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Full text of "American harmony; containing, a variety of airs, suitable for divine worship, on thanksgivings, ordinations, Christmas, fasts, funerals, and other occasions. Together with a number of psalm tunes, in three and four parts. The whole intirely new"

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= aN aN LEN a 
eS. x . . - . . . S o - “ 9 *, 
G) *«* PLEASE tocorrelt the Pieces, before they are performed, agreeably to 
“the following Errata, 
Page 6 Firft bafs and treble ftaff, 10th bar, for a crotchet reft infert aquaver reft 
11 Firft treble ftaff, firft bar, after the cliff infertthe mood of time, 

13 Firll treble Raff, fecond bar, for a minim on F, the lower {pace, infert © 

$) a minim on A, the fecond fpace, 
5) ibid. Second tenor flaff, 5th.bat, for the 5th femiquaver on A infert a quayer, 
14 For “‘ and the warbling,” read “ let she warbling,” . 
og Firft tenor Raff, fecond bar, flur the three firtt notes, 
3! On all the parts, 6th bar, for naturals on B infert them on F. 
ibid- Second Counter ftaff, tenth bar, after the crotchet infert a point, SS) 



- ar 



PE Rc i etic PEPPERS Pag, 


& OW A 1m) NG; 

Pe eA eR TTY. oma Ad ARAB! 




Number of PSALM TUNES, 

The whole Intirely New. 

Teacher of Music, in Charlefown. 

the Singers went be forey the players on inflruments followed after 3 amongtt them w were the. Daméels playing with timbrels, Pfalm xviii. 25. 


Publithed according to A& of of CONGRESS. 


a Faust’s Status, No. 45, Newbury Sireet. —MDCCXCIL 

4 PtP lat Pat at SAP IPN TL NEON 

Po eee 



e 7 Byot Ouse Wee Ieee ee OF LD ENN; 

digen ITT ze 
id « 
i ee 2 

“2 vi 







: r ie bi heta EP -_s oe 
| Po Reee i ATC oka 
Wu EN the following pieces of Mujfic were compofed, it was not the intention of the Author to make them publics and no motive could have 
induced him to do tt, but the requeft and patronage of his friends. | 

He is confcious that, in point.of compofition, they will not bear the teft of critici/m, efpecially with thofe whefe advantages for acquiring the knowledge 
of fo nice an art, have been greatly fuperior to thofe of the Author ; but with a view to.tncreafe his own knowledge, and an humble reliance on the cane 
dour of the public,he has prefumed to let them appear. 

With refpeét to the manner of performing the Mufic, the Author wifkes that the timein general might Le flow, and the ftrains foft. Doubtlefe 

Singing Choirs, in general, are too inattentive to thefeimportant parts of Mufic. By hurrying a piece of Mufic, performers are more likely to fing har fi ; 
in confequence of which, good pronunciation ts loft. To remedy this, itis neceffary that the words be read, and the fubjeét be well underfteod by every 
performer, before the notes are applied: In fo doing, the importance of the words will become the fureft guide. 

Should this work continue to meet a favourable reception, additions will-hereafter be made of fuch pieces of Mufc as will be calculated for divine 

Charleftown, September 274 1792+ 
I N D E X. 
i page ; ; 
ONSECRATION P.M. M1 HE Lord reigneth 25 
Chriftmas S. M. 5 Sing, O ye Heavens 1 
Funeral Hymn C. M. 1 Ph The Lord is good to all — ga 
Lamentation C. M. 10 O Thou that heareft prayer 22 
Lincoln C.M. 29 2 at 2 ngs Maat Pap 
True Devotion C. M. 12 ’Tis thine Sweet Power ; 3 
Zion C. M, 9 Defcend, ye Nine a3 
Ne een = 7 


er : Mpde on ‘Mufic. Words by Thaddeus M. Harris. s a 

Treble folo. paecselerecs 
eae nn: z | 

eames Bacar 

‘Tis thine fweet pow’r to  rai--fe the thought fu-blime, Quelleach rude paffion and the heart re - fine, Quell each rude paffion and the heart re-fine 

Bals folo. 

jpeg te : Sees Beez -9-- 
Soft are thy ftrains as - Gabriel’s gel ---- ant - Ieft Fa as Gabriel’s gentler i as Ga---+--- priel’s gentieft _— tring 
Tenor folo. aa fo eS We 
= Soa eeeee Pee eee marae ae “aefed 
Soft are thy ftrains as Ga - briel’s gent - "red firing, as er et 8 °8 - OT ftring, gentleft firing. 

Sees eae Seep eee eee eee 


qe ee ee Stor : 

Soft are thy qnegl Soft ate thy firai - eae Soft are thy ftrains, as ae e snd s gent « left ftring. 
en en ee mee as oe ee ee PALS 4 _— is —e—o— ewe aan 
pas eee aeee sseSrete Spa Se eae 
. ad 



4 «Dae, Concluded. 

Galas Sey 

Calm as the brea - - th ~ ing Zephyrs, Calm as the breathing, breath - ing Zephyrs, 

Se cree ee ee nea 2 2 

Calm as brea - - th ~ ~ ing y, Lcaial breathing Zephyrs, Calm as the breath - ~~~ ing 

ee ee ee eee eee 

—— = SS === =SSee 

Calm as the - - + th - ing Zephyrs, Calm as 

SEE eeee re eeseaee = aS 

Calm as brea - - th - ing Zephyrs, 

=== seaaai eee eee 

IR breathing, breathing, breathing, Zephyrs, Calm as the aii =- = r She, - ing 

Zephyrs he 

“SSS = Zsa =f = 

brea = -th = ing Zephyrs, 



——— 2 — 

> = 7 

eyritim as, (This Tune may be performed in Short Metre, by omitting the Chorus.) Words by Dr. Watts, 

: p= == Se ee ee ose 

- hold the won - rous 

eee ee es a et ee pe —_—— emanate aiatainenae 

¥ A ee es es ee, I RN ce NS te ee a tn ee fs ae ee ee ee 
SE o_O TG SS RR hs eR Ny — = —— 
nt a ee pe ee ee = ee pe te OC _—— 
eee ee — 

= Se = 
Ly Seseecaae Sesaees Eanes eee eee 
|e zsaeda ce dee cee Ee Cee oes Co Ce 

: the ond Be holdjthe w i€ wond’rous Dus virgis ‘bears, | Be - hold the wene’rous aoe bears, 

aes == =a 

Vi----- r- gin beats, 

een = = =f pee a > =apr 
eae eer 
Sere eens ere A, Ri NS ae ETN cept ARRAS be MPO Ee FN co = 

ax. ee ee ee Ee ae a oom 
eS ee a ee ge 3 ee a en ee “Sez eS ee a en 
oy iia aie ee 

sree Ae 

: & ae a 2 — tt Se a —— Ps 
. = eS a3 tease Seep Siieaes — = ———- Sain ae ae ae BoB AE 
“- Cre EB Se ee es ees Snaes Sessoeenaseaseeanes boeeta ies ta aia i aa 

mee ats ~~ 

6 Chrifimas. Continued, 


soe einer ee Saree tea aetna 


hold the wond’rous virgin bears, And -- aatets child. 

| sees eaeaes oes Eesaea = a === ==E 

—_-— ee ee 

eee ee eee aca sptesiet le 

_ -—— — + ee ure ee 

—— ware ———— 

——— ee ee ee ere -_ se Coe 
io-ry to God on 

= = eee =S|E=E 

E o-rv ts» God 49 high, And heav'nly peace on ear 

a Eee Pl = SEE ec ee EPS aay 
~ ee aero ee om =o Tess — oS ee 
St aD gag meetin eee — stead == 2 aes. LCE Ses — | -——— + ee ee 
—————a = Seer ae anenepeee see ae = [ERP INYs STREET EET ie PERE SEN a 
sae - 

any to mr renee =) ee Seas Oe eee ® Goose 

1 -PRT FeMR ebb ES. x TR PEP L EL EET RR: Bee Eee = PERT Grea eS 
=3B—F= = MRE TIENT CS CES CET ee emda tihandl ¥¢ ees 
; ee ee Se- EE a ES SS A A SS ee ES we =ftecd ens inate 
5 ee ee ee ae a eto 6 ees oe S ollieeieinentiaesdenedl ee er —_ ee ~ 

law - ty we Gud Qik, ~ Rhee we ee eee eee ew eee Kh, Good pill te men, 9 

Chritimas, Hrermena 

SECeee eae 1S = aS 

‘ Good. wiil to men, to an - - - - gels Nay) Good will to men, an - gels € ~ Jon 8 - IPE Ts Lop 
= ee ee ee = See Saas as= 

| ee a , — 

men, and 2c! - — gels 10% an - gels jo--+-+- - ate - gels 

: RTS ae ==: So ene easier ee see 

>: Good will to ee ap - ~ gels 


Bjvill to — to an - - - ges ee ae) 2 pe 

these Ss 

2Gu= = agli JN SS ee Se we = ale an - - gels 

—_——_——— ee es ee ee I er re ee ee SE 

{= = == Se Ses: ———— Se 
ee ee aoe Sf Pies — 


: =a taffeta 

—_—_— --~- —_—_—___-o SC oa ae ee ee 
oe —— _ 

ee =e Bo 
ee ee eee ee 

—— Se ee oe ett oe eS Or Se Oo Oe Oa OO eS 

2 eek, 

joy, to an - - gels joy, at the Re--- Bienes: as" Sieriay 

—— ae et eee 

Tips Bes aan r = 

— + SC OO" 

eee or eg i te en ec ee mm 
= == Ae a a es Se Sea ete el a 
| tien * a, 5 ae (3-3) wae BS — feceeen Y—— J —--- SSS ee 
ss a Ne Li toesilies ne, en ly ee -s a eee a ee Pe wees See weet . 
re —_ t 
E+ fee Bo ea ta } - ee ee re CS nt ee meme ee me = 

epee — [rsa ee nee ae ae eee cern mma ee atom ee 

8 Funeral Hymn, C.M. — wordsty pe. wa 


feeeries espa Se SE, = aoe 



Bae Sas = = ee SSeS a P= =e = == ae 
&: Serre oes Bocrriege=: fe es | 

ee eee eee ee 

Szrzzoeoeee Saas SS 

Sees Soa iazeaaee eopreseees eee fers 

—_—--— -- —- ——_ Yee, 

SS Se eee gee eee 
pete ee ee | 

| “Bion, CoM. words ty pe, wats i 
eee Seat S pees ee seasons eee eaaae eee 
f SSS Seee Sb ei pteb fies = ae 

ja == Stee pee erie 

pee weer a hea tee” Fj 

Sees res ce oe eee 

EP = = eS ee Se Sees JES ——) 


SS SS eee = = = 

' oo nna = 
-=—-= see mee aes see =o =e — = j= vf 

- * _ ~ an i 4 ae Sal ee eee eee Ye -.—c( tll TllO”.l l( lll SSO ae 
; ead 
zo jLamentatton, Cc. M. Dr. Watts’s Lyric Poems. 

EGE ABN Sane =—EE 
$= oa ee - === = 
——— —— 
| Barth has cs - tain ; me pris*ner long, And I’m grown weary now ; My oat, my —_ my 


may eee =a 

—p? —_——— of 

— ee 

RE RMR ing 
#25 = PEERS SSSSe ieee 

ei There’s noth - ing here for you, There’s nothing, noth.- --ing here for 

SHS SSS SSeS Se =—SS ‘Wie 

ee eee et 

Conlecration, P, M. Dr. Watts’s Lyric Poems, 1Qt 

[BSS eee ae ceases —= rebalnaijier 

} It grieves me, Lord, it grieves me fore, And waft-ed half my days ; 

: (STP es oe a Re ead Rvp. eo et: a c™ 
Ts SESE Esicss = SEP eee 
| SSUES etree eee — 23 TRIER PEL 

That Ihave liv’d totheeno more, My inward pow’rs thal] 

Sega ee Se peret = Bie SSiriieeaes 

With zeal and paffion for thy name : 

Sees =e “eer Bela fee Serasraarry = 

I would not fpeak but for my God, Nor move but for his praife. 

= == pares 95 SE Ge eer essay 


BZ . “rue Devotion, er. oo Dr. Watts’s. eran 

=-*—--- se 

SS ereee orth es ae 
cmap hore ee ee eaee 
cerEsEaresaae a= sores = 

=EF 1 Ey HON ayo Pe ee: t=p-|=2 

= ee = ; = a Sseatennae == = ees == ==]jr== == 

foul a-dores, And fi----- ng the man, And fi----- ng, the man I love. 

Sas ee er aac ne eee eee | 
= = a pasa pes 

Doe on sufi Word by Me Pope oe 
= Syne es ats aS 
Site aaa 

De - - - = iat i Nine! def - - cend and fing, The = ape - ing ins- - ftru +--+ ments in ne re ;? 

_— Seas eee 


=e a eS 

'. Wake if Sto‘ voice . each firs +; «lent itring g, and alia foundmg lyre, and 

rd eae et ae Eg er ar 

Wake in-to . |) .. voice. each ae - lent “ie and {wee - the found -ing lyre, and 

ee ee ee a mn enn ere ro of 

=a So eae Sse ee 

Te fet “"“"woice “eatH’. fi -'» lent ‘flring,, and iweep the founding lyre, and 


14 WMpe, Continued. 

Treble folo moderato. 

—— = GaSe EEEFEE 

| "eels - aD the fount ing Ivre. a o ly — firain, andthe warb-- - ling lute com- 

A ADT Gee Sas meen 6 ee ee eee ee ee ee ee ge ee ae 
s oeenmeaines ee ee a ee ee te ee Te aieeeeeeelienanenanetiinanntiaiinessenstieneee oa 
tae — DRE Ee STR Rae le 8 ES 
- _ waeetee ~2- ae ee a a ee et ee ee ee ee ee 
—  @ ees 0 ee ee a oe = oe ee ee ee Se ee ee ee ee ee ee ee (oe 

~ found. ing 

_—-»,—— — — - rae ——_——— SS ee EE oe 
—— desea eS, Se en Oe a 

Pig=s -_ —_ ——— a — ES Se ee 

ee ——_ —— — tl —_—_—- Mat A TT 

an eas eis tis cenit ante i oe ae enews eee 

APs - - p cre found-ing lyre. 

eae eee 

, plain, let the war « - bling lute com - plain, let the - bling lute com - = 

Ds, mee —_- —_—_ oo es eee ee ee ee i coneeeeentiateetiidiennattiie nnn 

—— ne seen Se pete ——_—_————— Ee ee pete eee pened 
a ST Te —_— —- - Or —_o nr ne ae ee oe? a 

—_—_- — ee ee ee ee Se ~~ - ee err ee ee oo 

_—_—- ee —— ce sme -__ eS —_—_—_— oe —_ ee ee ee —_ ee Oe eee ee 

A a ES A oe ED es —_—_-— ——— oe ae ee 

ee —_——-—_——_—-o- SL TT LS FARTS SRE SL 

TS TS. _—_-eooe re Oo ee ee Hh Or eS a 

a 2 eee a me ee eee eee ——_—————— oe oe oe sapneastnr Commins (pele teStainep rains we See Cte ee er ee eee 

Moe, Continued. rs 

Forte Forgilise 

See ee ees seas eee aeaeas Sere 
Serie eg as ee eee 

Let the -- prea trum- pet ful - =- - wi Let the 2. --ud trum - pet fou---- \ thes Till the roofs -all a- 

See 2 Sa Seas eases =a 

> ho 

aac = SS aan eS 

*Till the roofs all a--rou------ LS apenas aout ec-ho,. 

Si ee goes oe. ee. (a eieeeees = 
ws Wire arers 8 ec ~ bry. ec + tin ec- eR SU The fhri---] ets 

Bee SS ee ee ee eee =\ef= SRELEE E ewer 

— eee et =i 

ec - ha, Tilkthe. roots: al) a.- «---rou.e .-- ++ = nd, 

16 | Mpe, Continued. 


Eee SSS =e fae 

The deep ma-jef-tic  fol-emn 

Ls - bound. 

: eee = =e amo sedate 

While more leng - - th-en’d _ Sil --- oe and rime, t 

=-=EF was Se Sottpetee | oreo soci sar =a 222s =) ae eS eS 
a Seatee oe mp need Seiten af mae ee So ee 

a ee ee ee 

aes === === 

| or-gans blow, blow, Fics! the deep ma- jef- tic - lemn fo - lemn_ or - gans blow. 

== eee Sees 

ma - jef - tic fo - lemn - gans 



fo. temn organs, fol-emn 

Dbe, Concluded. ee 17 


= eee Seer eee = = aS 



| Seeeees eS tee ih Srscasae 

Se ae 

fee = poepererereiietten ==s = 
a SESS E styletespape faS = === 

18 Zin OMratnation Anthent, Taken from fundry Scriptures, 

ge aes a nn a Be or Forte 

me eee SS ee ee 

eat a a ee ng, QO ye Heav’ns, And be joy-ful O Pa ag 

%——- — he es 
——-—— DF 

Se: Sees eee eee Sse = 

| Ca tf And be joy-ful oO Bar. Ff 4 

2S =e: 2.9 ae ae 
528 See ee See ae ee (pa 
—— = ier ESA To oe a3 =e 

— ime 

| And i be joy-tul O Earth. 

ae eeie eee a= 

For the aa hath 

aoe pega cee eee ete a e= st ea= Ss 

{break ae in-to finging, OQ mountains, Break forth into fing-ing, _ mountains, 

22 Stes 

For the 

‘notes s 

eo aeee see nearer ses a cea ea: 

= 5 ate 

Anthem, Continued. 

E ~it--iabaaaseaeceaity - eae 

| cm- fot ed ts his peo-ple 




Lord hath comforted his 

= acs 

Lord hath 

the ui boc hath 

people, the 


ee ee eee 


ph PR ee Sha wre sei 

—_— —- _— =f 

eon weehaeeel mamas hemman! maeoenmman a Ba: 
pene wy. _ 

Di= =ONn, 

com-fort - - ed 

on thy =H Shake 

—_--- ——— ee wee oe = 

oe eS as 

———_, ee —_—_—_——— oe —_—_——— _—_—o_—_e eC —_-_—— -- — — - - —-- -—— 
eee | Or. —_—aa— —gy _o—-s- 
sadgnalidpisaeas _—— ooo, —- —— ——— — — — —_— —— ———— -—- + --——— 
ee ee ee ee fee ee ee ee ee eee eed ——= 


wake,a - - wake, put on, &c, 

comfort-ed his 

{29 = SE 

a wi ae ELT. 

A- cance Fi. ape 

—_— = —_——— + - Somers So 


peo - - ple. 

—_—- —— - ze —-, + - 
URES LEE uss on 

wales a 


—_—_— ————- - ——= 

een ee ow - 


wee eee 

pe Shee = 

from the duft, 

-—- —_—--—- +--+ ee eel 

2 | ee 

Shake thy - - - felf from the 

20 Anthem, Continued. 

Seperate et] ines eeeeere: Se ppt 

A - rife, A - rife, and thine, for thy 

fhake thy - felf, &c. eid be MS an ee Se Bees te eS fe 

ae ee eee << ————o oe --~_—__ eo Ooo --- ee a ee _—_—_ a oe ee —_—_ — —— oe ee 
—— — -- ——— - -—- + —_—---- - — -_—-—-o er - —— ae See oe ee ee eee be eg ees - - eee 
—_—— eo ge SS ees ee eee —_— ss —_- —a 
—— = ——- --- — --- - ae ae ee eee ee eee oe nee ee 
_— _ 

at = BS ees Se) REP (CEE SP ee Pe Se ee ee) Ne TS a ee ae 


. _—----—- 

Se ----—- 

duff, from the duft, A - - rife,and thine 

ee ee ae as 
pseemoss == Pa Re : 
Saat tae tik ae of . the Lord is ris - ’n up-~on thee And the 


| 3 

} ate eee yy OO CC + ee —_—_———ooOo —_--— ore a ee ee 
P= z ---—---- | + he YS 2c Sere 
i! _ a... as a? PEM e, jd) PRLS SRRETS . QE TON PSTR th. RE ) See a le is ae ee: =o Sa =e + So SE 
i  —— te me ee ne a en as en es neo cree te eet re tee cece oh. eee ee seen —— — so 

Anthem, Concluded. 

SSS aaa a 

And the pe th of the Lord, And the glory of the Lord, is per -- Too up - on tf. 
peers Eerinriaea ie eta eee 
pd e nd the gloryofthe Lor the cso at of the 

ECreltere Seale PESTS] Se Seat ae = _ | 

eee ger Hieerace tees eee ee 

/ How beautiful up - - on the mountains a aaianamee ngeth good tidings, ant ws eee a lifheth peace. 

SS ee Eee tt Eo eeeeeee i 2 ie qeaae Ee reese SEH 
a als =. i. Ste fist z =H : peels aya ; 

=2S[pir ales = ee Pee Sey 

22 ain Anthem for Fatt Dap. Taken from fundry Scriptures. 



& ——e— 5 _— bate" =e =F —_—— Kc; — _— — — | — ——— bee ——_— | —_—_—_——— 
mx Eee —o—# 
A TO ——-: ete -——— | —_—— —— —_——_—— ee eee 
Bf Leanne: 5S. een ay Tae reer PCa Es pecethecinisd 

thou that eee eft prayer un-to ae un- ta thee un-to thee fall. all 
eee =a = 
ma ee —— oS oe St re ee ee Si - ee ee aaa” 6 Te — ee 
— Se = ==Es ner | =az}ze === = == {iP = =f== 
ae Sea FRET i A lm O8 Seecemes =f —e —1-_——--lo=s— 

Tenor and Bafs, Moderato 

=a eee aS 

- mem-ber not, - mem-ber nota - gaintt us, - mem-ber not a - gaint us our 

| ese ee eee agit ees 


3 ) — Anthem, Continued. 23 

eral Seeing ha 

as: == Sea eee arae 

—_—_—_— —EE —_ —= eer eee, 
_ —_——e 

God, be - hold our fhield, and look up-on the face, and FR: on the face of 

Be - hold, O 

thine a - noint-ed. 

Stina ieae a aaa a 
i eee SE ceyate ta eee see == ai iiGaisieH 

Treble and Bafs. 
SS Sao serene =f = 
—f——— Se es + mash 

ssealiicenle Sie pl NP Lea ae SO 

Re - turn, Re - - - turn, we be - feech thee, O ial of  Hofts, look down: Dn so Heav’n, look down look 

: Sek a ras cs oa are A a ya Sete Sasaseeeeestos eatseeeantes sorcerer et 
SoS eeniaeaee oe wen wow we pe mnie SES: a ———— = am 
> _”-_-_o eo eo nae woue iowa op 27g eget abe" ee Cee —— ee en en ae 

ct Pe cate —_- _—— Ht 

O82 eee ae = — : 

“down from  heav’n, and vil - - it this vine and tne vineyard, and the a which thy own right hand hath plant -e 

eer enree eR ar ee es ee —_-—_— — + se 
ph —_—_—— — —— 
: ae Ss ew Sa Set co mea aonb 
rn re = ==. Seaageoune Se =e’ pag oye fk i add AIC IE a, Bi oe ae 
reery wait eet ae ee ee ini ie waco th A Ha oa — ie 

Anthem, Concluded. 
pratense ereee = =free =p 
_Sstee Gas tee cet see ce Upper ieee 
gests =e acre Ses erseEsteeseerea 

25 oe oe ee eee as 
peer ee rrieras ese aeeeas se sace eee | 
SS Se 
a eee Freee: aos Brees eaeere eet meee | 
ETS me SE ==) = fea erreeeeet 

p: Lh ank{gtbing Anthem, ares from fundry Scriptures. 25 

Sogn ee eee sea eee ee 

fit - teth be-tween the 

spt SEEPS P5258 PSSre tee qpehEe aeen: == ————— 

oe ee ee —— 

the Loe’ dah eth; Jet the peo-ple tremble, he Lord eee. let the peo-ple trem-ble, 

PSSEr Hor ner tees 8S Scis 
———— SS 


a a es yO lh Se te ————| 

a oe eee re se Ub}. "Se oe ims, 

Stantensic aS oe —— _ -— —_—_—o se ee - aa | A eee as ee ee eee a 
ee rer ks — = TE 
om : i oo 
eS ee ieee a ome meme eres. aay es 

—— SS maine —— — a ee —— +, - Le =i =e 7 ~ 
en ee ee ee rail a —__-. oOo Oe ——- - SO - a ee 
~— _— Ee ee a ee OS A ee 
i ete — oe -_-oo ee ee eS 
eee ——_—o ee ee ee SAT ter? Ye — 

o ete eee 

en ee eo en ee 

Ler the earth be mov-ed. 

ae -—-—--—-—-7-S- 

— eee — 

4 ee EE eS ee - 2 papa SS ee ee meme es eee eae 
— ret " EE: Ce oe a hoe = 

oienienree phenrtneie, 2. ne ae eee ee ee ee eer em ee eee — 

r oa 4 ere erg eee eS me es ees eer . - — 

aro eee owe ore Cet eR BOR 

26 Anthem, Continued. 
Sutren Paes eee 
ee een ears e es se 
Seas forests ff Sareea gees neces 
= efntele goo see ces Lzee en ee cess Sa = 
sae eee Sees ee = 
eee ae SSeS SESS ae 
sobre See eriey 

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Se - 
Ef at : at 
Bid We ae Peete TRE eee. = 

Atnthem, Continued. 6 i 

== SS = 

Se ened — ee ee — - ete ee ee 

= gacaaseaaee eS fle eae tens = 

fing nt Pp For ra in the heav’ne can be com. par-ed with the Lord? Whoa - - mong + fons of the eee is like our God. 

HA~O —6-7------ ate “ee va he Cite Bibra: ae ae AE EE ee ee ee Se eee eS 
—--- ee ee ee Le ——- = ae eee —_——— . ee yO —_—_— PR ES <: 
—~e- ——S—ee— oo —_—2ss- —a— —_—---_— ——~ on —_——-— 9 
ee oe ee —_—_—_— +} a re ee ewes ee fe oe fe —_— a wae 
faa ae —---- eee oe sa ee eS ee ee — 

- —_— —-~-— —— a —-— - —_—_—_—_—- an 
sae ee eee ee eee —— ee Se —_——— —_—_—— ROR a= MRE _-—— 
ee — ——e ee ——ge —-=—=—s— —=— = ene 
‘ ear wt — a Sees 
me ee ke ee ee 

a a ee 


ges =e = 

——— a 

ee ee 

ates = eee eee eee 

"The Heav'ns are Preys The Heav'ns are thine, The Heav'ns are thine, ¢ eart be 3 is al - fo thine. 

= Se eee vie iee 

[SEER SSSR cee as peeciy ete 

28 be ea Concluded. 

= =a Caio eae 
SS 2SSE ES rasan se Sane 
eae ere pS SS 
sere see ae eee: = a= 

Lirket, * , dito Sus 

itp pet re ser EEE i. = wm * 
c=oa aE pe a= oe =f EEE if Saino sae = 

neue C.M. pr. wats. *9 


| - ae fou sce ay sy = fl owe vind es 

re = = 
| SSeS ease ee ee eee ptret= 
a geese eg eee | 

=e ae 

os us grace eg ata A- wake my voice and loud proclaim His 

mamma sry eae EE S582 

Fe an ae | ieee cone eas 

eerie == eeiss se 

Te  ——— ST ee ee 

. a Concluding anthem ee Xhanklgiving Day, poe 

Treble Solo. 

Ses = === eat ae aes : 

The Lordis good to all, and his ten-cer mercies are o - - - ver ali his works. 

The Lord is good to all, and his tender mercies are o-ver $ his works, 

2 ee ise = 2 = =e ta ueH sere = 

Hal - le - lu - jah, Hal - ia Cs jab, Hal - faints ive blefs thee, in Dare name fhail ee ee re = jones ia thy 

Spree et Eee Bre =F ; 

name fhall hey re - joi. -- 2 = - -g ee ee ee we ee ee 

ee estes eceatreiS=e pees = 

ats = =e settee eee lsat 

Pat + Heb, and ine lit~ tle hills re ~ joic re » joice, and the lit - bitks fe. - je a 

sina Continued. pas) I 

Le eee a a a ee oe coe 

yy — enn ee ne ee ee ee ee me eee we Scena 

oak Rc oo waoee =p== fe f=pe= SL RL ESTEE £Y p= = 
i! a —— = me ee DORE OK: OP 

So ee —y— —— Se2s 2. 31S SE ee ee eee =a - 

a And the lit- te hills “\- joice, re - - joice, and the fit-tie tidal aur 
= ee eee = — eee 2 

a pret 2. LL = Sees 

ee the little hills re = - joice, and the lir - tie 

on cian Bit g fo sige. Wg. Or Lge ee eo 
= =e ef ee 

~\6—'p— a * SCS Oe Oe aE Or —---——- ---+ —~--—~+--- 

And the Jir-tle Wal ay + - = joice, and the lit - tle ‘hil - - - -§- 

SS =— Seat 2 = 

ee ce OS —_——_— —- -——- - +--+ 'F- — Oo —= — ee ee -__—o FeO -—-- 


Pk Sa al a, 6G gs -TCy = 4 Oice, And the lic-tie hil oS os eee, om ake ee ee 

‘aac ae 3 oo ENN RS ci ae zits — = Ss 
SDR g, Conta Peon Oi ee ee ee ee a od DN aaa Pk 
Sir eae aoa a rat f= Sint oot oemeaivaee sven te = Sanewy see 

- -? 
and the lic - tle do re - jvice,dore-joice on ev '-ry fide. 

Pe Peep eee 

and the Troe, gers do re - Toile <a Ripe JOS + - jo - <= ~ “ce, ree sacs ee ev ty fide, 

= les ====—= ae Pierce] 

eee ee eee 

SSS et =p Pre Eee 

eS ee Ee es ee es —_—— eae Seer 

peti and the (TE ES am or: re = jorceydo re - joicey re@ - Jos - Ce On ev'ry fide. 

ses 4 teen 
a =e EEE ? pee ee las =e 
=! is dower jaice, do OF oie = = 5, Oh - ze - - ev'ry 


32 18 ; Anthem, Concluded. 

$F SS Sa PEE eaelae: =a 
ee ataa sere cree ery 

ee canis ae areas = ipaeeeeeanen aos 

Hal - le - - lu- jah, Hal~le..-lu-jah, Hal - 

= 2: soe eee ees 
see eee eS 


; : ; ; | 
a a0-ts oats ~ s. 

i eee ee ae , 

o -* 4- be , é 

: i, . ‘a ee se ¢ Bee sir ‘ e. 

eee bhive hee oan yo epehe +t + onan > Bee * no ; 

D hy pole vrs etek Race Grn bo oA epgod = os 

Ps i > i 
hae i! 

is ie E. bes se hereon a 2 a es *: 

et el ere } r a bad ins pete BERS: Handa tae ee eee ae . 
eo 6d f = 3} R ny beets roe ” A Sogn cent i 
shire ay E » xa > ip ab ‘ Pee MP see} wim + 
‘ f | : 

oT BRL Be 
x oy . 
pee > 

Tae ft ae 3 
: uv bee