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Serial Printers 

The Types PRU9101 and 9102 Serial Printers are 
self-contained, tabletop printers designed for 
low-cost printing requirements. The printers have 
64- and 96-character ASCII code sets, respectively. 
Both operate at 165 characters per second and 
print at line speeds of 60 lines per minute (1pm) 
for 132 characters/line and 200 1pm for 
20-30 characters/line. 

The printers interface with the Level 6 processor 
by means of a single-board Multiple Device Con¬ 
troller (MDC9101), a Printer Device-Pac 
(PRM9101),and a 50-foot cable. The printers can 
be made self-standing via Option PRF9101, the 
serial printer pedestal. 


• Upper-/lowercase print capability with PRU9102 

• Separate offline test mode for easy maintenance 

• Line speeds of 60 1pm at 132 characters per line; 
200 1pm at 20-30 characters/line 

• Original and up to four carbon copies 

• Vertical forms tape permits various form sizes 


Data to the serial printer must be in standard 
ASCII 7-bit format. A maximum of 132 characters 
per line and only one line at a time can be printed 
per operation. All data transfers are under DMA 
(Direct Memory Access) control. 

Spacing to top-of-form and testing for end-of-form 
is controlled via holes punched into a paper tape. 
The operator may, therefore, change the spacing 
by simply punching a new paper tape. 


The printers are software supported by Level 6 
GCOS/BES I/O drivers and executive routines. A 
test and maintenance program assists in fault isola¬ 
tion and maintenance of the equipment. 



Width - 4.4 in. to 14.8 in. (11.4 cm to 37.8 cm) 
Weight — 

Standard fan-folded and edge-punched — 15 lb 
(6.82 kg) minimum 

Multicopy - 12 lb (5.45 kg) maximum 
With carbon — 6 lb (2.73 kg) for five parts 
PROGRAMMED OPERATIONS: Print only; space only; 
space and print 

DEVICE INTERFACE: Each serial printer requires its 
own Printer Device-Pac (PRM9101) 


PRU9101 — 64-character set (10 numeric, 26 alphabetic, 
28 special symbols) 

PRU9102 — 96-character set (10 numeric, 52 alphabetic, 
34 special symbols) 

©1975, 1976, Honeywell Information Systems Inc. 

File No.: 1S01 

PRINT FORMAT: 132 print positions per line, 10 char¬ 
acters per inch 

VERTICAL SPACING: 6 lines per inch 
PRINT SPEED: 60 lines per minute at 132 characters 
per line 

FONT: 9x7 dot matrix; equivalent to 10 point type 

Height — 11.1 in. (29.2 cm) 

Width — 28.8 in. (70.4 cm) 

Depth — 19.2 in. (50.7 cm) 

Weight - 118.3 lb (53.6 kg) 

Specifications may change as design improvements are introduced. 


Honeywell Information Systems 

In the U S A.: 200 Smith Street, MS 486, Waltham, Massachusetts 02154 
In Canada: 2025 Sheppard Avenue East, Willowdale, Ontario M2J 1W5 
In Mexico: Avenida Nuevo Leon 250, Mexico 11, D.F. 

16916, 21176, Printed in U.S.A. 

AS78, Rev. 1