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Wkoliare been bom^ ^ iffided tm 

E N G L A N D\ 

yit» H O R A C E W A L P O L E 

From the MSS. of 


To whicli b added 

An AccovKT of the LIFE ^ad WORKS 
of the latter, 

AfdArt reJUStei Images to Art.i * ■■ P opg, . 

l^^ L O N D O K 5 


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r .*. ^ 


fine arts 
'• ubraWy ■ 

AUG 27 1973 

.X ■*'. 

-A T A- .> 

4r.> .3hu 

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QAtalogu^ of Engravers, — •— p- n 

Pofi/cript, — — ^ — ' 247^ 

Life of VzKrv:E, — — — z^^ 

Lift of VertueV fTorks, * — — 273. 


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o p 

WH EN the monarchs of Egypt creft- 
ed thoie ftupendous maflesj tho^ 
pyramids, for no other ufe but to record 
their names, and by which their purpofe was 
not anfwered, they little fufpeded that a 
weed growing by the Nile would one day 
be converted into more durable regifters of 
fame, than quarries of marble and granite. 
Yet \^cn paper had been invented, what 
ages rolled away before it was dcftined to 
its beft fervice! It is equally amufing tQ 
obferve what obvious arts efcape our touchy 
and how quickly various channels are de- 
duced from a fourcc when once opened* 
This was the cafe of the prefs : Printing 
Vol. V. A wa» 

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2 Catalogue i>f Engrat^s. 

was not difcovered tilT about die year 1430: 
in thirty years more it was applied to the? 
multiplication of drawings. Authors fiaS 
Icarce fecn that facihty c£ difperfing thei^ 
works before painters received an almolt 
equal * advantage. To each was endlefs 
fame in a manner enfured, if they had merife 
to challenge it^ With regard to prints, 
the new difcovery aflbciated the profeffori 
in fbme degree with the great matters whofe 
works they copied. This intimate con- 
nexion between painters and engravers 
makes fbme account of the lattei* a kind 
of necefiary fupplement to the hiftory of 
the former. But if this country has not 
produced many men of genius in the nobler 
branchy it has been ftill more deficient in 
excellent engravers* Mr. Vertue had bcea 

• . Want of colouring is the ^apital d^fici^nce of 
prints ; yet even thiJs fcems attainable. Monfieur le 
Blon, who will be mentioned hereafter, invented co- 
loured prints,, and did enough to ihew the feafibility.. 
His difcovery was neglected, as the revival of en- 
cauftic painting has been lately ; though the advantages 
of each art are fi) obvious aad fo deiirable. 


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Ou$ikgue jof Engra'vers, 3 

alike induftriom in hunting after p[U3nu- 
m!mx% of the latter prpfeffionj he was of 
it hiiUfclf i but as the artifts were lefs il- 
laftrious, his labour was by far.mpre un- 
^ccefefuL 'Till the arrival of Hollar the . 
art of engraving was in England almoft 
confined to portraits. Vertue thought what 
was produced here before the reign of king 
James, of fo little confequence, that in a 
iketth which he had made for a beginning, 
he profeffedly dates his account from the 
year 1600. If I take it up earlier, it is 
merely to give a compleat hiftory, which 
will be comprehended in few lines, and the 
materials for which I have chiefly gathered 
from his papers, and from the Typographi- 
cal Antiquities of Mr. * Ames. 

• Jofeph Ames, fecretary of tHe Society of Antiquaft 
lies, was originally a (hip-chandler in Wapping. Late 
in his life he took to the fhidy of antiquities, and be« 
fides his quarto volume, containing accouots of our 
earlieii printers and their works, he publifhed a lift in 
duodecimo of Bnglifh heads, engraved and mezzotinto» 
and drew up the Parentalia from Mr. Wren's papers. 
He died in 1759. His library and prints were fold by 
audion in the following year* ' 

A 2 Mr* 

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4 Catalogue of Engravers. 

. Mr. Evelyn fays * the art of cngravingy 
and working off from f plates of copper, 
did not appear *tiH about the year 1490*^ 
That isj it was not brought to perfeftion 
from the hints gathered from typography t 
Yet it is certain that in 1460 Mafo Fini- 
guerra, a goldfmith of Florence^ by an ac^- 

• Sculptara, p. 3;« 

t I have fakl, and for two reafons, fliall fay tittfW 
©f wooden cuti ; that art never was executed in any 
perfe&ion in England : engraving on. metal was a .fig- 
nal improvement of the art, and fuppiied the defers 
of cuttings in wood. The ancient wooden cuts were 
certainly carried to a great heighth» but that was the 
merit of the matters, not of the method. Whoever de- 
£res to know more of cutting in wood ihould confiili 
a very laborious work, lately pubHftied in France in two 
vols* odlavo, called Traite hiflorique & pratique de la 
grftveure en bois, par PapiUon^ Paris i766» The author 
will not probAbly> as he wifhes, perfqade the world t9 
return to wooden cuts j but he gives examples of vig- 
nettes to books in that manner, which ought to make 
editcws aihamed of the Hovenly ilamps diat are now 
ofed for the faireft editions. There is a curious ac- 
count of mifTals* &c. Morittd with wooden cuts, in Mr* 
^Sough's Brit. Topogr. 2d. edit, in the articles of 
Wiltfliire, from p. 319, to p, 362, vol. ii. 


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Catalogue of Engravers. J 

ddcnt.that might have given birth to the 
rolling-prefs, without the antecedent dif- 
cpyery of printing, did aftually light upon 
the method of taking off ftamps from an 
engraved plate. Calling a piece of fuch 
plate into melted brimftone, he obferved 
that the exad impreflion of the engraving 
was left upon the furface of the cold brim- 
Aone, marked by lines of black. He re- 
peated the experiment on moiftened pa- 
per, rolling it gently with a roller. It fuc- 
ceeded. He communicated the dilcovery to 
Baccio Baldini, of his own profi^ffion and 
(Uty, The latter purfued the invention with 
iuccefs, and engraved fever^al plates from 
drawings of Sandro Boticellc/, which being 
feen by Andrea Mantegna, he not pqly af- 
filed Baldini with defign$, but cultivated 
the new art himfelf. It h^ not long beca 
in vogue before Hugo da Carpi tried the 
fame expcrinaent with wood^ ^nd even add- 
ed a variety of tints by ufing different 
j(t:amps for the gradations of lights and 
IhadeS; a method revived here fome years 
agQ with much fuccefs by KirkalJ, and 
A 3 fincc 

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6 Catalogue of Efjgraversl 

lince at Venice by Jackfon j though v«y 

From Italy engraving foon travdied in* 
to Flanders, where it was firft praftifed 
by one Martin of Antwerp. He was fol- 
lowed by Albert Durer, who carried the 
art to a great height, confidering how bad 
the tafte was* of the age and country 'in 
which he lived. His fidelity to what he 
faw was at once his fame and misfortune j 
he was happy in copying nature, but it w^s 
nature difguifed and hid under ungraceful 
forms'. With neither choice of fubjefts or 
beauty, his induftry gave merit even to 
uglinefs and ^bfurdity. Confining his la- 
bours almoft wholly to religious and le- 
gendary hifiories, he turned the Teftament 
into the hift9ry of a Flemifh village ; the 
habits of Herod, Pilate, Jofeph, &c. their 
4weriings, their utenfils and their cuftoms, 
were all gothic' and European ^ his virgin 
Mary was the heroine of a Kermis. Lucas 
of Leyden imitated him in all his faults 
and was ftill* morcf burlefque in his re- 
prefentations. It was not till Raphstel h^d 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 

Calalogue af Ertp^avers. 7 

foopcci Marc Antocik), that engraving 
placed itfelf mik dignity by the fide of 


. When the art reached England does nO| 
Appear. It is a notorious blunder in Cham- 
bers, * to fay that it was firft brought from 
Antv/erp by Speed in the reign of James L 
In fome degree we had it almoft as fbon 
as printing;* the printers themfelves ufing 
fmall plates for their devices and rebufes : 
Caxton's Golden f Legend has in the be- 
ginning a groupe of faints, and many othef 
cuts difperfed through the body of the 
work. It Was printed in 1483, The fe* 
cond edition of his Game at Chefs had 
cuts too. So has his Le Morte Arthur. 
Wynkyn de Worde, Caxton's fucceflbr, 
f^efijced to his edition of the Statutes in 
the.Fixth year of Henry VII. a plate with the 
king's arms, crefts, &rc. a copy of which 
is given in the life of Wynkyn^ by Mr. 
. Ames in his^ Typographical Antiquities, 

* Dictionary. Edit, of 1728. Art. Printing, . 
t Ames, pu 55'. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

f (JatahgM& of Enp'averi. 

p. 79. The fame printer exhibited leveral 
books adorned with cuts^ fame of which are 
particularly defcribed by his Biographef> in 
pages 87, 88, 89, & fequentibus. 

The fubfequent printers continued tQ 
ornament their books with wooden cuts. 
One confiderable work, publiflied by John 
Rafteli, was diftinguiftied by prints of un-. 
common merit for that age. It was called 
^be Paftytne of the People, and by bifhop 
Nicholfon in his Hiftorical Library, RafieWs 
Chronicle. This fcarce book, of a very large 
fize, I faw at the audtion of Mr. Ames's 
library > it had many cuts, eighteen of 
which were in great folio, reprefeming the 
kings of England, fo well defigned and 
boldly executed as to be attributed to 
Holbein, though I think they were not of 
•his hand. I ftiall mention but one more 
book with wooden cuts (though fcveral 
are recorded by Ames). It is Grafton's 
Chronicle, * printed in 15^9, and contain- 
ing many heads, as of William the Con^ 

* Ames^ p. 204. 


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CSitalogue tf Engraverr, 9 

^ueror, Henry VHI. and queen Elizabeth, 
&C. Yet though even portraits were ufed 
in books, I find no trace of fingle prints 
being wrought off in that age. Thole 
which I have mentioned in a * former vo- 
lume as compofing part of the colleftion 
of Henry VIII. were probably the pro- 
dudtions of foreign artifts. The firft book 
that appeared with cuts from copper -plates, 
at leaft the firft that fb induftrious an en- 
quirer as Mr. Ames f had obferved, was, 
*^ The Birth of Mankind, otherwyfe called. 
The Woman's Book,*' dedicated to the queen 
Catherine an4 publifhed by Thomas Ray- 
nalde in 1 540, with many fmall copper cuts, 
but to thefe no name was affixed. The 
earKcft engraver that occurs was 

* Anecdotes of Painting, vol. L p. 97. 
t P- 219. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

G E M I N I E, 

I As he calk himfelf in a title- 
i page which I (hall mention pre- 
lently. The little that is known of hun i$ 
collcded from his works. Of thefe was 

Thomae Gemini Lyficnfis compendiofk 
totius Anatornes delineatio, sere exarata^ 
folio 1 545. " Thefe plates, fays Ames, * 
are fome of the firft rowling-prefs printing 
in England." This was a new edition of 
Vefalius's Anatomy, which was firft pub.- 
lifhed at Padua in 1542 with large wooden 
cuts, which cuts Geminus imitated on cop- 
per-plates i tliough, fays Vertue, *' I quef- 
tion whether more than the title-page, to 
which he has put his name, was the work 
of Geminus ; the moft and beft part of the 
graved figures were probably copied from 
the wooden cuts in Vcfalius by a better 
hand." The firft edition was dedicated to 
Henry VIII. Geminus afterwards publifh. 

• Allies^ p. iiS. 
8 ed 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

tA a tranflation by Nicholas Udal of the 
fame 'work- in 1552, and dedicated it »> 
Edward VI. The tranflator in his preface 
fays, " Acccpte therefore, j^ntill reader, 
this Traftife of Anatomic, thankfully imer^ 
preting the labours of Thomas Gemini, the 
workman. He, that with his great charge, 
watch and travayle hath fct out thefc 
figures in pourtrature, will moft willingly 
be amended, or better perfefted of his own 
workmanfliip, if admonilhed." Vertue hav* 
ing quoted this paffage, owns, that the writ- 
ing JO all thefe plates was furely graved by 
Geminie, and probably fome parts or mem- 
bers of the bodies. We do not contend for 
the excellence of Geminie *s performances. 
It is fufficient that we have afcertained lb 
early an engraver in England, Vertue adds, 
that Geminie publiflied another fmall work, 
with copper cuts, relating to midwifry two 
years before. I do not know whether he 
means two years before the firfl: or the fe- 
cond of his editions of Vefalius. It is cer- 
tain that Ames does not fpecify fuch a work, 
though in page 304, he acknowledges that 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

141 Catalogue of Engravers. 

there are books printed by Gcminic of an 
eftrifcr date than iany He had feeri ; far <jemi- 
nip was not only an engraver but a printer^ 
and dwelled in Blackfriars. Thence he jpub- 
liflied a Prognoftication, &c. relating to 
the weather, the Phsenomena of the Hea- 
vens, &€t viti^ a Aug*ber of cuts. Imprinted 
iy Thomas Geminie, quarto, and another edi- 
tion of his Anatomy in iS59} dedicated to 
queen Elizabeth. 

- So congenial an art as engraving, when 
once difcovcred, could not fail to fpread ia 
an age of literature. That accoraplilhed 
prelate, aichbilhop Parker; who thought 
that whatever tended to enlighten and civi- 
Jize the human mind, was within his pro- 
vince, feems to have been the nwft conlpi- 
cUous patron of the arts in the reign of Eli- 
-zabeth. I have mentioned before * that he 
employed in his palace at Lambeth a pain- 
ter and two or three engravers^ Of thefc f 
the chief was 

• Anecdotes of Painting, vol. i. p. 278. 
■ f Another was Richard Lync, of whom fee an ac* 
-coofitin Mr. Cough's Brit. Topogr. 2d. edit. vol. i. 
p. 2o8. 


Catalogue of Engravers. i j 


Of whom I can give the readfcr no farther 
information, than what he has received al- 
ready, that Hogenbergh twice engraved the 
archbilhop's head, which Vertue thonght 
was the firft portrait engraved '\i( England i 
and a genealogy of the kin^s^ ofEnghncf. 
Remigius had a brother, who either was \h 
England or worked for Engtifhmen', lis 
name » f* ^ 



I By his hand is extant a print of 
' queen Mary L dated 1555; if this 
was executed in her reign it was antecedent 
tb'di^t of Parker: but it might not \^ 
-done here, or rai^^t be performed after hi^t 
^deiath, and allude only to her sera. Uriflp' 
it is written, Veritas Temporis Filia, In tf^ 
fet of Saxton's maps he engraved thofc of 
Gaul and Belgium. Of his works abroad 

• Veptue 

y Google 

14 Gafalop^ (fEfigrmirs^ 

Vertue had feen views in * Bruin's Civita- 
tes Orbis Terrarum, printed at Cologn in , 

157 a, in conjun<flion with Simon Novel- 
lani and Gc©rgf Hoefnagle ; and others in 
Abraham Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Ter- 
rarum, in which he -was affifted by Ferdi- 
nand and Ambrofe Arfen, Antwerpi^ 1 570. 
The map of England in this coUediqn. wa^ 
the work of Humphry Lhuyd of Denbigh- 
fhire,as that of Spain was of Thomas Gemi- 
nus, whom I have already mentioned. En-*- 
graving was on no contemptible foot in 
England when we had profeflbrs f worthy of 


' ^ Thiy^^cnfive workcotifilh of t\^o very large and 
^ck folios ; the firft containing 178 plans and views of 
towns, the fecond 135. They are drawn and engraved 
by Francis and Abraham Hogenbergh, Hoefnagle, 
and others, particularly Henry Stenwicic : the author 
jlyles himfelf boih Bruin and Braiin. It is a work of 
uncommon Iab6ur, but without method, and fome' df 
the cities are repeated. In this coUeftioii is the cu- 
rious print of Nonfuch ; and in the laft plate but two of 
the firll volume is a view of the lake Averno ; Ortellus 
and G. Hoefnagle are ftanding by the lake, and from 
feeing birds fwimming on it, hunc locum non efle Aor- 
non advertentes. 

f ^ftclius himfelf commends the Englifti engravers. 


y Google 

being employed to adorn Flemilh editions $ 
Flanders was at that time a capital theatra 
of arts and learning. 



A phyfician of Norwich, was alfii 
an author and engraver. In hk 
Cofmpgtaphical Glafs, a fine copy of wlii|(^ 
is defcribed by Ames, J .are many cuts and 
a large map of Norwich, fome of the places 
f^graved by the doftor's own hand* If 
was printed in folio in 1559, and dedicated 
to the lord Robert Dudley, afterwards |hc 
well-known earl of Leicefler* 

and befidcs thofe I have fpecilicd, he names Antony 
Jenkcnfon, who fiwrifhed in 1562, and Robert Leetfc, 
a man fkillfuU in taking the plot of a country. Stf 
Ames, p. 540. 
X Ih. p. 217- 


[ Digitized by VjOOQIC 


i6 . Catalogue -tf^EftgrOfifers^ 



Was a furvcyor, and related w 
Edward Aggas a printer. * Ralph 
publiihed what I fhould have conclud- 
ed a book, i^ he called it Cekbcrrinwe. 
OxonienHi^ Academia?, &c. elegans fimid 
& accurata defcriptio; but Ames who is 
not very explicit, feems to fpeak of it as a 
nnap, faying it was three feet by four ; and 
he adds that Cambridge was done about 
the fame time, that is, in 1578. Aggas 
made a map of Dunwich in 1589, which I 
have mentioned, f and a large plan and' 
view of London, which was re-engraved by 
Vertue, and of which in one of his MSS. he 
gives the following account : 

" A plan and view of Leodon, with the 
river Thames and adjacent parts, being the 
moft ancient profpeft in print. This was 
reported to have been done in Henry VIII,' 
or king Edward Vlth's time ; but from fe- 

• Anies> p. 389. 

t Aim^dotcs of Pamtingp vol, 1. p zSj. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C^fo^ue of Engravers. 17 

veral circtinnftances it appears to be done early 
in the beginning of queen Elizabeth's reign« 
about 1 560 5 being cut in feveral blocks of 
-wgod^ The prims thererf being now. of 
the grdateft fcarcity, no copies perhaps pre- 
fenred, being put up againft walls in houfes, 
therefore in length of time all decayed or 
loft, Civitas Londinum. Probably this was 
p^liihed by Ralph Aggas, as he himfelf 
mentions in that plan of Oxford, done after 
this was begun. But it muft be obferved 
that this very impreffion is a fecond pub- 
lication^ with the date 16 18, and that, there 
are feveral alterations from the firft in 
this i and particularly, inftead of the arma 
as queen Elizabeth bore them, thofe of king 
James I. (England, France and Scotland) 
are put in the place of them. And in 
the firft have been explanations of th^ re* 
Ynarkable places in the city and fuburbs, 
as may be obferved in many places by 
lettpi^s of reference. The length of 
this printed plan^ 6 feet 3 inchesi l^y 2 
feet 4 inches, contained in fix fheets and 
two half fheets, I believe the full ex- 
VoL. V, B tent 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

j^^ Qtttqjo^ue of En^rmr^ 

tent in lengths hmt I apprehend thp npU^ 
of explanation Wicre at bpttom printed qq 
flips of paper to bp added.** Vertue thepi 
Specifies buildings or abfence of buildings 
which affix this plan to the aera in which \\i^ - 
concludes it printed originally ; as the wa- 
ter-gate at the palace of Weftminftcr, call- 
ed the ^eeifCS'bridge j Northumberland- 
houfe wanting, which was not erefted in 
1560, but was before 161 8. Paget-place, 
-fo called in 1563, &c. Vertue had taken 
much pains to afcertain the ancient extent 
of London, and the fcite of it's feveral 
lafger edifices at various periods. Among 
his papers I find many traces relating to 
this matter. Such a fubjeft, extended by 
hiftpric illuftrations, would be very amuf- 
ing. Les Anecdotes des rues de Paris is a 
pattern for a work of that kind; but not 
the laft edition J for the author, conduft^d 
bye the clue of his materials into the ancient 
hiftories of France and England, grew fa 
intcccfted inthofe obfolete quarrels^ that he 
tacked to an antiquarian difcuffiona ridi- 
culous invedlive againft the Englifli and 



CMlogue of EngraVirik «9 

fiicir hiftorians. After authenticating what- 
crer has paflFed of memoralile in each fbrcet 
of Paris, he labours to overturn all that 
happened at Poiftiers and Creffy. Hiftoriah 
of gnats, he quarrels with camels* 

H U M P H R y COLE, 


A goldfmith^ and probably bro- 
ther of P<ter Cole, a painter men- 
lioaecj , by Meres in h\» Wit's Common- 
iiv;i^tb, and in the firft volun^ of thefb 
Anecdote^ i* I conclude foi as Humphry 
engraved a map to a folio bible, whi<:h ha 
fet forth in 1572, and a frontiipiece, witji 
q\|een Elizabeth, the earl of Lieicefter af 
Jpfiuja^ and lord Burleigh as David. Hum^* 
phryCdle, as he fays hintfelf, f w^s.bora 
in: the north of England, and pertained ta 
the Mint in the "Tower 1572* I fuppofe he 
was one of the engravers that perfayned't^ 
archbiihop Parker^ for this edition was C^V 

• P. 170. 
f Ames, 25 5» 

y Google 

ftO Catalogue of Engravers^ 

cd Matthew Parker's Bible. I hope the 
flatiterf .to the favorites was the incenfe of 
jhe engraver I 



Brother of Thomas Bettes, the painter^* ! 

was himfelf both painter and engraver. 
Meres in the paflage above quoted is my 
authority for the firft i Fox in his Ecclefi- 
^ical Hiftory teUs us the fecond, naming 
John Bettes as the performer of a pedigree 
and fome vineats (vignettes) for Hallos 
Chronicle, and ipeaking of Bettes in 1 5^76 as 
dieri dead, f In the fame place is mentioned 
one Tyrral, of whom I find no other ac-^ 
count, HOT of Cure, recorded by Meres j 
tor of his Ghrift(^cr Switzer, J but that 


p ••^Scc. Anecdotes of Painting, vol. i. p, 270. ^ - 

• f Ames^ p. 197. in the note, 

t In the Harleian Library was a fct of wooden caitiv ^ ' 
reprefenting the broad feals of England from the eon* 
quefl to James I. incliifive, neatly executed* Vcrtnc 
&ys this was the fole xmpreffion he had feen« and be- 
-* Hcvcd ' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

'JCafaJogue of Engravers* 'ii 

iie ufed to execute wooden cuts for' books 
about the time of archbifliop Parken *^ 



Xs, another engraver in Meres's recapitula* 
tion of Englilh artifts. He en^aved a title- 
page to Linfchoten's Voyages to the Eaft 
Indies ; and probably the cuts to Hugh 
Broughton's Confent of Scriptures, which 
have this mark W^r ^^'^ which Vertue fays 
have been reckoned the firft graved plates 
dque in England. But this is a miftake; 
for Broughton's book was not printed till 
i6cx:>.* He alfo did heads of (^Eliza- 

iieved that they were cat by Chr. Switzer^ and that 
- -thefe plates were copied by Holl^ for Sandford. S wit- 
her alfo cut the coins and feals in Speed's Hiftory of 
Great Britain 1614, from the originals in the Cotton- 
ian colledicm. Speed calls him, the mofi ixqtdfiti and 
curious hand of that age. He probably engraved the 
{ iiotanic figures §Qt Lobel's Obfervations, and the; plates 
- &i Fdrliinfoii's Paradifus Terrefbis, 1629. Chr. Swit- 
^^zer'« works have been fometimes confounded with Jiis 
lbn's> who was-of both his names. 
* *i V. Ames, 429, 

B 3 bcth, 

' Digitized by VjOUVIC 

^a Cst^t^ue of EMg^av^'u 

i>ctl?, of the e^rls of Eflex and Cumberland, 
of Sir John Harrington in the title opiate of 
his Orlando Furiofo, of John Gcrrard fur-* 
geon, and a frontifpiece with four fmall 
heads. One Cure is^ alfo mentioned by 
Meres as an excellent Engraver, but I find 
no other account of him, nor ever met with 
gny of his works, Laurence Johnfon en-^ 
graved feveral heads in the Turkilh hiftoqp 
infolio, i6o3, 


g^7 To whom we are obliged for th^ 
^ J firft maps of counties, lived at 
' Tingley near X^eds in YorkQiire, and was 
feryant to Thomas * Sekeford efq; mafter 
pf Requefts, and mafter of the Court of 
Warck. By the encouragement and at th^ 
expence of this gentleman Saxton under-i 
took and publiftied a compleat fet of maps 
of the counties of England and Wales, many 

• His portrait may be fcea in Vcrtue's print of thq 
Court of WarcU* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Cafdo^^ of Engraveru 43 

cflT which he engraved himfel'f, and was afl 
Med in others by Remigitis Hogchberghi 
whom I have nnentioned, by Nicholas Rejr4 
nold, by fome foreigners, and by Auguftine 
Ryther, * who made fome of the maps of 
the Spanifh invafion, and who kept a fhop 
near Leaden- hall, and procured a tnanik^ 
tion of Petruccio Ubaldini's Difcourfc^ 
which he dedicated to the lord admiral 
Howard in 1590. The count)F-maps5 de-^ 
dicated to the queen, and adorned with the 
royal arms, and thofe of the promoter, maf- 
ter Sekeford, were publiflied by Saxton in 
1579 ; the dates on different plates j- Ihov^- 
ing, that the labour of fix years, that is from 
1574 to 1579, both included, had been be- 
llowed on them, Saxton is commended by 
Camden and Thorelby, the -latter of whom % 
calls his map of Yorkfliire tht befi that ever 
ivas madecf that county. This rare mieep was 

• Ame6,p. 54«, note. 

t See the particulars in Ame8> Pp. 541, 542, He 
has alfo given at length the patent obtained by Mr. 

I Ducat. Leod. p. 165, 195. 

B4 three 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1X4 -C^ti^e ^^ ^^mOrs. 

three feet wide ; at one corner was a view 
of York i at.anothejr, of Hull, ^ygi^ine 
Ryther had the chief hand in engraving it. 


^ Of Antwerp, was probably in England, men- 
tion being made * of a map of Briftol by 

' him, and he certainly engraved a large phtc 
of Nonfuch. He was one of the engravers 
en^loyed by Ortclius. Vertue fays that Mr. 
Green (howed to the fociety of Antiquaries 
a quarto containing about fifty copper- 
plates, engraved in 159a by James Hoif- 
nagle of Francfort, aged then feventeen, 
from drawings by his father George, of 
beafts, birds, flowers, infefts, &c. f 

* Ames, p. 538. 

f Ooe Cock> a Datchmaji, graved an oval portrait of- 
the queen of Scots in 1 559, and from a genuine pidture, 
Ibut it is not clear that he ever was in England. 

T H E O- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^ 1 Was, ^s he informs us on his 
\ plates to Boiflard's Roman An- 
tiquities, a native of Liege and a citizen of 
Francfort. He engraved the plates for the 
fitft four voliimes of that work, the laft of 
- Which was compleated in 1601 and 1602, after 
his death, by his foils Theodore and Ifrael, 
whom he brought' up to his own bufinels. 
His own head and Boiflard's be has pre- 
fixed to fome of the volumes. The firft 
Erlglifti work that I find with his nime 
was the funeral proceffion of Sir Philip 
Sidney, of which I have given an account 
before, * and which was exprcffedly en- 
graved in London. The next was f a title- 
page with the arms of the lord- keeper Hat- 
ton at large, to Wagenar's Mariner's Mir- 
rour, the fecond part, publifhed by Antony 
Alhley in 1588. The laft does great ho- 
nour to De Brie : He cut the curious 

• Anecdotes of Painting, vol. i. p. Z82. 
t I find this in Vertue's MSS. 

3 plate$. 

Digitized by VjOUVIVC 

plates, defcribing the manners and fafliions 
of the Virginians in the brief and true re- 
port- of the Newfoundland of Virginia, pub- 
liflied by,f Thomas Hariot, fervamt of Sir 
Walter Raleigh^ and employed by him in 
the difcovery. This work was printed at 
Francfort by J, Wechelius in 1590. The 
cuts were done at De Erie's own expencc 
from drawings of J, White, who was fent 
thither for that purpofe. Picart has copied 
them in his Religious Ceremonies of all 
Nations; as Speed from drawings of the 
feme perfon borrowed the frontilpiece of his 
folio edition in i6ii-f Theodore the fa- 
ther engraved the plates to the Latin Narra- 
tive of the Cruelties of the Spaniards m 
America, publiflied in 1598. About the 
fame time appeared De Erie's great work, 
intituled, Defcriptio Indiae Orientalis & 
Oecidentalis, 19 parts, 5 voh folio. Thi^ 
is done much in the fame manner with; 

• Harlot was afterwards a dependent of the earl of 
KorthuTnbei'knd, and one of the fuppofed magi who 
kept hirifi company in the Tower. 

t Ames, p; 563.- 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Cattahgue of Ef^aven. .4^ 

Harioe^s Account of Virginia. Theodore 
the younger engraved the heads for Boif^ 
ikrd's Collection of eminent pcrfons. 


Befides the pktcs which I have mentioned, 
in the firft volume of this work, p, 27 5^ 
drew and engraved reprefcntations of the 
feveral aftions while the Spanilh Armada 
was on the Britifh coafts. Thefc charts 
were publifhed by Auguftine Ryther 1589. 

I have now cleared my way to the sera 
from whence Vertue intended to date his 
account of our engravers ; that is, from the 
iaft years of Elizabeth. Yet fo unable had 
be been to amafs materials fufficient to be 
moulded into a hiftory, that I find only 
brief notes till we approach to modern 
times, The fatisfaclion therefore that I 
cannot give to the antiquary, muft be a 
little compenfated by aflifting coUcdtors, 
In default of anecdotes, I Ihall form fome, 
however imperfeft,* lifts of the works per- 
7 formed 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^% Caiatogue of Engraveh. 

formed by the elder mafters. Thefe will 
be chiefly fupplied from my own coileftion 
and from * Ames*s printed catalogue of 
Englifli heads, and may be increafcd here- 
after by curious perfons, who will be aflifted 
by* this flietch to compile a more ex- 
tenfive and compleat hiftory of the art in 


Whofe works are more fcarce than va- 
luable, flourifhed under Elizabeth and her 
fucceflbr, in whofe reign he probably died. 
His firft print according to the date is the 
portrait of . . 

Sir Philip Sidney, done probably foon af- 
ter his death. 

Queen Elizabeth, done after her death* 

• As they are fully dcfcribed there and may be found 
alphabetically, I (haH refer the reader thither for many 
of thofe prints of which I give no account, that I may 
"not iwcll' this lift unneceffarily. 

t He generally wrote his name, Renold. ^ 

'': . The 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Catahgui- of &t^ravers^ 99 

The Black Prince in an oval, as 'are rnoft 
of the following. ** 

Richard Whittington, lord mayor, and 
his cat. 

' Cervafc Babington bifhop of Worcefter, 
aet, fuas 59, with four Latin verfes, and this 
motto, Virtus Dei in infirmitate. 

Sir Julius Csefar, knight, mafter of th<e 

Henry V, titles in Latin. 

Sir Thomas More s over his head, Dtfire 
mori mundo, vivere difce Deo. 

Thomas Sutton founder of the Charter- 
houfci done after his death, 161 1, which 
fliows that Elftrackc was then living. 

Edmund lord Sheffield, prefident of tht 

Thonias Howard, earl of Suffolk, lord 
Treafurer of England. 

Robert earl of Effex. 

Anne Boleyn. 
' John Harrington baron of Exton, 

WSUiarn Perkins. 

Lord Darnley and queen Mary, whole 
lengths, on one plate. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

3d Caiahgue of EHgrawrs* 

P^Mdefha Sba0allenai'the great moguU 

Philip HI. 

Chriftian IV. 

Sigifmond Battori. 

• The archdukes Albert and Ifabella, two 

William Knollis.vifcount Wallingford* 

Cardinal WoUey. 

Henry prince of Wales. 

Antonio de Dominis. 

Ladiflaus king of Poland; in Fowler's 
Troubles of Sweden. 

John Oden Barnevelt lord of Barkley. 

Title-plate to Bafiliologia. 

Another to Milles*s Catalc^c of Ho- 

Time's Storehoufe, 1619. 

Edward IV. King of En^nd, with de- 
vices, &c. and are to be fold by Thomas 
Geele at the Dagger in Lx)mbard-ftr€et. As 
there is no date to this print, it is uncer- 
tain in what year it was done. Vertue in 
one of his MSS, fay^s, that Thomas Hinde, 
in X537, W8^ the firft printfeUer in Lon- 
don } in another place be afligns that rank 

. : : to 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

to George Humble 5 he no where mentidns 
Geele. It is certain that the ^iiamc of 
Geprge Humble is frequently found on 
prints of the time of Elizabeth, in con- 
jundion MFith John Sudbury ; they lived in 
Pope's-head-alley ^ but Hinde and Geelc 
were moft probably their predeceflbrs. 

Toby Matthews archbiftiop of Yorfc, 
eight Latin verfes, R- E. fculpf. He. Hol- 
land excudit. are to be fold by Geor^ 
Humble in PopeVhead-alley. 

Mary queen of Scots. Jacobi Magnas 
Britann. regis mater. She is abundantly 
drefled, and has the crown, fcepter, globe 
and arms. Sold by Compton Holland, who 
is Ibmetimes the vender of prints; fomc- 
times takes them off, excudit. * And once 
at leaft engraved himfelf. I have a labour- 
ed print by him of Robert earl of Eflex, 
with hi» anns, creft and tides. The print 
of Mary is much fuperior to many of the. 

• G* Hnakble was alfo a painter. Among Ameses 
heads, p. 145, is one- of Speed, D. Ge(Hrgiu8 Humble 
p. G. Savery fc 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

58} Qt^fkfgt^^^^Efffftfii0^^ 

a&itf^ Hc&ndy Miiho.4}ubliAed the ^ Mt^' 
iroologia Anglicana was eldeft fon f^.9hih^i 
mon Holland) and I ifuppoOr brother of itti^r 
Ctwnpton Holland. In 1613. he trlyellodi' 
into the PalatmaDe with John lord Harriitg^ , 
ton. - Befides the Heroologia, he publiftied 
Monumcnta fcpulcralia Ecclefiae Sti Pauli 
lx>nd. quarto ; and a volume containing the 
heads of the kings of England from the con- 
queft to the year 161 8. Thefe plates, fays 
Vertue, are the fame with thofe in Martin's 
Chronicle, except the title-page, and the 
print of William L 


Worked at the fame time with Elftf ackc, 
and in the fame manner, but better and 

• The engraver of thofe prints has not Yet his name 
to them.^ As they are in a more mafterly dnd free itylc 
than cats done in England at that time, it is probable 
that Holland carried over the drawings with hiffi> and 
hsMl them exefiiited abroad ; and ^it will be ccnfiimid 
by.a.'Ctfcamibnce JL ihali iseatiQa ia ^e aruck of QttP( \ 
pii> Pai«. . , . 



Digitized by VjOOQIC 

neatt*'; dnd feetm ca have iumred hitn. 
Hk'piates are» 

^WiUiam Somers, king Heneryes jeftcr 

(tth,) from Holbein, are to be fold by. 

. Thomas Jenner * at the whitbeare in Corne- 


* Jennef attempted the art himfelf with nobadfuCr 
cefs. I have a fmall print by him of Sir William Wadd 
[or-Waad] lieutenant of die' Tower. Sir William was 
fon of Sir Armigel Wadd of Yorkfliirc, clerk of the 
coniidlto Henry Vllt. and Edward VI. and author of 
a hook of travels. The fon wa3 clerk of the council to 
Elizabeth, who difpatched him to Spain to excufe her 
fending away .their miniiler Mendo2a> who had beea 
dealing in treafons againfl her. Sir William behaved 
with great Q)irit there/ and with as much clevemefs af^ 
terwaxds in piecing together a treafonable paper^ torn 
and thrown into the fea by one Chrei^n. Wadd was 
ioccefively embafiadorto the emperor Rodolph, to Hen- 
ry IV* and to Mary queen of Scots, infpedlor of the Irifh 
forces,' of the privy council to king James, and lieute- 
nant of the Tower, from which poft (to his honour) he 
waft rmnoved in i6i 3 by Robert Carr earl of Somerfct* 
Sir William being a man of too much integrity to be 
employed in the dark purpofes then in agitation. He 
died at. his manor of fiattiles Waade [where he btull 
themanfion fiili ftanding] in 1623, aged jj. He mar- 
ried Anne daughter of Sir John Hyron. His father Sir 
Arn^}^ who lies buried at Hamftead;, wa^ tlie firil 

Vol. V. C Engliih- 

Digitized byVjUUVlC 

,54 Caud^giff 9/ EM0^9mits:^ 

"miL Ay9hok kngtlu Long tuaic, H. Kv 
on his breail a chaio^ and ^ homi in lua 
h^nd^: B^kiiKiMr^bmld^^udbo]^ glu- 
ing. Eight Englifc ycrfias,. ♦ 

Henry VIIL 

Queen Mary L in oval frame. 

Sir Thomas Grelhanij ditto, with gloves 
in his hand, large purfc. to his. girdle. fV^n- 
p&o Delaram fQi4pfit. ai^ to b^ {qid by Jo« 
Sudbu. and G. Hun^blj?* 

(^een Elizabeth, after her deaths wi£4i a 
Jong infcription. V.Ames, p; 62. , 

James L 

Heniy prince^ of Walesj^^ fon of James J^ 
in the robes of the ga^ ter^ with a. tj-unc^epn. 

James. Mountagu> bifliop of Winchcfteri. 
1617, are to be fold by P. Stent. 

Arthurus Severus O'Toole Nonefuch^^ae- 
tatis 80, 1618* An old nian witfe ,ai large 
beard, a fceptre in his haivJ witfe ^evea 
crowns upon it. Eight En^i^ bufkfque 
verfes. Seems to be the efiigits dE fome 

Englifhman that made difcoverles ih Amerka. Siee 
Camden, The English Worthies, Ant. Wood, abdHilt, 
and Antic[. ofEffex. 


Digitized by VjOUVIC 

' fiteniy P^iiy earf of Northumberfand 5 
ftlmoft baidi and with very thick beard* 
£igkt EngUih verfeft, 1619^ are to be Ibid 
by G. Humble in Pope^s-head-alley* 

Another, younger, but with ^ long beard 
tod hat ooi 

Small neat half-length of W* Burton ,o£ 
FaMcj in an oval, with devices, 160^2* 
■ Sir Henry Mountagu, chief juftice of the 
lting*s-benchj with fix Liatin verfesj.&c^ 

Sir William Segar, garter principal king 
At arms^ 

John Abboti bifliop of Saliflbufy, with fbf 
' Latin verfcs, Abra* Can compof* 

John bilhop of Lincoln, with purfe-bear- 
ei", mace*bearerj fix boy-angels playing on 
mufical inftruments^ and fix Latin verfcs* 
A very neat and curious print* 

Frederick eleftor PaUtine* 

Elizabeth, his wife* 

Frederick Henry, their eldeft lbn# . 

Charlfes prince of Wales* 

John King bifhop of London. 

Mathias de Lobel, phyfician* 

Sir Horatio Vere -, on either fide a foldief 
C a compleat'* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

3i^ Caf(flpg/i^f^^.^'. E^r^^H 

qompleatly armed at bottom j, trophfcsj. Cfo 

at top. ^ . , 

Geqrge Withers, the pQQt> with CJS?^^ 

Englifli verfes, and this motto, -i (j 

Nee habeo> nee careo, nee CBro> \6zTim 

Frances Duchefs of Richmond and Le- 
.rtox, covered with jewels, a large veil be- 
hind. Conftantia coronat. 1623, ' '■ ''. 

Frbntifpiece to Nero Caefar, folio, 1^14^ 
This is the lateft date. to which I find De-' 
laram's name. The four next were a fa- 
mily of artifts, and the beft performers in 
Ae laboured finical manner of that age; ' ' 


Of Utrecht, was a man of letters, and not 
only induftrious ta* perfeft himfelf in 'Ws 
art, but fond of promoting and encourag- 
ing it. This appears particularly by hii 
being at the expence of fetting forth Hol- 
l<ii8d*P . Hettoologia, which is ejq^rcfely faid 
tp%'be pOtSlifllcd Impenfis Grifpinf Paft, ari^* 
l)i$'uip(M:^.mefttTOJiingf himfd^ having^ any 
u^s ■ ^ f Jflbare 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fcare ih^' engraving the places, makes me 
conclude that he recommended the beft 
icul|Aors among the Flemifli. Indeed the 
prints have merit in themfelves, belides' 
being naemorialsof fo many remarkable per- 
fonages. Oifpin frequented and iVudied 
the beft mafters, and was fent by prince 
Maurice to teach drawing in an academy 
at Paris. At what time he. came to Etig- 
laad is not clear; none of his works done 
here are dated, lays Vertue, later than 1635, 
yet he certainly lived fome years longer^ a$ 
in 1643, being then probably very ojd, he- 
publilhed his book at Amfterdam, Delia 
Luce del dipingere & difegnare, in Italian, 
French, high and low Dutch, folio. Idi the 
preface he relates thefe circumftances of his 
life, *^'Des ma jeune age je vm fuis adohrte^ 
a plufieurs & divers exercife« j mftk je me 
fujs particulkrement attache a eftudier avec 
le& plus fanieux maiftres, le fieur Freminefiit, 
peintre de fa m^efte tresChretienne; le re- 
nonime peintre & anbite£lf &cnT Fetvo Paul 
Rubeps^ lAbr. BIocrnart> Patilo Morelfon, 
peintre ci; jgrchitcflte de Utrecht ^mais- plm 

C 3 par- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

particuftercnnlent k trcs noble feigneur Vao« 
<ier Burg, avec kquei je Tifitay I'atademirj 
on etoienc ki& plu^ celebrea hcrmrn^ di^ 
fietle* L,*iUiiftre prince Matiricc 4e hetr* 
teufe memoire m'cnvt^ i Paris pour cnr-i 
^gner Je defeign i l^academie du fictif 
Pluvind, premier ecuyer du rojr/* Ha 
begins with a little geometry, gives direct 
tions for the proportions of the ht3mat| 
body> for figures in perfpeftivc, fbr draw-* 
ing in the academy by bnnp-light, dcfcribe$ 
the ufe of the manekin or layman for dif* 
pofmg draperies, and goes throu^ the prGk 
portions of hor&s, Iipn$, bears, leopardi^ 
elephants, {hcep, cats, aad other quadru« 
peds, birds and fUhes, His human figures 
are taken chiegy from Rid>ens, as is but too 
evklent in the corpulency qf his women, 
SonDe plates are after Lfanfi^anc, and moftof 
the animals from Jloland Savery, The firfk 
divifion contains thirty pjatcs, the-fccondi 
fcvcn, and the third, eleven of pciipt€tiv€^ 
Among thcfe ^ft three cuts by his fwi, Wil- 
liam, cum privilegr du roy tres Chretiea, 
Uleau published a iecpnd editicw of tim work^ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

QUkil^ ^<^U tliie vfdltiaie^ added a great aumber 
ff old pUteSi chitt belonged to other books< 
Jgome of the i^^tes have thefe de(ignaiion$ i 
Robiert de VoiA/in^. R» de V(vft incidit. 
R. Vandervorft. Exce^ the lift of hi$ 
lYorks^ I have cothing more to add tp Crifr 
pm'^ article^ but that Peachan^, in his Com«- 
pk,$i; Qefitleman^ ftyies hrni^ ^ My moft 
iiomft loving frieed." 

His next work is indeed very beautiful^ 
i^eing e lai^ iet of plat^ for a folio^ inti- 
tuled, Iaftru<5lion du Roy en TExercife dc 
mp^^cr a ChevaU par Meifire Antoine de 
Plyvinel, the po-fon mentioned in the pre* 
&ce to hi* drawing-book. The work^ 
^hich h in diak^ues, arid fooliih enough, 
is in Freach and Dutch>, adoarned with many 
mt^ admirably dcfigmed and execuijei The 
•'yottag king L^wis XIIL Pluviftel, the due 
j<fe BeitegardiB, grand ^ecuyer > ajid others of 
tfee .court, appear ^n almoft every print i^ and 
cowicd* the co^^clufion .arc finne plates ex- 
hibiting tU^ at the barriers i in which, are 
^Vien, .portraits, of al] the gjieat perfpos of the 
U€rt«i: at tbw lime, delivered, though very 

C4 fmaiU 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

£t>alh with great crasftitude^ . Thb valtablc 
book is little known, thdo^ • not very 

» Queen Elizabeth, a moft iliniptnoug. 
whole length, with crown, fccptrcj giobe^ 
farthingale^ royal arms, bible and fword o» 
a table, carpet and curtain, and twelve Lc*^» 
tin verfes. Ifaac CMivier cffigiebat, Crifpin 
vande Pafle incidebat, procurante Joahne 
Waldnelto. This laft circumftande, and 
the paucity of Englilh heads engraved by 
Crifpin, make me doubt whether he ever 
was in England himfelf t Perhaps djisBwihgs 
were fent to him, as they have beetn of -late 
to Houbraken for the illuftrious beads. 

A head of the fame queen, oval. Among - 
her titles is that of Virginia, 

James I. in hat and ruff, oval* within ft; 
Iquare frame; Kon and grifon fupporting., 
it. Six Latin lines, Crifpin de Pafe excu- 
dit Colonias. Joannes Meyffens excuditr. 
Antwerpiae. As Pafs executed this abroad, 
it 'is. not extraordinary that he ihauld have , 
continued, queen Elizabeth's .grifbn> HQt^ 
kaowing that James -on. his accef&on had 
lUTumed the Scottilh fupporter. This print . 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

h w^l done, though inferior t<^ jcfe precede 
jflg whole length. • 

Anne of Denmark, a curious print;- Ihtf 
ig drawn un her hair, ytrang, and with' a 
very broad fquare fprigged rnfF. Six L.atm 
vcrfesw Crifpin dePafe f. & excudit Co- 
•: Henry prince of Wales* 

Charles prince of Wales, in an oval likse- 
the two laft. Four Latin verfes. 

' Liidoica Juliana Comes Naffoviaj, &c. ia 
^ Sir Philip Sidney. 

The eari of Efiex on horfebacK 

Thomas Percius, nobilis Anglus, conlp* 
ratidnis A. Mdcv. initas princcps. C. vaa 
de Pa(s exc. See a defcription of this rare 
print in Ames, p, 134. There is alfo;a 
print in quarto of the feven-eonfpirators. 

A <:oUe<Sion of aoo emblems for George 

, A fet of cues for Ovid's Metamorphofes^ 
the title of which is. Pub. Ovidii Nafonis 
XV. Metamorphofeon librorum figurae clc-^ 
gantiflimae i Cr^ino Pafijeo" laminis ^n^is 
ind&j 1607. 

Digitized by VjOUV IC 

4» Caiakg^xf Eu^mii^^^ 

Foup^ kig@ «f)d bandibnn^ prints ^ Dl^ef 
itod Lazajus, The firft only is executed by; 
lilt fether^ the reft- are by a ycurtgerfon; 
oilted Crirpin lik^wi^, 4s is ihe !^lowi%,> r 

Frederic eic^or •Palatiiie^ yow«g, bvali 
fizc of a large oftavo, with manial trophies^ 
Crifpin Paflfa^us jiin. figu. & fculp£ The 
4prher children of Crifpin Pafe nmmt : '• 


Who engraved a very rare print, which the 
earl of Oxford bought with the colleftioii 
of Sir Simonds Dewes^ and of which Vertue 
^ves this account ; It was a priftted ftieet, 
containing the family of James" 1. and in- 
tituled, Triumphus Jacobi regis auguftequc 
ipfius prolis. The king fitting on his throne- 
with his regalia i on his right the queen and 
prince Henry leaning on fkulls, to intimate 
they were dead ; on his left prince Charles 
with his hand on a book, that laid on a 
table j an angel above holding two crowns. 
Near prince Charles ftandthe king and 
8 • qtaeeft 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

4^m f3f Bohptmop and before tbem tbeir 
frven chiWrcn* A* the bottom of the lh«t 
ifever4 L#atin ^ad EaglilK vc^fes* Vf,f G^ 
fcrj^u WU1# Paf^ Cculpfit. illuftrU^ Jacoi^ 
^ Princtpique Carolo D, Dt corumquc li<^ 
peotia & favofe cxcu, JoaUf Bilk* 

; In another place Vertu^ defcribes a fimU 
Jar print, but dpes npt f^y where he law iiv 
The latter is intituled. The progenie of tbe 
rmowped prince Jame§ king gf Great Bri* 
taine^ France and Ireland. The yerfes ia 
both languages are different from thofe in 
the preceding s to the latter it is faid, h^ 
(pomppfuit Johannes Webfterj and the en- 
graver is Qeqrge | Mountain, To b^ (old 

* This beautifiil and carious print {ptohzhly th« 
very proof that was lord Oxford's) is now in my poiTef* 
Jon : I bought it at t^e fale of Sir Charles Cottercl*| 
library in ^764, in the London edition of Thoanus, 
lyhich i^ alfo adorned by general Dorpier and Sir Cle« 
inent Cottercl, wi^h feveral other fine and fcarce printsi^ 
particularly one of ijcnry IV. Marie 4e' Medici j their 
children and nurfes ; and the print of the three Colig^ 
Tiis, which I have mentioned in the life of Ifaac 

' f 1 find:butone other print with his name, and that 
^ poor one ; it is of Francis White, dean of Carlifle. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

4^ CkiaS^'Y^Bfis^^y 

at?Wic Globe over the Exchange, T fuppofc 
that plate was copied from that of Pafs*. 

.Another print recorded by' Vertuc con- 
tarns, in a half fheet the king and* qiieenof 
Bohemia, and four of dicir children. WiB, 
Plifs fecit ad vivum figurator 1621. About 
twenty Englifli verfcs in two columns at 

^I have a very valuable print of the Pala- 
tine femily on a large fheet, broadways, 
but without any name of engraver. By the 
manner I fhould take it for Sadeler. The 
king of Bohenniaj^ aged, fat, and melan- 
choly, is fittjing with Elizabeth under fome 
trees. One of their fans, in appearance 
between twenty and thirty, ftands by the 
queen. On the other fide are three young 
children, the ieaft playing with a rabbit. 
Two greyhounds, a pigeon, a toad, and 
fev^ral animals are difpofed about the land- 
fcape, which is rich, and graved with much 
freedom. The infcription is in French. 
Of iWiiUam Pafs I find tlicfe other works ; 

* 'this pfint, ex'ceedingly inferior to the former, is . 
»ow in tbe coUeflion of Sir William Mufgrave, who . 
bought it, with" many other fcarce portraits, fronj 
Thorcfby's Mafeum in 1764* 

xo Robert 

^ O ^ ^»' Digitized by VjUUVIC 

J^o^jt earl pf .Leiccftct, heac^Jp oval^ 
good, twa Latin verfes ^ fe« . 

.Franws duchefs of HJcbmond and Lenox, 
hdffkngth, ex4yeitiely neat, her ^ms in* 
a ?(hidd, oo a table lies a book with thde' 
words, Conftantia coronat. Over her a 
ftate. Anno 1625 infctriptum i Guilh, Psf- 
feo Londinum. This print, which is in 
my rpoflefflon, refembles very miich jr 
wlH)k-length (I believe by Mytens) of th6 
feme great Istdy, which I bbti'ght from 
the colledion of the late earl of Portifr^t. 
There is another of her in her* weecfe with 
the diikc*s pifture at her f breaft at Long- 
kate^ But* the beft portrait of her i$ in ' 
Wilfon's Life of James L The reader 

• My. Mailers:, author of the Hiilory of C, C. C* 
CamhrHge, has another of 'thefe; 

f .'JThis v(aa .a faihioa at that time.' There arc three 
or f9ur ladies drawn fo by Cornell us Janfen, at Shei* 
burn-caflle, the lord Digby*s ; of which Elizabeth coun- 
tefs of Southampton, a half-length richly attired, is one 
of Janfen's beft works. The ruins of the bilhop's cafllc. 
Sir Walter Raleigh's grove, the houfe bui!H: fcyhim anij 
the firft earl of Briftol, the fiege the caftle f^flai^ed in 
the civil war, a grove planted by Mr. Pope, and the 
noble lake made by the laft lord, concur to make that 
feat one of the moil venerable and beautiful in £ng-« 
l»id. . . 

Digitized by VjA^xrWrc 

X4^ C^ai^i0 if B^n^vH^h 

ilrouU find it welt worth his wfeik to toft! 
to it* 

Sir Jotktt Haywood, UL- 0, died 16^7, 
with embleixK. W.Pafsjf* 

Robert earl rfElfcsr on horfebadCi 
. George duke of Buckinghaiigi, dittos 

Chriftiatr IV. king of Dtmnsaky aod 
Frederick duke of Haiftein, both fiaadiog 
in one prints 

Darey Wcntworth> set. jlj 1 6^4* . ^ 

James I* crowned, and- fitting with a 
fword m his right hand> on wbkhi Fidei 
Defenfor^ a death's head on his left on; his 
knee j * before him prince Henry widi hi» 
left hand on a ikull on a table* W. PaA 
feus f. & fc. anno domini 1621. 

Anodier with the fame date, but the 

king's left hand is on the globe, acre oa a 

'^bH; and rsftead of prm^ Hieaiy, 

' prince Charles. This fine print ' h\in rtiy 


Sir Henry Rich, captain of die guards, 
oval frame. W. Pafs, &• . ' 


Digitized by VjUUVIC 

^jRthilojgmf- Iff £ifgkMt8ts» '4ff 

, magtd:a.len pass^ 

I find little of her worlc' hut a veiy ftarce 
little head in my own coJle^onj reprefent- 
ifg the lady TCathertne, at rfiat time mar- 
chionels, afterwards duchefe, of Bucking- 
ham> with a feather fan. It is fttghtly 
finilhed, but very free. Salmacis and Her- 
n»phroditiis, 1623; Cephahw and Procris ; 
and Latona changing die L.ycian peafants 
kito frogs, both after Elfihcimer. 


I. .... . 

Engraved counters of the Ei^lifh royal 
feiBity, aa. I' have akeady mentioned ia die 
life of HiMiard. Vertjie lays, he ftwl here 
about ten years, and then pafi^ iofio t^ 
iewiee qiF die king of £>enn^rk> h» earfieft 
works in England being daiGed 16^1 J*. Mr* 
Evelyain his Sculpture p. Hy adds, that 
Liberum Belgium by Simon dte' Pjafs, d«di>- 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Gated to iHrUkce Mautice of N^STasj^ is^ a 
yff!f rare cut* Other prints by him are. 

Jetties |«.£rowQed> iitdng in a chau*;.' pl««i. 
fixed to his works. ' • 

.Ditto, with a hat. 

Queen Anne, 1617. . ^ 

Pitto, on horfeback, with a view, of 
Windfor-caftle behind^ 

EfitKe Heary with a lance, whole fcngtii, 

Philip III. king of Spain. 

Maria of Auftria, his daughter^ the in- ; 
tended bride of Charles I. 

Another of her, as fifter of Philip IV. 
njuch neater. Four Latin verfes. Sinu* 
Pais, fc. Crifpin de Pafs (I fuppofe the 
younger brother) exc. i6ia. 

George Villiers, earl of Buckingham, 

4Aodierdf him when marquis, 16-20, to 
the Iqriees, Handing by a column in a cham« 
ber. Aiigels and feflsons of fjruit- 

Charles I. young (when prince) in die 
robes of the garter. 

Henry cari of Northampton. • • I never 
law this print. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

%' Sir Walter ^Raidgh, in an oval» arcm' 
andcHevkes^ Shn. Kaik ib;^^. Comp. Hd- 
land exc. 

Archbiihop Abbot> dittn^ with a ?iew of 
Lambeth. Pais and Compton. 

Anmher^ 1 6 1^5 L(md*> but without L^aih^ 
bcth, and Holland's natnc* 

Tliomas ^u^l of Arundel (thr great eol* 
e£bor) oval, armss. Midbad Janfl* Minevtlt 
pinx. and Sim. Paflasus fculpf. L. Coot^t. 
HolL excu. \ 

William earl of Pembroke, do. whke 
ftaff, arms* Pa V* Somerpinx, 16^7. To 
be fold- by Jo. Sudbury and G. Huteble. ' 
And Philip earl of Mon^omery, xio, 

Richard earl of Dorfet^ do. fold in Pope'i« 
head'-alley. . 

Frances Howard coumefs of Sormrffe, 
a^mrioiB print of a ctirio^ii pcdbn. ft Is 
a * fmall oval, the hair vet^ round and 
cuikd» Kke a wig, niffp S. Pa. ftulp. 

r Ai9e$« p. i4at fliCAtiw Jpol|ier 3Wiy 19lft Mr 
bttt with feme few vsriatioas. 

:Voi..V. D Ijo?>. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^ C^tiH^'^^m^, 


Lon. Cbttttp: «foa. tic- I li»ft *^ j^l^ 
lifcewifeof horiitifb^ridi- by thefeme, iai5ai a^ 
immature of h^ ih I)d5 letter age ^ Ht>r-<' 
kins. In both, his face is a fliarp-ov^^ m^ 
his hair fair* Prodis ditt tji^ p^ftt ^^n 
of him antiong the iQtiftrio^ heacj^s whicli 
is a veiy robuft bldck n)W> is net genitiiK. 

William Kndlis vHcowt Watlingfordi 
Ia an oval^ wttH a hat Uk^ lord Baeon. I anV 
Mtrt certain* -by which P^<5j J belkre bf 
Simon*. .*' ' : ; 

James Hay baron of Saley, afiervratA 
carl of Carliflci graved by JPafs, and ibkl 
bySudbury aJHcJ Hwnbfcr 
. John King Wfligfi of U)txlemr ovi?i^; 
twelve lM}fi verier, NicoH Lockey piftXr 
fi^ri c5«-avit, #i4 ^imwi Pafl&^us Iculpfit- 

Lancelot Andrews bifhop of Ely, i6i$^ 

. t han€;^ finaJl ^eaf Kead m an ov^l of 
thrifliitt* ?of|^i|ig, '^ a Fleirofti ^dKfti-^o- hir in a jL^tin isfcnptiorf, *an4 
with a French motto, and a rerfc from Ovid, 
#x<cy«^d itt t6i 5* By this bae ^iMMild cta^ 
dude he was aot yetamwd^i ? * 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

. Sir Edw^4! CoI^C) 9f)ch,^s Lajtio varies. - 
^.4flQt;herj<?fSirWak^Rj^ , 

. Sit TUf^^^ Overbury. V^flcoo pbiit 
1613. Comp. Holh cxc. 
Another, fmallerv : ' ■ 

William Butler, phygcijoij good. 
* S^a\xx^ Gw49^[Oi^ s ' 4cd^Sftted. <o him, 
and ftrongly touched. Thefe five Uft ar? 

Another larger, with mw, Cupids, tro- 
phies, &c. very fine. Some of the foIl9w- 
ing I take fropcj 4j^(». * Tjftt p>^ refer to 
his book. • . 

A monumental plate, .infcf^b^d |?y 

Pijl ;o hi* wife ArWj Br >3<» 

LAicy Harrington goupt^Ci .pf ^ ^odj^^^ 

fhe jpfflxyielf . 9f |^fl^^d:.9tl^;r;w, of 

th^t age, p. 28. . : : r . : / j T ; 

Edward VI. p, dj. aod J<unef I^ p* • Sj* 
Xi«»'»iQS?^ftheiwt^r,,, ,.^ ... 

Queen Elizabeth, whole-length. ... 
i it^op^jfi^w^ccj^hjix; ]£gertt)A. 
;'^.Apt.jpivyw4^9*i^s, j^a^., ,_ . 

* There uxaother in foli^*jE6ia» ... .. . ; 

tc?^?: P^ John 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

£2 Ca/aloiut of Engravers. 

. John Arnd, a German divine*:, 

Matoaca/ alias Rebecca, filia potentiikp 
princ. Powkatavi imp. Virginia^, aejt.^ii^ 
1616. 7; 

A woman*s head, i6i6. 

Sir Henry Hobart. 

Sir Edward Cecil, afterwards! lord Wim« 
blcdon. ' -. . 

Digby earl of BriftoL 
Large head of Chriftian IV. 
Captain John Smith, 1617. 
Title to lord Bacon'is works. 
Andreas Rivetus. 
• Antonius Walaeus. 

Robert Sidney vifcount Lifle, afterwards 
carl of Letcefter, p. xoj^ 

Charles ^rl of Notting^anoi^ lord Jxi^ 
i^dkniraly p^ laa* 

AasonrRfttKborne* Pv r4»* 

iSir Thomas Sumh^ esnbajB^pr to {l;ufllit, 

Mary Sidney countefs of Pen^broke^ filler 

x)f Sir Plalip* Sidney, fpr whom fie .wrptc 

.vtfae Arcadia»'p4 16 iv Slie 5Rra$^ whep. dus 

w.ipmit wasd^w* ..* ^ • ■\'-- >.^ ,^ 

;. ' Henry 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^ HenQrT^^ of Soutiiampton | 

^e triced of lord Eflcx, p; 1 77. 

V Edward Sottierfet carl ofWorcefter, p.iS i. 

William Burton, phyfician, 1620. 
f In the French king's library at Paris is a 
large coUefiion of the -works of Crifjpin Paft 
and his femily in two or three large volumes. 
One Emanuel Pafle is micntioncd in this 
;i¥ork (vol. iLpj. 10.) as included in a licence 
110 Cornelius Janiien to go abroad. 


Was fcholar of Simon Pafs^ and the firft 

%nglifliman that diftinguilhed himfelf by 

the graver. Had his application been equal 

jto his genius, there is no dotibt but be wbuld 

^^eWihe^ thefilft of his|)fofeffionj 

but he was idle, and thQugh recommended 

'to^lkini'ehsirles, negle(9SBd his fbrturie and 

^jSftiVaind died in indigence before Jie was 

^iS^ty^.^ '^i«re^ fe *a thin V«)lqra© m ^jftavo, 

^led Good-friday, cont^niiig nKriitaiio|is 

simil D 3 on 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

on that day, and printed in 164^, to ih1i!ch 
arc annexed fome poems, under the^ title of 
CalaAfhe, by T*. RAWlirtj. Aftioiig thim is 
an epitaph dn J6hn Patyri^, th^n lately ^c- 
ceafed. Mr. Evelyn * mention* him 'vrith 
ajpplauftj **^ Yet had we 1 Payne for hii 
(hip, fomc heads to the Fife, eljiteially tHk't 
of 'Dn Alabafter, f SirBehjamiri Rudydrd, 
and feviril 6thcf things." The (hif) wis i 
print of the Rbyal Sovereign built in 1^37 
by Phineas Pett, It was engraved on two 
^ plates joined, three feet long, two feet two 
inches. high, Thi hfcad of Df, Alabafter I 
have, and it truly deferves encomium, being 
executed with great force, and ia a more 
manly ftyle than the works of his mafter. 
It was taken from* a paintinff by Cornelius 
Janfen. He did befldes a ftorm^ jfome plates 
for books, and thefe heads j . ^ 

Hugh firoughton, ovd, i6a6, with fix 
.Latin verfes 5 vefy inferior to the preceding. 

Aliderman Leate, oval, with verier.. 

. if Thi$,^i«ket4f faU belt 


y Google 

four EBgiiih verfes* 

f Rpbert Devereux f 2d) e^l of Effcx i hat 
^ncj feather; J. P. neat little fquare print. 
! .kenry Vere Earl of Oxford, ftitt bptten 
Jt4? <i fquare in the middle of a larger print 
jbj^ W, Pafs, in which, at top, bottom and 
j^des, are fuldiers exer^ifii^, c^ holding 
banners with rnottoes. 

; Carolus Ludovicw Princcps cltftori a 
mere head, without even the neck, 
, Algernon Percy earl of NorthurfiSerland, 
|athi^ (aoie manner. -1 

Elizabeth countefs of Huntingdon. 
. ,- Dr* 3mith, qf St. Clements Da^es, M.^ t>. 

Henry VII. Henry Vill, count Mansfeldj 
bilhop tjall ^ biftiop Lak?; bifliop Andrews 1 
Sir James Ley, chief juftice ; George Withers, 
the poet; Rich^d Sibbs;'Pcfdit»aiidt)f Au- 
ftriaj Shakefpear; Johk^l^rtftoftrMr. Ai*- 
4jt}irHilderlhami William Whitakcri Fran^ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

f6t ^^-mm^^^E^^s. 

title-pages : to the Guide to - GodJtiidk> 
to the works of John Boys 5 to Chriftian 
Warfare} to God'a Revenge againft Mur- 
der > and tb La Mufe Chr^iehne, du 
Sieur Adrian de Rocquigny, 1634. 

Jo A N N E S B A R R A^ , 

. * . • • ' i 

Of what country .1 know not, appears to 

have engraved thefe pieces, 

*' Lodowick. duke pf Richmond and Lenox, 


A' title-plate,. 1624. 
. Another, 1632. 

A man's head, fbmething like a buft, oval 
prn^jnent j two figures reprefenting^ P^lv^^" 
^g and litterature, 16122. 

; There were many other engravers in the 
reign of- James I* with whofe private ftory 
we are fo little acquainted, that it is im- 
poflible to afcert4jn their fcvcral ^ges ^n^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

9».-dMy- OCtai&r •■'>tu-.>- ••.• .-,t p.,t, o t,fi;. 
Jii: '■.■.■!''> ''! ,• -• • ;. .'•,.■ ' ■.-■ z- ':.i-'j/ ■■■'■: o. 
-:.;h!.. ■.■ ■ . ■ .■■.•■' y . : ■>■ ' , • .;- ' !T 

J.iO H N N O R D E N. .. 

^ 7 In Mr. Bagford's coUcftion was a 
) view of London publiftiedby Nor- 
den in 1603,* at bottom a reprefentation oP 
the lord-mayor's fliew, with variety of hk- 
bits. In the fame perfon's poflfcflion Vcr- 
tue faw another plan of London by T. Por- 
ter, in which he oblerved thefe particulars s 
at the upper end of the Hay-market was a 
fjjdare building called Peccadilla-hall ; ' at 
the end of Coventry-ftreet, a gaming-houfe, 
afterwards the manfion and garden of /the 
lord keeper Coventry j and where Gerard- 
ftreet is, was an artillery ground or mili- 
tary garden made by prince Henry. Nori 
den feems to have been only a topographi- 
ear engraver; he is known by his Speculum 
Britannias, or Hiftorical and Chorographical 

* In that year 1603 one Laurence Johnfon graved 
feircral heads for th^ Torkiih Ifillory, 


Digitized byVjUUVlC 

DefcripcioA of Middkfex iuid HartferdfhiM/ 
with a neat frontifpicce and ma|)«* ^ Afttony 
Wood: conjcduresi .\^ith; groM: .. probability 
that he is the fame perfon with the author 
of icv^ral traSs whu^h he eminnerates, and 
thinks he was born in Wiltflaire, and adds 
^^t he was a co^^moner[of Ha^t-halli Ox,- 
^>rd, in 1564^ lyid tool^ the ^degi^e 9f ft^afte^ 
qf ^rts in .15 7 J, j^hat he lived At H^4^jl. 
Qear Adon in Middlefex^ was pat;romz^ 
^jy, pn fervant to Jord jRurleigfi .and his ^Um 
{tobertearl of SdiA>ury> and t{)at he.was.^ 
fiirveyor of the king's lands, in J614, Vap^^ 
tue fubjoins that p^e Charles Whitw^^U tm^iq 
a map of Siirrey for Norde«, which wm 
neater than his other maps. He jgaentioftft 
alfo a large tide-plate for the English &ibkf 
infcribed C, Boel fecit in J^ichn^nt, ^^ii^' 
In Rymer's Faedera, vol. xvii. is a patent 
granted in 161 8 to Aaron Rathburne and 
]R.oger Bruges, for making a furvey for a 
|rue and perfeft defcription of the citie;of 
l.ondon and Wcflminfter, in a map y an4 
alfo fevei-al other cities, * ^ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

:w;i<LLI.AM ' HOLE or HOLLE 

jg t fingravtd^n oval head bf MJ* 
J chwl DriyCDit in 1613, a poor per- 
felrtnance; and a hiesad of Joannes FJofiufi 
Italian itiafter to Anne of Denmark. Stt 
At^cs, 5p.'58, And thofe of GcOrgc WU 
Att^>' Michael Drayton, : Tona Coryatt John 
Hay^ard, and* a Hreiy heat whol^* length of 
^iiiiWHdnryi forDriyton'sPdiyolbion. Ha 
«Mb t)ul)liflied a vdpy^hook, called The 
'I^n*s ''fi^cellencie by Martin fiillingfley. 
^'iridi the pi<5lure of the 
ttliftfr'hae'aS'pIatiesi 1618. 

j D O C US .H ON D I U S, 

Of ,whon>.I haye.givch feme account \x^ the 
third yolume,. under the article of hi^ 
grandfon Abraham, was fon of Oliver De 
Hondt, an ingenious' artift of Ghent, whfere 
probably Jodocus was born in 1563, and 
where he ftudied the mathematics, ^^^ tixe 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^tm = and Xjrcck tongues, Th« citjr of 
(ji^lfcem: being delivered up when jodocus 
ym tw«ity yearp old, ihc came to- England^ 
aisd^xerciCed vapow arts, as making mar 
tliematical infthiments, ' types fOr prin1in& 
and engraving charts and m^ps. Among 
diefe were Sir Francis Drake^s. voyages, the 
Holy 4a^, *thc : Romaa Empire and jfiiyf r? 
others. His Celeftial and Terreftrial globes, 
the largeft diat had then bien publjihed^ 
^cre rhuch commended; Several.of Spced^S* 
ifnaps were executed by liis hand \ ^ and \Bt 
iia^ great Ihafe in the f Atlas Major of 
jTGerafli Mercatbr, which was finifhed by 
Jus fon Henry, and publifticd at Amfterdam 
in 16:^6. A tranflaiion of it by Hemy 
Hexain' quarter-mafter to Col. Goring was 
dedicated to Charles !• Befides thefe and 
fome things which I have^mentioned in Vhc 
life of his Grand&n, Jpdocus engraved a 
fmall print of Thomas Cavehcfifli, thfe fa- 
pipus iailpr, another of queen Elizabeth, a 

^^* j§>tfeflf|^fvcrejk)ne by Abraham Goos. ^ j ^ 
. + .yhcre i^ apnnt of Jodocus prefixed to it. 
^ " f WcWiitdr aftefwfflxjs publilh^d aciriou^ mapdflfe 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 

Catalogue of Engravers. 6 i 

large flieet pririt of Sir Francis Drake, zno^ 
^tt^^itn^, and'S^fiekdW tteiii^Wi)^ 
fVance.^ t^fe' mSmeji in London in ij^i 
iridl karf, fevekl dinldreii • fitrc remoVlng'tft 
Amftefdam^- fre die2l therr'in itfii^'^bc 
then but 48 yei^ pf age. His foil 

:-' 'il ^'^ '■ ^ ^ vv :" «- .: - : 7,1 

"... 5 » / > • ■ . ' A ..; - 

Finiflifi4 many works begun by his ' i^thcf, 
and in 164; en^aved a print of Williara 
;^iijgc pf Qijar^ge/rom a painting^ by i^ 
^l^dcr Coopers a large head of qij^cn CH^ar 
bcth, doiw^ 21^ .^Hf, Hagve ,1632^ |an^ u 
XL 4a, 1608% (very poor) and. in a fet irf" 
J^e^ds publiflied in i $o8^.thofe of Sir kichaf4 
Spenfcr and Sir Ralph Winwood. \ ; ' 

'..^ sr-.^rfi 

A name to a print of James I. which is in- 
fcribcd in Italian, Giacomo Re ^eilk Grai| 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

meancd by- hh uximh A. B. which -I fix^ 
tofoniepriiHsof that age. ^ . , 


Is unknown to us but by his works here 
' following, 

• Mathias I. emperor- 

jDemetrius emperor of Ruffia, 

Mary de* Medici. 

Lewis XIII. 

Concini marqtrfs d'Ancre, 16^7.; ■ ' - 
' Francis White dean bf Cariitf}e, iK'iiji 
Thd^fix-iiife in folio. •- 
"^ Henry Bourbon ^ince of Cond6, 
^Princefs Elizabeth.' ' .•)'•: 

"' Samuel Daniel, i€o9. ^ ' • 

T. Cory'at: ' ^ 

The Revels of Chriftiandom^ 

King James I. fitting in parli^ent. 

King Charles I. in like maitncr. Each on 
a wholfe fheet. 

* ' Ch^le^ earl of Nottingham on borfelwrk, 
6ea and'fhipsV ' - *' 

^^ Cofckfongerierallyufctjihirimarfc^. V:^ 
^^iu^v,:: PETER ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

G^m^^/^i^i^^ $^ 

ft E T E R S T E NT 

Wasi 1 befieve, M engrayer; 'c^aiply a 
print^fyier. On a portrait of the king of 
Bohemia is laid. Sold by Peter Stent. To' 
one of the above-mentioned Francis White, 
but engraved by G. Mountain^ is P. S^nt 
cxcud. as is to a cut of Sir Janaes CampbeU 
lord-mayor in 1629^ but to one pf Andrew 
Wi'llet with fix Latin verfes^ arc the letters 
P. S. >vho probably cut the plate, as no 
<)^hc?lartift is .nw^tioiiGd* Stput cc?tai»ly 
lived io iatt a$ 166a, fw in that year, aj Jif 
had <k)ne ki i^jo, he publiAicd a lift of the 
J)rints that he vended, which lift was re-i* 
printed by Overton , (who bought his ftock) 
in 1672. In the firft catalogije were nrwn- 
tioned platea of L/Midcmi St* jAOvea'?, Noa- 
ftich> Wbit€haJI,Wanfted,Oaclands, Hamp- 
ton-court^ Theobalds,' Weftminfter, Wind- 
ibr, Greenwich, Eltham, Richmond, Wood- 
§ftcX> jR^wighoufc ; battle of l^afel^j^ wo 
ibeets, with general Ludlow on horfcbackl^ 
two nme of the battle of Dunbar j 4^ ^oti 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

<4 Qftakgiah of Engfamtiy. 

extremely fcarcc, and the more valuable as 
many of the edifices themfelve$ rtp Ipng^r 
cxift* Nonfuch, that objeft of* curiofity, is 
commonly known only by the imperfeft and 
confufed fketch In one of Speed's map6» but 
there is a large and fine print of it^ by G. 
Hocfnagle, in the firft volume ofBraun'sCi- 
yitates Orbis Terrarum. Of* Old Richmond 
and Greenwich I have drawings i and of the 
former is a linall view by Hollar. In Over* 
ton's lift is mentioned a map of the Royal- 
exchange by Thomas Cartwright, the builder. 

* At the lord vifcoant FitzwilU^uns's on Richmond* 
green, are two very large j)idtai:es, which came out of 
the old neighbouring palace : they are views of that 
palace, and were painted by.Viiickenboom, who I ne. 
ver knew was in England. The landfcape in both is 
good, and touched in the ftyle of Rubens ; the figures 
are indifferent, the horfes bad. In the view to the green 
is t ftag*hanting : in the other morrice-dmcers, and a 
fool colledting money from the fpe^tors. By the 
drefTes Acy appear to have been painted about the lat- 
ter end of James I. or beginning of Charles^ for fome 
of the ruffs are horizontal, fome fitUing on the breaft, 
which latter faihion was introduced at that period« 
There appears to have been a pretty deuched diapdl» 
which is not inHoUar's view, and a bo^tfded gallery to 
. the ferry. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


.€b»ftj^ ^ S»Jffa^^9iS^. -I^ 


,A nam? that occurs to a * neat litde/princ 
of ' Sir Henry Wootton> with the woni 
philofophemur 5 .. ajtid to thafe of Mar. 
iprancke. imfter of PrnibEolce^hal], Cam- 
;l|ridges of John Cofin bifliop of Durham ; 
of S^mxicl Boteley; of the duke of Budd- 
tjsghanii.of Sanderfon bilhop. of I^ncoiiTj 
of MiJton, Hooker, and the earl of Eflex, i 

' : D E o D A T E, ;;:; 

' A name to a print of Sir Theodore Mayeme. 
Aft Italian called Deodate, was phyfician jp 
fpriAce Heyory, and probably this engrav^r^; 

?». * • ' " ' 

.. . • There is another fimilar by Lombaxty prefixed ((o 
. th?i firft edition of Sir Henry's Remains. 

>.r--- .- •-,. ■ , 


t •.'."' ' *. 

o: ••;-■ ■ . . . :•:■ 

• , ■ ..• .. 

.. * : . ^ ^ - -^ 



Digitized by Google 

t66 ^^SahSI^ if Wa^^mth. 


1628 1' ^^^?^"^y Wf»ktd iav'th?:y?fr 
^ '162S, as he then pufclitfied a hehd 
of John Clavel, and lived in St/piitiftin's 
thurcli-yard. Ames 46. ♦ ' 

>--^-' ^ 

\ 1 Commended By Mn Evelyn,' did 

' - - J' a print <h Sir John Burgh- who was 

-KfltedMat ihe ifle of Rhee, of John Wea^r,t 

*^icfi is elated- 1 6311 6f-WaItcpCurfe btflibjj 

of Winchieilcr, a fmall whoJc length of Af- 

^dhcei^the king's JefteJ-, an oval head of John 

'Talbot carl of Shrcwfbury,' queen' Eliitt- 

• ibcdi on hbSfiSwMcU 5 X5^tfaviis-A^(ilplmi r J 

♦T am ttold, fincc the former edition, that Mgigh^ 
was not a^ ^engraverj, but a booldeller and editor ; tliat 
-im {(d>lilhcd aaedki^fi of Shakefpescre^s^dpryWives 
'<aiWniA{m in 1650, and that his najne-oftetf ticciirs <m 
^rdqg>ds.ofthe5iat]«icr$ Company. y; r^.i} 

•i:<^ ..'it ia^prefixed'talttsPmiei'al MoHfume^ls'f the froii^ 
96ffiigc€"lL,bfkhe Uaas hand* ^^ -^ '^ , - - ^'^ 

J InScudcryVDaiiaEoKiJSii^^i - ' -^' - >•- '^-"' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

J^j4^.; feeyjioUfi *rl4ftiqp ,of ?Iorwich j Sir 
W. Cecil i Tlionias K^dderminfterpfXAng- 
ley, 1628; and the £roafi|j^iece.t<>l<^Ba« 

R O BE.R.r V Art[,G H A-iJ, 

* • . 

, Hi&,Mtorksj ^ugh hot hitmerotis norgoodlj 
,.^q p^oit coocupaon thaa tKofe of (he^tjetipre^ 
.ccdingi .Su^h^i 
J ;Jamps L 
,. Lftucctet Aixlrf! ws bUhop p^ 
Sir Jgha, ^Wypn, of Qv^ur in^ Camanrpii^ 

'lih. ^ y^ry large Jicadi cparfely dooc*- - ^ 

.f ,Je^ FiO^c^.bi/hop of iLo(^iefta:< — ^ 

Sir JPrafxcis Drake^ with four £n^^ 

Veriest ^ '^*/'" "^^ 

^ ^ I^uft Ji^a4s6f I^Uhpp JR«yiMiUlii, was probata, «q^ 
.,^^.y<^t)tv]»ile,M lyas£har.<^ firaoatoaiii I^ov* 
. . thamptonihire) of wtich he was |)offisiIed ia 1651 % S^ 

ibetiUatohLsTreatMeofthePAConSi Hrwasa^ts^n^ 
' fecrated bifhop till i^6o> and BOirt of C^dU^s^WOrte 
..bfar daiftaiterthfejrcigftof QhaiiWl^ . . 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

68 Cat ahgne of Engravers. 

- Mr, Arthur Hildefliam^ preacher at Afti-r 
tiy de la Zouch. '''.'-'- '• 

' • Sir Walter Raleigh. 

Judge Lyttleton kneeling before .a deflc. 

Thomas Wilsford, aet. 40. with a line 

from Boetius/and four Englifh yerfes. .. ; 

He engraved a monument in Dugdale's 

"■"Warw^ickfhire, and fbme of the mapss the 

"'ems in 'Norton's Ordinal, and finiflied thofe 

for Afhmole's Theatrum Chfcmicum in 

165 1, at the latter's houfe in Black-friars, 

•Vertue fays, from Aflimole's MSS, that du- 

'*rihg the Interregnum Vaughan engraved a 

'print of Charles II. to which' he added fo 

^offenflve an infcription, that an accufation 

"' was preferred againft him for it after the 

reftoration. I have a very curious little 

. book, 'intituled, " The true Effigies of 

our moft Illuftrious Sovereign Lord King 

Charles, Queen Mary, with the reft of the 

• ' Rjoyal Pyogenic ; alfo a ' Compendiudl or 

'Abftraft of their moft famous Genea^lo- 

^ *gW /arid Pedigrees, expreflcd in profe 

, and verfe,. with the times and places 

of their births, 1641."^ ',lt: containi heads 

^^A 2 .t :i of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

of /th^- kixigi qufiei^ apd prince. Gharies, 
and whok lengths of Mary, James, Eli- • 
zabeth, Anne, Henry in his cradle, a;id an 
«lder Charles who died. Some are by Hol- 
lar, one by our Robert: Vaughan.* The 
duke of York is playing at tennis. 

Edward Terry, reftor of Greenford, 
Middlefex. This is the lateft I find of 
Vaiighautt's works, being da.ted 1655. There 
is a print of Robert Devereux earl of Eflbc,* 
general of the parliament, which Ames; 
gives, as .engraved by J. Vaughan. If thifi- 
is not an error of the prefs for R. it might 
be a brother. There is another of this; 
lord by J. Hulett, f of whom I find no 
other work, % except a print of Si,r T. 


• He alfo engraved Reckfit*s fhrine, from a MS. in 
the Cotton library ; v. Gough's Topogr. 2d, edit. vol. i. 

P-4S5'- ^ ^ ■■ " ■ ' ,. 

t Another engraver of this name, who executed the 
feats for Fielding's Jofeph Andrews, ^ied in Red-lion- 
ftreet Clerkenweil, in January 1 771 . 

J I am informed that the heads of lord EfTex and 
Fairfax were done for Peck's Life of Cromwell ;' and 
•^hat Hulett'cxecuted many plates for CQetIogoti's*I>^- 
E 3 pQ\^^iy 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^4llfccd'bytHc^earl6f*^H}iKiom} • '^ -" 

w I L i 1 A m" Ma r s ba i:?,:* 


by the perferfsf he, ^{»cfented.| 
ftoiaa c6htl\ide pts^ideaxfy' in the yeigi? 
p^ J^es, h the year i€34 an4 fix or 
4a^lfert years 4ft<!j'wirdf he wiff effl|doyo4 bjr 
M6fcley t«e bbdkfifHcr t6 gra^ hwris fof. 
b66ks' 6f p6M^, Jth* (iom f thisir gifea^ 
firK"diaSt!y in Sti^in^ ^ bfnuhiemyqm^ 
fvippofed ttiat he drew from the life, dirinf^- 

• . ;■ , \ • . . . . " 

^outary of ^t$ i^nd Science*, and for the Lift of queei^ ' 
Anne, hotk pubfi&ed in weekiy numlJefs, by Robcr?' 
Walker. TKe plates toi die filter weft ibpiSi ^oii^' 

PVJboft. . - ■ ' - -L ^ 

• He might ^>e brotl^er of Alexander I^arfhal the 
paintei, whoim 1 Kave mentioned in i toimti volume., 
Afiotl^r Waiaiam Mardal wai a priiftteller in the yfear , 

i tie inftancM iii tke pnhts of StipleMft, tMm- 
«nd tibigfe. 11>e ia* i ^<i So IMiwi life. 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 

in. this coj^^^rp, i)M ^My9iM9.^ ^S-^ 
the age of ai, with which Milton, wno was 
handfome, and Marlhal but a coarfe en* 
graver, feems to have been dffcontcnted 
by Ibme Greek lihes, that are added i6 
the bottom of the pl^te, which was pre- 
fi»^'toht$: Juvenile ijocm^^ li^iiue tdds^ 
tlfiitifipm, tbw^ to the /?«• 1670 heAhows* 
i\gt .engraving of t4^ltm^ when Faithorne^-, 
<y|feQi3Sjttd Qpe, : with advivuip delineavit et>. 
fcw%)$t,- ami/ |his Vernia h?J.d lor .the.,mp(};,- 
^ticheatif liJiffV^^ of tbar ^^t .ppet, 'i^^4^^ 
tbaug^i; W^ar(hal,'s and- Faithoci>e*s bore a§ j 
n[mch rdJapWanee as €oul4 be expefted^ 
If^ms: ^tm^ o( %i, and 62^ Marfbalr^ 
had the felicity too of engraving Shake- 
fpejir for an edition of his pbern^4it dik)^-^ 
dpcitnp 1640, reprefcnting hirri with' ir^ 
fquare ftiff band and a laurel In His h$ind^l 
Thisis very hard, but not fo b^d as throe 
Others 1 hive by his hand, -of biihop Rid-^«i 
ley, ^ of Doftor Whitacfe, afid of Rbbci*?^^ 
l^udtey eajl of Leicefter. . . There U heji^^^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

a lirger oval of Dr. T. Taylor. But the 
bcfl: of his wofksrtha I have feen, and that 
tD6 probably one of his earlicft, before em- 
ployed in the drudgery of bookfellcrs, h 
the head of a young author, without * a 
name, ast. i8, anno 1591, but with arms, a 
Spanifli motto, and fome verfes by Ifaak 
Wahon. This is much laboured. Ames 
has recorded about twenty more, of lord 
Bacon, lord Burleigh, Charles I. do6tor 
Colet, R. Carpenter, earl of Eflex, queen 
Elizabeth, John Hall, marquis of Hamil- 
ton, Philemon f Holland, Robert Jenkins, 
■ i^^tnrj earl of Monrnouth, J4pw Sym, R, 
Sibbes," J. Sherley, William earl of Ster- 
ling, Jofiah Shute, and archbifhop Ufher. J 
Marlhal alio engraved, but very poorly, 

f It is Dr. Donpe, equipped for the expedition to 
Cales ; and is prefixed to ^n early edition of his 
poems. ; 

' t This is at the bottom of his frontifpiecc . to hiij 
tranflation of Xenophon's Cyropaedia. 

t I have four more, Robert Herrick, Daniel Fcatley , 
Will. Hodfon, and Sir T. Fairfax on horfebkck. Edw, 
Bowers pin;::. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

the fiontKpiece Ttb Tailoir's Liberty of Pro- 
phecying; and Fairfax on horieback, foru 
tide -page to^ Sprat's England's Recovery, 
<blio» \ ' 



Was xotemporary with Marfhid, 
and engraved the portraits of Lewis 
Roberts in 1637, of J. Goodwin, William 
Barriff, Sir Edward Dering> John Lilburn, 
John Pym, Henry B\uton, and Nat* Witt,' 
dl ipecified by Ames. And a fmall whole 
tength of §ir Thomas Urqhart, * Joannas 
Amos Comenius, Mrs. Mary Griffith, and- 
fome others whom he hath omitted. Sir 
Edward Dering's is finely finifhed, - * 


Author of the Compleat Gentleman, was 
certainly a judge of thofe arts which are the 
fubjefts of thefe volumes 5 and having con- 

• He made the firft Englilh tranflation of Habclaii, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

74< ^^^m.t^'^mfc^ 

lv§|« afjiclg* igf fuch.^ ^4, ^rk^ thai^^ I anj .^ 

telligei^t writer on . the faoK topics, js.^ 
ecjually unknown to U5 5 his Orapliice, ^ 
though in tortured phrafe, contaius both * 
fenfe and inftrudtion. The writers . of that 
^S^. ^luyugi): DOW' o(^f ^4 ^0^ ^^^ ^^r 
QQi^ %^9. their^ w£Wif^lms, ^nd wapt of 
fh\(^& aljiliti««, «c wo^th |;)eipg cojijjjit^^ 
fpr m^Y %|?ecdoii?s ^d pijSku^s of ^ijJ^". 
4)«B5, .iK^^ ??? to 1^ &wd op. where ^If^* 
^M^, v#;i?iy fpf-ciycuni|3^9es,^c,gffftry^^ " 

^fe yet ly-^t ,it yas^ is f^^l orjC4riov§|^.| 
though pe(h?f!f .5PWW^ ^P^W^ti<?n» , I|l|^„ 

* -He was of Trinity Collegie, QtimbridgQ, whprc he 
took $1)? cl^grf € of Ma^er of Arts, and wsis tutor to the' 
call of Arundei*^ children, whom he Attended into tiit' ^ 
l.^, Couata^&. I!«iidf $ Ithe Cpxnplea^ Gentleman*,' bf^ '; 
f^rOl^^^l liui^ tradk^with ipm^ biitmourg^ called the Worth ^ 
^f ^ Penny; and divers other works, ^s is fai<J^ ^^,^9 > 
adycrtifcment at the end of the fecond edition of thp 
Jaft mentioned piece. . , . ' ' 

7 fijcc^or. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fffM^ti'dt elegance tHart' a^ (ealping^ India!- ' 
n# HfaiF fi much <iext6^ity in hacking Mi' 
etfiitoi^, li inexfiauftibly ufeflil, Pcacham. 
lilitfsf his plate Here By a good priijt that h^' 
ciTiraved after Hoibein of Sir Thomay • 
efbnAwelli fcnighr, afferwa;^ earf of Effe», 



Was an eminent mafteff) compc^P 
titor of VbfteMttiiy and knwttv by 
foMe priwtj of niefit fmtn tte^ w«tk^ -of ^ 
Vkttdyck. In what yeaf fee came wEng»* 
Iand;> ctf left ift,. does not appear: hiilateft 
works in thi^ c^ointtry arc dated 1635^ Van- ' 
^rdort, who mentions him three or four 
tiipfis Jn king Charles's catalogue^ * ex- 
prefslytr calls him the king's engraver, for 
whckvi he' did two plates^ on« of hi$ ma^ - 
jeftyi fifter, the other of the cnapcro|J. 
Qthoj which Vandyck painted to fupply the 

^ P. 71^ 74- • 

^ - ' Ms 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

7^ <3?^4^w ^I ZngTAvm. 

lofe of one* of Titian's Caefars. Voerft 
made a prefent v^o to tte king of a draw- . 
ing on vellom with the pen, our lady hug- 
ging Chrift, and St. John. Mr. Evelyn 
mentioning Voerft, fays, * *^ He has like- > 
wife graven a nunrvber of heads after Van- . 
dyck J I (hall only mention (thofe of) the; 
learned Sir Kenelm Digby, Inigo Jones, 
and thofe two incomparable figures f of 
king Charles and his royal, conlbrt." He 
executed another of the queen alone, and 
the following; . ' 

Robert earl of Lindfey, from Mirevelt. 

James Stewart duke of Lenox, a middle- » 
fized oval, with fhort round head of hair, 
Geo. Geldorp pinx. Another, when older, f 

Philip Herbert, earl; of Montgomery (^•- 
terwards of Pembroke) larger oy ah lylitens , 
pinx. Another, lijuare, after Vandyck, yery , 
freely done, 

Abraham Aureliiis, fmall fqvare b^lf- 

* Sculp tura, p. 7^. 

t Vcrtue engraved jhe fame pjaure again. 


y Google 

C^tdlo^i of En^awrs. 7*^ 

• Sir George Carew cirl ofTotncfs, large 
6val^ with 'rtiilitary trophies, ' four Latin 
verfes. A good print.- 

EKzabeth queen of Bohemia, a^t. 35, aftao 
1 63 1. Londinu G, a Hondhurft p. 
Emeft count Mansfeld, 
Charles Lewis count Palatine* 
Prince Rupert. 

Robert Rich earl of Warwick. 
Ed\Vard lord Littleton, 
/arfies marquis of ^HamiKon ; 
^' Henry earl of Holland. 

Prince Charles, after Dobfon . 
"Edward Sackville earl of Dorlet. 
' Philip earl of Pembroke. 
- SirhoriVouet. ^' ' 

' •^^^^Vllliam earlof Denbigfi. 
^' Henry Vere earl of Oxford, widi a truh- 
''chedn; ybung. " .. ' ' 

George Clifford earl of Gumberiind, wfth 
a truncheon. - ' 
' Small head of Goris, graved on filreh ": 

Robertus Van Voerft, calcographus, Lon- 
dini. A.' Van dyck p. his own portrait. 


y Google 

7« S0i^fffffH^\o^ 

He Bf&^^A^ (l have &idi . quii^mnejpiafti tit 

but his yfoxk$^ %s Ver(j«e>^c \not:^j»inief 
terns* ' His hea4 is (in :ihe eoUe^lioa <]^ Vact^ 


Was, I think, fupmor to his- riv^l, Voertti 
At kail his prints are more highly finifiied^ 
Vertue fays, he ftaid here about five or £pt 
years, but indifierent places has ix^tioned 
works that ti^e in^ the :^ce of ;e|ght year^ 
He was employed by the kiiig andft{ie earl 
of Arundel,* and his and ;Vocrft*s .plates 
feem to be the firftthat were 4one hcire froip 
•lliiloric fubjefSb. Yodennaiij ,&qm. the 
kirk's coUeftion, engraved R^phad'sSt^ 
Greqrgeji , Chrift praying in the .giirden by 
Annibal Caraccii and his burials by Pai:;me«^ 
giano, and Lot And'hla dai^gl^ers . by tl^. 

^' Hewoxbedifor dicearlio: iS^t^ 

^ fam^* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

'T^mevibMy^'' i>fikhirfs hferf ftfem^Lrkmarflb 

*tJj» Vihci, 'uHd^^^'^trait' of -prfnce ' HenlPf • 

And for the fame lord he* pex^brirrtd^a godd 

print from V^ndyct's ' fiiie in<9:Qre'6f^thc 

*earl/ and^Kis cbuntcfs Alathea Talbot,^ fit- 

' tirfg^ tbgSficr, the earl- pointing to a ~gl6Be, 

To the fame lady Vofterman dedica^^ 

l^ge •^iht'^dtt'^fix fheets, ^ fipom iRtibens's 

battle of the Amazons. 'And-bc tij-ew- -^c 

*l3ft IcobntefrAnhc'Dacfe, -riie earPs mofther, 

feom whence Hollar engraved a very* tteat 

i*Sl rare print. ''Wharpoftraits I find of 

ib hand are, 

'^'>ChaHfes i;^'#itK ruffi'tftband/ancfA(hfhed 
feabitr large oftavo, good; 
•->^^V^^k^«dlSHg dv^rhis-ffi6uiacrrand 
hMkJiiig \ip hii tSBS&i ^laSn 'iAyout^ his? neck. 
\^Th(>mas duke of NoffSlk, with 'tfie ftaves 
of '^drd treafurer and earl iWadhal^-^from 

-'Sii^Thoihas Mdrci-*fl^ ditto, '^ttflSce aU 
- -- ♦ Tbfereia'afaoaierof Owrewl H*ie. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

to Gatahgueyf Engravers. 

other piftures of Sir Thomas. This has % 
flatter face, and a very fmall bonnet. His 
right hand is held up to his beards a letter 
or paper in his left, a little white dog lies 
on a table before him. 

Erafmus, after the fame painter. 

Holbein himfelf, with the pencil in his 
left hand, I fuppofe copied from another 

Aloyfius Contarini, embaffador from Ve- 
nice to James I. 1628. 

The old, old, very old man, Thom^ 

Claudius Maugisj 1630. 

William earl of Pembroke. 

William Cavendifh, marquis of New- 

Abraham Aurelius, Lond. aet. 4 j, 161 8. 

Charles duke of Bourbon. 

St, George, 1627. 

St. Helena. . 

What heads he engraved from Vandyck» 
I fuppofe were executed after he left Eng- 
land. In that period too probably was done,, 
a fmall. oval head of Jean Tilly, 


_, Digitized by VjOOQIC 

with fovr emblema^tic figores and fix French 
\tTks. . As I do not icnow the time otVof- 
terman's death, a print of Sir Hugh Cart- 
wright, from Diepenbcck, engraved in. 
1656, might be the w6rk of Voftefman 
junior, who made a plate from Holbein's 
Triumph of Riches. The father^ while in 
England, painted a fmali piece or two for a 
Mr. Skinrier of Rochefter* 

In this place Ihould appear the indefa- 
tigable and admired Hollar, but the very 
•enumeration of his works having furnifhed 
his no lefs laborious fucceflbr Mr* Vertue, 
with matter for an entire volume, it would 
be impertinent to dwell on his article. 
Though employed by bookfellers, few of 
his printis but were ufeful or curious. His 
largeft are indifferent 5 the nearer his works 
approach to wanting a magnifying glafs, 
the Jiearer they advance to perfeftion. 

About the fame period were many other 
artifts> feveral of whom at prefent fupport 
their claim by a fingle print or two. I will 
name them, becaufc when once ranged, it 
is eafy for cplkdors to allot to thtrt^ ^ 

Vol, V, F ^atv^j 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

82 Catalogue cf Enp-avers. 

many more of .tlicir works as fhall be difco- 
vered; and t hope the former will thank 
me for my pains ; for if the drudgery of col- 
lefting is dull, what is it to be a coUedor's 
coUeftor ? 


His heads are Shakeipeare ^ John Fox^mar- 
tyrologift; Richard Elton s John Howfon, 
Iwlhop of Durham : to this print is the na,me 
of William Feake, printfeller, probably the 
father of Sir Robert Peake> who engraved fome 
thin^ himfelfji and whom I have mentioned 
in my fecond volume. Droefhout was zlh 
^ employed for Haywood's Hierarchy of An- 
gels> andigpLecuted a printof I>ido ftabbit^ 
herfelf for Stapylton's Virgil, o£tavo^ and a. 
b(e4d c^l^d Mountjoy Blpunt. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

\€and^ of Si^r^wrs. 83 

, H. S T Q C K, 

Ta a print of William tzd of S4ift>iuy> 


^^7 The painter, whom I have, mcn- 
'. 3 tioned before, graved ieveral things 

from the Arundelian coUeftion. At Paris 
• was.acplleftion of plates from that cabinet, 
^ containing 5^7 pieces pafted into a book. 

Vanderborcht's are dated from i6ji to 


T. S L A T E R 

Livedj I fdppofe, about ithis time, having 
graved a head of George Webbe, biihop of 
L.ifnerick, 'wlK>fe 4refs is pf that age. See 
Ames^ p. v%o.- 

F a Some 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


84 C^mhgm V EngKmm: 

Some Englifh heads were done fay an 
engraver that I do not find was ever here, 
though he ftyled himfelf the king's engra- 
ver : They are very large and handfome 
prihts, particularly thofe of Charles I.^^his 
queen, and the duke of Buckingham. Thete 
is a fmaller of Sir Dudley Carleton, and one 
ftill lefs of Antonio di Dominis, archbifliop 
of Spalatro, This artift was William Delff^ 
who worked chiefly after Mirevelt. 

George GifFord did a head of John Bate, 
poor enough ; and another of Hugh Lati- 
mer, bilhop of Worcefler, Edmund Mar- 
mion, and a head of George Tooke of 
Popes, oval. 


[646] / 
3 pla 

Occurs oftener : By him. I find 
lates of ' 
Jeremiah Burroughs, 1646^. 
Jcmas Moife, ma them, with a fcroll -of 
paper in his hand, 1649. H.Stone pinx> 
Thomas Doolitde, minifter of the golpel. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

: Robert Dinghyy matter of s^ts* 
^ Joho Gadbwiy* 

Chriftopher Lore. 

Edward Leigh. 

• John Richardfon, bilhop of Ardagh, 

Philip Maffinger, 
. Francis Roberts. 
. Thomas Wilfon. 
, Thomas Fidell, of Furnivars-inn. 

•Richard Brome^ fix Englifh verfes. 

Samuel Clarke, paftor of St* BenetFinck* 

Vincent Wing. 

Frontilpiece to White's Rich Cabinet* 

, S. S A V E R Y 

Was probably in England, though of three 
prints ^with this fignature, there iS; but one 
which has not fome foreign marks to it. 
This- laft is of Speed, -who, with his hat on, 
is -fitting in his chair. /It is dedicated by 
George Humble. The other two are, 
' "^ F3 Charles 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

96 Catalogue" of Ettgra^&i^ 

Charles I. with a high-crbWned hat, as fcc 
is rcprefeated in the mczaotmto o^ him at 
his trial,, which, by the way, is faSd to fee 
painted by Vandyck, who was dt^d IcMide 
ycaris' Before thaf event. The face probably 
was taken from one of his piftures, and the 
hat added. In this print, by Savcry, is a 
view of Weftminfter, in the mariner of Hol- 
lar, A. V. Dyck pinx. S. Savery fecit. Jooft 
Hartgers exciid. The inscription in Dutch. 
There is another of thefe without the hafne 
of Sarery. 

Thomas lord Fairfax, profile 5 hat on. A 
ftrongdark print, fomething like the nianner 
of Rembrandt. Dutch verfes. 

J. G O b D A R D, 

g 7 Known by only one print, of Mar- 
3 tin Billingfley, «tar. fu« 27, 1651, 
oval frame, rnotto, four EngUfh verfes. 
This Billmgrtey appears to have bcfcn a 
writing-mafter^ a profefiion who have been 
very apt to think their portraits of confe- 
quence enough to be preferred. 


Qigitized by VjOOQIC 


16601 ^^^ ^ ^^^ ^^ Edward Parry,, 
i Epifcopi Laonenfis, anno 1660, 

A. H E R T Q p K S 

1 66 1 1 Ep^^^^d A. Br^nlfe i66i, ov4 

J frame. 
^ * Sir Edward Nicholas, fecrctary of ftate ; 
Oval frame laurelled. 

Lord chief juftice RoUe, a celebrated 
-writer on the law. 

Edward Waterhoufe, Arm. and a/ few 
other heads. . / ^ 

W. Chamb6rlayne's h^ad, p?cfixgd to his 
^Mfonnida, IJ559. . : .; . 

A frontifpiece to the Icon Baiilike, in 
-fcdio. V. Ames, p. 34. Another to the 

♦ The pi£kure from whence tHs was taken; Wis done 
abroaji in 1654. Vartae did a pdjit .tsf SirEdfirafd 
from a better pKtore, fey Sir Peter X-ely, in, 1665, 

F 4 compkkt 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

compleat coUeftion of that king's works j 
that to Mr. Evelyn'^ Scylpturii, * .wd fevc-- 
ral others. 



^^ 7 Another obfcure artift, engraved 

3 the heads of Edward Leigh, eiq» 

M. A. of Magdalen-hall, Oxford, i66o, of 

Thonrjas Whitaker, phyfician to, Charles IL 

of Selden, and Gething, a writing^rriafter„ 

F. H. V A N H V e; , 

Another Dutch engraver, and more f pro* 
lific,*;feems toi.hkve yrorked here from the 
end of Charles I. to near the gonclufion of 
thc.jdignir.of.king WHUan?: hi^s ei^t3 are 
dated in the years 1648, .1653, 1654,. 1^9?, 
dz(;.,X but I have -f^n nothing of his hand 
*'' - . ' %Ut 

* V. Sc«Ipluraip/46^ 
t Ames mentl6fts two dozen of hit prints, 
t There ii^ft fmall prfnt of king William on horft- 
: l^k, \^ Van Hove, yreftxcd to the Epitome of the 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 

that makes a pftutkuhr entntieraticm of his 
^orks neceflarf. 



Did a print of Sir William Waller, dated 
1643, but I do not know that he was ia 
England, having found nothing more of 
his h^nd, uniefs a print of J^athaniel Ri- 
chard3, gent, mentioned by Ames, p. 141^^ 
with the initial letters T. R. be his. Ra\(r- 
lins the medallift feldom put more thaa 
thpfe capitals either to his coins or writings. 
They may therefore belong to him, 


Who has t already appeared iii this work, 
is peculiarly intituled to a place herci 

Art of War, 1692. He did a confiderable number of 
prints for John Dunton, the bookfeller, in that kingS 
feign. See Dunton's Life and Errors, p. 346, . - • 

* HefpelledhisnameRodttermondt. 

I Anecdotes of Painting, vol. ii. p. ai8. 


Digitized by VjOUV IC 

tboug^ hmt^ girea whit :pai«ic«i«Ts? V#r- 
tue could difcover relative to bil. ltle> I A)44 
here only Ipecify his etchingSt 

For Edw^d Benlqw's divine ppem$, . 
called Thcdphila, fol. 1652, he drew and 
etched ieveral defigns, as he did for Ogle- 
by's Vir^U and ^fop. 

. 'His Ihare in Monke'^ Funeral, aqd in tl)§ 
book of birds * I have mentipned, | 

A print of an eagle Ibaring in the air 
with a cat in it's talons. This event Parlow 
law in Scotland, as he was drawing views 
there* The cat's, refiftance brought botih 
animals to the ground^ where JB^How tQf>}^ 
them up. 

R. t G A Y W jO.O,X>, 

Who is mei]Lt3(^^ both by l/kr. Eydyif, tmA 
Sanderfon^ -wa^ fcholorj and clofe imitatpr 

* /Grificfe etcjbed/pmeplatesof birds. and.beafts af- 
ter Barlow. : Saflmaker, jBocp^ Dai;ckers> and Streater^ 
the paints, .etched A)n;ie things. 

t Gaywood Jias net fet his chriflian name at length 
to one of his jpri^ts. Virtue fays .that to fonie of rfiem 
be put quondam Difcipulus Wen. Hollar, 

10 of 

digitized by Google 

of IticAX^y and ttidngk I di> ooi know ^tbtC : 
he attempt^ views^ lYiay in Us heads be: 
miftaken for that maiter. lixieed ihatts' 
not faying. th^ he cirriVed at great excd- 
lencej yet he far out-fhonc many I liave 
mentioned. He engraved the coudiant 
Venus of Titian with a Spaniard playing on 
an organ^' a fine pifturc of king Charles's 
colleftion and fihce of lord Cholmondclcy's.' 
The <*Aer works of Gaywood are portraits^ 
of- Maty queen of Scots with a crofi in her 
htod I W. Drummond of Hawthorndcn the 
Scottiih hiilorian^ a fmall ova!^ with his 
jiafms: Edward Cocker, who feems to have 
been an ^ engraver too 5 there are two dil^ 
ferent prints of this man, one of them very 
neat* Sir Bulftrode Whitclocke : Sir George 
Cook: William Fairfax, with fix Englifh 
vcrf<a : Holbein : James Hodder, . writing- 
inafter : William Lcybourn : Marguerite 
Lemon, Vandyck's miftrefs, with French 
yerfe^ : Countefs of Portland : John Play- 

• Cocker publifhed 14 or 15 copy books, and en- 
graved his own writing, fome of it on filver -plates. See 
Biogr, Brit, artic. Bales, 

Cord i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

9tt' Catalogue of Engravers^' 

ford ', there are three dlfFerent prints of this 
man, by Gay wood, Loggan, and Van Hove : 
MatitheW'Stephenfon, an humble authors to 
this print are thefe gingling rimes, 

" The printer's profit, not my pride, 
- Hath this idea ilgnify'd. 

For he pufli'd out the merry Play, 

And Mr. Gaywood made it gay. * 

Cuthbert Sidenham, 1654: Lady Eleanor 
Temple, with .four quibbling verfes, 1658 : 
Vandyckj Charles (II.) king of §cotss 
JLipfius i Mahomet .5 Monfieur de Balzac ; 
Doftor Fauftus 5 a head of Chriftina (pro-r 
bably iniaginary) for Fowler's Troubles of 
Sweden ^and Poland ^ and a few more, 

t) U D L E Y and C A R T E Jl 

Were difciples of Hollar ; the former, like 
Gdywood,' wrote himfelf quondam difci- 
pulus. His moil confiderable work was 
the fet of etchings for the life ofiEfop, 
prefixed to the latter editions of Barlow's 
jflEfop. Robert Pricke was another c^ his 

♦ A better pun on this word was made on the Beg- 
;3;ar's Opera, which it faid, made Gay ricb, and 
Rich gay. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Cataiogu of En^MiOrU . ftj^ 

fchohr?> and pubK(hed: Pi^Jje le J^Iuet's 

Archite^ne in 1675. . . . >. 


A gentleman of Yorkfhire, had a turn to' 
moft of the beautiful arts. He painted, * 
deligned and etched ; Verrue had heard that 
he learned the latter of Hollar, and ha^ pre- 
ferved a letter that he received from Mr. 
Place, in anfwer to Tiis inquiries into that 
faft and about Hollar himfelf, of whom he 
relates on his own knowledge many particu- 
lars which Vertue has inferted in his Kfe of 
that artift, but denies his having been in* 
ftru6ted by him. Mr. Place was a younger 
fon of Mr. Rowland Place of Dinfdale in 
the .county of Durham, and was placed ^s- 
clerk to an attorney in London, where he 
continued till 1665, in whkh year going 
into a (hop, the officers came to fhiit up the* 
houfe, on its having the plague in it. This. 
<>ccafioned his leaving London; and gave, 
l»m an opportunity of quitting a profeflion 

^ *• Mr. Scott, oifCro^vn-coartWeftmiIlfte^, had a pic- 
tare of goofberries painted in oil on a black ground, 
a common method with him, as Mr. Scott was told by 
Mrs. Windham, Place's daughter, who was living in 
1764, and a jug of his earthen-ware. 

' that 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

,} 94 t^a^agud of E^atxers. 

that was^ cc^ntreiy to Hm inclihaciooi md of 
following the roving life he loved, and the 
arts -for which he hsd ttajents.-* B^lph 
Thorqfby, in his Duc^tus Leodienfis, f often 
jnentions Mr. PUce with gfe^t encomiums^ 
aiid .Ipecifies .various, prefents that ,he nude 
to his ^ufeum* He tells us .too that Mr. 
Place difcovered an earth for, and a method 
of making porcelaine, J which he put in 

. prajjticc 

* The additions to this article were communicated 
fcy a near relation of Mr. Place. 

t P p. 196, 466, 477, 492, 497. At tlie end ef tkis 
account <if Leeds is a catalogue <5f Thorelby's own Mii- 
feiim, now difperfed, in-whiel^ were fome valuable, 9Qd 
fiiaoy fkjolitk curiofities. Of the latter fort, was a knife 
taken from one of the Mohawks 1710, fo ferioufly was 
that yifton believed at that time by grave people. Ano- 
ther of his rarities was a leaf of an Ananas ; that &ait> 
- now £> common here, was fcarce enough in the year 1715 
to have a. leaf of it preferved in a repofitory; The took 
.itielf is very diverting. Thorelby, like other, foleijin 
and retired triflers, thought the world intereHed "in 
knowing whatever related to them. Aihmolc's Wary 
. is ridicoloufly. carious. Thoreiby informs as tfasAlin 
Jbis youth, he w^s ufieafy when he firft pbf«rvQd-that he 
had not the ufual quantity of ijpittle that others. ))ave« 
p. 615. What a brave difcovery was printing for men 
^ho wiihed to record how ofteA they fneezed ! . 

X His pottery coft him much money : he attempted 
itfolely froxh a turn to experiment ; but one Clifton of 

Digitized by ^Ontcfr^ft 

"Cat&lti^ue of <Ehgrd^fs. ^$S 

praAicc at. die manor-houfe of York, of 
which manufefture he gave Thorcfty a fine 

'mug. ^ Prom the lame account wc learn 
that Mr. Place difcovered porphyry at 
Mount Sorril in Leicefteflhire, of Which he 
hid a piece to grind colours on. This 
author specifies views of Tinmouth-caftlc 
and light-houfe ; the cathedral . of Tbrk, 
churches and profpefts of L-eeds, drawn and 
etched ; and a mezzotinto of Henry Gyles 
the glafs painter, executed by Mr. Place* 

"He alfo fcraped' three plates orj6hn Moyfcr> 
efq. of teeverly, his particular friend ^ of 
Thomas Comber dean of Durham, and of 

'bUhop Crew; the laft is finely executed. 
Many fketches of caftles and views which 
he took in Wales, and of various other 

"places in England, Scotland, and Ireland, 
ieveral of them well finilhed,, are extant, and 
have been engraved. A view of Scajrbo- 
rough-caftle was drawn as hte as the year 

'1715. His prints are Very fcarce; he fel- 

Pont6fri6t*tobk the hint frota him, aikl made a fi>rtiuie 
by- it. 

J I have a cofFee-cup of his ware ; it is of grey eartk 
i^wKh'fFrfcafes^ of black, and not fuperior to commoft 

^ ,docn 

Digitized by VjOOQIc ^ 

. dom rcfided in London, and drew only fof 
his' amuftmtot, jfeldbm icompleatipg what 

Tie undertook, and in his rambles painting 
6rd,yXtjg, i§nri engrsiving,. :<iccifibrtAlijl.\" fe 
tl^;^ reigB ,.of. Ciwtf'le^^II. :He: ww:6JFelSfi«f •« 
gen(ion of £. 590 a year tx>-dnr^ the: ro^af 
n^yy i but declined ^cepdng it, as. he a»eiM 
ijot-jCftdure conlin.e«^nt or dependence* -I» 

diurches drawn by,Place;;"AnicB mendonlP 
a print by him,, wjiiih I have, of Richard-* 
Thompfon^ from a. pdnting of Zouft : It-lsi 
boldly ^ done .Anpjther is of Stcrw, asrcH-- 
biujpp.of York. He ajfo did fome pla»s of- 
lurds,jV, vol. iii, of Anecdotes of Piintingy"^ 
article,. Jjfiffiere; ^jpid the figures for Go-^' 
dartius's book ofinfeds. Mr. Place died- 
in 1728, and his widow, by whom he had a« 
daughter * married tq^ Wadhaiii* Wyndham^ 
c^. quitting the maiior-hpMlc in York, iii£3 
pofed of his paintingSj^ among whicl\ weuc 
an admired "piece of fowls, others of flowers, i 
an4 fifh, unfinifliedL There are two iicads 
oi Mr. .Bikct extant, one fey *hitfffe!f, thc^ 
face-onJy fltfWicd, and^ahothefty Murray,' "^ 

- ^J. . « . «. .* V 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


May be ftf led engraver to a let of Hcr6cs> 
Whdm Prior calls Th^ mfwtunatt hra^. 
Ko country preferves the images and 
siftecdotts of iuch wordues with . futh 
care as Engiaiid. The rigour of the law is 
lierra paflport to fame* From the infringe 
em of Magna Charta to the coUe&mt oft 
the road, fitxn Charks I. to Maclean, every 
fufierer becomes the idol of the mob. Some 
of the refemblances pefenred |t>y Savage 
are of men who fell in 4 bettei" c^Ufci 
biihbp Latimer, Algernon Sidney, sddermafi 
Cornifh, the earl of Argyle^ Su* £dmon^ 
bury * Godfrey, Sir Thomas Armftrong, 
and the duke of Monmouth. He hai alfo 
done beads of John Gidbury, Sir Henry 
Chaxincy, Sir Henry PoIIexfen, f John a 

^ In Tiiardky'« Mofeimif mentioiitd abpt«> was a 
^lood-coioiired ribbftiui with Destk's Jiead* fivords^ J^c* 
iufciibedii «< lA msaotf of Sir Sdatofu&ufy dodfrc^, 
am^Mnd^ jsAof Oaober ^%f* Aibroiig pi6liir# 
«f die hejg^ «i wiucii the ngt of pf^ wai ctrofd I 

t For thu|latc Savage zccc^radthrMfoafuk^aiid 
^didhiM for ItKBoam* 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

Lafcoj Arthur cagrl ., of Torrington, * Ch* 
JLcigh,. ^M-'"t)."foirfe tbins in* 'jEvelyn*s 
Numifmata, and two plates for ^ Guidott'^ 

Thermae Britamiiesb.' ^''^ " • . • * 

.Mr. WIiL^LIAM L 0;D:G E 

Was Ton of Mr- William Lodge* irf 
-Le«ds,. merchant,^ by Elizabeth, daughter 
of Mri J4din Bykei, ^elddDlbn of Richard 
Sykcs, efq; oric of. ihe .fii& AldermeU 

r r • . \ 

* This do&iof OHght hoj to J>e Ibf'gotten for his traaf- 
lation of a Latin cj^itaph, which he has given in his 
Hiftory of Laftcaftiir^ : the latter^part of.th6infCripti/ons 
-m^thtf?;' - ' \ ; ■ ' •'/! '^ '. • ■ -^ 
.. ' ■ -^'i^-'jtirius'Wfexii^^^ 

.^ :..-•. . . ^CcoittgiiricoiBpariabili 

fimo et Socerx tena 

Xhus. Epglifhed by; Dr. Leighy bookfiii. p*? 5^ v ,.. : 

t" *< Julius Maximum '&*^la5 sr ^armatiaiii wife to IStv 
Ihfomparjibte hW^&ndl erefts tHs to perpetuate* ftte- 

^^iii^ryoCSt«[o,^4i»dea^ib&i'li(th^ fa. 

ther-ia-law." .'wc.irsJ i/. r-^ri i v'^; 

^■:..:^ O .V .:.V of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

of that tbwb [then * newly imiie a" iorpsi^ 
ration by Gharies i.]-wiiire our artift wai* 
bom July 4, ' 1649^ aad inherited aa 
eftate of 300/. a year. From fchoql h& 
was ^nt to Jefus College, C^ambridgei and 
thence to Lincoln's-inn ^ bjat more pleaftire- 
able ftudies fuiting his genius, he attended 
Thomas lord Bellaffis, afterwards vifcount 
t'alconberg, in his embafly to Venice, where 
meeting with Giacomo Barries Viaggio Pit- 
torefco, wherein arc particularized the chief 
pictures in Italy, and an' account of Canon 
Settala's famous cabinet at Milan j Mn 
Lodge tranflated it ixito Engliih, ajul added 
of t^is own graving heads of the moft tvohn 
l^ent painters,' and a nniap of Italy, printed 
Inoftavo, 1679. While on his travels he' 
drew various views, which he afterward* 
etched. Returned to England he affifted 
©r. Lifter of York in^irawing rare flicH&and 
foflils, whicli the dodidr itirainfiYikcdd to the 
Royal Society, a^d are inserted in their Tranf- 
•aAions, particularly the Table of Snails, 

• Anno 1626. 

Ga No. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

f^q^QjreStt^He ,alfo drew for ibr.' I^Sfef 
tbfj^jrSbpf .different forts of fpidcrs'. ' '^fidre 
^^g^^^thgi^ at York a ctub of VirtutiG, tok^ 
£Q&d^ ^P^* Martin lifter, John'Laiftbeft, 
^^. ^iipnpias Kirke, eTq. Mn "t^odg^i ^^i^ 
Mr. .,Fi:?uxcis Place. .Betwieen the tw6^iift 
5Pgg§pial; attifts was a ftrift frien^'ij^. 
^Qo^e w t^r rambles, on which they -ofteh 
;|bjB4 w thpee pr four months, as they" were 

iJ^)^Sr^^h^W^ fufjitatea 

4% Jjcf4it$ [it wa? at the umc ofthe Pb^ilh 

plot] fei^cd, inaprifoned, ami [ hot r^ledVd 
^^^ cm^thCjS^pearance of Ibme friends from 

Cheftcr. ^ Thorefby, who ainidftlils ]l4rik 

ftition of dreams, related' io my amndh thac 

9/ThiH:c%T4iyptes^ Mr* Locke ^lor^aiib^r 

• Effay, vol. i. p. 74- ,3iS nC 
-;?^od.T7£jr 1^ ;;^ mono* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

tjbip^withoyt titc^complction ^. Lodge mdcPflt 
lr^4^ l^ but as the herfe paifed Uy Htfwb6cf; 
d^g^^ifLg^e.bpIuy <hc coffin ^as datna^, 
ftP^ ^ c^^am Jiappily fulfilled, \hie coi^^fe 
^«iig; interred in t^e ehbir Ithere Aife. bf, 

p-*'^* C5''V. :;»,; /• • .' '•'f , ■*-' ,v 

i6|lj|..^ Qne, captain Filher <rrote crpon Mr. 
^4gP*? ! picture, ^ ^arifiis, Btirdegafee, 
.^9)9,p^j ;ac poftrcmo Venetiis humaniorrbtfii 
p^j^jidM,]^^ verfatu^, jam tanAein 

^^Of^^is rlitterU et artibus exctiltils, iizt^ 
Jbfum^petilc 1671, setatis ij, jam pridfcm 
Jipfoitii iJncolnienfis admiiSb focio/' 
. , JS^. Lo^ge*5 works, befides thofc Jr have 
, ni^ntioi\ed, arc, * -^ 

. Jvkv of Gaeta; Ae Mcrfe a&d I4a6cu?$ 

tonnb. . , ' : . : 

. Po?j:uolo, CaracaUa^s'Mole- IbSte/^c- ■ 
u . RjiifliS of the amphitheatre ^uaiid iquedudl 
.jMt,Minturrium» . "^ . 

Promontory " of Cifcty tfcmplc ^c^ the 
ibn, &ۥ ^t-: ^^: : I.. :.^ .; - 

G J 1-ambeth- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Lambrfh-Tioufe from the Thaitites, 

' Weftminfter-h^ll and the Abbey. 
^ ShenfFrhuttonc^ftle. ♦ / 

Clifford's tower, . . 

View df^ork, from difc Water-hotife to 
the ruins of the manor-houfe, 

Befides thefe, which w«'e fmall^f h?' did 
fonne large plates of 

"The Pont du Gard in L^ngucdqc, Ta 
this he figns "Wi . 

The Ynonument. This ig reckoiled thof 
beft draught of it. 

' I-.eeds, with the ruifis 5f Kirkftal and Foun* 
tain-abbies, with a map of the Wapentakes 
of Shireach and Morley, and a profpeft of 

- ?^^ewcaftle^upon-Tine, with lefler views 
of Tinmouth-caftle, Alnwic, Holy-ifland^ 
Berwick-upon-t^weed, Garlifle and-Barnat-d^ 
caftle i all whicH were finiflied, and a Tpe-* 
cimcn printed off, before the plate '^as 
Spoiled by an accident.. In the middle ^as 
deCgned a map of NorthumberlaiM, and at 
bottom a proTpeft of Durban^ of the fam? 
dimenfions with that of Newcaftle* . > 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

"E^nbiirgh, GIafg€w, wid Dyiart; diflfe- 
Itftt-iplates, ' ' ^ ^* 

Oliver Cromwell Jmd his page; dedicat- 
ed to the Proteftor. 

Samiael Malines> after a pidhirc -by 
Ckret. . 

He paiteCcd fome few things from the We 
In oiL 


tf 6*70 1 Son fof a divine of the fame names* 
. i is the only perfon yvh^ift I find to 
have been royal engraver by patent, which 
himfelf, on a print of his father, prefixed to 
the latterts clavis, tells * ns he was. .By 
what interefl: he obtained this diftindtion, 
does not. appear j certainly by no great ex- 
tcell^nce in his profeffion^ Nor ^re his 
jyofjks numerous, thojagh- he excrcifed his 
m for iiuny year§. Ames mentions about 
fifteen heads by hirp ^ and there is another, 

•v. Ames, p, 157. 

G 4 which 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

i\fb(\$kaiL9mig^Wh} ^ 5I^Q .b^:: bfiOdl ^9pBti^} 

pc»hap$: ^engc^vcd i otH^r iplgm! befide^ .pto^i 
tfaftts. . He hfts done twt^ lof Chiuies .11. one^i 
whol€4e]igth> prefixed to Aflimole'B Ckdg% 
cdiihc Cartsen The firft. «ifjc$ .i jBiOd rbyl 
him are, William Bridge and WiJEapt 
S4mpn, bot^ m 1670 i the lateft, jvdgc 
f^owelj in 171 1. The regular Architeft of 
the g^ncgral R\ilj?. pf the five prdcrs;^ by: 
Vignola, with additions , by Michael Aru 
g^Q,. done into EngUfti by\J. Xcak, waf - 
l^ppted for W. ShcrWin^ engtam, * 1669!^, ^- 

JOSEPH NUT 1* 1 N <^ '^^ 

■ I: j" . .: ■.•rr!K.''CV . ... '?-c\^ .Ir.m'juj 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

6mb4lmiiig$aij4, ar^^epd of che'^uthdr :&<>«: 
jyijK^re bf Muitifcy;- ■ "* '-'^^ '•' - 1^^ - "t 

/^^e nCwcome t0^ne^orihe*m6flf'6apita)[ 
ehgravdrs' tfcat his appeaiied iri this cduhtiy.' 
'irhe^huniter prthofe, whoie works d^ferVt 
mtrinfic regard, abftradedTrom' thfcii* fear- 
^ity, or fhe curiofity of the perforiS and ob- 
jcfts^ reprefented, is very' ftnall, iand ifooii 
enumerated. The family of Pafs were fin- 
guUjly . f^?^\ Holhr ftill fi^rpaffed tl^em, 
and in branches to which their art never 
^tended. Vorft and Vofterman fhonc in 
a^^Hgf'^ftyfeV'^-am^^^^ i^Mnt^ 

%ii cf^mfacyi and was even ia'gWat pbitbrAier, 

iralrifeparda *dth ^oft br^hu^rucfefii^s, of 

^tm Itofiert' W Ir^Wdfedlned 

^e j^aE^^'^^jbiih-Shiift 'c&^ mt na^ (iif. 

Mc^\v^]i4W'r^^^^ «Ulin. ' The laft 
^ John 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

iA<c¥}or> a ' ^d lilofkm^v KirkalU com^ 
moiAy a wr^tch^d kbow^r, «had finguhr 
merit in one branch Uiat will be mentioned; 
Mr. Strange, aAanned <^ the creeping and 
venal ftyle to ^hich the arc was ^funfc ia 
Brhain, has given us thc^^orks of -Italiaitt 
mailers, with a tool worthy of Italian en^ 
gravers. But yet ther^ had been ope &ig»» 
li&maD> who without the timid peifipdio^a ^' 
French matters, had lh<^wn tha^ {ofm^k and 
(orc^y freedom and finilhin^ werp Coi?(ipa^ 
tible, and that the efFeft of chiaro fcuro di<J 
nor depend tjpon unble^ed mafiea of wbitf 
^nd black -, this was 

WI I, L I A.M F A I T H OR ;N jpl^ 

♦ He was born in London, in what year is 
f uncertain^ and bred under Peake, J pain- 

• This account is taken from a MS. of Vertue, who 
received the particttlare from Mr. Bdgford, librarian to 
lord Oxford, and intimate with Faithorne ; and from 
another of his friends, Mr. W. ITiW Charke. 

f V. fecond volume of this work. 
- t "^aham *if8^'4ie ivai' alrout feventy-fi%'w^heft'1# 
riied^ Eng. School, p. 417, * 

tcr . 

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-t^it* 1v}K>m -^W? '^^tjlife* fep rlii«e of ) f<N»> 
yeftfs. birfbfe the »«p^n ^C the ciml .wr^ 
jarifd Whowi' he-^iicowipamed iivtb the kiag^ 

hd^fef/ Fmth^w^fle *>w» brotiglit- w ^fcjOndoo, 

crf"tolifi'plDr%f!iort, and aftiong Otker head$ 
did 4Tm^ii <>n*' of thefi6rft^Wlte»'dt|tat of 
BbckmghatH^ /ih 'the i md^i^t- «^f : Mdlaii* 
After ' mitdi feUki^tibA 'by»' Wr ^fiii^da,^^ \k» 
was'^ftiirtisi' ti^ ♦^reti^ ta FWnGeywhetti 
l^ found pfot^^on . and ht^mitk^PofSht 
fhjff! tke Abbe de Marolfes, a fingiilar fl^n^ 
who, widi flender competency. of paits^ 
drAmhied. and- tfunlpeted fibr: leaning and 
the artSi till he wa^ admitted into the pro^ 
fefflon, His memoircs are their menioires^ 

* Graham fays he was baniflied for refufJng to uk6 
the oaths to Oliver, but by the accoimtr of hts two 
friends whom I tranfcribe, he returned to England be- 
fore the proteflorate, which agrees better with a head I 
(hall mention prefently, and with a fhepherdefs which 
he did at Paris in 1649, Graham adds, that he ftu^ed 
fejcral year5 under Champagne^ whi^h-is alfo dodbt- 

• - ?ind 

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50IF • ^v:%Kjsli ■>> ^i:riyr^\'^ 

fO& ' Cak^gue of Engravers. 

^t^^cow of oiHi^^teni-OT^ 

k* 9SW.fttojp, w^tAc Agn of thc^flbip^ iM^^^ 
^^dc^,'j^P9fitc^^^ the l^alfgraiy^^ 

Dutch juad \ £nglim prints^, and work^ jpr 
J|pj^(^lkr§,^ pj^-ti|?ularlj Mr. ^ R^yftop^J^ 
ici^s bjx>Jkfellcrj Mr^.Maitia his l^ 
Jn-law in St. PaulVchurcH^-y^nf, and M^^ 

on Snow-hill, the younger bijcMjiw-.,Qf ^]^s 
old mafter: -> ^crj^ttmc *^ftcr tte yea^n^Sp, 

?.£(f ?JHft*«4iiftttJ ? JiA?f *U ^'^ l?^.w# ^^J??^- 

f Bayfield's head is dated 1654^ — ;^ 

f}^>|^^hexe ve feme to which is fped£edj Sold t^ IViU 
ham taithtmi. 


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Catdogui of^ Engrivtri, 109 
Faitjiome quitted his (hop, and redred to » 

Affcii/ Mr; Smith; f ^f. §^/ ilM^ 

'%^^:'M iiic&'bf'iHft ifi)t^''^»fflaiiii 

jp^ dliveri iufveyor of die" ^fi*s at "St. 
^axd's^. The misfprturies'ii*-hi4 fon't^^- 
"^Im iwke i liis fpirits, th^gh' he "-li^'k 

-^-^^Jtai^il'ikys ikifo in' iAtnUtarr; df 4li!<ai=iM^^I^ 

C £ 4 iSMEt^ bwi nsrin lordOtxfeed't coHcAioito : ; > 
X He was once cared b^ Aihmote of an Iliaea paffio. 
"S^ £>iaif ofth^&itiir, pi liiyAA \m iStHuiilut')^ 
Fudiorne feven pottndt fat tngiiimg iM' ywtnk, 

.intMV.i'\ r-.i'S 

Digitized by (jOOQlC 

iZi!nptibn >fitrc an end to bis lift. He waa 
buried noarihis wife; iuSt. Anne!-$ Biack- 
imitsy May 13, 1^91. BcSdes this pi<flure» 
ami plates^! lie ptibitfbed iiis Art oiGmvmg 
^in «6<a^i(icriicadng 5t to bis^raater Sir Ko- 
beiT'Piefke. .His friend Flatnaan- f corfe-^ 
crated 41 poem to his mcmor}r^ ODCKiluding, 

A Faithorne fculpfit Is a charm can fave 
' ' Proiri dull oblivion and a gaping grave. * * 

.t' Ihall ^Jiftfnguilh the worlds of Faichor;i^ 
injtQ five clafles i firftj hfe' fine pritits; .fe^ 
ironu, his.niiddling, of which feveral ap?* 
TOoach to the firft fortifoirie tp three,, his 

bjul ; Tour, Ws hiftpric ^ five fuch as* j hav^ 

,7^> jf- .;i*c*v •. . • * . .. - * *i * .; . 

! W*te<lfcolcciiikis.»?rh^ ArttifiSrtivciftg and Eilrfi.' 
JMigij^Plheiqi^ ^^preft the urue w^ of f r»»eiaj|iia cop^ 
per. Alfo the" manner and method of that famou9 
jQaljof amJ^Mr* ^?%* in.their fev^^al ways of etqhiijg* 

f Flatman has two copies of commeQ^dt^^ yfid$^ 
* prefixeyl.j»,B3.D4«'fi>aV Gjaphice. rXte firft «n the 
^fin&l^eadgpreiExedxo the work; declares^ 

^enbtfays all> who lets you underftand» 
,u raiheAiAdk^fimi4flrf<Hi's,'v(FftiilK)rae'^^ 




v^>..: ''• • •- • ^' 'J ..'^^^' 

His QifSifi.IicsKi^ looking (hrer iiis ftoiUddF, 

Sir William Pafton, barc^iet^ a£5|^«^A 
j4ump ^efitlem^ Very: kxig -hiir^ fiHc <i!%an^ 
tie .ev^iQ|i€;:IJiOttWer. Every partrofiithifc ' 
jpjf^ci '.^teH, I ; thirkfc cjiq ' tdl. lof lisiiWDfcks, 
is finiflied in the.h^^ft ptSPfedflQn^'^; r !v;:5 
.^ ,L^f Pftftoix, feme yci&rj pr6bahij^:4fter 
« pi^Fe of V4n4y«jk> . *:» i- m -> ;u;./ i 
,v :Margsa^et Smidi,. ipvidoif ; jc£ Thomas 
Smithy and wife of Sir EdWkif Haik&¥; 
^^gfxVaodyplu A.Wtxdte fcngtliMfiff by 
4^ iafpe^^iM^er Was in^fdie WMvtoKtaDiiix^ 
tion^ afterwards in my.^.:£ither'$».:abd .nhir 

Montagu Beirhe fix^ond '^ail^ofSIiindfejr, 
from Van^ypkt; lu ^ ' .j !:: . J ;. -M 

^..; William San46t6h;^2etiJ^^ t'J.58. 

Soull pinxit* This head is preflxed.a> iji^ 
X^raphiG^'^aad (JpeiiJlioMiv: bflich »;punter 

ii 7 .and 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

44i J^tMUpm if Et^^Qifs, 

and engirayer. There tn two of diefr 
bcMS KMuewliat cfiflfetent* 

Carew Rcynell^ arm^^er. Young tMat 
long hair, fiion band tied* * 

Samtiel Collins, do£lor of phyfic, M. 67^ 
yf, VdSUbont ad vivum ddtn* et fevlp. 

Anne Bridges countcfs of Exefcf, from 

^ Jdm Kerfejr, b6m at Bodicot, &c. 1616 i 
madKsmdcal books* Souftpinx. 1672. 
, John La MottCj efq/ citizen of L/^ndozk 
Bom 1577, deceaf^d 1655. 

Johii yifcount Mprdauht. Head iii ar^ 
mour, oval frame furroimded with amis, in 
.thc^manntt^prints of die Scottifh nobilit7# 
.Tides in Italian. 

.Thomas earl of Elgin, tcL.6^, i66i. 
Old nnan witii long hair, holding his niaatlc 
widi his rig^t hand. . 

Mary daughter of Sir Edward Alftoitj 
,wife 6f^ir> James LanghanH. 

Henry Gary earl of Monmouth* 

John pQrdagr> philoibpher, phyficiafi^ 

Thomas KiUigRw^ in a &r caip, Gtths^ 

' ai 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

itiitallle «»%M* llBt^ral'jrttF^otep. 
Head of Charles lJ''«fi%^il^a'^aS^ljf«a^ 
oWft S-W;iehejJpJtfr|fin6k -i^ =^ ^"^""^ 
George Rodolpteii' t¥«^cBtifftii' aet.'^S; 

Thomas Stanley, tiaagoiiframfei-'PCijiff 
fntnt. ' V * '• -^ 

Robert Bayfield, set. 25J 1654; irt¥!ffi^ 
fu^rouffin^ifliverfes. >*«/>;! nno^ 

Aiiotffcr irf Uie fame pimivmM'l'^ 

Francis Rous, prov6ft of EtoniTaJ^ge Bal? 
BEtt. 77, 1656^ foui" Eh^fli vcrfts.' '' " '^^■ 
..:; Steiit Heai! of 4 riuii wrffi-m^mif^rtEP 
ilp«j'b»Kly ift an ovir; -^th. fek ^^ei^ rH^ 
icribed J, S. Wright, wjiich ffieW'the'-jJ^feif 
re^rilenc^ to have b^n ad aiaifioh- - -''''■*^ 
3v-.Aat0tliet- fi»ali-^M»d €)i'|^n^n'ld6kHi? ^ 
long hair" curled, four ^flK-*&«Si ^^ 

msi^ 0,^H it.?s ifie -p^eafi-^rmh 

Bridges, clerk of iftepMi^riftfe:''. <'-~- —"■ 
Sir Henry S^efimii, 'fdff " jJiS'-^nc 

«j{^A^^ ,-;.i.V;.,:..-.\4,.vV. --.:•- .V. ...vj. 

Thomas Ht^bes, set. 7$4 En quaii?^$iii^ 
tfiVowV, H One 

y Google 

1 14 ^ff^kWjf J^f^'^^fTfr 

One Loyed^y, in an -oftagon fraav, wi|% 
fi^ Epglilji yerfcs^ 4^vjcc3, and French mot- 

A young dpr^^an, d'uto^ no nape* 
Arms, five' crefcents on a crofs ; at^ 28, 

Samuel Leigh, young man's head. AnriS, 
act. fuse 15, 1661,. Incipp & pc^fipCi Po-* 

Henrietta Maria^ wit^i a veiL Rpyat 
arms, Scotland in die firfl: quarter- Dof^if 
at Paris in the mani^r of Mcllap. 

A fine head of Smithy writing-nt^fr^ 
^rawn. b^y FaithornCj^ but en^r^yed fciy V?tn- 

Thoma^s M^cc,. prefixed ta his bode of 
Mufic: Faithorne fubfcribed for three 

fe[en^ Mi^r^j. §^H9& ^4^ I ?F^^ Ul ^ 
UndWbtpe, half-lengh* \ 

Sir 6rlando Bruig^ the gV^^ 


* Ames, p. 62, mentions al fine head hf Kakkc^ 

and arms amwer* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Sir John Fortefcue.* 

Robert Boyle, in an oval, with an air- 

Ellas Alhmotei btlft lA A nieh*. M« pddl 
Faithbrfi* TeVfen pounds for tK* plAte. 

WlftiAfft Oo^trtedi tet. 83> iii tht nf4M» 
of Hollar, and as good. 

John WaUfei S. T. D. fteSskid tb his 

Head dt a yoilrig ifiafii ih.hls oWn halr> 
cravat tied with a ribband btfore ; thaatlev 
Afriris, i lidh rampant trowhedi Within a 
.bdfdure. HdlflHeet - 

A large emblematic fhect print of Oliver 
Cromwell, whole lengthy in armour, with 
variety of devices and mottoes; This vtery 
fdaf^e I^llf is in titf ptjflfeflion : I heveir fai» 
^another proof df it. 

. Sir Fraricis Englefield, knt. and bart. of 
"V^ottoo Baffet, in the county of Wilts^ 
Oval, arrhoWr^ flowing hair J' half flidct I ex^ 
ceediHgty fearer*. 


H 2 Class 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1 1 6 Catalogue - cf- Engraver j^ 

C I. A s 5 a. 

Henry Somcrfet marquis of Worcefter, 
Ia;. armour, with a truncheon.* I have a 
proof of this, on which the titles are finely 
written by Faithorne himfelf, otherwife the 
p|ate had no infcription, 

^ Queen Catherine in. the remaricaWe habit 
in which fhe arrived, long dark hair curled^ 
iri rows like a perriwig, and Spreading wider 
to^ her (houlders ; ftrait point handkerchief^ 
black gown laced, the fleeves flaihed, and 
coming down to. the fiddle of her arm,'^ 

• This print has the garter, though it was laeror- 
given to the jnuqais. Probably it was promired ; and 
the plate waating the titles, lodes as if lord Somesfet ■[. 
died before it was finifhed, and before the promife could 
be cottlpleated through the misfbrtones of both tlie k|hg 
and the marquts« I once took this for a print of hi^ 
fon Edward, and fo £d Vertae ; bat it it evadettl^ 
copied from an older print done when Henr^ was xuiy 
earU and which has his name^ and was fold by Stents 
In that print there is much lefs appearance of a rib-^ . 
band ; fo fmall a bit, that it might not be intended for 
thfijgalt^i and Faitiiorne by mifiake might Sof^^ ^ 
reft Had the <j^^gc at he ha&dotte« // 

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Catalogue of Engravers. 117: 

over which are turned tip broad round ruf^- 
fles, white tabby petticoat laced,' over a far- ' 
thingale, gloves iit her left hand. 

Barbara countefs of CafUemaine^ half-' 
length, leaning on her left hand, in an oval 

Chriftopher Simpfbn (a mafter of mufic) 
J. Carwarden pinx. a name I have feen no- 
where elfe. There is a fmaller print of the 
fame perfon, but much inferior. 

Prince Rupert, dilhevelled hair, ribband' 
wirii a large knot round his neck, broad' 
fafli laced, a remarkable print, G. Dobfoa* 

Small head of fome author, in a Roman 
habit i fix Englifli lines. 

Charles I. fmall head in* an oval frame, 
with cornucopiaes and ftone-^workj feemsa 
head -piece to fome book. - . 

John Bulwer, long Latin infcription. . T 

Edward Boys, S. T. B. aet. 66. 

Mrs. Sarah Gilly, fmall head in oval.- 
Tys plate is fometimes infcribed, Hann^ 
Wooley, but the beft impreflions have the 

H 3 A woman 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1^8. C¥/ilfgiii* of MtiSfmfrr. 

hai^^ bchi.i?<it ¥4J<i?F. f}^ %»"€». ^ 
riwguAto. . • .1 :■■. 

pedeftal, Orinda. 

f^ulp. 16&7. Another fa^^t^ %n^ ^^vSf^ %. 

Richard Cargq^fD^^ u^. tfuf^J^mp ficvw fj 
]^file> out of tj^e mpufili of v^jp^ g^t^^s 

Frs|tictf,GiJifibn,dofl:orof phy0c, aet. 75^ 
Valentine GreatraHes, the ftrokei; j ^i^-^ 

4t,, Evff mq,qt,. ... ; ,, . 

Jfljin Mfffav, in - th^.h^ut o^ a- dp^-oft 
phyfic. ■ • { 

Sir Richg|(| .^ftnftw T^^. at l^pd 

. Euft of I^ydan in, ^ v^x Q?pefe.nPS!K<^> 
Pr. Harvey, buft oa a pede:^t. 

. Charley ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

<^^ifeil^/^h#i' ■'■■ " ' ^" - - -; ..; 
"Two btfceri larger, on* in ahjnour,* \^|fh' 
fixEnglifli veirfcs} th€ otiferXp rb^'6lf Aie*- 
^&«ferj t!h<i riiyal dhifis^ Afpdfed 'at, ^iie ^'r. 
corners. :" . " /- 7 

mifee'mahnerofMellam "^" '.''"^ 

John Miiton, .at. ^IV-^fi^b. ■<5i^'3 
FSiMtifife ad vivurh ddlia: ^- i&alpliti' - ~ ^^ 
Francis More, ferjeant-at-la\5r. . ,' *-" 
•^•fDhn'-Hackc't, biftib^'of' Utehfier^'aM^ 
Coventry:. Fow Englifli veries. ! -' '• 

CardinarRichclicxi, prefixed ta t^ Ei%- 
liOi tranaation of hfe Iffe^Uy Jdfei DdS- 
dingten: « . - v 

• Moiifwur dc Theyeaoi^ whole lei^^- df ' 
an Afiatic habit. .....•,'', 

-^Heniiff Tenie, with «n account-of him^ia 
Lj«dfl. W- Sheppard pini; > '■? 

Sir Henry Coker, ael. 48, 1669. AceouBC" 
<^teiii'EBglilb; • ', -■. '■■■■'.' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

t^Chaxl^^I of c;^^^ in %mmjt^i>QfigfHt 

Horace lord VcFC, Sir Francis Verc, and 
Sir John Ogle> one eye. 

Olivariijs Bricannicus heros^ in amnour oa 

Olivarius primus.f 

l)on John 6c Caflro, the fourth viceroy 
dT India. 

Samuel Bolton, S, S* Thcol. D. iriovfl, 
four Latin verfcs* 

''^ . Cl A S S • J, 

*• • 

Thefe do nx^ defenre to be particularised*'^ 
I IhaU bart^y name tAem : Richard Hookef j ^ 
Edmund Caftelli 3 Ricraft, a mdrthanttV^Ke^ 

• The rcafon of Whitelocke being drawn in ar;||Q|]^Nf 
though a lawyer, was his being deput)r*lieaten|Ui^t of 
the militia/ in which capacity he a6ted in the civil waix ^ 

t This and tlie preceding belong^ to ^ little bookt 
calbsd vl^alLeliin\^6fiv»^ tiie ftW^re^ece'to whfc)|; 
w%?LaiVo«xttimil>tiqB*itborn**.'i< . ^^ ' -'^^^ \ '^^^ 

y Google 

Cmhffie 9f B^awrs. tat 

emperor Marcus Aurelius ; Henry ImAWCIi 
Ilill^<BM)iMii%i Robert, {tcotxi earl of 
Eflex ; Charles I. in armo:ur ; John Bi^ i 
Donibicus Coift^l)K>rdulK ,. 

C L A §.s 4 and^ :•- 

». I join thefe^ as 1 have fecivYcry fcw>pf 
his hiftoric prints or titlcrpagc^'bpt-wiil Se- 
parate theni by placing the heads I ha^ 
not, laft, . 

'ParsQlelum Olivse^ Gods in council atr> 
top; Pallas and Neptune on the fides. 

An emblematic print; a pilgrim fitting 
and writing ; a pyramid before jitm with 
^^es and infcdptiont ; yenke at ft iiST- 
tanc& 7cfaBS4$ a<froiS4Ui|nrae.tof^ 
b^qks whomXhave roemionedibGfiaiiek r. il /T 

iEneas killing Turnus^ for Qgilby's 
VilPgil/ ' ' . 

Hero and teander, twp prints, &r David .. 
"Wliitefprd's tranflation of lyfujieus. , ^ 

*i1ff?^^? KpiKW^i?nd|hi?cloc^ 
the princely j|}^epardi9«^7oi<Aip|kJ£9»tfaiso#atf^^ 


Digitized by VjVJUViC 

' "OTHttntts^ChrnuiintK. ' -• - ^ * 
Mcituttns Kuffitrrs. 

ncdidfe ^'-^ '* -^ - ' 

The aflembly-man. 

Lucafta^ for LovelaceVppcmSi 

A plan of London and Weftminftcr in fix 
flbeets aii4 two> haif Aefcts. .FoBii&cd ahd 
furvefe4bjrNewcourt> 1658.* " 

Chrift ^fcef Ra^haeL i bciiere tliis was* 
finifhcd by Fillian. 

A/Madonnii^ ^^d^Jof(!^y^til^a;'l»i1b> af- 
ter La Hiiie : done vrhHk^ Faidionfr ^as^af* 
Baris^ \ ^ 

Tic!c-{rfate$; t* Tayfor^s Life qf Qiril^ 
ejtus^ii^lj^ fine*; to the Comjiteat ExtiyseBa^' 
^i to CoBins's Anatomy i to* Jerye'i^ 
Copy-hool&i to- Hodbe's^ Rficaroiftopfiia ji 
^ tb ttle BlHIofc^calTranftaions; SSnie* 
of thefe may be only heads already inch-' 
cfo^iedt^ ifie Hff 1 traiftflbe ii imperfectly 
taken. ?;• -^ ' 

The Sidrf of Mr J CTofe-and Wateriiii: '^ I 

^ V. Goagh'fi Brit. Topogr. b Londoiu 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

is the duel of Mr. Crofts apd Jeffery Hud* 
fon. ? . , : 

<3>ari/es JI. Oft his^ibrfwe^ :»d^^ 
ShddoQi l»rd Chtendoa^ and Moiike 4ii)d|l(ri 
of Albeirurle^ill^aQKling;; fi»p9q,)^Uib i|i J^-^ 
Im's hook. ,: . 1 

.jK^i. Tajjdbjf^s :|^fQ oft Qhi:ifl^,.tiie. fcuij cyan-* 
g^ljfh^.aodJ(ev;eral hiftoric. f^ntsi m. t|flr 
book i^ ijofB^ in, the %!& cif Golt^^u^ 9^1^ 
q£^1^44^ V the AiJ#\iftci«i»Pi. ifl, )^ offlff , 
manner,, very good* 
FrQii$ifpifi<;e ta I4pffieejb'^Cr4q|@cd JeAir,r 

^I?AtfQ,,tp aOiOld tditwa flf QMnviUt. a% 

. Sff q^u^ tp^ Sleidenls Hiftpry of 1I19 R«r 
A^i]ni^oiiiA.Genmiiyi^ tb^ 

, Q^rlfls IJ^ fitiiog; between Shel^, a«K|i 
SirOjrtiwdft^tidjjro^ for ThePrcfeprStaUft 
of England, 
Fromifpiece to I^grand^s Philofc^ro. 
iSoq;ie p^tes for the PhilofophicMTrfnt , 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

f 24 Catalogue ^of Engravers. ^ 


Henry VIII. Richard Lovekce ; Charles 
IL no nameof engraver, oneof his firft works j 
Charles IL infcribedj This is Charles the 
firft's heir J * Endymion Porter; James earl 
of Perth, drawn by Faithome, graved by 
Vandcrbankj Sir Bevil Granville s an oftavo 
f print ex dono Rich. Racket Litchf. and 
Cov. epifc. 1670, infervi Deo & laetare. 
Vertue mentions a head of the protedtor 
dedicated to him by Lud. Lambcrmontius a 
phyfician, with medals at the four comers of 
David, Solomonj Alexander, and Julius 
Caefar, which though without any name of 
engraver, he believed was Faithonie's work. 
Villiers dvkc of Buckingham, in the man-> 
ner of Mellan -, Sir John Hoikins ^ Arch- 
biAiop Uiher, and a fmaller ; Roger earl of 
Gaftlemain 5 Robert ttenley, this is doubt* 

^ 5 A man's head, no name^ Latin inlcrip- 

« ' « 

* This h not authentic, but the head of ch^ ear) of 
ISJUex, infcribed with Porter's name, and done in th^^ 
manner of Mellan. 

1 1^ U tbe biihop's own head« 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

tion beginoing, Quodcimque numTi$"tiia 
facercpotefts Sir Jannes Harrington i Ka^ 
dierine lady Harrington; Tobias. Venncr ^ 
Jarhes cftikc^of York i J(lhn^idfe/uX1t^^ 
of Worfceftdr s Mr. RicKara Zebcliria, teicfeer^ 
of IhdVt-hkrid'i Thomas Oflbdrne earl of 
DaftbyY Williani Sates 5 Edward Stilling-' 
ftcetbffhop of Worcefter; Quarles j'Tifi-'' 
lafe^r cotmt Serena ; a bifliop of Durhani V 
gftjeralMbncke; Sir WifliaAi Dkvehi'iifi*|^ 
D^; ♦'Charlies Leigh ; - Penelope, ^erbert^^* 
doubtful J Dr. Colet, Glanvill> arid;). Mur-' 
cott; Thefe three* laft are prefixed to their ^ 
wtoks. Sir William Davenant's was for ifK^ 
folio edition of Ms works. Ames gives fbihe 
otW'^ads With the' namd^^ of ' Faithorhe,^ 
but as he has always omitted to fpecify wtie-'^ 
ther engravings or mezzotintos, Iflibuld' 
fuppofe them the latter, and the Works df'^ 
our artift*# fon 


• This I azu ijiform^d t?w «Pgravc4 by Smg« afwv 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Who worked only in that kind, and arrived 
to a good degree of excellence. He was 
negligent ; and I believe fell into diltreiies 
which my authors fay afBlAed his father^ 
and obliged himiielf to work for bookfellers* 
He died about thirty years old, and was 
buried in the church-yard of St. Martin's. 
His prints are, 
* Thonias Flatnian> probably his firft work« 

Mary princels of Orange. 

Sir William Reade,* occulilt to queea 

Mr. Dryden,'in a long wig. 
^ Queen Anne, with loofe hair, gjarter*. 
robes. - j J 

Prince Georgp of Denmark. 

Mr. Jeren^ ah Collier. •.,.,. 

John More bifhop of Ely. 

Frederic count of Schomberg. 

Another,- when duke. 

John Cooper, a boy with a dog* 

Lady ICatherine Hyde. 

* He was a mountebank^ knighted by qp^WM^ii^$ - 
acd apppintcd h^r occulift. See the Life of Mr. Nahu 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Mrs. Mariamne Herbert, 

The princefs of Hanover, 
* CharlBsXII. king of Sweden. 

A lady, half-leagMij with a baikct 9C 
ft>werB> no liame* 

Lord Henry Scott^ 

Mn James Thynne, a boy, 

Mff Richard Ggmeldgn, 

Queen Mary, 

ShadweU^ the poet. 

Sir l^iehgrd Haddockj fine. 

Mrs* PlQwden> with a garland^ gown lined 
with ftFiped filk^ no name. 

Another^ but infiead of the gartand Ikj^ 
has a neisklaee in her hand. 

San^ Mana Magdalena. 

A Cupid, after Parmentier. 

A death's head between a watch and a 
rofe in a ^afs bottle. 

A black giving fruit to a girl^ infcribedj^ 
Beauty's Tribute. 

Others mentioned by Ames, are. 

The princefs Sophia, 

W'. Bagwelh . 


' J. ScddOfYjr 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

J.Scddoq* / : ^ 

, Mrs. Smith. • - , r 

MadamNichols^- Tim. L believe is -the 
liniB with Mrs* Plowden* . 

Benedidt IthelJ ; oval : arms beneath. . Gu 
Faithorne^ad vivum delin. & fcc# . . . 

, JOHN F I L L I AN. , 

, Was ifcholar of the eWer Faithorne, whpfe 
head he copiedy ar^d was living in 1676 j; 
but probably died young, as only two more 
plates appear of his . h^nd ; the heads of 
Thomas Cromwell earl of EflTex^.and of 
Paracelfus. Mr..liill the paintier wgs a 
^fciple of Faithorne, but hev^r applied tip 
engraving. , / ' 



Vertue had been able to traw 
no circumftances of his . life, but 
that he canje from Fans, a^d jgeturned 
.thither, the firil certaiidy i^fcffft thel^^ 



t fctatifpleqe tQ Ogai^r's Ykgili pilbliflied 
in 16542 a title ^co ritmUo^voin 1659 1, 
aiid Sir RobortSmj^On's hc»4 for his Ju- 
venal bei^e 1660/ In fa£t> he does nqt 
feem to have ftai^ long here itk the reign 0$ 
Charles U. a cut oC Antpine. * Qrammon^ 
^»m$ ^A^^iH Paris: in 1663^; In 1660 he 
made a large title-plate witlx'^.ipany figure* 
for Field's bible, printe4 at Can*iridge, 
His beft works are the twelve half-lengths 
from Vandyck, too v(dl kaie^wn to be par- 
ticularized. His other platef. J w^ll regeat 
briefly! as I ihall thof^ofift^quent^^r^a- 
vers. As they gfQW nearer tjp our own times 
and are commbn^ to defcribe themU.unnj^tqef- 

* So Vertae. I fuppofe this was Antony firft iuke 
of Grammont. Of his brother Philibert, the ^oos 
count Grammont* I have given a print to his Me- 
noires from his portrait among thcJoDiighti «f xbf St. 
Efprit in the Sale des grands Ai^guAinsj at Parit^a 
CoUedion it is furpri^g the French have never en* 
graved* as it contains (o many of their great men. Every 
nsfi knig}it (co^ his portrtut to t^at re jxxfitory. It is 
pity the fa]t|^eFrafi^ iiaot otlerre^ by onrkni^ts of 
1^ garter. ., 

. VIH..V, 1 Head 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

t^ead of W^keis' t&er^>^iMte2^>..A9miMft 

difercntfi?om^thatoatOltf<tf<j5'> i -* j^c-:: v.: 
. Charles I« imi hovi^KSk^^fjroKk ^mSifh% 
liOmbart afterwaids ^afedthe ^M^^HBd-iflP 

vicar of^ Bi^y'^g^av^r i^dpfti *he kirtg^su •*-* : 

• Sira&miielW<feeteiHJl - -^ ''• - ^ 
' Chiules V. cWfl|>crtii'- <- . 

Dr. Chriftopher Tcrne. , ^'^ -^ - 

.§^aj[nucl Malines.. ^ 

. Fath^ PiauL: , . . r :, ., 

•'■ John Dcdlkk«i .^*.i>; •.-.. .' --rr: 

Dh Tkfforl ^' -' ' ' ' ' ' ' 3* \ ^i 

„ ♦ There i^ a fromi(pJece to Eis iignty fermbiis, .wi& 

^UiVyiun^rj^b^^Xuppc^e'n^^^^ 'T? \ 

HoweT's Dociona's throve tie" plates werfe' executed b^ 
C. Mermn^ jtftiter; - - • 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

cmitsjiiif'T^'^kitimm? i3%^ 

0«»i»^right^ aufM». 

.' T 

A. ^r, 

Brito'WafebnV ' ^' ' < •' ' • ^ \''^- 

D^ la fond.'gAiiXmt of An^lte^yHV 
1667. /J:-/ ' \l 

jjDhannes Ddlseus. 

Charles Emanuel prince of SavojL 1671. 
Tlvs/c.cm3lthpIatqItofhis":S^<*ikfi L^Vj 

In Overton's catalogue of prints da^eil 
1672,^ is mentioned a^ b5)okr i^f the .Serea 
Scie^ioqSj . ^igK p^tes by Lonibqrt, |>ut> 
probably exccuued when he wa^ itfp^md;\ 
. y^rtuc ^]fy nfvnes, an €pi|bjfji^j;|c^priat, 
which he calls Theophila, or L(^e-faf:ri$ce, 
with the device of the Trinity; ^^ \^, tljP; 
title to Bendlowe's Divine Poems, folio 


*' Gah hardly/' (ays Vertue,- "bp cabled: an^ 
engraver,*^ lb poor were His performances ; " \ 
yet one of them has preferved a memorably 
^^ ^ ^< -. I z pcrfon> 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

peribii, Richa3>d^ Cromwell^ and doitheiQi-* 
cated a piAure that I have of him by Qoo^ 
per. GammOn^s IfJ^w other heads ar^ Sir 
Toby Mathews; Catherine of Pr^ganza, 
apd.Malfall tife painter^, from a plftu^ dqne 

' R O B EfR T T H A C K E Ri 

Calling himfelf de%ner to the king, 
engraved a large print on a jdatc of four 
flicets of the Cathedral at Salifbury. Mor-^ 
gan, cf i«4iom I find as little, may be men- 
. tioned with him, having donca plan bf Lon* 
dbn for Ogilby*^ ' 


Living between 1660 and i67o,:e%raved 
the facade of Albemarle-houfir, and a view 
^^df the lanijuettkig^houicir 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^Toi ^c. {Jnrediin the StraodV)»ld^i|^ 
^ ^V to draw. In 1662 he defigndl ifvi 
etched a book of flowers. His >pbi4haU 
are, William Gouge; Samuel Cljirkei^lff-* 
tyi»l<%i&s und king W^isim aad^^^Htten 
Mary# . -^ -2^' - - • 

#f ^ 


J. B R O W N, 

:.Yl r 

\^^-t 'a ^^^^^ ^*^ might weBc^i^ 

I Vcrtue, fincc it h only found tOr a 

fingle print in Ames's catalogue of a !lt^ier« 

vifor of excife at Briftol; the plate itone at 

Tjjdbunu > V. p. 48* •/ . , . v^^V^'' 

^ PR I N C E R U P E IV t.- 1 

. i .r 

It is a trite obfervation, thatgenpOtl^er 

n^as difcbvered by a 'monk^ and printing by 

rSL ibldier. It is an additional honour to the 

1 3 latter 

Digitized by VjODQiC 

latter profeffioA to hare kiYentttd merao^ 
tinto^ Few TQjal isames appear «t the 
hea4 i of idifboveries^'^^ nor is it- furpriz<» 
ing« Though ac^coc 4& the xnoft com<« 
f^/.fnMihq^rof .mvcfitiosii yet /genius be^ 
iflg H^clK^tiTar/ roillv^tre to; 'aid die cafual 
||i;q4h<$^9» ud; u0iar. it ta exiftencey on« 
c«lwt^jjlii|lfcft:*at mspjr crf.ihc leaft ofm* 
mMpf^^biw^iOiOttld be iskft widft yiioonnoaoni 
talents. Quicknefs to feize and fagaqtyjtb 
apply are requifite to fortuitous difcoTeries. 
Gunpowder or printing nught, have fallen^ 
in many a' prince's way, and the world have 
been ftill happy or unhappy enough not to 
fifftSkk ikoTe artsv Bom with the tafte of aa 
fincky wiif6m hi^ firord was not fortunate in 
defifttditogi^ pnnce Rupert wa$'fond of thoft. 
feemaii wHich hktn and adorn a hero's 
private^ hours, and knew^h<iw to mii thena 
with hi$ minutes of amufement, without 
dedicating hi& life to their, purfmt, Jibe us, 
irfiQ'^artting capacity for momentous views, 
pnake ferious ftudy of what is ojUy the tran* 
'iltdry'Tb^c^pation* of a 'geniust Had the 
Kom of the fjrj* Charles Wn pcaccfuU, how 
; ■ V * \ ?gitcably 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Bsf' flaiM^d ^d t&ckB&rvMi^Ae iBcUiuuioa 
^Mh i3i3oie ! How theumfepf am wa8i4 

:^lpdJ>Hn iKklrJais/fiepl^j Hoar diffene;^ 
a< ifigioqe 4id ^ ^nw priiice make la. 4 
Kiig9 Df;x£llknilar Gomplesbn ! Tht fhiiQ-* 
iipfi^ ^arrior^ vwho ccnild relaix Jumiejf JWQ 
the omameat. ^ .^ .. nsfiaed jOMxt^ 909 
ifb^tt^lik a f^nrage m^dbaiuCrwben couttiert 
wem oaly voiupmous wits** Let xne xran« 
iqrtbe.a pi6kure of prince Rypett^ jirawn hf 

pottionof wk in that ^ge^ who waa ibp^rioi; 
ta it$ inddic^, ; sjLud^who ytt was fo ov«r« 
bom by its prejudices,. liutf: he had the com- 
plai&nqi to nTidicule virtaw:, .merit, treats, -^ 
Iftwt vi>fi«ft& : Rupcit;f al» ^^ w« ^an a)!^wai4 
toceri.'.,;. .;;. •.,.: .. _ .\ ; :- ;,„ ^ •' 
M **' Il;et(rit4»^re^y.ailtentjt3iqu' il la lev 
iperite.; Son e^rir etoit fujet ,A quelques 
trayers, dont il cut ete bien fache dc fe cor^ 

.;.-rrr;: 1 4 - " ngef. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

rj9 CiftfA^i»V^0IJ^^ 

hich:^ de feathferhatiqtr^; • & ^^ull^tieS (UictiM 

fScfeafibii heli? dAnandbifc p^>1ter, $iFmmt 
bni'taT, qiiarid'ff'cMt qti^ dfei^TWfttlrliaL 
ftr. -H ft6ft griM, ^'Cr- n'aVtJit ^<Jiie- tBfc^ 
fiiStrv¥:S ain * Son yifage ctoit ftc-'& '-^^ 
f6ifs%cme c[u'il vbuloit fe ^radoiidfTs -t*^* 

ViraepfiififcrnoniJc^a^repro^ ^-^"•^^ '^jrf? 

'*^- What pity "fhat V^^ «««rifA 

tiSs'-prmcc'^' telcniblknce "to pofterlty^^^^ 
falre?- caiivaSi ' have irone df tKefe imnfSfiitfPfe 
-aa8lr^'^tB^*^lfate^Ke"'Kar^^^ i^Wfe 

can but oppofe fads to wit, truth to fotire : 
'ttow unequal the pencils ! Tet >jvhat tficfe 
linens cannot do, they may fuggcft : They 
may ioduce the. reader to reflet, ,tbat iCtfte 
'pritt^ wa^' defetfkivriri thctranfichki vimifh 
. 6f a ■court^ he at leaft was adorned t)f ffie 
^irts with that polifli, which alone can mafejc 
^ coprtatfradt the attention of fMbfeqiient 

* ^ ' W^^rtUftf^tak«ri!ji thte prift'ee in his labora^ 

* Wfyi 6egi%ricd,'Wcombed;p^ ina'ditty 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 


4^ b$<)br€aKreid the centmei at fome 4|ftaitt9 
fym^s |x>fl:^ ve^ bufy doing. foinithiog 

(^ibeu W^ ^He refdied, the deim . had faliea Jo 

the nighty had made his &JSl4Xi%^:and jdi;^ 

^e-^wflft &i1ki»fig Ud /xljK^ng,; it.'. ^The 

j>iii;]^e }oo]ping >at it, was'ftruck witk £>coCfi 

!t>^«^ Ult^ a^%ui^ eaten^ into tb^ t}^mi> 

45Wth iiinameraWeJittieiJid^^pfoi 0^ 

- ^•-'♦;^" tt ^i... ' . : ' ' 1 . "i :. /: . ,'4' . ^. ' 

«. • . Thi$ «j|CCOi|||it Vertwc rcoeifed from Mr. K\liig|» 

of $pnierfpt'k>u(e,j who had k from Evelyn. In the 

dreimral DiOionsary a MS. faid to be drawn up by Mr. 

"-tvefyThamKiC ifcribfei the invcfltldn to &e foldrer. 

riVrctiin- Mr,^ EnJyn'i 'print«4'^$eoifQf of t^ <Uiii^*Hwry 

.^Jli^' cjqpre (i|jr.qfcUa it> Ij»v«tted by thCiprincp* , Xt i? pof- 

fible that the foldier might have obferv^d t;he eifed of 

'fcraping the ruft from his piece, and yet have little 

thought* of applyingTt,^hich ^robkbly was Sli' high- 

nefs'is idea* In the Parentalia the inventloxT/is 

V . afaibtsd : to Sir Xljfi^og^ ?Sfl"e9,'^hft, it tfc^ faid 

.to have q^mvi^a|e(i,thf5,^ij/a)very to thp pm<;c, 

'**^^ thcr. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^.Jp^JiiKwm.iMi3Qtt,i( iMf^ ^Dodf ^£g^ 

jbntllJK C^MT feconi.$n €9tperpt9Wjs frDni: ^ 
iKiSiiig an acciifenc.ismcwred jai^sotijii^ 

Mf9> wtikIXr^wauld^4J9daud>to4l7' ^ive.iaii 
ia^QlB0ii ail :b]adc* aid ^afi bf/ &ra{Hfig 
awaf. prppcf jmts^ (die. ftraaeciiriiiiKr^c^^ 
would leave the reft of the paper white^ 
CoGRnranieatitig ' hi» t^ ^ WiSJitint 
VaBlaiat, a pointer whotn he' maintiihed^. 
tfiey^ made fevcpl expe^im^tSai a^d at laft jn» 
«^a^ a. Aeel JDoUer^ cut with tQpls to tx^ak^ 
teeth ^e ■A.^fik or x^, .wkh pfOJeS^iAg' 
po^ts, which cffe&ually produced the 'blac*i 
gfQunds ; th9fe beiftg fcraped away ahd 
difmai&ed at pleafure, left the gradations 
ef lighter 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

The fiarprize occaScmod fajr^t^ notxtd^ ^ 
tjbe inrcnsikxBf by m foftnefs^ aad^ ^nicrn 4af 
part9!> cannot better be lODprei^ than in the 
words of Mr., Evdyti, wiiofe abilmesdefitf^^ 
c;d(tho.conppliment^paid to him i^^ the prino$ 
pf bei^g x)ne of the ikft to whom thi« fecwi; 
OT; my&ry,,as they held it, was imparted^ 
and jyho was fo dazzfed with the honpurof 
^e .coafidcnce, or with the curiofity of the 
D^w a^^.thftt after ecHcauraging the wdrld 
tQ.^;^spts£t sh^ comnoimicatioa, he checked hi$ 
bounty^ ^d detrroaned not t9 p^ofiitute tho 
arcanian% butJ:o diick> only to the ekiSl* 
T-HeriJ,* is his oracular dcfcription^j 

^f It ws»jid appear a p^adox to '<]^fcourft 
to yqujof a graving witbo^it a:graver/bMrtfii 
point or aqua fortis ; and yet this, i* per- 
fpr^med without.! the affiftance of eifher: 
That wli^t ipves our moft perite and dex* 
trpus ai:^il:s the gj^eft troMbie^ ai^ it 
lon^ii Aniflxing^ibr iuch ase tt^ ]|atch^ fml 
jdpepeft^ {I[ia4aw3 ,in plates] fhoMld be hcH 
%hg k'4& p$)QriderabIe^ aad.thfs foaSt^^eM^ 

-1 J 

. ;f.6Dilptara, 



' ; i . ' 

• • i 

' ' ' 'toous i 

Digitized by Google 

Iho^ in^tW^^be *fe-«i(ift Kbbritiiis; arid jkt 

feif api^eafs^tx)' be effefted whK fo litrfe 

'tuffefity, Ihotild' ybt fo accura!tdy'fe(SfHMc 
tvfiatis generally cftcemedthe ririy greate(t:>i 

Vift; thit a print fliould ^emulate even tfifc 
beft bf drawings, chiaro e fcuro, of [as 'tRc 

^Italiairis'terni' it] pieces of the mezzbtihiK)^ h 

'is nlothing iiflier of Hugo da Carpi, ' or sfny 
^f thofe other nnafters who purfoed his at- 
tempts,' and whofe works wc have sfiready 
cdebralted, Hairfe exceeded, or ihd'ecd ap- 

■ proached ; elpecikfly, for that of portrsdtis, 
ftgnres,* tender landfcapes, and hiftory, &L 
to which k feems moft appropriate aiiSkp- 
' Thns, as he owns, he leaves it enigrna-f 

^ tkal i' yet thihks he has faid enoiijgh to gtve 

'a hint to ingenious perfons how it is per- 
fofmed.-i-In truth, they muft have been mote 

' ihgtoious even than the inventor himfelf to 
have diicov^red any thing from fuch' ah iii- 
d^finitc J riddle,, pne Ipaows tj^t ancient, 
fagcs tiffd tQ wc4> pp thpi^ d<?j9ttwc$, 4ifoo- 

: Vcric^ or nonfenfc, in fuch unintelligible jar- 

Digitized by VjOUVIC 

anjrXecretwbich diey could^iot cx»©pjccl|f »4^» 
/Jfhqr woifki be redcoocdiiopw^eb^fi^ m 

.vridiput miming; and one Qan^gri; H^ 

^MTPQ^W^gtijat fo hepefipema jwtwe^.^^ - 

^yelyVs &Quld juggk.with.iwqfeind^.w^^ 

Jdbicinvejworbimfelf bad cpAfe^tcd.tbRt, tfec 

pew art ihould be. ifftade. jpubEc.* .> 

-.-Ijl4ccd^ curious as. the difcovery wp^.it 

djd not prodji^e all it Xecnn^d^ to proo^fep^ it 

bas.cUverfiified,pruit3, rather, ilim imj^ra^^d 

thenar and though Smithy who qarrij^d.tljc 

art to it's greateft hfight ypt knownj„^cf 

a)nliderable merit, mezzotintos ftill ^/aU' 

^ihort.of fine engravings. ,Buc befopf- tfic 

^^rejt paffed into. Ms hands^ it wa3.-ipriprpy^d 

Jby Blooteling, who found put. the agpftca- 

..Jtion of,the chifel forJayingygmuncfc^^,wbi(fb 

^.mueh exc^ded the roller. George White 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

t4% C^tUffffBttJ/^ Sngf^^ 

he oblbrtM' Had liiimr rbeen :fitfikkDtt^ 

S(Kn€ have thought that the prince only 
improved on Rembrandt's manner in \i\k\ 
pHiMSy b^t^ete is no account of the latter 
niaking ufe' of ^ method at all like tiiar 
praftifeii for mezxotintos. o u 

PfefixeA to Evelyn's account' is a krnd of 
Saracen^s frc^ performed by 'that princei 

with his highncfs's mark thus,^^^ TH^re 

is another of the fame in large j a man iwith. 
a fpear ; and a wonlan's head Todkihg 
down in an oval, no name to it. XKeie are ' 
all his works in mezzotirito* Lan^ftapes I 
think I have feen fome etched by hioi ; and' 
in Jervafe's fale were fbme fmall figures Brawn . 
locrfely with the pen on white paper j runder 
them was written, Deflinati per il principfe 
Roberto a Londra 2.3 Septembre. The, ear- 
lieft date of a mezzotinto that Virtue had 
feen was an oval head of Leopold William 
archduke of Auftrifti^ with tWs/ infeription, : . 
Theodorus Cafparus a Furfteixburgh, cano- 
• 8 nicus. 

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beSif e hkitughve&fitetxmmi iDo£ngiMdL ' ^ ^ 

longs to tills work in the light paly of cfc 
graver. He was born . at Lifle in. - IlJ^^Jk 
\>ut ftudied^ under ErafiiiiisjC^i^llin at AQt| 
werp, on leaving whofe. fchool he applied 
liimfelf fo portyait^Dainting j and being aij. 
-vifed to go. to Franckfort againft the corona- 
tion-of -the eaiperor Leopold, drew his pjjcy 
ture^With fuch fuccfefsj that Vaillant (bpa 
found fiimfelf overwhelmed with bufinclL 
till ch€ Qramoiont cairied faihit 
•to Paris> where in four years-he found buft-^ 
j(ief${ 'woughr ta enrich him. He returned 
to Amfterdam,aiaid<lied there in i^^??*' ',Ai 
what period of his life he eanae to England 
does not appear, yet here -he certainly was^ 
and came with prince Rupert^ who taught 
him the fccrct of mczzoiiato. Defearaps 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

t44 QMa^%fK&fgfii^ 

fiysihat ddif ihyftefy/ts It was then hi^ 
wzsMckn from yailant.biFf ttee {fon cC/ an 
old maii who fcrapcd the grouiids of hia 
plfaes for him. This might be one of the 
means of cUvul^ng the new art; yet, as I 
fliew in the ffie of Bccket, he and Luttcitl 
both learned the fccrct by . other means* 
VailMnt alfo dfew from 'Ai life infbfaelc ahS 
irhitie. There is a mezzotinto, as I am ih-i 
formed; by Kim, of queen 'Henriictta rilafia^ 
fitrtiilg iii a fiingcd chairi with a' little' ^irl 
Wfting againft her knees, arid a youhgfMan 
kahing oh the back of the chair ; 'he Has i 
Jibband crols his fhpuldef, the edges of 
lAich are a little fringed: The lady ts'^at 
Vork. I have hevef* fech thi§ print, buY'it 
cdrrelppnds fb much with piirt of fhe ptdtubi 
of Sir Balthazar feerbier'sTamily by*Van- 
flydk, rhentioned in'the fcdond volute^ ol* 
Atefe Anecdotes^ that -r ^ fulpeft th^^lid^ ll 
iiot the t|ueeA, but Gerbier's s^ifcr' 


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Ctt§hfftPtf'fMI^!!tmJii. - 145 

rm.t, JO H N E V E L ¥ N. ' 

1, ii . • . . i • f . 

Ifl^F/ Evdyn had not ^en an f ijiift Juffi* 
fei4 as I think I can pqpyc, Ij/hould yet; 
have found it difficult to deny* myfclf the 
pkafure of allqtting him a place ar^png thq 
arts ^loved^ promoted,. patronized ^. and ijt 
would ^ but.juftice to infcrihp his nan^ 
with .due pat^gryric in the% records^ a& \ 
have <iKCc or twice taken -the liberty to cri* 
ncize him: But they are irifling blemifhef 
corr^ared with his amiable virtues and be* 
'^fi^j&a^ ; vsnd it may be ronar^ed thatdir 
woi:fi: I have faid of him is, that he ki^cy 
iporc'than he always communicated. It y^ 
no tHiwelcome fatire, to fay that a man's in- 
tell^nce and philofophy is inexhauftibk, 
% mean not to write his life, which may b^ 
^und detailed in the new edition, of his 
Sculptura, in Collins's Baronetage, in i^ 
General Di6tionary, and in the New Bio-> 
graphical Dictionary j but I muft obferve 
that his life, which was extended to 86 years, 
was a courfc of inquiry^ ftudy, curiofity, in- 
^ Vol. V/ K ftruftion. 

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., ftruftion, and benevolence. t Thfc works^ of 

..^e Creator, and the mimic labour^'of the 

j^/^cmitty were all objefts of his purluit. ]^e 

unfolded the perfeftion of the one, md aC- 

^ lifted the imperfeftions of the other.. He 

' adored from examination i was a courtier 


that flattered only by informing his prince, 
and by pointing out what was worthy for 
him to countenance, and w^s really, jhe 
neighbour qf the gofpd, for there was no 
Bfian that might not havebeen the better for 
Jiim, Whoever j)erures a lift of his works, 
will ^bfcribe t^ my aflertion. He was,^ne 
^ tht fiitft f^Fpraoters of the Royal 3oqiety, 
a patron of the ingeniotus and iadig^ti and 

. jjeaili^ly fcryiceable tf> the. lettqre^ worlds 
for i^&ith l\\% iB^riting« and difc^yerjes, 
l^t)btained the Arwde^ian marbles. fc^-, the 
Univerfity rf Oxford, and the Anin4eljan 
Library for theHoyal 3pci6ty : Nor is it the 

^ leaft^partof hisfffmi&i'^batlie who{)ropoie4 
to' Mr. Boyle the ijmftion of a philofophic 
cbllege for retired Jind ipeculative perfons, 

,;|kad th?. Jwjffefty to wi^t< in defence qf aftive 

life againft Sir George Mackenzie's Effiiyi on 

. ^ SQlitudc. 

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"^owtt h^nds w^s induftfy and beneftt tQ,mwi.-f 
'"^ind; but in thofe of others lazinefs. at}(| 
-inutfl^tjr. ^ . / . ' 

^'^ ^ VjCftuc difcpvered thjit Ipng before the 
appearance of Mr. Ev,elyn, hi? farrjUy Jiad 
been engaged in what then were curjpu? 
^^-art$. In an ancient MS. in the O^ce of 
' - Ordnance tie found thefc entries, / 

' ^' A patent for making fajt-petre gmitfed tg 
George Evelyn and others 1587. ,/ 

Ppwder-makcrs; George JEveLyn, cfq^. of 
Wooton in Surrey 1537- Mr. Jo^hn Evelyn i 
Mr. Revert Evelyn, ; Mr. George Evelyn* 
till die beginning of 1637. * 
' The lady of our Mr. Evelyn had cdrre- 
Ipondent talents; flie defigjned the frontif- 
plece to his Effay oh the fiHl book of Lu- 
' crctiusf 

/ f Thia WIS theiBore reaiidtablc, jis Evdyn lived 
in, the fb^^e.of philofoph^;. M^Qkenzie was. cDi)tinu- 
aijy cnga^^ed in the ^pftle of bufia^fs jmd, fierccft 
violence of party. 

f ftollkr inf^ribed a head of Vandyck to Mr. 
H-- Bvel^.: - .• •' .•'•.. 

K a But 

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'S^io come to the point which peculM]^ 
inatles "Mr. Evelyn to a plftce in thcfc, 

ibefeji:-;' - : - ... 

There are five fmall prints erf his journey^ 
from Rome to Naples, which are geine* 
rally * fuppofed to be etched by one Hoare 
from Mr, Evelyn's drawings; but a very in- 
genious .and . inquifitive f gentleman has 
cftnviacedme that they are performed by.i 
his own hand. I cannot give the reader 
bptter fatisfadion than by tranfcribing part 
c^ i letter which that gendeman was fo 
obliging as to fend me, and his modefty I 
hope will -forgive the liberty I take with 

** Copy oF the title to Mr. John Evelyn's 
five prints for his journey from Ronte to 

:.Thcinfcription is ci^aved on tjie fuper- 
ficics o£a large broken ftone taJble, fuftained 

* So the author of his life fays^ tranfcribed in the 
Biogc Did* , The General Didionary indeed caJIs 
them Mr. Evelyn's own engravings, whieh the follow- 
11^ acciii^t^-'wlll-niafce clear. ' • .. : r 

bf-Mr^iffathrfjaidilUlier/ :;... 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 

by*i litde^ehiuaf With viftgs> ftanding aboUc 
thV middle' of Ui« plate : On cacfr fide'aite 
views of the Roman antiquities, particularljr-- 
oil the left is fcen the ttfdl of Septirhrus 
Scverusr '^ 

Locorum aliquot infignium & celeberri- 
morutn inter Romam et Neapolin jacentiiim 
vi^^£g«? ct exemplaria Domino Dom"*. Tho-^ 
mae Hcnftieaw Anglo omnium eximiarorn 
& pragclariffimarum artium cultori & pro* 
pugnatori maxiftio et ^ui^oirij/a/ufirw ayrw (noh 
propter operis prctium, fed ut , fingulare 
amoris ftii tcftimonium exhibcat) pVin^ 
Im ' aSoiUf^xtUi aqua forti excufas £^ ihr' 


• • ■ 


Jo. Evclynw deliocator 

. % 

D. D. c. Q^; 

The above ,is an exaft copy of the titU- . 
lar Dedication to Mr. JEvelyn*a five pririu 
of his journey from Rome to Naples i and 
- K 3 It 

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if 1§ Iftiftginea that tijx5tt the fade oi" thd in- 
i^xp&on theirs i's a teahiftrf: a|>pearancc ifif 
iilh^EVetyh's beiAg hot cmly the dHigti'er, 
but ailfe the engraver, afe well as the dedi- 
cator of the prints j notwithftanding the 
autlidr of his lift, prefixed to the new Edi- 
tion of his Sciilptura, fays that they S^ere 
Sigfaveil from "his flcetches by Hbare, kk 
aftitt of charaftcr at that time 3 for wheik 
tJr CQrne to examine the J)rints, dhd find 
feci'^titfc ekaiftly cohformabre to the AboVe 
copy, and that the five views theirifeVes atfe 
1%"^^ thcni Tiibljcribi^d fE t at the right 
liand" c6fncf,'1ind no other ndtatibii at Mi 
"concerning any defigner, engraver, or ptib- 
liiher whatever (except the little R. Hoarc 
excu. at the bottom of the title jtrft as 
'above defcribed) one can hardly^ think 
o'tR&i^ife ^ih thfe author of Mr. Evclyn^s 
life nilfift have been mifinforrrifed, and never 
have feen or carefully confidered the in- 
ifcription on the title dedicatory, and ,the 
'l^ririts themiSlVes. fiefides \ fliould be ghji 
to Be iniformid how the author of Mr# 
s liifc came tp know that Hoare 


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was ah «tift, >)r engraver at aJl, and more^ 
rfpecially one 6f chiarafter at that eme^. 
fiaoc Mr. Evdyn himfejyf has. not ihfcrted* 
hkh anriong the eighteen Englifh engravers 
^ofe praife he- has celebrated, and whofe 
names he has given us p. 91, of his Scxdp • 
tura ; and though he tells uis in p. 9a, "that 
Acre were fome other Englifji artifts^ wha 
had merited with then* graver, but wereun* 
known to him by name j yet furely, of ^ 
others, the artift: who had engraved his own 
defigns, Gould not have been among that 
mrrf^er, more efpecially if he had been an 
ttrtift of charafber. Not to mention a p^* 
ticular circiimftance attending my ftt of 
ihe prints in queftion, (which' I have great 
Irafcm to i)clieve were one of the fets ^ic^i 
Mu 'Erdya kept for himfclf ) being foper- 
-fcribed Jvith ia pen and ink, my jturnjsy^from 
it^mt to Naples^ and with a black leadpenp 
-cil, fctclpfit Johannes Evelyms Par{/fis 1649. 
Mqv^c^v \t be m^atj^ned tbat xiip 
fiW land ink, apd ^thp felaqk Iftwi* dp nft5 .ap- 
,fie|r«ofacof4^hc^iameiiand<wxdtfiAgi'- , .1 

!, ■/ "' ^ ' ' k i ■' '"■ The 

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it 5a Caal»pu of Engrs^tfi. 

- The General Didionarjr coiiobor^s tl^ 
great probability of Mr. Evelyn ei^ii^ing 
tfae& views, by qucxring more etchiAgs by 
him, ^ view of his own feat at Wootoa, ahd 
another c£ Putney j and Thi^rcfby. mhis 
Muieum fays exprefsly, p. 496, that the 
prints of the journey from Rome to Naples 
were dfmt hy Mr. Evelyn, who prefented 
them to him,' with his oi^n head by Nantetiii. 


Was born at Dantzick, and is faid to have 
'leccivcd fbme *. inflxudions from Simon 
Pafs in Doimark. Pafling- through. Hol- 
land he ftudied under Hondius, and came 
to England before the Reftoration, Being 
at Oxford, and making a drawing for him- 
felf of AU-fouls-coUege, he was takcp no- 
tice of apd defired to undertake p,k^ of 
the public buildings in that Uniyerfity, 
which he- executed, and by which he firfl: 

* Mich. Rurghers told Vertiie that h6 had Loggan*8 

own head done by himfelf in black lead, aet. 20. 1655 ; 

[if fo, he was born ifr 163*5] *"^ knew of no other por« 

trait of him 5 bat he certainly fat to Soeft. 

*-. -^ diftinguilhcd 

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5^j|^ji^;!*ift^ ,He aftcrfitnis^cr- 

^ruicdc the fesK? for Cambridge^ iMi\ k:%l 

grayed on eleven folio copper j4ates Ha- 
bitus Academicorum,Ox(HiiaB a Dodoixlid 
fervientem. In the Rcgiftry of Matrkid^ 
fjtjpn thej e isthispntry, B^vidJUr^gan^dc- 
/danenfis, Umverfiiatis: Oxoiv <Ihadaq|[il^ 
phus, July 9, 1672. He had a licence fo^ 
fifteen years for vending his Oxonia lUuf- 
jtrata. He - frequently drew ieads irf blacSc 
ilf^d> as Mr. *.A0imQk'sin;i677v'«idjite 
lord-keeper North's at WroKisori^s andiin^is 
one of the moft confidcraWje'jetifemver* of 
:headsat that tinie/; Dryden, fatyruiiJgAWni 
- bards; &ys, r. .. ■ . j ^r 

And in the front of all his fenfelefs plays ^ * " ? 
''^ lifi^ek I)iivi(l Li)ggaacroWn]^$ head Witi'l)ayi/t 

■{::. ' ; y.^ ^, V -:'.'■:. f \- ;^ ■ ' ■' ,- -■•-*- 
He itiarried Mrs* Jordan^ 9f a^ gopdf^-p 

mily near Witney m Oxfordftiire, and left 
J.J . •; — - I at 

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^toaft due fori:, -who was &lfow of M^^a- 
fcn-collegc Oxford. David lived latter!/ 
iir*:Lcitcftei^fiekb, -wfaerfc he cficd 1693.** 
His portraits, as cnumefated bjr Vertue,' 

Jt)hn Sparrow, r6$^. 

William H^ickes, 1658. 
'Charles il; withotrt his namt, and only 
with Frdei D^efeifot) thtrefor6;_grobably 
done bdfbre the Rcftwation* 

Another in armour. 

Another, t leaning his hand on arch-: 
bilhop Sheldon i at bottom, a' fiifxali head of 

Another of the Kingl ' - • 

Qjietsn Catherincr - 
: Jtoies duke of York, at length, garter 
robes. , . 

<3tbrge duke of AU:>emarld,ii«lf%kia^ in 
armour, done from the life by Loggan,,&nd 
is one of his bell works, 

o '* In andther place Vertuc fays iti 1 700. 

««-f Thii b tk*' fhJntifpifece* » ftkkafd Atkla&'^s . 

Growdi^ laming. • ' ^ - • 

• 12 Slf 

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Sir Edward C«*:c> iii Xtegdalfe's Orfgmcs 

* Edward earl of Clarendon, from this life, 
a finb head in the tkrhi bbbk. 

Head of a. divine i ijo nime* EhgliA 

Bifhop Mew, from the life. 
/» Thbmas Ifham, frdrti the life, but, a^ Vcr- 
tue thought, engraved by Viiitk. * 

Robert Stafford, with tile fanicctfcum-» 
ftances. . 

Archibald earl of Argyle, <iittb. 

Ila^c Barrow, ditto. 

Mother Louie of Louie-hall, thii^fcrtfy 
gained him his reputation at t)kford. 

Sprat bifhbp 6f Rbcheft'er. 

Reynolds bifliop of Norwich, C^. if not 
by T.. Cecil?/ 
. Archbiihop iJiher. 

Edward Reynolds* 

• Vertuc fays that Vandergutch, Lbggan^s cGjTcipIe, 
told him thiit Loggan ^d loig 'fti^es ik atpYfeffing 
-Mk^ and that ^t^Twtt appieiir ddl^ecl inl^ie pr^itt» 
they were executed bytbe.perfons ta WVh9«#k u:'. 

^ . lA man % 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

^ A min*s hMd> no naine> i56a. 

A phyfician^ do. aetat. 45. Suppo&d to. 
be Dr. Willi3. :^ 

Sir Henry Pope Blount, with only 'His 
initials and arms. 

Dr. Charleton, from the life* 

Ralph Bathurftj do. 

William Holder, do. Vcrtuc thought tkc 
faffe by Vandkrbank, 
.;3oyl^.archbilhop of Armagh* ; 

Sir John Chardin, from the life. 

John Mayow. 

A youth in an oval, no name, but fU{i« 
po&d an aaceftor of judge Holt. ■ 

Arthur Jackfon. 

James duke of Omnond, from the life. ' 

Sir Grevil Verney. 

Sir Edward Coke. 

John Bulfinch, printfdler, from the life*' • 

Bifhop Seth Ward, do. * 

Lake bifhop of Chichefter. 

Crew bifhop of Durham. 

Compton bifhop of London. 

Meggot dean, of Winchefle^* There ii 
another of him by White,. - i 

rs / Lord- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Lord-keepentSuilford, <5poftiithe life; oac 
oEhifiijbcft prints. *;. : «, » 

Thomas Barlow, from the life* ' ^ 

Thomas Fuller, 1661. 

A. Brome, 1664, 

JohnWallis. ■ ^ 

Pearfon biftiop of Chcfter, from the lifc^ 

:John Cocklhnt. 

The feven bifhops, copied from Whltt'ii 
plate for Loggan by Varrierbank, who 
worked for him towards the end of his 

.Duke of Qrmond, in an oval. ^ 

James duke of Monmouth, ycimg, in tfie ' 
robes of the garter. The handfomcft print of 

James earl of Derby. 

Thomas Sanders. Flesftiicre pinx. -'^' 

Richard Aileftry, from the life/ * ' ^ 

Gunning bifhop of Ely. » .;= ^ 

Mr. Waterhoufe. 

Mr. Jofhua Moone. 

Dr. Henry More* ^ 

Qeorggi^WalkfT of JLondondeity.' » • ^ 

Leonard Plukenet, 1690. * ; : ' -^ u 


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AniJb^iQp Saaciofti from the fife, '-f 

Ijofd biftiop of St. Afaph. 

Qotcn Remicttai Mana. 

Ffondipicce to a Ckucmon^rayer-Bdok 
in fidio, i6S7, dc%ncd by John Bapt. Gaf- 


Sir George Wharton^ but no namc^ ^U46. 

Anodicr, 1657. 

Gcofge prince of Dcmnaik> Ironv^e 


Pope Innocent XI* 

An cmbknatic print <^ CroavwdD/at 
kng^k in sroiour. A- M. efq. fe. 

The AcaiioQfiyof PlcafuEC 1665. He^pf 
a man widi a hi^-crowned hat. 

Frontifpiece to Rca s Fl«ift, foined4ng in 
the manner of Comd. Galle. 

Frontilpicce u> Guidott's TiiemuB^ Bri- 

Loggan brought over with him Blpotel* 
Jng and Valck, whom I am going to men- 
tion, V4ndcrbank worked for him, and 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

«me P^cr WiU»inif)ih of w]v)m.I fittd no 
account, but that Vciftw jthoHght lie «mbk- 
niatic print of Croaw^ Ja: diie.ftboT* lifl; 
might be done by hinu - * 


JCame^frwn Holland- in 167a or 75, viicn 
tTie Friench 'invaded it, but ftaid not long^ 
nor graved nVQch here> but did ibme fdttes 
and ibnnie imezsotintos diat "v&t^ adunited. 
V^«i3e fays he recd-red 30 guineas fiar etch- 
ing a portrait of the duke of Norfolk.^ At 
Amfterdam, rfter he had left England, he 
^ublifhed Ijebnardo Auguftinc^s <S!eDfis iti 
1685, and etched fldt tbe plates^ His por- 
traits are, 

Prmoe Ruffept, xf%tr lidy, 1^6^ 3/ 
Edward earl of Sandwich, ditto, a headw 
Another, half length. 
Edward Stillingfleet, canon of St. PauFs^ 
The fame, with the infcriptiori altered 
afterhcwasbiihop ofWorceften ; -' 


y Google 

Anthony earl of Shaftibury, fitting ; ond 
of his moft fcarce wofk3. 

T^hdmas earl of Danby, after Lcly. 

Janaes duke of Monmouth . 

Thomas Sydenhwn, after Mrs, Be ale. 

Henry duke of Norfolk, 1678, large. 
. Jane duchefs of Norfolk, ditto, BriiKlIes, 

J* Wilkins, bilhop of Chcfter, after Mii. 
JBcaie. -'i 

Henry marquis of Worcefter. - 

, An oid man's head, profile ; etched. 

A boy's head with feathers in his cap^ 
. ; John Tillotfon dean of Canterbury, fifte/ 

Cecil Cahrcrt, lord Baltimore. 
. Charles Howard earl of Carlifle. 
. Admiral Tromp, 1676. 

Van Haren, done in Holland, idSo; 

G E R A i D 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

iS0*k&ii^ ^ jSig«»w^ *^« 


Was Blooteling'j fervant^ and then tmr- 
rled his fiftqrj can>e with him from HoU 
iandj and returned with him, though he 
ibmetiirtes worked for Loggan. Vaick 
engraved onq of the fineft prints we have: 
It is the famous duchefs of Mazarin, fitting 
in very loofe attife, with on^ hand 0n ah urn. 
Thert is a beautiful portrait of the feme 
ducheis in a j:urban> painted in Italy, at the' 
duke of St. Alban's at Windfor. Vertu^ 
knew but three more of Valck's entire 
works } Robert lord Broke, done in 1678 ; 
John duke of Lauderdale^ in robes of the 
garter, and an indifFerent mezzotinto of 
Mrs. * Davis after Lely. 

* There is anotlier of her in fmall quarto aft» 
Cooper. Valck affiled Schenk lyi publifliing the large 
Patch Atlas in z vols, folio, i6S3« 

YottVt k EDWARD 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


"e d w a r d t E b A vi:0. 

Of Welfli extraAipn, was apprentice «> 
ti)ggari, whole wire obliging him to foUow 
h^X ia livery, he ran away to Franc^^ ap^ 
became a dealer in pi6ture$, by which QI^ 
liis return he made a good fortuac. Ht 

James duke of York j 4 large hcfk4^ witK 
powers round the oval. 
_ Bertram de Alhbyrohane^ for QuilliHXJR 

Duchefs of Portlmouth, fittings 

St. Cecilia playing on a bafe-vipl, wt^ 
)boy-angels flying ; probably done at Pari^ 
after Vandyck. 

Mary princefs of Orange, 1678. " 

William prince of Orange 1 both after 

General Moncke^ _ 

Stephen Monteage^ ^^7S^ 

, Digitized by VjOOQiC 

Charles IL fitting i the face expunged 
afterwards, and replaced with king Wil- 

iilrt?s7 A a . :: i a z j. : z ai ii: 

A merry Andrew, after Francis Halls, 
waved in an odd manner^ - - , . . ^ »% 

An Ecce Homo after Caracci* fcarce, . 
^ Charles^uke of IUcIunonc|| a, toy,'*ft§r 
Wifling, 167a. ,, . '*' '' *', 

L 10 H f POO T» 

Says Mr. Erelyn,* ^' hath a, yp^y^ cw^«tf 
graver^ and -fpcci^ talent fp«^ the nereis 
of his ftroke, little inferior to Wierinx j- And 
las publifhed two or three Madonnas, with 
tiiuch appUufe/' I fuppofe he p t|^ ^me 
perfon with WiUiam Li^^oot, ajpain^te^ 
mentioyftcd in tfe diiri volume of ^is w^rk. 

• * 

• Sciilpluri, f J 




Digitized by VjOOQiC 

^^ ^ulsi^fsj^J^mwb 

./ ■:. ■ ' 

MICHAEL j;U.R Gil j:^ 

Came to England fobn ^aftor". Louis XIV, 
took tJtrecht, raid fe^Jed at.Ox£ood« vftere 
tJfeti4^'^\4»at'<«l«:r;thing&-M engrairedrkhe 
almanacs: his firft appearaiin;^676>^iflD• 
0^t his name, He ma4« many irndl uitws 
erf" the new buildings « Queen's-call^jand 
drcjfr ait.e* of ^ejoid chap^ halbre 
it was pulled down. His-oihcr wswks ^^ere. 
Sir Thomas Bodley j at the coBttrs^Iblads 
^■Wieart of Ppocrfjfokc> archbiflwplLaud, 
'Sir Kefaclm Digbyy:and John Sclden, --'i 
^■•WflUamSomner, the antiquary. :4 
^'' F^anciftuS Junius, fi-omymdyck. ' ...1 
r'^ilrmfidil wd reverfe-of WiHiam cad of 
•Pembppke (wWliwcti)in J57ia. ; >fr r 
V:? Jahit iBar(^oi^ iettcr-doftor to ^ Uni^ 

■'-' ll«^-of Janttc^Il. m an alm^^i i686,t 
Sm^U head of T.V. Sir Thomas Wjat}. 

-S3T3<I ,;J 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

King Alfred, from a MS. in the Bodleian-* 

John BalioL • 

c .William earl ©f Rcmbrd(C» \ -04 

^ Timothy . Hakon^^ proV0lfe..Q^<^j|!Bl^ 
<i3U«gPi fixjm the lifq^ :> . ?.r: .; 29^ ^jiij^ 
2-Dr^WalKy, 11699. - -' -i'!*!. ^<?i 

i Two of Dr« Ra^ife. .. ,, , > ^ 

u SirKciidriiDigbjr, :- . >.- l ;f^^i^ 
ft- -ArcHbd&op Laudw . r . .. , .^ 

<; -Joha.Seidea.* t^-^ y --^./.'^rfia^paV ♦■4. .. 
.t:.A-Llaige faKXi?of:£iuia^:done7*^i^^^ 
ftroke, ia the mahncr.of M^a^v^ ^< .^r ^ 

Many fnmtifpkccs £ot .tbscC}^^ 
lifhed at Oxford. : b :_ : <.n ...:^^.i2. . 
to Swsejai rieWs of ih^ufes;^ i^Q^5rr^^t'i| 
works, and for odxer boQfk3»:r; f^^'oidrn'^T' 
- a.Diccib^ -for the^ EngBIb iml|atf05j[ of 
Plutarch's Lives j and prob^jr ,t|]^.,'H|g- 
ndi^ tapthc CataIogUeia^aM-.:oft&4. iir 

« Thelieads o^d!^^,^eiAx^>f^d0>a^ 
ftre the fame I have mentioned at the corners of Sir 
;|WJodle)r'3 print. 


Digitized byKjUUVlC 

fll fy ftififi ^PA} m f F t m i % 



Was born at Paris, ^wl^ caiw^*td 
England whh fJ^fear, Ac paifter^ 
about the year 1^74. He married the After 
Wv§b« ^oitftcr, fn gewBwian who had an 
cftftte at Bradfield in H^tferdflrirt*^:v.^Bi 
deibank^.was foon admkcdfcH' lite'&fmefs 
of his prints, and ftiH, more for tie Gzi of 
Aenij^ fome of his headi bciAg the lai^efl 
that had thou appeareci in £ng}indr ."But 
thisi very merit undid Jbim; thcr.timc.%m-^ 
ptoyed on fuch confiderAlc fwtorks was- bv 
no nicans compenfked m 'the priccfc.^^Me 
was "reduced to want, and rtiiring t&fhh 
brother-in-law, died at Bradficidsranaiteras 
Wried m* the chtrrch thdc Ih' vA^yi-^-Mtcf 
his death, his widow diipofed of his *pfaces, 
Ml oife Brown, a printfdler, who made great 
'^ianigige of them^ and left -an eafy fortune.. 
Vancjcrb^ik had three fons, the ehfeff hSHL 
jfofti€?lh«re'1n die Theatcc at BubKo.:'. The 
]fwngef^ WilUaitt; a* poor' labciUEer, ;gdvc 

f H^ fomcdmes wrote hi^ name Yan^rebjuic. 

'' ^\ thia 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

diis account to Vcrtiie* In the &i£ly of 

Knelle^^ aad tof di« eldcft fm« Yonder* 
bank's pofitai ; r . V i ,; 

Charleall^ ^in g^er r«b«d^ GtSkiif |>bx, 

JittW4*IL laiige ftfeet, KncUer pf? - r 

Maty iiis queen^ d'rftd-. * _- -: 

• AitoAe)!, afttt Wiffettg;. 
^ King William, rftefKAdJftfc ' : .' '^ 
--Andtkr, after Wifllflg* 

Qijeen Mary> after the iame. . 
. Tl^eC^eorgeof Deilmaf4s^ t 

Princefs Anne* 

Louis Quacorate, lai^ headt 
: Statue. of Chdiies IL iA iht B^pA ^ 

' Archbilhop TiMotiftn^ after- MrK Bptle^ 
the face was nibbed otity and reKK^grttved- by 
•R. White.* . ; 

Archki&ilp T^ifim^' aftbr Mra# Betttej 
•1695. • o.- - ' 

Prinde (Seerge of DenimA, folk) feeet. 

L4 Prinocfs 

Digitized by VjOUV IW: 

Piincefs Aimc^ at^lii^di -.: .f .v. .Li : 
Piinccfs Maiyj diilBBi-\:i i I ^9'o:?£« liiJ . 

Alexander carl of Momj?, i^£;} . : 3L::^]/ 

George vifcount^Xarbatt, 1692*^, : /. 

Sir William Temple, after Lely ,. ^^79^ ; 

J{4mi > Snjdthi < iitfriting»mafter^ ^ flakhc^rne 
delin. Vertue fays a great conteft hap^^ 
pened about ihtipBymq^t Cop tlus £iie ihm^. 

James earl of Pcrtb, 165.3. . i. v' 

Thomas Lamplugti archt^fiiopo£irork; 
Cttc of tbe fi^ jof his works^. . . ; 

George Walkerj who defended Loi>dpa*t,^ 

Thomas Palzidj & Scotch Gcnsmlr 
fcarce. * f - , 7' 

John LocKcj in a perriwg*> - — 'V 
Sir Edmundby ry. Gockrey; j - ' v 

Another, fmaller. - -^i , 

Edmund Waller, aet, 23.' ' v^ ^ ^' 
Another, a^t. 76. r 

J Sir JhPPt>as Alien,, very large. /1. . * 
-^rjatnci duke rf Monmomhj dittoc • "- - ^ 
^ Richard lord Maitland, ifiSj, '^ " 

"^yniUm l(ira^!^ufl^, aftci;^5^c4b . ; ^^ 

, Digitized by VjOOQIC 

V Sir Gcorgfc Mackcnfc;r?.v^^M 'z^inxv^ :. 

yandcrbaiA&aiaaut \ ■ :u :. j ^ /.o > 'jv:> 

; Archibald carl^Arg^le; in- :-• . O. I 

Br^derickdtike rfSchomberg.- 'v^i 

{^qsi .'i.^'.'.c r.-r-r:' .» .-'": :. :^.'^ . ,Iu4'it• 
J/ldlhi2ottttm!BltIce;TeJ9ala^ "^^^vO 
: Robeit carl ofrYarmcnithpc&to* s:" :h.l \ 
c ftpTtooiasiBarown, M* B« ^ - : ' . / . 
Head of a Sc«cbgehtlaxiaii, aterdd ^sm 
thftoiiuliJtfMaiT^Ifafia'pifca;.- iV :t; r:-^? 

John earl of Strathnaver j ^ f. J* csoixltf 
Sutiierlahd>i^odied about f734. ♦ ' -* 
William duke of Queenfberry. 

William duke of Hamilton. '^ 

■ , • ► • • •*■ * 

George lord Damnodthr* - . . r^: f - r - 
His own head, 
Samuel Wood.* 

. <» I am Inforaitf^ii that tUshead ofWdai cbiMfKt 
be done hyjfiyst&^rbf^xl^.Mct,^^^ 
tornofFin 1737. .See Phil. Trairf/foi- 173$, MV.ini 
no account of, hiaJkcoad (on^ hk^iuunc^ y^^ fvol^mbly 
Peter, an^iiVfeilit be an engraven 

Digitized by VjOUVIC 

1^ Qrti il fgi a/ via fi y wti ^fc 


. Yaadeiaiask: lengiaT^ !a: fte df iMd^lbr 
Kcnnet's Hiftory .iifi SiigtMbdl;' >tii<^ iviere.: 
dk|giekl::fby. LAitfittrtL' VaiMlektakik laifc* 
cuted from the conquemr to queen Efitiu 
bedi; the reft wob^i^thod bfillfi V»)der^ 
gutch. ' . . ;'- / t 

Windfor^ and feme other hi{tories> and-did 
Ibme platta ntfaidr iMve^Ira fi»ie4it T9<ltnV 
Book of Icon-i¥ork3* He appears toi)^ t6 
have had fbme cUicctn' in a inanufalhit^ of 
tipdlr]ri iq the duke <i£AiiCafterV£it8^was 
a fuite of tapellrjr with Yiado^ank's. naaid 


x^Sal '^'^^ obfcure engravers, whom 
5 Vcrtue mentions together fbrthef?- 


Digitized by (jOOQlC 

Collias BrwseQ. ftul^ y 

v^I v^j»^ tjbc aiame of R. CGflkis> jt^n. «» 4 

JK-I.35V ..■•■■•• . -i - ■. -.'j ;■■ -.1 
a- -:• " -1 -- : -, • ■• •■■ -•-'. : ■■ •■ - 1. 

^ ' W ri, t: I. A M C L A 'l^K E v' 

• " . :J . ■ *, v> 

* •«» 

BM » haad ctf (3»o^ A&e of Albemarfc; 
from a painting of Barlow, and another <if 
John Shower, from a picture of his, own i 
tliiitiet ii at finall mezzotinto/ ^ C H C i /* 


i&ool Was ^ art engraver at Edinbig^^j^ 

medAl of William and Mary, prince and 
-" •-c:-! ^rincefi 

Digitized by KjUUV IC 

frmcefs of Orange^ yet dfated' 1690; ^Ihi^ 
prints' of. Sjr M^i^evf Hale, of Gcbrgc 
#iroh de . Goccfx ' (this was^in concert 
with rine) of Dr. 'Humphrey Prideauj^ 
and a plate With- (even little heads 'qf 
Charles II* and his quecit> prince Ruper^ 
prince of Orange> duke of York, duke' of 
Monmouth, and general Moncke/ Tflifeff 
was another John 'Clarke, Who lived^m 
Gray's Inn j he engraved a quarto print 
of Rubais, aod,^ probably, thfc \platesifor 
Bundy's tranflation of Catroli, and Rouille's 
jR^jtnaft HiftQry>:.and the-yigpe^es f^r^Iofd 
JLap^iowne's W4>iks. -G^ajd-and^ Eobeit 
Taii4ergytph were rffo employed &r ffh9 
•iatiec book. ,- : ^r. f-nfr 

i Ri T O M P S O Ni frA 

A name to a print of Nel Gwynn and her 
^o fons,: acid to. a. few others. Though Jic 
^l^Jf.putkMCikiif on hisipUtes^ ,an4 on th^ 
lUd by AIcx^Aidcr iBixrwnfi i&: proba^ljt 
^***' fcraped 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Fainting, i66^.^ See Payne yifliqr's veria 
jgrefij^d^^o ^that^wqcK. j^BrownJs plates* la 
^ffiat piece are cfeefly copied frpni Bloeoiart s 
3rawing-bvx:it. Trevethan is meotioried hj 
^znd^rtqax^;b\Ji^ I know none of his works, 
To^arprint oT ibilhop 1^^^ ThoiT}a| 

:: i r ., c ' . ' • „ . ;> :; , 1 . . .^ 

?P A U L VAN S:0 M E R; \. 


^ *^' 3 Whom I giye to compje^r the lUl^ 
^LtA te 1 find theni, not confining myfe^ 
|!lri6tly to dates, which would be difficttlc t4 
^juft, when there were fo many of the pro- 
feflipn about the fame period. Vanfomer at 
firft executed many p}ates bofh gyiVed and 
in mczzotinto after the works of Lely i h}$ 
^awings were commonly made in two * co- 

\»^kr. Scott, in^CrowTi Court Wcfhhhrifef; liafi 
fe^'ii/two collars in 09 li7^Vftii(otn^«lAiiAlf>!tl^lltt 

r '•':-.■ lourj 

*• Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^Lcmens^ and he was fo ex^biitfouk as ' to 
finifh a hdf-length place in a ibmmer^ 
^y— fufficiept reafon for me not to fpccify 
all :bi^/works. '^Before h«. arriwd iiWe/ he 
had performed a print of Chaxlea duke of 
Bavaria and his fecretary in 167a H» 
inark:wa3 dxus * ^^ Another j^ini Wjj^ 
cf a cpuntefs of ftlcath after Mighgiri^.sii^ 
a third of the duke of Florence and. his. ^ 
fretafy. . Towfjrds die^ end of his time the 
art, was funk very, low : Vertue^fays tjj^ 
about ^the year i690:yerrio, .Cooi^e %^^ 
t^aguerr^e, could better p^erjfbnCti^ 
*l>grave."t!ieif deiigns than S^ Gribefin .aufi 
l^wl Vanfomer— he might iajuftice^'baxe 
ai^f d that the engravers were good eno^jg^ 
^r..lhe painters <j and in 1702 that J.jSmi^ 
TO# /opped. t9 execi^te in inezzotintQ.thj^ 
fij^tifpiejce to Jignpr Nicolo Cofimo^s bpdS^ 
(^^, jjayf^.. B.ut , before^, we tjomc; XQrti^ 

^t:> ■'•' .'',-•■• "■'■■,'■". : ^V)^: 

|lmc> Johayanfgmer^^ jtcoaclude they were ^diiercfiV 
perfons, aad tK^t'tfew mark Belonged Iq tlxe Jatter." '*, " 


^ Digitized by Google 

3?^:,^,; M.-^ V. '^:.'^ ' ' v:i: lif.l 'v .t: lii 

,i R O BE R. T W H I T B 

V.:. '!..!' ,• . : : -K ", •• i^- - : •'( ^---^ 

AV as born in London i$45,. and had a nata^ 
iil; inciipation ta drawing an<i ctchlngj 
Which- he attempVed before he had ^ay iai 
ftruftions Trom ILpggan of whoiia, he learn* 
cd^ and »)r whom he .drew and engraved 
many buildings. What diftingiiiiftied, him 
wis his admiraWe fuccefs in likeneflcs^ ^ 
Inerit that would give yilue to his printsij' 
though they were not To well.perfcfffjed^ 
]Mtany csf his header were- t^en by.hfitifelf 
with V .bJ^ck lead ^jpeacil . oiji velomr Mr,, 
"^ert ha$ fevei-ai, particularly Ixis awnhcadf 
at the age of fixteen : Vcrtue thought thcnS 
ftiperior to his piii^.. Thr hei^ <^ Bir 
Godfrey Kneller and his brother m Sandferartr 
^rc eft^i«ved frofrf drawings' bf '^htte^ 
^WKoffe portrate Sfr* Gfcdfr^y dfbw: mTretujfi^^ 
^any ofthcportr^i^ ^$^^ll(^oc4'^^^^^ 


y Google 

Tj6 Catahgue tf ^ngraversl 

coronatioh of James H. were done from thjft 
life, as Vcrtue thonght, by Wliite. In 1 674: 
he graved the firil Oxford Almanac, as he 
did the tide-plate defigned by Adr. Hennin 
to the Hiftory and Antiqaities of that tJni- 
vcrfity. He alfo engraved Moncke's fune- 
laL For a plate of the King pf Sweden he 
received 30 /. from one Mr. . Sowters of 
Exeter. Of his own wojks he re- 
gular colleftion, but when he had done » 
plate, he rolled up two or three propfs, ai)d 
€ung them into a clofet, wherq.they laid iii 
iieaps* Thus cmployecl fgr 40 years toge- 
fecr he htd laved about foyr or 15^6 thou- 
fend pounds^ and yet by fome misfojtunes 
©r wafte at laft, he die4 * ip indigent cir^ 
cumftances, and his plates i)eiiig fold to a 
jvintlcller in the Poultry/ f ^^^^^^^4 ^^^ 
inirchafer in a few years, A$ po man per- 

^> * He died fiiddenly at his iuiaie in 'Bhomfkxay in 

-P7.04- ■/-*':;.;:>'•'■-■■' 

. t Veitu^ Tap the faine fuccefi atfende4 Coop^ vA 
^owles, priatfellers : a profeflion- which Vertue thoHght 
irery jufUy did not dcferve to. thrive beyond the labo« 
Ttottj artifc whom they cinpbyei 
i. . haps 

y Google 

haps has exceeded' RbberVWhife In- tfc^fh^^ 
tiplicity of Englifli heads, it maj^t)e dffilclilc 
tb give a rompieat catalogue of them,' yet 
as my author had formed a long lift, it would 
be defrauding cuftouV colleftors^^if I refufed 
toitanfcribe it rone would - riot gtiidge'bif^w 
hours mdre, after the many that- have bte<;i 
thrown away on thefe idle volunies* Ileem 
tx)' myfelf • a' door-keeper at the T^emple.of 
Fame, taking a catalogue of thofe who hdVfe' 
Only attempted to fenter.*' ' '*'-*'^ '•'-'^ 

Edward the Black Prince iii art oval.- ^' ^^ 

Ditto in armour, at length* ' • 

Edward IV; without 'a-»amc; <amtt,t)t- In* . 
fcriptiort. -rtw^s done for 'the Fcedera'^tid 
placed at the reign • of Hcrit^'V* but'Ryfner 
doubtmg if it was th^t king, the ftame''4as 
onrnttcd. .Rapin finding it there^ had" it 
copied for his firft Freneh edition/ * ttis Jt^ 
profile from the whole len^h at St* James's^ 
Which has fince appeared^ by VandefddW^4' 
catalog^/ to be Edwaril tV/By' Beicaftip : 
Thefe is alfb a wooden cut done tern'^; 
Eliz. whidh agrees with Vandtrdort^s^ ac- 

VoL.V. M Charles 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1^7^ GiUalcgue of EngravcrSi 

Clurlcs I. »ftcr Van Vorft- 
. Charks II. l^ge head^ 1679. , 
DitCQy whole lefigth> in robes of the 

Queen Anne X703> poorly done. 
, Queen Elizabeth fitting under a canopy. 

The three firft £dwards> and Bicband |I.: 
for Brady's Hiftory of Eingland. 

James II. under a canopy^ with Sancroft 
and Jefferies. 

Another when duke of York, garter-^ 

Another, larger headj 1682. 

The lame, altered when king. • . 

Mary ofEfte, duchefsof York. . 

Another, whole lei^h. 

Henry duke of Glouccfter, whole length. 

King William and queen Mary, prefixed 
to Cox's hiftory of Ireland.. 

Two dukes of Hamilton, in Burnet's. Mc-r. 
Ittoirs of that family. 

George earl of Cumberland, dreiTcd a$ 
for a tournament, a beautifuU print. 
. Lady Mary JollifFe. 

-.8 V Nine 

_.;.-..i:i:r- ^ ; ^ ... * 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Kinc fmall heads of thfe fkltfil^' trfiRtt)^- 
don. ThoreJfbf hyi 'iSfkf^iVtkr4l dobifllbr 
^ MS. acddtint of that £ittil5a-''^l^^^ 
of thefe ctit^. '"^^'^J. 

Robert MoitfdnjMt ©;;V • r .r -;::<: 
Richard MeggQti datii of WindEiete'iC^ 
Thofd^^utefc'of Lfe^dfc^ad v5ru«^^ r: T 
Heneage eai'l c^Kottftig^idttH « '^c:? :-^ 
^5e*«n4ofas^ jUlfiC^i in^i6$^, OAi fdmel 
* Sir Edward Ward, chief baron, .1762^ h-i 
6h Geoi^ Trdbyi ad viriami*'i^4;; > 
Patrick earl of Strathmore, i686* <.:c .02 
Sir John Somert lord-keeper, iftj^f^oc \ 
William Sahnoii, M. - O. 1760,- . : \ x j .; T 
Five bi(hO]^5 mahyrs* Oncplaow f / : ^ 
Nathaniel Vincent, 1 694* - .^ 

Evcrard Maynwaringey M* D» ' 4 

Two of John Partridge • ^'//.O n^ 

Sif Geoi^Em, M* D. '. v;T 

Two of Samiiel Pepys, of his beft gw^ - 

ing* i. . .•-.■; '. ; - " 

Two of Sii: William Temple^r, . ..r. i ; ..> 
Jofeph Perkins, A. B*^: i [ ^uM {^.s^J 
Cole, a prfiyficmn. His flame lii only 
M 2 mentioned 

Digitized by VjOOQIC ■ 

mentioned in wo -- I^ii^ wfca wider ilic 

head.. . . \. ... , > .- y -^ 


Dr^ Stillingfleet, bifliop of Wctfcejler^^ ^^ 
John Bunyan. . , , . / - ■■_ , , : 

Twoc^'SirRcgefjX^range^/ ' . /! 
Henry Pur^eJLr after CJqfteiriiii^., .: \;r 
Count Konifipark. /w ; . if 

Simpn Patrick, biihppcf Eiy,; . _ - . 
Two of Antony earl of Slv|ft(bury# t t * 
George; earL^; Wyili';if iJ^^Mft Ms* 

dinap. ,,/• ^ -^ / ; :'\, :. . .;.;;:; ;' 

James, pari of Pertbi^^ftqr KneU?r. ] - 
Another after Riley,' titles in Frenoh^ 
This is reckoned one of White-^s beft. . Of 
this lord there are prints by. Faidjorne^y an- 
derbank and White.^ * , .. ..;...•. 

The feven ^bifj\<^s^ in one pl^te^r, 
A gentleman, full-bottomed wig, ^qw^ m> 
name. .:.';, 

. Archbjihop Tenifon, frprxi.. t^e^ life^ . 
* William Camden, aetat. 58, 

♦ For t;Ms plate he received fiaurpouiadsywH 
tp kave beexv:his moH common price> as appeared by 


y Google 

^Cdiahgue of £,n^ravers^ "181 

• ' ■ :' / : .J c; III ri-*rr h'' r: .:^v.T 

John Owen D. D. - . [ ;,^ri 

Mary, Coi:fnteJ& Dowager of Warwcfc.^ 
, SirJUexander T^eniple'? In habits pf Retime 
^ Sufann^la4yTcii^leri.^ ; ^U^'^hl 
Lord chanceiior . Cl^nd(jn^ .after ^^J^ 

John earLpf-Rochefter- !;.i. •) ^ !-^ 
John duke of Ncwcaftle* ^) - ;* j- f 
Robert lL«ighton,S-T. 2.pC2A.:^^:i 
James Cooke, M. !)•: [ j ;i, 5; ^ , .^r"^ 
George Hickes, S^ T/P.. ffonr tbi ^^fe, 

1703, one of his lafrwarks^ Tt^erW^^no- 

thjerearli?i>/ ., ;. ; ,-.; . .; 

^ .Bilhop Burnet*, >aftcrMiji. Bealjp. i /;• 
'Another, from the life. . r i c^ r 

Queen Mary pf .Efte. . , •][ ^1:0:'^ 
Thomas Street, ju4ae,frQm the;, ll^.;p 

' J(^n Alht^n, genu a^ r/; 

Mr. Fleetwood, from the life. ,jy ] ...-nL 
Benjamin Whitehot, ^^^T. P. ; .] ^. :v: 

^; A cl^rgjpnan, in hi§. own d^rl^haiF^;^^ 
A young gentleman, in full-bo^tjftcn?4 

tKe re(^ipif4boGEi}'Chirwai<;;toojy^^^ 
chujxh-yard: /or d^ Jgfiftt ofq^en .M^SQ|:iIft:]tf#' ia 
^6^# Wlut^.had four pounds ten (hillings. 
•^* ^ '" M3 wig. 

Digitized by VjOUV IC 

wigj laced cravats faid fa be 1!^, Benj« 

Sir Edif?anU;AifliQ*h^^ ft^ca^t; ? 

Sir Thomas Pilki9gcpi>^ lord^rTiajf pr, * 

feir Peyton Vcntris, judg^ 169 j* , 

Sir CrcfwcU Levlnz, judge* 

John Overall, bifliop of Norwich. 

Thomas Creech, M. Sunman p^* 

I'homas Gouge, after Rilcjr* : 

James Bonnel^ ciq, 

Robert carl of Ailefburyt 

John How, V. D. M, 

Pr. Antony Horneck, after Mrs, Bealc; 

Vera effigies Vcnttiri^Mandcy> «»tv37i 

Thomas Flatman, HayU pinx* 

Sir John Cotton, i699* 

Mr, Parker of Lees, I^brew motto an4 
annsy byt no name. * 

Mr. Jo^ii^ Moone, t 

Four different plates ^ archbiihop Tll« 
lotion.' ' 

John::Wilkins, bifhop of Cbcftcr. 
. Three of William Bates, S.T. P, 
--^jJjfenifWahiyn^^ 80,: 

'; ; /^ ArchWhop 

, Digitized by VjOOQiC 

•. 'Afchbifliop Sancrbft. ' ^ .^\ b-.?^ ,:!'^ 
Dr. Bufby, ob. 1695. ;in '^?.cJ 

John Fryer, M. D.from the tt^;i>^ uf 
Samuel Cradotk, B. D. ^1 

WilEam Bluck, «lq. - 

George Buchanan. * 

I The lady Anne Cliflbrd, ccTlntdsda^a- 

ger of Dorfet and Pcn^brdce. 
William Petyt, from die life 
Sir James Turner, 
Sir Robert Howard* • 
Dr. John Blow, from the lifc^ 
Thomas Manton, D. D. 
John Boccact^ from Titiaiu 
Thonias Thynnc, efq. 
Henry Wharton, A. M. after Tftlom 
Cardinal Pole^ 

Siir Thomas Wentworth earl of 'Straflbfd. 
Sir tSeorge Jefferies, lord chief juttteci*^ 
The fame, altered all but thefaeei . 
Sir John Holt; lord jchief jtilKee. * r ' 
Thomas Tryon, gent. 170J. ' 

Effigies Authoris [Burnet <rf^ the -Chairtar- 
houfe.] . " . - : )«f4i •" tM .t? 

JEdmund King,' M. D» There is «(6thfer 
. ' • * M^ print 

» . At Digitized by VjOOQIC 

t84 €lMtdvg^ of Eff^fia^ 

print of him in metz«laoto-65r'R.^WiiUi*Ens, 
both are fine. .- t . ' > /";■ '* • ;( 

Sir Henry Spehnart./ . • ' . 

Sir George Mackenfie, well. cfigtaved» • 
DenzillordHoUes.oflfifeld, .. 
The honourable Robert Royki^ ; ■. > 
rSitJUm HoiHlMiii buftooapecfeftal^no 
name of engraver. .• ... ': . , i . 

Antony T\ii&m% D. D. 
John Scott, S, T. P..; .:. . . . : .i 
John Aylmer, bifhdpfof.^l^ndoto/! f 
Edmund JiJiflloV,. JieOtQOAntlgeiicf aU . 
John Flavel, iftSTo; • - ., " ' ' / 
Samuel Hawohh; M. D>^ k, - ' 
Philomufus, S. Gi' in cyptef. It i^ :5a- 
mueL[Gab4ht;ijf*ut;ll0r of th« i jRlof ift'3 Vide 
Mecum. .-/.,- :• r:' .!.• 

J ' Willi^T^&kcrloek, dean of St<Pj<id"», . 

C^tiimit/.df Arragoti^'tQf Buf^s ,I5if- 
tory of riu&.'Rfiforiaaaticm«. -,:l\ ^.: ;'• * 1 

Robert.j3alfiQfpn;iot4tir44i''-f- ^ '>•. tJ ^ 
William CockbucJSG'M^rDvi' ' .'. ..".'• . 
• ;'|ohfiLShowejP,:'i7t2>ci* : 

William Hunt, aetat, a8. f. • . 

1 -Mr^iGcQTgd'HecberiJj, author of poeihiA 
•f..* a .{. r : A writing* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

HiQulder^ in his hair^ laced cray^jopn^i^' 

Mary queen of Scja^s*| , .5; 

-^ ; '^ ../ r 

Prince Lewis of Badqpi, ^ ok ' : . ; . - ; 
Neophytus .ffcy?ifW»Pr!<>f i?rhil^PPopoli^ 

Baron de Cinckle, afterwards earl ofjif^ 

Sir John Marfham, set. 80. , . , ,; 

Sir Richard Leyett^JqrdffPfiy^Qr;- i>K\ » 

Archbi%j|y^ft^,r^|^^^ to 

it, done by Tyi:tili r^^-J. '\„,^j "'\uy:nC 

Sff James. -.Daliymplp: of ^airft^;pfe)^ 
of the court qf .fe^n^ BC)9rlf . dpue^^jfrcHn a 
good draj}45g^^/I,ndHifttVjl«i.b^ 

• Henry Goley, Fhilomath. - '>; .-,; 

J Jq^.e^yK^o i:!..:. :l:n [ ..Jir-^A 
ThomasXreech, Sunmanp, -■ .u'j. Z 

John Edwards, S, T. B. frwatlfee^Jife.::, 

. .ijR^fifwde.S^iE.Y««?^^ ;.j .-J- ) 

Mordecai Abl?Qt,^.ilii5lftdrifonfffe v^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

iS6 Catalogue j>f Engraverr^ 

fyr. JohirOwcB, fome imppcflions have 

Daniel Colwall, 1681. " ' 

Samuel Slater^ 1692. 

Sir Thomas Brownj M. 0- 

Five Kentilh Gentlemen, petitionerSj onfe 

Dr. Jofeph Beaumont, matter of Peter* 

Lord cMef jUfticc Coke: 
< John Sharp, archbilhop of Yorkr 

Timothy Crufo, V. D. M. 

John Sowter, merchant of Exeter ; he had 
been m Swc^n, and befpbke the plate of 
Ac king of Swcdex> mentioned above. 
"Sir John Nifcetof Dirleton, one of the 
ienator$ of the college of juftice in Scot- 

Archibald firft duke of Argyle, titles Jq 

Queen Maiy II« done after her death. 
John Selden; • 

Covntels of -Aruiiidel, in mezzdtihto, the 
only prim hr<fid hi tfiatwajr;*^ ... 

• So Vcnu^ thought, but there U mother of Pr.^ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Cafalogui of EngrnvfTSn *8| 

Sir Th(MfO»s ^otti frpm the iif?-. 

Prince. Rupert, after Kneller, ^ , 

"Walter Chetwyn^ dq, fi?op> J^5 lifet .. 

Sir John Fcnwick, after WilSogt 

Thomas Deane of Freefolk. 

Jaraes IL ftar and ggrter croiYiied. 
. James Cooke, M. D» setat^ 64^ 

Another, aetat, 71^* , 

William Leylx)urn, from the life, JFol^ 
Two, )/ 

Another, quarto. - 

Edward Hatton, M, D., 

John Rawlet, B. D* 

Sir GtoStry Palmer, attorney-ge<«B»aI< 

Sir Her|>ert:p€;rrot# r '- - 

Jeren^y Coljici'i xydi, ~ 

William Burkit, A* M. 170^, 

Archbifbop Sharpe, 
, Chiles, IILkir^ of -Spain, jM5gttti by 
R, White juft before his death, finifhcd bjt 
bis fon G* While, whafe n«tie i« to ijc# 

Sir Edward Dering, 1687, •: . , 
•.PatripHearUoCMa^^imoitf^ r . .- ^ 

John Harris^ p«I)<j^g\iEibybtittifath^ 

^dOniJhedby^^fiw^ ^.u- ^^;^, 


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; tSl . iuatahgue of- Engravers. 

Thorns Wefton, writing-mafter. ' / - 
A man's fiead, '1677, with the figns^of 

the zodiac round him. 

Fredeyick • Auguftus king of. Poland, 

1696. • \ ' • 

Charles Xt. king of Sweden/ 1 683. ' [- 
Alexander CarenCfoft, bifhop of Glafgow^ 
Reverend Matthew Pole; * ' '\ 

•'^"-Crefcentius Mather, S. Ti ^, " "" 
A man's head, in a laced cap, long bSard; 

faid to be Sir Alexander Gib'ibn^of thrrie, 

one of the lenator^ of the^ajllegejofjcifticc • 

in Scotland. - i . - 

• f* •*► »»>, • . , 

Sir Patrick tj^on; from the life. _ *; * . 

Bibye Lake and Mary Lilce, 'dvaf heads 
in one plate. ''' ' ''"' • ;;*' ' ' V-. '-^' 

Robert Sparke, B^, D. -^'^'' ^' ['; ■ ' '' 

John Vaughan chief juftide_ of the cdm- 
monplea^. ' ' '^ '* * 

• Jbhn'Brbwn; ilrtgeon, '* _*^ / '' 

Abiftioysheatf'X^oftorT^^^^ \ '* 

y Jofliua Barnes/ G^e8klr}fi^rlption/' 

Captain William Bedibe; ' ' ~ 
•''^^rs.^ApKfu-Behn! ''^f ^ *' "//"'; 

Ricjh^rd Baxter, aetat; 5^. * * *' ' "* '' ' 

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SiFR^ertCQtton*: , . ' -.ckOT ::? 

David. : Clarkfpn>r irflaiilef, ^_ dtsHT Mr«. 
B^ale. .: -^ " '\. •• ..(T 

Samuel Clarke, frpitt-fibke life ^ ' A . 

J»hn Cleysljpxd, wHHout Whit€*s name^* 

Stephen .Chjifnook/B, p. *: f . «) "i" 
* "^lUiafti CocddfoQi >:: . ,, ;,. '-1 0. V ^ 

John Collins, S. T. P, .--^ : 

Prance and JDugd^lc; two pl^tts. . . •.. / ' 

Elias Keach; .;•. /. j j : * ja 1 

; Capf jMn Ro{>drt Kiicwc. ; ,: r )- / 

Dafefel KendHckxphyfictan. • ,;!.:'» 'A 

George Moncke.dukei.of AHwiotIc^. i :^ 
^RicKard Morton, M. B/ .- ..I \. ^:^d:l^ 

Milton, after Faithorne's print* .' . * 

Sir John Pqtisis-w > - ^ '. '• ' • 
jSir. Paul.Rycaut* w/ . . v 1. :/- 

John Rulhworth, efq. . *•''.' \ ; 
. George Stradling, ^:T>P. . . . ' . - 

James II. with his dying cxpreffions. 

John Ughtfoot, S. T. P. . . i 

Thomas Willis, M, D. 

Rev. Philip Henry. 

Sir William Afhurft, lord mayor, 

Mf • Edmund Xrench. 
.-. -y^l • Sir 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

Sir Robert Wright, lord cKTcf juftke* 

Sir Nathan Wright, lord-keepcn 

Thomas Wadlworth, M. A. 

Archbiihop Whitgift; ; - ' 

Jame^ Jane vay, without White's name^ 

Thcxnas Barlow, btihop of Uacolm 

The fcvtn ceunfeUors fiar the ft^vtti i»4» 

Princef^ Aime orvBenmarJu-^ ; 

Two of John Ayrcfc 

A gentleman, half length, laced nifi^ 
black habit, white gloves in his rig^ hant^^ * 
in his jkft, cloak and Iwwd. 

Another in a long; wig, with a deadi's ^ 
head. . . 

A man's head, the other part a ikele(on. 

Another in a long wig and laced cravat^ 
place left for arms, without White's name. 

Another, in his hair> broad band, cloak> 
in his right hand a book, other books be« 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Son of Robert, finiftied fome of his fathcr^s 
plates, and engraved others himfelf, but 
chiefly pra&ifed in mezzotinto, in which he 
fucceeded, and had ibmetimes 20 guineas 
for a plate. His beft, I think, are of Sir 
Richard Blackmore, and Sylvcfter Petyt, 
the latter remarkably fine. He alfo painted 
in oil, and more frequently in miniature* 
One of his firft large heads, in his father*s 
manner^ was of James Gardiner biihop of 
Lincoln. He was alive ib late as the year 
1731, when a print by him of bifliop Wef^ 
ton is dated. 



Was much employed by Robert 
White, who drew his head in black 
lead, which was engraved in 1683. Him- 
felf did prints of Richard Baxter and Tobias 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 

|$« • i^«&5B«?^^^ 

iJef^ed^to tWw nnder die Knc^M^^ "betiif 
&%ncd for a paihtdr, and^ 'froifir theildl 
yrcnti tx> Italy j btjt on his: return' febms^ tft 
Imc -addifted himfelft tovengtaviiig,'^^*fc 
ccched and publiflicd ' the carl of Dwby*|' 
ooUdStioiT of piSurcsj a&Ais'father^enff 
had dooe^ -feveral"vfe\9k 'of Atidliey^^lnni 
which He 'dedicated to James ILtltitbrrild^ 
i^ beiiig^thena ^ royai pakcer'i fe addedi?eb* 
an iiifcrrptibn in - honour of Sir "CtiriitoirtlW 
Wren* ^ 'Tins'; Kct of prmts is^^ryfcaidei 
the pUtfes are'iefcrved bfdie defeendenoi 
©f the earls of Sufifolk. Henry \<^ ctefk olt 
'ike works at Audley-inn in 1694, and ift 
47QP .'clerk of the works- at Newmatket. It 

I • .. . . ' - 

• It had been purchafed by the crown, but m|icl^.of 

tbc:money -nqt beijig.'pai4i king William, feturnt'd it to 
' the fettiily ; but bought as. much tapeftry there as coif 
.Jiim 4.500 /. It is ^rctnarkable that in tl>e diurcl^ of- 

\Valdenj wKich Is beautlhilly light and ftfiking^ is ftill 

piefervcd very^frefh the atchi'everiient of* the memorable 

Frances countefs of EiTex and Somerfet. 

•"• ^ . . : ' ^ , ' \ wad 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

mi diis aitift, I bdievf, iKrfio had a * houfii 
sear Avid^*^^ ^ Ltttlebtuy^ ^ihm wmr 
feveral iMchanic tricks to fiarpize die po^ 
pnkee^ a»d.kitoim .by die name of Win^ 
ftsfdey's wdndcn. Thefe childifh contrl- 
vahces^ I fiippofe, he learned Jn Itftly^ 
where they do not le& their religion mofio« 
poltze all kind c£ legerdemain* In the 
ViQa Bor^fe ac Rome^ amidft emperem^ 
horoea, and philofophers, I have feen a 
puppet-ihow in a box that turned like a 
£)uirrel's rolling cage; in the iame palace 
was the noble ibnue of Seneca dying in the 
bath, and a devil that ftartedout of a^clock* 
cafe, as you entered the chamber. There is 
a print of Jarnes earl of Derby from a 
painting by Hamlet Winftanley, another of 
Peploe bifliop of Chefter, and his own head 
by himfelf. The two laft were executed 
by iFaber. Winftanley the father was pro* 
jeftor and builder of the Eddyftone light- 

♦ There is a large print of that houfe, as an advcr» 
tifement for a fubfcription to a fet of priats of houfes 
^nd fcats< 

. Vot.V. N houfe. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

hjf^u^^ and wa» kiUpd bj ti^ Ml x^ It ii^ a 

U9/^S^CQ]^f-fiBJt^s andprjoits wcije fold by 
iawflioii at Eifex-hpid^^^ Mi^ch i^^ i762f 
Apfvoiig them wece his eirKing&.fr^ kird 
pprby's pifturc3i wd die ctipob of SL 


B y;^, N F a :^ D . 

Is known onty by a. print of Wil- 


V y 

A name that can never be omitted, when it 
6ccurs in any branch of the arts. Was, !• fup- 

poky the fame pecfbn with the glafi-paiAtef^. 

, • •■' ' :' r . 

. * This a^-dcfe k not in its^proper p^^oflixae^^^s 
.f elating to the fon,^ but rightly placed with.regp,rd ip. 
"lihe father, fa a fontier' edition I. had confounded* 
ihem together* - . • 

''***'. • ■* " ' ' ■ /* * '■ trftojh^. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

)m rharc mentioned m ipy lecoiid yo« 
Kfrtxei p. iC^and re fbund'td two prints j rfft^ 
ftrft^' oTjfameslt. tK(r othrf oflonf chancclloV 
JeifFeriesi, wKb 6 there ftyled;ciarl oT Flint j 'It 
title which none of our hiftorians nientio^r 
to have ]been given to, or defigncd ffir 

■% ^' r ■ , 

J Daniet Burgcfs, 1691, Sir .James' 
Dyer, and J Todd. \' 

W I L L I A M E L D E & 


WaSrC0tc?5j)0rary with Roljert White ; afl4 
at Scotchman. Vertue had feen fonic writ- 
ing graved by him in a book in 1681. He 
'made a ';^'rint bf himfelf In ^ fur "cap,^ and 
"ahotW in a wig! His beft T;?od5;;W^ a 
plate of Ben Johnfon. His other things 
N a arc. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^i : J O H N S T U R IT V ^ 

W^ lforii^Af)nI 6/ i6s%,'Zr^ at Ac? age iilp 
17 was put apprentice to Robert White,' 
ahdf dSi fivetal. -print?, . but of no great 
ixtttit. .Howferer; he was lexceedingly icf- 
rrfited-by Mk TKorefby; ^ Vho in h& mi5j^' 
feuiA had the Lord's prayer engraved by 
Sturtj'irt the compafs of a filver penny, the 
tth^ commandmtnts,. &Crf in the fizf rf/a 
i«(edali' and the'gofpel of St. Matthew en- 
^H'Wedih oftavo. '^Sturt's capital work wa^- 
kiy^^^Cbmrtibn-pmyerwbobk, puWHIieid hf 
ftibftriptioh^^Jrf •1717 : it 'is iH en^veA 

two. other cnmveis, .Mr. Roteit. lackfon, and Mr, 

f^ii^^i^i."''"'"^--'-- ^^•^'•^'' •■ ^^^^ •«^" 

J^igitized by VjOOQIC 

ofiWto> aBid ;c(intoins f66iplttttsgiJhefi4wiifla! 
in the^ begirding, ^^i^ t^^f^ ^^ thc/3jc^I 
4icatlon, table, preface, calendar, names of 
fubfcribers, &ۥ Prefixed is a buft of 
XJeorge'i/iSrrdtrncT/anr'^^ tho?c 
tif 'the 'prihte ^afnd^|)rfncefe bf Wales.' 'On 
lh^ii\ng*&' &^':ist ^ravien che^JCofdV 
^a^er,-^cr^ed,^?com pt^yer^; fw 

t^e royal family,^ and^ the aift ,pfa^ fe^l 
ia^xniil as not to belegjbfe wil^puj a mi^ 
Tttfying^^^fsy alfo ehgraVcfd/aXJoi^ 
SforiWthe AJtfar, on platesr of tiie Yanfe Hze^ 
und a fet:6f < 5 ^ hift^rit" ciitis 'foi* the Gofn^^ 
mon prayer' ^jook ^in .IhulJ jfftavo^ . llo} 
topiM faithfillljf^ as ' may' be fee)> by ll^, 
:B:n:yilh trahflatipn W Pozzo's PeHpeait^e^ 
pijbfilKed by jkme^^ Sifurt^ gtowi 

tjid Wid^ poor; liaia : a'^pface <)ffy^ed KiA^'* in 
l!he Charter-h(>ufe, which he refufed; ' arid 

bxirghi to gi4ve ]^lati5i^%l*'iiiV^*fiire book'df 
*^^^ N 3 Scottilh 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

19* ^ G^uit^:^.^:^^ 

Scofctiih Ifedor4si IfC. -bin «3«l nm live 4i» 

- -.r:-:v ■ -' '»- i.- / -■ : - ('in 


■ J. • .•■j.s -M". ■■■ . .:.-> i ; 

Was bred, at New-inn, but having a di^or 

iition to drawing, toofc to, croypi^ ai^J 

abandoned tlje law* Having a- xiaech^c 

headland obferving the .applaufe ^giyea tp 

the new art of mezEoriotPj^ he fet himHf tp 

jdifcQver the fccret, for. jb it was ftiU fe^pt 

His fiisR;^ invention fof laying the gjijowcfe 

*was by. a coller, which fucc^oded'pjrettjr 

Veil, but not to his content, that mctiiod 

being neither fo Iharp nor' caftiug as the 

^ trtte way. Upon this he perfu^di bis frieiid 

• Loyd, who kept a ^rpt-lhop in Sali^bx^y-' 

''^flreet In the Strand, to ,brib^ onc^ BIqxSi 

who ufed to lay groynds for Blooteling,^ anjl 

was then going to HoUandi tadifcover die 

' myfterjr. The profita were tor be dividcdi 

^j't^iitterd fcraping and Lpydl felling .the 

jprintst F(tfiy.,ft«^Jii^ fe-. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Ii0t communicate it to Ii»uttfj^i9^.w^^ 
dief quairelied. tn the interim 

f S A A C BE C K 5E ir,^ 

QiheiE.apj^mitbae to a caUico^print^^ yi^ 
ing Jjmtfstd^ i^m^t thjej)affion ^f Ica^f^^ 

t^ir^^l oC the (csci^t^ ftjid being forced .i(p 

jijlpleiii: bit^df f^Q^:,kis ]^ul^nef& lapon ^ 

db^;i%9e> hiid reco?*rf? to Loj^di, jytap, 

'4bwgh:cm^ of th^ arca^i% was ^s^ 

.xapable ofputti^.il .in cxecutioni.; . Bcd^f t 

: offered his fervicCj was inftrufted in the ufe 

• joif the chifel, and endured intp articles of 

iNtorking for Loyd. Luttierd ia^e xqe|ii 

timt pu9fuQ(d his old method, aiid puhliJb^ 

. B^ print of a woman blowing out a CMi^ 

i.tuckw^d$, which* fold' mig^y« &^ 

lifter he gpt ac<{4J9Jin€ed with ]^anforner^ j^^ui 

fron5[fham learned the whole procefs% Beplfet 

N4 fell 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

hg^g. for hinv bcigg ttiwc-^epcpei^^p^ 
^fg^Wg letter thao Bcclopt ^ . but di?y :sjw? 

f^ini; v^fas .^^i portrMtJ. of |^ Hpca-^ rdie .pfriitr; 
tc;5^>fcw-;of,ii^ wQ^s hwe :bUhinajpc tjoj] 
tk&P^f He wa$ the fiiA thai^-Jaifligrpu^iJari 
o^.xrojsper t for ci^^ypns^ a method :«%J>^^ 

bi^ef^nothoi -findi^them blended byvVflht/ 
tilg, ai^fl?yturaU^ y-\r 

T have. no\y carried this work down to tjfe,.^ 
year* i7obV Ifthc aft did not make /gre«' 
kmrov^eQts^ after that period, atleaft, i{,^ 
was ehlarg!S^,^and notjo reftrifted to por-^, 
traite, Hiftonc fubjofts came into vogue i 
too. * If no' gresit matter was perfprm^d^ 

* Some of Lutterel's works in this manner are iiv 
^ittJfCaroline's dofet at Kcnfington,' 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

rflcrifidliia eh^HP^lM, Str^jg^if^toiMt' 
WStthf -Qpihy^couHfi^i Md '''of ^fife' maft<?i^-^ 

j£% ^Jti-'^nfeteofiiWi), 'ifi«- lhriV'%hil?^ thae^ 
bi^R-'% "capable' <&■;! bufc otif c6ficd89#« 
sn«^«m far from bdng exfiauflsa j" «ia^>dP 
r€o frot* forget how many beauicffid hhS^ 
•ftapfei^of tiaud Lofrain'anii<5a^arl!i«^'*- 
•#e%we^to^ tJic W Mr/Pond. Kor^VifiJii'' 
whdily'the fault of art^s,^' if tHc^fifcHe'' 
.would negle^ whatever jfijibt, worthy tJf^ 
their country and of it's riches, nor pajf 
gir*at' prices fpr hafty perform^Ji^cej, ittV.aot 
crei^^le that we can ^ant either the genius . 
qV jiidxiftry of the pfench,- though hitherto^' 
tRdrprints in general are at' leajc jwi piucJi 
pmer tban ours, as tjicir pnce? art more 
re^otiable.- " " - ^ * '^^^ 

;» ^iB iin J3ar oL-ij m i'^-ic^^f} ..-'i'jirtrv/a k^s^-ioB ■* 

y Google 

? ^ITfie .«*a^ of feing;^ 


^7 The beft rneziotlntef that li^ 

3 appeared^ who united fofmefs wiA 

strength, and finifbmg with freedom. Td 

pcrflcrity perhaps lii^ prints Wift ;cafry a(i 

'idea;^of fbmitMng burkfque i peftikes of 

Outrageous J^gth flowing over fults of^r 

inour eoftipofc' wonderfull h'abit^^ . It Js 

jequsBylbaftge tliarfafhion could iiltfodiice 

the^ one; and eftabUfh the praftice of repre- 

:. Jenting the other, when it was out of fafhion* 

.Smith excelled in exhibiting both as he 

fcund thena in' tht portraits of Kneller, .Y^ha 

kr& lefs happy in* 'what he fubftituted to 

AftnOui*. Jn the kit-cat-club, he has poure'd 

fbH^bdttoms diieftjr- over hight-g6\*Ws ! if 

thofe ftrcams of hair V^rerc' incotnm64^^^^ 

:'. , battle, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

I find^little account of Smith's Jijfe,, qk; 
ic^pfc th%$ h^ ^rvq4 Ws ttipe whh one Tolkti 
•$r,p^i9it^rdin MowfipWiiand that TusioonjOii 
jbe feecame.rhis own piaflw, he applied, Cp 
3ecket, -^nd learned &om tbim tiie iecretof 
me^EOcmto^ and being fardiQrixifini(Sted by 
:* Yandfr V^art, was jaljea lo work in Sir 
j(jo4frey'^..hoyfe, .4n4 as. he was to bc:^ 
puhliftier pf .t;hat mafter^iwirJwbino dpate 
f eaeived cwfid^rablc jhin^ .fipin him,, whicR 
lie aroiply repaid.. Vestue,. wfio .y^jw^. 1^ 
ifcli^e^t ;in im inquiirtes after thtc works xrf 
ipc^^odntersj K^ Je^ fla: rcgdar cattlogci^ 
of Snsikh's woi^^jAflor, aSjthey-are ft wnf^ 
4}fiQrt, fhaJUi I atjtftcnpt o^^e. T-hisj lift is: ^Jlt- 

ready fwrc^^^^fgF ^-fif^ i:^^?4 1 4^ji 
/9ri)eftr pa;ticplai?i3&ing the .prirjts of thc^ 
.;haf are jp foaav^/whiqh ipe^^ 
'da^^e, cajinot h^ fC^FCCr .Sm^^' had.'-copnh 

.P9fccl WO'Ji^rge T<jlwn?s ^^^ith proof^/qf^^life 

n '■ ^ *^. :> ^ ■ • T ' .V. v .1.1; 

,, ♦.§««aw,a^cDui|tof%«df»^ft4f*i^ 

'*': ^ own 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

}^:aD^ 5P^ fisr diem: :What becftnsie tO^ 

4^ iSebomberg on horfebick s^'tf)^ did^^ft/ 
•ipQ and' fucceflor, Maynhardj the -cafjs^iojf 
Pembroke) Doriet, and Albemarle ; dutrt^. 
pUteSj ti^ftk two figures in each>o^yeung peiv 
lbw^^?hy^cni m^hiehhe:ftkMife ^ Waiaiift^ 
Anftfuther ; Thomas Gill 5 WillianvCoiirp^^^i 
Gibbons and his wife; qufeen Anne -, duke 
of GloTicefter, whble length with a-fl<>werT 
potj dWceofOnnond rt very eiiri^^ one 
of queen Maiy* in a high head> fan- and 
gloves ; earl of Godolphin ; the duchefi of 
^mond, whole' le^tfe Svfth' a'b'lack f ^jd^ 
Sir Geor^ Rooke. There is ^ prkrf b^ him 
of Jamis II. with art anchor, but «o i^ftlif ^ 
thfe, which not being finifbcd when t** 
Wng '^ent away, is fo fcarce, ^at^^^^^ 
Tjii^ ^owrf it foM for above % giHl&&i,i 
Befide^ poitraits, -Smith performed iftS^ 

TM6ivi jneoesv » tile loVes ojf^^ -jg^^^' 

•c . i "' • ^ ; .... ^ •• .»bd 

•^ I amtoldtheyv^ in Ac*|K)ft P^W^ ^l^Rfy* 
cer^mimatute-painterj and are iiow ia hi& widStwri, ^ 
Tfcey haveflntcb6eAfcWfep»attiy; ' *^ -' • ^'- '^'^'^ 
• * ^ from 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

cC^tt^ich'^^^the moil ^^licate^is d4l^ 
fait!JIyri«*!H at»>g«^, after Cttli>-Ma<tl^ 
Tlftii* is' 3t fmi of hHtrfetf- after ^ 'i3<Jdfre?'' 


:: S eamiBto Englmd ^mK-^^^fhiii>^ 
it y 4S above twenty years bqA>re t|f ^^ |ip^> 
tififti-/ The: fe^ft work that ;r#e4;i^if^epjti 
t^tion^as thejent of Parius,^pi^iflae(|^ 
i5.<J7-- ^TJbis was fo^ow^^bjr afe^ft^ ^ft| 
Cjar^oon^s, .their fujceefe was-)^i^ £l|$e}$£[ 
h|ya«g^i^v?r .been 5;cwrij5iea% .epgjjajj^ 
before i. but they were in too fmall a vo- 

Gels lu Ms mM^$f:^ox.^mm^^om^Wim 

ni'.-J have' 

, , ' Digitized by VjOOQIC 

liaw M-rmv^' ttteHt than ^niatfueis, att# 
that .ttit iii*^per(tsS:ian; can give them.'^fftf 
aftetvards^ publi(hsed fax biftoilc pieces i^^tirtt 
pidufes in the royal colte<jt)on izt Kenfing^ 
ton, and the tiering of the banquetting^ 
hiuife ; 'but none oHiJs plart^s ^ive any ide* 
of the ftyle of the matters they cbpied. 
Hi$^ pnuts^ at beft a^e neat merpo^andumai 
He executed a great number of GmM 
plates on gold, filver and copper i chiefly foi: 
booksj but was fitteft to engrave patterns 
for goldfmith'Si ycjrk. I have a ithSck 
quarto collefted byhimfclf, of all his fi»aU 
plates, which was fold by his fon. after hi$ 
deccafe, which happened, without any prp* 
vious ficknefs, in Long-acre. He caught 
cold by going to fee the king in the 
houfe of lords; fell ill that night, conti- 
nued, fo next day, and died the third, agcsf 
72. He left a fon and daughter: The fort 
graved in his father's manner, and went m 
Turkey in the retinue of theearl of Km'* 
noul/, tQ draw ♦profpefts;^ but returned ih 
aboutr two years, Gribelin the fethef= ee*- 
graved fome portraits, as duke Schomberg, 
8 Sir 

' \ • 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

©r- "Wlltom PwM, ma a iinatt.. -wiinlf 
i^i^^jaf ihe oari of, 3ia(Etfl>ui7 foe ,cbi|. 




Born in France, at Paris, in 1657, was. (bu of 
lUichael Dorigny by a daughter of Vouet^ 
the painter* His father dying while he wa|« 
very young, he was brought up to the ftudy- 
^f the law,- which lie purfued tili about thirtjf 
years of age, wheni being, examined, in order 
to beirtg admitted to plead; thejudge findulg^ 
him very difficult of hearing, ad^ifcd him pi' 
telinquifti a profeJHipn, to which one of hrsi 
fehfes was ib* ill adapted, H5e took, the ad^ 
^vSfce, and having a brother a painter a^ 
ft.^($mej determined to embrace the fame ocV 
42t|pation i and Ihut himfclf up for a yeat* 
to praftice drawings for which he probabl]f 
had better talents than for die^ law, fmct 
he coiUd- fuffidfcntly ground himfelf ill. th^ 
iBtterlik^i^ twelvemonths Repairing to RomS , 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Jej^e dirpofitiQti> QTt uMoornoiily. oU^ 
;ji;|ot of advicsb be <umed la txd^^md 
ij^ra^tifed jcbat for fome mcire^ytti»:»j4^hsii 
J|(^[iig into the wprJk^s gf A;u4mu;^iSrani 
lie had been in a wrong method^ and loflfe 
Jap the naanjier pf the lattta;^ which ^^J^ur- 
(bed for ten years— rwc are jac Ieafl:.!gotta 
jchcfiftjetti^.y^^rof his age, if Vcrtut&'$ mtf 
jnopry or his pwn did not f^l htnv foib^6fiig[ 
[fue r/^ceiyed this account frona hiOK&l^t i il^ 
^ad now done ms^ny platesj a^d JAftlfr sHf 
£^ery of Cupid and Pfyche aAer Jfl^j^ml 
^when sik new difficulty ftrujck him. . N^ 
luring learned the Handling ai^< ^S^ U% 
cf the. g^cr, he delpair^ of atj^ftiilgj^thi 
l^nDpny ^aod pcrfeftipn at, vi^ic)hites9«M^ 
•^aod at cfiice.gbaiidoning ei^^j^ogj^M 
fttumed 10 his .pen^sUs^r-ft^ ^^o^ ^KVN^ii 
friend wjjftiML i«YCH*bwva lW^1*( ^.t^ 

perfuaaedtQ a^^ly to the graver^ ^iMKl 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fiiiififiwMiii. - Me^etuy; his' fifd, ibcimtied 

txidi oval topi; aikd ^m tlience proceeded 
^viRa^iiiefs'ltans^iiradon, ^ich rdfii 
MuttpoaiOiOik vho^ all die miners of-'tfiM: 


At Iteme i« became known to 
ftiretd EngHlhmcri of rank, -who 
fwfaacled him to ^come to England and ctr^ 
grate the Cftrttions. He aniwd in Jtine 
3^1 If boo <£(t not begifi bis drawings tiH 
ibe Esfter- fallowing, the intenrenihg tfmfe 
kmgfj^tm raifing a ftmd ibr his\vorlL 
AtfirSthwufT^pokd tha^the plates ih^utd 
1^ ttiffmrt!i at the queen's^ expehct^^^^hd'td 
be' given as pftfeftts t» the^nobilk)^ foreign 
pfjHoes aod minifters. ^ ILiO>d-»^fu{^X>x- 
iM im Dftuch his fwnd; 6%t-T)&HgBy 
|kiMMdi»g.4 or fooc^*/. put a fio^ to that 
fSini ytt the fqiKlea gair«%mi M^&^ttfi^l 
ill -Hihifito^i«Ki^ ^per^i 

'^VtHiV. & The 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Mfknptv&A at fdir^SCiimas a'fer. Ywdm 

kbaarfeemMg MO heuTf for oneihaadf Dm 

^^njr feat to Paris for affiftanoej; iriio vd^ 

Charles Dupims mid Dubofc^ 'ivfao* dpertf4 

1N^ him in two or three yeanr, b«fbre tim 

^ates were more than half done. .What t^ 

hitte farther to tbofe engravers viallifoiliyii 

.hereafter. .'^•.'' 

- : April i, 1719, Sir Nichdlas prefented tq 

king George I. two compleat fets of the 

Cartx>ons, and a fet each to the prince and 

princefs. The king gave him a purfe- of 

100 gnineas, and the prince a gold medal. 

The duke of Devonlhire, of whom^iie had 

borrowed 400/. remitted to him the Intereft 

of four years 5 and in the §)lkJ«v^gi yeab 

procured him to he knighted by^ tkcfkirtgi 

He ^inted fome portraits* ^^e, not %?h*^ 

mu^h fuccefs in likenefs $ and- hi«^. eyM-lit^ 

ginning to fail, he retired toFrallte-in 1724^ 

and died at Paris in 174^, His ccdl^ftioA 

of drawings had been fold before* in 1723^ 

Among them were fome after I>0|nmk:hifl6 

^nd Guercino, and one after Daniel de Vi8- 

•' • . terra. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

aRhcrc were .an <* h^if|Mi .^^^^-Mfb 
faahds ^and . foet, ti^ced off from «be CjiFjtppii^^ 
WJulolie W9S making drawings of the Qarr 
timis^'^ perfon i^ Ldndoft ofSb^ hkn^cSX 
lor them, but he m>uld not conclude ^^ng 

TM tfitdi^ «mptt« of hisi dyawipa^ cpfxk^ tf^^ 
3^fc* H« *b<dQ nui|)bp?.af.^^^..iaFgp 

i* '» J^'" ' . . ...L r*'! -'ic rri :l 

[ C h: A R L E; s d;u p y is, 

■f* ' • . A o -J '> ;: • ; 

fefidc^paife Cf she CsftOiW^. engravt^ fyn» 
|4a££:!iie . ftqiy of r^ifete 1. bg* dilTc^r 
ii^ wkh Dariguy,- ^nid tl\e diniate iKm 
agreeing. wkhhiiaSs, fhc. Bet«rn«d to Pwi* 
whciKrhedfcdfo(idi^in. i743t Ayomi^K 
^ther cf (ills, caoie: weiyrifad dv^ f^nift 

-. * Thife wej-e fold ia one lot for 74/. feparatdy Af- 
;<.,., O 2 plates. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

cnocwngeniCQthtt -nOi^Mtid oj bhooZ bnc Jof 
aJElq s bib "iio^-rriH fohqndlcful yd- yIjIssW 

-^qfeP H.'¥::,-K- 4^nM/il Sroof/lSd 

Quitted Dorigiif at die ftme time wHh 
Dupuis, but fettled here, and umkrtook 

His next engagement was a fet of the duke 
<^^M*^«?H^'^ W^'J^.M peffcnned 

jf^ioi^ a. ihpp. p4[f«)14,j^Bnt?,^'^..%il^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

kit and ^odd to eOt^ tt^P^iaanrwDOoo 
, weekly by fubfcr^<m» Himfelf did 3pla(c 

trait was drawn by Smybert. 

rijiw 3iTib t<rrSi f^ii* :s: v— ^•-.-^Q hdrjiuQ 

tiP-'Ms^tieath; S^hicK Was occafioned^ By'tftI 

M'l^'ffikrs oia. His chief b\inn«3?^m'L 
».^%svti% rtontJf|)ied«'for iaaVs, 'ftha^Qi 
finall hJApdiStliki: Bk ifeatc.. ii^tfec jplatcs of 
^.thc 4wlMf.xPCsf:MiVfesi1>^'S^.;bajtlfS has 
?ltb^O'") .': O3 been 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Halifax ^ic did 'a Hrgfe ^^ 6f • Ijft tM «fc 
Wo Aught^iBorfj WR*iaP'Jih^1o di GS- 
TavaggiOi andtwo atftpft'li^siJf tte*atib 
ImdduchefsbfC^^jhftdiy. > ■ ^ ^'i^yVl -^ 


, . I ' ■ " /.. 3 J -J : '>J a '; ! *.T :: vj 

7 Cotemporary with die laft, cn- 

, . v>.graypd-;3^;..iiE^ «s Sir Kaac 

,^<wt?n's, -jpd biftuc^) . BladulFsj, i "^llb 

iheetWdi fix^rkingTmaftersjone-ofwbmf), 

p^otg^ %ellX» ||$,.epa^a\ted.ay9.^<^'^ 

■ing thi«j liyltig,. fb^^part. of 4h» -placetiW 
ftofek irt tradeftq? atijO^w* , ' . "> . > -'- - . .v 

. Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^4^f«i^^%p<K^ iii| 

'S^;., <QO.X:QNARD, 

A nilme that I find only td a print of Drf* 
4cn after Knefler* V. Ames, p. 52* 

tt; J H i^ fi o N, 

An artiii as obfcure as the preceding 
graved a jirint of Bullock the comedian 
from th& life* ' ' 

JOHN K I ?i* ' 4ba^^rdjn)| arrbred here .not lotig 
4Mter:^^« HevphiUQcu He:did.a gttat nma^ 
bcr of plates, and very indifferently, of the 
"palaces and feats in this king^pn^ .They 

? TJuct^ h^ bfcea befese a )Wii|i^Mn Kip wko «n- 
|[t^Vfid fooft^triumplial arches 1^3 < ; 

' V , : . O 4 ' were 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

died in Wcflmiiiflci' n^tU ' Ag / bJilmtnas tuittR 
and 70, having been many years in £ng« 
land. His pi6tuces^ which vtexe not ex«- 
craordinaryj were fold m 172J. Kip en- 
graved m ilififie i^ici/ ^f^thr^Danifli 
church bulk by Gibber^ and; died at near 
70 y^ars of age in 172:^ in a place called^ 
liteg^itcK, Weftminftef. He left a daugjf^^ 
«?^hom he had brought Up to pamtmg." ' \ 

vfro '^.-. -.-•-;•■- ■ -- ■ - 'c-.*'"-..i :'"5/4"i^Y 
err :-;: , ' . - ' -'^-^^ -i^rn 

,:r,^,:f; O R G: E K: I ;lf:.Gvr.ri 

DliJ'^iates^ of the Wy Falconbeig,' aoH^of 
!{&; Biiabcth tbOmW. Another cff ff 
namTi Danid King> who ^ pUblllhed' me 

t Daniel King-wrote Miniature, or the Art of Limiif 

in^f dfdicned to Mrs. Mary Fairfax, daaglitev of lord 

Fairfax^ afterwards dnchefs of Buckinjgham. It was 

MS. in the cotle^lien of HioreAy, and at his Mt was 

^!]rdiafed1>y Mr. Scott of Crown-court^' Wcftnfadler, 

LhH :i Z : I .' ^9 Vale 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fonntsiBer wtnflh, the3&yie!^0obi& Jil^> 

•gnS Hi fcifidv Vf.).f!) n^:'-f ^iji'Eii ,->; biit 
.K3 3on 313W ./m;.'-' r.?-'^'.i. .4 ^"H .bn^l 

iBan 5S baib hm .nddO '{d ilvj6 dr.uA* 

Gwen^ ,f,^<*.?, ^oman callg^^ Yorkljiirc Nao^ 
'Som<f of tnefe meh feem to have been below 
Vertue's notice^ and confequently arc only 
mentioned here, that I may not feem to 
haviPo^ldbk^ th«m.i l8dcQt/%<%i 
Vertue thou^t that the art raifed it's head 

:ikY ci J<>SEPH 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 

Was very law in his profeflion> cbftifig 
arms on petsrtcr plates,, till having ftudied in 
the academy, he was cmjployed bv^TiUc- 
mans orf-k pfete t)f TJ^TeVmarket, to ^hich hcJ 
was permitted to put: his name, and which, 
though it did not pleafe the painter, fervfd 
to make Simpfbn known* He had a ifon of 
toth his names j of whom he had conceive^ 
extraordinary hopes'^ .but who died^ la 
1736 without havjng attained much ex^ 

cellence* T . 7 * 

. ■'.:,,• , / .:. " ' '■ ./• .- .' ■ • '\.n 

-^feTEH TAN GU^Bt*'-^ 

7 Was not in England himfelf, but 

i engraved the fet of whole lengths 

after Vandyck* * Houbraken came from 

• I believe this was not Houbraken the engraver,- 
but a painter of that name, who gave the defigns for a 
Wftprx of thc.lBible* ^ , 

> • -•♦ ' '•• ! Holland 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Holland in 1713' to make the drawings, for 
c$ch of ^ which he received om hundred 
guilders. *^Tne ^cmniymo^^ploYtd him 
were Mr. Coclc^ Mr. Comyns, and the late 

of the theatre. Van Giltift*'^4 i'^fenn^ 
was twice in England, but ftaid not long. 


•fit f^ Bk WM^Mmai^m sft^v 

*^rSi ^"^^^ •*'''^"*' by^ciu itiirtjiM asaW 

i33r:;fj iMbo Mb eofnmrnol aud it^nugS 
3^<ni B no 4\vrn U\<y\ ^ajlo Jflhq ^l&I « Ift 

•iM 'i.o :iiiK[ s b^iKaI;m stew ssdi^isltKO 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

sifa ifaiw bsiiiffis rfDunri arvr sH .^-^yst 

bshtrd zWfonE l^^t'ilAoclfeQi Muorf 89{ 3e 

frwoO jenol owj :,Vji t)H .e'MwO 38 ni 

l>id a mez^i^pefvliM^JK^UIgl^slgf,!} 

Laolclown's Mjmu 

j-i T u o ;t :: :: ;c iv 7 ViHOi 


.OJ ib:r ■:)•..;'- «>r. ,rc^? r.: r.-.;-i .2X.v o:lW 
m ft Ittge print of die royal navjr, on a flieec 

gaftg'ffiwe ym^k^t^m ^^W-l^^ 
dUAJ^ ' 

Digitized by VjO05i^ 

Saen^, He was mudi affiled inch t^ 
gou^ 9ai .dis^ 0&. i6di 172^ aged 6$, 
at his Kouid iPdfioo^fiu^aiid'^ buried 

in St. Giles's. He left two fonsi Gerard 

^s-jm R bid 



Who was bom b 1697. He learned to 

393ifl J5 no ,xven If^oi 51b lo 3nnq sgifil fi at 
zHtit idld$Mire«fttd#ditolQaaii$r«kM«*IUI 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Of Burgund^/p'uAfifted a piT^ tet^W- 
niodel of 4 fountain with the ftatues of 
queen Anne, the duke of Marlborough ou 
hdrfeback, irM 4tveral- f VveF godsy i*hif k. 
was propofed to be crefted "at the- conduit i^ 
^e^pfi4€:. ; Wilder Jit^ j)rint |, Opu^ ^^^H^ 
Cfew4» i?a«id, cftfnitftw^jpurgujidi^ , ..^...■^^ 
u^''* fj :> . :■ h' .1 : ' '\ .. iLd ; :y^,v^' 

;•• •. ^ ' ; • • ■ . J ::., :- yr- '- 3;.v' 

Came crver by invitation ?!t5m'DuboR',%e{rf 
iiig brother of a famous cngr^vet of-mStI 
'^anrie ac Paris, whofe manrier -he imitatecj/ 
ffe^.exccuted a proflie of (&e6fg(ri/wfi}eH' 
\Vas much liked ; bur* aflring extravagant 
pt-ltc's/he YoxTrtd fnaali enrourkgeiSitnt; an* 
r?tuoKd honne^ ' • '' 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

- • « • -» IP 

\y ' -:^ " •, : .>. f ri- \I 4:: . " -. ^. 

• ": ' .■ ■/ -. ••- . . l' -nil, v««i 

Was i&n of a' painter of die f^me narpes* 
who dkdFelx 5, ?.7o8> aged 77, and wa» 
buried in St. Brid^^s. , Hei-eftTour or ^fiire 
MSS, volumes of coHe6tions an divi/iity* 
His fon^ ;the- fubjeft pf.this article^ was 21 
m^zzotinto-fcraper/ and drawing-maftcr | 
fonietimes etched, and drew for Sturt and 
other engrayerst He copied the Judgment 
pf Paris ip- raez^tinto froqfi Sir fetef Lely^^ 
^nd did a multitude of fmall prints in the 
fanoe way, chiefly hiftories and Jandlbapes, 
^nd drew feveral Views in England in Indian 
ink. He died April, ;a,8, 17.25, aged 66: 
Jiis fon w^s the incompamhle painter in 
water-colouirs, Bernard l^ns, -whofe'c(3pie$ 
fjrom Rubens, Vandyck, 4^nd nuny. other 
great naafters, have ajl the mtnt-of the d|i^ 
ginals, except what they defervfe^too, du- 
ration. He was draWing-mafter to 'thd^'- 
jJiike of Cumberland and the princefle? 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

tngr chief ireaJbii for it^ is to bear teftimony 
to die virtues and integrity * of lb good a 
imn^ as jfttH z& excellent artlft*- -He'4i€d at 
Knigbt/bridgei whither he had retired^ after 
iciliiig I»$ f0l)JB&iqn« He lc& three ^s:jfi 
^ ekkiliv^iMiia.a clerk ill mj Mtt^ssi Ami 
txiietpicTi th< tivo 70u%eft>> ingeidoQt^i 
jiaincers in miniature. - irro^ 

^9 A M U E L M Q O It l^hh 
\ ' ' ' • ••'^^ I 

Of the Cuflbom-houfc, drew and etched ' 
many works with great lahoun He firll * 
m^ a medley of feveral things, drawn, 
irfftcen and painted ; one he prefented tio 

? Oikce wbea he was^dbiwing a la4y% pidsie ia llie. * 
drefi of the quern ^ Scot5« ihe (aid to binw ^' B^|^. . 
Mr* I<ciu> you have no^ made me like the quee^ oT 
$a^^^ ^' No, madam, if God Aindghty Kad liifadi '^ 
jmi^yttdp lilqe iMt.l WOliM.'' This Beftui^ Vt!(diM ^< 
ttr^iO^tlMrfli.litdr diravring^iooks of land&iapeV >. i ;f ^i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^noT/iifej -*.-r. '.. .- ,- \C .:.<.fj»intrbytn 
( bc-'_, -It'*'', .-./ •.:; ;... - ■■'■-'^'- .f ^'*'J <» 
:,. ,.. r u ■ ' -.-U.-^- S- C.-0-T-- P?N^-. :fint 

Hoerefntneiit mtft^His appdtfs (^ kU ^rittfei 

fnh %aitcifftk>fBeUfai«os::^tX:}fH^i^d »l^^ 
t]|DOMig<'fine^Ip^cH» Wit tlii^ futgefJ^^^H^ 
compared, it muft not .be :b)t-filtteg'^Si»ii^? 
tin's near Mr. Strange's, To weigh the 
merits of Salvator and Vandyck impar- 
tially ]»r.<-5tf^n|)^ fhould''e%^e ^tlt; 
I meaOj to judge how each has deliverect 
thft, p^ffiqns^ iq, which decifiqa y^ §ffi"^ 
nQt^be.diverdfd by the^ col^ufitig^ „ ,,J|jde 
one ^yftuld fuppofe. that Vandj^-jba^ 
S§yatpr> p^jfprmaij^e, anjl ^p fj^^ 
exceed him in the principal figure, had 
ti«feferned his art atid oUr itfent?6rt ttflhe 

gflf^ oi]5'»4iif AVlMpb^..fimre> ibutkEiiig]^i«^«^ 
,.^-ioL-v! ' P behold 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

litfwja^j^jiim^fmk)^ is ftr^ck with ii;^^^^ 
be the cataifarophe of amhkton £ /, > 


rrrsT Of Mortlacfc, who died in 17 iJ^ 
-' i etched a print of Chrift andthe.^^* 
dples at Ea?fiausi: after TitiaiK /« x .1 . 


: : :j .5 

"Born at Annfterdarti,. did- prints: of Sir B61- 

ftrode Whitlockc, Rbbert Warren, A: M, 

and Jcrfeph Warder,, a phyfician 5 forfte of 

thft:i*''^t^5 i^' ^hc Vitruvius Britannicusj a. 

large view of St. Peter/s church at Rome,, 

, /^c. and a head of Aaron Hill, for his Hifi 

.tory of the 'Ottoman Empire, fdtl -ifix-. 

^ A:^er ia paralytic illnefe of two years^'^he 

^die(Fin 1729, and was Buried Tn^'tKe'liu-' 

-ftttwran <;huri?h of thc^avpy, qf .^y^ich he 

had been w»d«,ra®d' %::i^idli,^toir«j»u^^ 

^" 3 ^ ; tiiOF 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Hc5*'^irtid-'Bf'^'I>atch cteb^ US' Ikaii.bkfk. 
^^fSppbhitdi i^er^ht Became ihctffw^le'of'ba- 
finefs. ■ ' '•' ' •?■'" ■■•• : V- ^.- ;iu .,0. ■ 


-^Bom id Holland, drew many pidu^es from 
the life on * ydlom with a pen, .jpid icrap^d 
feveral mezzotintos, both from paintings 
and from nature. His moft confiderabjc 
^w^alrks, and thofe not excclldat,' were /por- 
traits of the founders of colleges at Oxford 

. .ai^Cambridge^ Hp died at Briftol in IVUy 

■lya^j. .Hisfon, * ■ 

■ • » ' ' i 

■ t:d-H N F A B E R, jUflf. 

^ -. . . . . . - -, .^ -. ..^;^, 

Surpafled his father by far, and was flie 
, next mezzptmter m merit to Smith. He 
^wa? born jn. Holland, but brought to Erig- 

^^ ^^H^ehue hiiYefeti one'of thrfe finai4eads, iafclil?, 
^"'^ P 3 V. land 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

e9trcui:-<;d?a pmdigiotis^i&idiinbbi^Qf '^>Qr^^ 
foTfie uf ' whiqh'irei M>Id, free « and BeaMtifeh: 
To him' we owe the kit-cat-club, »ht fceftU:*: 
ties at .,THampton-court, and have reafon 
to wifli that we had the fame . obligations 
h him for thofc a!c Win)^for>r a^d «tf thtf adfe. 
flilrals at' Hampton-court. ^ 'He liiid of tha 
gtfut, Vefy few years ago, at his' houfe Ifc 
BlbomAury; His widow married Mr, Stnitbg 
alawyeriT ■ '' - .. 'y . '' 

>y. ■-.. . . '. ^ :■• . L -.M.! 


• - *■ ■' , ■• ,'• -• • ^ ,^ 

6«n o£ ^ iock-finith, was born at Sh^Ql4 
iti iK<iikG^yywh€St he attatned the rju^« 
MietttBt'of: drawing, which however w^f 
idlg before they arrived at any perfeftiof^ 
He :€ame to London, and for fome tkiae 
iisppfmcd himfeif by graving arms, ftarftp$i 
omfimcktsi ^and odtsifor hooks- *. ^i 5Bhft^*tr 

-' ^'»i-^ . '1 tor 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^')iisiftQi(R:eedi% vmrki* tit fponhaps t)itQ9»U$ 
hlcfi lathe' ccmark of 'Mrw^Pdpei/^^ho-^c^^ 

With flowers and fruit Ity boui^teous Kirlfall ircft. ' 

At length, dffawiog 114/ the .^cad«myi ar^ 
miking ibme ^tempts in chiacdffwro^ 1^ 
dfTcovefed a new nriethod of printings com*:: 
pii&A i^f €ix:hing,^ni£zzotinito and ^l^f^K^eg 
ftamps, and with thefe blended ^^aft5/j,li| 
formed a ftyle, that has more.t;ii«5 th^iji 
anclpnts yjrogden cuts, rcfenAks Tdr^in^% 
and by ,the .addition qf ni^zzotinto^ foften^ 
jthe ilh^s on the ootlines, and marcdniaDr 
fijb^ly^ smd agreeably melts die inQpniffi6ti.fif 
|ihe wooden (bamps, which , g^ire ^he^^tiadtu^f 
to the paper aK>dthe ihades itogcther* .^Hffc 
peribmied fereial. pnipits in this .ms^nt^, 
4f}d ^did gre^t j^ufticc to the. drawing; and 
^c):l^p$^tt 6( tbemafters he inoit^ed* This 
-j^y^^5, for .on<j n[iay <;all it fo, had n^uch 

^ucccfsp much applaufe,.xy) jpitajtors.^rnrl 
;.i P3 fuppofe 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ih'a'n"6prtdefe eotina7 ^ere thwfe-is groMii 
iii&titf of getting moricy, it i» feMom- i^j 
by rtierit." Ow arrifts areito «oo mttdihufciyi 
to'gairi'k, cod^rve'ife . .1 .. -H 


, "•"'[hi BL'bX '''" ''- "'''• 

Jitibther inventor in an age wHich 'hiftlov 
^■cf 'fcrias "not been allotted any emiYWHi 
fank fn 'tJic hiftoiy of arts. He ni«ffilflf 
follov^s KiHcall, as there' wau fomt analogy 
1h their purftiits.' The fornfter, if I' may 
fkf foi • attchipeed to print > drawings^ thfc 
^att^- 16' print piitotings. He was a\fl€*W- 
Hi^/'ittd very ^ar' from y<(rang when t k«e*(! 
Ti&rti bar of Ibrjirijitng 'wtacity and" Vdlii- 
'KHity, and With' a head idmh»ably i«e. 
•iihkiilfc,' ttut^ an tin!tetfar|»roj«>6tori ahd vd* 
^4^ leatt'bn* of'^the qtiiilitSes -thttt %ffirid 
%atv<^cati«)h,-'e?IKtt^'a->3upe or a ^K**-'^^! 
'^ir&''«ie^fiJrmcr,'*6%K V ihb»'W'*4s 
■••'"- * ' ■ projefts 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

He difco^^ercd a m£d;iod;^^haiig:,QOr^ 

lour to tnezzotinti^ and pcrfefted manjr 

large piftures, which may be allowed very* 

toiertbi^ cppipsyof ^e- bett-ij^ers. ,Tfius 

far his vifion$ /were ..realized.. He diftriL 

buted them by a kind of lottery, but the 

fobfcribers did not find their prizes much 

val«*d. Y«t f«rely the ^xt was woijb.igi^ 

l^royiJig, t^ leaft in a conQoy, fo .fw4 ..9| 

pertraitSfc jt>e BIon> method 4)f Boe^otiq^^ 

%t leaft adds^the r^femblaoceof colw^^t. ^^ 

He had aaother meri;: to the pubiic>f5vit)i 

^ich few inventors begins he, i;on;iipi^^ 

sewed his fecretj, in a thin cjuv to .ii5kFi"5i;9^ 

^nd.;EngliftH ^ntii;ukd, ;", Cplorittg^pr^^ 

Hamij^y of CoWii^ing.i^ Painti^^g^ r^^ 

ISC^ to Ri$€chwiiqaJiJKra#ice, i^d€f^^afy.|^^j^ 

,#ppt$.wd infyUW<f;Ja^&.'^,.,I)?j^^^^ 

($> JtQ^ :^^lpcj4e^ /Jn,,4h6,j)r^^^ J^e 

Ifays^ih^t .he,^was,.wecufi|^g,an^9ipijC^,^^^ 

^l^^'tMfpfieur si AnicJre.^^ 

:• :• v| P4 iourcd 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Ijflttrd^t tceatifciian (Ideal Be^^,^ kcBe«r 
Ideali dodicatcdi^ioribKly.i Walp^. //itt ^sd 
tzttfaflatod from the ioa^iitiai Fretn^ of L^in^ 
bect^Hcrmanlan T^a Kstis. . .; » i . .:/aq 
i^Me af^eriffacds fct up a,pr^Q!Jie;i^>£Qr>cop^n^ 
thciG^rtoons/in- tapelSlry;^ aodiiinadc fmi& 
Ycnryiiric drawings for, that purpoftkoHobfefc 
wiBBB bmlt :and> loonns eredied. in the IV^uW 
bcnyi^Ound^ at:!Chelfm» butNeitfaer dbie itx^ 
pence was precipitate too faft,' or cohtri^ 
butions did not arrive faft enough : The 
bubble burft, feveral fufFered, and Lc Bloa 
was heard of no more,* 

k: ■ ..O'.i' • '. . . . . . ^> :.7i;n 

Wti borri in 'Normandy, and emit ox^f^ 
fcfmfe yt^ars before th* death rf Smitfe^J^rtty 

<^jigiicciiirgi««ji^ith; Sir- Godfrey KlTfcllei»^i«I/A 

Z':»^\ ^ '>fh !; .:; ,.., .liiS Mv>«4 /);n. ,».biiuJOi 

^^l tnoti 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Mm[ othea^.ijnaM-s wickgDod fiidcd&.yif^Kd 

tathsk ica{^ical! artift^HSflr. ma^ be feen ittdosr 
plates of Henry JLoiii^^ny carl' irfi*fialway5^ 

dkdutlio\ii'i^> year :i 75:5; j:His colidftjunr 
ef '|)tiiii8 > was &ld . by audlion . at ! Danaois^^ 
pn»t>ihopiw PiccadiHy-t)va-iagain(b(§oytoc 
tryf^ft3reet> Novi 3d, tj6i. r^'-^--]- e^w -^on'^ 

L. B O I T A R D 

Was a Frenchman, and a'veJ^.iteattwork-* 
man. He engraved chiefly for books, and 
^t9,^cnaployed by Dr., Woodwardi. by ©14'^ 
Q^^l9S:pn afia^ooHc figur^Si an^ 39r<t 
Mfea4«*?II BA eqgmvq^ ai j»rg0 priptH^CdtftcK 
rotund^ after Paolo Panini, and the plates 
fdp ;Mr.-^8^o6'S^^P6l*frrtfetk.- tte'-irtartiea^ 
.••..v:.» ^sok 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

sA^^^^ngM^o^TV, and left" a Cm ' ina^^'l 
datight^r/ ^ftohaM's father, who ^ent offfcit" 
td'Holl^nd to' piirdh&fc curiofities ftk DFJ- 
J^ea<l^, idrew with %ht ptn, m thi tninnfe/" 
cTLa Fagc, and often fet his namli to W** 
i^ii^ngs with the time ^ he had employed! 
on them, which fometimes, even for largii 
pieces, did not exceed fifteen tninwdi.^ 
Showing one of his dcfigns to Dorigny/ 
arid boafting of this expedition, SirNitiholai 
told him he ihould have thought a* mail o^ 
Efs vivacity might have exec?utcd' two fbtift 
ia the time. ' . • ^' 

B. B A R O N^ 

i -J ' ". ,• ^n 

7 Brought over, as has been faid^ 

by Dubofc, with whom he broke 

and went to law, on the plates for the ftory 

of Ulyffes, engraven from the defigns of 

Rubins in the colle6tion of Dr. Meade, but 

they were reconciled, and went to Paris to- 

fij^hcr in 1729, where Baron engraved a 

■ '' ^^ '- plaiiP 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

pjatf -iroQ> Wat^cfiui. and cngi^ipj t^{do 
a^wjAer ,from XitianJn the .kick's coHec- 
tiont Jfor M<?ixfi^ur Cx<^zat> for whichr he 
iwa^Hp ^^aeive 60/^ fterling. While at Paris, r 
tj^ey both- &t to Vanlop. Baron has exe-^ 
qSrttd^"* ^eai: nun^cf of works, a few; pqfw 
tt^it?, wd JCQfPie cOBfidej-able pidures after 
dvehi^ft^aftcTA^;, a% the fanoUy of Cornaro 
at^r.NQrfI^up(\berl^ad-houfc 5 Vandyck's fa- 
ijlily Qf.^et: carl of Piemhra)ce at Wilton | 
lieory yilj* giving the ehyt^f to the com- 
fpcy of, furgwn3 a the equ^ftrlan figure of 
Charks I. by Vandyck at Kenfingtqn ; it's 
cooipanionj the king, queen, and two chil- 
dren s and king WilliaiTi on horfeback with 
emblematic; figures,, at Hamgton-court. His 
laft confiderable work was the family of! 
Naflau by Vandyck at the carl of Cowpcr's, 
l^atpn di^d in' Pauton-fquare, Piccadilly, 
Jan. a4th, 17.64. . ? 

v.; HENRlr 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

et !!Oj! f •::{'. or i)i\nq m.z .u v; vtiy ^..-ri.tO 

Was not much known as an engraver^ but 
was an excellent draughtfman, and drew 
tiefigns far crpameiits in, great <afte, and 
was a farthfiill copyift of ahcifent- build- 
ings, tombsj and profpeds, for which he 
WP«» conftantty employed by the wtiftft JR 
(i/^ftdoMii He <kew the moA^mems (>f klngf 
ipf Vcrtiie, and. gave the d«jf^n^# W^^^ 
if^ventfon was neceflfary, for PincrS* pl^pf 
of the tapeftry in the Houib of Lords«r 
His had been in Canada as fecretary to th^ 
gf>v)ffiior> b^f tke climate disagreeing with 
ksfl> -li*t reftirned to France^ whence he wais^ 
iQfe*eir©vffcby-IJubofc. He was for fomq 
«Brtc/J3iEipk)y§d in Gloucefterfliire> diawing 
^biwches^ arid aiitiqwities. Vertue compares 
(bife Mftt m^nrtjer to Picart^ and own^ that jg^ 
CQli^nj^UimAQd defi^ he even ^xceUedJii^^ 
fMWMtte H^^fj. J Ue Ibmc^imes zix^g^^ 
K4iLn<i0®iXg[iaBi.Mfl:<?ri* ^nd smy^.^mh 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Of his graving are the prints to Sir Thomas 
Hanmer's edition, of Shakefpear, afld many 

print of Kirkftall-abbey which fhows how. 

able an engraver he was. 

*?% t- '"^ 

NfciEitf b^ be menti&nfedy fo- piit i&c plibfi*^ 
a6%in<i of 5the*feVei*afl beafetiftdl a»d S^ 
^^f for Which they ^are indebted ^t^ fiiftU^ 
The'^^chi^f -'df tkennt are, "the 'cer^riloftfeli 
rifed-ak the teVival of the or4€i^of Iheifia^ 
by king George . L - the prirfte ^6m iiid 
tapeftry in the Houfe of * J:i6i-d6i -te|>rg? 
fenting the deftrudion of idie^i&pinMi Alfi 
miida, a book rirvalUttg tBe ^^i&hdid^4^lii 
^h^ of the Lioavre j and the -feir^editftytf 
df H^race^ the, whole u^jtr^eftgrav^ail wiA 
•aikl*i^e bafreliefs and: ^im Sl^ftfttting the( 
&bJ€€fe4V''^-Ke has ^v^t^rioo '^^^psmii^fyi^ 
h^m^ €6mfmi^, ^ilne ^hi^a thaifcwiij 
:aifd'^¥^^agnjgs; mW^-Uk^^^mdnid^ 
P.. :: . Mn 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

»4ci Gf fy t ftg i ^ ^J^Hg^nmi 


H .'I • r, .V '.':A *a. ►*! H J i^. 

■ 7 A Swifs, <amc to England in 
'■^ ^ ^733i aged Wtween -aa, aoi •:^7 
He had ibadied paiming. a little^ but htai^ 
eMOuraged by Amiconiy cngravdd/iiftcrilf&l 
w>r^^^e latt^* :His fir^iptiadi^olisd 
were piftbes x>f the three princdTcsy .Adinij} 
AnQe]Je» and Caroline ; his neat^ a nwholeil 
iMgth bf^dic r^^arina 'Anne. Mt.zftttiirm^^ 
CTdcri fc ed two pirints of bfoys^ and: abototan'I 
hwufced platesj' iWdrs: 4f ICbiWifi antilj^h:^ 
tics» tnoft'df ijiieni copied foom old'cti^i^4^v: 
ings^and from Canalettrfome^pm^^ie^te of 
Atfuicc, .whither he accompanied Anuconi>^. 
xattTBding t<>^ keep a prim-fliop there^ 

*T HO M A S PA E S T O .N : 

Did a print-of 'Mr/Poipe^ and a large head 
of admiral Blake, with fhips under it. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

.//■ :i V. -J J. ./ .: "i -J ^ O 1 

^^^ fa$i»nji<ljcm^ n: painter of 

J)i^toT|Ufa|r itfaotik he was educacdd » did 
faote pibfeifioo^ and had a /genius ^^^r ir-««^' 
Init tfeglfiftiiig' to dddvater it, he toaI&i»r 
tfacrMge^ ih which waHc he liad taeritp'OHK 
hef(kid fuocefs in paindog Icenes fw ditf 
thtetsr in'<;€h^ent<-ga]€en9''to^hn}h^he jt^^i 
longcdu^ 4 His engraved a print of Baiftaiie^ 
PiO^siid Dai^^aiAeet^ withothbr &ed»iol 
chai9§»B,: fdkidUig to arquterti boiweeli:' 
tho pta^nc ai^ paoeateeg, taiA\ i ftt^j^C^ 
~,priiii3» of Hob-imiie yitV^ wbJdilpl^ofitti/ 
fiderably ^ bdt he: died ( in iii)diffei%»it^ tkM;ii 
cumftwces in March 1748. Lei;^i$ die 
father etched a print of Midas fitting in 
ji3dg«fe(i bit^ceft ^an and^Apolfb/^ ' ' (' 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

■i4$ tatd^gHiTefB^i^^s'^ 

^ho died a few''^ars'ago-/excfcllea'Jinf t^ 
graving' architefttire, and Sid" riaaBy'ti^l: 
^'ings for books.' * ' " ■ '- ' "'* "''''' 

.-f ' J .0.,»^;r,'G. R, %,'-EM 


!/t ydung mart who'ma&e"^r^^'*p«l*eid(iic?t 

in graving landfcapcs, aiid' cfthci' tfcttg^ 5. 

particulirl^ heads of Thorftas -IRtt^ney; 

TFhomas" SHaw/ D. D.^. r)ekiahi, D: D^ 

Siicl die platics for Borlafe's Natural llM^rf 

ot Cbrnw^l, ahd" niiany 6f the * feats; vfia- 

Ixirft at' Hales Owen iit Sliropfhir^, ahd bffed 

under Bafircj ancngravef 6t\t\kpiy fk^t 

of 4ie prefcnt engraver to the Antiqwarjan 

SocJcty. Green was cmpldyed, by.thc.Uni- 

vcrfity of Oxford, and conthuleAfchtfir^al- 

manacs i but died inunaturely thcee or four. 
. iTj ^X5 -- •: ^ . 

• '^ -a- • . ' • ytars 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

years agOi His btx>ther h in the fame bu-^ 

fiefitles'al? I hwe hientk)i*d, di(^ctf HI 
Vertufc's MSS, I have fincc found fomfe 
more nimj^s, of whom the notices are iQ 
ilj^t^^that it is not worth while to eiklea- 
vour finding proper {daces fot them. TheiJ 
names ate, Moreilon le Cave,* a fcholar of 
Picart ; J. Cole j P. Williamfon i G. Lum- 
ley, who fettled at Yorkj ?• Tempeftf 
Peter Coombcsj P. Pelhami B. Kytej 
Geol'gi^* Kitchiri, who did heads of'Maho* 
m^t alid Muftapha, Turks belohgihg to 
George 1. 5 and William Rbbiiis, Alexahdet 
Brown, and De Blois, mezzotinters : Vkn "^ 
]^ek, who e«€!cuted of 4ate years a ^oie 
pxint of Johnfon and GriiHn, players 1 jUmI 
A, Van Haecken^ who lias given a head of 
Dr. Pepufch and fiwn« others. Johh Scone ^ 

tfie younger dt^w and engraved one of thtf 
""' * . * 

. • He did a head of Dr. Pococke, before Twells*^ 

cdttion of the do6k>r's >yc»'ks. 

^t H«.di»l }\x\f %6t i;6f» , 

Qji plates 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^ ^^.d, g.rjlUtp. Qlsurn^. for, 'fhpjt^y;;!. 

iijiy^ i^i^Mthe Oi;ji;oca^Eqr)pire,4 J^:^^ 
Tht/Gitf-dqer^.^ict for the, Cpipix^on f^yct 
pprj»pbr3»(cd*' by Jame3 Harxb, 1735' Sc^^ 
vcwl^Eqgliflx portrnitt h*ye been /engr^^edl 
fb^Ojtd, jpai!ticularJy, by (tocUMS; Vaa D^^ 
Iw ; .Axtl^ur i;)e Jpdp, an4'P* De Jpde ; j,- , 
Dc sL^uwi Poatius; Edelmck,, ^^^. l^i 
cfriu. .Many alfo h^ve been engavcd bj?: 

jTA thf H^nclufion .&f d»fifc Mcwoir^ft^; 
ap.d^^i:,a fepacate article, X rcferve.tjui ^jg^-yj 
comxt,,0^ hioi, to whom his Qounti^^.^tjipi 
mtifts iwhofe memories he has .prefervecJt.^ 
w4 the xeadicr, ait oblige^ for the materials 

•^Oa; laying artiiU it is i^either nccefl;4ry }V>X^i 
pDC^-toatp^iatc* The talk will be eafy^- 
tQ otbers. hereafter to continue the feries. 
Here is a regular fucceffion from the intro- 
duftion of the art -into Englahd t^ the 
prcfcnt yoarj and the chief airas* of it's 
improvements and extention marked. That 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

tcfs'wfe aflAiilty'' poflefsl ' tfbuftbH;t\kJ*^ 
Ardell,"f^and FMier, have already promiJfed - 
bjr their worts to itvive the fceautjr dfmez- 
zqtiAtO. Theexqliifite plates dfsfrchitcc- 
tvL^; which *da5ljr appear, are not onfjr^" 
worthy of the tafte which Ls reftored in'that' 
fdence, btit excceS whatever Has af^carctl 
in any age^or country. J Mr. Rooker is the 
Marc Antonio of architefture. Vivares atid 
lorife others/ Have great merit in graving 
landfcape. Major's works after Teniers, 
&c. will always make a principal figure in^ 
acoiledion of prints, and prevent our envy- 
ing the excellence of the French ill thit 
branch of the art. I cotsld name mord, if 
it would not look Kkc flattery to tiie living ^^' 

• Mr. Houfton died Aug. 4, 1775. 

f . Mr. Mac Ardell died June 3, 1765. •-"''> 

i^ Mr., R«oIqer. dif d N<?v. izi^ ^774* • 1 - ; n - 

' ■■■■■ "■CD'^'-- ^^-^^r^M^'- 


y Google 

1;trt Inohiinbk dbk fo dipitkl ai^auiitbelUs lir; 
StrahgCi leaft it (faould look like the con* 
tpfijpiItriiWhcAr If iiavi: ^nwcmSi lw^r| t^mm 
meittiofAed - the arr > at .h^s'UglttibpetaodJ^^ 

Brittfin: /- '; * ^" • • ^^ ^^ 

* 6h. ii5tK, 1762. ' . ' 

-i.m 'cj '. '♦•'.'. 

. . • . - f . . 

•••■ • 'F -i *N I 's, ■ ■';'•.':' 

ir . J'. • . . . . , ,.. 

<.) .ti. Ja 

P O S Tr 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


rr^l^S^:tiduhi«S the Editor w» ftfiffible stt: 

fed pji't gf Vertw'* in^ hjs own accoup^^ot 
the iiiftary and'Progrefs pf the Ans in Eig- 
l<ind. . It, would not bediffiailt,atjjjfpf^^ to 
give ^ raueh more c<)rnple^ dcdiimon of the 
Graphic Art in itsdiffercnt branches. But 
not pidy xht indolence that attends ^gp^ and 
frequent illneffes, have indifppfed the Author 
from enlarging hU plan; more pardonable 
reafons determined him to make very few 
additions to thi3 new edition ; nor (hould he 
Jiave thought of republifhbg the wo»k, un- 
lefs folicited by Mr. Dodflcjr- 'J^he indul- 
gence of the public ought to imprint relped^ 
not prefumption -, a^id inftead of trefpafSi^ 
anew on that lenity^ the author has long 
ieared he fhould be reproached, that 

Detinuit noftras Bumerofcu Horatios aares ; 

4 quotation he fhbuld hot dare to apply to 
himfclf> if adjeftives in gfus^ as famofus, &c. 
were not nK)fl: commonly ufed by Latian 
author in a culpatory fenfe ; and thus nume.- 
rofus ohly means t$o voluminous. Another 
reafon for not having enlarged the preceding 
work was, that it would interfere with the 
|)lan laid down of terminating the hiftory of 

y Google 


the Arts at the concl^ioii oif!lthe;lad)rc!jpi. 
In h&y a brighter asra has dawned on the 
xnantiftdture o£ jprints. , '^^hey are become 
aimoiSlthe favourite objefis of culiftors,- 
and in Ibme degree deferve that fevour, and 
are certainly paid as if they did. Engraved 
landfcapes have in point of delicaty reached 
unexampled beauty. A new fpecies has alio 
bc^ created ; I mean, Aqua-Tintar-be|j^es 
prints in various col6urs^ ' ' * ' ^'* 

Perhaps it would be worth while to mejc 
down this volume, and new-caft it, dividing 
the work into the feveral branches of WOod-» 
ctits. Engravings," Etchings, Mezzotint/, In^ 
/tftqua-Tints: ; A compiler Hiigiit> be aflifted 
fcyTohie riey publicationsj as the pffays^p 
.Print^, Strut's. Di6tioiiary of Engrav^rsi ^n0t 
a recent Ffiftory of the Art of Engraving yi 
iWfezzotinto, printed at Winchefter, whcrdn 
We mentioned foreign notices on the Arts. 
y Were I of auAority fufficient to name nf)f 
j^CQ^ory or could prevail on. him tp con- 
4pfcend to accept an office which be could- 
execute with more taflre and ability; froin 
'^hofe hands coiild the public receive fe'n^uch 
infomiatioa and pleafure as from thie author 
i^thc Eflijiy on Prints, and from th^ gToufs, 
j5f.Cv?j Ao4, ^^'^ was the public' ever jiv- 
ffrvi^ed by the pen and pencil ar ofice, \^ith 
¥q[ual ctimtni^ in the'ffyle ofboth, bwi^ 
I|«fwj3i^|a^i^-^T: r:.;.'! :, ■. • ' . •• v; :-r.r .-:, 

r^ rT H JE 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

I- If ',>■;<- .-iT.'^'t -^x- ;• .f> '., ,-- \- :• . 7 .-,: N -^ 

p ;V .1'".."; _.^ .^. ^ --"11* ?! -r »' *, * 7»" •''T ^"^ "^ '!* 

Mr, G E ORG E V RR T U E. ; 

'in HE enfuing aqcount is drawii from 
' ^* his cma notes, m which the. highc^ 
praife,"he ventures 't(> afliime^ is founded <fik 
iiij induftrv— Hbvir many men, in a hi^dr 
iphere have thought that (ingle ijualjty con- 
ferred many fhining others ! The worldt 
too has been fo compli#fant as to allow 
their pretenfions, Vertue thought thV la- 
bour of his hands was but labour— the 
$caligera and fuch book-wights have mi(t- 
taken the drudgery of their' eyes for parts^ 
for abiBtie$ — nay/ hive fiij^ofc^ ' it 'be- 
ftowed wit, while it only f^yetled'rK^jr arrci^ 
gancp; and unchained their Ul-hapure., How 
contemptuoufly would fuch n?erf hayte Snibd 
;X P ' i at 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

th^i^ to ^d^SMfi^ ' ^ othprs;, hec^S^^ k^ . ha^ 
tSfRw4|jp mopcwres of g|>uDd!--ra|Ki;y6t; 
he would have toiled with gr^^jier ^vapu^i 
to roankiad^' 

» George- Vertue iw born in tbe (xaciihf 
of St. Martin's in the FieWs, London^. 
«x,,tf>c.y?aii' 1(484, :Hi» sweats,; he i^y^^ 
wc|^ jfnoife ^honeft tha^ opujeat, If'Vaf^ijgrj 

/ ba<4 entered ioirO bis compolitioai he might, 
ii^yc, boafte^ the, antiquity of. his &^^ ^ £^ 
^his; narr^c ^wfere employed by JJenry Vl|L 
Ip the board of worlds j but I fbrgett} ajf^T. 
g)iiy, is ^npt. ancjerit|* if np<ae of the t biogfjl 

'•yere afepve Ae xunV., of ,Magcnipq%^<% 
^lundred ye4rs ago^ 

^; Al^ut the; ag^of thirteen he was pJiace4 
jPiih a rn^fter who engfaveid anns on pliate, 
a^j\^ h^th^ci^ief bufmefs of London; but 
vi^hp b^ing extravag^.tjbro^e a^d. returned t^ 
ly^^lpountfy, France^ after Vertuq had J?rve4 
lyt^ji i^etij^eent^ree and, four years, J\s th|^ 
n^jCpi i^as, unfoitiwiate,. though by hi^^qw^ 
Cauit, >Jt?W5 ^9p4-^?twet of tb?; C^hc^y,]^ 

4. repuh^ 

• ? - ■ 

^ Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Eetumed to hll parcuit^ Veww g*^ 
hkrtfelf fcwirrty » thf^ ftw^ of drawing fer 

rtK>fe, wKieh t^rm lift pfgei^^ to-fc^; 

fe?*eral painftew, he qvitft4 his maftor on 
handfinrte .term?,^ aJK^fej^gaiv to w»K fot 
Aitefdf, Tfei^ w4s in ffee ye?? I70i5|, » The 
ftrft twshrecw»ith>»s f^ffe^ ip ^r^wwR ?a4 
cngrwingCorbsofe?., • > 

The art was then at Ac ' iefweil e^ in 
Ettg^n d- The beft perfbnqers Wfl?? worn 
Piit: the ^ar wi?h Frwife fem the 4oof 
agakift recruits.; natjwM^riffiftny, and th<j 
animoi]^ of fa^oA divertse^ p¥b]ic atten- 
tion itoxa cop^mon Jwti pf ^^tm'^ttitu. At 
that period thj6 yo^ng cograyerifiras i^cdmi- 
mended to Sir Godfrey Kneller, who^e-iie^ 
niitaticfi)^ iiches; parts^ and acquaint^i^tf 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

\mil limnAm was hR fit Vmi^ ahd'ti^uia^ 

pItWftiitr My iauthor n^^oiii \Mi 'dJuSl? 
flite'feriSlfnity whatfjojr this iWi|)«)rtaHe t»itH' 
f^tbh gave to his fithcr, who hifitfiis ^i^ 
c«k>ft^warmlf at hearrj ahd wlttjr dyiiig'iborf^ 
dftN)^ I^ i' #ide»#< and f^veral (Ma^dt '«(if 
b^fiif^rtdd bjr'otir fcartie-Rfed^ed' ad^eA^' 
rtfiperi t-HiJ Wwn ^words Ihaff tieU^ihoWr Kf »- 
ftH hi3'flt?u4fcion, how Ikiie the falfe cdtrrfrij'^ 
©rvi^fty give a'^hining^'ippearancc to ikii 
nftATilri^^^bPhi<*'ft)rtiuic } "I Was/^yii Ite,' 
t1^%Mefi:j-sindthen the only one that'cottW^- 
h^ %eini' which add«l drcumfpeaidttln' ' 
my afairs then, as well- as indufcy to )hf 
cnA^ tny lift:' 

■ {flft'&terVals of leifure, he praftifod draw-i' 
in^iB8-ihufic, learned French and a Ihde " 
Italian. It appears that he afterwards ac-" 
qui^<f Dutch, having coniuked in the orr- 
^rirfsilf Aat has beeniwitten in diole tliree; ' 
htt^i.^'^ii- Ae aiif to' which lie wa$"tfe4 ■; 

^^ ' Hi» 

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ai](d rei\r;aic3bf4rt^i^:/^ JUc prim i«ft|^ 

ffi^k, fof^ idelf^.: Itj .)»as Ac ^mi^T^nQ^^ 

J^yt^i^aie it4v^*appcar^'% fenflfeijrownr, 

aay! xu^rppetitpilsi. Edclii^ck .wa? ?4^^ ^^ 
Fj-aoce, WJbice ia£fi^lfuad, .Vaa-'Qimfli i|t.' 
HoUaod: " It. feemed/' fays, he hkiifclf}.. 
^ «a$ \{^c ball ^f fonune^r^ tpl&d..up.4^P 
beja,, prize cmly for VCTtue/'; ^Qnef^q^WPi 
cftWjCe-4aicc£jrs. at a lawcr vf^j Jik^ -»([ 
s^^ accident; the conipariipp.if j^^ 
once modell and ingenious. Sh9de^>af S(%r i 
liger^ which /of yo?3r works ow^ k'^tSH^ 
to.a,deardix)f genius amongyour cotenipo^ni 
rariqs? . *. - m>;] 

In 17 1 1 an acadel1[l7^of painting .wa^^ififr -, 
ftitu;ed i^y the chicC.pcribnner^ va.Lmdom. ^ 
Sir.9o4frjey,K«llffj,y?^ p]^ aj|,|faffi(^^ 
Vertue was ooeiof the firft mcnflbcrsi 4gy}^v* 
dfcwthcrc for ftvtwl years* , ./ 


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^4 ?^.£#/<?/4!fe..QM%pil V:^ 

foil, JcrM% (SMoQ^4UKl4>iii^9^ . , ... .^ 
i..O»,th^ apceffiip of ijm pcefinm noy^/a^ 
s^: he pabliRied. ^ large he^ of the.klag 
$(opi ft pmitmg by KaeUer. As it Waj(^ tbff 
^ pomait) of his mag^y^ many thanffin^ 
^mCf&lAi though byiiDtiieajti3.a l^MviE)^ 
offf vahiablc p^rfirmance^ Hpw^er it^^v^ comt, aiiclwas fo^laired by^bf)^ 
a£ the prince aiad pnnoeis. All coocufred 
to exotnd his47iifinef$. In aay tcc^fi^ ^^3903 
that, he jpra^tifod >riv wdter-q»lours, foil^ieH^ 
otmst attentpting poitfait^ ofteni^ <^f%pyi^ 
ivDm. aiiciefir or coriousr pieces ^-wh^ch b^ 
propofed to engrave. So early as the year 
. 17x3 Jie oommejiQed, his nelearches after th^ 
^iff» piouitar«ifts,and began bis c<^te£Mons^ 
t^ lydfiPli he^dot prims by former maAe^, 
auvi cTery thing that could tend to his gnes^ 
norlfii^/cbo.HiftQry of the. Arts in Entgkind* 
Wiiomrer he met :wi€h portrai(^ of the 
p0lfiNiriici^whc /.i^redvna pjuiis. in taking 
4ngfies. }His. rjoitnaleii 'o^ ^Sn^i»tid #kh 
the fame view will $pf6»s]n tii4 •eoyrf* -of 
wl his 

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10^ lift. Tbd^. Jffatfefe' n*^' >afl(*ibyifl^ 
tkmsy^ftdmint^irtailamsof aijte'A^i "«* 

gratitude of Ae latter, expr<^ft(f' d«i ^1 o8^ 
HieSc^nS, itin^ie^ the IboonCyi- idf di^ pbtlrort. 
»* The cai^lffe geiiefOtts "ftfld tafijSrtfiftde* 
<Mtd}dfig&m(!ltt of my tmdeiukidgs^ ^^p^ 

H" ' gai»t n4e: gieU rqftieaticfft ^Hd : &dVai$H^ 
metiiVoihet ptoftShn- df :#i&'i£iwie' aft i^ 
En$lM4'' Aiicfther ' kflibti -«f iMtniiijpi 
How Mdom is. fame afcribed l^<di9>]p(Mf^ 
6st to^te kounfitiMitcd (^etb«n !' TDK <Mant 
of it Wcemi^itti^ «^~4^'iui «ff)eteiftiM^ 

tiiib^arfifer^.' ( '■.■ ' • r.r .mk,:-'. t/' 

,.,. •He died in i7»6» 

;■; • ed. 

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4«|t of tb9 ^^iety: of AjKiqvari«$ |Q4 tfcr. 
reviy4 in i9i(7i »ppoiwixi,ycii!M€i.,wbafif^ 

liOli^d Jby that foqiety. from wirops mnfini^ 
^Mre.rnod of tlvem by his hw4>as jlong ^ 
b^ Mivtd, are a raluabk moawnent^ ^ w^ 
\» i^videiice that that body U af^, ti(He^,^ 
tb?'l»r««clWftrW. I ' js; If .. H--mu-.^ 
The Uoiv^Iky of Oxford anpl4ycd Aiwj 
fbr.mao^ ]^ars>to eosravc; tb^ir almaivu:9% 
loftoad of uaifipid emjbkm$ that deferycd hq . 
lQtigerdur«:i0nitbmiwhat thisyi adomfrfiiM- 
iiitmduced ykws of public buiUii^;,.and- 
hifbovic cvwt^^yfor hQ.feldom reaped be«ei€ 
from the public^ without repaying it mth 

.H^ry Hare, the laft. lord Coleraine, an 
aadquacy and CQlJie6bar» as his gmnd^thfr 
had .bisef^ is .eftunn«ra<Rd by y^rtoe aoKV^ 
Im ptoteOtors^ His tmrels .^^ett.d^fifd 
by accompanying thofe lords.: They booe^ , 
the e«:peiice which ^foqld have; dcblired ^ 
hSnufioni niciiig mit^r objeAs-oCihia^ m« 
mbf^ if at hb oean charge r and he inad«. i 


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^1^ 6f ivHkt the/' fihr* V iThis» 1irter*i?-ittflp 
in^^o^^ he tooR' ^ith ^IbMl Co)a^fa}H^^ 
afliflftty; Wflton and Stoiteheftge. - Of dftji 
Wfter :^'-ftii*r ftvcnfl ribwi : ' Wiltjcwi^ h*' 
pi^Bafelyi^'v^ftk^oidy Engliflvcyes- A»ifcidl 
■iu^^ #afribrsiiiKl €mt)*rors, he foHgW 
Vandyck and Rubens, Holbdtt'^ndJfirigii^ 
Jttftfe.^'^Ani afltfqire 'and ijiodttii J^iltiiiifo 
m^M^ffihafiie -that p^a<^e t>f am, iMd-Yiaot 
vftf* ^iiterfere." Aii ancient indeed lirouldl 
bg^^.teBe Torplrafed to fihdfo <Mfny>af»|u^l 
ae4l»aim:ance new baptized. • Ea^l ^ XhhtM§ i 
di^ not, like the popes, convidre > ps^w i 
cktefi inta cheriftians, butitianjt dn' em^ 
peipr a&s the part at Wilton of fcanserv 

Iti iydS* Vertue^ with Mr, Siq)h(!iia; jiheu 
hiftd^ic^rtphlst-, vifiied St* Albans^ V(erii4ii 
lalnr -and Gorharr&ury* At the lattser . he*! 
2fUd6: a drawing fix>nl. the fiiQmtf:.o£.S'w/^ 

k^s^'^OicfdrA; ifor-vteto .kB> eogvay^td dfn^t 
Ofril. V, R traits 

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Itfaits d# Mr. Priori-Sir Hdgh :Mkifl<«iio> 

v.Jkc. cBtorfthe tiuk^ of Montagti'te did.Sir 

viiR«iph> WiittJtvood J fW Sir. Pkut MfitHiJfn, 

V. Corcet } afdibifliop WArhatn {mat. Hol^ 

bcin's original at Lambeth ;..^id fiMr lord 

Burlingtofi, ZaccheroTs queen: o£ Scois8« 

Hh prints gromng^ numereu^y numy 

{serfims vrero ^efirou8 offaavii^ a^.compliMit 

cdllediom He niade^ up fct$ for? : Sir 7^o^ 

fiias^ Frm)kland> fbr Mr. Weft, and lorkrd 

Cbdbrdi the lad in three large MoIuQies^ 

•^ carried downf ta i74i>.and fold, t&er the 

-eari'sMcath to die kte earl of AilcffeMiTlibr 

fogoiiWadv ', ,, t 

In-i727 he went to Wirfipote for ^ wefck> 

' md 'thence made a tour with loed Oxford 

for fix weeks more, to Stamford, Burle^b, 

* ^Grantham, Lincoln, and Welbecki jme of 

-lithe ancient feats of the counteft of Ox^d^ 

• iHiere after the earl's deadi fee. zffenni^d 

the portraits of her anceftors to a ^ftdi- 

gbus number^ dae heroes of mmy 9pi ih* 

' IttlMoxjfi ' race* Thence they pMCodt . to 

Cfcktlworth, and 1Cori4 Mhert-yttrm^^^^ 

itlie pleafure of convdrfii^ with Mr. Francis. 


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:-:lBac*> "'^^* Mi fcftn-intinatc ilritfc Hoi- 
' laj.' /ttiftilig' drciifmftmiees- co; tHofe uSJio 
^ V A> ■ nW ' ftd^^tett tic?' felt*- Vavit dirf{«r/?bp 
^h^acctMinridl? dits 'progctis land pceibiDod it 
- tQ'his pattoiiii / • ■' ' . ^" 

F6r ifefne "ytJats W ftages were rtioAed 
' fcy noble • cnconragementi and by ojJportu- 
'^liittes of piarftdng^ his favorite cTudicJqfit. 
^He was^ invited thither 'he wiiuid' have 
'"^ifced' td mate pilgrittiagcs, fear rfte \csrt 
<rf ailtiqtrtrf is a kSnd of 'devotion, and Wf* 
Vertik: had dlffwent fets of fiiimk% In §728 
the Duke of Dorfet edited him to ItiiKwrle, 
Humble before his Ibperiors, one conceives 
' fccw hii refpfcft ifras heightened at entering 
ib Venerable a pHe, realizing to his eyes the 
tfbenes of many a waking vifion,. Hefc'he 
drew fetcraS of die poecs. But he wa*)on 
' lidry gro«hd; Arcadia was' on the con- 
ifers; ccwid he refift an etcuriSon to Ften- 
<hiirflr? One may judge how high his en- 
th^fiafm had been wrought, by the mortifi- 
cation Jie expreflfes at not finding there a 
• IxsWWitbfSiriPhiKp'S^^^ - r- a. ; 3 

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ppetSy oi^e of his.oapical works. 'Ffaoug^ 
poeuy.was buf a f|fi:er:artj he.^tretocd ki 
with the a^eftion of ar^^iop.. He; hr^ 
coUedled many notes touching >th<^ pndfqf^i' 
fojjs,, apd-here and therein hia.MSS^^.<are 
fonie flight attempts of his .own. Buth^ * 
Wijs, of too. timid and, corred .a iia;tilr© toit 
foai; wh^re fancy only guide?. Truth y^mc 
hj3 .provinciEi, and he had a felicity. uftCOnUn' 
Wff^ tp. ai^tiquariesi he iiever fufiwed Imc 
imagination to lend hiqn jeye$. -Where he* 
CQyJ4»,npt;.dili:pyer he never, fttppjicd. ,, 

. After Jiis poets, of which he propo&d. ta 
erUaige, the >feries, it was. hU purpofc ta 
give fets or glafles of other eminent. meiK 
This was the firft idea of illuftrious head3> 
a Jiiflt, afterwards adopted by others, and at 
laft takei> out of his hands, who wa$ beft fur- 
nii^fd Avith materials fof fuch a work. Sorpe 
brq^nches i^e cicecuted himfelf with defcrved 

^bout this time hp again went to. Ox-' ; 
ford, copied fome original paintingSj aad 
tqok. an account of what portraits they 


Digitized by VjOOQIC - 

hiP^c of 'IbuA^gfs and beh*fe6ft>rs, and^vhere 
d^pA^^d. Thfence to Gloucefter to draVi 
tte itiwittment of Edward II. having ''-fef': 
foAMC years been icolkfting and making draw-' 
ings of o^r kihgs, from images, miniaturei* 
of-^ oil-paintings j' a 'Wbrk foon ^ter uh- 
expeiJtedly called forth. Oh his return* he- 
ftc^p^d^at Borfoitfto v\tW the family-piete' 
of Sir 'Thomas More, and vifited Ditchley 
and Bknheim. His next tour was to Cam-- 
\mig6i where he had been privately en-^ 
gaged to draw by ftealth the pbrtratft <rf 
old Mr. Th^ymas Baker of St. John% tl^n 
aif-eniioent antiquary, earlier in his life 
die mbdeft author of that ingenious and 
poliihcd little piece. Reflexions oh Learn- 
ing. ^ . — ' ^ 
' Vertue*s next confiderable prodtiftbn wtfe 
the heads of Charles I. and the loyal {Of- 
ferers in his caufe, with their 'chara6ters 
fubgoined from Clarendon. But- this was 
fearce finilhed, before appeared Haptn's 
Hiftory of England, " a' work, ftys He, that 
had a prodigious. nsn> efpecially after tranf- 
lated,^ infomuch that 'it became all the coh- 
R 3 verfation 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

verfatiofi of the town add couiStiy/a6d th^^ 
iroiffe being hcigktetied hy eppofirfoa^aiMl' 
fiartyi it was propofed m publifli it in foHdr 
by 'niambers — thoufands 'were f6kJ tvtff 
week/* The two brothers, Knaptonfe, cn.^' 
gaged Vcrtue to accompany it Vvith cfiigiesk: 
c^ kings^ and ftsitable decorition^^ Thisr 
undertaking eQip^oyed hior> for three' yearsi* 
A fair copy ricMy boond he prcfem^ tbf 
Frederic prince of Wales at Kenfingtoh. -/i, 
Yolunae of his beft works he gaCvc to- the 
Itodleian library, < , . . 

In 1734 he renewed his jotirrtJcs. abcKit 
England, With Roger Gale the antiqtaary 
he went to St. Alban\ Northartiptoit a«d. 
^Warwijck. In 1737 Ae eairl of Leicfefter- 
canied him to Pcnfhurft; and the end of 
the fan^e year lord Oxford took kirn ^gain 
,ko ,Oxford> to Coxnpton Verney, the feat of 
the mafter of the rolls, to Warwick, Co- 
ventry, Birmingham, and to lord Pigbj^'s 
at Colefti^ll, to view the curious pifture dF 
queen JlUzabeth's. proceffion, fince rcmofVdd 
by the late lord to Sherborn-caftle in JSbt^ 

fctfllire, ^h^y returned by Stratfohi' (Ytr^ 


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ta^.dp^^not.yr^rit trap chgVQtipn ^ $Hkf?,, 
|j>(ff^r).by MivSla^dpfl'^at WeQ:pn*,wh^c^ 
^'.-a fc>^ cvriop? piftures^ izwj^l^h^^ 
^ .Pbjr,; WaIl?|-> -at Becpi^eeid. ' J^kp ' 
y^ he ^ went 4nto, H^rtfordfliirc: fo veri^ 
hur i<ipas abput Hunfdon, the fubjed as M 
^W^ht qf qfieen EUz^abeth's progrefs. The 
old lord .Pigby> who from tr^dmoa- ^-; 
U«v^,it ihe qucea's procefllon to. St^ ^^V^'!^ 
after the dcftr«(9:ion of the Arraad^ wat 
difpleafed with Vertue's mw hyphpthefis^ 
The fame year he faw Windfor and Mr. To]^r 
l^m's coUeftion of drawijigs at Eton, ,. 
;.He ;next engaged with the Kua^Q^$ to 
fspigr^ve fomc pf the illullrious headsj^ the 
greater part pf which were executed by Hoij.* 
brakeq^ and undoubtedly furpaCTcd thoife of 
Vertue. Yet his performances by no meaps 
4ciktycd to be condemned jl*s thqy >yefe by 
the- undertakers, and the perfoniier laiA 
^(ide. Some of Houbraken's were care- 
kfsly done, efpeciajly of the moderns j but 
;^^l'tue had 4 fault! to dealers, whjcji was i 
j^ft tp thje publip ^ Jii$. fcrujpulc^us ^.yer^- 
fiijy .q9nl4, not digoi^. inn^§;inw;y jportrau^^ 

R 4 ' * ' are 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^/ibme of tbofe eiggEayed by .||9^}:^-ak^g^ 
who living in Holland ignorant of p\)r (^i^ 
tory>'i>oiaqiufitive into the audiej|tjpi|y: of 
whan was tranfmittfid to bin))? {CPgrjiYif^ 
lYhatever was feiu. I will niicntion t9fo jfji'^ 
ftanqes ; the heads of Caxr earl of Sot^rfeis 
aiid fecretary.Thurloe are not only not. gfjr 
nuine> but have . not the le^fi. , refembla^c^ 
to the perfons.they j)retCBd,.tP. ^pqprdejpfe 
Vertue was incoonnode i he loved .tryth. '/ ... 
. Towards the end of 1738, he made anp-^ 
ther tour with lord Oxford through K^jpt 
and Suflex, vifiting Rochefl:er> Canterb^jry^ 
Chichefter, Portfmouth, Southampton .an4: 
Winchcfter; and the principal feats, ,^ 
Petworth, Goodwood, Stanfted, and Gqu^ 
dray — the lad alone worth an antiquary's 
journey. Of all thefe he made vari9us^ 
iketches and notes s always presenting, a 
duplicate of his ohfervations to lord Qxri 
ford. . ., 

He had yet another purfuit, wljich, I, 
have not mentioned i no man had ftudjfjd. 
]^pjglift;i coins more j part of his refear^^iie^i 

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feiy<S* i^>Ikttred in 'Ws account of the Wq. 

^ Ht ftHlHf^toted ta Vifit the caft 6f Erigi 
knd. : Ih 17 J9 hi^ wilh was gratifiect ; feWL' 
€oleraihe, who had an eftate at Walpofe' iii 
die borders of Norfolk in LincolnfliLfe,. 
carried hini by Wanfted, Moulham, Got- 
field, St. Edmiindfbury, Sir Andrew Fboii- 
tslih's and Houghton, to Lynn> and thence ' 
to Walpole J in which circuit they few aiany 
churches and other feats. 

In 1740 he publifhed his propofals for 
the commencement of a very valuable work,^ 
his hiftbric prints, drawn with extreme 1*;"^ 
hour and fidelity, and executed in a moft, 
fatisfaftory manner. Queen Elizabeth's pro-, 
grefc he copied exadtly in water-colours for 
lord Oxford, who was fo pleafed wkh k,, 
that he fent Mr. Vertue and his wife a pre- 
fent of about 60 ounces of plate — but thus 
arrived at the fummit of his modeft wilhes, 
that is, rewarded for iUuftrating Englilh 
hrftory— rhis happinefs was fuddenly dafhed ;^ 
he loft his noble friend the earl, who' died 
June 16, 1 741. *' Death, fays he emphati- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

cttt^ {nit in ei»j to:^* life db»t IikmI beem 
thi^ fopport, cheriflier, and.comfori;,o£^iliMnyr, 
iMiiy ochorsy who are lefib to kiinent?**-biu&i 
lAiM oidre heartily than Vertsic !" / ^ 

' :Sc>ftna:k was the poor man wkh tfjtSf fig- 
nal mis&rtune, that for two years th^e uk* 
m biaeos m his ftory^he had not fpirit^ 
eviii^ to beoninme. . ) 

:';!*[ 1745; he was a little nsvived :by nc^^ 
qiiriag the bqindur of the duke of Noffolk'jit 
nocice, for whom he rngmved the lafigfit 
ptate4>r the eaH of Anindel and faia hm&y^ 
Fdr hisr gnoe too he colle£M two. voltinveji. 
^4he. works of HoUar^ dnefty.of. tftc^ 
graved from the Arundclian. e<^t€^n;|: 
and having formed another curious volume 
of drawings fiom portrait), monumenirt^ 
pddtgrees^ &c« of the houfe of Howaid, the 
' duke made him a prefent of ^ bank note of 

His merit and modefty ftill radfed ? him 
jliends. The coontels dowager <)f 0%fyf4 
alkviated his lo&^ h^jord; their^auglir? 
^T the duehefsr of Portland te mmitiofti 
wi^fe/rcjltjal gmtil)«de:f::thev4ftt?;: d\ikfi: .of 

'■■?'' ^ Rich- 

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Ki^^lmiami md ioiid JlwlingtAirdU not JS»^y 
gee tbkn nmoag tfai'isu^itttiDicqr^ I»«Ero(^£e4ii 
^m 4n i7#9^ ho found:* ye^. rmre jexaitjfidc: 
protdaon The Urfe jimicd. of iWalcs: jbob 
fer^ hkti) md finding iiiin irafter "o£ tdiAt-* 
eMcr relactii^ to &igiiih «itfiquityi|. Md ipstui 
tkidarly CQAvecfM^m the ioAovf ofikinff, 
Charles^'s coUe<5tion^ which his tojrdl -^ligk^ 
2i€f& wiflied as &r as pa<IiUetniir<H^<^^nfales 
1^ ofti»)'h«i the honour tof €«teMbng d[b9i 
prmde, was Sd^mt hi« {>iAi«ce« lajp hioriUf^ 
arid ^oCQmpamted him ^ themyyEi p^iasctii 
fi^ '^^s muth employed in €idlo£kt|ig priiK* 
^r himfy'and taHngcataldgues^ ahd ibU ki^ 
^1%^ of his o^ii miniatures and. piititfiu .. r . 
He had now reafim to Satm hiitifi^f ^idi 
penmnent fbrtuno*. i$c.dSnrhiis£u»ishkdd 
with tht^ 1^ viral of tte an he iaiwdr^.^ 
K^ ufefuli to a prince .who tiod/in .tfaii 
ileps of the acoompiilhed Ci^arles; ; hq Hiigii 
Platers threatenec} havoc ?o ^he growingj 
crOlledion— but ^ filent and uns^qpeftcd. fo^ 
d#6W a veil ipyer.AU fcene of cacnforfc it$iif 
h*d over the fomier* Touched .yeii.fiAf 
jni/SVe^ l^e f^ysj ^fter |MUdnng the prim:e'^ 


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qiiaUfications, anc^ the hopes' that- his. doU-i 
try h^ concei«d of ; him, — 5^) butnalas^ 
Mors ultima reram! Q God, diy:«iH lib 
done 1 Unhappy day, Wednefday Maath 
ooth, 1751!" His trembling haiid i]i6i$0Si 
a few nx>re memorandums of prints, he eer«> 
graved, and then he concludes his me- 
moires in melancholy and disjbiiited fen- 
tences thus,— '* Obferyations on my. indif- 
ferent health ^^and weaknefs of .fight in- 
creafinig^— and 'kx&Gf noble fritods, aod ^e 
encouragement from them lefs and lefs dailjic 
•^thh year— and worfe in appearance beg^ 

with 175?/* . f ' ; ■: It- 

He loft his friends ; but his pety, n»ld^ 
liefsj and ingenuity never forfook him. 
HeI:laboi;^d almoft to the laft, ibllicitous 
to kav^ a decent ojmpetence to a ^* wife 
widi whom he Had lived many years in ten^ 
der harmony. His volumes of the works 

* Margaret Kis wi/e furvivedhim, apd died Marciv 
17, 1776, in the" 76th year of her zgt',' His brother 
James, who foHowed^th^'faAie |W)ftffion kt Bath, 'died 
about 1765. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

of HoUariandthe Simoiis, I havemetftJondt - 
h^pc'.and cifewher^r^ 'Th* reft of his #olfki^ 
wfll a|jfpeapin the ^foing lift. . '• '* 

He died July ii^th, 1756, and was bur'*d 
indxli^ doyfkrs of W^ftminfter-abbey on the - 
jodi foHowingi wkh-diis cpkaph, ' ■"' 

Here lyes the body of George Vertue ... 
Late engraver 
' * 'And fellow' 'o!F the Society of Aiitiqtfaries, ■ 
*;. i liWho M*as^rfiitilii>nd^>i6&af; . '* 

J Ali dQ^^ute4 this fife gn tiie a4tb of July 1 7$^ ^ ^ 

With manners gentle, and a gratefull heart, 
Aird all the genius of the Graphic Art, ' \ 
His feme fhall each ipcceeding artift own ^ ^ 
2 l^fif^ hy far fJj^an i^^tnua^iits ^of ibte. . * 

> .Twp .other fci^eflds— not better pg^ts la^ . 
dee^,f-^inferted the following lines. ia,-ihe- ^ 
papers, on yiewipg his monuoient; : y^ 

- ¥r©tid artift, ceafethofe defe3s to paint on ffone, - * 
!Whick &r above tlie praile of man haye fhone : . * 
Why (hould your ikilJ fo vainly thu« be.Tpent ^ , 
f or Vertu^ n^'er <»n jpeed a mpnuq^^lQit^ • . * v. « 'vm ; ] 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

%fti i^illfS^^^^tll^^Od^V^i^^^ 



Troiijilc4tn.mindand prefs^cl with gyJevoas fcaart> 
* 'jHbrliappy manfionsicfttiie fefaphie-Art, ' / * 
iJbkTtlittiWStifcnte fpofee ; ** wifcft! iafe It btf 
VI&^aiiio^$ Venue 4Qtdi««-^lKa^«»r«is^^ .; r 

Thcfe are wdl-meant hyberboksi <Dt<iv a 
©an who newr tifed aayri 4te ^tfidn {i}ii^e> 

it ffgrt a fkeeuliif 4lewiit^ to^ hh deli^iiy ^ 
he never wtcred Jm. opmm bftftily^jfoor 

haftily aOfemed to tl»t .joC- Oith»$* A«^hc 

gnidge^'iio tknt> -iio iftdtiftrf, t0i!in£(^ 

himfelf, he tKcmght they rti^ht (bcfltovr. a 

Iktfe too> if they wilfaed to knoWv Ahibi* 

to)us ttt diftingmfh hlmiclf, he took: but 

one nicthod, application. Acquiinted^with 

roll th« arts pradtifed by his 

ufher their produ&iods to tbiz pubMf^^^'t^e 

made x\£c o£znime^ He ooijr Ixmtmi^iAic 

. did not dcfirrv^ fuccds, <^t if he inifled' it 

. ^ ivhen defervcd; It waa fomo c merit . ; t^at 

.: 'carried: ifodi-l^iflifeiU integAyriar.tfar is^ it 

^ - He 

- Digitized by VjOOQIC 

He yi^% a (ttiA Remain Cijkthoiiifi ytt 

even thofe prindpltt Could not w*rp lus 

attajql^mot to his art^ not {Prevent l|b()f|ak- 

iog it fufeferyi^pt to. ihc gipryojt.riii^ .^ao- 

^; Imefifti^n tiiui ats a ikgtilar i<#i$)ce^ 

His partialis to CHaH^s the ft^ did noK 

indeed clafh much with hU religion i b«IC 

■f whd has pi^eferved more monuments of qncea 

-Ejiiabeth'? Whatever related to her ftity 

t'^ he ' treated with a patrio^t fondnefs j' her he- 

i T«s ttrere his. His was the ftrft thought of 

1 jengi^aving the tapeftry in the Hoafe df 

"^Lerds ; his a projeS: of giving a juries bf 

rrproieftant bi(hoi» — for AiV caodow coi^d 

^ reconcile toleration and popery. 

His colledion of books^ prints, miniatosts 

and drawings were fold by auftion May i yrfi, 

1757- Lord Befbm-ough bought there his 

copies in water-colours q£ the kings of 

Eqgiandi as I did a large piece of Philip 

and Mary from the original at Wobum, 

-v^rhich'he intended for his feries of hiftoric 

J /prints;, there too I purchafed his dtawSigi 

;. takes ifnnn/HQihein .;..and fincc his deo^, 

the beft piece he ever painted, -:a Jtoall 

,.' r c whole* 

^ Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^7^ '^ ^f^ of Mr. GlOUGE V£RTVB. 

whole4engtii of the queen of Scots in water- 

coloun. ^ J \ i 

The leAgth of mis aecoint I fla4r mf- 
fetf will be excufed^ as it contains a few 
curious particulars, which are not foreign 
ID the fubjeft, and wRicfr concomitantly il- 
luftrate the hiftory of arts. 

. a u T >i a ^ 

\. ; J 


., .^ ... 

. r 

T C 


gitized by Google 

*u^. * 


O f 


SMALL head of the ^chdTs of Marl^ 
borough; the firft print he piiblilhed 

The rat-catcher's bead from Vifcher^ his 
fecond print. 

^ephyrus in the dotlds^ t^dl twb Engliih 

William prince of Orange, from Van*^ 
dyck, fmaU half^ength ; me22dtinto. 

Sleeping Venus^ with diree Cupids and a 
Satyr, from Ci^peL 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Class !• 

Four fmall plates iofJtings from William 
I. to George L inclufively. 

Tte fame in one plate. 

Large 'fet' of heads -of tlic kirtgs^ for 
Jlapin. Smaller fet, ditco. 

Monuments of the Confeffor, Edward L 
Henry V. Henry VIL. Edward YL for the 
feries of royal tombs. . . « - ^ . 

RichanHL ;«(h(^hi fix>m^^^ paint- 
ing in Weftminfter-abbey. * ; ^ t .. . . - 
^ Qi!ten Elizabeth^ profik; frooa Ifaac 
Oliver. , . 

J Ditto from HilHan^j JaHeara'$ Cam* 
den's Elizabetha.. /..-^ - • 

r ' Mary queen of Scots, from 'Zuccherp, to 
the knees, . - - -? 

A head of the fame, fmaller. 

The fame queen, fmall, from the pldurc 
at St. James's, 

- ' ..Ditto, 

«M. **\^ 4k ^ 

y Google 

Ditto, engraved on goldin-in oval, from 
Dr. Mead^^s plftur c finely excepted. 

Small ovai of. the king and queen of Bo- 
hemia, and one of their children^ 

Charles L and his queen, holding a chap*'* 
let 'of laurel, from Vandyck, Voerft en- 
graved the fame pifture* 

Queen Anne, large oval, after KneUer. 

Ditto, crowned, the royal arms at top; 
the iTiedals of her reigln round, the frame. 

King -George L very large, 17 15; 

Ditto, a lefs (ize, 17 1 8, beeter. . 

Ditto, fmallen 

Ditto, with, flourilhes, for iwnc patefet, or 

George prince, of Wafcs, lar^e. 

The princefs of Wales, fmallen 

The fame when queenn liliigc» 

Ditto, with an angel bringing a crown % 
from Amicoai. 

- Frederic prince of Wales, in a tied perri- 
wig and armour, from Boit. 

Princefs Anne* 

S 2 William 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

flowers i m«w>tjflj»8 yifryiit»4{oi*ljbfWft 
has no i^l^^«0o.r\ u.* i? .(T 'T^doa 

^*'^*'^,' ,:•_♦. . •. .) '• '/if.*. iMiW.-^ji 

C t A S S fo:^ -J^I:aAs|fl| ilbt-mt 3flT 

WtUUin Seymoui: dt^ (if Soiiidl^^^ 

:ja»rjrfi««Bicriierdidtc of Beanfert;^*'^^'^ 

:::WilliM[x Qhrtodifh duke^f ^^tdkdO^ 

for the illuftrious heads. ,z:ii07f 

oJiAnidutercfMaiibaito^ fmwba 

.:|0b9^ukdi>f?B)iJckinglttm» - * ^ *^^ h^ot? 

Philip duke of Wharton, fiiMli J^^^nfltf 
infcription*: . ^ ■' ^^ ^ --^^^ 

Lionel duke ^Dorfet; in rDbt$-<d^e 
garter. * :i :^ H 

Ditto, in coronation robes, Whlte^dSidf^i 

Henry Howard earl of SuH'C^s midittimny 

Ditto, fmaller, copied from Hollar. 

Francis earl of Bedford, for the illuftrious 
lieadsi D -, " 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Heneage earl of WiiH^«Ifi^il»i^l^&^'^ 

Robert Dudley earl of Iift*ft»!*V "^ ^bH 
Edward earl of Clarendon. ' ""^ 


Edward earl of Si«dwich. J^«d«* 

The ea-tdf D*rt9%rtA<rat«r. * - ^ ^ 
Edward earl of Orford. 
Ch»fefeiwrf?dfHalifoKi. : ^:: '^:^r^ 7/ 
Robeff-r^^iiiigof Okfoni>-gatt*fer rwbbs, 
wkftr lfe»C !j:>W^ (if *lufc laft-- aI^di^'tl/)irft 
works*. ^-.--^ :• • ; f-iilio^ij lol 

Edward eariiG^ OsdS^ Ctibii^'L^^ 
gown and cap i imny pkm$' ofM^ edttfec^ 
fiKs^n rowdUou '-t- "i 

Ditto in his robes, whole length, , . i'. 
:'71mh)M3 Mrl of Straff . ; ^ !. 

Horace lord Vere. • » ^ >5 

J0|«;lord Somers. I 

.;;::[;>M .vr,/ ' .:.;v -).t-rr> ,tJ:iQ 

§^ Cc1a>S4 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

- ' ".' ' ■ ' ' ' tf.'-' ^ " , ',**.'.'* 

* C I, A $ $ 3, L A rj I B s, J ) : 

• / ■ .< *■ .» o''''^ • 
' Sarah duchefk^^ Soaierliet^ yi^f^ fei^^«, 
Elizabeth cquntefs of Shrewfbqry* 
-Domthy countefs of i3^nderliWid, ^ * { 
The lady Morton, )|M.' 
Henrietta countefs of OfFflry^^ ; 

• Frances lad.y Carteret, \ Wiv^s^ of Jj!(Jin 
Sophia countefs Granville* i earl Gr^nyJiMe, 
Mrs. Margaret Halybfurtq^ji io^riptiOn^ 

in .Latin and £ngli.^. 

Lady M. Cavendifh Harley, fqr th< ftnuJH 
editiQii af Waller. 

Class 4. Bis hops, 

Archbilhop W-arham, for i^ illi^ilrpus 
heads, ... . ; 

Ditto, fnaalK 

Archbiihop Cranmeri with^bpok, iri 
both hands, set. 57, By miftake liie in- 
fcriptipn and arms give it for Parker. 

Archbiihop Partner, books before hiniiand 

on each fide \ fine, . 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Diit<>> 'bcxSk. lA' oihd hftfi^-fttff in 'the 
other. ".'J' cT.;^.^ . :^. r je^f.^i^ , .. -^ 

St■ft»•tHimJ^"•^ 'r-trx; :, ni •.^. ' . !. • ; 
Ditto, fmalter, head. .:.^:- . .. ..: 

Archbifliop GrindaiC '-^ ^^ ^^'1 « .o :::: 

^ A+€K>l(h0p: I'iliotfoii; fiking lifti^' Velvet 
chair, fine. .^. .* ...<.. k . 

JcAn Potter, bMiop bf Oxford. ,, ' 
Ditto, -when \archbifltopi»iH jfyrkdry kild- 
ii*g^a4)€>0lf<)n his knee.- '^ -^ - * / ♦ 
Francis Godwin, bilhop of Land«lffi; ••-• 
Archbifliop jBla^kbume. . 
James Sharp, archbifliop of St. An- 
drews. ' ^ • ' 

John Jewel, biihop^ of^Saflifbuff. > * ' 
John'Rbbiirfonj'bifliOp^df l:X>ndon^ '^'^^ 
Ednaund'GiWbtT,* bilhop of -IJondoii>' ^ ^ 
'The ^arhe' pflnt,- but' Wh boolcs aiid 'Sp- 
iers dh eSeh^fid^.of t-hpe a'^msr.^ ' -^ » •-' 
Edward Chahdler, bifliop of Durhaflfi,^ *• 
Richard Fox, bifhop of Winchefter, ' Jo- 
annes Corvus Flandrus faciebat, 
Htigh Latimer^ bifhop of Worcefter. 

S 4 ' William 

Digitized by VjOUV l\C 

WUliam Talbot, t^Oiop of SalUbgrr,^ 
Gilbert Burnet, bjihopof Salifbuiy. . 

WiUi9^ Loyd, oiip^ « Worcdier, 6u 
^ng in a^bair in bi| tibraiy, oqepf hi$ inoil( 
capital w«^rks« .. . •...'. ,t o,..v^'^ nrio'^ 
Ditto, i large hea^, i-uJ.j.i ^^ctDiu^J 
Francif Gaftrell,"} bUho^ ATiCSielbaoiiT 
Richai4 StAa>r;$k JBii%|U)|ifciid^ 
and Coventry. I ' -'. -. • -:3 3;;io»0 
George Smalridge, biflMti^SriflahM 
Francii Att^bur|t» b'ribpp.'ori^iidK^er. 
l^wn aAth.folne laifd^ ^SetOfiA tni^|fi^qi> 
iijf|>ti|pn»^ii.-.'. . . ■■.„...:'J 

Tbree different prints, '-::■■: 

Philip Bifle, biihop of HeMfonLI 1 1 
Thomu Tanner, bUhqp.of Stii:^fiipli( 
.bVtftiilBciifiNwbiibopofGlo;^ i 

Benjamin HoaiUejr, re^fcor jof iSt; ^ V^aett 

?QOr (aftemardb.1>i<kop of iWUchdUen) '^ 

.^fTlNMBnVi l^ilib%- bifliop ;ofy:So^r-%d 

Wajb3il:)Hjt ££•// Juc .t':I uv ia: loi l-jn-i^.i 

.liti oj f!U,j-.>d bill Z3"{3 e'jor:^'/ 

^"-^^-'^ I Class 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


John Spencer, ^ean. of Ely^2>>.-* i ?: ,si 
Laurence Echard. hi'm' fgu.I « ,o::I(i 
Thoraft»iBJfSi<fc.^ci;iI^i^JEO ziansi^ 

George Brown, A. M, r- ' ''^^ '^"* 
MiloK<rfil<w?e».i- i .■K.-nUy^ d-^-'^ 

.r.^l^Sglfis io«dioH^> atffl^ vriedsi-BomnrSr 

?he Charter-houfc. Alfo, (a printO^J<|^ 

fatogartboMyafahecwtii.)- (Mg o iitfaigidlus 

fyftem.) •:):.•' >-^>ifIT 

Mr. Iftao-Miffi. • > i ■ > i <: '''J 

W#«n.Whi%a;I It'. :.^ V ?. oriT 

£. TJ£|afe; Ofm defigoaxibsvB IsHilfido 

vaei^Te^fan. . .. .x ••'<'^ n'.:.'..,ii-3ii 

brJDr.r.(Qoayets^id^etpii;^: Th|limide« 
figned for his works, but was rejcftcdiJ W 
Vertue's eyes had begun to fail. 
John Barwick, dean of St. Paul's. 

. 'i Joha 

y ;1 A J ^ * ^ ^^ 

Digitized by VJpOQlC ^^^_ 

John Gilbert,' canon' oPExeter. ' 

R. Cudworth, D. D. 

Ifaac Watt«, V, D. M. . ^ , 

Another, D. D. with a book in his hand. 

Dr. Swift. 

Another, fmaHer, In a ni^t-gown.' 

Another, ftill fmaller: uhdet it!,Non Pa- 
ml. * ^- . ^-.^ '^. : 

Humphry Gower, mafter of ^St.' John^S 
GolK •...'./ 

John Gale, M. A. and D. P, ' 
Daniel Burgefs. ' ' .* '* 

- John Edwards, Sl t.'Pl '''''' ^ 

Lewis Atterbury, L. L. D. ' 

John Harris,>S. T. P. 

Richard Fiddes, S, S. T. P. 

Mr, Hall (executed) no name. Arms. 

Montrofc, no name, cap, band, picked 
"teard. " " 

John Gill, S.T.P. • ' 

rfumphrey Prideaux, dean of Norwich, 

John Owen, dean ofChrift-church.* * 

Mr. Thomas Stackhonfc, 

Ralph Taylor, S. T. P/ 

Penry Sachevcrdl, ^ 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 

John Weftley, mo of themj l^^^^ 1745* 

John Strype, . > 

John FJamfteed, i_ 

Richard Bentky, 

Jofeph Spence, 

Samuel Clarke. -Three. The two Imallefl: 
have no difference, but tfeat to one is added 
Dna, Hoadley pinx. Perhaps the other wa$ 
only a proof, .. 

Mr. Spinckes. 

Mr. Henry Grove, ^ 

Robert South, S. T. P. \ . 

John Piggott, V.-Q,- M. ^ \. \ r : : ■ 

Robert Mofs, dean of Ely^ 

William Broome. 
. A. Blackwall, M. A^ . ; • . . 

Mr. Jofeph Stennet, 

Edmund Galamy, D, D, 

Thomas Bradbury. 

John Laurence, A, Mt 

Philip Pocjdcridge. 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 

;.,- - .\. i.;^ -tjr'jio ^DijiuT^ e^mBl 3nT 

Sir-Nicholat&teijftj^ «:n;.( M <tw!£^ lici 

Tomb of the fame. .e£^iq 

dSBr^ThcNnrias'lWkcn .' :^ -*:'?: J iiS 
The fame, vAien carl of Macclesfield. .10 jp 
Sir Peter ^k^^^hx^icWcBjaSSctQmiCN 
The fame, ?Mhmicbaifc«B<sr^.iD ?jimoxlT 
Sir Matthew Hale.r/^ . . -S' ^m'noAT 
John lord Fortefcue. : • .• . v^b.oJ 
Sir John Willes. .-: . V: vrC fll r? 

Sir Robert Eyre. c : ./. : -< r.^c ;d 

Sir Robert Raymond. ;\- .c-^^^ j.i rxioX 
Henry Powle, fpeakcr and mafter of the 

Sir Jofeph Jekyll, mafter of the rolls. 
The fame, fitting in a chair, fine. 
John Verney, matter of the rolls, fine. ~ 
James Reynolds, chief baron. 
.5...;. Sir 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Sir James Steuarf , lord advoeate. 
Sir John ComynSj chief baron. 
^^k f W^S:?^5*jts3«P of ^ Ef^clje^c^^r^ 
' Thc^famc, juftice of the Ijling's-bcnch, 

Sir John Bkncbw,'juftic^ of the Com- 

Robert Price, baron of-.dt^ Eatd««jlicr2 
Sir James MountagtK^x^a^ . ': 1 li^^ 
Alexander Denton^ jiifb-^£: >Qamnai(&« 
pleas. wSit.' 10 .i^.jT 

Sir Laurence Cartcr;::bfltJoir^t)6<!£xdDe- 
quer. .:^,r*^:z~ . r ...I-. ':z .u ^ ..^.:v• , ^r;!; 
WiUiainnPfereW:flBam^iriqi :^3^^ ^lo 
Thomas Craig>kif:iUocarttrfm,t;3rr£l ^dT 
Thomas Vernon, clq.^w ri 'r^r.r£Nl i:i 
JLord-keeper North. * v 1 , : i » m :'oT 
^ir Dudley North. : ^ - 

Roger North, dq. : . { ^ }.- : X ^-ri 

John Bridges^ eiq* I t;;c ii ^.c-! 


-Hvi :*' >^*> c I.: •■: -*.r} 'riu\ -j/IT 
i-' , CXAIS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

m '^^0/ V>t9typvk% mMi^ 

.-. * 

Class 7. Mikisters^ and Gkit-. 

Sir Francis Walfingham.^ 

Sir Walter Raleigh. 

Another, fmall. 

Sir Nicholas Throckmortw* \ 

Sir Francis Drake, large, poorly done. 

Thomas Harlcy, efq. of Bramptonnbryan. 

Sir Robert Harley, knight of tbe Bath* 

Sir Edward Harley, ditto. 

Edward Harley, efq. jmditor of the Inv 

Sir Ralph Winwood. 

William Trumbil, efij^ «nVoy to Bruf- 

Sir William Trumbull, fecrctary of ftatc. 

John Thurloe, elq. 
^ Sir Edward Nicholas. 

Sir Thomas Roe. 

James Craggs, efq, fcnr. 

5 Ijord 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Lord Aubrey Beauclerk, poorly done. 

Sir Watkyn Williams Wynn. 

Sir Thomas RawUnfoa, locd-mayon 
, ^ f ranw Muody* / 

Sir Philip Sydenham. 

*ir, ^k2r. .\ r' ' - ' 

James Gardiner, A. M. 

Henry Barham, eiq* . .. .i. : . . .1 

A gentleman, in a xsraviat,. Iw/St iioak^ 
arms, label above hitn, doiufcripiiQiu . 

John Graves, ged:«aged':ioa, «i6l6« I 

Richard Graves, of AfichletQii, e^. d« 
1669, .^. . i ■ \ 

Richardus Gfuvies. de 1 Michleton^ ob. 

Monjumcnt of Mrs. Eleanor Graves, &t* 

Samuel Dale, M. L. . 

John Mbrley, efq. 

James Piickle, fmafl, 

John Bagford. My proof is on Indian 
rcddifti .pap^n • Verme was fond of prwing 
on papers of various, colour^ „ 

John Murray of Saoomb, antiquary.- 


ized by Google 

ttt £§r <TiitTVt'i 

Class 9. PHYStcxAifs^ &c. 

Tctar Barwick, phyficiiui to Chilli 11^ 


Dr. Turner, 

Anodier» finaUen 

Thomns Fuller^ M. D. v 

Thomas WiUis,M.D. 


John Marten^ furgeon. 

Ambroic Godfreyj d^inift. . : ^. 

F A C T O JL S, &C, 

Hugh Price^ fountfer of Baltol-cdi» 
Sir Thomas Grcfham. 
Statue of dkco. t 

Tombed ditto. ^ 

Edward Colfem^ <% 


ofgitized by VjOOQIC 

Sir Hugh Myddlcton^ fine. 
Dn Cokt. 

Thomas Sutton. 
Topab of ditto. 

WiUiamLancaftcr, S.T.P,. . > Z 

Class io. ANTi<it3rAiiiEs,'AuTHdRS* 
Mat H E MAT J CI AN a. ""t 

William L4tabard^.. :v^ .\ vA 
. John Stowe. 
Sir Robert Cotton, 

*; John Selden. . \! 

Sir James Ware. 

: Thpmas Hearne, Two diferent# 

i Robert Nelfon, 

W^eir.Moyie, e% . , , .? : 

William Baxter. - -j - - ^ r-^^ ?. j ; ,5 
Richard Baxter^ P^^*^: iPi ^^^^ll^ 

Life of Baxter. .:- i?^.o dT^^T 

. Vol* V* ,* ^^*f ''^1 tnr ^?. ll^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

'i > 

Mr. Wollaflx>n. 

Sir Ifaac Newton* i * 

Abraham Sharp* 
George Holmes. 
Sir Philip Sidney, withrVVlny < 
Small head of ditto-, . 
The fame, whole l?B&h^ fitting uftdcr a 

Robert Boyle, two of them* 

Mr. Steel, in a cap. r ., . : . r - ^ 

The fame when Sir Richard, in. a wig. 

Mr. Addifon, two : one has his arois. 

Edmund Halley. 

Mr. John Freake« . './'-' 

Class ii. Poets and MiV^iQj^jMS. 

Titk-pagc to the fetof 12 pOOTS, iBan 
ornamented border, wit& k>rd Os&d's 
arms. ' ' • ' .\:\* 

I. JohnGower.f . .. : 

t ThoTe numbered arc the fet. V^wifi^Pt^^Ai^ 

^ not belony; to it. r, 

'3 a. deofiy 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

a. Geofry Chaufccf. 

3. Edmund Spencer. 

4* William Shakefpeare: • '' 

5. Ben jiohnfon. 

6. Francis Bfeiiimont* 

7. John Flietchen 

8. Johh Milton. 

9.' Samuel BVider. i , 

10. Abrabain Cowley. 

11. Edmund Walter/ 

1 2. John Dryden. 

Geofry Chaucer, large> in'i^al fianie. ♦ 

Another fmaller, verfes'ia old charac- 
ter. * 

A plate with fiv^e fmall heads of "CHaucer, 
Milton, Butler, Cowley, Waller. * 

Edmund Spencer, fmall. ** • ' 

Willian? Shalcel{)eari?, fitiaH,> in'^ai Wrgc 
jUS:*. / - .'-•.'■ '^'^ V^o?>v • 

. Aflftther ftiU lefs. ♦ i' ^m 

I' Print of his- tomb. * : i . ^\ 

A plate with feven fmall heads vdf [Shake* 
fpeare, Johnfon, Bemimont, Fteteher/Ot- 
'#ay, Drydenj Wychertefv-**-''^ t-t^u4. \ 

Ben Johnfon, fmall.* - - 

T a Francis 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

Francis Beaumont, fmalU* . . 

Bufl: of John Milton^ * 

Another, ygungi a Latin veriest* . , \ 

Another, old; 2 Greek ycifcs, *| 

The fame, 6 EpgUfli verfc3. * . , » ' 

Abraham Cowley, iiD^U. * 

Butler, for Grey's Hudibras. * . , ^ ^ r- . 

Waller, fof the .finall . ^drtion . of hh 
works.* . . ' [' 

John Dryden, large. * T 

A fmall one. * 

Sir John Suckling. . 
, : ..Nicjiola* Rowc, , . . S . 

His tomb. 

Thoinaa Durfcy; , , 

Allan Ramfay. 

Mrs. Eliza Haywood. ^ 

WiUiani (Jioft, IJodor of muft^^ 1 

A head of John Milton, for a vignette, * . 

Another, very diffeltnC, ast. 4a. At ooe 
corner lightnings at the oth«r, the feipcflt 
and apple. * '^ 

.Two oAers, fnaaUer. ♦ . 

Anotherj fmaHer.* 

; ^' , i \ 

* ' \TrfV€t, 



Trivet, an old pOet.' A monk' ift' an 
initial letter. 

John Lfdgatc. ' '' . 

Lord Lanfiiown. / - 

Matthew Prior, fitting m a chair." 

Mr. Pope, in a^ long wig. 

Ditto, fmall, in a cap. 

Arthur Johnlbn. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe. 
• ..Mr. John Robinfon, organift. ' ^ ' 

Class 12. F o r e i o n r n' s. ' 

Hernan Cortez. 

Francifcus Junius, from an etching of 
Vandyck* ^ 

The fame, compleatly^cngraYed. 
Balthazar Caftiglione. * ' 
Rapih Thoyras. * . -; 

Job Patriarcha. •'• ' / 

I. William prince of Orange, f 
a. Maurice prince of Orange.' "' 

* .+ The eleven heads numbered; vc. ^ fct. 
■ ^-i T 3 3. Jawbus 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

w. ff 

3. Jacobus Arminius. ,!• . i ^ 

4. Simon Epifcopius. ./- ..i :.r 

5. Johannes Bogerman, - - .' •'.'*' 

6. Gerardus VofRus. .. .. .; ..(./ 

7. Francifcus GonriariU^. 

8. Edwardus Poppius, 

9. Galpar Barlaeus. 

10, Johannes Uttenbogaert. 

11. Philip dc Mofnay. 

Maphaeus Barberintjs, poftca ^ liJ^? 
nus VIII. t^apa. 
Hicronymus Fracaftorius. *- 

Cervantes. ^ 

Father Paul. 

Profile of Auguftine Caracci. 

Benedetti, finger. 

Rev. Mr. Aaron. . , ;• 

Pierre Varignon. , , 

Blaife Pafcal. 
Archbilhop Fenelon. 
Wenceflaus Hollar. . ' '" ' . 

Marcus Hieronjrmus V^d^'. ; ... ' . 
, Charles XII. of Sweden. ' 

Philip y. king of iSt)^?n. ' • ' ^ ^ ^ 

- - Erafmus* 

Digitized by KjUUV IVC 


Antony Arnauld. .; 

Charles Rollin. ^ 

Monf. de St. Evrcmottd. , 

• Class 13. Historic Prints, and 

Prints with two or more Portraits, 

I r 

. Heiiry VIL and his Qi^een, Henry VIH. 
and Jane Seymour. • . , 

Proceffion of quew Elizabeth, to^ Huftf- 
don-houfe. .^^ 

' The tomb of lord Darnley, Jameis h v^^l^n 
a child; earl and countefs of ]Lenox>. &^. 
praying by it. 

. Battle of Carberry-hill, at large, from- a 
fmall view in the preceding. ,, 

This was the firfl number, pubUftj^d 
with explanations. M 

Three, children of Henry VII. 
Charles Brandon duke of Suffolk and 
Mary queen of France. 

Frances duchefs of Suffolk, and A^'mi 
Stoke, her fecond hufb^nd, ,: - ^ 

. T 4 ' ' ^ Lady ' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Lady Jane Grey, with emblematfci de- 
vices. ^ ^ ' ''••••^'1? 

TKis was' the Ibcond number publiftfeciln 
like manner. Vertue intended^d gite -Ibdie 
other pictures, relative to* the family of 
Tudor, as Philip and Mary, from the pic- 
ture at Woburn, which he had purpofely 
copied in water-colours ; but he finifhed^jjo 
znorQ of that fet, but the following. 

Edward VI. granting the palace of Bride- 
well for an hofpital. 

The Court of Wards 5 with an explana- 
tion on a folio (heet. 

Thomas earl of Arundel, his countefs 
and chiWwt! j a plate done for the duke of 
Norfolk, and never fold publicly. 

Thbmas earl of Strafford and his Secre- 

The earl of Strafford's three children. 

A fet of ten plates, containing the heads 
of Charles I." stnd the principal fufFcrers in 
his caiife, with' their charafters beneath, 
' 'from lord Clarendon, 

Thomas earl of Coningfby andt his two 
^ ifau^hters. ' '^ i- . ' ■ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

;Tfee family of Eliot of Pott Elior in 

r VtMvf^ 4uke of Portl^ndj, Mar^^aw his 
'^fihdsj and lady Mary. Wprtley* 

Cl*AS..S 14, TOHBS. 

Tomb ^of John duke of Newoaftle in 

— ^— - of Sophia marchionefi of Annaa« 

of Dn Coletf 

Buft of ditto. 

Tomb of Dr. Young, 

— -*— of Dryden. 

of Thomas Watfori Wentworth*^ 

Cjlass 15. Plans, Views, Churches, 
Buildings, &c. 

Survey of the remains of Roman anti- 
quity on the Wolds in Yorkfliire. 

Ancient plan of London as it >fras in the * 
beginning of queen Elizabeth's i^eign, on fe- 
Vera! {hects. • 

A furvey and ground-plot of the palace 
of Whitehall. 

Digitized by VjOOQiC 

2^t l4/t'^iy<^^^/^ff(iirti,\ ^ 

Two lAvf^f^K^rk^dingijiim^ 

pofcd .by Sir Chriftopber Wren, ^ier,tl>c 
fire. ., . ^ 

Two'diiFcrent by Mr. Evelyn. 

Antiquae Etrurise par&oricntalis. 

Plan of a Romgn military way in Lan- 
• Lincoln Vinn-chapcl, 

Church of Bofton. 
' Plan and elevation of tht fire-worlcs in St. 
Jaipes's-park, April 27, 1749. 

View of the fire-works at the .duke of 
Richmond's at Whitehall, May 15, 1749. 

The gate-houfc or tower of Layer-Mar- 
ney-hall in Eflex. 

Three plates of Saxbn antiquities, Way- 
landfnaith, Ichenild-way, &c. 

Pcrfpeftive view of a gothic front in die 
clju-rch of Worlingworth in Suffolk. 

Infide view of the chapel in Londojji- 
bri4ge. Anojher plate with the outfide and 
the bridge. 

Small viev of the c^tbedraj at Ex^ef • 

Ditto of St. Edmundfbury. 

^att of the abbot's palace at ditto. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

' Icknogr^y <ifthe'ditti:c6, ditto.* " ^ 
Eaft view of Bluntfliam church in Hun^ 


< View of an artcieiit ^sftevteyj tfctfcattd ha 

Nicholas biflibp of Exeten '.:.•.../ 

View of London about . 1 560* 
North-weft view of (jainfborough. 
Sniall view of the theatre, prihting-houfe, 

and Alhmoleari mufeum at Oxford. 

View of Penfhurft. ' 

Infideof the abbey-church at Bath, drawn- 
' by J. Vdrtue, brother of George. . 
Plan ofthechurcH ofSt. ^/^arti^l. 
Weft profpe& of ditto. 
South profpeft of ditto. 
Vicwof theSavoyl ' 

A ^effelated.pavcnrientSircovered at Stuaft ^ 

field near Woodftock, 1712. : *> 

Extent of the fire 9? Londgn, on '^tifo^-^ 

flieets. ' * • » 

The ancient woqcjep church at- Grepnftecd ^ 

in Effex, &c. / i . -. • ' 

Map of fonie Roman garriibns. ^ ' 

Plan of a Ramaa icwipL . - * * 

y Google 

Five large printo tf the Riddifib! Itbviby 
at Oxford. * .".,1 ic -kG 

Class z6. Coins^ MsoAtiffi B'M^ts^ 
SfAhs, Cha&t£r^j Gems^ ami SH£i&/Si 

Coin of Caraulius and his emprefs in 
brafs. ' 
• Plate of coins of Caraufius, 

Ditto, and of other emperors. ;. . 

Plate of coins with the crux viflorialis* 

Medal of queen Caroline when pi:ij(icefe, 
a figure fitting on each fide. 

Reverie of a medal, legend, Refurgp^t ^ ,■ 

Plate of ancient Gallic coins. 

Another of barbarous coins. ...,, 

^ Medal of Leo X, 
' Plate I. Egyptian figures, 9cQm 

^'Plate 2. Ditto. 

Medal of George 11. his queen, and chil- 
dren. ■^..^. 
" Heads of Virgil and Homer, . . _ 

Snaller Homer. . .m 

f Googh's Br. ' Oxf<)rcUhire; ^' '^^' 
-^'^ Small 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Small heid^TtefidfcilA'JtthitaV- ' ' 

Ditw of King Alfred. ^ ^ .xv) v. 

Ditto of a Pope. 
-Vei^finili one'of Caleb Danvers. ' '^ 

Buft of loud Tt»k3ictyi abdt bf Crowland. 

A buft found at York in po*flfeflk)n of Ro- 
ger Gale. 

An extraft from Domefday, relating' jto 
the church of Hambyrie in Wyrcefter&irpf 

Seal in the fhape of a lozenge^ an ox mi 
a caftle. ... 

Seal of Adam de Newmarche; 

Tally of Thomas Godelire. 
_ Seal, of dean aiid chapter of Hereford* , 

Two others. * . ^' 

Seal of George Coke, Ibifliop of Ii«* 
fol-d. ,: , 

— of Robert Benet, bifhop of Hq;f ♦ 
ford. \'^ 

'— ^-^of Savari de Bouri. A crefcent. 

Another, fame arms. v 

Another fcal, with arms of Bohyn. . .^a 

Another. Another, a knight on horfe- 

back. . . .> '^ 

: Seal 



Seal of William Fiti-Oth. • 

to the furrerider of an ^bbcy^ 

12 ^ -rr*-" of St* Jphn-ClerkentveHi •: - r . ^ 

— of TJioaia$ biftiop of Elphin. 

of biihpp Egidius; 

Some other fcaU* * .' / . 

'Amis of queen Elizabeth, as a 0;aAit>- 

Bi«iOofJaiT\esI. tf 

Precept of king Hcruy to the IherifF of 

A charter and imperfeft feal, parts onljr of 
a horfeman and of anoA^f figurWl *• 

Reprefentation of ijfii ^6fififie' Tiara. ' 

Jewels in the ct^Heftidh' ^of Margaret 
duchefs of Portland, 3 plates.- - ' <^ * * 
• >'F^rve Ihetls, ditto. -- '.:- ' - ' 

Thirteen famples of antique filver chafi^ 
idette fdimd at iS-ath.-f ' ^ / ^ > - - 

• Cough's Brit. Topog. p. 712. of the firfl edit.. 

+ Gough's Brit. Topogr. in Somerfetftiire.— but qu. 
whether thefe were not engraved by his brother Jaihes, 
whorcfided'atBath^? ' ' ^ ^ ''^^^" 





and Tail-Pieces. - -* * 

Frontifpiece to Plinc fur Tor 0t l>ar|^t 
ffj^r& lh< ^. cfMcea C^itQUn?, at top* { 
-. A bishop giving a writing to- Hib««>iia, 
with other figures. Seeftas'ito.i^lfat© td a 

A man writing on a tomb by . jiik)<)iih 
light it^f Dr, ToungV.Nigfefi-^dMgh^ . 

Minerva raifing a wonianj Rcfurgc^: 
VignettCv^if /; . t/'\,./*. 

Heqdj.piece for ThtirWs .Siiaic-pap8rs : 
Thurloe's head, &c.. : . ; i. •: 

A ptdftn fefittii>g.%bP.6iIcctQ Jam^h !•< Faitl| 
ftandii)g^y.him wi^th Wf Bible, &c, I be- 
lieve for father Paul, 

A proceflion, with the fign of the tabar,d ^ 
for one of Chaucer's tales. 

A temple with books and emblematic 
figures i vivitur ingenio, 
"vr.--^, Frontiipiecc 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

J«4 . W ify^^rvWifScfi^. 

Frontifpiece to the audion book of the 
Harleian Colle&ion. 

^ A head-piece with view of Stdiichcnge, 
? Vignette to Spencers Folynoietis* 

A man diggings with Latin mottOeV 
£naU ovaL 

Infide of a diurdi, and a churck^aois 
Jiead-piece» - ' * ^'^c-^ 

The Annimciation^ ditto. ' ^i 

Many plates for the quarto edition' Spf 

The Ad Leftorem for lord BarlB^(toa's 

Frontifpiece to Hiftoria Cadeftb.: 
: Six inkial letters, N. a F. S. 1 T\ 

Set of head-pieces for Homer. : 

Frontifpiece to Fenton's Marianne. ^ 

Ditto xo Smith's prints from Titiait 



* ClA$$ |d, MiSCitLANEOUd.. 

Arms 6f the Ahtiqimian Society ^t 

Arms of Blount. ' 

, Conundrum for Henny's rig^t tobdixoj i 
toe, a back, and O* ^ * 

Benefit ticket for Mademoifeile Vidldtte. 
rPrint of Richard Dickiafon governor o£ 
Scarb<MX>ugh Spaw, with verfes. Poor. 
, Latge |aint of Darid Bruce, with ac- 
count of his diilrefles at fea. As iii done 
as the former. 

Two plates .of a mummy* 

Two genealc^c trees, intituled, Procef- 
fus & Scries Legis* 

Plate to put in lady Oxford's books* - 
' Infcription to Neptune and Minerva. 

Head of Silenus, a bafrelief. 

Liber & Libera, ditto. 

A plate of fbme Roman Antiquities, 

The . weftern profpedt of Bear'sden-hall 
in Sunty, a fatyric print. 

Vol, V, U Antiquity- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC — ^ 

2^6 Lift of VertceV fhrh. 

Antiquity-hall, ditto. 
^ An anfidue fem^e figure wkb' two face£ 
*" liolding a Inake with two heads, 

Befide$ many phtes for die Society of 
Antiquaries, publiflied in their two^yoluijpijs^. 
and a feries of Oxford Almanacs for feveral 
y^ars; and perhaps fome pl^es Y^Hi^ht^ ^97A 
mot come to my knowledge, 

. , j.::. '// 



Digitized by VjOOQIC 

r 3T1 T^ 4:1 



I M D E X 



Ranged according to the Times in which 
they lived. 

RemigiusHogenbetghi 13, 
Francis Hogenbergii, do. 
Humphrey Lhuyd, 14. 
William Caiiyogham^ 15. 
Ralph Aggas, 16. 
Humphry Cole, if. 
John Bettes, 2C« 
Chriilopher S witter, do* 
William Rogers, 21. 
Chriflopher S;ixton, ai« 
Nicholas Reynold, 23. 
Auguftine Ryther, do. 
Ceorge Hoefnagle, 24. 
Theodore* de 9 riC) 15% 
Robert Adams, 27. 
Reginald Elftracke, 2S. 
Francis Delaraxn, 32. 
Crifpia Pafs, 36. 
Crifpin Pafs, junr. 42* 
Willi»m PfiCi, do. 

Magdalen Pafs, 47. 
Simon Pafs, do. 
John Payne, 53* . 
John Barra, 56. 
John Norden, 57. 
Thomas Porter, do. 
Charles Whitwell, 58. 
€. Boel, do. 
William Hole, 59. 
Jodocus Hondius, dm* 
Henry Hondtus, 6i. 
A. Bloom, do. 
Thomas CockA>n, 62* 
Peter Stent, 63. 
Thomas Cartwright, €4* 
William Dolle, 65. 
■ Deodate, do. 

R. Mejghan, 66. 
Thomas Cecill, do. 
Robert Vaughan, 67. 
J. Hulett, 69. 

y z ynnum 

y Google 

/ V ''D ^«%'» 

William MaHhal^ 7©* , 
G. Glover, 73. 
Henry Pcacham, do. 
Robert dc Voerft, 75. 
Luke Voftermanj 78, 
Wenccflaf Hollar, ^x. 
Martin Droefhoutj 82. 
H. Stock, B3« 
H. Vanderborckt, da. 
T. Slater, do. 
William Delff, 84. 
George Gifford, do. 
Thomas Cro6, do« 
S. Savery, 85. 
}. Goddard, 86. 
J. Dickfeo, 87. 
A. Hertocks, do. 
J. Chantry, 88, . 
r. H. Van Hove, do, 

■ Rotcrmans, 89. 
Francit Baiiow, do, 

K. Gaywood, 90* 

■ Dadiey, 91. 
Carter, do. 

Kobcrt Pricke, dou 
Trancsi Place, 93. 
J. Savage, 97. 
William Lodge, 98. 
WilUam^benriD, 103. 
Jofeph Nuttins, X04. 
William Faithorne, 106. 
William Faithorne, jonr. i»6. 
John Fillian, 128* 
peter Lombart, do. 
Jamci Gammon, 131. 
X 5 C .." *' 

Robert Thacker, is^r^' ^ 
■ > MorgaB, So; • 

William SkilfmaVdo'. 
John DonfhiU, i ji« ' ' 
J, Brown, do. 
Prince Ropeit, dcb - 
WaUerant VaiUanr, t43« 
John Evelyn, 143. 
David Loggao, 152. 
Peter Williamfbn,- 1 59* 
Abraham Blootefing, do* 
Gerard Valck, i«i. 
Edward le Davit, i6s. " 
William Lightfdot,n[63V 
Michael Burghert, 164, 
Peter Vanderbank, x^, 
Nicholas Veates, tjot 
John Collins, dc, 
R. Collins, junr. 171. 
William Clarke, do» 
John Clarke, do. 
|l. Thomp(bn, xyt* 
Thomas Dodley, r;^* 
iPaal Vanfomer, de, 
John Vanibmer, 174. 
Robert White, 175, 
George White 191* 
Arthur Soly, do, 
Hamlet Winftanley, 19^ 
I - Burnford, 194, 

Ifaac Oliver, do. 
John Drapenticre, 195* 
William Elder, dp. 
John Sturt, 196. 
Robert Jackfon^ dOf 




y Google 


/ j\r p s,x. 

Fraacia Bragg^ do» , 

M Ltttterel, i^«, 
Ifaac Bccket^ 199^ - 
John Smith, loz* , ^ 
Simoa Gribeliiiy 905. . 
Sir Nicholas Dorignx^ ^7* 
Charles Diipoit, »!• 
Claude dg Bofc, 2i9« 
■ Bcauyais, do, 
Lewis da Guermer, 213. 
George Bickhaoi^ zi^ 
S. Coignard^ %t$* • 
T« Johnfon^dQ. 
John Kipj; dOb . 
George Ktjog, ii^» 
Daniel Kingi dop 
S. Nichols, 217. 
Joieph Simpfoix^p;!^* 
Peter Van Gunft, do* 
Robert Williams^ xx^. 
W. WiKon^ 12Q. 
Michael Vandergutcb, do. 
John Vandcrguichj 221. 
i^laud P^Tid^ 229. 

^^-« Chereaa, jane 4«. 
Bernard Lens, 2^3* 
Saoittf 1 Moore, 224. 
•«-« Scotin, 225. 
Mr. Englifliy 226* 
Henry Hullberg, do* 
John Fabcr, 227. ' 

John Faber, junr. db. 
Edward Kirkall, 22S. 
James Chrift. le Blon, a3t>. 
John Simon, 232* 
L. Boitard, 233* 
B. Baron, 234. 
Henry Gravelot* 236. 
John Pine, 237. 
Arthur Pond, Z3S. 
Henry Fletcher, 239. ' 
Cary Creed, do. 
JoCeph Wagner, 240. 
Thomas Prefton, do. 
John Laguerre, 241. - ' 
Peter Fourdriniere, 2424 
John Greeoy do« 



Digitized by VjOOQiC 


I N D E- 




Ranged :^lphabetically. 

ADAMS, HOIERT, p. 47. 
Aggas, RalpB, 16. 

BmJow, Francis^ S^* 
Baron, B. 234. 
Barra, John, 56* 
Beauvais, — — , 21 »• 
Becket, Ifaac, 199. 
Bettec, Johi>, 20. 
Bickham, George, 214. 
Blon, J.Cbriftophcr le, 230. 
Bloom, A* 61* 
Blooteling, Abra. 159. 
%>«1, C. 58. 
Boitard, L. 233* 
Bole, Claude du, 212. 
Bragge, Francis, T96. 
Brie, Theodore de, 25. 
Brown, J. 13 3* 
Burghers, Michael, 164. 
Burnford, » 194, 

Carter,—*—, 92. : " 

Cartwrigbt,LTh(tfiW| ^,. 

Cecill, Thomas, 66* 

Chantry, J. S8. * ' 

Chereau, junr. 222. 

Clarke, John, 171, 

Clarke, William, do. 

Cockjfon, Thomas, 61, 

Coignard, S. Z15; 

Cole, Humphry, 19* 

Collins, John, 170. 

Collins, Richard, 171. 

Creed, Carey, 239. 

Crofs, Thomas, 84. 

Conyogham, William, 151 

David, Claud, 222. 
Davis, Edward It, 162* 
Delaram, Francis, 32. 
DclflF, William, 84. 
Deodate, — , 65. 
Dickfon, J. 87. 
Dolle, William, 65. 
Dorignyj'Sir Nicholas, 207V ^ 
■ Drapentiere, John, 195^, "^ 
Drodhout, Martin, 82* ^ ' 

y Google 


DunftaU^ Jobn^ 133* 
Dapuis, CborT&y st^la 

Xlder^ William, 1^5. 

Engltih, Mr. 9^it^ 
Efelyn^ Joilfty 1^45, 

Faber,JoB&j alj. 
Fahen John, ju^ir. do. 
FaithorneyWiUiant, xo|« 
Faithorne, WiJliam, junf . I26t 
Fillian^ John, itS. 
Fletcher, Henfy, 239. 
Fourdriniere, Peter, i^% 

Gammon, James, 151* 
Gaywood> R. 90^ 
Geminus, TfiomaSy tb* 
GifTord, George, 84* 
Glover, O. 73, 
Goddard/ J, B6» 
Gravelot, Henry, z^^t 
Green, Johh, a4t. 
Oribelin, Simon, 2o'5. 
Guernier, Lewis dd^ 2i|-« 

Hcrtock8,'A. $7^ 
Hoefnagle, George, 24. 
Hogenbergh, Francis, ij, 
Hogenber^» Hemigim, 4p» 
Hole, William, 59, 
Hollar, Wcnc^flas, g^rf » 

Hondias, Heiiif, JSr* 
Hondias, Jodocus^ 59^ 
Hulett, J. 69. . 
Hullberg, Henry^ »$d«r 

Jackfon, Robert, 196$ . 
Johnfon, T« jfci^ 

King, Daniel, II 6^ 
King, George, do. 
Kip, John, 2 1 5* 
K irkall, EdwAoS, 4tfY« 

Laguerre, John> 24^* 
Lens, Bernafd»4a^ 
Lightfoot, WilHaoa» k^ 
Lodge, Wiljkmi gS^j 
Loggan, David, i|»^ , 
Lombart, Peter, i28« , 1 
Lhuyd, Hamphrey, j^ • 
Lutterel, . ■ . i , s^S, 

Marihal^WiUiamy 70*, 
Meighan, R. 66. . 
Moore, Sam^ly 2244 
Morgan,.. ■ ■ ^ j^^ 

M. . _ , 
Nichols, S. 2^7« 
Norden, John, 5;^ 
Nutting, Jofeph, 104^. • 

Oliver^ Ifaac, X94, 

Pafs, Crifpln, 36* 




/ IT. B 5 . X,- 

Ml, Magdalen, 47* 
Pa&, SifDoOy do» 
Paft, William, 42. 
P*T^ John, 53. 
Feadiaro, Henry, 73* 
PSne, Jobo, ^37* 
Place, Fraiicit, 9^ 
Pond, Artfaor, %^Z» 
Porter, Thomai, 57. 
Ptefton, Thomaa, X4o» 
Pikke> Robftrt, 99* 

Reynold, Ktcholai^ 23* 
Rofert, WUliam, 2x» 
Rotermans, ■ ■» S^ 
Rupert, PHnce, 135* 
Ryihcr, Augvftine, 23* 

Savage, J. 97* 
Savery, S* %$• 
Saxton, Chrtftopher, 2S» 
gcotio, , 225. 

Sherwin, Wiltiain, 103* 
Simon^ John, 232» 
Simpfon, Joftpb,i2i8. 
tkiilman, WUKam, 132* 
tlater,T. 83. 
Soittb, Joho, ft02* 
Soly, Aitbar, 19 1, 
Stent, PeteiV ^Z^ 
Stocky H« 83. 

Start, John, 19(4 
Switser, Cbnftopb«i^. moi 

t'backer, Rfb^it, 132*' 

Tbonpfon, R. lys. 

VaiHant, Wallcnftty 143* 
Valck, Gerard, ]6i» 
Vanderbank, Peter, 1^4 
Vanderborcht, H, 83. 
Vandergatch, Jobn, 22r. 
Vandergutch, Mlcbacl, 22o« 
Van Guflt, Peter, 218. 
Van Hove, F. H. 88. 
Vanfomer, John, 1 74, 
Vanfomer, Paul, 173. 
Voerft,^obcrt de, 75. 
Vofteroian, Luke, 78. 
Vaughan, Robert, 67* 

Wagner, Joieph, 240. 
Wbitc, George, 191. 
White, Robert, 175. 
"^itwell, Charles, 58. 
Williami,^ Robert, 2191 
Williamfon, Peter, i^^, 
Wilfon, W. 220. 
Wiaftanley, Hamlet, 192* 

Yeatcs, Nicholaa, 170^ 


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Bookbiniliiig Co., Inc. 

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