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® LEGO, the LEGO logo and the LEGO Brick are registered trademarks of the LEGO Group, 
© 1998 The LEGO Group and Intelligent Games Ltd. 

Manufactured in the E.U. 



3 Welcome 
4 Installing LEGO LOCO 
5 Starting the game 

6 How to play with LEGO LOCO 

The Toybox 




Advanced Options 
Starting Trains 
Altering Points, switches etc. 
Whole) ii ele) <4:) 
Magnifying Glass 
Picking up minifigs 
Commanding minifigs 
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ebb PPP Pay 


Post Office 

Receiving and Saving Postcards 
Deleting Postcards 

os Kors] co Wal ele lan 

Postcard Editor 

Game Modes 

Single User 

Tale date\e(e)ars) Muessiners] cel) 
National Mode 

Screen Saver 

Easter Eggs 



Epilepsy Warning 





ESS S 555555555555 55555 SS SSeS SSS SES SS eSes Sees. / 5 

(Alexei ils 

Hello and welcome to LEGO LOCO! |’m the Station Master and 

the Minifigure passengers are happy. 

As a trainee Station Master it’s up to you to design your own railway 
layouts and build a bustling LEGO World, to help you I’ve given you this 
(cote) AAC OR LO|G ORCI (ea 

Fe If you need my help whilst you’re playing you can also click 
* __| on this button in the Toybox for a quick run through how to 
fofom tall ncisy 

Ti eaate 

LEGO LOCO is all about building and running the best train set that you 
can imagine, on your computer! You can make your own tracks and 
towns with lots of different LEGO elements... and then watch them 
come to life! 

Switches and points allow you to control all of your trains as they travel 
from station to station, whisking your LEGO Minifigures around the town 
that you have built for them. Your creation will grow as you add to it, 
and there will be plenty of surprises along the way as you uncover 
hidden events and new and exciting elements. 

I’m here to help make sure that all the LEGO trains run on time and 

5 1 

Installing LEGO LOCO 

Before you can run LEGO LOCO on your PC you will need to copy some 
things from the CD-ROM, don’t worry, we've made it easy for you... 

Auto Run - Make sure that Windows 95 has started and then insert the 
LEGO LOCO CD-ROM. The installer program should automatically run. It 
will ask you a few questions about how you would prefer the copying 
to take place, you can simply click the NEXT button and let the program 
decide for you. This program will then set up everything you need to run 

To start LEGO LOCO click on START in the bottom left corner of your 

screen, point to PROGRAMS, point to LEGO Media and then click ‘LEGO 
You will need to have DirectX installed on your computer. If you are 
to install DirectX. 

LOCO World. 
unsure it is safest to reply YES when asked in the installation if you want 

When LOCO starts you will see a short introduction video. 

On some rare occasions the Auto Run program may not start 

You will now see the Start Screen. 
automatically. If this happens you can start the program yourself. 

Press any key on the keyboard, or click any mouse button to enter the 
Clicking the button with the picture of one Station 
Master, and then confirming your choice by clicking the 
tick, will start the single user mode. 
Clicking the button with the picture of two Station 
Masters will start the multi-user mode. This will be 
¢ From the Windows 95 desktop double click the left mouse button on 
the "My Computer" icon, this will bring up a window that displays all 
of your drives, including your CD Drive. 
¢ Right click on the CD Drive Icon (this is normally Drive D, but may be 
different on your computer). This will bring up a list of options (see 

the Windows 95 instruction manual), from this list choose EXPLORE. 

discussed later in Section 6), National Mode (page 22). 
* Once you have clicked EXPLORE the window will show the contents of 

the CD. From this list double click the icon that says SETUPREXE with the 
left mouse button. 

Clicking the button showing the picture of the door on 
this screen will quit LOCO. 

Once you have made your selection and pressed the OK ‘tick’ LOCO will 

load. As soon as the progress bar has finished animating, LOCO has finished 
loading. Press any key on the keyboard, or click any mouse button. A 

default layout will be loaded, you can then play with and alter this layout. 

l | 


How to play with LEGO LOCO 

When playing with LEGO LOCO there are two ‘modes’. When the Toyoox Trays 
is open LOCO is in ‘Edit’ mode. You can place elements, move or delete 
existing ones and alter your layout. When the Toybox is closed LOCO is 
in ‘Play’ mode. The layout you have created will come to life and you 
can play with all the exciting things in your new world. 

The Toybox 

In the top left quarter of the screen you will see your 
LEGO Toybox. This Toyoox holds everything that you 
Nace hiolel (acl ell aielien 

To place one of these pieces, click on the piece in the tray to pick it up, 
you can now position the piece anywhere that you like on the screen. Click 

Left Click on the Toyoox’s Left Click anywhere the mouse button again to place the piece! 
je) Um are |aro|( Kon e)(e amv on-are| else on the Toyoox 
ane calls] (Uae ell [el aroKcXe] a) itoxeloraania NOTE: Tunnels can only be placed at the edge of the screen. 

icon oUlalmelo\yan 
Click the Right Mouse Button to rotate the piece. 

Inside the Toybox are several buttons, the top half of =] 
the Toyoox has buttons that allow you to access = — 
everything you need to build your layout. Left : 
Clicking on one of these buttons (Buildings, Scenery, ctl Re 
Track) opens a tray showing you everything that you 

may use of that type. 

Ooo ae nn nn nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn a= 


You can remove things that you don’t like with your eraser! 

AEE BBB BB Be ee eee ee eee eee eee 


.* - 


Load / Save 

Click the Disk 
Button to either 
Load or Save the 
current layout. 

You will then see this. 

save your layout. 

“Bow to plavyiwitiilbGO! 0GO BEEBE EEE EEE EEEEEEEL 

slalsmelvliceyan acm el) 

load in an old layout. 


When Saving, type in the name you wish to call your 
layout and press the disk button once more. 

Bomb. This will delete all the elements on the screen. 

Undo (blue arrow) This will undo all the changes that 
you made from the last time you opened the toyoox 

Auto delete (the bulldozer) When pressed this button will allow 
AOlU COs] U1K@ Ante] ¢(es]|\Val ©) o[e ola Napanee am Cin\aKaie)(mela(allaicd ein) 

existing element. 

Resize (yellow window folder) pressing this button will place the 
product into windowed mode. 

boll ]ito Me) s)Lo) 1 me\e\as) molulixelay) 

The Question Mark button will run the Tutorial. 



hp 5 oy! 

Starting Trains 

There are certain buildings that must be placed before you can play with 
various parts of your world. One of these is the Depot! The Depot lets 
you build and alter trains. 

The Toyoox must be closed before you can play with your layout. If the 
Toybox is open your train and LEGO Minifigures will disappear. Close the 
HloN ole) akon oli acaapialincmren lia! 

Start your trains from the depot. There are two ways to start a train, either 
click the Left Mouse Button on a depot to create a train with a selection of 
a random engine and carriages, or... 

Right Click on the Depot to bring up the Zoombox (See later section for 
ane\cal aicolaantcli(oa mola Ae\e in lore) as) h 

The Eraser Button will delete a train 
from your world. The train must be in 
the depot if you want to delete it! 

The Blue Button will let you alter the 
carriages attached to a train in your 
world. The train must be in the depot 
if you want to edit it! 

The Green Button will take you to a screen 
where you can create a new train. 


There are two ways you can 
decide what your train will 
look like. 

Ul nam =) (0-2 RA LOMO (aro) 
a random train. 

You can click on the up and 
down arrows to choose a 
specific engine or carriage. 

The train zoom box contains the speed controller. Just like 
real LEGO trains. The red arrow buttons below control the 
train’s soeed. You can Stop, Start, Reverse and alter the 
train’s speed with these buttons or by clicking on the big 
allo WAeolnire)lian 

Clicking on the question mark will Oring up a list of all the People on board 
your train. 

The box at the top shows the train’s name. You can call it anything you like, 
this one is called ‘ChooChoo 1" 

ay with LEGO LOCGO® "ess888 

Altering Points, switches etc. Magnifying Glass 
Click the left mouse button on a signal to change it. You can view information about the people by right clicking on them. 
Red stops the train, Green lets it pass and Blue reverses the train’s direction. om : 

~ a STOP! ce (cre) i” REVERSE! 

Left Click on a point to open and close it. Using points and switches, 
you control your train, telling it to go wherever you want. 


Many different LEGO LOCO things have special Zoomboxes. You can use 
Zoomboxes to control lots of different things. 

Clicking the Blue question mark you can see their name 
and a big picture of them. You can even change their names! 

If you click the Right Mouse Button on an object a Zoombox will appear. 

Try it, see what you can find! 

Ry eee he 
so ty 
\ | 

HESSD SSS Howto wlaywit ee a 

- ¢ 

AEE 4 ap - 

Picking up minifigs 
» elu exe la ©) (ol IU OM anlialliissm ©)’ @ll(e1< [arom lalel are)(e [acme (ON mtar a Kiel \A@lU Iso 
button on them, release the button to drop them. 

Commanding minifigs - Command Mode 

You can command minifigs to attempt to reach any place on the layout, 
click the left mouse button once on them, a spark will confirm that the 
minifig is now waiting your command. The finger on your hand cursor will 
change to an arrow. 


Click anywhere on the screen, to order your minifig to go there. The minifig j 
will now attempt to reach this position. % , 

< 4 
Click anywhere on the screen to tell your minifig where to visit. Remember an 
that minifigs prefer to walk on proper paths. (why bo bs | "| i Sel aye 

wy EET AAA 7 
.. 2, i 
% re a 
> vy al 
\ ly | 
s a | | 
al yy | 
a I | e 
i : 
eo </ 47 
. 7 1} 
SF, v7, > 
‘, Aw oe 
TTT Eee 

44! .’ Nac 
wy ‘ wT 


To send a postcard you must make sure that you have a working Post Office. 
There are two types of post that you can send. 

e Internet post (to friends and other users running LEGO LOCO) 
(details on page 22 “international postcards” ) 

¢ Mystery post. To Santa, Nessie, the Mayor etc. 
Although your PC does not need to be connected to the Internet to send 
and receive Mystery postcards, both types of mail require you to have a 

working mail route within your LEGO LOCO layout. 

To send mail you must place a post office on a train track. Trains pulling a mail 
carriage must be able to get from the post office to a tunnel. 

Post Office 

The Post Office contains everything you need to 
write, design, store and send postcards to your 

Left Click on the Post Office. Here you will find the 
postman at his desk. You can click on the items 
around him to access everything related to the Post 

There is a book on the desk that will take you to your postcard album (to 
store your postcards), a ‘Pen And Pencil Pot’ to take you to the postcard 
editor (to create or edit postcards) and a rubbish bin (drop postcards in this 
to delete them). 

Receiving and Saving Postcards 

A pile of postcards next to the postman means that you have received 
postcards from somebody! 

You can click on this pile of postcards to view them. The postman will hold 
each one up individually for you as you click on the pile. 


You can see the reverse text side of each card by clicking the ‘flip’ 

All cards can be sent to your Postcard Aloum for safekeeping. Simply click 
on the card, your cursor will change into a mini- 
postcard, now click on the Postcard Aloum sitting on 
the desk. This card will now be saved into the Album. 

In the same way you can send a card to the editor, instead 

of clicking on the Aloum click on the Pen and Pencil Pot. 

In the same way as placing a card in the Postcard Aloum, 
you can delete a postcard. Click on the postcard and drag it 
into the Rubbish Bin. 


7 17, 

ececicel EE 

Postcard Aloum 

The Postcard Aloum is where you can store all of your favourite Postcards. 
¢ They are filed alphabetically under the sender’s name. 

* Click on one of the coloured Alphabetical tabs to jump through the 

* Click on the left and right arrows to turn over the page. 
* Click on the ‘Flip’ icon to see the reverse of the card. 
The cards can be dragged to the editor or Post Office in the usual way: 

1. Click on the card to pick it up, the cursor will change to show a miniature 

2. Now click on any of the buttons to send the Postcard to their destination 
(e.g. Rubbish Bin, Postcard Editor or Post Office). 

Postcard Editor 

The Postcard Editor is where you can create new postcards, write 
messages, change existing postcards and attach files. 

Editing Postcards 

On the left hand side of the screen is a stack of drawers, each of 
which contains a ‘set’ of clipart that can be placed on the picture 
side of the postcard. 

Click on a drawer to view the set of clipart. The art will scroll in on 
the conveyor belt. 

a wu 

To select a piece of clipart just click on it. This can now be placed 
anywhere on the front of the Postcard. 

Click the Right Mouse Button to de-select any piece of clipart, the cursor 
will now change back to the hand. 

Some clipart may have different colours. The buttons below the conveyor 
belt will swap between the available clipart colours, or sub-sets. 

The colour of the Postcard’s background can be altered by mixing paint. 
Three pipes hanging above the Postcard will mix different amounts of Red, 
Yellow and Blue paint onto the background. 

oxtesiccl EE LE EEL 

a  eysre-scelt TELE Ee sres|cels TT 

Click the Left Mouse Button on one of the mixers to increase the amount of 
colour, click the Right Mouse Button to decrease the amount of colour. 

There is a selection of ten Bottles next to the drawers, these contain some 
pre-set colours, Left click on one of these to instantly fill the background of 

the Postcard with that colour. 

To write a message, add a stamp and address the postcard you 
Ly must flip over to the text side of the Postcard. Click on the flip 

Postage Stamps on the Conveyor Belt are just for decoration, you do not 
have to place one for the postcard to work. 

Click on the left hand side of the Postcard to write a message. 

Click on the Right hand side to 
Address the Postcard, a list will 
show all of the availaole people 

Ny that can receive a Postcard. 

If you address a card to ‘SwapShop@WWW’ you can send it via Modem 
to the LEGO LOCO Post Office, where it will be forwarded to another 

LOCO user, who could live anywhere! Pretty soon you may receive 
Postcards from people all around the world! PLEASE NOTE You must have 

a Modem connected to the Internet for this to work. 
It is possible to attach small files to the postcard, and then 
send them to a friend (only when using a LAN and direct 
TCP/IP Internet connection). Click on the Paperclip Button to 

attach a file. 

This will bring up a Windows style Browse window, from here you can 
Browse through your drives to find the file you wish to attach. 

Posting Your Card 

Once the card has been addressed (see previous), you can post your 
card. Either Click on the Mailoox, or left click on the Postcard (picture side, 
or on the ‘From’ area on the text side) and drag the Postcard cursor over 

the Mailbox and click the Left Mouse Button. 
Remember a train with a mail carriage attached must visit your Post Office if 

you want to send and receive any postcards. 

(re) aaa ere (as) 

Single User 

In single user mode (choosing the Single Station Master button on the start 
screen) you will be able to create your own layout and help your mini-figs 
travel around that layout. 

By placing blue tunnels you can send Postcards to several LOCO characters, 
(e.g. The Professor). A train carrying a card addressed to one of these 
characters will leave through the Blue Tunnel and deliver a card to them... 
who knows, they may even send you a reply! 

International Postcards 

If you have a MODEM and an Internet connection you can send random 
postcards in Single User Mode to other LEGO LOCO users around the 
world. Remember, for any train to leave your computer you must have 
placed a Blue International Tunnel. 

Trains carrying Postcards will leave your layout and travel to the LEGO LOCO 
International Post Office Sorting Computer, from here it will travel around the 
world to who knows where. If you are lucky you may receive a Postcard 
from someone from another country! 

To send a postcard please ensure that your modem is switched on and 
that you have connected to the Internet. Now start LEGO LOCO and 

design your card. Address your card to ‘SwapShop@WWww’ (from the 
pop down list) and make sure a postal train takes it out of a Blue Tunnel. 

Ela eyit=] mtexe (4 

In National Mode, up to nine people can connect to a huge LEGO LOCO 
layout. Each individual can take control of a certain part of the National 
Map, and can build layouts as normal. 

The cool thing about National Mode is that you can send trains and e-mails 
and attachments to anyone connected to your session. 

Starting a multi-user session 

From the start screen choose the button with the Two Station Master heads. 

You will now be given the choice to Host a session or Join an existing 
session. Click on the appropriate button and then press the Green Tick to 

fis fd 

You will now be asked which Network Protocol you require, TCP/IP or IPX. If 
you are unsure consult your Network Administrator. 

If you are hosting you will be asked to choose a layout. Different layouts 
allow different numbers of users to play. 

If you are joining, a list of all the available sessions will appear on the right 
hand side of the Map Board. Select one of the available sessions. 

You will now be asked to choose the area you will control, simply click on 
the desired area. You will not be able to choose an area that another user 
IA\oISWKo]|f xo @ ASA AOIA@ M10), MM Ao A ASH] ©) Ole] ALU AY Al [o)\LOLUL MoM (Colo) (4 

Click the Green Tick to go. 

In Game 

When in multi-user National Mode (connected via a LAN) you can view a 
Global Map view of all the layouts in the session. Right click on the Tunnels 
or Stations. 

You will now see a screen with mini-thumbnail images of the entire layout. 

If you move the cursor over the individual areas you can see who Owns 
each layout. As you pass over each area the appropriate sections to the 
right of the board will highlight. 

The trains will appear as coloured circles (matching those next to people’s 
names). In this case LEE’s trains will appear red and MAD DAWG’s trains will 
be green. You can watch the trains as they make their way around the 
N{cle(oyatel MI CcliAMN ANN ZOlL 

Press the yellow briefcase with the red ‘x’ button to exit back to your 




Screen Saver 
LEGO LOCO can also be used as a screen saver! You can design your own 
layouts that will run when the screen saver starts up. 

1. From within Windows, click the Right Mouse Button on the Windows 

2. You will now see a Menu, from this list choose ‘Properties’. 

3. From the Properties, choose the Screen Saver tab. 

4. From this page bring up the drop-down list and choose LEGO LOCO. 
5. Click on the ‘Settings Button’. 

6. You will now see a LEGO LOCO Setup Box. You can either choose to 
have a random layout chosen, or specify your favourite layout. 



NS Ceara tee eee tired Wey eerie 




Ray oe 



Vessitee| (els Ippelaovig) Instslietlens) 

To play with LOCO, single Player, 
making use of the Internet Server 

The required version of DirectX 6 will be installed by the LOCO 

Installer. Ensure that you have Winsock Installed (you can achieve this oy 
installing an Internet Browser) 

Make the connection to your Internet service provider 

NOTE: this must not be firewall protected 

Start LOCO 

Select single player and then click the tick button 

When LEGO LOCO is running, open the Toybox track tray and select a BLUE 
tunnel (this has a picture of two heads on the side). Lay the tunnel down at 
the side of the LEGO LOCO screen. 

Connect the tunnel with track. 

Select and place a Post Office building (this is in the track section of the 

Close the Toyoox. 
Right click on the Post Office this will take you to the ‘Mail Sort’ window. 
Select the Pen Pot on the desk to take you to the Paint Factory Window. 

Create a postcard, address it to Anyone’, this is the address for connecting 
to the LEGO LOCO postcard server. 

Pick up the postcard and drop it in the letterbox. 
Click on the letteroox again to go to the mail sort window. 

There should be a BAG visible in the outgoing mail area of the window, this 
shows that your postcard is waiting for a train. 

Exit to the LOCO desktop. 

Create a train "With A Mail Carriage" (do this by right clicking on a train 

Ensure the train passes your post office and then route it to the blue tunnel 
you previously placed. 

You can check that it has picked up the postcard by right clicking on the 
post office again and the outgoing bag should have disappeared 

When the train enters the blue tunnel the postcard will be sent to the 
Internet server for processing. 

If the LOCO desktop fails to contact the Internet server it will place a 
YELLOW postcard in your post office and the post office will animate to 
attract your attention. The postcard will have text indicating that there was a 
network error. 

If the server is successfully contacted a new train will enter your desktop 
from the blue tunnel this will be carrying a returned postcard. You should 
route this train to your post office in order to unload the postcard. 

In due course your original train will return, without any postcards on 

When the new train exits your desktop through a blue tunnel it will be 

If you send one postcard to the server it will return one, send two and it 
returns two, send three and it returns three, etc. 





See eee eet 


B ie) Play with LOCO, single fo] g Multiplayer, Selecting multi-player reveals two additional buttons - ‘Host’ and Join’ 
making use of Easter cards. 

Decide which of the users will host the game. 
The host selects the ‘Host’ button and the other player selects the Join’ 

Place a Blue tunnel. button 
Create a postcard. Click on the tick button to proceed. 
Address it to an Easter Egg Character (e.g. Santa) If this is your first use of the multi-player option a network option screen will 

now be displayed. 
Load it onto a train with a mail carriage 
Select IPX. 
Route the train through a blue tunnel 
Select OK/Tick’. 
A new train should return carrying a reply from Santa 
On the HOST machine a ‘host setting up game’ screen is now displayed. 
Route this train to your post office so that it can unload itself 
Wait until the Green tick is visiole (this is the game setting itself up). 
When the new train leaves your desktop through a blue tunnel it will be 
deleted You may then select which of the layouts you wish to use from the list on 
the right hand side of the window. 
In due course your original train should be returned from the blue tunnel 
having been unloaded by Santa’s little helpers. The application automatically selects the first layout for you. 

Select which area of the layout you wish to play in by clicking in the central 

C To play with Kole oF with area of the screen. 
a friend, over an IPX LAN 

DirectX 6 will be installed by the LOCO Installer. 

If your friend is proceeding you will see their name in this area as well. 

When you are happy to proceed, select the green tick button. 
Start LOCO and select Multi-player (2 LEGO Minifigures outton) 
On the JOINING machine a ‘searching for games’ screen is now displayed. 


SSB S8 888 Postcards Sirecepthl AStOCGNGE BE BEES SESS Be Postcards = tredepth incwuctions a BES Ena e 

A list of available games will be displayed on the right hand side of the oe When a player signs off all their trains are deleted, no matter where they 
screen and you will be automatically joined to the first game in the list. a are. 
When the green tick is displayed you may select where in the available Z To send a postcard to another player: 
areas you wish to play. It is a good idea to choose to play in an area that is &@ 1. Create it in the paint factory. 
alongside your friend’s choice. | 
By 2. Address it to that player (click on the TO area of the postcard and a list 
When ready to proceed select the green tick. : of available players is displayed). 
I | 
Note: If you select the green tick before the host and the host then | 3. If you wish to send an attachment click the attachment (paper clip) 
decides not to proceed you will automatically become the host + button and add the file as the last action you take before posting the 
machine. | card. 
When the LEGO LOCO desktop is displayed you will see BLUE tunnels on - 4. Drop it in the letteroox. 
some or all sides of your desktop layout. These cannot be deleted and a 
represent connections to other players in the game. . Create a train with a mail carriage, route it past your post office and then 
Ez through the blue tunnel nearest the player you have addressed the card to. 
Press the ‘P’ button or use the MAP button in the toy box to view a map | 
showing all players, their names, train positions and a reduced view of their Ez To receive a postcard from another player: 
desktop. - 1. Wait for their train to arrive. 
| | 
In the map screen holding your cursor over another area highlights the l 2. Route it to your post office. 
players name and causes their trains to flash - showing where in the overall . 
layout they are. q 3. Right click on the post office and the incoming card is displayed. 
I | 
Note: Areas which do not yet have a player, are modelled by the 4 4. You may then either delete the card or drop it in your post aloum to 
game using default layouts and trains can run in these areas. iW save it. 
To get your trains to return to your desktop use the RECALL train button on - 5. If the card has an attachment (indicated by a paper clip on the card) 
the map window. I | you can save the attachment by clicking on the paper clip. Note that 
: attachments cannot be stored in the album and will be deleted from 
l | cards if you do not process them whilst in the post office window. 
a ' 

SS S888 8 8ePostcards Ealn-de 

Dd) To play with LOCO, with a friend, 

over a TCP/IP LAN 

DirectX 6 will be installed by the LOCO Installer. 

Find out the host player’s IP ADDRESS (you can do this using the WINIPCFG 
command from the Win95 start menu RUN option) 

The Host player should select the TCP/AP network option Cif the network 
options screen is not displayed select the spanner button on the 
joining/hosting network game screen). 

The JOINING player must select TCP/IP and input the host players IP address 
in the IP input area, which is displayed when TCP/P is selected. 

To play with LOCO, with a friend, 
using TCP/IP on the Internet 

DirectX 6 will be installed by the LOCO Installer. Ensure that you have a 
Winsock Installed (you can achieve this by installing an Internet Browser) 

Make the connection to your Internet service provider 
NOTE: this must not be firewall protected 

Connect to the Internet before starting LOCO. 
Find out the host players IP ADDRESS (you can do this using the WINIPCFG 

command from the Win95 start menu RUN option, note that this can 
change each time you connect to the Internet). 


The Host player should select the TCPAP network option Cif the network 
options screen is not displayed select the spanner button on the 
joining/hosting network game screen). 

The JOINING player must select TCPAP and input the host players IP address 
in the IP input area, which is displayed when TCP/P is selected. 

General Notes 

LOCO uses DirectX 6 which implements guaranteed messaging 
for IPX networks. 


a aE a LCD SNC 






QE \ 



Easter Eggs 

There are many special hidden events that you can discover and elements 
to place on your layout in LEGO LOCO. Some will happen only at certain 
times, others you will only be able to discover by building your LEGO 
LOCO world carefully. Some are easy to find, some will take a lot of 
experimenting. We have called these EASTER EGGS. 

Have you seen the Rainoow? How about the Loch Ness Monster or the 
Super Station Master? 

Have you found more Easter Eggs than your friends? 

Why not send a postcard to us at LEGO telling us of your discoveries? (See 
International Postcards in this manual) 

Try visiting the LEGO web site at http:/ 








LEGO Media International 
rele Wixag 

Localisation Manager 

QA Manager 

QA Testing 

Full Motion Video 
Intelligent Games 
Executive Producer 
pi¢xeike) me) m Dl araleyeirans 

Team Leader 


Assistant Producer 

Sound Recording 

Voice Talent 

Rob Smith 

Cara McMullan 

Tony Miller 

Josh Collins, Scott Mackintosh, Tom Gillo, Dave Upchurch, Cara 
McMullan, Rob Smith, Michelle Richmond, Paul Wilson 

Full Fat Productions 

Matthew Stibbe 
Kevin Shrapnell 
Dee Jarvis 

Simon Evers 
Bruce Heather 
Suzanne Maddison 
Philip Veale 
Daniel Wheeler 
Kees Gajentaan 
Dee Jarvis 

Lee Morse 

Dan Bailie 

Jamie Ferguson 
Malcolm Lamont 
Andy Spanswick 
Audio Interactive 
Richard Joseph 
David Holt 

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Epilepsy Warning 

Please read before using any video game or allowing your children to use it. 

Some people are liable to have an epileptic seizure or loss of consciousness when exposed to 
flashing lights or certain normal conditions of everyday life. Such persons could risk a seizure 
while watching televised images or while playing certain video games, and this can occur even if 
there have been no previous medical problems or experience of epilepsy. 

If you or a member of your family has ever shown epileptic symptoms (seizure or loss of 
consciousness) when exposed to flickering lights, consult your doctor before playing. 

Parents should supervise their children’s use of video games. If you or your children experience 
any of the following symptoms — dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of 
consciousness, disorientation, involuntary movements or convulsions — discontinue use 

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Do not sit too close to the television screen; position yourself with the linking cable at full stretch. 
Play video games preferably on a small screen. Do not play if you are tired or have not had much 
sleep. Make sure that the room in which you are playing is well lit. Rest for 10-15 minutes per 
hour while playing video games. 

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