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Full text of "LEGO Technic Magazine – May 1999"

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Wy, J Suypuse 1 

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Does life exist on other ‘planets?. 
Can we believe in UFOs’ or flying saucers 
transporting crews of aliens? 5 
\What do we really know about what goes 
on in the outer réaches of the Universe 
thousands of light years away? : ” 

Some people believe alien life exists an other planets 
and others say it’s rubbish! So what do YOU think 
..2 Couldithiere be extraterrestrials out there? 

when Neil Armstrong, the first man on the 
moon, spoke those famous words “One small step for 
man - one giant step for mankind”, he didn’t report 
seeing any alien life. Neither did his partner 
Aldrin, who also set foot on the surface. 

in the earty 107s, the amierican Space agency 
. set up a research project calted SETI - 
* the Search for ExtraTefrestifal Intelligence - 

igSeptember 1977 - spent more than 20 years in space 
before reaching the very edge of gur solar system, dari, 
cold and more than 6'é billion miles away. Radio Signals 
from that far away take more than 9/é hours travelling at 
the speed oftlight to reativeartht 

‘Many films and Ty prégrammes have featured life in 
outer space. Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana 
‘Scully are no strangers to cases involving , 
extraterrestrials and the paranormal in The X Files. * 

But how would YOU! know if you'd haan 
encounter with an alien? Would it look like anyone 
you'd see walking down your road?’ | 
If the alien was grey, about 4ft Gins tall, with 
no ears or body hair, an oVer-sized head and 
black eyes, researchers believe it could very 
‘well be Zeta Reticuli from the Zeta Reticuldy 
Star system. The clinching feature would be 
the four over-sized fingers on each hand! * 

‘We search for aliens in space goes on - as it does 
closer to home. 

UFO experts say they've no doubt that other life forms 
Pxist - some airtine pilots have béen unable to explain 
some of the things they've seen in the skies. 

8)first prize winners Will win all 
10 runners-up will receive 

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the 
moon. Which of his fellow Apollo 11 astronauts was 

the second person to do a moonwalk? Was it. 

Send your answer together with your name, age, address 
and membership number on a 

dy out there... 

Voyager 1 - which was launched from Cape Canaveral 


jinning models! e 



First man in space: 
Yuri Gagarin 12th April 61 ° 
First American in space: . 
John Glenn 20th Feb ‘62 

First woman in space: 
Valentina Terestikova 16th June ‘63 
First space walk: 

Alexei Leonoy 18th March “65 P 
First flight to the moon: 
Apollo 8 21st Dec “68 
First moon landing: 
Apollo 11 16th July 69 
First man on the moon: 
Neil Armstrong 16th July “69 
First Briton in space: 
Helen Sharman 18th May ‘91 


And’so the investigations continue......... 

We've got 2 5; 
prizes for the best 
fe your own alien and 
id us a photograph 
where you got the 

id we'll print 

i i Rock tunnels through mountains 4 
own awesome and unique q in minutes with his ace pickaxes. y 
| powers, zapping on who : : Bez ¢ 
cross their paths ..... and Tie = 
there are eight different y > 77s 

« foryou to collect. Each - — RA Pe. 
has his own mission ... mo “¢> 

Good and evil are ranged 
against each other. 

These gladiator-like figures, f 
each have their own | 

individual characters - but 4 é 
with powerful Jung(@tan hack his way 
aeccame va verte [ene poate 

discs you collect until you 
have a full set of sixfor ® r 
each character. SS 4 (ST 
These new additions to the e: 
. LEGO TECHNIC range have | 

an added bonus. Collect | 
all four Good SLIZER 

— = ad 2 
= = x 

Ly create a SUPER SLIZER. The 
ergy is electrifying - 

and zaps his opponents < 
to prove it. 

carrying case you can put on 
your trouser belt and two. 
discs. Six discs make a full 

, set for each figure and 
different colours, 
and values ...... swap with 

your mates. 

So which is the ultimate 
SLIZER? Will it be Fire, Ice, 
© City, sub, Judge, Jungle, 
Rock or Energy? e 
What will happen when 

The answer is in your e e 
hands ... 


Sub lives underwater and turns 
pinto a mini Submarine to. 200m 
out of danger. 

alls have been flooding in to IG asking us to rel 

| thie. 

Fi in FB os 
BUD sa GitY sn 

ase images of NEW Super SLIZER and wi SLIZER 

(or Ja (0 l - bes 

Ni : 
5 Special 


team aa 

P tee 


LZ 3 

Space Station Mille 

Brothers Graham & Richard Hutchinson, 
aged 14 and 13, fromLeicester, built their Rescue Vehicle 
SCORPIO in just ten hours! 

i a 
‘Scorpio can travel for 10 days at maximum speed without 
refuelling and even has an auta-homing device to retura to 
‘Millennium Space Station. PRED S MART! 
From Scorpio to SP + a great Defence Vehicle 

to protect Millennium from alien attacks and fying meteors! 

ATLANTIS U1 is a Reconnaissance Vehicle created 
by Lawrie Doran, 11, from Flixton, Manchester. 

‘Atlantis 1 is also capable of carrying out reconnaissance 
duties in a hostile environment - it’s fally equipped and 
armed with self defence devices and weapons. 

a) EE 

\How to enter! 

Send in a photograph of your-design together with 
a name and short description. 

Remember to keep your model intact in case it’s 
needed for judging: 

‘The winner will get a MINDSTORMS 
Robotics Invention System™ PLUS 
CREATURES™ Expansion Sets 

: Your choice of LEGO TECHNIC sets 
worth up to £250. 

Look out for the next two issues of {TM > 
Where we'll be giving you a few ideas and 
showing you some more of the entries we've 
received. ‘ 

Sehd you entries marked ‘Space Station 
Millennium Competition’ to LEGO TECHNIC Club, 
LEGO UK, Wrexham, L113 7TQ together with details 
af your fame, address, age and membership 
number, * 

Space Station Millennium must be ready for action 
by the Year 2000 - so waste no time! * 


Check out the latest HOT MEWS from 
chance to show us what you can do 

Exclusive Opportunity for LEE0 TECHNIC CLUB members! 
Book your place at the 
Learning Centre 
‘at the LEGOLAND Windsor Club Event on 5/6 June 1999 
fre ee a 

‘Winkfield Road, Windsor, Berkshire SLA 4AY 

‘Minima age for booking i 8 years 

oo = 

‘Your time slat wil be eanfirmed in writing afer this date 

Eo ww.legornl —— 
(More exciting mews On, 
LEGO Mindstorm products 

Youth 34” 
‘Small 36” 


dnd « 
(ERO TECHIE ollertall pen 63.95 — 

This is the latest in the new range of cool looking LEGO TECHNIC its atest 

designs! It's a real smooth operator. Mug now features 

a striking futurist 
design in your 

Get your kicks with a 
This pump-up, high 
Item | quantity | Price Per] Total ‘quality ball is a winner 
number Item _| Price at home or away and 
will demoralise the 
opposition with its 
cool blue colour and 


(leco REG HNIC 
(Gfuh Wallet 

This riot styish LEGO TECHNIC 
Waist Bag has yellow strap and (wr 
zips and a LEGO TECHNIC logo 
on the front pocket! 
‘Membership No: (posi) 

Post Code =4 
Send to: THE LEGO TECHNIC Club Shop, Wrexham LL13 770 

CChequelPostal Order should be mad payable to: 
LEGO UK. LIMITED or please charge my Access/Visa: 

Credit Card No: 


Cardholders Signature wa 
Please allow 30 days for delivery 

(Sieeaaoloars an kt ome 

Press the slide contro 

‘on this slick LEGO TECHNIC 
Calculator and watch th 
display cover flip up 
and over to act as 
a free standing 
support. BRILLIANT!