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Mis-State Amateur Radio Club 

President: Joe Yergura EASZFA 
¥ioe Pres: Keith Cuhoon EYPIT 
Secretary: Bob Doles WEOATR 
Treasurer: Mac McCarty KVSE 

_epeater Trustee: David Julian BESTS 

James Anderson NOKTX Columbus Advanced 

Sheri Atkins Marion NC Tech 
Robert Dickey K89FEO Hope Tech 
Dollie Osman Bloomington 

Todd Osman KFOFX Loomington 

Abraham Skernick Bloomington General 
James Yeddle KBSDRI Franklin Tech 
David Yendt KASGOH Indianapolis Extra 
Lynn Wilhelm KBSGT? Greenwood Tech 


Nov 17 Rushvilie  H6RS 763-6090 
Roy 30 Lebanon HX9Q 482-1866 
Dec 7 thancie FOIUI 288-0481 
Dec 28 Indy RQOR 291 ~3569 

» The Swap Swamp 

mi oo. Buy-Sell on Swap 
For sale * empo I radio with p/s 
KASZMU 738-9424 

Fanted inexpensive 2/3 chan crystal 2 mtr 
R9azZD «(5535-8047 

For sale. Coco 3, monitor, D drive ,Printer 
N¥9K = ='736-6320 

For Sale: Intel 287x1 math  co-processor 

Also 286 processor $100 includes testing 
and installation. NSMKK 862-2717 

The Executive Committee is considering 4 
social family event for the club in early 
February. The date and nature of the event 
1s not yet set and the committee would 
like to hear from club members on ideas. 
such things as which day of the week, type 
of event that would appeal to most 
members, etc. Let them know what you 
think! February is usually 4 very slov 
uneventiul month and an activity like this 
might help us get through windy tlarch! 


Paul Easley, KASKAIT has been back in 
Franklin from Honduras during the past fev 
days. Several club members have talked 
with him on our repeater and plans vere 
made to have him tell us about his 
experiences at the club meeting ths 
Saturday. However, it seems he will be 
leaving on friday snd will not be able to 
attend the meeting. 

Paul's first missionary trip to 
Honduras began in 1979. After two years he 
first returned to Franklin and later moved 
to Texas, returning to our area in 
December of 1984. He began his present 
mission in Honduras in September of 1989 
His children attend a bi-lingual school 
and have learned Spanish very well. One of 
them tested KASZPA's spanish on the 
repeater last week! 

During his latest mission he gave 
radio assistance with Dean Cary, AASET to 
the rescue of three people in a downed 
aircraft in the water about 75 miles from 
bis home. This event was featured in a 
recent issve of QST. Paul is presently 
director of two religious broadcast 
stations in the San Fedro area He also 
maintains an AM and shortwave station in 
the mountains which has received favorable 
comments from listeners from around the 

Paul tries to keep a regular schedule 
of ham contacts pith local friends on the 
net on 21.390 from 1800 to 1900 daily. He 
also is planning to participate in a 
DXpedition from his area during the 
Columbus 500 year celebration in October 
of 1992. He also plans to make a video of 
his activities in Honduras and will make 
at available for owr club use. 

So, Paul have a good return trip and 
keep in touch with us We vill try to make 
some radio contacts with you after you 
return 73 




A new proposal by the FCC to ailow 
local telephone companies to carry 
broadcast video amd digital data 
information could reshape the telephone 
and cable industries. This would = put 
telephone programming in competition with 
cable and satelite companies, which are of 
course, opposed to the idea. Under the 
proposal the telephone companies could 
also produce their own video material as 

The cable companies threaten to take 
the case to court claiming the telephone 
companies would take unfair advantage of 
their access ta income ‘from requiar 
telephone service ani their favored 
position as an essential public service. 

The trend in telecommunications 
regulation has been away from monopolies 
toward more competition making it probable 
the FCC will give the phone companies 32 
piece of the action. This is a Inigh-stakes 
game in which even the smallest rule 
change will effect profitability. So, the 
fight will be be long and hard by both 
sides of the issue. 

Thanksgiving ! 

From tise 


Ye had a good turn-out at the last 
meeting and I would like to see us da ; 
well this saturday. Ye lucked out again 
and will have another radio/snooze alarm 
for a Kerchunker prize! Sa be here and 
sign up! =I hope you all have a great 
Thanksgiving and don't eat too much! 

Gur newest club member is Keath 
Rhymer NOLX2Z who joined just tims week. 
Keath and his wife Joyce live in 
Indianapolis. Welcome to the club Keath! 


flinutes of previous meeting. 
Treasurers report 
Repeater Trustee report 
Olid business. 

New business 
Program: Paul, KASKAT or Ham Radio video 
Adjournment .