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Full text of "LEGO Mania Magazine (US) – January-February 1995"

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Janvary-Febrvary 1995 

Deep-Sea Adventvres 


Hang onto your snorkel as you team 
vp with the Aqvanavis in search of 
the preciovs crystal that provides 
oxygen for the undersea world. But 
be on the lookovt for the Aquvasharks! 
They'll stop at nothing to take all 
the erystals for themselves. 

6155 Deep Sea Predator: Fins 
ahoy! With special magnetic arm 
and robotic claw, this scowling 
sub is a lean, mean crystal 
grabbing machine. 

6175 Crystal Explorer Sub: 
This slick submersible 
easily scoops up oxygen 
crystals with its 

magnetic arm. The 

sub’s working compass 
shows even a rookie 
Aquanaut how to-find the 
great 8-armed guardian of 
the oxygencrystals! 

6195 Neptune 
Discovery Lab: This 
place is better than 
an underwater mall. 
The lab has its own 
crystal harvesting a 
sub. A handy crane There's 
unloads crystals and ay , lots of deep-sea fun » 
puts them ona in this issue. Check page 7 
conveyor. for for some octopus info that 

. S really grab youl See you in the 
progypsyis: Heres comic pages, where | really 

even an octopus SS = WF dive into action! 
security guard! eS d b : { z > 

Send your stories and ideas to: 
LEGO Club 

P.0. Box 1308 

Enfield, CT 06083 

{ Allison 

am fourteen 
years old 

' . and am an 
avid LEGO builder. I have 
been building since I was 
about five years old. I enjoy 
building houses out of LEGO 
pieces and then furnishing 
them. I get some of my ideas 
for houses in house plan 

If you flip 
this you can 
build it! 

Flip N’Build 

I also like doing the little 
details on the exterior of 
the building as well as the 
interior. My creations are 
all in one large LEGO town 
in my basement. A variety 
of my LEGO buildings are 
going to be in a toy 
store window at the 
Columbia Mall, in 
Maryland. ! 



‘ Cool Creations on 

Flip N’ Build _°°< 
Step 2 

thy, LEGO Maniacs, 

‘get ready'tor aaallltay) 
adventures in the 
Aquazone! Hang onto 
your SeqrOprint 
because/were diving into 
the-real Aquazone — the 
world at the bottom of 
the sea. 

To get there; let’s take a 
ride in Alvin, a real life 
scientific submarine — 
called a “submersible.” 
Hop in with*two of your ® 
Se denn sea friends. Make that two 
explorers, : R a of your best friends 
these LEGO - hain 
Aquanavt faa _ because it is a very 
robot gems. ee small submarine. Rev up 
to a ‘ H is) 
mings! . Bie , the engines to cruising 
ve : speed and you're on your 
crystal way to the bottom of 
Exelorer Sub the sea. 



Rate tay 

.. we have to 
go through the 
upper ocean — 
water filled with 
hurricanes, tidal 
waves, and things 
that may want to os 
eat you. And that’s the easy part 
of a deep-sea quest. As you dive 
deeper, you quickly run out of light. 
Then the familiar animals gradually 

scale. [ft contains 
les long and higher than the — 

range is 40,000 mil 

Most of the creatures at the 
bottom of the sea have built-in 
lights that glow, flash, and twinkle. 
Scientists often turn off Alvin’s 
lights and enjoy an underwater 
light show! Most deep-sea fish are 
small and have few bones so they 
can survive the water pressure. 
Some deep-sea animals have rela- 
tives in shallow water such as 
squid, octopus, and worms. 


is a lot like the earth's surface - only on a b 

mountains, valleys, and nig One movnta 

Rocky Movntains! it is like one long voleano. 


The ocean floor 

L the 

future, people 
may rely more 
on the oceans for 
food, fuel and 
shelter. Underwater 
fish farms may become 
a major source of food. 
The oceans are full of 
minerals like gold, copper, and 

nickel, so eventually there may be 
underwater mining centers. There are 
even underwater houses and museums 
being designed. 

For now, the Aquazone is all yours for 
the exploring: discover fascinating sea 
creatures, uncover pirate gold, or climb 
an underwater mountain to the Lost 
Continent of Atlantis. 

After that brief but breathtaking tour, 
come up for air, and dock your Sea 

_ Sprint. If you came up with a 

| brilliant idea for building a fantastic 
| Aquazone model, just do it! Then 

* send in a picture of your model for 

_ other LEGO Maniacs to see. You can 

even enter it in this issue's Building 
Challenge. ; 

Special thanks to Dr. David Gallo of Woods Hole 
Oceanographic Institution for providing research 
and photos. 

Over 100 years ago, avthor Jvles Verne wrote abovt a nuclear powered submarine 
called the Navtilvs, in his book “20,000 Leagves Under the Sea.” 

Big os sem sadoy39 

-efplag ese9 uapjog ays pahoassap 4 

quem e ‘cas ays YsPavegG WOA4 WED B,, SIAOW 

Octopi use their t 

s and sq 
tof all the - 
ia ime 

the deep b u have 0 
: your LEGO Aquazone 
aich shrimp, y 25, 1995 to: 

their prey 

eprahe i 1 al. Tk 
crabs and mussels. 

into t heir . ilding Challenge 

To escape 
ink to confuse 
in the shap 
confuses t 
ing the oct 

ense of smell, allow- {| 
cape undetected 

During a ba’ ble pus loses one or 
more arms, it isn’t to oncerned because 
they quickly grow back No wonder no one 
wants to mess with an octopus guar 
crystals in the Aquazone. 

ion, the 
‘ae a 

«Aydosy Gog, 
ON ‘ybiajey 

9 aby © 

peg ayer o 

Meas ar seep Jotul 
€3090 12 ‘Plalauy 

ZOt x03 ‘0'd 
Galo 0971 

«bXP SOL, 
i HO ‘Aemuo9 
\& eurjopuy sewoys 

aKoh "0 bro & Has 

.d9seld SM, z 

N‘wApOOd —@ 

: shy @ : \ 
vowing O11 

.eysineg uenf ues UOISSIIN,, 

v9 ‘aquang 27 © 
01 aby 

Ziuo|N qoser 
~ ¥ 
«@N09 S8}LAId,, | 
ee i z aN ise 
ueipul UV, e 8 
HO ‘umo}welIN SuayelN Mag “euveiig ellie : 
Ne *) vg ‘euapesed 
43|8199 Sy!IAl aie ° 

zado7y jagey 

desing amed .siuGiuy 99212, © 
fN ‘uosIpa @ a 
3 a0Y » Se 

2 Jajyaoy auhem = 

GQ  -SSaupew aIeN., 
ql ‘asiog 

6 aby 

ajyeg wuelueg 

beam in the center 
of each. 

legs are 
fidd 2 legs to completed. 
each support. 

Flip N’Build 
Step 5 

re E fs is 




Anareoon. | <S 


/ ‘ : 


oO) Z 

Nw ur S)) v 


Can you find all the 
oxygen-giving cr stals 
ia the Roane Uae 
everywhere: in the 
comic, on the cover, 
between pictures and 

2a under octopuses. Members 
torivesinisos ©-with the correct count could 
fa win a LEGO set of their choice! 

Fill in the name of the Aquazone Crystal on 
the entry form. Guess it correctly and you could : i 
win another LEGO set! You'll find the crystal’s y f You could win 

name by lifting up the box lid of #6195 Neptune > a ( . | 
Discovery Lab or looking on the back of the box this set 

for #6175 Crystal Explorer Sub. If you don’t have 
these sets, dash to the closest LEGO dealer and 
sneak a peek at these new Aquazone sets. 

The first 16 randomly selected 
entries with the correct crystal count will win a LEGO 

7 Fawer: set of their choice (up to $166 retail value). If any of 
flere § Low (0 is those 16 winners have the correct crystal name for 

the Bonus Challenge, they will win a second LEGO set 

Just fill in your name, address, crystal count and of their choice. That means you could win 2 LEGO 
crystal name on the Contest Entry form, clip it sets worth up to $260! 

\ out, and mail it to the address shown by 

, March 25, 1995. Entries must be postmarked by March 25, 1995, and received by March 31, 1995. 

LEGO Systems, Inc. will only send to each winner a LEGO Building Set which is properly 
age-graded for the recipient. Winners will be notified by mail. Offer void where prohibited or 
\ if you don’s want to wreck your magazine, by cutting restriated by law, Employees of LEGO Systems, Inc. and members of their immediate families 
\ out the Entry Form, send us a post card with all of () aie it ellabl to partipate. Eres wil judged by LEGO Syeiems, Ino, onthe bess of 
) accuracy. roup. 
| formation to the address below! 
j the same in 

LEGO CLUB Bulk Rate 
—— crystals in this mania Magazine, = pe. Box 1157 U.S. Postage 
ees : Enfield , CT 66683-1157 PAID 
The name of the Aquazone crystalis_— == pas LEGO Direct 

My Name 

Address | 
Se ey 

Telephone(_.6£J)wMMU. A 

Count the Crystals Contest P 
SU Sate LEGO Mania Magazine Grlbeg 
hhy March 25, 1995 to: P. 0. Box 1310 s 

Enfield, CT 06083-1310