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^l^nBonxc J^nxQ^ih Jplemplar, 

mtA the Scripturg Readings mfulL 

' hA^k^'io Atr.'fitE 

'" and WALES. 

Privately Printed for A, Lewis, 
LONDON, X876. 

Copyright, A II Rights Reserved, 


— # — 


Officers of an Encampment (Preceptory) ... 6 

Form of Declaration 7 

Ceremony of Opening the Encampment ... 9 

Do. Gosing do. .... 14 

Ceremony of Installation — Part 1 17 

Do. Part II 39 

Charge to a Knight Templar 5a 

Ceremony of Installing Eminent Commander . . 55 

Ceremony of Consecrating an Encampment . . 6x 

Masson's System of Examination 67 


®tRctta sd mt (Encampment 

The old nomenclature of Officers is 
here retained, the recent changes at 
present in use being : — 

Encampment it 
Eminent Commanosr 
1ST Captain 
8D Captain 


Pxov. G. Conclave 

New Chief Assembly 

Captain of Lines 
Equerry Without 

at j^esiHt Preceptory. 

„ Eminent Preceptor. 

M Constable. 

„ Marshal. 

M Sub-Marshal. 

„ Great Priory— ruled 

by a Great Prior. 
„ PROV. G. Priory— 

ruled by a Prov, 

Great Prior. 
I, Convent General— 

rnled by the Prince 

of Wales as M. £. 

andS. G. M. 





To the E. C and Sir Knts. of the ... 
Enc,^ registered under the Gd. Cone, 
of the Royal, Exalted, Religious, and 
Military Order of Masonic Knts, 
Templar in England and Wales. 

I of , being a Companion 

of the Chapter of R. A. Masons, No. 

, meeting in , and called 

Chapter of , am desirous of being 

installed into the Order of Masonic 
Knts. Templar in England and Wales ; 
and do therefore humbly suppli- 
cate the E. C. and the Knights now 
assembled, that they will graciously 
condescend to admit me into their 
holy Order; prompted by a hutabk. 



zeal, I trust that the sincerity of my 
endeavours to promote the glory of 
the Cross will entitle me to their 
favourable opinion. And I do hereby 
declare, that I am a Christian, and 
believe in the doctrine of the Holy 
and Undivided Trinity; and that I 
will submit to and observe the Bye- 
Laws of the Enc, and all the 

usages, customs, and statutes of the 
Order, and particularly the statutes 
which are, and may from time to time 
be, resolved and agreed upon for the 
government of the said Order in Eng- 
land and Wales, by the above-men- 
tioned Grand Conclave. — ^As witness 

my hand this day of . 

Witnesa (Signed) 


Cmmons of ©peninfl ti&e 

E. C. — Sir Knights, assist me to 
open this Encampment. 
{The Knights all rise) 
E. C. — Sir Knight Second Captain, 
What is the first care of every Knight 
Templar ? 

2d C. — ^To see that the Encamp- 
ment is properly guarded. 

E. C. — Direct that duty to be done. 
2d C. — Sir Knight Captain of the 
Lines, see that the Encampment is 
properly guarded. 

C. OF L. — Sir Knight Second Cap- 
tain, the Encampment is properly 

2d C. — Eminent Commander, all is 

C. OF L. J 




lo Knights Templar. 

E. C. — Sir Knight First Captain, 
what is the next care ? 

1st C. — ^To see that none but 
Knights Templar are present. 

E. C— To Order, Sir Knights. 

( Which is done. Swords drawn in 
r. h,y and the points in the /., with the 
sword* s blade diagonally across the d.) 

E.C. — Sir Knight Registrar, call the 
Muster Roll. 

(The Registrar reads over the names 
of all present^ and ecu:h Knight answers 
to his name,) 

E. C. — Sir Knights, let us now de- 
posit our arms at the foot of the Cross, 
and implore the blessing and protec- 
tion of the Holy Trinity. 

{Deposit arms accordingly on p...) 

Prelate. — Let us pray. 


Merciful Redeemer of perishing 
mankind, who hast promised that Thou 
wouldst be in the midst of those who 
assemble in Thy Holy Name, look 
down upon us. Thy servants, with an 

opening the Encampment. 1 1 

eye of tender compassion, and so di- 
rect us this day that all our labours 
may be begun, continued, and ended 
in love to Thee, affection to our com- 
panions, protection to the distressed, 
and obedience to our order. Amen. 

E. C. — Sir Knight Second Captain, 
what is the situation of the Captain 
of the Lines ? 

2d C. — Within the entrance of the 

E. C— His duty ? 

2d C— To see that the Sentinels 
are regularly placed at the outposts, 
that the Encampment may be safely 
guarded without as well as within. 

E. C. — Let him resume his arms 
and duty. {Done.) 

E. C. — Sir Knight First Captain, 
the situation of the Expert ? 

1st C— In the West. 

E. C— His duty ? 

1st C— To assist the Eminent Com- 
mander, and First and Second Cap- 
tains, in the performance of our rites 
and ceremonies. 

E. C. — Let him resume his arms 
and duty. {Done) \ 

I a Knights Templar. 

E. C.-^Sir Knight Second Captain, 
your situation in the Encampment ? 

2d C. — In the north-west angle of 
the Encampment 

E. C. — Your duty ? 

2d C. — ^To see that all commands of 
the Eminent Commander are obeyed 
in the North Column. 

E. C. — Resume your arms and 
duty. (JDone,) 

E. C. — Sir Knight First Captain, 
your situation in the Encampment ? 

1st C— In the south-west angle of 
the Encampment. 

E. C— Your duty ? 

1st C. — ^To receive reports from the 
Second Captain, to forward them with- 
out delay to the Eminent Commander, 
and to see that the Knights are ar- 
ranged under their respective ban- 

E. C. — ^Are they so arranged ? 

1st C. — ^To the best of my know- 
ledge. Eminent Commander. 

E. C. — Resume your arms and 
duty. {Done) 

E. C. — Where is the Eminent Com- 
mander's place ? 

opening the Encampment. 13 

1st C. — ^At headquarters in the 

E. C— His duty? 

1st C. — To open the Encampment 
in form, to issue his commands for its 
regulation, and to close it when he 
may deem it convenient. 

E. C. — Sir Knights, resume your 
arms and duty. (Do^te.) 

E. C. — Sir Knights, our Encamp- 
ment being thus duly formed, I, in the 
name of the Three Scriptural Offices of 

1. Christ our Priest {Knigkts salute)^ 

2. Christ our Prophet {do.)y 

3. Christ our King {do,)^ 
declare it du ly open ed 

cof l. j-TTj i J J 

{Tke Knights resume their seats) 


Cmmong of Clostnfl tfje 

E. C. — Sir Knights, assist me to 
close this Encampment. 
{The Knights all rise) 

E. C. — Sir Knight Second Captain, 
what is the constant care of every 
Knight Templar ? 

2d C. — ^To see that the Encamp- 
ment is properly guarded. 

E. C. — Direct that duty to be done. 

2d C. — Sir Knight Captain of the 
Lines, see that the Encampment is 
properly gua rded. 

C.ofL_^7JJ^ J J 

C. OF L. — Sir Knight Second Cap- 
tain, the Encampment is properly 


Closing the Encampment 1 5 

2d C. — Eminent Commander, all is 

E. C— Sir Knight First Captain, 
what is the next care ? 

rst C. — ^To see that the Knights . 
appear to order as Knights Templar. 

E. C. — To order. Sir Knights. 
(Done, as in Opening^ 

E. C. — Let us deposit our arms at 
the foot of the Cross, and implore a 
blessing from the Holy Trinity. 
{Deposit arms accordingly.) 

Prelate. — Let us pray. 


O merciful God, grant Thy holy 
protection and salutary blessing to 
this Encampment ; enlighten its rulers 
with the rays of Thy brightness, that 
they may always see the just ways of 
our Heavenly Captain, and may by 
their example induce the Companions 
committed to their charge so to follow 
them through this wilderness of temp- 
tation, that having overcome the 
enemies of Thy holy Nam.e^ \3s\k^ 

1 6 Knights Templar. 

may arrive at the heavenly Jerusalem, 
armed with the shield of Faith and 
the breast-plate of Righteousness, 
through Jesus Christ our Saviour. 

E. C. — Sir Knights, resume your 

{The Knights resume their arms.) 

E. C. — Our labours being ended, I, 
in the name of the Three Scriptural 
Offices of 

1. Christ our Priest (Knights salute), 

2. Christ our Prophet 

3. Christ our King (do.), 
declare this Encamp ment duly closed. 

c.ofl_^7773 j j 
E-W-mm J J 


(feremong of Installation. 

Part I. 

{The Can, is prepared^ habited as a 
pilgrim^ with sandals^ mantle^ a belt 
or cord round the waist, a pilgrim's 
staff, hat, and scrip and wallet, with 
bread and a bottle of water. Having 
been elected by ballot, the Can, is con- 
ducted to the entrance of the Encamp- 
ment On the ap proach, an alarm is 
sounded without j j j j j J J 

C. OF L. — Sir Knight Second Cap- 
tain, there is an alarm at the outposts. 

2d C. — Ascertain the cause of that 

C. OF L. — Eminent Commander, a 
stranger is endeavouring to penetrate 
our lines. 

E. C. — Be cautious, and see who 
the intruder is. 


1 8 Knights Templar, 

2d C. {to Captain of the Lines) — See 
who comes. 

C. OF L. {to Equerry and Candidate 
without) — Who comes here ? 

E. W. — Companion A. B., a pilgrim 
on his travels, weary and fatigued, 
having heard of this Encampment of 
Knights Templar, is anxious to take 
refuge therein, and, if possible, to be 
admitted to the privileges of the Order. 

C. OF L. — What recommendation 
does he bring ? 

E. W. — ^The sign and word of a 
Royal Arch Mason. 

C. OF L. {to Can) — Show me the 
sign, and communicate the word. 

{Can, gives the R..J sign and the 
word by which Royal Arch Masons 
reveal themselves to Companions) 

C. OF L.— -Wait, while I report you 
to our Eminent Commander. 
(C of L, returns from the door, salutes 
the E. C, and says — ) 
C. OF L. — Eminent Commander, 
beyond the outposts is Companion 
A. B., a pilgrim on his travels, weary 
and fatigued, who, having heard of 
this Encampment of Knights Templar, 

Ceremony &ffii^iB^Sm^ 19 

is anxious to take refuge therein, and, 
if possible, to be admitted to the pri- 
vileges of the Order. 

E. C. — ^What recommendation does 
he bring ? 

C. OF L. — ^The sign and word of a 
Royal Arch Mason. 

E. C. — Let him be admitted with 

E. C. — ^To order. Sir Knights, 

{TkM C0m, is admmd/ ^ JCni^A^ 
stand to order ; tkf Bx^i fimwim ike 
Can,, habited as a pilgrim^ and con- 
ducts hint to the Semid C€^tam^ wfio^ 
presenting his sword to the Can's breast , 
thus addresses him : — ) 

2d C. — ^Who are you who dares to 
penetrate thus far into our Encamp- 

EXPT. (fo 2d C^i/i'am)— Companion 
A, B., a pilgrim on his travels, weary 
and fatigued J who, having licarcl of 
this Encampment of Knights Temp- 
lar, is anxious to take refuge therein, 
and, if pos^Ue^. to be adxaitted to tbe 
privileges of the Order. 

2d C. (to Can,) — What recommen- 
dation do you bring ? 

20 Knights Templar, 

Can, — ^The sign and word of a Royal 
Arch Mason. 

2d C. — Show me the sign, and com- 
municate the word. 

{Can, gives the R..J sign and the 
word by which Royal Arch Masons 
reveal themselves to Companions, Ex- 
pert theft conducts him to the First 
Captain^ who challenges him in the 
same words as Second Captain, and 
receives the same answers, A fter this 
the Expert conducts the Can, near to 
the foot of the Sepulchre, and directs 
him to salute the E. C with the sign 
and the word) 

E. C. — ^Welcome, in the name of 
Jehovah; rest yourself, and partake 
of bread and water, the staff of life, 
and the only refreshment we can at 
present afford you. 

{The Pilgrim is seated in the west, 
and refreshed with bread and water. 
The Knights are all seated, A fter the 
Pilgrim has partaken of bread and 
water, he rises, and the E, C. thus 
addresses him : — ) 

E. C. — Pilgrim, you have sought 
refuge in our Encampment, and de- 

Ceremony of Installation, 21 

sire to be admitted to the privileges 
of our Order ; let me, therefore, de- 
mand of you, " On whom in the hour 
of danger do you rely ?" 

Pilgrim.— On God. 

E. C. — ^And in whom do you put 
your trust for eternal salvation ? 

Pilgrim. — In our blessed Saviour 
Jesus Christ. 

E. C. — Can you give me any proof 
of your sincerity ? 

Pilgrim. — I am ready to under- 
take any task, however perilous, 
which may entitle me to admission 
under your banner, as a Soldier of 
the Cross. 

E. C. — ^Then, as a proof of your 
faith, I enjoin you a seven years* pil- 
grimage. This you will figuratively 
perform, by proceeding seven times 
round the Encampment. 

E. C. — Sir Knights, guard your 

{TheEmt, Comr.y and the istand 2d 
Capts.y remain at their respective sta- 
tions, but the other Knights stand 
I round the Sepulchre^ facing outwards^ 
with drawn swords^ aiid stand to 

22 Knights Templar. 

order. Expert conducts the Pilgrim 
round the Encampment, preceding hint 
with a drawn sword. After the 
third round he halts in the West, 
Expert near him, and theE, C. is asked 
by the Second Captain to remit the re- 
mainder of the term^ 

2d C. — Eminent Commander, the 
pilgrim having performed three years 
of his pilgrimage, and having evinced 
great zeal and fidelity, I have to re- 
quest you will remit the remainder of 
the term. 

E. C. — Sir Knight Second Cap- 
tain, I readily attend to your re- 
quest, and remit the remainder of the 

E. C. — Sir Knights, resume your 

{The Knights return to their stations) 
^ E. C. — To order. Sir Knights. 

{The Knights stand to order, the 
Candidate in the west, the Expert near 
him. The Prelate reads one of t/te 
following prayers : — ) 

Ceremony of Installation. 23 


Prelate. — Merciful Lord of heaven 
and earth, who hast protected this 
Thy servant through a long and dan- 
gerous pilgrimage, and hast inclined 
his heart to dedicate the remainder of 
his life to Thy service, grant, we be- 
seech Thee, that he may constantly 
adhere to those pious resolutions, that 
he may heartily detest the sins of his 
former life, and may henceforward, 
with a firm resolution, shun all occa- 
sions of offending Thee, O great Em- 
manuel, and may at last arrive at the 
conclave of the heavenly Jerusalem. 

Or this Prayer. 

P. — Grant, O Lord, that this Candi- 
date for the mysteries of our Lord 
and Saviour's birth, life, death, resur- 
rection, and ascension, may ever hold 
fast the profession of a Christian ; 
may boldly fight under the banner of 
the cross as a faithful Knight atvd 

24 Knights Templar, 

Soldier of our blessed Master, and 
may he become a true Companion 
amongst us ; this we beg for the sake 
and in the name of Thine only Son, 
our Lord and Redeemer. Amen. 

Or this Prayer. 

P. — O Emmanuel, our great and 
heavenly Captain, look down, we be- 
seech Thee, on this Encampment of 
Thy devoted servants, and impart 
Thy Holy Spirit to the Candidate 
now before Thee, that he may be- 
come a good and faithful soldier in | 
Thy service, and be worthy of Thy j 
acceptance and salvation. Amen. 

{Or the Prelate reads passage of \ 

Scripture^ St Paul's Epistle to He- \ 

brews ^ chap, xl, verses i-6 inclusive i) — | 

" Now faith is the substance of things \ 

Iioped for, the evidence of things not \ 

seen. For by it the elders obtained a j 

good report. Through faith we un- j 
derstand that the worlds are framed 
by the word of God, so t/tat things 

Ceremony of Installation, 25 

which are seen were not made of things 
which do appear. By faith Abel offered 
unto God a more excellent sacrifice than 
Cain, by which he obtained witness that 
he was righteotis, God testifying of his 
gifts : and by it lie being dead yet 
speaketh. By faith Enoch was tran- 
slated that he should not see death; 
and was not founds because God had 
translated him ; for before his transla- 
tion he had this testimony ^ that he 
pleased God, But without faith it is 
impossible to please Him, for he that 
cometh to God must believe that He is, 
and that He is a rewarder of those 
that diligently seek Him^ 

E. C. — Let the Pilgrim now ap- 
proach the Holy Sepulchre, and, 
bended on both knees, enter into a 
solemn engagement,' placing both 
hands on the Holy Gospel. 

{The Can, is directed by the Expert 
to kneel at the foot of the Sepulchre,^ and 
place his hands on the open volume of 
the New Testament ; the ist and 2d 
Captains leave their stations, and hold 
timr drawn swords crossed on his 

26 Knights Templar. 

E. C. — ^To order, Sir Knights. — 

Prelate or E. C— Pilgrim, you 
will repeat your Christian and sur- 
names, and say after me : — 


I, A. B., in the name of the Holy 
Trinity, and in the presence of the 
Knights here assembled, do hereby 
and hereon most solemnly promise 
and swear never to reveal the secrets 
of a Knight Templar to any one 
beneath tihiat degree, unless it be 
to a Candidate for the same, in 
a lawful Encampment of Knights 
Templar, and then only whilst act- 
ing as a regularly-installed Com- 
mander. I furthermore solemnly 
promise, that I will faithfully defend 
and maintain the holy Christian faith 
against all unprovoked attacks of its 
enemies ; that I will not shed the 
blood of a Knight Templar in wrath, 
unless it be in the just wars of sove- 
reign princes or states; but, on the 

Ceremony of Installation, 27 

contrary, will defend him, even at the 
risk of my life, where or whensoever 
his life or his honour may be in dan- 
ger. That I will, to the utmost of my 
power, protect the near and dear rela- 
tives and connexions of Knights Tem- 
plar, and if possible prevent all harm, 
danger, or violence to which they may 
be exposed. Lastly, I do most sin- 
cerely promise to be obedient to the 
supreme authorities of the country in 
which I do or may reside, and strictly 
to observe and maintain the Ancient 
Laws and Regulations of the Order, 
and the Statutes of the Grand Con- 
clave of England and Wales, and to 
answer and obey, so far as lies in my 
power, all summonses which I may 
receive, the same being duly marked. 
To all these points I swear fidelity, 
without evasion, equivocation, or men- 
tal reservation of any kind, under no 
less penalty than the loss of life, by 
having my h .. d s .... k off and placed 

upon a p e or s...e; my s...l 

s..n a r, and my b....s e d to 

the s g r..s of the s.n, as a 

warning to all infidels and traitors.. 

28 Knights Templar, 

So help me Christ, and keep me stead- 
fast in this my solemn obligation. 

E. C — ^You will seal that solemn 
obligation seven times with your lips 
on the Holy Gospel. {Pilgrim seals 
seven times on the Gospel^ 

E. C. — Arise, a novice of our Order. 
{Candidate rises.) 

E. C. — Let the novice be divested 
of his pilgrim's habit, and assume the 
garb of a Soldier of the Cross. 

E. C. — The Novice will now pay 
attention while the Rev. Prelate reads 
a certain portion of Scripture. 

{Expert takes off the Pilgrim's habit 
and puts on the armour progressively , 
as the Rev, Prelate reads from St Paul's 
Epistle to the Ephesians, chap, vi., 
vers, 10-17 inclusive) 

Prelate. — Finally, my brethren, 
be strong in the Lord, and in the power 
of His might. Put on the whole 
armour of God, that ye may be able 
to stand against the wiles of the devil. 
For we wrestle not against flesh and 
bloody but against principalities y against 
powerSy against the rulers of the dark- 
ness of this world, against spiritual 

Ceremony of Installation. 29 

wickedness in high places. Wherefore 
take unto you the whole armour of Gody 
that ye may be able to withstand in the 
evil day, and having done ally to stand, 
Standy therefore, haviiigyour loins girt 
about with truth, and having on the 
breastplate of righteousness, and your 
feet shod with the preparation of the 
gospel of peace ; above all, taking the 
shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be 
able to quench all the fiery darts of t/ie 
wicked. A nd take the helmet of salva- 
tion, and the sword of the Spirit, which 
is the Word of God:' 

E. C — Being now armed as a Sol- 
dier of Christ, you are prepared to 
enter on a warfare of seven years, but 
I must request you first to make those 
professions which your sainted prede- 
cessors have made ; you will repeat 
after me, suiting the action to the 
words : — 

E. C. — I draw my sword in defence 1 
of the holy Christian faith. | 
{Can, repeats, at the same time draw- 
ing his sword) 

E. C. — I draw my sword in defence 
of all Knights Templar. {Does same,) 

30 Knights Templar. 

E. C. — I draw my sword in defence 
of the near and dear relatives and 
connexions of Knights Templar. {Does 

E. C. — You are now about to pro- 
ceed on a seven years* warfare, and as 
you may occasionally be stopped and 
subjected to an examination as a Sol- 
dier enrolled under the banner of the 
cross, I shall now entrust you with 
the sign and word of a Crusader, 
whereby you will gain confidence and 

{E, C, gives the pass sign and word of 
a Crusader) 

E. C. — ^Thus prepared, you may 
proceed on your crusade, which you 
will figuratively perform by proceed- 
ing seven times round the Encamp- 
ment, and be prepared to defend 
yourself with your sword. 

E. C. — To order. Sir Knights. 

{The Knights stand to order with 
drawn swords ^and under their respective 
banners. The Expert conducts the No- 
vice round the Encampmenty going up 
the north side ; at each round the Can, is 
^topped and challenged in the East^ the 

Ceremony of Installation, 3 1 

South-West, and the North- West, by 
a Past Emt. Comr., and the ist and 
2d Captains respectively, to whom he 
gives the sign and word of a Crusader; 
after he has been stopped and challenged 
for tite third time by the 2d Captain, 
the E. C is asked by the ist Captain to 
remit the remainder of the term as 
follows : — ) 

1st C. — Emt Comr., the Novice 
has zealously prosecuted the cam- 
paign up to the present time ; is it 
your pleasure to remit the remaining 
portion ? 

E. C. — Most willingly I remit the 
remaining four years of probation as 
a Crusader. 

(Expert conducts the Can, to the foot 
of the Sepulchre, and the E. C thus 
addresses him : — ) 

E. C. — With the point of your 
sword you will assist the Sir Kn,ight 
Expert to unveil the cross, and you 
will then notice the scroll at its foot. 

{The Can, unveils the cross on the 
Sepulchre with his sword, and reads 
the scroll) 

E. C. — Whenever that mark, which 

32 Knights Templar. 

is formed from the initials of the Latin 
inscription placed over our Saviour at 
His crucifixion, is on your summons, 
it will be your imperative duty, in 
accordance with your obligation, to 
obey it ; if unavoidable circumstances 
render your personal attendance im- 
possible, you must then by letter ex- 
plain the cause of such inability to 
the Eminent Commander by whom 
the summons was issued. 
{The following charge may be given or 
omitted at discretion : — ) 



E. C. OR Prelate. — Pilgrim, now a ! 
Novice of our Order, the ceremonies 
in which you are engaged are calcu- 
lated deeply to impress your mind, 
and I trust will have a long and 
happy effect upon your future charac- 
ter. You were first, as a trial of your 
faith and humility, enjoined to per- 
form a seven years' pilgrimage ; it 
represented the pilgrimage of life, 
through which we are all passing ; we 

Ceremony of Installation, "^33 

are all weary pilgrims looking forward 
to that asylum where we shall cease 
from our labours, and be at rest for 
ever. You were then directed, as a 
trial of your courage and constancy, 
to perform seven years of warfare ; it 
represented to you the constant war- 
fare with the lying vanities and de- 
ceits of this world, in which it is 
necessary for us always to be engaged. 
You are now about to perform a year 
of penance as a further trial of your 
humility ; it is also a trial of that faith 
which will conduct you safely over 
the dark gulf of everlasting death, and 
land your enfranchised spirit on the 
peaceful shores of the blessed. 

[Pilgrim, keep ever in your memory 
this awful truth — ^you know not how 
soon you may be called upon to ren- 
der an account to that Supreme Judge, 
from whom not even the most minute 
act of your life is hidden ; for although 
you now stand erect in all the strength 
of manhood and pride of beauty, in a 
few short moments you may become 
a pale and lifeless corpse. Let these 
considerations induce you to receive 

P^'^'l^ to-day f jXes. ^""tl V'^-'l 

VO^^ ^ maV v^ps atv^ 

to-"-"";.;, V* "f W 



^ tVvato* 


Ceremony of Installation. 35 

Let the emblems of life and death 
which lie before you remind you of 
the uncertainty of your earthly exist- 
ence, and teach you to be prepared 
for the closing hour of your mortal 
life ; and rest assured that a firm faith 
in the truths revealed to you will 
afford you consolation in the gloomy 
hours of dissolution, and insure your 
ineffable and eternal happiness in the 
world to come. 

E. C. — You are now to undergo 
one year of penance and mortifica- 
tion; you will therefore take that 
S...1 in your left hand, and one of 
those small lighted tapers in your 
right, and banishing all worldly 
thoughts, and mentally invoking the 
blessing of heaven on your undertak- 
ing, you will figuratively perform a 
year of penance by walking slowly 
round the Encampment, keeping your 
eyes fixed on those emblems of life 
and mortality. 

E. C. — ^To order. Sir Knights. 

(The Knights all stand to orofer^tfte \ 
Novice takes the s...l and a llgWied 
/SS^V/s as directedy and proczzds. sl<wV)^ 

36 Knights Templar, 

by himself once round the encampment. 
While the Novice is performing tJie 
year ofpenance^ a solemn dirge may be 
played When the Novice has returned 
to the West, he faces the £. C, who ad- 
dresses him as follows: — ) 

E. C. — ^You will now repeat after me 
these imprecations : — " May the spirit 
which once inhabited this s...l rise 
up and testify against me, if ever I 
wilfully betray my obligation of a 
Knight Templar." 

E. C. — Seal it with your lips seven 
times on the S...1. 

{The Novice kisses the s... I seven 
timeSy which is then replaced on the 

E. C. — May my light also be ex- 
tinguished among men, as that of 
Judas Iscariot was for betraying his 
Lord and Master, and as I now extin- 
guish this light." 

{The Novice blows out the light; the 
taper is replaced, but not re-lighted.) 

E. C. — ^You will now retire to medi- 
tate on the ceremony you have just 
gone through, and to prepare yourself 
for the honour of Knighthood. But 


Ceremony of Installation, 37 

in order to enable you to gain re- 
admission, I will entrust you with the 
casual sign and grand password of 
our Order. 

E. C. — ^The Rev. Prelate will now 
read some portions of the Holy Scrip- 

{Here the Prelate reads chap, viii., 
vers. I, 2, and 3, and chap. L, v. 6, of 
Isaiah : — ^) 

Prelate. — I gave my back to the 
smiterSy and my cheeks to them that 
plticked off the hair : I hid not my face 
from shame and spitting'* 

Prelate. — ^" Moreover the Lord said 
unto mCy Take thee a great roll, and 
write in it with a man's pen concern- 
ing Maher-shalal'hash'baz. And I 
took unto me faithful witnesses to re- 
cordy Uriah the priest, and Zechariah 
the son of Jeberechiah. And I went 
unto the prophetess ; and she conceived, 
and bare a son. Then said the Lord 
to me, Call his name Maher-shalal 

E. C. — ^The sign is given thus 

{Gives it) There is also another sign, 
which is given thus {Gives it). 


Knights Teniplar. 

It is contained in the soth chapter of 
Isaiah, and part of the 6th verse. 

E. C — The grand password is , 

and is contained in the portion of 
Scripture which has just been read to 
you by the Rev. Prelate. It is con- 
sidered a type of the Redeemer, and 
in the Hebrew language it signifies, 
" In making speed to the spoil he has- 
tens the prey." 

{The Novice salutes and retires^ 




Part II. 

{Equerry without gives the knocks at 
the door,) 

C. OF L. — Sir Knight Second Cap- 
tain, there is a report 

2d C. — Emt. Comr., there is a re- 

E. C. — See who seeks admission. 

2d C. {to C, of L,) — See who seeks 

{The C, of L, goes to the door,) 

C. OF L. — Our new Companion-in- 

E. C. {to 2d C.)— Admit him. 

{The Can, is admitted^ and presented 
to the 2d C,y to whom he gives the sign 
and password. He is thin presented to 
tJie 1st C,y to whom also he gives the 
sign and word. He is tlien directed to 
halt in the Westy facing the E, C, and 
gives the sign and word) 

40 Knights Temfldr. 

E. C. — Our new Companion will 
now attend to a portion of the Holy 
Scriptures which the Rev. Prelate will 

{Prelate reads iPetyCkap. il,vers. 1-17.) 

Prelate. — " Whereforeylaying aside 
all malice^ and all guiky arid hypocrisies ^ 
and envies^and all evil speakings^ as new 
bom babesy desire the sincere milk of the 
wordy that ye may grow tJiereby: if so 
be ye have tasted that the Lord is gra- 
cious. To whom coming, as unto a 
living stonCy disallowed indeed of men, 
but chosen of God, and precious y ye also, 
as lively stoneSy are built up a spiritual 
house, an holy priesthoody to offer up 
spiritual sacrifices y acceptable to God by 
fesus Christ. Wherefore also it is con- 
tained in the ScripturCy Behold, Hay in 
Sion a chief corner stone, elect y precious: 
and he that believeth on him shall not be 
confounded. Unto you therefore which 
believCy he is precious: but unto them 
which be disobedienty the stone which 
the builders disallowedy the same is 
made the head of the corner y and a 
stone of stumblingy and a rock of offence, 
even to them which stumble at the wordy 

Ceremony of Installation, 41 

being disobedient ; whereunto also they 
were appointed. But ye are a chosen 
generation^ a royal priesthood, an holy 
nation, a peculiar people ; that ye 
should show forth the praises of him 
who hath called you out of darkness 
into his marvellous light: which in 
time past were not a people, but are now 
the people of God : which had not ob- 
tained mercy, but now have obtained 
mercy. Dearly beloved, I beseech you 
as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from 
fleshly lusts, which war against the soul; 
having your conversation honest among 
the Gentiles ; that, whereas they speak 
against you as evildoers, they may by 
your good works, which they shall behold, 
glortfy God in the day of visitation. 
Submit yourselves to every ordinance 
of man for the Lord's sake: whether it 
be to the king, as supreme ; or unto 
governors, as unto them that are sent by 
him for the punishment of evil doers, 
and for the praise of them that do well. 
For so is the will of God, that with 
well doing ye may put to silence the 
ignorance of foolish men : as free, and 
not using your liberty for a cloak of 

4« Knights Templar. 

maliciousness^ but as the servants of 
God, Honour all men. Love the bro- 
therhood. Fear God. Honour the 

E. — Sir Knight Expert, let the 
cup of memory be presented to our 

{Expert presents a cup of wine to the 

E. C. — Worthy brother, at your first 
admission, you were refreshed with 
bread and water ; we now invite you 
to refresh yourself with the cup of 
memory, which you will dedicate to 
seven distinct libations ; you will 
repeat them after me. 

E. C. — ^To order. Sir Knights. 

{The Knights all rise to order; the 
E. C, dictates to the Can.y who repeats 
after him^ and drinks to each of the fol- 
lowing memorials : — ) 

E. C— First Libation : " To the 
memory of M., A., and B., the three 
Grand Masters who presided over the 
Holy Lodge." {Novice drinks^ 

E.C.— Second Libation: "To 
the memory of S. K. of L ; H. K. of 
T. ; and H. A. B. ; the three Grand 

Ceremony of Installation. 43 

Masters who presided over the Sa- 
cred Lodge." {Novice drinks) 

E. C— Third Libation: "To the 
memory of Z.,the prince of the people ; 
H.,the prophet ; and J., the son of Jose- 
dech the High Priest; the three Grand 
Masters who presided over the Grand 
or Royal Lodge " {Novice drinks) 

E. C. — Fourth Libation : " To 
the memory of St John the Baptist, 
the forerunner of Christ/* 

E. C— Fifth Libation : "To the 
memory of John the Evangelist, who 
finished by his learning what the for- 
mer had commenced by his zeal." 
{Novice drinks) 

E. C— Sixth Libation : "To the 
pious memory of all those valiant 
knights who sealed their faith with 
their blood, under the banner of the 
Cross." {Novice drinks) 

E. C. — Seventh Libation : " To 
all Knights Templar, wheresoever dis- 
persed over the face of earth or water." 
{Novice drinks) 

E. C. — You will now attend to an- 
other portion of Scripture which the 
Rev. Prelate will read. 

44 Knights Templar, 

{Prelate reads Rev.^ chap, ii., verse 17. 
The Expert advances to the Can, with a 
drawn sword and presents the stone) 

Prelate. — *^He that hath an ear^ let 
him hear what the Spirit saith unto tlie 
churches ; to him that overcometh will 
I give to eat of the hidden manna, and 
will give him a white stone, and in 
the stone a new name written, which 
no man knoweth saving he that receiv- 
eth itr 

E. C. — ^Worthy Brother, it was cus- 
tomary at the period of the institution 
of our Order, for each Novice to be 
required to sign his name with his 
b...d on the North-East Corner of the 
Mystical Stone, before he could ob- 
tain the Sacred Word it enshrines ; 
are you prepared to sign your name 
on the Stone which is now presented 
to you ? 

{Expert presents the Stone, and asks 
from what part of the Can's b ,,y he 
shall d, ,wb...d with his Sword, After 
ascertaining that the Can, is willing to 
i:onform to the custom, he announces to 
/y^^, C,//iattkeCan, is prepared to sign,) 
E, C— Worthy Brother, accepXAiv^^ 

Ceremony of Installation. 45 

your ready acquiescence as a sufficient 
proof of your devotion to our Order, 
we dispense with the observance of 
the custom, further than to re- 
quire you to moisten the pen with 
your lips, and write your initials with 
it upon the Stone. 

{The Can, signs his initials on the 
Stone, and is shown the Word, and 
presented by the Expert with a small 
Stone as a memorial?^ 

E. C. — You will carefully preserve 
that memorial, for should you wish to 
gain admission into a Knights Tem- 
plar Encampment, you will, on pre- 
senting that Stone and explaining the 
circumstances under which you re- 
ceived it, be recognised and admitted 
as a Companion of our Order. Ap- 
proach, Brother, and receive the 
highest honour I can at present be- 
stow upon you. 

{The Can. is conducted to the East 
by the 2d C; the E. C descends from his 
throne; the Standards are raised; and 
the Can. kneels on his left knee before 
theE. C, who gives the Accolade as 
I follows : — ) 

46 Knights Templar, 

E. C. — In the name of the Holy, 
Blessed, and Glorious Trinity, and by 
the authority vested in me as a Knight 
Commander, I make thee a Knight 
of the Holy Temple and Sepulchre. 

{The E. C, lays his Sword on the 
Can,^ first on his left, then on his right 
shoulder y and on his heady as he pro- 
nounces the following words : — ) 

E. C. — Be loyal, brave, and free ! 
Arise, Sir Knight. 

(After which the Chamberlain pre- 
sents the Ribbon and Star of the Order y 
on a cushion to the E. C, who throzvs 
the Ribbon on the right shoulder of the 
Knighty and says: — ) 

E.C. — Wear this Ribbon, the ensign 
of our Order ; and this Star, an 
emblem of the reward which the 
great Captain of our Salvation has 
promised to those who conquer in His 
name, even the emblem of Himself ; 
He being the bright morning Star, 
whose rising brought health and sal- 
vation to mankind, and light to those 
who sat in darkness and in the shadow 
of death. Bear this ever in mind, and 

Ceremony of Installation. 47 

d^ath. We clothe you with this 
mantle of pure white, ennobled with 
the Red Cross of the Order. 

[It is an unequivocal symbol of light 
and purity ; it has been honoured and 
venerated in all ages, by every nation 
and every people, since the Creation of 
light out of darkness ; it is the most 
exalted dignity that can be conferred ; 
and I exhort you not to disgrace it 
by actions which may reflect discredit 
on our Order, into which you have this 
day had the honour to be admitted. 
Receive it undefiled, and produce it 
without spot before the tribunal of 
our Lord Jesus Christ, that you may 
obtain eternal life. 

Lastly, I present you with this 
sword, which in the hand of a valiant 
Christian Knight is endowed with 
threemost excellent virtues — - 

Its hilt with Justice ; 

Its blade with Fortitude ; 

Its point with Mercy ; 
Which give this important lesson, 
that having faith in the justice of our 
cause, we must press forwaxdiNav^Jsxvccv- 
daunted fortitude, ever temOT^CkecssN% 

48 Knights Templar. 

to extend the point of mercy to a 
fallen foe.] * 

E. C. — I will now entrust you with 
the Grand Word, the Grand Grip, and 
Grand Sign of the Order. 

{The E. C. gives the Grand Wordy 
the Grip, and the Sign to the New 
Knight, The Expert conducts him to 
his Stall, the Standards are raised, 
and the Heralds proclaim him as fol- 
lows : — ) 

E. C. — Heralds, you will now pro- 

1st Herald. — Sir Knights of the 
Order of the Temple, our Brother and 
Companion, Sir Knight A. B., is this 
day installed a Knight of our Illus- 
trious Order. 

(The Knights salute thrice) 

2d Herald. — Long life, honour, 
and prosperity to our newly-installed 
Sir Knight A. B.; to our most Eminent 
and Supreme Grand Master ; the 
Grand Officers ; and all other Knights 
of this Order. 

( The Knights salute thrice, and the 

* The portion within brackets xnav be given or 
omitted at discretion. 

Ceremony of Installation. 49 

New Knight from his Stall salutes in 

E. C. — Sir Knights, you may now 
take your seats. 

E. C. — I will now explain to you 
the symbols of the Order. The Three 
Great Lights placed at the angles of 
the equilateral triangle represent the 
three favourite apostles of our Saviour; 
namely, Peter, James, and John, of 
whom the last named was the most 
beloved ; for, leaning on our Saviour's 
bosom, he received those instructions 
which he communicated so faithfully 
to the other disciples. The Nine 
Smaller Lights, distributed equally be- 
tween those already noticed, are em- 
blematical of the nine other Apostles, 
of whom one, represented by the 
taper extinguished by you, betrayed 
his Lord and Master. You may now 
re-light the taper. {Done) So may 
our Saviour lift upon you the light of 
His reconciled countenance, and keep 
you from falling. 

The skull and cross-bones, the 
emblems of mortality, ate ^\acce^ 
at the foot of the cross \ \}£\fcse. 


50 Knights Templar, 

collectively remind us of tlie place 
called in the Hebrew Golgotha ; 
unto which Simon of Cyrene was con- 
strained to bear the cross on which 
our Saviour was crucified. The skull 
also reminds us of the fate of one 
Simon of Syracuse, who was admitted 
into our illustrious Order, but violated 
his obligation by betraying his trust 
to the Infidels. They, although they 
profited by the treason, despised the 
traitor, and caused his head to be 
struck off*, which they sent on a 
charger to the Grand Master of the 
Knights Templar ; who ordered it 
to be placed on the point of a pin- 
nacle or spire, and the skull to be 
laid open, and the brains exposed to 
the scorching rays of the sun, as a 
warning to all othfers. It is in allu- 
sion to this circumstance that the 
Penal Sign of a Knight Templar 
had its origin. (Gives Sign,) 

The Lamb, the Dove, and the 
Cock are sacred symbols of the 
Order. The first is emblematical 
of the Paschal Lamb, slain from the 
foundation of the world. The Dove, 

Ceremony of Installation. 51 

of the Almighty Comforter, who de- 
scended in a bodily shape on Christ 
at His baptism, whereby His divine 
mission was indicated to St John the 
Baptist. The Cock is the monitor of 
the Ordef ; for as his crowing heralds 
the morn, so let it at that still hour 
call to our remembrance our duties as 
Knights Templar, and remind us to 
ask thus early for assistance to per- 
form them throughout the coming day. 
May we ever welcome that sound as 
a friendly caution, and not have reason 
to fear it as the periodical memento of 
a broken vow ! 

(tfjarge to a %nlf^t ?C«ttpIar* 

( Which may be given at discretion^ 

E. C. — Sir Knight Companion, as 
you have passed the First Degrees of 
Masonry, and have been balloted for, 
admitted, and dubbed a Knight Com- 
panion of our most Christian and 
Sublime Order, you are to mark and 
learn all those parts of our Rules and 
Mysteries, which you will find to be 
ingeniously calculated to form and 
qualify you to engage in services of 
great moment. 

We have been informed that you 
earnestly desired and sought to be 
admitted and united to our Christian 
Order ; and that from free and disin- 
terested motives ; so we kindly entreat 
you to receive the instructions which 
we do now, or may hereafter, inculcate 
or enjoin. 


However strange and difficult our 
ceremonies may at first appear, we 
trust that you will be modestly in- 
quisitive and uniformly attentive in 
order to acquire such pleasing instruc- 
tions as will be most expedient to 
forward the great purpose of rational 
and social converse. 

As we are orderly assembled for 
the most valuable of all purposes, so 
we are likewise enlightened in a 
peculiar manner, and strongly cement- 
ed in the bonds of brotherly love, 
governed by certain and allowed 
Rules, supported by decency, guard- 
ed by secrecy, skilled in mystery, 
both delightful and instructive ; pos- 
sessing the affection of each other, 
and seriously devoting ourselves 
thereto at stated times and seasons, 
apart from all temporal concerns ; 
conversing together without dissimu- 
lation or reserve ; and abounding in 
mirth, affability, and good humour. 

We conceive you to be well inform- 
ed in the three great qualifications 
which are essential to form the 
character of a Grand Mason — ^vlx..-. 

54 Knights Templar, 

Morality, Secrecy, and Brotherly 

We expect that you will join with 
us in all things, in labour and refresh- 
ment, in silence and mirth ; always 
rejoicing with us in prosperity, and 
sympalJiising with us in adversity ; 
and to be like the rest of your Breth- 
ren, obedient to the E. C. ; respect- 
fully attentive to all the presiding 
officers, and diligent while in the En- 

If your time will possibly allow, you 
are on no account to disobey the sum- 
monses of your Encampment, but be 
punctual to the hour appointed. 

To all these promises we expect that 
you will cheerfully comply ; and we 
sincerely wish you much success in 
the issue of your labours. 


(Cmtnong of Ingtallation of 

{The P, E, C. introduces the E. C. 
Elect to the E. C, and thus addresses 
him ) 

P. E. C— Eminent Commander, I 
have great pleasure in presenting to 
you our worthy brother, Sir Knight 
A. B., the E. C. Elect of this Encamp- 
ment, to receive at your hands the 
benefit of Installation, the better to 
qualify him for that illustrious position. 

E. C. — Eminent Bro., by the unani- 
mous voice of tne Knights of this 
Encampment, you have been elected 
to preside over them as their Com- 
mander during the ensuing year; it 
is therefore .my duty to inquire of 
you whether you are ready to accept 
that honour, and to discharge the 
duties of the responsible situation to 
the best of your ability ? 

Ans. — I am. 

56 Knights Templar. 

E. C. — Do you promise to maintain, 
and cause to be maintained, the 
ancient laws, rites, and ceremonies 
handed down to us by our sainted 
predecessors, with fidelity, piety, and 
zeal ? 

Ans. — I do. 

E. C. — Do you promise to preserve 
the honour and dignity of the Order, 
and never to admit any candidate for 
Installation unless with the full assur- 
ance that he or they are worthy of 
that distinction ? 

Ans. — I do. 

E. C. — Are you ready to enter into 
a solemn engagement to adhere to the 
promises you have made, and never to 
divulge the secrets about to be en- 
trusted to you as a Knight Com- 
mander, unless it be to him or them 
who may be lawfully entitled thereto } 

Ans. — I am. 

E. C- — Then let me request you 
will join us in supplicating the assist- 
ance of the Divine power. 
i^The Reverend Prelate delivers the fol- 
lowing Invocatio7i : — ) 

Prelate. — O God, the King of 

Installation of E, C. 57 

Glory, who hast exalted Thine only 
Son, Jesus Christ, with great triumph, 
into the kingdom of heaven, we be- 
seech Thee to cast Thy bright beams of 
light upon this our brother, that he, 
being enlightened by the doctrine of 
the blessed apostle and evangelist, St 
John, may so walk in the light of Thy 
truth, that he may at length attain to 
the light of everlasting life, through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 
{After this Invocation^ the E, C, 
proceeds : — ) 

E. C. — You will now place your 
right hand on the holy Gospels ; grasp 
that naked sword with your left hand, 
and say after me : — 

(The E, C. Elect, kneeli^zg before the 
altar y places his right hand on the holy 
Gospels y his left hand grasping a sword 
held by a P. E, C, and tctkes the O. 


I, A. B., in the name of the holy and 
undivided Trinity, and in the presence 
of this assembly of Knights of the 

S8 Knights Templar, 

Royal Exalted Religious and Military 
Order of Masonic Knights Templar, 
do hereby and hereon most solemnly 
promise and vow, that I will, to the 
best of my ability, discharge the duties 
of E. Commander of this Encamp- 
ment ; that I will maintain, and cause I 
to be maintained, the laws, rites, and 
ceremonies of this Christian Order; 
and that while I hold the command of 
this Encampment, I will preserve the 
honour and dignity of the Order, and 
enforce obedience to the Bye-Laws of 
this Encampment, so far as lies in 
my power ; that I will not divulge the 
secrets about to be entrusted to me as 
a Commander, unless it be to him or 
them who may be lawfully entitled 
thereto. To all these points I pledge 
fidelity on the honour of a Man, a 
Mason, and a Knight. So help me 
Christ, and keep me steadfast in this 
my solemn engagement of a Knight 

E. C. — You will seal that engage- 
ment seven times with your lips 
on the holy Gospels. {Seals seven \ 

Installation of E, C, 59 

E. C. — Arise, Illustrious Knight, 
my brother and successor. 

(J'he E, C. Elect is now placed on the 
right of the E. C, and the Knights are 
requested to withdraw for a short time^ 
— when the E, C. thus addresses the E. 
C. Elect:—) 

E. C. — Illustrious Brother, the sec- 
rets restricted to an Eminent Com- 
mander of this Order, had their origin 
at the time of the first Crusade. The 
difficulties and sufferings to which the 
small band of Christian warriors had 
been exposed, had not only diminished 
their numbers, but produced in the 
remainder all the horrors of disap- 
pointed zeal and enthusiasm. The 
hopes of reaching the Holy City were 
nearly lost, and despair had almost 
taken possession of the little remnant 
still enrolled under the banner of the 
Cross ; their Commander, however, 
remained faithful to his Oath, and 
proceeded onward, and having one 
morning ascended the hill on which 
the village of Emmaus was situated, 
he beheld, by the light of the rising 
sun, the Holy City. This glorious 

6o Knights Templar. 

sight aroused all his enthusiasm, and 
in the ecstacy of the moment, turn- 
ing to those who were with him, he 
made this sign — — , as a signal to his 
followers to proceed. From these 
circumstances the sign and word of 
an Eminent Commander have been 

derived. The sign is given thus ; 

the word is . 

(The E, C then places the E. C. in 
the chair, and presents him with the 
Baton y with a suitable address. After 
which the Knights are admitted, and 
salute the new Commander, and the 
Officers are appointed) 



€\ft Cmmong of Consecrating 
an 3Encampmmt of ItntflfjtjS 

The Sepulchre having been pre- 
viously set out, but not lighted up, 
the Fratres enter in procession (the 
Juniors first in front), and file off to 
their proper places, the Juniors at the 
bottom of the Encampment, one on 
each side. The Expert immediately 
precedes the G. M. or his Deputy 
but the other acting officers follow 
j him according to seniority. The 
I G. M. or his Deputy, having assumed 
the throne, the business is proceeded 
I with, first by opening the Encamp- 
! ment in due form with the assistance 
' of the Fratres present ; the G. M. or | 
I Deputy states the object of the meet- I 

ing, and calls upon the Registrar pro 
I tern, to read the warrant of the M. E. ■ 


62 Knights Templar. 

and S. G. M. sanctioning the Encamp- 
ment. The G. M. or Deputy sum- 
mons the Fratres whose names are 
appended to the petition to appear 
before him in the West ; he demands 
of them whether they promise to 
acknowledge the authority of the 
M. E. and S. G. M. as the head of the 
Order in England and Wales and its 
dependencies, and whether they pledge 
themselves to act according to, and 
abide by, the laws and regulations of 
the Order, as sanctioned by the Grand 
Conclave of E. and W., and receives 
their affirmation thereto. He then 
inquires whether the Fratres named in 
the petition as E. C. and other officers 
have been duly chosen to preside in 
the new Encampment, and on receiv- 
ing a reply in the affirmative, he calls 
on the Fratres to march in procession 
round the Encampment seven times. 
After the third round, all halt in their 
former places, the G. M. or his Deputy, 
accompanied by the Prelate and an 
Aide-de-Camp, the latter bearing a 
salver with a small vessel containing 
corUy walks round the Sepulchre, scat- 

Consecrating an Encampment 63 

tering some corn on each corner of the 
Sepulchre, the Prelate at the same 
time giving this invocation : — 

" May the Giver of all good things 
shower down His best blessings on 
this the Encampment." 

The procession then passes twice 
round the Encampment, and halts as 
before, when the G. M. or Deputy, 
accompanied by the Prelate and an 
Aide-de-Camp, who on this occasion 
bears a salver or vessel containing 
winCy walks round the Encampment, 
and sprinkles the corners of the Se- 
pulchre with wine, the Prelate at the 
same time giving this invocation : — 

" May the Almighty give us thank- 
ful hearts, and grant that we may be 
ever ready to relieve the wants of 

The procession then again passes 
twice round the Sepulchre, and halts 
as before, when the G. M. or Deputy, 
accompanied by the Prelate and Aide- 
de-Camp, who on this occasion carries 
a salver or vessel containing oil^ walks 
round the Sepulchre, and sprinkles 
the corners of it with oil, the Prelate 

64 Knights Templar. 

at the same time giving this invoca- 
tion : — 

" May He whose name is Love, 
grant that the Members of this En- 
campment may be ever of one mind 
and one heart ; and may they and we 
ever do unto others, as we would that 
it should be done unto us." 

The Candles in the Sepulchre are 
now lighted up, and the Encampment 
i is declared by the G. M. or Deputy 
I duly consecrated. The Prelate now 
1 gives this invocation : — 

" May He who died on the Cross 
protect this Encampment, and all 
faithful Knights ; and may they ever 
militate in His holy name." 

The Banners are now lowered and 
crossed before the G. M. or Deputy, 
and consecrated, the Prelate giving 
this invocation : — 

" May the God of victory ever at- 
tend a Knight Templar, militating 
under these Sacred Banners in the 
holy name of their blessed Saviour." 

{During which the Knights all 
stand presenting arms) 
) The Standards being raised, and 

Consecrating an Encampment, 65 

the Knights standing to order, the 
first Herald proclaims the consecra- 
tion of the Encampment, in the South- 
west, as follows : — 

" I proclaim the Consecration this 

day, in the Town of , in the 

County of , of the Encamp- 
ment of Masonic Knights Templar; 
i registered in the Registry of the Grand 
1 Conclave of England and Wales, 

under the command of , 

I our Most Eminent and Supreme 
j Grand Master; and I call upon all 
I the Knights to salute three times/' 
; The second Herald then proclaims, 

in the North-west, as follows : — 
j " Prosperity and honour to the 

I Encampment, in the Town of | 

I , in the County of , with long 1 

life and health to our Most Emi- i 
nent and Supreme Grand Master, and 
I the Grand Officers, and all Eminent 
j Commanders and Companions of our 
i Ancient and Illustrious Order ; and I 
I call upon the Knights present to 
j salute three times/* ! 
I The Prelate then gives the follow- ! 
i ing Prayer: — 


Knights Templar. 


" Prevent us^ O Lord, in all our 
doings, with Thy most gracious favour, 
and further us with Thy continual 
help ; that in all our works begun, 
continued, and ended in Thee, we may 
glorify Thy holy name, and finally, 
by Thy mercy, obtain everlasting life 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The G. M. or Deputy calls on the 
Knights present to aid, honour, and 
in every respect promote, the welfare 

I ment, which has this day been conse- 


and prosperity of the 



MmoxCs Sgjsftem of ^Examination 
of t&e laogal, lExaltelr, anlr JHilt^ 
tars ^ iiHagontc l&nififjta 
Cemplar in lEnglantr anti ^Ealeg. 


In order to harmonise with the 
general working of Encampments, 
the System is divided into Sections 
and Clauses, for greater clearness, and 
to admit of being given as time may 


Clause I. Qualification of Candidates. 
II. ^rra^tjoaiS^ K^i^m^^^ 

III mmiQm&^^ 

68 Knights Templar. 


Clause I. First part of Communication 
before Introduction. 
II. Second part of Communica- 
tion before Introduction. 
III. Investiture and Installation. 


Clause 1. Explanation of Mysteries. 
II. Description of Encampment. 
III. Explanation of Symbols. 

Q. From the South-west Angle ? 
A. By the North-west Angle. 



Q. What are the necessary qualifi- 
cations for the admission of a Candi- 
date for the Order 1 


i M assort* s System of Examination, 69 

A. There are three. 
Q. Name them ? 

A. 1st, That he should have been 
received by Holy Baptism an Inheri- 
tor of the Kingdom of Heaven. 2d, 
That his life and actions, during his 
state of manhood, should have evinced 
a strict adherence to the precepts of 
the Captain of our Salvation. 3d, 
That he should have been regularly 
initiated into the three probationary 
degrees of Masonry, and exalted to ! 
the sublime degree of R. A. M. j 


j Q. How many preparations are i 
necessary before he can be admitted? i 
A. Three. | 
Q. Name them 

A. 1st, That he should be prepared \ 
in mind ; 2d, That he should be pre- | 
pared in spirit ; 3d, That he should ' 
j be prepared in humility. j 
I Q. Why in mind } 

A. That he may properly consider, 
! that as genuine merit is the pass to 
! preferment, whether he feels himself 
I justified in his claim. 

70 Knights Templar, 

Q. Why in spirit ? 
A. Because, as our Order is both re- 
ligious and military, he should not ne- i 
gleet to consider whether he can fairly 
present himself as a Disciple of Christ, 
and brave enough in the hour of dan- | 
ger to resist the unprovoked attacks of \ 
the Children of Darkness. ; 
j Q. Why in humility ? 
\ A. To commemorate the first gar- 
1 ments adopted by our glorious pre- 
I decessors before the Crusades, who, i 
: in humble attire of Pilgrims, travelled 
' through dangers and difficulties to 
: Jerusalem, there to offer up their 
prayers at the Shrine of their Saviour ; . 
and in this appearance alone ought a ■ 
Candidate to be received into an En- 
i campment of Knights Templar. | 



Q. The Candidate being thus pre- ! 
pared, whither is he conducted I 
A. By the Outposts he is conducted l 
/ to the entrance of the Encampment. 
Q. How does he gain admittatvce ? ' 
-4. -Bk /our sounds of the trMm^eV\ 

MassorCs System of Examination. 7 1 

. or, in time of peace, by four knocks at 
! the outward gate of the Encampment 
1 Q. To what does this allude ? 
i A. To the number of degrees he 
has obtained in Masonry. 

Q. Who came to his assistance ? 

A. The representative of the 2d 
Captain, attended by a Herald. 

Q. What did he demand ? 

A. Who comes here ? 
I Q. The reply ? 

, A. A poor pilgrim on his travels, 
i who, hearing that a Knights Templar 
j Encampment is established here, 
j craves admission. 

! Q. What further inquiry was 
made } 

A. From whence he came, and for 
what purpose ? to which he answers : 
— From the West, going to Jerusalem, 
there to pray for the forgiveness of 
his own sins and those of his fellow 

Q. Upon what ground did he pre- 
fer his request 1 

A. By his possessing the Secrets of 
the H. R, A. 

Q, What was tvex\. dot^^'l 


A. The Aide-dcrcamp of the 2d 
Captain, having ascertained his pos- 
session of the Secrets, desired him to 
wait the commands of his Chief. 

Q. What was the result ? 

A. With the approbation of the 
Knights assembled, the E. C. directed 
the Candidate to be admitted with 
caution and in ancient form. 



Q. The Candidate being admitted 
within the entrance of the Encamp- 
ment, what caution is observed ? | 

A. The Second and First Captains j 
satisfy themselves of the claim of the ! 
Candidate, and then introduce him. \ 

Q. What follows ? 

A. The Can., not being in possession 
of any test by which he can claim free 
admission, is rejected, and being re- 
freshed with bread and water, is ordered 
to undergo the probation. 

Q. Why is he refreshed with bread 
and water? 

Masson^s Syste?n of Examination, 73 , 


A. These were and are considered 
by those who enter on their pilgrim- 
age on earth as the staff of life. 

Q. How many years is a Novice to 
serve before he can be admitted a 
Member of the Order ? 

A. Fifteen years, 

Q. Describe the servitude ? 

A. Seven years as a pilgrim to try 
his piety ; seven years as a soldier to 
try his faith ; and one year of penance 
and mortification to try his fideUty. 

Q. Is no shorter period allowed ? 

A. Only in cases of individual 
merit, and then only by the power of 
the E. C, emanating from the G. C. 
j Q. Is the Candidate subject to any 
obligation ? 

A. I, A. B., in the name of the 
Holy Trinity, and in the presence of : 
the Knights here assembled, do here- 
by and hereon most solemnly promise i 
and swear never to reveal the secrets 
of a Knight Templar to any one be- 
neath that degree, unless it be to a 
Candidate for the same, in a lawful 
Encampment of KivighJis 
) and then only whilst actm^^^^^^^* 

74 Knights Templar, 


larly installed Commander. I further- | 
more solemnly promise, that I will | 
faithfully defend and maintain the 
holy Christian faith against all un- 
provoked attacks of its enemies ; that 
I will not shed the blood of a Knight 
Templar in wrath, unless it be in the 
just wars of Sovereign Princes or 
States ; but, on the contrary, will 
defend him, even at the risk of my life, 
where or whensoever his life or his 
honour may be in danger. That I 
will, to the utmost of my power, pro- 
tect the near and dear relatives and 
connexions of K. T., and if possible 
prevent all harm, danger, or violence 
to which they may be exposed. 
Lastly, I do most sincerely promise to 
be obedient to the supreme authorities 
of the country in which I do or may 
reside, and strictly to observe and 
maintain the ancient laws and regula- 
tions of the Order, the Statutes of the 
Grand Conclave of England and 
Wales, and to answer ^ndobey, so far as 
lies in my power, all summonses which 
/ may receive, the same being duly 
marked. To all these pom\.s \ ?w^^x 

! Massoris System of Examination, 75 

fidelity, without evasion, equivocation, 
or mental reservation of any kind, 

; under no less penalty than the loss 
of life, by having my head struck off 
and placed upon a pinnacle or spire, 

I my skull sawn asunder, and my brains 
exposed to the scorching rays of the 

i sun, as a warning to all infidels and trai- 
tors. So help me Christ, and keep me 
steadfast in this my solemn obligation. 


i Q. What are the names of a Sol- 

! dier of Christ 1 

A. Strengthened by Faith, having 
the Breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS, 
and his feet shod with the preparation 
of the Gospel of PEACE. He is armed 
with the Shield of Faith, the Helmet 
of Salvation, and the Sword of the 

I Q. Being thus armed, what is en- 

! trusted to his particular care } 

\ A. The S. and P. W. of a Crusader. 

' Q. Give me the Sign ? 

1 A. {Done:) 

Q. To what does it a\\\xd^"l 


Knights Templar, 

Q. Give me the P. W. ? 
A. {Done,) 

Q. To what does it allude ? 

Q. The Candidate having proved 
his valour as a Christian warrior, 
what is entrusted to him then ? 

I A. The knowledge and import of 

I the Sacred Word. 

j Q. What was next entrusted to 

i him ? 

A. The emblems of Life and Death 
are particularly recommended to his j 
I contemplation. i 
I Q. Why such awful emblems ? ' 
j A. That his thoughts should never ! 
I wander from the serious considera- 
' tion of the uncertainty of human ex- 
istence, and the awful situation in 
which he has placed himself in refer- 
ence to his obligation. 

Q. The Candidate having fully 
served the 15 years, what follows ? 

A. He is declared a Novice of the i 
Order, entrusted with G. S. and G. P. i 
W., and allowed to retire for medita- 
tion and repose. 

MassorCs System of Examination, 77 


I Q. The Novice being now entitled 
I to greater honours, how did he obtain 
them ? 

A. By virtue and pefseverance. 

Q. Describe the manner ? 
i A. Having announced himself in 
due form to the Representative of the 
2d Captain, he is re-admitted, ex- 
amined by the 2d and 1st Captains, 
and afterwards by the E. C. 

Q. What is a Casual Sign, as al- 
luded to ? 

A. A certain motion of the hand, 
which can only be understood and 
1 answered by those who have been 
regularly installed. 

Q. Give me the Casual Sign } 

A. {Done) 

Q. To what does it allude } 

Q. Give me the Gd. P. W. 
A. (Done.) 

Q. To what does it refer ? 
j A. The prophecy against S^Tva.'axA 
/ Israel, as recorded in HoVy VJrsX.. 


Q. The Novice being thus received, 
what follows ? 

A. After the Grand Prelate has 
impressed on his mind the duty he is 
ever to observe towards God, his 
neighbour, and himself, he is refreshed 
with the cup of memory. 

Q. Thus refreshed, what was next 
presented to him ? 

A. The test of his sincerity ; which 
with his blood is in token also of his 
faith^ and which possesses a new name 
i no man knoweth but he who has 
j received it. 

! Q. Being now in possession of this 
1 great and mysterious memorial, what 
I was next ordered ? 

A. The Novice was ordered to ad- 
vance to the East, and under the holy 
I banner of our Order, to receive the ho- 
r nour of Knighthood in ancient form. 
! Q. Describe that form ? 
I A. Being handed by the 2d 
Captain to the foot of the throne, he 
kneels on his left knee, while the 
I Knights appear in full armour. The 
/ E. C, places his sword on his shoulder ; 
/ creates him a Knight ; and "m >i:aaX 

I Masson^s System of Examination, 79 

character he raises him as Knight 
Companion of the Royal, Exalted, 
Religious, and Military Order of the 
Holy Temple and Sepulchre of Christ, 
and orders him to be solemnly in- 
vested with the insignia of the Insti- 

Q. What concludes the Installa- 
tion ? 

A. Having been entrusted with the 
G. S., W„ and G., by the Emt Cr., he 
is most respectfully conducted to his 
stall ; and by the Heralds in the S. 
; W. and the N. W. he is regularly pro- 
I claimed, and which the assembly ac- 
I knowledges by a regular salute of arms. 



Q. What mysterious knowledge is 1 
entrusted to the members of our 1 
Order i 

A. The G. S., the G. W., and the ! 
G. G. ; 

Q. What next } I 

A. The descriptiotvo^o^lx'^^^^•^>ss^- 
/ ment, and the Kiddetv \rcv^^^ •Cw^^^ 

8d Knights Templar^ 

emblems and symbols which are in- 
dispensable in a Chapter of the Order. 

Q. Please give me the Gd. S. ? ! 

A. {Done) \ 

Q. To what does it allude ? i 


Q, Give me the G. W. ? 
A. {Done) 

Q. What does it express ? 

Q. Give to the K t. next you the G. G. ? j 
A. {Done) \ 
Q. What does it imply ? | 
A. That we are to support each | 
other through dangers and difficulties, ' 
and to stand or fall together in de- I 
fence of the Christian Faith, against I 
all unprovoked attacks of its enemies. 


Q. How is an Encampment of K. 
Templars situated ? 
A. Due E. and W. 

Q. What is its form } j 
A. A close square. ' 
Q, On what ground do we place I 
our sacred banner ? \ 

MassofUs System of Examination. 8i 

A. On sacred ground. 

Q. What makes the ground sacred ? 

A. The Holy Cross raised in the 
centre of a triangle. 

Q. Why is the Holy Cross placed 
in the centre } 

A. That situation being equally 
distant from the exterior lines, it 
enables every individual in the En- 
campment to behold the emblem he 
bears, and to which he has sworn 

Q. Is there any other reason ? 

A. Yes. That in this sign we hope 
to conquer ; from which reason the 
Crusaders adopted the motto — " In 
hoc signo vinces." 

Q. How is the Triangle in the En- 
campment represented > 

A. By the situation of the Em. 
Com. and the two leading Captains, 
who from their situation figuratively 
represent the extremities of each 
angle, those intersecting the Close 
Square from the S. W. and N. W. to 
the point, thereby forming a triangle 
between two parallel lines. 

Q. What does the T, tepte^e'a^.'l 

82 Knights Templar. 

A. The Triune Essence of Deity. 

Q. For what reason do we consider 
the Western side the basis of the 
triangle ? 

A. For the reason, the nations to 
the N., S., and West, from their geo- 
graphical situation, could not at once 
co-operate together, but being actu- 
ated by one and the same laudable 
motive, they united in the East, and 
thus formed by their union a triangle 
of Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty. 


Q. What is considered a Chapter 
of the Order.? 

A. A Congregation of Knights in 
H. Conclave, during any cessation of 
Hostility or War. 

Q, For what purpose do they con- 
gregate .? 

A. To maintain the Stability and 
Honour of the Order, and to receive 
such Novices as are deserving to be 
admitted among them. 

Q. What do we principally behold 
a Chapter of Knights TempWI 

MassofCs System of Examination, 83 

A. A Representation of the Holy 
Q. Why so ? 

A. Because the recovery of the 
Holy Sepulchre was the ground plan 
of the Crusades. 

Q. What further objects attract 
your attention > 

A. The emblem of our Faith, the 
guide of our Life, and the hope of our 

Q. How are they represented } 

A. By the Cross, the Sacred Vo- 
lume, and Holy Gospel. 

Q. Do we not assign another reason 
for the Cross, than being only an em- 
blem of our Faith } 

A. Yes. We consider also that it 
represents the tree of Death and the 
tree of Life. For as by the first 
Adam Sin and Death were brought 
into the world, so by the second 
Adam we hope for life everlasting. 

Q. What do we next discover ? 

A. The emblem of Mortality, and 
the severe punishment of Infidelity. 

Q. How are they t^^t^^e.VL\.^^1 

A By a human SkaW ^xifii. 

84 JSk^is 2}mplm 

Q. For what purpose are they 
placed before us ? 

A. To remind us of our obligation, 
and to avoid the punishmfiltlajeallii 
by Simon of Syracuse^ 

Q. Do we adbio#I^i|^ my iMta 
S3r|iKbdtii& otir Chapter ? 

A* Yes. Twdve U^ts, composed 
of Three mA Nine Imm 


Q. How are they situated ? 
A- They ane so placed as to fpim 
a tnaijgle to the emblems akeady 
describal, Hie Gtieater L^hts placed 
at the extremity of each angle, and 
these intersected by the Lesser Lights* 
Q. What do these Lights represent? 
A. The Twelve Apostles. The 
thr«^ hm^ fepregent the three 

lesscTj the less favourite Apostles^ 
including Judas Iscariot, wli0 
trayed his Lord and Master. 








PnvaUly Printed for A, Lewis. 
LONDON, 1876. 

C€ifytr^gkL All RighU ReseroecL 



Knight of Malta ^~ page 
Preliminary Directions (Guard House, Chapter 

House, Banners, &c.) 5 

List of Officers, &c 8 

Ceremony of Opening the Priory . . . xo 

MecUterranean Pass ; or. Knight of St Paul , 12 
CThe Complete Ceremony, with Scripture Read- 
ing In full.) 

Knight of Malta 

Ceremony of Installation 93 

Address by the £. P. 28 

Ceremony of Qoang the Priory . • , • 34 

36tntflfjt of Hdaltau 

Preliminary Directions. 

No one can be admitted to the 
Order unless he has previously been 
installed a Knight Templar. He must 
also have the Mediterranean given 

For the proper performance of this 
Ceremony, two chambers are neces- 
sary, — the larger representing the 
Chapterhouse, or Council Chamber 
of the Priory, and the other the Guard 
Room ; and, if convenient, there should 
also be a small waiting or preparation 
room. There should be fifteen officers 
present to form a perfect Chapter in 
which the Order of Malta is given. 
The Prior, the Prelate, and the Mares- 
chal, must wear the mantle of black, 
with a white eight-pointed cross on 
the left shoulder. Knights of Malta 

6 Knight of Malta. 

being Knights Templar, may appear 
in the costume of Knights Templar. 

The Guard Room. 

In this apartment must be an altar, 
covered with black cloth, on which is 
placed a crucifix, a Bible opened, when 
the ceremony is being performed, at 
the 27th chapter of the Acts of the 
Apostles, and a drawn sword. A 
faldstool for the Candidate to kneel 
on should be placed before the altar. 
In this chamber the Mediterranean 
Pass is to be given. 

The Chapter House. 

According to an ancient Ritual, 
three veils are drawn to represent the 
passage of the Mediterranean Sea, 
and Sentinels are placed as Guards, 
and to receive the proper pass words. 
For the " veils " the word " banners," 
hereinafter described (and five instead 
of three), is substituted. 

From the door, and at intervals to- 
wards the seat of the Prior, five ban- 

Arrangement of the Banners^ etc, 7 

ners must be placed in rests. Nearest 
the door should be a rest to hold the 
White Banner, with the word " Pales- 
tine, 1099," written on it ; next that, 
a rest with a Red Banner, with the 
word "Cyprus, 1287," written on it; 
ne5;t that, a rest with a Black Banner, 
with the word "Rhodes, 13 10," writ- 
ten on it ; next that, a rest with a 
Purple Banner, with the word " Can- 
dia, 1523," written on it; and some- 
where near to the Prior's seat, a rest 
with a Gold-coloured Banner, with the 
word "Malta, 1530," written on it. 
These banners, during the Installation, 
are to be guarded by five Knights, or 
by the Chancellor, the two Lieuten- 
ants, the Lieut.-General, and the Cap- 
tain-General, who must stand in a line, 
and opposite to each banner. 

At the eastern or upper end of the 
Chapter House, must be placed a table 
with red cover, in the centre of which 
must be worked or painted a white 
level or figure, with lines drawn on it 
meeting in the centre of the upper 
portion of a cross, &c. When the 
Priory is opened, the five following 

8 Knight of Malta. 

officers must be seated at this table, 
viz. : — 

1. The Eminent Prior. 

2. The Captain-General. 

3. The Lieut-General. 

4. The First Lieutenant 

5. The Second Lieutenant. 

At the west of the Chapter House 
there must be a table with a red cover, 
in the centre of which must be worked 
or painted a white Octagon, or eight- 
sided figure (the Maltese Cross), hav- 
ing a centre circle divided into four 
equal portions, with, in each compart- 
ment, the figures of — I. an ancient 
galley ; 2. a ladder of five rounds, 
with letters on each round corre- 
sponding to the five banners, and a 
speaking trumpet ; 3. a hand and 
viper ; 4. a skull with a spear and a 
sword. At this table the eight fol- 
lowing officers are placed, viz. : — 

1. The MareschaL 

2. The Hospitaller. 

3. The Admiral. 

4. The Conservator. 

5. The Bailie. 

Arrangement of the Officers^ etc, 9 

6. The Turcopolier. 

7. The Chancellor. 

8. The Treasurer. 

These eight officers represent the 
Knights Grand Cross of the respec- 
tive langues of which the Order con- 
sists, viz. : — 

I. Provence. 2. Auvergne. 

3. France. 4. Italy. 

S. Arragon. 6. Germany. 

7. Castille. 8. Anglo-Bavaria. 

The Prelate is to have a seat in the 
east of the Chapter House. The 
Captain of the outposts is to be 
seated in the west, near the door. 
The rest of the Knights are seated in 
two rows in the north and south sides 
of the Priory. The two Banners of 
the Order are the " Standard of St 
John" and the " Standard of " Malta." 
These are to be placed one on either 
side of the Prior in the east, and other 
Banners of the Knights attending are 
to lie about the north and south sides 
of the Chapter House. 



Cnretttons of ©penmfl ^Priorg. 

E. P. — Worthy Captain -General, 
what is the first and most essential 
care of a Knight of Malta ? 

C.-Genl. — To see that our brethren 
in arms are properly protected from 
all opposers of the Gospel of the 
Saviour of fallen man. 

E. P. — Worthy Lieut-Genl, do your 
duty, and see that the Priory is pro- 
perly guarded. 

(T/ie Lieut-Gen, goes to door^ gives 
13 knocks y tJien returns ^ and reports — ) 

L. G. — Eminent Prior, all is pro- 
perly guarded without. 

E. P. — Worthy Captain -General, 
what is our next duty } 

C. G. — To see that every Warrior 
present proves himself a legitimate 
son in arms, and brother of our Priory, 
j E. P. — See that they be so. 

(T/ie Captn,-GenL and Lieut-GenL 
^c?ve each and all by tJie W. and 

opening of the Priory. 1 1 

C. G. — E. P., the Comp. Warriors pre- 
sent have proved themselves legitimate 
sons in arms and bros. of our Priory. 

E. P. — Let us implore a blessing 
upon our present meeting. 

{All draw swords. The five officers 
deposit their swords on the lines marked 
on the table, and the eight other officers 
place their swords in order) 

Rev. p. — Let us pray. 


O Thou Great Emmanuel, and God 
of Infinite Goodness, look down upon 
this Priory with an eye of tender com- 
passion, and indine our hearts to Thy 
holy will in all our actions, through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

(E, P, and Kts, resume their swords) 

E. P. — In the name of the Holy 
Trinity, I declare this a duly opened 
and constituted Priory of Kts. of Malta. 

{Knocks given in form. The Minutes 
of last meeting read. Proposals mcule, 
or Resolutions passed) 


Mttiittxxmtm ^m; or, Itnfflfjt 
of &t $aul 

{TAf Priory being opened^ when the 
Can, is ready the Guard knocks 12 and 
I, and the Captain of the Outposts goes 
to the door and receives from the Can, 
the sign and word of a Knight Tern- 
plar, and then requests him to wait 
without while he makes a report^ 

C. OF O. — Eminent Prior, Comp. A. 
B., a Knight Comp. of the Royal, Ex- 
alted, Religious, and Military Order 
of Masonic Knights Templar, bound 
by a vow to undertake a pilgrimage 
to the Holy Sepulchre, stands without, 
humbly soliciting to be admitted to 
the Secrets and Privileges of the "Me- 
diterranean Pass," without which he 
will be unable to visit the Holy Land ; 
and, if found worthy, hopes to be 
elected a Member of the Ancient 
Order of the Kniglita of Malta. 
E. P.—Worthy CapV^in ol 

Knight of St Paul; etc. 


posts, far be it from us to interpose 
any obstacle to the fulfilment of his 
pious purposes. Can you, Sir Knight, 
vouch that he is in possession of the 
S. and W. ofaK. T.? 

C. OF O. — I can, Eminent Prior. 

E. P. — Is it your pleasure, Sir 
Knights, that Comp. A. B. be elected 
a Member of our Order ? 

{A Ballot takes place; the Chancellor 
carrying round the B, B.y and the Hos- 
pitaller the Bs, If the Ballot is unani- 
mous in favour of the Can, — ') 

E. P.— I declare Comp. A. B. duly 
elected a Member of our Order ; and 
you, our Worthy and Rev. Prelate, 
and you, our Grand Mareschal, will 
accompany me to the Guard Room ; 
and you, our Worthy Captain-General, 
be pleased to assume my seat dur- 
ing my temporary absence, and take 
charge of this Priory. 
I {The E. P., Prelate, and G. Mare- 
\ schal then leave the Council Chamber, 
and enter the Guard Room) 

The Guard Roo^h. 
/ (T^ Can. must he habited 

G _ 

1 4 Knight of St Paul; 

K. Z"., and must have provided himself 
with the Malta fewel; he then enters 
into the Guard Room. The E. P, and 
the Rev, Prelate take their places at the 
right and left of the altar ^ the Mare- 
schal standing with the Can, opposite the 

E. P. — Comp. A. B., before I place 
you in possession of the Secrets of the 
M. P., are you willing to take a solemn 
O. B. to keep inviolate the Secrets 
and Mysteries of this Order ? 

Can. — I am. 

E. P. — ^Worthy Grand Mareschal, 
be pleased to conduct the Can. to the 
foot of the altar. {Done) 

E. P. — Comp. A. B., kneel on both 
your knees, and place both your hands 
on the vol. of the Holy Evangelist, 
repeat your names at length, and say 
after me : — 


I, A B., do hereby and hereon most 
solemnly and sincerely promise and 
/ vow to keep and conceal the Secrets 
/ of this Order, and aivy 1 xsxa.^ \vere- 
/ after receive, from a\\ wTv:«ox>2a>j 

or^ Mediterranean Pass, 15 

receive the same, under the penalty of 
forfeiting the h...r of So 
help me G., &c. 

E. P.— You will seal that O. B. on 
the N. T. {Dofie) 

{The Prelate reads the 2*jth chapter 
of the Acts of the Apostles y and also the 
2Zth chapter^ to verse 6th, inclusive^) 

And when it was determined that 
we should sail into Italy, they delivered 
Paul and certain other prisoners un- 
to one named Julius, a centurion of 
Aiigustus' band. And entering into a 
ship of Adramyttium, we launched, 
meaning to sail by the coasts of Asia ; 
one Aristarchus, a Macedonian of 
Thessalonica, being with us. And the 
next day we touched at Sidon, And 
Julius courteously entreated Paul, and 
gave him liberty to go unto his friends 
to refresh himself And when we had 
launched from thence, we sailed under 
Cyprus, because the winds were con- 
trary. And when we had sailed over 
the Sea of Cilicia and Pamphylia^ we 
came to Myra, a city of Lycia. And 
/y^^fr t/ie centiiricn found a sHlf oj 

1 6 Knight of St Paul; 

Alexandria sailing into Italy ; and he 
put us therein. And when we had 
sailed slowly many days, and scarce 
were come over against Cnidus, the 
wind not suffering us, we sailed under 
Crete, over against Salmone ; and, 
hardly passing it, came unto a place 
which is called The fair havens ; nigh 
w/teretmto was the city of Lasea, Now 
when much time was spent, and when 
sailing was now dangerous, because 
the fast was now already past, Paut 
admonished them, and said unto them. 
Sirs, I perceive that this voyage wih 
be with hurt and mu^h damage, not 
only of the lading and ship, but also 
of our lives. Nevertheless the centurion 
believed the master and the owner of 
tJie ship, more than those things which 
were spoken by PauL And because the 
haven was not commodious to winter 
in, the more part advised to depart 
thence also, if by any means they might 
attain to Phenice, and there to winter; 
which is an haven of Crete, and lieth 
toward the south-west and north-west. 
And when tJie south wind blew softly, 
stipposing that tJiey had obtained their 

or^ Meditcrranea7i Pass. 17 

purpose, loosing thence, they sailed close 
by Crete, But not long after there arose 
against it a tempestuous wind, called 
Euroclydon. And when the ship was 
caught, and could not bear up into the 
wind, we let her drive. And running 
under a certain island which is called 
Claude, we had much work to co^ne by 
the boat: which when they had taken 
up, tfiey used fielps, undergirding the 
ship ; and, fearing lest they should fall 
into the quicksands, strake sail, and so 
were driven. And we being exceed- 
ingly tossed with a tempest, the next 
day they lightened tfie ship ; and the 
third day we cast out with our own 
hands the tackling of the ship. And 
when neither sun nor stars in many 
days appeared, and no small tempest 
lay on us, all hope that we should be 
saved was then taken away. But 
after long abstinence Paul stood forth 
in tfie midst of them, and said. Sirs, ye 
should have hearkened unto me, and 
not have loosed from Crete, and to 
have gained this harm and loss. And 
now I exhort you to be of good cheer : 
for there shall be no loss of any man's 

1 8 Knight of St Paul; 

life among you, but of the skip. For 
there stood by me this night tlte angel 
, of God, whose I am^ and whom I serve, 
I saying. Fear not, Paul tlwu must be 
1 brought before Cwsar and, God kaik 
<^ll tfiem that sail with thee. 
W^kenfore, sirs, be of good cheer: for 
I believe God, that it s/iall be even as 
it was told me, Howbeit we must be 
cast upon a certain island. But when 
tJie fourteenth night was come, as we 
were driven up and down in Adria, 
about midnight tlte shipmen deemed 
that ihey drew mar to some muntry; 
and sounded, and fmmd it twenty fa- 
thoms: and when tkey had gone a little 
further, t/iey sounded again, and found 
it jifieeit faiA&ms. Thm fmrwg kst 
m^(M$mi fdiUM ^tm mks, they 
m^ J^mm&rs out of the stern, and 
far ^ day. And as the ship- 
men were about to flee out of the ship, 
when they had let down the boat into 
t^w sea, under colour as though they 
wtmld kavg mst mcMrs out of tJte 
f&ih^^^ Pm^lsaid to the centurion and 
to the soldiers, Except these abide in tlte 
] ship, ye cannot be saved. Then the 

or^ Mediterranean Pass. 19 

soldiers cut off the ropes of the boat, and 
let her fall off. And while the day was 
coming on, Paul besought them all to 
take meat, saying. This day is the four- 
teenth day that ye have tarried and 
continued fasting, having taken nothing. 
Wherefore I pray you to take some 
meat : for this is for your health : for 
there shall not an hair fall from the 
head of any of you. A nd when he had 
thus spoken, he took bread, and gave 
thanks to God in presence of them all: 
and when he had broken it, he began 
to eat. Then were they all of good 
cheer, and they also took some meat. 
And we were in all in the ship two 
hundred threescore and sixteen souls. 
And when they had eaten enough, they 
lightened the ship, and cast out the 
wheat into the sea. And when it was 
day, they knew not the land : but they 
discovered a certain creek with a shore, 
into the which they were minded, if 
it were possible, to thrust in the ship. 
And when they had taken up the 
anchors, they committed themselves unto 
the sea, and loosed the rtuider bands, 
and hoised up the mainsail to the wind. 

20 Knight of St Paul; 

and made toward shore. And fall- 
ing into a place where two seas mety 
they ran the ship aground ; and the 
forepart stuck fast, and remained un- 
moveable, but the hinder part was 
broken with the violence of the waves. 
And the soldiers' counsel was to kill the 
prisoners, lest any of them should swim 
out, and escape. But the centurion, 
willing to save Paul, kept them from 
their purpose ; and commanded that 
they which could swim should cast 
themselves first into the sea, and get 
to land : And the rest, some on boards, 
and some on broken pieces of the ship. 
And so it came to pass, that they escaped 
all safe to land. And when they were 
escaped, then they knew that the island 
was called Melita, And the barbarous 
people shewed us no little kindness : for 
they kindled a fire, and received us 
every one, because of the present rain, 
and because of the cold. And when 
Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks, 
and laid them on the fire, there came 
a viper out of the heat and fastened 
on his hand. And when the barbarians 
saw the venomous beast hang on his 

or^ Mediterranean Pass, 21 

hand, they said ani07ig themselveSy No 
doubt this man is a murderer ^ whom, 
ttwugh he hath escaped the sea, yet ven- 
geance suffer eth not to live. And he 
shook off the beast into the fire, and felt 
no harm, Howbeit they looked when 
he should have swollen, or fallen down 
dead suddenly: but after they had 
looked a great while, and saw no harm 
come to him, they changed their minds, 
and said that he was a god!' 

E. P. — I will now entrust you with 
the S. and W. of this Degree. The S. 
is the s...g of the h,..d, as if s...g off 
a v...r, as S. P. did. The g. or t. is 
given by t...g h...d of the l...e f...s 
and t...g up the h...s, and "with the 
f...ef...r and t...b l...g h...d of the 
s...n on the b...k of each other's h...s. 
The g. w. is "M...a;" the p. w. is 
"F..r n.t, P..r 

{The E. P. and Prelate retire, and 
return to the Priory, and resume their 
seats ; the Grand Mareschal remain- 
ing with the Can.) 


Ifitntflfjt of JHalta. 

Ceremony of Installation. 

( When the E, P, resjimes his seat in 
the east, the Captain-General, or some 
other Knighty if numbers will alloWy 
stands somewhere near the door of, but 
within, the Chapter House, opposite to, 
and with a drawn sword guarding, the 
White Banner. The L ieut- General, or 
some other Knight, stands a little dis- 
tance off the Captain-General, opposite 
to, and with a drawn sword guarding, 
the Red Banner, The First L ieutenant, 
or some other Knight, stands a little 
distance off the Lieut-General, opposite 
to, and with a drawn sword guarding, 
the Black Banner. The Second Lieu- 
tenant, or some other Knight, stands a 
little distance off the First Lieutenant, 
cfj>p^site to, and with a drawn sword 
^^ardiug^thePurpkBanmr. TheCKau- 


Ceremony of Installation, 23 

cellar y or some other Knighty stands in 
front of the E, P., opposite tOy and with 
a drawn sword guarding, the Gold- 
Coloured Banner. The five Knights 
and the five Banners form an avenue, 
up which the Mareschal and Can, ap- 
proach the east The Mareschal tJteny 
when all is ready, advances with the Can, 
to the door o f the Chapter House , and 
gives knocks JJJJJJJJJJJJ J 

C. OfO. — {Opening the door, iftquires) 
Who comes ? 

Mar. — A worthy Knight and Sol- 
dier of the Cross claims admittance. 

C. OF O. — To what Order does he 
belong } 

Mar. — The Knights Templar. 

C. OF O. — Has he the necessary 
qualification } 

Mar. — He has. 

C. OF O. — Stop there a little while, 
until I report him to the E. P. and 
Knights in Council. 

C. OF O. — {Having made his report, 
and received orders to admit the Can,, 
goes to the door and says ;) I have, 
received orders to 3Ldm\\. ^ow.. 
I me the p. w. 

2 4 Knight of Malta, 

{This isgivcHy and the Mar. and Can, 
enter and advance to the White Banner. 
The Knight guarding this banner de- 
mands ;) 

1st Knight. — Can you give me the 

{This is given, and the Knight drops 
his sword, and they advance to the Red 
Banner, The Knight guarding this 
banner demands ;) 

2d Knight. — Can you give me the 

{This is given, and the Knight drops 
his sword, andtliey advance to the Black 
Banner, The Knight guarding this 
banner demands ;) 

3d Knight. — Can you give me the 

{This is given, and the Knight drops 
his sword, and they advance to the 
Purple Banner, The Knight guarding 
this banner demands .•) 

4th Knight. — Can you give me 
the w. t 

{This is given, and the Knight drops 
his sword, and they advance to the Gold- 
Coloured Banner}) 
I E. P. — Can you give me the w. ? 

Ceremony of Installation, 25 

{This is given to the E. P., and tJie 
Knight guarding that banner drops his 
sword, and the Can. with the Mar. re- 
main facing the E, P. All the Guards, 
should they have places at either tdble^ 
resume them ; but should numbers suf- 
fice, and the Officers having seats at the 
two tables do not act as Guards, then 
the Guards remain standing guarding 
their Banners^ 

E. P. — Worthy Senior Lieut, what 
stranger is this ? 

1st Lieut.— He is a Companion of 
the Temple, who wishes to join our 
Order and fight under our banner. 

E. P. — Stranger, have you obtained 
the honour of knighthood t 

Can. — I have. 

E. P. — Have you any proof to show 
us that you have } 

Can. {bows to the E, P., and points 
to the Cross on his breast, saying") — I 
have this. 

E. P. — Brother Knight, is it your 
wish to join our bodyand fight against 
all opposers of the Gospel of our Lord 
and Saviour,under our Holy Banner ? 

Can. — It is. 

26 Knight of Malta, 

E. V: — ITnvc 3 ou any objection to 
conform yourscif to our rules and re- 
giltai$Ws» ^nd to waLk in strict ac- 
tbcrewith 1 

GANi— I have noM. 

E. P. — Will you swear? 

Can.— 1 \vilL 

E.. P.— Then let the Candidate 
j kneel, and enter into the O. B. of a 
! Knight of Malta. 

i {The Mar. cmdMcts the Can, to the 
! faldstool at the west of the five-sided 
table, on which an opc?i Bible is placed 
on a cushion. The Can. draios kis 
swordy and placing it across the Bible ^ 
puts his r. h, on the B.y and kneeling 
I on his r. k., repeats this O. B. after the 
Prelate :—) 

I, A. B., do hereby and hereon pro- 
mise and vow, on the honour of a 
Knight Templar, never improperly 
to divulge the secrets aboitf to be 
entrusted to me ; and tn sdt i«»aects 
to conform to the regulations of this 
Ancient Order, and \\ve ?>\7\!cm\.^'s» 


Ceremony of Installation. 27 

the Grand Priory of England and 
Wales. So help me G. 

{He seals the O. B. three times. The 
E. P. then placing his sword on the 
r. s. of the Can.y invests him with the 
honour of Knighthood of Malta^ say- 

E. P. — By virtue of the power and 
authority in me vested by the Grand 
Priory of England and Wales, and in 
the name of St John the Baptist (the 
Patron Saint of this Order), I make 
thee a Knight Hospitaller of St John 
of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes, and 
Malta. Arise, Sir Knight! Be Valiant, 
Bold, and True ! I now invest you 
with the Jewel of our Order. {Done.) 

The g. w. is The s. is , 

that of a K. T. 


awiress ftg tfje (S. ^. 

Worthy Bro. Knight, it is now 
my duty to direct your attention to a 
brief resunti of the history of this 
Order, and its bearing on our present 

The Order was originally founded 
in Jerusalem, during the first Crusade, 
in the year of our Lord 1099, by the 
association of many pious Knights 
with the Fratres of St John's Hos- 
pital — an establishment previously 
founded for the relief of Pilgrims 
proceeding to worship at the Holy 

The name Palestine, and the date 
on the B. of B., commemorate the 
country of our Lord's Nativity, and 
have reference to this, the earliest 
period of our Order, and also to the 
place where the Otdet lowxA^^i. 

History of the Order. 29 

After a troublous existence in the 
Holy Land, and in consequence of 
being deprived, by the wars raging 
in Europe, of their looked-for assist- 
ance, the Order was compelled to 
evacuate Palestine, and, in the year 
1287, they established themselves in 
the Island of Cyprus. 

The name and date on the B. of L» 
are in memory of this refuge of the 
Knights of St John. 

In 1 3 10, the Island of Rhodes be- 
came the property of the Forces of 
the Order, which had a few years be- 
fore (in 1307) been strengthened in 
numbers and enriched by the proper- 
ties of the Templars, who were at that 
time suppressed by the cruelty and 
avarice of Pope Clement V., and Philip 
le Bel, king of France, The remains 
of the fortifications erected in Rhodes 
by the Knights still bear testimony 
to their architectural talent and their 
engineering ability. The B. of D. has 
reference to this period of our history. 

In 1522, the Island of Rhodes was I 
besieged by the Turks, •Cias. > 

Emperor Solyman ^Vl^'^ 

30 Knight of Malta, 

memorable defence, fell into the hands 
of the Infidels ; the garrison, however, 
were permitted to depart with all the 
honours of war. From 1523 to 1530, 
the Order found refuge in the Island 
of Candia ; and in 1530, the Emperor 
Charles V. ceded the Island of Malta 
to the Order, on condition of using 
all their abilities to repress the ravages 
of the Moorish rovers, who at that 
period infested the southern part of 
the Mediterranean. These periods 
of our history are designated by the 
B. of Rand the B. of A. 

The legend of the approach of the 
Knights to this their final resting-place 
has given rise to the distinguishing 
w. . ds of the Order. The story runs, 
that on coming to take possession of 
the island, they approached the shore 
rowing their galleys, two men to an 
oar, the oars in their left hands and 
their swords in their right hands, 
singing a psalm in the words — "King 
of kings," and " Lord of lords." The 
natives of the island, seeing their ap- 
proach \n a warlike guise, Imiled them 
through a speaking-trumpet, saying, 

History of the Order, 31 

in the Arabic tongue : , which 

means, D. Y. C. 1. P. ; to this the 

Knights replied : ^, W. D. C. 

1. P. ; to which the natives rejoined : 

, T. C. 1. P. It is worthy of 

remark, that these are to this day the 
common form of salutation between an 
Arab and a stranger. 

The M. P., which you have received 
in the introductory degree of Knight 
of St Paul, was instituted at an early 
period of the Order, in order that by 
it the Pilgrims might distinguish one 
another from the Moorish rovers who 
tried to bar their passage to the Holy 

Five officers of the Priory, viz., the 
E. P. and his body guard, are seated 
in the east of the Council Chamber, 
at a table covered with a representa- 
tion of the upper limb of a Cross of 
Calvary. Their swords are all pointing 
to one spot, that, namely, where the 
...X...X...X...X... was supposed to rest, 
figurative in a degree of the holy cha- 
racter of the Order. The number 5 has 
also an allusion to the 5 ...x...x...x..., 
and is again repeated in the number 

3 2 Knight of Malta, 

of the rounds of the ladder, depicted 
on one of the divisions of the orle 
forming part of the Jewel represented 
on the second table. These five officers 
formed the personal staff in attend- 
ance on the Grand Master of the Order. 

The eight other officers are placed 
at an octagon table in the west. This 
table has on it the representations 
of the Jewel of the Order. On the 
centre are four divisions, with repre- 
sentations of a ship, or ancient galley ; 
a ladder of five rounds, with the letters 
B. D. L. R. A. on the rounds, and a 
speaking-trumpet; a cloven skull, a 
double-handed sword, and a spear; 
and a hand and viper. The ancient 
galley is a representation of the ves- 
sels formerly used in carrying corn 
from Egypt to Rome, and the ladder 
has letters in the rounds correspond- 
ing with those on the five Banners ; 
the skull is typical of the penalty of 
death to traitors to the Order; the 
double-handed sword was in use by 
the Knights in the earlier period of 
the Order; the spear reminds us of 
the weapon which pierced the side of 

History of the Order, 33 

our Lord; and the hand and viper 
the history of St Paul in connection 
with the Island of Malta. 

The eight officers sitting there re- 
present the heads of the eight Lan- 
gues or Tongues into which the 
Order was divided. These were: — 
Provence, Auvergne, France, Italy, 
Arragon, Germany, Castille, and 
Anglo-Bavaria. These eight Priors 
also held the several offices in the 
Order of Mareschal, Hospitaller, Ad- 
miral, Conservator, Bailie, Turcopo- 
lier, Chancellor, and Treasurer. The 
eight-pointed star or cross is well 
known as the Emblem of the Order. 

The practical lessons to be drawn 
by us from the study and contempla- 
tion of the B. L. D. R. and A. of our 
Blessed Lord and Saviour will be 
more particularly brought to your 
notice during the Ceremony of closing 
the Priory, to which your attention 
will presently be directed. Be seated, 
Sir Knights. ( They all take tJieir seats.) 


Ceremong of Clostnfl t!je ^Irtorg* 

E. P. — Worthy Capt-Gen., what 
is the last duty of our Brethren in 
Arms ? 

C. G. — ^To close the Priory in peace 
and good-will with all our Companions 
in Arms, and in Christian charity with 
all mankind. 

E. P. — How can we best effect this 
noble and God-like purpose ? 

C. G. — By proving to friends and 
foes the b...h, l...e, d...h, r..., and 
a...n of C...t, the S...r of m...d. 

E. P.— Pray, Worthy Capt.-Gea, 
what do we learn from His b...h ? 

C. G. — ^That the Great Captain of 
our salvation was bom to redeem 
fallen mankind. 

E. P. — Worthy Lieut-Gen., what 
do we learn from His 1 ..e 

L. G. — All requisite for us to fol- 
low — He being tiie Way, the Truth, 
and the Life. 


Closing the Priory, 35 

E. P.— Worthy ist Lieut, what do 
we learn from His d...h? 

1st L. — That our debt of nature is 
fully paid, and the rigour of the law 

E. P.— Worthy Junior Lieut., what 
do we learn from His r...n ? 

J. L. — He being the Day-Star of 
mercy, has risen to conduct our feet 
into the paths of truth and peace. 

E. P. — Thus, my Companions in 
Arms, by the B., L., D., and R. of our 
Blessed L. and S., we are taught to 
live and die as Christians ; and it is 
now my province to close this Priory, 
by previously declaring, that by His 
glorious A. He is gone before to open 
the D. of the G. C. C. ; for He hath 
said, In My Father's house are many 
mansions, but I go to prepare the way, 
and open the gates of Paradise, that 
where I am My servants may be also. 

{The E. P, tJien advances to the 
centre of the Chamber^ and presents 
with his r. h, the O. T. to the five 
officers, who advance towards him, 
and place their five swords on the B,, 
kneeling on their r, k. The E, P. 


Knight of Malta, 

then with his L h, presents the N, T. 
to the eight officers^ who advance 
towards hivty and place their eight 
swords on the kneeling on their 
L k. Each set of officers rise and 
return to their- seats, so soon as they 
haife saluted the H, B, The rest of the 
Knights stand to order the while the 
E, P. then returns to his seat, and 
says :) 

E. P. — ^By virtue of the power vest- 
ed in me, I declare this Priory of the 
Knights of Malta duly closed, to re- 
main so until it is my will and plea- 
sure, or the will and pleasure of some 
other duly authorised person, to open 
the same again. 

P. — Let us pray. 


Merciful Redeemer of perishing 
mankind, who hast promised that 
Thou wouldst be in the midst of 
those who assemble in Thy holy 
name, look upon us with an eye of 
tender compassion ; and so direct us 
this day, that all our labours may 

Closing the Priory, 37 

be begun, continued, and ended in 
love to Thee, affection to our com- 
panions, and obedience to our Order. 

{Each of tlie five officers give five 
knocks on the table with the pommels of 
tJuir swords ; the eight officers give mte 
knock on the table^ and the Priory is 




{ArruHgement of Altar ^ 




llnigl^s of % anb f elitan 


Sjofamip f rims 



J^ein^ the l8« of the A. and A. Rite. 







Established at Londott, October 36, 1845. 

SSith tht In^tdkilmt 0f tht SR. (g^. 

Privatily Printed Jbr A. Lendt. 
LONDON, X876. 

Copyr^. AU Rights Reserved, 



Officers of a Rose Croix Chapter • • • . 7 

Candidate's Petition 9 

Obligation 10 

Promise of Allegiance ix 

Preliminary Directions : — ...... 13 

Black Room. 

Chamber of Death. 

Red Room. 


Grand Lodge of Perfection, 4<» to X4® . • • . x8 
Grand Lodge of Pxinces of Jerusalem, 15^ and x6® . 19 
Grand Lodge of Knights of the East and West, 17*^ . 20 
Ceremony of Opening a Rose Croix Chapter . . ax 
Ceremony ofClosing a Rose Croix Chapter . . 37 
Ceremony of Reception : — 29 

First Point. 

Second Point. 

Third Point. 


Installation of the M. W. S., with O. 6. of Office, and 

Charge by the newly-installed M. W. S. . .55 

®fBitm of a i^ojse Croix Cfjapter. 

1. Most Wise Sovereign. 

2. High Prelate. 

3. First General. 

4. Second GeneraL 

5. Grand Marshal 

6. Raphael. 

7. Herald. 

8. Captain of the Guard. 

9. Recorder. 

10. Treasurer. 

11. Organist. 

12. Director of the Ceremonies. 

&c., &a 

Cantiftrate'js; ^petition* 

We, the undersigned, most humbly 
supplicate the Most Wise and Perfect 
Sovereign, and the Very August, 
Excellent, Puissant, and Perfect 
Princes, now assembled, that you will 
graciously condescend to admit us to 
your Princely Order, prompted by a 
humble zeal to obtain perfection. We 
trust that the sincerity of our endea- 
vours to promote the Glory of the 
Cross and the Welfare of Mankind 
will entitle us to your favourable 
opinions. Assuring you that should 
you be pleased to grant our request, 
we pledge ourselves to bear allegiance 
to this Sovereign Chapter, and to 
pray for the prosperity and happiness 
of the Princes of this Sublime Degree. 




{To be used at page i8, which see) 

I, A. B., in the presence of God, 
Creator of the Universe, and calling 
upon these my Brethren as witnesses, 
do, upon this Sacred Book, most 
solemnly and sincerely promise that 
I will never illegally reveal any or 
either of the s...s or m...s of or be- 
longing to the several degrees of the 
A. and A. Rite, from the 4° to the 
17° both inclusive, which may hereto- 
fore have been known by me, shall 
now, or at any future time may be 
communicated to me, under the 
penalties, &c. 


Promise of aUegtance. 

[To the Supreme Council of the 33° 
to be written at the beginning of the 
Golden Book or Register of each Chap- 
ter, and to be signed by all Candidates 
previous to the commencement of t/te 

We, the undersigned, being free 
and accepted Master Masons, regu- 
larly initiated, passed, and raised in a 
Warranted Lodge, most solemnly 
promise faithful allegiance, fealty, and 
solemn submission to the decrees of 
the Most Puissant and Sovereign 
Grand Inspectors-General of the 33rd 
.degree, duly, lawfully, and constitu- 
tionally established on the 26th Octo- 
ber 184s, sitting in Supreme Council 
at their Grand East in London, for 
England and Wales and the Depen- 
dencies of the British Crown. 

We do furthermore promise to 
hold no Masonic Fellowship, Inter- 

12 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix, 

course, or Communion whatever, in 
any of the Ineffable and Sublime 
degrees or Orders of Ancient Free 
and Accepted Masonry, with any 
Mason, or body of Masons, which at 
any time have been, or hereafter may 
be, established in Great Britain or its 
dependencies by any authority what- 
ever, except with such as are or may 
be duly recognised and acknowledged 
as lawful by the aforesaid S. C. ; and 
we do further declare that we will, after 
our admission into the Order, as soon 
as an opportunity shall conveniently 
occur, sign our name in the Roll of 
the Golden Book of the Order. 

In testimony whereof we have 
signed this promise and declaration 
with our own hands this day of 


Prelimittarg ©irections* 

The R. C. Degree requires three 
Chambers, and if possible an outer 
or preparation room, for the recep- 
tion of Candidates, where the follow- 
ing degrees, to the 17th inclusive, are 
to be given by name, unless the same 
is done in extenso. 

The first is named the BLACK ROOM. 
This should be hung with black, the 
floor covered with oil cloth, represent- 
ing a Mosaic Pavement in black and 
white squares or lozenges. In the 
East, two black curtains, arranged so 
as to be drawn asunder entirely, and 
sufficiently open to show the Altar, 
which should be raised with three 
steps, and covered with black with a 
white border, and on which Silver 
or White Swords are worked [vide 
Tracing Board), Behiad ^.tvd ^^m^ 
the upper step, a trscas^^t^^c^^ 

14 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix, 

which are represented three Crosses 
[^ide T. B.) ; the centre and highest 
Cross should have the Mystic Rose 
(black) placed on the centre of the 
Cross, and surrounded by a crown of 
thorns ; the other two Crosses should 
have a Skull and Cross-bones depicted 
at their feet. Behind the Curtain, 
and at the foot of the Altar, should be 
a triangular table, covered with black 
cloth and a white fringe, round the 
edge of which must be placed three 
wax lights, a Bible, Compasses, 
Square, and Triangle. Beside the 
Altar, there should be a Couch for 
the M. W. S. to recline on. On the 
Altar, before the transparency, at the 
foot of the Cross, should be placed a 
Rose made of black crape. In the 
centre of the room must be the Trac- 
ing Board, and on the floor a painting 
of Seven Circles in white upon a black 
ground, and in the centre a rose. In 
the North, South, and West, there 
must be three pillars six feet high, on 
the Capitals of which must be in- 
scribed Faith, Hope, and Charity, or 
rather their initials, F., H., C, painted 

Arrange?nent of Chambers, 15 

on small tins or cards suspended by a 
hook to each pillar. Each column 
must be surmounted by eleven lights, 
disposed in a box having eleven holes 

Black /* , , *\ Room be suffi- 
ciently large, it may be 
divided into two by a second black 
curtain behind the Altar; at all events, 
there must be a passage thence to 
the Red Room, according to the posi- 
tion of the apartments. 

From the Black Room should open 
the Chamber of Death, and thence 
the Red Room ; but if this cannot be 
managed, the Candidate, after being 
refused admittance in the Second 
Point of the Ceremony, must be sent 
into the Reception Room, and the 
Black Room transformed into the 
Chamber of Death. 

The Chamber of Death must 
have the Emblems of Mortality 
strewed about, and sundry obstruc- 
tions so placed that the Candidate 

and the letters 
or C. respectively 
centre. If the 

1 6 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix. 

may have some difficulty in groping 
his way to the black curtain, behind 
which a lamp of spirits of wine and 
salt must be placed, the wick of the 
lamp also strewed with salt, and two 
or three persons in w...g s...s grouped 
around it as c...s. The Chamber of 
Death may be lighted by transparen- 
cies representing Skulls, Cross-bones, 
&c., or by seven flambeaux fixed in 
Skulls and Cross-bones. 

The Third Chamber, or Red 
Room, must be brilliantly illumi- 
nated, and all the Brethren, in their 
highest costume, ranged with their 
Banners behind them. The room 
hung with red. In the centre, the re- 
presentation of the mysterious ladder 
of Seven Steps ; on the Altar must be 
Seven Steps, and thirty-three lights. 
Behind the Altar, a transparency 
representing the Blazing Star witii 
seven points, in the centre of which 
the letter G. On the top step of the 
Altar must be the Cubic Stone, in the 
front of which a red rose opened with 
J the letter G in the centre. 

k L , 

Arranf:;fment of the Altar, 17 

The Altar must be profusely or- 
namented with roses, and perfumed 
with attar of roses. No Cross should 
appear in this part of the degree, but 
the Word, when found, can be sus- 
pended to a silk thread stretched 
across, by small hooks behind each 
letter, and above the Cubic Stone, 
when they can be easily removed 
previous to the Word being burnt. 
The last part of the Ceremony is 
given in the Red Room, arranged as 
above, except that the Ladder is to 
be removed, and a pedestal covered 
with a white cloth placed at the east 
end of the Tracing Board, on which 
are placed a salt cellar, and a salver 
with biscuits or passion cakes ; on each 
side a cup, one containing the loving 
mixture, the other spirits of wine, 
with chloride of strontian, in which to 
burn the Word. 

In conferring the Degree of Rose 
Croix, you will first give the degrees 
by name from the 4th to the 14th 
(both inclusive) in a Grand Lodge of 

1 8 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rbse Croix, 

Perfection, after the Candidates have 
taken the Obligation, as on page lo. 

You will then declare the Grand 
Lodge of Perfection closed, and open 
a Grand Lodge of Princes of Jerusa- 
lem, and confer the 15th and i6th 
degrees by name. 

You will then declare the Grand 
Lodge of Princes of Jerusalem closed, 
and open a Grand Lodge of Knights 
of the East and West, and give that 
degree by name, with the signs, 
tokens, and words. 

You will then close the Grand 
Lodge of Knights of the East and 
West, and proceed to give the i8th or 
Rose Croix degree in extenso. The 
great length of time necessary is a 
sufficient reason for not giving the 
others in that manner. 

The following table will show the 
different degrees and their arrange- 
ment : — 

®ranli S^olige of ^Perfections 

G. M. — By the power vested in me, 
by the Supreme Council of the Most 

Table of Degrees. 19 

Puissant Sovereign Grand Inspec- 
tors-General of the 33rd degree, I 

declare this Grand Lodge of 

open, and proceed to give you the 
following degrees : — 

4. Secret Master. 

5. Perfect Master. 

6. Intimate Secretary. 

7. Provost and Judge. 

8. Superintendent of Buildings. 

9. Elect of Nine. 

10. Elect of Fifteen. 

11. Sublime Elect. 

12. Grand Master Architect. 

13. Royal Arch. 

14. Scotch Knight of Perfection. 

{Closed, and open with foregoing 

®ranli ILoDise of ^rinceg of 

15. Knights of the Sword and of 
the East. 

16. Prince of Jerusalem. 
{Closed, and open with foregoing 


20 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix. 

ffiratUv Eotige of Itntgtts of t!|e 
(SPagt anil tJje SEeist* 

17. Knights of the East and West. 
{Signs^ tokenSy and words) Look 
over your right shoulder and say, N. 
O. D. D. A. B. A. ; which is answered 
by looking over the left shoulder, and 
saying N. O. L. U. B. A. H. A. J. 

Put the l...t h...d, with the fingers 
straight, into the r...t h...d of the 
Brother, who covers it with his other 
h...d, both looking over the r...ts...r. 

With the l...t h...d touch the Bro- 
ther's l...t s...r, whilst he touches 
your r...t s...r with his r,..t h...d. 
Touch the l...t s...r, answered by 
looking over his r...t s...r, saying 
N. O. D. D. A. B. A., you say N. O. L. 
U. B. A. H A. J. 

The Knocks are, J 
P. W.— N. O. L. U. B. A. H. A. J. 
W.— N. O. D. D. A. B. A. 

{Closedy and proceed with the Rose 
/ Crc?ix degree in extenso) 

Cernnons of ©penittfl a Ifitose 
Croix dfjajiter* 

(Tke Most Wise and Perfect Sove- 
reign Knocks once, to be repeated by 
the 1st and 2nd Generals, and on the 
door to be answered from without^ 

M. W. S.— Very Excellent and Per- 
fect Princes, be pleased to assist me 

to open the Chapter of Princes 

of the Rose Croix of H. R. D. M. 

{The Princes all draw their Swords, 
forming one column in the North and 
another in the South; the ist and 2nd 
Generals standing in advance of each 
column in the West,) 

M. W. S. — Thrice Excellent and 
Perfect Generals, see that all is secure 
within and without, and that none 
but Princes of our Holy Order are 
present in the recesses of our Sanc- 

22 Petfect Ceremonies, Rose Croix, 

2nd G. — ^Very Excellent and Per- 
fect Grand Marshal, see that the Castle 
Gates are duly guarded. 

{The Grand Marshal takes the Sigtiy 
Token, and Word from the Inner 
Guard, who receives the same from t/te 
Outer Guard, who — if he is a Rose 
Croix — comes inside for that purpose, 
the door being locked. Whilst this is 
doing, the 1st and 2nd Generals com- 
mand their respective columns to sheath 
Swords, and communicate with them, 
passing from West to East, They then 
command them to draw Swords, when 
the Grand Marshal advances to the 2nd 
General, and says : — ) 

G. M. — All is secure without. 

2nd G. — {To 1st G,) All is secure 

1st G— (TV M. W, S) All is se- 
cure, both within and without {giving 
tlie Sign, &c) 

M. W. S.— Thrice Excellent and 
Perfect Generals, what is the hour } 

1st G. — The ninth hour of the 

M. W. S.— Then it is the hour in 
which the Veil of the Temple was 

opening a Chapter. 23 

rent in twain, when darkness over- 
spread the earth, when the true light 
departed from us, when the Altar was 
thrown down, when the Blazing Star 
was eclipsed, when the Cubic Stone 
poured forth Blood and Water, when 
the Word was lost, and when despair 
and tribulation sat heavy on us. 

{A solemn pause — all the Knights 
drop the points of their Swords, and 
bow their heads towards the East. 
Solemn music.) 

M. W. S. — Since Masonry has expe- 
rienced such dire calamities, it is our 
duty. Very Excellent and Perfect 
Princes, to endeavour, by renewed 
labours, to retrieve our loss ; and may 
the benign influence of Faith, Hope, 
and Charity prosper our endeavours 
to recover the lost Word ; for which 
purpose I declare this Chapter of 
Rose ^ of H. R. D. M. duly opened, 
in the name of the Great Immanuel. 

repeated by the ist and 2nd Generals, 
and within and without the door.) 

M. W. S. — Most Reverend and 

{M. W. S. knocks 


24 Perfect Ceremonies, Rose Croix. 

Perfect Prelate, the Chapter being 
opened, what remains to be done ? 

H. P. — To respect the decrees of 
Providence ; to render worship to God 
alone ; and with all humility and 
patience to endeavour to obtain the 

M. W. S. — ^Yes, very Excellent and 
Perfect Princes, that shall be our aim. 
Do you, most Reverend and Perfect 
Prelate, invoke a blessing on our la- 

{All sheath their Swords y and the 
most Reverend and Perfect Prelate 
says : — ) 


H. P. — Almighty and Everlasting 
God, give unto us an increase of Faith, 
Hope, and Charity; and that we may 
obtain that which Thou dost promise, 
make us to love that which Thou dost 
command, through Jesus Christ, our 
Great Immanuel. Amen. 

{All lift their eyes to heaven, i. .,rl., ,e 
their f...s, carry them to tfieir f. . .eh, . .ds 

opening a Chapter. 25 

with the p..,supf let them fall on the 
s...h^ mid repeat six an<^ one times: — ) 

All. — H...a or H...h...n...h. 

{The M, W, S. then raises his r..J 
h,,,d to his f,,,eh...dy with the f,,,s 
c,,,dy except the /..jr y...r, which he 
r,,.Sy indicating that there is but one 
Gody and says : — ) 

M. W. S. — Save, we beseech Thee, 
Oh God in heaven. Creator and Sove- 
reign of all things, us. Thine unworthy- 

M. W. S. — Be seated, Princes. 


Ceremony of Cloisttts a Hose 
Croix Cfjapter. 

{TheM, W, 5. knocks I J J J J J J 
Z*?!^ Generals repeat them^ 

M. W. S.— Most Excellent and Per- 
fect Prelate, What is the hour ? 

H. P.— It is the f...t h...r of the 
t...d d...y, being the f...t d...y of the 
w...k, the h...r of a P...t M...n. 

M. W. S. — ^What is the hour of a 
Perfect Mason ? 

H. P. — It is the hour when the Sa- 
cred Word is found ; when the Cubic 
Stone is changed into the Mystic 
Rose ; when the Blazing Star has re- 
appeared in all its splendour ; when 
our altars have been renewed ; the 
light restored to our eyes ; the clouds 
of darkness dissipated ; and when the 
New Commandment is given, "To love 
one another." 


28 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix. 

M. W. S. — Let us, then, my Excel- 
lent Companions, observe this New 
Commandment, "To love one an- 
other," the result and perfection of all 
preceding Masonry, which will enable 
us to erect an edifice in our hearts to 
the Glory of the Lamb, to whom be- 
longeth Might, Majesty, Dominion, 
and Power ; who liveth and reigneth 
world without end. Amen. 

{All make the Sign of the Good 
Shepherd, and bow with revere nce. The 
M. W. S. gives J J J J J J J and 
says : — ) 

M. W. S. — Pax Vobiscum. 

{The Generals repeat the Knocks,&c.) 

M. W. S. — This Chapter is now 
closed, in the name of the Great 


Cerentong of Jcleccptton* 

{TJte Candidates should have on the 
Jewels and Insignia of their Masonic 
ranky as Knights of the East and West, 
and any other Jewels except those not 
recogftised by the S. C. 

The Candidates are placed in tJie re- 
ception room, which sltould have a door 
leading into the black room, in which 
the first point of the degree is given ; 
so that, when it is desired, what takes 
place in the reception room should be 
Iieard in the other room, and vict versa. 

The Candidates are required by the 
Outer Guard to write their names, 
abodes, profession, and Masonic titles 
{Knights of the East and West), on 
a petition to be advanced to the honour 
of a Sovereign Prince Rose Croix. {See 
Candidate's Petition, page 9.) 

The Grand Marshal leaves the black 
room and goes to the Candidates. He 

3© Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix 

looks over the petition^ and adds the age 
33. He then goes back to the Chapter 
with the petition, and presents it to the 
M, W, S., who announces the names, 
and a ballot takes place, after which, 
if the result is favourable, the Cere- 
mony proceeds, and solemn mtisic com- 
mences. All the Princes, except tlie 
Officers of tlte Chapter engaged in the 
Ceremony, sit on very low forms covered 
with black. The Princes must be 
dressed in black, with a black apron, 
usually the reverse of the Rose Croix ; 
and white handkerchiefs to hold to their 
faces, placing their left hands upon their 
necks with their knees crossed. There 
must not be any ornaments worn of 
any higher degree, but these are reserved 
for the red chamber, which must con- 
trast with this room in s/iow and splen- 
dour. The Grand Marslial knocks, 

rnrn j 

2nd G. — M. W. S., an alarm. 

M. W. S. — Thrice Excellent and 
Perfect Generals, see who disturbs this 
Princely Chapter. 

{The 1st and 2nd Generals leave their 

Ceremony of Reception. 31 

seats^ go to the door^ and inquire of the 
Grand Marshal: — ^ 

Gs. — Wherefore this alarm ? 

G. M. — These Worthy Knights of 
the East and West, having confided 
to me a petition which has been pre- 
sented to our M. W. S., now beg to 
be admitted to receive an answer. 

{The Generals return and report as 
follows : — ) 

1st G.— A. B. and C. D., worthy 
Knights of the East and West, who 
have confided a petition to the Ex- 
cellent and Perfect Grand Marshal, 
which has been presented to the 
M. W. S., now request to be admitted 
to receive your answer. 

M. W. S. — Summon the Excellent 
and Perfect Grand Marshal to con- 
duct them hither. 

{Trumpet sounds, Gd. M. and Can- 
didates enter and hteel^ 

M. W. S. — Who and what are you ? 

Cand. — Nobly born, and of the 
tribe of Judah. 

M. W. S. — What is your rank } 

Cand. — Knights of the East and 

32 Perfect Cere?nomes^ Rose Croix. 

M. W. S. — Give me the sign, &c. 

Cand.— (G^/V^j it.) 

M. W. S. — What is your age ? 

Cand. — Thirty-three. 

M. W. S. — Your petition has been 
favourably received by this Princely 
Council ; but whilst we admire your 
zeal and courage, and your conduct 
inspires us with confidence and 
esteem, alas ! you come amongst 
us at a time when we are overwhelmed 
with grief and the deepest sorrow. 
Consternation now spreads horror 
over our brows, an earthquake heaves 
its convulsive power. The Veil of the 
Temple is rent asunder {here the cur- 
tains before t/ie altar are drawn 
asunder\ and the hour of darkness is 
come upon us. Our Altars are thrown 
down ; the Cubic Stone pours forth 
blood and water ; the Blazing Star 
is eclipsed ; our Shepherd is smitten ; 
and the Word is lost. 

{A pause^ and slow music!) 

M. W. S. — Nevertheless, we rejoice 
that you have arrived at this hour of 
peril, since, as courageous and valiant 
Knights, we trust that you will assist 

Ceremony of Reception. 33 

us in our endeavours to retrieve our 
loss and recover the Word, in which 
case only shall we be able to confer 
upon you that distinction you so ear- 
nestly desire. 

Cand. — ^We promise faithfully to 
aid you in your labours, and to obey 
whatever commands you hiay be 
pleased to impose upon us. 

M. W. S.— Then, worthy Knights, 
I direct you to travel thirty-three 

y eleven to the North, eleven to 

the South, eleven to the West, return- 
j ing to me in the East with whatever 
j information you may obtain during 
I your travels ; and I particularly com- 
i mend to your meditation the beauties 
of the New and Better Covenant; 
and that you may more completely 
appreciate its excellence, let us in- 
voke guidance and direction from 


H. P.— Oh! Almighty and Sove- 
reign Architect of the Universe, who 
penetratest into the most secret re- 

34 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix, 

cesses of the hearts of men, purify 
ours with the sacred fire of Thy 
Divine Love. Banish from this Holy 
Sanctuary the impious and profane, 
and grant that we, being solely occu- 
pied with the great work of our re- 
demption, may be enabled to distin- 
guish the precious metal from the 
dross, and may not be deceived in the 
choice of those we are about to per- 
fect, and may the bond of our union 
be ever cemented by peace, benevo- 
lence, and good will. Now to the 
King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, 
the only wise God, be the kingdom, 
power, and glory, now and for ever. 

M. W. S. — Depart in peace. Our 
Excellent and Perfect Grand Marshal 
will conduct you to the Pillar of 
Wisdom in the North, the Pillar of 
Beauty in the South, and the Pillar 
of Strength in the West 

{Music The Candidates then 

proceed on their travels^ conducted by 
tJte Grand Marshal, Each time on 
passing the Altar they bow, and on 
arriving at tJie Pillars in tlie Norths 

Ceremony of Reception, 35 

Souths and West, they take up the 
respective letters F,y H,, and C, which 
have been previously placed there, and 
standing in the West, the Grand Mar- 
shal presents them to the M. W. S., 
saying: — ) 

G. M. — I beg to present to you 
A. B. and C. D., Knights of the East 
and West who have completed the 

thirty-three travel imposed on 


M. W. S. — ^What have you obtained 
in your travels ? 

Cand. — We have searched in and 
about the Pillars in the North, South, 
and West for the lost Word, but 
have only succeeded in finding the 
letters F., H., and C, which we beg to 

{The Candidates give the letters to 
the Grand Marshal, by whom they are 
presented to the M, W, S.) 

M. W. S. — I congratulate you on 
the success which has already re- 
warded your exertions. These letters 
are the Initials of those Virtues by 
whose assistance you will be led to 
the discovery of the mysterious Word* 

36 Petfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix. 

But before I can further explain myself, 
I must call on you to take a solemn 
obligation to keep inviolate the secrets 
and mysteries of our Order. Are you 
ready to take this obligation ? 
Cand— We are. 

M. W. S. — Then you will kneel be* 
fore the Cross, place your right hands 
on the Volume of the New Testament, 
across your hands a Sword and Com- 
passes. Repeat your several names» 
and each say after me : — 


I, A. B., in the name of the Holy 
and Undivided Trinity, and before the 
Holy Cross, in the presence of this Per- 
fect and Princely Council, do hereby, 
and hereon, promise, that I will never 
reveal the secrets or mysteries of this 
Princely Order of the Rose Croix of 
H. R. D. M. to any one in the world 
not lawfully entitled thereto, or whom 
I believe not to have been duly quali- 
fied in a true and lawfully constituted 
) Chapter. I furthermore pledge my 
k / 

Ceremony of Reception. 37 

sacred word of honour, that I will at 
all times pay due allegiance to this 
Sovereign Chapter, and to the Su- 
preme Council under whose authority 
this Chapter is held. All this I 
solemnly pledge myself to observe 
without evasion, or mental reservation 
of any kind. So help me God, and 
keep me steadfast in this my obliga- 

M. W. S. — ^You will seal this seven 
times on the New Testament. {Done) 

M. W. S. — ^Arise, newly perfected 
{The Candidates retire to the West) 

M. W. S. — It is now my duty to 
inform you, that the seven circles 
round which you have travelled re- 
present the six periods of the world's 
existence, now about to close with the 
Second Advent of our Great Immanuel, 
when time will be swallowed up in 
eternity, of which the Seventh Circle 
is an emblem. I congratulated you 
before on your happy return from your 
travels, and on your having found 
the initials of the three fundamental 
principles of our Order, Faith, Hope, 

38 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix, 

and Charity, assisted by which virtues 
we have no doubt you will ultimately 
succeed in attaining the one great end 
and object of all our researches, that 
word on which our everlasting salva- 
tion must depend ; for Faith is the 
substance of things hoped for, the 
evidence of things not seen ; Hope 
maketh not ashamed ; and Charity 
sufferfeth long, and is kind ; Charity 
envieth not, vaunteth not itself, seek- 
eth not her own, is not easily pro- 
voked, thinketh no evil, rejoiceth not 
in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth, 
beareth all things, hopeth all things, 
endureth all things ; Charity never 
faileth; now we know in part, but 
when that which is perfect is come, 
that which is in part shall be done 
away. Let us pray. 


H. P. — ^Almighty and Everlasting 
God, give unto us an increase of Faith, 
Hope, and Charity ; and that we may 
obtain that which Thou dost promise, 
make us to love that which Thou dost 

Ceremony of Reception. 39 

command, through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

M. W. S. — ^The Candidates may 
now depart, and prepare, by medita- 
tion on the New Law, and by the 
practice of Faith, Hope, and Charity, 
to enter again on their travels in 
search of the lost Word. 

But before they do this, let them 
be presented with a black apron, for 
by that badge we distinguish all 
amongst us who are in search of the 
lost Word. 





Second Point. 

(The Caftdidates now enter the black 
roontf clothed in their highest Masonic 
costume. A procession is formed of all 
present; first the M. W, 5., the Prelate, 
the 1st and 2nd Generals, and the other 
Officers; then the Princes, the Grand 
Marshal, a?td the Candidates, 

They walk round t/te room, solemn 
viusic playing, and all bow on passing 
the Cross. At the third round, the M, 
W, S, passes to the red room ; at the 
fourth round, the Past Sovereigns 
of the Order, those above the i8**, and 
the Prelate, pass out ; at the fifth round, 
the Generals and other Officers follow; 
at the sixth, the Princes of tfie Order; 
and at the seventh round, tJie door is 
closed against the Candidates and the 
Grand Marshal as they attempt to 


Ceremony of Reception, 4F 

e 7iter. Th e Cands, give tlie knocks^ 
J J J J J J J Captain of the 

Guard replies from within^ saying : — ^ 

C. OF G. — You cannot enter here, 
unless you give me the Word. 

Cand. — We cannot ; we are travel- 
ling in search thereof, and which by the 
practice of Faith, Hope, and Charity, 
and by the help of the new and 
better Covenant, we hope to obtain. 

{The Captain of the Guard opens 
the door^ examines - their dress y and 
says: — ^) 

C. OF G. — This attire is not com- 
patible with that humility which is 
necessary for those who wish to re- 
cover the lost Word. Retire, and 
clothe yourselves in dust and ashes, 
and I will then summon Raphael to 
your assistance. 

{They retire to the reception room, 
wlure their Jewels are taken off^ and 
c. . .e is placed upon tJieir heads. 

In the meantime — if there is no cham- 
ber of death — the black room has been 
thrown into confusion and darkness^ a 
lamp of spirits of wine and salt is 
burning 071 the floor, and bones and skulls 

42 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix. 

are supposed to be strewed about. The 
Candidates are introduced by the Grand 
Marshal^ who slips out and leaves them 
alone. After a short time, Raphael 
comes forward^ and says : — ) 

R. — I come to conduct you through 
the depths of darkness, and the valley 
of death, to the mansions of bliss, 
but first you must undergo dangers, 
difficulties, and afflictions ; but be of 
good cheer ; armed with the virtues 
you have already obtained. Faith will 
support you when tempted to despair, 
Hope will cheer you on your road, 
and Charity will sustain you in every 
trial; till, having travelled through 
the abyss of darkness, you finally 
arrive at the mansions of bliss, whither 
our Heavenly Sovereign is gone be- 
fore. Approach and follow me. 

(The Music played should be the 
Dead March in Saull' and then 
changes to the more joyful air of^^ Sound 
the Loud Timbrel der Egypt's dark 
Sear Raphael takes the Candidates 
into the red room, round which they 
march three timeSy when he thus 
addresses the M. W. S. :— 

Ceremony of Reception. 43 

R.— M. W. S., I bring with me these 
worthy Knights, who, having travel- 
led through dangers, difficulties, 
and the Valley of the Shadow oN 
Death, in search of the lost Word, 
and having fortified themselves with 
the three Cardinal Virtues of Faith, 
Hope, and Charity, now supplicate to 
be rewarded for their labours. 

M. W. S.— Most Worthy and Per- 
fect Raphael, we doubt not that these 
worthy Knights, assisted by your 
powerful aid, are worthy of every dis- 
tinction, and I shall now call on them 
to ascend the ladder which leads from 
darkness to glory and perfection. 

M. W. S.— (7> Cand.)— First, how- 
ever, let me ask how you came hither? 

Cand. — Through darkness, diffi- 
culties, and dangers. 

M. W. S. — ^What supported you ? 

Cand. — The example of our Sa- 
viour's sufferings. 

M. W. S.— What do you seek to 
obtain ? 

Cand.— The lost Word. 

M. W. S. — Then, as yoM -jLy^^ ^-^ 
Jhave proceeded >3cvms i^x wj^^^^ 

44 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix, 

to be well prepared to ascend the 
mysterious ladder leading to the man- 
sions of glory and perfection, you may 
commence, pausing on each step, and 
replying to my questions as your Con- 
ductor, the Excellent and Perfect 
Raphael, shall direct you. 
{At the iststepy the M. W. S. says: — ) 
M. W. S. — What is that virtue 
which leads from earth to heaven ? 
Cand,— F. 

{A t the 2nd step, the M, W, S, says: — ) 
M. W. S. — What virtue supports 

you when oppressed by shame and 

sorrow ? 
Cand.— H. 

{At the zrdstepy the M. IV, S,says:—) 
M. W. S. — What is the perfection of 
every Christian virtue ? 
Cand.— C. 

{At the 4th step, the M, W. S. says:—) 
M. W. S. — Whence come you ? 
Cand. — From J... a. 
{A t the 5 th step, the M, W. S. says:—) 
M. W. S. — By what village did you 
Cand.— N...h. 

{At the 6th step, theM, WS,says:-^ 

Cerejnony of Reception » 45 

M. W. S. — Who conducted you ? 
Cand.— R...L 

{Attke jtk step, the M, W. S, says:—) 
M. W. S. — Of what tribe are you ? 
Cand. — J...h. 

M. W. S. — Give me the initials of 
the four last words.* 

{Raphael hands the L..s to the M, 
W. 5.) 

M. W. S.— Worthy Knights, you 
have indeed, by the aid of Faith, 
Hope, and Charity, succeeded in find- 
ing the lost Word. By Faith you 
have found the Rose of Sharon, and 
by Faith you have been enabled to 
apprehend Him who will never leave 
you nor forsake you. By Hope you 
have obtained a HeaVen-born bless- 
ing, which will console you under all 
difficulties and distresses, and will 
teach you under all the afflictions of 

* The following is given in some Cliapters : — 
M. W. S. — Give me the initials of the four last 
Cand.— J. N. R. J. 

M. W. S.— What do these four letters signify? 
Cand. — ^Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judseorum. 
M. W. S. — Ora pro nobis. 
Cand. — Miserere nobis. 

46 Perfect Cerefnonies, Rose Croix, 

your earthly pilgrimage to expect a 
better and more enduring inheritance. 
By Charity you have beheld the per- 
fection of every Christian virtue. Now, 
by taking the initials of the last four 
steps of your journey, and by putting 
them together, you will have found 
Him who is the Word ; for St John 
says, "In the beginning was the Word, 
and the Word was with God, and the 
Word was God." " I am Alpha and 
Omega, the beginning and the ending, 
saith the Lord, which is, and which was, 
and which is to come, the Almighty.'* 
Now, worthy Knights, having found 
the Word of the New Law, I will 
affix it in its proper place. 

{TheM. W. 5., or the PrelaU, places 
the letters over the cubic stone on the 
altar. All present point their swords 
towards it^ kneeling on their right knees, 
Tliey then rise, and give seven salutes^ 
the music playing softly all the time) 

M. W. S.— The Candidates will 
please to approach the East {Done.) 
Worthy Knights, I rejoice to confer 
upon you the reward you have so well 
earned, and I trust that by the prac- 

Ceremony of Reception. 47 

tice of those virtues that have this day 
been commended to your notice, you 
will indeed be led to the Word, which 
is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. 
Kneel, therefore, before the Altar, and 
receive those honours to which you 
are now entitled. 

{The Candidates kneel in the East^ 
the M, W. S, passes from left to right, 
and confers upon them the honour of 
being received into the degree of Rose 
Croix^ saying : — ^ 

M. W. S. — By virtue of the power 
and authority in me vested by the 
Supreme Council of England and 
Wales, I hereby make, create, and 
constitute you, now and for ever, a 
Knight of the Pelican and Eagle, and 
Prince of the Order of Rose Croix. 
Rise, Perfected and Puissant Prince of 
Rose Croix, and receive the emblems 
of our Order. 

M. W. S. — 'I present you with this 
Rose {giving one), an emblem of Him 
who is the Rose of Sharon and the 
Lily of the Valley. I invest you with 
the Collar and Jewel of the Order. 
[Done.) And, lastly, I seal you with 

48 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix. 

the Seal of Perfection. (Applies a 
signet or sealy with a crown for device^ 
to tJte forehead of each Candidate^ Be 
careful, by the exercise of Faith, 
Hope, and Charity, to continue to de- 
serve these emblems, which are sym- 
bols of hidden truths known only to 
the perfect Mason. 

I will now communicate to you the 
signs and words of this Degree. The 

first sign is called the Sign of A n. 

It consists in r...g the e...s to H...n, 
and at the same time c»..g the h**.s 
turned p» . .s o. . .w. . .s, and f» . .s i. . .rl. . .d 
upon the, from thence let- 
ting them d...p upon the b...y. 

The second sign is given thus : — 
L. . .t your r. . .t h. . .d to your f. . .eh. . .d, 
with f...s c...d, except the i...x f...r, 
which is r...d, — thus indicating that 
there is but one God in heaven, Crea- 
tor and Sovereign of all things.* 

The third is called the Sign of the 
Good Shepherd or Pastor, and is given 
by c...g the a...s with the l...t upper- 



* Also, in some Chapters, c.s the r...t 1... b...d 
the l...t c... 

Ceremony cf Reception* 49 

most on the b...t, giving the word 
S. N. E. I. R. O. ; which is answered 
in the same way, and by replying 
M. U. C. S. I. B. O. V. X. A. P. ; the 
h...d of one is then r...d with f...r 
p...g to H...n, saying, E. H. D. E. D. 
N. E. C. S. A. ; and the other, p...g 
d...nw...s, says, E. H. D. E. D. N. E. 
C. S. E. D.* 

Here let me observe, that when the ^ 
Chapter is called to Order, or when- 
ever the M. W. S. is addressed, all 
C...S their h...s on their b...s, as in 
the foregoing sign, which is also used 
on entering or leaving a Chapter. 
Excellent and Perfect Grand Marshal, 
you will place the newly-perfected 
Princes Rose Croix between the Pillars 
in the West, and let them be duly 

* In some Chapters the secrets are thus given : — 
Approach each other, and place reciprocally your 
h...s on each other's b...s, forming a d...e c...s ; 
then in the e...r one says, I. and N., R. and I. ; 
then one says, the other, P...x V...m. 

The h...d of one is then r...d, with the i...x f...r 

p...g U...S, sa3ring, , the other with the f...r 

p...g d...s says 


50 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix. 

j G. M. OR Herald. — By command 
i of the M. W. S., I proclaim A. B. 
' and C. D. Knights of the Pelican 
■ and Eagle and Perfect and Puissant 
Princes of Rose Croix, and I sum- 
mon them accordingly to take their 
seats in this Princely Chapter. 

{Trumpet sounds^ or music plays,) 


Third Point. 

{The Princes enter two and two, in 
solemn silence; the Grand Marshal and 
the youngest Candidate first, then the 
other Candidates, and so on, the eldest 
last, finishing with the M. W. S. All 
have white wands in their hands. They 
pass round the room seven times, the 
Choir performing, " Behold how good 
and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell 
together in unity T They then place 
themselves round the table!) 

M. W. S.— Excellent and Perfect 
Princes, we have now arrived at the 
culminating point, or Perfection of 
Masonry ; let us then unite in admit- 
ting to the living circle of our hearts 
those who have this day been received 
into our Princely Order. Let us in- 
vite them, according to oriental cus- 
tom, to break bread and eat salt with 
us, pledging to each other our fidelity 


52 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix. 

and our friendship in the goblet of 
fraternal affection ; invoking thereon 
the blessing of Him who is the Rose 
of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley, 
by whose assistance we hope to pro- 
gress here on earth towards that per- 
fection which shall be consummated, 
when, bursting from the tomb, we rise 
to join our Great Immanuel in the 
skies, and are united for ever in a 
happy eternity. 

{The M, W. S, then takes a biscuit^ 
breaks off a piece, and presents it to the 
Prelate or highest Brother present, who 
breaks off a piece and presents it to his 
neighbour; and so on. The first two 
then dip the broken pieces at the same 
time in the salt and eat it, and pass the 
salt cellar. They then take the goblet, 
and exchanging "P..jir,'* 
drink and pass it on. When all have 
participated, the M. W. S. proceeds, if 
any is left, to pass it round again, till 
all is consumed 

M. W. S. — ^AU is consumed. 

{They then form the living Circle^ 

M. W. S. — Gloria in Excelsis Deo, 

Ceremony of Reception. 53 

et in terra pax, hominibus bonae Vo- 


Gratefhl notes and numbers bring, 
While the name of God we sing ; 
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord, 
Be Thy glorious name adored* 

Men on earth, and Saints above. 
Sing the Great Redeemer's Love ; 
Loid, Thy mercies never fail. 
Hail, Hail, Celestial Goodness, Hail I 

While on earth ordained to stay. 
Guide our footsteps in Thy way ; 
Mortals, raise your voices high. 
Till they reach the echoing sky. 

Men on earth and Saints above, 
Sing the Great Redeemer's Love ; 
Lord, Thy mercies never fail, 
Hail, Hail, Celestial Goodness, Hail I 

M. W. S.— Excellent and Perfect 
Princes, we rejoice to have united in 
this feast of fraternal affection. Let 
us now treasure up the sacred doc- 
trines of the Order in the safe reposi- 
tory of our hearts. I now request our 
Most Reverend and Perfect Prelate to 
remove the Sacred Word, that it be 
not exposed to the eyes of the pro- 
fane, but consumed according to an- 

54 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix, 

cient custom, as a perpetual memorial 
of our veneration of Him who was 
sent to consummate the Redemp- 
tion of all those who faithfully and sin- 
cerely put their trust in Our Risen 

{The Most Reverend and Perfect 
Prelate then consumes the Word, during 
which the Princes silently retire one by 
one to their seats , the youngest first^ 

H. P. — Consummatum est. 
{Music and chanting,) 

Choir.—" Now lettest Thou Thy 
Servant depart in Peace." 


Itttftallation of t!je §&. 
ISiost Croix Chapter* 

( TAe M, W. S. Elect is to be presented 
for Installation in the following words 
by the Grand Marshal to the Installing 
Brother : — ) 

G. M. — Illustrious Brother, I have 
the honour to present to you our Bro- 
ther A. B., who has been selected to 
fill the distinguished office of M. W. S. 
of this Chapter during the ensuing 
year. He is well skilled in our su- 
blime mysteries, and observant of the 
moral precepts of our forefathers ; 
and I have no doubt that he will dis- 
charge the important duties of his 
office with zeal and fidelity. 

Inst. Bro. — I fully respect and ap- 
preciate your recommendation, Bro- 
ther Grand Marshal, and request that 
you will place the M. W. S. elect in 
the West. {Done.) 


56 . Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix, 

Inst. Bro.— (/^ M. W. S. Elect.) 
Worthy Brother, having been elected 
to the important and honourable Sta- 
tion of M. W. S. of this Chapter, it is 
with unfeigned pleasure that I enter 
upon the discharge of the duty of 

As the head of an Institution found- 
ed upon the Christian religion, and 
the practice of Christian virtues, 
you will sensibly realise the great re- 
sponsibility of the new relation in 
which you now stand to your brethren, 
and I am fully persuaded will so con- 
duct the important interests about to 
be committed to your hands, as to re- 
flect honour upon yourself and credit 
upon your Chapter. It is, however, 
my duty to propose certain questions 
to you relative to your office, to which 
I must request unequivocal answers. 

1st. Do you solemnly promise, on 
the honour of a Prince Rose Croix, 
that you will do all in your power to 
promote the general good of our 
Order, and on all proper occasions be 
ready to give and receive instructions, 
particularly from the Supreme Coun- 


Installation of the M. W. S, ' 57 

cil of the 33'', whose authority you 
hereby recognise and submit to ? 

2nd. That to the utmost of your 
power you will preserve the solemnity 
of our ceremonies, and behave in 
open Chapter with the most profound 
respect and reverence, as an example 
to your brethren ? 

3rd. That you will not acknowledge, 
or have any intercourse with, any Rose 
Croix Chapter which does not work 
under a constitutional warrant or dis- 
pensation from the Supreme Council 
of the 33°, or any foreign authority re- 
cognised by this Council ? 

4th. That you will not admit any 
Visitor into your Chapter without 
strict examination, and then only if 
he acknowledges the authority of the 
Supreme Council ? 

5 th. That you will observe and sup- 
port such Bye-Laws as may be made 
by your Chapter, in conformity to the 
Constitution of the Supreme Council 
of the 33°, and their general regula- 
tions, under whose authority you 
work ? 

6th. That you will pay due respect 

58 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix, 

and obedience to the instructions of 
the Sovereign Grand Inspectors-Gen- 
eral, and will resign your Chair to 
them severally when they may visit 
your Chapter ? 

7th. That you will bind your suc- 
cessor in office to the observance of 
the same rules to which you have 
now assented ? 

8th, and lastly. Do you submit to 
all these conditions, and do you pro- 
mise to observe and practise them 
faithfully ? {He assents) 

{The Installing Brother then directs 
the Grand Marshal to make the M, 
W, S. elect kneel in tJie East before 
him ; and holding a Sword horizon- 
tally, tJie edge towards the M, W. S. 
Elect, who will place his left hand on 
tJte same, and right hand upon his left 
breast, he will administer the following 
O, B, of Office, to be repeated by the 
M. W, S. Elect in an audible voice: — ) 

O. B. OF Office. 

I, A. B., do solemnly promise, upon 
^ my honour as a Prince Rose Croix, a 

Installation of the M. W. S. 59 

Master Mason, and a Gentleman, that 
I will, to the best of my knowledge 
and ability, faithfully discharge the 
duties incumbent upon the Office to 
which I have been appointed ; that 
I will support and maintain the Bye- 
Laws of the Chapter, and the Laws 
and Constitution of the Supreme 
Council of the 33^ 

{He salutes the Vol. of the S. L. once 
with his lips) 

Inst. Bro. — I now present to you 
the Charter of your Chapter ; you will 
receive it as a sacred deposit, and 
never permit it to be used for any 
other purposes than those expressed in 
it, and safely transmit it to your suc- 
cessor in office ; failing in whom you 
are to deliver it up to the Supreme 
Council of the 33° only. 

I also commit to your hands the 
Holy Bible, the great light in every 
degree of Masonry. 

The doctrines contained in this 
! Sacred Volume create in us a belief in 
the existence of the Eternal Jehovah, 
the one true and living God, the 
Creator and Judge of all things in 

6o Perfect Ceremonies, Pose Croix. 

heaven and earth. They also con- 
firm in us a belief in the dispensa- 
tions of His Providence. This belief 
strengthens our faith, and enables us 
to ascend the first step of the Grand 
Masonic Ladder. This Faith natur- 
ally produces in us a Hope of becom- 
ing partakers of the promises ex- 
pressed in this inestimable gift of 
God to man, which Hope enables us 
to ascend the second step. 

But the third and last, being 
Charity, comprehends the former, and 
will continue to exert its influences 
when Faith shall be lost in sight, and 
Hope in complete enjoyment. 

And now, M. W. S., permit me to 
induct you into the Chair of your 
Chapter, and, on behalf of the Princes 
of the Rose Croix here assembled, to 
offer you my most sincere congratula- 
tions on your accession to the honour- 
able station you now fill.* 

It will henceforth be your special 
duty to preserve inviolate the Laws 

* Some Chapters here present the M. W. S. 
with a rose, aiid the collar and jewel of his rank, 

Installation of the M. W, S. 6i 

and Constitutions of the Order, to dis- 
pense Justice, reward Merit, encourage 
Truth, and diffuse the sublime prin- 
ciples of Universal Benevolence. 

You will distribute alms to the 
poor and weary Pilgrim, clothe the 
naked, and bind up the wounds of the 

You will inculcate the duties of 
Charity and Hospitality, and govern 
your Chapter with justice and modera- 
tion ; and finally, my Brother, may 
the bright example of the holy and 
righteous men of old — the illustrious 
heroes of former ages, whose match- 
less deeds have shed a bright lustre 
on the name of Knights of the Rose 
Croix — encourage and animate you 
to the faithful performance of every 

Princes, behold your Most Wise 
Sovereign, and recollect that the pro- 
sperity of your Chapter will as much 
depend on your support, assistance, 
and obedience, as on the assiduit)'', 
fidelity, and wisdom of your Sove- 

{The M. W, S. then appoints his 

62 Perfect Ceremonies^ Rose Croix. 

Officers ; after which he gives the fol- 
lowing Charge to the Chapter : — ) 


M. W. S. — Princes Rose Croix, the 
present occasion forms an important 
and interesting epoch in the history 
of your Chapter, and I cannot doubt 
that it will long continue to be asso- 
ciated in your minds with the pleasant 
recollections of the past. 

Those of your Brethren who have 
been selected to preside over you, 
have been appointed to their respec- 
tive offices with the customary cere- 
monies of the Order ; you are here- 
after to look to them for counsel and 
direction, and they to you for co- 
operation and support in the discharge 
of the duties which have been com- 
mitted to their hands. Let there 
exist a perfect unity of sentiment be- 
tween you ; or, if there must be a dif- 
ference, let it be of emulation in the 
exercise of those good qualities which, 
while they dignify our nature, add 

Installation of the M, W. S. 63 

lustre to the highest and beauty to 
the lowest station. 

Let .the principles and precepts of 
morality and fervent piety, which are 
continually ascending from our Altar, 
repress every unkind thought, and 
smooth every asperity of feeling. 

Let us all remember that we should 
be children of humility, and in our 
lives and conversation, and in our 
fraternal intercourse, so illustrate the 
beauty and excellence of our Order, 
that without comprehending our mys- 
teries, the world may exclaim, " How 
good and pleasant it is for brethren 
to dwell together in unity !" Brethren, 
this is the will of God, that with well- 
doing you put to silence the ignorance 
of foolish men ; as free, and not using 
your liberty for a cloak of malicious- 
ness, but as the servants of God. 
Honour all men. Love the brother- 
hood. Fear God. Honour the Queen. 


Masonic Rituals, — Uniform Working. 


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C<?«/wi>f^;— Ceremonies of Opening and Closing a 
Lodge in the Three Degrees — Questions to Can- 
didates before Passing and Raising — Ceremonies 
of Initiation, Passing, and Raising — Addresses, 
Charges, and Exhortation to Candidates—Expla- 
nations OF the Three Tracing Boards — Test Ques- 
tions OF the M.M. Degree— Ceremony of Calling- 
OFF AND Calling-on— Ceremonies of Opening and 
Closing G. L. andProv. G. L.— A Century of Masonic 
Toasts and Sentiments— The Freemason's Memento 
—The Masonic Muse: Songs for Craft Masonry, 
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yi/w;— Introduction : An Essay on the Various 
Rituals of Freemasonry from the Tenth Century, 
BY THE late Rev. G. Oliver, D.D.— The Tracing 
Boards for the Three Degrees— Ceremonies op 
Opening and Closing a Board of Installed Masters 
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Lodges— Of the Apron— Honours after the Toasts 
—General Notes to Members and Visitors. 

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Installing the W. M., with the Addresses to the 
Officers, &c &c. 

THE ROYAL ARCH comprises :—CKKBMomB& of 
Opening and Closing a Chapter— Ceremony of Exal- 
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Officsss, and the Addresses, &c, &c 

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