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Blue Ribbon | | 

Commission to 
Meet with BSA 


Wednesday, January 31 
Reservations accepted until 5 
P.M., Monday, January 29. Can- 
cellations accepted until noon, 
Tuesday, January 30. 


6p.m. Drinks 
7p.m. Dinner 
8p.m. Program 

Boston Architectural Center 

The Chief Counsel of the Blue 
Ribbon Commission, Bancroft 
Littlefield, Jr. of Harvard Law 
School, will join Peter Forbes 
AIA, Architect member of the 
Commission, in a special pre- 
sentation to members of the 

They will discuss the activities of | 
the Commission to date and wish 

to hear from Architects what the 
profession wishes the Commis- 
sion to accomplish. 

In April 1978 the Commonwealth | 
of Massachusetts House of 
Representatives passed “a 
Resolve providing for an investi- 
gation and study by a Special 
Commission relative to corruption 
involved in certain State and 
County building contracts.” 

The mandate of the Commission 
is twofold: (1) to investigate al- | 
legations of corrupt practices and 
maladministration in the awarding 
and implementation of state and 
county contracts for design and 
construction of buildings; (2) to 
propose recommendations for 
legislation to improve the public 
building process. 

The Commission was legally con- 
stituted in July with the appoint- 
ment of its seven members: 

| and “user” agencies, particular 

Newsletter of the Boston Society of Architects 
A Chapter of the American Institute of Architects 
January 1979 

Francis X. Bellotti, Attorney 
General of the Commonwealth; | 
Frances Burke, Chairperson of 
the Department of Public Ad- 
ministration, Suffolk University; 
Peter Forbes, AIA, President of 
Forbes Hailey Jeas Erneman, 
Inc., Architects, Boston; Daniel 
O. Mahoney, Partner in the 
Boston law firm of Palmer & 
Dodge and Executive Committee 
member of the Massachusetts 
Bar Association; Walter 
McCarthy, P.E., professor of 
engineering at Southern 
Massachusetts University; John 
William Ward, Chairman, 
President of Amherst College; 
and Lewis H. Weinstein, Partner 
in the Boston law firm of Foley, 
Hoag & Eliot. The Commission 
appointed Bancroft Littlefield, Jr. 
as Chief Counsel. 


| Panagore 

MSAA Officers 

The MSAA Annual Meeting 
elected Peter Panagore AIA, 
President, Mark L. Sirulnik AIA, 
Vice President, and Kendall P. 
Bates AIA Secretary /Treasurer. A 
budget of $19,600 with dues of 
$28 per member was adopted. 
(MSAA dues are included in local 
chapter assessment.) 

The MSAA Executive Committee 
is made up of the following 

From BSA 

Kendall Bates AIA (Sec./Tr.) 
John M. Clancy AIA 

David R. Johnson AIA 

A. Anthony Tappe AIA 

Initially, all the design and building 
contracts awarded through the 
Bureau of Building Construction 
and the Designer Selection Board 
from January 1, 1968 to the 
present were computer pro- 
grammed to provide an acces- 
sible record of projects, 
designers, builders, projected 
costs, actual costs, fees, change 
orders, litigation, etc. With this 
data in hand the investigation has 
been focused to examine specific 
state and county administrative 

projects which are typically rep- | 
resentative of the procurement 
process or which appear to have 
had unusual problems, and | 

individual design firms and build- 
From Central Mass. 


Bookshop News 

We now stock over 130 architec- 
tural book titles in our recently 
opened Bookshop. By January 
30, 1979, we will have more than 
150 titles in stock! 

Some of our most recent acquisi- 
tions include: A/A Standardized 
Accounting for Architects 
($16.00 for members), A/A Life 
Cycle Cost Analysis 2 ($14.40 for 
members), America’s Forgotten 
Architecture, Solar Houses, 
Designs for Wood, Inside Today's 
Homes, The Craftsman Builder, 
New York/New York, Old House 

| Plans, and Natural Solar 


These are but a few of the new 
titles available. We also special 
order specific books that you 

If you haven't come by yet, come 
by and browse. BSA members 
get a 10% discount on almost 
every book in the store. 

In addition, we continue to carry 

| all of the AIA Documents, at the 

lowest price available anywhere 
in Massachusetts. Now's the time 
to buy anew Handbook of 
Professional Practice or to 
update your Handbook and buy 
the latest editions of this year’s 
revised forms: A401, A701, 

B151, G701, G702, G703, G704, 
A107, A111, B181. 

Check your Document supply 
today and call the Chapter Office 

| at 267-5175, with your next 

ing companies which have had order. 
| extensive experience in the state | Peter Panagore AIA (Pres.) 

and county system. | Charles D. Schmitt AIA 

John H. Wadsworth AIA 

More immediately, the Commis- 

sion actively solicits the involve- From Western Mass. 

ment of the architectural Com- | Leon J. Pernice AIA 

munity as a source of information, | Mark L. Sirulnik AIA (V.P.) 

to be held in strictest confidence, | David Spencer AIA 

concerning allegations of 
| Continued on page 4 | LIBRARY 


News from President Clancy 
and the Board of Directors 

Boston Exports 

Annual Design 


In 1977 the BSA announced the 
creation of anew annual design 
award category titled, “Boston 
Exports.” This award was con- 
ceived to complement the 
Harleston Parker award and to 
act as a showcase for BSA | 
members’ buildings constructed 
in other cities, states, and 


The awards program is open to all 
current members of the BSA. The 
same rules apply to this jury as 
apply to the Harleston Parker jury, 
i.e. a jury member has to agree 
that none of his work or that of his 
firm is eligible for an award. Struc- 
tures or buildings of any type 
must have been completed within 
the last ten years (after January 
1969) and situated anywhere on 
the globe outside the Boston 
metropolitan area which for this 
purpose is designated as follows: 

The City of Boston and the 
Metropolitan Parks District. Sec- 
tion 3 of Chapter 407 for the year 
1893 includes in this district the 
cities or towns of Cambridge, 
Chelsea, Everett, Lynn, Malden, 
Medford, Newton, Quincy, | 
Somerville, Waltham, Woburn, 
Arlington, Belmont, Braintree, 
Brookline, Canton, Dedham, 
Dover, Hingham, Hull, Melrose, 
Milton, Nahant, Needham, 
Revere, Saugus, Stoneham, 
Swampscott, Wakefield, 
Watertown, Wellesley, Weston, 
Weymouth, Winchester, and 

Submission Deadline 
All submissions must be received | 
at the BSA Chapter office at 320 
Newbury Street before 5:00 P.M. 
on February 23, 1979. 

6. Aminimum of two and a max- 
imum of six exterior photos of 
different facades (B & W or 

7. Aminimum of one and a max- 
imum of four interior photos (B_ | 
& W or color). | 

All material must follow the AIA 
rules for anonymity. A sealed 
blank opaque envelope contain- 
ing the firm name should be 
enclosed on the last page. 


The jury will make the selections 
based upon the materials pre- | 
sented. No field trips will be 
undertaken. Members of the jury 

Earl R. Flansburgh FAIA, Ch. 
Richard Bertman AIA 
Sherrie Culter AIA 

W. Easley Hamner AIA 
Wilson F. Pollock, Jr. AIA 


The awards will be publicly 
announced at the annual BSA 
Awards Dinner. Winners will be 
confidentially notified prior to the 
dinner to encourage their 
presence. Awards will be in the 
form of a printed certificate 
bearing the Chapter’s Seal. 

Obligations of Winners 

The selected winners may be 
asked to provide to the BSA for a 
period of one year: 

1. Aset of slides of the submis- 
sion entries, suitable for 
incorporating into atravelling | 
slide show. 

2. One or two (to be determined) 
foam core boards with 
mounted material similar to the 
submission requirements for 
use in travelling display spon- 
sored by the Society. 

Submission Requirements 
All material must be submitted in a 
black spiral binder and confirm to 
an 8% x 11 format. 

1. A typewritten description not 
to exceed one page, of the 
project, its location, client, 
program and approximate 

2. Atypewritten description not 
to exceed one page of the 
design solution and major 
materials used. 

3. Site plan. 

4. Ground floor plan and typical 
upper floor plan if applicable. 

5. Typical section or sections. 

Submission Fee 

Acheck or money order for $20 
to cover handling must be 
included with each submission. 

| Check is to be made out to the 

Boston Society of Architects. It 

should be placed in an envelope 
and taped to the inside cover of 

the submission. 


1 January Receipt by members 
of announcement 

23 February Deadline for 

1 March Confidential notification 
of winners 

30 March Deadline for slides 

| and boards of winners 
| 4 April Annual BSA awards 
| dinner & announcement of 


1979 Committees 

The following is a listing of the 
committees under the Profes- 
sional Society Commission. A full 
listing of the BSA committees will 

| appear in the February 


Commission on 
Professional Society 
Marilyn Fraser AIA 

Elected Committees 

Honors and Awards 
Peter Chermayeff AIA 
Sarah P. Harkness AIA 
J. Timothy Anderson AIA 
Thomas G. Green AIA 
Joseph Maybank AIA 
Robert S. Sturgis FAIA 

Nominating Committee 
George M. Notter, Jr. FAIA 
Peter Steffian AIA 

Robert Kramer AlA 
Douglas Cole Smith AIA 
Joseph L. Eldredge FAIA 
Terry Rankine AIA 

Membership Committee 
John L. Davies AIA 
Frederick A. Norris AIA 
Antonio P. deCastro AIA 
Peter Forbes AIA 

| Gail Flynn AIA 

Michael J. Kraus AIA 

Ethics Committee 
Henry C. Boles AIA 
John L. Davies AIA 
John F. Miller AIA 

If you have not been assigned to 
a committee but would like to 
serve, contact the Chapter office. 
Names can be added to the com- 
mittee rosters at any point. For 
this purpose a list of BSA com- 
mittees and the Commissions 
they fall under follows: 

Commission on 
Professional Society 
Marilyn Fraser AIA 

Program Committee 
Space Search Committee 

Commission on 
Education and Research 
Sarah P. Harkness AIA 

Education Committee 

Rotch Travelling 
Scholarship Committee 

BSA Scholarship Committee 

Energy Committee 

Continued on page 4 

New England Regional Council/ AIA Awards 1978 


Restoration Mechanics Hall, Worcester 

Citations in the 1978 NERC 
Awards program were presented 
on October 21 at Hanover, New 
Hampshire as follows: 

Photo by Steve Rosenthal 

The Ainsworth Gymnasium, 
Smith College 
The Architects Collaborative 

Restoration Mechanics Hall 
Worcester, MA 
Anderson Notter Finegold, Inc. 

Kimball Carriage House, Andover 

Exeter Street Theater /Friday's 
Boston, MA 
Childs, Bertman, Tseckares & 

| Casendino, Inc., Architects 

| Kimball Carriage House 
| Andover, MA 

Crissman & Solomon Architects 

Photo by Steve Rosenthal 

Members of the Jury were: 
Peter Blake FAIA, Robert Burley 

| AIA, and Robert Campbell. 

Boston Society of Architects 
320 Newbury Street 
Boston, Massachusetts 02115 

First Class Mail 

News from the Chapter Office 


January 1 
Deadline for Preservation 
Award Nominations 

January 10 

Preservation Film Festival 
National Park Service Building 
12-2 p.m. 

January 17 
Lighting Symposium 
BAC, 4;6 p.m. 

January 22 
Deadline for Rotch Travelling 
Scholarship application requests 

January 31 

Dinner Meeting 

Blue Ribbon Commission 
BAC, 6p.m. 

January 31 
Preservation Film Festival 
Brattle Theater 

12-2 p.m. 

February 23 
Deadline for Boston Exports 

Order AIA Documents from the 
Chapter office. 

Blue Ribbon 
Commission to 
Meet with BSA 

Continued from page 1 

misconduct and disfunction in the 
public building system. 

The Special Commission Con- 
cerning State and County Build- 
ings is located on the 21st Floor 
of the John W. McCormack State 
Office Building, One Ashburton 
Place, Boston; telephone (617) 

Plastics Seminars 

The University of Lowell is spon- 
soring a series of Plastics 
Seminars which will be held at the 
Hyatt Regency Cambridge during 
the month of March. All members 
will shortly be receiving more 
information from the University of 

Lighting Symposium 

Aworkshop, conducted to inform 
the local members of BSA, 
ASHRAE and IES about the 
AIA/RC Program and resultant 
Federal energy performance 
standard will be held at the 
Boston Architectural Center on 
Wednesday, January 17. 

Joint Sponsors 

Boston Society of Architects 
Boston Chapter of ASHRAE 

New England Section of IES 


AIA/RC’s Design for Energy 
Conservation Program and the 
resultant Energy Performance 

Time and Place 

Wednesday, January 17, 1979, 
4-6 PM 

Boston Architectural Center 

320 Newbury Street, Boston 

The AIA/RC Program was funded 
through HUD and involved the 
redesign of 168 projects across 
the country. The workshop will 
discuss the redesign activity and 
the resultant standard which is 
planned to be published in the 
Federal Register in February, 
1979, and will become effective 
in August, 1979. Copies of the 
proposed standard and data 
about the AIA/RC program will be 
distributed to all attendees. 

Reservations are $4 per person 
and are required in advance. 
Send to: IES New England 
Section, c/o Electric Institute 
Inc., 100 Boylston Street, 
Boston, MA 02116. (617) 542- 


Historic Preservation 

Film Festival 

Two additional dates in the Pres- 
ervation Film Festival series: 

January 10, 1979 
National Park Service Building 
15 State Street, Boston 

January 31, 1979 
Brattle Theater 
Harvard Square 

Featured will be continuous 
showing of films, and a display of 
current literature on preservation 
techniques and the new 
preservation tax act. Bring a 
brown bag lunch and join us any- 
time between noon and 2:00 p.m. 

1979 Committees 
Continued from page 2 

| Commission on 

Professional Practice 

| Carleton R. Richmond, Jr. AIA 


Practice Management Committee 

Construction Industry Affairs 

Professional Services Committee 

Commission on 
Architectural Design 
Howard Elkus AIA 

Urban Design Committee 
Historic Resources Committee 
Boston Exports Committee 

Commission on 

Public Affairs 

Herbert W. Eisenberg AIA 

Housing Committee 
Legislative Committee 

| Codes Committee 

| Announcement 

The Book about Arcangelo 

| Cascieri FAIA is in its final stages 

and funding for it is in progress. If 
any BSA member (who has not 
already done so) would like to 
make a contribution, please 
contact James Clapp FAIA at One 
Court Street, or call 742-1400. 

Building Industry Guide 

The BSA has made a special 
arrangement with Slater Publica- 
tions, Inc. for members to 
purchase at a special price of 
$10.00 (saving you $30.00) both 
THE BIG BOOK (Building 
Industry Guide) and Update, the 
BIG BOOK'’s new quarterly 
update bulletin. The Guide brings 
the entire New England building 
industry together in one well- 
organized reference. 

Members will shortly receive a 
mailing from Slater Publications 

| enabling them to order this pub- 

lication at the reduced price. 


New Applicants for Membership 
John H. Cunningham, Ill 
Jonathan S. Lane 

James H. Piatt 

Applicants for 

Associate Membership in AIA 
Wendall C. Kalsow 

Alfred J. Spagnolo 

Applicants for 
Emeritus Status 
John S. Bilzerian AIA 
John W. Peirce FAIA 
Mario P. Pfaff AIA 

Applicant for 
Unassigned Membership 
Daniel Sullivan AIA 
Virgin Islands Chapter 

Energy Code Guide 

The State Building Code 
Commission has recently 
published an illustrated guide to 
the Massachusetts Energy Code 
for One and Two Family 
Dwellings. This guide is available 
at the State Book Store, State 
House, Room 116, Boston, MA 
02133 for $2.50 per copy 
(including postage) payable to 
the Commonwealth of