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Full text of "The Giant's Fence Michael Jacobson"

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The Giant’s Fence 

a visual novella 

by Michael Jacobson 

asemic editions 

large format edition 

asemic editions 

June 2012 

asemic-editions. blogspot. com 

cover art & design by Eileen Hennessy 
fonts used on cover: White Lake & Berylium, both by Ray Larabie 
interior pages remastered by Tim Gaze 
overall design by Tim Gaze 

printed by Digital Print Australia, Adelaide 

original edition: Barbarian Interior (via 
© Michael Jacobson 2001-2006 

other editions: UbuWeb, Google Books 

The Giant's Fence is an evolving visual narrative written in a trans-symbolic script 
that can be read aesthetically. Any meaning drawn from the text is a correct 
translation; it is open to personal interpretation and exploration.