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^ CE AN I 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

1987 BCEAN 

Cats Pride 

BCC's #1 Wildcat, Dr. Oswald P. Bronson 

Table of Contents ' 

Title Page 

Theme Page 


Mary McLeod Bethune Display. 

Royal Court 

Board of Trustees 



Student Government 





Campus Organizations 



Special Events 

Do You Remember 

Year In Review 

BCEAN Staff 

Senior Directory 

"Cats Pride" 

The 1987 BCEAN 

The Wildcat is symbolic of our college family, and in 
the true sense of family the cover design includes both 
male and female "cats." 

We have attempted to display in pictures as many 
facets as possible to show what Wildcat country is about. 
Hats off to the 1987 graduating class for going in style 
with a color section. The Trustees are highlighted for 
their fine works that continue to keep the college in the 
mainstream of America. 

It is our hope that as you turn the pages of this book, 
you will be reminded of a number of happy memories. If 
you have a sense of history, this will serve as a record of 
1986-87 for you. 

We are all proud of the number one "Wildcat" and 
leader of Wildcat country. Dr. Oswald P. Bronson, Senior. 
Our president has carried the institution to new heights. 
The college received a gift of more than $6 million this 
year. This is a record gift for the college, and gives new 
meaning to "Wildcat Pride." 

Finally, to our student organizations who comprise the 
heart of the institution, we say "There is a winner in 
you." Go forth Wildcats and display "Cat's Pride." 


Dr. Rogers P. Fair, Sr. 

Late one evening in 1946, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune stood center stage in the 
auditorium at Atlanta University. After she delivered her speech to a group of eager 
students, a young man approached the stage and offered to help with her bags. She was so 
impressed with this graduate student, that she asked him if he would take a position as 
chaplain of her school and pastor of Stewart Memorial United Methodist Church. After 
some persuasion, the young man accepted Mrs. Bethune's offer. 

Since starting his career at Bethune-Cookman College that day plus 40 years, the Rev. 
Rogers P. Fair has witnessed many changes at BCC. He has seen the student body increase 
from 200 degree-seeking students to 1700 plus. He has watched the campus explode in size 
with new buildings. He has even looked on as the students stopped wearing their 
traditional blue and white school uniforms and replaced them with more modern fashions. 

Speaking as a sociologist. Fair says that he understands shocking social changes. But, he 
wants the next change at BCC to be the school's endowment increased to $8 million. 

In addition to his post as BCC chaplain and pastor of Stewart Memorial, Rev. Fair is a 
professor of sociology at BCC. He also serves on the Civil Service Board of Daytona Beach, 
the Volusia County Health Facility Authority, the executive committee of the NAACP, 
he's chairman of the board of the Richard V. Moore Center, and the list goes on. 

Having served under three of the four college presidents, Fair is to some extent an 

expert on BCC's history. Two years ago, he decided to write a book on the history of the 
institution. The book will emphasize the school's progress as well as her problems. Fair has 
already completed the necessary research and reviews. He hopes to complete the book next 
year. All proceeds from the sale will go directly to Bethune-Cookman College. 

Rev. Fair describes himself as a servant of God, and one who has been richly blessed. Dr. 
Fair was honored in Who's Who Among American Clergymen for nine consecutive years. 
He has studied at Oxford University in England in 1958, 1965, and 1973. In 1981, Dr. Fair 
was a member of a peace-making team that toured the Soviet Union. In 1983 he was guest 
speaker at the universities of Shanghai and Peking. He delivered the baccalaureate 
sermon during the 1986 commencement exercises at BCC. He was honored at a retirement 
dinner in recognition of his outstanding dedication and service to the Stewart Memorial 
United Methodist Church and for his support in the community. His pastoring career 
terminated on May 26, 1986. 

When you talk to Rev. Fair, it becomes obvious that he loves BCC. During his 40 year 
reign Rev. Fair was showered with many lucrative job offers but he didn't allow any of 
them to pull him away from BCC. Not surprisingly, Rev. Fair says that he has no regrets. 
"I have tremendously enjoyed working at BCC." With a big grin spread across his face. 
Fair adds that he likes the challenge of dealing with the students. 

Bethune Celebrates Founder 
With Mall Exhibit 

In celebration of Bethune -Cookman College's Founder's Week, college officials moved the Mary 
McLeod Bethune and Roosevelt's "Black Cabinet" Exhibit to the Volusia Mall. The exhibition which 
was produced by the Smithsonian Institution, and was on display for one week (October 2-8) in the 
Volusia Mall's center court. The exhibit has been on display at B-CC since February of 1984. 

The actual Bethune -Cookman College Founder's Day is October 3, however, the annual assembly 
program was held on Monday, October 6, at 10:20 A.M. in Moore Gymnasium. Featured speaker was 
Dr. Richard Strachan, president of the Bethune -Cookman College National Alumni Association. 

Mrs. Bethune was born in Maysville, SC, in 1875, the child of slave parents Samuel and Patsy 
McLeod. Her life has become a model for other blacks. She founded the Daytona Normal and 
Industrial School for Girls (later known as Bethune -Cookman College) in 1904; started the National 
Council of Negro Women (1935); and became a friend and advisor to President Franklin Delano 
Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor. 

A number of artifacts that belonged to Mrs. Bethune were in the display, including Mrs. Bethune's 
Springarm Medal, the highest award given by the National Association for the Advancement of 
Colored People (NAACP). Viewers also saw her 1937 diary and the gavel Mrs. Bethune used when 
officiating at conferences of the National Youth Administration (NYA), of which she was director of 
the office of minority affairs. 

Bethune -Cookman College general information was available adjacent to the Mary McLeod 
Bethune and Roosevelt's "Black Cabinet" Exhibition. 

Visitors stop to observe 
the displays. 

Miss Bethune Cookman College 


Miss Charlotte Brown 


Freshman Class 
''Mixer''— 1986 

The "mixer" provides a night of 
relaxation following tests and 
information sessions for new students. 


Staff workers observe as the games 
continue with fun for all. 


Fall Meeting of The 


Committee meetings 

took place from 

8 A.M. to 11A.M. 

Academic Policies 

Student Life 

Personnel Policies 

Dr. Merkel gives his 
report from the Academic 
Policies Committee 

'-' ^' 

Board of Trustees 

10, 1986 

The Board meeting 

was chaired by 

Dr. Wendell Holmes 

Dr. Bronson addresses 
the Board 

Dr. Marjorie Joyner 
shares information with 
visitors at the Mary 
McLeod Bethune 

Dr. Bronson with one of 
the newest trustees — Dr. 

Tony Brown Speaks 

Syndicated columnist and television personality Tony Brown spoke at the 
opening assembly of the year at BCC. Tony sets a very high standard for speakers 
to follow this year. Although his speech ran into the lunch hour, the crowd did not 
leave Moore gymnasium before listening to his complete message. 

Tony Brown's Black Journal is currently seen on Channel 24, Orlando Florida 
Weekly at 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays. Tony used numerous anecdotes to stir the crowd 
and stimulate the students. Brown informed the audience that Blacks spend more 
than $200 billion annually in america. "If blacks were to withdraw their support 
from some manufacturers and producers, they would have difficulty staying afloat." 

Brown spoke later in the evening to members of the Daytona Beach community at 
a dinner co-sponsored by Bethune-Cookman College and the Daytona-Volusia 
Chamber of Commerce. 


Mercury Morris — A Super Comeback 

September 8, 1986 

Former NFL star running back Eugene "Mercury" Morris, of the Miami Dolphins, 
came to speak to the students, faculty and staff in BCC's Moore Gymnasium. 
Morris played eight years of professional football then became addicted to drugs. He 
later served three and a half years in prison before the Florida Supreme Court ruled 
he had an unfair trial. 

Mercury was the keynote speaker at the "President's Assembly", and he was 
introduced by former teammate and longtime friend Larry Little. The audience 
quickly learned that Mr. Morris was not only a talented athlete, but also a very 
articulate speaker. 

He urged the students to make productive choices in their lives, and to choose life 
over drugs. Drug abuse is threatening to destroy america's youth, especially those in 
the black community, he told a packed audience. "There is no substance that 
should be able to control you . . . unless you choose to let it do so," said Morris. 

Morris spoke of the deaths of Len Bias and Don Rogers. "God must have a special 
reason for keeping me alive," Morris said. "L chose to come out of the darkness 
unfortunately those two will never be able to choose again." 


'Two Proud Wildcats' 

The President and the First Lady V 

Mrs. Shirley B. Lee 

Mr. Anderson C. Hill 


f^WBt *^^^^ p 

^^La^^HT'^ m ' 

\ ti 

Assistant to the President 
for Planning/Coordinator, 
Federal/State Grants 
& Contracts 

Mr. Narendra Patel 

Assistant to the 

Executive Vice 

President /Internal Attorney 

Institutional Research 


Dr. Rabie J. Gainous 

Mr. Lloyd Johnson 
Director of Athletics 

Mrs. Mary Hinson 

Secretary for 
Director of Athletics 

Mr. Johnny Randolph 
Sports Information Director 

A\ Ik 

Mrs. Sharon Tyus 
Personnel Officer 

Mrs. Helen Wymes 
Executive Secretary 

Ms. Valrie Pouncey 
Personnel Officer 


Alpha Chi National Honor Society 

Lto R 

Meathor Anderson, Deloris Williamson, Mildred Williams, Tonie Smarr, Dr. Cleo 

Higgins, Dwayney Cummings, Andria Ammons, Michelle Raines, Shayama 


The Florida Gamma Chapter of Alpha Chi National Honor Society was 
reactivated on the Bethune-Cookman College campus with the induction of eight 
new members on Tuesday, December 9, 1986. 

The inductees, all junior- and senior-level students presenting cumulative 
grade point averages of 3.20 — 3.89, were Andria Ammons, senior, elementary 
education major, Deerfield Beach, Florida; Meathor Anderson, junior, hospitality 
management. Palmetto, Florida; Dwayney J. Cummings, senior, business 
administration, Palmetto, Florida; Shayama Maharaj, junior, English, Trinidad, 
W.I.: Michelle Raines, senior, human resource management. Plant City, Florida; 
Tonie J. Smarr, senior, chemistry, handover, Maryland; Mildred E. Williams, 
senior, human resource management, Daytona Beach, Florida; Deloris J. 
Williamson, junior, psychology, Tampa, Florida. 

The induction ceremony was conducted by the sponsor of the chapter. Dr. Cleo 
S. Higgins, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Honors Program at the 
college. Faculty Honors Council participants in the candlelight ritual were Dr. 
Munir Rahmani, Professor of Biology, first assistant sponsor; a..d Mr. Edmondson 
Asgil, Assistant Professor of English, second assistant sponsor. Congratulations 
and challenges were extended to the new members by the Vice President for 
Academic Affairs/Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Adib Shakir; and the Assistant Vice 
President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Charles F. Caskey. 

20 /administration 

Alpha Chi 

The supportive 
audience assembled in 
the President's Dining 
Room consisted of 
relatives and friends of 
the inductees, college 
administrators and 
faculty members, student 
enrollees in honors 
courses, and freshman 
members of the 
Challenger Program. 
Social amenities for the 
occasion were afforded by 
Gourmet Services, Inc., 
and the B-CC Hospitality 
and Management 

Alpha Chi, chartered at 
Bethune-Cookman in 
1978, has over 255 
chapters in four-year 
colleges and universities 
in geographical locations 
from Main to Hawaii and 
from Puerto Rico to 
Oregon. The 
coeducational society 
promotes academic 
excellence and exemplary 
character while honoring 
those who achieve such 


Registrar's Office 

Mrs. Ann Thomas 
Student Records 

22 1 administration 

Student groups shown 
visiting the campus. 

The registrar's office 
handles recruitment 

Academic Affairs 

Dr. Adib A. Shakir 

Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs/ 

Dean of the Faculty 

Mrs. Annie Redd 
Executive Secretary 


Fiscal Affairs 

Mrs. Mayo la Hill 

Executive Secretary, Fiscal Affairs 

Mr. Cook is a man for all seasons 

24 /administration 

Mr. James O'Neal 
Asst. Chief Accountant 

Ms. Rusha Gray 
Payroll Clerk 

Mrs. Doris Haynes 
Accounts Payable 

Ms. Janette Fennell 
Inventory Controller 

Mr. Raymond J. Colucci 
Director of Data Processing 

. I 

Mrs. Veronica Evans 
Data Entry Operator 

Mr. George A. Locklear 
Supervisor of Post Office 

Miss Yolanda Virga 

Fiscal Affairs 

Ms. Cathy D. Washington 
Accounts Payables /Bookkeeper 

Mrs. Doris J. Godbey 
Loan Coordinator 

Mrs. Pratima Mewar 
Asst. Bookkeeper 


Student Affairs 

Mr. Clarence N. Childs 

Vice President for 

Student Affairs 


Mrs. Tal Hill 
Dean of Women 

Rev. Rogers P. Fair 
College Chaplain 

Mr. John A. "Jack" 


Director of Cooperative 


Mr. Wallace Mobley, Sr. 
Dean of Men 

Mrs. Claudine McKee 
Director, Career Planning 
& Placement /Interim 
tor of Counseling Center 

* ^ 

Mrs. Betty J. Brooks 
Executive Secretary 

to the Vice President 
for Student Affairs 

Mrs. Shelia D. Jackson 

Secretary, Placement 


Ms. Sandra D. 


Interim Career 


Mrs. Janie V. Hill 
Evening Nurse 

Mrs. Joan B. Williams 

Asst. Dormitory 


Ms. Ritchie Brown 



Ms. Flossie P. Jennings 
Dormitory Directress 

26 1 administration 

That's what 
Friends are For 


W: V^- i.;-'^ 

Development Office 

Miss Jo Ann Pyles 

Vice President for 


Mrs. Pinkie Bonaparte Olvier 
Director of Alumni Affairs 

Mr. Chalres Barnes 

Director of Public 


Mrs. Sandra A. Hill 

Director of Foundation 


Ms. Bernette Harden 
Executive Secretary 

Ms. Donna Hazelhurst 
Director of Planned 


Mrs. Ann Beckton 

Alumni Affairs 


Mr. Bill Lockhart 

Counsel, Capital 


Ms. Betty V. Raines 
Secretary for Development 

28 /administration 


The Bethune-Cookman College Parent's 
Association operates in conjunction with 
the Development Office. This year the 
parents met in a business session, and this 
was followed with a picnic in "Wildcat" 
park. The photos illustrate the serious side 
of the affair, and the fun side in "Wildcat" 

Office of the President 

Dr. O.P. Bronson 

Mrs. Senorita W. Locklear 
Administrative Secretary 
to the President 

Mrs. Peggy Davis 
Executive Secretary 

to the President -y ..<a-.-^xv^ 

30 1 administration 

The President presenting 
academic awards . . . "Cats Pride. " 

Mrs. Davis at work 

Christmas Party 1986 

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Soroity 
presented their Annual Christmas 
Party in the Heyn Chapel on Friday, 
December 12, 1986. 

The program was entertaining, and 
served as a vehicle to put the campus 
in the spirit of Christmas. 

Several elementary school classes 
visited the program and enjoyed the 
music, the comedy and the special 
appearance of "Santa Claus." 

The candidates are pushing voters to put 

them into office. | 

Women's Advisory Board 

Mrs. Eula Bailey, President 

The Advisory Board has been in existence since the days of Dr. Bethune. The group continues to 
work for the college, and one major activity is the Annual Bazaar. 

activity at the Bazaar 

administration 1 33 

Student Government Association 

Executive Board, Vickie Hart, Patrick 
Standing Left to Right: Bartee, Deborah Sue 

Green, Rudolph Ford, 

Clarence Childs, Ken 

Sweeney, Deneen 

Robinson, Bruce Miles, 

Johnnie Smith, Dana 

Murray and Tim 


Vickie Hart, 

Rudolph Ford, 

Ken Johnson, 

Deneen Robinson, 

Johnnie Smith, Tim Richardson, 

Elected Officers 

34/ sga 

Elected Officers and 


Carlton Pearson 

Daytona Beach and the surrounding area 

shook from the impact of evangelist Carlton 

Pearson and his crusade. Mr. Pearson, from 

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a close friend of 

evangelist Oral Roberts, and has an exciting 

down to earth style. College students as well 

as older members from the community were 

thrilled and enriched by the music and 

sermons of the Pearson crusade. 



There were teaching sessions and 
interesting Bible discussions for students 
and faculty members. The sessions were 
well attended, and students asked 
challenging questions. Daytona Beach is 
looking forward to his next visit. 

I ^ n^BM^^^B^B» ^^^k 





Concert 86 

Star Point 

The SGA presented 
one of the "Star" 
packages for the student 
body. There exists 
"Atlantic Star", 
"Midnight Star", but the 
"star" that fell on 
Daytona Beach was "Star 
Point." Star Point was 
preceeded by "Rap" 
Specialist — L.L. Cool-J. 

Starpoint Vocalist 



1^ ^ special evmb 

1 • ^.v ^->'^...X^-.^' 


The Greeks put on a "show" during 
homecoming week on Thursday, October 23, 


Sororities on Parade 

The Alpha Kappa Alphas, Zeta Phi Betas, 

Delta Sigma Thetas, and Sigma Gamma 

Rhos danced and sang for the crowd. 


Fraternities On Parade 

Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha 
Psi, Phi Beta Sigma, Omega Psi Phi, 
and Kappa Kappa Psi put on a 
night of "Steps". Kappa Kappa Psi 
was declared the overall "champion" 
for the night. 

Casual Wear 



Evening Wear 

and the winner is: Miss Madeline So o' Watson 


On Display 

Miss Homecoming's 

Miss Homecoming 

mf^'^^^- "^^^w^i^yr"^ 

Miss BCC's Court 


Homecoming 1986 

The theme for the 1986 Homecoming Week was "Catch the Spirit of Maroon 
and Gold." Homecoming decorations, floats, and groups attempted to capture the 
Maroon and Gold Spirit all week. 

The freshmen marched to the beat 
A U.S. Senator came to Homecoming Homecoming attracted T. V. coverage 

The floats were carefully decorated 

The theme was displayed proudly. 

44 /homecoming 

The Wildcats lost to the Bulldogs of S.C. State 28-14. 

T/ie alumni band made their second consecutive appearance at the 
homecoming game, and helped in the pre-game ceremonies. 

The alumni band entering Welch Stadium. 

The Marching Wildcats performing'at 

homecoming /45 

The Homecoming parade featured many 

dignitaries and fancy forms of transportation. 

There was even a fancy horse. 

niiif" im " / 

The Nurses 

Bethune-Cookman College offers 

the B.S. degree for Registered 

Nurses. There is an annual 

candlelight ceremony held for 

nursing candidates. Dr. Mary 

McLeod Bethune instituted training 

for nurses decades ago, when there 

was a great need for skilled health 



Division of General Studies 

Mrs. Ann D. Taylor, Acting 

Ms. Sylvia Okoro 

Divisional Secretary 

General Studies 

Ms. Sandra Offiah 

English Coordinator/ 

Reading Instructor 

Mrs. Patricia Robles 
Reading Instructor 

Ms. Marian Baker 
Reading Instructor 

Mrs. Mary L. Richardson 
Reading Instructor 

Special Services 



Mr. Fernando Lecuona 

Director, Talent Search/ 

Special Services 

Mrs. Lilian Wisniewski 

English Instructor, 

Special Services 

Mrs. Elizabeth Blanton 

Coordinator of Reading 

Dr. Cleo S. Higgins 

Distinguished Professor/ 

Director of Honors Program 


Division of Humanities 

Dr. S. Louise Rosemond, Chairman 

Dr. Daniel Sain 

Prof. /Area Coordinator 

Religion & Philosophy 

Dr. Robert Williams 
Professor of Humanities 

Dr. Gertrudis Caminero 
Assoc. Prof, of Spanish 

Dr. Carolyn Copeland 
Assoc. Prof, of Music 

Dr. Jay Mesbahee 
Assoc. Prof., Telecommunications/Speech 

Dr. Joseph A. Ampiaw 

Asst. Prof, of 

Religion & Philosophy 


Dr. Wally Beasley 

Asst. Prof, of 


Dr. Connie Curtis 

Asst. Prof, of 

Modern Languages 

Dr. Margaret Duncan 
Asst. Prof, of English 

Dr. Leonard Freyman 
Asst. Prof, of Speech Communication 

Miss Marion Speight 

Assoc. Prof, of Modern Languages 

Mr. Reginald McCoy 
Instructor of Music/ Asst. Band 

Mr. E.O. Asgill 
Asst. Prof of English 

Mr. David Cottrill 


Religion & Philosophy 

Mr. Patrick A. Cox 
Instructor of Music/ Asst. 
Band Director 

Mrs. Carol H. Frantz 
Instructor English 

Mr. Michael E. Green 
Instructor, Communications 

Mr. John Hofmann 
Instructor of Speech 

Mr. Don Leach 
English Dept. 

Mr. Brian Reed 
Instructor of English 

Ms. Gail M. Robinson 
Instructor of Music (Vocal) 

Mrs. Mary F. Roper 
Instructor of German 

Ms. Lois F. Sessoms 
Assoc, of English/ 

Mr. Glenn M. "Horatio" Walker 
Radio Control Manager 


Division of 
Social Sciences 

Dr. Leonard Lempel 

Asst. Prof, of Social 


Dr. Joseph E. Taylor 

Dr. Ken Eke 

Asst. Prof, of 

Political Science 

Dr. Jake Miller 

Prof, of Social 


Dr. Theodore Whyly 

Prof, of History/Director 

of Title III 

Division of Business 

Dr. Ruel L. Godbey 
Chairman, Div, of Business 

Mrs. Linda Daniels 

Mrs. Jerrilyn Brackett 

Instructor, Business 


Secretarial Administration 


Division of Science & Mathematics 

Dr. Theodore R. Nicholson, 
Sr., Chairman 

Dr. Richard F. Copeland 
Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Dennis Clayton 
Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. N.G. Rao 
Assoc. Professor 

Dr. Shukdeb Sen 
Assoc. Prof, of Biology 

Mrs. Mary D. Brown 

Area Coordinator/ 

Director of Nursing 

Dr. Michael Shook 

Assoc. Prof, of 
Medical Technology 

Dr. John B. Kennedy 

Director of Medical 

Technology / Asst. Professor 

Dr. Thomas 0. Richardson 
Professor of Biology 



& Math 

Dr. Herbert W. Thompson 
Asst. Prof, of Biology 

Dr. Wu-Nan Kuo 
Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Pandurang M. 


Asst. Prof, of Chemistry 

Mr. Johnnie L. Fisher 

Supervisor, Education 

Computer Lab 

Mr. Antero Montonen 
Asst. Prof, of Engineering 

Mr. Masood Poorandi 
Instructor of 

Mr. John Douglass, Jr. 
Asst. Prof, of . 

Ms. Cordelia Black 
Audio — Tutorial Labora- 
tory Technician 

Mr. Munir A. Rahmani 
Professor Biology 

Mr. Donald J. Pitcher 

Asst. Prof, of Mathematics/ 

Coordinator of Basic Skills 


Mrs. Terri Postell 

Divisional Secretary, 



Division of 

Dr. Sigita Ramanauskas 
Associate Professor 

Dr. Mary Alice Smith 
Professor of Psychology 

Dr. Annette G. Shakir 

Director, Teacher 
Education Insititute 

Mrs. Kathleen M. Hall 
Divisional Secretary 

Dr. Roberta W. Sappington 
Assoc. Prof, of Psychology 

Dr. Michael J. Sylvester 
Asst. Prof, of Psychology 

Mr. Edward Singleton, Jr. 
Continuing Education 

student teachers 

Dr. Vaurice Byaless 

Area Coordinator — Physical 


Mrs. Gwendolyn Johnson 

Asst. Prof, of 

Physical Education 





tlfT^ "^^Ul 



v '^^^H 


Ms. Grace Hankinson 

Instructor of Physical 


Mr. Donald Dungee 

Instructor /Recreational 

Sports Director 


Library — Learning 
Resources Center 

Mr. Harvey W. Lee 

Graphic Artist/Assoc. 


to the Director of L/LRC 

Mrs. Rutha Sermon 
Library Assistant 

Mr. L.V. Lawrence 

Director, Academic 


Mrs. Mary E. Decaria 

Mr. Howard Irvis 

ITV Media Production 


Irvis in action 




Phyllis Adams 

Business Administration 

Lakeland. Ft 

Daphne Bailey 

Speech Communication 

Pompano Beach, Fl 

Michelle D. Boone 

Business Administration 

St. Augustine, Fl 

Ruz Alienee 

Miami, Fl 

Renee Bain 

Miami, Fl 

Lisa D. Borders 

Business Administration 
Lakeland, Fl 

Andria Ammons 

Elementary Education 
Deerfield Beach, Fl 

Lisa Boney 

Elementary Education 

Chicago, II 

Ramona D. Brackins 

Criminal Justice 

Daytona Beach, Fl 


Cathy Y. Brown 

Elementary Education 
S. Daytona. Fl 

Charlotte Brown 


Tangerine, Fl 

Debora H. Brown 

Daytona Beach, Fl 

Fhelt Brown 

Speech Communication 
Apopka, Fl 

Joaquin Brown, III 

Business Administration 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 


John P. Brown 

Clearwater, Fl 

Sharon C. Brown 

Lakeland, Fl 

Nehemiah Bundrage, Jr. 

Bradenton, Fl 

Sharon Burch 

Reddick, Fl 


Cynthia Y. Burns 

Business Administration 
Jacksonville, Fl 

Ar-Rahman Buskey 

Orangeburg, SC 

Miranda Butler 

Elementary Education 
Tampa, Fl 

Johnny Butts 

Daytona Beach, Fl 

Robin D. Coney 

Business Administration 
Daytona Beach, Fl 

Phyllis E. Callahan 

Business Education 

Lake Placid, Fl 

Nancy L. Cowart 

Elementary Education 
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 

John H. Carley, Jr. 

Business Administration 

Palmetto, Fl 

Tequila Cunningham 

Criminal Justice 

Gainesville, Fl 


Michael Day 

Medical Technology 

Carol City, Fl 

Kathy T. Desmore 


Daytona Beach, Fl 

Edna Deboles 

Orlando, Fl 

Wanda Donaldson 

St. Augustine, Fl 

Dechan Demeritte 

Miami, Fl 

Tyrell Dozier 
Physical Education 
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 

Julius Durojaiye 


S. Daytona, Fl 

Angela Elder 
Criminal Justice 
New Haven, Ct 

Susan Ellis 

Business Administration 

Delray Beach, Fl 


Audrey T. Everett 

Hospital Management 

Miami, Fl 

Letetia K. Flanders 

Business Administration 

Jacksonville, Fl 

Terry A. Fairfax 
Leesburg, Fl 

Donna R. Fletcher 

Business Administration 
Montclair, NJ 

Debrice D. Ferguson 

Nassau, Bahamas 

Angela D. Fowler 

Jacksonville, Fl 

Yelberton Frazier 

Albany, Ga 

Jameliah Gabriel 

Business Administration 
Opa-Locka, Fl 

Anterro A. Graham 

Archer, Fl 


Tracey D. Gibson 

Business Administration 

Miami Beach, Fl 

Michael E. Glover 

Physical Education 

Jacksonville, Fl 

Edward Goff 


Pompano Beach, Fl 

Deborah R. Green 

Hospitality Management 

St. Petersburg, Fl 

Sandra Grooms 

Business Administration 

Pompano Beach, Fl 

Michele A. Green 
Orlando, Fl 

Alicia C. Hall 

Speech Communication 
Gainesville, Fl 

Wanda S. Greene 

Miami. Fl 

Gina P. Hall 

Brooksville, Fl 


Kenneth Harris 

Criminal Justice 
Savannah, Ga 

Vickie L. Hart 

Gifford, Fl 

Charlotte Hooks 

Business Administration 
DeFuniak Springs, Fl 

Linda J. Harris 

Daytona Beach, Fl 

Rosemary L. Hill 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 

Sylvia L. James 

Speech Communication 
Ocala, Fl 

Montrez S. Harris 

Speech Communication 
Miami, Fl 

Vencynthia J. Holland 


Belle Glade, Fl 

Minuette T. Jelks 

Business Administration 

Vero Beach, Fl 


Daryl S. Johnson 

Business Administration 

Daytona Beach, Fl 

Denise Johnson 

Jacksonville, Fl 

Kenneth L. Johnson 


Jacksonville, Fl 

Sybil D. Johnson 


Eatonville, Fl 

Princess Jones 

Sunrise, Fl 

Rosa F. Jones 

English Education 
South Daytona, Fl 

Ava L. Jordan 

Criminal Justice 
Daytona Beach, Fl 

Shaneal L. Kelly 
Bartow, Fl 

Angela King 

Business Administration 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 


Darlene Y. Kingdom 

Exceptional Child Education 
Riviera Beach, Fl 

Hanjaratu Lawal 


Ft. Worth, Tx 

Shelia J. Lewis 

Business Administration 

Miami, Fl 

Caron M. Lanier 

Business Administration 
Miami, Fl 

Paula M. Lazim 

Business Administration 
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 

Lee A. Little 

Englewood, NJ 

John W. Larris 

Business Administration 
Daytona Beach, Fl 

Felicia D. Lee 

Criminal Justice 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 

Vanessa G. Little 

Speech Communication 

St. Petersburg, Fl 


Camillia Lloyd 

Business Administration 
Delray Beach, Fl 

Robin Lomax 

Business Administration 

Miami, Fl 

Eric McBride 

Business Administration 

Jacksonville, Fl 

Charles McCarthy 


South Daytona, Fl 

Natasha D. McClure 

Business Administration 

Atlanta, Ga 

Sophia McDaniels 

Belle Glade, Fl 

Terry Melvin 
Physical Education 
Pompano Beach, Fl 

Ray field Merine 

Business Administration 
Orlando, Fl 

Tamina D. Moncur 

Nassau, Bahamas 


Brendalee Musgroue 


Freeport, Bahamas 

Gwendolyn Newbold 
Criminal Justice 
Riviera Beach, Fl 

Kelvin Norton 
Monticello, Fl 

Beinta Y. Myles 


Tampa, Fl 

Lavoyce Newton 

Business Administration 

Orlando, Fl 

Pamela Office 

St. Petersburg, Fl 

Gwenette G. Newbold 
Criminal Justice 
Riviera Beach, Fl 

James W. Nicholson 


Philadelphia, Pa 

Chinyere A. Ogueri 

Speech Communication 

Daytona Beach, Fl 


Michael Oldham 

Speech Communication 

Detroit, Mi 

Duke D. Poore 

Philadelpha, Pa 

Lisa Patterson 

Speech Communuication 
Punta Gorda. Fl 

Christopher Redmond 

Business Administration 

Pontia, Mi 

Lorie H. Patterson 


Hobe Sound, Fl 

Penny Ricks 
Orlando, Fl 

Deondra Riley 

St. Petersburg, Fl 

Deneen R. Robinson 

Miami, Fl 

Fabriene K. Robinson 

Business Administration 
Bartow, Fl 


John B. Robinson 

Physical Education 

Dunnellon, Fl 

Lisa Robinson 

Speech Communication 
Miami, Fl 

Sabrina L. Russ 

Speech Communication 

Vero Beach, Fl 

Felicia Sanders 

Business Administration 

Miami. Fl 

Phyllis R. Singleton 

Business Administration 

Tampa, Fl 

Donald Seide 

Daytona Beach, Fl 

Lawanda Small 

Criminal Justice 
Jacksonville, Fl 

Kariem Shabazz 

Daytona Beach, Fl 

Shonda L. Smalls 

Business Administration 

Tampa, Fl 


Tonie Smarr 


District Heights, Md 

Cynthia L. Smith 

Business Administration 

Gainesville, Fl 

Johnnie Smith, Jr. 


Mulberry, Fl 

Kevin Snyder 

Business Administration 

Sebastian, Fl 

Dana M. Stubbs 
Criminal Justice 

Deerfield Beach, Fl 

Gregory Starling 

Criminal Justice 

Monticello, Fl 

Erik T. Taylor 

Criminal Justice 

Opa-Locka, Fl 

Wynette Stockling 

Business Administration 

Jacksonville, Fl 

Sonya M. Teal 

Music Education 

Ft. Myers, Fl 


Edward M. Thornton 

Business Administration 

Miami, Fl 

Sabrina A. Tucker 

Business Administration 
Gainesville, Fl 

Tangela Timmons 

Business Administration 

Hilliard. Fl 

Ralph E. Vanlow 

West Indies 

April R. Townsend 

Business Administration 
St. Louis, Mo 

Cynthia L. Walker 

Business Administration 

Yulee, Fl 

Drexella Y. Warner 

Medical Technology 
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 

Cedric B. Washington 

Physical Education 
Tampa, Fl 

Shiyann L. Washington 

Human Resource Management 

Ocala, Fl 


Patra L. Wiley 
Orlando, Fl 

Alberta Williams 


Cedartown, Ga 

Benjamin Williams 

Criminal Justice 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 

John A. Williams 


Quincy, Fl 

Tracy Williams 
Palatka, Fl 

Lenita Williams 

Business Administration 

Bradenton, Fl 

Westine Wilson 

Jacksonville, Fl 

Lynda L. Williams 

Speech Communication 

Belle Glade. Fl 

Jonathan Wright 


Dade City, Fl 



Suzette Wright 

Business Administration 

Pompano Beach, Fl 


The President 

dreams of owning 

his own yacht. 

5; 'icjiti _ * ♦ 

-* " ■ ;Vi • ^^ 



3 .'if 


Vickie Hart — Treasurer, Deneen Robinson — 

Secretary, Kenneth L. Johnson — President, 

Sabrina Russ — Vice President, Rosemary 

Hill — Miss Senior 

Not Shown: John Larris— Chaplain 

Rosemary Hill — 
Miss Senior 










^^^^^^^^Ht rl 

■ ' ^^ ^f**" A 

The President with special guests. Governor 
Graham (far left) went on to win a seat in the U.S. 
Senate representing the State of Florida. 

Dr. Bronson honors Mr. Charles S. Mannings, a 
distinguished BCC graduate. 

Miss Brenda Edwards receives lieutenant's "bars" 
from her mother, as a graduate of the R.O.T.C. 

These female "Cats" are proud to reach the 
end of the line. 

78 1 graduation 

Graduation 86 

Dr. Bronson in a serious mood during 

Carver Portlock, Past President of The National 
Alumni Association, being honored by the President 


Faces in the Crowd 

Dr. Bronson with visiting Bishop Earnest 

Newman, Sr. 

1. Evangelist Carlton Pearson visited the campus, 
and added new meaning to Spiritual Renewal. 

2. Dr. Bronson presents a plaque to Mr. Ray 
Charles during his Gator Bowl performance. 

3. Carlton Pearson at Epcot Center with a 
mystery guest. 

Woody Hay and family after heart surgery. 

80/speciat events 


^ ^#, 

1. Mr. Atlas and Miss 
Bathing Beauty 
McCullough and 
Natalie Payton. 

2. Kevin Finnic, 

Wildcat Rusher, on 

the move 

3. Officer Butts on the move 

4. Kevin Tolbert and a future Wildcat 

5. Reverend Bernard Jackson — electrified the 
freshman class with one of his fiery sermons. 

6. Dr. Therman Evans challenged BCC — "You 
must give in order to get" 


special events/81 

Senior Conser oration 
"A Night of Candles" 

The President encircled by candles, as he delivers Dr. Cleo S. Higgins in one of her final acts as Dean 
his final challenge to graduates of the College 

Dr. Adib Shakir picks up the reins as Academic 

The traditional prayer 

Dr. Rabie J. Gainous shares the 23rd Psalm with 
the audience 

The final act is lighting of candles and singing 
"Walk in the light" 

Summer Graduation 



T/ie President is assisted by Mrs. Lee 

The President waves and is greeted by the graduates 

The excited seniors are ready 

Lisa McDaniel sang for the audience and her fellow 

Mr. Carver Portlock, was the Commencement speaker 

The college's internal attorney, a visiting judge, and 
the President pose following graduation 


a full day of ''cats" pride. 

84 /graduation 

Rachel Abnar 

Meathor Anderson 

Patrick Bartee 

Joeann Beaver 

Charlotte Bivens 

Russhonia Bone 

'^'^- /« 'M. h : 

Madeline Bonds 

Chyrisse Brown 

Jeremiah Bundrage 

Douglas Butler 

Artie Cannon 

Chequita Childs 


Darren Christopher 

Andrea demons 

Carla Colehrooks 

Tonya Cooper 


Lachanze Culpepper Shanda Daniels 

Debra Davis 

Rhonesia Dennard 

Donald Douglas 

Richard Faulkner 


Lawanda Furguson 

Angela Gilliam 

Richard Gordon 

Dawnell Graham 



Marilyn Graham 

Regina Harrison 


Bonita Haynes 

Tammey Henry 

Robert Holliday 

Sheron Howard 

Frank Igiebor 


Helen Jackson 

Pear Jackson 

Moses Johnson Rodney Johnson 

Lawanna Jones 

Leslie Johnson Margaret Johnson 


Adrine Joiner 

Elizabeth Jones 

Sheila Jones 

Bloneua Kemp 


Darryl King 

Juliet King 

Ivy Jo Kirtdoll 

Merlin Knight 

Lorraine Liverpool 

Avis Louis 

Malcolm McCollum Audrey McFadden 

Tanya Miller 

James Morris 

Veronica Morrison 



Shawna Nesbitt 

Denee Parks 

Bridget Parrimon Paulette Passmore 

Chanel Perry 


Rodney Powell 

Larry Randolph 

Tim Richardson 

Kelvin C. Robinson 

Andre Rolle 


Bridget Scott 

Michael Shorter 

Felton Simmons 

Connie Smith 

Karen Snipes 

Syliva Springer 

Montrae Stafford 

Brenda Swain 

Theresa Taylor 


Simon Thomas 

Vandetta Thomas Pamela Thompson 

Kevin Tolbeet 

Robin Toy 

Carolyn Trent 

Patrice Vaughn 

Cindy Ward 

Glenn Washington Shelia Washington 

Troy Watkins 


Charlene White Kimberly White 

Sonya White 

Greg Williams 

Jean Williams 

Joe Williams 

Kendra Williams 

Valorie Young 

m^^ ^ -"«%^ 


W*^ ^^ 

not in 


IP: ^^ 


^^ft^. — ^-^ 

*^f m. "" 


Phyllis Lewis 


Left to Right I, 

Gregroy Williams— President, Bridget Scott, Ursula Johnson, Rachel Abnar, Donald 
Douglass, Regina Harrison, Moses Johnson, Chuckle Noble, Jacquelyn McKinney, 
Christine Gaines and Leslie Johnson 

A Day 

With An 

Mr. Schivers gladly 

explained his works, 

and the students were 

greatly enriched by the 


Students of Bethune- 
Cookman College met noted 
artist Clarence Schivers on 
November 11, 1986. Mr. 
Schivers was displaying his 
works "20th Century Black 
Firsts" at the institution. The 
students had a sense of 
personal pride because Dr. 
Bethune, our beloved founder, 
was one of the main attractions. 


# '3^.fe?i^ 

Le/i to i?i^/it 

Joyce Adams, Sabrina Garvin, Michael McCoy- 
Vice President Dana Murray— President 

President — Dana Murray 

98 1 sophomores 

Joyce Adams 

Harvey Anderson 

Shelia Bowers 


Lisa Brown 

Regina Brown 

Symra D. Brown 

Vicki Brown 

Patrick Bynes 

Mishawn Calhoun Gregory Campbell Tamela Campbell 


Venesia Carter 



Tonji Champion 

Shantae Clark 

La tony a Coffey 

Said Dean 


Agather Dorsett 

M ^^^^ 

Sabrina Dyal 

Arthur Forrest 

Marcey Fort 

Sandra Ellis 


Marcia Gibbons 

100 1 sophomores 



Divyron Gillard 

Lee Goodin 

Jackie Harris 

Shelia Henderson 

Lana Hendrix 

Warren Howard 

Josephine Houston 

Kobina Hudson 

f - 

Dynisha Jackson 

My la Jenkins 



Margo Johnson James Jones 

sophomores 1 101 

Lillian Jones 

Thomas Keels 

Sabrina Irvin 

Sholanda Lock 

Rochelle Marshall 

Derrick Mathis Adrianne McKenzie 

Bruce Miles 

Coretha Moore 

Valerie Moore 

Christine Ortiz 



Reggie Osgood 

Tina Pauldo 

Vickie Perkeng 

Kim Perry 

Veitia Ramsey 

Cathie Reid 

Aluin Rittman 

Henry Roberts 

Tangilar Rolle 

Wayne Rose 

Patrice Roux 

Joe Rucker 

sophomores II 03 

Deserria Sandy 

Samadhi Schley 

Brenda Scott 

Felicia Sermons 



Eric Seymour 

Zeneta Simson 

Cassandra Smith 

Constance Thomas 

> * 

Randall Thomas 

Eugene Walton 

Joann Warner 

Dionne Waters 


Rhonda Webster 

Christina White 

Kathy Wilcher 

Hansel Williams 

^ .w 

Saint Clair Williams 

Marci Williams 

Gerald Yancey 


not in 


Sarah Allen 

Germanie Barbot 

Angela Graham 

sophomores/ 105 

Sonya Greggs 

Nichele Green 

Jerri Greene 

Sabrina Milligan 

Audrey Moore 

Tammy Moore 

Dana Murray 

Elijah Punter 

Tonya Thomas 

Eleanor Thompson 

Carl Williams 

106 1 sophomores 

Temperance Aaron 

Yolanda D. Akins 

Vernon Allmond 

Darlene Anderson 

Fred Anderson 

Mark Anderson 

Derrick Andrews 

Wanda Ashley 

Tari Atkins 

Katherine Barkley 

Allison Barnett 

Tracey L. Battle 

Lisa Bell 

Monica Bell 

Cynthia Bellamy 

David Bennett 

Tabatha Bennett 

Lajunda Bentley 

Stinette Benton 

Pamela Berkley 



108 1 freshmen 


Da'Shong Bonner 
Dionne Boothe 
Paula Brothers 
Cindy Brown 


Jaunice Brown 
Latice Brown 
Rod Brown 
Shancell Brown 

Shirley Brown 
Sonya Brown 
Victoria Brown 
Rodney Bullard 

Del Burgess 
Earnest Butler 
Jill Campbell 
George Carey 

Willie Carswell 
Corey Carter 
Monica Carter 
Felecita Childs 


Wanda E. Cohen 

Mia Colston 

Brenda Cooper 

Ronald Crawford 

Miranda Crayton 

Juliette Calmer 

Wandanee Floyd 


Maleka Darby 

Anthony Darling 

Barbara Davis 

Celeste Dawkins 

Ricardo Deueaux 

Reginald Dickens 

Elizabeth Duncan 

Willie Ewins 

Nea Farrington 

Heather Faulk 

Tommy Faulk 

Talita Felton 

Tonya Ford 


/ t 

Shamelle Foster 
Joye Foust 
Kimberly Francis 
Trachell Franklin 

Charles Funchess 
Yolanda Gadsden 
Marcus Galley 
Letitia Gamble 

Antoinette George 
Mar cilia Glasper 
Anglia Godwin 
Anita Green 

Marcia Greene 
Angelita Griffin 
Necie Griffin 
Garvin Guillot 

Eleanora Hall 
Avis Hampton 
Theida L. Harris 
Sywann Harrison 



Chris Hart 

Shenika Harvard 

Robert Harvey 

Tracey Harvey 

Chonda Hawkins 

Daphne Heastie 

Deidre Henderson 

Kimberly Henderson 

Shelia Hicks 

Edwina Hickson 

Anthony Hightower 

Cerissa Holloway 

Gwendolyn Houston 

Eleanor Humphrey 

Lasonya Hunt 

Michael Jackson 

Denae James 

Serena Jamison 

Evette A. Johnson 

Lattonia Johnson 

112 1 freshmen 

Laura Johnson 
Tangela Johnson 
Theresa Johnson 
Tonia Johnson 

Alonzo Jones 
Brian Jones 
Katherine Jones 
LaShawn Jones 

Medina Jones 
Felicia Kelly 
Tim Kelly 
Yolanda Kelly 

Charles Kemp 
Linda Lane 
Natalia Lapsley 
Tarsha Larrie 

Angelique Lewis 
Shamba Link 
Antoinett Lodge 
Tangera Lyles 


Darcey Macon 

Michelle Mann 

Adrienne Marcell 

Hope Massop 

Terry McCoy 

Alisa McCray 

Barbara McCray 

Pamela McFadden 

Latasha McPlatt 

Lowonza Moore 

Tamarra Morse 

Lorna Muir 

Michelle Nathan 

Tonya Neloms 

Connie Ogletree 

Gregory Pace 

Natalie Payton 

Franchon Penix 

Stephanie Permeater 

Andrew Phillibert 


Tara Phillips 
Jerry Picott 
Larona Poole 
Sharon Poitier 

Elease Price 
Donald Ray 
Gwendolyn Reynolds 
Darryl Richardson 

Lance Rigby 
Monica Ritter 
Kim Rivers 
Lisa Roache 

Albert Rocker 
Etheria Rolle 
Trenesia Rozier 
Zelite Scott 

Catherine Shaw 
Chander Simmons 
Felton Simmons 
Stephanie Simmons 


Devara Sims 

Reuben Sims 

Wanda Sims 

Dorothy Singletary 

Mark Smart 

Bellsennes Smith 

Kendis Smith 

Leroy Smith 

Shean Smith 

Willana Speed 

Edward Stewart 

John Stewart 

Cynthia St. Johns 

Deshawm Storey 

Kenneth Sweeney 

Sharone Sweet 

Marguerite Taylor 
Karla Thomas 
Trisa Thomas 

Darrell Thompson 


Mike Thompson 
Kathy Tillman 
Vincent Torrence 
Tracey Towns 

Angela Turner 
Mike Tyson 
Beverly Walker 
Denise Walker 

Kimberly Walker 
Tanya Walker 
Tamela Walton 
Paula Washington 

Lory Watson 
Tessie Watts 
Ellen Wealy 
Lisa Whidby 

Deetra White 
Earl Williams 
James Williams 
Loraine Williams 


freshmen/ 117 

Mario Williams 

Monica Williams 

Ruby Williams 

Terence Williams 

Ursula Williams 

Vercel Williams 

Michael A. Willis 

Azalia Wilson 

Sonya Wilson 

Daryl Wilson 

Monique Wilson 

Teasa Wolfe 

Kendall Wyatt 

Claritha Yarn 

Sheryl-Anne Young 

1181 freshmen 


Religious Life Fellowship 

\' . ' ' ■ ■ "-^ 

Kneeling — L to R 

Eddie Coffee, Katie Brinson and Gregory Williams 

Standing — L to R /-.•/« j • 

Cynthia Strowbridge, Micheal Frazier, Mrs. Meluena Nagbe, Dr. Rogers P. Fair, Christine Gaines, Adrian 

Stewart, Elizabeth Duncan and Moses Johnson 


Religion & Philosophy Club 

■ ■■•■■■^■V ■) 

■ ■« >aiM< • II 

Front Row 

Gregory S. Williams, Michael Frazier, Jerri Green, Kenneth Polite, Dr. Joseph Ampiaw 

Back Row 

Dr. Daniel Sain, Mr. David Cottrill 


Miss Hometown USA 

The second annual 

"Miss Hometown" 

Contest was 

presented by the Pre- 

Alumni Council of 


College on 


December 11, 1986. 

The affair serves as one of the fund raisers 
for Pre-Alumni. 

The Pre-Alumni Council serves as an 
economy arm, for the United Negro College 
Fund. The members work to contribute 
monies to assist worthy students in the quest 
for higher education. 

This year's contest featured three talented 
young ladies, who presented an array of 
talent and beauty for a pleased audience. 

Miss Angelita Griffin was chosen Miss 
Hometown 1986-87. She was serenaded by 
Mr. Patrick Bartee. 

Peer Counselors 


LauraLee Richards, Letitia K. Flanders, Phyllis Singleton, Byron Cutter, Joannethier Hitter, Tyrell Dozier, 
Mishawn Calhoun, Marcia Gibbons, Tim Richardson, Ritchie Brown, Lisa Boney, Gerald Yancey, Daisy 
Manning, Tina Pauldo, Shenola Norton, Sylvia Springer, Tonya Cooper, Joycelyn Vickers and Jackie Harris 

organizations/ 123 

Rogers P. Fair Vesper Choir 

President — Mr. Gregory Williams, Director — Mr. Eddie Coffie, Vice President — Katie Brinson and Advisor — 
Dr. Rogers P. Fair 

The Vesper Choir was founded by students at the college. It grew out of a need to guarantee the presence of 
a musical group at the bi-monthly vesper services. The vesper services feature student ministers and affords 
the opportunity for them to develop as future seminarians. Many of these young persons go on to become 
outstanding pastors. 

124 /organizations 

Gavel Club 

-V -r^--. 

. : ■-*-. j '-^ -:^- .•■'; , -^^-v^^J 

■•^ j-^' ' *~*ii • i " '''$■''0 


^K-- •-* 




'^ »i 

■^*. ♦- 

^N ■ ■ - • 

L to i? 

Jaoquin Brown, Matthew Walters, Bobby Evans, John Grayson, Eddie Coffie, Paul Clark, 

Anthony Carter, Kelvin Norton, Kenneth Brown 

organizations /1 25 

Criminal Justice Association 

1st Row — Jeffrey Copeland 

2nd Row — L to R — Bridget Scott and Gwenette Newbold 

3rd Row — L to R — Roger Lashley, Lyndon Couch, Derrick Wiley, Richard Willis, Erik Taylor, 

Kenny Wright and Gerald Rolle 

4th Row — L to R — Deneen Parks, Juliet King, Mike Sears, Desiree Bell, Vandetta Thomas, 

Rhonda Scott, Linda Thorpe, Angela Elder, Dana Stubbs, Gwendolyn Newbold, Felicia Lee, 

Sabrina Thomas, Joannethier Ritter, Ben Williams, Ava Jordan, Tia Sears 

126 1 organizations 

National Association of Black Accountants 

1st Row (L to R) 

Valarie Young, Bridget Parrimon, Andrew Gilyard, Warren Howard, Lori Patterson and Sybil 

Johnson, President 

2nd Row (L to R) 

Robert Holliday, Hanjaratu Lawal, Robin Toy, Velma Simmons and Terry Murray 

3rd Row (L to R) 

Kraig Penha, Alberta Williams, Michelle Green, Mr. Aaron Witherspoon, Advisor and Vickie 


organizations /1 27 

Pre-Alumni Council 

Members Shown: 

Lachanze Culpepper, LaSonja Hunt, Jackie Harris, Janice Davis, Marcia Gibbons, Merlin 

Knight, Bridgette Parrimon, Danielle Fisher and Ricardo Devoux 

128 1 organizations 

Bethune-Cookman College Toastmasters Club 

Seated (L to R): Rayfield Merine, Eugene Otey, John Dupoux, Shonda Smalls, 
James Anderson, Van Richardson. Middle Row (L to R): Dr. Herbert 
Thompson, Glenn Jones, Fhelt Brown, Linda Harris, Michelle Raines, Dr. Ram 
Nayar and Mrs. Nevella Allen. Back Row (L to R): Elgin Calloway, Troy 
Watkins, Gregory Hopkins and Dwayne Cummings. Not Shown: Deloyd McKee, 
Mrs. Claudine McKee, Ivy Jo Kirtdoll, Camillia Lloyd. 

The Executive Committee: Seated (L to R): John Dupoux (President), Shonda 
Smalls (Secretary), Dr. Ram Nayar (CTM—Club Mentor) Standing (L to R): 
Rayfield Merine (Treasurer), James Anderson (Bulletin Editor), Eugene Otey, 
HI (Administrative Vice President), Van T. Richardson (Sgt. At-Arms). Not 
Shown: Hendrith Smith (Educational Vice President) and Mrs. Claudine 
McKee (Club Mentor). 


Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

Students had marched for years to City Hall in 

Daytona Beach, to protest the fact that Martin Luther 

King, Jr's birthday was not a holiday. On Monday, 

January 20, 1986, there was a march, but this time, the 

march was to celebrate the holiday of Dr. King's birthday. 

Daytona Beach was the lone city in Volusia County with 

an organized celebration. In fact, many cities resisted the 

celebration, despite this being a national holiday. 

Students and faculty members from the college joined 

other persons from the community in a march down 

Ridgewood avenue to city hall. There were speakers, 

proclamations, and music as onlookers sat and stood in 

chilly weather to honor the king. 

Bethune-Cookman College held a formal assembly at 8 

p.m. on the same date to continue the celebration. The 

keynote speaker was Dr. Manning Marable who delivered 

a powerful moving message. 

Dr. Bronson 



Dr. Marable speaks 

130/special events 

The mayor reads his proclamation 

Mr. Bethune with King display 

Crowd marching to City Hall 

City Hall crowd 


^ « 



%S' International Relations Club 

r 1st Row — Seated Valerie Pritchard (Miss 
International Relations) 
2nd Row (L to R) Sylvia Springer, Jo-Ann 
Warner, Elizabeth Duncan, Lorraine Liverpool 

^ (President), Lauralee Richards, Chris Smith 
(Chaplain), June Carter, Debra Todman 

3rd Row — L to R Anita Flavius, Edward Goff, 
Pamela Berkeley, Caroline Pickering 
Scenes from International Relations Day (Secretary), Julie Francis. 

.'l>Xfc ♦? 



special events/101 

Howard Irvis 

Working with 'Vats Pride" 

Howard Irvis is a very visible figure at BCC 

events. He is the man behind the camera, and 

records on video tape all of the Wildcat football 

games. Howard is also a D.J. on station WBCC, 

and may be heard on the "SUNNY" Howard 

Jazz Show. 

Men's Senate 

L to R Moses Johnson — Councilman- at -Large, Antonio Pringley — Secretary, Nelson Pinder- 
Treasurer, Mr. Wallace Mobley, Sr. — Advisor, Mr. Stephen Redd — Advisor, Patrick Bartee- 
President, Troy Brown, Michael A. Frazier — Chaplain 
Not Shown: Simon Thomas — Vice President 


Women's Senate 


1st Row Ton] a Cross 

2nd Row (L to R) Phyllis Singleton, Vickie Hart, Marcia Gibbons, 

Alberta Williams and Jerri Green 

small photo Sharon Brown, President 

134 1 organizations 

Federation of Bahamian Students 




ist i?ou; TL to R) Roger T. Rolle, Valerie Pritchard and Ricardo Deveaux 

2nd Row (L to R) Mrs. S. Offiah — Advisor, Stirling Strachan, Jerusha Levarity, Darnell Graham and 

Tammy Moncur 

3rd Row (L to R) Terry Murray, Lawrence Rolle and Bloneua Kemp 



^ y^- 

jirt iiir/%0 r 

Pride begins 
in the 
gymnasium . ^ 

and Moves to 

the Orange 


with cheers 

1986-87 Cheerleaders 


1986-87 Marching Wildcats 

and Glamour 

14KT. Gold 

Food Service Committee 


Top Row—L-R Eugene Otey, III, Pamela Office, Bridget Parrimon, Leslie Johnson, Saint 

Williams, III 

Bottom Row—L-R Jacquelyn Harris, Deborah (Sue) Green, Carolyn Trent 



Voice of The 

Daphne Bailey 
Lisa Patterson 
Lynda Williams 

Lisa Patterson 
Sabrina Russ 
Daphne Bailey 

Sponsor: Mrs. 
Valerie Whitney 
Candace Hubbard 
Lynda Williams 
Fhelt Brown 

Candace Hubbard 
Fhelt Brown 
Sabrina Russ 

organizations /1 39 









Dr, Oswald P. Bronson, Sr. 

A Man of many talents 


Dr. Bronson shares the limelight with the President 
of F AMU 

The President checking artwork featuring Dr. 
Mary McLeod Bethune. 

The President shares his chair with a future 

The President delivers a message to a group of 

The President drives home a point. 



Circle K International Club 

1st Row (L to R) Tabatha Bennett, Deloyd McKee, and Jackie Harris 

2nd Row (L to R) Rayfield Merine, Dwayne Cummings, Kevin Snyder, Ms. Allen (Advisor). 

3rd Row (L to R) Charles Franklin (President), and Terry Murray (Treasurer) 

organizations 1 143 

Greeks'' express themselves 
in many ways 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 

1st Row — L to R 

Sybil Johnson, Brenda Musgroue, Toni Colton, Regina Harrison, Tonja Cross and Sheila Lewis 

2nd Row — L to R 

Terrisena Wymes, Allison James, Alberta Williams, Vickie Hart, Charlotte Hooks, Penny Ricks, 

Panchita Kinsler 

146 1 greeks 

Alpha Sweethearts 


1st Row — L to R 

Brenda Swain — President, and Dechan Demeritte — Vice President 

2nd Row — L to R 

Bridget Parrimon, Virpi Williams, Tonya Walters, Regina Harrison, Bonita Myles, Sonya WHite, 

Sybil Johnson, Tracey Williams and Angela Pinkney 

3rd Row — L to R 

Meathor Anderson, Melissa Moses, Gina Hall, Sheila Suarez, Denise Simmons, Donna Fletcher, 

Tamara Elliott, Joannethier Ritter, Helen Jackson, Crystal Williams, Michelle Raines, Diedre 

Marshall and Cherroanna Watson 


Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity 

Jaoquin Brown 
A Polemarch 

John Larris 

Kelvin Norton 

Yelberton Frazier 

Dr. Herbert Thompson 

Mr. Glenn Walker 



Kappa Diamonds 

Standing L to R 

Sheronda Bell, Yvonne Richmond, Margaret Johnson and Wynette Stockling 

Sitting — Connie Smith 


Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity 

Seated— L to R 

Mark Reed, Curran Lane, Moses Johnson 

Standing— L to R 

Chris McDonald, Leamon Davis, Nema 


Not Shown: Donald Douglass 




Kappa Kappa Psi 

Lto R 

Glenn Washington, Gary Watson, Reggie Strachan, Larry Randolph and Douglas Butler 


Concert Chorale 


Phyllis Adams, Tracey Battle, Rushonia Bond, Vickie Brown, Tina Fulow, Diedra 
Garvin, Melanie Grant, Natalie Grice, Angelita Griffin, Theida Harris, Eleanor 
Humphrey, Evette Johnson, Verna Mackey, Wendy McGahee, Sonja Moore, 
Tamarra Morse, Lisa Patterson, Arlisa Powell, Davinia Randolph, Catherine 
Shaw, Sharrone Sweet, Kirma Thomas, Tanya Thomas, Rendolyn Williams, 
Azalia Wilson, Sonja Teal, Charline White 


Darlene Anderson, Lynnette Bush, Barbara Davis, Maletha Dawson, Kitsey 
Dorsey, Angela Godwin, Kathy Graham, Brenetta Harris, Carol Harris, Nina 
Herring, Vencynthia Holland, Melissa Ibanez, Juliet King, Gina McBride, 
Sophlia McDaniels, Coretha Moore, Tina Pauldo, Zaneta Simpson, Antoinette 
Sutton, Rhonda Webster, Toni White, Janice Whylie 


Fred Anderson, Patrick Bartee, Elgin Callaway, Herbert Corbin, Clifford Humes, 
Laura Johnson, Sheila Lewis, Walter Lundy, Chanel Perry, Sean Simpson, 
Benjamin Williams, Earnest Willians, Thomas Wright 


Eric Carter, Lloyd Carter, Jack Cataldo, Charles Dixon, Rodney Ervin, Stanley 
Fowler, Gregory Gladney, Morris Hamilton, Paul Jones, Ralph Pittman, Walter 
Rouse, Mark Smart, Gerald Yancey, Gersom Merchena 

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 

Kneeling: L to R 

Rudolph Ford, Johnnie Smith and Eric McBride 

foTwUliamljII, David Walker, Gregory Bell, Vincent Smalls, Ar-rahman Buskey and Andrei Rolle. 


r k 

V » 


U \ •/ J Dj\S-^ 


Delevance "Body D" 

Dana Murray 

Carl Joseph "Casanova 

Mr. Slick & Johnny Quick 
"The Rap Attack" 

Loverboy Valentino and Bro. 






^^ ':...: 






^ \ 




Jackie "Banita" Harris, Shenola "Ms. Dutchess" 
Norton and Brenda "Silver Shadow" Swain 

Tim "E.Z.T." Kelly and John "Special Delivery" 

Howard "Sonny Howard" Patrick "Groove Master" Jeffery Copeland 



"Dr. Justice" 


Glenn "Horatio" Walker 
Manager, WBCC RAdio 

Security Guards 

1st Row — L to R 

Officer Charlotte Woodie, Officer Ned Lowe and Capt. Earnest Hughes 

2nd Row — L to R , r. t ■ i n^ t^- 

Officer Henry Mingo, Officer George Still, Sgt. William Singleton, and Sgt. Isaiah McKinnon 


Out of State Students Club 

1st Row — L to R 

Stephanie Davis, Maurice Sutton, Chuck 

Franklin, Kirma Thomas, Regina Davis, Lee 


2nd Row — L to R 

Kenneth Sweeney, Michele Nathan, Malika 

Darby, Kimberly White and Robin Solomon 

3rd Row—L to R 

Kevin Tolbert, Derrick Mathis, Eugene Otey, 

Bill Ambrose 

4th Row — L to R 

Myra Myers and Rodney Pierce 

5th Row — L to R 

Duane Ford, Joye Foust, Said Dean and 

Anthony Lloyd 

6th Row—L to R 

Vincent Page 

organizations/ 157 

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc, 


Lisa Patterson 

Cynthia Strowbridge 

Kathy Desmore 

Dr. Mary Alice Smith 

Carolyn Penn 

Dr. Cleo S. Higgins 


Greek Letter 
Advisory Council 

Seated L to R 

Regina Harrison, Kathy Desmore — President, Wilena Gillis 

Standing L to R 

Glenn Walker, Hanjaratu Lawal, Joaquin Brown, Carolyn Penn, Clarence Childs, Alberta Williams 

greeks 1 159 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 


Nehemiah Bundrage, Jr. 


Phi Beta Lambda 
Business Fraternity 

Hanjaratu Lawal and Phyllis Singleton 



In Memorium 
Jeff Buiey 

Tragedy struck the Bethune-Cookman College family as preparations were 
being made for the 1986-87 academic year. Jeff Buiey, a member of the Fighting 
Wildcats' football team, was killed in a traffic accident near his home in Lake 
City, Florida. 

Coach Larry Little was depending on Jeff to help carry the Wildcats' offense 
during the 1986 season. "Jeff will be missed not only as a player but as a 
person," said Coach Little. 

Jeff was known on campus as a fun loving young man. An instructor at 
Bethune-Cookman College recognized the potential that Jeff possessed to 
achieve academically. He was encouraged to separate himself from negative 
forces that could result in his downfall. Jeff listened diligently and proceeded 
to rise above all obstacles. 

He was strong-willed and light-hearted. Members of the college family often 
reflect upon his mischievousness. Everyone who knew Jeff has fond memories of 

Rest in Peace Jeff . . . We Love You! 


Florida Classic 1986 

Tampa, Florida was the scene of 1986 Florida Classic Weekend. The classic was held on the 
weekend following Thanksgiving, and there were activities to attract and entertain large crowds. 
The wildcats of Bethune-Cookman College and the Rattlers of FAMU faced off in a male 
basketball game on Friday night, November 28, at the "Sun Dome" on the campus of the University 
of South Florida. The crowd witriessed an exciting game that saw a close battle to the finish. The ^^ 
rattlers won by six points, but wildcat fans were impressed with the young players working for "Cy" 

McClairen. • , 

There were numerous other activities held during the day on Friday, and there were related 
functions held on Saturday morning. The main event was staged at Tampa Stadium at 1:30 p.m. on 
' Saturday The clash of two football rivals. At the beginning of the game, it appeared that rain 
would control the game, but the sun came out to dispel that notion. There was the usual drama, 
strategy big plays band pageantry, and awards ceremonies. The rattlers scored early in the first 
quarter and never gave up the lead. The half time score was 7-3 FAMU. The final score was 16-6. 

Halftime band competition brought out the usual excitement and speculation as to which show was 
better There is no scoreboard to rate the bands; therefore, the fans keep their individual ratings and 
decide for themselves who won the half time duel. Usually BCC fans decide in favor of the marching 
wildcats, and FAMU fans choose the marching 100. ,,,,,• 

There was a special presentation to BCC's late Coach Rudolph "Bunky Matthews, for his many 
contributions to athletics in the state of Florida. His widow, Mrs. Chequita Matthews received the 

award on his behalf. • , . . j * u 

Following the game there were after-parties and fellowships where friends, who had not seen each 
other for awhile, were able to get together and discuss old times. The classic weekend featured a 
major concert to please fans seeking additional entertainment after the game. 

The "Sun Dome" was the scene of a major concert featuring three nationally known attractions. 
The show was opened by Levert who thrilled the crowd with "Pop, pop, pop, pop, goes my Mind. 
The second act Melissa Morgan brought the crowd to life with "Do you still love me" and Do me 
baby " Miss Morgan was backed by exciting musicians and had an excellent show. 

The headliner was Freddie Jackson. The crowd was electrified from the moment the question was 
asked by the M.C. "Are you ready for Freddie" until the rru u i ^ 

final note from the Jackson Revue. Freddie did all of The cheerleaders 

the numbers that his crowd came to hear. He did "Love rooting for t he cats 

is just a touch away", "Tasty Love", and many more. 
He closed the show with his big hits "You are my 
Lady", and "Rock me Tonight." 

Many fans will return to Tampa for "Classic Week 

87 " 

Coach "Cy" and Timothy Jones accept 

MVP trophy at the Florida Basketball Classic 

Mr. Bray and the Marching 100 watch as 

the marching cats perform "classic" style HI* 


Wildcat defenders played tough all day, and only 
allowed one "big play" by FAMU. 

Coach Lloyd "Tank" Johnson stands with Mrs. Chequita Matthews as she 
receives an award for her husband. She was married to the late Rudolph "Bunky" 
Matthews, legendary coach of the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats. 

Following the action Manny Manolas was given the MVP Trophy for BCC. 


Cage Cats 

1st Row — Kneeling — L to R 

12 — Kevin Morris, 11 — Peter Peppers, 30 — David Howard, 10 — Said Dean, 32 — Kenny Gaines 

Standing — L to R 

21 — John Williams, 50 — John Neal, 41 — Timothy Jones, 52 — Ricardo Simpson, 42 — Reggie Dobard, 

31 — James Turner, 51 — Reuben Sims, 40 — Mark Bradwell, 22 — Anthony Anderson — 20 Julius Grant 

Head basketball Coach Jack "Cy" McClairen and President 
Oswald P. Bronson, Sr. observe the action at a "cage cat" game. 


VA-4 A** ' 


A Night with 
Coach 'Vy— 

Coaching requires many many points of 

concentration. Players have to be taught 

and motivated. Strategy has to be planned 

and carried out. Alumni give support and 

coaching advice. Scoreboards, time clock, 

and time outs have to be watched. 

Cheerleaders pray for critical free throws. 


12 3 4 


MO* •*•« 






The cage cats work hard against conference 
competitors. The action in Moore Gymnasium is 
fierce, and champions from the Mid Eastern 
Athletic Conference (MEAC) receive an 
automatic berth in the NCAA playoffs annually. 

Lady Wildcats 

Lto R 

Lisa Clark, Gwen Davis, Vanessa Parker, Vickie Hart, Tobither Clarkson, Catrice 

Lee, Sonja Hart and Gwen Williams 

Lady cats closing in for the kill 


A 4k! Lady Wildcats 

The female basketball team creates excitement for 
the college family. Many moves and emotions are 
displayed during the games. 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ '\ 









^E r ji^^^B^J 


^^^^^^^^k. ^ 


^ ^' '^ ki 




^^^^H[ ^a 










i JT i 




- w 



athletics/1 73 

Wildcat Baseball 

The team is coached by Mr. Johnny 

Randolph, and plays a full MEAC schedule. 

The baseball team won the conference crown 

in 1985 and is trying to rebuild in order to 

challenge for the crown again. 

Home games are generally played at 

Mulberry field. Loyal fans show up to cheer 

the cats and show their "pride." 


Wildcats Volleyball 

Kneeling L to R 

Debra Davis, Tangilar Rolle and Wanda Sims 

Standing LtoR 

Ingga Lewis, Gwen Davis, Gwendolyn Reynolds, Catrice Lee, Elizabeth Jones, Lori 

Lewis and Dorothy Singblaty 

athletics 1175 


Cats in 

The Softball cats 
were very competitive 
as a first year team, 
they finished with a 
.500 record. 


178 /athletics 

Patrice Lashan Mitchell is one of the few students at Bethune- 
Cookman College who has a part-time job doing something she enjoys. 
Mitchell is a certified aerobics instructor at Peter Lee's on Ridgewood 
Avenue. Patrice says she loves helping men and women take charge of 
their health. Her class includes over 60 students ages nine to 75. 

It's easy for Patrice to relate to her students because she knows what 
is is like being overweight and unhealthy. Six years ago Patrice tipped 
the scales at 210 pounds. She enjoyed eating her mother's fried 
chicken, buscuits and gravy, collard greens and desserts with heaving 
icing. Today the twenty-two year old, 6'2" Pisces weighs in at 149 
pounds and her favorite dish is spinach souffle. 

To Patrice, taking care of the body is sacred. The second year 
computer science major, wishes that there were more hours in the day 
so that she could teach more classes. 

Patrice is the oldest of three children. She comes from a family of 
musicians. The entire family sings and play instruments such as the 
piano, organ, guitar and saxophone. 

"It gets hectic, but I love playing music and directing choirs. It's my 
life, I can't give it up!", the affable musician exclaims as she discussed 
her first love — music. Patrice is the musical director of at least four 
area choirs. She sings second alto in the campus concert chorale. And 
she is looking forward to recording a second record in April. This 
record will feature her playing the piano, organ and synthesizer. 

Although Patrice is a native of Daytona Beach, she attended 
Tallahassee Community College and Florida State University before 
attending B-CC. Mitchell says that she chose Cookman because she 
likes the one on one classroom setting. She confesses that B-CC is the 
only college that has made her feel at ease and at home. She feels that 
she is progressing faster than ever before. The B-CEAN flaunts a 3.71 

The incentives learned at home are still important to Patrice. As a 
child, she was taught the importance of putting God first. Mitchell 
begins each day at 5 a.m. with prayer and a 20 minute workout. She 
finishes at approximately 11 p.m. with 300 repetitions of abdominal 
exercises and prayer. 

Patrice believes a complete person is one who: loves and serves God; 
is educated; has a job; exercises and eats right. 

Patrice in action 

- W 

lifting — 

Stretching — 

and at the keyboard 








Law Day 1986 

The Men's Senate held its annual Law 
Day Assembly program in the Heyn 
Chapel. This program teaches respect for 
the current system of justice in America, 
and how the system works. 

The speaker this year was Attorney 
Anderson C. Hill II. Attorney Hill 
graduated from the University of Florida, 
with a double major. He was awarded the 
MBA and Law degrees simultaneously. 

This year's recipient of the Senate's 
"Male Role Model of the Year" award was 
Dr. Jake Miller. 

Attorney Hill was excellent in his 

Mr. Stephen Redd presents the "Role 
Model" award for the Men's Senate to Dr. 
Jake Miller. 

special euents/181 

Founder's Day 1986 / 

Founder's Day 1986 was held on October 

6, 1986 in the Moore gymnasium. The 

keynote speaker was Dr. Richard Strachan, 

Sr. President of the Bethune-Cookman 

College National Alumni Association. Dr. 

Strachan reminded the college family of 

the rich heritage of the institution, and 

challenged the students to accept nothing 

less than the best. 

Following the ceremonies in the 

gymnasium, the crowd moved to the 

grauesite of the founder to pay tribute. 

The traditional wreath was placed on the 

grave and persons in attendance paid their 

respects by silently greeting the President 

and walking past the founder's grave. 

Religious Outreach Week 

Bethune-Cookman College 
celebrates Religious Outreach Week 
annually during the month of March. 
This year's evangelist was Dr. 
Cornelius L. Henderson, of Atlanta, 
Georgia. Dr. Henderson is no stranger 
to Daytona Beach, and the crowd 
anticipated and appreciated his 
inspiring messages. Dr. Henderson 
delivered three messages on campus, 
and had an exciting evening on 
"Wildcat Night." Coach Ernest 
Sheffield, an ordained minister, 
shared the pulpit on "Wildcat Night." 


Oratorical Contest 

Heyn Memorial Chapel was the scene 

of an oratorical contest, that featured 

several outstanding speakers. The crowd 

was pleased with the styles and 

presentations of the participants. The 

chapel was filled with applause for the 

performances, and the judges has to 

decide who was number one. Dana 

Murray was chosen as the best speaker, 

and the crowd agreed with a rousing roar 

of approval. A trophy was awarded for 

the performance. 

184/special events 

Coming Home With 

Dr. Eze Ogueri II, who attended Bethune- 
Cookman College in 1948, is now a lawyer 
and banker who represents NIPEC, an 
independent petroleum marketing firm. Dr. 
Ogueri returned to enroll his son at B-CC. He 
also returned as guest professor of Political 
Science and open Diplomacy. 

Dr. Cleo S. Higgins was a teacher of Dr. 
Ogueri, and they spent much time together 
speaking of the way things were in the good 
old days. 





Career Day 1986 

Representatives from companies across 

America came to emphasize the changing 

face of industry in America. Students were 

urged by the keynote speaker to spend time 

preparing for the hard road ahead. "The 

same parties will be here years from now, but 

only the academically prepared will move 

forward to bigger things." 

Dr. Rogers P. Fair, Jr., a B-CC graduate, 

who now practices medicine in Detroit, 

Michigan, was the speaker for the day. The 

students were able to relate to his "down to 

earth" meaningful message. The college is 

indeed proud of Dr. Fair, son of our college 

chaplain, for his accomplishments. 

Following the dynamic speech, the 

audience was treated to a brief gospel medley 

by Mr. Ponder. 


The Cultural Affairs Department of 
Bethune-Cookman College presented Athol 
Fugard's two-man, anti-apartheid play, "The 
Island" and this signaled the start of the 86- 
87 theatre season at B-CC. The psychological 
thriller transported the audience in Heyn 
Memorial Chapel to a jail cell in South 
Africa where the characters, Winston and 
John, were serving 10 years for burning their 
passbooks in defiance of the country's 
apartheid laws. The play followed the 
emotional rollercoaster that both men 
experienced during their stay in prison. 

The audience was greatly impressed with 
the talented actors, who were very powerful 
in their portrayal of the characters. 


Concert '86 

Mr. Roland Brown 

Dr. Robert Williams f^ 

Dr. Rebecca Steele 
Chorale Director 

188/special events 

Mr. Harold Bray 
Band Director 

The Board of Counselors of Bethune- 
Cookman College presented the annual 
Spring Concert on April 21, 1986. Following 
statements by Mr. Roland Brown, President 
of the Board of Counselors, and Dr. Robert 
Williams, head of the music department, the 
audience was treated to an evening of fine 

The Music of Miss 
Gail Robinson 


f ^ 






Gail Robinson, Soprano, is one of 
our most talented instructors. She is 
always in demand, and audiences 
are thrilled by her dynamic 
performances. Members of the 
college family always appreciate the 
opportunity to hear her sing. 

Model UN 

Annually Bethune-Cookman College holds 

a Model UN Program on the campus. Dr. 

Jake Miller, of the Division of Social 

Sciences is the organizer of this educational 

experience. The students are exposed to 

international ideas, speakers, and foods 

during the U.N. Conference. 

The group had the pleasure of hearing the 

following speakers this year: Dr. Alan Keyes, 

Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of 

International Organizational Affairs, U.S. 

Department of State; Mr. John T. Spitler, 

Continental Director, Technocracy, Inc.; 

Ambassador Walter Carrington, Director, 

Department of International Affairs, Howard 

University; and Mr. Robert Ryan, former 

U.N. representative, who now resides in the 

Daytona Beach area. 





The assembly had 
an international 

The BCC Model United Nations 
Conference is a simulation of actual sessions 
of the Economic and Social Council and the 
Security Council of the United Nations. 
Students from colleges and universities 
across the South act as ambassadors of 
U.N. — member nations to this simulated 
U.N. session. 

The purpose of the program is educational. 
An experiential activity, the program teaches 
the student participants about the nations 
which they represent, about global problems, 
and provides them with a framework for 
understanding the complexities of 
contemporary international relations. 

Toast master's 
Charter Ceremonies 

The Bethune-Cookman College 

Toastmaster's Club was chartered on 

December 3, 1986. The formal program was 

held in the East Conference room of the Carl 

S. Swisher Library. Members of the club were 

joined by faculty and administration of 

Bethune-Cookman College in this venture. 

State and regional offices of Toastmasters 

International were represented at the affair. 

Mr. John Dupoux, who planted the seed for the local club, beamed 
with pride during the speeches, and special presentations. Dr. Oswald P. 
Bronson, President, was very impressed with the program. 

The Toastmasters Program featured several memorable speeches. Some 
of the speakers are shown, and persons in attendance will certainly recall 
the excitement generated by them. It was certainly a night of "Cats 

Cats & Snakes 
Do Battle 

The Bethune-Cookman cage cats and the FAMU 

Rattlers always create excitement when they meet. The 

clash of maroon and gold and orange and green has a 

tendency to draw crowds and excite spectators. Each 

basket scored has more meaning if it is against the cross 

state rival. The thrill of victory is enhanced when it is 

over the arch rival, and the agony of defeat is more 

bitter when it is to the arch rival. Everyone understands 

the circumstances, and everyone is thirsty for the 

competition . . . long live the rivalry. 

Game Plans 

Before athletic teams spring into action, they must review the game plans. 

a chalk board 
statement for motivation 

Coach Wyatt reviews a 
defensive strategy 



y. ^^ t 


a "cat" in deep 

a "Super" hit 

a last minute 

"pow wow" 
a female "cat" 
smiles with "pride" 

Christmas Ball *86 

The 1986-87 Christmas Ball was held at 

the Desert Inn Motel on December 6, 1986. 

The affair was sponsored by the Student 

Government Association. Music was provided 

by Ken Moore and the Entertainers. There 

was the cutting of the traditional Christmas 

cake, and the student body put on a real 

fashion show, by wearing "out of this world" 



Say No to 

Daytona Beach, 
Florida, formally 
declared November 18, 
1986, "Say NO to Drugs 
Day." There were 
demonstrations across 
the city to dramatize the 
devasting affects of drug 
< abuse. Reverend Carl 
-. Brinkley pushed the city 

^^'^%'-^ ^1 f'^^h^^^ '^^^ other civic 

v<* .» .^Y leaders to obtain this 
iS^ y ^ -^ i; day. 

College participated in 
the "Say NO to Drugs 
Day." Campus 
organizations were 
challenged by the SGA to 
show the way in 
demonstrating against 
drug abuse. The group 
cited for best 
demonstration of support 
was the 1986-87 Senior 



Bethune-Cookman College is currently 

offering courses at several extension centers 

around the state. Scenes from some of the 

facilities are shown. Students and faculty 

members shown represent: Spuds Center, 

Gainesville, Sanford, and Fort Pierce. 

Students and teachers 

in action at 

BCC extension centers 




The Year In Review 

The New York Giants won Super Bowl. 

The Cosby Show was Ul on T.V. 

Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champ in history, at age 20. 

B-CC received a $6 million grant for the Mary McLeod Bethune Fine Arts Center. 

Tony Brown, Nationally Known T. V. Columnist, spoke at the first BCC assembly. 

Governor Bob Graham won a seat in the U.S. Senate from the State of Florida. 

The Space Shuttle exploded killing all 7 astronauts 

Vinnie Testaverde won the Heisman trophy 

Rev. Rogers P. Fair Retired from the ministry 

Len Bias, basketball star at the University of Maryland, died from cocaine intoxication 

Eugene "Mercury" Morris, Miami Dolphins hero, spoke at the President's assembly on the evils of 

Drug addiction. 

Lionel Richie won an academy award for "Say You Say Me," from the movie "White Nights" 

Kenneth L. Johnson was elected as president of the SGA and president of the class of 1987. 

The 1986 Homecoming Pep Rally was held at City Island Ballpark with a fireworks show. 

Yearbook Staff 

Mr. Clarence Childs, 

Miss Felicita Childs, 

Mrs. Betty J. Brooks, 

Miss Regina Richardson, 
Chief Organizer 

Not shown: Mr. John Reeves, Mr. John Wilton, Mr. Merlin Knight, Miss Dashong 
Bonner, Miss Chequita Childs, and Mr. Rudy Ford 

Mr. John Reeves, Photographer 

Mr. John Wilton, Graphics 

Mr. Clarence N. Childs, Advisor 

Miss Regina Richardson, Chief Organizer 

Mr. Merlin Knight, Layouts 

Miss Dashong Bonner, Layouts 

Miss Felicita Childs, Layouts 

Miss Chequita Childs, Layouts 

Mr. Rudy Ford, Layouts 

Photo Credits — Linda Long and Sarah Randall 
Typist — Mrs. Betty J. Brooks 

National Champs 
"Cats Pride'' 

Daytona Beach's "Spring Break" has been associated with college students in large numbers. A 
negative image has been projected because of excessive drinking, rowdy behavior, and leaps from 
hotel balconies. The city has begun working to change the image of rowdy behavior and replace it 
with a cleaner more acceptable one. A new sports competition has recently been organized for 
this purpose. 

Bethune-Cookman College was represented by a group of young men who won a national 
basketball championship in this "clean" competition. Members of the team were: 

Bruce Miles, Anthony Lloyd, Kevin White, Cedric Washington, Chris Hinson, Vince Paige, 
Chuck Franklin, Kenny Keys, Terrell Young, John Neal — Assistant Coach and Said Deean — 
Head Coach. 

Pictured left to right are: Bruce Miles, Said Dean, and Anthony Lloyd. 

We thought this would be a good way to close the book on "Cats Pride." 




ACEVEDO. Mindinhci 
ADAMS. Phyllis Y. 
AL OMRAN. Khalid S. 
AL-AWWAD. Abdulaziz M. 
ALLEN. Bythan H 
ALLONCE. Ru! Herard 
AMMONS. Andria 
BELL. Norma, E- 
BLACKMON. Lorraine 
BOATWRIGHT. Margaret K. 
BOONE. Michelle D 
BOOZE. Regina E. 
BOYKIN. Barbara A. 
BRADLEY. Valeria 
BRICE. Michelle W. 
BROWN. Beverly 
BROWN. Brett D 
BROWN. Cathy Y- 
BROWN. Charlotte 
BROWN. Fhelt Y. 
BROWN III. Joaquin L 
BROWN. John P. 
BROWN. Leslie G. 
BROWN. Marcus 
BROWN. Michelle S. 
BROWN. Sharon C. 
BRYANT. Terrizena 
BUNDRAGE JR.. Nehemiah 
BURTON. Donald 
BUSKEY. Ar-Rahman 
BUTLER. Miranda 
BYNUM. Kevin J- 
CALLAHAN. Phyllis E. 
CAREY. Sandra F 
CARROL. Cynthia 
CARTER. Anthony W. 
CHANDLER. Nadelynn 
CHESTER. Deborah 
CLEMONS. Phyllis C. 
CONEY. Robin D. 
CO WART, Nancy L. 
CROSS. Tonya 
CUE. Vlema 
CUMMINGS. Dwayney 
DATTALO, Joann R. 
DAVIS HI, Leamon 
DAVIS, Howard J. 
DAVIS, Janice 
DAVIS, Karen 
DAY. Michael 
DEPASS. Anthony H. 
DESMORE. Kathy T. 
DICKS. Helen 
DOZIER, Tyrell 
DUPREE, Deloris 
ELLIOTT. Pamela Y. 
ELLIS. Angeline 
ELLIS. Susan 
EVANS. Lisa 
FAIRFAX, Terry A. 
FANN. Donoua E. 
FERGUSON. Monique D 
FIRSHER. Harvard 
FLANDERS. Letitia K 
FLOWERS. Willie D. 
FLOWLER. Angela D. 
FRAZIER. Yelberton P. 
GADSDEN. Crystal 
GARVIN, Brian 
GARY. Shirley 
GIVENS. Alvin 
GLOVER. Michael E. 
GRAHAM. Kathy 
GREEN JR., King P. 
GREEN. Michele A. 
GREENE. Wanda S. 
GRICE, Natalie L. 
GRIFFIN, Albert D. 


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East Orange, NJ 
Daytona Beach, FL 

HALL, Alicia C. 
HALL, Gina P 
HAMILTON, Raphael 
HARDY, Eruiin 
HARRIS. Brenetta B 
HARRIS. Montrez S. 
HARRIS. Sylvia 
HART. Vickie L. 
HOLLAND. Vencynthia J. 
HOOKS. Charlotte 
HOPKINS. Gregory 
HUGER. Tangee F. 
HUNTER. Donita Y. 
JAJA. Lucky J 
JAMES. Allison D. 
JAMES. Sylvia L. 
JELKS. Minunette T. 
JENKINS. Carta D. 
JOHNSON. Brenda 
JOHNSON. Daryl S. 
JOHNSON. Denise 
JOHNSON. Kenneth 
JOHNSON. Sybil D. 
JONES. Dinah 
JONES. Elizabeth 
JONES. Patricia A. 
JONES. Rosa F 
JONES. Ruth B 
JOSEPH, Carl L. 
KEYS. Kenneth E. 
KING. Angela 
KING. Cheryl Y. 
KINSLER. Panchita 
LAFFITE. Johannon 
LANE. Curran F. 
LANE. Rachel L 
LANIER. Caron M. 
LARRIS. John W. 
LASTER. Errol 
LAWAL. Hanjaratu 
LAZIM. Paula M. 
LEE. Felicia D. 
LEE. Norma J 
LEVARITY. Jerusah 
LEWIS. Shelia J. 
LLOYD, Camillia 
LODGE, Jerome 
LOVE, Carol 
McBRIDE, Eric 
McBRIDE, Phyllis D. 
McCarthy. Charles 
McCLENDON. Natalie F. 
McCLENDON. Thelma 
McCLURE. Natasha D 
McDANIEL. Douglas W. 

McDonald, chris j 

McKEE. Delloyd 
McMillan. Jacqueline 
MERINE. Rayfield 
MOBLEY. Varon T. 
MURRAY. Terry G. 
MUSGROVE. Brendatee 
MYERS. Jeanette L. 
MYERS. Myra 
MYLES. Benita Y. 
NEWBOLD. Gwenette G 
NEWBOLD. Gwendolyn 
NEWELL. Sharon 
■ NEWTON. Lavoyce 
NORTON. Kelvin 
ODEH. Fidelis C. 
OFFICE. Pamela 
OLDHAM. Michael 
OLIVER. Samuel W. 
ONEAL. Roger C. 
PATEL. Kunal A. 
PENN. Carolyn 
PENN. Linda 
PEOPLES. Beverly R 
PINDER. Nelson W. 
POORE, Duke D 
POSTELL, Marcella 
PRICE, Wayne L. 

835 SE lOth Terrace 

729 Wood Dr 

87 Columbia St. 

1145 Maxey Dr. 

PO. Box 161 

3324 Gulfstream Rd. 

1923 Olustee St. 

P.O. Box 5193 

692 SW 5th St., PO. Box 25 

Route 6 Box 560 

217 Forida Ave. 

9429 Scadlocke Rd. 

P.O. Box 794 

2919 Angela Ct. 

PO. Box 1804 

4429 Ivey Ct. 

1109 N.W. 15th Ave. 

3785 47th St. 

711 N.W. 1st St. 

341 Fairview Ave. 

739 Revere St. 

5758 Tusk Ct. 

4327 Trenton Drive N. 

PO Box 2314 

Flagler Village G-73 

1710 22nd St. 

Rte 1. Box 69 

630 Northern Rd. tt202 

118 Bravo St. 

1435 S. Parramore St. 

229 N Keech St. 

2720 N. W. 18th Terrace 

Rte 5. Box 2048 

70 Gordon Heights 

461 NE 41st St. 

6819 Fountain Ave. 

511 S. Adelle Ave, 

2280 N W. 60th St. 

104 Maplewood Dr. 

6239 Barry Dr. 

12300 Broad St. 

4909 Wicmington Dr. 

865 N W. 16th Ave. 

2832 SW. 4th St. 

636 Willie Dr. 

PO. Box N8163 

1901 N.W 51st Terrace 

855 E. 233rd St t>7B 

14 S.W. 13th Ave. 

560 SW. I5th Ave. ttl05 

911 Walburg St. 

Cypress Vil. BIdg. 1243/2078 

1344 Carville Ave. 

405 McGee St. 

2110 S. Palmetto U47 

P.O. Box 692 

PO Box 692. 17 Orange St. 

125 Chappell Rd SW 

1402 Providence Blvd. 

2404 Branchwood Place 

1021 Thunderbird Dr. 

1318 E Baker Dr. 

477 Oilman Circle 

3970 Winton Drive 

P.O. Box N8451 

P.O. Box F 2344 

300 Jefferson St. 

.530 Moore St. 

2702 ' .. 18th Ave. 

3575 Avenue R 

3573 Avenue R 

738 Margaret Square 

2608 Lake Sunset Dr. 

7900 B Stenton Ave. ttW8 

Rte 3 Box 113-CI 

115 Osprey Ct. ttlOl 

880 Bayvista Blvd. S. 

8103 Kenney 

864 Magnolia Ave. 

P.O. Box 48 

1420 S. Ridgewood Ave. 

331 Fitzhugh Ave. 

8598 SE Ceves Box 896 

260 N.W. 82nd Terr. 

260 N.W. 82nd Terr. 

805 Bayou Ave. 

2632 Marquise Ct. 

1280 W. 30th St. 

1701 Bristol St. 

5472 Lily St. 

353 NW 14th St. 

Gainseville. FL 
Brooksville. FL 
New York, NY 
Winter Garden, FL 
Reddick, FL 
Orlando, FL 
Jacksonville, FL 
Gifford, FL 
Belle Glade. FL 
DeFuniak Springs. FL 
Miami, FL 
Jacksonville, FL 
St Augustine, FL 
Tampa, FL 
Daytona Beach, FL 
Orlando, FL 
Ocala, FL 
Vera Beach, FL 
Boynton Beach, FL 
Daytona Beach, FL 
Daytona Beach, FL 
Jacksonville. FL 
Jacksonville. FL 
Eatonville. FL 
St. Augustine. FL 
Sarasota. FL 
Edisto Island, SC 
S Daytona. FL 
St. Augustine. FL 
Madison. FL 
Daytona Beach. FL 
Ft Lauderdale. FL 
Palatka. FL 
Bartow. FL 
Pompano Beach. FL 
Tampa. FL 
DeLand. FL 
Miami, FL 
Daytona Beach. FL 
Jacksonville. FL 
Detroit. Ml 
Ft Worth. TX 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 
Daytona Beach. FL 
Nassau. Bahamas 
Miami. FL 
Bronx. NY 
Delray Beach. FL 
Homestead. FL 
Green Cove Springs. FL 
Daytona Beach, FL 
Jacksonville, F. 
Daytona Beach, FL 
S. Daytona. FL 
St. Augustine. FL 
St. Augustine. FL 
Atlanta. GA 
Deltona. FL 
Plant City. FL 
Daytona Beach. FL 
Melbourne. FL 
Orlando. FL 
Jacksonville. FL 
Nassau. Bahamas 
Freeport. Bahamas 
Daytona Beach. FL 
Lake City. SC 
Tampa. FL 
Riviera Beach. FL 
Riviera Beach. FL 
Winter Park. FL 
Orlando. FL 
Philadelphia. PA 
Monticello. FL 
Daytona Beach. FL 
St. Petersburg. FL 
Detroit. MI 
Daytona Beach, FL 
Waldo, FL 
Daytona Beach, FL 
Punta Gorda, FL 
Hobe Sound, FL 
Miami, FL 
Miami. FL 
Stuart. FL 
Orlando. FL 
Riviera Beach. FL 
Philadelphia, PA 
Orlando, FL 
Pompano Beach, FL 


RAINES. Michelle Y 


REDMOND. Christopher 

REED. Mark 

RENTZ. Darlene 


RICHBURG. Brenda E. 

RICKS. Penny 

RILEY. Deondra 

ROBINSON. Deneen R. 

ROBINSON. Fabnene K. 


ROSS. Glinda 

RUSS. Sabrina L. 

SAMUELS. Earnest 

SANDERS. Sheryce D. 

SANFORD. William B. 

SCOTT. Sheila L. 

SCOTT. Soma A. 
SEGREE. Donna 
SHABAZZ, Karriem 
SHARPE. Amelia 
SILLS. Michael J. 
SIMMONS. Brenda 
SIMON. Jacqueline A. 
SINGLETON. Rochelle M 
SMALL. Lawanda 
SMALLS. Shonda L. 
SMARR. Tome 
SMITH JR-. Johnnie 
SMITH. Craig C- 
SMITH. Cynthia L. 
SNYDER. Keinn 
SPENCER. Eleanor 
STARLING. Gregory 
STEPHENS. Shedrick 
STOCKLING. Wynnette 
STUBBS. Dana M. 
SUAREZ. Shelia M. 
TAYLOR. Alisa C. 
TAYLOR, Keluin A. 
TEAL, Sonya M. 

713 W. Renford St. 
228 Walnut St. 
Ill Palmer 
1808 4th Avenue W 
1460 NW 32nd Terrace 
1801 Coral Ace. 
200 Howard Ave. 
713 Doby Ave. 
5418 27th St. S- 
1010 NW 58th St. 
2195 E. Gibbons St. 
P.O. Box 1073 
621 ' ! 28th Ave. S. 
4755 40th Ave. 
6152 Morse Ave. 
422 Lockhart St. 
3510 NW 179th St. 
129 Mickens Circle 
P.O. Box 842 
410 W. Sixth St. 
472 Brentwood Dr. till 

P.O. Box 853 

3461 NW 3rd St. 

3109 Willard St. 

3714 Orange Pointe Rd. 

709 Carver 

3302 Deleuil Ave. 

Rte 1 Box 148 

3662 McMillan Ave. 

3622 E. Osborne Ave. 

204 Nalley fid. 

P.O. Box 294 

14300 SW 271st Terr. 

924 SE nth Ave. 

981 Beach Lane 

634 E 233rd St. ttlC 

985 Second St. 

1009 6th ST. W. 

3920 Winton Dr 

2421 NW 5th St. 

182 SW 7th Ave. 

713 W Renfro 

1214 Olive St 

3260 NW 176th Terr. 

3319 Stella St. 

Plant City. FL 
Daytona Beach, FL 
Pontiac. MI 
Palmetto. FL 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 
Ft. Pierce. FL 
New Smyrna Beach, FL 
Orlando, FL 
St. Petersburg. FL 
Miami. FL 
Bartow. FL 
Dunnellon. FL 
St. Petersburg. FL 
Vero Beach. FL 
Jacksonville. FL 
Daytona Beach. FL 
Miami. FL 
Trilby. FL 
Hobe Sound. FL 
Lakeland. FL 
Daytona Beach. FL 
Delray Beach. FL 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 
Ft. Myers, FL 

Valrico, FL 

Titusuille, FL 

Tampa, FL 

Hastings, FL 

Jacksonville, FL 

Tampa, FL 

Landover, MD 

Mulberry, FL 

Naranja, FL 

Gainesville, FL 

Sebastian, FL 

Bronx, NY 

Monticetto, FL 

Bradenton. FL 

Jacksonville, FL 

Pompano Beach, FL 

Deerfield Beach, FL 

Plant City, FL 

Palatka, FL 

Miami, FL 

Ft. Myers, FL 

THOMAS, Kenneth L. 
THORNTON. Edward M. 
TIMMONS. Tangala 
TUCKER. Jacqueline D 
VAMPER. Michael L. 
VANLOW. Ralph E. 
WALDO. Robin P. 
WALKER. Andretia F. 
WALKER. Curtis H 
WALKER. Cynthia L. 
WALKER. Tracy S. 
WALKER. William 
WARE. Clyde 
WARNER. Drexella Y. 
WENNER. Beverly P. 
WEST. Mary L. 
WESTBROOK. Donovan L. 
WHEELER, Shaynii 
WHITE, Michelle D. 
WILLIAMS, Alberta 
WILLIAMS, Benjamin 
WILLIAMS, Mildred 
WILLIAMS. Stephen 
WILLIAMS. Valecia 
WILSON. Beulah P. 
WILSON. Westme 
WINDOM. Reginald J. 
WRIGHT. Colleen J 
WRIGHT. Jonathan 
WRIGHT. Suzette 
WYMES. Teresena 

6340 NW 23rd Ave. 

315 Daniel Ave. 

18005 NW 17th Ave. 

2610 NW 19th Ave. 

Rte 1 Box 282 

1026 Cedar Highlands Blvd. 

140 NW 25th Ave. 

1390 NW 200th St. 

43 Fort Thomas 

99 Castle Brewer Ct. 

742 NW 17th Terr. 

501 13th St. N. 

fitc 2 Box 733 

742 NW 17th Terr. 

21 Central Dr. 

825 Maley St. 

2015 E. Patterson 

Rte 5 Box 185 

341 SW 29th Ave. 

2030 SW 7th St. 

1220 S. Nova Rd. tt31 
74 Roosevelt 
518-21st St. ttD 

115 McClellan St. 

1340 SW 27th Place 

P.O. Box 603 

501 NW 33rd Ave. 

202 ' 2 Arlington Ave. 

745 Erie St. 

1416 SW Avenue H 

1221 Kennedy Rd. U44 
906 NW 6th Avenue 
10815 Normal 

Route 5 Box 112 
450 SW 30th Terr. 
805 Second Ave. 
1000 15th St. ttlOOl 
2425 W. 23rd St. 
471 Oilman Circle 
312 Preston St. 
P.O. Box 1331 
1930 NW 5th Terr. 
920 Berkshire Rd. 
4627 36th St. 

Miami, FL 
Brooksville, FL 
Miami, FL 
Miami, FL 
Hilliard, FL 
Daytona Beach. FL 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 
Miami. FL 

Basseterre. West Indies 
Sanford, FL 
Pompano Beach, FL 
Naples, FL 
Yulee, FL 

Pompano Beach, FL 
Nanuet, NY 
Daytona Beach. FL 
Tampa. FL 
Deleon Springs, FL 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 
Ocala. FL 

Daytona Beach, FL 
Belle Glade. GL 
West Palm Beach. FL 
Bronx, NY 
Boynton Beach, FL 
Cedartown, GA 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 
Daytona Beach, FL 
Quincy, FL 
Belle Glade FL 
Daytona Beach, FL 
Gainesville, FL 
Chicago, IL 
Palatka. FL 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 
Bartow. FL 
Holly Hill. FL 
Jacksonville. FL 
Orlando. FL 
Auburndale. FL 
Dade City. FL 
Pompano Beach. FL 
Daytona Beach. FL 
Tampa. FL