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The  Art  of  War 

By  Sunzi  (c.  554  BC  -  c.  496  BC) 
Translated  by  Lionel  Giles  (1875-1958) 

The  Art  ( 

The  Art  of  War  is  a  Chinese  military  treatise  written  during  the  6th  century  BC  by 
Sun  Tzu.  Composed  of  13  chapters,  each  of  which  is  devoted  to  one  aspect  of 
warfare,  it  has  long  been  praised  as  the  definitive  work  on  military  strategies  and 
tactics  of  its  time.  The  Art  of  War  is  one  of  the  oldest  and  most  famous  studies  of 
strategy  and  has  had  a  huge  influence  on  both  military  planning  and  beyond.  The 
Art  of  War  has  also  been  applied,  with  much  success,  to  business  and  managerial 
strategies.  (Summary  from  Wikipedia) 

)f  War 

Read  by  Moira  Fogarty.  Total  Running  Time:  01:12:14 

rt  of  War 

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The  A 

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