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The Spark Gap 

Newsletter of the 

Mid-State Amateur Radio Club 

Volume 19 MARCH 2002 Number 3 


After a brief absence the Spark Gap has once again returned to keep our members informed of 
club meetings, activities, up-coming events, hamfests, etc. Bob LaGrange, N9SIU, is now 
editing the newsletter. Club members are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter. Articles 
concerning things of interest to amateur radio is needed to make the newsletter useful to our club 
and it’s members. If there are ideas of what you would like to see in the MARC Spark Gap 
please contact me. I am always open for suggestions and will try to make the Spark Gap a good 
source of information for club members and hams in and around Johnson County. 


Alex Whitaker — AA9XY 

Many of Amateur Radios classic models are closer to home than you might expect. Next 
Saturday Whiteland resident Alex Whitaker-AA9XY will bring some of his favorites and share 
the history behind these classic models. Join us for a trip back into the golden age of Amateur 
radios at the March 16" meeting. The fun starts at 8AM in the EOC.-W8ISH 

If you haven’t already paid your club dues for 2002 please do so by the our next meeting March 
16". The dues are $ 18.00 per year and include all privileges for club members. Please see 
Emest Clark, KB9SKI before or after the meeting to keep you dues current. 


The VE team is ready to begin administering testing for ali amateur licenses and license up 
grades at the conclusion of the March MARC club meeting. The testing should begin about 
9930. No pre-registration is needed. You will need to bring a copy of your license with you if 
are planning to up-grade. Good luck to all that are testing. 

MARCH 2002 

7:00 PM 
Johnson County Emergency Management Agency 

Emergency Operations Center 
Talk-in on the 146.835 — 

Ham Radio License Class 

The Mid-State Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring a license preparation class for the Technician 

Class license starting March 11" at 7:00 PM. The class will be held in the EOC and should last 
about one hour. The classes are free but the student will need the No Code Technician study aid 
from your local Radio Shack store. Please contact Ernest Clark, KB9SKI at 317-889-1931 or e- 


As all of you know, we are collecting each week for this program. By doing this, we won’t miss 
the money as much as we would at Christmas time. This should allow us to sponsor two families 
this year. To date we have collected $ 82.00. Any ideas on this program are welcome. 

contact Barb, kb9nog 

.... See copy of letter page 4 
e ed 


Carol Osborne (xyl-kb9hse) and Barb Rogers (kb9nog) have joined Ladies Only. They have a 
“heavy” bet going on. Watch the pounds fly! (hopefully) Stay tuned ............. 
.... kb9nog 

MARCH 2002 

Prayer Corner + 
Please continue to pray for irene Gill. She is still unable to walk on her own and has trouble 
with her speech. She has been transferred to Homeview on Old US 31 across from the 
Masonic Home. Vernon could use a word of prayer for a speedy recovery from his knee surgery. 
He should be back with us very soon. 
Homer Keasley (wb9o0zz) and his wife, Lela is both in the hospital at this time. You can visit 
them at the Todd Aikens at Johnson Memorial. Homer is in room 280B and Lela is in room 
233A. I’m sure they would appreciate a visit or a cail. 

.... Kb9nog 

April 6" - Columbus , 

Bartholomew County Fair Grounds, 8 am to 2pm 
Talk —in: 146.790- 

Ken Brewer, Weather forecaster for WISH-TV Channel 8 Indianapolis made a visit to the 
MARC February meeting. Ken spoke to us about severe storms and being prepared for them. 
He also showed a video tape concerning being storm ready the equipment used at WISH-TV 
weather room. Ken was very well received and it was good to have him as our guest again. 

Editor — Bob LaGrange, N9SIU 

Jay Chrisman — AA9YP Joan Kemp — N9DON Ernest Clark - KB9SKI 

Jay Chrisman — AA9YP 

Matt Payne — KB9UJE 

Dave Wendt - KB9O00H 

ACTIVITIES DIR.- Jack Parker -- W8ISH 

Vernon Gill — N9QBO 
Vernon Gill — N9QBO 

PUBLIC INFO. - Leroy Perry- KB9ZLC 

cane eee 

United Way 

of Johnson County 

2525 N. Morton Street, P.O. Box 153 
Franklin, iN 46131 
GI7)736-7840 © FAX GIT) 736-4449 

Board of Directors 
‘Trent McWilliams 
Heartland Community Bank 
Vice President 
Eric Fredbeck 
Deppe, Fredbeck & Boll 
Bill Oakes 
Johnson Memorial Hospital 
Betsy Schmid 
Franklin College 
Watt Aldorisio 
Center Grove School Corporation 
Mike Aldrich 
Community Volunteer 
Janet Alexander 
City of Franklin 
Rick Belses 
National City Bank 
Tom Brown 
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network 
Mike Crumbo 
Alpine Electronics Manufacturing, of 
Ed Deiwert 
BANK ONE Indianapolis 
Tins Fearin 
IC Penney 
Ruth Freese 
Community Volunteer 
Keith Grant 
Nineveh-Henstey-Jackson Schoot 
Yvette Hauser 
Indiana Department of Education 
Marga Mastin 
Community Volunteer 
Jackie McNeclan 
Huntington Bank 
Jeff Owen 
Datly Journal 
Joe Pitcher 
Johnson County Attorney 
Joe Trucbload 
Franklin United Methodist Community 
Ken Wiliams 
Community Volunteer 

Executive Director 
Nancy Lohr Plake 

Teton gy 

rary eae Ccarbied. 
ee vi bhe &? oe 

January 17, 2002 

Ms. Barbara Rogers 
Wenesday Supper Club 
1472 S. Center Lane 
Franklin, IN 46131 

Dear Barbara, 

On behalf of the United Way of’ Johnson County, i want to thank you tor 
being an integral part of the 2001 Christmas Angels program. As a 
Christmas Angels Sponsor your organization truly made a positive 
difference in the lives of many Johnson County families and demonstrated 
the true meaning and spirit of the holidays. 

During December, more than 1,100 children received toys and clothing 
through the Christmas Angels program. The United Way staff is currently 
reviewing this past year’s operation, if you have any suggestions or 
comments please send an email ( or call me at your 

Again, thank you for your time and contribution to this important initiative. 
Your participation made a tremendous impact! 


Gary il 
Chris! Angels Program 

Tharks Sr all of your help, ¢ 

working wth you and nude that your 

eny oye 

group found the Experience te be valable, 

Dlence let me know iE ue have Sugaestans 

MARCH 2002 

MARCH 2002 


Repeater Trustee, Matt Payne — KB9UJE reported at the last MARC club meeting that the club 
repeater is getting nearer to a date for moving to a new location. The new site is located south of 
Greenwood off SR. 135 on a Bargersville water tower. Matt stated that the site is an excellent 
location and should give good coverage to the county and beyond. Help will be needed when the 
repeater is moved to the new site. See Matt and let him know if you can be of assistance with 
this very important move for our club repeater. With this new location the 146.835 repeater will 
once again be a high profile repeater to serve the Johnson County area. 

.... NOSTU 


answer: 1. flag on balloon 2. three birds 3. window in van 4. tree 5. house 6. smoke from three stack’s 


In an effort to identify and develop a cohesive emergency communications plan the first ever- 
Amateur Radio Emergency Communications summit was held in Indianapolis this month. 
They came from the Red Cross, Salvation Army, ARES, RACES and even CB-radio’s REACT 
team. . Two dozen representatives of different Amateur Radio emergency communications 
groups met in a Federal Building training room to find ways of helping local and state 
emergency management organizations. Marion County ARES director Mike Palmer-N9FEB 
organized the summit. Palmer cited a need to develop better communications and cooperation 
between the different groups. 

Many amateurs wear two or three different hats when it comes to providing public service. 
Palmer wants to identify those who are willing to help and to better utilize the voice and data 
communications available in the Marion County Amateur Radio Community. Many of the 
summit participants agreed this type of effort is long overdue. 

Members of Army-Navy and Air Force Mars, as well as the Indiana Wing of the Civil Air Patrol 
offered their services during times of disaster. Everyone agreed this was a good start and look 
forward to future efforts to better train and organize Amateur Radio Emergency Communications 
in Marion County and Central Indiana. -W8ISH. 


Good ideas are worth continuing and MARC member/club Secretary, Emest Clark — KB9SKI is 
making available to all club members labels to put on your used QST, CQ & 73 etc magazines. 
You place the label on your old magazine and strategically place it among the other magazines at 
the doctor’s, dentist, or your favorite barber shop. Each label shows the club address, webpage 
address, e-mail and a telephone number for the interested person reading the magazine. Emest 
will have a supply of these self-sticking labels ready at the next club mecting. 

MARCH 2002 



Prana eae 

fay > 

Answers somewhere inthisissue. —...... Joe KF9LQ 


MARCH 2002 

Calling the Lonely Guys 

By Peter Costa, WIZZZ 
March 8, 2002 
Seeing ourselves as others see us can be a humbling experience. Describing our ham activities 
as others may view them is equally difficult. But if you did, would this club's charter sound the 
least bit familiar? 

Some Amateur Radio operators participate in contests, design exotic circuits, handle emergency 
traffic, work DX, run QRP or pound brass. But many hams don't do any of these things. They are 
just plain Lonely Guys looking to talk to other Lonely Guys. After more than 100 weeks of 
meeting every Saturday moming at 8 Eastern Time on 3890 kHz, The Lonely Guys Amplitude 
Modulation Net can confirm there is definitely a need for an RF hangout where everyone knows 
your name. 

lonelyguys-Irg.jpglonelyguys- The Lonely Guys AM Net boasts more than 90 certified 
Irg.ipg members. More than twice that number listen to the net 

Lonely Guys attended the Marlboro, every Saturday morning. Lonely Guys live anywhere 
Massachusetts, flea market in from Maine to Michigan to Maryland and are from 28-86 
: ra peek ae Bake ai an years old. There is even one female Lonely Guy. 
Steve Cloutier, WA1QIX; Peter. | - What makes one a Lonely Guy? Being a Lonely Guy 
Costa, W1ZZZ; Bob Albo, K1KBW; doesn't necessarily mean that one lives alone in the 
Rich Leverone, K1ETP; and, George wilderness--although several net members actually do. 
Cogswell, W1UAX. [Photos bythe = Many Lonely Guys are married or have girlfriends or 
author “significant others" and live and work in the heart of 
Manhattan or Baltimore or Boston--surrounded by millions of people. 
Nevertheless they all seem to exhibit classic signs of Lonely Guy behavior--excessive--almost 
compulsive--listening to 75-meter AM activity, talking into the small hours of the morning to 
other Lonely Guys whom they see at most twice a year at a hamfest or whom they never see, and 
working with a jeweler's skill and a mad scientist's intensity restoring rigs that reflect their 
childhoods. They all try to recapture times past when they sat in tube-lit shacks listening to their 
dad's friends, their uncle's buddies, or their Elmer's colleagues tossing signals into a forest of 
Lonely Guys talk about many things--from aviation to rock 'n roll, from baseball to philosophy, 
from push-pull amplifiers to pushy relatives. But primarily, Lonely Guys are Amateur Radio 
operators who spend Saturday mornings alonc in their shacks talking to other Lonely Guys. 
Net control poses a suggested topic for discussion each week, and these topics have included 
proposed ARRL band plans, modulation circuits, antennas, and non-electronics subjects, such as 
aviation, sports, ham etiquette, loneliness, relationships, current events, and philosophy. 

A recent topic was 10 Ways to Know if You Are a Lonely Guy: 

e You have more than three volt-ohmmeters in your shack. b-Irg.ipgb-irg.jpg 
¢ You can name all the original cast members of Star Trek and ste rains 
mimic their accents. WAIGIN tecewad 4 
: 3 Certificate of 
¢ You arrive at a hamfest more than 24 hours before it opens. Appreciation for his 
¢ You try to engage female toll collectors in conversation. work helping Lonely 
¢ You still read all the classified ads in OST. Guys design and 
Yy. : than two fi : ti build high-power 
e¢ You monitor more than Wo frequencies at a time. solid state AM 
e You know the voltage ratings of all the capacitors at your local transmitters. 

RadioShack store. 
¢ You listen to The Lonely Guys Net each week but have never officially checked in. 
¢ You say, "I don't really qualify as a Lonely Guy." (This is a dead giveaway--the first 
symptom of Lonely Guy-ness is denial.) 
¢ The longest you have ever gone without being on the air or monitoring radio 
transmissions was ... 
So, if you are looking for a group to talk with about almost anything, join the Lonely Guys on 
Saturday momings. 
ARRL member Peter Costa, W1ZZZ, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, is the founder of The Lonely 
Guys Net and often serves as net control. He's been active on the HF bands since 1976. Costa 
works primarily AM using highly modified, vintage, tube-type equipment. His favorite rigs are 
the Collins 32V2 and the companion 75A2 receiver. His wife, Sara, is NIXXY. The recently 
launched Lonely Guys Web site - lists Lonely Guy members, news and commentary articles, and 
Saturday morning dis 

Reprinted from the ARRL Website: 


Indiana QSO Party 
May 4, 2002 

Sponsored by Hoosier DX and Contest Club 
Information on HDXCC homepage