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Midstate ARC ‘a 


on eer ce ee eee 
" Vol 4 Ed 4 

President, Paul Thomas, KAQDTH, 881-6338 

V-P, Joan Kemp, NODON, 736-0355 

Sec-Tres, Tom Carroll, N9AZD, 535-8047 

Trustee, Darrell Sego, KM9S, 736-4049 

Activities, Ed Woods, WD9DVA, 887-3510 

ARES E.C.,:Dan Dews, KK9G, 881-9792 

JULY 20,1985 
House of Franklin 
Franklin, IN 
Breakfast: 0730 
Meeting: O800 


There is a new, co- 
ordinated repeater in Johnson 

146.925 output 
146.325 input 

It is an independent system, 

privately funded, experimen- 
-ting with computer control and 

link receivers. Although not 

affiliated with the Midstate 

ARC, it can provide auxiliary 
service and is open to every- 
one who wishes to use it. In 
addition, the 925 can be a vale- 
uable asset to the club in the 
form of a "proving ground" to 
test new concepts which can be 
integrated with the club repea- 
ter. Techniques acquired on 

the 925 are available to the 

club at anytime. The benefit 
to the club is that it can buy 

Similar hardware rather than 

investing precious club funds in 
equipment that may fall short of 

The change in meeting scheduling is 
due to the Indy Hamfest which takes 
place the weekend before. Rather 
than have the breakfast room sparse- 
ly populated, club officials have 
elected to move the club date up one 


Field Day 1985 is hstory. We had a great deal of fun and togetherness. 

We have the Johnson County Fair, the Masonic Home Pilgrimage and hope- 
fully a fun late summer Fox Hunt cook out before the winter winds once #::: 
again blow .us indoors to chase rare DX for the winter. The Club repeater 
has been functioning well with additional improvements forthcoming. 

The repeater committee will have a proposal of direction to present at the 
next meeting, 


Fromthe = 5 

we have commitment, talent and goals. We need more brains, bodies and 
money. I hope that those of you committed call Tom, N9AZD, and ask how 
you can help improve the system. The president's fund to assist with 
repeater improvement is now in existance. I have committed $50.00 
toward this endeavor. I know there are many of you who are both 

able and willing to offer a small club a hand. 

Our dues just don't cut it at this early stage in our development. To 
raise dues is to lose -those members who cannot afford more. I ask for 
help from those who can. Please send me what you can. The repeater group 
is planning on wider coverage opportunities through height, links, ampli- 
fiers, etc. More and better coverage means more members. More members 
means less cost per member. Please help, and thank you! 


QRM de 

Hams have clubs because they enjoy 
sharing, and having fun. Hams are 
known for their love of fellowship 
and comradery. 

Unfortunately, it has been said of 
us by a number of amateurs in the 
area that we are like a bunch of 
kids fighting and yelling at each 
other. When the fun stops, guys, 
the club stops. 

The editor, for instance, recently 
encountered and incident worth men- 
tion. <A personal conflict entered 
in on public airwaves, and it 
Should not have. Please, let's 

all square our shoulders and set- 
tle our difference off the air, 

and away from club activities. 
Emotional outbursts do not enlighten 
people outside of our hobby to the 
type of people we really are. 

I'm truly concerned, and I'm sure 
T'm not alone, about the leader we 
select in September. Let's give 
it a little thought now so we can 
be prepared. 

Additionally, let's give some thought 
to direction. Doubtless the subject 
of repeater direction. will come up 

in a thought provoking way, and we 
will have to deal with the delicate 
situation of money and leadership 

at the next club meeting. Your de- 
cisions in this meeting are VITAL ! 

This years Field Day was one for the 
books; we had the best contesters 
around, and they worked hard for us. 
So hard, in fact, that you will not 
start at the back of the scores and 
go forward when. ARRL issues the 1985 
Field Day results. We also had ser- 
ious rigs and antennas, and, like 
last year, superb working conditions. 

Also, I wish to thank all those who 

took the time to help in the Bike-a- 

Thon. - We weren't the epitome of or- 

ganization, but darned if we didn't 

get the job done without fresh hams 
: ; 

still around! -NBOM 



145.45 MHZ 

Larry, WBOYAJ, has been vir- 
tually working single-handedly 
on the NOAZD repeater. The 

new Melco gear has performed to 
expectations, and has been re- 
liable; our number one concern 
as a club. On Saturday, June 
29; Jays, KASMUU, Pat,. W9OPSD and 
the antenna up in supurb con- 
ditions and in nearly no time 

at all. As of the time of this 
writing the Isopole performance 
is noticably better than the 
Ringo: (now, wasn't there some- 
one telling us that all along?). 
Truthfully, a relative state of 
limbo exists at this point, with- 
out more club input and money. 
Thanks to Larry for his tireless 
dedication, and Dave, KN9E for 
his inventive genuis (ala 925) 
At this point, another master 
emerges from the shadow, Dar- 
rell Sego, KM9S. Have you 
heard what this guy did with 

a Commodore 64 and a knack for 
software developement? Listen 
in on the 146.925 experimental 
system when you have the chance. 
Now, if we could put these things 
aii tTogether....« 

-submitted by the editor 


Watch for the next issue of 
The Midstate ARC Newsletter. 
A computer with word-proces- 
sor software will be employed 

_ to speed up things. Any in- 

teresting software on disk 
that you think the newsletter 
could use? Give me a call at 
882-5245, My goal is to give 
the club the best publication 
feasible. -NBOM 



_ Sees . the Day 


Bric is Midstates youngest member at 23, 
*  - Having obtained his amateur license’. 
Treasury. L . - nearly two years ago, his interest in 
~ : - the hobby can't be quenched. Ham Radio 
means more to him than it does to most 
NO SUBMISSION of us however; Eric is relegated to 
f using crutches to get around, and faces 

QSL CONTEST Spies ot otnee ort ie in relation 

NEXT ISSUE/ Dave Wendt, KAQOOH, coached Eric re- 
lentlessly until he picked up the 
code speed necessary to pass. the no- 

WANTE vice test. .%Ror me, it's hard!" Eric 

ieee os - 

used to say. Now, Eric has one of the 
‘ ; cleanest fists around, and is comfort- 
a able at over 15 WPM. Hopefully, the 
: . y General will be in his hands during 

If you can help, please call 
oner Keesling, WB90ZZ at the VEC testing at the INDY HAMFEST. 

736-5456. He especially would 
like someone to man the booth 
at various intervals, and 
answer questions to passers- 
bys. Posters and Pictures of 
past Midstates Events will be 
provided, as well as a rig 

and antenna. Rtty capability 

Knowing and working with Eric for the 
past couple of years has been a plea- 
sure for the editor. He is an example 
of what hard work and dedication can do. 


: aoe : : The Harrison Amateur Radio Club will 
is a possibility at this point. be conducting Novice classed begin- 
Here is a chance to be recog- : : 

: : : ning July 8, 1985. Classes will be 
nized at the single most impor- fa ogee can aes 
tank Suet 1a Joknson- Count held at building 454 at the Fort Har- 

ys rison Facility on ten consecutive Mon+. - 

day nights ‘from 7:15 pm to 9:15 pm. 

HAMPEST CALENDAR There is no charge for the class. A 

July 13/44-. Indy Hamfest, Tech/General class is running con- 
ARRL State Conv. currently, For details call KM9E 

July 21 LaPorte at 542-0741 evenings or 547-4371 days. 

Aug 4 Angola 

Aug 11 Marion 9-LAND CALL SIGNS AS OF MAY 1st, 1985 

Aug 18 Lafayette 

Aug 25 Argos N=9J, KD9PB, NOFDS and KASTOP 

sept 1 Bloomington 
Oct 13 Bedford ~ 
Nov 10 Fort Wayne 

Be a Par t. Midstate ARC 



Motorola Model 2-channel 
Transmitter/Receiver, 50 
watts w/mic, 144.45 or 
145.25, Extra set crystals 
145.55, will sell or trade. 

Motorola 3-channel 146.70, 
146.76 or 146.52 simplex. 

50 watts, with rack cab- 
inet and drawers. Power 
hand mic included. Will sell 
or trade. 

CA 6-Meter 52.525 simplex, 
100 watts. In 36" Rack. FM 
modulator needs work. Com- 
plete with mic (power). 
Will sell or trade. 

EICO 90 watt XTAL controlled 
CW transmitter. 80-10 Meters. 
With one Xtal, others avai- 
lable. Table top type, clean 
and works, sell or trade. 

Gonset G-50 6 Meter AM Phone 
Transmitter/Receiver, neat 
and clean, works good. Will 
sell -or trade «: eee x 

-Dan Cammack 

"Super Mamba" Homebrew Station 
Interface, rack mount, High 
quality design CW and RTTY 
computer interface, switchable 
VHF/HF, Audio/Speaker lines, 
inputs/patches, much more 
Interfaces entire station; 
no wires hanging around loose. 
Complete with Vic~20 computer, 
Hamsoft Software and necessary 
cables, call for details. 
Alot of gear for$275.00, 
composite video monitor in- 
cluded! Won ATV contest. 
-NBOM, Brad 


784:'1044 KASOOH 


Field Day was a great experience. 
Three cheers for the ladies who 
provided the food and kept the 

pot filled: Paulette Wendt, Marge 
Dews and Helen Thomas. There were 
too many operators to mention but 
they should all receive a medal. 

The best officers meeting ever 
was at Dave Wendt's house. We 
really appreciated the clean car- 
pet and good snacks. Thank you 
Dave and Paulette. 

-Joan Kemp, N9ODON 

Inza particularly creative moment, 
Joan also let us have an idea 

of what it is like stringing up 

a long longwire at 3am in the morn- 
ing when most of us were snoring 
loudly. By the way, this antenna 
really worked well (loaded up great 
with a tuner on all bands and packed 
a serious punch through the QRM). 

Dan Dews pulled the rope 
He strung the line 
Fell down twice, 

. But he is fine. 

Tom Carroll took AYB's 
little arrows, broke the 
bow and shot a sparrow! 

DLN pulied and tugged 
‘Till he was spent, 

But he found out where 
the arrow went, and got 
the line out of the tree. 
Broke the arrow, now Bob 
has three! 

-Joan Kemp, N9ODON 

////// Place your order now!/////// 
Dave Wendt, KA9O0OH is 

taking your order for 

the club T-SHIRTs now. 

NBOM is presently doing 

the artwork for it, and 
need the orders from 

the club Before T-Shirts 
Come |