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Full text of "LEGO Adventures! Issue 11 – February 2000"

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Arctic Explorers Stickers with this issue! 

Issue Il 
A WA0 1010) 


| ill 


Arctic Explorers Stickers with this issue! 

Issue Il 
Feb 2000 

il 6 



Open up the 
LEGO universe 

*, 7 i, 
\, oe 
33 = % re 
eB ee 
a wt 3 
ea = tes 
Sy » ge 
ips? i 
obo Bes ss 




OD! = te a 
Big = : 
wr pres 
® oe 
Discover the LEGO U 

infinite possibilities 


‘ this 
There's lots to see and do tr : 
iggue! Have fun with the Quick Build 
plans and don’t forget to enter a 
great Arctic Explorers competition: 

Digcover who buitt the 
world’s first maze! 

n Comic Strips! 

Pose a 4 2 i. Real-Life 
= Adventures 

Take a trip to the freezing 

10 Vana ncn itlcaaca 

Find out all about mazes 
around the world! 


| Fun Factory 
- cover how the new Arc », Lots of amazing LEGO 
Quick-build LEGO plans! > Explorers range was creat model building ideas! 
Construct a cool Arctic — 
Explorers vehicle! 

Build a tricky 
castle maze! 


® LEGO SYSTEM is a registered trademark t 


A meteor streaks through space towards Earth... 

Our radar scanners F 
have detected 
that a meteor 
has landea! 

LEGO Adventures! 

{ Uurry up! We have to find the 
| meteor before the snow buries it! 


Brrr! It’s cold! I'm 
glad | wore my woolly 

The meteor must 

Steer clear of those 
have scared them! 

Polar bears, Scooter! 

{ ~ This ice bridge won't hold 
| both our weights. We'll have 


Look! There it is! ) | 




LEGO Adventures! oO 

The expedition returns to Polar Base... | ® 
5 > aaa 


Captain Ross to Polar Base! 
We've found the meteor. We'll 
2. meet you in the laboratory! 

Meteors are chunks of rock and ice 
that fall to Earth from outer space! 

Most of them crash- 
land at the North Pole! 

Crystal, look! 

It’s starting to melt! ‘ 
Everybody get back! There's 

something inside and it’s 

| Wesetup Polar Base | . trying to break free! 
to examine and collect 

these meteors! 

tg ag 

© 2 

LEGO Adventures! 

Uh-oh! It doesn’t look 
happy whatever it is! 

LEGO Adventures! [EM 

[ This should get 
its attention! 

It’s smashing the lab to pieces! 
We've got to get it outside! 

It’s working! The scorpion’s 
following them! 

Those blasts are getting 
a bit too close, Captain! 

Oh-no! Are you EE 
thinking what 
| think you’re 

Hold on tight, Scooter! 

LEGO Adventures! 

It sure was, Scooter! On the 
way back, I'll think we'll use 
the bridge this time! 

LEGO Adventures! 9 | 

The two Polar reg 
of Earth are among the coldest and 

most remote places on the planet! Let's 
take a look at these frozen lands... 

The first person to reach 
the North Pole was Roald 
Amundsen in 1410! 

Inuits, or Eskimos, 
have lived in Arctic 
regions for centuries. 
They use huge ice 
blocks to build night 
shelters, or igloos. 

is The Arctic is a huge, frozen ocean 
surrounding the North Pole. 

Sie ‘i as The Antarctic is a vast area of frozen 
eee if = land surrounding the South Pole. 
=a eeerite PE Me "Ze 
SS 5 

“ eee n Polar regions, the : 
=. : Bead cun never rises or sets : 
: > for several months! F 
Travelling across Polar regions is very 
dangerous. Explorers use sleds pulled 
by dogs and motorised snow-mobiles. 

Icebergs are parts of the main 
ice floe that have broken away 
and drifted out to sea. 


Build this cool Arctic Explorer vehicle in five steps! 

Decorate your 
Arctic vehicle with 
lights, control 
panels and flags! 

LEGO Adventures! 

More building ideas! 

If you have enough 
= try building 4 

full-size Arctic 

Explorers’ ice pick. 

Don’t forget to adda 
LEGO Mini figure to 
your Explorer vehicle! 

Try making this 
cool Arctic base, 
with tents! 

These tracks are solid, 
but if you havé the right 
pieces you could make 
these wheels move! 

Don't forget to send 
your own photos to 
LEGO Letters! 

LEGO Adventures! 

If you get stuck, 

rq J 
turn to the answers 

p on page 2 

L 8 

PUZZ (2S Ki 

AF Which pieces can be used to make a LEGO Rock Raiders vehicle? 



Keep an eye out 

for = | and other 
new Star Wars sets 

in shops now! 

There was 

Poland this mon 

fantastic new ride at . 
and new website updates: 

: The ce 
4 wag originally built in 
1661 and finally 
finished in 

[ ~ The real palace was destroyed in 1944 and 
: & now the Polish government is considering 
" \" rebuilding the famous landmark. The massive 
LEGO model was constructed in front of the ruins 
and the entire event was shown on 
television across the nation! 

LEGO Adventures! 

th, as well as the opening of a 

LEGO i sident and CEO, 
Kield Kirk Kristiansen 
turned upto take partin the 

Saski Palace model 

Bevpiorer Updates 

Check out the amazingly realistic 
LEGO TECHNIC Suy t. It shifts, 
it steers, it siseetuaee itself. 
Look over all the fun features and 
different models you can build. 

vaio a jet-powered | a Server Steuer Soaps =" 
cal 3 : 

Let Mike, our top LEGO TECHNIC designer, guide you 

hovercraft i : s through the site. 

# Champion of the 

Captain Redbeard 

This ride was inspired 
the AQUAZONE characters, 
the Hydronauts and 

To celebrate LEGOLAND California's 
first season, the park opened an 
exciting new attraction. The 
AQUAZONE Wave Racers is the 
world’s first dual-carousel jet-ski 
water ride, allowing up to 
12 children to pilot fast 
racing pods. Riders also 
have to watch out for 
blasts of water shooting 
up from the bottom of the 
pool. The blasts are triggered 
by spectators from the shore! 

LEGO Adventures! 

0 LEGO City! 

Hello and welcome t 
owing items 

How many of the foll 

can you find? If you get stuck, 
turn to the answers on page 

Ideas from the 

Don't forget to send 
your own photos to 

LEGO Letters! 

Here are some great ide 
as for models to b 
your LEGO bricks. Be as creative as you os — cup of Coffee 

Try adding small, red pieces to 

make a cherry cookie! 

Dynamite 3 

Try using other 

coloured pieces if 

you don’t have 
enough red petit 

We've used all sorts of 
bricks to make our clown 
look really colourful! 

20 LEGO Adventures! 


This tiny skate 
board only uses a 
few LEGO bricks. 

You could usé 

os hinged pieces to 
make the enake’s 
head move. 


Try making a 
submarine large 
enough for Mini 
figures to fit inside. 

Smiley Mouth | — 

Hold these giant lips 
to your face and make 
your friends laugh! 


Pete, Hardhat Jones and 
Shades - LEGO City builders! 

Keeping the streets of LEGO 
City safe from criminals! 

/m23768mm | 



| amen = = 
2. on 

Always trying to steal money 
and make a quick getaway! 

22) LEGO Adventures! 

Oh-no! The Brickster ) 7 And I'm going to sell 
has stolen our digger! : ’ it to your rivals! 
= a : >| 'o 

This should 
cool you off! 

| know how : 

a to stop him! 

You haven't 
beaten me yet! Fe 

Not again! 

— - Pete! I'll 
Hello, police? & se catch him! 
Our truck’s been 
stolen by the 

LEGO Adventures! 23 | 

Get past that, 
Bill! Ha, ha! 

I'll escape down this new 
alleyway they’ve just built! 

No one can 
stop me now! 

Hey! Which is the way out? 

A dead end! What's going on? 

yr?“ LEGO Adventures! 

Oh-no! It’s a maze! 
That’s what they were building! 

Looks like the 
Brickster’s trapped 

himself, Pete! = sai 
Need a lift to jail, 


_ P 
- ‘Ip 

LEGO Adventures! 



There are many stately 
homes in the United 
Kingdom that have their 
own mazes, such as this 
one at Hever Castle. 

26 LEGO Adventures! 

There are lots of real-life mazes 
around the world. Most of them F 
are large enough for people to Ks 
ground and even get lost inside! 

Most modern mazes 
have been grown 
rather than built. ee rs 4 
Instead of brick 4 ee? =~ 
Se = 
are formed from eS ee 

bushes and hedges. : : ti w 

_ They grow taller 

and thicker as the 
years go by. 

Some of the oldest 
mazes in the world 
were built by the 
Egyptians and Greeks! 

This fantastic maze can be seen in the 
Chateau de Hautefort in Aquitaine, 
France. It was built in 1875. 

The ancient Greek story 
of Theseus versus the 
Minotaur was set ina 
maze-like labyrinth! 

This simple turf maze is short in height, 
so younger explorers can make their 
way to the centre easily. 

The world’s largest botanical 
maze can be found at Hampton 
Court in London, United Kingdom. 

Mazes are sometimes difficult to 

get out of and special guides have 

to help people find the exit! 

LEGO Adventures! (27 

LEGO Adventures! 

s ° You could try adding, 
: Mini figures to your 
castle maze model. 

us a picture of 
your own models! 

wa 4 D> é : Don't forget to send 

We've decorated our 
model to look like a castle, 
but try making other 
themed mazes. 

LEGO Adventures! 29) 

Behind the 

Ever wanted to know how the LEGO Group 
designs new LEGO System sets? This issue 
were presenting an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak 
at the development of the fantastic new 
Arctic Explorers range! 

The Arctic Explorer creative team discuss their iar Cf 
ideas. From left to right: Bjarke Lykke Madsen, = 
Henk van der Does, Bo Eggert and Peter Bering. 

The creative team make prototype LEGO pieces for their 
first models. Colours and shapes changed in production. 

There are ice scorpions 
2 4 and space spiders inside 
: the meteors! 

Every aspect of the Arctic Explorers world had to be sketched, 
including the artwork for all the box packaging. 

he final Arctic 
Botirers models use 
a lot of futuristic 
looking LEGO pieces. 

a : = POLAR wer : 
The Polar range was reworked in 1996, adding more red 
to the colour scheme. The final orange coloured bricks 
were only added in the last stage of development. 

The original Arctic 

lorer Mini figures 
sal wore skis! 

. Lots of new LEGO P 
pieces were create 
Ve for the rangé, 
: including sails, Polar 

. bears and warm hoods 
for Mini figures! 

The idea for the space 
creatures in meteors 
came from a 1950 

sci-fi movie, The Thing! 

LEGO Adventures! 

Cend your letters and model photos to us 
and win a great prize! The address Is: 
LEGO Adventures! Egmont Fleetway, 
Egmont House, 25-31 Tavistock Place, 
London WCIH 4SU. You can also send 
emails to us at: LEGOAdv 

This LEGO car has been built 
by 6 year-old Alistair Mason 

The sender of every 
letter and photo 
printed wins a 
fantastic LEGO Rock 
Raiders mousemat 
and keyring! 

from Burton-Upon-Trent with Take a look at this great LEGO model, made by 
help from his brother, Patrick! 10 year-olds, Michael Heaslip and Peter Gough! 

WT Send your compo 
D ontries off today! 

This Millennium model has been o : i K - ’ , a 
made by 7 year-old Adam Murphy! BU | PG (yO NS 

of the Month! 

Skeleton Island has been constructed 

by talented 6 year-old, Stephen Dunks! 

Order your 
copy now! 
On gale 23rd 

. . aNe wer puy nos pig “sjanoys spying 
be peou aauuy pue ssapying peo Ay! 063) xis ‘subs sapying peos uno, 
e qP 4 

‘SOLPEI aby} ADEM Basu} ave 494) -(LNNH IYNDId) 8T IDWd 

01795 414410 oe 
"8°83 9'y'€ aue Sadaid JaLI09 ay) -JTDIHIA SUACIVY MIO “41 IDWd 

Spot the ——— 

Can you spot the ten 
differences between 
the top picture and 

the bottom one? We've 
ringed one, now can 
you spot the rest? 

That's all for this 
month, but come back 
next issue for moré 
LEGO Adventures!