion before anyone c.t,t'. .lustify casting a 
\oie In his behalf 

."^ , r tve riiiea reaulres in America ii fundnment.n! and any or- 

sfcui as KUsT>ension of the rules requir.s p,,„,.,^f,tion attempts to abrldK' 

if, two-tiiirds vote it failed of pass;.gr - ■ 
' 11V<1 "WHS referreCi 

loeR yesterday 
tiie eoiinl was com- 
pleted. All I he iiK.eliinery functioned 
smoothly, accordlnK to clly, and 
the delny wDs traceable entirely to the 
,miireeedenl"d numlier of ballots cast, 
(oupleri Willi the lateness ot the hour 
when "he polls cloned. 

'i he complete vote of tlie city is now 

tabulated with tlm exception of two 

prei-incts: I'lecinci 1. wind .1fi", and 

- ■■ In h"lli ra'-es the 

Inir r, .-Mrfl liookH 

life, lltiertv and the pursuit of liapplnesa Into '"',""'"'',', ,,,,, .. ,,,i li,ll..rl 
- ' ' nice, creed or colorj They had counted l!i,' ''■il'"';;- '["} ;"";/| 

j assess the firemen for getting tho two 

pla'oon system. " •-pf,",", ■H^st affects vitally the richt of| j;;,;.,,,',,,., ,-, wnn) K'. ' 

Oil l-;n^e-s request tor pfie.'^ase of Hie Anierican citizens to the en.ioymeiit of; . nfn, .,.,-., .eiil I 

' , „ ,i„„ .if ihe rules th.' '"'opstll utional RUiirantee.'.-. The rt!;iil to' ' 1,. . ,1,,,, ,-iei. 

order under suspension of (he luiej ^^^^ liberty ami ti. ->..."-«., it ,.f i, .,„,iTiesB,! Int.. in ;.di)ii,i. i. i 

■jneaBiire rece'ved five votes to three. ,vlt'hoiit rfgaril_ t 

t.i mlike the pvop. 
tliey Sf nt ill I'. Ill 
Th.-s.' liKUi' 

lie iioo1(s 

^ ^ , _,. Ill,, r, -lii'ii .leinirtiiieiit. 

This rlKht In destructive of the li''a.-e. j L^'' ;_^' j,' .,,,, .^-m ,,,,, i,,. known until 
harmony nnd good _or_der upon w;l>'o'' ' u."„( oci.v wlien tlie w.n ins m«k« th».k 

, T'atrlotlsm rests. i uav,, , -.pcaver.. :.;-•. - ■ t.i,.,.iu,»-«'teAmxn»? 

VotlnK With La-no "n the oris- ehanonKed Alvan T. (.'uUcr to dooiarB , final reports to tho eu.cun»»na^^'fi.'^ 
-'. "S-a.. . n,,„ie..- MorUrty. his position with reference to the Ku . glonera. 

k%Wm>ti'- ■l9m^!mt^,: «<":»«'■»■ kVux Ktan, and to th* ore«ont time he) .^ , ■«-— .e- 



OCT 2 8. 19I4p^a 


POST l^QV- f,\91i 


Mayor to Make StaUment 
on Result This Afternoon 

Declares He Will See That 

They Ai'e Humanized 


He Contrasts "»JI:rism" With 

RKADIXr,. C'ct 27-Thc Kii Kliix Jvlan 
would cpasp to exist if tlio late Th'^i- 
dorfi Hoo.S(!Velt were h(?ad of tho Nation. 
James JI. Curlcy dfclarcd at it iJemo- 
cratio rally toniirht In .Security Hail. 
Oforg-o I.. Flint pi eslded, and the other. 
.fP'^aliiTS wern Gen Charles II. Cole,' 
Waller H. Wileox of Woburn. Humphrey 
C'.'Sulllvan of Lowell. .Fohn 10. .Swift, 
eiuiilldatp for .\ttornuy General; Senator 
l''ranii.s I. Tlennrssey of Borehestcr and 
j;x-Senator McDonald of Ilo.ston. 

Mayor Curley wa.s the prineijial .speak- 
er and lie .scored the Uepuhllean ad- 
mlnl.stration. Lieut (;,,v i.-uller'.s claim 
that while a nieirilier of the Executive 
Council Jie vi.slted all the State Insti- 
tutions wa.s broUBht out by Mr Curley, 
who eritieizid Iho treatment of the in- 
mate.s and .said that after next .Tanuary 
he wou'd .see that the In.slllutlon.s are 
humanized and tliat the :;ii.(Kk) Inmate.- 
receive pi(.p,-r care ami att.^ijlli.n 

Contrasting- "Kullerism" and ■I'lirlev- 
Ism." he .said: ' 

"t'urieyism meanj. the annlicallim of 
hard work, sound huslmss. liberal iin ■ 
Urovenieiits. Li'llii-Ml. lit of the Citv -lu.l 
11.-^ people, thouelu their iiealtll an.i 
hapiun, !Jn and consideration f,.i ti,, n 
needs, to the administration of the I'iiv 
.',',1 ,■?;?'"';■ ""',' ^^''^ "ttltiKlc toward 

hi';,^ iH'V>,!ti;./;;^n'"' "'■'""" "••■"■ '^'•••■""i 

i-'/^V'i''''"' ''.',""''■>' '!■'« foi'ulil to keep til. 
Ku K ux Klan out ,,f llcsto,, and sue 
cee.ieil, and he h„^ resolutely ri-fused to 

j"-rniit this trea.oonable society to raise 
Its h,.ad t,> .listurb t!ie p, ace .>f Ihe r\i'. 
and l.y ii.s slander an, I liiioleraiice brr,.l 
trouble, fonnent iliss.iislon, create cia-- 
atiil r.-btrlous and briuR elvi.- 
sirlte int.i tills cmniiiunltv. This nollc\- 
ha.s hrouKht lilm alms.- and thr.-ats but 
lie lias sloo.l 11,1,1 and unvlel.llnr 

Mayor Curley believes in ^-le-ndint; 
inoih.j t,i mudiiee mor,. inoiiey i>\- In 
vestiuK it In ,.„terpi-lses and iri-li! 
mentalities that will Increase |i,e busi 
nesis and commeree of H.iston, expand 
ts imiiort and export trade, fill jb.s^ 
ton llarb.,r with Hliiiis ,ind carKoes, an. I 
sllmulate industry an,l employment In- 
crease real estate values, and uive ui 
impetus to every business in tiie ellv 

lie bell. .y,. 3 that moie.y Kpelit IlieTaliv 

and \vls.Iy,. will pay r,,r Itself lour-l ..i.l 
ami 111;,, tlie s.i-d a farm.-r sows eom. 
b.ick ill a harvest. This is Curb-vlsii 
and liiianclal foresinlil." 

a — ■ — — a 

Mayor and Mrs. Curley received the early election return* 
last night at his office in Cify HalL When he left for home 
shortly after 10 o'clock he told newspaper men that he would 
have no statement to make in regard to the results until thie 

A number of friends of the Curley family and city officials 
dropped in at the Mayor's office during the evening. They in- 
cluded Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shaw, former Congressman end 
Mrs. Joseph F. O'Connell, Mr. and Mrs. George Wall, Mr. and 
Mrs. Charles H. McGlue, Fire Commissioner Glynn, Joseph May- 
nard, Brigadier-General John R. Dunn and John A. Sullivan. 

HERALD 0CT.)i,l9i4 


ntSM-O i; 

I Warns Democrats to Stick b> ■' 
[ Ballot Boxes i| 

! SpoakniK at l)oniocratio rallies iii | 
^Briijhton, Hyde Park. Dorchpster. 
Charlestown .■iiul v.-ards in the city 
of Boston, Mayor Curley nifrht 
made a special aiipcal tn labor to 
rally to hi.s oandiiJacy. 

.■\t the Chai!.st,,wn rallv. the IVnvi- 
cratie inertlcled his own eb'c- 
;tion h\ a inaJoriLy ni i2i''.00e, biii 
warned the ele.tion wnrkcr.s to remain 
at the polling b.mths on election dav 
.until the ball, it boxes had been sealed. 
T "You all rem.inber the LodRe-Gas- 
tnn flffhi of two years apo 
ihlntr li«pi>en>d 
,nlgiit and .1:ri.i 








when some- 

n It o'clock at 

In the moniinpr 

away from t)ie 

1 know how 

they do it, and ev.-n ..\iinie T^lck knows 
how they do it. It's a ease of every 
Inan f..r hini.-i.if now mi ilie ItcpubMcan 
.tick- t. I.'u'ler is sdi.- and Clileii Is 
ISoinR,' be saiil. 

, _ "Til. pamphlet .sent IhroURh th.. mall 
ito the .'!• .-i.iratH of the stale l.y Mr 
?FulIer, wherein he slates that lie has 
.^inspecte.I mor.- stal.' institutions than 
inirv .«p,ir. who < ver held the offi.-t. ,,i 
jl.ieiitenant-c.overiior and proposes to 
c.intiiiu.- ilie p,,i|e|es that have been in 
I fore- In the state instituriuns f.u- the 
fPust four years, in the. lijrht of the i-,.- 
}>or; of the trji.-itees, is an insult t,. the 
ijonvlbiiilieii of. Hie people of tliis .-..m- 
moiiuiallh, who reeoMnize the policy as 
Inhuman iind not in k-.-epliif,' with' the 
, traditiim.s of Ihe state, and is l>esl epito- 
mized hy the lines used by .John Hovlc 
O'fb-illy in deserihini,' ■charity ; 
"•C.liariiy. serimpi-.l ami ire. I. 
In the name m ji. cautious, i.ta- 
il'tienl fhrlst.' ' 

TRAh^CRlPT OCT.77.l'»24- 


I ' W (i ' M ''■>! f"S \ r < 
MAYOR 'hX??'V confidential ■gE- 
ING TO HIM *'.--ty7 \W)^' 

Is -Alay.n- i iirl.y really as cmifideiit of 
victory for governor a» he is daily exprt>se- 
iii.i-r himself at rallies and by radio? J.;very- 
body s.-ems to be askiin,'- thi.s question. 
Kew persons see the behind the 
sc.nes. Those who do have said from 
lime to time that the mayor Is not 
"blufflnK," Today, he took the nowspaper- 
nien into his .suppoeod oonl'idenee, telling 
them that he was never more contidept o( 
victory in any of his piditical battles than 
he Is to>iay. III: t.,M „r many reports thut 
indicate, to his mind, tliat th.- trend Is now 
away Culli.v. 

One of the most interesting rejiorus that 
the ma>c.r says lie i.ias received in t hat i 
ho will rec.ive liundreUfi of bnllot.H from 
Hack flay Uepublican-s. Ife was met the' 
"Iher niKht by an oid schoolmate who told '■ 
nm that ho kne« of scores of cases W e -u 
he <'anipaiBn had divi.ied Back Isav ram- 
ies i that in these Instances the 'women 
«erc enthusiastic Curi.y believers while 
er hiishauds were e.pially enthusiastic 
In Iler .»upp,u-ter.. The oi.l .schoolmate 
old the mayor that these women „ad heard 

ci;':r:e,^'Th:r '''"■"'"° ■•'"" •■'^'' i'-" 

...-iUvely that he had not bee7foo , """ 
Moreover, there are scores of Curley 

State for three weeks or more. They are 
hard-bead^, politicians. They have mad^ 
frequeii, reports. ,be ma.vor says tha In- 
dicate a surprising ,r,,„, „,« -is-, y amone 

Then aKalii. (h„re are the mill and .a norv 
d^et.icts where (he "full-dinner pail" argu". 

^al'ln^r^'^"^"- — '— ^i 

ihi'7'^ien,"" .ir^T"" '""'"• ""■" '''"""* '"-^ 
,, L ^ , ' ''"'"' '""■■^ "'»" 

II r\i;"" '-"'■■-'"""'f '""^ ''eon checked 
u|,. 1 was never more confident." 


AT KLAN TALK Noonday IVIeetin7TnVou?t^l?rlt 


Ridicules Curley's Charge 

at City Club— Giilett 

Also Speaks 

Marked by Attacks on 


"Speaker cUleltj 

T'liitcvl otates 
oxpressed rpqucst of 

for the 

.' thl'.K-, at the: 
thf I'rcsideiit of 

A conccrteil 
Jamr'S M. Curley for govornor to 
tip ii Ui-publican rally during the noon hour 
«t 1.") rourt street, directly oivponite City 
Hall annex, nt which his opijonent, Lieu- 
tenant flovernor Alvan T. Fuller, and Rep- 
reseiit.-Ulve Elijah AfUow were the principal 
speaUirs, resulted In a .sensational uproar 
vcriimtr on a riot, at the height of which 

the United Btates," M.-ijo", WuUer de- 
clared today In speaking at the lunoh- 
eon to the Kepuhllcan nominees n^ (ho 
City Club. 

"This gathering." said the Lleuten- 
ant-G<>vernor." insures us against the, 
one great thing \vh!i-h ran up.s.'t unn a dil.iehment of police from Station - 

next Tuesilay — over-conll- 

hopes on 

P'uller spoke of the aceornplishmen til 
of the state cf^imissloit on administra- 
tion and tlnaneo aiui ^*aid that we are 
faced with a question of "continuing 
the business administration of Gov. 
Cox or turning our affairs over to t}ie 
"spendthrift mayor of Boston." 

Ha I'epeated jmrts of the speeche.s ha 
has delivered in Worcester and other 
pa.-ts of the state, rldieullng Mayof 
Ctirley for trying to t.ack tlie klan r>n to 
him and the Flepublican administration. 
There are, lie said, three thhlg.s whii.h 
the Republkans wjinl tc acconipli.'ih at 
the. flertion- elect Calvin C'x.lldffe ! 
l^'esldont, send a Itepiihllcin adttiitils- i 
tratlon to Wu.shington, and to continue j 
the Co.x business administration on , 
Beacon liill. 

R. I>, O'Brien, editor of The Boston 
Herald,^ presided and in Introducing 
Mr. Kul'er said: "I'Vllow Kcpublicans, 
."lom.e Democrats, and ail men of ac- 
tion — you prove this latter by belnf 
here today," 

Speaiter uillett mxiKt- abotit his sn'.n 
record at Washington and told Of the 
committee assignments he lias held in 
Congress. He l.iuded tl'.e Uepuhlicans 
for tlie I'stablisiiment of the iial.ion;il 
btidget system. 

Among those at tho head table at the 
luncheon, which foiiowt^d a (iiritilar ;mio 
to the I»eniocratlc nominees two weeks 
ago, were Daniel J. KHey, former chair- 
man of the Democrath^ state c-omtnlttee, 
who has come out for Fuller; MaJ.-Cien, 
Mark 1... I'resldeut Frank (J. 
Allen of the State Setiate. Frank H. 
FosB, chairman of the Ilepublican slate 
committee; (jharles IF. Parkman and 
CongresHin.Mi l.'liarli s Clfford. 

Wile despatched to the scene. 

.'^Itout.'^ <it "You're a liar, rhrow him 

out," and threats of bodily harm made dur- 
ing .Adiov.-'s speech, failed to break up the 
tally. At one point the lieutenant gover- 
nor started to take oft his coat to go after 
one of the men who was leading the dis- 
turbanoe, but Adlow placed a restraining 
hand on his arm and shouted "Let me take 
care of them." Raising his voice so that it 
could be heard by every one of the three 
hunt'red or more men who crowded the Ions' 


not fooled by him. ■ Any on* yhi> !>*•.•*•«! 
scanned his record knows him to b*,tn« 
prince of peerless promlsers. He pronjweo; 
when he ran for mayor that he would get 
tho people a five-cent street-car fare o" ^^^5 
Boston lUevated or resign his office with." 
a year. Ue has docie neither. He promise* 
Lower assessments on real estate, and what 
did the people get? — much higher a»»o»»- 
ments all around. 

"He has treated his employees without 
rogtn-d to them or their famllled. The 
treatment of municipal employen.i In the 
days of Boss Tweeil dwindles Into Tillr«»- 
sh iiisigniluaiico as compared with the 
alrocious treatment received at the handK 
of Mayor Curley. Hero we have tho cpec- 
taclo ot city employees, regardless of 
whether they are Republicans or Demo- 
crats, harnes.'^ed and tied to the Curley 
machine and compelled to go out .and work 
for him uiKler fear of the political guillo- 
tine. Similarly they have beeti compeded 
lo dig down into their pay envelopes to 
help lin.-ince his campaign." j 

. "'i'ou're a liar," shouted a dozen Cur-, 
leyites in a chorus, 

"I am not a liar," answered Adlow. 
."■you can't prove ^that any employee ever- 
paid any money into the mayor's campaign 
fimd," .shouted Shields. 


Adlow Answers the 

"\'er.v well, ir you 
answered, "w'liy did 
Council on Monday 
f\i?v to investlprate 
willing to give yo- ■ 
ahead ami tell your 


; T can't," Adlow 
'-' ■ Democratic City 
^e to adopt an or- 
. fharges? I am 
■ry advantage. Go 
), mccratlc friends in 
tile City Council that you want the !n- 
vc.-tligatlon, ami then let them summon 
every city employee before them. 'We'll 
find out soon enough wh.'ther I lie or not. 
"1 repeat my charge, and I call upon 
you lo witness that the families of city 
em]iloyeea have been deprlveil of necessities 
of life in order that this man might ac- 
complish his vlclou.-; con.«piracy to get con- 
trol of our State (Government." 

"You're a liar I" came the chorus again, 

I followed by shouis and that fcr 

the moment drowned out the voice of the 

speakei'. Many of the audience became 

p has of being elected /'"^''■^' ''"'' ■''h""ted back: 'Oo on back to 

i,.A qtite^i" 1 your work. IjOt him speak : ' 

and narrow room, Adlow answered 
hecklers and pioit,-d.;d Us give tb"m, as 
well as Mayor Curley, one of the severest 
tongue-lashings heard In a political cam- 
palgTi in Boston in recent years. 

Offore the disturbance ended an over- 
whelming majority of the crowd was with 
the young speak, r. and he was applauded 
to the echo when he concluded by 
shouting: "Go back to your jobs and 
tell the num who .>:ent you here to break 
up this ra'iy that lie ha:; s.y. much /-hance 
of being elected governor of this Common- 
wealth as Andy Gum 
Fresidtrit of the United States! 

Heckling Starts When Fuller Speaks 

Councillor Charles L. tiurrUl, who lit ii 
candidate for reelecthm to the Exectitlve 
Council, nreslded at the meeting. Rumors 
that "something Is going to happen" had 
drawn a capacity c-gwd. Mr. Fuller was 
I Introduced a.s Ih'' lirst speaker, and, 
':illhough he was heckled at times, the 
storm did not break until Adlow had start- 
ed. The governor carried tho 
battle right to Mayor Curley's doorstep. 
He sarca.stloally referred to Curley as en- 

"RAN *f f R I PT ('>GT ?9.l^i4-<l""''''>''l"K ''■> h'''" '''>' admln'Rtratlon at 
A ni ^lil^i-k ■-■..■'•'^' crtv Hall behind the Ku Klux Klan Us a 

IN ATlEf 1 10 

' mmnm 

smoke-screen. He compared the Stale and 
cllv admlnistrnlions and received a re- 
spectful hearing throughout most of hUl 

Luke Sliields, an employee oi the m»yor'« 
otnre, and other city employees most active 
In Curley's behalf, had eflged thoir way 
near to the front of the long room. They 
heckled Adlow from the start, and at first 
the speaker paid no heed to them. In his 
opening he referred to Curley and the Ku 
Klu.t klan issue. He charged the mayor 
wllh giving the Klan a dallj,- hypodermic 
to keep it alive. 


Police Called When Uproar Follows "P""" °* p«"'«" PromUe." 

rn> -i X Pi t ji •> 1 "Curley Is etlil pursuing thf 

Effort to Stop Adlow from 


e elusive pll- 
ii>«ir-sUp." ho B»ia. "trying hU utmoirt to, 
' rasapttatlCevabUuaniHU'ty Inasheet. But 

-',«aJt;.>iP»»,***MJ^:-i«i«*h-'1^ . ■**• l>,««lW<l.:«f» 

"Elij-.h Was a Prophet" 

"You know I am not a liar," Adlow re- 
j)ii--d, ";ind you .also know whenever 
>'(ni were licki'd in the old days you always 
resorted to .sticli cries. I want you to know 
right here and now that Curley will bo 
overwhelmingly repudiated, overwhelmly 
'lcfe:ited on election day — " 

'"S'ou're no pronhel." someone shouted. 

"Hut Mlijah was ;i prophet," another 
\i.ire replii'd. 

Paying no liced lo the uproar, the speak- 
ei' continued : 

"I'uriey talks a lot about industrial de- 
vilopnienl, about development of the port 
of Boston. He talks a lot about what, he 
will get for tiio State in Washington When 
b..','^ governor. Wrll, l,e was in Wash- 
incfon ;iiid flic only thing he ever got 
\\,is lb,' train liack." 

..\t this point the crowd yelled and 
cheered, to the discomfort of tho Cur- 


Whit Held Tuck, a Dcmoci-al, interrupted 
the speaker to shout : 

"How about Tom White, chairman of 
the commission on admlnislratlon and fi- 
nance, on T^eacon Hill Isn't he interested 
in politics?" 

"Ves, he is interested In politics, and 
why sb'iuidn't lie: he," Adlow answered, 
"but did you ever hear of him com- 
pelling State employees to ijo out cir- 
culating pledge cards under penalty of los- 
ing their lobo."' __..., . ' .-•i^'n/Mii'-J 

REFiRS TO mm £au"?SFff *■- "" 

AS SPENDTHRIFT ---^'^^'-"-^^ 

Fuller Says Opponent Prosperec 

While Spending Other 
I Peoples' Money 

)C:T2 8.M4 




Gillett, Also a Guest, Ran fo 
Senate at '"Request 
of President" '■■ 

•ration the t^l \!^^ ,""' '■•'^"■"'Is- 

Mrt.OOO.OO,. „nd the suto ta v^'t 4 m, ',".'"'''"- '"it '"''"'"'I'^l'^n 1^ hoklinK hearing* 

I'^iv,. I,o..n i.,..ltX,] , <^'^«"°'nlo« that '"'"Phnnr * TeleBrapn r.y.r.pany to In- 
purr-hane of ;, ,, ■ '^"'?' "" '" masserl'!^'-*"'-' rates In ,-erlaln ,-Iasses of ser- 
of emnlovm.n'. , '*"'' *^"""'«r'5izali0fi '"''" ""In^t «hirh th,-. rlty of Boston 

n on h •■'"'' ■"''''■'' "''■" i" onp ite„i ''■' P™leMlnR. 

' ne, tnat of printinB, morn than h ,ir' J -..''"'"' ''"""P^ny is represented by Atty. 

"•l'l>;^i of (lolhirs has been saved '1 ' "="l'>s S. I-ierc-e. one of iu vice- 

1 lie .seven o'rlncl? radio hour h.'r-t„, j Presidents. The i,-Uy'-, interwits 

lie .said, ha.', bee,, (h,. chilrli-en's' h ,"" V '" ^'"""^ "' Corporation Coun.s-I E. 

bedtune .siories hav le., ,r i^ ""■■ """'> •^'■•"•k Bnlhvnn. 

not know why Mavo, ', , ""■ "''' ^""- ''""''>• '"I'' 'h" eommisslon that 

h.„:„ /_ ,! •'":>'■>• should havloPl.v for dIscusLi.n in office oonre,-cnoe5 

fl-.,_-i. .. ... ._ _ .__ . 

.aken.hi^hourfor «.ad7.;:r'" ", 
.t in that the .stories .,:«:;'';"■:■■;! 
fairy .Htorie.s." .•onl,„„i„p. |,, ,.";., "^ 
-u.'s to ,nake the Kn Klux Kh ," „ ' :, 
•'f the rainpalg,,. whip, he (m, 
ile.slreK to have Ih, 
a compariHon of il. 

hf! HoheJulea filed by Snmu^l II. Mll- 
I'ram, expert \vitneBs for the rlty, as 
rate exhibit.-, wei-e not schedules of 

the pareiii. company, but were ujed 
for rale maklns and analysis. lie 
added that a clPi-uiar preparei.l by the 
American company on private branch 

anipalRn i.M,n,e one ol 

econi on Heaeon ti.J ■^""^"' aii company on private urancn 

and the Boston City Jiall durlnic th< n ' *^'''''riKes wa.s not distributed to the 
three or four yea,-s. Jlr |.-„iler .said th'"" ''"'^'^'a""'' comiianles. 

in the primary campaliri. tim ..fn -'i ' "'' '^"^nipaied the proposed schedules 

of the Kiu„ ;„.,p,,...4j h In hi, ' "''''" '" "'* ^■<'''' Knsiand Telephone Co.n- 

...... » 'li»' when i„, ran for Coni.r.'^' """■"'" ''^"^ "''"^ "^^ advLsory schedule.^ of 

indor.sen«,et of DeV.ler, ,',?^ be had ih. :iie parent conipan.v. Where the for- 
By Wendell D. Howie Kdn Candida;,, i-. ,,,,,?' .^ "'*' sin, nur yuK^^eMn a S4.;,0 char,n:e, the latter 

..9r. i„ i,i« f^,„„ , •"'"• 'I'lrt a cathedra recommends a Jt, charge. In other 

- N • ,„■•,,, , !'• '^'"'' ""«'• «fler ai "!'>«»ea of .-iervlce where the local com- 

a«difnce of mor. "" • b'' adde.l, ••urley tried to make ou l''"'*' Proposes au ,*? r^.te. the parent 

tiiai I Ain a Kluver." company proposes $12, and where ihe 

New KnRland comjiaiiv pukkcsLs a $10 

_^^_ _^_ ^^ service charRe, -he parent company 

the election next Tnef-dav, ffii'ut tiov ,, | f. , " ' "" "'"* places It at $12. 

Alvaii T. I'-ulIcr sharplf 'at'tacke.l hi, „„.„,\.. ^ '"' . """"l'"» to recent ap|,.,int "■ <''<■ Intercommnnlcating service 

intnis D.T (.ovenun <iu)C, asking if th. ■'^''■. Pay said the New Kngland com- 
"tciijj^ba^;, prfmM»j^,.nt of a fiona f ■''">■ proposes a rate of 7,", rentJt a sta- 
le SunonSr»^of 'a KleaRL ' '^''"' "•■' apralnst the proposed rate of 

Before an, 
than Soli business 


Hoston niy flub luncheon I 
llepnhlicaii candidates to be 

at th. 


oWlie leadin, 
^"uied f..r a Cites Appointments of Cox 
ffl(<uf t!ov 

opjionent. .Mayor .lames .M. ('urlp.v of Itos 
ton, and called upon th.-- voters of tli 
State to repudiate "the spendtbi-ift ma> 
of lioston." "Th ■ ■ 

c«ted In dlffere 

"I've been brought ui> to e.-irn ni.y' nione; eh 

before I spend it -he to spend -ther fieo suslfSt edthiu Curlev" wouu'rVnakc."an",", 

. ple.s mnne.v— and he's ai>pa,-ently pros eellcftt choice to plav the hero r ,1 ■ 

IH^red aloUK tl,e way." ♦ . "Hi-w^tr's Millions.' 'in clcsinR he n|e „e 


employed _^ ^ . ._ . .. ,. 

the present cainpalKn. liy urge.l that th<'.'i"Pal«n .siarteil. devoted most of his- liii, ' " " ' ' "■ ' 

voters acc.o.nplish three things at the pollii'^' !'■'- '■"'" record, discarding Lssuhs j ' W^ i'^ra. .on (.'oiinsel .^ulUvan Informed 
this, the election of Presldenl'"'- that his ,ervice ia Con^ts might b1 -sir," '''v" ""'""'/">• «•«« '"^ 
Coolidge, the most trmaed man in ,h, "»«"""»*<»; ■ • ....Ht^ ' ;rr,;...JlMr2'l"5..'^"'': l?."f Jl?" '.""':': 

country today; ".second, tiie ele.tion of 

Hate "the spen.lthrirt mavo ||/»^' 7'»f,^"' ' Z^HM, " MeaRj, -\". f-'' against the proposed rate o 
■The mayor and I were .'.InT. t9 . '' '"' "^ 'WfflP was ^^vc. ■ ' '^ ''>• "'e American company. H. 

IMC majo,^ .ind i " , r. . on an jw«mlment at the lequeSr.'.f a wlyTrrt '"''■"' '"*'' '''''■'" "" switchboard 
rent .-chool.-, he oojtn.ued "LeTProp the subj,...-,," hV addeV a unti ' '""ges, saying that the schedule.s pro 
night up to earn my mone; .•hanji'ng the tone of hl.s re.oarks' H,' ,, '•"""''^ ''■'' 'h*" N>w Kngland Company a; 
1 it he to spend -ther T'eo sui5«t edtliiu (,'urlev would make an ,'■, '' '""''' "re consi lerably lower than ii 
and he's aiiparently pros eellcoit choice to plav the hero rV ' ''''''' '" "'^er cities in the Unit " 
="■" ^""'"^ "'•• ^'■'■'i" * « "Xfrw^tr's Millions." 'in cln.sing he nledire ^';"''=5- 

Mr. Fuller criticized Curley's re<or« aihinjelf to carry <ni the .■ffi.-ient. lui I • .4 Oray will resume the witn 

ayor, as well a.-i the cjimpaign metbodi lik«r<adniinistraton of th,. past four'' v'^ ^|and when the hearing is resuii 
nployed by the Democnatic candidate It if'eaker dhii, for the lirsttime sicne'^th "'"'"^ "lOr.Ting. 
e present campaign, liy urge.l that th<'.'i"Pal«n siarteil. devot,,! most or i,i.. .,... '^^ ''^*^ openlnR ot the hearing, r, 

iKepublican senator to support him, and, 
third, to continue on Beacon Mill tli.i efll- 
clent, economical administration of Govor- 
nor Channlnp il. Cov hy supporting th.- 
Republican Siatr ticket. 

In speaking for Hon. Fre.l,.r,.-k I'v (in- 
lell. who was (me of th.i guests -I tlie 
luncheon, M,-, Fuller made tlie siateni, nf 
that Cillett t.e.-ame a candidate for ['nlt.-.i 
States .senal.,r at the "cvpi-ess request that 
he run for that, office by the President of 
the l-niled .states." There have been manv 
intimation.s, particularly during the pri- 
mary contest, I hat fJlllett was the Ihcsl- 
.lenls cho.c... but .\I,-. |.-;i|i,,,. in II,,.. nrsi 
sp..ak.']- lo stal,. it imbllciy as a fact 

lto!M-ri Lincoln O'llri.-n at 111.- 
Innchcn and. in aiiditlon lo .Sp,.Hk..r (ill- 
icit and Mr. Fulle,-, the giasts at th.. 
speakei-s' table were President Fiank ( ;. 
Alli.n of Ihe .state Senate, party noniln.-e 
for lieutenant gov. rnor ; Clianes It. Park- 
man, Benjamin F. Felt, Charles K. Ilat- 
lleld. Major C.neral Maik h. Ilersey 
C.eorge A. Kich. A. 1>. Ulnship. Congress- 
man (Charles U. iliffonl and Frank H. Foss, 
chairman of th,. liepubllcan State Commlt- 
' tee. 



— -jpenlng ot the hearing. Cor- 
or,u'.on Counsel .SuHlvan informed the 

' ' Inter- 

_ - - -ases 

,i in opiTating expenses weie to continue. 

He said Items figured in 1S21 ::* J500 - 

(•00 ,i;re',v In 192.'? to $T0(,OOn 

U ^.y i - i~l,\)lA-' A part of the sessicn was devoted to 

the cro.-s.i-exaininatlon of Mr. Mildram, 

the city's expert, on carrying ihargeg 

T.te branch exchanges. He was 

ly Atty. Pierce how much of the 

Tying charge of the private binncit 

. xchaPBes should be ass^.ssed .'>Kninst 

-■ther classes of servi.-e, !n determining 

the rate which shruld he paid by th« 

private branch subsiTlbi rs. Mr. ilii- 

UrPfif '" liramsald he was unvible to answerbe- 

nunnt.tJ cause of the manner in which the ex- 

XT„.. 'V I TTi in- • • f penses of the exchanges .are Interwoven 

New York Expert TCSllhcSiW.ih those of othe.- forms of ".rW*" 

jglven by the company. 

Atty. Pierce also criticised the method 
nsert by .Mr. Mjldraii-i in esllmatltiK toe 
irross operating revenues obtained by 
Ihe cointiany in lfi;4. He declared Mr. 
MUdram made the estimate on the l!t22 
business of the comrany and had not 
taken Int.-. consideration the fact that 

at State House Hearing 
on Boston Charges 

nCT2 9i924 

Walter I'. Gray, C(imiiU'rci;il ot-i- inKen im.-. consideration the fact that 
Kiiioer pniployed by tho 'I"" l^-< business m'ght not have been 
Tolephoiio ;in(i Tolcirraph Comranv ;'\l«rRe. Mr. Mildram answered he 
;„ vr„ -\- , J .-7 • . , '""' 'f' Ignore the trend of expenses In 

HI New \ork, testifying yoi^torday in24, and explained that he has ahvay" 
at. the resuniprl hearings before the m.-.lntained that the expenses have 
state public utilitiea coniiiii.ssinii in ^'^''" ""'^'-'y 'I'g'i 

the State, declared the pro- palll^^r'^.^M^^^T [t ViT .^^1 Tr" 
:)oseil private bratieh exch.Tnpe r.-ttes Mildram In computing the company's 

J Fuller Praised for His "Business Mind' 


,to me as having the best t-uslness mind ' by 'the American Teienhonp" nm'l f'""" 
on Be»oon Hill In th« last quarter of a T„ul«„J, ?^ telephone and ,j , 

century.- In opening hie rcwmfi. Mt Telegraph Company. 

for the year, had used the 

u>ii,i X lui^cu iui ma ousiness iuina ..wnifoicu oy iiii.. i\c\v rjiifjnana loie- ""'^". .--^ '■" i"e .\eai. nan used the 
Mr. Fuller was the nrst speaker, and Ph"no and ToU-Rraph Coinp.any are Ilhi "', o^Tstimate"; he' ' ":'"?■"•"' ,S" 
as introduced by Mr. O'Brien a.s "th. man ; louver than the advisory schedules "ear ', he' whm'.^s sa'id h,!"d Wd^d he' 
no tnc hate John N. (-ole once described | prepared for thi.s class of .service figures by five in order to get the resull 
.T^JLtVu^J^l.^Tlr'"^"!''^"'}"'^ hy the American Telephone and f'7. ""''.'"""'"•"""""■" "'""ii'"«-'! l'> 

fi the coniputaflon for the year. 



— htmf-1 1994 
Calls Him Spendthrift 

oxcept ouoli M eCmem trom the pocke.» 
Mot the taxpiiyer*. 

"The taxpayers are wtlllnr to sup- 
port tho g'owernn-.ent In all wisa tjcpfiidl- 
tures. They know that l( their monfiy Is? 
honestly and wisely used, they are soing 
to receive for what they pay in taxec 
an adequate and a satisfactory return. 
They aro not willing that their money 
Mhiill be scattered lareletisly far and 
wide In wastetul cxptnUilufi 

a series of theatre meetings which 
he addressed. , ' 

as Mayor 



He Eta,tad that never had he bnen 
■o confldent of victory and that iarfs 
"Ail a iMisint-sa man I Unow that numbers of Republicans would take 
waste of funds In bualneps leads to the opportunity tomnrrow to ropudiiito 
bankruptcv. i know that U is no nioiv Mr. Fuller, "a man whom they toler- 
iM)sgibit« to w.vstc money in Bovern- ated but never cared for," he declared. 
moiil without <,T lh:iii It ib in bii»l- Commentlnsf on the recent rallies, he 
ncsR AV'hen a bualness concern spends , told of how he addreaael ft meeting at 
more than it can take in It goes on tho South Boston which waited for him 
roclm When a eovcnuncnt spend." until 1:30 In the morning:. He Bald that , 
can laiic in without un- all the people who attended the Ra- 
it i.-i publican rally at Tromont Temple 
Saturday nisht could be eeated In a 
email section oi" tliu Hoston Arena 

more than it 

duly aHse.'ising the taxpuyer.s, 

H«vod 1.^ liolciinB up ilio laxnuycr.s 

and inaklnK them )?ivo Ihcir money . ., , 

receiving any adequate return where the I>cmocratio gathering 

Boston f^gi 


it. ■\Vlicn a bUKinesm is badly run, 
' the stockholders lose. The burden of 
! bad government is always on the tttx- 
' payers. They have no escape. \J pro- 
pose to protect the t.TXpaycra. .' ,. 

Lieutenant-Governor Fuller, in 
rallies last night in Btverlj', Saleni 
and Chelsea, as well as over the radio, 
warned against turning the State's 
business over lo "the spendthrift 
Mayor of Boston," recount ing the 
progress of Governors Calvin Cool- 
idgc and Channing Cox in conductini? 
Stale affairs on an economical and 
sound basis, lowering the State del)! 
and redtitiiig State taxes., 


Mr. Fuller also warned against uver- 
leonfirlence in the election, urging every 
^able bodied citizen to get out and vote 
and see to It that everybody in his 
neighborhood did lilicwisc, 

"Failure to vote bring.'! direful r- 
suits." ho said, "In tlie last 
{"lection, it was minorities -not majori- 
ties—that sent that little group of so- 
clallHtlcally Incllnea tiimator.t to Con- 
few mid-western States, 


Invitation to Fuller 

After referring to the State Institu- 
tions he said: "I will say to Governor 
. ^ Co.x and Mr. Fuller that I never made 
Harmony Imperative r - a false charge hi all my life and I will 
"Wo want prosperity in thin State. Prove It to them if they come to Pem- 
\\o want jroaj > cnutnl and herton anuaro tomorrow. I partlcular- 

U'e cannot have ,t "''••^'' ^"P' '!' " ly ,„vited Mr. Fuller to bo there and 
'""r ""'^'K e,\on" We ?n,n^ lave defend the administration that ho has 
tUlU. "atustac o. . ^^^ ^; '" "^ ,,3^,^ himself to continue." 

prosperity ^"''t^'""^,, '*'".,;<;'„.,;'■''„,.« The Mttyor mentioned a recent 00. 
•1-ho.e v.l.o emplo> ""^, ''^"^^,, , :^„;''„ oaslon in Chicopeo when -the Republl- 
•■ri"''''xs hJ^n s: I'ispcs'^al coti-Vcans were holding a rally ,-■•, three 
view. Ah buMn.s^_pro.i< , ^ii national «pe.akers on the programme. 

cerned Ir, ' ';• -^ " . " ' ' ' novei'nor. "The total number of their audience," 
rr^ot^^avJa ^y;^:;a;,::;:i.. t^.r »>. aam. wa. «. tnchtdlng four police- 
of all industrial differ- men and the postmaster. 

T was going 

the adjustn.cnt or an '■-'■" - through the town when my attention 

'"'■""• ' r , conc'lliat o on ca at was called to a few people outeide the 
l''^.t^!r'r,,*loot"h'rt point^H :;^ dis. han, I started to tali, to^th.em and n 


there were o^ pcopie at 

«1i times to smooth out polntH 

jh 1^ r ^t^^'-hf^r' t^ r . ;r ':^a ..^ . .... ...... 

wu.-.ii n-u ^ ^ — ^ j^ jj^^ Republican*. 

be Sis.-.-""' -f ,;_ „„.„rt,ii . ,.,. , 

Warns Against Whispers 

are the life 

welfare of all the people of Massachu- 
setts. ,_, ^,^J 

.Mv friends, this 1. an o d Comnv 
,vealih. It has a noble hlston'. Hi a 
such :i hHtory as phu-e., on the sb">'l 
<lera of us todav heavy responHlbtlltle 
Tiiere is little worth in a nobio past 
we rail 10 .10 our duty in the present 
mlKhtv virtue In a grea 
,-d of years gt>ne if hy inspiratltn^ 

ecord we are moved to dfl m 

"Durlns the next 'M hours," he con- 
tinued, "whisperers wU! come up to yon 



In the factories rjuI on the streets, tell- 
liig you timt tlie 'I einicrts cmnot tie 
elcoled in this Slat* durlns a presi- 
dential year." .lust toli, tho.Ke people 

• t tove- iin'-'- KosH. 1)oO£jl:lS ittld 

Ttus.<*eH were elected in Mass ichiiselts 
presidential years jj''i t i;:t t'urley 

gave him |1W. He said, Td count It. 
That's good policy to aPPb' to this 

Fuller's Address 

otTlce of i!o%ernor that 

Commoi^wcalth sliall 1 
through my efforts." 



: Ueutenant-iiovcrnor Alvau T, ]■ uller 
Bald in Ii.trl: "'it.otl government in 
Ma'^sachusetlH renuires that the taxes 

shall be. as lou- as islsteiit with good 

service, that we sliall h.-iv Industrial 
£eace and steady employment, that lb<j 
Lpolntment of all public ofTlclais sha.l 
fce on the basis of merit, tliat our pob 
'lie institutions sinill be l<epl at tli- 
lilah level of efficiency which has madi 
them leadeis amor,g such ).ubllc Insti- 
tutions in this country, and tliat tl^ 
«Blth in Miisstichusctts which we ali 
jrofess shall b.i llie guiding note Ir 
in government adniinIf:lratlon. 
'"Taxes concern every citizen. Thf party iti Massachusettf 
ands for reduced and emcieni and Lieutenant-Governor I'lillcr to 
;e. Tlie record 
^«..» cn I'.eaeoii iii 

riY'rne''mu1erstai!dinff that Is mine. ITrcu.m Tc-ii,le and declared 
si,.. 11 not fall In reverence for the pasl neither the Governor nor anyone 
of this great State. T shall not f»lfr"could save Alvln." 
Ijefore the problems of the day. \ shill 
hope to perform the duths of this high 

"■ ■ "■ futtirn or h,^,^.^^,, d,,, halves of <■ f, 

not h'S^pamo on tile M street, playground 
in South Boston, yesterday alterUMon, 

At Football (lame 




Curley Says He Will 

Prove Charges About 

State Institutions 

An invitation to Governor Cox 

to Fcmberton square at 1 
o'clock this afternoon, where 'w: said Women's Council at 810 Tremont street. 

of the past font ,_, 
anests that fact 
am pledged to a policy which dc 

lands '• careful watch on *»i,"'J''^7';;;''* j he would prove tu them his -harges 

loney. ' ' "' 

^no moQey to spMxilnSLda 'yaMM^to».vw»<laa3rw( CuriMrj^ 

' ' ■— - - - r^o\(_ •- ' 

the Ma>'or .spoke to a crovd of m re 
than 10. (XX). He addressed a meeting nl 
the refectory li, ihllng at KriiiikJin 
I'ork end st the (Ireek n'miocralc 
Club on Harrison avenue last tilglit. 
His tour of creator Boston \ esterdav 
nfternoou tf)«d( liim to DenKieratlc. 
gntlierlngs In the ftjllowing places: 

Centrel Square Tileatre Kast Boston; 
Broadway Theatre, aouth Boston; 
Grand Opera House, South Knd; i!or- 
nian'H ThcMtre, Uoslhide'e, Feilswny 
Thnatre, Medford; High Schol Audi- 
torium, Somervllle; Institute H-'U, Kast 
r'ambrldge; P.rscnt Tiieatre. Arlinston; 
Strnnd Theatre. "U'sverley; Henrlr'clcs 
r, ' , Vest Knd, and the Democratic 


TO 5 T NOV. !^l4- 




TP, ADSCRIPT MOV. 4, 19^4- 
fuller Warmly Greeted 

by Maiden Neighbors 

Is Congratulated Ssf ■'■ddvelTio'r'^ %V Many 
Persons as He Casts His Vote in Fire 




Api)ar>ntl>- th.rf. ir, uttif Mtiubt in the 
iiiuuls ul' Mal.l.-ii v-.iers as lo thp. nutcomi' 
"f llif fliH'ti II nf Rdvortior. When IjIou- 
t.-ll;Mit Cov.r^ior Kui'.or (imvp fr.irn hirs I!.-a- 
t'iii linmr til hif. l.pal r. ■Sid. nee in Maiden 
tliis iimniMiK lo c-asi his vuti , lit- finind a 
d''lejcnTinn of in-ip:hl)'>r.s awaititiK liini, and 
„ , , , , , . . as Mr. and Mrs. FiiIL-r went into tlie Ash- 

IrplTioivt •; i/i.-.;)I(> rosniuulpd to lumultuou.s roars ulipii Si)eaker imiti ;^Tppt cnsln" inmsr t' ^n;-. nearly n 
CWlU'tt, Koiiul)li<'Hu canilKlaUj lor XJ. S. Senator, and Lieut. -Gov. Kuller, scor- ..f m.n and wunv 71 followed them. 
Rr pull] i fan iioniiiiee ftir (lovprnor, made final campaign pleas. Tli,y had wa.i.d, h. fore ( i)iU- 

Cillett ("'11«1 upon Ma-iHa.'liuaetls Repnl>lii'ai!.-i to send aiiotlipri ]••<■-. uu'll Ow ,.f iln-h di'sunginsned 
Scuatoi; to Wasliiimioii iov l'rTOi<ieiit t'ooliilsiv t.icut.-tiov. Fuil«rl townsman wh ., liioush .schpdulort to ap- 
pledged a clean, el'ticient ailniiiiistratiuu ais (iovenior. p-ar at nine o'clock, did not reacli the 

"I iun conliiloot, ' tho l.ji iileiiiiiit ■♦ i' '.lirn; lilacf until '.1.25 o'clock. The en- 
Governor s.'iid. 'licMaus^c from one '^■'' W"'ii<'li 'k political, no matter -inc hmisc ia within five ni.niitcK walk of 
911(1 of tile St. lie to iiif. otiiri' I have how small. 1 slial! stand upon the^ th- I-'ullrr rcsUlence aiiu" i.s d.rcrtly acroa'i 

tardititin.'ii KciMjhlii.-aiv doctrine ot 'hi' strci ; front a .school w hicii the livuten- 
equal opportunity for all men. re- ^nt governor attended as a bo.-, 
sardles.s of race, creed or color. T .Several of those who were '.v.-iitinir. and 
shall be Kovernor i,( all ;he i>eople, '^''^ ' stepped forward to sreet Mr. Kullcr, 
not of any *i'oui) or cia.H,s. '-aH'-^^ '""^ "Oovern r. " which caused him 

to sa.v. with a smile. ".\ren't you prema- ■ 
tar.'.'" Th...y w.-re eniiilKitlc in d-clarinK 
tl'.a- thi-\- had no doubt .if the r'^sult i,.f th' 
Mr. Fuller called several of the 
tirr-ni.Mi and p.i!i(^enien present by r.anifi. | 

III of llie 
. si'iii-rilous 
pon the ad- 
hii\e re- from 

T\'U lies.seil III.' iesf-i 
vo!ci..s ag'iiiiist the vii 
and mendacioii.! atlat 
Iceivcii in I lie la.-t f. 
l^ov. (.'o,\. 

".\nd t have wiliie,s.s(Hl a revolt 
tiiiionpr tin- Ue-mocrals of the Coni- 
luon wealth becituse their part.y ha.'! 
presented as it..^ candidate a man 
wh<> iiuvuKii 20 yc-ars ol offic^'.-hold- 
injj has con'-.i.slently dc;iionj.tralcd 
hl.-i ab.solttt." willln.t?ne.<?s to liellevc 
that public office Is a public 

,S1 AN'DS \At\Ai, TO IDlC.VIvS. 

"When ibis i-ainpaigit opened I 
jdeciaicd iii.v' [11 till iptics, Toriij:;ht. 

.Nn h.= turned frani the booth to deposit his j 

with tho oiienins; 01 the iiolL'i boi 
a few houi'.s aw-;iy 1 Mill .sland by princiiik^s. i have not swayed 
'With the wiiwls of popular pa-s- 
sion. 1 have not trimmed my .sails 
to meet the vaiijinj,' audiciu'cs of 
llio {.oimlfy '.owns and the indus- 
trial cities. 

"I ha.vo not a,b. ill. lolled issues and 
clutched at u.w oiovs to prevent 
the loss of ,1 VI. 1.^ here, or txi gain 
one there. 1 have iiol found it ncces- 
isary to resorl to villiflcation and 
tintrtitb to m.i've m.v message e,f- 
■fectlve. I iia\.' adilicisi'd myself 
to tb'^ inicilivence of 1 li<^ voters, ni'M'.'iy to I heir etirs. 

.sKHv.wi OK \n. rEoriJi. 

"My jilal f.inu. in brief, is this. 1 
tielievc ill tlie Kfea; rel'orni.'i 
initiated in this Htiite under Calvin 
<'ooli<lRe and ChannlnK ('ox, which 
have made .Massachusetts tho model 
.State of our Rreat Union of Stal.-.-s. 
'I heir adnilul.<trHtlons .liav." combined 
biunaiiiliirianism with pfficiency, and 

; It shall be toy purpose to c.intiiui.. 

I aloUK I be path which tliey have 

"I. too. shall 
of luiblic dclil I 
t ixi>ayprs. 

laxpayer.s. 1 s'lall .-ooperaie with 
the LeplBlature to Kf.ep our .lin..! 
tax at the lowest possibU' fiK'urp. T 
shall contiiiue t!ie pay as you ki| 

"I shall favor thi! e.-<|>PiulIturo 

1 .-1. J- li...-.i<ir»/\1»r »ijvi-..ius.i i-i- Tint 

matter how large. I shall oppoxe 

>■ to lift the btirdeti 
.111 ilii' ba.ks of the 

u[i or oiaas. 
"The DenuK'ratic c.ttndidato Ikki.s;s 
that the debt of the city of J^o«ion 
has increa-sod, millions on top of mil- 
lions, rinrinp his administration at( 
("il.v Kail. He as3»irta If he is elected 

^^>vernol■ ln> will r)\it an end at once _ 

to the ru-ogram of ewniomy -with within t he enclo.siire. to .sha'ke his hand and i 
•which the nameis of falvln CooIi<iR« tii, ..ffiual in .iiaree nmilcd ..t this sliijht ] 
and Channing. Cox are. associated. infra, tion .f th. rules. The lii'iiunaiit (tov-j 

. rnor's ballot was So. \4'.l in tin. box and 1 
his wife deijosited hers imniediatcl.v after- [ 
ward P'ospit-- the Itardshii-'.s of the cant- t 
na ;kii -Mr. Fc.lpr .aopcar.'d rctnarkabU" 
tr- sii an.l laiif^lUHl and chatted with those 

Mayor and Mrs. Curley 

Vote in Jamaica Plain 


"If 1 were poing: to elect my op- 
ponent to ojiything, it would be to 
act the leading; role in 'Uro-nrster'a 

Millions.' " 

i^peaker Gillett. continuing: his 
attack upon Senator 'Walsh on his 
sileiu.e on the child labor amendment 
and as to whether he favored the 
La l''ollette or Davis candidacies fori 

pnsldcut, also dwelt upon the can- 

didacy and issues of I,a Follette. Democratic Candidate for Governor Is Ac- 
Ile spoke of tile [.ccsent opportunity . , , ., r, ,, , „■ ,,,-, 

to elect a M liu.setts man to the ™">P'^"'<-''1 '« '^'^ P^"" b>' «'^ Wife 
presl-dency ami of the confidence In ,, . , " , ,. 

PresidPii: c.ioH.lue that was felt •^.' ■'■';"„' "''''■■ """ ■^"'■- '"''"•J' "parked 
,,,,„„„, , ., "^ . "-"'heir l.allot.s .shortly after e even o'clock 

th ousrhout the .-ountry. , ,„^ „,„ruln« at ihe First Haptlst Church. 

(.ovwnor < ..X urt-'ed the supiK>rtof j.unaica I'iaui. th. polibm pin.-e for Ward 
the entire Itepublican ticket, lauded 1 '."J. I'r 
the Tre.sident and strovsaed the im- 
liortanco of .sendiiiK Hpeaker CWllett 
to the \:. s. Senate tr> l«ck the I'res- 


Altoriioy Otmeral Stone, wiio waa 
sriven a fine rweptlon, declared a 
deadlock in .th<i electoral coUftg-e will 
mean the elwtlon of Charles W. 
Bryan to the presidency. 

"Do Ihe people of tho ITiiited States 
want Mr. Brytui for Tri»sident? No 
one has ever liad ihe temerity to 
suggest .such a thought," he de- 
I'liired. "The Demot ratic party re- 
belled at the suKRestlon until its own 
candidate for President, ably second- 
ed by William .lemiings P>ryan, per- 
foiDie.l the ne.'cs.sar.v o-ie.ration upoii 
;mi (.\haiistf.d and .lefenseless con- 
vention and this triumph of [H>litlcttl 
.slraddlintf was achieved." 

President Allen of tjie State .Senate, 
candidate for Tdentenar.t Oovernnr, 

tinder (Joverno>- <^ot 

" 1. In this 
[;o; i;iail.\' itepubii.'an. '.V- 
■ at 10.30 .I'clock. 
In Wtird 14. Kovbur 

Oisiri.t. wiiic;' is 
'*ot*.- iia.I been 

old t'urley 

strorghoM, it .siimatcl tliat an aver- 
age of 2'Hi votes iiad bia 11 .-a-st in each of 
the prei.ircts at l.-n ,. co.-k. .\ larf per- 
centa.Lte of the \o'tr,, \\.>tv c.xpc'Cted to 
vote ilnrii-.i; ihc iat. atiern.'on .-111(1 early 
.v. nint;. 

ill i.iw. r .lamai.-.i Piiin, wlilcii is in- 
ciud. .i in )|\'ard 1."^, an iiii.i.siial .siiuatlo.-^ 
'.vas I'aii.sed by tic .ieat.i yesterdtiy 0; ' 
Itojiresentatlve 'iViliiam .\. .'anty. the I'em 
.crati.' nominee for tii.. I. ever 1. ranch ol 
the Stale l.e.erisiatuie. .Mr. .('anty had nc 
liepuhli.:'an opponont for the offi.-e. This 
n..rnl:.;i, liov.yver. two neniocratic candl- 
dat'.-.s aep.'.ircd IhiMi ..f wliom an runniiii: 
.CI ct ..'icvs. 'liicv ..11. I'll. I!'.. I' ininlap 
m.l Wiilia.n K. .Mad.ien. V..tini4 in this 
v. av.i wa.s light dnriiux the niornillL'. 

U'ar.l j:i re.-orde.l heavy voimir Ihi^-i 
ccirniUK. '.villi Mil -n coniphcatiOii 
in li'.. .sitati' l.'.gi.-latur.. eie.rtion. when sup- 
porter.s of James K. ( a forni.^r 

at all of the polliUK pl'ices. Hosiile.s ilr. 
Gleason. tltere are two I.'ernocrais. lilitwar.l 
f. Wallace and William Curley. and two 
nopul)!loan.s. Mrs. HarrlBt C. Xlail and 
Joseph Mitchell, runnlnif for tiro sest« In 

ni».'.t»«t«i*«u»..- - ■ ■ 

' etatfis Sinn to the Hon. i>T wash- 

^..^ ^ . H. Olllett, and by se"^'"* '" I.-ReP"*"- 

#11 U. V/. r. iWUlLlUcan '-■""K'-^^''"''"- „,^Ht i, nn->t *° 
If^if n ^^ Ml- pare hero tonlRnt n "n , 

~W^ 2 1994 aiseu^B natlor^al Isaue..^ Ther.n_ ^o- 

Not in yeoTS haa a Kppdblican ""^ 


attacks on the Dcrnocratlr ■ 

Lt.-Gov. Fuller, wliono liumorous .il- 
lusions to Curlfy'ii cnndldacy and Cur- 
loy'B promlnoe havn liiupht tlii? Imagina- 
tion of crowds from PItfrliei'l acroa'i tji.' 
statp in tha la^t fortnt({!it,, dropped :jUo 
a serious mood Sor lile last ble ispe.-oli. 
and altlinuKh not m!>ntloninj lila opi>'- 
nenk by nanin ilcfliirivl that I lio great i^ 
sue of the gubf riiatorlal rampalBn 1-) 
honesty In gov<irnnicnt, Tho truwd' In- 
tcrruptcci hlin tlnio iind again Vvllh ivlld 
cheors as Iio droi'o Iionie polntK against 
Curiey, anrt It liiuehrd pynipriMiftticaHy 
whim Im told tlicni thfy oouki not ra- 
allzo tlu' rratralnt lindcr vliiil: he iia.s 

Gov. Cox, takifii; up jlio subj.^r: 
where F^ill^r left !( when In' liiir: .ed 

away to other mectlnsi', had l!:i. o-vd 

In an uproar throughout lils ppi ■ i-h, 
HopTylng to furies-''. ^jtt-n-K,' ori i rie 
oare of InoiuteH In :;t:j.tM lir.tituti.ii;:. 
the Governor bliiniiy d' 'ilurv' u-.,,: 
(Jurley li-'d on fh.> '.{\jnip. .tnti a -■ 
he told the .to-y ef !'■"■ ni b'-iiiliiK .1. 
tile .stai' 'iJ, Rreat Hv^U'in uader 'Ira^i^'- 
llean rule h" lialtid linn .-ifi<-i 
tin-.e, by aiipl'inn. 

*5^1eo( the Kepiililieaii -andiihit. " he 
declared with spirit, "and he ulil not. 
eonux'l :-tat(- eniploy-yio 

«ho caT. do that inore -. _^^ 

here, ai? our very am 
Tomnln'blUou.M state committee haK decld-.. 
^'''"f"^',,, ,hat the candidates shall show 
aOHoiuU' COlitl- theniKcdves In as many places ^.^ 
untl this Is -Unit a l"'!''' 
plaee In onr swing around 
the ijrcult. 

I have tieen honored with the Ue- 
aublh-:.n nonunatlon for Governor 
of this romni..nweaith. My heart Is 
fill! of irratliude to the Kreat party 
wh-h has conferred that honor 
iipr.n me. and I have come before 
this representative Katherlng o. my 
felliiiv Republicans t.i tell you what 
I propose to do "(Vhen I ;im (Jover- 
no'r tin- 1 ani as connd"nt -if th<; 
outcome on Tuesday as I am that 
th.. .un win rise that day. T am 
cr.nfirl-nt beenuue from one end of 
th. ...ate to the other T have wit- 
nessed the resentment of the voter-! 
apalnst the vicious, 
mendacious alla.-'K upon 
iKtralinn which you liave 
■ tn the last four years from this 
ureal niRii who sits on '^';'_^/'"-'^'^'^"} 
iK.'r nie. ('liaiirilngr '•■ .----■ 
ht-ve witnessed a revolt ahonK ho 
Democrats of the commonwealth 
because their party has '":f'="'"^ 
us a candidate n man who through 
BO years of office-holding haa 
Bislently demonstrated his 

to b.^lleve that 

audience at the Saturday night-be- ITiimUed""' "''''"''" 

fore rally in Tremont 

cloifflonstrateii sucti 

dence in Tuesday's result ns that possible, 

which crowded that auditorium JastI "'"''■''"^ 


The first great buret of applause caincj 
■when r.eorge A. nich, as president of 
tho Republican Club of Mussacliunetto, 
opened tho meeting with the prediction 
that I'refidenr Cooildge would be eiocteil 
on Tuesday by an overwhelniInK inajorj- 
ty, And tho crowd clu-ered just a.s luetl- 
t^' two and a half hours later when 
Atty.-Gen. Harlan F. Stone, the linal 
speaker, clo^^ed a masterly preseuiailon 
of the llepubllcan caum; with the Kam» 
prediction. MtRAlJl 

Tt was a rlp-roarhig- RepuWlien r-iUy 
of the old- fashioned sort, wltii i,l.-Gov 
Fuller, Speaker (iiUett and 1 lov. Cox 

rurrilous anA 
the admin - 


lule unwltllnFrness 
public onice, is a 


, T^l■,!^e 


uiuribute t* 

'Contlmittl o^i V"f. 

ni^ macnJilcent audience mcatis 
•fily one thlni?. It la an Indication 
•f a Vcat TtepubllCHu victory on 
VJt -n.esday. m which '"«/"«-^;^ 
»f Massachusetts will reRls er tl etr 
faith In Caivin ( oolldge, their be- 
toved fellow-eltizen, the man who 
has won the .:onlhlrnce of the peop 
of .America to a greater extent than 
any other of hi., rcv eratlon «;;»1 \''« 

;„ .,„.,<.,.,i „hom no* only hlo own 

country but all the world la vurnnis 
for leadership. . ^ 

MaFsachusetta -wtU register that 
ffilth on Tuesday by »,ivlng to nun 
the largeat vote and he greatest 
plurality ever received Voy a- canoi- 
4«.ti«> for the nrenldrticy here, ana 

policy - 
favor ' 
large; 1 > 
political, . 1 
Hhu.l st.-..nd 

perd'.ture. I sh.^:: 

■ii'ure which is 

*s, y, no ni'itter hoiv 

: 00 Jse that vblch is 

matter iiow sniail. -* 1 

upon f-, ■ traditional 


Repul-'lican doctrine of equal oppor- 
tunU> for all men, recardles.s of 
race, creed or color. I ehall be the 
Oovnrnor of all tb-i people, not of 
any ktoup or cias.s. 


nurlnfi: tills cami.-.i:;:i 1 h."-'" 
been under severe pr :)>-oi'atlon. .My 
opponent, always m scrupuloun on 
a publ'c olatform. has exceeded all 
previous . ffurta in niH mad quest 
for new powrs. TIo has fully lived 
up to that paragraph of his own 
political docunie: wherein he 

wtates, "He delib.r ■( 'ly cheapens 
himself in a canipalfni. Tie. appeals 
to the mob b. saying the thlr.g.s 
he knows will win their applause 
and stir their passions " 

N'ow aii>' niari, when Ms motives, 
ills character or his record are 
under attack, has an nltnofit Irre- 
presRlble riesiri' to retort, an.,1 In 
<tolng so not only to defend hlaiseU 
but to impeach the character of tho 
witness ag-alnol him. Ir. the h'g-al 
world that metliod Is Invariably 
followed. Hut In politics It Is a 
methoil from which tht man wh.) 
is in public life for tionest motives 
shrinks. There Ik no partlcuVir 
thrill In hurlhiE mud back nt tiie 
rnao who has hurled nnid at yoti. 

.And so lo ihl.s cfimpatEn I ba-.o 
restrained myself. 1 think in pn-. 
Bolnt; tliat policy 1 have plea»e<l ih 
vast m.ajority of the voters 

r.fe>- »e 


,\' h ■ n 


I have, therefore-, discussed rec- 
ords. I have told the story of the 
admlhlntratlon 'if ChannlnB (»■■ 
with which I have been intimately 
as.soelated, With proper inoftcstv^ 1 
have not claimed tl-osc a. ""'"Hlb^r- 
^lentH as mine. I h.ave n er ly 
pointed out tha in what ho >« 
done the fiovernor hud my ah""lutc 
s'npport nml my co-opcratlon, and J 
have believed i rouiu o„.^< .. 
l.iKher pledBc than that 1 wo , d 
work will. .V! the strouRtl . rt 
ability r possess .0 li-,-.- "P •",; f 
.standard he has sc ' -'W™^;''' 
lUe record of a reduction 01 ■> . 
nno ni'O in the net debt of our stat^ _ 
"approve of the rcdncton of 
uwioon In the annual ^tate ax- 

,olh-v 1 opiu-oveof ^rouo..y 1^16 
efficiency. I orpo^e waste, eMr.n. 
B.,,u.e, favoritism and all ^ '^^ '^ 

v-hlch are. a necessary a.ijnml of 

"'xhe r^ landldate in this 
eampalsn ha.s taken his ■<';""> ^'^ 
direct opp.isition to this P"b' .^ ■ li" 
li^sts hnt the debt of the city of 
B slon has increased, millions on 
top of millions, durluB his admhus- 
ration rit City Hnll. Ue asserts 
(hat If ho Is elected tjoveinor ho 
win put an .nd nt once to tho pro- 
l-n'm of economy with which tho 

^,,^,es of Calvin '•<'<^''t''',""on tW; 
nini? Cox are associated, 'j"^ J;!'^^ 
one issue alone T w--->Ui.'.t "C preTJ.-;.- 

(rest th" case for the Urpubltcan 


politics kept oil n hipli plan.- 
epithets have bun hnrPd al nir 1 
have thoiiKbi of eplihet.s w-hi h 
could have bei hurled hack, le - 
liapB to the 1 'iporaty entei-tain- 
ment o' tbose, within ranp:e of my 
vf.l-!e, --ret t'l- nev.-apeT>er men si n- 
\ toncea to accomv*ny the wmdld-a^te^ 
) i*ftet.< itvi-A f^itiH ^t-^'^ : *he ft-j,*'.;. 

Itieie is ancliier and Jrre^'er 
,,.,.„ '11 Is thai of le-liesty In gov- 
ernment,' ^Ve cannot ;, fford in this 
.-rand old commonwealth of ours, to 
invile a KovcrnmMit of scandal on 

r''i'T'..',K'and'-'pi-ndM'bisV..rv r 

shairtry'to'bc „'orlhy of It 11, mv 

administration. J ^^J'"" J'"''^, .'.',::,'; 

Tlie most ambitious "night-before 

tour" in the history of Massachtisetti 

political canipaiKHs h plauned by 

Mayor James M. Curiey tonight, 

when he makes a "Bwing" from 

i Springfielfl. through Worcester, and 

1 to Boston. 

1 .-\ -.prcial (rain, \vill \«- prcrisct! into 
t service, it it apiicai s evident tliat a 
tfast auto c.iiinot nial;e tlie schedule, 
f it was stated at ' his lieadquarter.s 
' yesterday. There also will be rallies 
' tonight in tlu; 20 wards of Boston. 


J Henalor David 1. VValrdi will addre.s.'i 
: a rally in M.-.-Vianics Hall, Worcester. 
tonlBht, then come to r.o;,t<in he 
will appear at the hig Democratic 
I "nlRht la-tor'-" rally in Symphony Hall. 
.Mayor Ciirh-y wl'l ."p-ak at a rally in 
Pemherton square at 1 o'clock thts af- 
ternoon, then take a train to Sprlng- 
tleld where ho wliil be the principal 
apeaker at the KpiiiiKfield Audilorlum. 
He Is ta.-lieduled to take tho S.IO train 
from HprinBllehi to Worcester, arriving 
there at !i;SI>, where he allow-H an houi 
for tho big'i.tlo gatherlnij at 
that city. 
From Worcester he will come ovnr the 
I road by automobile, to Doaton where he 
! expects to arrive not far after mid-, 
' night, and make the closing speech ol' 

his camiiaiKii. 
I While tho .Mayor tind Senator Walsh 
are addresslUK the larKer B''lherinK», 
a prominent list of speakers are s.died- 
illod to appear at tb(. Koatoii ralUen, 
They Include former Cougresaman 
]oB-.Dh F. O'Uonnel, Attorney Jamea II. 
Vahey f>m»» BeRroj—*"""* '^^ 

iiiuttiro panlel 


Hoy: ^,i9Zf 

LD N0V,4i9^4- 


Cnrley Joins Lomasney at \ 
Big Rally of Hendricks CM 

! i 

Speakers Praise All Democratic Candidates! 
Except Davis and Bryan— Tag-ue 


Tells "Facts" Regarding 
Lattcr's Plea for Gaso- 
line Permit 

■Vl-lil - 



Under Fire ^OV ? 1024 



Mayor Curley, .John J 
Martin Lomasney and oilier i.^emo- 
eratic loaders addressed the pre- 
election meeting at the Ilen.iriclcs 
Club yesterday afternoon and iir;:jed 
the 500 men and women present to 
vote for the entire Democratic 
ticlcet. Though practically every 
other candidate of prominence was 
praiseri, there was no word of pi-aise 
for John W. Davis and Charles W. 

ii,!,"'^""''"'r^'' ■^"''" •'■ T>oiii,'!:if;i. who is 
.-0 r{;;:t].-ir i'-t'iiK'trrui ii,-, nom^n.-u twj- 
ConBrosH fro.m tho inth dl.«trlct, aiirl 
t-everal of Lomasney's lleiitcn.intK In 
w;ml i) marie cTltlcism of Con- 
Kiessnian fetcr F. rriRuc, who was dc- 
by l>ouKlasa lor the nomination 
S(-ptcnil)er primary and Is now 
candidate for re-olecllon. 
.'ciy, Tag].,, was held aioft as a 
cxaniDln of n.M'fVU- '"'t thore 
was no word of rrm' "o'f James e! 
tho llepuhlii'iu) consressional 
In the district. Neither his 
name, nor that of Thomas J, Glblln. the 
aspirant to the office, was men- 

A Hiatoment from Mayor Curley, in 
which h- rta'.e,-', V.-.a "fn,~ta" rocardlr.s 
t/t.-Gov. I^^illera attempt to obtain a 
permit for a caaoiine station at hia 
raclianl servirc fetation on Common- 
wcaltl) was Ispiisd to the press 

■'uller U 


at the 

a "eiticker" 



was no 






Yest,.rd:,y was the first tlmt, in mnny 
years that ^rayo^ Curley had attended 
a ineetine- at the Hendricks Club, and 
apparently the word had been pasMed 
uiit to the "boys" to give him a hearty 
reception. Years apo I/omasnev nnd 
Curley ^ve^n the Idttercst of i.oliiieal 
enemies, and, tlmugli tlie two have now 
apparently ouried tlie hatehot, the w,l- 
eonio (riven the mayor ye.storday after- 
noon was far from being unanimous. 

However, tlie applause lasted about 
five seconds and was louder than that 
.u'lven any of the otlier si.eakers, in- 
.■ludlne: I/omasney liiniseif. Whether bo- 
eaiiao of the 20 or 30 women present or 
because of the chanKed days and cus- 
toms, the meetlnj; evinced little of the 
enthusiasm that in past years marlied 
the .'-;unday-l>eforo-electlon nieellioTS at 
tho club. The inajority of the crowd 
was there to listen to r..omasney, and 
ills sharp thru.sls at ConKres.^man 
Tague elicited many latislis and brief 
hursts of handclappliiB, His speech 
differed In no Important phase from tho 
one bo made on tlie Sunday afternotui 
before tho primary election in Septem- 
ber and at tlie Doualti-ss rally ni 

Most of the speakers yesterday urRed 
tho audience to vote aeainst the child 
labor aniendment and In f.avor of the 
plan providing feir a representative froiTi 
each of tho 2I> waul;) to tho city cotmcii. 
N'o advice was fffven rejrardlng- the 
other referenda on the ballot. 

Reprcsenfatlvo John I. FltKRerald 
presided. John J. Douiflaas declared 

tha» tho f'emocnitlc voters of the IOth| 
distii-'t e.rpressed tlieir sentiment at| 
tho primary election, when they gave' this afienioon. 
him .about L'lifu; votes more than Ibeyi i-j,;. rurU v br.'adslde rend a 
R.-ivo Tague, Ho condemned the con- .,, ,. ' , „ -m,. 

eres.sman In the strongest terms,! "la tne morning papers Mr, 
•especially with reference to the charire| '>^"''f'' «'' "'"'"^S "'» f'5ll''^v.nk slate 
that UouKlass's recent Illness was a re- aient : .„,,.., 

suit of drlnklnir. Lomasney and other ■'" I'c:. I built ihat Park.ird .^ervlw 
speakers at the meetlnj,- vest-rday also ■'^■lat'.m out on Cimiionwealtn avenue- 
made reference to this, and declared .^u" ail know where it is— 1 wanted t< 
that tiio charge was made publicly P<?<^ a permit to put a g:a.«oiin6 storagri 
though It was known to those imikini; '■a"'^ '" "'« cellar. Hut 1 couldn't K«t k 
it that DouRlass had been In the hos- " '1 hired a lawyer, and he went dowi 
pitai for an oiieration A phvslolan f" City Hall, But he came i>aok an.- 
accompanied iJouglas.s on his round of said. 'There's sonicbcdy down there hai 
rallies ^esterrlav. if't tr^ be fWed ■ 

A large part of ifayor <^urioy'.-i speech " 'f ."said rlffht tlien, "That ser^'Icx 
was a recital of the enthusias-m and station will stay there unused until h»i 
large attendance nt the Democrut<c ral- freezes over before I pay a nickel U 
lies throughout the state, and he pre- (ix anybody at City Hall.' That lawyei 
dieted his election as Governor by more was Joseph Wlffgin, and bo'a !TO.t ar 
than lOe.nuO iiliirality. ITp denounced office nt "" St.a^te street. The presiden! 

the political tactics of Ahan T. Fuller 
and declared that JOlilah Adlow was a 
"character a.ssassin." 

Lomasney began rather mlNly, but 
after ho had been soing about live min- 
utes, and after be had made several 
convtilslve clutches at hia collar, and 
several men In tho crowd hail shouted > 
"take 'em o|T," he removed his collar 
and tie, displaying the pristine Klory ': 
of his oiitinK .shirt and suspenders of 
Baron Penfrew baby blue. Then he 
took anotlier swallow of water and got 
down to business. 


On tho platform taljle was a pile of 
political circulars and posters favorable 
to Tague's candidacy and attacking 
tXiuglass 'and Ijomasiiey. Manin ex- 
hibited them one by one and ridd'e,. the 
charges that were made in tlieni. One 
of tiie cliarges was tiiat Dnnglass sup- 
ported Isaac Allen against J.ihn H. Sul- 
i!\..n for Hie Governor's council. Lo- 
masney declared this was untrue, end 
added that a son of John H. Sullivan 
was denyln.g it at Doug-lass rallies yes- 
terday In other parts of the city. 

At the conclusion of Ills speech, lust ' 
before urslng all to vote for the straight | 
Democratic ticket, Lomasney held up ' 
the Tague circul.ars and cords and salf" 
that tlie cost of printing and distrlbni-' 
Ing them probably totalled JlO.OrtO, 
though Congressman Tague during the 
primary campaign had declared that he 
was "a poor man." 

"Tion't you worry about iioor I'eter 
the Oreai," said Lomasney In ciosing. 
"He had 10 years at ?7.'.6o and other 
UiingH a year, and w-llh (lis I.,iberty 
bonds and the rest of it. the Tague's 
won't have to give up llu'ir aiitmnoblle 
and their place at Scltuate." 

(Xlier speakers were John J. Cimi-- 
mlngs, candidate for Lloiitenatii-< "over- 
nor; (^iumrllman Gf-./ifto K. Curran, 
Representative Bernard F'inkelst.-in and 
Felix A. Mareella, and former Keprc- 
sentatlve Robert IJofcinson. 

of the coni'mon cotincll then was Jim 


"The records of the board of .aidermen 
slinw tile f..;iowing facts, and these 
record.-; are .'i>en to any citizen io in- 
spect : 


"fill Sep!. 13, HifiO, Alvan T. Fuller ap- 
plied ;o ti'c lioard of aldermen for a 
license to keep IflOO Rallons of pa.solin* 
,at the corner of <;'ommonwealth avenue 
and .Ma;\f rn street. 

''I'nder the state law a public heaiinp 
had to tie given on tho application after 
1 I days' no-tlce. 

"The was given on OcL I. 
1909, which was the earliest poBslble 
date It could bo (flvon on account of the 
14 days' notice. 

"Tile application then ■wa.s referred to 
the committee on licenses and the license 
■was granted on Oct, 19, 1901). 

"You will observe the following Inao. 
curie-.s in Mr. leuUer'n statement, 

"He says 'I w.antcd a permit for a 
S.'isolino tank but I couldn't get it." 

"He got it and he got It In the usual 
course of business without delay. 

"He states tiial s<<fne lawyer said 
tiiere Is .sonielhidy doun to city Hall 
tha.t has .got to be fixed and rvir. Fuller 
tlien staled 'Tha't aervice station will 
stay unused until bell free?., s over be- 
fore 1 will pay a nickel to fix anybody 
at City Hall.' 

"But the .seiwlce station didn't »tay 
there unused because Mr. Fuller got the 

"Ho then says to show hPt v,:nom and 

lack of responstbiiil>- -■I'iie pi csident of 

the common council then was Jim Cur- 
ley.' Jim Curley was never president 
of tho commi.m council or chairman of 
the lioard o( .iidermen. 

"The (Simmon c^iuncil had nothtnsp t« 
do with gaHoHne permits. 

"Tlifl chalmiajj of the board of alder- 
men In 1909 was Frederick J. " 
now d«ceaHed, a H^n^ltaan 
vh<. mo*t rom»iKjt**M 
the biMA-SKr""'*^ 

HEKRLD N0\/.4I924- 


^ iUA U IkiJ^ 

Walsh and Curley Greeted 
with Real Ovation in 

Surpassing even ttie monster Dem- 
ocratic rally in the Arena last Sat- 
urday night in enthusiasm, if not in 
numbers, last night's closing meet- 
ing in Symphony hall was marked 
by scenes such as have rarely been 
witnessed in previous political cam- 
paigns. Just before midnight, as 
Senator Walsh and Mayor Curley 
stood and clasped hands on tV.c plat- 
form, 3500 persons stood up and 
shouted their cheers for the two 

Tf ivMs oVlook betoro Senator 
Walsh appeared and brought the vast 
audience to its feet !n an ovation that 
lasted for several minutes. While he 
was in the in^ldle of his speech the 
mayor arrived, lirecedcd by a parade of 
voters from his old ward 12, with their 
own band. Ho Bhook hand.'j with the 
senator and then took a seat Immedi- 
ately behind until Walsh had finished 
his speech. 

Introduced by the chairman of the 

to have Its effect on the voters as th«r 
are on their way to the polis. '■f^^ '^ ofL, 
Whirling through the 26 wards of tl>« 
city, the mayor ajid other candidates 
on the Democratic ticket ended a 

rally in Symphony hall. There political 
spellbinders held forth from » o'ciooK 
until the arrival of Senator Walsh, who 
preceded the gubernatorial candidate on 
the platfo-m by more than an hour. 

Trouble was threatened for a time 
out at the Municipal buildlnB In Hyde 
Park, earlier In the evening, where 
M-tyor Curley and supporting speakor.s 
arrived only to discover that a big 
Republican rally was under way In tho 
main liall of the building. I.t.-Gov. 
J'"uller, his political opponent, wa.'j ad- 
dressing the audience, wliich consisted 
of more tlian 300 persons. ^ 

Dumbfounded, the mayor demanded 
an explanation from the police ser- 
g(?ant on duty as 'to who was ro_ 
sponsilile for the mixup. The police- 
man was unable to explain, and when 
the enraged Dcmocr.atic candidate de- 
clared. "I'll fmd out who put this over ; 
on mo," he was referred to tlio cus- i 
todlan of the building. | 

The custodian explained that two | 
rallie.s, llepubllcan and DemocraUc. f 
had been advertised for last night In 
the rviuiiicipai bulidlng, an;! that the 
I^emocrats were in a hall In the base- 
ment waiting for the mayor's appear- 
ance. There the nuiyor, irritated over 
the situation, nuide a very brief talk, 
his short stay surprising those who had 
come there to listen to hlni. 

The noonday rally held In Pemborton 
square was utteudeu by an estimated 
crowd of 10,000 persons, niling the 
square from one end to the other. 
Mayor Curley was tho principal speak- 
er, denouaclng I^t.-Gov. Fuller, his op 

a ntimber of cotinty officers. 

Tha campaign ended amid feverish 
excitement. Rumors of Impending elefl- 
tlon frauds filled the air during the 
day. Liiat-mlnute accuaattong W«r» 

hnrT<*rI frrtrn T,I«tfrt»*;^ fiffer piatfortfl. 

In tho Beciuaion of party headquarters., 
precinct workers were receiving ni"" 
instructlov.i:. All over the state vot*r» 
Were gathering In halls and on Street, 
corners— or about yio radio In their 
own homes— to hear the final argu- 

In Boston all day yesterday and far^ 
Into the night sensation followed sen- 
sation, r.rayor Curley, speaking to a 
huge crowd In Pemherton square at 
noon, called I^t.-Oov. Fuller a "whole-i 
sale liar" and held him personally ao- 
countRble for the suicide of Insane pa- 
tients of state Institutions. At that 
time tho Democratic candidate for 
Governor v■•a^ planning a cross-state 
trip m tho evening, starting In Spring- 
field and ending In Boston. 1 
But In tho late afternoon Mayor Cur- 
I ley ahaiuloned the plan. Tho expla- 
nation ,,!ven r ts that Gov. Cox had 
announced his Intention to answer over 
the radio Curley'a attack on the state 
administration, and Curley wanted to 
remain at home to make his own an- 
I'swer. But this explanation was rldl- 
; ouled not only by Republicans, but byl 
j.many of the mayor's own parly. They 
! said that Curley, abandoning all hope 
';of election, was concentrating on the 

nonent, ^onj s basis of his world war 

^irBoston vote, hoping to roll up here a 

majority large enough to hold his lead^ 

rally. Gen. Charles H. Cole, Senator 'g^^d,' ^"^ ^Jj,"™;,,"/ ^'^ 

Walsh, his voice broken a «" : ^ _.^_« • 

whlsoer, declared that tho one great 
feature of the present campaign had 
been the outstanding fact that he still 
held a place In the hearts of tha peopla 
of Massachusetts and to have found 
they had followed his service In Wash- 
ington step by step. 

"Tomorrow," ho said, "Is your day. 
Tomorrow the power of government Is. 
In your hands. Tomorrow you shall say 
how you wish to be governed and by 
whom you wish to uo governed. In 
the last nnalvsla, a public servant is 

rtrd1"t:l:^trwh?<^h"\:rraS'"t%r Curley Refers to Fuller commg mto »oston tor 

Tills campaign has determined this one •' . „ . .. rallies In Dorchester an 

factor, that the Democratic party has 
beWIn the front trenches fighting your 


...i, I. 

battle, whero you will be tomorrow. 
To mo public office has never been a 
personal honor, but simply the oppor- 
tunity to give the highest possible serv- 
Icfi for one's fellow-men. If you do 
your part tomorrow as wo have done 
ours for the last month, the victory wUl 
be overwhelmingly triumphant." 

Mayor Curley took oeenalorf to focus 
his remarks against Gov. Cox because 
the latter had made a radio talk In sup- 
port of Lt.-Gov. Fuller earlier In tho 

evening. -, * , „ 

"Gov. Cox. has again seen fit to talk 
for Alvan T. Fuller, this time from the 
Edison radio station," he said, ".So I 
cancelled my trip to Springfield and; 
Worcester tonight so that I might go 1 
through tho wards of the city of Hoston 
ftnd tell the voters what sort of a man 
Alvan Is." 

■ Ho then proceeded to renn parts or 
the speech that Gov. Cox made over tho 
radio, and then challenged every stato- 
riient the governor made, especially In 
reference to the administration of the 
■tale Institutions, and ended hy saying 
tlrnt he had no doubt as to tha Hnal 
an — he would be elected by a ma- 

14 ,«so.(KMto. ■■*;-;»- ,~. 

as "Wholesale Liar" 
in Boston Rally 

erahlp of the local Democracy. He had 
been warned they said that unles.s ha 
made I'.ls through tlin 26 wurda 
he would Buffer at tho polis today. 

Gov. Cox made his speech, a smash- 
ing attack on the type of camjiaign 
Curley has put up, and a general denial 
that the Inmates of .stalo ln:ititutlons 
have been <'arrled any comforts. Jjt. - 
Gov. Fuller, starling In .Stou(;hton and 
lerles of six 
d Hoxbtny, told 
enthusiastic audiences that tho time 
had come to "lift tho veil of charity, 
which I havi drawn over my oppo- 
nent's past, and meet his falsehood.^ i 
about mo with truths ;ihout himself." ' 
EXCEED 1,200,000 "-"r Oe nrst time In the campaign 

Fuller discussed the contract and gaso- 
line permit scandals of the Curley ad- 
Lt.-G0V. Fuller Answers "^'"'^"''atlon which hnvo been aired hy 

the fir.ance commission. At his final 
j rally In Regent hall. In the Grove Hall 
j »ectlon of Iloxhury. he asserted that 
I the commonwealth of MnHsachusettf. 
could not a ford to elect a man as Gov- 
ernor whoJe administration v.-u.» a "suc- 
Cfsslon of contracts given out to the 




"Falsehoods" of Mayor- 
Gillett at Home 

MoTP! than 1,200,000 M.issachi 
setts voters will go to the polls t 
day. They will mark their ballo 
for presidential electors, and tb 
will elect a Governor, a Unit 
State* «m*tor, tnlnoT »tat« offlce^ 


Speaker Gillett, the Republican candi- 
date for senator, went back to his home 
yprlngrteld during the day, and lasi 

I'lght spoke at three big rallies In hip 

old congressional dUlrlet. There h» 

pared his record with th»t a! hl» 

^^y(^r and Mr« r, f'^^^ ^9 ^ 


___' ^ '"'"'' -"rne,- of cenf 

Must ^0-^ 

•-- '%.: rnf ; ^liiS:ili^S 
"" '-a s t «;^' ";:^f '■'--;; '?"r "''''"tor 
'■■■ --"^■.?::i-'':-^-^^^-^^^■ 

*''• can- 


Minute ,'" '* 


-^''« .ha r:"'''""" «- on ^\"'';"^ 


/'•'"J ii.i, ,,"^> u'ui li,; , Th,, •,"•*''« 4 

POST HOV. )M9?4 


Democrats Tonight 
Bi sliest (.ampargn 


riuiiiiiniiii opooBBiu ..... ,, ,, 

Mdress Monster Arena ' " 


I f<*-:l 

,,. vn.ll-- vil^ '"^ ' 
';,,n Av"'^ •- ^^^'' 

of llio moat j 


at the ^iiif^ i« «^'"'""'r'.uma-shlnfT «r«^-" 








i.l 1. 
M. riir-.f:, 

luV.lal'^ for 
{. r.n-nin'.Tigx. I 
governor; j 

Ti.r, (lnv<; 

Bostoti over lo the De.mocvatu: ' l' 

^i*«a*«,„,Uv ihelaiKftst majority U 

T !L U t: G R A M MO ^-1 b. il 

' «'-•'•" 


1,1 mar. 

othfV f^in- ! A:i'lr<-V 

t b .' t 



..iU na<,^^-^\\co^. winuun 


Joseph '^- 


ronr..y. 'i"'^ ''^".T^u*v'« IWWA- i 



MOV' 5, 19^4- 




I the Commonwealth In yesterday's 

I election and had a majority of near- 

'ly 400,000 over tlie ctnTibined votci 

of Johp. \V. Davis/' DeiYiocrat. and 

' Robert M. LaFollette, third party ! 
candidate. ( - "5 

Carried on by the sweep of the 
big Republican tide, Lieutenant- 
|| Governor Alvan T. Fuller was elect- 
ed Governor of Massachusetts by 
a huge niajority\ovcr Mayor Curley 
of Boston. 

In the face of the great CooUdge 
sweep, Senator Walsh makes the 
most remarkable run of his career 
and at 2 :30 o'clock this morning had 
a chance of winning. 

Has Chance to Beat Giliett— 
Chiid Labor Measure is 
Badly Defea ted , / 

Lieut.-Governor Fuller Easily De 

feats Curley by Very 

Large Plurality 


297 cities and towns out of 355 in the State give- 
Yes No 

Referendlum No. 3 178,246 156,544 

(Liquor Law) 
(Ciiiea' Votes May Make Result Close— Seems a Winner) 

Referendum No. 4 103,740 202,473 

(Gas Tax) ' 

(Beaten By Sizable Margin) 

Referendum No. 6 172.861 171191 

(Daylight Saving) ' "*^* 

(Vote Close, But Probably Wins) 

^^te"*^""? ^?* ^ ^5,^0 Z51,S23 


In the returna reoclved up to mid- 
night. Senator Walsh ran far ahead 
of his ticket. He led Mayor Curley 
In practically all of the larger towns 
in the State and boat the Mayor bad- 
ly In Boston. The vote for Wftiah 
!n this city was the blgKest «urpr:ia oi 
thft day. In almost every precinct ot 
the city he ran a»iead of Mayor Curley, 
who had predicted thai he would carry 
Boston by moro than 100,000. 

Curlffy was batlly cut by his own 
party In Boston. Evidence of the 
slashing which ha(t been predicted wa» 
- evitlpnt In all parts of the city. Out- 
isjdfi of Boston the Mayor ran behlni 
vvaian in mcst' ofrKe Cities arm* itrwTWr ■ 
ITn srvcrnl pla'-ps Lieu enant-Govemor 
I'uUor had n c^nifortahln lead over the 
Mayor, while Peiiator Walah was win- 
ning- over .=!peakf r nil!«»t. 

Walsh Becomes Leader 


^;fe^ta»s*,-..J^Child. Labor) 

The grrat sJiowlnB of Senator VTalsh 

j In Ih,. face of euch tremcndou.<i odrl. 

leaves him the uniiispuied leader of 

h!.. party in Ihl.s .State. The showin* 

(of Mayor Curley, both In hie own city 

and throuirhoDt Uui .State, was a bitter 

idlsaipolntment to him and his friends, 

A\hn.' the sweep of the State for 
Presln-nt CooJUIfe was expected the 
Rmall vote given to Senator La Pollette 
was one of the surprises of the dav. 
The vote of the Wlsronjln Senator was 
not In any.wnj a factor In the outcome 
In MaSBHchuseltK. In some of the In- 
dustrt^l centres he ran on even terms 
""l"^"'' "ccaslonally ahead of, Davis 
but tbrouKhout the State as a whole his 
vote was negtiBlble. 

Daylight and Volstead Acts 

Tlie vol- oil ilie four questions which 

were contested under the referendum 

also devfloped Interest In yesterday's 

ballotlnc On the question of whether 

i (layliKht savlnir shall be retained under 

I til,, lav.- fi Ma?"ac-hiiselts the early re-j 

! turns fr-iii the rural sections sho-wcd a- 

' heavy niarKlii In favor of repeal, hut ! 

l^ter fir'tr;-.:: Tioni Industrial centres i 

troupht the (ight to a close finish with > 

the chances In favor of n continuance' 

i of the daylicht savlnv plan. 

, GLODf- NOV >', 19^4 



Mayor Curley, when asked for a 

statement at midnight, said that he 

I would h«ve iHolhitig ta.MMX.J]itiam\J 

the night. ^sBvHfV *•* 



Cttfley Machine Smasnea in 
City; Mayor SilenUnDefeat 

Unasted 100,000 Plurality --.^-. ..o.^«„.^ ...... 

iJOaSVeU -LV , _^ ^^.,^,,.^ ,.j„ „ur.-i<l "' ' /^^rtlcate that 

i Fades to 40,UUU lA i..,.,„l:rtan. l,, a rv,>nno. t^^ _^^^^ ^^ j^^j 

I Boston ^' 

Wal5h r:in .U";.-i<l '''.,,, indicate that. 

i ftnrU returns nv «" ^ «;; .,o oflC i" Bo3- 
i -■" *^f ';!' ?, ,"::Lre'':^r.. majority ot 

Shortly l-f^r- ,"''?', i„ thn I^cno« 

, AHEAD OF TicKKT^ ,..,,„.. ::;£;::[»,«£ „.,, ,, 

I — 1 ■■! ri(! 11"^ - .,,ii^tant!al maj'H '!•.>• 

icinin It- ;„iiipit i„iAr from cRi-ef _ i". _ ...,, _ive mo » 

r" , .... „.tl„„ in giving ^•l^'^ltr.mend.n., m^JorlU^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,.„, 

mis miyjorlly .„,_^|„,. ^-cre 

'■"^' "^" ~ . , ..-.„, maiorayLuVrbv°.rinrong of .HUPPon- »-.',,-: 

President a >;ul,si.aa..»' ,,,„ I junior <-nat...r. wnnr«.-^;-^^.j ^, ,„ 

. T.„mr„-raMc nominee. John ^^,,i^„,„ h„ him.e.f h.->," "p „, „,,,fe. 
over the DemcK ratio .i^p i the ultimate ■■'■«",;„,„,,'„ ,.,t ih- <".>r 

W nnvW ^vhile the totals of the , ^__^^ contro;<t t. omU .^ ^^^^^ ,,^^,^ 
two PSl'"^> 


; ,,-,g Lo,,....-. eamvalKu "'^^"'^ 

romblnwl Hall Ht .n. i^J^^^^^ ^t,,„, an.i in 

two P3T >< ,,„-onicnt ihf c-hamUTH "■,'"? ,n„M„vu'^, whpr« 

.wamped the La FoUotto t.o.uncnt ^^, , . , l^:^^::':^^^':^^^^^^::^ 

,, .t )oa.t five to on. ^ ^^ ^r ^"rVuH.y ^oH^P^^J--- ^ 

.n,o Hly also admmlal.rrd t' ,vnrk<TS "'"^ '^'^''\,,.,rcom<. th. Cool- 

1 Curloy 

,ru.htng and bumU- ;ago VA„ that ^^-as 

n.^i,t. T.I,-<-,nv. rullor ^_^^j 

Borator Wal.h. o. ^'^^^^^^ „,„ 

se wan t' , ,, 

., . 'r~r-,,iany atronghoia 

->"■•' .' = ■ "."?.„I; -Kan Ws P""^>'-T' 
whcrn May-.. ^ ^- '.,-.„,' ^* ,„i ,i,^ ran'U- 

,,^„„. ^'"'^i'"- ;\'^;f „ ;; V,ut or i« 

„rr-rlnrts, «hll« 1",'^' '", .,„^r> on 

. r.iorl.v in t'^" ^">' ""-"^ .■■..■1- the mayo . fo, m r _ _ _ , ,_ 
■oiled nP "^ r,,A.iOii .,, i . . „o> 

, , ..invllv il> t'^" ''"■' I olU'leH me ■'••'.' .,;,„,, l.e left f"r hi 

,lled np a r„A.)o^ l ^ ^^^^^ over I, peasant Rtreet, NvhUh he !<-_,_,, ^ 

,pfnkev <;lll^<t ^"■'■"'^ ,-- ,„hu- .'amalrav/ay re 

, .i,< final r-Murn..- ><"■ ''""' U,,„ r..„„,hllran 
60,000 ivhen the Il"»i 

.Tamalraway resldeni e, ^vas 

unnnn ivhen i"e ■ l his Republican "'"'"" -."/..^iHon to th» 

bO.OOO ^vh n , „.,, ^,,,,,n.-t» Wa,lsh I w„i.h'B "♦^"""""VThn hundred* 

,,.ted. tn -^SI ou. of ■■''I2[f,^m for lmml«ra.lon hlU ^f 'f,^, i*^;, "„. „latl..n. 
received U^^l yo.e« -^^^ ^^ ;,^. ,„,, of -■-;;■' ;;^^'^;rd:a;e Ae;uh,l, an 

'""-"• " r'''"'inc,:'= v; -triev i"«.<'om r';:;hue^;^^^;-^i;r/;;::;''^llwt"' 

number of P^^'^ "^f.,,, „, the Uem- ,..,„.ld.o -u> .l^^""-;'^ ? 
over ''■"'l""'^^-" ■; .00,8 f''^'"- 

,™Hc candidate o^eM^^^ ""- ^"1 '^'"-' 
ISven befoie lli>- ^..^j^, „„„ | 

U„fward«h«- ;"-;'; ;,;^ ,,,,,„,, 

'"""I '"" re ur, « fron. ou,.,lde to.-,« 
cliamboT as letuii f.uriey l 

predicted the -"»;^';;; „ ':,o,.-k th.l 
machln.. ^'^-''^?;'::; .eeom,.an,ed j 
mnvor left for - - ^ ^ _^^. intimate 1 

1"'', T TO P^v..P-V.- n '■■ -' 

'■■ .d he -ould mal<e no Mal-ooo.. 

untU he li'idj; _.„^,^„r, and frhnd- | 

„,uctantly anno,u,.:ed - .| 

hla de!eat. ^_ ^^^^^^^.^ j^,^,,^ ,„^ , 

"""^ T'lnmany -ardB of the cUy, j 
votcn cast in "^""^ 

> "W.lsh, in ^^ard M. for oX- 
'k>,U,, and V^-al.h carrUd nearly 

evi-'ry 'preohni. 

in the '""\, "■"?;' ■;.,.,• three ta 

T..,nBla^.. 1- '""'"^„;„Ja P"."- "-■""<' 

;,::;,f:-;;;dh,a:.,'h:.- a ..-..„n 


iA- I 


Gathering at Young's 
Hotel Watches His 

Majority Mount ' , - ' 

GLOBE mi-Lm^ 


BY MAYOR' '^P*"''*""'*'''^ at Work 

Till Polls Close , M 


m^ rb'.>^ 

HE IS PLEASED WITH Petition Withdrawal y^j-J3g( Oarra^es "'f ilSl at 
DEFEAT OF CURLEY w; >. ai, tj' .. .'' « . 

- - Won t Alter His Honie-Goifig Gfowds 

Gov, -elect Alvan T. Fuller was the 
hero of the Republican gathering at 
Young's Hotel while the returns 

I were coming in last nip-ht. riicer 
after cheer rang: out as he entered 
the big: room, and hundreds pressed 

'forward to shake him by the hrind. 
In t ho far!.\' ] -irt of tho cv^nliiff U 
«-aR II j\ihlliiT,t Kathcring, for rfliini'' 
frnni all over th" (■nuntr>' incllcate<i a 
?tepubUraii swfrp of tremendous ^(Up. 
Indications lh<n wcro that Sprnkor 
iMIIr-lt woiild ho (?arricd into office l>y a 
conifortahlp majority' over .^irnator 
^Val^ll, Init just before nildn'iplit tlie 
Katherlnpr >;oliete,l eonsideralily. 051 


Eleventh-Hour Appeals at 
Many Points 

Mayor Curlf'y yesterday issued a 

gtatciiiciit rcplyiriK -lo the New Eng- _ 

, , M^ , 1 V n^ I . 1 r* ijartro and enthusiastic crowd;-. aN , 

land lelcphonc is- IclcRraph Com- ,^^,,^,, the un-„.ual „er!e., „f ••nth hour' 
paiiy's ojicn letter to the Public Util- nemocrnilc rallies in Boston arti U;< ' 
itics Connnission, indicating the com- vicinity— as well ns In some of the la-trer 

' " ,-,-lock 


pany's intention to yvithdraw their ;-'\'>""<^ ^^l*"'^-'^'""'^-''" 5 and 
^ ' lis; nitrht. The Idea of thes 

present petition for increases in c^,r- 
tain of their tclcplejnc fates. 

V\alsll. al'led l.y Ilia liufc'f 
ton, u-ptit into tile lead. 

vote in nos- 


From the cimnieut-i of those 
were present the I^^nller victory 
ieven more t)cpiilnr than that of^ 
jdent Cooltdge, prolialily because tlie 
latter had |i.-en imtlripated for many 
weeks. There were in the crowd scores 
of Democrat,'-, some I'f them leaders in 
their ward,^. v^ r. i did not hesitate to 
throw tlicir lKit,s In the air and cheer, 
as the Fuller ma.ioritles mounted. 

F'lUer wore a ,sniiie of vomplete haii- 
pine,-!".. To hlnl the preatest hnpplnes-i 
dill not leem to be that he Is to he the 
nexl Oovernor, l>ut that In winnlnp he 
had administered ,^iich a merclleiis de- 
feat to the mayor of HoBton, Those wlin 
crowded about him with consraniia- 
tlons, told him that the type of cam- 
palKn he had conducted had won the 
admiration of the voters of the com- 
monwealth, I'^uller admitted that many 
times in the rampaiKU. «blle his oji- 
ponent hurled ejilthets at him, he had 
been tempted to tlirow aside his dltrnlty 
and meet Curley with his own methods, 
but he came to the conclusion last 
nlghl that hi."" coinse had been the 

, AlthniiKh the audience listened to all 
Ithe return.'^, read by iormer rhalrman 
Frank B, liaii of tiio state commlttem. 
()„,y ...oemed Intensely Interested In the 
reiurns from the Bosion wards, of 
which Cnrley had boasted during tbe 
rlosliiB days, "VVith the llrst 10 pre- 
cincts rurley'a 100,000 plurality went 
affllmmerlnK, and at one time It ny - 
peared that lie vrmld he lucky to t;o 
out of the city with aO.OOO, The wanis 
which tire overwhelmingly t>emoeratlr 
saved hhn that further liuinliiatlon, 
howrv^r, although In all of them Ful- 
ler (5ol many morn votes than any 
otl"..:;" yi^;:ubllcnn -Aho has <topo.s«d 

f'halrman Frank fT, Fosp ot thfl stale 
comfTdt*oo. who wa.s elected to ('onRrr«s 
jfrom Iho tSt rd JiHt-hi, wan rheerad toy 
I the Ka.lherlnB when early 'returns from 
his district wen- read, 

A latfi arrival at \\\<^ hotel waa Keure- 
sentativB Klijah Adlow of Ro^imry, ivfm 
carried ilie battle to c:uriey In a speak- 
ing campalitn which covered tfie entire 
st«ite,« Hb wa» ehoered to -tha echo by 


i^as to oatrh the .treneral crowd on 
t'o-ir \va\' tiome from wor'-: and to urge 
v,Ttc3 for Curtey, "VVaish and the entiro 
Democratic ticket upon tliose who had 
no; yet visited the polls and who nilKht 
The company, he «ay(», apparently not yet have made up their luinds. 
now wishes to abandon thn prrxieod- Mirray I'/ml.skl, asslstan' corpor.itlon 
Ings that have occupied the Commls- roun.>ipI of lioston, addressed a biff gath- 
iBlon's tlmo and attention durluK theci'iB of honiewe.rd bound workers out- 
lliant six months and new pro-'!"'" ,V^" =^ouih Station at r. o'clock, Mr 
cocdUi.s. seekln. general IncreuscB ^^ ^i^^'^:::^^^'-;:^^)^ ^^l^^^^^ 
nil their classes of sor\ K, e„ ,-.^^, Boston, and at Broadwav and 

The Mayor pointa out that the city ol j i„,.£.h;.st(.r ^v, f^outh B<iston. 
Boston not only ha.-j fought tho com- j^ani Silverman, who Is also an ii,ss;at. 
pany's pellthuis for lncrease.s In sevcra»nt cornorat'tm eounspl, aMracted a bicr 
clasijes of service but enrlv liled a pell''ro)vd In Codmai, sf], Jion-hester, about 
tlcn with tho I'ubllc ITlllitles Comml3';,."r't" V ,"'■'<" •'''™^'"'^ V ""' ;?"■'"•'•- 
«lon for a genera, Investigation of <>^'^l:r'Atstl"l^';"d%tus!d:. 'it'^ria^it^X'i 
telephone company a service and rateaf!,|.,„,-y i„ Koxlun-v, Simliar rallies wera 
This petition tho Commission allowedalso held outside the Walworth .Manu- 
lie sava. and It was agreed by all th^aclurinf; Company at Koulh Boston. 
parties Interested that tho evidence novjj^u flty sq. ("h'tirlestown, and In front 

telenhe. ^^^. ^^^ Narrow (iuape . ,.., 

to rain by thl» new move 1» not olea CJood-slzed Uensoeratlc ralles were 
to me but my position, an Indicated b luhl between r. and 6 o'elock In Central 
the city-.s p"'"illon for a Eeneral InvestjsM ami Inman s-i, r'amoridw., at f:en- 

"., ^ . ..nehnnced ' - '''" ^''' '•' "• <"' "''' 'ommon at 

gatlon, rei. .lins unc. nansea. , AValtham 

"It would look as though the core^\•|,l„|,.„ 

were not satisfied with th Miss .Mn 

I interested that tho evidence nov'"' ii-v so. v i.'ariesiown, ana m ironi 
submitted with respect to th^f Howe s W harf. Jus; as the homeward- 

■ ,^,„,„. ,„..._ _ ■- - t'onnd siil>-.ifban erowds were hea<lliig 

"' '"""" ' , for the Narrow Ouape ferries. 

ami on tlie Common 


strength of Its own case. 

ns It has dd'enn 

y ,Mattliews, an enthuslastio, addressed \i\k ralll-s In 1-aw- 

„,...„ ,,io«n hearlnira and is no-rence, .at Ih-pot sq and at Essex and 

veloped In those htarln^j. ana .8 " ' j,.,„.r„,„,,. ..„„ ju.„ .,^, (,„, ,^|,| workeift 

•trying to make a so.t spot t" '%nd fa. torv hands were returninR from 

■upon bv withdrawing the present Pett ),.,(r daily wor!;, while big: "last m'nutc" 

tlon on the plea that It Is Bolng to nraPie- k-x- aiso put on in Lowell, both 

a new and wider petition, on City Hail steps and at Towers 

I "Tlio city of Boston has nlr'a^y .p«iCorner. ,, , , , 

'a ereat deal of time and money In pri ■''■•; the nr.ns n ■"■,';'•.■■ p-'^ces where 

agrcaiuiu. 1 . „i,|,„„, nr"'"" ralles wiro l.Vld remained open 

, tectlnp the rights of Its t itl7.i ns ar ,,„,,| pvenln.;. there was n.uch Interc^^t 

— — — : • ' " ' ■ o' the speakers, nnmsual a: it Ava.s fo 

liohl ralles sn li.l.. 

Of the clfUnna of the Commonwealth. 

The company, too, In presentlnE Ua Ll 1-' D ft I h M A i / :! I '\ T ,( 

ipart In this case has spent a great deal n L FN A L U I I'V / i / Z 7- 

of revenue which vi>. may expect '"•''" -Xl A YOl? nPPVTJQ ' T A T tf 

he charged against the rate-paying pub- •\\^,i,V, „ ^i?'*^ *''*^ 1 ALK 

Un, natnely, the telephone users. And tv H ri Cl I'Y MElN'S UNION 

the city of HosNui canr.ot afford to At a meetinc of City .Men's ITnion 149 

ahandoti that valuable evidence whicb at !iS,", AVashlnKlon .street yesterday, the 

has been iicruniulated before tho Put)- wago scale eo/nmlttee nrinouncod thait 

Ho IJtllltlm Commission at Rreat ox- an acknowledgment had been recelveil 

' penso to the public. ^- 'i ^rimx the mayor to the rerjuest for a 

' "If the Telephone company Is allowed conference, hut that he had deferred 

to withdraw Its pending petition whll« iiH conferences imtll after Xov, 7. owing 

I , -t the evidence In the caso Is uncom- to Ills present .ampalgn fcjL'OAfeftior 

I pletfd. the public has a right to txpo.'t aiid other pressing huslnesatlC-IVnUV 

i pending the clty'.s petition for a gen- "^P ruembers of this organization had 

eral investigation, that the femporarj "J*^ 1«mands for a wage of » a da,, alr-^adv aiioiv^d the compar; ^"r x:\\.r laborertt ar<d re.qu«»tea 

by the commtolon will be r..<-A.A^'^l'>^^^^^^ ^ir^<>i!'SrMmMm mi>\ 

This expectation Is reasonable In vloJ|p^j,^_j |^ .• 

of the fact that the »I»tut» •«T;_Jj5|tj»t;.|^lfe3Wi 


ovir rhf;„i*^=^^''»"' ""Tied Boston 

i "rem '^'•"""'.nP Cox two years ajfo by 

Th. U V} '^ ^"'"^ f«»!stratlnn of 200,112 

.e.fldvfn'T"'', *"'■■"•<' ■"" 'h<i returns af: 

ituitt^ ni^^'^' '^"" "K"'-oa from doml- 

t lat "f,"2P"«"?„'™'-<ls still to come, 

IIP? K, '''^ "'"' =a'"'"y Boston over 

■*K-istr-lHnn""i'', '"•^'" ^•""'«- ^'^'^ total 

»ik^ ' " *'''^ y^ai" Is 34T,63(! Elec- 

tion .•ommlssloners rerkon.'d early this 


ZT?.%'r-lLV'^-r '" "''■■cent of '.'he; 
terday '•'•fff-''trutloii was polled yes-i 

LUi;:.!::}'"';''^ from ■•2r, of the riiv, 

About 18,000 

Ploality Estimated at • -^ay 

I ng "hmv I .^ /,"' '■'■P""?'! tills morn- 
navls 1",1 - "^ r"">bl.u.d vote of 

1(1 r.a l.'olletir 

,nf,alns( Ihe rooli.u-, vote f'/n-" ih 

kUl"U ■-■, lilV' .;'''V'ts of ,.!.,,.i|. TIui,:. Ii;,vl« „„ 

...^S^»IK WtV .? 1^/ I^t e together j.ollod 

WaiSlP^Beafs Gilleft More ----^^^.i"! 

Tu « 1 ^ . «.. ^'^^'ere Curley Scored 

Than 2 to 1 in City 

Curley Fails to Obtain 
Expected Vote^., 

was S7,4fi7, as 

13,S0i; nii're vi'tes 
tut.-i! miniher of 

or TOM to 4,1.1 for Puller. The Mayor -ilm. 
carried Ward I. Kast Boston,- where 
he l.alsnce hitherto has neurlv ahvavs 
l*rn Oil the Kei-i.blhan side." beating 
Fuller her.3 av. to TMH "<-autii, 

«.1v!."'1Jih'' ,"'V ,','"'"" "■'""f' "f R'TI-e.-ent- 
?o- F,r^ "^ ' Adiow .aetivo on the stuo^n 
£.7 » ' ,T' ?"'■" '-"ll'-i- a vote of l.iMl to 
■^tUn'"'" S'"'''"-''';,^h this Knxhnry 
section about Oruv. Hall Is of .Jepub- 
llcnn complexion, It «ave Fl[z>rora!c; t 


rrf\sldeiit roolldge carried Hoston b^ 

.h'5!^r„,''?v,'„'''" P'"<'X'"'1^ counted on the 

lotlna: ''V. the citv. 

votes, while Senator Walsh ran will 

•head of Mayor riirley. thus nroyldlnc ^ho^f^ '""l',"" ri'"<'^'"'ts counted on the, 
the most unexpected feature of th» U^^t ^p^^:i^^^l!^^::P^,^,^lZ^iS;Z' 

'for election of th- new Council bv 
. wards, to mt for flan 1, embodving the 
boronph sy.'^leni. 

The extr.-inrdlnary vote cast yesterday 
l".iir^'""' 'I'.'' th'' unusual length of the 

r/, . T,"' 'T'i '" "'''^>'° the count a 
lonp, tedlrius job. 

Returns frnm v.irious precincts In nil 
(lections of the city indicate that \r- 
.Ihuj-W. .SuIUvaii. Deniodtitlc nominee 
for .Suffolk Hes-lster of Probate aralnst 
■rank L. Brier, the Republican incom- 
bent. ran well evervwbe.-,. anil will 
dnnl.tles., b,, the winner. Mr Sulllyan 
himself .stimaled Ills majority over 
Brier would affg-retTate tO.noo vote's. 

Douglass Leads Tague '' - 

.lohn ,1. KouKlas.s of I.:ast Moston 
Democratic nominee |„ the 10th Con- 
, ;ires.=;lonal Dlstrhi, aRiilnst wh.mi (•„ - 
•:r'\'..''mnn Ttipru- ran on stick...-.., „.„,; 
. hnwn t,, 1,.. runnine ,,f Tai,'i?e by 
■.ettei- than two tr. one In the first 10 of 
the distri 1 .>i 17 tu'cclncts. 
In ihr.,s,. ]!i precincts, the vote wa<;- 

^S"hcn returns from 10 r,f the city's 21! 
wnrds hail b,.en'ed, Uavls was 
.'^hoM-n ti, h;iv.. .'arrlcd Wards 3, 6 9 iji 

w.ll,f.-, .i",/.?'';;""; *''"' ■■"^'^"'I'l .-.laco in 

\\ ard :i (,Sr.ntb Hoston t 

5.';^'''''"nd %"''''"'^ Wards I, ?., 4, 6, 9, 13, 

Walsh .■aslly carried Wards ! 
11, 16, '.2 and 26. 

Mayer Curloy, on the «ve of W 

departure for • two week's rest h 
New York State, Issued the follow 
ing «t«tement last night congratulat- 
ing Alvan T. Fuller and the Repub- 
lican party in general for their "not- 
able rlctory." 


"Tho result In the gubematoria\ i-™. 

, test, both In the State and In BostoK 

I with a total of nearly a half mllllori 

i votes In the former, and one hundred 

and twent --flvo thousand In the latter, 

Is most gratifying;, being; the largest 

vote over received by a Democratic 

candidate for Governor. 

"This greatly Increased Demooratlf 
vote In the homo State of Preslden' 
Calvin Coolldge and In the face of J 
Republican landslide that swept thi 
entire country, Is all the more remark 
"The Republican party achieved 4 

notable victory and all representatives 
of that party, Including my late oppo- 
nent, A Ivan T. Fuller, are to be con- 

j , J Mayor, 

A No-Tip Establishment 

The Mayor and Mrs. Curley will leave 
this morning for Yama Tama Farms, 
Anamanock Coitnty, New York. Here 
he will sojourn for two weeks and at- 
tempt to regain some of the vigor he 
expended In the bitter contest for the 

Yama Tama Farms, according to the 
Mayor, Is a verltabio paradise. It Is a 
no-tip establishment maintained by a 
wealthy New York advertising man 
who operates the place at a loss an- 
nually of $150,000. 

AUTTUril w. .StT.MVAX, 
Bo«t«n, Demoornt, Who Appears to ir,ive Ileen 
Elected Register of rmhole and Irwolrencj 
In HuJTolk County. 


~\\ I IT, 

When the returns frnni L'40 Boston 
T>reclncta had been ccun:,.,!, the tally 
fltood : 

For President— Coolidge 77.5S2; ri.t\is 
M,2S0; Jm Polletto 2ll,3.'i; 
__For fiovernor— Curl 

l'"or Senator—Clllett r,i K'lj 

The Walsh and Curley figure.^ tn-l 
fllcato that a Kre.nt many Keiiubllcanl 
votes were pn.naliiy ca^ii for WaLsh, 
snd that Curley was cut heavily ai*jnt,' 
those Kroups to whom he looked for 

rresldent Coolldcc's Tiluriilitv is con- 
nldnrod a iiurely iier:Jfin.-i I tribute. Hard- 
ing carried lloston bv .12, .W) votc.^ f,„jr 
years ago, because of heavy dis.'iiTeriio,, 
among the Democratic voters on th- 
League of Nations Issue, MclClnl...- 
carried Boston in 1.WJ by 21 nfto w'l.e'n 
Free Sliver was the isstie 'I'hi <je rxrc 
the only national electhuis In wh'hii 
.Oemoeratic Hoslon hss to iii. 
Republican column, since Tllden linnet' 
the city over to l>enir„.racy |n ISVn, 

Curley Loses Home Precinct 

Mayor Ciuley failerl even to carry 
18 home 111-.-. :nct. the first In Ward 
.i, Jamaica T'ialn. Here, in a sectlnn ot 
nemocratic leanlne, he was able to 
??' I ""^\,f^ ™t* I" the m ea.>.i f,'r 
Puller iris poor showing hi H-,stnn is 
n.Kcrlbert to the seemingly In. radicable 
Jealousies among Ihe Ilnc-tnn liein..- 
erats and to th- demonstrated un- 
riopularlty with the I lemocrats of tl,,. 
i>avl8 ciuidldaey. 

In its recent convention the A A it 
litS' ".^^^ 'i" '"'"""ement to l.a Pol^ 
i«««. »„« M„..„> p''»it?' uttered t,o . 

Without Charge 

Delights of all kinds arc actually 
forced upon the guests y,-lthout any 
charge whatsoever. There Is constantly 
In the presence of each giiest an at- 
tendant, who suggests, cigars, drinks, 
apiietlzers before each meal gaoies, 
etc., at appropriate moments, 

Tbo proprietor only accepts as guesta 
'hose persons with whom he comes In 
contact In his profession. 

3, 4, 6, 

POST riO\'.b,)9lj- 


Congratulates Fuller — 
Goes to Yama Y 





A crowd a.ssembled at North Shore 
'oad and Revere street. Revere, early 1 
last evening to hear ^f,ayor Curley „peak ' 
St .-i Democratic rally, reached such 

h, rn ,e^ "'^ "'" '"■■"" ■"Uomobll, 

hornuKhfares was blocked for more 

t'Mu two hours. .Mctn.polllai, nol ce 

were called to aid the Revere traffM 

cn-ce In unlanfflint, the snarl "of ™fri 

' n an Tr^r"' '^ '' '"'"= -^"O -^ half , 

p.";^;p,r™o;r;:nd'^^';-^i • 

Ititersectlon of rieach street and North 
M.'.re ,,,ad blockcl the outlet „r u-avc 

■t-r'"of""n'"" r" '-■^'""- Trolley «;;. 

V CO of the Kastern .MnssachuMetU 
street railway on I'.roadway and ReVere 
head, boulevard was held up for more 
tlnin an hour and a hslf. Despite the 
?ra"vVrwJ "^^ ''""^hlned traffic forces 
had «rd. ""V "'jr* ""'" «" "'to 

P05T rtov. 7, 10x4 


Tl^.Ml SCRIPT !10\(:ia.nj^ 

Our Next tfovemor - i^ 1 

A nor .oudu.Mlng a diB^Wed campaign; 
mning ul.i.h haaiBCuaaed tho problems o 
u<aw .;.,ve..nn,cnt In a plain and common: 
M.„s. .nann.T. Meutonant Governor Alvan 
T Kullr.i- .rhievps a notable viclory. That, 
„„. vu„. f.,-hlm wo^M baas large as that ( 
,iv.n .■n.ul.ntOonllUt^'^inhlBUomeStaXej 
,,,.,, not, .,f cour.,., t„t" expected but he I 
, , -h to the CoolidgB i 

I'^iUir total iM nrar cnout " *• - 

„„Hl to shuw tho gov.'^"<^-^'f^5T 

rvir 1 

Secured Highest Vote 

Ever Accorded 


to luj a stronc cauUlcjat*; '. '-> >\ , i v» -, - . 
' i " s\lH*^ fho duties or 

lowledgo lilt 
years In 
I tho dl3- 

.i'lity he 

t r' i 

■•■,•. s« 


Joseph F. O'Conncll, a warm sup- 
porter of Mayor Cttrley in tjie recent 
canipaif?n for the C.overnorahip, i.s- 
stied the followinR statement last 

"The total vote reeeived m Boston 
an<l in the State by Mayor Cm-ley 
affords much satisfaction an,l con- 
solation to those who supportcl his 
candidacy, even though the plurali- 
ties were heavily against him. 


"The lUtrley total votp for the pntin- 

Slat.! was the largest ever given to a 

T)einocratlo candidate for office and 

, the same Is true of the vote in the 

I elty. 

'Tlie ("oolidgn landslide as viewed in 
! the llgh. "f examination of election re- 
j snlt.'j throoKh'>ut the country waa so 
overwlielmllifS that It is a .source ot 
some wi.nderment Mayor Curley was 
iilde to hold the Denioeratlo strength 
a,s well as lie did. 

"U will 1)0 recali'!d that novernnr 
Smith was '.snowed under' In lii20 when 
1 the Harding landslide swrpt Svw York 
' State ' (Vovernor .Smith ■■nnui bark 
1 Htrong and hts strength was asain 
■ proved when he wittiatood tho I'oolulge 
landslide. Mayor Curley is .-^tlU a 
young man. and doul>tlesRly the future 
will provide him opportunity again to his strength with the voters ol 
Massanhusetts, as did (iov.-riior Smith 
■ .Much of the talk of Mayor t.',urlcv 
being 'rut' bv Denuvratic voters is ab- 
Kirrd A true analysis points out clear- 
ly Mavor Cuiley held the Democratic 
vote iiut did not make any sulistantla.! 
Inro.ids into the nepubllean vote, 
whereas Senator Walsli sui-eeeded. in 
heavily cutting into tho U.-iiubllean 
vote thercbv creating a margin ol dif- 
ference between the Wal.sli and t'urlry 
vote suftleient to lead many lo believe 
J that the total Walsh vote was 1 lenio- 
I cratic. Tho iuft-ren.'e that Mayor (ur- 
ley had been b,-iivlly 'euf by his own 

Pavld \V. Huntley, a ptm^g" owner 
who opnosed the project, declared th»t 
d"wntc^-n' garaifes had very little 
transient daytime buKlnes.q and that 
thev could easily help the traffic dif- 
nculty if motcrl'dH woald patronize 
them. Amons those who favored tho 
plan were I... C Prior, hotel mniiaDrer; 

t«lel S, llickey. trsRBuror of ttto Hom- 
i}>, »nti I»uIb I/ow!iB«teti)ij( 

the governor.'--hip wltii the », 
.Slato affairs Rained during fOi _ 
o!s preseiii officr. Ilu wiil bring 6 
charge of liis duties the grem i 
lias shown as a liu.sliio^s man. It . 
1)C expected ui bin' that ho will condu'«, 
the affairs of the ('(, mmonwealth with the 
.■amo regard to a wIhc ecimomy in public 
rxiM'ijilitnre, and the, same scrupulou.s care 
ill Ih.^ promotion of efficient administration 
wiiieh have marked tho course of Oovernor 
I Cox anil which lie inherited from big iilus- 
trious predecessor. 

1,0 Kftoernatoriai co 

result ot tl.o ■'gfcbernatoriai contest 
IS to bo greeted with satisfaction for an- 
(Ihir reasioii. Tho defeat ot Mayor James 
■M, Curley was decisive and deserved. ' That 
a consideralilo portion of bis own iKirty, in 
,11-.: o'vn city, refused to support bim. p-ives 
i.> liio result, tlio charactu' not oiiI> of a 
r,'i.uli.\ ' lit of a vote of censure. The aims, 
ibi- iin-llii)ds and tlio manners of tlie l>emo- 
rratic .iindiiliite Inivo b> en emphatically. 


Commissioners Reject Plan 
for More Parking Space 

The Bo.slon street commissioncr,s 
after a hearing tit City Hall ycster- , 
day rejected the proposal of the j 
Boston Motor Club for removal of 
the sidewalk along the north side of i 
the Ro.-^ton &. Albany Tailroad yards 
between E.xctt'r s-;.reet and the 
Gloucester street bridge. Several 
bu.siness men in the district sup- 
ported the project for the reason 
that it would provide more parking i 
.ipacc for automobiles and therefore 
encourage shoppers to trade in that 


Joseph A. Ilourke, comnilsslone.r of 
puhllc n-orks, oiiposed the plan. Ho 
said It would probably necessitate con- 
struction of a retaining wall at a cost 
nf J10ft,(iOO, a su mfar out of proportion 
;o the benefit iiccnilng from additional 
lurking ppacn for only 12S cars, which 
'sllmatcs showed would be th'- iiumber 
jM-r.vlded for bv remo\-al of the sidewalk. 
Commissioner UourUc also argued that 
,a conslderablo number of jiedestrlJins 
'n=ed the sidewalk and that their Inter- 
ests ought not to h« Ignored, while fur- 
thermore he was oppoBCd In general to 
the clfV provldlnK "<"■« '"l'«''» ">Z 
parked car. when thOW *■« «tJCh ursene 
|e64,tor,njiri,«c« ,'»' movln|;,,trft«.»«. 

•Ekctipn Bet on Qirley 

phony i^f"' fcformgfleW ««^ v.! 
that includes Spr>"^ ^^ , .^hl 

cester i" .''^^'*T^various wards 
of 20 rallies m tlie vano 


Mllford, ami In =^1'*'"°" j ,p,aU nl ^ 

— n.;iu ^^s^-" ^nt::;.r^: 

T 1 S I'. i !• ':. '^ i '•'','.' !,iw for' November, Sole. t ^. 

jstreels, '-'-"'7' j" ^ ,)„, election Jn'. 

Spiff'-t cnrrl.i, b.l'»« 

tory of li''^ '""THcin that Mayor Cur- 

lev would 1"- '"'''"•*'-'\. , wltlv a £«llow 
ll^„„, that ..-;«- <J,-'U d..f.-alM 
W( rlu-r tliat '''"' "!,„,„„ for two w'-el^^ 
-ni walk »■■""";'. ";^",""t and .arU„.H.' 
in a Iiir ooat. Mi aw m Indian, 

!sumnuT-« da>, n^'r;^« „i, ,Ullr.^ 

Uftst nifilil, ''"",^:'"^ .'nov, tilts SI"". 

: Is son-,.- O'l, 
iwith it ■■ 

WALSH, mm 


1 senator sets His Ma3ont:y 
at BO,000-To ^^ln by 
100,000, SaysMayor 


^.-tUe-nen^clW^-f ,..on.l>oat| 
-^-J^^l^o. ^tatement of Sen.- 

-ruosday Is t11^„'.ty Ti"« <^'"^' „ from 
">""rt'u,'on rS-'" brou.Ut - tn^, fro. 


of a. landslide. ^ ,;„,.,,„ hid.-bn"nf 
como only from KM-]-,, o';:^ ^^d 

„f public "'VV' "■ ^''"' ^,,.publican press 

"l-fn Massachu.s. 11-^. ' ^ ^^^ f.,.na- 

1 ^1 on.:- voto ot " ,^«;\ „?.„ ,.n Indim- 

„r. They real- I f^ ,„uc „«rvant, 

l>io"«, ^'"•"r';;"^^ ; serve the wcMa.« 

,f all llv f"^"''''' ','. ,,^1 now will "O'- ^« 

.■A. ,,nvtlHan "I'l''*' " t,,o intelllKPnt 

.ur^.««rnl. ,^";:,ry"'-ormnK to party 

;,d,.v to vote «o\o^ J'r ,„„ disabled vct- 

■-"■^ "':'"\r Wa', what I did t. 
,„. '"'"'Tn nK of the war taxen 
oppose the >; ' |",V. the«, what 
,,,„,n the P'^''"'"'.':",,f^^^, on food, cl.,lhb>R 
1 did to ol<l^""^„,V r.ial" ^^•'>*' ' '"'' '" 

opposnij,' '^:^,,„,' Manufacturing mdns- 
,,r<.d;.cts of 11 ( "!, hy 'he volera 

\;:;:;;,u:!Vn;a:u^''^ '•"""" ''•''''''""• 

(lav. , ,„, nn- record of ■ Blx 

•■I shall win m , j u,,uc, ser- 

vcars of lio'">^» ' ' .J 1 Massachusetts 

V,ce.oV.lllf^l-;; ,. and. marUme, 

.-.'ridl^rtiu be emphatic." 

A heavy ^'f.^Try "day. mdlca- 
1.1 ward l^^.f^fX, Parker HI" '»»- 
tlons were that to strongest 

Uict, which '0^'"/^f,. ouy would \)9 
.omocratlc -^"^^'i' c" Hey lA th« Btat, 
overv.d>cln,lngly or CurW^,,^, ,,^a be<.n 
ballot, in aplto o' {*. j rb a tbbuU oI a 
worked up agalnBt htm ^ ^a„y, »«a 



Axe to Fall on City's cUSHOrap"" 
Deer kland Officials to DEER ISLAND 

with Sanford Bales on 
Latler's Charges 


■ KAVhli 

Shake-up Scheduled as Mayor Curley Ponders ^^^ Johnson Takes Issue 
Over Charges Made by Bates 
MlW ^ jijv^r-Councilmen Silent 

The BwOTd of Damocles h.inB ove^ tl^^'y^j^n^nn „„,, Corporation Counsrl Tv 
Incok of morn than one f''"'^''-" '■""";\,,„.,: Sullivan upon the subje.t of 

iOharBos n,ad« a fw dayH aBo by San-^tea ^vh..n tho Council oon.mlt 
'ford liat.s head ot the stato prison ,^3 (,„ pHaona went into sporial sCfl- 

coin.nisslon', of abuses at D^" Island. ^,^^ ^,p^,„ t„p <,amo subjwt. Infovmod 

Meanwhile, the prison comnUtteo of,^^ ^.^^^^ ^^^^^ gono' on at tho Mi.vor 8 ,^;- i.,„„d hh 

,„c. ,..uv rm,nril derided to withhold f'" ,,^,„fprcnce, Asst Corporation Counsel ^|^;;;.^^_ .p,^ question of th 

,.,„„,„„„i on own ih^''^''^'''""" ^,„,„„ei Silverman sat In at the Coun- 

,„„i, ,i„. n>.'oor "^"J ''^'',' '"■;,;;^-',, „„„rHell committee's private conference as 

After a session uenliid i losco u' .1 ^ . 
«-lVlch lasted the greater part of yes- .,,^ -^,,,j-or s emissary. ^. 7 

Terday afiernoon. the commltlee an- 1 

■ nounred thai It f-'\„''\^^^':^;':;Zi"l^ Silverman a PactUcr 

.■ould bo In.proper until Mayor cnrr> 

iamselt'"VxpresHed his views, h*''-''""^ 
|„e oritelsm by Sanford liates the state 
In'-titutlnns iM.mnilssloner, whioh prt - 
i?pl. ,,ert n,e .ontu.versy.was "'hlressed 
l.'the mayor, and not t,. the .Ky ooun- 

The prison connnltteo of the eouncU. 

Newspapernien were barred from '•■u.s 
("onnoll ronfereno of the pei.ple's rep- 
resentatives at City Hall. Rut Mr f'U- 
\ern>,in must have done a Kood Job. 
from the Ciuley point of view. I'roof 
of this .issumption lies In lh« fact that 
Couneilors Healey and Lane, of Good 
fiovernnient Association amilation. and 

K .laah between Slate ComnMsMon-v 
sanford Bate, and Cit.v l'""-''-; 
,,^n,.^,.„,„ner l)r navld T. .Iohr.*.on 

featured the viMt of '>-/»>' ^f''^ 

U..r island today to Investigate the 

V, „.. „r laxness, corruption ana 

t^:^:. ■'^,„a\'""commL,.si,.ner Bate« 

*'^:;^f' ,.o;rtl.'how-^. in order th:^ 
..:';;i., .be ,e.aMn every aspect. 

ity «!QUn- 
eiri iurlsdi.-.lon over a county instltu- 
Uon id h.en raised on the last visit 

The .lash b.Hwe.n the stale and cltf 
cfflrials came at the l.arn on the I^^!al,J 
^vhen one of the councillors asked . om- 
mis-ioner Hates a. question. The state 
.-ommissl.iner had Raid that three 
^,r\^<^•n^v■' -vere sm.>kinB inside the barn., 
HU mrra.-noM ot the rlules. As he wHaj 
e:vplalnlnij where the men stood in the 
tiiirn l>r .lohnsrm came upon the scfne 
and 'said that Bates's description was 
h1, wrong, that the men wore not iiicide I 
the barn, but on the conrrrte walk out- 1 

Ide and he iharged the state com- ■ 

Leaded hv founellman llcaley. an chalr-j j,,„.,.eii_ a bitter antl-Curleylte, Ihes 
mm will report Us lindlnps to thaj ,,„,pj, oonstitulinfr a majority of the 

,„„„.„ ,s a whole at Ihe ' -•■ /^ '';'. 
„led meeting of Ihe coune M"'" 'i* ; 
The only deli.dte Ittforinaliou ^hl'h 
,.ould he Blcane<l from the sp. ses- 
sion yesterday wa. "-' >'^'„ ,'■;;;':;'; 

found that 11 had con^bbrable aulhorlo 
In the matter, should it choose to ex 
erclse it In Its meetinir. the commlt- 
1 ec had the advice of Assistant Cor- 
'poration Counsel Samuel Silverman, 
-fhe IH-er Island f^tUMtlon as.sum^d an 
rntlTely new aspect wlu-n Mayor i^url.y 
;,Vde„Vv appeared at . -Ity "'^ '' ;'»''' - 
dnv morning'. None of the f.ta. has at 
the hall admitted his presence, but he 
was oi,«erv»^d to enter the offices of the 
Ceorce H White fund in tho forenoon., 
„,tho,u,'h he was uot supp..sed to return | 
,f,om his va-Htlon until next weeU. 

Tho mayor was in --"" "'■"'7, ''"^ 
,.l,ou.l two hours and a hal with In- 
Mllutions fnmmlssloner David .1 .lohn- 
son. Corpioation Counsel V.. .vlaik Sul- 
livan. Assistant c..rporatl.m . ounsel 
.loseph Lyons and S.eretarv .loseph 
Smith. The mayor refused to Issue any 
statement. He .-aid that the action 
vlilrh he r,,ntemi'lalcd Inv.dved too 
largo a program to he describe,! in a 
f,.\v words. 

He explained ho w.ts preparluK a 

statement Whiel. he "'"■"'; '^■•'"%„^'''" 

I nornlnB In v,hlch tie wouW s»t forth 
,i;, proKram ..nd his reeomm»iHlationn. 
; r.dlcHl shake-up Is ""l" ■.'"'' ,"\'^" 
personnel of tho Deer Island adminis- 
tration, although no official conllrma- 
tlon is yet available. f_i^ - ^, 

committee, were Induced by Silverman 
1,1 modify the commltieo's course. 

When these three councilors, .and 
Councilors Walsh and i:llhody. Curley 
sympathizers on the committee, re- 
turned to Boston Thursday afternoon, 
toUowing an Inspection of the institu- 
tion during which ofliclals, guards and 
prisoners were freely ipii/.r.'d, the unan- 
linoua feeling amouK tliem was that 
iMiiilions at the Institution demanded a 
wide-open pr.d)0. 
]f Mr Curley hadn't arrived yester 

day to take command of tho situation, | to Uie 
and If As-st Corporation Counsel Sll- ' ' 
verman hadn't used his persuasive art 
ui"m the hostile councilors, there would 
( have followed a Counell 
series of public hearings. 

Mr .'Silverman was able to convince 
tlH. Council rommltteo that Mr Curley 
was aware ot tho seriousness of the 
situation and wa.s not only anxious 
but ready to apply remedial measures. 

n'ussiorier had exaggerated the Ineidiutj 
to make It look .is bad as rs>»siblc. , 


|^.mmis^loner Hates .p.i.'cd tho. ;,r,d' 
called upon Master M.ilioy lo s-y 
whether tin- men had brol(ei\ tlie rul. .'. I 
As Dr. JohiiKOU walked nway Master^ 
Miilloy said the men bad broken the t 
holes' bv smoking there and had lost! 
their moving picture privilege as pnn- 

Throughout tho tour of the island 
there was some friction nmonK; the 
orrieialn. parne\<Urly when fVmmis- 
sioner Hates went off alone to look into 
some detail. 

The member.-- of tlie i-oiim-ll who went 

island on the Miehael .1. Per- 
kins were I*ne. Heal,-y. Wal-di. I'ur- 
^■f-W, Watson. liill'Od.v and ISrickley. 
('ouncillor Morlarty was in T»xas at- 
tending a labor convention, and the only 
other member absent was Couneljlor 
1 >onoghuo. who is reported to he against 
the itivesiigatlon. 

The body, accompanied by orlrlal 

teiiographer ttarnd.n. lunched \cith 

Masli r Malloy. and al't..rward went over 

' the charges. iodivUluKlly calling upon 

! Dr .lehnson or Masl.r Malloy to answer 

the charges of Ihe stats orlcials. i 

IL,19U ^10 61. 


TP,/ir(SCRIPT 110^.1^914- 


Aiso Wants Municipal Own- 
ership of 1" ' 

Mayor Cuiicy was h'.-inl !„ fsccutlvc; 
Bpssion nt noil today by th.5 sppeial 
committf.j i,( tho lyoBl'ilatiiro appoint- 
ed to coiisid.'f 111.' fin-iiico;- nf tht! Bos- 
ton i?lf'vatoil ao'l tlio J ■ of 
planw for fiU'irf! oprTatlcm, piiljlic own- 
trship, fti-. 

Till! Mayor came oiit stiMiiKl.- for a 
flve-cetit far.\ the road to pa.\:-i to mu- 
nicipal owncrsbip, with cities ami :owns 
of the district served paying any rtrflclt. 
Incidentally htsul d hu would like to 
Bee a Grenler Boston and enlarged on 
the possibllltioK, as he vlc\vod them, 
of hi'sinris and industrial advanoenicnt 
that won'il r.iii.' if Hosion ■lunoil "l;:i<i' 
in" all i-'lti.;s aii(i towns wlilili: I'l ,r 15 

Mayor Curh-y was in thit IjrsI nf hu- 
mor and ans\v>u-'-'d Die many <lui slioas 
put to hlni liy oonunltteo members with 
a smile and oct'a.sionafly \si(h a huniur- 
ou,s alUisiLiti. 

Jle caused a. lailRh i>y his reply to 
Itcpresentall- e Franci.s W. K. Snii;li < f 

"Mr Mayor," «al.l Mr SnilMi. "you .^.li.l 
you wer.. reasonably satistled ivilli 111.' 

eysteni of publie trualees " 

thinu like the present nystem l.e 
wiJI itncler municipal ownership." 

"i'ou have heard no d.>utpi" conilmtcl 
nepreseutatlve Smith, "tlio fcUKifesMou 
(hat the trustees bo appointed by Hie 
Hoaton riiamber of Conunerce. ^Vllat 
do you sa.v to that '.'" 

"I 5ay Ihat the rrn.-'li is .'-lioni.; bo ap- 
pointed by the i..'atiue of Wonieu \o- 
ters." Hearty laughter lilled the coni- 
mittoe room at the .Ma.^or's Jeat. 

".Seriously spuaklofir," the -Mayor went 
on, "1 believe that the five trustees 
should lie appointed— two by the Mayor 
of 'lio.'^ton and three by the (Jovcrnor a.s 
.provided i.i the orlfrlnai bil'." 

In be(jinniriB his artdr.,,s o lb'., com- 
mltlee Mayu- Curley paid he was In- 
ellio'il i'l Ivlii'M Iho retil .solution waa 
"ownirfihip by I he citle.s and towr..i 
.served le, (li,. l-:iiv,i tiil," 'I'lib', wllli a 
mlnlmii;'! r'll. "f far., .uid llu' 
i to be borne by additional tax" levy 
'would iirove tile one way out of the 
present dlfMcnlfy i,,. declared. 

'I would place the »!»•«*« .tail iifiy 

^.J^ervlce In th.i same category as edu- 

fiatfon, water Bupply, public llBhtrns 

'«.nd other Kervlces which th^- coomiun- 

|lty nni-st have ami wlilcli , benellt.s all 

the people. 'J , , 

., "Thoro shoulu be Kome )imlta"ti-)a a» 

to wases paid. I mean we .shoitl i md | 

f) on increasing- the ainounl witieeU : c- I 

gard to llie biinlcn in file car liJ'r. I 

"It we iiad iniinirliia 1 o\\■|;^■r,■^lllp itj 

would mean prrh;iiis $1 or $!.,Mi niore i 

on tho t,a.ii rat.' .,f ih.- cill.'s and Kmiis'' 

served, but It would also mean iiicr "a.':e.l , LoWeSt ProffeP fOP the FiPSt SeCtlOtl 
car riding, a permanent giutrantee of '. 
adequate street railway service. The [ .shoiUd not be borne by the car rider ! 
alone, but by the entire cornniunitv." i 

He exprc-i^ed the b.-lii f a. 5-ci'iit fare 
wiiuid in., i-.a.M' liii.'iin.-ss .uid tllal llii| 
^.-NiJiefit would uome not only to tlie car 
rider alone but to all the people. 


at Andrew Square, South Boston, , 
Is $969,530 I 

Six eontra'c'tOrs entered bids for buildlns J 
I the section of the work of making the 

"I should like to see a tireater lios- Shawmut branch of tho New Haven Rail- 
ton," said Mayor Curley. "I think we road into a branch of tho Boston Elevated 
could get that if we Rot rj* of the pollt- ^y^i^,„^ ^his section includes the extension 
leal bUK-aboo. 1 don't know who is In 



tho Dorchester subway 


It-publieau party has the eourai; 
fto .iheail. but I.I iii\' inliid .i Cr. ;i'iv SouJiro and tho buildinp of an incline to 
Boston would mean p.iit d veiiiriniini, ,i bring tho tracks to the New Haven right of 
development of Indu.striai life and iiiany|way inst lnyond Tlorchester avenue. The 
other tremendous advantages. i,;,,, ^,.|,|,,„ ^^„,.^. ,,„,.n„a today at the offlce 

ot the IJoston 'rransii Department, are as 


"Wliaf hope is there for farrhridsite 

for (.•heiscn. for Uevere, for .Maiden 

under t'le present conditions. They can.. , 

nid. lowi-r their lax rates. This and ; Reyimlilg Bros., 'trie 
, other advantages would come it all 

eftlea an dtowns within 10 or )j InlieH 

would become part of Bcston. 
"I would like to see Newton taken in 
i and- Brooklino taken In. We iiavo dom, 

much for Hyde Park and wo could do 

much for these other places If tln-y 

were, to become a part fi*" tbmion 



.Sinipfion flrua. Corporation. 
(.'. ^ It. t^oni^tnu'tlon Co.. 

.Martin I.'. (l.iiliilR 

A. li. Tomasello & .'■'iin . , . 
ColMiian lUoK., Imi. . .... 


Petitions Filed for 
Cities and Towns 


For Five-Cent Fpire 

He sni.l 111. 11 Willi 11... .li.aiiil.inment 
of 4W Mill, s of slit' t railway in Mansa- 
fchusetts afld tho esthabllshment ot a 
■'tjtis system, cities and towns must so-. 
riously consldir lb.- inall.r ll i', n-c- 
PSsarj, in old.r tn iii.'iliiliil ii hie 

■.I b, 






values an 

"1 do n 
borne b-,' 
Mayor ( 'ii 

In trolleys must pay a pro'portlonate 
«h»ro of the cost ir we are to have an 

ff<"'>t» Htrcet fallwtty systcni. We 

Ih" cost should b*! 
rider alone," silid 
."e who do not ride 

I Petitions were filed witli the State de- ' 
partment of puiiii.i ulilities yesterday) 
from !iO ciiles .'ii,,! towns notifying the I 
lionrd Hint tln-r.. riiiiiiii'lpalitles desiro | 
to co-operate with Boston In protest' 
against the proposed Increase In tele- 
phono rates. 

Assl'd.'tnf-e'orporaf ion rounsel Sam- 
uel Silverman of (be n.i.'ion law de- 
partment fllid 111" addilional liiterven- 
iriK petitions, which came from the' 
eilles ef ('hicopee, Gloucester, l,aw- 
reiiee, .\rarlbor.i, Melrose and K.-v. le; 
and from tin' f<ilio\vimr towns: ..\lilng- 
lon. Acushnel, Ashlield, . A thol, Avon, 
Heillntsham, Billerlea, Hoxford, Bridge- 
water, Brlnnield, Burllm-ton. Carv."', 
I <-)helmsford. Cheshire. ('Union, Tianvers] 
' Dporfleld, Dover, liracut, Duxbury', 
K(?reniont, Kssex, Framingbam, b'tank- 
lin, Georgetown, Grafton, Granby. Cro-l 
ton, Groveland, Itadley, lli. iii.ix,) 
H'imiiilcn, Hanover. ll;iii,"oii, llaiv.ird'. 
I b'.l'i '..'1..|.'tb Ips'.vii'b,, Lenox! 
I.iiiiliiw. I.jnnneld, Marblehead, Med- 
li.ld, .Mil 1 lin.'ie, Mllford, .Mdlis, Nan- 
tuokot. Naiick, N.'W Sa^i in. Norton, 
.Vorlh Andover, Norwell, Orang.', I'el- 
liam, I'iumidon, I'rescott, I'rineeton 
itandoipli, Uaynham, Itichmond, Uock- 
port, S.'indisrii'lil. Slii.rbnrn, 'sonlh-i 
iiridue. .'■itoelibriilKe, SlouKliton, Kuiidir-' 
land, SiUlon, Tolland. Tnir... Ware 
Warwick, Wendell. West Hriiu'K' 
Wch'tharr.pton, VVeymouth 
ai-nsljurg, Wllmlpgiton 

SI. 074. 295 

1,o:i3 ,"i20 


1,0! ;i, (140 

1191. 4fJ0 


The difference of only .-i, little more tlian 
SKin.OdO between the higiiest and the low- 
est bids was considered very close bidding. 
No award was made today as the bids must 
be compared with the duplicate bids filed 
Willi tlie city auditor. 

Tito first section is lailO feet long. It 
begins at llie end of the present Dorchos- 
t( r subway under Boston street beyond 
Aiidriw sijuare, continues under Boston 
. Ireet to Kalston street and then sw nga 
e.-isteily, passing beniatli the four (racks 
of the New Haven railroad, coming to the 
surfaca just beyond Dorchester avenue, 
nhero tho Klevated tracks will parallel the 
New Haven tracks. The station will 
be at Columbia road, but that will bo 
Included in tho next section to ba let. 



GlO?)l MOV lt,19Z4 


Barn Threshold and Sow s 
O'l Snout Discussed 

D(>fr iFlrtiifl wns IiT.sp^'ctofl this innrn- 
liiK by olty Oouncllors in their capa<-llyj 
Hs Suffolk County ConiinlHsionpr.s, ;ind j 

the visit turneil out to lie ixcItInK And i "Where Men Were Found Smoking" 
l)y no means harmonious. As soon f.f i Tht- naiu ^va^> tin- n.>xt u'.ijoctlv*^ an J 

The laundry came neiit, ^nd then the 
irtflrniary. where there were only a few , 
cases. The party then went to the ( 
"hill jail," where it was meal time. .Most j 
of the prisoners were busy eating their , 
Uiiieh, hut the i.'ounellors visited the 
lounge room where the men spend a few 
n.omcnts after luneh, after whleh they 
Ro out into the yard for a ft w inlnutes 
of outdiior recreation before Kolut? back 
to worli. Critielsnt was made of the 
faet tluil tliere were 200 men in the 
rH'On. M*ltli L'l Avindows, only four of 
theai ujiin, and one of the four open 
because It was broken. It was ex- 
plained, however, by Ur .lohnson. that 
the men were there only a short time, 
leavlnfr alniost immediately for the out- f 
door refreatlon. , 




the party landed at llie Hand, differ- 
ences of opinion appeared betwf'en State 
CotnniLs.'doner of Cdrieciinn, and T)i 
David J. .lohnsrn. institution oOTimld- 
solers, wlileh di veloi'ed at one point 
into a heated arKument between thf 
two men which came clciso to a iie-soiial 

.An innocent threshoM under th» .loor 
of the island barn was the bone of con- 
lontlon, ."^anforri Hates contending tlvit 
the men who. he claims, were caught 
.■imokiuK' tliree weeks aso, wrre insid.^ 
this threshold, ins de the liarn, while 1 r 
Johnson nilh . iiual ernphasl.'. In,i<ted 
that they «er" nn the other side cf 
this threshold, outside the barn. Thej 
mysteries of llie pasteurliatlon of milk, 
the protection tf the eyert of the men) 
enuaRed In breaking stone and other) 
phases of the admiri-Uration of tliel 
Island also arouseil Interesi .■muMi.i,' lli>l 
members of the party. 1 

The inspectl.oi resulted from the' 
• harms made Uireo weeks ago 1 y San- 
ford Hates arainsi the ndministrntlnn 
of Deer Island. The members of tin' 
City Counnll, as lotmty commissioners, 
accompanied by Mr Bates and Dr .T.ihn- 
»ou and nuw.-nnper m,,, embarked oo 
the city steamer Allchael .1. IVrklns. I 
and after a rather roufrh voyage landed | 
at the Island about 11 o'clock. On the' 
way down the rouglujess was all on Jie ! 
part of lli.'ston Harbor. 

Arguments at Every Stop 

As .■■oriii as tile iiaity landed, liowever. 
it Itecame evidenr that a clash wa.-» 
.-onduK between Mr Hates and 1 )r John-; 
son, and every s'..p llie party made In? 
Us trip around Ih.' Isiaiul became thf 
occasion for arnunienl. Tho Inspectlnfi 
City Ciuincilors uKeniatcly servfd 
si:ppiirter.s of <Mie or tiie other side, am! 
occasionally were forced to act a •? I'on- 
liilators of both of them. 

Tho party made a tour parliculnriy 
tlin places on the island which w 
rritlclxed by «aiiford Hates, vlsitng lirst 
the shed where men who have heater 
I their wives or deserted tliem are en- 
j gaged In breaiiiUK: stone. Tlie incmise.s- 
were oIoRcly scriilinlxed and the sugKes- 
tlon was made that tiie men should be 
ecttilpjied with eye-Klassejf, to protect 
th^Ir e.\-os from the particles of flying 
stone. Or Johnson assured Mr Hates 
that this matter would be attended to, 
ftnd It wan also BUgtrested that roof 
v«nU«tion would help o dissipate tlin 

it was heri' that the big argument stait- 
«d, for as the City Couitrilors ;!p- 
proachrd it Mr Hates n marked 'h.n t 
■'this is the place where tliree men were 
found sni'iUliiK " Dr Johrjion Itnmndl- 
ately denied thn! men had been causrh! ' 
smoklnc ili'T'. .-^ome of the Council- 
ors sup]»iTled Mr Hates and soine Vt 
.lohnson and tiie debate waxed s'roni;. 
Th<^ threslioid ^^*as inspected and br- 
came .i i-enter of the contmversj , one 
party insisting that If tho inm wr" 
smoking they were over the Ihres'.ioiu. 
insiile tile barn, the other that the men 
.,,..-,. ,,:, lb,, other side of this deadline 
and therefore outside the building. 

I o. artiunuiit lastcl about '.'o minntes 
and became furious a! times, imtll some 
of the Councilors had to act a.s ar'td- 
• laiors and jiaclfy the rest of the party. 
.Saufonl Bates wanted to know why the 
■i.o Miiokinp" sign which had been ou'- 
silc til. tiarn liad been removed from !1« 
po.-ltion and hung inside. N.i one wa.s 
apparently able to inform him of tne 
reason for this chang<-, but the m.i^tcr 
of the island. James I,. Molloy. In ex- 
plaining the situation as he saw it, de- 
clared thai If the men were siinik: s' 
there, it -waa il. brtnoti of OisciuUm*. JtaU 

V\F.RALI> riO\/- 18.1924 


The Iviston city council y. sterday 
> IS on the point of approving tlie pro- 
osai of former Congressman Jo-sejih 
O'Coiuiell to loiy liom the city >-iO 
luare feel of land on Joy place. The 
natter hail been laid over from moet- 
li)? to meeting for several wc. ks and 
everal couticilmen were 1'1.;«WJ|^ Wt|^i- 
,1 (1 witli more (luestlons. jIUiVMLU 

"If you can't see that this is for the 
■ cnelit of the city, I'm thiv)ug'h," '.le 
lid. "I'vo been arotiiid lore 2'i yenr^ 
iid I never sucli dickeringv" He 
irew up his bands and abruptly left 
I" council <'hanibpr,.. . ■■ • * 

■riin committee nftli'li- itni hi»arin.T 
i. reiiuest at r.ilce v,>led tliat Ih.- ordi r 
• iifflit not to Mr. O'Coum II 

.Mayo- Curlfj','ing the I 
leirlslatlve rommlttee on noston ' 
Klevafed affairs, admtited toflay that 
he does not think it passible there 
w-lll fver be a return to tho five 
cent fare. JpV '■■'■ ^i'.'^ 

He urged a yar** below cost of 
RGrvire. however, with public owrier- 
.*blp and the aijsorptlon of the oper- 
ating deficit by the cities and towns 
of Greater Boston in taxes. 

"The labor cost of or>eration is 
now virtually five cen;.s for each 
poasenKer served." he said. "There- 
fore a five cent fAff, 8«eni» Im- 
prohablr ' 

"..More thar 400 car lines hftvo been 
abnndoned in thl.« State, Tlipre are 
now .Mill. 0(1(1 pleiusur-^ cam in Ma-ssa- 
chusetts, meaning tiiat 2,000,000 per- 
sons d" not use elthtM- s'reet cars or 
steam t.-alns. With fewer I'ar riders 
ever.v year, there is coming; a time 
when it will be impos.sltile for them 
to l>e«r the rlHing losi of servii:e 
Ifvr ;»a.ssen^;er. 

"That is wliy 1 say you should not 
maUp <'Qt- rider?! p.^iy when it co«t# 
tho road to <-)',rry them. Lot tho 
coniniunitie-^ which tho street car 
-syFtem fierve.s make tip the deficit in 
taxes. If \ou do it nny other way, 
you wrm't have nuy .street cars. 
Witliout strct cars you cannot main- 
tain present hi-n reai'.y values and 
business w'.Il .suffer." 

Mayor <'ur!e> estimated 'hat tn 
taxes Ills plaji of public ownership 
wnuid Tnean an addition of about ■ 
$1-50 jx-r Jl.OOO m ra,'h community. 1 
Chairman Tlenry I,, fihiUtuck di»- I 
agreed. flKiiring the addition at near. 

or $n or $7 per J 1.000. 

In reply to nufwriono. Mayor Cxtr- 
ley fsa'id lie llK>ucht the prop«r ■way 
to proceed to public crw-neruMp -wjih 
by conden^nalion procee<i.inKjs iLrxi 
the exer^-iiw of the rlffht of pniln<-nt 
doiiiaiii. He favorerl managroment 
by a Sxiai-Kl of trustees. 

JIayor Curley readily nn!rwer«>d a 
broadHide of <iueflt io.n.s ,lY«m mom- 
li-er.s «- .the ronim;tieo and in the 
•n<l Tpffered to Kubmit n detailed 
plan of hl« views by December 6. 
Thn c<iniTnlttpp in to report to the 
L^et-Viature thf mid^Ile of December.) 


'•> chargSt* mono ^or fmter than the water 
i^"h1 '*".,"'" " " making « proflt on it. ( 

rmu c « I pr mt lO^z^^.S^^^i.-i-rtC-':::-^ TL-'xt 

^£^^^^^Z:T- - :-- v.,f,,r,. .«♦";! POol<ct the loss. 

To this tlife mayor replied that it is 

JI.UO that the city is making m.n.v o, t) . 

► at^r Hupuly. i,„t it is providing a -^,.11 OM which i; I.S u.L^ /noK.v^;;ru 

J1..H0.S mo„ov ' ^■"-''" "" "'^i'-" " 

SAYS MAYOR CURLEYj::^™™ « ~ ™'?Sf 


Argument Made This Afternoon Be. 

fore the Legislative Recess 



Assess the Deficit on the Public and zSz 
f Establish a Greater 


■ — ~ • '-■"■'•1 M-uii 1 1 y f»\v 

w<.nl,I result i„ ahout JH.Ooo.Odo „ vear 
for these tax payers to pay ' 

'ihe n.ayor believed, ho f<al,i, that the 
ax requTcnent wonlcl not bo as lar^^o a^, 
that because there wouhl be more rtLt 
[more earning. an<l there wonhl be a J^A 
iOn aceounl of the smaller interest charges 
Kh-t >he pitblio pays for the n,.,n, v u bor 

Tlien Jtepresentative Shaltiiek r:uno bu'lt ' 

Nvl 1> the information that the pub'ic eo , i 

rot borrow money at a lower rate than 

ulstaiitllnfr Klev;,te(i bonriH I 

|beeauac they are he,,, „t four per c^m 1 

v.ore soirt sorr.e tune ago when rates were 
low. an.l that no reeent boiuis ha,, Z'' 
MHstted on the basis of f„ur p„, "J^' 

iwnod by the comnn.nities \vhi<h it', ""'""'■'"'''•fitivo l.'n,neis X ('ovne of Uns 
^H and that the taxpayers in those /"'' !". ""■'■"ber of the eoniinltt,.e, asked on,> 

;f :„,"; ' ""'■ '■■'■" -■ "-« ;r:i,"?; ';Lr-rK?j;;,,r.;;r.;;;; f- 

ThiR proposition the mavor ai-Rtied thi., „.i?v!'h ""««"-^'.'°" ''IJ "ol meet\WoIlv 
aftemoon before the .lolnt Sp, oia I <,,,,, "'iJ'T.'rf''--'' "W-roval. and he p„i ,7e,i 
'"o on the Finances and 'ontro |e TL ' '''''^" ''''''"'"•''> '°rtav is ,,„^^^ 

Bostot, Elevnted Hallway, whi,.,^ 1™ h ""',"!?.? .". "":'■ """• . \ 

'■ily o 
"I' lh« 

:« Kp,.cia, lK-,^^-"Ti;'--",:f;;™;';»j J";j";;y WHS - ■ »-'. by the ,.„„„„„. 

.oubniii a hnef hi suiipoit ,r his nr-.n , i ,.> "" >"''^'«"''" fflfct of such •, , 

or before Pee, .',, the c ummii e I ■ '"'i^wlth a graduated scale of fares W " 

-der. from the l-^Kishum ."„ 1^^" ^'^ MoC" T '"'" '" '^^ ^!^^- TZ 
von on X)ee. ,-,, ""' "■■' '«- «"»-ton an,, subsidize the lioston u.Lj, 

Tho^mayor ..^ Utat the heaim.. which nt^he^iub;;,:^"^ "' ""^ ^'""^ 
have strengthened hin/lrr oLli^i:: ^"'^'^ -''""^^^''-IJii^l. "W -Uj, 

the ma,nte.,anco of hi,h real est:;:;r,uL - >■■ 'LT'^:: i'^'sharc •'=",::; '" """■' 
and he , ev,.!opment of husine,s« that they I- '■"■o.,„ nature 'for p.t?ie L'" " 

«aid be,^''«:;em;SaL:'''";;r'Vi,^3M^Sdj;;T'"'^ ''''■ ^■^"-'■•' "- "•« 

Of iho fact that the street ranway„ do ■. 1 opi to , ,„ " '^f r""' "■''" "^•" '" '"» 
hance real estate values and Increase bnsiJ in o thJT '7," '""" "> '"""" '"oney 
>eH. it Is unfair to make the car riders „av o gi e , , r, '^T'", "" "^"'■""■■■I.v u.itaU- 
the whole cost; in fact It i« po.^|,,,e that] tHhoIde, ""','■ '"""^ '" ""^ l^-'"-'-^"" 
thPy will become so expensive in the ftJ.„ i, th,??- ' 'f"""'!"? Lis argument he 
turo because of the automnbile and bi"^ tor^ '^'j ^JT'"" """^'^ ">^' ^'■^''■^'''- 

^ui have to consider eventually 

lines, he said. Ihal the car rlder« c-.nnot 
Day and the coinmunihes must take them 
flver. That time secTi,,' almost to have „r- 
rlved. The m.-iyor ^:,U} he f,,v„red a mini 

,1, , „.. ,. ■" • ■'"'^eier eventually |> 

Hic cr,.„tior, of a nr..ate~ fiosion n„ 

.rwl )n his opinion it woul.l add onl,: ,.y h,,"^ • ^^1''"""'' '^"' '^« ^ovc-rn.d 

be satisfflrtory to ra 

.< -, -, . '" ^ '■■'Mill mm nnr 

SI or ^,,.,0 to the tax levy to pay the de 
llelt out of tuxes. 

Other .salvation for the' ;' ties Tn'd , "" 
r>«ar Host,,,,. Ther,. can i '"""•' 

"■■ '■•■'-"'- i-t'tutions. t^:T:z:;:t 


How to Apportion Deficit 

nepre,.entatlve Harrison ,|. aiwo„„ 
..skert how it wo„,d apportion the ta, . „„ 

tribuiion, on -he ,,,,,, „f,,„,,„„^,^„;, ,_,;;;;_ 

M-iyor (-nrley said he thouRhl it could '''1'^ mavor «e.,l,ri j 
be ,„ ,he ..ame b.sis ,„ me.ropom n'^"".'"- th,'. ta, w :^, f *" «" "''om Jf,,. : 

vlTuinon""?"' "'•■ """'•^"- '"•"'■' both : ••■"nltl.H «-o,„d , '," ,'^,'' , "^'"^X, the ,.„„;. 

valuation and popi,|a,i„„, ,,nd be pointed ; '■'•■■" "f "Perati,,,. , . . "fT '" 

"^ •■•'X exempt, and ;'„,;;;7 "^''^''^ 
"'•'I If.ore Ih „„ ether Lr, '■""Icndod 
'•lu.lsea or I ve'e ^7" '"'' ^'"'^'^'' "r 
rate., uoing higher "^ *"''''' '«« 


out that Boston uaually pays ai,r,ui 

ewjt ot tb* co»t. 

over thp 
'"'t-'i. If the 

•■l-i"-" pay ,ive ,...,„, 
m".>».'.,„ent of .spch '., 

evaw.d ,'"""■'' ''^ »'"hli- trustees 

'^»ied IK mnnaKcd lodx,. i! . , ' "" the 

"""I'l h« fair to let Af« ^,? "" ">""«>'» 
PPoInt '•— - - '"'^ w>e eltv r.t ^.Jr 

hfi t 

'''.'"I'l that ii;;; 

aa the 


iMCV. 17, :9U 


Miiycr .\:ivnr< M. ( uri.'v ritoI .iif; )li>avy\vfifthi, liianipioti Jack 
Dcmpsey .<it City Hall today. Tlip mayor is presnning to Jack the his- 
lory of inn yonr- of Boston 

AinVi '<' WJA 

Comes Here to Fill Theatre En^a^ement— Is 

Ready to Defend Title at Two or 

Three Weeks' Notice 


Hv (as HOONTY 

"I -iiii .''ca.iy to (lolcnd my tillp 
bcforn Xrw ^>a^'.-■. day if an oupo- 
iient can bo olitainpil for iiif," de- 
clared Jack Donip?cy, honvywciRlit 
cliatupion, today artcr aliphtinp; 
from a train at the Souili .station, to 
bcR'in a weck'.s ongaKcnicnt al Iho 
Orphouni Tliralrp. 

""S'oyi l,.'i'>\\-.' )i.. lOtitlniUMl. "lioxiilR l.s 
my RHiiip. .iihI .'iM lulls as I Bin al)l" 1<> 
liarilc-lpatr ni li I will, anrt I Iioix' ilK^rp 
will hp Konie otn'oiioitt f"r me .hoi'Ii 

"RlKllt now 1 fTl H."" Knori a"" rVi'i, II 
alwRVN lias hpcn in.v anihllicm in k'-r-v In 
I'ondition. ami ilial is inst hIiiiI 1 mii 

if- a 
t a k r 

HoliiK on toy vaudpvillo {,uu .if 
rotiiitr.v. I wolRh 195 pounds, an-i 
fiEli! i.« nn-niiKi-d f..]- mo It will 
on!> iwi. .-r ilirre \\orU.«* to eri 

"Tlio rniiipiidi^rs for my tillc :u>- not 
sn );.M)d today an nhon 1 won ih.- ,liam- 
Ploii.'^iiip from .Ios.« WlUard. Tin' li.ld 
of Cilihon.o, Itonavill. Moloney. Sliarkey, 
Wills. Codfrey, Kirii.i and w'lim it laii- 
n.ii so Kinnigh as \Villard. Fullon. 
Will.-i. wild) youiiKer: l.ovlnsViy, Coivl.r. 
'■n(Toy. Aloran and oilier?. llowovf-r, 
(here ari> .<'onip likely hoys loda%. lim 
most of then are n year or two nwav 
irnni ill,. 1 lianii.iiiti.-iii,i lOventn- 
.all.v. I . X|n.i, ihrv «||1 i,r fo^'il " 



Wnv ] Liii 

'he IntendB to prssarttTii 
oil In January a rocoiimioi^SfeTJg 
the expenditure, wUhIn the «obt Jlmlti! 
(if a million dollars for the er^otlon | 
of siiltnblo quarters for nurses, doo- 
tnrs and Internes and hospital for tha 
chronic sick at Parker IIUl. 

iln Ktatea that for two years negro- 
tiuliop.s have been In proprrcas wHh 
till' |i;iks with a vl(^w of acquiring the 
I'loprrty used an government hospital 
duiinK the war, commonly called the 
Elks Hospital. The city now owns thli> 
pnoperty. ; ^ 

Blamed by Mayor i- " -J- 

rhe RTayor arK'ifs that the statement 
of <-o)iini"issloner Bates that he wlth- 
eld' the report from the public durlti? 
..ho campaign becnnsn the Mayor was | 
a candidate for Governor Is clear evi- 
dence of Itate.s' Insincerity. The May-' 
or claims it Is the duty of the com- 
missioner of correction to determine 
the truth Involved In the statement 
that ho made repeated suRRestlons for 

^i-^.^^-^^ A 1. I\ /T T~) . T~> Improving Doer Island and the state- 

eterans Act May rrevent Kemov-,';-rbe:^, rlcdv^^"" ""'."" '"'"'■ 
al of Deputy Master — Mayor 
Replies to Bates' Charges 

Poultryman on Vacation Worked; 

for Fuller— Would Remove 

Paupers to Boston Home 

Lively Fight Promised 

Mayor Curify last night inadi 
public a long and detailed reply to nlsh a most lively contest as regards 
the recent report of Santord Bates, "'" Velemns' rief..r..iice .'Vet. McDad. 
— _ . . ^ is coin 

iin: recent report oi riantora tsatcs, ""■ -'■■^'^•""'' ,,.,.....,. ..... - 

_, _ . . . _ . is going to n^ht hl.s removal or even 

■litate Commi.ssioncr ot Corrections, transfer from tlie Jnslitution.s Dep:irt- 

relative to the condition.s at the ment. The Mayor will ask for his re- 
Dcer Island House of Corrcctic 

f'ent. . — 

moval today when the t'liy <'o(incil 

meets. Other n\atter:i In the 1 leei^ 

The Mayor puts the blame square- Ii-'lar.d report w;ll be taken up by the 

ly on the shouldcr.s of Deputy Mas-i*^';"":'' """• , ,, , , , ,h„ 

•' » 1 J' '" the summary ot his statement the 

ter James H. McDade, re-'Mr,yor says: "r beg to stale that It Is 

nioval he says he will seek at once. Krfttlfyinif to know that although thi 
,, , , , , , , la'Mlon niul pnrimse of the Stale aii- 

He adds that he has been power- morltles Is nnquestionably viciously 

less to remove this oflicer bcfc-o bostile, there has bfen no cn,n|>lahit ot 
, r *L ,. • / lack of foorl, iTiiproper hoiisttii? or abuse 

now because of the veterans prrf- „,, ,nn,at^„;,n striking with 

erence act, and that Comniissioner the reports of state Inslituilons gar- 

Bates has supplied tlie needed evi- "'.,':f'' "r'''"' f;l'''"ily ""'"■.ices." ' 

' ' 1 he Mayor blames Saiiford l^ates for 

dcncc as to McDade's nntitncis o,,, f;|.,HH)iiig of the imf< 

The Mayor cites four major reasons 
for the conditions at Peer Island re- 
'Kponsible for th.) sensational report of 
|romnussloner Bates. First the, group-, 
li-.R of child welfare and chronic sickj 
and .'iBed poor work with that of crlm- 
jlnals; .'second the temperamental unfit- 
ness of Deputy Mast(^r McDade and the 
legal technicalities that prevent his re- 
moval becan.-^e he is a veteran; the long 
standing customs which through usage, 
avo h'.come recognized, and fourth, of 
mmlssloner Bates' failure to comply 
with the general laws ot lOl'l and the 
participation ot commissioner of cor- 
rection, the deputy master at Peer 'Is- 
land and an employee of the Instltu-' 
lions department in "a political con-! 
KPlraoy to discredit Pr. Johnson and ■ 
Jlayor Curley." 

Says Island Overcrowded 

Tn his statement the Mayor says: 
"The tremendous Increase In (ho pop- 
ulation at Peer fsland, being an In- 
crease of nearly SOO per cent In a period 
of three years, renders It advisable for 
the city Hhortly to consider transfr-rrlng 
Its penal population to a hircer l-land 
y "This would be possible through thi; 
■ transfer of the penal luipulatlon tc' 
I l-<ing Island. In the event that thi.' 
I tofigramine Is consummated an oppor 
luiilty will he nffordwl for the Stale tf 
j do something worthwhile along humam 
I lines through the purchase of Peer Is- 
land for use as a Slate prison thereb> 
i making possible the abandonment oi 
I what has long been recognized as at. 
unwholesome and nnhealthful bastlle 
I I he .stale prison at fharleslown. An 
oi.portnnlty for genuine co-operation Ir 
the cousummu!;on ot a programme es. 
sentlal to the welfare and peace ol 
nuufi of an unfortunate clement of so- 
c.ety is here presi iited. ^ 

... J 
Problem of Irusties 

report. He also slates that the n.on 

fcund sntoking In a hay-niled barn 

were a pa.l of a ffran.e-up by .a .na.. 

"who knew th'-y would be seen bv the 

.State officials." v„io„n 

i The charge that Cleorge A. ^elsorl, 

Hated as poultryman, received bis 

t.ay at ths iBlann while workmg m 

Boston in behalf of Mayor ''"rley s 

raml.algn for Covernor Is answered by 

.be Mayor with Nelson's ow.i slalement 

that he was a woker for > ;V'">;.,^„;',-* 

vnl Oovernor-Klecl Alvan I, !• lUer. 

The Mavor further produces a phoio- 

Rraph of a coF^r.l.ed check of 'N-^'""" » 

for a tioo contribution to Ibe /JoolklK'5 

Critic'.ses Consolidation 

Uecardlng the consoliilalion :if the 
iri'iary depsTlmeiit, i.hlld welfitre rte- 
tment and penal deparlmenl 
•ler one head during a pre- 
us administration and wnile. Sanford 
es was penal conmiissloner ot the 
/■■ the Mayor expresses himself 
• ingly. Ho says; "1 have never been 
■ e to understand how an Intelltgetit 
bile ever permitted an Institutional 
\sol'datlon which el.assilied ( hronlp 
k. unforttinate aged por>r and thx 
Ipless chlldreti with the criminal ele-- 

s been the custom for more 
'luarl.r of ;, century to detail 
r>rlsoiiers. termed 'trusties," to 
I'Ong Island. 

for a lino e.ontriDution io^>.- -■■•-■■-■^_ , „, ^^ ,|j^ community. I have long 
CarapaiKvi T-und <■"■""''"„ J!",,„n for looked fonward to the lime when It 
t« «rom Fuller thanking Nelson lo poMlble to change tM. »y»- 

help tn the campalgti. t.m." 

"It h 

I ban a 

p.u-form w,uk at Island. This 
wot , consists ot farming and repnii 
«ork generally on the pro,,ertles. It b 
nece.s.s„,.y that this work continue, hut 
Inr'of m""""*' """"•■"■'1 '" the quart er- 
UTrk at t" '^"r""'-" "•'"-' r-erform thb 
atnl si. 11 ,",'■""""" ""'■'"'' ""f"'- f""^ 
s all , "■■" "^"' '" ""• <■>'""■'■ tbev 

1 ousla' r'," "" •'""■—■Hon, „,„u 

ilousl at Deer Island at the ,.„,| of each 

■'•f'bis matter rould have been cor- ■- 

rr:v^.'dn'^rs\"T "■'''''•''••■'■'-" '-^ 

Hales h /.,"'" ' ""onlHHloner. Mr. 

n t ii"n. v. ""«■'"•"' of Dr. Johnson,^ 
'nniiutlons C^ommUaioner." 

Yfirti iffiiimiiiii'iiiifMiijjij^ii^ 


^^, "T^f P**""" m,(. ,l,a< the r«. j 

> "I- Johns.,,, and hlinsolt, but that i 
j o Mw pr,,vo„tRd this. Mo ai«o .sh,>w-.s i 

^^arUl„K .hlH law, whirl, i„ ;,,. prUont:! 

■r, imp l„.foro .ru,lK.- C.-,.-,-,,)! i„ ,1,0 Su- ' 

' >'> ' "i.rl, Il„ slal,:.s ,l,.t 1, „,«« D,-.'l 

■l"„s «fe„llo„ tn pro,-npd towards I 

11^ .-e.yoval ,,f tl,« d.>p„ty t„ ,,use such 
.i dodslon wo>,l,l ,,c.,n,U him to do so. ' 

orko as "d.-Hti-urtlv,.." lie savs- I 

w.h ff '"t r^' """' "'■'«■• oonsuItaUon I 
/111, tho ipcommondatlon inndc, by thp I 

H. Mcl.)ad«, sho„l,l bo r...,K>vfld, hh lie 
.;ui,« Is r,..spo„,sihlo f,„- .s„oh lark of' 
< i^' ipllne as has obtain.-d during hla in- '•,c.„,-y of ,!„, „fn,e ^f deputy „ll- , 

•I havn profound .>.y,npathv for fho 
Comm,Hal,„„-.r of Institutions, !>,■ 
.ruhnRon, who has proven an \.,r,lnrntly 
(apai)i,, and l,uinai,o adrnlnlslrator of 
the Institutions Deparlmi.nt. It Is not 
Kcnerally known, but It Is neverlbolnsB 
tnio that undor tha law he Is renuircd 
10 ,1,,-ik,. K.lrotioi, f,-,,„, ,h„ nan,Ps sub- 
mitlfd by tho Massachusetts CWH 
hfivlc-e OonimlsHlon. The law further 
provides that preferenrn In appolnt- 
ments shall be ac.-orded velprans nf tho 
'Tnlted States .Army, .\avy and .\fnrlnp 
Corps who have, served In time of war. 

'■The law further provides that no 
veteran In the empb.v of the Oily of 
i!oston shall be removed exeepl upon a 
henrhif; by the city <.:ouni;U of Hoston 
A rei'ent decision of Judge Carroll of 
the Supremo Court wag in effect that 
employees of the prison at Deer Island 
wero employees of tho City of noston 
and entitled to the immunity eontalned 
in the Veterans IVeferenco .Sections of 
the t.'ivll SeivlcB laws. From this ,ie- 
clslon of .ludpo Carroll an appeal has 
Ijoeii taken whieh appeal Is pcnJInR in 
tne rf>urts 

•'The conduct of (hn T)ep,ity Master 
at Deer Island has been destructive of 
disclplln,, and It has been nec.vssary 
both fr>r the <'onimls.«ioiiRr a,)d Depui^ 
Commissioner to spend a larfre portion 
"f <>aeh week at the i.^and to pre\eiit 
tl-,e character of conditions said to havo 
existed." , , 

Today with County Board 

oxamii,atlons wefs mart, 

Dwelbnpr on his charge that the men 
tound smokiuK in a hay-rilled barn was 
n, ■■frame-up," be says the inn,ates at 
Deer Island are too appreciative of 
their privileiro to siiioko to take a 
chance on participating In the Incident 
described without official promptinff 
for in such a case they wo„l,l ios„ the 
privilege of amoklPK at a„v time or 

Tlie chargre that absentee ballots were 
sent to the island he dismisses by stat- 1 
luB that the law does not. dis-nfran- 
chlsfj prlsrmerb- .ser\ing time for mis- 

The "Poultryman" Charge' 

The Mayor then takes up the chargo 
which reads a* follows; "There is an 
'•mcer at this UiMitulion who was aj,- 
pomted as a •poulti-yrnan,' allhotigh at 
the present lime the head farmer ad- 
mits that be has something like 10 or 
I- hens. This office,-, up to four weeks 
agf), wa.s einployed as night watch- 
n,Hn. an,i at no time since his appoim- 
njoiit has he h.-id anjihiiig: to do with 
poiiltiy. Three weeks bc-fore tlie iiec.i:! 
Stalo election ho was given leave 01 
absence, and since that time up to the 
election has spent bis time in Boston 
aidinp: in the campaign of tho Mayor 

The pi-c^enic of both Mr. Bates Mtd 
\hf- .^tefiograpbei- indicate^ the possir, 
biilly of sucii a procedure, yet (■'oiir^*- 
clliitap I^ane. whom the L<omn,lsslou«TV4 
elected as their chairman, says that t^ 
form of inxestlsatio" will not be de- 
■ ided on ^until tli.- oomiul-^sioo observes 
wliat the Vonditions are at tb.' island. 

Ma.\or Curie}-, who opposed j,n Jn- 
ve,>.tlpatio,, by the <-ouncil jiU'l refused 
I--, attend a niectijii; of "be coiility 
ccinmit; ioiicrs, declarerl liiat li. would 

place no obstacles In the way of the 
inspection today. He said that tlie in^ 
.■-tltutlons department bciat would be at 
the comn-.issi..ner.s' rii.sposal and that 
"th<» s,,:eU fishing was pood." 

The mayor appeared before tho city: 
council a tits s-essi.)n yesterday to in- ! 
troduce tin anenilnient to the ordl- : 
nances for. the p,irp,,se of separatit\(S 
the administration <.f the of cor- 

Citv of Hoston ■.» c„, ™ Huuuiustraiion <.f the hou.s, of cor- 

thls tfme''"'^!:" rd „:'°?"1"'-.: :*^""" "-- 'h^ ■■"-- instttutlons now 

the same department. 
plan which be set fortW 

manajied b\ 

This was lb 

iti his answer to Mr. Hatess charjry.ii 

W constitutes in some featu,eK a, ri^- 

turn to the .•^yi-te,,-, abolished hv Jlawr 

leter.-. It, in2ii. 

If parsed l.y ti.e ,-oun.-ll. the amend- 

'tiejit will mcH., 11, e .-rcfmn of « n.-w< 

parlment head. :, ,„.„„, insiitution.s- 
commissioner at ?;,(,po a vear. to have 

Will SiLspciid for DrunkcnneM 

IteferrlnK to the charge that officers 
at Deer Island bail reported to the 
I Islf.nd In an Intoxicated condition and 
that it had been the custmn to suspend 
then) and later re-Instate them, the 
Mayor announces that In the future 
•Tiiy employee of the Ii,stitutlims lie. 
partment found under tho Inlluence of 
iliink will bo transferred or remoyed 
In the report, the Mayor agrees with 
l.r. Johnson that hard manual I.-ibor 
for dr,)g addicts Is unwise and Inhu- 
man until a cure has bee,, (stabllshed 
He also believes that Uhe pliyslclan in 
chaige should rule regarding what 
wcirk an addict who has been curod 
I should bo called up(m to perform. 

The Mayor inakes a .ioke of the n, af- 
ter of prisoners making signs for use 
In bis campaign. Me terms this sign- 
p'aklng another "plant" and points out 
tnat tho chariro Is rldlclous because no 
candidate for public office would uss 
a sign i,ot bearing the union label. 

! Tubercutosin Prisoners 

I r^eRardlng the delay In transfers of 
j prisoners found to bo suffering with 
j tuberculosis or threatonod with that 
I disease, ho quotas tho department rec- 
ords to show that the order for vheir 
J removal was received on April U and 
"^ 'SSi ills ."i?""^*"" ''°*"'*'®'*"' "" the 

of the 

.During this time, according to th 
h..oka of the institution, he has drawn 
full pay from the City of Hoston. and 
on own admission, he has performed 
no services for tho city. Tho master 
has signed the paj'i-oll in each h,stance 
^crtlfylnpr that serviee was rcnde.ed 
for the money drawn." 

■\s to this the .Mayor savs: 
■*♦■! liet: to state that I sent for tho of- 
i.ccr and potiliryman referred to, M,-. 
<.Jeorg» A. Xelsoii. a,,d requested fnnri 
him a statement and repiv to speclftc-i- 

w;;s ^Hued'Vo onifTee;;^:;^;^^;;^"'"-'" "^•'->>-",;;ia:d',;::use';;f™;: 

called to get It and found through an I ''*'''"''"• *''*'■" ""• cxeeuiive now called 
error of someone In the clerical divi- Hnslltuutlons ro«,missioMer will l,„,-,, 
slon he was credited with three weeks' >harg,. or ,h, „^., d poor the chronA 
pay. that he was laboring under con- •'■■h-l> and '-hiM »eifai-e the yalarx 10 r. 
slde,-able eNcltemeut at the time, that "i'<i" as at present' Rofnr p1' 
he waH ve,-y ,ictive In behalfof the .■an- •■ rs's <y>ns„|idat ion 1 1,.. ' ri.-n„"i„«.„r»" 
d.dacy for .ioveruor of .Vhan T. Fun,,. were tl„,s separafd 1, b,. rri" It 
and the Hepubllean tl.diat. t-es beade.l ,he ■,'„,,,'* "f (rus- 

-1 ..u.Mio.ed him further and he fur.lth- a.t;^ri V ^f ''',,'''.;■■,■' "'■'/■I!'''n 
-t me a reeclp, (n,- SIW which h»V-onni,issio,„.r ' ' '"-^""nion*. 

-"-»«'• M« tor^^- 'believed i, ui,forn„'„t o ."' ' [fonZ 

Sanford Bates, state commi.'-sion- """•■•'ouer bavinj «. "i" -am'' 'thue^X 
cr of corvfx-tion, who recenllv ma.ip ',""',t'"'|-^' ;"' P''^'"k'>"s .•-. „te,„.,.d f,Vr th''. 

1 j« 1 1 • • . .• , *-Om,nisslon of erin... Ill - 

charges of muliKlnimistration at tlic wa« referr d t , '"" l>'"position 

nppr island houso of correction na, «. ° ""' '""""iuee o„ o.-di- 

whicli cau.sVtl much ag-itation. will ''''■'" mayn,--.« presence in --n^ 
accompany the Boston city covincil- f,!,','',;'"";^';J;"'j;K'" ''In. on. the 'same"pra». 
men today on their second inspection fur. ell! as chairm"', "r"' '""'"'''"'"■ 
of the house of corrc\-tion .since hip '■"o-imitt< e, v.!-,,, w',.-' m •- ' '"''''uilv' 

i| revelations. T'"'.' ""^s^m ,0 ,.-u,-i,.y. i,„ i ""„.„"„' .^l;;; 

{1 Assuming a dual role the eouTicIl will'j;'"' ''.'"''''-""" '>"" of bis most outspoken 

I make tliis trip a.-- countv cmioi-^sloners. ,, "^"^''- Nelthei- ,,,,,,. a,■kno^^I, .,)_[!,. 

I Two weeks ago lis meipbers went d.i«-j) |'i>'XimI(.y of tlit „|he.r t.v am i,-,i 

the harbor as councllmei,, but after- ,"'::'' '"'""»■ " 

fho liHrb'tr as rouni-flmon, but aftpr 
warfls dlfiro\Trt*<l ' lliHt to Katisfy Ihf- 
st.'itutf^v ihey slmnlii hnvr. dciif tho job 
;l.s (■'iurir>' rriinnil.'-.sloiiciM. 


i"artf,-s ,m Ma-^on street t 

iiileu-ests. tiler,. by 


:lt III 

.vitatlon of tho countr^'^ ;' '"H'umoth ' Keith theatre 'as weuj 

'he Keith, 

ding thi- cd.ctloni 

r,mmi»slone,-s that .Mr, Hates wlli Joln,";'*,^'^! "^."^ "''*' ''•'"dquarter.s. The pro-i' 
ji„ li,e Inspectim,. -niey arranged Icxei-u, lverco,";mi,tee f.'.r'seyen.", week"" 
I also to lake iviti, them a,1 official "^he ..-ouncll appropriated Jet) ()oo' «d. I 
stenosrrapher. Tliey explHlned that,''''"'"'' '"r the n.tioo.oo,, polico h«>cl-l 
they bad found that ,h«,* Java au-^^^ir'^^^;;;^^ ^^^ - ^-'■^^•r^^^ 
tborlty to Huitiinoriv ■«vltn«Mj»n54nil|. ,poaa^°^_^J»23|i^J".4''^ '"" — "^-^'-^^^-^ 


riov. 11, l^^'^ 




m HRf:' 

Blamss McDade For Lack of Discipline- 
Replies to Bates' Cliarges-Says Object 
Is to Discredit Or Jclinson and Mayor 

noplyiti!? to Iho charKfs of niipafVm\ii- 
islratlon a: tin- iJi-er Islami IIuuko oI 
^Corrottlon. mailn last wPfk by Simford 
I^atcs. State' riimmisMioner of (."orrc'- 
ilon, .Mayor *Ciiiioy Is.suod a statement 
j'osterday discussing oacli of tho fcl'e- 
cine alU'Satloiis made by Mr Dates. 

The Jtayir asserted that the cJiargcs 
made by .Mr Bates had as their object 
the discrediting of the Institutions Com- 
missioner of Hostoii. Or David J. 
Johnson, and the Mayor of Boston. 

Mr ]latcs. in his report said that 
ho refraln-d from making Ills report 
on conditions al Heor islami until after' 
election so thaV his charges loaid not, 
be construed as political jiropa^anda 
This stat.inent BIr Curb^y rails "clear 
evidence of insincerity." 

.Mr Curlcy i|uo,i(l ,'it i-oma lenmh Ibo 
chapters of the .Mu^s.sachuscttjj ^aws 
which deal witb penal inltitutions, and 
claims that tlie alleaed conditions are 
a resillt of the failure of i ■omnii.ssloner 
I Bates to comply with ihe provisions ot 
some of the statutes. • 7^ 

lie allcKes^ that Mr Jiates had no 
coininunlcatitin (itber wlili I.)r Joim- 

Ij sun or him.seli' on tlie sijb,t".>t of conill- 
I t!on,5. :,.na he sahi that the only time 
.j Mr Bates conferred ivlth Dr Johnson 
' during the past year was upon a trivial 
matter, nine mon'hs .'igo, ^ ^ 

Proceedings Against McDade 

That I'fpiily .Master ,i,inii\s I{, .Mc- 
Dade will be removed from tlie posi- 
tion al Peer Island which he now' holds 
is indicated from the Mayor's .state- 
nent, MaJ .McDado, ;iceorflins< to the 
.Mayor, holds his oflice under Clvl! 
Service rules, and as a veteran he has 
been secure from dismissal except after 
a, hearing before the City Council, 
Evidence against MaJ McDade. who 
Mr Ciirl.y .says ■is responsible for such | ot discipline as ban obtained dur-| 
Inj,' bis In^'Unibency ,,|' the <.inr,-. nr 
lb IMjty master." ha.s not been strong- 
( iiough hitherto to cause his appearance 
bifore, «be City Council. Xow, the 
.Mayor .says, as a result of a report 
made to him hy Dr .lohnson on Nuv n 
surh evidence is .■nallable and proeeed- 
iUHs win hr start, d f..:- .McUad.'-s rr.- 

.V feature c{ t'.e sial.'ment i,s It-, reply 
to the allegalioii t'uit one of ilie Dei r 
1,-^Iand ofHcers drew full p,iy from the 
clly during the three we.?ks before 
idection, when said offlcer was In Bos- 
ton buBlly cngaeed in furthering th* i 
«»aaWiicy ot Mtty«r cnwWv tor nwr. ' 

<-rnor. .Mayor Curtey states that that 
mail, 1', hoin be names as George A. Nel- 
son of --1 liutilver lini St, Cbarlestown, 
was entitled to pay for one week, but 
through a clerical trror be drew pay 
for tliiee weeks. 

He hniiier .'tafs that Nelson was not 
\^orking for ' 'urley, a,-; charged, b'tt 
that, he was work'ing for I'\iilfr. lh>. 
also asserts (bat Mr Nelson contributed 
a cheek for JI'i'J 'o the Cocjiidpe earn-- 
Pfilgii fund, iVu- \\hich In- recehed a 
letter of thanks from I. lent t-lov l^ 
s\ copy of the letti-r Mr Curlcy makes 
puiilic as evidence. 

Mr t-'urfey ass''rt.-i that Commissioner 
Tales led t*) make several of his 
charges, such as that prbsoner;* h;"' 
been seen .'•nioking in a baini full of 
hay, by "plants." The statement that 
Curlcy campaign stgtis were made by 
inmaies at i>eer Island be likewise says 
is it plant, "since no p*^rson Infer; sted 
in the suc--ess of a. candbiate fcir public 
office in .Ma ssachusel 1 s we.u.d consider 
using an>' f-irm of printed or painted 
matt,,r other than tliat braring the 
nninii hibt 1." 

Curley's Statement 

I'art of the text of .Mr Curley's rrpiy 


"Ir is the duly of the Commissiemer 
of the Department of Corrections of the 
I ■r>tnlnon%veaItI) ti- detlnlt'dy del.rmlne 
tie (luestlon of \i'racity in\'oIved In th.* 
statement th;it r<'j>eR t-'d roeomnp'ndat ions 
and suggestions made to tln^ olhelals in 
charge of the Boston i)enai Institutions 
had been given in> consideratli>n as 
against the statement of Dr Johnson 
that no report h;is ever been received 
during the i)ast ,\ wllh reffrem-e to 
Ihi' Inslllntlons from the ofHee of the 
1 >fp-'irtment of * 'orrect ions at the Htatc 
1 louse- and but oite eonfi-ienee has tal(i-,i 
I'lace and that some nine months ago 
on Kone- trivia) matter with tbt- 
commissioner of the fieparlmeut ot 

"The condllloiis ri-sponsibli' for ne- 
sensational report iniole I'v the Slate 
eomnilsslonei- of lite Department of Cor- 
recTlons of Ihr Commonwi-alt h ni,iy be 
sinnmed up under four heads; First, the 
grouping \mder coiiti-ol of the Institu- 
tions ceminlssloni-r of the untpi-tunaie 
poor, the chronic sick, child ' w.-lfarn 
work and the persons eomniifted t.,r Ibo 
eonimlsslou of i rime; second, the tom- 
ljrra.inental iinlUness of the denuU' mas- 


ter at Deer Island and the legal dlfUcuI- 
lies preventing his removal because of 
tlin -\-arloUH veteran's preference ads: 
third I lie observance of customs of long 
, SI, Hiding slid which through usagj bad 
I become rec.gnized in a me.asuro as 
Iproiief and fourth, the failure of the 
■Stall- commissioner of corrections, San- 
I ford Hati'S, lo comidy with the provi-,'! of the law as set forth 111 cbsiii-r 
, J-'-l of the tlen^ral Daws of 1921. and the 
particljiation bv the .«tale cnmmlssloner 
■of tlie Department of Corrections with 
the licnuty masti r at Deer Islan I and 
an employe of the Institutions depart- 
ment as a pan of a political conspiracy, 
the pnrposp of w-hich was to discredit 
the institutions commissioner of Boston, 
Dr David J. Johnson, and the Mayor of 
Boston. /. ■ \.,.i , 

SaysJicDadc Is Responsible 

"With refcrrnce to the second group- 
ing, namely the unfitness of the Deputy 
.Master to continue in the jiosltlon he 
now holds at l-ieer Island, I beg to say 
ib.'U after cruisultatton witli Th* John- 
son I am in agreement wltli the rec- 
omniendatlon made bv the doctor that 
tie Iii^tinty Master, Jaim-s 11. McDado, 
^^honld !)(. removed as h" aloni- is re- 
, liousllile for such laclt of discipline as 
b.'LS oijtitineil during bis Incumbency of 
tb.> ofhce of leputy .Master. 

"Th.i conduct of the Deputy Jlaster 
ill lii-er Island has been destru.-'tlve of 
discipline, and It has been necessary 
botli for the Commissioner and i)eputy 
Commtssloner to spend a large portion 
oi each w-eek a.1 tlie lsl;irid to pre\-ent 
the clntracfer of conditions s.'ild to 
liav-e existed. The Commissioner lias 
conferred many times during the past 
IS months with the f^'orjHK ation Coun- 
sel as to the advisability of filing spe- 
cific charges with the City Coimell, 
hut In each Instance has been advised 
hy the Corporation Counsi-l thai there 
W'as Insutllclent actual evidence in his 
opinion lo the belief that the 
Council would a,pprove of the removal 
of the Deiiuiy Master. 

"The report of the State Cotnmls- 
:,ioper of Corrections, Sanford B.-ites, 
i-ompletes the evidence neces.sary. with 
tiia.t in the possession of Dr Johnson, 
lo warrant Immt-diate remov.-il by i he 
I Ity Council of Boston of D, puly .M,-i,^- 
t.r -lames II. Mc!.>ade. 

"With refereiu-e lo lo-adlllg N,-,. ;J,, 
'the observang* of custi-mis of long 
standing and v.iiiin uirough usage had 
bi'conie reeognlaed in a, measure as 
proper.' I beg to s,Ty that It has been 
the custom where olTlci'rs bai"? rendered 
satisfactory service and h.ive reported 
In ;ui Inloxb-atlng comlltlon, not to per- 
mit tliem upon tho Island, simply; to 
suspend tle-in and later lo relnst.tU' 

"In the fulnie any employe of !ho 
Institutions DepArlment found under 
the Influence of lltiuor shall be dls- 
chargi'd, e.vceni in the p-is-e of veterans, 
when the matter under the law must 
be i.resented to the Cllv tlouncil beforo 
action may l,e't!iken. ,< " ,^ i 

'With vi'fer<-lir. tu tile perToVirRfnce 
of hard maiinlU labor by drug addtctn. 
1 agreo 111 the der-lslon reached by the 
Instttut-lons ^Commissioner of tho tdt^ 
ot Boston. Dr Johiiaton. that It l» tiOXM 
tm-wlBe ana li»bam>i.n (ta -"■'-'-- — " 



agrfo further that ■nlu'*i In tlm opinion 
of the pliyKictun in <iiarR(> <,f tiio Insli- 
tulior. n .'Ui-o lia.-s l>(>, n ciTfitirl that III.' 
drug addict slioulci b,. i-L'i|Uiri>(I lo ikt- 
forin Kucli work as liis iihyi-ical and 
mental i-ontlition will pornilt. / i 

[Favors "Trusties" on Boat 



"With reference to Iho enjplnyrijrn: of 
short-term to-oalled trusties' ni'on 
the Institutions Ijoat, 1 approve thl^ 
anil h.lieve It should be eontin- 
I lied. Ji represeiUH a havinp of money 
I to the eity a n^l opportunity for the In- 
jmaten to perform some us.fiil labor. 
I "lliider SrnTlliration .\o 4. pre.seiiL'e of 
a co-called ol.seene pietnre. tile Jile- 
I ture in qu.filion beine four Inelo's 
; square, tli.a wa.s iinciu' .Mionablv a plant 
plaeed there with the kiiowleilKi. of 
the deputy, who ^va.■^ familar 
Willi the fact that tb'e State eomniis- 
sloner of the Department of Correctiona ; 
wa.s to visit Uie Institution at tills 
partieular time. ' 

Speeiiicatloii Xo. li, that an asslstanf | 
deputy niastiT had been Blven leave of 
absence eai-h day until o'clock fori 
.-several weeks prior i.j the ,. lection am] | 
worked at the Island only on the eve- 1 
nings each day, 1 beR to say Uiai ihe' 
officer in (|ii,stioii been rmploj.-d ' 
on the island for 15 years and no ' 
charKivs ever have been lodRed aRainst 
him In tills period of time aiol his work 
|ila.i been eniincntiv .satlsfaclorv , 

"The fact is that the four 'escape-i \ 
which took plaen from the Island In 
the moiiili of October look pl.Tcn a t 1 
iiltrhi ami diirlnB the iierlod Ihal Oip ' 
Illy Master .James 11. Mcpade on 
duty, and as a iireeautlonary measure 
the as.slstant deputy master, l-Yiink 
illgrber-, w-ai! put on working uIkI'IS 
and .after being asslKlied there were 
no furllv-r escap»>s. 

"With refi'renee to Rpeciflcfttlon N'o. ' 
7, that pfd tical signs wern made lo- an I 
rniploye. Thlis is nnqnesl ionably a plant 
arranKert lor the beneiii of the St.ite' 
commissioner, since no person interested 

In lie- su 'Ss of a candidate for lublie; 

ofllee in iMHSsacIiusetis would consider; 
iif'inp any form of printed or p.i.nted 
mailer other than that bearing' the 
union lab.l, 

"With reference lo spec'ilcallorr No. 1'. 
In wliieh If Is chnrprd that there \mi n 
delay In the trn iisfej- ,,f pa- 
tlentsi from lieer Island to \\'cst Rul- 
iand. The papijr.s were signed by tiie 
1 'Department of C'orre. ■lions on Apn'i' n 
an.'l li'>. and as Mr Hal'-s i.s aware. Ih.' 
cuslomar.v ■ iirocedure ^^-as followed. 
naniel,\-, an'X-ra\- txamlnatlon s-upple- 
menfed b\ medlc.-il , xaniiiiat'on, and the 
transfer "conipleird Aiiril ii. 

Smoking in Barn "a Plant" 

"Willi r.ferenc-. 1., .- lecllleation No. 
1(1, tlia.l thC'^e inmates wer.^ seen smok 
iPR In a woo.lrii barn tilled witii bay. 
This Is imuuesllonably another plant, 
«o slaved for th'-i lisil, as Ihe pri\i- 
lege of smoklliK is too liiKbiv prized hy 
Ihe inniales l() permit of a violation 
which iiilKht result In deprUing- all in- 
iiial's of the privilege, and even if no 
,,(Iii .'!• wer," present to prevent It the 
liiniatcs tbemsfUes coiiM be depended 
upon to |i; event it, 

"\S'!lli reforeiice to sprclfleation No. 
II whii'h sets forth that a unantity of 
npidlcations for absentee votliiK were 
Bi'iit down to Ihe institution. The cor- 
poration counsel of the city of Boston 
InrorniH ni" that a lersoii convicted of 
rnl'ebiiuanor does not lose Ills riKhls ol 
c'ltlziilsliip or participation in eleclloil 
under the law of al>sonte.. \ol|nK. 

"\VIth ref.rence lo siiclflcation No. 
1" namely, that about the niiddle of 
(ii'dober li. dices \vel e reo,|ved by the 
iifU'lals of Ihe lloiiso of I'orrc-clloii from 
Ihe Inslitnllons Keparlinent at Cily 
Ilnl! statin),' that no city or Slate idfi- 
iclnl would be allowed (m the Island 
iwllhout a pass from cit,. I am In- 
formed b.v Ihe Institutions Commis- 
sioner, I>r ,Iolinsoii. that the onh' ,'irder 
issued ilurlnK the past year llmllinc 
vlplts to tile island applied lo Wednea- 
('av,s, this day l.elnK sel iipnrl rh driii^ 
addicts' vlsItlnK day, an:! in the opinion 
of the eommis.'*! >ner Ihl.s order was 
neeessiirv for tlm proleeton of drug 
addict..? i'roni persons who ml(jht ,seek 
I opportunity to Hinuggle drugs Into the 


'\\'lih reference to sfieclfleatlon No, i 
,"i. whii-li rends as follows. Tlcre j.s an; 
onic'-r at this Inst-tution who was ap-! 
pcdnted jis a, although ,'tl 
the pr'-seiit tinn^ the tioari farni- r admits 
that he lias soiiK-thiiiR like 10 uy VI In-ns. 
This odleer up to four weeks axo was 
employed as iiii?ht watchman, and at 
no time since bis appolnlmeni iias bo 
had anylhliii,' to ilo with poullr.v . Three 
week.s before the recent .'^tate electlmi 
he was p^lven leave of absence, and 
since that time ui. lo tin. election has 
spent his time In lloston aidini; In the 
campaign of the Mayor of the Cit.i- of 
Hoston a,s (tovernor. Ilurini? this time, 
accordinf^ to the books of the institu- 
tion, bn has drawn full pay fn>m the 
C'lty of Hoston and on lil.s own 'adniis- 
filiiii he has jierformtjd no services t<^r 
tile cit.v. The master has sisrned the 
payroll In each instance, certlfylim that 
ser\l.'e was rend'red for lie? money 
drawn.' 1 •' - / 

Says Melsun Helped fuller 

"1 bcK lo stalo iliat T i..-nl for llie 
oflicer and i)oilItr> man rr f, rr* d to. 
I'rcorge ,\. Nelson, and reauestod from 
him a statement and reply to sp.'cinca- 
tloii No. 5. Mr Nel.son slates that he 
was flititled to one week's l^ay and 
called to get it, and found throiiKli ,in 
error of some one In the clerical 
division he was credited with Ihrei. 
weeks' pay, that he was laborint; un- 
der cons derabb) excitement at the 
time, that he was very active in behalf 
of the candidacy for novcrnor of Al- 
van T. Kuller. and the Republican 
ticket, I (lUcsiloned him further, and 
he furnished me a receipt tor one hun- 
dred dollars which he contributeil to 
the Coolidgo (.'ampalgn Fund Com- 

"In conclusion I bei^ to state that it 
Is gratifying lo know that al'.liougli 
the action and purpose of the State 
authorities Is ununestlonably vi-h.u-ly 
liostilo. there has been no con.pfiiiu of 
jack of food, improper houslnif, or 
abuse of Inmate:,, in siriking cir.trKut 
with the reports of Slat.> li,-: Itutb.iig 
garnered under friendly auspices. ' 

With ibe staieiiient Mr' I'urley aNo 
gave out nlc'tographi.- loid.-s *r the al- 
leged check giV'n by Mr N. Isun to the 
.Vassachuselts I'oolidge KInanco Com- 
inittee, drawn on tin- i dd Colony Trust 
Coiiipanv and dated Aug IS, tn,-- reee pt 
signed by l.ouis K. I.lpi:et( and 
to havo been Blvon -to N«l»oi>, and a 


^'^; Ticl'>ad::''-was ^unKunled t,l 0,< 
,.edl on of depulv master It ',"/, 
:.,and"on.!an » 1W3, hy Mas or t. urle> .1 

')X^'yu^'luU-W'i Co ,., mil. lhfav,t:^ 

.verseas as captain and ".^^^ ,^'';;" I 'i 
•noted. lie ha.l prevlousl.e been ea^i 
lain in lb- Mb KegluMlit, ^'- ^,- '^'' ""- , 
.; married and ha.s three cblldien. 

QLOaf riOV.19,)92^ 




\,f\\ to UIglit ■ .MImh .Ihiui Kolph. .Miiyor v'lirloi'', Mayiir hikI Airs Itnlph. Mrs Curli-.v 

I .Mayor J;iiae-< .M . Hoipli "f San l''i-aii- 

I Cisco, whose .•■>n, Jiuiies M, Jr. agecl 21, 

8 cadet On tho Hteamshlp !'r. siilont Van 

! Buren, wlUi fU'i" otiii'rs y.-i tlio rrew 

i was Btrlcken \Mth typlioiil foM-r tln-i>» 

' wteks ag.), aivl last hIbIU reiiiDvcrl to 

! the Iioplnn CHy lIospit<il Avhcn tlm 

Khip doik«(1 at South Uo.ston, iirrlvtd 

' In Uo.^lou Khorlly buforo 1 o'clock tills 

Bft'iooou. Ur \^iiK accomintnitHl by 

Mth llolpl. iiu'.'i tlKir diiiiKhtt^r, Jliss 

. . ..ri'- llolpli Mrs Kolph wa.-. gn.atlj 

;ifrin-tfrt by (111! n'>WK ot In i .•ioii'n 111- 

iiPPF nomc rtuys ivgo. init slic inad'j the 

trip to bo st his side, aiul she ap- 

' potirod niiirh b'ttcr todf.v nhon nhc a." 

1 rlvod In Hontoii 

Mil>or ItL-lph .'larl t(t»- in.lnbr! 51 or \\v^ 
family Ipfl t'hicact ^t-t-trnlay Jind ar- 

rived h«re on the Twenlieui "tntury 
Llinltod. II was f:xpcctpd thu, ihey 
would re.vih Bn.ilon betwpen 10 ami II 
tliir, forpnoon, but ii «us i:;;!.'. whiui 
th(> train was Ktoppiii .11 iim Hijntiii«. 
tnn-iU' .-itatlon of thi' Hoslon & Albany 
Uullro.-ul in the Hacn Itay. On lll,^ sla- 
llon platform in •^vvy tloni were Mayor 
James M. Curley and Mrs Ciirlcy. 

II wa.H .Mayor <'inl(iy who. last nlKhl 
whun til..; ship (locked at the Army 
Ba.s?, the romnvfil ot ilie 
Fl.-k boy from the Van Huren I" tho 
hii.Mpltal. Mrs Curley waH .vith h'-r lins. 
Iianil and stood in Ihe frlKid winds Ihai 
swef.1 the Souih Boston jder. doioR Iht 
best to Klve aid and eomf.irl to th.' 
yo'.inu .itodent of the Iniversity of 
(alltornla. who fnlifte<l with his i-lmni 
on hoard the ^hlp last Sumtiier. 

At llie HiiiitliiKton-.iv Station .Mayor! 
Curley's iiulonioblUr took tho Kan Fran- 1 
e.lsco Mayor's [inrty directly to th«' 
fVpIey-I'lii/.n. Hotel, where, .\laj-or Cur- 
ley .a?t niKht ennaKgd a siillo for them. 
Within .-1 short iitne Mayi.r Roli>i> ,uid 1 
Mrs Holph with thel, ihiuKhtei, ac- 
eonipanlcd .Mayor Ciirley .md Mvu (Jur-i 
ley wori> driven to tho Thorndlko Bulld- 
InK of the );oston fity Ilospit;i!. where 
tho youug .'vn of the (toliihs has be^n , 
a jiatienl shire last nlRht when the ship I 
reached tlil.l port. I'lie Utdpli boy Is 
nalrl to be a very sick lad. 

II is .\hiyor t'lirley ..vljo Ii.i.h |,e,.n 

U«epln.i; in touch with Hie cntidltlon of 
the Holph hoy's condition and kpepln^ 
the lad's father liifornie.i. 

Mayor Koli.h and yirs liolph weie 
Fomewhat weary utter their flying Tip 
I aoroftf) tho country. 

A h M K I C A n 

n V i 9 . p 

(btaff Photo) 

Says Oommlssiou Is i^Tot 
. RespoiLsiVa to People 

^f5"fl6y Presides at Meeting of B3^ 
/ Sf3(8 Mayors' Clui) 

^f^e •■■laim tli-.f /.,. ',..•' ■■ *.- 

I''°'- ro.pon.lWe to ,„r , ^ '•"•-"""■■^Ivo | 

PO'-kothook.s ,!,„ .,n,„;„,^' "" '"'1 «-ho«,. ■ 
'?"-^' '-">'.] (o pro,;. ;, '"" '=^ "»^"rot- 

'5 Wrs. T)n,,s ;, rjovrrnn . .""■'''■ f'"' "v.' 

'■orporatio a ,,,'';;'', I" f«vo" '^^;. ^o 
lJi» li.vp!„',.. ,,,„.„' "'^ '•reel flip cfr. ' f. ''" 

Mayor curl^- pr^.i^,. ^ ' •'"•'■ 

1 ••iUi»<! of. "^" Hif- evils 

' BfflClillS 

"-"•' '-/rX ,;:;':; /'H,ne, we°«' 


— -TP*-*-^ > I 
Mayor Wants President to] 
«c Guest of City on 
Patriots'Day A- 




'"'(•e elKi,-;,-,. „ „,„ 1 • ■' '^«'iit<>ii. 
l-al sfa.lon. "^ "' ','*f"s!wp«fe J . . c«n. 

^■""•'■'^ h..lMln«- C'"'.'" '"''*'^""- 
wi-nii); ■■ '""'i^'iienlaliy 

"'^" -'""•R-I ,,v :'4e "'"•""^"'■ 

■^.v.'^'eu,. n-hllr.hT'.Iif,,'" "- He,, 
'" the e,-o„p were "h; f"'"'*'""'" 

'"« but 4.SI per <pn '"^ '^^ "^'"'"e 


Maj-o:- i-u,i.,v i„ ., ,.,, I 

PTOelpnie „, „,^, ' " '""■■^ !u-. o to' 
Patriots. a.r ,, -' " ■'^'""ver.,, j- of 

, attention to til,-, ,-,,,; , '■'''■W cmis ! 

(ly restore,! K.n.ui/ ,!' n "'" "^'^'^ '""*- = 
fentMres. Tn,. „,.,, . '''' ""« "f oio I 

. (■" i>. l,,,i,- ..r"t,,, elf ""^"i*- 
X Siv,«n„. ^.„,^/^^^'»>- of HoH,„„. 

''''>•■•'' Snes, „„,,'"'"" ''> I'o the 

*"'^"'"-^" ■ ra.rlois'Tv '"; "'«' 

"■!>. -April 

!■'»" for the 

in and 


'■•""■I'll hail Hs one"nr?i '"'■'^''Toti 
"f liie pr,.Rran,, anrl * '/'"'""■'•fM 

" '■-•"■V .eleh,...,, *' '»""' 

•■-■■■"ran.e.s ; ;' '^"'' ' ""L -sif. « 

-.^MKhM. cURLEr, 
^\ -<. "Mayor '• 


Slf. Hitli 




o. «« of protest >- <-^ , 

Storm oi ,„rtoua stoi-ni ., 

T^^t there w' ^-» - 

... K., ^ tremena--;;-,^,,,. 

,n. ,, -, , . .,, soon ns "'!' aft'"'-""""- 

,va^ ^^"^""'flied yo«t^'-J^^> ^uverman 
Within half a" l^?^!. ,,,.„artmo 


^"•^ *'",' K an hour ^'^"^"'l^ont 'o£ th« '• 
Within lia'' ,,,. ui* "'■^,'"'"netitl<'" "' 

'■"y ''^-.„",pv. in ^^'''"V.,»MncaUon «"' . 

Mayor Issues long 
Bitterly l^ssailing he 
Company's OemanQ 

— ^ I state-"-"-- , , j.,,,,,y P'"-] 

Some F^^*"''^!^. Boost EHii^5^i;:£ 

' Proposed R»*l^*^Si!S"^{»£"^ 

Mayor ' ' Vihero if no j""" 

i.ndwl that ther ,.,,pm.niti" 

,„, lnrrea.<-«- ,,,,„a a ^ ■f,^>an. "« 

V- control -^fVrea.od ^''"'^^.Ae P-P'^'-': 
l'"""'^'''"''M«ttts and tho Stat .„„, 

,,,. falling *",;„ Tiecf'S*''" '" ,.,,, of 
■■i.>, intormatlon nc ^^^ „„.,iis 

with '' „„,„uip on '>" , fliprt ', 

proper •'.nio m .i„u„iy fll"-'"- 

,.,,e increase-' pr g^pected 

State-Wide Protest ExP^^^^ ^J 

,,,„,..,. fro-n praoucal..^ , 


-''^"\ 'some of thP w;-' -,, ,han , 
-•>-, -^../h a.« rnn ^-" ^^>-\\; Met- 

^ — "" ,, rates over 25 per cent »nM^ ^^ „ . ::i:^ -:,;;r^:: ^■->- " ^ 

Schedule !«-/•=";' ;f over the entire btate, an ^,^^ ^-r.iTtc-'- , ., ,„... «,.... 

' ^^-n^S^^;"^^ -"^^^SS'and Suburban -- rr^Jje^^^^-r^ ^S^ 
1 Wipes out the ip ' ^^ ^ Central « ^^_^,^ ^■'"„ uo flr.-=t w<.Jne«.a> i'^'-^ 

lncrea«.. "fXeitsa message. ^,,„ residence .e.ion.on-^.^ ^^„,.„. ,.. i,.; t^,^ 
'; changes from 5 to 6 cen ^^ two-party jub ^^^^ 

^"'^r.r^S a^?4 50 and g-SO * ^^-..^board, 


I ;,, rates effecting rvcry 

\ '"":rT c hone in Massachu 
>^'='' ""^ „„',„i rents per telcphon, 

1 "" -irawn, roappear in^tm ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ''^^ ,,„,t nlRM t'^'' '^V'c.o;,''^.;^;,^ tU. a,l- 

,r Boston W'**- "' ,,,,, i^Kislatlon 

„,,,«crllM.rS|V,.M.'.t,^.^^^ 1. may n. h 1_^^^.^^^^ 

-vrrs".- »,. .. - ^;S£ Sr^i;^H'=:^:; ; =lr.r,rsc-."»" • 

per day or ' .5 per cent ior ,^,1^^ ,„ «„b«utut«d m ,,,„„, 

tiro. State, more. ''«"'•' area, and' 1«<1 yesterday. ,_ / 

,he Boston "-t^^^'.^"; ,, ...tances Cuts Four-Party Serv.ce 

running np ^'' ^"^'^ '"!" " (,„. ,,v the - - -'-'^- 

„, 47 per cent, ate askert 

. t ■, lelepnonc i" • 

■'''"■ .raeiug 3 cents per telephone- 
setts, averaging j^_. ,^, ,„. 

P" ^.-■^. '".,,1 ' 1 an 25 per cent io 

^,.a,,„ branch ''f ' ' '' ...^..nt ly vv,..h 
- filed last -■^t"-'' ,,;'", e seh.dulr fil- 

::::"kr''wm^ add^^ incr, 
,'iva™ branch exchanB;««. 

' A ';:^ .onr-party unlnnitod 

^'"''"- iHoTi from Boi^'oii and oth-r 

-— • - •-:^' m:;;;^^i^rHr^-'ir;oV-^uo'"eie-^ 

.>ff„rt to have ev>.r> m „.,,«„.d. 

,„„r.nart" unlltiilted f;^!- „ „Hnalion *""7"'''"'UaPhinK in-' 

„, ..a Tele- d;;;;e-^rvie^;;en.raees .he j;-;-! C; nlh. ^ -^-l.u:'-: h^' -"^ > 
new .chedlde ^--r".:^'-^^^*;^^-'^- ^hnrf and -'^^i^^l^o?; J'^^^^^^^^ 


-xeept the cf-nlral 

""^"■•' — '"r.'wtn'n proper, and e:<- 

. cNohang'-s "1 '\" "., \Vo\,nrn and 

o* ,.,nds from '''^'"";|, ,„ ,..,ndolph an'. 

l'-'^"di"- "" '"•■,!' ,;,,,,, h. Th.' ne-.v n:i- 

' ' -irtenei 


I i-i> 



It 47 per cem. 

Hew F.nKUnd Telephot, 

graph ^•;-""f'''^;,';e''l)e;.artment 

filed with the btate 

, ,• TTtilities yesterday. 

Pubhc Utd.tie ^^^^^^ un-=,„„,t.d r v 

STihe new schecUiic -„ P'-mot. -- , 

C , 1:,^^. to become operative Jaf. ^ . ^,.^,1,, "n.. oun 

1, 1925, but piotest.-i , ^,u.,^ ^vhich ThlH neu- -'■■■^■"■" , ^ , u, 11. •■ 

,.;tv- of Boston, and otncrs ^M ' ,^ ,- |„,r m""^";^ i,.^. ,„kii>K 

' nected from varies source,, ,-,,, ,,,1 t-'VJ.'.^oiuan area, except, 

are expected "^" , ^ ^ ,,,5. „ t,,^ entire metropoll ai __^^^^^,„ 

^iU undoubtedly '>r";K ^^°" order '"n"'"" i'^"""' Tr He-v<-< ^1"'"' "'" 

i^--- ^•^c^n^^'^^"v:;iS^d :'Jr"^=>^^ra.r>or^ 

"'■ ,.,„.., .„;... :rr^^^;^£'- ,-■■::; "^-^" 

*"'■'; ,•„,',. nv,.^, >•"' ■" pohtBn area is rnore eo-f^^ ^ r^„re 

„ - '■ "f '^"''"r"' red Vlnsi"""^^- ^f „„ intensive ehara< *- ■ ,^^, „ 

,; entirely the me-vf-'^,,;,^,,, „..■;,,= .;,„,„. '•hv "-^^^^^'^J ,„ iner.a.e In 
service f"''.'^"'.'^''.,," urban four-pa.iyj ^„ oompany "P)'^>'^„„,„rc,l P-r^•i.- 

unlimited resin ■ , rviee In H'' I ^^,■.r, an "iKhl mm ^^, ,,,., 

"he basis of '"f'Xu ..cha,.Kes fronj - „,„ e.-.nts <" ^ ,'^„.'.,opn.-.t 

-:; -^r.^ea;^r;U rate..on^on,^a.. \ ^^^ rt-^^viS^^^^-^ ^ ^« ^ 


of tflephonn ' 

wholfl Bchen 

raped'in'the mannf! 

'fit^ewBn.^-<^'^'''^^'r-^r ^ 

'prnpb Comnnnv. 

•Phone Company's Position 

.11,.- f,i- a e<-n'^rnl m- 
,.S<.hednle. 0. .iri, < ^„,„,,,,„„> „„>,. 

orease In tl.« '"'■„,. h,,„p,tK r-xehanKes 
s, in all ^ "ssa nuHeua ^^^^^^^^ ^, 
^,erP tiled w.Mi th J^ ^^^^^^^^ ,„. 

pnbllo „tli;tlrs ;.t tlo ■ ,„ ^ehe.i- 

<"•>•■ '■"'";'■ •"%;,■« dav. bofore U. 
CJUI beeome offo tl%' . 1 " 
that Ih'-v wlM b" 
.lanuary 1^^'■ in 

produee an 

„ ,„ .ixpi'olea 

,„sponded beyond 

,. ,0 permit the do- 

- , ,,..,ur- th.- neeecaary In- 

partmi-nl to |'..M^ 

iv.-HtlRatlon ot '';;'"^^,,„„,ps that the 
.,Tbe Company ostlnia^__s_^ ^^ j^_ 

T,„w eehednU-B will 
^/i .-flvp.nue avo 

„„e, tho '""'■-P?; the rates ..n on^ ane 


, Tif^w pcne«niu-» w... i^' Rbo-ut three 

V-,",' j 




c. n t a 


V y v\ 

its revenues for tho State. Thin per- 
cetitaK*! lifinpf nn averaRB, it foUoiwa 
thai with- MOMi** subsf-ribf^rs find botiio 

ll^.-otUer cases iimre. tlnin tli)'^ flfiurf' 

The- rovciiuf Increase f..r th" nopln'.i 
Mf'froj,r.lil;in nrpii will Vir> soinrwbnt 

mu.;>i'<»f this \i?i!^m'*mmi^ m 'iif p^v'i^^wiii'mm, \m^ 

Ffsrvlcft Will ronttniie nx\ a ofi^-party *>r ' \^' 

t wo -part y basis. Tbose -whrvsf i-**fiUlro- 
in< III for li>ii^~h)iul miVjurlian ctills is 
fiiM-iiPinntil find infr*'<i'ii'Tit ^^'iIl chaiiK*^. 
il. iy r-xpcrW d, to thp fonr-party tin- 
lirntli^fi {■niitl^ious servlrf, nnd pay t(41 
'■h.'irp'^H for tlK- nrrnsional callH to 

i points onlsidf tfif' mnflpuniis *--xi-han«a 


It is ropr*'s.M(t--d Ib.n tliis ki-.'hI 
liMrlicTia'" iMrr.;t-'.- Im iMiuitatile in or- 
(b'T llia.t tliis p;iri ionlar aroa. wh'-v*', 
, by ri;):-;i.ii (.1" its iiirf-riwivf fharnctt-r, 
! tbf sorvii-o is jTiorf oMslly. and by r^a- 
I son of ii.s ">;tfnt irioni vabiablp. inay 
■ bear il.s pmij-T share of tho pf^neral 
I burden, whir)] 11 is tiow not doinR. 

Some of the Changes 

!n th*' Ontral Kx- 
iiiirtia u < X'-!iaTiKf't^. 
rndiuH thorpof, ia 
ba^tK of fiv.' cpnts y)er 
'■.^•itK VM" ni'^ssag^o (tn 


Tlio i)rln(!p:i1 cluuiK'"^ are 'n »'on- 
iiPctlon Willi pxrhangc sfrviro, Imt tiiorB 
rxre also ir'.rrfa hoh in many toil raten, i 
thp rates for mllpaKo, auxiliary s<>r- 
vicft and extension stntions, and In pftr- 1 
vice conin'^ction chnrKoM. Thp wch^d- | 
1 ulo of rnt<:^ fr.r privatn Ijrancli ex- i 
iChanffo Rwit*'lihoRi-fii. fll^d ln?>t April 
i and rcofntly witlidrawn i>y thp conr 
Ijpany, r*'a{»ii('ars in tin-so now RohoduieB, 
)■ with inorpHHfs for prlyato branch ox- 
JchanRp slallonK added. 
I "Til' \-aiious iniTeaj^Ps In !1ip siiu-d- 
jtaloH are not apportioned on a ftai or 
'pereenta.Ke basiK, 1-ut ^re npplied in 
aeeordance with flip relative \:\lue and 
extent of the dllTerent classes of ser- 
vice.. Ill the projiosed schedules some 
rates have ^een discontinued and- some 
new rlji^se.*^ of Hervlop inlroduceii as 
optional suliHtitutoH, 

. "The so-called fnll nic trop. ^Iiia:i noas- 
nrerl service (basis Kl messaKes per 
month for i'\M) is di.'contijnied. This 
particular service was used by coni- 
]iHr:ttively few subscribers, and is de- 
si'ribed as Ik'Iuk in effect a '<'omniut ed j 

a rea. 

"Measni'ed servi' e 
chanp^' a lul in si 
with an eii,'b1 -mile 
increased fioni 
inessape to :-i\ 
I fine-|iart>- lines ^— ™ V/ 

■ "I'lie tehplion'- --'MnpRnN explains 
I ihis increase b,\ tlie increased develon- 
nient :>nd \'aHle of the sei-vice. Within 
the ahove area, inclndinir Iloston and 
an eiKht-niiie radius. ih-'T" are nov\ 
.Itfi.i^W teleplKUies, all '■' them acce.«. 
slltie nnd'M- tile iM' asured service rates 
to I'lniial i:.\iiianRe subscribers nn'i 
Tiiosi nf tbem to auinirban measured 


or return on capita.! tnv»»?Si. B* a 
must he understood that In th«ory of 
tile law. F.t least, the old method of 
making the public pay, through rat«a. 
for the tiulkling up of its central" of- 
fice, equipment and extending itg IJnes 
wnd plant, Ims ion^ sinco been 

".■\denuate dividends on its stock, of 
conrs'-. MP' ;:<.■! ssar\ If new money for 
•■nlBrgement ..f its is to iie at- 
tra<ted. Ibil t-ipially important to In- 
\'.;.!i'rs and the puldic, who must even- 
lually pay, are the iliaracter of tha 
crunpany's assets, as they mainlaiti 
them, and th. prnd. nie of its manaee-^ 

merit , 

Maintaining Dividendt 

it of the New KnKla.nii 

Teiephocc ('(.inpany sH.y.i that It ina»t 

niu.intiiiii its ipresciit dlvldeods on atock 

per cent, if it Is to pxp«ct to 

.St investors by whom money will 

I. |. plione... witliin this elRht-nille radius jj^ contributed for cxtendiHK the com 

of Koston proper has Increatied by 342.- pany's plant. But 

,,«f eiyht 
'i'lie immh(>r of :]ptert 

[toll service.' ^^'llat is 
i reasonable nlternntive I 


I basis 

iiimici t,, : 
loll chart;. 
1 11 radii!.'.. 

■.b'd a:- a 


messag.s p.-r month, 

an elKht-niile rndius. 

000 ill IS years— nver 230 per cent. 

"Measured service .subscribers were 
.somewhat favored, as against tlat rate 
subscribers, wdien the hist increase In 
exchange service was made, in 19l!i. by 
order of the postmaster-geneml. .\x 
that time all business toUpliones were 
Increased 50 cents a month and all rtsl- 
dence telephones 25 cents a month. A^ 
an offset to the Increase on measured 
service telephones, however, ther.- was 
a grant of 10 additional calls busi- 
ness service and five addHi..n.ii call.^ 
for residence service. 

' It is expected that measured aer- 
^'ico resldenca subscribers, seeking a 
J ower-c tist serNice. will ;i\ail theni- f*;' 
selves o'r the tinl(!inlfeTI~c'<tift-f(tuous ser- 
vice, and py the five cents toll on sui'n 
calls as tUey m.i,\ make in Central Ex- 

One ■wa^■ avi 

.liable to 

f.T . M'linn^cH b. 


is raore than 
New Kngland 

ifonipanv for maintaining its present 
'.feijiht cent dividends. Increasing 
Its rales I.) th,4 public, very naturaMy 
flcuggests ilsidf to the company. Th« 
nther way is to effect economiea and 
avoid many unnecessary expenditures. 
■The American Teleph'.ne &•. Tele- 
graph Company owns oS per cent of the 
stock of the New Kngland Telephone 
K'cmpany and It is to be exp-.'cted that 
|lf the New K;ngland Company shall 
lofter any additional issue .■? Its sto<-k 
to tlie public, the .«.meri.:,in Telephone 
Company will be prompt to lake its al- 
lotment "of it In nratar that the -Vmerl- 
'.•an Company may maintain its present 
controiaiiK interest m the -New Kngland 
Compan.v f ^ 

How Stock Control Works 

I'oiir-Partv Subiirbaii 

"Th.. fiill .--ilbin-i .a T, 
jiiniiteil residenci' rat,- 

from th... jiew schedul 
lull suburban area em 
Metrola.litan a res , , x 
(.xcharit;. ;. in Ui.ston 
tends l..\inr.'.. 
Headin^r ..n th.. ii.irMi 
Cohasset on til.' sonlli 

"Tl... p. .ill! nia.l.. \'\ 111. 
wllluir 1 n'inr; fht.^ rat.' Is 
area t>f over .it»t s.iuare 
part\' full suburban lines 
to Kood ser\'!ce becan*... 
iianls. til. \arii.n-- ^■^^■i'. 
re.iUil..!. Ill' cilM'-'-'ioil . 

..■.nd lb.. hb:li. 1 len-entane 
reports I 111 I II ri. inevitahl 

iir-part\-, iin- 
al.'.i. dropped 
Th,. so-called 
■..|- Ilie enlil-e 

Co 11 Box Service h~' 

111 111. 








.f 1 

of iine 
e under 

lip. II. 

I, in 

a'S. four- 
the loUE 



piirt.v fi 
are v.tii 

, \nh 
IS 'ill.- one-parly ami two 
lil sill. iirb. Ill .lasses (»f s-ervl.-.^ 
Iiie.l in tb.. schedule as leiiit,- 
\i-:^. ...l.j.i-l ionabi/. froni a servi.e stiiml- 
j.(.iiil, I. Hi ncrause of the ratiRe and 
vatu.. of ill'. ser\ice tlie.s.. particular 
rates an. siibi.-.'i..(l !.. .^iibsianl iai 
creases~-t 111' niie-par(>' ral.' t 
$."i M p'-r iii.Hitb and th 



%?..r.: to si.Mi p. 

new n,oIimll.M 
i-\,r-' ser\ i.... plan 
he small lli.'tl 
xc!iaiit,'e and adla 
liaiDtes appears 

from $1 to I 
jviil>- ral.. I'.'." 

I f 



lr-parl\ i.-.m- 
.d especlallv for 
in -ludes one's own 
■ ■nt suburban ex- 
the new schedule. 

and is Indicated as an alternative from 
four-party fnll snbiirlan subscribers j h 
who do not elect to take the one-part>- . c. 
or two-pHrt> full suburban servii-e. Th- 
rate for this new foni-na r ty si.r\-i.-' 
ranges from $!' ii;", tc ?l',7r> per month 
This inf.' is no niore. and, m soin 
proups. is 2,'» or r,o cents less per monf 
than the jire.-ient «'J T;t monthly- rote foi 
fonr-pnrty full snburbna s..r\ice. 

Meanured Service Higher 

".\ llalisl. !■ .! iil.ia\ measured S'.!- 

vice, nni\ pay the ve C'-nis loll on siub 
unlimitcil contiguous service is also e\- 
pected. and for anoth.jr reasun. In the 
old schedule, a two-party, measured 
servh'e was the lowest .. vallable, 4..\- 
cept a coin bi.\. rate. In the new 
scbe'luie. the new four-part.v i.'sldence 
rat" for unlimited contiguous service is 
the Ii.west rnte. and probably will iiie-'^i 
the 1 .'Ulllrements of the largest singi,. 
Kronji of subs.-ribers. 

"The reason j.fiven for tli.^>n- 
tinuance of 4-party coin b.'X business 
ser\'ic.> is that it Is almost imposRlbl'' 
to gi\'e a satisfactory business service 
on t-part.\- lines. The <i!fflculths com- 
plained of are experlf.pced not iii.-r- l.\ 
b;,' the .ioiiit users of 4-party lines vv hen 
attempting to make outward calls, i^ut 
also b\ all other tpl"plume users d.-- 
slrliig c.. mil .lions with t-party lines. 
Th*.'.ciion does not ha\e the same 
for...- with r. siuct to 4-pHrty'* 
coin box service, and this service is re- 
tained In tie- Central htxchange and m 
all suburban exchanges within an s- 

ile radius thereof." 

" rile telephon*. conipan.N s attorney' 

IS rep'.iledly withheld essential data 
from the .'orriorati'm counsel, who IS 
.■..ndU'iiiiK ill.' iieople'K cmif, and the 
parent and controlling coinpany. namely 
the Teiepbofie ,t Te.egraph 
Company, has dared even f.i deny to 
the I'ubli,- Itillties (^onlmissl.ui of Mas- 
sachusetts certain information which It 
inest"'! of thai company. This 
companv. Ilk., lis subsidiary, tic New 
Piiifiiand i-ompany. is en.ioying .a. fi-nn- 
.lilsp from the .-JtHte of Massachusetts 

"Piy n,,..lor!ty stock .-ontrol the .\merl- 
V-in Company' Is able f. elect the ofH- 
cers of the New Kngland Company and 
to dictate the policies of this company. 
It is by reason of Us m;i,iority control 
that the American c<*mpany has made 
a .'..ntrii.t for itself with the New Kng- 
l.ind t'viinpfiny, b>- which contract the 
New F^igl.and t'ompany is required to 
pay o\er to the American Company 
four and one-haif per cent (>f all rev- 
. :. 1. s the New Kngland t'lnnpany re- 
civ, r 

".-^iioiiid the New V:npland company 
by any chance receive any further in- 
creases in Its telephime rates, fcur and 
t ne-half per cent of such increased 

revenue received b,\ 
.■■ally be paid t.ver 
. iir.ipan>'. Yet the 
from the American 

must automati- 
o the ..\merican 
service received 

'nipany by the 

.Nev. Kngland company will not In any 

wise be Increased 
jiany will giv 

'inn for this 
it will r, .-eive 
coTnpan> . 

" i'hns an\- 
rates .allowed 
paiiy means i 
Increase In th* 
.a'. compHii> 
. eive from the 

Iiicr» a.sed 
from the 

•Vnierican com- 
further In re- 
payment that 
New Kngland 

in.-reases In telephone 
the New Kngland coni- 
needless and unearned 
amount that the Ameri- 
'vill autoivatlcally re- 
.\e\v Kngland company. 

al ill erfc'l glees It a profitable 

onop'.ly nf ih.^ field in whli-li It oper- 

IS I'lier.' is little assurance in this 

a 'd.sire to deal frankly with those 

■' interested.' 

What Is Fair Income? 


••'The P'''''"*''Ji«'";'' «2it ^l''^i2!LJ!f j "When honently ««,« prud«ntly m«n- 

Like (lift to I'arent Company 

; 'Compensation on a sliding scale for 

service received may eften be Just and 
1 wis. . But the wisdom of adopting this 
' mMho..i of compensation should depend 
, upon an a..'uratp knowledge of the 
' cost of the service to the one giving 
1 It. The .New Kngland ''onipany hats 
I been as'Ked lo give an accurate egti- 

mat© of the cost to the Am.'rican com- 
j pany of the so-called service that It 
I says It Is receivlnK from (he parent 

company under Its four and one-half 

per cent contract. 
"The only estimate fflven by the^^i^i 

Knsland company includes 

*'3 >/<^v-. vo - 'i^'-f H{\ v. 2.0. / 5 2 4- 

U'' fSairo-calleil engineering, flnanclnir.Knei 
Ipurohaslng service which thn compaJiy 
«fty» It is entitled to and Is rcoel|i-iiiK 
under this four and onii-hnlf por oi'nt 

"The prpflse amount and charaoter 
of these servlops In yt unde'ermlnpii 
by the petitioner and only vatfueiy flVptl 
by the terms rf the four and i>ne-lialf 
per rent L-ontrat^t. 

What Michigan Estimates 

"The Public ftllitles Comnilsslon of 
til'- Stale of MichlKiin h:(s estiniat.d 
thfti a fair annual fharse for the use 
of thi- unpatented telephone apparatus*, 
whlrh Ih leanei-l to (lie INow F.nKlan:! 
"ompany by the American I'onnmny. 
-Aould be approximately Wi oentK per 
telephone set and that a fair annual 
charg(' for aT. other servlees rendered 
the subsidiary etuupanies by the Anierl- 
ean Company would l>e approximately 
40 cents per telephone .set. 

"The 4 1-3 per cent of all revenues 
leceived by the New Kngland Company 
^«gid,bjr ItiJjte jaMtlWiMlWl'* wajMK-Ja the 
American Company represents an an- ' 
nual charpo of approximately Jli per I 
telephone set, or $1.10 more per tele- | 
pbrme set each year above the amount I 
eutlmated as beine fair and reason- I 
able by the Tubllc rtilltlps ''o)nnil."!- I 
sion of tlie State of MichlcaTi. ThH ' 
rrr.nelusion of the Michigan (•ommis.*'inn 
varies little In this respect from the | 
conclusions of the telephone expert em- i 
ployed in the pending by the t'ily I 
of Boston. / I "y i 

Could Void Contract ' i 

o unit of plant equipment representlnir 
capital Invested la wo.-n out there l.>i 
money available to replace it. ' But since 
the practice has been efltabli.shed tft 
putting such a reserve in the addItU>nal 
plant, there la ever present the tempta- 

"These Indicated economlfeii are n6t 

only feasible, but justice to the public, 

demands them. These can be put Into 

operation without reduction either -In'es or present dividends on tn« 

piani, uieie lo e>fi i;,un,-,,t L..I .,:,.. t,^.. , company's stock. It Is needless, a 

tion of cxageoratlng the amount of re- ; this time, to discuss the rcfative a. 

serve, nnd thus reviving the viclo\i3 1 riect of this company'3 salary list, i 

„_^ ....i „r -. ., _ ^_ , «!».>.„ 1<i11 been lU'' 

"Unascertained costs of undeterniin- ' 
able and loosely dollned services of the ' 
character mentioned In the 4 1-3 per i 
i cent contract which tho American fnm, 
rr.ny has forced upon Its sub.sldiary, ; 
^he^' ew England Telephone Compan>, : 
kre not calculated to satisfy the Intel-: 
flcl-nt Inquiries of telephone users, who 

fa- weU regard these so-called ser- , 
vce« as =^ colorable pretext by whicb ^ 
ThrmaJorl.y B.ocKholder In th.. New j 
England Company namely tlu, A.-^^^^ , 
,i<in Company, has mane ». ^ , 

contract for Itself. »"'■'.' ^ ^^, ,„ , 

Ennland Company '':^«J^^ .Virlence 

honest. *—■ ' ' 

Says Trustee Rights Involved 

.•Th.. American Companv. by its ma- 
j.Hty "tocK t V ^^ .^^ g ^^^^ 

public ^'' f"-^" •':':, ,,^,„,.. entrusted lo 
•""""".l .tirden is heavy upon blm to 
him, \'"' ''";'';■' „„pby nniUBtly enrich-! 
:''°\tmself The trustees should 1^, 
'Zbr:" tot. right, a,-^ 


...nv to open H« l.ooUs to the Publ..' 
? tuTtles C.ommlsslon of this Slate ami 
^'ther Stales dually concerned n, tins 
aUer With Masse.chusetts, and the 
^noran.-^ of Us subsidiary con.pany, 
Ihe New England Teie.ohono Company, 
.« tothe essenllal costs of the services 
tt h'^ a right to receive from the Amer^ 
lean Company, and the. New Kngland 
rompanVs refusal to furnish lo lh.i 
roVr.s-n<»"-.B of Ihe m.blic ceria la 
data reasonably asked for are a.-iogam 
„,.„lfestnllo,.s of for .he pub- 
lic they both are expected to serve. 

..,t is eftrter to B*k for rate Increases 
than to lusttfy them. 

practise of building plant, not out of 
capital sulificribed or borrowed, but out 
of excessive rates paid by and secur-ed 
from the public. 

"An excess in the annual contribu- 
tion to depreclatioir reserve which, of 
course. Is T>ayable otrt of rates charged 
to the public, is often lo be determined 
only attoi h lapse of many years. No 
calculation .>t this annuHl charge can 
ever be aci"iralely made. But wllether 

! It is excessive or insuff ii-ient. time 

I aloire will tell. 

! Fair Deprcc'ation Reserves 

"l'.'.:il)er-leiice m sucn nialters has 
shown thill di'pn-ciation reserves need 
to be adjusted perliKllcaliy. The New 
I5nglnnd Company has en.loyed nearly 
two full cycles of the composite llf 
of its plant. A cycle In thi 
a telephone company is considered lo 
lie ap\>roxlraately a period of I!.", years. 
.Many units of tele)ihone plant have 
been retlr-ed from ser vice not because 
they were outworn, but because of In-' 
. adcfiuacy or idisoleacence resulting 
from new inventions or public retiulre- 
ments and changes. 

"If ".'i years be the composite life ot 
the New I'lngland (■ompany's plant H 
ought anually to put Int.. its reserve 
fund a sum ctiuiil approximately to 
toirr per cent of the plant Investment. 
The present annual i:i» \'.: in excess 
of fiv.' i> r c.-nt on $l,in,i«i<i.iiOO ot plant. 

Reserve Now $40,000,000 

• "Uist ^<Mr Ihe New ICngland Tele- 
phone I 'oinpany put into this reserve 
fund aoirroxlmately, $i5,S00.Oi-iO, It took 
out of It for plant retired from service 
I only $3,030,000. The present accumu- 
l-ited reserve of the company Is over 
$40,0110,000. This is Miual to L7 per cent 
of lis pbrnt value. 

"This sum Is needlessly hlf;h. i' re- 
.present.s a vicious pryamid of charges 
'that are a bur-den on the rate paying 
,„,bli' It should be reduied. Now if 
the time for a read.luslmerrl, and tire 
WRV to do it is not by increasing leln- 
pbone r-ates. Viut rather by reducing 

"Since this $4ft,0(lO.IK)0 of reserve is not 
held bv the company irr a bank, but la 
invested by It In additional telephone 
plan' It Is clear that the stockholders 
of the New Kngland Company own a 
telephone system wUlcli is measurably 

dividends have since 1911 been m 
creased from six per cent to seven per 
cent in IDM, and to eight per cent In 

"These Increases In dividend. It was 
claimed, were needed to attract addi- 
tional capital. The uniform c.mlribu- 
tion made bv the subs!dlar% conrpaliies 
of the H. 11 System lo the Amerlrau 
Teli-pb'ine ,<• Telegrnph Conrparry uir- 
der the four and one-half per I'cnt con- 
; tract, find iiv Hi,, •inosi favored cus-- 
i tomer' suppl..- mnlract with the West- 
I ern Klectric Company, also owried oy 
1 the American Telephone & Telegraph 
I t.-ompany, and by the division of 
'toll service rates between the ^ 
; American Telephone & Telegraph f oni- 
' pany and Its subsidiary telephone corn- 
sue roe panies indicate clearly why the Amer- 
cHse of -.(can Companv can pay a dividend on. 
■-"■' '" Its own stock of 10 per cent and ac- ' 
cumulate a reserve ot $100,000,000 as 
against a capital Investment of KW- ^ 
000,000. : i 

more valuable, made so hy ^^P""' 
neither contributed by the stockholders 

Parent Company Real Opponent j j 

"These facts and conclusions are 1. 
showrr bv the record of the present I 
hearlnss before Ihe Public TTiilitiea 
Commission of this State. an(| the New 
England Telephone * Telegraph Com- 
pany has not successfully refuted them. I 
Our real opponent is the American | 
Telephone & Telegraph i.'ompany, 
which we .'anrrot reach Ibiough the 
Public Utilities Commission of this 

"It has the telephone users of Amer- 
ica In its grasp. That grasp It means 
to tighten and to nrake doubly sure It 
it can. There is rrolhlng essentiaUy new 
m the machine switching telephone ap- j 
paratua it Is now Installing. It is old 
in telepbony. I 

•It Is, however, a very pnietieal de- i 
vice for ridding Itself and Its subsidiary 
companies of thousands of telephone I 
operators and their labi'i" iiiiioiis, arrd, ! 
by patented Improvemenis uporr this i 
'■ old mechanism held by ii. or- by the; 
Western Klectric Company, a renewed , 
effoi^ is being made to monopolize Ihe 
telephonic bu.dness of the country and 
to give colorable excuse for additlorral 
corrtr-acts for supplies furnished by 11 j 
through the Westerrr Klectric Companj j 
to subsidiary and associate i-ompaniea | 

"The Airrericarr company knows it 
camrot Justify the 4 1-2 per cent con- 
tract. The Atrrerlcan company ajipr. 

neither contributed by the '^'"'''^''"'"'r'" ,.,a„.s that an .-ffort Is soon to be made 
nor borrowed but hy Inf™''-''*''' '^•^^'"' ,,, restrict and restrain ,it through the 

frderal government.' 


paid by the telephone usr:rs 

Burden Comes on Public 

I "It Is apparent from such Irgirr-es and. 
1 practices ot the New Kt.gland icu^-. 
phono Company as h*ve t-"';'' "''';; "rt^;„ 
during Ihr. hearings en "i" P?,'"*'," 
petitions for rale increases be o.e the 
Prrbllc Utilities Commission "« "^.^ 
State that no phrnslbv ",""" , „ ,nc ' 
lost by It to label as """■ '^^ i"^,^, 
charges that logically 'v"'l ":,',, 
sh ntbl be borne by capital, or In su<h 
cases by Ihe depredation y- •-,„„_ 
"In this way the plant "^ "■,,";; 
pany Is kept uP. """■■■'■^l »"'\^"^' Z 
The charges, therefore, '«>' ""J" '" 
public and tend uur.e.-essarl y to m 
ere, se or mainlnlr. high telephone rales. 
By Ibis same device ^^^- /-'"';\f1^: 
o/her charge upon '■"'■'■'■"'! Is r'.eml 
e.icvpes It.H )ust burden, »"'''^ '';',,,, 
,^A to nvramid, while In other Ir.starrc . 
plan is'extended wl.luv.rt ''"V J-'r/™, 
Itrthutlon from capital subscribed " 
I Yrorrowed. L." I ' 


Mayor Curley .sent tire following tel- 
egram yesterday to Dr. fjeorgi 

. > 

( Harding at Marion, Cihio: j - . 

j ".-V sweet, kindly and noble woman 
has pHNseil to her reward, Florence 

1 KUng Kardltrg. No ii.rson cx' rled a 
liner or belter Influence upon the IKc 
of the City of Washington, both oHl- 
clal uird unolllclal. arrd always for the 
best. Her private cliarllbs were beau- 
tiful In i-har.nler and ever and always 
Ibr. servl. e of a gracious and unselfish 
wonran. T'rere was never (rrr appeal In 
behalf of a worthy or deserving cause 
plaied at Mrs. Harding's door that 

. Mrs. H 
proved unavailing. 

proved unavailing. T sincerely tiipurn , 
her death, and iiray you will accepL an 
assurance of both triy sympathvjjfi^^ 



tBvAHSCKipt,i9u trkvelek mov.zi,i9Z1- 


Mayor Curley Writes Him of More Favor- 
able Conditions for Hotel Project 



Mayor Curloy today wrnto a lotlt-r 1o R. 
il. StiUlir. prtwid'tit of the HoIoIh Stalior, 
Inc., urging? him to go ahead wltli the ron- 
stitiotlon of thi! pni)io«fd I'.oHtoji Statlcr 
hotel on tho old I^rovidctu'o Haih'oad .Sta- 
llion site and pninliii-r out that IniildinB con- 
-dUlona in HoBton now aro movo fjtvorahle 
tlian thoy were a fc 
lettfr says: 

"I hftvp oonterrod wltli the spcrftary of i 
the Knildlnp Trades Kmployers' AfiKoelatlori 
and have h'-eri informed hy him that there 
liaa heefi a reduction of approximately ^y 
per cent in tho rost of materials that vould 
be required In the eoiistrucllnn of the Stat- 
ler Hotel at Boston. <j%« f\fir 

"I do not believe there iWLnyrifospe.'t 
of a rednetion in labor eoslH hut, on the 
otlier hand, there is an abundanee of lioth 
skilled and unskilled labor In the market 
at i>resent which would insure suiTiciorit 
i Mien to carry throuifh to completion th-; 
I great project wliicii you had in mind soni" 
'time ago for the city of IIo.ston; namely, 
a Statlnr Hotel. rrovlded you could 'Fee 
your way clear, in view of tho reduction 
of the cost of builtilnK materials, to com- 
mence work at an early date upon the 
Slatler Hotel In fioston, it would do much 
•0 relieve tlf unemployment .>ilfuation wliic;i 
l8 somewhat acute at present and, in addl 
tlon. add an institution to Hoston whi.'a 
Is Kreatly needed; nainely. n Statler llot.d. 
' "I tru-st vou will find it possible to look 

James A. Sweeney Made Head j 
of Weights and INIeasurcs ! 

.Tames A. Sweeney, for 21 years con- 
nected with tho department of sealer of 
I weights and measures at Boston City 
Hall, WTIB appointed head of that de- 
partment today by Mayor James 
Curley to S'ucceed the lato Chnrles K. 
Woolley. His salary -will bo ?3000 a 

Sealer Sweeney received the higheHt 
'mark in a recent civil service exani- 
'Inatlon held fol- the position. He h: the 
senior meml)er of the offier- and at vari- 
ous times haa acted In tlio capacity of 

Ho is past erand knisht of the St. 
James council, Iv. of C and was a 
nieiriber of the ^dd common cotmcil iti 
ISiiD-ll'OO. For the past four years If 
has been legislative counsel for the ; 
Sealers' Association. In I'Jl'^ and IIUS 
he represented the city at tho national 
ronferenco of sealer.s of weights and 
nieasurr.'s at AVashitigtC'n. 

lie lives with his family at 146 T'op- 
I;;r street, Rosllndau. 

Ti^Ari^cHiP"^ \\oi:.m'i 


witli favor upon this invitation to recon- j-j^^ gj Them, Acting as County Com- 
^der^your project." missioners, Will Inspect Chailes Street 

Jail and Deer Island 

Though Mayor ' rtirtf^ Mtlsta ito ot- 
nOVio 192, '^t""'* t^*" meeting, on the ground that il 
M)s illepal, five of the city councillors. 
actiii-r a-^ rounfy cmim'ssioners. \ otcd to 
inspect the Deer Island of i 'orrec- 
11. m next Tiicsibo. and the Charles Street 
Jail, the foUowine Tuesday. The mayor's 
. iitcntion vius III; t six nn niber.s \\>Te- 
nccessarv f-r a .|u rr.:r.. 

In a statement issued by the councillors, 
they said that the law imposes on them 
us county commissioners, the obligation of 
vlHltlnR these Inst tutiims twice a VeTr, 
whereas throujch iftnorance of the law in- 
spections have lieen tnade for years by a 
taiidlnp: committee of the r-uncil. The 
Council appears to be ready to investigate 
the charges at Deer Island. 



CARDS ,■• , ■ 


Mayor Curley prides lilmsclf on fhe .'act 
that he had his wlta »bout him a short 
time afio wlien an exprcHsmnn .'ippeared at 
his fiffice wUii a packaifc nd sought to col- 
lect .$.'!!. He refustd to receive it and the 
expressman took it away. Tho other day 
tho enmpany nollficd tilm that the package 
would be l)ut up at auction together with 
other imclimed nuiterial, and, if the mayor 
«i,..'Hd 1.1 .securv it, the charse would bo 
$!14. I'pioi :lie mayor's request tho package 
was aealn taken to his ofTIco. ni<l It con- 
tain a bomb? tho mayor asked himself, .^r 
was It but n Innocent Joke. The mayor ad- 
mltlfd that he could think of nobody in 
Xnshiia, N. II., "ho would «'lsh to hartn 
hhn or to take so mucli mon.y from him 

The tcmplalion wn."? strong to pay over 
tho money and take a /rtance. The mayor 
toyed with the b.ix and llmilly got a look 
at the Interior. The expre.ssman offered no 
remonstrance. BehfiM ! the box contained 
ft number of packages of pledge cards 
which tho ma.vor's campaign offh'o liad sent 
to frle,nda In the recent con'est for govcr- 
^ni'tr. How they camo to be flsftemiiie<l In 
that city the mayor could not Imagine. 
Thn -vor-Ht of U vi;ts the.v had not been used 

T^ift expre.i(sm«La look tlie package awny 
l«i(; 'Ua not co'.lccii. the ctiango. 

f05T hOVZ;.l9Z4 


Elected President of B. C. 


the freshman 

held an" 

James M. I'urlev. Jr.. 

Testerday nfteriioon 
!lass ef Boston College 
,f cla'^s . nicrr.s. 

'ijrl'-> , ^^ as .-Iiiisen t'r--si 
iilent Wfls 

.r,n of .Mayor I' 

1,1,1 The olTlce of vice-iir, 

by .lohn ("lane:. M -i. linll.ihue 
pr ,.Ti tl-.e potiiion "t secretar.v. 
•I'.iier.ihip went t.i Tiuiotb.v J. C|<i- 
nfu. Chiirl. s CI. Do. .toy. hist year's 
r»plain of Hosl.ifr '"ollege High track 
ti«»ni. was elected a repi-Mpn'^"''' '" 
tbo aihlotlo tuaoclatloii- J0' , 




Finds Deer Island Deputy 
Illegally Removed ^ 

Judge Cros&j Declareriaw on 
Veterans Not 01)ser)(eil 

City's Argument of Error 
in Appointment Fails 

Jiuling iliat James II. McDaSe had 
been removed Illopaliy from hlB post as 
tieptity master of Deer Island. .Judge 
Crosby of .'Supreme Court yesterday ro- 
insi.iled hlni in thnt jHisllion. The flnd- 
InB stated that Mcliade was entitled to 
a hearint; under tho Veterans' Act and 
that he had been removad Illegally wlth- 
.lUt il heitrlns". 

Reln.statement followed - petition 
brouEht by McDade .in the Supreme 
Court agralnst Institutions Commlssipner 
David .1. .Tohnsoii to compel reinstate- 

"I find that the petlti'iner is a veteran 
within the meaning of the ceneral laws, 
ch.xpter .11. ."-^.-otion 26," said Judge 
Crosby In ills tindlitS. "I rule that he 
could not lawfully be removed from his 
iKjsltion of employment at the Hotise of 
i.'orrection at [>eer Island without com- 
plhutco with the provisions of General 
Laws. i:'hnpter "1, Section 26: that he 
was In fact so removed, tvlthout written 
.notice or hearing as provided for In 
I Kootion ~G. 

1 "It follows that his removal wa* un- 
\ lawful. A writ of mandamuB la to Issus 
! lis iiri\.vcd for." 

I The findlnK hy Judpo Cro.shy wts slml- 
1 lar to the claim by lOllas Field for Mo- 
1 Dade. 

I It was urfted oy Asat Corporation 
I Counsel l,\oiis for tho city that Mc- 
jliade'.s appointment va^. unlawful be- 
cause he accepted it fi in tho commltl- 
' sloner Instead of from -.he maeter, at 
'the l.i.w re.iuires, and that the veterans' 
I act ;lbl pot apply, as the House Of Cor- 
I r'ctinn is a city and lU't a county tnstl- 
I tut ion. ■ ' 



Owners of Property 
Represented at Hearing 

Plan Affects Parcels Between 
Province Bldg and Bromfield St 

Tlin (,'ui|pv .irtminlftiatloii Is HllII in- 

tPl-O-St'^'l In 'l.-.lHlliliP tlH'-k tlU- l.llillliMH 

liiip of "SVashinelon st, li.>t\vi>f!ii il>'' 
Province UulUUnK and llri'iiin.l.l s;, 
Tho S*!'*-''it ("ornniff**!!*!! hflil a lu'^rint; 
I'U Ihi- matter yi'Stcrd.v- , at wtriii 
K. A. M<?I„'HH?llliii. rMprfSoliliiip tli.- 
I'aniilo Morrison Inirnsts. unM Wnii.-r 
Hartstone, appiNirlns tor HaleTU-.^Uy 
brolh.'rH owners of llif- plot at Broni- 
n. Id und Washinglon sin, took opiioi*- 
Ui(T viPWa of ttio proposal. _. 

Mr McTjaUK'liliii assorted hiH olioii. ., Ktlpulat.' liiat a new hvilldnr-; 
must l,r er.-t.-d tber. by April. IH-i.. Mr 
llartstoni! said tb.- intcrf'StH ..r bis 
cliint^ wonbl bo b\irt by cxprntion ot 
. the pronose.l cut of fVj feet. Then- v,;as , 
1 ,, ive-fi.ot setbaok in thl^ seet on prior ' 

o erection of tbe Vrovlneo JinUdin*-', _ . 
I The (lid Kontli MeetlnRhouse iru.s.e. ,, I 
i,l»eH.,.«l to have Mdewalk ,l;^;-'';"« ' jj!;, 
1 Hlrnrmri' iireaderl w^i'-r l.t"^ .-b in-li .s 
Uteeiile The eommissH,,, will render it-! 
decision later resard-.r,, the cut m-.v 



Mivor Cnrlev yesterday to be ^.^^perln- ' 
lendeiit of the new miini''iii"i Albany-st 
' KarJg ', Ko'ith Knd,at JJ.lWsalary Joseph 
r.eover was provlsionallv appointed o I 
tills post I'V the -Mayor several niontlis I 
aio. but t'ouKhliii got a higher mark' 

a tee 
in th 




Art ami piMiJev.iio ,. i . o.-.mI 
over the Kanenll Il.ill r.-sl.irialon .. ^ 
as it nvolve, the uhlenlnK of sidewalks 
f nine 'e/.t to i" feel, lo pl-oteel iip- 

MMKhls for the support of the Klas.s and 
„«,. eai.!.pv that is to skirl the slrue- 
i.i're Tli.^ '"ily Street f •onini isslon must 
deride and mtiy deeii'e in art's fayor. 

T» Idle V.'orks Commissioner KourUe 
„nd Seeretarv H. F. Stebblns for the 
T"am Owner's A:,soelatlon, bolli prae- 

ti ■ everyda> imn, protested apainit 
• I he proposted sidewalk widening saylnr; 

ihe streets from tin- add wot, nl 
Ithrre feet would be luken already a,, 
I f r 1.IO uatf'W for the Bi-eat.lirte of ve- 

h 'uVa- frame that now How- 

Vhr uf'h the market ^eetloti 
i rr'm .»;■ Ferguson, of wbleh Halpn > 

rran, Is a member, made the restora o,, 

pln.s nne eltv e.meial etmiplnlne,, thai 

Ibe whole trouble lay in "the sele.-iom 
I of a Vtlb'iidM eathertral arehltect to de- 

1 "'^' " ;r"V„^::n.'";or the nrehiteetunil 
Arm insisted Ibe .■olnmi.s .should be 

' eree erl on I hi- widened sidewalk. In roll- 

Iformttv «iih the model .,,f a t.eorRlaa 

i; "...,.■, rn!e-s the nee. eutb Ihie Is '" 
!"b shVd .-1 one.. IVUeU^. mKy l.aeU into 

Vb. ..prlKbts and brluK the wbolo ex- 
1 pensive maniues toppllns down. 


Councilmen, in Capacity as 
Commissioners, Vote 
m^^\jior Probe - 



Five city councUnien, meeting fori 
I the fir,Ht time that can be recalled 
as county commis.sioners, voted ye«- 
1 terday afternoon to inspect the 
J Deer island house of correction next 
Tuesday and tlie Charles street jail 
the following Tuesday. Mayor Cur- 
ley, who refused to attend the ses- 
sion, declared that it was illegal, as. 
the presence of six members -was 
necessary for a quorum. 

The action of the five councilmen, 
Ilealey, Lane, Walsh, Purcell and Gil- 
body, was the result of chargea of mal- 
admlnl.strallon at the island by San- j 
ford Bates, state oomml.ssloner of cor- j 
rectlon, followed by Mayor Curlcy'a 
UsmLssal of Deputy Master McDado to , 
remedy the sltuatlan. 1 


There wa,s a conciliatory note tn the 
talk of the councilmen, however. In- 
dicating that they were not proceedlns 
with the (nspeotlon with a view to «11«- 
creditlnK anyone. ; 

The group of five Issued a Bt'ate.ment 
to the effect that the law requires two 
InBpectlons a year of the Jail and house 
I of correction by the Suffolk coiuity 
I coiTimbssloners, whereas throuffV lifno- 
ranoc of the *xaot law Inspections have 
been made for ;,cars by a standing 
committee of the city council. To live 
up to the law, therefore, the council- 
men, ad commlKslonerH, will make the 
Deer Island trip Again ncrt week, al- 
though they ]u8t made It last week. 

The commissioners explained that a 
legal obligation Is Imposed upon them 
to make such Inspections and that re- 
sponsibility for ei'ch Inspentloiis "may 
not be evaded by them If the full mem- 
bership of the county commission are 
not present at the preliminary hear- 

Councilman Moriarty'a absence was 
ax-counted for by his atlendaJice at the 
A. V. of I., convention In Texas. Coun- 
climan Watson previously explained 
tha.l he could not attend. Counellnien 
Ttrlckley and Donoghuc, who were In 
the mayor's office early hi the after- 
noon, i/ald then that they hatl not yet 
decided whether to be present, but they. 
did nut appear In the council chambur. 



NEW Bi»^-roRj,$j?,poq,<j«^W?jSE 

on the ii-SsiWahrc' ot' Mayol- ^"riey, 
based on ii report from the Building Trades 
Kmployers' As.saeialion. that there Is a re- ; 
duetloii approximately oC ten per cent in i 
■uii'iinK mi'torla's Iv .M -later <■ I i -^Katoj 
seek bids on the architects' drawings for a , 
liotel ill the rark .sQuarc section. Ten days I 
ago the mayor wrote Mr. .Statler n an 
a'dilion I effort to have him re.'on Mr iis 
building i,lans. The reply ♦"'I"'" t"'^''>;,„ ,'^ 
the Hotel I'eunsylvania, New York city, in 
whieh Mr. Statior .says: 

"We are just as anxious to proceed 
wllh this tmderlaking as you arc to have 
us, but the facts are. as originally stated 
' bv us when wo temporarily abandoned this 
I w«Tk, n.'imely. that until there Li a cona.d- 
erable reduction in building and equip- 
ment co.sts, or unless we could sell our 
product at a higher price, there Is no i 
.■I,;, nee for us to make a prolU out of the 

"Hince then the hotel men of Boston com- 
plain of the Increased competition from 
clubs and the Chamber of Commerce In 
your city, all of which is not encouraging 
to one conlemplatlng the Investing of ten 
to 'welvc millions of dollars hi an Industry 
ill your community. 
I "Your letter states thai the secretary or 
I the Building Trades Employers' Assocla- 
i tlon claims there is a reduction of approxl- 
j mately ten per cent In building material 

In your city. 
' "I slial! at once ask our architects to get 
' new bi<ls on our Boston house ; these will, 
I when received, prove w.iether there has 
' .cell snfTie'ent reduction In costs to justify 
I 1.1 in glvinc: conslde-ation to going ahead 
\ with this project, or no t." 


Roslindale Man Named to 
Succeed Woolley 

Mayor . urley yesterday moni.llSl 
•Itimes A. Sweeney from the position of i 
deiiniy sealer of weights and meHsures 
wbi.^li position he had h^M slnei- \<m to' 
ibiit of sealer. The promotion carries' 
'..lib It an Increase In salary from i,\M'' 
to J.'MKK). 

Mr .Sweeney ha; been atlaei,,.,! („ , 

'" '* lo iho 

.■•jilerM department since i<VH nud re- 
eMiUv attalneil the highest mark »f a 
l.-UKe number of caiulldate.^ v,\,n f,„,y 
the Civil Service cui iiiliiatlon T t the 
post made vacant several tuontha ag , 
tbi'oinili lli.i death of Charles |e Woob- 
ley. Mr Swei^ney is ili> rani lug meiidie 

n( th" sealer's staff In .'^eniirlty. 
The new seal, f wif. a nienibei 

tame.s Council, Jv. of U. ann haa beeni 
elor,.>i> connected with the aotlvttlaa ot\ 
St James' paT)«h In Koallndale. j^ 


NOV, ii, \qi,i 

Swamp Mayor Curley%ltTT'nKr^^^^ 
^" ^^^5 0th Birthday Anniversary^ 


l.VOr I U-, Iry'.s ,|osk 

"^'^ '''^"^-^"^ ^^i-.Mi;A!l;! KK[) u\> ilii. 

It *. i!y liai] 

"■IS li.-llllu-rl 

.)Al (AAT. !-.K-:-.\)n- 

f — 

Mnyor (-iirley >.i„,n .-.rrlving- 
ttffion yo.'^tcniiiv r,M Mil i 
P<iii''il In .-HI iivaliUK'h 

'i..nh;i,:;';;:„;,;,'ri:;v:'' '"''-^ ""' ''"■^'^^' - '-'"-"s of i. 

is 50Ui 


"t hciiiiiiriii 


':B8^- m,n,t 


ObKcRos Her Birthday at 
B. C.-Holy Cross Gaino 

TRAVFlEK NOV2 8, :?24- 

WAR DEPT. DENIES .1^ ^V £ l E K n V- 24 ja o 4. 


Informs Curley Such Duty Is 
Deemed Unlawful ^ 

': 1," Har d'-partmoi!' h.T- rpfuppd 
M:i><n' Curlf ■^■■^ rctjiicst fnr a Rtiifly by 

i PrcKHli ir 

; offlcfrc 

?!;i^:;,. «-]!•". «-•,;,•„.;• 

>f he 

lilr;lHl;iy. i\rr„ 
wife- ..f Un\ 

"■Pt flip IM an/Tr-/;,^'''': ^'"i'''"" ■ ^•- 
illinioon unilliiiii g„,„<, t,,|jj 

'o whl,-ii a r^ :' •"•"i.ui inv.iv lujiiu- 
'iT,r lnvu?,i IfJ'" ,,"""'^, '•■•f..,Mi,,";,'avo / 
■ ■" ait^i.J 'Wiiyof nnd M:-" CTurlov ; 
-SI??"'!..* h,*^fi£ff_lj5l. _y venln*. 

ic ,r,,-ai i-cirpF n"-!-;! In thp 
Mftj.-iJrn, ]iroi\'s; rr, !n- 
: ft.rmert ()■.<- ma>nr fhiil lif rorxvai-ri.oii Hie 
'riTjiipr.f 10 tlif ndjutiini-Ronrrnl rp- 
.,ii.>li;ipr favorntilf (•on.«l'i.'r:i><'n, i,„t 
tli.Tt 111" BPrr<f;iiv of war ><T(I a rlc- 
! cluloii of ilio 1 omiitrollpr-potuTHl II. (ho 
leffp.-t dial ihe iisjlg-nmniit of nfflrrrs to 
Inny (inty not strlrtly of a military nn- 
;tnro Is unlawful anfl oppratos to ilf- 
I privp t)io pfrtioiipp! «,. .-uslirncd of Iho 
I pay anrl rinoliimonts of th,- grad.' which 
) tho.v hold. 

Ma>,,r I'lirleyCffeiea to 
'iP'^ for aici in tho local 
I ."-niploy,,,.,,,,,,, s..,.r..larv «f 
, Ih." \a\y Wilhi..,- h;,^ iu.(lfi,.rt tl, 
I "oiuKci (lie, minj-or 

':' "•" ■^'■■"" '■""-'- "-'-"It ..nd Ra- 
\ard lor .xton-iv, ali.jatkina i,^»Z 

|S...-rntary XVUhnr u rote. ,h. ,.i«oh«4; 
I of many Uf.rkinpn \^ a s avojrl,.,! 
I Mayor r„rl.y t. I. i,.rap!,,.d ai ,.,u-p . ' 
I S,.oro)arv U-jn,„r a^klpp i,in, I, ' 
' yai'.-,. t;,,. ,| ,i,, 

\.-::-.l« ),..,- I,, 

assuriii„,.nl o, tlioso 
hrsi »..,.!( 1,1 n,.(.t.,„. 

l"'l- I rt.- .nw.niployi, ;.iliia(lon ht. 

s. t forlh. roqiiir. s louii, (|;;,i,. rclu.f 

POST HojAiunf 

0f FY THE 

Five Councillors Vote 
to Proceed With 

compellea then f ^"^ rcsDonslhil- 
and BO as 7*. ,%"';'„" ^o through v,ith 

til" '"""'' 'rU'-T contention has \.een', 
Mayor curleya coi j ^ of the; 

U,at '"-■"';::^,,rral\o assume that h. 
city. >t i- "''V^ ' ,v hecomo chairman 

of Ihe board '^^^^'^'^'^'^.^ ,e«*t<." W-B"' 
He declared , "'^["'^^^.j „ quorum war, 
°" tl-,^"-"that the" proper chairman 


Whej. i"f"'-'"'''*, " ,, do T "vlll continue 
'.«ald. ■■^''^"tX';„?e \o make a division 
1 on the programme " ^5^^ _, 

' doned by former Mayor reters. 

Inquiry '^ , 

The five City Councillors, Healey, I 
Walsh, Purccll, Gilbody and Lane, 
who are seeking an investigation ol 
Deer Island, yesterday defied Mayo, 
Curley's attempt to test their au- 
thority as Suffolk County Com.nis- 
I sioners, and held a meeting in the 
1 Council Chamber in spite of tlie fad 
that not a quorum was present and 
the Mayor's declaration that such a 
session was illegal. 


They Bet next Tuesday as the d.-iv 

ruard!^, and prisoners they see nt to 
summon before them. 

Aa far as could be learned In ct/ 
r,:^ord3 It wa« said to be the flr.-'t tn- 
pe Uon of Deer Island by the Counc, 
IIS County Commissioners that lya.i 
ever made, despite the fact that tb. 
statut^ calls for two Inspections aunn- , 

""rha Commissioners will Rlso mak, an 
inspection of the Charles saeet Ja.l 
nno week from that date. 
"^Courcmors Brlckley J^^^^^'^J^^^, 
ponoushue falle.l to attend '>?^« <=""*«. 

„ifv.mio-h thpv wore anoui ».^i'> 
Han a few mmu'es before the session , 
":" called a. thr.e o'clock. Council- , 
lor Moriarty Is In Texas. 

Councillors Hold Session 

men comiulso in absence of 

^^,^^^;n,b.;rofthenve assmnedU-.! 

office of -■>>"'""", ..nXvns clec.,.d 
on the moilon ''f/' ";;;;' f,,r a roll 

''"'^r'^avor'^url^y V '-"■«-'«^'''' 
S'u.kle'>^'no-KbuV, were n.nrkcd ab- 

»'?uVcc,l offered an order that^ .1- 


^ .„„r r,r nspection, and on Dec. 2 i^o 
?n Cha les re... jail tor a .hollar 
to f b"J'<^- ,„ianlirlously passnd. 

'J^Xh made T motion .0 send notices 
•nf the l„n-e«tlon tours to tho rest of 
tL county Connv.lssloners. It was 

'Xt:^ "n^tS"- for a.V.-n,-- 

\.T „. .« thB cull of the olinlr. The 

"^ritt. aftr t^ bHet discussion a.- 

,%'^.^^^, thg-^Mton. ^JS'^" 

Mrs Hibbard Directing 
Rehearsals— Hub Deb- 
utantes in Cast / 

.lamcV M., Curlcy, Jr., .son of 
Mayor Curlcy of Boston, will play, 
in the role of Ucrod in the Nativity' 
plav to Ik; p.c.ontcl Dec. 20, alter- 
u.M.'n and cveninR, at the lecture hall 
of the Public T.ibrary. The perfortii- 
ance will include Lhc so-ienmcd Na- 
tivity Cvclc nf Work My^^tery playa, 
conasting- of "The (T.nvncy) Pro- 
lofTUc," "The .^nnuncult\on, th^ 
Nativity," "The ShepherdV; Pl^y.''^ 
"The MoctinK >n the Three Kings," 
"The Hpvod Play" and "The .\dora-, 
tion of the Three Kings." j 


MOV- zi, 1914 

' ^'^^^^TrTTiKFA 'TWO-YEAR-OLD." The 
MAYOR, 50, FEELS UKE A ivvu ^^^ ^ 

Mayor's office J-^^^ f ^//^ ^ wers and gifts. Mr. 
donna-pil«^<l Inf^h m' th ^'^'f^^']''^ ,^ ,^^eivcd a long 
Curloy, wearing his 50 years ^^"Z^^l^aivmom and 


IHOV. ^3.1^,1,^ 

las, A. Sweeney, 
City Sealer, m ^- 


U, Buffalo .'"l^- ^^^^^^^^^ ^^„ ,„„, .:,y 
irUrar, »' ^■'■■■* "',,„-,rinl... I" .■.'i'^'"-'-'^''" 




r- .„^.^ Hon Counsel m 
Bitter Attack on 
Rate Petition^.^^r 

^'^'f ''^° T^Shone and Telegraph 
England Tekphon ^^^ ^^ 

Company by ^^ , ^i 

Corporation Counsc or th ^^_^y ^^^i 
Boston, in an address n 
v^terday alternoon t>f'?^„^,^ 
Mayors- Club n.cet!ng In ^ountf* 



pstltloTifld for J'y , t,,e j.idrment ot 
^ oompB ny ""T.rr^^ston. H. 

l„e rubUo ,Y'" telephone company tor 
',„ vetUlon ana^n; „ Tjuutla. 


" *"''"*^^t,?,'o''' mlUtlM commission." 
"'^*^' /'Jhicltv counsel, "shouia b« 
rteolarea Ih* "^J ^ the InoomWl 

,ppo.nt«a ^|-"^trcomm?.>on la no^ 
QoTftrnor. As "^» - In ons term ol 

; amen, can ««\''""^;"„ appointments to 
■ thiit b'xSy; V"'*^ 'pire in any blennlat 

; the '■"'""''f " rm'^ BO that ot th« tlv. 

I gubprnntorlal torm B rgonnel ther. 

n.ember« "aklnB W ■« P^^^ ^^„„ t^, 

governor ,'="""f,!„ ^"^ .hould be mad. 

i """"^"^M?'." hfp" o"l« of the Btate. 

1 r<>KponRlblo to u »> personal ad- 

' L is a fX'^^"" r/n him ot eloqtlon, re- 

^inlstratlon, an-1 on "^/■^^^p^^.lbliuy 

eiBcUon «1'^" V^^.l^Vrwin appoint or 

^f „io <-"'^"'"'^'"",„rt while in oftlos-; 

^no one he =^';P'; "V^>^ ^llWan declarea 

'corporation < ," '^'^^.-poratlons of this 

,hn pv>l,U. ''«^^;'';j°^r. -have the re- 

unrt contlKi>ou^ imuies commissions 

:;ec.lvo I'nW o J^'^^'^^'f^rthcr alleKed 

hy tho throat. ,^"';,,, department had 

^rt\r.^n::"'^'^a Telephone 

'^ -,Tt^^r;nraU°sslo"n ot rat. 


the Mayors- "'"^^^ "Jganlse the Inter- 
! , "to (irouso ana "'» , .,_ jn the 

oubllo has a "a"'L,iona •»* """^.^ 
?::Ument^ "ly «:%.»j2!S^ 

„rvle» borne '"J^j^j^^^illliii*™*" 

^ _^ HERALD __ riO V.2.&, ^9^^ -- __ 

^aWies Berve Turkeyuinner 

to 1500 Children in Ford Ha 

'^_ ^ 

Fifty Hungry Men Waiting- Outside Invited in 

When Youngsters Finish— Charitable Bodies 

Send Baskets to Hundreds of Famjlies 

. = ■ 'i-^ 


Following their annual custom, 
tlip Salvation Army and other char- 
itable organizations yestt-rday dis- 
tributed hundreds of dinners to 
needy faniilieK in and about Great- 
er Boston. In addition, the Salva- 
tion Army provided turkey dinners 
and "fixins" for more than 1500 
youngsters ranging in age from H 
to 14 years, at a double sitting m 

Ford hall. 

th« ainner sorvrcl tlie cl.iUlren con- 
slated of roaat c-.Mc.k™. turkey, "an- 
b.-rrv isaiuco, twci vccetablen aiul a chul. o 

nnd coffo.1. F.itch child was glvfn a baf, 
U camly utuI uupl.vs on K-avliiB the 

.\n eiit-Ttiiiumpnt rturins tlio dinner 
^.n.i, provided by Uxn New F>nBland stnlf 
t,!»nd under tli- diroction of Staff Capl. 
Robort younp. .■„!. W. A. Slclutyro, l,ea<l 
of till. Salvalion Anny f^r.-rs in New 
F.nsland. presided, and Major James 
.^r r.irlev and fharlcs T.. mrrill ot the 
novernor'« connHl xpnke and compli- 
menled the army ,,n the wonderful d.n- 
nnr it liad provided. ;„,.o.H 

For weekH Salvation Arin> mveMl- 
gatnr» had been bu«y reRpondins to the 
eoieais of ohildren and parents (or 
Vekew to the -nnner. The l'.v-^';«^>t.';" 
«-orked in the North ^^■;'-' > ""'' ,^„;^^, 
,.„,].s, a. well .-.s >-'^'^'- ;-fj''^ • ,^ 1 

tors- work took them In «»>« Pf"^."' 
:,nd most Hlummy unan-r. o t,,e . t5. 

nv of "lie with an infnnt i.t its moth. 

."^^ arrn^.' «nd all that wnts in the, hou^ 

111., rlrv hr.-ad and some ooeoa. 


Si ;Hrh:i.^:^::i^' -f- ^ 

';,t'uve,y who had"b,.en evle.ed from 
the r home. The hnshand was unable 
o'- nnd work, and -'^'•n ';•",-'-% :,^;;; 
.,ft,.,. making a senreh for t >i '/ ' " 
Ms wife and ehtldi-en on the dooist-p 
and the door pridlnekert. 
^ He was not allow, d to pet a elianBj- or 
olothlnf,', nor was the wlf.. ;'"';";ed l" 
remein In th.' room with her hat^le.s 
until her husband earn- home. rn, 
' ilvi'lon Army InvestiKalors paM th" 
;.r„t of h..r room, had the door opened 
r.lnstatod the family and provided fo..a 
ror their Iniinedlat.. iieerl.'. The hiis- 
hand, who war, a painter, was iirovld, il 
ivlth :i job. 

Some vi-rv iliternstins letters w.-re 
reeelved from the ehlldren, who looke.l 
forward to I'.ie annual turkey iftoal. <>n* 
of the notes, written by a very Bmal 

youngster, toad, "1 am asklnK ynu t i 
Ivlp .is at Thanksh-ivins. < >nr l'atli.;r 
died 10 lon.f years nRo when my brother 
was :; vears old, so don't forget .us. 
(Jod will i.ay yourse baek. r..;memher 
Hod did help toe poor and he wUlpuy 
lis back .Hv tie day of Jujnient." 

A deserted mother with her nine 

;\ II,-'...*. I 1^.(1 iii.nti.-i ...... .... - 

children appeared at Ford hall asklnsi 
that sii.i ui.o "the klddh's" b.- Klv.m 
something' t..> eat. They did not hav.^ 
.■my tlck...s, lint ^vere welcomed and 
til. ir wants wi're provided for. 

Whiii :i- chllilren had flnisli.'d with 
their diiuei'' about .M) old and youiiK 
dc relicts, ^^ an stood at the doors look- 
liig huntjrily In the hall annex, were 
ask"d in. The words of invitation had 
r.cai-cely left the lips of tlie Salvation 
/vririy officer than the human wreck. t'4c 
piled into the ball and at one of the sid, 
tahl.s. Most were given two hclpinss * 


Salvation Army offleiTs .'ind soldier.- 
waited on the chililrt^n. incUiding tlie 
wives of Staff Captain Robert Young, 
Adjt. .lanvs .'* slier. Adjt Mulpass. Col. 
tV. A. .Mclnlyre. lirii?. Walter H. .Malae 
of the iirovlneiai headiiuarters. Staff 
Captain Katherine Kekerle. Commandant 
Addie Schaffer of the ICvangellne Booth 
IJniue and llosidtal, Cora MacDonald 
of the Day Nursery, Hrlc. David Stitt of 
tlie .Mi'n'.s Siclul Centre, as w.dl a.s 
nurses from the Salvation Maternity 
Hospital and a number of hoy scouts. 

Tlie arrantr.ments for the dinner were 
under the diri.etlon of Ma], .lohn MeGee. 
The Ki li.ctioii of the (hildreii was aiaili> 
by the wife of VV. A. Mclntyre. 

The Voiunteera of America sent out 
Tifio dinners from tlicir\^arter^^ .in 
Howard street. The work there wa.s 
under the dirretlon of (>)l. Walter Dun- 
cm. The officers of' this orprahizal Ion 
s.nv that there wa.s no oVi-rlajiplns with 
the \vork of any otlier ori^anizatloii Inok - 
Inc after the wants rif the needy. Con- 
tents of the liasket.s distributed by the 
Volunloers of America includi-d turkey, 
chicken, meat, veKetahles, ein, 

r.oston lil-enun on the 24-hnur tour 
diuy yesterday were allowed one 
Ij. riod of two hours. In cases where 
the efficiency of the department was n.d 
lessened by their absence, they were 
allowe.i two two-hour perlod« for meals, 
as a reiJult or the Reneral order Issued 
by l'"lre Commissioner Theotlore A. 

r^t ^r!""pwr'M.:m :c:; 

'..-:J,',es everv good elllren to take In 

iu,. U«ai' for .New Year-8,.ja_tllft_fla. 

elal proclamation which he has Issued. 

It reads: ^ 

"To tho citizens o£ Boston. ^ 

..;";;:::"^ar, B... wlUhcbornto.: 

morrow, and as Mayor « Boston I 

extend to all my fellow citizens the 

Mucere wish that the co.nm« y«ar 

n-av brinK to them all the best Rltta 

■ t^tt are m the hand ot the Creator 

.omnmnal good will, an oxpanding 

welfare, an InereaslnB "l'"',^':','^;, '^"^ 

that peace In Industry and stability tn 

employment upon which t"" happlne » 

and content merit of a people rest in 

such largo mrasure. „„,„.inns 

■■N-..W years trinu new resoUil on» 

and new pledi--es for the 1-ttej-ment of 

the individual and the ^'"'^'""""''■, ""'^ 

.T trust tho promises made to ourselvea 

!ythistitne\vill bear fruit in the com- 

ins year that will cheer ua when the 

vear la done. „i,i,«n 

-l believe that every Rood eltUen 
should pUdi-'e himself In "'f ,""'" f ,7"' 
to do his full share in making Boston 
L better and nobler city In th" "»>■%*'' 
come, by working with hi.. f«"7"/°i 
the thinKS that will ''-""-^^ »"'; '■"f" 
a more che. rfu: .•o-operatlon, n fliier 
public spirit, a greater tolerance for 
the opinions of our nelRhbors. a more 
unselllsli devotion to the common weal, 
the abatement of the attitude oensorl- 
out and a wider recoRnltlon ot the 
■rood faith and honesty of purpose of 
those who differ from us in race, re- 
ligion and political opinion. 

City's Greatest Boon 

"The Kreatest thlntr that can oome 
to this or any other American city Is 
tho civie peace nnd human fraternity 
that are based on the trust and confi- 
rtence the clli/.eiis Kive to and receive 
from each other; and the cultivation of 
this spirit of lallh In our fellows should 
he on.) of the phdKes of the new year, 
If the real meaning, the right Interpre- 
tation of the Declaration, the Consti- 
tution and the wise uHeranres of the 
Fathers of tliis Kc.ieibllc, are to be 
written Into the life of the nation now 
In the making. 

"This eonsiimmallon can only be 
reached by the action and utterance of 
the Individual ritlzeii; the solidarity of 
the Republic Is dependent on the 
thought and effort of its unltK; and If i 
wo can by our life and labor In the 
coming y<ar lift this city to a higher 
plane wo can do our sliaro in strength- 
ening our common' country and sftfe- 
Kuariliiig a government, a body ot prin- 
ciples that have become the heritage 
of humanity. 

"Thl.s Is the ideal I wish to present to 
the citizens for the new year; ^nd I am 
convinced it can lie measurably malerl- 
allz.d and reall/.erl if men of good will 
within our <ommuiilty would take a 
moment to dwell upon the beauty of 
such an Weal i.nd tho nobility of Its 

"To every citizen T extend a message 
of good vvill. the hope of health nnd 
hapiilness to all. ' ! peace under their 
rooftreoH and prosperity In all their 
various undertakings; and to em-h and 
every ilv;ell-r in this city I send tho 
urgeiice of our common duty to our 
nelghiiors and the broadest and h-.t 
hilerpretatlou of the term-inanklnd ot 
every description, of all classes and 
londlllons. of all races, i MglouB and 
colors of all those made la the lin»g« 

of th'"^«"''„j^5„,3M. CUUI.KT,_. 
•^Mayor ot BMton. 



^ "'-ani f „,.,,> "irou,,.,",, "as- r,if \,"'"'iv 

', Of"' 'hf.*i,-,^'''.'-f-aHo., „^"fJ- Includ-' 


•-- :-'«^.i?-:^.rv''-.-■ 
''"■ H'-ks ,:7"""«- '^"'"^' 'hat ,;,: 

,/" '"'« .v.v„- ,;''•■ "*-^'«;,.^ ?" "■■'r,c,..,, 

'''■ III.. -• 

_/^ffer Defeat 

^"''f or »h "'"tee. ,)„,, "itinc- ♦),- ^"^"'1 ■ 
'hat a ^'' '"^"t v»a,^ •'""«'l (haf It "*<"''' 

'■"■■<■ J.,..- "■'■■< 

'"'"■•" tha ',.'%"" «.-.a„;,V"-' ",i. , 
'"'■•"■'-ni .-, ■ '■"'■■•1...SS- . '•■ 

. '" Don,,,.,,,, "" '.-■ a.s foil, ' 

" ' '' ■"■ ■■"" f'oUrv ,,.; • 

Lr'''"".4 f '^ ne.xt v> ,^ not ■ ■ 

1 ji-_ ot 


Company Files Schedule Averaging 

Twenty-Three Per Cent 



Private Branch Rates, with Addi- 
tions, Reappear in 

List ^ 

iov»r *«>u squal-e miles, four-patiy tul\ 
Luburban lines are obstaclon to good serv- 
ice because, 01 the lone l.auls. the various 
'switching c..ntfr« re<,uire(l, the ^ongf-sUvn 
o! such cans, and the higher percentase 
„r •■line busy" rci.ortH that are inevitable-. 
Minder such conclilions. The one-party and 
iwo-partv full suburban classes of service retained In the schedule as being less 
.objectionable from a service staiflpoint, 
!but are subjected to substantial uuTcase^ 
'.-the one-party rate from $4 to »^ 1'^!; 
nionth and the two-party rate from lf.i-> 
to $t..".« per month. 

\ new unlimited four-party resident 
service planned especially for the small 
u«er Hint includes one's own exchange 
and'adpaccnt sulmrban exchanges appenrs 
in ihc new schedule, and is indicated as an 
,ltern,live f..r fur-party full -^•■^>"-";'" 
subscribers, who 'do not ^''O''' "' ""^'; ' "' 
,one-partv or two-party full suburban sen ■ 
' ic.-, The rate for this new four-party sery- 
ranges from $2/.;o to 52.75 per month. 
This rat., is no more, and, in some groups, 
i". ■•-, or -M cents less per month man 
|,:,„"p,.e,„nt .<;-,:.7.-, monthly rate for four- 
party full suburban service. 
' The prclwbllltics are, according to the 
Jcomimnv, that tlvse who require much o 
o 1. , <„„ ....llins- for a general inorease |„,.,„ long-haul, full suburban eervice will 
^chedu ea ""'"f '^^/^u^scrlber., m all ;,„ntinue on a, one-party or two-pa,-ty bas:s 
in the rates of todephono su ^ ^^.^^ ^^^ ^^^^^_^^ renuirement for lone-h,u,l 

r *''*fmrt of PubHc tnnRie« at the State ! ,^ , ,„3 ,, occasional »■«'"'■- 

pepartment of rtiblic L^ sched-U,uent will change, it is expected, to ho 

House. U"der t e law the ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^ unlimited contiguous service 

,,1^8 must h-^ "" '' ^%7^ ^t is exp^^oted that ,^„^ ^.,y toll char^e^ for th, occasiotial] 
can become efft'tiNP.'u _ __^ ^^^ ^ .^^ _^^ ^^ ^oH^t^ outsid 




Mayor Will Officially 
Light Huge Tree ^ 

fhev win be suspended beyond Jan. 1. 
order to permit the Department to n^aKi. 
the necessary investigation of thetr, 

.;!:!:^, --r pr^r an ,:ra^ v^;- 
t^-:t ^^T^r^n^L^^::::: 

phone per da... or .•. m^ staff 

"•1 per cent in Us i ovenuea .or the htat 
This percentage being an average 
lows that with Bome subscribers and 
clasf«s of service the increases 


it fnl- 

are ie; 

the contiguous 



Message Rate Goes Up One Cer.t 

Measured service, in the Clcntval l"-x- 
change and in suburban oxchanges, ^vlth 
an eight-mile radius thereof, is increaaedj 
from a basis of five cent.s per message tol 
K cents ivr messagi! on one-prfrty Imcs. 
The telephone company explainn tills m 

•""•.' — , ., „ in .T-pntieia are less, j ii-j n.ici/iiv/iic v.^'nij"^".* ..-f 

classes of service the^ '"'„'", t^ls figure. Vreasa by the increased development and 
and m other cases more th«.'' \^j%'^f^;,.,„ ^.^1,,^ of ,he service. Within the above 
The revenue t"ci^»?° Jomewliat higher are,i.. including Bo.^ton and an eiebt-mllo 
Motropolitan areauilbesonie^vbatn^B ,;, radius, there are now .-ittVOOn telephones, 

than the «Y''';'S":'°;„./ proportionate all of them accessible under the measured 
represented th '' /y';'' *',„ „rder that this serivco rate to Central Kxchange subscrlb- 
Uicrease '\ ""'"'' ':,%;' ^v reason of its ers and most of them to suburban meas- 
particular «"''^- 7"^"' ^^rvlce is more :,red service subscribers. The number of 
intensive ''"i"'''''''",^,, „, ,,, patent more telephones within this eight-mile radius of 
^:i::a^b.:,"™s ;loZ :rre of tl... Boston proper has increased by ...2,000 In 

general burden. 


Private Branch Rates Reappear 

The principal changes arc in connection 
will exchange service, but there are as, 
creases in many toll rates, the rates foi 


and oxtcnRlon 

inr .- 
M tiom and i.i service connectkm cliarg . 
The schedule of rates for private bt-anc. 
Jxidiange switchboards, filed last April and 

,ecentlv withdrawn by the company, re- 
innears in these new schedules, with n- 

:S" for private branch ^-f -^du r'; 

?ons added. In the proposed seliedulcs 
Zl rues have been discontinued and 

fomc ne '.,ries of service introduced as 
^ntonnl substitutes. The so-called full 
Me ropolitan measured service (basis flfty- 
^\x messages per month for Sr..r,0, ,s di.s^ 

"ontlnued. This Pf '"■"'"'■ /"V.r.'.JVew 
■ iDlained, « a» used by conip»!-J .e./ icw 
«r,bscr"bers, and is described as being ii 
Trfect ■■conunuted toll service." What is 
Xred as a reasonable alternative is a 

measured service (basis 100 messages per 
onth for .50.00, . limited to an eight-mile 

rad"us. with a toll charge for exchanges 

beyond that radius. 

years — more than 280 per cent. • «<,J 
Is expected by tlio 'company ihiti 
nv^asured flervlcc residence subscribers, 
seeltlng a lower-cost service, will avail 
'll«em»elves oC the imllnilleil con'l giioua 
service, and pay Ihe (ivc cents t-)!' on 
encii cali-s as they may make to ("enlrnl 
Kxchange. A transfer of many measured 
service suhscrihers to Ihe new four-party 
unlimited contisuous service Is also ex- 
pected, and for another reason, fn the oi 
Echedule two-parly, measured Kervlc=i was 
the lowest available, except a coin box 
rate, In the new schedule, the new four- 
party residence rate for nuliinlted ont'ijii- 
oi.s service Is the lowest rate, and prob- 
ably will meet the recpilremenis of flic 
largest .single group of subscribers. 

The reason given for the discontlnnr n.- ■ 
of -l-party coin box business service li 
(hi'.t it is almost impossible to give a sat- 
isfactory Inislness servlco on 4-party lines 
The difficulties complained of are experi- 
enced not merely by tlie joint users of 4- 
party lines when attempting to make ou^ - 
Murd calls, but a'so by all other telephone 
users desiring connections with 4-pa.rtv 

With cbrlstmas caroling, two pre- 
se tllions of the N..Uvity t;"^'-;'; ^"^ 
the official lighting of the ann la^ 

bristmas tree on the Common as th. 
outstanding features be cty o^^Bo^_ 
ton's ot'-'-7"'=«. °'„™"ne oelebra- 

-::: ;rfmm:::r'^r^u ;;;-;- 
-ri::u:r;r"^trnrig r^. 


mas carols throughout the center of the 
. V The celebration will officially open . 
tb the lighting of the cltV« '•'"'lat- 1 

»s tree at be Parkmsn Bandstand on 
mas tree at the ^,|^ 

the Common at ana , >,„ 

;;;; „„„„S „, nhnstmas carols by 
those who attend the exercises 

The exercises wlU be held at tne 
ra kinan Bandstand and. I- addition to 
iheiightittgoftbe.reebvMnyor u- 
,,.,. will consist of a short address by 
h,.' Mayor, <horal singing and music 
hv an orchestra from William FUene s 
SonsCompany, after which the^ Na- 
HvityTageant wlU be produced. These 
T^J,,,,.. will end shortly after b 

"Beglnnln.. at - o'clock, Christmas 
i numbers being brr.adcast by \v .. .v , ..-.e 

^b. i.ard Ktore.. will be picked up and 

amplified bv the new apparatus at the 
1 rarkman Handstand so that they can 

be beard by persons In the vicinity, 
J This will continue until 9 o clock. 

line-,. 'I'll.. oli,|i.,.|Mm doi.u mil ha\n ih" 

same forre Willi r. : peel lo t-pnrly rcs'- 

(ience I'oln box service, and tbbi seivice Is 

inlim ted retained in the t'entrlil Hxcbange and in all 

, irom the ^"'""■''■■<" 'xchaiig-s ■within an .s-inilc 

.,1 ful' subtif- "•'"'■■•' ll"'n'of. 

entire Metr..poUi»n 

the Central exchangfts in 

and extends fron< l.cxing- 

i«|UM( 9J\ '^'"> north to 

■" ^m»*:*^ . . 

Suburban Four-Party Dropped 

The luii suburban four-party, 
lesidenca '.ate Is also dropp 
|e,v KcheduU'. 'ihe so'c^ll 
|.an area embraces th 
area, except 
Vtmum proper 

Tour hy Trumpeters 

KtrolllnB trumpeters will start, their 
tour of the city streets at 7;30. from 
(be Armv and Nnvv riiib in Park sq. 
'I'licv Will play t'hvlstmas carols at the 
follfiwing downtown points: Hotel 
'ri.uralnr, about 7;50'. Newspaper row, j 
S;l-.: r'arker House, 8;S,-.; fark Street j 
Church, 8'.W. and will -wind no at the j 
Lafayette Mall on Trcmont st, opposite 
West, at Olio. 

Through cooperation of the lloylston | 
Snefl .\s'.oci- '.!:::- carol singing will 'he 
bcRun .01 Ihe sl.'ps of Ihe I'lrbli.' lib- 
rary In 1 opb'y Ki| nt 7:41. Twenty niln- 
iilcM l.'tter a. group from the i'eople'B 
Choral ("nion will sing at tiie same 
I place. I'^acb group will sing about 10 
niliiutes, anrt will then leave in different 
cllrectlons. ( aroling as they go. 

At 0;:!(1 a. Community Service group 
will give the second nresentatlon of 
the .Nativity pageant. .'Special costumes, 
musli' ami llEhtlni; effects liave been 

From 10 (.'cIocK until mldniglu ii is 
olan'ied t" have the audience at the 
xercises on the Common sing Christ- 
mas carols. This will be hroadcnst by 
station WiX'AC, A ccdored light lias 
lieen focused on tlie fountain in the 
i'"roK I'ond and the snrav -will be Il- 
luminated all nlghl. 




New Schedule Affects Allj 
Subscribers in Bay j 



on Jan. 0, v/tll be drawn Into «io con- 
trovarsy, as Ihero -wlU \>-i Immedlato 
demand fnr nn Investigation of the 
flnanrUl affairs of the Ntw 
.■onipany, and partlriilarl;.- of its utfilla- 
tlons Willi til" parent 


American Tcloiilu.uo 
Comrariy— th« H'-H Systrm. Simliar 
demanda In thP UiMt Iwn m!.«sion,s have 
mart'- littl- lii>art-.vay, lis I li'i propont-ntu 
imrt no l-f-al tsrlf vam-f-y. 

Unt thf lnrr.-i;»-s In tlif-no limv sduil- 

,il^s wlii aft.Tt evry lu'nator and rep- 

fpsiMitatlv- In his own district, and as 

refldenllal aci-vlco siiffers fv«.n more 

i than biiBliK-ss, each IcRlslntor may And 

to EOOd »crvlr« 1,pcn.uso of tbo lonS 
liaulG tbf varloUH »wltchjug centrflM 
rcquli-pd, ttle congt-stion of such on, s 
and the- hlitr-r porcentaB.! of Unc 
t,u-.y" r..-port« that arc Inevitahlfi und 
such conditions. The one -party and 
two-party f.iU suburban '^'■"'''f''' "', ""' 
vice arc retained In the ^'^^'^'^^ 

r,f the rallK" 
tlieso partlcu- 
to fubatantla! 
rate from Jt 
the two-party 
ner month 

T.lri-r?i!h l.einp le.-s objectionable from 

tandpoint, but becau 
,ind value of the servic- 
lar rates arc subjected 
increases — tlie one-i)arty 
!o $r.,f.O per month nnd- 
rate from »3,2i> to $4.:.0 

new unlimited fo> r-party resl- 
,lf.„,.p .s.-rvice, planned ospeclally f<>- 
,!,o .■m.all user, that lnc!u« ea otio b own 
exchange and adjacent i.^burban ex- ^ 

, changes appear in the "«^V. '"f , fmir- 

u») ood is indicated as an alternatti^ e foi 1< ur 

himself deluded with demand, that h^ Party. fuU^subttrban j.ubBcrlV_^ -h . d 


Boston Metropolitan» 
Would Bojii- Biii'Rosf 
I Jncrcui-c 

party full sunuroan mio=w.. ..■• -, 
,ot elect to take th.e ""«'- '^"^ >„^^ '"°e 
p.irtv full suburban service. ' The rate 
'or this new servf e ranges 
from $2.2;-, to $2.75 per '"o."^ '; „ J" ^ 
rate is no more, and, In some Ky^P^' '« 
2-. or nO cents less per montn tftan »<> 
present »2.7.-. monthly .ate f.T> tour 
party full suburban service. ^ 

"The probabiUtl.s are, accordinj, ^t. 

„..„u,b the summer and untU a ^'^^.^^^^^^; ^l^Z i^''^^^^^^^ 
days ago, when the tel. ;.bo,ie ,.ompany| m»<^'i 
abruptly ended them by wlthdrawini* 
the Bchedul'.", and preparlns? llie T.a:.- 

ilKlit tlie KranlInK of the Increa.-e!. 

Hearings nv'r rtraR on Ivr man:,' 
months. Although the new .-.-he.iule.i 
filed last spring affected only privatt* 
branch exchanBes and a few toll areas 
_an Infinitesimal part of the comnanyj 
total business— the liearlnus ooniinued 


.h« general Increase. 

ve.'iter'lay. ,, 

The rou-.pan:, explains tliat the Boston , 

service will continue on a one-parly ur 

iwo-party basts. Those "--I'-dre-: 

.,..■ Mient for long-haul suburban calls i.S- 

cam» occasional and Infrequent will chang. 1 . 

is cvpected, to the four-party unUmlird 

.ntiKUOUs scrNlce. and pay toll chart'es 

he occasional calls to points oul- 

Hvi'r,.it>-o incro.'iso 
in tclnplioiif rate; 


cent. _ 

rvery stib.-.cvilxT in MassacliUseUt=, Hi 

asked by the New England Teie-- 

. phone & Telegraph C/;:op:ui\ ii) 

' schedules tilfMi yeslerda.v with tbc 

.stale dep.-irtment of piibiic utilitie». 

The company estimates that car'i ".ib 
; peril. er will contribute three . cr.t.'" ■■ 
day to tb. additional rev.nne. '1 iii.'- 
nieans .«or-,ethlnK in ex.-'.^s "f Jpl a 
year. Th"re r,l- ti-arly ;i:,0,r>n.| tMr- 
ptioiics In iSreater lioston ai(uie. and a..i- 
..-mmlnK an -qnal number in the rest of ^ 
the .itHtc, Massiichusetts subscribers will _ 
pay !it least $7. "00, 000 addltiotial in th«lr " 
.bills each year after the Increases go 
i Into elTTt, , 


I The rompair.- nsUs thai the iic-r"a."e? 
become effective 1, but it admit- 
ted last nlBht that it do, ;< not anticipate 
such Immediate luiion by the d.^wrt- 
ment of public utilities, whirl, niiv ap- 
prove or disapprov.- the p.hed,i!.-M, or 
suspend them i>ciidlng InvestlKatlon. 

A storm of protest will tmiioubtedly 
greet the new schedules, publl . h-.i for 
the nrst tim.ft this mornhiB. Tin ■ iiy of 
Boston, which for many monilo' ha- 
been flKhtluK Increases in crlain torn.. 
of service, took Bbp.'i to bold up the 
j„.w rates even before tiu y w.-r,- f.irmall> 
'ill,..l. when .Mnyo:- ' 'nrl '" 

mntropolltan area will p 
of Increase than the rest "f ; 
because the service here is of 
•■intensive charact-r" as to 

iier rate 
le state, 

s-.icU an 
Inj more 


cstlv, and that It ban not in th, Its proper share of the gon^' 

lu relation to otb-r inantjos, thu coi 
pany's statenniit says; 


•■The prlm-Ipal ciianccs .'ire In 
nection with ,xclnu.i;e lervicc. 
•tJjere are also Increases In many 

ratesr'thc"^S'''^ '"'""**'■• "'"'"""il 

service and extension Ma.lm.s. at.d In ,,.„.^n 
service connection charpes. 1 he -cnc. 
ulo of rates for private Lranc . ex 
■hange swltchboiirds. iil-l l"ft Vi^r 

and recently withdrawn ny -V. om 
pany, reaPP'"s In ,>ew schedules 
with for I rlvatc bratu'h ex 
chaoRe stations added. ' . 

•■The various increases In th 

side the contiguous exchange 

■■Measured service, in the central ex- 
change and in suburban exchanges with 
an elcht-mlle radius thereof, is In- 
creased from n. basis of five cents per 
past „„.ssag.' to six <-ents per message on 
.^•a! lines and fi'4 cents per mes- 
'l . >-p on two-party lines, the former, of 
.■o'urse. reqidrlng a lar(,-er guaranteed 
numb.r of messages per month. 

■■The companv explains this Increase 
bv the Increased development and value 
, , ,i,p «orvlce. Within the above area, 
includti^g Boston and an elghtnille 
b-r radius there are now 34fi.00O telephones, 
,„nail of them a. cesslbl.- under the ineas- 
Mired s'-rvlce rate to c, nf^l exchange 
subscribers and most of them to sub- 
measured servic subscribers. 
Tlie number of telephones -ivltbln the 
.ii-ht-mtle radius of Boston proper has 
increased by 2tl',000 in IB years — over 
:;:hi per cent 

Measur.-d service snbscrih'TS were 
soniewbat favorci. a.'? against flat rate 
subscribers, when the last increase, in 
ex.^hange service was made. In IfllS. 
by order of the postmft..stor-genera!. At 
bed. that time all business telephones were 


nies are not apiiortloned 
opti.uial substitutes. 

■■Tin .«.-ca,.*-l VJll metropohtui 
measurrd ' aervlcj- (basis r.r> message 
,.er month for $5.50) Is dlscon Inued 
, percentage basis, but are apidled in 
nccordanco with the relative value and 
extent of the different classes of ser 
vice In the proposed schedules some 
rates have l.cen discontinued and sonn 
new cass -s o- service Introduced as 
Th,s parlicnl.i, service was used bx 
compnratlvely 'cw subs-nbers, and » 
described as being In effe( t a . om- 
muted toll service •• What Is regarded 

:;r,,r;^;'Vo,'Vmited,o.,n eight- mile 
.„db.s. with .. <■•'.! -1'""'" f'"^ '" 

Increased hd c^nls a month and nil rosl- 

department of" public ntilltlos a demand 'X^!,^-. /^ r'suburba.r^on^-party. nn- 
,, ..„-,. co.nmuni.v in !!■■ siatc i ^ [T sl'ntrbnn area embraces the en- 




hit eau«">' ''"'■'' ''^' *" 
anticipated that other (;llle..i ami I 
will Join with Boston. Large bn- 
establlehmentn which registered th. ii 
protest against Increases last sprim. 
Bssertlns that the existing rates wer. 
too hlirh In many Instances, are al-t 

full Biihiironii Mi'-ti, . -- 

ire metropolitan area, except the cen- 
■M Exchanges In Boston proper, an. 

V .nd^ f""m T.-.lngton. Woburr, and 
KeicMm; CO, the north to Randolph and 
(•oha.ssrt on tho south 

f^- 3 

n.. .,> t' Tt. cents month. A 
;,n" offset to the Increase on measure, 
service telephones, however, there w a 
.grant <,f 10 additional calls for bush 
nes; service and five additional calb 
for residence service. 

■•U isostim;.ted that meastired ser^-lce 
•■esidence subscribers, seeking a enver- 
•ost service, will avail tbemBelves o 
the unlimited contiguous seryice, and 
.,ay the five cents toil on such calls as 
ibey may make to central exchange. 


•■A transfer of many measured 'service 

subscribers to the new four-party un- 

i limited contiguous service la also "x- 

j led, and for another reason. In the 

old schedule, two-party, measured ser- 
vice was tho lowest available, excep. a 
,.,dn box rate. In the new schednlc the 
pew four-party residence rale fon un- 
limited c.litignous service ,s the lo-A est 
,..,,,. ,„„, p,...l,abiv will meet the require 
„„.nts of tlie largest single group of 

■■Tbe point made by the company in 
withdrawing this rale Is that, in this 
withdraw mg ^^^ „q„are miles, four- 

too mirn '•' ton-'^j. ■■— 1 , over 400 square miiRr., ...u.- 

„xptcU« to <»ru»nl»m, tf> weet the "H ;;^^3, 7„„ .uburban HnM «r. otmm^t^ 

f^ifmrw^f^' ! 

WliProbe TelephoneService 
Asserts Utilities Official 



H. O'Brien, Chief of Wire Division of 

Department, Promises Statewide 
".. ? Investigation of Company 

An rxtonsive iii\'Osli)A'f'l ;'"" "'■ *■'"' 
New Kiiglaiid Tek-phurn.- Company, 
pspecia'ily the operation and service 
jof the traffic branch, will be undcr- 
Itaken throughout tho commonwealth 
and especially in Greater Boston, 
WiUiaiii H. O'Brien, chief of the 
telephone and telegraph division of 
public utilities department, declared 
tinp; of the United Im- 
last night. 

Association mpmbpra 
belief that the fscrvicc 

should lie 


before a r.i! 
! pr'ovement Association 

L A,.nou,H«m..ut of the «';7«5',^i',!,;"^: 

that the IfliM'honf! service, 

thr. mPtropolltnn a\if- 

v.>rv bad ilurlnK the, to »ftvo 

pnrticularly i 
tvirt, "has 111 'II 
ilatii live months.' 

vestlgated in •very dotail and tlial tin" 
pnblic, shonlil in- rejin-sented. ItatHft 
should not l.u- altered, Uiey nald, nnill 
the entire field Is studied. C - ' f 

In di.scus.suig tho rei;ent seftlenit'nl 
of the Hostun Klevatcd wago contro- 
versy, memoers of the aKsoclation hold 
that tte iMibllc, waH treated unfairly 
iLs i(- had no representative at the ar 
bitiafinii confereneeK. Officers saiii 
the aasoclation'.s efforts to produ - 
evidenee at tho conferenren in 
possihlv prnteol, the pnblieV 
oabc were dls.-nuraged and the evlrtel'Ot 
was not accepted, _ _^i 

order t'. 
side of tht 

(Brief Proposes to fake jver 
i Those in 15-Mils ^adlur 

I Local Fivc-Cont Faros Are 
Possible, Mayor 3ays 

Mayor Curley ye^■I,^-1av• submitted a 
brief to tho joint h „i;:,dtlvo commit- 
tee, appointed to report upon the ques- 
tion as to whether the riiblio Control 
.Vet of the Hoston Elevated should lie 
continued beyond Its original term. In 
it he declared for State control of nil 
street railway lines In the Atetropolltan ; 
nistr:ct and tiig'io tho appointment of a j 
Jletropolltan Transp it' tlou District, 
Commission with authority to Hx fares | 
and de-ree thi5 motiiod of llnanc'.ng j 

"\'le'"cUe"'s the nbando.unent of 40C, mtles I 
of street railways liecause tbey were , 
not pronialilo as a reason for Slate con- i 
trol. Tljo Sia.e control "f p,"f P<"^'^; 

iirg-'ues,' ls'"lust"a.s essential 'is State 
control of tVie water, pewaKo and pai.t 
systems. Tho brief reads, In part; 

The question of adequate street rail- 

■■ no;dded ti;e telephone rates ?ln.;^'' | .J^^^'E^.^ ponStU^, In .ho ^I^^ Bos- 
fro before an arbitration board, th. ■ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ surroimJInR cities and 
hope was expressed that pubiie repre- | ^„^^,ng within a radlUM o,* l-^ /oUos. duo 


rvlco ha;i 

. ") 


months aj;o 


Declarlns that the Inquiry into 
service of the company will require the 
expenditure of a large suni of rnoney In 
ord'-r that the probo may lie of a 
sweopiitB eharacter, Mr, O'Brien paid 
that "it may result from lefc-islatlve ae- 
tlon" or bo brought about by the pub- 
lic utilities commission. 

After haviiiK p-rsioiiiily otiserved the 
service of the ir.iffie department In 
Boston and vb 

se'ntatives w.'.til.l have ;io oppnrtuuUx 
to testify iiTHl iiave ;i viiare iu d.der- 
niinini.; possible u-w i-aLi's. 


Asking the aid of the entire state Ir 
his fight asainst the proposed increas, 
In telephone rates. Mayor I'nri.y has 
called a meeting of the mayors of all 
Massachusetts elties .ind the, ehalrmen 
of selectmen in all the towns tn a 
letter mailed to ' them last. 

h-»5tillty to the proje 

.„ Ih . 

iJroatcr Boston, should 
from tho standpoint of 
futuro needs in wliat 
called the Metropolitan 

i«ked them to ass.jnitiie 
!'it,\' council cIi;MTd,.'r en 
iiiily for several months. . noon to orgasi/.i' and 
Mr O'tlrien said he was f\illy convi)M'e)jl..t;ourso of action, 
that the standard of efficiency has de-.'- The gathering will be 
creased and fallen far below that stand- nil the officials a 
ard. which prevailed lietore the rcciit g...stion to alt 
strilie of the operators. tlve. as there 

The speaker indicated that effi 
e.xperts of recent addilton to the 
pany have proved a hindrance to the 
tervlee Instead of practical assistance. 

While he did not discuss tlie proposed 
new rates of the compiuiy. h 
to be of tho opinion that before any fur 
ther changes were made in rates the ,.n ,„^,,.,,., „„ 

tire situation should he c^tudied. I ' "I; .':,;,,,:;;■;,,.,. , 

" improvement in the local service, t , j,;;,,.' ',;■„- ,,.,„KU,ded by 

aker. adding that their du-i 

to observe the set- mounai-il ilii 
1,5 pointed 
regulaln iiarly linef 
ml unneiM.'Ssary eon- 


d"! •rmini; 

rgr ope If 

I I lie mayor's sug- 
nd or senil :i r.prescnta- 
re ?,9 olties ,,iiid .'Ui'i towns 
lency ill Lho state. Before iVm mneliug Cor- 
com- poratlon Counsel !•;. Marl: SnlHvati, who 
has been conducting IJoslon' 
with thr' teleidione comii.niy 1 
puiilic utilities ciiinmissioi 
setinied a i»h*n as a basis f*,r disc; 

'and iccans to con<inct Ihr- propo:'.r-il 



•fore tlo 
will draw ui 
;s'.ion on ^\n,^■^ 

said the SI. 

tics should bi chielly 

vice, one of tlieir function 

out, would be to 

and prevent long 


Only a f'-'-v -^"y" ^8" 

anv, will he ncglinild 

ment of at least three scryle 

it was necessary 

thfi head 


hour and 


I, Icy •..-■1 (orll 

r 111,. 1,1"., I ii 

l!c- 1,'lcnillHM 

H^aumat' *uc! 

,1, of lllis Will'.. 

Til,. ral(! inerea.Jc pi.ditloiis. 
Mb.illing of which this iiioi 
(I ini|ir,:iiryatcd. were minor 


he unserved 
until the appoint- 
call to his offici 
of a hoiisehohl where 
was in continuous uS' 
r,) minutes on one call. 
Mend.ers of the assoctati.m 'l"<'«"/";'. ' 
Mr O'Brien as to the necessl y of th 
company sending out monthly s.a.e 
ments concerning i,miirovemenl 
ficlency. Speakers 
of tho "efflelency 
and Instead of dev 
cotnpany or its 
are constantly 

f,^. tlc. 

cy h.ol 

-,- ,„. oino,,.,., , II' th.or 

'' inniortallce as coTilrasled with the 

s. hcdule of riitcH hied utwp l>ec. l ".v 

the New Rngland 'Cch pboiic &- I el, - 

..i-iiph r.'omiciny. Th- action of lie 

city in opposing the original rale in- 

'ti* .rcases by Hi.- .Mew Bngbuid Telephoin 

for '"li ,s; Telegraph Compan\- was pi , dica let 

belief that the stale publb 

n was rcspoMt. U ■■ i .c ■ 

■ l.uilng 
tficers 1 
falling to 

jf ef 

tliat inos 

ilie "jokes' 

■tfici<-ncy thi 

nd employe 

give ovet 

upon th 

utilll if s coninil 
to I la dci-irr:-' 
p, cations o|i,' 
w«altii. 'I'l'e •' 
tb-i conimissi 
during tiie pi 


ordinary siTvlce. 

One of the members, 

that Inutead of Kelllns 
•vpm opermtof* h««' 


ciiting in tii,^ comnion- 
i! 1 iludc of Ibe public utili- 
,,„ ,,( 111., commonwealth 
,e,ress of the hearings upo 

the request fi'r inrresse in rates 

bv the New Knglanil I'e.cph 

Woodsl graph Company early in th, yc 
^^ 'been decld.'diy hostile to those v 

T ' 
ir 1 

wt^r'^^'Unrin behalf- of the people, -«».l'2^«iJ'"- U^^ 

^^*iii.)»i»p»«* ""='■'■'*'"=''• Cy^ |H.h«^ 

t fo 
jiresent and 
la oommonly 

„.„ ,,„. ,„ Diatri<;t. 

Realizing tho hostility, largely pollt-« 
I'-al In character, diwj In port to the 
desiro for the retention of local auton- 
omy which Is responsible for the fail- 
ure to create a (Sreater Boston. J never- 
thelesa unhesltatiniily favor tho laklnsi; 
over and operation of all ftreot ear 
sys'tenis within tho Metropolitan DLs- 

*''''^Tho (jo-called Public ("'ontrol Act of 
j UUS contained in substance that which 
! is now advocated, namel.v, thtit If In 
anv fc-lvnn year the receipts were In- 
suftlclont to cover the cost of opera- 
tion the deficit should h« levied against 
iho cities and towns within the (errl- 
; torv served ijv Ibe street railway isys- 
i lein and ihis Is Ideiillcally the proviosl- 
tlon which In my opinion, should now 
be considered In the larcr territory. 
1 "Thero is no way In vhich to Justify | 
I turning ha,r-W to stock Joi-licrs and spec-- 
ulators and a few honest Rtockholders 
' a property the stock of which In 1017 
I o!i| in tile ,,pen niH,rkot for les.=5 than 
i ?;:o per shan and the Intilnslc value if 
1 wlilch. If sold under the red flag, would 
probably have ropres--iiied less than ?■' 
l»er share, a propert\- lU'on which tho 
public Ihro'igh Increa.'-eil f;tros ba.vo ex- 
pended m.apy millions of dollars and upon 
[which tile cities aiid tfiwns thrriugh the 
1 system of levy authorlv.ed by llin It'lS 
*' Publl,'. Control All. evtiendeti atitiroKi- 
t matcly Jt.fKW.'MlO and upon whlcli sum 
jithero Is still due i lie cliles and towns 
'served liy the llo-lou Mlevaled Hallway 
i .System a total of about S2,;'.00,00o. 
I "If Wft rfa ogtilz^ aderiuato street rail- 
way transporlatlon as an essonllal In 
1 tho Metropolitan iJlstrl, i there can be 
I no valid objection rat-sed to tho opera- 
lion of such system hy a MotroiHjlltaii 
Trar.'uiiortatlon District ('omm'mdon 
with authority to determine thn ratn of 
fares thai shall b" cli.irged. ihe method' 
of financing and the other allied prob- 
lonis contingent to tho projier opera- 
lion of a s'.reot r.allwai" system. 

' Fersonallv. I believe that a. fivo-oent 

fare locallv In oarh city and town 

,.i: the .Metropolitan -Jilwirlct with a 

f-nidnated fate on tho high speed lines 

suftlcii-ni to ,'over tl.Tcd idiargcs and. 

higher operating expcuhes 1» i-qu:iahlo. ; 

and duo to tho Increa.scd niinib<>r of 

our riders should prove nrotlJab'e. In 

i<lie cv.-io thai lie Metropolliiui Trans- 

portailou lilnlrlct Comirilsslon .-i.a here 

j proposed should In nnv year encounter 

1 a. deficit T favor an nsst'ssment upon 

1 such nortlon.<i of thu Metropolitan Dl«- 

lie trtct SLJ! aro Rorved bj the Btnwt rmll 

' Toa*l tra4!BDortatlon syiit*)!! as etilab- 

llBhRd UDon th» «J«u«ta t>t iMw ■ 


P05r DEC +,19X4^ 


'Curley Plans Big Meet- 
ing of City and Town 


i ^ n^ 

In Ills annual repdrt to the,' „, ^j,^ ^^r. s...! nu,-. now dfir 
lature, CommisBioner of ('■UTectio; proportions as lo nntlfr It b" 
Sanford Bates yesterday — — — ' •••'•<-'^'""-" "i!'< ni" nffr'. 

eases. , .. 


iTxanded, suo) 

b"th advUaW' 

that the offr'a-ls of ever> 

oil! toRi'lher t^. .■ I-'"' pvotec 

IS of the CJomnioii 

recoil and necessary 
mendeti the crpation of "two „e. > ity i"i '"W" 
I correctional im^titutions in the stat """ ';^ """ 'f'!''' 

i .".M,"I^^['''' "V" "" ^'■■«'*"t •■JUnty ja'^',!'^ nicctlim -wiu h.. held t<>r Ihe. purpos- 
M Htchl.urp 1... loa.sod for the! ^ ,^..,,.,„ .^..^ cu-tennlnation o( « 

;.a .on of prlsnnor« from tl,o <-on''or °^ ' f „, „,.^,„„ „,m, ,.c-»p^L-t to p<>tl.l..nB 

1 r.tonnatory who violate th. tcrnis < ^°^7,;„,,.^,,„ ^^at hav.- been m-d by th 
thplr parolp and am reconiinitti>a f. '"j"^ '" 

.further roforniiitlon *» nr«v.>«t „ri ^ ^'c«' 

,i oni'vs of thl!. typi 

(j the hou.^f-H of 

! an Instltntlon 

the (.'ono 
th'! terms 
reconiinitti>d f' 

At prciient prl ; , ,. . 

are tanWx'V.-A ainon * o'"P»"y "* ""= 

oncctlon. Ho sugK->. "''•'• "■;""^'"' "" 


t 'ouncil 

and Ti'li-Kvaph 
("hanilwr, Clt> 
Dei.', 8, at 12 

DcluiiU- slrp^ 
day in the TikIh. 
Icy of Boston. In 
ill tiiU'S asKi'il I) 
TelcplKuii' >V Ic'lc^ji 
1 Invitations went 

\>cir taken >esler- 
liHJ by W ayor Ctu- 

lonibat the inrrcase 
; till New IuikIhiu! 

iilih C'Diiipany. 

(Hit flolll till- 

'Mayor's otVue last 
01 every city and 
chtisetts to altcnd 

Iiii;ht til oflifial.s 
tiiwu in Massa- 
a cciniereiicc in 

Boston Citv Hall next Monday noon. 


iirs of ::S cities 
lardH of select- 
al!(-il to devise 
H'iiv<' or(?aniz'^d 

for the e:irn of fciiial""'' 
delimiucnts, alons the lint.'; of 
that niah.i-iincd for male dclln.iucnt.s 
at Hrldc ater. 

He also recommn;- led nmenrtment of 
the absent voting law to prevent pris- 
oner.'i In .stale Inst itutioiiH from takiner 
advanlage of the law. Bates says that 
ubsint vothiff cannot, be cnndtietcrt in 
penal InstitiillMiis with tii« si ere^y 
lieies.sary for tho preservation of the 
Australian ballot. He also suBgest.f 
that- poll.'e be permitted to take de- 
srriptiiins and tinRer prints of per.snn.s- 
(ommilted for any offense, whelhir 
trivia] or .scr]ou.5. 

Secretary of .Statd Cook yest^.-rday 
received a number of ree^.mmonda- 
tions for lepj.slntlon fn>ni state cora- 
mi.'^'.ionfi and l>oard.s. 

The H.'.iion Klevaten tni.-stees asked j, 
that the lyegrislatiire aut.horiz " 
tension .if third rail 

lawrnul bra 






This niei'lim; "f nuiN 
and clialrniiii of the 1' 
men In :!16 towns Is i 
wa.\s and means for eff 
opposition to the teieplunie company u 
Iielition.M, filed with I'liblio Service Coin- 
mission last :Moiiday. 

I'orijoraliun cV.iuisel 1 ;. Mark .'Sulli- 
van prepared a leKlsIaitve bill foi .i 
State nppropiiatlon of ilW.OOO. vviin 
whleh to finance tlin flelit- aKaiiist th" \ 
im-reafied rnte.s. that, aceording ('> ; 
Mavi.r Curlex. will mean a Jump of i 
teleplione bills in this Slate alone oi ] 
iioi le.s.s than $l:!.OOO.00<.i a vear. i 

fl,,.' of tl"- siroliffesi iirsuilienls of , 
the opi>oiuoiis to tlie Increases Mayor Ciiil 
the t.>l. phone companv reipieshs shall fto tho mayors 
heeoii.e efferiive ihe first of the yei.r. is 
that whereas 'he oomp.iny only clalni?i 
H needed $l,8(X>.i;2:».8r. Inenme to 

earn in full H" ''iK''' I'"' <'''"' .^, 
dends for the first nine months of IhN 
ivenr, tho new ral*8 the company i- 
trvlnf,' to esiablish would earn more 
than seven tones ihis amount, enulva- 
lent to dividends of ab,..ul 40 I"^r ece . 
An executive session of <ho Piihlio 
ftilltiea Coinmlsslon is scheduled for 
tomorrow at the .'Stale House, when I lie 
date for openiiiR hearinsn on the pro- 
posed Increased telephone rates will 
protKililv ho announced. „ 

Knlph' .'Stewart of Thonle, Hall .^ 
Siewart. been retained b.v the tele^ 
plume eompanv as eounsel to haiulle il.l 
oji»e bef.ire the comn-.i: ai. ;i. 

service on the new 
for on.' niilo beyond 
Fields Corner, and also KUggested 
lunendments to the fln.ancial r>rovlsl 
of the Shawnuii. branch aet and 
year'w act diieetinir the cioisi t-nei .. 
a new gtatinn at Cambridge 
Charlc.i streets, Knd. 

The stati- lioard of resist ratie 
medicine ask»d for authority 'to n 
the llctnse of a, phyvsietxn Tor 
longer tiia.n one year. 


1 of 



n.'^H5cf'^!Pr PEC. 1,194''' 

T 1"^ 



Malies .„ 



Invites Mayors and Selectmcti ot Ai 
Cities and Towns of the State to Meel 
Next Monday for Telephone Campaign 


■ ti«lay "•^li «r invitation 
nd sel.,'tmeii of the Stute'.s 
leltle-i ml towns 10 ni"i t in the CI y Co 
'chamber ne,\t .\b«o!ay at noon to dhscuss ; 
I the campiuRn a>;ain-^t ttie .lemniid.i of the 
' telephone company for increased rates. Tho 
Invitation la a.s follows: 

"The cltv of Itostoii. tliroueh lis 1 or- 
poratlon counsel, i:. -Mark SnlMvaii. has 
bee-i combatlnR the lacreases requested 
I by the New KnKland Tel^'phone and Tele- 
I graph Company during the past year. Tlio 
city Kovernmeiit of tlo-stun has appro- 
priated Ihn fum of $'_'O.UOO for the prose."j- 
tion of tlii.s work. 

"Tho rate Increase pctit'ons, for the 
eomhattuK of whiel, this nvmey had been 
approprlateil, Were -.'.nor in their imp<.r- 
tanee as contrasted "1th the sichedulo of 
rales filed Dec 1 by tho New Knglnnd 
Tolephcne and Telesraph Company. 

'■•I'he action of 1I ity in opposlni; the 

orlRinal rale la-n ases by the New 
laii.l Telci.l'.onc ,<• Telc-raph Compnny was 
predicated uiion the belief that the .«talo 
I'libile Tnilities ( 'niiiml.sslon was rc-'iionslv 
onlv 10 the desires of tee public .service 
corporation:) operiuiiu? In tho Comnion- 

woaltli. ,. ^ 

■The attitude of the Tiiblle I'tllities Com- 
mission of the. Conmonweahh durin,,' the 
oroereM of tho hearlnns upon tho renueat 
for increase In rates filed by the New Kng- 
ind Telephone A TcleerapB Cpra|>»ay early 

Judge Says Deer Island Dep 
uty Shruld Have Had Hear*^ 
ing Before OustinjK 

The fivsTVtVp In his Tight for 
rt'iiistattMii(>nt as Deputy Mas- 
tor at the Deer Island House of 
Correction wa' won today by 
Mii.ior James H. iuUad*. 

.I.nise Crcsby In the Supreme 
Court niied that McDadc fall* with- 
in the Veteran.^' Preference Act and 
should not Vie ousted without a hear- 
ing- before tt: ■ Cily Connoil. 

loinudiuteli folio., inij tho decision 
l-ovin.nition Counsel K. .Mark Sulli- 
van announced that he will appeal 
the decii'lon to the full bench of the 
supreme Court. g?*-.'.', ^^ 

ii The appeal will iiTi»omAUMH''hlock 
MrDade'.s !i-.iin<><!iale reln.statement 
pendin.Lf the full hench fmdins:. 

He had l>oen remove! by Master 
.Tames \.. Malloy at the or<ler of 
ci( >Tayor C'urley, on the prround that he 
wa;< reiqicmslble for lack of discipline 
and other lulniinlstrativo faults on 
(lie isla.nd. 

.Judge Cro'tiy, hoUlluK that Mc- 
Padc had been unlawfully rontoved 
on Novetnbov 17 'ant, ordered .a -writ 
of niai'.'l.-anus to conipel Dr. DavM 
,1. Jnbiii'on, I'ommisisioner of Instt- 
unions of the City of HoaU>n. and 
MMtor Mallow to restore the major 
',,, iiisi o;.'ice 

In the iietitlon he filed -wUh the 
Hiipreine Court tvttcr his diatnlssal, 
iMi'Dade stated he -was a war vet- 
eran, hoiiov.ihly dlscharKcd fro^ the 
.;,.iylcp ana ontltlcd, accordingly, to 
the irlvilepc of a hiviri.iB under 
civil Hervbe. 

He said he ■wn.'i (Uwhnrped -wltn- 
out reason after four yenr.s' servio* 
I at Iieer IsUiml. 

The distnlssel order folio'tt-ed the 
Invest! ation Hn<I report on T>eer 
Island bv .'Sanford Bates. RInte Com- 
mlsslc — of Prison*, followed by 

to Revere House dwners 

of'" an 

Sends Good Wishes of the **CurIeyj'''/;n;;:iT 
Family" for the Fund — Children's 
Appeals Pile Up— Need Help 



"Dear Santa: - ■ ■' 

' I am writing you and a.slcing 
you to send mo icmething for 
Christinas. | am eight years old 
and 1 never had a CUrislmas yet. 
I am a little girl. I have nobody 
but my grandmother and she is tol 
old to work. A little girl told my, 
grandmother about you and she told 
me. So 1 thought I v/ould write and 
see if you couldn't send nie some- 
thing for Christmar.. I^'OPE 

James ii. flicDado, who ««.■, re- 
moved as deputy master of the Deer 
Isliind Hoii^e of Correction by Mayor 
Cm-ley following- charges of mal-ad- 
miiiistration, wat^ ordered reinstated 
today by Judge Crosby of i,npreiiic 


i .Judge Crosby ordrrcd a writ of i lan 
I'l clanius to i:f5iio to coinpf 
J( ni.-ut.. II.- I'ndii Uiiil iM.I 

1 the reinstitc- 

Dndc Is a vet«- 

ran wlfhfn th>> nio.n.niMg of thi> genei'a! 

law Htid could not lawfully he. rtmovi:,' 

without conipllanrn v.ltli tluisi' law.s, " 

Tlio JiidKo Hiids fui-tlior I hut Deputy 

Master ,M<-Dadi! was removed without 

writ if n ncxic" and a tirarln:?, and ; 

tliproroic Uio if-nioval -n-Ra uiilawfu; 

'I'lie next oiovc will te for .\rrl)ado to 

,,,, •> r> » t^ ri'iuni to Ills post at Deer island. If 

stances to Hope, t'ost ^a^ta |l the mayor desires to take furlher ar- i 

For children such as "Hope" the 
great-hearts arc giving. }-"or chil- 
dren .such as "Hope'' the volunteers 
are lending a hand. And for tlic 
sake of children in similar c/rcurn- 

Claus is striving to saye them from 
ever again h,aving to say "I never 
had a Christmas yet." 


No doubt Mayor <^urley had su<di a 
child In mind when ye.sterday he made 
Ms anuu.'il contrilmtion of JIOO to the 
Post Sant.a (-lana Fund. The Kitt was 
nr»t fi-om the Ainyor nlone. It earne from 
the "Curley Family." It came from 
children who wait fop Santa Claus them- 
&'elvf.s and wish to flharo their joy with 
other bo.vs and p:lrlf». 

Ever a lovi^r of little children hini.-ieli', 
the Mayor could not allow the Christ - 
nias f:'*aHOn to jias.s without making an 
early donation to tho Post Sanl.a fund. 
With tho check tile Mayor and Mrs. 
Curley send the following h.-ttt-r; 

"The Joy of giving for tho i)Urch,ise 
of toys with which to gladden the 
hearts of the poor little children is nw 
of the most pleasinnr event^^ in eonn'M-- 
tlon with tho observance oi Cbrl.stnias. 
"The peo.plo of Hostop have ever been 
generous in r.-sponae ^o the labor of^ 
love and p:l,ndne,«s which your enter- 
prt.slng new.spaper makes possible. 

"AnxlouH that wo may sharo I 
Joy of glvlnpr that little children m.iy 
ftxpertenco tho Joy of receiving, wo beg 
to enclose on beh.Tif of the Curley Fam- 
ily check for $tflO." 

lion, he iini.>^i ftive 
.^^ci>a.^■ tlien won 
Me I la (I 

I «ritti 
d lie e 

Caneellalloi. by Mayor Curley 
s.Heged secret "pentloman's ngreemenf '. 
reet Conunisslon h.a.s made . ' 
Crocker, by which city ', 
damages to Crociier et al for takings 
I fi-om (he old I-te\-ei'e Ilou.'ie site. In con- 
! iiecti<in Willi tlie Court-Cambridge .its 
widening, woultl be increased from $111.- 
119 to .?ltl.L':'S. is urged upon the Mayor. 
h.^' the l-'inance Commission in a report^ 
today, .Ml property owners who refuse 
to accept tlip lily's original award 
Should be fon'e<l to appeal their case 
to the courts, the report argues. j 

' Th" Street awarded the' 
owners «11 a square foot for 10,10!1 
square feet, a total of J111.019. when 
the taking was made In -Vugust. 1921," 
the report sta,tes, ".\t the same timt a 
betterment assessment of $"3,000 was ■ 
made upon tile reniaitiinp: land of these 1 
owners. I 

".\bout tliree montli« after tliis tlit> 
Street Commission notified the Finattce 
Commission they pro|*<psed, subject to 
Your Honor's approval, to Increase the 
original award by $10,109, or Jl per 
sqn.ire foot, 'i'lie .Street Commissioners 1 
did not inform the Finance Commission I 
that they had a 'gentleman's agree- j 
merit' with Ceorge 1.', Crocker, treas- ( 
nrer of the proprietors of t nc ilr vere i 
House, to waive iIk- $23,000 betternifnt. ' 
which in effect was increasing the i 
award not by $10,109. 'but by $.13,105. ll 

"It v.-a:i not until the I'-inance Com- jk 
mission's Investigation revealed the e:%- ■ 


^^■as rcinovivl on .Vov. 17 aft'T 
IL-ln lilVcstiKalion of selisatioicil vharse^ 
Idirected at llie administration of lliv 
'house .,f correction li.y .Slat' CommlB- 
tioner of Correction Saiiford Hates, The 
order for removal caihc from Cily lti:,li- 
lutlons Commissioner 1 lavid .1. .lohnson, 
after lie had conferred with JIayor Cur- 
ley and Corporation Counsel E. Mark 

McDade Immediately announced his 
Intentloji of fighting the removal, on tho 
Rround tlial he was a veteran and could 
not be discharged without a hearing by 
the city coinuil. The removal came al 
the Instigation of .Mavor Curley, who 
declared he fouml tliat official responsi- 
ble for the drunkeiineas and other evl- 
I rtences of mal-admlnistralion at the 


.fudge Crosby on Wedncjday hoard 
and took under advisement the plea of 
.\l'-lJade. .Miys. Ivlias Field, for Mc- 
I'.'Kie. and .Sullivan, for the rcspondeiit.-j 
ai;reed that the facLs bad be 
already and tiiat the only ls;u 
point of law 

1 liy \tt,- Snllivan licit 

I nut- t'nr cil.\- of P.oHtrin, 

n over Lieer Islaiul, there 

j fore that MiTiade was not an employe 

i of the cify of iioslon, and conscqueiitly 

I did 

n,l j Istence of the ' agreement.' ll 
a jtnat ^^I .Voyes, chairnian ct the Sirr-cti 
] Commissloner.s. admltte<l that Ule agree- 
! menl existed. Tho day after Mr N'oyea 
I testified before the Finance CommiBsion 
[he notified the Finance Commission for 
I the first time in writing by a latter 
, dated N-ov 20, IMl. of the existence of 
this agreewent. 'which the hoard in- 
tends to make,' and ,hu full lerms of 
. tho settlement. 

"Would Be Greatly Enhanced" 

"The ease prei^ents even more r«. 
markahle aspects. 1,, De.'etfihe* IS'-U 
about the time when you nrs:"mBde' 
pabiic your Intention of tliing a iilll h, \ 
the f..eglslature to widen Cambridge « pd 
Court sts to a width of 100 feet, C.eorge 
r. Crocker In a le|,er lo Voni Honor 

i " '1 wlKli 1,, .,,.|, 

j I hat t he owners 

j wliirli (he Hevere House 

' would I think. 

enter- i'""il ui law. 
3. I, ll was arKuei 

„ iu ] "''' couiltv, aii'l 
" '■J"'/ Jurisdiction 

not come within the scope of tb 
_ , ,,,., .,,, , , Ihw whicli forbids veterans of the 

Do you love little children enough to; „„(, „;,,.y ,,ej„^, di-schar-ed 
lakfl a donatitm to the I'ost .Santa i henrlns. 

' ' ' lie .'.lated further that actuallly ]> 

without a 

Clans Fund'f Thev are New Fngland 
children. They live In' your cities and 
towns. Porno day they will bo citizens 
I if your commimitles. 

, Why, only yesterday Santa Claus 
j -ecelvea a contribution from a State 
i that la not oven in New England. Ii 
; »K.B fv $t donation from "a Htudent" In 

KIrksvllle, Mo., who s.ald; 
i "Ifopo yon can help to make some 
I'lUtlo on» happy. It is not much, but 
I vi\Bti ti q<tvM ^J^<ir.»." 

.Tohnscn liad no legal right to appoint 
.^TcDade to the position. Maater Molloy 
alone having i.nrii right. 

McDade wai apiMilnted deputy master 
r>! the house of correction by .Mayor 
Curley about two year.s ago. He led 
.company Ij of the lortd Infantry over- 
seas as Its captain and was soon pro- 
moled. Prior to that bo was captain 
t« the Stb regiment, M. V. M. Up for- 
rtierly was conne'ted with tho adver- 
tlalns staff «t a Bonton vaper. 

in this connection 
r the property on 

''°'-"n>ily stood 
,,,,,.„ ^1 would I tiilnk, look favorably on a 
wa,.; ihe irropo.sitliin to deed wltiiouL conjildera- 1 
lion HUcli portion of their land as might! 
he needed tor Ib's Improvement f per 
sonaliy would not look upon such a deed 
ns a donation, because I fee] u,ut. the 
vahie of the remaining land would be 
greatly enhanced,' 
"This letter has 

I drawn. 

I "When tile 

jelly to make this CambridRe s| widen 
Ing In Ilia; fchapter MO) j, was provided 

I that no ass.^sment or seciomcnt should 
be made unless all pertinent facts were 
submitted to the Boston Finance Com 
mission not less than 10 days before 
RU<.'h award or setllemeni 

"This is the ilrsi case in the 
brtdge-sl widening which the Street! 
j Commissioners have sought to setti* buti 
(Oi court by Increasinn tM ' 

|aw»T4. m»,%,«ml*|JtaMi 

been wlth- 
l.egisluture aulhorisied thel 

was to bei 




Thirty-Two Communities Represented 
Meetini^ in City Hall 

DEC B i9kt ^rrn:t::7.-rr;T-. 


rovokn \t\p temporary incr<3tt»«ti in»M»».«n* 
In toll rt^t<•^i. pondlnif the oilt'^omo of 
the hcnrlnB-3 on thf' new rutn si-hednlc 
whk-h.' ho paid. In -liules the chanBes in 
;h.> toll rates, rimirman Attwnl L'ain 
that the hoarinsr.s on the private ^^an<;h 
(-Mhange riito" and tht» toll r.-vt.i-s woiil.l 
h.. .Idlnilr-lv clif'M today, hui the peti- 
lion of Mayor Ci.rl-y tor a K"i.oral re- 
vMon in rates, flluil sonio tmi-j ago. 
V. Ill bo li'-I<l open. 

J Advertising Campaign Criticised 
n 1 J I Mr Sullivan In Iii« arsvinitnt today dl- 
r rOteSt I r.H-.e<l .,.m. criticism against the tele- 
phone conipaiiy because of its adver .»- 
!nK campaign in conneetlon \vU.i 
vcdi/,. ■■! feel." he eaic! 

X resolution calling upon the Public 
UtllttlCB Commission to undcrtaka a 
general, sweeping Investigation of the 
alleged cystoiri oC interlocking direc- 
torate of the local Telebhono Company 
with all corporations of this kind with- 
in the parent Boll Company, was unani- 
mously adopted at the protest meeting 
of Bay State city and town otflclals 
against the company'.-s petition for rato, at City Hall, this noon. 

Mayor Ciirley, pfcaidlng. wa.H appar- 
ently fflatlsned at the rcpreaeniatlve 
chnraclcd of the gathering. All Ih.- 
speakers opposed an Increase. The fol- 
lowing conimiinltllso w ro odlelally 

Canibriilffo. Brockton. Fall HI\-.-r. 
Tauntonll, i.Marlboro, llolj-oko, Maiden, 
lyynn, l^awrence, tilourester, ^Vorce>■- 
ter, Watertown, Kainlwlch, Norwood, 
Leominster. Chl.-,opce, Duxbury. George- 
town, Ipswich, .'^aiigUH, Scituate, Ames 
bury, WllllamshurK, Rockport. West 
•Brookfteia, Athol, MUford, Ameslmry. 
Doxboro. Weymouth, Holbrook and 

"Is there any ono hero oi>i)osed to tin' 
resolution?" .Mr Cnrley asked, after otll 
elals from each of these coramunklties 
had spoken favorably. When no on. 
arose to protest, tlm Mayor exclaimed: 
"Then It doesn't look uh though Cur- 
ley was the only one Interested in hold- 
ing down teleplione company rates!" 
This the Mayor said In reply to an .(11- 

K. Mark Sullivan, corporation coun- 
Hcl for the idly of Hoston, who will 
, lead the light of all tlio commtinlties 
named a,liovo against the teleidione 
company's petition before the Public 
UtUilies t:ommlssinn, told how the tele- 
j phono comiiany'.s "prestme and power 
I are used to terrorize and blackjack 
{members of the I'ubll;' l.'tllUles Commls- 
I slon In a ca^o like Ihi:-' 
I "But a telephone ccpinpany ofllcial re- 
cently nnflwercd my a.ssertion that tlie 
! telephone company hasn't yet provefl 
I the justice of its lirst claim for rato In- 
creases by Htatnig, 'I' admit you're 
' right, Sullivan " 

"The niemlier.s of the Public ITlllities 

Commission arc human. They know 

I their heads will bo lopped off by Ih.s,- 

] powerful pubi!(^ .servico cfu'porations. 

unless they do the bidding of these In- 

I IcrestP. In a. ease like this, with the 

corporation against tlie interests of all 

'of the people, the Public Utilities Coin- 

missionors can hard!., be <!Xpeeted to 

act otherwise tlian as the creatures ot 

their creators-tlie corporations th,>m- 

selves wdilch dictate to the Goverroi 

the appointment oi; Viembers to thu 

Public Ctllitles CommlsKion!" 

Mayor Curely then arose to put the 

^»«rt>»«*»«— •" "* *-«** ..«.l i»«li1* ••Th« n>tl.-i 

lie I'tilitle.'i (Commission nuiy really b> 
impartial. But tho members ar.« ex 
tronuly careful not to enroach upon the 
Income of tho public service corpora 
tions wihlch arc responsible for the ap 
pointment of tbue men to membership 
on tho Public Utilities Commi.ssion: So, 
while tho Commission possibly migh; 
decide this time In favor of tho people. 
I think our safest course Is to petition 
t the r,egislaturn to have the Conimiseio-i 
conduct .-i wide open Investigation of 
tlds great octopus, tlie Telephone com- 

Thi^' rc-'olutlnn met unanimous favor, 
an dthere followed a proposal that each 
of the comnumlties representea would 
bear Its pro rata .•-bare ot th.-, expenses 
of conducting the tight against tlie eom- 
pany, beuiro the Commission, with 
Btatlatli'al engineers and accotintai-.ts 
who vrouia be equipped *o contend with 

that, whereas the company 


the array of talent ila.1 will be at tha j 
Telephone Company's command. 




M.,v,.v Rlhard n. Coollrtge of Med-", 
llford 1 a protest sent today to ;U« I'"^- 
1 ic T-llllties Co.nm!.ssion against the J 
°oDo-;e 1 new schedule of telephone i 
I ..;re„ bv the New n.igland Telephone * , 
i •IVl'graph .'ompany stated the 
' Hoard of Aldermen vf Medford has ^ot- 
I ,-d to ireatn a ^'pecial .ommiaee of 
'brte membei-s "to cooperate with t!ie 
Mayor and city solicitor In protecting 
the Interests of the people of Med- 

The Heleetmen of Sharon have asked ] 
t'le commission to give •serious consld- 
approvlng "' 

• r.xtlon" before approving the new 

A protest baa also been received from , 
tliK Scle imen of Willi;' mjhurE'. ! 

Flea for Reinstatement 



A pr- li!iiii! M\- h- i: int; .t t ^» ^. ■' :i i •' *• - 
and tois PD uliich have proler;t"d agalnJit 
( the proposed new telephone rates, -.nd 
other remonstrants, would be reprc:icnt- 
cd will b': held some time before Jan 1 j 
for the purposu of "clearing tbi! dcek;j" (j 

for tho conduct of formal hearing, it || j^j ^.^^^^ ^f ^ supreme coirt 
was Indlcat. d by Chairman Henry C. I! ° , , •, , , T , '"""'' 

Attwiii of th„ Public Utilities commis- ;• y^^^««^'^ay I'^a'-'^ and took under ad- 
Miun in the wiudnis; up of tb eb.aring.i I vispinent the plea of James H. Mc- 

tod.'v" '""^"" '"""'"' '•■^'"'•""'''' '■''""' i Dado, former deputy ma.ster of Deer 

i-'iiairman AttwiU remarked that be- j island, to compel Dr. David J. John- 

^^^"lo;;;s";vbi^^["de;i;'"'t:''taife^;^i^^p'"\'"'dJ^I"'^ter James L. Molloy to. 

in the case and the large number of h re.'^tore nim to his position. j 

counsel who will be ln\oiveil, ii'< n\>'.1,1. MoOade was removed N,)v. 17 after an ! 

Taken Under Advisement 

investigation foHowing 

,lnn,,,^, L "'>e.-t.iNnuun lojiowing sensational 
"'""'• charges bTOUght against the admlnls-'! 
tration of ilie Island by State Commis- 
sioner of Correi'tion .Sanford ISates 

Atty.s. lOllas Field for McDadR. "and 

R Mark yullivan, corporation counuel 

' of the city of Itostoii, for the rei»pon- 

dents, agreed tliat the fai-ts already had 

been staled .and that the only Issue was 

tha company's case Is i the point of law. 
n of Counsel Ualpb A. Ally. .Sullivan a 


at' the number of individual ri>n 
sir.ants. pro-'e<luro uuuld l>e 
This i-onditlon. ho sabl. pointed to it].- 
mlvi.i.-ibillty of a prillniinary licartnii 
"to slr.aigliten things out." 

Hearing Listfid About Feb 1 

Att.>rney (.'hnrles P IMerce for tho New 
ICngland Telephone and '.feleg'-apli Com 
nany said that 
In be In charge 

Stewart. Mr Stewart, be raid, i 
,'erred to have the henringa begin a! 
Feb J. Corporation Counsel K 
Sullivan for the city of Poston as- 
to this and a.^ked the !• lephone eoni- 
pnny to copies of the aunn.ii re- 
p(M-ls of the New lOngla 1 1 Cfimiiany 
aiici tlie Amerlean Teleph and Ti ], 

gl-:(pb I'ompany sirn'" 1' H" :i!. 

asked for copies of the 
1 llle.l with lhi> <'omniission. 

Mr Sullivan infornvd fhe commis- 
sion of the nn' ting of th, layiirs and 
Selectmen of clilea anri t. ris. htdd at 
Boston City TIall. this no l, ami said 
tiiaf ;in i tfoi-i will be made to have 
thn r ..mninnitlcH inN'olved p.^ol liieir 

i^ro;;roVr;un»;r'''"''''"''''' ''*'''' ^'''''''' i ■■■"""'y ""'"'°'-' """ ^^^ exp«n.« „, 

^lllr .SuUlvnn asked tho -Si-mmtaslon to I .^Jj^ ""T}^ Institutions >ap«r«t. 
■ . . - '..< I those of th« olty. 

<rgue<l that the county 

lie city of Boston, hajj 

jurisdiction over Peer isinud: therefore 

that Mcl>ade was not an employe of tha 

city t*f Boston, and i\>nseijuently did not 

come within the .-<cope of tiio law whick 

lorbids \, terms of the army and navy 

being discharged without a licaring. He 

jl further said that actually Dr. .lohnson 

liedul.a li^d no legal right to appoint Mclnkde 

to the position. Master Molloy a.lors 

having such right. 

Atty. Field referred to a statute of 
18SI which give.M tho city of Boston con- 
trol over all county property. 

Atty.,<f!ullivnn countered by potntinx 
out that the city auditor, who Is aJso 


" f rities atia i"— 

P--"»''"^1„': P-te by the V^..^ 



the i-OiH- 

mise^'o^- N-. (Will '''','*. 1- cscuans- 

u-«-^ ^'" /^/'oU rates, ^•;^^;,,„u.t - 
vales and >;,. i„.iy oloBfd > ^, g,.,>.i.- 

P^"^'"" U rates, fl^'"! ^ 
- ., on l-"^- ■'- l'''.';!'iwbf'-d "'''"■"•. ii' ,.nn>arKc.\ 

bitter attacli 
Mayor CuvlevB^aaca^^^^^.,, ^^^ 

;"one service ^>' ^^'^..y, termm. 
Telephone Compa.>^ ^^^ ^^^, ,,W,c 

their i^^tion a ' 

purse" 1" " ^- ^,.ji.\oui 

, Ma. -iU( 


'^'^ ''■'^cd as --"r^, .edur<-ou 


New Rat« ^'" , 
p,,es Stoiin ot 


Nr ' 

;;!:r."oa v,ru;l.y"-,,^,.er.. I-;;:. ,, r,.r.;e -^.^^, o 

;i;e aSBeTnmaK>_- J5,,fl00 

-'^ rr..;" AVr*> \:: passed .V>at^_^ 

punned Btf 01 ^^^^^^^,„ 

A»ry '-'''''^^^^„.. rate 

r ;ncreaf.e^^ >" *-'''^' , ^v tbc\ '■"":;;•„„• Vu <• 
posed ^ncrea ,^,^ i by \v^^, '-";,'-^ ^uaui- 

..ate oommvssion^^,^^^^ he*--".*!!:' 1 c^^npany >- -^ . 

^ .,h have hren 

fi^-^ ";„ cut, ^-- .,\^:,wch 

such a .-"■ _rnposf<l tiv" -- . 
has met the prop ^,„,,da>. by 

f telephone rates ^^^^^^g,1,U 

— •„,..... asscu,. .. . °5,, New Engl'^"'^ \^^^b the Massa- 
r\.rX---. taph CO.P--J 

' Telepli""" & „,„„ I ties. , tT^at opposttton 

-no. i^'l, ;,t.t>a- It is e^pec^_<^ j^^ ^^ the Common- 

nled ^vl'" ''formed U^'- >^°"\",ri neloc. - \ 
yullivan 'P'7u>e "'"■"'? "V,c l«id .i' 
l„,e n>ecUPK "' j ,nvv«s to t" ^_,,ia 

iromninn'^''- represent, rt 
'es.s ";:?,oSnseU „„,,„ to.;., d 

group"' - ,„ bis '■■'*-" „.,|,,«i •'"" . 

rales • , ^ouio >r'\,„,..^v,se of I's f^ ,,, 

hy «-\f-j;::;:i:;«rtreoii:-;-,-:: 

»,A that opposition ^v'" 
^t i, expected t^a Common- 

come from aU part' o .^^,,^,,,d 

rcac'i<"<^ til. 



>,,.. Engla^^'' J'^^J Olio haiv 
graph C"'^^''""^:, ami 

^bo have 1^"^" , t.cni '^^'^"^^^ \ , r,.l 

„n the other. ^M^-^^^„,HO 
CONTINUE" ^^^^,.^,„„a „ 
Tli'se date-' vyl^ 
nv.nm"" "•""■ ,t .^ 

'•'"* ..nmm>^^'";\t ^'•■" 
:iinS '1^ "- 

ra"' "'.;:<.rtislns '■"""!■ nnt marUe.l 
■Ihat llio "'^''"tere.l Into !■-""', ,,^1 we 

Tele-\';,ui. '>";;prm vu- '„' 'V >. costm^. 

a lu'-'. eas ,,.,,„,, tne -- ^ 

.;„ ■ 

,,.,1 '■'d^l>" ''''' 

ind"''' „ ,,,, pUl- 

j„,.lMo.-'_ May 

id'-" ' lb". Vnil-d 
Sliaron^ VlH' Itev.-r 

Uous.- O" the^,„p,.oe "";\„„u,bte 
'— " t--ron«U Ma> ;;;,,,„., ,s Pl<'-iVe;;P^^ uevere 


HITS ALL NEW ^^^^_^^^,^ 

.,„-. .act Hia. Uie Pr -^^^^ ^.,^^„, 

,::,ae« .or -•;-;:,:,„., .«ti.-«>e. 

:nrou...uttU««ta;'.-^^^_^^^^^,, , 

th« mlng of "'*':„„. States, """^ 
otLr N«« England ^,^^,^„„, 

,,«u,edtb«-ov ;; , ^et,e.rat. om 

ctat ana ^"'"„^'%'„teBt» on V,eVi»U c' 
■■ T.h« films of ^', .rough Mayor cm - 
t^o ^-'^^ "' ^'^rnaV: prtvat. prot«»t. 

^-- r.duat^ -" *^'%'r"« ?!...»•- 



tuls m 

':X'^'\z. of in<iv;;"brit;trom.ced >" ;;-„-o? it^ 

n/at iPe l"^'^ p„tire >'■' !■'' ,.f,ntpany *« «> r,ropo»ed 
"'""i'^riv «oU-4^vW.^-Pread ^^^ ^, ^, 

- ":t;,s'of .1-' ^»;;:iaenutiy. "^"'•^^fl.^.nat the con.; 


"' , ,;U)U'-e!'tfi- .,„ „e\^l> 'a. ''-'■' 'r til 

' Jopose.l l"'-"';',,, ,b,. prota.^>'if:,,,.„ripe 
P'^ , VIS ...-on 

repre«' *■>.■ , 

»"i ^p UB" 'r :,;:eunK '*;:,;",:;aneu ^ — ,,„ , 

"w"--^:rt;:eo---;^.i;^,,,,,, ^;- 

tbt. tP--"' ,„se ^''■'^ ...noraUon eon j,,„„ i , ,,, 

-j^'^uU' ^f-::;on: todavj;:;-;;^- ^:::.:^^r^\ ^"■' 
.- ■-l:^:^ ;;: ^--e .-,-.., some _^„^^„„, 

crca*^'^^ t^v;;- ,„ '.rii'i'^^^s on 'P","':!l .-an 

S'"-r;..""Sa.-:;S;.ciTY MEN 1 p^sT SMiTA ; 

,i,a\v -wHoreas on « ^^^ 

.1" -'"'^' ,;pany '■l»'"\rt t» tncr*a«»d 

,„„„pve.^ ^'''■^;Vrgro««"nco.n.'0«'l^» t 

1 val. 

,\ !-■ '■■" 

.,in« ^" ,:':;■■ 

a 1 M 1 a' , 

■d ' , ,, Mi.erl- 
,,,,„ -n.-mK "■■ ,. ,.,,, 11. is'"" , 

local nt! 

sion "':\,,,. ,be'-a^'""'" 
mdle-al^d ; «„ion t^at p.,.rtl.uin ^,„^.„r _, 


(jXiiit. - 

VM. 5^„iuyan. 

of IP" "'^*"';; 

.tUon n« or.pre.«.-d W an ^^^ 

»*" vpstnrday. t-^"-*--*.-, m *oo- 

company y^'V-i^^ln""" f^^^l ^, «i». 

„rt«ont year '^"'^ j gt further <»•• 



Installed at Boylston and Tremont-St Crossing, 
Flashes Signals to Autoists and Pedestrians 

Now Signal i'rafflc, Towor lit. .liuu'iioii of Boylslon and Treiiiout bU, 
With Patrolman Uanlcl P. Diiggan of Stritiou 4 

COfilEK n 



Sends Check for $100 to Help 
Buy Christmas Dinners 



I'ho niw Uitdlo sii^IUll |r>\\,.r toirrl 'It 

th/) Jiinotlon ol' llnyl'itiin ;iiul 'I'rfm.jut 
Rtf". lafit oVfiilnK. lias iiro\*ri tiJrcady ." 
grr;it FUt'ci-^ffa aifil, accortUnK to tradlc 
nffli'iala. many otlicrs will bn orpclecl 
Ihioiishniit tlin city. Tt was ntaleii by 
tliB pollco tills mornlas tliat llip slfjiial 
llBlit f-ystcni WHS a most (irncliclai 0110 
ami that i-firn^libTlnt? Uh newnoss, Its 
or'iTatioH lasf tvfiilns wa« irioot satLs- 

Ah tlii'sr. (imrrs Tiiny bn In*'lnno(j In 
maicy i^(M'i|r.n.s of Ik^fIoh. K will he xvll 
for autol^t.'j, an'i ovfii tho :'r-fl'\strlans, »<► 
mill. Tsiuiicl 111" iiuatilmt rif llio ll;(lit». 
Hoiuv, llji' fiilli. Miner fads tilumld be 
read aiul reruuinbored; 

\N tt'Mi a red lislil .'liow,^. h\i']k 

\\]\vn rf'd and ainl'or It^hts ain'^ar It 
Ii, a .signal fur fnot trattb' l.i cro!"!'. 

^^ iu'ii a urc-f^n lijjtif iM-arlnv; an arrow 
shows oin; niii;il niiTi in th. dlrtctloii 
L'liil tlio arrow poiiu^-. 

A i-ionbliiatliin of )ibn> and Ri-rrn tlghtB 
nifun.M that, traftir l.s ailowrd to ko 
both stralt^ht ahoad ami turn. 

A ri^d dash moan.'! thai thi> Blatnal l» 
oli.'Uiu'Ing. Do ricd movt^ until sure <jf 
rfiKnai that, nrxf apixwr.--;. 
» .V conttruinn;-; d.-Mihinp red li;:h! warns 
of afiproacbln^ fir«! apparatii.*. 

.No l.'fi turn is alkiwrd foutlibouiij 
tralllc on Tii'nuint ft. 

N" h:f( turn is allowt'd wcsllioi.nd 
cradir oil Hoylston st. 

llni lor till; in-r^'nt th" r'oli'-r; nlu.'tla 
«lll warn of clianKia.'I tiKltals. 

for Boston Pogr 

"1 am iirinl.\ <',,ii vinro<i that '3>» 
Ho.ston Amcriffin will this \"ear bo 

!oonfront'")l w-it.'i lh?> R-retUcst task 
In Us history nn iirovlding- ChrlHt- 
inaa diimers for Ihe poor," s«i<i 
Mayor James ?if. Ciirji'v in a letter j 
/^^•hk^ll acc(im);>aiMp<l hi.~ iiei"-"*""*' ; 
i!rh(?ok for $10n for the lifdplng: Han. I | 
j(chrl.s1iiia3 Basket Kimd of thiN ; 
newsfXLper. 'i.'f' ' 

Althoiish (lirlslnias is i«r, '.vceUs t 
distant, the Kaskot Fui;d office Is! 
receiving an average of 200 letters a 
ida.v from lll-noiirished children anil) 
Uin happy niothcr.s who liop>,» for a| 
sa,llstai!tor5' meal at Vuletide. I 

I'nlesa much more inonev is re- ' 
oelved it will be absolutely imptusi- 
bic to take rare of tUoiLsands of llie 
reque.-d.s that are potiriPK i". 

This will be a biis.v week for the 
Ba.skel Fund as several events are 
scheduled to Ixinsl thn total. On f 
Thtirfida.v evening will come the ar.- ! 
nuHl charity ball atid entertainment I 
in the Copley-l'laKi hotel, niaht ball] 
i\x>m, under the ausiilcfs of Ger-. 
trude Pobin Do Petro and Madame 
Lyman School for St aire Children. 
On Kriday )iic;ht t«'> events are 
Ischeduled, a juvrniie eniertalBment 
lin Musio ball. Meridian Ktr<>et, East 
iBoston, directed by Ikirothy M, 
Wagrner School of Kxprcsslon nnU 
Dancing, .uid a (,'bristmii.s party in 
Uloomfield l-all, Oeneva avenue, 
I.>o'n best or, conducted bv Margaret 
(1, Honan of the DanciiiB Sttidlo 
which li^ar.s bcr name, 

Arnonjf the talented pupils of the 
(Gertrude l>i>Inn-r>el'etro Studios of j 
Dancintr who will take UxulinK pajta j 
In the entert.»;nm«nt for the Christ- j 
nta.s na,sket Fund ohaaMiy J>J»-U >iext 
T'hur,'i<lay evening- in ( opiey-l^laza | 
Hotel ballroom are 'h'- following:! 
Mary Fit /.ar raid, Ilofa. 'J'lxld, Grace \ 
^'.ihan. Marie .'^olari. Kiita Bell, ^ 
l)oroth\- Boll and Anna \Vil,iK>n, 

Tn addition II10 followin.e- -will ap- 
pear: Grace Brown, Helen Cook, 
ICalhleen Nolan, Mildred TTarring- 
lon, l.ouisft 'rotten. Rita Moore. 
Ituth Ttallou. .luno Wyiiar, Madeline 
M'Xluiro, Oatneiiiio (iiiocnwrood, 
Dorothy Ciire.v. lOlranor KeogTi, 
Marlon Hartford. DiiUjui .Ilartfonl, 
Others who win n.npfvir ln<:Utd« 
} V)Mc<in <'a.mpbell. Ciilberin« Itapjv 
hie, I'Mna. Ca.rter, Beatrice Palgt?, ' 
Au<liie.v jSwnedeJnan, Dorothy 15ui^ 
ket;t, WI.Miiajit ,MoMalein, Majrlobne 
l-'lnn. Fnmci.s Alllton, M:u-y Coriley, 
tliilh Miildoon, b-iore>T\co McOrath, 
IWrothy Borry, Mariott Sylva, .Fames 
Trf:onnrfI. Doris Ibwper and Clie«rter 



... Tf\/\D5Ci{ipj D£C,8,I514 

«l[i loiis 

nid name In Jamaica Plain he • 

seven advortlsement!'. thoiurli U. 
v'o%M'H there inimf^crcd but m; 
charpff'il that the cimpany w^s a' 
'o lirlbo the »)ew.spap<'r.s, and he 11' 
lliat poinl by hoIdliiK up a Bost'- 
Inff paiipr and polntinfi to an > rtl: 


■Fifty Municipalities Indorse Bill 

Damanding Sweeping 
I, Investigation 


Corporation Counsel Sullivan Tells 

Need of Experts and Saving 
...< of $13,000,000 

receiv«u w 

(Tlstere the light, w ..5: for complete Informiltlon ll 
o. H and ror a don, • tratlon on the part of <)I*f I 
■niptin public "that its. \ nice may be raised above | I 
^ratc the noise of the publicity campaign." I I 

1 inorr Mr. Sullivan went Into oon.slderable de- I 
.rial 11 '^''1 In outlining the Interejit of the Amer- 

thi' .situatinti and nn advcrtipi '""•"^ Telephone Company In the New Eng- 
iiunt from the company on the Kanie pas '""<! Company, paying that the parent «oni- 
.\ft, r further remarlin about the edlfc f^''-^ '» 'n control. The American corn- 
er question, the mayor oharBed that th t"^"y »'"o owns the Western Electric Com- 
.ompariv "believes that if the channels 1 Vmiy. he .said, and has a four and a half 
infonralion can be prostituted the Publ l"^'' "■''■"'- contract with the local company 


.Service Cnmnilssinn can he depende.I upc ""' telephone parts. He spoke of the an- 
to he seivilr." Furthemore. Mr. Curley d. """' '■"•■"•8"« »' J2,200,000, or $3 per phone 
.■lared that the cities and town.s have -"'H. and remarked that the city -had shown 
duty t.> perform to compel the company i'J"' ""'"I^ny ">»* a fair char«re would be 
establish tts case, "reRnrdless of what newt 
Iiaper editom may publicl.v put en the au- 
tion block the editorial or advertising co 
urnns 01 tlieir paper.*?." 

tlie _ _ 

lifly eent.s per set and that affair charge 
of tlie other service would be forty-flve | 
cents. I 

Mr. Sullivan Revicv Case 

Coriioralion rcnuisel JO. Xrark 
remarl;eil. as ho a rc»um(5 of his el 
fort.s lierore the Tuhllc TTtilltles ronimis 
.sion in coniliatin!:? the Telephone Ccnnpany' 
rate iniTi'.T.jc. that, if It was a spl"ndi 
achievement for Hovernor Cox to redtic 
the Slate tax hy !!!2.(if)n,OOn, then the dut 
before the cities and towns to save the puf 
lie an additional telephone burden of $ia ^^,,j,^ ,,, j,,,,^, , 
measural.iy more important, fn, 

\ojcc irom 
-iectmen of 
a \ote was 

a s'oup 

A'itluiU!^ .1 dixsenii 
i^t fifty mayor/i an'! 
;<Ausetts munlcipaiitii 
•In the Council Chamlicr of City Hall, this 
«fternoon, to Indorse a hill Just drafted hy 
■the Hosfon I^aw Department, calling for 
an appropriation of $5(1,000 In order that 
the Public Utilities Comml.s.sion may con- 
duct a sweeplnB Investigation of the New 
EnBland Teleplione and Telegraph Com- 
pany, with resjiect to the rate advances re- 

j The meeting had (jcen called l)v !\[ayor 
Curloy In the hope that a State-wide fight 
mWt bo organized. Thongli several of the 
largest cities ignored the invitatioc, and 
only a few of the L'lii towns were repre- 
nonted, there wa.s a general feelinK tliat the 
movement would hav,. ttlt,.. appeal desired. 
Those who wer- wer,. enthusiastic, 
sevr-"' ,,r the speakers goiriK so far a.i to cojiiplet,. indorsen^ent of all that 
Ma.\or Curley and (.'orporation Counsel 
K. Mark Sullivan had said. This approval 
was All the more striking, inasmuch as tlic 
mayor and his chief law arlvl.ser differed 
In tt.elr estlnjate of the Public Servce Com- 
mission's responsiveness to the imbllc. 

Curley Opens the Meeting 

In calling the meetin;: to order Mayoi- 
Curley called attention to tlie Tcl.'plione 
Company'.s reserve of JH), 000,000 which 
had api)earcd In .Mr. .Sullivan's r.-'si,,,,^ 
of the ease he has fought tjcfore the st;itc 
commission. -,■■] emphasized Ih.. point that 
the com; 1 'ailed to establish its case 

to! .ler Increase. "1 appre ^iute 

the po\ ...r.ited by a reserve o'' f40,- 

000,000," (he mayor asserted. "This power 
represents a Kalion-wlde orifaiiizatlon. I 
also realize that the r.iid on the pub- 
lic purse is uelng maiii .....ewhere. in the 
face of ilie Kenerai belief thai iiie cr,m|.aiiy 
has not rsli.alishea .i; ase in ihe increased 
rates demanded for Hoston, we are con- 
ftoHted witn the situ, 'ion of an attempt 
liy iiii(?e .sums of mone. I 1 drus the public 

Th< n for m nule-; 1 be ma.vor spoke 
i'.arfihly ot the i'ami>nli;ii of tne Kdephone 
. company. In its a'lverl'.ainB, ei-iting that at 

i 000,000 

j He reaUzeil, he said, the importance of hav 
I ing tlie Rood will of t lie newspapers. H 
I had rear! the editorial in ouestion "wit; 
minsled emotions," saying that he 

Proposed Bill Then Read 

.Mayor Curley siioke of a bill th:it Mr. 
,;. .... .Suihvan* had prepared for submission to 

'" '''the LcRlsiatiire, asking for a gerieral In- 

ve.'tisatiim of the company, and tiien spoke 

of what the city had done in sectuMns: five 

reductions from tlie lOdisoti Conntany and 

four from the Boston Consolidated Gas 

Company, saying that "in not a single 

instanle was a reduction made hy the T'uh- 

iic ITtilidc.f Commission, an indication that 

infcrestefi they are (.are- 

not lo encroach on the income of the 

eoriion- lions." Jlr. .suliivan then reai! his 

bill, and the mayor cilled for comment. 

Uhitfleld Tuck of Winchester was the 



for \v])nt flic niavor 

,, ^^ ■^■"■•1 to respond. He favored it and honed 

sorry for (he paper itself and for the put that each mayor would work for it City 

.Solicitor Nelligaii of Cainbrldg moved trat 
r Tlopton ha the bill be indorsed and J. H Kelsey of 
ii> the telephone cases, he desired t Stonglilon s.cond. ,1 the motion. Then' fol- 
-say that every step had been marked b lowed iiidor.sements froni .Tames H Mc. 
ccnscrvatlsni. .\t no time had he caf .Ardle of .Sandwich, Walter C. Stone, ot 
Sullivan) presumed to say that, tlie Tel< Watcrlown, Afayor CJuinn of Cambridge, 
phone <"'ompany docs not need Increase William II. .Murphy, city snlicilQr of Slarl- 
fovenue. "What 1 have said is that the ^"1"' : -flavor Conners of HoU'oke J \, 

have tmt proved their case." he declare, ?;;:;;!!; ';;ri^!:'7 f Wa^'f^f'^'""'''"- 
••one of the company's omcials .said to m.iudge I-.v r f 'ecmii; 's, ,V Vil! an^cTT 
withm n. w,,:-k: 'aiillivan, I admit you', llsh, cit.v .s, •■■ ^^ '"""" ' • ^''1- 

lliat ti 

not adequate' 



Mr. Sullivan declared 
Utility Commission is 
cTUipped to carry on an 
tile Telephone Company; 
tied they do not have tlie right kit 
of cMperls. If Koston had not ^-one in 
llie case the only thing tlie telephone cor 
pany would have had to do was to cstablli 
a pro lirma case. 

■■In all I have done I thought I wae t 
self-constrained, but I wanted to be fail 
continued. "The mayor constantly ^=. 

out to destroy t 

of Huxbury, 



to me: 'W,. are not 

telephone company or any puldic service 

corporation: we don't want anv more 

pled .N'ew Havens or Klevated line 

Other Decisions to Follow 

.Mr. Suliivan desin-d 1. 
thought on his hearers iliai 
ot the I'uiillc Utilities C 

■it or of Worcester. A. K Creen 
Harry K. Perkins of Georitp.' 
Pubii town. liohert K. Bamford et Ip.swieh ojhn 
a. Holmes of .Sargus, A. C.. Cone of WH, 
liamsburg. .iolm H, Dennis of Rocknor 
A. U-. Clark of West Hrookfield, Charle^H 
Cook of Athoi, John 10. Higginson o M : 
ford. 1.;. F. Perry of Amesbury, J. r. Rtch 
ardson of Hoxboro, w. H. Holhrook of 
AVeymou.h, .ioiin W. Porter of Xb*„^' 
When the matter as put to a vote ther^ 
was a general response, with no nega Iv,^ 
Mayor Curley remarked: "That"^ 
as I Curley was the only one Interested °„ 
holding down the rates, dues it?" 

lillirCK I lie 
I'oe deeisloii 

omniifisifin in this 
case will depcTid the decisis 
in other .Slates of .Vow 

ons lo lie made 

thing that had outraged him'nios'i luid b-eu 
the refusal of the company to open its 
books. I,asl spring, Mr. .Sullivan stated 
com])any filed its petitions, it said 
for the year would amount to 
but later .said it ivouid amount 
Today, word had come that 
$2,22.-,,onn. "If that ifi 
company Jnstlded In tiling 
will result in an addlllon.-il 
Jl:i,000.000?" Mr. Sullivan 

Public Christmas Eve Cele- 
bration Includes Pageant 

Preparations for Iha annual observ- 
ance of the Christma.s and New Year's 
season by tlio City of Bostcm are in 
progress by a eoiiimitten of the flii- 
Kcns' J-ublio Celebr.-itlons Association i 1 
working In co-..peration with ,1. Philip' 
>--'C.->imen, director of Puldic Celebra- 
tions, by the .Mayor's approval. I 

The Christmas lOve .elcbratlon w11|l 
centre around tlie I'arkrnan Bandstand 
on the C.mimon when Ihe ofTlcial light- 
ing of tho tniiniclpal Christmas tree -ndll 
take place. Car.d .singing by tiaineO 
voices will bo an attractive feature ol 
the evening, while the usual eonimunltv 
singing, in whiel, 2.,,ooo p.-oide are ex 
pe.'ied to pnrlieipaLe, will take place' 

A performniice of ihe Natlvlt' 
piigeanl Is planned after the lighting o" 
the treo and I lie poReant this year wll 

. , ^ ... .. |l '"> I'lKBor than ever, as an ' elovatoi 

aeoliiiod that the board M*k!> t ->>atfom> t-wlca t*« sl'.e of liwt ya 

^ bo ooniitruc.tqdi .,%>J<?r"''*^ *"■■ 

when til 

the <leiieit 


to $I,Kilo,000, 

it would amount t 

^o, wh yis *he co 

schedules tiiat 

$10,0011,111111 or 


Then hie coriiorillon counsel paid Iri'i- 
ute to llie Public Utilities Commission 
but inodilled it by the statement that they 
"are creatures of their .-reators," meanln'g 
that these corporations furnish the candi- 
dates for the board while the publt 
lent. He ' ' - - 

Is si- 



ILC 9 


Telephone Boost Start 

»^cr??,in __i _..._ 

Representatives of 50 Cities 

■"* i: I 

aiul Towns, 
Meeting Here, Indorse Curley's Bill for 
Sweeping- Inquiry by State 



lid bcIfoLinnn from 

Hearings on the proposed tcle- 
rhonc rate incrca.scs will probably 
bctrin before tlie state department of 
public utilities about Feb. I, ami it 
became apparent yeslenlay that op- 
position vvoulil be \oicei| liy |irac- 
tically every city and Inwn in the 
state, through mayors and .elect- 

('li!ih-ni,'iii lUniy (' M I >ii"ll of t!i" 
Pllhlio utilities .lenartiiirul i)i I i nialed 
ypHlorday tlmt a preliminary li,\,i-ing 
wotiid bo held this nioiith, at \\h\r\, ih" 
citjrs und toujis and othor oppon--^nts 
uoiild formally at-k for a t-usiunsion of 
llic Inoroascs, Fclicdiilnd 1o bpoomo rf- 
fectiro Jan. 1. Tlio dop,irtnipnt. -,( ill or- 
|, dor the puspenslon until ,^f.^rl'll J, or a 
■'later date, and will tlion Bh>' tlie con- 
■endlng parties live or si.\ ivrck.s to get 
th'-lr ari,-urnintii in shape for presonta- 


l''ifly mayors 

■illc.i and town.') of Maasaoliusetts, in 

I pedal session ycsterda.y In llio oouniil 

chamber of Bo.ston City ITall, Indorsf d a 

oill .iu.«t drafted by tlin Boston law d.-- 

( 'ai'tment calllnp on the pyMlo niilitles 

j jninnils^lou to investiBHti' f xiinu.stivcly. 

at an cxpi^n.^f up ii.i J.'.o.'HiO. not only tlio 

ate advances rrccntly asked by tbii 

tolvphono coinpan\, Imt the relations of 

I that corpoi'ailon with tiio parent con- 

' [ cern. T'ho contracts of the coniiiany for 

: tile pnrchaso of eciuipment aofl tlio iiasi: 

for all eliarges n ml rxpfndilmrs .u. 

al.-,0 \\ltllln the !\■01l(^ of tlio propn;,.! 


j .\t this in?t,-inro or .^la^■f■»^ ('uric?', \vlio 
presld'd, Ilic mayors and s.^K'Olmen 
voted to rc'iijest tl'.' pnMie, nlllitle.s com- 
mission to withhold (;rantln« of tile pro- 
loosed increa.'es In lolrphone rale.s nntil 
the hill for n. uvierpinR: ln\ csllyation Is 
aeled (hi h\- Jlio I^egi.-:!;!! or* . Mayor 
Ciirley appointed fi eoinmlttee of 
execiitivcK from several of tie- moi-i^ ini- 
j portant comPinnltie.s to formnhUe. plans 
I for a joint tit^lit at^ainst the rate In- 
I creabc, after Corporation Conns"! F, 
I Mark .'-^ of Ro.'ton pointed out 
i that it wouKl not do for the oiipopr'ii 
to sit back ldl« while awalliiig 1, (,-i; :■' 
(ivo action, ivr the tclrph^'iic r(inip.iii> 
V\oiiId be busy preparing its ra*-. , 
.Uayor Cnriey, assertiiis that the tele- 
: I'hone company not niad" ont a 
■ chai-jred that it uas Httcniptiiig 
'to Orng the i)iibi|.- mind with tho ex- 
I pendlliire of large i,iims of niomy for 
I; the pollution of the ol\annel.=i i.,r pnblh- 
j Information. After to nitacks 
on his conle.^l v.-itli the tehj.h.n - eom- 
" pany, he a,"k>'d whether anv person 
, lyiesent w.a.s opposed to his bill for at^ 
j hnestigrntion. and recelvlnK no answer, 
i a^kcd: "Doe.'i that look a.s though Cur- 
ley na.<! the only one interet;lea In hold- 
ing: do\\-n teleplinno rales 

Corporation v.'onnsf] .Snlli^;l^ nf r.(i,s.l 
loll waa less ."rievere wiili nublit 
utilities commission than \<a.s .Maynj 
Cuil.iy. t;iving it as lo.s opinion liia' 
t!v inednct of hoUff.ty ^v;is as .■tr..nj 
In lite breasts of Ihn nifmluT.-, of !hi," 
body as In any man. lb said, howe\rr 
that a creature inaN' bo cxpectod tt 
i.hi y Its creator, and that llio pnbll. 
ntilltles commission Is prcity nnich li 
effect the creature of the pul)llc service , 


eorporations, What tii<! city needs t 
do, b.. added, is wage a. strong bsht t 
keep men brino[,t, for th'-y or 
under strong pressiirr. 

Some members of the er,mniiss,,i 
he said, riar.i not ,-ay on tlio witncs 
stand, in the jiresence of coniiael < 
tlie telephone company, what theyhav 
said to him personally. But, jMr. ^;ull 
van declared, I heso same members wej 
eomo the city's Interferf nee "TH 
hoard Iong.s," he tald. "f.,r a publl 
demonstration on which th"v oan I. ,11; 
they \\-ant the public to pVocbtl 
interest so loud that it will be 
aho^e tho raeket of the 
company's publicity eampaign 

Mr. Sullivan declared that tha 
utility commission ir not adequate 
et.uipred to carry on an Investlgatio' 
01 the telephone company; their hand 
are tied and they do not have (be rigli 
kind of experts. If Boston had nd 
gone Inio tho ease tho onlv thing th 
telephone company would bav, ha-i 1 
do to establUh a pro nrma ca . 
In all r have I done I thought I va 
onsiralned. but I wanted to 1,, 
fair, ho continued, "The mavor con 
stantly ,said to me: 'We are not out I. 
destroy ih,. telophune company or a'c 
piil.lie scivh-o corporatio,,; „„ ,io,c 
want any more orippl,,! .V.w Haven ., 
i'^levaled lln.^s.' " 

mo,"-i '■■""'"■■■ ^>lllg.■.u of (-amhrhUr 
moved ,1,,.,, M.nyor Cnrleys bill be in- 
dors,-,) and ,i. I,. Ke,,„y of .m„„„, ,,',". 
second.Ml the motion. Then followed i„ . 
ement.s Jamcs H. .Mc-.\r.l'e ol 
^^ alter r. .•-•tone of Wiit.y 
"■ Wuiun of Cumbrldg,-, Wiii 
>■■|'<^ lb .Murphy, city solloitor of Marl 
eoro: .Mayor Connor.^ of llol.voke J t^J 
lyown ,ity soliriior of Maiden: Jfnv,,., 
MePhelns of I,ynn, r.. j. Wade of t h>vJ 
rence, .hv\g,, Dyer of Leominster. Will] 
lam t . .MiUlsh. city sollntor of -Worces 
tor- A. I.. Creep of ruiiburv. Marry r 
lerkms ,.| (.hforgetoxMi. ll„bi rl V; Rani 
ford of Ipswieh, John c. Holmes of .C 

irb^nni-of"^ ',"' ovinia r.:.bur,r. John 
M. uennis of Tlockport. A. W 

West Urooklield. C'-.arle.i If, 

.\thoI, Jo;-.;- v\ .'IlRglnson 

!■', Verry of Amcsbtirv, ,r 

of Ii.,>.I>,„o. W. H, ' 


to b« 
tU be 
u tho 
• such 
sold a 
and an/ 

too self- 

do rt 


Fahrenheit, and tmrnedULtv theroaltor 
(xwlecl to a temperaturo of \ Fahren- 

heit, or lower, and shall be ke? ^^t euoh 
tnniperalure until delivered to the con- 
sumer, and when so delivered shall contain 
not more than 2."). 000 bacteria i)er cubic 
centimeter und not leH3 than four .» r cent fat. 

Kegulatlon 2. — All tnllk inten 
nUimaiely sold as Grade A m.l 
produced at dairies reeeivlng 
boird of health of an>- town 
Oradu A tnllk Is inn nded ti. 
permit to proa e mlllc for t'.a 
Ko such permit shall be grai. 
permit so granted shall ho revoked by th« 
bo;:rd of bealih granting It, If tho stabla 
and milk room are not clean, if the cows 
are not healiby, if the cows' udders are 
nol cleaned at milking time. If the cows 
are not milked wl.h clean dry hands inta 
small-top milk pails or a clean milking 
machine, .f the milk Is not removed tronl 
'he stable immedi.) telv after milking in tiu 
|..iils Into whch it '.vas milked; If the mill 
Is not ijulckly cooled to a torapcratu~9 ofe 
50" "r'abrenhelt or less and kept 't iiuoll^ 
temijerature until del.vered ; proviued thatJ; 
If tho milk 1.1 shipped to ihe receiving »ta4 
tlon Immedia'.elv after milking: »"d bef' r»i: 
ts teoiiierature" enn be reduced to 60* 
F:ibre:ihe:t. such m-Ik may be tised tot*' 
Cr.ide A milk If Its temperature in quickly 
b'ar . reduced at the receiving station to 50*5 
teieph,.in ( Fanrenheit or less. ': 

IteEulatir.n 3. — Knch person, firm or cx>r-i 
publl' "'■•' " (Irade A m.Ik shaHi 
. ; I- ^e for such purpose any m;ik raor^f 
than foriy-eight houia old, or any uilik 6b*'! 
tallied from a dairy nol having a permit"' 
rctjulred by Regulation 2, or any milk r»-< 
ceivd at n temperature above '50" Fahr-v 
c. !._.., except as provided In ealii regula- 
tion, or iny niUk containing mor» thaa 
2,')U.0O0 bacteria per cubic ''entiraeier. Mud' 
shall at least twice a month determine •vti 
enuse to be determined the bacter.ll conV' 
tcnr of the milk of each BUch ils-lry. 

.\li records of bacteria cciunta m«d« 
under the piovlsions of tbl.^ regulation shall 
be kept for at least one year, and .<il>al| fe. 
open to ;iis!iictlon by all milk Inspectors <»1 
cities .,r towns where the ,s to be, 
sold, and to all oilieers, inspectors or other 
employees of ihi D.partment of Agricul-, 
tu e and the nepartment 01 I'ubllc HtialthJ 

Kegulatioii 4. — liach person, firm or cor- 
poral on pas. eur King Crade A milk shall 
keep his plant and apparatus In a clean and 
.-ar,l;,,ry cenrtit.on, and shall cause all a.v- 
aratu.s and uteiisls used In the paotetir- 
i^ailon of milk to be cleaned af the close' 

" 'oM "I'-'* ''■*"■'' ""'^ ''^ '"s 'n a cleans 
-oMilltlon when iie.Kt u,=ed —»-•»■«, 

All apparatus u.sed In the pastcurljatlon 

milk shall be equipped with 

■■'"ig thermometers ap- 

of JPubHc 

records oM 

.. lark 
Cook of 
of Mllford, E. 
Ij. rtiehardsf>n 
""'brook of Wev 
■01 h. ,h.|,n \\. Porter ol • • ^ 


u:ematie reeordi 
, 'roved by the department 
Health, and all temperature 
:i lied in tlie pasteurization of tirade A 
m:lk shal be kept on nie for a period of 
.01 less than iilnetv dav.q 

ilegulata.n .-i.— Ali bacteria counts shall 
^e determined by Ihe methods of the 
Amer.-a„Ih.!>ile Health A.ssoclatlon. ThI 
iceepted (Igtire shall be the median of a 
iVH-.n o, not less than three or more than 
eve,, sample., laken at approximately th? 




sam.oles ,'t' 


Cm do 



is Commissioner Wilson That He 
Will Increase Force If Boston 

Gets Auto Fees J 



Contests as I 
Member of the Eastern Int(>TcoUeglJli 
Debating League to Be Held MendJ 
Instead of Saturday I 


''«« a gxjod hard 
can prove R. He tipped 

Mayor Curlcy 
heu/1 and h 
baok in h:.<i big office ehair at hl» 

cir,""''^!,^,'"' '^ '"'•■^"""'^'"K thump ,U.e.l h„u. oraco attaches re- 
stored him to nornuUcy. 

ThJs w,us Friday-unlueky day 
The Mayor made lig-ht of the maUer 
and the nens did not beooon, icowa 
until yesterday. . "•• 

_ GLOBr-_DEC_9 , 19H 


"worh. . i 

"Tlip rate iniTPase pptftions, for tho , DDrk'TrrcT UAinPClPPPAn 

c-ombnttlns of which tjiiw iiionf.v hml : PRO! E&T WIUCSfKtJAU appropriated , wor.< umvic In (heir; There were offlclnUy recorded as be- 

i Iniiiortniico ns contriihtf'cl willi in.'i , . /-.„„ 

ftTB^p Trt ■ in •" iTiJ'ilo of rates lilc<l P.-r 1 hy tho ; Ing present spukestjien from catn- 
\IIIILi III Jl|l|\>''ew KnKluiKl Tclophouo and Tt-l.^graDh bridge Brockton, Fall River, Taunton, 
O I H I L I U HIU '-.•■?,■-">■;.,„„ o, „,. ,H, ,„ opp,„„„; I*w,*n™, Worcester MaMen Ho.- 

>iio ..riBiral rale livrrns.\s by tlif'J-oke, Lynn, Norwell, Oloucester, Chic 

Ni-M- KiiKlaiid Tvl.phoup ;iiui Tolpcrap.'i opee, Duxbury. Geortrelown, Ipswlon, 

■ ■ -.<... . ,,.,.., . Rock- 



Holb'rook, Chelmsford, Sandwich, Wa- 

~ Ni-M- KiiKlaiid Tvl. phone ;iiuj Tolecrap.'i opee, Duxbury, tfeortrelown, J 

n/n-r.'^r, M»..^,^ „ »_J If„ J ''omnaiiy was r"-r''ll''"tcil upon the lif-Uel Saugus, Kcltuate, WilliamslMirff 

Trants Mayors and Heaus •'■'■■'''''■•"'•'■'•■ ''V''"'' V*'''''", '^-'",'"7'"- wen, wm Brookflow, Athoi, 

.jw»u «•.« mmv«,«L3 g .,, „„^l ,„,y ,„ ,,^^ ,jp„,,.,,„ Acushnet, Tioxboro, We: 

of Towns m Phone Fight 

utlnR in til" < oininoinveiillh. 

Commission Hostlie, He Sayf 

■■Th'; .Tilltmlo of ih,, Tuhllr I.:tiliti(\ 

— - f* rt ■ t 'oiiimitslon of the ','onnnonwoaltli ritiiv 

Conference Dec 8 to Divide Uo <^- i^ii^u^^r^arh^'r/i^ xri^f^'. 'i!^?:> 

^ hv fho Ni^w F.nKl'iiKl Tflfphoih- and 
TfloKraph Conipuny early in th-.- year 
'■as I'Ofn dfi^ldfdly hostllr to thoso pra- 
ting in iiflialf of ihc people agaiiurt 

. "The ci'Si* hns assumf-d. an a ronpf - 

'fjuonrr of til-' liicrcapocl r:iti's now .If- 

auil'il, MH'h proportii'UH as to r-^nd 

Cos! of Hiring Experts 

Sullivan for Leader Against 
Rate Increase 

it Xf.i'.h advlFiRblo and nec^sPHiy that the 
ofUfl.ils r>f rvory city miuI town join fi- 
pf-ilur lor tin- prof'-fion "f Ihr tele- 


A call to arms b^■ flavor C'urlcy vv'ont 
forth from City Hall last night to thr 
oilier executives of the State's 30 eTtlec 
and -hairmen of the sfleetnien of its 
31C towns In the form of a written in- 
vitation to attend personally or be 
; represented at a meethiK over which 
: Air Ciirley Is to preside, in the City 
Council Chamber next Monday noon, 
'which if to plan the battle against Ih" 
I Telephone Company's newest demand j 

I for general rate increnjiea. 
Selection of an attorne>- or attorne;. .^. 
experts and clerical staff to make the 
fight ngainot the increa.sea before the 
State Public Utilities Commission agi-ee- 
ment a.i to .some pro rat.i apportionment, 
of tile expenses amoim KUch cities jind 
toi\ns e.s enlist with Boston; and de- 
cision as to the precise cliarnctcr of tho 
J battle to be wa'^ed rire the main i'em.i 
1 of business. 

I S«///va/j^ <o Lead tlie Fifflit 

I E. Jfark Sullivan, the < ity's corpora- i 
I tion eounscl, througli the sis inonili 
' figiit against the t'^lophono compary'a 
lirst set of demands, now suspended, 
has famlllarl?.fcd himself witli telephone 
company finan'-e.s, Its rate schedules n r.d 
llicso of We.Htem corporations, which 
e.\'act much more modest charges foi- 
service than those now pr-.v.iillnf^ in 
Massachusetts. The Migg.siion at City 
Hall is that Mr PullU-an will Uv pro- 
posed as the attornev he;:', ennipped to 
Kail the opposition lo 'he |. b.nlionc 
company's proposed revision npward 

The public aullioritl. s „r npStalo )te. 
puhllc.nn eitle.s mul towns arc not cx- 
pecled to fall over them.selvea In their 
haste 10 he reprcsentcil at su' h a Curli^v 
coun-'il. but Mr Cm-lev Is iirvertln'i. -" 
hoiH'fnl tiiey will .loin In the lijjh- 
The M.iyor . xpressv.s his confidence 
that the indignation of the K'neral pub- 
lic Is aroused over wliiif he calls "tlii- 
latest attempt of the lelepliom- com- 
pany at a ruthh-ss raid npoti li,,. per,- 
plo'H pockethooks." Ill is. optlmlstii- 
also then' will l.n :i .•.udli-lent concert 
of feeling and action on the |,;,ti of 
Domocrntic comniiinllle.s to iinilie l!o" 
ton's flt'ht a triumphant one. 

Mayor Curlcy's Invitation 

His Inviiatlon to ilio Mayor, niil 
chairmen of .Sfileclmen; ' 

"Deer Sir -The city of Uoston, ihrouoli 
Its corporation counsel. K. Mark Sul- 
livan. ha.M hern combatting the Inereas — 
requested b> .he Xow Kngland Tele- 
Phone and relegraph Compan-- during 
the past year. The city c„,v, rnment 
1^1 IjS'li.">".'l''°.,"'""'"I""''i"''l t'>" sni 

Bell,, , .^ 

phone users of the ('ommonwcTlth. 

■■A meeting will bo held foi' the pur- 
pose of organization and determination 
of a cours.: of action with fspect to 
petitions for Increases that li/ive been 
filed bv th-i New l\ngland Telephone 
a.ntl Telegraiih Company at the t-loun' il 
('hamper, t'ity Uall. liotiton, on j,\Ion- 
dav, Dec 8. a' v: noon. 

"Trusting v u will nnd it jinssible to 
attend or se'nd a. representativ,- to tlils 
meeting, I beg to remain, respectfully 


.lames .M. Curley, Jfayur. 

P03T DEC. 9. !3Xi 


Pub* .^ 

Join With Mayor Cur- 
ley in Plan to Fight 

I of I80.««> »- 

nroBocutlon of tUla 

• The protest against an increase of 
telephone rates was tmaninioiisly 
voiced by representatives of nearly 
half a hundred Mass.-ichiisctts cities 
and towns, Mayors, selectmen and 
city solicitors, at a nicetinR called 
by Mayor Ciirley at the Council 
Chamber, City Hall, yesterday noon, 
and without a single dissenting vote 
a resolution was adopted calling for 
a sweeping investigation of the New 
E^^.g'nnd Telephone and Telegraph 
Company and all its works, and cor- 
porate relation? with other com- 
panies of the Bell system. 

tertown, Marlboro, Hockport, Nor- 
wood, Stoughtoo, L*oinlnster and Mll- 

Mayor Curley, who. presided at the 
meeting, called attention to the fact, 
that the telephone company Jiad a. 
reserve of $40,000,000, saying: "I cppre- 
clato the power represented by such 
a reserve. It represents a nation- 1 
widtt organization. I realize the same 
raid on the public puree Is being made 

"In the face of the general belief 
that the compajiy has not established 
its case In the Increased rates de- 
manded for Boston, we are confronted I 
with the situation of an attempt by' 
hugo sums of money to drug the pub- 
lic mind.'' 

Criticises Advertising 

The Mayor severely crltUed the ad-] 
vertlslng campaign the company was 
conducting and charged that an at- 
tempt wag belns made to brlbs news- 1 
papers, holding up a morning nKfn- 
papeii fnot the Post), and polntlns to 
an editorial on the telephone situation 
and an advertisement from the com- 
pany on tho same page. ; 

He further charged that "the com*! 
pany believes that If the channels ot 
information can be prostituted, th* 
Public t'llllties Commission can be 
depended upon to be servile." 

E. Mark Sullivan, corporation coun-' 
sel, who Is conducting the fight on be- 
half of the city of Boston against th« 1 
telephone increase, said among other ; 
things: "The members of the Pu is 
rtllltles Commission are human. T y 
know their heads will be lopped off by 
these powerful public service corpora- 
tions unless they do the bidding of 
these Interests. In a case like this, 
with tho corporation against the Inter- 
ests of the people, the Public Utilities 
CoTnmlssIon, can hardly be expected to I 
do otherwise than as the creatures of 
their creators, the corporations, which 
dictate to the sovornor the appolntm*nt 
of members to tho Public Utilities Com- , 

Afraid of Corporations 

He further commented that "men em- 
piyoyed by the Public, Utilities Commis- 
sion become pale hearted when faced 
by couiu'el of the telephone company 
anil are afraid to state on tho stand 
what they have said to me privately. 
They know which way the wind 

I Mayors, chairmen of selectmen, city 
' s olicitors, o ne after the other rose and 


expressed their endorsement of th„ 
te«t and of th. resolution '" '"'''■ 

nC,lrlerto''a:;t;'nt': r'^T"' ^"'^O' 
ifromclMe, r„T towns ;:r'"i"r "' " 

nght add to ..ndac"op;''„t'-^;;f ■«'''-' 
jtlon passed to every mtinlein.i v /"'"" 

the State. The Mayo?"" d "^ h ,""'''' '" 
, the I26.000 appropriated h }^^ ?"' "^ 

Boston for the le enh„ '* I'"' '""' <" 

five or six thousin"^ "" "'''''• •'"mo 

While he'dId'nr","1n,"r'r''M""'^ 
necessary, there wn« - "„_,»""ia be 

pro rata ass^sTne^t of thr^""^ °' "^ 
Ing borne by 711^ « ?i e''I>en», b«. 


1FC. ;3,i9;!-'r 

Mayor Curley^s S 

, IB Mativily "^ 

to Play "Herod 
ama at the Library 

»' ' 

atlho Publu- l/.hravy. , 


1 ^ ), \li->'; Louisa .lartc«> 
Hu'iuu-a, Thr pu,y svnl h. M- n » J 



Mayor Holds Conference 
I on Appropriation Bills 

1 . mil 1 111 "I'H "i , „_ ( 


In- I ^. 

• rdi.v ' I " ■ 

as Building Cliiei 

r-TT:.^^^^ coHi UejoclB ^SlSli ^*^«)X 

. 1 111,, R03-ln.'"K inviaved in '"" 'J,';;^' j^'coinviU^ti* ' ,, ,■,,rlo^■s nppnlnt.m<~"t of ^'•'"» , 

..incaiiy cxciud,.... ;,.'f • "i^". 

n ,,.,,1 »onr.1o<l .. "-nibor 

t (her '''\^^'f;,. r.-incU.xplaln.ns n..^^.„,,,,,,,.,, „KardlnfC W^ M^^allUcaUo, 

„,,„ Ui« trra.m«nt "^'' wcro bef"'^ ""^ ,.,,lon*.M>nt th, — - - 

,„, which the Mayor l^'^^h'- 
... »„, (t« approval. A 




J T ( 


Erecting Big Municipal 
Xmas Tree on Common 

GLOBE I)£G,9.l«f,. 


Bositmi':; muMiripal ( 'hrisfiiuus tn'c, licink' erected near (lie I'arkiimr 
bandstand. Tlic Irep as hern shown is only partially cumpleted, a l\undrcn 
or more branelies roniainin>; to be added to the lower part oC tho .'■tcm 
which consists of a telephone polo. T^HAfCI i"-, 

Workmen Build Great Composite Fir Out of Hundred? 
of Smaller Ones— Will Rise to Heijjht of 7") 
, _y Feet Near Parkman Handstand 

32 Towns and Cities Back 
Curle/s Plan , 

Utilities Commission is Caiied 
c;!.o?Tool ot Interests 

Hearings on Eate Increase 
to Start This Ma^th 

nm.M.iU ef S2 Pific!! nnfl tnvmn of 
^^.^.s•J^nhu^ot(fl. nifptinpr nt f'ltv Hall 
yrotprdav to 'lisouR.q tlip proposra In- 
cr<>asR In telcphono ratep. voipd unanl- 
mnnply !n fn.vnr nf a resolution aflkirg 
thp T^<!(rlslatiiro to pass a WH which 
vneld nuthnrlr.e- a fiwpeplnpr investlBa- 
tinn of tbo Nfiw ■Entrl.-inri Tolepho iij enl 
, Tolrgraph'^ohipany's rolatlon ■ <h» 
pnront lU^lI System. Tlis invet atlon 
'.vonfrt bo niada by tho Stai 'ubilo 
UillUIPs Conimlaslon, 

T'T. Mark Sullivan, corporatloi. roundel 
of rtnston. said that the lplaphot.6 com- 
r)any's "prcstipe and power are unert to 
b!ai-l--jack mninbcrs of the Puhllo T'tlli- 
tim Commission In casuM llVo this." Hfl 
rr.ntlnneil: "Tho menibr-r^ of ttio Tiiblio 
rtiHtl(;s <'ommlHFlon nro human. Thoy 
l<now their heuil.s wiU bo loppml off by 
tlieso powerful public Borvioo corpora- 
lions unless tlioy do tho bl'Ulins; ct 
Intere.sts. In a case like thl.'i. with th« 
■nrporaMon aKalnst the Intofcats of all 
r f the p.(.p)f-, tiie Public IJtilltle.H e'om-' 
)iiip;ilnnerM I'au liarrtly lio expeetrrt to 
.(;'t othei-wiae, tiiiin an llm creatures of 
their cri-ali'f! lliu rurpoiationa Ibeiti- 
^.■Ives. which dicfnl.i to tlia Governor 
;,e iniiointinem, of ni'^miierrt to tlie i'uh- 
Ar IMilitlcH C'onimi.sslon!'* 

M'lyoi- Cuiiey said: "The T'ubllci 
rtilltles e'omnii5.:s!on may tenllv be int- 
purtlal. mu. tho mumbers are ei'treme- 
]v careful not to encroach npoa tlie in- 
come of tile public (iorvico corponillons 
which aro respoimUjie fr»r the, appoint- 
ment of lliep,. men (o memberRhip on 
til F'ublle nilitlea ' :omnii.s.sion ! So, 
uhlio tre Coinn la.sion poKHihIy miKbi. thi.i tinie In fii.vor of tlio people. 
I tliink onr fiafesl course is In Iietitlon 
tlie r/exlHlatiire to have the fommirslon 
eoudnct a v.'ido open liu est ipation ef 
thiH preat oetop'JR. tlio telfphone com- 


BoMtoii airaiii will have a munici- 
pal ob.serviiiicie nt" Christma.s on the 
Conimciii, and worUmeii of the park 
dopartmenl are busy erect inc the 
prcot compofdte tree which annvi- 
ally rises to a heiffht of 75 feet near 
the PRrkninii baMd.'dand. 

,\ natural lir Ir.e ".•. h '•t Ic.^li formf. 

the top of toe Ntcni. Mie |o-A er part of 
which 1.1 a til-foot tcleiilion.- loll . \vtio.<^e 
braneheH are proiidrd by some ,ir,o 


smaller trees nailed on horizontally. A' JS PLANNED BEFORE JAN 1 

the peak !i larRe llve-pointert .-^tar wll f;),., :,-,naii Henry < '. .M will ,,r tlio I'uh- 
KliHleii with crim.soii llelils. and ISOCp^ T:tilitlPR <'omml»sion • eslerday an- 
colored electric hnlhs will shine anions nonnceil iliat a iirellmiiinry bearing 
the Itranrlien nf the tree itself. would tie granted protcintaiitn apalnat 

On (Miriatma," < ve tlleri- will be rnro tho proiioned new te.lephone raten somft 
slnslnK arounii Ib.^ trer, :iml a pae. ,. ottlmn beforo .Ian 1. Tlegular henrinRS will 
of ih,. .Vativlty. moler the dire. ft..,, olfehow. 

I I'hIIHT. (VConneir miuiirinal illre.lnr ''• -'"rlf R"lllv»,n. who wl'.I loud the 
■ "^ UraUon. "n'l Wilhl^i ^/oppo-if'-.r^'ree,, ,vlthJv,torney Charle. 

of pul>ilc 


of Mrs 


Tb.- paK. 
l-,va W. 

,.t llie cill/,r.n 

'.'inl <v Ml Im ill 
White anil 

P. I'ierro. for tbo company, that about 
'■"!n-ji.p|.i ^ would lio a good time to open 
ill <di:ii*^:«tiin reKUb^r hearlnflr. Italph A. Stewart 
Miss .lo. will lead tho array ot counsel for the 
company. \ 

Mr HuiUvan criticized the company 1 
for waRlng an advnrtlelns: camyalgn fori 
nil Increase In rates before the hearincl 

Is held. 



Telephone Kates „, 



Last Increases Were Burden, 
Mayor Explains ^^ 


The rcn.IiiiK of a letter from 
Mayor Curlcy during ti meetiiis of 
the" Cambridge city council last 
niKl^t, asking co-operation in rc- 
questin^r a state-widu investigation 
of the New England Telcphomi Com- 
pany, phmgcd the session into a 
stormy debate. P'or nearly 30 min- 
utes the council was unable to pro- 
ceed with the regular business while 
Councilman Arthur Dvinkwater at- 
tacked Mayor Cnrley and Council- 
man Daniel Leahy championed Cur- 

The ntmosphera became rharKod 
when Prlnkwatm- rose and dei'lan-.l. 
I'l don't wint 10 he told what to do 
'by th« mHjor ot Bo-ton, beouuse I don t 
,tnAst him." 

ln.stnntly l.uahj < ;P .cd I- his f.vU 
and dmnandod I '.,/ It 1- '•;'"„;,•'■', f 
„nder«tc.od Piin t-'.. to Bay tl.D^ ho 

did not A ■"'■'•'i^- >,H,w ' 

•■Not exactly rcpUe-1 nrluK- . 

water, "hut n t '.^t- i -"""'' ; 

Idon'l irn:<t li . ' 

' After advi&iTK ..rlr.kwater not to 
"throw Bt<me.^," 1- vJiy proee«dpd : 

"When vou styf ><ai don t tr\\i< 
jravor rnrle^y. If:' Uni- uom'-thlng wan 
said as to tho reason tor hot Inisiini; 
Ihlm." Wluii nrlnku'ator remalnrd ini- 
IpaHslve, I,oahy then drnmatlcally de- 
jclared : 

"If vou have anything on the mayor 
of noaton. aris'> now and declare yoiir- 
*eir!" Conncilnien leaned forward, hut 
Drlnkwater made no respon-'c. He r.- 
mained in his .veat. 

ResnminK, l.eahy declared tha' 
"there are words I'm thinklnfr about 
the counellman, )>iit the words could nol 
be used in riil'Hc." Then he took his 

With oratory idleiiced In the chamber 
for a few seconds the .ounellTnen np.Tln 
returned to their deliberations on tlie 
missive from the Iloidnn ('liy Hi'll. 
Mayor Cnrley. In hi.-, letter, i ,li\. at- 
tention to his heinf! appolntet. a com 
mittoe of one to have the towns and 
cities In the coinmonwr.illh whieh are 
opiwsed to the proposed new telephone 
rates act jointly iiKalnst the Inerease. 

The mayor asked that the Canibrldec 
eouneil vii'ss an order iipprovlng a bill 
iiovv before the LeKislature ealllne for 
an InvettlKatlon of tho telephone colii- 
iiativ by that body. 

JlaNor Curiey In his letter forth, r 
.stressed the necessity of pas.sliiK another 
measure or resolution iinplorlne the d. - 
partment of pnl'lli' iitllltleB not to net on 
the |)etltiovi <if the telephone com • -v 
for higher rates until the Legislature 
has investlirated. 

Mayor furley's lette- was disposed of 
v.'ry spi'edlly aftel- the oratory had sub- 
sided Councilman Ralph Kobart, 
bad oblected to the pasfaKo of tin 
t'nrley orders, declared that he he- 
,),,^,,,l 11, .> Canibrnli;. er'linell was rnni- 


No employes of the city of Bos- 
ton will receive salary increases next 
year except the 3.500 workers whose 
pay is made larger automatically by 
operation of the sliding scale for 
liremen, policemen, teachers and a 
few others. About 75t)0 of tho 9200 
municipal employes to whom Mayor 
Curiey gave r '.ses this year will be 
disappointed if they expected any 
further boosts. 

In directing department heads yester- 
day to prepare their budget estimates 
on this basis, Mayor furley explained 
that the tendency t:i private employment 
is to reduce wagey, tha^ the raises ht» 
(iranted this year have x^laced a heavy 
burden on tlie city, and that public 
Wf h'are jueasMrep are costing: the city 
niu( h more this year than taut. 

He asked his exeoutivea to assume 
their share of the burden of the eltua- 
tion by InformlnK all applicants of tho 
condition of affalr.s. 

The mayor himeelf waa obllRed to tell 
the bad new.s to a proup of representa- 
tivea of city laborers who oftlled on 
him to urge an advance from %iM' to Jo 
a day. lie was lust glancing: over the 
circular letter whirh he had written to 
department beads and he read it to tl;e 
labor men as an answer to their re- 
(juest. The dcleKates included V. Harry 
.Jefcnintra, bu.slness agent of '.he Boston 
Central Labor Union; J.-imes Reldy, 
lire.'.ideiit of the sanitary workers; Al- 
bert H. nrown, past president of that 
orRanlzatlon, and Rrlan McQowan of 
the Pavlns Worker.'^' Union. 


-— ir-t — 

Tells the Dyers He Had 

IManned to Keep Still 

After Defeat 

^"^ -Tir-''; i^'Jf- 

In his first public addres.s since 
hi.s defeat for nie govei-noTship, j 
M.iyor Curiey, speaking at the an- j 
iiual convention dinner of the New ' 
England Afsociation of Dyers and ' 
rietin.^er.s at the Hotel I.#nox last 
night, .smilingly confessed that after ' 
having received such "a good healthy 
licking at the polls I was not goins' 
to talk for the next 12 months." 

ricadlni; for ellmin.atlon of pnrtisan- 
:dnii and for I'o-operatinn in develop-. 
meat of the welfare of the American 
nation, the ma>'or urged the necessity 
of creatiuB a iiaiional planning agency 

POST Df-C.n.l9Z+ 


Council Disapproves Sal- 
ary for Newton Man 


M a meeting of the City Counoll. yester- 
day. Councillor Itcuic'Chue voloed objeo- 
tion to the f.ici that ( iswald .1. MeCort, 
a of Newtim, had be"n appointed 
a prohatl.m officer in the Il..ston Munl- 
cip't Court. Tho council, without op- 
p(.. .J vote, dlsapproveil of gracing 
h'- .i( lary of J:"^i"»). 

■ i< council nnanlmotinly voted upon 
mo lo" of aouncUlor Walsh to have all 
ell.v employees on the monthly payroll, 
paid Deo ffl so as to have their wages 
befoiii! Christmas. 

Mpyor Curiey returned without his 
.appioval a hiil a^-ceptlns the leglsla- 
ti/e act that would piee .Mlston aii<I 
Brighton a municipal huildlng. 

A proposed ordinance ' inlrlng all 
piisHcn'Tiu- elevators to be equipped with 
automatic safety devices,, proventlnff 
the cars from being In motion while 
the doors are open, was Intnodueet! by 
(-onnclllor Morlarty. A puhlio heat. '8 
will be held a fortnight from ye»t«rd«)r 
j In tho QjuUOU Ch&.nber. . ^ ^ 


to recommend measures tending to al- 
leviate nnemplo>'ment and prevent 
crime waves. 

President Ciiolidge. he said, is on- 
I titled to the support of rver.N citizen 
j^is long as he i.'hamplons legislation 
I that will improve conditions. 
I Ii|sl.-Att\. .\rthur K Reading ol 
.Middbsev county crltlclrerl the pres- 
, . til s\..:tem of selection; juries. He at- 
, Irlhtitcd inueh of the recent crime In 
'ireater Itoston to the verdicts rend- 
ered by some juries. 

Leonard \V. Cronl. die was toast- 

master. The convention met at the 

i.iiiox In the morning and will reau 

. bUHlnrns aes*lon» today. " 

I Arthur P, H«H 

Ijepartiueni, i- ' ,.eward this - 
thai wiis exto ■ 

^^^^' ^„.v school in T^Ji" ,, 

He rose '^ '^^^ iranstevea to u 
.,S 1896, and w ^« j,„inc 3. ^ 

Uarrl-^on ave. sla ''^' „o, when u 
--^'"-^,;^^:;t:\n an. tran.ter,-e 

,> was cA^--- 
1 -HiBreuoxd^ ;,p„oln«<l to . 

rn. ■'^'^'Y; "i"'ugh all the .n"" ( 
grades to ms ^,^^,.,,(, 71. 


, , hi, years were 
'■ ' „f 1 't''1 th:il hi!- y^ ^ 
■VVhU- ""'■'«* :::;„a the bureau "H ><' 
, f he reorganiici -^ 
'■hief he ^,,„„i,-s and 

of the 

Mareh «• y-"' 

cut fhort 

^raor for hi^ J';;;; 

!io received m V 

f^f '^"'^■- hers of Cheif T=.her's 
1 ..T„ the members ^^ ^, ,i„cere 

■ f.v.nily I tender my ^TH I 

CiaiKl HtttlBl at M" Ma;;h'«. !«"■ -'^''-"" ^- ,., ,rl.unli;'l--V=;rthrof'thomen. 
lldtLo llUllW* "' ,,,Mjartment. „« a member "' 'a> ^^^,^,prt to tna ^^^^^ 

Chief John O^sT^W of 


preUm^n.ry plan. R^J^^ ,, 
jnt^ass will »e c ^^^ 

,1,, Church of theJ5 

chief aied at 3-i» » 

.-'"'■ Molts was r.-scnin^' U-d -,^„„„n for tho.^ P'^^^^^^.,,., 

■'^^>-<>^'<>-r;Mi"^'''^- "T' l::;'th:t";ame ^--^^^rii^-^^he 

,,,.,, ihoma'- '■', ,.f ,1,.- iViH- rte- ot t fearless aa a 

,>a. "e'lK-arwUh a <hv.^v. 

--;:: nloh!" U.-- -e. earU 

t-;«-.,. commanded U,e loyaU. 

'■j:'tZ:ln. true fathe. 
r the' m'; under M-^^n^,-,.e. 
Mend, ''-'^'^""rof 'h«lr needs. Tae 

Crea i£ m the deUm VonlVUmoe and '^^ '" ,1 nls Pa^a- , 

The i-a.e -Xr;'-, hi. wor. and n'-^-jr.oss Keenly and ro«, 

"Tr He 'W«d hl« =-»'"«;, ","ht "'«•" ,. Wilson's T.nb«t« 

IV^t- '^ / o.,i;„^«le. ^,';,,,,. ,,,,.,,. wlta every one, nepleasu^?.^ ',::,, j.,,„, , ommr. 

jio made /"""'■ , contact, and ^nanV ^^^^'vuson. „ 

^Ith whom >''^ ;;'';",,';,,,, flremcn in 1 Herbert A.^VllJK^^^ ^,^,^,,^, ,^ , , 

„,„„bered «""""'^, '' '„.rwrlter«, city; ..He "^^o J-^" „{ ,iuty ev.-n 

«.^--. -r'-hirrwho had --:--:^-j*:;:ti::;^^----:.::roV 

Fletcher ...,Ro.l'nd.e^^^ 

!'■:• ^^r '.'V^ea^'l' Hairs on lir^ 
, ihrom'lK.ul UK -^ .p^ 

„,, nih^r..? who haa 
,,fflclalH and oil--" 
„i.^ with hiu 

. Mi .'-■ iii'-'>"-'">'»" .,,r< that (If- iu-« with him. heavy execu- ,„ ,,ond. 

latlf-."- - ,,. .^^ Jill T. 

, ,, , work as a tue....... His hte stands o ^^^_.^ ^ ,,,,1 

tprs on ivic..-.- ,ments ^.nd hs .,^p,.rience8 n,emh*rs "^ ^ general ►o Ml- 

nXTvnM the deaO chief, the | ^^_^_^^ ,,^^, ^> *• ^1^ :^. "„ , harrowing ex 

^" Iv slated, 

roisslone. ■'':^ , ^-hll 
The end .n^ 

IVnent that he 
,nemhe-, ofl;essnarr<,w 

,,vernKe fireman |'^_ 
rallins; for any ^^^^^ 

,, "^her Will -vedl> 
-"• • '^" "-.C; lered a« one of the , 

nre nKhtm-,.! ' hi.. 

;MEDFORO.iNll.l-W»A^O*'N. 1 

IhiHi any 
'l-ne — - „,, .,t !>is h.'delde. , . ' '";''','''"f.' ilo-.vd >ho 
»„Tiilv Stood .u ,„.,„,ion ot.vv'M' " '' . ,„,.,, 

'''nearh 'vas due "' ;' " ^ ; .unul-r o y .^-- ,,^„ ,,, ,ver ^ 

\ ir o; ^aber ^ - ,^,^,,„. . .lorida Commissioner Glj^rin V^^lieth o^g^- ---^ -"-!:1 

' Willi" on I'i.' , ,^ cold, from _ ^, _...;_„ TrihufC , for an Jn- /ea." . c,,„r, 

' ,, r Tilier c<.ntrai> TTnon hlfi 

^h;;.h";e ^^-^^i:,^::^ u.i -m 

.r..!vai home It ^^^.,^ ^^^ cond Ulor 


'^"'" " i.ioftl his .■•-' 

^„iX>''- '•'■■"•"'■ 

Gr L B £. 

DEC 17. )9;l4 






His Long Career in Boston Fire Department Marked; uoneT a'^ I:: 

I'y IVIany Feats of Bravery 


i Rather Be Chief Than President" | 

! Chi.-f Taller loved, his calllnB and, 
when h-3 was uppolntcd hoar] of the d"- 
iiartmeiU ho said to a friend. "I'd 
er bo chief ut the Boston I ir-^ Ii'iiart- 
1i inent, the best I" '!»» world, than Pres- 
ident of the United States." 
Chief Tain r was devoted tn his work. 
loya'tv t.. his nuTi Wiis unqups- 
always showpd a four- 
early made him a r*al 
drc iigh;ir, and caust-d him to be pio- 
inoted rapidly. 

When Tabcr became head cf ih. de- 
partment he had the sood ^\ •!; i.f tiie 
llremen In general, inHUrance ■.intt.rwrlt- 
ers. city otHclals and all others who 
have frequtnt business with the head of 
the Fire Department, .\r district chief 
and deputy chief of lU.i department. 
Taber did considerably constructive 
work, and his appointment aa head ot 
■he department came aa a reward tor 
ng and faitlifiil services. When ho be- 
anie chief engineer -it the department 
Ills duties Included much e.tocutJve 
work, but Chief Tab-r was always on 
h;ind at every big Hie. no matter In 
uhat pan of the city It was. :J. " W 

Chief Taber contended that every 

lompany «as as p.iou as its officers 

.,ide It. HI .J that real leadership was 

.,' leadr-rphlp that won the confidence 

: d reaiecl u! suborUlnat>M to such a de- 

ue that they would ovcrcotue ail ob- 

a?le8 Chief Taber was a tine discl- 

imarian. When a private or ofllc-^r of 

,._. department can;..- before hitn on 

■ liarpes he would put himself In the 

:. ice of thi oTender. and. conslderlnK 

:)ie case, vvouui ai-K hiniself just how 

.' would have acted under the circum- 

i.inces tlat brought tfio subordinate 

tliv "niut." 

r'oder.t About His 
• '. -r Ta 



hn (.1. T.lbfr. i-lilef of tlio Hoslon 
■ Ml partment, who hafi been .serl- 
oii: l.\ ill at the hotno of hi.<! dauKhter, 
.\!if. Henry Lawlor of 20 Fletcher si. 
Rosiindiili', (lied t^liorlly afler :i this 

He bad been Riilterin}? from heart ex- 
hau.stlon, follo\vhig,an nitack of bron- 
chilis, II" w.'is Kt'adiKilly ivcakoiied 
by exce.".- JVC coiiglilii!:, ubkli reacted 
upon bis heart. 

In All SariotJS Fires S.iice 1883 

l.'luol! Taller liorn in Ihe old SoiTlh 
Cove Section of lioston. al'out 60 ye-.t-s 
ai;ri, .-m'! rittemled the (Jiilncy School on 
Tyler ft. At an early rkc ho enlisted 
in the n.':\y tinri luse tn bi^ a petty 
olUrer prior t.j his ]•' ini' anpnint'il 
;i. inenibfr "f tbo I'^lre 1 >epiirt!n' n; ou 
.li'il 4, IKvS. 

ill.'! iirst .'i^.^lKnin"ii[ n.'^ to l.adiler S. 
In Knrt lull '-a, .mil '""■ "■'•" '''' 
"fjje horse-dr.awn Iriiclv there for 

awn trucic (here for «ev-| 
On .Tune 2»., LSftl. ho was! 

raised' to the grnfie of lieutenant and 
was transferred to Engine 3, Harrison 
av. There ho remained until IIKX), when, 
on March 23. he was made a captain 
and .sent lo Knglne 27, I'hnrlestown. Six 
years afterward, on March P. 1W<i. he 
wa? appointed a district chief and was 
sent to iJorchester. Later he was sent 
to the dov.'nlown part of the city. On 
March 11. Iid4. he wa.s raised to the posi- 
tion of deputy chiel, .■:ervlng under Chief 
McDonoiigb. Q^' ~ 'X,.. 

Ah .senior deputy chief .if the depart- 
ment. Taber reorganized the V.ureau of 
Repairs and Supplier, and on March 6. 
in22, when Chief Peter Iv W al^h was 
pen.sioned. Taber wa^ i.ronun, d io in- 
(hicf nf Ihe 

.Mr Taber partlcipat.d \n all tlie ,serl- 

MUM lire.s of the cilv, from ihe big 

TlianUsKlvlllK leiy (ir, In ISSil down to 

. Ih.- threatei.iiic (ires .if tbo l;ist fi'w 

■ -If. In Ills li'Mi; rarwi- lie buil :ii.-u'y 

narrow escapes from death and '^_" 
Bnd fleuroa In numBroue deea* 

Own Exploits 
b' r was a .itood lir^^ ^^r'^t-r 
1 M reHl ''smoke eater." but he was 
ways K .ifhy story tiller when it came 
u relating his own experience. Tn 
her words. Chief Taber was n.odest. 
nd sonu'tiody else had to tell how 
iaber, then a llcuten.uit In tb.. ibpart- 
lent. H.«»:sted by the late 1 -hn iradv, 
rmerly chief and commission r nf lis 
■ ;>artment. carried a chest . ' .gun- 
iviler out of a bura«ig b'JlMI:ii^ at 
comer of Northampton and \\'a''h- 
,gton sts, at a liad (1-e on the m'Thtng 
of Pec 24. 1S% Taber was attached t<> • 
l.ndd'>r IT., then on Washington st n.^ar ■ 
IV.,. (>ld FranUliii Schoolhouse. Later in 
the early '90a h'e was at work on the 
root of the old Ulabo Theatre, and res- 

, 1-... K.-.r. - •,.■,. 1- .. ;>s CMbiin 
of Kaat Boston when Uibiln, then a 
member of the Fire department, wa« 
»<truek with a beam. (' "" k"" 'i 

When one would R.ik Taber to tell' 

'about his excltlns experiences he 7-Oulrt 
say that he had had no moto and no 

'less hairbreadth ' xperlen.', .s than tbe 
averajte nrerorin who has bf;.ep;i .,.i xy.i • 
iab for a number ot years. T.iber nian.\ j 
times said: "We don't reallSfi -SjiJUaae,' 

bei-n tn narrow e.s -.'ipes until it's aU 
over and we are back In quarters." 
Chief Taber was Injured several tlmCB 

In b J long earenr. ^y- ( 

Mrs 'I'.iiM.r die. I In ember, 1021, 
Cbii.f T:il):'r is s'.lrvlviil I.;, : n» c daughi 
ters, Mae Taber Breslln. wife of D? 
.lelln (' Hreslln; Florence Tab.-r J.jlw- 
iP|-. wi.r,. ,.r ibiirx- I.ii'.'.'!"r; one .son, 
.Ir. imil tbrre grandchll'" 

.lohn o. Tab, 


ire. 18,192^4- 

rr- 1 R n,l'7/4 

ot Mayor! Who Imrteil Him to City wan 

and to !!«.«* »'""'»• 

*^Lafayette Muiligarj" 

Signed Letter as 
Secretary h 


(Key Is Now Treas- 
\ uredm Royal Palace 
in London 

TTnT in :> "'^'" 
fiorroclly confonniiu. i ' ■ 


roYFiRlee, piirtlruhirly uii "' 

nesH as the I'rlnc- ..r \S .'-I ■ 

con for a moment wan din-tea. --- 

„„ Honor's .ccr^.arv, «^-^;l- .^^"^::, 
whoBe authority vu so-al ' ' , 

r>,l« is unqu«...lnu«l .:v.m, in U - t'U -. 

"liut K..T(.,tary Stanmsh 

at. Havin HUl Karn,, Ila.niltnn. 

Key Now in Royal I'ala^c 



[,\l\ii untl, rami. 

-■,,prn 1» some donV)' asi 

„ most '^""o^"",,; ,'"„,. loin-r ac 
,, Hamilton a -U.-gi;^ ^,^,^,^ ^,,,„. 

,8, a f''W,f'^^"/'l,HJ a. S»v1a lim 

during. iHs K^val ^^^^^"fj^'T 
visit to M...acUu.c.t.,, u m, hr , ^ 

0. iKhaHofUn Mayor. Jam..3Muhac^ 

CurUv, ^vl.- lev. for V.„KUiKl a, 1 

A,.d who ,. "I-<ayett. ^MH.. 
^ho styled hlms.H socal 5rcrctarv lo 
Mr. Curl'V? 

Whonv.r "■■'■""'^ ' ":,„ ,,<,„vin.-.a.-l 

-jr\v;;^ ;;;a"f "::■;,-'::-.;:;,•. 

,,,,,W,ii. of HnnU.r n ,^_. .^ n_^^ ,_,_^^ 
,„ „nn nf 1^1,. ITlii ^^^^^^.^ 

1„ T,..n.lon. Ilio olll.--.:,l y I" 

in Ita bri^M ''•^'l '"''„„.,„„ „r 1 1, 
trfnfiir'-cl fiV'ovr nil tin- 
prliire'H iaht Mia rl.-an visit 

„„. lIon..raV.lo. I. . • ,, _,,, 

I Inrv unit .qiicrrv !• ' H' ' ,^,^, 

i!>,r.en tlw Hv»t Unnwl-lu. Ill " ,, 

witli a V'-y of t'l 

arm. ,,,,„., r,., ills- iinqiifn- t 


aocial corrc-pnn'l'"'"' -, .- V./ j 

I etter to the I'rinct ' 

'' '^"'"^ "September 18, ^')^^. I 
"Caot The Honorable J. P. Lascelles, i 

the Prince of NVnlcs. j 

"Care of Bayard I uckernian Jr.. 
' Savin Hill I arm. Hamilton Mass, 1 
.•Sir-I am JircUed by His Honor, j 
Mayor JamcB A\. Curlcy. to transmit 
throUKh you to Hi. R.O'al H.Khnes. 

the Prince of Wale., the key to the j 
tity of Boston. 

"It symbolizes to some decree the 
jecn regard and respect which the 

g t» ,,.♦..., **»ixA for the 

thai iho Pruun i-<'i cUucnfi ot new i*y"^^^'*' •— i 

"■;;!:A";?;;;l^".nt':n..>.n,. corps" of) „,„ther country and for .ts pros-l 
,„[, Mayor «"« a< — "■ l"H.r.^fs.,l In o ,^,^ Rovere.Kn. 1 

I'vv^- '■■> -;'r, :!';;;:ri"7imP--:: -Although HIs Honor realise, that 

;^:y^;';:p ;''":;;..:';;; h;:'i.o::or.,ic, ,^^ ,.,i„,e', stay in New Bn^ian.. .,| 

;r<.^ept.d^ho .rra.urod and_^ i.l...";;;:_ ^^.^^ely limi.-ed. he instructs me to , 

„„nrod Boston kry to \h" ■■ ^^^^ ^^ ^„j the rcn,>lt Ofl 

British royal famll say honored 1 

I An Authentic Presentat.on Boston «ou.d f^_^^ «. ^^ ^.^^^^^ ^^^ ^ 

' ''"'>" "^?:tpu:- K.^^vr::";^---^^lt posslWe to can, even —vJ 

that an a"»^"^"„ ',Lr purpfirtli.K to _J___ ■ 

accompantod by a lotter P.rP ^^^^^^^^l — ^^ 

cora» from th. Mayor "^^'^^.^ oR««*l,; 




, P05T DtC l:^j9vr 

\] either at City Hall or at his resi- 
i dence. Va ' }:' 

"Your Most Obedient Servant, i 
(Signed) ' 

"Social Secretary to His Honor, 

"Mayor James M. Ciirley." 

1 Looliing Up the Mulligans 

] Tlioio ts no Ijafayotte Mulligan nn 
j Mijvor C'iirl*^y'a sccrptarlal ptaff, or any 
I MulliKaiiH in the city rniploy save a 
[ f';\v i)oU(^on'if-Ti, anfl ono inyn in thf. 
sanitary divii'Ion nf tho lualth ilipart- 

Onii vi-'ii-'in at ''Ity Hall xcatonlay 
who suw the lettpr. ri^ferring to th« 
KuggfMtiun that Ihe I'rinoo dnip in at 
tliii L'lirley niansli)n on .laniaioa. \vay, 
I qulziially aslti>d. "Wliat -wonkl th.^ 
Mayor havi' don" if the Prinop liail 
called?" anrl tlirn sluiddfred at thf 
IhouRlit. Howf'vrr. tli'iac wlio know tho 
Mayor know that Kdward P. would 
have been received with all honor and 

Scrr.Mary SlandiKli WIIpox raid lapt 
nifrht (liat tliero was no doubt in 
his mind llir key proKpntod t.. tin- 
T'rini-e was a genuine aun, hut "whether 
it waK obtained at I'lty tlall or the fac- 
toi-y at Attlebftro. where Itiey are rnan- 
ufaetiired. he eonld nf)t sa.e. 

He has inl'orniall'in, he BavK. that the 
man who Impersonated th" Mayor's 
seoretai-y was named Mulhearn. ami 
that In eoinpany with a man named 
K.ddle. whose brother was Mayor, whc-n 
the oflleial presenfadon keys of the 
city Were of slivered wood, visited 
Savin Hill Karm. and when their pre- 
tended mi.«slon was learned, the guard- 
ed Kalep were thrown wide open and 
• hey were not only admitted to the 
strielly limited royal circle but over- 
whelmed wiih liospilallty, Willi exptes- 
I slonsi of Konil wIsheB and kind regarda 
for .Mayor t'urley before they were per- 
,"7.'tt!^^ 'O' depart. 


OEC li, 1924 

Japanese Visitors p^- 
Fail to Get City Keys 

Mayor Has Souvenir 

I ;. 

Mayor I urley said yeslerdav that 
the letlor., ),e received from laplaln 
I.aseelles and Kayai-d Tuckerman In 
I acknowledgement of his supposed cour- 
tesy he has taken home a-i ."inn enir" 
of "A Uoyal Ml.slake." 

Xow that Ihe pre.seiital inn turn.", out 
b. b.' a iok., put up by somebody, nc- 
r■^rdill^ u, 111, .Mayor, obviously tryluK 
b. put His ibuinr in a hole-the i^e.'-.- 
(ioM has arisen as (o whether the mat. 
ter will l,e regarded in as llpht a man- 
"■ '■ I'y "ic I'rince-fi ■ iitouraRe-and 
fiinli. I iiHirc' will tlie I'rince keep the 
!;e\ 11. .w that he (Ind.i It was not 
Ruthorllatlvely presented In bim „r wiii 
fie send li back. 

Meanwhile the slenth-hoiiiuH are on 
(be trail of ilie perpetrators of the 
hoax— and then -the Mayor's adjectlv<^ 
factory Is apt to pet bu.=y! 


.■■■l.'\i()K I.L l\i.i-.V .A.Nl) JM .\.\l-..-r. i.'i-i'H ..V:.;.-, 

,.\ former Japiiiicsc chief of police ami tlic fornier colonial secretary of 

the Kwau Tung govcninu'iit in Manchuria, wore entertained by the Mayor 

yesterday, l.cit to right ar," ■ Hikoyi Kawaguchi, former secretary; Mayor 

Curley, ilaruinichi, Boston merchant, and S, Nakayama, former 

chief of police. 

authorize the rostmaster General to 

make contract.s with commercial firma 

I which Is Intended to aid tho commer- 

had Rone bcyona the experimental 
The intrusion of ■r.afayettc MuUl- staso and this was known to every 
fan" the myst.-rioiis ■•.social secretary 'meniber of CoiiKres.M who had paid the 
.•1' M.ivor furlev" who presented the i sllRbtest latenlion to tho matter, 
(.-nbbnkev of th'e citv to the rrlnce of! The advocates of the measure hope 
Wales dui'lnc his recent visit to Massu- to. i"<:-l>"'« « "-w section which will 
chnsetts. had its n-actli.n yesterday 
when two distliisulshed .lapanese visl- 

tors, HIkoyI Kawaguchl, '""";>■• «-■■•'-. ^lal developments of flying. 
larv-Kcnoral of the Kwan Tung gov- " , 

crnment and S Nakavama, former ' Congressman Connery of Lynn made 
chief ot' police of that province, failed a speech In tfivor of the resolution, 
to I 

ofhc'e' sigtuMl their'na.nes In tlie'elab- j "Ijrs /,n;l that the postal air Berylce 
oratelv boumi distingul.shed visitors' 
liook. but no keys wc-re forthromlnB. 
Volumes giving the history of Hob- 
t. Ill's liX) years as a city were pre- 
sented to them. jj r'ongressman tleorge Itolden Tlnkham 
t was learned that P<";';"'^'J'\'; j",^ {| of Boston may not be able to make an 

I appearance in ih,? House during the 
I short bes.*lon because ot the condition 
I r,f his health. He ha.i been under the 
W,\bHL\GTON, Dec. 17.— Bos- i '''!,';;' ,".f fpeciiiliBts since last eprlus. 

) J bikiiam wa:i unable to take ajiy part 
ton IS assure' cf .in air m;iil station ; in his recent campalRn In Bo.ston. Kor 

he has been at the 

lef or police ot tiiat province, laiie.i - ■. ■• ■■• -•-••■,■■• -"; • 

be presented with the famous keys, saying that he believed It was very 
I'hey were received in the May"r's j "f c=essa, y f.u ^var purposes to train 

oiTerod cppoi (unity. Hg nl^o favor 

p«l ti\': povcrnmtnt giving j?onio aid to 

, tht? ( onnnfiioial dc vt lo'^imrnts of alr- 


----- ' 

prpspntation of the symbolic key« la '| 
to be iitrlctly Itmlted. 

next Jnly iir.'^t when the new fiscal ; '^'"^*^ ^■^'"■^-^ ^' 


'^I)^lncr.■^, \'a Tho 


'^£C .2i,i3H 


year begin,'-. This w.Ts aiithori/.ed by j uiat he does not expect to bo sufflclent- 
thc House today through the adop- i '>' recovered to attend this scpston 
, ., , ,. , ,, Icatne through a letter to Chalriiian 

tion of tlie Laguardia l-csQlutioii| M.,,t,i^n of the appropriation committee, 
which extended the necessary au- ! ''''''''"""'^ < ■mimittee have 
Ihori.ation to the Posltna.ter' Ge.i- , ^;;;./;;[;;;'^ .,,°^-„/'^ Con^re«.,na„ 
cral. I .... 

On motion of .'^ Walsh of Mas- 

sachusetta tin- .'Senate today decided to. 
devote Jan. 19 to exercises comment- ■ 
orating Senators Txidire ot Masaachu- ' 
setts, i^olt of Rhode Island and Bran- 
knock otit the resolution on .1 point of degee of (.'onneutlcul. all of whom have 


Cramton of Michigan attempted to j 

order, lie argued that the nir mail was 
yet In the experimental stage. 

lied in the past few monthfi. 
yenaiors who are to make the T.odffa 

fongrfssman tfallivan tool; ,a strong speeches ore Btitler, Wtdsworth, Hmoot 
exception to this in a brief but vigorous ;; and .Mores on the Republican side 
speech The Pos'on Congressntan saldBWalih of Massachusetts, Robl 
that there could be no iiueatlon what- j Arkansas and Underwoort,; J^jfif* 
ever but that «lr mall trannportalion | on llio nenieortktify 



Mayor's Letter to Coolidge: 

Warns of Hardship From 

High Transporta^w 

f A request 'fhat President 

of tlie 

III Ills Iptter to the Interstate Com- 
mei-CG C^onmiiHslon, the Mayor 
poltittd out that If fhfi oarriprs 
which Kcrvf! the N»w Knirland Ktjxies 
are ;if:mltted to raise theii- raiPii, 
It will soriouHlj' affect evory actlv- 
Ity of the life of Ma.ssa<}huset1.s and 

"Tht, proponed revisions are up. 

ward In all olasHfis except the Klxth." 

he wrotP, "nnd In every case Htnki' 

at the fon,^ supply of this replon- aiKl 

as Mayor of the city of Boston I' 

I onrn«'<«jtly protest ag-alnst any ad- 

i vance in these rates, which "must 

. affect the vital Intercsets of mil- 

' lions of people." 

j The mtiyor Khowe<l that New Kur- 
I land, lieing an Industrial region, Is. 
' dependent on other .sertions 
country for Ita fo<Mj supply. 

"Any policy of rate-raising- that 

I raises the price of dally 'bread is a 

.serlou.s Injury to the industrial 

ir,„ ,. , . , , ^ worker and th.i indu-stry lie swves." 

C.oohdge mtervpne to prevent he wrote. -it lead.s to B.-.ciai dis- 
the proposed in trans- ''""'p"<' 'o wasw demimd.M that it 

_„_*„*• J. ii -^ -I JJi^anred must be pa.s,se.j on to i-us- 

portation rates, a matter vital- to,„ers to the injury of industry. 

ly affectin)!? Massaehuxetts and «»'"P» customers can seek their re- 
XT -El I J 1. V 1 ciuilreirieiitB in places and froin rnanu- 

New Enpland, has been made f,,,t,i,er. unaffected by the expanded 

by Mayor Jame.s M. (jiirley of faiiroiui races. 

Bo.Ston. ' -" ■*""^" demands are refused 

In hlH communication to the Pre«- 
IdeTi't. the Mayor enc.kised a cop.v of 
a letter which he recently malled'the 
chalrnia.n of the Int^vrstate Com- 
merce Commission, In which hi! pro- 
tested the pi oposed Increases. 

Mayor Ciirley declare-d that his 
protest wa."i one "whos« aubject mat- 
ter deeerves the attention and In- 
terest of the Chief Magistrate of the 

"Slncs tb« malUngr of thlif leitter," 
he wrote the President, "announce- 



A piajit Jl 4.000,000 suspfnfrion 

bridije. to span Bo«ton harl)or from 

the North lOnd to Bo.^rton, is 

proixi.'ied in a bUl filed with th« 

Lesi-slature yosterday. 

i The bridire would have a total 

|I«nE,'Ui of H;)0(l ff^et. Its two towers 

would be over .lOO feet hlsh, with a 

I mam arche<i span between of 1200 

I f'?el. Cieanince of 135 feet would be 

!pi.pv,ded over the maJn channel at 

hiffh tide tor a width o' 
j 'Tr.-ide of the 
lie over 5 
I<":U and 

400 ifeet. 
wojUd not , 


has been made In the dally 
tha.t a 10 per cent, reduction 
in the wapre-) of the texrtiie worki'r.- 
of the Mi'rrimack Vall'-y has lieen 
ordered b.v the mill own^-rs, thereby 
pixwlucinK econoTiiic I'ondltions thiit 
render life and livlnp more dItticuU 
and h.azardnus for <ifpendent:s, 

"In vlCTV of the hljjh coRt of llv- 
in(? now ohtalning in ,\>w Ktutland 
and 1he downward (rend of wnifc- 
ficales, the contenipUi.ted raise in 
transportation ra,les on the fomls of 
the worker Is ^'sqeutlally a^ tlie 
public weiil an<l a niovo. I( permit- 
ted to ma'rriiilt/e. calculn.tfwl to en- 
tall a hjirtlship in this win- 
I try season. 

"I respect fully ask that the Pres- 
ident win intervene to prevent the 
precipitation of a .situation danper- 
OU8 to the pence and order of Ihls 
Commonweivith and unju.rt to Its 
pe<)T>l«- I'VellUK that I can count on 
tlie ayrnpnlhellc interest of the 
PretiMent and his prompt axrtlon, I 
h«ve tiM honor to remain, etc." 

strikes will result and ajjaln indus- 
try is lnjure<l, the injuries afflicted 
i.n industry are reflected In every 
-Vew l-;riKland business, rural and 
ui-ban; luul the railroads 11 Is souKht 
to help themselves starved 
tlirtuudi the dwliidllng traffic of a 
pro.itrated country." 


Laughs at Story of His Wife 
as Candidate 

, "*■ 

whlch Ki'Uld 


PJLSfMs-es for c-ars. both 
r.„i . , express, autos. Ir- ^^ ana i 
pedestrians would bo , pr, .""^ . Pe 
dc,stri,ins could cross fr *^' 
Ins the T cent toll cha 
eiit on the city fen ' 
be abolished. 

The bill W.1.S introduced on petition 
?v-. fl •?r" "■■''"^of Hrookiine. It 
r. •■; .:•'■ '''■"■ ■'"anchard n.f Catn- 

b.Mdce. Mr. Bate, iHU'unced thirty 
re.-isons for the bj-ijge 

The approaches «-ould beqin at 
norder and tiUTinu^v .street, Ka-st 
l..«lon. and .at f^u.^-way and Wash- 
in^'ton street Xorth. .\-,,rUi The 
b-""" wotild .s-p..m the harbor at Its 
est point above tlie Xorlh 


the bridge hig-hway 
exjiress lane heading 
a boulevard to the 

for the b.-idRc 

direct ,'iocoss to Bast 

Ini'liidid In 
vould bo .in 
Jirectiy onto 
Vorth Shoro. 

Some of the reiL.')on. 

To providn 

To cut the runniniT time between 
he North Siiore and Boston 30 mil, 

To put an end to an annual and in. 
ireii.dni,' deficit of $500,000 in ferry 

, ,. , . l'^" "''""' ''"''■'•■f^'' «■■; a memorial to 

published Joston VVorW War hero*., iuid in 

rto.y tlint hl« wife. .-Mrs .M.i ry Kinllda Wmmemor a I ion uf the .100th anni- 

.Mayor Curley enjoyed A lieart\ 
ho said, at this niornlnp 


; f>r entering 
''iH-oed her 

llerlihy ('uilc;. 
Ili<' AI;iyor,iUy 
bURbaud, next 

"I, lice evor> 
( inlflron . Mr- 
full lit lioini 
mlaht become 
for denial. 

Th.. Clt\ K.iii polilic-Ml],licts wej.. 
agreed. iruiK bcfr.nha lid. thai If 
wonuui amons the of 

i« tllhiklni 
cnntnpt lo 

other motliei- of nrvt-ji 

Ciirley ti.Ts her hands 

The istnry that she 

:i (finrtlilnte Ih too nh.surd 

ers;i.ry of l!,,ston In 1030, when t h. 
-idi;e woiiM be fiiii.shed. 
To «-Ue employment tom»nythou- 
uids of men for four years. 

h.r .' 


on I 

enrolled In Uoslon, \vho could 
'•xecute a ".Ma" I-Vrguson perforinpnce 
ill this rity. It Is Mrs Curli-y. liiu, aii- 
l.aiTntly. .xhe lui..|n ! tl,f fi.luic.vt notion 
of attenipllng It. 

GLOPjL dec. ZO, 192 4- 


Uequest to Citrley Brings but Small 
SatisfHction Hi-ili.>rt A. Wih-on uh- 
talner] Uttio Katlsfactlon from Mayor 

Curlpy yesterday in a,i urgont reliK'St 
for more iioli.-emen. 

Tlie need lur niuro pulrolmcn on tho 
traffic K(iu.'ul is iicute, Wilson told tlu- 
mayor, but tli.' most ttio liiltor inoinisiHl 
WSK to provide nioro men if (lie I/ckI"- 
iature would ribalo to r.o.ston a. r-mi.or- 
t'onato sliarii of the stulf's Inc-onio in 
motor vehicle foes. ;> - *J 

The mayor's iiropo^llon was 'ai coo'd 
us "turning him down," Commissioner 
Wilson admltled after the conference, 
Ho saiil he ha<i put the noed before 
Mayor Curb-y in language :is stront: as 
the KnifllKli bniKuaKe would permit. 

Commitsionir Wilton \l.-itcd ihe 

mayor to discusn the use of the police 

force In 1925 ceimus, but before long 

y Mr, Wilson broached the sub.lec,t of hl.s I 

I need for rnoro men, hi flueuci-d, he said, 

I by scores of complaint.'! comiiiB to him 

da'ly as to Inadequacy of his foro*\ ,\ t 

th*> session also \\-ei'o City Auditor 

Rupert S. Carven and Budget Commis- 

eion«r ty;arU« .1. l''ox. ( 


Tiie t>ia.'t nuniber of -latrolmen de- 
slrid war not .set forth by Commis.sIv,.ier 
^\'llson. He eaid, however, that 200 
mor- men were renuired to conduct the 
department properly. 

Mayor Curle.v reminded Comnil.ssloner 
Wilson that his department w.t; sprMid- 
InK $l.riOi).fOO a .\'ear, and said that If 
his rcquestH were aranted he would 
soon be taking all the money \vhlc,h the 
city e.ould raise. The comnilB-sjonor re- 
plied that other >-itles were (inding it 
necess.ary to augment their police forcea 
to iin even greater extent than !io was 
asking lor Boston. > 

The mayor's jiroposal was to lile ii bll; 
in the l<egi.Hlalure asklni; the stale to 
turn over to Hoston her proportionate 
share of motor vehicle fees. He taid 
that, of the J9.000.000 annually receivee^ 
from that source now, the state ullots' 

H-Wir L t K 

P.,): -2 0, 19:4 

Doubt Mrs. Currey Will 7 
e Candidate for Mayor 

City Hall Believes 

Husband Will Oppose 


Tlie belief of the Good GovcrnmePt 
Assoeiatiin that Mr.i. James M. Curley 
Is a potential c.tildldate for mayor of 
Boston upon the retirement of the pres- 
eXCPUtive from office was not sh.ired 
by officials and employes seen at City 
Hnll today. 

Tt w,i,= the pcneral opinion ;hat .May- 
or I'urley would s Irongly op| his 
wife's rnterinn iiolltics as an active can- 
didate, de.Mdie the fact that she has 
bren on more than one occasion his 
"ripht-hand man." Tier services were 
particniar value in his nnmpalyn of 
when attempts were made to force 
ml of the three-cornered fight. A 
her to the voters oi 


towns for b\dldlni^ of road-i, hut that 
certain amo>ints to various cities and 
tione is turned over to Itoston. He 
would have Boston ^et her share and 
in addition civc to Boston authority to 
spend it in other w.iys than for roads. 

CENSUS takitm-g problem.; 

The money, according to the mayor's 
•icheme. would be used for traffic pur- 
poses, Included In which would be pro- 
vision for tile extra patrolmen desired 
by Commissioner Wilson. 

Jfa.vor Curley was anxious to have 
Ct'unmissioner "Wilson's dep.Hrtmcnt t.ako 
Ihe cen.sus next year. Chapter ITiS of the 
Acts of 1921 transfers from the slate to 
each city and town that decennial dtity. 
It is now the custom in Itoston for the 
police to list all persons aged 20 years ^':'P^ 
and over every .^prll 1 In conneetlor 
with preparation of the voting lists. It 
wa.s lliC ]na\or'.s idea to save consider- 
able time ai;d mone.v by bavinp: the po- 
lice do the census work at tlio sam< 
lime they undertake the lisling. 

t 'ommlssioiier Wilson proniise'l (o dis- 
cus.s tile question with his associate on 
the police listinR board. ICIectloii Om- 
nilssloner James K. Eagan. and then 
with William C Orundy, state director 
of the census. 

BudKet Commissioner Fox estimated 
that II would cost Bo.ston about $2,"., 000 
to take the census. The recording of 
each name costs at ,1 cents. It Is 



letter written by 

the city did much in swiiigins senti- 
ment toward Curley and in brluKlng 
about tile withdrawal of tlie late Joseph 
Be!ietin- from the contest. 

The naniu of Mrs. Curley stands hlfth 
In a list of 41 names of persons consid- 
ered petential cmdldales by the il. Ci. 
A. The list is net an Indorsement but 
a preliminary sur.e.\, indlcatlnc per- 
fions who arc at present the obleets of 
study on the part of the associ,ition so 
th.ii, when any of them presents hlm- 
»ell as a cundldale. a comprehensive 
"nppreeiailon" ef ii!., experience, nat- 
ural cifl.M and proipectlve worth may be 

it stands at present is ap 


folltuvs ' 


Herbert A 




d. Maiy K. 
Jos. rdi I'. JMannlnK'. Theodore B, tilynn 
• harles If. Cole. James I. Bhelan, Jamei 

XIrhol.s. .John A. Kellher 
ilson, Ceorpe Holden TInk 
'. Tague, John F. l-'ltzg 
Curley. Andrew .1. Beteit 


T. Mttrlnrt.v, 
<• S. H,-alev. 
Fitzgerald, I-' 

.lames T. Burcell, William 
Banlel U'. Ijine, W. T. .-^. 

rancls A. i^anipbell. Baniel 

- i'luiion raph 

liy Coniln) 

H. Coakley. Joseph F. O'Connell Thom- 
-■is C. O'Brien. Walter B. Collln.s. Ed- 
ward I. LoKan. 1-red BoBan, Chnrles S 
<-i Connor. John H. I,. Novcs, Frank a' 
(Jqodwin, K. Mark- Sullivan, Martin .m" 
B'-masney. Jotepl, a. ("onry, Havid n 
Scmnell. Franci.s tC. .'-:lntlery, Daniel j' 
Kane. Frederick W, Manslleld. John j' 
Curley, J,ihn It. Piinn, Wililoni l^ ' 

O'Hare, Fred Flnnefran. James 

livan, John A. Oonanhue 

A. Gal- 
Alonzo B. 



The CiTY of Boston extends 



ReproducUoii of Christmaa cards which, according- to cus- 
tom, Mayor Curlcy has caused to be placed in eveiy hotel room 
in the city. 

^ P"^ * 

Workmrri iayingr the now pavement in vepular lines. The blocks 
are pjt in row.i with the ribberi ^ide downward and set in mortar. Be- 
neath the thin layer of >v«'tiy there i< a concrete In color the 
rubber blocks are of a dull black. K'A'<tli ilili,!?'!! 

Kxperts who officiated at laying of rubber pa -Inff. Left to riKht: 
Rufus F. Herrick, con.oulting engineer, who invented the elastic blocks; 
William T. Gould, paving authority of the Boston Woven Hose and Rub- 
ber Co.; and Joseph J. Conifrey, di.strict foreman, city paving department. 





Mayors' Club Planning 




The determination to make the 
battle affainst the proposed increase 
of telephone rates by the New Eng- 
land Tclcplionc S: Telegraph Com- 
pany State-wide and to a victorious 
finish was the dominatinc; note at the 
' mectiiiK of tho ^fayors' Club of 
Massachusetts at VoiinK's Hotel yes- 
terday afternoon, over which Mayor 
Curlcy, as president, presided. 
It was resolved uniinltiimuily I'y th>^ 
40 or more Ma.v.Ts Hiid former Mayors . 
piesi'nt to f..rm:illy ln'Kln the pamimign 
liy KeeurlnK, if p.issiMe, the Lirgo Oani- { 
ii.r Aiiillti'rluin In the State House, anil 
hold a inoetlnpr of protCKt there .Tun. G. ' j 
tha day Oovernor-elect Alvan T. Fuller 
l.s to lip liiauKur.iteil. and endeavor to 
secure the Jiie 

fiKht Hgttlnsf the telephone company 
■uid the iJTovl.slon of adequate appropri- 
a'.i/,iis to o.Trry on the battle. 

Thi.s r4ue.ttii)n of pro rata assessment 
on eitii.s and towns participating In the 
eonl.'st will li, one of tho thinRS to I'n 
rtlf-cus.sed at the Gardner Auditorium 
Jneetlngr. It l.s likely that on that occa- 
sion resohitiuns i'lU bo adopted and 
pre.sentert hnnudlately to the newly 
inauKurated tiovernor to convey how' 
-.videvprend 1m the protest the 
])roj.(ised inerensft of rates. 

K. Mark Hiillivan ye.-^terday tolfl the 
Mayors, In answer to inqidrles, that 117 
oltiea and towns had already jocne<l* 
with Boston in !,IIiik Intervening petl-l 
lions with the puhlie utilities conni!is-j 
-^'on n.-ikinf? to 1>.^ heard In objection tf> 
the rate Increa.-ie and that this by no 
TTiean.s represented the extent of the 
ni\inicip;il ojiposil ;i~.n. as niany imIot 
'itlfs and towns had alreuci^' registered 
iiy votes of city cou'icil.s or Y»o.ird of 
.•■■eleetmen their prote'Sts against the 
[irojtosed rate incn^ase. 

Mr. Sullivan warned the Mayors' Club 
that the Huht w 'Uld t]e a Ions and hit- 
ter one and tho telephone co;n- 
Iiany was .Jreoiy ttirdlnq: itself for b:!t- 
tle. It has fhanfted counsel, he said, 
and ha.t repl.ieed Vice President rlerce, J 
the Keneral counsel, with tho law firm V 
of Choate, Hall & .Stewart, who re ' 
said were also the attorneys for tho 
Aineri.Tin Hell Telephone Company, the 
national .and parent orRuniratlon. 

it would be necessary. !-.e said, to 
meet their attacks by ensaglng the 
best oxp. rts and accountants familiar 
with th-' inanapement and finance of 
telei)lione* eornpanie.-^. 

.POST no^l 



$13,000,000 nt St.ikc 

Officials Are Due 
' Shakeup 




sence of tho Mayor of 
each of the .lii cities and the chalrnoin 
of tho Hoard of Selectmen of eveiy one 
'of the X>!> Massachusetts ttwns, to- 
gether with corporation counsel and law 
f.lTireid from every nmnlcl,pality in the 

.\ eoir.mlttee of ten, headed by Mayor 
iKd\v,-ii<l Uiilnn of CanibrldKe and con- 
'sIstInK: of the .Mayors of Chtcopee, CJlou- 

To show, flnanci.illy. what was nt 
stakp to the New Knulanrt Telephone 
and Telcjfraph rompany, ho estimated 
that the tmiposed clianKe of rates up- 
ward would mean an increase of rev- 
enue of $i:f,oc<i,(i(Xi a year from the jh.^o- 
^ jple In this section. 

I \ Back of It all was an effort, he 

claimed, on tho nart of the national 

(Company tT v.-ccn* r patent control of 

: telephone ftpi^aratus by the Introdnc- 

I tlon of autoina'.io swItchinK machinery 

' which, if sectned. would restore tho 

J mr»nopol>' the imrent company had be- 

I fore Its original patents expired. Ha 

also said the New ICn.cland Telephono 

Dnipaiiy was now enKaped In makiner 

a new survey of Its plant to luodtioe 

a revaluation, based on reproduction 

costs, to he pri>sented as a .iustltlcnllon 

\ •- 

Ijawn-nee, Marllioro and I^owell. j^for 
and the chairmen of the Board of Se- 
lectmen of Atliol, HrldRewater. lieer- 
flsld and FraniliiKham, with Mayor Hur- 
ley of rtostcm added, was chosen to 
make arran.iremeiits for the meeting- at 
Gardner Auditorium and to take ai'tlve. 
charKe of tho v"a>'s and nu-ans t>f the 

A meeting- of this commllten will be 
held efther Just before or after Chrisr- 
mas, so Chairman Quinn said last niKht 
ilej-ondlnK upon what 
suit the convenience 
who live in distant imr 

reventio by hlRlier 

date viTill tiest 
■ f tho membe'ra 
ts of the stale. 

May EngaRc 


also ha-.'o au- 



Mayor Curlev. In dlncusslnir the tele- 
phone situation, referied to tho fact 
that the tenure of oftlco of the mem- 
bers of the Public flllitles rominlssioii 
made it impossible to make them 
amenable to the force of public opin- 
ion .and suffKested that their appoint- 
ments should bo rnado subject to re- 

This bein<? the last meetlnjr of tho 
year, a committee consirtir.R of May- 
ors Omnn of Canit>ridce. Ttales of Quln- 
,cy and Kimball of Maiden was ap- 
poIiit'-i1 to bring In nominations for Tiow 
officers, Ma.N-or Cnrltty, who has been 
pre-ildent two year.s in snrcesslon, ab- 
iif isolut«y declinlnpr to permit his name 
,,. -to h^ coiisP>red for anotl-nr tcrni. 

I was also voted to invite the Gov- 

Thls cotnmlttee 
thorlty, after ascertaining tho wishes 
tho various munlcipaiilles. to select 
outride cotmsel— the names of .Samuel 

and Sherman I... tvhlpplo er ir. l.letit_<.nont-(}overnor. President 


belnu mentioned at 

tho nteeilnfc — should of th 

it he deemed advisable, but the spirit of 
the gatherInK y.slerday was that I'.. 
Murk Sullivan, corporation counsel of 
tho city of Poston, who has been con- 
(luctlnif tno liKhl tho telephono 
company for BoKton. has already han- 
dled the case so admlraldy that he be 
continued and his JudKinent ha iiouKht 
In tho uuestlon of enBaulnfr outside 

It was decided that the commltteo 
should also brln»r home to tie various 
munlQlpnHtlsi* the neoeasity of m. united 


Senate and the Speaker of the 
of Hetjresentativep t(^ l>o tho 
of the club nt Its Irat meeting 
In Januarj, 

The e! ih also voted to chanfje Its 
fustom c>f havlnt^ all Us nu-etlnKs lu 
Boston Next yar the first meeting 
vill be held In Boston, tlni second in 
W.-rcester, the third in CambrldRe, th.t 
fourth In Qtiincy. the flfth In Lawrence 
and tho fall mcelinRs In Plymouth, 
Hampden and nerkslilre Counties, so 
that during tho year nil the principal 
(larts of tho State will have been vis- 
ited. ^ii^!ht it was learned trom au- 1 
thoritativc .sotirccs at City Hall that ! 
.1 thorouRh shaUeiip of officials at ! 
the Island w ill he made by the j 
Mayor, It is expected that two or 
more officials will siilTcr di.-imissal , 
on chargrc! of neglect of duty in en- 
forcing discipline among the pris- 


Mayor C;irley is expected to Issup ai 
statement today re.?ardlng conditions at j 
Deer Island. j 

Piomptly on his unexpected return' 
yesterday to (.^Ity Hall, after outttng j 
short his Atlantic City vacation, the' 
C'ty Council committee cancelled the! 
sp..cial meetfn? called to consider t)«er ' 
Island i>i-iHon crmditlons. 

Councillor tJeorKo F, Oilbody an- 
rounced that, no action would be taken 
j until the Mayor had himself had an op- 
i.i rtunity to answer the charges made 
by the Slate commissioner of correc- 

To a I'ost reporter the 'Mayor declared 
that lie had (tueslloned t>r, l>avld S. 
.!( liiis.m, city Institutions commissioner, 
.Hid would probably Issue n stat«ni«nl 
some time toda,\'. 

Hefore city dep-irtmenl liends ,ond 
. orricials knew what WH.s happon- 
II K the Mayor had arrived nt City Hall, 
Merited himself In a back office of the 
CeovRe \\ hite Memiirlal Fund hend- 
■ m,-irteiR and pn>ceed.Ml to summon tho 
Inst'tution department authorities, Hl» 
confi-rnce witli r>r. .lohnson lasted mor« 
than Hii hour. . 


Committee of 10 Nam^d 
by Mayor Curley 

Group to Orpnize FIeM in 

Goiiiinyoilics oi m\ 

Japanese Speaks 

\ M.,v,M- Cnriov, tho matter nf 
"';:, 'ih'T n oF'the .^hU^s the com- | 

N>w York aiKl Sh.iniau 1,. W h.pplo "^ 
Boston were iiicniioncd. 

n'lmr matters bofoin the eliin "i" 

liMivi-, anrl tlif president of the 
Senate, be Invited to the January mcet- 

'"'ne^or^'hrnieetlns irot flown to the 
l,uMne\s Of the telephoned, HlkoJI K^- 
w,!,' 'hh formerly secretary Keneral for 
I r province of Kwan T.hjk nn'lr-r the 
' I-inane^e Government, and S. ?^al^{i\- 
iama. ehief .•{ police for that fH^'t ',!.'■<. 
V -re Introduced by Mr Curley. Mr K.i- 
waKuehi made a brief speeeh, throuph 
Tn interpreter, of hi^ ploa.sure at belnp 
h fh" United Plate;, and told ot some 
of the tbiuKM which had been notlce- 
, uliW- to him durin;; his trip. 

HFRALD NOV.15.152'1- 


Unterniyer aad Whipple 
Mentioned for Counsel 

.\ ronimltfre of lit h.TH been appointed 
1-iy .Mayor <'urley. a:< president of t!ie 
M.nynrr.' Club of .Mass.achlisott.s, to 
.irRanUe thtrop)'"''!! Ion of t-tie communi- 
ties ot the State to the proposed in- 
ereaso In telephone rates by the New 
i-;nBland Telephone and Telegraph fom- 
nany, wlilnh lias petitioned the State 
iSoard of T'liblic t"tililie.s for autliorily 
lo inaU6 eerialti sweepinp: Increases. 
'• So far according to Mayor Curley, 117 
■itlo.q a It towns of the Slate, through 
iheir •: uiic oftlciabs, liave elgnified tlielr 
.villlnil- nsa, and even eaBernea.s, to Join 
'- " -hiaFiiinst this Increase. 

.larliSuliivan. corporation counael 

Few Bidders at Auction for 
Court Street Widening 

QLO&E Df-C,U.I9Z4- 

0£ OIL IN 


or ''he (Hy of Boston, who led the 
•lty'« batt* aaalnsL a partial increase 

last Sumner, said he thouKht it was 

<a(o to itaj that !'li percent of the com ■ 
nup.tle.s ff tlie .State would come Into 

•he !\i;ht, .udsliig from letters and raea- 

.^.ige.', Iio iad received. 

To Meet Dec 2(> or 21 

Tbn 10 men appointed to the commit- 
tee bvMavor rurley are all either city 
or town oillcials. Mayors or ^;«Je'^,V"f "■ 
Snd are as fidlows, bdward \N . ^ > nn 
of ramhridse; Joseph M. 'V 'V',. V' -h ' 

3. Par.son.s.of C.louce.ster; ^^ i^' "', ;"'„'. 

i tort of Lawrence; James M. ",' iV 

l.<ohn J Donovan of Lowell: Chnrlen I . 

' °ok of Athol: IK.iand f . , 'V" „ "^ 
HridKcwater; Charles 11. Aehlev, .1 Im 
1 Slalterv. Mr Curley was made chalr- 

„an by motion ff'^"' 'J"', "''■:,V,,„niitteo 
■I'lie ilrst rneeiln!,' of the > ominitieo 

will he held either o" I',"',,-„V he club 

Mavor (Mrley auKRc^teil that the ciun 

ei eaKc the C.ardner Memorial Ai.ditort- 

,m In tli Slate House on the day of 

XI "ovenmr's inauRural ""d invite all 

own and city ofllclals wtio will 1)3 In 

e city on that day for tbe rereniony to 

I ' teiid'a meet ins in the hall |" ';"''';4'f 

,l,e litviit against tltej^'ropo^-ed lncna.set,. 

ConMant fiffht Urfied , ^ . 

Mr vuMlvi.n called (tn bv Mr Curley 
,o evpi in ie situallon a« he Ijnew it 
;™m 'hi'' l,andlin« of ';j"„ -"P-' Jy" 1 e 
rouKht -by the city ot Boston, drove 

1 '"Xr;o?dhir' o'1u'"suUlvan, the com- 
n.^iy was oneoiiraKed to «sk for this 

,!f • ,« Mulireme Oiurt, and Is now mak- 

InVa v«l""io" "f '" """"" '""",' T '" 
the Idea of RTtUnK a new valuation 
on which new rates could be h '''^d. 

If the communities are to llclit the 
| Willi any prtx^peet of Huccesd two 
thl K.s are necessary, the needful fimdf 
/.nd dependable exp'rts, Mr Sullivan 
paid The I'nniniunllies must make it a light, not a spasmodic one, ho 
decia red. 

I Proposes $14,000,000 

' Span to .Easi Boston 

, ,\ Iiili provifiiiig for tile construction 
' f a lilgh-level brldUe between Boston 
I .uul Kast Boston, to be known as the 
I "Hoston llarlior I'.ildse," was tiled to- I 
j day with the ebrk of the Ma.'Ssachusetts j 

" ' " ■■•I -. iii.iticcs by ItepreaenI- j 

iiicliard of Cam- 

Van Xf 

House ,.,f it 
ative .Artiiu 
bridne, .)n iielitiou 
of ilrooliline. 

Tile plans call f'O 
pen.sion type. :ii!nll 

Kast River. New 

Ienj<tli. including approachc;' 


a i'vidK,. of tlie sHs- 
r to iliose over the 
York, Willi a. total 

r r,!ioo 

feet, '['he twr> towers \\'ouid e.'icli bo ';. 
over .■!(«) feet In helBht and the tnaln ' 
span helween tliem U'cD feet. Tlie clear- j 
aiice al midftream ni high tide would 1 
be IS,"; feet for a channel width of 10(1 ■ 
fe.l. The grades ot approaches as 
planned are not to i xeeed li percent. 
Tlie estimated cost of tile structure is 
.^l^.noo.OKI . 
Acoordinfi: to the plans, the main Kasl 
1 Boston approach woultl slart over lie) 
' lioston & Allianv liailroad yard at Por- 
: tiu- St and inf^fx'. into the .■iclual hridRe I 
structure almve llie Junction of Hinder 
and Sunnier sis, wliere either auxiliary 
!j rumps or traffic elevators are planned, 
l| to afford direct access to and from the 
I, liisl Boston water front, (.'rossini; Me- 
' ridiiin St, a direct escalator approach 
tor p' tiestrians is also contemplated, to 
serve the Maverick s(i-Ccntral-.s<i dis- 

Tlie bridpe woiibl spun Boston Hiiriior 
at its narrowest point, just aiiove the 
line of tllc North Kerry, and the Bos- 
ton apjiroach is ilcsiKueil to slope do\rn 
aioiu; the .\'ortli lOnd water front over 
tin Charles iilver wharves, tlius avoid, 
ins any li/slrA t Lni of r.rivnte luiipei-ty 
In the lily prop, 1- and eonseuu.nt hind 
dumat'es. The ninin Boston termina- 
tion would be at Keany sn. where 
Causeway and North Washington ats 
ineel, and liy these two broid Ihor- 
ouirhfares aini'l" eoniiei-tions wouid lie 
had with both uptown and downtown 

Biddorp were soafcei yp'st«Mm# af- 
tornoQTi when Ihn city tried to sell 
1 at: public auction the rafta of the 
i buildings along Court street which 
! project over the line established by 
! the .street conimis?inners in the plans 
'for the wideninfr of that street, and 
I which the owner.s have failed to re- 
I move in accordance with the city's 

i order. 

Ivlward W I--Mce, the municipal auc- 

I tioneer, had no troutnc in altractlUR a 

■crowd In Scollay sipiure. lie found It 
more difficult, however, to entice bu.vers, 
and wlien ihe sale closed tiaif an hour 
later he had sold slices of only two of 
the hulldiims for a. total of .fSilu. 

Accustomed as it i.i to unusual . 
scenes, Scollay square piovided the 
usual number of curious srii<.jl titors 
rtb.n llei auctioneer and his assistants 
1,,,,!; tlicir stand at Urattlu ami Court 
...Ire. 'Is prOTupiiy al 3 o'clock to beslu 
the sale. Apparently few in the crowd, 
excejit the newspaper men and three or! 
four real estate dealers wiio had read 
the announcement of Die auction, knew 
what was Boinff on. 'I'iie ollicrs evl- 
dcuitly were expectliu; somitiiliu,' In the 
line of soap box oratory. 

Tile auctioneer called for bids on the 
pail ,,r the property from 7!) to ,-(.'> i '(uirt 
street, includlnu the front of the old 
irauford House, which extends bcyohd j 
the new street line. Uobert O. I )ob- 

i bins, a real estate dealer, bought the 
slice, couslslim: of 871 s<|uare feet of 
the buildluK, for his original offer of 
$25. ' 

Bidding became somewliat more 
siilrited for the strip ot the bulldinij 
from Iti- to 108 f'ourt street. The Ilrst 
bill was r.o anil with several de.'ilers In 
the cfmiiieiltion. the price mounted I 
sieailii.( until it reaehird $810 and was' 

;.old at that pile,- to l''rank Cr.iKsmiLn 

represenllnK the City Building Wrcck- 
Inir Compun> of Somerviiie. fj ' ,X- 

There wore no bidders for the con- 
demned parts of the building at 
88 80. 108 to 107 and V::\ (o 1 h, i.min 
street no the ntictioneer continued the , 
salo o't tliese strips until TiOv. 28. The 
•luctlomer announced that the pieces i 
of the biildlnh-s from HO to 122, Mfi to 
UC and 1G8 to IfiO Court street, which 
were aii:'! scheduled to K'> i""l''r tlia 1 
hammer yesterday, had been with- j 
drawn from the sale because the own- 
ers had a rantfed with the city lo tear 
down the buildings and meet tlie re- 
ipilred con itlons. 

linder lli lerms ot the sale, the pnr- 
cbasers in cul f>ff and removo the 

,,a'tta proj. nij over the lines of the 
new hlghwi. , before Dee. 14. 




f I 

Finance Commission Finds That 

City's Tenants Were Solicited 

forHlie Campaign 


Money Thus Received Not Noted in 

List of Contributors Already 


Till. I'iuiinijo Commlssldii, in a coinnuitil- 
iition to Mayor Curtey today, criticizes 
thr Kolicltatfsns of th.- city's trnants In tlw 
Fan. ull lialL niiirli.'t In behalf of tho 
mayoi-';< i,-uhei natorlal cuinpalen funa, de- 
clailiin (liat t^iiili a work is unjust. If not 
actually co^-rcivf". 

The commission Icanioil from Patrick H. 
Graham, .siiperlntonrtcnt of markets, that 
iibotit tcti days hoforo election day Fran- 
cis J. Bri'iinaii, the mayor's campalgrn nari- 
apor, roqiicstoil him to fiolocit funds. T^atc!' 
Mr. Graham and Joseph V. Fcency. the lat- 
Inr a nirmlicr of tlio C>vorncorp of l*ubIio 
Welfare, mil. As tho result of tlio meet- 
ing', Mr. I'Veney started to soloclt from th« 
ton.ants, and later turned over th« list and 
the money to Mr. Graham. Tho commis- 
sion can tlnd no reference to this contribu- 
tion In the reports tUod under the law of 
tho mayor's campaign receipts and expendi- 

Tho comnii.sslon'3 letter folTowsi 
"Hon. James M. Ctu-ley, mayor, ' 

"Sir — Tlio ['■"Inaiico Commission Iiab ln» 
vesiii-ated th,. matter of city oniclaln re- 
questing tho tenants of Kaneuil Hall Mar- 
ket to contribute money for Your Honor's 
recent c.'iinr>alBn for (,'overnor. Tho Com- 
mission reports as follows: 

"T)ie superintendent of markets, Patrick 
n. Graham, tcstllleri that about ton days 
before r lection day, Nov. 4, 1024, Mr. Fran- 

i'l<i .1. lirennan. wtio was manager of Your 
Honor's campaign, requested him to solicit 
c.unpuiKn contributions from the markel 
ni.n in FaiuMiil Uall Market Thereaftir, 
.Mr Graham and Josepli F. Peeney met. 
Mr. F'leney is one of Your ' Honor's ap- 
lu.intrcs to the Overseers of the f'ublic 
Welfare and treasuriT of the William A 
Pur ronip.i'iy, which occupies a stall in 
I'^Miiiiil Hail .M^iikct. As a result of the 
Mucins, .Mr. F. eney, with the consent of 
.Mr. Graham, solicited and received con- 
tiibutlon.s from the tenants in Faneull Hail 
M:irket, which he delivered, with a list ot 
the contributors, to Mr. CJraham who testi- 
llcd tha he deliven d this money and the 
list 0/ contributors to >.rr. l=lrennan. 

•Mr. Feeney testified further that some 
o;' the contributors were opposed to Your 
Hnnoi's candldaey. hut were ronlrlbu Ing 
ii' caove he toiii tlioni that he was solioilicB 
tile funds at the re'iuest of Mr. I'.raliain. 
tlir suprrintenileni of markets. A 'j 

"The W lliam .v. Hoe Gonipany has hail 
iK'n-compelitive contracts for furnishing 
supplies t.. the Overseers of the Public Wel- 
fare since Mr. Feeney became n member 
of that body. 

"The market men in Faneull Hall and 
Quiney Murkrls are teli.Kit.< ..f the cny o: 
l!oston. AUhtuiph they have wrltter 
leases ot ttiolr stalks, they are subjei-i to 
the inlea iind repniations of tho superin- 
tendent In the conrluct of their business. 
.Solicitation of funds from theso tenants, 
ether at the request or with the consent 
of the superlntenilrnt ot niarki ts, for polii- 
ral puriios.--; is if not actuailv 
(■f..'re;v. .Solicitation of funds to b" used . 
11 a cainpaiKu of tin- inayi.r of the c ty by 
.Ml. Fe. my. who is the Ireasiu-. r of a 
iirporatlon which has been enjoy ng non- 
■itivipetlllve contracts from the Overseeis 
if the Public Welfare, of \i hU h he is 1 
inrhiber, in not for the best Interests ..f 
the city. 

"It does not appear from the records ,it 
the State House and at Cltx Hull that 
the returns made by your honor and the ; 
IH iiple's committee, cif which Mi-. Brennan 
is treasurer, of the reee.ved and 
expended In jour honor's rorent campalfrn 
coniain the names of the market men who 
contributed lb,, money 10 Mr. Feeney. 
"U. spectfnlly slllimltted, 

"THF, c'tX.\.N-C|; (^0.\1 MlSStON', 

"r.y .Mirn.\i:i, II. Sti.i.ivAS-, Gli.iiinian" 

^ L 


I3ES ' 



Attends Exercises at Loui 
Island Hospital 

PmniisloK the chronic patients " that 
before (Tirlsimus. l^i^., they will all tie 
moved to the new Boston Ghronlc Hos- 
pital. Parker Tlill. 'S\a\-.:\- .lames M. 
Curie;,- jesterday vl-lted th.- I.oni,' 
Island Hosplial to atten.i the jinnnal 
C^hristmaa tree iiaity. 

With the .Mayor were M:s I'urby and 
the (.'urley children, except the two 
younprest. liisHttitlons Comniisslonor 
Pavld I. ,)ohnson was also In the party. 
Tliev were met at the wharf bv the 8t 
Viiicni's Cadet Pand of South Boston, 
and 1 scorted to the liosnital. 

The Mayor t)resented tiotli irien and 
women iiatients with presents. ;tnd also 
address. (1 the men p.ttients. The 
women patii-nts Rot tne Rrealest Chrisi- 
nias treat ill tile history of tho Institu- 
tion, \s'beu the ,Ma>or gave each one 
of them a small teaijot and t^umerous 
bnBs of tea In which to make their owJi 
brew whenever tlie.v "ie.'xse. 

The women also were plynn shawls 
and aprons. The men recehed i Igars, 
tobacco and pipes. For the children 
ihero was .'i real dres,spd~up Santa 
ClaUR. who Kavo out do'ls and toys at 
the schoolrofin-l. 

\ t^'hristmas tree had 1-een erected 
in efli,'b ward, and t-a tltf lawn was an- 
other thrci , a hUBe one with 30i> MKhls 
on It. At the top of the tre.i was a 
giant white star, electrically illunil- 
iiatiHl. which Is the first thliiK to be .oeen 
from \e.ssela as they enter the harbor 

The Mayor'e partv took the city boat 
Michael .1. Perkins from Eastern-av 
wharf at 1 o'clock. In all. about Y->ft per- 
sons visited the Island. All 1010 pa- 
tients received some attention. Flec- 
tion roinmlssioner Thouias .1 GoKs'in 
of Houth Boston did most of the work 
towtird pro\-idl!itr cntertaliiTuiuit. 

Ho secured the services of the St 
\'incent's Cadet Hand, and also of tiii- 
nierous musicians. Amonjir these were 
Jai'k OUrleii. .loo MrGratb, ^S'alter 
Hymen. Bill Ke.s.n. Walter Cntchpol,-, 
Frank I'hipps, Peter Wiley. Patrick 
O'Hrb II. .loe Madden Frank Keefe, 
l.loyd Chnse, Arthur I'onovan, Frank 
Harold. Catherine Crane. Helen Mc- 
Keou and Alice Rurko. Mr.s Maria 
Pateinan brouKhl an orchestra suiiplled 
by the KearsarRe Veter.ans' Auxiliary. 

The muslckm.s moved from war,l to 
ward, followltiir the Mayor's pai;-, on 
its tour. The path ids tit the h, snitiil 
all had a turkey dinner in honor of the 







Chief Daniel F. Sennotl. r,n airival iil 
hla oflice. was coiivinccd il,ui )iis friond.s 
in thiH olty wcr,. man}', as was cvi- 
dentftl by tlic hfi.-iMflnil n.)r,-il pioccR 
Ihat rovcrcrt lil.s .lesk iU his ,Ma«on-nt 

Th- eliicf vvas ovorjoyid at th" heaiill- 
ful ,,-,l,„te., ,J,ai <.onv,..v,.,| ,ho u,.| 
wl«l)..M ,,{ iiir'tuljei-H of t),e varloua lire 
dflpartmrni nrtduiizatluns, „„,! or .,lil 
frlon.M Chief Se„„otf.. arniiain an 'en 
and li,iimai,..i In llils city ,r,. ], j ,1 
and he has alvvavs treasured tK.r.i,' 
frle,Hl.-h!p. In a.PdIilo,, to )h, i|,,ral of. 
"•■■■ were liiindr.thi ..f ,.„„_ 

frratnlatory tno.--.sni?(>s- from ali parts ol 

tlie eoiin ry, and from inanv newwiianer- 

ae'otv'oVM'''^' ^""'"« '*'" lauJr lva«i 

fcring.s, theri! 

llee HeadiiuarteiM. and ai.s 
bjE drew in the 

ways li, 

. . over the 

ily. 1 he rlilef ha.s al- 

,,f ,1, ■ ' I'iaee in the hearts 

01 lie new.spnpermen, for „n tvery o,.- 

a.sion hoput.s h1m«eif out to see , hut 

hey oljtnin all data !hey req.,e«t c - 

-n;;..J.__nre„ Of the't iL'do- 

■After ila Sennott 
vl<.Wf.d the haiid.soni.' 

Ili.f at ..llOe .■ienl ii 

and the family 
fl"W('rn. the new 

Uil:il,s and 

em tri vjirion.K lei 

re '; "" '^"f" "'^ "■ nvinu'fon nf thp 

"s n .-■••""""n,"^ '"" 'l'^""rt,„.„i. Th,, 

.super is ill i„ y„. .s,.„,„ . ,|o..,iitnl 

iberir """ '""*'*^' "f ■-"-- '--- y"ni. 
The superintendent wan fnnnd to he 


Satiirdtiv fi.i t\. Kuy.iii'. on 

.-■.luirnny. ()i|ef .Sennott h, ird if it 


^i ::r ■ .^;r'o,d^ fri-dr't;;-' i;3 

iinprov,.d today. '"""" a... .soinewha< 



! Alayor Replies to Finance Commission's 
j Criticism by Saying Marketmen's Money 
i Not Accepted 

I ""*"*" 1/ 

Mayor Curlpy did not accciit Die $103 

• •■amiialR'n fmul rnlnnd iimong tli<> tennnts In 

j the Fanoiiil Hall Market, according to the 

j "ply hf m.lrlo to thp F'ti ■n-o (*<i'nmts 1 '.'■ 

statement. Tlic commission had learned 

j fliat ten days before the State election, In 

I which Curley was a candidate for governor, 

I '■■ancia .T Uremia':, tin nr yor >■ ■■a'n- 

Ij naign manager, asked Patrick H. fSraham, 

.'i superintendent of markets, to solicit the 

jj enants. It was arranged that .Io.=i(>iih P. 

Peeney one of the overseers of the FMihlic 

Welfare, who has a stall In the market, 

should m.Tke the solicitation. The mayor 

admlLs that finS was collected, but that 

|^^■ s M'tm-nel by hi?^ i-'.mniir'- .' ;n- 
; therefore not listed In the citnipalgn re- 

Tho mayor's letter to Chairman Michael 
j H. Sullivan of the Finance Commission la 
as follows : 

j Doe Company, whh 
Funeull Hal! Marke 

::. campaign contrlbiitlona from the marKei 
men Ir. Faneull Hall Market Thereafter, 
Mr. firaham and .loaeph F. Feeney met. 
Mr. Peeney l.s one of Your Honor's ap« 
iKiintoes to tho Overseers of the Publlf 
Welfare and treasurer of the William A. 
ich occupies a stall It 
Market. As a result of th« 
meeting, Mr. Petney, with the consent of 
.Mr. (Irahain, solicited and received con- 
tributions from tho tenants in Faneull Hall 
Market, which he delivered, with a Hat of 
tho contrihutor.s, to Mr. Graham who testl- 
lied that he delivered thie money and tJia 
list of contributors to Mr. Brennan. 

"Mr. Peeney testified further that some 
oJ th 

Honor's candidacj, but were contributing' 
liecauso he toUl them that he was soliciting 
the funds at the request of Mr. Graham, ■ 
the superintendent of market*. 

"The William A. Doo Company has had' 
non-competitlvo contracts for fumlshinK 
.supplies to tho Overreers of the Public Wet-)| 
fare since Mr. Feeney became a member.. 
of that body. j, 

"The market men In Paneull Hall and ', 
Quincy Markets are tennim of tho city of j 

kry to the city 

Vor Tiie flr.-t til 
two orcioiul visitor 
'.' "day without Vi< 
They vere Ilikoji 


tlip Prince (^ 

".^ ill uiuiiy ni;>ri4h<^ 
left City Hall ye*^ 
symbolic hardwaj-fti 
Kawaguchi. fortBaJj 

if the Kwan Tunj 

-My Dear Judge — I beg to acknowledge 
■•ecelpt of your coninitiiileation dated Dec. 
22, 1924, relating lo conlrlbutlons made ty 
enants of Paneull Hall Market. 

The amount of contributions receive I 
'ly Mr. Peeney from the tenants was $I0.">. 
It did not, a.s you stjite, appear In the 
■.turn of receipts filed by the people's 
committee because It was decided by tliat 
'ommittee not to use said money aiid ac- 
cordingly It was returned lo the donors 
■,Jrior to the filing of said statement of re- 
'•eipls. Tt seems to me that such a display 
>f virtue on the part of an.v iioliiical coni- 
nittee should merit the commendation of I 
oth youi- commia.sion and the public. 
With every good wish for ' a most 
ioyable Chrstmas and trusting tlux th 
\ear l!l2i) will continue prodtirti\-e of mu- 
uil undersanding benelicial to the public, 
>n we serve in <*ommon, I beg to re- 

, . 1 y truly yours, 

(.Signed) James M. Cuni.KT. Mayor 


povernment of Manchuria, and S. Nahft-' 

yamr\, former police chief of Port Ar- 

tliur in the same province. 


When Mayor Curley invited them to 
contributors were opposed to Tour S ,,,p^ „„.,^ „^„,^^ „^ Boston's guest bo«lc 

and presented them wlt.h copies of th» 
city's history, it was noticeable that he. 
failed to ob.=cr\'e the usual cu'!tom of 
giving them keys lo the i.-lty. The Man"; 
chnrian ofl'ieiala v.-erc heard to conimentf 
on .the omission, if they were under.'itobd 
nriglil. but because of the inborn polite* 
ne.'<u of the Japanese, it remained fai; 
soirie of ih- .\mericans present to dkh, 
had ni.u fortotta^jV 
something. , ■*( 

"No. I haven't.' he replied with -a^ 
trace of Irritation. "I don't propose 1^ 
give out any more kejs for a while-^np^, 
with all this competition from Lafayetts 
•Mulligan. 1 gue.t.s I'll wait until hi 

I'lniinee romiiilHwIon Flndn That City's 
Tenants Were Sollrlted for de Cam- 
palffn — Homo Not with <:nrley 

The Finance Comml^^ion. in a eonmuinl- 
catlon to Mayor Curley yesterday, criticizes 
t'le so'l'itafon o'" III' city's tenitnis in th 
'■'aneuil Hnll Market In behiilf of ih. 
■nayor's gubernatorial campaign fund, de- 
claring that euch a work is unjust. If not 
ictually coercive. 

Tho commission learned from I'ntrick TI. 
Graham, superintendent of markets, that 
.ibont teti (inys hefoi,> election day Fran- 
cis J. nrenn.TP, tho mayor's campaign lonn^J 
ger. le'iup .rl him ti' -o'ci' fnii':-. 1, te7 

Mr. Graham and Jo.suph F. Feoney, the lat- 
ter a memlier of tho Overseers of I'ublio 
jWelfave, met. As the result of the meet- 
|in,i!, Mr. Peeney started to solicit from th» 
enanta, and later turned over tho list and 
money to Mr. Graham. The conomlB- 
I'slon can find no rcterencn to this contribu- 
tion In the reports filed under tho law of 
the nmyor s campaign receipts and expendl- 

The commission's letter foilowsi 
"Hon. .lames M. Curley, mayor, 

".Sir — Tho Finance ttonmilsslon has In- 
vestigated tho matter of city otHclnto re- 
questing the tenants of Faneull Hall Mar- 
ket to conlrlbute money for Your Honor'* 
recent camtxi'gn for governor. The Com- 
mission reports as follows: 

"The superintendent of markets, Patrick 
H., testified that about ten day* 
before election day, Nov. 4, 1024, Mr. Fran- 
eta J. Brennan, who was manager of Tour 

Ho.ston, Although they have written , ,,,p ,„,^,^„. ,,..„,,,|,^^ ,, 
leases ct tlieir stalls, tiiey are subject to ' 
the lu'^s and regulations of the superln- 
tendo in tlio conduct of their business, 
.Solid ion of funds from these tenants, 
either tit the re(iueBt or with the consent 
of tho auiierintendenl of markets, for polit- 
ical Is unjust. If not actually 
coercive. Solicitation of funds to be used 
in a e.impaign "f the mayor of tho city bylj dies. 

Mr. I'-eeney, who is the treasurer of all The two Msitors xvere introduced hv 
rorporalion which has been enjoying non- ijaromi^-m v„. = ,,i,„ >. 

. ■ . . - .1 ,-, 1 -'^^rumicni latstliashi a renrenentnttVA 

competitive contracts trom the OveraeerB:' ' " ' cprcsentative 

of the Public Welfare, of which he Is ai iioyi8,von street arm of Yamanakii 

member, is not for the best Interests of I ''^^ '"°- They accompanied Mayor Curley 

en- j the city. , ['■• Vonnss Hotel, ^vhere thev wer*. 

"It does not appear from the records at; musts at l.mch of the Mayor's Cl„h t„ 

tho Stalo and at City Hall that ., ,,, "" '^'*>^'"^ " "-'">'■ ^n ' 

the returns made by your honor and the 

peoiilc's committee, of which Mr. Brennan 

Is treasurer, of tho monies received and 

expended In your honor's recent campaign 

contain tho names of the market men wha 

lontributed the money to Mr. Peeney, 

"llespe<:tfully submitted, 

"Thk Financb Commibbiow, 
"By Michael. H. Sui-i.iv an. Chairman^ 


;Curley Welcomes Japanege 
i Visitors, but Gives Them 

translated by M. Yatsuhashl', 
>T Kawaguchi tiianked the mayor for 
his hospitality and expressed his adral^' 
ration for the Immense wiy in \vW<5W, 
Ameilr;,, lived and worked. ' '.' 

-M. Yatsuhtu-hl assured .y^c Mas8.<.chur 
setts mayors that Japan could never be 
nnfrlendly with the Tnlled States. He 
said that the recent "nil.serable" (mmi- 
giaiinn law was not really minded by 
ilir- Jiiimneso generally 

'np'opi'. f,-.ii 


Histories, Instead 




! -—^^f^^ -J U;r I 

Ma\ur Curlpy lias abarulonoii his ^ 
oustolii of givinK' frolrl kpy.s to the 
i:ily lo dist,ing:uisli€>il vi.sitors— at 
least "uiiiil i.afayctlo MtilHg:an 
dies." Ijafayptto Mulligai* is (ho uii- 
iiiontifipil |iorson tvlio, posing as the 
mayor's social secretary, embar- 
rassed his honor and his honor's sec- 
Honor's campaten, requested him to soDoIt | retary by .be$t<ya'ii)8:«n l£aauj|iJj0siiiliiiJ 

tir^ RAib Dt czt. /' ■ 

adding ,v,at his 
resentment. If any. „ot 
^.unst the Americgn people., but merely 
Kainst the "body that made the law for 
I it- own convenience." , 

After the hmeh Fire Comml.s'iioner 
■ .lym. took .Vhe visitors on a trip about 
tite ntv and suburbs. They are on a 
tour of inspection of the United State* 
«nd sev eral Kurope an countries " I 


rromotion by Fire Commissioner 
Glynn of three ;„>sem. ri to tbe rank of 
lieutenant, with salary ln.reases from 
fll«'n l.> $aoo, \vas approve,] yesterday 
in- Mayor Curley. ,,,,.;.•, 

The new lieutenants are Patrtok'S". 
McDonoiigb and William J, Nolan, Dor- 
an<l Thomas J. Kennealey, Hox- 


bury. The iiromotlons ore 


to (ill vacan- 
I'he Mayot- .xp^roved re^l^^rfen 

nt. OR ap* 
proximately half pav. of I.l^ut F.Ted I* 
Sargent of 21 Archdale roaJl: ^ 


KTOC wuwi dwSmct»»09TW» 



,. uivri- -1. Vav y.riuoipal 
Widening "1 ' '^ ' , j,„rk, to 

100 feet liou, ^- -■•i'' ' ^j,,tropolltan 

Planning Ulvl»lon In -^ "P/\^f„,„,o„. 
the i.egUl«.ture y-^"-""'Xi 'that from 

UhonW b... ^^l'^-^'"^',^" ,';,. „f BO feet. 
Its pK-senl general •^''"*'- ,'„,,,„„ of 
II irivolvft rficon»tructlon J' 
This ^vouia '"""'^''j^^^ Hiivn's Mld- 
thc l-rMKo over the .Now ^^.^^^^ 

land DivtBlon, nou- cnij 

To meet IH« <o^» " , „f 

„,cnt8. I»^-'1''""«,,;:;;', in-dgV. the 1>U-1- 
rcDulldlng <h"/" 'X, h» City of ""T 


and S:iO.<W) wo>'»'l ^,^P'\>vlMon .Htimatca 
rnllroad lirldge. 1111. I ' ^.^ ,rom 

Ithat ih.. "-l""!! f.anan «ci would .-est 
l.> sq VtrVw bu" It sayn this •»- 
„n additional «l;'>'^irt"\',V tho city fro<n 

i;:;??;rni"hu.m,.. _____ 

TrMffic Rather Uflht 

I r«l'>v >. report under a 

The division '"a''\^>,,c)i d rr.M-d it to 

legislative resolve which "'„„.„,„g ^j 

nvenlgate fl, ,'''",he aA 'iener»l Courl 
iKlvcr 8t. mod ln,^|'/j^*r,iUorm width of 
b^nTo'^e ttillnVTeet from Cl.ary sc to 
«$5,'*SSke"'iiuch a widening ov«r the 

., the division to pay '" »"^fi*" ifing f'ln^l o" 

icneth' of l^y*""^'' "7,,tal cost of thft Interest and ^l"^'" .ffl „„g 

'•' '"^"'^"- "^ ' ■ - W«nds. which, rnusli^^s^^^^ ^j,,. 

„vu,l.: '••■'-Sth' of Hiver-. "-,,,,,, ,ost 
o«tlmaU-«. would lr>y,';':t^..., sh,,r,. 

wf.uld 1 • »•""',„ I k UK till" outlay, the 

s;v,i:;ol;'"^^y^'in^ "' ->-^ ""^'^ ^''" 

"■.^'^U:;r .t is not a thoroughfar.^of^ U» 
first iniporlam-o '^'J'^...^" „\,4eV and do«s 
„ 1,, not '!-'"™^„gr highway of 
form a link 1" a ■■''""?" ,,.,m\,-. count 
H„>-ondary l"i['";;-^""J-^u h^Rlnnlng AUB 

l!;V'?,nir^a^«ir|> "£^v;dlrectlon«.he-,g^,, W«^r^^^^ 


and in <>>"• '^■P'""^^ Htreet to a wldih 
tak., to '■•'■P*^«/,'l*„'',han « feet. Such 
b«tweon curl>» of lew '';',"„"„ width of 

«0 feet. In \?^ L"" n rni BOUthw«»»l"'y 
to EdgeJ^atcr Urlv« on 't ^^ 

Analnst Biq Outlay 

'"f-T^L of .h.s. facA., «« cannot 
ni th" cxpenrtlt'irc ..f ovfr :» 
;:;i,;rd;-lU^».or^he co,npl.^J;.y;n^ ^^^ „ __ ._.,„ 

"'■'' ''f., Ar^! »ortlon Of Hlver -it. run- ,,.^,j on (np of t"' °^Vg »nd form of 
nlmT from OlearV sn to _10vereU.BT.lThL., ^-^.'^I'^tlJlrtTit^m'^r «pot„tor 

^rS^hr^ltTv^r^fhe MlUland IMvL 
.J'-:, ft: New Haven aallroa^^ 

row. having a *'f^*l,rovlr,ed Sidewalk i 
over all ,'^"^„,"-",h ."^^rtginal roadway. 
l.iUl on lop or ine .".>.'» __j »„,->,, ni 

1,,K « . "'r„, ,,Mlon of Hlver -it. run- , ,j on loP "' ,'; ",„idth *nd form or 
Ihiit the flrs mei ' lOvereU sq.U.hi.« deficiency ", Vt° danger npot tor 

nine fro"' '"''^''v.V im, roved to a width ;,,,rH'ructlon r'""'''"! '\r^„n t?J.el The 
^"ilif ,:;;,""¥?,rHl^!i^_;he heart_ Of ; Uhleular__ o^d _rw;^e»trlan^^t,^^^_^^^ ^^^ 

„f ,„„ ,,.et. ^''«,"" fSrvde Park, and 
the ^•''^"' " "\,''.fh Hide ot tho 

street »r.- now '•' 'l'; "'.L^^ ,h^ widening 
.■we. therefore, ^«; '„^^^»^.„','',:^,:Te bnlld 
Fhould ""> '":"';„p{o« on this .-^ide and 
l„<fK havo b-!en •■r'-'t*", "" .' . ^he new 
'four polnlon the J^,',';/^ "J ii^enln 

"'rhf ''import t» "le"""! ^yJi^*i3k» 
ilcc chairman; Kalph ^*™gi,r«lt B. 

n ouT pom.on the vah^ of ^ISenln. Xo'chalrxnan; Ralph ^S^^i;,^^-^ 

rT\^££h vXe 'of rei^o^^-^ v^^^ms:^^^^ 

add enouffh to tho iax»n"> 

POST Ptc2;l«4 


BPLY 10 
i Bit COM. 

POST D£C.H.in4 



Planning Board Estimates 
Cost at $465,000 

Donations Nol Listed 
Because Returned 

to Marketmen radio AUDiE>ia': 

Pageant Cancelled, but 

Concert ami Choral 

Singing Are Given 

Mayor CuvW yc.tonlay -n...... 

.1, TJininrc Commission th.a la 

J '^■'■" ^^""' ,,„.. .va. that tl"- 

I money ^^as 'Kt.iiH 

!'"!'"• '"'Tbland U-Ucr that 0. 

wislics. 'i; , 


n that -.-m^H a al.vlay "t 
I '" " "" ' .H of a rolHlcal com- 

ttru-'d that n"^__ ^ ,.„.,., 

.■,. y^:f^-:;„„!i^Earm 

Ceury ^<;,^ J ;™/\oO f e«t arid 
Hydo r»rK to a J^ «' Mattapan 

trc.n, '■•^••'-■•'•"., '^" o/ BO feet, 1» P"" 
.quaro to '^ ^'«j,\\,%poUtan Planning 
posed ^''■'''.\lllr\ in,A ^v'lth the 
l>lvlslon in a rei'i "■ 

L.g.Blatuie yesterday. j^^^, 

1 The present '^"'■"f: .^'^*S the pro- 

p„«ed vv zoning -ou d ^^„f ^^o,- 
1 nintely J*«^,000. OJ tms roperty 

.. -^' • - ^^, zr^^ '^:o^r:^^^^, \^:z 

HEARS l'ROGUAMu;te^ ..^^^j^^^ S^'^lJZZ 

The aiv of Boston mmue.pal ino- p^,,^,,,^,,,^ '"^J^tro? thi planning 
V f 1 ;n conception ami pi'- M division 1h that «"'^ ;^„.,„,do th« debt 

,sil?,;-;;;,;L Ji *;-;;;,;,:; Hr is: ;»f rs.-s'^ 


;„.atlu'r. Tho paf^oanl. 
I ity, which wa: 
>^ \, luid and for ^ a U'm ,,^|^^ ,3 based on a bin 

mvpr street au tno -vw.v • 
/nuare to Mattapan square to 
^''" r „„ ,„.,. Th« division es- 

fiavs bctora thB 
iuiled that «'«'"\^" B-ennan, Curlev 
,,,.of.on 1=^'-=^":.'„^V renuo.ted him to 
solicit funds.. J"^"\';^ public welfare, 
of the ov>«';:'^^„fJ,,' ,hi Cnnd3. Th.. 
.olleit..! ''"'l': „i^,„.d out that th« r. - 
''^'■VS'"MV'.Vnn'rn-«pcoplo-« comma 

r:" cUd uoVn.enliouthlBmone>. 

caneeilo.l. The 0.30 presentat.o. 


111 nx I" .t.„ i^it^Vi-n** 1 'ii'l'* 

rx ;^^,;:?ed ' ^^-ttnimi^miirrh^t 

n iV eaPed "u the mayor, ^vho 


I ' nfS of 70 fe-t The division es- 
a breadth of ,0 fe^l. , „vement 
timatea that sucu »" "l^-^^ ,,, 
would eost appro^itmately »l,n7,ow. oi 
which the city's r,.t .haro would be 
about $ilO»,0<V). 


Names Dec 22 as Day lor 
"Volunteers' " Work . 

M„„ev Rcn.rnca to Donor. 

,. ;,, ar.nv rM.lie. blie.ily ..- 


..j,,y riear .lucs«. ,^, 

■•1 bcK to acknow ed^e^rcc.,^^ ^j^,^ ,.,., 

^"■rT'to'"'nu'ilm;u.nH made by tenants 
latlnff to m ,,,jrUet. 
^.t Kancull I all J^^' ,.„„,Hbutl-m= re- 
•■The '"";:""V,„^ov from the temuits 
ceived by W-/ '7,^ot. ,,« you Blate 
^^■■"' *"*,• the reuirn of receipts hle.J 
, appear "\ *^,'^,;',ommittce because, it 
tV,y the If 7''' j„,,t oommlttee not to 

11,, ihe dfanuH prioi ■ 
'-"'" to n- tlnu^uch .^_^^ ^^,,,.^, 
i virtue on ";*,i „„.vlt the eommena.i- 

"■•-'- --%^^;;;i::dN--nK'th;i 

.u^">'^"'" ; '^' m'ontinne pr<,d,u.tive 

I be>: '- -".^ ;;^ uniy >'-"7:p,yy 
(Hiened) .1.^'"' ■■Mayor. 

'group.s as planned f 
of the evening ex 


1 i-niinai It'U 


„ ,;,,...■ 1... , xpressluK the opinion 

♦hnV th- I'Mlh ;n,niversaryof thebbah 

^Mhrsivu;,' or. ^.,n,U.nd ten 

i-^e, N to piv. a bill, eUenla.n o 

H^-u;;o;;;.:m thef la: 1,:;:;. ; } 
:"';ti!;!;;;:v':-h!:r;u'>':ab .um (..■■b.s.r.. 

W.utho^tore of William Fllenes sons 
:Compan.v. R«ve Ihe eonoer ^ •' '"'" 
^VJd. .-harles .«.. ^oung 1"' ^i; 


M,,,, ,. r.: •■Tom" Oubn. ana 
iijiK,.!,! llM.m.-. Tb,. proRram melnded 
V^,„ s-ioKon. .a- ib- w, 11 kno.,vn carols 
^•Harli the n,ral,1 Angels rfinK. ,.«-' 

K,„^ Wene.ias,'' ■■.VieMe ' » "b'S S- 

Vnt MKbi.- "It-b' ^l-l'' ""'' " 
Cam. bl-a O^.- Mi,ini^;n, >l,at 

.,.,, ,.i,, ;„ ,he distribution of shoes 
,h'>. fari'tmas bv the Volunteers ot 
S,;,eriea. Monday. Pe.- -, has ^f;^J' "^ 
P.bUsh.'d bv Mnvor i'prley as \olun- 
,:„.,„■ .-hrlsln-as Shoe Ib-vv,- and a ,pe- 
eialefforl t- pet ,o„.rimulon. for this 
•„'„H. will he made, >n_.ailthc_hotelsot 

'^^■'■i*^ r'eharre . K. erson <-oinefe 
';, 'r w le e 'eoptrilnulons mav be lert. 

!;;::,%he;e^wi„be a.bii.i.;na^ho. hold- 

ers at tlie subn-ay and i,niNv. . 

.,nd on the streets . ^i-o.s bv I 

Uu. '■"':"', .^^iVVn away this year, on 
fhoes ^^11' 't'^ ,?,'^;'; ,,,,, h(,i,,i<,uarters ol 
Tuesday, l^''^/-'^^''', '';,„", It, and Itahe 
the movenient, ^^"""'."Vt tlie first pair 
of shue.s lo the nisi ■-. j,j ,,p 


,„0,ept in ti"'' ":" '^r,';.. Falkland made. 
The shoes are a I ■> ,^vmter weather, 
,nd heavy <>"";'«';onal.'es will be dls- 
I„ „dditinn, '■""?'""!;,.■ prople and In- 
''■'I;;n'';Vo-to'5,.'w;ieh^ave' b^en nnilt- 
v,iUd« of " ,,- ,, pvenlng.s by voliin- 

'"' ■^"' n?umc at tl-^ nrsranUation h«id-, 
,|U..irter.... In "''^'^ S'-'l^lJinM to tam- 

•■"• ■"■"'-■• ChHi^^»9^'^'j^£taii 

flrl?'#'i*f*V*lA^*l/ ■ * 


Lafayette Mulligan Sends 

Smallei- One "on His 

Own Responsibility" 


"Iffav»»uH, nn,'' .Huid Mr, 'Vu 
wh. 11 nslvi--il wlioihcr '.I nilglit iii>t 
pn.vHibl,. lliMl [.:>fayttl« .Mulli«an in 
ri'ally I)i'I"iib Lo ihiil lu-Kaniz'ii ! 

i>imaii ' Weuded by Mayor <i\iinn ii(Cambrt4e«, 

the committee oomprlses Mayors Orlese 


'■'' of ChiRopee, Hiraunft oi' ^.>,„„v=v^.. 
i\\:. ;=loclifort of J..awrencc, }Iurley of Marl- 
boro, Donovan of bowell and Chairmen 


ii-.iuv ,,i-i"jiK u) iiijii uiiiani7..tiiiu;. It. uoro, uonovan ot ijowell and Chairmen 
had bean polnLod nut Uuu llu, .Mullluan . of Stlootmen Cook of Athol. Keith of 
" ■' - - j Bridsiwiiter, A.-ililey of Deerfield ami 

(Cantlnoed mi Tat» Wx, Cvluma i^ -■ ... 

letter was wrllit-n on 

of paper, embossed with the letter 

head "Lafayette MnlliKiin." In a deli 

c-ate Khiid^ of green. / •* '^ 

"There are only 700 membeV.s In this 


|Slatlery of i'^ranuiighani. On motion of 
former Mayor Thurston of .Camhrldso, 
the flnefit grade i Mayor Curley's own name was aiMed to 
' the li.«t. 

rhr; nitrneti of riainuel T-'ntennyor anttv' 
Sherman h. Whipple were mentioned T)y ' 
Mayor (.'uiley us po.sslble counsel In the 
but he said Unit there seemed to 

„, ,„, ,•,•„,, „ , ., '■■■■je, nui ne sa m unit uiero scemea lo 

-xplained Mr. Tuckerman, "wlule |,e „„ reason why Corporation Counsel 

there is a, waiting list of 1000 > mei 
Kliijihie parents register their sons as 
->oon as the3' are horn." 

i^upt. Griffen, after u.sherins Hi' r"- 

Bayard Tuckerman, Jr., wlio was 
host to the Prince of Wales on his 
recent visit, received a ke.v to the 
city of Boston yesterday from T.afay- 
ette Mullipan, who previously be- 
stowed a similar honor on his ro.^'al 
highness on behalf of ^fayor Curley. 

Mr. Mulligan sent the dee'oration '! 
to Mr. Tuckerman "on his own rc-l furihc 
sponsibility," of the latter 's J extreme 
'srracions silence following the may 
or's repudiation of his original gen 
crous impulse." .^ ^, -. „,f,,^ 

por.r into the "Strangers- Room" „f ti,e ."re^lilmmiH^l^'ln th^ .Jl^^ C. 

K. .Mark .Sullivan should no* nontinne 
for all th(_- ('ilies ,'ind towns the contest 
which hf had begun so well for the eity 
of IJusion. The seleetlon of counsel will 
ba left to the general committee. 

Mr. Sullivan, reporting on his work 
thus far, deelareil that 90 per cent, of 


A iireacli hetve,>en tile in.i.vni .ii,,( .\li'. resulted from the prcsentallon 
of Iho key, UH IntHealed In the eeiiimuiil- 
CKtlon to .Mr. TneUerrnan. which '.'.'as 
.slgnod: "Voiir humble servani, La- 
fayettB Mulligan, former Horlnl k.'im(,- 
tary to his Ifonnr .Minor .Imi/'M .M. 

.^tnve■• I'luiey I »fi' i'..^ iiirlden; 
as I lie work of a praetleal Joket . w lio 
did not know w-hen to stop, Im' .Mr 
Tuckerman thouBht the nla^■ol■ i, poor 
sport not to allow the piineo the pleas- 
ure of reeelvluK a key to llio city onee 
the honor had been conferred on him. 

KnowledKO of this further complica- 
tion 111 the eicnanse of International 
I'rmi teslfls was conveyed In tlui receipt 
ti\ The Mei-»kl yi.Kicidiiy ,,l' n I,.ti,i- 
from l.alayeiiii .MuIIIhuh, liltii.-n,, b.,- 
Iloveri :i llrlllloiis rliiirnrior, d.' I v,.,.. 
:.'! al "Korl.v-lwo ll,.ii,.,,ii siivel," In- 
vesiltjaiion showed that this wa.i i Ik, 
Soniersel '"liih. one of lloston's most ex- 
clusive socIeilr.H. 

.^. rt porter eoulii linU no fr.nn of 
Mr. .Mulligan (here, imt , jmnced 
meet .Mr. Tuckerman, w n,, siild II. at 
he had received the loiti.i- .,nd kr.y from 

Mr. .Miilll^.ui In ill,. f..reii i. 1|/. ]„,.. 

ferred not |r. hiiM\s' tl,.- k''.v. bnl inl- 
nilllcd tbiil II wim II sniiill ke>, of I lie 
lali'hki .\ t.^Iio. \\ll(■^lil^^ th,. pij.-.c, ],;,,] 
rcclviil II, l;.l>;ii ki> In u plu.-ii )«,\, 

}{•■ <l. Clare. I p.i.sliheiv ibai n., .„„, 
of the name -.f .\tuliit;an beionK".| i., 
tli.i ,'^..oi. i-'oi i-lub. Tlil.i sliil.n,, iit 
was li..rn.. ...I I.;, .lolm ):. (irirr,.,,, 
EUperlnleniJent of the club. 

club, told him that no such person 
Lafayette Mulligan was a member, al- 
though a man named .Mulligan once 
worked f<.r I lie institution, In what ca- 
paciiy be Could not remember. 

"It's I.JO bad," added -Mr. Tu.;keriiian. 
■■I lint .Ma.eor lurley couldh't let !he 
l! priiui' enjoy Iii.^ key. He receiveil it; 
there is no <|liestion about that." 

-M.ijor ''lirley absulutel ydenied rny 
owledge of the incident. ,\n 
prominent city official, iur.v- 
f over, said without tiualillcation that I,.; 
I knew Lafayette .Mulligan. Ho said that 
the now famous sec'retary V(-a.s not 
Mayor Cprley's secretary, but the sec- 
retary of a former mayor of Boston, 
lie further agreed lo jiroduce the my..i- 
tcrious .\Ir. Mulligan at a limchen some 
time before \e\v Year's and would solve 
the entire rid. lb 

>.nv entire iio.iie 


hurley Appoints Commit"- 

tee of W to Or^-dnhc 

tlie Drive, on Rates 


ini/.ation of 

cotmted on to stand together In th 
fight. .After outlining his principal 
charges of a inefficiency and greed (ai 
the part of the parent telephone com- 
pany, he said that the contestants would 
need most of all dependable experts to 
furnish them with the facts on which 
to base their iirguments, and that money 
would be needed to wage the contowl 

Mayor Curley announced that, he 
would not liiive time (q continue in the 
presidency of the club, even should the 
members desire liiiii to do so. Neither 
<Ud h.. think It for the best Interests of 
the club, lie said, for one man to con- 
tinue in offi.p so long a time. ITe Is 
Jiisl completing his second year as pres- 
ident, lie appointeil as a committee lo 
submit iiominat»ons .for club ofUces 
nest year Jliiyor Quinn of Cambridge, 
foriner .Mayor .Stone of Quiiicy and for- 
mer .Mayor liichards of .Maiden. 

The club voted to follow out its an- 
nual custom by Inviting the ne%v iJov- 
ernor, Lleutenant-Covernor, siieaker of 
the House and president of the Senate 
li to the January Inneheon. It was a 
i iniHiiimou.s Vote also to direct .Secretary 
Tliiirston to make arrangements for 
boliling next years meetings each nionlli 
in H different (lart of the state. The 
■tentative schedul,' propo.sed was: iSiif- 
folk coimt,\-, Worci'ster .-..untv, Mlddle- 
se.s ciMinly. .Vorfolk ..onnty, lO.^se.v coun- 
ty, I'lymoutb ..■ounty, Ilamp.lon coiiiit,i 
and llcrksiiire couiKy. 



Would Have Cities Pay Loss 
in Operating Cost 

OrK-ani/.ation of MftsiidiusrI.ts ,y^ V,!^""' ^■"''' "" ^^^ '^'""vated with 
communities to.i^ht the proposed Zr:l'::7Z^ ,!:':: 'ZJ^ ^c^lt 


iiicreasti in telephone rales advanced 
yesterday at the meelinc of ' (he 
Mayors' Club at Voupk's Hotel with 
the appointment by .Mavor Curie 

afld towns served 
Mayor i 'urbv ^, 

t«e fit the htatn House today 
Ma yor ( ' 

was advoaited by 
king at a hearing be-, 

ine appointment by .Mavor Cnrlov m„ .„ ,. , •'•'""•■ today, 

of a committee of ,0 e.e^t,uv:;:''h J^Vi^:.' ::^i^ li^Mie'^^'zi;';- ij;- 

hrst session of which will be caUed l^^' "'""••■ "•'« Plan, but tll^'.^',* ::"/. 

iiMmedialely after Christmas. The «,„, 

mayoivs adopted Mayor Curley's pro- n^ny 

posai In try to obtain the Cardner '^"»»*' ""5 

Auditorium of the State House on "" 
'i "lauKuralion tlay as the best lime 

tlons served by street rnrs would he 
Miner... He told the committee thnl 
business men had Blnted to him 
would be willing to pay an i 

possible, to get' officiai; ^.^^ .t^/r-ii™':;;:;^ ::? :!;:;t n^^^ 

P«rt.s of the state loRether for a »!« "'^'-d ■'- wm.ld submit a brwfh? 
mas,, meeting u, perfect plans for "•=••'• ' 

thecontcst. TRAVaff^ 

nov- 16,1914- 







lloliilay GrnetiuRs on Hchiilf of the, llty Displayed on City Hall Galea, Reprodu.liona of Wliirh Were 
Soil! to All Trniisiont Hotel Giipsta by Mayor Curley's Orders, 

V\\-o i hnii.^-iinil liMMHii'iit siiPKt-! in 
BoKion'.s hi.'s, liiipp.'iiiiiK in 1il' In 
^town over I hi: c 'lirislina.s tuilldny. ro- 
iccivcd grofllnR I'lom tlic eilv (iovci-n- 
nifnt yesfcrday. carli licarlfiff Mayor 
Curlpy's auloBnipli. TIicko were d'^- 

.•iig-ncd and spiit mil by .1. PliiMn O'Con- 
ni'li, (lim-lnr of mnnlciiml .•.•lidmilions, 
and liiH slafr. Thcv hcirc l|-^ .sunn- 
Sfre.'llnB as (hat set forth upon th" 
larRp rifctjratoil ])lacard .s !t up bcfoii' 
the City Hall satf's. Mayor Ciirley him- 1 

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Anicrii'iinism of the An- 
cients in stirring: spoeeh at 
("ity Hall. Tli.> Mnyor was 
{liho host to visit ini,' nicm- 
.b(;rs of tho Minute M,.,, of 
AV.'ishlnfrton. (,'^t:ifT I'hoi,,) 


al City flail as part of their 
f'clebnition of the 28Gth an- 
niversary of the famous old 
military or<,'anizat:on. 
I hoto shows Mayor Cu;lcy 
f;ikiii,L' i>;)r( in ciTcmnriv