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'son turner, F.R.S. A.S. t L.S. 

erefthc Imp. AcuLNunneCsrHKonnn, 
U tioaoTitj Member of ihe Dablin Sodeij, be let. 



puiLLii's jtmrlRDoN, 



i) I l.!L. 


■. ■1 



Chaea hispida. Ditches in this County. Hudson, 

Cx &c A A alpina* In several places by the roadside 

from Ulverston to Hawkdiead. Mr. Crowes 
V&&ONICA sptcata* Near Pennybridge. Mr. Woodwardl 

■ -"— hybrlda* On Umpherhead, a steep 

rock at Cartmel Wells, plentifully. Id. 

Ut r I c V l a r I a minor • . Ditches adjoining Outerth- 

waite near Flookburg in Cartmel, Mr. Jactson* 

ScHOEMUs rufus* Near the Bridge between 
Bootle and Crosby Rabbit warren be- 
tween Liverpool and Ince. Mr. J. Shepherd. 

• ' dlbui. On all the Mosses of this 

County. Ray» 

Sexophorum vapnaium. On Blackstope Ed^e. 

Dr. Smith. Pillan Moss. MartyijLt 

Triticum ioRaceump Bare* IJ. 

Galivm ptuiUvm. Common in this County. 

* ■^ ioreale^ Rocks about Strid« near 

Lolton Abbey. Id* 



Centuncul us minimui* Salt marshes and mea- 
' dows near the ses-side at Newton Cart- 

mel, commoB. Mr. Hall, 

PoTAMOGBTON setoceum^ In the turfy bogs of 

this County* Hudson* 

PvLMONARiA maritima. Against Bigger, in the 
Isle of Walney, plentifully. Lawsoftm 
West shore of the Isle of Walney, 
plentifully. Mr, JtHnson, 

Menyanthes nymphitoides. In the Moss River 

near Hawkshead. Roison, 

Campanula UuifoUa. Near Manchester. Mr, Caky* 

l^OBELJ k JDorimannam In Coniston Water. WUbcrlng. 

Imp ATI ENS noli tangen, Satterthwaite, by the 
Cloth Mill* Ray. Near Coniston 
Water. Mr. Woodward. 

Chiron I A Centaurium, Dr. Smith mentions in 
the Flora Britannicay III. p. 1393> 
two very remarkable varieties of this plant, 
the one with narrow leaves of a form be« 
tween spatulate and linear, the other of 
dwatfifli growth, and with wfde almost 
orbicular leaves, both found near Liver* 
pool, by Dr. Sostod and Mr. Shepherd', 

Gentian A pneumonanthe. Near Brunley. Mer» 
rett. In Walney Island. Ray, Newton 
Heath, near Manchester. Mr. Caky, 

■ campestru. On Yealand and Warton 

Commons* Robsofu 


EcBtHoPRORA sfiuosa. At Roosebeck Low 
Furness. Ray* I searched for it there, 
which has frequently been done by st 
. pmon resident near that pkce« but with- 
out succesir. Mr. tVood*a)cirdm 

Selinvm ptdaitre. Found by Seatle, at Can- 
non Winder, near Flookburgh, in the 
ditches near the Sand>side not very 
plentiful ; t have since found it on the 
sidies of Ayside Tarn, 3 miles North of 
Cartmel. . Mr. Hall. 

Meum atbamamlcum. Ontheroadby Scholefield 

Hall near Rochdale. " Ray* 

SauwcMs Ehulus. Goose Green near Dalton. 

Mr. jttHnsoh. 
■ nigra, y. Manchester. Martyn. 

Drosira longtfoUa. On Ashton Moss* Mr. O.Sims. 

AlliumT armarium. At Pool Bridge in Furness 

f^ells. Ji^r. Jachon, 

■ ■ ■■ tcbemoprasum. Cartmel Fell, in a small 

rlTulet, called Chivey Syke. Id* 

CoMVALLARiA multiflora. Woods about Bigland 
Hall, Cartmel, plentifully. Mr* Jack" 
s6n. At Holker. Mr» fFoodwarJ* 

JvHCvsJfli/armis. At Winandermere m Cartmel. 

Mr, Jackson* 

CotCBxcvH ammnale. A little bdt^W Ncwby 

B 2 


Sridge on the left hand side of the road . t 
to Ulverstonc. Mr. J, fVoodifjun* 

At IS MA ranuncuLidest la the ditch at Goldmire 

near Dalton. Mr, Atlinsm* 

EriLOBiVM angustifolium. At SatUrthwaite and* 
Brow Edge on Furness Fells. Mr.Jaci^ 
son. Hawkshead. Martyn. 

V A cc I tiivjA Oxycoccos. Common on the Moors. Aikin. 

Paris quadrlfolia. About Yealand* - Robson* 

Andromeda polifolia. On Causeway Moss, and 
Rusland Moss, Furness Fells. Afr. 
Jackson. In Middleton Moss near Lan- 
caster. Mr, Lawton.. On the Mossy 
Moor near Ashton. Mr. 0» Sims. 

Arbutus Uva Ursi. Four miles from Hepten- 
stall, near Widdop, on a great stone by 
the River Gorlp. Ra^ 

Chrysosplemium alternifoUum. In a wood at 
ColtOD Beck Bridge in Furness Fells. 

Mr. Jacison* 

S'AXIFRAGA itellarit. On Coniston Fells. Id. 

■ i aizoides. On Coniston Fells. Mr. 

. Jackson. In Furness Fells, near the top 

• ■ 

of a mountain, called the Old Map. 

Mr. jttilnson. 
hypnoides. On Coniston Fells. Mr. Jacksw. 

3aponaria eficinaKs. , Near Blackpool, Rev. IV* fFood, 
' <— — ■ Jloreficno. Carnforth. Martyn. 


Stblla&ia Nemorum^ Brery where in this ^ 

County. * Hudson. 

AsARiTM iiiTOp£um* In several w6ods in Lanca- ' 

shire. . Ray, Near Preston.* Mr: T. Hutton. 

P&uiius PadtLs* Common in this County. Hud^ 
son, A few miles North of Manchester, 
▼ery common in woods and hedges. Mr. Calfy\ 

Spia^A saliclfoUa. By the roadside between P^ool 
Bridge and Colthouse near Hawkshead. 

Mr. Dalion, 


RvBVS saxatilis. In Dob Bottom, a deep woody 
rocky dell opposite the Holme near 
Burnley. Mr. JVood. 

' ■ chamamorut. Peat bogs on the sides of 

the Mountains. Hudson. 

ToRMBNTiLLA tepians. About Manchester. Mr. Caley. 

PxYAYtK cambruuffi. Near Hoi ter. " Mr. tt^ood- 
^tvani. Brathay. Hev, J, Dodl. Near 
• the Ferry House, WinandfenHere. ' lb. T. 

Cist us mafifoflus. About Cartmel Fells. Ray. 

On Humphrey Head in Cartmel. Mf /Jackson. ^ 

Ranvncvlus Lingua. .Hawkshead. Martyn. 

_!,*-;.— j^^;;,fli„fe. J, (^; repta^h L:) 

Sto\fy margin ofConrston* Water. Mr. 

' Woodward. . In a field betwieed at* old 

'" entrenchment and the h^gh' road near ' ^ 

Manchester race ground. ' Mr. Caiey. 

TiiOLLrus eurofitusl Bbrough Hall Park.- Afjr- 

tyn. Roadside near Dale Park in Furncss 


Fells. Mr. Jijunsan. Side of Coobton 
Water. Mr, Davy. 

Hbllebo&us mridisB About Leightou Hall in 

Yealand. Rohsm, 


Galeopsis viJloja. Frequent m sandy Meadows 

in this County* Hudson. 

■ 'versicolor. Hedges at Klrkby in Fur- 

ness. Mr. Jihinsom^ 

• - ■ « 

Bartsia iv'ucosam Plentiful at Latham sear 
Ormskirk. Hudson. At Allerton near 
LiTerpoo). Mr. Rosco4* 

liATRRAA squamaria. In Deepdale wood^ and in 
Grisedale, within the Liberties of Yjca- 
land. Rohson. 

Cochin ARIA officinalis, y. On a Mountain above 

Coniston Lake. Mr. Woodwards 

datfica. lathe Isle of Walney. Ray. 


Blackpool. • Rev. W.Wood. 

Crajh BB maritima. . Roosebficl^ in Low Fumt^s. 

Mr. JFoodvtarji^ 
Qardamiitc impqtiens^ Not uncommon- in tbis 

. County. , , J4* 
Sisymbrium monense. Betweea Maohgrainge 

and the Isle of Wabey. Rt^. On ihe 

Isle of Walney. . Mr. Hustler, 

Brassica oleracea. By Bolton sand-sides. Rohson, 

Erobium moscbaium. Dry places in the County. Id. 
GsRANiuM sylvaHcum. Near the h^ad of 

Coniston Water. Mr. Davf. 


CKitANivi|<fli^tmffiii. Nipar Roosebeck i^ Low 

. Furnest. Mr, IVoodward. 

y« (6« lancasirifttse* 

>*m^^ t— ^'■■ii^^'*^ 

ITui.) On die sandy coast of the Isle 

tK£ Walncy. Hudton. 

Fun A HI A s^lida. Near Ulverstone : also betweien .. . 
Cartmel iund Keodal. Mr. iohoa. 

J^s^T Br ^V s faluitru. Frequent in the County. Hudson* 

ViciA fiyhatka. Woods on t limestose Soil about 

Newton Caitmel. Mr. Hall. 

AsTRAG Ai. US gfycyplylUi. Near Caitmol Well. Msw* 

Tragofogon pqrrif&Hm. On tbe banks of tbe 
River Chalder, near unto my Lady Hes- 
keth her house, two miles from Whaley* Q^^rd^ 

HTPOCiiiEiiis macuhia. On Ompherbead by 
Cartmel Wells, very pleoiilul, abng with 
Feronka hyhriia. Mr* H^H. 

SiStRATuXA alfina. In firearcltffaear BmAtf. Merretf, 

CARDU.US moptartu. Blackpool. Rtv. W^ W^dm 

Gnapralium £(uam^ Yealani Cdmmoo. Rehsin. 

TussiLAGO hybrids* Very. common about Man- 
chester ; the banks of the IcweU ^re 
crowded with it* Mr^ Qal^ 

Sensck) joraccnicMs. I<^wby Bfidge* Mr* J. Woodifjun. 

Inula Hdenium. About Yeabad* Uaitsm, 
■ Several places near Daltoo, deaHy in a 
wild Aaite* Mr^ Jiiinson, 

CiitR«AiLfA pdkttrU. A^ut PilKa Mosst pLen- 

MfiiUy. A^ 


Pyritrruic mariiimmtt. In the Isle of Walfiey. ^ 

OfBKYt'NiJus avis. Woods bn a limestone soil : ^ 

not uncommon about Newton Cartmd. 

-— — *• eordaia. Near the Beacon on Pendle HiM. Rayi 
— — muscifera. In Plumpton Woods near 

Ulverston. Mr* Wo^diwdri* 

Ma L AXIS paJudosa. Between Rasland Chapel and - ' 

Thwaite Moss, ia Furness Fells. Mr, Jachw. 
CvPRiPBDivif Cakeolus. Borough Hall Park. Jli«r/^i^« 
iSpa&ganium naians. Near Manchester. Dr» Hal/. 
Car EX Itmosa. Common in the County. - Hudson. 
KHomoi, A rosea* On the moist Rocks in Parn- 

fels in the bottom of Lancashire on the 

highest Fell towards Hawkeshead. Merrett. 
Tazus laccata* At Sandside neai Milthorpe, un- 
• ' dottbtedly wild^ Mr. J. Woodsfjun* 

Atriplbx laeinlaia. Sandside near Millthorpe. 

Mr.J.Wo$dstjun. Ramside opposite. 
* the Isle of Walney> and Roosebeck, Low 

Furness. Mr. Woodward. 

OsMVfiDA regalis. Near Manchester. ' Rent. W. 

Wood. On Ashton Moss. Mr. Q» Sim's. 

Ltco PODIUM alfittum. Near the Holme, about 

five miles from Burnley. Mr, Woodward. 

Moors above the Scouts near Burnley. 
- Hcv. W. Wood. Coniston Fells. Mr, D^y. 
ToLYfODivM Dryo^eris. Common in this County* Hudson. 


AsPLBHiVM mar intim. In a stone quarry close to 

' the toad from Warriagtoa to Winwick* Baiton. 
Pteris crsspa. Scouts near Burnley. Re*v, W» 
Wood* Near Saddleworth. Ray. Near 
Lancf^t^. Afn Woodward. 


Sp|.ACHM^vif sph^rUum. /3. Muse* Hib. £m- 

mott-More. DilLnius. 

Grimmta nuda. Banks of Ditches in a clay soil 

near Manchester* Mr. G. Cahy. 

DiCRANUM strktum. On Emmott Moor. Richardson. 
Bartramia arcuateu Near Manchester. Mr, Bradbury. 
Anthoprro« punctalus^ Knot Mill 4^am near 

Manchester* DlUemus. 

Blasia fusilla. At a small wood, called Fea- 

^ingtOD woody betwixt Garnet and Knot- 


mill, about a miU from Manchester. DUIemus, 
Lichen fahlunensis. Rocks near Langdale. Id. 

' ampullaceui. n Near Cpln in Emmot 

^laucus. S Pasture. Hudson. 

articulatut. Wood near Burnley, Dillenius. 

Fu p V I ariiculatus. "J 

Ulta favonia, >lsle of Walney, Martym^ 

Con r E RYA pennata. J 

. gelatinosa. 7^5.. Near Manchester. Jd. 

• » 



Craea hiipida. /8. {C. fomentosa. LJ) In ditches 

commanicating with the River Soar. Pulieneym 

XtLis fidtdisn/m. Frequent in the Northern parts 

of the County. Rtv. G. Crable. 

ScHOENUs albus. Between Beacon Hill and the 

Outwoods on Charley Forest. Pukeney* 

SciRPVs sylvaiiciu By the sides of the River 
Soar near the Abbey, Leicester; and 
elsewhere in the same River: in the 
Pond at Loscby Hall« Id. 

* Eri p HOR u M p^lystacbion. Bogs of Charley Fo- 
rest near the Outwoods : at Woodhouse ; 
and about Buddon Wood ; and in many 
other place^ //• . 

* Dr. Pulteney has not xntrodnced E, tngiutifcUum as a Leices* 
terihire Plant> and it therefore appears probable that he intended 
tba$ plant nnder the name of E» folyitacbitih 


Bromus pinnatus. On the Wolds among Fur^ej 
most common on the Extern sidp of the 
County. Puhetuy. 

4 4 

AvENA faiua. Very common in fields about 
Stathern^ and the adjacent Country. 

Rei3. G. CrahU. 
ti^escens. With the former. Re<v^ G. 
Cr^hh* Ovi dry pas.ture§, not uncon^mon. 

A&UNDO Calamo^rpstls. On the borders of Bud-. 
dop Wood : Stocking Woodj near Leices- 
ter^ and many other places. PuUeuey. 
. Near OuodJ(e. . . DiUenlus. 

Dirt Acvs plojus. Lanes about Gerendoo Park 
near JLoj^g})horough : in Hollinghall 
Wood: Stocking Woody near Leicester. PuUeruy. 
Sanouisorba officinalis. In the meadows by 
;tb^ fiver opposite Belvoir Castle: pjenti** 
[i^Y \^ ^be fields South of Bottesford : 
, ngar Meritoo, tcc4 Reif. Q. CralSej 

lfpTfi^OQt.TOti gramineum* In ditches comi]nu- 

nicaHog with the Soar ; s^nd in ponds. Pub^^y*. 
Campaki;l4 paluUi* .In the drier p£n;ts of Bud- 
don woodj and hedges and lanes adjoin- 

• i*g»' Jfe^' 

yii^ULhiria* Sparingly aboiit due borders of Bod** 
don Wood; and about the Seoekitig 
Wood near Leicester. " Jd. 

375 1£ICEST£RSHIR£. 

RHAMirxrs eaihariiciu. Woods near Loughbo* 
rooghy and Leicester: about Barrow^ 
and Sex-hill ; and more plentifnllj about 
Waltham on the Wolds. PuUeney. Vale 
of Bdvoir^ by Plnngar, Granby, &c. 

Rev. G. Crahbe* 
* CvscutA ewr9^. On Nettles near Leicester, 
bat not common: on furze^ heath, or 
ling on Charley Forest. Puiteney* 

Gentian A campefiris. With G* amaretta near 
Stanford and East Leke : on the Pane 
Hills ; and about Glenfield near Leices- 
ter : more common on the Eastern side of 
the County. Id. 

SiuM UtlfoUum. In the River Soar between Lough- 
borough and Leicester : above the Castle 
Mill at Leicester. /i.> 

PiMPiNlELLA magna. In the Stocking Wood, 
• Leicester ; and about Groby. Piiheney. 
Near Melton Mowbray in the road to 
Waltham. Riv. G. Crahbcl 

Sambucvs Elmlus. Church yards at Korman- 
- ton, near Loughborough, andGreat Leke: 


# "^he only Ciusuia foand on Heath or Liog we.belieretobe 
C. epMymym^uid on the odier hand |re have always lein C.hir$pmm 
en Nettlof \ m>, tlMSt 19 all probabilttx the habitat near lit icetter 
refers to the former of these plafits, and t|>at on ph^rlry Forest to 
the latter. 


. fields leading from Roddy Plain to Tbur- 

castOQ. Pubeiuy* 

J)iiotBftA Umgifolia. Bog^ on Charley Forest* //• 

Myosurvs mifumus. Fishpool Close, and Tut- 

hill Field near Loi^hborough. Id. * 

Tkit ii^LAKi A Meieagris. Near Leicester* Dr, AraoiJm 

A COR us Calamus. Near the Abbey at Leicester^ 
but very sparisgly. Puluney, In the 
Soar above Loughborough aod Kegworth 
in divers placesi especially about Nor- 
manton. Dmrhj^ 

RuMBz sanguineus. In woods, and. not rarely on 

arable fallow land. Pvileney. 

mariiivms. In the Abbey yard, Leicester \ 

about Lolighborough ; and Hathern. /i. 

Alisma ranuncttloUes, \Ditches communicating 

with the Soar in various places. //« ;• 

Ch}.0ra fer/oHata. About Saltby^ and Sprox- 

ton. Jiev. G4 CxaUg^ 

PoLYOONUM minus. On Charley For^fi in divers 

places. ^ Pubinfy*^ 

' '■■ BtitoTta. Moist closes about Hum- 

berston .and Evipgton, near Leicester. /i. 

P A Rz^ ^ii^i/0/i>. Hollinghall wood, near Lough- 
borough: Buddon Wood: Stocking 
. Wood, near Leicester.- Paiteney. Oke- 

ly Wood, near Hathcr'n* Mr. TomJinson. 

* . - ... ♦ * 

CHRYso9PbSNivH^^^M£/<7^'</>t»* ' In thc Out« . ' 


troocb near Lovghboroughy D«ar tlie East 
end, with C, opposuift^litim ; and in a moist 
phei at Woodkoii$e,iiea^ Bnddon Wood. 

' ' Pubeney. 

SAf0mk%ih ojuinalii. In Hedged, e^eciaHj about 

Orchards, but not common. A/. 

ToftMMTiLLA reptans. In one of the Radmoor 
Closes, near Hurley, by Loughborough : 
wet Closes at Woodhouse. Pultehej. 
' Hilly grounds about Stathern. Rev. G. Crabhe^ 

DstfHiNiVM ConsoMa* Observed for two or 
three years successively amotig the com 
in the fields at Loughborough. PuUeney* 

Ravvucvlvs par*vijhrus. On Walls, isid in 
cdrnfields. Pukeney, -Mvston, by the 
toad side next the Village. l^^^i;. G. Crabbe* 

MsNTHA syUuestrit. At Thorp-acre near Lough- 
borough : at Swithland. Pubeney. 
■ " ■ geniilis. In the Outwoods near Lough- 
borough. Id 9 

PuUgium, Common about Quorndon : 

in Charley Forest, about the Porter's 

Lodge, near Gerendoh. . Id. 

Leonvrvs Cardiaccu Found sometimes in farm 

yards. Id. 

Thymus Nepcta. In dry lanes near Prestwold : 

about Leicester : at Swithland. Id. 

LiM osBtLic aqtuoUa. Ill a foad-way leading from 

1£ICEST£RSHIR£. 378 

d)e tttrnpike at Muston to Woolsthorpe, 
sparingly. JR^. G. CrahU. 

TfltASFi arvcnst. Cornfields about Belyoir 

Casdc. li. 

I»Etis nudicaulis. Oh the highest and most bar- 
ren parts of" Charley Forest^ on Beaeon 
Hill : also abotit Swithland Slate Pits. 


Card AMIR B impatUns. By rills of Water and rocky 
places in Charley forest : among the crags 
on the summit of Beacon Hill. Id» 

■ I ' " ^ * amara. In the outwoods near Lough- 

borough: and in marshy places of Char- 
ley Forest. IJ. 

TuRRiTis hifsttta. On some old walls, but rery 

sparingly. Id. 

Geranium pratense. In many places about 
Loughborough: about Buddon Wood: 
the Stocking Wood; and by the rivet 
side about Leicester. 

LATRTRt7s Nissolia* Meadows between Muston 

and Bottesford. Ret^^ G. Crabbe* 

■ " ' sylvestrts. In the Stocking Wood : and 

a lane adjoining lea^ng to Thurcaston. Puheney. 
Trifolium ofoense. 0. On the Raw-dikes near 

Leicester* IJ. - 

icalfrum* St* Mary's FieldsyLetces* 


ter. M 


TRiFOLiVM'ghauratum, Closes opposite Needless 
Inn near Loughborough , and elsewhere. 


SoNCHus palustris. In divers places about the 

. River Soar, but not common. IJ, '_ 

La6tuca saligtta. Buddon and Hollinghall 
Woods ; and in the lanes at Sheepstead 
and Thrinkstone. Dr* PuHeney. 

Hyoseris mmima, Birstal Cornfields near Lei- 
cester : on some arable land near Swith- 
land Slate pits. PuUeney* 

Carduus erlopborus^ About the Stocking Wood 
near Leicester : much more plentifully on 
the Wolds in the Eastern part of the 
County ; about Stanton ; Dalby ; Mel« - 7< 
ton : Waltham, &e% Puiteneyi On 
, Blackberry Hill near Belvoir Castle, plen- 
tifully. Rev. G. Crabie* 

* pratensis* Swampy Closes at Wood- 

house near Buddon Wood. Pukeney. 

Ch AT h ALiv u syhattcum, {rectum?) On Char- j 

ley Forest, near Beacon Hill : dry fields 
among furze at the end of Stanford 
Lane near Loughborough, and in many 
other places. Pultauy. About Waltham. . . 

Rev. G. Crabie. 

TvssiLAGO hybrida. Dishley, or Dixley Mill 
near Loughborough, as notice4 by 



Dr. Hill) in Bldckftone*s Specimen hotani" 
cum : about Leicester, nearly as coinmoa 
as the T, petasites, Pulteney, Wools- ^ 
thorpe. Rev, G. Crahbe, About Lopgh- 
boroughy and other places in the County. HtLdson*^ 
Or c h is. usiulaia. i In a dcy Close in the way to 
S A T Y R I u M 'virtJe. i Glenfield near Leicester. PulUney. 
Ophrys apifera. In a Close near Stocking Wood> 

but tare: on the North -West side of 


the County. Id. 

SsRAPiAs hngtfolia\ Bel voir Plantations. Rtrv. 
G. Cfahhe\ In some moist closes at 
Woodhouse near Buddon Wood, plenti- 
fully : oh Charley Forest near the Out- 
' woods. Pubeney^ 

Tyfha angusttfolia. In the Soar near Leicester, 

and in many other parts of the River. //• 

Carex dioica. Bogs on Chailey Forest, and 

Buddon Wood. Id, 

^ . ■ curia. Watery places in thickets and woods, Id^ 

■ , pendula. In wet woods, and by the river 

side, rarely. Id, 

m ■■ psevdo'Cypems, On the Banks of the Soar. Id* 
<veiicaria. n Bogs, Marshes, and the 

- ampuUacea. J sides of rivers and ponds. Id, 

Mvrtophyllum <verticillatum. In the Soar near 

Loughborough, but rare. Id, 

S A L I X purpurea. lo, moist woods, and withy beds. Id* 
rot, u« , c 


Savix ftnianJra* Fouod in a moist wood| uncer- 

tadn where. ^ PuUeney,. 

Ei^isl^TVM syl*vaiicum. la Buddon, and other 

woods, not commoQ* Id. 

i ... • I M , JbtviaJikm About the Soar in many 

places : in the Tat marsh near Loughbo- 
rough : xn the River near Leicester : in 
old Ponds. 1dm 

OsMVNDA Lunaria* Closes between Okeley 
wood and Long Whatton near Loughbo- 
rough: meadows by Swarston firidge* 
. near Ashby de la Zouch : about Market 
Harbor ough. ^ /</. 

•* ^— regiolis. In several places on the borders 
, of Charley Forest. Pulfeney. About 

. Grace Diea Abbey. Mr. TomRfuaitm 

'Ltosito'Divh inundaitm* In a bog near Beacon '' 

Hilly very spariogly. PtJunty^ 

A sJ^ 4 E N I u M viride. A few plants were found in 
the crevices of the crags on Charley Fo- 
rest, at Beacon I^IL U^ 

AnjiCT a m o I u m ciliatum. Rocks in Charley Fo« 

rest| an4 on the bark of trees. LL 

Pt 1 ROC^^ 1 U M grmU^ Trunks oC trees and rocks 

exposed to the weather. A/, 

DrcAAN t; u pdjucidum*, Bogs, in Charley Forest. Id* 
Tr I CH08 T o M u M ^ntinalhidu^ iGL Stones in the 

SifttSoar* Id, ' 


Nb e K B A A hetfrwnaUam Tnuiks. of trees^ not uo- 

m . " ^ '■ " dfispa. Rocky higher parts of Buddon 

: Woods* Id. 

Ht^^um denttcul^tum. 0, About thft roots of 

. treeSf t^)eciaU3t in woods. IiL 

' — ^ mdidatum* Crevices of shaded Rock& ia 

moist places in Buddon Wood. Idm 

Marchaktia hnuipb^icA, On Stoi^eji about 
springs, wet rocks, and sides of shaded 
wet ditches* Id* 

■ €wka. Banks of Broolos, and sides 

of springs and wells, not uncommon. Id. 

Ri c CI A minit^. £dge9 of bogs and places inun- 
dated during winter: on Charley FO' 
rest. /(/• 

Avy^oc^x9% pmctatus. In the Fi$h-pQol Clos^ 
ct Loughborough: wet pianos in Bud- 
do^ Wood. , Jd, 

# •» ^ i Rocks in Charley Forest. Id. 

■ t^trtargu^^ Rocks in Charley Forest^, 
sparingly. , Id^ 

I conspersus. Rocks, Walls, and Trees, but 

not Tcry common* Id» 

mpbahdes. Sparingly on Rocks in Charley 
Forc;st : on an old Wall ntar Buddon 
wood. -W* 

c 1 


LiCHES ftdmomartut. In HoIfioghaD Wood near 
r.oaghboroogh: OkeJy wood t Enddoo 
Wood. Fmittuj. 

btrhaceus. Boddon Wood, ^aiiiigly,- at 

the roots of trees. Id. 

^ scTobiculatui. Buddon Wood, oa rocks, 

and at the roots of trees, in several 
places. Urn 

■ ■ raufhtattts* Bnddon Wood, at the roots ** 
- of trees, sparingly. Id. 

borixottiaUsm Pound, very sparingly, on 

rocks', and at the roots of trees, in Bud- 
don Wood. Id. 

paschaKs» Rocks in Charley Forest, 

sparingly. Id- 

i^-'^^fragilks* -> Rocks in Charley Forest, 

— ghhiferus. J ' and in Buddon wood. '/A ' 

jubatus* ' On Ae highest craggy rocis on 
Beacon Hill; and on the Rocks By 
Thnsksten, and dsewl^re^n CSTairley * 
Forest. ^ 'Iif, ' 

— ,, ^uipinuj. Trees in Baddon Wood, and 

near Groby, but not commeo. * . . - Id. 

^^i<m» »»f>t..* ■ >rf ■ I'U 

'f - - 


This O^unty, fo celebrated for the number and 
variety of scarce ,bird6- which it prpduces that it has 
been calle4 thje Aviary of England, is by no means 
equally favourable to the views of a. Botanist. There 
is perhaps no part of the kingdom of equal extent, ia 
which the surface is less varied ; and we are autho- 
rized by that great Patron of Natural History, tlie 
Right Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, who has bestowed 
considerable attention upon its productions, and to 
whom we are proud to acknowledge that this work 
IS indebted for many valuable communications, to 
say that the quantity of rare plants in Lincolnslnrr* is 
by no means considerable. 


ScH(Binvs Marhciu, East Fen. Sir J. Banks* 

Arukdo Epigefos. la mcnt wood^ wnt trnfre^ 


queot. Sir J. Bonis, Near Gains* 
borough, in every ditch. Rev. J. DaUon. 

■ Calamagrctiu** In the Saft Feo, near 
Reresby Abbey. Sir J. Bonis. 

Elymus orenorius. On the Dunes, or SandhilU, 
near the sea, in all parts of Lincolnshire 
Marshes v/here such hills are met with, 
particularly at Skeyness and Sutton. Id. 

Galium tricorne. Near Stamford. Hudson. 

Sat^gvisorba officinalis. Fields about Belvoir 

Castle. Rev. G. Crabhe. Plentiful in 

meadows between Folkingham and Gran- . 

tham. » D. T. 

SYMrHYTUM tuberosum. On the fen banksj mixed 

with S. ojfficinole. Mr. Woodfvard, 

Rhammus eatharticus* Vale of Belvoir. Rev. G. Crokbe^ 
ViKCA major. At Woolsthorpe near Belvoir 

Castky on stones near the Village. IJ^ 

Hern I aria glabra, > On a Heath near Sleaford^ 

on the road to Grantham. Id* 

Gentiana Pneumonantbe. On the heathy ground 

between Newark and Lincoln, a few 

miles from the latter on the right. Rev. 

G. Cralbe. Horncastle, near the Tower 

of Moor. Rev. Richard RciiotH 

" ' ■ omareOa ? Found by Sir John CuUum 


6th June on the Heath between Grantham 
(ind Ancaster : it is probably the Gentiana 
ntema prsc4fx of Ray« as the G, amarelU 
has never been observed before the middle 
of Augtist. I gare this specimen to Dr. 
' Smith ; ifl remember right, the segments 
of die calyx were as long nearly as the 
tube of the corolla, whereas in the G* . 
amarella they are very shoit, and not 
half 80 long as the tube. Sir T, G, Cidlwrn. 

BvPLEVRUM rotundifoBum. Carlby, bet^vcen 

Stamford and Bourn. ilfr. Woodward^ 

» ' ' tenuiuifmLmm Ob the sea ba«ks 

below the town of Boston^ especially r 

bel6w Skirbeck Church. (It is probably 
the plant which Plukenet mistook for 
Sufotus tenui/olla. tab. 75.} Sir J. Banks. 

C A u c A 1 1 s daucoides. At Carlby , between Stam- 
ford and Bourn. Mr. Woodwari^ 
Si LI MUM fahufrem In. the East Fen, in vast 
plenty: almost the only ambellifcrous 
plant that grows 10 the immense common 
meadows there. Sir J. Batihf 
Q%VMnrm ptinpindkidts. In the Parish of Qj^p- 

kdt near Spalding. Pluhmtn 

CoitiANDRuif sakrtim. Wild and uncuitivated 
places about Folkinghami very plefittful, 
and appareatly indigenous, D* Tjk 


CicuTA nnrosa. In the East Fen, chiefly on the 
edges of the narrow channels, called 
Rows, which commnnicate the deeps 
with each other. Sir J, Banks* 

Carum Caruu Swafield Dale, 7 miles Sonth 
of Grantham* Martyn, Abundanl in 
the Marshes near Boston on the sides of 
the Witham, within the Banks .near the 
grand sluice. Sir J. Banks. 

Statice reticulata^ On the salt marshes near 
Frieston, Lererton, &c. ; and also near 
Fosdyke Wash: it grows in the level 
grassy land, where the Sheep bite close. IJ. 

LiNVM usUaSisthnum. Near Boston, in the road 
from Sleaford. Re^, G. Crahhe. Edges 
of fields about Long Sutton. (In both 
places it is cultivated in the neighbour- 
hood.) D. T. 

■ perenne. Beyond Stamford^ in the road 

to Grantham, for a con^derable way : 
there are some eK&. plants, but they are 
generally procumbent. Re^, G. Crahhe, 

Asparagus officinalis. In the rich Meadows 
near Holbeach, Long Sutton, Sec, 

Sir J, Banks. 

"Rvuzx maritimus^ Marshes at Crowland. Martyn.. 

Chlora perfoliata. In Behon Park. Id* 

Vaccihium Oxycoecos. Very abundant in this 

County. » mtherin^. 


Polygonum vivjparum, Lincoln Heath. Mariyn* 

MoNOTROPA hypopUhys. Close \6 Summer 

Castle, in Fir Woods. Re«v. James Dahonm 

DiANTHUS ^jfi/j. fdeltoldes?) Lincoln Eicath. JJfjr/jF/i. 

SiLENE angltca. Frequent in Autumn among 

Turneps on the Wolds. Sir J.. Bants-* 

Cerasttum al^num. Upon the bank side on the 

• left hand of the road going from the 

bowling green at Grantham to Man-? 

thorpe. Martyn, (Surely this must be 

a mistake.) 

GcvM riiyale. Homcastle* Rev. R. RelhoHm 

Btratiotes alcicUs. In the fen ditches, and 
those in the Marsh behind the sea bank, 
vhere the water is deep, and the current 
•low. Sir J. Banks. Near the New 
Bridge at Gainsborough, Sir T. G, CuIIunu 

Anemone Fuliatilla. Bernak, and Lincoln 
Heaths; and Southrop Common. Martyn. 
Coultsworth^ half a mile from the North 
Road towards Leicester^ire. Rev, G. Crahitf^ 

Tevcriuu scordium. In the EastFen, often near 
the places where Geese frequently land. 

Sir J, Ba^ttk 
MsvTlf A jylveitris. Wet places in this County. R^hon. 
Galeopsis versicolor. Grantham. Martyn^ 

Stachys Gcrmanlea. Found by Dr. Richardson 
A miles South of Grantham, opposite 
Easton. Hudson, A^common weed ||i 




tkefidds and hedges a litde wideof Col* 
terswortb*^ about 8 miles on this side 
Grantbamyin great prolusion in the years 
1794. Sc 17969 on the left hand side of. 
the road. Rev* J. Davieu 

^MTiRRHiNUU Cymhola^U. Walls of Burleigh 

Castle near Stamford. Mr, Woodward. 

■I — . mmiii'* Cornfields at AUington. 

Rtv. G. Crahle. 

SiBTHORPiA turopMa, Meadows at Honington. 


Qrobanchs elaiior. Plentiful near SoBimer Castle. 

Rev. J. DsUon. 
TiiLASPi aroerue. Cornfields about Belvoir Castle, 

and Croztpn. Rev. G. Crahhe. 

* Cram BE maritima. Among the san&ills on the 

coasty in abundance. Sir J* Bardt, 

Gbrani17m sangvineum. Lincoln Htath. Martin. ^ 

In Manby Wood near Glanford. Sir J. Banku 
Pi SUM maritimum. At Ingolm Mills. Camden. 

IfATMTRUs paJustris. In the Meadonrs in the East 

Fen,' in abundance, where they are most 

subjed to be overflowed. Sir J. B^nii, 

Astragalus glycypbyllos. North road near CoU 

tersworthy in the hedge. Rev. G. CraUe, 


* '* This j>lMit hat been Men in th< Orkneys on tand incapable 
of producing any other crop, and has been proved to furnish sooml 
food for iheep." fir J. Satth. 


AsTRACALVt ijj^cgititij^ Near Gratttham, on 

the heath. D, T. 

**' ^> « » " ■ — I var. fraemmBmSf et maid^ 
ramoi^^Affiaa* On Lincoln Heath. 

Sir T. G. Cdkmu 

Carpuvs eriofkor^w. By tke roadttde Iwtween 
• Stamford and Granthaniy plentifidly. 
2>r. Smiti, ^Roadside near Barton. Mr, WmdL 

A&TSilisiA cderuUsc^nt. Near Boston. Mr,, 
TofitU. (We believe it has never since 
been found by any other Botaoist«) 

GnAFHALiUM dioitum. On Bernak Heath. 

Ray, Grantham Heath* 0,T. 

recium, HilJy Ground near Great 

Ponton. Renj. G. Ctahie, 

TuasiLAGO hybrida. Grantham. J^^v. G, 
Crahbe, Homcastlej and Hemingby, 

Rev, Richard Rclham^ 

S t M E c I o faludosus. In wet land near Hare Booth , 
on the Kesteven side of the River 
Witham* Sir J, Bankss Banks of 
dltc;hes near Braford Water half a mile 
from Lincoln. Rev, Mr, ff^ooljflston. 

CiNEiARiA palustris. In the East Fen, in some 
years in vast abundance, in others very 
scarce. Sir J, Banis* 

Orchis wtulata. On Bernak Heath near Stam- 

ford* Mr^ Woodwmd. 


OphIlys aranlfeTM. lo an old stone pit lianDy & 

mile from Barneclu Merrctt. 

Mtkiophtlluii ^oeriutUahm. Near Boston. 

Rev. G. CrMe. 

HiBPOPHAE rhsmntidgs. At Skegness, on the 
beach n^ar the sea. X^v. G. Craik^ 
Sea Banks in Lindsey Coast, plentifblly. Ray. 

AraiPLBx pednaadaia. Near Skirbeck Church 
Yard, half a mile frOm Boston, on the 
road^de between Fosdyke and Cross-key 
Washes, in some years vastly abundant, 
in others veij difficult to find. Sir J. Bartts,. 

OsMVNDA lunaria. Lincoln Heath, Blachtone. 

■ l» 


Eriophorur vagtnaittm. Common on the Mouo- 

uins. Mr, Grlffitbm 

FtSTtJCA vMpara, Frequent In- mountainous 
pastures. Mr, Griffith, Summit of Cader 
Idris. Rem, J; Dames* 

Lobelia dortmanna. In the first Lake on the 
right as you ascend Cader Idrrs from 
Dolgelle. Sir John CulUtm. About 
Bala. Mr* A, Aihin. 

Im PAT I ENS ndi tangere* By the roadside from 
• Dolgelle to Erwgo^d Chap^t, about « 
mile short of the latter place on the right 
hand. - Id. 

Viola lutea. Between Bala and Festiniog; and 

- abundantly between Festiniog and DqI- 

g^lte. Waring,. Abou: Qala : and very 

common on the Merionethshire Moun- 

■ tains*. Athin* 

&CKffiiiNA campestris. Very common in m^st 

mountainous p;^ttures in Wales, Mr, GriffUi» 



Mku u ■ alhamantxcum^ Near Dolgdle. 'Xajr* On 
the Eftst side of Bala Lake near Llan 
Gower ; and on the West side between 
lir. Griffith. Gameddwen, between Bala 
and Dolgelle. J^. H* Daviis. 

Sambucus Ebulus. In a Hedge near Harlech 

Castle. Binghy. 

JuNCUS acuius. In the sandy Coast near l^arlech. 
Ray. Plentiful on the &ea coaiL 

Rev. J. Davies. 

RvMEx 4^^ff«i. By the rivulets above Uyn y 

Cai. . Martyum 

Axisiff A tutUau* In the South end of Bala Lake. 

£ piLO Brv M emptstisiiwutm ? Rocks of Arran Pen 

L]yn> ten miles South of Bala. Mr. Griffith 
V A c 6 1 N I V M #^/u idaa • On Cader Idris. Bmghy. 

. On the Froi^wen Mountains. Mr.A. Aikhu- 
Oxycouau Bogs in Wales, very 


' common* Mr. Griffith. 

Saxifraga stellarts. Plentiful on Cader Idris. Id. 
nlvalh. On the Fronwei^ MountainSj, 


K '■■il1< 

and among tlie rocks by a Cascade of the 
Twrck, near the entrance of the. impor- 
tant mxHtary Pass, called Bwkb y Cf o^- jfiUnM 
— ofpotiftfolla. On Craig y CaCj^ C^dcr 




ScLB&AKTHUS perennu. Sandy places by iht road- 
side between Corwen and Bala* BingUy* 

pRVNVs PaduT. I^requent in this Coanty. Waring. 

Ros^ tmnentosa. Hedges between the Town of 

Bala and the Lake. D.T, 

Rub us ehanunnorus. About Cader Fronwen. Mr. 

A, Atlin. On the Berwyn Mountains. Penntuit. 

Thalictrum vdnus. On Cader Idris. Bingley. 

Sides of Bala Pool. Mr. Griffiths 

TROLLnjs europ^eus. About Dolgelle* Ray. 
Boggy grassy lands to the left of the 
road from DofgcUe to Trawsfynaid» 
plentiiully. Rev. J. Daws. 

McHTHA rotundifolia. Sides of Bala Pool near 

Llangowcr. Mr. GrrfitS4 

Melakptrum syhaticum. Side of Bah Pool, 

on the Rock, above JLlanycil* Id. 

&ROPHVLARIA vtmalts. About Llanfbniay the 
scat of Sir Watkins William Wynne, 
Bart. Bingtey. 

Chbi RAH THUS sinuotus. Rocks at Aberdorey. 


^Ar ABis hisprda. Moel yn Rhud near Festiniog. Lhwyd. ^ 

Brabsica oUracea. Near Harlech Castle. Hudson. 

G b 1 A N I u M sanguineum. About Barmouth. Mr. Far don. 

Genista plhsa. At the foot of Cader Idris, be- 
tween Dolgelle and Llyn Arran. Mr. CriJUb. 

OaoBus syhaticus. Not bx from Bala, Mr. * 


T. WUhstl Near the Cataradl Sit D^l- 
melynllyn, six miles South ofDoJgelle; 
and in pastures betwixt the Inn at Festi* 
Biog and the Bridge over the Cynfaeir 
near the Waterfalls. Btngley, 

ViciA sylvailca. About Bala. Mr. J. ylikln^ 

Tft I FOLIUM martHmurru Towgym. Re'v. W. WooiL 

Hypericum androsamum, Amon».the Rocks at^ 
the Catarad, called Rhaiadr du, near 
Maentwrog. Bingley^^ 

GfiAVHAhivM sjlvaticum? On Cader idris. Id* 

Se H Ecio ^uiscosus^ Banks of Bala Lake^ Id, 

Ci V E K A R I A paiustris^ In the marshy places about 

Aberavon* Ray^ 

Anthemis nobdis* Harlech Marsh, plentifully. Birtgley. 

Car EX bmeruis. On all the Moors in Wales. 

Mr. Griffith. 

LiTTORELLA lacustris. On the Bank at the South 

End of Bala Lake. Mr, Wood. 

QvERCUs sessiUflora. Very common in Wales. 
- Mr. Grtffith^^ 

Empetrum nigrum. Plentifully on the Moun- 
tains » Id. 

Rhodiola rosea. 

LrcoPODiUM alplnwmx 

AtPiDiuM Oreopteris. Very common in all moun- 
tainous pastures. Mr. Grlffah. 

pTSRis crlspa. On Cader J[dris. Mr. Griffith. 

J Cader Idris. Ray. 


On almost all the high mouDtains of the 
County. Bingley. 

Andr£A alpina. Boggy places on Cader Idris, 

towards the summit. DiUenius. 

T%iCH09rouv H /ontinalioidfs^ H. Stones in 

Bala Lake. Mr. Griffith. 

TyiCKAnvu Jlexuffsum. y, Musc.Hib. Abundant 
on Cader Idris, Dtllemus. By the 
rivulets above Llyn y Cai. Martyn. 

ToLYTKiCHv u urnigerum. At the foot of Cader 
Idris. DiUemus, On the Mountain^ 
with (hoots hardly half an inch high^ 
though the footstalks are as long as 
nsuaU Mr. Griffith, 

Bft YUK aureum* ' Berwyn Mountain, in the road 

between Bala and Llangunnry. Mr. Wood* 

. erudwn. On Cader Idris. Mr. Griffith. 

JuHOB&MAMNiA juAsrr^. Towards the summit 
of Cader Idris» near the Torrents falling 
over the Precipices. DilUmus. 

I purpurea. On Cader Idris, Id. 

■ tpinulcfa. On Cader Idris. 

Mr. Griffith. 

Li e B EK U/e virens. 1 Oa the roadbetween Carno 

n gkmuUferus^ J and Maine Lloync. DilUnius. 

. ■ scrohicuhtus. 

m consperstLs. ^Near Dolgelle* li. 

» ■ . sylvaticust 

▼OL. II* 


LicHEK apitiosus. n AtthefeotofCaderldriSf 
— —- fuhgrnottu. 3 near Dolgelle, DiUtmus, 

W" »' 


r^ J Cader Idris. /i» 


Cha&a hispida. Not unfrc^ucnt on Finchlcy 

Common. Mr. J, JToodsJun. 

Verokica Montana. In Litdc Grove Wood at - 

Breakspcars. Blactstone. 

Utiicularia minor. River on Hounslow Heath. 

Ray,, Uxbridgc River. Blackstone. RK 

Tcr at Iver. Martyn» 

Iris fatidissima, Kentish Town 5 and MuswelJ 

Hill* Martyn* Near Hornsey» Hudson* 

Sgirpus iriqueter. Banks of the Thames above 

and below London. DiUenius. Between 

Mill Bank and Chelsea. Mr. E* Foriter^jun* 
syhvailciu. In a Pond on the left hand 

side of the road from London to Highgate. 

Martyn. Near Southgate. Mr. J. 

Woods, jim» On Uxbridge Moor. 

Mr» 7* F. Forster,JuH0 

9 % 



Fa N I c u M vetticiUatum. Beyond the Neat Houses 
t)y the Thames side going from the Horsey 
Ferry above Westminster to Chelsea. Ray^ 

• «. *viric/e. Near the Neat houses, Chelsea. Martynm 

Agrostis Spica vea^m Twickenham* Mr. Bor^ 
rer. Edmonton. Mr, J. Woods ^jun» 
In the common field between Tottenham . 
High Cross and the NJills. L. W. A 

F$ s T u c A loliacea . Common about Stoke Newing- 

top. Ifr. J. Woods, jiin^ 

Aeumdo efigejos. Between Hornseyand Newing- 
ton. Hudson, In the old park wood ^t 
Harefield ; and in the lane leading from 
Harefi^ld to R.icHmaosworthj plentifully. 


X)iTSACi^s pilosus. Betv^een the Bishop's palace, 
and Fulham field; and at More Hall. 
Mariyn. Near Edmonton, Mr, E, Foriterfjun. 

Galium anglicum. On a wall at Hackney. Rmy. 

CxNTUNCULUS minhnus. On the low marshy 

" ground near ^he Paper Mills on Hounslow 

Heath. Sir W. Watson. | Near Hamp- 

ton Court. Hudson. On Iver Heath, 

in abundance. Rev, Dr. Goodenwih. 

Cynoglossum syhaticum^ In a hedge facing the 
road on Stamford Hill bety^een Newing- 
ton and Tottenham. J^ajr. 

MtNYANTHES nymph^oideT. In Creeks of the 

• River Thames near Sunbury, m trait 
plenty; and in most Creeks of the 
Thames in that district* • Sir J, Banks. 
Pond in London fields^ Hackney. 

Mr. J. IFcodSfjun^ 


CamfAnvla Ranunculus, At the edge of the 
common field near Wier Hall, £dmon* 
ton ; and near Baker Street, Enfield. 
Mr. E. FersteTfjun. In Enfield Charch 
yard. Mn 71 F. Forster^jun. 

Viola hirta. Chalkpit^ and old park wood, Hare- 
field. Bla^hfotte. 

Verbascum Blattafia. Chalky £eld neat the 

Mill at Harefield. Td. 

DaTuUa Stramomum. About London, commoti. 

L. fr. D. 

Rhamnvs Catharticus. Between Uxbridge and 

Beaconfield. Martyn. Harefield. Blackstone* 

ViNCA major. In a meadow near Harefield Church. Id. 

He RH I ARIA hirsuta. At Colney Hatch. Hudson. 

Ci^^HOfoiiivU jtlaucum. On h dunghilHn Kate's 
Lafte- leading frt)m Cljipton to Newington 
Common. Mr. T. P. Forster,jun» Near 
the Lead Mills at Hoxton. Mr. J. 
IF$odsJun. Near Paddington* Mr. Dicison. 
' ■ ' ■ oUittm^ Common about London. 
Curtis. About Islington and Hamp- 
stcad, Mr, J. fVoods^jun. 


GsKTiAKA Pimmmkmtie^ On Houislow Heathy 

— — camfeHtu. Itt Harcfidd chalkpit near 

the paper Mill. Blaehtone. 

BvpLBVRUlf rohmd^olium. Near the Ifill at 

HarefieidL Jd. 

ToiDTLiuM ^inaU. About LoBdoo. Petk/er^ 

B u N I u If BuBocattamim. Said is Flora Britanaica 
to have been foand in Kenaiiigton Gardens 
by Mr» W* Wood, bnt cannot now be 
met withy and that Gentknan is of opt- 
' nion the plants he gathered were only 
large specimens q{ B.JtoxuQsuau 

An G E L I c A Archangelka. About the Towsr. Martyn . 

SivM MfoUum. Bikkfield near Tybam Turn- 
pike, and between Rotherhithe and Dept« 
ford, Hartyn* 

-— repens. In Tothili Fields. ifr. E. ForstcTfjun, 

SisoN iigihtm. By the road side at Eaton. Martyn. 

CicvTA virota^ Near Hoanskiw; and Denham» 

Mar4yn. In one of the Foods near the 

\ road at Hayes, three liGles .finosEi Ux« 

bridge* Blaciitofie. 

Sambvcus EMtfi. Uxbridge Moor. Bkckslone. 

In a meadow at Brt akspears. Martyn^ 

DaosEKA loti^oBam Bogs on Irer Heath, sparingly*. 


MTOsuRVi mimmus^ Meadows behind the Gha< 


ptfy ftad io ihtk^ that gees ftoita G(^a- 
hageA HoQse to Kendsb Tawn t Mary 
Bone Park. Martynt AlxMtt I^ngton. 
SUukitMi. PaddKagtoD) and Paneras. 
C«f//f. At EdmotttOB. Afr. J. fVoods^jtm. 
NARCifSva H/brus* In sereral places about 
Harefield. MUnkmue. Near Honisey 
Church. Sberard, Not now to be found 

Fritillahia Mtkagris. Maud fields near Ris- 
Up Common. BUchtane. Meadows be- 
tween Mortiake and Kew ; and neat 
Bnield. Hudson. Meadows at Tot- 
teridgc Rev. J. Daws. 

TvLiFAjylqm^iu Top'rfMusweB HtH. 

Mr. J, H^oodtjjtm. 
O&MiTMOOALVii pyrmaltwm. Strtwbcfry HiH, 

Mf. WoodmHtrd. 

SeiLLA autufmaib. On a Bank by the Thames side 
atthehither end of Chelsea; FarUitsni. 
Or Bhckheath. Ray. Near Ditnm, on 
Monkey Hurst, oter against Hampton 
Court. Curth. 

Aconvi CakmMs. CHi HouBskw Heath; nea^ 
Hareficid. Nudum* On HiHingdoo 
Common, and other^ aees about London. 

£>r. SmM. 
Kvutx sangwnew. Woods about Hampstead, 


but not frequent* Metrett* In an of* 
chard by the road side in the lane leading 
from Harefield to Rislip. Blatlstbne, 

A LI SUA Damasonium^ In a little bog at Hare- 
field. Blackstwe* Iver Heath towards 
Denham. Martyn, Near Hammersmith. 
Mr^ Teesdak, Finchley Common. 

Mn •/• JFoodsfjuUm 
' ■■ "* ranunculoiJes, Frequent on Finchley 
Common. Mr. J. JFoodSfjvM. Near 
Hounslow. Mr. £• Forsterjitru 

Epilobiuk angustifiRum* Cane Wood» Hamp- 
stead. Martyn. By the side of a hill 
about midway between Uxbridge and 
Beaconsfield. Blachtone. Near East 
Barnet. Mr, J. Woods, jun^ 

Polygonum rnimu. Plentiful in Tothill Fields. 

BUckstone, On Finchley Common. L% IF. D. 

Bistorta. Meadonrs by Bishop's 
wood near Hampstead. Curtis. River 
side about Uxbridge and Rickmans- 
worth. BUuistoru. Top of Muswell 
Hill. Mr. J. Woodsfjun. 

Paris quadrifolia. In a little wood at.Hampstead. 
Mcrrett. Old Park hanging wood, and 
elsewhere about Harefield. Blacistone. 

Sapon ARIA officinalis. Near the Church-yard at 

Ivcr. Msriiru 


Di A N tH u s prdifer. Meadows between Hampton 

Coon and Tuddington. Mernitp 

II. Jchaidesi I^ampstead Heaths Mar^ 

iyn. Abnndantly in Hampton Coart» 
and the fields thereabouts. Jttff • 

Ss DU M dasypbyUum^ Walls at Hammersmith. Dr^ 
Sndtbm Wall near Chelsea Hospital, on 
the left hand side of the hone-road, on 
taming the comer out of Paradise. 
Curtis. Wall in a lane from Kensington 
to the Ckavel pits. Mr. E. Forierfjwm^ 

t ■ album. On a wall just above the Chapel 

at Kentish Town $ and on a wall on the 
left hand going from Bromley to Bromley < 
Hall. Curtis. Wall at Twickenham. Mr. Bomr» 

Ltthkum byssofifolium* Between Staines and 

Xialam, in a marshy field by the road. BUuhstonem 

Eu P HOa B I A platypbyUa. Cornfields between Hare* 
field Common and Battle's Well, plenti« 
fully. Id. 

■ biherna. Among the Com near 

Twickenham Park against Richmond. Ray. 

PauNvs Padus. Lane at Hackney, just beyond 

Temple Mills. Martytu 

Pyrus torminalis. Bishop's and Cane Woods* 

Hampstead. Id, 

' ■ • Aria* Bishop's Wood, Hampstead. Mar* 

tyn* In a chalk pit at Harefield. . Blaclstom* 


VLotA Itmeatua, Pkad&l about Loadoa. Cvr- 
/i/« Hedges betwecft Stoke Newiagton 
Church and Stattford HiU* Mr. J. nr9»ds^}mm. 

ToEif BirriLtA T0fUms. Near LoMba, between 

» the boarded liTor and Islington road. Martytu 

AMEifOMB Afiimma. Near Harrow on the Ifill. 


Avon i9 imhmmalis* Among the Com at Aeton. 

Blactst$ni» Frequent about London. Curtis. 

llANUifevLVS Lingua. Bogs on Irer Heath. Hudson. 

#> ■ I parvijiorus. Hackney ; and Kent- 

ish Town. Marty n. la severa] places 
about Harefield. Blachstone. 

IlftLBBOavs itiriifit, Down Barn Hill^ near 
Harrow. Mr. J. IFoods^ jun. In a 
small wood near Pinchley. Mr, J. RMyer* 
Near Harefield. Miss Bayntu 

Mentha tylvestris. In Hornsey Church Yard. 
Mr. J» Rayer. Fpot of Muswell Hill. 

Mr, J. Woods, jun* 

— — — -— rotundtfoUa, In Hornsey and Harefield 

Church Yards. Blackstone. 


>4i<-* vlri^hs. Banks of the Thames. Hudson, 

'^^ piperita. Between Stoke Newington and 
Hornsey. Mr. Akb9rne, Op the North 
side of Stamford Hill. Mr. J. MMleton. 

-^ birwta. f. Banks of the Lea, near 

Hackney. Mr. E. Porstirjun, 


M&htHa iirsuta. d. Side 6f the New River, by 

theufiper end of Stoke Newiagtoa. ShnwnJL 

<i ■■■ rubra. By Hackney River, near the 
Ferry House. Ray, Road side betnreen 
Edmonton and Enfield. Mr. E. Forster^jtuu 

graalis* Side of the New River hy the 

upper end of Stoke Newing^oh. BudJU* 

Ballota wffra. /3. Near IfaflBinersraith. 

JMr. Woodwards 

ScuTif.LAftrA m\n%r, Hampstead Heath. Gerar4* 

h AT nmMA/quamaria. Shady iaac kading from 
Harefield Town to the Riyer^ plentifully. 


ANTiaaHiNUM Cywtiaiarut. About Chelsea, 
and other places^ frequent, especially ad- 
joining the Thames-: the walls of the 
Physic Garden, Chelsea^ are ooveced witli 
it. Curtiu 

• : — spurJum* About London. Id* 

LiMOSBLLA itquatica, la the Warren Pood at 
Breakspears; and Bogs on Harefield 
Common. BlacksHns. Pond at Finch- 
ley. Mr,. J. Woods gjun, 

A L Y s s u M sativum • Ko^A side at Stoke Ne wing- 
toa: at Hlghgate; and in the Islo of 
Dogs. Id. 

l^HLAsri arvensi, Tothill Fields; and between 
NewijQgton and T<Ht£nkuD. Mr, J. 
Woods, jun* Hampstead Heath. . Curiis^ 

ms Middlesex: 

CocHLE hKi A angRca. Isle of Dogs. Martyit. 

iBBRts nudieauUs* Near Hampton Coart, and 

other places about London* L» W* A 

Dentaria hulbifera. la the Old Park Wood 

near Harefield, abundantly. Blactstonti 

Cardamine rmpatietu. Thames side near the 
Botanid Garden^ Chelsea. hLartyn. 
(There can be little doubt but the fol-^ 
lowing species was intended.) 

1 amara. River side at Harefield ;-. 

and about Uxbridge, plentifiilly. Blati^ 
stone^ Banks of the Thames between 
lew and Mortlake. Rev. Dr. Good- 
tnfnugh. At Chelsea* Wuheriug. I^e 
of Dogs. Mr. J. Wood^fjtuu 

SisYM<RiuiA sy he Sire. Tothill Fields. Blacl- 
stone. Frequent on the Banks of the 
Thames. HuJson^ 

' '• ■■ Irio. About London in various 

places ; as between th^ City and Kensing-' 
ton, in great plenty ; also about Chelsea. 
After the great fire in London, A.D. 
i66^ and 1668, it came up abundantly 
among the rubbish in the ruins. Ray. 
Walls at Broitipton* Afr. Borrer. 
About Haggerstone ; and near Chelsea. 
Mr. E. Forster^jun. On a Bank oppo- 
site Shoreditch Workhouse ; and between 
CheUea and Londooi plcnnfiiUy. £• JF. D. 


TuRKiTis ^laira. Near Slouglu Ray^ 

QiR AVIUM prateme. Betweea Chertsey Bridge 

and ShepertoD* Mr^ £• Farst€r,junm 

pyrendicum. Near EnjGeld; aod about 
BromptOQ ; and Chelsea. Hudson* In» 
and about Enfield Church yard. L. fV. Dm 
— — retundtfoliuTtu Between Mortlake 

' ' . ' .I ' 

and Kew. JiuiUon. Under the East 
v^s oi the College at Hackney. Mr^ 
T. F, ForsteTfjuti^ Lane by the Adam 
s^nd Eye at Islington. Mr. •/• Woods ijtm^ 

Lathtkus ^baet^* About Enfield and Totten- 
ham. ^ Curtii^ 

m . m ■ ,. Nissolia. Oyer against the Church 

at Edmonton ; and near Pancras Church. 
Martyn. Meadow near Harefield 
Church. Blacistont. By the pathside 
between White Hart Lane and Totten* 
, ham New River. Mr. J. Woods fjutu 

ViCiA laibyroides* In the dry parts of Hyde Park. 

Mr. Diclson^ 
Tt^irohiVM ornitbcpodioides. In Tothill Fields 2 


and several heaths about London, Curtis. 
Hampstead Hea^. Mr. J. VToods^jun^ 

I' ghmp'^Uum. Hanwell Heath. 

Riv. Dr. Gcodenoi^h^ 
^^piRicuif androsdmum. Bacher and Hamp* 
«tead Hcatha^ Martjio, In a thicket 


near Harefield Church ; also betvees 
Hij^gate and M«swdi HilL Biacisteni, 

TftAGOPOCON porrifoVius. In 6ome Meadows 

near Edmonton* Id* 

SoNCHUS pcJuttrtt. Spanng]7 in the Marshes 
about Biackwail and Poplar. €wtu, 
l» the Isle of Dogs. Mr, E. Ponter^jwtn 

Lactuca Horhla. On Bonks near Pancras* /i« 

" ' s align a. About Pancras Church yard* 

Mr, Jf^IUsd. By the path on the left 
hand in the Close next ^is side Pancras, 
and by the road in the same Close* Mr, Newtom^ 

Htdttms minima. In Teddington Field 4iear ' 

Hampton Co«rt. ffiufjim. About Hamp- 
ton Court, f^entifuHy. Doody^ 

Carduus Unuifierus. Bethnal Green, and other 

places about London, frequent. L,JF» D» 

*' '" " mariamut. 0, Mary bone Park* Marty n^ 

■ ■'■' ' ' '■ heteropbyllus. On Houndov Healii* ,Doody^ 

^ ■ pfisUnsis, On Houn^ow Heath near 

the end of Tuddington Town, sparingly* 


GKA9HAtf0M wffum, Hampstead Heath . Mtid-' 
^9n. In a ^hady field nea:r Battled Well 
at Harefield ; and by 1^ roadside be- 
tween Highgate and Muswell Hi]l. Martyn^ 

^KXGEILOM eanadense. On rubbish about London, 
ffwpent. Hudton. In a lane near Hamp- 
ton Court. Mr. T. F. ForsUtfjun^ 


Inula J^kumm. In a Meadow 9t Breakspeari^ 
called Gftntlet$a aiul in a Close adjoioiog 
the Common at Harefield. BiacitiMf, 

Anthemxs noBiUsi Harefiild ConlmoA. Blaci* v ^ 
5h>ne»' HouBslow Heath* t)r. Smith. 

Orchis ustulaUf, lo the chalk pet by tl^ paper 

mill at Harefieldy hat rtry rarely. Blackstone* 

Near the old chalk pit 
by the paper miH at Hstt^ 
fields plentifully. IJ. 

Ophrts iTidus a^vis. In White Heath Wood, 

Harefield. Id. 

— .^ — Monorcbis. Near Enfield. Martyn^ * 

■ muscifera. \ In the chalk pit near the 

— apifera. 3 paper mill at Harefield. Blaclstone. * 

Ttpha miffon On Hounslow. Heath • Mr. Daindrldgc. 

Carix divisa. Marshes by the side of the Thames 
below London* Afr. J. Woodt^ jun. 
Isle of Dogs, plentifully. 1. ff\ D* ' 

— — — fendula* Moist woods and hedges between 
Hampstead and Highgate; and between 
Mary le bone and Ealboura, plentifully. 
~ Hudson. Near Maiden Bridge, Enfield. 
Mr. 7. F. ForstiTfjutt. Between Stoke 
Newington and Hornsey. Mr, J. fVoodj,juH. * 

pstudo cyperus. Common about Stoke New- 
ington. Mr. J. Woodtfjun. Near Long- 
ford, and Hackney, Mr. E. forster^jun^ * 


Carbx tfiskatia. By the water works at Pimlico, 

and in other wet pl&ces about London. 

Dr, Smiths 
I«iTTORBLX*A Ucuttrism- In lome of the bogs on 

Harefield Common* Blaclstone. Qa 
Houn$low Heath in many places, parti- 
cularly in the ditch on the South side of 
Whitton Gardens* Sir J. Bonis. 

Xavtrxum sfrumarium. Near London, by the 
footway to the New River ; and at 
Staines. Martyn. (Mr. Woods h^ 
sought it here in vain). 

AhjlRAnthvs BSium* Gathered once at Sto^e 

NewingtOB by ilfr. J. Woodtfjun^ 

Mtriof H Y L LU M *vcrtlciUatum, By where the 
the New River runs under ground at 
'Stoke Newlngton; and in a little ditch 
at the West end of the Village. Idt 

Sai»ix Lamhertiana, Osier Holts near Stayi^e^. 
Mr, Lamhcrt* TVt Ncwington. 

Afr. J. Woods tjun% 
■ ■■ riilra. Qsier ground^ at NewingtOn. Jd» 

■ " RussilUana. Osier grounds at Stoke Ncw- 

ington. Id. 

■ ■ ■■ pentandra, Chelsea, in the way to Fulham. 

Mariyn, Among the Willows near the 
brick-kiln at HareHeld. Blflclstom. 

r ! ■ ■■ vitellina^ At Stoke Newipgton. 

Mr, J, Woods, jun^ 


S A L I X baiUUa. Hollick Wobd at Colney Hatch • 

Mr. J, Woodsf jun» 
* itifularts. Osier Gtound at Stoke New- 

ington. /d. 

^i^isETVU sjivaticum. Fields near Cane Wood, 

Hampstead. Mr. J, Rayer. Meadow 

on the Nor& side of Hampstead Heath. 

Mr. y. Woods^jun. 
■■ fyemaie. Bog on Hounslow Heath. 

Mr. jB. ^orsterijutik 
Ltcopojdium inundatum. On Hampstead and 

Bagshot Heaths* i^ajr. Hounslow Heath. 

Hudfon. iiKT Heath. Mariyn, 

^ AsfiDiuM Oreopterts^ On the edge of Hamp- 
stead Heath. Mr. J. Rayer. 
Scoto^END&xtfM Ceterach. On the Wall at 

Brook Mouse, Hackney. Martytim 

Pix^LARiA ghbuliftra. On Hounslow Heath, 

towards Hampton. Ray. On Hilling. 

ton CoHHnon. Dr. Smith. 

Pha«C¥M axiUare. KeasingtonGaardens. Mr. Soweriy. 
' ■ ' terraHitn. North side of Muswell 

HiU. Dichon. 

DieRAiruM terwutahtm. Dry turfy parts of 

Hampstead Heath. Id. 
Neckeia betiroTnalla, *% 
curtipendula. j Enfield Chace. DilUnw. 

Brtvis aureum* Inside of the frames in Messrs. 
Lee and Kennedy's Garden at Hammer- 
ro%, IT. I 


smith. Smith. On a bank at Clapton. ~ 

Mr. E. Forster^jun. 

Ftbrogonium graciU. n 

TT«.«»^.. J.1 I Enfield Chace. DUUmtu. 

■■ unduJatum. • Bishop^s Wood near Hamp- . 

stead. Buddlcm 

' — ■■ stramineum. Bog on the West side of 

Hampstead Heath. Dichtm. 

FoNTXNALis squamosa* On old planki in the 

Thames. Martyn* 

JvNGERMANNiA reptatis. Shady places at Hamp- , 

stead. lit. 

" pusilla. Bishop's Woody Hamp- 

stead. //• 

■ ■ ■ ■ ciliaris. In a rivulet running 

through a little wood, called Old Fali, 
between Highgate and Mu$cle Hill, DUUniiu. 

Blasia pusilla. Hounslow Heath. Hudson. 

Lichen granulatus. In East Barnet Church Yard. 

Mr. E. Forster,jun. 

bcrhotUaEs. Enfield Chace. Dilbnau. 

— — sylvqiicus* Enfield Chace near Southgate. Id. 

Conferva rigida. Hounslow Heath. Martyn. 

■■ ■ reticulata. Ditches at Pancras. 

Martyn. Hounslow Heath. DUUniut. 

^^^^P— ^1— w— — — M— — ^1^— KW^— ii*»— ^w— iMfcWM— ^ 


Run A peregrina. At Fersfield near Chepstow. 

Sir T* G. Ctdlunu 

Leonuuvs Qardiaca. Found in this County by 

Rev» J. Lightfoot^ 

Brass I CA okracea. On the rocks under Chep- 
stow Castle^ in abundance. Sir J. Banhs. 

ViciA sylvatica. In a Wood near Caerwent. Ray* 

Hypericum androssmum. Frequent in many 

parts of this County, Afr, J. Woods^jun. 

Gmaphalium margarUaceum. Banks of the 

Rymny River for at least 1 2 miles^ Lhnvyd. 

ScoLOPVNDRiuM Cetcroch* Extremely common 

in this County. Ray. 

Trichostomum polyphyttum* Common in this 

County. L.W.D. 

ToLYTKicnv u attenuaium* Near "nntern Abbey. 

Miss Ilttdrm^ 

Nbckbra curiipendula. Between Pontypoola«d 

CrumliB* Mr. /• Woods, jun* 

R 2 



Veronica hylrida% On the sides of Craig 

Wreidhin, Uwjd* 

DiTSACv sfilosus. On the left of the road leading 
from Newtown to Montgomery, about 
three miles and a half from the formet 
place; and near the forge between 
Welshpool and Oswestrj* BingUy* 

Campanula hedcracta. Cemmaes near Machy- 
nlleth. Br. Evans* 

Iicf ATIEN8 noB tangere. Within a mile of Mont« 
gomery at Gwem Dhee. Merrett. 
Banks of the Rirer Camlet at Morring- 
ton in the Parish of Chirbury, about fire 
miles from Montgomery. £ingky* 

Vio&A lutea. On the road from Machynlleth to 
Llaaydloes, from the i8th mile stone 
neariy all the way to Llanydloes. A/* 


LiKVM usiidttssimum. Aboitt t veilt and a half 
firom MoatgcMncr^y on tke right of the 
road leading from thenceto Newtowo. Mingief* 

Po&rGONViff Bistorta, Fields near Montgomery. 

Dr. Evans. 

S AXi f R A G A hypnoides. North side of Breiddin. Idm 

Safonaria officinalis* Hedges of the lane that 
leads from Llan Rhaiadr to Pistill 
Rbaiadr. ^ Bingley. 

Sedum dasyphyllum. Hills above Myfod. Dr. E*vans. 
■ rupestre. On the Breiddin Hills. Aikin. 

Lychnis wcariam On the rocks of Craig 
Breiddin, a Mountain about eight nuies 
North East of Welsh Pool. Lhwyd. 

Praus Aria. On the Breiddin Hills. Aikin. 

Rosa villosa* <% In the hec^es of the road from 

— — tommtosa* j Llanydloes to Newtown* Bingley. 

Rv B V I Cbamamorus. Near the summit of Berwyn 

Mountain by Llanrhaiadr. Rev. J. Davies. 

PoTENTiLLA rupestris. On the sides of Craig 

Breiddin* Lhwyd. 

Pafavir camBricum. On the Breiddin Hills* 
Aikin* Craig Cwm Pistill near New- 
town. Dr. E<vans. 

Geranium sanguineum. breiddin Hill. Id. 

Orobus syhasicus. Near Garthbibio. Id. 

Inula Hdenium. Near Welshpool. Rev. W. Wood. 

Ptbrii crispa. On BreidcUn Hills. Atkin. 


..Splachkum spbitricum^ fi. Muse, Hih. Found 

in this County by Mr. Brown. Diliemus. 

LiCHBN Bsomyces. On a mountainous Heath in 

this County. Dr. Smiib. 

Con VERT A nana. In the Wye at Llanydloes. L. W. jD. 



Cm At A bispida* Roydon and Ellingham Fens. 
Mr, Woodward* Not uncommon near 
Yarmouth. Mr. Wtgg. Reedham Dam. 

Re^. G» R. Leaihii* 
• JUxiHs. Ditch at Caister near Yarmouth, 

Mr. Wigg. 
Vb&onica montana. In ArmiDghall Wood. 

Mr. Woodward* 
■ ■ trlphyUos* In several parts of the 

sandy tract of Country, which con- 
nects Norfolk and Suffolk. Dr. Smith. 
At Rowton^ between the Town and the 
highway, 1 2 miles before you come to 
Norwich. Cough's Camden. Fields 
at Barton Bendish adjoining Swaffham 
heath. D. T. 


Vbrovica verna. Balking Hill. Harleston. 

Rev, H, T'iifuy^ 

Utricularia miugr* At Cawston Decoy. Re*»m 
H» Bryant. St. Faiths Bogs near Nor- 
wich, along with the Z7. 'vulgaris. Dr. 
. Smith. Roydon and Ellingham Fens. 

Mr. Woodward. Forncett. Mr, Brooke, 

Salvia pratensis. In Horsford Meadow. 

Gough*s Camden m 

Crocus vernus. Covers a field by the side of 
Mendham long lane by Harleston, and 
has grown there before the memory of 
the oldest person in the neighbourhood. 

Rem. H. lilnej. 

Ikis fsftidissima. Not rare in woods. JDr. Smith, • 
Bath Hills at Ditchingham, by Bungay. 
Mr. Woodward, Near Binham, 

Mr. E. Forster^jun,' 

ScBOENUs Mariscus. On St. Faiths Newton 
Bogs* Mr, Pitchford. In Ellingham 
Fen : about St. Olave's Bridge ; and 
abundantly in the reach of Marshes be- 
tween Bungay and Beccles, Mr, Wood' 
tuard. At Mautby, and Filby. Mr, 
Wigg. Homing, near the Broad. Z>. T. 

«■■ ■■■ compresius. At Sustead, near Cromer. 

Dr. Smith, St. Faiths Newton Bogs. 
Mr. Pitchford, Not uncommon in this 
County* Mr, Woodward. 


ScHOBirus alius. On Felthorpe Bogs ; and near 

Heydon. Rev. H. Bryant. 

SciR?us mulHcaulh. Plentiful about Yarmouth. 

Mr» ^gg» Crostwick. Mr. Davi% 

■ ■■■ pauctflorus* In EUingham Fen. Mr» 

Woodward. Plentiful on Poringland 
Heath near Norwich. Mr» Crowe. Not 
uncommon on wet heaths about Yar* 
moutk. Mr, ^jy. 

" triqueter. Sides of Aclc Dam, Mr. 

Crowe. Mr. Wigg and I have sought it 
there repeatedly in vain, /). 7*. 

* ' ' sjlvatlcui. Ditchingham near Bungay. 

Mr. Woodward* 

EftioFHORUif vaginatum. On Bawsey Bottom 

near Lynn, Mr. Pitch ford. 

t tt AL Atiis fileoides. Fields at Narboroughi and 

Marham, Mr, Woodwards 

Pakzctjic verttcillatum. Field out of St. Giles's 

Gatesy Norwich, Dr. Smith. 

I viride* Plentiful about Norwich. Dr, 

Smith. Very frequent round Bungay. 
Mr. Woodward. Fields at Barton Ben- 
dish, Re*v. R. Forhy. 

■ sanguinale. Sandy fields between Bran- 

don and Moundeford. Rev. J. Light' 
/ooim At Witchingham, Mr. Woodward* 

Fhlmvm erinitum. At Cley* South of the Town, 

SMinong the short grass near the sea. Mn Humphrey. 


* Alopecu«.us huJhoiusn Salt Marshes roood - 

Yannouth, frequent. Hr. Wtggn 

Mi l I vm Undigtmnu Cornfields at Gilliogham. 

Mr. W.od^ari. 
Ag&ostis ^^ptca vmii. In Gayton field, and 

Witton field. il/r. Crowe. At St. 

Fuths near Norwich. Dr. SmtK 

m Sttoralis. Salt Marshes near Cley. 

Rev. H. Bryani. 
AiRA eanescem. On Yarmouth Denes, particularly 

by the South Battery. Mr. ITigg. Cicy. 

Mr. Roie. Sandhills at Caister and 

Hemsby, abundantly. D. 7*. 

f PoA huUfosa. On Yarmouth Denes, every 

where. Mr. Stone* 

• However different thit plant and A, gentmUitu may appear m 
l^eneral habit, and at first »ight, it is by no means easy to find any 
cbaraders of specific distlnAion between them. Mr. Wlgjr and 
myself have attended to this subje«5l for some years, and both of ni 
incline to the opinion that A> kulhosu* is only a variety dependent 
upon its place of growth. D. T. 

f It is far from extraordinary that this grass, which forms the 
principal part of the herbage of our Denes, should so long have 
escaped the notice of Botanists, for it bears its flowers early in May, 
▼ery s<>on after which it withers, and in July no traces of stems or 
leaves are to be found, but the little bulbous roots are during the 
whole summer blown about in great quantities upon the surface of 
the ground or with the loose sand. D. T. 


Br o M V s trijlorus. Fields at Saham^ by Watton. 

Mr* Crowe, 

muliiflorru. Near Norwich. Miss- Hancock, 

arvensu. At Earsham. Mr. Woodward, 

— plnnaius: Earsham ; and elsewhere 

about Bungay. Id, 

Atev A /atua. Common in this County. Dr.Snutb^ 
^pubescens* AtMarham. Mr, Woodward, 
On Swaffham Heath ; Holkham ; and 
Carbrooke. Mr, Crdwt, 

Arunbo epig^SM Hethel and Arminghall woods. 
. Mr, Crowe. In Earsham Wood. 

Mr, Woodward* 

— — — - Calamagrostls, In a Meadow at Ra- 

naugh, plentifully* JWr. Humphrey. 

.Blake*s GroTe, near Gaudy Hall, 

Harleston. Rev. H, TVfuy^ 

LeLiUM artvense. Cornfields about Bungay, not 

unfrequent. Mr. Woodward. 

Elymus arenarius. At Wells ; and Happis- 
burgh. Mr. Crowe, At Caister near 
Yarmouth, and thence on the sand hills 
along the coast for many miles, plenti- 
fully, but very rarely bearing flowers. Mr, Wlgg, 

* For the communication of this recent addition to the Flora 
Britannica we are indebted to Dr. Smith, who observes that it pro- 
perly belongs to the Genus, Faiuca, and in a paper lately read 
before the Linn^ean Society has done much towards clearing up 
its synonymy, which was exceedingly confused. 


JioKD^v a maritimum. Abundant in Marshes by 

the river side at Yarmouth. Mr, Wigg. 

TziricvyL loliaceuau On the North Coast of the 

County. Rev. H. Brytmi. 

HoLOSTEUM umheUatum, Wall in St. Faiths Lane, 

Norwich. Mr* Puchfordw 

DirsACVS pilosus. Roadsides about Q^gay, and 

in yarious places in the County. Mr. 

Woodward. Near Harleston. Rev. H. 

Tilney. Near Homersfield; and Atdc- 

borough. Mr. E. Forster^jun. 

Galium tricome. Cornfields at Barton Bendish. D. T* 
■■ ■■ angUcum. Walls of Binham Abbey. Mr. 

Crowe. Carrow Abbey, by Norwich. 

Mr. Pitcbford. Thetford Abbey ; and 

on a wall between Fincham and Lynn. 2). 7*. 
CiWTUHCULtfs minimus. Plentiful on South 

Wootton Heath by Lynn. Mr. B.. 

Forsier, jun. Filby Heath, very near 

the water. -D- 7*« 

PoTAMOGETON hetefOphyUum. Turfpits in Old 

Buckenham Fen. Id. 

•^fmtane. Near the Bridge at 

Scole. * I^* 

RvppiA maritima. Abundant in the ditches of 

the salt marshes about Yarmouth. Mr. IVigg. 
TiLLMA muscoia. On Drayton, Cawston, and 
Mousehold Heaths. Dr. Smith. Yar- 
mouth Denes, especially about the 


Whale*s Jaw Bones. Mr. Wigg. Der- 
singham Heath. Rev. R. Rdham. 

AtfCBVSA sempervinns. About Norwich, in 
sereral places. JDn Bmthh Haddtsco, 
by the roadside between Yarmouth and 
Bungay y plentifully. Mr. Woodvimrdm 
Haddisco Thorp, not far from the Church. 

Rtv. G. it. Leatha. 

CrNoai.o«su» syhatkum^ Out of St. Bene* 

diet's Gates, Norwich. Mr, Caldweli. 

Mehtaht^ies nympbsoides. Wisbech River, a 
little before you come to that Town from 
Downham. ' Mr. Skrinuhirtk 

CkUy hYiv4»k pafula. Near Holt, in the way to 

Binham. Ren;. R, B* trancm 

-*■ > Rapunouhs. Hill of Old Bucken- 

ham Castle. . Mr. Pitchfird^ 

" ' ' kuifoUa. Forehoe Wood, near Kim- 


berJey. Mr.Ren^ 

Viola -birta. Wood isu Boughton. ^ D. T. 

hutea f Commoa on the Denes about 
Yarmouth. /<f. 

Vbkbas^cvic LychnitU^ Heath between Hlilliog-* 
ton and Houghton. Gough*s Camden. 
(It is most probable the following species 
'wa!$ intended. D.T.) 
— — 'pulverulentum. About Norwich, 


every where, and in most parts of Nor- 


folk. Dr. .Smith. At HilllngtOn ; and 
Castle Acre. Mr. E. Forster, jun. 
Near Acle and Hoveton Churches. D. T, 

VerbaSCUM pul<veruleTUum»^ 0. {jitgro-pulfveru' 
lenium. ) At Hellesdbn near Norwich , fre- 
quent. Dr. Smith. Ditchingham. Mr. 
Woodward. Beechamwell, D. T* 

Datura Stramonium. By the road side beyond 
Brooke^ in the way from Norwich to 
Bungay. Dr» Snuth. 

Rh A Mir us catharticut. At Wroxham. D. T. 

Boggy Marshes at Surlingham. Mr. IVigjt. 

Thbsium linophyllum. liime kiln Hill at Should- 

ham. Rev. Rm Forhym 

ViKCA major • By Honingham Church. Mr. 

Rigby. Grove at Thorpe. Mr. Woodward. 
Herniaria glabra. Caldecote* near Swaffham 

Heath. Rev. R. Forhy. 

CrbnOFODIum hyhridum. Oxburgh. Mr. Pitchford. 
■ olidum. Every where about Yar- 

mouth under the walUj and among the 
dunghills on the Denes. Mr. IViggm 

SaLSOL A fruticosa. At Wells ; and Cley. Mr. 

* Mr. Wigg cultivated for many yean in his garden Verhaseum 
mgrumffulverulentttmyZBdSlattariaf and the seminal varietiei which 
rose in almost every poasible state of intermediate gradation be« 
tween them were highly curious and beautiful. D, 7. See 
f, 169. 


Crowi. Thoraham. Re^. C, Sutton. 
Brancaster, very near the public house. D. 7*. 

GzHT I AV A Fntumonantlfe, On Stratton Strawless 
Heath. Mr. StilUn^fleet. Leziate Heath, 
abundantly. Mr. Crowe. RoUesby 
Heath. , Mr. Wtgg. 

■ campestris. Costesey Common near 

Norwich; and near Cley. Dr. Smith. 
Stratton Heath. Mr, Crowe, SwafF* 
mam Heathy near Beechamwell^ with 
C. amarella. D. 7*. 

— ^— — amareUa. fortius plenis monsfrosh. 

On Swaffham Heathy not far from the 
Town. Id. 

BvPLBUjiuif rotundifolium. Cornfields at Mar- 
ham. Mr. Woodward* 
' ■■» tenulsslmum. Sides of salt water 
ditches at Lynn, Cley, and Holkham. 
Mr. Pitchford. Borders of Braydon, 
near Yarmouth. Mr. fFigg. 

Caucalis dauccides. Cornfields at Marham. 

Mr^ Crowe. 

Selinvm palustre. Between Norwich and 
Heigham, towards the river. Mr. Pitch- 
ford. Marsh adjoining Wayford Wood, 
at Stalham : Alder cars at Mautby ; and 
in the range of marshes between Stalham 
and Ludham JBridg^; in immense quaa* 


tity. Mr. Wigg. Homing near the 
Broad« D* T* 

SiVM latifolium. Franze rivulet^ Dbs; and £»•» 
quent near Bungay. Mr. Woodwaardh 
Ditches at Acle by the side of the road» 
between Yarmouth and Norwich, plenti- 
fuly and elsewhere in the County, fioc 
uncommon* D. T* 

Si SON Segetum,. At Binham. Mr* Crowe* 
Hedge adjoining a public house at Acle^ 
by the Dam. Mr. Wigg. 

Oananthb fimjfanelloidesm Salt Marshes abovrt 
Yarmouth. Mr^ tf^^* Near Lyaa. 

Mr. £. Forster^jun* 

CxcuTA inrosa. In the river abore Norwich. 
Mr. Piubford. Old Walsinghaih. Mr. 
Borrer. Not uncommon about Yarmouth. 
Mr. IT^gg. Near FUby Broad. Mr. 
E. Evrster^jun. Hoveton Common* />. 7*. 

Carum Carm. Marshy places in this County. JMsmu 

Sam BUG us Ekulut. Honingham. Mr. Whoi* 
ward. Mendham long lane by Harles- 
ton. tiev. H. Tilney. Near the Churdi 
at Southwood, abundantly. Rev. G. Rm 
Leathee. Acle* Mr. E. Forster^ jun. 
Marham. Rru. R. Fcrfy. 

Staticb reticulata. About Wells; Cley; and 
Brancaster. Mr. Crowe. At Hc^me 
by the sea. Rjt^. C. StOioiu 


LiNUM usitadssimum. Near Cawstoo. Rev*^ H. Bryanif 

■ perenne. At Marham* Mr. Crewe. 

Barton Bendish; and Shot^dbam, not an- 
common. Rn*, R. Fgrfy. 

« * . . €Mgiutifolium. Neaf Walsingham ; and 

in GuotOD fields, Re^. It. £rj^ii^ 

"DsiOSHiiA hngtfiUa. EUinghgm Fen. Mr.Wood^ 
^ard. Bogs at St, Faith's Newtos ; and 
between Qa(Ue Rising and Wpoton* Mr* 
E. For iter 9 JVM. Sboudham Fen. D. Tm 

■ anglka. Sbouldhai^ Fen. i). T. 
Crostwick. Mr. Da^y. Roydon Pen. 

Mr. James Turner. 

MrosvRus vaimmus. Fields at OnnesbjFf Mr. 
$tone. L^enham. Mr. Crowe. Ear» 
sham* Mr^ fFoodward, A weed ia 
gardens about Yarmouth. Mr. fFigg. 
Fields at Boughton near Stoke. />. 7*. 

Kar<;is9Vs f^iem. Between Ranaugh and Sale- 
boi]$c« GpugVs Qaviden. At Wood* 
bastick^ and other parts of Norfolk. Mr. 
R§se. Worsiiead Hills. Rev. T. Dadf. 
Hevingham, in ^ hedge adjoiniog the 
Cburck yard. Renf. /. Aldeno^. 

Allium ohrauwm.. In a fieI4 a| Flocham* 

i^Mk R. Pwrhy. 
F&ITILVAEX4 Mefea^is, III ^ field called th» 
Seveir acres^ an^- the adjoiaing oms, by 
rot, lu 9 


the side of Mendham long lane« near 
Harlestooi where it also varies with a 
white flower. Rtv, H. Tilruy. 

Tv L I F A sybuestrts. Old Chalk Pits near Norwich. 

Mr. Rose. 

ORNrTHOGALTJM umhelloium. At Babergh near 
Norwich. Mr. Wagstaffe. Old Buck- 
enham. Mr. Turner, 

AsF AKAQV s offieinalis. Burgh near Beccles. 

Mr: Woodward^ 

AcORVs Calamus. Abundantly by the sides of the 
Yare near Norwich, and other rivers in 
Norfolk. Dr. Smith. Sides of the river at 
Reedham, and thence to Norwich. Mr. Ulgg. 
.JuNCVS acutus. At Brancaster. Mr. Crowe* 

Frankcnia Uvis. Moist parts •f Yarmouth 
Denes near the Ferry, on the edges of 
ditches. Mr. Wigg. Near Cley. 

' Mr. E. Forster^jutt. 

Rum EX marltmus. ' Not uncommon about Yar- 
mouth, and Acle. Mr. Wigg. 

Alisma ranunculoides. Bogs near St. Faith's 
Newton ; and on Poringland Heath. Mr. 
E. Forster^ jun. Filby, and RoUesby 
Heaths, near the water. Mr. Wigg. 
Very common in the County. D. T. 

Chlora perfoliata. Bath Hills, Ditchingham ; 
and at Bressingham. Mr. Woodward. 
Raveninghani. • Mr. J. Fisher. 

Norfolk. 4si 

vACCiitiuu Oxyceccos'. On Defsibgham Moor. 
Mr; Crowe* At Wretham, plentifully. 

Mr* R» Colhoufiy juru 

Polygonum minus. On Costesey Common near 

Norwich. Dr. Smith. FilSy Heatli. D. T. 

__— Bistorta. At Heigham near Nor- 
wich. Mrs. Kelt. 

Paris quadrifolia. In Blackwfell, and Pismill 
woods* Gougk's Camdin. Bedingham 
wood near Bungay. Mr. Wood%oard. 
Backheath Wood. Dr. Smith'. 

MoirOTKOPA hypopithys. In a fir grove at Stolte 

Holy Cross. Mr. JVoodwardi 

Ch&tsosplekivm alterrufolium. Boggy ground 
on Poringlahd Heath. Mr. Woodward, 
In a dark shady lane by the river at Need- 
ham, near Harleston. Mr. Jahn/us TurrUr. 

ScLbraHtbvs perennii. Near Snettisham. Mr. 

Crowe. Kelling* Rev. R. Forhy. 

Djaixthvs prolifer. In a Close on the bank side 
over against Hellsden old Hall, about 
half a mile out of St. Austin's Gates, 
Norwich; Mr, Humphrey, 

I ' deltoides* SwafFham Heath, near 

Barton Bendish. Re*v. R. Forhy. 

Saponaria officinalis. Hedge by the Bungay road 
at Haddisco ; and under a wall at the 
entrance to Lower Sheringhtim* i)» T. 

r 2 


SiL^an ongRca* At Lakenham > aad Costesey. 
Dr. Smith. AbwAdflUt in turi^p fields 
about Crcnftier and Sheringham. D.^'T* 

otitis. Road aide froo Barton MiUft U^ 

Thetford* Ray. Between Swaffham 
atld Narferdf on the grassy edges of the 
road. Mr* Woodward^ At Barton 
Bcndi$b» od tbe SvrafFham load* R^u 
R* fwhy. A itule way fWmi Thetfofd, 
ID the way Cd Norwkh. /)• 7*. 

inflata. A very cusious rsviety of this 

plants with the stens and leaves rougl^ 
all over with rigid sets is found on the 
tops of the Cli£ at Sheringhanv I 
brought it last autumn iato my garden, and 
it appears to retain its habit* Id. 

Stii-IiAria glauca. St. Faith's Newton Bogs. 
Dr. Smith* Ditches on Acle Dam, in 
great abundance. D. T. 

AaiNARi A tenmfolia. At Oxbttif h. Mr. Pkch^ 
Jord. Cley. Mr. Crotve. Barton 
Bendish. R»v* R* Forhy* 

Cerastivm titrandrum. On Yarmoutli Denes. D. T. 

pRUNWS Pudut. Ab^ut Watttn, and Dereham. 
1^^ Smith. Earsham j and Bedingham. 
Mr^' Wooiward. Lanes at Hevm^bam. 

Rtm* J.Jilderson. 

Pyrus jCfla. Near Bitog^iy. Mr. Woodward. 

NOltFOLX. 433 

F y R u 8 t9muna£u Diteliiogham Bafti Hilk, 

Mr, Woodward. 

Rosa UmmioM. At 6t« Faith's; Cfttton^ and 
•other places dear Norwich, Dr. Smkh.' 
Enequent aiMu: Bungay. Mr^ WoodiMird. 
About JKss, 4md Old Buckenbam. Z). T. 

ToRMBHTiCLA repta%5. Lake&ham near Nor- 

wkh. Mr. Crowe. Barton Ben^sh. D. T. 
Geum ri*vak.. In the Ouer Ground at Thorpe, 

and in Woolverton Wood. Mar4yn. 
M-eadows between Norwich and'Thorpc ; 
Prior's Wood between Downham and 
Lynn. Dr. Smith. Near Hingham. 
Mr. Woodward. Pincham ; and Mar- 
ham. Re*v. R. Torhy. Old Buckenham. 

JIf'-. Jan. Turner. 

GlAVCIU m phaniceum. Sent from Norfolk by Mr. 
Stillingfleet, Hudson. It has never been 
•found by any person since. Dr. Smith. 

- fviolaceum. About four miles from 

* -■- , 

Aylsham towards Cromer. Mr. Rose. 

Pa PAVES, hyhridum,. At M^ells. Mr. Crowe. • 
Just out of St. Benedict's Gates, Nor- 
wich. Mr. Pitchford. Cornfields at 
Barton Bendish. D. T. 

— — somniferum. Certainly wild on the 

Banks of aH the Fen Ditches, where the 
soil is sandy> in the parish of Hockwold 
cum Wilton. Rev. Mr. White. 


Delprikium Consolida. About Feltwel], near 
Brandon. Mr, F. Smith. Ditchingham. 
Mr. Woodward. Bajrton Bendish ; and 
. Oxburgh, Rev, R. Forby. 

Stratio.tes aJoides. About Bungay, and various 
other places in Norfolk. Mr. Wood' 
ward. Near Lynn. Mr. jE, Forster^ 
jun. Ditches by the ' side of Acle 
, Dam, plentifully. Mr, Wigg. Ditch on ' 
the side of Haddisco Dami by the Turn- 
pike Gate; and in vast abundance on 
Hoyeton Common. ' D. T. 

Anemone puUatilla. At Sporle. Mr. Wood- 
ward. On the Tulip hills near Lexham. 

Mr. PUchford. 

Thalictrum minus. Hedges at Marhaito, and 

Shouldham. Rtv. R. Foriy. 

Adonis autumnalis. Near Denver. Mrs. Plstow. 

Ranunculus Lingua. Marshes between Heripg- 
fleet and Reedham. Re<v. G« JR. Leathes. 
Caister near Yarmouth. Mr. Wigg. 
Abundantly in the Ditches by the side 
of Acle Dam. D. T. 

■ paridflorus. Between St. Giles* 

and St. Stephen's Gates j Norwich. Mr. 
Pitchford. Little Ormesby Church 

Yard. Mr. Wigg. Hedge at Hemsby, 
adjoining the Church. D. 7*. 

Helleborus Joctidus, In a hedge at StifFk ey near 


. Wells* Mr. E. Forsler^ jun. On the 
Castle Hill at Castle Acre. Dr. Smith, 

Teuchium choTtutdrys. In profusion on the City * 
Walls between St. Magdalen's and St. 
Austb's Gates, Norwich. Mr. Pitchford. 

Mentha sylvestris. I* Eleven Miles from Nor- 
wich on the road to Hingham. Mr. 
Crowe. At Thorpe near Norwich, and 
in other parts of Norfolk. Smith. 

■ ■ rotundifolia. Near Earlham. Mr. £• 
Forster^jun. Edge of an old moat at 
Shingham. D.T. 

. tuiridis. 0. At Babergh near Norwich. 

Mr. Pitchford. Acle, in an Alder 
Carr. - D. T. 

■ piperita, y. In a little peninsula at the 
South West corner of Saham mere near 
Watton. SmiiL 

„ ^ ♦ odorata. At Reedham, on the East 

side of the Town, near the river. Mr. fVigg. 

- htrsuta. J. On the South West shore 

of Saham Mere. Synitb. 

■ p f. At Sahara } and Ashill ; also 

eleven miles from Norwich in the Hing- 
ham road. Smith. About Yarmouth. iWr. ^(j;f. 

* This plant, when first gathered, differed in its smaller size and 
in a slight hairiness of ail its parts so much from the common ap- 
pearance of M» odoratm that Dr. Smith pronounced it a variety of 
M. hinuta ; in one year, however, after it was brought into Mr. 
"bigg's garden '\t became quite smooth, and assumed the habit^ as 
well as the smelli df M. tdorata, D. T, 


Mentha hlrsuta. -9. Caister, near Varmouth. 
Mu Wigg. On SkouttoB Common near 
Hingham, but with only the usual sineli 
of the ^>ecies. Smiih* 

- ' ' rubra. Under a wet hedge in the road 

from Watton to Saham Church. Id. 

■ gracilis. /At Saham ; and Oxborongh. Id. 

■ PuUgium. Ditchingham Common. 
Mr, Woodward. Runham. Afr. Wigg. 
Tunstead, in a pit near the pablic house* 

Mr. J. D. DowTus. . Fiiby. D. T!» 

Leovurus Cardiaca. In a lane between Les^am 
and Newton. Cough's Camdeii, £arsham. 
Mr. Woodward. Near HoJkham. Mr^ 
Borrer. By the windmill at Wortwell 
near Harleston. Rent. H. Tilney. Potter 
Heigham, on the road to Ludham. D. T. 

BAi/tOTA nigra. 0. Between Norwich and 

Hellesdon. Dr. Smithy 

Thtmds Nepeta^ Common in Norfolk. Mr. 
Woodward. On the Castle Hill at Castle 
Acre. Mr. E. Forster^jun* 

Melamvtrum cristatum. In Maple Bush Lane, 

Gressenhall. Mr. Crowe* 

* ' iihr^ense. In the Corn on the right 
hand jast before you come to Lycham, 
Sherard. Wesenham cornfields. Blaci' 
stone. Once found at Barton Bendisht 
Rev. R. Forhy. lo the common field 


at Sporlcy especially among wheat* Rev* 
J* S. Wutts.\ At Cofttesey and Bixky, 
near Norwich. Mr. Pitchford. 

ANTiftRHiNUM spurium. At Seething. Mrs, 
Keitf Cornfields near Bungay: fre- 
quent also near Diss, always on sand. 

Mr^ Woodward, 

, mifiuu Binham. Mr. Crowe. 

Cornfields at Marham. J), X^ 

Oro9anchs dlaiior. In Clover fields, .and on their 
bordecs^ Gunton, Kelling, Sli^ringham, 
Cattcm, Co&tesey, ; R^. C. Sutton. 

9 miner. Clover fields, and pastures 

at SherioghaiBy Weyboro, Eatpn, Fret- 
tenham, Jd, 

Cigrulea^ In pastures, and on their 

borderi at BeestoB and Northrepps. Rev, 
C. Sution. At Lower Sheripgham. 

Mr. Skrimshire^ 
^ — ramosa. In a hemp field at Broque. 

Mr. Woodward. At Outwcll, R^. C. Sutton^ 
Ai'TSSuli sativum. Out of St. Giles' Gates, 

Norwich, by the roadside. Smiti. 

hufiviVM UHfoktm. On Sheringhajm Cliffs. 

Mr. Humphrey^ 

— ruderale. Near Wells. Mr. Wood- 

ward. River side at Yarmouth. Mr. 
Wigg. About Cley, and Lynn, plenti- 
fii^ty- Dr, SnUth, 


Thlaspi arvense. On the shooting-ground, 
Norwich. Mr. Rose. Field at Caister 
near Yarmouth, by a brick-kiln. Mr. Wigg^ 

CocHLEARiA officinalis. Salt Marshes at Yar- 
mouth, and Stokesby. Id. 

— — anglica. . Abundant at Yarmouth 

in marshes by the river side. Id. 

* danica. At Wells. Mr, Crowe. 

JvERis nudicaulis. About Norwich, frequent. 
Mr. Pitch/or J. Yarmouth Denes, near - 
the South Battery. Mr. Wigg. Need- . 
ham sand-pit, by Harleston. Rev. H, Tilney.. 
Is ATI s tinctoria. In a field at Barton Bendish, 
where It is never known to have been 
cultivated. Rev. R. Forby. 

Cram BE maritima. Abundant atMundesIey. Dr. Smii^ 
Cardamine amara. In King Street meadows, 
Norwich. Dr. Smith. By the Mills at 
Buxton and Aylsham ; and by the side of 
the Bridge at Coltishall. D. T, 

Sisymbrium sylvestre. Earsham Common, near 

the Bridge at Bungay. Mr. Woodward. 

Erysimum cheiranthoides. Not rare in Norfolk. 
Mr. Crowe. Road side at Poringland : 
near New Buckenham Castle ; and be- 
tween Ditchingham and Bungay. Mr. 
E. Forster^jun. About Barton Bendish, 
and Diss, common. D. T. Harleston. 

Mr. J. Turner. 


TuRRiTii glahra. Between Norwich and Yar- 
mouth in many places about three miles 
from Norwich ; and in the road to Col- 
tishad. Dr, Smith. In a hedge by xht 
windmill at Wortwell. Mr.Woodnvard* 
Hedges at Wrozham and Horstead^ not 
uncommon. D. 7*, 

■ birsuta* At Weeting. Mr. Woodward. 

On the walls of Lakenham Church Yard. 

Mr. Cronjoe. Barton Bendish. D. 7*, 

Eaodiuac moschatum. In the hedge of a field by 

- a footpath into Cromer. Mr. Em Forsier^junn 

Gbraniuii syl'vaticum. Near Spixworth Church. 
Mr. Wm. Humphrey. Holt wood in 
Leziate near Lynn. Mr. Crowe. Near 
SwaiFham. Fev. R. Forly. 

Latatera arhorea. I think it grows a few 
miles North of Yarmouth ; at Hemsby, 
I beliere. Mr. Woodward. Neither 
Mr. Wigg nor I ever heard of it. D. T. 

Lathtrvs Aphaca. About a gravel pit Jn the 

road from Norwich to Brooke. Mrs, Kett. 

— — — — Nhsolia. By the side of the foot path 

from Harleston to Mendham. Rev. If. Tilney. 
— : syiifestris. On the brow of a hill near 

a Spring on the South side of Brundle 
Church. Mr. Humphrey. 

— pa/ustris. At Ranaugh near Norwich, 


Cough's Camden. Marshes at Hickliof 9 * 

plentifully. Mr. Wigg. 

ViCfA lathyrMcs. In the road to Caister, a little 
'beyond Lakenham. Mr, Puchfard. 
Ditcbingham. Mr. fV-oodmtard. Need- 
ham sand pit, and bottom of Balking H1II9 
Harleston, plentifully. Rev, if. THney. 
Cornfields at Lower Sheringham. D*, T. 

Astragalus glycyphylht, Roydon near Diss. 
Mr, Woodward, Old hedge by the 
Church at Shouldham. Re»v, it, Ffriy, 

*——>—■ ■ ■ ■ hypoglouis. On SwafFfaam H<Ba&. 
Mr, Woodward, Barton Bendish, on fihe 
road to Swaff ham. Rev, R, Forhy. 

Trifolivm omithopodioides. On Mousehold 
Heath near Norwich. Mr. Pttchford, 
Yarmouth Denes, by the Whalebones, 
and elsewhere. Mr, Wtgg. 

m . ocbroleucum. About Bungay, Diss, 

&c. very common. Mr, Woodward. 
Between Brook and Poritrgland. Mr, 
E. Forster, jun. Every where at Old 
Buckenham, D, 7*. 

i scabrum. On Shettisham beach ; and 

in an old chalkpit near Wells^ Mr. 
Crowe, Cromer Cliffs. Smith, Balking 
Hill at Harleston. Re*v, H* Tilney. 
Caister Hills near Yarmouth. Mr, Wigg, 


TtLitoiMtu ^lonuraium, Monshold Heathy by 
Kett's Castle. Mr, E. Fofster,jun^ 
YarmouUk Seae% bj tiie Whalebones, 
. aad ellewbere. ifr. Jf%f . 

— ■ ■ ' twjjhcaivM^ On Yarmouth Denes^ 

abundantly. Id. 

IAejucaqo fmlcaim* Cpfmnofi aboat Norwich 
in dry gravelly fields, and on the City 
Wails in many places. Dr. &mM* 
Ormesby near YArmoHtb* and about the 
Battery at Cromer. ^i>« 7*. 

— .— ■ var^JL fnrp. On Yarmouth 

Dentis. Mr. Wigg. 

Htfehicum amdros^nmm* At Fieid DaDing, 
Jfr» Woadnvard. Aboat Coftesey. Dr. 
Smith.. Jjac at Mautby. Mr. Wigg. 
Abo«t North Walsham. i&v. J. Hefwrth, 

Spireavs palustris. River ^de at Reedham. Mr. Wigg. 

* LEO»ro0oif patusm. Wet Meadows at ^a^- 
too Bendkh. Ref^ R. F^iy* Ellkig- 

* However different thit plant certainly appears from tht 
common Leontodon Taraxacum^ I cannot but observe that I d«i not 
beliere them to be specifically distinA. They both grow abun- 
dantTy in the Marshes about Yarmouth, and I constantly remark 
that, thoagh-'all which wm fevod in the wette«t pkee&,sre ckarly 
L.poUitrt^ yet at titf soii bcnmer more dry, the scales of the 
CalfX ti-e kit ere A, the colour kst. pwfle aad shiniog, and the 
icavet Cake regularly morjC and more of a runcinate form, till at 
last they quite lose themselvcsri&thectounon specie** A ^« 


ham Fen. Jfr. Woodward, Ltfwet 
Common at Heydon. Rev, H* Bryant, 
Marshes about Yarmouth j abundantly. D. T,, 

C%Efnfatida, Near SwafFbam, Afr. Pitchford, 
At Barton Bendisb, and Beechamwell> 
in seyeral places. D. T. 

^HitKKQWM umheUatum^ ^var^ Rotlesby Com- 
mon. Mr, Wigg* 

Hy OS rat 8 minima. By the side of^ Arminghall 

woody near Norwich. JDr« Smith* 

HrfQCH JEKii glaira* On Cawston Heath* Rev* 
H, Bryant, Tumep fields about Norwich. 
Mr. Crowe* Narborough: Narfbrd: 
Marham ; and SwafFham. Mr, Wood* 
ward, Swaffham heathy by Barton : 
and turnep fields at Cromer, plentifully* D. T* 

Carduus tenwflorus. Every where about Yar- 
mouth. Mr* Wigg. 

' eriophorus* Hedge by the foot path be* 

* tween Barton Bcndish and Fincham. 

Revm R. Forhy* 

' heterophyllus. Mulbarton. Mr, Crowe* 

■ ' ' pratensis. Meadows at Barton Bcndish. 

Rev* R. Forhy* 
Artemisia campe*tris. By the way side about a 
mile from Thetford on the road to Nor- 
wich> in great abundance* Mr* Crbwe* 


* Seep. ao6« 

^ NORFOLK:. 443 

Gnaphalixtm margaritaceum. In gravel pits 
on Moushold Heath near Norwich, 
Gough^s Camden, I never heard of its 
being found there. D.T. 

' ■ " dioicum. On Stratton Strawless 

Heath. Dr. Smith. SwafFham Heath. 

Mr. Piubfordi 
' rectum* Arminghall wood near 

Norwich. Mr. Woodward. Sir W. 

Jemingham's woods at Costesey. 

Mr, T. F. Forster^jun. 
SsNECio *viscosus» In a gravel pit at Ditchingham 

with S. syl'vaticus. ' Mr. Woodward. 

Inula Hglemum. In several parts of Norfolk. 

Mr, Woodward. Meadow at Boaghton - 

near Stoke. R€*v. R, Forhy. 

CiNSRARXA palustris. Near Acle Bridge. Sbe- 

rard. Sides of Haddisco Dam ; and on 

St. Faith's Newton Bogs. Dr Smith. 

Skottlton Mere near Hingham. Mr. 

Crowe* Geldestbn. Mr^ Woodward. 

Marsh at Caister near Yarmouth. Mr. 

^igg» By Ludham and Heigham 

Bridges. D.Tm 

DoRONicvM Pardaliancbes. 1 formerly found it 

at Ditchingham 9 but it has long been lost 

there. Mr^ Woodward. 

ANTHXMisn^t/u. In several parts of Norfolk. 


Dr\ Smith* ^Yarmouth Deoesy near the 
North Gates. Mr. Wi^g* 

Centaukea soLtidudum Field at Arnioghall 

near Norwich. Mr, Croiocm 

Ouch IS ustuUta* Shonldham limiektiii«hil]y very 

rare. ^rv. R. Forhy, 

Sattrium 'wriJi* St. Faith's Newton Bogs. 
Dr. Smkh^ Near Ditchinghamy and 
Diss. Mr. fFhodttmrd. Ahout Pinchamt 
and Barton fiendish^ in seTcral piaces. 

JRiv. R» Torhy. 

Ophrts Kiiut Mnns. About Heydon, JUv* H* 
Bryant. Gawdy Hall Wood, at Harles- 
ton* Rev. H. Aihrny^. 

. - Lotulli. St. Faiths Newton Bogs. Mr^ 

Pitcbford^ Roydon Fen. Mr. Woodward. 

■ monoreiU* Chalk pit at Marham. Mrm 

IVaodward^ Near Sfiertiskam. Mr. Crowe. 

m anibropophoram At Bracoa Ash, and Ta- 

colnestooe. Gough*s Camden. At 
Ashwelthorpe. Mr. Crowe, Fornccts. 
Mr. Fox. In a dry pit at the end of Mr, 
Wright's Garden at Mendhara, Rev. H. Ti/nty. 

.» musciffira. In Earsham Wood. Mr. 

}Foodward. Near Tacolnestoae Cburohw 
Mr* HvLJMpkrey. In the walks of the 
Moat Garden at Fincham. Rev. R. Forty, 

af'tjera^ OU pasturee at Earsham. Mf. 

Jfhqdward^ CoDunon a)>pat Harlest09» 
fiev. H. I'ilney. At Denton, ^r. 
Aihhym Gillingh^m. Mr. Stone* 

VlAxixm paludosa. Felthprpe Bog near Norwich. 
Rev. H. Bryatie. On Cawston Heath. 

Mr. Crowe 

Serapias lon^jfofia. On Ellingham^ Geldeston, 

9^d Roydon Fens. Mr, Wood*m<^d. 

Caister, and Ruaham near Yarmouth. 

lAr. VTtgf. St. Faith's ^ewton Bogs. 

Mr. Pitchfsrd. 
ARtSTOXtOCHiA Cletncuitis. Among the ruins of 

Carrow Abbey? Norwich. ' Rev. C. Sutton. 
TrrfiA angustifolia. Between Norwich and Hjng- 
ham. Dr. Smith. About Bungay, 
fdr. Woodward. Common round Yar- 
mouth, ^r. JFigg. 
Sfajiganium nattms. Ne^r Hey^on. Rev. 
fj. Bryant. In the Norwich riyer. Mr* 
fiose. St. Faith'? Newtpn Bogs, 

Mr. Pstclford. 
6ax.?x ^fiica. EUingham, and Broom near Bun- 
gay, Mr. Woodward. Marsh at Maut- 
by. n. T. 

• a^ciUaris. Wet ditch banks at Earsham, 

and Diss. Mr. Woodward. At Pulham. D. T. 

di^a. l^ar^h^ near ^cle Bridge. 

Rev.H, Bryant^ 

T0L« II. o 

■Mil ■! 


Ch^tx tentluscula. On St. Faith's Ne'ivton Bogs. 
Mr* Crowe* At Ditchingham. Mr» 
Woodward. Marshes at Caister^ and 
Mautby near Yarmouth, Mr. Wtgg. 

» sirigosa. In a wood at Hedenham. Mr. Stom. 

— *- psevdo cyperus. St. Faith's Newton Bogs, 

Mr. Pitchford. Kirby and EUinghatn 
Fens. Mr. Woodward. Near Yar- 
mouth. Mr. Wigg.^ 

-, limosa. St. Faith *s Newton Bogs. Mr» 

Woodward. Near Heydon, in a rery 

deep rotten soil. Rev. H. Bryant. 

• — Oederi. On all moist Commons about 

Yarmouth. JD. T. 

" ■■ externa. On Cley beach. Rev, H. Bryant. 

At Wells. Mr. E. Forsterjjun. 

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ htnervis. Filby and Poringland Heaths. D. T. 

— — distans. Salt marshes near Yarmouth. Id. 

' — — ampuUacea* Plentiful at Seething, Mrs. 

Kett. -St. Faith's Newton Bogs. Mr. 


PUchford. Common about Yarmouth. 

Mr. Wigg., 
,1— jiltformis. Near Stoke. Riv.. R. Forly. 

Old Buckenham Fen. D. T. 

LiTTORELLA lacustris. By the margin of Filby 

Broad, abundantly. Mr. Wigg* 

Urtica filulifera. About Yarmouth. Ray. 

Bungay. Mr. Wopdward. 


MrftiovHTLLUM vertlcillatum. At Hcdenham. 
Mr, Woodward,- Ponds at Lakenhani. 
Mr, Cfwcm Caister, and elsewhere near 
Yarmouth, Mr. Wi^. Ditches ad- 
joining Acle Bridge. i), T. 

Salix furpurea^ In King Street Meadows, Nor- 
wich. Mr. Crowe. 

' Forhyana. At Fincham. Re^. Jos. For by. 

In several Osier grounds near Lynn.ilfr. Crowe. 
' Croweana. At Cranberry Fen, in the 
Parish of East Winch, and in other 
parts of Norfolk. jj^ 

■ ■ '^ ■ amygdahna. On Badley Moor by Dere- 
ham. Jd, 

" nigricans. At Wrongay Fen, and other 

Osier grounds. jj^ 

— - viulUna, At Ovington near Watton, abun- 
dant, and truly wild. Jd. 

— * argeniea f On Poringland Heath. 

Mr. £♦ Forster^jun. 

oleifolia. Not uncommon in yatious parts of 

the County. Dr. Smith. 

citinifblia. i 
, , . t Found in Norfolk by Mr. Crowe^ 

HiPPOPHAE rhamnoides. Between Cromer and 

* ** This is the plant commonly known by Botanists under the 
name of S. argmtea^ but Mr. Crowe will not allow it to be the 
ttueone." Mr.R.Fwstir^pm, 

G 2 


Mandesley, abundantly. Dr. SmM. Oa 
Cley and Sheringham Cliffii. Mr, Crowe, 
Sandhills at Hemsby. Mr. fTigg* 

A TRIPLEX laeiniata. Once or twice found on 

Yarmouth Denes. Id^ 

■ ■ fedstncuJata, Sah marshes at Yannouth, 

and by the side of Bray don. Mr. Wtgg» 
On the muddy shore of the Ousejjust be- 
low Lynn. ^ Dr, Smith* 

%^i%nT vm^u^iatik. In a mcHSt meadow neftr 

St. Faith's Newton. Mr, E. Forsttr,Jum 

— ^— — — ' — hyemale. On St. Psuth's Bogs. Dr. 
Smith. Arminghall wood near Nor- 
wich. Mr. Crowe* 

OsMVRDA lunar ia. Stratton Heath. Mr. Crowe. 
At Seething. Mrs. Kett. On Moushold 
Heath, near Norwich. Mr. C. Smart. 
BergApton. Mr. Woodward* 

■ regalis. Geldeston and Eilioghani 
Fens. Mr. Woodward. Dersingham 
Moor, near Lynn. Rev, R. Relhan. 
Caistcr by Yarmouth. Mr., ^gg- Horn- 
ing Fen. D. Tm 

Ltcopodium inundatum. By the Spring on 
Moushold Heath. Gough's Camden^ 
Not unfrequent on wet Heaths. D* 7\ 

AspiDiVM Thelypt»'is. St. Faith's Newton Bogs. 
Mr. Pitchford* Homing Fen. D. T. 
Acle Marsh. Mr. £• Forster^jun. 


AsriDiVil On&pleru» la a ditch on the edge of 

a heath near St. Faith^s Newton. 

Mr. E, Fonter^ jiau 
TihVLAKiAgMm^fira. On Haiaford and Stratton 

Hoiths. Mr. Crowe. St. Faith*s New- 


ton Bogs. Mr. PUciford. Filbj Com- 
mon. Mr. Stone. Sides of turfpits at 
. Reighamaod Horniog. D. 71 

ScoLOVENDaivM Cettrach. On Heydon Church. 

Rev, H. Bryant. 
Phascuac rectum. Dry bank sear Norwich on 

the road to Lakenham. D. T, 

' — • ftrratumm Acle wood. s Id. 

Gt MirosToiluM iniermedium. Common on hanks 

about Yarmouth and Norwich. Id, 

ohtusum> On Yarmouth Denesy 


in^et ground by the oilhouses. Id. 

Sf LACHUVM am^Uacewn. Geldestota Fea. Mr. Stone. 
ToaruLA rigida. Oc a Bank s^ut three miles 

from Norwich to the Yarmouth road« 

Dr. Smiths On Heydon Church. 

Rev. H. Bryanti 
DiCKAWtTM nutfium. Graiel pit at Thorpe by 

Norwich. Mr. Dicksotu 

* FoLTTRicHUAc grociU ? Marshes at Mautby. D. T. 
i strictum. Dersingham Moor. Smstb. 

* I think I am correct about thh plant, but it was so youuf when 
I gathered it that I consider it best to subjdia a mark of doubt 


Ok t h ot r I c h V m aristatuvu Tiees about NoN 

wich and Yarmouth* D. T, 

Neck BRA heteromaUa, Trees at Ormcsby. Mr. 

Stone. Very abundant at Old Buckenham. D. 71. 

— — — curtipendula. Vttj abundant on Yar- 
mouth Denesy by the North Battery, but 
always barren. Id» 

Britum deMatum, St. Faith's bogs« Mr, Crowe, 

nutans. Sides of ditches at Aclc. D. T* 

Hypnum suhtiU, Roots of old trees at Ormesby. Id» 

♦ rugrooiride ? Yarmouth Denes. Id. 

— nitens. Marshes near Acle wood. Mr, Dickson* 

JuNGERMANNiA uemorosa. Woods near Holt, 

Re<v, R, B, Francis, 

H'uarkata. Holt and £dgefield 

Heaths. Id. 

Marchantia hemispbdrica. At Thorpe ftfirket, 
by the road from North Walsham to 
Cromer. Rev, G. R, Leaihes, On an 
old bank at Antingham near the Ponds. D, T, 

'RiCQiknatans, NearHeydoo. Re^. H* Bryant. 

Sf h aroc ar pus terrestis. Clover fields at Heydon. 
Rev, H, Bryant, Near Norwich. Mr, 
Crowe. Abundant at Caister« and other 
places round Yarmouth, D, T, 

* Mr. Dlckion, when in Yarmouth, referred this plint to 
ff. nlgro^iriJet but I Riust own I much more iRcline to think i^ 
only « variety o# H. euprexxifirmt* D, T, 


A N T H oc B &0S puneUUus. Brome, on tke borders 
between the high and boggy ground^ 

Mr. Woodftvardi, 
^ LxcHBN lynceus. Trees in Lord Woodhoose's 
Paxk at Kimberiey. Ren^. J, Alder son. 
About Yarmouth, not uncommon. D. T. 

■ impoUtus. On old oaks at Boughton. • - 
D. T* Barn at Lakenham. Mr. Crowe, 

■ ' ' " cofupurcahtt. HeTiDgham Church, Re^. 

J. jilderson. Fersfield Church ; and - - - 
every Church about Yarmouth. D.T, 

■ epipoltus. On the Churches at Market 

Dereham^ Lakenham, and most places 
near Yannouth. Id. 

■■■ t coriicola. Trees at Seething. Dr. 

Smith. Very common about Yarmmith. Dr-T*- 
■ ■■ ' ■ candiduS' Trigby and Billockby Churches. Id. 

■ exiguus. Old rails near the.North Gates, 

Yarmouth. Id. 

r-» t4ariw. ' On the i^uls th^t separate Yar« . . . 

mouth from Caistery and elsewhere in |he 

* The credit of first 4itcovering this Lichen belongs to Rev. 
Joseph Alderson, not tomet^nd still (essto Mr. Sowcrby^ as men; 
tloned iu £. B. since it was ^uite new ^ hipi when I pointed It 
out; tP his notice in Windsor Paf k. Z>. T, 

•f May not this Lichen be in readicy nothing more (han L. »pipoUus 
OQ WQod ? The ^^mt idea has occurred tQ Mr. Borrer, D, 7*, 


Comity. i>. T. Abou* HatlestwiA 

Mr»JaL Turner^ 
LiCH iN Ehrar^anus. Barn door at Acle between 

the Town add tHe Wood. i>* T* 

, mcerimks* Youtig tree* alwmt Yartndtth 

and GohtshalK Id* 

. Tumeri. Commoil about Yarmouthi bui 

generally barren ; ih finit at GilCngham, 
and in StanitagbaU wood near Norwich, /t^. 
...^ iumtUemmd. £. B. Trees opposite He- 

Tingham Parsonage. Re^* /. Alderson* 

^ upsklieiuu. Cawston HeaUi. Ren). H. Srytmti 
<* cdsio'tufm. Wall at Struinpshaw. Dr. 
Smith. On Scole Inn» and the adjoining 
iValls. i>-. Ti 

- kitarmoreus. On Corpusty Church. 

^ ptyrriginosns. Elms at Glister by Yar- 
mouth. D, T» 

- A>phodes. Ah, bid "tr^es abd#t Yar- 
jnouth. Id. 

-« umbrimis. Common on old walls about 
Yarmont^, afid elsewhere. Id. 

-«. ttsseltatus. Wall at Coltidtall. Id. 

-^ inquinahs. Very common on old posls 
about Yarmoath, and elsewhere. IJ9 




Lie HE IF * ioardatuf. Wilk in the lotTer Clos^ 
Norwich: oti Salekouse and Heitisby 
Churches. ♦ i>. 7*. 

» ceMigMtti* Vefy common dn the walk of 

the Church yards alR^ttt Yarmondi. D. T. 
Ree^^m Chiirch. R^^. G. R. Ltathes. 

* ' •*- •' ■ ihereut^ E, B. Heringham Church. 
jflt^» J. Aidenon4 Churched and Tomb- 
atdmet about Yarmouth. />. T. 

. J ' /ujcellas^ Chutches about Yarmouth. 
D. Ti RddeBhall Church vralL 

Jlfn JdTiigs Turners 

• mi> , "m * .. htito^lhf. Willows at Coltishall, and 

old tre«8 at Acle. D. Tm 

' cinereo-fuscusn Hornbeams at Mefidham* 

Mr. Jofius Turner^ 
suhiftihfiemus. Walk of Castle Acre and 
Flti^ham Church yar&. D. TV 

tcdbtris. On the f^dund sft Toft» but 
always barren* Id* 

}Bam belonging to 
at Lakenham* Id. 

* Thit Licheit, I am afipiehenttfe^ Id nething more than the first 
stage of £. iont^mu mttrtm sknattoiis^ tt tras pointed oat to me 
several yean since hy Rev. Dr. Abbot. 2>. T. 

t A fifore anil dAcriptSonol this bedutifui new Itichen are sent 
ft» the LinUean Sitcietj. Z>. T*. 



Lichen ten uisiitnus. Sandy banks near Norwich* 
Mr. Crowe. At Ditchingham. Mr* 
If^oodward. Common about Yarmouth, 
but always barren : with shields between 
Coltishall, and Norwich, and at; Toft. 
D. T. Plentiful about Harleston. 

Mr, James Turner^ 
■ suhtWis. Abundant in hedges at Coltis-* 
hall, at Boughton, and about Norwich : 
on the ground in Mr* Crowe's plaota-i 
tions at Lakenham. Pi. T. Common 
on banks about Harleston. 

Mr. James Turneu 

•-^— •— sinuatus. Old walls at Thorpe near 

Norwich. D. 7\ 

muscicola. Sparingly and small among 

Moss on the sand hills at Hemsby. ./^« 

--i^— -— palmatus. On Yarmouth Denes, and the 
sand hills at Hem$by, but always 
barren. //, 

— ^— * trapeziformis. IJry bank at Colby. 

Rev. H. Bryant* 

— -^ rrdnuUus. On Sttifield Church* ItL 

furfuraceus. On an old rail adjoining the 

Parsonage at Colby. Rev, H. Bryant. 
Pales at Kirby Bedon near Norwich. . 

Rev, G. R. Leaihes* 

— fnrmaceus. First found in fruit, near 

Ileydon, by Rev. II. Bryant. 


ILiCREN papillarta. On Moushold Headi, Npr« 
wichy towards Rackheath. Dr» Smiths 
CawstoD> and Stratton Strawless Heaths. D. 7^ 
finastri. Pales of Mr. Rigby's Planta- 
tions at Framingham. /i, 

' ■ ■*■ cycloseUsn ") • 

^hellus. i^'^^^ ^' ^*"'^' ^y Y^^- 

/;^/«/^«^. \ "^<>"^^* and elsewhere. Z/. 

' ulothrix. Old willows at Coltishail. IJ^ 

— *- corrugatus. Trees at Ashill, but barren; 

Dr. Smtdf. 
RivuLARiA ehgans. Roth. ^ 

Vlva fisifirmu. i ^"**«« *»« 

— pru«ijbnmj. Vj Yarmouth. D.T, 

'■ dicioioma. ^ On the shore at Yarmouth. 

atomaria. > Mr. Wtgg, Shore at Cromer 

* ligulata. ) and Shcringhara. D, J\ 

■ crispa. Walls of the church, and other 

walls at North Walsham. Mr. Wtgg. 

^u,^n^» ^ ^° ^^ Shore at Yarmouth, 

>Tcryrare. Mr.Wigg. Theygrow 

— ju a. ^ ^^ ^j^^ rocks at Sheringham. D. T, 

— rubens, 

" elmirUhoides , . ^ . , 

vCrrowmg on the rocks at 

fstuUsa. ^^^^^^ ^^^ 

>■ ' plant aginea. 


Ulta mukyida. -« 

Fucus smu&sus. /On tbc shore at Yarmoudi. 

— /3. I 

HypogUssum, Shore at Yarmouth. Afr, 

^(K?" ^° ^^ rocks at Cromer. Mr, Crwve, 
ovaUs. On the- shore at Yarmouth at- 
tached to the roots of JF. loreus, very 
rare. D» 7*# 

7ntmbranif$lius. ). Shore at Gromer. Id^ 
dasyphyllus. On the rocks at Cromer, 
and Sheringham. D* T. Shore at 
Yarmouth. Mr. Wigg^ 

natans. A few fragments once found on 
the beach at Yarmouth bj Mr* Mss^fu 

iigulatw, 1 On the beach at Yar- 

/3. /mouth. Mr. Wiggm 

harhatus. &, Dr. Goodenough and Mr« 
Woodward give for their habitat of this 
plant ** among the rejedbamenta of the 
sea at Yarmouth/' but I suspect this is 
very inaccurate, for neither Mr. Wigg nor 
myself ever heard of its being found 
there. D. T. 

mucronattu. A single specimen once 
washed up at Yarmouth; so fresh that it' 
probably grew in the neighbourhood* 

Mr, J. Boulter ^ 


Tvcu$j/lircsut. Abundant 00 the Yarmouth 
beach in December 17989 but oercr seen 
be&re nor since* Ur» Wigg. 

urratus. /8. & 7. On the Yarmouth beach. Id» 

«>— i — — f)esiiuloms, (• At Wells, where I found 
some acres of ground covered with it, 
and all of the same diminutive size. D» T. 


■■ laceraMs, y. 



On the shore at Yar- 
iQOttth. Mr. Wigg^ 


— saccharittus^ )• Once found at Yarmouth 

by Mr, MasoM. 

^ lorats, fin *> 

-* r€iundus» I On the riiore at Yar- 
/g, j mouth. Mr. Wigg^ 

— confervoides. y. J 

— JlageUsformis. Shore at Yarmouth, very 

rare. .Mr, Wigg, Abundant on the rocks 
at Cromer, and Sheringham. D. T. 

-^ Wigghu* Only diree specimens were known 
to exist of this Fucus, all found at Yar- 
mouth, till the autumn of 1 804 when it 
was abundant on the beach there* Id^ 

— lycofodioides. Among the rejedamenta of 

the sea at Yarmouth. Goodcnough, Nei<^ 


thcr Mr. Wigg nor I CTcr heard of its 
being seen there. D, T'. 

.Fucus subfuscus. Most common on the Norfolk 

Coast. Mr, Wi^» 

> mouth. Mr. Wigg, At 
— — /v » »j. ) Cromer, &Sheringham. /}, ?*• 

■ clavellosus. Shore at Yarmouth. Mr. 

Wg^^. At Brancaster. Mr, Sirirruiire. 

' " ■ vtridis. Shore at Yarmouth, very common 
in some summers, in others not to be 
found. Mr» Wlgg* 

^ ' , COntheYarmouthBeach, 

— ■ vtUosa. J 

i — byssoides. On the Yarmouth beach. //. 

■ ■ ■ rttkulaki. Ditch at Heigham near 

Norwich. Mr. PUchford, 

■ roua. On the planks by the side of 
the Quay, and on Fucus tveslculosus in the 
Yarc at Yarmouth. Mr, Wigg, At 
Cromer. Mr. Sower by, 

repent. On Fucus lumbricalis^ on the 

Yarmouth Beach. /)• T» 

— — cottfer«incoIa, On Conferva mpestriSf 

and Fucus purpurascens on the Yarmouth 
Beach. Id^ 

■ Eficetorum. Moist heaths near Yar- 
mouth, li. 


CovvuKY A Jltxuosa. Pools in the salt marshes 

near Yarmouth. i>. T« 

■ bipunctaia, 

■ spiralis, 

at a, 1 

• 1 

nitiRa. y 

jugaiis. J 

renuflexM^ J 

Pools and ditches near 
Yarmouth. //. 

HiwrmiM M 


Salyi A fraienstu lo King's Tkorp Church Yard* 

abondantly. Morton, 

SciRPUS sylvaticus* In a small brook on the right- 
hand side of the road from Kettering to 
Thorp Malsor. Morton. Marshy mea- 
dow at Goilsborough. Mr. E, Fofster^jun* 

EmOPHORUAi fofystachion. Bog} in this County. 

Mr. Diciiott* 

Atbna ftthscens. On walls about Northamptoa. 

Rev. W. Wood. 

Arundo Calamagrostis. Radston and Wilmore 

Parks. Martyn» 

Cynoolossum syh^aticum. Geddington Chase^ 

by the roadside. Morton. 

HoTTONiA paluttris. var, Jl. rubro. Near Kel- 

marsh. Mr. Rudge% 

MtNTASTHEs nympbsoiJes. In the Nyne at Peter- 
borough^ plentifully* Morton. 


Campanula Ranunculus* In Badley Wood; 
and in some places on Whittlewood 
Forest. Morion^ 

Viola hirta. Bottom of an old stone pit near 

Walcot House* fd» 

VsRBASCUM Blaitaria* About Northampton. 

Rev. W. Wood. 

ViKCA major. Soutfarop, North end, under a 

wall. Morton* 

Chbmopodium olidum. In, and nigh St. Sepul- 
chre's Church Yard at Notthampton. Id. 

CvscvT h eur9p£a. Cosgraye ; and Oxendon. Martyn. 

EaTNOiVAi eamfatre* By the old Roman way, 
called Wading Street, opposite Brook- 
Hall near Dayentry. Ray. 

Caucalis daucoidcs* Near a limestone pit at 

Delshanger, copiously. Mtrtaru 

Si SON Stgetum* In Oxendon, on a bank on the 
North side of the street, a little aboye the 
White Horse Inn. Morton. Near 
Kelmarsh. Mr. Hantury. 

Saaibvcus Eiulus. Borders of fields and high- 
ways at Boughton, Hardingstone, and 
Wihon Lordships. Morton. On Slaton 
Hill at the crossing of Watling Street 
between Northampton and Dayentry. Waring. 

hivvH ferennc. At Worthorpe ; and on the Balkt 

YQLf 11* H 


about Bernack heath, and Wittering 

Heath « MortM0 

Myosurus minimu ;. Oardens and fields at Thorp 

Malsor. Id. 

Rum EX maritimus. On the banks of Caer Dyke 

near Paston, and elsewhere in the $*ens. Id* 
CoLCHicuM aufumnale. In woods at Cransley, 

and In a meadow at King's Thorpe. Id, 

Chlora perfoliata. The more barren pastures at 

Thorp Malsor. Idw 

Polygonum Bistort a. Meadows near tlie Ouse, 

not far from Cosgrave. Id» 

Paris quadri/otia. In Whittleborough Forest: 

in Brampton and Cransley Woods, though 

rarely r also in Hardwick wood. Id. 

ScLBRANTHus ferennis. Old stone-pits at Crea- 

tOUr Id. 

Saponaria officinalis, /3. In the small grove of a 

woody called the Spiney, at Litchborow. 

Si LENS nutans, (noetiflora T) In the corn between 

Harringworth and Wakerly. Mortvru 

SrsLLARiA glauca. Between Braybrook and 

Oxendonr Id^ 

ikRENARiA tenulfolia, Duddington, and Finshcady 

by the roadside. Id^ 

SsDVM aJbufK. On a wall at Nasebj. Mr. E. 

Forstcrjjun. Rcofs of Villages about 


Northampton. iJ<w. W. TFood: Wall 
adjoining the Cathedral at Peterborough. Z), 7". 

i^YRtJS torminalis^ ClifF Wobds ; and woods at 

Oundlie. Martyn. 

StratiotEs aUides. In the Feii ditches; Morion^ 

Ranunculus Lingua* In the Oiise at Stratford. Id. 

HsLLS^ORtTs viridis* Closes nekr Whittle- 
borough Forest. Marlyn, 

AjUGA Chanutpitys, In Ufford field near Help - 

ston stone-pits. Morton, 

TEUcitiuiyi scordium. In some ditches on the 

borders of the Fens, Id. 

Mentha ir&twidifdUa. In the Church-yard at 
Geddingtbn Chase ; and in the rill run- 
ning from the first head of the Weland. Martyn* 

^ PuUglum* Watery plices on the spacious 

Common, caUed Rdckinghamshire. Moriofu 

Mklampyrum crutatum; In the woods near 
Yarwellj and Wood Newton ; and in 
Wbrthorp Grove: as also on a bushy 
Common Sctoth West of Braybrook. Id. 

ANTiREHtNUli spuriim. Cransley. Marfyn. 

^— minus. In the old slate-pits aear 

Coily Weston. ^.^^^: 

]L,i j^osELLA aquatica. Lane at Kelmarsh. Id» 

A L t s s u M fcUlnmm. In a flax-ground at Dingley . Martyn* 
TkhA^ri arvense. On the brook of a stone-pit 

in Wadenh(X field, by the way to Pilton. Ar<>r/tf«^ 


Ibbris nudicauUs, Upon the banks of the stone- 

pits or sand-pits near Little Creaton. Morton ^ 

GfRAKiUM rotundlfoUum, At Church Brampton. 
Dr. Smth. Several places in this County. 

Mr. E, Forstcr, Jun. 

La t H y r u s Nissoita, About a mile from Oundle, 
in the Close on the right hand of the road 
to the Church fields near the gate. Morton, 

— ' syl<vestris. At Cosgrave ; and on the 

South East side of Burrow Hill : also la 
Brampton and Sibertoft woods. Jd. 

AsTR A G AL V s glycyphyllos . RoweH and Ringsted 
fields. ' Morton. In the ditch of North- 
ampton Castle. Mr. Wood. 

Hypericum androsamnm. Woods about the 

mineral spring at King's CUfF. Morton^ 

Hyosiris minima. In the sandy fields at Spratton, 

plentifully. Idm 

Hyfochjeris maculata. On Bemak Heath* 

Ray. Not now to be found there. Morton.. 

CARDtJUS eriopborus. About Northampton. Re^. 
JV. Wood. By the roadside at Guils- 
borough. Mr. E. Forster^jun. 

Gnaphalium dioicum^ Upon Bemak and 

Wittering Heaths. Morton, 

* ^. rectum. Among the Gorse in the 

sandy field at Thorp Malsor ; and in the 
sandy parts of Naseby field* Id. 


lavLA Hekniunu In the home Closes at Ranee ; 
and in the grounds near the Church at 
Newton Broomshold. Morton, 

O&CHis uiiulata. Between Duddington and Stam- 
ford on the stony ground by the road, and 
on the borders of die neighbouring 
Heaths. //. 

Sattrivm 'viride. On a bushy Common South 

West of Braybrook* Jd. 

■ albidum* In a boggy place two miles 

from Stamford in the way to Stilton. 
Mcrrett. (Most probably only the pre- 

0?Hays muscifcra. In the Wilderness at Rush- 
ton. Motion • 
■ ■■■ apijera. Bushy Common between Blath- 

erwick and Finshed. Id^ 

' " aranifera. On stony ground nigh Kings- 

cliff. Morton* In an old stone-pit 
ground hard by Walcot, a mile from 
Bamek* Dr* Bowks, 

Car$x amfuUacea^ In a pool on the way from 
Haselbick to the stone-pit Close in the 
same Lordship. Morton* 

Sa&ix purpurea. Peakirk } and Thurnby. Martyn. 

— viteUina. Willow Holt at Thurnby ; and 

at Sir John Shaw's Decoy* Morton* 

EoyUETUAi syhaticum. ^foorish ground to 

Naseby Field, ' Id. 


"Eqtjisetv M ^uviaiile. At Guilsborough. 

Mr, E. Forsier^jun. 

OsMUN DA iunarta. Higher parts of Would Field ; 

and on Halston Heath. Morton^ 

♦AspiDiVM Lonchitis, In a rocky ground near 

KingsclifF. Id, 

» Oreopteris, 0, Upon a piece of a 

small rock on the sides of a spring in 
Badby Downs. , Id, 

PiLULARiA globulijera. Borough Fen near Peter- 
borough, Blachstone, 

Trichostomum rlgtdulum. Walls in this County. 

Mr. R. Brown. 

Lichen artlculatus. Whittleborough Forest. Marlyn. 

^ Most probably a Variety of A* acuUatum is intended. 



Char A hispida^ In a Pond at Hartley Old En- 
gine ; and in pools on Hartley Links near 
Link House. Mr. Winch, 

Vbronica hwmfusa* Dicks* Cheviot. /i. 

*■ montana. On the Bank below the 

wood at the Friar's Goose near New- 
castle : Cawsey wood : Heaton woods ; 
and Scotts wood Dean near Newcastle. Id. 

Utricularia mt/ior. Prestwick Carr. Mr. Thornhili. 

S^HCENUs compressus. West Banks of the Tyne 
below Chollerford bridge ; and sea coast 
near Bambargh. Mr. tVinch. 

■ alhu5\ 

Sc I R p u s muUicaulit. > Prestwick Carr. Id. 

..p. pauctflortu. 


SciKPui syhvat'uus. Woods and banks of riTers 

near Newcastle. Mr. Winch* 

EiLiop H o R u M vaginatwnu Prestwick Carr ; and 

near Shewing Shields. Id, 

■ — poiyftackion. North of Shewing 

Shields. Id. 

Me Lie A nutans, Teckel wood at Simonburn. Id. 

* Festvc A glauca. Banks at Tynemoath Castle, 

and Beaton. Id. 

AftUNDO colorata. y. Banks of the Tyne and 

Team near Newcastle, frequent. Id. 

ELYMU0 europdus. Scott's wood near New- 
castle ; and Teckel wood at Simonburn, Id. 

Galium horeaU. Banks of the Irtbing at War- 
drew, and of the Tyne at Wylam^ and 
opposite Stella. Id. 

CoRNUs succlca. On the Cheyiot HiUs ; first dis- 
covered there by Mr. Penny who died 
1568. Id, 

PoTAiiOGETON beterophyUum. Prestwick Carr. Id. 

RuppxA marUtma. Hartley Pans. Id. 

Anchusa qffidnaVts, Plentifully on the Links near 

Hartley Pans. Rev. T. Buff. 

PuLMONARiA officinalis. Plentifully in a wood 

at Howick. Rev. J. Dodd. 

Viola hina. Near Newburn ; and banks of the 

Tyne at Wylam. Mr. JTmch. 

^ See note p. %^%, 


^ CniKon I A littoralit^ Sea coast near Hartley ; 
and Links at Bamburgh, and Holy Island. 

Mr. Wincbm 
LoNiCiRA Xylosteum. Fissures of rocks under 

* To the judgement pf those Botanists, lyho have hsd opportv- 
nitiet of observing plants in their places of growth, I must ever 
consider such deference due, that, though I have not been able to 
satisfy myself with respect to the specific characters of this plant* 
yet in compliance with the opinion of Mr. Winch, who finds it 
abundantly near Newcastle^ and of Mr. Brodie, with whom it grows 
equally copiously near Brodie House in Elginshire, 1 venture to pro- 
pose it as distinct from C. Cctttaurium. Its height appears never to 
reach three inches ; the stems are erect, stifi*, simple, bearing at their 
summit a great number of large flowers, sessile, or nearly s«, ar- 
ranged in a very dense corymbus ; the leaves are numerous^ narrow, 
between oblong and linear, very obsoletely three-nerved, those of 
the root not exceeding in size the canline or floral ones ; the rela- 
tive proportion of the Calyx and Cdrolla appears very uncertain. 
Mr. Winch, when he first sent me (7. lUtoralut observed of it, "a very 
distinct plant from C CetOa^rium, which was growing; with it, but 
between them there appeared no gradations : its flowers are larger, 
more elegant, both in color and formation, for the segments of the 
Corolla are very obtuse. The shape of the leaves also is exceedingly 
different. I have further to add that, when the Links of Holy 
Island were rendered purple with its blossoms, not a plant oiC, Cetn 
iaurittm was in flower.' *«>C littoralh appears always to grow on the 
sea shore, and, besides the two places above mentioned, Mr. Dillwyn 
lias also met with it in South Wales. It is the C, pulebella of Mr. 
G. Don's fasciculi, a work which, I fear, is by no means so gene- 
rally known, as from the beauty of its specimens, and rarity of 
iu plants^ it descrvcf to be. D, T. 


the Roman Wail near Shewing Shields. 
U^alUs. The plant here intended is cer- 
tainly only L, periclymenum in a starved 
state* Mr. JFincb. 

Sal SOLA fruticosa. Coble Dean, North Shields. Id, 

GfiNTiANA campestrls. Links near Bamburgh 2 

West side of Shewing Shields. /f, 

E&YK G I u M campcstn. On the shore called Friars 

Goose near Newcastle. Ray^ 

X«iGusTicuM sc(aicum. Rocks North of Dunston* 
burgh Castle : here rery recently added 
to the English Flora by Mr» Wlncb. 

Angelica Jrcbangelica. Among the rocks not 
far from Berwick. Merrett. (Ray says 
this is a mistake.) 

Scandix odorata. Banks of the Tyne at Low 

Park End. Mr. Winch, 

Sambucus nigra, y. Earsdon. Mr* Waugh* 

Dr-ose&a longifoUa. | Banks of Prestwick Carr. 

■■■ anglica, 3 Mr, Winch* 

Mtosvrus nunimus. Shores of the Tyne below 

Newcastle. Id. 

Calanthus ni*vaUs» Heaton wood; and in the 
most sequestered situations of Scotts 
Wood Dean. Id, 

LsucojUM £stivum» In Rennoldson's Mill Dam 

near Heaton. Id, 

Allium okraceum. Banks of the Tyne below 

Wylam. Id^ 


Rum EX marittmus. Ballast on the iTytie, Mr. Winch ^ 
Trientalis furop£a. Heaths in Northumbfer- 

land. Robson* 

Epilobium angusttfoHum* Whift Rocks on the 

West side of Shewing Shields ; andfeaaks 

of the rivulet above Langley Ford at the 

foot of Cheviot. Mr. Winch,, 
: * alptnum. Rivulets on the sides of 

the Cheviot Hills. Ray* 

Vaccinium Kitis idaa* Wild moors in this 

County. Merrett, Cheviot. Mr, Winch. 
Oxycoccos. "Heathy part of Pfestwick 

Carr. li. 

Polygonum Bistort a. Between Dunston and 

Darwenthaugh. Id. 

• My friend, Mr. Winch, here gathered tpecimens of the plant, 
"^hich i^as in all probability designed by Ray, and which varied in 
height from a few inches \o a foot and more. I compared ^hcffti 
carefully with the Baiiktian Herbarium, and had the satisfaction of 
being assisted by several Botanists, who all concurred in the opinion 
that they were only a starved variety of E. montanum^ arising f^om 
the elevated situation. At the same time, the stigmas, as remarked 
by Mr. Winch, were always undivided, a circumstance, upon 
which, in my humble opinion, too much streis has been laid in 
defining the characters of som€ of t<he E^Mia, The plant in 
question is now in cultivation at Nfcwca$tle,'so that we shall soon 
know how far 'it is distinct from E. m$ntanum^ but at all events I 
fear that E. aipimtm can at present ky no claia to « place in an 
English Flora. Z>. T. 


Pahis guadri/oUa, Heaton wood : Scotts wood 
Dear Newcastle ; and boggy woods below 
' Morpeth. Mr. Winch. 

Andkom EDA polifoSa. Heathy part of Prestwick 

Carr^ near Dinnington. Id. 

A K. B u TU s Uva urn. At the top of East Common 
Wood near Hexham, R^v. J, Llghtfoot. 
South side of the Duke of Portland's 
woods, two miles S. E. of Hexham. Mr. JFincb. 
Fyrol4 minor^ Scotts wood near Newcastle, 
Mr. Winch. Tacket Wood near Simon- 
burn, Rolson. ' 
Saxifraga steUaris. Cheviot. Mr. JFtncK 
■ ■ aizoidci. Rocks on the Irthing above 

Wardrew. fd. 

DiAVtHvs dehoides. Lane between Wooller and 
Earle. Mr. IFinch. Gunnerton Fell, 
rare. Rev. J. Dodd. 

Stsllarza Ntmorum. Wood on the Irthing above 
Wardrew : hedges between Wylam and 
Ovingham : banks of the Tyne between 
Lemmington and Newburn, Mr. Winch., 

A&ENARiA *verna. Old lead mines, in Alloi\dale. Id. 
S BDu M *villosum. Foot of Cheviotii IJ^ 

CzKASTivu tetrandrum. Links at Hartley Pans, 

and Holy Island. Id. 

lS,v?HOKBtJL^yfarisiias. On the walls of Huln 
Abbey near Alnwick; and on hedges 


diree miles and a half South of Alnwick. 

Ur. Wxiich. 
Paunus Padus. Scotts Wood near Newcastle, IJ. 
Rosa vil/osa. Spring Gardens* Newcastle. Id. 

— — ♦ torruntdsa f About Newcastle. Id. 

RuBUS saxatilis. West side of Shewing Shields : 

woods at East Allan^ and Irthing near 

Wardrew. Id. 

• • ' chamamorus. Cheviot. Id^ * 

Gbvm rivaie. Scotts wood, and eyerj wood near 

Newcastle, " Id, 

— 0. Hcaton Wood. Id, 

■ y. Wood on the Irdiing above 

Wardrew. //• 

TitALiCTRUM mittus^ Links near Bambnrgh, and 

along the Coast. Idm 

Ranunculus Lingua. Ptestwick Carr; and 

' ponds at Dilston. ' Id. 

Tkolljv s europxus. Woods in Allondale : Hea- 

ton Wood ; and Whitehill Dean near 

Ovingham. Id, 

* Th« Smm here aUaded to was sent me some time siace by Mr» 
Wio^h ai a new species, and has been cons2dere4 so also by Mr. 
Crowe, and Dr. Smith, who lately found it near Bury St. 
Edmunds. It approaches in habit to Xosa eottima, Jaeq, JFl. Atut, p. 
S%. t* Z97, but appears to me only a variety of J?, ivmmitsm^ differing 
in some degree in pubescence, in the white colour of iti flowwiy 
andaitheA€«kibeifi|loii0er,andkitlu>oke4. J}*T% 


IIelle^orus fcttldtUk Woods in AUondale. tdr. Winchl 
Galbopsis 'versicolor. Banks of the Tyne at 

Low Park. /i; 

LsriDiUM lattfoUuvu North side of Prior 'a Hayeo, 

Tynemouth. /i; 

CoCHLEA&iA officinalis. Coble Dean, North 

Shields* Mr. W^mL On the Coast at 

Howick. Rev. J, DodJi 

* il l ' — "fc"^" angUea. Coble Dean, North Shields. 

Mr. Wincbi 

"— danica. Coalcleugh. Mn WincL. 

> l I ■»! <■ 

Coast North of Tynemouth* Mr. IhornhtlU 
Card AM i ^ 9 amara. Banks of Pont near Prestwick 

Carr« Mr» Wtncbi 

SlsTMiRiUM Im. On the walls of Berwick 

upon Tweed. Ray; 

TtJ RRiTis glakrat Walls and hedges near Oviog- 

ham. Mr. JVinch^ 

m hirsnta. Old Cadtle Walls at Shewing 

siiidds. idi 

BrASsiCa oieracea. Rocks North side of Tyne- 
mouth Castle. Id. 

Geranium syhaticum. Woods nealr Newcastle, 

common. Jdi 

> ■ ■ - ■ V pratense. On the basks of the Pont 

below Pontland. Id; 

<■>■■■ »■ ■ ' ■ sa«gmnmm. Sea shore at Hartley ; 

and Unki «t Baaibur^ ^id Puoitoobiv^ fd; 


XiATHTftus NissoUa. Dr. Lawson obsenred this 
plant between the Glass houses aad Deot's 
hole near the North shore house by New* 
castle, plentifulik Ray* I nerer found it 
there. Mr» Whui^ 

VxcxA syhatica. Woods on the Irthisg above 

Wardrewr. - /i, 

AsTRAOALtrs gfycypbylloi. Near Otingham* Id. 

■ ' hypoglouis. On the sumioit of 

Rachif Crag near Alnwick : near Dfia- 
stonbargh Castle ; and Bamburgh : sea- 
shore North of Tynemouth* . Up 

Tripolivm sc^nrum. Rocks near Lindesfura^ 

Holy Island. Id^ 

Son en 178 caruUus* Borders of Cornfields aboi^ 
Willington and Howden Pans. WaUis. 
(Mr. Winch is clear that dbie pkat never 
grew there, bat that Ciciorium Jniybut: 
was mistaken for it.) 

Hi BR ACiu u paJudosuaru Every wood near New- 
castle. Id* 

Carduus tenvifloTut. Common near N^Widaftle. Id. 
» ' heterophyllus. West side -of Shewing 

Shields : foot of Cheviot : Otterhurn. Id* 
■ ^'ptateniis. Twizell-House wood. 

Siev* J. Dodd. 

Gnaphalium dioicumn Prestwick Carr; and 

Moors near Newcastle. Afr. Winch. 


Gnaphalzum Tectum. Woods and fields near 

Newcastle. Mr. Wtncb. 

TussiLAQO byhrida. Banks of the Tyne at the 

foot of Scott's Wood Dean. Id. 

Sbnecio viicosus. Lane between Benwiell and 

Newcastle* /</* 

Do&ONicvM Pardalianebes. Gathered in the 
cold Mountains of Northumberland .by 
Dr. Penny. Girard% 

Ptrbthrvm mantinmm. Rocks at Dunston- 

burgh Casde. Afr. Winch. 

SArvRiuM virtde. Near Shewing Shields. Id. 

——-«-* repens. Mountainous Woods in this 

County. Robson. 

Ophrys cordaia^ On many heaths in this 

County. Bay^ 

Sfarganium natans* Prestwick Carr. Mr. Thfnbili. 

Carbz dioica. Prestwick Carr; and Chester 

Moor. Mr. Winch. 

■ ' paueiflora. Bog between twice4>rewed*ale 
. and Crag Lake, near the Roman wall : 
here first added to the English Flora 
two years since by Mr^ JTinch. 

pendula. Scotts Wood near Newcastle. Id. 

— — Julwa, Prestwick Carr ; and near Shewing 
Shields. Mr. Winch. Bog on the 
South side of the Ropery abore Shields 
Law. Mr. Wauj^b^ 


Ca%mx Knervis. Very common near Nev^castle. 

Mr, fF'inci. 
* — '• — £stans, Newcastle Town Moor. Id* 

■ ' " ^ rigUa* Cheyioti Id* 

• vesicaria. Heaton Wood. Mr, Winth. 

Prestwick Carr. Mr, ThornhilL 

- ampLlliUea. Chester Moor ; and Shewing 

Shields; and othef places about New- 
oasfle.^ Mr, Wtnch^ 

LkTTO&ELLii lacusirts» Prestwick Can*. Id^ 

Salix MmygdaKiia. Banks of North Tyne. Jd^ 

pentandra. Near Little Cow Lake. . Id, 

* ' viteltina, fianks of the Tyne. /i. 

— fusca. Pastures near Shewing Shields^ Id^ ' 
EifPBTRUM fugrum. Healhy part of Prestwick .. .. ^ 

Carr, and every moor near Newcastle. ,Ji._ .. 
Atkiplbz /tsoffio/a. Sea shore North of Tyne- 

mouth. Id*- 
£<2jYisBTVM syl^aiicum* Woods near Newcastle. Id. ^ 
r— — — *— fiuviatskm Near Newcastle, /d» . 
M ■ I hftrndU* Scotts Wood ; and wood 

bdow Mill Green ; and Heaton Wood. Id. 

Qsikvi^K hmarta. Rocks near Shewing Shields. Id. 

iLi^cpFpp^UM selaginoides. Prestwick Carr. Id. 

— — alfinum. Heath $• E. end of Crag 

Lake ; and Cheviot. Id. 
PoLYPODiuAl PbegopUrts. Cheviot; and rocks 

West of Shewing Shields." Id. 

Y0L« II. I 


PoLrroBiVK ^rjM^crtjr. Scot^ Wood Dfai^ I ■ -) 
Cheviot; and rocks West of Shewing 
Shields. . ATit^ IV tncb* 

A^^XpiVM Oreopurts. Cheviot. .Z^ . 

pTB&if. mjr/dr. Rock& OQ Cheviot^; aiid S%W« 

end of Crag Lake, plctntifi^l. Id. 

fiLULARiA gloiuUfera^ By the: side oC 9i Fo94 
near Woolsington. 

Mr. Waugb and. M^.»^ TbernhtB. 

IsoiTBs lacustrh. Prestwick Carrv Mr^Thn^bitif 

AtficTANGiCM ciliatum. NearWacdrew; Mtr.Wmi^ 

Splachnum spbiuicuni, fi. I 

^ 7/-^ i Prestwick Cair. M 

TaiGHOs'POMUii capUlaceunu 

' ericoides, 

■ nucrocarpon. 

Dtct.ASVU aciculare, Scotts Wood. ' Id» 

^^ _- ft ^fiijc. /ft*3. Heatcn Dtan. IX • 

PoLYTRiCHvH alpinum. Cheviot. Idi 

■ umigerum. Cheviot : Prestivick 

_ t 

Carr. Mr. Wincb. Near Pont Burn. 

• Mr. Tbhrnm. 
Ba&t&amia MaUeriana. AllondaIe« Mr.Wiiklk 

Hyfnv-m iricbomanoldet. ^ "' ' - - 

' iM. I Woods abpuj.Ne3nr- 

««£«/<:/««. I 

>— plumosum. J 

» . . I 

ByFUtrsI torSfottum. New^Sttle Td%» Moof ; 
Widi H. JluiMti ^hich b^ftr fruit 
aMbdantly. Afr. Winch* 

• rugosum. Prestwick Cftrr* Jd^ 

t i • r (, ,^^ palustre. ScoiW WCtoc^ atid StjaiFjF Side . 

near Newcastle. . . Id* ~ 

— I a t' Aibmnff Bogi H«ar Newcastle. Zl- 

JuNCBRifAMNtA iafUeoioio* Wood^ neibc New-. 

9C^f<fHi^tiA cm/Vtf. Hebtoil'W6oft Id* 

^ ^ If^j^^ I Rocka near New^«le. /</- 

-»— 4* l7Afo^^ Rddks att Crslg L^ke. Id. 

' «"' ** • ' ■ » ■ geograflncii/. West- ^de* of Shevriog 

Shields; Idi 

-»^^ Anctntricui. Rocks in Heaton Dean^ and 

widlk at BlagjdDn* Id* 

— ^ ifdrianr^ Walls betireenrNtiPwcasdisMobr 

and Heaton Dean. . Id^ 

•M-^' <dni/Arii/« Whitt Cra^y West side of 

. Sbewbg: Shields* Id-, 

— aquiluj* Rocks at Batfes^ Islancl. Mr. TkfrnhUk 
— ' Uui ^rew. Woodr ne&r H^y FilcM^ 

Mr. Wim^ and Mu ThomhiU. 
-— fuimonarius* Trees betwecff Heafy 

• Fields and Allan's Ford. Id^ - 

-i scr^'wdaiiu. Foot of Cheviot^ Mr* 
plwnieus. . 01d'ti«es at Healj Fi£U> Id. 

1 2 

■ ^■■»fc 


LiCHBK proloicideus. Cheviot. Mr. Winch. 

' poIyphyUus. Cheviot. Afr. Winch. 

Walls at Healy Field. . Mr. ThornhilL 

muscicoia» "J 

puhetcens* S Cheviot. ' Mr* Winch. 

islandtcus, j ^ 

■ nivalis. Rocks above Tecket Water Pall. Robson, 

' ■ ' scopuloTum. Rocks at Hartley. Mr. 

ThornhilL Near Dunstonburgh Castle ; 

and on Holy Island. Mr, Winch, 

juBaius, Rocks West of Shewing Shields. /A » 

— — aphthosus. West side of Shewing 

Shields. Mr. Winch* Rocks ubder the 

Roman wall by. Crag Lake*. Rolsmu 

■ rcsupinaius. Trees near Healy Field. 

Mr. Winch. 
Fvcus sinuosus. Along the Shores of the County. Id. 
" ■ ligtJaius. Among the rejectamenta of the 

sea on the coast. ' Hudson. 

. siSguosus. p. Shore at Hartley. Mr. Winch, 

csculenttti. y Along the shores of the 

^ * ■ " ^ dentatus. 3 County. Id. 

— — hifidus. Near Hartley. Mr. TharnhlB. 

Found on rocks near Tynemouth by Mrs. Winch. 

pygnuBus. I 

aculeatus. J Hartley Beach. Mr. Winch. 

■■■ plumojus, A long the shores of the County. /t/» 

■ _ ■ , '■ ' suh/uscus. Near Tynemouth. Id. 


Fvcus lycopodioides. On stems of F, digitatas 

at Bates' Island near Har|is3^..:::a9fr* TiprnhUL 

■ I ■ articuUuus* Along the shores of the 

County. Mr. Winch* 

CoNFiRVA £gagropUa» •% 

~— -— ^ iorallina. Cqast near Hartley. Id. 


^mu I i\k\i iWvv^H 



Chaka iis^da. 0. In a small wateiy place at 
the entrance into White Moor Close by 
Jtadford Church. Peering, 

Crocus 'vemus. About Nottiiigbaaii plentifully* 

MTip Sberhrwkem 

— — nudiflorus. Between NottiQgfaam Castle 

and the Trent. Rev. Mr. Becker. 

SciRPUs sylvatlcuf. In a marshy Close between 

the Leen and Nottingham. Deering, 

Ay Ev A faiua. Here and there arnoi^ the Cora 

about Nottingham^ IJ^ 

Di p s AC u s pilosus. Pleasly Forges. Idp 

Galium iricornep A bout WooUaton old pits. fj. 

Sanguisorba officinalis^ In most meadows and 
pastures about Nottingham, especially 
about Beeston and Lenton, U, 


CrchJLMtn^iunfieum. At Latig&f, near the Seat 

of Earl Htyv^e^ ^enttfally) bat yet doubt- 

, « ftl «s a native. (On the authority of 

Mr. Gregory.) Itei}^ G. Crable* 

CoNTOLVtri.u« afn^»tms. fi. Between Raictford 

tod £b«fltt>n. Mqrfyn. 

Campanula Rapunculus, Jn Bradford Hollows. 

VERBAtcirif LyehHUtT. At Clifton Hall. Marfyn. 

■ r . t . , - puhoeruUntuM. At WooUenton near 

Nottingham. ^ Ray* 

RUauhv^ iatidrtktu^ Basford: BulWdl : lane 

at GedHng; Dterit^l 

Caklf OPODIUM ^UdUm. Behind the Aim Houses ; 

and between Chapel Bar and the sandhillt, 

Nottingham. Id. 

PiuCBDAilfry o^Ectis^Ar. Wood at ColWick. Martyn* 
CieutA virosa. In Nottingham Park. Reof. W* Wood. 
Sambi/cvs ^hdus. In gr^at ^entyina Close 
> orer against Onmston, in the path tiray 

leftfli^ to Tollestdn, about a* mile and a 
.half from Nottingham: also in BuDny 

' { ' * ' nigrok fi, hi Grares Lane near 
. Notdnghcm. Mariyn* 

Mroauavs mMms^ Bdtween Radford and WdoK 

teonrPftfh^ ^ Or. Medley. 

RniCBX sanguineus. Farm yards at Mansfield. Mmrtyn* 


Rum EX maruimui. By the. htcn . at Snenton in- 

goiDg from the meadows to the Trent. Martyn^ 

CoLCRicuM autumnak* In NottiDgbam meado^s^ 

and about Trent Bridge. Deerinf* 

A L I s M A .ranuncuhides^ By th,e Trent side^ a little 
on this side Clifton Hill coming from 
Nottingham. /</, 

Efilobium alptnum. By the edge of a large wa- 
tery ditch between Lenton and Beeston ' 
about a mile and half from Nottingham. . Id* - 

CntORA jferfoUata. In White Moor Close near 

Radford Church ; and about Mansfield. /^. \ 

PotYOONUM Bistorta. In a Close between the 

Leen and Lenton Church Yard. Ii» 

Vk^is quadrtfiVta. In Colnwick wood. Deering* 

About Asply. Mr. T'tUtn* 

Sj{?on AKi A dficinaSs. Near the Bath at Mans^ 

'afield.. ^ Marh^n* 

D I A N T u u s 'ddt aides . In Hollows at Leoldo , and 
Nottmgham Park-. Dg^ingk Sandbanks 
near WoUerton on the &oad'fr<^ Derby 
to Nottingham. . Jir. SannUen 

Si LINE nutans. On the rock of Nottingham Castle^ 

and thereabontJ * Ray. Ow the Rock — ^ 
at Snenton Hermitage, in. great plenty. D erring^ 

XtyTHKvu iyssopifoBuvC In places where water . «'i 
sometimes stagnates a little' b^IoW ^WiU 
. ford Boat* ..♦..•' . . -fd. 


Gsvif rtvJe. In the Clpse by Asply House 
along the woodside, and in other places 
about Nottingham. Deeringm 

Rakuvculus Lingua. In fiasford Scottum ; and 
on a moor between Bridgibrd and Gam- 
ston. Id. 

Mint HA sylHuuiris. By the water-side, Radford. Martyiu 

V rotundifolia. Near the Bath at Mans- 

field. Id, 

■ piperita. At the back side of St. A nne 's 
Well, Woodlane. Id. 

■ PuUgium. Gun thorp ; and Yellow 

Green. Id, 

Galeopsis wUosa. Near Newark. Hudtcu. 

Lion u& us Cardiaca. On the right hand going 
into Barford from Nottingham : on the 
left hand of Lentoo field going to the 
Abbey yard from Nottingham Park; 
^ad near Brockstow in a Close by the 
road side leading to Nuttal. DeeriHg. 

^NTXitaHiNUM spurium. In many places about 

Nottingham. Id. 

CocHLEARiA eficinalu. In several places on the 

wails at Wopllaton. Id. ^ 

Iberis nudkcMHi, Plentifully in that part of Not- 
tingham Park which lies nearest the Deer- 
leap $ and all over Radford Lings to- 
wfu^d^ Notttnghanu lim 


TvtitiiTis glabra. Fields between Radfoid And 

Lenton. Deningm 

GiKAnivM fh^tum. Beyond Nottkgjham ia the 

way to AlH-etoD. Rev* G» CrMe^ 

p-atenscm Between the two Cheaey 
Pools, plentifully : also in the Close be- 
yond White Moor Close towards Ai|>ly* 

la At H T R u s syhejiris. Among the pales of Col- 
wick Parky one mile from Nottingham* 

Mr, Brunton^ 

A ST&AOAL us glycyphyllos. Col wick Wood: in 
the lane leading from Larkdale to Rad- 
ford Lings ; and on the Sandhills going 
down froi9 Cow lane» Nottingham^ to the 
Gallows. Mattyn. 

Son c h V s paluHris. Seyeral places about Notting- 

ham« Dieting. 

Lactvca saligna. Near Bingham> before yon tn- 
ter the Town going from Bottesford» right 
hand bank. i^. S* OtoUk 

GnAFHALiuit rectum^ Closes near Mansfield. 

' JaoftyuA 

TvsiiLAGO bybrida. Plentifttlly ill the Mill yard 
at Lentpn in the road to WooUatoo 
Hall* Dieting^ 

Orchis ustuUfta, By the. Trent side between Not- 
tingham and SouthwelU Jtev. G, Crabhe. 

S ATT titv M Unamm. At the ^otton of CHftoo 

. Hill I also in CoU^ick W9o4^ Deering^ 

Opjiits muscifera. Abpu^ Atpky* J^ 

■ . ' I mptfera. Asplff , f4, 

Spakgamium natans. On the East aide of 
Scroobyi nigh a great wood, where the 
footway is cast up. Mierrett. 

My riophtllum verticillatum. In the Trent be- 
low Colwick on the opposite side of the 
river. Detrtng* 

Sal IX armaria. Basford Bottom. Martyn* 

£qj7isetum sylvaticum. 0. Wood at Asply and 

Colwick. Id, 

" Jlwoiatik. Pools in Nottingham 

Park, and several ditches between Len- 

ton and Beeston. Deering* 

% byemale. About the middle of Net- 

tleworth Green, twp miles from Mans- 

field, plentifully among the rushes. Id» 

OiMV KT> A lunaria. Eastwood. Id* 

■ regaUs^ In Leaver's Close, Mansfield. 

PoLYPODiuM Dryo^crls. Rocks near Pleasly 

Forges. Id* 

BaruM annum* Roofs of Caverns in the rocks 

at Nottingham. Deeringm 

foNTiNALis squamosa. On a wheel of the firft 

Forge, Pleasly. Marlytif 



MERCHANT I A hemispharica. Larkdale: near the 

Gallowsy Nottingham. Martyn^ 

conkam Larkdale. Id, 

IsiQH^iK calicaris. Colwick wood, //• 

— — — — i>w— — 


CiTAXA hispida. /3. Peat Btfgi near Headington^ 
Wick Copse. S'tbthorpe. At Byansham 
Ferry three Miles from Oxford. Ray^ 

VikoniCa montana* Shotoyer Plantations: 

Stoken Church and Nettlebed Woods. Sihtborpe. 

S A L T I A pratensis. Dry Pastures between Middle* 

ton Stoney and Audley. Id* 

Iris foetidissima. Near Oxford Castle* Blaci^ 
stone, '(Sibthorpe does not mention it, 
so that probaUy it no longer growi 
there). ^'' 

Scififvs pamciftorus. Peat fiogs^ on Bvllingtoa 

Green. Sihthorpe^ 

■ acicularis* Binsey Common, in pits where 
water has stagnated: near Eyiisham 
^ bridge. Id» 

■ ■■ - syivaticus. Heythorp woods* Sihthotpe. 
Near the wilderness in the Gardens at 
Walcot near Charlbury. Blaeistone^ 

£&i0PH0Rt7M <oaguuitum* Marshes at Hediogton 

near Oxford. Dr. Maion^ 


pH L E trjf patdculdium. Otf the watf of Rose taffej 

Oxford. Sihhorfe* 

Fbstuca hromoidef. HeadingtOfK Id. 

■ — loRacea. Moist Meadows. Id. 

Bromus arvtnsh. Ditchley. Afr. Woodtvard. 

1 pirmatus, Woodetotk Park. Sthtborpe. 

Burford Downs. ^^. Dr. Goodtwmgb, 

AvtSAjatuaw Cernfields. - . Sibthnrp^ 

• puhescem. "Dij pastares at- Cowtpy : 

Littleimore : BulliAg^on^ Id. 

Arundo ^g^tjos^ Mag(bden College Copse : Tar 

Wood* Id. 

£ltmus< eurcpstu. $tx>kea Church Wpods, plen- 
tifully. BobarK Aodley Woods'^ Stbthorpe. 
DiPiACUS piiosut.. Hedges near Thame Park. Idi 
Galium* tricorm. Headington Slcld: Stanton 

Uar court : South Leigh. Id. 

Sanguisorba officinalis. Moist meadows at 

IBcyi^ Cowley ;. Binsey. Stbthorpe. 
, Cunbridge meadow near Witney. Mr. Fardou* 

PoTAMOGBXON gramtuum% . fiinsey Common:. 

' diitobei by the rx)adside g9ing to Pprt 

Meadow. Sihthrpe* 

CYNOG^ossOK'Sy/vb^^Mm.. Whkfawood Forest. Id. . , 
Symphytum ofitinali% ^ Banks of the Thanes 

by Caversham. Id. 

MenyahthSs iiyf^iphMies. la the ri?er near 

Botley Bridge : Godstow BrUt^ : Hia^k- 

sey Ferry* Id. 



Anagallis atvensis, y. Cornfields at Ckarlburyf 

and Middleton Stoney. Sibtborpe. 

PotlMONiuM csruleum. Near the Piantauoos 

under the Ochre Pits at Shotorer Hill. Id. 

Campanula rapuniulmdes^ In some woods in 


Oxfordshire under Yew Trees. HerK BuddL 

Viola hirta. Copse under Shotoyer Hill : Cheney 

Lane. SBtiorfe^ 

Rhammus atibartkus* Xiane leading . from the 

Botley Road to Binsey, //• 

T HELIUM Itnophyllum. Dry Pastures at Stanton 

St» John. Id. 

Viir.cA major. Magdalen College Walks. Id. 

Chenofoqium bybrldum. Dunghills and Rubbish. Id. 

w ;- oUdunu Binsey., Id. 

CuscuTA europaa. On Nettles, Heathy &c. at 

Ifley^ ' Id. 

Gs.NTiANA camfejtris. Sbotover Hill. Id. 

'BvFLtvKvu roiundifolium. Parks: South Leigh; 
Middleton Stoney. Sibtborpe. Corn- 
fields near the Observatory. Mr. E, Forsier^jun^ 

To&DYLiuM maximum' Undier the hedge on the 

North side of the Parks. SilWorpe. 

Caocalxs daucoides. Between Middleton Stoney 

and BuckneK ^ Id» 

SiVM lafi/olium. Banks oF rivers : wet ditches* Id. 

■ repem. Peat Bogs at Bullington Green* Id. 

4S1SOK Segetum. Cornfields at South Leigh. Id. 

Oe N AM T H r piu€$damjhlia. Banks of the Isis be« 


yond Ifley : p«at bogs under Headington- 
Wick Copse. Siiihcife^ 

ScANDix odofata. Rose Lane. Id. 

PiMl>XNBLLA magna. Stow Wood: Noke woods* Id. 

Sa m bu cus Ehulus. In the Pjirks behind Wadham 

College : near Eynsham. Id. . 

— — nigra, y. About Charlbury, where it 

is called feathered Ei$ler. Blaclstone^ 

Mtosurus minimus. Magdalen College Walks, 
near the Meadow Gate: South Leigh: 
North Aston* Sihthorpe. 

Fritilla&ia Mehagris. Magdalen College Mea- 
dow : Cowley Meadows. Id. 

O&NiTHOGALUM Uiteum, Woods about Oxford. 
Sir J. BarUtt. Woods near Ashford 
Mill: Fauler. Sibthor^. 

— umbeUatum. Pastures near Barton : 

Chtist-Church Meadow. Id. 

A COR us C (damns. Dorchester. Id. 

RuMEX sanguineus. In the ditch on the left hand 

going up HeadingtOQ Hill. Id. 

Coi;(CHXCi7M autumnaU. Moist Meadows at \ 

Coomb, Heythorp, Stanton Harcourt, 
and Ashford Mills. Sibthorpe. At 
FilkinS) and BradwelL Rev. Dr. Goodenough. 

£fii.o*bium angustifolium. Stoken Churck 
Woods. Sibthorpe, Grays near Henley. 

Re^. J. Lightfict. 


Chio^A perfoiiata. Pcntley Hangings. Sibthorpe* 

PoLTOOMUM mnus. Watery places at Otmore. Id. 

■■ ' ■ ■ '■ Bistcria. Banks of 'the Isii' beyond 

Ifley : near Gosfbrd Bridge. U^ 

P^ait quadrifoUa. Headington-Wick Copse. Id, 

MoNOTROPA hyfofkbyt. Stoken Church Woods. 
Ray. Woods between^ Ncttlcbed Ad 
Henley. Slbtborpe. 

SAPONAStA oficimUs. Headington HUl: Stan« 

ton* Harcourt. Jd. 

8iirBi«B noaiJlt>ta, Cornfields at Headingtott, 
Cowley, Stanton Harcourt, and South 
Leigh. /ii 

Stbllaria gUuca. At Otmore. Stbdwrpej, 

Neai- Oxford. SSerard. 

AatNAKiA tenusfoUa. Rowley Abbey: Charl- 
bury Stone Quanies: cornfields near 
Nettlebed. Siitiorfi. 

Sn>UM dasyphyUum. Magdalen College Walls: 

Rose Lane. Id* 

Lttrkvic byssopifoUttm. In watery pits : on the 
left haiui oi the first Turnpike Gate on 
the Banbury Road. Id. 

Vrs.v% toTfmnaUs. Stanton St. John's r Stoken 

Church*: woods near Ashford Mills. M 
Aria* Woods and hedges on a chalky soil. Id. 


Rosa vilUsa. Marston Lane. Id. 

TotifiNTiLLAr replans. Headington: wood 
under Shotoyer Hill. Slbtbwpe. In the 




borders of the cornfields between Hocklty 
and Shotover woods, and elsewhere in 
Oxfordshire. -Ray* 

GfiVM rivak. Moist woods at Marston^ and 

Noke. Sibthorpi. 

Fa PATER hybridum. Parks: Eynsham. Id* 

— jomniffrum. Near the Observatory: 

by Godslow Nunnery. Id» 

* Anemone Pulsatilla ? Whichwood Forest near 

Cornbury Quarry : Burford Downs. Id, 

Adonis autumnalis. Cornfields near the Obser* 

vatory. Id. 

RANUNCULUS Lingua* Banks of the Cherwell 

near Kings Mill. Id* 

- ■ parvijlorus* Bullington Green : 

Shotover Hill : South Leigh. Id* 

HlLLBBORUS viridis. Wood-perry Farm : Nuf- 
field. Sibthorpe, In woods near Stoken 
Church. . .... . Sobarh 

■ ' fatldus. Cornbury Stone Quarry. 

. Sibtiorpr, 

T£ u c R I V Af scurdium* Banks of the Isis near High 

Bridge : Eynsham Common. I J. 

Chavuedrys. WaJls at Witney, on .. 

• Dr. Sibthorpe calls this ^\xvxA, praifnns^ and observes it is 
illled to jtf« Puitatilla, which was brought from 6o(mBg0s;'Hi!Ii 
near Cambridge into the Oxford Garden, but teems diffezvnt. 
Subsequ^t Botanists, however, have coasidercd it a« ov^ 
A. Puhalllh. ... 

. 1 .: ' 

bXFORDSHlRfe. -495 

the right hand side of the old road 
leading to Burford. Sibthorpe. 

iAzVT)Ak hlrsuia. f. Banks of the Canal beyond 

High Bridge : Otmore. Id, 

< *• ■ PuUgium. Binsey Common : Port 

Meadow: Otmofe/ Id. 

Stack Ys Germamcam Near Witney: Stones- 
field i oh the roadside between Wo<Hi- 
stock and Enstone. Sihihorpe. Between 
Blenheim and Ditchley. Mr. Woodward, 
In the cornfields at Brizenorton, plen- 
tifully. Rev» Dr. Goodenough, 

Glechoma hederacta. <var. Jlore carneo, Nea r 

Eynsham Abbey. Dr, Dillenius. 

THYMtrs Nepaa. Eynsham^ on the road to Stan- 
ton Harcourt. Sththorpe, 

laikTYL^s.h squamaria* Woodstock Park : woods 

near Ashford Mills. Id, 

Antirrhinum Cymhalmria, Merton College 

Walls : Rose Lane : City Walls. Id. 

*— — — spurium. Cornfields at Cowley, 

and South Leigh. IJ, 

* — ■ rmnut. South Leigh : Stanton 

Harcourt. Id. 


■ - repens. Dry hilly ground be- 

tween Ewelme and Swincomb. Sihthorpe. 
Found by Mr. pandridge on the side, of 
St hill, called Marvel Hill^ by Henley 

K 2 


Town side, aod by Mr. J. Shera^ cm the 
Church walls at Henley, and in a field on 
the left hand the road to London^ op a 
steep bank a little before yotv come to 
the Town. ittff • 

LtMOMLLA aquatica. Watery places on Binsey 

Common^ and'Noke, " Sikicrfe* 

THLiiapi arvense. Cornfields near Stow wood: 
Stanton Harcourt : South Leigh* Sib" 
thorpt. About Charlbury, tot y common. 


*■■-'■ ' perfoliutvm* Among the stogie pita be- 
tweea 1((ritney and Burford. Betari* 
On Burfo^d Downs. SMor/e* 

111 R IS amara. Cbmfields at Nettlebed, and 
Mungewell. SiStiorfe. About Henky, 
and other parts of the County. HuJtotU 

Carbamikb amara. Near Gosford Bridge: 
banks of the Thamas about three mSes 
fron^ Reading. S'thioife. 

SisTMBRivii syhestre. Banks, of the Canal, be-^ 
yond High Bridge : Bart Meadow : Bin- 
sey Common: Otmore. lim^ 

■ ■ ■ /no. Under Merton Wall: Rose 
Lane. ItL 

Erysimum chehrdtuhpides* Oner Holts near God- 
stow : South Leigh, in the fields adjoin- 
ing Tar wood. Id* 

A R A a t s turrita. Magdalen College Walls. Id. 


Tvtitiru giaira* Stow vDO(Lx SiMorpe. On 

tt w^m M Witocy. Mr. T. F. torsier^jvn. 

# birstUa* Rewky Abbey. Sitihorfe. In 

Ascot field near CharlbuiT; Blacht^ne. 

Brassica camfiitris. Very plentifully between 

Copredy and Morlmston. Rev, Dr. Gdodenough. 
EKODnru moschatum. ShotOTer Hill. Id. 

GEfLAnivu fraknse. St* Clements: Marstont 

South Ireigh. Sibtborfc. Nearfiladoii. 

Mr. E. Fonter^jtm. 
' ' " ' tf^^oieum^ By the Flunks: near 

Holywell Church^ Sibtborpe. 

■ T ' < ■ ■■ ■ Yoiuhdifblium* On the walb ui| and 

about Oxford. Mr. T. F. ForsftrJutL 

ItATurxv 9 jfpbMa* Cowley, on the right hand 

^de of the London road, near the four- 

fiiile stone i S<yuth Leigh. S&ibarfe. 

m BUM . Niss^Ra. Nmieham, on the right 

hand side of the Ldiftdon road» near the 

feur-ihile fitone : Sonth Leigh 4 Id. 

M . » i syUvestris. C6^e under ShoibOVtr 

Hill. U. - 

ViciA syl'vaitea. Medley Grove. W» 
Astragalus glycypbyllot. Under hedges^ and in 

pastures in a calcareous soil. Id, 

■ ■ bypogl^ttis. Burford Downs. //. 
TniPOLiVM oTBUbopoiioides, About Oxford* Ray^ 
' <iii i .> ■ - ■ ' uidfruim^ Near Jericho, on the road 

side going to Port Meadow. SUitborpe$ 


Hypericum androsamum, Shotoyer Plantttions : 

Stoken Church : Nettlebed Wockls. Sikthorpe^ 
Cardvvs teniuflorus. Dorchester: Bensingtoo* Id. 
II - ■ eriofhorus. Between Oxford and Wood- 
stock : near Stow Wood : South Leigh. 
Sihtborfe* About Charlbury, plentifully. 

praiensh, Cowley Common: South 

• Leigh Meadows : Coombe. Sihthorpe^ 

Gkaphalivm dioicum. Woodcot Heath* Id^ 

' — rectum. Stow Wood : ShotOTer 

HiU. IJ. 

* TussiLAGO Bybrida* Near Banbury. Mr. Woodward* 
Sbnecio tnscosus. Near Baldon. Sibthorfe. 

— '• sqiuiiidus. Very plentiful on every 

wallj in, and about Oxford. Dr. Snutb. 

I^ULA HcUnium. Stanton St. Johns. Sibtborpe. 

Cineraria integtifolia, Mungewell, on Grimes 

Dike : fiurford Down$. //• 

An THE MIS nobiiis. South Leigh heath, near tbe 

Hill Houses : Qtmore^ Idn 

Orchis ustulata, Burford Downs: Cayersham 

Warren. /<t 

* We have merely mentioned this habitat, that we might have an 
ppportunity of observing that the introduction of it in Withering 
and the Flora Britannica under the anthority.of Mr. Woodward li 
a mistake, as that Gentleman never found itt and lapposes tbe 
frror arose from his referring Withering to tbcfigarc in the Hor« 
tut Slthamensls. 


Orchu militaris, Caversham Warren. Sibtborpi. 

Sattrium nfiride^ Shotover Hill : South Leigh : 

Cornbury ; Burford Downs. Id* " 
Othkys Nidus avis. Tar .Wood: Stoken Church 

Woods, Id, 

■ muscifira. Near Wormsley. 7^. ""^ 
— — *— apifera. Pentley Hangings. /</. 

- aranifera. Old stone quarries near Wheat- . 

ley:' between Witney and Burford, on - - 
the roadside near the four-mile ston6 : 
Caversham Warren, Sibtborpe. On the 
chalky grounds near Stunfield. Bhehtone* 

Serapias lottgifolia^ The north side of Shotover 

Hill : bogs near Stow wood : Coomb. Slbtborpe. 

■ grandlflwa. ^ Shotover . Plantations. 
Sibtborfe, In the woods near Stoken ' 
Church, not far from the way leading 

from Oxford to London « Ray. 

ARiSTOLOCtiiA CUmatitls. Near the walla of •• - 
•' - Godstow Nunnery. Sibtborpe. Near 

Kencot. ' Rev* Dr. Goodenough. " 

Ttpha angustifoUa. Cowky^ near the London 

Road. Sibtbcrpe, 

Car EX cUoica. Peat Bogton Bulfington Green : 

under Headington Wick Copse. Id* 

■ . ■ ■ pendula» Tar Wood. Id^ 
ttrigota. Noke Wood. Sibtborpe; Wi- 

tham Wood near Oxford. Rsu, Du Sbeffield. 


Carbx distans. {biwrvU ?) MarAes and Bogi • 

■ i vesuaria. Cowley Fidkb on the banks of 
theCherwell. Sihtharfe. BytheBiver's 
side about Oxford. Bohart, 

■ ■■■ ■ ampuUacea. Feat Bogs on Bullington 

Green : under Headington Wick copse : 
beyond Ifley, on the banks of the Isis. SAthorJie^ 

MraiOFBTLLUM ^uenidUatum. By the Bridge 
on the Botley Road near the lane going 
to Medley. IJ* 

QuKRCus sessUifiora* In Bagley Wood. Ray. 

Saliz Lambcrthna, At Harley fojrd near Henley. 


■ vhittma. Magdalen College Wal^ : nea^ 

Henley. Sibthorfe^ 

E^isiTVM syhaticuvh Moist Woovd^ : «had^ 

places, in boggy ground* Idm 

■ I I ■ i ) JiuviatUe. Baiiks of riyers : sides cf 

wet ditches. /t/* 

Oiif UNOA bmana. On th^i South side of Sitotofer 
Hill: North Leigh Heath. Sibiinfc» 
Three miles from Oxford near the 
blind Pianocks. MirrtU* In several 
parts of Whichwood Foreit* Blachtone^ 

Jfohtwi^ivu Drycperis. Combury Quarry. Sikhftpe. 

AsFiDiVM Onopuris, On the Hbrth Side of Shot- 
over HilL /A 


SptACHiiUM an^uBaeeums Peat bogi «nd«r 

Headingtoa-Wick Ccpie. Sikborfem 

GrijK MIA recurnnrostra.'^ 

Encaltpta ianaolata. \ ^, ^^.^ 

^ .., >ShotoverHill. li^ 

JjiCKANVU fwiuum. 


T KicnosTOUV u fontsnalioides. 0. (n the Isisnear 
Oxfords between Sandford and Nune« 

ham* Id» 

To&TULA rigida. On the right-hand-side wall 
going up Headington Hill: Bullington 

Green, /</. 

Bay V 11 annoimum. Peat bogs under Headington- 

Wick Copse, I J. 

■■ ' nutans. ShotOTer Hill, by the road side. Id. 

^YfnvMplumojum. ShotOTer Hill : South Leigh. Id. 

NflCKERA heteromalla, Shotover Plantations. Id, 

Juv G I R M AKN I A bicuspidota. North side of Shot« 

over Hill. Id. 

■ ■ pusiUa. Shotover Hill. Id. 

March AMTiA conita. Shotover Plantations. Id. 

Lichen mgir. i Bullington Green 9 Shotover 

varioM. 3 Hill. Id. 

' '■ " . Baomyces. North side of Shotover Hill. Id. 

" ■ e€rimu. Botanic Garden. Id* 

' ■ eanuus. Shotover Plantations. ^4. 

* — salUmus. On the Bark of Trees, Id. 
■ - ntbmbrieaius. On the Bridges of the 

Bptley Road, fd. 


JaiCB tvi trapezi/ormis. South Leigh Heath. Sibthorpe^ 
— granulatus. On old gravel walks^ walls, 

&c. Id, 

■ ^pulmonarius* Ncttlebcd, Stoken-Church 

Woods. Id. ' 

^ arficulatiis. | Stoken-Church Woods. IJ. 


Veronica moniana. Very common in ihe woo<ls 

about Stackpole Court. ^r. Mthe. 

Ctperus longus. By a little rivulet that runs into 
Whitsand Bay, between St. David's 
Town and St David's Head. Sir John Cullum^ 

RuBiA peregrina. Very common amongst the rocks 
round Broadhaven. Mr. Milne. Plen- 
tiful about Tenby. L.W^Dm 

Ct C l a m £ n europiBum. t found a large plant of 
it in the woods ^t Stackpole Court, but 
suspeS it isf nqt a native* Mr* Milne. 

CAMPANULA bederacea* Qn a bank by the road- 
side between St. Clears and Tavemspite* 

£. W. D. 

Chiron I A fukhella. This grows in great abun« 
dance about Stackpole Court, but I am 
fully persuaded it is nothing but a stinted 
plant of the common Centaury, jifr. 
Miliye, Downs near St. Anne's Head 
at t|ie mouth of MUford Haven. X. W. D. 

Vino A major. T^nby, Countess of Aylesjord. 


Qbhtiana eampeshis* Frequent in Stackpole 

Warren. Mr. Milne* 

■ ' ■ * acauHt. Near Hayerfordwest. 


M* de St, Amaru. 
Si VM verHciUatum. Between Trecastle and St. 

Dayid'sy plentifully. Sir J. Bani^ 

Galanthus nivalis. In woods about Stackpole 

Court, not uncommon, but I think it may 

haye been planted* Mr, Miln». 

Oknithogalum urnheJlatum* Wild in a wood 

close to Stackpole Court House. Id. 

SciLLA vtrria, Eyery where on the sea coast South 

from Stackpole Court, Mr, Milne, 

Tenby. Countess of AylesforJ^ 

CoNVALLARiA Pofygonotum, Rock near the sea 

at Tenby. Ead, 

* This interesting addition to our Flora was firft naade known 
very lately in the 4th No. of Mr. Konig*s excellent work, the 
Annals of Botany, II. p. 190, and the note, which announced 
the discovery, does such honour to the feelings of the writer, that 
we cannot deprive ourselves of the pleasure of instning it. ** M. 
Saint Amans, sensible i toutes les honnetet^s qu'il a re^u des 
natnraUstes Anglais pendant le sejour q^l a fait dans leur pays, 
croit ne pouvoir nieux leur prouver sa reconnaissance, en quittant 
cette terre hospitalise, qu'cn leur annon9ant qu'il a recueilli 
pr^s de Haverford West, South Wales, la GtntiaM aeatdu Linn. 
{grandiflorm Lamark,) belle plante alpine qu'on n'aVoit point en- 
cote trouvee sur le sol de TAngleterre. II espere que ces M. M« 
youdront bien recevoir cette commaaication de sa part, comme 
une preuve du ddsir qu'il a de contribucr k leur jouissance, et dc 
rint6r^ qu'il prendra tovjours k la pcrfc^on de k Flore Britan* 


JtTHC vt msuiui. On the saodhiUs,. plenti£iU7; i, JST. D, 
A t iSiM A ranuncuioidei. Round the sides of Leoch 

pool in the parish of Bosheston. MK Miki. 
SiLBNS angluit. Near St. Daiid^i. /rf. 

ScDuit alhim. At Stackpole Quaj^ in abundance. Id. 
Euphorbia ParaUas. Tenby. Counim of AyUsforJ. 
■■ PortkmSea. One of the most conoi- 

mon phnts in Suckpok Warren. Mr. 

Milne. In the Bay a little West of 

Tenby. X. yp; j). 

Thalictxum mww. Rocks near die sand hills 

a little West of Tenby, plentifully. fj. 

Ranunculus farvtfiimts. Common on the hilb 

between St. Anne's Head and Dale 

near Milford. /^^ 

HiLLEBoaus wuKs. Lodge Park near Stackpole 

. Court. Mr. Milne. 

A JUG A chdmspkye. At St» David'^ on the \raJIs 

and houses. SW J. Cullum. 

Mb L I T T 1 8 meUesefhyliim. Woods about Barer- 

fordwcst. Ray. 

OaOBANORB minor. Tenby. Countess of AyUsJ<yrL 

Lbpidium petrsum. A weed on the walks at 

Stackpole. Mr. Miine. On a limestone 

wall about * miles from Pembroke. 

Mr. Adams. Tenbf. Countess oj Aylesjord. 
CocKLHARiA dosska. About St. Anne's Light- 

House, and other places on the Coast. L. W, D, 


Coiito v'OF vt didyma. At Dale near Milford Havens 

Mr. Adamsh 

C& A M He maritima. Clifls at Tenby. Dr. Turton% 

Ckbiranthus slnuatus. Near Pembroke. Mr* 
Adams. . In eonsiderable qiiantity at a 
place called Freshwater cast, about two 
miles from Stackpole Court* Mr^ MUneh, 

Hespekis tnodora. In great abundance in a field 
on the top of the hill on the Haverford 
West side of Pembroke Ferry. Id. 

^XASSiCA oUracea. On the rocks of Tenby 

Town. Sir J. CuUumv 

Seodxum moschatum^ By the roadside about 
one mile from Tenby towards Pembroke. 

L, W. D. 

■ ■■ ■ maritimum. BetWeeii Milford Hayen 

and Haverfordwest* Merreft^ 

Lavate&a arhorea. On the Island of Caldey 
near Tenby. Ray. On the Elyaugo 
stack, and other insulated rocks about 
Stackpole Court. Mr.Mllnc On Tenby 
Rocks next the sea* Sir J. Culbaa* 

Genista pilosa. On the very West point of St* 
David's Head, in considerable quantity. 

Mr. Milne^ 

Ant h tllis *vulneraria. $. On Flimston Downs» 
about 3 miles from Stackpole. Mr» 
M'tlne. Found in Pembrokeshire by Mr* 
Lh^yd. Ray^ 


Hypericum androsamum. Common about Stax:k' 

pole Court. Mr, Milne^ 

tsvhA ffeUnium^ At V;Uley Hill near Stackpole. /i. 
Inula crithmotdes. In the rocks West from St* 

Gowen's. - Id. 

Pyrethrum maritimum. In the loose sand of 

the shore of Manorbia Bay, about 6 miles 

from Pembroke. Mr. Adams. 

OsMUNDA regalif. In the rocks between Tenby 

and Sandersfoot. Mr, MUne. 

AsPLENiuM marinum. Moist rocks about St. 

Gowen's well. Id, 

LicH'ES /ulgeni. In Stackpole Warren. Id. 

Fucvs fygmsus. Abundant on rocks on the 

Coast. L. W. D, 


its, 1 

f Rocks at Tenby. Mr. Stachhousg. 

^i«Mi*««MyM«Mj!fwi iLig_j_i_ «i ^ gg*g;g^*^g^ ^_5ij_ " j_^aea e 


Lie M rN fustulattu. Rocks facing the Sottdi uiulcr 

Keren Lees Castle. Mr. LiitL Brofun* 
' aquaikui* | 
polyfhyUus. i ^^ ^""'^^^ ^^"^^^ ^^' DUUnhu. 


tat N'Vuptrenne. Near Stamford. • Rev. XT. fP^ood, 

hAT HRM A s^amaria. In the neighbourhood df 

Exton near Stamford. Earl of Gainsiorou^i. 

VOL. lU 



• • 

CHk^ikJUxilu. /S. In Berrington Pool. Rev. E. WdUams. 

Veronica mouiana. Woods about Colebrook 

Dale, plentifully. />. Tb 

UnitcuLARiA mtn(?r. Wfaixall MoSS. * Mr. A^ Aikiit* 

ScHOBir V8 aUrns. Bomere Pool near Shrewsbury. 

Drm Evans • 

SciKPVS syUvaSuus. Seven miles from Ludlow 
on the Tenbury Road. Mr. A. Aikm* 
Sides of a Pool in Colebrook Dale. 2). T. 

* We ire indebted to the kind intereit of Mr. Aikin, not only 
for the plant! here introdnced upon hit own authority, bat for thoie 
aIm followed by the name of Dr. Evans, which were fumiihed by 
that Gentleman and Dr. Babington of Ludlow ; but unfortunately 
in ittch a manner, that we were not able to separate their retpec* 
tive conununications, which we trust will plead our apology to the 
latter of these Botanists, whose name we should htTt had much 
pUaf art ia soekipDore fr^cqtfy iatroduccd. 



Bmor Hot V M vaginatwm. Near Bllesmere^ aban- 
daotly. Dr. E'vam* Ancot Bog. 

Mr, A. jfUifu 

Ft STveA Uiiacea. Fields near Shrewsbury. Dr. Evans. 

A It V N DO epigejos. Sides of a ditdi on the borders 

of Aqoalate Meer. Dr. Stokes^ 

DiTMACVt fiiosus. At Littleshall Abbey. Withering^ 

Pot A If OG ETON beteropbyttum. In Benington 

Pool. Rev. E. Williamx. 

fmtans. In Littleshall Mill Pool. Id. 

AsPBRUGO procumbens. Conflux of the Corve 

and Teme, Ludlow. Dr. Evans. 

Campamula patula. Shelton Bank: Montford 
bridge bank : Pitchford : Condover : 
Leaton Shelf: Ceynham camp near 
Ludlow. Id. 

LoBBLiA DortJiuttma. Bomere Pool near Shrews- 
bury. Id. 

Viola lutea. Titterstone Glee Hill. Id» 

¥ji&BASGUM Lycbmtis. Near Wrexhaniy on the 

Chester road. Id. 

— ' ' visgatum. Ten miles from Ludlow 

on the Sirewsbury road. Id. ' 

■ - ■ ■■ Sktttaria. Five miles from Ludlow - 

on the Shrewsbury Road. Id. 

Hb&acleuii spiondyUum. g. Near Oswestry, 

plentifully. Wittering., 

CicvTA virosa* In Mr. Staney's Pool Dam at 

I. a 


Hatton. Withering. In a rivulet near • 

Bildwas. Mr. A. Aikin. 

ScANDix odorata. At White Ladies near Bosca- 

bcl. Mr^ Dicienscii^ 

Sambucus Ebulus. At Fern Hill near Whit- 

tington; and about Whittington Castle. 


Drosbea longsjolia* Bomerc pool bog ; and Hat- 
ton Nine heath. Dr. Evans. 

Galanthus nivalis. Near Hennage above Cound. Id* 

RuMBX sanguineus. Ruins of Underdale near 

Shrewsbury. /^. 

— maritimus. Ancot pool near Shrewsbury. 

Mr. A. AiUfu 

C o L c H I c tfM autumnale. Castle fields 4 miles from 
Oswestry on the Welch Pool road: 
Hope mead near Bishop's Castle : near 
Caynhani Court, Ludlow. Dr. Evans. 
In a field opposite Aston, the Seat of W. 
Lloyd Esq. by Oswestry. Rev. J. Dawsm 

Alisma Damasonium. Ellesmere mere. Dr. Evans* 

— -— natans. Ancot Pool. Mr. A. Aikin* 

Chloaa perfoliata. Colebrook Dale: Wenlock 

Edge near Harley. Dr. Evans, 

V A c c I N 1 u M Fitis idaa. Steiperstones. Mr. A. AHin. 

*-- . Oxycoccus. Arncotbog: side ofBb- 

mere pool; and in almost all the low 
Shropshire bogs. Id. 

PoLTGONVif Bistorta. Nnr the Mill at Meol : 


Sutton near Shrewsbury : four miles from 
Oswestry on the Welch' Pool road. Mr, A. Aiktn. 

Pa&is quadrifolicu Wood i6 miles from Shrews- 
bury on the Ludlow road. i)r« Evans • 

El A TIN I Hydropifer, About the Eastern shore 
of Bomere pool near Condover. 

Riv* E. Williams: 

AviDXOUtn h poliffUan Birch Bog near EUesmere, 

plentifully. Dr, Evanu 

Chrtsosplenium aUernifolium» Longnor near 

Attingham. Id, 

9Axivti AG ^ hypnoUes, Titterstone Clee Hill. 

Mr. A, Aiiin, 

Saponaria officinalu. By the road side between 
Llanamonerch and the new bridge. IVar^ 
ing. Nesdiffey on the road to. Oswestry : 
a double variety at Haughmond Abbey, 
Shrewsbury. Dr. Evans. 

DiANTHus caryophyllus. Walls of Ludlow Castle. Id. 

■ ' ' dehoides. Haughmond Hill : Wood- 
batch near Bishops Castle. Id. 

SiLBNB nutans. Hawkestone. Rev. W. Wood. 

Sbdum rupestre. Titterstone Clee. Dr. E^vanst 

Rosa tomenUsa. Frequent in this County. Dr. Smitk. 

RuBVS iaxatiUs. Cemmaet near Machynlleth. 

Dr. Efvans. 

Potintilla verna. Near Downton Castle. Id. 


Geum rivaU* Wem ddii near Llanymenech ; and 

Bagley brook, Shrewsbury. Dr. Emans, 

Ranunculus Lingua. Anc6t Fool: Alxnopd 

park-pool, Shrewsbury. IJ. 

TaoLLius europ4tusm Meadows atHays, plenti- 
fully. Waring* 

Tsv CR lu M choffutdrys. Plentifully on a wall of the 
Castle at Whittington. JFartng, Wen- 
lock Abbey ; and Whittingham Abbey. 

Mi NT HA roiundifoliam Bishop's Castle and 

Clunton. Id* 

■ g^ntilis. About sereral villages ii^ this 

County. Re*u. E. fFiUiam^ 

— -— - Pulegium. Wet fields near lianyme- 

nech. X>r. Evans* 

Galeopsis 'versicolor. Near Baschurch. and Lla- 
nymenechj abundantly : Ceynhan Camp, 
Ludlow. Id* 

Ballot A nigra, ff. Woods opposite the Ton* 

tine Inn, Colclbrook Dale. Z). T* 

Mblamptruu sylvaiicum. Woods near Han- 
wood : near Bedston» Ludlow. Dr* Emans* 

LatHRAA squamaria* Benthal Edge, Colebrook 
Dale ; Sirubbery at Bitterley Court, Lud- 
low. Id* 

ANTiaaHiNUM Cymialana. On a wall at 01d« 

port near Oswestry. Id* 


OKOBA1fQ^^elafiof, Hope Bowdler. Mr, A. Aildn^ 
%VMVifi^h aquatica. Ancot Pool. Id. 

Thlas^i cav%putft* 0P PlcoUfol ia Colebrook 

Pale. D. T. 

CocHtf^^^l A Jani fa, Ca$tle WaUs, Shrewsbury^ 

plentifully. if r. A. Ailin. 

Ibe&i9 ifi^icfifulis. Armor Hill. /W. 

i^AB,PAHiv^ praUnsis. van^orepI^Tio. Meadows 

about Ross Hall. U» 

A%AMi§ iispidif* By the ^rst n^iie stQue from 

jShrcwsbijry to Welsh Pool. AHiu, 

lE,tiODi^H,t^94ciaMim. High rOfUl between Shel- 

ton and Montford bridge* Mr* A. Aikin. 

GiiLAii^CrM syh^ktm* Near HlUes Owen. JFithning. 

,in praiense. Castle fields. Dr. E*vani» 

-'-^ fprmMotm. Near the Quarry. Id. 

-<«^ raiumUfslium. Near Shrewsbury, 

plentifully. 14. 

-— iTiuijifM^im. DoMmtoB Castle. Id^ 


ItAT HY^v 9 syhettris. Shelton bank ; and Frank*- 

weU, Shrewsbury. jd. 

ITicu fyhfltsca. Shelton bank; and Berwick ' 
vropd. Id. 

iirjpiaicujtf aadrossmum. . Cross Hill near 
jShrewsbujry. Dr. Evans. In a thicket 
^ Hays. Waring. 

■■ .M ■ duHum. Frankwell bank, Shrews- 

bury. Dr. Evans* In Mr. ELnight's 


LiCHBN hypnorum. Near Ludlow. Dr. Saiinft<m» 

* ■ Uti ndmns. Rockt at Comi^ Floyd n^r 

Bishops Castle. DilUmus. 
> glaucus, 1 
gUHfrrru. S ^ Steipcrstce. 74. 

vcnosus. Near the Towo of Ludlovr, 
- ■ b(frbaJiut. laavood near Bishops C<)#tle« 

«H>»ii<*wi^—— — — ^— ' ' ■ ' ■ ■ - ■ I II » * 1 1 .^ 


CRAtA hisfida. 0. On a bog nigh SmocktUf « 

. wood near Bath. . ^^!K 

Vbrokica byhrtdM% St* Vineents Rpcks, aearthe 

Giant's Hole. * Mr. Dyer. 

■ ■■ ■■ moniana* Leigh Wood by Bristol. • Id. 

Ut&i c u L A a X A minor. On turfy bogs near Glas- 
tonbury> plentiful. Hnistm. In the Moor 
at that place. . Sir T. G. Cullum. 

Iki4 fetldisstma. NearWatchet. Mr.E.Foraery 

jun. Near Bath. Mr. Bai^. 

CrpERUS Ungm. At Walton in Gordas. Mr. Dyer. 
SciRPUt bolotchamu. On the seashore in ^s 

County. Robson. 

* Only a small part of the habitats in this County under tlie name 
of Mr. Dyer, were communicated to us by that Gentleman, th^ 
reft are extraAed from Shlercllff's Briltol Guidc^ where they 
stand np«n his anthotity. 


MiLiv M iendigerum, St. Vincents Rocks, near the 

hot wells. Mr, Dytr. 

Mz£iCA nuians. Leigh wood. /i. 

PoA procumbens^ At the foot of St. Vincents 
Rocks jast at the entrance into the walk 
from the hot well house. Curtis, On 
waste ground near the floating dock. Dr* Snufb. 

hulhosa. Newton St. Loe. Mr, Dyer. 

Briza mnor, St. Vincents Rocks. Mr, Dyer, 

Near Bath. • Hudson* 

B&OMUS squarrosus. Near Glastonbury. Id. 

■ ■ arvensis. Cornfields about Bristol. Mr. Dyer* 
w ■ ■■■ . diaridrus* At the foot of St. Vincents 
Rocks, at the furthest part near the 
meadows. ^ Sir J. Bants. 

■ ■ ' ■■ fintuUus. St. Vincents Rocks. Mr. Dyer. 

Ayrk A feUua. Cornfields about Bristol. Id. 

Arundo epigejos. Between Watchet and Dunster. 
^ ' Mr, E, Forster^jun. 

HoRDBiric inariiimum. Banks of the Avon .^ Mr. Dyer* 
DiPSACUs FuSonum. Much cultivated in> this 

, County. IJ. 

— .-I*..— pilosus* Near Bridgewater. 

Mr, E, Forsteryjuun. 

KvhiAperegrina, St. Vincents Rocks. Ray, In 

Leigh wood near Bristol ; and near 

Watchet. Mr,E.Forster^jun. Hedges 

about Dunster. D. 71 

hiT HOZfizMvupurpuro'Cdruleum. Near Taun- 


ton. Ray. Coppice between Axbrldge 

and Wookcy. Dr* iiaion* 

AsPB&UQO frocumbins. In the Cornfields near • 

Bath. Blackitwem 

Campanula paiula. Banks bordering die road 
to Castle Carjy not aoo yards from 
Bewton. Maiotu 

Viola hirta. On St. Vincents Rocks. Mr. Dyer. 

VsaBAScuif Lychnitis* Hedges near Taunton. />• 71 

BupLEURUM temiissimum. Boggy gronnd at the 
Western end of St. Vincents. Rocks near 
Cook's Folly. Dr. Broughton^ 

Selihv M paltutre. On Cackoo Bank, Gla^ton-' 

bury Moor. Sir T. G. CuUunu 

SxsoN segetum* Cornfields about Bristol. Mr. Dyer^ 

C I CUT A virosa. In some boggy grounds near 

Shipton Mallett. Btads/ojie* 

PiMPiNELLA dioica. St. Vincents Rock. Ray. 

Above Uphill. Hudson. 

Statics reticulata. Uphill. Mr. Dyer. 

Allium ampelofrasum. Holme Island, Severn 

Sea. Id. 

— — — oleracevM. Near Bristol. Hudson. 

O&NiTHOGALUM luteum. In a cornfield at Win- 

ttaunton. Merreti. 

^ ■' ■ pyrenaicuvu Near Ashby between 

Bath and Bradford. Ray. Near Queen 
Charlton, and between Bath and War- 
minster. Swaym. 


SciLLA auhmnalis^ On St. Vincents Rocks» ocar 

the lime-kiln of Clifton HilL Sir T. G. Cuttuntt 

Asparagus qffictndlis. In a meadow near Cook's 

Folly. Mr. Dyer. 

Con VA L L ARi A polygonahim. 0. In woods on the 

North side of the Mendip Hills. Bohartm 

Acoftvs Calamus. Marshes near Glastontmry. 
Withering. Near the late Mr. Sole's 
garden at Bath. Mr. Dyer* 

Rum EX sanguinevu. On an old wall by Bristol near 
a house used for a cotton mill, Leigh«side 
of the river. Id. 

CoL c H I c V li auttemnale. Meadows between Bath 
and Bristol. Mr. Dyer. Near Fariey 
Castle^ and in the fields about Bishop^s 
Norton abundantly. Mr. T. F. Forsier^Jun, 

CHho^t^A^erfoIiata. On St. Vincents Rocks; 

Ibnd in Leigh Wood* Mr. Dyer. 

Ahv KouEDX polifoUa. Glastonbury Moor* Sir 
T. G^ CuUum. Near the beginning of 
the Mendip Hills from Bath* Blachione* 

Saxifraga byfmaides. On Cheddar Rocks. 

Hudson. Mendip hills. Maion* 

DiAfiTHVi deiiaideu Near Bridgenorth. Mr. 

F. WUlughby. Chedder Rocks. Mr. Crowed 

—— cssius. On Chedder Rocks. Braner. 

Most abundantly there still, so that the 


boys in summer stick great quantities of 
the flowers in their hats, and oiFer large 
bunches of them to strangers to sell* /)• Tm 

A&iMA&iA temdfolia, Fo6t of St. Vincents Rocks. 

Mu Dyevm 
— tverna. Mendip Hills. Maion. 

Cotyledon lutea. Hudson says he saw specimens 
gathered in this County. 

Sbdum dasyphyllum. Walls near Bristol. Mr. Dyer. 

' rupestre. St, Vincents Rocks* Ray. 

Cheddcr Cliffs. D. T. 

Ptrus ^ria. Rocks in Leigh Wood opposite 
Bristol hot wells. Swayne* Mendip 
HUls. Maton. Chedder Cliffs. D.T, 

CisTUS guiiaius. In this County^ Robson» 

■ " ledifolius. On Brent Downs* • Hudson, 

■■ polifoRus. Found by Dr. Plukenet on 

Brent Downs. Ray^ 

* P^ONiA corallina. WlUd. On the Steep Holmes. 

Mr. F. P. UTright. 

Thalictrvm minus. On Chedder Cliffs. Hudson* 

R A NVNCULus parvtdus . In a low meadow below 

Bristol Hot Wells, plentifully. Mr. Dyer. 

• Of this iilter«llin|r ftfld splendid addition to our Britiili Flora 
« figure wifi sboa be paUished In £Dg;li& fiotatiy. That it it 
fcally indigenoal there can be Ikdc dm^bti at Mrell £pobi the nature 
of the habitat, a* frmm tht infoHnation communicated to Dr. 
Smithy who firat aec^uaitated ut with Its being found here. 


Ranurculvs parvjflorusm On St. Vincents ^ 
• Rocks. ^ Swaym^ 

HEhi^BOKVM /ittsdus. Woods bctwcen Couns* 

berry and Blackwell, pkntifulljr. Hudson^ 

Mentha /i*^/A3r. 4k In a swampy place on 

Lansdown near Bath^ called the Wells; 

also by the side of the Avon in Newton 

Mead. Sole. 

— T" & About Bath ; and between 

Wells and Glastonbury. Id. 

■ ■ ■ y. At Lyncomb Spa, and va- 

rious other wet places about Bath. Id. 

- gevStUs. 0, In Lock's brook^ between 

Weston and Tiverton. ' Id» 

£ai.lota nigra, 0, At Weston supra mare. Lightfoot. 

Lion uaus Cardiaca. By the way side at Chedder, 
Mr, E. Forster^jun, Waste ground near 
Bristol. D. T. 

Latkrjea squamaria. In Leigh Wood near 
Bristol. Mr, Dyer, In the wood at 
Midford Castle, and other woods. and 
inclosures about Bath. Sir T, 6. CuUum. 

Orob ANCHB rom^/a. i3. Fl, Aug, About Glas- 
tonbury. Hudson. 

Lefidium petr^um. On the loose parts of St. 
Vincents Rocks over against Goram's 
Chair, in the parish of Henbury, 5 miles 
from Bristol. Sherard. On the walls 
about Bristol, frequent ; and at Uphill. Hudson. 


LiPioivti' n^'^dlr. NeasF King's Wea^cmbefew. 
finstbi.^ WiAerli^ At^^ fck>t df St. 
'' .Vincents Roeks. -Mr, Dyer. 

., ' . . Mr\ E, fiorsterfjun* 

■ ■tf i tmn tAiglkitk Miurshb^ about Brisroh 

Mr. Clajifield. 
6irRirAimK& BeiKdifolia, On the rockr- n^^' the 

thmtt diiee. 

»««-. in^iakm, I« iilld aiSd' <lit<;h' lisAks 

' • about Bath. Merrett. 

Si ST M Bl^^Pi* lAft^i;^: -si. "^^^oc^b^s RoSdcs.^ Mr. '^ 

rZ)y^r. Below Bristol. Mr. E. Forster, jun. 

A R AJB I if' st¥iaa\ Sit Viflcents' Kocfe'. Jftedsorli 
dn- thc^^uth side bf thfe rivW aftbtit a 
mife^bao^ thie^ Hot Wells', sparingly. 

■Mk Claxfieldn 
• Tu Riri-rt 8 ':ghih'ta.- Tir thie Qaarries'aliote' Falh. 
i^. Swayne. On St. ViriCefitSj^bcks. 

- ' WUFering. 

> ^ «^ hirsitta\ dn St, ViitdentrRbclfs/plen- 

tSfiiUy. • jDf . Brdttgttifi. Wall' bfehlod 
Hhfe'Hot Well House: Mk- Djfer. 
Xi^ii^' etcddlfef ClifSr attd Wills 'ri^ 
Bergh^ Wo6dt ■ Mr: Ei fdrsterjun. 

* Dr. Wit]ifriog4ulp<>^, aBd'*B|yp4i^e9l]y oQtWrstftovt rotftofii 
tlut this is die plant which Ray mistook for Cardamme helUdifalU. 
' TOL« IX. M 


Eeodivii moscbatunu Way dde at Chcdder. * ! 
Mr. E. Foster, jun* By the river ^de 
at Bristol. Mr. Dyer^ 

' " marinmum. In Leigh Down near 

Bristol. Mr, Swayne. Opposite St. 
Vincents Rocks, Mirrett. It growi 
round the modern Tower in a wood at 
Dunster. . Mr. E. Foriterfjuk. 

Gkkavivu roiundifoUum. St. Vincents Rocks. 
JFithering. Bath Eaton near Bristol* 
Mr. £. Forster^junp About Bath, and 
Bristol. Hudson. 

— — — — sangyhuum* On Sv \^ncents Rocks. 

FuMARiA lutea. On a wall at Dunster, not far 

from the Church. Mr. £. Fvrster^jutt. 

L ATH YR V s hirsutus. On the sides of two hills j 
the one North of Pensford on the Bristol 
road ; the other between Pensford and 
Keynsham. ^ Mr. Stuayne.. 

"■ * ' sybvestris. Plentiful between Bath 

and Bristol. Hudton. On a hill neac 
Pensford, with L. hirsutus. Mr. 
' Swayne. Between Keynsham and Bris- 
. tol. Mr. £. Forster^ jun. In hedges 
between King's Weston and the new 
passage, plentifully. Dr. Smib. 

ViciA syhaHca. In Smokhall wood near Bathl 



Mr. GiUidyer. In die beech wood- dose 
by the Monumeot-at LaasdowD. Mr. 
Swayne. In the woods near Bath, 

'Sir T. G. Cuthm. 
YiciA * baea. Sand pit on the side of Glaston- 
bury Tor Hill. D. T. 
— hybrida. On Glastonbury Tor Hill. Mr. Soli. 
^ TtLiWGhivu ornitbopodioides, St. Vincents Rocks. 

Mr, Dyer. 

* In a letter which Dr. Beeke did me the favour to write me^ 
ke obsorves, ** I scarcely think, nda hybrlda s^nd lufga are difierent 
species. Most certainly the plants I have found below Glastonbury 
Torwiere usually, though very unequally, villous on the back of 
the Vexillum; I have eianxined them on the spot three times, 
and thi« year have colle^bed seeds with a view to tty its utility 
in Agriculture. I must also take the liberty to correA your 
remark as to the soil where it k found. There is no chalk within 
ao miles of the Tor, and the pit is one from which a whitish sstnd 
18 dug for the use of a Brick Kiln at the bottom of the hill. The 
plant it^ much more plentiful and luxuriant lower down the hill; 
than in the pit where you found it, almost overspreading some 
of the Potatoe grounds, of which also the soil it a loose but very, 
fertile cnna-tclortd^ or pale brown fine sand. I inclose a few 
teedt of those which I lu^ve coUeded, and as I have mysdf found 
9H f£# iOKu roei flowert nearly corresponding with both the supposed 
species 1 believe they onut be reduced to one only. "^— To this f 
can only add that Dr. Beeke's seeds have unluckily not vegeuted, 
that Mr. Sawerby and I found here only K htm^ and that y, luum 
asd F» hyMda have for ipme years grown in my garden withant 
at all intermixiog. Z>. T; 

M 2 



Tr I FOii u*r mariiimum. Id the meadows by the 
nver siche between the Hot Wells and 
BristoL Mr, Stvajnt* 

♦ Lotus- diffasus. In the law meadows about a 
mile beyond the Hot Wells near Bristot. 

Sir T» G. CuUum. 

.TR.AGOPOGOir parrifoHus. Meadows below Cook's 

Folly near Bristol. Mr. Dyef. 

Ca-Hduus eriophorus. St. Vincents Rocks. Mr. 
Dyer. Between Bridgewater and Glas- 
tonbury: between Alford and Kings- 
down : near Box and Watchet. Mr, £. 
. Forsierf jun» Hedges near Wells. D* T* 

Er^iqeron canadensc* St. Vincents Rooks near 

BristoL H^'uicriag. 

* *' The iiRrrow*le»ved variety o£ iMus c^mietUafitt it plentiful io 
a fi^ld near Pipers Inm Much obsetvation h»» convinced- me that 
two perfe^ly d^tinct species ire, confounded under* 
One of them I ypuld call Lotut gih^ytf hccaMt^tle Ftx\llum is a/w^yt 
gihif* immediately hebind the patulouit p^n of it : tbfl: other f 
wepld'Call Zahis pUtuus of tbit thechara^cr it- that fbeUeth>o/tb^ 
Cmigftt, 0re akv^t ikotrgftit Jrtm ilMrJirtt wiN<J'9rmati9»; they, art 
ih» broad» ciliated^ and green^ This is never .trufi of Zchu giUwf 
tot hat' I^ pi^w* ever the peculiar. vcsiUuih of the otber« Z« 
fUtut it about a Month later than L.giUutt and" grow* chiefly in 
he^et and moist placet^ but toxnctimes in dcy and .open firldi* 
It» floMKrtare more numerout and somewhat smaller. The nar* 
rew-leaTcd .plant it a variety of Lotus gibiMu\ iSru. ZV. JSfaiiib 


S E N £ c lo setrtUenicusm PlcntiftlHy tiy the side •«£ a 
maHa river between Wells mod Glastoo- 
bury. Bohart, 

OfHiYl l^'tdus A'Uit. In the woods about fiath. 

^tv r. a, CuUuTk, 

■■■ fuusciferu. On the Ifigh ground AT the back 

of liie odd well house. St. Vincents 

Rocks. Withering. On a inll South West 

of Bath. Merrttu 

S«&ArtAB UngifoUa. Near Shipton Mallett; 

CaR£z DavalHana. On Lansdown HUl near Bath. 

.' ' ■' " digitata. ^ jJear Bath. Mr. Sole. Ufider 
St. Vinc^nu Rocks on the South Side 
of the tivei-. Mr. Cla^dd. 

t '' '■ clandestina. On ejcposed smnny ispots about 

St. Vincents Rocks. Mr. S^it, 

. ' \ Hmoia. Peat bogs on the top of Mendip 

Hills. Mr.S^twyWi 

PoLYPOMUM nm^are. i. hx a Aeep lane near 

Mendip HUlf . Blachtope. 

Dryopteris. Leigh Woodj rare. 

Mr. Dyer. Mendip HilU* Blachume^ 

catcareum* Mendip Hills* JSAlci- 


■« < ■»■ 

stOTie. On Ched^ Qiffs. Afr» £. 
Forsttr^jun. ; (vih:> jiwtl^ rcnwki- it is 

I I 


most probaUy the same j^t which was 
formerly mentioned there as P. dryop' 

AsPXDiUM OreopierU* /3. Mendip Hills. Blacksttnu* 

Aspire NiUM scptenfrionalff. Rocks on the South 

side of Blackford Hill» plentifully. Mr. Brown, 

ScOLOPEHDRiuM Cettrocb, Plentiful about Bri$tol> 

Bath, and other places in die County, X. W. D. 

Cy ATH E A regia. On thetop of the Meodip Hiils. 


Hymenophyllum funbrigense. In a shady lane 

near Shipton Mallett. " Id* 

T%iciiosTOiAV M fontinalioides. H, Rivulet at 

Cheddcr. D. T, 

l^ECKEHA crispa, St. Vincents Rocks. Dr. . 
5«W. Cheddcr Cliffs, Mr.E.Forster, 
jun, Plenti&l about Wells. D» T* 

Hypnvm undulatum. Wood at Dunster. 

, Mr*. E, Fortter^ jun. 

LiCHEM eandicdns. On the walls of Enmore 
Church. Afr« Dickson. Great stones 
about Wells and Wookey Hole, not un- 
common. * D. T. 
- trape%iformis. St. Vincents and Chedder 
Rocks. W* 

— — luridus. CKedder Rocks. Id. 

_«, mimatus. Chedder Rocks ; and rocks, 

called Tor, near Wells, DilUnius. 



Lichen aquatieus* RiTiilet at Chedder, near the 

:^im. D.T. 

■ " ' murihutk St. Vincents Rocks* DiUentm* 

" '■ HUaceus, Wood at Dunster near the New 

Tower. Mr. SowerBy* 

■ deustus. St. Vincents Rocks. Mr. Dare. 

■ ■ ' ■ saccattts. Chedder Rocks. DlUenun. 

St. Vincents Rocks. D. T. 

■ ■ ■ nmlfitttts. On Corsley Heath ; and in 

Mr. Wyndham's and Mr, Horner^s 
parks* DiOensuff 

lanatus. Chedder Rocks* Huds9n. 




' / 

Char A ilspida. At the Sottom of a Spring in the 

meadow near G;^yton. />r. Stohh 

Galium WitheringiL On high, but boggy parts 

of Handsworth heath. fTitbaring^ 

Sanguiso&ba oficinalis . Marshy soil about Staf- 
ford, not uncommon. Id» 

Caiifakula patula, Between Litchfield and 
Meriden. Hudson^ Near. the Bath at 
Litchfield, - Mr. Woodward^ 

■■ Rapunctilus, At Enville, Witbtring* 

'■ ' " latifolut. On Banks of Marie at 

Burton, one Mile South of Stafford. 
Withering. In the mountainous parts of 
this County. Xay^ 

Viola lutea» In a cornfield in the moorlands be- 
tween Leek and Buxton. Wiibning^ 

Vbkbascum Lychniiis. Kinrerj near t&e Rock 

Houses. Dr. Stoles. 


[IJUE. ns 

JSnu7. Suft. 

&P^jf JIUC odorata. At Tixall near StaSbod* Withering. 
PiMFiNft/.ia'f»itf94« Hedges at Uam. iO. T!^ 

S^ic^vckjs Z^tt/uj. Tutbwry Cvtic. WiAmag. 

OnTumK&ithCftsdc^pleodMy. #M«y. 

D&osBEii UntffoU^m On ibc MUoduy t»Bed 

fcyWgc. /i. 

FiiiTiLtAKiA Mft€0ffri$, l^ « neadftw near 

Bty«i)M]ij pleoiiifiifljr, ^Afr. JXdammu 

n\ ¥^ \\ >^ ■ ■ ' var,Jl. alh* Im greait 

AuAdUMe in a meadoi^.on tke right Ittod 

jttde of the road IdAing JEtmi AVoleaeljr 

. 9ndge to Stafford, not a quarter of a aiile 

from the Bridge* . fVitierh^i 

B^ttOBiuii ongusti/oliMm* ffnt the Caaal at 

Oldbtry. id.. 

Cni^oviA ferfoliaiM. Eafiton^Uiey. . ££ 

Vaccivium ^t/t/ titfiv. In the moaatainoitt parts 
oftlu<Coaat]r,a»oiigt)ie Heath, plttirf* : 
fUly. Maf. Can«ock Heath, m a dry 
gm?el. Dr. Siolifl 

Oxycouoi. Bishop's WoCKb, near 


. ZcckdialL fFkhtfing^ 

DxPHiit Mimreum. Meedwiood Foreat. Afr. Piti. 

l^&YGowvM Siitaria. Ikv the lafirmtfyi Staf- 
ford, JFiiiirim. 



MoNOTftOPA hypopiihys^ Lord Suiiiiford/s Woods ^ 

V * . at Eoville. Wubering. 

OHitTiOSPl.KNivM aiiethifoiittM* Moorlands at ' 

. Belmont. . Mr. FiU. 

Ei^rvBORBiA Cyfarusias, Woods at the Earl of 

. Stamford's at EoTiUe. Witlkfhf^ 

n ^^ ■ ' ■ » ■ " ■■ Cbqraeias, . On the paper mill pool 

.dam in Haywood Park. Rmy. In Need* 
• wood •I^(^e8tt ^ g^ftt plenty, undoubted- 
. i.^ ly wild. Mr. Wbaiely. 

TvLVNifB Padus, He(^es at Penderford. Mr* Piit. 

VvKW d&nusiica. Frequent in the woodlands of 

- this County. P/otf, 

Geum tiitfaU. At Ilam.v; Mr. J: Woods, jun* 

Ranuncolus Li$tgua;;:n'iJSMcion pool near Staf- 
ford. * Dr. Stokes • 
j^ALLOTA nigra. 0. About Stafford. Id. 
Thlas^i drvefue. About Stone^ Rayl 
Ib^e^s nudicauiis. Near Leek. Rev. W. Wood. 
CAJihAMiNB amara.. In the bog near the Bath at 

WiUow bridge. Warimg^ 

CtKAViV u fraiense. Meadows at Ham, where I 

> also found a variety with flowers almost 

, white^ most beautifully marked with dark 

Uu^ reins. D*. T. 

•LatkyKvs NissoliM* Woods at Betmont. Mr. 

Pitt. . Cotoo G^ld, Stafibrd^ in the hedge 

. hunlf, 00 the upper part* .Wkhming^ 

♦ « ...» y» 




Ht p BR I e V m androsmnunu Woods near Burslem. 


GfXAfnALivisfnargarUaeeum* In a meadow at 

Longdon near Litchfield. Mr. Sat* 

Anthbmis nohlUs. On the road from Hedgefofd 
to Staffordi near the direction-potti plen- 
tiful. Mr. Pkf. 

Salix pentandra. Willow Bayes at Wolver- 
hampton« M^tctt* On the side of a 
wet ditch, on the outside of some gar- 
dens without the East Gate, Stafford. Dr. Stotes. 

Empetrum nigrum. On the bog at Willow ^ 

bridge. . Warmg* 

hiCHZumLniaius^ Rock at IUm» Mr» U^oodward* 


^CfiAitA htifida. In the Ten Ditches nfear 
Laekford Bridg6» 7 lisiiies fri>m fiory* 

# Dr. Smith's idea in English Botany, VII. t. 463. that this plant 
it probably 01U7 a variety of C. tw^tfriV, appears to me by no meana 
well founded. Independent of ics greater size, and the deflezed 
aculei on the upper part of its stem, both which marks I have always 
found constant, in all the specimens 1 have observed the floral 
leaves have been three times as Jong as the Germe n, which in C* 
milgaru (hey scarcely equal. They are also far more numerous. 
Both tpeciet grovr abundantly about Yarmouth in the same turf- 
piti and are often destitute of that cretaceous incrustation which in 
general distinguishes them. I cannot avoid adding that in my opi- 
nion this Genus would be better left in th$ Class Cryptoo^amia, 
with which its affinity is striking, and in which it might tend to 
^lear up some difficulties; and that the pellucid ring of the Anthe- 
rs, which Hedwig supposed peculiar to C, vulgaris^ is even more 
striking ia C. bhytda ^ndJtxUu, D. T. 




sujTOtK. s$r 

Sir T. G\ Cultum. Bogs on Bradweli 
Common* ifr. fVt^. On Beltoa 
Common. D'*Tm 

Chara fixilis. Frequent in Ae Ponds abotit 
Heniey, not ht from Fpswich. Ray.* 
Rivulet on Hopton Common. Mr* Stone^ 

ViRONLCA spicaftt* On Cavenham, Cu!ford> a'tld* 

Rasby Heaths. ^> T. G. Cullum, 

* ' ■ ■ ■ ■ TntmtatM. Woods near Ruskbrook* Id* 

triphyUbs. Sandy Mow ^^Ids half a 

mile to the East of Icklingham. Gottgh's 
Camden. Ntar Bury- ^ Sir T. ©, Culhtm^ 
Near ^Llvermerc^ abandanr* -i^* J; - - 
Dalton. Plentiful on Bairham- Heath. 

• ReviW.Kirhy. Aldberough, the inc^o* 
sure next the Marshes at the entraRce of 

• the Tfe^vn. jRiw. Q. Crabk* 

verna* Oh th* sandy heath. between 

West Stow and I^rklinghanv; but< more 
luxuriant'ifl the Ryo'at Wordwell, Wes^ 
Stow» andlcklingham. . Sir T, G. Cuiktmt 

Vrtiicvhhiii A miner. In bqgs between Caven- 
ham and Icklingham, and between Ca- 
▼enhain and- Tuddenham. Sir T. G. 
Cuilum. Bogs at Lound, and on XSorJe- 
ston Common. Mr. Wigg. Old Tar£> 
• |nts at Heringfieet. 2). T. 

Caocus tftrnus. Bccclcs, the Osier-ground ; but 



sparingly^ and probaWf acci&vtaL 

Rev. G, Crahhe* 

1ki$ ftiidissima. Blythburgh. Mr. JDavy. On 

day banks and cUtch ade$ about Easton : 

• way from Piarham to Easton. J2w. G. 

CrMe. About Btiry. Sir T. G. Cullum. 

ScHOSKUS Mariscus. Riverside between Bungay 
and Bccclcs. Mr. Woodward. By the 
river acgoimng Mulford Bridge. Mr. Wigg. 

cmpre^sus. / Frequent in bogs in the 

Ck)unty. Mr. Woodward. Flixton 
marshes. Mr.Wigg. Um^^i. Mr.Davj. 
alius. Abundant on bogs at Behon, 

andLound. Mr.fTigg. 

SciKvvs muliicauUs. Bogs on Belton Common, 

abundantly. ^^ 

. fautifiorus. With the former. Mn 

fTigg. Bungay Common. Mr. Wood* 
ward* Brad well Common. D.T. 

^^ ackularis. Behon Common. Id. 

, j, syhaticus. By the Bridge at Yox- 

ford. Mr. Davy. Swefling, by the ri- 
ver side in Orict grounds : Rcndham, in 
the lower meadows by the river i Crans- 
f^r^ Rev. G. Crabhe^ 

Pan I CUM viride. Fields opposite the Ferry it 
Woodbridgc: about the sandy roads near 


WIckham ^ Market.' Rt^. G. Crdhhe* 
Very ^qvent about Bungay. Mr. Woodward. 

Panxcum sanguiMaU, In fields opposite the Ferry 

at Woodbridge, not far from the River; ' 
•ometimes in great abundance. Rev^ G, Crathe, 

A^OPBCVRUS iulbosus. Most abundant in Marshes 
by. the tirerside at Belton and Burgh • 
Castle. Mr. Wigg. 

AcROs.tia Sp'tca vtntu Cavenham, 7 miles from 
.". Bury ; and near the 6th mile stone between 
Bury and Newmarket, on the Hghc hand 
side of the road leading from 6ury. Rev. • 
R. Relhan. Dry sandy inclosures about 
the heathy ground of Blexhall, and Snape, 
not unfreqnently : tfie soil very dry, and " ' ' 
not, as Dr. Smith says, ** sub-humido." 
Ren^. G. Cfabhe. Bromswell heath. 

Mt. Davy, 

hti^^cmiescms. On the Suffolk Coast. Dr. Smith. 

Ms Lie A nutans. Woods at Sweiitng, and North '• * 
. Xrlemham ; and elsewhere in that Coun- 
. try." Rev. G. Crabbe. * 

VoJihJJma. Sandy ground at Lowestoft. Dr. 

Smith. At Aldborough. Mr.E. Ferster^jun. 

'DACTTtiz'stricta. At Aldborough, abundantly, 

about the Quay* and along Vic river side, 

and sak ditches; also about the Light- 

■ Jaouses, and more sparingly North of th» 


40 SfXFBOlX^ 

Towa m the Mefe;. Rnv. • Gi- CtJblt. 
It GOArers acre^ ^ndibitns t h e whoir 'ch)p 
rii«nit AJdtorott^);«!id; Orfqcdv Mr. ^ookAsiomK 
FisTUC* hmnMesi. Stsrilfi^and' MesBilsf partr of 
Softpe by. ^: raadi side ;^ and in the way 
to Aldboromgh,. Reo. G. CmUk 

■ ■ ■>' um^mis^ AboQt La«i<%ttatd Fon. 

iSfv. St.'Ooodmough* 

■ Ibliixcear, Aboof finogay. Mr* If^cmt- 

mard, Yo3Dfard».notaiicoinmon: Mr. Davy* 

Bkouv^ finnatus^ About Buagay* Mrm WoQdward, 

AvBNA yitfffa» Between Becclesand MtttfoitL D, T* 

IjOliv u ar'vgHie^, Not unfreqncnt in cdsnfldds 

near Bungiiy. Mr. Woodward* 

HoKD^pu-mfiritimufnL Along the Banks of the 
River at Orfbrd r Aldborough, at Slaugh- 
den. li^vu G* Crahkg. In the greatest 
abandance in marshes by the sides of the 
river, and ofBraydOn-deat Yarrooatir. Mr; W^^ 
TaiTicuM toliaceum^ At Lowestoft. Dr. SmMi 
About Landguard Fort. Re^v^ - i>r» 
Goodinough, Beach at Aldborough, and 
Dunwich. Mr. Damyi At Gorle^tOD^ 
Mr, E. Fonterfjun. SoathwohL J2. T. 

HoLOSTBVM. umhellatum. On Walls^ and'ther . 
thatched roofs of houses at Bury« 

Sir 7. G« CuUum. 
DiTtJicpsfUasus. Frequent p hedges-'aboafcFain** 


ham ; Rendham, in the road to Bruis- 
yard) and elsewhere. Rev. G. Crabie. 
Not uncommon at)Out Yoxford* Mr. 
Davy. . About Harleston. Rev^ H. 
Tilney. Between Beccles and Bungay ; 
and near Halesworth, 2), T'^ 

Galium iricorne. Sandy Cornfields about Bury* 

' .Sir r. G. CuUum^ 

• ♦ anglicum. On the old walls about 

JBury. Sir T. G. CuUtm. At Mildcn- 
hall. Rev* C* Sutton* On the walls of 
Little Barton church yard. Mr, E, Forster^jun. 

CkMTUNCULVS minimus* East Heath near Oul- 

ton. Mr. Wigg. 

Ittit aqui/olium^ $» {baceis luteis.) At Wiston 

i;i(U far fron^ Buers. Gauge's Camden. 

PoTAiseGETOvffuitafu* River at Scole Inn sear 

the Bridge. D. T^ 

RuppiA maritima. Salt marsh Ditches at Aid- 
borough, and Orford, Mk^ Woodward. 
At Dunwich, Uc. Mr. Davy. About 
Yarmouth, not uncommoa* Mr* Wigg^ 

IX'iiLiEA muscosa* On Brandon Heath. Dr. 
Smiti* About Bungay, in various places. 
Mr. W^ward. West Stow, Ickling- 
ham, Cavenham, and Nacton Heaths* 

• In the History qf Bvy, Uxtlj pnbliahed, this pl«U ti said by 
mistake to g^ow in the smidj sprnfiM abwt B»$y.: « 

TOLt Il« K 


Str 71 G. CttUwnu Westleton^ aaS Dun* 
Ifirich heaths : gravel walks at Mr. Mayn« 
^rd's of Hoxne^ &c. Mr, Danjy. Bel* 
^oby and Goileston heaths. Mr, Wtgg* 
Haslewood CbmmoD ; and Frequent about 
Aldborough. Re^, G, Crabbe, Aldeby 
Common, Afr. /. Turner, 

Akchu'sa semptrvirens. Bury, in the lanes near 
Haberdon. Sir T, 6. Cullum. At tram- 
lingham in the way to Parharo, past the 
watery lane* Rev, G, Crahte. Burgh 
Castlei near the Gardens. Mr, Wlgg* 

AsPiRUGo procumbens. At Wangford near 

Brandon. Mr, F, Eaglcyjun. 

Cyclamen europauw. On a stee]p bank at Bram- 

field. Mr, Davy* 

Anaoallts artvensls, y. Near Bury. Sir T, G, CuUum. 

6Am>anula latiJoUa, At Sh^meadow, between 
Bungay and^^gccles: Linstead parva, 
and other places 6ear Halesworth. Mr. 
WotdtOard* Hedged nbzx Glemfiam. Crabbe, 

Viola Urtn. Near Bury. Mr. Woodward, 

ymMkiCXfiA Lychhiiu, Road From FramlTog* 

ham to IPkrhkm, Crabbe. 

I I ' ■ fulverulentum, Dunwich. Mr, 
jydn)y. Back of Brbwston Ball hear 
Ykrmduth : Hermg^eet Common ; and 
near MtRfbrd Brid{^/ Mr^ Wi^. 


VB&BAtevM Blattar4a. Once foand by the river 
sidey Yarmeutfa> near tke Turnpikt Gate* 

Mr. Wigg. 

DATt7RA StrafnomuTfu On Firtttote heath, «Bd 
' hedges adjoining, very copioody. 

Mr, fPoodward^ 

ClHiitoi^lA pukhella. Wet grassy ground at 

Gorleston, near the Pier. Mr. SMut. 

Rhamnvs catbarticus. Hedges about Frkttiling- 
ham, Ctahbe, Woolpit wood near Bnry. 
Sir T. G, Cullum. Hoxne* Mr. Jos. Turner. 

Thesiitm Unophyllum. Chalk bank near the Ptan- 
tation of Firs on Sisby Heath, &c. 

Sir T. G. CuUum, 

ViHQA mAjor. NearHatjrstedQreen, &c. Id. " 

Hbrniar'iA glabra. On Fallows near Barrow 
Bottom. Sir T. G. Cutlum. Heath 
between Bary atid Newmarket, aboat ^ 
five miles from Bury, on the right hand. 
lU<v. G. Crahbe. Near the eight mile 
stone between Bury and Newmarket, on 
the right hand side of the road leading 
from Bury. Rt^. R. Relhdn. Has been 
found near Henham. Mr. Davy, 

CWenopodium hyhridum. Sibton Abbey. Afr. 
Davy. About Bury, ^ir T. G. Cullum^ 
Yarmouth, near the river. Mr, Wigg. 

■ ■^tfCitt/yy. About Lowestoft, towards 

M 4 


the seiu Dr. Smith. Beach at Alii- 
. borough. Mr. Davy. Woodbridgej by 
the river, Rtv. G. Crabbi. Hedges at 
GorlestoDi common* Mr. fFsgg* 

S ALSO LA fruticosa* At Walberswick near the 
Ferryi not at South wold, as stated in Wi- 
theriog. Mr. Woodwards 

Cu SCUTA europaa* Worlingham Heath. Id. 

Gentian A pnetmonanthe. Carhon Heath near 
Lowestoft. Mr, Woodward. Hopton- 
and Corton Heaths. Mr. Wigg. 

I ■ campestrts. On Thurston Heath.; 

Cavenham Severals; .and Deadman's 
<}reen near Hardwick. Sir T. G. Cullum. 

■ * ■ amarella. var. Jl. flerussimis. On 

the Heath n«ar Barrow Bottom: in a 
chalk pit at Little Saxham> &c. - Id^ 

HvfhMVKVU rotundifoKum, Wheat fields at Sax- 
ham. Id^ 

■ tenuhsitnum. By the salt ditches in 
Aldborough Marshes j and plentifully 
near the river at HoUesly. Rev. G. 
Crahbe. Gorleston, near the Pier; 
and by the sides of Braydon near 
Yarmouth. . Mr. Wigg^ 

Caucalxs dauioides. Great Saxham near Bury. 

Sir T. G. CuUum. 


S s L I IT V If palustre* Worlingham Common by the 
side of the ditches^ but sparingly. R^* 


SUFFOLK. ^545 

tr. Crabbe. On Belton Commoa y and 
in the beautiful grounds of Rer. N* 
NichoUs at BlundestOQ. Mr» Wlgg. 
Alder Carrs at Fritton. /). T. 

Hbkaclium sphondylium. fi. Framlingham. Crabh^ 

Anoelica arciangeiica. Far from any water in 
a gravel pit near the end of St. Edmund's 
Bury towards Sudbury» ' M^trett* 

Sivif laii/olium. Near Bungay, frequent: banks 
of the Waveney between Bungay and 
St. Olaves. Mu Woodward. In the 
. larger ditches near the river at Beccles ; 
and at Worlinghani } Cove, kc. Rev, 
G. Crabbe. Marshes between Yar- 
mouth and Burgh Castle. Mr, Wtgg* 

Obhanthi fimfnnelloides. Marshes near the sea 
at Leiston. Mr, Davy* Very common 
by the salt marsh ditches about Yarmouth. 

Mr. mgg. 

\ » pawdamfolieu In a large wet mea« 

dow near Westley Siottom about ar mile 

and half from Bury. 5<V 7. G. Culhtm. 

CicvTA n/irosM* Near Temple Bridge, Caven- 

ham. Sir 7*. G. CuUunu Banks of the 

, Waveney between Beccles and St. 

Olave's: Oulton Broad: Oulton Dike. 

Mr. Woodwrnrd, Bradwell, and ebe^ 

i4ff aUFFQLK. 

where aboat Yarmoath* not uocoiQi3i(». 

Mn Wtgg. Side of Fiitto» Btocid. Z>. r. 
CoRiiliiDRUM tativum* About Ipswicb* i^'** 

Smitb, Among Corn near Framlin^bara. Craibe. 
Cajium Carm* la Wcstley Bottom neat Bury. 

Sir r. G. Culkm. Fid<b at Parhaxa> 

Rev^ G. Crallfi. 

FiMf XM BLLA mfl^fl. y. Wooda at Hawsted, Great 

S^2(haiB, &c. ^«^ 7^- <?• ChOm^ 

SAMBveus Ehultu. Near Framlinghain, m the 
road to Woodbndge, and near Parham in 
the same road. Jlw. ©• Crabby. Bramp- 
ton; Ru:mbiirgh» Mr. Boivy* Near 
Iiowestofu Afr. J. 2>. Downes^ Gorle- 
stoOf by the old Steeple. Hr. Wigg. 
Halesworth. J^% T» 

■ I ' mgra. Near the Lime Kik^* East 
Gate» Bury. ^ ^ T. G. CuUum*. 

fvar, foUls vanegatts. Wood- 


bridge Wood near Framliogham* Ci^aihm 

Tauakix gattica* ByLandguard Fort. SirT.G.CuBum* 
laluvUfertnne. At Ixworth. Mr. Woodward, 
Near the Windmill on the Hill, near 
the North Gate, Bury, and elsewhere. 

Sir T. G. CuHum. 
. angustifolium. Darsham. Mr, Da*vy* 

Drossaa longifolut. Turf boga near the river 
North of Beccles. Re^. G. Craibc. Bogs 

SUFFOLK. 547- 

at Fritton, Belton, and Louodj pot pp- 
cojmmon. Mr. Wigg. 

Myosu&us mininmt* Fields at Bl^i^4^tQn, Mr. 
Wi^* Parhanii in a wet n^e^o^ pi)4^r 


trecst Retu* G. Crabhe* 

Galanthv^ nivalis* Yoxfprd: ^f^4^^on: 
Westleton. Mr. Davy. Hedges at 
La^fieldy in the greatest profusion. D. If"^ 

Levcojuic ssti'vum. A trouh|e9ome weed in 

pasturef at Little Stonham. Mrs. Cobbold^ 

N^a CI9 sus foaiciUf Field at Cove. Jilr. IV. Jacobson. 

FaiTiLLAai^ Mfkagrh. Meadpw at Laxfield, 
near the Church« Mr. Da^. Be- 
tw^eift Laxfield and Stirrup Street. Mr. 
W^mard. At Little Stonham. Mrt. 
Cfbhld. Meadow at Hawsted. 

Sir T. (?. Cidlum. 

TuiaP^ sylvestris. Chalkpit near St. Peter's 

^arn^ Risbiy Gate Street, Bury. Id. 

OairiT|poQAi.uM Ivteum. Found sofae years 9ince 
by Mr. Ashby on a hedge at Shipmeadow 
between Beccles and Bungay; there 
were but few plants, and he has never 
been able to see it since. D. 71 

■ ■ .- ■ umhellatum. At Little Stonham. 

Mrs. Cobbold. Near Barton Shrubbery. 


Sir T. G. Cuttunu Hopton Church Yard. 

Af r. W^g* Hedge at Bungay. Mr. AsSiy* 


ORNiTBOOALtru niHanr. MiddlctoOj appareatly 
quite wild. Mr* Davy. Meadow nearly 
opj^osite the ichalk pits in Risby.Gate 
Street, Bury. Sir T. G. CuUum. Fre- 
quent in Orchards, Church Yards, and 
about Tovnas and Villages near Framfing- 
ham. Crabbe. 

* CoNVALLA&iA muUsflora. In the Pits, caUed 

LUy Pits, at Bradwell. JfeTr. m^g. 

f Hy A c I N T H u s racemosus. Fields at Hengrave ; 

and plantations at Cavenham. Sir T*>G. CuiUim, 

AcoKUS Calamus. River side below Haksworth. 
Mr, Davy. By the Waveney between 
' Beccles and Gillingham, and in other 
places. Rev. G. Crabbe. Ditches near 
the river at Helton, pleotiFally. Mr. 
Wi^. Ditch at Burgh Castle. D. T. 

JfTNCVS acuttu. Salt marshes at Aldborough. Mr. Davfi 

Frankbnia l£<vis. Walberswick, See, Mr. 
Davy» The edges of the salt water pooh 

* Dr. Smith hat erroneouily refcrred this habitat iq Flora Bri- 
tannica tp C, PJjfguiatfim: our plant, though its peduncles often 
bear 00I7 one, and teldom more than two flowers, is still unquestion* 
ably C. a»iiiSf2/^ora, and is sufficiently distinguishable by its cylindrical 
stem, and the shape of its leaves. D. T, 

f We have given a place to this plant, because Sir T. CulTum 
finds it plentifully in the habitats h^e mentioned, and considers 
it *' at least equally entitled to a place in the British Flora as 
tuUpm tyhtttris^ and many other naturalised species." 

iSUFFOLK. «49 

near the Pier at the mouth of the Yarey 
are all beautifully fnoged vnth this elegant 
plant. ' Mr. Wi^^ 

Rum EX san^tnneus. At Lowestoft. Dr. Smith. 

About Framlingham. CriMt, 

— mantimus. Duowich. Mr. Davy. Foni« 

ham Heath, near Hengrare Park. Sir 
T. G. Cuilum. By ditches on Bradwell 
Common^ and elsewhere about Yar- 
mouth. Mr. fVigg. Sides of Kessing* 
land Dam. D^ T. 

CotCHicv uauiumnale. At Little Stonham^ 
plentifully. Mrs. Cobbold. Laxfield. 
Mr. Davy. Great Barton ; and Haws- 
ted. Sir T. G. Culium. About Soham^ . 
Easton, &c. Re^. G. Crabbe. Pastures 
at Cretingham, a most noxious weed. Mr. Mcrsu 

A&iSMA Damaswium. Framlingham. Crabbe. 

■ ranunculoides. Framlingham. . Crabbe. 

In Livermere Park; and I^ens beyond 

Lackford Bridge. Sir T. G. Culhtm. 

Lound i Hopton ; and other places about 

. Yarmouth^ common. Mr* Wigg. 

ChlorA perfoliaia. About Bury* Sir T. G. 
Culium. Near Bungay. Mr. Woodward. 
Not uncommon about Yoxford. Mr. Davy. 

V^cciifiUM Oxycoccos. Wodingham Common 

oear Beccles. Mr. Woodwari^ 

660 surFOJ{.K. 

Daprnb JUrMT^m^ At (^^xfield. Afn IPW- 
^4tr4» Mt« D4V]r» my brother, »od 
myself hare looked for it in vain. D» 7\ 

PoLTGOitvM Bi^rta. Reodham^ in a meadow 
next the Parsonage v North Glemham^ in 
(^qe ne^t tl^e road* Rifu. G. Cr^bhe* 
Sfhipmcadow* Afr. Woodward. Low 
foea^wi iifs^: the Pest houscj Bury. 

Sit T. q. CuBum. 

Pahs fi^nfoUa. Woo48 at Rushbrook, and 

Great Saxham. Id. 

* Py&opa TQtitudtfolia, Q^ Bradweli pprnpuQo^ 

among Furze* Mr. Wigg. 

CHRT80iri»|SNiu¥ idUn^fo^um. In an alder car 
at Weybreid n«ir Nee<lhan| WatermiU. 

JJf r. Janus Turner. 

So^ciANTHva pftttms. In sandy groun4S| and 
balks of eori)field§» about Eldeq, plentii 
^ly. Ray, CttUprd* We^t Stow, and 
IcUiogHam healths* ^ir T. G. Cu^fm. 
Among the gra$s o^, a heath between 
Sareham v^i Thetford. Afr. £• Fwttrijun. 

* This Hits ^Iiy^ys been considered an extraordinary habitat for 
a plant yrhich U generally found in deep shady woods; but I 
incline to think it it not an unnatural place of growth* and 
that this PyrtU rather aSeds similar ttatious, from having lately 
received some specimens gathered for me by a Uidy* u^n the 
Denes (dU dutmtm) at Haarlem, A T, 


Sapona^IA offcinaJis^ Wentletonj Hacheyow, 
$:(;« M%. Davy^ By the turupi^e ^oad 
at Marlesford. Re<v. G. Crabbe^ l^ear 
l^ivigayjt by tbe road to FUxtQp« ^r. 
Waodtvard. Hedge at Beccles by Rose 
|Iall> «md OB the Halesworth rqadi, . pUikQ. At North 

Gknhamy in the road to 3wefling on a 
sandy hedge. Rey^. G. Crabbe. 

Si LBN I An^Hca. Wesley; Barrow Botton:^ Sec*. 
Sir T, G. CuUutn. Cornfields about 
• Bungay. Mr. Woodward. Light kndt 
about Sutton : opposite Woodbridget 
across the river ; Faroham ; Marlesford. 
Rtv, G* Crabbe. Lound. Mr. W^ig* 
Fields opposite Bradwell Chi|r«h* D. T. 

' ftiittquevulntra* At Sutton^ and odier 

places in the sand lands ; not marked so 
distinctly as in Gardens* yet niore so 
than any variety of «S. angltctu Renx. G, Craiie. 

m t oiites, Fornham St. Martin : Risby^ &c. 
Sir T, G. CuUum, About Thetfordj in 
this County as well as in Norfolk. 

Afr. £. Forster^jufi^ 

»— — — noctifiorc^^ Turnep fields round Bury. 

Sir 7*. G. CuUum. Near Bungay. Afr. Davy. 

Stbllakia glaufiOt. F^n ditches at Cavenham, 


frc. Sir T. G« Cuitum. On Burgh 
Common. Mr. JVigg. Bogs at Brad- 
wcU. D. T. 

A&BNA&iA tenuifoKa* Sandy places near Bury, 

Mr. Woodward. 

Cekastium Utrandrum. About Yoxford. Rsv. G, CraUe, 
'Lythrum hyssoptformm. In a wheat field just 
beyond Barton Mere near the diredion 
post| on the ro^d leading to Pakenham 
and Barrow Bottom. Sir 7*. G. Cidhm. 

Prunus Padus, Woods near Framlingham« Cfahbe. 

Pyrus iorvfunalis. Darsham. Mr. Davy. 

■ j9ria., Near Bungay. Mr. Woodwardm 

Rosa tomentosa. Frequent near Bungay. Mr, 
Woodward. Hedge on Belton Common ; 
and in the lane between Brad well and 
Burgh Castle. D. T* 

Pot EN TILL A vtma. On a chalk bank at Caven- 

ham Severals. Str T, G. Cullum. 

ToRMENTiLLA rtfians. Lane at Belton, near 
Browston Hall. Mr. Wigg. Wood 
at Corton. 2). T. 

GsuM rvoaU. « 

Pafateh hyhridum. \ ^'^"* ^"'7- ^'^ ^- ^- C"*'''"'* 

^ TiLiA microphylla. Near Lord Xieicester's 
woods at Denham near Barrow: ob- 

* Annals of Botany, I. p. X09» 

SUFFOLK. 563. 

'Bcnred in company with Mr* Crowe, who 
had qoticed it for several years* 

Sir r. G. Cullunu 

DblpHinivm CansoIUa, Near Bury. Riv* Dn 
GooJenough^ Fields about Aldborough 
at the Hall Farm* kev. G. Crabhe* 

St&atxotis aloides, Lowdham Hall Mere. 
Crabhe* Ditches near Bungay and Wor- 
lingham. Mr. Woodward. At Brad« 

well, and elsewhere about Yarmouth : 
on Haddisco Dam, close by the Turnpike 
Gate. Mr. Wi^^ 

ANfeMONB Pulsatilla. On a chalk bank at Caven- 

ham Severals. Sir T. G. Cullum. 

Thalictrum minus. In Field Lanci and chalk 
pit near St. Peter's Barn, Risby Gate 
Street, Bury. Id. 

Ranunculus Lingua. Ditches near Timwortb* 
Cavenham, &c. Sir T. G. CuUum. Bun- 
gay Common. Mr. Woodward* Ditches j 

on Beccles Common, and near the river* 

Rro. G. Crahhe. 

Hblleborus viridis. Near Stradbro6k. Mr. Woodwards 

■ «-^ fcetidus^ Bath hills by Bungay. 

Mr. Woodward. Laxfield : Newton : 
Cranford. Mr. Davy. 

Mbntha sylvestris. Aldborough Beacon Hill, 
near the Bouom : Cillinghami near the 


♦i^^. ke^. G. €rMt. At Bui^h 
Castle; And by Bro^tott Hall. MV. 
S^t^. About Bury. Sir T. G. CuUum, 

Mentha kfiridit^ f 

-^ piperita. } A*«« B-"?. I J' 

■ *• -^ "• • tf»7ajto. f. Near Beccles, do the Lowfe- 

woft rtfad, JD. iT. 

" Putegiuiii. Sttry. 5ir 9*. (7. CuUufn. 

Parham Green: BenlialU oo a Green 
near the Lodge. Rt<v. G. Crabbe, Yox- 
ford : Middlctoh. Mr, Davy. EUing- 
ham. Mr. Woodivard. ' Belton. Jifr. Wigg^ 

Galbopsis versicolor. About Blythburgh, in . 
the higher ground near the road among 
turneps: ait Leiston, and the icountr^ 
near the coast. Re«v. G. Crabbe. About 
Yarmouth. Mr, Wigg. Turnep fields 
at Gillingham. D. T. Fields at Beccles, 
between the Town and the Fen. Mr. t. Turner. 

Galbobdolon luteum. A curious and elegant 
yariety of this plant ** Corolla^ 'vel Jlote 
ierminali^ pland^ uxfiddf'* in a lane near 
the Grove' at Hardwick, a mile and a 
half from Bury, first obsenred by Sir John 
Cullum in 17749 and several times sinte 
by myself. Sir T. G. Culkm. 

LbonurVs Gardtaca, Lane hear the Toll Gate, 
Bury. Sir T. G. CuHum. About 

SUtKOLK/ 559 

inh^j. Mr. ff^bodM>ard. North C6^. 

Afr, F. Turner m 

Thymus It^ia. H^dge oh the nght just M6^ 

iKcrinet Bell. Str f . G. Culkm. 

McLAMPYRUM erisiafum, Colnihbh aboat Bury, /^» 

t'EDicvLARis sylvcuicdm Od the 27th O^ober 
iSoiy Mr. Dillivyfi fouhd 6a Beltoh 
Co'iAMon an extraordih^i^ Taiitty of this 
plant with ah hypocrateri fbm eoi-olla ; 
the limb divided into $ equal 'co)-dlat& 
seghlehts : the stamina Mit&b Uthl&r pro- 
minent (^ of six flowers one 6nly Was thus 
irregular, the remaining &tt j^^enred 
theit niiturai appearahce. D. T» 

Anti&^hinuii ijnuriuM. Near Buhgay^ and 
Diss : Mr» H^ood'Af/ird, Near Bury. 
^i> T. 'G. CuUum, iPrarnHnghaoi, among 
];>eas6 and beans* Cra^c, 

— — ^ii^ minus. At tktn ; aj^d about 

NewTharke*. Rrv. 0, Cfabbe. Near 
Aldboi'ough. Mr. E.t^QTster^jun. 

ScnornvLAKiA vernalis. Fornham St. Genoveve. 

Sir Tm G. CuUum. 

CRoliAirCHfi 'eUuiof. About Bury. fd. 

' • minor. Plentifully among Clover kt 

Raydon Cottage, Orford. Rthf. G. Crahte. 

ramasa. At Mettingham near !6un- 

gay. Mr, Woodward. 

^sa ' SUFFOLK. 

Alyssvm sativum* In Lakenjiam Field, hj 

Waagford. Mr. Eagte^ 

LcPidiUM latif ilium. Hedge by the roadside 
close to the Bridge at Blythburgh. Mr. 
Davy. Snape, by the river side near 
the Bridge. Rev. G. Crahbi* 

' ' ruder ale. Lawthorn Marshes by Aid- 

|>orough. Mr. Woodward. About the 
tiver side, Yarmouth, very common, Mr, Wigg. 
tnhKiti arvetue. About Saxmundham. Ray, 
Near Farnham wood, about the grounds 
of Hanghley Park, Badwell Ash, kc. 
Sir T. G. CuUum. Belton. Z>. T. 

CoOHLEARiA ongUca. By the- side of Braydon, 
and in Marshes near the river at Burgk 
Castle, plentifiilly. ' Mr.JV'lg* 

Ibiris nudtcauRs., About Bury, and Bungay. 
Mr. Woodward. Swefling, in a sandpit 
near the Church ; . in all the sandy and 
light lands about Orford, Aldborough, 
Leiston, &c. Retu, G. Crabbe. Westle« 
ton ; Henham, &c. not uncommon, Mr. 
Davy. On Fritton, and Belton Heaths. 
Mr. Wigg. Culford Heath. Rev. G. R. Leaihts. 

Cram BE maritma. Beach at Dunwich. Mr. Davy. 

C A R o A M 1 N B fratensls. var. Jlore pleno. Fram- 

lingham. Crahbc. 

— — ..— amor a. Side of Bcccles river by 




Gcldeston : ditches at Ufibrd, and other 
moist places. Rev, G. Crabbe, N6ar 
Bury* Sir T. G, CuUum. About Bun- 
gayi Mr, Wtfod^jord* NearWeybread 
Water MUl. Rev. H. hlney. 

Sisymbrium jrjr/<E;fi^^« Marshy plabes about Firam- 

lingham. Crabbe. 

■ ■ *polyceraiium» Under Garden walls 
in the Northgate street^ Bury, and seve- 
ral lanes adjacent. Sir T, G. CuUum» 

EkYSiMVM charanthoides. Cornfields about Elden* 
Ray. Common in Turnip fields near 
Bungay. Mr\ Woodward. Near Ips- 
wich, by the road leading to Norwich* 
Dt. Smith. About Bury. Sir T. G. 
CuUum. Yoxford, not unfrequent. Mr^, 
J)avym Osier grounds at Beccles, and 
Glemham. Rev. G. Crabbe: CommoSt 
about Halesworth and Diss. 2>» T"* 

liESPBEis inodora. Once found near Browston 
' Hall; Id. 

Tv&RitU glabra^ Flixton* Mr* Woodward. 

' * This plant was about ao years ago thrown out of the garden 

pf the late Rev. Mr. Laurents, but now grows in great quantity 

about Bury, and is perfedUy naturalized, so that any Botanist* not 

acquainted with the circumstance would suppose it to be really 

indigenous ; which has induced Sir Thomas CuUum to admit it t* 

a place in his catalogue of the more rare plants of Bury, published 

in a jrecent history of that Town, from which list wc hava ex* 

trailed much of the information here followed by his name. 
V0L« IIv O 


Hedge on the London road between 
Woodbridge and Ipswich near Kesgrare : 
Farnham> by the way to Aldborough 
where the old road was. Rev* G. 
Crabbe* Near Dun wich. Mr. Davy. 

TuRRiTis iirsuia* Sudborii, near the Halh 
Rev. G. Crabie, Goinmon near Bury. 
Sir T. Gt CuUum. Walls at Brandon, 

iUr. Woodward* 

Bkassica orienialis. Cliffs at Bardsey near 

Orford. I>ale^ 

— ., — : — cawpestris* Rev. C* Sutton once shewed 
me a specimen gathered on the Sufiblk 
. eoftst, but I forget where* D. T. 

Erodium mosdaium. , On Bradwell Common, 

ddabtfiil if wild* Id* 

Geravivm pbdttm. On a bank at Ashbocking* 

Mrs* Cobbold* 
J pratenn* Meadowi at Darsham. Mr, Davy. 

,«^ .— fyrenaicum. Hedge opposite Rose 

Hall, Beccles. Mr. F. Turner. 

■■ii sanguineum. Heath near Woodbridge, 

Rev. P. Lathbury. 
FuMAKiA parvifiora. SuflFolk side of Newmar- 
ket, between the Towa and Windmill. 

Rev. J. Dahw* 
GiNisTA filosa. On Culford, Carenham, Lack- 
ford, and Tuddenham Heaths near Bury. 

Sir T. C. CuRum. 

PxsuM 'Utarklmu'm^ Oa- ^ fMAf beadf ^ar 
Orfbrdy ^tiftdantty. R4y4 Aldborovgh, 
near the Lime Kilo* IS^. G. Crabbem 

LATHYKtrs Aphaea. In a grarel pit Bear' Siekfes* 

- mere,-&c. 5/r 7. G, CuBurtu 

*' ■ NisH)UM. Pai^alnV iH' meadow sides ; 

Iteat ^^ kill OB a^ clay bank there.' Jl?v» 
'^ 6. Crabh. Nfiaf B^d^jc; jtfr^ ^%. 

syiv£s*ris.^ 'Woock at Great Satsriiam. 

fi6r r. G. Ctt/ZttW. 

fdinsPns. Marshaa at Tlnttos^ and 

1*1 ii 


* > >i 

betweeft Borgh Castle and- the iriter, 

Mr. Wi^* BeocIesy.URi WoriiBghaiift- 

Feflis. . itfn i*. Turner » 

if itt A ktfiy^id^ ^dSiAg) noaar i&e ChtHch i- 

Ai(&CMrdugh.€><Miinu)n. -i2#4r. G« Grabhe. 
< ^ear i3ia SigMii Hoose at Westleton* 
' Mr. Baifiy. Sandy grdand at Btu-gh 

Castle. Mr. fTtg^. 
^ iisaekt Ofr dic'beflfdi atOsfoid^ on the side 

Bbxt ilie rifir about half a mif e fronfif the 
^ ^irer^'s imudiw ■ JkTr. Humphrey. At 
- - Aidboroi:igh* i&<z;. Mr» Burroughs. 

Kzt%ia>kt>o% gfyt^^Oos.' At Coddeofagm. 

Itev. Om CraiiA Near Bury* Sir T. 

6« €2illunu- In a hedge near FornJ^tm 
. St. Mkrtio. ' - Mr. £^ FfirO^r^jm* 


AsTRAOAiui i^qg^oiiis. About Bury. SirT.G* 
CuUum. .Newmarket Heatfai on bpth 
sides of the Town. iZfv. 6« Craiie* 

Tkitoj^wu ormthapoSoides. Aldborough, between 
the Fort and Powder Hou^e. Riv. G. 
CrMe. Near the Sea at Lowestoft. 
Mr. E. Foriter^jim. Meadow adjoining 
the Turnpike Gate, Yarmouth, v O. T^ 

r " ■ ■■ ■ ocbreUucum. Not uncommon about 
Yoxford. Mr: Davy. Frequent at 
Glemham, Parham, and Saymundham. 
Ri9. G. Crabbe. Bufigay, plentiful. Mr. 
WacA^ard. Near Haleswortfa. D. T. 

■ ft ■ maritimum. Salt marshes near Yar- 

mouth. Mr. ^a* 
seaborn. At SiaUghden, Aldbo- 

rough. JUv, G. CrMe. Bath Hills, 
Bungay. Mr, Woodward. About Bury. 
Sir T. G. Cuaum. Hills at Gorleston, 
immediately above the Ferry. . D. T. 

— — glonuraium. About Sascmundham* 

Ray. Bath Hills, Bungay* Mr% Wood* 
ward. Middleton : Dunwich. Mn 
Da'vy. Gorleston, with T. scahunu 
D. T. Swefling : Aldborough : Great 
Glemham, and most of the sandy ground 
in that part of the Country. Rev. G. CrMc^ 
"iT»i w\ ■ suffocaium. At Lowestoft. MUi 

Temple. Aldborough, between the Town 

^d Slaughden, in the Mmbt Rt^% (?• 

SUFFOtK. 581 

Crcihu About La&dguard Fort| plen- 

- tifullf. Sir, T. <?. CulUm^ Dunwich ; 

and SouthwoU. Mr. Davy^ 

IAe^iq AGO fiJcaia* About Bury, Sir T*. G. 

' CuUtm. ' Dunwich old Churchyard, 

profusely s hedge side from Sudbom to 

Orford. • Rfv. G. Crabhe. 

f I 111 \ var» Jloribus *tdoiaciis^ luteisf 

tt vires antiSus. Bank on the roadside a 


little beyond the new Bridewell, Bury^ 
and between Bury and Saxham. Sir 
T. G. Cttllum. Fields at Bradwell, and 
Burgh Ctistle. - Mr. Wigg. 

m polymorpba. y. (M. tnurkata With.) 

On the sea bank^ and by the quay at"* 
Orford. Rau 

* HYPBaicuM duhhm. In a lane nearFramUng- 

ham;' Rev, G. Crabbcm 

SoircHV» peduttris. Rirer side at Becclesf, and 
Worlihgham. Rev. G. Crahbe. Ditches 
under Burgh Castle^ Mr. Wlgg. 

l^jpoMTODON palustre. Marshes orer the North 
Ferry I Yarmouth ; and on Bradwell and 
HoptoQ Cpmmons* JP.T. 

Qz2Tis fB^ida. About Claydon, and Codden" 

ham. Rev. G. Crabbe. Near the six* 
* Tke plant introduced under this name by Mr. Crabbe, In the 
list of Fi:amlinghaiii fjantt, subjoined to the Uloory of that Town, 
and stated to be qon^iVDiiin diat part pf t^e QotHUtgr^iye are autho- 
rized by that gentleman to say is only H, birsutum. 

mile ^ie fr6ai Bojry to' N^nttiaAet ; 
and Great Sa^w> Sir, T» <x. Cullupu 

,C9Llfluthnnis, Near Bary. Sir T* G. Ctdkm. 

F^mUbgluwifl pear ttUL Ca$de : P^chM9« \ > 

. tU^, G. Crabh, 

4^0. near Bury. ^tr T. <?• Cyfinnu 
Near Harlepton. Jtfr, firoott. Com* 
^elds at Dingle» Westletoiiv plentiful. 
JIfr. i)avjf. Fields near the Almsf 
Houses, Woodbridge* Ri^» G, CraUe. 

Hyfocharis macuUia. At the end Qf ^isby 
heathy on a chalky baolt close to the 
Planution of Firs. Sit T. Gb Culkm, 

" glabra. Among Tur^ieps fit Great 

Barton, &c. Id» 

Carduus tentiiflorus. Not uncooimoa near the 
sea.- Mr, Davy» Every wher(^ about 
Yarmouth. Mr* W^kX* 

■ eriophorus* Near Framlinghamy ii? the 

road to Woodbiidge, sparingly. Rev* 
Q. Crabby. About Bury. Sir T* Q, 
CvUum* Near Clare« Mr^E^ Fofiter^ . 
y«if. Debenham. . Jlfr. Davy. 

frakmis. Marsh sit Bradwel!.. Mr. Wig^. 

S AUTOhiii A ^maruima. On the beach just abpTC 
high water mark, one mile North of 
Landguard Fort. Smki. Aidborough, 
and Orford> near the Light Houses.' 


Retu <?• Crabhe^ Beach at Duhwich, 
plentifully* Mr. Da/vy* 

Artemisia camfestrh. At a place called Elden, 
in SufToiky 12 miles beyond Newmarket 
towards Lynn, on the balks of Cornfields^ 
and by the way sides, abundantly, for a 
mile in length and breadth : also a mile 
from Barton. Mills on the way to Lynn; 
and ^ among the furze bushes under the 
hill. Ray. On Icklingham Heath near . 
Bury, Sir T. G. Culluiru 

Gn A p A LI u M diiHcum. On Canhanr Heath near 

Bury« Mr. Pitckford* 

'■ rectum. Roadside from Famham 

to Snape«^ Rev. G* Crabbe. Belton 
^ Common. Mr. Wigg. Hedge by Gorton 
wood on tl\e road from Yarmouth to 
Lowedtoft* D. T. Side of the road 
from Yarmouth to Beccles, by the four- 
mile stone* .» Mr. James Turner. 

SkNEcio viscosus. By Aldborough^ near the 

Beach* Mr. R. Forster^jun. 


-: — ■ ■ i paludosus9 In Lakenheath Fen near 

Wangford. Re*v. J. H^msted. 

Inula Hiknium. At Mettingham. Mr. Wood" 
ward. Parham, the Hall Farm : Uffbrd. 
Rev. G. Crabbe. Sibton : Bramfield : 
Heveningham. Mr. Davy. 


Inula critkmoides. On the sea coast of th^ 

County. Gougb*s Camde^^ 

Cineraria palustris. Geldeston Fen. Mr. 
Woodward. Worlingham Common, on 
\(^et grounds by the ditch slde^. Rev, G. 
Crabbe, Abundant by the Turnpike 
Gate at Hadisco* Mr, Wigi^ 

Anthemis nobilir. Blundestoo. Bradwell, and 

other Commons, about Yarmouth. - Id» 

pinCHis bifoUa. /S. minor. Near Barton Mere, 

and Briar's Wood, Hawsted, Sir T. G. Ctdlum, 

ustulata. Chalk bank, Risby Heath. Id* 

3attrium nAxide^ Cransford. Crabhe, Met- 
ungham* Mr. Woodward, Common 
about Yoxford. Mr, Davy, Marshes 
at Bradwell* Mr, Wigg, Meadows 
adjoining Mells' wood, lialesworth. Z>. T. 
About Harleston, plentiful, Mr, James Turner » 

Ophrys Nidus a/vir. Sir Chas. Davers' wood, 
called the Fink; and woods at Great, 
and Little Saxham, and Rushbrook, Sir 
T, G. Cullum, Woods at Parham. Rev* 
G, Crabhe. At Onehouse. Ri^v, R» Forby, 

. JLoeselii, Bogs near Tuddenham* 

Sir r. G. CuUum. 
, moHorchrs, In a chalk pit near Sickles- 
mere, and at Little Saxham. Id* 

, _- anthropophora. Found by Mr. Dale in 

an old gravel pit near Sudbury. Ray^ 

Suffolk. 56s 

Little Saxham ; and Hawsted. Sir T. 
<?• CuIUtm* Blakenham aear Ipswich., 

Eev. Wi Kirlj. 

Pphr7S musclfera* On the Qath Hi|l$ near 
Bungay. Mr, Woodward, Woods aear 
Bury, Sir T. G. CuBum. North Glem- 
ham* sparingly. Rev. G. Craik^ 

*-— . ,,_ jg. In a pasture Dcar Pesting- 

ford- i^ 

V ■ apifera. Not uncommon about Yoxfbrd. 
Mr. Da'vy. About Bury. Sir T. G. 
CuUum* Near Bungay, jl/r. Woodwards 
Frequent about Harleston. K^v. H* 
Tilney. Brampton. Mr. Francis Turner. 

■• ' var. iilbidtu Near Hales** 


worth. MissUhi^ 

— - aranijera. Westley Bottom : Great and 

Little Saxham ; and near Sicklesmere. 

Sir. r G. CuOnm. 
SsitAPiAs lohgifoUa. About Bury. Sir T. G. 
CuUum. Foot of Bungay Bath Hills. 

Mr. Woodwtprim 
AaisTOtocHiA C^^mA^ii^. At Scurston near Diss. Idm 
I'yfha mgustifolia. Great Wclnetham; and 
Culford, near Bury. Sir T. G. Cullum. 
Pits of water about Swefling, Glemham, 
&c. Rev. G. Crabbe. Clajrpits near 
Bungay. Mr. W$odward. Yoxford. 

■ " J trisutca. 


^ Mr. Da^* Abost Beccles»' aofl HUes- 

'These plants regularly flower 
'in Jfuse every yeac ia Marthes 
at Bradwell$ hat, though abun« 
daat IB dthcl* places about Yar» 
(nouth, I ne^r could find dbera 
(^otlierwlse than barren* i>. 7* 

^Av^tx curta. Westleton. Mr. Dav^* FlixtOQ 

M^shea. i)« T*. 

- nxtUaru, Sides of ditches at Metfield 

fattweeh Harleston and Halesworth* jfd. 

■ . . ieretiuscula* Darsham* Mr, Danty. 

BradweU Common. Mr. Wig^. 

— — - penJula* Near Woodhridge. fitv. P. LisMuiy. 
*- fuiwi* Theberton Common. Mr, Danjj. 

-k. Oederl. :Bradwell} Bclton, and Lotrnd 

Commops.' J). T* 

- hitttrnntk CortoD, and other heaths near 


YArmeuth. • ' /A ^ 

- dhiofis. Sides of sUt marsh dk^es by 
Cobham Mill, Yarmouth. IJ. 

- ampuUMeta. Westleton: Yoaiford. Mr. 
DAijy. About Bungay, frequent. Mr. 
H^ooJward. Very common on Bradwell, 
and Lound bogs. iWr. Wigg. 

•* JiUfwrnis. Bogs at Lound. D. T. 

■i— *• 


LiTTo^RELLA- locMSiris, By the margiAof OultOQ 


. WpoJw^rd. At Cavcnham. -^yr IT^ G, 

Cutitm. Sftltiratert atBen^re«eftf th^ 

.^a« MfivkO.Cr0i^. Behdo Common. 

ilir, H^ 

Unfits pth^Hfera. About Aldborough. i^ay. 

Lowestoft ; aad Bwigajr. Mr. Wood^ 

^avd. . Atmndaflt uoder eld w«ik at 

Gorieston. Mr. Wigi. 

P?ltAT0f HYLLVM sulmersum^ Ditches at Gor* 

leatOD. D.T. 

SlYaiQpfiYLLirjtf verikiUalum. At Bungay. 

Mr. Woodward* I>itches about Bury, 

. Sir T. G. CuUum. Middleton ; Wen- 

baston* &ۥ Mr.' Davy. Bradwell; 

^ and GorlettoD. Mr. Wt^. 

Sa|.IX i^amtertiana. About .Lackfbrd Bridge 

near IcUingliaiq. Mr. CrOwe. S^ad- I 
• well* Mr. J. fTo^yjunl 

— ruira. At Ickliogham. Rnr, J. Hemml. 


■ pentandra. . Near Bungay, frequent. 

ilfr. Woodrntari* 
—7-" — argettUa? Pkntation at Hoptoa. Mr. Wigg. 
4tipular$s. •) Osier grounds near Bury. 

Mr. Crov/e. 

A.T^iPLBz. laciniata.- On the Beach near Land- 
guard ^ort. Dr. Smith. Thorpe near 
Aldborough. Rc^v. G. Crabhe. Near 
Pak<5field, Mr. Stone. 

■ ■ ■ I 4tf/uiaris. ^ 
* m^iuima.. J 


ATRI^LEX piduneulata. Shore of Bfsiydoft. Mr. ^gg* 

IEqjji&mtvm JJu*viaiite^ Four miles from Hales- 
vortb, on the Bungay road. Mr, VTwd^ 
ward^ Wet hedge at Lowestoft* Mr. Wi^% 

.OsMunDA lunoiia. Chalk pits near Bury. 

Sir T. G. Cullum. 

. regaUsm In an Alder Car at Lciston. 

Mr. Davy. Fens at Hopton» and near 
Browston Hall. Mr. Wiff. Bogs at 
Prittoo. p. T^ 

]UTCOf0DiuM inmdatum. Westleton Heath* Mr. 
Davy, Loundy and Belton Commons* 
Mr. Wigg. Heringfleet North Border* 

Re'v. 0. R. Leaihes% 

AlviOi^M Thilyfteris, Near Bungay. Mr. 
Woodward. Lound, Hoptoui aftd Bntd* 
well Commons. itfr, Wigg. 

PiLVi^AiiA glohulifera. Wet places on Hopton 

Common. M^. Stone* 

fmA^cvM serratum. FieMsiand wa^te places at 


BradwelK i>. 7t 

* SvHAGKVM iquarrosum. Bogs on Belton 

Comnsotk. . Ist. 

CrunosTOMVu uummditfm. Very common oa 

hedges at BradweUi and elsewhere about 

Yarmouth. Jd. 

* This beantifiil new Sphagnum is mentioned ia the Musco- 
li^aD Hibernicx Spicilcgiuniy as a recent discovery in the Hercy- 
nian Forest, and will soon be published in English Botany. D, T. 


Gymnoitomum ohusuvu On the ground by the 

river side near Yarmouth* D. T. 

Splachnuii ampullauum, Belton Bogs. Id. 

GftiMMiA calcarea^ Chalk pit opposite St. Peter's 

Baro, Bury* Rev» G. R, Leafitu 

■ , '^ " ■ Dichoni. Pales at Sotterley« and Hen- 
ham Parksy and elsewhere* D. 71 

ToRTULA rigida. Clay pit at firadwdl* Mr* Dklsmm 
■ cuTuifiEa* Sandy bank at Hoptoa Com* 
mon. Z>« 71 

DicXANVM variunu Pits , at Bradwell, called 

. Lily Pits. IiL 

' pmsiOumm Bradwell Common. Id. 

■ virljisiimum^ Very common on 

trees about Yarmouthi but nerer found ia 

fruit* Idm 

TotYTKicHvvt Didsottu Sandy banks aboui Hop- 

ton, and Ixnind. £L , 

Oathotrichvm dispbanum. Pales of Lord 
, Rottft' park at Henbaip $ and trees abouat 

Yarmonth. \ Idm 
» arituatm. I Trees about Yar-^ . 

NiCKBRA beteromaUa^ j mouthy coounoa. IJL 

Bryvm hicdor. Marsh adjoining the Turnpike 

Gatei Yarmoutli. IL 

Hypvvm subtiU^ Lower parts of the Trunks of 

Trees at Belton • Mr. DidsoMm 


itramimum. Bogs at Belton, near Brow- 
ston HalK Mu 

#?*• SUFJPOLK;' 

HrPNuk murale. At the foot of the waBs of 

Heriogfleet Hall. Rev. G. X. LeaAeti, 

■ ■ ■- ftii/erum. ' Shady bogs on Bradwdl - 

Common. £)• f\ 

'< ■■■ ' * cordiJvUumi Bogs On SiaclwcB, smd 

Beltod Common!. M^. Iff^S^ 

JtjiiGiBx.MANNiA fukberrtmai Dfy banks on 

Lotmd Hbath; Mr, Sttkei 

TaroioniA hypofhylla. On^i bank neaf Nayhmd. 

/?w. W. Kirbf. 
Smxtibt Afivirt terratru.. Fields about Bungay. 
Mr. Stone. At Biirgh; BiradweUij 
^ Belton ; and other villagcis about Yari 
'' mouth, common : more frequently among 
ta)*n^s, than dover, and often on hedges ; 
always with Rlccla glaucd^ D, 7i 

RtcciA ntHansi Stagnant waters tMr Henley; kayi, 
■ ■ " ■ Jluitahs. Ditch by a tmall planfcatiba at 

Hoptom Diik 

Li c H E IT impoHtui. Old oaki-netr tlidesworth ; 

and about Yarmouth, abundantly. tdi 

I lynceuu Oaks atSt. John's between Dim* 

* This Moss, which \i b7 no means uhcommon about Tai^ 
moutha has hot yet been found with us in fruit, from which cir* 
cumstance I have befcn led iilto an error in the Muic. Hii. Sfit: 
where 1 have described it aS the var. fi, of H. ctupUtatum*, Mr. 
^Tigg was th^ first Botanist who found it in England, tt he 
gathercct it abirve three yeari «nce* Bi 9* 


' gay and Halesworth. 2). T» Trees at 
Heringfleet Decof • Rg^. G. R, Leathes^ 

IttCHjH epifotiusw Walls of Burgh Castle; and 
on GorlestoOi BracKtrsll^ and most other 
Churches round Yarmouth. D*i*, 

■ corticola* Very Common on trees romid 

Yarmouth^ Idm 

»' ■ ' c^ntpurcatus* On Gorkston, and almost* 
every other Church about Yamoath, and 
Halesworth* Idk 

contiguus* Walls of Gorlestoii ChuKh 

Yard: at Gillingham; and elsewhere^ 
not oacommon* Idm 

- umbrinits. Abundant on old walls- and 

cbuvcbei round Yarmouth » Jdm 

'^—--^^ tesuUaius. ^ Wall at Gorlestoii* H^ ^ 

^ infumans* Very common on Gateposts 

about Yarmouth, Halesworthi 3cc« /i« 

*■ ■ ^citureus^ E. B. Churches and tombssones 
at Gorleston^ and elsewhere near Yur- - 
mouth* . '. .- • Id, 

-i— lyteo-aUmu Old Tree near Sotfierley Park « • 

2>, 7. In&ide' of aa old Ebn in the 
• middle of Shotford*Healh^ near Harleston. 
Mr. James Turner. Woods^ called die 
Links, at Sir Chas.* Davers', near Bury. 

" ' • ' . nltgino^us* Bradwell) zt^i liouad Jbeathi* D^.J^ 


LiCHEM quadrieolor* Heaths at Ashby and Dun-^ 
wich, 2). ST. HeriDgfleet North Border. 

Recv. G. R. Leatheu 

» ■ ■ cerinus^ Young elms at Bradwell ; and 
young ashes about Yarmouth^ not uncom* 
mon. D. T. Between Hcringfleet and 
St. Olave's Bridge. Rev. G. R. Leaihes^ 

,. . .. cituyeo-fuscuji Brettenham Park pales* JJi 

CMQ^rufus. Abundant on Walls at Bury. Id, 

*i— i — > sophodes. Old trees about HaIesworth> 

frequent. D* ^*^ 

, h^menius. CommOB on old oaks about 

Yannoath» Halesworth^ and Beccles*^ 
27, 9^ Equally so about Harleston* 

JIfr. J aims Turnery 

I. Tunterim On Sottetley park pales, and in 

Belton, and Fritton woods, with Shields : 
the barren crust 4s ccxnmon about Yar- 
. mouth. D, T. Finely in fruit in the 
plantation at the South end of Hering* 
fleet Hall. Rent.G, R. Leatheu 

, „ ■ ■ varius. On the boat house at Heringfleet 
Decoys and on Culford Pa^k pales. 
Rev. G. R» Leatket*^ About Yarmouth, 
and Halesworth, not uncommon* />. 7*. 
FlixtonPark Pales. Mr. J. Turner. 

porriginosue. Elms at Hopton. D* T. 

. I I ifusM. Acb^ Old Elms at Bradwetl. Id. 

LbHB»/w^lr/fey; Giarkstbi, and Rrftd^'dir - 

Hy^mmtenA did. bfflks oA Lound Heath* ^. " 

■> m •-» scaiaris. tiisidc of oH treed about Hafes- 

. W^n^ ; and park= pales at Soiterlcy : in ■ — 
ihiit oa^ HietaliaMi pirk paleff. I>. T. 
On: tiie best ^hoixse^ at^- HerkigAeet 
DccffJTji "witii Bisields. Jiiw. G. ^. Leaihes* 

'. Mii/i21fi. Comhi^ndi ontbeoik^ about Iforlea- 

ton. Mr, X $rdkier. Banks a^ L§Q)ld, 
BeltoB^ s(iid oihvD pla<5ili niear V2l»nabutti. 2). ?*• 

^^-— r'i /A/irtJ«i«r, About Bungay. Mr. Wood' 

noufi^ J^fel tth<K>ttimon oft h^d^ it "^ 

' ) Burgh, Belton, and elseWher^ i^ar Ykr- 

• itfodlh^ bil vSPy seldom iaihiitV ' ~^. TV 

C . Ca sinuatus. Abundant on Bufgh Gastle. Id* 
— — - paphU)sfia,' 'L&nhd, and Behon Heaths/- "'let. 

'thryiotvplfahif* .'Fark P^lcs at Sotterley. . /J."^ 

— — i— phaocephalus. Barn-^ Bfuisyardi ^ fd. 

~^ I 

^; ^^^^^ C "if?^. »^^ XarmoncJl, wK. vH- 

t M.* i \ comtooi),, .... . V J Id. 

phyivdis. Bears ftuit cOnstaiitly on the oli ' * 

paA pjllrt in front of SotterJey Halll Id. 

■ ■ • prunastri. In fruit on Sotterley park pales, 

but rarely. . Z>. T. JVIore pkntifully so. . - ^ 
on Geldeston, and Hengr^ve Park Palesr. .", . 

t0L» II. . ^ 



Ill CHEN Jbnidtti. In fri^it on Heograve Park Pales* 

Riv. G. R* Leaihei^ 

" . *■■ jubaius. Eretiecham park pales* Rev^ 

G. R. Leaihet. Sotterley park pales* 2>. T. 

'^ farinaceus. In fruit near Heringfleet 

Decoy, pkntifull^. Rtv, G, R. Leathes* 
Also on trees in Gonton wood near 
Lowestoft ; and in Henhani Pa^k. D. T. 

■ alevrites. Henham, Sotierley, and Hering- 

fleet Park Pales. D* T. In fruit on 
, pales at Sir Chas* Davers', opposite the' 
canal. RgfOm G. R* Leaihes% 

■ fulmonarius. Sparingly oh trees about 

. Baston, and Parham. . Cralbe. 

■ ■^ ■ . ■ ■ scolecinus. jfcL Inside of old trees near 
Halesii^th* Z). T* 

eoccode*. jlch. Psu-k pales at Flixton* Id. 

X ^ 


Ulta pisiformis. \ Ditches at Bradwell on Cera^ 

tdphyllum ,demersVM* Id* 

pruniformis. Peat bogs on Belton Commoa* Id. 

tubrtca. ]>itch at Bradwell'; and rivulet 

on Belton Common. - Id. 

■ ' ■ ♦ aiomaria* Among the rejectamenta of 
the sea oA the Beach at Gorton and 
GuDton. Mrs. Fowler. 


* There can be little doubt but that all tbe maruie Algx found 
upon the ^each at Yarmmnh, and included in our Catalogue of 
Norfolk Plants, are ec^ually waihed up to the South of our Haven' 



Ulva dicbotoma. 

' Ugulata. 

— furcellcUa* 
Fucus stnuosus* 

■ ruscifolius* 

■ JfypogUssum* 
" ' ■ dasypbyllus* 

■ ■ otvaUt* 

■ ■■ . I liguLutis^ 

■ ■ ■ I lactmatus^ 


■ " ■ ■ laceratuu 

' rohtndtts* 

■ ■ ■ cMftrvdidcs. ) 
»■ subfuscui* 

■' I ■ t^sparagndes* 
' ' > fcdunculatus^ 

t davellosuu 
Conferva viUosa^, 
I fettucida* 

■>■■ H j 


Among the rejeda- 
meota of the sea* on 
the Beach at Corton 
and Gunton. Mrs. Fowler. 

though neither Mf. Wigg nor myielf have been in the habit 

of looking there for them. The Norfolk list of these plants may, 

therefore, safely be consulted as giving an account of those that 

•ccur in SuiToIk. J). T. 

F 2 



Conferva crlcctorwm. Loimd, Bradw€ll> and 

other heaths about Yarmouth. II* ?*• 

— — ^ hlpunctaia. Pools on BradweU Heath. Id. 

— — gtnujUxa^ Claypits about Yarmouth. Id. 


mutahtlis. On the stems of reeds in 

. pools at Bradwell, Hopton, andfieltoD. Id. 

.* atra. Rivulet on Hopton Common, 

Mr. Stone. 

- ' * ^rcsea. On the planks in the Yare hj 

Yarmouth. Mr, lVigg» 

« The habitat of this beautiful dmferva had been known to' Mr. 
Wigjr above ao years, and for eosac time to mftclf, before Mf^ 
Sowcrby*8 dhfcvffy of it at Yarmouth in 1797., ^' ^ 



OAhkA hispida. At Streatham W«]ls. 

Mr» J. ifoodsfjua* 
Veronica moniana. Freqnent ^ut Dorkiog. Id. 
Salvia pratensis. Common in thi^ Couniy. Dr. Stokes. 
Vale HI ANA dcnt<Ua. Cornfields South of Esher, 

in abundance. Mr. J. fVoedsypm* 

Crocus vemus. Near Batteriea Mil|. Martyn. 

ScHOBVut eovifressus. In ike Rill near Dul- 

wich Wells. Ray^ 

I tdhm. On 'Bagsfaot Heath i and in a 

large bog between Wickham and Croy-^ 

don. Jiay. Shiiiey Common, Mr. J. 
t Woods ^jwfi. E^her Common. Mr. Borrtr* 
Sciftrus acicuiaru. On West End Brook, Esher ; 

4uul by the Thames ^Hampton. M 

678 SURREY. 

SciKP us irtqueier* Thames at Battersea. Mr. DUisMm 
' sylvaikus* la a marshy meadow at 
Flanchford, Reigate, Mr» E. ForstiTf 
■^ juru . At the Rookery, and in the Mole 
by Betchworth Castle near Dorking; 

Mr. J. fFoodt^juru 

Eriophoruii vagrinaium. On Leith (fill Com- 
mon near Dorking. Mr. J. Woods ^jun. 
Boggy parts of Shirley Common near 
Croydon. Curtis. 

Taixicvu verticillatum* Battersea Ilelds. Id. 

i ■— nnride. Near Guildford ; and in Bat- 
tersea Fields. Hudson. In several parts 
of Wandsworth Field. Blachtone. 

■■■ Crus Gain. About Martha's Chapel 
near Guildford. Hudson. In moist 
places about Battersea, and Putney. 

Re^. J. Lightfooi. 
■ sai^inale. Wandsworth Field, near 

the Anchor Alehouse. Martyn. About 
Martha's Chapel near Guildford ; and in 
Battersea Fields. Hudson. 

AoaosTis Spica ^ftnti. Plentiful near Kingston 
npon Thames. Hudson. Between Ken- 
ningtonand Camberwell. Mr. Groult. 
About Esher. Mr. J. Woods^ jun. 
Near Cobham, and Bookham. Mr. Borr^r. 

■ SitaetM. PlentifttllyonBagshot Heath, Curtis* 


ToAhti^&ia^ NeaF CbphaM. Hudieru 

Fbstuca ioUacea* VkuxhalL Martyii. Blotter- 

. seat Meadows •• . ' Curtis. 

B&oiius a/rvensis. On Bosdiill near Dorking; 

Mr, J« WoodSfJunm 
• diandrus. On a wall at Battenea. Cur- 

tli. Near the Churcli. . Mr^B^rrefm 

Ky^'vtkfiaua. StociwelK Martyn* 

M '^ fuhesans, Banstead Downs. Id* 

Akv IS90 ffng^oim Near Kennington Common. 

Mr. Sowerbym 
.* ■ ■ ■ calamagrostu. In a lane at Camberwell, 

between the Grove and Dulwich. Martyn* 

•Av CHVS A semfervirtns, VauxhalL /</• 

Cynoolossuh ifhaticuvt* At Norbury, a mile 

from Leatherheady plentifully. Merrett, 

In Noibury Park. Mr. J. Woods^jun* 

MiKYAiiTHBt nympbitoidts. Above Kingston 

Bridge. BUukstone. In the Thames' . 

near Walton Bridge. Earl of Darhnoiai. 

Amagallis airvmsis, y. Peckbam: between. •_ 

Scockwell and CamberweU: between 

Streadiam and Mitcham. Martyn. 

Campanula fatula. In the Park of the late 

Lerd Ligooier at Cobham. Dr. Smitb. 

I I Rafumcuius. £)her. Hudson. 

About fieddicgton. . Mr. Bomr. On » 

Dnppa't hill^f Ctdydon. Mrl S: Woodt. 

,7^ the County, plentifully... .^i<,i^prt, v£p- 

sora fiq^n^j ta«4:A^ Cbipstit5bd* t*rr...:.v : 
/• .\..:\f^^Vf^er, jun. Towards Hedley ; 

Vwi:^ JA&a. On RcigaifeHiH) iMir. g. F/f^teVs 


"^ jw». Cheam: Epsote,- ind-.telseiBhdieA^ivA 

• ■ . . dW5. r« "igy. Jqff j /^r , j« n ^ 
VsRBAscjDM Lychwjtisr Bei^sm X!!roy^p;i mod c! . ^ 
Saunderstead, JIfr,. J. fVhods, jurtm 
About Croydpn. *' . ; - . -^^ 3^ 

^5 fidnxertdentum* -BAw^h Croyflon 

and Saunderstead. . . Mr^ «#. iVoods^yufi^ 

. .¥ ' " >' 

ConHmon \s^d CfLTtfit^* R^» . )f ear 
./ . . HaT;J{i3ridge between C^rthal^cWldjWit- 

'■ xham. ... Mr^Soff^r. 

Rh a lAmus iaiharticitti Bittm^^h%n6onfi^ Dul- 

' . ivich ; and in the Cio96l lit i$ibttfttb»». Martyn. 

Thesium iimphyllnm.^ Bouth ^ide cf the dbdk 
fongib between Guildford and DoiiDiiig. 

'Mvf\ J, Woods y jun. 
ViNCA^^V. iBy/ $Se *tod^side'-at Dulwidi^-. 
IMartyn, la a ianc leadkig frokn Baiter- 
-. sea Meadow tb Waodswoctl^* - Bl m §^ i$9 m^ 

Cheno#X)dium Lybriidm. In -fiahsetsea FlnJds, 
Z betwixt the.iwindnull ttidadoaV (and' the 

. . )ja»i leadmg to CbekeaXridgc^ ^s^oiog ^* 

dMbokiRi, ' Mir, E, Mprster^jun* 

.Ch Bii.o»ob i!ku flaumm. On KenDingtoaO>m- 

GLftir T 1 A N A pneumonant}:^, A quarter' of a inile 
Iteyond Gaphkm in^^e &di gcjing Aise ' 
foidclie way to iED§Ieton« NewUm» 

^w t ■ ; ■*■»> ccmift^strit. Box JiiH. :Jtfir, A. Aikin. 

BuPL^fttJM noiandifoimm* X.eatfaed2ead and . . 
Suttoo. Mttxtyn^ Amoag the corn on 
£^om Downs. itfr« T. F^ For^ter^ 
> jfittn. Near £okb'm. Mr.J.Woods^jun. 

ToRDYlJijM ojjkfkak. F<»and 'by Mr, Doody 

abbot isleirorth* • Raj^ 

' -i j* ' «ffKf»itt«. Morison s?y* 4hii pUdt 

. . '. grows about London. ^ 

(pAUpACrU daucmde^. Among ^ com by tkt 
vside of the road from Bfinstead Downs 
to Dorking, tfoftyn. Near Boxhill. ' - ' * 

Afr. J. Woods, jun. 

^ltA*cL«0]Mi sphondylium, 0. Battersea Mea- 

-dqws. MarfjL 

<kc^lf-rA inrosa, Battcrsea. ' /li. 

F1MPINB1.LA m^^iui. ijetween Wimbledon and 
Mcrton, "in a hedge by the toad side, 
Mdriyn* Hedges near Reigate. 

Mr. Ep Forstcr,jun^ 

• X 

582 SURREY, 

Shutvcvi E&ulus0 On Riddle's Down between 
Croydon and Godstone. Mr, E. Forster^ 
jun^ Left hand side of the rood near 
£wel Church. Mr^ 7*. Wi ^orsierfjun. 

LiNiTM tuitatissijHum. Among the corn ton Ep- 
som Downs. Id* 

Dkosb&a iongifoKa. Bagshot Heath. Raj. Shir« 
ley Common. Mr. T. F. -Farstir,jun. 
Esher Common. Mr. J .Wwdt^jun* 

Mr 08UR tfs min/muj. On Weston Green, a little 
on this side Eitham^ abundantly. Ray. 
Among the com on Epsom Downs. 
Mr. T. F* ForsttTf jun. Fields about 
Dulwichy especially on the right hand of 
Lordship Lane near Dulwich wood. . Curtiu 

Fa I T I L L A It I A MeUagris. . Between M ortlake *and 

Kew. Martyn. 

Ornxthooalvm luteum* Meadow near Godal* 

min. Blaclstone* 

SciLLA axitunmaUs. Mouldsworth. Martyn. 
Kew Green. Curtis. Moulsey-Hurst. 

Mn Bornn 

CovvALLARiA mhltifiora. Hedges at Stockwell, 


Acoavs Calamus. About Hedley. Ray. By 
the Thames at Walton^ and Hampton. ^ 

Mr. BorreTm 

JuNCUs FmtcrU About Dorldog, Mr. J. fToodsJim. 

SURREY. £83 

Alisma Damasenium, Wandsworth Ponds : PoU 

• ney Heath ; and In a pit almost opposite 

to the wells at Streatham. Martyn. 

Tooting, and Leatherh«ad Commons* 

* Mr. J» Woods, jun. Ponds near EweL 

' Mr, T, F. Fffrsur,jun. Dittoa Marsh ; 

and near Cobham. Mr. Borrer. 

E P XL o B I u IT dt^ustlfrUum, Road side between 
Wandsworth and Kingston.* Mr, £• 
FortteTyjun. Plentiful on Boxhill ; and 
between Wimbledon and Kingston. 

Mr. J, Woods ^jum. 

m \ roseum. In Ditches about the Bo- 

tanic Grarden on Lambeth Marsh. ' Curiu* 

Chlora perfoliaia. Common about. Dorking ; 
and in the chalky parts of the County. 
Mr, J, Woodsyjun, On Reigate Hill. 
Mr, E, Forster^jun, In the great chalk- 
pit near Cheam. Mr, T, F, Forsier^jm, 

Vacciitium Oxyeoccos, In a bog four miles be- 
yond Guildford. Mtrjretu 

PoLYGOSVM minus. On Putney Common. JitoK 
Dr, Goodenough, Between London and 
Dulwich. Mr, S, Harris* 

- Bistorta, Battersea Meadows. Dr, Smiti. 

S ATir KAOA granulata, var,Jl, phno, Mitcham. Martytu 

ScLZK AVT Hvs ferenms* Between Guildford and 

Compton. Mcrrett. 

684 SURREY. 

SAPOKAS.IA tjidfaiis* Between JLoadbm^Bd DuU 

wichf iilfr. 4S. HarrUf 

DiAHTinTS Mtoidfit. On Dnppa's HUl istisar 

Croydon. Hudson^ 

8sLXNB>4ri^c^. Afaoot- Coombe. Hudson* \ln 
« cornfield South of the Church at Wey- 
. hridge. Martyn. About Esher, and 
Weybridge ; and near Dorkuig. Mr. £oniep^ 
— Jtpiinqmevulnera* On Dttppa's Hill. Id. 


■ Kjtmurria, In a cocnfield at Weybndge with 

S. M^lica. Id, 

Svkhh^tanA gUuUA, Battersea fields near Nine 

AxfU^KiA temdfi^a* Hills beyond CuUdford. 

Merreit. On a wall at fiatterte^. Hudton^ 

^znvu dasyph^kim. Wails at Kew. /)r. <Smi/i&. 

Pyrus iofmwaiis. Between Loo4^ ^nd Dul- 

with. Mr. ^. Harris^ 

■ jdritf. About Dorking and Croydon. Mr. 

J. Wdodsf juru Hedges near Reigote, 

. Mr, E, Forstevy jun. In the Oak' of 

* Axnon Wood. L^ fF". D^ 

ToRMEjKTiftLA T^tons. Oak of Honour Hill, 

Feckham. Martyn^ 

Papateh hyhridumn On the Downs near £wel. 

Mr. T. f. ForsUr^jutU 
Cjstus ^urr^anus^ Near Croydon,* Ray. Not 
. found there since his time. 


A Kill 0KB apinnuta. In Wloablodoa Woods. 
May. Plentifully ia Lord Spencer's 
park at Wimbledon, Cwtok 

Aj UQ A cianuepitys. On Reigate Hill. Mr. E., 
Forster^ jun^ Neap Croydon. Mr. 
D'ulsofu Among the com on Banstead 
Downs by the side of die road to Dorkingl 
by Wimbledon Wood, Mariyn* por- 
. king. Mr. J, fFoodt, jun. Epsonat- : .^ 
Downs; Mr. T. F. ForsUr,juni AbOut 
JLittle Woodcotenear Carshaltoo* Mr. Borrer. 

Mentha rctundifoUa. In a lane between Relgate 
Church and Franchcs. Mr. E. Forstrr^ 
jun. In Ashted Park near Epsom. . 

. JWr» T. F. Fvrster^jun* 

— — - piperita. Between Croydon and Mit- 

cham, by the river. Metrtynv 

— :: — ^ — -"* jS. By Wandsworth ^iver. 

Sherard. By the Bridgo at Oxted near 
Godstone. Mr. Borrer. 

— ruhra. In Peckham Fields, Ray* Be- 
tween Lingiield street and Water street, 
Reigate. Mr. £• Farster^ jun. 

' — r ' ■■— Puligiitnu In and about the pits at 
Streatham ; and near Wandsworth ponds. 
Martyn. Chesilhurst Common* 

Mr. J. fTwfdi^/kmr 

Galeo^sis fvtrsicohr. /3. In a bank by the Thames 

'58« SURREY. 

side in Battersea fieldi almoft against 
Chelsea College* Blactstoni^ 

LeowUrvs Cardiaca^ In a lane near Coombe 

wood, Afr. Sowefbfm 

Scutellaria minor. In a pit at Streatham. 

Marfytt* Putney and Shirley Commons. Curtis. 
J^ATHitJEA squamaria. Plentiful in a shady lane 

not far from Dorking, Ray, 

i^HTiRRHiNVM Cymbalaria. On walls at Vaax- 

bally Battersea, and other places by the 

Thames side. fludson* 

■ — - spttrium. Cornfield between Beck- 
enham and Shirley. Curtis* Plentiful 
about Dorking; and between Croydpa 
and Sanderstead. Mr. J. Woods ^ jun. 

Near Reigate. Mr» £. Forster^jim; 

■ ■ ■ .. Unaria, /3. Sandy meadows at 

Clapham. Martpn 

minus. Battersea Pields. Curtis, 

Cornfields near Reigate Hill. Mr, E. 
Fontefyjun. Near Ewcl. Mr. T. F. 
Forster^jutt. About Dorking ; and be- 
tween Croydon and Sander$tead. 

Mr. J. Woods ^jum * 
S CROP H u L AR I A vernalis. By the common field 

at Mitcham in the way to Merton. Mr. A. Smitb^ 
LiitossLLA aquaticam Plentiful near Croydon. 

Mr. Dicison^^ 

SURREY. 4^«r 

^ OftOBAfiCAE elanoT. In the Chalkpits oear 

Cheam. Mr. Tl F. Forster^jun. Near - 
Sottooy and Carshaltoo. Mr. Borrer^ 

Alts SUM sativum. Above Wimbledon Park. Martyn^' 
LsPiDiuif tiOifolium. WimUedon Park. Id. 

Thlaiyi arvense. Meadows near Godalmin* 

Marfyn. Battersea Fields. Cuttism 

Ibiris nvdkauiis. About Richmoad. Ray. 
Putney Heath. MUler. Near Reigate. 
~ . Mr. E. FtritiTy jun, Wimbledcm, and 
Esher Commons ; and near Dorking. 

Mr. J. ff^ooJsfjun. 
Dbntakia htMfera. In a wood three miles 
beyond Croydon near Waddington to- 
wards the Downs. . Merroi. 
Ca&daminb amara. About Dorking. Ray. 

Osier Holu near Battersea. Hudsotu 

SiSTMBaiVM sylveitre* Banks of th^ Thames 

about Kew and Richmond. Mr. J. Woods^jun. 
■ ■ Irvi. Between Dulwich and Lon- 
don. Mr. S. Harris,^ 
Erysim.vjm pracox. Between Croydon and Saun- 

.der stead, Mr. J. Woods^jwu 

- ' cbnrantbsndes. Near Weybridge. Martyru, 

Hbsperis inodara. Wood on the right hand side 
of the road about half way from Leather- 
, head to Dorking. Mr, J, ^Voodsjun* 

TvBRiTis glaha^ Near Richmond. Mr. Lanv- 

' tin. By Aerdtd'sida aodbp the palet; 
of Ckreraont neaf Esher* Mr^ £. 
Forjter,jun. KLew Garden' Wall. Mt* Botren 

TtfRit'iTis hirsuttu In Switham Bottom noar - 
Croydon. Hudscn^ Cbmaum at Box-* 
bill near Dorktogi ' ATr.JF. Wdodii^Jwfd 

BirxtsiCA Napus ? Wha« afp'^ai^ a tenotoiuAile 

variety of thu sptci(a> with erect siliqnae - ' 
and Briskly lealstalks, grciws abmt the 
l^ha?ilno»at Hanipton aQ«i>]^8^ . Mr, Borren 

EaoDiuM mb^cha*uin%' Kear Batttffsea*. J&iy, 
OnrStr^atham Common. Martyri* At 
Bagshot : and plentifully in thif lanes add 
fields nttt Windlesham ChurGfa. 

Mr. T. P, Ffrster,juni 

GtKAHiv it praiense. Abortt Batter^sd; aiid^iB- 
the road leading from KnigMon- to-^ftkh- 
nnond* Xay, BetWeeif Lonid^n' tfnd 
Dulwich; Mr. Si Harris. Seat Itei- 
gatc ; asid ehfewfiere. Mr. E. Forstrr^janr 

fyrencucum. In the dry part of flie 
pasturage in Battersca fteldi. Curtis* 
Mitcham ; and Hammersmitht jt^, Borrer^ 
— rottmdffoliumr. ' BetWetiA Batterseft- 


sftid Wandsw^orth. Hudion.' Bctweeo 
Vanxhall and Btttenea rise. Mr. £. Farster,jun*' 
FuM ARIA farkfjflota. Near Ep^om.' 

SURREY. 989 

Lathtrvs Aphaea. Near the entrance into Bat- 

tersea fields* Mr, Sowcrly. 

»■ Nusolia, Dulwich : on Peckham . 
hill, by the wood: in a gravel pit at 
Stockwell: in ihe Closes at Strea- 
tham ; and between Streatham and Mit- 
cbam. \ Martyn. 

r sylvestris. In a rising meadow as you 
go to the Oak of Honour Hill from 
Peckham on the right hand towards the 
hedge; and at the side of a meadow as 
you go down the back part of that Hill 
at the East end of the wood. Doody. 
Near Wimbledon great pond. Martyn. 
In Peckham field, in a squalid watery 
place. Ray, 

ViciA latiyroides. In the Warren at Esher. Mr* Borrer^ 

AsTKAGALus glycyphyllos. ClaremoDt Park. Id. 

TaiPOLiUM ornubopodioidis* On Cato's Hill^ 

Esher. Id, 

•^— _ scabrum. About Croydon. Cwrtu* 

m glonuratum. On Kew Green. Re*v* 

. Dr^ Goodenougb, Hampton Wick. Mr, Borrer* 

HypEi^iCUAi afkdrossmum, Wimbledon Wood. Martyn. 

Ck^v IS /atida* Among the corn by the side of 
the road from Banstead Downs to Dor- 
king. //« 

■»■ bifnnis. On the Downs near Ewel. Mu 

YOtt II. Q^ 

T,J?>* E^rHtff^^jim. /About BcttlallHMr 
Dorking. Mn J. Woods, ju»m 

Hyosbut^ ^numma. In % ¥kH at TucyiogiM, 
aetr Hampeon Conn. Mmrtyn* in a 
•kstid^t OB the tight haad g(nog to the 
Duke of -Argyll's House at Pctenhtm. 
Blacksione. About Esher. Mu Borrer* 

Hyp0Ch^«is :glabr€L. £lher; aod CoU»m. 
Mr* fiemr. Aboi^ Coombtt>4u]«[ Kings- 
ton. Hudson* 

CARDuds fgnuj/krus, Viry common ^about 

XoRdon. Curtis^ 

> > * ' ■ heterophjUus. On a Moor tiro nSLts 
Eastfrom Croydoa. Mtftrot. iHfddlog- 
ton, near the *nfl of the Tow*. Mariyiu 

f i pratensis* Near Lcith Hill C6i»non, 

Dorking $ and on fisher Common. 

Mr. J. Wifdis.julu 

Gmapraltvm rectum. Among the Bok treiies IM: 

, BoxhilJ. Mr. '£, 'forsier,jun» 

Erig^ron canademe. Al^o^t London. Mr. Bvrrer* 

Se N B c ro viscosus. On 'Streacham Common* Marijn . 

A N T a £ M I s ttobilis. Between Dulwteh and Lon« 
don. Mr. S. Harris. Fixk at Oatknds. 
Mr. Woodward. Oa the Downs, 
Tplentifnlly. Mr. T. F. forster^jun^ 

Cb kYaurba solsiiualis. In a rick yard at Esher. 


jifr. J« Woadsjjim^ 

Ojichi# uitvUfit^. ]34^k pf 5«J9ip^ iW pear 

Ppi:)um, 4f''* /• Woods yjun* 

pf4i^Y9 Isfidtts avis. In Norf)yi:]r Ffi^k near 
Q^ydpOf very s^Uu^ot ; ^4 iH^ IM^* 
mer Common. IJ* 

^ jLM^^t Jffonorciis. In tfip grefit cl^iIk-pU an 
^l^op) JQawss pofuc ^l^ted -Par|c. 

Mr. T. F,» Forsfer^jun. 

^ v ' ly. ' u. %n> antlropophora. Ntajr Leatherkead. Ci/r- 
ilf. Chalk pit JicarCbcam, Mr.T.F. 
Forstertjtm. la ;Laagl^y Field iietwee^ 
Croomhurst and Selsden ; and in a lane 
leading from Smitbam bottom to Sauni* 
derstead. Martyn. 

% muiciferM. ' Plentifid about Croy4Qa* 

Huddcn. Near Leatherhead^ and Cheam* 
Mr. T. F. Fcrstgr^jun. Ranmer Com-' 
mon. Mr. J. JFoods^ jun» £Qxh^l } 
and Norbury Park. Mu jt» /tsiuu 

,wiMi"a - " a/nfera. On Reigate Hill. Afr. £• 
Forstcr^ jun* Chalk pits oa £paom 
Downs near Ashted. Mr. Tn F. For' 
ster^ jutu About Bozhill Jiear Doxkiog, 
in great abmidanoe. Mr. J. Wogdt^jim* 

' ■ i. aram/era. Chalk pits near X^eather- 

bead. Curtis. 

Se9, A9 1 A$ longif alia. OnBoxhill. Mr.T.F.Forster^jurU 
■ ^randifiora. In, and about Norbury 

6n surrey: 

Park near Dorking. Mr. J. Woods, juiu 
Box hill; and among the Beeches on 
Ryegate Hill. Mr. Borrtn. 

CkK^X eapitcaa. (Jiokavar?) Shirley Common. 


■ dioiea, Bagshot Heath. Mr. GotoM. 

■ ' axillarts, % Found by Mr. Curtis near Put- 

i^cy. Rev. Dr, Goodenough. *' The 
Ledds" near Esher. . Mr. Bcrras, 

' dwisa. At Kenniogton. Mr. Groult. 

* pendula. Near. Homsey Wood. 

Mn J. Woods, jun. 

depauperata. In dry ivoods near Godal- 

miu. Mr, Dickson^ 

— ^— - ztmpuUacea. On a bog on Reigate heath* 

Mr. E. Ffirster^ jun. 
Buzus sempervtrens. On Box Hill near Dorking, 

plentifully. Ray. 

Xanthium strumarium» In a bog beyond Feck- 

• ham. . - MerrHt. 

Amaravthus Blitum. In Battersea Fields. 

Mr. D'uison. 
QuERCus seisihfUra. About Norwood. Martyn. 

SAhix purpurea.' Between Vauxhall and Nine 

Elmsy by the Thames side. Id* 

' rubra. Between Dulwich and London. 

Afr. S» Harris^ 


Salix /^mygialiAa, At the foot of Boxblll near 

Dorking. Mr. J. fToods, jun, 

' perUandra. By the pond side at Wimbledou, 

"Sherard, In Coombe Wood. Hudson, 

— nigricans. Foot of Bbxhill. Mr. J, Woods^jun. 

— — fusca. Efiher, Wimbledon, and Shirley 

Commons. /</. 


cintrea. Boxhill, and at Esher. Id. 

Taxus haccata. On Boxhill, and elsewhere. 

Mr. T. F. Forster^jun. 
Atriplbx erecta. At the entrance into Battersea 

Field from Nine Elms. Prof. Martyn, sjen. 

OfiMUNDA regaUs. Weybridge, by the' side of a 
coppice. Martyn, Holm wood by 
Dorking. Mr. J. Woods ^jun. 

LrcopODiuu inundatum. Near Esher. Hudson. 
On Bagshot Heath. Dr. Smth. On 
Shirley Common. Mr. T. F.Forster^jun. 
Heaths about Cobham. Mr. Borrer. 
• . ' Leith hill Common. Mr. J. Woods ^jun. 

AspiDiVM Thelypteris. Leith hill Common. Id. 

—— ^ Oreoptcris, Shirley Common ; and 

Reigate Heath. Mr. £. Forster,jun. 

PiLULARiA globulifera. Near Streatham Wells. kay. 
I'll A SCUM curvicoUum* Barren grassy places near 

Croydon. Dickson. 

y^ recurvlfolium. Heaths near Croydon, Id. 

■ xuryisctum* Fields near Croydon. Id. 


We cannot refrain from prefacing our Catalogue 
of the plants of Sussex by an acknowledgment of 
the obligations we feel to Mr. Borrer, who, at that 
time an entire stranger, most obligingly furnished us 
with a complete Flora of the County, adding many 
remarks, of which we much regret that from the 
Nature of our work we have been able to avail our- 
felves only in a small degree. Sussex may probably 
be considered as the richest part of England in point 
of cryptogamic productions^ uniting a great propor- 
tion^ of our more mountainoug species^ with such as 

SUSSEX. 597 

are peculiar to our Southern Counties ; butj besides 
those which are here enumerated^ Mr. Borrer has 
sent us many Lichens, either wholly new, or hitherto 
involved in some obscurity, for the elucidation of which 
it would be necessary to enter into discussions, which 
would lead us far beyond our present object ; and we 
are therefore under the necessity of leaving them 
either to some future opportunity, or to the more 
able pen of the author of the Flora Britannica* 

* SAtxcoKHiA/ruticosa, On the muddy borders 

of Shorcham Harbour. Mr. Strrren 

Cha&a hispida. Near Lewes, and Stanmer. Id^ 

* Mr. Borrer remarks that he finds both species of SaKeornla 
diandrous, aad in the Catalogue he has sent me, he expresses no 
doubt as to their being distinct, which, coming from one who hat 
had so frequent opportunities of examining them in their places of 
growth, leads me to spprehend I haye been wrong in the opinion I 
have giTca upon this subject. Set Nefe^f* ax . 2). 7*. 

Mfr strsssx* 

wardd tfae aeii. Jir. Bofitn^^ 

V&&0]riCA ciaaurdtys. A tarlety of this plant 
witji white flowers grow$ nt Udimere 
aear Rye. /dm 

^ALwiA pratcfuis. Common ia this Couaty. Du Stakes* 
Valeriana deniata^ In cornfieldsi probably as 

common as V. Locusta. Mr. BorrcTm 

Ikis fatiJissimcu On the rocks at East Bourne, 
Mr* T. F, F^stir^jun* About Bram* 
ber: Amberley. Mr. Barter* Com- 
mon about Hastings. Mr. J. Woods, jun^ 
Sc H(SN u 8 albus. On the great bogs on Ashdown 
Forest. Forster, On Chailey Common : 
Tilgate,and St. Leonard's Forestst Am- 
berley Wild-brooksj and other bogs near 
Washington Common* Mr. Bwrer. 
SciKvv s muhicauliu Very frequent on bogs. Jdm 
m — pauefforui* On Heafield Common. /i» 
■ ■«■■*■ syhatictum Common in wet woods, about 

s^reamij He* Jd» 

* This Cbara in Mr. Borrer's opinion is distinct from thott hi* 
therto notictd in £ng|biad,hut to mc, I must confess that it nither 
appears a variety of C»fiixiUs^ frem which, however^ as he justly 
«l)0erv€s» it diffisrs in the situation of xhtpe^edUu Anthers near the 
kis«^ of the Uavts, and in these being undivided^ but surrounded a* 
the point wfaei« the flowers are produced by a whirl of tecoadarl. 
«nc«arrap|E«d at fight a&gles With (be prtoury ono* />• ^* 


SKiovut}Ktj& ^oaginahun. On Amberlcy Wfld- 
brooks^ and neighbouring bogs. Mr^ 
Borrer* On Broadwater Commoih tnHx 
Tufibfidge Wells. Mr, J. Waods^jwrn^ 

AloVecctrvs bMoiwt. At Sctatbwick near 

Shoi^eiiam : neaf Pagham. jtfr. M^mrn* 

MiMVM lencRgerum* On cornfieids on a dajey 
so3 in Hurst Kcvpeiot* and ClajrtoMi and 
at F^irtriade. Mf. Barrer. At Ore 
near Hastings. Mr. J. tVowb^ jtm^- 
Cornield in Hht yfiij from the High 
Rocics towards the Erid^e Rocks at the 
W«Ik^ Tanbridge. Forster^ 

Agilostis sii€kau On wet Commonf* Mr* Borreti. 

PoA procumitntk About the salt-4(rat^ dittoes at 

Rye : very sparingly near Shorebaits*» IJ^, 

«-^ Mioskh On the Steyneat Brighton : on the 
Ibw cTijBI^ between Worthing and Lower 
Landing: and in tlie loose sands near , 
Little Ifaniptoo^ //» 

^TW<OBvatE^s ecifituttiit. Near Hastings^ but very 

sparingly. Rev. Df. GondentMg^^^ 

T^fitV'Q'K hromoides* y Not uncommon in the 

— ; — ^ Miacea. i County. Mr. Bcmr. 

■ i unightinis. Otivthe sands near Little 

Hampton, R^» J>r* Ooodinimghm 

Brvmvs squarrosus. Said to be fbond near Marcs- 
field. Fwlrr. 


"BROUvi fihnafus. In many places on the Down^« T 

Mr» MorreTi. 

Ayejh A fatua* "i 

^ f Not uncommon in the County. Id* 


Arundo Eptgejos^ In wet thickets, rather rare* Idi ' 

■ Calamagrostis^ In moist woods, ice. 

more common than the last» Idk : 

LoLiuM arvense. Not uncommon among Corn ; 
but I have observed Z» temulentwn only at 
Southwick. Id. 

HoRDBUM maruimum.. At Bo-^Peep near Hast- 
ings. Mr. J* Woods^jun. Not uncom- 
mon on the Coast. Mr. £. Forsterfjutt. 

Triticum loliaceum. Near the rocks at Eastings 
Castle. Mr. E. ForsUf^jun. Worthing % 
and Little Hampton. Mr* T.F^Forster^jun. 

"DiTSACV Bfilosus. About Arundel Castle. Mr. Boner ^ 

Rajbia peregriita. OfFham Hanger near Arundel; 
and above Houghton Chalk pits. Mr. 
Borrer. On Tunbridge Rocks. 

Rru. Dr^r Goodewrngb. 

ExACUM jpliforme. On Horsham Common, abun- 
dantly. Mr. Borrer. 

Cemtunculus mtnhnus. In St. Leonard's. 

Forest : on Challey, Washington, Hor- 

sham, and other Commons. Id. 

RuPFZA maritima. At Rye and Shoreham, . Id. 

SUSSEX. oat 

Akchosa simper<oireni. Pleatifully on a Bank 

between Lewes and Southover. Mr. Borrer» 

Cynoglossum sylvatleum^ Lanes near Tun- 
bridge WcUs. ^^Kitor- 

SYMrHTTyM officinale. 0. Near ArandeL Mr. Barter. 

c: r- *■ tuberosum* Very plentifully in a 

. hedge near the Parsonage at Slinfold. I J, 

A s p E R u GO grocuTnbeni. Near Boxley. ii^« 

Me n Y a vt h £s nyp>phaoides. In ditches in Lewes 

lereL Jjdr. Borrevm 

Campanula Rapunculus. At Pulborpugh. /i» 

rr— — — : — hederacea. In wet groves and heaths 

. in th^ forests : on Whalebridge Coinmon . 

near Linfield. Mr. Borrer. On the 

side of the great bog leading from Eridge 

Rocks towards Gtoombridge. Forster. 

, Fairlight Co|nmon near Hastiogs. 



,' ^ Slinfold Parsonage having been formerly the residence of Dr. 
Manniogham) Mr. Borrer suspects that this plaQt, as yi,e\\ ^s Ew 
fbtrbia esula, Sind pilo*a, and probably Cardamine impatUns, znd Erysi" 
mum cbeirantboitUsy all which are now apparently v^ild there, may 
originally have escaped from his garden. Kf r. Borrer^ has also in- 
formed us that Apium petroselmum is naturalized on vralls at 
Arundel and Shoreham; and he adds, upon the authority of Mr. 
Woollgar, that Saiureia montana T has grown time out of mind oh 
the ruins of Lewes Castle : we have heard of these two plants be- 
ing naturalized in other parts of England, and we can hardly doubt 
of then* having as good a claim to a place in our Flora as FaUriana 
rubra or l^ultpa sylvtttris. 


Pbytsvma mrhuulMn. On the Downs. Mr, J?a#> 
rer. Near East fiottioe. Mr» T^ F* 

ForsiH^yjvM. About Brigbtoo. Sirf.G.Ctti/umn 
Vi#X.A birta. About hedges, chiefly ^mi the 

DOWDB* Mr. iS<MriV^« 

■ ■ ■ ■ U^es* On ilie sidles cf iht ffeat 'l>og lead- - 
ing ffom Eridge Rocks towards Gfoom- 
bridge. Torsfer, On Fakliglit CoOMnon 
fkeftr Hastings. Mr» J. Woods, jun^ 

^YsKBASCUM Lychnitis. Not uncommon in this 
County. H^. T*. /*. Forster^jun. Otf- 
Ixam Hanger. Afr. Borrer. 

■ ^ ■ Blattaria. About Corner-house Turn- 

p3te near Cowfold. . Id^ 

"t Ckielokia palch^fta. Very common on the 
chalky soil of the Soum Do^Kms $ and 
on wet clay soil in the Weald ; and on 
tiiedoast. Mr. Borrcr, East Bourne, 

Lady M. TJkytmfik 

^ Mr. Borrcr lias lately sent as a new and most beautifut in- 
stance of hjbrid production in this gepus Qriginatlng between 
/^. niVriMS and/iffxrVr»»f. 

f Mr. Borrer remarks that he has only In two instances found 
^ lower leaves enlarged as In Sowerby*8 figure, but he it firmly 
perssaded that the common plant it the same species. I must^grep 
wkh him that the marks of distinction hitherto pointed out.are f;^ 
from constant or satisfactory, but at the same time the difieront ap«> 
pearance of the two plants is so utriking and unifoim, that I cannon 
]{^rsBade myself they are mtrt varlctlcft. D. 7*. 


-combe^ 'settredy i«digtD5«t« Mr. Borretm 

■■>i I ■ !■ XyloMHwn. In a Cofptoe,^knl «the 
Htdcetiss «» Hie £Mt •tf ilbci^nMi 
, Bridge, 4 miles from Arundd, fiMtiful 
ami icenaittly wild* AIL 

RttAHiMTITt Ccaharticus. Ifot « K » mmaii ia the 

County. #1^ 

THBsitrv Uno^yVjum. On a !ri]l by the road fnm 
Lewts to PalxiKr: near Portilade, on 
theliffl towatife the Deril^s Dyke. M 

ViNCA fnaj9U At Norlington, and elsewhere 

about Lewes, but scarcely wild* Id* 

<lHENOi>oDitJM olidum. At Brighton. /^. 

CuscvTA euTcipita. In hedges at Portslade, and 
at Pangdean near Brighton : itow and 
then in fields of Vetches. H* 

Gevtiav A pneumonantie^ On Cha3ey Common. 
Mr. Borrer. On Watcrdown Forest 
near Turibridge Wells. Mr. J. Wvodsfjtm. 

• • campestru. On the Downs, less gene- 

rally than G. AmareUa. Mr, Borrer. 

B^PLEURUM rotundifoUum. Near the rocks at 
Uckfield, by the foot-path to Pilt Down. 
Mr. Borrer. Conffields near Tunbridge 
Wells. ForsteTm 

tenuhdmum. On the marshy parts 


• of the shore between Worthing and 
Lower Lancing. Mr. Borrer. lo the 


brook that runs by Htstiags Castle ; and 
at Pett. Mariyn. Abundant at Bo^Peep 
near Hastings. MuJ. Woods ^juu. 

* PkucbdanuM finale* In the Ditches near 

Shoreham* Ray. 

Hbi;^aclbum spbondylium. R, At the foot of the 

Downs in several places. Idr. fiorrar* 

Si\r}A latifolium. CommoD in the County. Id, 

SxsON Segetum. In corn^elds and by roadsides, 

chiefly on the Downs, and on the coast. /dL 
O ^KAVT HZ ^mpinelioides. In salt marshes. Id. 

' peucedanifolia. Near Amberley and 

Lewes. Id. 

P4MPINELLA magna. A single plant on Silver- 

hiU near Robertsbridge 12^ all I have seen 

in Sussex^ Id. 

S4MBUCUS Ebulus. Generally on chalky soil, - 

but not very comn^on. /</, 

TAMA9iixgaUua> On the Cl^fF to the East of 

of Hastings* Rtv. Dr^ Goodenovgh^ 

LiNUM usitanssimv,m. Not \incomnion in the 

County. Mr. B^rrer* 
-— r- angusttfoUum, Plentifully in a field on . 

the left hand fide of the lane that l^ads 

* Mr. Borrer has frequently nought for this plant here in vain, 
hut found Oenantbe pimfintlloides^ which grows also, at Yarmouthy 
Cley, and, T helieve, in every other hahitat assigned to Feucedanum 
0ffieiMle,so that there can he little doubt but Mr. Rose was right 
in his conjecture that it had been mistaken for it. 2>. T, 

SUSSEX. e05 

from the sea to Pett; Sberard. At 
Boddyham Castle; Mr* T. F. Forster, 
jurt. Standard HiU near Battle : on the 
Broile at Riiigmer: Goatherd's Green^ 
Hurst Flerpoint: cliflk towands South- 
wick> and elsewhere near Brighton* Mr* 
Borreri Common about HastingSj and 
Tunbridge Wells. Mr* J, fToods^juik* 

JDrosiaa lon^olia* Bogs on Westfidd Green 
near Hastings. Retf, Washington 
Common; Mr* Borr&* 

MYOsuRtrs minunus. Cornfields on the coasts 
from Portslade to the Western extremity 
. . of the County. . . ; » Id* 

GalakthuS ww^a/u. Not uncommon, but searcely 

indigenous^ ... » Idi 

Ha a c I s s u 8 lnfi(hrus. Field near Cowfoid fair from 

any house : common in Ordiards, &c. - Id* - 

OnHjTHooAhvu pyrenakum* By a stream. be- 
tnreen Fishbourne Church near Chiches- 
ter and thfe turnpike. Mr. Borren On 
the left hand of a farm half & mile from 
Chichester South Gate> in a meadow^ 
plentifully* ^^y» 

r r uwieUatum* At Lewes; Mr* Borrcr* 

JvNCus Forsteri. Woods near Arundel, by the 
road to Chiehester : Hamsil Forge, and 
Hungershall rocks, sparingly. Id* 

irot. li* ^ 

006 SUSSEX. 

FnAKitstA Uvts. AtSoathwick. Mr.Bornr. 
On tbe rocksi and by the shore at Hast* 
iiigs* Afn £• Ftyrster^ jun% 

■ - - y- pidvaruUaitL. On the coast between 

Brighton and Bognor, Hudson, I 
never heard that this plant had been found 
by any subsequent Botanist, but Dr. Wi- 
thering sent me, shortly before his death, 
a specimen^ which I presume was indi« 
genoos and gathered here. D. 7*. 

RuMBx sanguineus. Between Kingston near 

Shoreham and Southwick Green. Mr. Bomr* 
■ mariitmus. A single plant in Lewes 
leveU iSoo. Idm 

Alisma DMmascnium. Pits on St. John's and 
Chailey Commonst Mr, Barren Bogs 
on the Forest near Tunbri(%e Wells. Forstir* 

m ranuncuhides* Bogs on the Forest near 

Tunbridge Wells* Forster* St. John^ 
Common. . Mr. £ornr» 

EriLOliUM angustifalium. Near a Stone Quarry 
between Lamberhurst and Stone Crouch. 
JIfr. £. Forster^ jun. Wood in the way 
from the Wells at Tunbridge to Frant ; 
and near Beyham Abbey. Fonttr, 
In^yeral parts of St. Leonard's Forest i 
tad in woods near Amadel* Mr. B<frrer» 

SUSSEX. 607 

Efiloiium roseum. Frequent In shady lanes m 

the Weald. Mr* Bomr* 

CHhO% KperfoUatd, On the Downs^ not very fi^iir 

quent. //« 

Vaccinium Oxyeoccos. Amberley Wild Brook. Id. 

£&ic A ietraRx, *) On the Forest at Tanbridge Wells 


" ' ■ cinerea* J with white flowers* Forster, 

Polygonum minus. In places subject to inunda- 
tion. Mr. Borrtr. 
' ' Btstorta* Near Midhurst. Id, 

MoNOTROPA hypofitbys. Jn the Beech woods of 

this County. Ray» 

VrKOhh rotundifolia. In Charlton Forest. Martyn. 

Saponabxa officinalis . Between Storrington and 
Washington Common : very plentiful at 
East Bourney and on the wide beach to* 
wards Langley Fort* Mr. Boner. 

DiAVTfivsproliffr. In Selsey Island* Ray. 

Stsllaria glauca.' Side of dear streams near 
Tunbridge Wells; Forster. In the 
Wild brooks, Amberley ; and in the 
levels near Henfield. Mr. B orrery 

Seouii dasypbyllum._ On walls at Petworth* Id. , 

Spergula subuJaSa. St. Leonard's Forest. Id. 

^V?HQ%BiA flatypbylla. Clayey C^jrnfields, not 
imcommon. Mr. Borrtr. At Ore neax • 
Hastings. Mr. J. WQ9ds^jnn»* 


Pyrus torminalis. Not unfreqaent in the County. 

Mr. Borrcft 

Jlria» In hedges, &c. on the borders of the 

*iDowns. id» 

* Rosa tomentosa. Not unfrequent in the County. Id, 
f ToRMENTiLLA teptans. Not uncommon on 
sand and clay. Mf. Borrer. Frequent 
about Hastings. Mr, J. Woods^Jun, 

G£VM rtvali. In a bog near Chichester. Martyn, 

Pa P AVER bybridum. Among Com on the Downs. 

Mr, Borrer, 
Ranunculus Lingua, Near Lewes 1 Amberley 
wild Brooks : pond near the South Gat^, 
Chichester. Mr, Borrer, Xeft hand of 
the Lane from Hastings to Pairlight 
place. idr, T.F, Porster^jun* 

* Mn Borrer observes that there areia^ussex several varieties 
lirhich almost equally resemble this p^ant and Reita camina : it is pos^ 
sible the Plant we have m«ntidn^ from ^fr• Wuch may bo one of 
these. Set Note p. 473. 

f In the opinion of Mr. Woods this plant is a mere variety of 
ToUniilU repianty the flowers of which, Mr. Borrer observes, often 
lose a fifth part, thereby much strengthening this opinion^ I 
can myself add' in farther confirmation, that a plant of itormen* 
iilla r?/fa;f/, which Mr. AVigg and f gathered three years sidce, and 
transplanted into my {tirden, has by culture gradually ap|>roac]ied 
nearer and nearer td tbe JPvfmHUa^tiHX ^ n now.hsrdly to be distin- 
guished from it^^nd of its flowers at this time almost e^al propor* 
tions bear four or five petals. ^. T. 

StJSSEX. 609 

Kawucvlvs parvtflorus. Near Shoreham : near 
Midhurst : common in Selsey Island : at 
Pangdean near Brighton. Mr, Borrev» 

HsLLEBORUs wridts. About Arundel Castle. Ray. 
— fatidus. Upon the Down towards 

I *i 

Chichester, along the road. Ray, Be- 
tween Pyecorabe and Newtimber; and 
in Arundel park, where I never ^aw 
H, viridisf Mr. Borrer» 

A J VGA Chamapitysj Cornfields about Tunbridge 

Wells. Forster. 

Tevcrfum Cbamsdrys. Plentiful upon the ruips 

of Winchelsea Castle. Sherard. 

Meiitha syh/estris. At Worthing j and near Al- 

bourne Place. Mr. Borrer. 

■ rotundifoUa. In Arundel Park. Id. 
m hirsuta. j3. In the Parish of East Bourne 

Tn the road to Peyensey. Ray. 

■ ■■ J. Not uncomn^on in the County* 

Mr. Barrer. 
—^ -. f & ^. In the levels n^ar Lew^s 


and Henfield. Jd. 
- rubra. Near Ditcheling, Ringmer, an4 

Hurst Pierpoint, Id. 

' PuUgium, On Wet Commons, Id. 

Galbopsis versicolor. 1 n hedges in the great road 
beyond £ridge Park near Tunbridge 
Wdlls, Forsftr. 

610 SUSSEX. 

Sallcta nigra. 0. Near Spcldhurst church. 

Forster. Near Patcham. Mr. Borrer. 

TttoviVKVS Cardiaca. Stopham Bridge near Pul- 
borough. Mr. Borrer. In Selsey Island 
near Chichester. Ray. 

McLiTTis vulissophyllum. In St. Leonard's Forest, 
going down into Isemonger's Gill, by the 
cross road from Hand Crosis to the Hor- 
sham road. Mr. Bomr. 

Thymus Nepeta. About Hastings Castle. Mr. 

Borrer. Near Tunbridge Wells. Forster^ 

SciTTBLLARiA minor. Sides of the bogs on the 
Forest near Tunbridge Wells. Forster. 
Not uncommon in the County. Mr. Borrer. 

Antirrhinum Cymbalaria. At Chichester. Id. 

— .. spurium. Cornfields near Tun* 

bridge Wells. Forster. f re<iuent in the 
County. Mr. Brrrer. 

— Unaria. /?• NearSlinfold. Mr. 

Borrer. On a bank near Withyam. Forster. 
. minusm Cornfields about Tun-' 

bridge Wells. Forster. Not uncommon 

in the County. Mr. Borrer. 

LiMOSBLLA aquatica. Near Ambcrley Castle. Id. 

Orobanche elatior. Among Centaurea scabiosa 
at Lewes. Mr. Borrer, In the way 
from Mr. Fry's to the High Rocks, 
Tunbridge Wells* Forster. 

SUSSEX, eii 

OftOBANCHi minar* Not ttncommon in clover 

£dds. Mr. Borrer^ 

CocHLVA&iA datnca. On the sea coast* IJ. 

Ibbris nudicauliti Near Midharst* Id. 

Cbambb maritimm. On the ClifTs at Beachy 
Head : on the beach at East Bourne^ 
and near Shorehaa. Mr. Berrerm At 
Hastings^ and Worthing. Mr, T, F, Forster^jm* 

Dbntaria hulUfera, In Highreede and Foxhole 
woods near MayfielcU Parlinion. On 
the left hand rocks going to the High 
Rocks at Tunbridge Wells from Mr. Fry's, 
and on the sides of the rimlets* Forsfer, 

Cardaminb itnpatiem. Near Slinfold Parsonage* 

Mr^ Borrer, 

■ ■ amara. About Slinfold. Mr» Borrer» 

Harrison's Rocks near Tunlxidge Wells. 

Mr. J. Woods fjtm* 

Sisymbbium sjhestre. In the levels at Lewes. 

Mr. Borrcr* 

Erysimum chcirantioides. About Slinfold Parson- 
age, id. 

Chbiranthtis stnuatus. Hastings. Mr. Dickon. 

^ He s PERIS inodora. At Southover near Lewes. 

Mr. BorrcTm 

TuRRiTxs Ursula. On the banks beyond Mid- 

* Mr. Borrer obsf rves that the different form of the Petals seemt 
iht principal distin Ai«n between this ipeciei and H. matrMaliu ' 

01« SUSSEX. 

hurst. Dooiy^ Not unfrequent on the 
Downs. Mr. Borreu 

BftASSiCA orietOalis* Fields near Godstone and 

Marshfield* Hudson^ 

* A 

Er ODIUM moscheUunu On the rocks, Hastings. 

Mr, T. F. Forster^ jun, 
■ maritimtm. On the shore near Brackles- 
ham. Diikmus, ~Near Bognor Rocks. Ray. 
GrERANiuBc fraUnse. About Plumpton near 

Lewes* Mr. Sorter^ 

■ roberiianum, p. At Shoreham. (The 

habit of this plant is very different from 
that of the inland one, but it is scarcely 
. Qmpuxpvreum of Willdenow, as I can 
find no difference in the arillus^ ex- 
^ept that in this it is not haicy* Tha 
whole plant- is smoother* and rather 
smaller.) /</, 

Latatbea mrharea. I once saw a single plant 
near an old ruin beyond Bulverhithe, 
about three miles irbm Hastings; 

Mr. T. jF. Forster, jun^ 
Antktllis vulneraria. This plant varies on the 
Downs occasionally with wbjte flowers. 

Mr. Borrer. 
PisVM nitfrt/tini/m.' AtRie/andPensie. Camden. 
By William the Conqi^eror's teble near 
Hastings. ^ ^r. J. Woodsjjuiu^ 




SUSSEX. 613 

Lathykus" Aphaca* In ai^ old chalk-pit by the 
road from Houghton to Ambcrley, 

JIfr. Borrer. 

-1 Nissolia. Not very rare. Id, 

1 ■ ■ - syl>vestris. Near Poymngs, Ray, 

About Amberley : near the South Gate, 
Chichester. Mr. Borrer, Hedge in a 
lane at Climping near Arundel. 

Mr. jT. F. Forster^ jun. 

ViciA luteal On the shore near Shoreham. 

> Mr^ J. Mtddletm. 

- « bithynlca. Near Southwick, on the Cliffs 

towards Brighton. Mr. Borrer^ 

TtiiTOLiv u maritimum, Dellquay near Chichester* /iL 

■ ■ seabrum. On the shore near Little 

Hampton, and Hastings. Mr. E. Forster^jun. . 

Lotus dtjfusus. Among the rocks near Hastings 

Castle. Mr. Dichon* 

Hypekigum androsamum. About Old Roar, 
and at the Fish Ponds near Hastings* 
Mr. J, Woods ^jun. Woods about Penn's 
Rocks, Harrison's Rocks, and elsewhere 
near Tunbridge Wells. Farster. Not 
uncommon in the Weald.'*' - Mr. Borrer • 

' ' duHum. Near Whiston, by the road 

to Washington. /</• 

I^ACTVCA saUgna, Near Langfey Fort, among the 

bushes on the wide beach. Id. 

61i SUSSEX. 

HiBiACiiTif Mttroruiru Oa walls at Chichester : 
on banks near Horsham, and near Hors- 
tedkaynesi always with spotted leaves. 

Mtm Borretm 
Cakdwi ienm/hrus. On the coast. Jd* 

■ > praiensis. Waterdown Forest* Forster. 

On Fairlight near Haftings. Mr.J.Woods^jun, 
Ghaphalivm lutco-album^ A mile above the first 

of Bognor Rocks. Slaclstcne. 

rectum. Near Tnnbridge Wells. 


forster^ Not uncommon in the County. 

CiNSaAKrA itaegrifolia. In several places on the 

Downs. Id. 

trxtTiUKVU maruimum^ At Cockbush> 7 miles 

from Chichester, in plenty. Dillemus, 

Ahthbmis nobtlis. Frequent on Commons in the 

Weald. Mr, Borfft. 

CtNTAU&B-A Jaua f A single plant in a meadow 
near Henfield. Removed to a garden it 
has produced several seedling plants 
exadly like itself, and differing from 
C» nigraf /S. chiefly by the regularly torn 
scales of the Calyx. Id. 

■■■ ■ iolstitialis* Near Fortslade, and 
Brighton. Id» 

OiCKis ustulatiu On declivities of the Do\Yns 

near Jevingtoni Pyecombe« and Lewes. Id. 

SUSSEX. «15 

Sattrivm viride. In sereral pl^ceson the Downs, 

Mr, B^rrcTn 

DxHKYi ^^« I have met with a monstrous 
Tariety, in which two» and in some flowers 
three* of the petals have assumed the 
form and size of the ne^hiry lip, and 
which has flowered in the same manner 
since it$ removal to a garden. Jd9 

I ■ ■■ ' ■ Nidus avis. New timber woods ; Danny 
woods* Hurst Pierpoint, near the pond* 
iif r* Borrerm Near the little brook by 
the High Rocks towards Rusthall Com- 
mon. Forster^ 
.«■'■' M(morchitm On the side hUl of Vinegar 

Bottom near Lewes* Mr* Woolgar. 

■ '■ ' ■ mMScifera. Common about ThicketSy &c« 

on the Downs, Mr. Borrer. 

■ ■■■■ ■ ■ fi. Charlton Forest. . Mcatpk^ 
..^^,— ^ opiferM. On declivities near Steyning* 

and near Lewes. Mr, Bornr. 

SEtiAf IAS jirandiflora^ Inthcvicinity of Arundel. Id, 

•\ All the flowers I have exa* 
mined of this genus have 
been hermaphrodite. The 
flowers of L, truuica I have 
" met with but once ; those of 
L,polyrrbi%a not at all : £• 
fiunor and ^/^^A flower plen* 
tifully CYCry summer. ^ Id. 

Lemna trisuIcM, 


■ ■ ■■ ■ . minoTm 

■ ■■■ ■ gibba. 

618 6USSEX. 

Ttpha angusilfoRa. Not uncommon in the County. 
Mr» Borretm At Ore near Hastings. 

Mr» J. Woods ^ jufim 
Carvx dioica^ Amberley Wild Brooks. Mr. Borrer, 

■ curta. Between Henfi^d Common and 

Woodmancote Moor. //• 

■ dhha. In a low meadow not far from 

Pagham. //« 

■■ fendula. Near Chichester : SHnfoId ; 

Cowfold. Mr, Borrer. Near Hastings. 

Rev. Dr. Goodenough^ 

■ strigQsa. By the side of the rivulet near 

the Great Rocks, Tunbridgc Wells, 
Forster. At Little Park, Hurst Pier- 
point : by the road side between Hprshanx 
and the borders of Surrey, in several 
places. Mr. Borrer^ 

■■■ ■ pseudo cyperus. -% Not uncommon in 

■ disians, (blnervis ?) j the County. Id. 
■ » juhva. Sparingly in a boggy meadow at 

West town. Hurst Pierpoint. Id. 

■ recunva. . It occurs every year with 

branched spikes in th^ Withy Copse, 
West town. /iL 

I Isvigata. In a wood between Tunbridgc 
Wells and Frant, and elsewhere. 

Jlfr. £• Foriietj Jun. 
■ vesUaria. Not uncommon. Mr. Borrer.. 

SUSSBX. 617 

Carbx um^Uacea* About Lewes : on Hecfield, 

and Cbailey Comihons. Mn Borrer,. 

LiTTORBLLA locustris. Horsham Common. Id* 

Cbratophyllum demersum* In ditches by the 

road from Chichester to Selsey Island. DllUnius. 
QuEKCus sessiljfiora. One tree near Cuckfield is 

all I have noticed in Sussex. Mr. Borrer. 

Salix LamBertiana, About Lewes. Id* 

■■■ amygdaUnam About LeweSy chiefly in osier 

holts. Id* 

■ pentandra. In Lewes willow beds : near 

Worthing. Id: 

' argentea* On Waterdown Forest near Tun- 

bridge Wells. Mr. J. Woods ^jun* 

• prostrata. On Broadwater Common near 

Tunbridge Wells. Id* 

*' ■ rosmarinlfolia. In Bridge Park. Forsttr* 

oUifolia, First glen East of Hastings. 

Mr, J. Woods ^jun* 

* ' ■ ■ stlpularis* Between Pet and Fairlight. Id* 

lanceolata. About Lewes and Newtimber. 

Mr, Borrer* 
It AX us baccaia. On Harrison's Rocks« and else- 
where at Tunbridge Wells, undoubtedly 
indigenous. Forsttr* 

£<^7 1 8 ET u M Jlwviattle. Glens East of Hastings. 
Afr, J. Woods^ jun. Not uncommon. 

/Ifr. Borrer* 

4518 SUSSEX. 

OsMUnrOA lufiaria^ HoUingbury HilK Mr* 
s Borrer. Mountainous pastures near 

Stoneland. Ren;. Mr. BaU. 

• ' n regaUs. On Harrison^s Rocks, Tun- 
bridge Wellsj abundantly. Forster. 
Amberley Wild Brooksj and the neigh- 
bouring bogs. Mr. Borret* 

Ltcopodivm irmndatum, Washington Common; 
and Parham Park. Mr. Borrer. On 
the Forest by Tunbridge Wells, on the 
great bog near the field going to Groom- 
bridge. Forster* 

AsFiDiUM Thelypterts. On a bog in the Parish of 
Albourne. Mr. Borrer* On the bog 
on the forest by Tunbridge Wells near 
where the road crosses the water towards 
Groombridge. Ferster. At Ore near 
Hastings. Mr. J. fTodilsJwi^ 

■ I Oreopterh. Damp woods in Bridge 

Park> and elsewhere about Tunbridge 
Wells. Forster. St. Leonardos, and 
Ashdown Forests. Mr. B&rrer. 

AtPLBNiUM marinum. About Hastings Castle. Ray* 
. . lanceolatum. On the right hand side 
of the path leading to the High Rocks, 
Tunbridge Wells, through Mr. Fry's 
yard ; and on a rock South side of the 
High Rocks. Forster^ 

SUSSEX. ei9 

HYMENOPHTtLVM. Tunhrigense. Among the 
pebbles at Cockbash. SherMrd. On the 
I£gh RockS) Harrison^s Rocks, and Pen^ 
Rocks, Tunbridgc Wells. Ferstefm 
Roeks near WestHoathly, and Ardingly : 
Withyam ; Bridge. Mr, Bornr, 

PiLVLAHXA gUbuUfira. On sereral wet Com- 
mons. Idm 

"Pnhzcvu atcillare* Common, chiefly on clay. /</• 
■ ' pMtifis. Common in wet places. Id* 

»■ ■ «»-> curwcoihim. In an old pit a littk to the 

East of Sizebury Hill near Ftndon. IJ^ 

' rechm. Very common on the Downs. Id. 

' bryoides. On the Downs, not rarely. Id. 

^ j- Common. Id. 


Gymmostomum intermedium. On sandy banks 

about Henfield. Id. 

foidculare*. St. Leonard's Forest. Idm 

Splachnvm awfullaeeum. On the bog at Tun- 
bridge Wells where Jsfidiuvt Thelyptrris ^ 
grows. ForsUr. 

Encalypta lanciolata. On the Downs. Mr. Borrer. 

GaiMici A calcarea. On pieces of Chalk in Vam 

Coombe, 3 or 4 miles from Brighton. Id, 

., ■ i. ■ *Suiricana. Common on the chalky soil 

* This II die true plant of Hcd\/i|f, and I am fully coorinced by 
Ifr.Borrcr'iipecimcBs, compared with loae I have lately reeelvei 

020 /SUSSEX. 

- of the Downs : sometimes ia corofielct^i 
and shady places in the Weald. Mr. Borref* 
GviiUUiA Diehoni. Not uncommon. Id, 

; — recur^irostra. On the Downs abore 

Flumpton, and elsewliere near Lewes: 
about Alder roots in a rivulet near Key- 
mer : tn similar situations in Albourne. Jd* ' 
Ptb&ogon IV M gracUe. Sand rocks near Uckiield, 

but barren. li* 

•—• r- Smitbiu Connnon on trees on 

the Downs. In Michelgrove Park the 
trunks of several tall trees are entirely 
covered with it| and there the capsules in 
all their stages were pointed o\it to me by 
my friend) Mr. Hall) early in December 
last : I have not seen it elsewhere in fruit« 
Rare in the Weald. Id* 

TviiCHosTouu u fontinalioidfs. About Houghton 

bridge. /</« 

ToRTULA tigida. On cUfFs by the sea in several 
places : on walls at Brighton : on chalky 
banks at Newtimber, and nearDitcheling : 
On gravel at Handcross. Idd 

D I c R A N V M majus. Bridge rocks } and among the 

sand rocks near Ardingly* Idi 

from Mr. Starkci that whait is described under this name in the 
MuscologiA Hibernica, is a distinA species, which I hope for some 
future opportuDity of illustrating by the title of G. atro^irctu, D* *t* 

SUSSEX. efti 

bictLAVVu/wcescfni. Hi^h Rocks, Tunbridge 

Wells^ Mr, E. Forster^jun. 

*JlagelIart. Oto all die sand rocka« 

Mr. Borrerm 
• rigidulum. By Ditcheling bosthHl, 

aad ill several other places on chalky soil^ 
also on boggy soH in Alboarne ; but I dp 
not find the long late shoots which are 
present in Hedwig's figure. //• 

^^' ' ' — su^latum. Near Little Hampton. 

Mr, £. Forsterfjun. 
' • nfarium. Near Hursi Pieif oint. Mr. Bcrrer* 

■■ . « ' pdluesdum*. Bogs about Tunbridge 

Weila. Portter. By the High^bridge 
Stream, Cuckfieldk " . Mr, Bornr. 

— -* niiruksiimum. Common upon trees. Id, 

PdLTTaiCHVii Tubellum, In St* Leonard's 

Forest. Id. 

Or thotrichuii du^anum* Common on pales, 

trees, &c. Id. ,, 

Keck ERA pumila. Not uncommon on trees, par- 

ttcularly in the forest, but rarely in fruit. Id. 
• cHspa. OjQ the Downs, but barren* 

. Mr% Borrer. Rocks at Tunbridge Wells. '^ 


* DUnUum ^6eoitiaMum,E. B. is only a Tariety of this gpecies, an^, 
in my opinion, very different from the plant' deicribed and figaredr 
under that niune in the Muacologia Hihemica. M^, Borrer alio 
accedes to this opinion. Z>. T, 

▼OL. !!• S 


Nicker A cnrtifenJula. With TncbasiomurM 
ianuginosum on heaps of flints at the foot 
of Hollingbury Hill towards Patcham ; - 
' and on beeches in St. Leonard's Forest^ 

but I hare found no fruit. Mr. Bwrtr* 

■ ■■ — heteromatla. Common in the County. Id* 

BuxBAVMiA folvosa. On Bridge Rocks, and the 
lower part of Harrison's Rocks near the 
field, Tunbridge Wells. Forster. 

Brtvm annotinum. Not ancommon in the - - 
County. • Mr. Borrtr. 

— — hicolor. St. Leonard's Forest; and on 

' the Downs. ' Id; ' 

Hypnum medium. On trees -within the reach of 
floods ; and on old rails in Albourne 
and Keymer. 'H, 

" innndatum. About roots of ti'ees in- 

places liable to be oyerflowed near Hen- 
field, and at Lewes. /</. 
■ ' trlchomanoidesm Albourne. Id, 

— —— TitsdaUu . On a sandy bank near Hen- - 
field ; and at the foot of flifit walls about 
• Hurst Pierpoint. On stumps of trees 
near Lewes. Mr: WooUgarm 

*■' Swart%ii. At Poynings ; and on the 

ground 9 and about roots of trees and 
bushes in thickets about Lewes. Mr, Borrar. 

— ' ■ ' ■ ■ utidulatuwr. In Chiddingly woods^' 

SUSSEX. ^%9 

West Hoatbljy barren: in frait on 
Bridge Rocks, Tuabridge WcUs. Mr, Borrer, 
HypnU'K iucens. Near Cuckfield. Mr. Bfyner^ 

Wet ditches, Tanbridgc Wells. Forster. 

— — < — serrulahim, Qn damp walls about 
Lewes ; and common about roots octrees 
and bushes. Mr, Borreri 

■ ■ ' ieneUum. Hurst Pierpoint. /^. 

- ■ muraU* Not uncommon. (The leaiies 

are sometimes serrulate.) fd, 

■ phtmotum. Trunks of trees at Tunbridge 

' Wells. Forster. 

-^ fUtferum. Common in damp hedges, 

&c. Mr. Borrer. 

— ^ suUatum, On Henfield Common ; and 

lUckham Common in the . parish of 
Amberley. Id* 

- Tiuringicum ^ Near Cuckfield. Id* 

- cordifoKum^ In watery parts pf Am- 
berley Wild-brook, bearing fruity abun** 
dantly. (The operculum is hemisphserical, 
pointed*) Id* 

- loreum* In St. Leonard's Forest: 

near Foynings, common. - Id* 

Ma r c h an t I A eonica* By. the sides of the riiralcts 

near tlie High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells. ForsUr* 
■ ; ■ ^ 1 J * androgyna* On the side of the 

* Mr. Vortter obierytt th?t a n«w i pecie* of Mardkmth f rows 
at Tunbridge Wells, pq Harrison's Rocks. 

S 2 


little lane leadbg from the Cold Ifeth 

Rocks, Tunbridgc Wells. Torster. 

JVHOBEilANMiA lanccolaio. On shady banks, 

Tunbridge Wdls. * Id. 


r-. CHigh Rocks, Tui- 

^, . ^ bridge Wells. /i. 

— nptans. Shady rocks, Tun- 
bridge WeUs. Id. 
ciUaris, fln Heaths near Tun- 

bridge Wells. Forster, Near Chichester. 

Anthocekos puttdaius. Plentifully by Famhurst 

near a road in a boggy shady place, called 

Farnhurst Lane. //. 

Lichen imfoUtus. Common on old oaks. Mr. Barrer. 
— — lynceus. Old oaks at Hurst Picrpoint, 

and Twineham. Id. 

— rubens. Hqffm* Common on bark. * Id. 

Uaescens. Acb. Old oaks at Danny, Hurst 

Pierpoint. Id. 

^•^-^"^ iymeniut. Common on beeches tn the 

Forest. • Id. 

■ ' sTuUtsus. On trees in the Forest, and 

more plentifully on Chiddingly Rocks* 

WestHoathly. Id. 

' - ■ ■ tartaretu. On heaps of flints in a ?a]ley 
4 . . at the foot of HoUingl>ury Hill near 

SUSSEX. 625 

Patcham, and elsewhere on sand-rock's, 

but rarely in fruit. Mr. Borrer* 

Lichen * Turmri. Common on bark, less so on 

rails, &c. //> 

■ lucidus. Acb. On sand*rocks at Uck- 

field ; and on Harrison's and Hunger- 
shall rocks, Tunbridge Wells. IJ. 

..««.._ 'uariits* -i 

i Common in the County. Id, 

— * cerinus, j ' 

hteus. On oaks at Danny, and in St. 

Leonard's Forest. Id. 

— saJicinus. Ash trees near Pyecombe, 

and Clayton. Id, 

. luteo-alhusm Elms in the vicinity of Brigh- 
ton. Id, 

•.^ cahms. On chalk, and on the calcareous 

coats of flints on the Downs : less fre- 
quently on mortar, and sandstone on 
' walls. Id. " 

— clnerethfuscus. On bark« rather rarely ; 

and on flints on the Downs. Id. 

-*-— — — casio-rufus. On brick walls, not uncom- 
mon. //» 

* <M think this isdistin^ from X. tartareitii though the crust of 
the latter i» sometimes powdery : there is however a difTerence in 
the crust, and, 1 think, still more s* in the shields, hut the di£ferences 
^re not easy to describe.*' Mr, Borrer, 


Lichen eocclnetts. Rocks at Tunbridge Wellsj 

particularly on Rusthall Commoa* Forjter^ 

>— — . — innuldttu. On flag-stones in the parish 

of Cowfold. Mr. Borrer. 

■ ■ ■ ■ guaJricoior. Horston Warren near Pul- 

. borough : Cbiddingly and Harrison's 
rocks* . JJ. 

— — Lsghffocth\ , On bark, but not frequently* 

chiefly in the forest. IJ. 

...-». effutui. Hurst Pierpointy on old bark. Id. 

■ 11 ■ umbrmus. 

■ vlridescens. jfcL On Elms at Hurst, 

towards the roots. Id» 

m^. spbitroides. On moss, common. Idm 

^- 1 

f Common on Walls, &c. IJ, 

■ corneus. On oaks in N^timber wood : 

Cold-Harbor wood, Alboume: and 
near Arc^ngly. Id^ . 

■ ■ exanibemaiiciUm On chalk in the Downs, 

/lot common. IJ» 

■ ■ marmoreus* On flint, and chalk in the 

Downs^ but not Tcry plentifully. Id. 

* corticola. Common on bark. Id. 

■ I > ■ epipoliui. Common on walls. IJ. 
— * candidus. Old walls about Lewes and 

Brighton, Id. 

«< • I cannot always dittingnish it from L. epipoHuty and have 
••metimet doubted whether it might aot 1x a modification of Z. 
wu^rtotui*^ ' Mr. Bnrer, 

SUSSEX. 9tf 

LiCH£V ^finAriatus^Aci. On flints on the Downs. 

Mr, Borrer* 
■ ^d^mtfsii/. Frequent in the County. Ids 

'fruinatus. On the mortar of old walls 
about Hurst and Steyning. Idr- 

mm ^«»». 

•«-«« Oederi» Rocks and loose stones on /the 

forest aear Tuobridge Wells* Forster^ 

-• — rivulostUt 
— : Mi^huns. f Flints on the Downs. Mr, ^orrer. 



- cmeentncus^ 
^pinicola. On fir-treeSj and sometimes'on 

oaks, aad elms. , IJ, ' 

- uIigi»osus. Cfaiddingly Rocks* L/. 

- pe%t%mdes. Common on sandy banks. Id. " 
•*tdgit. On flint wallS|tombs>&c. in many . 

places* ' Id, 

- cdtuleo'tilgricans* Mossy walJ$ about 
Lewes. Id. - . 

- Hy^orum. Mount Harry near Lewes. Id, ' 

- ftdfimbrieaius. A single specimen on a 

flint near Brighton race-course. Id. 

- cyeksfhs. *!' - - 

- 'virdhs. VNot uncommon on trees, &c. /</. 

- atpoiius. J 

- conspersus. Ach. Rocks at Tunbridge 
Wells. Fdrsfer: 

- qffinis. Frequent on trees in the Forest, 

rare elsewhere. Mu Borrer. 

- phmhcuu Trees in the Forest. Id. 

6t8 SUSSEX. 

Lic^BN alatrkes. Not rare on old nuls, bat sel- 
dom in fruit. Mr. Bwrtr^ 

— ^ — phytodes. Id fruit on old rails, in the 

Parish of Bobey. Id. 

«■■■■ furfur aceus. Eridge rocks, Tunfaridge 
Wells, barren ; also yery sparingly and 
barren on old rails in Alboume and 
Bolncy. Id. - 

— tiitaceus. Sparingly in Arundel Park: 

trees on the Downs near Amberley 
Mounts barf en. Id. 

•— — : — perlcUus. I hare found shields 6 or 7 

times, but never very good specimens. Id. 

~ caperatus. Not uncommon in fruit, Id.^ 

- l^te-^rens. Trees in St. Leonard's 
Forest, sparingly: sand-rocks near Ar- 
din^Jy. Id. 

- corrugatus. Poyning's hill, on hawthorns. Id. 
" pulwpnaritu, leather rare, except in the 

^lest, and not very generally in fruit : on 
sand-rocks near Ardingly. Id. 

- scrobiculatus. Not common, except in 
the forest ; I have found the shields abun- 
dantly on one tree of St. Leonard's Fo- 
rest pnly. 14^ 

- limbatus. Common~oir-mossy trees in St. 
Leonard's Forest^but barren. Id. 


.SUSSEX. «9S9 

l,icnE}». JuTvtts^ Ach. Roof8> aod old walls* 

Mr, Borrar* 
■ suhtilis* Commpn on sandy banks ; less 
so on clay. At 

i--— cradeeus. On chalk at the foot of the hill 

. near Plumpton. Id. ^' 

"•"^ tmuissimuu On the ground on CKfT-hHl, 

Lewes. /i/, 

»'^^,fatekulans. On mossy trees : rare« except 

in the forest. //. 

•^--rprutmiri*' i^arely in frttdtfication, /i, 

/arinacfus* Shields not very rare. iJ, 

— vulpinus. Most frequent in the forest, 
barren* Mr. Borrtr. Trees near Hor- 
sham. R^iham* 
'^--^Juciformii. Wall at Selsey Parsonage. 

Rev, Mr, Fearom^ 

^-^ juhatus. Rocks near the High Rocks, 
Tunbridge Wells. Forsttr. On sand- 
socks^ and sparingly on old rails in 
Bolney. Mr. Bftmr. 

:*-^ horizontaSs. Near Cuckfield ; and near 
Ardiogley. Mr. Borrer^ On Harri* 
$on's> and the High Rocks, Tanbridge 
Wells, Farsier, 

— • ipwius. Ack, On thatch. Hurst. Mr. Borrer. 

— : resupittifius. Rarely on Trees in St. Leo- 
nards Forest : on a tree otfar Midhurst : 


Fucus kaltformts. Abundant on tfie Brighton 
Beach, in the summers of 1 803 and 1 804, 
after storms with a Western wind. Mr. Borrer* 

Fucus amphiliut. Selsey Marshes. Martyiu 

CoN'FERTA tutuiosa, Bognor Rocks: Brakel> 

sham ; and Cockbush. Id. 

■>■■ ■ vagahunda. Salt marshes at Selsey. Dillenius. 

" plvLmuIa, At Brighton. EUU. 

■■■ corallina. Stones near Cockbush, genc^ 

rally of a whitish colour. DtlUniusm 
Frequent during the summer months on 
the shore at Brighton. L. W, IK 

— — byssoiaes. Among the rejedtamenta of 

the sea at Hastings. Re^j, Dr. Goodenough^, 

I ll 

■*■ P " — 


CfiAKA^exilh. In the third Stew from the house 

at Edgbaston, Wtthcrtv^. 

ScHOENUs MarisetLs* In boggy places by the 

River Thame near Tamworth, Ray* 

' albus. Near Packington. Countess of 

Jylesford. Birmingham Heath. Wifheritif^ 

Eriophorum va^natum* On Birmingham 
Heathy in the marshy Valley crossed by 
the footpath to Winson Green. Wisher'- 
ing. Packington. Countess of Aylesforim 

Polystachion. Packington* Ead% 

Dips Acus fUosuf. Near Coleshill. £ad. 

An c h V s a semper virens. Near Birminghami on the 

Alcester road. Wiihertng» 

Campanula patuk. Near Merideni and Coles- 
hill. Countess of JyUjford. On tht 


road side in a wet lane^ called Water Of« 
ton. Wttbiring. Between Litchfield 
and Coventry, Mr, Woodward, In ^ 
hedge in a small village called Wells- 
Green near HelroiDgton, about ^ miles 
from Birmingham, in the high road from 
Coventry to Meriden* Sir T* G. Culium^ 

Campanula iatifoiia. Near Packington. Coy»- 
tess ofAyUsford, On the rOad from Hales 
Owen Abbey to Birmingham, a mile 
from the former^ on a shivery sand-rock* 


LoNiCERA Xylosteum, Edgbaston Park near Bir- 
mingham, , Idt, 

Rhamnus catbarticus* Packington. 

Countess of AyUsJotd^ 

CvBCUTA europaa, Flaxfields about Packington. Ead^ 

BuPLEURUM rotundifolium, Wooton near War- 
wick. Ead. 

Angelica Archangelica, Broadmoore, ' about 7 

miles N. W. from Birmingham. Withering 

Myosurus minimus^ Chelmsley wood near 

Coleshill. Countess of AyUsford^ 

Galanthus ninfalis, Packington. £cuL 

Ac OR us Calamus, In the river at the bottom of 
Mr. Oldershaw's garden at Tamworth. 



Cote Hicv vi auHmmalt.' Near Packington. 

Countesi of ^ylcsford. 
VacciiTium Oxyaxcat* Near. Packington. 

Cvuniessirf jSylesford. In Sutton Cole< 
/field Park* Rjof^ On Birmingham 
• Heath, fVuheringi 

Poi^TOoifUM Bistorta, . Near Pkckington* Couft' 

tess of Ayiesford* In the meadows at 

Ttmirortli and Faseley. Raji 

Paris qnitdrifoUa* Locke's Rough near Coks- 

hilh Countess of Ayltsfori^ 

Galiopsis ^versicolor. Near Coleshtll. Cwn^ 

ieis of Aylesford. Under a moist hedge 

at Birches Green near Birmingham* Withering. 
Scutellaria minor. j Packington* 
MelaMpyrum ar^ense. J Countess of Aykrford* 

Li M OS ELLA aqUatua. On the road near Coleshtll 

Pool. Ead. 

Cochlbaria officinalis. Packington. Ead. 

Iberis nudicaulis. By the side oC the road near 

Packington where it divides to Coleshill 

and Castle Bromwick. Ead^ 

Caidamikb amara. Aston near Birmingham. 

Withering, About Middleton. Ray. 

TuRRiTis glabra* On Dorsthill near Tathworth. Id. . 
Gb R AN I u M pratense. AUesley. Countess t^ Aylesford. 
FvM ARIA soRda. At Perry HaU near Birmingham, 

630 WARWrCKSHlRfi* 

10 z meadow between the house and thtf 
riven Mr* Pi^k 

Htpekicvm ^itt^tB/KT* NeaT Merideo. . 

; CmnaeSs.of jtylesfordh 

Ry r ecu JBKis glabra^ On. th^ gravtUy gtooiids 
near Middleton. Ray* Washwciod 
Heath near Birminghabi. ' Witberingl 

Ca^dws fratenf is » Packington. C&un^s pj lAyJesJord* 

Gw A pa A L I u M margariiaceum* In a' mcMii9«^ at 

Lotigdon nekr Litchfield. Lord Fdkndai^ 

— ^— — rectum, j Packington. 

£pAK.GANiuM fuUMu% 3 CoutUess cf AyUrfovdi, 

Caeex curia. In a pool ai Middleton towards 

Cole's Hill. Ray* 

■ pendula* -i 

^ . • c PackinetOD. Countess of Aylesford^ 
' ^estcarta. J * • j */ j ^ 

■ ■ ampullacea* Packington. Countess of 

Aylesford* In sereral pools about Mid- 
dleton. Ray^ 

LiTTOftELLA iacusttis. Coleshill Pool* 

Countess of jfylesford^ 

MrkiorHYLtVM verticillatmn* Packington. Ead* 

Salix fetUandra* Plantations at Soho near Bir« 

mingham. Withering^ 

E<^7issTUM hyemaie^ In a moist ditch near Mid- 

dleton« Ray* 

OtMVNDA regmUs* Bog neat Coleshill PooU 

Countess of AyUsJori. 



Ltgopodivm immdatum. Coleshill Heath. 

Countess oj AyUsJorJU 
Asp Fdi v u sfinulosum, ' "^Bogi on ' Birmingham 

Heath. Wiiherki. 

s \ 

VOt- 11^ 

I. • » 

t»' J i 4 • • 




Char A Hispida. Ditches and Ponds in this Coun- 
ty* Hebron* 

CiRCiBA aifina. About Dallam Tower. Robson. 

Banks 6f Ullswater. Mr^ J. Woods ^jun^ 

Vmkovica ipicata. ArnsidePark. Robson*. 

Utriculahia minora On Brigstear Moss neal- 
Kendal. Robsm. Between Kendal 
and Bowness. Mr* J. Woods^ jun* 
With U. nfulgarlt on the Causey oyer 
the Moss to the Fell'^end near Wither^ 


slack. Ray^ 

ScHOBKUs monoicus* In Birkdale. Re*v* J. Harriman* 
\ comprezsus* About Orton. Ray^ 

Near Brough, between- Hill-beck and 
Morton oa the side of the Mountain. 

Rtv. J. jaarrimaM* 


ScHosKVs alkut^ ,'% Common uvthis 

E&IOPHORVM vaginatum* J County. Hudson^ 

Meliga nuUms. ' Near Kendal. - Rmy* 

Sbsls&ia c£ruUa^ Limestone^ rocks aboiat Con- 
zick Scar near Kendal. Mr. Gaugb. 
At die top of Barrowfield wood near . 
Kendal. Mrf Woodward. 

FtiTVM A cahmaria. Near the waterfall behind 

the Inn at AmUeaide. , Sir T. Gage^ 

Stifa femuaa. On the limestone rocks hanging 
over a little Talley, called Long Sles^dale, 
about 6 miles North of Kendal. Dr^ - ^ 
Richardson y and T. Laivson^ in Ray's Sy- 
nofsis* (Not now to be found there, 
nor 4oes it appear that it has been seen 
since their time.) 
Galium fusillum. Near KendaL Hudson. 
Common in this County. Mr. fFood* 
nuard. Nab Scar near Ambleside. 


■ ■ hreak. Near the^lower enAof Winan- 

dermere^ opposite Fell Foot. Mr. Jaei* 

son. Near the ferry at Winandermere. 

Mr. W^todward. Under the bridge at 

, Kirby Lonsdale. Mr. J. Woods ^jun. 

Alchbmilla aiplna. Mountains between Ulls« 

water and Amblende. Rev. Ww Wood. 


T t 


Near Backbamow well in Long Sleadali. 

Mr. Jaeh^H, 

fziuvhA/arifwsa, Freqaent in this County, pir- 
ticolarly 4ttuiesfh)ni Ken^ on the Am- 
bleside roai Mr. IFoodward. 

Anchusa semperuirens. ()n the road between 
Kendal and Ambleside, 2 or 3 miles 
from the former Town. Rtv. J. ff auim a n. 

Campanula lanfolia. Hedges near Kendal. D. T. 

rotufuKf§Jia. $. Moontainar above 

Grsismere. Rohsonm 

Lobelia Jortfama. On the Banks of Win- 
andermere near the Inn at BownesS, and 
in most of the lakes with dear gravelly 
bottoms. Dr. Smitbi In Winander- 
mere, on the borders of Curwen^s bland. D. T. 

Impatiens iM^/isi^^^. On Ae banks of Winan- 
dermere, and in litde brooks, aiid watery 
places near ttydal Hallj plentxibiiy. Dr. 
Smith. Kirby Lonsdale, hot fiu: from the 
bridge. Mr.WMLwtri. Keardie&xM* 
path between the Inn at Ambieiide and 
the Cascade. D. T. 

R a A M N vs eiabartieus. In HiB4>eek %ood in the 

neighbourhood pf Broogh. Ren^ J. Harriman, 
Kmi^ fetr^um. On the road behretn Broogh and 
Kendal, a few itflcs from the ktter phce. 

Rev. J. 

■* t 

WS$TMQIt£LAN9. 641 

CcMTiAMA/iKVVMiJiM&f. Milfanm* kffo^ Mr* . 

Bicior4s(m» Near Milthorpe. Hudion. 

■ ■ «»*r«a. lo Birk(ble» ia th« parish of 

Appleby. Rffu* J. Harriman* 

SthinvU'fabutTi^ Beiweca Ambleside aod Ken- 
dal* Mr. Jackson. 

Mkum attatfumtiam» DvorMftU-raise* • Mr, 
Fardom. About two. miles frpm Sedberg 
in tisp way to Ortoni abundantly in mea- 
dovs and pastures. Ray. 

Sckwpix adorata. Near KeodaL D, T, 

iMFEaATpaiA Ostrvtbium* I fou^ this plant in 
crossing the Moors from Brougb to Mid- 
dleton in. Teesdale in a ipcadow immodi*. 

ately alter. cro^ng- the Lunej as truly 

ynUi ^ ever plant was. Mr. Brunton, 

LiNuic/nviiv.. At Crosby Ravensw6rth between 

Shaps^d Threap^aqd*. ^ Ray. 

DaosiRA hngtjulia. Between Kendal and Bow* 

oess« Mr. J. Woods ^jun. 

LsucojuM £stivum. In a small island in the 
rirer about three mijes South of Kendal» 
in tht Dam of the Gunpowder Mill. Mr. Gough. 

Allium armarium. BucUuun wood» Lpw^her. 
Rev. ^Mr. Richardson. In Sir James 
Lowther's woods by Lpwther, and pas- 
tures a^oining. , Mr. Woodward. On 
the mountains of this County. Withering, 


Allium cdrinatUvu' On the rocks about Long ' 

Sleadale. ^ IRenf, Mr. Richardson. 

■ ■ ■ oUraceum*' fa several parts of this Coun- ~ 
ty. ■ ' • '*' Hudson, 

ORNiTHOGAtuKi ^«/^<//^. *Near Kc'fidd. Withmng. 

Cqnvallaria vmUtflora, In a small shady s{>ot 
in Sir M. Le Fleming's park at Rydal, 
opposite the house, Z!. T* 

JvncvsJSltformis, Not fat from Ambleside. ' Ray. 

tmlumis* Near Birkdale. *!?«;• J, Harrimant 

RvMEZ digynus. On the mountains, in very ele- 

vated spots. . -/.•-. j^^ Sw/rf. 

^ Observed by Air. 
VACcmiiTM «%moi««. . Li^^ i„ jhe forest . 

^Fituid^a, ■^ofWhinfieia.'-^' Ray. 


i s 

toLYGONUM wmparum. At Crosby Ravens- 
worthy and other places in this County* 
R^y, Ip jthe .fields between Sha^ and 
. . Hardingdal. Mr. Gemgi. 

Paris auadrlfo^ia, (slpdsin Winandermere. Dr. Matot{. 

Andromeda polijolia. Frequent on Peat Bogs 
in this County. Hudson. On Brl^steer 
Moss i^ear Kendal.". . Ray* 

Arbutus U<vif Ursl. Dale Head near UMs- 

water. Rev. Mr. Richardson. 

■■'.',-■ ^ ' . ' 

F r KOL A roiundif oil a. Banks of Stock-gill Force 

a1>ove Ambleside. Mr. Pardon* 

^AXiFRAGA stellarls. In Longslcdale. ' Robson . 


Betwf^t Pattei:<Iale aod .Wina^d^rmcre^ 
:^' Dr^'Siokes, Over K|rks^on, Mr.J,'fi^oodSfjtin* 

daltf. - ; Roison^ 

— — mm^ aizoiifei*. Patterdalc. . Re^m Mr, 

RJxbardson, Ov<rKirkstOD. Mr.J.Woods^JMn* 
■ . .^masciata, Kirkston near Ambleside* 

Rev^ Mr» Ricliard^on% 

Sapon^ria qfitinalsi.. Banks. of the Lune at 

Kirby Lonsdalej abundantly. Mr, •/• Woods jjun. 

OiA^THus dfMdfs, On a, sao^dy hill a little . 
below Common Holm Bridge where th^ 
water is crossed near Great Strickland* ^^j« 

Stcllaria fsfmorum* By Casterton Mill near 
Kirby Lposdale^ aod; other paits o£ .the 
' . County, Dr. Smith. Near Kendal. Mr. Gough. 

Ar e n a&u 'vern£u At^nt .Kei^^al. . Hudson^ 

ScDUM alburn^. Mountains about Winandermpre. 

A Dr^Mafw, Rydal. JUv.J.p§dd* 

A s A R V M turof^Mm* Rain$lM% Martindak. Ra^^ . , 
Mr» Ricbardson. Near K»irby Lons- 
dale, .... ij'ff Ratty, 

. Pav N u s Padus. Common in this County. Hudson . 

JSfxr^a saUcifoHa* In moist hedgesf i{i W^st- 
morelandj and on the borders of Winan? 
dermere. ' Mr. Gougb. 

Rosa nnllosai Plentiful ia this County. Ray. 

Ryavs cbanuemomt. Peat bogs on the sides of 

the Mountains. « fd. 


AcTJBA jficata, Moantainoos pastoltes Above 

Trcmtbeck near Ambleside. Mr, Woodward. 

Va^ave^ ^amiricum. About Kendal/pleodfulfy. " 
Hudson. By the Feny House al Wi* 
fiabdermere. Mr^ Woodward, Near 
Kirby Lonsdale. Df. Sndth. Gras- 
mere. Re^» W. Wood* 

CxsTVf mar^o&us. Plentiful on the West side 
of Betram Beeke^ abont a- mile from 
Kendal. Ray* 

Ao^ihtGiAvi^^aris, 0, Woods in the County. RobsOH* 

Tr ALi CTRU M iRMtur. fiofders of Wittindermere. D. T» 

mm truffus. Banks of Ullswater. 

Mr, J. WoodSfjun^ 

Ranunculus Lhigua* By Esthwaite Wateri 

Av. W. Wood. 

Trollius europMis. Aboat Shap. Ray. Near 

Troutbeck. JUr. Woodward* 

HEltBBOitus viridii. About Clathr^ Hall. Robson. 

Galsopsis verskohr. In £dlow ground near 

Hntton Roof. Mr. Jtkiiuon. 

Baktsia aJpina, Just by a rivulet near Ortoti in 

crossing the road to Crosby. Rt^. 

Mblam PYRUM syhailcum. Rydal* Mr. J. Woods^jlM. 

Lathr^a squamarta. In thickets below Con- 

zick Scar near Kendal. Hudson. 

StUTHOXTiA europaa. By Buckbarrow Well in 

Long Sleadale. JMron. 


Drasa ineamu 


M'f ...... 

THhhzp I ptrfclsatum. In mose lSnM«tott« pastutts 
k^thirOountjr. • : •. / 

CocHLSAriA ^ffMmR$* ' K:irilit»n FcJi near Am- 

' bleside. Mr, Fardon. 

" ' ■ danka. Owr Ktrkstoa. Afr. J. Woodsfjanr 

CardaMi^c ifnpaJftens. " tn ittofly parts of tkis 

County. Hudson* 

Hesfekii inodiiT^m Oa the banks of riVuietr— - 
above C^rasmere. * i^iij^. 

TuRRTTis biriuia^ Walls of Kenxlal Castle. Afr. Dan;y^ 

Brassica c0mpaPrts» In fields below Kirby LOfis- 

dalei if I am not mistaken* Dr» Smitb. 

■ - detmaA. Near Arnnde Poiat. - - Rohm: 

Hkodivh woseiuMm. E^rery wj^re ia dry' pas- 
tures of this County. Hudson. 

GiRANityM jjfhdHeum. Frequent io the County. 
Hudson. About Shap. Ray» Plenti- 
M m meadows above KendaL Mr. J. 
Woods ^jun. Rydal. Mr. S. Woods. 

Foil ARIA soUdh. In LeTans Park 5 miles from 
Kendal; and at Watsfield half a mile 
from Keadai among a clump of tail trees, 
plentUul. Mr. Gougb* 

ViciA ^lylvaiiea. Near Orton* Mr» Woodward* 

Foot of the bridge at Kifby Lonsdale* D, T* 
HvvERtcuM androsmnum^ In the Lady Holme 


DrytffUns. Barrowfield wood nav 

# » 

Kcodal, and other rocky woodi* iL 

AsFiDiuM Theljfuris. Marshy places. R^^satu. 

A^rLSjnvM seftaOrionale. HilU abon Anhk- 

jide. JSfiM(^* In Patterdale« Mr^WpoL 
S€<n<9F£MDRiuM Ceteroch, In KmestOne fimses 

in the highest paru of Keqdai Fell* Mr* .. 

Gm^A. Troatfxdu <Mn JTpoi mm rd. 

Ambleside. /{#v* /• Dod/tL 

Pr&aif crispa* At the bottom of stone waUs 

made np with earth is Ortoa Pa|isb» • 

plenttfiilly* Bx^. Shap, very coimnoo | 

also TenterfeU near Keadal. ULr. Gm/^im 

HTaciMOPBYLiiirM tmhri^ense. High monntaina 

at the bead of Winandermere. Dr* Smiths 

SrLACBNUM spbmctm. $. Muse. Hik. Here 

and there in this County* ^ Hudspn* 

G%imniiL fuiiUn^ Near Ambleside* Sndtb. 

TttiCHOBTOUVM fontinalioidei. H, Rocks in the 

river at Kirby Lonsdale above the bridge, /i« 
NicKiEA pumila. Trees between Troutbeck and 

Ambleside* Jfudtcn* 

B a y u M crudum. Woods about RydaL Id. 

Hypiivm lorium. Near Ambleside. Smitk 

Tom Tin AVIS j^uamosa. Brooks in this Coonly. RchsM, 


JvNOiHiiAliNlA TommuUa. Wood% and mottt 

heaths, and near rirolets. Hudson^ 

-^ Idtuiolaia^ Woods» aad mottt 


shady pbces* JUL 

Li c H E H gecgrafiicutm Gommoir In the mosfttain* 

ous pacts. Rev. J. UMrrwuuu 

■ ^ 4^tknu^ On the itmcs^oae rwdu as Hiil- 
bedk near Brou^. Id^ 

.folfiT^. )^^ '^^^ ^y Appleby. U. 

■ ■ > ' ■■' silacau. Rocks in thi$ County. Mr. SrusUom- 
• ' ■ ■■ >> t^entmus. Castertttoa FtU near ^irby 

Lonsdale. Dr. SndA^ 

' granvhsus. Wall near Kiiby StqAen. 

^cUorolemcm* Mbt Hitt-beck« . LL 

-> tartareus. Common on the Mounftains. Id* 

- inchuus. Trees in Hill-beck wood near 
. Brough* Idm 

- ermaUnuiSm y On limestone near Hilk 

- exanibematkut. 3 beck. Id* 

- fvi/n^. Near Brough. Re*v. J. Harris 


m«i9. Moist shady rock9 about Kirby 
l.onsdde, plentifully. Dr. Smifi. 

c^ntko^mgrieans^ Walls near Klrby Ste- 
phen. Mr. SrumUn* 

■ ■ ■ ■ crassmi. ^ . 

., c Rocks in this County. Hudson. 


hiCHMv/auiadariss Mossy tr^ ahooi Amble^ 

side. Dr. SmiiL 

■ - 'granuUuus. On a wall near Kirby Lons- 

dale, id. 

^-^—^fuffuraceus. / Trees in this County. JSudsw, 

■ ■ islandicus^ Summitk of tlie Mountains. 

Hudion. On a Fell near Birkdalci 

Rev. J. HmrimAn^ 
ghmuUferus. *\ Trees in the great. Mand 
fhmbeus. j in Winandermere. Dr* Smkk^ 
nmtckobu Kear.Krkdale* Re^» J. Hanman. 

II > ^ 



-k centrijvgus^ Common in the mowatwoos 

paitSi^ id* 

-^ citperaiks. In fruit on stones in Grasmere* 1dm 
-^/uligiaosiu. About Ambleside. - Dr. SmiiA. 

.^ t« . c Rocks in this County. Hudsm. 
•^pioefcensi 3 . ■' 

- trUtis. Micaceous al^ne rocks4 . i)r. Snnthi 

-^piscMu, On the highest Moontaias. IJ» 

' • ^. 



PiKGUicvLA lusitanicM* Marshes ^n Aldetbury 

Common. Dr% Ma4on, 

1 R I s/artUisiimaw Coppices at . Milfbid near SaHs* 

bury. Id. 

EaioPHoavii fofysiaction. Alderbury Common. Id» 
Av'&K A fuhisans. On Marlborough Downs. JTUbcring, 
£ L Y Mu« euufittts. In the high woods by Hamble* 

ton, in the road from Henley to Great 

Marlborough.. * Bberard^ 

Xii^ikcxis pilosus. Milford near Salisbury. Dr. Maion, 
Imp ATI ENS noU tangtre. Sides of the river Avon 

near Safisbury. Id* 

GsNTiAKA campestris. Hills near Clarendon old 

castle. Id. 

h\J 9Ltv KV u rotundifolium. Near Amesburyi on 

Salisbury Plaioik plentifully. . fFithering. 


I^imv m MstiaiiiMmm. Conifidds atiOQt Sdfabvy. 


Drosera lonfffoUa. Aldeifaury Comnioa. Id. 

Orrithooaluic fyrenakum. Coppices aboot 

Fkton near Salisbury. Id. 

CoHTALLARiA Polygmoium. Coppices about AV> 

deibury* Id. 

* CohCHicvu atUumnaU, (njwr.ficfnbm snoMLs.) 

Obserred for 6 or 7 yean past in a 

meadow near Devizes by Af r. Salmm. 

A L I s M A ranuncmhidts. Aldeibury Common • Dr, Maiom. 
MoNOTROPA HypopUbys. Clarendon wood near 

Salisbury. Id. 

SsDUM uxangulare. On the rains of Old^arum. D. T. 
Y.vTHtmfMiL platyphylia. Among4||ie C9rn on Sails* 

bury Plain. Witbentig. 

G R VM ri'oaU, Sides of the River Avon wtr SaI^ 

bury. ... .Dr.m iAe^em. 

Papavrr hybfidwrn. Waste grounds flpun jSaliiD 

bwy. Id. 

TiiAtiCTRUM majus. Sides, of rivolets about 

Salisbury* ... . . -^ . . iit 

Adonis ^7R/«fBfla£/^ Cornfields. • . ,. 7\ .1 .\: ^UU 
\ asthalis. Cornfields on SilUdb^;! Plain 

* See English Botany, t. 1432. 

f I havf specimeas of this plant, sent me as indigenous, froai 

Dr. Withering and Mr. Sowcrby, which, csptdally the latter, 

appear very dllTerent (rem 4- autumn^lts. - b,T. 

WILTSHIRE, .♦ 653 

near the road from Ambresbury to 
Everly. Wiiberlng. 

Hb l l e bor ij s fittUus. Woods at Clarendon near 

Salisbury. Dr, Maion, 

fAivrti A piperita. 0, In Chiltern-bottom. Sole* 

— gracilis. Near Bradford. Id, 

Lathr^a sguamaria. Woods at Clarendon. 7)r. Maton* 
At^tirrhinum minus. Cornfields near Pitton. Id^ 
Villa annua. Found by Mr. Lawson on Salis- 
bury Plain, not far from Stonehenge. ' Ray. 
TuR R I T I s glabra. In this County. Rohson. 

u htrsuia. On the ruins of Old Sarum. D. T* 

Gfe R ANi u M piaiim. At Alderbury near Salisbury. 

Dr. Maton* 
'* pratense, He<^e-row between Salis- 

bury and Bemerton. 7)r. Maton, At 
Abury ; Overton ; and Fifield. 

Mr. E, Forster^jun. 
ViciA syhvatica. About Devizes, Mr, Goodyer. 

Lathtrus Nissolia. Coppices about Salisbury. 

Dr. Maton » 
Astragalus glycyphyllos. Clarendon Woods. Id* 
Hyper4Cvm andros£mum. Laverstock near Salis- 
bury. Id» 
Carduus eriopborus. Waste ground near Pitton, 
Dr. Maton. Common in this County. 

Dr. Pulieney. 

VOL. II.« V 


Inula HeLniwn. River side near Bemerton* 

Dr. Maionk 
OfcCHis ustuUta, On the Wiltshire Downs. Mr. 

Swayne. On Salisbury Plain, particu" 

larly upon the Burrows about Stonehenge. 

Satyrium 'virtde^ Woods at Winterslow near 

, Salisbury. Dr. Mafou. 

Ophrys afifira. Trenches at Old Sarum« Id. 

S E R A l» I A s grandiflora. Winterslow Woods, Id. 

. ensifolia. Alderbury Common. Id. 

Carex tomeniosa. In meadows near Merston 

Measey. Mr. TcetdaU. • 

Salix Lamhertiana, On the banks of the river 

Willey at Boyton, for i6 miles, Mr. Lambert. 
■■ ■ rubra. Near Salisbury, Sherardm 

Tax us haceata. Apparently indigenous la this 

County^ Dr. PuUehey. On Cranbom 

Chace* Dr. Maton. 

Equisetum hyemale. In a rivulet near Broad- 

stitch Abbey, plentifully. Ray. 

OsMtJNDA lunaria. •% 

^. r Alderbury Common. Dr. Maton* 



Anictangitjm clRatum* On the Gray Weathers 

liear Marlborough. DiUeniuS. 

pTEROGONit^M Smtthiu On Stonehenge. 

Mr. E. Forster^jun. 


Neckera curtlpendula. Marlborough Downs, DilUntufm 
Lichen coceintusm On Stonehenge. Dickson* 

n nliqu(fsus. On the Gray Weathers. DiUemusm 

^....^ ajuilut, \ °" Stonehenge. p, T. 

V 3 


Iris fatidissima^ Woods and thickets in the 

neighbourhood of. Pershore, Nashm 

-*— Xiph'mm, Bj the river side near Fladbury, 
and in some other places in this County ; 
discorered bj the Dutchess Dowager of 
Portland. /J. 

SciRPUS acicular'un On Malvern Chace. Dr. Stokes* 

— holoschanus* y. In Marshes near Throg- 

morton. Hudjon^ 

FssTUCA calamaria. In Shrawley wood near 

Glasshampton. Mr. Moseley* 

B1LOMU8 ^iandrus. At Severn Stoke. Dr. StoktSn 

- pinnahitm Abundantly in almost every 

pasture of a clayey soil in the neighbour- 
hood of Great Comberton and Pershore. Nath. 


Di^sACVS pilosiu. In the Abbey Lane at Eve- 
sham. BallarJ. 

Galium mollugo, 0. Hedge row in a marly soil 
on the side of the Red House near Wor- 
cester. Dr, States, 

A N c H u s A sempervirens. The Blanketts near Wor- 
cester. Ballard. 

Cynoglossum jyhaticum. In shady lanes about 
Worcester. Dr. States. Near the three* 
mile stone going from Worcester to Per- 
shore. Nasi^ 

Campanula paiula. In hedges, and by roadsides 
about Worcester^ Malvern , and other 
places in the County. Nasif. Near 
Hagley, on the Kidderminster road. 
Withering. Hedges near Bewdlcy. 

Mr, T, F, ForsteTy jun. 

, ■ Rapitncuktf. At Hindlip.' Dr, States. 

VsRBAscuM virgatum. First found by Mr. 

Waldron Hill, of Worcester, in a field ' 
on the S. side of a lane leading from 
Gregory's mill to the turnpike road near 
that Town : the side of the Turnpike 
road from Worcester to Ombersley, oppo- 
site the lane leading to Beverey. Id, 

O Elf Avr HE pimpinelloides. By the sides of rills 
ascending the North side of Breedon 
Hill. NasL 


ScANDiz odorata. In an orchard at the top of 
Souston?$ Roche, near Shelsley Walsh. 

Mr. Ballard. 
• ' ■ . CtrrfoUum. Ncv Worcester, in consi- 
derable plenty in the hedge on the South 
East side of the Bristol road, just beyond 
the Turnpike; and in the hedges in 
Upper and Lower Old Swinford. ' Dr. Stoics* 
FxMPiNiLLA magna^ Woods and hedges in this 

County. Mr. Bdllari, 

» * • 

Myosvrus minimus. Malvern Chace. /^. 

pALANTHUs nivaGs* At the foot of the MaWera 
Hills on the right of the road r^naing 
below the Camp- Id. 

AcoRUS Calamus. In the Aron near Fershore. Jd^ 

CoLCBicviyf autumnaU. Pastures, and low mea- 
dows about Great Comberton, Great 
Malvern, and m^y other places in the 
County. Nask* 

Alisma natant* Near Teabury* Mr. A.Aikin, 

Epilobium angtutifoUum. Near Bewdley. Mr. Dyer. 

Qhloka fer/oliata. Side of Malvern Chace. Afr« 
BaUard. Edge of the Ridd CUfF. Dr. 
Stokes. Rough pastures of ^ stiff* clayey 
soil about Great Comberton, and else- 
where. Nash, 

Vaccikivic Oxycoccos. Boggy places near Brooms* 

grove. Z/. 


PiOLYGOKUM vunus. Gravel pit on Malvern Chacc. 

Dr, Stoics. 

Btslcrta* Ham Green near Mathon, 

and Hartley. Mr. Ballard. 

Paris quadrifoUa. Wood near the Devil's Den 
near Clifton upon Teme. Mr. Ballard. 
Woods and thickets on the side of Bre&- 
donHill. A^tfxA* About FfaBkley* Withering. 
ClfRYSOSPLBNivM Attcrmfoliumi Purlieu lane 
leading from the Wytch to Mathon. 

Mtp BaUarJ. 
DiANTHUS/r<?///Jrr,. In a marie pit Landridg^ 

Hill; Hanley Castle. Id. 

Ar'bnaria te^uifotia,. Malvern Hills. Id. 

SiPUM alburn^ On rocks by the side of Malvern 

Hills above Great Malvern. Nash^ 

FyRUS d^mestica. In the middle of Wir? Forest 

near Bewdly. Lord Fahntla. 

Pelphinivm Consolida* Inafieldby Pershore. Merrett^ 
RANVNcyLV^ Lingua. Bogs on Malvern Chace. 

Mr. Ballard. 

_- ■ par'viflorus. Malvern I^ill. Mr. 

Ballard^ Near Worcester. Dr. Stokes. 

He{,lebokus viridis. Orchard near Mr. Ballard's^ 

Robinson's End, Malvern Chace. Mr. Wells. 
LspiDiUM ruder ale. Rubbish on the side of the 

Severn above Worcester. Dr. Stokes. 

Ii|ERis nudicauUs. In some old stone and gravel 


pits by the side of Pensham field oo the 
footway. Nash. 

Ca&DAMINE hnpaiiens. On loose earth thrown 
up from a quarry above Lench Ford, 
nearly opposite Shrawley ; and in Cliffy 
Wood near Hanley. ' Dr, Stohes., 

■ amara. About Worcester, Dr, 

Stokes* On the banks of the Avon 
below Great CombertOn, plentifully. Nash^ 
' pratensis, ftor. plen. In a field S. W. 

of the Tap-house at Hagley. Withering. 

Sisymbrium syl'vestre. Banks of the Severn near 

Worcester. Dr, Stoles. 

TvK^n IS glabra. Near Stourbridge. Rev. IV, Wood. 

Erodium marittmum, Sandy Commons between 
Enville and Bewdley, always in a South 
aspeft. Mr, Hunier. 

Geranium phaum. Near Cradley . Withering. 

Latbyrus Nissolia. Hadsor wood near Droit- 
wich. Mr, Baker, On banks by the 
side of woods between Pershore and 
Eckington. Nash. 

" ' — sylvestris. By a wood- side going from 
Pershore to Eckington. Id, 

" — — iatifoUus, Severn Stoke Copse. Mr, Ballard. 

ViciA sylvatica. Woods about Clifton upon Teme, 
in moist places. Dr, Stokes, In a thicket 
on the North side of Breedon Hill. Nash, 


Vi c I A hithynica. Woods near Clifton upon Tcnxc . 

Dr. Stoks. 

ASTRAGALUS hypQghtAs. On the Soath side of 

. Breedon Hill below the Camp. Na^ 

Hypericum androsami^'nu Lanes at the foot of . 
Malvern Hill, Dr. Stoles. In a deep 
IiqIIow way in a marly soil betweeti 
Worcester and Pewkesbury. Withering. 

'• dubium. Discovered firft as an Englifli 

plant by Dr. Seward of Worcester grow- 
ing plentifully about Sapey. Jd^ 

TT 7 L ) Pcnsham field near Per- 

HY^ocYiJ&Kisgfabya, I 

t^ r shore, in the most barren 

rlYosERis minima, I ' - • 

J and gravelly places. Nash. 

Carduus eriophorus. On Breedon Hill. Nash. 
Hillend Bank in Longdon Parish. Mr. 
Ballard, On the footway between 
Clarkton Leap and Kemsay. ^ Dr, Stoles, 

Qnaphalium viargaritaceum. By a rivulet in 

the heart of Wire Forest • Rev, Mr, Butt. 

■ rectum. Plentifully in rough pas- . 

tures near Fladbury. Nash^ 

Inula Helenlum, In great abundance on the side 
of Breedon Hill in the ascent from Great 
Coraberton. Id. 

Satyrium viride. Meadows and pastures about 
Great Comberton, and Pershore, abun* 
dantly. Id. 

«i dbe So!zdi nk of Great 

towards Wco!krri£39 frc^aeit. SmAm 

iiieetf OB die borden of Malm 

■ ■ • mfifif^ On tbetopof AbcilcyHu!; 

%xA in Wire Foreft. Hr. ifsjr^j. 

CkM,%x fejidda. Witcfaeiy Hcde near Ham 

Cas(le. Dr. Siths. 

— ^^ ampuUacea* M31 below Droitwidi. Hr. Stflrr, 
Of MVVOA Umaria* Oo the South side of BnedoQ 

Hillf in many places. Na^h. On cool^ 

pit basks near Stourbridge. Mr, W. HiU^ 

Foi^TFODiUM 'vuigare* )• Near Kidderminster. 

1^1 C H B M geographicus. On the Malvern Hills, 

Mr, r. J. Forri€r^jua^ 

— — — physoJes, It bears fruit on the Malvern 

Hills. /)r. ^miM, 

I I » icrobicukUus» Rocks just aboTC Great 

Malvcro. Dr^ Stoiei^ 

i<»*»ii < ■f>w**fcii^ - ■■ ■■■! ■ i iii I I f I i n i > *iiaiSi 

' li '.A U» 


To the very copious lists of Yorkshire^ PlantS| 
printed in the 2nd and 5th volumes of the Linnxan 
'I'ransactions^ we have been' enfabled by the kindness 
of the Rev. Arehdeacon Fierson, Mr. Dalton, Mr. 
Wood, and Mr. W. Brunton, to make many and in- 
teresting additions. Mr. Dahon had the goodness to 
furnish us, not only with the habitats observed by 
Jiimselfji l)ut with the f papers coUect<^4 ^y the late 

f I trust I ^hall mot be blamed fqr here inserting the fpllowinf 
letter, which accompsmied Mr. Teesdale's papers, not only m pointy 
ing out hit intentions respecting thein> but as the only means I have 
left, (feeble indeed they are,) of paying a tribute of respect to the 
memory of a man, to whose occasional correspondence I have been 
indebted for pleasure and impi^ove^eat. It is in cases Uke these, 
f specially when the regret is augmented by the ties of cejuaaguir 


Mr. Teesdale in the view to publishing at some fu- 
ture time a second and final suppliment to his Plantac 
EboracenseSj the execution of which, had the life of 
that acute naturalist been fpared, wduld have rendered 

nlty, of long friendskip, or of frequent intercourse, that th» force 
of the imprecation, *' uitimus suonim moriatur," is real^ felt.- 

« T« tbt Rev^ Mr. Dalton. 
«* Dear Sir, 

My present infirmities will not admit of ray pro* 
ceeding any further in the supplement to the Flora Eboracensis ; 
I have therefore packed up the papers along with this, and have 
ordered, if it should please Cod to call me away, to send them to 
you, so that if you should at any time be so inclined, you may cor-i 
rect and finish it : the names of the plants are on flips of paper, 
filed as they occur in the Flora Britannica, errors excepted, and I 
meant at the latter end of it to have added an alphabetical list of 
some of the very rare ones, which are in those published, giving the 
different habitats, whichhavebeen transmitted to ir.e by yourself,and 
our other friends. The Rev, Mr. Harriman has promised to send 
me his observations on the plants he has observed in our County : 
^hen I receive his list it is all I have in view at present* 

If you ever receive this, I shall be gone from whence no travel- 
ler returns, so have only to wish your family every blessing both 
here and hereafter, and I am, dear Sir, 

Yours very sincerely, 
Hammersmith. Rob. Teesdale.** 

This letter has no date but was evidently written shortly before 
kis death. D. T, 


his work a complete and interesting Flora of his 
County : but, since this was not the case, we sincerely 
hope that the excellent Friend, to whom he consigned 
his papers, will one day find leifure and inclination to 
fulfil his intention, not allowing the partial use here 
made of them to prove in any wise an obstacle. 

* Char A hispida. ' In old marie pits near Sheriff 
Hutton. Teesdale, Fish ponds at 
Woodend near Thirfk. Rev, Archdeacon 
Pitrson. . Farnhani Mires, &c. near 
Knaresborough, abundant. Retv, J. 
DaUon, Ditches near Ripon. Mr, Brunton. 

_«. _ jg. In the new river at Castle 
' IJoward. Tees dak. Rivulet issuing from 
Malham Tarn in Craven. Rev, W, Wood, 

— Jtexilis, In a bog where the stinking Spa 

empties itself near Knaresborough, Ray, 

In Terrington Car near Castle Howard, Teesdale, 

•J* The covering of calcareous earth, for which thi« plant is 
remarkable^ is by no means constant : ' I find it beautifttUy greea 
in several ditches near Ripon, where the water has never touched 
lime-stone. It then possesses the property of absorbing carbonic 
acid gas, by \ihich the lime has been held in solution, in a greater 
degree than any other water plant, exocpt, perhapsi Qbara vulgaris.*' 
Mfn Brmton, 


^ViSRomcA montana. Woods at Casde HoWSard; 
Teadale^ Frequeot at Thxrklebj near 
Thirsk* Re*Vm Arcbdeat^n Piersom 
Studley, Hackfall^ and Macker^aw 
woods by RipoD. Mr. Srunton* Ruins 
of Kirkstal Abbey; and woods about 
jlieeds, not nnfreqaent* ke^, W. Wood* 
Morcar wood near Copgrove. Rt^. J. Dcltoni 

ttlphyUosi Near Rossington« Mr, Tofiddi 

Utricular I A minor. Wet ditches near Nid« 
Re*v» Archdeacon Punon. In a peat moss 
called Terrington Car^ Teesdale, Stere- 
ley carrs. Rfv^ J. Dalion. Between 
Staveley and Boro' bridge. Ren;, Mr. Barleri 

Salvia pratetuit. In the North Riding, but I 

cannot recoiled the place. Mr. l^eesdaki 

Valeriana dcntata. Fields near Steveley^ 

Bishop Monckton, he. Rev. J. Dabon. 

Crocus nudifiorus. Pastures near Halifax. 

kev. W. Woodi 

ttiisfteHdusma. Hedges at Raskeif near Easing- 
wold* Renf. Archdeacon Piersom Bank 
ftt Little Nunwickf by Ripon. Mr. Brunion^ 

ScHCEiivt matiscut. In Terrington Car, rare, 
Teesdahi By Knaresborough| in wet 

* H I once planted this k a garden |rot, When in one ^ear it 
became to altered as to be called y. CUmadryt by Vt, Smichi 19 
'hom I aent a specimen.^' Mr. BnaattU 


places near the brook towards Newby ; 
and Mr. Duncombe's low grounds^ abun- 
dant. Rev. J* Daltofu 

Sc H CB N u s comfressus., Upon Welbum Moor, rare. 
TeesdaU. Common upon Famham Mires» 
and elsewhere near Knaresborough. 
Rev. J. Dalton. Bog at Wildon near 
Coxwold* R£v» Archdeacon PUrson. 
Boggy places^ and pastures near Ripon, 
frequent. Mr.Brumon* 

" albus., Tetrington Car. Teesdale. 

Black Moor between Leeds and Harrow* 
gate. Rev» W. Wood. 

■^ * fuscus ? Bogs near Turington, growing 

among the S. albus^ rare. Teesdale* 

f Sci&pus mubicauUs, Boggy places upon the 

^ We are assured by Dr. Smith in the Flora Brltannica that the 
LiDDjcan S.fitcut differs from S. albus in nothing except the colour 
of iu flowers ; what however is known by this name upon th« 
Continent appears dearly to be a separate species^ distinguishable 
by its filiform channelled leaves, by its brown, ovate, sub-spiked 
flowers, and by having only six setae at the base of the seed. Sa 
jRct^s Fhra Gtrmaniea, II. p. 48. JD. T. 

f Mr. Brunton has never found more than two stigmas in 
Scirjfuj palustrh^ though three are figured in English Botany, but 
he finds regularly three in 5. multicaulis. This excellent remark, 
tending to Illustrate two species so nearly allied, and so little 
known, I have also found to hold good Ih the specimens I have 

668 YORKSillRE* 

moors Dear Brtmham Rocks. Rev, J» 
DcUion, HouglitOD Moor near NewbolcL 
Mr. TeesdaU, Sawley Moor near Ri- 
pon» Mr, Bruntcfth 

S c I R P us pauciflorus^ Wet meadowis and pastures 
' near Ripon^ and Malton, Mr. Bfanton* 
In a streamlet called 'Lightwater, be* 
tween Ripon and N. Stainley, plentiful* . 
Ren;, J, Dahon, Houghton Moor Heat 
Newbold ; and marshes near Beverley. Teesdale^ 

m euiailarts.. On Stockton Common^ 

Terrington Car, and other places about 
Castle Howard. Tecsdale, Clifford 
Moor near Weatherby. Rev. W. Woods, 

■»-— - syl'uaticus. Near the Abbey at Kirk* 
ham ; and in 'Pretty-wood at C. Ho\vard. 
TeesdaU. By Angram wood near Cox- . 
void ; and by the river at Salton. Rev^ 
Archdeacon Pier son ^ Studley : Banks of 
the Ure, Ripon. Mr, Br nut on. Near 
Leeds, not uncommon. Re<v, W, Wood. 
Down the river from Copgrove towards 
Newby ; and in Lord Grantham^s plea*- 
sure grounds near the river, common. 

i^« J, DaliotU 

lately observed, and it is the more valuable as the seeds, which 
generally afford sure &peclfie charadlers among the SJrjfi, art 
here of no assistance. D. T, 


E&ioPHORUM 'vagtnaium. Heath North West of ' 
Tcr rington . 7eesdaie. ~ BJack Bird Moor 
near Castle Howard. Rey. Archdeacon 
Pierton. Tanfield Hall Car. Rev. J. 
DaJiQn. Black Moor near Leeds. Rev^ 
W. Wood. Bog on the Ox-close, Ripon. 

Mr. Bruraon. 

' ' ■ polystachion. Near Beverley; and 

in many parts of the County. Teesdale. 
Bogs near Ripon. Mr. Brunton. Marsh 
in Abbey's pasture near Copgroye ; and 
by the banks of the brook towards 
Newby, very common. Rev. J, D'aUon. 
At Wildon ; and near Coxwold. 

Re*u. Archdeacon Pterson^ 

AoRosTis Sfica Fenti. Bulmer cornfields near 
C. Howard, scarce. Teesdale. Corn<- 
fields at Alne near Easingwold. Rev, 
Archdeacon Pierson. Near Doncaster. 

Re*o, H. iJinuei* 

■ setacea. Walls on the Moors above 

Ebberstone Lodge near Pickering. Mr. Brunton. 

Melica ntf/on/. MackerihaWyandStudleywoods. 
Mr. Brunton. Byland Wood near Cox- 
wold. Re*v. Archdeacon Pierson. Woods 
between Thorp Arch and Wetherby. 
Rev. W. Wood. Helk's wood, Ingleton. 

Mr. Woodnvard. 

▼QL, II. X 


SiSLEKi k carulfa* About Settle, Curtis, Lime- 
stone rocks at Ingleborough, and Ingle- 
ton. TeesdaU, Mackershaw wood by 
Ripon. Mr. Bruntw. Ne^r Bolton 
Abbey. Rev. W. Wood. 

Po A procumhens. On Scarborough New Pier with- 

in the spray of the sea. Sir T. Frankland. 

humilis. Very common in barren limestone 

soils. Mr^ Brunton. 

glauca. Ingleborough Hill, and other moun- 
tains. TeesdaU. 

Festuca vvvtpara. Ingleborough. Mr. Brun- 
ton. Harableton Hills near Thirfk. 

Rev. Archdeacon Piersonm 

_ bromoides. On the Wolds. Tees dale. 

Ellashaw Hill, a curious Tumulus near 
Ripon. Mr. BrunSon. Walls at Hack- 
11CS8 near Scarborough ; and sides of 
Hambletdn Hills. Rev. Archdeacon 
Pier son* Sandy lanes near Hutton Moor, 
about two mile$ East of Ripon. Rtv. J. Dalton, 

_ * loliacea. Near Beverley. Teesdak. 

Meadows at Coxwold and Newburgh. 
Rev. Archdeacon Pierson. Meadows 
near Ripon, frecjuent, Mr. Brunion. 

* Mr. Brunton remarks that the descrlptioxi In Flora Britannica, 
FloteuU omnino Uvu ei inermet is erroneous, al they are strongly 
ribbed more than half way down. This certainly is the case, but 
the nerves are most visible in young flowers and appear to wear 
«ut by age. />. t* . 


Copgrove^ near the brook towards 
Newby. Revm J* Dakon. 

Bko M u s arvtnsh, C<»'Dfields at Little Weighton. 
TeesddU* About Coxwold. 

Rev. Arcideacon Pierson. 

■ ' ■ ■■ piHnatus. Near NonniDgton, atd other 
places about C. Howard. Teesdale. 
Byland Wood near Coxwold ; and road- 
sides between Ferry Bridge and Don« 
caster. Rev. Arcideacon Piersonm 

Walkinghaih Warrea, near Farnham, 
Mr. Brunten^ About Wetherby, plenti- 
fiilly. Rev. W. Wood. 

* Atbna fahia. Common among Com. Mr. 

Teesdaie. Cornfieids near Ripon. Mr. 

Brunton. At Wildon near Coxwold. 

Rev. Archdeacon Pierson. 
■ I ■ ■ ■ puheaeens. Meadows and pastures near 

Coxwold. Rev. Archdeacon Pier son. 

Near Rtpon, plenti&Uy. Mr. Brunion^ 

Every where about Copgrote in dry lands. 

Rev. y. Dalion. 
— » s$rigosa. In Yorkshire. Dr. Smith. 

* " There are two varieties of this plant, one hairy at the base 
of the giumei only^ the other entirely covered with hairs.*' 

Mr, Brunttn. 

X 2 


♦ Arum DO Epigejos. In woods at C. Howard, 
but very rare. Teesdale. Id a Utile 
wood at FawdiYigton near Helperby ; 
and Boroughbridge. Rgv. Arcbdeaam 
Pierson, Ditch near Monckton common 
field by Ripon. Mr. Brunt^n. Com- 
mon near Thirsk. Rt*v* J. Dalton. 

— « ■ — Calamagrostis. Woods at C. Howard. 

Tees^laie, In a moist plantation in New- 
burgh Park. Rev. Archdeacon Pitrson. 
What appears to be an old pond near the 
brook, halfway between Copgrove and 
Newby, is filled with it. Rev. J. /)d/- 
ton. Near Hull, Afn P. W. Watson. 

LoLivM ar*vense. Cornfields above Barton, and 
Appleton near Malton. Rev. Archdeacon 
Pierson. About Ripon, frequent. Mr. 
Brunton. Too common round Copgrove. 

Rev. J. Dalton. 

EbYMUS iurop£us. Woods at Castle Howard. 
Teesdale^, Byland Wood near Coxwold. 
Re<v. Archdeacon Pierson. Hackfall ; 
Studley Park. Mr. Brunion. 

** * What it called A. Epigtjos in English Botany it a very good re* 
presentation of A. coUrata^ and, 1 faney, has been drawn from that 
species. The figure of A. Calamagrostu more nearly resembles 
A. £/>fgeJtu. The stem of A* Calsmogroitii if always branched." 

• • Mr. BruMtm. 

YdllKSHlRE. 673 

RoKDivM marifimum. Near the confluence of 
the Trent and Ouse. Rtqj. W. Wood. 
Near Redcar, upon the banks of the 
salt-water ditches. Rev. J. Dalton. 

TiiTicuM toUaceum, Sea shore, not common. 
Tetsdale* On the old Piers at Scar- 
borough. Rev. Archdeacon Pier son. 

PolyCarpon tetraphyUum, Near Hull. 

^ ♦ Mr. P. W. Watson. 

ScABiosA succisa. We have found it in York- 
shire with double flowers, and in that 
state it is worthy of a place in the gar- 
den. Mr. Teesdak. 

DifSACus filo4 us. Woods r -Beverley. Colonel 
MacbeU. Rocks under Knaresborough 
Castle. Rev. Archdeacon Pierson. Burley, 
between Otley and Skipton. Re*u. W. 
Wood. Fountains Abbey. Rev. J. DaUon. 

Galium Witheringil. Walkington Wood near 

Beverley. Teesdale. 

' tricorne. Malton cornfields. Teesdale, 
, About Thorp Arch, and Wetherby : 
near Conisborough Castle between Ro- 
theram and Don caster. Re<vm W. Weed. 
Cornfields above Appleton, and Barton 
near Malton, Rev. Archdeacon Pierson* 

* For the information under the name of this Gentleman we 
have to acknowledge our obligations to the kindness of Mr. 


At Monk FrystOQ between Ferry bridge 

and Selby. Mr. Woodward. 

Galium fusUIum. Near LeckonEeld, rare. TeesdaU* 

■ *■ ongKcum. Near Boyoton^ the scat of 

Sir George Stricklandy Bart. Mr- Knomdknu 

— — T horeaU, East end of Malham Cove. 
Bladstone, Near Helmsley, but very 
rare. Teesdale. Near Bolton Abbey; 
and Gordale. Rtv, W. Wood. 

Centunculus mininms. Houghton Moor» the 

side next to Newbold. ^eesdalg. 

Sangu^sorba qffkifudis. Common in meadows 
at Ripon. Mr. BrurUon. Vtrj frequent 
at Copgrove, and still more so at Redcar. 
Ren), J. Dalton. Meadows about Cox* 
woldy plentiful. Rro. Archdeacon Pur^ 
son* About Leedsy abundant. Rev. W* 
Wood. Abput Settle. Mr. J. Woods ^jun. 

Epimedium (dpin^m* Bingley Woods. J>r. iUGiiariiri?n« 

Ct)RNUs succicq. In a place called Hole of Hack- 
ham, near Pickering, abundantly* Teesdtde^. 

Alchemilla alpina» Mountains in this County. Ray. 

vulgaris* 0, Woods at^ Castle 

Howard. Teesdale. 

PoTAMOGETON gramtnevm. Fish ponds at C. 

Howard. Id^ 

" ' — Jlmtans, Ditchers near Beverley. Id» 

, YORKSHIRE. tf75 


RuppiA marUima. Tees Mouth. Mn Robson. 

Anchusa sempervlrens^ By the road between 

Settle and Ingleton. Teesdale, 

* PvLMONARiA offlctnalis. ClifFwood. Mr. Robson» 

PsLiuvLAfarinosa, Heaths near HeltnsicyzTeesdale, 
Wet meadows near Kilburne Thicket by 
Cox wold, plentifully. Re*v Archdeacon 
Pier son. Upper part of Airdale. and 
WKarfdale in Craven. Rev. IV» tVood, 
In all wet places near Copgrove, very 
common. Rev. J. Dalton. Moist 
meadows and pastures at Ripon. Mr. 
Brunton. . About Ingleton, plentiful, D. T*. 

Ly SIM A CHI A ihyrsiflora. In the East Riding. 

Ray. Near. York. Dr. White. 

Anagallis arvensU. y. Malton Cornfields. Teeidalt. 

PoLEMoViuM c^rideum. Near Settle: Ingleton: 
Malham Cove. Teesdale. Gordale,^ 
plentifully. Mr. Bruntonm In a hollow 
place in the w;^y from Gordale Scar to 
Malham. Z). T. 

' * In^the instance of this plant and several others, we have to 
apologize for an enot^ which we have found it impossible wholly 
to avoid. Cliff wood being always spoken of ks war Darlington, 
we had Inserted the plants there fotind in our Purham list, nor 
'was it till that part of jur work was printed, that we saw a letter 
from Mr. Robson, hy which we find that act only this^ wood, but 
Cronkly Fell also, are on the Yorkshire side of the Tees. 


Campanula Xafunculus* Hedges at Wressle 

near Howden. Rev. Archdeacon Pi€rson^ 

— — — latifolian At Malbaniy on the 

Rocks by the Whern. Ray, Slingsby 
Lanes. Teesdale, Hedges at Coxwold^- 
Kirby Moorside, Kivaulx near Helrasley, 
&c. Rev, Archdeacon Pierson. Mor- 
car wood by Copgrove^ and elsewhere. 
Rev, J. Dalton, Common near Ripon. 
Mr, Br union. About Leeds, abundant. 
Rev. IV. Wood. Banks of the Ribble, 
about half a mile above Settle. 

Mr, J, Woods^jun, 

_, 1- htderacea. Near Halifax, ' Mr, Bolton^ 

Im? AT I EYis noli tangere. Roots of the- old walls 
in Fountains Abbey. TeesdaU. Banks 
of the Skell in Studley Woods. Mr. Brunton^ 

Viola hlrta, Wopds at C. Howard. TeesdaU^ 
Londesbrough ; and Thorp Arch. 
Mr. Knowlton. On most ditch-banks 
about Copgrove. Re<v, J. Daltonm 
Mackershaw wood, and sereral other 
places near Ripon. Mr. Brunttn, 

■ lyUea. About Attamioe CliA near Settle. 

Cur is. Wolds about C, Howard. 
Teesdak. Kirby Hill Moor, and Sawley 
Moor near Ripoh. Mr. Brunton, High 
pastures about Malham in Craven. Rtv. 


W. Wood. On the McM)rs near the 
coalpits above Wenslcy, Re*v, J, Dalton. 

Vbrbascum Blattaria, Lane by JHighthorne 
near Easing wold* Rev, Archdeacon Pier^ 
son. Walls of Tiqkhill Casxle. Dr. Maton. 

Rhamnus catharttcus, Mackershav/ wood, and 
hedges near Ripon, abundantly. Afr. 
Brunton, Wood near the Abbey at 
Knar^sborough. Rev. Arcbdetuan P'ur^ 
^ son. Hedges at Monk Fryston. Rtv. 
W* If^ood. Commoa near Copgrovc. 

Rev. J. Dalton. 
R I B E s alprnvm^ On the walls of Fountains Abbey. 
TeesdaU. Woods about Bradford. Mr. 
Wood^afd, Hedges about Coxwold. 
Re%*. Arehdf£fcon Pier/on. Studley : 
Hackfall : Weosley Dale, Mr. BrwUon. 
About Apperly bridge in Airdale, 

Rfv^W. Wood. 
T! petraum, WhitfcU Gill near Askrigg j 

Wenslcy Dale: Banks of tjrc Tees. 

Mr. Erunton. Cliff wood. . Mr. Rohson. 

ViNCA major. Banks of the Wharfe near We- 

tberby. Mr. Bruntofi. At Tbormahby 

near Easingwold and Thirsk. 

Rev. Archdeacon PUrton. 
GiNTiAMA Pneunumanthe. ^ Terrington Car; and 

Stocktoii Common; Teesdak^ Pill Moor 


near Hdpcrby, in plenty. Rjpv. J. DaU 
ton* Ncs^r Hewby, on heathy ground. 
Re*v. jirchdeaton Pltrson. Hatfield 
Common. Dr. M<U<m*> 

« '-« — i- 'vema: On Cronkley Fell, and other 

placesin Teesdaleyabtmdantly. Rev.J.Harrhnan. 
— amanila. /3. On the Wolds, freqaent. 

Mr, TeesdaJe, 
— — eempatrh. Boggy field adjoining 

Horsfbrth Beck, 4 miles from Leeds. ., 

Hudson, About Oordale.- • Bjsv^ W* 
JV6od% Terrington Common, rare. 
7eesdjxii^ On the top of Old Stead 
. Bank* near Coxwold. Ke^j. Archdcacoii 
~ , ^Fierson, Plentiful in the field behind 

Salton Lodge by Copgrove: Dallow Gill, ^ 

. 4 miles to the West oiFKirby Malzeard. 

.* • Re<v, J, Dalton, 
"RtiYiH Gtv U cam^esire. Below Melling, plentifiilly. 

' Hudson'. 

BuPLlVRUM r(aiin£foIttim* Cornfields near Mal- 

ton and Slingsby. Teesdale, In every 

- ploughing field^neif'Copgrore.- Riv,J, 

J>ak(m» Ifcar- Kipon* Mr, Brunton, 

About Barton. Rev, Archdeacon Pier son ^ 

C'AUCALTS daucmdes^ Cornfields near Malton, and 

Thofp Arch, iteesdak. Above B^rtoifi * 
• and Appltffcoft near Maltom Ren),- Arch- 


deacon Phrs^n, Near Ripon. Mu 
Brunton* Pfoughing fields near lliorn- 
borough Moor, between the Villages of 
Tkornborough aod Tanfield. R,rv. J. DaJton. 

StLivvu falustre^ Near Doacaster. Hudson. 
I^arshes near Beverley, abundantly. 
TtesdaU^ Lovr Moors between Goole 
. .andThorne. Rev.W. Wood. 

Hejiacleum spbondyliwn. 0» Castle Howard 

Woods, but rare. Teesdale* 

Msujtf (UhaTncmticunu Mountainous parts of the 
^ West Riding[, q)aringly» JRx^, Mea- 
dows at Mossdale bead* Wensley Dale. 

Ur^ Brwifon. 

SiVM laiifoiiim* Ditch at York. Mr, Brunfyn. 
^ Foss BaTigation near York, in plenty. 
Rev* J. Bolton. Near Whitgift, on the 
hanks of the Yorkshire Onse. Rent. W. Wood. 

repene. Ditches about Beverllsy. . Teesdale. 

SifiON Segetum. Common near Hull. Rev* J. Daiion. 

Omh AHT HE pimpinelloufeim Boggy places, ponds, 
and ditches near Ripon. Mr* Brunion. 
Vqy common in all wet places about 
Cppgrojjfe. RcD' J. Da/ton, Pottery 
Carr near Doncaster. Mr, Salu 

C icy T A virosa. By the river at Scroby Bridge 
near Bawtry. Sir T. (?• CuUum. 
Newsham Carr near Thirk. Sir T. Franiiand. 


* ScAKDiz odaraia* Meaidow3 between Monon 
and Roshwonh. Dr» Rkhardson. In 
the wood at Koaresboroug^, where the 
dripping well is. TcesdaU. < Upon the 
side of every rivolet in Wensley Dale : 
Hackfalk Mr. Brunth,. Banks of the 
Ure, from Wcoslcy Dale for some miles 
Eastward, in Plenty. Rtv. J. DoUm. 
About Coxwold. Rev. ArchdcMon 
"Pier son. In many parts of Craven : and 
near Leeds. Rev. W. Wood. 

Imferatokia OstrutUum. Cotherston near Ber- 
nard Castle. Mr. Robson, 

Cam if Carut. Meadows adjoining the Humber 
near Hull^ so plentifully that the poor 
people gather the seed to dispose of to 
the Druggists. Teesdale* Near the 
Black's head above Grantley. Rev. J. 
Dahon. By the road side on Sawley 
Moor. Mr. Brunton. 

PiMPlNBLLA magna. About Knaresborough : 

Richmond: Castle Howard: Helmsley, 

' Teesdale. Under the Walls of yYork. 

* In support of this plant's being really indigenous^ Mr. BruntoD 
iibservcs that it is the moil common umbellate vegetable in Wen* 
sley Dale, and not found in general near houfes, but by the sides of 
rivulets. The Country people make no use of it, and consider it a 
troublesome we^d. 


Riv, }F. Wood. Hedges near Ripoa, 
^ commoD. Mr* Brwnion. la every hedge 

near Copgrove, Rev. •/• J>abcn. 

* Sambvcvs Ehdus. Lund, in the East Riding: 
many places in the North Riding. Tees^ 
dak. Near Ripoir» in the lane dose to 
Leeming Tarnpike Gate: near North 
ADerton. Retv. Ji Daknu Under 
Scarborough Castle Walb^ plentifully* 
^<v. Archdeacon Pierson. Melsonby by 
Richmond: Piersbridge* jifr* Brwnton. 

■ ■' nigra, y. Near Scarborough. Travis. 

Staphylba plnnata. Hedges near Pontefract* 
Kay. Woods in the farther part of the 
County. Mtrrett. 

LiNVM usUaiusimufn* Near Copgrove. (It has 
been cultivated in those parts not many 
years since.) * Rev. J. Dallon. 

perenne. In Bulmer field at the end of the 

avenue that leads to C. Howard. Teet^ 
dale. Mackershaw wood pear Ripon ; 
and near Malton. Mr. BrunSon, 

' ■ " emgwtifoUum. Near Malton. /^. 

DaosKRA longifolia. Between Doncaster and 
Bawtrey. Ray. In Tetrington Car. 
Teesdale. Bogs near Harrowgate. Mr. 

* ** This plant i$ sometimes used to dyeblae.*' MrSruMm, . 


Brunton. Wet ditches below Nid ; and 

in St&velj Car, E^nf. Arcbdtacwi PierUn, 

Dloseea aitglica. In Terrington Car, rare, Teei^ 
dale. Peat Bogs near Doncast^r« 

Rev^ H, DavUs. 

Myosuxui ndnmns. Fields Sooth East of Wel- 

bum. Teesdali. Near York, Dr. WhitCm 

Galakthvs ni<vaiiim Pasture near Kiriutal Ab- 
bey. Rtv. W. Wo9d. Banks of the 
Skell near Ripon ; and Mackershaw 
woods. Rsv, «7, DaUon* 

Naicjssvs hifiorus. Banks of the River Wherf 
at Thorp Archj in plenty » Mr, Knowl* 
ton. Near Halifax. Mr, Wood. 
Meadows near Ripon. '^ Mr. Brunton. 

Allium arenarium. Meadow, called Sandnes, at 
C. Howard, very scarce. Tseidaltm 
Fields near Ripon, and Knaresborough, 
plentifully. Mr* BrufUon. In a wet place 
down the brook from Copgrove towards 
Newby. JUv, J. Dahon. Helsington x 

fields near York ; and on the top of the 
Rocks at Knaresborough. ^Rev. Arch' 
deacon Ptersorim About Thorp Arch. 

Rev. W. Wood. 

- — .'— ♦ carijiafum. Near Settle. Ray, Among 

* The habitat assigned to this plant in Flora Britannica bn the 
authority ol the Rev. Archdeacon Picnon we have by his directioa 
placed under A* arenarium, to which it belopgt. 


Rocks at Canystoae, and Kilnsay. ' Curtis^ 
Allivm oleraceum. Plcn^^hed fields near HoTiPgo 
ham Mopr, T'CjfidaU, Wood at New- 
burgh near Coxjyold. Rev* Archdeacon 
Pierson. About Leeds* Re^. W. 
Woo4' RoQks near Knacesboroiigh : 
Jarvis Abbey, and fields hear Copgrove> 
- comofiff. Rev. J. Daltvn* Meadows 
and j^astur^es near Ripon, yery comnDton, 

...^. — ,. s^htfBoprasum* Meadows near Kirby- 

mpor-^ide. Mr. Flintoff. , 

OaN IT HOG ALUM httewfti* Near Greta Bridge, 
aj>d Signal. Ray^ Welburn near Kirby-- 
jnoorside. Mr. Grimstort, Near Don- 
c!aster. Mr. Tofield. Neat Stitnapy but* 
r^e. TeexdaU. Dunkirk wood, near 
Sleningford, 5 miles North of Ripoc, - 
abundant. Rm* J. Dabon, Hungry 
hill, Robin Hood's bank, and banks of the 
Skell, Ripon. Mr,Bruntcn. In the long 
flat at Knaresborough. Re^. jirchdeaeon 
PUrson. Malham Cove. Rfif'. W. Wood. 

. ' umhellatum* Meadows near 

Ripon : on the foot road to a pasture, 
called Red Bank, by Ripon. Mr, Brun- 
• ton. In a field near Knaresborough. Mr, Rohon. 
CoKTALi^ARi A Pofygonafutn. At Clapdale in the 


mklwaj b etwe en Settle and lagk bofoii^h* 
Merrti$* Hdk's wood at loglctoo, and 
other rocky woods near Settle. Curtis. 
■ Sykes wood, logletoo. 2>. 7!» 

CoMTALLAKiA Multtflwa. Newborgh wood near 
CoxwokL Rtu. Archdeauon -Piirsom, 
Stodley woods* abundandy. Mr, Brfin* 
ion. Id a ditch bottom at Winterbom 
between 8ki{>ton and Maiham* I^ev. fF. Wood. 

A con V 3 Caianufs. Ponds at Risby : near Beverley. 
TeesdaU. Banks of the River nedr Honse^ 
ham, the seat of Mr. Cholndey. Reo. 
J. DaUon. Near York, Dr. Wlute. 

JvKcvs iriglumu* Moors above Middletoo in 

Teesdale. . JItfr. Brunton* 

RuM£X sanguifuus. Hackfali near Ripon* Afr. 

BrutUon. On the sea coast. Mr. Rohson. 

■ maritimust Woodmansey near Beverley. 

• Teesdale. Ne^ Scarborough. Mr. Brtmtonm 

■ digynus. Mountains in the North and 

West Ridings. Tiesdale, 

ToF I B LO I A palustris. Above Middleton in Tees- 
dale. Mr. Brunion* Cronkley Fell» 
plentifully. Mr. Robton. 

CoLCHicuM autumnale. Near Ferry Bridge; - 
Knaresborough : South Dalton. Teesdale. 
Meadows about Ripon, too abandaat* 
Mr. Bruttton. At Thirkleby. Rt^. 



Archdeacon Pierson. Limestone pastures 
about Kippax, and Ledston : about Ap- 
perley bridge, in Aifdale, on cby. Rtv, 
W» Wood* Mnch .to6 commpnat Cop- 
grove. Rcfv* J. Dabon. KiTer side at 
Fryston, Mr. J. Aikin* 

* Alism A natans* Lake at Hornsea. TeesdaU. 

' rauuneuloides* Ditches n^ar Beverley* 

Teesdale* Bogs on tde Common at Ri- 
pon. Mr, Brunton* Giggleswick Tarn 
•near Settle. Rgiv, IV. Wopd. Most of 
the ditches about Copgrote. Rev. J. Daltm. 

Tri III TALIS europaa. Found by T. Willisel at the 
Eastern extremity of Rumbles Meernear 
iielwicky among Rushes. Ray. Moors 
near Helmsley. TeesdaJe. Boggy pas- 
ture near Pateley Bridge, and nearRipon. 
Mr. Brunton. Woods near Halifax. 
Rent. U^. Wood. Dallow Gill, Bev. 
J. DaUon. Moors near Harrowgate* 
and above Kirkby-^moor-side. Rtnj. 
Archdeacon Pierton. Near Scarborough. Travis^ 

Epilobium anptstijolium. Meadows near Shef- 
field^ plentifully. Ray. In Bilsdale 

^ Anong the memoranda left by Mr. Teetdale for a future 
fupplement to his PlantaB Eboracensei he expresses his wish that 
tome other Botanist would examine the Lake at Hornsea, at he hat 
4oubts about this plant* 

▼OL. II. r 



aboTC Helmsley. Teesdale, Near Saw* 
ley. by Ripon. Mr. Brunton^ Mor<:ar 
wood near Copgrove, Rev. J. Ddlton, 

Epilobium alfinum. Sides of RiTnlets in the 
mountainous parts of the West Riding. 
Tteidak, Near Settle : and on moist 
rocks about Buckbarrow well. Curtis^ 

Chlora perfoUata. On the wolds near Beverley : 
between Doncaster and Ferry Bridge. 
TeesdaU. About Thorp Arch, and 
Kippax. Rev, W. W»od. Very com- 
mon about Copgrove: Burton Lime- 
kilns. Rev. J. Dahon: Mackershaw 
wood; Studley Lime-kilns, and other 
places about Ripon, in plenty. Mr. 
Brunton. Near Sheffield. D. T. 

V A c c I N 1 1; M f^itis idaa.^ Near Harrowgate. Tees- 
dale. Brimham Rocks, and near Lord 
Grantley's Lakes on Sawley Moor. 
Mr. Brunton. Dallow Gill: Moors 
above Helmsley. Re^. J. Daltonm 
Woods about Halifax, and Otley. 
Rev. JV. Wood. In a little bog in Old 
Stead wood, leading from thence to Cold 
Cam near Coxwold. Rev. Archdeacon 
Pier son. On Ingleborough. Mr* Woodwards 

■■ •■ Oxycoccos. Terrington Car. TeeS' 

dale. Black Moor near Leeds. Rev. fT* 


JFood. Blacksmith's Car oear Copgrove ; 
and on all the Western Moors : Tanfield 
Hall Car. Rev. J. Dalton. Bogs near 
Ripon, so plentifully that the Berries are 
brought to Market in large quantities. 

Mvm BrufUon, 

Daphn£ Mezereum. Oldfield wood near Ripon, 

doubtful if wild. Id, 

Polygonum minus. Woodmansey near Beverley. 
Teesdale. Wet places near Ripon. Mr. 
Brunton. Banks of the Foss at York. 

Rev, Archdeacon Pier son. 

-*- Bistorta. About Sheffield, Halifax, 

Bradford, and most parts of the County, 
frequent. Ray. Moist meadows near . 
C. Howard. Teesdale. Near Coxwold, 
and Newburgh. Rev. jirchdiacon Pier- 
Mn. About Leeds, abundantly* Rev. 
W% Wood. Mackershaw wood, and 
-meadows near Ripon. Mr. Brunton. 
Near North Lees : Magdale Close above 
Tanfield. Rev. J. Dahon. Meadow 
adjoining Fountains Abbey. /). T. 

• — r— viviparum. Mountainous pasture 

about a mile and a half from the village, 
called Wherf, not hr from the footway 
leading thence to Settle. Ray. Edge 
of Semer Water at Carr End, Wensley 

Y 2 


Dale. Curtis. Woods near Helrtsley. 
Rev, Archdeacon Pier son. Near Hor- 
ton in Ribbledale ; and New Park near 
Askrig, Wensley Dale, Mr. Brunton, 

Paris qucdrifotia. Most of the shady woods 
about C. Howard, TeesdaU, Near 
Leeds. Ren}. W. Wood. Newbwrgh, 
Byland, Wass, Hovingham, Conis- 
thorpe woods. Refv. Archdeacon Plerson. 
Studley ; Hackfail. Mr. Brunton. 
Morcar wood by Copgrore, and else- 
where, most common. Renf. J. DaUon. 

MoNOTROPA hypopithys. Wood near Everton. Afr, Salt. 

Akdromeda poll folia. Bogs near Ho wden . 7V«- 
dale. About Halifax, Mr. Cronve. 
Hills above Keighley, and abundantly on 
all that ridge of mountarns, which sepa- 
rates Yorkshire from Lancashire. Mr. 
Knowlton. Black Moor near Leeds. 

Rev. W. Wood. 

Arbutus U'va Ursi* At Heptonstalt near Ha- 
lifax. /</. 

Pyrola rotundifolia. Woods at Hclmsley. Tees- 
dale. Hackncss woods near Scarborough. 
Rinj. Archdeacon Pierson, Woods near 
Halifax. Rev. W. Wood. Near the 
waterfall at Lord Grandey's Lftkes on 
Sawley Moor. Mr. Bninton. 


Priio&A mnor. Sereral places near Halifax. 
Xay* Raydale wood near Carr End, 
Wensley Dale ; and Tennants wood near 
Kilnsay. Curtis. Woods at Hackfall : 
Haslewood: near Clapham. TeesdaU* 
- Hackness woods; and Hoyingham woods 

near Malton. Riv. Archdeacon Vterson. 

> ■■ T ■ ■ secuttda^ Haslewoody near Sir Walter 
VaTasor's Paik. Ri^, I believe Ray's 
plant will proTe to be P« uninor^ as I have 
receiTed this from Haslewood, and am 
told no other is to be.'found there now* TecsdaU* 

CHaTS9SFl*KNZVM olStrmfolium, Near Bingley, 
and elsewhere* Hudson. Near Horn- 
byt very rare, TeesdaJe. Newburgh 
wood ; and fiyland wood near Coxwold. 
Rev. Archdeacon Pi^rson, Near Apper- 
Icy bridge on the Aire. Rev, W. Wood. 
Studley, equally common as C oppositifo- 
Bum. Mr. Brunton, Magdalene Banks 
near Tanfield Hall. Rc*u. J. Dalton. 

Saxifiiaga sleJbatis. Ingleborough : Hiokle- 
haugh : Malham Cove ; and various 
places about Settle and Ingleton. TeesdaU. 

♦ umbrotm. Reddins Gill near Keigh- 

* Mr. Brunton uifornis un that he first found this plant in li'ork- 
shire, and pointed out the place to Mr.mngley, on whose authority 
^. stands in Flora Britannica and English Bota'iy. 


ley. Mr. KnowUon. Hazleton Gill, 
Littendale, near ArncHfFe io Craven. 
Mr, Brun'on, Thorp Arch wood near 
Wethcrby. Rro* Archdeacon Plerson, 

Saxifraga opposififolia. With S. SteUarh, Teesdak^ 

Hircului. I have a specimen found in 

Yorkshire by Dr. Townsonj but 1 do 
not know in what part. Jlfr« Bruntcn^ 
■■ ' aif&oidcs. With S, stellaris. Tees- 

dale, Common in Craven, and Wensley 

dale. Mr. Bruntoru 

— < hypiKfides. With S, stellaris, Tees^ 

dale. Near Pateley Bridge by Ripon; 
and very common in W«nsky Dale. Mr. 
Brunton. lu Craven, abundantly. Rev. W, Wood* 

Sai^onaria officinalis. Near Shipton, a village 
between York and Market Weighton: 
Cottingham Moor. Teesdale. Near 
Snaith. Rev. W. Wood, Banks of the 
Swale by TopclifFe. Ren>, J. Dabon* 

DiANTHus caryophyllus. Walls of Fountains 


Abbey. , Mr^ Brunton, 

delioides, Abput Scampston. Teesdale* 

> barbatus. On a marie bank in Stmdley 

woods. Mr. BrunfoH» 

SiLENE nutans. Rocks about Knaresborough, 

Riv, jirchdeacon Piersqn^ 
nociijlora. Very common about Wethcrby. 


Sir^ T. FrTinki'and. About Thorp Arch. 
Re<v. W. Wood^ Cornfields near Ripon^ 
plentifully* Mr* Brunton. Most plough- 
ing fields about Copgrove. Re^. J, Dalton. 
Stellar I A Ntmorum. In Bingly Park. Dr. 
Richardson, By rivulets, and in shady 
moist woods about C* Howard. Tees* 
dale* At the bottom of the Garths at 
Coxwold. R£Vm jircbdeacon Pieuon. 
About Leeds, plentifully* Re*Vm IV* 
Wood, Studley, and Hackfall woods. 
Afr, BrufUon. Sides of Weathercoat 

Cave. D. TV 

> glaucdt Marshes near Beverley. 

CoL MachelL Common near Copgroye. 
Rev, J. Dalioti. Boggy places at Sha- 
row-Mines near Ripon. Mr. Brunton, 

ARf VARiA tenulfolU^ Barton Heights near C. 
Howard. Teesdale. Walls of Fountains 
Abbey. Mr. Br union. Gravel pits near 
Copgrove, Sec. common, Jiev, J. DaUon, 

». j i. ' ■ ■ ■ *vema. Mountains about Settle. 
Teesdak, Near Pately Bridge by Ripon 2 
Wensley Dale, qommon« Mr» Brunt on. 

wf * I — p — 1 — V* "Upon Hinklehaugh. Tees- 
dale^ Near Scarborough. Trains^ 


* CoTTLVDON lutea. WaUs and rocks \n the 

West Riding. Mr. Tofield. 

Sedum dasyphyllwm. Wall's at Malton. Kev. 
Archdeacon Piersen. At Terrington. 

Re<v, J. DiUionm 
■ ■ vUlosum. IngJeborough^ ^ Hinklebaogh^ 
Hartsidc Hills, in the West Riding. 
TeesdaU. Bog Dear Malham Tarn. 
Mr^ BrwUtm* Close by Weathercoat 
Cave. Mr. Woodward. 

' alhum. WaUs at Coxwold. 

Rsv. Archdeacon Pienon. 

sexangulare. Near Scarborough. Trayis. 

rupestre. Near Guisborough. Mr. Fliniqffi 

Spxrgula subulata* BambyMoor: nearPock- 

lington, rare. Teesdak. 

Lt THRUM hyssopifolium. Near Harrowgate. 

Rev. Archdeacon Pierson, 
'EvviAOKHiKplatyphyUa. ^. Near York. " Ray. 

Prunu* Padus. About Ingleborough. Curtis. 
Common in this County. HudMn. Rose 
Dale,. Danby Dale, near Whitby. Rev. 
Archdeacon Pterson. Woods in Wharf- 
dale, Airdale, and the vale of Calder, 
plentifully. Rev.' W. Wood. Oldfield 

* Mr. Fairbaim that the stock of this plant, now 
in Chelsea Garden, originated from a Yorkshire root introduced 
by Mr. Hudson. D. T. 


Wood: Hackfall, Mr» Brunton. 
Outley Potts fiear Hackfall: Dunkirk 
. wood Dear Slenkigfordy &c« Re*v. J. Dabcn^ 
Fyrus Aria, Mountainous p^rts of the North 
and West Riding: Knares(>orough* 
Teesdale. Thorp Arch Woods. 

R£v» Archdeacon Pitnon. 

Spirjea saJuifolia, Hedge between Green Ham* 
merton and Knaresborough, far from any 
house or garden. Teesdale* Near 
Thornville Royal, in the lane between 
that place and Green Hamqierton. It 
seemsi from the size, t6 be a very old 
station, but may have been brought with 
Quicks from a garden^ when the hedge 
was originally planted. Rtv* J. Dalton. 

Rosa 'vlUosa, Plentiful in this County. Ray. 
Grass wood near Kilnsay. Curtis» 
Hedges near Coxwold. Rev. Archdeacon 
Pierion, Mackershaw wood; and pas- 
tures near Ripon./ Mr, Brunhm. 

* tomentosa. Hedges near Ripon, and 

Wcnsley Dale. Mr, Brunton, Studley. 

Rev, •/• Daiton* 

* What appears a vtriety of tki9 plant with onooth frait growt 
Bear RipoD> and Mr. Bninton remarks that it appeart toi lose itself 
in JL iufunm, I have mywlf observed the lame thing in Norfolk. 

D. r. 


Rosa • cinnamomea* The wood in Akcton Pas- 
ture near Pontefraft, Mr. Salisbury . 

Rub us saxmilit. Stony woods near C. Howard, 
but rare. TeesdaU. Matkershaw woods. 
Rev, J. Dalton* Scawton woods near 
Helmsley* Rev. jfrchdeaeon Pier-son^ 
WhitfcU Gill, Wensley Dale ; Hackfall i 
and in Craven. Mr. Brutiion. Grass-^ 
ington wood, and Rilnsey Crag in 
Wharfdale. Re^. W^ Wood. Sykcs* 
and Hclk's wooeh, Ingleton, D. 7*, 

-, Chanumoruf. Peat earth, on the tops of 

the highest hills ; f Ingleborough : Kirby 

Fell: Fountains: Bulsworth; Hinkle- 

haugh, TeesdaU^ 

Jot b k ti l la fruticosa. South banks of the Tees 

below Thorp, and Egleston Abbey ; also 

near Greta Bridge, and Mickle-force, 

Teesdale, Ray. It still grows, there 

abundantly. Mr. Rohson^ 

.. , m — -^ aurea. Near Whince bridge, near 
Middleton. Mr. Robson. Rocks above 
Gordale Scar. M,r. Sruntoiu 

, , ■ ,... verna. About Kippaz, and Led- 

• This recent addition to the Flora Britannica was communi- 
cated to us by Dr. Smith, in whose herbarium is a specimen 
fathered here by Mr. Salisbury. 

t I was informed at Ingleton that it never bore flowers here. 


ston Park, abundantly. Rev^ W. Wood. 
Rocky woods at C. Howard, and Hor- 
ingham. 7'eesdale* Near Gigglcswick. 
Hudson. Near Carr End, Wensley Dale. Curtis, 

ToRMBNTiLLA replant. At Brighousenearjialifax. 
J>r. Smith, About Leeds^ sparingly. 

Rev. W, irood. 

Gbum r:*vale. In roost woods about C. Howard, 
common. TetsJale, About Leeds : near 
Skipton, IT) great abundance. Rev, W. 
Wood, Angram wood near Cox wold. 
Rjt^o, ^rihdeacon Piers on. All wet 
places about Copgrove. Re*f>m J, Dalton. 

/S. Mackershaw wood by Ripon. 

Mr. Brunton. Woods in the North 
Riding: Walkington wood near Beverley. 

i?MA. Mr, Righy. 

O R Y A s octopetala. On Arncllff Clowder in Litten- 

dale. Curtis. Near Settle. Dr. Fell. 

AcTiBA spicMta. Near Malham Cove. Ray, 
At Hiidersley : and in Hovingham lanes. 
Teesdale. In Whitfell Gill, or Arthur's 
Moss, near Askrlgg. Curtis. At Thorp 
Arcli. Rev. W. Wood. Fissures of 
the curious natural pavement of limestone 
at the foot of Ingleborough, Dr. Stoles, 

FapavBR hylrldum, Malcon cornfields. Teesdale. 

1 cambricitm. Mpssdalc head in Wensley 

Dale, Mr. Brunton^ 


CisTVS martfoKus* On Cronkley Fell above 

Middleton in Teesdalcr Mr. Brunton^s 

St&atiotis aloides* Near Beverley, Colonel 
Machell. In the Gyme near Thorn, 

Mr. Robson^ 
Delphinium ConsoBda. Cornfield near Ripen, 

rare. Mr. Brunton^ 

An IMONE ptdsatUla. Above the Lake, in a place 
called the Close, near Pontefrad. 
Ray. Heath between Doncaster and 
Broadsworth. Rtv, Archdeactm Pterson. 
Ledston Park near Pontefrafb. Rro. 
W. Wood. Pastures near Abberford. 

Mr. BrurUofu 
Thalictrxtm (dptnum. Cronkley FelL Id. 

■ ' ' minus. Thorp Arch ; about Settle, 
and Ingleton. Teesdale. Mackershaw 
wood. Mr. Brunton. Skirrith wood 
near Ingleton ; and about Kilnsay. 
Curiis. Common near Redcar. Rev. 
J, Dalion. Plentiful in Gordale. 

Mr. J. Woodsyjun^^ 
■■>,_ majus. In Holderness. Mr. Knowl- 

ton* About Skipton. Re'v. JV. IVood. 
Hedges near £gle.$ton, Yorkshire side of 
the Tees. Mr. Bruntcn. Gordale. 

Mr. S. Woods. 
Ranunculus Lingua. Tcrrington Car. Tees* 


dale. Ponds near Ripon* Afn Srunton, 
Marsh near Copgroye, &c. Rev, J. 
Dalion. V^2Xtrj place in Kilburne 
Thicket near Coxwold. Rtv* Archdeacon Piersonm 

KAtfVVCV LVs farvi/lorus. In Malton Fields, ^eesdcUe. 

T&OLLivs enropaus, ' Hovingham woods, near 
Holly Hill. TeesdaUm In Skirrith 
woody and moist woods about Settle* 
Curtis, About Grassington in Whaff- 
dale. Rev, Wm Wood, Near^opgroye, 
&c. &c. yery common. Rev, J, Dalt&n, 
Moist meadows near Ripon : Wcnsley 
Dale. Mr, Brunton^ By Malham Cove. D, 7*. 

Helleborus viridis^ Hedges near Stonegrave, 
scarce. Tecsdale. Near Fountains 
Abbey : stony pastures by Tanfield. 
Mr, Brunton, Kiddow Lane . between 
Leeds and Tadcaster : about Aberford. 
Rev, W. Wood, Banks of the river 
opposite the MiiU Knaresborough. 

Rev^ J, Dalton, 

■■ fattdus. Lanes at Campsall near 

Doncaster. Teesdale, 

AjlJGA Chamadrys. Near York. Dr. Whiter 

Mentha syhesfris. At Thorn* Mr, Robsan, 
Near Wasse, by Coxwold, in the lane 
^ leading to Ampleford. Rc'v, J, Dalton. 

■ ' ■ rotundifolia. Studley Woods* Rev, 


•/. DaUon, Near Sahburo^ by the sea, 
Id a dry sandy place, Mr. RQbsofil 

M E H T H A viridis. Ditches and banks of the Ure, 
Ripod. Mr. Brunton^ Banks of th? 
river half a mile from Gopgrove towards 
Newby ; near Newby^ &c, where vatk 
^. also grows* Rtv^ J* Daliom 

• — piperita. By the side of a rivulet at . 

LiUtton upon the Wolds. Teesdale. 
Ditchcsat Little Nunwick near Ripon. 
Mr, Brunton. In a narrow lane about a 
mile from Pontcfradl in the road froni 
Snydal. Sir T. G. Cullum. 

.. -. odorata. Near a village called Thornton, 

not f^ from Malton : I have not seen 

the station. Rev. J, Dalton. 

«- rubra. Common near Ripon, &c. Id. 

■ , geiatliis. Near Ripon. Mr. BruntM. 

Pulegium. Near Terrington. Teesdale. 

Galeopsis vUlosa. About Wakefield, Darfield, 
SKcfEeld, &c. amopg the corn, plcnti- 
fully. Ray. Sandy cornfields, not un- 
common. TasdaJe. 
— versicolor. Cornfields between Be- 
verley and Sanson : near Green Ham*- 
merton. Teesdale. Cornfields near 
Scarborough, Rev.Jircbdeaeon Pierson. 
Very common about Copgrove. Rev* J. 


Dalion, Cornfields near Ripon, abun- 
dantly. Mr* BrufUott. Cardiaca^ Between Tickhill and 
Worksop. Hudson. Lane near Mel- 
merby. Mr. Brunton. About Leeds. 
Rbv. W. Jfoods, Village of Scotton 
near Knaresborough. Retv. J. Dalion. 

Thymus Nepeta. Neighbourhood of Malton. 

Teesdale. At Cookridge. Rev* W. Wood. 

ScuTBLLAR I A •iRiff^. In Terrington Car. Teesdale* 

Baatsia alpina. In Teesdale. Mr. Rohson, 

Cronkley Fell. Mr. Brunton. 

Mblampyrum eristatum. In Walton Field near 

Wakefield^ among the Corn. Ray. 

■ syhaiicum. Woods at Castle 

Howard. Teesduic. 

L A T H R A a squamaria. Woods near Kirkham ^ at 
the foot of some rocks. Teesdale. 
Newburghy Wass, and Byland Woods 
near Coxwold. Re«v. Archdeacon Pier^ 
son. Studley, and Mackershaw woods. 
Mr. Brunion. Hackfall : Plurapton. 

Rev. J. D alt on. 

Antirrhinum Cymbalaria. Walls at Coxwol d, 

Newburghy and Londsborough. Re*v. 

Archdeacon Pierson. Old Walls at 

Pontefrat^. Mr. Brunton, 

spur turn. Cornfields about 


AppletoDy and Barton, near Mi^lton. 

Rev* Archdeacon Piers on • 

Antirrhinum Linaria* fi. Waste grounds oear 

Ripon. Mr, Brunton* 

* mnut* Malton, and Walkington 

fields, TeesdtUe* With A* spurium. 
Rev, Archdeacon Plerson. Common in 
Cornfields near Copgrove* Rev^ J* 
Dalian. Ellashaw HiU^ and Bon4gate 
Green by Ripon. Af r. Rrunian* About 
Leeds,, not common. Rev. W. WooJU 

ScROP H V L A R I A vemolis. About Newburgh near 

Coxwold. Rev, Archdeacon Fitrsoh, 

LiMOSBLLA aquaiica. Near Normanby Bridge : 

wet pl.ices near Kirby-moor-side. I4L 

Orobanche mnor. Dunkirk wood near Slen- 
ingfi^rd. Rev* J. Dalion, Near NuH- 
wick by Ripon. Mr, Bruniouk 

D1.ABA Incana, Rock near the summit of Ingle- 
borough on the West side. Mr. Ifood" 
ward/ Roseberry Coppice. Mrk 
Robson, Walls in Craven , Wensley 
Dale, and Teesdale* Mr, Bruntom 
About Gordak. Rev, W, Wood, Rocks 
above the ebbing and flowing well at 
Settle. D, T. 

muraUs, In several parts of Craven, 
Ray, Fissures of the Limestone rocks 
about Settle, Ingleton> and Malham. 



Teesdak. Amber Scar near Arnclfffe: 
Littledale i and Malham Core. Curtis. 
Walls at Old Maltbn* Rev* Archdeacon 
Piersdn. Kilnsajr Crag, WharfHale. 

Rev. W. Wood. 

Alyssum sativufiu Anaoag Clover at £sk near 
Bererlej. TtesdtiU, Heslington fields 
near York. Sir T, FranilaiuL 

liEPiDivil petraum* Rocks n6ar the Waterfall 
kt BtirtoB in Bishopdale, Websky Dale. 

Jfifr. Bninton* 

^ '^^ UUifoUuik, Rocks at Plumpton. Tees^ 

date* Rocks at KnaresborOugb^ liear 

the Chvrcht Re'u. Archdeacon Pier son* 

•>^— - — '— fudefale* On Scarborough Fieri Id. 

Thlaspi arvense. Cornfields betwisen Londes- 

btough and Shiptoti. Mr. Kno^lton^ 

;;— ^ — ..^ perfoliatun. Pdstare3 abote the ebbing 
ftnd fiowing well, t miles from Grislevtrick 
in wonjr ground among the grass, Merrett. 

*— — dpesfre. Pastures about the ebbing 

arid flowing well, a mile from Settle to- 
wards Ingleborbiigh. -Ray. Between 
Sfettle and Malham, within half a mile of 
the Tarn: Ciirtisi Ori Ingleborough. 

Mr* WooJwatd^ 
Cod HUB ARIA £^i7ta/z/; Sea-shore ! Ingleborough 

Hill. Tctsdale. Very common near 
Vot* ix; z 


riTuIets in Craven : Wen9ley Dale ; and 
above Pately Bridge near Ripon. Mr. 
Brunton. Woods near Bolton Abbey ; 
and banks of the Wharf as far down as 
Ilklcy. Rev. W. WBod. 

CocHhK A'Bii A 0fficinalu y. Ingleborough Hill : 
Flamborongh Head. TeesdaU. Near 
Scarborough. Travis. 

CoRONOPVS didynia. Scarborough. Mr. Ra^sofu 

Ibiris nudurauRs. Bulmer fields.' Teesdale. 
Cornfields at Alne near Easingwold. 
ijM;. Archdeacon Pier son. Sandy hedge- 
banks at the Southern extremity of 
Hutton Moor. Mr. Brunion. Old 
quarries on Crooks moor near Sheffield. 

Mr. Sali. 

Ckaumz maritima. Cliff at Whitby. Mr. Brunion. 

Card AMINE bellidifolia. Various places near 
Ripon Minster. Merrett. I am sorry 
it does not grow there : Turritis hirsuia 
appears to have been mistaken for it. 

Mr. Brunton. 

impatiens^ Among some stones un- 
der the Scars near Wherf. Ray. Sides 
of rivulets in the North and West Rid- 
ings : about Settle : near Richmond. Teesdale, 

"^ amara. By the Derwent at Kirk- 

ham, and ,in many other places. Tees^ 


dak. Wet places near Ripon^ common. - 
Mr. Bruttton. In Newburgh wood near 
Coxwold. Rev. Archdeacon Pier son* 
Banks of the Aire above Leeds. Rev. 
W. Wood. Near Scarborough. Trams. 

Sisymbrium sylvestre. Marshes, and sides of 
ditches at Beverley. Teetdale. Banks 
of the Ure near Ripon. Mr. BrunioH^ 
River side at Newsham Bridge near 
, Malton. Re<u. Archdeacon Pier son. 
Banks of the Aire below Leeds. Rev. W. Wood. 

TuRRlTts glabra* Lanes near Thirsk. Teesdale. 
Cornfields near Ripon; and drj banks 
Hear Helperby. Mr. Bruf^^n. 

■ ' ■'■■ birsuta. On the Wolds near Beverley, 
and many other places. Teesdalcm Walls 
fit Coxwold. Re*v. Archdeacon Pier son. 
Walls near Ripon Minster: Oxclose, 
and many other places near Ripon. Mr. 
Brunton. Kirkstal Abbey : "" Craven» 
every wherev Ae*v. W. Wood. " la 
Studley Park. 27. T. 

BitAsaicA campestris. Cornfields at Alne hear 

Eflisingwold. Re^. Archdeacon Pters9k. 

' oleracea. Clifib at Staithes near 

Whitby. a. " 

ERODtuitf motchatum. Craven; Ray. Hornsea. 

• Wttbering. Thorp Arcfe. Rev. W. WooJU 

% 2 


GiRANiuM 'phaum. Woods about Claph^im, and 
Ingleton. Hudson. Near Ncwburgh 
Mill near Coxwold; and at. Scriyen 
Park near Knaresborough. Renj. Arch* 
deacon Pier son. Lord Dundas* woods 
near Richmond. Rev. J. Ddton* 
Near Settle. D. T. 

■ " ■ ^ • sylvaHcum. About Settle^ and Ingle- 

ton. Ttesdale. Woods and hedges 
near the Wherf at Bolton. Mr. Kn^wU 
ton. Near Pateley Bridge by Ripon: 
in Craven. Mr. Brunton. Helmsley 
woods. Rev. Archdeacon Pierson* 

Woods about Bolton Abbey in Wharf- 
dale, and Aysgarth in Wenslcy Dale* 

Rev. JV. mod. 
' ■ " prafense. About Coxwold. Re^v. 

Archdeacon Pierson. Near Leeds, 

Rev. W. Wood. , Meadows near Ripon» 
abundantly^ J^. Brunton. Common 
from Otley to Ingleton. Mr. J. Woods ^jun. 

■ ■ » fyrenaicum. Banks of the river be- 


tween'Bingley and Ktighley. Hudson. 

'— rotuntRfoUum. Near Copgrove. 

Rev. J. Daltou. 
— san^utneum, Maltoo fields. TeesdaU* 

On Hambleton Hills ; and rocks at 
Kaaresboroiigh. Rsv. Archd$at(m Pitt^ 


jok. Near the sea at Redcar, very 
common, Rev» J. Dahon. Grassing- 
ton wood, Wharfdale. Rev, W. Wood. 
Near Malham, JIfr, Brunton. Priar 
wood near Inglcton ; and Thwait near 
Clapham. Blacistone. Gordale. 

Mr, J, Woods, jun. 

^u MARIA lutea. On Fountains Abbey. Re^v. 
J. Dalion, Old walls about Fountains 
Abbey. Mr. Brunton^ 

JLathyrus Aphaca^ Malton fields. TeesdaU. 

Cornfield at Monckton near Ripon. Mr, Brunton. 

■I ,-»«— NUsoIia. At Sigglesihorne in Holder- 

ness. Mrs. Wharton. 

■ ■■ ■ sylfvestris. Near Scarborough, and 

Welspool. Rev. W. Wood. 

mm.^.^ * Uaifolius. Near Scarborough. Mr. Rohon, 

•— palustfis. Frequent in the County. 

Hudson. Marshes near Beverley, abun- 
dantly. Tees dale. Near Leeds, Re^, 
W. Wood. Near Hull. Mr. P. W. Watson. 
ViCiA sylvattca. Slingsby wood ; and Coneys- 
thorp banks near Castle Howard. 
Teesdaie. Woods about Greta Bridge, 
Johnstm. JJovingham woods. Rev. 

* <' A specimen thus named from Mr. Robson, gathered near 
Sprborough, is only Laihyrus sylvutrU*'* Mr, Britnton. 


Archdea^tm Pierson, Scarborough. Rev* 

W. Wood. Near Hutton Moor. Rev. J. Dabon. 

ViciA laihyroides. Near Beverley. Teesdale^ 

bitbynica. Gravelly cornfields, and pastures^ 

and ditch banks near Doncaster, Mr. Tofield^ 

A%TKKGhhv% glycyfhyllos. Near FlaKby> a vil- 
lage near Knaresboroogh, Teetdale. 
Monk Fryston. Rev, W. Wood. Com- 
mon near Sleningford. Re*v. J. DaUon. 
Near Ripon : in Hackfall. ilfr. Brunton^ 

" » ■ ffyfogloitis^ On the Wolds near 

Birdsall ; the road from Malton 
to Seltrington. Teeidaie. Seamer moor, 
and Ganton Dale near Scarborough. 
Rev. Archdeacon Pierson. Thorp Arch* 
Rev. W^' Wood. ParkatEbberston Lodge, 
and other pastures near Malton. Mr. Brunton^ 

Tr I FOLIUM €rniihopodioides. Half a mile from 

Tadcaster towards Sherborn. Ray. 

■ ochroUucum. A single specimen once 

found in a clover field by Ripon. Mr, Brunion. 
> • « — scahrum. Ellashaw Hill near Ripon. 

Mr. Brunton. Old walls at Scarborough 
leading to the Castle. 

Re^v. Archdeacon Pierson^ 
Hypericum androsamum. Cook-wood near 
Sheffield. Mr. Sab. Near Halifax. 
Mr^ Robtpn* Woods about Kirkstal 


Abbey, rare. Rev, W. Wood, Rus- 

warp Carrs near Whitby. Mr. Brunton, 

Hypericum JuHum, In a stone quarry at Hut- 
ton near Ripon. Id, • 

LiQNTODON paJustre, Sides of ditches in the 
marshes near Beverley, Teesdale, On 
the Common at Ripon. Mr, Brunton, 
Marshes near Copgrove. Rev. J. Dalton, 

^WiBw, ACiu Mpaludosum, Woods at C. Howard. ^ 
ITeesdale, About Leeds, and through 
Craven, abundant. Rev, W. Jfogd, 
Robin Hood's Bank, and banks of the 
rivulets jSkell^ and Laver near Ripon. 
Mr, Brunton, Woods in Studley Park. D, T, 

tvillosum. Clefts of rocks near Mur 

Gill at the foot of Ingleborough. Mr. Caky, 
* murorum, y. Rocky woods in the 

North Riding. Mr. Teesdale. Rocks 

by Gordale Scar. Z>. T. 


* Mr. Teewiale among his papers hat left a Note, by which it 
appears he meant to have taken ap this plant as a distinct fpecies, 
under the name of H, maeulahim\ and he says,** from observing it 
sow itself many years in the gardens where it never varies, I 
conclude it to be a distinct species." With this opinion I wholly 
coincide, for it has propagated itself in a completely wild state for 
many years in the plantations of Mr. Crowe and Mr. Kigby near 
Norwich, and it not only preserves the spotted leaves, but a habic 
also very dissimilar to H, mtfrorum, D, T. 


Crbpis bienruu Qn the Wolfls> West of Bi$hop 

BurtoDft Teesdak* 

Hypochjeris maculata* About Malkam Gove. 
Dr. Smith, Near Ottermine CoTe^ Set- 
tle» Mr. Cale^m 

' gUnra. On the Comipon close to 

the inn at Banktop near Barnsley. Mr, Wood. 

Ca&duus tenuiflorus. Near J^edcar, common. 

^ev. J, Dalfof^ 

■ eriophorus. Between Market Weighton 

and Londesbrough. TeesdaU* Near 
Cppgroyej qommon. Rev, J. Daliott. 
Pastures i^ear Ripon, Mr. JSrunton. 
About Wetherby. Re*v. W. Waocf. 

I heterophyllut. Coppice near Giggle$- 

wick : Skirrith wood near Ingleton* Cur-- 
its. Wood near Londesbrough. Mr,^ 
KnowUon. Near Pateley bridge by 
Ripon. Mr. Br union. Near Aslpig, 
Wensley Dale ; and between Halifax 
and Blackstone Edge. Refv. W. Wood. 
Near Bishopthorpe, in the lane betweei^ 
that place and York. Rje*v. J. Dalun. 

» pratensis* Houghton Moor. Teesdale. 

Near HulL Mr. P. W. WaUon. Be- 
tween Goule and Thome, with SeUnum 
palustre and Myrica Gale. Re*v. W. Wood. 

Gnaphalium dioicum* On Ingleborongh. Ray. 


Bulmery and Wilhurfi Moon. TeesdaUm 
Barton Heights near Malton ; and Rose* 
dale head near Whitby. Rev. Arch- 
deacon Pier son. Near Lfceds, and Thorp 
Arch. Re<v* IF. IVood. Pastures in 
Craven : New Park near Askrig, Wen»* 
ley Dale* Mr, Brunton* Copgrove. 

Rev, J, Dalionm. 
(Snaphalium rectum, Slingsby , and Hovingh am 
woods near Malton. Re«u. Archdeacon 
Pierson* Pasture near Blowball : Hut- 
ton Moor. Mr. Brunton* Near Leeds. 

Rev, W. Wood. 
PTpssiLAGO hybrlda. Near the river Wherf 
between Ukley and Skipton. Teesdale. 
Near Leeds, plentifully. Rev. W, Wood. 
Banks of the Ure* &c. Ripon. Mr. 
Brunton. Near Sleningford ; also Mag- 
dalene Banks near Tanfield. Rev. J, Dalton. 
Si N s c 10 vucosut. North Moor lane near Easing- 

wold. Rev. Archdeacon Pierson. 

p lari^enicus. Near Halifax^ in the fields 

about Salkeld. Ray. About Clapham, 
and Ingleton. Hudson. 

Inula Helimmm. In Mowthorptf Dale. Ttesdale. 
Byland Wood near Coxwold. Rev. 

* ^ This plaBt, which is common by Ripon, always bears seed ; 
but T. petaiUei^ which \\ still mpre plentifnl, never." Mr, Bruaion. 


Archdeacon Picrson. Near Copgrove^ 
and Newby. B^v* J. Dalion* Pastures 
above Fountains Abbey. Mr, Brunton* 

Soli DAGO Virgaurea> y» Mountains in the West 
Riding. Teesdak. Common on, and 
about Ingleborou^. 2>.' T. 

DoRONicuM Pardalianches. Near the World's 

End, Harrowgate. Mr. Manby. 

An THEMIS nobilis, Tcrrington Common. TeetdaU. 

Centaurba solstitialitm Dry pastures about Fry- 

. stone. Mr. A. Atkin, 

Pyrethrum mariiimum. Flamborough head^ rare. 


Orchis bifdia. 0. Dry woods, and pastures. Id^ 

_, ustulata. Dry stony meadows about 

Castle Howard. Teesdak. North side 
of the Ouse bet^teen York and Bishop- 
thorp. Mr. A. Aikin. Meadows about 
Coxwold. Ren). Archdeacon Fierson. 
About Leeds, not uncommon. Rev^ JV. 
Wood. Meadows near Ripon, abun- 
dantly. Mr. Brimionm 

Sattrium viride. About C. Howard. Teesdaie. 
About Coxwold. Rev. Archdeacon 
Pierson. Studiey limekilns ; and pastures 
near Ripon, not rare. Mr. Brunton. 
About Leeds. Rev, W. Wood. Cop- 
grove : Hackfall. Rev, J. DaUon. 


S AT YK I V'U atUdum* Moantains North of Helres- 
, leyt rare« Ttesdak. Moist meadows 
about Malham. Dr. Richardson* Gig- 
gleswick Tarn near Settle. Rev, IV. 
Wogd. Heathy moors above Hawnby ^ 
near Thirsk. Rev, Archdeacon Pierson. 
Dallow Gill. Mr. Bruntm. 

Ophrys Nidus avie. Hedges near Ingleton. 
Ray* In Coneysthorpe Banks^ an ex- 
tensive shady wood near ' C. Howard. 
Teesdale. Thorp Arch Woods near 
Weatherby. Rev. Archdeacon Piereon. 
MackershaWy and Studley woods^ and 
XAver Banks by Ripon. Mr. Brunlon» 

•— cordata. Moor near Freebargh hill be- 
tween Whitby and Gisburgh, not far from 
Almonbury, Ray. Among the heath 
on Hornby hills. Teesdale. On Ingle« 
borough hill ; and on moors between 
Chatsworth and Sheffield. Smth. Years* 
ley Moor near Coxwold. Rt0. Arch- 
deacon Pierson^ Near the waterfall at 
Lord Grantley's Lakes on Sawley moor, 
Mr. Brunton. Near Scarborough. Travis. 



•*— muscifera. Nefu* Hildenlay stone quarry. 
TeesdaU^ Ward's field near Copgrove. 
Rev. J. Dalian. Mackershaw and Studley 
woods. Mr. Brunton. Thorp Arch: 

n« Yorkshire. 

Grassmgton woodi Wharfdale. Rev. W. 
JFood^ Pastures near Knaresboroiigh 
Abbey : above Kirkby Moorside. Rev* 
Archdeacon Pierson, Near Settle. 2). T. 

OPHftYS a^ftm. Near Hildenlay stone quarry. 
Teesdale, Layer Banks^ Ripon ; and 
Studley Woods. Mr. Brunion. Thorp 
Arch ; and Kippax. Re^, W. Wood* 
With 0. musciferam Rev, Archdeacon 
Pierson, Near Copgrove. Rev, J. DaUon^ 

, „ , M . — 0rantfera, Dry pastures about Bramham, 

near Tadcaster. Raj. 

Malazis pakdosa. West of Middleton. Mr, Robson^ 

Ctprii>bdium Cakeolus. ♦ Hclk^s wood by In- 
gleton. Ray, Woods^ and hilly pas- 
tures about Kilnsay. Curtis, About 
Arncliffey Litten, and Kettle well. Mr* 
Knowlton. Between Ingletpn and Chap- 
pel in the Dale, 1 800. Mr. Brunton^ 

Se&apias longifoiia. Marshes near Beverley* 
Teesdale. Boggy grounds near Ripon ; 
and Helk's wood, Ingleton. Mr^ 
Brunion. Hovingham wood, and 
Conisthorpe banks near C. Howard $ and 
Paradise wood in Newburgh Park, 

Rev. Archdeacon Pierson^ 

t This plant was not to be found In Helk's wood, when I wat 
at Ingleton in 1796. D, T, 



Se rIpi as ensi/QUa. Woods at Settle, and logle- 
ton : Helk's wood x Cum Hag> a wood 
. dt C. Howard. Teesdati* 

■ rulra. Woods on the sides of the 

Mountains about Claphamj and In- 
gleton. HvJismu 

TrPHA angusitfolia. Old marie pits between York 
and Ma^et Weighton. TeesdaU. Sea- 
mer Meer near Scarborough^ plentifuUf • 

Rev. Afchdeactm Piersoru 

Spa&ganivm not ant. Ditches in Swinemoor at 
Beverley. Teesdale, Stayeley Carrs* 
Rev J, Ddton. Ponds near RipoUi 

Mr. Bruntitu 

Car EX dioica. Bogs, r^ry frequent, Teesdale* 
near Ripon, plentifully. Mr. Brunton* 
Boggy Hill, the low side of Kilburn< 
Thicket near Coxwold. Rev. jirchdea^ 
con Plers^n. Near Copgrove, &c. Rev. 
J. Dalton. Near Leeds, common. 

Rev. JV. W9od. 

— — -> Da'uaitiana* Marshy grounds near Bever- 
ley. Mr. TeesdaUp 

■ curfa. Terrington Car, TeesdaU* 
Tanfield Hall Carr': near Hutton Moor. 
Rev. J. Dalton. Bogs on the Ox Close 
by Ripen ; and near Lord Grantley'9 
Lakes on Sawley Moor. Mr* Brunhn. 

714 YORKSHtRt. 

Cakzx axiBaris. Edges of Pbnds near Ripod* 
Mr .' Brunton. Sides of ditches at Be- 
Terle^* Col. Machett, Bog at- Wildon« 
Renf. Archdeacon Pierson. Near Cop- 
grove. Rev. J^ Dabon* 

^ ■ ' ' di'visa. Meadow called Derricats, near 

Hull* Teesdale. 

— teretiuseula. Arrani Car near Beverley, 

abundantly* Teesdale. Near Copgrove r 
Tanfield Hall Cair, &c. jRrv. J. DaUon. 
Bogs near RIpon. Mr, Brtrnlon.- 

dtgitatd. Mackershaw wood, abundantly. 

Mr. Brunton. Thorp Arch woods. 

Sir T. Frankland* 

— » pendula* Near Scarborough. Traw* 

Monk-end wood near Croft. Mr, Robson* 
Hackfall : between Richmond and Easby, 
. foot-road* Rev* J. Daliou* 

^^ strigosa. Magdalene banks, Hackfall. 

i^, J. Dalion. Studley woods. 

Mr. Brunton, 

pseudo cyperus. In a place, called Dnmble — 

pit, near Beverley. TeesdaU. 

. mm^ iimosa. Frequent in Yorkshire. Hudsout 

In Ternhgton Car, but very rare. 7>«- 
dale. Tanfield Hall Canr by Ripon. 

Mr. BruntOH, 


Carix ♦ Oederi. Near Ripon, plentifully. Mr, Srunton. 
' ftilva. Near Beverley. Teesdale. Wet 


fields near Ripon, conunon. Mr, Brun* 
f9n. Near Copgrove. Rev, J. Dabon* 
Boggy field at Bugess' well near Cox- 
wold. Rev, jircbdeacon Pier son. 
■ extensa ? Wet pastures near Beverky. Teesdale. 
' binervlsm Saw ley moor by Ripon. Mr, 
Brunton* Dry moors near Brimham 
rocks ; Gopgrove, &c. Ren^, J, Dalian. 
Driest moors near Harrowgate. Mr^ Teesdali.. 

< * How far thii Caren it essentially different from C, pna hat 
long been, and appears likely to continue^a matter of doubt. In the 
opinion of Oeder, Roth, Hoffmann, Ehrhart, and Willdcnow, they 
are distinct species, but Schkuhr is inclined to join them, and I must 
agree with this excellent observer that I can find no satisfactory 
marks of discrixnination between them. At the same tyne C Oideriy 
which is most common near Yarmouth, is so constant in its appear- 
ance in all situations, whether wet or -dry, that I cannot but believe it 
distinct, and wish more able Botanists would investigate the matter. 
This is also the opinion of Mr. Brunton, who pointed out to Di^ 
Smith exactly the same leading distinction at was noticed by Dr. 
Roth, the fruit expanding in ev$ry direction, and not at ail recurved. Its 
size and habit remain unaltered by culture. It has already been 
observed in this work {see Note, fi. 6s) that C. Otderi is the C, etc* 
tenia of the Flora Cantabrigiensis, and it may possibly have been 
"mistaken by Mr. Teesdale, and other Botanists for that rare species, 
but no other British writer appears to have taken the least notice of 

it. D.r, 


Caxex Jisfans, fbintr*vis?J Woods, pkstures, . 

me^do^s. Teesdalti 

■ Micheliaha* Wet grouods near Beverley. 


Mr, TeesddU* Near Ripon* Mr. BrunfMi 

* Uvigafa. Dallow gill by Ripon. Rev, J. DaUon^ 

* I vesicarid. Ditches at Beverley, Hull, 

Cottingham. Teesdala N^ar Copgfove^ 
common* Ren>. J, haUoa. Pond& near 
Ripon. Mr. Brwtfom . Angram Wood 
near Coxwold. Rev, Archdeat9n Pienoki 

* T ■ amfuUacea. Giggloswick Tarn ; and bor- 

ders of Semer water, Wensley Dale. 
Curtis. Common in th& County. Teeidalei 

^ — ' — filifomns. In all the watery Marshts aboift 
Beverley, very tommon. Teesdale: Tan- 
field Hal! Carr; and bog near Hutton 
Moor by Ripon. Mr. Bruntoiil 

* — . — * aeuts. A curious variety, in which the 
stamens grow out of the tunic of the seed^ 
sear Ripon. -Idi 

■■ hirta. The same remarkable variety of 

^is plant as is figured by Schkuhr t. », »» 
f. B, grows near my house at Copgrove : 

* Anotliery and still mote remarkable variety •£ Carex acuta witH 
very Dumerous male spikes, the lower female ones on longpeduiJ 
des, the spikes nearly as large at those of C. n/ariof and the glumesr 
awned and much longer than the fruity kas becB KUt me from Gop' 
^ve by Rev. J. DaltoB. XT. T. 


I have observed it for 3 seasons^ and 
fouadits appearance constant. Rro» J* Dalton* 
LiTTORBLLA iocustris, Upon . StQckion Com- 
mon,* and Terriogton Car« Teesdak. 
Wet places on Hutton Moor« Mr^ Brun^ 
tem* Black moor near Leeds. Re^v. IV* Wood^ 
Dyxv% semferwens. Hedges about Kilburijenear 

. Coxwold; Rtv* Archdeacon Pierson. 

CcKATOPHYLLUii submersutM, Newburgh Ponds. Id., 
Myriophyllvm vcriuillatum, Dkches about 
Beverley^ Teesdak. Ponds near Ripon. 
Mr. Brunton-* Common in Ponds. 

Re*v, J. DaUon. 
QtriRCUs sessUiflora. Park at Riplej. Mr, Brunton. 
Salix pvrfnirea* About Beverley. Teesdale. 

Near Nun wick by Ripon. Mr. Brunton. 

- ' Crotoeana. In the County. Acv, J. Harriman* 
■ ■ atnygdalinak Hedges, and sides of ditches. 

' ♦ kusselliana'4 Banks of the Ure, by 

^ Ripon. Mr. Brunton. 

' — : — fentandra. Near Beverley; and in most 
parts of the County. TeesdaU. The 

• • 
* Among Mr, Teesdale*ft pepjpr# is the following memorandum : 

^* S. Rtistelliana t By the sides of rivers and ditches in the £. Rid* 
log ; it it called by the Farmers the Crey HHUoxo by way of distinc- 
tion from S. aiia.'^'^Tht 'plant here alluded to can hardly be S. 

VOL. II, k % 


most common phint about KSfnsay, and 
Car End, Wenslcy Dale. Curtis. Banks 
of the Ure at Ripen, Mr* Brunton. 
' Coxwold and Angram. Rev, Archdea* 
con Pierion. Near Copgrove, &(u JR(*u. 
J. DaUon, About Leeds, Bingley, 
Otley: R£*u. W. Wood. 

Salix myrstnlies. On the slope of a high hill be- 
tween Kilnsay and Arncliffc. * Curiis. 

— *— • herbMcea. Ingleborough, and other high 
mountains in the North and West Rid- 
ings. Teesdali* 

■ ■ ■ ■ reticulata. Rocks on the uppermost part of 
Ingjeborough on the North side j and on 
z hill, called Whernside, over agarnft In* 
gleborough, on the other side the subter- 
raneous river. Xay. 

.1 > . ■ fusca. Near Beverley. Teesdak. 

^ — ^ *viteUtna. In osieries. Id. 

- rosmdrlnifolia.' Edge of a rhnJct which 

runs into Semer Water, Wensley Dale. Curtis. 

l silpularis. Near Ripon. Mr. Brunttm. 

Empbtrum nigrum. On Earsley Moor; and 
above Helmsley. Teetdale. Brimham 
Rocks s and nei^ Lord Grantley's Takes 
op Sawley Moor. Mr, Brunton* Heaths 
above Bylawi, and Wass neac Coxwold. 
Rfv. Archdeacon Pierson* Moors neac 


Dakon Lodge by Ctipgcortf &c. Rev* 
• J. Daliott. Black Moor by Leeds, &c. 

Rev. W. Wood. 

HiPPQPHAB thamnoidesm On the sea baak be- 
tween Whitby and Ly(h. Ray. 

Rhodiqla rosea* On Ingleboroogh and Hard- 
knot* Id. 

Taxus haccaia. Rocks above Giggleswick. Rev. 
Jbrcbdeacon Pierson. Rocks near Foun- 
tains Abbey, and in Gordale. Mr, Brunton. 

Atjiiplix laeimaia. SeashOre at Hornsea. 

Teeedak. Near Redcar. Rev, J. Dalton. 

EoyiSBTUif sylvatkum* By the brooks in Danby 
Dale, and Rose Dale near Whitby 2 in 
Pond-Head Wood near Newburgh Park« 
Rev. Archdeacen Pierion. Morcar wood, 
Dallowgill, &c. by Copgrove, common* 
Rev. J. Dalton. Oldfield wood, and 
Layer Banks, near Ripon* Mr. Brunfon. 
About Leeds* Rev. W. Wood. 

■ ■■■ JIuviatile. Laver Banks^ Ripon. 
Mr. Bruntok. About Leed9« Rev. W. 
Wood. With E. sylvaticum. Rev. J. Dalton. 
■ hyemale. Dry woods at Castle How- 

ard, and Kirkham, not common. Tees* 
dale. Rigby woods near Pontefraft. 
Merrett. Near Ingleton, and Halifiix. 
Bolton. About Leeds, but rare. Rev. 

A a 2 


W. IVood. Hackfall. Re^. J. DabdfK 
Near Nuby. Ren;, Jrchdeaeon Pierson^ 
Layer Banks^ and Mackershaw woody on 
the banks of the Skell by Ripon. Mu Brunion. 

* OiMUNDA lunar ia. On the Mausoleum HTl!, 
and by the pyramid at C. Howard. Tees^ 
dale. Mountains auuac Settle^ plentifully* 
Ray. About Leeds. Rev. W. JVood^ 
Common near CopgroTe* Re9, J. 
Dalton. Pastures near Ripoh: Rich- 
mond race ground. Mr. Brunton. Mea- 
dows at Scawton. Rev. Archdiocon 
Pierson. Pastures about Cold Edge, in 
Mixendetl : small Croft close by the house 
.at Ball-Groen, Sowerby: fields near 
Holy-Green, Northowram; and other 
places by Halifax* Bobon. 

y ' y. Side of the Lake at Horn- 

sea, Teesdale,. 

^ ■ ■ > recalls. Planution at Harrowgate. 

TeesdaJe^ Field under HaddershelfScout» 
in Sowerby : field near Mizenden Mill, 
and other places in Halifax. Bolton. 

* Mr. Bolton mentions gathering on the top of a high bank of 
pastare ground, belonging to Shobden Hall' near Halifax, a var. of 
this plant, with leaves (haped like a lady's fan when fully expanded 
divided by narrow setftlbns running almost down to the base into 
4 or 5 bbeiy which are deeply crenated at their cjgtremitiea. 


Susacres near Ripley; and miiirshy 
thicket a qaarter of a mile from Kirby 
Knowie. Ren;. Archdeacon Pier son. 
About Keighley. Mr. Knowlton, 

LvcopODiuM selaginoides. On Ingleborough. 
Ray^ In Terrington Car; and upon 
Welbum Moor. Teesdale. Below 
Appleton near Malton. Rev. Arch- 
deacon Pierson. Abbey's Marsh near 
Copgrove; Rev. J. iDali^n. 

■ '■ inundeOum. With the former, 

Teesdale. Stockton Common near York* 
Rev. Archd:acon Pierson. Harrowgate. 
jRm;. J. DaJtott. Black moor near Leeds. 

Rev. W. Wood. 

■■ ■ alpinum. Near the top of Ingle- 

borough- Curtis, About Keighlcy : 
Whitby. Mr. KnowUon* SawieyMoor 
by Ripon. Mr. Brunion. Moors near 
Grantley. Rev. J. DaUon. Near the 
guide-post on Wass Moor in the road to 

Helmsley. Rev, Archdeacon Pierson. 

PoLTPODiUM *bulgare. y. Wood near Bingley. 

Dr. Alexander. 
• I * Phegopteris. In the stone quarry at 

C* Howard ; and woods at Hornby, and 

* I have examined this plant in all its stafceii aad am Terj certaiA 
i( hac no inyQlucrum*" Mr. Snmfm. 


Helmsley. Teesdale. Oldfidd woody 
by RipoD. Mr, BrutUon^ Dallow gill, 
by Copgrove. Rt^. J. Dalton. Wood 
in Soyland, just by the brook below Ke- 
broyd mill ; and woody ground aear the 
brook above Oldhouse mill. Norland, z 
miles from Halifax. Bobon* 

PoLiPQDiUM ♦ Dryopteris. With the fonner. 
Teesdale. Birks wood» North Dean 
wood> Puttin Park, and other woods near 
Halifax. Bobon, Near Bolton Abbey, 
Wharfdale. Riv. W. Wood. Dallow 
gilL Rev. J. DalioH. Hackfall ; and 
on Sawley Moor. Mr. BruntoH% 

cakarmim. Woods near Halifax. 

Rev. W. Wood. 

AsPiE^iUM Lonchttis, Near Bingley. Hudson. 

ThefypterU. Terringt;on Car. Teesdale. 

Danby Dale nea)r Whitby* 

R€v» Archdeacon Pter^on. 
'■ Ore^eris, Woods at C. Howard, 

and Hornby. Teesdale. Head of IiOrd 
Grantley's fish pond on Sawley moor. 
Rev. J. DaUon. With A^ Tbelypteriiy 

• ** A very large variety of this plant grows near the first water-? 
£all in Hackfall, so extremely different in appearance from the 
proper state, that a young Botanist would be at a loM to wha( 
species to refer it." Mr. Srunton. 

' . 


plentifully ; and about Wass, and Byland 
n^ar Coxwold. ' Rev. Archdeacon Pier- 
son* Several places near Halifax. Bolton* 

AtftPiVU lobatunu Byland Wood. Rev. Arqh» 
deacon Pterson* Woods» and hedges, 
frequent. ' Mr. Teesdale. 

AsFLEiriVM viride. Walls and rocks above 
Settle. Mr» Know/ion. On Ingleborough : 
beside the Clough below the great rock, 
called Ogdea Kirk, 4 miles from Halifax. 
JSolton. Waterfall at Mossdale head, 
Wenfley Dale. Mr* Brunton* Near. 
Leeds : Malham. Rev^ IV. Wood. 

■' ■ ' - ' — ' ' $, Rocks below Ogden 

Kirk, on the opposite side of the Clough, 
Bolton. Ingleborough ; and limestone 
XOc\is near Settle and Ingleton, rare. Teesdale. 

■ ■'■.-' . ■ septentrionaU. Ingleborough Hill. 

Mr* Tofieid. ..(It does not appear to 

have been found by any subsequent 

Botanist.) ' 

'^ — lanceolatum* On a wall ia the 

village of Wherf. Bolton* 

Scoxx>PEirDRiuM Ceterach. Limestone rocks near 

Malham Tarn towards the ^ft. Ray* . 

Near Apperley bridge. Rev* W* Wood* 

Fti^ris crispa* Qn Ingleborough; Haworth 


sear Halifax. Mr. KnowUon. lo 
Wensley Dale. Mr. Brunton. 

C7ATHEA regia. At the top of Byhnd wood 

near Coxwold. Re<v. Archdeacon Tierson, 

Hy'mekophyllum tunhrigensem Mossy rocks 
in the West Riding, particularly on the 
rocky called Foal Foot, on Ingleborough. Boliotf* 

■ F— alatum. First discovered by 

Dr. Richardson in a little dark cavern, 
under a dripping rock, below the spring 
of Elm Crag well, in Bell Bank, scarce 
half a mile from Bingley. Jd» 

PiLULARTA globulifera, Stockton Moor; Tcr- 

rington Car ; and other wateryiieaths. Teesdale* 

Ph AS c t7 M axillare. Sides of ditches, and in- woods 

at Beverley. //. 

— crispum. Sides of ditches in Figham, 

at Beverley. Iti. ' 

• ' curviseium. Fields a(|d gardens at Ripon. 

Mr, Bru'nion% 

■ serratum. In a wet pasture, called 
Swinemoor, at ^cverley ; and in arable 
lands among stubble. TeesdaU. Field 

near Mackershaw wood, Mr. Brunfen, 

■■ ■ rectum^ • On a bank in Mackershaw 

wood. Id* 

■ curvicoU%itu Oij the wolds betweep 

Beverley and Market Weighton. Tecsdalc* 


4 Sphagnum squarrotum • Bog near Ripon • 

Mr» Brunton^ 

Gymnostomum intermedium. Dry banksy and 

pastures, connnon. TeesdaJe* 

:— — ' -^ Heimii. Walls and dry banks. Id. 

Akictangiuu clHatum. Rocks at Lord Grant- 
ley's Lakes on Sawley Moor near Ripon. 

Mr, Brunton. 

f Tetx APHIS oiiata. Stones in the rivulet from 
Lord Grantley -s Lakes on Sawley Moor. 
Mr. Br union, Plumpton Rocks ; Hack- 
fall ; and Dallow Gill by Copgtove, 

Jte*v. J, Dalton, 

Andrea alpha. On Ingleborough, and Brim- 
ham Rocks. Teesdale* 

' ritpestrU. On Brimham Rocks. Jd, 

Splachnum angusiatum. Bog near Cottingham, 

rare. Id. 

— ' z'asculosum* Moist mountainous 

heaths. Hudson. 

- ■ '■ sph^ricum. /3. Muse. Hib, In abun- 

* Mr. Ifrunton fdund this plant in x8o3» but had kept it injui 
Herbarium, as a var. of ^. latifolium^ till a week since, when he sent 
it to me ; and it is very singular that, since this work has been 
chiefly printed, this plant, hitherto unknown in England, should 
have been also deteded in Suffolk and Surrey ; no small encon* 
' ragement to the students of cryptogamie botany. /). T. 

f This plant Is the Bryum^ Srowmanum of Dicksqn. Su J&mn^V 
Jbu^U of Botany. II. p. 197. D. T. 


dance on the moors above Dallow GilL 

Rev* J« Dalton* 

Splachnum antftUlaeeum. East end of Terring- 
ton Car« Teesdrnk. Dallow Gill. 

Rev* J. Ddbon. 

Encalypta ct£f/a» Rocks near the Waterfall at 

Mossdale head» Wensley Dale* Mr, BrtMion* 

,. I ■■ • lanuolaia. Mud walls, hedge banks* Teetdale. 

Gai MMiA sttiaa ? Rocks, andstones in the North 

Riding. IbL 

■ . rivularis. Stones in a riTalet at Har- 
rowgate, in 1794. Teesdaic. Abundantly 
in ;i, rivulet near Copgrove. Rev. J. 
DaUou» Stones in rivulets near Ripon> 
and in Wensley Dale. Mr. Srunton* 

■ ■ recurvata. Rocks near Copgrove. 

Rev. J. Dakm. 

— *— — — cakarea. Chalk stones near Bishop Bur- 

ton, rare. Ttisdak. 

- pusUla, In Terrington Car; and on stones 

in Raywoodnear C. Howard, but very 
rare. Id. 

. !>•>■■ ■* Dkisoni, In the North Riding, gene- 
rally on very old paling. 'Id. 

• ■■ recurvirostra. Dry stony places near 

Beverley, Teesdak. Mackershaw wood 
near Ripon* Mr. JSrutU^fK 

>" hetgn^maUa. L«rd Grtdtley's Lakes on 

Sawley Moor by Rtpoa. Id^ 


O&uiMiA 'vertuUlaia. First water&ll tnHadc£dl; 

and at Mossdale Head, Wensley Dale. 

Mr» Brunton. Moist Rocks. Dr. Rlchardsatu 
Ptehogoxiuii ^(xMe. Tnmks ef trcies dxmt 

C* Howarc(» rare. Teesdakm 

TaiCHasTowuif u^Uacfumm iDgfeborengh. Id* 

* ■ ■ ■ polyphyllwnu Brimbam Rocks 

near Ripley. Te^sdaltm Lo^d Grantley's 

Lakes near Ripon. Mr. BrMnim. 

m , ■ hettrastichum. Lord Grantley's 

Lakes near Ripon. Id. 

ericoides. i Rocks in the North 

'faicicidare.i Riding. Mr. TeesJtA^ 
fomiiruUieides. Mountain Rivu- 

lets in the North and West Ridings. TVfj. 
dale. Near Ripon. Mr. Brumon. 

0. Rivulets above 

Helmsley : Hornby Hills. Teesdak. 

ToKTVLAr'^da^ Rocks on Ii^kborough. Hudson. 

Hedge banks near Ripon ; and Rocks on ' 

the Nidd below Knaresborough. Mr. Brimion, 
I I ■ cuneifoiia. Earthen walls, and dry 

banks. TeesdaU. 

hreinfoUa* Bogs in Yorkshire. DiUauug^ 

Pick A hum osmundioides. ^Trunk of a rotten ti^ 

in the bogs at Esk near Beverley. Mr. Teesdale; 

■ mapis. Woods in the North Riding : 

C. Howard. Id. 

■ ' wariumi Sides of ditches on Slingsby 


Moor, and other heaths, but rare. Tecs* 
d^le* Field near Mackershaw wood. 

Mr. Brttntotim 

DiCR ANUM aciculare. Stones in the rivulet which 
runs from Lord Grandey's Lakes on 
Sawley Moor. Afr. Brunitm* At Har* 
rowgate. Teesdafa 

■■ ^ ■ ■ fusilluMm In the East Riding. Mr. Hawarti, 
eyIinJricum* NearWetherby. Vicksom 

—— *— - spurium. Houghton Moor near New- 
bold : Barnley Moor between York and 
Beverley, Teesdak^ 

■ J . '■ * pelluciduin. Large stones by the side 
of a rifulet North of Harrowgater Tees-^ 
daU. Stones near rivulets at Ripoo. 

Mr, Brunion^ 

» squarrosum. North Bierleynear Brad- 

ford. Dr. Rkhardton^ 

. ' 'f widisitmum* Trees in Studley 

Park. Mr. Brunion^ 

* Mr. Dalton has sent me from near Copgrovc a varirty of this 
•pecies, slmost intermediate between D.pellucldum and /). vtrtm, 
with stems near % inches long, leaves almost reflexed, capsules some 
«rect others nodding,- and operculum prolonged from a convex base 
into a sharp crooked beak. i>. T. 

f In the description of this plant in the Muscologta Hibemica, 
I have expressed my doubts hew far it really belonged to the Genus, 
Dtcranum, and the barren state of the plant about Yarmoi^ has 
afforded no opportunities of since fixing an opinion* Mr. Brantq0» 


DicRANVM hjpariitum. Walls, and ditch banks, T^xAifc. 
FoLYTniCHVM aitemsafum. Hackfall, plentifully. 

Mr. BrutUofu 
■ strictum. <« 

ruheUums J °" "^^^*- " Tiesdab. 

— alfiinum. On the East side of Ray- 
wood at Castle Howard, near the octa- 
gon temple, rare, TmdaU. Mossdale 
Head, Wensley Dale. . Mr, Bruniim. 

* urnigerum. Lord Grantley's Lakes 

nearRipon. Mr.Bruntm. Ingleborough 
Hill: among the Rocks on Hornby 
Hills. Ttesdalc. 

Orthotrichum nwlare. Trees by the banks 

of the Skell near Ripon. Mr. Brunton. 

• J—— pumilum. Near the root of a- 

Sycamore at Hell Wath by Ripon, A/. 

^aphanum. Stones, and ash 

trees frequently near Ripon. /</, 

aristatum. Rocks, and slated 

buildings. Mr. TeesJal^ 

Neckbra crispa. Rocks at Hornby, but seldom 

who hM watched it carefully thw year till the operculum fell ofT, 
is latitfied of the propriety of removing it to the Gymoitomai but 
this i have not ventured to do at present, a« its natural aflBnity is 
with the Grimmia, whose peristomium is often detcAcd with diffi- 
culty ; an4, as Dr. Smith says of it (ftmiemium cxiiMum^ dttidtnnn^ it 
»08t probably belongs to that tribe. V, T, 



Id iractificsuioii. Teesdaie. Mackersknr 
Vfoody where it bears froit plentifuily. 

Mr» Brualon* 

Neccera curttpendula. Mossdale Head, Wens- 
ley Dale. /A 

■' hOeromaUa. Trunks of trees in a wood 

at C. Howard, caHed Mount Sion, but 
very rare. , TeesdaU^ 

fumila. Trunks of Trees in Ray wood 

at C. Howard^ but very fare. Jd» 

* Fun A HI A MuhUnbergu* ' Limestone rock at 

Copgf ove. Rtu. J. Daltim. 

Bartrahia ithypbyUa. Brid* Plumpton Rocks 
near Copgrove. Ren^.J^Daiton. Moss- 
dale Head, Wensley Dale. Mr. Bruntom^ 
* arcuata. Mossdale Headr-but not 

in fruit. Mr. Brutiion. Boggy part of 
Houghton Moor : in Greenfield, Saddle- 
worth. Witbiring. 

Br YUM nutans^ Bag cm the Ox dose, Ripon. 
Mr, Brunion. Sides of ditches on 
Slingsby moor, and other heaths, but rare. 


■ " tnareum. Rocks at Hornby, and Helms* 

ley* Id. 

* For some account of this interesting addition to our Fkrt lee 
Konig's Annali of Botany. II. p. 198. D^T* ' I 


♦ Brtum cyHadncum. Near HaEfex. Dkls^. 
cameum. 0. Fl.Brh. Yorkshire. 

Dr, Richardson^ 
■ hicolor. Barren heaths and pastures. 

Teesdale. Bank near Ripon. Mr.Brutaotu 
Zierii. Rocks near the upper waterfall at 

Mossdal6 Head, Wensley Dale. //. 

■ juUceum. Walls and stony places, not 

^^^^o^* TcesddU. 

-— annotinum. In Terrington Car,- and by the 

sides of rivulets in other places. Jd^ 

— turbinatum^ In bogsi, /j 

— bimum. In bogs. Teesda!t. Robin 
.Hood's Close near Rfpon. Mr.Brunton. ^ 

Wet grounds between Copgrove and 
Newby. R^.J.DaHon. 

— marginatum. RackfaH ; and Scotton 
banks about a mile westward of Knares- 
borough. Rev. J. Dalttm^ Mossdale 
Head, Wensfey Dale ;' arid WhitcKffe 
near Ripon. Mr. Brunion. 

— crudum. Mossdale Head, Wensley Dale. 
Mr. Brunt&n^ Woods in the East and 
Jforth Ridings. ^ Teesdale. 

♦ From Mr. I^i«kfon't deicripUea^ as wcU athis figuirc^ of thuL 
plant, it it ««ff dcmlj olKiioui tb^ it it the same at J^r^um hnri^Uli 


Br YUM sSellam Sides ofrivulets on heaths. Mr. TeesJaki 

^ rosiraiim. Bogs in the mountainous parts 

of the County. Dr. Richardson. Hack- 

£jjl^ Re^.Ji Daliorii. 

- n^lcans. Mossdak Head, Wendey Dale. 

Mr. Brunioni 

Uyvvvu pukheUtm. Roots of trees near Beverley, 

,,^^ Mr. Teesdak. 


myosuroides. trunks of treesi Teesdale. 

medhm. Trees by the banks of the 
SkeU near Ripon. Mr. BruiUon. 

inundahm. About the roots of willows 
in the marshes near Beverley. TeesdaU. 

niira^iride. Trunks of trees and w,alls. 

Mr. Teisdah^ 

- trichomanoidcs. Trunks of Trees at Be- 
verley. Teesdale. On trees and banks 
in Mackershaw wood near Ripon. Mn Sruntom 

- serrulatum. ' Oa walls, and dry stony 
woods about C Hi^ard^ and Beverley. 
Teesdale. Mossdale Head, Wensley 
Dale. Mr. Brunion. Near Cc^grove* 

Rev^ J. DaUoKi 

- TeesdaRu On trunks of trees in woods 
at Castle Howard, about the year 1 770 : 
roots of trees near BeVerley 4 - teesdaki 

undttlatum. In Raywood, at C. Howard^ 
ROt commoB* Teesdale. Rocks in tKc 

VORKSHIRfik 735 

'wtods at Lord Grantley's Lakes by 
RipoD^ with fruity plentifully. Mt. Bruttton. 
Hv#NUM lucens. Shady woods near Helmsley, 

but rare. TeesdaU. Hackfkll. R€V. J. Daiton* 

• stramineum* In Terrington Car> among 
Sphagnum palustrt. TeesdaU* 

murale* Old walls at Risby near Betarley. /</. 

■ * ■ serpens. 0, Muse. Hih. Trunks of 

trees in shady woods. IJ. 

' * aitreviatum. Aboutthe roots of trees 
in the East Riding. Id. 

— -— fnolk. Rocks at Crambe Beck bridge 

between York and Malton. A/» 

■ - - ■'■ ■ atro'^irens. Shady woods in the North 

Riding* Id. 

■■■ ' plumojum. On rocks^ and in stony 

places. Id. 

* ■ « impUxum. Stone near Ripon. M^. Bruntou. 

■ I nitens. In wet ground between Cop- 


groye and Ncwby, extremely rare in 

fruit. Rev. J. Dsiian, 

- piRferuin. With H. mtens^ but barren. Id* 

- cordifolium. Boggy part of Swinemoor, 
Beverley, barren. Mr. TeefdaU. Wet 
ground between Copgroye and Newby. 

Renf. J. Daliou. Near Ripon. Mr. Brunton. 

* This If H, tUiViUattm of Teesdale*s PUmU JUoraeetuei, as I 
know from a fpesimen lent me by himself. J>. T. 

TOL» II. B b 


HypNuy tuUait^tn. IiiTenington Car, Te§sdaU. 

With H. nitens, Re^» J. Dalion* 

« ■ ■ squarresum^ fi. lo woods. MvyTeesdale^ 

'■ lorettm. Woqdsj hedges* &c. common. 

TeesdaU. Rocks in the wood at Lord 

Grantley's Lakes by Ripon. Mr. BrunHm. 

— — rugatum. Peat mosses in the North 

Riding, Mr* Ttesdab* 

uncinaium. Stones by a rivulet North 

of Harrowgate. Mr. TeesdaU* Lord 
Grantley's Lakes by Ripon ; and Moss- 
dale Heady Wensley Dale. Mr. Brun- 
ion. Scotton Banks, a mile Westward 
of Knaresborough. Rw» J. Dallou* 

palustrt. Stones by Crambe Beck 

bridge, but rare. Teitd^m. 

fiwvtatiU. Stones in rivers, in the 

North Riding. Mr. TcesdaU. Very 
common on stones in all the rivulets 
about Ripon, Mr. Srunton* 

— • alfimifn. On stones, and roots of trees 
by the sides of rivulets in the North 
Riding. Mr. Teudaitm 

— — duhiuM. In Yorkshire* Dr. Ricbardson* 

— «- commutakiffu Hackfall ; and Scotton 


Banks by Knaresborough, Rgv. J. Daboum 

JuNGERMANNiA purpurea. Moist heaths> rarely 

found in fructification* Teeidah^ 


JvUfoiiikkniitk Ikfiata. On Temngton Cir, iAi - 

on fllost heaths. • TeesdaU. 

^olyamhos. Wood at C. How- 

ardy called Cum-hag» not common. Id. 

angTJtiosa. In* some shady woods 

at C. Howafd, bitt rare. Id. 

reptans. fiogs and moist places, 

not unfrequent. Id. 

fftast end of Ter- 
^ — ,j — , rington Car, a- 

;^ Splf^ljrTu.^'* I mong the ^pSag-^ 

V numpatustre. Id. 

— -^^'— twufiJteUa. By the rivulet at 
Hornby J and in a boggy part of C. 
Howard park near the Keeper's Lodge. Id. 
vdria. In * Terrington Car, and 

Woods about Castle Howard. Id. 

-^ pusiua. Shady gravel walks in 

Raywood at C. Howard. Id. 
— — diimricata. \ Near Beverley, in 

-— 'uentrscosa. J bushy pastures. Id. 

"— ovaia. Houghton moor. Id^ 

txdsa. Wood? at Beverley. Id. 

puUherrima. Heaths at Har- 

rowgate : and Houghton moor, where I 
once found it in fructification. IJ^ 

— — mmuta. Woods near Riclimond, 
creeping on some species of Hypnum, Id. 

B b 2 



JvMOMKMAKniA 'viiiculosa. Stones and rivuletf 

at Hornby hills, and Malham Cove* Teisdak^ 
■■ quinquedentata. Moist shady 

woods* Dr* Richardson. 

jvUuea* Rocks in the West 

Riding : Brimham rocks. Teesdalc* 

— — — curvifoHa* 

r^r.^^.,,^ I Brimham Rocks* Id. 
tricbophyUa. Heaths near North 

Binley* Dr. RicbardtWm 

sinuata. * Sides qf ditches near 

Beverley. TeesddU. liead of Elm Crag 
well under Bell Bank near Bingley. 
DiUtnius. Middleton wood near Leeds. 

Rgv. jr. fTood. 
— — — — tomerUosa. Rocks in the N. and 

W. Ridings. TeisddUm 

■ bicomis. FL Dan. On the 

wolds between Beverley and Market 
Weighton. Id. 

Blasia fusi/la. Near Halifax. Mr. Bolfoum 

Anthoceros punciatus. Among the grass by 
the side of the Lake at C. Howard, but 
very scarce. Teudak. 

SrHJiROCARFus ttrrcstris. Fallow fields near 

Beverley. Id. 

Taroionia hyfopbytta. Mossy places in York« 


shire. Dr. Richardson* Near Keighley. 

Mr. Kttonvbon* 
Ri cci A minima* '\ In Raywood, at Castle How- 
. Jhaiculosa. J ard, Teesdak. 

■ ndtans, '^ 

^^^^ fi^f^f^^^ f Ditches and ponds near Beverley. Id. 

Marchantia conica. Sides of rivers and ditches, /dm 

■■ hevuspharica. In Terrington Car ; 

and on moist rocks at Hornby and 
Helmsley. Jd. 

Lichen atro-albus. On Rocks. Id. 

■ sanguinarius. I'runks of trees, and rocks. 

Teesdale. Brimham rocks. Mr, Brunion. ' 

' grantformis* On old pales. Teesdale. 

• ' ■ conjluens. Rocks, and walls in the West 
Riding. Teesdak. Stones on Sawley 
Moor. Mr. Brunio^ 

- ■ ■ pthlaris. Stones about Harrowgate. 

Mr. TeesdaUm 

conttguus. •> Walls on Hutton Moor by 

coarcfaius. $ Ripon. Mr. Brmton. 

■ concentricus. On rocks, common. Id. 

Oederi. j ' 

stlaceus. I ^^^^^^ ^° *® North Riding. Tecsdaie. 

'Jusco-aier. Walls and stones near Harrow- 
gate Id. 

• geographicus.. ' Rocks in the North and 
West Ridings. Teesdak. Rocks near 

7:ff YOflKSHIRE« 

Lord Grantley's Lakes on Sawley Moor. 

Mr. Brunt fm^ 

Lichen cUro-vireru. Rocks near Harrowga^. Teesi^lc^ 

i tessellatus. Limestone rocks at Macker- 

• • • - 

shaw. Mr. Brunton^ 

bymenius. On Oaks Mx^ut Ripen* Id. 

_- inquinans. Old paling, firequent. Mr. feesdak^ 

Hoffmannu Limestone rocks^ and stones, 

in the West Riding. TeesdaU. Stones 

about Ripon. Mr. Brunton^ 

— -». ittclusus. Trunks of Oaks near Beverley. 

Mr. Teesdak. Holly, and Oak trees in 

Studley woods. Mr^ Brunton* 

-— coraliinus. Brimham Rocks. Mr. BruU' 

toff. Rocks in the North and West 

Ridings. Teesdak* 

— • rimosus. Rocks and stones in this County. 

pruinaius. Stones near Harrowgate. Tees- 

dale. Limestone rocks ne^r Ripon* 

Mr. Brunton, 
■ impolitus. Oaks at Studley. Id. 

— -^ corticola. Ash trees near Ripon, common* Id. 

epipolius. Limestone rocks in Macker- 

shaw. wood. Id. 
:: — crenulattis. On stones near Ripon, and 

walls above Ebberstoo near Malton. Mr. 

Brunton. Rocks in Yorkshire. Dickson. 


Lichen tyssinut. Trunks of trees and stenes. Teesddte^ 

functatut. Rocks near Harrowgate. 

TeesdaU. Rocks and stones in the N. 

and W. Ridings. Re^. J. D9Uon. 

_ • sphdroides. On barren heaths, and rocks. 

TeesdaJe. Trees near Ripon. " Mr. Brunton. 

, tartareus* Rocks about Hornby, and 

Helmsley, but rare. TeesdaU. Brim- 
ham rocks. Mr. Brunion. 

— — frigidus. On moss, and heath on Houghton 

moor. 7eesdale» 

eorneus. Trunks of oaks near Beverley. 

TeesdaU. Oaks in Studley woods. Mr. Brunton. 

I Turneri. > 

„ \ C Oa^s in Studley Park. Id. 

J '■ ■ ' ' xitTncuomiifutm J 

coccineus. Brimham Bocks. Id. 

-6— ventosus. Brimham Rocks. Mr. Brun- 
ton. Rocks in the West Riding : near 
Harrowgate. Teesdale. 

salicinus. | 

I Ash trees near Rtpon. Mr. Brunton. 


> Trees about Ripon. Id. 

,1 luieus. 3 

, cak)us. Limestone rocks in Mackershaw 

wood. Id. 

♦ Mr. Brunton observes that L. vemalis and spbaroUes are much 
•ubjeA to have a minute Spbaria imbedded in their Shields. 
May not the black dotted appearance rather depend upon the seeds? 

» »» r 

D. T, 


Lichen marmoreus. Limestone rocks in moist 

shady places in Mackershaw wood. Mr, 

Bruvtott. On the bark of trees^ and on 

• the bare ground covered with decayed 

moss in Yorkshire. Withering. 
' — — • fffusus. •% Beeches in Studley Park, 
r cinereo-fuscus. S Mr* BrurUon^ 

f Near Ripon* /c/« 

■ ■ exiguus* 3 * 

I quadrkolor. On sand stones near the foot 

of walls on Hutton Moor. M 
exantbematicusn On rocks under the 

Abbey Bridge near Greta Bridge, Id, 

_ Baomyces, Earth and Stones on Sawley 

Moor, Mr» Brunion. On heathy Teesd^^ 
— P-— . lacteus. Rocks at Hornby, /i, 

. frustulosus. Rocks in Yorkshire. Dicison^ 

Cdruleo-nigrlcofu. Rocks covered with 

earth in Mackershaw wood. Mr* Brunton* 

: niger. Limestone, in moist situations. 

Mr, Br union. Rocks^ and old pales, Tecsdale^ 
. , . , ■ caru&cans. Rocks in Yorkshire. Dkkson^ 

luridus. Rocks in Mackershaw ^ood. 

Mr. Brunian. Rocks in the North 

Riding, rare. Teesdalt^ 

squamatus. On a heath at Harrowgate, 

rare. ^"« 

crassus. Rocks near Harrowgate. Tees- 


iiale. Stones in Wenfley Dale. Mr. 

Brurdon* About Malham. HudsoHm 

htCHtv subhnbrscatus. Rocks in the N« & W« 

Ridings. Mr. Teesdale^ 

■■ i ■ ■' trape%iformii» Brimham Rocks. Mr. Brunioum 
'■ miniatus. Rocks in Mowthorpe Dale. 

Teesdale. Tower of Fountains Abbey. 

■ ^anulafus. WalJs about Ripon. - Mr. 

- Brunion. Amongst Rocks, rare. Teesdak. 
■* ■ ' fasckularis. On old gravel walks at 

Castle Howard. Jd. 


- marginalise Rocks near Arthur's Foss at 
Askrigg, Wensley Dale. Mr. Brunfon. 
Walls near Settle. Dr. SnM^ 

- cochUatus. Stones among moss by the 
side of a rivulet North of Harrowgate, Teuddcm 

- pahnatuf^ Among moss in w6ods where 

there is but little grass t old gravel walks. /^. 
< ' ■■ " fiwviatilis. Stones in the rivulet that issues 

from Malham Cove. J^r. Riciardm. 

' ■ tmuissimuif Near Copgrove, in plenty. 

Bfv, J. Daboa. 

creiaceus. Flints, and chalk stones, very 
common, but rare in fruit. Hfr. Teesdak. 

mulHfiJus. Stones in the West Riding : 
near Harrowgate. TeesdaU. Dallow 
|ill, and moors about Copgrove. Rfv. J, Dabtm. 


LiCHBH dmpialoJks. Rocks atHonby, andHelins;. 

ley, but rare. Tusdak. Brimfaam rocks* 

Mr. Bruntam. 
. I fulmonariusm About Ripon. JIfr. BrmniOH, 

Trees, common. Teesdaipm 

' ■ ■ glaucus. Park paling at C. Howard, bat 

rare. Id* 

■ ■ ■ scrobkulaius. Trees in Concysthorpc 

. Banks, a large wopd at C. Howard, rare. 
Teesdale^ Rocks near Lord Grantley's 
Lakes on Sawley Moor, Mr. BnmicHk 

I Iste 'virens. In Yorkshire. Hudsotu 
Rocks in Hack&U. Mr, Brtmion. Near 
CopgroT^., Re^^ J. Dakatu 

r- plumbevj. Trees near Bradford* Hudson* 

Rocks in the North and West Ridings* Tieiiale% 

-* ^ HKactut. Trees near Walkington* Id. 

• t(ms^suf» Rocks in die West Riding. Id. 

■ ■ ■ - Frunasirim Found with, fruit near Cop- 

groTe* Rev, J. Dabon* 

m ' furfuracau0 Park paling at CastleHoward, 
but fare. Tc^fdab. With fruit near 
Copgrove. Rev. J. Dalton* Brimham 
Bocks. Mr, BrwUotu 

■ m ■ ui^^mUcus. T^nringlOQt StocktOEji and 

Earaley Moors. TeesdaU^ 

. CmBatus. > M^^^dale Head, Wensley 

> Dale ^ and WhitfeU Gill near 

LiCHBN s^atiofs. CommpOf . Teesdak. 

—9 borizontalis. Woocjs, pot cpmippp. Tf^j- 

^ai^. W%l}s in S^udley woods. Jdr, Brya^f^^ 

. * * * 

#Mf • Heathy ; roots of trees. Teesdak* 

•*-r— v^sus. Rocky places North of Helmsley , 

rare. Id^ 

**-^r— aphtbosus. Mqssdale Head, Wensley 

Dale. Mr, Brunton* Ingleborougb 

hilly and other parts of the County^ Hudson. 
> resupinatus. Mossdale He^d, Wensley 

Dale; and Whitfell GUI near Askrigg. 

Mr. Brunton. 
-! r- saecaitts. Mackershaw wood« Mr.JBrun- 

ion. Near Beverley, rare. TeesdaJ^. 

About the month of Yordas cave n«ar 

Ingleborough. Dr. Smith. 

■ J ■ fustulatus. Ne^r Halifax. Mr. Bolton. 
- ■■ folyphyllvj. Rocks near Harrowgate. 

TcesdaU. Brinaham Rocks. Mr. Brunton^ 

■■ .. ■■■ ■ ^pettUus. Brimhaoi Rocks. Mr*. Brunton. 

Ingleborongh hill, rare. Tieesdait. 

■ ghbtfervs. Rocks in Bilsdale, rare. 
Teesdode. Brimham Rocks* Mr. Brunton. 

fragtlis. Rocks in the North and West 

Ridings : near Harrowgate. Teesdale. 

* << I am convinced that the branched bushy substances on thd 
vpper surlace of this Lichen, are the frudlification after it hat 
Ibittared itssecdsi as I have dctc<5lcd them la the ad of opening.*'- 

Mr. Bnmtvtm 

744 TORKSmHE. 

Srifflhaai Rocks. Mr, BrwnUm. Near 
Copgrove, Tery fine. iSrv. J. Dddtoiu 

LitBtm faschalu. Rocks in the West Riding. Tmdale. 
■ Papillariam Houghton moor: heaths, 
' fieqaent. Ttesdak. Brimham Rocks. 

Mr. Brtait^n* 

♦ rvhtformis ? (Bsomyces ruBiformis. jfcLJ 

Brimham Rocks, near Ripon. Id» 

■ lanatus. Rocks in the West Riding : at 

Harrowgate. Teesdak. 

' piicatus. Trees near C. Howard. Id* 

— jyJfoius. Rocks, and trunks of old oaks, 

in the N. $c W. Ridings. TccsdaU. 
Brimham Rocks. JIfr. Brunion. 

■ ■ ch(dybeifortttu» Rocks, old paling> trunks 

of trees with the last species. TasdaUm 

* I have taken the liberty of subjoining a mark of doubt to this 
plant, because the specimen I saw, the only one ever found, ap« 
peared to me merely the leaf of L* pjxldahu with Spharia Mm-i 
growing upon it ; but as Mr. Brunton is of a different opinion, and 
as it may still be the plant figured by Acharius, I extraA what 
Mr« B. Mys upon the subjeA. ** The fruAification is composed 
of ampulla-ihaped vesicles, heaped together, and of a bright scarlet 
colour. X sent the only specimen I ever saw to Dr. Smith. 
When I had examined it I thought it nearly allied to SpB^rotarfw, 
hut it wanted the chara^eriflic ball of seeds. The vesicles are 
hollow, and very different from the frudification of any JJclum in 
this division, though the leaf on which it is placed agrees very well 
with it ; so much so that Dr. Smith thought it might be an aeci* 
dental fungous produdtion, but the healthy state of the plant 
forbade the conclusion." D. 7» ^ 



Ulta crispa. la shady places. TeaJah. 

■ plumota. T 

— rubens. VScarborottgh* Tr49ws. 

Fucus Hypoghssum. J 

■ ovaEs* Scarborough. Hudson. 
— — — okusus. Flambrough Head^ rare* Mr. Tecsdak. 

■ tamariscifolius*" 


> Shores of the Coanty. Hudson. 

clanjcllosus. T Scarborough. SirT. FranUatid. 

CoNFE&YA ^migmosaf 

' byssoides. 

Jhtcvlosa. ElRs* 

' fieniculacta. 

■ Jucicola. 

■ fucoides. 
" nigra. 

■ parasitica. 

—— -^ pennata. 

' '■■ flumula» 
■■ ■■■ tormntota* 

■ ■ ^gagrtfUa. la WalUpgfen Moor^ 

Mr. T. Kn9Vfkon» 

VScarboroi^h. Travis* 






Since the printing of our Catalogue of Somerset- 
shire plants^ we have been so fortunate as to meet 
with the Rev. J. Collinson*s History of that County, 
and hav£ extracted from it the following informadon, 
which, resting upon such unquestionable authority as 
that of the late Mr^ Sole, and comprising not only 
many, habitats, but also many species not before enu« 
nierated, we have thought it only justice to our readers 
here to amieqp by way of supplement* 


S ALicoRKi A JruHcosa. Salt marshes near Highbridge* 

Vfi KQN I c A montana. Friary wood» Hinton Abbey. 

PiNGVicuLA lusitanlca. In a little swamp on Maiden 
Down, opposite the Maidenhead Inn. 

ScHosNvs Mariscus. On King's Sedgmoor, abundantly* 

Cyperui longus^ In an old fish pond at the back of a 
cottage at Walton in Gordano. 

SciRpvs ioiaschanus. Near the sea side below Watchet. 

Eriophorum vagmaium. On Glastonbury, and Burde 
turfmoors, abundantly. 

Broii us sguarrosus. On Glastonbury, and Burtle moors. 

Arum DO calamagrostu.' Hedges between Hinton Abbey 
and the Church. 

HoRDBuif maridmum. Sands about Berrow and Bumham* 

RuBi A /#r/-^rtn/i. Woods about Portishead Point, abun- 

Li T HOSP E R M V If pwrpuro-^sruleum^ In Chedder woods 
by the road side as you go to Axbridge, abun- 

Campanula hrderaaa. In a small swampy place on 
Maiden Down, opposite the Maidenhead Inn* 

HBRWiARiA^/n^rtf. On the coast at Weston supra mare. 

^kisZOLkfruticosa. On the Steep Hohnes. 

Selihv Mpalustrf. "^ 

^ Mn Burtle Moor, plentifully* 

CicUTA tnrosa, j * r j 

Drosbra jfngGca. Swampy places on Black Down. 
OtniTHOG ALV u fyrittakufn. In the woods at I£ntoa 

Abbey, abundaQtly ^ and in most of the woods 

about Bath, 


CoNVALLARTA PcHygontAwn. Woods ^at East Harptret 

under Mendip. 
AcoRvs Calanmt* Old turf pits near Wedxnore« 
Coi»€HicuM autunmaiem In all ibe pastures vbciat Baitbi 

particularly in Newton Mead. 
V Ajcemtv u Ostycoccosi ^On Glskstonhatjf aad Biirtle 
ANDROMBi^A/o£/f/ta* 5 Turf Moors. ^ 

Saponaria ojUinalis. Road side near Burnt-gate turn- 

pi|ce on the Wells road« 
"* DtAiTTHUs arenarius* On Chedder CKfi* 
Euphorbia platyphjlia, fi. At the end of Collet's 

vrood near the rookerj at Prior-park« 
Ptrus torminoKs. Friary wood at Hmton Abbey. 
■ j^ria. In all the woods ^about Bath. 

GfiUM ri^fale* By the road nde'on the left hand a< you 

go from Frome to Shepton, about a quarter of a 

mile beyond Brewton road gate. 
CiSTvs polifolius. About the middle of Brean Down 

loduAg towards Bumham. 
X«ATHRJi£A squamaria^ At the roots of old trees in 

Sniallcomb wood ; and in the shady waBcs of 


» • « 

* We do Dot know what species of the Flora Bntannica Mr 
Sole xnteQds under this name. He says that it grows with 
jy. aetiutf but differs in its grass being much narrower, and not of 
a sea-green colour ; in the flower being larger, more jagged, an4 
seldom more ihui one on a stalk , and m being more fragrant in its 
imell, particularly in the eye&ing. 

' VOL. !!• C C 


Li Most LL A aquaiua. * Cart ruts in splashy places about 

Da A B A. muraBt. Dry banks at Emborougb. 
TvaaiTis hirsuta. About the stone quarries on Combe 

EaoDiuic maruimum. On the rocks at Brean Down. 
GsaAiriiiM roiumdi/olttim* On all the old walls about 

Hamptoot Clarerton, and Hinton. 
O&OBUS sylvaiicus. In axlry pit on Mendip near Embo« 

rough Ponds, just by a stone stile against the 

sluice which divides the ponds. 
Lat H r a V s. Nissciia» By the roadside half a mile before 
. you come to Philip's Norton, on the left hand 

going from Bath. 
Ca a D u V s erlopbortu. Meadows under Smallcomb wood, 

and about Widcombe and Lyncorobe. 
Senscio taracemcus. I^ar Sbepton Mallet^ and das- 

. tonbury. 
Inula HtUnium, Pastures at Hinton Abbey^ near the 

OpHaTs Nidus Avts^ Friary wood) Hinton Abbey; 

and Smallcomb wood near Bath. 
-»~— — mtucifira* On Hampton Dowui under the 

— .— ^ apt/era* In all the hilly pastures about North 

Stokcj abundantly. 
SsBAPiAs grandjfiora. In ClaTcrtoa wood; also in the 

woods at HiAtOQ Abbey. 


Carex curta. Old turQ>its about Burtle Moon 

■ ' ii^tattu Friary woodf Hinton Abbey. 

■ ■ ■ ■ V€sieana. Sides of Emborough PoDd» Old Down. 

OsMUNDA lunatid. Commons^ and waste lands in divers 

parts of the County. 
■ — regatis, Glastonbury^ and Burtle turfmoors* 
PoLT pd Di t; M Dryopiefit. Chinks of the garden steps at 

Widcombe House. 
AspiDivu Thelypteris. Glastonbury, and Burtle tuif- 

moors, abundantly. 
— lobaium. Rocks at Burwell's wood> facing 

the Hotwells. 
-PiLVLARiA globuUfera, Wet places on Black, and 

Maiden Downs ^ 

c c 


^ ^ ^^ 


• TO 


Sc HCE N US Miu, 1 Ob Cromljfn Bog a<ar Swan* 

■ ^fuicus. J sea, Mr. E. Foster ^jun. 

RvMiApaugrum. Frequeot k tktt Cbunty, L* W. £H- 
Vb&bascum BUokma^ la acieml places about 

Swansea.; .../rf. I 

UaosBBA 4r9|Sf£ca. ^ On Cionlyii^ Bog, 

t K^x>\oyk%Jihpt£foliaS Mr. Eu Forster^jun. 

TihiA. micf^pbflU* Woods about Pont Nedd 

Veckn.. Mr. E. Potstef^jwiu^ 

* This If the true Sehmmu fiueutot foreign antbon^ as I know by 
actnal comparison with specimens from I>r. Roth. /)• 7*. 

t "• This plant Taries oocastonally with quadrifid* octandrout 
flowers, ixt which state it mxf caaly n^ead a young Bptai|hC| avd 
he taken for Srit^ Dahtoii*^ Mr. S. F9rttir,Jtm, 


Ekodivm maritimum. About Port Eynon, and the 

Worms Head. Mr» E. Forstertjun. 

T%\joti\3U scahrum. Burrows near Swafisea. Id. 

Medic AOo/a^«/a. Jhribus furfureis. Near Port 

Eynoo, Id^ 

HiER ACiuif pidudosum. At Uscoed Eynon Garo 

near Font Nedd Vechn, Id^ 

Gn APR ALLIUM margarhaceunu In a Wood be- 
tween CaerpbyHi and (^teker's Y?rd{ 
and by the Road to Swansea near Neath 
Abbey. Mr. £. Fonter^ jun. Otjber 
places near Neath. Mr, Ed, HatvUns^jun^^ 

Sbnbcxo wcosus* Plentiful z, little Eastward of 

Swansea Ferry. Mr. S. ForsUr^junm 

Sparganxuu naiatu. On Cromlyn Bog. Id, 

Carsx Umoia. On Cromlyn and Skeuy Bogs near 

Swansea* - Id* 

■r ■ " ^ UangaSa. Near 'Quaker's yard between 

^ Caerphylli and Mefthyr Tidiril. A/. 

Ec^riSBTUif >y/9^i/zc<rflt. About Bryn Morgan Col* 
liery» and other places in the Vale of- 
.Tawe. L.1F.D. Near Quaker's yard. 

Mr. E, FtrsUTfjuHf, 

PolVvodsum . Eheg^terts. At Uscoed* Synoa 
Gam; and the Ladies fall near Pont 
Nedd Vechn. Id. 


As P ^x>i V M^ Tbelyptens. On Sk,etty Bog. M 

. Orea^cris. About Popt Nedd Vechn i 



between Swansea and Park Mill; and 
about the 4 mile stone by the side of the 
Gower Road from Swansea • Mr. £. ForsieTfjun, 
Fvcvs sinaosuu Frequent on the Mumble Rocks. 

L. IT. D. 
"' ■ ' Hjpoglossum. Sometimes found among the 

Rejectamenta on the shore about Swansea. Id. 
« ■ o<valu. Pools in Caswell Bay, and about 

the Worms Head, but not abundandy. Ids ' 
m obiunu. Among the Rejectamenta about 

the Worms Head. Id. 

■ cprnfui^ Plentiful on the Rocks about the 
Worms Head. Id, 

» ' ialiformh. Sometimes found among the 

Rejectamenta on the Shore about Swansea. IJ, 
Ult4 atomarla. In the Pools among the Rocks 

about the Worms Head. IJ» 

-—^-^ punctata. On the shore by Swansea. //• 

CoNPiarA tetragona^ Rocks in the Sea at Cas- 
well Bay* Idn 
■ ■■■ — Ut} virenu Common on 'the Shore 

about Swansea* Id^ 



Acorns Calamus. Page 18. 51, 112. 184. 200. 522. 274. 
377.403. 430. 492. 622. 548. 582. 634. 658. 684. 749. 
Actaea spicata. 153. 277. 644 695. 
Adiantum CapiUus Fentris. 304. 
Adonis autumnalis. 187. 225. 318. 348. 406. 434. 494.652. 

— ; ••ssH'uaHs. 65'i. \ 

Agrosus liUoraUi. 339. 
■ maruia. 215. 

utacea: 125. 196. 215. 313. 578. 599, 669. 

- SfUa *venn. 14. 25. 44'. 145. 242. 270. 400. 422. 

539. 578. 669. 
Aira canerfttf, 215. 422. 539. 
Aju^a alfima. 99* 188. 251. 
— chamepitjs. 19. 56. 276. 318. 349. 505. 514. 

585. 609. 

AhhcmUU al/nna. 14($. 639. d74. 

■ > ■■ ■ vulgaris, fi, 674. 

Alisma Damasonium.' ^. 975, 331, 345. 404. 512. 549, 


nataH4. 82. 150. 326. 394. 512. 658. 685. 

ranunculoi^s. 4. 18. 52. 112. 129. 150. 184. 222. 

247. 293. 300. 316. 345. 368. 377. 404. 484* 505, 549. 

606. 652. 
Aliittm Ampelofffosum, 149. 521. 

758 INDEX. 

ADmra arenarium. 149. 367. 641. 683. 
■ carinaiunim 17. 344. 645. 

oUracetm. 51. 150. 246. 274. 344. 429. 470. 


Schanotratum. 367. 683. 

Alopecunis buthuuu 215. 298. 308. 339, 421. 539. 599. ' 

Althsea Afrm/ii. 352. 

Alyssum incanum* 226,* 

^^ — : sati<vum. 189. 226. 252. 279. 407. 457. 463, 

556. 587. 701. 
Amanmthus Bluum. 66. 232. 337. 412. 
AnagaUis ar^venju. y 15, 47. 244. 491. 542. 579. 592. 675. 
Aochiisa offictnalij. 468. 
' sevipewirens. 46. 126. 197.218. 271. 292. 299, 

340.425. 542. 579. 601. 633. 640. 657. 675. 
i\q(b-a^ a^/>a. 98. 119. 3P5. 397. 725. 
rupestris. 98. 119. 

« k 

AndvomtioL polipUa. 36. 113. 151. 170. 368. 472. 513. 

642. 688. 749. 753. 
Anemone apenina, 19. ^32. 4C)6. 5^5. 
■ — - ntmofoia. ntar.Jlor, purp, 153. 

—^pulsaiilla. 19. 55.309. 389.434.494, 553.696, 

■■ ranunculoicUs, 332. 348. 

Angelica jircbangslicay 402, 470, 545. 634. 
Apictapgiuma/'^/ft7». 9. 98. ^6Q. 382.478. 517.654.725. 

-: laponicum, 98. 

Anthemis miritima, 255. 

nobUis. 7. 39. 133.: ?p6, 230, 256. 284. 321. 

^55. 396. 411. 443. 498. 535. 564. 590. 614. 710. 
-^ — ttnctoria, 256. 

Anthericum serotinum. 81. 

Anthoceros /fi0C/a/xr/. 289. 322. 361. 373. 383. 451. 594. 

Aptl^yllis '^fulneraria» ^. ^.. 1^^. 506. 

Jlor* albis. 612. 

Antirrhinum Cyipballarla. 20. 28, 58. 119* 172. 189. 203. 

226. 279. 295. 310. 390.407. 495. 514. 586. 610. 699. 

— Linaria. ^. 58^. 610.'g. 700. 

. m'mus. 20. 28. 38. 58. 131. 172. 189. 226. 

252. 309. 319. 327. 332. 350. 390. 437. 463. 495^ 

b^b. 586. 610. 653. 700. ^ 

INDEX. 75^ 

AotlrHiinum rebens. ^. 75/131. ^59. 309. 319. 350.495. 
J - * \^ spurium. Sa 58. 226. 252. 279. 332, 350* 

407. 437. 463. 485. 495. 555. 586. 610. 699. 
Aquilegta vulgaris. /3. 153. 644. 
Arabis iufida. 90. 189. 395. 515. 

stricia. 156. 525. 

r turrtta. 59. 496. • ' 

ATbvLt\i$U'va-Urn. 113. 151.185.248. 368.472.642.688. 
ArenzriA tenuifrftM. 4. 19. 53. 129. 223.308.347.432* 
^ 462. 493. 523. 552. 584. 659. 691. 

vefna. 32. 85. 186. 249. 294. 326. 472. 523. 

^ 0. 85. ' 

-y. 85.114. 153. 186.691. 

AristokK:hia ciematUts. 29. 64. 284. 358. 445. 499. 565« 
Artemisia campestris. 442. 562. 
■ cartUescens. 391. 

Arundo Calamagrosih. 15. 45. 146. 216. 336. 375. 423. 
•'460.579.600.672.748. ' 
- color Ota. 0. 45. 79. 

y. 79. 339. 468. 

£pi^ejos. 15. 45. 146. 216. 243. 271. 386. 400. 

423. 490. 511. 520. 579. 600. 672. 
Asarum europium. 27. 153. 369. 643. 
Asparagus officinalis. 4. 128. 221. 300. 308. 316. 388^ 

430. 522. 

' 0.4.' 

Aspemgoprocumbefu. 46. 80. 218. 272. 51 1. 521 . 542. 601. 
Aspidium bbatum. 287. 360. 723. 751. 

— Lonchitis. 67. 96. 161. 304. 466. 72^ 

•^ Greopterit. 73. 96. 134. 161. 176. 260. 287. 


297. 322. 396. 413. 449. 478. 500. 593. 618. 722. 754. 

^ ^-—/9. 466. 530. 

— ipinulasum. 134. 207. 287. 637. 

Thelypteris. 9. 23. 67. 96. 119. 161. 328. 448. 

568. 593. 618. 648. 722. 751. 754. 
Asplenium Ixuiceolahim. 517. 618. 723. 
^ marinum. 9. 134. 162. 207. 233. 260. 304. 

373. 507. 618. '' 

septentrionak. 97. 162. 176. 36a 530.048. 7^5. 

-^ viridc. 96. 119. 162* 192. i60. 382. 723. 

700 INDEX 

^svrzggiva giycyphjllos. 31. 28. 39. 60. i58. 174. 205. 

229. 254. 281. 333. 353. 371. 390. 440. 464. 475. 486. 

497. 559. 589. 653. 706. 
hypoglottis. 21. 60. 158. 254. 320. 391. 440. 

475. 497. 560. 661. 706. 
fc var. 391. 

Atharoanta LiboMoiis. 49. 148. 

Atriplez ergcia. 593. 

laciniata. 8. 160. 232. 259. 286. 372. 448. 477. 


pedunculata. 66. 259. 360. 392. 448. 568. 

Avena/fl/M^j. 2. 15. 25.34. 45. 72. 79.110. 167^216. 243. 

270. 308. 375.423. 482. 490. 520. 579. 600. 672. 

^ pubacem. 2. 15. 25. 34. 45. 167. 182. 216. 243^ 

' 270. 308. 339. 375. 423. 460. 490. 579. 600. 651. &7% 
strigosa^ 125. 243. 672.. 

Ballotta nigra. P. 57. 279. 349. 407. 436. 514, 524. 

534. 610. 
Bartramia arcuata, 102. 120. 163. 261. 373^ 730. 

•. Hallertana. 102.261.478. 

ithyphylla. 730. 

— pomiformis^ g. 261. 

Bart3ia^^/fl«. 251. 644. 699. 

viscosa. 115. 130. 203. 370. 

'BtWisperennis. var, 355. 

Bkteis arnua, fi. 117. 

Blasia/uji7/fl. 121,373,414.736. 

Borago ofidnaHt. var.Jl» ait is » 340. 

JSrassica campestris. 281. 351. 497. 558. 645. 703« 

Napus. 588. 

— *— dtracea, 90. 131. 227. 351. 370. 395. 415* 

474. 506. 

^ arieraaUSf 281. 558. 612. 

Briza minor. 110. 125. 52a 

Bromus arvensis. 14. 44. 145. 292. 308. 313. 339. 422. 

490.520. 579^671. 
. diandrus. 308. 520. 579. 656. 

-. milHflorns. 44. 422. 

pinnflius. 14. 44. 145. 21,6. 90S, S39« 375. 423. 

490. 520. 600. 056. 671. 

INDEX, ^1 

Broraus sqmrrosus. 520. 599. 748. 

• triflorus. 423. 

Bryum alpmum. 102. 178. 

•■ annotinum. 501. 622. 731. 

. aureum, 68. 102. 397. 413. 487. 594. 730. 

• 'var. 2 WitL 102. 177. 

bicolor. 288. 569. 622. 731. 

' bimum, 731. 

^■^ carneum* 594. 

&, 731. 

— - cruduin. 102. 648. 731. 

: '• — cubitate* 102. 

cyUndricuTK. 731. 
V * dealbatum. 450. 

elongatum. 102. 

^julaceum. 731. 

■ ' marginatum. 73 li 

— nutaris. 102. 120. 361. 450. 501. 730. 

— » nigricans, 732. 

- punciatum 26 1 . 
■ rostratum. 732. 

^ stdlare. 732. 

■■■ ■ " tricodeu 177. 261. 
■■ turbinatum, 730. 

Zierii. 102. 731. 

Buniam bulbocastanum* AfH» 

Bupleunim ratundifoliuTn. 16. 49. 220. 273. 342. 387. 40*^ 

427. 491. 544. 581. 603. 634. 651. 678. 
• tenuiftmum. 49. 220. 245. 273. 336, 342. 3g7. 

427. 521. 544. 603. 
Buxbanmia/o/r^j£7. 97. 622. 
'BiiXQS stmper^viretu. 22. 311. 358. 592. 717. 

0^\h^ palustris* fl. pleno, b^. 

Campanula hederacea. 75. 80. 126. 168. 198. 272. 299. • 

ZIQ. 416. 601. 676. 748. 
— ^ — latifolia. \5. 47. 111. 126. 148. 16S. 183» 

244. 293. 366. 425. 532. 542. 634. 640. 67^. 
-— ^^ paiula. 82. 148. 182. 218. 326. 375. 426. 511. 

521.532. 579. 633. 657. 
■' ■ rapunculoidis. 491. 

754 INDEX. 

Campanula Rapun^ulus. 314. 331. S4U 401. 425. AM. 
483. 63i. 579. 601. 657. 676. 

rotundifulia, *var, 80. 

Cardamioe amara. ^. 38^ 116^ 156. 227. 253. 28a. 351» 
370. 408» 438. 474» 496. 534. 556^ 587. 611. 635» 
ceo. 702. 

' biUidifoKa. 173. 525. 702. 

impanens. 116. 156. 189. 370. 379. 408. 52& 


^'^ pratifuit » mar. 515. 556. 660. 

CarduttS erhpborus. 21. 62. 1 17. 133. 158. 101. 220. 255» 

283. 320. 327. 337. 355. 371. 38a 391. 442. 464. 

498. 616. 528.. 562. 653. 661. 708. 750. 
«— beterephyllus. 92. 158. 255. 303. 410. 442. 475i 

590. 646. 708. 
' Marianus. /3. 410. 
pratensis. 28. 62. 229. 255. 283. 303. 320. 

354. 380. 410. 442. 498. 562. 590. 614. 036. 708. 
— tenuiflorus. 7. 21. 92. 174. 229. 255. 283. 3M* 

410. 442. 475. 498. 562. 590. 614. 708. 
Carex acuta, var. 716. 
I ampuUacea. 8. 22. 29. 40. 65. 94. 159. 232. 258» 

303. 31 1. 381 . 446. 465. 477. 499. 52/. .'66. 592. 617. 

636. 662. 716. 

atrata. 94. 118. 

axillarit. 64. 285. 445. 566. 692. 714. 

biptnvlf. 8. 29. 65. 94. 175. 258. 285. 297. 396« 

446. 477. bQ6. 715. 
— - capillaru. 258. 327. 

capitata f 592. 

— ciandtstina. 529. 

curta., 29. 64. 94. 118. 159. 175. 192. 2^7. 304* 

381. 566. 616. 636. 713. 731. 

Da'valliana. 529. 713. 

■— - defauperata* 358. 592. 
digitata. 629. 714. 751. 

- iioica. 7. 22. 64. 93. 159. 231. 257. 304. 38U 

445. 476. 499. 592. 616. 713. g 64, 

iiistaTU. 22« 65. 118. 258. 285. 358. 446. 477r 

t99. bQO. 616. 716. 
— 4his<!L. 285. 358, 411. 445. 592. 616* 714* 


Carex extensa. 8. 306* 258. 385. 446. 715. 

' flifornds. 8. 311. 517. 5^. 716. 

yii/T/tf. 8. 40. 94. 258. 476. 516. 566. 616.. 715. 

■ inrta* *var. 716. 

l£^gata. 8. 29. 133. 285. 322. 616. 716. 754. 

limota. 8. 159. 372. 446. 529. 647. 714. 754. 

- MicheUana* 716. 

Oederi. 65. 446. 566. 715. 

■> bnuctflora. 476. 

ptndula. 22. 65. 94. 118. 175. 231. 258,285. 

311. 322. 327. 334. 358. 381. 411.476.499. 516. 
566. 592. 616. 636. 662. 714. 

pseudo cyperus. 29. 40. 65. 175. 231.285.358^ 

381.411.446. 616. 714. 

- returva* *uar, 616. 

rigida. 94. 258. 477. 

tteilulata^ var, 93. 

strigosa. 22. 65. 175. 284. 445. 499. 616. 714. 

teretiuscula. 7. 64. 446. 566. 714. 

~ tonuniosa, 654. 

n>esicaria. 8. 65. 159.' 232. 258. 285. 381. 412. 

477. 499. 517. 616. 636. 647. 716. 751. 
Carum Caruu 16. SO. 245. 388. 428. 546. 680. 
Caucalis daueoides. 16. 26. 49. 245. 342. 387. 427. 461^ 

491. 544. 581. 678. 

lafifolia. 16. 49. 183. 315. 

Centaurca Jacea ? 614. 
—- — I — nifra, 0, 256. 

soUtitialis. 175. 310. 355. 444. 590. 614.710. 

Centunculus vunhnus. 3. 15. 35. 46. 168. 218. 271. 340. 

366. 400. 424. 541. 600. 674. 
Cerastium alplnum. 86. 389. 
' laiifoUum. 86. 186. 

^ Mrandrum. 249. 301. 432. 472. 552. 

Ceratophyllum subnursum. 567. 617. 717. 
Chara>*i//j. 2. 124. 144. 

598. 633. 665. jS 510. 
hUpida. 2. 42. 110. 213. 291. 298. 365. 399. 

419. 467. 532. 536. 577. 597. 638. 665. 

e. 14. 240. 338. 374. 482. 489. 519. 665^ 

CheiraDtbus sinuatus. 6. 90. 131t205. 296. 303^ 395.611, 

704 INDEX; 

Chenopodlum ilaucum. 219.401.581. 

. bybr:dum.l5. 48. 219. S44. 272. 342. 42^ 

.491. 543. 580. 
olidum. 35. 48. 183. 272. 342. 401. 426. 

.461.483.491. 543.603. 
Chiroma Cfrntaurium. var, 366. 
■■ litioraVts. 469. 
pulchella. 47. 126. 199. 293. 299. 314. 331. 341. 

503. 543. 602. 
d^Aovz ferfoBaia. 18. 27. 36. 52. 83. .113. 150. 169. 185. 

2Ga 222. 275. 294. 300. 316. 832. 345. 377. 388. 

430. 462. 484. 493.. 512. 522. 533. 549. 583; 607. 
Chrysosplenium alternifoRunu. 114. 186. 201. 223. 248. 

317. 294. 326. 346. 368. 377. 431. 513. 534. 550. 

659. 689. 
Cicatz wirosa. 16. 50. 111. 149; 343. 388.402.428. 

483.511. 521. 533. 545; 581. 079. 748. 
Cberaria integrifdia. 230. 321. 498. 614. 

^. 7. 

, palustris. 63. 303. 337. 371. 391. 396. 443. 

564. 647. 
Circxa alptna. 110. 144. 182. 365. 638. 

-, ^ 182. 

Qisuxxi gttttahis. 5. 523. 
I Heliantkemum. 0. 55. 

"ledifoUus. 523. 

- marjfolms, 5. 87. 153. 250. 295. 301. 644. 696. 
^pohjolius. 202. 523. 749. 
Surrejanus. 584. 

Cochlearia angUca. 6. 59. 189. 226. 280. 302. 319. 350. 

408. 438. 474. 625. 556. 
danica. 6. 89. 131. 155. 204. 226. 252. 280. 

302. 370. 438. 474. 505. 515. 611. 645. 

offidnaUs. 6. 89. 116. 131. 155. 203. 226. 

«2. 302. 438. 474. 485. 525. 635. 645. 701. 

B. 6. 

y. 89. 189. 204. 252. 370. 702. 

Colchicum autumnale. 18. 52. 112. 184. 222. 247. 293. 
316. 326. 367. 462. 484. 492. 512. 522. 549. 635. 
652. 658. 684. 749. 



» t 

Conferva aruginosa. 1% 74fi.. 

■ ■ agagroftla. 481. 745. — ^ - 

; atra. 12. 71. 576. 595, 

* — -,— — atro'virens, 306, . f 

i bipunctata^ 459. 576, . i . 

— hyssoides. 12. 142, 812.. ?33..a53# 458* iS'S. 

'632. 745. 

* comoides, 306* 

t » — conjervtcola, 4W. 

«< confragosa. 7Q* 108« . 

; — ivralHna. 1%. 1Q8. %i$. 4^1. 619. 

■ N diffusa. 306; 
■ : ■ ■ ; distortn. 306. 
' tchinulata. 12. .' 

* emiisetifoUa. 324. 3j53. 57^. 
— — krketory,m^ 4$8« 576. 

M ' Jlexuosa, 459. -. 

fiosciflof^, 745 f 

Jlu^iattUs. 12. 108.. 142. 165, 180. 268.481. 

Janlculacea* 11*745. 

^. ^Jracta. .290. 

fucicola* 70. 36.3. 745» 

r J%c6idtt* 745. 

— giUai'Msa, >. 108. 

; genvfiexa. 459. 576. 

--^-^ jugalis* 459. 

i I late-vir^s, 755* 

■ MtrtensiL 458. 

. 1 r mutflbilis. 12. 70* $7«. 

■ myochrous, 108. 

■ nana. 418. 

■ ■ m^gTii. 74$; 

■ ^ niHda. 459. 

parasitica. 142. 238. 745. 

- pellu<^da» 575. 

• pennaia. 12. 363. 373. 745. 
. Plumula. 305. 632. 745. 

• purpurascens. 12. 

- repens. 45^. 
reHc^iata. 24. 71. 290. 414. 

■ rigida, 414. 

VOL. II. O d 




Conferva rosea. 306. 458. 576. 
' scoparia* 575, 
"^ ' setacea. 12. 576* 

■ ■ - sfifalup 459. 

' stricta. 306. 458. 

■ *^ • tetragona. 12. 755* 

■ tomentosa. 745, 

■ tttbvJosa. 632. 
I vagabunda. 71. 363. 632* 

a«7/(?w. 12. 142. 306. 467. 575. 

Convallaria muUifiora. 18. 27. 36. 184. 222. 246. 308. 
316. 344. 367. 648. 582. 642. 684. 

polygonatum. 150. 316. 504. 652. 683. 749, 

/8. 522. 

ponvolvttlus awensis. 0. 483. 

Coriandrum sativum. 60. 274. 387. 545. 

Cornus suecica. 468. 674. 

Coronopus dsdyma. 131. 204. 252. 506. 702. 

Corrigiola Uttotalis. 128. 200. 

Cotyledon luiea. 523. 692. 

Crambc mariiima. 6. 90. 131. 155. 204. 226. 280. 302. 

319. 351. 370. 390. 438. 506. 556. 611. 702. 
Crepis biennis. 62. 255. 283. 354. 562. 589. 708. 

• fattila. 61. 255. 283. 354. 442. 561. 589. 

Crocus nudiflorus. 482. 666. 

saiinms. 43. 182. 269. 

veraus. 110. 420. 482. 537. 577. 

Cucubalus baccifer. 4. 

C}X&coX3Leuropea. 15. 26. 35. 48. 111. 219. 273. 315. 

376. 461. 491. 544. 603. 634. 
Cyathea dentata. 260. 

. regia. 97. 176. 287. 530. 724. 

Cyclamen europaum, 483. 505. 542. 

Cynoglossum ompbalodes. 198* 

sytvaticum. 271. 340. 400. 426. 460. 490. 

579. 601. 657. 
Cynosurus crtstatus, y. 44. 

echinatus. 242. 339. 599. 

Cyperus longus. 214. 503^ 519. 748. 
Cypripedium Calceolus. 159. 257. 310.-372. 712. 

INDEX, 767 

iDactylis sHricta. 270. 313. 339. 539. 

Daphne Mezerium. 185. 222. 317. 533. 549, 687. 

Datura Stramonium. 26. 35. 47. 11M48. 183. 244.299. 

314. 401. 426. 543. 
Daucus Cama» van 5. With. 126. 

* maritimus. 127. 245. 

Delphinium Consoltda, 19. 55. 224. 250. 348. 378. 434. 

553. 659. 696. 
t>tzit3in2i bulbifera, 38. 351. 408, 587. 611. 
Dianthus arenarius, 749. 

— =- harbatus. 690. 

— ^ c/tsius. 389. 522. 

^ caryophylks . 53. 276. 300. 326. 346. 513. 690. 

•* ^ j3. 186. 

"^delioUes. 18. 37. 52. 186. 201. 326, 346. 405. 

431. 472. 484. 513. 522. 585. 643. 690. 

/3. 152. 

— ^prolifer. 405. 431. 607. 659. 

Dicranum aciculare. 76. 101. 177. 261. 478. 728. 

0. 177. 261. 478. 

**— bipartitum. 729. 

■ - callisiomum, 9. 

cerviiulatum. 9. 24. 288. 413. 

— -*— cj/llndricum* 728. 

-* eUtpticum. 101., 

fageUare. 193.621. 

■' ^ J lexuosum. y. Mvsc. Hib, 101. 397. 
' fusee scens» 62i. 

■ ■ " ■ interrupt um, 100. 

— majiis. 100. 620. 

osmundioidis, 100. 727. 

^^^ patens. 101, 

pellucidtm, 120.261. 382. 621. 728. 

. '--^ pdyphyllurh,. 73. 76. 

■ purpureum. jS. 288. 

pusiUum. 501. 569. 728. 

— — rigidulum. 9. 621. 
" *■ simplex. 501. 

■«r; — spurium. 728. 

■ " — squarrosum. 101. 261. 728. 
' strictum. 177. 328. 373. 

D d 2 

96B • INDEX* 

Dfcranum suhulatun. 621* 

varium. 68. 298. 449. 569. 6^1. 7^t, 

inridissimum. 10. \t7. 288. 569. 621. 728. 

Dipsacus /i<//«ffii7». 110. 196. 520. 

pilotus. 15. 25. 34. 45. 110. 168. 182. 217. 2?1. 

292. 308. 313. 330. 339. 375. 400. 416. 424. 482. 

490. 511. 520. 600. 633. 651. 667. 673. 
Doronicum PardaUanches . 284. 443. 476. 516. 710. 
Draba/i/2o/{£tfx. 302. 

incana. 89. 252. 645. 700« 

muralu. 20. 189. 645. 700. 750. 

Drosera angika. 17.51. 112. 149. 200.221. 315. 429. 


— longifolia. 3. 17. 26. 35. 51. 81. 112. 128. 149. 

.221i 246. 299. 315. 367. 377. 402. 429. 470. 512* 

533. 546. 582. 605. 641. 652* 681. 
^— Dryasoctopetala, 250. 695. 

Echinophora sflnosa. 342. 367. 

%\2iUxie,Hydroptper, 513. 

Elymus arenariuji 72. 79. 146. 196. 216. 243. 386. 423L 

europaus. 15* 34. 168. 182. 313. 330. 336. 468. 

490. 651. 672. 

- geniculatus. 339. 

Empetrum nigrum. 33. 75. 95. 118. 160. 192. 259. 297r 

327. 396. 477. 517. 535. 718* 
Eocalypta c/7ia/a. 98. 517. 726. 

lanceolatai 67. 501. 619. 

Epilobium alpinum. 150. 471. 484. 686. 

angustifoUum. 18. 36. 82. 113. 150. 184.247* 

316. 331. 345. 368. 404. 471. 492. 533. 583. 606« 

658. 685. 
■ — angustissimum. 82. 394. 

roseum. 276.831. 583. 606. 

Epimedium alpinum, 146. 674. 

EquiseiMm JuviaiiU. 23. 66. 160. 192. 207* 232. 287. 

360. 382. 413. 466. 477. 487. 500. 568. 617. 719. 
fyemaU. 23.66* 119. 161. 

487. 636. 654. 719. 

sylvaHcum, 23. 66. 118. 175. 232. 259. 286. 

360. 382. 413. 465. 477. 487. 50Q. 517, 719. 754# 

■ INDEX. 769 

Erica clnerea, 'oar . fiorihus cdbis. 816. 607, 

. 'tetraltM, 'var/floribus albis, 316.607. 

-! — - vagans. 129, 185. 200. 300, 

— — - vulgaris, var.jhrt albo, 247. 316. 

IS^rigtvoTicanadense. 255. 410. 528. 590. 

l£.no^hovoTi polystachion. 2. 14. 78i 167. 241. 374. 460. 

468.633.651. 669. 
vaginamm. 32. 75. 78. 110 125. 145. 167. 

196. 241. 291. 298. 365. 393. 421. 468. 489. 511. 

578. 599. 633. 639. 669. 748. 
i^rpdium OT^r/Vmiwre. 6. 90. 116. 132. 156. 173.205. 

227. 296. 310. 351. 506. 526. 612. 6G0. 750. 754. 
moschatum. 6. 20. 39. 116. 131. 156. 189. 205. 

281. 310. 370. 439. 497. 506. 515. 526. 558. 588. 

612. 645. 703: 
Eryngium cawfestre. 199. 245. 461. 470. 678. 
Ery^XT^mcheirarahoides.- 28. 38. 59. 116. 173. 189. 

253. 438.496. 557. 611. 

—^precox, 205.587. 

Euphorbia Characlas, 531. 

Cyparissias. 19. 472. 534. 

hiberna, 347# 405. 

, Lathy r is. 27. 

■ Par alias, 505 » 

Peplis, 73. 129. 201. 223. 

Portlandica. 4. 86. 1 30^201 . 224, 301 . 347. 505, 

— plaiyphyUa. 19. M. 276. 317. 336. 347. 405. 

607. 652. 

•. ^. 54.276; 224. 317. 336. 692. 749. 

EK^C[xm/liJorme. ^25. 197. 217. 600. 

Festuca hrjmoldes. 2. 79. 167. 216. 242. 270. 292. 308, 


calamaria. 639. 656. 

glauca, 468. 

lo/raced. 2, 34. 44. 243. 270. 330- 400. 490. 511. 

540. 579. 599. 670. 
— o<vlna. /3. 313. 
-■ rubra. 0. 79. 
— — uniglumis. 2. 216. 270. 540. 599. 
— — — -vivlpara. 78. 145. 167. 242. 292, 393. 670. 
Fontinalis squamosa. 134. 163, 414. 487. 648. 

770 INDEX. 

Fraxious excelsior. /3. 42. 

Frankenia Levis. 51. 246. 275. 344. 430. 648. 606. 

_i .^ pubveruUnta, 606. 

Fritillaria MeUagris. 17. 27. 36. 51. 150. 221. 377. 402^ 

429. 492. 533. 547. 582. 
Fucus dbrotanifolius » 236. 323. 631. 
. aculeatus. 268. 480. 

■ alatus, /3.-136. 

amphibius. 11. 70, 290. 632. 

, articulatus. 362. 373. 481. 

■ asparagoides. 141. 268. 458. 575. 
.. hacciferus. 138. 

■ barbatus, ,211. 362'. 
^. 456. 

^ bifdus. 139. 211. 323. 480. 575. 

— 0. 457. 

. '" y. 457. 

I. 323. 

- bulbosus. 139. 211. 236. 362. 

- capillaris. 141. 212. 237. 745. 

- cartHagiruus. 268. 

' ceranoides* 11. 138. 236. 323. 

- ciliatus, 0, 323. 
y. 323. 

--, 5. 139. 211.236. 

c. 211. 

ij. 211. 

- clasvellosus. 268. 458. 575. 745. 

- confervotdes, ^. 140. 

», . y, 457. 

. I. 140. 575. 

f . 140. 324. 

- corneus. 1 39. 21 1 . 268. 745. 755. 
-.: i3. 211. 

y. 237. 

-' I. 211. 

f 140. 

e;. 211. 

- coronnpifolius. 140. 211. 237. 324. 

- crispus". f. 139. 211. 237. 
„. 139. 

INDEX. 771 

Fuctts dasypiyllus. 138. 211. 235. 306. 362, 456. 575. 

dentaius. 268. 480. 746. 

' discors. 211. 236. 323. 

eduUs. 11. 139. 180. 324. 362. 457. 631. 

escuUntus. 139. 165. 236. 268. 480. 

$. 11. 

. fbrosus. 138. 211. 236. 323. 362. 457.631.745. 


■ Jageili/orms. 11. 202. 457. . 

fruiUulosus. 141. 237* 

'^-^^ gigartinusm 140. 

Hypoglossum. 138. 210. 235. 362. 456. b7b. 745, 

0. 235. 323. 

y. 11, 1S8. 631. 755. 

kalifirmu. 11. 141. 212.237. 305. 824. 632. 755. 

/3. 11. 

lacerattu. 0. 11. 211. 

' — — • y, 457. 
^^^ lacintaius. 11. 138. 457. 575. 

ligulaius. 138. 180, 211. 236. 305« 456. 480. 

575. 631. 
&. 456. 

loreus. fi. 457. 
lyco/f§dmdci. 457. 481. 745. 
mammllosus. y. 139. 

^ ). 237. 

■ f. 139. 
memhranaceusm 211. 268« 
membranifoUui. 11. 

/3. 362. . 

■ y. 235. 

S. 235. 456. 631, 

mucronatus. 138. 236.45,6. 631. 
no/oiij. 138. 456, 

nodosus, fi, 324. 

Nonuegicus^ 305. 362. 

03l»juj. 211. 235. 268, 323. 631. 745. 755. 

0. 235. 

Ofuntia. 11. 141. 29a 924. 362. 507. 

e. 141. 

walls. 138.211.235. 323.456, 575,745.755. 

pcdunculatus. ll. 297. 458. 575, 
phylUtis. 236. 457. 507. 6Si; ' ' 
pinastroides^ 14L 237« 324. ;362. 6Sl, 
plnnattfides, 11. • 
^. 139. 236. 

■ . — :. J. i3dl 2^. 

plumosus. 11. 140. 237. 268. 362; 48a 

pygnums. 130. 2-1 1* 236. 305. 480. 50f7. 

radlatus. 362. 

rotundus, 140. 575* 631. 

/3. 457. 

y. 140. 

ruscifolius, 456. 575. /S. 63t« 

taccharinus. 8* 457. 

selaginoides . 236. 

serratus* 0, 457 » 

.- y. 139. 457. 


siliauosus* &. 138. i3k. 480. > 
^Mosus. 456. 480. 575^; 755. 
/3. 235. 456. 

-y. 11. 

tuhfuscus. 11. 140. 237. 324. 4;58. 480. 575.631, 
— — tamariscifoltus, 11. 1^. 2-11. 236 • 745. 
tenuissimus. 235, 323. - 
tonuntosus. 140. 212. 237> 2d8. 745. 
iuberculatus , 140, 212. -^S?. ' . -^ 

'uesiculosus, i . 1391^ • ' ' 

?. 139. 290. 457. 

u. 139. - ■ - 

-— /. 139. < ^ - 

- viridis. 45^^ V4/>.' • • 

WigghiL 36^/ 457; •' . i-' 

Fumaiia lutea. 117. 190. 526. 705. 

. parnjlflora. 352. 558. 588(. 

, jo/rV/tf. 157. 371. 635. -645. •' 

FuDaria muhUnbergil, 7^. 

Galanthus ni-vtiVts: 3. 17, SOO. 443. ^0*. 470. 54ft. "605. 

634. 658. 682. 
Galeobdoloft luhumt *v€ir\ $64\ 

INDEX- 773 

Galeopsis versicolor. 57. 115. 172. 188. ^79. 327. 370, 
389. 473. 514. 554. 609. 635. 644. 698. 

■ /?. 585. 

— . r^iUosa. 88. 370. 485. 698. 

Galium anglicum. 45. 110. 340. 400* 424. 541. 674. 
■ ■ ' ■ boreaU. 79. 146. S^43, 365. 468. 639. 674. 
■' - ■ ' moUago. iS. 657. 

fusiUum. 15. 146. 182. 365. 639. 674. 

tncorne. 15. 45. 146. 24^. 271. 308. 313. 840. 

SS6. 424. 482. 490. 541. 673. 

verum, var^JJ, albo. 25. 

Wiiheriniil. 243. 532. 673 

Genista /i/w^, 132. 395. 506. 558. 
Gentiana acauRs. 504. 

* amarella. 'var. prolif. 48. 427. 544. 

&. 678. 

— *- campestru. 3. 16. 55. 81. 111. 126. 148. 168. 

183. 220. 245. 293. 342. 366. 376. 393. 402. 427. 

470. 491. 503. 544. 581. 603. 651. 678. 

Pneumonanthe. 3. 111. 148. 183.219.366.386. 

402. 427. 544. 581. 603. 641. 677. 
njerna. 245. 641. 678. 

Geranium nodosum. 157. 333. 

phaum. 20. 59. 156. 253. 296. 327. 351. 486. 

558. 653. 660. 704. 

praiense. 6. 20. 28. S3. 39. 59. 116. 157. 173. 

190. 227. 253. 29&. 303. 336. 379. 409. 474. 486. 
497. 515. 534. 558. 588. 612. 636. 653. 704. 

pyrenakum. 21. 157. 190. 253. 319. 409. 497. 

658. 588. 704. 

roberttanum. /3. 612. 

rotundifoUum. 173. 190. 206. 310. 352. 409. 

464. 497. 515. 526. 588. 704. 750. 

langtiineum.e.SCy. 91. 132. 157. 174. 190.253. 

296. 303. 310. 370» 390. 395. 417. 474. 516. 526. 
558. 704. 

y. 371. 

'-^syhoHcum, 157. 253. 370. 439. 474. 515. 
645. 704. 
Gcumri'vale. 5. 19. 27. 32. 54. 87. 115. 153. 171. 
187. 224. 250. 295. 301. 34 a. 327. 389. 433. 473. 
485. 494. 514. 634. 55^. 608. 652. 695. 749. 

774 INDEX, 

Genm rivale. $. 54. 187. ^0. 473. 695* 

7. 473. 

Glaucium phanicium, 433. 

■ 'oiolaceum* 54. 433. 

Glechoma hederacea, van 495. 

Gnaphalium Moicum. 7. 62. 73. 92. 117- 133. 158. 191. 

255.303.371. 391. 443. 464.475.498.516. 563.646. 

" galiicum, 191.283. 

■■ luUo-allfUTru 62. 614. 

margarltaceum, 283. 415. 443* 535. 636.661 . 

rectum. 21. 62. 174. 230. 255. 283. 320. 

355. 391. 410. 443. 464. 476. 486. 498^ 516. 563.590. 

614. 646. 661. 709. 

sylvatkum. 7. 117. 158. 380. 

« » ■ 


Grimmia acuta. 99. 
, I ^ , /J, 99, 

calcarea. 23. 67. 176. 361. $69. 594. 619. 726* 

' ■■ ■ crispula. 9. 

— Dainesn, 9. 

Dicksoni. 288. 569. 619. 726. 

Forsterl. ^87. 

■ I heteromalla. 99. 726. 

- homomalla. 99. 176. 

- 7mda. 373. 

- pusiUa. 120. 176. 648. 726, 
- ' recarvata. 99.. 176 . 726 . 

- recur<virostra. 501. 594. 619. 726. 

- ri*vularis? 726. 

- Starkeana, 619. 
•— striata. 99. 

stricta P 726. 

M l. ■■ vertkillata. 9. 99. 727. " 

Gymnostomum cunulrostrum. 162.. 

■ 'fascicular. 98. 260, 287. 619, 

■ Gryffithianum. 98. 

■ Heimit. 9. 

intermedium. ,^7 . 449. 568. 619. 725. 

■ hiteohim. 9. 98. 

— » obtusum, 449. 569. 
» osmnndaceum* 207. 

>■ ovatum^ ?3. 

I I »i 

INDEX. 77« 

Hcdypnois Taraxaci, 91, 

HcWthorns fittidus. 19. 37. 56. 154. 172. 188. 225. 251. 

277. 301. 309. 318. 349. 434. 474. 494. 524. 553. 

609. 653. 697. 
._ ^^virUis. 19. 37. 56. 130. 154. 171. 187. 

225. 251. 318. 348. 369. 406. 463. 494. 505. 553. 

609. 644. 659. 697. 
Herzclcnm sphan'dyleum. 0. 16. 49. 111. 183. 199. 331. 

521. 545. 581. 604. 679. 
Htrniixh glabra. 48. 126.315. 386. 426. 543. 748. 

»— hirsuta. 126. 183. 401. 

Htsiptns inodora. 131. 156. 189. 310. 506. 557.587. 

611. 645. 
Hieraceum alp'inum. 91. 158. 

■ ' Auricula, 158. 646. 

r • dubium. 158. 190. 646. 

■— Murorum. y. 614. 707. 

faludosum. 92. 158. 174. 191. 475. 646. 

»— » 

707. 754. 

. I prenantholdes, 255. 

— - sylvaticumm 91. 

— — — suBaudum ? /3. 646. 
■ a umbellatum, njar. 206. 442. 

"- inllosum. 707. 

Hippophae rhanrnoidis. 286. 359. 392, 447. 719. 

Holosteum umbellatum, 424. 540. 

Hordeum maritimum. 45. 216. 243. 271. 298. 308. 339. 

424. 520. 540. QOO. 673. 748. 
"RoiioxiiTi paiustris, 'var.fiore rubro, 460. 
Hyacinthus racemosus. 458. 
Hymenophyllum tunBridgense. 33. 97. 119. 162. 207. 

304. 53p. 619. 648. 724. 
■ — dlatum, 724. 

HyosQTis minima. 21. 62. 229. 380. 410. 442. 464. 

562. 590. 661. 
Hypcrictim androsamum. 7. 33. 7^. 91. 117. 132. 174. 

206. 228. 254. 282. 303. 310. 320. 327. 333. 353. 

396. 409. 441. 464. 498. 507. 515. 535. 589. 613. 

645. 653.661.706. 
duhium. 21. 73. 91. 174. 254. 296. 303. 327. 

333. 515. 613. i636. 661. 706. 
Hypnum abbreviaium. 733. 

976 mDE3f, 

Hypnum alptnum, 103. 734, 

* atro'virens , 733. 

■ I — commutaium, 103. 734. 

cordifolium, 479. 570. 623. 733, 

drenulatum. 262. 288. 

. - cuptessiformf , p. Mus, Hib. 262, 

— — deniiculatum , Q, 383. 

. duHum. 262. 479. 734. 

Jilamentosum. 103. 

...«. Jtuitans, 120. 

*— ^Jtwviatile, 734. 

~ impUxuvi, 305. 733. 

inundatum. 288. 622. 732. 

, /or^iim. 103. 178. 262. 623. 648. 734. 

lucens. 262. 288. 478. 623. 733. 

, . — . medium. 288. 622. 732. 

— moUe, 733. 

murale. 570. 623. 733. 

p««, myosuroides , 10. 103. 262. 73^. 

nigro-'viride. 288. 450. 732. 

nitens. 450. 733. 

palustre, 262. 479. 734. 

piliferum. 103. 570. 623. 733. 

_ plumosum. 24. 262. 414. 478. 501. 623. 733. 

pukbellum. 261. 732. 

— ^ recognitum. 193. 

rufescens, 103. 

rugosum. 120. 178. 479. 734. 

p— -..- — M ruscifolium, y. 24. 

. serpens. jS. 733. 

^ serrulatum. 623. 732. 

^ — squarrosum, i3. 734. 

— . stellatum. 288. 623. 734. 

stramineum, 414. 569. 733. 

-^ subtiU. 103. 450. 569. 

- — — . Swar/ziL 622. 

7eesdaUl. 193. 262. 622. 732. 

ienellum, 262. 288. 361. 517. ,623. 

^/)urmgtcum? 623. 

trichomanoides. 262. 478. 622. 732. 

— — — ^ vncln&ium. 734. 

IMDEX. 77f 

Hypnam~»/ri/fi/d/tfifr, 109. 178. 262. 361. 383. 414. 478* 

530. 594. 622. 
Uy]^ochxTis glabra. 21. 62. 354. 442. 590. 636. 661. 708. 

maculata. 62. 158. 371. 464. 563. 646. 708* 

Iberis amara. 28. 38. 496. 

ntidicdulis. 6. 20. 38. 59. 155. 173. 280. 302. 379. 

408. 438. 464. 485. 515. 534. ^^^* 587. 611. 6S5« 

659. 702. 
Ilex aquifolium, 'var» 541. 
Illecebrum <uef(uillatum. 126. 199. 
Impatiens noU me iangere. 111. 148. 218. 366. 393^ 416^ 

640. 651* 676. 
Imppratoria Ostruthtum. 112. 245* 641. 680. 
Inula critbmoides. 7. 230. 303. 321. 355, 563. 

Helenium, 7. 22. 33. 63. 93. 118. 133. 174; 230* 

284. 297. 303. 310. 320. 327. 337. 371. 411. 417. 443* 
465. 498. 607. 516. 563. 6M. 661. 709. 750. 

Iris feetidissima. 2. 14. 34. 43. 167. 196. 214. 269. 312i 
330. 338. 374. 399. 430. 489. 519. 538. 598. QbU 
656. Q^Q. 

xiphium, 656. 

Isatis tinctoria. 59. 116. 204. 252. 350. 438. 

Isoetis lacustris. 97. 162. 478. 

Juncus acutus. 75. 82. 129. 200. 222. 293. 300. 344* 

394. 430. 458. 505, 
—^ — Jiltformis. 112. 150. 367. 642. 
J Forsteri. ^7. 72. 275. 344. 582. 605* 

spicatus. 82. 

tr^glumis. 82. 150. 246. 642. 684* 

JungeriQannia angu/osa, 288. 735. 
'*■ hicornis, 736. 

' « ' bicuspidaia. 501. 

' ■ ciltdris, 624. 

•■ concifutata. 104. 736. 

.6—^— curvtfolia. 104. 177. 736* 

■ ■ ■ divaricata. 450. 735. 

' 11 ■ ■ — • emarginata, 262. 305. 

excisa. 288. 735. 

- ■ ■ ■ Jfssa* 624. 

-^ ' inftata, 735. 

m^mjulacca^ 208. 397. 735 ^ 



Jungermannia tanceolaia. ^i. 479, 6S4. 648* 

■■ ' ■* ■ ^ ■> minuta* 104. 735, 
.■ nemorosa, 450. 

• ' ovata, 736, 

m paudjlora* 735. 

■ ' ■ ' • polyanxhos* 735. 

■ pukherrima, 570. 735. 

■ pumla, 104. 

purpurea. 104. 208. 262. 305. 397. 734. 

— pusilla. 24. 68. 288. 361. 414. 501 . 735^ 

■■ ■ ' quinquedeniata, 104. 120. 736. 
reptans. 262. 361^ 414. 624. 735. 

■ nnuata* 736. 

i 1 sphdtrocephala. 68. 

, Sphagnu 594. 624. 735* 

—— spmulosa. 104. 397. 

— . TorMnteUa. 134.163*414.594.649.735* 

m tomentosa* 736. 

. :-— — tridophylla. 736* 

^— trilobata. 104. 624. 

» varta, 735. 

,.«_..««_ tventricosa, 736* 

.— — — viticulosa, 7S6, 

Juniperus ^©Tttwuifij. jS. 95. 160. 

Knappia agrostidea. 2. 

Lactuca saUgna. 61, 229. 354. 380. 410. 486. 613. 

scariola. 61. 190. 354. 410. 

L^thxxsL squamaria. 20. 116. 155. 172. 189. 225. 252. 

349. 370. 407. 495. 509, 514. 524. 686. 644. 653. 

699. 749. 
Lathyrus aphaca. 39. 60. 190. 206.227. 253. 281. 409. 

439. 497. 559. 589. 613. 705. 

-i hhsutus. 190. 253. 281. 526. 

laiif alius. 21.60. 91. 320.337. 352.660. 705. 

NissoUa. 21. 60. 190. 205. 228. 281. 327. 333. 

337. 352. 379. 409. 439. 464. 475. 497. 534. 559. 

589.613. 653. 660.705. 750. 

palustris, 28. 60. 91 . 190. 371 ,390.439. 559.705. 

sylrvestris. 21. 39. 60.91. 157.228. 303. 320. 

327. 333. 337. 352. 379. 439. 46^ 486. 497, 515. 526. 
559. 589, 613. 660. 705, 

INDEX- 77* 

I^YZicr% arborea. 6. 132..205. 327. 319, 439. 506. 6l^ 
l^Tikm minor. 566.615. 

■ trisulca, 566.615. 
latontodon pabistre. 28. 61. 91. 441. 561. 707. 
I.eonttrus Cardiaca. SO. 57. 154. 188. 202. 225. 295. 378« 

415. 436. 485. 524. 554. 586. 610. 699. 
Lepidium UaifoKum. 6. 58. 172. 252. 279. 296. 350. 437* 

^. petrsum. 89. 302. 505. 521. 701. 
ruderaU. 58. 131. 204. 262. 280. 302. 310. 319, 

350. 437. 525. 556. 659. 
Leacojum astivum. 26. 36. 344. 470. 547. 64U 
Lichen abietinus, 264. 

Jcharii. 105. 178. 264. 

— qffinis. 135.266. 627. 

— — «. aipoUus, 627. 

■ alcicornis, 24. 

aUurites. 30. 328. 574. 628. 

- amphibius, 106. 
ampuUaceus, 373* . 

■ 4mtiquitath, 479. 

—7 aphthosus. 34. 107. 209. 266. 398. 480. 650. 743. 

'^ aquaticus^ 74. 106.266. 508. 531. 

aquilus. 10.. 106. 135. 179.479. 649. 665. 

artkulatus^l^Z. 137, 234. «28. 373.466. 502.630. 

■ athroocarpus. 264. 
atro-aUfus. 737. 

cUro-rufus, 163. . 

- atrO'*virens» 738. 

Basomyces. 24. 263. 328. 418. 501. 630. 740. 

' barbatus. 311. 518. 
' Surges sit. 73. 

'-: byssinus, 739. 

' caruko^nigr (cans. ^4.70. 193. 263. 627. 649. 740. 

. casio-rufus. 69. 164. 452. 572. 625. 649. 

caHcaris. 322. 488. 

calvus. 69. 263. 625. 649. 739. 

— — candicans. 530. 740. 

candidus, 451.625. 

caperaius. 136. 165. 322. 628. 650. 

■■ " ■■ carneus, 501. 

tea iNDZXi 

Lichen Cdruosus* 164. 179. 565. 

- • ■ centrijugus* 650. 

c^nus. 452. 501. 572. 625^ 

cbaLyheiforms» 744» ' 

cbloroUucus. 269. 649w 

chrysoctphcdui* &73, 63ll« 

- cbnysophthalmus. 200. 

- cinereo'fuicus. 24. 69^ 453. 572. 525. 74(fc 
ciriereus. 453.571. 


« coarctaius, 68. 45 S. 737. 

- coccineus. 163.264. 328* 626. 65$. T39i 

- CQCcodes. 574.630. 
. cochleatus. 180. 209. 741. . 

concentricus. 178. 264. 297. 328. 479. 627. 7^7. 

i: confluens. 178. 263, 627. 737. 

conspersus. 106; 121. 135. 163. 383. S97« 627. 742* 

fc conspurcatus* 68. 451. 571. 

' contigiius, 453. 571. 737. 

^ corallinus. 121. 193. 264. 738* 

corneus. 178. 264; 626. 739. 

i^ cofrugatus. 455. 628. 

^ conicoki. 69. 461. 571.626. 738* 

crassus. 105.365. 649. 740. 

^ .. crenuiatus. 69; 626. 649. 738.. 

J . cretaceufk 30.40.69. 629. 741 i 

. — cvclosells. 450.573.627.. 

-;,: aecipiens, 70. 595. 

^ diustus. 106. 122. 311. 531. 

— diatripus, 106. 

— efusus. 572. 626. 740. 

— endivifolius, 595. 

— epipolius. 69. 451. 671. 626. 73^* 
-^— tschwrotd^* lOJi. 263. 

— exoiithtmaiicMs, 264. 626. 649. 740* 

— exiguus, 451. 740. 

— mVw. 108* 137.209.266* 

fahlunensis* 107, 373* ' 

••^Jalkx. 209* 

— farifiaceus. 454. 574. 629* 

■^ fascicular is. 70. 180. 267. 629. WO. 741. 


lichen ferru^neus, 178. 322, 328. 
--'^ Jim$ri&tus. 627. 
'•^'^ JhvO'fvirescens, 263. 
var. 2. Wiii. 104. 

JUfridms. 574.630. 
ywviatUis. 107. 180. 741. 
/rflj^/w. 108. 122. 137. 193. 265. 329> 384. 398. 
630. 743. 
-"'^ frlgidus. 739, 

frustulostis, 264. 740. 

--^ fucifonnij. 137. 629» 
fucoides. 323. 
' fulgens. 507. 
^fuliginoius. 74. 107. 136. 398. 650. 742. 
— /«/«i;tfj. 135. 265. 

furfuraceus. 121. 16-4* 208. 266, 328.454. 628, 

650. 742. 
-^"^ fur<uus, 629. 

fuscelius^ 463. 573. 626. 

fuico-mter. 883. 737. 

— geUdus. 105. 164. 178.265. 

- — geograpbicus. 104. 121. 163. 208. 263. 328. 383. 
479. 517. 649. 662. 737 

— gibbosus. 264. 
— ■ gUtueui. 121. 266. 328. 373. 5X8. 595. 742. 

globlferus. 108. 122. 137. 193. 209.265.329.384. 

618. 630. 743. 

'^gtomuljfrrus. 78. 136. 165. 179. 208. 266.397.650. 

graniforms. 289. 453. 737. . 

— — grottuhhis. 70. 179. 267. 289. 414. 502.650, 741 • 
— r— granulosus. 649. 

H^maiomma. 452. 739. 

— — hisfidus. 328. 

'— Hojmanni. 68. 627. 738. 

horizonfalis, 24. 122. 209. 267. 384. 414. 59S. 

629. 743. 

• fymentus, 572. 624. 738. 

Hypnarum. 69. 264. 328. 518. 573. 627. 

impolihis. 69.451. 570. 624.738. 

iwlusw. 74. 263. 624. 649. 738. 

—— inquinam, 69, 289. 452. 571. 738. 

TOL. II. S^ 


Lichen JolUius. 234. td«. 479. 

- iilandkus. 107. 165.2(56. 480. 650. 744* 

jubatuj. 24. 70. 266. 384. 480. 574. 649:744. 

— lacteus. 740. 

. Utc'viretu. 121. 136. 165. 193. 208. 266. 384. 

397. 479. 518. 628. 650. 74«. 

^anaius. 108. 123.209.531. 744. 

Untlgervs, 70, 

— . hptaUus. 455. 573. 

.— Lightjootiu 625. 

Umbatus. 74. 107. 137.266. 628. 742. 

••^ iucUus, 625. 

lursdut. 105. 265. 530. 740. 

.— luteo-albui. 263. 453. 571. 625. 739. 

— lutes cens, 624. 

— lutius, 105. 625. 739. 

— lynceus. 30. 289. 451. 624. 
marginalis. 179.328.741. 

... marmoreus. 193.264.452.626.740. 

. miniatus. 10. 136. 179. 193. 266. 454» 53^. 


^ muUifidus. 179.265.741. 

murinus. 531. 

- muscicola. 179.265.454.480.650. 

niger. 105. 135. 178. 328. 501. 627. 649. 740. ■ 

..^—^ ni*vaUs» 480. 

Oederi. 104. 163. 263. 328. 479. 627. 737. 

j: omfhaloder. 10. 121. 135. 193. 328. 383.742. 

palmatus. 289.454.741. 

Papillaria, 265. 455. 673. 595. 744. 

»« parietiiius, var, 10. 

paschalls. 122. 137. 165. 209. 265. 383. 398. 

650. 744. 

pellthis. 105. 122. 165, 743. 

— perlaHtu 73. 106. 136.208.628. 

pezizoides. 69. 105. 289. 328. 627. 

— _ phsBocephalus , 453. 573. 

physodes. 30. 106. 193. 573. 628. t^^. 

piceus, 264. 

pllularu. 10. 178. 263. 655. 737. 

— — Pinastri:. 266. A^, 


Lichen pinicola. ^9. 627. 

plkahis, 138. 234. W6. 329. 334. M(1^744. 

plumbeus. 73. 107. 12U 135. 165. IIQ. ^8. 36«. 

479. 627. 650. 742. 

-: foljdaayloT, 70. 136. 743. 

: pofypbylios. 105. 122. 137. 266. 480. 508. 743. 

polyrrhi-zos. 266. 328. 

^^ — -* polytrofus. 263. 649. 

porrlgzuosus* 452. 572. 740. 

— probosddeus. 105. 165. 208. 266.* 

pruinatus, 627. 738. 

prunastri. 30. 266. 57-3. 629. 742. 

pubescens. 108. 480. 658. 

pulnumariuj. 24. 70. 122. 135. 136. 165« 179, 

fc— ^ 

266. 289. 323. 363. 479. 502. 574. 628. 742. 
— — punctatus, 739. 

■* pustulatus. 105. 123. 165. 506; 743. 

quadrkolor. 164. 265. 672. 626. 740. 

^^^^■^^ rem^naius. 122. 13tf. 179. 193. 367. 311 384. 

480. 629. 743. 

■ ■ rimosus, 738. 
rivulosus. 627. 

■ Roccella. 137. 234. 
■ roseutn ^%* 

■■ rubens. 624. 

rubiformis? 744» 

rupestris* 107. 

' rupicola. 263. 

sacceOms. 107. 179. 267. 531. 743. 

saUcinus. 263. 501. 625. 739. 

**^<-^ tmigui^arius. 69. 121. 193. 263. 737. 

■ scalaris. 70. 453. 578. 

- scolecinus. 574. 

Scopulorum. 135. 465. 480. 

scnbiaiJatus. 122. 136. 105. 179. 206. 266« 328. 

*i'»' ■■^w 

383. 397. 479. 502. 628. 662. 742. 

sipineola, 122. 

silactus* 104. 649. 7J7. 

slUquosuSm 655. 

simpltK^ 10. 262. 

: muafut. 10. 180.208. 328* 454, 57S. 


784 INDEX. 

Lichen smaragduhu* 354. 

stfkdet. 280. 452. 572. 

spLermdes. 289. 928. 026. 739. 

^ ipomgiosus. 265. 

— — sfurims. 629. 

^ squamaiMs. 164. 179. 740. 

- steriUs^ 165. 
— >— stictoceroim 210. 

suUmBricaius. 70. 264. 45S. 501. 627. 741. 

jfi^lf^x. 289. 454. 573. 629. ' 

sylvaiicus. 107. 136. 267. 328. 397. 414. 743- 

^ 'uar. %Wkh. 209. 

iartareus. 163. 383. 624. 649. 739. 
tenuits'mtu. 107. 328. 454. 573. 629. 741. 


.- iesuUatus. 289. 452. 571. 738. 

— HgiHaru. 289. 

— tiliaceui. 10. 106. 531. 628. 742. 

— torrefactus. 105. 122. 208.' 266. 

— trapeziformis. 70.289. 454. 502.530.595.630.741. 

— tricolor. 178. 

— tristis. 108. 122. 209. 265. 650. 
~ tunaJormU. 328. 

— Turruri. 69. 452. 672. 625. 739. 

— uUginosut, 571. 627. 
— - ulothrix, 455. 

«*• umbrinui, 452. 571. 625. 

— upsaUensu. 452. 

— warians. 10. 479. 501. 

— vanui. 451. 572. '625. 

— venosus, 328. 518. 743. 

— -uentosus. 121. 163.208. 264. 328. 479. 649. 739. 
"— 'vermicularii^ 165. 290. 

— virellus. 455. 573, 627. 
-«- inridescens, 626. 

vulfinui. 11. 138. 209. 234. 322. 334. 384. 

531. 629. 

Westringii. 164. 264. 

Lagusticam Cornubunse, 127. 

— — — • ScoHcum, 470. 

Liino$ella a^»a/Ka. 20. 58. 116. 296. 378, 407. 463. 
406^ 586^ 910. 635. 700. 750. 

INDEX. 785 

Linum angusttfoiium. 128. ^00. 220. 299. 315. 343.42SL 

546. 604. 681. 
— perenne. 51. 200. 246. 343. 388. 429. 461. 509. 


usltatissimum. 3. 17. 50. 128. 184. 200. 246. 273. 

315. 336. 388. 416.429. 582. 604. 652.681. 
Lithospermum purpuro-caruleum. 147. 168. 326. 340. 

520. 748. 
Littorella lacustru^ 8. 40. 65. 94. 133. 160. 175. 232. 

297. 396. 412. 446. 477. 566. 617. 636. 717. 
Lobtiia^ Dortnuitma. 80. 148. 299. 366. 393. 511. 640. 
' urens^ 198. 

Lolium at'vense. 2. 45. 292. 423. 600. 672, 
Looicera CaprifoUum, 47. 533. 603. 
I I Xylosieum. 469. 603. 634. 

Lotus dtffusus. 132. 206. 528. 613. 
Lyi:hnis dioica^Jlore albo pltnOm 347. 

■ ■ ' 'otscarian 417. 

Lycopodium alpinum. 95. 119. 161. 176. 192. 260. 297. 

■ — annottnum, 93. » 

inundaium. 23. 30. 66. 133. 192. 233.360. 

382. 413. 448. 568. 593. 618. 637. 721. 

seiaginoidei. S. 95. 161. 192. 259^- 477. 

647. 721. 

Lysimachia thyrsijlora: 3, 111. 148. 330. 675. 
Lythrum hyssopifblium. 19. 27. 53. 75. 336. 347. 405. 

484. 493. 552. 692. 

Msihxis paludosa. 22: 64. 93. 257. 321. 333. 357. 372. 

445. ri2 

Malva tnoscbaia^ jiore albo, 352. 

Yotundifolia. /8. 352. 

Marchantia androgyna, 623. 

ccnka. 68. 134.383.479.487. 501; 623. 737. 

cruciata. 68.121. 

— ' hemtsphsrica. 68. 322. 361. 383. 450* 487.737. 

Medicago/fl/ffl/a. 61. 206. 254. 333. 441. 561. 

^aujlore purpurso* 441. 561. 754. 

»i.>^^»^»l » % < I I > » ^i^M*> 

polymorpha. 0. 61. 282. 353. 
• — ■ ■ y. 561 . 

780 I]^£X. 

Metampyrum arvense. 115. 2S5. 4S6. 635« 

cristmum. 20. 37. 58. 319* 336, 436. 46^. 

555. 690. 

syhaticum. 116. 155. 188. 851.309. 337* 

. 395. 514. 644. 699, 
Melica nutans. 110. 107. M2. 330. 339. 468« 530^ 539. 

Mclittis grandiflora. 203. 

-^ Melissophyllum. 130. 202. 319. 505. 010, 

Mentha dcutifotia. 172. 349. 

—* gentilis. 130., 

■■ ' ■■ y. 524. 

gracilis. 57. 278. 407. 430. 653. 
&. 319. 

— hinuta. 0. 609. 

— ^. 57. 278. 435. 609. 

f . 57* 609. 

?. 57. 188. 406, 435. 495. 554. 609. 

Ji. 278. 

d. 407. 435. 

odorata. ^. 57. 88. 115. 435. 698. 

^perita. b7. 115. 188. 278. 302. 318. 332. 400. 

485. 524. 554. 585. 096. 

.— — ^. 524. 585. 053. 

y. 435. 524. 

Pukgium. 28. 87. 

349. 378. 430.403. 485.495. 514. 554. 585. 009. 098. 
rotundifoUa. 5. 37. 56. 130. 202. 277. 318. 317. 

349. 395. 406. 435. 463. 514. 585. 609. 697. 

rubra. 37. 278. 407. 436. 585. 009. 098. 

syhestris. 20 188. 277. 295. 318. 378. 389. 

406. 485. 553. 609. 697. 
I /3, 5g. 

J 435. 

> 'wridis. 202.277. 406. 554. 098. 

/3. 278. 435. 

■ . " ■ ^ ■■■ ' y. 278. ' 

. J. 278. 

Menyanthes nym^yandes. 25. 35. 47. 148. 272. 336. 400, 

425. 460. 499. 579. 001. . , ' ^ 
Mespilus Grrm^mca. 114.202. . ^ . ... 

INDEX. 787 

Meum athamamicttm. 148. 367. 3^4. 640. 679. 

miixxm iendigerum. 167* 106,«15. «91. 313. 339. 421. 

619. 599. . . - 

Monotropa hypopitbys, 18. ^. 36. 5S. 308. 317. 33^ 

345. 389.431. 493. 522. 634. 607. 652. 688. 
Myosurus vunimus. \7. 26. 36. 61. 184. 221. 246. 274. 

326. 331. 344. 377. 402. 429. 462. 470. 483. 492. 

646. 682. 606. 634. 658. 682. 
yLyx\o^hy\[\xm <verticillatum. 22. 29. 40. 66. 118. 232. 

322. 369. 381. 392. 412. 447. 487. 499. bQ7. 639. 717. 

Narcissus hiforus. 112. 344. 403. 682. 

1 ^paeAtus, 149* 344. 429. 547. 

Neckeramj/^. 102. 163. 

694. 621. 729. 
curtipendula. 101. 261. 413. 415. 450. 622. 

665. 730. 
^ hififomaila. 102. 261. 288. 311. 328. 361 . 383^. 

- 413.460,601.669.622.73a 
pumila. 120. 163. 621. 648. 730. 

Ocmnthe pimpifielloides. 3. 56. 81. 199r 220. 245. 273. 

299. 315. 343. 387. 428. 491. 545. 604.657.679. 

peucedanifoUa. 3. 16. 26. 35. 50. 316. 646.604. 

Ophrys anthrvpopbora. 29 39. 63. 356. 444. 664. 691. . . 
^ apifera. 22. 39. 64. 191. 207. 231. 257. 284. 

321. 327. 357. 38L 411. 444. 465. 487. 499. 616. M^ 

691. 615. 664. 662. 712. 750. 

— ._ ivar.Jiore albo. 321.566. 

aranifera. 64. 357. 392. 466. 499. 665. 691; 712. 

cordata. . 

Loeselii. 63. 356. 444. 564. 

Monorcbis. 39. 63. 284. 321. 411. 444. 664* 


muscifera. 7, 22.29. 39. 63. 191. 231. 267. 

284. 321. 327. 357. 372. 411. 444. 466. 487. 499. 
529. 565. 591. 615. 647. 71U 750. 

&. 333. 357. 565. 

Nidus avis. 22. 39. QZ. 159. 231. 256. 284'. 

303. 321. 356. 371.411. 444. 499. 529. 564. 591. 615. 
647. 711. 750. 

788 INDEX. 

Ophrys ovata var* 615. 

Orchis BifoUa. 0. 230. 564. 710. 

■■ ■■■ conapsea, var.Jlore alio* 321 • 

i miUtaris. 39.411499. 

^ /8. 365.411. 

•^^'— Pyramidalis, *var,JloTe alho. 321. 

-i-*— ustulata. 22. 63. 159. 191. 230. 256. 310. 321^ 

327. 355. 381. 391. 411. 444^ 465. 486. 498. 564, 

591.614.654. 710. 
Ornithogalam luternn. 112. 150. 184. 246. 492. |i21, 

547. 582. 642. 683. 

'" ■ ■ nutant, 17. 548. 

^— pyrencucum. 17. 51. 150. 403. 521. 605. 

652. 748. 
— umhellaium. 3. 17. 36. 51. 112. 293. 309. 

430. 492. 504. 547. 605. 683. 
Orobanche cerulea* 319. 437. 

elatior. 58. 390. 437. 515. 555. 587. 610. 

^■.' ■ minor. 33. 89. 226. 350. 437. 505. 555. 

611. 700. 

. ramosa. 58. 203. 350. 437. 556. 

/3. 319. 524. 

Orobus tyhaiicus. 33. 73. 91. 157. 174. 395. 417. 750. 
Orthotrichum aristaium. 450. 569. 729. 

'diaphdnum. 288. 569. 621. 729. 

'pumilum. 729. 

• rivulare, 729. 

mi ' ' "iw 


Osmundii lunaria. 8. 23. 66. 95. 119- 161. 175. 192. 

233. 259. 328. 360. 382. 392. 448. 466. 477. 487. 

500. 517. 568. 618. 654. 662, 720. 751. 
_.^ /3. 192. 

■ I ■■— y. 720. 

. r^galis. 40. 66. 95. 133. 161. 175. 207. 233. 

287.304. 322. 372. 382. 448. 487. 507. 517. 668.693, 

618. 636. 647. 654. 720. 751. 
Ox^lis acetosella, /3. 153. 
■■ corniculata, 201. 

Pseonia corallina, 523. 
Panicum CrusgaUL 312. 578. 

■ DactyUn. 125. 

INDEX. 789 

TAtkicam languinale. ^4^. 421. 539. 578* 
-^'^■'^'^tverticillahmi. 400. 421. 578. 
- -viride. 44. 241. 400. 421. 538. 578, 

FsL]^SLrtr jlrgemone, j3. 348. 

— Camiricum. 87. 153. 171. 301. 369. 417. 644. 


bybridum. 19. 55. 250. 29S. 348. 433. 494. 552, 

584. 60S. 652. 695. 

sommferum. 55. 250. 348. 433. 494. 

fm& quadrifolia. 18. 36. 52. 113. 151. 169. 185.223. 

248. 275. 294. 326. 336. 345. 368. 377. 404. 431. 

462. 472. 484. 493. 513. 550. 635. 642. Q59. 688, 
Pedicularis tylvatka, «oar, 555, 
Pcuccdanum officinale. 273. 343. 483. 604. 
Phdaris phUoidet. 44. 421 . 
Phascum aliernifolium, 23. 67. 287. 
n axillare. 187. 413. 619. 724. 

■ " hryouUs. 23. 619. 
— — — crispum, 23. 724. 

"■■■ cunvicoUum. 23. 67. 593. 619. 724. 

curuisetum. 23. 593. 619. 724. 

■ ■ muliicapsuiare, 23. 

-T patens. 619, 

piliferum. 23. 

rectum. 67. 176. 449. 619. 724, 

. recurvifolium. 593. 

— — ' serratum. 67. 287. 413. 449. 568. 619. 724. 

— — stoloniferum. 187. 

Phlcum crhutum. 242. 270. 312. 339. 421. 

pantculatum. 14. 44. 242. 308. 490. 

pratense. 'uar. 2. 
Phyteuxna orhiculare. 314. 341. 580. 602. 

— var.Jlore alio. 314. 

P'Mzxiz ghbulifera. 9. 207. 233. 304. 413. 466, 478, 

568. 593. 619. 724. 751. 
fimpindlTL magna. 16. 50. 112. 2^0. 245. 271. 331. 

336. 343. 376. 492. 533. 581. 604. 658. 680. 
— 0, 343. 

■ ■ y. 546. 

Pinguicula Lusitanica. 124. 195.213. 312.559.651. 748, 
Pisum marttimum. 132. 227. 319. 352. 390. 612. 

7dO IND£X. 

Poa alpina, 78. 

bulbosa. 196. 339. 4«3i 520. 639. 579. 599. 

glauca. 78. 242. 570^ 

HfUMilis. 2. 242. 670. 

. — procumhens. 215. 242. 270. 308. 520. 599. 670. 
Voltmximxxm caruleum, 26. 182. 491. 675. 
Polycarpon tetrapiylhtm^ 196. 217. 299. 673. 
Toly gonVLm Bisiorta: 18. 36. 52. 113. 169. 1S5. «2. 

247. 275. 294. 326. 332. 377. 404. 416. 431. 462; 

472.484. 493.512. 533. 549. 583. 607. 635. 659. 687. 
minus. 4. 18. 52. 247.275-. 377. 404. 431. 

493. 583. 607, 659. 687. 

• fowiparum. 83. 247. 389. 642. 687. 

Polypodium amjonicum, 96. 

. calcareum* 96.192.529.722. 

Dryopteris. 33. 96. 119. 161. 192.260.304. 
31 1 . 328. 372. 478. 487. 500. 517. 529. 648. 722. 751 . 
-i-Mi fontanum . 161. 647 . 

Phegopteris. 33. 96. 119. 161. 207* 260. 

477. 648.721.755. 

vulgare. 0. 30. 304. 662. 

— y. 721. 

5. 96. 

Polytrichum alpinum. 101. 120. 478. 729. 

. attenuatum, 361.415.729. 

■■ I ■■ Dicisoni, 569 i 

— graciie* 449. 

— Hercymeum. 101. 

— rubtllum. 621. 729. 

— sirictum. 101. 449. 729. 
urnigerum. 10. 30. 101. 163. 177. 261. 305. 

397. 478. 729. 
Potamogeton compressnm, g. 46. 

• fluitans. 243. 424. 511. 541. 674. 
— grcmlntum. 110, 147. 218. 292. 340. 375. 

490. 674. 
hetcrophyllum. 46. 424. 468. 511. 

stiaceum. 147. 366. 

Potentilla aurea. 250. 694. 
^frutkosa. 250. 694. 


Potentilla rupisiris, 417, 

n}trna. 54. 87. 153, 301.309.3^.513.552.634. 

Vnm\i\?Lfannosa. 147. 244. 292. 341. 640. 675. 

Prunella <vulgaris0 /S. Jiore albo, 154a 

Pninus Paiius. 54. 114. 153. 170. 186. 249. 276. 2p5. 

301. 369. 395. 405. 432. 473. 534. 552. 643. 692. 
Pteris crtspa. 97. 119. 162. 176. 192. 260. 373. 396. 417. 
. 478. 648. 723. 
TterogomnmgraaU. 99. 382. 414. 620. 727. 

Smitini. 234. 361. 620. 654. 

VQ\M»onmtL maritima. 3. 72. 79. 147. 198. 366. 



*-^ Virginica* 313. 

Pyrethrum marinmum. 133. 230. 255. 303. 371. 476. 

Pyrola minor. 18. 37. 151. 248. 308.472, 689. 

raiundifUia. 151. 201. 248. 308. 550. 607. 


642. 688. 

^'^-^ ucunda, 151.689. 

Pyrus Aria. 19. 86. 186. 202. 224. 249. 301. 309. 317. 
947. 405. 417. 432. 493. 523. 552. 584. 608. 693. 749. 

domestka. 130. 187. 203. 317. 534. 659. 

byhrida. 170. 

torminalis. 54. 170. 224. 276. 301. 327. 332. 405. 
432. 463. 493. 552. 584. 608. 749. 

Quercus sessiRflora. 23. 29. 94. 175. 297. 390. 499. 592. 

RanuacuUs acrisf 88. 

' Jlammula. J. 389. 

> graminetu. 171. 

. Lingua. 6. 19. 37. 56. B7. 114. 154. 187. 

251. 295. 348. 369. 406. 434. 463. 473. 485. 494. 514. 

534. 553. 608. 644. 659. 696. 

parvifierus. 5. 19. 37. 56. 171. 225. 251. 277. 

318. 332. 348. 378. 406. 434. 494. 505. 524« 609. 
659. 697. 

parvulus. 277. 301. 523. 

Rhamnus catharlicus. 15. 26. 35, 47. 169. 183. 199. 

219. 244. 272. 299. 308. 342. 376. 386. 401.426. 

483. 491. 503. 543. 580. 603. 634. 640. 677. 
Rhodiold rosea. 9b. 160. 259. 372. 396. 647. 71 g. 

794 ISDti. 

297. m. 397. SU. S81. 444. 465. 476« 4*9. 616. 

564. 615. 654. 661. 710. 
Satyiium inritU* 0, 647. 
SaxtiWiga ai%Hdes. 114. 150. 186. 948. Mt. 472.-643. 

■ — aju^foUa. 85. 

— — c£Sfiiosa. 84. 152. 166. 

- '■ granulaiM»JUre fleu9. 563. 

Hlrcului. 1 14. 690. 

hypmndet. 32. 84. 152. 186. 223. 30a d26. 

368. 417. 513. 522. 690. 

■ nuucbaia. 152. 643. 
— >— » nivalis » 84.452. 304^ 

oppotitifolia. 84. 152. '394. 690. 

— -— pahnaia* 84. 

fieUarlu 84. 129. 151. 248. 294. 368. 394. 

472. 642. 689. 

umbrosa, 643. 689. 

Scabiosa succisa, nrar, 673. 

Scandix cerefolium. 16: 26. 112. 274. 658. 

odoraia. 72. 112. 149. 160. 184^245. 293. 470. 

492. 512. 533. 641. 658. 680. 
Schcenus aibus. 14. 25. 34. 44. 78. 110. 124. 146. tef. 

•196. 214. 240.291. 366. 374. 421. 467. 510.638. 577. 

598. 639. 667. 753. 
, compressus. 43. 145. 240. 291 . 338* 468. 638. 

577. 0^7. 
.. fuscuj, 667. 753. 

mariscus. 2. 43. 124. 145. 214. 240. 298. 386. 


420. 538. 633. 666. 748. 
monoicus* 240. 638. 
rufus. 2. 240. 365. 

^Wzatttttmnalis. 128. 200. 309. 316. 344. 405. 522. 582. 

njema. 3. 72. 81. 128. 200. 300. 315. S(M. 

Sclrpus acicularism 2. 25. 34. 44. 145. 215. 269. 698. 


Uohtchenus. 145. 196. 312. 519. 656. 748; 

multlcauns. 2. 125. 241. 421.467.538. 598.667. 

pauciflorus. 2. 44. 269. 312. 380. 339. 421. 467. 

489. 538. 598. 668. 

INDEX, 795 

Scirpus syhaiicus. 25. 145. 315. t41. VTO. 330. 359. 

374. 399. 421. 460. 468. 48^. 469. 510. 63S. 678. 

598. 608. 

triquiUr, 399. 421. 578. 

Scleranthtts perennis. 248. 395. 431. 462. 550. 583. 
Scolopendriam Gaeracb. 9. 75. 97. 119. 1§2. 207. 233. 

304. 311.334. 360. 413. 415.449.517.530.648. 723. 

imlgMre^ foar. 2. With. 176. 

Scrophularia ^'rpr^ioi^M. 131.332. 

vernabs. 89. 279. 395. 565. 586. 700. 

Scutellaria minor. 89. 1X5. 155. 188. 203. 225. 407. 58a. 

610. 635. 699. 
Scdom album. 19. 53. 170. 249. 270. 308. 347. 405. 

462. 505. 643. 659. 
. . . dasypbyllum. 19. 53. 85. 153. 170. 180. 309. 

332. 336. 405. 417. 493. 523. 684. 607. 692. 

rupestre. 86. 153. 170. 186. 249. 308. 326.417. 

513. 523. 692. 

texangulare, 347. 652. 092. 

villosum. 158. 249. 472. 692. 

Selbum palusfrr. 49. 326. 336. 367. 387. 427. 521. 544. 

641. 679. 748. 
Staccio paludosus* 63. 118. 391. 603. 

Saracenicui. 159. 191. 371. 529. 646. 709. 750, 

viscotus* 02. 117. 159. 355. 390. 443. 476. 

563. 590. 709. 754. 
Serapias insifolia, 647. 654. 602. 713. 
— grandiflora. 22. 29. 39. 04. 192. 231. 31 U 357. 

4©9.*591. 615. 647. 654. 662. 750. 

longifoUa.^^. 64. 93. 118. 159. 231.257. 297, 

322. 327. 357. 381. 445. 499. 610. 629. 665. 691. 

662. 712, 

rubra. 311. 337. 713. 

Serratala a^mtf . 92. 158. 371. 

e. 92. 

Sr$leria c^trvUa. 145. 242. 039. 070. 

Sibthorpia europ^a. 131. 155. 204. 302. 390. 044. 

Silene acaults^ 85. 201. 

anglica. 4. 19. 37. 53. 86. 201. 248. 276. 300. 

317. 389. 432. 505. 551. 5$4. 
Armtria, 114. 584. 

796 INDEX. 

Silene comes. 248. 340. 

inflata, var. 432. 

■" noctiflora. 18. 63. 249. 276. 317. 493. 5Si. 690. 

ff»/^nj. 85. 186. 204. 346. 462. 484. 513. 690. 

Otiies. 53. 72. 432. 551. 

'■ quinquevuUura* 18. 346. 651. 584. - 

Sison Segetum, 16. 26. 30. 6a 220. 273. 308. 316. 343. 

402. 427. 461. 491. 521. 604. 679. 
Sisymbrium Irio. 38. 59. 189. 408. 474. 496* 

— — Mmtnse^ 6. 90. 156. 370. 

murale. 302. -351. 526. 

■- polyceratium, 557. 

syl'vesite. 20. 28* 38. 59. 116. 156. 189. 253. 

408. 438. 496. 557. 587. 611. 660. 703. 

%im latifoUum. 16. 26. 35. 49. 149. 220. 273. 315. 
343. 376. 402. 428. 491. 545. 604. 679. 

repens. 16. 35. 49. 273. 402. 491. 679. 

—— verticillatum. 32. 75. 81. 149. 199. 604. 
Solidago Firgaurea. y. 92. 159. 710. 
Sonchus curuleus, 475. 

palusiris. 61. 228. 283. 354. 380. 410. 441. 486. 

Sparganium natans. 7. 64. 93. 160. 231* 257. 372.445. 

476. 487. 516. 636. 647. 754. 
Spergula pentandra. 19. 

^ ^ subula/a. 37. 86. 170. 201. 223. 607. 692. 

Sphacrocarpus terrestris. 68. 450. 570. 736. > 

Sphagnum squarrosum, 568. 594. 725. 

Spiraea salictfoUa. 73. 369. 643. 693. 

Splachnum ampuUaceum. 322. 449. 478. $01. 569. 


■ ■' angustatum* 725. 

■ ' Brewer iatium, 120. 

— mnioidet^ 98. 

■ ' o'uatum, 120. 

' ' spburicum, 98. 176. 

— /3. Mufc. Hlh. 373. 418. 478. 

648. 725. 
' » tenue» 98. 

' Turvtrlanum* 98. 207. 

vasculotum, 119. -725. 

Suchys Gtrmanica, 20. 188. 389. 495. 

iltDtX. ' 767 • 


SiSL^hyltz pinnata. ^43.681. 
Statice reiiculata. 50. 149. 3881 4%. 521. 
SteUaria glauca. 19. 27. S7. 63. 129. 347.432. 4^2. 
493. 6M. 584.607. 691. * - 

-^Nemorum. 114. 152. 249. 294. 369.472.643; CC^l. 

Stipa pennata, 145. 639. 

Stratiotes ahUesi 55. 115. 389. '434; 463. 553; 696* 
Subularia aguafica,- 89. 172. 51*5. 
Symphytum officinale. /S.' 46. 198. 340. 490V 601, 
■ ' tuberosum. 46^. 3^6. 601, 

TamarijC &atUca. 128. 315. 546* 604. 

Targibma hypophylla. 208. 570. 736. 

Taxus baccata. 160. 175. 192. 232. 259; 322.- 328. 360. 

372. 517i 593. 617. 654. 719. 
Tetraphis ovata. 72. 
'Teucrium CUnudtys. 20. 172. 251. 318. 435. 463. 494. 

609. 697* 
— ^ — - Scordium. 56. 202. 389; 4f53. 494. 
I'halictnim alpinum* 87. 153. 250. 696. 

-* i majus, 37. 154. 251. 644. 652. 696. 

*^ -.*— minus. 5. bS. 87. I54. 187. 250. 295. 395. 

434. 473. 505* 523. 552; 644; 696. 
Thesium UncfhyUum. 26. 35. 47. 219. 314.' 426 .'491. 

543. 485. t . 
I'hiaspi alpestfe. 155. 172. 189. 252. 302. 701. 
atvense^. iS. 116. 1*55. 252. 280. 379. 390.407. 

4S8. 463. 496. 534. 556. 587. 701. . 
camtestre. 0. 252. 516. 

— per/oUaium. 155. 496» 645. 701. 

l^hymus Nepeia. 28. 37. 58. 172. 188. 225. 279; 349. 

376. 436. 495. 555. 610. 699. 

— ^ serpyUum. t. 58. 

Ti\i2L micTophyila. 55.552.754. - " 

Tillsa musc&sa. 424. 541. 

Tofieldia palustris. 247. 684. 

Tordylium maximum. 35.491. 581. 

■ ' officinale. 402. 581.' 

iPormentilla r^/^wi/. 5; 19. 87. 115. 171.224. 276, 348^ 

368. 378. 406. 433. 493. 552. 584* 608. 695. 
Tortttla atrUioia. 594. 

YOL, II. F f 

793 INDEX. 

Torttila brevifolla. 727« 

cuTuifolkt. 177. 361. 5Q9. 594. 727. 

bumilis, 305. 

ri^da. 24. 67.260. 3S8. 449. 501. 569. 594. 
620. 727. 
■ ■ tartuosa. 67. lOi). 120. 177. 261* 
Tragopogon farrifblius* 133. 158. 282. 296. 337. 
Trichostomum cafUlaceum. 99« 260. 478. 727. 
-^ > ■ * vor. 2WiTH. 99. 

— —- encoidis. 100. 134. 478. 727^ . - 

Jasckulan. 100. 478. 727* 

' JUxlf9limn» 594. 

fontinalioides. 100. 177. 192. 397. 530. 

620, 648. 727. 

; /3.24. 193.382. 501, 594. 727. 

" '■' ■ ' lineare, 9. 100. 

" microcarpon. 100. 478. 

' - obtusum. 100. 

poly^hyUum. 9. 100. 134. 260. 415. 727. 

■ rigtduJum. 466. ' 
tri/arium* 23. 

Trientalis Eurof^sa. 247. 471. 685. 

Trifolium glmerdtum. 174. 254. 353. 380. 409. 441. 

560. 589. 
..LU^.— TnarUiniuvL 132. 229. 254. 282. 353. 396. 

527. 560. 613. . 

ocbroUucum. 21. 61. 229. 254. 282. 333. 440. 


— officinale* vdr,fiore alia. 254. 

ornUhofodiotdes. 7. 132. 174. 282. 353 409. 

440. 497. 527. 560. 589. 706. 

scdbrum. 21. 61. 132. 174.254. 282. 310.353. 

379. 440. 475.497. 560. 589. 613, 754. 

.« suffbcatum. 206. 441. 560. 

Triticum loliaceum. 3. 45. 125. 146. 217. ^3. 271. 292.- 

^8.. 313. 339. 365. 424. 540. 600. 673. 
Trollius Europ4eus. 32.88. 115.154. 171. 187.301.369. 

395. 473. 514. 644. Q^7. 
Tulipa syl<uestris. 17. 221. 403, 430. 547. 
Turritis^/a^rtf. 28. 38. 189. 227. sisO. 351.408^ 439.474^ 

486. 497. Jf25.^57» 587. ^35. 65|k 66Q< 703i.. 

INDEX. 7rt 

Turritis */Vjtt//i. 6. 173.227. 253.303.310. 351. 37Pv 
. 439.474.497. 525. S58. 588. 611. 645. 653. 703. 750. 
TussilsLgo hybriiia. 117.371. 380. 391. 476. 486.498. 709. 
/ ■ * fat far a. var. 320. > 

Ty^hz angusiifolia. 22.64. 118. 231.257. 284% 358. 

381. 445. 499. 565. 616. 
- -■ — minor ^ 411* 

Ultra aiomaria. 455. 574. 755. 

C9ccinea» 141. 21 Q. 

crUpa. 24. 290. 455. 745/ 

defruaa. 235.267* . 

dichot<ma. 141. 210. 290. 305. 323. 362. 455. S75. 

elminthoides. 141.235.267^455. 
'JUifor$nis. 1\. 141. 210. 290. 305. 323, 
'JUtvksa. 11. 141. 267. 290. 323. 455. 
'fttfcellata, 455. 575. 

Jaaniaia, 267. 

ligulata. 11.455.57.5.631. 

luirica, 574. 

multifida, 456. 

fa'vonia. 210.234.373. 

ffisifornuu 290. 362. 455. 674. 

plantaginea, 141. 210. 268. 305. 362. 455. 745. 
mmmm, plumosa. 11.210.455. 

pruniformu 24. 70. 455. 574. 

punctata. 235. 755. 
^^^ purpurascens* 267. 
-*>-» ruhem. II. 141. 535. 455. 745. 
'■ rubra, 323. 362. 

Urtica piiulif^ra. 133. 258. 286. 358. 446. 567. 
Utricularia minor. 2. 14. 43. 110. 144. 214. 312. 365. 
399. 417. 467. 510. 519. 4t37'. 638. 6M. 

Vaccinium Oxycotcat. 18. 32. 52^ 75. 83. 113. 151. 169. 
185.247. 294. 300. 316. 326. 368. 388. 431. 47U 
512. 533. 549. 583. 607. 635. 658. 686. 748. 

> uVtginosum. 83. 150. 169. 247. 642. 

Fltis'ieUa. 83. 113. 160. 185. 247. 326. 3#5> 

394. 471. 512. 522. 533. 642. 686. 

VslleriaDSi tUntaia. 124. 240. 269. 338. 577. 598. 666. 


^00 INDEX. 

VdlaMMM. 653. 

Verbascnm Bhutaria. tt. 35. Ill, 1^. 148. 199. 218. 

926. 341. 401. 461. 5IU 543. 580. 602. 677. 753. 
■ Lychmiiis. 47. 111. 168. 108. 341. 425. 483* 

511. 521. 532. 542. 580. 602. 

fulfverukmium. 425. 483. 542. 58p. 

— — -» f fi. 426. 

■ virgaium. 326.511.657. 
Veronica Cbanutdrys. '^ cSb. 598. 

■ htmfusa* 467. 
hjhrUa. 78. 365. 416. 519. 

moniaua. 2. 14. 34. 43. 124. 144. 167. .IM. 

214. 240. 291. 308. 326. 33a 338. 399. 419. 467.480. 

503. 510. 519. 536. 577. 666. 748. 
sffcatfi. 42. 78. 124. 144. 291. 365. 537. ^», 

——/n>i%;&x. 419.537. 
verna. 419. 537. 

Vicia Bisbynlca. 206. 228. 296. 613..660. 706. 

^^-^hybnda. 527. 

— — Uvigaia^ 228. 

huhyroid^s. 21. 117. 228. 254. 352. 409. 440. 4»59. 

589. 706. 
~— lutea. 158. 190. 228. 527. 559. 613. 

saliva^ y, 174. 

syl'vatUa. 7. 21. 60. 158. 174. 190. 205. 228. 254. 

296. 320. 370. 396. 415. AJb. .497. 515^ 526. 645. 

Vincaw^V. 15,26. 35. 48. 169. 183. 272> 293. 209. 

314. 342. 386. 401. 4%i.4Ql. 491. 543. SSO. 603. 677. 
Viola birta. 3. 15. 26. 35. 47. 168. 218. 272. 299. 331r 

341. 375. 401. 425. 461. .468. 491. .521. 542. 58(i 

602. 676. 

lactea. 126. 425. 608. 

lutea. 32. 76. 81. 168. 183. 244. 326. 393. 416. 

511. 532.676. .' 

Xanthiuip ttrumamm. 232. 322. 359. 412. 592. 

. • 

>m ■■■ m 

■ I II 1 U jlWW 



A^f^osTis marttima. With, a distinct species in 

the opinion of Dr. Piilteney ..^ 215 

Alppecurus bulbosus may be only a variety of ^, gent' 

culatus. . . -. • - -'- 422 

AndTointdz, folifolia sometimes octandrous L 753 

Antirrhinum rgftns varies with flowers like the 

Peloria w 318 

" spurium varies In fhe same manner, .. 226 
Apium petroseUnum naturalized in England 601 

Arenaria 'verna found on Snowdon distinct from that 
at Holywell, .' 85 

Arundo Epigejos ^d Calamagrostis not well figured 
in English Botany ..^» 67% 

Aycnsi fatua two yarietics of ^. 671 

Bryum Brownianum Dick 8. is Tetr aphis o<vata»^ . 725 

■ ' ' ". cubitale probably a variety of ^. alpimtm. - • 103 

■ cylindricum Di CKS« is BJong'uoUum of Swartz. 731 

— »- — trifarium FL Bedf, a new species. ,, . . 23 

C^panula. rotundifoliaf *var, fiore unico a distinct 

spcfcies. ••••.... 80 

Carex aeuia two remarkable varieties of-- 716 

f— distans little known^ and more scarce than C, 
birurw --....-«.. 8 

— exttma FL Cant, is C. Oederu , 65 

0c4eri xpost probably disduct from CJIuimIm 715 




Chara a new species in Sussesr? .»*•.••. 508 

hispid^ abtofhs more ctrboaic acid gai than 

any other plant .• 665 

" how distinct from C. vulgaris ••••.. 636 

Chironia Utioralis described. .•...••. 469 

- ■ ■ ■ pulcbeUs found in Herts apparently different 
from that figvred in English Botany, ..».».•.... 331 

Conferva echinulaia belongs to the Rirularias 13 

rosea discoverea by Mr. Wigg, .i...... 676 

Convallaria Polygonaium not found in Suffolk 648 

Crambe maruima will grow on the most barren sands. 390 
Daucus marihmus With, distinct from D. Carrota. 1^ 
Dicranum caUist^mum must be expunged from the 

British Flora 9 

I ) pellucidum curious variety of ••».....,». 728 

— ---— Scoitlanum E. B. not the true plant. .... 621 

» viridissirjium first discovered fcy Mr. 

Griffith 177 

■ ■ ■ probably a Gymn' 728 

Epilobium angusiissimum native of England. •«,. ., 82 

: — ; :- said to be alpinum on Cheviot not the true 

plant. ..,,.. 471 

Erica vagans by no means general in Cornwall, . . 129 

Erysimum Barbarea very rare in Devon «... 206 

Festuca glauca a new species ? ^. ...... 242 

■■ loliacea description in Fl. Brit, erroneous, . - 670 

Gentiana acaulis found in England by M. St. Amans^ 601 
Geranium nodosum never found in Cumberland by 

Mr. Woodward ^, .» 167 

— — — .— Robertianum maritime variety of. ..;.... 612 
Gtimmia Starkeana Muse. HiB.''a distinct species.. . -619 
Hieracium probably new species at Castleton. . .,.. 190 

murdrum y. a distinct species, ....i,... 707 

Hyacinthus raumosus a British plant. ..••••...•• 648 
Hypericum dublum of the History of FramKngham 

only H* birsuium 661 

Hypnum clavellatum Txtsm. is //. abbreviatum, • . . 733 
'•''^"^^ cuspidatum, 0. Mxrsc. Hii. H. cotrlifiihtm, 670 
Lathyrus laiifoHas at Whitehaven only X. syhestrls, 167 
Leontodon paUistre probably a variety of L. Tarax* 

aeum ....-••••«• ••••• 441 

INDEX. 803 

Lichen arHculatus singular variety at Exmcuth. ... tia 
' candicans not always distinguishable froi^k L. 

tfipoliut* •--..>.. 620 

carnosM. 0icks. different from L. mkrophyt 

lusAcH ^ ^/^^ i^ 

— — coarctatus the first stage of L, contlguus 453 

cortkola probably L. epipoUus on wood. \l\\ 451 

fuciformis (the English plant) most probably a 

vanety of Z. RocceUa , \^ 237 

lynceus first found by Rev. J. Alderson ,'.'.''.' 451 

' " fettitus the branched bushy substances on its 

surface are the fruit 74^ 

— — ruhtformis may be Spb4tria Mori on the' leaf of 
X. pyxtdatus. •--•--•---...........,.,,. jam 

stictoceros only L. Prunastri II'.!'".' " ^\Q 

-^ Turneri distinct from Z. tartareus \\\\ 62* 

Ligusticura GTrwK^wijtf very local in Cornwall. . ' 137 
JLjOtus comiculaiui should be divided into two species. 528 
MeJampyrum/ra/tf/jjtf two striking varieties of in Cum- 
berland j«^ 

Mentha ccUrata occasionaUy slighdy hairV.I.'.'j;"" 435 
raris quadrifoUa of very uncertain occurrence. . 223 

Pcucedanum offidnaU of British Authors only Oen^L 

pimpineUoidcs ._, \ ^^ 

Plants of Sunderland Ballast Hills WW 241 

Poa alpina. 0, a distinct species ^ --•.'."-."* " 78 

— - l^ulboia why so long unnoticed \\\\ 40^ 

Polypodium Phegepieris has no involucrum. 731 

Pulmonaria angustifolia of Waring only ^nchusalem. 


Pyruson the walls ofCastell Dinas Bran onhP 
-aria. ^^^^ ' • 

Ranunculus new species on Snowdon'?'!*.' '1.* '/, 1' gg 

Z ■- P^rvulus only a variety of ^. 'hhiuiuu ' ' 277 

K©sa probably new species in Anglcsea 4 

singUyellow said to grow on Exmoor' //.111"/. 2OI 

ionuni9savkrics with smooth fruit... 693 

— variety of? ••••-- 

Rubia/.r.^r/mx found at Dover apparently "differVnt 
fi^om that of the Western Countie*. . . . / . x 97 

804 INDEX. . 


RxiUitX palttstris and marUimus probably the same spe- 

cuis.i..... •..* 51 

Sambucos Ebulus used to die bhle« .;^.........^. '681 

Satureia ^noniana naturalized at Levrts :. ^ ••'.'..'.. . 601 
Saxxfraga hypmoidts the form of the Petails not a sure 

'8pec& mark,- :-----...-.;-'.■.*..*•.*... 85 

steilaris very Tariable in sfze ..^-•.-. 151 

I » ■ umbrosa first .found in Engjaild by Mr^ 

BruntQn* ^..•.. 689 

Sc9Skd^x^odormt{t certainly indigenons. 68(1 

Sthcenu»/tfjcii# how dim^rent from ^. alhus. < « . • ^ . 667 

■ ' ■ — — certainly a natire of England 753 

S^ene paroAoxa does not growat I^over. ..••.•... 34^ 
Sisymbrium polyeerathtm naturalized near Bury. .... 557 ' 
SUnJhldr Personage many ^knts-natursdized^near. .... 601 
Sphagnum j^Mtrr^xtfm found by Mr. Bninton in 1803. 725 

Splachnum jr/i(ifr/ctf m most pix>bably not British. . 9S 

lormentilla -rif)frfl«x only a rariety oE'Poientiiia rap- 
fans, .•.«• 008 

Tussilago hybrida not found by Mr, Woodwwd near 

Banbury. ...*-. .:.-...•• 49% 

Vcrbascum hybrid between V. nigrum andphaniceum* 602 
■ ■ nigrum^ pul*veruUnhrmy and Blattaria pro- 

duce intermediate seminal varieties . 4^6 

Veronica mmtana- changes its appearance by culti- 

yadoa. .^ ..^ .1.... 666^ 

Vicia hybrida and huea probably .only varieties. ^ . . « 5^ 


/• 129. L 21. for « R^^'s" read " I>r\ Snufh's/ 
p. 125. A 17. dele " the J' 

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